This is a story that involves several kinds of sex, including intercourse, anal, virginity. If this does not suit you, please go elsewhere and enjoy. All characters are 18 or more.


Olivia and I had not dated much. And most of that was more about sex, not dating.

Our first date was dinner, then back to her place for drinks and, quickly, bed. It was not that I was so great at seducing her. She just seemed as interested in sex as I wanted her to be in my daydreams. If you’re thinking that a relationship like that couldn’t last, well… well, you’re right. But on to the story.

Olivia was a very attractive girl. 5 foot 7, slender, fairly large breasts, long legs, and long, brown hair. We were both 22 years of age.

I arrived at her place in the late afternoon that day, thinking that it may be little more than a couple of drinks, fucking her once or twice, then a quick bite to eat to end the evening. That’s not really as much as I wanted out of the relationship, but that is what the last couple of dates had been. I’m not really complaining, but I was finding that I was hoping for more from a girl. Yeah, it kind of surprised me, too!

True to form, I arrived to music playing and Olivia pouring a drink for me before we went out. As before, we drank, sat on the couch and talked, which led to kissing and the inevitable.

Olivia was a great kisser. Her full lips parted and allowed our tongues to battle each other. Her hand held the back of my head, pulling it into the long, passionate kiss. Her other hand roamed over my chest and arms. She seemed fascinated by the muscles in both. I did have very good upper body strength, and Olivia soon was pulling my shirt over my head to run her hands over the muscles in both.

I could not be far behind, as I squeezed her breasts through her blouse, Luckily she wore no bra, so her large but firm breasts felt wonderful through the thin material, but unluckily the blouse had buttons. I hate buttons. They always seemed to slow things down so much.

After one button I was able to reach in and stroke the bare flesh of her breast. I spent some time massaging it and playing with her thick, hard nipple. After a few minutes of this, and another button, Olivia helped by frantically working at a button or two herself, then shrugged the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms while I was still working on the last button.

As I dove mouth first onto a breast I mumbled some curses aimed at buttoned clothing in general. She pulled my head in with both hands, “forcing” me to fill my mouth with her boob while promising to never wear buttoned blouses again. There was much moaning from both of us while speaking, and the words made sense only to us in the heat of the moment.

I eventually worked my way down across her flat stomach, working at her shorts, intending to eat her pussy, but when she rose up to let me pull them off her hands latched onto my belt and I held there while she removed my pants as well. My dick sprung free and she grabbed it quickly.

My dick was a little above average in length at about 7 inches, but it was much above average in width. Olivia loved to wrap her hands around it and admire it while she slowly stroked up and down its length. It never did last long, though, because by then we were definitely in a hurry. I leaned in to kiss her eager mouth and her tits while my hands were reaching down to rub over her legs, her thighs, and finally to her pussy.

I rubbed along her pussy lips, not surprised to find them moist. The real wetness I felt was when I slipped a finger inside her. Her moan told me she had been waiting for that, so I slid another finger into her.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” she moaned as I massaged the inside of her. But she never did let go of my dick.

I slid my fingers out to a less joyful moan from her, and slid my hands under her thighs. I scooted her out onto the edge of the couch cushion, then lifted her legs up higher to tilt her crotch up. Olivia pulled my dick down towards her pussy, rubbed it through her slit a few times, and positioned it at her entrance. I pushed forward.

“Uhhhh!” we both said as my dick slid into her, stretching the walls of her pussy as it had done before.

I was about halfway in, but we were both in a hurry. A couple more pushes and I was deep. Olivia helped, her hips pushing her pussy up as much as they could, almost pinned down as they were.

I held myself deep inside her for a moment, enjoying her wet vagina pulsing the length of my dick. She was ready for more before I was, and let me know with a deep throated groan and a push of her hips. I held her by the ankles and lifted them up high, tilting her pussy even more upright, then pulled back nearly out of her before pushing my body weight down on top of her, ramming my cock all the way home.

Olivia yelled out in pleasure as each thrust impaled her. She did seem to like it a bit on the rough side at times. After 3 or 4 of these I once again held deep inside her, then began a more leisurely fucking. I pulled out and thrust in more slowly, feeling my cock pushing down the channel of her pussy, her walls being pushed open by my invading cock and closing back over it, holding it tightly.

After a minute or two of that we desired more force again. I began thrusting my cock the whole length of her channel faster, more forcefully. We both yelped as our pubic bones mashed together and my cock bottomed out inside her.

I pulled completely out of her, catching my erection with my hand and rubbing it up against her clit. She screamed out at the surprise and the pleasure of this new feeling, then again as I pushed down on my cock so I could shove it back deeply inside her.

By this time she had given up control of her body, giving herself over to nothing but physical sensations. For a second time I pulled out, using my hand to direct my dick against her clit, then pushing it back down to ram into the length of her channel. She was limp and moaning.

The third time I tried the same trick, I rubbed her clit but pushed a little too hard on my dick to get it back in her. My dick settled right on the pucker of her ass hole instead of where I had intended. I held it there, for a moment not comprehending what had happened. The next moment I was realizing it, but could not think clearly enough about what to do. My cockhead felt good nestled in her little opening. It was while I was trying to clear my head that I heard her speak.

“Okay. But go easy,” were her words, halting and breathless as they were.

Again I struggled to understand what was happening. What did she mean?

“Slow,” she said, and wiggled her ass slightly on the tip of my cock.

Finally my brain kicked into gear, and I was suddenly aware that I was going to fuck an ass for the first time in my life. I took a deep breath and pushed – gently – into her. But it didn’t go far.

“Shit,” I heard her say. Then, “Get some more… juice… on my hole.”

Her pussy had been leaking, and a lot of it had run down her crack to her ass. But she evidently needed more. I stuck two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed it around, which caused a lot of happy noises to come from her. I then moved to her rosebud. Leaning back to get my dick cleared, I rubbed the juice over the hole. Not being totally naive, I realized that she may need some lubrication inside her, so I pushed a wet finger in. She squealed with surprise and pleasure while wiggling her ass around.

I got another finger wet and pushed two into her. This was tighter and caused her to groan with a little pain but there was more pleasure, especially when she loosened up and moved them around inside of her. I pulled them out and wet them again and repeated, easier this time.

I surprised her by shoving my dick deep into her pussy, then pulling my fingers out of her ass and pushing my dick in. It went in easier but only an inch or two.

“Mmmm Ahhhhh,” she choked out of a clenched throat. overcome with surprise, sexual excitement, and some pain, but she didn’t seem to want to quit.

I pushed in harder a couple of times before my head popped through.

“Stop,” she said, and I thought it was over until she said, “Okay.” she just needed to adjust to the intruder.

She pushed her hips back slowly and I pushed into her more quickly. We both moaned in pleasure, hers mixed with pain. We continued like that for a while until I was worked in the whole way. We had to stop and rest, then continued.

Gradually, very gradually, we picked up speed. I tried to match her desires as she came to stretch out enough. I had been holding her hips tightly, helping to pull her onto my cock, but when it felt okay I removed them and reached underneath her. I found her pussy and her clit, playing with them both. It took little time to drive her over the edge.

“Ahhh! Unnngggggg!” she could form no words but made all sorts of noises as her body convulsed. As my dick was caught in her vise, I could hold out no longer and I erupted deep in her ass. I also made quite a few noises of my own!

We were both overcome with the experience. I sort of collapsed onto her. Well, beside her, but onto one of her legs which remained spread eagle. We both lay there for at least several minutes, not sure if we were awake or not. Until suddenly Olivia twitched and jumped up, disentangling us.

“Car doors!” she nearly yelled. “Sara and Emily”

I don’t know how she knew it was them, or even how she knew the car doors were in the driveway of her townhouse, but she was frantically hunting and grabbing for her clothes.

“Get dressed,” she yelled, and I joined in the chaos.

She was ahead of me, and not bothering with underwear. I followed her lead and quit looking for my shorts. I slid into my jeans and grabbed my shirt just as the door opened. I flung my arms through the sleeves and pulled the shirt down as the girls appeared.

“HI,” the girls all said at once, giggling and hugging each other. Olivia introduced me to her roommates and we said hello. I noticed their eyes sweeping around the room and then focusing on Olivia and me. That’s when I noticed Olivia had buttoned only two buttons on her blouse, and they were crooked. Our underwear could now be seen by us all. It made Sara and Emily smile naughtily.

“So whatcha doin’?” Emily asked in a sing-song manner.

Noone said a word for what seemed like a very long time, with sexual tension building every second. Everyone knew what had been going on. and I began to wonder how badly this would end.

“Tell you what,” Olivia said, grabbing a beer bottle from the floor and laying it down on the coffee table. “You want to see what’s been going on, let’s play.”

She was moving the bottle side to side on the table, playing, and now spun it. As it slowed she stopped its spinning so that it pointed at Emily.

Olivia stared at Emily. “You first.”

Emily was confused. “Me what?”

Olivia smiled wickedly. “Take something off.”

“Whaaa?” Emily was no longer confused, but didn’t know wht she wanted to do.

Olivia added, “You should see my boyfriend naked,” while licking her lips.

Emily began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Noone stopped her, so she continued, slipping it off her shoulders when done. Everyone admired her full, probably C cup breasts encased in a frilly white bra.

“All right!” Olivia squealed in delight. “You spin.”

Emily spun, which ironically pointed to Olivia. She whipped off her skirt, displaying her naked, shaved pussy to everyone’s amazement.

“Well, you saw my panties over there,” she said, nodding to her panties under the table, explaining her nakedness.

Everyone else was speechless as Olivia spun, with the bottle landing on me.

I took off my shirt, especially since I had no shorts on underneath my pants. I was not as anxious to show my stuff as Olivia had been, but the girls seemed quite interested nevertheless. I was in shape, muscular arms and chest, as well as a slim waist. I didn’t know why girls were so interested in that, but I was aware – and grateful.

When I spun it pointed again at Emily, who surprised us all by removing her bra.Her breasts stared at me as if alive. Big, firm, and shapely, they and her thick nipples were sights to behold. I wondered if she was liking this a lot. She could have taken off her slacks, but instead she exposed her naked breasts. Or maybe she was also wearing no panties. Interesting.

Emily’s spin finally pointed to Sara. She was much slower in pulling off her top. She was embarrassed but she did it, which is all that counts. Unlike the other two girls, Sara had small breasts. A cute bra let little flesh show, but she was enticing. Quickly she spun, probably to get the attention off her. It landed on Olivia.

Already half naked, Olivia undid the two fastened buttons on her blouse and shrugged it off, exposing her entire naked body to the room. She loved the attention.

Sara’s shorts came next, leaving her in bra and panties, then Emily lost her slacks, but she was wearing panties. Finally it came to me, wearing nothing but pants. My dick had fully recovered and pointed straight up as my pants slid down. The girls all clapped.

“Impressed?” asked Olivia, looking to the other two for approval. Indeed they were. They seemed in awe. Emily unconsciously licked her lips.

“Just take them off,” Olivia said to Emily.

Emily removed her panties, showing her pussy was shaved just like Olivia’s. They then looked at Sara without saying a word, who slowly and carefully removed her bra, uncovered perfectly formed but small little titties. She hesitated taking off her panties but eventually gave in, very slowly revealing her little pussy covered with a small strip of hair, just enough to hide her slit.

Everything up to this point had been foreplay. Just an excuse that allowed everyone to get naked. Everyone but Sara, anyhow. The others seemed very sexual, but Sara seemed shy, retiring. She also seemed younger. My mind flashed on the hope that she was 18.

Emily looked at my girlfriend. “Can we sample now?”

I knew her meaning, and when Olivia nodded, Emily wasted no time getting to my side of the table. She took my erection in her hand and stroked it, looking at me, at everyone, smiling and enjoying herself immensely. I did too, especially when she took it into her mouth. I noticed Sara’s eyes get big, as mine must have,

She took it out of her mouth and slapped it against her cheek, moaning with bliss. She stood up and looked at Olivia.

“How much do I get?” she asked.

Olivia smiled. “Anything you want, if he doesn’t mind,”

Emily laughed and rubbed her hands over her body, cupping her tits in display. “Oh, he won’t mind, will he?”

She turned, displaying her entire body, and I stepped up behind her. I cupped her breasts from behind, causing her to moan. I kissed her neck and shoulder, sliding one hand down her side. She wiggled her ass back as my erection nestled between her butt cheeks.

“Ohhh, fuuuck,” Emily moaned.

Olivia laughed. “That’s probably what he has in mind.”

I couldn’t believe my girlfriend had done all this, and approved of me fucking her friend. But I also wasn’t about to stop and question it. I pushed my dick down, rubbing it along her crotch. We were both so excited, my dick rock hard and her pussy soaking wet. But it was not a good angle standing there.

I put my hand on her back, signaling her to bend over the arm of the couch, her legs spread. As she did this her pussy opened up for me and I slipped my dick in her slit. Rubbing it up and down her slit got it wet, and I pushed into her vagina. She was not as tight as Olivia, and did not have any problem taking me. Her pussy walls parted around my cockhead and closed in again around the shaft. In about three strokes back and forth I was all in. I began long, slow but forceful strokes in and out, feeling like it was a perfectly snug fit. We fucked for several minutes before Emily erupted in a convulsive orgasm.

I paused while she finished. I was nowhere near ready, as I had just cum a short while before. As I waited, Olivia came up and whispered in my ear, “Sara is a virgin. But she wants you.”

My cock twitched at hearing those words. I looked at Sara, who was staring at the juncture of my cock and Emily’s pussy. I swear her mouth drooled just a little.

Just as I started to move again inside Emily I heard Olivia say, “Take her ass!”

“Yeah, do her in the ass,” Sara repeated, sounding like she was in a trance.

“Uhhhh, yeahhhhh,” moaned Emily quietly, and I knew I was going to do it.

Moments before I had taken my first ass, and now I was ready for another. And all this while being watched for the first time. Surprisingly to me I seemed to like being watched. It was all very exciting. I felt like I was dreaming.

I pulled out of Emily’s snatch and pushed two fingers in, wetting them thoroughly before pushing them into her butt hole, one at a time. She didn’t seem nearly as tight as Olivia. I guessed she had anal sex before, perhaps often. I wet my cock head again in her pussy juices and then positioned it at her anus. As I spread her butt cheeks she pushed back, then I pushed forward. It was tight, but I could tell she was relaxed and I got inside her a little. I was soon past her ring. I pushed one hand down hard on her back, flattening her face onto the couch cushion, and could drive harder into her from that position. I wasn’t going fast, but pushing hard. She was much more open than Olivia, but nothing like her pussy.

It was now that Olivia leaned into my ear again saying, “I think the virgin may want to be dominated.”

My mind spun around those words while my cock throbbed inside Emily. Was she a submissive? I had no experience with that. I really had not even fantasized about that kind of thing. Well, not much. I really had no desire for it that I knew of.

Evidently Sara had been whispering to Olivia while they watched me screw their roommate. She seemed to like the way I took control. It turned her on to see a ‘real man,’ as she said, not the ‘boys’ that kept trying to get in her pants. She was ready to lose her virginity, and she was willing to do it with me.

I tried to think of what I should do with that information. Especially the submissive part, if that was true. Remember, I was thinking while slowly fucking Emily in the ass!

