Her name was Melody, or Mel. Anyhow, everyone called her “Mel,” and she hated it. Nothing she could do. She was petite, standing a full height of 5’2″. Her auburn hair fell in gentle waves to her shoulders, and her pale face was freckled. Her father was Irish, her mother a many-generation American. Her 18th birthday had just passed, she had her driver’s license and was excited to be without the limitations of not being a legal adult. It was mid-October at the time, and she was diving into her Senior year at Oakbrook High.

Kevin was her boyfriend of 2 years, and their anniversary was coming up. He was a month older than her, and had gotten his license a while ago. He was much taller than Mel, not saying much. His eyes were a gentle blue, and his brown hair was always falling in his face. Both of their parents were unfortunately conservative, so their only time to get intimate was in the car. Being a good boyfriend, Kevin took Mel out the day after her birthday. Her parents required her for dinner on the actual day.

Mel was eagerly waiting at her doorway. As usual, Kevin pulled up in his silver Honda precisely on time. She always appreciated his punctuality. He rang the door bell and she ran out with a quick goodbye to her parents. He took her hand as they walked casually to the car. In the car, he handed her a box with a big pink bow on it.

“For me?” She asked, smiling.

“Of course.” He smiled back, pushing her to open it.

When she opened the box, she giggled. Inside was a very sexy set of lingerie.

“You always look lovely in blue.” He whispered in her ear.

A few minutes later, they pulled up to the deserted park. Making sure no one else was around, they slipped into the back seat. She pulled him into a kiss. Their tongues met in the middle and danced around each other. Soon, Kevin moved down to her neck, her shoulder, and her stomach. Mel slipped her shirt off to reveal a lacy black bra, that was quickly removed. He sucked her nipple, biting gently with his teeth. She breathed heavily, and his hands moved downward. Her skirt came off, and then her stockings. He ran his fingers gently over clit, and leaned in for another kiss.

The windows of the car were steaming in the cool October air. Her hips bucked, making the car rock gently. As she felt herself tensing, ready to explode, she leaned over and said “your turn.” Before he could react Mel pushed him backwards. The back seat of the car was unfortunately cramped. Her hands went down to his belt buckle. His manhood was already stiff when she took it in her hand. With a smooth movement, she took him in her mouth. He let out a groan of pleasure. She took all 8 inches in her mouth making him moan. She sucked slowly, watching his reaction.

Before too long, he gently pulled her into another kiss. His shirt was ripped off along with his jeans.

“Fuck me.” She looked at him with her deep green eyes, inviting him to fill her waiting pussy.

He entered her slowly, making her moan softly. She was always tight, and it felt like their bodies were made for each other. He reached down to massage her breasts. Slowly picking up speed, they rocked the car.

“I’m coming!” She yelled.

Their lips met in passion, as he put in a final thrust. He felt himself explode within her. They slowly cooled off and put their clothes back on. Checking the time, she gasped. “I better get home, or my parents will think something has happened.”

They hopped back into the front seat, and he dropped her off as if all they had done was take a romantic walk in the park. As she lay in bed, she touched herself as she thought of Kevin. Tomorrow, she had tutoring after school, so she wouldn’t have time to be with Kevin until that evening. She sighed, she could wait.

School passed slowly, as usual. And after history, her last period class, she walked to Mr. Berne’s room. He would coach her privately because her grades in math were horrible, and she wanted to get into a good college.

She knocked on the door, and heard a voice say “Come in!”

She entered the room, and sat down opposite John Berne. He got up and closed the door and turned the lock.

“Why…” She started.

“We don’t want anyone interrupting.” He smiled. “So, you want to better your grades? Yes?”

She nodded.

“What are you willing to do?”

“Anything,” she said, “I want to go to a good school.”

“Anything?” He raised his eyebrows. “Well then, let this first day be the day where you prove that you will do anything. Never speak of this.”

She stared at him with horror. She hadn’t meant absolutely anything, and now she was stuck. Everyone else would be gone from the school, so no one would come to her aid.

He smiled at her again.

“Mel, stand up, I want to get a good look at you.”

She did as she was told, not knowing what else to do.

“Ahh, beautiful. Exquisite, really. Now, show me more.”

When she stood there not doing anything he rose to his feet.

“Oh, don’t be contrary.”

He took a few quick strides over to her and forcibly pulled her into a kiss. She was too weak to get away.

“Don’t fight me. It will only make it worse for you later.” He gave her a cold, cold smile.

His hands quickly went down to the buttons on her school uniform. He ripped her shirt off and threw it to the side; her bra followed soon. His mouth went to her perky nipples, and in spite of herself, it felt good. She still stood there, doing her best not to react. Still sucking on her nipples, he removed her plaid skirt and panties.

“Spread your legs, slut.”

She glared at him at those words.

“Do it.” He said, when she hesitated.

Her stance was unsteady, especially with the man between her legs. He licked her clit, making her tremble. He slipped one finger in, then two, then three, stretching her pussy wide. She cried out in pain. He moved his fingers in and out slowly until her wetness was running down her legs. She shook in her orgasm. He took his fingers out and stuck them in her mouth.

“Suck them. Taste yourself.”

She did so slightly tearfully. How could this happen to her? She had a boyfriend, a loving family, and now… what?

He extracted his fingers from her mouth and removed his own clothing. His cock was half-erect, but even in it’s half-limp state it looked huge. Mel gasped. The tears welled in her eyes, she would have to take that?

“Oh, this isn’t as big as it gets, slut. Suck it!”

She slowly took the tip in her mouth. She was too slow. He shoved his manhood into her mouth, causing her to choke. He pulled out again and in and out. The tears dripped down her cheeks, she could hardly breathe. His breathing became faster.

“I’m cumming. Swallow it all, bitch.”

She nodded tearfully. Her throat burned. His chest heaved, and he shot his seed into her mouth. She did her best to swallow, tears still pouring. She sat back, maybe that was all she had to do, maybe.

“Slut, I’m not done with you. Up on the desk!”

She stood up warily. He pushed her back onto the desk, and pinned her shoulders down. She stared, terrified. His already big cock had grown to at least 10 inches. She was thankful that he entered her slowly. The walls of her dripping pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. She let out a moan.

“You like it big then, don’t you?”

She just lay there.

“Answer me, slut!”

She nodded slightly.

“Now what do you want me to do?”

She could feel his manhood throbbing, and she wanted to get this over with. She knew what she was supposed to say.

“Tell me.” He ordered.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“Louder!” He shouted.

“Fuck me.” She said it loud enough this time.

He pushed the last few inches of his dick in. All the way in, Mel almost lost herself in the feeling. How could he be this big? He wasn’t gentle like Kevin. He fucked her hard, keeping her shoulders pinned down to the desk. When he was close to cumming he slowed down, and pulled out.

“Turn over.” He said.

“What?” She wondered.

“Bend over the desk like the dirty little whore you are.”

She bent over the desk like he told her too. He stuck two fingers into her pussy and pushed them in and out a few times.

“Time to take it in that pretty little ass of yours.”

She started. “No.”

“What was that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Her tears started to flow again. She had never done this before, and she was horrified that he would take her this far. His fingers slowly entered her hole. He stretched her hole, and her eyes watered. It hurt. He withdrew his fingers. He stuck his cock into her pussy to get some lubrication, and she felt the tip of his dick on her ass. He took his time pushing his considerable manhood in. She moaned, it felt so good and so painful at the same time. He stood for a few seconds to let her get used to the feeling of his cock in her ass, before he moved. He thrusted slowly at first and then faster and faster.

His breathing was ragged. Mel was sobbing from all the pain and the humiliation. He thrust harder and harder. Her ass felt like there was a fire burning in it. His breaths came faster.

“Fuck!” He let out. His cum exploded into her tight ass. Her chest heaved, eyes streaming. He drew out.

“Clean me up, slut.”

She collapsed on her first try to kneel. Her ass now felt open and empty. But she leaned forward and took him in her mouth again. She licked around his head and down to his balls. He groaned.

He dressed, and sat back down at his desk.

“Well, I hope you learned a lot today. You may go.”

She turned around and headed for the door.

“Oh,” she heard the voice from behind, “See you next week!”

She looked back. What had she gotten herself into? But maybe, after all, it wasn’t so bad.

“Finally, happy eighteenth birthday to Jason Jones and Valerie Arians. Have a wonderful day Albright Academy.” Ashleigh Miller lifted her hand from the mic cue and sighed. She took a step back and walked over to the table holding twin bingo machines that sat in the corner of the school office. Kneeling down, she opened the cabinet tucked underneath and pulled out two little wooden balls with the names Valerie Arians and Jason Jones etched into them. She closed the cabinet and stood up.

As she put Valerie’s ball in the rightmost bingo machine, she murmured “Sorry Val.” After placing Jason’s in the leftmost, she added, “likewise Jason.” Ashleigh knew though that for the most part Jason would probably enjoy being part of the daily lottery, but the girls never did.

Ashleigh glanced around and saw one of the secretaries flashing a big smile. “Must be her turn today, no woman sponsor in,” she said quietly to herself. She started hand-cranking the tumbler and giving it a moment before hitting the switch that would allow the tumbler to pick a ball. One more turn and a ball was in the little catch. She picked it up and started to chuckle. “What a birthday present,” and she took the Jason Jones ball over to the secretary so she could arrange the summons to the office.

