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Captainofthepeace-Lord Arkyll el Maien van Sietter opened his slanted blue eyes and stared dreamily at the pattern of dancing animals on his curtains. Light shone vaguely through the threads of the curtains suggesting it was time he got up.

He knew they were dancing animals although everyone-else said the curtains were so faded that you could no longer see the pattern. He had stayed on in the old nursery when his father gave his foster brother a separate room and his memory’s eye lay under his eye so he could still make the animals out. Every so often his father said they must choose some new curtains and he would say, “Oh yes papa. I have some important work in hand with the peace corps but as soon as I have finished I will come with you to the furnishing warehouses.” After a few days his father would forget about it.

When he was married his father would give him a suite of his own rooms and he would finally leave the dancing animals to the sole view of his memory’s eye. He held himself in patience about the marriage. Eventually his parents would come and say they had selected some suitable younger daughter of the high nobility to be bestowed on him. He had thought of going to court and having a surreptitious look around at free-hearted young Ladies, his parents would be happy to take his wishes into consideration. Then his sister, the famously beautiful young Lady Arianna, had overset them all, insisting on being inappropriately bestowed on his foster brother Hanya Vashin, so dear in their hearts but only a Knight in rank. By the time she had got her own way (as ever) they were on the brink of war and first Hanya and then Arrie rode off to the battle-front. None of them felt like organising splendid nuptials for the future sworn Lord while his foster brother and sister, Uncle Tashka the King’s General, his two cousins and an host of friends were risking life and limb to defend the country.

His door eased open and Lisette, his mother’s personal maid-servant, came in with a tray on which she had his and his mother’s bowls of hot chocolate. His father must be awake already and down in the kitchens breaking his fast. Arkyll sat up and took his chocolate with a smile that made his exquisite slanted blue eyes sparkle. Lisette looked at his smile, his big muscular shoulders coming up out of the bedclothes which slid down to his naked hips, with affectionate indifference. She reminded him that his mother had asked him to come and talk to her later in the morning. This meant he could have a lie-in instead of hurrying out to the offices of the peace corps in which he was commissioned Captain so he put his bowl of chocolate on the floor by his bed and snuggled his tanned muscular body with the three scars on his chest and sides back down into the covers.

With a flick of the exquisite eyes which the gossip-sheets raved about, Arkyll made sure Lisette had latched his door behind her then he leaned over the side of his bed to pull a box out from under it. He took the lid off and lifted out a catalogue which he had picked up from a curious shop in the back streets of Sietter Town while supposedly on peace corps duty.

He was a woman-lover himself but occasionally when he was out relaxing over three or four bowls of beer with a whisky to chase them, one of his Lieutenants who was a man-lover would swap interesting details of what he found pleasurable for information about what Arkyll liked to do with women. Arkyll found these drunken surreptitious accounts peculiarly exciting. He had considered whether he might also be a man-lover but although he loved his Lieutenant and other men friends he knew he did not want to be fucked in the arse by a man. He wanted a woman to do it.

Arkyll inspected the catalogue of dildos and harnesses wistfully. He felt it was unlikely any of the elegant sophisticated daughters of the high nobility would be willing to fuck him in the arse. He leaned on his elbow, pursing up the full red mouth, sweet as a bowl of cherries, which the gossip sheets also drooled over. He only wanted to give it a try. Possibly if he got an el Wyming or an el Staten for a bride he could suggest it? but he would be sorry if he ended up having the honour of one of those notoriously slack-moralled families under his eye. He was a member of the peace corps but he was not a pacifist, not like his poor foster brother who had become an ardent pacifist after what he had to see in warfare and he remained in the bloody army because he could not bear in such a situation to let pass from under his eye his beloved junior officers and men. When Arkyll was off-duty he wore weapons and a pair of gloves in his belt. He was not keen to be forever threatening his glove to people over some slack-moral el Staten in his marriage bed.

He lay back with his arms behind his head of short elegantly cut black curls, his broad muscular chest spreading comfortably, his powerful buttocks and thighs settling back into the bed. After a while he put an hand to a softly aroused cock and began fingering his penis to harden it up. He pictured some woman with sweet muscled thighs who wore a dildo in an harness which she put to his arsehole. She pushed it up into him. Mm-mmm! The blood was flooding down to his excited cock at the thought. He gripped his fingers gently on the head of his cock, easing it up and down inside the hood of the skin, focussing intently on the image of the woman pressing the dildo up into his hole. Some pre-cum slid on his fingers. Perhaps her breasts might bounce up and down on his back as she came in and out his hole? aa-ah! He loved breasts. Ooooh! the big squashy ones, the little ones like apples in his hands. His Lieutenant said he liked best to be fucked facing his lover — mm-mm. They had double-ended dildos, you could both get pleasure, the woman would go over while she was fu-u-ucking you-oo-oo-oh! The sperm spurted in a sticky white mess in his fingers and he relaxed back into his pillows, reaching out for one of the pile of plain clean kerchiefs on his bedside table. His mother looked so disappointed when he asked awkwardly for a few plain kerchiefs but sweet Hell! to be cleaning your cock in something your mother or sister had lovingly embroidered for you, it was enough to make your poor penis shrink and flop completely. His father turned his head aside as his mother protested and Arkyll realised he was helpless with laughter and Arkyll was able to say, “how silly I am being, perhaps you might do me a whole set for my birthday, mama?” and that very night the pile of plain pieces of cloth had appeared by his bed while his wardrobe drawer remained full of the beautiful kerchiefs he carried about in his pocket and which young women stole off him if they got a chance, to his annoyance.

He would really like to try being fucked in the arse just the once. Perhaps if he escorted his younger brother to court when Clair went to be a student at the King’s University he could discreetly pay someone and give it a go? He did not want to buy a favour in Sietter Town because he was often working among the prostitutes and had become friends with most of them. It was weird to give a favour to a friend, he always felt embarrassed when he saw Dame Jayne Piria at the dances. He was sorry because he liked her and now he always blushed too much to chat with her. It was just a friendly fumble in the corridor one time he had a bowl too many and it ended up with them in that corner by the kitchens, Jayne with her back pressed to the wall holding her skirts up and him gripping her by the thighs and thrusting his cock up into her cunt urgently. He was just starting to get excited himself when she started going off and moaning in a manner he was petrified would be heard by someone so he pretended he had gone off too as soon as she had finished.

He lay in the bed staring dreamily at his dancing animals, the big-boned muscular physique he had inherited from his el Jien mother relaxed and a contented smile lingering on the full red mouth that also came from her. He wondered idly what-all she wanted to talk to him about.

I am not even asking you to offer her a formal betrothal,” his mother said.

Her voice was pitched to its most persuasive tones: cooing gentle and honey-warm, the voice she would put on if she had some particularly seditious scheme on the go which she knew his father would balk at. She sat straight-backed in her chair at her desk in the library, the mathematical papers scattered about her long pale hands resting on the desk. Around them were the double bank of bookshelves with the gallery round the top, filled with the soft leather-bound spines of books and the wooden boxes of scrolls she had bought. The other desks were empty. She had sent her students and the library clerk out while she talked with her son.

Lady Arianna el Jien van Sietter, daughter of the el Jiens van Iarve. She had a magnificent figure: queenly, her head was held high under the weight of elaborately arranged curls of blonde hair with an occasional distinguished streak of white. Her round blue eyes looked directly into his slanted blue eyes with a limpid clear gaze. She was too clever to hide any part of this proposal in order to lure him in.

Arkyll sat still in the chair by her desk: broad-shouldered and muscular in the leather jerkin of the peace corps. His exquisite blue eyes which were the same as those of his infamously beautiful uncle’s, the King’s General whose fingers the soldiers clung to in total devotion, looked back at her from his handsome tanned face with the full el Jien mouth: sweet as a bowl of cherries, and the broad serene brow under his elegantly cut short black curls.

“I would never ask you to take such an one seriously,” his mother assured him. “I tell it you plain: she is a bird-brain with no understanding of arts or literature, science or mathematics, politics or economics. Lord van Thiel has neglected the family shamefully, never taking them to court to get any appreciation of good music or fine foods, witty conversation or considered argument. She and the brothers have been brought up in the main by the mother who is but some Dame of the Thiel region who caught van Thiel’s heart in her fingers when he was a young man. The brothers may be sent to some other region’s army, they will have military prowess to make them appealing to daughters of the high nobility, but this young woman will never take the fancy of any oldest son as it stands.”

“The poor kid must have some qualities,” Arkyll said with a curving smile of the full red mouth they shared that managed to be both rueful and amused.

“el Shosta says she stitches,” his mother was unable to refrain from curling her curved lip at this. Arkyll glanced at the cuff of his own shirt: only an everyday cotton one but beautifully embroidered in a complicated pattern of flowers. “She is a good seat on an horse, of course.”

“All the el Shostas can ride,” Arkyll acknowledged. He waited but his mother appeared to have run out of appealing characteristics which might attract oldest sons of the high nobility like himself to the honourable daughter of the el Shostas van Thiel. After a while she sighed and said, “I tell it you straight. She is pretty but she is a rustic ignoramus from a back region. van Thiel will take her to court this Winter but she will not get herself bestowed without … something to push her. van Thiel knows he cannot ask you to be taking her seriously, he only wants the help of someone … high in honour to secure her happiness.”

When she lifted her eyes to him they gleamed softly with maternal pride. She put one long-fingered elegant hand out and rested it lightly on his strong arm above the beautiful intricate interlacing of flowers she herself had stitched on the cuff of his shirt-sleeve, sliding it down to give his big work-roughened gentle fingers an affectionate squeeze.

She had always been determined that her children should not be treated with the flattery and favour normal to members of the high nobility. She had barred the King’s University from offering his young brother the splendid suite of rooms they thought appropriate for the younger son of the el Maiens van Sietter, and of el Jien the great mathematician and economist. She made them give him instead a room he would have to share with some peasant from who knew where who had got on in his studies only through having a good intellect. But because of this lack of favouritism, she knew the quality of her own children. Arkyll was the catch of his generation in marriage: handsome and wealthy, strong of body and happy of heart, with the famous kind courtesy of the el Maiens. His involvement in the peace corps was looked at askance but he was not, like herself and his foster brother, a pacifist. He was like his father: a man of honour.

“What does papa say?” he enquired, raising one dark eyebrow above his exquisite slanted blue eye.

She laughed like a peal of golden bells. “My dear,” she said, “your father is disgusted by the whole scheme. He says if ar’t taken in by van Thiel’s wiles and he has to have this young woman for a daughter by marriage he will never speak to me again. Bear it in mind, he has met her.”

