rough sex

I do apologize for the delay, life has a funny way of making one go crazy and it’s fun to find that insanity and write it down. If you found chapter 4.4 too much for you to handle i suggest you pass this one up, unless you are a fan and want to go on with the story. Winderboy outdid himself this time and hopefully soon chapter 6 will be out as well as 7. thanks for all the support in making this a great, fun experience. i hope you all enjoy the show and remember this is a work of fiction and is to be enjoyed above all. vote comment and enjoy the show kids!

Almost three months later, I found myself in my car thinking about everything that had happened. I was parked in front of my house; I considered it mine. As wonderful as it had been to be the Master of two beautiful women, it was now a confusing mess. The relationship between the Goddess and me was still somewhat undefined and that was becoming an issue. She was undeniably in charge of this extensive organization of people, but I refused to let her be in charge of me. There wasn’t a clear path to a solution.

She was the Goddess and I was the Dominus, but she would lose all of her influence if it got out that I could control her. The result became a bizarre scenario where in public she was still in full control and I was her humble fuck toy; while in private she was completely mine to do with as I pleased. My body had become a conduit of sorts. Amber was a wanton woman who had suffered a long dry spell and I was being used to handle it. Rayne and Kim were also key components in her relief. I came home one day to find Rayne with her head buried between Amber’s thighs and Kimmy suckling her nipples.

To make matters more interesting, she was streaming all of her sessions of the last few days so that her now ex was being forced to watch her as she was being pleasured while he was being tortured. I knew that at some point, her other daughters would figure out that it wasn’t just a show to humiliate Lucian and questions would start to be asked. The irony was that I really had no interest in cuckolding the man beyond that first night at the mansion but Amber decided it was the best way to make him suffer. I didn’t argue because I wanted to make the stupid fuck pay for his mistake as well, but I was worried about the other consequences.

The last nine weeks since the gathering had shown me how powerful Amber truly was. Lucian had already been dragged to court where her lawyers humiliated him almost as much as I had by screwing his wife in front of him. In a matter of a few hours, Lucian had no other choice but to sign the papers officially ending his marriage and cutting himself off from any of the luxuries his life had had. The prenuptial was still in effect and due to the infidelity clause he was stripped of everything. Rayne kept me up on the proceedings as she was part of the legal team assembled for Amber’s kill squad.

After the public proceedings were over, the private one began. With nothing left to lose except the few remaining shreds of his dignity, Lucian signed papers that made the arrangement I had proposed official. After a day to settle any of his remaining affairs, he began the first of what would be many weeks of punishing torture. The thought of him being abused by the Goddess’ daughter’s day in and day out while he watched his ex-wife in the throes of ecstasy kept me rock hard for a month. In return, they had recorded his punishments and sent them for our viewing enjoyment every evening.

Danielle had been truly vicious in her ministrations. I found out that she had angered Amber a while back and was clearly using this as an opportunity to get back into her good graces. Her sadism was blatant as she actually bled the fucker. His back was raw after she was done with him, but more surprising was that he didn’t break. I figured he would never get passed her but he had held firm.

Carmella was also using this as a chance to make her own splash for her beloved Goddess. Her brand of torture was more mental as she would tease him mercilessly with her toys and after the session he was close to the breaking point, but again he held out somehow. Esmeralda was by far the most devastating in her punishments. It drug on for hours before he finally cracked. She had him lying on the floor in a puddle of her piss and he was blubbering his gratefulness of it.

The funniest one was Jessi. I know she could have been stripped of her license, but she used her psychology background on him. It was hilarious as he was dressed in drag while she paraded him along the openly gay parts of San Francisco like a treat to be had. For the whole day she had him on the corner being a little priss that was supposed to make her one thousand dollars by the end of the session. He didn’t, and she beat him raw like a pimp with a ho that didn’t produce.

Colette was the one that scared me the most. Lucian was used like a serving boy for the day and when she found him trying to rest she beat the shit out of him. Jamal may have won the contest for his control, but she won the contest of who could break Lucian the fastest. At the end of it, he was begging his mistress for mercy. Begging, but still willing to continue.

Of all the dominant subs that had him, Luis was by far the cruelest. He loved Amber with all his heart. He even confessed it to her when he was beginning his session. Amber watched the video passively as Luis beat the piss out of him. In one hour Luis had him groveling and begging to lick Amber’s heels. The next morning, we went to see him and Amber gave him the opportunity to do just that. I smiled as he obeyed without so much as a whimper. Then she surprised me by asking me to fuck her while she gave Luis a blowjob he would never forget. By the time we were done, Luis was in tears of pure joy and Lucian was in tears of pure misery. To top it all off, she walked right up to her ex and kissed him deeply. I was confused at first until I realized she was spitting all of Luis’ cum into his mouth. When she pulled away, Lucian was weeping and gagging while Amber straightened her clothes and hooked her arms into both of ours and took us out to lunch.

Next up was Daniel, and he was a very creative master for him as well. He tied him up and blindfolded him before using an audiotape of a session to make him cringe and blubber, fearing the pain to come. His ability didn’t stop with just mind fucking, however. His final shot was to have one of Jessi’ subs brutally fuck him like a bitch. The guy he selected was a small white guy with an enormous cock. Bull was big, but this kid was a freak of nature. He tore Lucian’s ass apart and left him lying in a puddle of the kid’s fountain of nut.

Bull took his duties seriously. Amber had given him the job as a bouncer at one of her clubs. The money was great and his lifestyle was totally due to Amber. His gratitude was shown in every second of time spent with Lucian. He tore into him with a savage intensity. The way he used the paddles and plugs on him was truly inspiring. Lucian was unconscious for the last part of it, but Bull persisted, waking him up two times to continue. I looked at Amber to see if she was shocked by the brutality of it, but she showed no remorse. Lucian had not only wronged her, he had taken her life and spit on it. I held her in my arms as she watched impassively.

After Lucian’s third black out, Bull finally stopped. He bowed to the camera with a look that said he hoped she enjoyed what he had done. She took us to dinner the next day to show her approval and it was good to see Bull not being a jack ass. We actually had a good talk and I came to find out he held nothing against me for our earlier troubles; he had been following Danielle’s orders to be a tough guy. I let it go without so much as an afterthought. In fact, I started to make plans for his skills.

It was almost a surprise when I realized that Lucian had made it all the way to the end. The weeks had flown by in a haze of what most would consider the most bizarre routine of all time. Every day was a whirlwind of sex and seduction either at the house or Amber’s mansion. The woman was insatiable the entire time and whenever we weren’t going out to thank her daughters or their subs for their hard work, we were screwing like we were trying to repopulate the earth.

I don’t even remember how I got any work done, but I’m sure I did because I wasn’t fired. Amber’s empire seemed to run on autopilot because she never seemed to be required for anything. Our evenings were spent watching the video of Lucian that was always new and exciting. I almost didn’t notice how much Rayne’s belly had started to swell with the new life we had created until it was like she had suddenly become three months pregnant overnight. When she invited me to come with her to the OBGYN, I actually had to stop and think about why she would be going for a second.

The next day, I held my love’s hand tightly as the doctor showed us the images of our child. As we left the hospital with the still images in an envelope, Rayne reminded me that tomorrow was her turn with Lucian. It seemed like the strangest thing to be discussing after where we had just been but it drove home just how much my life had changed. I squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek, silently giving her my approval and wishing her luck, not that she would need it.

For the first time, I was excited to watch my beloved work at her true job. Rayne was a great lawyer, but that paled in comparison to her mastery of the dungeon. Amber had even come over to watch her beloved daughter work in person. Within minutes of his session beginning, she had Lucian begging for her to use him like the toy he was.

“No,” she hissed in his ear.

He cried like a bitch and she hadn’t even gotten warmed up. Rayne was almost motherly in the way she punished her pets, but it was clearly going to be different with Lucian. She had the image of his clumsy attempts to hit on her and paw at her in the forefront of her mind. I watched as the woman whom I loved as much as anything in this world transformed into a demon before my eyes. Her use of the flog was so damned perfect it terrified me.

Her whole demeanor was colder than ice. Her laugh was so evil it made me shudder as Amber sat in my lap watching. She was as enthralled by Rayne’s skill as I was. Rayne brought him to the point of passing out several times, but stopped just before he could. She wouldn’t allow him the respite of unconsciousness. Rayne knew just how much she could hurt him and then make that pain last. After nearly three hours of pure torture, she finished the session.

Rayne left him tied to the horse and Amber’s men, Taylor and Tyler, scooped him up and dragged him away. She was wearing one of her sexiest Dom outfits. It was a simple black leather mini skirt with black over the knee boots and simple, four inch heels. Her white blouse strained not only over her massive tits, but also the slight bulge in her tummy. I told her that Lucian didn’t deserve to see her gorgeous legs in stockings, so she wasn’t wearing them today.

Amber got out of the seat she had made of my lap and stalked to her daughter’s side. They hugged and kissed deeply. I sat back and just watched the show. A twinge of jealously ran through me and I was reminded that there was another small issue that would have to be resolved before too long. Amber and my beloved seemed to be making up for all of the nights they had denied themselves. They had spent many of them over the past few months wrapped in each other’s arms. I was content because I had Kim to satisfy any of my urges and keep me company on the nights Rayne went to Amber’s mansion, but it became clear that boundaries would need to be set. Rayne was MY woman, and I was not about to lose her no matter who it was. Amber might be my Goddess as well now, and she may have even had Rayne first, but that wasn’t going to stop me from putting my foot down.

Amber took us all out to dinner and we had a great time. Rayne sat in the chair next to me, holding my hand as we ate. She complained of getting fat, but I silenced her by rubbing my head on her belly. She giggled each time I did it since she thought it was cute. When we finished, we went back to Amber’s mansion to take a bath. The nights in her huge bath were amazing. It was hard for me to decide where to sit as I had so many beautiful women in there with me. Rayne and Amber usually started the fun by teaming up on Kimmy. I’d get into the act by diverting one or the other away and Kim would immediately retaliate with every trick she had. I realized early on that they got to Kimmy first because once she got going it was nearly impossible to get her to stop.

Nights like that were one reason among many that made it difficult to determine the lines between Dom and Sub. I knew there were things that bugged me from time to time, but then I would remember all the wild nights with three gorgeous women fighting over my cock and the thought of risking all of it by complaining seemed like a really stupid thing to do. For the time being, I decided to go with it and try to establish a more concrete boundary during our various sexcapades.

When the day arrived for my session with Lucian, I was determined to outdo everyone that had gone before me. The question was how? I had already destroyed him by fucking Amber in front of him. I had put horns on him that whole night as I came inside of her again and again. I knew I couldn’t break his body as the others had. Colette had broken his spirit, so what was left? My entire day at work was wasted because I was completely distracted with thoughts of how the evening would play out.

I sat back in my car when I got home. Lucian had one more night in Rayne’s dungeon before Amber got a hold of him. I played all of the things that I had watched him endure through my mind over and over, trying to think of anything that would be more painful than all of it. Nothing came to mind. To me, he was like a dead man already, completely broken and devoid of any trace of humanity. How could you hurt a dead man? I knew that Amber likely had something devious up her sleeve. She was tricky like that.

I got out of my car and walked to the door. It opened and the familiar sight of Bethany peeked out of it. She saw me walking up in my work clothes and her eyes perked up happily. I smiled as I walked up to the door and she held it open for me. I walked by her and stroked her cheek as I did and she giggled as she welcomed me home.

It was nice to see how fast she had taken to becoming her new happy self. The life of a sissy maid to her Mistress and her Dominus was all she wanted now. She never complained over the workload and when it was time for bed she took her punishments for the day and went to bed smiling. She had progressed from the dungeon to a small bedroom that was used in the older days as a servant’s quarters. She had her possessions in the closet as well as a TV and Xbox for her to use after she was done with her chores. She was also becoming a great cook, practicing while we were at work and watching the food networks to learn more.

Bethany had also started to change physically. In the five months she had lived with us, I noticed her hips had slimmed and her butt became a bit fuller. Her heels were getting higher as she grew more accustomed to wearing them and she was doing work easily in five inch stilettos now. As I collapsed into my favorite chair to think about my plans more, I noticed something about her top as she went past me towards the kitchen. Rayne had made her wear inserts from the beginning, but her bust was the wrong shape for them.

“Bethany, what’s in your shirt?” I asked her, my eyes zeroing in on it.

“Nothing Dominus,” she said back meekly.

“Are you sure little girl? Don’t lie to me,” I told her, looking at her harder.

She undid her top as she walked up to me and stuck her chest out. I saw it wasn’t the inserts; she was developing actual tits!

“Bethany…what are those?” I asked in shock.

“Mistress Rayne has had me on hormone therapy since I started to become my new self, Dominus. She has me working with Mistress Jessi and a doctor friend of hers. He comes regularly when you are at work so we don’t disturb you. Mistress Rayne keeps track of how much I take so I develop quickly, but without any serious risks,” she explained cheerfully.

I sat back and digested it all. It was crazy that a person would willingly do that to themselves. Then again, I had had a wild experience with Jessi and Kim. If she was happy with it, who was I to argue? I looked at her as I sat in the chair and a thought popped into my head. I patted my knee and she came to me. She got to her knees but I reached down and picked her up and put her in my lap like I meant.

“Dominus…am I allowed to do this?” she asked me nearly terrified.

“I say it’s OK Bethany. I’m just curious…why do you want to do this, and are you certain that it’s what you want?” I asked, showing genuine concern.

She got teary eyed and put her head down. She looked like she was going to cry. I tilted her chin so she would look at me and she took a deep shaking breath.

“When I was Ben, no one gave a damn about me. No one liked me or cared if I was alive or dead. I met my loving Mistress and after my first session when she hugged me, I cried in her arms for hours it seemed. Someone actually cared about me and made me feel safe,” she said as the tears came down her cheeks.

She looked into my eyes as she went on, “I was terrified that day I made you mad. I was so scared you would throw me out and I’d never see my Mistress again. I was praying you wouldn’t give me to Mistress Danielle. I was scared when Master Bull was making me please him. I was horrified you would let him take me away,” she started to sob.

I don’t know why but I actually hugged her to my chest and let her cry it out. I knew right then that Bethany was not just a passing phase, she was here to stay. I offered her simple words to hopefully make her feel better and after a while the sobs stopped and she was lounging against my chest just breathing. I looked over at the clock and saw what time it was. I had about two hours before the fun part of my day began; the problem was that I was no closer to how I was going to destroy him than I was before. I patted Bethany on her hip and she looked at me longingly. I smiled and stroked her face making her sigh softly in my hand.

“I have some things to do Bethany. However, I think you’ll be quite useful to me today,” I said as a plan began to form in my head.

She looked at me in confusion and a little fear as I stared at her with my look that warned something bad was about to happen to someone. I relaxed into a smile to ease her fear.

“I have a simple request of you my pet. I want you to dress up nice andpretty…no not pretty…I want you to look fucking hot! I mean hot and sexy. Kim can help you if you need it. Do you understand me?” I said.

“Yes Dominus,” she said, still confused, but eager to please.

I gave her a gentle swat on the butt and she got up. Watching her curtsey to me as she left was an amusing start. Jessi may have started to sissify Lucian, but I was thinking that I could push him completely over that ledge. The thought of the dumb bastard wearing women’s clothes and growing a pair of tits brought an evil chuckle to my throat. As I pondered my new plan, Kim came downstairs. Since Bethany had taken over for her as our maid, she has been allowed to dress more casually. She still wore the maid outfit from time to time, much to my delight. I saw my angel padding downstairs in a pair of short shorts and a cute tee that showed off her belly. She also had on over the knee socks that had athletic stripes on the tops that were sexy as hell. She saw me and jumped in my lap.

“Welcome home Dominus!” she chirped as she hugged me tight.

My arms went around my sweet angel’s back and I sighed happily as she hugged me tight, wiggling her delicious butt into my groin. I leaned back in my chair so she could cuddle against me the way she loved.

“Well hello yourself, baby girl,” I said as I kissed the top of her head.

She giggled and looked up at me. “What do you have planned for the worthless one?” she asked me with eager eyes.

“I have a small plan forming, though I think you may have just given me an epiphany, Angel,” I said as the wheels in my head spun out of control. Then it hit me.

“First, I need you to help Bethany dress up sexy. Then I need you to dress like your Mistress would to punish an unruly pet. I have a plan for the both of you to help me utterly degrade him. I expect you to be ready to help in two hours,” I said smiling evilly.

“Yes, Dominus!” she chirped. She kissed my lips, bounded from my lap, and went off to find Bethany.

It was always fun to watch Kimmy when she was perky and off to the races. I got out of my chair and went to the gym to really kill my pecs and arms. I wanted to have my body stand out for the evening’s activities. I took a shower and decided to be casual for my meeting with Lucian. I got into a pair of MMA shorts with skulls and chains on them. I put on a simple tank top and the look was complete. I was menacing as I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked out the window of our room and saw the limo arrive.

Taylor and Tyler got out of the back wearing suits and dragged Lucian out of the back seat. He was bound and a hood was over his head. They went to the door and opened it, dragging him along. I saw the car drive off and a few minutes later I saw Rayne’s Bentley drive up. Rayne and Amber got out and headed in, laughing and joking. It made me smile to see them getting closer. I didn’t think I’d be cut away from them, but I kept that in my mind. It wouldn’t be a stretch for Amber to kick me out and keep Rayne. Tonight was going to be a very important moment in all of our lives for more than just the obvious reasons.

I went back downstairs to see them as they came inside. Arm in arm, they were laughing and enjoying each other’s touch. I had a pleasant smile on my face as I walked down the stairs. Rayne’s eyes perked up as I walked down the stairs and so did Amber’s. The shorts made my legs stand out and my tank top made my upper body stand out impressively. I walked up to them and my arms opened to them both. Rayne was the first to my arms and I held her tight as she hugged me. A soft kiss on the lips broke our embrace and Amber came in for her much needed hug. She moaned happily in my chest as I held her tight.

The way she purred in my arms made me shudder a bit as her intoxicating perfume filled my nostrils. She didn’t seem to want to let me go so I indulged her. She was so fragile at times it was odd. She had such personality and power it was scary, but deep down, she wanted nothing more than to be held tight and loved. I truly felt bad for her for what that fuck had done to her and I only hoped my punishments would be adequate to make him suffer. She sighed and finally let me go. Her eyes looked up to mine as she gazed deeply into them. I felt her lean up to my face and I leaned down to meet her halfway and kissed her deeply.

Her body smashed into mine as she got very forceful with her kiss and I pulled her up into my arms taking her off the ground. She giggled like a school girl before we broke apart and I let her down. She looked at me rather wantonly as she tilted her head.

“So, is he going to suffer greatly?” she asked me as she ran a finger up my chest.

“I sincerely hope that he will suffer in the most humiliating way I can think of,” I replied.

Amber’s laugh filled my ears like golden music. She hugged me again and then took Rayne’s hand so they could go upstairs and change. I watched their curvy backsides go up the stairs before heading to my computer. I was running short on time and I was looking for any techniques or tricks I could find online to get the results I wanted. Most sites were about inflicting pain but that was not what I had in mind. He had suffered pain; I wanted him to experience humility.

As I sat back in my chair it all came to me in a blur. I began to laugh a bit as I thought about making him beg for Bethany’s clitty. I laughed louder as I made him simper at Kim’s cruelness in my mind’s eye. I laughed aloud as I showed him I had power over him, and didn’t need to lift a finger to enforce it. The laughter came out of me like it had at Amber’s show. I stood up and my eyes glimmered with a dark light.

I stalked to Bethany’s room and found her and Kim preparing. I walked right up to them and they both jumped. Kim was wearing a tight black corset that left her breasts exposed with thigh high boots on. Her body looked amazing in it and I told her not to add anything else. Bethany was wearing a very nice black skirt and tight lavender top. Her legs were wrapped in nude stockings and her feet were perched in five inch lavender heels. I smiled at the sight of them and nodded my approval. Kimmy jumped with glee and hugged me tight. She was pleased to make me smile like that and I scooped her up in my arms, making her giggle. I set her down and looked at Bethany.

“It’s your night to shine my pet,” I said in a dark tone, “Are you ready for it?” I asked with an evil grin on my face.

“Yes, Dominus,” she said in a proud tone.

I smiled at how eager she was to please me. I leaned down and stroked her cheek making her sigh at my touch. She stroked her cheek along my hand and it felt good. I gave Kimmy a look that implied how important this evening was and she nodded in silent understanding. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving them to finish getting prepared. As I walked down the hall, I found myself in front of the liquor cabinet. I originally planned to forgo any booze, but I decided that I had really done my worst and been at my best with a little liquid encouragement flowing. I grabbed an expensive bottle of bourbon and two glasses before heading down to the dungeon to see how the twins had trussed up Lucian.

As I went into it I saw him sitting in a chair with the bag over his head. Tyler and Taylor were standing over him like attack dogs ready to pounce. They saw me approach and Tyler walked towards me.

“Forgive me sir, but the Goddess says no one is to see him until it’s show time,” he said firmly, but politely. They never did get over how easily I took them down that first night.

I raised my eyebrows at him before heading to a nearby table. I set the glasses down and filled them both with a healthy amount of amber liquid. I left the bottle and took the glasses back towards the twin’s captive. Tyler stepped forward again to block me.

“Please, sir. I have been commanded by our Goddess!” he protested, clearly trying to avoid a serious confrontation.

I gave him the darkest stare I could summon while holding the glasses out. I silently suggested that I really didn’t want to waste good bourbon, but I would drop both glasses before dropping him if he persisted. Tyler took a few moments to weigh his options before he glanced back at his twin brother for help. Taylor shrugged and gave a small nod. Tyler sighed heavily and backed out of my way, clearly unhappy about breaking his Goddess’ command.

“Thank you,” I told him as I went to sit in a chair next to Lucian. I managed to scoot it over in front of him without dumping the glasses. It was hard not to laugh at the way the bag on his head moved to follow the sounds I made. I put both glasses in my left hand and whisked the bag off with my right, revealing his haggard face and haunted eyes.

The last few weeks had transformed him dramatically. No longer the strong, proud, charismatic man I had seen arguing on the balcony that night in the mansion; Lucian was a shell of his former self. I smiled like a Bond villain and he didn’t even have the strength to glare back. His hair looked like it had gone more grey and it was a complete mess. He had lost weight so his clothes no longer fit properly and there were lines on his face that hadn’t been there a month earlier. He was unshaven and had a considerable beard growing. Amber had allowed him to shower so he didn’t stink, but had taken the precaution of refusing him access to a razor out of fear that he would kill himself in despair.

As I continued to survey his face, his eyes filled with tears in the hollow sockets. I kept smiling, letting him see the happiness I felt at his impotence. After all, I was the man that had taken his wife and turned her into my cock loving slut in front of his eyes. I could tell just by watching his face twitch that he was replaying every time I had climaxed inside of her while she moaned in ecstasy in his mind. I thought about the dozens of times I had made her moan and scream while I thrust into her since that first night and my smile widened even further. When I raised the second glass towards him, Lucian actually flinched away from it like it was a deadly viper.

“It’s not poisoned, if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m simply being a hospitable host,” I said rather politely.

He took the glass hesitantly and didn’t drink from it right away. I clinked my glass on his and sipped the bourbon. Its rich flavor cascaded down my throat, warming me with a smooth fire. He sipped his like he still expected some trap and I almost felt pity for him. I realized that he was a man that had had everything good in life taken away or tainted beyond enjoyment. I took another sip and leaned back, crossing my right leg over my left like an aristocrat.

“Why?” was all I could ask.

“I don’t know. I…I…” he tried to explain but couldn’t.

“Seriously?!” I replied.

“What do you want me to say?!” he screamed at me.

My eyes narrowed and he quickly remembered his place.

“I am truly baffled. I know if I wasn’t with my beloved Rayne, she would never be alone. Hell, I don’t like leaving her alone even though I am with her. What amuses me the most is how my loyalty is rewarded. It’s because I’m faithful to my beloved that I was able to get everything I have.

“I’m no idiot, unlike you, I know my place. Everything I have is because of her, and I only have it because I love her. That seems to be something you forgot. You were married to a woman whose beauty is beyond compare, and that wasn’t enough. She gave you wealth and power and probably anything you could have asked for, but that wasn’t enough either. No, you had to be fucking stupid and try taking it on your own. Did you ever ask your wife if you could sleep with other women?”

“No, I…uh…”

I waved my hand and he went silent. “No, you didn’t. If you had, she might have been perfectly fine with it.” I leaned forward, getting close enough to whisper. “Do you want to know a secret? I ask Rayne for permission and she says yes because she knows that I love her and would never betray her. In fact, she is the one who gave me permission to screw your beautiful wife! Because of my faithful love, I am allowed to fuck your woman time and time again.”

Lucian squeezed his eyes shut as he gulped the rest of his bourbon in an attempt to drown his failures. “In truth, I should be thanking you too. After all, if it wasn’t for your complete fucking stupidity, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity. Now, because of you, I’ve completely lost track of how many times your wife has greedily accepted my seed deep inside her.” Lucian began to sob. “I’m serious,” I said with a chuckle, “I honestly have no idea how many times she has made me cum. Hell, for all I know, she might have swallowed at least a gallon or two by now and that isn’t even close to how much I’ve put in her belly.” I was exaggerating, but it got the result I wanted.

Lucian snapped forward, held back by the restraint around his chest so he could only really lean a few inches. I tilted back the last of my drink and got to my feet. I looked at him and he was a pitiful wretch, but he had just a hint of his former defiance back. I smiled as I slipped into the familiar skin of my darker self. He saw the change and recoiled in horror.

“Soon,” I said and waked out of the dungeon. I went right to my room and got myself stoked up for what I was going to do to him. I got on the phone and called Jessi.

“Hello, baby boy!” she chirped on the other end.

“Need a favor. Come down here ASAP. I’m gonna put the final nail in his coffin,” I said and she went silent on the other end.

“I’m on my way,” she said and hung up.

I sat back and ran the scenarios through my mind again and again. If everything went as I envisioned, Lucian would be reduced to a simpering shell with no humanity left inside. Then Jessi could diagnose him and he would live out his days wasting every cent he had earned so far on the health care costs required to provide for him.

As I sat, I felt a presence behind me. I turned to see Rayne in my office looking as beautiful as I had ever seen her. She wore a simple sundress and flats. Her legs were bare, but I didn’t care. She walked up to me and bent sexily at the waist to hug me tightly. I snuggled my face in her chest and inhaled her scent. I felt her belly in my chest and sat back so I could look at it. I smiled at our future child growing inside her. I leaned my head down and stroked my cheek along her belly making her giggle and laugh. I kissed her belly and held her in my arms.

It was a moment unlike any I had ever experienced. It was also just the thing I needed to calm my nerves before the important events about to come. The mother of my child in my arms with the proof resting against my body was a balm that I simply couldn’t describe with words. I had called my own mother and told her the good news. She was elated and wanted to meet Rayne, chiding me for making such a huge life decision without even introducing her first. I decided that after all was said and done with the shithead in the dungeon, I would take a little trip for us to meet her. I’d have to bring Kimmy or it wouldn’t feel right, but we would have to cross that bridge as they say.

I turned her so she could sit in my lap and held her to me. We said nothing since nothing needed to be said. I looked up to see Amber standing in the doorway and she was beaming at us. She walked up to Rayne and kissed her lips softly, then hugged her tightly. I pulled them both into my lap with a chuckle and held them both while they cuddled against my chest. Amber was dressed in a simple pair of short shorts and a tank top. She looked sporty and sexy all at once. They held me a while longer and got up. Taking my hands they led me to the door to the dungeon. I got myself together and looked back to see Kim and Bethany at the ready. I motioned for them and they went in ahead of me.

I looked at Amber one last time and she saw my eyes had a sheen to them that actually backed her up a step. I tilted my head and held my hand out to her. She walked up tentatively and I snatched her to me. She squeaked as I did and I savagely kissed her. She moaned throatily in my mouth as I kissed her so hard I backed her up to the wall. She moaned as her back hit and I hiked her legs up to my waist; grinding into her crotch while she groaned loudly. I kept up my grinding until she bucked hard and came. I slipped her shorts off her legs and motioned to Rayne who needed no instructions. She got to her knees and lapped away at Amber’s slit, cleaning her up. I watched Rayne work and got aroused to no end. I pulled her up to her feet and ripped my shorts open. I bent her forward and she grabbed her Goddess’ waist for support while I flipped her dress over her hips. I moved her thong to the side and speared her snug treasure deeply.

Rayne moaned loudly as I impaled her. I slipped in and out of her slowly making her whimper as she licked. The vibrations of her whimpers made Amber cry out as they tickled her clit even more than normal. She looked in my eyes and I leaned over Rayne to kiss Amber’s lips. I leaned into my humping and Rayne’s urgency came to the front as her mouth left Amber’s treasure and her moans became pleads and whimpers for more. I slapped her ass and she squealed as a tremor began in her body. I kept it up until I felt her walls contract on me and she threw her head back and keened as an orgasm washed through her.

Amber dropped to her knees and latched her lips on Rayne and kissed her as I continued to pound her. I felt Rayne slump forwards so her ass was in the air. I smiled and licked a finger then slid it into her rosebud. She whimpered loud and cried out as I got it to the knuckle. Smiling I continued to finger fuck her ass while I slipped in and out of her. She moaned and whipped her head to and fro. The sensations were incredible and I couldn’t resist working a second finger inside her back door.

“Please no my love,” she cried out with a whimper as she tried to turn her head back to plead with her eyes.

I looked at her and her eyes filled with tears and she looked like she was going to cry. My confusion made me stop everything. As soon as I did, Rayne slid off of me and collapsed on the verge of sobbing. My confusion quickly turned to concern.

“What’s wrong my love?” I asked her and she looked at me and shuddered.

“The reason I don’t allow anal sex is…I was anally raped in college,” she said through tears.

I flashed into anger and I looked to Amber who was just as confused.

“Go on my child,” she said through clenched teeth.

Rayne was wracked with sobs so hard that she couldn’t find the words. I dropped to my knees and quickly wrapped her in my arms, rocking and stroking her gently to calm her down. My Goddess cooed soft words in her ear in an attempt to do the same. Finally, Rayne controlled herself to continue.

“When my steady boyfriend Simon and I parted ways, I was lonely and sexually curious. No…more than that…I was hungry. I needed to explore and discover new sexual highs. I met a few subs and had some fun with them, but it wasn’t like me and Simon…

“I was at a party when someone slipped something into my drink. I woke up and found a note saying thanks for the great time. Attached was a Polaroid of a man fucking me in the ass. It was a football player named Lenox Andrews. I tried to do something about it, but the campus police did nothing since he was a big star,” she said through tears.

I listened as she continued. “I contacted several lawyers, but they all said it was a ‘he said, she said’ case and I couldn’t win because of who he was and my reputation of promiscuity. After that, I went into law school and tried to get my revenge on him in court. By the time I managed to graduate and make a case against him, the statute of limitations was up. He skirted the laws and got away with it,” she said as fresh tears came down her face.

