It had been a hard limit for a long time. She had known how much he wanted to do this, and how the mere suggestion of it would awaken something within him that terrified her. She had not admitted it for a long time, but that part of him, despite the fear it instilled in her, was a fascination as well. For months, she had teased him, withheld or refused only to see the darkening of his eyes and the twitch in his shoulder followed by a forced relaxation as he kept himself in check. Finally, he confronted her, he knew the game she was playing, and they had come to an agreement.

She had no exam coming up, no essay to hand in, and yet she had stayed in the library until the wee small hours, nervously glancing out over the expanse of darkness where he might be waiting. The quieter floors were closing, her yawning companions were dwindling and her resolve was wavering when she received his text. It was blank, as he had promised. Her heart leapt into her throat as she quickly silenced her phone, which had woken a dozing neighbour and which, in her anxiety to receive word from him, perhaps calling it off, letting her off the hook, she had left on full volume.

She hurriedly gathered her things, dropping a folder whose contents sprawled across the floor and scrambling for her tangled earphones. The wind howled outside, shaking the plate glass pane slightly, and a sleety mist flew horizontally. She wasn’t dressed for this weather, a patterned pencil skirt, some beat up Converse, a denim jacket, a t-shirt and some ankle socks were her only protection. It had been warm that morning. Nevertheless, she bundled her belongings into her satchel and hurried out of the echoey atrium. Just as she reached the electronic gates to leave, she was startled by the security guard.

“You alright to get home?”

“I, uh, I don’t live far”

“Be careful”, he replied, this was unprecedented. The guards at the doors of the library were malicious, constantly refusing you entry if you forgot or lost your card, carrying out airport style searches on anyone who set off a sensor and might have taken a book without checking it out. Never before had one spoken to her as she left yawning and drowsy into the night. She hadn’t thought it possible to be more nervous than she had been, but this unexpected interaction had set her mind racing. Was he playing with her? Had he asked one of the guards to speak to her just to freak her out?

Fumbling, and bent against the blustery wind, she deviated from her normal, well-lit path to her damp, cold flat, and instead turned onto one of the many paths careening off in different directions across the dark expanse of grass. In the daytime, this park was flooded with students studying in good weather, sports teams, dogs and children, but at night it was terribly lit, disorientating and notorious for crime. She took one of the less maintained, narrower paths. It was unlit, she couldn’t see far, and the evenly-spaced arcing trees made it feel like she was not advancing any further. The rustling of the wind in the trees made it impossible to tell if anyone was on the same path, or another, and in the wind and sleet, any turn she made to check rewarded her with a mouthful of her own hair, her eyes squinted against the sleet in the darkness.

The further she went, the less sure she was that she wanted to do this, there could be anyone out here, she was cold, she was soaked through from the rain, would he even have the guts? Was he even here? Was he just playing with her? How stupid she had been to trust anyone to put her in this position! What if she was grabbed, not by him, but by a stranger with that same dark part, one with no outlet or control. But she was just more than halfway across the park, it made no sense to turn back now. She would safe word. She could still say no she could still back out.

It was as if he had evaporated from the rain — his hand around her wrist, tugging her backwards, she slipped a little and he let her fall to her side, her leg scraped against the rough tarmac and she whimpered as grains of sand and stone and dirt lodged themselves into her. His hand was over face from behind, there was something inside it, a rag, it reeked, and as it was forced into her gnashing and resisting mouth, she felt the rough wool of one of his long sports socks that he never washed.

“Shut the fuck up.”

His growl in her ear took her by surprise, he had disciplined her before, he had punished her before, but she had never heard this raw, earthy tone before. The accent he moderated so well amongst their peer group was out in full force, and as he pushed her head to verge of the pavement, smushing her face into the vile softness of the mud, he kept his hand on her wrist for a moment.

Two taps means stop.

She didn’t tap though, her t-shirt had been pushed down by the mud as she landed, and now that mud which she tried so desperately to keep out of her nostrils and stuffed mouth, sullied her clothes. A small twig found its way into her bra and pricked obstinately into the pimpled edge of her areola. This sudden invasion made her aware of her breasts, her nipples were hard, it was cold, that was sure, but as she noticed their hard nubs, a jolt shot up from her sex, through her centre, jerking her innards and consciousness as she realised that she was not going to tap, that she was going to do this, or rather, let him do this to her.

Her skirt was around her waist, when had that happened? Her panties, already well worn, were ripped unceremoniously into rags. He pulled them with two fingers, the friction against her cunt made her squeal, before he slapped her in the cunt, hard. She jerked forward, into the mud, it filled her nostrils and she couldn’t open her eyes for fear of getting it in them, gasping for fresh air through the gag, the mud and her own drool and snot.

Her cunt was roughly invaded by his two fingers, they were calloused and found that spot inside her quickly, she knew this feeling well, perhaps he wouldn’t be so hard on her, he firmly stroked that rough swelling deep inside her, encouraging it to grow with lust as she moaned into the mud. At the sound of her moan, he paused, and then began to buck his fingers roughly inside her, still on that spot, but with such force that she thought she felt herself lifted slightly. Her delicate inner walls protested, and her opening itched from his continued fucking — he had never done it like this before, she found his knee with her hand, but when she did not tap, he pushed his knee on her hand, putting some of his weight on it and she couldn’t help but sueal as the pain and spluttering and pressure and fear made her release a burst of her fluids into the mud below.

Finally he withdrew his fingers. Thinking it was over, she began to ease herself towards her elbows, but the blow of his knee against her thigh forced her back down, his fingers roughly fumbled around her sex, before introduced the head of his cock, she knew it so well, she could see it, swollen and dripping as he pushed it against her anus.

Wait, her anus, they had not discussed this, and he allowed her hand to rest on his thigh once more as he waited for a few moments. Paralyzed, she allowed these moments to pass, and without warning, without lube, he thrust the whole length of himself within her with a grunt. She bit her lip, the salt leaking from her eyes mingling with the mud. It didn’t last long, she knew it wouldn’t, he had waited so long, but with each forceful thrust she was ground further into that pool of mud and fluids which had found their way into every nook and cranny of her body. He pulled himself out of her, and she felt hot spurts of him landing on her buttocks, the slight pressure of their drops on her back and finally in her hair. A minute passed like this, she, still lying face down in the mud and him, zipping himself up, and surveying her. She sensed him moved away and stand, and before he left, he spat on her exposed arse as she whimpered into the mud.

I was the first to wake up. Trevor still had his heavy arm draped over me; Danielle was sleeping off to the side. My body was sore from the previous night and I could still feel his cum slowly oozing out of me, but I felt good; almost high. I probably should have felt angry and afraid, but I just didn’t.

Trevor still scared the hell out of me, of course. He was a predator — every single thing that he had done so far had proved it. However, I wasn’t seeing myself as his prey anymore, so much as his toy. His “slut”, as I’m sure he would prefer. I was still having difficulty thinking of myself as a slut, but the idea was growing on me. I didn’t care for the social stigma, but if being a slut meant that he’d make me feel the way that he made me feel the previous night I was all for it.

It was too late to change what had happened the previous night, and I didn’t even think that I’d want to anyway. What I did want was revenge — Danielle needed to pay for what she had done. Even though I was glad that she had done it, I couldn’t let her get away without any consequence. Throughout our relationship she had been able to get away with whatever she wanted, and I’d just back down and let it happen. She needed to understand that I wasn’t her doormat; that I would hit back.

Trevor was the key to this. I couldn’t stand up to Danielle on my own and I knew it. She could effortlessly make me feel small; I’d just end up apologizing to her and shying away. Trevor, however — I couldn’t even imagine him being intimidated by anyone, not even Danielle. He could do whatever he wanted to Danielle with ease, I just needed to make him want to help me.

Gently moving his arm off of me I crawled down under the covers and positioned my face near Trevor’s crotch. Staring at his cock, I wanted to hate it — it was, after all, the instrument of my rape. It still smelled of our combined juices, forcing me to remember how he had used me. I couldn’t hate it, though. It may have been used to humiliate me, but it had also given me the greatest orgasms of my life. Hoping to wake him up in a way that made him happy and cooperative, I inserted it into my mouth.

He was already semi-hard; his dick filled my mouth easily. As I bathed it with my tongue I tasted my own juices, still lingering from my abuse the night before. I probably should have been disgusted by that, but that was the old me. The new me was a slut, just like he had claimed, and the new me liked the idea of licking his cock clean.

As I gently fellated him, Trevor stirred into consciousness. Rolling over on his back, he provided me with easier access. I cupped his balls in my hand and began to suck him harder, working into a steady rhythm.

Trevor allowed me to continue sucking him for a couple minutes before reaching down and grabbing me by the hair. Tugging back, he encouraged me to come back up to him. I complied, climbing on top of him and straddling him. Face to face with him I eased my ass backwards, sliding down on his cock.

“Good morning,” I whispered, trying my best to sound seductive.

“Good morning,” he whispered back, his voice somehow dripping with both sleepiness and strength. “Let’s get straight to the point — what exactly do you think you’re doing?”

“Thanking you?” I explained, as I began to slowly fuck him. “You made me cum so hard last night; I just wanted to reward you.”

“That’s very sweet,” he replied. “And equally difficult to believe. I’m not an idiot, Faith — I know you want something from me. Tell me what it is.”

“I just want to be your slut,” I insisted. “I want you to use me however you like — I promise I’ll cooperate.”

“Is that it?” he chuckled. “Well, good news then — you’re my slut, and I’ll most certainly be using you however I like. I’m glad this can be so simple. For a moment there, I thought you might want my help with some vengeance. That’s not the case, though, is it?”

As I continued to gently fuck him I glanced over to the side, making sure that Danielle was still sleeping. She had always been a heavy sleeper, but I didn’t want to take chances. Seeing her still asleep I dropped down, positioning my mouth right next to Trevor’s ear.

“Maybe a little?” I admitted. “You don’t have to or anything, but if you’d do your slut this one tiny little favor I’d be ever so grateful. Please?”

Trevor grinned, but didn’t respond verbally. Placing his hands on my ass he gripped hard, taking control. I relaxed my body, allowing him to determine my motions. Working into a more steady pace, he began to fuck me hard. Allowing him complete control, I felt almost as if he wasn’t fucking me, so much as just jerking off while using my body instead of his hand.

I didn’t mind the idea, though. Most of the men that I had been with were unable to go more than a minute or so without asking me if it felt good; their words dripping with lack of confidence. It was nice being with someone who wasn’t about to ask for constant reassurance, even if that was because he didn’t care. In a screwed up way, the fact that he wasn’t concerned solely with pleasing me pleased me more than any other man had in the past.

Trevor’s apparent disregard for my pleasure was actually a major turn-on. The predatory way in which he used my body made him feel so strong; making my cunt drool. As I allowed Trevor to pump my body up and down on his cock I felt an orgasm rapidly building. Leaning in, I again positioned my mouth close to his ear in order to not wake Danielle.

“May I please cum?” I whispered.

Trevor slid his hand up my back, dragging his nails along the skin. Gripping my hair he pulled my head back. He looked at me pensively, as if deciding internally if he should give permission or not. I struggled to contain my orgasm, not wanting to disobey him — more out of fear of disappointing him than fear of being punished.

“I suppose you’ve been good,” he answered. “You may cum, slut.”

