science fiction

“You stink.”

I turned my head to see the man beside me in the lift take another step away, as far as he could go without making contact with the wall.

“Excuse me?” I responded, returning his glare.

His thick eyebrows joined into one as he wrinkled his bulbous nose. “When was the last time you decontaminated?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I am on my way to do so right now.”

“It’s a public health hazard, you know, to go too long between cleanings.”

“I’m aware of that. I had a physical task to perform today and haven’t had the opportunity to decontaminate. I’m sorry if my sweat offends you.”

“It’s more than sweat. I don’t know what it is, but now I have to go straight to the decontaminator myself, just to get your stink off me,” he sneered, stepping out of the lift.

Relieved he was finally gone, I let out a deep breath. I hoped I’d handled the situation satisfactorily, not aroused suspicion. I knew I stank, and that it wasn’t from sweat. At least, not entirely.

When Grant and I were in the storage room, we hadn’t noticed that we smelled any differently. But the moment we stepped out into the corridor, we detected an odor at once, and it was coming from us.

We smelled of each other, a combination of sweat, body fluids and our own personal fragrances. It was similar to what my body released when I secretly masturbated in the privacy of my bunk, only amplified. I’d never had to worry about the smell before; I always decontaminated before leaving home.

The lingering scent of Grant’s body mixed with mine aroused my senses, not offended them. It was heady and penetrating, a potent reminder of our sexual intercourse.

Still, we understood we had to decontaminate as quickly as possible, lest someone notice our aroma, thereby arousing suspicions as to its source. We decided separating and visiting chambers on different floors would be safer than being seen together, both of us sharing the same unusual odor, even if the risk of one of us encountering another person might be greater. If we were alone when confronted, it could be explained away more easily.

My personal preference would have been to go home and crawl into bed, masturbate, then fall to sleep with the scent of our union filling my lungs. But I dared not indulge in such fantasies.

With relief and regret I arrived at the decontaminator and stepped inside.


“I wish there were some way to take the box, or at least the data chip, with us,” I said to Grant the next morning. “I’m especially going to miss listening to music.”

“I know,” he replied, his face sober. “After today it won’t be so easy to get you down here, but right now I don’t think we should risk removing the chip from this room. It’s too important.”

I nodded. We stood in silence looking down at our uncovered hands, clasped together. In a matter of days, our whole lives had changed, and they were about to change again. “Oh Grant, what are we going to do?” I asked in despair. “I don’t think I can bear not seeing you every day.”

He drew me into his arms and kissed me. “We’ll find a way to be together, Astrid. It may not be every day, but we’ll find a way to see each other as often as possible.”

The next day Grant’s supervisor and the rest of his department would be back from their dig in the ruins outside the city, and I would be back at the Office of Historical Records running Oliver’s errands.

Even though we knew it was a risk to engage in sexual intercourse again after my encounter with the stranger in the lift, we couldn’t help ourselves. We didn’t know when the next time would be where we could spend the entire day together, to lay in each other’s arms, to talk and touch in relative safety.

After today, we would be relegated to public places and the occasional short liaison in one of our flats. It was always risky to meet at home, but one advantage was that it allowed us to decontaminate before leaving, thereby eliminating any olfactory evidence. But the visits could never be long—less than an hour—nor too frequent. We might be able to pull it off once a month, provided we alternated flats.

It was all so unfair.

Because it was not safe to talk openly over communication signals, while we worked we conceived of a code to use when we called each other.

We decided a greeting like “Good morning” meant “Can we meet today?” If the other responded in kind, it confirmed a rendezvous might be possible. Replying with “Hi” told the other we could not do so today, but we were able to discuss an alternative time and venue. “Hello” signaled “I can’t meet and I can’t discuss it right now.”

Because it was virtually deserted, we agreed the arboretum would be the best overall meeting place, the default location unless otherwise indicated. Even so, approaching from different directions and staggering our arrival times would be a necessary evil to keep us from being too predictable.

It wasn’t that we couldn’t be seen together; I met up with Errol and Xen once, occasionally even twice a week. But I’d known them for more than five years and I’d met Grant only three weeks ago. Outside of work, people rarely interacted on a daily basis. To do so socially at the same frequency would draw far too much attention.


The first week apart was the hardest. As difficult as it had been those two weeks between our chance encounter in the lift and our first open conversation, it was nothing compared to the torture of being separated after spending three days sharing every part of ourselves, including our bodies, with another human being for the first time in our lives. After work I came straight home, undressed, masturbated under the covers and cried myself to sleep. I thought my heart would break from missing him.

After my friends and even Oliver mentioned that I seemed to be losing weight, I decided, a month later, it was time to introduce Grant to my friends. I knew it was asking a lot of Errol and Xen to accept another person into our social group after so short a time, but I had to find a way to see Grant in person more often, even if I couldn’t touch him.

“I can’t say I’m comfortable having dinner with that man you met in the lift.” Xen shook her head as we sat in our respective flats, confirming our plans for the evening via communicator.

“His name is Grant, Xen,” I reminded her gently. “And he is a friend.”

“He isn’t my friend. He’s some stranger you talk about all the time all of a sudden. I’ve done some checking. Did you know there have been a few cases where strangers who shared a single traumatic experience together developed symptoms approximating that of an emotional bond? After the connection was recognized for what it was—an artificial construct induced by unusual stress—the symptoms dissipated soon thereafter.”

I laughed. “How many times do I have to tell you? My friendship with Grant is not the result of some trauma. He’s a very interesting person. I enjoy his company, and I think you will, too. You like me, don’t you?”

“Yes, but we worked together for over a year before having dinner for the first time. You’ve known this man for less than two months. Can you blame me for finding it all a bit out of the ordinary?”

“Of course not,” I conceded. “But you’ve said it yourself, on more than one occasion—I’m not exactly the most typical of friends either. Promise me you’ll give him a chance.”


“Astrid says you work at the Museum of History,” Errol said, head cocked and chin lifted as he peered at Grant from across the table while we waited for our meals to arrive.

“Yes, in the archeology department.”

Xen shifted in her chair, increasing her distance from him. “Have you been…in the ruins?”

He shook his head. “No. I work in the archives. My supervisor and others in my department go on the actual digs. I organize the collection and maintain records.”

“Don’t they worry about coming into contact with,” her voice lowered to a barely audible whisper, “Outliers?”

Errol rolled his eyes. “Jebus ryste, Xen. You’re far too old to believe in monsters.”

I nodded. “Tales of half-human mutants living in the forests beyond the ruins have been told to children for ages, yet not once has a single claim of their existence been substantiated.”

“That’s right,” Errol agreed. “Everyone knows they’re just stories to keep children from straying too far from home.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” Grant put in, looking at Xen, “in all of the times since I’ve worked for the museum, not once did any of my colleagues ever mention coming into contact with anything other than the products of an ancient civilization.”

Lifting her chin, my female friend crossed her arms and looked down her nose. “I still can’t see how those people can stand it.”

“I’m sorry?” Grant asked.

“Even if there’s nothing…living…out there—and I’m still not convinced there isn’t—how can your colleagues stand being out in all that…filth?”

“They wear protective gear,” Grant explained. “And there are portable decontamination units they bring along with them.”

“I don’t think those portable units could make me clean enough to feel safe away from civilization.”

“Most people feel the same way. I think it takes a certain kind of person, someone whose interest in the subject matter is so great they can immerse themselves into their work, even if it means engaging in activities they might otherwise find highly disconcerting. Kind of like doctors.”

My friends shuddered.

“Frankly, I don’t see the point of it at all.” Errol shrugged his shoulders. “Who cares how ancient humans lived? They’ve nothing to teach us except how not to live. We survive as a species in spite of them, not because of them.”

I could see Grant struggling with how to respond without offending my friends. “I don’t agree,” he replied at last. “An ancient human philosopher named George Santayana once said, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ Even if we have evolved since the Great Decimation, I believe we must study the past, if only to ensure we continue to have a future.”


“I think they liked you,” I told Grant as we walked side by side, taking the long route home from the eatery later that evening.

“You think so?” he asked with an incredulous laugh.

“You’re the one who insists Oliver is the picture of grace,” I teased. “My friends are like those recordings of baby animals at the Natural History Museum in comparison to him.”

“True,” he conceded, chuckling. “I guess I just felt like I was being evaluated, like they were trying to figure out why on earth you would ever be friends with someone like me.”

“That’s exactly what they were doing,” I confirmed.

“And you think I passed the test?”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but you did make it past the first round. Didn’t you notice the change in Errol’s expression when you told him what that ancient philosopher said about remembering the past? You made him think. And Xen, the way she stopped leaning away from you after a while? I think she found you fascinating. She’s not the only one who feels that way.”

We stopped walking and stood looking at each other for a long moment. The night air felt cool against my exposed face, in sharp contrast to the tingling warmth of my suit-covered body. More than anything, I wanted to feel the heat of his skin pressed against mine. At that moment even a single touch would have been enough.


“I’m having a dinner tonight at my home and I want you to come,” Oliver informed me one morning three weeks later.

My mouth dropped. “Why I… That is very generous…thank you so much for inviting me, sir, but I already have pl—”

“I know I made it sound like a request,” he interrupted, “but it isn’t. This is work, not a social function, and I need my assistant present.”

“Y-yes, sir. May I ask what the purpose of the function is?”

“No, you may not,” he retorted.

I returned to my desk. After leaving a message for Errol about the change in plans, I resumed working on the data file my supervisor assigned me the previous day. A few minutes later the old man appeared, standing in the doorway to his office.

“It is a meeting of the Historical Society, which includes scholars of recent and ancient history,” he confirmed, his voice gruff. “Representatives from each of the museums will be amongst those in attendance.”

His lips twitched, and for a split second I was certain he noticed my excitement at the possibility that Grant might be one of the attendees. “I’ll need your help making everything ready,” he went on, handing me a pad. “Please arrive promptly at six-fifteen; the address is on the pad.”


Heels clicking, I hurried down the street as fast as I dared on my way to Oliver’s home, trying not to break a sweat so soon after decontaminating.

He had kept me so busy making arrangements I barely got home in time to clean my body and change into a formal outfit. I didn’t even have time to contact Grant to see if he would be attending the dinner, though I still held out hope of seeing him there. He and Oliver were friends, but I didn’t know how much my supervisor knew about my relationship with him. In those few opportunities when Grant and I could be alone and speak freely, my superior was not exactly at the top of the discussion list.

As I scurried toward my destination I noticed the character of the buildings change from the nondescript boxes of flats and businesses into larger, detached homes of a less modern design. The general populace was told our small living spaces were a revolution in simplicity and efficiency; seeing what to my eyes seemed virtual monstrosities in a neighborhood I’d never had cause to visit before made me wonder if it was merely a ploy to keep the rest of us satisfied with the standard eighteen square meters.

“It’s six-nineteen,” Oliver announced when I arrived at his front door. “You’re late.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” I apologized, breathless. “I took the wrong street, and I didn’t realize my mistake until I reached the end of the bl—”

“I don’t need to hear excuses,” he groused. “Come in.”

He led me through a series of rooms, all of them exhibiting the signs of a pending social engagement: a series of sterilizers filled with glassware, dishes and cutlery on two large tables, bottles of what appeared to be wine—how did he get hold of bottles of wine?—chilling in open-topped coolers, more seats and chairs than I’d ever seen in a private dwelling before. Given his generally disheveled appearance, I had no idea Oliver was a man of means.

We stopped at the end of a long hallway some distance from the rooms we’d just passed through.

“Before you get started, I want you to decontaminate and sanitize your suit. Your clothing must be soaked from all that running,” he declared, grimacing, “and I don’t want your sweat getting all over everything. You have twenty minutes to meet me in the dining hall.”

I wondered why he gave me so much time when I could be clean and ready to go in five minutes, but said nothing. After I stepped inside, the door slid shut and I bent down to remove my footwear. Boots and gloves in hand, I started to place them into the sterilizer when I discovered another pair of boots, another full set of clothing, already inside.

“Feel free to move it around to make room,” a voice said behind me.

I jumped and turned around.

“Grant?” I whispered, not believing my eyes as he emerged from the far side of the dimly-lit chamber. “What are you doing here?”

“The same thing as you,” he replied, smiling as he helped me peel off my shirt. “Getting ready for the party.”

“But, but…how? Does Oliver know you’re in here? Is he—”

Grant tossed my top into the sterilizer and drew my bare-breasted body into his arms and kissed me. “Yes. He’s one of us,” he murmured in my ear. His lips slid down my jaw and onto my neck, and I shivered as his stubble left its imprint against my skin.

“Oh, Grant, I have missed you so much,” I choked, surrendering myself to him while his hands ravaged my body. “Oh please, touch me.”

I gasped when my back made contact with one of the smooth cool walls. “I want you so much,” he whispered, his voice tight with emotion as he nuzzled my neck. “I need you, Astrid. Every day without your touch is like death itself.”

“I can’t bear to be without you,” I moaned, my fingers running through his hair as he devoured my breasts, squeezing them together, attempting to suckle both nipples at once.

Settling in on one breast, he slid his hands down to my waist. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of my pants, all at once he dropped to his knees, sliding the fabric over my hips and down my legs, tossing them away when my feet stepped out. With both hands he stroked one of my legs from top to bottom, bending it at the knee before placing my foot on his shoulder.

I cried out, unable to contain my pleasure when he began to kiss me between my legs. Depictions of this act, both written and visual, were among the many files on the forbidden data chip. I secretly wondered what oral stimulation would be like, but couldn’t bring myself to mention it. It was one thing to join our bodies together; tasting each other, in a world where people were repulsed by their own sweat and saliva, seemed far too much to ask even of a deviant.

Yet here he was, groaning as his eager mouth explored my sensitive flesh. “Ohhh yesss.” I pressed myself into his face, holding onto his head. “Lick it, taste me, pleeease…”

He grunted, his hot breath caressing my swollen pussy while he lapped at my wetness. Fingers tangled in his hair, I moaned when he then ran his flattened tongue up the length of my slit and over my clitoris. He manipulated the tiny organ with the tip of his tongue, flicking it again and again. My vision blurred and I shook as pleasure blazed through my body.

I heard myself begging him to make me come, and groaned with delight when I realized his tongue was now circling my clitoris, following the same path our fingers had traveled when I taught him how to bring me to release. My muscles clenched and I threw my head back, smacking it against the wall as my body let go.

“Guhhh…ahhh!” The leg I stood on wobbled and I held on tight to his head while the orgasm slammed through me. “Oh fuck!”

When I loosened my grip, Grant turned his head, kissing my thigh with his wet lips before easing my other leg back onto the floor. Then he stood up, crushing me between the wall and his tight form. “You have no idea how arousing it is to make you come with my mouth,” he murmured, his eyes almost black in the darkened room.

Overwhelmed by the intimacy of his actions, I pulled his head down and kissed him hard. I tasted myself on his lips, and something came over me; the next thing I knew I was shoving my tongue into his mouth. After a moment’s hesitation, Grant’s tongue met mine, and we groaned in unison.

Breaking the kiss, I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his penis, slowly stroking its full length, smiling as he quaked with pleasure. I placed his stiff organ between my legs and stared into his half-closed eyes. “Take me, Grant. Fuck me hard with your beautiful cock.”

He entered me with a force that lifted me off my toes and took my breath away. Picking me up by the thighs, he slammed into me again and again as he held me against the wall. “Your pussy is so hot and feels so fucking good clamped around my cock,” he whispered in my ear, chuckling when I whimpered in response.

My legs circled his waist and I held on while each powerful thrust forced a cry past my lips. “Yes, Grant…” I gasped, finding my voice. “That’s right… Take me hard…like I want…”

Chapter 6 – Resolved


Just a warning; this one contains extreme graphic violence, non consensual BDSM and some torture. I in no way endorse the abuse of women. -Ax


Ben and Streek returned to the area around Rodferns’ Impound Facility. There was much less activity now that it was late in the night. Streetlights illuminated the street, and there were shadows all around them.

There were no stars in the sky due to thick cloud cover, and light drizzle fell, making the streets look shiny with moisture. Ben and Streek walked down the side of the street toward the diner they were at earlier that afternoon.

“What are you going to do Ben?” asked Streek. Ben stopped walking and Streek turned to her.

“I’m going to help them get my ship back. The Doc will just have to forgive me. The question is; what are you going to do?”

“I don’t want to go against the Docs’ orders.”

“What about your Captains’ orders? I’m still your Captain!”

“Are you? We’re not hauling cargo any more.”

“If you’re going to go against me Streek, then let’s sort it out right here!” Ben raised her fists in a fighting stance.

“First you want to fuck me, now you wanna fight me?”

“Do you prefer it the other way round?”

“Damn you Ben! Put your fists down, I’ll come with you, but I still think it’s a really bad idea.” Ben put her fists down and relaxed “Good, glad to hear it. We’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

“And for the record, I could have totally taken you!”

“Dream on Cockroach.”

They got to the diner, it was still open with the light spilling out onto the street, it seemed quite empty. A short sharp whistle drew their attention to the dark alleyway beside it, and Streek saw a male Ben in the shadows motioning them over.

When they got to the dark alleyway, they saw several men waiting there in the darkness. Streek counted seven of them. They were all Ben Anders, and all dressed in dark clothing.

One of them approached them and said to Ben,

“I love what you did with your hair, very sexy!”

“You said that before.”

“No, that was my clone, I couldn’t believe it when he told me he saw you. You two owe me an escape pod.”

“It’s in the middle of the desert on Antares, go and get it!” said Streek.

“It doesn’t matter, all is forgiven if you help us take back the Clubber Lang.”

“That’s what we’re here for dickhead.” said Ben.

“You too Girl Streek?, it’s funny that you have more balls than the other two Streeks.”

“Yeah, funny. So you’re the Sire?” said Streek.

“I’m the original Ben, yeah.” He held up his left hand, showing them a thin, red cut across his palm “Here’s the proof.”

“Proof that you’re inferior to the rest of us!” said another Ben.

“Yeah, you’re obsolete, old man!” said another.

“Ha!, I love their sense of humour. This slow-healing cut proves that I’m the one who created them all. That means I’m the Captain. Now that we’ve sorted that out we’re much better organised. We are the Ben Seven, a merry band of fugitives. You can make it the Ben Eight if you call me Captain. Of coarse, you’re welcome to join us too Girl Streek. I’ll make sure the boys behave themselves around you.”

“Fuck you!” said Ben. “You’re my Sire, but you’re not my Captain. We’ll help you out and you’re gunna tell us what you did with the Cloning Pod, that was the deal.”

“Yeah, that’s the deal. But you gotta do what I tell you in there. Come on, I’ll go over the plan with you.”

Captain Anders led them further into the alley and pulled out his TAB. A holographic map of the Impound Facility appeared above it.

“We’re coming in from underneath, hacking through the perimeter grid and using laser cutters to get through a steel grate. I paid good money for the layout of their security system, you can see the location of the cameras and scanners marked here…”

“Wait a second,” said female Ben. “Don’t you want to know what we’re bringing to the party?” She pulled her TAB from her pocket.

“What a TAB?, we all have TABs and guns.”

“This one has high resonance, quantum-phase electron transmitters. I’ve developed a program with a hyper-adaptive, multi-phase data hacking algorithms.”

“What the hell does that mean?” asked Streek.

“It means she can remote hack most electronic systems.” said Captain Anders. “…Where did you get that kind of tech? Who are you rolling with now?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Well if that’s true, then you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with the cameras and scanners in the building.”

“I won’t.”

“That’ll make this considerably easier then. Once inside we will split into three teams. I’ll be with Ben-One and Ben-Two and we’ll set about securing the Clubber Lang in the shipyard here, and preparing her for take-off. Team two will consist of Ben-Three, Ben-Four and Ben-Five, they’ll enter the control room here, and release the clamps and open the roof so we can escape. You girls will be with Ben-Six, say hi Ben-Six.”

“Hey there.” said one of the Ben clones to Ben and Streek. “…We met earlier in the diner.”

“Do you wanna be called Ben-Seven?” Captain Anders asked female Ben.

“Hell no! …just call me Bernie.”

“Bernie, yeah, I like that. Anyway you guys will be in charge of entering the security room here and disabling the main security system, shouldn’t be any problem with your fancy gadgets eh?.”

“No, no problem.”

“There will be guards about. Take them out quickly and quietly, the last thing we want is to get bogged down in a drawn out gun fight. Are you okay with that Bernie?”

“Yes, I’ve killed a man before, have you?”

“I like you!” smiled Captain Anders. “…Sure you won’t stay on? I’ll make you my Second-in-Command.”

“If I stayed on, I’d be the boss of all of you!”

Later on, the Bens were entering the building through a hole in the floor where the grate had been cut away. The female Ben and Streek pulled themselves up after them and found themselves in some sort of well lit storage basement with crates and large steel canisters all around.

“You can take care of those security cameras now Bernie.” said Captain Anders.

“Way ahead of you, Boof-head.”

“Good, you all know your jobs, do it quickly and quietly and then get to the Lang as fast as you can. Good luck!” Captain Anders walked up the stairs to a large door.

“Wait a minute.” said Streek as she held up her TAB, running an X-ray scan. “…It’s clear.”

Anders gave her a nod and then he and a couple of his clones disappeared out the door.

Ben-Six had a black beanie over his head. “Let’s go girls, just stay behind me, you’ll be fine.”

They followed him out the door and into a brightly lit corridor. Both girls had their TABs out, Ben was disabling security scanners while Streek was running her X-ray scanner, looking out for guards.

Streek saw two guards around a corner coming up. She put her hand on Ben-Sixs’ shoulder and put a finger up to her lips, telling him to be quiet. She signalled to Ben, pointing to her eyes and then holding up two fingers and then pointing around the corner. Ben nodded and then followed Streek as they crept to the edge of the corner.

As the two male guards reached the corner, Ben and Streek sprung out and then swiftly disarmed them, they let out a surprised yell, and then Streek swung the guards rifle, smashing him in the head and knocking him unconscious, while Ben kicked the knee of her guard and then as he dropped she grabbed his head and twisted his neck, killing him.

Ben-Six was staring at them wide-eyed with his gun drawn.

“Just stay behind us, you’ll be fine!” said Ben, and they stepped over the guards and moved down the corridor.

Deeper in the building they came to the Security room. Streek ran her X-ray scan while Ben disabled the lock on the door. “I see two guards at the station in the centre of the room, both armed with hand guns.” said Streek.

“We’ll burst in and shoot ‘em down before they know what’s happening.” said Ben. “Are you ready to take a life Streek?”

Streek took a deep breath and nodded.

“No, let me do it.” said Ben-Six. “I’m not totally useless.”

“Me and Streek are expert marksmen.” said Ben.

“I’ve been practicing too!” said Ben-Six. “Who the hell put you in charge anyway?”

“Fine, come on then brother. I’ll go left, you go right. Streek, watch our backs.”

Female Ben and Ben-Six stood shoulder to shoulder at the door holding their guns up in front of them.

“On three,” said Ben. “…One …Two …Three.” She hit the button and the door slipped open, they both stepped inside with their guns pointed forward.

BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM. The shots rang out, Ben let off a single shot to the forehead of the guard killing him instantly. Ben-Six let off three shots, two of them hit his man in the chest, he dropped to the ground, crying out in agony.

Ben walked up to him and shot him in the head. Streek entered the room behind them, holding her own gun. “Intruders Targeted!!” Streek heard the whirling sound as the Killbots’ machine-guns started powering up.

“BEN GET DOWN!!” Streek dove behind a console as a barrage of bullets flew around her.

“It’s a fuckin’ Killbot!!” yelled out Ben from behind her cover. “Give me a minute, I’ll shut it down.”

More bullets sprayed around the room. Streek could hear them hitting the console she was hiding behind. She popped up and let off a few shots at the bulky robot and then ducked down again as more bullets barely missed her head.

We haven’t got a minute, that damn machine will kill us all. She could see Ben-Six behind a desk, clutching his gun. “Six! Draw its’ fire for me!!” she yelled to him.

Ben-Six nodded to her and then took a deep breath and ran across the room, firing at the Killbot. The machine fired back, barely missing him as he dove behind another console.

Streek had run around behind it, she launched herself at the robot with her knife in hand and latched onto its back. She began stabbing at the front of its head, smashing the glass lens of its glowing red eyes while it continued to fire.

A rod retracted from the Killbots’ body and Streek screamed as electric volts coursed through her body and threw her back hard onto the ground. The Killbot turned to her and fired, but it couldn’t target her with its badly damaged optical sensors.

Streek recovered quickly and saw her gun on the ground, she scrambled for it as bullets flew all around her. Streek grabbed her gun and pointed it at the robot just as it stopped firing and powered down, slumping its head.

Streek was breathing heavily, still pointing her gun at the hulking Killbot in front of her. Adrenaline was pumping through her system, she was sure she was going to die.

“I got him!” said Ben, holding her TAB in her hand. “Are you okay Streek?”

“…Yeah …I …yeah!”

“That shit was crazy!. You could have gotten yourself killed!. I told you I could shut it down.”

Ben-Six came up behind her, “Yeah, I’m okay too, thanks for asking.”

Ben came over and helped Streek up off the floor again, she turned and looked at the disabled machine. “You didn’t mention there was a fuckin’ Killbot in here!”

“I didn’t see it!, it must have looked like just another machine on the scanner.”

Ben-Six got his TAB out. “Team three to Captain, do you read me?”

“Yeah, go ahead Team three.”

“We just had a run in with a Killbot. Be advised there may be more of them.”

“Killbots! That wasn’t on the fuckin’ security layout, shit! What’s your status team three?”

“We’re fine. We’ve reached the security room, about to commence with our objective.”

“All right, do it, and hurry up and get your asses down here, Captain out.”

Ben-Six turned to Ben and Streek, “The Main Security Network can’t be hacked remotely, leave it to me.”

He pulled a wire from his TAB and plugged it into one of the consoles the guards were sitting at. He brought up a holographic keyboard and his fingers were dancing over it.

Streek looked down at the dead men on the floor, blood was pooling underneath them, she was still a little shook up. “Are you sure you’re okay Streek?” asked Ben.

“Yeah, I’ll be better when we’re out of here.”

She looked at one of the security monitors that was still intact after the place was shot up. She could see the main shipyard in it. There were several ships docked there in the huge hangar. The Clubber Lang was amongst them, with its’ boxy hull and distinct red paint job.

A large, bulky loader was parked near it. There were a couple of other ships that would probably be better to steal, the SecCorp Yacht would be faster and there was a KairoCo Gunship with more firepower, but she knew the Bens had their heart set on getting the Lang back.

She noticed the rear door of the Clubber Lang was open, team one had made it inside.

“Done!” said Ben-Six. “Now we can get out of here without being blasted to hell.” He unplugged his TAB and got up from the console, “Let’s go.”

Ben and Streek followed Ben-Six back through the building. Streek was making sure she scanned for robots as well as guards, but they didn’t come across anyone. They made it to the huge hangar where the ships were kept.

Streek saw that team two had succeeded in opening the roof.

“There she is.” Female Ben and Ben-Six said together as they saw the Clubber Lang docked at the far end, past several other ships of different sizes.

They started quickly walking toward the ship, when all of a sudden, a deafening explosion came from the wall to their right and a shockwave knocked all three of them off their feet.

Streek was in a world of silence, pain and disorientation as she struggled up off the ground. There was dust, smoke and debris all around her.

Ben was saying something to her but she couldn’t hear. Ben grabbed her arm and pulled her up and they ran to some nearby metal crates, getting down behind them. Ben-Six joined them.

