On a warm day in July, Dorothy Estevez strolled through the Benthamsthwaite College Faculty club, smiling and waving to those she met. Approaching a featureless paneled wall in the common room, she touched a knot and stepped back as a concealed elevator door opened. She rode it down two stories to the basement, exited and walked to where Teddy, the college’s resident alien and master, stood with his mass of purple tentacles waving gently five feet above her head.

“Hello, Teddy. I presume you want me?” She began to disrobe and to hang her garments on the convenient valet.

“Always, Dorothy,” Teddy fluted in response, “I love all you humans but some more than others. You, for some reason, appeal to me even more than most. But I want a report, too. How is our little plague spreading?”

“Slowly, dear. I infected my old college roommate and her husband and they in turn got another couple. I also converted the Chairman of the Board of Trustees who then nailed his dear wife. But Teddy, I am the Provost of the College and have responsibilities. However appealing the idea, I can hardly drop everything and devote my life to sex.”

“So your solution is . . .?”

Dorothy leered as she related. “I found an undergraduate intern and abducted him. I know that was overly dramatic but it just seemed the right thing to do.”


Elliot Murdoch blinked a few times and muzzily became aware of his surroundings. The last thing he remembered was being about to leave his internship in the Admin building at Lindsey College. He’d said his good-byes around the office saving the Provost for last. Once she’d told him, “Farewell” and thanked him for his service, Elliot had turned away to suddenly feel the sting of a needle in his left buttock. Now he was awake. The room was dimly lit and he was facing a monitor that showed the image of a severely dressed young woman with a grim face working in apparent ignorance of the camera trained on her work station. Most alarming he was standing upright, naked, and his wrists were firmly tethered next to his ears and his feet as well.

“As I recall, Elliot,” Provost Estevez’ voice purred in his ear, “You are quite the vintage film buff with an especial fondness for B grade horror flics. Therefore you should be quite familiar with the scene where the helpless and hapless heroine faces her inescapable doom? It might be the wax vat, mummification alive, a gigantic serpent or whatever. The point is that there is never a way out and no hero rappelling down the building to rescue her. Appreciate her predicament. And now feel free to scream because you are in that very position. I’m going to change you into something else and there is no escape and no going back.”

“D—Dr. Estavez?”

“The very same, but from now on, call me Mistress.” She came into view and quite a view it was. Her long dark hair cascaded down her shoulders and back and she was clad in a tight, dark red jump suit. Unlike her usual business wear, this outfit displayed, even flaunted a spectacular figure.

“Very soon I’m going to transform you into a truly sexy beast. Delightfully hairy, a two inch thick cock and a pair of balls so large I’ll need both hands to do this.” She palmed his ‘package’, bouncing it gently. “In other words, after about a month Elliot Murdoch will be a satyr, minus the horns and hooves, of course. Additionally, you will have complete control over a vastly improved collection of pheromones. They will be so powerful you will be able to turn a woman on just sitting upwind of her drinking your coffee. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to whisper in her ear that you know a place where the two of you can be alone and she will, possibly blushing and stammering, come with you and, in the vulgar, put out. And a month after she has, she will a nymph—like me.”

As she spoke the woman grasped the zipper pull between her breasts and tugged it down to her crotch. Languidly she pulled her arms from the sleeves and let it drop in a puddle at her feet. She was smooth and bare with the skin of a nubile teenager. She lifted her breasts with her hands, squeezing them and pointing the nipples like gun barrels at his face. “Now does that sound so terrible a fate? Not that it matters whether you accept it or not because there’s no way you can prevent it.”

“But—but why? And why me?”

“Because you’re cute, because I can and because I want to. There are some side benefits like complete immunity to all venereal diseases and reduced violent aggression but the real reason is that young lady on the monitor. She never has any fun, just works her poor little ass off sixty hours a week doing data entry. She’s even forgotten what she was working toward. So—I’m shall play fairy godmother and turn you into something else—for her benefit.”

She leaned close to his face and blew gently in his face. There was a scent of cinnamon and nutmeg with just a hint of apple in the air. Elliot felt his face flush, heat rise in his groin and his cock stiffen and stand upright. Dorothy ran soft, warm hands up and down its length and thumbed the frenum under the helmet. Elliot moaned. She knelt down and took it in her mouth slowly stroking the shaft and sucking firmly. She stood back up.