Having been granted permission, I stopped holding back and allowed my orgasm to begin. Though less intense than the orgasms from the night before, it was still fairly mind-blowing. Trevor didn’t change his actions in the slightest; he continued to bounce me up and down on his cock. In a way, that made it hotter — I truly felt like I was his slut.

Trevor continued using my body for a couple more minutes before cumming himself. Gripping my ass hard with both hands he pulled me down onto him, impaling me on him. As he stared me dead in the eyes and held me tightly I could feel his cock filling me with his warm, sticky cum. It felt right, I was genuinely happy to have been used. Using my vaginal muscles I did what I could to help squeeze as much as I could into me.

“I’ll think about it,” he stated after his orgasm ended. “You know, Faith, I actually like you. Take a shower; I’m going to take you out to breakfast.”

I wanted to remain in his arms a little longer, but I didn’t want to disobey him. Climbing off of him, his dick slid out of me with a vulgar popping sound. I considered trying to grab a blanket or something to conceal my nudity, but it seemed pretty pointless by then — Trevor had fucked my brains out, it wouldn’t kill me to let him see me naked. Besides, I didn’t want to risk waking up Danielle.

Climbing out of bed, I felt the load he had just dumped in me leaking out of my twat and sliding down my thighs. As I walked away, I felt both incredibly sexy and incredibly cheap. I was okay with that, though. If being cheap meant a steady supply of orgasms from a man who might help me get revenge on Danielle, so be it.

I hopped into the shower to wash off the sweat, tears, and cum from the previous night. The warm water did a bit to sober me up, as did being away from Trevor. I began to worry about what I was doing — Trevor was certainly stronger than Danielle, but he was stronger than me, too. He wasn’t an attack dog that I could control, and I had to remember that. He could easily turn on me if he wanted to, and I’d be powerless to stop him.

It didn’t make sense to worry too much, though. Sure, I couldn’t control Trevor, but it wasn’t like I could just back out either. Trevor would continue as he saw fit, I could only beg him to help me and hope for the best. Hopping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried off.

After wrapping the towel around myself I headed out into the living room. Trevor was waiting for me on the couch, having dressed himself while I was in the shower. Entering the room I glanced towards Danielle’s bedroom and saw the door was still shut.

“She’s still sleeping,” Trevor assured me. “Come over here and lose the towel.”

I didn’t want to lose the towel, but knew better than to fight him. Hoping to impress him with my obedience I dropped it where I stood and walked up to him. Standing before him, I allowed him to ogle my body, doing my best to hide my embarrassment. It was a little uncomfortable feeling his prying eyes sweeping over my body, but it was nice to know that he was interested in me. Trevor beckoned me to drop to my knees; I quickly obeyed.

“You did well this morning,” he praised. “You took some initiative, you cooperated without a fight, and you remembered to ask for permission before you came. Unfortunately, you neglected to clean off my cock after I finished. If you’re going to be my slut, that’s a service you’ll be expected to provide without my having to remind you.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I didn’t know any better, and I promise you won’t have to remind me again. Let me get a wash cloth.”

Trevor reached over and placed his hand on my shoulder, preventing me from rising up. He looked disappointed with me, though I wasn’t sure why. I lowered my eyes, hoping that by showing my submission I could quell any anger he might have.

“A wash cloth?” he sighed. “You won’t be using a wash cloth to clean me, you silly bitch. Use your mouth like a good little whore.”

I didn’t like the idea. I’ve never been entirely too comfortable around sperm — having to taste it felt demeaning and gross. Still, I didn’t think that Trevor was interested in learning about my feelings on semen. He had given me an order, and I didn’t think that he’d just let me refuse it. Accepting that I had no choice, I unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out.

He was limp, but his cock was still slimy from the incident in Danielle’s bed. Coated in a combination of his cum and mine, it was sticky to the touch. As I moved closer to it, the musky scent of sex filled my nostrils. I gave it a timid lick, testing the taste. As the flavor of our combined juices washed over my tongue, I found myself strangely enticed by the idea of cleaning him. Repressing my sense of shame I sucked his entire penis into my mouth and bathed it with my tongue.

“It’s kind of funny that you want payback against Danielle,” he mused as I continued to service him. “It seems you’ve made a full adjustment, I’m almost surprised you don’t want to reward her. Aren’t you happy with how things worked out?”

“I am,” I admitted between licks, “but that doesn’t make it okay. I want her to know that she can’t just push me around.”

“I suppose that’s a noble enough goal,” Trevor reasoned as I sucked his penis into his mouth. “The truth is, I went much easier on you than she wanted, too. My cock’s clean enough, go ahead and take a look at what’s in the coffee table.”

Sitting back up, I pulled open the drawer in the coffee table. Inside was a butt plug and a small tube of personal lubricant. The plug was relatively small, but still large enough to be unmistakable for anything other than what it was.

Realizing that Danielle wanted my ass to be violated to enraged me. I didn’t do anal, but neither did she. She often complained that the men she slept with always wanted to put it in her butt, and often explained that she wouldn’t do that because she considered it beneath her. Not only was it hypocritical for her to have asked Trevor to sodomize me, it was offensive — she wasn’t asking him to bring me down to her level, she was asking him to put me beneath her. Any gratitude that I might have had for her having set the whole thing up was rapidly fading away.

“Do you know what that is?” he asked.

“I do,” I answered, mildly insulted that he thought I might not. I might not have been experienced, but I was hardly that naïve.

“I thought you would,” he replied, “but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. You do seem like the sheltered type, it wouldn’t surprise me if you had no idea what that was. Do you understand how it’s used?”

“I do,” I growled, getting irritated by his assumption that I might not.

“I’m glad,” he replied. “Explaining would be awkward and dull. Prove to me that you know how it’s used.”

I panicked a little as I realized that I had walked right into his trap. The butt plug may not have been large, but it was certainly big enough to break my “no anal” rule. I pled with him with my eyes, but he didn’t look like he was interested in a debate. Realizing that I would be taking the plug up my ass whether I liked it or not, I tried to comfort myself with the knowledge that this might convince him to help me at least. It wasn’t much comfort.

Picking up the plug, I began coating it in lube. It was heavier than it looked; the idea of having it inserted into me was humiliating. The idea that I’d have to insert it myself was terrifying — I wasn’t sure that I could, especially with him watching. Again I looked up to him and hoped for mercy, and again his facial expression conveyed that it wasn’t going to happen.

“A good slut wouldn’t waste so much time,” he warned. “It’s not a big plug, quit stalling and shove it in, whore.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want to do it for me?” I asked, hoping that I could at least spare myself the indignation of having to violate myself.

“I’m sure that if you want my help you’re going to have to learn to obey my orders more promptly,” he warned me.

With no other options, I bent over slightly and aimed the tip of the plug at the entrance to my ass. I was humiliated, but I was more afraid of disappointing him. Applying pressure, I felt it gradually slide into me. It wasn’t painful or anything, but the shame I was feeling was powerful. I could no longer claim that I had never taken anything up the ass.

“Poor little girl,” he laughed. “You look so miserable. Come over here and climb up on my lap.”

I was afraid of another spanking, but I knew better to refuse his order. With each step towards him I was reminded of the butt plug in my ass, which only increased my shame. Climbing up on his lap I laid down as I had the night before, hoping that he wouldn’t have reason to spank me. I felt tremendously vulnerable, knowing that he could hurt or humiliate me at will.

He didn’t spank me, but he did use his hands to spread my butt cheeks apart. I groaned in humiliation, realizing that he was likely looking at the chunk of latex that was lodged in me. Ignoring my groans, he placed his fingers on the base of the plug and pushed it in, resulting in a surprisingly pleasant sensation.

“You did a good job inserting it,” he commended me. “In the future, I’ll expect you to be a bit more punctual in obeying my orders, but I’ll let it slide for now. You’ll keep this plug in until I tell you to remove it. Is that understood?”

“It is,” I groaned, hating the idea of having to wear it for any prolonged period of time.

“Good girl,” he praised. “Now, go get dressed — like I said, I’m taking you out to breakfast. Just so we’re clear, though, I am absolutely not telling you to remove the plug.”

Groaning, I climbed off of Trevor’s lap and headed for my bedroom to get dressed. The plug still didn’t hurt, but it was impossible to ignore. It wasn’t even uncomfortable physically, but the mental reminder that I took an inanimate object up the ass on the orders of a stranger was difficult to handle. As I selected an outfit I considered removing it.

I hated the idea of wearing it and hated the idea of wearing it in public even more. If I removed it, though, it seemed unlikely that I’d be able to sneak it back in without him noticing. Slipping my panties on over the plug, I realized that he’d probably check at some point to make sure that I had followed his orders. Strangely, I liked the idea of him checking — I didn’t want to think about it, but I was secretly eager to show him how well I had followed his instructions.

After dressing myself I headed back into the living room where Trevor was waiting for me. Standing up, he headed towards the door with me following obediently behind him. Before leaving the house he slapped me playfully on the ass, intentionally pushing the plug into me. I yelped in surprise, but I did not object.

We headed towards my car. Not wanting to offend Trevor, I handed him the keys and hopped in the passenger side. As I sat down, I felt the plug pushing deep into my body. It was embarrassing, but I was beginning to enjoy the sensation. Trevor hopped in the driver side and started the car.

Trevor pulled out of the driveway and into the road, causing the car to bump slightly as he drove over the curb. I felt the force of the bump through the butt plug, and involuntarily moaned a little. Trevor heard the moan and looked over at me, grinning widely. My face went bright red realizing that he knew exactly why I had just moaned.

It probably wasn’t that great an idea to let him know that driving over bumps had an effect on me. For the rest of the drive Trevor seemed to hit every pothole, each time causing me to react with an embarrassed moan. With each moan I felt my dignity eroding, feeling as I was becoming more and more the slut that he claimed I was. By the time he pulled into the diner, I didn’t really mind.

We headed into the diner and took a seat in a corner booth. Facing Trevor, I felt extremely strange. To a casual observer there probably wasn’t anything out of order in our appearance — we were just two people eating breakfast together. The fact that there was a sex toy lodged in my asshole, though, made everything so much more perverse.

I was nervous that Trevor would use my condition to humiliate me, but strangely he did not. He didn’t mention the plug a single time. Instead, he simply made conversation, contributing to the illusion that there was nothing strange going on. In a way his refusal to acknowledge the true situation made it almost more perverse — I felt like his assumption that this was all normal meant that this was how I should be normally used.

As the conversation continued, though, I began to somehow forget about the butt plug. Trevor again reminded me that he was not like the imbeciles that Danielle typically slept with, and I found myself reacting strangely. He could hold his own in a conversation, which was both a turn on and mildly concerning — it was hard to ignore the fact that he could likely dominate me intellectually just as easily as he could dominate me physically.

Under normal situations, I’d have a major crush on Trevor. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing, though — I’d normally be far too shy to actually approach him, far too afraid that he was out of my league. It felt almost inappropriate to be sitting there talking with him, and even more inappropriate that my reluctance was due to a feeling of being unworthy instead of the fact that he had just raped me.

After finishing our meals, Trevor leaned back and looked at me. His gaze was both inquisitive and intimidating; I wasn’t sure how to react. I had no idea what he was thinking about, but wanted very much to know.

“Let’s discuss what you want,” he announced, breaking the silence. “You’re hoping that I’ll help you to teach Danielle a lesson. Have you considered how you’d actually like me to go about doing that?”