The secretary looked at the ball and grinned even more widely and quickly picked up her phone to call Jason out of class. Ashleigh turned back to the girl’s machine and had a sudden thought–it was entirely possible that today’s sponsor was a lesbian. She heard there was one, but in the five months since she turned eighteen she hadn’t been picked on any of those days. Instead five different older men, some of whom she knew had fucked her in the headmaster’s office.

Of course she wasn’t being held there–she could refuse and leave Albright Academy. Leaving however would have consequences–being cut off from her inheritance, and the private school wouldn’t turn over transcripts so college was out of the question. No, Albright had the idea just right–the exclusive school could get away with it because the place was that desirable to attend.

If Ashleigh had been the worst student at the school, she could still be all-but-guaranteed a spot at any university of her choice. Careers of her choice, assuming she didn’t want to be a trophy wife. Attending Albright led either to an easy life, or a life at the top, whatever the student wanted.

There was no cost to attend, the entire system was run via endowments from wealthy alumni, many of whom were the parents of the students themselves. The only catch of course was that when the students turned eighteen, they would potentially be subject to pleasuring some of those wealthy alumni in repayment for their generosity. It was a weird system that Ashleigh could only imagine the type of person who would come up with, but it had worked for the private school for centuries.

Ashleigh grabbed the handle and started spinning the bingo tumbler. As student body president it was one of her duties, to operate and determine every day who it would be that thanked the alumni for their donations. As much as she hated the system, the worst part was the whims of the headmaster, who insisted the girls perform in his office. Headmaster Carlisle was very much a voyeur, and always took great pleasure from watching the girls be taken.

Ashleigh closed her eyes as her stomach cramped up a little. She’d spent the entire weekend sick and hadn’t eaten solid food since Thursday night. She didn’t want to be in school today, but her father had made her come to school anyway. She took a deep breath and continued to spin the tumbler finally flicking the little switch that would allow a ball to fall out once more. For some reason it took several more spins before a ball finally popped out.

She picked it up and cringed, suddenly hoping that it wasn’t one of the lesbian donors as she read her own name on the little wooden ball. “Thanks for making me come to school today dad,” she mumbled as she set the ball back down and made her way over to the headmaster’s office.

She didn’t knock, instead just entering and quickly shutting the door behind her–Ashleigh knew the drill and assumed just getting it over with. Turning back around once the door was shut. She saw exactly what she had expected–Headmaster Carlisle behind his desk and a finely dressed older man whom she had never seen before.

“Ah, splendid. Mister Danforth, may I introduce you to Ashleigh Miller, Albright’s Student Body President,” the headmaster said with a little too much enthusiasm. “Ashleigh, be a dear and give us a spin.”

It wasn’t unexpected, and Ashleigh spun as ordered. She was wearing the standard uniform for Albright, light grey khaki pants, a white button-up blouse that wasn’t tucked in, and a navy blue sweater-vest. Ashleigh’s trim, athletic body looked rather decent in it even though someone with larger breasts would fill it out better. Throughout her spin, she started to wonder who Mister Danforth was, she’d heard some of the other girls mention the name before but wasn’t sure why.

“Thank you Ashleigh, you may proceed,” she was informed by the headmaster.

It was almost a trance as she moved to the right side of the headmaster’s desk. However, she was surprised when Headmaster Carlisle stopped her. “Not today Ashleigh, today I want you in front of the desk.”

She paused, looking a bit concerned, but moved around in front of the headmaster. She reached down and unbuttoned the khakis before reaching to the side to pull them and her panties down to her mid thigh, exposing her tight teenage ass to Mister Danforth, but not to the headmaster. She bent over the desk, resting her arms on the cold oak and looking right at the headmaster.

“Mister Danforth, my name is Ashleigh Miller, and on behalf of Albright Academy I would like to thank you for your extremely generous donation to our school. Please accept this token as a sign of our thanks.” She recited it perfectly, and just waited.

Mister Danforth spoke with a slightly muffled accent as he moved behind Ashleigh. “Mmm, thank you Ashleigh, it looks like it will be a wonderfully enjoyable gift indeed.”

All she could do was wait–she heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and soon falling to the floor, presumably with the older man’s pants. The squeeze of a plastic bottle broke the silence for a moment, and after a second squeeze she finally felt what she expected–two fingers covered in cold lube exploring the folds of her pussy.

Ashleigh had to admit the was slightly wet even though she couldn’t help it–her body knew what was coming, how she was presenting herself to be fucked, of course it was going to be turned on, but more lube was probably a good idea anyway. The fingers however did not remain long, and Ashleigh had to go back to anticipating.

One downside to how she was supposed to present herself and wait was that she didn’t know what to expect for the size of cock that was going to enter her. She only had to wait a moment to get her answer though as she felt the cock brush against her pussy. As Mister Danforth positioned it he started to plunge inside her, and Ashleigh couldn’t help but let out a moan.

It wasn’t the largest, but it was still decently sized. Outside of being fucked in the headmaster’s office, she’d only been with four boys her own age. As she felt the girth stretch her she started to think, figuring this was maybe the third thickest cock she’d ever had. Thanks to the lube applied to her pussy and some he’d applied to his cock, it didn’t take long for Mister Danforth to bottom out. Also not the longest, but pretty good length, maybe eight inches she’d guess.

There was another thing Ashleigh hated about being made to do this. The cock that was now pulling out to get ready to actually fuck her with some rhythm was pretty decent, and if she wanted to be fucked she’d probably quite enjoy this. But given that this was more of a chore, she’d have a much harder time just relaxing and having fun.

She was a bit surprised as she felt the hand grab her dark brown hair that she was wearing in a ponytail today. Mister Danforth had kept a slow pace, probably to prolong his experience, but Ashleigh had to admit it was working for her. Oh, she had cum the last three times she’d been in this office, but more from that she didn’t resist than she was actually getting into things. At least there would be some payoff for this degrading little scene.

Back and forth, in and out Mister Danforth kept thrusting with his slow pace as Ashleigh started to heat up. It felt a little weird to be facing Headmaster Carlisle, and he had an unusually big grin on his face. She was a little surprised when she felt the man behind her pull out.

“This is a very exquisite pussy James,” Danforth started, “however, you know my proclivities. I would like to have her ass.”

Ashleigh’s eyes bulged widely as she looked up at the headmaster with horror written all over her face–that’s where she’d heard the name before. There’d been talk about a guy who had a fetish for anal sex, and he’d taken several girl’s anal virginity. She wasn’t really watching the wide grin on the headmaster’s face as he reached into his desk and pulled out a little bottle.

“Make yourself at home. Ashleigh, would you be a dear and hand this to Mister Danforth,” he said. “You should be fine Mister Danforth, she’s been sick all weekend and hasn’t eaten solid food since Thursday.”

She didn’t register that she was handing the man a bottle of lube–only the thought about what was going to happen raced through her mind. The senior didn’t register the cap being opened, or the sound of lube being squeezed out–in fact, she didn’t register anything until she felt a hand spreading her ass and then felt a finger press against the rosebud that was her asshole. Ashleigh couldn’t help but jump though as she felt the cold lube make contact with her body.

Ashleigh was unable to place the feeling, or even interpret it as she felt the finger run circles around her last virgin hole. She knew some girls who had lost their virginity in this office, she was glad she hadn’t, but still couldn’t have imagined that she’d lose her final virginity here. As she tried to contemplate her situation some more she missed that the finger had stopped circling until she felt a sudden surge of pressure.

The girl let out a cry as the finger pushed into her ass and heard a laugh coming from in front of her. Looking up again she saw that Headmaster Carlisle was overjoyed with delight. “Hmm, I think I’ll have to put Ashleigh on my graduation list, if she continues to look as amazing as she does right now.”

A sigh and a cringe escaped from the president. The headmaster didn’t get to take advantage of the girls in quite the same way that the sponsors did, but he did get to choose five of the girls graduation week to finally have some real fun with. It wasn’t a list she wanted to find herself on, and she hoped that several of the other girls would entice him more.

She continued breathing deeply as Mr. Danforth kept finger-fucking her ass. Even though it was hurting less, she felt weird having it happen to her. A little sense of relief came over her as it finally withdrew, but she suspected what was coming.

The hand that was holding her ass spread finally pulled back. Mr. Danforth boomed to her, “Madam President, please reach back and spread your ass for me.”

She groaned at the order, but knew better than to disobey–that would open a whole different can of worms that she didn’t want to deal with. Her face turning red and watching the grin on the headmaster’s face growing even larger, she reached her hands back and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing herself fully to the man about to take her ass.

The hand that had previously been holding her ass spread reached up and grabbed her left hip. She felt him step closer and once again felt pressure at her untested hole. She tried to brace herself for what was coming while still relaxing–she wanted it to hurt as little as possible. Finally she felt him push forward and the pressure increased. Ashleigh cried out as the cockhead pushed inside her with little effort thanks to the lube.

“You can let go now Ashleigh,” the man invading her ass told her. The girl pulled her hands forward, wanting to bury her hands in them while Carlisle laughed at her.

