One weekend I needed to drive from Texas up to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to check out the latest in house designs for some of my customers. I had met Melody online and we clicked naturally. She was a nice plump but hot red head, and very sexual. We had spent several hours sending naughtier and hotter stories between us, most of which featured the woman being tied, chained, or owned in some way. The more I sent Melody the hotter and more explicit she became. Personally, I loved her soft curves and full breasts, and so I asked whether she might enjoy a five hour drive to the Land of Enchantment. She jumped at the chance!

I arranged the rental of a small house near the town square in Santa Fe for the weekend. I told Melody to bring her best naughty thoughts with her. As we drove, she broke out the first naughty thought — a copy of the Story of O. Melody started reading it as we drove, and as she read the steamier parts she became noticeably aroused. For hours and hours we drove, she read, and I got a great show of her breasts heaving with “O” being the subject of bondage. I realized that it had been a great thing that I brought my stash of hand cuffs, blind folds, ropes, and candles, as they were likely to get a nice workout.

As we drove I could smell Melody’s sex. Her pussy must have been flooding. I could hardly wait to touch her, to taste her, and to tie her up. When we arrived at our weekend house she almost dragged me inside, she was so excited. I walked inside and after a brief tour of the living room, small kitchen, bath and bedroom, I sat down on the couch in the living room. I had a raging hard cock. I instructed her to sit at my feet. She complied, but not quite as quickly as I preferred.

I took her in hand, holding on to her long red hair, and explained she should sit when instructed. She lowered her eyes, and agreed. For her brief transgression, I told her to stand. She did. I then leaned back and told her to bend over my lap, which she again did. Her back was straight, her bottom in the air, and she put her arms in front of her as she lay over my lap. I ran my hand over her blue jeaned bottom, feeling the taught denim over her well rounded, perfectly shaped bottom. As I roamed her bottom, my fingertips became very sensitive, and I realized her bottom likely was sensitive, too. Then, with a deliberate but playful cuff, I swatted her perfect bottom. It was not hard — in fact, it was scarcely a swat at all. But, the reaction was immediate. Melody became pliant and sexual — even more sexual than she had been while reading “Story of O”. Additionally, the scent of her now wet sex became stronger and more defined. Her panties must have been very wet.

After the swat, I allowed her to sit again at my feet. We chatted and planned our evening. Santa Fe is famous for its blue corn tortillas, and we decided to enjoy some of the terrific Mexican cuisine. We first walked around the Square, enjoying the last rays of daylight. Melody was respectful, walking close to me, but always deferential. I appreciated her respect, as so many women have abandoned their role. We decided to eat at one of the more popular and famous restaurants, and enjoyed a cocktail.

As we waited for our meal, we enjoyed chips and salsa. Melody was chipper and talkative, but I could tell something was being held back. I told her to fill me in, and after a few minutes, she did. She told me how she had a current relationship with another man, and she was finding it hard to decide which of us she wanted to spend most of her time with. As I listened, truly with open mind, I began to feel the tinge of jealousy — a feeling I had not had for years. I honestly had not started the weekend wanting to make a permanent addition to my retinue, but suddenly, I could not envision myself without Melody in my life. As Melody continued talking about the other man, and I tried to be honest and forthright with her, my desire to punish her for her thoughts of him grew. Finally, the meal drew to an end. I was edgy and actually angry. It was time to go home. Melody was oblivious to her plight.

When we arrived, Melody was slightly buzzed, and I decided it was time for her to bathe in anticipation of the evening’s activities. I carefully ran hot water in the tub, and then ordered her to stand while I undressed her. She raised her arms as her top came off, and her full, beautiful breasts came into view. I pulled her pants down and her curvy bottom was exposed, wrapped in leopard print slinky panties. Her panties were soaked in front. I removed her panties, and her feminine scent was strong, musky, and fresh. Into the tub she went.

In the tub, I scrubbed her carefully, washing her completely. In the kitchen of our love nest I had a bottle of red wine warming in the sink. Over the back rail of the bath surround I hung an enema bag. Into the bag I put the now warm wine together with about a pint of hot water. As the water in the tub drained away, I carefully dried her, then using a soothing lubricant, I smoothed Melody’s bottom to prepare for the enema nozzle. Up it went, and then I released the hot wine mixture inside her.

