By the way the light washes through the room, it has to be well past noon. I vaguely remember seeing 3:05 on the alarm clock just before sinking into unconsciousness. Neither of us has left the bed since. More accurately, were allowed to leave. This was at Charlotte’s insistence.

We had fallen asleep in the exact position that I came, with Charlotte’s hand between my legs and her arm draped behind my head. Our faces pressed together in an unconscious kiss. She hadn’t even let me wipe up the mess I made on our bodies. Mostly, my body.

I didn’t mind. As nasty as things had gotten, what was a little cum between lovers? Besides, we did a pretty good job of cleaning up. We had been like cats licking the mess off each other.

But now, without the cover of night, I feel a little embarrassed by the idea of cum on my lips. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time; it just doesn’t seem that way now.

As I lie in bed, I listen to the soft sighing snores coming from the other side of the bed. I find them soothing. Such an innocent departure from the filth coming out of her mouth just eight hours ago. It’s relaxing. Sweet, even.

I’m of course, no longer aroused. Last night took a toll on my body and even a full night’s sleep can’t shake the hours that came before it. Last night’s debauchery was just too shocking. Our actions, too unspeakable. In the light of day, shame starts to rear its ugly head.

We’ve shifted enough in our sleep that we are no longer touching. I quietly turn over and see the silhouette of Charlotte’s body on its side. A perfect hour-glass but for the extra bump in the bottom half. I like that it’s disproportional. Such a large and round ass.

I still marvel at the frenzied sex of the night before. I kick myself a bit for cumming so soon the second time. Or for that matter, the first. Having anal with Charlotte is just about the best sex I can think of, so I’m a little disappointed I didn’t give myself the chance to actually do it.

I guess there’d still be time later in the week. I suspect that after last night, we’d spend today gambling. Which wasn’t the worst idea in the world. We did come to Atlantic City for a reason. I look down at myself, completely naked; and completely soft.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up without a hard-on. I decide to give myself a pass. I did after all, have the craziest sex I ever had last night. I still couldn’t believe Charlotte had given herself up like that. So nasty. So dirty. I wonder if she’s going to act as if it didn’t happen when she wakes up. I figure I’d take her lead on that. No sense in recounting what might be embarrassing for us both.

Only, I can’t get the events out of my head. There is a part of me that’s dying to know whether it was being tied up or being so dirty that got me aroused the second time. It suddenly seems very important for me to know. It seemed to happen so fast. The fact that Charlotte took total control certainly didn’t hurt. And the way she talked, God, that was so incredibly hot.

Thinking about that makes me think about the Champagne and I simply can’t get over that experience. I wonder just how much of that Champagne she really had. She was quite the animal. Overall, I had a feeling it would be a night I’d come back to again and again in my imagination. More likely than not, with my cock in my hand.

When she’s at her most playful, Charlotte will put dirty panties in my bag, text me nasty messages, and indulge my deepest fantasies. But I had never known her to be so…so, deviant.

I imagine that she didn’t count on me tearing open her tights; which in Charlotte’s book, was probably a step too far. Hell, it went too far in my book — but only after I came. Prior to me cumming, it seemed like the only thing I wanted.

The only thing I needed. Once again, my inner-Jeckyl and Hyde plays its tricks on me. It occurs to me that Charlotte actually broke that spell last night. How was that possible? As I think this, my eyes are drawn to the bottom half of the hourglass.

That ass. That damned ass. Surely I wasn’t so perverted that the smell of her ass was enough to do the trick. To undo Mother Nature’s limits. But that smell was so strong. So potent. And sure enough, it was her backing up on my face that did it.

I look at the mound under the comforter again and tell myself that can’t possibly be right. Something as simple as smell can’t be the one thing that arouses me after I’ve cum. It was too simple; and quite frankly, too deviant. After all, it wasn’t something as scientific as pheromones.

Or even the salty taste of her sweat; which I’ve told myself many times is what turns me on about her dirty panties. There’s no doubt that pungent smell can do the trick, but there was none of that last night. She hadn’t been slaving away at work, or walking around in the same pair of panties. She had just showered. And of course, the other thing.

I feel extremely conflicted. It confounds me. And then, I suddenly have an idea. I’m not aroused, so now is exactly the right time. I flip up the cover, just enough to see Charlotte’s half naked body. Lucky for me, Charlotte likes to sleep with the bottom half naked. Neither of us cleaned up after last night, so why not see if this is what does it?

