(Have you ever known someone you wanted to have sex with but never had the nerve to approach him or her about it? This is a story of a woman who finally fulfills her dream, 25 years later only to find out that he is a bit of a sadist.)


My twenty-fifth class reunion is tonight. Because my high school years were really uneventful I have not attended any other reunions. I married a few years after school, had two great kids, who have since grown up and moved out. After the kids left my marriage ended in divorce since they were all that held us together.

Tonight is about more than reuniting with classmates; tonight is about me confessing how I feel and have always felt about a boy I went to school with. I’m sure that the image I have of him in my mind has altered over the years, but my emotions have not dwindled in the least. The small rural area where I live offers news from surrounding areas so I know that he recently became divorced, like me.

The years have been pretty good to me. I have always worked to keep myself height and weight proportionate. My hair is still brunette with help from the secret bottle I purchase each month at the pharmacy. While I have never been one to worship the sun, age and time has left me with a few small laugh lines that can’t be helped. Petite in stature I was always towered over by many of my classmates.

My sense of humor has always been keen. It is probably what many of my classmates remember about me. I didn’t see the logic in getting all “fixed up” in high school like the other girls. I was the plain Jane, girl next door. Tonight I would probably shock a few of them because of my transformation.

I remember, John from school. He was athletic but he was also a geek. While most boys fell into one category or the other he straddled the fence between the two. Because of his diversity he never fit into a “clic” of friends; he was a friend with everyone. My sense of humor and lack of prissiness afforded me the same luxury because I was not a threat to the girls who were trying to be eye candy.

I remember how tall he was, compared to myself. We stood side by side while entering a school event once. I remember the smell of him. His clothing smelled crisp like it was dried on a clothesline. One time he was my partner in chemistry class. I noticed how his hand wrapped around the beaker for our experiment. His smile wasn’t perfect but he did not require braces. When he smiled and laughed at one of my jokes in class I remember feeling like I would melt into a pool of molten mush right there in front of everyone.

I’m not sure why I never told him how I felt because he was very approachable. Perhaps it was shyness or the fear of rejection. I remember thinking he may feel the same way about me because of the way he was looking at me once, but pushed the thought aside. At any rate, tonight is about me coming clean. Even if he laughs at me I will know that I have said my thoughts aloud and can leave knowing that the demon has been slain.


The restaurant where our reunion is being held is upscale so I’m wearing a black sheath dress. Black high heels and a pearl necklace accent the outfit. I chose to wear my shoulder length hair down and curled, as I usually wear it because it’s more comfortable. After one last check in the rearview mirror I proceed toward the entrance after letting out a deep breath.

My entrance was uneventful. A few familiar faces came into view to which I spoke to say hello, but when I saw John standing across the room the breath left my body. How could someone age twenty-five years and never appear to change? His hair did have slight graying at the temples and he had acquired a few laugh lines as well, but ultimately he looked wonderful. I reminded myself that this torch I carried inside was skewing my view.

When our eyes met it was almost magical. I looked around me to see if he could be looking at someone else but when I turned back around he was laughing and pointing his finger directly at me. With my usual sense of humor I pointed my finger at my chest and raised my eyebrows as if to ask, ‘who me?’

He walked casually toward me and smiled, “Mary, you look wonderful!”

“Aw shucks, I should have dressed up a bit, don’t you think?” I chuckled in response.

“No seriously, you look radiant.” He said again.

“Thank you, John.” I purred in response to his genuine compliment.

A much younger woman walked up to him as we spoke, “We better sit down, they are going to serve dinner soon.”

I looked at her, then back at him. Apparently he had not wasted any time since his divorce and brought a date with him to the reunion. I felt my resolve to tell him the truth fading as I was ushered to a seat across the table from him and his young date. She was quiet and reserved while many of us reminisced around her. Most likely she too young to understand some of the things we discussed from twenty-five years ago.

After the meal we got up to mingle again. I visited with many other classmates but my eyes were always drawn back to find him in the room. A trip to the ladies restroom had me wondering if I would ever make my confession. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror wondering if it would be worth it. No one warned me that I would still feel so insecure after all these years. In my mind I had imagined it would be a piece of cake to come clean.