“Uhm, not really?” I admitted. “I was thinking you could just rape her or something?”

“You may not have thought that all the way through,” he laughed. “Think about what you know about Danielle — do you really think that anything I could do to her would be rape? What I did to you worked because you wouldn’t accept that you really are a slut. Danielle doesn’t exactly share that particular problem.”

“I hadn’t really thought about that,” I confessed. “There are sexual things you could do to her that she wouldn’t be happy about, though.”

“Such as?” he probed.

I racked my brain for something other than anal sex. It wasn’t that I didn’t want Danielle to be sodomized — in fact, it seemed quite appropriate for the situation. I just didn’t want the conversation to turn in that direction out of fear that Trevor might want to discuss my personal situation. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t anything else that I could think of — every other sex act that I could imagine was something that I knew Danielle probably enjoyed. With no other options, I simply hoped that he would keep the conversation on Danielle instead of me.

“You could fuck her in the ass,” I suggested.

“I’m shocked,” he laughed. “You seemed like such a nice girl, Faith. Are you actually suggesting that I anally rape your friend?”

“She wanted you to anally rape me!” I argued.

“Yeah, she did,” he acknowledged. “But Danielle’s kind of a cunt, it’s almost expected of her. I’d expect better from you.”

“I don’t see why I can’t be a cunt, too,” I reasoned. “I had to be a slut just because she wants to be a slut. Why shouldn’t that apply to things that she doesn’t want?”

“Faith,” he laughed, “it’s not because of Danielle that you’re a slut. It’s because you’re the kind of girl who will shove a butt plug up her ass and go out for breakfast with a man that she just met. All that Danielle accomplished was forcing you to see yourself as you really are.”

I wanted to argue, but I knew that he was right. I was warming up to the idea of being a slut, but it was still fairly embarrassing. Feeling ashamed, I lowered my eyes.

“Don’t get so melodramatic,” he sighed. “I’m just teasing you. We’ll skip the morality of what you’re asking — frankly, morality isn’t exactly my strongest suit, anyway. Let’s move on to something I actually care about. What exactly is in it for me?”

“I am?” I suggested. “You can use my body however and whenever you please?”

“I do have to admit that I enjoy using your body,” he replied, “but you’re not really offering me anything that I don’t already have. If I refuse you, you don’t think that would change my rights to access your body as I please in the slightest, do you?”

“I guess not,” I accepted. “I could pay you?”

“I don’t want your money,” he shot back. “I’m not a whore — you, on the other hand… Well, that’s a discussion for another day.”

“Then what do you want?” I asked, unable to think of anything.

“That’s kind of the bitch of it, isn’t it?” he answered. “Everything you have I either don’t want or already have access to. You’re not exactly in a strong negotiating position.”

He was right, and I knew it. I had nothing to offer — anything he wanted he could just take, anyway. In an act of desperation, I tried to appeal to his sense of kindness.

“You could do it just to be nice?” I suggested. “Haven’t I been a good slut for you? Don’t I deserve some kind of reward?”

“You really are adorable, Faith,” he laughed. “I believe I’ve rewarded you with permission to cum twice in the last 12 hours alone. You’d be wise to tread lightly there, too — if I start feeling like you’re not appreciating the kindness that I show you, I may stop being so generous.”

I was out of ideas. Looking up at him, I pleaded with my eyes, hoping that he’d take mercy on me. It didn’t seem likely, but I had nothing else.

“Oh calm down,” he continued. “I’m going to help you — I just wanted to remind you of your place, first. Really, Faith, you don’t think I’d neglect my brand new slut, do you? I’m not a monster.”

“Thank you,” I gushed, thrilled at the thought of finally taking Danielle down a peg. “So, what’s the plan? How are we going to do this?”

“The same way we’ll do everything,” he shrugged. “I’ll do what I do, you’ll obey me without question. Don’t worry about the details, I assure you that I can manage them on my own. You do trust me, don’t you?”

It seemed like such a bizarre question. He had just spent the last night demonstrating to me that I really shouldn’t trust him, after all. Still, for some reason I actually did trust him — even though I knew that I probably shouldn’t.

“I do,” I admitted.

“You don’t need to sound so surprised,” he laughed. “I may be occasionally evil, but I’m mostly trustworthy. When I tell you that I’m going to do something, you can generally count on me doing it. For example, in a few minutes I’m going to take you into the bathroom and fuck you in the ass. You do trust that I will, don’t you?”

I gulped, realizing that he was serious. I was still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a butt plug, actually getting fucked in the ass seemed too much. The fact that it would be in a public bathroom wasn’t helping either — it was as if he wanted it to be as degrading as possible. Unfortunately, I knew that I most certainly could trust him to keep that promise.

“I do,” I stammered, “but please don’t? I’m a virgin back there, and I’d really, really like to keep it that way.”

“And yet you don’t think Danielle deserves the same luxury,” he mused. “I’m going to ask you a rhetorical question, Faith — if you had to choose between being my slut and being an anal virgin, which would you pick? Before you get your hopes up, you should probably be aware that it doesn’t really make a difference which you choose — I’ll be fucking you in the ass either way. Still, I’m curious.”

I should have answered immediately that I would prefer to remain an anal virgin, but I didn’t. The reality, difficult as it was to accept, was that I didn’t know. I couldn’t understand why, but the idea of being his slut seemed tremendously appealing to me — even though I didn’t want to admit it. Still, anal sex was tremendously taboo to me, and that was not something that I was eager to change.

“I’d rather be your slut,” I guessed. “I wish I could do both, though. Is there any way that I could talk you out of this?”

“Not even the slightest chance,” he replied. “I just explained to you that I generally keep my word — even if I changed my mind and decided I didn’t want to, I’d be obligated to fuck your asshole anyway. You wouldn’t want me to be comfortable lying to you, would you?”

I’d have much preferred to preserve what little chastity I had left and have him lie to me, but I knew that it didn’t really matter. I knew I couldn’t talk him out of it; today would be my last day as an anal virgin. Trying to accept that, I realized that while I was still very freaked out by the idea, a part of it was also mildly appealing to me.

Strangely, the same things that were freaking me out were what made it desirable. Anal sex seemed like such a filthy, disrespectful thing to me — it was something that you do to a whore, not a lady. I wanted to believe that I was a lady, but the recent events were making that increasingly difficult to believe. It wasn’t so bad, though. The idea of being used as a whore was still disgusting, but it was also extremely hot.

As I struggled internally over what was going to happen and what it meant for my identity, Trevor paid the check. Standing up, he grabbed me by the arm and led me towards the bathroom. I hated the fact that we would be entering it together, if it were up to me I’d have gone in first and then he’d enter a minute later so as not to alert anyone as to what we were doing. Unfortunately, Trevor didn’t seem interested in hiding what he was about to do to me.

Entering the bathroom, Trevor locked the door behind us. It was a small bathroom designed for just one person, for which I was grateful. As humiliating as I knew it was going to be, it would have been even worse if I had to worry about a stranger walking in on us.

Trevor spun me around and bent me over facing the toilet. I placed my hands on the seat as he stood behind me and pulled my pants and panties to the floor. Glancing back, I saw him pull the tube of lubricant from the house out of his pocket and squirt some on his dick. As I closed my eyes, I felt Trevor remove the butt plug, making room for his cock. Realizing that the time had come, I let out a groan of despair.

“Don’t get too sad, now,” Trevor joked. “I’ll put it back in when I’m done. I promise, your little asshole won’t remain empty for long.”

Trevor placed the head of his cock on my asshole and began to push. As I felt it begin to enter, I began to panic — his cock was much, much thicker than the butt plug. Where the butt plug had been mildly uncomfortable initially, Trevor’s cock was stretching my asshole out to the point of pain. Frightened, I let out a small whimper.

“I can’t help but feel that you don’t trust me here,” he sighed.

“I trust you,” I begged, “but it really hurts! Please don’t do this? I’m sorry for whatever I did, I promise that I’ll be a good slut?”

“Faith,” he began, “this isn’t some punishment for you’re being inadequate. Relax, I like you a lot — you’re currently my favorite person in the whole world, in fact. I’m not mad at you in the slightest.”

“Then please don’t do this?” I pleaded. “I’m not the kind of girl that does that, and it hurts!”

“See, that’s the lack of trust that I’m talking about,” he continued. “I’m aware that it hurts. I’m aware that it’s going to hurt worse. I’m also aware that you can handle it. You need to trust that I’m not going to break you. As to you not being ‘the kind of girl that does that’, I can only assume that you’re joking. You’re a slut, Faith — this is precisely the kind of thing that you’re meant to do.”

I don’t know why, but his words were actually fairly reassuring. I was still terrified at the thought of losing my anal virginity, but knowing that he cared about me — even if he only really cared enough to just not break me — actually made me happy. I probably shouldn’t have, but I really did trust him. Unfortunately, there was still the issue of pride and dignity — I didn’t want to be the kind of woman who takes it up the ass, even if the pain was manageable.

“I’m sorry,” I began. “You’re right; I didn’t trust you and I should have. I know that you won’t do anything that I can’t handle. I really don’t want to do this, though. Please don’t make me an anal whore? Just fuck me in the pussy instead?”

“I thought we covered this last night,” he sighed. “You’re a slut, Faith. You accept this, don’t you?”

“I do, but I…” I answered.

“There’s no ‘but I’ in this logic,” he interrupted. “You’re a slut, and that carries with it certain obligations. First and foremost, you’re obligated to keep all of your holes ready and available in the event that I feel like using them. When I do choose to use them, you’re obligated to show gratitude for the attention — you’re certainly not permitted to second-guess my judgment.”

“I’m not second-guessing you!” I argued. “Just please pick a different hole. Please just fuck me in my cunt, I promise I’ll take it like a good slut!”

“Relax, slut,” he laughed. “I’m not going to neglect your cunt — I promise you, I’ll be dumping plenty of sperm in it in the future; as well as your other two holes. Right now, though, I feel like fucking your asshole — I’ve just fucked your cunt twice, and I feel like some variety is in order. Before you say anything, by the way, you’d do well to remember that you ought to be grateful for any attention that I show you, even if it isn’t in the hole of your choosing.”

His words were painting a very specific picture of our relationship. I could see it in my head — he’d get horny, I’d obediently present him with the hole of his choice. I could envision him using me without gratitude, as if he was doing me a favor by honoring me with his sperm. Most troubling, I found the idea to be a major turn-on — I could easily see myself feeling grateful for whatever abuse he tossed my way.

I had already accepted that I was his slut — hell, I was happy to be his. I had to accept that being his slut meant that I could no longer be an anal virgin. It seemed silly, anyway — anal sex might have been demeaning and cruel, but so was everything else that I was picturing. If I was going to be his slut, I might as well do it right.

“You’re right,” I admitted. “I’m sorry, it was wrong of me to doubt you. You have the right to use my body as you please; and I’m grateful for the honor. Thank you.”

“That’s a good girl,” he praised while tenderly stroking my hair. “I knew you’d come to your senses eventually and remind me why you’re my favorite slut. Now, try to relax — this is going to hurt.”

Trevor moved his hands to my shoulders and gripped firmly. As he pushed forwards I felt his cock sliding into me. He paused once the head one in all the way, giving me time to adjust. It was painful, uncomfortable, and humiliating; but I was happy. I was making my master feel good, and that was what was important.