A part of my mind (the Hyde part), chides me for being stupid. What the hell? You’ll just make a damn fool of yourself and besides, what if she wakes up? We were both a little tipsy last night and sure, things got out of hand, but it’s daytime now. You don’t want to do this. You’re just going to gross yourself out.

And even worse, you’ll gross out Charlotte if she catches you. What’s she going to think about you? Fucking pervert is what she’ll think. You’ll be lucky to get anywhere close to that ass again. Just roll back over and go to sleep. Hell, last night was fun and spontaneous; but her ass isn’t a science experiment I tell myself. Scream at myself.

I pull the cover back over her. Done is done. And we have two more days to fit plenty of fun in. Just…just not right now. Not only was I not horny, I didn’t want to get horny. And Charlotte had her fill. At least for a little while. We don’t need to keep going at it like a bunch of horny teenagers.

Each time I make it dirty, you’re gonna clean it up. The memory of her words bring a smile on my lips. Even as I start to doze I replay all the nasty words that had spilled from Charlotte’s mouth. Each time I make it dirty, you’re gonna clean it up. Don’t you fucking dare. I’ll fucking dirty it up again. You’re gonna get it so dirty baby. You’re gonna get it right after I make it dirty.

Jesus. Was that really Charlotte? I catch myself lifting the comforter again. The curvature of her hips. The white creaminess of her skin. It’s not sexual. It’s more of an artistic admiration.

Last night I threw curiosity aside for lust. Now its lust that’s secondary to my curiosity. What would it be like to just put my face down there? Would it still smell? Would it still taste sweet? But most importantly, would it still turn me on? I’m conflicted. There’s a part of me that hopes the smell of her ass won’t do anything for me. Then again.

Ah hell. What was the matter with me? When would I get this chance again? As I get ready to wiggle myself down, Charlotte stirs. I completely freeze. There’s a rush that reminds me of the first time looking at porn. The fear of getting caught. The conflict of curiosity. I count to six before I hear that soft snoring sound again. I exhale.

When I finally get my nerve, I slowly pull back the comforter.

“Good morning baby.”

My heart catches in my throat. I’m able to conceal my surprise, but just barely.

“Hey baby.” I manage.

“What time is it?” Her voice is sleepy. Sleepy but incredibly cute.

“I dunno. I just woke up myself.”

She turns around and smiles. It’s sweet Charlotte that looks at me. I can’t help but lean in for a kiss. She returns it; but it’s chaste. The devilish lust in her eyes from the night before is completely gone.

“My breath stinks. I’m gonna go brush my teeth.”

Before I get a chance to respond, she stumbles out of bed. I drop my head back on the bed, content. A great night of sex followed by a great night of sleep. I am perfectly happy. I start thinking about getting up; getting myself ready for the tables at the casino. As I do, I stretch my arms out and yawn.

My hands sweep the linen and purely by luck, it comes across the tattered nylon. I know what it is before I even have a chance to wrap my hands around it. Without thinking, I immediately bring it to my face. I need to know. To answer this question before Charlotte gets back. I find the tear, find the spot, and without even looking, bring it to my face. I inhale. As deeply and as passionately as if she’s wearing it. Again. And then again. I’m desperate to find that smell. To have it make me hard. To have that nasty taste in my mouth.

But I don’t find it. Or rather, I do, but I don’t find that feeling. The smell is vague. Dull. Far away. The funny thing about smell is once it gets in your nose, you get used to it. It becomes less prominent. Less potent. I can smell it, but it doesn’t do much for me. I sigh. I guess not. I put it up to my face one more time, close my eyes and — .

“What are you doing?” I have no idea how long Charlotte’s been gone. With the sound of her voice, I jerk fully awake.

“I…I …baby I was..”

“You didn’t get enough last night?”

“No…I was just wondering…”

“What the hell?”

“Baby..i was just…”

Charlotte yanks at the tights and puts them to her nose. She looks down at me, shaking her head, as if disgusted with me. Before I can say anything else, she pulls down the comforter.

“What the fuck, you’re not even hard?”

“I just wanted to … I was just…”

“Just what?”

For the first time I look at her. Really look at her. She’s still wearing the tank top from last night, but now she’s pulled on a pair of black panties. Charlotte’s hair is a tangled mess, but it only adds to her sex appeal. She still has the tights in her hands.