Arkyll grinned at this.

“Your father will be well content to give van Thiel the No,” his mother said, a quiet resignation creeping into her voice. “Perhaps I can pretend I tried to sway his opinion but he has too firm an hand on my reins for me to influence him.” They both sniggered at this, the round blue eyes and the slanted blue eyes flashing sideways so that for a few seconds they looked alike. “van Thiel might still give me his counter,” she said wistfully.

She had always been the more indulgent parent although she made other people treat them without favour. His father, the sworn Lord and battle-scarred former commanding officer of a field troop, had been the one who exercised a stern discipline over the children and the household. (Well, not over Arrie, of course.) But this was politics. His father kept the family and the management of their rambling castle home under a keen grey eye, sharing responsibilities for the region with his Lady wife. She went to sit on the King’s councils at court and it was she — together with her brother the King’s Minister for Trade and Employment — who would put together proposals for which she sought the voting counters of fellow members of the high nobility either through reasoned debate or by the manipulation of marital and blood kinship networks. Nearly the whole Eastern side of the country was in her pocket. Even that old reprobate van Athagine with his regional and family traditions of contorted and absolute tyranny was the formerly close pleasure-hunting friend of her husband’s. If she flashed him her ankle he would often grin and finger the knotted old scar on his chin and lick his full lips regretfully and chuck her his counter. Lady Maive el Vaie van Soomara always threw her counter in with Lady van Sietter’s, they were careful not to speculate whether this was in apology because Arkyll’s father might have been a bit more than a friend to her once or twice. Lady van Soomara was a famous honourable slut and there was so much gossip about his scandalous father from the days before he settled into domestic happiness with his family and the Lady wife he had accepted as a political match that it was hard to know what to believe.

The one region in the East which Lady van Sietter could not count on to support her work was Thiel, where the sworn Lord was that ignorant buffton Clair el Shosta, who would rather go fishing in his own region’s lakes and rivers than debate the interests of his people at court. He would be delighted to have any excuse to entrust his counter to the handsome brood-mare who tossed el Maien van Sietter’s counter about. He was too stupid to understand how seditious were the democratic politics of Lady Arianna el Jien van Sietter, that proud beauty who would sometimes smile and talk to you in a cooing warm honeyed voice about stuff that bored you but she rested her hand on your stubby rein-roughened hand and lowered her lashes over her lovely blue eyes in her smile and you gave her a besotted smile back and your counter. The virgin slut. She would wave her considerable charms in your face but she had no intention of giving you any favour so small as a kiss and a quick fumble in a corridor. You were extremely careful not to offer her more than a besotted smile. That bookhead el Parva van Selaine still had a thin white scar on one cheek he picked up off van Sietter only for writing a poem praising the lovely Lady van Sietter’s domestic virtue. Although van Sietter’s brother, General-Lord ‘Tashka’ el Maien van H’las, used to snigger and say van Sietter was not troubled for the famed chastity of his Lady wife: pure as the snow-fed streams flowing into the River Arven. He felt slighted because el Parva had failed to realise he was the one kept their castle home in such good order, not her. (“Ho ho ho! what a story, that jolly dog Tashka el Maien was a joker alright. That story about the farmer’s daughter, eh, eh? Er um …. Did I ever tell you about that time Tashka el Maien and Commander-Lord el Gaiel van H’las took my encampment to save el Jien van Vail from a practice raid I had planned? Ho ho ho!”)

Lady el Jien had a raft of proposals coming through key to her principled plans of humanist reform and suddenly Commander-Lord Clair el Shosta van Thiel, formerly of Second Thiel, had appeared at the gates of Castle Sietter, reluctantly making his way to court when he would much rather stop on a two-three weeks in the famous hunting territory of the Sietter Hills and then just go home. He wandered into the library and sat down at Lady el Jien’s desk, looking at her with an hangdog expression of anxiety in his brown eyes and twirling his precious voting counter in a fidgety careless manner among her mathematical papers. When she sent the students for some fresh air and the clerk to get them tea and biscuits, he blurted out an extraordinary appeal to her.

Now here was her handsome bright-eyed laughing son lounging in the chair by her desk in the rough utilitarian peace corps jerkin which on his fit big body made the silly maidens sigh and throw themselves into languid attitudes as he walked by. He grinned and said, “so van Thiel wants me to … sniff around the young Lady’s skirts to get the other dogs coming sniffing.”

Her pale warm face twitched in distaste. She sighed and admitted it.

“Perhaps you might consider it a day or two,” she said in a forlorn voice. She lifted her proud head: fair daughter of the el Jiens who had not chosen what man would take her hand in marriage and her favours in his bed, whose marriage had brought great renown and prestige to her oldest brother the sworn Lord of Iarve and only incidentally happiness to herself. “The poor young woman,” she said softly. “She is awkwardly situated.”

The kind-hearted Captainofthepeace-Lord Arkyll el Maien van Sietter of the peace corps gave an heavy sigh and turned his exquisite slanted blue eyes aside.

As he strolled into the huge echoing stone entrance hall out of the corridor leading to the castle offices, the chapel and the library, the flash of a smile caught Arkyll’s eye. He turned his head and gave her a surreptitious grin back. Tisha, the kitchen-maid. His first lover. She sauntered off into the kitchen corridors, he watched her through his lashes, the warm grin dancing in his eyes and on his sweet red mouth.

When that little snake Arrie revealed to their mother that he was pinning Tisha’s favours he had the most dreadful difficulty persuading her to allow Tisha to stay on in her job. That cat. She only told because he had refused to ford the Arven in flood with her so she could go riding in the hills beyond. Angels of Hell! the bloody river was nearly in full spate, his father would have nailed him if he had let her go in the spuming waters, Hanya had gone pale when he described it. And the little snake, she picked a moment when his father was away to let it slip that he was pinning the favours of one of the servants.

His father, far more sophisticated in his sexual ethos, would have understood but his mother was appalled. There was an horrible inquisition even including his own mother desperately asking whether he had taken the proper precautions of using a condom to protect Tisha. It was agony. His mother was blushing like a basket of apples and crying with shame, saying, “How coulds’t take advantage. Consider the power has’t over her in her position”. Tisha! the angelic slut of the kitchens who had such power over the men. He was bewildered at first until he realised that she thought he was the one who had seduced Tisha. She was probably the only person in the whole castle who thought Tisha might be in any way an innocent.

And Tisha was so cross that she never let him fuck her again, although he begged and pleaded that he had persuaded his mother not to make his father send her home with a small fortune in her pocket. Tisha was outraged at the prospect of being sent away from the castle full of cosy corners where it was so easy to lure some panting footman or a gardener under the rose-bushes. Or the pretty young future sworn Lord (so sweet as a strawberry and just old enough for the picking of his favours) into a larder with a few old cushions carelessly slung on the floor.

His cock stirred softly to remember how she flashed a look and said, “come yer, I’ll give ya a special treat,” in that warm sticky voice that was like the jam he used to sneak.

What a treat! The gentle hands on his body, the caressing lips to his eager mouth. She was notoriously sweet to the kiss and her fingers played so tenderly on his buttons then in his underpants and around his suddenly thrilled cock. He started moaning anxiously, flicking his eyes back at the larder door. “Du not fret,” she whispered with a warm wet caress of her tongue in his ear for good measure “I c’n lock it n’ I ‘ave dun.” Her fingers came away from his cock, groping in his pocket, then she grumbled crossly: “What kinda young man are ya! Lord Arkyll, no condom for a poor maid. I s’pose I mus’ give ya a kiss for now and ya must come back to take my favour.” The selfish wench, she always expected the men to take the precautions for her. She flashed him such a warm laughing cross look then suddenly she was on her knees with his cock in her sweet soft mouth, he was leaning back on the door helplessly grunting with pleasure. The sucking on his now rigid hard shaft, the fingers caressing up and down a vein in it which was standing out and throbbing with the blood coming thundering to his loins, caressing his balls which were so tight, he was not going to be able to take it much longer, he longed to stay there but he was bursting to go and all too soon his hips were bucking and jerking, he was shooting off into her sweetly kissing expert mouth.

He was so careful, only going down there to go down on her once a week. Well, possibly he had trotted into the kitchens twice in the week but surely no more often than he had always done. Ever since he was a little child he had been sneaking into the larders while the castle snoozed in a nap, after the jam. That little weasel, how did she come to realise that it was no longer raspberry jam he was enjoying in there, instead it was the creamy pink cunt of the generous kitchen-maid, so juicy to his excited tongue, so warm and welcoming to his happy thrusting cock.

Arkyll’s lips curled in rueful admiration of his sister’s vengeance on him. He gave a last surreptitious sighing grin in the direction of Tisha’s luscious backside (against which he had once or twice been allowed to bump his excited hips and press his stomach as he came into her warm tight cunt from behind) disappearing towards the kitchens as he walked on through the entrance hall.

Mind, he had been a bit disgusted when Tisha suggested he get his foster brother Hanya to join the two of them in the larder. Poor old Han, he was so beautiful they used to say thirteen Angels danced on his broad shoulders. He had hair like the sun and beautiful round blue eyes, his cheek used to be so golden-brown with the tan in Summer, pale as milk in Winter. He was older than Arkyll and had just taken a commission as Lieutenant in their fathers’ infamous old troop Fourth Sietter. His big muscular body looked so gorgeous in his red tunic with the gold-embroidered collar and the thigh-length brown boots, women and men, they were all swooning over him wherever he went.

He loathed it. He used to have a glaring frown on his lovely face, looking like the Angel of the Sword striding down the castle corridors until Arrie came dancing down shouting, “C’mon Han! Are you coming for a ride? I’ll race you,” and he would run off with her to the hills to gallop laughing where nobody looked on him softly. That little snake never looked softly on a soul, until she grew up and one day for some wild reason of her own she looked on Hanya.

Arrie was just a scruffy lanky brat then, terrifying them all by her failure to feel fear, whether at riding the wild war-horses or jumping her hunter over the high hedges or climbing the central tower, Angel of Hell! that time she climbed the bloody central tower, what a minx! Even when she fell in love with Hanya it was not his beauty she looked softly on, she was much too wild a proud creature to give a copper coin’s curse for a smooth cheek or a lovely leg. Poor old Han. She knew him to the core. She had him twisted round her fingers all her life and when she decided she wanted his heart, she just pulled on the strings and he fell like an Angel out of the skies into her arms.

