ruined orgasm

Her mind was wrapped up by what she’d seen. So desperate, so frustrated. So driven by their pent up lust. So committed to pleasing their mistress. ‘How far would he have gone?’ she thought to herself.

‘How far did you want him to go and how far are you willing to take him?’ a voice in her head answered.

She found herself in her driveway. She was warm, hot almost. Her crotch was so wet and moist. Her nipples stiff against her bra. Just then she’d realized that she had never put her panties back on. She gasped and ran a hand down the side of her face. Letting out a burst of laughter she thought of the gift she left for his mistress.

She wanted to be fucked so bad, so desperately. ‘How did he last that long? How long had those two had gone to reach that point?’ she thought. However, she knew that her fucking would have to wait one more night. She knew that she was going to have to get him ready for it all to turn out right.

‘It was worth the wait.’ she thought. She had her man back. The one she fell for long ago. She wasn’t going to let him get away again. The cool night air whipped up under her dress and caused her to tingle as it hit her exposed hot and wet pussy. She made her way inside. The house was eerily quite as she walked in. Curiously she crept though the house to see where he was and surprise him with the gift she now had dangling from her neck.

He didn’t hear her drive up nor come in the house. If he did he would have stopped what he was doing, but he was in the bathroom off their bedroom oblivious to her arrival.

She entered the bedroom to the sound of banging and his groaning. Peeking through the cracked bathroom doorway she spied him thrusting up and down. She swiftly covered her mouth to stifle her gasp. From what she could see he had suction cupped one of her dildos to the top edge of the bath tub and was literally pounding himself with it. Up and down, up and down. “Fuck me. Make me cum, make me cum. Yes, fuck me.” he moaned. One hand held up his cage and the other was rubbing his perineum. Trying to find the spot she did the night before. “Yes, yes. Fuck me. Harder, harder.”

She watched for a minute or two. ‘So desperate, so frustrated. Denial will break down any barrier.’ his mistresses voice rang in her head. She was torn between excitement and anger. While she watched him it struck her that this was exactly what she needed to help her out. As his paced slowed she carefully went back to the kitchen. She waited another minute before opening the door to the garage and slamming it.

“Honey! I’m home!” she waited “Honey!” She heard him in the bedroom. “I got a surprise for you.” They met in the hallway. “Oh, there you are. Let me go to the bathroom and I’ll show you what I got you.” She kissed him hard and deep before pushing past him into the bedroom. He tried to hide the look of panic on his face. She went about her business and came back out as if nothing were wrong.

She had him lay down on the bed and then she tied him down with scarves. She then dangled the key in front of his face. “How about a little fun tonight?” she cooed. He nodded yes eagerly. She took the cage off of him and put it aside. He started to stiffen almost immediately. “Let me get cleaned up and we’ll get started. . .That’s if you’re still hard when I come back.” she flashed him a devilish grin as she dimmed the lights and let her dress slip to the floor as she walked into the bathroom.

She wondered if he even noticed that she had no panties on. ‘Anything.’ she thought. ‘We’ll see.’

‘So close.’ he thought. Finally. Release. Sweet glorious release. He panicked when he heard the shower turn on, but she didn’t come back out. He had hidden the dildo between the inner and outer shower curtains. He prayed she missed it. Thinking of all he’d been through he tried to maintain his erection, but he couldn’t. During her shower he went limp and hard again two times. Thankfully he was hard again when she came back out.

She crossed the room like an apparition. Her naked body like that of a Greek goddess come to life. Without a word she climbed onto the bed. She sat herself down between his legs and smiled. “So hard.” She traced a finger down his shaft. His cock twitched at her touch and he moaned in response. “So desperate. So wanting. Aren’t you?” She continued to just barely touch his cock with her finger. Up and down. Round and round.

“Yes.” His voice was hardly audible. “Very. So very ready.”

“Yes, very ready. Mm. Let’s find out.” She used both hands now to caress his aching cock and swollen balls with the faintest of touch. “So very ready that you would do anything.” Pausing to let her words sink in she increased the pace of her stroking. His eyes said it all. He didn’t want to answer, but he would. For her he would. “Do you enjoy this? The desperation, the frustration, the longing for release.”

“Yes” he hissed. “I do enjoy this.”

“So do I. I’ve never felt so alive in my life.” her eyes gleamed. “I’ve never been so turned on, so horny. Seeing a man so pent up with sexual energy, stored for my use whenever I seek it. I’m really going to enjoy being your key holder.”

“Wai. . .” he couldn’t even finish his words as she purposely ran her palm across his head.