Amber was pissed. She got up and her eyes shone with an unholy light. She looked like she was going to kill something. I stopped her by touching her hand and she looked back at Rayne. Her wicked features melted and she slumped down to hug her daughter. I felt my rage multiply, my plan for Lucian completely gone in the red mist of anger coursing through me. I decided to find a way to kill this man for doing what he did to Rayne. I told Amber to take Rayne back upstairs and comfort her. My love immediately tried to protest, but the look in my eyes stopped her words.

“Do as I ask, please. I don’t want to have to tell you to do this. You’ve just given me enough rage to last a lifetime and I plan to use it on the useless shithead I have on hand before focusing on the one I want. I’ll be up when it’s done,” I said and they both nodded in agreement.

It was at that moment that the doorbell rang and I got a devilish smile on my face. I pulled my shorts back up and walked to the door after helping Amber and Rayne back to their feet. I opened it and there was Jessi. She smiled brightly and I saw Daniel standing behind her. The sight of his massive bulk and the images of his skill at dishing out pain gave me instant ideas about the future.

“Dan, you and I have to discuss a bit of business after we’re done here. Interested?” I asked.

“That depends, I will have to ask my Mistress, why?” he replied respectfully.

“My beloved has a demon in her closet that needs exorcising. I’ll tell you the details later,” I told him then looked to Jessi. “You look stunning,” I said as I kissed her cheek in greeting.

She truly was lovely. She wore a white blouse that barely held her tits in place and a skin tight pair of jeans that hugged every glorious curve of her ass and legs. Her feet were perched in four inch sandal heels and she was wearing her hair in a wild mane that looked erotic. She kissed my cheek and saw the swell of my body and admired it.

“You just look yummy, baby boy,” she purred into my ear.

I chuckled despite my dark mood and I ushered them into the house. When she saw Rayne’s face, she knew something was wrong.

“Oh Rainy what’s wrong sweetie?” she asked as she rushed up to her.

Rayne hugged her tight and sobbed into her busty chest as the memories washed over her. Jessi looked at me and I nodded my head. Jessi and Amber took her to her office to console her and my fury boiled up like a thunderstorm.

“Dude, you look pissed man. Chill out or you’ll kill that fuck,” Daniel said, trying to get me back on track.

I got it under control and motioned for him to follow me. We went down to the dungeon and I saw my prey. My plan had completely evaporated and I had to use every ounce of willpower to rein in my bloodlust. My woman had been wronged by two men, and one of them was before me. I remembered Rayne mentioning that ever since she had met Kim a few years ago, she had pretty much sworn off men. It occurred to me that a big reason for that was probably this fucker Lenox or whatever his name was. He was a dead man walking that didn’t even realize it. I didn’t care if he was the MVP of the NFL and they were one score short of a Superbowl win, I was gonna fuck him up. I clearly wasn’t hiding my feelings well because as soon as the worthless worm named Lucian spotted me, he started blubbering like a baby.

“Please! I’ll give you everything I was supposed to get from Amber if you let me go. It’s a lot of money by any stretch. Please just let me go!” he simpered and my only response to it was to slap him across the face…hard. The twins took that as their cue to back away.

“Amber already gives me everything I could ever want and don’t you dare speak her name ever again you worthless piece of shit! Have the fucking balls to go down like a man,” I screamed into his face. He tried to shrivel up like the worm he was and my anger exploded even further, “Now shut the fuck up and take what’s coming to you! I really wanted to be the one that would finish you, but now I think I’ll let my Goddess have you after all. Unless you want to quit like a shitty little worm! I can’t even imagine what she has in store for you!”

My rage gave way to manic laughter that made me seem completely insane. Lucian looked at me with more terror than I had ever seen. His eyes were leaking with tears as they rolled around in fear, desperately trying to see a way out of the horror staring him in the face. Even Kim and Bethany looked afraid of what I was about to do next.

“You had it all, Lucian. Money, airplanes, businesses, power and influence…hell, in my whole life I never had a fraction of what you had. But now you have shit and I have it all! All I have to do is ask and that power and money and influence can be mine. With just a whisper, your woman wraps her lips eagerly around my prick. You have been found guilty of being a worthless human being, and I am your executioner!” I said in a cold hiss.

Lucian shook visibly. I motioned Kim over and she obeyed quickly. I took her in my arms and slipped her body in front of me, hugging her so that her ass pressed against my crotch while she stared down at Lucian. I smiled as I ran my hands over her lithe body and she moaned and whimpered while her body moved seductively against mine.

“I’m sure you remember Kim. The two of you had such an intimate connection the last time you met. Isn’t that right, Angel?” I asked her lewdly.

“Yes, Dominus!” she chirped happily.

Lucian didn’t respond and I tapped Kim in annoyance. She immediately slapped Lucian several times with stinging forehand and backhand blows.

“My Dominus asked you a question, Worm! Answer him!” she exclaimed as she grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked it back.

“Yes!” Lucian groaned as his face bloomed with red hand prints on both cheeks.

“Good. You see Lucian, Kimmy is at my beck and call and she is fanatically loyal to me in all things. Aren’t you my sweet?” I asked and she purred and rubbed her head on my chest.

“Yes…she is a treasure no doubt. I love her as much as I love my Rayne. And just as I prove my love to her, she is eager to do the same for me. Since you seem to be incapable of grasping such a simple concept, I think I will have her spend a little more quality time with you to show you just how much someone will do for the person they love.” Lucian whimpered and I knew he was remembering exactly what Kim had done to him the last time while she paced menacingly around his chair.

When I looked over at Bethany, she was almost shaking in fear of my icy wrath. I forced myself to smile at her in order to calm her fears before summoning her over with a finger. She hesitated for a heartbeat before striding over to take the place that Kim had just left in front of me. I squeezed her ass with both hands and she squealed just like a girl, almost making me lose my composure and chuckle.

“Now, Lucian, this here is Bethany. She was my love’s pet until I made her mine after she angered me. Isn’t that right?” Bethany nodded, still too afraid to speak.

I tilted her head up and back as she tried to look at the floor before leaning in to give her a sweet peck on the lips. The sudden affection shocked her so much that she nearly swooned and I had to grip her hips to hold her steady. I pecked her again and she moaned as my hands ran up her nubs. She felt my bulge in her ass and shuddered in excitement.

“Bethany was once an ugly, stupid boy whom nobody loved. That boy made the tiny mistake of insulting my love where I could hear it and now look at her. She is quite beautiful isn’t she?” I taunted and he nodded his head. “Now just think of how much worse it would have been for Bethany if she had, say, made a pass at my woman; or worse yet, tried to cop a feel. How much more punishment would she have gotten for something like that do you think?”

Lucian swallowed noisily, understanding that I was listing his infractions and realizing that Rayne and I had sissified a man just for muttering an insult. His face was pleading and miserable, terrified of what I would do to him that would be worse than stripping away his manhood.

“However, Bethany has learned her lesson and has become as loving and obedient as my sweet Kim and beloved Rayne. She has been so good in fact that I think she deserves to be rewarded. And since she is such a beautiful young girl now, and we both know how much you love other women, I figure you would be happy to help me give her that reward. So why don’t you open that cheating whore mouth of yours and suck Bethany’s clitty until she cums!”

Lucian whimpered slightly, but willingly obeyed. I had Bethany take her clitty out and it was fully erect at a decent six inches. I guided her forward and lifted her left leg so that she could plant it on the seat and get close to Lucian’s face. With a small push for encouragement, Bethany shoved it in. I slapped her ass, making her jump forward. She hit the back of his throat and he gagged. I laughed at him and then motioned Kimmy over.

“Kim, I want him to swallow every drop of Bethany’s sweet juices. He had better not miss any and afterwards he had better be begging for more. Understand, Sweetie?” I asked.

Kim answered me by falling into my arms and kissing me forcefully on the mouth. I cupped her ass and she hopped up so her legs could wrap around my back. I was still angry, but the moment the heat of her crotch met with mine, I regained the sudden lust that had gripped me upstairs. I instantly forgot my instructions and decided that I had to have her right then and there. I knew she would already be wet for me so I lifted her with one arm just long enough to pull my cock out before I aimed it upwards and lowered her onto it. Kim’s primal groan almost hurt my ears as I impaled her.

I took three big steps and slammed Kim up against the wall right next to Lucian’s chair. The wind left her small body with a ‘whoosh’ and she had to suck in a breath quickly in order to cry out her pleasure. My urgency from earlier returned tenfold and Kim’s breasts mashed against my chest while I drove into her faster and faster. Meanwhile, Daniel had come over and helped spin Bethany and Lucian so that the worm could have a better view of me while he sucked her clit.

“Look at this Lucian,” I shouted as Kim’s nails dug into my shoulders and she came. “My sweet Kimmy fucked you and now I’m fucking her…ironic isn’t it?” I mocked and he said nothing since his mouth was full of Bethany. “Bethany, “I commanded, “I know it’s been a while sweetie, but if you hold out for five minutes I’ll reward you greatly. Understand?” I asked.

“Yes…oh yes Dominus!” she cried and her body went rigid.

I knew Kim hadn’t been fucked recently and I didn’t want to disappoint. Daniel gripped the back of Lucian’s head and began to ‘help’ which fueled my passion. I surged in and out of Kim and she bucked against me. I slammed her relentlessly and she egged me on for more. I heard her whimpering and then I felt the wash of her juices down my legs as she came again.

“Fuck me Dominus! Oh god, fuck me hard!” she pleaded.

I continued to watch Lucian and Bethany as I pumped harder when Kim suddenly shocked me by moaning into my ear. “Dominus, please fuck my ass! I’ll let you cover my face in your precious cum if you fuck my ass!” she pleaded.

I was so surprised that I practically dropped her. Kim hit the floor on the run and my cock slapped up against my belly, leaving a wet imprint on my black shirt. I quickly followed her to the table where she was grabbing for some lube. Just as her hand managed to close around it, I slammed her forward with my left hand. With the table edge pressed against her thighs, Kim had no choice but to bend at the waist, mashing her tits against the cold metal. She groaned as her sensitive nipples hardened even further and I came up to rest my throbbing member between the delicious globes of her ass.

I leaned over her, eliciting another groan as the pressure on her tits increased and my cock sank like a hotdog in a bun. I snagged the bottle from her and backed away just long enough to squeeze a large amount between her cheeks. I was struck by the karma of the whole thing as an image of what had transpired less than an hour ago flashed past my eyes. Now, another perfect example of how my love was rewarded was being given to me as I had a second chance to finger a beautiful woman’s asshole.

I decided to pick up where I had been unexpectedly interrupted earlier. Kim was bent over just like Rayne had been and I quickly slid my shaft back into her tight pussy. Before she had a chance to wonder, I jammed one and then two fingers into her back door. Her cries of ecstasy filled me with joy and I felt extremely blessed that while one of my loves had a very logical aversion to this, my other love was there to offer it to me happily.

“Beg for it slut!” I hissed, feeling my dark control take over.

“PLEASE!” she begged and looked over her shoulder at me nearly in tears. “Oh, please, Dominus! Fuck your slut’s nasty asshole!”

Without thinking about it anymore, I pulled out of her wet nether lips before pressing the head of my cock against her tiny rosebud. There was a slight resistance at first but then Kim relaxed and her ass practically swallowed me. I had never been a big fan of anal and had only done it once before just after high school. It had been somewhat painful and awkward for both of us and I hadn’t pursued it with anyone since. With Kim it was incredible. Her ass gripped me tight as a fist, but in the best way. While I grew more confident in just how much she could handle, Daniel dragged Lucian’s chair over so he could continue watching while Bethany fucked his face.

Kim moaned and bucked hard against my own slow pumps. She said she wanted it rough and I obliged. I grabbed her hair and she howled into the dungeon as I continued to fuck her like she wanted. I lost myself in an animal lust and plowed her ass for all I was worth. She squealed and pleaded for more and more. I felt my orgasm fast approaching as she squirmed and wiggled to get each inch of me in her. I knew I was about to lose it and she felt it too. I pulled out and she flopped off to her knees and threw her head back. I aimed at her open mouth and fired of a huge volley into her open mouth. Her new tongue ring was splashed by the dripping seed as well as her cheeks and forehead. She loved it and gobbled my prick into her hungry mouth to suck the last drops out.

Then she stood up with a big smile and walked slowly over to Lucian. She went right up to him and rubbed her cum drenched face onto his and spat a huge mouthful of my seed into his face as he continued to suck on Bethany. I looked at my watch and was stunned that nearly twenty-five minutes had passed. I knew Bethany had to be at her limit by now so I decided to help her out. I snuck up behind her and pinched her newly formed nubs between my fingers.

“Fill his slutty mouth up baby girl. Make me proud,” I said lovingly in her ear and she did.

Bethany cried out and Lucian gagged as she filled his mouth to overflowing. Daniel kept his mouth where it was and Kim caught whatever leaked out between his lips. When Bethany withdrew she was completely spent. She slipped slowly to the floor while Kim force fed him every drop, including my own. I laughed at how eager he was to do what I had commanded; knowing that he must hate the taste of my seed after Amber had fed it to him that first night.

Daniel looked at me and I smirked. He undid the restraint around Lucian’s chest and hoisted him bodily out of the chair. Lucian was too far gone to resist him at all. Dan chose the standing cross as the best place to tie Lucian back up and while he did that I kissed my girls on the forehead to thank them for being so helpful. When I turned back to Lucian, Dan was dangling something off a finger.

“I think he needs to show he is truly sorry for cheating on our beloved Goddess and will never do it again. What do you say, Dominus Josh?” he asked me and I went to see what he had in mind.

What he had was a cock cage. I laughed and nodded my head. He took Lucian’s pants down the slapped it onto him. It was very painful looking and Lucian squirmed as it was snapped into place then locked down tight. His pathetic cock was now trapped in dangerous metal that would inflict serious pain should he ever get another erection. It might have been completely unnecessary since I doubted he would ever get aroused again, but it was a good symbolic gesture nonetheless. Daniel took the key and handed it to me. I smiled, tucking the key into the waistband of my shorts. Then I went to hit the button that signaled we were done. After a while, the door opened and Amber walked down with Rayne behind her. They both floated down the stairs and I noticed they had changed. Jessi followed them at a respectful distance.

Amber was wearing a pitch black bustier with a scandalous thong. Her hips had a lacy garter belt on with opaque black stockings attached to them. Her feet were in six inch, strappy heels that made her look much taller than she was. Rayne was wearing a similar outfit in white. Jessi wore the same thing in red. Daniel and I got down on one knee as our ladies came into the room. Amber smiled as she extended a hand to me. I took it and she pulled me to my feet. I looked into her blue eyes and she leaned up to kiss me. When I offered her the key from my waistband, I pointed to Lucian. She saw the cock cage and laughed a throaty laugh.

“I should have done that years ago,” she said chuckling. “Oh Lucian, look at your little pee-pee in its cage,” she said in that baby talk that kills me. “Shall we begin then?” she asked me and I bowed my head.

“Of course we shall!” I said loudly.

“What?” Lucian gasped in shock. His eyes filled with terror and I simply smiled at him.

“What…you thought we were done? Oh god no…we haven’t even begun yet!” I roared with demonic laughter.

I turned and kissed Amber’s hand. Then I walked over to Rayne. Her demeanor told me that she had recovered completely from before. I kissed her deeply, making her moan into my mouth. Dropping to my knees, I lavished her belly with kisses before nuzzling it with my head to elicit her happy giggle. When I looked up to her face, her eyes were filled with love and joy. I rose steadily and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I love you Rayne. Don’t ever forget that. Let’s forget the past and live our lives in happiness. Unless you want me to get revenge, I will forget all about it and spend every moment with you and our child.” My voice was a whisper out of fear that it would break if I tried to speak any louder.

Rayne nodded her head and whispered back, “I’ve already gotten my revenge. He is in prison for tax evasion. He’ll be out in a few years, unless Amber talks to judge friend and has him locked away longer.”

I nodded my head, letting that settle for the time being. I had more important things in mind anyway. I motioned Bethany over and she approached looking somewhat upset. I tilted my head and asked, “What’s wrong, my pet?”

“I hope I pleased you Dominus, but…but I didn’t enjoy that at all,” she said, clearly afraid that her answer would anger me.

“Really? How so?” I asked, glancing to Rayne with a curious look.

“Dominus, I would do anything you ask, but that man repulses me. I was only able to finish because I was watching you and Lady Kim,” she confessed in shame.

I laughed so loudly that I nearly fell over. Then I hugged Bethany to me and whispered to her, “If you ever have a problem like that, you can tell me right away. I would never have ordered you if I had known. Your pleasure and happiness are just as important to me as your obedience,” I said smiling. “I’m sorry that wasn’t much of a reward for your good behavior.”

“Thank you, Dominus,” she replied, almost overcome with emotion and stunned by my apology.

“So, how about something I know you will enjoy, hmmm? Your Mistress has been on her feet all day and I think it would be splendid if you gave her a foot massage. How about that?” I asked.

“Yes, Dominus!” Bethany’s eyes brightened up and she happily went to Rayne’s chair and got on her knees. I guided my love to her seat and helped her recline comfortably before Bethany removed Rayne’s shoes and started to work her magic. I kissed them both on the top of their heads before returning my wicked gaze on the worm.

I stalked over to Lucian and he was in tears. He couldn’t even work up the courage to look me in the eye anymore. I snatched a stiff riding crop off a nearby rack and swatted him under the chin, raising his face up so he had no choice. I had no intention of inflicting physical pain, but the fear in his eyes told me that he expected me to put the crop to work. It was a delightfully thrilling power that filled my dark persona with black thoughts and evil plans. I never thought having that kind of control over another living being would be so intoxicating.

“How fucking pathetic are you Lucian?” I taunted, swatting his face very lightly, forcing it to go from side to side. I felt like a slave trader inspecting some new specimen. He tried to look down at his feet and began to sob. “You can’t even suck my maid’s clit properly for fuck’s sake! Did you hear her, Worm? My pretty little maid had to watch me fucking in order to get off! How useless do you have to be to suck a girl’s clit and not even get a moan or whimper out of her?” I slapped him a few more times with the crop just to remind him that excruciating pain was waiting at my fingertips. “Well…answer me, Shithead!”

“C-completely u-useless, Dominus,” Lucian whimpered between sobs. I stepped in close and propped his chin up on the end of the crop so he was forced to stare right at me. Our faces were barely an inch apart.

“Very good, Worm,” I whispered like the voice of Death itself. “Completely pathetic and useless. Small wonder your woman is so eager to have my mouth on her privates instead,” I twisted the crop like a dagger. “Can you remember how loudly she moaned the first time I took her in front of you? Answer me, Worm!” I snapped.

“I remember, Dominus,” Lucian cried out.

“Do you?” I taunted him, digging the crop deeper into his neck. “How loud was she? How much did she enjoy having me instead of a worthless piece of filth like you?”

“She…s-she w-was louder than I h-have ever heard her b-before, Dominus,” he managed between racking sobs and painful swallows around the end of the riding crop.

“Well…that’s because I’m a man and you are a worm,” I jabbed one more time before stepping back. I snapped my fingers and Kim appeared at my side in an instant.

“You see, Worm? That…is obedience. It’s something you earn and something you will never have. Kimmy is my precious angel and she does everything I ask because I earned her obedience. For example…kiss my hand, Kimmy.” Kim quietly slid to her knees and kissed my hand.

I smiled at her and stroked her face, making her coo into my hand. I tilted her chin up and gently flicked the tip of her nose, making her giggle. I offered my hand again and she took it so I could pull her back up. I spun back to Lucian with Kim in front of me. I playfully tapped the riding crop along the length of her thigh and she shivered with excitement.

“You see?” I asked Lucian. “She obeys me because she loves me, and I love her. Before the final act of our evening, I want to let you in on a little secret, worm. I never expected any of this. I used to be a regular guy with a boring job and little hope of anything grand for the future. However, because I have the one thing you clearly do not, all of that has changed. Because I know how to love and respect the people in my life, I have more than I could have ever dreamed of. Now repeat after me, Lucian,” I said and he looked at the floor. I snapped my fingers and Kim’s hand lashed out like a rattlesnake to slap his face. He managed to reel back and look up before Kim re-cocked her arm for a second blow.

“I am worthless…say it,” I ordered.

“I-I…a-am…worthless…” he answered.

“There you go…obedience! Say it again,” I growled.

He mumbled something and I didn’t hear him. “I didn’t hear you, Worm. Did you say something?” I asked and he got a fearful look. “Did he Kimmy?” I asked and she nodded her head. “Speak up, filth!” I commanded. Lucian opened his mouth, but a strangled sound was all that came out as he broke down into heaving sobs again.

“He said he is worthless again, Dominus…he just mumbled it ’cause he’s too pathetic to speak up,” Kim said with cold eyes as she turned away from the weeping shell of a man.

I knew he was at the breaking point. Just a little bit more pushing and he would go over the edge for good. I kissed Kim’s forehead and thanked her before giving her a pat on the butt to send her away again. As I watched her go, I surveyed the dungeon quickly, looking for the thing that would be the sledgehammer blow to Lucian’s fragile ego.

Kim went to help Bethany massage her Mistress’s feet. Rayne was reclined in her chair, looking positively blissful with her warm pregnancy glow and her feet in her pet’s capable hands. Daniel was standing behind Lucian and the cross at a respectful distance, but still close to leap into action if he was needed. The twins were sulking in the darkest corner of the dungeon like a pair of hellhounds waiting to be let off their leash. Jessi had plopped down on the horse, gripping the restraint loops with both hands while she swung her legs underneath. The look on her face said she was enjoying the show immensely but her posture was the first indication I had ever seen of her femininity slipping.

Last, but certainly far from least, was Amber. She was leaning seductively on the back of Rayne’s chair, watching my every move with languid eyes. As soon as our eyes met, the final piece of the puzzle locked into place in my mind. I knew that I would never have a better opportunity than the one I had right then. I held my hand out to her like a gentleman asking for a dance. The Goddess’s eyes remained locked on me as she smoothly rose to her full height and glided towards me.

“I’m only going to ask you this once,” I told her as soon as she was in front of me, “Do you want me to break him completely?”

“Yes!” she answered without any hesitation. “He could have been faithful to me, but he wasn’t. He doesn’t deserve mercy!” she hissed.

“I will never betray you, my love. Not for anything,” I promised solemnly and she fell into my arms.

“Mmmm, I like hearing you call me that,” she purred into my neck.

I gripped her juicy ass and pulled her entire body tightly against mine. She giggled as my lips found her neck before it turned into a moan. I decided to give her a hickey to make my permanent mark on her. She whimpered loudly as I bit her tender flesh with just the right amount of pressure. While I continued to suck her neck like Dracula, I pulled her arms above her head. Without giving her a chance to realize it, I snapped a shackle around both of her wrists.

As soon as she felt them lock, she pulled away from me with a confused and somewhat angry look in her eyes. She gave a small tug, rattling the chains that now connected her wrists to the ceiling of the dungeon. When the cuffs didn’t budge, the anger in her eyes burned a little hotter.

“And just what do you think you’re up to?” she asked in her withering tone, but I was too invested to stop now.

I gripped her firmly by the shoulders and spun her to face Lucian. As soon as her back was to me, I snapped the laces on the back of her bustier. Amber gasped in shock as I pulled it off, exposing her bare tits. I reached around and cupped them firmly in each hand, lightly pinching her nipples until she whimpered. She turned her head to the side, and I could see a hint of fear in her eyes. I knew she wasn’t accustomed to being tied up and she still didn’t fully accept my control over her.

“I think you know exactly what I’m doing,” I hissed into her ear. I sank my mouth down on the other side of her neck, biting another love mark into her mocha flesh to match the one already forming. My hands roamed across her body while she moaned. Her legs in their black stockings were so tempting that I couldn’t resist caressing them thoroughly. “I’m making you mine,” I whispered after releasing my suction on her neck.

With a withering glance around the room, the others took their cue to leave us. Bethany and Kim helped their Mistress up before following Daniel and the twins back upstairs. Jessi was right behind them. Rayne walked over to me and the smile on her face told me she already knew just what I was planning.

“Well?” I asked her softly, leaving the implications hang like Amber currently did.

“Yes, my love?” she asked me sweetly.

“I was thinking about making her my woman the same way I made you mine,” I said, but my love shook her head no.

“That night is a sacred memory to me, my love. Do something new to my goddess and make her ours,” she answered instead.

I reached out my hand and she took it. After pulling her into a tight embrace, I kissed her with all the passion I had. While we kissed, her free hand joined mine, exploring Amber’s taut body. When we finally broke apart, Rayne grinned wickedly before stalking around to face her Goddess. Without warning, she gripped Amber’s face with both hands and kissed her deep. I kept moving my hands up and down between them, loving the feel of their bodies pressed tightly together.

When Rayne broke her kiss, she continued to move down the front of Amber’s body, dragging her tongue along every smooth curve. After Amber got her breath back, she began to moan and shudder each time her daughter’s tongue caressed a sensitive area. While my love kept up her teasing, I pulled my shorts off and kicked them to the wall behind me. I pulled my shirt off as well before sneaking back up behind my Goddess. I timed it just right so that as Rayne’s tongue found the front of Amber’s panties, my naked body pressed up against her back.

“What do you think, Lucian?” I taunted over Amber’s shoulder. His bloodshot eyes barely registered my voice, but he managed to tilt his head up enough to see everything. “I know you’ve heard it from me, but that just hasn’t seemed to sink in.” Lucian looked slightly confused, but then Rayne tore Amber’s panties off and buried her tongue in her wet cunt. At the same time, my hands attacked her. I found her hard clit and tight asshole with my middle fingers and began to furiously play with them both.

Within seconds, Amber’s back arched hard against my torso. I flattened my palms against her crotch and ass, firmly keeping her in place while we continued our assault. Amber twisted her arms in their chains, trying to move in an attempt to escape us long enough to catch her breath. My strength prevented any of that and she was forced to have an explosive orgasm while still being fiercely molested. Without letting her catch a breath, Rayne and I continued with more intensity. My finger flew back and forth on her sensitive clit while my other managed to work its way to the second knuckle in her ass.

In almost record time, Amber shrieked as a second orgasm tore through her entire body. I actually had to struggle to keep her from wriggling. When it subsided, Rayne stood up and planted another kiss on her Goddess’s mouth. Amber moaned loudly as she tasted herself and I moved my finger down to replace Rayne’s tongue inside her. We continued like that until a third orgasm hit her so hard that I’m certain she would have collapsed if not for the shackles on her wrists.

Then Rayne kissed her on the cheek, came around and kissed me on the lips, and took her leave without a word. I let up on Amber, returning to lightly stroking her body as her shaking subsided.

“Now,” I said into her ear, loudly enough for him to hear. “Tell him!”

“Ohhh…” was all she could manage.

“Tell him!” I commanded again in my darkest tone.

“I’m his, Lucian!!!” Amber cried. “He owns me completely! From now on, I belong to my Dominus!”

“No!” Lucian wailed as fresh tears came to his eyes.

“YES!!!” I answered, spinning Amber to face me and locking her in my gaze. “Beg for it, Amber!” I ordered, dropping her title to confirm my mastery of her.

“Please, Dominus!” she begged me.

“Please what, slut?” I replied.

“Make me yours! Fuck me, Dominus!” she begged at the top of her lungs.

Without bothering to respond, I lifted her up and impaled her with my cock. Her legs wrapped around my hips on instinct and I bottomed out against her womb. Her arms were free enough to hook my head and mash my face into her tits.

“Fuuuuck!!!” she screamed.

“Quiet, slut!” I ordered and she bit her lip while I started to heave her lithe body up and down. While I fucked her, I managed to turn so we were side-on to Lucian. I glanced over at him from time to time. When he started to struggle and groan as if in pain, I took a longer look at him.

“Holy shit! Look!” I grunted, freeing a hand just long enough to turn Amber’s head in Lucian’s direction. She didn’t see it at first, but when she gasped loudly, I knew she got it.

“Oh my god, Lucian! Are you getting hard!?” She mocked. From the obvious way that he was writhing in his restraints and his grimaces of agony, it was the only conclusion to be made. “You are! You’re getting hard watching my new love fuck me!” Amber cried in her baby-talk.

I almost lost it right then, but her throaty laughter rang into my ear and I joined in to distract myself. It was over. I knew it. She knew it. Lucian knew it. Anyone pathetic enough to get aroused after so much abuse while watching someone screw his wife was dead inside.

“Unbelievable,” I grunted, still keeping up the rapid pace of my thrusts. “My Goddess’s moaning is too much for even a pathetic worm like him to ignore. Perhaps you should put him out of his misery, my love!”

Amber squealed with girlish delight, mashing my face back into the cleft of her breasts. “Oh, yes, Dominus! You’re fucking me sooo deep! I never want you to stop! That sad, little worm cock could never satisfy me the way yours does!” she cried.

Lucian moaned pathetically as his woman writhed and screamed in the throes of passion. I could hear him shaking in his restraints and letting out sharp grunts as the metal of the cage bit deep into his straining erection. Every grunt caused Amber’s pussy to clench down on me until she practically drowned my groin in a gush of sticky girl cum.

That pushed me to my limit and I asked her where she wanted me to cum. “Inside me, my Dominus! I want your seed deep in my pussy! Make me your woman and fill me up!” She screamed.

I heard Lucian groan like he had been stabbed and I couldn’t stop myself from slamming Amber down as my balls emptied themselves like they had exploded. As soon as she felt it, Amber leaned back as far as the chains would allow, literally dangling between them and my erupting shaft as she climaxed with me. It felt like it lasted for a very long time. I could feel the sweat of our bodies mingling together while our seminal fluids did the same.

When she was certain I was done, Amber quickly whispered for me to lower her. I set her down on very unsteady legs, certain that the chains were the only thing holding her up. As soon as I released the clamps on her wrists, I was proven right. Amber immediately dropped to her knees in front of me. At least I think I was right, because the way she immediately gobbled my cock into her mouth made me wonder if that had been her plan all along.

I groaned with a mixture of ecstasy and pain. The fierce way she sucked me sent a jolt of lightning up the length of my sensitive shaft. I checked in on Lucian and saw that he was still whimpering in pain, barely registering his surroundings anymore. I chuckled a bit at that and I was certain that he was beyond saving at this point. However, my Goddess had one more thing in store for him.

“Fuck my ass, Dominus!” she growled after she was sure that I would stay hard again. “I want you to own every part of me.”

I couldn’t help smiling and I patted her cheek gently before starting toward the table and the bottle of lube. Amber snatched my ankle in both hands, stopping me in my tracks and causing me to look back down at her in confusion.

“NOW!” she roared spinning to face Lucian on all fours and sticking her ass as high in the air as she could. I watched her reach back with one hand to smear our combined fluids up the crack before working some into her puckered anus with a finger.

Unable to think about anything else, I almost hurt myself by how fast I dropped to my knees behind her. I flung her hand out of the way and lurched forward. Unlike the resistance I had with Kim earlier, Amber’s asshole actually winked open as if it expected the head of my cock before it had even arrived. In an instant, I found myself balls deep in her ass as she wailed in delight.

