Saturday morning, the day after what seemed like a dream. Thoughts of Natasha were running round my head along with Kay’s attitude the previous night. Hither to she had always found my fetish for satin clothing a worry and although she would pamper to me by wearing whatever I bought for her, it would never be used as they were last night. I resolved to question her about it later after a couple of glasses of wine, but first I had to go shopping for my “date” with Natasha. I was getting hard just thinking about it!

Whilst lying awake in the early hours, with a raging hard on wrapped in Natasha’s present, I had an idea. Rather than go to John Lewis on the chance they had something I would like, I would drive out to the shop where I had bought Kay the silver set. The thought of shagging Natasha silly whilst dressed as Kay had me getting up at 5am on the pretext of needing the loo so I could relieve myself of what was becoming quite a painful erection and I was in too much of hurry for any kind of foreplay that would be needed to get a sleeping Kay interested at that time.

A few hours later on, heading out the door saying I would be a couple of hours, I jumped in the car and drove the 45 miles to the small town where the boutique was located. Now normally I am not embarrassed at walking into lingerie shops, but today because it was a clandestine purchase I felt every eye on me, especially when the bell over the entrance rang, to me it sounded like Big Ben!

Once inside I scanned the interior looking for satin and silk lingerie. It was a small shop so there was not many places to hide stuff, but all the displays seemed to hold skimpy and lacy stuff. Whilst this maybe what ladies like to make themselves feel sexy, it does little for me as I like the shimmer as a lady moves and the accentuation or her curves that the shine of satin gives you. Then there is the sensation of caressing it, like caressing alabaster skin.

After a while the shop assistant came over and asked if I needed any help. After explaining that I had purchased a set from here last Christmas and wanted to purchase some more in the range I was told that the winter ranges had been removed in favour of the summer ranges, but that the stock would still be there as they were moving to sell on the internet more so did not need to sell stock off when the new came in anymore.

“Is there any way I could purchase some of that stock whilst I am here?” I said and feeling that I need to justify myself, “We have an anniversary coming up and I am taking her away. This is her favourite lingerie and I want to surprise her by having stuff packed without her knowing.”

It must have been convincing as she agreed to take me upstairs to the stock room “Seeing as the shop is not busy, sir.” Upstairs was like an Aladdin’s cave! Some items were under plastic covers, but you could see the shimmering material beneath like jewels waiting to be dug up. I wondered what it would be like to just dive into a pile of it all. Then I had an even better thought, what if I brought Natasha here and we had a fashion show, would I be able to stand the strain?

After describing the range I had bought previously I was led over to one corner where hanging rail was covered in plastic. My heart leapt when it was removed as it was the entire range and whilst some items were only in colours other than the silvery grey I adored, there were garments there I had not seen before. One of which made my cock twitch; there at the end of the rail was a petticoat. Now I had loved the look of a petticoat since junior school where I had snuck numerous peaks up my teacher’s skirt, the trouble was that they were not fashionable any more, I guess because skirts came with linings now. The thought now of Natasha modelling this for me was causing my groin much distress and I was worried that the shop assistant would notice the bulge in my trousers.

What also took my eye was waist clincher. From her pictures on the site, Natasha seemed to favour items that covered her midriff and with no long “body” type item in the collection, this might be better than a normal suspender belt. Telling the assistant the sizes I needed I pointed out the items I wanted; a balconette bra, the clincher, pair of full briefs, pair of French knickers and the Pièce de résistance, the petticoat (or slip as I was informed they were called now).

As the assistant covered the stock back up I had a look around and spied a red set and a royal purple set. This last colour struck me as highly sexy and I wondered why I had not seen it before. I resolved to make another trip here and invest some more bonus in my growing addiction. After adding a pair of sheer full fashioned silk stockings to the pile of goodies, I had the items gift wrapped and paid for them, I then hurried back to the car and hid the box under a rug in the boot. Just before leaving I noticed a small shoe shop at the far end of the high street. Well if you are going to buy a present you need to make sure it is complete.