“Just what?” she repeats.

“I wanted to see if…you know if it would…”

“What? If my dirty ass would make you hard again?”

“Well…yea..i guess.”

“It doesn’t look like it worked.”

“No…I guess not.”

“That’s a shame.”


“Come on, get up. Let’s get some breakfast.”

“Baby, what’s a shame?”

“A promise is a promise.”

“Baby, I don’t understand.”

“You promised me.” She’s hesitant, but her voice is also wanton.

“What did I promise?”

Charlotte leans down and whispers in my ear. “Every time I make it dirty, you have to clean me up.” My eyes snap up to meet her gaze. The tone of her voice has changed. Her breathing is short and rapid. Just saying those words out loud gets her excited. She looks at the tights in her hands, brings them to her nose again, and then tosses them down. “These aren’t going to work. You need something fresh.”

I look at her incredulously. Sitting up, I say, “Baby? We should probably take a brea-”

“I don’t care if you’re horny or not,” she gasps in my ear,” I just got dirty.”

Charlotte leans over to pull off her panties. I think she’s going to give them to me but instead, she tosses them aside as well. “No more panties. You need the real thing.”

“Baby, i…”

As I sit with my back to the headboard, she climbs across my lap. Even as she does so, I get the fresh scent of her. My heart starts thudding in my chest almost immediately. It’s not arousal, just an impulse response to the anticipation. Just as I think, this is going to be bad, she says those exact words out loud.

“You really want me to-”

“Yes.” As she says this, she brings herself up on all fours; exactly perpendicular to my body. Her ass just a foot away from my face. The blast of her odor overtakes my senses again. It’s even more powerful than last night. There are no panties this time. No barrier to give me a chance to get used to that perfume. It’s just her naked ass, rising up towards my face. It doesn’t take long before I’m completely immersed in her scent. That scent.

“Did you really just …?”

“Oh yes.”

“That’s…this… this isn’t ok.”

“Then why are you so hard baby?”

I’m suddenly aware of the downward pressure on my cock against her naked skin. I can feel it jabbing into her pubic area. I realize I’m the one that’s pushing up; grinding myself into her.

My split personality goes into overdrive and the bottom half is clearly winning. Still, I tell myself that enough is enough. Somehow, this is different from just sniffing her dirty panties. Charlotte must be psychic because at that very moment, she says,

“Go ahead baby. It’s just like sucking on my panties.”

“No, it’s really not.” I know it’s not. I just can’t explain why. There’s something inherently wrong with this. But Charlotte is right. Why would I be so hard?

“No, it’s really not,” she echoes. “My panties aren’t this nasty.”

I’m so conflicted. But not about wanting to do this. It’s the fact that her ass is saddled between my cock and my face. I want her ass down so I can grind into her pussy, but I also want her ass up higher. Much higher. Much closer to my face. And there’s only one reason why.

“You know I can only get so clean without showering,” Charlotte says lasciviously, giving her ass a little wiggle. She uses one hand to pull open her right cheek. The smell is overwhelming; so much so that I actually think I’m getting high. I should be repulsed, but the only thought running through my head is “why is my cock so fucking hard?”

It’s been abused so much in the past 12 hours that I worry the damn thing is just going to fall off. Or explode. Still, it feels like it won’t stop getting harder. Bigger. Every time I think I’ve had enough, that I’ve had my fill, Charlotte sticks that ass in my face and I get hard again. How is that possible? How can that be so easy for her to do?

But it’s not just her ass she’s putting in my face, is it? Oh no. It’s much more than that. Charlotte’s been putting her ass in front of my face for the past seven years. Just not like this. Not all dirtied up like some slut. The contradiction is the key. How can this beautiful, lily-white ass that’s so round and soft and otherwise, perfect, smell so obscenely bad?

I put my hands over hers. Together we slowly part her cheeks. The smell is absolutely…gorgeous. Charlotte is right of course. It’s more than just nasty. It’s dark and noxiously intoxicating. Forbidden. Soiled.

I am completely mesmerized. The line splitting her fascinates me. The dark hole in the middle, even more so. It’s perfect. The smell is what makes it perfect.

“What are you waiting for? I know you want to. I can feel how hard you want to.”

Once again, Charlotte takes my pause for hesitation. She doesn’t know that it’s taking every part of my will power to not just bury my face in her. To breathe in her deliciousness. To taste it. IT. That one thing that I find, makes her ass so perfect.