“It’s caused by a genetically modified Trematoda fluke. I was infected with it by a gentleman who didn’t even know he was a carrier at the time. He does now. And I’m one, too. And soon, very soon, so will you be. Needless to say the young ladies will be very impressed, especially when you stick your new, giant cock in them—and you will. Each one you seduce and fuck will also become a nymph and go on to seduce and be fucked by other young men. Naturally, they will all be infected, enhanced and turned effectively into satyrs just like you are about to be.

You see, Elliot, though I can use my pheromones to seduce you, everything has its price. I’m not just a fem fatale, I’m an object of desire. And when a man desires me I need to have a very good reason to decline. I seldom do. Being thrown down on my carpet and relentlessly used by a great tool like the one you’re going to have is fabulous and that’s what you’ll be doing to in a month. Then I’ll turn you loose on chicks like Sylvia over there. All work and no Playmate makes Jill dull. So you’ll change that. She’ll be happier when she’s sexy and you’ll be happy when she’s on her back with her legs spread. But now, say good-bye to the old Elliot, darling. You’re about to be changed.”

She pushed a button and the frame that held him rotated until he was flat on his back. Dorothy smiled and stroked him some more before reaching back and producing a silicone cock ring. She stretched it out and slipped it over his member, sliding it down to the base.

“Oh look at that. Elliott you are harder and see how beautifully purple the helmet is now? With this on I can ride you as long as I want and you can’t come. So I will.”

She straddled him and let herself down on his engorged cock and began to post up and down.

“You can’t feel them, baby,” she purred, “but right now thousands of microscopic flat worms are swimming up your urethra and burrowing into the mucus membranes. They’ll ride your bloodstream and then settle down into your balls and prostate. From there they’ll send exotic chemicals to every part of your body enhancing you manhood and making you something new. There is no cure and that’s a good thing because no one ever wants to be cured.”

Physically helpless and with his body completely at the mercy of her sexuality, Elliott still had one small corner of his brain to call his own. Oh gawd, why? Why me? I’ll be a monster. Where does a man hung like that find underwear? Please let this be a dream and let me wake up.


Teddy made the buzzing noise that seemed to his version of laughter. “Oh, Dorothy, that was fiendish. You make an old monster proud the way you’ve learned to ravish the reluctant. It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction every time I overwhelm some innocent and plunder him or her. By the way, my pet, I can smell that the memory alone is making you all hot and bothered. Come to me.”

Dr. Estevez sighed in happy compliance. She was desired, she would respond. Walking up to Teddy’s massive trunk she wrapped her arms around it and began to rub her mons on its warm, leathery surface. “Violate me, Teddy. I want it rough.”

A tentacle snaked down her back and between her buttocks. Locating her well-lubricated anus it pressed against it and popped inside. Swelling in girth it reached much farther inside than any penis and then began to piston in and out.

“Ow!” But it was a good hurt, she thought, and arched her back to improve the alien’s access. She took deep breaths filling her bloodstream with oxygen. The sensations were exquisite, so full and stretched, the thick arm sliding powerfully in and out of her body. Soon she was panting, driving herself to orgasm until with a whimper she climaxed; her body spasming and writhing in ecstasy. Dimly she was aware that Teddy was speeding up and then stiffened. She felt the gush of thick fluid go deep into her bowels. It came, too. But then, Teddy always does.

Dorothy felt tentacles wrap around her and lift her into the nest of arms at the top of Teddy’s trunk. Held warm and cozy, it rocked her back and forth.

“So, once you infected the young stud, then what happened?”


A month had passed since Dorothy had forcibly seduced Elliott. She was sitting at home reading a book when the phone rang. “Hello?”

“MIstress? It’s Elliott. Actions have consequences, Mistress. You made me into a satyr and now I want you. I’m coming to your apartment, Mistress, and I’m going to pound you into the mattress. I’m going to make you understand just what a monster you created.”

“Are you, really? Then I’ll just have to get ready, won’t I. The security code on the main door is two, three, six, six and my apartment is 401. The door will be unlocked, Elliott. Let yourself in. I’ll be in the bedroom, dear man, waiting.”