At first, Melody did not know what to make of what was happening. The wine at dinner had taken the edge off Melody, and now the hot red wine enema was helping her lose complete control. I instructed her to take the nozzle deep inside, and to keep the hot flow inside for as long as possible. She released herself completely into my control, and I kept her safe while she succumbed to the alcohol in her internal wash. After ten minutes or so, I helped Melody out of the tub and onto the potty. Again, I did not allow her to void, but instead told her to hold the hot liquid inside as long as possible. She complied.

Finally, I instructed Melody to release what was inside her. She sat and allowed the hot brew to completely cleanse her, and the relief was immediate. She was slightly drunk, having put herself completely in my control. I assisted her back into the bath, and cleaned her carefully. Then, I rubbed her with lotion, making her skin luminous and silky. Then, I helped her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I retrieved a short cut of smooth rope. Around her wrists it went, her hands over her head. I arranged her against the closet door, and tied the end of the rope over the door and to the opposite side doorknob, rendering her hanging from her wrists. Now, I tied her tightly to the door itself, the cool painted wood against her nude back and bottom. Ropes crisscrossed her breasts, and she was secure.

From my bag I retrieved a red candle and a match. In front of her, telling her how sexy and smooth she looked, I lit the candle, and a pool of hot clear red wax began to build at the base of the flickering flame. Melody’s eyes were attentive, but relaxed. Her nipples were proud on her full round breasts.

To her left breast, which was rendered very round by the ropes, I dripped hot wax from about twelve inches away. The wax was somewhat cooled once it hit her skin, but it was still quite hot, and it began to mould itself to her nipples and curve of her breast. The entire time I told her how beautiful she looked, and she did look beautiful.

As each drip ran over her pale skin, a red path of cooling wax traced over her nipples and skin. She flinched with each drop and spatter, pressing her ample bottom against the cold door. And, with each drop, she moaned ever so slightly. I had a sense that she did not want me to know just how much it really hurt, how I was really affecting her. So, I reduced the distance between candle and target. As the drops now hit, they were very hot, and they began to run profusely over her breasts and down her belly. I dropped wax on her with my left hand, and with my right, I began to slowly massage Melody’s engorged mons venus. Her clit was erect, and her scent very strong.

There was obvious moisture draining from her open nether lips, and she had trails of glistening feminine juices down almost to her knees. She was still weak against the ropes, and her hands were bright red from lack of circulation. I ordered her to stand more erect, but I sensed that she preferred her weight on her wrists and around her breasts. She glowed in the candle light, and her mouth was open ever so slightly as she breathed in staccato flights of pleasure.

I stood back and admired her. The red candle wax looked like drips of blood across her breasts, and the ropes restrained her delicately. I asked whether she liked knowing how helpless she looked, and how naughty she was, and she said, “Yes, sir”. I knew she loved being restrained — she had read “Story of O” with great relish, having breathed deepest and become most scented when O was herself restrained. I left her like that, hanging from the door, while I prepared her bed.

At the bed, I turned down the comforter, and fine thread sheets greeted. They were taught and cold. I asked Melody whether she wished to lay down, and she nodded she did. With that, I untied her restraints around her breasts and loosed her from the door. I lowered her arms, and she said, “ahhhhh . . .” at the renewed blood flow. I walked her carefully to the bed, and lay her across it, her head hanging slightly over the edge. She was on her back, her breasts and privates fully exposed. Her mouth was open. Her skin glistened with lotion and a soft dewy sweat from the heat of the candle.

Once situated, I retied her, her wrists tied across her chest to corners of the bed, her breasts still trussed and tight. I added a belt rope around her waist, one with two knots tied strategically. One knot was situated to press against her clitoris. The second, a larger knot, was sited directly upon her ass opening. I cinched up the ropes nice and tight. She could not move.

As she lay there, I gently tugged upon her waist rope, and the knots pressed ever so gently into her clit and ass. She moaned softly with each tug. She was properly tied, and I ran corner ropes to the belt rope so that every movement she made ground against her privates. I rocked her back and forth and she became very erotically stimulated.

