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The Stall:

Jesus Alice! Will you leave that poor guy alone?”

Catherynne McHail had had about enough of her friend torturing her buddy Bengy for a lifetime. Ever since they had gotten into their first year of college she had been a bother. Now, in their third year, things continued to be the same.

They went to a very private institution called Brandenburg University. In some ways the small classes, overbearing teachers bothering them for homework, and bell timed class slots it seemed like they were still in high school. They even wore uniforms, which while girls could wear pants if they chose and boys a kilt, they could not escape the tyranny of the argyle tie. It was only after they entered their classes they knew the level of work they were doing could only be tolerated by adults. Adults with extremely high stress tolerance levels.

“I can’t,” Alice protested tossing her beautiful golden hair over her shoulder. “Why should I? Haven’t you seen the way he looks at me?”

Catherynne rolled her eyes chocolate brown eyes.

“You mean through his hands? The kid can’t so much as look you in the eye!”

Alice shook her hand dismissively. Cat would never understand. She thought Bengy was this poor geeky wallflower who just happened to be pretty like a girl.

Alice knew better. She had known he was different since the first day she laid eyes on him.

She had seen him studying her while she studied him. Alice could taste his longing, scent the hint of lust that lay temptingly on his breath, when he leaned in an inch too close on the bus to smell her hair.

She had known his desires too, ever since that day in class.

Being the eccentric ball of energy that she was, Cat had run into class one day with her papers carelessly clenched in her hand.

Tripping on a misplaced backpack she had given herself a nasty paper cut right next to his desk. The blood slowly pooled in a diagonal line, welling to the surface of her chocolate hued skin. Seeing this she cursed, stopping in her tracks.

“Damn!” she exclaimed. “That is one hell of a paper cut. You’d think I got in a knife fight…damn.”

Alice had filed in after her and saw the girl holding her finger as the blood dripped in her hand.

“Geez, what did you do?” she asked rushing to her.

“Paper cut,” Cat hissed, squeezing the finger.

“Why are you squeezing it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well then stop!”

“No! It feels better if I hold it.”

“That doesn’t seem very intelligent for a Science Major.”

“Fuck science. This crap stings!”

Alice looked around quickly scanning to see if their Professor had arrived.

“Should I get you to the nurse?” Alice asked.

Cat gave her a sarcastic look.

“Really? Over a paper cut? If I pass out from blood loss then you can take me.”

“Then you’ll need more than the nurse’s office.”

Cat snickered and rolled her eyes. “Screw it. I’m just going to sit here and bleed to death.”

Alice shook her head, unsure if she should laugh or yell at her. It was then that Alice looked over at Bengy. Normally he hid his face under his black bangs but at that moment, his green eyes were visible. She could see he was staring at Cat’s hand.

His pink lips were slightly parted, his eyes lidded and she was shocked that his face mirrored desire. She could feel an interesting shiver cascade down her spine.

Turning to see what she was looking at, Cat saw Bengy duck his head down.

“Hey!” she growled angrily. “Some kind of friend you are! Just going to watch me die?”

“Now that is a grave exaggeration,” he mumbled avoiding Alice’s gaze.

“Probably,” Cat admitted. “But at least I would care if you were bleeding.”

“Fine, let me see,” he snapped with authority that shocked them as well as himself. Cat shrugged and extended her hand.

Taking out a white handkerchief and a napkin he proceeded to gently wipe the blood away from Cat’s hand. Alice noticed how infatuated he seemed with it, his face so close to his project. Finally after cleaning most of it he tied the handkerchief around her hand.

To their surprise he kissed her hand before rudely snapping out, “There! I kissed it all better. Think you’re going to live?”

Cat frowned and rolled her eyes.


Then she went to her seat, throwing an agitated “Thanks!” behind her.

Alice stood there for a moment longer and watched him pocket the bloody napkin and lick his lips. If she was correct it had been just on his bottom lip, an almost nonexistent dot. Bengy had sampled Cat’s blood.

Bewildered she went back to her desk. Either Bengy was a vampire, or he had vampiric tendencies. Both of which were quickly turning her on. After that day she could not help but relive that memory everytime she saw him. Alice found with time that he was in factimmensely attractive underneath all of that shy. She liked the green emerald shine of his eyes, his pale porcelain skin, the way his long black hair slid along his neck. Maybe she was the vampire, because all she wanted to do was bite…

“Hey…Alice! Return from Wonderland, I repeat. Return from Wonderland!”

