Its a quiet summer night, a little humid, but cool enough that we can finally have the windows open in our duplex. My roommate working late again, who knows when she will be home. Its been a relaxing night, sat out on the patio and read til dark, had a salad, watched about ten minutes of tv before realizing nothing good was on. Shut off the tv, and went upstairs for a shower. Felt good to have that lukewarm water running all over me, then stepping into just a nip of cool air. Makes my skin tighten a little feeling a little cool.

After drying off, I slip into my pink satin robe, and go to sit on the bed. Pop in my Rachmaninov and settle in on the bed to put lotion on, especially over my silky, freshly shaved legs. As I am settling in spreading the lotion in, I hear the door rattle.

“Jamie, you home? That you?” I call out. Hearing no answer, I dismiss it as the wind rattling something outside, nothing more. After I few minutes I hear what sounds like a loud bang down stairs.

“Jamie? That you?” Becoming restless I proceed down the carpeted stairs to investigate. Upon entering the living room I see the cause of my concern. I didn’t close the inside patio door when I came in, so the breeze was rattling the vertical blinds against the wall and door.

I slide the door shut and lock it, feeling a lot more relieved. I go to the kitchen and get a drink out of the fridge.

Walking back to the stairs I pass the mirror in the hall. I stop to admire myself, brushing back my wet hair off my shoulders, and turning left then right, admiring how I look. I decide that the Tae Kwon Do AND the Yoga are paying off. My ass is really taking shape, and my legs and calves are toning up nicely too.

I think to myself, “What the Hell, nobody is home.” I untie my robe and push it back off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Checking out the rest of my body, I realize that the breeze cooled the room off significantly and my nipples are hardening; but damn, does my core look great. I run my hands all over my body, my spine shivers all the way down to between my legs, my eyes close as my hands dip between my legs rubbing my dampening pussy. My clit is so swollen, touching it sends electricity through me. My left hand pinching my nipples, and my right hand pleasuring myself.

It feels so good. I open my eyes and watch myself, its like an out of body experience watching myself. I step closer to the mirror, look deep into my own eyes. My hot breath fogging the mirror a little and bouncing back into my face. I lean in to the sexy woman staring back at me, slowly passionitely I kiss her smooth, glass like lips. Making out with her, kissing her passionitely, suddenly the pleasure overwhelms me and my body quivers and convulses in orgasm.

Once calmed down I bring a soaked finger to the lips of my lover staring back at me, and rub them on her lips, and kiss my taste off her lips.

“Thank you baby”. I pick my robe up off the floor and head back up the stairs and to my room for a full night’s rest.

As I enter my room and turn to shut the door, suddenly a hand comes behind me covering my mouth. I try to scream, but am unable to. A hoarse voice whispers into my mouth,

“Just be quiet, bitch and nobody gets hurt.” I whimper and struggle and try to get my foot free to use my trained self-defense tactics, but as I work free, a knife blade is pressed to my throat.

“I told you to behave and nothing will happen. Do you understand me?” I nod quickly, not wanting to be hurt, but afraid of what will happen.

“You should know better than to leave your door open at this time of night. You are just asking for something like this to happen.” I nod looking down at the knife being held by a hand wearing a silver watch, looking for any identifiable items for later.

“Now you don’t want to get hurt do you?” I shake my head.

“Good Girl”. I feel myself being spun towards my attacker… what do you know? He’s dressed in black and wearing a ski mask.

“Now Kneel Bitch!” Quickly I drop to my knees. As He holds the knife toward my throat, he unzips his fly and releases his raging hard on and steps out of his jeans.

“Suck it bitch!” Slowly I part my lips and suck it gently.

“Do better than that!” He tries to force into my mouth roughly but I pull back some, soon I feel the knife tip poking the side of my neck hard, the sudden action makes my jump, and I feel the searing pain, and see a trickle of blood run down the blade on to my assailant’s index finger, right along his clinched second knuckle. Thankfully, nothing bad, but bad enough. He grabs my head and starts roughly fucking my mouth.

“I gave you a chance, bitch, and you didn’t play nice.” He is ramming my throat so much I scream but its muffled and it can escape my mouth. Soon he relinquishes his assault on my mouth, and orders me to the bed on my hands and knees.

“Oh my you are a wet little slut aren’t you?”.. I nod knowing that I am still damp from my escapade down in the hall. Roughly I feel his pole stuffed into my body. He rams hard and quickly.

“Don’t worry, you little slut. If you are a good this won’t take long.” Sadly my body betrays my fear and my pussy gets soaked, and my hips thrust back involuntarily towards him.

“That’s a good bitch, my cock is soaked.” Suddenly he withdraws, and stuffs himself into my ass… I yelp, and he holds that knife to my throat again.

“I told you be quiet bitch!” I hold still, as he assails my ass. I hear him panting and moaning, thankful it will be over soon, I feel him clinching up and I know he is close. Suddenly he stuffs back into my pussy and erupts jet after jet into me. Wishing I wouldn’t, but unable to control it, I spasm on him as well, sucking him deeper into me. And as quickly as it started, I hear him gather his things and run out. A slamming door and squealing tires tell me it over.

Crying and sobbing, I call you and tell you the general story of what happened, and that I need you over here as soon as possible, and that I am so frightened and I need you spend the night. I go back into the shower and clean myself up, noticing the cut on my neck is nothing serious.

Not long after I am clean again, I hear you at my door. I take my bat with me to let you in. I lead you right up to my room and collapse and begin sobbing. You comfort me, and tell me it will be ok. You cuddle with me in my bed and tell me that you will protect me. I kiss you passionitely, and lead your hand into my robe.

“Are you Sure? You have been through hell.”

I smile. “Baby, I have been through worse, and am no worse for wear. I need to show you how much I appreciate you dropping everything and coming to my aid.”

You smile and say “no problem.”. I reach into your pants and start to play with your cock.

“Baby, it feels a little wet?”

You look at me, “Well I didn’t think I was coming over tongiht, so I was relieving myself with that pair of panties you had on over this weekend. I didn’t get a chance to finish.”

I am stroking as I chuckle, not noticing that its taking a little bit longer than normal to get you up. “It’s ok baby, not all of us have gotten fucked already tonight.”

You laugh and kiss me deeply. I moan in pleasure, then suddenly scream in pain.

“Ouch, baby my Hair!” You apologize that you are caught. I reach up and help you free yourself.

“What’s that?”, I ask.

“It’s my new watch I bought yesterday, I thought it looked really good, and you said silver looks really good on me.” Suddenly my mind is clear, and everything falls into place as I notice the dry blood stain on your right index finger, second knuckle……

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