“Sara, sit on the couch,” I said, looking at her. She looked at my face for the first time, at least that I noticed. She rose off the floor and took the two steps toward the couch.

Before she sat I said, “One leg against the back, facing this way.”

She hesitated. Was she thinking of what I meant, or deciding if she should even do it? I didn’t know, but she did sit facing us, one leg bent, then pushed it against the back of the couch.

“Slide closer,” I said.

She couldn’t get much closer without getting her pussy in Emily’s mouth, but that is what I wanted.

“Emily is going to eat you,” I told her. It was the first Emily had heard of it as well, and I felt her ass clench. Was that good or bad? Hey, I didn’t know these girls, my girlfriend had pushed us together, and I didn’t think our relationship was going to last long anyway – so what harm was there in seeing what all could happen?

To my surprise, at least a little, Sara scooted up to Emily’s head, and Emily raised up, opened her mouth, and began to lick pussy.

“Have you ever eaten a girl? I asked Emily, who shook her head no and mumbled, “Huh-uh.”

My cock throbbed again inside Emily, but I was trying to not fuck her very well. If this little virgin wanted me, I didn’t dare cum again until I was inside her. Not an easy task, but it helped that Emily’s attention was now taken up mostly by eating out Sara. I was moving my cock very slowly, barely fucking her, as we all watched her eating Sara’s pussy.

/* */

This exercise came as a result of a role play. Whether it works or not, I’m not sure. But from a fantasy standpoint, the idea of a homosexual act stemming from heterosexual lust was an intriguing and different concept. Special thanks to April and her hot mind.


Kevin couldn’t completely complain with his schooling arrangements. A full scholarship to study in the States (a key because as expensive as tuition was in Canada, it was nothing like the south of the border!) and a chance to play college hockey all the while.

Yet, despite bussing around with a bunch of guys on a team he captained and built a strong camaraderie with, it got to be a solitary lifestyle at times. The 6’3 centreman did have a great roommate, though. Mark was defenceman, a touch shorter than and not as imposing in stature as his blonde friend, but in great physical and playing shape nonetheless.

“Yo, wanna see something?” Kevin prompted as they laid low in their dorm room. Mark sat up from the bed, his brown hair ruffled a bit. As he prompted his friend with a curious up nod, Kevin pulled out an item from his equipment bag. They were a pair of lacy black panties, minimal in their use of fabric.


The shirtless, pyjama pants-wearing captain nodded. He had a tiny tattoo above his right pec. “Her favourite. A momento for those long nights away.”

Mark, himself donning only a pair of gym shorts, knew how those were. Extended time away from your girlfriend left you to your own devices. There were phone calls, texts, and Skype of course, but none of those filled the physical void of wanting to grab your mate and fuck her brains out.

Kevin sniffed them and tossed them over to his friend. Mark ran his fingers over them, noting the fine material. He imagined Lauren put them on for Kevin for special occasions. He then lifted them to his face, pulling away with a knowing grimace.

Kevin laughed as he rubbed himself through his flannel pants. “I know,” he said, “she’s an awesome fuck, dude.”

There was no disagreeing there. Kevin had shown Mark many a photo of his small town Canadian girlfriend. Lauren was a hot blonde. Gorgeous face, gorgeous tits, gorgeous everything. The scent of sex resonated in his nose as he balled up the underwear and tossed them back to his teammate.

Kevin grinned. He slipped his pants down a bit, revealing a fat college stud dick. “Hope you don’t mind, eh bro?”

“Hey, do what you need man,” Mark shrugged. “We’re all guys here.” While Kevin wrapped the flimsy black thong around his dick, Mark began to think aloud of his own girl. “Man I miss how amazing Tracy could be…”

“Let’s hear it,” Kevin said as he hardened up.

“She’s a crazy little Asian chick. Feisty. Eager.”

Kevin kicked his pants off entirely. He spread his legs and pumps, “Is she tight dude?”

“Like a nun, bro.”

Kevin laughed and smirked along with him, his hand sticky with precum. “Laur has the most amazing little waist to go with her big tits.”

Reaching inside his own gym shorts, Mark joined him in thinking about his petite girlfriend. Or at least, comparing his girl to his captain’s girl. “Not like Tracy’s small tits I bet,” he said while he rubbed himself, an act that caught Kevin’s attention. “I mean, I like ‘em, but man you something in that girl!”

“I’d happily blow my load all over Tracy’s flat chest, bro.” Kevin paused, nine inches sticking up. “I hope you don’t mind my saying…”

“All compliments,” he laughed. He then pulled his cock completely out.

If Kevin was built like a porn star, Mark was a step under that. Although gym toned as well, Mark did not have Kevin’s superior muscle mass, and he was one inch his team captain’s junior — in height and cock size.

Kevin tossed the panties, sticky with precum, over to his teammate. Mark began to have his go with his friend’s girlfriend’s underwear. Kevin then brazenly went and sat on Mark’s bed. “Tell me how’d you fuck Lauren.”

“Does she ride you? If not, she’s riding me,” he declared. “Facing me so I can see those big tits bounce.”

Kevin’s eyes were fixated on his buddy’s cock. “Yeah,” he groaned, “Fuck that tanned little gym rat.”

As he pictured himself with his teammate’s girl, Mark furiously tugged his panties-clad seven inch cock. His own cock proudly being attended to, Kevin lowered himself onto the carpeted ground. “Stroke it dude.”

His friend noticed his full erect cock. Pre-juices still leaked out the top. A kneeling Kevin straddled his legs — one hand power stroking his own nine inches wildly. Mark was surprising not as bothered by Kevin’s proximity and positioning at his feet as he should have been. If anything, his mind was still on Lauren.

Kevin grinned, leaning down, “Tell me about her tits.” His sticky cock was now on his teammate’s leg, humping it. One hand jerking, the other on his friend’s hard stomach.

“Fucking big and round,” Mark understated.

Kevin moved his hand over his buddy, joining him in guiding it up and down. “We could tit fuck her together…” he suggested. “If you don’t mind cock…” His cock leaked precum over his friend’s thigh.

Without even displaying any weirdness, Mark continued to fantasize. “Would change things up to have her on the road, that’s for sure.”

“She could be our little puck bunny,” he offered, noting he ‘would totally share her.’ His hand slipped off Mark’s large cock. He climbed onto of his lap so his body so he was practically sitting on the tip as he faced him.

Mark laughed out a grunt, thinking of Lauren whoring herself to them. “Get her in nothing but a pink hockey toque and she’ll be a happy gal.”

Kevin rubbed the crevice of his manly ass along the eight inch dick. “I’d fuck her if she wore your jersey, bro,” he adamantly suggested.

A sexy image of Mark’s jersey fitted over Lauren’s big tits entered his brain, while his cock neared Kevin’s ass hole. “I’d gladly hand it over…a broad in nothing but a hockey shirt? Sign me up!”

Kevin reached under him and slid the head of his cock into his tight, hockey player ass. He grunted, the whole nine inches of his own member jutting out, “Lauren looks so good with cock in her. Your cock.”

“Bet she takes it good too,” Mark breathed, his cock penetrating the anal shaft.

Kevin bit his lip and knelt down slightly. “She bounces like a good little slut,” he explained as he did the same.

“God, and you mentioned that little waist too,” he mentioned, remembering Lauren’s perfect hips, moving his hand onto her boyfriend’s body.

“She’s about 105 pounds,” he uncomfortably groaned, feeling Mark bottom out, all eight inches of his stud cock. His own cock oozed more precum onto his roommate’s abdomen.

Mark continued to grind him, “Bet you just do as you like with her.” Kevin was easily double his girl’s weight — and then some. Mark estimated he had ten to fifteen pounds on him as well. All muscle.

Kevin nodded, submitting to a slightly smaller cock. “Anytime I want that little small town puck bunny, I snap my fingers and she comes running,” he asserted, wincing again as soon as uttered the last words.

His teammate looked around the bed. “You mean, even in those things?” he said, spotting the underwear that started this whole sequence and thrusting into Kevin’s ass some more.

Kevin’s cock bobbed obscenely. “Yeah man,” he nodded, without even looking at the lacy black panties. “Sometimes I put her in my old boxers…or she wears an outfit for me.” Before Mark could picture what kind of dressup she played, Kevin moaned, continuing to find him hot descriptions of his girlfriend. “Should see her in her old gym uniform…”

“Bet it’s hot,” Mark echoed, continuing to manipulate his captain’s ass. The feeling in his cock grew.

“Dirty little puck bunny,” moaned the brawny leader. He leaned back and he was fully impaled. “Laur would be so jealous…” Both of their minds and dicks raced, imagining the blonde beauty as they grinded and moaned.

“Lauren…god I’d cum in her so bad…” Mark preluded.

Kevin looked down at his friend. His hand was on his own giant cock now. “Do it. Flood my tight captain ass with cum while you think about that blonde slut that wears these,” he says, picking up the underwear and dropping them.

“Fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh!!!” Mark grunted. His whole body tightened. His back arched. His cock was going to explode.

Kevin beat him to it. With an animal like groan, he moaned Lauren’s name. “Puuuuuuck Buuuuuuuunnnnny!” Then he fired off a monster spurt onto his friend’s chest and face. Mark recoiled back from the blast. He also loudly injected his own hockey cum into his stronger friend’s ass.

Kyle collapsed to the ground, tightly clenching his athletic white butt. “Pass them over again for a sec bro” he breathed.

An also heavily panting Mark tossed over Lauren’s panties, landing them onto his lap. Kyle then dabbed the head of his cock. His cum marked the lacy fabric. He flipped them up to Mark who did the same. The bed sheets, carpet, and Mark’s chest and face…well, they would need the washing machine, some Febreze, and a lot of towels.

That night was not punctuated by screams, a la Whatserface, but loud grunts and groans, and I swore I heard my name once. Eventually the wine drowned it out and I fell asleep face down on my bed.

Waking up the next morning in a puddle of drool was made worse by the pounding headache I’d given myself by consuming most of the bottle of wine. I barely made it to the bathroom before my stomach revolted. When I was completely empty, I huddled on the floor of the tub, hot water streaming around me. Then I crawled back to my room and called in sick to work.

Things went back to normal after that. Logan and I made polite yet friendly conversation when we happened to be in the same room together. His masturbating wasn’t accompanied by loud vocal theatrics, and I wasn’t forced to down an entire bottle of wine on a mostly empty stomach to deal with it. In fact, we were doing so well I didn’t hesitate to drop into my usual spot on the couch the following week and join him for my new favorite TV show.

This episode was even better than the last, upping the creepy factor without the lust-inducing soundtrack. I said good night to Logan after the closing credits rolled, absently running a hand over his hair as I walked around the back of the couch to the hallway.

Looking back, I have to wonder if that’s what made Logan think it was okay to make his next move, because if I hadn’t done that, he might not have moved at all.

I arrived home late two nights later, having gone straight from work to a happy hour date with a guy from the next department over. It had gone better than my last date, so I was in a pretty good mood when I unlocked the front door.

Then I heard the familiar low hum of “Angel”.

My issues with this song go back to Zach. He’d used it to seduce me, to show me what it was like to make love with someone you actually cared for. Every time I heard that song after, my hormones would perk up and start salivating for Zach. Only he wasn’t around. He’d drawn me into a horribly co-dependent relationship, then somehow found the strength to swim to shore without me, leaving me to drown.

Four years later, I still hadn’t forgiven him for it.

Because despite the heartache the song brought on, it also slunk into my blood, stirring desires I didn’t want to have, and wouldn’t go away until they were satisfied. I’d tried listening to the song on repeat, in the middle of a crowded park, hoping being trapped by public decency laws I wouldn’t react.

Nope. I was forced to escape to a nearby restroom and finger myself. I know. Pathetic.

Standing in the hallway, hearing the opening vocals, I didn’t doubt Logan was doing it on purpose. He’d seen how I’d reacted before. No doubt he was hoping it would happen again. And it had been over a week since we’d fucked. I hadn’t even indulged in any self-pleasuring since our escapade, and I was due. From the quivering coming from my clit, Logan could very well get what he wanted if I didn’t get out of the hallway.

I was stronger than my silly lust. Which would completely explain why my knees were going weak and I felt the need to lean against the wall for support. He’d done that once, Zach had, attacked me as soon as I’d walked in the door. Like he couldn’t get enough of me, and yes, “Angel” was playing in the background. It had been fast and brutal, Zach shouting and I hadn’t cared that the neighbors across the hall had probably heard my screams.

Before I could push off from the wall, Logan walked out of the living room and over to me, expression fierce. He moved with a quiet, lanky grace I’d never noticed, and all I could do was stare up at him, helpless, as he pinned me to the wall with nothing more than a look.

If he didn’t kiss me soon, I’d end up falling down in my efforts to get to him.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait.

Holding back the moan as our mouths came together would have been pointless and

impossible, so I didn’t. I opened for him and his tongue swept out, taking full advantage. It was always perfect, our kisses, a delicate balance between firm and soft, just wet and lewd enough to send pulses straight to my pussy. I had no idea what it was about my skinny nerd of a roommate, but his mouth turned me on faster than anyone else ever had.

Yes, even faster than Zach.

Changing the angle of his mouth, he licked into mine, his tongue executing a complicated

flicking maneuver that had me doing my best to climb up him. His cock was steel and pressed against my belly, higher than I wanted it.

“My room,” he murmured against my lips. Yes, yes, yes, let’s go there. Let’s stretch out in all our nude glory and feast on each other. I traced over the shell of his ear with my tongue, nipping into the lobe. “I’m going to taste you tonight, Janey.”

My response was a rush of wetness between my legs.

They wobbled as we circled down the hall to his room, unable to stop kissing long enough to walk the few feet separating us by the front door to us next to his bed. His hands gripped the hem of my sweater and drew it up, and it landed with a soft plop on the floor.

It was dark in here, thank God. He still wouldn’t be able to see me very well. Then I stopped thinking as his hands closed over my breasts, squeezing gently. “Logan,” I moaned. He chuckled, the vibrations running along my neck as he licked his way to my tits. My bra came off, and he stopped long enough to yank his own shirt over his head.

I fell back on the bed, undoing the button on my slacks and shoving them over my hips, sending my panties along with them. Had I thought this was a bad idea before? It was a great idea. A wonderful idea. Maybe we could make this a regular thing, this safe, non-anonymous casual sex, at least until I found someone more suitable for both the sex and the non-sex.

Logan followed my lead, his jeans and boxers joining the rest of our clothes on the floor, and I stopped thinking. Mouths came together once more, hands reacquainted themselves with muscles and curves and hard, hard lines. In the shadows, I couldn’t make out his dick very well. So I compensated by closing my hand around it. He groaned, hips rocking slightly as I pumped, jolting as I bent down and tugged at one of his nipples. “Janey.”

I licked it, squeezing the head of his cock, oh so softly.

“Jesus! Stop. You’re gonna make me come if you keep doing that.”

Oh, goody.

He scooted away and out of my reach. I pouted. “I was having fun.”

His teeth scored my lower lip. “My turn.”

His mouth was a scorching brand on my skin as he moved down, lower, lower still, and I trembled with anticipating. He could do amazing things with his tongue in my mouth. I had high, high expectations of this venture.