“Fuuuuck yessss! Take me ass, Dominus! Take it from this worm that never deserved it!” Amber moaned as I began to ream her hard.

Her words brought more whimpering from Lucian. I looked up at him and I could see his eyes clearly. I smiled my darkest smile as I slowly gripped Amber’s hips and started to screw her as fast and deep as I could. I kept my gaze locked on Lucian’s face as he looked on. The more Amber cried out and squirmed and writhed and shrieked and wailed and squealed and climaxed, the more light I saw fade from his eyes. By the time I was at my limit again, Amber had at least four more orgasms. When she screamed for me to cum inside her ass, I saw Lucian’s eyes go dark and a rope of drool leaked from the corner of his mouth.

My Goddess saw it as well, and she could feel my impending finale racing up to fill her again. I never experienced anything like an orgasm like the one I had. Every muscle in Amber’s body went tight like a bowstring and it felt like her ass was milking me until I was empty. For a moment, I thought my eardrums popped, but then I realized that her keening had simply hit a pitch above human range before slowly working its way back down the scales.

When it was over, I was almost afraid to move. The moment had been so completely overwhelming that I didn’t want to do anything to ruin it. For that brief handful of seconds, all I wanted was to remain locked in that position, buried to the hilt inside her gorgeous body. Sadly, it couldn’t last forever. Happily, however, Amber smoothly pulled herself off of me before crawling back around and hungrily cleaning off my prick. I simply fell back with my hands behind me, perfectly content for her to suck me like a Popsicle.

After a minute or two, she let me go with a wet ‘smack’ of her lips and looked up at me with the biggest smile I had ever seen her with. Then, she crawled further up my body, forcing me to lie back on the cold floor so she could curl up on me like a big kitten. I chuckled softly while I stroked her hair and listened to her murmur and coo like a newborn baby. The thought of having an actual baby who would be doing the same thing soon was oddly soothing.

When I was confident that she had mostly recovered, I pulled her up into my arms like a bride crossing the threshold and managed to get off the floor without killing each other. After I set her down in Rayne’s chair, I hit the button near the stairs again and quickly found my clothes. By the time I got them back on, Rayne had come down with the twins and Jessi in tow.

I wondered briefly what the other three guests were up to, but I decided they could have their fun right now if that’s what it was. My love came around the side of her chair and surveyed her Goddess. Amber was curled up on the seat in the fetal position, still murmuring and mewling while my thick cream oozed back out between her thighs.

“Looks like somebody had fun,” she commented wryly.

I rushed to Rayne and swept her up in my arms, spinning her in a complete circle before lowering her back down to kiss her deeply. “The Goddess is…ours now, my love,” I whispered in a reverent tone. “You are the mother of my child, and I will always love you, but I must share that love with yet another it seems.”

“It’s alright. I know she loves you as much as I do now; as much as I love her in return. She is my Goddess in every way and you have made that happen for me. This only strengthens my love for you and reaffirms that you will never abandon me,” she answered.

After we kissed again, I took her hand and guided Jessi to inspect the condition of our victim. She walked up and looked in his eyes. She called his name loudly a few times then snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. Nothing happened and she grabbed a pin and pricked him a few times to no response. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Meanwhile, Amber had recovered more fully and was looking on with rapt attention.

“He’s gone. He’s slipped into a catatonic state. Whatever you just did finally broke him. I think for his health and safety he should be committed to a facility for further examination,” she said officially.

Amber nodded her head dismissively. She motioned for Taylor and Tyler who took him down, dressed him, and took him from the room. I stood with Rayne in my arms and shook my head dismissively. He was a worthless piece of shit, and I had broken him. Not alone, but in a sick way, his mind had shut down due to me and it made me feel great.


Thank you for reading GAMINE AND GAMBLER. Selecting a category was difficult because of several different genre overlaps. Those who have read other Literotica stories of mine may recognize Nicholas Kane and the Sheikh from ANNALS OF POTENTATE III, WHERE WOMEN WORHIP THE SERPENT and THE PHANTOM PILOT. Although those stories take place in different centuries and on other planets, the Sheikh and Kane characters are the same people in GAMINE AND GAMBLER. Five Eight and his Literotica fictional universe sincerely hope all of you are in range of Cupid’s bow this Valentine’s Day.


Tracy Somerset’s breasts trembled sweetly when she bent over the crap table. As she placed a fistful of paper money on the green felt one of them almost wiggled free of the décolletage of her evening gown.

Nicholas Kane, confirmed ass man, damn near got converted to a tit man on the spot by those sensational mammaries. Tracy, beautiful daughter of plantation owner Colonel Terrence Somerset, also possessed a deliciously developed backside, a distraction as big as her breasts. But Kane was working and could only pay those assets minimal attention. If he blew this assignment he’d not only lose the Sheikh’s money he gambled with so freely, but his life.

Should he run afoul of the men managing the tables they’d hang him faster than a runaway slave. If they didn’t, the man in the gray uniform at the bar would.

Despite the danger Kane couldn’t help himself, eyes darting to steal one more glimpse at Tracy. The brown tops of both nipples were visible above her plunging bodice. Only the erect tips poking through the silk prevented the dress from sliding down around her slender waist. Her gown must have cost her old man a pretty penny, so sheer Kane had imagined he could see through it. The champagne-colored material fit tight as a drumskin around her hips. The young lady deigned not to wear a bustle, or undergarments either.

Kane, like every other man and woman in the casino of the riverboat, had seen the dark triangle of Tracy’s pubic hair when she’d made her entrance from the promenade deck at sunset. The blaze of light behind her streamed through the thin gown and rendered it nearly invisible.

Definitely nothing under that dress except Tracy, Kane thought when she strutted buoyantly into the casino.

One grande dame had uttered loudly enough for him to overhear the withered hag drawl, “Such a pity Colonel Somerset’s daughter has all that blonde hair on her head, but that scraggly black bush between her legs.”

Kane had grinned, as had others privy to the jealous old biddy’s remark.

Even with her long locks and obvious womanly charm, a hint of the gamine lurked in Tracy. She had a head of hair, elaborately coiffed and curled, unfurling around her delicate shoulders and down her back. She had a big bodyguard too, a stone-faced bloke in a fancy Confederate Army sergeant’s uniform. He remained a discreet distance behind his charge and probably no one took much note of him. But Kane did. He needed to; the bully outweighed him by fifty pounds and stood half a foot taller than him. Kane watched the man park himself at the bar where he could survey the width and breadth of the gaming room and intervene should anyone approach Tracy with bad intent.

She’d ignored the bodyguard and everyone else in the casino, sweeping over to the crap table like Kane had known she would. Earlier his source of information told him dice was her game. When she’d placed her money on the table the boxman exchanged it for stacks of chips and Tracy joined the game. For the first hour Kane acclimated himself with the way she played. He also noted Tracy did not drink mint juleps. She partook of whiskey and hectored a colored indentured servant to bring her drink after drink. She drank a lot, but won a lot. People began to drop out of the game. Kane stayed. The stickman continually slid chips in front of the girl until she’d amassed several untidy teetering pagodas of them.

She seemed quite self-absorbed and impressed with herself, especially her hair. Between rolls she fussed with it incessantly, combing her fingers through the curls, repeatedly glancing at her reflection in the big mirror behind the bar, admiring her perfection. Tracy was doubtless as proud of her lustrous tresses as she was those breasts of hers she kept shaking and jiggling around. Kane couldn’t find it in himself to begrudge the aloof wench one iota. A veritable feast for the eyes: every man in the casino obviously wanted to lift up the hem of her gown to bury his love muscle in the warm tightness of the shimmying bottom she wagged about as much as her tits; likewise every woman present wanted to bury a dagger between them.

Lust and jealousy, reflected Kane with an ill-concealed smirk, the age old maladies of the human animal. But he was different, not that he didn’t want to fuck Tracy senseless. He did. The only difference was Kane was going to get to have his way with the little slut; the men clustered around the roulette wheel and card tables were not.

Her bodyguard met Kane’s eye, but Kane remained unworried, the brute watched everyone at Tracy’s table closely. Kane kept his face blank as he thumbed a wooden match alight and lit a thin cheroot, exhaled a nonchalant cloud of blue smoke. While replacing the small box of matches in the side pocket of his black velvet frockcoat he palmed a pair of loaded dice. He tucked them into his burgundy cummerbund unseen and rested his now empty right hand casually on the carved lip of the mahogany dice table.

Sweat filmed on his forehead and above his upper lip, easily explainable by the heat of the room should anyone be paying him undue attention, or the Confederate sergeant at the bar suspect anything. The fellow was not Kane’s sole cause of concern. The men operating the Mississippi gambling ship would kill him for cheating, just like Colonel Somerset’s goon if Kane touched a hair on the head of his only daughter. Kane didn’t need to cheat for money; the Sheikh always funded him well. He just needed to beat Tracy and put her in his debt somehow.

A damnable dangerous game he played that evening.

His turn to roll the bones again came around and Tracy bet a dozen chips that he’d crap out. Conceited shit, acting like a bloody queen as if those around her were her subjects and, as such, beneath her. She noticed Kane; licking those swollen pouting lips of hers and favoring him with a sly glance now and again. He guessed her crotch was wet indeed from all the attention she studiously ignored. In his lifetime he’d tumbled enough wives and daughters to know the female of the species found him attractive. For the last quarter century more women than he could count had kept his cock coated with saliva and vaginal secretions. Unlike Tracy he tried not to act snobbish, not always succeeding. But Kane didn’t take his good looks for granted and worked to maintain them. The Sheikh employed him because of them too, among other things.

The game continued. Tracy finished another whiskey and dispatched the beleaguered servant to the bar for another. She appeared sober and very much in control. When the dice went out of play for a minute Kane decided to employ a spot of charm.

He smiled a smile just shy of a leer across the table at her and essayed some polite banter. “You play well, Miss Somerset. It’s my misfortune to have you on the other side of table this evening.”

“I always play to win, sir,” she answered without a glance his way.

“As do I,” he said with brash confidence.

She condescended to look at him. “You have me at a disadvantage.”

Kane stared pointedly at the flesh barely contained in Tracy’s bodice. Christ, he couldn’t wait to sink to the hilt in the tight declivity sweetening itself between her thighs.

“How so, Miss Somerset?” he asked her with great deference.

“You know my name but I don’t know yours.” She gave a quick nervous tug to her décolletage as if just then noticing her nipples on almost complete display. A fine sheen of perspiration shone in the valley of her breasts.

“Forgive me if I’ve been forward in speaking your name. You’re Colonel Somerset’s daughter, I thought it common knowledge. Since you’ve come of age you’ve already made an impression from New Orleans to Charleston.”

“Thank you, sir, but I still don’t know your name,” she said, her tone arch.

“I beg your pardon, ma’am.” He stuck his cigar back in his mouth to free his right hand to reach across the table and shake Tracy’s. “Nicholas Kane, at your service.”

His gesture and subdued words had the desired affect. The girl actually smiled. “I thought I knew most of the riverboat gamblers on the Mississippi. But you’re not from these parts, are you? Not with that English accent.”

“You are as perceptive as you are lovely, Miss Somerset.”

“Thank you, Mister Kane. What brings you to Louisiana?”

Kane decided to tell the truth and gave Tracy a vague reply. “I oversee certain interests of various businessmen abroad. In three weeks I set sail from Boston to return home.”

“What kind of interests?” she wanted to know.

“Property, stocks, that sort of thing.” He neglected to mention various other duties.

“Interesting,” commented Tracy, uninterested, and took a sip from her glass. Typical.

The stickman announced the dice in play again, ending the conversation.

Kane knew about a flaw yet to be fixed in craps, a European game less than fifty years old in the States. Before embarking on his current mission the Sheikh’s experts taught him the craps wagering system where he could exploit the flaw through the use of loaded dice. Kane’s teachers assured him of the safety of the cheat. The Don’t Pass line hadn’t been implemented prior to the Civil War which, if Kane had his history straight, would officially begin exactly two months to the day when the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter. He could roll sevens all night long and strip Tracy of her money before he stripped her out of that gossamer thin gown. A dangerous game!

But Tracy got on a hot streak rolling seven after seven and took him to the proverbial cleaners. Instead of fretting about all of his chips being pushed to her side of the table with the stick, Kane exhaled in sudden relief. The girl apparently knew about the same cheat he did; she had to be playing with loaded dice. Kane could leave his own in his cummerbund and not risk being caught cheating. Things couldn’t have worked out better had the old Sheikh scripted this turn of events himself.

Should Kane expose her? No, not on this brief excursion. Despite the chintzy Valentine’s Day decorations everywhere, they were aboard a riverboat where gambling integrity took precedence over holidays. The boxman and the stickman both acted unaware of her crooked shenanigans. If Kane caused a public outcry Tracy might be whisked from the casino and detained out of his grasp in one of the compartments topside on the Texas deck of the paddlewheeler. But what to do before the other gamblers or the riverboat’s management got wise? His brow furrowed in thought. Finally a viable solution occurred to him before he forfeited many more dollars.

Kane raised a finger to catch the boxman’s eye. “I’m out, my good man,” he muttered, stepping back from the table.

Tracy spoke. “So soon? Things were beginning to get interesting.”

No shit, she’d won over three hundred bucks. That would go over well when he presented his expense report to the Sheikh.

While the boxman converted his remaining chips back to dollars Kane ambled around the table to stand next to Tracy Somerset, wealthy debutant.

The girl smelled of expensive perfume, and another underlying effluvium. One more subtle, more intoxicating, the one he’d only guessed at earlier. Being correct in his assumption only bolstered his confidence. He couldn’t keep a smile off his lips when that second scent swirled in his nostrils. It made Kane as hard as he’d ever been. He placed a familiar hand on the small of her back, inching downward until his palm rested on the swell of her delicious behind. His fingertips drifted across her left bottom cheek to her right one, lingering in the valley separating the two. If the sun shining through her flimsy gown revealing the nest of hair on her pubis earlier hadn’t provided enough of a clue, Kane knew for certain now he’d also been correct assuming she wore nothing underneath her dress. The knowledge she had no panties on caused his stiffness to throb all the more. He felt a shudder pass through her and she squeezed her thighs together.

Tracy whispered hotly, “What do you want, Mister Kane?”

“Why not just call me Nick, sweetheart? And I know you know what I want.”

The young whore surprised him by blushing. Still speaking in a whisper she said, “Why don’t I just call you Mister Kane and you put your hand back where it belongs?”

He watched over her shoulder as the sergeant stepped away from the bar and made a surreptitious yet purposeful beeline toward them. Kane had maybe ten seconds to deliver his ultimatum before the bully would be on top of them, breathing down his neck.

He said in her ear, “Now see here, young lady, I’m going to pass you a pair of clean dice in exchange for the loaded ones you’ve been cheating with so you don’t get caught with them in your hot little hand.”

The color drained from her flushed face and Tracy swallowed visibly. She began to stammer, “You don’t know what you’re talking–”

He interrupted her lie. “Don’t insult me by denying it. The Somerset reputation is on the line here, missy.”

She glared at him, her big brown eyes hard as diamonds.

“Shut up and give me the damned dice,” he ordered as her bodyguard laid a huge paw on his shoulder. “And tell this chap to get his mitt off me.”

Tracy swallowed again but said quickly, “Lee, what do you think you’re doing? This man is a friend, unhand him.”

Lee the bodyguard ignored Kane and rumbled to Tracy, “But isn’t he bothering you, Miss Somerset?”

“We were just talking, you overlarge oaf, like women and men will do, especially on Saint Valentine’s Day.”

“They often do more than talk,” essayed the sergeant.

“Quit causing a scene, Lee, people are starting to stare.”

She must’ve been used to giving orders and the man in the brand new uniform used to obeying her commands because he removed his hand. Not in a hurry by any stretch of the imagination, but he withdrew it and let it hang by his side.

“Go back to the bar, Lee, now!” Tracy hissed under her breath, but folks all over the casino eyed the three of them anyway. “I’ll call you if I need any help.”

“I don’t like the looks of this man, Miss–”

“Do as I say, Lee. You don’t want me to have to complain to daddy, do you?”

“Miss Somerset, this fellow is obviously–”

She cut him off. “Don’t sass me,” she said menacingly with a slight jerk of her head toward the far side of the casino, its walls pasted with paper red hearts and pink Cupids for the occasion.

The man risked her wrath, “I’ll be right over there then if you need–”

“I know you will, Lee. Thank you, Lee.” Tracy smiled meanly at the man, exasperated.

When he retreated Kane said to her, “You’re smart, Tracy, and quicker on your feet than I’d've given you credit for.”

The girl simply glared. She leveled her glare on several people looking in her direction and they turned their heads away.

“You do have a commanding presence about you, my dear.”

“So do you, Mister . . .”

“Nick,” Kane said firmly. Then he grinned and extended a hand. “And now, the dice.”

Tracy pressed them into his palm, close enough to him to press her quivering bosom into his chest. He smiled wider, assured he’d be cupping those magnificent mounds very soon.

“Miss Somerset,” the stickman called to Tracy, “Do you want to place another bet? It’s your roll.”

Tracy glanced at Kane and read his eyes. He’d hardened them as she had hardened hers a moment ago. “I’ll pass,” she said with her back to the stickman.

“Wise decision,” Kane murmured in her ear. He gave her wonderful bottom a licentious squeeze.

She began to get mad, but thought twice and her features softened. Color seeped back into her face.

“Wise decision,” he said again.

“You’re repeating yourself,” she said with a crooked smile on her face.

Excellent, thought Kane, she was flirting with him now. Not that it would do her any good. She could pour on all the considerable charm she had at her disposal and it wouldn’t do her a bit of good. Not a goddam bit.

“Collect your money and let’s go.”

Tracy did as she was told. She conducted a whispered conversation with the stickman before cramming a fat wad bills in a pearl-sewn evening bag.

“Where do you want to go, Nick?” she asked playfully, rubbing her tits against his chest once again. “We’re in the middle of the Mississippi River.” She positively exuded charm now.

More than one large surprise lay ahead for this wench.


“Thank you for not making any trouble for me,” she said when he linked his left arm through her right and led her to the casino bar.

He just nodded, “It wouldn’t do on a day as traditionally romantic as this.”

What a gentleman, she thought, a tad wicked perhaps but definitely unlike any of the boring suitors who’d called on her at the plantation since she came of age six months ago. And the men her father tried in vain to attach to her failed to compare. She bossed them around like she did her doting father, a strong domineering man with everyone else including her mother. Tracy had had daddy wrapped around her finger like so much limp twine for as long as she could remember. Her haughty demeanor derived from his side of the family to be sure; her fondness of whiskey came from her mother.

Tracy wanted, no, needed a strong man like daddy to control her. Not the daddy who refused to buy her a new dress or horse or withholding her allowance for some minor infraction, but the way daddy was when issuing orders to his soldiers, household staff or slaves. She would be infinitely bored with any man she could tame. A real man took what he wanted and brooked no nonsense from womenfolk. Nick might just be that man. She’d been sneaking glances at him all night when he’d not been looking; desired him since she first spotted him at the crap table. He appeared so dashing swaggering about in his cravat, starched frilled shirt, jodhpurs and polished high boots. With thick brown hair that curled on the ends and muttonchops he was every inch the riverboat gambler, mysterious, handsome, a little cruel maybe. She could feel his muscles when he’d linked arms with her.

Nick would be very strong. Would he be a good kisser?

She wondered how strong he’d be in between her legs; she planned to test his mettle right away to find out if he could handle her. The thought served to make her wetter still. All the whiskey she’d consumed made her amorous. Juice oozed out of her for the past two hours till the insides of her thighs stuck together. Tracy would absolutely let Nick take her if he played his cards right.

Daddy thought his little girl a virgin, but she wasn’t. She’d slept with two other men, boys really, one last year and the other just this spring. They disappointed her in the romance department. Daddy would horsewhip them if he knew. Nick would take away his braided rawhide whip and shove it up her father’s ass if he tried that with him. He just had to be a man of experience, confidence gleamed in his eyes. She’d wager he bedded any woman he winked at, and used them long and well. Tracy’s pussy dribbled even more just thinking about it, she deliberately swiveled around to mash a breast into Nick’s arm.

She knew he had to feel it, her nipples were hard as stone, and he enjoyed it but didn’t try to grope her like other men of her acquaintance. “What do you have in mind, Nick?” she asked coyly with a bat of her long eyelashes.

“A stroll on the deck, take some air.”

Tracy adored his English accent. “Will you buy me something to drink first?” she asked in her best purr. “I’m a tad thirsty.”

“I never met a southern belle who wasn’t,” he remarked. “But I ought to make you pay after all the money you won from me. Your purse is bulging at its seams.”

Good, she thought, he was going to be a challenge!

She said coyly, “I can afford to, but how would that look? Me paying for our refreshments? It’s simply not done.”

“Fine,” Nick conceded, “I’ll buy then.”

His answer disappointed her, but he walked right up to the bar not six feet away from where Lee stared a hole through him. Nick acted like the big man wasn’t even there. Tracy was impressed. In a fair fistfight Nick could probably handle her daddy, but no man could handle Lee. Not even the black bucks on the plantation.

When the man made a move toward them Tracy stopped him with a dirty look. “Relax, Lee, have a drink. Nick and I are going to take a stroll around the boat.”

“You know I don’t drink, Miss Somerset, and I don’t think you should have another drink either.”

“I forgot you’re a good Baptist. But it really doesn’t matter to me what you think. Stay in here and sulk for all I care.”

“The colonel told me not to let you out of my sight.”

“Daddy always says that, Lee,’ she whined. “Where can Nick and I go, for God’s sake? We’re on a boat in the middle of a big ole river. You know this isn’t some upriver journey, it’s a gambling cruise; we pull back into New Orleans at dawn.” She stood in front of Nick with her back to Lee to act as a barrier between them. Her forefinger suggestively traced the row of black pearl buttons on his ruffled shirtfront. “Nick, you don’t plan to throw me overboard, do you?”

“Farthest thing from my mind, love,” he said before ordering two whiskey and sodas from the barkeep.

Lee rumbled in that deep voice of his: “I’ll follow along behind to make sure this foreigner doesn’t get up to any tricks. I won’t eavesdrop on ya’ll’s conversation. I’ll be like a . . what are they called . . . like a chaperone.”

“No, you won’t!” she snapped. “You stay here and don’t embarrass me in front of this gentleman.”

“He don’t look like no gentleman to me.”

“Lee, do as I say!” Tracy raised her voice. “Stay put. We’ll be back in just a little while.”

Lee didn’t say yes or no, but she felt his eyes burning against her back as Nick and she walked away. She carried her purse and drink in one hand so they could link arms again. Outside they unlinked and he put his arm around her possessively even though the early February night air wasn’t cool, if anything it was humid. They walked down the outer promenade deck that wound like a porch all the way around the paddlewheeler. They were not the only couple out for a romantic stroll along the walkway. As the two of them lingered at the railing to sip at their whiskies she wondered if he had a stateroom on the Texas deck above them. How convenient that would be!

Nick said idly, “Your chaperone is following us.”

“That fucker,” she snarled shooting a glance past Nick. Lee stopped in his tracks when he saw her, propped himself against the rail pretending to gaze at the lights on the shoreline a mile or so in the distance.

“My, my,” said Nick.

“What?” she asked, deliberately making cow eyes at him.

“Such language from a little girl,” he grinned.

She chided him to see how he’d react. “In case you haven’t noticed, mister, I’m not a little girl.”

“To me you are.”

Good, she thought, he didn’t apologize, just took a pull from his glass. “And what exactly do you mean by that?” She bent forward enough to make sure her bodice hung away from her breasts so he could see them, nipples and all. Now more juice leaked between her thighs in a big way; few men affected her that way.

“I mean I’m more than twice your age.”

“Age doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve been with a man older than you before,” she fibbed.

He chuckled. “I thought you might be a virgin.”

She punched his arm. “What gave you that idea?”

He nodded Lee’s way. “Colonel Somerset apparently has you watched like a hawk. Do you ever get any time alone to yourself?”

“Are you worried about Lee?”

“Not in the slightest.”

“Then why don’t you kiss me then?”

“Would you like that?”

“Why don’t you try it and see for yourself.”

“Maybe this isn’t the time and the place,” he said smoothly.

“We’re under a lovely moon and it is Saint Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.”

“Who said I’m after romance, as you call it?”

“Then what are you after? Do you want your fucking money back?”

Every man she knew would’ve backed down then; tiptoed around her attitude in hopes of making love to her. But Nick smiled instead, earning more points on her mental scorecard. He said easily, “If I couldn’t afford to lose it shooting dice I wouldn’t have brought it aboard.”

“Then why don’t you kiss me? I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay you to.”

Nick’s smile changed to a grin. “Let me ask you a question first, I’m curious about something.”

“And what would that be, kind sir.”

He chuckled and took another drink of his whiskey. “I may not be as kind as you think I am once you get to know me.”

“That sounds exciting.”

“Maybe. What I wanted to ask you is why do you cheat at craps?”

“That’s a dangerous assumption.”

“What am I assuming? You do cheat, admit it.”

“Oh, I admit that. Don’t assume because my father’s a rich landowner that he lavishes money and gifts on me. That’s very much not true. He’s very stingy, in fact. I didn’t speak to him for three days until he agreed to buy me this dress to wear on this all night jaunt.” She paused to wet her lips with her tongue. “And allowing me to take this short little cruise, well, let me just say that was another battle altogether.”

“But you won it.”

“I told you I play to win.”

Nick grinned, “Yes, you did tell me that, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh. So that leaves the question: are you going to kiss me or not?”

“Now you’re speaking my language.” He stooped down to set his glass on the deck and took her in his arms.

“Wait a second, Nick,” she said.

“Are you trying to tease me, Tracy? Stop leading me on.”

“I’m not leading you on.”

Nick flirted well.

He asked: “What do you call it then?”

“Suspense,” she said in her best coquette voice. Nick and the whiskey were having quite an effect on her about then. She drained the contents of her glass and hurled it into the river, looped her arms around his neck. “Now I’m ready for that kiss.”

“I can tell,” he said and kissed her deeply.

His hands slid down to her ass and squeezed her body against his. She sighed. Nick’s physical reaction to her was everything she hoped for.

“You’re hard as a railroad spike.” Big as one too! “Do you have to pee or something?”

He laughed out loud at her remark. “The answer to that, little missy, would be ‘or something,’” he said and kissed her again.

She’d been right, he kissed well.

He gripped her behind even tighter during the kiss and grinded against her. She ground back. My God, she thought, I’m getting a tad dizzy. When he broke the kiss she saw Lee heading their way. “Shit!” she groaned.


“Take one guess, Romeo.”

“Does thou bodyguard approacheth, Juliet?”

“Thou arth correct,” she giggled drunkenly, mashing her chest against him and grinding against his top notch crotch again.

“What do you want to do?” asked Nick peering back over his shoulder.

She nibbled at his ear saying, “I want to be alone is what I want to do, darling, and Sergeant Strict himself is fifteen feet away.”

“And on today of all days,” Nick said whimsically.

“Get away from Miss Somerset, you mountebank,” barked Lee.

Tracy disengaged herself and took a step toward the big man.

“I told you not to follow us, you louse. Go back in the casino and wait like I told you to!”

“I can’t.”

“And why not?”

“Just following orders, Miss Somerset.”

“Well, I’m ordering you to get the hell away from me.”

“I take orders from the colonel,” said Lee. “He wouldn’t want this for you.”

Tracy showed him the rough side of her tongue. “I’m an adult now in case you’ve forgotten.”

Lee stopped and started to speak, but couldn’t find any words.

Tracy continued, “We’re hardly alone, you fool, there are other people walking around, for Christ’s sake!”

“You’re drunk, Miss Somerset, and you’re not thinking straight. You need to come with me. Your father would disapprove.”

“Daddy doesn’t want me to die an old maid!”

Lee put out one of his ham-sized hands, indicating she needed to accompany him back into the casino.

“I said leave us alone!” Tracy shouted. With her pearl-sewn handbag she angrily slapped Lee’s face using all her strength. She whipped the bag backhanded in a blind fury, pelting him on the other side of his jaw. That heavy purse had to have hurt, but the blows didn’t faze him; a fly might’ve landed on his cheek for all the emotion in Lee’s eyes. People stopped their strolling and watched the scene, but nobody challenged Lee. Tracy spun on her heel and took Nick by the hand. “Come on,” she said vehemently and began to drag him away.

Lee stayed where he was, unsure of how to respond, surrounded by onlookers. Tracy searched Nick’s eyes and didn’t like what she saw. The man wore a nervous grimace on his face. She snapped at him, “What are you? Afraid?”

“A little, the chap’s as big as a house, he’s going to spoil–” Nick stopped speaking and Tracy stopped in mid-stride.

“Go ahead, Nick, finish what you were going to say.”

For the first time since they’d met she saw him uncertain, hesitant, but he regained his composure in a flash. “That fellow’s going to spoil your evening.”

“Why didn’t you say something back there then, or do something?”

“What would you have me do? Shoot him?”

His words startled her. “Are you carrying a gun?”

“A derringer. It would take more than two bullets to kill him.”

Tracy muttered fuck under her breath. Slapping her father’s right hand man was one thing, but getting him shot was another altogether. “Things are getting too serious and out of control, Nick. Maybe I should go back.”

She studied the planks of the deck till he put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up. He still looked nervous to her and that disappointed her. Any man of hers needed to stand up for her, even against a man the size of house. He tugged at her hand and she didn’t budge.

“Come with me,” said Nick brusquely, but masterfully.

She followed him.


Holy shit, thought Kane, what a close call. The girl’s bodyguard had nearly queered the deal. He needed to put some distance between them and the colonel’s goon or fail his assignment. Plus not getting to fuck Tracy senseless and getting his neck broken in the bloody bargain. Now the big son of a bitch pushed his way through the onlookers and stalked after them again. The walkway curved around the stern of the riverboat. Kane veered left to cross the wide aft deck of the steamship to where he’d been leading Tracy all along, before she wanted to get kissed. Her cockeyed notions of romance and moonlit strolls bordered on the absurd.

The gigantic paddlewheel thundered below, throwing a mist into the air as it churned the waters of the Mississippi. He felt the spray on his face and the backs of his hands before going left again to head up the narrower starboard promenade walkway toward the bow, dragging Tracy along behind him before she decided to change her mind and return to the casino.

“Off we go, young lady, the night is too young to end just yet,” he said in a feeble attempt to sound both cheerful and debonair.

But she grumbled, “What do you intend to do, run from Lee all night?”

“We’re not running, we’re hiding.”

“What do you mean hide, Nick? He’ll find us no matter where we go.”

“Not where I have in mind he won’t,” he promised her.

Kane thought he heard heavy running footsteps behind them above the roar of the paddlewheel, but knew it was just paranoia. Lee lost sight of them when they crossed the stern deck yet doubtless hurried to catch up. Not that it would do him any good. Kane had chosen the stern of the ship for his purposes because of the paddlewheel’s proximity. Its constant threshing made it nearly impossible to hear anything. To Kane’s immediate left a ladder led up to the third level of the riverboat, the Texas deck. He hurried Tracy up the wooden stairway ahead of him.