Slowly Streeks’ hearing returned and she could hear the popping of gunfire, getting louder and louder. “What the fuck? …Pirates?!!” said Ben.

Streek peeked around the crates and saw half a dozen men coming through the gaping hole in the wall, they wore black leather and mismatched armour and were firing assault rifles and combat shotguns.

She then saw Sadie entering through the hole, firing purple laser blasts from her hand gun. Streek got back behind the crates as a hail of bullets came their way.

“What the hell do they want?” said Ben-Six. “That explosions’ gunna bring every Fed for miles down on us! We gotta get to the Lang Now!” said Ben. “Streek, break away while we cover you!”

“Right, then you!”

“You ready Six?”

“Yeah, ready!”

Ben popped up the top of the crates and fired several shots from her Wik-15. Nearly all of them hit Pirates, but most of the bullets bounced off their armour, it was enough to send them scuttling for cover though, as Streek sprinted out from the crates.

Soon gunfire was coming after Streek, but she made it behind the leg of the KairoCo Gunship. It was around half way between the steel crates and the Clubber Lang.

Other Ben clones were firing at the Pirates from the ship and behind the loader.

She looked up and saw a missile tube nearby on the wing of the Gunship, she hoped that wouldn’t get hit, being blown up once was enough.

Streek gripped her Wik-15 and leant around the side of the steel leg and let off several shots at the Pirates, as they popped up from cover. She thought she hit one in the arm, making him drop his shotgun.

Ben and Ben-Six took the opportunity to race out from the crates toward where Streek was. A huge guy with green armour around his torso and upper legs stood and aimed his big assault rifle at them. Streek recognised the giant; the Steel Shark Pirate they called Tank, who had once brutally raped her as a man.

Streek fired at him, but he seemed unphased, as the bullets bounced off his armour. He fired a burst toward the two running Ben clones.

“BEN!!” Streek cried out, she continued firing, but her gun just clicked as her clip ran out.

Ben-Six toppled over as bullets struck him in the back, female Ben just kept running until she made it behind the leg, where Streek was.

Ben-Six cried out in pain and was struggling to get up, blood was spilling from his body. “I gotta go get him, cover me Streek!”

Streek grabbed Bens’ arm, “No, wait!” Streek slid out the empty clip from her gun and pulled out another clip from her pocket to reload.

Ben-Six tried to crawl along and then the girls saw blood spray out from his head as he was shot again and then slumped down dead.

“Drakk! It’s too late for him. We gotta get to the ship.” said Streek.

Once again Ben covered Streek as she sprinted over to the Clubber Lang. A large loader was parked near the ship and Streek took cover behind it. Streek covered Ben as she ran over to join her.

Streek saw Tank bear his assault rifle at her again, he was well out of the effective range of her hand gun. She concentrated and let off a few shots at him, one hit him in his unprotected arm and he cried out in pain as his burst of fire went wide.

Ben managed to safely make it by her side. Then Ben noticed that the other Ben clones weren’t there shooting at the Pirates any more.

“Fuck!!, those bastards closed the door to the Lang, they’re gunna take off!” Bens’ TAB chimed and she pulled it from her pocket and answered, while Streek let off more shots.

“Friends of yours?” said Captain Anders.

“Don’t be a fuckin’ retard, they’re trying to kill us as well. Let us in, NOW!!”

“You declined my invitation to come with us, remember?”

“You can’t just leave us here Ass-hole!”

“Yes I can. But a deal’s a deal, so listen up. I sold the Cloning Pod two days ago, to an Asian guy by the name of Amos Chong, a known arms dealer.”

“Okay, now let us in, they’re gunna kill us!”

“Sorry, I hate to do this to one of my clones, but I just can’t trust you. You won’t tell me who you’re working for. Good luck Bernie.”

“GO TO HELL, YOU CUNT!!!” Ben screamed out.

The Clubber Langs’ engines whirled as they powered up. Ben quickly tapped away at her TAB. She remote hacked the rear door of the ship, it started to open as the ship began lifting off the ground.

Ben climbed up on the loader, bullets, and the odd laser blast smacked into the big machine and the ships’ shields.

Ben was getting ready to jump at the slowly opening door, when Streek pulled her down just as a barrage of bullets flew right where she was. “Watch it Ben, you’ll get yourself killed!”

“We’ll get killed if we stay here!”

The Clubber Lang lifted up, out of reach. It spun around in one spot and faced the Pirates, as gunfire was absorbed by its’ shields.

Big blue balls of plasma fired from the ship. A barrage of blue explosions rained down on the Pirates, some were disintegrated and others were sent scrambling.

A large fuel tank was hit, and the hangar was rocked by another powerful explosion. The Clubber Lang stopped firing and flew up through the open roof and zoomed away, out of sight.

“We gotta steal another ship, right now!” said Ben.

“The Gunship!”

Ben looked over at where the Pirates were, there was black smoke everywhere. She could see bodies strewn around on the ground, then the firing started up again.

She could see blue laser blasts through the smoke, and then got a glimpse of blue armour. “Shit! Looks like the Feds have joined the party.”

They started out toward the Gunship but a barrage of laser fire sent them diving back behind the loader.

“I think they saw us!” said Streek.

Ben shot back at them and a laser blast shot off one of her braids, she ducked back behind the machine.

“How the hell are we gunna get over there now?” said Streek.

“The loader!” said Ben. She got her TAB out again and started another remote hack. The loaders’ engines thrummed to life and it lifted a foot off the ground, hovering. “Just stay behind it Streek, it’ll take us to the ship.”

The girls grabbed on to the machine as it slowly moved, laser blasts were continuing to hit it. “Watch the flanks!” said Ben.

Streek saw a blue armoured Federation Trooper moving around the side. She fired her Wik-15 at him. they were heavily armoured and wore helmets, so she had to aim her shots carefully at weak points like the neck and joints.

She dropped one of them and started firing at another, Ben was firing at the other side.

“Intruders Targeted!”

“Ben! They got more Killbots!

“Good!” said Ben

“How the hell is that good?”

Ben did another remote hack while Streek continued firing away. One of the Killbots turned around,

“Intruders Targeted!” It started firing on the Federation Troopers around it, cutting them down with its’ machine guns.

Streek reloaded her Wik-15, “This is my last clip!”

“Hang in there Streek!, we’re almost there.” Streek continued firing, carefully aiming at each target, luckily the hacked Killbot was drawing their attention as well.

The loader made it to the KairoCo Gunship and they took cover behind the steel leg again. Ben started to hack the entrance ramp to the ship. Blue laser blasts were firing all around them.

Streek saw one hit the nearby missile tube and then another. “Oh Shit!!…”

There was a huge explosion. Streeks’ whole body was struck hard, and then everything went black.


Slowly Streek started to come around. She became aware of a stinging pain all over her body, and a throbbing headache. She slowly opened her eyes and there was a bright light, then a man with a white beard started to come into focus. “…Doc?”

“This one has started to regain consciousness already, inform the Admiral.” Streek slowly realised it wasn’t Dr. Arnott, he was taller and younger.

Streek felt her skin stinging, she needed to scratch it, but when she tried to move her hands, she found they were strapped down.

“Try not to move, you’ve been through some intensive trauma, you really are remarkable.”

“Wh…where am I?”

“In the medical bay of a Federation Cruiser. You’re a prisoner, but right now you’re my patient. I am Doctor Edensteen.”

“Ben, …where’s Ben?”

“I don’t know who that is. Your female companion is right there, she’s recovering as well.”

Streek looked over beside her. Ben was unconscious in another bed, her arms and legs were strapped to the bed and she was wearing a white hospital gown. Her light blonde hair was singed and frizzy and patchy. there was a drip going into her arm, Streek realised that she was in much the same way.

“My skin hurts.” said Streek.

“Most of your skin was burnt off.” said Dr. Edensteen. “You’ve spent the last hour growing it back. like I said; Remarkable.”

“Can you unstrap me?”

“Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that Miss, I have orders. They say you’re very dangerous.”

“Nah, I’m a pussy-cat, I just wanna scratch my nose.”


Streek looked around, they were in a sterile, advanced-looking medical bay. There were various machines and monitors around, and about half a dozen other beds, all empty. A white medical android was working nearby.

There were Eight Federation Troopers posted around the room, with their blue armour and laser rifles. The doors at the far end opened and two men walked in.

Dr. Edensteen stopped and saluted them, “Admiral Joyce, Captain Clevens.”

They both wore their blue officer uniforms, with insignias and medals. The Admiral was a large, fat man in his fifties, with a full dark-brown beard and dark, intelligent eyes.

The Captain next to him was smaller, of similar height and build to male Streek. He looked to be around forty and was clean-shaven with short blonde hair, his face had sharp features, and he had a cruel look in his eyes as he stared at Streek.

“How are they doing Doctor?” asked Admiral Joyce.

“They’ve almost made a full recovery sir, which is quite amazing considering they appeared to be dying when they were brought in.”

“Yes, Xenoform technology is an amazing thing.”

“Their bodies have repaired themselves. If everyone had Nanobots like that, I would be out of a job.”

“Is she responsive?” asked Captain Clevens.

“Yes Captain.”

The Captain approached Streeks’ bed, looking into her eyes, Streek didn’t look away as the man loomed over her.

“I’m Captain Clevens, this is my ship, the Resolve, and you are my prisoner. What do you call yourself clone?”

Streek just kept looking at him, she didn’t answer.

“You had better answer him miss.” said the Doctor.

“Lisa.” said Streek.

Captain Clevens looked over at the other bed where Ben was still unconscious. “That one is a female clone of the wanted criminal Benjamin Anders. Are you a female clone of his known associate Stephen McKenzie?”

“I can’t remember.” Streek was suddenly punched hard in the face. It really hurt.

“Captain!, please…” said Dr. Edensteen.

“Don’t fuck around with me you Pirate bitch!” said Captain Clevens. “Where’s the Xenoform Cloning Pod?”

“I don’t know.”

The Captain pulled out his hand gun and put it in Streeks’ face. “Where’s the Cloning Pod?” he repeated.

“I don’t fuckin’ know!” He turned to Ben and put his gun to her knee and fired. A blue laser lanced right through her knee, and through the bed under it, leaving a smoking hole in her leg.

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! I’LL KILL YOU!!” yelled Streek as she struggled against her bonds.

“Captain!!” called Dr. Edensteen, exasperated. “…Don’t harm my patients! Nurse, get me some swabs now!” The doctor went over and started working on Bens’ knee.

“There’s no patients here Doctor, just clones.” said Captain Clevens.

“They’re under my care. If you hit a major artery, the blood loss could kill her.”

“He’s right, this isn’t the place Captain.” said Admiral Joyce.

“Yes sir.” said the Captain, putting his gun away.

“Take ‘Lisa’ to an interrogation room. Get me some answers.”

“Yes sir.”

“Not yet!” said the Doctor. “…She’s still recovering, I want to observe her here for a while longer.”

“You said it yourself Doctor, she’s recovering on her own, she doesn’t need you. Just tell us when the Anders clone is awake.”

Streek was unstrapped from the bed, all the Troopers in the room were pointing their laser rifles at her, they weren’t taking any chances.

Streek felt confident she could kill the Captain before they killed her, maybe the Admiral too, if she was lucky. She seriously considered it, then they cuffed her hands behind her back and the moment passed.

She took a look at Ben before they took her away, she was still unconscious and still bleeding, the doctor and android were working to stop the bleeding. Streek was furious, and scared, and sick to her stomach.

Streek was taken down a long corridor, escorted by three Federation Troopers and the Captain. They reached a turbo-lift and the Captain pressed a button on the wall and said “Detention Sector.” The lift started moving downwards.

“Eighteen!” said Captain Clevens. “…Eighteen Federation men were killed in your little raid on the Impound Facility, and many more wounded. Eighteen good men, who had families. All so you Pirate scumbags could steal some crappy ship. Why? What was so important about it? The Cloning Pod is worth a Hundred Million ships like that.”

Streek didn’t say anything as they stood there. Captain Clevens got right into her face, looking into her eyes, “You think you’re gunna stay tight-lipped? You think you’re not going to tell me anything, don’t you? You’re wrong! You’ll see. You’re going to tell me everything, every little thing. We’re going to be close friends you and me.”

The lift stopped and then changed directions, moving toward the stern.

In the Detention Sector, Streek was taken to another room, ‘Interrogation Room 06′ was written on the door. It made her think of Ben-Six, poor guy, but maybe he got off easy.

One of the troopers was posted outside as she was taken in. The windowless room was around ten by fifteen meters, roughly the size of the Clubber Langs’ cargo bay.

There were various items scattered around the room, a table and chairs, a trolley with a sheet over it, a couple of different frames with chains and straps on them, some stocks, a small steel cage, various chests and cabinets around the room, there was a drain on the floor and a hose rolled up on the wall.

Interrogation Room is just another word for Torture Chamber.

“Chain her up there.” ordered Captain Clevens, pointing to a frame by the far wall. The Troopers took her over and undid her cuffs, just to force her wrists into a pair of electronic shackles attached to a thin chain.

They hoisted her arms up over her head until she was forced to stand there, stretched out on the balls of her feet.

The Captain had taken his Blue officers coat off and hung it over the back of a chair so that he was in his white singlet. He slowly walked over to Streek, staring at her coldly.

Streek stared back, her eyes full of hatred. She was shit-scared, but she didn’t want to show it. “At ease men.” he told the Troopers.

When the Captain got close, he grabbed a handful of Streeks’ white hospital gown and ripped it away from her body, leaving her stark naked.

Stretched out like that, Streeks’ big breasts jutted out in front of her. The Captain grabbed them. Her skin was still stinging, and the rough grabbing hurt her.

The two Troopers put their rifles and helmets down and sat down in the chairs. They watched Streek, leering at her naked body.

“You’ve got a nice body clone. I love it when I have a young female to work on, they’re my favourite. You’re around the same age as my oldest daughter you know.” He squeezed and pinched at her sensitive nipples, Streek yelped in pain.

“…And you’re special. Your regeneration ability means I can get extremely brutal with you, and you’ll just keep bouncing back for more. I’m gunna start off easy though, and slowly ramp it up. I consider torture to be an art form. don’t you agree?”

“Nnnaaagh! …I think you’re fucked in the head!” said Streek.

Captain Clevens wound up and gave her a hard right hook to the jaw. “You’ll talk to your master with more respect!”

Streek turned back and spat a bloody tooth at him. He squeezed Streeks’ nipple between his fingers and twisted it, making her scream out in pain. “…Beautiful!”

“My imagination is running wild with all the things I’m gunna do to you. It’s getting me excited, are you getting excited too?”

His hand slipped down to her crotch, it was smooth and hairless now, her pubic hair had been burnt off, and it wasn’t growing back as fast as her skin.

He roughly rubbed at the lips of her vagina and then shoved his fingers inside, making Streek yelp. His fingers prodded at her hymen.

“What’s this? Your maidenhood? You are special, a Virgin Pirate! I thought they were just a myth!” He laughed, and the Troopers laughed along with him. “I’m gunna enjoy taking your virginity!”

“I’m not a Pirate, or a Virgin.” said Streek.

“Ha, right, are you going to tell me you’re not a clone either?”

Captain Clevens dropped his pants. He stroked his hard six-inch cock. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up around him. Streek was left hanging by her arms. The shackles bit into her wrists. Captain Clevens had his hard cock pressing against Streeks’ groin.

“Don’t…” she said to him, looking at him with fearful eyes.

“Relax bitch, you’re gunna get fucked by things that are far less pleasant than a dick!”

He positioned himself so that his cock-head pressed up against her slit and pushed its’ way in, then he gave a hard thrust forward.

“Aaaaaaaaagh!!” Streek cried out as her hymen was brutally ripped and the cock forced its way inside her.

“Ahh, so tight!” Clevens had hold of her legs and was rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her. Streek was crying out, she couldn’t believe she was getting raped again, her vagina was lubricated with blood, but the friction of the cock rubbing at her sensitive insides was really painful.

“Yeah, Yeah, take it all you Pirate bitch!”

“Ow …Aagh …I’m gunna kill you, you asshole!”

Streek could just hang there as the sadistic Captain banged away at her cunt. She saw the two Troopers watching with great interest. Captain Clevens turned to them, “Come and hold her legs for me men.”

“Yes sir!” They immediately got up and approached them and grabbed a leg each.

“Spread her wide!” The men did as he said and pulled Streeks’ legs wide apart. The Captain grabbed Streeks’ hips and started thrusting harder and deeper into her.

Streek yelped with each hard thrust. After a little while Clevens let go of her hips and grabbed at her tender boobs. He kept banging her as he squeezed them and painfully pinched her nipples again.

“Ow, Ow, Ow, Stop it you freak! …Aaagh!” cried out Streek.

Streek desperately wanted the assault to end, as it went on and on. Eventually Captain Clevens said, “Ugh, …Yeah, I’m gunna cum!” He pumped away at her until Streek felt the wetness spill out inside her.

It was the first time someone had cum in her vagina, it made her feel sick, but at the same time, she was relieved he had finished. The Captain pulled his cock out of her, then motioned for the Troopers to let her go.

Streek struggled to stand on the balls of her feet again and take the strain off her wrists that were now aching badly, almost as badly as her cunt.

“Was it good for you too bitch?” She glared at Captain Clevens as he wiped the blood and cum from his cock with her torn hospital gown and started putting on his pants again. The Troopers sat down again.

Streek stood there with her head down, tears rolled down her face. She could feel the cum leaking from her raped vagina and running down her leg.

“Feeling sorry for yourself bitch?” said Captain Clevens as he went over to one of the chests and opened it, “…that was nothing!, you’ll see.”

He pulled out a paddle, it was about a meter long and black, it had a round handle, and the base of it was flat and flexible.

“Now, I have some questions for you.” He came up to her again and pushed the paddle under her chin, making her lift her head again. She looked at him with intense hatred.

“Firstly, are you a clone of Stephen McKenzie?”

Streek didn’t say anything.

Captain Clevens waited a little while and then swung the paddle. THWAP, the paddle slapped her left breast hard and she screamed out in pain.

“Are you a clone of Stephen McKenzie?” Streek nodded as fresh tears streamed from her eyes. “Use your words bitch!”

“…Yes!” Streek spat out at him.

“See bitch?, that wasn’t so hard, eh? …Where’s the Cloning Pod?”

“I don’t know.”

THWAP, this time her right breast was whacked and she screamed out again. “Wrong answer.”

“Aagh! …But I don’t fuckin’ know, I haven’t seen it since I was …cloned.”

Captain Clevens walked around behind her slowly. “But it was aboard that pathetic little junker, the Clubber Lang, wasn’t it?”


“Why did you take the Clubber Lang in your bold attack? what was so important about it?”

“Ben Anders just wanted his ship back.” THWAP, the paddle smacked Streek across her lower back, causing her to writhe in pain.

“Don’t lie to me, you don’t kill eighteen men and blow up half a building just for a crappy little ship like that!”

“It’s the truth!” THWAP, Clevens smacked her breast again.

“Where was Benjamin Anders taking the ship? Where’s he hiding it?”

“So they managed to get away?” THWAP, “Aaaaagh!”

“I’m the one asking the questions here bitch, we know he took the ship down into the Undercity. Where is he?”

“I don’t know. Ben Anders left us behind to die. If I knew where he was I would tell you.”

“I’d believe that, you Pirates are like wild dogs, you’d turn on each other in a second.”

“We’re not fuckin’ Pirates!” THWAP, “Yeeeaaagh!”

“What did I tell you about lying!”

“How many other clones…” Captain Clevens was interrupted by the beeping of his TAB, he pulled it out and answered it, “What is it? …Thank you Doctor, how’s her knee? …glad to hear it. I’ll be there soon.” He put his TAB away again. “Well, it seems your friend is awake.”

Captain Clevens went and put the paddle back into the chest, then he started pulling his jacket on again.

“I’m going to be gone for a little while, when I get back I think we’ll kick it up a notch. I heard you clones can regrow whole body parts, I’d like to test that out. I wonder if you can regrow your eyes, that would be something!”

The Troopers stood up at attention. “What’s your name Trooper?” the Captain asked one of them.

“Baker sir.”

“Would you like to have some fun with the prisoner Baker?”

The Trooper looked over at Streek and smiled “Yes sir.”

“Then go ahead.” He looked at the other Trooper,

“You, go and find some volunteers that are up for a bit of rape, we don’t want her getting bored while I’m gone.”

“Yes sir.”

The Captain and one of the Troopers left the room. Streek could just stand there stretched out with her hands chained above her.

Her skin was bright red where she had been slapped with the paddle, and it felt like it was on fire, particularly around her breasts.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she fell into despair, it was only going to get worse. She thought of the name Angelina, Mia and Zacs’ mother who had endured Federation torture for over a year without breaking, now she appreciated what she must have went through and just how strong her spirit must have been.

Streek resolved to be strong like her, but it was going to be hell.

The Trooper called Baker slowly walked up to her, he looked like a typical Grunt. He was in his mid-twenties and had a closely cropped crew-cut and square jaw, he gave her a lusty smile. “They made you out to be really dangerous, but I don’t see it.” he said to her.

“Then unchain me.” said Streek.

Baker just smiled at her, “Sorry, I don’t think the Captain would like that, gotta obey the chain of command you know.”

He reached out and grabbed Streeks’ stinging, red breasts and groped and squeezed them, making Streek grit her teeth in pain. “I specifically heard my Commanding Officer order me to fuck you. Orders are orders.”

He stopped groping her and started removing the blue plate armour from his groin and legs. Soon he had his fat, seven-inch cock out, stroking it. He slowly walked around behind the naked, chained up girl.

“I’m not gunna get the Captains’ sloppy seconds, You’re gunna take it up the ass for me.”

“No!, don’t! You sick bastard!”

He slapped her ass a few times and then spread her ass-cheeks wide. “Oh Yeah, that little bum-hole looks good to me.”

He spat into his hand and wiped it on the fat head of his hard cock, then he got hold of it and positioned it at her rear entrance. Streek tried to lean forward, but there was no getting away from him.

“Yeeeeaaaagh!!” Streek cried out as her sphincter was painfully stretched open and the fat cock forced its way inside her. He pushed it in deep.

Fresh tears streamed from Streeks’ eyes as she endured the horrible feeling of a big cock wedged up her anus. Her tight ring relentlessly squeezed the fat shaft. “Ahh, damn that’s tight!” said Baker.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back toward him, then he started thrusting in and out of the tight hole with steady, deep strokes. Streek couldn’t help crying, yelping and whimpering as he sodomised her, it was worse than having her vagina raped.

The Trooper grunted and groaned as he continued banging away at her from behind. Her squeezing ring hurt like hell as the fat, meaty shaft continuously slid back and forth through it and the cock-head kept poking deep into her bowels.

After a little while, the door of the Interrogation room slid open again. The other Trooper had returned and there were four other men with him.

“Turns out I didn’t have to go far to find you some play mates bitch.” said the Trooper. There was an officer with him in his blue coat and cap, the others were more Fed Troopers.

“Hey, you’re right, she’s not bad!” said one. “Look at them big red titties.” The men all got closer, leering at her.

“He’s fucking her in the ass!”

“Yeah, it’s a nice tight ass-hole too.” said Baker. “It’s makin’ me cum.”

He started thrusting faster, making Streek cry out and then he groaned and pulled his hard cock all the way out of the little hole just as hot cum spurted out of it on to her bare ass.

One of the Troopers was quickly removing his armour,

“I’m gunna bum-fuck her too.” Baker stepped away and the other man got behind her.

Streek protested as he pressed his hard cock at her little opening and then forced his way up the raped ass. She cried out as her tight hole started getting fucked again.

“She doesn’t look like a Pirate slut.” said one of the men.

“Yeah? what were you expecting Hursty?”

“I don’t know, tattoos and piercings and scars and shit.”

“This ones a clone.” said Baker. “With some kind of healing power.”

“No shit! I never fucked a clone before.”

While Streek was getting ass-raped, the other Troopers made themselves comfortable, removing their helmets and bits of armour and stroking their hard cocks.

One of them started playing with her sore tits, licking and nibbling her nipples.

The officer didn’t say much, he just stood there watching. There was something different in his eyes, Streek thought that she could see sympathy in the way he looked at her. He didn’t do anything to stop the rape though. Streek couldn’t read the insignias on his uniform so she didn’t know his rank.

“Aaah Aaah Yeah, milk my cock, milk it with your tight ass bitch!” said the Trooper raping her. He wedged it in deep and she felt his cum spill out inside her as he groaned loudly.

He gave a few more squishy thrusts and then pulled his cock out of her.

“I’m goin’ next.” said another larger Trooper with a big fat cock.

“No, It’s my turn.” said the officer.

“As you wish sir.”

“I recommend her ass-hole sir, it’s real nice and tight!” said the man who just raped her.

“No, I like pussy.” said the officer dropping his pants, he began stroking his half-erect cock.

The officer approached her, he was fairly handsome, In his thirties, clean shaven with short jet-black hair and deep blue eyes. He looked into her eyes as he began rubbing his seven inch cock along her wet slit.

Streek let out an “oof!” as he slowly pushed it in. Her cunt was wet with Captain Clevens’ cum and her sensitive flesh gripped the cock as it began moving inside her.

The officer held her firmly as he fucked her. This wasn’t as bad as getting her ass pounded, but it still hurt.

The officer leant forward and began kissing her neck, Streek flinched away from the contact. He moved his mouth near her ear and then whispered, “I’m really sorry about this.”

“Fuck You Ass-hole!” said Streek.

He whispered into her ear again. “I’m on your side. Fight the Future.”

Streeks’ eyes widened as she looked into his eyes, she didn’t expect that. His cock kept moving inside her.

“The Doctor is going to make a move, you’ll know when it happens.” he whispered.

“Are you whispering love poems to her or something sir?” said one of the men watching.

“These Pirate sluts like it when you talk dirty to them.” said the officer. “Yeah, take it, you filthy Bitch!” the other men cheered him on.

He soon leant forward again, “Some gear is stashed in the opposite room, Interrogation room five.” He moved his head away from her again and continued fucking her.

“Oooh yeah, that’s a tight little box. You’re makin’ me cum!” He moaned, but Streek didn’t feel him cum inside her, he pulled his cock out.

“That was pretty quick sir.” said one of the Troopers.

“I’m here for a good time, not a long time Trooper. Thanks for that slut.” He leant forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered “Good luck!” Soon he got dressed and left.

“Now I can get me some ass!” said the big Trooper. He got behind her and rubbed his big, nine-inch cock at her ass-hole. The cum leaking from the hole helped lubricate it as he forced it in.

“Yeeeeeaaaaghh!!” Streek screamed as her sore ass was obscenely stretched around the big invader.

“Uh yeah! that tight hole’s gunna squeeze my dick off.” Said the big man as he pushed it in deep.

“Hey, who says we gotta fuck her one at a time?, how about we make a sandwich Rosco?” said another Trooper.

“Yeah, fine with me.”

“No, don’t.” cried out Streek as the other Trooper got in front of her holding his hard cock. He pushed it up her cunt. Streek cried out as she was squashed between two men with cocks wedged up her cunt and ass at the same time.

Streek yelped and groaned as both cocks began moving inside her. Getting raped in both holes at the same time was too much for her to handle, but she had no choice but to endure it as she hung there between the two rapists.

The man at the front was giving short hard thrusts in her cunt while the big guy in her ass was fucking her slower and deeper. The sight of it seemed to excite the other men and they cheered them on and teased her.