The first lick was wet. Very, very wet, and not at all firm enough. About thirty seconds into it, Logan had managed to accomplish what all my stern talking-tos had not: I was no longer horny. I felt like I was getting slobbered on by a Saint Bernard, which was weird, because damn, could he kiss.

I squirmed, trying to get away, and his hands clamped down on my hips to hold me in place. “Logan.”


I reached down, laced my fingers through his hair, and pulled. “Logan. What the hell are you doing?”

The hurt expression made him look like a lost little boy. “What do you think I’m doing?”

I studied him for a long moment, thinking about how to get out of this situation gracefully. We were both naked; while I was no longer hot for him, his arousal was evident and pressed against my calf. How could someone whose kisses alone could get me so worked up, whose fingers knew their way around the vagina, not know what the hell to do with his tongue down there? It was simply a matter of taking the two separate parts and putting them together.

The longer I watched him, the more uncertain he looked, until I felt like shit. I’d always faked it if a guy’s performance wasn’t doing it for me, rather than hurt their feelings. And yeah, I know exactly how little sense that made.

Somewhere between stopping Logan and watching his face fall further and further I came to the conclusion that since we were here, and naked, I might as well make myself useful and see about getting Logan’s oral skills up to par. “Come here,” I said, sliding my hands down to his shoulders. “Kiss me.”

He crawled slowly up my body, flopping down next to me and pressing a half-hearted kiss to my lips. Cradling his head in my hands, I kissed him back, pushing him for more of what I knew he was capable of. His response was less than instantaneous, but he got into it eventually, tongue sliding and swirling through my mouth, bumping over my tongue. So good. So much better than what he was trying to do just moments before.

Panting, I broke the kiss. “Now,” I gasped, “do that on my pussy.”

His face lit up like it dawned on him just what he was doing wrong. Kisses were left in a burning trail over my tits, nipples were sucked with abandon, and finally he was back between my legs, the tip of his tongue dragging along the inside of my thigh.

This time, the first lick was slow, and firm, and far less wet than the last. He added that little flick he’d employed in his kisses, and my hips jerked in response. He did it again, then traced the folds softly, to the point where it almost tickled. Almost. Not quite.

His tongue stiffened and circled my clit, and he sucked briefly. “Alphabet,” I moaned. How any idiot man could go this long without knowing the easiest way to learn oral was to trace the alphabet, I didn’t know. And as his tongue moved in the letter A, I decided to worry about it later.

He had some misses, sure, but there were a lot more hits. Once he’d figured out how to manipulate my clit with his tongue, he slipped a finger inside. “Curl it toward you.” The command was hoarse and about lost in the moan forcing its way out, and he did, the come here gesture adding another layer of pleasure.

Fast learner. I was very, very glad I’d taken this route, though I’d probably regret it once it was over. It’s just how it worked.

Oh God, two fingers. Two fingers and oh, oh, oh, are those his teeth?

They were. The suction on my clit grew harder and tighter and the orgasm gathered strength, waiting to pounce like a hunting cat. Then his teeth bit down, softly, as his fingers twisted inside, and I arched off the bed, screaming and sobbing and praying it would never end because this, this, this release was so worth everything, the shame and uncertainty and how completely stupid this was, fucking my roommate and then all I could think about as I came down was getting that glorious cock inside me.

He had to have read my mind, because the head of his dick rubbed over my swollen, sopping pussy, and as the last of the shudders wracked me, he pushed inside with one, hard stroke, bumping my sensitized clit and it set off another, gentler climax.

He stilled, waiting out the contractions. “Think you can do it again?” His grin was this side of wicked. His head came down, lips a mere inch from mine. “I love feeling you come all over my cock. It’s like you’re choking my dick.”

I could taste myself on his lips, and I moaned, winding my legs around his hips, allowing him to sink deeper. “Fuck me hard, then. Make me come again,” I whispered.

He needed no further prompting. He pulled back, thrust forward, wash, rinse, repeat. We lost ourselves in the fury of hips slapping together, his balls thumping against my ass with each thrust. Every so often he’d grind himself against my clit, but it wasn’t necessary. Once again, his cock was caressing and stroking some magical spot inside my pussy, heat sparking and spreading.

Eager to give myself over to the onslaught of pleasure, I freed a hand and worked it in between our bodies. My fingers spread in a V and speared down, stroking the root of his cock as he plunged faster and faster, my thumb rubbing over my clit.

His eyes widened at the first touch of my fingers, and he lowered his head and thrust harder, deeper. I struggled to keep up. Close, close, I was so damn close.

Logan’s already iron hard cock turned steely and the added pressure pushed on the heat and shoved it over the edge, and I free fell into the orgasm, wave after wave of it robbing my muscles of their strength.

Sweaty, Logan’s face buried in my neck, his mouth was gentle as it trailed up the line of my throat to my mouth. I wouldn’t run like a coward this time. I’d be graceful and ease my way out of bed and into the shower, where I could berate myself to my heart’s content. Sleeping with a twenty three year old was definitely not the thing to do if you were looking for something beyond a couple of shared pizzas.

He smiled down at me. “If I’d known it would take an older woman to show me what I was doing wrong, I would have gone after one sooner.”

I laughed, unease a greasy slide in my stomach. “I’m only five years older than you.”

The smile was replaced by puzzlement. “I thought you were twenty eight. At least, that’s what you told me when you moved in.”

“I am.” I pushed at his shoulders, and he rolled off, landing on his side. The unease grew. “Wait, how old are you?”

“Twenty one.”

Oh. No. No he did not just say that. I’d been fucking a boy? A mere boy. Granted, he was pretty damn talented in the sack, but oh no no no no no. All kinds of wrong. All kinds.

His dark eyes glinted faintly, catching the light from the hallway. “Why? Is that a problem?”

Well, it certainly explained a lot of things.

Chris ran her hands down my thighs as she sat back on her heels. I must have looked a little stunned. “Don’t worry, it can be our secret,” Chris added as she stood up and turned around to pick up her shoes, which she must have kicked off sometime while sucking me off.

Chris was a little taller than I, but slender, and her legs were long and shapely, clad in black silk thigh-highs. As she bent to pick up the shoes, the short tube dress she had on slid up to reveal a peak of a satiny thong nestled between the cleft of her pale, round buttocks. Since I was still seated and she was standing right in front of me, they were right at eye-level, tantalizingly close.

As she slid her toes into the second shoe, Chris glanced back over her shoulder and caught me checking out her ass. “You like what you see?” she bent over farther, causing the dress to ride yet higher up. She wiggled her ass sassily. “I can see that you do.” Indeed, even though I’d blown a huge wad moments before, my cock, still glistening with her saliva and which hadn’t even gone fully soft, was again swelling noticeably.

Chris slowly bent her knees, lowering those beautiful cheeks until my hardening cock nestled into her satin clad crack. Starting with little circles, Chris began to tease me. The sensation of the slick satin and her warm, soft flesh caused my breathing to quicken with passion. Chris sat fully in my lap and began grinding sensuously. Tentatively, but her voice still thick with desire, Chris asked “You wanna fuck?”

I answered by grabbing her hips and bucking mine up to increase the pressure of her cheeks against my cock. Chris stood up, and wiggled out of the dress, revealing a satiny chemise that matched her panties. I didn’t get to admire the outfit long as she quickly slid her panties off and bent at the waist again, fishing under the couch.

She came up with a tube of lube. “Fortune rewards the prepared,” she justified with a sassy wink. She applied a generous dollop to my erection, her fingers lingering to stroke it a bit longer than necessary to get it fully slickened.

She turned her back to me, spread her legs and bent at the waist. Peering back over her shoulder to gauge my reaction, she jiggled her ass. Her puckered asshole was right at eye level and I watched in fascination as she slowly slid a lube-slickened finger around its edge and then in up to the first joint, then the second and finally completely in to the knuckle.

“I’m ready, are you?” Chris whispered and positioned the tip of my cock where her finger had just been, and slowly, so slowly began lowering herself onto my cock. The head slid in until it met the resistance of her sphincter. Chris slowly lowered her hips, increasing the pressure until with a soft gasp, her sphincter relaxed and the resistance eased. She slowly lowered herself further until I was completely inside her and the round globes of her buttocks nestled against my pelvis.

“I’m your pussy,” Chris sighed with pleasure. She brought her feet up onto the couch beside my thighs and leaned backwards, supporting herself on her arms. I grasped her silk-clad ankles so they wouldn’t slide off the couch. Chris began to slide her pelvis up and down, up and down.

None of my girlfriends had been interested in trying anal sex, and I hadn’t ever pressed the issue, just happy to have the pussy. I was surprised how hot and tight Chris’ ass was. Her muscles gripped my cock in a warm, wet embrace like no pussy ever had. It was so hot, and so tight that I could tell–if i hadn’t blown a load ten minutes earlier, I wouldn’t have lasted very long at all. As Chris expertly worked the reverse cowgirl, I eventually I wanted to take a more active part. “Stand up sweetie, I want to fuck you doggie style.”

Chris stood up eagerly and I got up, bent her over the padded arm of the couch and positioned myself behind her. I slowly slid my cock into her, meeting less resistance now that her muscles were more accustomed to accommodating a cock. My hands grasped her hips as I began to apply long, slow strokes. I enjoyed watching my cock slide in, then out of her ass, stretching its sensitive tissue with each stroke.

As my pace quickened, I caught a glance of us in the mirror across the room. In profile, I could see Chris’ long legs, topped with those round buttocks rocking back and forth to meet each thrust. The hair of her bob wig, and her cock and balls swung pendulously in unison with the rhythm of our fucking, her eyes were narrowed in sensuous pleasure and her pink lips were parted in a sensuous “o”.

I pulled out, flipped Chris onto her back and put her silk clad legs over my shoulders. As I plunged back into her tight hole, I leaned my weight against her legs and started thrusting, bottoming out with each stroke with an audible slap. “Oh, oh, so full!” Chris gasped as our breathing quickened with the accelerating pace of my thrusting. Soon I was just rutting wildly, with Chris writhing and gasping wantonly below me. With one final thrust I jammed my pelvis against those soft buttocks and shot my pulsing load deep inside her.

As our breathing returned to normal, Chris slid her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist. Her arms pulled me close “oh, my that was wonderful,” she breathed in my ear “you can fuck me any time you want.” As I slowly slid my softening cock out, her arms and sphincter tightened suddenly, causing me to gasp with pleasure. “Anytime.”

David and I walked in the door laughing, and there sat Carol and Laura sitting having a drink waiting for us. Carol was on the chair wearing shorts and her usual sheer white tank top, no bra and no shoes on. She had one foot on the coffee table and was sitting across from Laura. Laura had to have had a direct bare pussy shot up Carol’s shorts but it didn’t seem to be bothering her.

Laura had on shorts, t-shirt, and no shoes. Laura’s small framed like Carol, 5’4″, long blond hair, athletic toned sculpted body, and 36D breasts with huge nipples pointing through her bra and shirt. It wasn’t cold in the apartment; on the contrary it was at least 100 degrees, so she must have been getting excited over Carol’s crotch shot.

When we walked into the apartment our hard-on’s had gone down and our wet spots dried, but it was obvious neither one of us was wearing anything underneath our shorts. Laura jumped up and threw herself in David’s arms, wrapping her legs around David’s waist and grinding her pussy into David’s now hardening cock. They kissed hot and heavy, it HAD been two weeks since they’ve seen each other after all. I took the opportunity to go and sit on the couch, prop my foot up giving Carol a nice show and giving her thumbs up on mission accomplished. Carol smiled and laughed back at me.

David carried Laura over to the couch and sat down, with Laura still clinging on to him. Laura was kissing him all over and telling him “I’ve missed you so much” in between kisses.

Then she slowed the kisses down and bounced on David’s crotch, “I like when you go commando baby and these thin shorts almost feel like you don’t have anything on at all”.

She looked back at us and apologized “Sorry guys didn’t mean to say that out lowed, I’ve been fucking horny for this guy for two weeks”.

Carol told her “No need to apologize, go to the bedroom and fuck each other’s brains out before David messes his shorts. We’re all friends here and if you’re staying with us this week we might as well get used to each other. No secrets here.” She had to laugh at her own joke, so did I, and David nervously chuckled as well.

Laura looked at us then spun around on David’s lap, part to join the conversation and part to rub her pussy against his hard cock. Carol adjusted herself to make sure she got a nice clean shot of her now wet, glistening pussy. I watched as Laura kept staring at Carol’s pussy and slowly grinding against David’s cock while continuing to softly stroke the hair on his legs, she was mesmerized staring at Carol’s pussy.

David laid his head back and was enjoying the ride. I asked if anybody wanted anything to drink, and as I got up the head of my cock poked out the bottom of my shorts giving everyone a free show. I walked to the kitchen making no effort to adjust myself, but I could tell Laura was following me until I turned away to the kitchen.

Laura got up and said she had to use the bathroom, and called to me that she wanted a drink. I made us all some margaritas on the rocks and brought them to the living room. While Laura was in the bathroom we laughed a bit about making her so fucking horny with the peep shows. Then I sat on David’s lap and ground my ass on his hard cock, “She’s right, it is almost as if you aren’t wearing anything”, then I jumped off before Laura came back out.

Laura came out of the bathroom and went to the spare room for a second, then came back and sat between David and me. I handed her a glass and we toasted to friends and fun. We talked for a while catching up on what we all planned for this school year. We told Laura that David would just stay with us since it’s closer to school and because he didn’t want to move back home. Laura was grateful for that, now she could visit without seeing his parents, who didn’t seem to like her that much.

Laura was constantly rubbing David’s legs keeping him hard. She reached over and rubbed my leg, “Tony your leg is so smooth compared to David’s. I’m not sure which I like better.”

Laura had obviously taken off her bra when she went to the bathroom; her huge nipples were poking out her shirt. Then she put her feet up on the coffee table and gave Carol a nice show, she must have taken her underwear off as well because I could see her bush hair coming out her shorts.

Carol looked at me and gave me a wink confirming my thoughts. I got up and grabbed the picture of drinks, and with my hard on pointing the way, I refilled everyone’s glass. Between the hormone levels, heat, alcohol, and the minimal clothing, we were all pretty fucking horny.

I sat back down next to Laura and she quickly put her hand on my thigh and continued to stroke my leg. She was feeling pretty loose “I just love the smoothness of your legs Tony, but I love the manly feel of David’s hairy legs too.”

Carol took this opening, “I know what you mean, I like Tony smooth, especially his cock and balls, no hair to choke on, if you know what I mean?”

We sat back and laughed then I chimed in “I like Carol’s smooth pussy; I could eat it all day without having to floss my teeth afterwards.”

Laura looked at me and Carol “You shave you cock and pussy?”

Carol laughed “As if you don’t know, you’ve been staring at my pussy all afternoon. Like I said we all have to get used to each other. It’s too fucking hot in here and if we didn’t have guests we would be naked for sure.”

Laura agreed, “It is like an oven today, the air is so still. Don’t consider me a guest, I have to get used to your house rules don’t change on my account.”