“Baby?? You don’t want it?” Now she’s the one that’s nervous, insecure. Before I get a chance to respond, she crawls off of me. I look down to see my cock is raging. Unbelievably hard. Having cum twice last night, I can’t even imagine how this is possible. I actually wrap my fingers around it to make sure my eyes aren’t deceiving me. When Charlotte turns around to see me with cock in hand, she says, “Baby just come here and fuck me.” She turns herself over on the bed, spreading her legs for me to get a good view of her pussy.

“Now I need you to just…” she’s practically panting now that my face is close enough to feel my hot breath. “I just need…you…” Charlotte’s breathing so heavy she can’t get the words out. “I just need you to put that big cock inside of me.”

I stop stroking myself. Partly to calm myself and partly to figure out what I should do next. I put one hand on each of her bent knees and position myself in front of her. With my cock still raging, I gently guide it against her wet pussy lips. She cries out each time I push against her. I don’t penetrate, instead, I just bump my cock against her wet pussy lips. It’s too much fun watching her suffer.

“Put it in. God baby, put it in me now!”

As she says the word “now,” I slide my hands down her thigh, grip her waist and ram myself in as hard and as far as I can go. Her eyes bulge in surprise and with another two pumps she starts to make that low keening noise I know all too well. Instead of pumping faster to take her where she wants to go, I stop. Her eyes widen as if in panic. She starts gyrating her hips and I immediately pull out. To deny her.

“Baby? What are -”

I dive right back with the full length of my shaft. I do it all in one stroke and sink even deeper inside of her. She is so incredibly wet that there’s almost no resistance at all.

“Oh MY GOD!”

I pull out all the way again and repeat this motion. Again. And then again. Each time she screams out. Each time she grinds herself harder against me. Each time I deny her the opportunity to finish.

I can see it’s killing her. When her frustration boils over, Charlotte sneaks a hand between her legs. I grab both of her wrists and bring them over her head as I plunge back inside. I don’t thrust. I just slide in and hold it there.

“You don’t get to cum yet,” I whisper.

“Oh my God baby, I need it so bad.”

“You cum when I say you cum.” With that, I reach over with my left hand and grab her left ankle. I guide it across her body so she has to turn over. We’ve done this move a million times. Going from missionary to doggie without pulling out.

It’s what I love about the sex we have. The practiced motions of long time lovers. She immediately rolls over, getting on all fours. I push in, making sure I’m wedged deep inside of her. The sound she makes is music to my ears.

“Now, I’m going to make you cum baby. I’m going to make you really cum.”

“Oh…oh…my …Oh my God yes baby.”

I start a jackhammering motion that moves the entire bed. It takes one, two, three thrusts before Charlotte falls into lock-step with me. She pushes back as I thrust forward. It takes less than thirty seconds before she is screaming, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.” Over and over again.

The advantage of having cum so much the night before is that I feel like I can go forever. I’m nowhere near the point in which I might let go myself. I let her have it. Thrust after thrust. Orgasm after orgasm. I lose count.

Each time I pull back, I look down and see her puckering hole. It teases me. The motion of me pounding her backside wafts that scent of her to my nose. It is so much more than nasty. It is completely taboo. I love it. I put both hands on her cheeks to steady myself… and to pull them apart. I can’t stop looking at it.

I position the thumb of my right hand on her sweet spot. It’s moist, either from her sweat, the cum dripping down from her pussy, or maybe even something else. I don’t care. Just the feel of it makes me want to bring it directly to my face. Not that I need to. I can smell it from where I am.

She has become so wet my cock slides out twice during the pounding. Both times I slip it back in without missing a beat. When she finally collapses, out of breath and panting, I fall on top of her. I make sure my cock stays deeply wedged inside of her. Every inch of my body is touching hers. My arms shadow hers, all the way to our interlocked fingers. We lie cheek to cheek.

She’s become completely incoherent, murmuring a string of nonsensical phrases even as she tries to kiss my lips from below. She brings her arms in close, hugging me tighter to her. As she does so, I remember that my right thumb had been pressed right against her dirty rim. I catch the scent of it and instinctively wiggle my bottom half against hers. With our fingers still locked, I bring my hand right up to our faces. I inhale, but Charlotte miss takes this for me wanting her to suck on my thumb. She doesn’t hesitate. She sucks on it like an infant.