I rushed over there hoping like hell they would have something other than summer shoes on display. They did, but unfortunately none of them were sexy enough and the only stiletto or court shoes were like ordinary work shoes. Then I remembered I didn’t know Natasha’s size anyway. Just as I was turning to leave I caught a glimpse of red patent leather in the back of the shop. There, on the shelf was a perfect pair of knee high shiny red boots with what must have been over 4″ of spindly heel, finished in a metal cap. I wondered inside and waited until the only other customer that was there had left before heading for the shop girl.

“What size are those boots please?”

“Size 6 sir”

Now Kay was size 6, but was Natasha? I could ring her and ask her…

“Do you have any other sizes?”

“Sorry sir, those are the last pair we have.”

Now call me fatalistic, but I was running on a high here and everything seemed to be falling in place. I decided to run with my luck and purchased them, with a rather strange look from the shop girl.

Now with all my purchases stowed safely in the boot of the car I headed home. I was not sure how I was going to pass the time for the rest of the weekend as all I wanted to do right now was head straight to Natasha’s!

Fortunately this weekend the British Grand Prix was on which as an avid motor racing fan, kept me occupied for most of the afternoon with qualifying and gave me a good excuse not to discuss where I had been that morning. Once that was over though my mind turned back to the wonders that my car boot held and I thought about stealing another look at the petticoat I had bought. Calling out to Kay she replied she was reading in the garden and that I was missing a lovely day. Shouting that I need to check my email I headed out to the car. Now where was I going to hide these boxes in the house? My thoughts were now coming from the male secondary brain and I decided that I would worry about that later, all I wanted to do now was find somewhere quiet to run my hand and maybe my cock over the material. Rushing up stairs I dived into the spare bedroom that doubled as an office for me now and laid both boxes on the bed. My main interest was the petticoat and ever so carefully I unwrapped it and left the tissue paper such that I could put it back just as I found it. I then picked up the object of my desire. The material slid against itself and I brought it up to my face and held over my mouth and nose, imagining me like this on Monday, but this time with Natasha wonderful bottom the other side of the material. I so desperately wanted rub it all over my very rigid cock, but I didn’t want to ruin the petticoat before Monday. Then I remembered Kay’s panties from last night and I dashed into the bedroom to hunt through her laundry basket. There they were, still sporting my spunk stain as well as signs of Kay’s arousal on the crotch. I grabbed them and the stockings & garter belt that Kay had doffed following our session and headed back to the spare bedroom.

I now thought of the boots and opening the box I took one out. With the cardboard shapers still inside it stood tall as I held the ankle, they were bright red and I could see my face in them. Turning it over I looked at it from the perspective I would have, knelt before her ready to plunge my cock between her puffed lips and just before Natasha clamped her legs around my neck.

Aroused beyond caring of what might happen if Kay walked in I dropped my trousers and pants, moved the boxes to under my desk before laying down on the single bed. I put my hands inside the stockings and ran them up my legs, their light touch tickling, but arousing me as I imagined Natasha rubbing her legs up mine. I then ran them over my cocked and the sensation made it twitch and bounce in time with my heart beat as my blood pressure climbed.

Finally wrapping the garter belt and stockings around my balls and the base of my cock I grabbed Kay’s pants and Natasha’s petticoat (to be). With the latter over my face again and Kay’s pantie wrapped around my cock I started sliding the smother material up and down. I was ecstatic, the petticoat was sliding over my face and the sensation of the satin on my cock was getting too much, but I didn’t want to finish yet. I wanted to know what it would be like to feel my cock rubbing satin on satin. I brought the petticoat down off my face and re-arranged the panties so my cock was inside them, the head almost in the crotch and the backside upper most. I then carefully laid the petticoat on top as I didn’t want to crease it. Now I proceeded to slide the two against each other….. ohhh! The gliding of the two items made it feel like I was sliding in and out of silky wet pussy, Natasha’s pussy. I then remembered the boot lying beside me and I brought it up as before and imagined being told to lick and suck the spiky heel before having it run down my chest, tugging at my chest hairs as it went and leaving a red weal in its path. I added more pressure to the fingers that were rubbing the petticoat up and down. I could feel the welling sensation in my nylon clad balls and tightening of my crotch. I shortened my stroke and moved it so it was mostly the head of my cock that was being rubbed and pressed harder, I was getting hotter and I could feel the sense of urgency rising…..