Her whole lower body was awash with pain as the brutal double rape went on and on. The man pumping her cunt was the first to groan and spill his seed inside her. He left his cock wedged in the sopping wet hole for a while as the big cock banged her ass.

When he pulled out, more cum spilled from her. The man behind her pulled her back to him and started fucking her ass harder.

The door opened and Captain Clevens came back in. Ben was with him in her white hospital gown and with her arms cuffed behind her back. She looked at Streek with a look of horror on her face.

“You see Anders, I told you she was fine. She’s just having a bit of fun with the boys.” said Captain Clevens.

“You Bastards! Leave her alone!” yelled out Ben.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn as well.” Clevens brought her forward. “…Chain this one up next to her …no wait, put her in the stocks.” he said to one of the Troopers. “Finish up here men.”

“But I didn’t get a turn sir.” said one of the Troopers stroking his hard cock.

“Come back later, the pussy isn’t going anywhere.”

The big man behind Streek fucked her ass even harder, making her cry out in pain. The big Trooper groaned. “Nnnngh Yeah, I’m gunna cum!”

He pulled his big fat cock from the tight hole with a plop and gave it a few strokes. Streek felt the hot cum spurt onto her ravaged asshole and run down her legs.

Ben had been bent over and put into the stocks a few meters away, her hands and head were securely stuck through the solid boards facing Streek, her ass stuck out behind her as she was forced to stay bent over.

Ben looked up at Streek hanging there on the chain, into her teary eyes. “I’m sorry Streek, I’m so sorry!” she said to her.

“Don’t worry Ben, it’s going to be all right.” Ben looked up at her questioningly.

Streek thought about the officer from before. Doctor Arnotts’ Federation Mole. “The Doctor’s is going to make a move, you’ll know when it happens.” Was the Doctor really going to come and save them again? This wasn’t a bar full of thugs though. This was a Federation Cruiser surrounded by Federation Cruisers.

But the man had given her a thread of hope and she was clinging to it. I’ve got to stay ready for action.

Most of the Federation Troopers cleared out. The two who were in the room earlier stayed, sitting at the table and chairs on the other side of the room. Captain Clevens had taken off his jacket again. Both girls stared at him with anger and hatred.

Streeks’ vagina and anus were still throbbing painfully, she could feel the sticky cum leaking from them, and running down her legs. Clevens came over, a chill went through Streek when she saw he had a small knife in his hand.

He went over to Ben and pulled at her gown and was cutting it away. “I had the pleasure of taking your friends’ virginity earlier.” he said to her. “Are you a virgin too, I will stick my dick into you soon and see.”

“Rapist Asshole!” said Ben.

Captain Clevens moved around and punched her in the face with a sickening crunch. Ben cried out, Streek could see blood trickling down from her nose and was furious. Hurry up and make your move Doc, I really need to kill this Prick!

“First, I want to talk to you about your scum-bag Sire, Benjamin Anders.” Benjamin Anders, Streeks’ best friend since high-school. He had betrayed them, leaving them behind to die. The female Ben that he had been through so much with was her best friend now. Now it was hard to think of her as the same Ben Anders that had betrayed them both. She was better than him, she was Bernie.

“His father is a Federation man.” said Captain Clevens, putting the knife down and getting out his TAB. “Lieutenant Jason Anders, serving as Chief Engineer aboard the SS Toblerone. He has an unblemished record, the Captain praises his technical expertise. What a disappointment his only son turned out to be.”

He walked around near Streek and gave her boob a squeeze, making her flinch. He carried on, “Benjamin Anders himself, joined the Federation Academy at one stage. Scored very highly in Advanced Mathematics, and was talented with machines and electronics like his father. But there were several reported incidents where disciplinary action had to be taken.”

“…His psyche profile indicated a lack of self discipline and a problem with authority. Quite common amongst military brats. The Federation could have fixed that, but he never returned to the Academy after the first year.”

“I had better things to do.” said Bernie.

Captain Clevens went around and kicked her in the stomach, “Hrrraaaaagh!”

“He stayed off the Federations’ radar after that. Until he was found drifting in unprotected space, near known Pirate territory. Claimed he was a trader taking a short-cut when Pirates attacked him. More likely his Pirate friends turned on him, something like that, eh?”

“…Then at some point he got his hands on the Xenoform Cloning Machine and earned a spot on the Federations most wanted list. There’s a lot of things you can tell me about Anders, lets start with where he is now.”

“He’s on New Heidi.” said Bernie.

Captain Clevens kicked her again. “I want you to tell me what I don’t already know.”

“That’s gunna take a hell of long time.”

THWAK, Clevens punched her hard in the face again.

“What did you call her? …Streek?, she already told me that Anders left you behind down there. How does it feel to be discarded like a piece of trash? Why would you protect someone who has such little regard for you?”

“I don’t know where he is, okay?”

“Then let’s see if you still don’t know where he is when I’m ripping out your fingernails with a pair of pliers, or when I’m pulling out all your girlfriends’ teeth and then forcing her to give me a blow-job.”

“You Evil Prick!!” THWAK, Clevens delivered another hard right hook to her face.

“Yeah, I’ll give you girls a proper introduction to my pliers and knife. But first I want to sort out this question of your virginity. Let’s fuck!”

He went around behind Bernie and rubbed at her vagina. Bernie just grit her teeth and stayed quiet. He got his hard cock out from his pants and pushed it into her.

Bernie cried out in pain as he grabbed her ass and started fucking her with deep, hard strokes.

“Hey Captain, was she a Cherry sir?” asked Baker.

“She was.”

“Ha, you owe me fifty bucks buddy.” Baker said to the other Trooper.

“Damn it! they must both be dykes or somethin’.”

“Aaaah, Yeah, you’ve got a tight little pussy too.” said Captain Clevens as he banged away at her from behind, rocking her whole body forward and making the stocks rattle.

“Ow, Aaaagh, Stop it you rapist prick! Aaagh!” Streek hated just standing there watching her best friend get raped.

Then, all of a sudden, it happened. Streek heard a really strange noise, like a high pitched jet engine. A wave of energy seemed to pass through the room, there was a shower of sparks around the room and then darkness.

“What the fuck…?” came Captain Clevens’ voice.

The room was pitch black, Streek felt the electronic locks on her shackles click open. She slipped her hands out, and crouched on the ground rubbing her wrists.

This was it, ‘The Doctor’s is going to make a move, you’ll know when it happens’. She didn’t know what he did, but she was free.

“Baker, go and find out what happened.” came Captain Clevens’ voice in the darkness.

“Yes sir, I… Hrrrrrrrrk!”

“Baker, what is it? what’s going on?”

“Hold on sir, I have a glo-stick in my pack.” said the other Trooper. He fumbled around and then pulled out the glo-stick and snapped it. A dim light filled the room and he saw Baker on the floor in a pool of blood. “Oh Drakk!… Captain…”

He then saw Streek coming at him with a knife, in one fluid motion she slashed his throat open. He dropped to the floor gargling. Captain Clevens backed up against the wall. He got out his TAB, “Emergency, Emergency, Security to Interrogation room six.” But his TAB was dead.

Streek slowly got closer with the small knife in her hand, her face was in shadow, but she could see the fear in Captain Clevens’ eyes in the dim light.

“Get away you bitch! …You’ll regret that!, There’s no escape for you!” He grabbed a stun-rod that was on a rack on the wall, and swung it at her. Streek grabbed it with her left hand, it was inactive. She gave a strong kick to his stomach, making him double over. Streek quickly got behind him, dropped low and slashed the back of both his calves with the knife.

Captain Clevens screamed and dropped to the floor. Clevens couldn’t stand, he just crawled along the floor as his blood spilled out of his legs. Streek just stood there watching him.

“Streek…” Bernie was still locked in the stocks.

“Be with you in a minute Bernie.”

She walked up to Clevens who was desperately trying to crawl away. Streek kicked him in hard in the face and then kicked him over. Even in the faint light she could see the fear on his face, she liked it.

She crouched down over him. “Now I’m getting exited Captain. Are you getting exited?”

“…l…leave me alone you Pirate Slut!”

“No, I’m gunna fuck you! …with something far less pleasant than a dick!”

He put his hands up to grab her and she quickly slashed both arms and then punched him hard in the face.

He cried out in pain. Streek then moved the knife down to his belly and rubbed the point of it along his skin.

“No!, Don’t! Please!”

Streek rammed the blade into his gut up the hilt, Clevens let out a blood curdling scream. “Oh, were you a virgin?” said Streek. “Did I just pop your cherry?”

She pulled the knife back until it was almost out and then thrust it back in. Clevens continued screaming loudly as she thrust the knife back and forth in his guts.

“Streek!! …STREEK!!” Bernie called out over the Captains’ painful screams. “I appreciate your desire for payback, I really do. But maybe we should turn our attention to getting out of here.”

Streek stopped thrusting the knife, the Captains’ blood was all over her now. She stood up. “You’re right Bernie. I’ve got no more time for this piece of shit. Let him die and rot.”

Streek went over and undid the latch and opened the stocks, Bernie was glad to be able to stand up again. The Captain was still crying out in pain in a pool of blood on the floor.

“What do you think happened?” said Bernie.

“It’s Doctor Arnott, he’s helping us escape.”

Bernie went and grabbed one of the Troopers laser rifles and examined it. “It’s not working, whatever that wave was, it seemed to have fried all the electronics, like an electromagnetic pulse. But a Federation ship would be shielded against an EMP attack, surely.”

Streek grabbed the knife and the glo-stick and headed to the door, “Come on.” The two naked girls had to force the door open and slipped through the gap.

Out in the dark hallway they could hear confused shouting, it seemed the whole ship had blacked out. Streek went across the hall to the door marked ‘Interrogation Room Five’.

“Where are you going? that’s not the way out.” said Bernie

“We have some gear stashed in here for us.”

“How do you know that?”

“A friend told me.”

They forced the door open and went inside. In the dim light of the glo-stick, the room looked very similar to the other interrogation room they were in. Streek saw a medium sized chest on the table. She went up to it and undid the latches and opened up the lid. She held the glo-stick over it looking at the contents.

There were a couple of handguns sitting on top. Bernie grabbed one and examined it. “They’re laser guns, fully charged and fully functional.” she said. “This chest must have shielded them from that wave, whatever it was.”

Bernie reached in again and pulled out a visor, she put it on over her eyes, “Night Vision, cool.”

“There’s clothes in here too.” Streek passed Bernie a black jumpsuit. Both girls got dressed again, they had no underwear but they were glad to be able to cover up.

They both fastened belts around their waste where they holstered their laser guns. Finally Streek pulled out a TAB from the chest. She turned it on and a holographic map of the ship appeared, showing where they were and the path they’re to follow.

An electronic voice said “You are to head along this route, toward the bow and portside, to Airlock eleven-twenty two. The turbo-lifts will be off-line so you must use the maintenance hatches to travel between levels. Eliminate any resistance you encounter.”

“You don’t need to tell us.” said Bernie, holding up her laser gun.

Streek noticed that she was starting to feel strange.

“Do you feel that Bernie? I feel lighter.”

“Yeah I do, the Artificial Gravity Generator must have been taken off-line. It’s slowly winding down.”

Streek and Bernie moved quickly and quietly down the hallway. Down the hall they could see the faint glow of the glo-sticks. With their night visors they could clearly see four Federation Troopers.

“…sworn I heard someone screaming down there.” they heard one say

“Are we under attack or what? do you know what’s going on?”

“No idea, we can’t reach anyone, all the comms are down.”

“What are we supposed to do in a situation like this?”

“Don’t worry about it.” said Bernie, several green laser blasts illuminated the hallway and then four Troopers fell to the floor dead. Bernie and Streek moved on.

Streek checked the TAB, they were close to a point on the map where the path went downward. They found a maintenance hatch nearby and opened it, then one by one they disappeared down the ladder into the lower decks.

Streek let go of the ladder and fell slowly down to the lower deck. “The gravity’s getting weaker.” she said.

“Yeah, soon we’ll be in Zero-G, that’ll slow us down, let’s get moving.”

“Stop!, Identify yourselves.” said a Federation Officer nearby. A green laser blast lanced out and struck him in the head, he dropped to the floor. Bernie and Streek stepped over him and moved down another corridor.

They came across more Federation members, most were stumbling around the dark with weapons that weren’t functioning. Bernie and Streek cut them all down as they came across them.

Streek saw a sign that said they were on the training deck. They reached another door and strained to pull it open. They slipped through the gap and saw that they were in an open area.

Streek was gliding as she stepped, she felt really light now. Then there was the loud banging of gunfire, Streek and Bernie dove for cover as bullets struck around them. The Feds had woken up, and armed themselves with projectile guns.

*Hey friends!

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve had a series going, so welcome to the first installment of Onus.

I’ve been told in a few comments and emails that I’m a bit of a bitch when it comes to my characters, and what I put them through. I’ve decided to start giving trigger warnings.

I write very violent material. It’s just what I do best, so I’m sorry, but the following series has quite a bit of violence, nonconsensual sex, and cruelty.

Also, future. With the addition of Onus, 5 of my universes will be dystopian. :)

All Characters are 18+*


I wanted my mama.

I whined very softly in the back of my throat as my back thumped against the brick wall. It hurt.

“Fucking freak. You should know better… Strutting around in our turf. Walking around… Like you have some sort of Right!”

I wanted to speak, wanted to explain. But I was so scared. I just covered my face with my hands and trembled. The soft sensory patches on my fingertips were touching my face. I could feel how gaunt it was. How the bones jutted. I could feel every grain of dirt and mud. I could feel the dirt and grease in the ragged strands of hair that had been hanging over my face.

I flinched into a corner. I made myself small. These bullies had chased me far from my normal turf. I had no idea where I was, otherwise I wouldn’t have let myself get trapped like this.

“Please.” I whispered. “I’ll go… I’ll run… Please just let me go.”

I bleated with fear as one of them lunged. I knew that he wasn’t going to hit me, that he was just trying to scare me, but I was already so scared. I trembled, cornered. I started to cry.

They were laughing. I opened one of my eyes, looking for a way out. I darted between one of the jeering boys and the wall. I made it, and he hastened my retreat with a foot that hit me squarely on the skinny ass.

I fell, but I scrambled when I was on all fours. I cried out with pain when my hands fell in the filthy slush-puddles. So cold.

I ran. I ran with my blanket flapping around me. With my baggy sweatpants trying to fall down my scrawny hips. With my dog-tongued sneakers flapping and slapping and letting in ice-cold moisture. I ran with my breath hitching in my chest in little weeping gasps.

I finally stopped in the grassy weedy ice-slick patch of dirt behind a laundromat. I hid between a dumpster and a hotel truck full of linens and towels. I bent over and massaged the hitch in my ribs with the back of my hand. My breath came out in a large white fog. I wrapped my blanket tight around me. It was a small felt blanket with a large coffee stain on it. I had found it in a dumpster. It smelled like cats and mothballs, but it was warm. It was so late. The sun was low in the sky, and curfew would begin soon.

“No Onus allowed here.”

I looked up rapidly, cringing at the unexpected source of noise. A man on a smoke break. He wasn’t hostile, but his voice was firm.

“I mean it bug-eyes. Beat it before I call the cops on you.”

The stitch in my side was still sending out throbs of hot pain, but got moving anyway. There had to be an Onii around here somewhere, there had to be.

I passed four storefronts with anti-Onus signs featured prominently in their windows. I didn’t know this place. I was scared. I glanced at the window. A cartoon face with pure black eyes. Surrounded by an angry red circle with a line through it.

There was a woman on a street corner, waiting for the light to turn green. I timidly walked up to her. She could see me, and she was frowning, but she didn’t say anything, or turn angry.

“Do you know where I can find an Onii ma’am?” I whispered, humble and quiet.

She curled her lip with disgust, but just as I was about to slink away, she pointed her arm ramrod-stiff from her body, one finger uncurled to point towards the setting sun.

“Two blocks. There’s a park where they set up one of your filthy slums.”

I bowed my head. “Thank you ma’am. Sorry to bother you ma’am.”

“This freak bothering you, miss?”

I shrank slightly from the newcomer, a policeman who was scowling and fondling the butt of his regulation stick.

She shook her head. “Just a freak, asking where the slum is.” I flinched at the slur, and trotted west as fast as I could. The policeman called after me.

“Hurry up freak. Curfew is in half an hour.”

I found the Onii just as the light was getting dim, and just as the cold sank it’s teeth in deep. It was a small one. Just a cluster of tents and boxes and ramshackle lean-tos in a small fenced area of the local park. Two Enforcement officers were posted at the entrance.

EO’s had the authority to detain any Onus for any length of time for any reason. They had the power to lock up the Onii for any suspected activity. They had the right to dole out corporal punishment and enter any Onus-owned establishment.

The last part was a joke. My kind weren’t even allowed around most businesses. Much less to own one.

I trotted towards the entrance, breathing a sigh of relief. I wouldn’t get caught out after curfew. Cops had no patience, no lenience, to curfew-breakers. All Onus had to be accounted for after eight PM, any loiterers could go to jail. Bad things happened to Onus in the overnight cells.

“Hey… Hey, look. There’s one right there, let’s talk to him.”

I felt my muscles tensing, an instant response of fear and wariness. I turned around and saw a gaggle of young men and women coming after me. In a quick jog.

The fear was a sour taste in the back of my mouth. I started to jog myself, hearing my breath in the back of my throat like a harsh tearing.

“You idiots. He’s getting away” That part was soft. Then the young man spoke up louder. “Hey, listen… Please we just want to talk! Talk to us, wont you?”

I don’t know why, but I stopped. Three young women and two men. One of the guys was holding a big camera. He trained it on me, and I felt my bone-dry throat tightening in fear. I started edging back. The other guy was the one who was talking. He had his hands up, like he was trying to soothe a frightened animal.

The black eye of the camera frightened me.

“Listen… We’re trying to do a documentary. We’re trying to help you. It’s a fucking disgrace how Onus are treated in this country, and many others. We’re trying to bring equal rights and priveleges to–”

I couldn’t stand it for another second. I took several steps backwards, glancing longingly towards the Onii. “Please mister… Please I have to go. It’s almost curfew.”

He checked his watch. So few people had watches anymore. I had only ever seen them on the elderly. “Please, we have ten minutes. Don’t be frightened. We’re just trying to help.”

I glanced up at the camera again. Then back at the one who was talking. He was tall and covered in a thick grey coat that looked very warm. He had a red scarf around his neck and his gloves were leather. He had rectangular black glasses and behind the lenses his eyes were ordinary and human and brown. His hair was hidden under a hat with ear-flaps.

“Wh-What do you want?” I stammered, looking at the Onii. I felt trapped. I just wanted to be among my own kind. To be safe.

The boy who was speaking smiled. His teeth were very white. I had better teeth than most, having lived with my mama for most of my life.

“Just some questions. Please answer them honestly. We’re trying to paint a picture of what life is for the Onus. Prove that you don’t deserve it.”

He was fumbling out a slip of paper. As he was unfolding it he asked me. “What is your name?”

“Shiloh.” I mumbled. I held the blanket tighter around me.

“Where do you live?”

“In the third-district Onii. I… I got lost, so here for the night.”

“Can you tell the viewers what an Onii is? What the conditions are like?”

What was an Onii like? What was it like for someone who had never seen the inside of one?

“They are surrounded by fences. Some have tents, others have sheds. The nicest Onii is actually in a building, but there is always a line to get in, so I don’t go there often. The people who are in the line after the doors shut get chased away by the EOs.” I hesitated.

“Please, I could get in trouble… I just want to go.” I felt tears prickling at the inner corners of my freakish eyes.

He checked that old-fashioned watch again. “Please, we have seven minutes. I just want to ask you a few things. We’re trying to help.”

I felt anger. A foreign emotion with dangerous teeth. Anger and fear at being trapped like this.

“Help? Then get me some food. Give me a place to sleep. Take of your jacket and give it to me. Do something that will actually help ME.” I choked the words out, knowing how dangerous they were but unable to stop them. “Don’t run around with your camera. Nobody cares. The only thing you people want to do to me is see me dead for poisoning my mother. You want to help? Put a bullet in my skull so somebody else wont to it for you.”

I ran. I ran from his shocked brown eyes. I was so afraid. It was on camera, so people would see it. They even knew my name. They knew which Onii I normally slept in. I would have to move tomorrow. No way I could stay.

I crept towards the entrance, hoping not to make any more waves. Hoping I would just be able to enter without making eye contact, or any contact with the EO’s.

I whimpered as one of them grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. He was taller than me by almost a foot and a half, and he outweighed me by at least a hundred and forty pounds. I didn’t move. I flinched as he shone a flashlight in my face. The light was very bright. It hurt my eyes, even through the lids.

“Drifter? I don’t recognize this one, Dave. Do you?”

I shrank, and moved my feet, trying to get through, hoping that his grip would loosen and he would just let me go. I wanted my mama. I missed her so bad.

“Nah… New face definitely. Prettier than your average freak. Probably makes his rounds of the zoos. Cutting it close, aren’t we, freak?”

I just wanted to go. I tried to squirm away but the EO adjusted his grip so he was reaching inside my shirt. His big hand was wrapped around my shoulder, so tight I could feel the bones grinding. I went limp. I mewled and squirmed when his fingertips dug into the sensory skin on my upper back. I didn’t stop moaning until he adjusted his grip again.

“He asked you a question, boy! Answer!”

“Wh-What?” I whispered, tearfully.

“Jesus, this one’s slow.” The officer that wasn’t holding me, Dave, his name was, he sounded so disgusted.

“I asked you, if you wanted to make a little scratch. I know a few people who would pay good money for some time with a pretty-faced freak like you. What do you say?”

I stared up into the circle of his flashlight. I felt so sick and scared that my brain was just running in circles. “Wh-What?”

“You kidding me? Most freaks would jump at the chance for something like this.”

I started to squirm again. “I just w-wanna go.” I stuttered. “Please.” My voice cracked with fear.

I could feel him shrugging. He threw me into the Onii. I scrambled away. Breathing in huge frightened gasps. I could see a dull red glow rising from a soot-blackened trashcan.

I neared the trashcan, and three sets of eyes as black as mine shone dully back at me.

The man across from me at the trashfire had no teeth. He was patiently gumming at some chicken bones that he had produced from his pocket. I felt my stomach slowly caving in on itself. I watched him eat. I wondered why he didn’t have teeth. He was my age. And he didn’t have a single one.

“Shoulda taken the deal.” A girl at the fire whispered. Her white hair was lank across her face. She had scars around her mouth.


“I know you was scared. And I know that they was hurting you. But you shoulda gone along with Holden. He’s fair, at least. I went with him once. ‘Fore I got these scars. He got me the money he said he would. I even got to take a bath. A real one.”

I held my hands over the fire. The sensory patches on my fingertips tasted the sour soot. Felt the baking heat. Could even dimly sense the light. “What’d he pay you for?”

She glanced at me, expressionless. “You look soft. Like you haven’t been out here for long. You didn’t grow up like this, did you?”

I shook my head. I felt my heart ache. “My… My mama…”

She nodded. No sympathy. No satisfaction. She just had the answer to a question. “You were one of those lucky ones. Had a mommy who didn’t abort you or throw you in a bin as soon as you were out.”

“It’s a hard place out here. You don’t turn your nose up at anything. Not rotten food. Not perverts who pay good money to fuck freaks like us. If you get the chance, take Holden’s offer. He took me to one of the zoos. Trashy little dens where pervs pay to fuck Freaks. It’s hard work, but you get a cut of the profits, a decent meal, and a bath.”

She stalked away from the trashfire. I watched her go. I wanted to beg for her to stay.

When I first got out on the streets after mama died, I wanted to try and find a group of my kind to stay with. I hadn’t found a one. Onus became hardened and wary on the streets. The few couples or groups I had found were bitter and hostile towards outsiders. It seemed like the only thing that any of us wanted to do was to survive alone.

Even the girl’s terse condescending advice, that was the friendliest thing anyone had said to me in months.

I didn’t want to leave the warmth of the fire. But I was so tired.

I shuffled around for a little while. Some of the tents and lean-tos were full. Others just weren’t accepting outsiders. I found a television box. Crumpled and muddy, but still intact. I crawled inside, putting the driest side under me, and moving so the open end was out of the wind.

I curled up into a tiny ball, and covered myself with the blanket. The close catty smell was almost comforting.

I heard the heavy crunching footsteps and jolted awake just before a hand groped inside the TV box and yanked me out by the collar of my coat. I opened my mouth to scream, but a heavy hand, rough and dirty and shockingly intimate, covered my mouth. I couldn’t help it. My tongue went out to taste it. For Onus, taste was our secondary sense, right after sight and hearing.

I tasted human skin, without the delicate sensory patches that covered my hands and patches of my skin. I tasted the salt of his sweat (the pheromones in the sweat were distinctly male) and the dirt and the faint metallic residue of coins. I tasted soy sauce and carrots and brown gravy and beef. I tasted cat and wool and soap and aluminum and plastic and everything his hands had touched within the last few days.

He shook me hard, one hand on my collar and the other arm twined under my arm to hold me up with the hand over my mouth. He shook me hard. I got dizzy. I tasted his disgust in his hormones, moments before he voiced it.

“Get your filthy tongue off of me.” He snarled. The voice was familiar. I whimpered weakly, the sound muffled by his hand. I put my tongue back in my mouth. Our tongues disgusted normal people. My heart was beating frantically fast. I could hear it in my ears, feel it in my sensory patches. My tongue.

He dragged me from the box and through the snow. He kept his hand over my mouth but let me put my feet on the ground. I just walked, too scrambled from lack of sleep and fear to even think of resisting.

Out of the Onii. Out of the one place where I had even an illusion of safety. My blanket had fallen. So had my tiny backpack. Nothing was in the backpack but a fork, a can opener and some matches. He was dragging me past the entrance, and in my terrified confusion, I realized that he was the EO. The one who had tried to get me to come with him for money.

I finally tried to drag my heels when I saw the van. My soft fast breathing turned to moaning. On the street, I was not safe. But I heard stories, rumors, news about what happened to Onus at the hands of cruel normals.

Dissected by amateur scientists. Cruelly killed by religious zealots. Tortured by perverts.

I fought. I squirmed and writhed like a fish in his cruel grip. He plunged his hand down the collar of my shirt and scraped his fingernails clumsily across my skin, trying to find—

I squealed with agony and went limp, shuddering and sobbing into his hand. He had scratched the sensory patches on my upper back. Bright lights exploded behind my eyes as I fought with unconsciousness.

“You don’t want to play along, freak?” He panted. “You don’t want to do things the nice way? Get a square meal and a bed and a shower for your trouble? Fine. You get it the hard way. You fucking abomination.”

The other EO opened the back of the van for him, he shoved me in the back and shut the door behind. For a full ten seconds I just lay on the floor of the van, crying from the pain.

I could hear them getting into the front. Their voices were muffled. I looked up, and saw that the back of the van had been drastically altered from it’s original layout. The seats had been torn out. Metal mesh had been installed between me and the driver and passenger seat. The side doors and latch for the back door had all been covered with more mesh.

It was warm in here. Startlingly, stupefyingly warm. I slowly stripped out of my jacket as the van started to move. I peeled off the sweater underneath, whimpering softly as it peeled from the hurting area.

Bare-chested, I could see most of my sensory patches. The soft disks on my fingertips. The larger patch on my palms. The thin strips up my sides, and the single oblong above my navel. The patches on my back were roughly triangular, and I could feel blood trickling down my back.