That little brat. Even bloody Tisha blamed him instead of her. She caught Arkyll giving Arrie a few well-chosen words on the subject of being a sneaking spy and Arrie exclaimed, “oh Tisha! he is being so mean to me,” and Tisha said, “What a man!” in biting tones of scorn. “Du not give him yer mind, Lady Arrie, come with me now n’ I s’ll get ya a bit of cake,” and she put that lovely soft clinging arm around the wild cat’s skinny shoulders and drew Arrie off, tossing back to Arkyll as scornful a look as any fine Lady whose toe he had trodden on in the dance.

He strolled out of the castle and down the wide steps with the ramp on one side into the courtyard and there he met his father.

Commander-Lord Clair el Maien van Sietter strode through the cobbled courtyard on long lean legs encased in an old pair of thigh-length brown army boots, soft now with the ceaseless polishing he still insisted on for his kit. He was wearing a faded old scarlet hacking jacket and had a black hard hat on his head of elegantly cut longish black curls in which threads of grey were apparent. He was snapping a riding crop irritably on the side of one boot, his thin firm mouth pursed, his slanted grey eye clouded. His chin was dark and bristly since he appeared to have gone out without letting the men-servants shave him. Probably he had woken up early and after lying fretting for a while had snatched up these garments to go riding hard out in the hills, pretending to assess the ground for some small hunting party they might undertake since el Shosta van Thiel had turned up to claim their hospitality for a few days. With his son in duty bound and his daughter on the battle front he had little heart for the hunting.

He stopped as he saw Arkyll and regarded him with a narrow suspicious slantwise stare. Arkyll’s slanted blue eyes dipped under the sideways glare of his slanted grey eyes.

“Um halloo papa,” Arkyll fluted, fidgeting his feet in the tough peace worker boots with the metal toecaps. “Just on my way to the offices after my chat with mama. Bit of paperwork to finish off.”

van Sietter’s lean tanned face seemed to give a quiver, his lip curled in a look of disdain that glinted up into his clouded grey eye.

“C’mon papa, gimme rein,” Arkyll said with an appealing smile. “I am not even to offer her a ring, it’s a matter of a trip down East for the fishing and a dance or two: an holiday. It is for mama and her proposals for the poor.”

van Sietter was a man of notoriously high honour who would never speak a slighting word of a young Lady of the high nobility, or even of his own Lady wife, so he said nothing to this but his sniff was eloquent. “I think it will rain the morrow,” he said coldly.

“That was an encouraging letter we had from cousin Vadya,” Arkyll offered him. “Surely Uncle Tashka will prevail before Winter comes and they will come home for mid-winter Angels’ day.”

His father’s head of elegant black curls under the hard hat tipped mournfully down and he poked sulkily at the toe of his boot with his riding crop. Naturally he did not have favourites among his children: his son in duty bound, his two sons in blood, but he adored his wild daughter and broke his heart every day thinking about her away at war. She was not even by the side of the husband who had always managed to keep her safe from her own wild ways under his beautiful blue eye although at the least of it she was in the offices of his brother: General-Lord Tashka el Maien van H’las. Meanwhile, what of her husband, his dearly beloved son in duty bound, the child of the long-lost Captain of his heart. They had received a stilted letter from his daughter just after she rode off to the battlefront in his wake that mentioned as if it were an aside that when she went by his troop for the two nights and one day she was permitted with him on her way to the Generals’ strategic staff offices, she found that the war-dogs had been let loose too early in a defence of his encampment and had attacked him and presumably had completely torn up what had been a famously angelic beauty. He had never supposed his daughter cared about the physical beauty of his son in duty bound but when he read the cold words pretending all was well in a situation he knew from his own traumatic experience must be Hell, he feared dreadfully for the young couple he had reluctantly permitted to marry on the eve of war.

“How about a game of chess,” Arkyll was saying in a coaxing voice but he shook his head mournfully, loosing Arkyll’s hand from his arm and moving his long legs slowly up the steps into the castle.

When Arkyll walked into the peace corps offices down in the town his sister officers Captainofthepeace-Dame Lisette Stariel and Captainofthepeace Mimi Jien were standing about in the reception hall by the duty officer’s desk. Mimi was grumbling about some mission she had been on that morning and Lisette had a casual arm around Mimi’s shoulders. The young Lieutenantofthepeace on duty was lifting shyly adoring eyes at the pair of them.

They were both tall and the peace work training had encouraged their physical fitness so that they stood about easily with the strength evident in their long muscular limbs, their firm breasts and backs in the leather jerkins that could turn knives aside. Commanderofthepeace-Sir Lial Darien, who commanded not only this peace corps troop but had a directing eye over the others which Lady van Sietter was slowly managing to establish in the region, disliked it that they were married and had tried to persuade Lisette to go to the troop in the Maier Pass where she had family. But the two women argued that even in the army officers of the same rank were permitted to marry and promised laughingly that if they ever had a serious quarrel one of them would apply to transfer. They questioned whether the code of honour which army officers adhered to was relevant in the peace corps. At first Darien — an ex-army officer with an horrendous duelling scar down his face — argued fiercely that it was but then he became embarrassed and Arkyll had to join in on his side, his blue eyes sparkling in merriment because he knew Darien had suddenly remembered him that members of Arkyll’s family had scandalously crossed their vows in the army.

“‘Loo Arkyll!” the two women said casually. “Been out on your mission?”

“Had to go and see my mother,” he answered. “Bit of family business to sort out,” he pulled a face. “I shall have to ask the Commander for leave of absence.”

Mimi’s dark eyes creased in a sympathetic scowl, she gave a toss of the head so that her curls of brown hair were chucked back behind her in the gesture that frequently caused villains to pause in admiration when she did it preparatory to going in to tackle them and she would disarm them and pin them down even more easily.

“Sorry to hear it, chum,” Lisette said. She had cropped her strawberry blonde hair at the back and sides like a soldier and stood rangy, lean and tall, a typical Sietter officer-aristocrat. Her keen grey eyes used to gleam fiercely on miscreants as she stood with hands on hips glaring at the trouble about her so that they quite often stopped their nonsense immediately, apologised to everyone and slunk quietly off home.

Arkyll knew that like other military-minded members of the high nobility, van Thiel despised the peace corps. He had seen van Thiel’s scornful look at his rough leather jerkin and tough peace worker boots, at the belt in which he carried only a wooden baton, no weaponry which might have been useful in defence but might also have provoked more aggression on the part of drunken fools looking for trouble.

When they were children, he and Hanya of course wanted to be soldiers like their fathers and uncles. As they grew older they realised that his mother intended them for the peace corps. It would make such a statement for the future sworn Lord to go not into the smart parade silks of an army officer but into the hard work of the peace corps devoted to helping those who were poor and suffering in the region. Hanya had always had pacifist leanings and was temperamentally inclined to the peace corps but one day he suddenly said: “Major General-Sir Dar Vaie is fretting because Arkyllan is going to the peace corps and it is evident Clairan will not be a soldier. Arkyllan will need someone one day whose humanist principles he can rely on to be Major General of the army, in order to bring it in line with the peace corps. I have asked the Major General for a commission in Fourth Sietter, the troop where you, papa, and my father in blood and Uncle Tashka and Uncle Pava served so happily together.”

Major General-Sir Dar Vaie had been an officer of Fourth Sietter himself, their Uncle Tashka’s companion in many scrapes and misdemeanours, a former junior of their father’s and a brother officer of Hanya’s father. He worshipped the memory of Hanya’s father and venerated van Sietter and he was ecstatic when Hanya asked to go into their old troop. Their father was much less pleased than you would expect. He had commanded the troop during the first Sietter-H’las war, leading them in a brutally elegant victorious strategy designed by Hanya’s father in which Hanya’s father lost his own life. They would say of van Sietter that he broke his heart so badly over what he had to sacrifice for that victory that he went off to court afterwards and broke everyone-else’s heart.

Hanya liked the army in peace time (and he did look exceptionally tasty in the Sietter colours) but now they were at war and he was having such an horrific time that he no longer wrote even to Arkyll. The only news they got of him were the army despatches and an occasional cold note from Arrie, part of whose duties were to ride out and deliver the Generals’ orders to the commanding officers of field troops, saying, ‘I had the opportunity to see Hanya recently while delivering him his orders. We used his interesting adaptation of the Maien Tiger in aggressive defence of the encampment when we came under threat of attack but I may not write the detail of this. He asks it of you to bear him as ever in your hearts as your loving son and brother.’

Arkyll had recently been entrusted with a difficult mission in which he had spent weeks patiently putting together slender threads of information collected by the peace workers in one of his Units. Mimi and Lisette knew that Darien would curse at having to get someone-else to take it over and Arkyll himself would miss the demanding and absorbing task which had been such a good means of distracting his thoughts from the sufferings of so many of his family and friends on the battle front. Every so often it would be necessary for Arkyll to go and spend time on extremely dull ceremonial duties and they would all say, “such bad luck, chum. Come out for a bowl when you get back.”

He loved the comradeship of these intelligent, gentle-hearted, fiercely committed workers so tenderly managed under the pale blue eye of the scarred Commanderofthepeace-Sir Darien. He had missed Hanya dreadfully when Han went into the army; he could ride down to visit him in Luthian in the Winter but most Summers Hanya went out on campaign. He could hardly wait to get involved in some work himself and have comrades like the jolly brother officers who came back with Han on leave sometimes. Then when he started under Darien’s command, he came to appreciate the work they were involved in for its own importance. He loved it that he went out armed only with his hand-to-hand fighting skills and a wooden baton to break into horrible airless places where starving people, some of them children, were brutally exploited, to insist jovially that the rights of the prostitutes be respected, to argue patiently with drunkards, protect their frightened life partners and children and persuade them to consider how they might better manage their happiness. It was something like, to be the future sworn Lord not lapped in silks and satins, stamping around looking pretty on the parade ground for silly maidens to swoon over, but to be part of this magnificent project of his mother’s.

For a while, too, there was Daria.

She was a Captain down in the Maier Pass peace corps troop: slighter of frame than Mimi and Lisette, a lean muscular athletic woman, fully fit and physically hard. Her black hair in the tight little coils was cut close about a warm brown face and a smile so sweet and wise. He was just a Lieutenant back then, she was several years older than him. He came down to liaise with them in the Maier Pass on a mission, under her orders. When the mission was nicely wrapped up with just the paperwork to relax over, they went for a casual bowl in the modest pleasant hotel where Arkyll was staying. Silly innocent! he was disappointed at first when she appeared alone, he thought the others did not want to come out drinking with the future sworn Lord.