Carol needed no encouragement; she pulled off her top and slid off her shorts in seconds. “Whew, that’s better, those clothes really hold in the heat,” then she put both feet on the coffee table and let her legs fall open exposing her pretty, clean shaven, very wet, and very swollen, pussy for all of us see.

The mood instantly changed to overdrive and I pulled my shorts down letting my cock slap against my stomach, then I reached an arm behind Laura’s head and propped my foot on the table “Much better for sure.” I said.

Laura looked at us both, “Wow you guys are free aren’t you?” then she turned to David “Do you guys sit around like this often?”

David pulled his shorts off, “With this heat and being upstairs you have to. We are all good friends so it’s no big deal.”

Laura looked at David’s shaved balls and reached out to touch them, “You’ve shaved; they are so smooth and soft now, what a difference.”

Laura massaged David with lust in her eyes. David responded “Ya, once I saw Tony shaved he said it made them more sensitive, and it does. Oh man that feels good, Honey.”

David was leaking precum, “Feel free to join us,” as he told Laura this he was pulling up her top and she just lifted her arms and let herself be stripped.

Then he went for her shorts and she stopped him “What’s the matter baby too much for you? You don’t have to I’m sorry for pushing you like that.”

Laura turned red and apologized, “No it’s not that, I’m not shaven and I would feel awkward in front of everyone.”

Ever the dominatrix of the group, Carol stood up “Nonsense, it’s totally natural. Just be comfortable with or without clothes, no pressure here just fucking blistering heat.”

Then Carol walked into the kitchen with the picture and made a new batch of margaritas. As Carol came back into the living room Laura lifted her ass and gave Carol a clear pussy shot as she put her legs straight up in the air and pulled her shorts off. We all laughed and clapped. We made a toast to no clothes and free flowing drinks.

Laura looked over at me, running her eyes up and down my body, “You shave your under arms too, don’t you?”

I looked at her “I’m Italian I have to shave everywhere.”

David chimed in “I bet that feels great doesn’t it Laura.”

As David said it Laura touched my chest and ran her hand down to my stomach, as if in a daze “MMM HMMM!” escaped her lips.

David continued “His skin is soft and smooth isn’t it.”

Laura didn’t look at anybody; she just watched her hand stroking my chest, “So soft. How did you get rid of the stubble?”

I told her “Nair, works wonders.”

Laura jerked her hand away, blushed, and apologized to Carol “I’m sorry, I got caught up on the feel, I didn’t mean to touch your husband.”

Carol was lightly stroking the top of her pussy while she watched, “The rule in this house is ‘If it feels good and nobody gets hurt then it’s ok’. Did it feel good Laura? Obviously Tony enjoyed it you got him dripping and David isn’t bothered by it because he is sitting there stroking his hard on, and I didn’t mind it, it just got me so horny I had to start playing with myself. Looks like everybody enjoyed the scene and nobody is hurt from it, all still friends right?”

David and I reassured Laura that we were all still good friends, then David reached across Laura and rubbed my thigh “It is nice and smooth and feels good. Look my hand didn’t melt and Tony just got a little harder when I touched him. No harm no foul.”

Laura looked up at David “Maybe we should go to our room and release some stress?” then she grabbed David’s cock and gave it a couple of strokes.

Carol told Laura, “Oh just sit on that cock right now and get off girl, you know you need a good fucking.”

Laura was standing to head to the bedroom when David grabbed her hand, spun her around, and then pulled her down on top of him. He lifted her hips and started to push himself inside her. She must have been soaking wet because she slid right down David’s pole. She was facing him and so he pulled her chest towards his mouth and sucked in one of her nipples.

Laura gasped “Oh god, I missed this,” but you can tell she was holding back being fucked in front of us.

Carol came up behind her and pressed her tits to her back and put her mouth to Laura’s ear “There doesn’t that feel good? David has such a nice big cock to fill your pussy up.”

Carol reached around with her right hand and grabbed Laura’s other tit, that wasn’t being sucked by David, and started to tweak the nipple. Carol started rolling it around with her finger and thumb, and gently pulling it.

Laura was starting to go crazy and I could see her pussy juices dripping down David’s balls “Oh god what the fuck I can’t hold back, you’re going to make me cum.”

I got up and pulled the coffee table away and climbed between David’s legs to get a closer look at the show. Then Carol gave me orders “Tony clean that mess before it hits my couch.”

I could see what she wanted me to do, so I stuck my tongue in Laura’s ass crack as she went up and down on David’s cock. My tongue went down to the back of her pussy, setting her off on her first orgasm.

“OH NO, UGH! I CAN’T STOP IT” Laura blurted out through gritted teeth.

Carol pulled her nipple hard and told her “Let it go baby, feel the pleasure that’s all that matters, let us make you feel good, cum for us let it go and cum hard”.

Laura shoved her pussy down hard on David’s cock shoving my face into his balls “Oh GOD YES, YES LICK ME, PINCH MY NIPPLES, OH YES!!!!”. Laura came in buckets, she was leaking out of her pussy and it flooded down David’s cock and balls, I sat there licking it all up.

Then David pushed hard into Laura and he shot his load deep inside her pussy that sent her into another orgasm. More cum flowed out of her and I just kept licking. Laura leaned forward and lifted up off of David’s cock. I took the opening and started to lick her pussy clean. Laura went stiff “You’re licking his cum out of me, oh my god that’s so hot. You’re making me cum again. AGGGHHHH!!!”

David smiled at her while I dove into her snatch and sucked out David’s cum until she pushed down on my face and came again flooding my mouth with her cum and nice big globs of David’s cum. Laura lifted off of me, turned around and sat on David’s stomach. Laura was staring at David’s withering, dripping cock between her legs. I figured our cover was pretty much blown, so I grabbed onto David’s cock and licked and sucked him clean. Laura stared down at me and watched me suck her boyfriend’s cock as he did nothing to stop me.

Carol broke Laura’s trance by taking her finger under Laura’s chin and lifting it to her mouth and kissed her. As she pulled back away she said “If it feels good then go with it, nothing else matters. We can all just have a good time, just let yourself go, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and feel of anybody and everybody.”

Laura looked back at her “That was so fucking hot, I’ve never cum that much or that hard in my life”.

Carol laughed, “See, and we are all still friends, no fuss no muss. Now let’s move to the bedroom and have some fun I need to cum something fierce.” She grabbed Laura’s hand and pulled her off of David and guided her to our bedroom. David and I followed, with David holding my ass.

We got into the bedroom and Carol pulled Laura onto the bed and started to kiss her neck and around her chest. Laura went into horny mode right away as Carol started to confess all “We can have so much fun Laura, let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy what you feel and see.”

Carol kept lightly kissing her neck and moved down to the tops of her boobs. This was the first time David and I got to watch two women making out, and it was hot. I laid down on one side of them and David on the other. Carol moved on top of Laura, as Laura spread her legs open to allow Carol to lie in between them. This allowed David and me to move in on Laura and start to play with her. David whispered “I love you” to Laura as he started to kiss her neck and face.

I started kissing her chest and moved to her right nipple, while Carol kissed her way down her stomach to her pussy lips. When Carol put her tongue in Laura’s pussy she moaned into David’s mouth. I got up and went behind Carol and shoved my cock in her pussy forcing her face deep into Laura’s pussy. Laura lifted her legs to wrap around Carols neck giving her full access to her open pussy.

Laura was writhing and moaning into David’s mouth as he kept making love to her mouth. I was driving into Carol’s hot pussy, not looking to cum yet, just getting Carol ready for David. I wanted to watch Laura’s eye’s as David fucked Carol and maybe I would fuck David.

Laura broke their kiss and looked at David as he said “Feels good doesn’t it baby? You look so hot right now.”

Laura’s eyes rolled back in her head “Oh yes, did you like your cocked sucked by Tony, you don’t mind a guy sucking your cock?”

David kissed her again “It felt great, everything feels great.”

Laura kissed him hard “It was so hot seeing you with another guy. Carol is eating my pussy. Oh god I’m cumming again.”

I took this as a cue to start fucking Carol hard so that her mouth would move around Laura’s pussy even harder. Carol came and screamed into Laura’s pussy. The vibration must have sent Laura over the top. Laura started to buck and scream through another orgasm. It was too much for me and I filled Carol’s pussy full of my all day built up juice.

I fell back off of Carol’s dripping pussy and Carol lifted up with her face smeared with Laura’s pussy juices and, looking at Laura, “That was so nice and you taste so good. Do you mind if David eats me out and cleans up Tony’s mess?”

Laura looked at David “You heard her she needs cleaning; now get that hot little tongue down there and lick Carol’s pussy.”

David scooted down on his back as Carol walked on her knees to David’s mouth. She then lowered herself onto his mouth. Laura sat there with her mouth open “That is so hot, lick her. Oh my god you’re eating another guys cum David, do you mind it? Does it taste good to you?”

David moved his mouth away from Carol’s pussy “It’s delicious, come have some.”

Carol didn’t give Laura a chance to baulk about it; she just swung her leg over David and then right over Laura’s face and sat down. Looking up at Laura I could see her tongue moving slowly around Carol’s thighs.

Carol wasn’t going to put up with that she wanted to cum, “No bitch stick your tongue in there and fuck my pussy. You know what you like done to you, just start doing that. Yes that’s it, suck my pussy, look for that cum, search it out. Now move your face around and make love to me. OH YA THAT’S THE TICKET HER I CUM TAKE IT AND SWALLOW IT ALL.”

I got between Laura’s legs, spread them apart and shoved my cock balls deep into Laura’s pussy. Laura was shocked and the force of my fucking her made her push her face into Carol’s pussy and moan. Then David got behind me and shoved his cock into my ass making a nice tight sandwich. Carol held the headboard and came all over Laura’s face.

I know from experience that Laura was getting a mouth full of Carol’s juice and mine. She held her own and sucked and swallowed. David rocked his cock in and out of my ass forcing my cock to slow fuck Laura, who was not looking up at the two of us. Then Laura started to moan and she had another orgasm.

Carol had pulled off of Laura so that she could see her big macho boyfriend fuck a guy in the ass while she was getting fucked. Laura lay on her back with me fucking her and David behind me shoving his big cock in my ass. The lust in Laura’s yes was unforgettable as she lifter her head and watched her boyfriend fuck a guy, while she was getting fucked.

Carol grabbed Laura’s head and pushed her tits to Laura’s mouth. Laura was a quick student as she grabbed on to Carol’s nipple and started to suck. Laura never really lost eye contact with me and David. David rammed home a couple more times, pulled his cock out of my ass, and shot his cum all over my open ass.

David’s cum oozed down my ball sack and down into Laura’s pussy. I pulled my cock out to get coated with David’s cum then I rammed it back into Laura. David’s cum made Laura extra wet and messy which took me and her over the edge again and we both came.

We all rolled onto our backs, with the girls next to each other and David and I next to each other. Laura was the first to speak “I have never been so fucked in my life. I can’t believe that every single fantasy a person could possibly think of happened today. Has this been going on for the past two weeks while you were here David?”

At first we thought ‘oh great now reality sets in and she is pissed that David cheated on her and fucked another guy’. David was on the end of the bed, I lay next to him, then Laura, then Carol. Laura turned towards me and Carol snuggled up to her back spooning her with her arm loosely draped over hip. David was spooning me with his soft cock smashed in between my cheeks dripping with his cum from the fucking we just had.

Laura looked past me at David “Well David tell me you like all this sex, sucking cock, fucking a guy, and eating and fucking pussy?”

I could feel David’s cock flinch in my ass but I just lay there. David finally spoke up “It didn’t start out that way, but it all just feels so damn good, it has to do with them not the act. Carol and Tony make me feel good, and I think we all made you feel really good. If something feels that damn good then what makes it bad?”

Laura looked at me for some kind of acknowledgement. Carol, always the dominatrix voice of reason, clued Laura in by grabbing her breast and softly massaging her nipple, which was obviously responding by getting hard, “Look Laura, we are just here to have fun and enjoy each other, it’s not about breaking you two up, or us for that matter. Our relationship goes beyond sex. And why is it so different than going bike riding or jogging if that makes you happy?”

Laura put her head back against Carol letting the nipple massage take over “I don’t know. It feels so good I just am having a hard time with it I guess.”

Carol whispered in her ear, “But it feels good, let it go. Feel your nipple, nice and hard, your body likes it, follow your feelings.” Carol then grabbed Laura’s hand and pulled it to her own breast and made her feel herself.

Everybody Needs a Hobby – Part 12

**Tuesday afternoon**

It had been a relatively uneventful day. Work was going fine; no big fires to put out and Britt; my oversexed, beautiful blonde girlfriend and sort-of business partner hadn’t called all day. If I’m being honest, I missed her calls, her voice and the fact that she enjoyed getting me all worked up was frustrating, but I did enjoy it.

She spent the night at home with her roommates, Gina and Kate. Kate was going to bring Britt a few bikinis that we were going to use for our photo shoot today. Before Britt and I found each other, or should I say, Britt found me, the three girls were inseparable, and their sex lives was kept in-house; no men to get in the way of their pursuit for a proper education. My introduction into the mix had sort of stirred things up, but so far, it seemed for the better.

Oh sure, you’d say, of course it’s better for you; your girlfriend is a knock-out blonde who’s willing to do anything with you and for you, sexually and otherwise. And then to make things even better, she is so confident and open-minded, she is willing, even wants, to share you with her best friends. Of course, the sharing goes both ways; not only are you the luckiest guy on earth, but it seems that the girls benefit too, at least in the short run. God only know where this is leading, how long the fantasy will last, but what the hell, bring it on.

Anyway, about the time I think I’d better check in with Britt, my cell rings. I tap the side of the Bluetooth in my ear hoping the damn thing works this time; “This is George.”

“Hi lover,” comes the sweet voice I love to hear. “I thought I better check in with you. So how’s your day been?”

“Well, it started good,” referring to the ‘Three-pussy’ photo she’d emailed me this morning, “the middle’s been okay, kind of boring; but just now it got a whole lot better.”

“Aww, well I’m glad I can make your day a little better. I can’t wait to show you what I can do for your night,” she purred suggestively.

“Yeah,” I answered, “well I’ll be ready. I abstained from jacking off to the photo you sent this morning.”

“Oh goody, “she giggled in her little girl voice. “The hot rod got here about an hour ago and it is really cool. I think you should get one; it would be a blast to drive around on the weekends, you know, down by the beach.”

“Yeah, well we’ll see how this photography business goes. Maybe we could write it off as a company car, you know, put a sign on it and use it as a prop. The more I talk about it, it might make some sense. You keep thinking and we’ll make this business work yet.”

“Oh, I don’t have any doubts that the business is going to go,” she answered. “That is one of the things I was going to talk to you about. Other than the car being delivered, we got an email from a woman who wants to do some portrait work, I think. I said, ‘I think’ because the message is a little vague. She wants someone to give her a call to discuss what she wants, so I thought I should call you first and see what you wanted to do.”

I almost missed my turn, pondering about the email; “Yeah sure, go ahead and give her a call and see what she has in mind. You don’t have to commit to anything; you can just tell her that you need to talk to me afterwards to make sure we can give her what she wants. How does that sound?”

“Okay, that’ll work. I’ll call her and see what she has in mind. I won’t promise anything until we talk.”