I was seconds away from exploding when I heard the lounge door open and footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly I was stone cold, my heart leapt into my mouth and my stomach turned over. How the hell was I going to explain this? I leapt up, grabbing the petticoat and with as much haste as I could I placed it delicately back in its wrapping and folded the paper over. I then put the lid on and pushed the box further under the desk. What now, get dressed? Hide Kay’s lingerie? No, fuck! The boot. I grabbed that and placed it back in its box as well. Placing the lid on it I slid it on top of the lingerie box. I now pulled my pants and trousers up, the zip just hitting the top as the door opened and Kay stuck her head in saying.

“How are you doing up here, ready for a drink?”

I must have looked guilty or something as the last bit of the sentence trailed off. The words “what have you been up to” were just forming as she looked down at the soiled panties from the night before at my feet. She gave me one last look before turned on her heels and left.

I was deep in it now, I knew I should follow, but what was I to say? After all this time with Kay I also knew to give her time to formulate her thoughts before talking to her so I decided to repack the petticoat and boot properly before shoving her panties in my pocket and heading downstairs.

I had barely sat next to her before she turned and glowered at me.

“So tell me honestly, are you gay or a transvestite, or something…?” she demanded of me.

Somewhat gob smacked at the question I said “What? No! It’s nothing like that.”

“What is it then? Do you dress up in my clothes when I’m not here?”

“Again, no” I tried to think how to phrase it. “I love the way they feel against my skin, but I don’t want to dress up in them.”

It was at this moment I remembered I hadn’t removed her stockings from around my cock and I shifted in my seat to sit up a bit.

“So it’s not me that you find sexy, it’s my lingerie then?”

“No, you are taking it the wrong way. I find the lingerie enhances your sexy side, but it is not the lingerie I make love to.”

“So what was going on just now, because I wasn’t involved?!”

“That was more replaying last night. It was the first time you had done that and I loved it, I wanted to relive it.”

There was a moments silence before her reply to that last comment.

“Well that’s all very neat and tidy isn’t it, an answer for everything as usual. I just don’t believe it. I’m going out to see Sue, we are then going out on the town. I may or may not be back tonight. You can go and play with yourself all evening now, I’m sure you know where all my lingerie is!”

With that she stormed out, slamming the door behind her with a parting comment of “I’ll see if Sue knows any real men!”.

Normally with Kay out for the evening I would have enjoyed myself, a debauched gaming sessions finishing with exactly as Kay had said, on the bed with a pile of silky lingerie and a good wank to a porn film. Tonight however she had kind of put me off. I wasn’t sure if it was because she knew, or had told me I could that took the edge off it. I hadn’t taken any notice of the “real men” comment as it wasn’t the sort of thing Kay did, but I did wonder what would happen if she did. Sue was a bit of a cougar, recently divorced, again, and had an eye for the younger man. – And she had been known to seek out the darker meat for the satisfaction of the size. Now I wasn’t short of an inch or nine, but I wasn’t a monster either.

I definitely wasn’t a TV and so wearing Kay’s clothes held no excitement, but as I got bored and idly perused xHampster on the iPad I flicked through the cuckold films and found myself watching a film about a wife bringing her black stud home to the panty wearing husband who was tied to a chair and forced to watch with his wife’s soiled knickers on his erect cock. She then proceeded to use her foot to wank him off as the stud took her from behind, giving the husband a good view of his balls slamming into his wife.

Now I have no wish to be a cuckold in anyway as sharing Kay or even thinking of her shagging someone else would all end in trouble as I am possessive of her, but after the events of the day I found myself day dreaming of this unfolding here and now. I was getting quite worked up and taking the iPad to the spare bedroom (for some reason I didn’t want to use our master bedroom) I grabbed a couple of items of Kay’s that she would dress up in for naughty weekends away. A satin nightie, a satin pencil skirt, a silky blouse and the bra from last night. I then took the knickers form my pocket and after stripping I removed the stockings and garter belt from around my cock. I was just about to go and fetch my favourite pair of open toed high heels (or “fuck me pumps”) as I referred to them when I thought of the red boots. What a wonderful twist it would have been if I had given to them to her and she then went out and had found her “stud”. Coming back to rub my nose in it wearing the new boots, the petticoat and the silver lingerie…..