They were sitting on the veranda looking out into the sunlit vistas of the rolling green and brown hills with the River Arven running smooth and strong down to Port Paviat. Arkyll said something about a walking holiday he had once enjoyed with Han, when they went all the way down to Port H’las and there they went sailing with his uncles and cousins van H’las. Daria put her hand softly on the back of his neck.

Her hand was warm and gentle, she brushed the fingers lightly on the nape of his neck where the hairs suddenly stood up in excitement. He turned his head and looked into her smiling brown eyes with a shy laugh in his slanted blue eyes. His cock had started lifting and filling already, she was so fit and muscular sitting smiling softly on him with that intelligence vivid in her lovely eyes. During the mission they had enjoyed discussions about the peace corps work and ways in which the chain of command was embedded in the country via the regional armies. It had been like being with his family who were all of them sharp keen minds he was so proud of, constantly flashing the debates around him about pacifism and humanism and whether some painting was the finest expression of beauty ever created or some stupid collection of squiggles not properly aligned to the appropriate angle (that was his mathematician mother). He had enjoyed Daria’s friendly supervision in the work so much and now this too? He leaned eagerly over and pressed into her kiss.

Winter break was over and the students and staff that lived on the premises of the School of the Sacred Heart were beginning to fill the halls, dorms, and classrooms once more. Amy Chasteman and Teresa Knight were just two of the seventy young girls who resided within the walls of the two hundred year old academy.

Both girls were looking forward to the 2013 semester more so than any semester before. They had been attending the all girls Catholic school since early childhood and had grown up as best friends, and later had petitioned the housing department to let them become roommates. Now they were seniors and both had celebrated their eighteenth birthdays over winter break. This was their last semester at School of the Sacred Heart and as they shared their holiday experiences with one another both girls realized that they had not yet accomplished all they had hoped to accomplish before graduation.

“So, you didn’t do it either, did you?” Amy asked Teresa.

Teresa shook her head no. “I just couldn’t. The opportunity was there. My cousin Jeffery, he’s a couple years older than me, and hot — very very hot, and he’d have been willing too, but I just couldn’t do it.”

“Did you even try?” Amy asked.

Teresa blushed. “Yeah. I paraded around in my skimpiest pajamas, granted only when no one was around and I made sure my breasts “fell” out of my bikini whenever we were in the pool together and once, I even “accidentally” brushed my ass against his crotch when we were in the kitchen, helping make cookies with mom.”

Amy’s eyes widened in their sockets. “What did he do?”

“Oh he copped a feel and he even told me if I was offering than he’d meet me in the jacuzzi.”

“But you just couldn’t do it, could you? Was it because he was your cousin?”

“I don’t think so. He really is a stud. I think, all of this,” she swept her hand around the room, indicating her Catholic upbringing, “actually worked on me.”

“So you’re giving up on the whole idea of losing your virginity before leaving Sacred Heart?”

Teresa chewed on her lower lip. “Well, yes and no.”

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“Well, I have another idea. But first, I want to hear about your failed attempt at losing your cherry,” Teresa said.

Amy sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I so fuckin’ failed. Made a fool of myself. He got his cock out and,” she turned away and shook her head in shame, “it was so fuckin’ big.”

“You got scared?” Teresa asked in a soft understanding voice.


“It’s okay Amy. Cocks are scary. Their so big and I’ll admit, I was scared that if Jeffery and I did do it, that I wouldn’t be able to take him. When I rubbed against him in the kitchen, he felt like a giant cucumber,” Teresa admitted.

“But not all cocks are big. I mean sure most of the ones that we’ve seen online are, but there have been a few that looked doable,” Amy said, as her flushed cheeks slowly came back to a more normal hue of peach.

“They’re all doable,” Teresa told her.

“I guess,” her friend muttered. Amy then took a deep breath. “So what’s your idea?”

“Okay, first I want you to know as gross as this sounds it’s fuckin’ amazing.”

“Um, okay.”

Teresa walked over to one of her suitcases that she’d not yet unpacked. She pulled out a black canvas bag and sat back on her bed. Amy scooted over and Teresa opened the bag, then dumped its contents out on the bed.

“What are these?” Amy asked. “They don’t look like the regular toys we’ve got.”

“They aren’t,” Teresa said. “These are anal toys.”

Amy’s jaw slacked. “Eww,” she said, then jumped off the bed. “That is gross!”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I told you it would sound that way, now get back here and listen to me.”

Amy’s lips were curled in disgust, but she did as her friend had commanded. “I’m not touching them,” she whispered.

“They’re new, you dork. I bought them a couple days before daddy brought me back up here.”

“Then how do you know they’re amazing?” Amy asked, before picking up a small purple cock-like toy. The tag on the end identified it as a vibrating dildo for beginners.

“Okay, gross thing number two. The ones I used were my parents,” Teresa confessed.

“Oh my God, Teresa! You used your mom and dad’s toys!”

She nodded her head. “Hey they were there and don’t worry,” she laughed, “I cleaned them, both before and after.”

“Tell me this,” Amy said, bringing her legs up and crossing them in front of her “How did you know they had them and how did you know that’s what they were?” She lifted one eyebrow and waited to hear her friend’s story.

Teresa chuckled softly. “I caught mom and dad fucking one night during break. As you know we have both an indoor and outdoor pool. Well I was going to go swimming and pulled open the door to the pool room and heard this groaning and grunting noise. I knew immediately what it was, because after all those videos online you start recognizing the sounds of fucking. I wasn’t sure who it was though, because I couldn’t see them. We had a butt load of… .”

“Don’t say “butt load” while talking about anal,” Amy said, making a face.

Teresa again laughed. “Okay. Well, anyway, we had a lot of relatives spending winter break with us, so it could have been anybody, but lucky me, when I peeked in I saw my dad pounding my mom from behind. And while his cock was plunging in and out of her, he had this thing in his hand. He was going to town on her and she was loving it. She was cursing and pushing back, screaming at him to “fuck her ass”.”


“I know, right! So there I was quietly watching mom and dad fuck, when he pulls his dick from her pussy, and the toy from her ass and shoves his cock into her asshole. I got so wet Amy. I thought for sure I was gonna come. I knew then that I had to try it,” Teresa confessed.

“What? Toys?”

“No. Anal.”

Amy’s eyes grew more wide, her jaw dropped and words seemed lost to her.

Teresa continued her story. “Well, I left mom and dad alone and headed back to my room. I looked around for something, anything really that I could shove up my ass, just to see what it felt like. I grabbed my hairbrush and used just the first two inches of the handle. At first it stung and it hurt a lot, but then I realized my ass wasn’t like my pussy. My pussy was wet and my ass, well it is what it is. So I cleaned off the brush with a lot of soap and hot water, then I shoved the handle into my pussy and made myself come. After that I had a lot of wetness. I pushed the tip of the brush against my asshole and slowly pushed it back. All that juice, well it worked. After some tense and sore moments I started to move the brush in and out.”

“What was it like?” Amy asked.

“Amy, I’m not lying. It was fuckin’ unreal. I felt the ridges of the brush rubbing against my ass. The sensations were unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I pushed the brush in deeper and then I started rubbing my pussy. I had to bite down on my tongue to keep from squealing. I was having that much fun. When I came, I came hard. The hardest I’ve ever come.” Teresa shook her head back and forth, flopped down on the bed and sighed. “Damn, I could fuck my ass right now and die a happy woman.”

“But Teresa,” Amy’s voice was soft and low, “what about, well — you know, the smell and the poo.”

Teresa sat up. “Yeah, that was the other gross part of the story. I pulled the brush out, rinsed it off then threw it away. That’s the only drawback though. Other than that it’s the best thing ever and,” she sat up more straight and stared at her friend, “I’m still a virgin.”

Amy wiggled her lips back and forth.

“Amy, I had this amazing fucking orgasm and I didn’t have to shove a dick up my pussy to do it. So, I’m thinking we keep our cherries for our future husbands, like the good Lord wants us to, but we go ahead and take it up the ass. On our wedding night we’ll still have cherries to pop and the good Catholic boys that mom and dad want us to marry will never have to know we were ass sluts.”

“But, Teresa. I can’t get over the smell or the icky factor,” Amy admitted.

“Condoms sweetheart. We get the guys to wear condoms and I went online and found out ways we can prepare ourselves for a cleaner experience.”

“You mean enemas, don’t you,” Amy said, once more curling her noise in disgust.

“Yep, and a bland diet, lots of liquids. If we plan ahead of time we can limit the yuck factor a lot.”

“You really have been thinking about this a lot haven’t you?” Amy asked, as she picked up another toy. This one was labeled: Anal wand with rotating action.

“Amy, I’ve been thinking and doing it all summer. The only thing I haven’t done is let a guy fuck me. Those cocks still scare me,” Teresa said. “I want one though, a cock shoved up there pounding away. Mom looked so turned on by Daddy’s dick. I want that too.”

“But how do you find a guy with a small pecker?” Amy asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that. We need to investigate before we approach.”

“Meaning, check out a guy’s length and girth before we ask him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine?” Amy said. She then laughed. “And how do you suggest we do that? Walk up to some random guy and say ‘Hey would you mind dropping your pants, letting me get you hard and then stand there, and wait while I decide if your cock is too big for my asshole?’?”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “No,” she said, then stuck out her tongue. “I think we go to some of the area high school games and maybe some of the college ones. We watch the basketball players, football players, the soccer boys and we pick and choose who has the smallest crotch.”

“Don’t they were cups when they’re playing. You’re not going to know what you’re getting until it’s hard and taking in oxygen,” Amy said.

“Yeah. I never said my plan was perfect and didn’t have holes,” Teresa admitted.

“Well, you think about it, while I look at your toys,” Amy noticed Teresa’s smile, “I’m not saying I’m in, but I am curious.”

“Just play with some of the toys and you’ll see, you’ll want a cock in your ass before your done coming,” Teresa told her. “I’ve got to go. I volunteered to help Sara with a catering job that her mom has lined up. I want to earn as much money as I can before classes start and I get too bogged down with homework.”

“Have fun. Lookin’ at all these toys I bet your private stash of mad money is a little light,” Amy said with a soft laugh.

“No shit.”


Teresa laughed. “Sorry!” She left the room and headed off campus, making sure to check out with the den mother as well as the guard at the gate.