After giving me a few seconds to adjust, Trevor continued to slowly push into me. It hurt, but it was manageable. I groaned a bit, but I didn’t object. After a few more seconds he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“It’s in half the way,” he informed me. “How does that make you feel?”

“Good?” I offered, unsure of what answer he wanted.

“What a pathetic answer,” he sighed. “I’m not asking you for a one word confirmation that you enjoy this. You’ve got my cock halfway up your asshole in a public bathroom, tell me how that feels. Be elaborate; I want to really understand what’s going on in your whore mind right now.”

“I feel like a fucking slut,” I blurted out. “I can’t believe that I’m actually taking it up the ass. I feel like the lowest whore in the world.”

“That’s probably an accurate perception,” he laughed. “Tell me though, slut — do you want me to stop?”

I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t that I was afraid of angering him; it was that it wasn’t true. He had stated that he wanted to fuck my ass, and I wanted nothing more than to please him. Even if I thought he’d be okay with me saying yes, I’d be afraid that it might make him stop. I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“No,” I admitted. “I want you to use whichever hole you think would be best, including my asshole. Thank you for doing this.”

“You’re welcome, slut,” he laughed as he continued to push deeper.

The pain was intense, but I didn’t ask him to stop. He was moving slow, anyway. After a few more seconds, I felt his thighs pressed up against my ass, and his balls slapping against my cunt. Fully inserted he again paused, giving me time to adjust to his girth. I felt completely impaled, stretched to my limits on his cock.

My mind raced. He was entirely inside me; I was now officially getting fucked in the ass. I was simultaneously ashamed and proud of myself — I was a slut, but I was a good slut. I was serving my master, pleasuring him exactly in the way that he had wanted. It may have hurt, but this was what I was for.

“Congratulations, Faith,” he whispered in my ear as he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of me. “You’re now officially a three holed slut. I’ve had my dick inside every part of you that counts. In the future, we’ll be able to skip this stupid pre-fuck drama — if I want to fuck you, I’ll just bend you over and shove it in whichever hole I please. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Thank you,” I replied, more sincerely than I would have expected. “You’re right — I would like that very much. Will you be fucking me in the ass frequently?”

“Probably not,” he answered. “To be completely honest with you, I prefer your cunt — that’s definitely your best hole. It’s self-lubricating, it feels better, and honestly it’s just easier. At the same time, it’s also mildly dignified — if I always fuck you there you might start thinking you’re my equal or something. I don’t want to mislead you, so I’ll occasionally remind you what you’re for by fucking you in the ass.”

“Thank you, Master,” I replied as I felt the pain fading away. “I promise I’ll try not to forget what I’m for, and I promise that I’ll never object to taking your cock up my ass again.”

“‘Master’, huh?” he chuckled while increasing his pace. “I think I like that. It’s appropriate enough.”

It felt wrong, but I was thrilled that he responded like that. I hadn’t meant to address him as “Master”, but I had been thinking of him like that. The fact that he liked it made me happy; it meant that he accepted me as his property.

The pain was pretty much entirely gone. Between the butt plug having stretched me out and Trevor’s unexpectedly considerate pacing, it no longer hurt in any serious way. Surprisingly, it was actually beginning to feel physically good. As he continued to increase his pace into a steady rhythm, I felt my cunt crying out for attention.

Taking my hand off of the toilet, I reached down between my legs. It felt like a disgustingly slutty thing to do, but my cunt wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Besides, “slutty” was no longer a bad thing. As I began to rub my clit, I hoped that Trevor wouldn’t mind my acting without his permission.

“And to think,” he laughed, “just a few minutes ago you were claiming that you didn’t want this. Now you’re fucking yourself like a bitch in heat. Tell me, slut — what kind of a woman reacts like this? It doesn’t seem like a proper lady would be fucking herself while getting her asshole fucked in a public bathroom.”

“A slut,” I answered, with more pride than was probably appropriate. “Your slut, I mean. Do you not approve? I’ll stop if you want me to, but I really hope that you don’t.”

“I approve,” he reassured. “Even if I didn’t, I couldn’t get mad at you. You’re only doing what comes natural, after all. You find yourself getting fucked in the ass, so your instinct is to fuck yourself hard. It’s not your fault, it’s just who and what you are.”

His words both shamed me and turned me on. As they echoed in my mind I began rubbing my clit faster, telling myself that this was what I was meant for. Trevor must have noticed — he picked up his pace as well. By that point he was no longer just slowly sliding his dick in and out of me, he was legitimately fucking me in the ass.

I wanted to show him how committed I was to being his slut. Bracing myself, I began to fuck back against him. It was a little painful, but I wanted to show him how obedient I could be. As I worked into a rhythm that complimented his, I found myself enjoying the act of getting fucked in the ass far more than I would have expected. After a few minutes, I felt an orgasm approaching.

“May I have permission to cum?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he teased. “You forgot to call me ‘Master’, and I’m a bit worried that if I keep giving you permission so easily you’ll start expecting it.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” I pleaded. “May I please cum, Master?”

Trevor didn’t answer immediately, but he did keep fucking me. I began to get a bit nervous — I was sure that he had heard me, and rushing him for an answer seemed unwise. I slowed my pace with my hand, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the orgasm — his powerful thrusts were more than capable of getting me off on their own. I tried desperately to take my mind off of what was happening in the hopes of delaying my orgasm, but it was futile — with each thrust Trevor brought be back into reality, whether I liked it or not.

“Oh, all right,” he laughed after what felt like an eternity. “You can cum, slut. I spoil you, you know.”

I managed to squeak out a quick “thank you” before me orgasm began. The orgasm was intense — between the pressure of having to hold off and the overall depravity of the situation, I was in heaven. As waves of pleasure coursed through my body, I forgot all about where I was and began to moan loudly. Thrusting my fingers into my twat I felt my vaginal muscles contract and quiver.

They are cuddled together, enjoying each other’s company, but she wants more. She tilts her head and kisses his neck.

He smiles and pulls her tight, nestling her head beneath his chin. He wants more too, but is holding back, as he feels his darker urges growing within him, slowly overpowering his control.

She smiles and kisses his neck again, waiting for him to take the initiative.

“Hmm, what should I do with this little slut?” he muses as he strokes her cheek and lets his nails make a thin red line down along her spine.

She presses her cheek into his hand, kissing his thumb gently, tenderly.

He presses his thumb into her mouth, enjoying the sensation, his other hand presses under her pants to explore her ass.

She smiles again, now sucking on his thumb, moving her ass against his hand.

His hand squeezes and wanders as he shudders from the sensations her mouth gives him. He presses his wandering thumb against her rear entrance, monitoring her reaction.

She presses against his thumb slightly as she Sucks on his other thumb a little harder, massaging his hand gently with her own.

He grins as his idea is formulated now. He pulls back rolls her to her back, one hand beside her, the other still at her mouth. “Lose the pants,” he growls softly as he hovers inches above her, drinking in her blue eyes as he enjoys his position of power.

She pushes her pants down as she squirms and kicks them off, all the while still smiling up at him. She blinks innocent eyes up at him as she kisses his hand again.

His supporting hand moves and grabs her crotch roughly, squeezing as he asks “whose is this?” His hand moves from her mouth to gently grip her neck, not choking her, just controlling her movement.

She moans softly, letting her eyes fall shut as she whispers “Yours”.

“Good girl.” His hands move up to her luscious breasts. They are full and round with wide puffy areolas; her nipples rigid from excitement. His hand trails lightly over her delicate belly as he reaches a nipple and roughly squeezes and tugs. “And whose is this?” He tugs extra hard on the last word, accenting his meaning.

She moans gently and pulls away from his hand, adding even more pressure to her nipple. “Oh, it’s yours…”

He repeats the same question as he adds nails to his treatment of her other nipple, his other hand unconsciously clenches around her tender neck. She moans loudly this time, answering the same way, pulling against him gently.

“Well then,” he says, “I think my property should be marked.” Without waiting for an answer he then instructs her to remove her shirt as he produces a small “gentleman’s knife”, a tiny folder with a blade no more than two inches, but razor sharp.

She pulls her shirt off and smiles at him sweetly as he takes it from her hands.

He takes the shirt and quickly folds it and positions it under her left thigh, simultaneously spreading her legs. He then runs the blade gently against her lips, slowly gliding the cool metal lower and lower; across breasts, belly, pussy, and coming to rest on her thigh.

She moans and presses back against the floor with her hands, her fingers clutching the carpet, shuddering against the feel of the metal on her thigh.

He presses the blade in; making a shallow cut about two inches long inside the tenderest part of her thigh. He pauses and admires her expression as he waits for the blood… his blood. Her expression is one of pure ecstasy, delighting in the sting and the blood flowing from the cut. He smiles as the blood trickles, stooping to lick it up, even sucking on the cut some. Her scent mixed with the taste of blood is intoxicating to him.

She moans as he sucks on the cut, already edging on a climax.

He moves his mouth upward, pushing her damp fabric aside as he licks up her sweet wetness. His tongue plunges inside before gliding up to twirl around her clit. He sucks and nibbles on her most sensitive button with his sharp teeth. She moans and writhes against him, reaching down to push on the cut with her own thumb, relishing the pain.

As he sucks on her button, his hand reaches up to place the blade on her opposing thigh, carefully making a twin to the first cut. His fingers press on the new cut as he carries droplets of blood to his mouth, shuddering at the combined taste of her juices and fresh blood. After a few moments like this, he straightens up and stares deep into her eyes as he raises his hand and slaps her tiny pussy.

Her eyes close as she cries out again, moaning at the new cut, her thumb twisting at the first cut as her eyes lock onto his. She whimpers at the slap.

He leans back, enjoying the show. He demands that she fuck herself as his hands wander across her skin to find her nipples… nipples which he twists sharply.

She moans as her hands slide down her stomach to her pussy, rubbing her thumb across her cuts, before sliding back to her pussy. Her fingers slide in, scissoring as she rubs her clit. Her head falls back limply as she masturbates for him . He slides forward and to the side, moving one hand to her throat and squeezing while replacing his fingers with his teeth and he clamps down on a nipple, still tugging on the other.

She moans as she pinches her clit, crying out as his teeth clamp down on her nipple, pressing her fingers harder, deeper…

He pulls away after several minutes of this, looking at her strained face. “I want you to roll over and stick your ass in the air, bitch. Don’t stop playing with your pussy.”

She does as he says, rolling over, her face pressed against the carpet. He yanks her panties down to her knees and she kicks them off as she adjusts herself. She is on her knees, her ass in the air, her fingers still working at her pussy.

He dips his fingers along her cunt as he frees his member. Her juices soon slicken it. He dips again and rubs the moist mixture against her tight rear entrance, fingers working in her natural lubrication as he slides his index in oh so slowly.

She flinches slightly, but relaxes as she slowly starts to moan at the new intrusion, her fingers still working at herself.

Her ass almost pulls his finger in as he lubes her up, closing quickly as he pulls out. He then presses his slick cock against her rosebud, slowly overcoming the resistance. He tells her to try to relax, but with its width of more than double the finger he just painfully inserted, it is difficult for her to relax at this new intrusion. There is so much pressure.

She cries out softly as her fingers pick back up on the fingering she was doing before.

The head of his cock moves in with an almost popping sensation. He carefully starts moving only a few inches in and out, giving her a chance to get accustomed. He gradually builds up speed as he is gripped by her viselike tightness. Her moans grow louder as he picks up speed, her fingers working harder at her own pussy.