I wasn’t about to unpack the lingerie again, or soil them, but I did grab the boots and went to lay down on the spare bed again. Here I wanted to simulate being helpless, but tying myself up was not going to be easy so instead I pulled the pencil skirt down over my head and torso so my arms felt pinned to my side, but I was able to still masturbate. The rest of the clothes I arranged over my lower half in such away as though they had been thrown over me as she had undressed. This meant most of my lower half was cover in sexy satin. I then put my cock inside one of the stockings like a giant condom and wrapped the remaining around the base of my balls and put the whole lot inside the soiled knickers. Finally I took the boot and placed it such as the wife’s foot was in the movie.

The heel pressed into the base of my cock and sole came half way up my erect member. Moving the boot up and down my cock as Kay would have to wank me off was OK, but it wasn’t hitting the spot. I tried moving the boot so the sole was on the glands of the head of my cock, but it still wasn’t right. Finally I spun the boot around and placed the spiky heel on the head of my cock and the sole halfway down the shaft. I now pushed as I forced the bot up and down my cock and the sensation of the spiky heel pushing through the satin and nylon was fantastic. There was only one thing missing, the scent of Kay’s pussy. I whipped the panties off my cock and put them over my head as in the film, but instead of the crotch inner most I kept the satin to my skin. I could now smell Kay and with no satin in between metal and nylon covered skin I could also feel the heel of the boots more directly on the head of my cock.

I was now really worked up and could easily have just wanked myself off in a matter of seconds, but I wanted to savour this, it was so naughty and given the events of the day it had a touch of realism to it that made it extra exciting. I pretended that I wasn’t going to be allowed to come quickly, but instead brought to the brink and held whist her lover made her orgasm again. This time though I would be on the floor staring up as she bent forward to steady herself on the bed. Her stud with the huge black cock would now be banging her right above me and I would have a clear view of it as if piston’d in and out of her getting more and more lubricated with every groan from Kay. Kay would obviously be wanking me off with her shiny red leather booted foot, the movement of her foot coming from the pounding motion of her lover rather than from Kay’s leg muscles. This way, as she let me know, I would be cumming with her …. If she let me.

I had now slid down to lay on the floor so I could add to the fantasy a feeling of realism. Such was it, I was getting really worked up. I was also really feeling mixed emotions, I was finding this situation so sexy, but at the same time I had an immense desire to stop it. I was actually feeling guilt at imagining it as I doubt I could live with myself, or Kay, if it really came true.

The film was still playing in the back ground and had got to a part where I had stopped it before to come upstairs so I didn’t know what was to come next.

The wife on the film was now taunting the husband.

“I’m going to let him cum inside me, I’m not taking the pill and I’m going to let him impregnate me. I’m going to have a little black baby. He’s going to bring his mates round and they are going to fill me with their seed too, I’m not going to know who the father is….. It just won’t be you!”

That thought, whilst normally abhorrent was highly erotic. Kids were never on the table for us as a couple, but the thought of Kay being impregnated so obviously by another man was getting me excited. I pressed down harder with the heel of the boot as I pumped my cock with it. I could feel a monster of an orgasm brewing, the whole of my body was starting to tense and as much as I wanted to make this last longer, to stop this one would leave me frustrated. What wasn’t helping either was the sound track of the film, the wife was over acting her orgasm as they do in films, moaning and screaming, but it was having the desired effect for me. As the actress reached a crescendo I couldn’t hold it any longer, my whole body tensed and my hips bucked as I pumped streams of cum into the stocking.

As I lay there breathing hard with my cock twitching and the more fluid part of my cum seeping through the nylon to stain the material of the pencil skirt laying across my chest the wife on the sound track was cooing. She then said to her screen husband;

“The fuck you did.” Simon wasn’t looking back at Jamie like he was lying. Not at all.

“Don’t believe me,” Simon barked back, with a grin. “Then I won’t tell you how I did it.”

Jamie studied him continuously, then quipped, “I’m not seeing it. I just don’t see it, I’m sorry.”

And Jamie had reason to doubt Simon. EVERY reason. Simon was a chubby twenty-something drop-out with greasy hair, who wore his sunglasses at night. Constantly tripping over his own shoe-laces and always wearing a shit-eatin’ grin like he knew something everyone else didn’t.