I now opened the fly on my pants. As I stood there, her head over the edge of the bed, I stroked my hardening cock against her face and into her hair. She tried to take my cock into her mouth, only to be denied. I ran my scrotum across her mouth, instead, and she licked hungrily at my balls in their sack. My shaft was very hard, and since I am cut, the head of my penis was engorged and shaped like a large mushroom against her pale face. Finally, I could take no more. I stood carefully and lowered my engorged cock onto her mouth, onto her tongue. Melody lapped greedily at me, licking the pre-cum from the tip of my cock. I stroked against her face, and she continued to lick. My right fingers were tugging at her ropes, and as I rode against her face, I could see that the two knots were doing their duty, rubbing perfectly against her sensitive areas.

Finally, I pushed my cock deep into her mouth. It was very hot, very wet, a virtual pussy on her face. My cock glided past her tongue and the tip lodged deep in her throat. I could feel her gag just a bit, but she did not stop the depth or the action. I started to face fuck her, my cock deep on each stroke, then out to the edge on each return. My balls slapped her in the forehead and she grazed her teeth against the skin on the bottom of my dick. I kept hunching over her face, feeling the depth of my cock in her throat and mouth. I asked whether she liked it, and she said she did. I got closer and closer to wanting to fill her mouth with my sperm. Yet, that was not how I wanted to end the evening. So, even though it felt fabulous, I withdrew my raging purple cock from her mouth.

I asked whether she remembered dinner. How she wanted to know what to do about the other man. I frankly did not care what she wanted at that point, as my jealousy had been building over the course of the evening. She needed to be taken in hand and taught a lesson about how to respect men who treated her with care and affection, only to be told they are only one of a series of lovers. She nodded, her eyes wary. I told her that I had not forgotten. That I thought it bad form to travel with one man, only to be thinking of another. I told her what a slut she actually was, and how regardless of the fact that I prefer slutty girls over their princess sisters, I thought she deserved to be punished for her transgression. I asked whether she understood, and she nodded, carefully, yes.

With that, I rolled her over on the bed, her breasts pressed deep across my lap. I retied her wrists to the corner of the bed — she was not to be released until she was properly punished. Now, my right hand was no longer teasing and gliding over her bottom. Now, it fairly vibrated in anticipation of spanking Melody. And spank her I did. I raised my hand to the full extent and then brought it down — very hard — with a satisfying “SMACK!” Melody took the blow with a bright cry and a hard flinch to escape. The ropes held her. Now, I readied for a second swat, and again my hand was taken to its full extent. And again I brought it down on her round bottom with a very bright “SWAT!” I looked and even in the dim light, there were two bright red hand prints across Melody’s ass. A third very hard swat followed. I did not care whether she hurt, or whether after she was released she wanted to stay with me. She had lumped me into the same category as some other guy. So, with that snub, I had decided to make sure she remembered this particular spanking forever.

A fourth swat on her now almost blistered ass was applied. When my hand came down a large gout of pussy juice squirted out onto the sheets. She writhed hard against her ropes, and she was moaning in pleasure. I thrust my fingers down inside her pussy. She was drenched and aching. Aching for more action, aching to be filled. Now, I kept my fingers deep inside her, and with my other hand I raised for a fifth full hard swat. And down it came. She cried out in pain at the same time as she moaned in extreme pleasure. I now owned her completely.

To seal the pleasure, and to keep her quiet, I guided my cock into her mouth. I had to move around to do so, and I could not keep both hands on her pussy and ass, but now her mouth was filled with my musky dick. One last swat — that should do it. And it did. As I struck her now bright blood red ass, she began to orgasm. My fingers were jammed deep in her pussy, and I slipped my little finger now into her tight ass hole. I had her in a bowling ball grip, and she reveled in the sensations of her body cumming while completely within my control. She had relinquished all control when I gave her the wine. Now I exercised it. She gulped down on my cock while cumming hard.

I loved the sensations of her orgasm. I loved how she sucked on my cock — even though at that time she had never actually completed oral sex on any of her previous lovers. I knew that one day, if she stayed, I would have that virgin mouth — and the virgin ass which was being probed by my finger. But, not that night.