“Sounds good, so I take it you have the swimsuits for our shoot today?”

“Oh, yeah,” Britt said with a little too much enthusiasm. “Kate came through for us. She even gave me one to keep because she said they could never sell it in the store. It is a sample that a company sent them. I guess companies do that all the time.”

My mind reeled at the possibilities. “Is it anything like those suits that you girls have that you wore for me when I first met Kate and Gina?” I was referring to these little string numbers that were like some kind of macramé gone bad; or good, as far as I was concerned.

Britt laughed, “Not really, but I will tell you that the photo session that produced the shot I sent you started right after I tried on this suit.”

“Okay, now I’m really anxious to get back to the studio. Well, I better get back to work. I’ll see you in a couple hours.”

“Can’t wait baby; Suck you soon, “she giggled, hanging up the phone.

“What a goof ball,” I said out loud. ‘Yeah you lucky bastard, and she’s your goofball,’ I told myself.

**Late Afternoon**

I rolled up to the warehouse about 4:30 and cussed the big rolling door. I had a line on a big operator for the door; I really need to get back on that. In and out of the truck, door opened and closed, I pulled up next to Britt’s car, half expecting her to greet me from the office again, like she did the other day, flashing her tits at me like a girl begging for beads at Mardi Gras. Nothing; and I glanced at the candy-apple red hot rod sitting in front of the set as I went upstairs to the office/studio. No one home; I went back downstairs into the house. Heading into the kitchen to get a drink, I heard the shower in the master bath running. I peeked around the corner and had to wait a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust. The lights in the shower were in the starlight mode, a random twinkling of fiber optic specks. Britt stood in the rain, her long blonde hair lathered, her body slick and shining as the excess suds loitered on her various bumps and curves.

I threw my clothes off as quickly as I could, hindered by a hard-on, and snuck back to the shower. With her back to me, I quietly opened the door, but a little cool breeze must have given me away. “I wondered if I’d get away with washing my own hair,” she said, turning her voluptuous body toward me. I took her slippery form in my arms and kissed her, my hands roaming around her backside. She moaned her approval in our kiss, her hands on my butt, grinding against my stiffness.

I walked her backwards and turned on the regular shower. Tilting her head back to keep the soap out of her eyes, I took the opportunity to nibble at her throat as I ran my fingers through her hair, her fingers busy playing with my erection. I escaped her grasp and turned her around and worked in the conditioner, massaging her scalp, evoking sighs of contentment. Strictly following the instructions on the bottle to let the hair product do its magic for a couple minutes, I used the time to draw her backside tight to me and let me hands wander, scrutinizing the terrain. Britt leaned her head back and sideways, offering her neck and ear to snack on while my hands skirted the hills and valleys that made up her sumptuous front side. My stiffness found its way home, nestled between her legs, her pussy lips hugging me.

Any other time, we would have let nature take its course and been fucking like bunnies, but we had work to do and Britt’s promise to fuck me senseless on the hood of the hot rod was enough to strengthen my resolve. I rinsed us off and escorted her out of the shower and we dried each other off with the oversized bath sheets. Britt continued to incite me, grabbing me whenever the opportunity arose; “C’mon, just a little,” she pleaded mockingly.

I finally had to play the ‘Boss’ card; “Okay, let’s get serious now. We need to get this shot tonight and I’d like to be in bed before midnight. Turn around and let me get your hair dried.”

Obediently, Britt handed me the brush while she held onto the hair dryer, patiently waiting for me to work out the tangles. “You’re right,” she said; “work comes first and I want to make sure we have plenty of time to do the second shoot. I’ve been wet all day just thinking about it.” She reached back; just to make sure she still had my attention.

I tried to distract her as she vainly tried to grope me; “So, did you get back to the lady who wanted to do the portrait work?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking so much about riding your dick I kinda forgot about it,” she giggled, glancing back to take a peek at my state of arousal. “I did talk to her and I’m still a little unclear about what she really wants and she sounded kind of nervous and shy on the phone. Basically, she has a boyfriend stationed overseas and she wants to send him some photos of her. They do the Skype thing and she started to get real flustered when she talked about that. I got the feeling that she doesn’t trust computers and email and that kind of thing, so that’s why she wants to do some photographs.”

“Okay, so how old do you guess she is?” I asked as I reached around to take the hair dryer from her. Britt took the opportunity to grab my semi-erect cock and give it a couple slow tugs while leaning in for a quick kiss. Shaking my head in wonder, I got back behind her and flipped on the dryer; “SO?” I said loudly over the roar of 1500 watts and a screaming fan.

“WHAT?” she yelled back.




Britt reached back and ran her fingers though her hair, helping with the drying operation. I caught her eye in the mirror as I admired her resplendent body in the reflection. She even looked sexy yelling, “I’M SORRY, I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE TRIED TO GET MORE OUT OF HER, BUT SHE SEEMED SO NERVOUS THAT I DIDN’T WANT TO PUSH IT. IF I DON’T HEAR BACK TOMORROW, I’LL CALL HER.” She smiled and then placed her hands under her breasts, forcing them up, showing them off, and then threw me an air-kiss.

I leaned forward and kissed the back of her head and then dropped the hair dryer lower, ‘goosing’ her with the warm air. “Hey!” she yelped, jumping away as I turned off the dryer.

“All done,” I laughed as I set the dryer on the counter. “Hand me the brush please.”

With a pouty look, she handed me the brush and I somewhat reverently brushed out her luxurious mane. I felt her staring at me in the mirror, probably curious as to my infatuation with her hair. I’ve asked myself the same question and my only answer is that I somehow equate femininity with long hair and have a natural attraction to women with long hair. There are some beautiful women who can pull off a short cut and it even adds to the beauty of their face, maybe frames it just right; but given the choice of say a Demi Moore with a shaved head and one with long hair; I’ll take the latter without a second thought.

I heard her talking, but my mind was elsewhere; “Pardon, what was that?”

“I said,” with a huge smile on her face, “If you keep that up, I won’t have any hair left.”

“Oh!” I answered, uncharacteristically flustered, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about something else and lost track.”

Britt turned to me and took the brush from me and with a half dozen strokes had mine in place; “What were you thinking about?”

Back on track, I took the brush back and fussed with her part and then kissed her lightly on the lips. “I was just thinking,” as I put the brush back on the counter and took her in my arms; “how beautiful you are and how lucky I am,” kissing her once more.

It took all the fortitude we could muster to not run into the bedroom and attempt to wear out the mattress. “Okay gorgeous,” I said as I gave her another kiss; “You do whatever you do to get ready and I’ll go setup to shoot.”

“Okay lover,” she said, leaning down and giving my prick a little peck. Turning away and purposely shaking her butt, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Don’t forget the little remote thingy,” referring to the remote that lets me trigger the camera from a distance.

“Yeah, like I’d forget that,” I laughed. “I even made sure I had a spare battery for it, just in case.”

Britt disappeared into the walk-in closet and I grabbed a pair of shorts and my flip-flops and headed toward the front door.

**Twenty minutes later**

I had all the lights set and plugged in and the hot rod was light enough that I could push it into place by myself. This ride was nice with the deep red paint, and all the chrome. The upholstery was black leather that had a nice tuck and roll job. Someone had put a lot of love and sweat into this one. Just for grins, I walked to the front end and pushed on the hood, assessing its stability. Satisfied, I gently sat on it and bounced a little, checking out the suspension. This would be a sweet ride…wink, wink.

I heard the slight clicking sound of high heels on concrete and twisted to watch my favorite model strut toward me; her long legs glistened, showing the definition in her calves and thighs. Even the retro Rolling Stones t-shirt she had on looked sexy; just long enough to hit the top of her legs. My construction upbringing compelled me to let out a long wolf-whistle, causing her to smile widely.

Britt set down the little paper bag that I hadn’t noticed she was carrying, deducing that it contained the wardrobe changes. With these suits, it didn’t take a very big bag. Grabbing my camera and checking the settings, I said, “Okay, I guess we’re ready.”

I looked up and watched as Britt grabbed the shirt and lifted it over her head. I nearly forgot to breathe as the unveiling took place. The bottoms, well the piece that goes at the bottom, consisted of string that was about the thickness of the yarn my mom used to knit sweaters out of; and where the little triangular piece that covers the promise land usually is; well that appeared to be, well, invisible. I swear that I could see her pussy lips framed by a triangle of string. The top was equally revealing consisting of what I equate to a little knitted yarn washer, the outside diameter not quite big enough to cover her areola and the center hole snuggly hugged her erect nipple which protruded proudly. A couple more strings held the thing in place.

I stood there, mouth agape as she tossed the shirt aside, fluffed her hair and struck a pose; “Ta-da.”

Instinctively, I snapped off a couple shots, not really caring whether the lights were positioned correctly or not and then stepped up for a closer inspection. “So, what do you think?” she asked, doing a slow 360.

“I think I want to eat you up, right where you stand. I take it this is the suit that you said they couldn’t sell in the store?”

“Yeah,” she giggled, twisting and turning so I got the full effect of the suit. “Believe it or not, the maker gave them a suggested retail price of $60.00 for this. Can you believe that?” She turned again, and bent forward slightly showing the yarn smartly spanning her tight ass pucker. My cock lurched at the sight.

“Well I can see why John figured he couldn’t sell many of these and I’m not sure it’ll make it in the calendar, but I sure as hell want it for ours.” I stepped up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, not wanting to muss her lipstick and at the same time ran a finger between her pussy lips, sending a tremor through her. I licked her essence off my finger; “now let’s get this started before I fuck you right here on the floor.”

Britt didn’t utter a word and was obviously hot and bothered, her chest flushed red and her eyes darkened. We managed to find a couple positions that looked good and suggestive, but maybe a bit too suggestive and as she moved from pose to pose, she just got more and more turned on. After about ten minutes of shooting she turned and said in a throaty voice, “I’m so fuckin’ turned on, how about a couple naughty shots and then we move on?”

I could only nod in agreement, thankful again for multi-gigabyte cards and loose shorts. I kept my eye to the viewfinder, the lights flashing all around us as Britt leaned over the side of the driver’s door, one hand on the wheel, peering down like she was looking for something on the seat. Meanwhile her other hand was snaked up between her legs, two fingers spreading her lips, her pink core shimmering with heat. She glanced back at me, her eyes black, and licked her lips as she slid one finger, then two, then a third into her pussy, slowly fucking herself, bringing herself to the edge until her body erupted in climax, her juices coating her hand. The muscles in her legs and butt clinched, more defined under the lights, as they fought to keep her upright. I had zoomed in for a closer look, my finger on the shutter release, automatically capturing the lustful event. I pulled back and took a couple more shots as she recovered, her chest heaving, breasts straddling the tuck and roll seat back.

I sat the Nikon down and walked over to her, helping her straighten up. I ran my hands over her slick torso, a calming massage. She turned her head, “Sorry, I just had to do get off. Between the shower, the hair drying and this suit, it was either this or just rape you.”

“Don’t ever apologize for something like that,” I assured her. “That was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. If I hadn’t needed both hands to shoot with, I’d have been jacking off right along with you.”

Britt shuddered at the thought, “Ah fuck, we need to do that. The girls and I sometimes sit opposite each other and finger ourselves until we cum; it’s kind of like a race to see who can cream first. Most times we don’t make it and just start eating each other….Fuck; I’m getting horny again,” her hand moving slightly at her crotch.

I stepped back and put my arm around her waist, leading her to where she dropped the little bag of clothes. “You think you’re horny?” nodding my head downward. Britt smiled with pride as she saw the bulge; my cock trying to rip through my shorts. “Let’s get you into a real suit and get this shoot done.”

I couldn’t recall ever hurriedly helping a woman get clothes on before; it’s generally the other way around; and this is a helluva lot more frustrating. I was nearly beside myself as I helped her into the royal blue string number and then reapplied some body lotion where she had sweated it off while writhing on the little red two-seater. I had to keep reminding myself that soon enough I’d have my cock parked in her tight snatch and we’d be fucking each other until we couldn’t stand.

“Okay gorgeous,” I said, repositioning my hard-on in my shorts, causing her to laugh at my discomfort. “Hey, it’s all your fault, now let’s get this done.”

We somehow reverted to a more professional mode and got some awesome shots. Again, we had to be cognizant of the fact that we were shooting a car calendar, not a girly calendar, but honestly; who was going to take a second look at the car?

“You’re amazing,” I told her as she managed on her own to put on the next bikini while I scrolled through the shots.

“Well thank you sir,” she replied as she pulled on an impossibly tight little set of boy shorts with an equally tight, tiny top. The material was so thin it only had one side and it reflected every detail of the skin it barely covered. Her nipples threatened to burst through and her camel-toe and butt crack were so profound, you’d have placed a week’s wages on the bottoms actually being paint instead of some miracle fabric.

“Wow,” was all I could say as we started shooting. It took a little more positioning to keep it ‘R’ rated, and the few shots that weren’t were really art at a different level. Again I had to tell her how absolutely breathtaking she looked; she radiated sex.

When it was all said and done, we had a couple hundred shots, so there would be no problem coming up with the perfect one that showed off the car as well as the voluptuous blonde. I had the foresight to bring out a couple bottles of water that we drank as we scrolled through the shots; Britt tucked in close to get a good look at the little screen on the camera body. I could feel the heat from her body, her breathing slightly more rapid as we looked at more photos.

“Okay, that’s enough on the little screen,” I announced, setting the camera on the table. I slipped my hand to her ass and pulled her in tight, my tongue searching for hers as my hands tried to find where the boy shorts ended and her skin began. There was no seam; the material was so thin and the shorts so tight, my fingers were soon frustrated. Britt had no such problem as her hand quickly found my stiff cock, caressing it gently.

“Okay,” I said, trying not to appear panicky; “Here, let me get the camera on the tripod and in place and you try to get that damn suit off.”

Britt giggled at my frustration, inwardly proud that she had me so clearly worked up; she was kind of enjoying this dominate position, and she was soon going to enjoy another. I quickly had the camera mounted, located the remote and turned to see Britt just standing there, staring at me.

“What are you waiting for?” my voice squeaked, causing her to break out into a bigger grin.

“I can’t seem to get my bottoms off,” she said in her little girl voice. “Could you help me please?” twisting her hips back and forth.

‘God I love this girl,’ I said to myself as I stepped up to her side, kissing her shoulder. I placed my left hand on the small of her back, my right one on her tummy and whispered, “Inhale.” Quick to catch on, she complied, giving me just enough room to slip both hands downward. My left slid over familiar ground, a couple fingers following the crevasse, skirting over her puckered star as the miracle fabric stretch tighter. The right followed a mirrored path over similar terrain, but this area was more slippery and pliant, and a trembling occurred as I passed over the small mound near the top of the course.

“Oh fuck me,” she mumbled as my fingers met at the bottom, one having lost its way, sucked into the steamy confines of her pussy.

“Gladly” I answered, wiggling my middle digit. “Let’s see if we can get these off now.” It took four hands, but we finally got them down onto her thighs, but I wasn’t compelled to release my hold just yet. I pulled upright slightly, nearly lifting her off her feet, her arm around my shoulder, hanging on. “You know, I kind of like hugging this way,” as I wiggled that one finger again.