“Where in the hell are we going, Nick?”

“You’ll see. I think you’ll like it.” He knew she wouldn’t, once she got there and found out what she was in for. In the last few minutes Colonel Somerset’s daughter had transformed into an absolute handful.

“Are we going to huddle in the crow’s nest?”

“Don’t be silly, girl, riverboats don’t have crow’s nests. But I swear we are going to huddle, actually cuddle is the better choice of words,” he lied.

“That sounds intriguing.” Tracy sounded like she’d gotten back in the spirit of things, at least her mood seemed improved.

“Then let us go,” he said with more levity than he felt. They walked a short way then trundled back down another ladder, once more enveloped by the noise of the paddlewheel. When they reached the promenade deck Kane paused to kiss Tracy to reassure her before taking yet another ladder below to the main deck. She loved kissing and before the kiss ended he sprouted another erection to replace the one he’d lost evading Lee. Kane hunched his pelvis against hers and, to his relief, Tracy reciprocated.

What a good little slut, jolly good.

On the lower main deck she had to yell to be heard above the roar of the wheel and water. “Why are you taking me down here?”

He said loudly close to her ear, “We’re going up and down these ladders to confound Lee. Doubling back ought to disorient him.”

“Ladders?” wondered Tracy.

“Stairways in landlubber talk. Let’s get a move on, love.”

He cupped a cheek of her ass to guide her along. They passed several doorways until Kane came to a halt at one without a porthole, produced a key and let them inside a surprisingly roomy compartment. When he closed and locked the door behind him, Kane could hear himself think again, the paddlewheel’s racket muffled like a constant but distant rolling thunder. Oil lamps set in the bulkheads provided a hazy illumination. He figured Tracy would find dim lighting romantic, at least until she realized what he’d got up to. When she spied the stacked barrels, coils of tarred rope littering the deck and shelves of sundry boiler room tools, she hesitated.

“For a minute I thought you might have a stateroom, Nick. Let’s go back outside; it’s more romantic under the moon and stars.”

Kane asked, “Would you have gone with me if I’d said let’s go up to my cabin so we can be alone?”

“Well, maybe,” the deceptive tart said slowly, indecisive like so many women Kane encountered during a checkered lifetime. “You said you knew a place where we could cuddle. I don’t see anywhere to cuddle in here, not in comfort at any rate. What is this place anyhow, a storeroom or something?”

“On the other side of these barrels is a couch. See for yourself.”

He’d not lied. An old castoff couch with a tall tattered back and two oversized scrolled arms had long ago been pushed into a corner, its fabric threadbare and ripped in places. The dilapidated sofa was late for the rubbish heap but suited Kane’s purpose. He clasped Tracy’s upper arm, hauled her over to it then sat down and pulled her onto his lap. When he palmed one of her splendid tits, she recoiled.

“This isn’t very romantic, Nick, I said let’s get out of here.”

Kane gave the bodice of her gown a yank to bare her breasts. The silk settled around her waist and he admired the belly button in her flat stomach and the ribcage outlined under her alabaster skin. Those tits bobbed quite nicely, stood high and firm without a hint of sag like a very young girl’s full breasts will, far more lovely than he’d previously imagined. Kane tongued one of the nipples and she tried to push away from him.

“Behave yourself, or I’ll scream.”

“Go right ahead,” he told her, raising the hem of her party dress up until the material bunched around her waistline like a wide belt. He ran a hand high on one of her legs to reach her pussy. She immediately got his fingers wet. Then Tracy began to squirm, setting her breasts into delicious motion. Mesmerized, Kane began sucking on a stiff nipple.

“Stop I said or I’ll scream.”

“Be my guest, no one will hear you, not in here.”

Kane smelled her slightly fishy scent even before he sunk a finger deep between her labial lips with such ease it should’ve shamed Tracy, but didn’t. She was like a ripe berry overflowing with juice, ready and in need of a good drubbing. She struggled in his arms, but just a little. Like many women she put up a token resistance for nothing other than to soothe her conscience tomorrow morning. Her squirming just excited him more. She wriggled about less and less the more he fingerfucked her. Ardor overtook her, her breathing becoming heavy and uneven. Panting, she grabbed him by the hair to move his face in close, kissing him with great passion, tongue roving inside his mouth with a mounting hunger. Her legs parted more to permit Kane access to fondle her more easily. Before long he introduced a second finger inside her and she groaned loudly, moving her hips in concert with his skillful probing to ratchet up the degrees of her pleasure. When she came the first time Tracy kissed him with a fiercer intensity. Wet smacking noises sounded, the source of them between her legs. Her lips left his and she whimpered into his ear, gasping and moaning in unbridled joy, her breath heated.

Suddenly she clamped her thighs together to trap his hand and voiced a loud unembarrassed cry signaling a powerful orgasm.

“Oh, darling Nick, don’t stop, please keep doing that. I want you to love me so bad. I want you, don’t deny me. Please!”

Seconds later Kane sensed a growing wet spot on his trouser leg where she perched in his lap. He slipped his slick digits out of her liquid core and thrust them into her mouth.

“Suck them clean, you naughty girl, you’ve gotten cream all over them.”

She obeyed him and sucked for a minute before pushing his hand away. Then the fickle bitch declared, “That’s disgusting. I want to go.”

“You liked it. Besides, you know what today is. I thought you wanted to fuck.”

“Stop using that coarse language and take me back to the casino.”

“You hypocrite. It’s all right for you to say fuck, but not me.”

“I’m ordering you to stop touching me and take me back.”

“What makes you think you can give me orders, love? From this point forward you’ll be taking orders instead of giving them.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“I might ask you the same exact question,” he replied. “You think now that you’ve gotten your jollies it’s time to go and my satisfaction means little or nothing to you.”

She got contrite, or as contrite as a self righteous spoiled bitch like she would ever get. “Didn’t I make you happy, darling?”

“I’m happy alright,” he agreed, “but I’m about to be even happier!”

“What do you mean, Nick?”

“Don’t ask,” he said in a growl, “you understand me just fine.”

His wicked grin came back into place.

He rolled her over his knee and pulled the hem of her dress back up above her ass where it had slid down. Kane discovered her bottom to be on an equally fabulous par as her languidly swaying breasts. After a short spell of admiring the smooth halved flesh of her buttocks he brought the flat of his hand down hard to deliver a ferocious smack to her left cheek. The flesh of her bottom leapt under the impact and a charming red handprint appeared as if it had been there all along. The mark looked right, like it belonged there. In fact he found it appealing enough to apply his hand again to smack her other buttcheek. Perfect! So perfect that Kane did not stop and commenced paddling her fat young ass for minutes on end. He ceased only long enough to grip her slim wrists together in one fist before the resumption of spanking her behind continuously with his other hand. Tracy wailed, calling him every name in her vast vocabulary. Not that she could’ve checked his determined pummeling with words alone. The sight of her ass dancing under the rhythm of his hand almost dizzied him.

After a while he spread her legs apart and fiddled some more with the succulent folds of feminine flesh between her thighs. The little bitch was wetter than when she’d come all over his hand. All of Tracy’s cursing and yelling stopped as she began to pant anew, no longer fighting him. Before long she gasped in another profound orgasm. A miasma of teenage arousal perfumed the air. The smell of her pussy intoxicated Kane and, since Tracy already had had a series of orgasms that night, he decided one of his own was long overdue. He needed to release the pressure built up in his balls and expend a little fluid of his own. Kane waited only enough to prize her buttocks apart with the fingers of one hand in order to get an extended view of her anus.

From the adorable hub of her asshole tiny lines radiated like bicycle spokes. With a rude fingertip Kane massaged the pronounced and upraised grommet of Tracy’s anal muscle with a fondness bordering on obsession, a fondness worthy of delaying his much needed expenditure of lust. The girl squeaked in protest about the location and duration of his examination. To shut her up he landed an unexpected smote on her already reddened bottom. With her silence assured Kane continued his curious inspection of her sweet little blowhole. Rubbing it, stretching the rubbery ring from one side to the other to observe its youthful resilience before finally pressing the tip of his forefinger against it to test its resistance. So engrossed in his study of her anus Kane pushed a bit too hard and, to his dismay, his digit disappeared to the knuckle inside her. His dismay though was nothing compared to Tracy’s. The intrusion elicited an oath most foul from the young lady who resurrected her vocabulary for a third or fourth time that evening to stun Kane’s ears.

“Sorry, love, purely an accident,” he said not altogether truthfully.

“Then why is it still in there, Nick!”

Kane extracted his finger very slowly so as not to injure her precious backside, marveling at the way the raspberry-colored lining clung to him stubbornly before his exit was complete. This egress caused the youngster to emit a real-life raspberry of her own which earned her ass an additional five or six affectionate swats accompanied by Kane’s uproarious laughing regarding the comedy of the entire tableau.

“I don’t think it’s funny in the slightest,” she complained.

When Kane’s laughter subsided he complimented Tracy on her delightful sense of humor. “A companion as witty and beautiful as you is hard to find, little lady,” he said while carelessly stripping the disheveled gown off her.

“I’ll bet you’d find it even funnier if I jammed a finger in you,” Tracy retorted.

Kane howled. Eventually his merriment faded away and he got serious once more, remembering his aching set of balls. He spilled Tracy out of his lap unceremoniously and onto the deck. Standing over her Kane unbuttoned the front of his jodhpurs to free his throbbing and engorged member. His orders left no room for gray areas: “Put this in your mouth and pleasure me or I’ll warm that fat bum of yours some more.”

Tracy’s eyes widened and she remarked in a tiny awed voice, “Nick, you’re so very very large.”

Eagerly she crawled over to him, clasped him timidly in one small hand, stroking him vigorously. The girl never took her eyes off his dick, watching it like a mouse watches a snake, as if hypnotized. With renewed absolute devotion written on her face Tracy parted her lips to accommodate him. He placed a hand on the back of her head and she drew him deeply inside her mouth. It was, of course, warm and wet and she groaned throughout her labor of love, powerless but enthusiastic. For long minutes he fed her his staff, pushing enough of it in her to make her she choke. All the while her tits bounced and knocked together with great abandon. She ministered to Kane in an inexpert but nonetheless gratifying manner. Strings of drool dangled from her mouth like spaghetti as she worshipped his tool to the extent his bloated scrotum tightened.

His time to come had come.

Then Kane filled Tracy’s mouth with semen in pulsing squirts. He cried out like she had done earlier, unable to contain himself until his numerous heated discharges dwindled. His sperm leaked from the corners of her mouth and around the sides of his rampant tumescence. When he withdrew the remaining thick white mass of ejaculate slipped off her tongue like oil, covering her chin and began dripping onto the tops of her breasts, down their rounded slopes and descending in trails the length of her tummy to clot in her pubic hair. Several erratic globs splotched both her thighs. She looked so good splattered with his outpourings that Kane wished he had a camera to record for posterity the sight of her kneeling there splashed with his loving tribute of tenderness and high regard.

After catching his breath he admonished her, “Next time I want you to swallow all of it down like a good girl and not waste a drop.”

“I won’t,” she promised meekly. “Are you going to fuck me now, Nick?”

“I’m giving it some serious thought.”

“Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

“Do you promise to do everything in your power to please me?”

“Yes, yes, everything in my power! Please, fuck me.”

“You’re dying for it?”


“Don’t want to go back to the casino?”


“I want you to come on my dick all night long.”

“I won’t be able to help myself.”

“And you’ll follow orders to the letter?”

Tracy vowed, “Darling, I promise I’ll do anything you want for as long as you want.”

“You’ll have trouble walking tomorrow,” he advised her. “Your father and Lee will know what you got up to tonight.”

“A small price to pay. Those two always think the worst when it comes to me regardless.”

“You want me to make you be naughty, don’t you, you wicked girl?”

“Treat me like a whore if you want to, darling.”

“I’ll remind you you said that if you shy away from what I want.”

“I want to make you happy.”

“Excellent! Get up and sit on the couch. Spread your legs so I can see how pretty your pussy is.”

Tracy scrambled onto the couch as fast as possible and adjusted her long legs in the position Kane wanted her to. Her breasts rose and fell with excitement. The splayed open mouth of her pussy shone pink and wet amid her dark pubic thatch. Beneath it he noticed the protruding pinched socket of Tracy’s anus, but not well enough to suit him.

“Scrunch forward on the couch until your ass is almost hanging off it. That’s much better, love. Now keep those legs of yours spread apart as much as you can. Put your feet flat on the cushions with the toes pointed away from you. Superb! Don’t talk and don’t move a muscle.”

He paced over to the steamer trunk he’d brought aboard the riverboat with him earlier and opened it. Rooting among his gear he found a small pair of scissors, a straight razor, a comb and an aerosol can of shaving cream. Tracy watched puzzled as he approached her with the curious items in hand. She opened her mouth to ask a question but his stern look shushed her before she spoke. He sat on the deck with his legs crossed like an Indian. Taking up the comb and scissors he combed through the dark triangle of hair between her legs as he snipped it with the scissors. Tracy watched in fascination as her nest of pubic curls fell away till only whiskers remained. When he set aside his barbering tools and took up the aerosol can of foam she could not help but inquire about it.

“I told you not to talk,” Kane reminded her.

The girl lapsed back into silence.

He shook the can and filled a palm with lather that he coated her pubic stubble with. While the lather softened the short hairs he stood and stowed comb, scissors and shaving cream back in his trunk. The shaving cream had yet to do its work properly so Kane filled in the time waiting by laving the congealed come off Tracy’s body with the finger he’d delved into her bung and made her lick the finger clean. So copious had been his ejaculation that she was required to suck the semen from his finger half a dozen times. By the time she’d finished the task she appeared a bit green around the gills, but Kane paid her wrinkled nose and pursed lips no mind. Sitting down Indian fashion again he shaved her pubes bald as an egg with the razor. His chore complete, he used her discarded gown to wipe away the excess lather with it, gave her another look when she started to object. Finally he bid Tracy to stand and lean against the couch with her feet as wide apart as she could manage while he spread the fleshy moons of her ass apart. With deft sure strokes of the razor he eliminated a stray hair or two he’d originally missed but, for the most part, the valley between the girl’s nether cheeks was void of unsightly hair.

Never one to miss such an opportunity Kane tongued her charming anus for a minute or two while he had her in a convenient position. She gasped and groaned while his tongue busied itself, but Kane elected not to chastise her for disobeying orders until later. When finished tickling her asshole he told her to sit back down.

He knelt between her legs, pulled her toward him till her ass wasn’t touching the sofa cushions and all her weight centered on the small of her back. The thick elongated lips of her cunt were dual wings of irregular flesh that curled inward like orchid petals. Even in the dim light Tracy’s pink insides shone with wetness. At the base of her pussy a droplet increased gradually in size before becoming heavy enough to slide from its point of origin and trace a wet path down her left asscheek. Kane found the droplet so arousing he removed the evidence of its short journey with his tongue. Tracy shuddered.

He murmured, “Your flower is a work of art, child, and must be displayed totally bare for me to gain full appreciation. I may be sufficiently inspired to compose a poem dedicated to your unique loveliness.”

Her fragrant gaping pussy caused him to fully stiffen again. For the next ten minutes or more he found himself moved to lick and suck every nook and cranny of what he’d laid bare. He drank from her fountain until it gushed copiously, almost as copiously as his hard pecker did in barren times when he’d done without for weeks. She tasted delicious and smelled of girl. Poor Tracy squeaked helplessly, catching her breath and moaning with delight while he employed his mouth on her as skillfully as he had his two fingers in the same spot earlier. He saved the swollen clitoris nosing from its hood for dessert. Crying out, the girl wrapped her thighs around his head, bucking against his face in debauched paroxysms of pleasure. She didn’t even fight the sticky forefinger that sought a sneaky passage back into her asshole, but instead came harder than ever.

Kane rose to his feet wiping the juice from the lower half of his face. Urging the naked girl off the sofa cushions and onto her knees, he wagged his erection in her face and she needed no coaching to know what to do. She nursed him feverishly in her mouth; he made her stop before he came.

Then he began issuing orders: “Back on the sofa, my trembly young slut. Turn around. No, face away from me, that’s right, stay on your knees and lean over the back of the couch. Thighs well apart, there’s a girl.”

She hastened to obey his every whim.

Again Kane marveled at Tracy’s freshly shaven genitals not unlike the way Tracy had when praising his dick after seeing it for the first time. The humid circle of muscle residing between her buttocks above the vertical slash of her denuded pubes beckoned to him in lascivious invitation, her crimson rear end especially endearing. Gripping a glowing red asscheek in each hand Kane stretched the moons of her bottom far apart to ease in guiding his spear inside her to the hilt, his entry heralded with squishy slurp. With one hand cupping her left buttock he moved his other up to her lower back to steady her, thumb sunk into her defenseless bottom, rotating round and round to describe a lewd circle.

Tracy groaned, “Oh, God.”

She watched over one of her slim shoulders to witness what transpired, but only for a moment. Her wide eyes rolled up in their sockets then her blonde head drooped out of sight. She must have come hard with that first stroke because Kane sensed a mighty tremor shiver down her torso to her loins. The muscles of her pussy clamped his length like a soaked velvet vise. A hint of fresh fish drifted to his nostrils, dilating them in olfactory delight. Kane knew positively the marine life in the nearby river couldn’t claim responsibility for the warm pungent smell permeating the enclosed space.

Tracy proved to be a regular screamer when getting her ashes hauled. Her endless chant of “oh my God, my dear God” echoed off the compartment bulkheads, a mindless song thrumming in his ears.

Kane hammered himself in and out of her until he knew for a certainty she’d liberally glazed his long prick, not once, but many times. He feared his spout might bubble over too soon and pulled out of the girl’s sluicing crevice. He longed to probe the depths of her asshole and centered the knob of his cock to target her sphincter. Tracy reached a desperate hand between her thighs to grab at his erection in an attempt to redirect it back into her fragrant crease. He was having none of it.

Knowing she’d lubricated him enough to make the jar of petroleum jelly in his trunk superfluous, Kane pressed his large plumhead against her anus and inched forward until her lovely tight muscle gave way. A compactness enveloped his rigidity. He carried on pushing deeper, reveling at the way her anus widened with every ingoing centimeter. Wordless sounds erupted from the girl, midway between a gurgle and a groan. Engulfed in the depths of her rectum sent Kane’s senses reeling. His balls tingled and his temples drummed, the compressed sensation boggled his mind and threatened to explode his brain inside his skull. Finally his delighted prick could go no deeper. Tracy’s helpless gyrating behind gripped him wonderfully.

He eased out of her ass to sheathe himself deep again, watching how her enlarged sphincter seemed to turn inside out before he repeated the slow languorous reentry process of embedding his erection until his balls pressed against the salivating open mouth of her vacant labia.

Thoughtfully he touched her erect clitoris to push Tracy’s button for her. Right away she hunched back at him, wantonly slamming her ass against his pelvis to coax him to fuck her faster. Once the girl grew accustomed to her asshole being plundered Kane quickened his pace until he rode her at a gallop, plunging in and out of her ass at a rapid clip. He would’ve come sooner if he hadn’t just clogged her mouth with a rain of goo however, like just moments before in her pussy, the inevitable second outcome wasn’t too far in the future.

Kane strived to slow the frantic pace only to discover himself incapable of doing so. Then he cried out as ecstatic waves reverberated through every nerve ending in his body before he flooded Tracy’s heated anal tract with surge after surge of gruel. His chest labored and his head whirled over the course of the next few minutes. During that period the girl squeezed him gingerly out of her bottom. When Kane felt as if he could walk without collapsing he stepped away from Tracy, who slumped insensate onto the sofa. An unconscious fart escaped her and she sighed. Come dribbled out of her yawning bung to decorate the lips of her widespread pussy like gravy. Again Kane wished he’d packed a camera in his trunk along with his other toys so he could photograph Tracy Somerset to preserve this memory.

What an outstanding and exemplary fuck she turned out to be!

“Did you like that, sweetheart?”

She favored him with that old sly smile of hers. “I could learn to like it,” she admitted.

“It’ll be easier next time.”

“Will there be a next time?” she inquired, still breathing heavy.

Had Kane ever met a girl who didn’t ask that when he finished putting her through her paces? He gave an inward shrug and answered Tracy’s question with an enigmatic grin.

Getting her to her unsteady feet he knelt before her. Situated thusly he could inhale the heady aroma of her overworked teenaged pussy. Her meaty vaginal lips hung slack, splayed open and dewed with her discharge and his. Another droplet leaked out of her opening like the one after he’d shaved her pubes. The sheer randiness of her spotting the deck caused Kane’s deflated prick to pulse with the early warning signs of reviving.

Time to get back to business.

He clutched at the girl to help him stand up.

“Again?” she asked hopefully, her face and eyes aglow.

“You’re a willing young thing,” he observed.

She said, “I’ve never been with a man like you before. You have such enormous stamina. And a size to match.”

They both laughed at her impromptu and likely unintentional humor.

Tracy said, “Have you never been told that?”


“That you have an exceptionally large . . .” she got embarrassed and giggled like a schoolgirl. Apparently she couldn’t bring herself to say dick or cock or prick so she reached over and touched his to indicate what she meant. Tracy stood there caressing it for a minute, like some new prized possession of hers. Then she squatted down and placed an affectionate little kiss on the helmet at the end of his length.

Despite her bossiness and flagrant disregard for other people’s feelings, Kane thought, he could really get to like her. If he let himself, not that he’d allow it. The Sheikh doubtless already had a buyer for her.

He wondered then about Tracy, and other women, his employer sent him back in time for via a mystical process that Kane had never understood. On this occasion the Sheikh sent him back over 160 years. How could he set Kane down in a bygone era with a pinpoint accuracy a parachutist would envy? The Civil War would begin in a mere eight weeks. Colonel Somerset and many others had to know what lay ahead for this country. Did Tracy care? Not likely. How had the Sheikh learned about her? And the others? Stacy O’Bannon. Rachel Roman. Boy, had she been a dandy little wriggler! Maybe the wily Sheikh had a collection of daguerreotypes stashed away somewhere to alert him of the existence of these beautiful young ladies. Kane knew better than to question the Arabian about such matters, always finding it prudent to keep a stiff upper lip around the old boy.

Tracy disturbed his reverie by asking what time it was.

Kane wondered himself and consulted his pocket watch. Earlier than he thought, a little past ten. The riverboat would steam into the harbor in New Orleans between six or seven o’clock the next morning. Kane hoped not to be aboard this old tub then. That fucking bodyguard of Tracy’s had been the stickiest wicket he’d ever run across in the past or present.

“Nick? Are you daydreaming?”

“Things on my mind,” he snorted. “It’s five after ten.”

“It’s time we should be getting back.” Tracy reached for her soiled and rumpled dress.

Kane stopped her and reached inside the velvet frockcoat he’d discarded over an arm of the sofa sometime earlier in the festivities, possibly when she’d knelt before him the first time. While he’d buggered her he’d undone his sweltering cravat too, putting the knob to Tracy proved to be a sweaty business. He found the chrome pair of handcuffs in his coat, showed them to her.

“Ever seen anything like these?” he asked her. He rather doubted it; he’d brought them with him from the 21st century, in addition to a few other choice items in the trunk.

“They look like some of the slave bracelets daddy has on the plantation. What are they?”

“Let me show you. Turn around.”

“I really think I should get dressed.”

“And I really think you ought to turn around like I said.”

The girl almost argued but saw the uselessness of that in Kane’s face.

He swung her around and fastened her wrists together behind her with such alacrity that at first she more than likely didn’t know just what he’d done to her. Those excellent breasts heaved with Kane’s sudden exertions, the nipples hard and pointing upward.

“What are you doing, darling? I need to go now, really.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” he informed her. Not yet anyway.

“Are you going to fuck me again,” she asked.

“In a manner of speaking, yes,” he said, knowing his wicked smile was back on his face. “Get down on your knees, you devious little scrubber.”

She complied immediately, by now she knew better than to do otherwise. He brushed the head of his prick across her lips.

“This is kind of exciting. Do you want me to suck you off again?”

He just nodded and Tracy went to work fellating him until her eyes watered. Halfway through the proceedings she commented on how arousing she found it to be helpless kneeling before him telling her what to do. Kane thrust back into her mouth and forced himself all the way down her throat a couple of times. She gagged and spit up on the deck, her tits juddering as she coughed. Kane got down on his haunches, placed an exploratory hand between her legs.

He said, “You’re so perpetually wet I’m shocked you’re not dehydrated.”

“What does that mean . . . oww!” she screeched when he assisted her standing up by pulling at her hair.

“Lie on your belly on the arm of the couch. Move, girl, when I tell you to do something!”

He smacked her smartly with a bare hand to rush her along. Sprawled forward over the scrolled side of the sofa with her ass in the air she looked vulnerable and saucy. Kane felt compelled to sink his wakened hard-on into her one last time before administering some well deserved punishment. He fucked her very hard then, her ass flesh jiggling all over the place with each vengeful lunge. Tracy was unable to do anything except exclaim loudly with every powerful stroke.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. OHH!”

“Are you coming again, Tracy?”

“Yes. Oh. Yes!”

Kane removed his hardness from her pussy to seek an alternate route. When he pulled out of her her cunt slurped and emitted a farting noise. He grinned at the sound as he began plumbing the depths of her behind again. Tracy’s bottom received quite a workout the second time around. Kane’s senses exploded like fireworks after a ballgame when he came for the third unprecedented time that night. He pulled out of her bottom and tore off his frilly shirt and cummerbund. Tracy’s purse full of the Sheikh’s money had gotten wedged between two couch cushions while they’d been playing. He picked it up, tossed it a foot up in the air and caught it, snickering.

“You didn’t think you were going to get away with my money, did you, sweetheart?”

Speechless and handcuffed, Tracy watched him, unable to move much.

When procuring the key to this compartment for the princely sum of five dollars from a deck hand that afternoon (with many assurances from the old boatswain no one ever entered this area while the steamship was underway) he’d placed his trunk of belongings inside. Kane strode over to it and tucked Tracy’s handbag among them before selecting a supple riding crop he’d purchased in Cairo last month. He’d yet to test it out on a filly, but tonight would be the night he broke the crop in.

No longer speechless, the bound and naked girl lying over the arm of the couch demanded, “Give me back my money, you thief!”

“Thief?” he sneered. “You’ve got a lot of room to talk, love. I must admit you were well worth three hundred dollars. But I don’t like to pay women for their favors.” He held the riding crop up for her to see and cut the air with it experimentally. The crop made a fearful swooshing noise. “But you, young lady, you’re going to pay for cheating me. And dearly.”

“Nick, what is that?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. She rode horses and knew damn well what it was.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Kane chuckled. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

The horrified nude girl endeavored unsuccessfully to get to her feet and swore like a sailor in Nelson’s Navy. Kane stepped behind her holding the leather switch like a sword. And for the next quarter hour Tracy’s backside had a very bad time of it. Stripe after stripe appeared on her buttocks and the backs of her thighs. The bare handed paddling Tracy received before seemed like a game of patty cake compared to the thrashing of the riding crop.

That mysterious smell of fish returned, poignant and invigorating in the close quarters of the compartment. Apparently the switching caused Tracy to come harder than while frolicking with Kane, but he cared not a jot. He was quite enjoying himself too. A professional like he could’ve drawn blood with every slash had he desired, but stinging the self important girl’s bottom repeatedly and seeing her flinch was good enough for Kane. Kane was his name and cane was his game.

Smack, smack, SMACK!

During the tanning of Tracy he paused once to cram his cravat into her mouth to squelch her panicked outcries. She’d become vocal enough to be heard even over the noise of the paddlewheel. But after the short pause to gag the hapless maiden he continued lashing her like an angry schoolmaster with a recalcitrant female pupil who refused to learn her lessons. Once he had Tracy’s ass in the state he wanted it in, he stowed the riding crop back inside his trunk. Afterwards he stripped off his boots and jodhpurs and lay down on the couch with Tracy astride his loins. He exhorted her to bounce up and down on his stiffness so he could enjoy the wobbling of that pair of breasts he’d become so enamored of over the last few hours.

Never in his life had a girl given him as thorough and satisfying ride as Tracy gave him on the old sofa. She came so many times he thought she might faint, but the girl was a real trooper, carrying on in an admirable fashion right up to the very end. The finish left his pelvic region so slick it appeared as if someone dumped a pail of water over him. He left Tracy prostrate on the couch and, to her chagrin, swabbed her abundant passion off him with her expensive silk gown before flinging it away from him onto the deck. She’d never be wearing it again.

After another consultation of his pocket watch he saw over a half hour remained until midnight. He unlocked one of the cuffs confining Tracy’s wrists then secured her hands in front of her. He got dressed and hustled her over to the barrels across from the marine tools on the bulkhead. Kane kicked one over on its side, made Tracy lie facedown over it. She steadied herself with the palms of her hands flat on the deck to keep the barrel from rolling her over.

Tracy Somerset was so exhausted she didn’t move a muscle while he delved inside his trunk again. This time Kane selected a wooden paddle to blister her ass with. She groaned when she saw it.

“Next time you’ll think twice before shooting dice,” Kane intoned. “Hey, that rhymed!”

Tracy failed to appreciate his droll humor.

He deemed it necessary to use a ball gag this time round, also from his trusty steamer trunk. While spanking her he enjoyed in the way her lovely bottom leapt with each crack of the board, wildly clenching and unclenching as she received another two or three dozen (Kane lost count) tidy whacks. At long last he put away the paddle in the trunk and tied Tracy’s ankles together with some leather restraints he’d had the foresight to bring. Then Kane lifted her onto the couch. No doubt she tasted tears trying to curse him with the ball gag in place. She acted like she felt very sorry for herself.

Just before midnight he stepped out on the deck to reconnoiter. The night had grown cooler and the mist produced by the rackety paddlewheel felt refreshing against his skin. Relief settled in when he saw no one in sight, but had his derringer in hand just in case. Lee might be foraging about somewhere but, for the time being, the big sergeant was nowhere to be seen. On the starboard side of the riverboat a fishing vessel floated up alongside. Right on schedule. Kane peered over the railing and his friend Peyt waved up at him from the deck of the smaller craft.

Gadsby Peyton, a muscular black man clad only in a pair of dungarees, hollered up at him, “You got some cargo for me to take aboard, Mister Nick?”

Kane said he did. Back in the cabin he hauled a rope ladder from the trunk before fastening it shut. He carried both out on the deck, held the trunk out over the rail and let it go over the side. The trunk bounced once when it landed in a large fishing net Peyt had strung across a portion of the aft deck of his craft. Kane hitched the rope ladder to the riverboat’s rail and let it unwind down the side of the ship. The ends of it dragged in the water because there wasn’t much of a drop. Throwing a trunk over the side was one thing, but he didn’t want to break Tracy’s neck dropping her a few feet regardless of how much netting Peyt had strung up. Back in the cabin he slung the dazed girl over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. Clambering down the moving ladder with Tracy was a brief, but precarious affair. He transferred the girl into Peyt’s waiting arms and hopped onto the deck of his boat. Kane shook his hand and thanked him for being on time.