Instead, as she continued to writhe in orgasm, I pulled out from under her and mounted her from the back, me on my knees and my now huge cock buried deep inside her bareback pussy. Her blow job immediately before had fluffed me so well, and I was ready for a money-shot ejaculation. So I slammed hard against her, my dick in her cunt, and my balls against her clit. In that fashion I fucked her so hard, taking my pleasure from her and after a few very hard grunting grinds into her, I came hard and fast and jerkily inside her. I could feel the hotness of my ejaculate splashing around inside her now suddenly very wet pussy. This only spurred me harder, and I kept fucking her until I could fuck no more. With one last shattering thrust, I stood hard inside her, pulled out, and fell back on the bed.

After a recovery period during which I began to breathe again, I gently untied Melody. She rubbed her wrists, and I laid her down on the pillow, her red hair a halo around her face. I covered her and then lay down against her round and soft skin. My still tumescent cock pushed hard against her thigh. We panted together, completely synchronized. She turned her face to me. She spoke in a sleepy, contented voice, and said, “I have made up my mind. You know what I crave. I stay with you.”

A little something on the kinkier side

Joan kept looking at her watch, a bus passed by spewing thick black smoke. It hung in the air long after it passed. It’s acrid smell assaulting her delicate nasal passages. She hoped and feared that he was on that bus, but it sped by, continuing its mad journey along the broken and pothole filled roads. It was the wrong side of town for her, alleyways and questionable people lurking in shop doorways had her on edge. Her little car was parked down the street out of the way and in what she hoped was a good neighborhood. That part of town had been picked for their meeting because no one would spot her there. The seedy little shops and filthy dark streets would hide her from knowing eyes. A man in with a blue hooded sweat top and black jeans passed her, he looked at her and smiled in a most feral way. It was probably her clothing; she wished she had dressed less conservatively. The classy white suit was perfect for the other side of town where snooty women concerned with high fashion dotted the streets and demanded the attention of powerful gentlemen.

The man she waited for was not a gentleman, she didn’t know how to classify him really, but a gentleman; surely he was not.

Joan looked down at her high heel pumps, not the type she would normally wear, in fact the type she never wore. The pumps were the only thing giving away her mission, the snooty white outfit, hid what the mission was about.

A bead of sweat ran down her face, and she hurriedly wiped it away. No one would see her sweat, not even him, especially not him. She had to stay composed; in control of things, she couldn’t afford to let her fear get in the way. Any fear at all and he might drag her all the way down into a cesspool of shame and wanting.

A piece of paper floated gently on the slight breeze, bringing with it the smell of baked bread, heady foreign cooking and something unfamiliar, that only the more colorful side of town could boast.

Joan’s eyes checked for any movement and when she was sure she didn’t have anyone’s attention, reached inside the prim white jacket and under the flimsy silk top to adjust the lacy black bra. It was itchy and she wished he hadn’t demanded she wear it. She felt her own breast; the meaty tissue throbbed slightly, when she touched it. The nipples hardened and she withdrew her hand. The last conversation they had played back like a movie in her head.

“So you’ve come back too play,” he said. His rugged face coming in view on the webcam, his eyes held promises, so many promises, of the kind that had been swept away by other men.

“Yes, I guess I did, do you have a game in mind?”

“I do, but I won’t play unless you do what I ask. Agreed?”

That familiar little thrill went down her spine and her legs went all spongy. She felt a dull ache deep in her gut; it spread down further not quite reaching her pussy.

“Yes, alright, I’ll do as you wish.” There was nothing more too say, she waited for his instruction.

“Good girl, but remember just one denial and I’m gone, understand?” he was reaching for something and was temporarily out of view.

“Yes, alright, I understand.”

Damn what the hell, was she was thinking? It wasn’t with her brain obviously. It was his demeanor, his demand for total attention. His eyes had a depth; an understanding of what it was she craved.

His face loomed back into the cam. Behind him, she could make out a leather couch and what she thought might be a book shelf. The thought of him reading books stuck in her mind. She tucked the information safely away, along with the tiny other bits of information she’d gleaned of him so far.

“Pop one of those titties out, and let’s have a look.” Their conversations had come this far and she didn’t hesitate to undo her shirt and pop a beast out of her bra.

“Nice baby, real nice, now stroke it for me.”

Joan closed her eyes and stroked her own breast.

“Ok, nice; now tweak the nipple, twirl it around a little.”

Eyes still closed, she did as she was told, it helped to keep her eyes closed and not face him directly. She could imagine then that it was him doing these things.

“Yes, that’s good; keep it up, a little harder now. Harder! When I say harder; pinch it till it just hurts.”