I put my jacket and sweater on the ground, and curled up on top of it. A ragged sob left my mouth. I bit my lower lip to stop it from happening again. I looked at my dirty hands, and gingerly licked my fingertips and palms clean. The low-level stinging went away.

I had small circular patches on the tops of my feet, but other than that all of my patches were on my upper body. For Onus, the patches were as distinctive as fingerprints.

I reached into my sweatpants pocket and pulled out the cheap shiny plastic wallet. I never had money. The wallet was just to keep the picture safe.

My mama was human. All of the Onus had been born from human mothers. Our fathers had been nothing more than spores sent down from the Fleet.

When the aliens had come, they had not taken our resources, killed us, or declared themselves overlords. They had merely sprinkled their invasive spores over all of the landmasses, and the spores had been inhaled by fertile women, making almost forty percent of them pregnant with us. The Onus. The burden. Most of us had been aborted. In certain countries, pregnant women had been massacred, to prevent the spread.

Now we were just a remnant. A bad memory. Second class citizens that had been sterilized at birth. The very presence of the Onus spores had caused widespread birth defects in normal pregnancies at the time. And every mother of an Onus had a shortened life expectancy. Perfectly healthy women, dropping dead in their forties or thirties. Like my mama.

The van went over a bump, and I whimpered softly. My mama had found a sympathetic doctor. Raised me like a person. Kept me hidden away from the outside world. I had been sterilized and registered, according to the law, but only a vasectomy. I had not been castrated, like most of the males.

I had to run. I had to stay alert. I blinked slowly, twice. It was so warm though. The warmth was sinking to my core, soothing me.

The core temperature of a healthy Onus was around 101.4. Because of our hot inner metabolisms, cold effected us. Crippled us more than a human with a sturdier lower temperature of 98.6.

I tried to stay awake, but the warmth was heavy and made me sleepy. I hadn’t had a restful night of sleep since my mama died. My head kept drooping to my soft jacket on the floor.


My head jerked up, my skin leaped into goosebumps, I snatched for my jacket, crying out at the draft of icy murderous cold on my bare upper body.

“Enjoy your nap, freak?”

I was still fumbling numbly with the cloth when he grabbed my upper arms and yanked me out into the freezing cold. I shrieked and squirmed. The snow was landing on my skin, burning the sensitive patches were the skin was soft and pink and unprotected. I broke away and I fell into snow that was soft and loose, crying out when my hands landed in the cold. Burning

I looked up and it was dark. No city lights. No roads or skyscrapers or streetlights or cars or shops or pavement. Just a single narrow asphalt tendril, peeling away from a single two-lane road, leading to two buildings, with a single yellow porchlight between them. The porchlight was obscured by flying snow, turning it to a fuzzy gold corona.

We were in the country. I was further from the place I had been born, than I had ever been in my life.

“Mama.” I moaned softly. Then one of the EO’s grabbed my upper arms and yanked me away from the deep snow on either side of the narrow driveway. He marched me up the path, gripping my upper arms tight enough to make me whimper softly. Feel it even through the shock and numbing fear.

My eyes were closed, and my feet were dragging. Through my lids, I could feel the yellow porchlight getting brighter.

The door opened and we were inside. I breathed in the warmer air. The EO dropped me and I scrambled to my feet, trying to run inside, find a back door, get out.

I ran into a man that was built like a wall, who snatched me by my upper arm and my hair. I whimpered and stood still, so he wouldn’t pull my hair. I tried to look around, but the lights were so bright that they hurt my eyes.

“Damn… You’re really cleared out.”

“Ayup. There was a chinaman who came through here. Bought my whole stock. Lemme see what you brought me here.

He put his finger under my chin and forced my face up. The lights were so bright. I kept my eyes closed, but I could dimly see his outline through my lids. See his silver hair and the gleam of his glasses.

“You been holding out on me, young man? Last two girls you brought me were nowhere near as pretty as this one. It’s a shame there isn’t a bigger market for young whelps like this. If he was a girl, I’d be able to sell him for maybe eighty thou. Take off his pants, I want to check something.”

I struggled weakly when the EO came behind me and grabbed my sweatpants. He yanked them down while the man in front of me shook me like a disobedient dog. I whimpered and tried to hold my pants up with my hands.

I felt a chill draft on my upper thighs as he managed to yank down the sweatpants. All that was left were my badly stained briefs. I was ashamed at how dirty they were. I tried to keep them clean, but they were the only underwear that I had.

He made a low disgusted sound in the back of his throat while pulling down my underpants.

“Hold his arms… Goddamn, would you look at that.”

The EO grabbed my wrists and yanked them behind my back. He kept his other hand on my hair, to hold me up and keep me whining and barely able to move. I felt a cold dry hand cupping my groin. I felt him pinch my penis hard between two fingers to move it aside. He squeezed and fondled my balls. I couldn’t make a sound. The pure indignity of it had just shut me up. I let out a small squeak of pain when he patted my scrotum, jiggling the tender flesh.

“Ha, not a gelding, but a stud! I change my mind. This little stud still has all of his tackle. He has the vasectomy scar here, but still has his widdle nuts. Do you know how fucking hard it is to find one of the bug-eyes that still has it’s junk?”

“I can imagine.”

Tears were streaming down from my eyes. I tried to open them, the lights were still very harsh. I could see that we were in a barn, standing on concrete floor dusted here and there with straw. He had several large boxy horse stalls on either side of a narrow path. I could see a small door open, and a little well-lit office behind it. A large young man with a boiled-pink birthmark on his face was leaning against one of the stalls, eating corn-nuts from a bag. Staring at me was muddy emotionless eyes.

“Please.” I whispered. “I… I wanna go home.”

They ignored me. The grey-haired man with the glasses and the cold hard hands turned to the young man leaning against the wall. “Nelson? Get the new stock into one of the stalls. Give it a bath and some feed. I’m going to dicker for a bit.”

Nelson got closer. He was massive, over six feet with a broad body hard with muscle and fat. Nelson grabbed me by the throat and manhandled me over to one of the stalls, my pants still tangled around my ankles. I was gasping and crying for air.

I greyed out for a few moments, from the stress and the fear and the lack of oxygen. When Nelson released his cruel grip on my throat, I looked around dumbly and I was in one of the stalls, sitting on the ground with a heavy metal chain around my wrists and Nelson yanking my sweatpants and shoes and socks away. I kicked at him, trying to get him away. I wanted to pull my pants up. I didn’t want to be so naked.

He dug his thumb into the sensory patch on my lower shin. I squealed and stopped fighting, I let him take my pants away, cringing from him. It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair.

He left the stall without closing the door. I weakly stood and walked towards the door, but my chain only let me go to the middle of the cell. I tried to work my hands out of the chain but it was too tight.

Nelson came back with a hose.

I felt so numb. Numb to the pain, to the cold. Numb to any emotion but misery.

I was shivering in the corner of a horse stall. Naked like an animal. My body red and raw from the powerful jets of the hose. Straw sticking to my legs and hair.

After shivering like a wet puppy in the corner, after crying weakly for what must have been an hour, Nelson came back.

I cowered against the wall. The only sound I could make was this weak frightened mewling under my breath. He threw in a blanket. It was a large pink blanket. Made of rough quilted wool. It was stained and frayed and stiff, in a strange shape. With odd clasps dangling from bits of it. I realized that it was an old horse blanket. But I didn’t care. I reached for it and I wrapped it around my wet raw skin.

Then he took a shallow paper plate and walked in. As he walked in I cringed into the corner. I could see a smile on his dopey birth-marked face. He liked how afraid I was. He set the paper plate down in front of me, and I whimpered as he loomed over me.

He just grinned. He reached down for the plate. I saw that there was a meal on the plate. A real meal. White rice and some carrots and a greasy chicken leg. He took the chicken leg and took a big bite of it. Grease smearing out of his mouth. He was less than two feet away from me, eating my dinner while I cringed. Too cowed and afraid to do anything about it.

He stripped the chicken down before leaving with a smirk on his stupid face. I waited till he closed the door before falling on the dinner. Eating the rice and carrots with my fingers and picking scraps of chicken from that bone. Even the gristly bits. I gnawed the bone, sucking on it to get the flavor. Sucking and chewing on the bone was soothing. It soothed my frantic brain.

I realized that I was gnawing on the bone like a dog. That I was naked and chained up in a horse stall, with a filthy horse blanket sticking to my damp skin. I cried weakly, while sucking on the knob of the bone for grease.

I eventually fell asleep with the bone in my mouth.

“Up, Up.”

I dragged my eyes open. I had barely been able to sleep, drifting in and out of consciousness all night. I stretched my long legs, looking at the bits of straw stuck to my skin. I folded them back under the horse blanket, wincing at the pops and crackles. The chain clinked as I clumsily wrapped the blanket tighter around myself.

The horse stall was made of wood for about five feet up. Where the wood ended, there were vertical iron bars up to the ceiling. I saw the older man’s face appear between two of the iron bars, glancing down at me before using his keys to unlock the door.

I was just glad that it wasn’t Nelson.

He stepped into the stall. He was wearing a grey plaid shirt and jeans. He had brown work boots and was wearing gloves. The keys were in one hand. A long thin bamboo cane in the other. It had a wrapped leather handle, and it was thinner than my little finger.

He stood over me. Looking down at me with a thoughtful expression. I was about to try and speak, when he spoke over me.

“Hold out your arm.”

I just did it. Without thinking. He brought the cane down with a flick of his wrist, not even swinging.

I let out a wounded yelp and drew my hand back. The skin wasn’t broken, but raw and bright red. The pain was hot and throbbing. A darkening welt on the web of flesh between my thumb and forefinger.

“Did you see how I barely moved my arm? This particular toy is illegal to use on anyone under eighteen. Any more than twenty-four strokes. The law applies to humans of course. IF you disobey me, I will whale on you with this. Until I feel you have learned your lesson. I’m a very fair man, and if you are a good boy, that will be the only time my cane touches you here. Got it?”

I nodded, surprised tears gathered in the corners of my eyes.

He got down in the corner and unlocked the padlock that fastened the chain to the stall. The other end of the chain had been padlocked to a metal socket in the wall. A loop was around his wrist, so even when the cane wasn’t in his hand, it was close.

“Get up and walk out of the stall in front of me.”

When I was six years old, my mama tried to bring me to a fair.

At the time I didn’t know, but the bulk of the Onus children were in government ‘homes’. A place like a jail, overcrowded and filthy and low on resources.

She hid my white hair under a baseball cap. She rubbed spray tan all over my exposed arms and face and neck. I whined when some of the stuff got in my sensory patches, it felt caustic. She covered my unnatural eyes with sunglasses. I didn’t mind, because the sun usually felt too bright to my eyes anyway.

The disguise was not very good. Spray tan was supposed to add a sheen of color over naturally pigmented skin. It just made my skin look an odd orangey-peach color, like a burnt doll. She hadn’t been able to put any on or around my fingertips and palms. So we went to the fair, but to my confusion and dismay, we hadn’t gone to any of the rides or games. We had just wandered around, my mama too afraid to get close to the attractions for fear of the ruse being discovered.

It was just around the time that early deaths of the mothers was being correlated to giving birth to Onus children.

I was having some fun anyway. She bought me cotton candy, and I was delighted with the fluffy sugar-rush that I could taste with my fingertips as well as my long sensitive tongue. Just being outside was a novel experience for me at that point.

Then we saw the ponies. Mama let me watch by the fence.

The ponies were bored and tired and thirsty in the intense heat. Four ponies tied to a metal contraption that went in circles. Being ridden by kids way too big for them.

One of the ponies made me jump up and down with excitement. It had a pure white coat, a white mane, and deep black eyes, with only a teeny white ring around the edge. The pony looked like me.

After seeing how excited I was, mama finally got in line with me, looking around nervously, terrified that someone would see through my disguise.

We got to the front of the line. I watched closely, and I thought that I would get to ride the white pony. I was bouncing with excitement.

I ran up to the pony when it was my turn. I wrapped my arms around his thick warm white neck. I nuzzled my cheek against it’s short velvet coat.

The pony whickered softly into my ear.

“What the hell do you think you’re trying to pull, lady!”

I let my tongue leave my mouth and I touched it to the side of the pony’s neck. I wanted to taste him, taste the beautiful white-haired pony with eyes so like mine. Back then, I didn’t have the inhibitions, the paralyzing fear and shame that I had now.

“That’s one of the freaks. Get out of there, get that little monster away from my animals!”

I saw a mother dash into the ring and pull her child off of another pony. People were backing away from the ring. Someone threw a half-full can of soda at me. The soda splashed on me and the can knocked me on the side of my head. I cried with fear and ran to my mama. She gathered me in her arms. I could taste the sticky-sweet soda on my hands, on my sensory patches.

“Please.” My mama begged. She was tired and frustrated and stiffening her shoulders. She could hear all of the bad things people were saying about us. “My boy just wants to ride the horse. Just one circle, and we’ll go after. He wants this so bad. I’ll pay you three times the admission… please.”

I remember seeing a security guard getting closer. The man running the booth shouted at him. “This crazy bitch let an Onus brat touch one of my animals! Little freak was licking it!”

The security guard pulled out a pistol. The carny started to protest, and I screamed a moment before the man put the gun to the white pony’s forehead and sent a bullet into it.

All of this flashed through my head in less than an instant. I was naked, walking in front of him, and we walked into an open space of the barn. The metal device, the leader, the circle, whatever it was called, it was in the center. A big metal cross that you could harness ponies or horses to, to give them exercise.

“Come on boy.”

He fastened the padlock at the end of my chain to the end of one of the spokes. Then he backed away. I looked at him, wanting answers. I covered my crotch with my hands. I had never felt more like an animal.

I remembered the spray of red that had come from the pony’s head.

“You’re cold in the stall. You need to exercise. If you can go for fifty revolutions, then I’ll put a heater in your stall. You get a thwack with this for every revolution under fifty. Go.”

I put my hands on the rusty bar. Careful so I didn’t put any pressure on my sensory patches. I wanted to cover my groin with one hand, but my wrists were chained together, so it was impossible.

I started to walk.

The exercise was easy enough for the first few revolutions. It became repetitive. Dull. I forgot about the shame. That I was naked.

But it took a lot of effort to turn the wheel by myself. My legs felt very weak. I had eaten a meal last night, but for some reason, I felt weaker than I had out on the street. I was so cold, and I was shivering so badly, that my legs felt like they would collapse.

“Thirty two revolutions so far, beastie. Don’t slow down now.”

As an incentive he thwacked the cane against one of the steel bars. The clang made me flinch, and the sound sent a visceral reaction through me, one of fear and nausea. I whimpered. I had been able to feel the vibration in my hands. I hated the texture of the rusty metal.

I steeled myself and started to walk faster, staring down at the concrete under my feet. There was a piece of straw on the floor. I started counting my revolutions for every time I passed the piece of straw. I got to five, before losing count. My mind felt scattered and weak, unable to process. Like I was half-asleep.


I whined low in my throat. I was so close to exhaustion. If I had been wearing my clothes, if I had had a good night’s sleep, this would have been easy. But my strength had been sapped by the vicious hosing and the poor sleep and just the constant state of stress and fear.

I closed my eyes, not caring about trying to count the revolutions. I just forced myself forward. Drawing on my last reserves of strength.

I was slowing badly, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. He came up behind me, smacking the metal bar with the cane. The vibrations, the sound woke a small panicky terror inside of me. I groaned and walked faster.

“Last one, last one, hurry your miserable ass!” He barked.

He stopped banging the cane against the bars and I fell to my knees, my arms hanging limp, but still held up by the chain around my wrists. I was crying under my breath. My whole body was shaking, and my vision was fading in and out. My skin felt cold and numb all over, except for under my arms and between my legs where I felt hot and damp and rank with sweat.

“Good.” He barked. He unchained me, and basically dragged me back to the stall. The concrete chafed me where my legs dragged against the floor.

I managed to pull the horse blanket over me, where I was curled up on the floor. An exhausted trembling mess. A little later, I felt some heat on my shoulders, and I knew that he had put the heater in my stall.

I sucked on the bone.

It didn’t have much taste anymore, but the smooth knob of the bone was soothing. I closed my eyes, and let the heater bake my back. Every few minutes, I turned over, let my back get cold, and warm up my front, and then my feet.

The heater was a little plastic box that he had set in the corner, out of my reach. I turned towards it like a flower to the sun, trying to warm up. I felt so cold.

The days started to blur together. Exercise on the frame. Spotty constant sleep. Eating scraps from his meals. Having my meals decimated by Nelson in front of my eyes. Random acts of cruelty from Nelson. Hosings.

I recognized that my behavior was becoming animal-like. I never spoke. Any words that I did utter were usually silenced by a welt from the cane. I was being conditioned. Certain keywords and sounds, like a crack from the cane, or a harsh tone, made me flinch and shut down mentally.

I was losing track of time.

Four other Onus came and went. I never saw them, because I couldn’t reach the edge of the stall with my short chain. I couldn’t even stand up all of the way. They were all girls. I heard them scream and cry and suffer, during their baths, exercise, and during Nelson’s wanton cruelty. He raped them. I had to listen.

I also listened as they were sold. Men came in, wanting girls for whatever depraved reason. They looked in, and said which one they wanted. Money was exchanged. The girls were dragged out.

One day, it was my turn.

I flinched and cowered into a tiny ball in the corner of my stall. Nelson and the old man who had bought me were standing in the door. I watched them warily, under the listless fringe of my matted hair.

Nelson had a large plastic bucket.

Nelson held me by the throat, as I cringed against the wall, my breath coming out in short terrified pants. The older man took my chain and clipped the padlock to the iron bars at the very top of the stall, about seven feet up. My chain was so short, that this forced me to stand, with my hands in the air.

Even after several days of being naked and objectified on every level, being this exposed brought frightened tears to my eyes.

I cried brokenheartedly when I dropped the bone and Nelson took it away.

Standing, I was able to see that the bucket was filled with soapy water.

Nelson scrubbed me down like I was an object. I was crying and struggling as he raked a plastic brush up and down my skin. He was a little gentler on my sensory patches, not using the plastic bristles, but a washcloth. Still, the cloth scraping against those sensitive patches was enough to make me scream and thrash.

I was hanging like a slab of meat by the time he was done, crying very softly. He dumped a few buckets of water over my head to rinse away the suds. Then he swept away the straw and took away my waste bucket. He left me wet and naked and completely exposed in my stall. Forced to stand, when my legs felt like they would collapse at any moment.

Chapter 2: Desert Dessert

Streek walked over the sand and rocks back to the pod landing site. Her shoes were too loose. They never used to be, but when she was recreated as a female clone her feet had shrunk and the stupid Alien machine had recreated the shoes the same size.

She did have some pants that fit her well enough, but they were ripped off her when two male copies had tried to rape her. Now she only had her silky red and white patterned boxer shorts and black DVDA T-shirt.

The crumby clothes she was wearing were the only possessions she had now. She even lost her cock, which was the most difficult loss to come to terms with.

And to make matters even worse, they were stuck out in the middle of a freakin’ desert.

Streek had spent god knows how many hours stuffed in a tin can, pressed up against the female Ben clone. Then the alarm started beeping and they could see flames through the small view port as the escape pod entered the atmosphere of a planet.

Its’ parachute deployed, and the pod drifted down to the surface for a not so gentle landing.

The place was dark and cold when they had warily climbed out, but the air was breathable.

A couple of hours later the rock had turned to face the systems’ sun and morning broke, now it was starting to get bright and hot.

Desolate, came to mind when Streek looked around the planet, there was no sign of life anywhere, not even small bits of scrub.

Ben didn’t know where they were, and the escape pod must have been the most basic kind on the market, it didn’t even have any displays to show them where they were.

When Streek got back to the pod, Ben was bent over rummaging through a storage compartment.

“I had to squat down to take a piss.” said Streek “…that sucks!”

“You’re not going to start going on about your dick again are you?, it’s gone, get over it.”

Streek saw that Ben had tied the parachute up between the pod and some large rocks on the ground for shade.

Ben got up from the pod, her short, sandy blonde hair was wet with sweat and she was a little flushed, but Streek thought she was still pretty cute.

She was full bodied and curvaceous but no fat, except for her big fat tits, they were pushed up against Streeks’ face for several hours in the Pod.

She found it a little arousing at times, at other times she found it infuriating. Her mood seemed to swing wildly in the pod, it was all very weird.

“Here’s some breakfast” said Ben, throwing her something. Streek caught it and saw that it was a foil-wrapped bar, “Nutrition Bar” it read on the packet.

“Thanks, how old is it?”

“I wouldn’t have a clue, these provisions have been here since before I bought the Clubber Lang.”

Streek began undoing the packet, “Tell me we have water.”

“About twelve litres in our little survival compartment. Hopefully we’ll be gone before we need it all.” “If there’s anyone else on this stupid planet to rescue us.”

“Well M-Class planets, capable of supporting life a pretty rare, relatively speaking, you’ll usually find someone on them, and the pods’ distress beacon has been going since it launched.”

Streek tried to take a bite of the nutrition bar. “Dammit, I think I’d be better off trying to chew through one of those rocks. So you think we should sit here and wait for someone to show up and rescue us?”

“Yeah well it’s gettin’ pretty hot, we should just lay in the shade and conserve our energy for now.”

The two girls sat down side by side in a sandy spot in the shade. Ben felt around in the pockets of her track pants for a bit and then pulled something out.

“Hey look at this, I still got my blunt.”

“Did the nanobots reconstruct that as well?”

“Yeah, looks like.”

“Wow, what if I we were wearing diamond pendants when we got scanned?”

“Yeah, the clone machine could’ve made us rich.”

“As opposed to sitting in the desert with nothing but a crappy escape pod, yeah.”

“I’m gunna light this baby up, I saw a flame-stick in the survival compartment.”

Ben lit the joint and sat back down in the shade, the two of them passed it back and forth inhaling the sweet smoke until it was gone.

Streek was feeling nicely baked. She was also getting all hot and sweaty, she sat up and pulled her black T-shirt off, leaving just the tight white singlet she was wearing underneath.

Her big boobs strained against the fabric and her dark nipples could clearly be seen through the wet material.

Ben saw her doing this and decided it was a good idea, she took her shirt off, but wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

She saw Streek looking at her big bare breasts and gave them a playful shake, smiling at her. Streek just shook her head.

Ben then bent over and pulled her track pants off, they were getting hot too. All she was wearing as she laid there in the shade was a pair of white mens’ Y-fronts. Streek laid beside her in her boxer shorts and tight, damp singlet.

“Do you think I’m hot as a woman?” Ben asked.

“What?, of coarse we’re hot, too bloody hot.”

“You know what I mean dick-head, how good looking am I?”

Streek got up on her elbows and looked her over, like it was the first time she checked her out. “I’d do ya.” she said.

“Would you now?”

“Yeah, you’re like a seven or an eight, the nice tits help.”

Ben laughed “Yeah, I’d do you too, Hootie McBoob.” She gave Streeks boobs a playful squeeze, Streek knocked her hand away smiling.


The weed helped Streek to relax and forget her troubles for a while. The hours went by and the two girls did very little. They laid in the shade and drank water, chewed on their hard nutrition bars and talked.

As the sweltering afternoon dragged on she began to feel dozy and drifted off to sleep.

Streek woke up and immediatly got a fright, there was a large, light brown beast above her looking down at her.

She let out a squeal and staggered back, Ben also seemed to wake up beside her with a shock.

It was a camel, Streek realised, she never saw one in real life, but she recognised it. It was a huge beast looming over her and there was another one beside it and she could see a rider sitting atop each of them.

“Do not be afraid, he will not hurt you” came an accented male voice.

The rider called out a command she did not understand and the camel let out a groaning sound then lurched back and forth until it knelt down on the hot sand.

The rider climbed off its back. He was a tall, tanned man, covered in light coloured robes, he wore a turban and had a bandana over his face so that just his dark eyes peered out.

He looked like someone from an Arabian holo-film. The other rider dismounted as well, he was dressed much the same.

Streek realised with a start that her nipples could be seen through her singlet, she quickly moved her hands to cover them up.

Beside her Ben was slow to cover her naked breasts, both men must have had a good eyeful.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed” said the man with his heavy middle-eastern accent. “…People often go naked around here, it gets very hot.”

He uncovered his face, he was quite handsome with a dark, neatly trimmed goatee and looked to be in his mid thirties.

“Who are you?” said Streek, her voice a little shaky.

“I am Saladin Nahsaf and this is my younger brother Jorin. We inspect the atmospheric generators in this sector. Who are you?”

Ben spoke up next to her “I’m Captain Anders and this is my First Mate Streek, we’re traders.”

“I see, your trade does not seem to be going so well, yes?”

“Obviously! What planet is this?” said Ben, she uncovered her breast to grab her T-shirt and slip it on again, Streek did the same.

“This is the Antares System, we are on Antares-Three” said Saladin.

Jorin seemed to be staring at Bens’ boobs the whole time with a slight smile on his face, he looked to be about five or six years younger than his brother and was clean shaven and also quite handsome.

“Last night I was taking a piss and I saw a magnificent shooting star. We followed the distress beacon on our TABS and have found two pretty girls have fallen from the sky.”

“Don’t get any ideas buddy!” said Streek defensively “…We don’t like men.”

“Oh, are you two lovers?” asked Saladin.

Ben and Streek looked at each other. “Yes” said Streek, putting her arm around Ben.

“How did you end up here?”

They didn’t want to tell these strangers the crazy truth, Ben quickly made up a story. “There was a catastrophic radiation leak on my ship, we had to abandon her in a hurry.”

“Really? Did the radiation affect you? Are you both alright?” asked Saladin.

“Yes we’re fine, but we would appreciate it if you could take us to a space-port or something.”

“But of course, we were heading back to Port Redland anyway, we just have one more generator to inspect on the way. You will ride with us. We can be there by tomorrow evening.”

Jorin gave Ben another smile. “You can ride with me Captain. What is your first name?”

“Thanks, it’s Ben.”

“Ben? that is …unusual.”

“Yeah, …it’s uh, …short for …Bernadette.”

“Then why not Bernie?, although I fail to think of any names that would be pretty enough for you.” Ben smiled, and Streek rolled her eyes.

“Eh, can we just have a moment?” said Streek.

“Of coarse” said Saladin “Do you have any supplies you wish to take with you?”

“We have some water around in the side of the pod.” said Ben

“Ah good, water is the most valuable thing you can have around here, we will load it onto the camels.”

The two men moved around to the side of the pod. Streek turned to Ben “Can we trust these guys Ben? I don’t like the way they look at us, and we’re out here all alone with them, what if they’re planning on raping us?”

“You need to relax, they’re maintenance guys, not bandits, they seem nice enough.”

“Oh yeah with his ‘no names would be pretty enough for you’ crap, can he make it any more obvious he wants to get into your Y-fronts.”

“you think?” said Ben giggling.

“Ben!, I got a bad feeling about these guys.”

“You’re just paranoid because you were almost raped by yourself as soon as you become a girl. We don’t really have much of a choice here Streek, I’m not gunna wait around until some nuns show up to rescue us. They’re our only ticket out of this stinkin’ desert.”

“Yeah …okay then. But don’t do anything to lead them on, we’re lesbian lovers remember. And put your damn pants on!”

“At least I have pants.”