“I always love that face,” Carlisle told her. She started to look down, but felt a hand grabbing her ponytail and pulling it back. Danforth had grabbed hold of her, and she couldn’t look away from Carlisle at all now. With one hand on her hair and the other still on her hip, the older man started to pull her ass onto his cock. She couldn’t help but whimper and let out little cries as the large cock opened more of her virgin ass.

Once again Ashleigh was pulled from her spacing out by what was happening around her–in this case a flash of a camera phone as the headmaster took a picture of her face. A single laugh escaped from him and he turned the phone around to show her the picture. If Ashleigh didn’t know it was the picture he just took of her face she’d wonder who the girl was and what was happening; the look of pain, confusion, and betrayal on her face didn’t seem like it could be her.

It took several more moments but she felt course pubic hair against her ass. She finally realized that he was buried completely in her ass. Ashleigh took several deep breaths, trying to get used to the feeling of the cock filling her ass.

“How’s it feel Ashleigh,” Carlisle suddenly asked.

“Huh?” she responded back while being forced to look him in the face.

“How’s it feel with the cock all the way in your ass Ashleigh.”

When she didn’t respond immediately, Danforth pushed a little more, getting just the tiniest bit more inside her, causing Ashleigh to cry out, “Full, I feel full.”

Apparently that was all Danforth needed to hear as he started to pull back until only his head was left in before shoving in again. Ashleigh let out another cry as she was once again completely filled. A cringe crossed the teen’s face when he pulled a little harder on the ponytail and tightened his grip on her hip–she had a feeling of what was coming as he pulled out and started slamming back into her faster. The older man was wasting no time as he started to fuck her ass.

Ashleigh didn’t know how to respond to the pain as the cock sawed in and out of her tightest hole, but she didn’t know what to do about the slight feeling of pleasure she was getting. She could start to see how some girls might like this, it was definitely naughty in her mind, but of course with some older guy just doing it for his pleasure she knew it wouldn’t come for her.

Her breathing became more labored as she continued to be buttfucked by the donor. Even though she wasn’t really looking anywhere as it was happening, the occasional times she’d focus on her headmaster’s face he was nothing but smiles. There was a sudden flash in front of her–did he just take a picture she wondered.

She saw no sign of a camera as she tried to focus as best she could–instead she saw that the headmaster lean forward, his hands moving past her head. A tugging at her sweater-vest told her what he was doing as he pulled it up her torso, along with the white blouse. “Grab my shoulders Ashleigh,” the headmaster ordered.

The teen could only imagine the joy the headmaster was getting from her embarrassment as she extended her arms forward to allow him to strip her of the sweater vest. Danforth released his hand from her ponytail long enough for the headmaster to pull it past her head but promptly grabbed it tightly again while he kept drilling into her ass. The headmaster left the sweater-vest on her arms as he reached underneath to unbutton her blouse to remove it easier.

Another moment later and she felt the blouse being pulled up again. When Danforth released her ponytail this time he felt her hand reach to her bra, where he undid the clasp with a quick snap of the finger. If it were a different situation, Ashleigh might be impressed with his skill at undoing a bra. The headmaster’s hands finished tugging the blouse over her head before reaching to pull the bra forward. Of course the hand once again grabbed her ponytail. Pulling everything to where her hands were holding his shoulders, the headmaster once again ordered her around. “Elbows on the table Ashleigh.”

Letting go of his shoulders and putting her elbows on the table made it simple for the headmaster to relieve her of the pesky clothing that kept her top covered. Her small breasts hanging free he threw her clothes to the floor on the side of his desk and reached out feeling the teen’s small but firm tits. The headmaster chuckled at her and exclaimed, “Oh look Ashleigh, they’re even hard.”

From behind her she started hearing the man’s grunting get louder–all she could do was hope he was almost done. Danforth pulled hard on her ponytail, yanking her up from the desk as he pushed hard into her ass one last time. A very loud groan came from the man buried in her ass and she felt a warmth unlike any she’d experienced. She couldn’t concentrate very well on the feeling though, the pain from having her ponytail still held tightly was a bit too much for her.

After what seemed like forever he finally let go of her ponytail. If her hands hadn’t been in front of her she probably would have slammed back down into the desk. Once Ashleigh was bent over again she felt him pull his softening cock out of her ass, leaving her with a strange sensation of emptiness.

The teen knew the ritual–even as the headmaster resumed playing with her breasts she was supposed to stay bent over. Finally after an eternity that actually amounted to about four minutes she heard what she presumed was a sign for the last little bit of pageantry.

“Well, well, thank you for allowing me to use your student body, Madam President,” Danforth said with a little bit of viciousness in his voice.

The headmaster’s hands retreated from her breasts and she pulled herself up, turning around to face Danforth, allowing him to see her naked save for the pants and panties which had fallen to her ankles. As best she could she did a curtsey toward Danforth. “Thank you for your very generous donation to Albright Academy. I hope you will take advantage of future tokens of appreciation we offer and continue your donations to our wonderful school.”

Danforth just gave a nod, though not to her but to the headmaster. “Until next time James.” With that the man rather unceremoniously left the office.

“As much as I enjoy staring at your just fucked ass Ashleigh, I think you have one more responsibility left,” the headmaster called to her once his door had shut again.

A sigh once more escaped Ashleigh’s lips as she dropped to the floor and crawled over to his desk. The headmaster, obvious hard-on and all, turned toward her and smiled. Reaching up Ashleigh undid the headmaster’s pants and reached into his boxers, pulling out his cock.

Ashleigh closed her eyes for a second before looking the headmaster in the face. “Please sir, allow me to thank you for this opportunity to represent the school to one of our benefactors,” she told him before opening her mouth and taking his cock into her mouth.

Letting out a moan of pleasure, James Carlisle grabbed her ponytail with his right hand and said aloud, “Sometimes you just gotta love this job.”

Journal Entry #11 – Making Good on a Fantasy

Hello Journal!

Well the time is finally here! I get to tell the story of my first sexual encounter after reaching the ripe old age of 18!

Let me start by going over a bit of history. About a week before my birthday I was out in front of the school talking to Tammy and Alicia when I saw a car drive by. It was Mr. Marcone, I swear to God! Mr. Marcone, for those who don’t know, was my 8th Grade Homeroom teacher.

Way back then he was in his mid-twenties, handsome as all get-out, and a newlywed with a baby. That was over a year before I started having sex, but I diddled myself crazy for two years thinking about good old Mr. Marcone. A thought struck me, and I drove home like a bat out of hell to plan. I called in a few favors from my friends and searched the Internet until I located his full name, Jerry Marcone, and his home address.

I drove over to the house but his car wasn’t in the driveway. I parked a couple of houses down and did my homework while I waited, watching for him. At 5:25 a car pulled into the driveway, but it wasn’t his. A cute woman got out and walked a little boy into the house. Nobody else arrived before I went home at around eight.

The next day after school I went back to the house and watched it again, but only saw the woman and boy come home at close to six. I stayed until nearly ten, but no Mr. Marcone. Hell of a way to spend a Friday night.

I was back out in front of the house at eight the next morning, and I was rewarded at just before ten, when Mr. Marcone’s car pulled up and parked at the curb. He went up to the front door and rang the bell, and a little bit later he walked with the boy back to his car. I started my car and started to follow them.

This is the part where I tell you how freaking hard it is to follow somebody in real life. I almost ran four red lights and know I drove through a stop sign just so I wouldn’t lose them. I was totally pissed when they went to the amusement park, because I had to pay to park and all I did was sit in my car and sweat. I was dozing off when I saw them in my rearview mirror, walking to their car. Mr. Marcone buckled the kid in and I followed them out of the parking lot and over city streets and onto the freeway. I just made the exit by a hair and followed them into a run-down residential area, where they pulled into a reserved spot in an apartment complex. I parked in the alley, just out of sight and tailed them into the complex, where I hid behind some bushes and watched them climb the stairs to the second level and walk down to an apartment door. I pulled out my notepad and wrote down the address and apartment number, then went over to the mailbox and double-checked that #206 had “Mr. J. Marcone” typed on the label. I skipped back to my car and drove home, filled with joy.

Sunday I went with Tammy and Stacy and we got mani/pedi’s and had our hair cut and styled, and then hit the mall for some power shopping. The girls know me pretty well, so I made a big deal about a couple of pairs of shoes and a few outfits, but didn’t buy anything myself. My birthday was only a few days away, and I had to give them plenty of opportunity to see what I wanted.

That night the three of us were sitting in Stacy’s car drinking beer when I told them about my plan to seduce Mr. Marcone.

They’ve known me for a while, so it didn’t shock them at all, but Tammy, who had Homeroom with me back then asked what I was going to do. I told them that my big plan was to go up to his door and knock. He’d ask me in, and I’d tell him all about how he has been my biggest crush for all these years, and that now I’m 18 and want to live out my fantasies. They laughed and laughed, and then Stacy asked me if I was going to wear some of my really sexy underwear. I said that I might but Tammy saved the day, saying that Mr. Marcone is an older dude and would probably prefer it if I dressed all schoolgirl.

Together the three of us decided I was going to wear my chunky black heels with white knee socks, pleated skirt over white cotton panties, and open white shirt over pink tank, over a plain white cotton bra. Even talking about dressing for him was getting me hot, and I could tell by the look in Tammy’s eyes that she was getting going too. If that week wasn’t so important I would have gone back to her house, but we just finished the beer and went home.