As he builds speed the pain for her increases. A burning sensation washes over her as her ass is ripped open. Hard smacks punctuate her ravaging as he spanks her ass randomly, never giving her a chance to anticipate.

She moans even louder, crying out with the pain, her pleasure slowly overriding the pain, giving her a new high. She bites her lip as she begins to moan his name, moaning louder and louder with each slap he gives her.

The sensations combined with her voice drives him over the edge. A few more vicious thrusts and he pulls out, the retraction hurting more than the fucking. She feels burning hot liquid squirt onto her back, shoulders, ass, and even a few droplets in her hair. He grunts deeply as he finds his release.

She cries out as she orgasms, collapsing to the floor beneath him. She slowly rolls over and looks up at him with a lazy smile. “That was fantastic!”

He grins as he pants deeply. He had been longing for her ass for quite some time, it was very fuckable: round but not big, able to take a spanking but also able to be fucked deeply. She smiles as she pulls him gently down to her and snuggles into his chest.

He grins wider as he wraps his arms around her. “You enjoyed that, slut?”

She snuggles in against him, moving upwards to lay her head against her chest, simply nodding as she absentmindedly singing “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service softly to herself.

They both drift off into their own personal dreams.

To the reader: Some readers have been shocked by the extreme nature of this story. So here’s fair warning: If you are the type who is turned off by FICTION dealing with domination, submission, cruelty or the general exploration of sexual practices beyond society’s norms, please don’t read this story. All others, please enjoy.

Day Fourteen – Restitution

Kelli awoke feeling as sore as if she’d run a marathon, and as happy as if she’d won. The past fourteen days had taken her from the brink of desolation to the heights of bliss, on a path no marriage counselor could ever travel. She wondered if Jack had any clue as to how much she’d changed. Not just in her attitudes about sex. But in everything. Her confidence. Her self esteem. She felt more vibrant, more alive than she ever had. If she could masturbate in front of a crowd of drunken, leering men, she could certainly face down her parents and their racist, bigoted remarks. She could see the weaknesses in her religion, as well as the strengths. And she could understand what made a woman into a wife; not just as someone who would share in the marriage but someone who would contribute as well.

Stretching her naked body out beneath the sheets of their still dark bedroom, she checked and checked again for any signs of guilt. And found none. God had given men and women the ability to experience such extreme pleasure. As long as it was consensual, and no one else got hurt along the way, it seemed as though sex shouldn’t be against any of God’s rules. Of course, now that she’d witnessed the hypocrisies of her fellow church members and the pastor himself, it was hard to allow them to judge her. She’d leave that to Him.

Thirteen days. At first she’d been doubtful. Resentful. Scared. Did her husband harbor some inner demons that she’d never suspected? It had seemed like it at the time. He’d been cruel; brutal, even. He’d broken her down, as if she’d been the victim of brainwashing. Broken her down and then built her back up. Well, not exactly that. He’d kept her on edge, and allowed her to build herself back up. That was better, she decided. The other way, she might’ve ended up just as dependent upon Jack as she had been dependent upon her ultra-strict morals. This way, she could make up her own mind about what she wanted to do, and how she wanted to live.

Like last night. She’d really thrown him for a loop when she stated that she didn’t want the fourteen days to end early. And she didn’t. She wasn’t continuing in order to prove herself to him. She wanted to prove herself to herself. How far could she push herself to go? How much desire and lust could she pull from Jack? It had come to her last night, in the shower. The power of her submission. Outwardly, Jack held the upper hand. She jumped to his orders. But in her responses, in her reactions, she held the upper hand too. There was power in being submissive. She felt in control being out of control.

Like now. She twisted in bed and burrowed under the covers until her mouth was even with his dick. It lay flat against his stomach, completely flaccid. Smiling in anticipation, she pulled it fully into her mouth, swirling it out of its stupor, hoping to have the same effect on her husband. His cock began to expand almost immediately, filling instinctively in response to her hot wet lips and tongue. She sucked at it softly, pausing often to test its hardness with the tip of her tongue. Amazing how such supple, velvety skin could become so hard and abrasive, strong enough to split her open, over and over again.

“Whoa, what’s this?” Jack asked, pulling the covers away from her head. “You don’t have to do this anymore.”

“Just because I don’t have to doesn’t mean I don’t want to,” she said lightly, before bending back to tickle his balls with her tongue. She smiled as he gasped, his body suddenly tense with anticipation. She had the control now. And even if he made her do something really disgusting, she’d still be in control. His cock was now full and rigid; his balls tight inside their pouch. Even though he’d fucked her breathless the night before, he was ready to go again. She was taking that as a compliment. A big one.

Abruptly she sat up so her breasts were just inches from his face. “Shall I prepare a paddle for my spanking?” she asked, dropping her voice into the naïve, subservient tone she’d begun using. It was fun to play the part to the fullest. “Or perhaps I should perform for your amusement?” With one hand she offered him her full breast, while the other gave him a peek inside her bare pussy lips.

His smile was broad and warm. “If you want to keep going, my little slut wife, I’d be more than happy to. But I’ll set the schedule, if you please. Right now, we’ll take a shower together. Then, we’ll go out for a little breakfast. And then we’ll see what kind of trouble we can get into. First, though, let’s see if you kiss as well as you suck.”

Kelli shifted very carefully in her seat at the restaurant, acutely aware that she had absolutely nothing on beneath her short skirt. That fact she could hide from the rest of the diners. The fact that she wore no bra was another story. Her black sweater was woven so loosely that, when looking in the mirror, she could easily discern the outlines of her breasts, and could almost detect the contours of her nipples. The thought that the men in the restaurant were even now trying to do so made her shiver. The fact that Jack was offering her up on display made her hot.

She watched as Jack cut and recut the cards they’d set aside during their adventure the previous evening. If she remembered correctly, most dealt with some form of exhibitionism. A few, however, contained deeper and darker orders.

“I’m wondering if we should just do these in random order, or arrange them from the tame to the depraved?” he asked her. He cut them again, then took a peek at the top one. “I think we’ll be going with random,” he declared, a nasty smile on his face. “Let’s finish up our coffee and head back to the car.”

Seated in the car, Kelli’s trepidation grew with every minute. But it was accompanied by an exhilarating thrill. Jack drove to an empty portion of the parking lot.

“It’s time to take a ride,” he read. “One will have to take two.”

Reaching into the backpack, he pulled out a white, egg-shaped object, with a harness and a single wire running from it. “I presume you know how to work this,” he stated, handing it to her. “Put it on now, close enough to give you some stimulation, but not so close as to be touching your clit.”

She did indeed know how to work it, as he’d tortured her with the little vibrator several times before. The wire was something new, though, and she grinned when she saw the cigarette lighter adapter on the end. A vibrator made for the car. How devilishly clever! She struggled a bit fastening the harness, not wanting to give anyone outside the car a look at her unclad pussy. Finally she had it all attached, the egg nestled comfortably in her slit, close enough to get her off if she just shifted a bit. He wouldn’t be torturing her this time! Pulling her skirt back down, she put a CD player in her lap to disguise the wire running from between her legs to the dashboard.

She didn’t even flinch as Jack reached over and flipped the dial on the vibrator to low, creating a pleasant sensation against her skin. It would get worse, she knew, and harder to ignore. But for now it just made her feel a little warm. Fortunately, the material in her skirt kept the noise down to a barely discernible hiss. Whether it would stay that quiet was another question.

They set out on a seemingly meandering path through town, though Kelli had little doubt that there was a purpose to his driving. Soon enough they were in line for some drive-through lunch, and Kelli began to squirm a bit uncomfortably as he switched the vibrator to Medium. As Jack paid for the meal, she kept her face studiously forward, not wanting the clerk to recognize the flush that had suddenly swept over her. Leaving the restaurant, Jack headed the car out onto the highway, clearly intent on heading out of town. By now the buzzing between her legs had become rather insistent, as if the vibrator was clamoring to get in. The uncomfortable feeling didn’t get any better, either, when Jack flipped her skirt up so he could watch the egg do its work. Five minutes later, they left the highway, and Kelli finally realized where they were going. Their destination had to be the State Park. It was the only place out that far.

Pausing on the highway exit, Jack reached over and thumbed the control to High. Now she could really feel the egg humming against her body. She immediately broke out in a hot sweat, her cunt letting loose an instinctive jolt of lubricating juices. The smell of her sex permeated the car. Jack grinned widely at the scent, then simply rolled the windows down. To cover the sound of the egg, no longer muffled by her skirt, he simply turned up the radio. So prepared, they headed to the park entrance.

Kelli knew it would be close. She could feel herself building toward a climax, but she didn’t want to have one in front of the Park Ranger. That would be far too embarrassing. Even having it before would be bad, because one look at her would give the whole thing away. Somehow, she had to delay it. By whatever means possible. She tried thinking of other things; of movies, songs and even multiplication tables. But no matter what, the buzzing in her pussy intruded upon her thoughts. She could feel the sweat breaking out on her brow, the trail of moisture staining the back of her sweater. Finally, finally, they arrived at the guard shack. To her consternation, there was another car in line ahead of her. Who would be going to the Park on a day like this?

She pressed her legs together, then pressed her hands into her lap, as if she could will the sensations to cease. When they pulled up at the guard shack, she endeavored to keep her gaze away from the man. Surely he’d recognize what was going on. Surely he’d get a whiff of her and understand the reason for her discomfort. She gritted her teeth. She couldn’t hold out much longer. Her pussy, her ass, her entire nether regions felt like they were on fire. The sensations arced like lightning to her nipples, and made her toes tingle as if they were encased in ice. She fought to keep her breathing even, though she wanted to pant like a dog in heat. As if to prolong her torture, deliberately she was sure, Jack began to discuss the merits of a seasonal versus daily pass. She could feel the Ranger’s eyes upon her, taking in her anxious state. Could he tell that she was already close to the edge of a massive orgasm? Or did he just think she was excited by some sort of sexual stimulation to come? She could sense his gaze returning to her again and again, focusing on her ill-concealed cleavage and the flushed flesh beneath her thin sweater.

The effort to contain herself now consumed every iota of her being. If she softened just a bit, just a little bit, she’d embarrass herself with a screaming, yowling orgasm right in front of this stranger. She’d yank back her skirt and smash the buzzing egg hard against her stiff little clit, not caring in the least how much of her private parts this amused stranger might see.

With a jovial wave of his hand, Jack finally drove through the check-point. They passed through the partially filled parking lot, and then finally onto a winding road, which ran for several miles to the bike trail head. As soon as the tires hit the gravel of this new road, Kelli let herself go. “Oh, God. Oh God. Oh God,” she panted, the buzzing, the heat, the lightning strikes all building to a blinding crescendo. She couldn’t take it any longer and reached between her legs to press the egg directly against her clit, without even looking at Jack for his permission. That did the trick. The pressure exploded inside her, vented in a violent scream of anguish. Her legs contracted around the egg, adding more fuel to the fire. Her arms and legs spasmed, and her juices dribbled from between her twitching pussy lips. She desperately wanted to have something more substantial filling the void between her legs. If she could gather the strength, she would mount Jack’s thick cock right there in the car. Even that thought fueled her carnal desire, sending even more waves of pleasure coursing through her. She could sense Jack’s amused grin beside her, but couldn’t give it more than a single thought. Her body was finally released from the insistent buzzing. She could only concentrate on the pleasure.