The men loaded the containers of water onto their camels. The large beasts were groaning and complaining loudly about kneeling on the hot sand, they had huge saddle-bags around them and a big, synthetic saddle between their two humps.

Saladin handed Streek a couple of light coloured pieces of fabric he got from a saddle bag.

“Here, cover up Miss Streek, the sun is very harsh out here and your skin is fair. I see you have lost your pants.”

“We had to get out in a hurry” Streek said blushing.

She wrapped one Piece around her waist like a sarong and wore the other over her head like a bonnet.

“We better be on our way.” said Saladin, he put a foot in the stirrup of his camel and swung his leg over.

“Yes, let’s go Sweety pie!” said Ben, giving Streek an unexpected quick peck on the lips and then got going with Jorin.

Saladin offered his hand to Streek, she reluctantly took it as he helped her climb up into the saddle. She stepped on the saddle bags and clumsily tried to put her leg over it.

She almost fell off, but Saladin got hold of her, softly laughing as he lifted her in front of him in the saddle.

“HIAT” he called out and the camel began to violently lurch forward and back again as it got up, Streek shrieked as she thought she would be thrown off, but Saladin had a tight hold of her.

When the animal was still again she realised Saladin had one hand around her waist and another on her right breast, He moved his hands away just before she could react and knock them away.

It reminded her of how her male selves had grabbed at her boobs on the Clubber Lang. She heard Ben squeal as Jorins’ camel got up and saw that he had her closely in front of him holding her around the waist.

Saladin gave the animal a light kick, and it started walking out into the desert, leaving the escape pod behind.

They travelled North-West through the desert, there really wasn’t much to look at. Streek was hot and uncomfortable riding on the camel.

The slope of the humps kept making her slide back so that she was pressed up against Saladin, which she didn’t like at all.

She kept trying to wriggle forward but always ended up shifting back against him again, at one time she thought she felt something poke into her, but she didn’t want to think about what that might be.

Saladin tried making small talk with her. “Streek is a nickname, yes?”

“Yeah.” she hoped he wasn’t going to ask how she got it.

“What is your real name?” She didn’t want to tell him it was Stephen, she thought of the name her male copies had given her.

“It’s Lisa” after my favourite porn star.

“That’s a nice name. You can call me Sal.”

“Do you work for the Federation?” Streek asked.

“We are independent contractors, our contract is with the Federation.” Streek was glad, she and Ben were products of highly illegal Alien technology, they really should avoid the Federation now, and keep the fact that they are clones secret.

“Why do you travel around on camels? wouldn’t a hovercraft be like a hundred times faster?”

“We travel as fast as we need to, and the camels are cheap and reliable. The atmospheric generators are fully autonomous and are mostly fine, but someone needs to check them.”

“right.” Streek didn’t talk with Sal much more as they travelled, now and then he would pass her a canteen and she would drink some water.

She could hear Ben talking with Jorin a lot, mostly she couldn’t hear what they were saying but from the bits and pieces she picked up, it sounded like they were talking about engines and machinery. Now and then she could hear them laughing.

Four hours passed and the sun began to sink toward the horizon. Streek was feeling drowsy and drooped in the saddle, she didn’t care that her bum was fully pressed up against Sals’ crotch.

“Can you see that” said Sal. Streek looked up, in the distance in front of them there was something, a dark conical shape.

“What is it?”

“That’s our atmospheric generator, the last one before we reach Port Redland.”

“How many do you inspect?”

“There are twelve in our sector, all one hundred kilometres from the next. There are hundreds of them, all over the planet. One day they will generate a strong enough atmosphere to support a weather system and plant life.”

“…Perhaps when I am an old man there will be a rainforest where we are now, and then there will be no need for the generators any more.”

As they slowly got closer Streek could make out more detail on the giant structure. It was mostly a grey, steel cone with a fat base which was a couple hundred meters across.

It looked quite alien, sitting in the flat landscape of sand and rocks.

When they arrived there, Streek was quite glad to get off and stretch her legs. In the shade of the giant structure she looked up could see the shimmering clear gasses rising out of the top of it, hundreds of meters above them.

There was a continuous mechanical thrum coming from the machine which was quite loud when they got close.

The men didn’t take very long carrying out their checks and finding that everything was functioning normally.

Ben and Streek saw that the sun was beginning to set.

“Are we going to camp here for the night?” Ben asked Sal.

“Not here, I cannot tolerate the noise for too long a time, We will camp nearby thought, we should get going.”

They all mounted up again and travelled North for another twenty minutes. Streek thought the sunset looked quite pretty as they went.

It was getting dark when they stopped again, Streek could see the atmospheric generator off in the distance.

Jorin got a case out from one of the saddle bags. He opened it up and put it down on the ground, and flames rose up from the centre and started to dance about. Streek could see that it was a portable campfire.

Sal laid a blanket out on the ground for Ben and Streek to sit on.

“You may want to move it closer to the fire when it starts to get colder.” he told them.

“thanks” said Ben and she and Streek sat down.

“We will start cooking dinner, are you hungry?”

“Yeah!” The only thing Streek had to eat all day was a nutrition bar that was hard as rock.

Jorin set up a pot over the fire, and Sal started chopping vegetables on a board. They seemed well prepared and had their routine all worked out. They had been doing it for years, though Streek suspected they didn’t often have female company out here.

If they are going to try and rape us they would probably do it tonight, Streek thought, but then she shook the thought. Ben was probably right, she was being paranoid. They seemed nice enough and were treating them well.

They want to have sex with us, particularly Jorin, but I doubt they will force themselves on us.

Soon the girls were handed a bowl of food. “It’s lamb stew.” said Sal “…The meat is dehydrated, so it will be a little chewy.”

“thank you” said Ben and Streek as they took their bowls.

The meal wasn’t bad, particularly since they were both quite hungry. By then is was dark, thousands of stars filled the night sky.

We were just travelling between them not long ago.

“So how long have you two been together?” asked Jorin.

“oh ..uh we we’re high school sweet-hearts” said Streek.

“I see, is it an open relationship?”

“No, strictly monogamous!” Streek answered quickly, she knew what he was asking, no chance dude!

“Huh, I do not like monogamy, it is not natural.” said Sal “I have an open marriage and we are both very happy.”

“Oh, you’re married?” said Ben.

“Yes, but my wife does not mind me sleeping with other women and I do not mind her sleeping with other men.

We just have two rules, one: that we don’t make babies with anyone else, and two: that we are open and honest and tell each other who we sleep with.”

“that is …interesting” said Streek.

“Yes it is, and I always enjoy sex with my wife the best, because I am deeply in love with her. But you would not want to have the same dessert every night, no matter how much you love the dessert.”

“Are you married Jorin?” asked Ben.

“No, I have two steady girlfriends though, I am still not sure which one I should marry.”

“I told you, you should ask Marrial” said Sal “…her family owns a lot of land in the Lizbeth Valley, that will be worth a fortune one day.”

“And I told you, that is not what’s important brother.”

Ben and Streek listened to the brothers argue for a while as they ate their stew.


Afterwards the men took their bowls and washed them as Ben and Streek watched the fire, the warmth of the day had gone and it was starting to feel cool.

The night was still and they could just hear the thrum of the generator in the distance and the occasional grunt from the camels.

“We should put on a pot of Ryphin Tea” said Sal.

“Yes, good idea” said Jorin “I think you girls will like it a lot.”

“I don’t know, we’re more coffee drinkers.” said Ben

“You should try it.” said Sal “It will start to get cold soon and the tea will make you feel nice and warm and relaxed.”

“Okay then, why not?”

They watched as Jorin put the pot of water on the fire to boil and then went about preparing the tea he got from a small green tin.

“Here you go Bernie” he said handing the cup to Ben. “…Here you go Lisa.”

Chapter 8 – Roads to Keyser

The Van Halen cruised through hyper-space. On board Mia poured Streek a Dark Rum in the common room. “So, …aboard the Fed Cruiser, how bad was it?” asked Mia.

“Bad enough, could have been a lot worse though. They beat and raped me pretty badly. But I’m a clone, I bounce back”

Mia nodded sympathetically, “Fuckin’ Blue-coat bastards!, I’d kill every last one of them if I could. You and Bernie still fought your way out of there though?”

“Yeah, we spilled a lot of Fed blood on our way out.”

“Glad to hear it. So, you’re not a kill virgin any more.” said Mia as she took a mouthful of her own drink. “I heard you gave Naeme an even worse beating then I did.”

“I …I kinda had a score to settle with him, it was personal.”

“Yeah, he and his Pirate crew raped you and Bernie when you were traders, you told me.”

“I did?, I can’t remember. Technically it happened to our Sires, but it’s like it happened to me. Did I um, …tell you anything else about our Sires?”

“You just told me they were small time traders from Darion. And that they were once Bull Ants, ha!, I always pictured Bull Ants as dirty, scruffy old men.”

“Oh, that’s all?”

“Why, you got some deep, dark secret about them?”

“No, they’re pretty boring actually, Bernie was in the Federation Academy for a year.”

“So? A lot of the Resistance members are former Feds.”

Streek took another drink of her Rum, she didn’t know why she didn’t just tell Mia she was really a guy, she was going to find out sooner or later, Doctor Arnott and General Bolton knew.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Streek.

“When we drop out of hyper-warp again, I’ll try and contact the Doctor. He might have some intel for us. Bernie might have even made contact with him. We’re heading for Verona, Keyser City, you heard of it?”

“Of course, lots of crime holo-films are set there. ‘Unusual Suspect’ is my favourite.”

“Mine’s ‘Difficult Target’.” said Zac, coming into the room.

“That wasn’t set in Keyser City.”

“Part of it was, where McDuggits’ partner gets killed.”

“You two are getting a bit off topic.” said Mia. “Verona’s one of the few inhabited worlds that’s not ruled by the Federation. It’s out in unprotected space. So it draws scum-bags like flies to shit. The newly reformed Pirate Alliance has claimed the Planet. And the Pirate Alliance is being ruled over by some guy named Skylar.”

“…Intel says he’s established a base of operations in Keyser City, a big Fortress in the harbour. I’d bet my black belts, that’s where the Cloning Pod is.”

“So, Bernie will be heading to Keyser as well.” said Streek.

“If we go after the Cloning Pod, we’re likely to run into her. We’ll see what Grandpa has to tell us, and then we’ll plan our next move, but for now we’re off to Verona.”


Far away, on the jungle moon of Reldor, Bernie made her way through the thick vegetation. It was night time and the jungle was dark and scary.

She could hear the constant beating of drums nearby and headed toward the sound. A mosquito buzzed around her ear and she swatted at it. She kept going on, sometimes stumbling over roots and sometimes scaring off small animals as she clambered through the dark jungle.

She had already been bitten by a snake, but she assumed her nanobots took care of the venom. She could see the glowing light through the trees and the drum-beat was getting louder.

She finally came out into a clearing, where there was a large structure in the middle. It had four meter high, thatched walls that went around in a large circle, like one large, roofless hut. She could see the glowing of the fire and the embers rising up into the night sky. She could hear the drum beat coming from within.

Bernie walked around to the entrance. There were two men guarding it. They were tanned, with dark hair and were wearing animal skins and crude looking bracelets and necklaces. Tribals; men and women who have lived here for generations, forsaking modern technology and living a life of hunting and gathering, and dancing around fires.

They raised their spears as Bernie approached. They jabbered away in their strange language as they pointed the sharp spear-heads at her face. She pushed them away. “Let me in there.” She held her hands out, showing that she was unarmed, she was just wearing a brown jump-suit. Her large breasts were straining against the fabric.

“Harab tohk nee var harka.” said one of the Tribal guards. He poked the spear-head at her neck, nicking it and making a drop of blood run down.

“Ow, hey!” said Bernie. She grabbed the spear and slammed her boot down, breaking several bones in his foot. She ducked down as he cried out and the other guard thrust his spear at her head.

She took the spear and quickly spun it around, whacking the legs of one guard and then the other, making them drop. She quickly kicked one man in the head and slammed the spear into the head of the other. She dropped the spear and then stepped over the unconscious men and entered the structure.

Inside, huts were lined around the outer wall and there was a large space cleared in the centre and there was open sky above them. In the centre was a large bonfire, which several half naked men and women were dancing around.

At the far end, she could see a large, carved, wooden chair with a man seated in it. He was wearing a large, demonic looking mask. He had to be the chief.

Further on, she could see several naked white men, they were bent over and tied to wooden frames. Tribal men were behind some of them, making them cry out as they fucked them from behind. They were Ben Anders, all six of them.

Calls of alarm went out as she approached the chief. The drumming stopped and several Tribals came up and were pointing their spears at her, jabbering in their strange language.

Bernie just kept walking on. As she got close one of the Bens looked up at her wide eyed, “Girl-Ben? What are you doing here?”

“Drakk! Streek was right.” said Bernie looking at the tied up men. “We have a knack for getting our crew into trouble.”

“What are you doing Bernie? It’s dangerous here.” Tribals gathered around her, pointing their spears at her.

“Jahabu na tok, gatta nee jah hakarka.” said the chief.

“Do you speak basic? These are my people. Let them go and we’ll be gone.” Bernie said loudly and slowly.

“They only speak jungle.” said Ben. “Bernie you gotta run, they can’t be negotiated with.”

“Maybe they’ll understand this.” She pointed at the Bens. “Let them go!” she said loudly, “…Or you’ll be sorry!” she smacked her fist into her palm.

The Chief said something and two Tribals came forward to grab her. Bernie gave a fast roundhouse kick, knocking them both away. A spear thrust out at her and she swiftly dodged the point and grabbed it. She thrust the spear back at the attacker, poking him in the chest making him let go, she then spun the spear around, knocking several other tribals back.

“Bernie, watch out, they practice a martial art style called Jaht-Ken, Wild Fist.”

“Jaht-Ken? I know that one.” Another spear came at her and she deflected it, then leapt forward with a kick to the Tribals’ face.

Several other Tribals were attacking her at once, Bernie was moving about gracefully, blocking and dodging. She was kicking and whacking them with the spear, but wasn’t killing them.

“Bernie! Bowmen!” Bernie saw the men come out with their bows and arrows, lining her up. She Cartwheeled backwards as they fired at her, several arrows shot past her, some of them hitting other Tribals, making them cry out in pain.

She rushed forward as they were redrawing and spun her spear around, knocking each of them to the ground. A powerful kick came at her, and she quickly moved her spear to block it, but the kick went straight though the wooden spear, breaking it, and knocked her back onto the ground.

Bernie got up again, it was the big Chief standing in front of her. “Rahor mater Jaht!” he said getting in a Jaht-Ken stance, squatting low with one arm out in front of him.

“Same to you buddy!” said Bernie, also getting into a Jaht-Ken stance.

“Bernie, be careful, their Chief is always their strongest fighter.” called out one of the Bens. The other Tribals stopped coming at her and watched the two of them facing off.

The big Chief suddenly rolled at her, Bernie jumped up into the air, her feet came down hard, almost on top of him, but he rolled away. He swiped at her, barely missing her as she did a back flip.

They continued fighting each other using Jaht-Ken, it was a fighting style based on the movement of wild animals, and had a lot of rolling and jumping around and frenzied attacks.

The Chief was a very challenging opponent. Bernie considered using other fighting styles on him. The Chief managed to get in close and swiped at her face. His long nails cut through her skin and her face was bleeding.

Bernie rolled forward at him and gave a double legged kick that knocked him back. When he came at her again with frenzied swipes, she managed to spin around behind him and jumped on his back, clinging to him as her arm wrapped around his throat.

The Chief spun around, trying to get her off him. He threw himself back onto the ground. Bernie was winded as his weight slammed her whole body into the ground, but she didn’t loosen her grip.

He managed to roll over and get up again as Bernie clung to him. He moved over to a wall and slammed into it. They both fell through the thatched wall and onto the floor on the other side. he struggled to get back up, but slowed down as he started running out of oxygen, and then he dropped unconscious.

Bernie was hurting all over, she got up and came out through the hole in the wall again. She raised her fists, ready to fight some more. The other Tribals didn’t come at her, instead they dropped their weapons and kneeled on the ground, facing her.

“Yeah, you give up now, do you?” said Bernie.

“They follow strength.” said one of the Bens. “You defeated their Chief in single combat, now you’re their new chief.”

“I’m the Chief?” said Bernie, lowering her fists and looking around. “Okay then, untie my people.” The Tribals just looked at her. She pointed at the Bens that were tied up, “Let them go!” They seemed to understand and moved over to the Bens and started untying them.

“Get them their clothes and weapons.” she said. She pulled at her brown jump-suit, “Clothes!” Then she made a gun gesture with her hand, “Weapons!”

“You’re not even armed?” said one of the Bens.

“I was hoping to do this peacefully.”

The Bens were freed and got themselves dressed and armed again, they came up to Bernie. “How the hell did you do that?, you’re like Rocky Balboa or something!”

“How did you find us?”

“Why did you save us?”

“I have a question.” said Bernie. “…Which one of you is the Captain?”

They were silent for a moment and then one of them stepped forward. “I’m the Captain, the original Ben Anders. Look, I’m sorry I left you behind in Rodfern, you would have done the same thing in my position.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that, can I? I’m not so angry that you left me behind, but Streek went through hell because of you.”

“I never meant for anything bad to happen to you.”

“No, you never do, do you? Yet shit always happens.” Bernie looked around, all the Tribals seemed to be watching them questioningly.

“We’re on Reldor now Captain. Tribal rules apply. I challenge you to single combat, for the Captaincy of the Clubber Lang.”

“What? …You’re mad! No fuckin’ way! The others won’t accept you as Captain.”

“You sure about that?” said one of the Ben clones. “You got us into this mess and she got us out of it.”

“Yeah!” agreed another Ben. “Maybe we should be like the Tribals and follow strength!”

“Accept her challenge Captain!” said another.

“I’m Ben Anders!” said Ben, starting to look shaken. “…I created you all. You wouldn’t exist without me!”

“So fuckin’ what?!” said another. “Fight her!”

“No, I’m not going to fight!”

“Too bad for you.” said Bernie. She stepped forward and gave a powerful right hook to his head, knocking him down to the ground.

“Aaaaaagh!!” Ben cried out, lying on the ground clutching his head.

Bernie stood over him, “Stay down! …You’ve been relieved of command Captain Anders.”

One of the Ben clones looked into her eyes, he gave a salute, “Captain.” he said. The other all did the same.

Bernie looked around to the Tribals, “Sorry, I can’t be your chief. I’m on a mission.” She looked down at Ben on the ground and then turned her back on him, “Come on, let’s go.” she said to her fellow clones.

Ben got up off of the ground and pulled out his hand gun. “You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ traitors!” he said pointing his gun at Bernie. “I won’t let you take my ship!”

Bernie turned to face him, her hands clenched into fists. “You don’t want to throw down with me Anders. You don’t regenerate like we do.”

“You won’t come back from a bullet in the brain. I’ll kill you before I let you take the Lang. You know that, don’t you?”

She looked into his eyes, “Yeah, I do.” The other Ben clones had their weapons drawn and pointed at Ben Anders. Bernie and Ben stood there, facing off.

Suddenly a rock flew over and knocked to gun from Bens’ hand. The Tribals were suddenly all over him, bashing him. “Stop!!” cried out Bernie. “Don’t hurt him!”

The Tribals stopped and held him there, they were looking at Bernie. “What’s their word for exile?” asked Bernie.

One of the Bens got his TAB out and prodded at it. “Tahool, Captain.”

“Tahool!” Bernie said to the Tribals.

One of the tribesmen nodded, “Tahool.”

“And what’s the word for goodbye?”


“Kahli.” Bernie said to Ben and the Tribals, and turned around again and started walking off.

“Fuckin’Bitch! Our paths will cross again.” said Ben Anders. “…We’re heading toward the same destiny.”

“Let’s get back to the Clubber Lang.” Bernie said to the other Ben clones. “Who wants to fly the super-advanced fighter craft?” Five hands went up. “We’ll sort it out.”


Streek walked into the cockpit of the Van Halen. Mia and Zac were sitting in there. There was a star field on the view screen. Mia turned to her, “We’re in the Lecras system now. One jump away from Verona and Keyser City. ETA six and a half hours.”

“Have you managed to contact the Doc?”


“Should we be worried?”

“Not yet, the Avatari is incommunicado when it’s in full stealth mode, and of coarse, when it’s in hyper-warp. I’ll just keep trying. I’ve been monitoring Veronas’ ultra-net, it seems they’re holding celebrations at Skylar Fortress.”

“Celebrating their newest purchase, no doubt.”

“Yeah, they’re advertising for dancers, it could be our way in.”

“dancers? us?”

“Sure, once we’re in, we can find out where they’re keeping the Cloning Pod. Perhaps gather some intel on Skylar too.”

“And I’ll support you from outside.” said Zac. “Back you up if anything goes wrong.”

“But I’m not a dancer.” said Streek.

“If you’re good at martial arts then you’re good at dancing. It’s the same principals, the minds mastery over the body, graceful movement, learned routines. I’ve got six hours to teach you some dance routines.”

“Shit! I don’t know about this.”

“That’s okay. I guess I could go in there by myself.”

“The hell you will!” said Streek.

Mia smiled at her, “Glad to hear it.”

“Sit down Streek, we’re jumping in ten seconds.” said Zac. She sat down and then a moment later she felt the surge and the view screen went black. “We’re away, next stop; Verona.”

“Come on Streek, lets go and practice in the cargo bay.” said Mia.

“Can I watch?” asked Zac.


When they got to the cargo bay they stripped down to their underwear. “Is this really necessary?” asked Streek.

“Dancers wear skimpy costumes, get used to it.”

Mia started stretching. Streek admired her nice body as she bent down, then she started stretching too. “I’ve never danced in my life.”

“Didn’t you want to be a dancer as a little girl?”

“I was never a little girl.”

“Oh right, …clone. I wanted to be a dancer when I was little. One of my earliest memories was my Mum coming taking me to a dance recital. Then the war started, and Mum and Dad were always away on missions, there was no more time for dance recitals.”

“…One day Dad came into my room and told me that Mum had been captured by the Federation. I was too young to fully understand what it meant, I just wanted my Mum back. I didn’t want to be a dancer any more, I wanted to be a fighter, to get strong so I could go and save Mum. I was just a kid, I didn’t know any better.”

“…Then the day came when Dad told me and Zac that she was dead. I just threw myself into martial arts training and I guess I never really got over it. I still dance sometimes, when I’m alone. It kinda makes me feel closer to Mum, you know.”

“I saw a picture of your Mum, she was very pretty.”

“Yeah, she was beautiful. I’ll never forgive the Federation for taking her from me. Well …I’ve told you a deep, dark secret about me, now it’s your turn.”

“Um …I dunno …I …I like girls.”

“Yeah, I kinda guessed that about you. Are you and Blondie …you know, …an item.”

“Bernie? …She’s my best friend. At least I hope she still is, we didn’t really part on good terms.”

“Yeah, I gathered that. Do you know that she and Zac had sex?”

“Yeah, she told me.”

“Can’t say much for her taste. Zac seems smitten though. Anyway, let’s get started, just follow my actions.”

“If we were on the Avatari I could just get it all loaded into my brain.”

“Yeah, well, we don’t have a mind-writer, so you’ll just have to pay attention. Just think of it as Kung-Fu, without the hitting.”

The two of them practiced dancing in the cargo bay for hours, and Streek started to get the hang of it. She enjoyed spending the time with Mia, even if she wasn’t the most patient instructor.


The Hornet buzzed around the much larger Star Ship in space, stinging it with its powerful quad lasers and drawing a lot of fire in return.

The small fighter was white and triangular with two triangular wings sticking out either side, large laser cannons were mounted on each wing and two more were mounted on the front of the craft. Wide, green laser blasts lanced out of all four barrels simultaneously.

The other ship, the ‘Ace of Clubs’, was around twice the size of the Clubber Lang. It was long and dark grey, it had several guns mounted to it, including a laser turret that pelted the small fighter as it swiftly flew around the craft.

Large missiles were also launched at the fighter and exploded on its shields but the small craft continued unscathed.

“How are those shields holding up Ben-Two?” asked Bernie over the comm.

“Just fine Captain, this craft is fuckin’ amazing. It’s drawn a shit-load of fire and the shields are still around ninety percent. Can I divert more power to the lasers now?”

“Okay, just keep your distance from the ship, I don’t want you slamming into it. and don’t get carried away, we’re aiming to disable them remember.”

“Aye Captain Balboa.”

It was a nickname the Ben clones had taken to calling her. Bernie was in the Captains Chair of the Clubber Lang, it felt good to be sitting there again. Two other Bens were in the cockpit with her, the other two were stationed in the engine room.

“I think the Hornet has their attention. I’m taking the Lang closer, you can fire when we’re in range.”

“Aye Captain.” said Ben Four next to her.

“Ben-Two, we’re getting in on the action, watch for us.”

“Roger that. Better hurry, or there won’t be any action left for you.”

“Lucky bastard!” said Ben-Four. “Where did you get that fighter anyway?”

“I’m just borrowing it from a friend. We’re coming into range.”

The Clubber Lang came up on the ship and started firing its’ balls of blue plasma, weakening the ships’ shields further. Some of the laser cannons shot at the Lang, but the large laser turret still blasted away at the swooping Hornet.

“Whoo, this is fun!” said Ben-Two as he made another pass, firing on the ships’ shields.

“Their shields are getting very low Captain. Ours are at eighty two percent.” said Ben-Five.

“Ben-Two, reduce power to your lasers, target their turret first.”

“Aye Captain. Ready to do some real damage.”

“Their shields are at three percent, …two, …one, …they’re down!” said Ben-Five.

“Target their weapon systems, Fire!” said Bernie.

The Clubber Lang and the Hornet fired on the ship again, this time they smashed the ship itself, causing great damage. The large laser turret exploded as the Hornet made another pass and hit it with a volley of green laser blasts.

The Clubber Lang took out the other laser cannons, one after another. “Now target their engines,” said Bernie. The thrusters at the rear of the ship were destroyed and the ship was dead in space.

“We’ve got a hail Captain. He wants to talk to you.”

“I suspect he would. Open it.”

The face of a middle-aged Asian man appeared on the screen. “Whoever you are, you’ve made a huge mistake attacking me. Skylar will have your heads. If I were you, I’d turn tail and run and never stop. You’re fucked! You hear me?!”

“Mr. Chong I presume? I’m Captain Bernadette Anders of the Clubber Lang.”

“Are you a Pirate Bitch? you should know I’m a close associate of Skylar. You’ll pay dearly for this!”

“No, I’m not a Pirate. I understand you bought a very special item recently from my …brother. I want you to tell me where it is.”

“Anders. I thought I recognised the name. Look, I bought that item fair and square. It’s not my fault your brother didn’t charge me its full value. As I understand it, he was desperate to get rid of it. The Feds were coming after him hard.”

“I don’t care about that. I just want to know where it is.”

“I sold it to the Pirate Alliance you dumb Bitch!”

“Be more specific. Where is it being held?”

“How the hell would I know?”

“You’re a smart business-man, I bet you make it your business to know these things. Now tell me what I want to know or we’ll blast you to the next system.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I really don’t know. Say, that’s an impressive fighter you got there. We hit it with everything we had. What the hell kind of shields does it have? If you can get me the plans for it, I can make you very, very rich Captain Anders. I’m the man to go to when dealing with Alien Tech. I can put this little incident behind us and we can be business partners. What do you say?”

“I say you have ten seconds before we turn you and your ship to dust.”

“Look, I told you…”

“Ten, …nine, …eight…”

“You think I’m scared bitch?”