There are some men that want a woman to be perfectly clean. As if she has just stepped out of the shower every time she gets in bed with him. It’s a ridiculous fantasy and I only know because I used to be one of these men.

Until I met Charlotte. I don’t really have a good understanding of why that is, only that I know she can’t ever be too dirty for me. I’ve never thought this way about anybody. You’re not supposed to like how someone smells. But when I’m with Charlotte, I want her exactly as I find her. I don’t want to taste her perfume. I want to taste her.

Over the years, I’ve developed a fairly unhealthy obsession with her body and part of that obsession includes the way she smells. Not that she smells much at all. In fact, Charlotte’s the cleanest woman I’ve ever been with. It amazes me. And sometimes, it frustrates me.

But every once in a while, she gives me that natural, dirty side of her. I absolutely love it when she hasn’t had a chance to clean herself up. When spontaneous desire overrides any other consideration. There is an inexplicable intimacy in knowing your lover’s dirtiest parts. Knowing that you want her so bad there’s nothing, certainly not something so small as an unclean smell, that would keep you from her body.

It’s really easy to kiss someone when they’ve just showered. Anybody would do that. But it’s true desire that makes you want your lover’s dirty body. To put your lips where they’re not supposed to go. To put your tongue into every crack and crevice. To savor the taste of salt and skin. To breathe deep a smell that, when it comes from your lover, is no longer dirty but sweet.

I love Charlotte’s body. If she hadn’t showered for a week, I’d still happily lick every inch of her. And yes, if you’re wondering, that includes all of her dirty parts. Especially her dirtiest parts. And I’d probably cum doing it.

When she gives herself over to me like that, when there is no hesitation or insecurity, it’s like something breaks inside of me. It’s a damn that cracks open; and when it does, pure lust pours out. It fills me up. It turns me into a wild animal.

I can think of nothing sexier than all five of my senses being assaulted by Charlotte. And that’s really what it comes down to. Knowing that every part of my consciousness is consumed by her. That there is not one part of my waking mind that isn’t completely engulfed with her essence. The sounds she makes, the way she looks, the feel of her skin, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her body.

So it’s not a surprise that I’m completely delirious when she gets down on her knees in front of me, straddling my legs. She pooches her ass up in front of my face and stretches her body out to grab each of my ankles.

I can hardly move. Not just because she has my legs pinned, but because I am so overwhelmed. I can’t stop but just stare at her gyrating ass. It’s as if I’m in my own private porn movie. I can feel her breasts bouncing on my cock but I hardly notice.

I simply cannot believe that this is happening. That it is happening to me. I briefly think of all the porn I’ve watched in my life and quickly decide I’d pass on all those women for just five minutes of this. I feel as if I am in a drug-induced state. A hyper-reality where all my deepest and darkest fantasies have come to life with a stunning clarity.

But it’s her smell that brings me back. It’s that delicious mix of her pussy and ass that reminds me I’m not watching porn. That this is real. That I will be putting my lips and tongue to the parts of her that lips and tongues are not meant to go. Let the pornstars have their completely sterilized sets. I want Charlotte just like this. With pussy and ass smelling exactly like what pussy and asses are supposed to smell like. I breathe in deeply, savoring the real Charlotte. My Charlotte.

I don’t know how long I sit there, just breathing her in. My eyes are half closed and don’t realize she’s shaking her ass at me. Looking back at me. “Well?”

I look up at her, dumbfounded. “What?”

“You wanted to get it out. Now go get it.” She reaches back and yanks her thong to one side, the dildo slightly pushing out for just a second before her ass swallows it up again. The in and out motion burns into my brain and I know I’ll remember that image for the rest of my life. I put two fingers on the base and push it in slightly. It evokes a gasp.

The base is small. A smooth round piece of glass not bigger than a fifty cent piece. I give it a little tug and feel just how tightly it is wedged into her ass. It makes me instantly jealous. I want that to be my cock. I start pulling at it, but Charlotte’s voice stops me in my tracks.


“You don’t want me to?”

She turns her head to look back at me and with a stern voice asks, “Are you my slut?”

I turn away from her piercing gaze for a second to look at her ass. That beautiful ass with a piece of glass shoved inside of it. It’s enough for me to respond without thinking. “Yes!”

“Then use that pretty slut mouth of yours.”

My mouth drops open. In all the time we’ve been together, I’ve never known her to have such a filthy mouth. Didn’t actually think she was capable of it.