She cooed, squirming in my hands, “I like it too, but it might be a bit awkward in public.” Gyrating a bit more, “Before you make me cum again, maybe we should get on with the shoot?”

With a deep sigh, I relented; “If you insist,” but not before I hooked my finger and pressed firmly on ‘The Spot.’

Britt nearly jumped off my finger, “Oh you little fucker,” she groaned as her pussy tried to strangle my digit.

Proud of myself, I slowly released her and then helped her skin the bottoms the rest of the way off, kissing her legs as I went. She held my shoulder, lifting her high-heel clad feet as I battled the form-fitting fabric over them. I stared; somewhat amazed at what I held once we had the bottoms off. The shorts looked more like they were sized for a child’s doll than a real person; amazing. The tiny top was a bit easier to get off and I nibbled at her nipples as they were revealed. Finally free of the constricting swimwear, she asked, “So which suit do you want for these last pictures?” holding up the two choices.

“Do you really need to ask,” I said, pointing at the small collection of yarn that she wore first.

“My choice too,” she said as she sorted through the strings. “I can fuck you without even taking it off.” Slipping her legs through what passed as leg holes, she said, “Okay, drop the shorts and assume the position on the hood.”

Throwing a goofy salute, “Yes Mam,” and dropped them to the floor, my cock also saluting.

With a serious note, she slipped her nipples though the little holes in what passed as the top, “I am so going to fuck you; now sit down.”

Remote in hand, I sat perched on the bright red hood of the hot rod, the metal cold on my balls, and snapped pictures as she sauntered to me; six inch heels…long toned legs… slick, shaved pussy… taut belly… firm, proud c-cups…long blonde hair…beautiful face…my cock throbbed…I was about to be fucked!

She stopped in front of me, legs spread slightly, and her black eyes glistened as she stared at my swelling cock. The camera fired once more before she turned, presenting her backside. I stared at the small of her back, the two dimples just above the horizontal string. A vertical string disappeared in between her ass cheeks as I spread them, following its descent.

I caught my breath as I felt her grasp my cock, ready to guide it home. With my hands on her hips, I thought I was in control as I felt the crown of my anxious cock split her inner lips, peeking inside. I was wrong… I forgot… she was going to fuck me. Without hesitation, she buried my cock deep inside her hungry cunt and squeezed, her pussy walls undulating.

“Oh Fuck Baby,” I cried as I hugged her tight, my arms around her belly, my face against her back, as my cock exploded. Britt shivered and groaned, her pussy maintaining a strangle hold as she held her pose, letting me collect myself.

I’d loosened my hold on my lover and she began a slow jacking motion, her pussy walls rippling up and down my length; she wasn’t going to let me go soft. I slowly regained my senses, remembering the camera remote still somehow in my hand. I triggered a blinding light that caught Britt off guard; her pussy contracted in response.

Britt peered at the camera through slit eyes, “Mmm, that’ll look hot Baby.” She kept moving, slowly increasing the length of her stroke. “Mmm…I’m not through with you yet Baby,” she uttered seductively. She continued her slow cadence, our combined juices adding to her warm caress. A slobbery, sucking sound came with each stroke, “Ohh,” she groaned as her pussy clinched my cock briefly, a small orgasm ran through her pussy. “Fuck, listen to my pussy sucking on you big hard cock Baby; your cum is so warm inside me…Mmm….so good, soo good…I want more cum Baby,” as her strokes got longer and faster.

I nearly forgot the camera again, but it’s not like the scene had changed much. I was still sitting on the hood of a hot rod; my miraculously-still-stiff cock was being abused by a ravenous blonde doing the ultimate lap-dance. I fired off another shot just as I felt her stiffen, “AH FUCK BABY, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING………AHHHH!” Her body convulsed as though electrocuted, rigid and her skin was hot to the touch.

I held her tight as she slumped forward, completely drained, her pussy still in constant convulsions. I held her in place with one arm, running my hand over her back, comforting her. She slowly came back to reality and sat up with my help, my cock still stiff in her spent pussy. Britt pulled my arms tight around herself, placing my hands on her breasts, the little nipple-strangling top long displaced. She squeezed my cock with her pussy; “You didn’t cum?”

“No, I’m okay.

“But I want to feel you cum again; my pussy wants to feel you cum again.”

“If you’re sure,” I said. “Can you kick your heels off?”

Unquestioning, she flicked her heels across the set and I slowly pushed her up and off my cock, a slurping, sucking sound ensued, along with a sad groan from the satiated blonde.

“Here,” I said, turning her around by the hips; “I want to look at you.” She turned and I saw those transparent blue eyes again, her tell of contentment. “Okay, now; sit in my lap; put your legs around my waist.” She complied as I helped her, my hands on her butt cheeks, my butt once again on the hood. “Now,” I said nodding down between us, my stiff cock pointing at her pussy; “May I?”

Britt looked back up, kissed me softly and said, “Please….fuck me.” We kissed as my cock was drawn to her, slipping inside, welcomed back for the final round. We held each other tight, kissing, nibbling, as my cock and her pussy did the same, loving on each other. Unhurried, the eventual finally approached; “I feel it,” she said, her pussy coaxing me along. Forehead to forehead, we looked in each other’s eyes, willing the other to cum first. Suddenly we both gasped, eyes wide and BOOM! My cock delivered load after load as her pussy milked me dry, taking all I had to offer until she was satisfied there was no more.

Tears formed in both our eyes as we felt the finale and we held still and tight, staring, loving. After who knows how long, hugging, heads on the other’s shoulder, I whispered in her ear, “My butts asleep.”

Britt snorted a laugh in my ear and clinched her pussy around my half-hard, but very happy cock. “I think my legs are too,” still wrapped around my waist. “We’ll just have to stay here until someone comes to rescue us.

**2 a.m. Wednesday morning**

I woke needing to take a leak and looked over at the clock on the bedside table; ‘Hmm, two o’clock…hopefully in the morning.’ I was in bed, on top of the covers, Britt next to me, snoring her cute little snore. I slipped off the bed and padded toward the toilet, trying to remember what happened after we’d made love on the hood of the hot rod. After successfully answering nature’s call and remembering to put the seat down, I wandered over to the dresser and found my cell phone knowing it had the good sense to differentiate between a.m. and p.m. ‘Oh good, it’s still night; back to bed,’ I told myself. I managed to get my naked, sleeping beauty under the covers and then crawled in beside her, assuming the position, spooning, my sleepy dick comfortably resting against my lovers warm butt.

The obnoxious alarm jolted me awake as Britt buried her head under the covers muttering something like; “loud..fucking…stupid..turn it…fuckin’…grumble,grumble,grumble…” Britt is obviously not a morning person and I managed to swat at the clock until it was silenced. I rolled back over and pulled the covers off her head and kissed her tangled blonde tresses.

“Good morning lover,” I said softly

“Morning,” came the less than inspired reply.

I ran my hand up and down her spine, petting and coaxing her to wake up, after all, she had the same amount of sleep as I did; at least I think she did. “Say, do you remember what happened last night?”

Britt grumbled some more, rolled over on her back and stretched and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and then gave me a look that said, ‘Well that’s a stupid question.’ She yawned and then rolled over on her side to face me, her head propped up on hand.

“Well let’s see,” she began. “We shot some photos, I fucked you and you came, then I fucked you some more and I came, then….” And her eyes brightened; “we made love and we both came and then you woke me up.” She smiled; all proud of herself…..wise ass.

I launched a tickle attack and she squirmed to get away, tangled in the bedding until she finally surrendered. I held her captive, one hand full of breast and the other between her legs, my forearm pressed against her pussy. “I meant, smarty-pants, after we made love. Do you remember coming to bed?”

“No,” she answered as she slowly rubbed up and down my arm like a cat; “the last I remember is your butt being asleep and us waiting to be rescued,” giggling and rubbing a little harder.

“Well you’re no help. I better get up and see what kind of mess we left. What time did you say they were picking up the car today?”

Britt didn’t answer as she was busy rubbing her wet pussy on my arm, a look of concentration on her face, biting her lower lip. I watched for a couple seconds; it seemed that she didn’t even know I was there… and it was my arm she was getting off on!

In retrospect, I probably should have just waited it out and seen how long it took her to either climax or realize I was laying there watching and die of embarrassment. Yeah, like that was going to happen; so to move things along I turned and had her flat on her back, my head between her legs looking up at her shocked expression.

“Hey,” she barked, “what are you doing?” Man, she almost seemed pissed, so before she could make another move, I pushed her legs back and ran my tongue across her ass and up her pussy, stopping to suck gently on her clit. I glanced back up between her tits, and she still seemed to be scowling so I figured I better give it my best. I lowered my head back down and let my tongue wander, running around her outer lips, then dipping inside, tracing her inner lips and then slipping in to lap at her inner walls. Her butt began to rock, trying to direct my tongue. I continued to explore, my tongue darting in and out of her pussy, and then down to play with her asshole, slipping in a bit at a time. Her rocking became a writhing and I had to put one hand on her belly to keep her in place. I moved back up to take her clit between my lips and sucked on it as she thrust her hips up to rub her pussy and ass on my scratchy chin; I hadn’t shaved since yesterday.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she grabbed my hair; “Oh yeah, right there Baby, do that….ummm, yeah suck it Baby, suck my clit, suck it, suck it…… Unh, unh, unh, unh….Oh Fuck Baby…I’m cumming….Don’t stop, don’t you fuckin’ stop….ohhhhh!!!” And cum she did, all over my face, the sheets, everywhere.

I stayed put, nuzzling and licking, occasionally hitting a spot that caused her to jump and pull the hair she still had wrapped around her fingers. I left well-enough alone for a couple more minutes until I felt her grip loosen and her gentle snoring resume. I carefully slid off the bed and headed to the shower.

**Just after 10 a.m.**

While I was in the shower, I recalled that the hot rod was scheduled to be picked up in the afternoon, so making sure it was clean and ready to go, I decided to let Britt sleep in a bit more. I re-set the alarm for 10 o’clock, gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed off to work.

I glanced at the clock in my truck and saw it was just after 10 when my phone went off; I guessed it was probably my sleepy-headed sex-fiend. Coaxing the Bluetooth to answer; “This is George.”

“Thank you,” came the groggy sounding reply.

“You’re welcome?” I responded, thinking this must be Britt I was talking to, but I wasn’t one hundred percent positive. There was a long silence and I thought for a moment that the worthless hands-free device had failed me again. Just as I was about to curse the thing, I heard a rustling sound; “Is that you babe?” I asked the caller.

Speaking while she stretched and yawned, “If ‘Babe’ is the one whose pussy you ate this morning, then yes, it’s me.” I could visualize her smile over the phone and wished I was there with her. “Thank you for setting that obnoxious alarm,” she groaned through another yawn; “You really wiped me out this morning.”

“My pleasure,” I said with a smile she couldn’t see. “I think I got everything cleaned up and the car ready to go, but you should probably go and double check; make sure there’s no butt smears on the hood.”

Britt laughed through another yawn, “Yeah that was quite the ride you gave me last night lover. Did you get a chance to look at any of the pictures?”

I pulled up to the supply house I was heading to and parked; “No, like we talked about this morning, I don’t remember anything after we made love. This morning, I went out to check on things and all the lights were unplugged and the cords wound up and the camera was sitting on the kitchen island, so we sorta cleaned-up afterwards.”

“Maybe it was our rescuers,” she said as I heard her voice now echoing in the bathroom.

“Who knows?” I laughed as I visualized her shuffling around naked, her long blonde hair disheveled and her eyes fighting to focus. “So, I have the car pointed in the right direction so they can just back in and load it up.” I heard her set the phone down and she must have switched it to speaker phone because all I heard now was water running; she must have sat it next to the sink. “So,” I said loudly, surmising I would have to compete with the faucet; “what else do you have on the agenda for today?”

“Hang on,” and splashing was all I heard until the water was turned off and a muffled, “what was that?” through a cotton towel.

Giving her a couple more seconds; “I was just being chatty and asked what else you were up to today.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I could have waited to call you but I was dreaming about last night when the alarm went off and I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I love you, then my eyes started to burn, so I had to get up and rinse my face. So, thank you again for this morning and I do love you so, so much. Last night was incredible and I can’t imagine how it could get any better, but I’m betting that it will.”

“I don’t know if I can handle ‘ better’ since I can’t even remember shutting down last night and going to bed. And as far as thank you’s go, I should thank you because I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked and then fucked again. Cumming twice like that was pretty intense.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I expect you to do that all the time now. Your cum makes a pretty good lube. Next time you fuck my ass, we’ll have to try for the double,” she giggled.

At least I was stopped and parked this time, my dick responding to her teasing. Back to business; “So, they pick up the hot rod this afternoon. Is the MG supposed to be delivered tomorrow?”

“That’s the plan,” she said and I could hear that she was walking and I wondered, ‘how many days are Naked Days when I’m not around?’ I heard the distinct sound of the pressure releasing when she opened the fridge and then the sound of a cupboard door and a glass being set on the counter. She continued; “I’ll also probably call that woman back about the portraits she wants to do for her boyfriend and see if I can drag any more info out of her. If she wants any prices, what should I tell her?”

“Well,” as I listened to her take a drink, “we have the prices we came up with for studio time, and if she wants prints, we’ll just charge her whatever they cost us plus a little for handling. You know, I was also thinking that we need to build the portfolio so maybe we can make her a deal on the prints if we can use some of her shots in the portfolio; what do you think?”

“Makes sense to me,” she said, the sipping sound coming over the phone. “I take it we want to do a printed portfolio along with the one on the website?”

“Yeah, I think so. Even with everyone being on-line, seeing an actual print means more to a lot of people. That’s something we can do in our spare time, or I should say, that you can do in your spare time. You can go through my files and pick out photos that you think would work in a portfolio. I’m a little biased, so I think you’d make a better judge of what looks good.”

“Okey dokey, well my little butt’s getting cold so I think I’ll hop in the shower, think about you and your big cock and then get to work,” she giggled.

“Okay,” I answered, “and you know what I’ll be thinking about all day.”

“Well, I should hope so. So; dinner; maybe go over some of yesterday’s shots for the real calendar and then maybe Movie Night? I think I’ll be in the mood for a little porn-fest tonight; whatta ya think?”

“I think I can’t wait to get home. I’ll call you when I’m on my way and see if I need to pick up anything for dinner, okay?”

“Good deal; okay, let me get in the shower and make sure you didn’t dribble on the car last night. I love you and I’ll see you when you get home.”

“Love you too,” I laughed, mashing on the Bluetooth.

** Sometime after 4 p.m.**

Well, it turned out to be a pretty productive day after all. My mind did occasionally stray to last night’s photo session and I was still mildly concerned that I couldn’t recall what happened afterwards. There were no drugs or alcohol involved, so I just put it off to loss of blood in the cranial region. All work related matters went smoothly and I ran into the guy that I was talking with about putting an electric operator on my oversized, rolling warehouse door. We struck a deal and he figured he could get it installed next week. I’d called Britt and she said that dinner was set, to just ‘get my ass home,’ so here I was, cussing the big door, glad that next week would be the end of this particular ordeal.

