You stand over the fallen desert nymph, who is panting on the desert floor in defeat. Her enticing loincloth has slipped down to her thighs, and you can see her wet pussy yearning your throbbing cock. Unable to suppress your desires, you rip off her remaining clothes to reveal her small breasts, rising and falling heavily with pants of fearful anticipation. You pull out your hungry cock, eager to show this bitch who she was messing with, and slap it across her face, becoming rock hard in the process. Fully erect, you grasp her chin and force her to look into your eyes, before slapping her hard in the face again with your cock and ramming it, erect, down her throat.

Her muffled screams of protest do nothing to suppress your animalistic desires as the head of your cock explores the inviting insides of her throat. You hump relentlessly harder and harder, forcing the back of her head into the sand, while you hold both of her wrists against the floor to stop her from struggling. Her tits rack in an attempt to breathe, but your enormous cock fills her whole airway and refuses to come out. Not wanting to end your fun, you pull your dick out of her mouth before she passes out; the pressure from her empty lungs making a satisfying sound as the suction almost brings you to climax.

Not giving the bitch any time to recover, you turn her around forcefully so that her wet pussy is within reach of the throbbing tip of your penis. What a slut, she’s enjoying it… You stroke her yearning hole with false restraint, and then without warning shove yourself balls deep into her cunt. She lets off a scream of pleasure as your manhood pushes hard against her cervix, and you let your upper body drop onto her torso so that you and her are face to face, lying in the sand. Her expression is contorted into one of extreme pain and pleasure, but you sense enjoyment in her eyes as you feel her bosoms press up against your chest. You can feel the warmth of her body and the speed of her breathing as she moans lustrously, so you pump faster with your cock, the walls of her pussy secreting some kind of liquid that makes you harder than you thought was possible.

Her body starts to sag with fatigue, but your horniness drives you onwards and inwards, and you have no sympathy for her abused pussy. You pull out your dick which is dripping with precum, and bury your face in her boobs, teasing her nipples with your tongue as she lactates. The taste of her milk makes you lightheaded, so you suck harder, yearning to empty her dry of this amazing liquid. The caress of your lips around her nipples causes this horny bitch to orgasm, squirting from her dripping pussy onto your dick, so you move your hand down to caress her.

You begin with two fingers, slowly massaging her lips before penetrating her insides. You remove your mouth from her nipple and throw her over so that her voluptuous ass is showing, all the while keeping your fingers inside her vagina. As you slowly begin to insert a third finger into her tight but abused hole, your other hand positions your dick between her asscheeks so that your shaft is held tightly, teasing her virgin asshole with your balls. Her sweat proves lube enough for your teasing, as you slowly start to move forwards and backwards vertically between her cheeks, lavishing the fact that you will soon be within her tight asshole.

You slide a fourth finger into her pussy which evokes a whimper of pleasure, while with your other hand you slide a finger into her mouth, lifting her head from its place buried in the sand. Your chest slides over her slim back, the movement lubricated by her horny sweat as much as yours, and you begin to choke her, only letting enough air through her lips for her to stay conscious and experience your domination. As your humping becomes more violent, your dick accidentally slips from between her asscheeks and penetrates her virgin asshole. With only your helmet inside her, you give a shove of determination and, without lube, your whole shaft surges through into her tight unused ass.

She screams, obviously not used to having her ass penetrated by a massive, throbbing cock, as you increase the speed of your ramming. The inside of her asshole feels better than anything you have felt before, and this only gets better as your precum begins to lubricate your passage, and her whimpers of protest become ones of submission. As she is about to orgasm for a second time, you pull out your dick from her ass as well as your hand from her pussy, and feel her bite down on your fingers as her body convulses in pleasure. Still not done, you wait for her shaking to stop and remove your hand from her mouth, then turn her over to reveal her heaving breasts.

With both hands, one covered in pussy juice and one covered with saliva, you begin to massage your cock in front of her panting face, teasing her cum-hungry mouth. You decide not to give her the pleasure of drinking your load, and instead push your dick back into her warm slit. By this point you are so turned on by the nymph’s interior that your cock is the largest it has ever been, and you look down in surprise to see that it is visible as a bulge beneath her belly button, rising and falling as your cock slides through her wet hole. Faster and faster you pound, until your cock feels as if it is going to burst from the friction-induced pleasure. You feel her body beginning to convulse again, her back curled against the sand and her legs over your shoulders, and her eyes closed in a manifestation of pure ecstasy.

As you pass the point of no return, you pull yourself out of her and you cum into her belly button, the rivers of spunk soon causing it to overflow and course down her slim body into the sand below. As your orgasm comes to an end you look down to see the lake of pure white semen in her navel, and realise that your abuse has caused the slut to pass out on the desert floor. Not wanting to give this bitch any notion of sympathy, you pick up her discarded clothing and place it in your satchel, and then with a smirk remove an empty potion tube from your bag and ram it into her abused asshole.

That’ll teach her for messing with me, you think, as you walk into the desert sun with her only clothes, and her dignity, in your possession.

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