Twenty minutes later a showered, moisturized and naked Provost lay in her bed, the sheet pulled up to her chin. She heard the apartment door open, close and lock. She shivered in anticipation. He was here.

Elliott looked around the apartment. He paid no attention to the shelves of books, the designer furnishings or the art but plunged across the living room and into the hall. The way to the right was dark but the doorway at the end of the left side was open and low light flooded out. He stalked through that door and stood looking down at the woman on the bed.

Dorothy gazed up at him, her eyes bright and her tongue tip out between reddened lips. He was magnificent. In the last month, Elliott had grown a spade beard and the rest of his face was shaved blue. Thick brown hair covered the backs of his hands and down the knuckles to the second joint. A wave of cinnamon, nutmeg and apple wafted across the room at her. She breathed deeply and felt the pheromones start her blood flowing into all the best and most delightful places. Her thighs melted and spread on their own volition, her nipples perked up stiff and she felt the lubrication flow in her pussy and ass. Taking a deep breath she blew out a cloud of her own pheromones.

Tossing aside his coat, Elliott pulled the polo shirt over his head exposing a lion’s mane on his chest. Dorothy’s eyes widened. Kicking off his Weejuns, the student unfastened his trousers and dropped them to the floor. Dorothy gasped faintly. No matter how often she saw it, she thought, she would never fail to be impressed by a fully enhanced and fully erect male. She had no doubt that tonight he would, as promised, pound her into the mattress, probably in all orifices.


“And did he use you satisfactorily?”

“No, Teddy, he used me divinely. He fucked me, then demanded oral sex, then fucked me again and then rolled me over and sodomized me. He was so masterful . . . .”

“And then?”

“Well, the next morning he did me all over again, but I don’t suppose that’s what you meant. What happened next was that after I told him what a wonderful monster I thought I’d made, I reminded him about that unhappy girl in data entry. Now, Teddy, this is where you come in.”


“Since neither I nor any of the—mature people I’ve transformed have the time to really spread the flukes around properly, I’ve decided that what we need is some full-time carriers. I propose that you set up a foundation that will pay them a comfortable student living while they spend their time seducing and transforming the undergraduate population. Elliott will seduce Sylvia. In fact, he probably already has. Once she completes her metamorphosis she will go out and seduce two or three men each day and Elliott will do the same for the women. How fast it spreads beyond that remains to be seen but I expect that each ‘victim’ can be expected to spread it to at least one other each month, probably each week. At two to four thousand conversions each year, Lindsey College should become another wellspring of sexuality in no time at all. Deal?”

“Deal. I’ll tell Tolliver to set up something like it here. Up to now, all the enhancements have been faculty members with a sprinkling of graduate students and staffers. Before I engineered the Trematodae I had to do all the conversions myself. Needless to say it was slow. Now things can pick up. And of course, all children of our new ‘satyrs’ and ‘nymphs’ will be that way naturally as the fluke eggs pass to the children at birth. And you, madam Provost, will need to be assiduous about tempting other faculty at intercollegiate conferences. The college campuses of the world are the perfect breeding ground for a happier, healthier and less violent humanity.” The alien buzzed again. “And you really need to get more Peace Core recruiters on campus. The faster we can spread this to the other parts of the world, the better. I’m really interested in seeing what happens when it hits the Middle East.”


Sylvia melted into the soft leather of Dr. Estevez’ Jaguar. She’d never ridden in so luxurious a car before and she intended to enjoy every moment. The ride gave her time to reflect on the previous few weeks—very strange weeks, indeed.

She’d been feverishly making entries the way she did hour after hour day in and day out when there was a soft thump on her desk. She’d looked up in surprise to see a pleasant-looking young man with a spade beard put a cup of coffee down and take a sip from another. He’d smiled and introduced himself. She thanked him for the coffee, drank some and then turned back to her work when something made her pause and look up at him again. He was surprisingly attractive, though part of that may have been his cologne with its hint of cinnamon, apple and nutmeg. They’d chatted a while and then he’d taken his leave, promising to come back at lunch time and take her out. Sylvia had protested that she had too much to do but Elliott, which was the young man’s name, had laughed and said that her work wouldn’t run away while she ate so there was no reason she couldn’t leave it.