“That’s what you wanted right? The teasing, denial and chastity.” She continued to tease his shaft with her finger nails.

“Yes, but. . .”

“And you wanted a key holder you could trust, right?” His cock leaked pre-cum freely as she grasped his aching rod fully and slowly stroked him from base to tip.

“Well, yes. But. . .”

“I trust you. So that’s why I have no problem telling you that your Mistress offered me a job. I told her that I’d ask you, but you wouldn’t mind since we trust each other. You do trust me, don’t you?” She watched his breathing get shallow and listened to his voice begin to crack.

“Of. . . course I. . .oh. . .oh. . . but. . . she. . . you. . .oh . . . please!” She deliberately palmed the head to keep him from talking.

“And how could you not trust your wife. I mean if you didn’t trust me you would have never wanted me take you the way I did on our honeymoon. So willing, not for me, but for you. So eager to give yourself away in that special way.” She still hadn’t changed her pace, slowly tormenting him, speaking in cadence with her stroking, letting her words sink in. “To trust me enough to cave into your darkest secrets, your desires, your dreams. This is all your dream right?”

“Yes. . . No!. . .I mean. . . you wanted. . . I. . . for you. . .I. . .you. . .you.”

“Oh, me nothing. You practically attacked me on the last night. Remember? Not once since our wedding have you tried to touch my breasts or try to lick my pussy and look at how eager you were to spread your legs for me last night, begging me to fuck you till you came. What does that say about you? How am I supposed to feel?”

She leaned in and lowered her voice. “And just what were you doing with that dildo hidden between the shower curtains?. . . Well?” She paused, gripping the top of his dick, her thumb began to circle the head. The look of dread and fear spread across his face. “Did you get down on your knees and worship it with your mouth like you did on our honeymoon? I thought you did that out of devotion, but now I think it was out of desire.”

“Pl. . .ea. . .se!” he was squirming and almost hyperventilating.

“Shhh.” She slid her had down his shaft. Then using her other hand gave another down stroke. Again and again. “And whose name were you calling out as you fucked yourself? Who had their cock buried deep inside of you? Hmm? Was it me?. . .Your mistress?. . .” She flashed an evil grin. “Or perhaps someone else you secretly desire?”

“No! . .I. . .” she palmed his head again to keep him from answering.

“Not no; yes. Yes. Yes! So tell me, really, who wanted what? Look deep inside yourself. How many times did you tell me ‘anything’, hoping it would be everything?”

“I. . .I’m. . .not. . .I. . .wanted.” He was now fixated on the cum boiling inside his balls and her hands that were slowly and steadily stroking his dick. She slid a finger to his ass. The lube still there was enough for her to slip in unopposed.

“Yes, you wanted. I see what you wanted. I found what you wanted.” She slowed her pace even more. Her finger moved deeper. “Is this what you were really hoping for tonight?”

“Look at how wet you are. I can feel you trying to buck against my probing digit.” He squirmed at her intrusion. “And didn’t you say ‘Whatever it takes; I’ll do it for you.’ on that last night?”

“Yes, I. . .” He was getting close. So close. He tried to control himself. Hoping to finally orgasm before she had a chance to pull the rug out from under him. She however was one step ahead of him.

“But we’ve been married almost a month and it’s all been about you. What about me? Are you ready to grant me an ‘anything’ or do ‘whatever it takes’ for me?”

“Yes. . .please. . .yes. . .Oh God yes. . .yes!”

Just as he past the point of no return her hands disappeared. His cock spurted two or three times and his cum splashed onto him. “Oh Jesus. . . please don’t stop. . .Please! ANYTHING!”

After a few moments she started stroking him again. Slowly. Watching him whimper and beg as she brought him to the edge yet again. “Oh yes. . .Yes. . .Yes. . .Don’t stop!”

But she did stop. His aching cock spurted again. “Tweets. I’m begging you. Please. Please. What is it you want!?!”

Again she waited before stroking him again. “This is what I want.”

“Wha. . .I. . .I don’t get it.”

“Just as you enjoy the teasing, denial and chastity; I’ve found that I too enjoy teasing and denying. I enjoy watching you plead and beg for relief. I enjoy seeing my cock leaking and dripping.” She paused as she watched his cock spurt again. “Most of all though I’ve found out that I enjoy controlling how much or how little pleasure you get.”

Again, she waited a moment before going back to work on his aching rod. “Please! Let me cum!” he begged. “Please finish it!”

“One, don’t yell at me! Two, you haven’t had sex or even cum in almost a year. What do you think is going to happen when I finally allow you inside of me tomorrow? How long do you think you’d last? Could you think about my pleasure for once?”