The next day at school was really hard, because I kept getting distracted by daydreams of my conquest. I was in the locker room getting dressed for PE when Alicia whispered to me that if I was going to dress up like a schoolgirl I had better act like a little virgin, to make him think he was going to be my first. I looked down at my little shaved pussy and started to giggle, and then I asked her how I was going to do that if I’m all shaved and stuff. She said I should just tell him I go to the beach or the pool a lot, but only if he asked.

On the side, I have to say I’m really proud of my pussy. It’s like my best feature or something. Even when I’m totally hot and into it, my pussy barely opens to show a flash of pink.


After school I was totally tense from anticipation, so I went over to Tammy’s house and we “studied” for a couple of hours. When I got home my head was clear, so I did some more searching on the Internet until I had Mr. Marcone’s phone number.

Tuesday I asked Tammy to front for me, and call my mom and tell her she wanted to take me out for some fun on my birthday. We do stuff like that all the time, so she was cool with it.

That night at dinner my mom told me that my party was going to be Thursday night from 7:30 until about nine, and that Tammy was going to take me out after. She told me not to do anything stupid or stay out too late since I had school the next morning. I said I would.

Wednesday was tense, tenser than the previous two days put together. My pussy was positively drooling at the thought of my birthday conquest. Jason asked me out on Friday, I said sure.

Thursday I got to relax a bit. Everybody walked around all day wishing me a happy birthday, and the jerks all joked about how I was legal now (like that meant anything to them).

After school I ran home and got my things together, packing them tightly down in my purse. My party was cool. Daddy finally got me a new car, a Lexus, which is good because my old one is two years old now. Mom got me a really pretty necklace with some diamonds in it, and I got a bunch of cool gifts from my friends. We had food, then some cake, and everybody sang to me.

At nine I ran upstairs with Tammy and was grabbing my stuff when she pulled another present out of her purse. It was the coolest vibrating dildo, all soft and realistic, and it came with instructions and a powder to keep it in “realistic” condition. I gave her a big kiss and had to break it off before we ended up on the floor playing with my present together all night.

I kissed my mom on the cheek as we ran out and as soon as Tammy pulled away from my house I was in the back seat changing into my conquest uniform.

It was almost 9:45 when we pulled up in front of Mr. Marcone’s complex. I got out and checked my clothes. Tammy was going to go get some magazines and stuff and sit in a Denny’s waiting for my call. I kissed her for luck and went up the stairs.

My heart was pounding in my chest when I stood in front of his door. I pushed the doorbell and waited.

The door opened and there he stood, Mr. Jerry Marcone in all of his glory, dressed in jeans and loafers, with a blue polo shirt.

“Teri?” he said, and my heart leapt. He remembered me!

“Come in,” he said, opening the screen door and looking out at the walkway behind me. He closed the door quickly and locked it. “What can I do for you?”

His living room was tiny, with brown shag carpet, fake wood paneling everywhere, a cheap couch with a second-hand coffee table, and a ratty old stuffed chair. There was a counter between the living room and the kitchen, and a frozen dinner sat there next to a glass of wine. The kitchen floor was Formica and the appliances were all a crappy old golden color.

“Can I sit down?” I asked quietly, and when he said yes I went over and sat on one of the wooden stools at the counter and crossed my legs.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he asked, his eyes crawling up my legs in an icky way that made me totally hot. I told him I wouldn’t mind some wine, or something stronger if he had it. He said he couldn’t because I wasn’t 21, so I shrugged and took off my shirt laying it across the back of the stool.

Mr. Marcone gave me a tall glass of ice water, but when he turned around to get something from the refrigerator I took a drink of his wine. It was red and strong, but I like both of those so it was cool.

Standing in the kitchen he turned and put his hands on the counter, leaning toward me, and smiled. My panties were soaked. “So, Teri,” he said again, “What can I do for you?”

I said, “Mr. Marcone, you were my favorite teacher in the 8th grade, and even though I never said anything to anyone, I learned to please myself at night thinking about you.” He blushed and looked away, and I said, “Don’t think I’m a bad girl or anything, but you have always totally turned me on.”

He moved his hips closer to the counter to hide his bulge and pretended to look at the counter top, but he was really scoping my tits.

“And?” he asked softly.

“And,” I said, arching my back a little at him, “Tonight is my 18th birthday, and all I could think of was how I wanted to spend it with you.”

“I’m very flattered,” he said, standing up straight, “But this really isn’t appropriate. You are a beautiful young girl-” he said, and I pulled my tank off over my head and dropped it on the floor and then leaned on the counter on my elbows, squishing my tits together.

“Mr. Marcone, this has been my dream for four years, and I’m not going to take no for an answer.” He came fast around the counter and grabbed my arm and reached down to pick up my tank.

“Listen, you are going to get out of here right now!” His hand on my arm hurt, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop me.

“Wait!” I yelled, and he stopped and let go of my arm. I crossed my hands in front of me and gave him my “Daddy I need some money” look. “Mr. Marcone, I want to be with you, and I know you want to be with me, or at least you did.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, breathless al of a sudden.

“Remember when you would sneak looks up my skirt when I was crossing or uncrossing my legs, when I talked to my friends? I knew every time. Those times you brushed against my breasts, or my bottom? I loved it every time.”

He looked at the floor, his face burning, and he wavered.

“Mr. Marcone, I’m legal now. We’re legal now. No strings attached, I just want to make my dreams come true.” I put my knees together and turned my ankle, then I slowly lifted the front of my skirt a bit, just enough to show him my panties if he looked. My toe was digging a circle in the carpet and I saw his eyes glance at it, then crawl up my legs to my knees, and then higher, to my panties. I knew I had him when he licked his lips.

I walked up to him and put my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest. I could hear his heart pounding, and when I hugged him close I felt his bulge press against my belly. I looked up slowly and he kissed me, hot and heavy. His tongue was in my mouth in an instant, and I could taste the wine in his spit as it washed into my mouth. His left hand grabbed my ass under my skirt, and the right grabbed my breast. I was positively weak, unable to move a muscle, hardly able to think at all.

After a few minutes he started kissing and chewing on my neck and my ear, and he whispered for me to tell him what I fantasized about most. I shuddered, ’cause it felt so damn good, and I told him my real favorite fantasy, the one where he is behind me, pressing me against his big desk, and he reaches around and plays with my pussy with one hand while he plays with my tits with the other and is kissing my shoulders. Then he pulls my panties down and leans me over the desk and takes me from behind. It’s my go-to fantasy, guaranteed to bring me off in minutes.

His breathing was getting real fast, and I reached down and rubbed the bulge in his pants, running my hand along the length of it while he shivered. He took his hand off of my ass and brought it around to rub my pussy. My panties were already wet and he knew it. I spread my legs a little and he pressed against my pussy harder, running his fingers over the damp cotton panties. That didn’t last long though, and while we kissed and he played with my tits, he slid his hand into my panties and slipped a finger into my groove. I saw stars, I swear to God!

I reached around behind me and took off my bra, and he sucked one of my tits almost entirely in his mouth, running his tongue over my nipple and making me moan. His finger found my clit and he rubbed it softly in circles for a while then stroked it hard a couple of times while I whined like a bitch in heat, and then he reached down and started massaging my pussy.

Then he did something I thought only younger guys did. He pulled his hand out of my panties and he sniffed his fingers, and then put them in his mouth and sucked them, his face looking like he was eating perfect ice cream.

He led me over to the couch, but before I could sit he told me to lean over the couch, but to keep my knees straight. I bent at the waist, putting my hands on the cushions, and he lifted up my skirt and felt my ass for a long time, running his hands over the white cotton. He grabbed the waistband and slowly peeled them down, and I had goose bumps all over when he did (and now, when I write this too). He knelt down behind me and put his nose right up against my ass, and shoved his mouth hard against my wet pussy. His tongue ran into my groove, over my clit a couple of times, and then ran up into my hole. His fingers were digging into my ass and I was getting so hot I couldn’t stand it. I felt the pressure building, like a balloon swelling up next to my bladder, and I started to shake and shimmy.

He started to run his hands up and down my legs, smooth from being shaved only a few hours before. Then he put his tongue on my asshole and started to lick for a while before he started pushing it in a little. I always love that, but that was the first time a guy rimmed me.

He pushed me forward and pulled me back at the same time, and when the world stopped reeling around I was on my knees bent over the couch, my head against the back cushions. I spread my legs as far as I could, ready for what comes next, and I heard his zipper and the sound of keys and change rolling in his pockets. I dug my nails into the couch and got ready, but instead I heard, “Shit!”

I looked back at him over my shoulder and he was standing up. “Don’t move a muscle!” he shouted as he ran out of the room. I heard drawers opening and slamming shut and a few seconds later he ran back in, tearing a little red plastic packet with his teeth.

And then he was behind me again. I felt one of his hands press down on my lower back followed closely by the sensation of his cock head rubbing me, searching for my pussy. I rolled my hips a little, trying to help, but he didn’t need it. His cock found me and he pressed a couple of inches inside me before stopping and fucking my in shallow slow strokes. I remember yelling, “Oh shit, yeah!” or something, because it felt so good to have Mr. Marcone sticking his dick in me after all those years.