“five, …four, …three…”

“Okay, Okay, Fuck you! I’ll transfer a file over to you with the details of the Pods’ location. But if you’re thinking of going there after it, you’re fucked. You’ll be blasted before you get close. Even with that fancy little fighter you got.”

“We’ve got the file Captain.” said Ben-Four. “It appears to be legit. There was a virus with it, but we fragged it, no problem.”

“There, you’ve got what you want. Now go off and get sent straight to hell, you fuckin’ Slut!”

“Thank you Mr. Chong, but we’re not done yet. I heard you killed a couple of Resistance Operatives. …You shouldn’t have done that!” She closed the channel and then took a deep breath. “Resume firing on the ship. Destroy it!”

“Aye Captain.” said Ben-Four.

“Aye Captain.” said Ben-Two over the comm. The Hornet came around and let off a barrage of powerful laser blasts. The Clubber Lang shot a volley of plasma shots at the ship.

The large ship was engulfed in a huge explosion and debris scattered everywhere. “Any sign of an escape pod?” asked Bernie.

“Negative Captain.”

“Ben-Two how are you doing there?”

“Peachy Captain. That was fun, can we do that again?”

“Watch out for debris, and stand by. I’m setting a coarse for Verona.”


Streek, Mia and Zac walked through the streets of Keyser City. They had been shopping and bought some skimpy dancing costumes that they were wearing under their jump-suits. Mia and Streek also had their hair braided.

Streek had never really enjoyed shopping before, but it was a lot of fun with Mia, even in this dingy, Pirate infested City.

“So, is Keyser City like you imagined it would be Streek?” asked Mia.

“Pretty much, it’s kinda trashy. It’s sorta like the Undercity, but on the surface.”

“There’s richer suburbs, home of the more successful criminals. But the whole place stinks of Pirates.”

They heard a couple of gun-shots off in the distance. Zac was eating some meat skewered on a stick, “You sure you girls don’t want some, this is tasty.”

“Do you even know what kind of meat that is?” said Mia.

“Sure, it’s lamb, …I think.”

“It’s probably rat, there’s plenty of them about.” Zac looked at the meat and then shrugged and took another bite.

“Is the Van Halen going to be all right?” asked Streek.

“Yeah, we paid the Dock-Master enough to ensure he takes good care of it.” said Mia.

“I’ve integrated some pretty good automated defences into it anyway.” said Zac. “If anyone messes with her, they’ll wish they hadn’t.”

They walked on for a bit. The neighbourhoods were rough and run-down. A young boy, walking in the opposite direction bumped into Mia. “Sorry.” he said as he pushed past.

Mia grabbed hold of him by the back of his jacket before he got out of reach. “Hey, What are you doing? Let go of me lady!” He looked to be around seven or eight and had dark, medium length hair.

Mia held her hand out to him. “What? What do you want? Fuck off! Leave me alone!” Mia sighed and then reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of twenty dollar credit slips.

“Do you have a TAB I can buy off you?” she asked. The boy looked at her warily, and then snatched the slips. He slowly pulled Mias’ TAB from his pocket and handed it back to her. “You should be in school.” said Mia. She let him go and he scampered off.

“Why did you give him the slips?” asked Streek.

“He’ll probably get a beating if he returns to his guardian empty handed. That’s the way it is around here.”

Mia looked at her TAB and pointed across the street at a four storey office building. “That’s the place.”

“I’ll be close by if you need me.” said Zac. “Good luck in there girls.” Mia nodded and then entered the building, Streek followed close behind.

There was a fat, middle-aged woman sitting behind a desk when they entered, she didn’t seem to pay them much attention. Mia and Streek approached her “We’re here for the audition,” said Mia. “We’re dancers.”

The woman looked up at her and then nodded to a door, “Go on through luv.”

They moved toward the door, “You nervous Streek?”

“Yeah, can you tell?”

“You’ll be fine, just do it like we practiced, and let me do the talking.”

They went through the door. There was a large, open room behind it with a desk in the middle and a couple of men sitting behind it talking to each other, they stopped talking and looked at the girls.

“Who are you?” asked a rough looking, fat, balding man.

“I’m Julie Winfield and this is Veronica Vega, we’re here to audition.”

“Dressed like that?”

“Give us a second.” Mia and Streek both unzipped their jump-suits and stepped out of them, leaving their guns and TABs in with the clothing.

Their costumes consisted of flashy golden braziers and golden arm bands and a golden G-string with red silk cloth coming down at the front. They showed a lot of skin. The men whistled in appreciation.

Streek could feel their eyes leering over her half naked body. “The brunette has a nice set of tits, and the red-head is really fit.” he said to the other man.

“Come here in front of us so we can get a good look at you. I’m Romm and this is Marty. Where are you girls from?”

“New Heidi, but we travel around a lot.” said Mia, coming forward.

When they were standing in front of them Marty said “All right, stand still for us now.” He pointed a black device at them and lines of light swept through them as they were scanned.

“What is that for?” asked Streek.

“Just a precaution.” said the man. Streek got worried that they would be able to see that she was a clone, but the men didn’t seem surprised by the scan.

“Okay, let’s see you dance then,” said Romm. “Any particular music you want?”

“Just any dance music will do.” said Mia. Romm pressed at his TAB and some crappy electronic dance music started up.

The girls started their dance routine, Streek was watching Mia and was a little stiff at first but she soon eased into it. Mia was a good teacher and the routine they developed wasn’t too showy or difficult.

Pretty soon they had finished. Romm stood up from his chair and gave a half-hearted clap. “Pretty hot.” he said, as he walked around to them. “Those are some nice tits.” He moved his hands toward Streeks’ chest.

“Hey!” she said, stepping back away from him.

“Look, but don’t touch!” snapped Mia.

Romm gave them a lop-sided smile. “This gig is for a very important person. I’m sure you’re aware how well it pays. I got scores of bitches just like you, lining up for this gig. I wanna know how much you want it.”

Both girls were quiet, Mia gave him an intense stare. “Which one of you is better at sucking cock?” asked Romm, rubbing his groin.

“Fuck off!” said Mia angrily. “We’re dancers, not whores!”

“All women are whores, some are just more difficult about it!”

“Come on Veronica, we’re out of here. Thanks for wasting our time Ass-hole.” They went over and started pulling on their jump-suits again.

“Heh, you can’t blame a guy for trying,” said Romm. “Truth is, you girls seem a lot more classy then some of the slutty trash we’ve been gettin’. You got the job, see my wife out there for the details. And just so you know, you get five times as much if you decide to do a little whoring, not bad for a nights work eh? Think about it.”

Mia looked at Streek and smiled, they were in.


The Clubber Lang dropped out of hyper-warp into the Verona system. Seconds later the Hornet appeared as well.

“Now I see the down side to volunteering to fly this thing.” said Ben-Two over the comm. “It’s pretty damn cramped for long space travel, and I don’t care much for the toilet facilities.”

“You gotta take the bad with the good.” said Bernie. “Stay in formation as we head to the planet.”

“Aye Captain Balboa.”

They started heading toward the planet Verona. Soon Ben-Two came over the comm again. “Captain, I’m picking up something on long-range radar.”

“So am I,” said Ben-Five next to her in the cock-pit, “Five …no six space-craft on an intercept coarse.”

“Shit! What brought them on to us so fast?” said Bernie.

“Oh shit! It’s a virus!” said Ben-Four behind her. “Chong sent over two of them, one we were supposed to find, the other was way more sophisticated and fuckin’ good at staying hidden. It’s been broadcasting our location and announcing us as enemies.”

“That sneaky Bastard!” said Bernie. “I should have been more careful, Fuck! We don’t have time to make another jump. Go to red alert, full power to shields. Continue heading toward the planet, full speed.”

“That takes us toward them.”

“Yeah, but making it to the planet is our best hope.”

“I can go ahead of you Captain, try to draw them away.” said Ben-Two.

“No, stay with us. Be ready to engage them.”

They continued speeding ahead toward the Planet. Bernie watched as the ships approached on the radar, they were three medium-sized gun-ships and three modified Federation Dart fighters. They lacked any Identifiers, they had to be Pirates.

“We’re coming into range.” said Ben-Four.

“Target the Darts and fire at will.” ordered Bernie. Laser fire started lancing through space toward them and Bernie moved the Lang about, flying evasively.

Plasma and Laser fire returned from the Clubber Lang and Hornet. The ships got larger and larger on the view screen, and bright lines of laser-fire filled the screen, a lot of it being absorbed by the ships’ shields.

“Shields below seventy percent.” Their laser fire was concentrated on one of the Darts and it exploded as the ships zoomed past each other.

“That’s one down.” said Bernie.

“Our shields are at sixty-four percent Captain. The Pirates are coming about and are in pursuit.”

“Of coarse they fuckin’ are. Ben-Two, split off from us and see if any of them follow you. If not, get behind them and give them hell.”

“Aye, Captain.”

The Hornet flew away from the Clubber Lang and then the two remaining Darts went after it. The three Pirate Gun-ships continued going after the Lang. They were fast, and soon they were in range and started firing on her again.

Bernie started flying evasively again, but lasers were slowly wearing the shields down.

The Planet Verona was looming ahead of them, it grew larger and larger until it filled the view screen. “We’re entering the atmosphere, shields at thirty-two percent.”

“Drakk, were in big trouble here. Our best bet is to try and make it to the surface.”

The Lang zoomed down through some clouds as lasers continued to strike it from behind. A green continent grew larger in front of them, soon they were able to make out geographical features on it.

“Shields are down below ten percent Captain.” Bernies’ heart was racing. She flew the Lang more erratically, trying desperately to avoid the laser fire, but the Clubber Lang was never a very agile ship.

“I’m picking up the Hornet again, he seems to have taken care of the Darts and is coming up on the gun-ships. Shields at five percent.”

The Hornet swooped in, firing at one of the gun-ships. It’s turrets swivelled around and started firing on the small fighter. The other two continued firing at the Lang.

A loud alert sounded in the Clubber Langs’ cockpit, accompanied with a flashing red light. The shields were down. Then the ship shook violently as laser-fire smashed into the hull. By now the land was getting very close in front of them, it looked like green hills and light tree cover.

“Our thrusters have taken a hit, they’re losing power!” said Ben-Four in a shaky voice.

“All hands, brace for a crash landing. Ben-Two, get out of here, there’s nothing more you can do for us. You can’t let them get a hold of the Hornet.”

“I’m not gunna desert you Captain.”

“I’m ordering you to retreat. Go!” She struggled with the unresponsive controls to bring the Lang parallel to the ground. The attackers stopped firing, the ship was already done for.

Black smoke trailed out from the wounded ship as it loomed closer to the ground. Bernie struggled with the controls as the ground came rushing up and the ship crashed hard.

There was a deafening roar and the whole ship shook violently. Bernie was thrown around as the ship slid along the ground at high speed, kicking up tonnes of dirt and debris. It crashed through some trees, smashing them and throwing them in all directions as it slowly came to a stop.

Bernie had been knocked unconscious in the crash, but slowly came around. Her body was awash with pain. She could hear one of the other Bens moaning and could smell smoke.

She slowly got up from the floor, debris was scattered everywhere. She moved over to a Ben clone near her. “Ben, are you okay? can you hear me?”

“Aaargh!, …unnnn! …I think my leg’s broken.”

“Come on, we gotta get out of here.”

She put his arm around her shoulder and struggled to lift him. Another Ben slowly got up off the floor. “Give me a hand with him, will you?!” she said to him. They managed to help him out of the cockpit and exited the crashed ship through an emergency door.

As they limped out of the smouldering wreck, a group of men ran up to them with rifles pointed at them. One of the Pirate ships had already landed nearby. “Let go of him.” they yelled.

“We need to get away from the ship, it could blow.” said Bernie.

“I said put him down Bitch!” Bernie gently let the Ben down onto the ground. A couple of the men came and picked him up and carried him off. They kept the rifles pointed at Bernie and the other Ben and then cuffed their hands behind their back and forced them to limp off with them.

They got the other Ben clones out, and had all five of them lined up on the grass, amongst the fallen trees. They were all battered and bruised, on their knees with their hands cuffed behind their back.

Lots of rough looking men in mis-matched armour were standing around them with rifles. Ben-Five was lying on his back, grimacing in pain as his broken leg began repairing itself.

They could see the wreck of the Clubber Lang nearby, black smoke still rising from it, but it didn’t explode. “I’m sorry guys, I let you down.” said Bernie sadly.

A man came up to them, he looked to be in his forties with short black hair and beard. A younger, skinny man with long, dark hair and glasses was walking with him.

The bearded man looked them all over. “Clones.” he said bitterly. “I heard you clones were tough. Our clone army will have the Federation shitting their blue pants.”

His eyes lingered on Bernie and she met his gaze. “So, you’re the ones who killed Chong. Looks like he got the better of you after all. heh, heh. Will the real Ben Anders please stand up.” None of them moved.

Finally Bernie said, “He’s not here. Who are you?”

The other skinny guy was staring hard at each of them through his glasses, “She’s right Commander, they’re all clones.”

The Pirate looked at Bernie again, “I’m Commander Kahn, of the Piranha Faction. So, was Anders in that fighter then?”

“No, he’s dead.”

“Then which one of you is the leader?”

“I am. Captain Bernadette Anders, of the Fuck-You Faction.”

“You?, I figured you were their fuck-toy. Why would you losers go and make the girl your Captain?”

“She could kick your ass!” said Ben-Three. Kahn stepped forward and punched him in the face.

Commander Kahn looked at Bernie again, “We’ve been looking for the Clubber Lang, and then you come and bring it right to us. Very nice of you Captain. Where’s the book?”

“What book would that be?”

Kahn punched her in the head, knocking her to the ground. Another Pirate lifted her back to her knees again. “Don’t play games with me Bitch, where is it?”

“I burnt it. You Pirates wouldn’t like it anyway, it doesn’t have any colour-in pictures or dot-to-dots.”

Kahn punched her again, “Very fuckin’ amusing.”

He slowly walked in front of them, looking them over again. “It doesn’t matter, Anders knew how to use the Cloning Pod, and that means you lot do too. One of you is going to work for us, operating the Pod. The rest will get an unpleasant death. Do I have a volunteer? Who wants to live?”

He looked each of them over and they stayed silent. He looked at Bernie again, “How about you sweet-heart?”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll do it, but only if you leave my crew unharmed.”

“You’re not in any position to dictate terms to me.”

“Think about it Ass-hole. If you hold them hostage, I’ll have to do whatever you say.”

“No, whoever it is, will do what we say anyway. We only need one of you. We already have some fun plans for the rest, heh heh heh!. Come on, let’s get them out of here.”

Bernie and the other clones were dragged off to the ship. They were locked in a small room with benches lining each wall, a couple of Pirate guards got in there with them.

One sat opposite Bernie, grinning at her. he was a rough looking man in his thirties with dark hair and stubble over his face. They felt the ship lifting off and start moving.

“You got nice tits.” said the guard, staring at her chest. Bernie looked away. “You don’t mind if I give ‘em a squeeze eh?”

He put his gun down and went over to her and got hold of her boobs. “Get your filthy hands off me! Go away, you stink!” said Bernie.

“Leave her alone!” called out Ben-Three. The other guard punched him hard in the face.

“Don’t like sharing your fuck-toy eh? Too bad Cunt!”

The man continued to grope and squeeze at her tits, Bernie couldn’t do anything about it with her hands cuffed behind her back and a gun pointed at her crewmen.

He pulled down the zipper of her jump-suit and opened it at the front, he pulled her white bra down and exposed her large bare breasts. “Yeah, that’s a real nice pair you got clone!” he grabbed them again, rubbing and squeezing them.

Bernie grimaced as he moved his mouth to the breasts and started sucking and biting at her nipples. Soon he got up and dropped his pants, revealing his hard, seven-inch cock, and big, hairy balls. Bernie shook her head “No!, get that filthy thing away from me, you fuckin’ Prick!”

“Come on baby! I wanna do some titty fucking.”

He grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, then he slid his cock up between them. He laughed as he thrust his cock back and forth between her tits. Bernie looked away as the fat cock-head kept coming forward toward her face.

“Yeah, bitch. Do the other clones ever do this with you? I bet they gang bang you all the time eh? I bet your really good at sucking cock.”

“Put it in my mouth and I swear I’ll bite it off.”

“Nah, you wont bite it off, cos then I’d get my knife out and play slice and dice with you and your boyfriends.” He let go of her tits and stuck his cock in her face. “Come on, open up for me bitch!”

She turned her face away, but he roughly pulled her hair and prodded the cock-head at her lips, “I said open your slut mouth!” he said angrily, but Bernie kept her mouth shut tight. He gave her a couple of hard slaps to the face.

“Fuckin’ leave her alone you prick!” called out Ben-Three.

“I told you to shut your face!” said the other guard as he hit him again.

“And you, open your face!” said the guard as he slapped Bernies’ cheek with his cock. “Fine then, if you won’t take it in your mouth, then I’ll just stick it up the other end!”

He pulled her off the bench and onto the floor and then he started pulling at her jump-suit. “Naaaagh, stop it you Prick!” Bernie struggled as he pulled her jump-suit down over her ass. He had her bent over on her knees and roughly pulled her white panties down, revealing her bare, round bum.

He pulled her ass cheeks apart and spat on the brown freckle of her ass-hole. Bernie cried out as he grabbed his cock and prodded the head of it at her little hole. He pushed it forward and Bernie cried out in pain as her ass was penetrated by the hard member.

“Ahh Yeah! At least your tight ass is letting me in!”

“Aaaagh! Aaaaagh! Stop!” cried out Bernie as he was ramming her forward with deep, hard thrusts.

The other Bens were furious, there was nothing they could do as their Captain got brutally anal raped in front of them. They knew what it was like, and it was Bernie who had came and helped them.

Bernie cried and moaned as the Pirate kept painfully banging away at her tight ass. Her large tits swayed forward as she was continually pounded. She let out a stream of obscenities as the Pirate rapist groaned with pleasure.

Finally he stopped thrusting and pulled out of the squeezing sphincter. He went over in front of her and pulled her hair, making her lift her teary face. He had hold of his thick cock and was jerking it in front of her.

“Nnnngh, yeah, I’m gunna give you a hot load in the face Slut, you ready for it?” He started to groan, and Bernie screwed up her face as she felt the warm, sticky cum spurt out onto her closed eyes and nose and start to dribble down past her lips, it made her shudder in disgust.

He wiped his cock in her hair, and then roughly pushed her away. “You ready to have a turn with her Rick? Or would you rather do one of the boy clones?”

“Ha!, not when there’s a hot Slut here.”

He came forward and got his hard cock out. He bent over Bernie on the floor and got a handful of blonde hair. She winced as he forced her up on the bench again. He roughly groped at her big tits for a while, then he put his hard cock in her face. “Mouth or Ass-hole? Which is it gunna be Slut?”

Reluctantly Bernie opened her mouth and he pushed his cock past her lips. She closed her lips around the shaft and began sucking. He got hold of her hair and rocked his hips back and forth, fucking her face.

Sometimes the fat cock-head prodded at the back of her throat, making her gag. The cock tasted horrible, and she could still feel the other Pirates’ cum running down her face.

Soon Rock pulled out of her mouth and then pulled her off the bench, he sat down on the bench and made Bernie kneel in front of him and put her face into his groin, taking the cock into her mouth again.

He sat back with a smile on his face as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap, sucking him off. After a while he started breathing heavily, he grabbed hold of Bernies head and started to groan.

Bernie gave muffled cries of protest and tried to pull back as the cock throbbed, and then hot cum spurted out into her mouth. He let go and she quickly moved her head off his cock and spat the cum onto the floor. “You guys don’t have her trained very well.” he said to the other Bens.

Bernie slumped down against the bench, cum dribbled off her chin. Rock got up and tucked his cock back into his pants.

“Can you pull my clothes back on now?” she asked the guards, staring at them with hatred.

“Why?, I like you better like that.” said the guard, staring at her tits. “I bet there’s gunna be some more friendly Pirate hospitality for you when we reach Keyser City.”


In mid afternoon, Mia and Streek had taken a shuttle to the Fortress with several other dancers. They were subjected to scans again, so taking along their weapons and TABs wasn’t an option.

Skylar Fortress rose up amongst other buildings along the shoreline of the harbour. It was huge and drum shaped, surrounded by high steel walls.

When they got through the perimeter, they could see it was as much an opulent, spacious mansion as a secure fortress. The front balcony entrance was dominated by a huge aquarium tank. Streek was amazed when she saw the giant Great White Shark that occupied it, it had to be over ten meters long.

It swam along slowly and ominously over the large tunnel entrance to the building. Obviously Skylar wanted everyone who came to the fortress to see him.

They walked inside and there was a huge spacious area with a very high ceiling, large central staircase and balcony above them, people were all around, setting up for the party.

“This place is something else, isn’t it?” said Mia, she looked very sexy in her golden bikini dancer costume and with her red hair braided behind her. “This Skylar obviously has a shit-load of money.”

“Hey that’s Quadrilogy!” said Streek pointing at the band setting up on the stage. A group of four long haired Rock-Stars clad in dark leather.

“Yeah it is, you like them?”

“They’re not bad, Bernie likes them. They were doing pretty well in the charts, it must have cost heaps to get them to play in Keyser.”

“Yeah, I guess we’ll be dancing to them. Just do what you’re told for now, we should get a break sooner or later, then we’ll do a bit of snooping.”

“Yeah Okay.”

There were round platforms set up around the huge room, where the dancers were instructed to stay and dance to the music. Streek wasn’t far away from Mia, and she had a good view of the entrance and shark tank. She could watch the monster shark swimming around.

They were just being used as decorations for the party. People started filling the room, mostly rough looking Pirate types, men and women, not the type of crowd you would expect to see in such an opulent mansion.

Streek just danced up on her platform to the Quadrilogys’ pop-rock, attracting a lot of lusty stares from men around the room.

As the party went on, it seemed to get more rowdy. There was plenty of drinking and drug taking, and fighting and even some sex acts being performed out there in front of everyone, sometimes with not-too-willing women.

Streek saw a huge man with short blonde hair enter the room and her blood ran cold. It was Tank. He had a bandage wrapped around his muscular arm where she had shot him on New Heidi.

He didn’t seem to even look her way. She wasn’t sure if he would recognise her, but it would mean trouble if he did. Streek just continued dancing, and somehow she lost track of him in the crowd.

There was some angry shouting and then a fight broke out between two big men, not far from where she was. One of them got knocked back into a table. He grabbed a large silver fork and then lunged forward and stabbed the other man in the guts. He cried out in pain and then got hit with a strong uppercut, knocking him to the ground. A crowd gathered around them, cheering them on.

The big Pirate laid into him with his boot as he lay bleeding on the ground. Then the man dragged him off toward the shark tank, leaving a red, bloody trail. The guards let him drag the other man up the stairs of the tank as the crowd cheered him on.

The wounded Pirate was begging for mercy as he was lifted up and thrown into the water. Everyone could see him splashing about, struggling in the water as it turned red around him.

Slowly the monster shark approached and it seemed everyone in the room was cheering excitedly. The shark came up to the struggling Pirate and opened its huge jaws wide and then chomped him in half. An even larger cloud of blood appeared in the tank as the shark swam on and the top half of the dead man slowly sunk to the bottom.

The crowd roared in excitement and watched as a minute later the shark came back and swallowed the rest of him. The band played on and Streek continued to dance. Everyone in the room went about their business again, after all the excitement.

A few hours had passed and the sun was beginning to set, the party was now in full swing. Streek was told she could have a half-hour break. She climbed down off the platform and Mia approached her.

“Wild party eh? I was watching you dance, very alluring. Come on, time to get down to business.” Several men came up to them, wanting to talk to them. Mia brushed them off, saying they needed to go to the bathroom.

Streek could feel their hands on her breasts and butt as they pushed their way through the crowd. She just pushed them away, resisting the urge to break their arms.

They made their way up the wide, central staircase and up onto the balcony. Streek saw Tank up there, and he was talking to Sadie, in her black leathers with spiky, purple and red mohawk and a bunch of piercing.

Streek quickly turned her face away, Sadie might recognise her if she saw her. Mia and Streek went into the womens’ toilets up there. There was a woman in there at the basins, snorting some sort of drug. Mia went into one of the stalls and Streek went into another, she did need to pee.

When they came out, the other woman was gone and they were in there alone. Mia had a compact TAB in her hand, she nodded up at the large air vents. “We’re going through there, I remote hacked the motion sensors.”

“Where did you get the TAB?”

“I won’t tell you where I was keeping it, but it was pretty uncomfortable.”

“oh, …but the scans?”

“It has its’ own stealth mode. We gotta find a security console and plug it in so Zac can hack the system. Now come on, we gotta get moving.”

Soon they were moving through the air vents. They were large enough for them to walk through, bent over. They came to a point where the vent split off upwards, and started shimmying up.

“So,” said Mia. “…Since you’re a Lezzo, do you get turned on by looking at yourself in the mirror?”

“I …I don’t really wanna answer that.”

“Come on, I thought we were friends.”

“We are, but I still don’t wanna answer that.”

“Okay, but would you have sex with Streek clone?”

“No!” Streek said straight away, “I strongly objected to that.”

“Oh, would be like having sex with a sister right?, the thought of sex with my brother grosses me out.”

“Heh, …something like that.”

“You don’t mind me calling you a Lezzo do you?”

“I am a Lezzo.”

They were soon on the level above the main hall where the party was, they silently moved past a bedroom where they could hear a whore moaning as a Pirate bounced up and down on top of her.

They moved to the next bedroom, Mia checked that there was no one about with her TAB and then kicked off the vent cover. The two of them dropped down into the empty room.

They went to the door, Mia held her TAB up, running the x-ray scanner, she held her hand up, signalling for Streek to wait. After a little while they exited the room, out into the hallway.

They moved up the hallway. Suddenly a tall, young man came out from one of the doors. He approached the girls smiling. “Hey there, looks like you two are free, how about I get some time with both of you?”

Mia smiled at him and went and rubbed his arm, “Sure honey, that sounds like fun.” She jabbed at his throat, quick as a flash, snapping his neck. He fell to the floor dead. “Give me a hand here Streek.”

Streek helped her drag him off into one of the rooms and then they continued on. They made it to a security room and Mia ran a scan. “There’s a guard in here. I’ll let you take care of this one if you like.”


“Quietly.” said Mia, Streek nodded. Mia Remote hacked the door and it opened. Streek ran in toward the guard in the centre of the room. “Wha..?” he said as she leapt at him and gave a strong kick to his head, he fell back to the ground and Streek was on him. She grabbed his head and twisted it, killing him.

Mia closed the door and wasted no time pulling the wire from the TAB and plugging it into the security console. “You got a green light Zac.” she said into the TAB.

“Roger that, good work sis.” came Zacs’ voice. “How’s the party? I never got an invite.”

“You wouldn’t fit in with this crowd. You’d be the sad guy in the corner, eating chips.”

“I don’t know, I like a good party.”

“But now’s the time to get to work brother.”

“I am working Bloodnut!”

Zac fell silent as he went about hacking their system. Mias’ eyes fell on Streek, looking over her half-naked body. She slowly came closer. “I’ve got another question.” she said.

“Yeah? What’s that?”

Mia came even closer, Streek was surprised when she planted a kiss on her lips. Streek couldn’t believe this was happening. She kissed her back, their tongues rubbed against each other. Her heart was racing and she felt wonderful tingling sensations running through her body.

