sara jean underwood

First off I should point out this is a fantasy and something which has never happened and probably never will happen no matter how much I dream

I couldn’t believe my eyes as she entered the room, the whole room stopped and looked at her. She was undoubtedly the hottest women in the room and among a group of former playmates that was not something to be taken lightly. Sara Jean Underwood looked around the room taking in that everyone was staring at her before laughing with her friend and taking a drink from the tray.

The rest of the night I couldn’t take my eyes off her for more than about a minute, even though I realised how creepy I must look just staring at her in her sexy black fairy outfit. She spent the evening moving round the room catching up with old friends and just having a good time. Just after midnight she had stopped socialising and was sat at the bar waiting on her drink as I slid onto the bar stool alongside her.

She looked at me as I sat down and smiled at me to which I could only respond by going bright red. Once her drink arrived she got up and walked away to the dance floor where she looked perfect dancing amongst all the other beautiful women. Once she had finished her drink she came back to the bar and this time she turned to me ‘Could you have spent any more time staring at me?’

I stammered and made no real attempt to answer her question before she licked her lips ‘Shy are we? That’s so cute. I love cute guys.’

I smiled instinctively and thanked her before she leaned over ‘In 5 minutes I’m going to leave and 5 minutes later I suggest you follow. Come to room 245 the door will be open and then I’ll give you a night you will never forget. ‘ With that she got up and walked away clearly saying her goodbyes to all her friends and she left the room giving me the slightest smile and wink as she left.

I waited 5 minutes watching the clock the whole time before heading out and taking the lift up to her floor. I walked along the corridor extremely nervous and even hornier making no attempt to hide my clearly very hard cock. I pushed her door and walked into a massive hotel room twice as big as one I’ve ever stayed in. I heard her move behind me coming from what I presumed to be her bathroom ‘Don’t turn around’ she said seductively. She moved across the room and pressed up against my back reaching around and opening my jeans and pealing my t-shirt over my head. She then proceeded to rub my hard cock through my boxers before pulling them down.

She then reached up and put a blindfold over my eyes before moving around me. I almost jumped as I felt my cock enter her mouth and I moaned loudly to which she giggled around my cock sending an amazing feeling shooting through my body. She continued to suck my cock until I thought I couldn’t hold it any longer and then she suddenly stopped and moved away from me. ‘Get on the bed sexy’ she whispered.

I moved like a shot to the bed sitting on the edge as I heard her moving around the room. Next thing I knew she was stroking my throbbing cock before pressing something hard at my lips ‘Open your mouth bitch’ she demanded. I was so horny I did as she told me and she proceeded to fuck my mouth with what I presumed to be a strap on pressing it deep into my throat. ‘Get on all fours now’ I tried to protest at this point but as soon as I took my mouth off her cock she pushed something hard into my mouth and tied it behind my head preventing any speech. I began to move my hands up to my head but he grabbed my wrist and slapped a handcuff on it before bending both arms behind my back and handcuffing them together.

‘I tried to give you a chance but now Im going to use your body and make you my sex slave’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as she pulled my off the bed before turning my around and bending me over the high bed so my ass was perfectly placed. She ran her fingers over my anus mercifully spreading lube over my virgin ass before slipping her finger into me making me tense with pain. ‘If you want any chance at my pussy which I know you do then you will relax your ass because what I am about to do will be so much better if you relax.’

She slipped her finger out of my anus before pressing her strap on against my tight hole slipping it painfully inside me. I moaned and nearly came on the spot as she began to fuck my ass and the pleasure washed over me. She pumped in and out of me before removing my blindfold allowing me to look into the huge mirror at the top of the bed to see my perfect Mistress fucking my ass with her amazing breasts moving in time with her hips and she penetrated me deep. At this sight I began to enjoy being ass fucked so much moaning and beginning to feel the cum build in my balls.

‘Unless you want me to bring in some help to fuck your ass you better not cum until Iv finished with you bitch’

*Let me know if you have any suggestions for how this story can go although I already have a fair few ideas. If there is anything I cand o to improve my writing that is also very welcome*

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