Alice jolted in her seat and looked at Cat alarmed.


“Class started five minutes ago and you looked like you were on a vision quest. Try to not fail this one okay?”

Alice laughed and shook her head. She had gotten lost in her memories again.

“Whatever you say roomie.”

Leaning over to her desk she gave Cat a wicked smirk. “You better be nice to me Miss Catherynne. If you keep misbehaving you’re going to wake up tied to an X with nothing on but your glasses!”

Some of the color drained from Cat’s face.

“Lord have mercy,” she mumbled turning her head away. “You are one crazy bitch.”

Alice gave her silly friend a smile. She had been very accepting of her BDSM Mistress lifestyle. Granted she had stumbled across her whips and stuff while trying to borrow a sweater, but she didn’t seem to mind it. In fact, she had even been fine with her bisexuality and her peeks at her body while she was changing.

Class continued as usual, the Professor droning on about something they had already studied. Generally it didn’t bother Alice but for some reason, today was different. Every muscle inside Alice was tense. She wanted to slam Bengy against the damn wall and demand he admit that he wanted it that way. He wanted to be slammed against walls. He wanted it rough and he wanted it rough from her. Alice blinked for a moment.

Why was she so furious? Did she have a crush on him?

Maybe she did.

Looking back at him she caught him in the middle of peeking at her. His entire face blossomed into pink and without warning he picked up his things and hurried out of class. Cat looked up curiously at him preparing to stand up but Alice shook her head.

“I’ve got this,” she whispered putting a pencil behind her ear.

“Since when are you two friends?” Cat mumbled back looking at her suspiciously.

Alice gave her puppy dog eyes. “Cat? Please bring my books to the next class. Please?”

“Whatever,” Cat said pouting. “Just don’t make it worse. I happen to like Bengy, screws loose and all.”

Standing up, Alice hurried off behind him. She kept her distance as he hurriedly scuttled off. Finally he went into a rarely used boy’s bathroom near the gyms. She could feel her body heat up in anticipation. Walking in, she quietly closed the door behind her. Looking down the long row she saw he had gone into the last stall. He was standing, but apparently the urinals were too public for him. A cruel smirk slithered onto her lips. Without warning she walked in front of his stall, her clipped steps echoing through the silent bathroom.

Taking her pencil she slid the lock up and wrenched open the door. He stared at her like a deer in headlights, his pants around his ankles and his hands still on his…device.

He didn’t move, staring at her with mortified huge green eyes until she invited herself in, closing the stall door behind her.

“Wh-wha…w-w-hat are you!?” he started but she leaned into him biting her lip until it was red and plump.

“Hello Bengy,” she said grabbing at his collar.

Roughly she yanked him down and he fell back, sitting on the toilet seat. He let out a yelp and stiffened even more as she straddled him.

Alice was glad she had worn her plaid skirt and white button down today. The naughty school girl looked seemed to be doing wonders on his member. Or maybe it was just because her clothed pussy was rubbing against it.

Mercilessly she gripped his hair with her right hand and forced a rough kiss on him. He whimpered helplessly, sending excitement coursing through her. Bengy felt her bite his lip and felt a painful amount of blood surge to his dick.

Jesus, how did he get into a situation like this?

She pulled his hair harder and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He was powerless to resist her and she ravaged him, her fingers digging into his scalp. When she was starting to make him lightheaded she released him.

Her blue eyes were ashen, darkened by her lust.

“Yes, I know Bengy,” she cooed, her eyes dark with lust. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

He watched as her hand dipped under her skirt and cried out when her fingers curled around his dick. She squeezed it and Bengy moaned, his head falling back as his hips strained.

“I know Bengy,” she continued, licking the edge of his ear. “…because I’ve been watching you.”

He felt a violent shiver run down his spine and could only gasp as she pushed her breasts into his chest.

“I know that you’ve been looking at me.”

Her wild eyes turned to him with animalistic intent he felt weakened him.

“I know you’ve been staring for, craving for for some time now.”

She started to stroke him in her hand and he nearly became undone at the sensation.

Was this really happening?