He tensed and convulsed again as she let go just before he spurt again. He grunted and groaned as if he were going to force the cum out of him, but after another spam or two it just dribbled out. “To. . .morr. . .ow!!”

“Yes, dear. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll let you enter me. To pleasure me for once.” She once again stroked his cock. “Tomorrow we can discuss our needs. Our desires. Tomorrow we can discuss how you will please me and how so important this is to your pleasure.” She picked up the pace and took him right to the edge. She played with the head just enough to cause him to spurt on more time.

She got up, put on a robe and left the room. When she did return some time later his cock was flaccid. She reached for his cage, but he began to buck and protest at her attempt to put the cage back on him. “No, please. Don’t put that back on. I’ll be good I promise. Please Please!”

A swift slap to his balls put an end to his insurrection. “Be quiet or you’ll end up with black and blue balls!” She got back up, blindfolded him and left the room. She came back in a few minutes and he felt something cold and hard being placed around his balls and then again around his shaft. It took no time at all for her to apply her contraption. “These are my cock and balls and I need them caged until I say otherwise and this should help you think about that tonight. Remember ‘anything’! We’ll discuss it all. . .Tomorrow.”

She took off the blindfold and untied him. He looked down at what she had done. There was a metal ring behind his cock and balls and another metal tube encasing his cock. They were connected with a spacer and pins like his other cage was. “They’re called Kali’s teeth. On the inside are rows of sharpened spikes, just waiting for you to get hard again. It took a while for me to design them the way I wanted them and I was hoping I would never have to use them, but you’ve left me no choice.” Her voice sounded hurt, as if she was being forced to do all of this. “Anyway, it should help put things in perspective by sunrise. Now go!”

As he was leaving she spoke to him. “You know I didn’t want to cage you tonight, but you’ve betrayed my trust. If you wanted to get fucked all you had to do was ask. Did you think I would refuse you? Do you have secrets, wants or desires that you’re afraid to tell me about? If so; that can only mean you don’t trust me and this will never work so long as you can’t trust me.” She closed the door on him without waiting for an answer.

He sat there; in the living room. Alone. Pangs of guilt coursed though him. He felt like a heel. So selfish. He could not believe how inconsiderate he had been. All she had done for him. He thought of them in college and all the times she would let him do whatever he pleased to her, in any manner, no matter how kinky or depraved. He thought of his mistress and her plan for him. He then thought of Tweets and what she had just said. He thought of his new device and how it was his own fault for having it on.

He began wondering. Wondering why he was so passionate about the way they made love on their honeymoon. Wondering about last night when he ejaculated while getting fucked by her, how excited he was. Wondering about why he did what he did in the bathroom. Wondering why he didn’t just ask her to fuck him. Wondering about ‘anything’. He thought of the many times he said it. Wondering if he meant it. Wondering why he hadn’t even asked her about her wants and needs. Finally, he wondered why he hadn’t even tried to eat her pussy or at least beg her to let him inside of her when she freed him.

Most of all he thought of how she made him feel now. So safe, secure, so comfortable. Her confidence and demeanor were comforting. Never before was he sure unsure of himself. So lost, so confused. His feelings so muddled. More than ever he would need her to help him sort out his feelings. His wants. His desires.

He knew that he would have to make it up to her. He knew what he needed to do and when they talked tomorrow he would tell her. His balls ached like never before from all of the ruined orgasms as he tossed and turned, trying to sleep. ‘Tomorrow’ he thought ‘Tomorrow she’ll allow me inside her’. But that’s not what went through his head. What he thought of was her taking him. As he did the teeth began to dig into his swelling shaft.

He woke up harder than ever. Spooning up against her he gently rubbed his naked cock against her silky PJ’s. It had been almost three weeks since he came last and was oh so desperate. He knew he shouldn’t wake her like this. She almost always never liked it, but his other head was taking over.

After a few minutes he stopped and rolled over, tossing and turning. His rock hard shaft tormenting every fiber of his being.

“Poor baby.” he heard her whisper. “Come and snuggle.”

He rolled back over and she opened her legs just enough for him to slide his cock between them. “Don’t move.” she said as she began slowly rocking to and fro. The pressure of her thighs and the warmth of her pussy, so close, was maddening.

He moaned and whimpered. “Please.”

“Mmm, no whining. You know I don’t like it when you whine.”

He bit his lip and gripped the sheets as continued to tease him. She listened to his breathing and felt his body language. Changing pressure and tempo right up until he was one thrust away. He quivered and tensed as he tried to hold back his impending orgasm, knowing he did not yet have her permission to release. Then nothing. His cock throbbed and ached. Longing for any type of contact. After a few maddening minutes his body reflexively rubbed up against her.