No way did this fucker get her in the sac. Not her.

“She lives in Westchester, right around the block. Believe me, I banged her. And with her sister in the next room.”

“Not buyin’ it, man.”

Simon waited for him to ask. He shoveled some more French fries into his gnarly mouth and put his chin up proudly, bringing a Red Bull to his mouth.

Jamie couldn’t stand the preening any longer. “You’re gonna fuckin’ tell me, so just spit it out.”

Simon smiled from ear to ear and leaned in, like he was some fuckin’ Mafioso.

“There’s this chick, calls herself Rhea — Rhea the Queen of Something — Queen of I Dunno, whatever the shit — anyways, she’s got this ring and shit. Says she’s got a way o’ usin’ it to be somebody else and shit, right? So I tell ‘er, ‘Ay, so, ah, who can I be?’ And you don’t believe what she says to me. Get this, she says, ‘You can be David Lucado.’ She fuckin’ plants the seed in my head.”

At this point, Simon sits back and takes a deep breath, looking off as if he sees something in his mind’s eye.

“You’re serious?”

“As a fuckin’ heart attack, bro.” Simon takes another sip of his Red Bull, which is mostly for show at this point. He even dribbles a little on his chin.

“I don’t believe it.”

“She tol’ me deep personal shit, man. Like about her ex and shit. She’s mad freaky in the sac though, for real.”

He wasn’t letting up. Jamie was starting to believe he was serious.

“You’re telling me you fucked Britney Spears?”

“Til she sang like a fuckin’ angel, dog. Best pussy in the world, let me tell you.”

It couldn’t have happened. Jamie’d known Simon for years, and always took him to be the biggest loser he’d ever met. And Simon knew he thought that about him, too. He knew that about all of his friends, none of them believing him capable of getting pussy he didn’t have to pay for.

And now the tables were turned. This fuckin’ guy, his loser friend, got his knob polished by Britney Fuckin’ Spears.

He probably came inside her, too.

Jamie looked away, disgusted. More so with himself, he realized.

Simon continued, “You know, I could hook you up, bro. I still got the chick’s number.”

“Not big on sloppy seconds, thanks.”

“Not her you asshole. Rhea. $2,000 gets you anywhere you wanna be. Worth every penny too, you know what I mean?” When he saw that Jamie was considering, he laughed and continued. “Ah! You got someone you wanna bang big time, look a’chew! Who is it? C’mon…”

Jamie couldn’t resist him, and a small curl of a smile started to form. “You’ll laugh.”

“Nah! Tell me!”

“Avril Lavigne.”

“No! Seriously? Haha! No I see that. She’s mad hot, bro. Super cute. I’d hit that shit for sure!”

“You’re serious? This chick could hook me up?”

“She’ll make you look like someone else, but that’s all. You gotta do everything else. And if anything goes, you know, south, well, she don’t know you from Adam, know what I’m sayin’?”

“So I’d have to be… who? Her boyfriend?”

“Or someone she’d wanna fuck. Don’t see her wantin’ to fuck anybody else though, do you? I don’t know shit about her though.”

“Probably not. I don’t even know who she’s fuckin’ these days.”

Didn’t matter, though. Jamie soon found out she was fuckin’ some guy named Chad. He couldn’t believe Avril was getting banged by a guy named Chad, and he soon felt an even greater desire for the petite young pop star.

When he left Simon at the Food Court table with the very imaginable promise of bedding her, he had the biggest, most throbbing hard-on of his life.


It didn’t take him long to believe that Simon was putting him on, as the woman named Rhea turned out to be a 72-year old black woman with no teeth.

“See he’e chile! C’mon an’ sit down hea!”

His reason for being here had still given him the erection of his life, and he suddenly felt very uncomfortable to have such a thing in his pants as he met this woman. And the woman must have known it the whole time. Revelled in it, in fact.

“Mama gon’ do right by her chile, yes she is. Tell it how it gon’ be, nah…”

“Uh… well, my friend Simon, he says that you…”

“Simon! Ah, yah, I do know that lil’ boy, yes I do! Sweet lil’ one, fell him in luv with a purty lil’ thing. Yuh, I help ‘im out. Help ‘im get ‘is lil’ sweetie pie, yes I did. Ah! So you want I should get you some luvin’ too, ain’t ya? Iss what ya want to, ya, boy?”