“I know exactly what you’ve been staring at and exactly what you’ve been craving…”

Bengy stared as she leaned back and licked her lips.

Then violently, she bit her bottom lip. He watched transfixed as a bead of blood began to dew upon it. His eyes went wide at the erotic sight and she felt him stiffen even further in her hand. He was a good length too; she couldn’t wait to stuff him inside her.

“I also know you have an intense desire for blood.”

He jumped and looked at her, thoroughly humiliated. His classmate, someone he saw every day, someone who was friends with his friends knew his dark secrets.

“It does something for you doesn’t it?” she asked haughtily. “I saw the way you looked at Cat’s injury, don’t lie. The sight of it, the taste of it. It makes you hard doesn’t it?”

She squeezed him on hard and he cried out again, bucking up into her hand instinctively.

“See?” she said smirking. “That’s it. I have you by the balls.”

Finally Bengy could take no more. The embarrassment, the arousal, the humiliation, it was too much.

“Please,” he finally gasped breathlessly.

“Please?” Alice asked biting her lip lightly to make the blood pour faster. “Is that the best you can do?”

“Please…Alice,” he said licking his own lips.

“Lick it off,” she demanded. “Then suck my lip.”

He reached up and did as she had told him, tasting the red salty copper before sucking on her soft moist lip. He could have done this forever, but she viciously pulled his hair back and away from her face.

“Now that I’ve got your attention,” she said in mock joy, “I figure we set things straight.”

Bengy felt a sense of dread enter him as she eased her body slightly back from his.

“Face it honey, you’re between a rock and a hard place. What would you do if your mother found out that you’re a kink? Or our mates? Or worse the whole school?”

Bengy looked at her terrified.

“Please Alice, don’t. Don’t tell anyone.”

She smiled at him and stroked his cheek with her other hand. “Oh I won’t honey,” she cooed. “But I will if you don’t do exactly as I say, understand?”

He nodded which earned him a smack. His eyes widened as the sting started to resonate on his face.

“I asked you if you understand,” she growled.

“Yes Alice.” She slapped him again, harder on the other cheek and he forcibly swallowed his pride.

“Yes…Mistress,” he tried.

She then smiled and stood up. He watched her as she stepped out of her underwear, leaving her heels and miniskirt on before straddling him again. The feel of her hot soft skin against his was incredible.

“Unbutton my shirt,” she demanded, putting her hands on his shoulders.

He hesitated which earned him a warning glare. Then with shaking hands he did as she said. His fingers worked down until he could see her soft supple skin and her belly button. He stopped after the last button and watched with fascination as she pulled her bra up. Hard tight nipples came directly into view, lining up with his face.

“Suck them,” she demanded.

This time he didn’t hesitate at all. Bengy wrapped his lips around her left breast and used his other hand to rub her other one. Her back arched and she began rubbing her pussy up and down against his dick.

He moaned, the vibrations of his lips making her cry out in pleasure. He switched breasts and felt her tangle her fingers in his hair again. Her fingers twitched as she rocked on him like he was a sex machine and not a person. Ripping a hand away from her breasts she shoved it between her legs.

Taking that as prompting he fingered her swollen lips. She was wet, very wet. The thought that she was this wet because of him caused him to feel the ebbing of an orgasm. Feeling precum starting to leak out of him he whimpered her name.

“Alice…Mistress I’m…”

“I know what you’re about to do!” she barked even as she rode his thrusting fingers.

“Hold it the fuck in!” Bengy didn’t know how he was supposed to do it, but didn’t have to worry for long when she jumped off him and kneeled in front of him.

“Don’t touch me,” she demanded then she took him in her mouth.

He cried out, his hands twitching to push her head down deeper into her warmth but he obeyed her. She moved slow, making her languid casual pace torture.

“Oh gosh Alice,” he circled. “Have mercy.”

She lifted her mouth off and starting licking up his shaft. After a few long strokes she flicked her tongue over the head of his cock.

“What do you want Bengy?” she asked in between flicks.

“Please Alice…Mistress…”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I…” She was going to make him say it. She enveloped him again this time deeper and he nearly came again.

Pleasure was so close, why couldn’t he get there?

Looking at the vixen between his legs he saw she was the cause. Taking her claw like fingers she tickled his ball sack, snapping his restraint.

“I need to cum,” he frantically panted. “Please! I’ll do anything!”