He watched her closely, biding his time, enjoying her show.

“Yes yes, now bring out the other and do both. That’s it; a little rougher now, tug at them, pull the nipples, yes, feels nice doesn’t it?”

Her breath came a little faster; she knew what he would ask next.

“Stand up, get the shirt and bra off.” He waited while she partly undressed.

“Nice, now turn around and slid them pants down, stop when there at your knees.” He watched, and his own breath came heavier more ragged. The hot little bitch was good looking, and her ass peeking through the panties was making him sweat.

“Turn back, face me, look at me and pull down the panties, just to your knees.”

Joan pulled her panties down too, she wanted to look away, but his eyes held her gaze and she was compelled to do as he said. The moisture between her legs felt slick and wet.

“Did you shop? Like I asked?”

“Yes,” she said almost in a whisper. That had been hard, going into the seedy little adult shop far from her home. She couldn’t order online because her husband would have seen the package and questions would have arisen.

She remembered going into the shop, and seeing the little girl behind the counter, she couldn’t have been much more than 18 and it was obvious by her attire that sex toys were nothing new. She felt like a stranger and wanted to run, she’d never bought a toy before and the things on the selves were exciting her. Two men were browsing in different parts of the store and she waited a long time for them too leave before picking up the double ended large dildo, that he asked her to buy. She had hidden it deep in the closet so her husband wouldn’t find it. It had looked intimidating, but just looking; had turned her on.

“Good, how did it make you feel, buying something so, shall we say ‘naughty’?”

“I was terrified, Robert would find it, and it’s big and so intimidating, I felt like a tramp and I was so turned on looking at it.”

“And have you used it?”

“No, I… I couldn’t it’s so big…”

“Yes I see, now, take those pants and panties all the way off, and go get it.”

Again he watched her bend over to remove the remaining clothing, and then enjoyed the view of her ass fading away to retrieve the toy.

Joan rummaged in the closet; her whole body was shaking with expectation. When she finally dug it out, it appeared even bigger and longer than before, it was just an illusion, she told herself, it only seemed that way because she knew he would make her use it…

He watched her face come back in view and smiled with a mouthful of amazingly white teeth. She looked worried, almost like she might bolt, and never come back. He knew better though, she would stay and play because he could make her cum, he could make her want, and he could fill her fantasies.

“Let me see it, hold it up, Ah yes good choice, do you know what it will feel like when it’s up; both your ass and your pussy? You want to find out don’t you? Go get some lube and come back here quickly.”

Joan thoughts came to a sudden halt, when another bus screeched its brakes and stopped a few feet away. She almost melted, her legs were so weak she didn’t think she could keep standing, she knew he would be on that bus, knew she would follow him into a seedy little hotel. Up an unknown stairway full of strange smells and noises…Shit time to run forever or have her deepest darkest fantasies fulfilled by a man who could make her do things even she didn’t know existed.

It was too late, he was there, in front of her, taking her hand and leading her down the street. Nick Emery, her secret online lover, was walking them to the Royal Hotel, on the wrong side of town.

The man behind the counter studied the two; for a minute longer than what was comfortable; again she kicked herself for wearing the snooty up town suit. Nick didn’t seem concerned and took the offered key. He hoisted the bag he carried over his shoulder and led them to the stair well. Few words were spoken while they climbed the stairs, and Joan’s attention was more on the creepy unkempt staircase and the noises drifting down from above. A cry of pain, an eerie laugh, a cough; human and electronic sounds all drifting and mingling together, subtle noises of human interaction caught her imagination.

Nick open the door with a little shake of the key, it seemed to stick. She remembered that sound as the key turned and the locking mechanism snickered softly, amused that the room had brought another into its depths.

“Might as well make your self at home, I’ll make us a drink.”

Joan looked around, it wasn’t like home, but the bed did seem clean. There were extra pillows at the end, but the slips looked out of place, they didn’t match the sterile white of the sheets peeking from under the covers. They were bright gaudy red and she wondered who on earth decorated the rooms. Ugly wallpaper covered half the room; the rest was painted a dull yellow. The tiny night table was chipped and the bottom piece of wood was hanging by a hair. The T.V looked newer, but the shelf it sat on was scratched and the wood faded. She silently, thanked a higher being that she had bathed and was ready for sex. She wouldn’t have to use the bathroom other than to maybe freshen up.