I returned to the party and had a few drinks. Much laughter was had as we joked and talked about the little things that used to seem so enormous. John came up to me and asked if I would like another drink. I looked over his shoulder for his date then turned back to him. “You better not be trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me.”

“What would be so wrong with that?” he said straight-faced.

“Well, ” I began, “because you DO have a date tonight.”

“Oh her?” he pointed toward the much younger woman then began to laugh. “That’s my oldest daughter. She just came along for the heck of it.”

“OH!” I said with a slight sigh of relief. I suddenly felt so immature, why didn’t I think of that. “She’s beautiful, John.”

He glanced toward her and said proudly, “She is, isn’t she, “then turned back to look at me. “Now what was that comment about getting you drunk and taking advantage of you?”

I did what I have always done; I tried to mask my thoughts with a joke. “I suppose I could suffer a much worse fate.”

He countered with his usual candor, “And what would that be?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe getting me drunk and letting the cheerleaders take advantage of me.” I laughed again.

He grinned, “That is a tempting prospect, but I think I would rather just have you.”

A lump materialized in my throat preventing me from responding. He had that same old charm that threatened to blow my confidence right out the window. Even in high school he spoke this way, but it wasn’t because he was trying to get into someone’s pants; it was just the way he spoke, questioning and complimenting to a fault.

My lump dissolved and I looked at him. “Be careful what you wish for.”

“And why is that?” he countered.

“Will you ever let me get in the last word?” I quizzed him.

“Probably not.” He responded.

“You just did it again.” I chided him.

“Uhuh.” He laughed.

“You’re horrible, John.” I laughed.

“No, I think you’re horrible, Mary.” He continued.

Now I was in the rebuttal stance. “Why am I so horrible?”

“For all those years in high school when you teased and taunted me with your cute little body. For making me stand next to the table in chemistry class so I wouldn’t embarrass myself by revealing the boner in my pants. Shall I continue?” he eyed me for a response.

I was dumbfounded. “You felt that way?”

“Yes.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked with excitement.

He suddenly looked a bit apprehensive. “I don’t know for sure, but I remember being worried that you would laugh at me.”

“And now?” I asked quietly.

“Now, hummm… I’m glad I finally told you.” He smiled softly.

I reached for his hand. “I think we need to talk.”

He took my hand and guided us past a few others to go to the outdoor patio. We walked far enough away to speak freely when he stopped and turned to me. “What do you want to talk about, Mary?”

The floodgates opened, “I came here tonight because I wanted to confess how I have always felt about you. The way you have always made me feel. I saw your divorce in the paper. I’m divorced also. I felt the need to tell you and either act on it or let it go. There, I’m done.” I let out a collective sigh and waited for his response.

The entire time he smiled at me while I spoke, then responded. “I say we act upon it.”

“Just like that?” I asked with some amazement.

“Just like that.” He solidified the response.

“Are you ok with the fact that we don’t really have any other connection?” I asked him with sincerity.

“Mary, I’m more concerned about you in that respect. I’m a big boy now. It would kill me to lose you as a friend.” He said with much the same sincerity.

I looked up at him from my petite stance, “I’m getting too old for pretenses.”

He laughed, “You’re NOT old!”

Grabbing me and pulling me up on tiptoes he planted a soft kiss on my lips that proceeded into a full-blown passionate kiss. We panted and touched one another until we feared we could be arrested for our behavior. He pulled away and looked down at me with veiled eyes. “My daughter needs a ride home but I want to consummate tonight, Mary.”

Feeling and looking a bit disheveled, I responded. “That’s fine. Tell me what to do.”

He thought for a moment, “I’ll take her to her apartment. Meet me at my place in an hour.” He proceeded to scrawl his address onto a paper for me. After another brief kiss that threatened to detain us further he pulled away and swatted me on the bottom while holding me.

We broke our embrace and went back inside. He left with his daughter and I went to my car to collect myself. One look in the mirror showed the emotions coursing through my body. My eyes were bright and excited. Other parts of me were excited too; I felt the dampness in my panties that belied any attempt at trying to be lady-like. I had no hesitation about meeting him; it was something I had always wanted.