Peyt eyed the fettered and terrified naked girl and whistled.

“Is that as fine a piece of ass as it looks, Mister Nick?”

“You can find out for yourself just as soon as you get us the hell away from here.”

Tracy’s eyes went wide at his statement however the ball gag prevented her protests from being heard. A southern belle wouldn’t fancy a black man.

Peyt’s laugh boomed out across the water. “Welcome aboard, ma’am.” Tracy averted her eyes and Peyt laughed again. “Well then, Mister Nick, I guess we’d best get the hell away from here.”

“The sooner we shove off the better, I’d say, Peyt. The lady’s got one helluva nasty watchdog on board that ship sniffing around for her.”

Peyt gave Kane a mock salute.

“Aye aye, cap’n.” He leered at Tracy. He picked the girl up like she weighed nothing and scuttled to the wheelhouse as fast as his legs would carry him.

Kane started to follow except for an uncharacteristic noise behind Peyt’s boat. From where he stood the paddlewheel still roared sending a spray up in the air. What the devil had he heard? No fish flopping around in the river could be heard on the deck of Peyt’s craft. His eyes crinkled around the edges as they swept the moonlit water, rippling like ink shot with silver. Kane must be imagining things; turned to fetch his trunk when a large hand clawed at the gunwale less than eight feet from him. A second hand seized the gunwale and a giant form hauled itself out of the river and almost onto the deck of the fishing boat. Water erupted around the figure like an explosion as he emerged, streaming down his clothes. In the moonlight Lee’s drenched gray uniform appeared black.

Bloody hell, Kane had time to think as the big man scrambled nimbly onto the deck in front of him. The bastard obviously witnessed their departure and instead of shouting some worthless doggerel like “stop” thereby warning Kane, the tricky bastard had dived off the steamship to launch a silent attack on Peyt’s boat. Kane panicked then, he was a lover not a fighter, a coward at best. And now the stickiest wicket he’d ever encountered (excluding policemen) stood a yard away from him ready to pounce.

The oversized sergeant would crush him.

Kane’s smooth getaway hadn’t gone so smoothly.

He didn’t have the presence of mind to shout out Peyt’s name. The gun in his coat pocket was forgotten in his haste and fear. Lee made no sound as he lunged at Kane, eyes swimming with hatred. Kane twisted out of the enormous man’s clutch and attempted to run for the wheelhouse but his foot tripped on a cleat in the deck tumbling him into the netting Peyt partially rigged across the aft deck to aid in the lowering of Tracy. Luck sided with Kane somehow. Within reach he saw a fisherman’s gaff, a harpoon-like instrument used for snaring nets out of the water and spearing fish. The long wooden handle fit inside a hollow steel tip with a barbed hook pointed straight like an arrow on its end. A second hook angled in a curve like a comma. Kane grasped it to stab at Lee. The sergeant grasped it in his fist but cut himself badly in the process and let go. Kane jabbed it into Lee, felt the point go through clothing and puncture the hide of his assailant’s chest before striking bone. Lee got both hands around the handle and yanked it out of his body and wrenched it away from Kane. Blood jetted from the grievous wound and Lee’s hand bled profusely, dripping red onto the deck in ragged splotches. The man uttered not a sound and swung the wooden end of the gaff like a bat. Kane took a glancing blow on his upper left arm, had it properly connected Lee would’ve broken the bone. He hurled the gaff out into the river and charged Kane. In his headlong rush he got his hands around Kane’s neck and the two men toppled over the side and into the water. Before going overboard Kane had reached into his pocket after finally remembering the derringer. He fumbled with it as he sank into the freezing depths of the Mississippi, not knowing if it made any difference now.

Those ham-like hands of Lee’s were choking him to death.

The only instinct instilled in human beings stronger than the sex drive is that of survival. He kicked at Lee underwater and tried to gouge the chap’s eyes out with his left hand, all the while concentrating on readying the little pistol to fire. Had the derringer originated from the Old West and not been of modern manufacture Kane knew the gunpowder would be wet and useless. Though he might manage to the pull the trigger, the gun wouldn’t have fired. With the breath almost choked out of him, he struggled to get the pistol out of his pocket, not wanting to shoot a small caliber bullet through his clothing and reduce its effectiveness. Near death, Kane surprised himself thinking with such clarity.

There! He had the damn thing outside his coat, rammed it against Lee’s left side under his armpit and fired. He heard a muffled discharge in the deep water and Lee’s hands immediately left his throat. Kane fought his way to the surface, gasping for air. When Lee’s head broke the water Kane already had the pistol in a firing position. He slammed the muzzle into the sergeant’s left eye, praying the gun would fire a second time and pulled the trigger. The bullet blew brains and viscera out the back of Lee’s head and his corpse sunk out of sight in the river.

Never letting go of the lifesaving pistol, Kane retched and vomited. He spat two or three times hearing shouting from the riverboat, and from Peyt’s. Kane swam furiously toward it; even though the night was warm the water was ice cold. He’d done some terribly dirty deeds in his lifetime but he’d never killed a man. Fuck it, he’d worry about that later if he worried at all.

Peyt bellowed, “Mister Nick, Mister Nick, what the hell happened?”

“Get me aboard and let’s flee the scene, man,” Kane cried out to him, the taste of vomit still in his mouth. He refused to rinse it out with water from this dirty river.

Peyt grabbed hold of Kane’s outstretched arm. Grunting and cursing he hoisted him out of the water and up the side of his boat. A blessed moment later Kane lurched across the deck, coughing and sputtering. Peyt raced to the wheelhouse. What a bleeding nuisance the Confederate sergeant wound up being, from the moment he’d laid a hand on his shoulder at the crap table until he left off wringing his neck. Certainly there’d be no tears of mourning shed for the dead man, not from Kane anyway. He never doubted he’d lose a minute’s sleep over pulling the trigger on Lee.

But he did harbor doubts about continuing to toil for the Sheikh, and not for the first time. What was he on about anyway? He owed the Sheikh. If not for him Kane would be rotting in a prison cell getting the stuffing beat out of him daily by the other prisoners once they learned about the piano incident. Yes, his piano playing days were forever behind him. The Arabian had saved his life, got him away from the law in Kane’s hour of need. Yes, Kane was in debt to the slaver. Besides, the Sheikh had made him a very rich man, wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Far richer than teaching the piano ever would’ve made him. And Kane got to dally with some of the most beautiful and randy young women who’d drawn a breath in the past several generations. He always had been a good looking man and never had had a problem pulling birds, long before the Sheikh introduced himself to Kane. His getting laid increased a hundredfold once he began working for the man. Rich, and getting more pussy than a popular actor, athlete or rock star.

Life was good. How long would it stay that way? No amount of money could keep him out of jail after all the crimes he’d committed, the lust and love of a thousand women would not be worth the abuse he’d endure if he spent the rest of his days behind bars. But in the fullness of time the law would catch up with him again and the courts incarcerate him. Or drop a noose around his neck. Such was Kane’s cross to bear, the black cloud overhead following him, the albatross clinging to his back.

He watched the riverboat for long minutes, thinking.

The old tub began making a wide slow turn as if to reverse its course and pursue them, but would never catch up with Peyt’s trustworthy vessel. It might appear to be a weathered fishing boat but Kane knew about the dual inboard engines that even now left the steamship far behind. Praise God that Peyt hadn’t sped away and left him adrift. He reached for a cheroot but his dunking in the Mississippi River ruined them. Oh well, he had more in his trunk. His pocket watch and derringer might suffer water damage and stop functioning, but they’d become cherished keepsakes now. The watch represented the time he traveled through performing dangerous missions, and the derringer saved his life. When all was said and done at the end of the day Kane knew in his heart of hearts he loved the life he led. Working for the Sheikh paid well and contained more fringe benefits than being a Royal. He must put his scruples behind him, now wasn’t the time to have a crisis of conscience. Regardless of what fate, or tomorrow, might bring.

Already Peyt’s boat entered into a thick fog or mist and not the spray from the paddlewheeler either. That barge was a mile to the south, a few floating specks of light on the water. Kane let out a bark of laughter. Life was good! And he’d continue living it to the fullest.

At least until a man like Lee murdered him or some law enforcement agency jailed him.

He shrugged out of his cold wet clothes, draped them over the net so they could dry. Not that it mattered; he’d never wear them again. He opened his trunk, found a towel to scour himself dry with then got some cigars. He lit one and slipped on a pair of dry trousers. As an afterthought he selected a dress shirt from among the clothes he’d brought, but didn’t don it. Then he staggered into the wheelhouse. Peyt manned the wheel, the twin engines hummed and Tracy crouched in a corner crying. Peyt glanced at him with a question in his eyes, Kane nodded back at him indicating he’d survive. He unlocked the handcuffs on Tracy’s wrists and set them aside before undoing the restraints around her ankles. The ball gag he removed last knowing once the girl could speak she’d unleash a torrent of questions.

She did.

“What’s going on, Nick? Where are you taking me? Where were you, darling? What’s happening outside?”

“Quiet down, Tracy, everything’s going to be jim dandy.”

She put her arms around him and whimpered, “I want to go home.”

This story is an erotic sci-fi tale in a very futuristic setting. It will draw directly upon characters and events from “A Union Consummated” and “Gift from Outer Space.”

This chapter spends time describing sci-fi concepts, many of these deal with a single despotic antagonist. There is a lot of body switching and some gender-bending in the process. There is some strong non-consent involving realistic, sentient sex dolls. There is also tentacle rape. Yes, there are still dick girls. The bad things like rape are part of an unfolding story about a man who loses his humanity trying to cheat eternity. Keep reading, and you may be in for a few shocks.

Disclaimers: I do not recommend this as a starting point, because it is devoid of a protagonist. No humans are under age 18, and no clones or other characters are built to look or think as underage persons. This chapter is only *lightly* sprinkled with sex. I keep the non-consent pretty brief. There are NO long passages devoted to specific sexual encounters in this chapter. The next few chapters are full of hot sex involving young, horny coeds and dickgirls in space.

Orth was a red dwarf star near the center of the Milky Way. It had four planets of middling size and three vast rings of asteroids. Long ago, the Orth system was colonized by a race of aliens known as the Ryztins. They chose the Orth system because of the promise held by its second planet as a habitable world. Its distance from the red dwarf star was optimal, and its size and atmosphere were near tolerances. Its pleasant 30 hour days and robust magnetic field were also welcome advantages. However, Orth-2 was a lifeless rock, covered with volcanoes that spewed magma relentlessly. Its sooty atmosphere was full of poisonous fumes.

The Ryztins were a race of tough but wiry aliens. Their home world had a much higher gravity than Earth, but their underlying biology was otherwise similar to humans. In order for them to colonize Orth-2, it would take a tremendous effort in terraforming.

That is where the asteroids came in. Orth was ringed, much like Saturn, with three glorious rings of ice and rock. Even the rocky asteroids had large quantities of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon locked inside. Using a massive harvesting effort, the asteroids were hurled toward a processing facility known as the Nyrion.. This remarkable, gigantic spacecraft hung in low orbit around Orth-2, dangling a massive tube down into the atmosphere. The platform melted the ice blasted the asteroids into their constituent elements, reassembling the molecules into water and other desirable substances. It pumped these, via the enormous pipeline, directly into the planet below.

The process was slow, but in time Orth was cooled by reflective clouds and placid oceans. The Ryztins developed a very hospitable, comfortable climate on the world that would support wildlife. Animals were introduced, along with nano-bugs to handle the breakdown of wastes the animals produced. Soon the Ryztins were ready to move in and explore the world they had made.

As planned, it was a resounding success. The fine climate and beautiful star studded night sky became a popular feature of the growing colony.

The effort, planning, and vision paid off for the Ryztins, whose new real estate became a hub for their civilization. The remains of the second asteroid belt could still be seen from Orth-2′s surface, when the air was clear, as a big ghostly line across the sky, usually broken only by Orth’s shadow.

With a slow burning sun and the Ryztins as its capable defenders, it was said that Orth-2 would be a Ryztin stronghold for eons. Ryztins went on to rule Orth-2 for 15,000 Earth years. Then, 7,000 years ago, Behtor’s Alliance conquered a quarter of the galaxy and a fleet led by General Bronz brought them to their knees in surrender.

Well, Ryztins don’t have knees, but let’s discuss the man who called himself Bronz. He was born with the name of Shepard 10394 in the time of the ancient hegemony. He had been a natural, flesh and blood human being when he first befriended Levitt 5489. The two had been loyal friends ever since they first took jobs as crewmen on a ship together, and they always helped each other out. At the time, spacefaring humans were second class and only permitted certain menial jobs. The two proved so resourceful that their captain secretly promoted Levitt to his First Mate and Shephard to be his Security Officer. They chose code names for themselves, to hide their identities in the ship’s manifest.

Shepard called himself Bronz. Levitt called himself Behtor. As they earned their way, fate would make Behtor the captain of that ship. They took on their own crew, then a sister ship, then two. Along with it came the funds to do great things. Aspiring human pilots flocked to the band of rebels, which flew under the radar of the hegemony which did not approve of humans with power.

As they grew older, they both decided to extend their lifespans by converting their consciousnesses into machine brains. They then installed these brains into durable and physically capable robotic bodies, known commonly as avatars.

It was around this time that the Ryztins and others sought realized what was going on, and sought to put an end to the upstart human-owned-and-crewed space frigate, declaring human captains illegal. However, the Ryztins underestimated Bronz’s strategic capabilities, and the fledgling fleet inflicted several embarrassing defeats upon the aggressor hegemony.

Behtor and Bronz fought back with vengeful zeal. Word spread of their victories among humans and those sympathetic to humans. A revolution was born, under the banner of Behtor’s Alliance. Uprisings and rebellion spread through the galaxy. After four centuries, a quarter of the galaxy had undergone tumultuous upheavals, occupations, wars, and sometimes entire planets were wiped out by orbital bombardments. Billions upon billions of lives were snuffed out.

7,000 years ago, Behtor’s alliance was mopping up after what had been a very vast undertaking. A quarter of the Galaxy was now under their control, or would be soon. However, a pivotal battle was being waged in the Orth system. Bronz was preparing to force the last stronghold of the Ryztins to surrender, this time without resorting to orbital bombardment.

He had been dared to attempt the impossible. Ryztins were wiry and capable fighters, denser than humans and extremely nimble. They were deadly on solid ground, and Orth’s high gravity gave them the advantage. Not only were they good in close quarters, but they moved swiftly, making them much more effective in ambush tactics and urban maneuvers.

During the years of blockading, Bronz searched for an alternative to bombardment. Serendipity produced an alternative.

His men located the Nyrion, the massive ship that had been used to terraform Orth-2. It was in orbit around Orth-1. They brought it back online and positioned it in low orbit above the blockaded planet. Once the fleet began hurling asteroids its way, it poured – literally bombarded Orth-2, with enough water to fill a stadium every few minutes.

At first, the Ryztins did not know what to do. If the Nyrion were to crash into the planet, it could cause mass casualties. However, as the water level began to rise they were forced to take action.

Bronz’s armada defended the Nyrion against several desperate assaults. Fortunately for Bronz, the massive, funnel shaped spaceship dwarfed Mars’ Mount Olympus and could take quite a beating.

When the Nyrion was finally shot down, the oceans had risen only a few feet. The flooding and mass casualties occurred when a large chunk of the ship landed in the ocean at terminal velocity. The shockwave tore leaves off of trees hundreds of miles away. Minutes later, tidal waves began hitting the shores, and for a day, one coast after another was hit with hundred foot waves. Every shore was hit. Some islands were washed away completely. Entire cities were wiped out.

Although the Ryztins were scrappy and tough, their density made them poor swimmers. Without flotation devices, hundreds of millions drowned before the waters receded. Surrender came shortly thereafter.

After the victory, General Bronz treated Orth-2 as his own planet, bought and paid for with the blood of mankind. Behtor’s alliance claimed a quadrant of the Milky way as part of their empire, and declared the new capitol world to be Serra-5. There, Bronz planned to live out the rest of his days.

Bronz had a mighty fortress built on Orth-2, that he might be ready should war break out again. Because Orth was near Serra, it was a highly strategic system.

Much of the rest is history. Behtor has been relatively peaceful for 7,000 years, ushering in new prosperity for all humans and all races in the quadrant.

However, Bronz was no longer allowed to be the de facto ruler of the Orth system. He grudgingly set up a special election to allow the humans and Ryztins to form a new cooperative government. Behind the scenes, however, he burrowed his way into every facet of the Ryztin’s legal system, interpreting Behtor’s laws as they applied to Orth-2′s constitutional charter (a charter he helped devise). His interpretations were confoundingly obtuse when they served his objectives.

Even with all these preparations carefully laid, he rigged the first election in favor of the Heritage party. The Heritagers already controlled much of the power structure on Serra-5. His cronies there ensured a constant stream of money in return for patronage and favors.

Nothing was left to chance by Bronz, after fighting four centuries not just for human power, but for his power.

Life was grand, for a while. He had money, and he tossed plenty at charities and causes. He was celebrated for his philanthropy and his honorable service. He attended concerts and ceremonies, and held amazing parties of his own. Not only did he date the most gorgeous women in the system, he dated lots of them at the same time, and juggled them into his days with all the skill of a Casanova. His computerized brain pulsed with steady activity, healthy thoughts, and soaring dreams.

Best of all, he was free to act on those dreams. The galaxy, at least the friendly part of it, was his oyster. He traveled all over the quadrant in search of new sights and experiences.

His mechanical brain sustained his consciousness. Many were skeptical if an organic consciousness could really be transferred without being destroyed. If his consciousness was merely a new emulation, then it still had all the quirks of a normal human psyche. Bronz had memories that could be vague or vivid, impulses, even hatreds. He had regrets and bad memories too, some that wouldn’t go away.

He could depress or stimulate his mind with software that simulated drugs like serotonin. He experimented with these. Ultimately Bronz grew sickened of the ecstasy of fake happiness, like all methuselahs who attempt to drown their emptiness with the pleasure button of the human brain.

Every few years, Bronz replaced his human form with a fresh clone, always keeping the same brain. Even his consciousness could be smoothly transferred to a new brain if the old brain started to break down. Medical science could have sustained his consciousness forever, but it could not sustain his sanity. He could not erase his regrets.

As time went on he began to feel the same mental weariness that affects all humans who live so long. His new bodies could not undo his boredom. Nothing pleased him anymore. New lovers were like chores. He couldn’t stand them. He became given to bouts of anger and irrationality.

One day, he took to his bed a girl who had just won a galactic beauty pageant’s top prize earlier that year. When he found out she had given him her virginity, he spewed insults at her for several minutes, leaving her crying in shame. She later attempted to commit suicide.

Bronz realized that whatever had come over him was an emerging pattern of his behavior. It was a disease, infecting his mind. He didn’t want to cause anyone else pain, so he began to seclude himself from the outside world, living as a mere reclusive land owner on Orth-2.

No longer was he capable of pursuing his dreams. He could no longer travel or explore. His boredom intensified exponentially, and his thoughts turned to death again and again.

Bronz regarded his deteriorating condition as a mental disorder. He decided to try to spend his money in search of treatments.

He spent his fortunes outfitting his fortress with diversions and entertainment. He then contracted a company called Living Mate to send him clones, female simulacrums that imitated human appearance and emotions. Each was beautiful and well endowed, with an hourglass figure that just begged to be fucked. They could be programmed to be docile or intelligent, slutty or demure. These became his sex toys, imprisoned in his lair to be used at his whim. If he wanted, they would obey his every command.

However, without free will, they were boring as well.

Thus, he spent a fortune on a new headservant, a gorgonite similar to Lady Vera of pleasure castle. As a gorgonite, she was a kind of android, and with minimum maintenance she could carry on indefinitely. Headmistress Wen’s sole job was to provide Bronz with fresh entertainment. She planned parties, ensuring that none would be alike. She planned romantic and sexual fantasies for Bronz involving the simulacrums, and provided the simulacrums with unexpected whims and desires, that they might excite and intruige Bronz. The investment proved to be worthwhile. Bronz lived on, even as Behtor finally succumbed to sweet rest at the ripe old age of two thousand Earth years.

So Bronz roamed his inner lair, in search of diversions. He had many avatars to choose from. Some of them were mechanical shells, gorgonites essentially, with the power to teleport and shoot beams and such. Bronz sometimes played with these, but he favored his organic shells when it came to pleasures of the flesh.

He started collecting different sizes and shapes of men, some more muscular, some with dark skin, or even stranger beings. He didn’t always enjoy being too big or unwieldly, as his weight would be too much for his lovers to support, especially on Orth-2.

Sometimes he considered less bulky shells to be his body. Sometimes they were even dainty.

At the age of three thousand, Bronz decided to experiment with placing his brain into a female shell. As a female, She-Bronz still sought out sex with other female simulacrums. She spent time dressing up like them and learned, painstakingly, to adopt their mannerisms. She and her simulacrum girlfriends would try on every kind of gown and costume and wearing every kind of hairdo, and then She-Bronz would watch as they got romanced by other clones.

She-Bronz enjoyed her female existence. She still had control over all of her servants, and they performed every act at her behest. Her female genitalia also granted her unexpectedly intense pleasure, and she became fond of having her pussy licked and tongue fucked. When she was close to orgasm, she liked to grip a clone girl’s head between her thighs and feel the flurry of licks on her clit intensify.

It was during this brief phase that Wen prepared something special for She-Bronz. One day when She-Bronz was wandering Lod’amere, she met a simulacrum who did not realize she was in the presence of the Master. This clone behaved freely because Wen actively controlled the servant in such a way that it appeared to be whimsical, impulsive, and unique.

To She-Bronz, there was newness and excitement in the encounter. There were sparks of attraction as well. Seeking out privacy, they began squeezing and fondling each other, and soon they were licking each other from one sweet climax to the next.

What followed was a heated romance and one She-Bronz would never forget. She wanted to repeat it, only to make it different, better.

Wen had freshly whetted She-Bronz’s appetite for love, the kind he used to engage in before he became accustomed to domination and control. Thus for a time She-Bronz pursued lesbian romances. Lady Wen was pleased to find that She-Bronz enjoyed the give-and-take. Her regained capacity for patience and empathy was vital to her mental health. The last thing Lady Wen wanted was for Bronz’s to lose these and grow depressed or schizophrenic.

“If all that is left of me is a desire to see pain and misery, you are ordered to destroy me,” Bronz had once told her. “If I use torture to get my kicks, and you know, not rough sex kind of torture but real, black, pain and death kind of stuff, just put me out of my misery. Once I reach that stage, I can know no happiness.”

Wen nodded.

“You are correct, Master. However, I won’t let that happen to you,” she replied.

“It probably will happen. It will, Wen, listen to me. I’ll run out of fuel eventually.” He paused. “By the way, if you do have to destroy me, make sure you see to my estate. After that, self destruct.”

“As you wish, Master.”

She-Bronz tired of her lesbian affairs after only a few short years. Lady Wen held parties and tried to get She-Bronz back into role-playing mode by creating interesting characters using simulacrums of galactic celebrities and so forth. Eventually, this tactic backfired as well.

One time, Wen had a simulacrum of a virgin princess created, a native of Serra-5 named Daphne. This Princess Daphne clone was a surprise guest at a party. Daphne had a fancier hairdo and a more resplendent gown than She-Bronz, or anyone else in attendance. She-Bronz was incensed, and nearly threw everyone out of the party.

Even though Lady Wen did her best to salvage the situation, She-Bronz plotted her revenge. The thought of watching the princess get fucked by two girls with big dicks entered her mind.

She-Bronz knew one way to make this fantasy come true.

Lady Wen made the arrangements, of course. She hired a pair of girls who were joined to Alhani symbionts to visit Lod’amere. These symbionts were in effect girls with very large cocks. She-Bronz watched the symbionts seduce Daphne. In a private room, they took her virginity, then fucked her every which way, until she was limp, quivering, and covered with cum.

It was evident that “Daphne” had enjoyed all of it, even when she was getting a crash course in how to deep throat. She-Bronz enjoyed the show so much she offered to buy the symbionts outright. However, they were not for sale.

Bronz had invested resources in the mining of raw materials for thousands of years, and he had reserves on hand. He purchased his own pair of symbionts direct from the Alhani space merchants. He sent these dormant phalluses to nearby Serra-5. There, Lady Vera selected beautiful volunteer candidates to be joined to the symbionts. One of the criteria Bronz asked for was that the candidates be “rather mean” or “comfortable with bullying.”

After two years of training, these symbionts showed up for work at Lod’amere. They were to act as servants. They would obey She-Bronz’s commands and fuck whomever she chose for as long as she desired. She enjoyed watching them fuck the pretty simulacrums from both ends, and the symbionts put on a good show with their big cocks and massive cum-splattering orgasms. The simulacrums seemed to enjoy it most of all.

She-Bronz had a rule for his symbiont dick girls. They were to never ever offer her their cocks, or even their touch.

“Never, ever, even think about fucking the boss. I don’t want cock. Period.”

She-Bronz was just playing a woman. Inside, she was still a man and a former general. Get fucked like a trifling whore? That’s what the simulacrums were for.

Yet each time she watched the simulacrums enjoying a good fucking, she wondered what it was like. She consistently saw glee and delight in their faces the moment that sweetened cum burst from the heavy, meaty cocks of the symbionts. Phrases like oh god, I can feel your cum filling me, and shower me with your cum were used quite often by the simulacrums.

This story isn’t a fabrication. All events and dialogue are taken from my life. Some names have been changed to hide my identity.

My heart raced when I received his text, the last time I’d seen him other people had been around. In public, he was always friendly but a tad cold. I needed his touch, his abuse, his friendship. I don’t think he’s ever needed me. I raced down to greet him, my short gray dress barely covered my naked ass as I bounced down the stairs. Normally I wouldn’t wear anything so short and risqué, but I wanted him to give me all of his primal lust.

Since I had moved into a new apartment, Jay didn’t know which door to go to. I opened the door and walked onto the hard asphalt barefoot, he stood waiting for me by his expensive white car. His dad was an attorney, Jay was from old money. If it was his desire, he would never have to work a day in his life. His parents would give him everything as long as he stayed at home or close to them. In that moment I hated him, hated his lifestyle, hated that he was the quarterback when he was in high school, hated that he could have gone to any college he wanted to if he applied himself. But he’d never put his energy into anything. Not his education. Not his life. Not me. In the years I’d known him, he never struggled for anything. Why am I doing this? This is wrong. He doesn’t respect me, I’m just a girl to collect. A pretty butterfly to pin down, inspect, show off and forget. He thinks I’m beneath him, I’m never going to be a part of his world. I hate him. I thought to myself, but my feet carried me to him. Already my body was betraying me. Like always. Maybe one day I’ll be in control of my libido over my brain, but this was not that night.

“Hello, pet.” He made these simple words sound like a sexual purr, deep and commanding. Broad shoulders and masculine presence enveloped me as he reached an arm around me. A hand slipped underneath my dress in the middle of the driveway, we both knew anyone could be watching. Right next to my apartment was a church, I’m not religious but I felt a little guilty. A priest or nun might be watching, horrified at our public display. A loud slap echoed across the conservative neighborhood, my ass stung and I wanted more. With that, everything changed. I didn’t hate him anymore, I wanted him inside of me.

“Hello daddy.” I reached for his other hand and drew his finger into my mouth, swirling my tongue around sensually and swallowed it down to his knuckle. I wore his favorite lip-gloss, it reflected light perfectly and made my lips look shiny like a whore’s. Perhaps my best feature are my lips, full with well defined arches and soft bottom lip.

“Did you miss me?” His green eyes filled with lust as he watched me such his finger, his other hand grabbed my ass harshly and turned me around. I felt so small next to him, although I’m not a short girl his height and mass always made me feel tiny. It was no secret why his days as a football player where so successful. He pulled his finger away from my mouth with an audible pop, and wiped the spit off on my upper thigh like I was a rag.

“Mmhm. So much. It hasn’t been the same without you around.” Small talk wasn’t on my mind, but it came babbling out of my mouth without my will. I told him about my week, the plans of moving, who else I had seen before leaving, and what I was going to do when I got there. I wanted to remain a seductive vixen around him, but something about his presence made me lose all of that swagger. I felt so young, even though he and I are the same age. Although he encourages my words, he doesn’t reply much to me. When we got to the door, I opened it and gestured for him to go first.

“No. Go inside.” Deep baritone, his voice changed to his dominant tone, that voice alone made my pussy wet and turned a switch in my brain from competent girl to mindless cumslut. I followed his direction, the narrowness of the doorway forced me to press against him as I entered. The softness of my dress pressed against his hand. “Bend over the stairs, bitch.” Is he going to fuck me on the stairs? I wondered frantically, my roommate was probably upstairs, there was no way of knowing if he would come home soon or not. Again I listened to him, my little dress rising up and leaving part of my ass exposed. He made me stay that way as he closed the door and locked it, even though he’d never been in the house before he acted like he knew exactly what to do. I felt his hand brush over my skin, he slipped a finger inside of my pussy and finger fucked me, I kept silent in fear that someone would be around. ” Squeal for me, piggy.” He commanded, and added another finger inside of me with increased speed. I was terrified of being heard, but more terrified of not listening to his words. The excitement and force made me cum, my hands gripped the stairs and high-pitched noises escaped my lips, I’ve always sounded like a porn star and this was no exception. Wild and helpless. With a little tap on my ass, he indicated for me to stand. “Good girl. Keep going.”

“Yes daddy.” I got up and continued up the stairs, I tried to adjust my dress to cover me but he stopped my hand and told me he liked watching my round ass. I never knew that he liked my ass, he rarely ever paid me compliments so I blushed, and attempted to hide my embarrassment. I wanted him to think I was calm and collected and ready to have shameless sex, not a blushing shy mess. He was still his high school stereotype, a spoiled jock. Underneath I still had my stereotype, the quiet well behaved art girl that avoided the jocks and stayed in her own little world. His world was just so different from mine. We entered my room, I panicked over the state it was in. I’d cleaned up before he came, but he was so much harsher about neatness than I ever would be. Of course he hardly ever cleaned himself, but he was raised traditionally that woman where supposed to clean and cook. Whenever I visited his parent’s house, it was perfectly spotless. As a child my parents had a maid, she didn’t keep the house as spotless as Jay’s mother. Would my room live up to his standards? Probably not. Boxes where stacked neatly as possible, but still not perfect.

“What do you want to do pet?” His soft purr of a voice interrupted the train of my insecure thoughts. I looked up at his face. Had he always had perfect bone structure? Perfectly symmetrical cheekbones with expressive eyes.

“I-” I paused, I wanted to drop to my knees and start worshiping his cock but didn’t. It was too hard to initiate with him standing there, imposing and hard to read. “I don’t know.”