Smirking even with a dick in her mouth, Alice took him down farther into her throat and began to increase the pressure of her lips. Stroking his balls and dick at the same time he exploded a second later. Bengy literally saw stars as his orgasm overtook him. Still blinded by his aftershock he was surprised more than her that he was still quite hard.

With little warning she lifted herself up and drove herself down onto his sensitive member. She cried out tossing her head back as he filled her, her wet lips enveloping his cock. He dug his fingernails into his hands, resisting the urge to pull her closer. They sat there for a moment, her feet dangling off the ground until she stood up and started to work him up and down inside her.

He lost his internal self preservation and began gently rubbing her breasts again, almost fascinated at the soft mounds. Roughly she lifted up his shirt and he looked at her wide eyed when she began to work his nipples. She leaned him backwards, his head touching the wall as she continued rocking on him.

Slowly she ran her teeth over his nipples until they hardened occasionally sucking one, sometimes rubbing it fervently until he moaned pitifully. She did this until his chest heaved in a flushed red tone and then focused on fucking him again.

“You feel pretty damn good Bengy,” she said lifting herself up and down as best as she could.

“I bet you’ve thought about fucking me in class. That vacant stare you sometimes get. You were imagining your cock in my sopping cunt weren’t you? How tight am I?”

“It’s…so dirty,” Bengy managed to grit out as his cock started to throb once again.

“I’m fucking you in a bathroom stall,” she hissed digging her fingers into his shoulders. “Of course it’s dirty.”

Gripping his hair she pulled it again. Bengy wasn’t sure whether he loved it when she did that or hated it.

“Tell me you love it,” she panted as she bounced up and down. “Tell me!”

“I love it,” he groaned out before she suddenly shivered on top of him. She squeezed around him and paused but wasn’t sure she had orgasmed. Catching herself, she suddenly looked at him with caring.

“I can’t finish by myself,” she said grinding down on him in slow circles. “It won’t be as intense if you don’t help me.”

Bengy looked into her eyes, the ones he had been avoiding for months. “As you wish Mistress,” he whispered.

Then he gently held her hips. Lifting her up, he pulled her back towards him, then thrusted upwards when he pulled her back down. She cried out in pleasure and helped him work inside of her at a faster pace.

“Ah…this feels good. Yes. Yes! More! Give me more!”

He shoved into her possessed by the whole eroticism of the moment. The feel of her soft flesh riding on top of him, her body and presence lording over him, the thought of being inside her.

They were in school for Christ’s sake! He imagined his classmates just down the hall, their faces if they saw then as they fucked like bunnies. He even imagined her taking him at his class desk, not bothering to hunt him down but expose him in class. Watching Cat’s eyes widen as he fucked her best friend next to her.

Wrapping an arm around her waist he used that one to lift her and used the other to stroke her clit. A few minutes later she unfurled in his arms. She let out a loud throaty moan and bit his neck as her pussy milked him deliciously. He was going to…

Suddenly they heard the door swing open.

“…so yeah Jeff. Dude that class was ridiculous! I hate double maths. It’s damn evil.”

“Tell me about it man.”

He froze as she was still enjoying her aftershock when he heard the sounds of zippers by the urinals. He heard the telltale sound of them urinating when she suddenly revived herself like a zombie.

Wrapping a firm hand around his mouth she started to furiously fuck him, standing up. He held onto her, trying to pry away her vice like grip as she forced him to fuck just feet away from two of his classmates. His moaned and gasped were drowned in her seasoned hand. He could see their feet as they conversed and did their business.

“You’re mine,” she grunted into his ear and he came undone. He screamed into her hand as he came violently, her other hand coming up to muffle his sound.

They both shook as he filled her with his thick hot spurts of semen. Shivering, they heard the sink and then the door shut, leaving silence in it’s wake.

Pulling her hands off of his mouth his head lolled to the side. She had left a nice dark mark on his neck.

“Hardest…fuck…ever,” he panted feeling borderline victimized.

She stood up laughing happily.

“That’s what I’m here for.”

She buttoned up her shirt and slipped back on her underwear while he righted himself. Taking time to try to look presentable they exited the bathroom like nothing happened. They walked in silence to the next building where their class would soon begin.

“So…” Bengy said, feeling once again embarrassed as he reviewed the events.

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