Mia pulled away slightly, and Streek felt the urge to feel her warm, soft lips again. She looked into her beautiful green eyes. Streek leant forward and kissed her again. She was getting hot and flushed. Eventually Mia pulled away again. Her expression was hard to read.

“Did you enjoy that?” asked Streek.

“No! It’s not there.” came Zacs’ voice.

“What?” said Mia.

“The Cloning Pod, it’s not at the fortress. I found references to a secret facility where they keep their Alien Tech, but they were careful not to leave any record of its’ location. I’m ninety percent sure the Cloning Pod is somewhere else.”

Mia turned to Streek. “Drakk!, we did all this for nothing!”

“We could go and visit this Skylar, get him to tell us where the secret facility is.”

“No, it’s way too risky. We’d end up as shark food. We’ll get out of here and then concentrate on our search for Bernie and Dr. Arnott.”

“Okay then.”

They left the security room and moved back down the hallway. At the end of the hallway they opened a door and found themselves face to face with Sadie.

A bright beam shot out from Sadies’ gun at her hip and struck Streek, she dropped to the floor as Mia kicked at the gun. Another beam hit Mia just as she knocked the weapon away, and she dropped to the floor as well. The weapon clattered against the wall and onto the ground.

“Hey, that gun wasn’t cheap Bitch!” said Sadie. “I got it special order.” She went and picked it up again. Streek was flat on the floor, she was trying to get up, but she couldn’t move at all.

“Scorpion Tail, causes temporary paralysis, but not loss of consciousness like most stun weapons.” said Sadie coming back over to them. Streek heard the footsteps of more people approaching.

Sadie grabbed Streek by her braids and lifted her head up, she looked at her coldly. “Yeah, it’s you. The Dyke who approached me in the bar on New Heidi, and you were at the Impound Facility too, shooting at us. I thought I recognised you downstairs.”

Streeks’ jaw slumped and drool ran down her chin, she couldn’t talk. Sadie let go of her and her head thumped against the floor. “That’s the one that shot me!” came Tanks’ deep voice, “I’m sure of it.” Streek felt a gun pressing against her arm. She was scared out of her mind. “You’re gunna know what it feels like bitch!”

“Don’t Tank!” said Sadie. Tank kept the gun pressed against her. “Put the gun away, that’s an order.” Tank growled, and then holstered his gun.

“Skylar will want to know what you Bitches are doing, sneaking about here.” said Sadie.

“We don’t have to take them to Skylar right away, eh Captain?” came another mans voice. “They’re such pretty young things. Can’t we have a bit of fun with ‘em?”

“Well, they can’t talk anyway, until the paralysis wears off. It should take about an hour.” She lifted Streeks’ head, “You offered to do some Ryphin with me before. Let’s go then Dyke.”

Tank lifted Streek up and slung her over his shoulder. “Heh, heh, I’m gunna give you a good fucking!” he said as he groped her ass.

Mia was picked up and carried by another man. Streek couldn’t even look around, but she guessed there was about six of them. They carried the girls into a nearby bedroom. Streek was roughly thrown down onto the large bed, and then Mia was thrown down next to her. Tank got over her and pulled down her top and started handling her boobs with his large hands.

“I’ve got her first Tank.” said Sadie.


“Yeah me. I think she’s pretty hot.” Tank reluctantly backed away and Sadie got up on top of Streek and turned her head and kissed her on the lips as she groped at her boobs.

Streek could feel the round metal stud on her tongue as it rubbed on her tongue. Sadie had a small vial, with clear brown liquid in it. “Here’s a present for you.” she said and poured half of liquid into Streeks’ mouth. It had a familiar strong grassy, mentholly taste. Sadie lifted her head so that it poured down her throat.

Sadie swallowed down the rest of it. “That’s a waste of good Ryphin.” said Tank.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with it.” Sadie kissed Streek on the lips again, rubbing the metal stud around in her mouth.

“I didn’t even ask you what your name was, …oh well.” She moved down and was kissing her breasts. Streek could see a couple of men next to them molesting Mia, she felt really helpless.

Sadie pulled off Streeks’ bikini bottom, and exposed her pussy. Her pubic hair was just short fuzz, where it was still growing back. Sadie spread her legs and smiled at her.

“You’ve got a pretty little cunt, don’t you? It looks nice and tight.” She got down and moved her tongue along it, rubbing her metal stud against her labia.

The Ryphin was starting to affect her mind. It started blocking all negative thoughts and feelings and amplifying all the positive ones.

Her pussy felt good and was getting wet as Sadie licked it. “I’m gunna get you off honey.” said Sadie and she continued licking away.

“Ahh Yeah!” said the man next to them, he had his cock in Mias’ pussy and started fucking her. Another man had his cock in her mouth, trying to get it down her throat.

To Streek, both the men looked very handsome. Even Tank who was towering over her looked very attractive.

Sadie continued to work Streeks’ pussy with her tongue while she rubbed her clit with her wet thumb. It was feeling really good for Streek, her pussy was completely relaxed and the Ryphin was enhancing the pleasure, she was getting wetter and wetter.

“Why are you making her feel good?” said Tank. “She’s the fuckin’ enemy.”

“Because I want to, Meat-head. Don’t worry, she’ll get what’s coming to her.”

“Yeah, I’ll see to that.”

Streek could feel the fluttering sensation inside her, getting stronger and stronger. Sadies’ tongue rubbed around on her clit and then sunk back into her wet pussy as she tongue-fucked her.

Streek started to climax and waves of pleasure emanated from her pussy. “Ha, I think she’s cumming” said Sadie. She sunk her fingers into Streeks’ soaking wet cunt and pressed up against her hymen. “Wow! I don’t think this Dyke’s even been penetrated.”

“You sayin’ she’s a Cherry?” said Tank.

“My pretty virgin princess.” laughed Sadie.

“That Ryphin’s kicking in, eh Captain? How you feelin’?”

“Pretty fuckin’ good, thank you Tank.”

“How about I pop your Princesses’ cherry and you watch and play with yourself. That sound good?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Heh heh, great!” said Tank. Sadie got off of Streek and the giant climbed on the bed. Streek was still in a Ryphin and orgasm induced daze. She saw him pull out his huge, twelve-inch cock.

The Ryphin failed to block out her sudden jolt of fear. She remembered too well, being forced to take that massive thing in her ass and mouth. She snapped out of her daze, she didn’t want to be raped by him again. Streek let out a throaty groan and she barely managed to throw her arm up at him weakly then it flopped back down again.

“Hey, she’s not supposed to be able to move yet.” said Sadie.

“Maybe your gun is faulty.” said Tank.

“Is that one moving at all?” Sadie asked the men who were raping Mia.

“She’s only gettin’ bucked every time I thrust into her.”

“Maybe my virgin princess is a tough little Dyke.”

“Well, let’s see how she handles the Tank.” He spread her legs wide and pressed his huge cock up against her wet pink slit. Streek didn’t have the strength to move again.

Tank pushed into her, the pain was intense as he ripped through the hymen, and the huge, fat member stretched her tender insides as it penetrated her tight cunt. Streek couldn’t even cry out in pain, she only gave another throaty moan. “Ahhh, Yeah, that’s a tight piece of pussy! I love deflowering virgins!”

He moved his huge cock back and then pushed it forward again and started fucking her. It hurt, but luckily Streek was wet, completely relaxed and under the influence of Ryphin, or it would have hurt a lot more.

Streek got squashed into the mattress with each thrust as the huge Pirate moved on top of her. She couldn’t believe this was happening, Tank was raping her again, and next to her, poor Mia was also getting raped by Pirates.

Tank continued banging away, she couldn’t believe how big his cock felt inside her. The sensation was too intense, but she still couldn’t move. The other man was groaning next to them. “Nnnngh, Aaaah, I’m cumming!” He grunted as he spurted inside Mias’ pussy and then pulled out.

Another Pirate got on top of her and started raping her again, with a squish, squish, squish noise. The other man was still fucking her face, pushing his hard cock down her throat.

Streek tried really hard, and could only move her hand a little. As Tank went on, the pain subsided and the intense rubbing inside her stretched, wet pussy started to actually feel good. Sadie got close again and kissed her. Her tongue was lashing around in her mouth, she also rubbed Streeks’ clit while Tank fucked her with hard deep strokes.

Streek could feel another orgasm building deep inside her. The feeling got stronger and stronger until she threw her head back and moaned as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. “Ha, the Slut loves my big cock. Stupid Dyke didn’t know what she’d been missing”.

Tank thrust hard as Streeks’ orgasm subsided, then he pulled out of her. He flipped her over and got her on her knees, positioning her like a rag-doll. Streeks’ face was pressed into the bed as he forced his huge cock into her again from behind. Streek started getting continuously bucked forward as he fucked her hard and deep.

She could move a little now, but it took a lot of effort, and it was hard to concentrate while she was getting the shit fucked out of her. Sadie reached around and groped and squeezed at her tits.

Tank slammed away at her with his big cock for a while. He started to breathe heavily and groan, “Ahh, I’m gunna cum, where should I shoot it?”

“Cum all over her pretty face.” said Sadie.

“You got it Captain.”

Tank pulled out and climbed up along the bed, he grabbed Streeks’ hair and turned her head around and began jerking his big cock in her face. Tank groaned and then the hot cum spurted out onto her face, her jaw was slumped open and more cum shot into her mouth. Streek was grossed out, she could taste it, and feel it running down her face.

She tried to spit it out but was having a lot of trouble getting her mouth to move. Tank put his cock into her mouth, her lips were stretched around the shaft, and the cock-head rubbed along her tongue.

He moved his cock in her mouth for a little while, she could taste the cum and her own pussy juices. the cock-head sometimes pressing up against her throat. He pulled out and then dropped Streeks’ head back down on the bed, with his cum still running down her face.

Sadie looked at her and laughed, “I don’t think she’s gunna forget her first time with a man. eh, Tank?”

“Nah, the bitch aint gunna forget me.” Streek slowly moved her arm up along the bed. Mia was still getting raped by two men next to her.

“We better cuff her. Just to be safe. I didn’t think she’d be able to move at all for an hour.” They slapped on some cable-locks, cuffing her hands behind her back.

“Can I fuck her now?” asked another Pirate.

“Yeah, go ahead Len.”

“I wanna fuck her in the ass.”

“What is it with you men and ass fucking?” said Sadie

“Ass fucking is great.” said Tank.

“Not for those getting fucked, I hate it!”

Tank smiled. “Yeah, well I never ass-fucked anyone who actually wanted it, but I bet this Slut isn’t going to object.”

Len laughed too as he spread Streeks’ ass cheeks and rubbed his hard, six-inch cock on her little ass-hole. “Heh heh, yeah, If you don’t want me to stick it in your ass bitch, just say so.” Streek gave another throaty moan.

“Sound like she wants it to me,” said Tank. “Give it to her.” The Pirate forced his cock-head past the tight, squeezing ring and pushed his cock deep down into her ass. Streek was in pain again as he started fucking, moving up and down on top of her with deep, hard strokes.

Next to them, the other man had pulled out of Mias’ pussy and spurted onto her crotch and belly. The man in her mouth pulled out too, “I think I’ll get more enjoyment from the other end. I’ll get some ass too.”

He got off the bed and pulled Mia over, positioning her so that she was bent over the edge of the bed. He proceeded to force his fat cock up her tight ass-hole and started fucking her. The rest of them watched as both of the helpless girls were sodomised.

“Wrap it up soon guys, I wanna take them to Skylar.” said Sadie.

“Aww, can’t we get another ten minutes?” said Len as he thrust into Streeks’ ass.

“You got five.”

“That’s enough.” He began fucking her faster.

Soon the men had finished and had cum. The two girls were wiped with a towel and dressed in their dancer outfits again. They were taken out of the room.

Mia had her hands cuffed as well, but could barely walk and had to be carried. Streek was able to walk slowly, but kept stumbling. It was like her legs were made of lead and were half asleep.

They walked down the hallway. Streek Could speak now but had to concentrate on forming the words. “…Bitch! …you’ll …pay!” she said to Sadie.

“Come now, I can see how you’d be a little upset about getting it up the ass, but we got you off a couple of times, don’t tell me that didn’t feel good.”

“…get you …like …Naeme!” Sadie stopped walking and looked at Streek.

“Naeme? How do you know Naeme?”

“Beat him …into …a coma.”

“You did? Good! I like you. It’d be a shame if Skylar tells me to kill you. What’s your name?”

“Streek. …I don’t …like you.”

“You just need to get to know me better Streek. Next time you can eat out my pussy.” Sadie made a kissy face to her and they continued on.

They made it to a large room with pillars running down both sides and a large desk near the far wall, behind the desk were huge windows. Streek could see that night had fallen and the outside was lit up with many lights. She could hear the faint noise of Quadrilogys’ pop rock from the party below.

There was no one else in the room. They brought them before the desk. Mia seemed shaky on her feet, but was determined to stand. She had her head slumped. Mia had always seemed strong and confident to Streek, it was disheartening to see her like this.

“Are you Okay Mia?” asked Streek. Mia looked at her and slowly nodded, her eyes looked red and puffy, like she had been crying, but she also had a look of fury in her intense green eyes.

The large doors opened and a couple of figures stepped into the room. A large, muscular black man and a petite teenage girl.

The man was bald with a shortly trimmed black beard, he wore a large black jacket, like a lot of Pirates favoured, and camo shirt underneath it. He seemed to project strength and confidence.

The girl seemed to be about sixteen, but looked even younger with her dark brown hair in pigtails, she had fair skin and looked quite small next to the large black man. She was wearing a short green dress with long sleeves and long dark boots that went up past her knees. She was skinny, with small perky breasts. Was she his girlfriend?.

They both seemed quite attractive to Streek, but that was probably just the Ryphin in her system. Streek also noticed that the girl was wearing round glasses, which was very unusual.

Both the man and girl came up to them and thoroughly looked Mia and Streek over. Streek looked up at the big black man, “Skylar I presume.”

“That’s a bad habit to get in to, …presuming.” said the man in a deep voice.

“I’m Skylar!” said the teenage girl.

“You?!” said Streek, surprised. Mia seemed surprised too.

“Me!” she said. She nodded at the large black man, “That’s Captain Payne, of the Steel Sharks.” She stepped around in front of them and sat back on the desk. She looked over at Sadie. “tsk, Sadie, you’re on drugs.” she scolded.

“I …just a little Ryphin, it’s a party …everyone’s doing drugs!” said Sadie flustered.

“But you promised me.” said Skylar pouting. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“I …I caught these spies for you.” said Sadie.

Skylar looked Mia and Streek over again. “Pretty! …Dancers. Romm let them into my home. Have him fed to Scrappy will you?”

“It is done mistress.” said Captain Payne.

“You would have seen my Scrappy swimming around the front.” she said to Streek and Mia. “Cute, isn’t he? I believe he’s a descendant of the legendary Jaws that terrorised the people of pre-warp Earth.”

“…For millions of years, sharks were the top predators in their environment. The dinosaurs came and went, and they were still top predators. Then mankind evolved, and suddenly they weren’t the top predators any more.”

“…Sharks still killed humans. But humans proved themselves to be far better at killing overall. No shark accepted that, they just went on trying to do what they do.”

“…But Jaws was one shark who went to war. War with the humans, to see who was really the top predator. It was a war he could never win, but he put up one hell of a fight. That’s why I love that story!”

She turned back to Sadie, “Did you bring them straight to me? They smell like sex.”

“That’s because they’re sluts!” said Tank.

“No, not sluts. They’re killers, these two.”

“That one was at New Heidi during the blockade.” said Sadie pointing at Streek. “That’s how I recognised her.”

“Really?” Skylar got off the desk and got up close to Streek, looking into her eyes. “She’s a clone.”

Streek was surprised again, “How did you…”

“I see things!” said Skylar, tapping her glasses. “What’s your name?”

“Veronica Vega.”

“What’s your real name?”


“What’s your real name?”

“…Lisa McKenzie.”

“Okay then, and you?” she asked, looking at Mia.

“Mia Bolton. Remember that name. You don’t fuck with the Boltons!”

“Daddy big and powerful is he? His little girl has to work real hard to prove herself in her own right?”

“Shut up! You don’t know me. What about you?, how does a little girl get to become leader of the stinkin’ Pirates?”

“Boring! I don’t wanna trade life stories with you right now.”

Skylar walked back around the desk and then leant forward on it, looking at the girls. “I know you’re not with the Federation. You’re with that busy little shadow organisation right? Call yourselves the Resistance? Is that right?”

Mia and Streek stayed silent.

“Yeah, that’s right. You lot have been getting bold lately. That kick in the pants you gave the Feds on New Heidi, …that was great! Did you have something to do with that Lisa?”

Streek didn’t say anything, she just kept looking at Skylar.

“I’m going to let you girls in on a secret. …We’re on the brink of war. I know because I’m going to start it. I’m going to finish it too.”

“You’re fuckin’ mad.” said Mia. “It’s not a game. Do you know how many lives will be lost?”

“Billions of Fed lives. Why do you say it’s not a game? Of coarse it is. The greatest game of all.”

“Crazy Bitch!”

“You see, I think the Resistance is like Jaws. You savagely attacked the Federation, and now they fear you. They will keep fearing you, until they destroy you. It’s not a matter of if, but when. A war you cannot possibly win. If you were to side with the Pirate Alliance however…”

“Fuck off!” said Mia. “We’re not siding with any Pirates. We can’t trust you.”

“You’re one to talk! You infiltrated my home!”

“And you would infiltrate us if you could.”

Skylar stood up again and gave a big smile. “Oh Yes, and thanks to you, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Skylar clapped her hands together playfully. “Don’t you love it when all the pieces just fall perfectly into place for you? That’s why I’m celebrating tonight. Chong brought me the Cloning Pod, and I just got an operator for it, a Ben Anders clone.”

“What?!” said Streek. “Is it a female clone?” Have they captured Bernie?

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. And now I’ve got you two. I’m gunna make a couple of pretty clones that will infiltrate the Resistance for me.”

“My clone will never work for you Bitch!” said Mia.

“I’m sure I can …change her mind. Do you really think that…” Skylar stopped mid-sentence and looked around like something was distracting her. “Uh oh! You have a friend who’s hacked our Security System, I suggest everyone takes cover.”

Skylar ducked down under the desk. There was a whirling sound behind them. Streek turned around and saw a couple of large gun turrets dropping from the ceiling.

The Pirates dove for cover as the machine guns started firing on them. Mia and Streek ducked down, but the turrets weren’t targeting them.

Sadie and Tank were taking cover behind one of the large pillars. Sadie got out her Scorpion Tail, but as she raised it, Streek was already on her, kicking the gun away.

Streek gave a strong straight kick to Sadies’ chest. With her hands bound, all she could do was kick. Tank swung at her with his huge, muscular arm and barely missed her as she fell back onto the ground.

He came at her on the ground, and Streek raised both legs and sprung at him with a strong double kick to his chest. The turret fired at him and he scrambled back behind the pillar.

As Streek got herself up off the ground, Tank rushed back out and grabbed her from behind. “The turret won’t fire on me while I got you Slut.”

Streek growled and struggled against his grip. She sprung up off the ground and smashed his face with the back of her head, making him growl and let her go.

Streek slipped away from Tank and the turret fired on him again. He ran back for cover, but hit the ground as bullets ripped through his legs.

Sadie grabbed him and strained as she pulled his heavy body. She helped him get back behind the pillar, leaving a trail of blood on the floor.

Mia was behind the desk, fighting with Captain Payne. One of the turrets shot at the large windows. The glass was strong, but couldn’t withstand the barrage of machine-gun fire for long, and soon there was a large hole in the window.

The large doors to the room opened and more Pirates were there, they started firing on the turrets with laser weapons. Streek jumped up on the desk and then gave a flying kick to the black mans’ head, knocking him down.

“We need to get out of here now Mia!” Mia looked behind her at the gaping hole in the window. Some gunfire came their way from the Pirates at the doorway.

“Yeah, I’ll get you next time you little Bitch!” she yelled at Skylar, hiding under the desk.

“You haven’t escaped!” called out Skylar as the two of them ran out through the window as bullets struck around them.

There was an empty balcony outside and Streek and Mia ran along it. The music was still playing at the party below them, they ran toward it. Soon some Pirates appeared out of the hole in the window and started firing at them.

One of them dropped to the ground after being shot in the head, and another crouched down as another shot was fired at him. Zac was in one of the tall buildings off to the North-West, covering them with his Sniper Rifle.

More Pirates spilled out onto the balcony, taking cover as Zac was picking some of them off. They fired on Mia and Streek as they ran away.

Soon the girls were coming to the end of the balcony. They ran to the large stairway, but stopped as more gunfire came at them from below. More Pirate Guards were at the bottom of the stairs shooting.

They ran over to the concrete railing and saw the front entrance to the fortress below, with the large shark tank and plenty of people about. Most of them were looking up, aware of all the gunfire.

“What do we do now?” said Streek.

“We jump!”

“What?! …Not into the shark tank!”

“Yeah, we don’t have any other options.”

“I wouldn’t consider jumping into a tank with a giant shark an option.”

“Stay here then.” said Mia as more bullets flew their way. She jumped up onto the railing and then leapt over the edge without hesitation.

“Drakk it!” said Streek as she got up on the railing. A bullet whizzed past her ear. She threw herself over the edge.

The tank rushed up on her quickly and there was a big splash. Streek found herself underwater, her arms were still cuffed behind her back and she could only kick about as she tried to swim. She was never really a strong swimmer anyway.

Mia was close by, struggling to swim as well. What the hell do we do now? thought Streek. There were many shocked faces peering at them through the glass.

Then Streek saw the large hulking body of the shark getting closer and closer. It slowly swam right by them. Streek looked right into its soulless black eye. It was fuckin’ huge.

For two weeks Nile had been a madman. The normally stubborn yet peaceful lawyer was now a short-tempered pain in the ass. His secretary and even the Agents generally tried to avoid him. They did not know nor care what had brought on the change. They just wanted to stay the hell out of his way.

Nile sat alone in his office taking deep breaths as he found himself doing often lately. Struggling to clear his mind. There were moments when the deepest and most profound loneliness he could ever imagine threatened to swallow him whole and tears came to his eyes. That just pissed him off. Why should it be this important to him? The whole thing was ludicrous.

The more he thought about it the more it seemed like a dream. Like it was something made up that had never happened. But at the same time it was the only real thing that had ever happened to him. And that cold lonely realization threatened to tear his heart out by the roots.

“Will I see you again?” Nile asked, his heart stopping.

Arden gazed into Nile’s eyes. “As soon as possible.”

And he had been fool enough to believe it. Why? He had spent years building a wall around his heart. Entombing it away from the cruelties of love. He had perfected the art of the one night stand. No names. No questions. Just an orgasm, a thank you, and a goodbye. Things were simpler that way.

He had been unprepared for the vampire. The vampire had escaped from prison, appeared in his bedroom, and seduced him. In the madness of the moment he had made himself believe this was just another one night stand. And maybe that was what it was supposed to be. He barely knew this vampire at all. He only knew they had an intense physical desire for one another. But this was far different from the usual one night stand. Because this had been the most mind-blowing experience of Nile’s life. He had never known an orgasm so powerful and he had never felt so completely satisfied. Yet, the vampire left him wanting more. It was like he had tasted a powerful drug and was left struggling with an addiction. Craving his next fix. More.

But the vampire had disappeared. Nile had kept an eye on the Agency’s progress. There was no official record of Arden having been seen anywhere much less recaptured. This was a relief. But at the same time it reminded Nile of how well Arden would have to continue hiding. Perhaps Arden did want to see him but just couldn’t risk it yet. Or perhaps the vampire had never intended to come back. Maybe it had just been a one night stand.

But why go through the trouble? Why had the vampire come at all? Wasn’t the whole thing risky to begin with? Arden claimed to have wanted him after getting a taste of his blood. The vampire had drank a little from him after sex. But why go through so much trouble just for a snack and a lay? Why wouldn’t he have just escaped and gotten as far away from the Agency as possible?

This was ridiculous. It was interfering with his work, his life. He had to stop obsessing over Arden. He had to accept that it was a one time deal. Just an impulse. Just another one night stand.

Every day he had tried to convince himself of that. And sometimes, in the daylight, he could almost believe it. But it was when he was awakened at night by a slight noise that made his body tense, his heart pound, and his cock start swell with anticipation that he knew he couldn’t just forget it all. He had thought about finding someone to hook up with, but it was no use. He wanted no one else. Arden was the only man who had ever truly satisfied him and it seemed the only man he would ever desire again.

The sad reality was that the vampire had probably forgotten all about him. Maybe he was with another lover right now somewhere far away from here. Away from the searching eyes of the Agency. Maybe hidden deep in the bowels of the Community. Maybe he had been with several lovers. The thought stung his heart.

Why did he care so much about this vampire? And how long would it take for him to get back to normal?

The thoughts were constantly with him. If he was seeing a client or doing some other work the thoughts were still there churning away in the back of his mind.

He was glad when the end of the second week came. His dream job with its grand visions of social justice was a great disappointment. He remembered something Arden had said during his consultation.

“You don’t get it do you? You can’t help me. Do you think the Agents or any judge will take you seriously? You’re just a fucking token liberal. Someone to hire in order to make them look tolerant. But to keep on a tight leash,” Arden said.

It was becoming more and more obvious that this was true. And it sickened him. He had spent much money and several years of his life getting the education he needed for this job. His expectations had been way off. The world was a much crueler place than he realized. And his goal to change it just seemed silly. He felt like a child trying to build something from sand only to have the steady tide wash it back out to sea.

It was Friday night and he was damn sick of being angry and alone. He made his way to a bar. He had come here a few times to meet one night stands, but not tonight. Tonight he was coming for the liquor. And the forced social interaction. Maybe he could find sanity at the bottom of a glass.

Hallie’s Comet was a classy gay bar that towered over the city on a penthouse floor. It was made of glass and bright colors. Sleek and stylish with a breath taking view. The music was nice, the drinks were nice, and it would soon be filled with plenty of eye candy. Nile got there early and sat at a small table by the window. He ordered the night’s drink special which was called a Super Nova. It came in a tall glass. It released a foggy smoke, had bubbles, and turned various colors. He had no idea what it was made of but it was strong and it was delicious and that was all that mattered. He was on his second one when the crowd began to trickle in.

He was feeling refreshed. It was doing him good to be in a relaxing public environment. The liquor was a big help too. He felt a smile come to his lips. Maybe this was all just temporary insanity. Maybe he could get past this. Maybe life wasn’t as fucked up as it seemed.

Then there was recognition. He wished there had been a moment of ignorance. Maybe it could have lasted long enough so that he simply would not have noticed. He then wished that the tall blond man across the room had not seen him. And while he was busy making wishes, he might as well wish that the man beside him didn’t look so fucking beautiful. It was too late. The gray eyes had met his, for the first time in a long time, and it was too late to avoid confrontation. The only polite thing to do was to pretend this wasn’t a heart-shattering insult added to injury. That this wasn’t a death blow to whatever brief moment of sanity he had found. Nile forced a smile and thought of all his wishes. Well, shit in one hand and wish in the other, he thought. See which one fills up.

The blond man was tall, broad shouldered, and had not changed at all. Except of course, for having the beautiful new prize at his side. Those familiar lips curled into a polite smile and the gray eyes failed at concealing their awkward surprise. The man beside him looked like an underwear model. They were both dressed in beautiful sleek suits. Then Nile noticed the rings and he struggled to keep his smile as his heart shattered inside.