At the end of the path, Jack led her down one of the many hiking trails, then split off to hike cross-country. After 20 minutes of hard walking they were well and truly off the beaten path, though Kelli imagined that they might be just steps from one of the other trails. It was hard to get her bearings in the sun dappled forest. Choosing a tree at random, Jack ordered her to stand with her back next to it. Reaching into his bag of tricks, he pulled out a coil of white rope, which he used to tie her hands to the trunk, stretching her arms well above her head. He left her legs completely unbound, and Kelli didn’t have to guess why.

Without pause, he reached back into his bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. She could only grimace as he bent and began cutting her skirt from the hem to the waist, again and again, until the material hung down in ragged strips. Then, after kneading her breasts through the sweater, he pulled it taut and cut out some quick holes, so that when he released the fabric it outlined her tits, leaving each breast bare and fully exposed. With a malicious grin, he stepped back and began taking pictures of her distressful situation. Bound by the rules of their game, she couldn’t ask why he wanted so many pictures like this, and so her imagination began to run wild. Maybe they were just for his private collection. Maybe he was trading them with another couple without her knowledge. Maybe he was even posting them on the Internet!

She couldn’t believe that she’d failed to wonder about it before. He’d taken hundreds of pictures of her over the last two weeks. And dozens of movies! What if they weren’t just stored on the computer at home? What if he was posting her picture for anybody to see? What if her neighbors had seen pictures of her bending over to suck him, or were to see her tied submissively to this tree? Would Jack do that to her?

She suddenly got goose bumps thinking about a man, a faceless stranger, fantasizing about her in this position. He’d find her whimpering, tightly bound to the tree, her tits exposed, her skirt in tatters, completely defenseless and at his mercy. He’d look around for her man and find no one. Was she part of a bondage game? A kidnapping victim? A wife being punished? A play toy for a militia member? A birthday gift for a hiker who would be coming along soon? He’d inspect her from all sides, noticing the fullness of her tits, the curve of her ass, the bare slit so tantalizingly close. He could ask her why she was here, but that would mean lifting the gag from her mouth. Or he could remain ignorant of her plight and simply take what she represented. A helpless piece of ass. A chance to fuck and run.

She could picture the man in his office, her helpless form blazing from his computer screen, begging to be used and abused. She could see the man sitting there, his hand deep in his pants, stroking his cock, while he imagined what he’d do to her if he were ever lucky enough to come upon such a creature in the forest. How he’d caress her full, inviting tits, or maybe cruelly squeeze and twist them, not needing to worry about the consequences. How he’d run his hand down between her melons, down over her fluttering stomach, down to her vulnerable crevice, where he could pleasure or pain her, as his mood dictated. Would he simply unleash his cock and stab it into her right away, or would he get more pleasure in torturing her, cutting a switch from a tree to crop her ass? Would he want to bind her more tightly to the tree, or use the scissors on the ground to remove larger and larger patches of her clothing? She could see the man in his office, creating his fantasies based on her helpless, half-nude form bound to a tree, and imagine his hand speedily stroking his cock, even as he pretended that it’s deeply embedded in her cunt. She could picture more men, before more computers, each beating off to a different image of her with her legs splayed and body nude, their cum drenching their pants and shorts and hands and chairs, leaving her image as cum-drenched and completely in their control. Would Jack put her on display like that? It wouldn’t bother her if he did.

“Earth to slut wife. Come in slut wife,” Jack’s voice wrenched her back to reality. He hadn’t been calling her long, as his tone held more amusement than anger. Still, she was surprised to note that he’d pulled down his pants and underwear, and was clearly intent on slamming his hard cock into her pussy. At his command, she turned and faced the tree, bending over at a ninety degree angle, her hands providing a strong support against the tree. She shuddered as his hands swept aside the ruined strips of skirt, leaving her ass and pussy bare to the air. She felt the large mushroom head snake along her pussy lips, but then seek out a different home, probing the opening to her ass. But he hadn’t put any oil on! Had he?

“I’m going to ask you five questions,” he said menacingly. “For every one you answer truthfully, I’ll place a drop of oil on my cock. Lie too much, and this’ll be a very painful fuck.”

“Yes, master,” she replied, scared into further subservience.

“Now, would you have let me do all this to you if you hadn’t given into your carnal desires with that other man?”

“No, master,” she replied. She couldn’t imagine her old self even discussing such depravity.

“Is there anyone, besides me, that you’d like to fuck right now?”

She considered telling him about her recent fantasy with the men in their offices, but decided against it. No reason to give him ideas. “No, master.”

“Liar. You’re a slut and I know you think about other guys fucking you. Next question. Would you suck the cock of the park ranger if I told you to?”

“Yes, master.”

“Yes, I believe you would. And would you spread your legs for our esteemed pastor?”

“Yes, master,” she replied, though hoping that he was just testing her.

“Another lie!” he declared, slapping her bare butt. “You know that he’s friends with your father, and the fact that you’re a slut would be the one thing you want to hide from him. Final question. Will you do anything you need to do to prove your loyalty to me, as my slut bitch?”

“Oh, yes master,” she whimpered, her mind flashing to all the kinky, painful and embarrassing acts he’d forced her to perform.

“I hope that’s true, for your sake,” he responded, giving her ass another hard slap before reaching under to squeeze and milk her dangling tits. “That’s three out of five. I hope three drops of oil is enough. Because that’s all you’re going to get.”

She bent over lower and gasped as his steel rod ripped into her tight asshole. Three drops were enough. But just barely. Was it too late to take him up on the previous day’s offer to end their pact?

“Turn left up here,” Kelli said, as Jack worked to pass a slow-moving truck. She was reading the directions off a smeared paper, which Jack had written during a cell phone call he’d received in the middle of the woods. She didn’t know why they were going to this destination, but knew that it was important enough for him to immediately abandon her ass-fucking and lead her back to the car.

The trek back to the car had left her a nervous wreck. Jack had left her in her tattered skirt and cut open sweater, and she’d fully expected to be seen and even recognized by someone hiking the trails. But they made it all the way back to the car without being spotted. Only when Jack paused at the guard shack was she positive that her bare breasts had been spotted. Seconds later they were headed out to the highway, leaving the park ranger behind with a shocked expression on his face. Two miles down the road, Jack had pulled into a rarely used farm trail, which led deep into a field of corn. Leaving the highway far behind, he stopped the car and ordered her to get out. Without a word, he cut the remainder of her outfit off her body, letting the well-hacked clothes fall to the ground. Then, turning to the bag he’d brought into the woods, he pulled out a pair of stockings, a garter, thong panties and a bra, all in black, all sheer enough to clearly reveal what they were supposed to be covering. Kelli was outraged but not surprised. He had these clothes in the woods, but had made her risk exposure during their long walk out. This day was not turning out the way she had expected.

Now she sat in the front seat, reading off the directions and wondering where they were headed. Two turns later, she had her answer. She could only look questioningly at Jack as he pulled into the attached garage of a small brick ranch home on the city’s west side. And she almost broke his command of silence when the garage door noisily slid down, trapping them inside.

He stopped her, though, with a wave of his hand. “Now it’s time for you to show how much you’ve learned. The man inside this house has helped me a lot during the last two weeks, though I’ve never met him in person. He’s given me lots of advice on how to turn you from what you were into a fully obedient wife. I want to treat him with as much respect as you treat me. You’ll call him Sir and me Master. When we get inside, you’ll drop immediately into your position, and from then on you’ll do anything he says. He’ll be as much your master as I am.” With that said, he pulled her close and kissed her sharply and deeply, his tongue jamming into her mouth as if he were fucking her with it. Just as she began to lean into his kiss, she felt his hands place something around her neck and heard a “click” next to her ear. Instinctively, she reached to touch her neck, only to find that he’d placed a collar around it. And to that collar he was attaching a leash!

The stiff leather cut into her chin as he pulled her out the driver’s side door. As she tried to untangle herself from the steering wheel, the inside door opened and a barrel-chested man stepped out, his eyes skimming over her and then warmly resting on her husband.

“Jack, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place?”

“Nope. We were just out at the State Park for a little adventure when you called. Just a short stop to change, and we’re here.”

“An adventure, eh? Seems like a good day for them,” the man said with a sly grin towards Kelli. “Let’s get inside, shall we?”

Though completely confused and more than a little intimidated, Kelli dropped into her kneeling, submissive position as soon as they entered the house. They had paused in a small laundry room. To the right was a spotless white kitchen; to the left a well-kept family room, with all the vertical blinds closed, so that the only illumination came from the light leaking around the edges. With her head bowed, all she could see of their host was his beefy hands, which twitched occasionally as he spoke. He wore jeans but no shoes or socks, which to her seemed like a casualness that was out of place in a house that was so tidy. Not a single item appeared to be out of place.

“And this is your slave slut?” the man asked, as naturally as one would ask about the weather.

She kept her head stiffly bowed as Jack answered, “Yes. This is my slave. But I haven’t come up with a good name for her, so I just call her ‘slut.’ She’s come a long way since we started, Al, and I have you to thank for that.”

“She looks more delicious in person than on the screen,” Al answered with a chuckle. “Let’s head into the family room and we’ll get a better look at her.”

Jack snapped the chain, and Kelli took that to mean that she should crawl down the steps into the family room. The two men took their places in adjoining leather chairs, while she knelt in her submissive position on a padded coffee table in front of them. Al reached across to the wall and flipped a switch, and suddenly Kelli was awash in a cone of light from a spotlight right above the table.

Jack began to hand the leash to the man, but Al stopped him. “Never hand over your property to another man unless it’s an even exchange. And as you can see, I’ve no one in my stable at the moment. I would be happy if you simply relayed my requests to her, as she should only take orders from you. Now, let’s see what this little dish has to offer.”

At Jack’s direction, she stood on the table and slowly twirled around, feeling as though Al’s gaze was penetrating her flimsy lingerie. Not that he would need to use his imagination, she remembered. He’d surely seen all of her in the pictures Jack had evidently sent to him. She wondered how much Jack had shared with this stranger. And how many more people were in on their secret?

She had to stow her curiosity, though, when Jack had her kneel back in front of their host. At Al’s suggestion, she pulled her lacy bra up, revealing her bare breasts and rapidly hardening nipples. Despite her trepidation she was becoming quite aroused. She didn’t know what would happen, and performing for a stranger added an exciting element of danger. She couldn’t help but flashback to her performance in the sex club, and the times that Jack had banged her in front of those college kids at the cottage. She shifted her legs instinctively; she was becoming quite wet, and she worried that the thin fabric would soon give that away.

“Ah, patience, pet,” Al said to her, as if reading her mind. “You will soon have the chance to perform as a little slut should. You will soon be performing the only task a woman need perform: to please a man sexually.”

She’d become almost inured to such talk from Jack. It was almost a way of girding himself for battle. But the idea of servitude, coming from this man, made her blood run cold.

Abruptly, Al got up and headed for the stairs, motioning for the two of them to follow. It was pitch black at the bottom of the stairs, though Kelli could hear the two men moving about. Suddenly she felt a hand roughly squeeze her breast, while a pair of fingers quickly found their way into her pussy. It wasn’t Jack’s hand, of that she was sure. But was it Al’s, or some unknown man’s? The incursion lasted only seconds, just long enough to leave her feeling violated and vulnerable. What kind of hell had Jack led her into?