I pulled up to the house and honked and Britt popped up from behind the office railing upstairs and gave me what would turn into the traditional ‘Welcome Home Titty Flash.’ “Hi Sweetie,” she called out, now juggling her tits and laughing. Every guy should get this greeting when he gets home from a hard day’s work; beats the hell out of a dog slobbering all over you.

With more energy than I thought I had, I bounced up the stairs and there was my girl, sitting in my chair at the computer, her long blonde hair hanging loose over her bare shoulders. Because of the arms on the chair, I couldn’t see if she was wearing shorts and her shapely bare legs and feet were tucked under the table. “So, did I miss the Naked Day memo?”

“No silly, I’m dressed,” she said, spinning the chair to face me. Yeah, silly me; dressed for her was about the skimpiest pair of panties known to man. She stood and did a slow pirouette; I glanced around; ‘damn it, where is that camera?’ She smiled at me seductively as she approached, walking on the balls of her feet. We embraced, kissing like we hadn’t seen each other in months, my hands, naturally, firmly grasping her bare butt cheeks. Breaking to breath, we whispered in harmony,”Hi lover.”

“So,” I asked as I massaged her ass, “were you a good girl today?”

“I’m always good,” she replied, her right thigh now waking my cock.

“Yes you are,” kissing her again, letting my fingers trace the little string that ran through her ass crack. “What I meant was, did you get any real work done? I see the hot rod’s gone; what else have you been up to, my love?”

“Well here, sit down and I’ll go over what I’ve gotten done.”

She sat me in the chair and then sat in my lap, squirming to get comfortable as she grabbed the mouse and starting clicking away. After a couple seconds she stood back up and tuned to look at me; “This isn’t going to work,” and then paused. “You know what to do,” pointing at my crotch.

“Yes dear,” I said and pulled my jeans and boxers to the floor. I sat there, half stiff and waited.

“Well?” she asked, pointing at my cock as she sat up on the desk opposite me. Evidently I’m a little dense as she huffed and then spread her legs, pulling what little there was of the panties aside and began running her middle finger in and out of her slick cunt, all the time staring down at my cock. My dick was bright enough to understand what she wanted, willing my hand over to stroke myself to stiffness.

“Bout time,” she said as she got off the desk, turned her back to me and unceremoniously sat on my cock, taking it all in a single plunge. She shivered as she nestled in, my cock firmly buried within her. “There, that’s more comfortable, now here are the shots from yesterday……” And she scrolled through all the shots that she wanted to consider for the calendar while my cock was massaged by her pussy. I tried to maintain a bit of professional decorum, as much as is possible with your bone up the snatch of your assistant and your hands annoying her as you try to play with her tits.

“Next,” she said as she leaned forward for her notes, releasing about half my length before setting back down and giggling at herself. “Oh yeah,” grabbing the mouse again, “I talked to the woman again about the portraits; her name is Melissa by the way, and here is her Facebook page,” which flashed up on the screen. I could just see the little picture of her on the corner of the page before Britt clicked over and pulled up a bigger picture of her from an album.

“Wow,” I said,”she’s pretty, and a redhead to boot.” That earned me a reminder squeeze of where my priorities lie. “I was just sayin’; she is pretty isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I guess,” as she rocked back and forth a couple times. “Anyway, I got a little more information out of her. She is really shy; you can even see it in her pictures; but what I finally got out of her is she wants to send her beau some more ‘intimate’ photos,” as she made with the air quotes, again giving me a couple pleasurable wiggles.

I grabbed Britt’s hips and held her still so I could ask her some questions before I threw her on the desk and fucked her silly. “So if she just wants some pictures to tease her boyfriend with; why not just shoot them herself with one hand like everyone does now, or in a mirror or have a friend do it?”

Britt moaned a little as it was my turn to tease, flexing myself inside her; ” Unnh…yeah, well I asked her the same thing and she said she wants really good photos and she also wants him to wonder who took them. I think she has a little ‘tease’ in her that she is trying to get out.”

“Oh,” I said as I held her hips and twisted her slightly, left and right which got a pretty healthy groan out her; “so it’s photography and psychology now, is it?” And I leaned in and nibbled at her neck; “so what’s next?”

Britt fought a little against my grip, working her pussy to try and break my resolve. I bucked my hips up slightly, burying myself a bit deeper in her pulsating pussy. “Well….” she stuttered, “the MG is being delivered around ten tomorrow morning and she asked if she could come by around then and talk it over further. I told her that it would just be me, your lowly assistant, but she said that was fine, probably better in fact as she thought she could relate to me what she wanted, being a woman and all.”

I had mixed feelings about bringing a client here this early in the game. The studio wasn’t really all that showy in my mind. It’s served its purpose up to now and I had a lot of ideas on improvements I want to make, but it is what it is, so we’ll see how it goes. Melissa may take one look at the set-up and turn tail and run.

I re-established my grip on Britt’s hips and raised and lowered her a couple times, sending a shiver through her that I felt all the way to the root. Planting myself deep once more and holding her tight I advised, “Well be gentle with the poor girl. Your idea of an ‘intimate’ picture is your legs spread, spreading your pussy open and a look that says; Come fuck me, big boy.”

Britt moaned and clinched her pussy tight, trying to strangle my cock in retaliation for my remark. It was my turn to groan as I lifted her up an inch or two and slammed her back down; we both shivered as a small orgasm rolled through her.

“Oh you fucker,” she said in a nasty, loving way as she reached down to caress my balls. “I can be more subtle and seductive if I want to. Hey, I have an idea. I have some negligee you haven’t seen yet. I’ll go put it on, you get the camera and lights set up and we’ll do some shots that I can show Melissa tomorrow.” And before I could comment, she was bounding down the stairs, my stiff, wet cock left waving in the wind.

By the time I had the lights in position around the bed that made up part of the set here on the second floor; I heard the front door of the house slam and turned to watch my paramour ascend the stairs. My heart stumbled a bit as she came into view. On her feet was a pair of black high-heel strappy sandals that had heels that were all of six inches tall. They made her spectacular legs look just that much better and I was tempted to drop to my knees and just lick my way up and down the pair. She turned to show a silhouette of her butt cheeks, teasing through the diaphanous, black, I think they call it a chemise. Turning to face me, I could just make out the bit of satin that made up the panties that left little to the imagination. Moving upward, the sheer fabric gave hints of the curve of her waist, the shadow of her navel and then hung loosely on her un-tethered breasts, her nipples stiff in anticipation. She cleared her throat, breaking my trance.

Her expression was one of serious seduction, determined to have her way. Her long blonde hair draped over her shoulders and the little spaghetti straps that held the skimpy outfit in place. Her eyes were nearly a color match to the sheer fabric. “Well?” she asked.

“I think I like it,” was my nonsensical reply as I turned to pick up the big Nikon.

Britt glided over to the bed, an admirable feat considering the height of those heels. Striking a pose leaning against the bedpost, she glanced down at my crotch, “Take your dick out; I want to see how seductive you really think I am.”

I already knew how seductive she looked; my cock was bent double and I was more than happy to bring it some relief. I shucked my shoes and socks, dropped the pants and drawers and stood there with my erection poking out through the tails of my button-down shirt. That brought a little smirk of satisfaction to my model as I began capturing her irresistible allure.

My Britt is just naturally sexy. It doesn’t matter if it’s first thing in the morning, disheveled and sleepy-eyed, or all dolled-up, ready for a night on the town, she just has that thing; that thing that I can’t explain. I’ve found myself lost in reverie as I sat and looked at her shoulder, or her ankle; anywhere I can focus, I find beauty. And when she tries to look even sexier than I see her all the time, well I’m just fucked, I have no defense.

That’s where I found myself now as she shifted from pose to pose, natural and fluid. Standing next to the bedposts, stretching and emphasizing her slender length, or on bent knee on the bed, hands on her hips in a defiant pose, you had no option but to want her, to make love to her. When she struck what was to be the final pose for the shoot; that is where I was; my only option was clear.

She crawled onto the bed on all four at a slight angle so that her firm breasts hung, shadowed by the gossamer fabric. Her long, lean back was defined by the black satin outline and her captivating derriere, framed by thin strands, beckoned. Her long bare legs, bent and tautly defined, her feet clad in ‘fuck-me heels’ delineated the starting point of my journey.

Her eyes read mine and she shivered as I set the camera on the floor and approached the bed, shedding the last of my clothes. I dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed, running my hands over her calves as my tongue played with the exposed portions of her feet. Moving on, I nuzzled and kissed my way along her calves and up those amazing thighs, ducking my head back and forth between then to nibble on them. Heat radiated from that heavenly intersection, her erotic aroma drew my nose over that miniscule patch of fabric, along the bridge of thread that spanned her winking, pink star. My tongue closely followed, sampling what I could through the satin strainer and slipping under the thread, poking at her back door. My lover moaned loudly as I gently pulled the panties aside and spread her cheeks to lap at her sweet sex. With reverence, I dined on her offerings, juices free flowing as I let my tongue explore, probing the depths of both portals. Britt moaned false protests as she lost control, her climax building; “Oh god, oh god, oh god…,” she muttered until her orgasm crashed over her, her pussy grasping at my tongue.

Britt recovered, catching her breath, her head on a pillow, her ass still invitingly poised above the bed with my head on one cheek, running my hands up and down her back, eliciting a pleasured purr. Straightening back up, on my knees between hers, I rubbed her excess secretions into her inner thighs, my cock throbbing and in the way. Britt glanced back between her legs, spying my anxious erection and reached back, taking it in her hand and stroked it gently. Satisfied that I was indeed ready, she moved both hands up to her buttocks and spread them invitingly. Never one to turn down such an invite, I ran the head of my cock up and down, between her moist lips, sliding up on each stroke to anoint her tempting ass.

With a coaxing thrust of her hips, I slipped the tip of my cock in between her welcoming lips. “Hmm, that’s nice,” she murmured, her head still resting comfortably on the pillow.

Agreeing, I made short, slow thrusts, slowly making my way inward. Britt hummed lightly, her hips in constant motion as though trying to screw herself onto my cock. My hands roamed her back and butt, poking fun occasionally with her puckered star, which pulsed whenever she sensed I was near. Soon they were long deliberate thrusts, my cock glistened in her excretions; “Fuck baby,” I moaned, ” my cock is so hard, fucking your tight cunt…fuck I love fucking you…god you’re so fucking good baby!”

Soon, we both were near the end as small orgasms rolled though her. I liken them to the fore-shocks that occur just before a major earthquake; and now they were coming one after another, I could feel them running up and down my swelling cock as I drove to completion. I felt her fingers on her clit, trying to hasten the cataclysmic event. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, “God I love your cock…come on baby, fuck me….give me your cum baby….unh…unh…unh…unh.” Britt pushed herself back up, back on all four, driving her cunt onto my cock, my hands on her hips, meeting her stroke for stroke.

“FUCK ME….FUCK ME…” she cried out, her pleas echoing off the walls.

That was the trigger I needed as we locked eyes, willing each other to go first. Finally, I relented as I felt my own ass pucker; “Ah shit, here it comes baby, Ahhhhh!!” and with a final thrust, I planted my seed deep in her furrow, load after load. Our eyes still locked, Britt’s climax came just after my initial sowing, her mouth open, gasping and her beautiful eyes now rolled back, only the whites showing. Her body convulsed and her pussy contracted, pulling me deeper with each contraction. Her arms gave out as she passed out, her body still quaking with aftershocks, each breath I took caused her to convulse again.

Finally I found my way out and collapsed beside her, exhausted and too warm to snuggle. I rubbed her back, a little concerned but content just the same. I am a lucky guy and she is indeed, very, very seductive.

**5 a.m. Thursday Morning**

I awoke in my favorite position and hugged her tighter, nuzzling her neck. Unlike yesterday, I was not brain dead and did remember the evening before. Another round of mind-blowing sex with the one I love, followed by a long shower with the requisite hair washing, leg and pussy shaving and a light dinner. We had earlier intended to do a movie night, a porn movie that is, but the earlier romp on the upstairs studio bed had pretty well satisfied that hunger. It didn’t stop us however from getting pretty involved while we ignored whatever was on the big screen in the bedroom. My little minx managed to get me aroused enough to park my cock in her nice warm pussy and then fall fast asleep, safe and secure; and that’s how we were when we woke.

“Good morning,” we mumbled in concert, stretching and griping.

“Can’t we just stay in bed all day,” she asked as she reached back, trying to capture my morning wood.

“Nothing I would like better,” as I kneaded her ass and pushed myself up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. “But, I have a less understanding boss than you do, so I’m afraid that’s out of the question,” as I headed to the bathroom.

Britt was close behind, and thankfully let me handle peeing by myself this time. “Yeah,’ she said as she rinsed her face, “I’ve got my boss right where I want him. He lets me use his house, eat his food; basically do whatever I want to do and all I have to do is fuck him senseless and he’s under my spell,” she giggled.

“Yeah well, so far you’ve earned your keep. So you have a ten o’clock with the shy redhead, was it Melissa? And then the MG is also due about that time?

“Yep,” she said as she tried to grab me as we passed; me on my way to the sink and her to the potty.

I rinsed while she tinkled; girls don’t piss, they tinkle, and then we played a little grab-ass while we got dressed for the day. Well I got dressed anyway; her, panties and a crop top.

“So you do get dressed a little more when they deliver a car, don’t you?” as I fired up the coffee maker.

“Sometimes,” she kidded. “I get pretty good service though when I dress this way. I guess I’ll dress a little more business-like when Melissa comes over. That reminds me, I need to download those photos we did last night into a separate folder. I don’t want to accidently show her any of our ‘special’ photos,” she emphasized.

“Yeah,” I laughed, “photos of me buried in your beautiful ass on the hood of a car might be a bit much for her.”

“Hmm, I wish we could have gotten a couple last night. That was a hell of a pussy pounding you gave me; I don’t usually pass out like that. Oh, and that lingerie seemed to do the trick, didn’t it?”

“Well,” as I took her in my arms, “I hate to burst your bubble, and yes, that was a pretty sexy get-up, but really, you could wear an old burlap bag and get my dick hard; you are just that fucking sexy and I love you. Now, give me a kiss, I need to hit the road.”

**4 p.m. Thursday**

It had been a busy day which helped it fly by. I didn’t even stop for lunch and realized it as I pointed the truck toward home. I also hadn’t spoken to my favorite girl all day, so I willed my Bluetooth to work just one more time today and gave the studio a call.

“Red Brick Photography, Britt speaking,” came through the tinny sounding earpiece.

“Hi babe,” I said.

“Oh, hi lover; sorry, I didn’t look at the caller ID.”

“No worries; you sounded very professional; I liked it. So, I’m on my way home and realized I didn’t have any lunch. How about I take you out somewhere?”

“Hmm, sounds good. I had a thing of yogurt after Melissa left and I’ve been busy on the computer all afternoon.”

“Good; then you think about what you want and I’ll be there in about 25 minutes,” I said as I dodged the idiot in the Smart Car in front of me; almost had another hood ornament.

“Well,” she cooed over the phone, “I know what I want, but it would just have to be an appetizer.”

“Well I’m starved, so you may just have to wait until desert. Maybe you can have it with that movie we didn’t watch last night,” I implied.