“Come on, slut.” She backs her ass all the way up to me now and it’s only a matter of leaning down a few inches before my face is buried.

There is a theory that dogs sniff each other’s behind because they are attracted to the pheromones located there. I don’t know if this is true or not. But I don’t really care. It very well may be the pheromones, but all I can smell is Charlotte’s sweet and sexy ass. It completely engulfs me.

Charlotte’s been sitting in a car for a long four-hour drive after an even longer workday. She hasn’t showered since this morning and she’s had a dildo jammed in her ass for I don’t know how long. Of course she was going to smell nasty. And she knew it. But she also knows me.

The only hesitation I have is to enjoy the moment. But of course, I don’t last a minute. Not even ten seconds before my face is on her. I lick both of her cheeks, focusing on the areas around the dildo. I kiss, I bite, I suck. The smell of her overwhelms me. The delicious mix of her pussy and ass is completely gone now. All I smell is ass. Filthy, sweaty, dirty. It’s my drug.

And just like any addiction, only the addict can understand the need for it. It is impossible to explain the compulsion. At that moment, I don’t care. I lose all self control. All self respect. I indulge myself unashamedly.

As hot as it is to know her ass has been stuffed for the past several hours, I am desperate to get the damn thing out of my way. I’ve let loose enough spit and saliva to cover the entire length of her ass crack and so I lean in and wrap my teeth around the base of the glass. I give it a slight tug and somewhere, very far away, I can hear her moaning in delight. I do it again, harder this time. The moan gets louder and there’s more give.

Just to give her a little of what she’s given me, I bring my face forward, jamming the plug back into her ass; deeper than it had been before. “Ohhh!” The noise she makes is one of genuine delight. I mentally pat myself on the back for surprising her and then tug back just as Charlotte is still moving forward.

The dildo suddenly slips free and Charlotte makes a sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Somewhere between relief and orgasmic release. She leans all the way forward and I get a quick glimpse of her asshole, still gaping open before the movement snaps the thong back into position. The sight drives me crazy.

I take the dildo from my clenched teeth and place it next to me. As much as I enjoy it, it’s so overpowering next to my nose it makes me light headed. Charlotte reaches back and puts her middle finger right down the crack of her ass moving it to the spot where the dildo had been. She says,

“God, that felt good in my ass, baby.” She’s practically pushing the red cloth inside of her ass, stretching it as far as it will go. I watch, my hand furiously pumping away at my cock.

Charlotte crawls off of my legs and stands just for an instant. Long enough to pull off her panties before she positions herself to straddle me.

She briefly brings them to her nose and says, “God, these smell awful,” and before I have a chance to respond, she straddles me. Her hot pussy slides down the shaft of my cock and I instantly feel the furnace inside of her. Charlotte’s pussy is so wet it makes a slopping sound as she makes her way down to the base of my cock.

I lift my face up to kiss her but what I get instead is a face full of panties. Dirty panties.

I buck my hips in response. Hard. She cries out as I thrust into her and she rides me for a few strokes before she says,

“Come on baby. See how wet you made me.” She pushes the panties against my lips. It’s like a satin kiss, they are soaking wet and it’s clear that this is part of them that were pushing against her pussy just a few minutes ago. I kiss them delicately, enjoying the slight taste of pussy on my lips.

She pushes them past my lips and I get a mouthful of pussy-soaked panties. I start thrusting hard again but this time, she slows me down. She whispers, “shhh.”

I look up, the panties still clenched between my teeth as she tugs the part hanging out of my mouth. She flips it this way and that until she finds what she’s looking for.

I understand now why Charlotte was working so hard to push them into her asshole just a few seconds ago. She’s made especially sure that the part that had practically been inside of her is now inside-out. “You haven’t even got to the good part yet.”

She flips it over as she brings it to my face when suddenly, she wrinkles her nose. The look of sly lust on her face vanishes. I look up questioningly and she says, “Oh God, oh baby. I’m sorry. These are too dirty. Oh don’t.”

She pulls them out of my mouth and replaces them with her lips.

“Wait. What?” I ask when our lips part. “Why did you take them away?”

There are times when Charlotte gets serious about things and there are times when she is playing coy. I honestly can’t tell this time. I kiss her lips and say, “It’s okay baby. I just want you.”