Lunch had led to dinner and then, when he escorted her back to her austere apartment, a long, impassioned kiss. Without knowing why, she invited him in and he spent the night. It had been a long time since Sylvia had had sex but she was sure that that night’s was the best she ever had. It had been a wonderful one night stand, she thought—and then the changes started. Her body hair disappeared and she had to buy new bras—twice. The face that looked back at her from the mirror in the morning lost its grim, clenched-teeth expression and grew soft, appealing, and vulnerable.

Elliott had not kissed her and run. It became a regular habit for him to pick her up from work on Friday, take her out to dinner and either a movie or a walk by the lake and then take her home and keep her moaning and screaming half the night and all the next morning. She wondered if maybe she was falling in love though it felt more like she had acquired a good ‘friend with benefits’. Then she was summoned to the Provosts’ office.

Dr. Estevez’ manner was warm and friendly but her words were straight to the point. “Sylvia, my dear, welcome to the world of nymphs. You, and sweet Elliott of course, are mine now. Just as I am a love slave and sex toy to another, (and believe me darling, I am and proudly so) so you and he are mine. And since you two now belong to me, body and mind, I am going to use you as weapons in the culture wars. The reprobates and misogynists who think that somehow they can return America to some blissful ideal of the 1950′s have only fervor in their favor. And while the rest of us have had some success defeating them in the courts and the voting booths, I propose to wipe them off the face of the country with biology.”

Smiling like a well-canaried cat, the Provost had explained what she had done to Elliott and, in turn, what he had done to Sylvia. She made a firm point that it was irreversible so both young people may as well get used to the idea, not that Sylvia felt it was so bad an idea by this time. And when Dorothy revealed the financial arrangements she had made, her newest nymph was floored. Not have to work 50-60 hours a week anymore? Come to think of it, she was unsure why she was doing that in the first place. In the beginning it was a way to pay for school but then the workload increased to the point where study was impossible. So Sylvia dropped out intending to build up a nest egg that would let her return full time. That was three years ago and now—well, she wasn’t even sure how large that nest egg had gotten. Somehow work had become an end in itself and looked at from a rational perspective that had been just absurd. She quit on Friday and now in the early Saturday afternoon Sylvia was being driven to a party. At least it seemed like a party.

“What happens tonight, Sylvia dear, will be a bit of a foretaste of your new life. Not your entire life, of course, but the next few years or so. We’re going to some dear friends of mine. There will be about four or possibly five couples—and you. You are the evening’s entertainment. There will be a round, king-sized bed in the basement and couches all round it. After some light hors d’oeuvres, you will strip down and get into the center of it. It will be your stage. Elliott and I will start. We will both enjoy you immensely for twenty or thirty minutes and then the next couple will take over. Everyone else will sit around watching—or supposedly watching. I suspect that there will be considerable side play once you’ve gotten everyone’s juices running. Some may come back for seconds. Doesn’t that sound delightful?”

Sylvia sat openmouthed and speechless. “I—I’m gonna lay a train? Of couples?”

Dorothy nodded emphatically. “You are. Elliott assures me you know your way around a man’s body quite well. Now you need to do the same with women. You see, Sylvia, too many couples get into the habit of constant squabbling. They don’t have a real reason; it has just become a habit. We need to intervene—for their own good, of course. When you come upon two people crabbing and nagging at each other in public, you will approach them and give them a solid dose of pheromones. Wait a few minutes for their fussing to subside in confusion, hit them again and then suggest that they take you home. Enjoy infecting them both. Spend the night and then take your leave in the morning secure in the knowledge that one small corner of the world has become a happier place.

Sylvia knew there was a flaw in the Provost’s reasoning but couldn’t for the world figure out what it was. Still, the idea had a strange appeal. She’d been given power, immense power now that she thought of it. It might not be a guaranteed power for good but she was certainly happier being a nymph than she had been as an office drudge. And Elliott hardly went around with a black cloud over his head so maybe Dr. Estevez had a point. She thought of her late parents’ constant fights over nothing. She’d gone to Lindsey College to get away from them. She scowled in determination and nodded to herself.

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