“I thought we could talk and you could give me back rubs for a while.” He flopped down on the queen sized bed stomach first, his back available for my nails to run down it. I hated cuddling with him. It always made my head spin, it was easier to keep it to be just sex and domination. It got complicated when he took genuine interest in my life. Reluctantly, I laid down in bed and waited for him to join me. After going to the bathroom and cleaning himself off like he wanted, he sprawled out on the bed stomach first taking up most of the room. Again, I felt tiny.

My hand trailed idly down his back, he loved the feeling of my sharp fingernails over his skin. He called it giving him a massage or back rub, but really it was really more gentle worship of his back. Much to my dislike, he brought up subjects of the past and how things had started to go wrong with us, I didn’t want to talk about that. It made me feel horrible about myself, worthless and stupid for trusting him in all the way that I had. It was hard not to believe the words he told me, that my insecurities had all been in my mind and that he’d never abandon or betray me. That I wasn’t disposable, he claimed he put too much work into my pussy and into my life for him to ever disappear. I wanted to believe him but couldn’t, I had watched all the other girls he used and then forgot. He was a playboy through and through, and I could never forget that. No matter how much I loved him, he wold never love me. He would never even like me or see me as a friend.

In order to change his mind that talking was a good idea, I trailed my fingernails over his butt and slowly kissed down his back, sliding my hot wet tongue over his shoulders and lower. He loved it when I used my tongue all over him, it made me feel like a slut or a dog, but his encouraging words always made me forget my dignity or worry. “Goddamn that feels good, I’ve missed this. You’re so good at everything you do.”

I left a wet line of spit down his back, trailing my fingernails over the back of his thighs and edging over the crack of his ass, still going down further. I was still a little shy and uncomfortable about licking his ass, but it was the only way I could fully distract him from wanting to talk. If he continued, eventually I’d blurt out the reason I was moving away was him. My lips reached the top of his asshole, my tongue darted out and tentatively nudged the sensitive skin. “Keep on going slut.” I licked deeper, spreading his ass cheeks with my hands and pleasured him with my slutty tongue. His ass never tasted much like anything, maybe sweat and the residue of soap. Clean, every part of him scrubbed and scented with soap or cologne. People that didn’t know him well would assume he was laid back. He was anything but. “Fuck yeah bitch. That’s right.” His deep voice encouraged me, I slid my tongue in a circle around his asshole and flicked the tip back and forth with extreme speed.

“Daddy, I want to taste your cock.” I teased his balls from underneath with my tongue, making him jump slightly.

“You haven’t earned it yet, bitch.” His words made my pussy tighten and throb, I loved it when he made me earn the right to suck his dick. I slobbered over his asshole like he wanted, and nudged his balls again.

“Turn over. I want to touch your chest, and lick your ears.” After a few more moments of my tongue in his ass he complied, I curled up in the corner of his arm and trailed my fingers down his chest, carefully avoiding touching his dick. My lips close to his ear, I whispered “I can’t wait to taste your cock, I want to feel it slammed down my throat choking me. Make me cum by fucking my throat, you know how I like it. How I need it.” My shyness was slowly fading, I lightly played with his balls, my wet tongue covering his ear and nibbling gently.

“You’ll get what you need soon enough piggy.” I whined quietly, my tongue covering his neck determined to make him lose control, grab my hair and force me down on his hard cock. “How well did you shave that pussy?”

“Uhm, I’m getting a lot better at it.” When we first started having sex, I didn’t shave my pussy. He made it clear it was something he wanted, so I obliged- it took longer than I thought it would to get the hang of it, but I finally discovered the secret. Baby oil. It made my skin soft, smooth and hairless. His hand reached down and played with my shaved cunt, opening my lips apart and sliding his finger along my clit.

“Open your legs whore.” He commanded, I obeyed automatically without hesitation. His orders always made me move before I could even think them through. With a loud slap he hit my cunt, the pleasure and pain made me gasp and almost brought me to orgasm right there. “You like that little piggy?” I nodded, he slapped my sensitive area again, harder this time. I cried out, wanton and wanting more. “Such a dirty slut. You going to miss being abused by me?” I nodded, he stroked my clit in a circular motion until I cried out again. He rewarded my orgasm with another harsh slap to my clit and had me clean off his fingers with my mouth. “Tell me what you are.”

“Nothing but a slut, a cumdump for use. Only good when my holes are being filled and used.” I knew what he wanted to hear, the words effected me as much as they effected him. His cock bounced, my entire body felt like it was electrified. “Use all of my holes daddy, I want to feel your cock stretch every inch of me out.” After speaking my desire, I needed more of his skin in my mouth even if he wouldn’t let me suck him yet, my mouth closes around his nipple flicking my tongue rapidly.

“You ready for this cock?” Bemused by my open desire and need of him, his voice showed a little bit of mocking. The humiliation and teasing suits me, I wasn’t holding back any of my hidden personality tonight. If he wanted to tease me for being a desperate cum slut, he could. That’s what I was being. I nodded emphatically to his question, trailing my tongue slowly down his chest. “Get your hands behind your back slut, you know what’s coming. I positioned myself in between his legs and did as he asked, looking up at him with expectant eyes.

“Use me daddy.” I begged, licking his balls with my tongue again.

“Say it again slut.”

“Use me. Fuck my throat.” My voice was more insistent this time, raw, pleading.

“I’m going to make you cum by fucking this bitch throat.” He could, and he’d done it many times before. For some reason the lack of oxygen and the feeling of something down my throat can send me into an intense orgasm, made me dizzy and helpless, which Jay loved. So strong, his hand grabbed my hair into a tight ball and shoved my mouth down on his cock not even allowing me to lick or tease. He brought my face up and down with such rapid speed I couldn’t do anything, just take what he was giving me. “That’s right little piggy, don’t do anything. Don’t fight me, don’t try to think, just be a good toy for daddy.” His dick slammed down my throat again and again, I felt pressure rising between my legs, the combination of his words, the lack of air and being used like a toy was sending me close to orgasm. He knew it. “You close baby?” He asked, pulling my hair up for a few moments so I could catch my breathe.

“Ye-” I was cut off mid sentence, his hand wrapped tight into my hair and he slammed me back down onto his hard dick. I told him once how much I loved the idea of not being allowed to talk and being gagged by a man’s dick, he was happy to oblige. The pressure in my pussy grew, I could feel the wetness threatening to run down my leg.

“What was that cunt?” He smirked, keeping my head still as he thrust up into my mouth. I was allowed to answer this time.

“Yes daddy. Slap me, please.” I begged, I wanted to feel his hand connect with my cheek, it would send my orgasm over the edge.

“Like this cunt?” He pulled his spit covered cock out of my mouth and slapped me hard across the face with it.

I let out a breathy grasp of excitement and looked up at him desperately. “Uh huh. More, please.” Green eyes looked down at me in cold amusement, he slapped his cock against my cheek harder and marked every inch of my face with his dick. “Slap my face daddy.” The words left me before I could stop it, it’ s what I really wanted. To be slapped hard, degraded and abused. He rewarded my honesty with a loud slap across my cheek and pushed my head back down on his dick, stretching my throat out completely.

“Hold that mouth open.” I obliged, he amped up his aggressive strokes to the back of my throat, a weird gurgling sound happened every time he hit the back. The pressure between my legs built more, Jay slapped my face again so hard my ears rang and I felt myself cum from the pressure.

God, I’m such a freak. I thought to myself, what girl orgasms from giving head?

“Did you cum bitch?” I tried to say yes, but it just came out a gargled sound. “Good girl. Where do you want my cum?” He pulled my head up so I could properly speak, I must look like such a mess. Spit and precum running down my face, my eyeshadow probably smudged, my lips red and puffy from being used roughly.

“My ass, I want you to fuck my ass daddy.” I managed to get out between breaths, he really worked my throat over. The boy had amazing stamina, I’d never been with a lover that could last like he does.

“You want me to tear up that slut ass? Get your ass up in the air, face down.” There was a change in his voice, more authoritative than before. If I didn’t obey him, he’d grab me and force me into the position he wanted. I flung myself into the position, my head resting slightly against the wall. “This what you need bitch?” He positioned himself behind me, rubbing his dick teasingly against my clit. “Say it.”

“I need it daddy, please!” He pulled his dick away from my clit and slammed it hard into my cunt without any warning or preparation. I screamed into the pillow in pleasure and pain, my pussy has always been narrow and requires being worked open a little bit. Even with the pain, I loved it. I loved knowing how tight I’d feel to him, and I loved being a good bitch. I even liked the pain and the feeling of his dick pressed against my cervix.

“Where am I cunt?” He asked, knowing exactly where he was.

“My pussy daddy.” Strong hands gripped my hips hard, he slammed into me with enough force to send me forward into the wall, my head hurt from being hit but I didn’t care. I should care he wasn’t wearing a condom, I normally forced him to. His raw dick felt so good, I just wanted more. To give himself better leverage and to make me feel tiny, he placed his foot up by my head, the other spread my legs out further than possible comfort. The awkward position and helplessness added to my intoxication. “You’re fucking my wet pussy daddy.”

“You want me to breed this cunt, pet? Feel my cum deep inside of you, filling you. I’m going to use you for your true purpose bitch.” My eyes flashed open wider, I definitely did not want that. One of his hands worked into my hair, pulling my head up sharply. “Tell me bitch, you going to be a good cumdump whore for me?”

“No daddy, please. Come in my ass or mouth!” I cried, I wasn’t on the pill and didn’t want to get pregnant. There was no way I’d stop him, I’d given him too much already. My ability to tell him no or make up my own mind about what happened between us had vanished months ago. His weight pressed against me, his foot by my face I wanted to give him everything he desired. Only a tiny lingering drop of sanity was left in me.

“Say it again bitch. Where do you want my cum.” My position didn’t suit him, he raised my butt up higher and pushed my head down lower into the mattress. I reached my tongue out tentatively and licked his foot, maybe that would help convince him to listen to me. He moaned and showed his approval “Fuck, dirty girl.”

“My ass, please daddy. Pound my ass with your big fat cock and fill me with your cum.” I was getting worried, was he really going to do it. What could I do? I had enough left in my account for the morning after pill, but I needed the money for other things. “Please daddy.”

“I’ll do whatever the hell I want, cunt. You’re my property. This cunt belongs to me. Your ass belongs to me. You won’t stop me, you’re just a cock pleaser. You’ll do what I want.” He was right. I wouldn’t fight against him, I wanted to please him no matter what it took. He seemed to notice my body losing tension and giving up the fight, “That’s right. Good girl. Give yourself to daddy.” As I was certain he was going to use my pussy to cum, he pushed into my ass with renewed vigor. After cumming so hard and often, my ass didn’t offer too much resistance to his rather sizable girth. I could feel his big head popping in and out of me, he worked at me until I begged him to fuck me hard. With enough stretching out, I can handle a cock without lube because of how wet my pussy naturally is.

“Fuck yes, daddy! Oh my god. You’re so fucking good at what you do. I’m your property, your cunt. Your bitch.” I found myself crying out, I’ve always loved the feeling of anal sex. Nothing made me feel quite the same, my orgasms where so much more intense and I didn’t have to worry about my cervix being bashed. “You’re so fucking good at this.” I wanted to rock back into him, but I knew he preferred it when I just stayed still and took it.

Nydia’s boots made a rather strange sound as I plunged my cock into her ass from behind. Ninve wasn’t kidding about her fetish for wearing them, not that I had any complaints. It was funny to know that this proper Mormon girl had such naughty fantasies and ideas, but she did so, much to my delight. I wouldn’t want a serious deal with her, however, since she could be such a bitch at times and a real hypocrite about the whole religion and morals BS.

Still, her ass was delightfully tight and made for great anal sex. That must have come from being an anal virgin until she got with me and found out that I wanted to stick it there. Since she wanted me to fuck her, she paid the price, so to speak. Something told me that she wasn’t likely to make that offer to others, since they weren’t likely to insist upon it. They were too dazzled by her beauty to stick to their guns.

The fun part was that our first time was when I initiated her. I took her ass in the men’s room bar, right after we got hammered. For an LDS woman, Nydia could put the booze back remarkably well. It was another Friday night, a week after my birthday. My official birthday had been Wednesday the 31st, but I had waited to celebrate it properly until the weekend Halloween party (it was a tradition at the office to avoid such parties until Friday nights, to reduce the impact of hangovers). This meant that Election Day had come and gone, leaving Nydia especially upset due to Obama’s victory.

Anyway, that was almost two months prior to tonight, New Years’ Eve. In just hours, it would be a new year: 2013. I had already cum once that night, at the New Years’ Eve party at work, when I had pounded Ninve’s sweet tush. Yeah, it was a night for anal. Then again, who could blame me, with a growing popularity and an ability to set terms with the ladies at work? Part of that equation was an increase in the frequency of butt sex, though of course I used their other holes, including Nydia’s cunt.

Nydia grunted as usual, wincing a bit from the rough way I used her asshole, but she also bucked her hips at me, plus I could smell her juices leaking down her thighs to her boots. She loved it, even as she pretended at times that she resented me for using her backdoor for my own pleasure. After all, no one made her keep coming back to me for more sizzling trysts. That she did so was quite revealing in many ways about her true character.

It was even more obvious when she came yet again while I plowed her ass with my cock. It wasn’t the first time she had climaxed from taking it roughly in the booty. As much as she griped about my love of buggery, she came very often when I used her that way. I came, of course, from sodomizing her, pulling her hair, and hearing her leather boots squeak as I slammed her rear end. This time, I came very hard, my spunk rather messy as it oozed down her crack toward her pussy and taint.

“That’s not so bad, now, is it, Nydia? Or is my little Mormon slut going to keep up the charade of hating me for what I do to her whenever she comes over as she has for almost two months now?” I taunted the girl, not in a mood to go easy on her.

“Oh, fuck you!” she cussed me out, her eyes glazed like a donut as she admired my cock. I could tell how much she craved it still.

“I think that’s been covered for a while, at least. Besides, that’s another sin that a good Mormon girl wouldn’t practice. Guess what that makes you. Don’t worry, though. I love corrupting you,” I grinned at the girl, delighting in her torment.

“Damn you, quit mocking my faith!” she reached up to slap me, but I pulled her closer to kiss her mouth and invade it with my tongue.

Nydia’s response was to instantly surrender to my power. She stopped fighting me and started groping my ass. She couldn’t help herself. She had to submit to my dominant ways. I pushed her face down to my cock, making her suck my dick straight from her own ass. It was a good thing that I now had her on a program of regular cleansing, so there were no sanitary issues.

“That’s good, slut. You know that you like this. My dirty little Mormon slut, ready and willing to bend over and take it in the ass for me, knowing that I own her sweet booty now. You know that this isn’t going to end, don’t you? I’ll be fucking your asshole whenever I like for as long as I wish, and you’ll just have to lump it, missy. Well, lump it and suck it, too,” I asserted, knowing that she wouldn’t gainsay me. She’d still be taking my cock up her ass twenty or thirty years down the road, and we both knew it.

When she was done licking and sucking my cock, I slapped Nydia on her ass and told her, “Get dressed, slut. I imagine that you have a nice, respectable family function to attend tonight, that doesn’t involve getting a heathen like me to sodomize you. Probably want to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to hide the traces of cum and booze, too.”

“No, I did that already. Can I spend the night, Mark? I don’t feel like facing my parents and such right now. They probably wonder where I am, come to think of it. I’ll have to think of a little white lie to tell them,” she pleaded with me.

“That’s not so much a little white lie as a major dark one. If you want to spend the night, fine. But you stay naked and ready in case I want some more tail from you. Either hole, too,” I insisted.

“Yes, of course, Mark. Thanks. I can’t bear to deal with their questions right now, especially since that Long Island iced tea won’t be easy to hide on my breath,” she showed her typical gratitude, which seldom lasted longer than an hour at the most. She really was a bitch most of the time. At least now she was increasingly my bitch, and she knew it … knew it and hated me for it.

“Keep your boots on, of course. I happen to like that kink of yours. Ninve will be up soon, so I need to wash my dick so she can get it in the pussy. Her ass is too sore for another turn of that right now, I suspect. I used it well and good, just like I did yours. Mind you, she will want to kiss me and do other things, too. She won’t mind seeing you here, especially since she has encouraged me to fuck you. She might taunt and tease you a bit, but probably nothing out of hand. If she gives you an order, follow it. While you’re here as my guest tonight, you will obey both of us, but especially me. Is that clear?” I used my new leverage over Nydia to get what I wanted from her. I seized the chance to humiliate her a little by making her do as she was told by not only me, but another woman.

As if speaking of Ninve summoned her abruptly, my newly pregnant supervisor walked into the apartment, as I had given her a copy of my key. I wasn’t afraid of her walking in on me, after all, since she knew that I screwed other girls. She promptly puckered up for a kiss and I gave her my best lip lock, tangling tongues with her as I slid my hands down her pants and caressed her delectable Assyrian bottom. She reacted to that by shoving down my boxers that I had just put back on and grabbing my cheeks in return.

“You still like my ass, huh? That’s good to see. By the way, Sandra wanted me to tell you that she’s pregnant to you as well. Not as far along as I am, but she has your seed growing inside her womb nonetheless. She isn’t more than a couple of days behind me, anyway. You know, you might as well start attending our church now and then. Any guy who has knocked two of us up is really an honorary Assyrian by virtue of that, if you ask me.

“Maybe we should offer you a threesome for attending a service once in a while. I’d be game for that and I think that Sandra would, too. We’ve both had orgies with you already. This would be special, though. Two Assyrian girls at once. Think that you could handle that?” Ninve enticed me as we made out in front of Nydia.

“Oh, I imagine that I’ll live to tell about it, as dangerous as you gals might be together. The most I might have to worry about would be scratches all over my back and my butt-cheeks. A good dose of peroxide can fix that. A pity your church doesn’t have polygamy. I could marry both of you and really look forward to the wedding night,” I answered as I continued kissing her hungrily.

“Trust me, our ménage a trois isn’t going to ever end if I have any say in the matter. I love sharing you with Sandra, even as jealous as it makes us from time to time. I love how you call us your ‘princesses’. Yeah, I know about that part, too. Given how much you normally hate the use of that term for women, it means even more coming from you. I think that you get off on mixing your blood with that of an ancient civilization, which is fine with me. Anything that it takes to get you in bed with us is okay in my book.

“So, may I consider that a deal? Sandra and I fuck you together and you attend our church occasionally?” Ninve pressed the issue, quite eager to see more of me, even in a liturgical setting.

“It’s a deal. They’re not gonna kill me, though, are they? Your family, that is,” I teased her a bit.

“No, nor maim you, if that’s what you fear. Sandra and I will even fuck each other if you wish. If my family asks, we were all a bit drunk and you woke up with both of us. Now we’re both preggers and you’re too honorable to dismiss either of us. That might sell it better, I think,” Ninve advised me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“What a pair you gals are! Sounds like a plan, though,” I agreed as I kissed her fiercely again.

“Hey, you love us just the way we are, right? Incidentally, don’t forget that we lady supervisors plan to reverse gang-bang you again soon. Ana is especially wet at the thought I believe. It’s all she can talk about these days. I can’t say that I blame her.

“And Lucy is asking about you again. Seems she wants to have you hike up her plaid skirt and shove it deep inside her again in the supply closet like you fucked her last time. She admitted to me that she loved it and gets wet every time she thinks about it. I think that she cares more about sexual favors than she does about tips these days. She has promised to go commando from now on to make it easier, too. I think that you’re gonna be a busy guy this coming year as well, Mark,” Ninve resumed her update, evidently relishing her usefulness to me that way.

“Well, I’ll do my best to gratify the ladies as always. I must confess that spontaneous sexual congress holds a particular appeal to me. When I nailed Lucy that last time, for example, I didn’t give her much advance warning and she loved it that way. You could tell from how soaked her pussy was, too. She gave me her drenched panties as a souvenir, which I finally broke down and washed because it stunk up my apartment. If you see her before I do, tell her to keep wearing those panties for me. I like the idea of collecting them from her, even if it slows down the act itself. Pretty soon, I’ll own them all and she’ll have to earn them back,” I chuckled at that devious idea.

“Speaking of your many sluts, I see that Pussy in Boots is here. Not that I mind, naturally, since I recommended her, but I’m surprised that she stuck around or that you kept her around this time. She’s been awfully quiet, too. What’s going on?” Ninve probed, more than a little curious and aroused at the same time.

“Oh, that, yeah. Ninve, I think that Nydia is worried about how to fit our ongoing sexual liaisons with the teachings of her church and the demands of her family. Mormons, right? Not that I care much, but she wanted to crash here and let the liquor escape her breath, while she thinks of a cover story for tonight that her folks might actually believe. I’m game for that, especially if it means I can squeeze in another roll in the hay at least. She’s annoying, but we both know that she is now trapped. She’ll still be getting her ass reamed by my cock when she’s sixty. She can’t help it. She’s my bitch. Then again, you also belong to me, don’t you, princess?” I challenged Ninve to deny it.

“You think? Hey, Captain Obvious, it’s me, your horny supervisor who risks losing her job every chance she can get some tail. You know, me, the mother of your unborn child? I think that this here baby signifies that quite well, thank you very much. Sorry about the sarcasm, but let’s not kid ourselves, honey. We’re joined at the hip now, you, me, and Sandra. Nydia’s just along for the ride. Now, will you cut out the rhetorical questions and fuck me, please? All this talk of sex has me eager to actually get laid. You’ll find me more than a little damp, too,” Ninve urged me to screw her sweet pussy again, as if I needed much of an invitation.

My Assyrian princess wasn’t lying, either, as I discovered when I simply bent her over the love seat and thus made her ass pop out of her somewhat baggy pants. I was convinced that she wore those slacks deliberately, knowing that they would have the desired effect. In any case, she was wet enough that I could enter her easily without even a trace of lube. I loved that kind of sudden, short-notice encounter, so I had no trouble getting it up for Ninve and sinking my cock far inside her.

Naturally, when I was balls deep inside my supervisor, she started moving her hips in undeniable lust and excitement. By now, we had begun to figure each other out, of course. She knew how to please and satisfy me and vice versa. She was well aware that her ass was a major attraction for me, so taking her from behind was de rigeur for most of our encounters.

She also knew that once I began the kind of steamy affair like ours, I didn’t just break it off easily. Something would have to happen from my partner’s end or a third-party to terminate the tryst. I am the sort of guy who likes multiple partners, yes, but I also like to keep the ones I really enjoy on a fairly permanent basis. I have a hard time discarding someone.

On the other hand, I don’t take well to people dictating terms to me, as more than a few women have learned the hard way when they called my bluff. I will fuck whomever I please, but I neither accept nor attach strings in such cases. If you don’t want to sleep with me, I’ll move on. I might not be happy, but I will keep living and get over it. I will not let anyone tell me that I must do this or that to get into her panties. That is not my style and I naturally get my back up in such cases. I’m too proud to put up with that nonsense.

At any rate, I soon found that Nydia was masturbating herself to the sight of me fucking Ninve as hard as I could. It wasn’t exactly a surprise there. That Mormon girl was a deviant like the rest of us, as much as she pretended otherwise. All that she achieved by putting up that front with those who knew better was to irritate us. She was a natural tramp and she needed to embrace her inner slut. Once she did that, she would be a lot better off.

“Fuck, man! Even pregnant, she still likes getting her cunt rammed like that! No wonder you knocked her up when you did. That’s fucking awesome! Maybe I should have your baby, too. Think that there’s any chance of it, Mark?” Nydia suddenly blurted in response to the sexy scene of me shoving it deep inside Ninve’s dripping pussy.

“Oh, I’ll think about it,” I answered, while noticing just how quiet Ninve was suddenly.

I got the distinct and abrupt impression that her brain was out of commission for a short time, due to the pleasures of being fucked so thoroughly. Ninve got like that a lot, from what I could tell, when someone got her off. She was completely oblivious to the outside world. All that seemed to matter was my hard cock slamming her wet cunt without any pretense of mercy. I had to admit that this was the perfect idea for bringing in the New Year.

In fact, just as I exploded inside Ninve, the ball dropped on the TV screen. It was now 2013. I had just enjoyed my last fuck of the old year and my first of the new at the same time. As I pulled out of her pussy, I grinned at that realization, which apparently dawned on her as well, once conscious thought returned to her. She wasn’t stupid, just sometimes a bit easily distracted and willfully ignorant at times.

“Happy New Year, honey,” she told me with a grin after standing up.

“Happy New Year, princess. I must admit it was a great way to begin it, too, with your naked ass in plain view while I fucked you in that position,” I replied with a deep tongue kiss for my supervisor.

“Glad I could help with that, dear. I think that I might have to quit my job so I can move in with you. Don’t worry; I won’t try to mess with your many girlfriends. I helped set you up with them, after all. You already gave me a key, which I doubt that you’ve done for Nydia here, just for example.

“You might want to consider giving her one, though. I suspect that she’d make a great roommate, too. A Mormon hiding out from her parents and all that jazz could get very exciting after a while. How about it? Move some of us in with you? Sandra is another such case.

“We can all shack up together and do better that way. Lots of sex and all that, you know what mean,” Ninve proposed, puckering her lips in anticipation of gratifying her lusts by that means.

One look at both women said it all. I made up my mind right then. I could get used to a life where there was always at least one lovely and willing female to fuck until she lost all semblance of rationality. I could definitely become accustomed to having Ninve’s naked booty on display for my pleasure, inviting me to fuck her. I could use some of Sandra’s silky olive skin against my flesh, as well as Nydia’s boots kink, Ana and Teresa and their improper workplace bathroom sex, and Lucy’s fondness for plaid skirts and soaking panty gifts. They were all so delightfully kinky … any or all of them could be at my beck and call. Yes, that would definitely punch my ticket.

“Yeah, that sounds like my cup of tea, princess. How does that grab you, Nydia?” I consented to Ninve’s plan with a grin on my face.

“Not have to face my folks anytime soon? Sign me up,” Nydia smiled at that prospect.

“Good, but I have to warn you that I will want to plow your back field on a very regular basis, probably more than I already do. I’m the man of the house. What I say goes while you’re under my roof, young lady,” I declared in my sternest, most authoritative voice.

“Yes, sir! Too bad my real dad’s not like you. I’d have fucked him years ago,” Nydia surprised us with that statement.

“You would fuck your own father?” Ninve reacted with amazement.

“Yeah, who do you think I’ve dressed so slutty for in the past? Guys at my church? I don’t think so! Like you said, I’m a rotten excuse for a Mormon,” she abruptly blushed.

“Well, I’m not your old man, Nydia, so… ,” I reminded her in the midst of her enthusiasm.

“Yeah, well, he missed that train. Time for Mark and company to climb aboard,” she winked at me, while rubbing her soft, smooth buns.

“Well, while we’re on the subject of trains… ,” I trailed off as I saw the hunger in Ninve’s eyes. Then I noted that Nydia exhibited the same feverish lust. The year was new and the night was young. I got the distinct feeling that we would all be sore, tired, and happy by dawn. That was just fine with me.


I had always thought I might be gay, but I sure tried to convince myself otherwise. All through high-school and two years of college, I dated only women and fucked more than my fair share. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Hell, I even imagined marrying my last girlfriend, having two kids and a dog, and continuing to living the lie. But as the relationship grew more intense, and I found more excuses to visit a nearby glory-hole, it became clear that it wasn’t fair to me…and damn sure wasn’t fair to her. The break-up was rough, and for a while I resisted the constant badgering from my roommate as to why I would give-up such a wonderful girl. After the hundredth time of being asked, I finally told Kevin what I’d been hiding from him for the past two years.

“Look, man…I love Pam too much to lie to her…when I’m not sure of who I am or what I want. I’ve been fighting the truth that I’m gay too long. So there you go…is that what you wanted to hear?” I said, clearly agitated.

Kevin just stared at me for what seemed like several minutes before finally finding the words to speak. “How could you possibly be gay, when you two have been fucking each other senseless every chance you got?”

“I’m not in the mood to analyze what a great fucking liar I am. Guess I thought if I got enough pussy, I’d stop thinking about dick.” I knew the last line was purely about shock value…but it didn’t keep me from saying it.

Kevin sat on his bed, rubbing his forehead and clearly struggling for what to do or say next. “I don’t know, Mike…we’ve been living in cramped quarters for two years, and I never once that you might be into show tunes.” He said, with a nervous chuckle. “Look…I don’t get it, but I’m no homophobe. My uncle came out a few years ago…not that it was any great shock to anybody. The point is…how you want to deal with this is up to you…what you say to me, stays between us.” He then calmly grabbed his backpack and left for class.

I sat at my desk trembling with nerves. Never in my life had I spoken about the truth that haunted me for so long. Kevin and I were roommates, and got along well…but I couldn’t say we were particularly close friends. I even gave Pam a bullshit reason for breaking up. This was not the way I ever imagined outing myself. For the next hour I felt on the verge of throwing-up. Fortunately, I only had one class later in the afternoon.


For the next few weeks, Kevin did his best to act as though nothing had changed, but it was clear he was at least mildly uncomfortable. I was miserable, and started to think I’d made a horrible mistake. Other than a few jerk-off sessions with a buddy in high school, and some anonymous blowjobs at a glory-hole in the library…I’d never really had anything close to a gay relationship. I was starting to question my sexuality all over again.

Kevin’s girlfriend stopped by the room one afternoon, and gave me a surprise as she waited on him to return from class. “Don’t be mad at Kevin for saying something to me.” Lydia said, kissing me on the cheek. “He’s worried about you…says you seem depressed.”

“Yeah…well…try ruining your entire life in one afternoon. It’s not exactly an uplifting experience.” I mumbled, with a mix of anger and creeping sadness.

“Pam’s been asking me about you. She wants to give you some space, but hopes you’ll come back around.” Lydia said, taking the chair across from me in the tiny dorm room. “I haven’t told her a thing…and I get the impression she’s in the dark about what’s going on.”

“Right now, nothing’s going on.” I snapped back. “I’m sorry…thanks for giving a shit…but nobody can help me with this fucked-up situation. I just have to deal with it, that’s all.”

“Holy shit…how did you go from jock-stud to drama queen so quickly?” Lydia said with equal doses of irritation and sarcasm. “Find a boyfriend and already, and see if that’s what you really want. I tend to think this whole thing is just because you’ve been afraid to try a few things. Being curious is not the same as being gay, you dipshit!”

Lydia had a reputation for being direct and painfully blunt. She wasn’t doing anything to disguise the way she felt today. I was about to get really pissed-off, when Kevin walked into the room.

“Uh-oh…I can see in your eyes you’ve given Mike a strong dose of your opinion.” Kevin said, looking at his girlfriend’s stern face. “Sorry man…but with two women hounding me over what was happening…something had to give.”

I closed my eyes and allowed my anger to die-down. I realized they were concerned, and had to be thankful for that. “I’m sorry you guys have been caught in the middle of all this. I couldn’t have handled this any worse.”

“Screw the dorm food…let’s grab a pizza and some beer.” Kevin said, checking his wallet. “You can calm down, and Lydia can get pissed that I can’t go home with her over the weekend.”