He seemed surprised, probably because he thought a virgin would be harder to fuck or something, but it didn’t stop him. He kept feeding in more of his cock until I was howling for him to slam it to be. And boy, did he. There he was, on his knees behind me, slamming in and out so hard it was driving the breath out of me, and I loved it!

I yelled that I wanted to suck his cock, and he pulled out fast and sat back on the floor. I crawled off of the couch and over to his lap. His balls were big and hairy, and his cock was pretty good-sized, a little bigger than average (as far as I know). I rolled the condom off of his dick and took him into my throat. He started moaning right away, and he played with my hair. I looked up at him as I sucked off his head and he smiled, but his eyes were fierce like an animal. I swear I almost came right there. I felt him getting close, at least judging by the way his hips were jumping and the redness of his face, and I sat up on my knees leaning over him and started jerking him hard with my hands. After only a few hard strokes his cock strained and his pretty white come spurted up in a shot, streaming across my face and hair. The next shot coated my cheek and chin and ran down my neck. The remaining spurts landed on my tits.

I sat back and smiled at him, keeping my eye closed to keep his spunk out. He was grinning at me proudly, like he had made a special gift, all for me, and I guess he had. I rubbed his come into my tits and neck, and then scooped it from my face, licking my fingers. Mr. Marcone sat up fast and grabbed my arms and then pushed me back on the carpet. He was on top of me, kissing me, rubbing his body on mine.

He pulled his shirt off and put his full weight on me, and I wrapped my legs behind him. I guess he liked the taste of his own come because he was kissing me deeply, and a lot of spit got swapped. He slid down me, playing with my tits and sucking on them, driving me crazy. He started kissing lower and I got prepared to get eaten. I spread my legs wide in a split (hey, all those years of ballet and gymnastics paid off!) and he kissed across me, before taking my whole mound in his mouth and sucking, which I love.

“My lord, what a beautiful, tiny little pussy you have,” he said, but before I could say thank you he had two fingers inside me, pumping slowly, so all I could do was arch my back and moan. He spread my lips with his fingers and went down on me, giving me a really nice clitty BJ. With each stroke of his fingers and each rolling tongue suck on my clit I felt the pressure growing, and I let him know it. “You’re making me come!” I screamed more than once, and I was almost there when he pulled his fingers out and climbed up my body. He kissed me hard and I felt his fingers digging into the backs of my thighs, lifting them. Before I could do anything at all I felt his cock spread me and filled me.

His face was twisted and ugly and dripping with sweat as he pounded against me, slamming his cock as deep in me as it would go. Except for the fact that I had taken off his condom myself and knew he didn’t put another one on, I was rocking and rolling with him. The pressure was building, and the harsh fucking he was giving me begged to be returned so I started clawing at his back and sides and really let go, pounding my hips back against his, and I wrapped my legs behind him again.

He kissed me hard, I bit his lip, and he pulled his head back. I thought he was going to kill me, and I felt really afraid.

What I still have to figure out is why that made me come! Oh God did I come. The room was spinning around and I couldn’t control any of my muscles. My head filled with the sound of roaring, like I was right under an airplane taking off, and all I could feel was Mr. Marcone’s body on me and inside me. He kept pumping into me and I know I started begging him to stop because I couldn’t catch my breath, but I don’t remember the words. I was filled with a sensation like when you have to pee and someone is tickling you mercilessly, only it was my whole body and he was torturing me with his dick. Not that his mouth and hands weren’t doing their share, but his dick was definitely the main focus, the star of the show.

Alice returned from the bathroom. She had cleaned her face and glasses by removing all the spunk that Freddie had ejaculated on to her. She returned to stand in front of him and adopted the classic submissive pose: hands clasped together in front, face down. Freddie meanwhile had zipped himself up and looked up at her as he spoke.

“Alice, you have had just received Daddy’s first lesson. Now, I think we will move on to Lesson Number Two. And in this lesson, I am going to show you that Daddy can give his girl pleasure provided she is a good little girl. (Of course Freddie was not Alice’s real father. He was actually her father’s boss and the man who also happened to be fucking her mother. He just liked being called “Daddy” by her.)

“Now, I want you to go and lie on your bed please.” Alice, now accustomed to doing what she was told, walked slowly towards her bed. Like the rest of the bedroom, her bed was exceedingly girly. On it were a pink flowery duvet and numerous teddies which had been carefully arranged around her pillows. Alice climbed on, lay down on her back, but kept her legs closed and placed her hands on her stomach, and then anxiously waited to see what would happen to her.

Once she was lying down, Freddie got up and walked over to her bed. He looked down at her. The eighteen year old bitch was still dressed as a teenage schoolgirl slut – heels, stockings, suspenders, black mini, tight white shirt and school tie. Her naked heaving breasts could clearly be seen under the thin white shirt. “You are a beautiful young girl, Alice, and you deserve some pleasure. Now. spread your legs as wide as possible please.” Alice obeyed, although she was terrified by what might follow. She was convinced that Freddie wanted to fuck her. To fuck her tender virgin schoolgirl pussy. And although her pussy was still soaking wet – she had not cum when she had sucked off his cock – she was still terrified of allowing this man to fuck her and to no doubt fuck her hard. But despite these fears her pussy needed relief. She needed to cum. So, slowly she brought her legs up and spread them as wide as she could and waited.

Freddie then climbed on to the bed and moved so he was kneeling in between her spread legs. He looked down at her. She looked so young and innocent. Although she was at an age when she could legally have sex and get married in Britain, this act was still all very much taboo. He was in his 60s, she in her teens. She was the very embodiment of what was good in the world – youth, intelligence, hope – he embodied all that was wrong – old, corrupt, perverted.

Alice looked up at him through her glasses. Although they made her look geeky, they actually added to her appeal of schoolgirl innocence. They were the only item of clothing left that was from her past. Everything else that Freddie had forced her to wear fitted in with the whorish image that he insisted all his girls subscribe to. But her glasses reminded him of the geeky girl that he was transforming. He could tolerate them, for now.

Normally at this juncture, Freddie would have indeed fucked the girl. But he had decided that perhaps she needed to be rewarded for all her efforts. He was not generally inclined to consider what a woman would want, his pleasure was all that mattered. But looking down at her, seeing how fragile and innocent she looked, not like the seasoned whores he was accustomed to fucking. He was convinced that had he fucked her, despite the pain of having to accommodate his enormous cock (not to mention that as a virgin the pain would be a little more severe) she would no doubt have eventually cum. But something inside made him wanted to give her something that was all hers. Something extra. These feelings were extremely rare for Freddie so he decided that he really ought to act on this unusual moment of compassion.

So, rather then unzipping his pants and taking out his cock, he unexpectedly lowered his head, moved in between her legs and made his way towards her wet pussy.

Alice was shocked. She had expected to be fucked and was readying herself for the attack. Indeed she was so scared, she was actually going to tell Freddie to stop. She had always wanted to be a virgin right up and until her wedding night, and the thought of what she would be giving up had finally brought her back to her senses. But this was an unexpected turn of events. And quite a happy one at that! And in no time Freddie had moved the gusset of her g-string to one side and had expertly stared to lick her wet clit.

“Ohhhhhhh! Oh, Daddy, that is so nice. So nice.” She happily cried out in response to his expert manipulations. Freddie carried on licking away noting that her clit was huge and soaking wet. Clearly she was very close and it would not take much for her to cum. And Freddie was good at this, he was actually very good at this. After all, he was married and he had to give pleasure to his wife, he never treated Lady Jackson like a whore.

So as he licked and gently sucked on Alice’s clit, she thrust her hips forward towards his tongue, closed her eyes and allowed her head to roll back against her pillow. Her mouth was open, she was licking her lips and was groaning out loudly. This was good. This was very good. Different from when Louise would lick her, she was more tender, but an old man had a different technique. More skilful and slightly more rough, he would gently graze her clit with his teeth and sometimes suck her completely.

“Oooh, that’s so nice Daddy! So nice! Oh you are soooo good. So good! So good! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!” And the young bitch came. She came more than she had ever cum with Louise. The build up of sexual tension with Freddie, this past hour or so, was too much for the young girl and when she was finally released from her shackles, the relief was all too much. Her orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, its intensity and duration was something she had never previously experienced. If this is what it was like to be dominated and abused at the hands of a Master, all women should try it, she thought, as waves and waves orgasmic bliss cursed through her young, nubile body.

After a minute or so, the intense feelings of pleasure subsided and Alice slowly began to come back down to earth. She opened her eyes and saw that Freddie had straightened up and was staring down at her. He was gently smiling, in that kind caring way he did when they first met today. “Did you enjoy that, my dear?” He asked sweetly.

“Oh yes! Yes! It was lovely. Really, the best I have ever had.”

“Good. Good.”

Alice was now returning to reality with a bang. For the first time in a while she was thinking relatively clearly. She had just sucked off a man and allowed him to cum all over her face. She had then been licked out and cum like a dog in heat. If she was being honest with herself, she had loved every minute of it. But now, as the intensity of the situation and feelings of desire in her rapidly subsided, understandably she once more became nervous of the situation. Dressed as she was, with another man, an older man, on her bed, she wanted things to now stop. She needed a period of reflection to understand what had just happened to her and what it all meant. And the girl naively thought that, having just cum himself, Freddie would be finished also.