While Teresa was gone, Amy picked up each toy and began to cut off the tags as well as tear into the plastic that kept them from her curious hands. Once she had them all laid out on the bed, she inserted batteries into the ones that needed them and began to turn them on and off. Her pussy flexed as she imagined the toys being pushed int her ass, but she also felt a small wave of nausea as she imagined the substances that would cover the slick new toys. Those thoughts brought her back to the part of Teresa and her conversation that covered preparation.

She left the bed and headed over to her computer, which her cousin had happily rigged so she could manipulate the security of campus administration and wonder about the internet and all the sites she wanted without anyone being aware. Teresa had the same software on her computer, thanks to Jeffery and a twenty dollar bill her roommate had given him.

After an hour and a half of playing around online, Amy was horny and in need of a quick come. She had learned enough to know that though the act of anal play could be messy it could be fun too. “Besides,” she said to herself, “that’s why we have soap and water.” She got up and walked over to her friend’s bed. Her lips puckered up as she tried to decide what toy to try first.

She picked up a small, pink, silicon dildo. It didn’t do anything special and Amy quickly dismissed it. “I don’t want to just let it sit there,” she said to herself, “where’s the fun in that?”

Amy then picked up a dark maroon dildo, that came with a silver remote. She picked up the small slip of paper that had come with the toy. Once she read the directions, and toyed with the remote’s settings she felt more sure of what she was doing.

Teresa had provided everything and for that Amy was thankful. She walked over to their bedroom door and locked it. Teresa had a set of keys and Amy knew her friend wouldn’t be back until later that evening.

With the door lock and her stomach tightening in anticipation of trying something new, Amy took off her clothes, picked up the dildo of her choice and a bottle of warming gel that Teresa had also purchased. Once she determined she was comfortable on the bed, she squirted a generous helping of lube onto the dildo and rotated her hips. Amy pushed the head of the toy against the crack of her ass, and felt the gel touch her cheeks. She licked her lips, stuck out her tongue and furrowed her brow. Her expression bore a look of pure concentration.

As she worked to get the toy between her ass cheeks, she felt uncomfortable and inexperienced. When she finally felt the tip press against her asshole, she paused and took a deep breath. Her other hand wrapped tightly around the small remote and she held onto it with a death-like grip as she pushed the dildo into her ass.

The toy started out narrow and slowly widened until the base was reached. The base was also silicon, but it had a ring of rubber attached to it, so that Amy could easily pull the toy out when she wanted. The remote gave her another sense of control, because she could shut it off if she got too scared or she discovered she didn’t like the experience at all.

The initial invasion of her ass made her wince in pain. She hardened her jaw and pushed more of it into her anal cavity. Several long deep breaths later Amy silently cheered herself. She had gotten all 5 inches in and she hadn’t died.

With the anal toy now buried in her ass, she took a moment to let her muscle adjust to the new feelings. Every fiber in her being told her to push the dildo out, but she knew that she had to keep her muscled flexed so the toy didn’t slip free. After a couple of minutes she was ready to turn the dildo on low.

Instantly the toy began to vibrate and Amy bit down on her lip as images that were less than pleasant played at the corner of her mind. “Stop it,” she whispered to herself, and took a deep breath, before recalling one of the videos she’d watched online. The woman had been masturbating and fucking herself with an anal toy, so Amy slid her free hand down to her pussy and began to slide her fingers up and down her smooth mound.

The nervousness she had felt was soon replaced with an odd heat. It started out warm, but soon grew hotter. Her pussy seemed more sensitive and her clit felt harder. She felt the dildo in her ass and wondered how much it was truly affecting her. With a small hint of hesitation, Amy turned the remote off and instantly felt as if her best friend had left her. No more than ten seconds later she had the vibrating toy pulsing again.

Amy closed her eyes and let the feelings and sensations she experience guide her fingers as well as when and if she changed the pulsating action of the dildo. Over the course of several minutes she used two fingers in her pussy, rubbing the walls and scratching the tender flesh with her nails. She massaged her clit, tugged and twisted it and increased the tempo of the toy to the second level.

Only once did she try the third speed, but the rolling waves of euphoria actually frightened her, so she turned the toy back down to two and went back to what she felt was safe. When she finally came, she was grunting low and an animal-like sound poured from her throat.

After climaxing Amy turned the toy off and left it in her tight ass until her pulse returned to normal. Then she took a deep breath, reached back, and pulled the silicon dildo from her tight and slippery hole. Her nose curled as she breathed in the scent of her bowels. “Soap and water. Soap and water.” Amy repeated the mantra, as she headed to the bathroom and began the necessary and unpleasant job of washing off her friend’s toy.

Five minutes later, and with her hands red from the intense heat she’d used in cleaning the toy, Amy climbed into the shower and washed herself. When she came out, she was wrapped in a towel and she put Teresa’s toys, along with the lube and extra batteries back into the canvas bag. A long slow breath passed through her lips. “Okay, she was right. Now I want to try a cock.” Amy got dressed, picked up her purse and headed to the school gym, which was shared with the all boy’s Catholic school St. Thomas.

When the two girls met up again, both had stories to tell. Teresa talked about the food that was served as well as a couple of the young men that had also arrived to help Sara’s mom. “They weren’t too bad looking either,” she said, “and I got a chance to see their cocks.”

“How’d you manage that?” Amy asked.

“Well, I had too pee something awful and there was this freakishly long line for the ladies room, so I decided to pop into the one the boy’s use. There’s never a line for the guy’s bathroom. Well, I picked a stall and sat down. I had just started peeing when I heard voices. I squeezed my bladder and waited to finish peeing. I couldn’t just pee and then walk out.”

“Aw, why not,” Amy said, laughing. “You could have just checked their wankers out and solicit them on the spot.”

“Haha,” Teresa answered back, rolling her eyes at her friend. “Well, I leaned as far as I could without falling off the toilet, and quietly unlocked the stall door. The boys were there, the ones helping out at the party, and they were standing at the urinals peeing. They were talking up a storm too. Man, boys can run their mouths. Anyway, there I am holding my piss, when one boy finishes up. He turns away from the other and starts stuffing his cock back into his pants.”

“Nice,” Amy said, with a smirk. “And how was it?”

“Well from what I could see he wasn’t super long, not like my dad’s and nothing like those guys online.”

“So, you think their ass worthy?” Amy asked.

Teresa lifted a brow.”Oh, someone wants it in the ass now, don’t they? Did you play while I was gone?”

“I may have,” Amy answered. “So his cock wasn’t super long and the other guy?”

“Well, his was really short, but fat. I’m not sure what that means.”

“It could mean anything,” Amy said. “I still think we need to get them hard and then decide.”

“We can’t just get a guy hard and not let him fuck us. We’ll be raped, or called cock teases,” Teresa said. “I don’t want to be a cock tease.”

“No, you just want to be an ass whore.”

Teresa blushed. “So do you,” she said. “So how was the toy?”

“Fucktastic!” Amy got up and picked the toy out of the bag. “I cleaned it real good,” she told her friend. “I used the remote and kept it on two. I tried the third one, but that was so fuckin’ weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“I felt like my chest was being squeezed by a vice and my pulse was racing. My head was pounding and I had a hard time breathing,” Amy explained.

“Oh you silly girl,” Teresa said, “you were on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm. Maybe even multiple.”


“Yeah, really. You need to use that toy again and go to town. Rev that sucker up and just let it pound your ass till you pass out!”

Amy shook her head no. “I don’t want to pass out!”

“It’s wonderful — passing out from an orgasm. I did it the second time I put a dildo in my ass and a bullet vibe on my clit,” Teresa admitted.

“Well, it doesn’t sound safe,” Amy admitted. “But enough about that. I wanted to tell you about the cocks I saw tonight.”

Teresa sat up a little higher on the bed. “Oh please do.”

“Well, after I came and showered up, again I really did clean that toy.”

“Amy, I believe you!”

“Okay, I just don’t want you to think I left it all nasty. Believe me it was nasty. I looked online and read up on techniques on how to keep that part of me more fuck worthy,” Amy said.

Teresa chuckled. “You’re getting off subject. Cocks Amy. It’s all about the cocks.”

Amy blushed. “Yeah, sorry. Anyway, I went to the gym and there weren’t a lot of girls there. I guess there was some impromptu tournament tonight and a dozen senior boys were playing ball and several more were messing around on the courts. The few girls that were there were running track and another six or so were milling about the pool.”

“So, you hung out and watched the boys playing ball. Could you really see if they were big or not with them all jumping around?”

“No, but if no one notices you,” Amy grinned, “you can see if their big or not when you hide in the locker room. You also see a lot of ass slapping and dick smacking. That was weird.”

“Dick slapping?”

“Yeah, I slipped into the locker room and wedged myself behind these old nasty locker and the wall. I had to shower afterward, but it was so worth it,” Amy was saying. “I waited there probably thirty minutes before the guys started filing in. “Teresa, they were sweaty and stinky, but they had no problem ripping off their shorts and walking around snapping towels at each other. A few of them even grabbed their cocks and compared sizes.”


“Nah, soft,” Amy said, sounding disappointed. “So I watched them break off. Most headed to the showers, but two of them, they have to be gay, they started slapping their cocks back and forth against the other one’s.”


“I know it sounds gross, but Teresa, it was pretty hot. Their cocks got hard and that’s when the boys stopped. They backed away and started to get dressed. One boy, he’s about your height, his cock was about this long,” she lifted her fingers and stretched them about. “Four or five inches, I think.”

“And the other?”

“He was longer, but a lot skinnier. I’d say may seven inches, but really really narrow. It looked kinda weird. Reminded me of a big fat pencil. A couple inches bigger than those ones we used when we were first learning how to form letters.”

“That is weird,” Terersa said. “Cocks sure are strange.”

“I know, right.” Amy shrugged her shoulders. “Well, when those boys left, the room was empty, but I knew the boys were only going to be showering for so long, so I hurried up and left. Got back here and showered off the stench of a boy’s locker room and then you got back.”

Teresa chewed on her lower lip. “So you got to see some hard cocks.”

“Yeah, but they had to have been gay boys. They aren’t going to fuck our asses,” Amy said.

“We don’t know if their gay and maybe they are, but maybe their bi too,” Teresa said.

“Do you think you’d recognize them if you saw them again?”

“Yes!” Amy said. “I didn’t just stare at their dicks, I looked at their faces. Their decent looking.”

“I don’t care what they look like and neither should you. We just want their cocks.”

“I guess,” Amy said. “So what’s your plan?”