“What?…You’re going to make me tell mom you’re not coming!? She thinks you walk on water, you know.” Lydia said, clearly annoyed.

Although I was reluctant to go, it was nice to just hang out and feel like I was with friends. They may not have completely understood me, but at least they were there for me. Lydia still wasn’t happy about going home without Kevin, but at least she was less pissed-off as the beers softened her mood. By the time the evening was over, Kevin and I managed to get back to the dorm and stumbled our way into bed.

The next morning, we had both slept late and I was the first to get out of bed. Kevin was still asleep with an obvious case of morning-wood in his boxers. It wasn’t that big a deal, and had happened to both of us a handful of times over the last few years. I know Kevin had seen me in the same condition, and was cool enough not to mention it. Either of us would wake-up, notice the problem, and simply roll over to avoid being indecent. Given the topic of conversation over the last few days, I thought he might feel compromised, and tossed a blanket over him before heading down the hall for a shower. I’d been horned as hell the last few days without any relief, and seeing him that way wasn’t doing me any good. The rest of the day went on about as normal as it could, with both of us feeling more comfortable than we had in a while.

It was Saturday morning and I rolled out of my top bunk as usual, only to find Kevin with another morning hard-on. Any guy knows they can be more of a problem at certain times than others, but this still seemed a bit odd. The covers were trapped underneath his legs, so I couldn’t toss them over him this time. I made some noise moving a chair, and expected Kevin would get the message and roll over. Instead, he took a deep breath and lazily draped an arm over his eyes. I sat down, taking advantage of his blocked vision and stared at my roommates slumbering form. I always thought he was a good looking guy, but never wanted to make him think I looked at him in that way. As hard as I worked over the years to conceal my interest in cock, it was even more shocking that I spilled the beans so quickly. We both stay in great shape and are about the same height, but Kevin is just a bit more muscular. The most obvious difference between us is our complexion. I have dark hair, brown eyes, and a decent tan…but Kevin has the all-over pale complexion that goes with his reddish-blond hair and green eyes. None of that was of any great fascination for me until now, as my eyes ran up his toned thigh and into the leg opening of his boxers. From my seated position, and with the help of the morning sun, I could see the sparse hair that covered his scrotum…the fabric being tugged out of the way by his morning erection. My own prick was starting to swell as my gaze was drawn over Kevin’s Chicago Bears boxers and to the tip of the tented shorts. The head of his cock pressed against the fly, with the opening revealing a glimpse of the swollen shaft. At this moment I never wanted anything so badly, but I had no intention of ruining every relationship I still had. I got up to get my robe, hoping the shower would be empty for a quick jerk-off session.

“Are you going to act like the faggot you say you are…or are you going to make me wait for Lydia to take care of this?” Kevin said in a gruff tone, his arm still covering his eyes

My heart immediately jumped into my throat, and for a second I hated him for calling me a faggot. Then again, he was about the only person who could possibly say that and get away with it. I was far too nervous to say a word. My body shook with a mix of fear and excitement as I slowly walked back toward the lower bunk. My hand trembled as I tentatively reached to trace a finger over the moist spot at the tip of his tent pole. Kevin took another deep breath as I watched the white t-shirt rise and fall over his stomach. Slipping a finger into the open fly of the boxers, I felt the warm, silky skin of Kevin’s rod as I nervously fished his cock through the opening. I’d never seen my roommate’s prick in this condition, and it was truly impressive. Not overly long, at a bit more than six inches, it still filled my hand with ample girth. The skin was even paler than the rest of him, with bluish lines of veins, easily seen under the soft skin that covered intensely hard flesh underneath. The pole throbbed as I gave a firm squeeze and a drop of clear nectar emerged at the tip of his circumcised dick.

“I…I don’t know, man…are you sure?” I asked with a shaky voice, astonished that Kevin would ever allow me to do this.

“Shut up…convince me you’re a fag.” He barked gruffly, still hiding his eyes. “Suck it, or get the fuck away from me.”

I’d never experienced this overtly dominate side of his personality before, but I didn’t mind. If nothing else, it made me feel more like I was taking orders than willingly accosting my roommate. Kneeling on the floor, and leaning over the bed, I took the tip of his slick helmet into my mouth. Kevin’s meat was the thickest I ever encountered…not that my experience was all that vast. Working up large amounts of spit, I managed to stretch my jaw wide enough to inch my way down the warm pole. By now, Kevin was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum into my mouth and the taste was fantastic…a bit sweeter than my own. After a few minutes, my jaw relaxed and I began sucking with enthusiasm. Kevin was largely silent, only grunting as I focused on the spot beneath the spongy helmet.

“Better at it than I thought you’d be.” Kevin said hoarsely, reaching down to tug the opening of his boxers under his balls. “Lick’em, pansy-ass…lick my nuts.”

I was too lost in lust not to obey. My tongue slid over the loose, wrinkled flesh that covered a pair of plum-sized orbs. I’d caught quick glimpses of Kevin naked after a shower, or changing clothes for a date…but never appreciated just how well equipped he really was. My dick might be longer, but he had me beat in every other measure. The whole package seemed to fit his more muscular, wrestler-type frame perfectly. The sunlight gleamed against pink hue of his sack and the blond hair that thinly covered it. Even the deeper red color of his pubic bush was easier to see with more of his junk out in the open. I lapped hungrily across his scrotum, up the swollen shaft, and devoured his throbbing organ over and over again. My own cock was now painfully hard and leaking profusely within my boxer-briefs. Kevin’s nuts began to contract, and I knew my reward would soon arrive.

“Oh fuck…you’d better take it all!” Kevin groaned, now holding my head firmly in place as he thrust his hips upward. “If I’m willing to do this shit…you’d better not bitch about the result!”

Kevin roughly pushed my face tight against his crotch and held me in place. His cock swelled even larger in my mouth as stream after stream of hot spunk shot down my throat and leaked around the edges of my lips. His seed was warm and salty, but not unpleasant, as I struggled to swallow his load without gagging. I barely touched my own prick before cumming and soiling my underwear. I was still working Kevin’s softening prick when he abruptly pushed me away and rose from the bed.

“Never had a dude blow me before…but you’re damn good at it.” Kevin said, grabbing his towel and shower supplies. “Don’t go expecting anything from me. I just had to know how serious you were about this shit.” He then quickly left the room.

I was highly confused, and yet strangely satisfied, as I sat on the floor with cum on my lips and a huge stain on my underwear. Clearly I had just been used, and should have been pissed-off…but anger never came to me. I’d never been forced into a submissive role before, and was shocked to find that aspect is what really got me off. Regardless, I still couldn’t understand why “Mr. Nice Guy” suddenly did a Jekyll-and-Hyde routine to get his rocks off. I was sitting in my robe and still collecting my thoughts when Kevin returned from the shower. He walked in the door and barely looked at me…as though nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

“Hey…asshole…you mind telling me what brought that on?” I asked with mock indignity.

Kevin sighed deeply and paused a moment before speaking. “Lydia thinks you just more “adventurous” than you are “gay”". He said, using his fingers to form quotation marks in the air. “We both think you’re too hung up on being either totally straight or gay. Neither of us can imagine you in an emotional relationship with a dude. Your attitude just isn’t like any of the gay friends we know.” Kevin’s tone was matter-of-fact and confident, without any sense of remorse or regret.

“Okay. So how does practically forcing me to suck you off help enlighten me?” I asked, now more confused than before.

“Look, man…I think you know that I’m a hundred percent about pussy.” Kevin said, looking at my confused expression. “Ok…ninety-eight percent pussy…the point is, I’m not afraid of experiencing a good time. I think you’re the same, you just haven’t put it into context yet.”

“I’m afraid I’m still not getting it.”

“Great…let me draw you a fucking picture.” Kevin said, pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. “Pam has confided to Lydia several times what a great lover you are. She thinks you have a kinkier side than you’re often comfortable with. Pam would like you to experiment and get comfortable. You should be honored as hell to have a woman that loves you that much.”

“So did you all get together and dream-up what happened this morning?” I asked, with the fog in my brain only barely getting clearer.

“No…the girls don’t know I took the initiative.” Kevin now sat on the other chair to face me. “If you’re trolling glory-holes and hooking-up online…you need to stop that shit. It’s not fair to expose Pam to god-knows-what. Seriously, think about what a deeply emotional relationship with a dude would be like for you. I’m not sure you have.”

“I’m not sure I want you guys all into my shit like this.” I replied, uncomfortable that my friends seemed to have put more thought into this than I had.

“You put us into your shit when you dumped Pam without giving her a good reason why.” Kevin said curtly, smacking me upside the head. “Not to mention the out-of-nowhere announcement that you’re a complete fag.”

“I’m just trying to deal with where my thoughts have been going more and more lately. It didn’t seem right to fuck Pam, and then think about dick the rest of the day.”

“There’s the core of the problem.” Kevin said with smug satisfaction. “You’re thinking about cock…not a boyfriend. I have a study table to get to, but here’s how this shit is going to go down. Are you listening?”

“By all means…I can’t wait to hear where this is going.” I answered honestly.

“I’m not into guys, but I am into getting-off. Lydia is a real trooper, but she doesn’t always want it as much as I do. I know you’re not going to blab, so your mouth is as good as anybody’s.” Kevin said while getting up and putting things in his backpack. “Being all touchy-feely with a dude just isn’t happening for me…so don’t expect any build-up or thank you gifts. Don’t ask me for it…you’ll know when I’m interested. If you’re not into it, or you found the man of your dreams…just tell me to back off.” Kevin grabbed his jacket and walked toward the door. “I’m going to be your safe and clean cock supply until you work this shit out. Stay the hell out of that basement restroom in the library…everybody knows what goes on there anyway.”

I sat there truly stunned…and with a hell of a lot to think about.


After a few heart-felt letters and phone calls from Pam, I was feeling like the complete jerk I was. We had been together for two years and our time together was always fun. It was insensitive, at the very least, to cut things off the way I did. The fact that she was still willing to speak to me was a testament to her superior character. To avoid awkward silences, we decided to go on a double date with Kevin and Lydia. The evening was fun, and just being near Pam felt comforting and reassuring. It started to become clear that my friends may have been right about me all along, but I was taking it easy with Pam. I still couldn’t reconcile my need for her along with my desire for more taboo interests.

It had been almost two weeks since my episode with Kevin, and I thought perhaps he felt the lesson had been learned. I tried to broach the subject with him once, but was quickly knocked-down and reminded that what happened was on terms that worked for him and that I needed to focus on my own shit. Later that night, Pam called and we shared a warm conversation. A date was arranged for two days later, and I actually looked forward to the end of the week.

“Sounds like you guys might be on the mend.” Kevin said over his shoulder while watching TV.

“Yeah…I think so. She’s been much too good to me.” I said, hanging up the phone and sitting back at my desk. “I thought you and Lydia were going out tonight.”

“She has a cold. Plans to quarantine herself for a few days.” He mumbled, still staring at the television and with a tone that was more stern than usual.

I might have asked if something was bothering him, but I brushed it off and returned to the magazine I’d been reading. I never heard Kevin get up, but my head turned as the sound of a zipper echoed in my left ear. Catching me off-guard, Kevin quickly pushed his jeans down to his knees and pressed my face against his flaccid cock.

“If you’ve been avoiding the library basement, then you’re ready to help me out.” He said gruffly, prying my mouth open with his fingers and slipping his prick past my lips.

“Mmmpphh…mmmppphhh!” was the only sound I could make as Kevin held my head tight against the red pubic hair of his crotch. The flesh resting against my tongue started to swell, quickly filling my mouth and inching its way down my throat. Placing my hands against his thighs, I pushed away and gagged for air. Kevin’s hard cock sprung from my lips, sending a string of spit across my face.

Grabbing the hair at the top of my head, Kevin didn’t say a word as he smacked the side of my face with his angry tool. Never in my life would I have imagined getting into this kind of rough play. Kevin either understood me better than I did myself, or simply didn’t care. I was still choking when he pressed the tip of his manhood against my lips and pushed back into my mouth. Within a few moments, I had accepted my fate and began providing the best blowjob I could muster. Feeling more confident, I reached out to tug on my roommate’s large balls while he pushed my face down to the root with every thrust of his hips. I could have sucked on that prime piece of meat all night…but Kevin had other ideas.

“Lose your pants…now!” Kevin barked, loud enough to be assertive, but not loud enough for the entire hallway to hear.

(This story was written for a friend to show her how cruel Masters can be. An effort to express that at times some may be abusive and disrespectful. This tale is purely fictional, any similarity to people living or dead is coincidental. Feel free to leave comments not only about the content, but also about the style and flow of the story.)


He sat quietly in his oversized chair, talking with his guests at the dinner he was having for the other Master’s and their slaves. The feast was set on the table and all his slave had to do was make sure the drinks for each of the Master’s were filled, at all times.

Master had his hands in the raised steeple position, as he watched her. Her naked body floated, from one guest to the next, as she tried to avoid tripping over their personal slaves, all of which knelt at the back of their Owner’s chairs.

The new collar made of silver and adorned with small emeralds, sparkled beautifully on her neck as the lighting caught each facet. Every turn she made, her breasts jiggled and a flush would cover her lovely face when ever a Master made a comment to her or about her.

As she rounded the end of the table, her foot caught on a slave girl, tripping her and making her spill wine onto the floor. Looking up quickly, she saw the fire burning in his green eyes. A look of disapproval and disgust etched across his brow and the firm set of his mouth show her she is going to be punished.

With a new found urgency, she kneels and uses her long black hair to wipe up the red wine from the hard wood floor. Her long black tresses do more to splash it around than clean it up. As she rises to continue performing her duties, her hair soaked with red wine and dripping down her back and down between her breasts where the strands were plastered to her flesh, she finds herself standing directly in front of her Master. The look of fear, in her dark brown eyes denotes her understanding of what is to come next.

Quickly, he reached out and grabbed her collar.. yanking her towards him and forcing her to spill more wine. In a low cruel voice, he whispers into her ear, “Get the rag from the kitchen and a bucket, slut and clean this shit up. Then wash your hair. You have 20 minutes.” “Return to my side when you are finished.”

Shoving her aside, he apologized for his slut’s clumsy behavior and ensures she didn’t spill any wine on any of his guests. As he later checked his watch, watching the final seconds tick away, he watched her scurry back into the room. A fresh pitcher of room temperature red wine is in her hand.

Pointing to the floor, he commands in a low menacing voice.. “Here, now… slut.” Her eyes downcast and her body trembling, she moved forward and kneels by his chair. He took the wine bottle and sat it on the table.

His hand then reached out, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back to examine her face as he latches a leash onto her new collar.

Clearing his throat, he gains the attention of all of the Master’s seated at the table…. “Well now, many of you have longed to know what I give for punishments to my slaves, that do not do as they where instructed. For each the punishment is different. For each it is based upon what they fear the most. In this case…”

…his voice trailed off as he yanked on the chain and pulled her roughly against his thigh.

“This slut fears others watching as she is being raped and used. So, for your enjoyment this evening… we’ll begin with any or all of you touching and fondling this little slut’s body. Keep your cocks in your trousers, however… The pleasure of breaking this slut in is all Mine.”

Chuckling from the other Master’s in the room, echo in her ears. As she hears what her punishment is to be, her body trembles uncontrollably and a soft sob of horror escapes her lips.

Leading her into the living room, she sees a device he has never used on her before. A pillory, a wooden stock that forces her to remain bent over, her hands and neck locked in place by the wooden device. As she takes in the scene, the other Masters lead their slaves into the room and take seats on couches and chairs surrounding the pillory. The Masters continued laughing and making crude remarks about her and her inability to even serve wine properly, thus humiliating her further.

Without a word, he forced her forward and placed her appropriately into the stocks of the pillory, bringing down the wooden cross bar and locking it in place. As he turns, he dropped her leash and left it hanging… his deep voice moving through the air.

“Remember my friends… the only cock she gets tonight is Mine! Fingers and tongues… help yourselves. Want to watch your slave eat her cunt or make her eat hers… fine. But… in one hour’s time, she will be my pleasure as I take her any way I choose.”

Leering grins appear on the other Master’s faces, as they stand and move towards her. She watches them approach with such intense fear that her knees buckle and her body shakes so violently that the pillory begins clacking noisily. Another round of booming laughter fills the air as they take in her fright. For an hour she is forced to endure their hands and fingers probing and exploring her body. Their tongues licking or teeth nipping and biting her honey colored flesh. On two occasions she was forced to lick the cunt of another slave and have her lips buried deep in the other girls little ass. Other Masters decided that it wasn’t enough, just to humiliate her. They delighted in flogging her upturned ass as she stood bound in the pillory. All the while, her Master observed her. His intense green stare was burrowing deeply into her eyes as she looked back at him. Hoping he would rescue her or at least send the others away before he raped and used her.

As the hour chimed on the grandfather clock, the Masters ceased their torment and resumed their seats. Some having their personal slaves suck their cocks or play with a neighboring slave’s cunt. They were all settling in to watch the humiliation. Chuckling as he stood, he spoke to the crowd in the room… “I hope you all enjoyed this slut, I know I’ve enjoyed watching you use it for your own desires.”

Removing his clothing, his hard thick cock bobbing in the air, he approached her.

“Open your mouth, slut.” He growled down at her. Her tears and weeping made it difficult for her to speak properly, but eventually she obeyed with a woeful, “Yes Master.”

Expressionless, he begins fucking her mouth like a little cunt. His hand gripping her hair as he forced his cock to rape her mouth and throat and gag her. Her head banging against the wood of the stocks and her small hands bunched into fists, he continued yanking her against the rough wood of the pillory. Every thrust was without mercy. Each one followed by another and another.

Her throat burned and lips felt as if they were being cut on her teeth with the brutality of his thrusts. Her eyes searched his face for any sense of care or concern she knew he had shown in the past. But this time, he showed no expression. His face was blank and chiseled, as if made from the hardest granite.

When she vomited from being gagged on his cock, he slipped it free and laughed with such a cruel and malicious laugh that her dread increased. Another Master snickered and ordered his own girl to clean the Master’s cock.

“Lick and suck it clean girl.” her Master ordered.

Zach watched her as the girl complied. Sucking his cock and licking his balls until her own Master waved her back.

Crouching down, he whispers to his girl… “That was lesson number one slut. Now, for lesson number two.”

Standing, he moved around her, gripping her hips and thrusting his cock violently into her cunt. Feeling its tight wet walls, he laughed cruelly and slapped her ass several times.

“Well fella’s, either one of your girls made her cunt so wet its dripping or my little slut here, is a whore in disguise.”

Again the room erupts in laughter and loud jeers as they made rude comments to each other about her.

Fucking her little cunt and slamming her shoulders into the stocks with the savagery of it all, her Master was showing her he really was the Master. Her cries turned to wails as she was not only being raped by her Master, but watched by his friends and their girls, the ones she had actually made friends with on occasions when their Masters brought them to the house. Tears streamed freely down her face. Her once perfect make up, now looking like a bad water color painting as it smeared and dripped lines down her cheeks. Her lips looked even more pouty, now that he had so brutally fucked her mouth. With every stroke of his cock into her freshly shaved, smooth cunt, his hand would deliver a hard vicious spank to her ass.

Hearing her begin to beg, “Master please… please…”

He only continued harder than before, shoving his cock into her so forcefully that he bruised her cervix anew with each brutal thrust.

Finally, slipping his cock out and slapping her ass with it and hearing the small wet slaps smack into the air, he whispers to her once more, loudly enough for all to hear, “Now for your third punishment, slut.”

One hard shove and he had buried his thick hard cock completely into her ass. Annihilating her anus as he impaled her, seeing small spots of blood on his cock as he butt fucked her, he laughs coldly and continues to drill his cock ruthlessly in and out of her tight little ass. Her screams of agony echoing through the living room as the laughter of the Masters present grows even more robust. Through her tear stained eyes, she sees some of the other slaves cringing and trying to discreetly show sympathy. Others she saw had a longing in their eyes, even jealousy that her Master treated her like this and wanted the same treatment.

For well over 30 minutes he raped her ass, his cruel strokes leaving her withering in the stocks. When at last he came, he filled her tight little ass with thick strands of seed that soon leaked from her abused hole. Walking back before her, slapping her with his cum coated cock across her cheeks, he announced, “If this slut displeases Me again in the future, I will invite every Master here to rape any hole she has, while I watch.”

Lifting her chin and looking into her dazed eyes, he smiled sadistically… “Never again will you embarrass Me slut… understood?”

Turning now to his guests, he calmly states as if nothing had happened at all, “Thank you all for coming. I believe the night is over and wish you all a very good evening.”

As they rise and leave, he follows the last one out and returns after locking up.

“You’ll remain there slut until I decide otherwise. A little way for you to ponder what you did to disappoint Me before the guests.”

Turning, he shuts out the light and she can hear him climbing the stairs, showering and heading to bed. All the while she keeps muttering and weeping. Dismay and humiliation felt to the core of her being. Thinking of what he had done to her as punishment.

I had just taken him deep into my throat and loved every inch of his hard veined skin fucking the inside of my small spread mouth. Over and over his cock rode in and out past my wet, wide open lips. Strands of hair on his balls tickling my face as my mouth filled and the smell of fresh sweat in his groin were a huge turn on.

Reaching down I inserted a finger into my neatly trimmed pussy; it drowned in thick wetness. I wanted to come so badly; I had been waiting patiently all day.

The bottoms of my breasts were cradled neatly on his hands. While I sucked, he abused my nipples twisting, pulling and pinching their sensitive ends creating the highest sensation I could have lusted for.

On this cool October afternoon I had heated the small master bedroom to a toasty warmth in eager preparation for this Friday of fun, because there was a good chance my lover would be able to sneak off of work early today. The day was cloudy threatening rain and the diffused light had seeped in through the open blinds on the skylights above the bed, offering a grey dim light to the usually cheery room.

Sticky pre-cum lubricated my lips and extra saliva drooled out of my mouth when I pulled off of his stiff cock, I lifted the weight off my knees and pushed the thick fluffy pillow aside kicking it across the floor. Rising up I lowered my naked body down onto him, my long golden hair falling every which way as he lay back from his sitting position at the bed’s edge and fell against the soft queen size mattress. The thin hair on his chest rubbed against my smooth, dangling, soft bare breasts. Our lips met, teasing and kissing.

“I love you,” I said.

Smiling he wiggled out from under me. I rolled over and watched him get up.

“Come here!” he grinned.

With broad shoulders and strong hands he took hold of the bottom of my bum cheeks and helped drag me over top of the bunched up sheets to the very edge of the comfy bed. He spread my legs at the thighs holding them up tight and wide open, my knees bent.

Throbbing and dancing my little bulb was ready to be rubbed, fondled and sucked hard. Reaching down with his pointy tongue he tasted my wanting clit. Licking the thick love juice off my pussy lips and caressing his seductive wide tongue over me, I was teased again and again.

I wiggled with delight.

“Yes!” I gasped. My arousal built even more.

“Yeah, yeah!” I screamed as I was immersed within total bliss.

I love these afternoons when we can relax and lust after each other when life’s moments escaped busy schedules and complications. Hot and handsome he turned me on.

As his tongue tired, he forced three fingers up inside my wet pussy. They twisted and pumped in and out of my spread swollen lips and for added sensation he forced their pressure up toward my belly, they ripped fiercely across the ribbed roof of my innards traveling directly over my sensitive G-spot.

The feeling was overwhelming. It ignited through me like the spark of a hot flame that continued to burn with each pass. The stimulation increased my urge to pee as my bladder relaxed. Enduring the growing blaze the stroking massage enhanced this incredible turn on. I was enjoying this very much!

As I concentrated on the feelings below, I naturally threw my forehead backwards in ecstasy and my mid-back slightly arched off the warm bed. My mouth fell open, panting.

As my face wrenched up, I squeezed my eyes shut tight. Fists grabbed the navy blue bed sheets at my hips and hung on for dear life. The long deep “ah”, which escaped from my parted lips, was quite loud bellowing up from deep down inside my gut. It had a vibrating rhythm to it, one that matched his rhythmic finger fucking.

As I howled I realized he had no intention of stopping. But the choice between yelling and not yelling was no longer in my control. It wasn’t long before my drawn out screams grew more rapid and higher pitched.

Thrashing, pumping in and out of my cunt, his fingers flew faster and faster. I rode the fiery wave, a mixture of raw madness and pure ecstasy for many minutes, all the while expressing my elevated frenzy with loud exclamations of delight.

My white knuckled grip had torn the bottom sheet right out which now no longer supported my need to hold on. I raised my head up and looked at him, unintentionally wearing a facial expression that conveyed intense desire before I dropped back onto the bed. He was smiling watching me toss and squirm; he was enjoying this!

Covering my clit with his sucking mouth, his joyful assault continued.

It was like I was paralyzed. I could not have escaped from his domination, even if I had wanted to. My body was frozen, vulnerable, clearly begging to be played with, to be used without question.

My insides were stuffed full and fucked rigorously, my clit was blanketed under his full, hot sucking lips and suddenly, I felt pressure on my bum hole. I was being attacked from behind. The first determined shove was a surprise then something hard and long, slowly, filled my ass. Up higher the solid slippery object rose. It felt as though it was going up far enough to eventually reach my throat.

My asshole never objected to the furiously raw fucking that followed in and out of my wanting bum. In fact, I was turned on even more by it. With so many different sensations going on at the same time eventually, I wasn’t exactly sure what was really happening. It was almost like there was more than one person pleasuring my body. I loved it. I loved every minute of it and I didn’t want it to stop.

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more sexually electrified, a push-me-pull-me action started. My face clenched even tighter as fingers in my ass replaced the long object and pushed in and out rapidly while the fingers already in my pussy pulled out and in at the same time at the same speed.

“Oh, my God! ahhh” the scream lasted several minutes, or so it seemed. It only ceased as I gasped for air.

It surprised me that this opposite action between pussy and ass left me feeling as high as a virgin. It was the absolute best. I physically shook back and forth with ecstasy; whilst a quick shaky chill rippled through my entire body from my head to my toes.

I was torn between yelling that it was way too much, to stop before I die, and ever so badly wanting him to continue, please don’t stop. All the while I was riding this out, my pointy tingly nipples begged for more attention; my clit pulsated and craved to explode.

I was riding along the top ridge of the highest sexual mountain I’ve ever experienced in my life but still my orgasm would not surface. It was just too much excitement. But that was what made this playtime so wonderful, the fact it could go on for as long as my lover pleased and that it wouldn’t just suddenly end.

Climbing to the stars my ecstasy continued to build. I was dizzy, spinning with a variety of sensations that danced all over my body. With my eyes closed and rolling in pleasure this invasion was going to continue until it was finished and I couldn’t have forced myself to do a thing to stop it.

Suddenly, I was quickly flipped onto my stomach and my hips were pulled up high into the air. My back felt a cool breeze from sweating so much. Grabbing my bum cheeks he spread them exposing my asshole. Quickly, his cock rammed deep into my bum without any hesitation. I must have been more opened and relaxed than I expected because there was no effort at all in receiving him. Surprisingly, I had barely felt him enter and certainly didn’t feel any pressure when he forced his way passed the outer sphincter.

I rapidly pushed back against the length of his cock forcing it even deeper into my ass, in sheer loving madness as I focused my loud moaning into the covered mattress, pressing it forcefully against my lips and long messy hair. I groped and pulled at the sheets wildly; my expression twisted with the increasing change in intensity. He squeezed my tits until he expelled white warm cum all over my sweaty back and cunt. It ran down, dripped onto the linen, and completely coated my used clit.

Rain drizzled down upon the slanted skylights, musically, like a dozen faucets left open within seconds of each other; each drumming to their own beat. I was left empty and panting. A small, warm fluffy towel flowed over my back and across my cunt.

His beautiful round ass followed him out of the room and down the tiled hall. As I heard the tap run, my eyes closed and my drained body sunk heavily into a sleepy position.

I opened my eyes as his kisses tenderly covered the back of my neck. Dragging his fingers through my hair, he lovingly combed it straight.

Not letting the excitement of coming stop him in his quest for more sex, I found myself lying on my back on the sweat-soaked stained sheet with my head hanging way over the side of the bed, my breasts raised high into the air and his flaccid, freshly bathed cock deep down in my throat, massaging. He held his softness there past my gag reflex as I ticked his balls to help myself relax. It didn’t take him long to start growing hard, long and wanting again.

Very slowly and gently his now erect cock fucked my throat, without room to spare, in and out; over and over he played sometimes making me gag. I gasped for breathes between his unhurried humping and squealed loudly in pure joy and excitement. My wide spread pussy was erotically slapped beneath his bare hand which sent titillating shocks from the center of my clit to my overly excited imagination. He had his wanton way with my highly sensitive, tender and very sore nipples. I tried to focus on fondling his hot dangling balls with my mouth gagged while I devoured him and loved every second of his mastery actions.

I loved it when he played with me and now I aimed to please his every wish.

While I ate his cock, the dildo was replaced deep into my pre-lubed bum. He pulled me back toward the middle of the bed with my head flat on the covers again, climbed up on top of me and inserted his solid hard-on into my soaked pussy with a little guidance from his hand. My legs snugly and lovingly wrapped around his warm waist.

“I’m so excited!” he whispered into my ear.

“Ahhh,” I screamed into his ear with elongated joy.

I was stuffed full in both ends. Each fucking thrust crawled across the thin membrane separating my pussy and my ass which rubbed the butt plug into a slightly different position with each stroke and stimulated my bum all over again. He moaned and shoved and fucked me roughly. The more force he pushed with, the faster he drove down this rough road of sex. One of my bruised nipples somehow found its way tightly pinched, again, between his twisting pulling fingers.

Three loud, strong satisfying gasps escaped from his sexy lips as hot cum shot up into my body. Resting inside my pussy, his worn-out, post-orgasmic cock throbbed and pushed down against my plugged aching ass.

We lay together, hugged and caught our lost breath. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Without even reaching for a dry towel, which lay on the pillow waiting for our lustful satisfaction, he indicated he was nowhere near done with me.

He kissed me; our tongues danced. The back of my throat burnt sore and dry.

“It’s your turn” he said, as I gazed into his deep brown eyes. “You haven’t come yet and I’ve come twice.”

Before I could even think of objecting his tongue embraced my mouth again. I tried to talk to break away from his lips without success. He was too strong for my womanly arms to push his strong chest away. His fingers wasting no time grabbed and entered my empty soaked cunt and spread my pussy lips. My Knees naturally opened wide to receive him. Thick wetness poured out of my pussy and formed a puddle on the soft sheets under my bare bum. He circled the palm of his hand around and around hard against my used clit. My ass was burning still sealed securely with the anal plug.

With his other hand he simultaneously, yet lovingly, tugged at my long hair. Smiling, he reached for my wrists and held them down against the bed crisscrossed over my head. Lips descended upon my suffering yet longing nipples. He sucked nourishing and then grabbed one between his teeth…

Raindrops splashed as they collided with the invisible glass overhead, drowned out eventually by my wails of love. We had a few more hours left together this wonderful afternoon…

The afternoon sun cast the big Harley’s shadow across the simmering asphalt. Not a breath of wind rustled the gnarled mesquites and thirsty creosotes dotting the low hills. A few cottony clouds drifting above the distant mountains spoiled an otherwise ocean blue sky, but their presence heralded the coming desert monsoon that would break the June inferno.