Joan watched Nick unpack the bag he had carried, her stomach clenched into to tight little knots when he pulled the toys from the sack.

“Joan, if you would, there’s an ice machine just down the hall, Will you fill this? He asked handing her the plastic ice bucket.

She was grateful for something to do and take her eyes away from what she saw coming out of the bag. She knew what the plan was, but seeing those things, and knowing she would be feeling them on and in her body was unnerving.

Their last conversation, snuck back into her head, he had told her to turn her chair around so her when she bent over it her ass was in view. She had been afraid then, afraid she wouldn’t be able to do as he said. It was stupid really; a stranger telling her what to do, she could have ended it then, just switched off the computer and never talk to him again. But she didn’t and bent over the chair showing her ass to him.

She thought of how the dildo had felt sliding into her pussy, it was big and filled her passage in a painful, but crazy stimulating way.

“Joan, you alright out there, we just need ice not the whole machine.”

“Yes sorry coming.” She put away her thoughts and walked back to the room, it was time, time to see if what she thought she wanted really was what she wanted. She felt kind of spoiled in a way. Joan didn’t imagine very many women got to do what she was about too.

Nick put ice into their drinks and handed one to Joan, “here drink this and we’ll get started.” Joan downed the drink; she was eager to start, or else back out completely her nerves were racked with excitement and dread.

“That’s a nice suit, your wearing, but it will look even better hanging there on the chair. Take everything off except the bra and panties.”

Joan undressed slowly folding each item carefully, and hung the jacket on the back of the chair.

“Nice, now go over there by the bed, and take the bra off nice and slow,” he said sitting down watching her black lacy bra come off and her perfect little titties falling free. “Now the panties pull them down.” Joan did as he said, and felt her anxiety rise. She stepped out of the panties and stood naked at the edge of the bed. “Lay down,” he demanded “on your back.” Joan pulled the dark blue generic bedspread off the bed; the sterile white sheets looked clean enough and she lay down, and looked up at the ceiling. The cracked white paint, long stained with patches of nicotine and a spider web in a corner reminded her of where she was. Metal hooks old and rusty hung over her head making her heart beat faster. She had a good idea what they were for, and sweat tickled her palms. She had seen the rope come from his bag; it lay inert on the filthy yellowed carpet. “Good, now move down a little and bend your knees.” Joan heard a cry from somewhere above, it sounded like a women, not in pain but rather like she had enjoyed something and was voicing it, a T.V played barely audible in the room behind her. She wiggled closer to the bottom of the bed and brought her knees up, not letting them fall away to the sides.

Nick smiled ever so slightly, the women on the bed was his now; her small, still firm breasts, with nipples; a soft pink in color, stood up and he saw the dimples and bumps arise on her skin. He picked a red rubber dildo and tossed it on the bed beside her, landing with a silent thump.

“Pick it up and suck on It.” not wanting to displease him, she put the foreign material into her mouth, it didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t turn her on; her pussy stayed dry and she set it down. “Here start at your neck and rub this all over, between your thighs too,” he said placing a squirt bottle full of greasy thick oil within her reach. Joan sniffed at the lube; it was pleasant like a flowery musky scent. She felt the first creeping of wetness between her legs. Joan took a little in her hand and like he said; and began rubbing it into her skin.

“Not like that, do it slowly; sensually, play with it, tease your self. Yes now the nipples, pull them, yes twist them a little, now down your belly. Yes yes, spread you knees, further apart, rub it in, and touch your clit. Good; pick it up, now suck it like a dick, in and out. Yes; now between those titties, down between your legs. Slip it in, in and out…”

Joan’s pussy was heating up then, the red rubber glided along her flesh, the thick oil mingling with her own juices.

“Nice, now turn over, knees bent, that ass up high,” he demanded. “Now push it in your pussy, very nice; keep it up, keep sliding it slowly in and out.” Said Nick, standing then reaching for another toy; he stepped behind her, holding another dildo; it was black and provided a nice contrast to the red. Longer more tapered at the end, a large bulge in the middle and at its base. Joan felt it, but couldn’t see oil dripping down to her virgin ass.