I arrived at his home an hour later as promised. After a few deep breaths I got out of my car and went to the front door. He ushered me in and held me in his arms. “I can’t believe this is finally going to happen, Mary.”

We kissed like teenagers, heated and excited. The years had been good to him as well, as I witnessed when he removed his shirt. A soft blanket of fur covered his firm chest. I deftly curled my fingers into the softness and pinched at his nipples. He moaned softly, “Damn, Mary, that feels so good.”

We made our way into the house, leaving pieces of clothing strewn along the way. He had turned on the radio to listen to oldies so the mood was definitely set. Bad Company blared on the radio playing the tune, Feel Like Makin Love, when he plopped down onto the plush sofa. Without hesitation I pulled the sheath dress off my body and flung it onto the floor. I know I should have seduced him with a strip tease but somehow it didn’t seem as though it was needed; we were both hornier than hell already.

We were together in our emotions. Foreplay wasn’t monumental; having sex was. He grabbed my underwear and tugged them from my body while I frantically stepped to get out of them. Raising his hips he tugged at his boxers to remove and toss them aside. My thigh high hose weren’t in the way so I left them on and straddled him.

He looked into my face and pulled my body down on his. When he entered me I feared I would pass out from the act and the completion of this dream. He moaned loudly while he bore up into my body. “Damn, you’re so tight and wet, Mary!”

I screamed aloud. “Oh my God, you feel so good inside me, John! Make love to me, please.” I panted as I began to ride him.

He made love to me, almost viciously. Being petite has its limits and that includes all body parts. His cock ripped at my hole that had never delivered babies because of my size. A small cesarean scar across my lower abdomen was witness to my two births. Add to this the fact that I had not had sex in over two years since my divorce and you realize that my pussy was thoroughly out of shape. I felt like a virgin all over. He didn’t last long as he drilled into my body. Before long he winched and gripped my waist with his fingers, crying out, “Fuck I’m cumming already!”

I had reached orgasm several times during our quick love making session so it was almost a relief when I heard him bellow out his forthcoming orgasm. He spilled inside me and sat there panting in the aftermath. Stroking my damp hair he looked into my eyes, “You’re wonderful, Mary.”

“So are you, John, even better than I had dreamed of for all these years.” My voice trailed off when I laid my head on his shoulder to catch my breath. We sat there like that for a long, long time just enjoying feeling together. We kissed and talked a little but he never pulled out of my body. When he moved and pushed me to the couch his cock was beginning to get hard again.

Lying on my back he lowered his face between my legs, “Now, I am going to please you, Mary.”

I was surprised that his own jism did not hold him back from eating my pussy, but then I should have known he would not let something like that happen. It was a far cry from what my ex-husband would have done. In many ways my sexual life was inhibited by my first husband who never wanted to do anything out of the ordinary, which usually meant him getting his with no concern for me.

He lapped and sucked my pussy until the emotions in me flooded over into more orgasms. Well versed in the female body, John knew just what buttons to push to take me to ecstasy. I was completed ill equipped to have someone cater to my needs. I was used to pleasing but not receiving. Any attempts by me to try to please him were thwarted. When he lowered to tongue my ass I jumped and begged him not to.

“Why, Mary?” he quizzed while looking up from his task.

“I don’t know… it just seems dirty.” I confessed my insecurity.

“It isn’t dirty, Mary. Just let me show you how it feels, ” he said with resolve, “if you don’t like it you can stop me.”

His tongue circled my ass and worked back and forth on the surface. My legs twitched with anticipation as his fingers toyed with my clit at the same time. He slid two fingers into my pussy and began pumping me. Rolling my lower body upward he had full access and used it. Wetting the pinky finger on his other hand he slipped it in my ass when I screamed out from an orgasm. I felt my ass grip his little finger and hold on tight while my body pulsed uncontrollably.

Removing his hands he lowered my butt back to the couch and crawled between my legs. Grabbing my waist he held me in place while he slid his cock back into my sore pussy. I reached to wrap my arms and legs around his body. Riding under him he continued to dip and dive into my wetness. I felt the enormity of his body bearing down on me and loved every minute of it.