“That’s good baby. You wouldn’t want those nasty panties near your face, would you? I mean, they smell really bad.”

I sigh deeply, not knowing how to respond. I actually did, but I don’t want her to become self-conscious after all we’ve done. I didn’t want to lose the moment either. I use both of my hands to pull her closer to me and she leans back. Her eyes are half closed and she starts making a keening noise that always lets me know when she’s about to cum. I thrust harder.

“Oh …Oh…Fuck me harder.”

I comply, pulling her down as I thrust up.

“Oh yea baby. Yes. YES. Oh it’s so good like this.”

Even harder now. In the back of my mind, I start cautioning myself that in a few minutes, I might not be able to stop.

She starts to pick up my rhythm and we move in perfectly timed unison. I pump up, she thrusts down. I pump up, she thrusts down.

Pump, thrust. Pump, thrust.

“You didn’t want those panties baby.” Pump.

“They were disgusting.” Thrust.

“They smelled so bad.” Pump. Thrust. Pump. Thrust.

She brings her head down next to my ear and whispers, “I could SEE how dirty they were.”

Pump. Pump. Pump.

“You’re so nasty baby. But you wouldn’t have wanted to SEE that.” She emphasizes the word see again and I practically lose my mind.

She finally slows down and brings the panties back up, unfolding them in front of me.

“No way you want these in your mouth. Let me show you.”

She turns them inside out and takes one end with each hand and stretches them in front of my face. I instantly see what she means but instead of recoiling I say, “Oh baby, Oh my God baby.”

The thin string of material that straddled her ass, the part that she had purposefully put inside of her ass, now stretches in front of our faces. I hesitate for just a second before I lean forward.

She maneuvers the dirtiest part of the panties right under my nose and says, “Leave it right there. Leave it right there you nasty slut.” She keeps the panties hooked on her thumbs as she grasps both sides of my head.

Keeping me at arm’s length, she begins a series of thrusting motions, her grip on my head getting tighter and tighter. She is practically rubbing the panties into my nose but it hardly matters anymore. I’m completely engulfed in her smell. She continues her rant, “You nasty…you nasty…oh my god you nasty fucking slu—hhh, slu-h, s-, shit. Oh shit, oh shit oh shit.”

She finishes her orgasm with my head still tight between her hands. It’s one of her small ones and she recovers rather quickly. It’s not enough for her to stop gyrating on my cock, even as she’s getting herself ready for the next one. I have an insane urge to kiss her but for now, she’s still holding my head away from her; the panties stretched taut across my face. I’m so horny now that my hips start bucking without me noticing.

“Don’t you cum. Don’t you fucking cum.” She practically screams these words at me and spittle from her wet lips fly at my face. Sadly, this turns me on even more, but I regain enough self-control to slow myself down.

“Why the hell does this turn you on so much?” Regular Charlotte is back. She’s genuinely curious. I of course, have absolutely no answer to that question.

“Oh baby, it smells so good.” I say.

“No. It doesn’t. It smells like…like…it smells”

“Charlotte.” I finish for her. “It smells like my Charlotte and I fucking love it.” This time, I can’t stop myself. I want to let her dominate me, but I need this kiss. I reach out and hold her face the way she holds mine and bring her into me. She offers absolutely no resistance and, beyond my wildest imaginings, she kisses me with the panties between our faces. Passionately. Violently.

We pause only to take deep breaths through our noses. We inhale the scent. We savor it. Before long, she lets go of the panties and it falls down towards our hungry mouths. We kiss each other through the fabric. Our tongues poke at it. Lick it. Push through it. They probe the fabric for one another.

The taste of it fills our mouths. God this is so nasty. As I think this, she says it out loud.

“So fucking nasty,” she pants.

“Yes. Baby.” We kiss harder. She rocks harder.

“It’s fucking disgusting.” She says, as she picks herself up and plops herself back down over my cock. It makes a smacking sound. Smack. Smack. Smack. It’s a very wet noise.

“So why’s my pussy so wet?”

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Why am i- i- i- cu-..fuuuuuuuck! Suddenly, she is screaming in ecstasy. She cums louder and longer than I have ever heard her cum. Her mouth is full of obscenities. “Fuck. Shit. Mother. Shit. Fucker. Shit. Slut. “

It drives me crazy when she cums this violently. It makes me want to release and every ounce of my willpower is needed to make sure I don’t. Even with an orgasm this size, I know she’s not done. That she’s going to need more. And she’s indulged me so much already, how can I disappoint?