“Nile,” Everett said, holding out his hand. “I don’t believe it!”

Nile shook his hand, thinking about how odd it was that two people who had once been so intimate were now greeting each other in an awkward handshake. “Good to see you too,” Nile lied. He wished he could disappear. He had a wild fleeting fantasy of diving through the glass wall beside him and just falling away into the city lights.

“How are you?” Everett asked, his gray eyes showing a genuine sweet concern.

“I’m great,” Nile said, lying with all his might and hoping it was believable.

The beautiful man shifted his weight and looked from Everett to Nile in an awkward glance.

“Nile, this is my husband Renaldo,” Everett said. Renaldo. A face to put to the name at last. This was the same man Everett had left Nile for. And why not? Renaldo was fucking breath taking. Even in his spite Nile could find nothing wrong with the man.

“Nice to meet you,” Renaldo said with a smile, trying to make it friendly. Nile commended his effort and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you as well,” Nile lied. “So…what brings you two here?”

“Just on a night out,” Everett said with a shrug. He absentmindedly brushed his hair back from his face in a gesture that was painfully familiar to Nile. Amazing the little things you could forget. Things that when confronted with brought back a flood of memories. Flowers on the balcony. Rose petals on white sheets. An open bottle of champagne. Secret smiles and stolen kisses.

“Care to join us? We’re supposed to meet some friends,” Everett said.

“I’d love to, but I’ve got to get going. I just came by here to kill some time. I have to go meet my fiance at St. Francis. About time for his shift to be ending. We’re going to dinner and a movie,” Nile said, making the story up in an instant. He must have told it well because Everett looked impressed.

“Oh…wow…so you’re getting married?” Everett said. “Congratulations, Nile.”

“Yeah,” Nile said, resurrecting all he had learned back in his days in the college drama club.

“What’s his name?” Everett asked.

“Arden,” Nile said without a second thought.

Everett nodded. “He works at the hospital?”

“Hematologist,” Nile said.

“Wow,” Everett said with an approving nod. “That’s…great. I…really hope he makes you happy, Nile. You deserve that.”

Nile kept up his smile. “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Well, I wish you the best. It was really good seeing you,” Everett said.

Nile nodded. “You too. And nice meeting you…Renaldo.”

Renaldo gave a nod and tried not to look impatient. Nile privately commended him again for the effort.

“Well, I really need to go,” Nile said. “You two have a good night.”

“You too,” Everett said.

Nile walked out of the bar, went down the hall to the tiny white egg shaped elevator pod and thanked whatever God or gods there might be that no one else was in there with him. He looked out the round glass window and watched the city come up as he descended. Hot tears were streaming down his face.

As he stepped out of the building into the warm summer air he wiped his eyes and held his head down. One moment. One chance meeting and the dam he had spent years carefully constructing was bursting apart with a thousand memories.

The buzz of his liquor had worn off and that was a shame because he did not want to be sober. He was caught up in his thoughts, walking the way home. He had taken a cab to the bar, but he felt like walking now. He did not want the social interaction that was required of getting a cab. If he tried to give directions or small talk he might just vomit. He wanted to be alone.

The walk was just a few blocks, not too far. The streets were somewhat busy with the city’s nightlife, but not too cluttered. Enough for him to fall away unnoticed into the shadows. He rounded a corner to go through the alley that would lead him home. The shadows moved and they grabbed him from behind. His heart raced and adrenaline pumped through his body. He was getting mugged. He instinctively tried to fight off his attacker only to notice that his attacker was incredibly strong. He also noticed that whoever had him was not doing anything but holding him there. He was flailing and trying to fight, but there was no use. He was just wearing himself out. He stopped, breathing heavy, heart still pounding, and he tried to make sense of what the hell was going on.

“Done?” Arden whispered, shoving Nile against the wall.

Nile stared into the vampire’s blue eyes not believing that it was him. His heart felt like it was going to either stop or leap from his chest. He was still recovering from shock and could not speak. He was struggling to catch his breath.

Arden grinned and kissed him hard. He felt the vampire reach down and grope his crotch, caressing what he found. Nile relaxed, pinned between the vampire and the wall.

“Who the fuck was that?” Arden whispered. “Ex boyfriend?”

“You were in the bar?” Nile said.

“I’ve been following you all night,” Arden said, grinning, his fangs glinting even in the soft light. “So who was he?”

“Ex boyfriend,” Nile confirmed. “Used to be one of my professors in college.”

Arden raised a brow. “Ah. Interesting.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Nile said.

“You told him you were marrying a hematologist named Arden?” the vampire said with a laugh. “I’m flattered.”

Nile blushed deep. “I…it was…”

“Shhh,” Arden said, putting a finger on Nile’s lips. “I’m flattered by your lie.” He removed his finger and gave Nile a nice long kiss.

“Where have you been?” Nile asked when their lips parted.

“In hiding,” Arden said.

“Isn’t this dangerous? Being out in the city?” Nile asked.

“I hide well,” Arden said. “And the Agency is looking for me in the wrong places. They have false leads. This isn’t my first time running from them.”

“I…thought you wouldn’t come back,” Nile said.

Arden smiled and kissed Nile softly. “I wanted to come sooner. But I needed to lay low. Make sure the Agency was off my back.” He kissed Nile’s neck. “Mmm…the sweet smell of your blood.”

“You…can have a taste…” Nile said.

“Oh?” Arden said, grinning to reveal his fangs. “Would you like me to have a taste of you, Nile?”

“Yes,” Nile said.

Arden leaned in and gave Nile a tiny bite, barely breaking the skin. Just enough for a brief sample. He licked his lips. “Turn around.”

Nile turned around and the vampire held him against the wall, his arms over Nile’s, forcing his palms against the wall as if he were being arrested. “What if someone comes?” Nile whispered.

“It’s a dark deserted alley,” Arden said. “Nobody will come. Nobody can see us from the street. The traffic drowns out our voices. And these buildings are daytime businesses. Nobody at either of them this late.”

Arden reached down and spread Nile’s leg’s apart. He reached around and unbuttoned Nile’s pants, then carefully unzipped them. He slid them down gently along with his underwear. He took both hands, caressing Nile’s exposed cheeks. “Mmmm…you have such a hot ass.”

Nile couldn’t suppress a laugh. “Thanks.”

The vampire leaned against him, kissing his neck from behind, taking another small sip of blood. “You taste so fucking good.” He unzipped his pants and rubbed his hard cock against Nile from behind. Nile slid his hand down the wall. The vampire grabbed it and shoved it back to where it had been. “What do you think you’re doing, Nile?”

“I…just wanted to stroke myself,” Nile said.

“No. You stay like you are,” Arden said. He slid his right hand off of Nile’s and reached around him, grabbing his hard cock for him. “You’re at my mercy. You keep your fucking hands up and your legs spread.”

Nile shuddered at the vampire’s words and his touch. He stayed in place, surrendering himself. “Yes, Sir,” he said.

The vampire stroked Nile’s erect cock with his right hand and held Arden’s hand against the wall with his left. He stroked him in a steady gentle rhythm. “You’ve got such a nice long cock. I don’t think I complimented you on it last time.”

“Mmmm,” Nile said, closing his eyes. “Yours is nice too.”

Arden stroked him a little harder. “Yeah? I’m glad you like it. Because I’m about to shove it in you.”

Nile’s eyes widened and he gasped as the vampire penetrated him. “Fuck!”

“I warned you,” Arden said. “And relax. I rubbed a little lube on before I caught you. If you just relax it’ll go easy.”

Nile took a deep breath and relaxed, leaning into Arden. The vampire was still stroking Arden as he pushed into him and settled into a sweet steady rhythm. Nile moaned, squirming beneath him, sliding his right hand down again only to have Arden let go of his cock and shove his hand back against the wall.

“What’d I fucking tell you?” Arden said. “Stay as you are.”

“It feels so good,” Nile whispered. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Keep your hand up there or I’ll have to stop stroking you,” Arden said, moving his own hand back down to grip Nile’s erection. “Don’t you like what I’m doing? Am I not doing it fast enough? Is that the problem? If you want me to go faster or slower you fucking tell me. You don’t fucking move.” Nile moaned as the vampire thrust hard into him.

“So fucking tell me what you want,” the vampire said.

“Stroke harder,” Nile said.

Arden complied. “Like that?”

“Oh God, exactly like that,” Nile whispered.

“See? Isn’t it nice to relax and let me take care of you?” Arden said.

“Oh yes,” Nile said.

“Any other requests?” Arden asked.

“Bite me again,” Nile said.

Arden kissed Nile’s neck again, pricking the skin and taking very small sips. He played at Nile’s skin with his tongue. As he was doing this he stroked Nile a little harder and thrust into him really deep. Nile gasped and cried out. Arden let go, licking up a few more drops of blood. “How am I doing?”

Nile’s moan and the way his body quivered was answer enough. Arden slowed down to a more gentle rhythm in his strokes and thrusts and then slowly increased intensity again.

“It was torture being away from you,” Arden whispered. “After last time…I’ve wanted this ever since.”

“Oh God, me too,” Nile whispered back.

Arden moved his lips to the back of Nile’s neck, kissing the sensitive place just below the hairline and teasing the skin with his tongue. Nile shuddered and tiny goosebumps appeared, raising the hair on back of his neck. He moved up and kissed the back of his head, enjoying the soft dark hair against his face. He moved back to the side of his neck and teased Nile’s ear with a soft nibble.

“That feels so good,” Nile said through a moan.

Arden smiled, slowing back into a gentle rhythm. “Anything I can do to make it better?”

“Mmm no, this is perfect,” Nile said. “Just don’t stop. Ever.”

Arden thrust into him hard, slow, and deep, stroking Nile’s cock harder as he did. Nile cried out. Arden smiled. “You like it when I do that?”

“Yes,” Nile said, breathless.

Arden gave him a few more slow deep strokes, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear. Nile quivered. “You’re so fucking delicious,” Arden said. “Your perfect body and your sweet blood. You fucking drive me mad.”

“Oh God, Arden…” Nile whispered, leaning into his lover, losing himself as Arden settled back into a sweet gentle rhythm.

“That’s it,” Arden whispered. “Give in. I’ll give you everything you need.”

“You’re amazing,” Nile said in breathless whisper.

Arden chuckled and kissed Nile’s neck. “You like it when I take control?”

“Yes! Oh, oh, God, yes,” Nile said, closing his eyes as Arden kept thrust into him a little faster.

“You like giving yourself over to a strong, powerful vampire?” Arden said, thrusting harder.

“Fuuuck, yes!” Nile said.

“Naughty boy,” Arden said with a grin.

“Oh please,” Nile begged. “Please..”

“Please what?” Arden asked, kissing the back of Nile’s neck. “What do you want?”

“I need to come,” Nile whispered, his body shaking with desire.

“Relax,” Arden said. “I’m going to make you come very hard, are you ready?”

“Please, God, please,” Nile begged.

Arden increased the intensity of his strokes and thrust deep into him over and over again, simultaneously biting Nile’s neck and taking a slow drink of his blood. Nile was lost in ecstasy. The entire world consisted of him and Arden. Nothing else had ever existed. There was no before this and no after. He surrendered himself to pleasure, letting it build up and throw him over the edge. Nile’s entire body tensed and all at once went limp as he quivered. Hot white pleasure spilled into Arden’s hand. Nile was screaming.

Nile woke, realizing he had fallen asleep. He had not meant to. He felt a sense of relief upon seeing Arden still laying beside him. The vampire was asleep as well. Nile looked at the clock. Still a few hours before Arden would awake and leave, going to wherever he spent the daylight. He gazed at the vampire lying there on his stomach, his face turned toward Nile. His lips were parted just enough to show a hint of fangs. The sheets were pushed down, barely covering his ass, and one leg was sticking out. His arms were spread upward, one underneath the pillow the other out beside it. Nile admired the pale skin and rippling muscles of the vampire’s body. He looked so beautiful in his sweet repose. Almost vulnerable. But that was a deception. Nile knew the vampire’s strength and power. Just hours ago Arden had arrived and without a word of greeting attacked Nile with a passionate kiss. That led to Nile being shoved into the bed, head down and ass in the air. He felt a stir of longing in his loins.

Nile smiled. He loved their nights together. The vampire came to visit as often as he could manage, which was more and more often as of late. The Agency had no clue where he was and there was a safe hidden entrance to the underground nearby that led him to whatever he went during the day. It was still a strange situation, but it seemed to be working quite well for them both. The past few months had been the best of Nile’s life.

A smile played at Nile’s lips and he felt a blush come to his cheeks. He felt a strange excitement at watching Arden sleep. The powerful vampire lying still and oblivious. Nile could take his time gazing at every inch of his lover’s beautiful form. He reached over, unable to resist the urge to touch the soft sweet skin. Just a gentle caress down his lover’s back. He paused as Arden shifted slightly and smiled in his sleep. Nile traced the vampire’s spine with his finger all the way down to the small of the back. He brushed the sheets down, exposing his lover’s beautiful firm ass. He splayed his finger and gently caressed both cheeks, a shiver of excitement coursing through his body. His cock was getting hard.

It occurred to Nile that out of all the times they had been together, Arden had always been the dominant one. Nile didn’t mind at all, he loved it when the powerful vampire took control. He loved giving himself over to Arden and being at his mercy. But he wondered what it would be like, just once, if the tables were turned. Could he be as dominant and delightfully rough with the vampire? Probably not. That wasn’t Nile’s style. No. But he could take control in his own way. He bit his lip, staring at the vampire. He had a hell of an erection and the sight and feel of Arden just lying there beside him was maddening.

Nile’s heart was pounding. He was somewhat scared that he would startle the vampire. If that happened, Arden might accidentally hurt him. But if it didn’t, if this worked, well it could turn out very nice for them both. So he took a chance and climbed over the vampire, straddling himself over Arden’s legs. He lowered himself down over Arden’s back, his cock pressed against the vampire’s ass. He kissed Arden’s neck. No response. He ran a hand down Arden’s side, caressing him. He kissed Arden’s neck again, then nibbled his ear. The vampire smiled. His eyes opened and he turned his gaze up to Nile.

“What in hell are you doing?” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile blushed, a grin spreading across his face. He sat up, straddling Arden. “Sorry…you just looked so beautiful.”

Arden’s smirk deepened and his blue eyes were shining. “Yeah?”

Nile smiled down at him. He moved to crawl off the vampire and Arden grabbed his arm with a gentle grip. The blue eyes looked disappointed.

“Where are you going?” Arden asked.

Nile smiled. “Giving you room to turn over.”

Arden smiled back at him. “Okay.” The vampire turned over, laying on his back and looking up at Nile with curiosity.

Nile positioned himself over the vampire again. Arden embraced him, pulling him close. Their lips met in a gentle kiss. “You don’t mind me waking you up?” Nile whispered.

“Mind? I never meant to fall asleep,” Arden said, his cocky smirk returning. “And I rather enjoyed being awakened that way.” He reached down, gently taking Nile’s erection into his hand. “So what are you up to? Because you’re definitely up to something.”

Nile gasped at the vampire’s touch. He smiled and kissed Arden again. “I…want to try something new.”

Arden raised a brow and gave a curious smile. “Yeah? What’d you have in mind?”

“I think it’s my turn to fuck you,” Nile said.

Arden’s eyes widened and a blush came to his cheeks. “My sweet little human wants to take control?”

“Yes,” Nile said, kissing Arden’s lips.

Arden smiled, his blue eyes shining up at Nile. “This should be interesting.”

Nile kissed Arden’s lips, chin, neck, and worked his way down the vampire’s body. He closed his lips over a taunt nipple and Arden gave a gasp. Nile gently sucked and nibbled as he ran his hands up and down Arden’s body. Nile moved from the nipple, giving it one last playful bite. He moved down the vampire’s stomach kissing and teasing the skin with his tongue. He kissed Arden’s hip and moved down to his inner thigh.

“Goddammit, you’re a tease,” Arden said, breathless.

Nile gave a small laugh. He nuzzled into Arden’s inner thigh, enjoying the heat of his body and the sweet smell of him. He was so close to his cock, his testicles, and his sweet tight hole. But he focused on the sensitive part of the thigh just below the groin, kissing, nibbling, and teasing the skin with his tongue. Arden squirmed and whimpered beneath him. Nile raised up, indulging himself in the view. Arden had tiny beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead. His cheeks were flushed and he was breathing hard. His cock had a raging erection and he was stroking himself.

Nile placed his hand on Arden’s, interrupting his strokes. Arden looked up with a mixed expression of frustration and curiosity. He allowed Nile to move his hand away. Nile moved up and kissed the head of Arden’s cock. The vampire quivered and moaned. Nile worked his way down the shaft with kisses and licks. He cupped the testicles, caressing them. Nile closed his lips around Arden’s cock and took him in, sucking hard in a steady slow motion.

“Fuck!” Arden said with a shiver. “Oh, God, Nile…” He placed his hands on Nile’s head, gripping his hair.

Nile moved his head up and down, caressing Arden’s head and shaft with his tongue. He took his time, giving it all he had, passion swelling in his heart. His own cock throbbing and begging for pleasure, but it was not time for that yet. Right now, he wanted to show Arden everything he was feeling.

“Oh God, Nile, I’m getting close…” Arden said.

Nile gently slid his mouth off of Arden’s cock and then slowly raised up to look at him. The vampire was breathing heavy, covered in a light layer of shimmering sweat. His face was red with passion. His blue eyes begging.

Nile positioned himself between Arden’s legs. His own cock was throbbing with hot desire. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He spread Arden’s legs and reached down to run a finger along his sweet entrance. Arden shuddered. The vampire was fighting himself, reaching down toward his erection, but hesitantly bringing his hands back up to his own chest. Finally, he gripped the sheets in frustration. Nile pushed a finger into his lover and Arden moaned beneath him.

“Oh God, Nile, I can’t take this,” Arden whispered. “Please, just fuck me.”

“Gotta get you ready,” Nile said, shoving his finger in and out.

“Goddammit, I’m a vampire, I can take it, now fuck me!” Arden begged.

Nile chuckled as he pulled his finger out and grabbed his cock. He lined it up to the vampire and gently pushed in. Arden moaned.

“Please, all the way,” Arden said. “I fucking need you.”

Nile thrust himself as deep as he could go, gasping at the warm, wet feel of his lover’s body around him. He was dizzy. He wanted to lose it right then and come, but it wasn’t time. He had to do this right. He took a deep breath. He settled into a slow deep rhythm. Then he leaned down over the vampire, their bodies close, Arden’s hard cock between them, caught in the motion. The vampire held Nile close, his fingernails digging into the sweet soft skin of his back. He reached up with one hand and grabbed the back of Nile’s head, pulling him in for a kiss. Their lips met in hunger, their tongues entwined. When they pulled away, Nile gave Arden’s lips a teasing lick. Arden pulled him in for another deep kiss. Their lips parted again and Arden’s blue eyes stared up at Nile in sweet, agonizing desire. Nile almost lost control.

Nile was still thrusting in a sweet deep motion. Taking his time, reveling in this new intimate feel of Arden’s body clenching around him. He reached up and caressed the vampire’s cheek. It was a sweet reverent gesture. Arden gazed at him with adoration and turned his lips to kiss Nile’s hand. Nile reached up to stroke the vampire’s soft hair. Nile leaned in for another kiss on Arden’s lips and then his cheek and neck just below the ear. He kissed the earlobe, tugging gently with his teeth. He whispered in the vampire’s ear. “You’re so beautiful.”

Arden shuddered beneath him. “Oh God, Nile…”

Nile raised up just enough to see the ache in Arden’s eyes. “I mean it, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re beautiful,” Arden whispered. “So sweet, so innocent…”

Nile thrust a little harder and faster now. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He was overcome with powerful emotions. This was not just about sex. It hadn’t been from the moment he had awakened and began to caress the vampire’s skin. This was so much more. His confession was at the tip of his tongue, but no…no not yet…it didn’t seem right to blurt it out in a moment of passion. He was showing his feelings right now. He would confess them later.

“I’m about to lose it,” Arden said, his entire body shaking with need.

Nile kissed Arden and then thrust into him with deeper strokes, concentrating on hitting that sweet spot with greater intensity. Arden’s muscles clenched tighter around him. The vampire’s nails dug into his back. Arden was close. The vampire was quivering all over, moaning, his eyes staring at Nile with longing agony. The vampire cried out, his back arched, nails scratching down Nile’s back. Hot white ribbons spilled from Arden’s cock, covering them both, bonding them in sticky sweet passion.

That was all Nile could take. He gushed inside Arden, giving the vampire everything, his seed, his heart, his soul. He cried out and let the vampire pull him closer. The stared into each other’s eyes in breathless surrender.

“Fuck,” Arden said. “That was…my God, Nile…”

Nile smiled. “Thank you.”

Arden looked at Nile, who was still deep inside him, and reached up to caress his hair. “Nile?”

“Yeah?” Nile said, smiling down.

“I love you too,” Arden said with a sweet smile.

Nile froze, his eyes wide. “How did…”

“How did I know?” Arden said. “You just made love to me. I’ve never been…worshiped like that.”

Nile blushed as he smiled. “You…love me?”

“I have since the moment I first tasted your blood,” Arden whispered. “I was just…scared to express it all. Hell, I was confused. I’ve never loved anyone before…not like this.”

Nile gently withdrew from Arden and laid down beside him. He gazed at the vampire, a smile on his face. “I’ve never been this happy before.”

Arden snuggled against Nile. “Neither have I.”

They lay there for several minutes, reveling in the sweet afterglow. Then Nile let out a sigh. “I don’t want you to leave. I wish you could stay here during the day.”

“I know,” Arden said. “I hate it when we’re apart.”

“I wish…things were different,” Nile said.

“Me too,” Arden said. “I wish you really could change the world. With all your innocent naive enthusiasm.”

Nile chuckled. “It was foolish wasn’t it? For me to even believe that it was possible.”

Arden raised a brow. “Foolish? No…I mean, I used to think so, but…I don’t think it’s a foolish dream. It’s a good dream. I only fear that it’s just a dream.”

Nile was about to respond when there was a loud noise. It took a moment for him to realize it was someone knocking at the front door. He gave Arden a fearful look. “Who the hell would be at my door at this hour?”

Arden’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t know…”

Nile got up and threw on his robe. “Hide yourself.”

“I’ll be watching,” Arden said, getting up and slipping his pants on.

Nile took his time getting to the door. He looked through the peephole, shut his eyes tight and then looked again. Yep. Still there. He had seen exactly what he had thought. Everett holding a half empty bottle of whiskey.

“The fuck?” Nile muttered. He opened the door. “Everett? What the hell are you doing here?”

Everett reeked of whiskey. He was disheveled and unsteady on his feet. “Nile…I gotta talk to you…”

“What the hell are you doing here?” Nile said again.

Everett pushed his way in, taking a drink. He looked around. “Place looks nice.”

“Do I have to ask again what the hell you’re doing here?” Nile said, crossing his arms.

Everett looked at Nile and a smile came to his lips. He looked him up and down. “You look hot in that robe, Love.”

“Love?” Nile said, raising a brow. “Everett…get the fuck out of here and go back home to Renaldo.”

Everett sighed. “He left me.”

Nile was stunned. “Um…well, I’m sorry to hear that, but…this is not where you should be. You’re drunk. Go home.”

Everett took another drink. “No…you gotta hear what I have to say…”

“Oh for God’s sake, do I have to call Agents to get you out of here?” Nile asked.

“Just…listen,” Everett said, waving a hand in frustration. “I fucked up, Nile. I never should’ve left you…I just got scared. And I thought I wanted Renaldo so I rushed off and married him, but it fell apart. It all fucking fell apart.” Angry tears were in his eyes. “And ever since I saw you in that club, I’ve been missing you so much more. And don’t give me that bullshit about a fiance. There’s no hematologist named Arden at St. Francis. Hell, there’s no male hematologists, the only ones there are women. I know you made it up.”

“Everett, you should go home,” Nile said. “Sleep this off. We can talk tomorrow after you sober up, okay?”

“No,” Everett said, his eyes narrowing. “I’m fucking sick of holding back.” He stepped closer to Nile, right in front of him, inches away from his face.

“Everett…what are you doing?” Nile said, backing away only to run against the wall.

“I love you,” Everett said, the smell of whiskey unbearable. “I miss you. Don’t you miss me?”

“Everett, please leave,” Nile said, trying to mask his growing fear.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” Everett said, reaching up to caress Nile’s face.

Nile batted his hand away. “Stop it!”

Everett paused, his expression going from bewilderment to hurt to anger. He took a drink of his whiskey. “What the hell’s your problem? There was a time when you were begging me to come back to you.”

“That was a long time ago,” Nile said. “And I’ve met someone else.”

Everett smirked. “Bullshit.”

“I’m in love with someone else,” Nile said. “So please, just leave.”

“Yeah? Where is he then?” Everett asked. He reached down and pulled Nile’s robe string.

The moment the robe fell open, Everett was jerked backwards. His whiskey bottle fell with a thud on the carpet, the brown liquid spilling out. Arden had Everett from behind, one arm around his chest and the other on his head, exposing his throat.

“Fucking hell!” Everett shouted, struggling to get away from his attacker. “Who the fuck are you!”

“You don’t fucking mess with my love,” Arden growled. His fangs plunged into Everett’s throat and Everett screamed.

Nile stood in shock, his robe still open. Blood was spilling out of Everett’s throat in red ribbons. Everett struggled and the flesh tore. Arden latched on hard and was slurping the blood as he growled. Everett was still screaming.

“Stop!” Nile shouted. “You’ll kill him, Arden! Stop!”

Arden’s eyes were full of pure hunger. He appeared not to even hear Nile’s cries. He kept drinking and Everett kept screaming. Everett’s face turned very pale and his screams began to subside. His eyes were still wide with terror.

“Stop!” Nile said, rushing over to Arden, trying to pull the vampire away. But it was no use. Arden was too strong and didn’t even seem to notice Nile.

Everett collapsed in Arden’s arms. Arden tore away from Everett’s throat, his face covered in blood. He licked his lips and there was a terrifying glaze to his eyes. Nile backed away. Everett fell from Arden’s arms into a lifeless heap on the floor. Nile looked at the wide open dead eyes and the blood and began to retch.

Arden’s eyes blinked and he shook his head. He looked at Nile puzzled. Nile backed away, falling down as he tried to get away from the vampire. He was retching. Arden was confused and started to reach out to Nile and then he saw Everett on the floor and the realization hit him.

“What have you done?!” Nile screamed.

“I…I was protecting you,” Arden said. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to kill him…I lost control. Oh God, Nile, I’m sorry. The blood lust…”

The vampire tried to wipe the blood from his face, he stepped toward Nile and Nile cowered away, vomiting on the floor.

“Don’t, please…” Nile whimpered.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” Arden said, tears streaming down from his blue eyes. “I’d never hurt you. I love you, Nile. Please don’t be afraid…please forgive me…”

The door burst open. There was shouting. Arden fell to his knees, convulsing from the tasers. The Agents put him in shackles. He didn’t fight them, he just stared at Nile with scared blue eyes.

An Agent had hauled Nile to his feet. He was talking, saying something about neighbors having heard shouts and screams. Asking who the dead man was, how the vampire had gotten in, if Nile was hurt, what had happened? Nile didn’t hear any of it. He watched Arden being dragged away. Their eyes locked on each other in agonizing silence.

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