He didn’t have to say anything, she read his response.

“Ha! Mama is good. Still got it, she do! Okay, listen here… give me your lil’ paws here, k chile?”

Jamie held out his palm and she took it, putting one of her hands on top and one below. She closed her eyes and seized on an image in her mind’s eye, then started to smile.

She opened her eyes again, then looked him square in the eyes, as if she’d been exorcized by a demon.

“You got the money?”

Her voice was now sharp, and the abrupt change in character frightened Jamie at first. To which Rhea laughed hysterically.

“I never get enough of it. All you white boys, I just love fuckin’ with ya. Make you think it’s all voodoo and shit.”

“But…” he started to respond.

“Oh it’s magic, for sure. Just not with all the bells and whistles. Anyways, you got the money? You want a visit with Ms. Lavigne, you gonna have to pay up.” Again, he was bewildered, and she just had to laugh. She would enjoy it more, if it weren’t so god-damned common.

He brought out an envelope and handed it to her. “Some boys, they don’t even have the money cuz they think this is just a gimmick.”

“Why not, I figured.”

She took the money, and then smiled again. “Now’s a good time, you’ll see. Perfect, in fact. I hope you enjoy your time, and you come back anytime, young man.” She gestured for his other hand and pulled out a small red pouch.

She pulled out a ring and slid it onto his finger, and as soon as she did, his face fell onto the table, and everything went black.


He awoke to the sensation of being in underwear, covered in satin sheets that he discovered were red in color.

He still had the feeling that he’d woken up from a regular old-fashioned dream, but he wasn’t in his apartment. He could see that it was some girl’s place, but went through the mental Rolodex to try and remember whose it could be.

Someone who was currently showering, he discovered from the sound.

He sat up in the bed and looked into the master bedroom’s very large adjoining bathroom, and had a clear view of the shower.

His heart started to beat more quickly as he started to make out the curves on the body of the small girl who was now occupying the shower. She was singing gainfully to herself, letting the water pass through her hair.

He knew who it was at once, and was frozen in awe. There, just beyond the glass of the shower, was one very wet and very hot Avril Lavigne.

The shower stopped.

The door started to open, and Jamie saw tiny hands reach out and claw for a towel. It was really happening.

“Honey? Oh fuck, honey? Get me a towel?”

Jamie’s dick reached out to the mere sound of her voice. He was still petrified, and when he didn’t respond, she opened the door wide enough to make eye contact with him.

It was her, alright.

The door still covered most of her body, but she looked back at him, nonetheless perplexed. “Well?”

He slowly slipped out of the bed, feeling the smooth sheets glide across his body the whole way. He was still shaking as he walked into the bathroom, thankful that she wasn’t watching him enter. Otherwise she would have seen the massive bulge in his underwear.

She was looking down, as if impatiently waiting to be dry once again. Jamie grabbed a towel from one of the cabinets, which thankfully pointed his penis away from her. He was able to hold the towel over it until he turned to hand it to her.

He was grateful that her eyes fixated on the towel first, and as he handed it to her, he saw her body briefly for the first time. As she dried her body and torso quickly, she stepped out of the shower and brushed against his body as she moved to the other side of him, not looking at him. It made it easy for him to ogle her body.

Then she began drying her hair, and as she did, he had the first extended and uninterrupted view of Avril’s naked body.

It was everything he’d ever dreamed of. Skinny and petite, skin soft and milky, the cute pink nipples on her small but perfectly-shaped breasts.

And her recently-cleaned pussy was shaved, minus a thin landing strip.

She was still humming to herself as she dried her hair off, and swaying her hips side to side, but only slightly.

She finished with the towel and threw it on the ground quickly, throwing her hair back. She leaned in to get a brush and started brushing her hair.

Then, in the mirror, she caught him staring.

She looked away, as if it was nothing special, but then returned her eyes to his. She started smiling.

“What’s up with you?”

Jamie couldn’t think of anything to say, so he looked away. When he looked back at her, she was still looking at him. Only this time, her eyes lowered, then came back up. She turned to face him directly with a serious look, and pointed the brush at him playfully.