She lifted her head up from the pillow and looked to her side and at a clock that was on her bedside table. “I-I think I should probably be getting back to school now. I am a little late but I still think I can make my history class…”

Freddie looked down at her and smiled. “But I have not finished, my dear. I have not finished my case for the prosecution…”

“I-I think I know enough now.”

“You don’t know nearly half enough, you silly bitch.” He looked down at her, his expression once more one of anger. The kind old caring uncle had again been replaced by the ruthless sexual predator. He reached down and placed his hands on Alice’s big tits and he began to roughly squeeze them through her shirt.

Alice looked at his hands and what they were doing to her breasts and was rightly concerned. “P-please, I have done what you have asked. You must let me go. I need to get to school. Please, I want this to stop now.”

“It will stop when I tell you it will stop.” And then, grabbing the folds of her shirt he violently ripped it open, causing some buttons to fly across the room and her delightful teenage tits to shake up and down as they were finally exposed.

“Oh my God!” She screamed out in horror. “Stop! Please, stop!”

“God, these are beautiful teenage tities!” Was Freddie’s response to the schoolgirl’s pitiful pleas for mercy. He then started to roughly maul her 34-D breasts. “So big! So succulent. They were made for men to fuck and abuse. In time you will learn to titie fuck me but for now I want your pussy. I want to fuck your virgin schoolgirl pussy!”

Alice looked up, terrified at what her attacker was saying. She had always wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night. Fooling around with Louise and the dildo was one thing, but allowing a man to take her, a man she did not love was something entirely different. In all her life she had never once contemplated this as a possibility. Even when she was dressing up for him, sucking his cock and calling him “Daddy”, she had in her mind deemed this to be ok because she was not actually allowing him to fuck her. Just as she deemed it ok to fool around with another teenage schoolgirl.

So, the line she had drawn for herself was making love, and what Freddie offered was as far removed from anything that could be constituted as “making love.” And because Alice wanted to resist, it would be rape, pure and simple. And she did not want to lose her virginity by being raped by this old, cold hearted bastard.

“No Freddie, you can’t, you can’t make love to me like this. It is not right, Freddie, please stop! Stop! I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

“Bitch, I told you to call me Daddy!” He growled back, ignoring her pleas as he unzipped his trousers and removed his throbbing 11 inch cock. With his other hand he started to force her legs wide open, something which Alice desperately tried to resist.

“No please! Please stop!” She tried to close her legs and started to beat up against his chest. “Stop it! I am a virgin, I don’t want this, I don’t want to be fucked!” Sadly Freddie was too strong for her. He used his weight to ensure that her legs were wide enough to allow him to enter. Holding his cock with one hand, and using the other to grab hold of her two hands, which were thrashing wildly upon his chest, he pinned them above her head. He now had the teenager just in the right position to rape.

Alice then felt the head of his huge cock make contact with the entrance to her pussy. She was terrified about allowing such a big cock to enter her young tight body. The dildos that Louise had previously used were always small and were nothing compared to the beast that Freddie possessed. As he pinned her hands above her head and looked down at her, grimacing with determination, Alice decided to make one last desperate plea and to say anything that might appeal to him, hoping against hope that he there was some kindness in him.

“Daddy, please don’t. Your little girl does not want to be raped. P-please, Daddy, don’t rape me with your big cock. Daddy, please…” She pleaded, in her most desperate, sweet little voice.

Freddie stopped. His cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy ready to enter at any moment. He looked down at his captive. She looked so sweet, fragile and desperate that he had to stop for a moment and savour the look. Her large baby blue eyes were staring up at him through her glasses, clearly imploring him to show her some kindness; her mouth was open and she was panting out loud, she was no longer screaming or saying anything, she was just waiting to see what Freddie would do; and so frightened was she, and upset by her predicament, tears had already started to trickle down her cheek. The folds of her shirt were spread wide open revealing all of her big tits to Freddie’s greedy eyes and they were deliciously shaking up and down as she panted with fear. Her school tie still lay in between the valley of her tits, another reminder to him that this was a young teenage schoolgirl that he was about to rape. It was one of the great taboos.

And then Freddie did something rather unexpected. He let go of Alice’s hands and started to lift himself back so he was no longer positioned directly above her but was kneeling in between her spread legs. Alice believed that her pleas had worked and that he was, after all, going to spare her. He looked down, he himself breathing heavily.

“So young, so beautiful.” He growled, as one of his hands moved down and started to play with her tits. Still believing he was going to let her go, and that this was just the final act before he released her, a sense of relief was spreading through her. “So beautiful, so big.” He said as he flicked her nipples. “So, you think Daddy should let you go, that he should show you some mercy?”

She could now well and truly see light at the end of the tunnel. “Yes Daddy! Yes, let your little girl go. I only want to make love to the man I marry on my wedding night. Please Daddy, let me go, you know it makes sense.”

“Yes, you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, I would like that very much!”

“I am sure you would. I am sure you would. But you have been a very bad girl, haven’t you Alice. You have been a bad schoolgirl, dressing up like a slut, trying to entice your Daddy with that gorgeous teenage body of yours!”

“No! No! I haven’t, you told me…”

“Alice you need to be fucked. You need Daddy to rape that teenage pussy of yours!” Then, with impressive speed, which gave Alice hardly any time to react, Freddie placed the cock at the entrance to her pussy and, placing his arms under her legs, he moved forward, forcing her legs up and wide. Within a couple of seconds, the heels of her shoes were pointing up and towards the ceiling, her legs were spread wide and her body was now bent into two. Then he began to push his cock forward, breaching her innocence, destroying her virginity, raping her pussy.

“Oh God stop!” She screamed out as she felt the massive head breach her virgin walls. “Oh my God that feels so big! Please! Please, stop! Daddy stop. Ohhhhh that’s huge! That feels huge!” Freddie pushed in a little further. Her pleas only spurred him on to fuck her and to fuck her hard. Her little hands were now pushing up against his broad chest in a frantic, but futile attempt to try and stop the attack. But in this position, with her legs forced up and wide, and Freddie’s weight bearing down on her, there was little she could do to stop the rape of her virgin schoolgirl pussy.

“Take that you naughty bitch! You need Daddy’s big cock don’t you! Don’t you!” He lunged forward and pushed all 11 inches of his huge member into her tight body.

“Oh God no Daddy! Stop, I am virgin. Oh p-please. That’s so BIG! So fucking BIG!!! It’s splitting me Daddy, your big cock is splitting your little girl… Please, please stop…”

Freddie didn’t stop until he had forced his cock all the way in. It had been some struggle, naturally she was very tight and he had to muster all of his strength to secure entry. Once he had completed his goal, he looked down at the struggling teenager who was screaming out in agony.

“Daddy, it hurts! It hurts! So deep, so deep…” She moved one of her hands, which was still on his chest trying to push him off, and placed it on her tummy, almost to signify where his cock was. “God, Daddy, it is so big. You shouldn’t be doing this…”

“You need to be fucked Alice, you need to be fucked hard by your Daddy.” He then slowly began to move his cock in an out of her hole. “Don’t you bitch, you need your Daddy to fuck you hard…”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! So big, so big!”

“It is big, bitch, but you can handle it. You can handle Daddy’s big cock. There, take that!”

“Ouch!!! Oh God, you are raping me, Daddy! Oh Daddy, you are raping my pussy. You are raping my teenage pussy. Daddy, stop, p-please stop! Oh! Oh! Oh!” The fact that she was crying out rape, only spurred him on further and he began to fuck her even harder, maintaining a steady rhythm of long, deep thrusts!

“There bitch, take my fucking cock as I rape your schoolgirl pussy. Take it! Take it all!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

He now fucked her furiously increasing the pace and power of his strokes. Her big tits shook up and down in response. Her bed stand began to crash up against the wall causing a few of her teddies to fall on to the floor. “God you are tight, very tight. You love my cock, don’t you? Tell me how much you love being raped by Daddy…”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Come on bitch, tell Daddy that you love to be raped, that you need his cock!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! So big! So big! Your cock feels so big in my little pussy! “Oh! Oh! Oh! No, no this is wrong. You, you shouldn’t be raping my pussy. Oh God! So big! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Alice was now inevitably becoming aroused in response to her rape. As a natural submissive whore, being roughly taken without consent, and being forced to accept her Master’s cock all appealed to her darkest fantasies. The fact of the matter was, and as her pussy testified to, this bitch needed to be dominated and abused. Alice needed to be taken by force and to know that her body belonged to her Master. The only way Freddy could demonstrably prove this was by raping her, and raping her hard.

“That’s it bitch, take my cock. Take it all.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!. P-please be gentle. Oh you are raping my pussy. You are raping my pussy… Oh! Oh! Oh!”

He carried on fucking her like this for a couple of minutes when nothing was said other than him calling her a “dirty schoolgirl who needs big cock.” Alice however was unable to respond, other than pant out loud as her body became overwhelmed by the attack. With her legs spread side up high and wide and with her body bent over, Freddie could gain maximum penetration in the young teenager. Alice felt like his cock was coming through her throat. Her pussy was once more leaking juices, lubricating her attacker’s cock and making her easier to fuck. She looked up at Freddie who had a look of pure evil determination as he went about raping her. Clearly he had no feelings for her. He was only concerned about his pleasure. As he looked down, mouth open, panting away, ignoring her pleas for mercy and obviously deriving huge pleasure from raping a schoolgirl, Alice knew that this rapist was never going to let her go, that he was always going to rape her and abuse her at will. And as she recognised this fact she came. She came like a whore in heat and she could not disguise the fact.