The fingers left her and a moment later the lights flickered on, revealing Al to be some distance away. Only her husband stood near. Had she been mistaken? Her questions left her as she stood and gazed at the basement room. It was a very elaborately equipped dungeon! She’d never seen one in person; only in the background of Internet bondage pictures. On one wall hung a variety of whips, crops, paddles, floggers, ropes, chains and other paraphernalia she couldn’t begin to identify. Another wall was a full-length mirror. The third wall was completely unfinished, a stud frame filled with hooks, pulleys and cross frames. Various ropes hung from hooks in the ceiling, and two four-poster tables sat in the middle of the room, along with two saw horses and a variety of odd-looking contraptions. Ominously, two cameras were poised on tripods next to one of the tables. An expensive-looking video camera, with wires that ran to another small room was pointed at the well-lit table already. And a still digital camera sat waiting next to it.

Kelli could feel the two men watching her as she took it all in, then wondered why they hadn’t given her an order. Then it hit her. She dropped to her knees like a rock, quickly assuming the position of subservience.

“About time,” her husband remarked dryly. “Any longer and you wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Even so, you’re going to wish you’d been more observant.”

She tried to make herself look as repentant as possible, knowing that she fought a losing battle. They didn’t need an excuse to punish her. They had the power to do that anytime they wanted. She’d given it to them.

“You can watch the preparations if you want, my sweet,” Al called out to her, as she endeavored to study the carpeting in front of her knees. “I’m sure you’ll find it personally interesting.”

She looked up to see him switch on a video monitor she’d overlooked earlier. He swung the camera around to point it at her, and she immediately appeared on the monitor, kneeling submissively in her lingerie with her tits hanging out. The camera was so good, she could even make out the hard nubs of her nipples.

“Now to go public.” With that, Al disappeared into the room where all the cables led, while Jack stepped around to the camera and zoomed it in until her right breast completely filled the screen, her swollen nipple now as big as a baseball. Suddenly, the image was replaced with an Internet site, which rapidly changed from screen to screen to screen. Finally her breast reappeared on the screen, with a gray area below it marked only by a flashing cursor. It hit her then. This was being broadcast over the web! Live! But to how many people? And who?

She looked pleadingly at Jack, but he refused to meet her gaze. She knew better than to speak out. It would embarrass him in front of his friend. Or mentor. Or whatever Al was to him. And that would make him even more likely to allow Al to do whatever he wanted. And it was clear that Al had a much kinkier mind than Jack.

“Nice open, that one,” Al remarked as he came back into the dungeon. “That tit shot will keep ‘em wondering, wondering whether the rest of the bod is as firm as that nice tit. We might get another ten percent viewership from just that open. Good job, Jack.”

They were broadcasting it! And charging for it, too

Al had seen her look. “Don’t worry about it, sweet thing. You’ve got other things to worry about, besides who’s watching what. Jack’s got a debt to pay off, and you’re going to help. You should be happy you can do that. Just obey. React naturally. And everything will fall into place. Speaking of which, I’ll man the camera while Jack gets you into place. The red light shows we’re on the air with video. The blue light shows when audio is going out. And we’ll reply with this wireless keyboard when we need to. And now we pull out to show the rest of our dish for the evening… And, let’s get you strapped down on the oak table for a little fun!”

Kelli was trembling so badly that Jack literally had to help her to the table. As she lay down, she felt him place a V-shaped pillow under her head. Not only was it more comfortable, but she had a much better view of the proceedings. She remained limp as Jack fastened her wrists to clamps located at the top corners of the table, and then did the same to her ankles at the bottom. As he stepped away, she tried to move, and found that she could shift back and forth in place, as well as lift her hips from the table, but couldn’t move much more than that. She ceased trying as soon as she saw the lascivious grin on Al’s face as he watched her from over the camera. He was enjoying her struggles!

At Al’s direction, Jack stepped back in and pushed a ball gag into her mouth. She immediately hated the thing. As if by magic, her parched mouth was suddenly full of saliva, and she could feel it beginning to leak around the edge of the ball. How attractive could that be, she wondered?

What followed was a long trial of sadistic acts, each one more degrading than the last. As she lay helpless upon the table Jack poked and prodded her most intimate places, squeezing, twisting and teasing her delicate skin. He wrapped rope around her tits and pulled it tight, squeezing them until they turned purple. he attached clothespins to her nipples, and then, most painfully, along each flap of her pussy lips. Fortunately, he removed each implement of destruction after only a few minutes, leaving them on just long enough for the audience to get their jollies. One item that he didn’t remove was the nipple clamps and the chain joining them. This he tugged on often, sometimes pulling sharply and cruelly until tears came to her eyes. She couldn’t scream thanks to the ball gag, but she knew he could see the pain and humiliation in her eyes. So too, could the internet audience. And she knew that was the point of this.

After a time, it became too cumbersome for Al to take suggestions from the internet audience, relay them to Jack, and then instruct Jack on the best way to fulfill the request. So they switched roles, with Jack handling the computer and camera, and Al inflicting the damage to her body. He was both gentler and crueler than Jack, having much more skill and experience in carrying out each act, but also knowing exactly which buttons to push to get the maximum reaction from her. He never tugged the chain but rather smacked her breasts with the back of his hand, stinging her flesh while creating an evil sound.

On the monitor she could see the sweat glistening on her body, and the haunted look of fear reflected in her eyes. But she could also understand the appeal. She was completely under their control. They owned her and her body, and could use it as they wanted. She wondered if the audience could see the defiance that was beginning to build inside her. The aggressive attitude that said ‘Bring it on. You haven’t broken me yet.’ And if they did see it, did that inner spirit make this all the more tantalizing, all the more challenging?

She watched with some trepidation as Al pulled over an evil-looking machine, locking the cart down and plugging it in. It looked like a cylinder with a long rod coming out the front, with the tip of the rod positioned just outside her pussy. Working slowly and deliberately, Al attached a thick, black dildo to the end of the rod, slathering the dildo with lubricant. Only when he pressed the dildo into her cunt did she really understand. It was a fucking machine! Her guess was proven when he turned it on, the dildo sliding slowly back and forth inside her cunt. Though she thought that they’d immediately speed it up, Al instead simply applied a little more lubricant before turning back to her husband.

“Al, the natives are getting restless. They want to see some cum,” Jack read off the computer screen.

“If you want to do the honors, I can take over back there,” Al replied.

“Nah. You’ve done all the work. You should enjoy some benefits from it. Besides, she’s my slut, and she does what and who I say.”

So this was it. Somehow Kelli knew in her heart that this moment would come. It didn’t really surprise her that Jack would give her away like this. He’d been leading up to this over the past two weeks. And it played to his sense of irony. She’d given herself to another man without permission. Now she was going to be used by another man again. But with one big difference. This time, he was the one doing the giving. She didn’t even bother to look to Jack. Instead, she looked straight up at Al, who once again wore that smile that said he knew all the mental gymnastics she was going through. Then she glanced over at the monitor and almost laughed, had the gag not stopped her. She was that woman on the screen. Stark naked. Tied to the table. Criss-crossed by ropes. Sweat-soaked. Nipples clamped and chained. Gagged and drooling. Being fucked in her spread open cunt by a dildo-tipped machine. Completely helpless. And she was debating whether sucking another man’s cock would be too degrading?

She gasped when Al took the gag from her mouth, then gasped again when he pulled his cock out of his shorts and slammed it into her mouth. It was less a sucking than a mouth-fucking, as he slammed his rod into her with a vengeance. Kelli could only keep her mouth open and her tongue out of the way as he bumped against her face, the dark mass of his pubic hair rhythmically obscuring her vision. So frantic were his actions that she couldn’t even taste the rod in her mouth. She was a fuck hole and nothing more. Al didn’t even bother to try and hold back. He banged her savagely and was on the verge of cumming in almost no time. When he pulled out from her mouth and began pumping his cock, she obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, looking as eager as a baby bird to receive its meal.

Even expecting it, she almost gagged as the slippery cum spurted into her mouth, quickly coating her tongue and then leaking out onto her lips and chin. The next spurts coated her cheeks and face, before dribbling down onto her neck. She didn’t need to look at the monitor to know that Al had blasted her entire face with his milky cum, turning her into as much of a cum whore as the professional sluts featured on all those internet web sites.

Even as she licked and swallowed the salty seed from her lips, she almost yelped in surprise. Looking down, she saw that Jack had turned up the speed on the fucking machine, which now pumped its evil extension in and out of her cunt at an alarming rate. A pleasurable rate, too, judging from the sensations emanating from between her thighs. Not only was the dildo sliding in and out, but it was also twisting along the way. She was literally being screwed! And though there was enough lubricant to keep the dildo from sticking tightly, there was enough resistance that every twist of the tool it stretched her cunt to the point that her clit was directly stimulated. Even as she strove to stay focused on sucking the stray drops of cum from Al’s cock, she tried to grind her body back against the machine, humping it in a desperate attempt to get off.

When the orgasm hit it was blindingly intense, her pelvic muscles locking against the still pounding dildo, causing an even sharper stiletto of pleasure to slice through her. She spasmed against her ropes, the bonds cutting even deeper into her skin, the pain mixing with the pleasure to shock every fiber in her body. She shook as if in a seizure and wailed again and again as the machine continued to grate against her stiff burning clit. She couldn’t stop shaking, so intense was the pleasure, and her wails rose and rose in pitch as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her with adrenaline. Finally, mercifully, Jack shut off the machine, but still her body continued to shudder, her muscles taut against the ropes and her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. She felt as though she were out of her body, as though the sweat-soaked, cum-stained wretch on the table was a stranger, someone to be pitied for her lack of control. And most certainly not the good daughter of a god-fearing couple.

Her head lolled to one side as she felt Jack approach. She expected him to pull his cock out, to force her to come up from her exhaustion and give the audience one last show. But instead her crouched down next to her, placing his mouth next to her ear but keeping far enough away so that Al’s still warm cum wouldn’t smear on him.

“Now are you glad that we decided to keep going?” he whispered into her ear.

She turned her head to look down her body and took stock. Her toes were still tightly curled from the extreme sensations. Her legs were still pried apart, giving anyone who cared to look a full view of her gaping, juicy pussy. Her hips showed the signs of abrasions where she’d bucked against the ropes in a mindless desire to fuck back against the fucking machine. Her nipples were still tied together by a chain that marked her as someone’s property. The ropes holding her torso to the table had cut into her tits, leaving red welts as a sign of her passion. She turned to the monitor and saw that Al’s cum had mixed with her sweat to plaster her hair back in places, while her face was streaked with the slimy remains of the rest of it. And her hands bound above her head, keeping her helpless and at the mercy of these two men.

As she gazed at the monitor she remembered that it wasn’t just her husband and Al who had just witnessed her complete transformation into a wanton sex slave. She thought of the countless men out there, sitting before their computers stroking their cocks as they fantasized about what had just happened to her, and how it would feel if it was their cock in her frantic mouth. Their cock commanding her complete devotion. Their cock always at the ready to pierce her cunt or her mouth or her ass, ready to dump a load of sperm and mark her as their own. Some of those men watching might be the men from church. Or the manager of the grocery store. Or even some of her father’s friends, those who never shared their fascinations with him. And how some of those men might see her in the future, and recognize her, and remember how she looked with her legs spread wide, desperate for a cock to fill her. And how her breasts looked as they strained against the bonds, or as a greedy hand groped and twisted and pinched her nipples. Or how eagerly she took a cock in her mouth, and how obediently she waited for the cum to grace her mouth, and how quickly she licked the precious fluid up, as though it were water in the desert. She thought of those men looking at her firm tits in real life, and wanting to see them again. And of those men looking at her shapely ass, and wanting to see it and touch it and spank it, the way they saw Jack and Al do it on the computer screen. She thought of those men licking their lips, and feeling their cocks begin to grow, as the wondered whether they could approach Jack and ask him please, please can you let me see your young wife’s tits just once more? And what do I need to do to earn a cock sucking with her talented mouth?