“Well, we head back to the gym and see if we can find your two boys. If so, we just come out and tell them what we want. We of course use the first hand knowledge that you saw them cock slapping each other and if they don’t do what we want we’ll tell everybody.”


“Only if they aren’t into it. I mean we don’t have to tell them about the cock slapping if they just take us up on the offer,” Teresa said.

Amy sighed. “Okay, we’ll try it. I hope they just agree. I mean what eighteen year old boy wouldn’t want to fuck some girl’s tight ass?”

“I don’t know. Not everyone is into it.”

“If their gay, they probably are,” Amy said.

“True. Either way, we’re getting ass fucked!” Teresa said and started to jump up and down on her bed.

Amy laughed, clapped her hands, and squealed in delight. The girls went to bed and when morning came they ate cold cereal from the cafeteria and headed to the gym. Teresa and Amy spent all morning at the gym, they dined on vending machine food and sodas. Around two o’clock, while Teresa was texting her cousin, she received a sharp elbow to the ribcage. “Ouch!”

“That’s them,” Amy whispered, then nodded her head to two senior boys that were walking across the gym floor.

Teresa studied the two boys. “I don’t recognize them,” she admitted, “but they don’t look bad. Kinda cute in a nerdy kinda way.”

“I thought looks didn’t matter,” Amy said.

Teresa stuck out her tongue. “Touche.”

Amy laughed. The two boys grabbed a basketball and joined three other seniors. Soon there were two teams of three and the boys were playing ball. Teresa and Amy watched the game unfold and whenever one of the two boys they were interested in would look their way, they’d both smile flirtatiously.

When the game ended the girls’ smiles and waves paid off and the two boys walked over to them. “Hi,” the tallest one said.

“Hey,” Teresa answered. She glanced down at his crotch and tried to see the shape of his dick through his shorts. Amy had said he was the long skinny one, so that meant the other kid had the short fat dick.

“I’m Todd, and this is Brad,” Todd said to Teresa.

Brad waved and smiled at Amy.

“Hi. I’m Amy,” Amy said, and stood up. She picked up her bag and turned back to look at Brad. “We were about to head over to McD’s. Do you guys want to come with?”

“Sure,” Todd said. “Can we shower first?”

“Please do,” Teresa answered with a soft laugh and a girlish pinch to her nose.

The boys chuckled, and hurried away. Teresa and Amy sat back down and resumed talking. When the Todd and Brad returned the girls were anxious to proposition the boys. “All set?”

“Sure are,” Todd answered.

The four of them left the gym and caught a bus to the local McD’s and ordered shakes as well as a family basket of fries. When Teresa felt the boys were relaxed enough and felt comfortable with Amy and herself, she leaned in and sucked proactively on her straw. “So Todd, Brad, Amy and I have a question to ask you.”

Both boys grinned and raised their brows. “Yeah?” Brad asked.

“Well, Amy and I,” she looked at Amy, “we’re well, we need a couple of guys to help us out with a problem.”

“What kind of problem,” Todd asked.

“Well, I’m sure that you guys, being eighteen and seniors look at porn, right?” Teresa levied them with a long hard stare. “Don’t be shy. We do to,” she said, nodding her head toward her roommate.

“All the time,” Amy admitted, blushing a deep crimson.

Brad and Todd looked at each other, simultaneously shrugged their shoulders and Todd answered, “Yeah, sure. Everybody does. Fuck probably more Catholic school kids do than public school kids.”

“You’re probably right,” Amy said.

“So what do you want?” Brad asked.

Amy licked her lips. “Teresa and I don’t want our cherries popped, so get that idea right out of your head.”

Both boys’ eyes widened in their sockets. “Okay then, what do you want?” Brad asked again.

Amy took a deep breath and toyed with her paper napkin. “We want you to fuck us in the ass,” she said very quickly and prayed that she wouldn’t have to repeat herself.

“You want us to what?” Todd asked, while Brad stared at Amy with a look that was unreadable.

“You heard her,” Teresa said. “So, what do you think?”

Todd laughed. “You’re so full of bullshit,” he said. “Come on Brad, let’s get the fuck out of here.” He pushed on his friend, but his friend didn’t move.

Brad was studying Amy. “What do we get out of it?” he asked.

Amy rolled her eyes. “Duh, you get to come.”

“Yeah, but in a condom right. I mean you’re not going to let us fuck you without protection. If you were then you’d have been one of those sluts who lost their cherries a long time ago.”

Amy shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah, condoms are a must. What do you want?” she said, looking again only at Brad.

“Brad, dude. Seriously. You can’t be considering this shit. I mean come on, they’re pulling your chain. Probably some dare they worked up with some of the girls in their hall,” Todd said.

“No. No, it’s not,” Teresa told him. “Come on, sit down Todd and hear us out.”

Todd pushed his chair under the table. “Sit down Todd,” Brad said, pulling it back out.


“Sit down, let’s hear the ladies out,” Brad said again, this time his eyes caught Todd’s hostile glare.

Todd shook his head and sat down. “Whatever,” he said.

Teresa let out a long breath. “Look, we’ve been playing around just like every one else. We’ve used toys and our fingers, but now we want something more. Neither one of us wants to have vaginal sex. We’re saving that for our husbands, but our asses, no one needs to know we gave that up. We want the real thing and well, Amy’s seen your dicks and she says she thinks you’ll work.”

“Seen our… .”

“Lower your voice Todd,” Brad warned.

“When did you see our dicks?” Todd whispered over the table.

“I was hiding in the locker room and saw you boys,” she then smirked, “and a lot of other boys too.”

“You were in the locker room?” Brad hissed and Todd paled.

“Yeah, but don’t worry about what I saw,” Amy said. “We really do just want you to fuck us in the ass, nothing more. No strings attached and no expectations. We just want to see what it feels like.”

“You’re lying,” Todd said.

“No, we’re not. Look Todd, we have just as much to lose as you do. If you go and run your mouth, we’ll be kicked out and our parents will beat the shit out of us,” Teresa said. “This is legit. I want your cock up my ass and Amy wants to try Brad’s.”

Brad grinned. “You liked my cock,” he said.

Amy rolled her eyes. “Down big boy,” she whispered. “I don’t want you to be my boyfriend. Right now we’re talking about a one time gig. If we like it, we’ll invite you back, if not then it’s a hot story to tell your college buddies — you just change our names.”

“Okay, let me get this straight. We fuck you in the ass, and come in a condom and then we go on our merry way, unless you call us back. Right?” This time it was Todd asking the question.

“Right,” Teresa answered.

“Well, that sounds good for you girls, but I think Todd and I deserve more,” Brad said.

“What do you mean? You get to come, just like we do,” Amy said.

“Yeah, but we all know you women come a hell of a lot more than we men do. So here’s my proposal. We say yes, you suck us off, we come,” he looked at Todd and back at the girls, “in your mouths. You swallow and then you get us hard again. When we’re hard again, we put on condoms and we fuck your asses.”

Teresa stared at Brad and then back at Todd. “Deal,” she said.

“Teresa!” Amy hissed.

“What?” her friend asked. “Come on Amy, it’s only fair. He’s got a valid point. We girls do come a lot more than boys.”

“But swallowing cum?” Amy said, making a face.

“Hey, you’re asking us to fuck your dirty asshole,” Todd hissed across the table.

Amy rolled her eyes. “Fine. One cock sucking and then one ass fucking.”

“You’ll get us hard using your mouths,” Todd said, showing his willingness to go along with the plan.

“Fine,” Amy answered. “But you guys better not come again in our mouths. We want cocks that are hard for our asses.”

“Deal,” both boys said at the same time.

The girls passed them Amy’s key to the back door of their dorm, and told the boys exactly where to be and at what time. “We’ll see you tonight,” Amy said as the girls took their shakes and waved goodbye. When they were outside they hurried to the bus stop and caught a ride back to campus. They checked in with security and went to visit Sister Marie, the den mother who had a slight addiction to alcohol.

“Is she in there?” Teresa asked as she looked around the corner and down the hall from Sister Marie’s room.

“No, but her booze are.”

“Cool, look in your purse. I threw a box of Benedryl in there. Pop three in the bottle and they’ll be dissolved when she starts drinking tonight,” Teresa said.

Amy rolled her eyes. “You’re way too good at this,” she said, before opening her purse, finding the medicine and slipping into the Sister’s room. It didn’t take her long to do the deed and when she and Teresa were heading back to their rooms, their pussies were wet with anticipation for what was to come.

When the hour for the boys to arrive had finally come, Teresa was there to greet them at the back door. They hurried back to their rooms, making sure the coast was clear and thanking God that none of the other girls in the dorm had chosen that time to alter their own personal routines. Several were in their rooms, another half dozen were in the activity room, and a few more were in the cafeteria enjoying snacks and homemade cookies that one of the students had made. Once the boys were in Teresa and Amy’s room, the door was locked and the television was turned on, with the volume just loud enough not to get the girls in trouble.

“You made it!” Amy said, smiling. She did a little dance and then hugged Brad and kissed Todd on the cheek, before squeezing Teresa’s arm in excitement.

The two boys rolled their eyes as did Teresa, but Teresa also giggled and hugged her friend back. “Okay, let’s get started,” Amy said, double checking that the door was indeed locked.

“Seriously?” Todd asked, “We’re just going to strip and go at it.”

Teresa looked at him with a confused expression on her face. “Duh, we told you this wasn’t a date. What were you expecting, candlelight and romance?”

Brad chuckled. He grabbed Amy’s hand and looked around. “I guess we’re just supposed to do it all here, everyone watching everyone else?”

Both girls nodded their heads. Amy said, “It’s safer that way. We really don’t have a spare room that we can use. There’s the bathroom, we paid extra for a private bathroom, but we can’t just take off and choose some closet to hide in. It’s here or nowhere.”

“Besides,” Teresa added, “with all of us together, Amy and I are safer too. If we tell you boys no and you don’t listen, then two girls screaming will get a lot more attention than one.”

“Screaming? Telling us no? What the fuck are you talking about?” Todd asked. He then turned to Brad. “I told you this was a set up. Let’s get out of here.”

“Oh my God!” Teresa hissed. “Think about it you dumbass. We don’t know you and you don’t know us. So us all watching what everyone is doing makes sense.” She rolled her eyes and looked over at Brad who still held Amy’s hand. “Maybe we should trade. My boy’s scared.”

“I am not scared,” Todd muttered. “Let’s just get this over with,” he said.

Teresa again rolled her eyes. “For a guy whose about to get his cock sucked, you sound so thrilled.”

