run away

Her heart was pounding with anticipation as she waited for him to speak. He stared at her for a long time, taking in her sparkly eyes peeking out at him through long lashes, the way her teeth grazed her bottom lip when she was exited. When he finally spoke, it was one word. “Submit.”

Her eyes widened in excitement, then narrowed in defiance as she replied “make me.”

She turned and ran, knowing she wouldn’t get far, but the chase was half the fun – for both of them!

He caught up with her as she ran into a dead end. She stood there breathing hard as she realised there was no way out. He stepped towards her and she tried to run past him, but he grabbed her round the waist with one arm and pushed her back against the wall. He used the weight of his body to hold her there whilst he grabbed both of her wrists and held them up above her head.

They were both panting hard, their faces so close to each other. “Submit” he said again as their lips almost touched. “NO” she said through gritted teeth, and her body writhed against him as she tried futilely to get away.

He leaned in to kiss her but she turned her face away, still defiant despite her position. He growled, and took both her wrists in one hand, still pressed against the wall above her head. He pressed his knee between her thighs, almost lifting her off the floor, and grabbed hold of her hair with his now free hand. He turned her head to face him. Her eyes were shining and her breath was ragged as he bent down and kissed her mouth.

She tried to resist him, she really did! But the feel of him against her, the taste of him in her mouth, the gentle pain where he held her wrists and her hair was overwhelming. She started to kiss him back, her tongue searching hungrily for his, their mouths pressed together hard in a rough, frantic, passionate kiss.

He felt her body relax as she gave in to his kiss, felt her start to grind her hips against him as she kissed him back.

He smiled to himself and pulled his face away. She tried to follow his lips with her own but the hand on her hair held her back.” No” she whispered,” kiss me.”

She tried to reach for him again and he moved his face close enough for their noses to touch. She could feel his breath on her lips, but couldn’t reach to touch him. He was so close she could feel every inch of him pressed against her. She could feel the bulge in his jeans digging in to her hip and she knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Her pussy was hot and wet with desire, making a wet patch on his knee where she ground herself against him.

He let go of her hair and moved his hand to her waist, tracing the shape of her breast with his finger on the way down.

She gasped as she felt his hand move under her shirt and make contact with a soft skin of her stomach.

He stroked his hand up until he found her breast and squeezed it through the fabric of her bra making her moan.

He reached around and undid it with one hand, letting her tits swing free under her top. He bent his head and nipped her nipple with his teeth through her shirt. She gasped as the pain made her clitty throb and her nipples stand out against the fabric.

He started to unbutton her shirt with his free hand. He kissed her neck just below her ear and she moaned and tilted her head to allow him more. He followed his fingers with his mouth, kissing each part of her flesh as it became exposed.

He let go of her wrists, knowing that she wasn’t going anywhere now.

He opened her shirt and her bra fell to the floor exposing her to his kisses. She arched her back and closed her eyes as she felt him tug gently on her nipples while he kissed her stomach.

He rubbed his hand along the seam of her jeans between her thighs, and she gasped! He could feel her heat through her trousers, and he could tell how excited he made her by the dampness of the material.

His hard cock was growing uncomfortable in his Jeans but he ignored it as he knelt before her and undid her trousers.

He inhaled her scent and it made his cock twitch even more. He pulled her jeans and panties down and buried his face in her beautiful pussy.

He used his teeth to nip her thighs and make her inhale sharply, before lifting her foot and sliding her clothes off.

She shuddered as he ran his finger along her slit, testing to see how ready she was for him. She was so wet that his finger slid inside her with no resistance.

Her cunt was slick with excitement, and her juices ran down his finger as he probed her.

He removed his hand and stood up, placing his finger against her lips, wanting to watch her taste herself on his skin. She parted her lips greedily and took his fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked her own juices off his hand eagerly, flicking her tongue up and down the length and around the tip before taking it all into her mouth and sucking hard.

He closed his eyes and imagined her skilful mouth wrapped around his cock.

She cried out in frustration has he moved his hand away. She tried to move towards him but he held her back, pinning her wrists to the wall either side of her hips.

He kissed her hard just once, then moved his kisses lower until he was kneeling in front of her again.

She struggled to get her hands free, torn between wanting to get away and wanting to pull him closer. He held her hands tighter against the wall, then moved his face towards her gorgeous cunt. He took her swollen clit between his teeth and shook his head fast, causing her to cry out and her knees to sag under her.

Oh god she loves the way his mouth felt on her.

She cried out again as he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his skilful tongue. He let go of her wrists and held her pussy lips open with his thumbs. He swept his tongue over her exposed clitty again, softer this time. Her eyes were closed and her naked chest heaved as she panted hard in response to his touch.

He teased the entrance to her wet hole with the tip of one finger. She wriggled against it, trying to swallow more of him into her cunt.

Her juices were coating her pussy lips making them glisten, and he couldn’t resist running his tongue along her wet slit.

He bit, nibbled, sucked, and kissed his way along her lips, making her gasp and moan as he did.

He moved his finger back to her hole, joining it with a second. Without warning he plunged 2 fingers deep inside her and heard her cry out as he did so.

Her breathing was getting faster and her moans were getting louder as he moved his fingers around inside her.

As his fingers found that sweet spot that set her on fire, his mouth clamped back down on her clit.

He sucked hard and rubbed that place inside her hard and fast.

She came noisily, her juices squirting into his mouth and over his face, her cum running down his hand and over her thighs. Her body sagged, her legs no longer able to support her and he caught her on the way down, his fingers still inside her.

He held her as the last waves of her orgasm washed over her. Her body trembled, her eyes were unfocused and her breathing was hard and ragged

As her breathing slowed she looked up at him and smiled. She stroked his face with her hand, and he reached down to kiss her softly.

He picked her up tenderly, all the fight gone from her for now, and carried her towards the bedroom. This night was far from over.

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