When Christa opened the door, I immediately knew there was something wrong. Her lips smiled but her eyes didn’t. I missed the warmth I had felt yesterday.

She took my flowers, brought them to the kitchen and returned with coffee. She didn’t bring the flowers back. She said, “Thank you for coming, but please let’s forget what happened yesterday. Let’s just remain friends.”

I was surprised. “Why?” I asked.

“Let’s not waste our beautiful friendship for a fling.”

I chose my words carefully. “It would not be a fling. And you know that. I’ve longed for this for a long time. I have the feeling you want this too. You are very special to me. There is no other woman I would give myself to that way, so submissively, so unconditionally.”

She watched my face. I could feel she thought I was just flattering. “How about Linda?” she asked, a bit aggressively.

“I might have given it to her, a few years ago if she had been interested. Now I am glad she wasn’t. It’s just not the kind of relationship we have.” Thoughtfully I added, “She is my wife and I do love her. But that doesn’t mean that my feelings for you are not sincere.”

Christa looked at me somberly. “You don’t understand. It would destroy our friendship completely. And after two of three times you would get bored and we would never see each other ever again.”

I wondered what she feared most, our friendship being destroyed or our new relationship appearing just a fling, a whim. I guessed the latter.

I decided to be completely open and honest with her. “I have suppressed my feelings almost my entire life. I can’t do that any longer. I have known you for seven years now. I remember seeing you for the first time talking to your colleagues about your visions. I remember thinking you were cut out for being a Mistress.

“That day, I didn’t dare dreaming of being your toy or being capable of meeting your standards. There was no doubt in my mind, however, that you would be a tremendous Mistress for the right slave.

“Since that day, I have learned knowing you as a very nice, kind and warm person and a trustworthy and loyal friend. I also believe you still have that other quality I saw that first day, seven years ago.”

Christa was silent. She seemed somber, and sad; she even seemed angry. After a while she said, “You still don’t understand. You don’t know what real submission is. You don’t know the meaning of really having to suffer.”

Again I chose to be completely honest. “It is true I am inexperienced. It is also true you could destroy me in less than an hour. However, if you could work up the patience to teach me, I would become the ultimate toy or slave you have always dreamed of.”

“You are stubborn, and arrogant, and stupid,” she said. I also saw a glimpse of a smile for the first time today.”

She said, “Please forget all of this. Don’t visit me next week. See me in, let’s say, a month, just to have coffee and be the friends we have always been. Please don’t visit me next week.”

I didn’t respond. I just didn’t know what to say.

She added, “If you do come here next week, you won’t find your friend. You’ll find a sadistic and cruel woman. You’ll find a very demanding woman who won’t let you escape in any respect. I will tear you apart bit by bit.”

I relaxed. “Thank you!” I said from the bottom of my heart.

“You stupid fool,” she said.

She stood up saying, “Come, I’ll show you the door.” At the door she gave me three kisses as usual. “Don’t come here next week,” she said.

“See you next week,” I replied. She didn’t hear me. The door was already closed.



I was in front of Christa’s door. I waited a while before I pressed the bell. I felt the nerves in my stomach. I had never been this nervous visiting my friend Christa. Finally I pressed the bell.

Christa was gorgeous, as ever. She had also changed. Something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Hi, great to see you” she said. “Come on, in.” She led me to the living room. Her way of walking had slightly changed too, I noticed. She moved elegantly like a cat. She showed me a chair. I sat. “So you came,” she said smiling. “Stupid fool,” she said, her smile getting brighter, dazzling.

“I need to know,” she said. “Are you here of your own free will, completely voluntary?”

“Yes, of course,” I said. I took a paper from my blazer. Until now I had not been sure if I would give it to her, but now it seemed the right thing to do. “I wrote you this. I would be happy to sign it, if you allow me.”

She started reading it. I knew the words by heart. I had written, “Hereby I, Ton Brown, declare I surrender completely to Christa Wilder.

“Christa may use me as a toy in every way she likes. My submission will be entirely. I will accept whatever she does to me, no matter the consequences.

“I offer Christa my body and soul. She has the full rights to torture me or control my body functions. I am entirely at Christa’s disposal, for her pleasure only.

“I make this statement of my own free will and I am mentally healthy to do so. I shall accept all consequences.”

Christa was delighted. And yes, she would like me to sign it right now and here. To add to effect, I sat on my knees when I signed and dated the statement. Christa took the paper from me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She walked to a nice photograph above a cupboard at a prominent place in the living room. It was a beautiful picture of a tree in the autumn. She took the frame from the wall, removed the sheet of glass, turned the picture over, placed my statement on top of it, replaced the glass and hung the frame again. I blushed. I hoped she was just teasing me. I hoped she would remove my statement before she would have guests.

Christa smiled. “Thank you very much! I love this! Thank you. This should be rewarded with a present for you too.” She took something from a drawer and showed me a steel collar. It looked quite massive. It had a padlock and an inscription. I read, “toy ton, property of Christa Wilder”.

She said, “Let me put this on you.” She did. It felt as massive as it looked. “Thank you for being my toy,” she said and she gave me a kiss on my nose.

She took me to the quest room and asked me to undress. When I was undressed but for my steel pants, she looked far from pleased. “What’s this?” she asked. “Where has the seal gone?”

I stammered, “Erm… I had to remove it to clean the glans. It has been eight days since you sealed it. I didn’t want to come out in a rash.”

Christa shook her head. “You told me you were inexperienced. Well, you indeed have a lot to learn. I doubt if you’re talented enough to become my toy. If it hadn’t been for your nice statement I would have sent you away right now, but you are going to pay for this anyway.”

She inspected the belt carefully. “At least it is a Nextsteel belt as I thought.”

I was surprised. “I didn’t know you knew this much about chastity belts.”

“I didn’t. Google is a blessing and Mr. Wende is a sweety.” I was surprised Christa already knew Nextsteel’s owner. Christa asked me to get the key. I got the key from my bag. Christa removed the lock. And then she surprised me again. Instead of removing the belt she produced another lock and before I realized it, I was locked again.

Christa smiled, “I know you find it difficult to wear the belt. I was going to break you in very slowly. You have spoiled that now. You are going to pay for your indiscretion.”

She asked me what my longest lockup had been and my longest time between orgasms. I told her the truth. I used to have a plastic chastity device. In those days it was common for me to be locked for a month with only short releases now and then, only to clean my privates and then be locked again. In my new steel belt I had never been locked for more than four days. However, my longest time without an orgasm had been eighty-five days. I was proud of my self-control; it had taken a lot of practice.

Smiling Christa said, “Congratulations, you are going to break both records by far.”

Like the first time I had to convert the room by moving the table and the flower box to make it possible to tie me up. This time Christa added a spreader bar to keep my legs apart and an open-mouth gag. I felt much more restricted than last time.

Christa touched the lock of the chastity belt. “It’s a pity I don’t have the key here. It came with two keys, one of them is in a locker at my work, and the other is in a vault at my bank. It might have been nice to play a little with my privates.” She saw my privates as hers now, she owned me entirely.

“But maybe, I can anyway.” She poked her finger into my right ball. The pain was overwhelming; it was worse than a kick in the balls. I feared she would rupture them. I would have collapsed if I hadn’t been tied up that well.

Christa obviously enjoyed herself. “Great to see you chose for the tube with ventilation holes. It will be nice to stick a few needles into them. Unfortunately I don’t have needles here, so toothpicks will have to do.”

To be honest, feeling those toothpicks pressed into my sensitive glans was bad enough.

Christa stood up. She stood in front of me, quite close. For a short moment her breasts brushed against my chest. Then she put her hands just below my armpits. Her thumbs stroked gently over my nipples. While she kept caressing my nipples she touched my lips with her tongue. It felt great for a short moment. Then the pain became overwhelming. It was as if needles and knifes were stuck into my glans. I groaned with pain.

“What is it, dear? Don’t you like this?” Christa asked. She inspected my tube. “Oooohh, this is great! Your glans is being pressed through the holes. It is coming out through them from all sides, and quite far too. This must be a lovely feeling to you.”

She continued stroking my nipples and licking my lips. I tried to concentrate on her hands and tongue, and ignore what was happening in my pants. I didn’t succeed.

“I am in a dilemma here. I can’t give you full CBT…” I knew she meant cock and ball torture. “..and I can’t torture your nipples either because that would make them less sensitive to the gentle approach. That would be a pity. So I have to think of something else.”

She left the room and came back with a whip. It was different whip from the one she used last time. This one looked even more frightful. It was a whip of at least a meter, and at the tip was a kind of leather cord of the same length.

“No, I don’t have a collection of whips,” she said. “I only have the old riding crop you saw last time and this one I bought when I thought my husband, my ex now, was interested.”

Christa’s mood suddenly changed. She didn’t seem to enjoy the situation anymore. Her smile was gone. I think she didn’t see me anymore. It was as if her view was totally inside her. Her voice sounded bitter when she said, “It was his own idea, damn it. He had said he wanted to be dominated, that he had dreamed of it his entire life. All men are the same.” The bitterness had become stronger. I felt quite uncomfortable. “I believed him, the fool I was. I even bought this whip for him. I never got the chance to use it. It was too much for him. He was just a fantast. I hadn’t become his mistress. I had become a puppet on a string playing his dirty scripts. I swore I would never take a slave again.”

She smiled a small smile. “This time it will be different.” She caressed the whip. “This time it will be played by my rules. It will be my fun.” The smile had broadened. It was as if she saw me for the first time since she had brought the whip.

Then she whipped me. She didn’t hold back, this time. She hit me as hard as she could. The whip hit my chest. I had tears in my eyes. “Good boy,” she said. The warm soft voice contrasted with the aggressive hit.

She hit me again. The pain was unbelievable. She walked around me. She hit my back. She didn’t stop. Sometimes she waited a few seconds before she hit me again. Sometimes she hit me four or five times as fast as she could. She hit my back, my bottom, my legs. I soon got disorientated. I didn’t see or hear anything except for my pain and her warm, teasing voice. They were two different sensations competing for my attention. It was as if Christa was inside of me. Her soft, warm voice, her teasing, her sadism, her lust.

It took a while before I realized the hitting had stopped. She sat on a chair watching me, smiling. “Hi there, how are you doing?” She had still that warm, nice and seductive voice.

She removed the gag. I couldn’t say anything. My jaws hurt. Christa also removed the spreader bar. “Be careful,” she said. “Put your legs together. I’ll untie you slowly. Get down on your knees first. Sit down.” I was still disorientated, dizzy.

Christa sat down again on her chair. She stroked my hair. I laid my head in her lap. She caressed my aching back. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for the pleasure. I am proud of you.”

I couldn’t help crying. It was not only because of the pain. It was relieve I had finally found what I had been looking for my entire life. I felt so grateful to Christa.

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