“Well, you’re not on your knees sucking yet, so what do I have to be thrilled about?” Todd countered.

“Just shut the fuck up and take off your clothes,” Teresa hissed back, and began to take off her jeans, top and her underclothes. This got Todd and Brad’s blood stirring and soon Amy was disrobing and so were the boys.

“Now do you believe us?” Teresa asked when she slid down to her knees and grabbed the hardening shaft of Todd’s crotch.

Todd’s eyes widened as Teresa opened her mouth and covered the head of his cock with her lips. Teresa smiled around his tool and chuckled, then she popped off. “You’ll like this Todd, I promise.”

He nodded his head and Teresa smiled back, and then began to concentrate on making Todd’s cock grow. She was very curious as to how long it would get and how skinny it was, even when it was stiff and ready to be used. Occasionally she would look over at Amy and watch her devour all of Brad’s short cock. It certainly was different than the one in her mouth and a part of her wanted to have it in her mouth.

She popped off again and said, “Amy let’s trade cocks after we have them come once. You get Todd hard for my ass and I’ll get Brad hard for yours. That way we both can feel what it’s like to suck on different size dicks.”

Amy stopped sucking Brad’s rod and looked over at Todd’s penis. “Sure.”

“Um, don’t we get a say in the matter?” Todd asked.

“Dude, seriously?” Brad asked. “You have to be the biggest pussy in the room. Shut up and let these girls suck us off any which way they want.” He reached down and stroked Amy’s hair. “I’ll do whatever you girls want,” he said, then blew her a kiss.

Amy blushed, opened her mouth and started swallowing him up once more. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Teresa rolling her eyes and knew her friend wanted nothing more than to slap the stupid out of Todd.

The two boys were soon moaning and grunting in approval of what was being done to them and when they both mentioned coming the girls held onto their guys’ hips and sucked hard, bringing the hot sticky fluids to the surface where they were obediently swallowed up. After a few gagging sounds the girls managed to get all the cum swallowed and exchanged places. Once more the boys’ cocks were covered by warm mouths and wet tongues and once more their shafts were growing hard and their balls were aching.

“Okay, condom time,” Teresa said and tossed one to Brad. Amy did the same with Todd, and then the girls switched back to their initial choices.

As Brad pulled on his condom, he looked at Amy’s ass. “I read online about this. You’re ass looks really nice. Did you guys, well you know, get them ready for us?” he asked.

Amy grinned. “Yeah, it was kinda gross, so I don’t want to talk about it much, but our asses are clean.”

“You could probably eat them if you wanted,” Teresa joked. “That’s how clean they are.”

Brad grinned and Todd curled his lips in disgust. “Let’s not go there,” he said, “that wasn’t part of the deal.”

“She was kidding,” Brad said. “Do you have toys for your pussy?” He asked, then grabbed a bottle of lube that Amy had on a nearby table.

“Yeah,” both girls said at the same time.

“We’ll take care of our pussies, you worry about our asses,” Teresa said. She handed Todd a bottle of lube and said, “Make sure you cover that whole thing with gel. I want every inch inside me. You may have a skinny cock, but you’re gonna reach places even my best toy can’t reach.” Teresa looked at Amy. “I’m so wet, my toy may fall out.”

“I know! So am I,” Amy said.

The girls climbed onto their beds and while the boys rubbed the lubricant all over their condom-covered dicks, the girls pushed their toys into their pussies and turned them on to the lowest setting. Both Teresa and Amy instantly began to moan.

Each girl used a small bullet vibe that came with a remote. The remote control was wrapped tightly in their fists and the pulsating action beat on their sensitive flesh. Their pussy lips quivered and fluids flowed easily down from the deep channel of their virgin holes. “I can’t wait to have a real cock,” Teresa gasped. “I hope my husband is built like a horse.”

“Me too,” Amy gasped as her little bullet played with her insides. She turned to look back and saw Brad climbing on the bed. “Put some lube on my ass and use this to push it in if you don’t want to use your finger,” she said.

Brad took the lube. “I don’t mind using my finger,” he then opened her ass cheeks, spreading her wide. “You really did clean good back here. It looks fresh and pick and well, clean.”

“I told you I did. Teresa did too, didn’t she Todd?” Amy asked.

Todd was on top of the bed and was looking at Teresa’s round ass. He spread her cheeks apart and nodded his head. “Yeah, she looks clean, but I’m not eating her ass,” he said.

Teresa rolled her eyes and flicked her remote to the next setting. “Just fuck it then,” she hissed. “Remember a lot of lube and squirt it on my ass hole first.” She then closed her eyes and waited to feel Todd’s dickhead invading her tight entrance.

I did meet Mark the next afternoon. I had thought it might be a problem after practice, that Coach Sean might expect me to stay and I was a bit disappointed when it never came up. Driving to the secluded motel Mark and I used I forgot about Coach and focused on Mark. Given the situation we had not spent much time together since school started. Whenever we could meet like this was wonderful and today was no exception.

Mark opened the door to our room and swept me in his arms kissing and hugging me as we closed the door behind us. It was frantic at first, struggling to remove clothes and maintaining contact with each other before finally falling together into bed. Mark was so gentle, stroking me and kissing me everywhere. He always spent time on my tits, kissing them and sucking my nipples making them hard and erect then gently nibbling on them as his hands worked to open my pussy. He always managed to make me hot and wet and anxious to feel his cock fill me. I began to become impatient waiting for him to put on a condom.

When he finally entered me that afternoon I screamed in joy as his cock filled my hot wet pussy. He stroked in and out of me with deliberate speed and while I enjoyed every minute of his movements, my mind was drawn to the rough urgent fuck I had yesterday with the Coach. Trying desperately to clear my mind of the shower room and training table experiences I managed to enjoy the motion of Mark’s cock as he fucked me with ever increasing urgency.

My pussy spasmed as he plowed into me and I came hard as he continued to pump his cock. When he came I noticed how diffused it felt. I could feel his cock spasm inside me but could not feel the heat of his sperm splash my pussy. We rested for a bit and shared small talk about school, the track team and movies soon coming out as we lay snuggled in our hidden room. I loved lying naked with Mark after making love. I would let my hands roam his body and caress his breasts and his balls. I avoided touching his cock. It seemed to make him hard faster if I avoided it and I wanted him again and soon. When I saw that his cock was ready I took a condom and slipped it on him before I sat down letting him impale me. Ever since that first time in the woods when he asked me to sit on him, I loved this position.

I bounced up and down letting his cock slide in and out of me and when I began to get going I would just let my ass drop down and take all of him deep inside me. I knew he loved to watch my tits bounce as I did this and to be able to reach up and caress them. I enjoyed it too. When I finally came Mark followed and I collapsed on top of him exhausted.

That night as I drove home I felt confident that Mark was the man for me that his tenderness and passion was what I loved. I once again wondered how best to avoid Coach and let that one incident fade. I tossed and turned that night recalling the two men and their different approaches to sex. I wondered how I had found both of them so appealing. Tired and a little angry with myself I passed through another day of school and headed to the track for practice. Mark had told me he would not be able to see me for a few days and I was ok with that.

Practice was normal, especially now that I was listening to coach. I kept expecting him to say something to ask for me. After practice I showered, lingering as best as I could but to no avail. As I dressed I noticed that Anne, was dressed but headed to Coach’s office and I said.

“What’s up Anne?”

“I don’t know, got a note to see the Coach.”

I nodded and wished her well then gathered my things and left. But as I got to the car I let my mind wonder what Coach wanted with Anne. She was one of the prettiest girls in our class and she seemed to take forever tonight. I envisioned the Coach taking her like he’d taken me and became jealous. When I finally saw Anne leaving I waited for her to go then stormed into Coach’s office and said.

“So how was she? I guess you just want to fuck all the girls here.”

He looked up at me and said.

“Take your clothes off! Now!”

I was stunned and instead of complying I said.

“What you didn’t have enough with Anne now you need me?”

“I said take off your clothes. You started this now have some courage and see it through.”

“Started what? You’re the one who entices the girls to your office!”

He then stood and dropped his sweats and jock. He reached over and pulled me close then pushed me to my knees. He forced his cock to my lips and said.

“Open up Ashlie.”

The smell of him had me turned on and seeing his fat hard cock so close I wanted him in my mouth more then he wanted to be there. I opened wide and slid as much of him inside my mouth as I could.

“You taste any pussy Ashlie?”

I shook my head no as I licked and sucked his hard hot cock.

“If I fucked someone I can assure you there would still be a hint of her cunt on my cock. So make sure you lick it all over.”

I needed no encouragement and enjoyed the taste of his meat in my mouth. As I filled my mouth with him he pulled my top and bra off freeing my tits for him to tease and play with.

“Take off you pants and get ready for me Ashlie.”

Not allowing his cock to drop I managed to squirm out of my clothes and was soon completely naked once again in Coach’s office. Kneeing on the cold tiles with his cock in my mouth I tried to recall why I like being with Mark and planed to never do this again with Coach. My wet pussy told me that I was enjoying this. I tried once again to take more of Coach’s hard cock into my mouth and when I felt his hands on my head I expected him to push my head onto his meat. I started to gag and then a sharp pain on my scalp shocked me as Coach pulled me off his cock and onto my feet.

“Spread your legs then bend over and put your hands on the floor Ashlie!”

The suddenness of his actions always made me wetter and I complied spreading my legs wide then bending over and placing my hands on the floor. I knew my ass and pussy were positioned perfectly for him and began to enjoy the humiliation of this pose. I felt his hands grab my hips and then his cock rammed into my wet pussy in one quick thrust, making me gulp for breath. Not slowing or stopping Coach pummeled me from behind. His cock filled and stretched me. I could bend my head and watch his cock as it plowed my pussy and became enthralled watching it. I felt as though his cock was discovering new depths to my pussy as his thrusts increased in pace and force. I felt my orgasm rumbling through me and long before I could realize it I was screaming as it hit me. I watched as his cock continued to ram into me and was amazed at how my pussy seemed to grab it and hold onto it as he pulled back.

When I felt the now familiar hot splash of his cum scald the walls of my pussy, my orgasm leapt forward into another gear and my legs quivered. He withdrew and the last few spasms from his cock covered my ass with cum. I did not move but continued to remain bent over with my hands on the floor. Coach stood back and watched me and I felt his eyes studying my ass. He then walked in front of me and once again grabbed me by my hair. Pulling my head up he thrust his semi hard sticky cock past my lips forcing me to open my mouth and take him in.