“Oh! God, so big, so big… It feels so good! Oh God, I am cumming! Oh Daddy rape me harder I am cumming Ohhhhhhhhh…”

“Yes, bitch, I knew you loved to be raped! I knew you would love my cock!” And having seen the bitch finally submit her body to him, Freddie released her legs so that her feet fell on to the bed and he knelt up. The only thing now connecting them now was his cock, which remained firmly implanted in her soaking wet pussy. Instinctively, Alice spread her legs wide in order to allow her Master even better access to her body.

For several minutes he pounded away, occasionally his hands would molest her shaking tits, flicking the nipples or slapping them. The force of his fucking was so intense that the array of teddy bears on her bed had all fallen on the floor. That was all bar one teddy which fell on to Alice. She grabbed on to it as a source of comfort, just as she had done in the past whenever she was in trouble.

“Oh you are naughty schoolgirl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, I am a naughty schoolgirl. I am your naughty schoolgirl. Oh Daddy, fuck me harder. Fuck your little schoolgirl hard. Oh! Oh! Oh! That’s it Daddy, rape me Daddy! Rape me… Oh Daddy, is my pussy tight enough for you? Is it tight enough for your big cock?”

“Yes, bitch, it is tight enough for me. Is my cock big enough for you?” “OH Daddy, it is so big! It is so strong, so much better than the dildo…”

“The dildo? You have used a dildo?”

“Y-yes, just once…” She replied, without properly thinking about the consequences of making such a revelation.

But Freddie was still thinking clearly and stopped fucking her but kept his cock in her pussy. He was intrigued by what she had just said. A dildo? How could such a supposedly square schoolgirl use a dildo? He wanted to know more. He looked down at her and placed both his hands on her heaving breasts and began to roughly squeeze them. “A dildo? You have used a dildo? Tell me more, bitch?”

Alice was now terrified to tell Freddie the truth. The truth being that, just a month or so ago, she and Louise had got naked and took it in turns to fuck each other with a black strap-on-dildo. Louise had fucked her, just like Freddie was fucking her, on her back, in the missionary position, but she had been much tender, kissing her and gently playing with her breasts. Louise then asked to be fucked on all fours, like a dog. She wanted to be spanked as well. Louise seemed to like things a little rough.

But Alice and Louise had sworn to each other to keep their lesbian love a secret. But that was before Alice met her Master, the man who was currently raping her. Did her loyalty to the girl she loved and promised to protect supersede her duty to satisfy her Master?

No. Her duty was to her Master, knowing that her new role in life was to serve and please him, even if this meant betraying her friend. So, with this in mind, she decided to reveal her secret to her Master: “I-I used the dildo, with my friend…” She mumbled, telling him the shocking truth.

“Your friend? Who? Who was that?” He urgently enquired, his voice betraying his curiousness. He naturally thought it was a boy she had been fooling around with and fully expected to hear details about some sort of boyfriend that she had on the sly.

“It was my girlfriend, L-Louise…”

“What!” He shouted out, shocked by what he had just learnt. The bitch had been fooling around with another girl? He never would have thought it possible, not in a million years. Prior to him turning her into a slut, she had come across as such a dull dowdy thing. But deep down she was a practicing lesbian, someone who fooled around with other girls? And at the same time she liked big cock? Could it be that he had found the perfect slutty schoolgirl? A teenager who would service his cock as well as other young, beautiful girls? As he registering this fact, he swore his deck grew another inch.

“You-you have been fucking another girl? How is this possible? What has been going on? Tell me everything, bitch!” He desperately wanted to know more and to understand what this girl was about. But whatever the reason was, he knew it was good news. Very good news in fact. Instinctively he started to fuck her again, slowly, as he wanted her to be able to answer him properly.

“I-I have made love to my girlfriend Louise, just once.” She replied, as she clutched her teddy even closer to her breast, hoping this would give her some comfort as she continued to betray the girl she loved. “We used the dildo on each other… Oh Daddy, be gentle with me, you are fucking me so hard. Oh! Oh! Oh!… Yes, Daddy, we fucked each other with a dildo… Oh that is so big, your cock is so big in my little pussy…”

“Tell me everything bitch, don’t miss anything out, you dirty fucking whore. Oh God that is so good. You are such a good fuck! Your fucking pussy is so tight! Who is this girl? Is she a hot dirty schoolgirl like you?” Understandably he was excited about his discovery and wanted to probe her further. He wanted to know everything about her mysterious lover. But before she could answer, he started to fuck her hard, each thrust causing those delicious tits to wobble like big blobs of vanilla jelly and for the poor teenager to scream out.

“Oh Daddy, be gentle with me, you are fucking me too hard. Oh Daddy… Yes, yes, she is a dirty schoolgirl like me…”

“Is she hot like you?”

“Yes, Daddy, she is beautiful.”

“Is she the same age?”


“Oh that is fucking beautiful…” He was close. The thought of two young teenage schoolgirls fooling around was the stuff of dreams . “What did you do, bitch? What did you do together?”

“Oh Daddy, we made love to each other. We played with each other’s breasts, we licked each others pussy. And then Daddy, we fucked each other with the dildo. Oh Daddy, I have been naughty haven’t I? Oh Daddy, I need you to spank me! Oh Daddy I need you fuck my naughty pussy… Oh that’s it Daddy, fuck my pussy hard! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Yes, you have been a very naughty schoolgirl. Yes, you need to spanked! Oh God yes, you need to be fucked. Oh God yes, you need it… Reach down and play with my balls… Yes, that’s it, use both hands, gently play with my balls while I fuck you…” Alice let go if the teddy and as ordered reached forward to play with his big old hairy sack. “Oh yes, so good, so good… You will bring Louise to me so I can fuck her too, do you understand?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I will do as you say.” Oh Daddy, will you fuck us both at the same time? Will you fuck two schoolgirls at once, Daddy? Will you force us to make love to each other while you watch? Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me hard! Oh Daddy I am close…” The thought of Freddie fucking the two of them, raping Louise as he was raping her, allowed Alice to wallow in previously undiscovered levels of filth.

And as for Freddie, Alice’s all to honest pleas to be part of a schoolgirl orgy, where his dick would take centre stage, appealed to him far too much. “Yes bitch, I will do all those things. Oh yes, I will fuck two schoolgirls at once, I will make the two of you suck my cock together and I will fuck both of your teenage pussies!”

This thought made the two of them reach their stunning climax. “Oh bitch, I am cumming, there I am cumming, take all of my spunk you lovely whore. Ohhhhhh!

“Oh yes Daddy! Cum in my little pussy! Oh yes Daddy cum in my tight little pussy. Oh Daddy, I can feel it! Oh my God, Daddy! I am cumming too. Oh Daddy, I am cumming…”

Fifteen minutes later

Alice had been forced to remove all of her clothes other than her heels, stockings, suspenders and school tie. She had been ordered to place both her hands on top of her chest of drawers, lean forward, spread her legs and thrust out her arse. Behind her, holding his leather belt in his hand, was Freddie who was busy lashing the poor girl’s now tender bottom cheeks. He was punishing her for not telling him about Louise earlier. He deemed it a serious offence which merited a thrashing. He had been at this now for a good ten minutes. Her bottom had turned to a deep shade of red. She had initially screamed for him to stop, to show her some mercy. She had apologised for not telling him and claimed it was only because he hadn’t asked. This did not impress him. However he was impressed with her fortitude for, despite the violence of his attack, she never once flinched from making sure that her bottom was presented to him as ordered.

Alice was also fortunate enough to watch Freddie thrash her as she was looking straight into her dresser mirror. She thus had a perfect view of her Master, still dressed in his military uniform, cruelly applying the leather belt to her teenage cheeks. He had a look of cold ruthless determination about him and, combined with his austere military clothing, it made his attack seem the more sinister. Especially since it was being applied to a young, defenceless teenager who was virtually naked.

His strokes were powerful and without compromise. Each lash caused the poor girl to lunge forward, her big tits swaying back and forth, and she would always let out a loud scream.

He had insisted that she kept on her school tie. He had told her it was because he wanted to be reminded that he was punishing a schoolgirl.

She meanwhile looked at Freddie through the mirror and saw how he would grimace each time he brought his big arm down and applied the leather belt to her bottom. He had a look of a man who wanted to genuinely punish her. He had also started to sweat profusely, this no doubt caused by a combination of having just raped her and the energy he was now putting in to whipping her.

“Oh Daddy, please be gentle. Please be gentle. I am sorry. I am sorry.” She said to him, fearing that her bottom could no longer take any more abuse.




“Bitch, you need to be punished. You have to understand that I should have been told about Louise. That was important information that should never have been withheld.”




“I needed to know that you like girls!”




“As well as big cock!”