“Are you for real?”

Jamie took it seriously, and thought of something to deflect the tone in her voice. But then she smiled, as if she’d made a joke and he fell for it.

“You’re acting weird.”

“I just like looking at you.” Jamie surprised himself. Even more surprising was the fact that she continued brushing her hair as if this was a perfectly normal thing for him to have said.

And still not looking at him, she started to grin.

Jamie’s dick throbbed painfully for the girl, but the more obvious it became that he would be able to fuck her and she wouldn’t think twice about it, he began to have second thoughts.

He started to seriously reconsider the moral leap he was about the take. More than anything, he wanted her. She was inches from him, naked and clean, smelling like pomegranates. She started bopping her hips again to a tune she was once again humming to herself.

He could see she was now blushing. He could probably fuck her from behind right now, and she would let him. Oh, how he wanted to.

Even as he thought this, she dropped the brush and leaned in to look at her eyes in the mirror. Her cute butt now stuck out, and her tiny breasts now inches from the counter-top.

He started to move behind her, now desperate to fuck her, but then got cold feet. To cover this up, he leaned against the wall behind him instead, as if to make it seem like he wanted to look at her from behind.

He was making it harder and harder to get away with not fucking her.

Here, he could see her pussy, small and clean. His eyes followed her wet hair down the small of her smooth back, to the gentle curves of her hips. Hips he so longed to fondle. She was now standing on one foot, with the leg bent, leaving her right toes to rest on the floor.

He could drop trou right now and feel himself enter her right now. Oh, how he wanted to. He would probably come instantly, and imagined her feeling happy he did.

If anything, he wanted to give his penis the sweet release, and let it feel the warm, misty air of Avril Lavigne’s private bathroom. And let her eyes see it.

She wouldn’t have minded.

Even now, she had turned her head slightly and was now studying him. There was no mistaking her eyes were staring at the erection, now desperate to peek out. Neither said a word for a moment, as the two began to smile at one another.

She must have really expected him to go for her, because she became puzzled by his reluctance. She even held her butt in the air as far as she could and rubbed one leg against the other in waiting.

How she wanted it it. And how he wanted to give it to her.

Then she turned abruptly to face him, resting her hands gently on the counter behind her. With one continuous motion, she ended up with her legs crossed.

“You’re just full of surprises,” she said, not quite closing her mouth all the way. The whites of her teeth made her lips look even sweeter.

Jamie was becoming aware of the fact that his silence was making her horny, and he had the biggest desire to reach his hand out to feel between her legs and find out if she was wet. She would have let him. And he knew the answer would be yes.

Oh, how he throbbed for her.

He was getting close to making a move. He didn’t know what exactly, because he wanted it all at once. She let him gaze at her body, and started to giggle.

“Seriously, what is with you,” she asked, sounding more and more sultry every time she spoke. He could see her start to wiggle slightly, in anticipation of what he might do to her.

She obviously had never been looked at for so long by her man before. Chad, it seemed, must have taken her for granted. Whoever the hell Chad was.

Then, she couldn’t take any more. Avril walked over to Jamie and didn’t stop until he felt her body against his. She had gotten close enough that she’d let his penis touch her between the legs for the first time. She was smiling sweetly, placing her hands on Jamie’s chest.

It was the moment of truth. She was starting to slide her hand down. In the fraction of a moment, she would be clasping the band on his underwear and she would be removing them. He would be feeling his naked body against hers for the first time.

Moment of truth.

She slid her hands around to his back, and down to his buttocks. He felt her small hands slide underneath them and onto his ass. Her eyes were looking lovingly into his as she slid her hands around. He prepared for her hands to touch his penis. Longed for her small hands to finally hold his cock. Didn’t think her hands moved fast enough.

But she stopped at his hips. There, she began to pull his underwear down once and for all.

At last, he no longer had the pressure on his shaft, as it sprang forward to meet her. She’d bent over slightly when it did, and she barely reacted.

There was no asking. There was no telling. None of that needed to happen, and she never suspected a thing.