Her head drops down on my shoulder as her body goes from shaking to a low grade tremor. With her face next to my ear, I can still hear her muttering cuss-words underneath her breath. It sounded like, “What the fuck”. She pulls the panties from my mouth and throws them across the room. Charlotte looks at me, dazed and confused; as if this is the first time she has ever experienced an orgasm.

Finally, with a bit of embarrassment, she asks, “Why…why did I cum so hard?” I don’t know what to tell her, but she isn’t kidding. I can feel the sloppy wetness around the base of my cock. Her pussy is leaking like a hose. I answer by pulling her in close and kissing her. When our lips part, she leans forward again and I think she’s going in for another kiss. But instead, she stops and sniffs.

“Can you smell it? Your face still smells like ass.”

“Yes baby.”

“You don’t mind?”

“You didn’t seem to.”

She sniffs again. But this time, it turns into a kiss. “I like that you like it.”

“I think you liked it a little more than that.” I respond.

She blushes a bit as I say it and we kiss again. This time it’s more of a lover’s kiss. Not nearly as bestial as before.

“God you turn me on.” Before too long, the kisses get more aggressive and she starts that gyrating motion again. Charlotte tends to cum a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean she can cum a dozen times in one hour. The first time I was with her, I thought she was faking it. Over the years, I’ve found out that Charlotte never fakes. As long as there’s a hard cock in the room, she’s going to keep cumming. I love this about her. She quite literally, cannot get enough.

“What are you gonna do now? My panties are all the way over there.”

“I don’t need them to cum.” I start pumping my hips up.

She responds by pooching her lower lip in mock sadness and says, “You don’t like my ass anymore?”

“Of course I do baby.”

“Was it too smelly?”

“No baby, it was so hot.” I am getting so excited. She is driving me crazy with that a coquettishly sweet voice.

“But…but…there were…they were…”

“Yes baby.”

“You love me that much?”

“Yes baby.” I whisper this next part into her ears. “I love you so much I’d lick your stained panties.”

Her eyes widen at that word and she kisses me so deeply I think she might be trying to swallow my tongue. Her moment of insecurity is gone. She’s satisfied with my assurances and now confident Charlotte is back.

“But you didn’t cum. It was right there in your face and you didn’t cum.” She says this last part the way a six year old whines.

“I’m gonna cum now baby.” I pump even harder, but she’s not responding with her own thrusts yet. She’s still having fun with me.

“I don’t think you should get to smell my ass anymore. It didn’t make you cum.” More whining. I almost expect her to say, “So there.”

“Baby, I loved it. I love you.” I’m desperate to get her to start thrusting her hips. I really, really want to cum.

“Tell me you love my ass.”

“I love your ass baby.”

“Tell me you love my big ass.”

“I love that big fucking ass.”

“Tell me you love it when it smells.”

“I love it especially when it smells.”

“You want it to stink?”

“YES!” “A lot?”

She finally begins to start thrusting. Much to my relief. Now the Q and A is timed to our pump and thrust rhythm. Her questions drive me crazy. Hell, the evil sound in her voice is driving me crazy.

“As dirty as it’ll get.”

“And you’ll still kiss it?”

“Yes baby. Always. Yes.”

She is grinding me hard now. So hard I think that either I have to cum or my head will explode. Just then she leans down and whispers into my ear, as if telling me a secret, “I like smelling my ass on your face. It’s fucking hot.”

And then it happens. There is a switch from lovemaking to wild panic. We move in frenzy. The kisses come from everywhere. From every direction. In between gasps of breath words tumble out of her mouth.

“It makes you all nasty. You really are my nasty little slut. You FUCKING smell…” She pauses to lick up the sides of my face, “You fucking smell good.”

We fuck like animals. It’s the only way I can describe it. My back has been to the couch all of this time and now it’s literally banging against the wall with a thump thump thump sound. Behind me, I hear what must be a hung picture crash to the ground. We both ignore it.

“You’ll lick it baby? You’ll lick my ass when it’s this dirty?” The demure voice is gone. She’s now full-on bitch mode now.

“Oh baby. Yes. “

“I’ve had that dildo in my ass for hours.”

“Oh baby.”

“Now I feel so fucking dirty.”

“I love you dirty.”

“I want to be clean. You’ll fucking lick it clean?”

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