Using the couch for leverage he stood with me hanging onto him, another advantage of being petite. He held onto my bottom while I held onto his body, impaled deeply on his cock while he stood. Pressing me against the wall he drove into me as we continued to kiss. I know I was loud but I didn’t care. For years I was told to be quiet, that good girls take it and don’t scream. This scream felt wonderful like it was venting all the feelings and emotions in my soul.

We didn’t leave much of the house untouched as we continued. Holding onto me he carried me to the island in the kitchen and sat my butt on the edge. Withdrawing his cock he lowered to kiss and taunt my pussy again. I begged him, “Please let me suck your cock!”

He stood to speak to me. “No, Mary, not yet, ” he continued as he stroked my hair, “when I’m completely spent then you can suck my cock back to life.”

“Mmmm, I love a challenge.” I smiled as I spoke to him.

He looked at me quietly then spoke. “I know who you were married to.”

I became still, “You know him?”

He confessed to me. “Yes, I know OF him. I heard he’s a real prick; I always worried about you.”

Surprised, I asked him, “How did you know? Why did you care?”

As if he were ready to reveal a secret he paused, “He had an affair with my secretary. She didn’t know that I know you, so she told me about it when he hurt her.”

I sat still, “I’m sorry he hurt her.”

John looked at me rather deeply, “I’m sorry he hurt you, Mary. I want to be the one to pick up your pieces and put them back together. I hope I never hurt you.”

Tears filled my eyes, “I don’t want to think of him. Please, can we make love again?”

He knew the depth of my pain and dropped the subject. Gathering me into his arms he carried me to his bedroom and laid me on the bed. Crawling under the covers I held them up for him to join me. I buried my head against his body and let him hold me. We fell asleep together. During the night I woke to hear his steady breathing. Without him to protest I ducked under the covers and took hold of his limp cock.

Being the one to always please I had learned to do so very well. As painful as the past was, I was able to pull some good from it. He moved in his sleep and I thought he was going to wake but he appeared as though he was in a dream. I continued to stroke him with my hand then placed my mouth over his cock to suck it. The minute my warm mouth enveloped him he bolted upright in bed. The covers flew off and he looked down to see me sucking away.

The look on his face was shadowed in the darkness of the room, but the unmistakable look of lust was plastered across his face from his half-veiled eyes to his flared nostrils from deep breathing. All the images of him I had embedded in my mind did not compare to the look I saw on his face at this moment. He looked animalistic and sexual, a far cry from the boy holding the beaker in chemistry class.

He pushed my limits when he grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth down on his cock. “Suck it hard, Mary. Now that you have woke me you will not sleep again until dawn.” Some may have thought his words sadistic but they thrilled me and spurred me into action.

I tried to take the length of his cock in my mouth but it was too much without gagging. He pushed my head down until I felt the head pressing the back of my throat. When I couldn’t breath he released me. I crawled between his legs and looked up at him. Grabbing his balls he held them to my mouth and told me to suck them gently. Each elongated gland slid between my lips while I sucked softly and tenderly. He moaned his approval then pulled my head up again. He looked into my eyes, “Lick my ass like I did yours earlier.”

Raising his legs I did as he told me, not knowing what to expect. His musky scent was not unbearable while my tongue twirled and touched his private part. Holding and twirling my body around he held me in a 69 position and did the same to me. I followed his lead and did the same to him. When he pressed his pinky to my ass again I hesitated a moment. “Do it, Mary.”

I pressed my finger to his ass and let it slide in while I sucked his cock. His cock lurched and grew, telling me how much he enjoyed this. Wanting to please him I continued to slide it in and out until he stopped me. “Turn around, Mary, I want to see your face.”

Turning to straddle him, he held his engorged cock to my body and slowly lowered me with his hands on my waist. The fact that he was 6’2″ didn’t matter lying in bed but his body was thick and muscular so my knees barely touched the bed. When he reared up and lowered himself I was literally riding his body and felt every inch of him inside me.

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