She flashed back to the scene at her own computer, her bending over the chair, the huge double dildo; she pressing it into her own pussy, her juices flowing thick and wet as it had invaded her hole. He had told her to press the other end into her ass. Joan couldn’t; it was too big for her virgin ass, he wasn’t disappointed and instead told her they could do more when they met for the first time in the hotel…

Joan felt the pressure at her anus, steady dull pressure, then sharper, tearing pain as he pushed the black rubber into her ass. Joan’s hips raised and tried to push away from the object, it only caused him to be quicker and she cried out loud as it stuck home.

“Relax it will stop hurting in a sec.”

Joan didn’t move; didn’t breath, the pain subsided and she continued to play with the red dildo, her pussy slick with juicy wet cum. Nick stepped back again and sat down, he liked to watch, before actively participating. The movement of her ass, complete with the black end of the dildo sticking out made his cock hard and pulse under the tight jeans. Nick picked up the rope and started to work it, light bondage was the thrill for her, having never tried anything like it with her husband. Joan said he was to vanilla and refused to even hold her hands together. Today she would get it all, he would see to it.

Nick’s practiced hands tied the knots while his eyes followed her hands, the red dildo easy to follow as it slid in and out of her pussy and the black dildo stayed firmly lodged in her ass. Joan’s other hand played with the little nub of her clit and she was getting nicely worked up, her breath came ragged and little whimpers escaped her throat.

“That’s nice, keep going, cum for me now, work it baby,” he gently encouraged her.

Joan’s hand moved faster, her finger flicked over her flesh, faster, harder, she moaned long and loud as her orgasm came, gushing fluid over the red dildo wetting the sterile white sheets.

Nick took the toy from her hand, “That’s good,” he said touching her wet pussy, she jumped as his finger slid along the now sensitive curve of her sex. “Are your ready for the rope?”

“Yes, Oh please yes,” she nodded her head. He fed the rope under her pulling and tightening, her body becoming more and more immobile. Second thoughts raced through her head. She was sweating freely as the rope wound around her body and Nick stood up on the bed and fixed the rope to the hooks over her head.

Joan kept her panic down as he began to lift her off the bed, her legs were pulled apart and the dildo still in her ass stung as her body was put into position.

Control was lost; she couldn’t do anything but hang there swinging, her legs spread, and her arms tightly at her sides. The rope slid further up the middle hook bending her more at the waist. Nick took a step back on the bed and admired his work, he was good at it. Joan was panting heavy, her eyes portrayed the fear she was feeling, fear and excitement, completely at his mercy then.

Nick jumped down and took his time disrobing, making sure she could see him slowly removing clothes, his cock sprung forward as his jeans and white briefs came off. She could see the drop of moisture at the tip; it looked smooth, nicely shaped, and almost bare of hair. He stroked himself a moment his hand barely coving half of the long thick shaft.

Joan’s body swung gently from side to side, the rope was itchy and pinched a little at her skin, her breast’s were tingling and slight pain coursed through her erect nipples. A cry escaped her lips when he hopped up behind her swinging body. Nick steadied the rope and swung her back towards him, perfect he thought as her pussy just touched his cock. He teased then; just letting the tip of his cock penetrate her wet entrance. Back and forth he swung her till she was wiggling like a worm on a hook. Nick grabbed hold of the base of the black dildo and swung her away, pulling the dildo from her ass and then back again. It slid back into her rear hole, her whole body tensed then relaxed, there was no pain.

Joan closed her eyes, Nick still firmly holding the dildo swung her back and forth impaling her ass each time. She was moaning and her body visibly wanting more, her back arched and her muscle strained at the rope. Nick slid it out for the last time and tossed it to the floor. Her pussy like a flower opened before him, dripped wetness onto the bed below. He aimed carefully and swung her back onto his waiting hard cock.

“Oh god yes! Oh fuck me harder, harder please,” she yelled, she tried to swing herself back onto his cock, and he held her hips and rammed her back. Over and over until they both came, her screaming and thrusting her ass, him grinding to a final halt.

Nick untied her and gently lowered her to the bed, he sat and she leaned back into his arms, she felt good, even though she knew the rope marks would be on her skin for a few days, she would hide them, with the conservative uptown clothes. She knew there would be more times like this and when he walked her back to her car they kissed and made plans to do it again.

The end

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