The bike’s pillion creaked as Claudia leaned back with her left boot planted on the parched ground and her right leg extended with her heel propped irreverently on the handlebars. She eyed her ex-Marine boyfriend David and rubbed her tattoo. Yesterday, the eyes of the black Celtic dragon entwined around her upper left arm had gained a hint of red ink, lending the beast a surly glare. On the night Claudia had summoned the courage to reveal the tattoo to David’s friends, none of their tequila-soaked brains could see the dragon in the ornate design, but everyone could see a snake.

The name stuck, so pretty Veterans Administration nurse Claudia became biker chick Snake whenever she wrapped her legs around her lover’s Harley Softail.

And now Snake chewed the tip of her braid, watching David relieve himself in a way that any woman accustomed to the veneer of civilization would envy. He’d turned his back, not that Snake gave a damn, while he target practiced on a conical mound of fine red dirt. Of all the roadside ant hills between Tombstone and the Chiricahua mountains, why this one? Snake stifled a laugh. It was like watching a little boy aim a toy gun.

“Sun’s about down,” David called over his shoulder.

“Happens every day,” Snake said with a yawn. “So?”

“Good time to lose that shirt.” It was the most words that David, laconic on the best of days, had strung together in hours.

Snake considered whether she’d heard a command veiled as a suggestion or a suggestion veiled as a command. Riding bare-breasted was nothing new; her first time had been on a dare David had suckered her into. She’d sat numb with her guts twisted into a Gordian knot as David exposed then lovingly kissed her. David’s sure command of the bike and his strong back like a castle wall between her and the world had, in a few miles, cut through the knot. The experience had been liberating in a tingly kind of way, but only with David sure to enforce look but don’t touch. Now, on rare occasions, she’d show off just for the hell of it.

But not today.

“I think I’ll keep it on,” Snake said, again yawning and making a show of smoothing her shirt across her chest. She saw no use in spoiling the man. And besides, they were at war in a manner of speaking.

The low-intensity sex skirmish had erupted the moment David had roared up to Snake’s condo this morning. There was no particular cause. Maybe it was the heat, or that she was about to get her period, or he’d had a tough week. Some invisible demon had caused daggers to glint in their first contact. The hello kiss had been curt and icy hot: his hands hard on her body, her teeth sharp on his lip. From that moment, the day had been thrust and parry, tease and counter-tease, with each look and each touch burning their carnal fuse shorter and shorter. There was only one way it could end.

“Lose it,” David said.


David hitched up his jeans and strode to the bike, a roll of his shoulders making the vertebrae in his neck crack so loud that Snake winced. Then he was on her, one hand clamped under her chin and the other scooped under her outstretched thigh, dragging Snake half off the bike. Her arms flailed then caught around his neck as David’s lips claimed hers in a rough kiss. Pressure to her throat opened Snake’s teeth to his tongue.

Snake countered David’s kiss with her own violence as electric currents stiffened her nipples before spiraling downward to go to ground in a clenching sizzle between her legs. Just as she was working out the logistics of getting bent over the bike—the hot exhausts frightened the hell out of her—David rudely planted her back on its seat.

He grabbed her shirt, his eyes bottomless pools behind his dark glasses. “Want it ripped off?”

The threat puckered Snake’s nipples tight to the threshold of pain, but she hadn’t packed a spare shirt, just extra panties and a pair of tattered cutoff jeans proven to transform the man into a mad-wolf rapist should the mood strike her. Flexing her best school girl pout, Snake skinned off her black tee and stuffed it in a saddle bag.

She wiggled her shoulders. “Wanna cop a feel?” Her breasts weren’t designed for a burlesque shimmy, but it was the thought that counted. David ignored the taunt and mounted the bike.

The big Harley coughed to life, then chewed into the road with David jamming through the gears like he was kicking a lazy dog. The desert blurred past as they chased the setting sun. Snake didn’t give a damn about their destination so long as the ride ended with David’s cock lodged between her legs.

She slipped her hands under David’s shirt to play with his muscles. His skin was hot and grainy from evaporated sweat and she craved a long taste. Instinctively she traced the long scar curving from beneath his left arm to his shoulder.

Go to hell Afghanistan.

Then Snake cut f-u-c-k-m-e down David’s spine with her fingernail.

The sun was melting into the horizon when David leaned the bike off the road and into the dusty lot of an ancient motel. Maybe Snake recognized the place, maybe she didn’t. Two roads coming from nowhere and going to nowhere mated in the desert. And before Eisenhower built the interstates, someone put up a garage, then the motel, and finally a grease sump that passed for a diner. It hadn’t occurred to anyone since to crack open a can of paint or haul away the extinct cars.

David cut the engine. “Watch the bike.”

“Sure, babe,” Snake said, glancing around the near empty parking lot before folding her arms across her chest.

The old lady anchored to the TV behind the motel desk didn’t give Snake’s exhibition a second look. All she saw was a fistful of cash and one less empty room. Life was good.

David tossed a cracked key fob to Snake and idled the bike across the blistered gravel to room eleven. Snake climbed off, stretched, and unlocked the door. From the looks of it, most guests didn’t bother with the key and knob. She pushed open the door and basked in an enveloping bath of cool moist air; her nipples saluted the whirring swamp cooler.


“Come on, Snake,” snapped David. “Move your lazy ass.”

A hard boot slammed into her rear, launching Snake through the doorway and across the worn carpet. Saddle bags flew past as she tumbled head first across the bed, her momentum slamming it against the wall with a thump.

“Goddammit,” yelled Snake, spinning into a jungle crouch and ready for the rumble that had been coming on all day.

David kicked the door closed, showed his teeth, and advanced, methodically working open the buttons of his fly and digging his hard cock out of his boxers. Body language told Snake they were about to have a panty drenching disagreement over which of her holes to stick it in.

“Fuck me,” said Snake, tearing into her jeans.

“Suck me.” David gripped his cock like the hilt of a sword.

“Make me.”

Foreplay isn’t always cuddles and kisses. A catch-me-if-you-can thrill pulsed through Snake’s limbs. The magnificent instrument of coital delight targeting her mouth belonged in her pussy, and she did not intend put it anywhere else without a fight.

Yet her tactical situation was hopeless: a confined space with a former Marine intent on a blow job. She could run, but on the nil probability she did get out the door, then what? David would simply lock the door, she’d be alone and half naked in public, and God only knew what depraved bargain she’d make to get the door open. Better to make a stand.

Maybe on her feet she could distract him, wrap him up with her body, get his brain pointed between her legs. Delusional thinking at this stage in the game, to be sure, but she had nothing else. Snake feinted right, then dove left hoping to spring to her feet. Instead the room cartwheeled as she found herself flipped flat on her back, yelping like a whipped pup as David wound her long braid around his fist.

Punches and kicks bounced impotently off tempered male muscle. Coherent resistance drained away as David cinched Snake’s braid drum skin tight. He knew her weaknesses.

Prey in hand, David dragged a cursing Snake off the bed, rotating her to her knees until she was eye-level to his cock. A silvery stalactite spun downward from its tip to kiss her cheek. Checkmate.

Snake glared at a condescending alpha male smirk through a haze of lust. Sometimes the only thing better than winning is losing. Her eyes dropped to his cock and, in spite of herself, she wet her lips.

“Magic word?” said David, his fist wrenched her braid tighter.

You beautiful bastard. “Please.”

Submission earned enough freedom to shuck open David’s jeans. Snake placed delicate kisses on his smooth, taut ball sac, rolled her face in its leathery scent, and initiated a worshipful flirtation with his cock.

Only after generously lubricating his shaft with licks and sloppy kisses did Snake swallow him deep, throwing in bedroom eyes for effect. His length was average, but his girth demanded concentration. Once she had fitted his cock in her mouth, Snake sucked him at a leisurely clip, plotting to bleed off enough tension to get him on the bed and fucking her. But his fist remained tight in her hair, and growing impatient, he asserted control, running Snake up to a rapid pace that churned saliva out of her mouth because she couldn’t snatch a moment to swallow. Drool smeared her breasts and dripped down her belly as she struggled to keep up. Rough play was nothing new, and her reward for torquing David’s spring through the day was the kinky thrill of him extracting selfish pleasure from her body.

OK Marine, but your next hard-on better last all night.

Suddenly Snake was gasping open-mouthed like a fish out of water, glistening threads of spittle swinging between her lips and his angry cock, the interruption punctuated by a deep, precarious exhalation from David, his head thrown back, eyes fixated on the dingy ceiling as he fought for control. The moment passed, and, ejaculation averted, David plunged his cock back into her mouth. This round he opted for slower, deeper penetration, gauging her expression as he sank his cock balls deep in her throat, casually probing for her gag reflex. Snake, giving up nothing, refused to avert her eyes from his as her throat spasmed; salt from her tears seasoned his cock.

The slut in Snake reveled in the face-fuck debauchery, but the bitch in her, with a hungry pussy smoldering like a fissure of molten lava, balked.

Now I’m being fucked with. Enough.

Snake launched her counterattack with a long, submissive whimper, burying her nose in David’s pubic curls and jamming fingers into her panties as if her gratification couldn’t wait. The deception worked. David’s face relaxed into a smile as he abandoned his game of deep throat chicken to synchronize his thrusts to her faux masturbation. Snake played him along, sucking and mewling, until David’s brain was tucked back inside his balls.

Keep me on my knees, will you?

Snake knew her man. A lightening sharp rake of her teeth along the underside of David’s shaft obliterated his concentration and triggered a shower of obscene names. Snake smiled around his surging cock, sheathed her fangs, and pulled up to aim.

“On my breasts, babe.” No way was she giving him her face. Not after this.

David’s hands closed vice-like around Snake’s head as he rammed his cock into her mouth and thrust with abandon.

What the fuck? He’s gonna come in my mouth? Panic gorged in Snake’s throat. A second surge of adrenalin raised hot prickles over her body, but this time her instincts screamed to flee, not fight.

Theirs was a primal, cock-in-pussy sex life in which quarter was neither given nor expected. Fellatio and cunnilingus were a means rather than an end. Notwithstanding Snake’s occasional craving to inflict a porn star blow job, or their random over-and-under oral battles for supremacy, David’s ejaculations predominantly occurred where nature intended. Taking his cum anywhere but her mouth was fine and dandy. Since he’d never deliberately targeted her mouth, Snake had played the artful dodger—to her face, to her breasts, over her shoulder—concealing her squick on those occasions her mouth was in range when David unloaded.

She looked upward seeking mercy, but like Michelangelo’s David, her David’s face too was frozen in an implacably serene frown. His intent unmistakeable, her fate sealed, Snake clenched shut her eyes and dug her fingers into his thighs as he groaned, the head of his raging cock braking to a stop behind her teeth.

Lord, for what I am about to receive …

Bitch Seat Rider Rule Number Three would be tested for the first time.

Bitch Seat Rider Rule Number Three? Snake swallows.

The Bitch Seat Rider Rules existed only in Claudia’s/Snake’s head. No one else, not even David, knew or would ever know they existed. The rules governed Claudia’s transformation into Snake whenever the big Harley came prowling under her window. The rules were a détente, a truce between Claudia’s real world sexual decorum and Snake’s proclivity for sexual hedonism. Some were moral limits demanded by Claudia; some were pornographic liberties demanded by Snake; and a few, like number three, belonged in the what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking category.

The third rule was stolen from kinky fantasies lurking deep in Claudia’s mind about being made to do very bad things she didn’t want to do, and being coerced to swallow her lover’s semen was a snooze button favorite. Claudia couldn’t fathom the actual feat, and inside her fantasy locker it would have stayed. But where Claudia drew a bright line between fantasy and reality, Snake trotted along behind with an eraser, and, as Claudia’s ever impulsive doppelgänger, had snatched the dirty secret and christened it a Bitch Seat Rider Rule.

Why oh why oh why? Because of days like today.

The Rules disallowed any accommodation for circumstance. Snake would swallow David’s cum, and there was nothing she could do about it, because once a rule was born, it could never be amended.

Bitch Seat Rider Rules are forever.

And forever seemed to be the persistence of David’s orgasm. Snake knew his pattern: first a tentative splat, then two cervix-battering blasts (maybe three if she’d been exceptionally naughty) trailing off into diminishing shots as his magazine emptied. But having her mouth wrapped around David’s spewing cock distorted Snake’s sense of time, because his cum squirts raced across her tongue with all the speed of winter molasses.

So keenly was Snake fixated on the flood besieging her mouth that she didn’t notice David’s cock had ceased fire. With each breath his cum seemingly expanded until every nook and cranny in her skull bulged as if she were holding a brimming cup of loose warm yogurt, vaguely acrid and salty, in her mouth. The taste was bearable; the texture fucked with her brain. Rationalizations for spitting danced like sugar plums through her thoughts only to shatter against the Bitch Seat Rider Rule. So Snake held on, not daring to release David’s softening cock lest she spill his cum—a private, unthinkable humiliation.

She tried to coax down his load but nothing happened. Enslaved to her rebellious stomach, Snake’s throat adamantly refused to cooperate. Sweat leaked from her armpits and temples in tickling rivulets; the back of her neck felt syrupy hot. Every inhalation was like a fresh shot of semen straight up her nose. Advice once given by a college girlfriend came to mind: “Don’t hold it. Don’t think about it. Just swallow fast as you can.”

Too late for that pearl of wisdom.

Snake became very still, filling her lungs from patient expansions of her diaphragm, calming herself and seeking those bejeweled memories that decorated her heart: the knowing ache between her legs the first time David had kissed her; the small fortune he’d paid for her beautiful hand-tooled riding leathers; his sleepy smile on seeing her face as he woke from surgeries on his wounded shoulder; the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he burned to ashes some guarded inhibition; the hurting he’d pounded into a drunken asshole who’d laid hands on her; the way his arms imprisoned her for pleasure and shielded her from harm …

It was only semen. No, it was her David’s semen.

I love you, baby.

Snake swallowed in a single, shuddering gulp. Her stomach roiled threateningly, then lay quiescent. David’s cock popped out of her mouth. She mashed her face in David’s thigh, sucking air like a drowning man, but trembling with the thrill of her deviant victory.

“Damn, girl,” David said with a broad smile. “I needed that. All I’ve been thinking about.”

Snake fondled his scrotum, now hanging loose, tender, and helpless.

Maybe just one vicious bite? Instead she nipped David’s cock.


“Next time,” Snake slobbered a kissed on his cock to make up, “next time you come in my mouth, be a gentleman and warn me, will you? I nearly choked.” Snake plastered a winsome smile over her fake nonchalance: one does not gift a pyromaniac with gasoline and matches. Eventually the rascal would divine her secret, but not with her help.

“Anything my girl wants,” said David, hoisting Snake onto the bed to skim off her boots and jeans.

“What your girl wants is to be fucked into a coma.”

Snake watched David strip, then lifted her butt so he could take her panties. His cock drooped with half-erect satisfaction—no joy there until his batteries recharged—as he flopped heavily beside Snake to the bed’s squeaky protest. His palm cupped her mound, then his middle finger curled inside her to tickle her magic spot before settling into a lazy molestation of her clitoris.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Snake, grabbing the headboard as if bound to it.

Occasionally dipping into her slick opening to lube his finger, David rationed out sufficient friction for a good feeling but not enough to come. Snake, oblivious to everything, surrendered undulating to his expert teasing.

An indeterminate time later the beautiful torture stopped, to be replaced with the comforting press of David’s weight as he aligned his hips to hers, one hand reaching beneath to glide down her spine until his fingers splayed across the small of her back, his little finger nestled into the cleft of her ass. His erection nuzzled her slit, then his lips covered hers as his tongue foreshadowed what was to come.

Hunger arched Snake’s body against her lover. Her eyes fluttered then closed, the moment too perfect for anything but touch and scent. And then the bliss of sweet, blunt penetration enveloped her like a narcotic shroud. Not tentative, not forceful, just inexorable pressure that parted her labia in search of her depth. David’s hand rolled her pelvis into the thrust until he filled her. He held motionless, kissing Snake’s ear until her little gasps waned, then began to pump steadily. Snake’s fingernails embedded in his back as her vagina reflexively gripped his cock.

Oh sweet Jesus, all his sins forgiven …

Snake climaxed quickly, too primed for anything except a meteoric release of pent-up lust. David fucked through her thrashes and cries until this first orgasm, harsh but superficial, played out and her next, stronger and much deeper, began to stir. Then he repositioned so that her shoulders, with her arms pinned to her body, were cradled tightly in his arms. Grabbing David’s ass, Snake levered her knees up and squirmed lower to increase his angle of penetration trying to grind her clitoris into his shaft.

Just seeing him coming through the hotel lobby was enough to make her flush. The thought of his arms, wrapped round her body, lifting her upwards. To his mouth, his soft lips, his tongue as it invaded her mouth.

‘Scarlett!’ He clicked his fingers in front of her face. ‘Are you with us? You’ve got to stay focused for this.’

‘Yeah, I’m here.’ She snapped out of her daydream. Her boss, Michael, kept invading her fantasies, even at the most inconvenient moments. She’d seen him at the company gym once before, lifting weights, watching the muscles in his arms ripple. Scarlett spent half her time daydreaming about him and it was starting to affect her. He’d chosen her for this proposal to show that she did want to stay at the company, that she wasn’t a dreamer.

‘Remember, this is your last chance. Your input has been failing over the past couple of months.’ He looked straight at her and she almost melted. His longish brown hair styled out of his piercing blue eyes was enough to floor most women. Michael took on a concerned look. ‘If there’s anything I can help with…’ Scarlett thought she saw a flash of something else across his features. But it was gone before she could catch it. ‘I just wish I knew what was in your head.’ He turned back and carried on to the conference room, Scarlett trailing behind him.

“No, you really don’t.” She thought as he pushed open the door. She shook herself, she needed this job. She resolved to keep her mind focused and to concentrate on the meeting and nothing else.


She flumped back on her bed, the meeting was finished and she’d done her best. Now she just had to wait until Monday to receive the report on how they’d done. She closed her eyes and thought of Michael. Stood beside her through the whole meeting, eyes boring into her. She caught him checking her out at one point, as she had turned to look at him, his eyes snapped back to her face from her curved ass. She slipped her fingers beneath the top of skirt and into her lace knickers. She thought of his hands on her ass, feeling their way up her sides, across her back, in her hair. His lips on hers, his tongue probing inside her mouth, his hand feeling its way up the inside of her leg. She felt her own wetness and rubbed her finger round her clit, a moan escaping from her open mouth. She jumped up in shock as the phone rang.

‘I’m in the bar, fancy a drink?’ Michael’s voice cut through clear and strong. She gulped guilty and removed her hand.

‘Yeah, I’ll be down in ten minutes.’ She heard the other end cut off. Nervousness cut through her like a knife. Oh god, he was going to tell her how the meeting went, whether she still had a job or not. She stood up from the bed and wiped her fingers clean. She re-did her makeup, shook off her jacket, undid a few buttons of her blouse and strode out her room.


‘I got you an appletini.’ Michael passed her the drink as she sat down on the sofa. He was sat at the other end, beer in hand. Two empty glasses were in front of him. Oh, she thought, that’s not a good sign. Getting up the courage to fire one of your employees.

‘So, how do you think the meeting went?’ He looked her dead in the eye and she flushed again. She became very aware of how much breast was on show as she took a deep breath.

‘I think it went well. We stuck to the plan, they seemed very receptive and hopefully we should hear from them by next week.’ She bit her bottom lip and looked at her drink. Crap, I did terribly and I’m going have to move back with my parents.

‘Well…’ He put his drink down and reached for one of her hands. She glanced up in shock and saw him smiling at her. ‘They rang me half an hour ago to say that they loved the pitch and there are well assured the company is in good hands.’ Michael almost cheered. She gasped, not knowing whether to hug him or cry. She still had her job. She wasn’t being fired. She smiled at him.

‘I knew you had a beautiful smile.’ He grinned at her. Again, she flushed. Christ, what is wrong with me?! I’m not a 16 year old schoolgirl, she chastised herself. ‘Look, I know I’ve only been your manager for a couple of months but there is something that’s bothering you, isn’t there?’ He edged closer to her on the sofa, so their knees were touching. ‘Maybe problems at home, husband?’

She could have kidded herself into thinking there was a hint of hope in his voice. She looked at him and almost collapsed at the look in his dark, green, eyes. Almost hungry, like he wanted her.

‘Well.. I ..,’ She stammered out. Pull yourself together, Scarlett mentally slapped herself. ‘I don’t have a husband, or a boyfriend. I put too much time into my work.’ She looked him dead in the eye and smiled.

‘Oh, I just thought someone as gorgeous as you would have someone, even a lover.’ He was now pressing his leg against hers. ‘Let me get you another drink.’ And too quickly, he’d stood up and strode off to the bar.

She couldn’t put her finger on it. She wanted him and now it seemed like he wanted her. But why? She was average looking, a bit plump and not exactly the cleverest of people. The drink had made her head swim.

‘I got you another appletini.. Oh and a tequila.’ He placed two shot glasses in front of them, along with the drinks, winking at her. She felt a shock go straight to her pussy.

‘Tequila? Really?’ She glanced at him again, the boss plying her with drinks.

‘I know, I’m the boss but since I moved here, it’s been kind of lonely.’ He looked so forlorn, Scarlett wanted to reach over and put her arm rounds his tight, muscular….

‘I have had a problem actually.’ She snapped herself out of it before she launched herself at him.

‘Ok, well, tequila first, problem after.’ He grinned passing her the lime and salt. They did the slammers, wincing as the lime cut through.

‘Right, so what have you been having problems with?’ He leaned in, brushing her leg as he put the glass on the table. It sent shivers through her leg and right to where she was already damp.

‘I’ve had a bit of a crush on someone at work, but it’s complicated.’ The words came spilling out of her mouth, unforced. She almost couldn’t believe she’d said it.

Michael looked at her, running his eyes over her cleavage and down to pussy. Scarlett turned a bright shade of red and picked up her drink. Possibly to hide behind it.

‘Right, why is it complicated? Is it one of your friend’s ex’s?’ Michael had a cheeky glint in his eye. Oh my god, he knows and now he’s going to drag it out of me.

‘No, nothing like that, just he’s higher than me so if anything were to happen…’ She glanced at him and saw something in his eye, something hungry, animalistic. ‘It wouldn’t be professional.’ She faltered. Scarlett felt him move closer to her and pull the empty glass out of her hands.

‘What if, assuming they could be professional, they could keep it a secret?’ Scarlett was still staring at her hands, squirming as she felt the wetness between her thighs. He turned her on so much.

‘Well, that might be the answer.’ She looked up to find him centimetres from her face, so close she could taste the tequila on his breath, see the look in his eyes that said, I want to fuck your brains out.

‘Do you want to come upstairs and carry on talking about this ‘problem’?’ He grinned, not even waiting for an answer and led her by the hand to the lift lobby.


The minute the door had closed behind them, he slammed her into the wall, glued to her body, lips upon hers.

‘Christ, you’re so fucking sexy. I need you, need to feel you around my cock.’ He murmured into her mouth, his tongue swishing round hers. His hands were in her hair, kissing her neck and feeling down her sides.

‘Is this an expensive blouse?’ He glowered at her. She shook her head no and he ripped it off, buttons bouncing to the floor. He cupped both breasts and kissed them, feverishly. He ripped one bra cup down and clamped down on one nipple, sucked hard. She moaned out loud, her legs almost giving way beneath her, tingles going straight to her cunt, feeling the heat growing between her thighs.

‘Fuck, you have gorgeous breasts.’ He ripped the other cup down and sucked on the other nipple, his fingers now clamped round the other one, twirling and playing with it, sending waves of pleasure to her pussy.

‘Michael…’ She gasped. He carried on, oblivious. ‘Michael…’ She pulled him back up and pulled his lips to hers. Pulling away, there was a wicked glint that he’d never seen in her before.

‘My turn.’ She grinned. She sunk to her knees, shoving him against the door for support. Fumbling with his belt, she undid his trousers pulling them apart to expose his boxers. She dragged her nails up the inside of his legs, chuckling when he shivered.

She felt his cock through his boxers and almost had to check herself. He must have been at least 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist. She pulled him out and kissed the tip. He was big, the biggest she’d seen. She put her mouth over the end and swirled her tongue round the tip, listening to him moan. She started to do it faster, feeling his opening and lapping up his pre-come. As she felt his legs start to shake, she started to bob her head up and down his shaft, still swirling her tongue around him.

‘Christ that feels so good. You’ve got the perfect lips for it.’ He moaned as she glanced upwards to see him hanging on to the door to keep himself upright. A streak of joy shot through her. She knew she was good, but the effect she was having on him, turned her on even more. She released her mouth and draw back. She grinned wickedly up at him and then shoved his cock to the back of her throat.

‘Gnnnrrrr.’Michael’s legs shook and he moaned loudly in pure pleasure. ‘Fuck!’ He bucked a little and she gagged but kept him at the back of her throat. ‘Fuck, that’s hot.’ She released him again and he gasped, almost in relief. ‘That was fucking amazing!’ He leant down to her and swept her up off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his back, kissing his neck. Dragging her nails down his back, he carried her to the bed, where he pulled off the rest of his clothes until he was naked.

She had been right, he was gorgeous, toned, a little bit ripped but not over the top. As he bent over her, she saw the muscles in his back ripple. A wave of pleasure rushed through her just from seeing that alone.

He kissed his way up her legs, whilst pulling off her skirt. He tossed it aside and carried on with her stockings. He slowly rolled one down her leg, and then the next, never losing eye contact with her. As he pulled off the last stocking, he dove straight into her pussy, clamping his mouth over her clit. She squealed in indulgence as his tongue lapped at her.

‘You’re so wet, god I love that.’ He breathed into her. She moved her hands to his head and pulled her fingers through his hair. His tongue kept swirling round her clit and found the opening to her pussy. She gasped out as he started to shove his tongue further and further into her, his fingers now rubbing her clit.

He inched up so one of his hands could play with her nipples and the other reached down to her cunt. He removed his tongue from her replaced it with his finger. As his mouth clamped down on her clit again, he pushed his finger inside her. She moaned out loud with ecstasy and could feel her orgasm building. He continued to finger fuck her, whilst one hand was playing with nipples and his tongue played with her clit. She felt her muscles begin to clench and moaned out loud, again and again whilst wave after of wave of pleasure crashed through her. She lay back, exhausted and satiated.

He sat back on his ankles and looked at her, splayed across the bed. Her cheeks flushed and her raven hair behind her in a mess. She smiled up at him and his erect cock.

‘You haven’t nearly finished yet.’ His cock jumped at the excitement in her eyes. He pulled her by the ankles towards him and flipped her on to her front. ‘I’m gonna fuck you until you come, screaming and not being able to walk straight.’ Scarlett frowned at his words; there was an insinuation in his voice that she didn’t like. But she dismissed it, as he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. She whimpered slightly. He was big and he stretched her pussy, almost painfully. He felt it and almost came on the spot. He pulled slowly and fucked her until her pussy gave way. As he picked up speed, Michael pulled her upright, still fucking her from behind and played with her clit. She groaned as his fingers rubbed her and his massive cock fucked her, hitting the edge of her cervix. Scarlett felt another orgasm building straight away and just as she was about to hit release, Michael pulled out.

She cried out in loss and turned round to see him walking away. His cock was glistening with her cum as he bent over his suitcase. She craned to see what he was looking for. As he stood up, she felt the blood drain from her face.

He was holding two lengths of rope, one in each hand.

‘Hope you don’t mind being tied up.’ He grinned at her, the glint in his eye now turning slightly sour. She scrambled backwards but had nowhere to go. He launched across the bed and grabbed both her hands. She screamed and kicked him, but he was too strong, the muscles now taking on a darker meaning. Michael straddled her body, holding both wrists together as he tied her to the bedstead.

‘I’m not going to hurt you.’ Michael said looking down at Scarlett’s terrified face. ‘I think you forget that as your boss, I can check your internet history. And especially the sort of stories you read. Tying up, control, reluctance are some of your most visited. But I promise, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you really do want to get out, say ‘red’ and I’ll let you out.’ He leant down to kiss her, feeling her heartbeat slow.

Scarlett tried to drag the word ‘red’ out of her, but she couldn’t. He was right, this had been one of her ultimate fantasies, controlled by someone she wanted, who would respect her wishes and wouldn’t push the boundaries. She kissed him back, feeling his tongue. She felt another wave of ecstasy as she tried to move her hands to his back but remembering they were stuck above her head.

He tutted at her. ‘No moving, you’re all mine now.’ He pushed himself upright, so he was hovering above her and guided his cock towards her opening. He touched it to her and she jolted downwards, trying to welcome him in.

He pulled away. ‘No, this is now out of your control, you can’t do anything.’ He kissed her again, softly, teasingly and moved his cock towards her pussy. He pushed the head of his cock through her opening and she gasped. He pulled straight back out again. She whimpered again at the loss, keenly feeling how close she had come before to exploding. He grinned at her and she felt a wave of pleasure as his cock pushed further in, past her opening, right to her g-spot. She squirmed as he swivelled his hips, so he touched it over and over again. Almost within seconds, she was close to the brink, but he kept pulling out, leaving her feel hollow and empty. She realised he was doing this to stop himself from coming.

‘I want your come.’ She whispered. He froze and looked down at her.

‘What?’ He frowned.

‘I want your come.’ She said, slightly louder. He looked at her for a second and then rammed his cock into her pussy. She almost screamed as felt the brink.

‘Say it again.’ He murmured as one hand held her breast the other, round her side, whilst he made his cock twitch inside her.

‘I want you to fucking come in me now!’ She half shouted, not even caring if the people next door heard.

He grinned at her, and started fucking her as hard and as fast as possible. Scarlett came again, screaming as she did, wave after wave of heat rushing through her. She looked up at him and knew from his look that he was close too.

‘Where do you want me?’ He whispered.

‘Inside me.’ She bit her lip at him which pushed over the edge. She felt his come in her pussy, pushing her towards another orgasm. He collapsed on top of her, contracting, breathing her scent in, sweat, perfume and come, mixed together. He reached up and untied her from the bed. He pulled out of her and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her wrists.


They both woke up at the same time, the next morning. She glanced at him and grinned. A slightly cheeky grin that made him reach over and kisses her again.

As they were getting dressed, she had one thought running through her mind. Before she left, she turned to him.

‘So, how do we act now?’ She questioned him, one hand on the doorknob. Michael looked up and saw her, slightly dishevelled, gorgeously sexy and nervous. ‘Do we pretend it never happened and go back to boss and employee?’

Michael heard the quiver in her voice. ‘At work, yes. We have to be professional.’ He saw her lip start to quiver and quickly added, ‘But outside of work… that’s up to you.’

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