“P-please Daddy… Ooh ouch! That hurts! I am sorry I did not tell you. I will make sure it never happens again. Ouch, oh Daddy…”




“Daddy please, I am your bitch. I will do what you say, ohh…”




“Yes, bitch, you will, oh you will, and you can start by bringing me Louise.”




“Yes, Daddy, I will, I will bring her to you. Oh Daddy, I will bring her to you so that you can fuck us both.”

“Yes, bitch, you will.” Finally satisfied with his work, he threw the belt on to the floor. His face was flush with anger and covered with sweat. He looked down at his work and saw that her bottom was now a deep dark shade of red. “Yes, I will fuck you both. You will both learn how to serve Daddy’s cock. Together.” He then gently placed his hand on her inflamed buttocks and gently stroked them.

Alice noticed for the first time that tears were streaming down her face, her punishment had been so severe that crying was inevitable. What was not inevitable however, or what Alice did not think should have been inevitable, was the reaction of her pussy, which had once more become aroused. Was this due to the whipping or was it because of the talk of the threesome? Probably a combination of both. Panting out loud and licking her lips, she began to now seriously think about what it would be like to be fucked by Freddie with Louise. She knew it was wrong to procure Louise, another innocent schoolgirl, for this old sick man, for him to abuse and to fuck. But at the same time the thought appealed to her. She looked into the mirror so she could see Freddie and asked, “What, what would you do to us Daddy?

“I take it your friend is still a virgin like you were?”

“Yes, Daddy she is.”

“In which case she would need to be trained. First, I would ask that both of you shaved your pussies so they are completely bald. And then you will make love to each other in front of me. You will both wear identical outfits: you will both dress up as slutty schoolgirls.” He then leaned forward and picked up the dildo that Alice and Louise had used. Before he had whipped her he had asked her to get it out for him. Now he intended to use it. “Yes, you will kiss, play with each others tits and spank each other’s bottoms.”

“Oh Daddy, that is very naughty.” Alice was clearly aroused by the idea of two schoolgirls, dressed up in a slutty revealing way, performing for this dirty old man.

“Yes, it is, but you are a naughty girl, aren’t you Alice?

“Yes, I am a naughty girl, Daddy. Oooh!”

Freddie had inserted the dildo into her pussy and as he fucked her with it, he unzipped himself and removed his cock which had once more regained its power and glory. He leaned over towards the dresser and this time picked up some hand cream. That will do, he thought.

“You will then both suck my cock. Since she is the virgin, she will suck it and you will lick my balls. You will show her how to do it properly. I will then cum in her mouth.” He started to apply liberal amounts of cream to his cock, lubricating it fully. “I will then fuck her in her pussy. You will prepare her pussy by licking it. When I fuck her I expect you to play with my balls, and also I will take my cock out and you will suck it.”

“Oh Daddy…”

“And finally, when I have finished with her pussy, I will put her on all fours and you will lick her bottom!”

“Her bottom?”

“Yes, bitch, her bottom.”

“Because I would fuck the bitch in her arse. Her virgin teenage arse!”

And to show Alice that this depraved activity would not be limited just to Louise, Freddie inserted the tip his cock in her anal opening and pushed away. “Oh Daddy. Oh Ouch!!! Take it out, it is too big, not there Daddy, it is too big. Owwwwwwwwch! Daddy, p-please take it out, this is not right. I don’t want to be fucked there. Oh Daddy, please, don’t rape my bottom…”

Freddie grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back. “You will not tell me where I can or cannot fuck you bitch!” And then to make his point, in anger he rammed half of his cock up her virgin arse. “Yes, bitch, you will learn to take my fucking cock in your arse!”

“No, please, don’t, it hurts! Take it out! Oh this is not right….”

“Don’t be silly! Oh yes, so fucking tight! So fucking tight. Like your mother, you will learn to take my big cock in your bottom! She resisted, you know, the first time I fucked her there. But as you saw, she learnt to love it. Just like you will!”

Despite the pain emanating from her bottom, Alice heard every word of what Freddie had just said and, if true, recognised its horrific significance. “What do you mean, my mother?”

“Who do you think fucked her that day, you silly bitch? Yes, it was me. I am the man, among others, who have been regularly fucking her I have fucked her everywhere. She loves it. And when I saw your picture, I knew I had to have you too. Indeed, it was me who was fucking her in the arse when you came home early that day.

“No, that can’t be true, p-please, no…” She cried, horrified to learn that the man who was raping her was apparently the same man who had fucked her mother, that he had never been here to offer her comfort and it had all been part of a deliberate plan to take the daughter, just as he had taken the mother. She had never thought that someone could be so cruel, so ruthless.

But despite his talk, she still could not accept the awful truth. She did not want to acknowledge that the same cock that was in her bottom, had been in her mother’s!

“No, my mother would not have done those things with you. No, it is not possible!”

“Of course it is bitch, being a whore runs in the family! There, take that, take all of my cock in your schoolgirl ass you dirty fucking whore! God that is so fucking tight…”

“Oh God! No, take it out! It is too big, take it out…”

Freddie ignored her and, with his cock now firmly implanted in her bottom, he yanked her head back, moved his head forward and whispered into her ear. “Bitch, just like your mother, you are now my whore. To do with as I please and to fuck how I want. You will please me, my friends and will do everything I tell you to do. Just as your mother does.

“Do you know where she is now? She is being fucked my three black men. They are all probably fucking her together, she will have a cock in her pussy, arse and mouth and will serve them all at once. And you know what, she will love it!”

“No, that’s not true!”

“Of course it is! Your mother is a dirty fucking whore who now lives for cock. She can’t get enough of it. It was I who seduced her, who turned her into a slut, just like I am turning you into one too!”


Freddie then straightened up and, still holding on to her hair, he started to fuck her in her arse. “Take my cock in your arse! That’s it, take my cock you dirty whore!”

“No! No! No!”

Alice, with her head yanked up by Freddie, was forced to look straight into the mirror where she saw the horrifying image of her attacker raping her bottom. She could again see the cold determination of a man who wanted to take what he wanted regardless of the feelings of his victim and she knew that nothing she could say or do could stop him. And deep down she realised what he had said about her and her mother was true. It made sense that they both would be attracted to the same type of domineering, cruel man. They were both supposedly independent intelligent women, but inside they wanted to be dominated and treated like whores.

The pain of this reality had, to a certain degree, numbed the pain of the huge cock splitting her bottom. But not completely. “P-please, you are raping my bottom. You are raping my schoolgirl virgin bottom! It is too big, Daddy, please stop!”

“Be quiet bitch, I want your arse. It is so tight, it is so beautiful. Oh God yes, I need to fuck it!” Freddie then started to pound away with all the vigour he could muster. Alice carried on screaming out, pleading for mercy, for him to stop raping her. But this merely spurred him on to fuck her harder. With his free hand he started to spank her bottom, wanting her to feel the force of his power. To know that her body belonged to him completely.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw this young petit, beautiful, once innocent schoolgirl, naked but for her seductive naughty lingerie and school tie, which had been cleverly left on to highlighted her schoolgirl innocence, being pounded in the arse buy this huge vicious old man who was still dressed in full military uniform.

The contrast could not have been more stark. Youth, innocence, beauty. Decadence, evil, animal. And ever since the debauched activities of today had taken place, this was the first time, thanks to the mirror in front of her, that Alice could properly see and appreciate the tableau taking place.

It should have disgusted her. But it did not. The sight of this man raping her bottom, spanking her, somehow made her feel special. It made her feel like a true whore. She now understood that this was her destiny and was thankful that Freddie, her Master, had taken the time to bestow his genius upon her.

For the next few minutes he continued to fuck and spank her bottom. Her tits swayed back and forth with each stroke. And as Freddie continued with his rape, his mouth remained open, panting with delight at his latest conquest. His joy was so much, saliva could be seen dripping from his mouth. This man was well and truly a beast and the beauty he was raping was beginning to enjoy having her bottom raped.

And after a while, she could not disguise this fact.

“Oh yes Daddy, rape me harder. Rape my bottom! Your cock is so big, it feels so good in my little ass! Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“You are a good bitch. Yes, just like your mother, you are a good bitch”

“Yes, Daddy I am your bitch. You can fuck me how you want. Oh yes Daddy, fuck me in my bottom, that feels so goooood!”

Freddie then did something that surprised Alice. She had assumed that he would want to carry on fucking her bottom until he came, but Freddie had other ideas. Other dirty ideas. He fancied some ATM. So, pulling out of her arse, he ordered her to get down on to her knees. She naturally obeyed.

“Open your mouth, bitch and suck my cock. A bit of ass-to-mouth never hurt anyone.” Alice, now knowing how futile it was to object to anything her Master asked of her, regardless of how disgusting the request might be, meekly opened her mouth and allowed him to effortlessly glide six inches of his cock down her teenage throat. “Oh that’s it, bitch, suck my cock. Can you taste your ass on my cock? I bet you can. That’s it suck it, play with my balls… Oh that is good, so fucking good… Oh God, I can’t hold out much longer… Oh I am cumming, I am cumming…”

And Freddie, for the third time that day, emptied his spunk into his teenage schoolgirl whore. As he looked down on the poor thing and saw how she was desperately trying to swallow all of his spunk, he was already plotting how he intended, next time, to make sure Alice’s lover, Louise, would be the one accepting his cum.

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