“Do you taste that Ashlie? Do you taste your pussy?”

I pulled his cock from my mouth and said.

“Yes! I do. I taste my own pussy and your cum.”

Then I put his cock back in my mouth swallowing the mixes flavors of our sex with my only desire to have him hard again and inside me. I hungrily sucked and nibbled on his tool feeling it respond to my mouth and hands. On my knees now I used my hands to massage his balls while my mouth cleaned his cock.

“I think I want your ass, Ashlie. I think you need to have that back door opened.”

“Please, I’ve never done that. It will be too painful, please Coach not in my ass.”

He laughed and pulled his cock from me then grabbed my arms and led me to his desk. He pushed me down onto the desk crushing my tits on all the papers strewn there. Rubbing his now hard cock down the crack of my ass and pussy I was afraid of what planned. Each time the fat head of his cock rubbed my clit and passed over the entrance to my pussy I felt a mix of joy and fear. I laid still; my legs spread both my pussy and ass open for him to choose. I felt his cock stop at my pussy and slide slowly in and then his hands spread my ass cheeks to the side. Trembling as his cock slowly moved in and out of my pussy I cringed as his fingers found my asshole. When he slipped his fingers lower and joined his cock in my pussy I relaxed until he pulled them back up. I realized he wanted them wet and then I felt his finger invading my asshole. At first it felt alien but somewhat enjoyable and my hips began to rock back into his cock. My ass adjusted to his finger sliding in and out and when he slid a second one in I felt only a slight increase in pressure, as my hole was stretched open. With two fingers fucking my ass and his cock riding my pussy I was losing control of my body again.

I was rocking my hips now enjoying the feeling in both of my holes when his third finger entered my asshole. I gulped at the full feeling but still my burgeoning orgasm continued to rise inside me. When he withdrew both his fingers and his cock from me I felt empty and turned to his and said.

“Please. I need you in me. Please.”

I did not say where, but I hoped his cock would take my pussy and not my ass. When I felt the hot head of his cock prodding my asshole I bit my lip and tried to relax. As he increased the pressure on my asshole I felt his hard cock slide into me. It hurt a little but still I was not ready to make him stop. More and more of his cock slowly invaded my ass and the feeling of being full crept on to the feeling of being about to split open. I was ready to ask him to stop when he leaned over and said to me.

“See I told you your ass was ready. I am all the way in Ashlie and now I am going to give you a good ass fucking.”

Still a bit breathless I just waited to feel movement. When his cock slowly pulled back and then moved forward I was able to accommodate him and as he increased his thrusts, each time going still further into my back door I found my orgasm creeping up on me again. As his cock began to fuck my ass hard and fast he said to me.

“Use your hands Ashlie, play with your clit for me.”

I did as he asked mostly because I was so into the intense feelings of his cock in my ass. I would never have been able to touch myself like that in front of anyone, but now with his cock fucking my asshole I was totally his. I began to really enjoy the feel of his cock as it traveled in and out of my ass. My fingers were blindly rubbing and pulling at my clit as my orgasm mounted steam and took root in my belly. I was going to cum soon and I knew it would be a different feeling and I could not wait for it.

I felt his cock twitching in my ass and waited to feel his cum spray inside me and when he released those hot jets of cum I came hard. My hand was a blur on my clit and my ass was rocking back into Coach as his cock spewed its load. He was right I loved being fucked in the ass and even as I lie there feeling his cum ooze from my ass the mere idea of doing this kept my own orgasm sailing.

He left me there and slipped his jock and sweats back on and said as he left.

“Never accuse me of being unfaithful to you Ashlie. As long as you are willing to fuck me, there will be no one else.”

I heard his footstep recede after he closed the door. I eventually got up and gathered my clothes before heading to the shower. In a daze from the sex with Coach I let the water cascade over me for a long time. At times recalling the sex with Coach but also trying to figure out what I was going to do. I felt sure I was in love with Mark and knew I was in lust with Coach. If I kept this up with both of them I’d be a slut, someone who just wants a good fuck. Was I a slut? Later at home in my bed I came to the conclusion that I both needed and wanted both of them. Sex with Mark made me feel loved and sex with Coach made me feel like a woman. It would be tough to handle and I would need to be on birth control because I sure didn’t have the desire to put a condom on Coach. That night I dreamed that both men were in my bed with me. In some ways it was funny because Mark was busy putting on a condom while Coach was fucking me bareback.

My life was good it was just a little complicated right now. At school the next day I was somewhat disappointed when I got to Mark’s class and had a substitute. I learned he was out for the day. The rest of the day was boring and all I could think about was Mark. I so enjoyed seeing him even if it was only in school, our ability to get together alone was so rare anymore that missing a day in school only made me want to see him more. After classes I endured a particularly hard practice at track. Coach Sean was driving us all hard preparing for our first meet this weekend. When Mark was out for the next few days I began to wonder if he was OK. Track practice was a bitch all week and by Friday with no Mark all week I was really down. After showering I reached into my locker for my clothes and found a note.

“Ashlie, come to 24 Main Street at 8 tonight.”

It was from Coach and the street was in a neighboring town. I was a little pissed at the note, so demanding as if I had no choice but to be there. I dressed and drove home soon realizing that the last thing I wanted to do was sit at home with the family. Thinking about my options, especially after a week of not knowing where Mark was I decided to hit the mall and hang out for a while. My parents seemed pleased to have me leave.

Driving towards the mall I thought again of Coach’s note and became furious about the tone. I turned short of the mall and headed towards the address he’s given me earlier. I managed to arrive just a little after 8 and sat in my car for a few minutes letting my anger boil. I stomped towards his door and when he opened and ushered me in it was all I could do not to snap at him right then. Instead I walked calmly into his living room and was amazed. It was lit by tons of candles and soft music was playing. I watched him follow me in and sit down in a large over stuffed chair. He looked at me but never offered me a seat merely continued to stare. Still a bit miffed at his note I stood in silence waiting for him to say something, to welcome me or at least thank me for coming.

“Strip for me Ashlie!”

All too quickly the anger I’d suppressed came back and I said.

“Who the fuck do you think you are. Sending me a note and demanding I be here, then telling me to strip for you. Fuck you!”

I turned to leave and he calmly said.

“We both know why you’re here Ashlie. You want to fuck. That’s the only reason you’re here. What else did you expect? Strip for me and do it now.”

His words stopped me. As I digested what he said I realized he was right. The only reason I was here was to fuck him. What else did we have? It wasn’t like we’d ever had any long conversations. I stood there facing him unable to counter his argument and I looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock was already straining at the bounds of his slacks. I felt my own pussy dampen at the site of him and knew I was going to fuck him. Admitting this I began to sway to the music and my hands went to my blouse.

I fumbled with the first button but soon the music filled my head and I deftly opened my blouse and let it slide to the floor. Standing there in my bra and slacks I danced to the rhythms then let my fingers open my slacks. As they slid down my legs I moved my ass from side to side assisting them to puddle at my feet. Stepping first with my right leg then my left I danced out of my slacks and slowly turned allowing him to see all of me clad only in my bra and panties. My pussy was dripping I was turned on by my dance. I’d never thought myself to be the type to make a display of myself but in that moment, just before I unclasped my bra I knew that this would not be my last effort at something like this. Releasing my bra I watched Coach’s eyes as my tits were revealed to him. I could tell without looking that my nipples were hard and erect.

I danced like this for a few minutes letting my free breasts bounce and tantalize him. Just as I was about to work my panties off he said.

“Touch yourself Ashlie. Play with your tits for me.”

My hands reacted before my brain and cupped both of my tits and caressed them for him. My eyes never left his and I watched his orbs fix on my chest as I rubbed and squeezed them. Needing more I let one hand drop to my belly and slide under my panties to find my wet sex. Slowly stroking my cunt and pulling at my nipple I swayed to the music and watched his eyes devour my body. Abandoning my tit I used my hand to push my panties down showing Coach what my other hand was busy doing to my pussy. He watched as my fingers slid along my now spread slit and then rubbed at my swollen clit. I was so hot. Exposing myself this way had turned me on. Spreading my legs I showed Coach how I masturbated, something I had previously never even admitted to doing. It was my most private act, something I never before shared with anyone. But here I was standing spread legged in front of him letting him watch as I shoved two fingers into my sloppy wet cunt and fucked myself.

He let me continue and soon I was cuming. My legs felt weak and my pussy gushed covering my hands with my juices. Slippery now and shining with those juices I drew my hands up my body and spread my wet hands over my tits covering them with my sticky emissions. Coach stood and dropped his pants revealing his hard hot cock. My eyes flew to it and stared, watching the veins in the side throb with his excitement. A flash of satisfaction passed through my brain at the realization that I had caused him to get this way. Reaching out to me he pulled me towards him then bent me over at the waist so my mouth was level with his raging cock. I didn’t wait for a command but opened my mouth and engulfed his hot throbbing meat. Tasting him set of a tremor in me; and my pussy twitched in need of some satisfaction. His hands were busy kneading my ass cheeks and occasionally slapping them.

I let his cock fill my mouth and tried to let it go further. This was always a problem for me as I failed again and again to suppress the gagging as his tool pressed towards my throat. I felt some creamy goo on my ass and soon Coach was rubbing it into my ass crack and then into my asshole. I clenched remembering how his cock had invaded my ass the other day but stayed fixed on his cock. I was determined to take all of him in my mouth and nothing was going to alter that goal. When I felt his finger then fingers in my asshole, opening it and spreading it wide I used that distraction to force his cock past my gag reflex and swallow him. I could not breath with his cock buried so deep but refused to panic, letting it slide out again. Copious saliva fell from my lips as he backed out of my throat but I soon pulled him back in again and forced him all the way in. I was able to stick my tongue out and touch his hairy balls and a thrill coursed through me at my accomplishment.

I was reveling in my deeds when I felt something large and hard at my backdoor. Pressure and pain mounted as Coach forced something into me. As the pressure mounted I sucked his cock harder and just when I thought my ass would rip open I felt my asshole clamp onto a ridge. Whatever was in my ass was now fully inserted and the pressure remained but the pain receded. I was slurping noisily on his cock as my body adjusted to the invader in my ass. A combination of pre cum and saliva drooled from the corners of my mouth soaking my chin. I felt Coach’s hands wrap themselves in my hair and when he pulled my head from his cock the pain in my scalp forced me to release his tasty cock. Feeling empty and so wanting him back in my mouth I mewled.

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