She purred and shifted her leg so that is was between his. “Hump it.” she whispered.

He froze.

“Go ahead. Hump my leg.”

He tightened his leg around hers and slid his shaft along her leg. Moaning softly.

“Yes, that’s it. Hump my leg like a horny dog who can’t control his urges.”

It was not yet light enough for her to see him blush from the humiliation of her commands and stinging remarks. However, they also excited him even more.

“Maybe I could have you sit up and beg for a treat.” she giggled.

The without warning she pushed him off.

He watched as she threw back the sheets and began to strip down. There was just enough light in the milky haze of the morning twilight for him to make out her beautiful features. She purred as she delicately ran her fingers across her skin. Teasing him with the sight of her nakedness. “Do you want this?”

“Please. Oh, please.”

“Of course you do, but do you deserve it?”

He gulped, knowing what his answer should be. “No, I do not, but if you would please just take pity on me this. . .”

“Pity? No. You don’t deserve this. . . And why?”

He watched as she slid her hand down between her legs. He could barely make out the trimmed patch of hair above her vagina. The vagina that he so desperately wanted. “I don’t deserve it because I’m naughty masturbator.”

“That’s right. You’d rather hide and jerk off to porn on your computer rather than worship my beautiful gift.” She leaned in and began to kiss him passionately and raked her nails down his skin. He reciprocated, hesitantly. Feeling her soft silky skin. His cock leaked freely from their foreplay. He wanted to cum so bad. His balls ached and his shaft throbbed at the prospect of actually being able to cum.

Her deep kisses and his probing hands helped moisten her up for what she wanted. This also had the desired effect of making him even hornier. Hornier than he had to endure over the past few weeks. Her hands touched him everywhere but his swollen cock or balls, he in turn explored her body as if for the first time, but was not allowed to touch her pussy. She toyed with him as she got herself excited. Teasing him while he tried his very best to make sure she had the orgasm of her dreams.

Without warning she stopped. “Get ready.” she said plainly.

Without question or hesitation he jumped out of bed and rolled out two condoms over his throbbing shaft. He quickly lay back down on the bed and she worked her way on top of him.

Straddling him she rubbed her pussy over his encased cock. Purring softly though half opened eyes. Then with a quick shift of her body her wet hole engulfed him. “Oh, so good.” she cooed.

He, however, felt none of it as she began to grind herself into him. He looked up at her as she rocked back and forth on top of him. Her hair half covering her face and her teeth clamping down on her lip. He felt none of it except for her nails digging into his chest and the weight of her pushing into his hips.

She rose up enough to keep his shaft inside her then slowly lowered herself back down until he was buried inside her. “How’s that feel?” she said mockingly. Up and down she worked, methodically. Teasingly. The shadows of the dawn hiding and highlighting her features as she moved. “Oh, my God. So, so good. I wish you could feel it.” So did he as it had been over six months since she caught him jerking off at the computer.

As her tempo increased with her breathing, her thrusts became shorter and shorter until she was grinding into him. “Up.” she barked. This was the hardest part for him as he arched up his back pushing into her. “Higher!”

He tried to lift higher as she pushed back against him. “Yes. Yes.” she cried. She was gyrating on top of him, losing herself in a state of sexual bliss, while he watched like some spectator. Receiving none of the benefits of her movements on his throbbing, yet isolated rod.

She pushed down harder as her climax drew closer and he struggled to keep his hips raised. “Higher! Yes, fuck yes. Higher!” His muscles burning and his back aching. A stinging slap to his chest helped his resolve. “Higher. That’s it. Oh, yes. Oh my. Oh my God. Yes. Fuck me!”

He had no idea if he was or not as his cock only felt a small percentage of what it normally should. Just enough to keep him excited. Teased. Desperate and most of all frustrated.

As she got closer and closer he watched the symphony of her movements in the gathering light. Her hair swirling around her face. Her breast heaving with her every move. Her moans and cries of passion. A glimpse of her expressions, consumed by her sexual state, oblivious to his presence.

Her thighs clamped down on him and her nails dug deep into his chest as a lust filled growl emerged from her shadowed face. Her body shuddered and heaved as her climax swept across her. He hid his sigh of relief and he lowered himself down slowly as she relaxed, contented by her orgasm. There would be no such luck for him though.

After a few minutes of cuddling and petting she slid off of him. The room was almost fully lit now even though the sun had yet to break the horizon. He was still hard as a rock and waited without word, patiently. Hoping she would finally end his ordeal.