When she stood back up straight to look at Jamie in the eyes once more, her hand finally met his penis for the first time. She held it ever so gently, and Jamie thought he might come immediately. And when she started rubbing it quickly, he was sure he would have.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her body to him. He brought his lips to hers, and kissed her sweet lips for the first time.

She didn’t have enough room to rub him anymore, but she still massaged him as she let his tongue enter her mouth. He caressed her butt and hips as he continued kissing her. He felt her smiling.

He pulled away to look at her smiling. He had no idea how she would interpret the brief interruption in their kissing, but realized very quickly.

She got to her knees, throwing her hair behind her shoulders once again. He felt conflicted once more, as he knew what was about to happen.

He could stop her.

He could stop this from happening. Nothing had happened yet, he could still back out. She needed to know. She was gleefully stroking his penis, getting ready to bring her lips to meet it. And she had no idea. No idea whatsoever.

Then he felt her wet lips around him, and it was done. No going back.

All of the fantasies he’d ever had about this girl came flooding back to him. The paparazzi photos, the music videos, the interviews. Every time he saw this girl, no matter what he thought of her music (or of her), he’d always wanted to fuck her. That much was obvious. This girl was cute as fuck.

And now, she was on her knees and sucking his dick.

She would do anything for the man she thought Jamie was. It wasn’t right that she didn’t know she was sucking Jamie’s dick, but he wasn’t caring. Not anymore.

If she wanted to swallow come, she would swallow Jamie’s come.

And in moments, she did.

She was a different girl in Jamie’s eyes. After she’d drank him in, she felt mightier than ever. So great, in fact, that after he came, he immediately stopped caring altogether.

If it was wrong, it was wrong. He couldn’t take back his come, not anymore. And the moment he thought this, she looked up at him happily, as if to say that he needn’t worry about it at all.

Boy, if she only knew.

“Geez, you’d think we didn’t just do it like twenty minutes ago.” She was more surprised than he’d realized.

“Yeah, I don’t get it either…”

She blushed, thinking it must have been a sarcastic quip, meant to compliment her. She repositioned herself to sit cross-legged, while Jamie just leaned against the wall.

“I was coming up with a song just now, you know. One about… well, about you and me.”


“Yeah,” she answered. As she did, she started caressing both of his legs with her hands. “About how much you’ve done for me. You know… kept me from goin’ all wacko.”

“Would you sing it to me?”

He expected her to blush, but she turned out to be very matter of fact about her music. “Well I don’t have the words quite picked out. I can hum it, though.” And at that, she began to hum a tune to Jamie.

All he could do was imagine it really was a song she’d written for him. Avril Lavigne, this angel who’d just swallowed his come, who’s pussy he could still plainly see, was humming a song she’d written for him.

If she’d looked up while she hummed, she would have seen him getting hard again.

Her eyes were closed, as she got into what sounded like the chorus of her new song. By the end of it, his penis reached out as far as it could go once again. Her eyes opened to see that he ached for her once more.

Her eyes widened, as she leaned back slightly to look at it, then back up at him. “I can’t believe it,” she said, as anticipation grew in her eyes.

Jamie recognized that she wanted to be fucked. Her eyes couldn’t hold it back.

But as if he needed any more indication, she stood up to look at him in the eyes more closely, then looked down at his penis. She smiled, then turned to go into the bedroom.

For a moment, he just watched her tiny frame get smaller and smaller as she walked away. His eyes once again moved down to the small of her back, where her hair slipped about.

As she neared the bed, he started to follow. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting, and when he arrived to meet her, she opened her legs to him.

She rubbed his shaft for a moment, then leaned back onto her hands.

If she only knew…

Jamie had to look at Avril’s body more closely, he just had to. Her leg was brushing against his in anticipation as his eyes locked onto her pussy. It was the clearest view he’d had of it, and he was suddenly drawn to it.

He could feel her intention. She wanted him to eat her pussy. She was displaying it for him, and her legs beckoned him to do it. She was yearning for it.

One glance up into her eyes, which looked back into his longingly, was enough. He knew from the look that her pussy was already wet.

He was on his knees in a moment, and started eating Avril Lavigne’s pussy.

She giggled at first, and laughed at random moments. But pretty soon, as the tip of his tongue bore deeper into her clit, finding all of her best spots, she wasn’t laughing anymore.

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