“Would you like to cum?” Her voice was soft, caring and angelic, but he knew there was a dark side.

His cock twitched. “Yes. Please. I would like to cum.” He prayed it wasn’t her cruel way, which was better than nothing. She would, in the past, leave on his condoms and wrap her thumb and index finger around his shaft, just under the head. Then she would slowly squeeze and release. It was a slow and maddening process with little stimulation. She would also stop as soon he began to spurt, ruining his orgasm into the condom. Leaving him hornier than before.

“Take off the condoms.” she purred.

‘Oh God yes. Thank you.’ he thought. He rolled them up and dropped them away. “Thank you.” His cock swelled.

“Go ahead.” was all she said.

Confused he looked over at her, her head laying on her pillow facing him. A slight grin on her face.

“Go on. If you want to cum you better get started.” He was now more desperate than embarrassed and he started stroking his cock.

“See, there you go. Just like you like it. Your hands wrapped around your shaft. Are you happy?”

“Yes. Thank you.” He was flush from her comments and the fact he was being made to masturbate in front of her.

“You shouldn’t be.” she said seductively. “You should be embarrassed that I’m making you jack off in front of me instead of filling me up with your cum. Now stroke it. Yes. . . There you go. . . Just like your little porno sessions; you got to watch a hot chick fuck her brains out to get you horny; now you get to jack off to cum.”

He was consumed by his own lust. He pumped faster and faster.

“Oh no! Slowly down there! Tease it! You can’t cum until I say.”

Looking at his cock then at her, he followed her commands.

“Good boy. Nice and slow. Show me how you do it.”

He teased it ever so slow for her. He was utterly embarrassed by all of this yet more turned on than ever.His body tensed and his legs twitched and tingled as he approached the edge. She listened to his breathing; erratic and uncontrolled.

“Not yet. You can’t cum yet. Play with your balls for a while. . . So full. . . So blue.” She giggled.

He hands went to his sack and took a ball in each hand. Kneading them gently as his impending climax retreated.

After a minute or two she let him resume. Which he did with earnest. “Show me how you fuck your fist. There you go. Faster. Poor, poor little cock stroker. So desperate. Are you close?”

“Yes.” was all he could croak out.

“On the edge?”

He shook his head yes, quickly biting his lip.

“Good, I want you to arch your back up and point your cock right at your face. Don’t miss either or maybe I’ll put you in one of those little plastic cages and you wont even be allowed to get hard. Would you like that? Begging just to be unlocked? To get hard?”

He grunted as the cum boiling in his balls made its way to his shaft like some erotic volcano. He struggled to keep his hips as high as possible. His cock pointing right at his face. Pumping faster and faster. He glanced over at her. The evil gleam in her eyes to him she wasn’t kidding.

“Pay attention. If you miss there will be consequences.”

He looked back just in time for the first spurt to splash across his left eye. Caught by surprise he stopped jerking and opened his mouth in shock only to be rewarded by the next shot hitting his upper lip and teeth. He now closed his mouth and eyes. The next two hit him on the forehead then, due a lack of intensity, his chin.

After a brief pause he realized he wasn’t stroking any more and had, in effect ruined his own orgasm. He quickly began pumping again to try and finish off only to have her stop him. “No, no. You already came, stop jerking off. You’re done for now.” she said giggling. “How does it taste?”

He lay there motionless. Hard as a rock. His his face scrunched up as his own jizz trickled down his face and the taste of his cum filling his mouth. It didn’t seem that bad now that it was over, but he was still knotted up from what she made him do. More embarrassed than when she walked in on him as he spilled his load all over her desk.

“Good boy. Good little stroker boy. You’ve had quite the morning. A hot babe fucked her brains out right in front of you; then you got to watch your favorite movie. What was it called again?” She tweaked his nipple. “You know the one I caught you jerking off to.”

“Hot teen facials.” he murmured as a heated flush of guilt filled his head.

“That’s it!” she exclaimed slapping his chest. “Hot. . . Teen. . . Facials. Well, you’re no teen, but. . .” she started laughing.

Her words stung and he knew that he had to endure them if he was ever to be allowed inside of her again. However, as much as the stung they excited him even more. He tried to make sense of it, but he couldn’t and he dared not tell her what was tumbling through his head. Her voice brought him back to the here and now.

“You’re still hard. Maybe you like it so much you’d like to blow another load on your face.”

Yes. He still wanted to cum, but not like that and although his head screamed no, but his libido spoke for him. “Yes, please.” he croaked out as his hand began to tease his hard shaft. He told himself how good it felt as he could feel her icy gaze upon him.

He hoped this would end it, but she knew she was just getting started.

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