“Naughty boy,” she giggled. “Well hurry up and get here and I’ll go down and put on some clothes.”

“Wait,” I said, “you aren’t still wearing what you had on when I left this morning, are you?”

“No silly, I put on some shorts before the car was delivered and Melissa showed up just as they were leaving, so don’t worry I didn’t embarrass the company.”

I knew better than to question Britt’s judgment or actions. She was a smart girl with good business sense and took this all seriously. That’s what I loved about her; she could handle herself in pretty much any situation and could switch personalities like you and I turn on a light.

“All right baby, I’ll see you in a few. Love you.”

“Suck you soon,” she giggled, hanging up the phone.

**Dinner at Luigi’s**

I got home to find Britt dressed and ready to go. She looked good enough to eat in a short floral sundress with spaghetti straps and another pair of high-heel sandals. Her hair was pulled back in a loose French braid that left her long neck vulnerable. I quickly changed into a decent pair of slacks and polo shirt and we hopped in her car and were off.

Luigi’s is a small, family owned place with seating for maybe thirty people and for a Thursday night we were still lucky to get a secluded booth. The food was good, the company better. Our hands were busy under the cover of the linen table cloth as we ate and shared our day.

“So, after they dropped off the car, Melissa drove in in a cute little Porsche. I recognized her from Facebook and waved her on in; she wasn’t sure she had found the right place. She’s really cute and her hair is a beautiful red or maybe more strawberry blonde. Anyway, she was wearing some really tight jeans and a nice blouse; she has a nice figure. So I briefly showed her the warehouse and the set with the car and then I took her upstairs to the studio.” Britt paused to take another sip of Chianti and grabbed an olive from the antipasto plate.

My first truly erotic encounter set a high standard for all that followed. I was eighteen years old, fresh-faced and pretty, if a little naive. I was ready to experience new things and break out of high school awkwardness. This was partly the reason why I quickly made my peace with having to share a bedroom with a stranger assigned by the college. Although I had signed up for a private room, they had been oversubscribed, and on my first day of college, I found myself being sent to shared accommodation.

My parents had allowed me to convince them to stay at home rather than accompany me on my first day at college, so when I arrived, I was alone, large suitcase and several smaller bags in tow. By the time I reached the college, it was late evening, around 7pm, because I had taken a wrong turn on the freeway and generally got lost – I guess it was my own fault for forgetting the sat-nav.

Unlocking the door of my new bedroom, I saw that my new roommate was already inside, and I shuffled in to meet her. What grabbed my attention first was her incredible dark eyes, large, alluring and mysterious. Yet while I tried not to stare, I couldn’t help but admire her physique, which was everything that mine never would be. She was taller than me, with a beautifully toned stomach, long curvy legs and voluptuous breasts. We appeared to be complete opposites, her dark hair and olive skin striking an amazing contrast with my own pale skin and blonde hair. While she had a figure that was made for modelling swimsuits, I was thin and angular, with small, firm breasts.

“Hey there,” the girl said warmly, stepping forwards to embrace me. I caught a strong whiff of expensive perfume, and gave a sudden involuntary intake of breath as her chest pressed into mine. Apparently, she noticed nothing, and pulled back, revealing a set of perfectly white, even teeth in a dazzling smile. “You must be Jessica. I’m Charlotte, your new roommate! Here, let me help you…”

Charlotte took my bags from me, helpfully conveying them over to my side of the bedroom, dumping them on my bed. Her movements were graceful as a gymnast, and she was certainly strong, barely feeling the weight of the bags I had struggled to carry. I wheeled my suitcase across the carpeted floor and sat down on my bed among the bags.

As I got my breath back from carrying my heavy luggage up the stairs, I watched Charlotte unpacking her own things, listening to her friendly chatter and volunteering information of my own. Her clothes were wonderful: black lace corsets, leather jackets, tight jeans and high heeled boots; a far cry from the pastel pink blouse and light denim shorts that I was wearing. I remember thinking that Charlotte was just too good to be true, like a character from a movie.

“So, do you have any plans for this evening?” Charlotte asked as I finally finished unpacking my stuff. “I know there’s a few parties going on, but don’t you think it would be fun to get to know each other?” Amazed that someone like Charlotte would want to spend time with me, I nodded enthusiastically. I wanted to know as much as possible about Charlotte, she was attractive and funny, and I’d be spending the next year living with her, after all.

“Great,” Charlotte said, seeming genuinely pleased that I had agreed. “I just want to go take a shower, then we can sit around in our PJs and talk all night! There’s a bottle of wine in my closet, go help yourself.” As I stammered a thank you, I watched Charlotte leave the room, pulling her shirt up over her head as she reached the door to the bathroom. I got a quick glimpse of her bare back before the door clicked shut behind her, and it felt strange, knowing that there was just a thin wall separating us. One of the upsides to shared accommodation was that the rooms all came with private bathrooms.

Trying not to think of the naked Charlotte, just meters away from me, I closed the blinds across the windows, and changed into my pajamas. I was a little embarrassed of my sleepwear, a faded old shirt from my old cheerleading squad, slightly small for me now, and a pair of patterned shorts. I was sure that Charlotte slept in something elegant like a silk kimono, and my suspicions were confirmed when Charlotte emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later, the ends of her dark curls slightly wet. Her body was barely concealed in a revealing black lace negligee, her pointed nipples slightly erect.

“Cute PJs,” Charlotte winked, and took the glass of wine I had poured for her. “How about a game of truth or dare to loosen us up a bit?” She sat cross-legged on the floor, patting the expanse of carpet in front of her as an invitation to sit down. The thin material which clothed her fell between her legs, obscuring what lay between them from my curious eyes. Giggling, I sat down, mirroring her position with my own.

“Truth or dare?” Charlotte asked me, taking a sip of wine and leaning forward.

Biting my lip, I made my hesitant reply: “Truth.”

“Okay, but I should warn you, Jess,” Charlotte said teasingly. “By the end of the night, I’ll know all your secrets. You can’t keep anything from me.”

Taking a long drink of wine, locking my blue eyes on her dark ones, I nodded. “Bring it on.”


By the time Charlotte and I had shared the bottle of wine between us, it was true – Charlotte knew all of my secrets, but I had barely touched on hers. While I was reluctant to choose ‘Dare’, and ended up revealing every single little thing about myself, Charlotte had been reluctant to tell me anything. Instead, she had been subjected to at least a dozen dares, each more embarrassing than the last, until on the last turn, she had been forced to run down the corridor naked. Well, I didn’t force her, but I had already found out that Charlotte took the game seriously, and we were both a little too intoxicated to think rationally.

Her last dare had excited me more than I expected, watching her breasts and firm butt cheeks bounce up and down as she sprinted all the way down to the boys rooms at the end, giving a room full of gaming boys an eyeful of her nakedness. Behind my hysterical laughter, I was aroused. More aroused than I could even admit to myself.

But I finally caved into doing a dare, after Charlotte pointed out that she knew everything worth knowing about me, so I had no truths left to tell. She had interrogated me about every single sexual experience in my past, which amounted to a drunken fumble at prom and a disappointing tryst with a hot senior at a party.

“I dare you…” Charlotte said quietly, any hint of drunkenness melted away. “I dare you to make out with me.”

Shocked into soberness, there was no sound from my lips but my soft ragged breathing for a long moment. I could tell she was already regretting saying it, I noticed the quick flicker of doubt behind her eyes. Perhaps she had gone too far. Before she could retract the dare, I reached out, placing my hands either side of her face, and met her lips with my own.

We kissed gently at first, Charlotte’s teeth brushing the fullness of my bottom lip as I licked into her mouth, wrapping my arms around her neck. After a moment or two, Charlotte became impatient, and therefore, more aggressive, and bit my lip erotically, pulling me onto her lap and grinding her hips up against me. It was the most exciting experience of my life so far, and I hardly knew what to do with myself. I settled for allowing her lips to guide mine, twining our tongues together, and enjoying even the slightest caress of her hands upon my body.

I let a low, animalistic moan escape my lips as she moved her mouth to tease my sensitive neck, tangling my fingers in her hair to hold her as close as possible. I allowed myself to be parted from her for a few seconds, as she pulled my shirt up over my head, so she could touch my breasts.

Every touch on my skin drove me wild, and a soft tweak on my nipples made my back arch, pulling Charlotte back up for another kiss. Her experienced fingers worked my nipples as we kissed deeply. I was only vaguely aware that Charlotte’s luscious body and my own were separate. Her attentions had set every nerve in my body alight, and I felt myself yearning to touch her, be with her. The point at which our bodies met seemed natural, and I never wanted to be parted from her. My past experiences had been with boys, but Charlotte was a woman, and she made me feel like a woman too, rather than the shy girl I had been this morning.

Charlotte’s fingers alternated between sharp pinches and hard massages, and my erect nipples enjoyed both immensely. I didn’t worry about the difference in size between my chest and hers, as she seemed enthusiastic enough about playing with my firm little pair, and I was way beyond thinking of anything but my own selfish pleasure.

I tore my lips away from Charlotte’s as my pleasure reached its peak, a level I had never known before, and I voiced my delight with a loud cry. The sensation went as quickly as it had come, and I was frustrated to feel the rapid movements of Charlotte’s deft fingers cease.

“Don’t look so disappointed, Jessica…” Charlotte said in a low voice, thick with desire, as my breathing levelled. “It gets better than that…” With a thrill somewhere deep in my stomach, I allowed Charlotte to move me from her lap, and lay on my back on the carpet, propped up on my elbows. It was the moment I had been waiting for, I knew it.

Charlotte pulled her negligee off, discarding it on the floor with a graceful flick of her wrist. Her exposed body made me aware of a heat down in my groin, and a thick wetness between my legs. Charlotte’s breasts amazed me, perfectly round, larger than any I’d seen before, even on the internet porn I’d watched secretly in my bedroom at home. Her nipples were solid, and framed by huge dark circles which excited me even further.

My eyes were then drawn irresistibly to the area between her legs. Charlotte was shaved, and the temptation to reach forward and part her lower lips, to see what was inside, was overwhelming. But somehow, I managed to stay still, and held my breath as Charlotte pulled my shorts off.

Although I wasn’t shaved, there was barely any hair there at all, just a soft blonde dusting of curls, and Charlotte seemed to like it, running her fingers through it softly. I swallowed as Charlotte pulled away, hoping that she knew what she was doing, because my arousal was becoming painful. There was a constant, hot little stab in my crotch that was steadily driving me mad. I wanted to beg for her touch there, but I knew what she had planned would be much more satisfying.

My roommate quickly ran to her bedside table, taking something large and long from the drawer. I gasped as I realized what it was: a vibrator, and not a small one. I almost purred with anticipation as Charlotte sat back down in front of my, waiting for her to enter me with the toy. What happened instead, was much more exciting.

Apparently, Charlotte was just as aroused as I was, because when she spread her legs, her privates were dripping with her hot juices. They glistened pink and tempting in the soft lighting, and I wanted to reach out and touch her slit. I had looked at my own parts in a mirror, and thought they were exotically beautiful, but Charlotte’s were better. Her long fingers, which had only just been caressing my breasts, pushed the moist pink folds apart, exposing a set of inner lips as perfect as two pink rose petals. The hard little nub at the top was pinkest of all, and pulsed slightly with arousal.

Setting the sex toy to a soft vibration, Charlotte inserted it into herself, moaning as the smooth plastic stretched her wide. I could tell that she was much too horny to prolong the affair, and my eyes became fixed to the rhythmic pumping of the vibrator in and out of her wetness. A long, lithe finger reached down to caress her clit, and Charlotte bucked under her own touch.

By this time, I was whining with suppressed sexual tension, and felt my breasts heaving with my deep breaths. Charlotte’s breasts were moving at the same pace as her masturbation, bouncing up on her chest as she pushed the toy deep within herself. She was obviously well practiced in self-pleasure, and I shuddered as I imagined what she would do to me next.

Charlotte’s enthralling eyes had slid shut, and she concentrated on nothing but the pleasure which I could tell was growing inside her. Her facial muscles had relaxed, and she was beautiful like this. Wanton, free and liberated. Before long, her climax came upon her, and she collapsed, panting on the floor. Her guttural moans had sent me wild, and the expression of sheer ecstasy which crossed her features sent me further.

I crawled forward, and eased the sex toy out from her hole, which was tensing and relaxing as her pleasure ebbed away, her fingers now still. Charlotte looked up blearily as I removed the source of her orgasm, and her lips curved into a smile. Curious, I lifted the toy up to my face, having turned off the vibrating motion. As I waited for Charlotte to get her breath back, I tried to distract myself from my own neglected sex, and began licking Charlotte’s juices from the vibrator.

It was divine. Charlotte’s sticky cum tasted sweeter than the boy’s cum I had tasted at prom. It was a sultry taste, slightly bitter, but I could have sucked on that vibrator for hours. I was already addicted.

An insistent hand between my breasts stopped me, and I let Charlotte tug the toy from my hands. Slowly, I lay back on the floor, and closed my eyes to concentrate fully on the pleasure Charlotte was sure to inflict upon my hungry body. Her hands, still a little wet from her own pleasure, roved up the insides of my thighs, pushing my legs as far apart as they could go.

My position now was one of complete powerlessness. I had surrendered myself into Charlotte’s possession. My feet were planted flat on the carpet, my legs opened wide, with Charlotte between. My privates yearned for her, pulsing and dripping with warm juices.

“It’s your turn now…” Charlotte said in a dusky whisper, tracing her fingers lightly over my outer lips, which were soft with downy hair. Agonisingly slowly, Charlotte stroked every inch of my inner thighs, up and down my slit, around and around the hot flesh of my sex, but neglecting one crucial area. The clitoris. She drove me even closer to the brink of insanity, and I writhed as one possessed, yearning for her to rub me there, and finish me quickly.

Finally, she consented to my breathless pleas for release, and touched my clit briefly, pinching it between thumb and forefinger. Immediately, my hips bucked up, and I gave a suppressed little cry as she took her fingers away. She again commenced the thorough examination of my pussy, massaging the area with alternately hard and gentle circling fingers. I had begun to become bored and frustrated with her slow pace, until I felt the vibrator pushed into my slit. I moaned again, feeling the girth of the toy stretch me wide. The sensational was both enjoyable and painful, but the latter only increased the former.

Charlotte, aware of my eagerness, set it straight up to the highest level of vibration, which made my body shake with lust. As the tip of the toy hit my g-spot, I almost screamed, my hands darting down to push it further. Charlotte’s hands batted mine away, and I raised myself on my elbows again, to see what was happening. I felt my pussy twitch, and met Charlotte’s eyes as she leaned down slowly.

I knew what was coming, and tried to prepare, but the feeling of her tongue on my clit was overwhelming. Stars popped in my vision, the combination of the pressure of the vibration against my g-spot and Charlotte’s hard sucks at my clit were more than I could have hoped for.

I knew now that sex with anyone else would be disappointing forever, after the heaven to which Charlotte had sent me. My body ached as I approached climax, grinding my hips into Charlotte’s face, her hair tickling my stomach and thighs. I yelped in delight as she drove a finger into my asshole, twisting it deep inside me. This third thrill brought an orgasm crashing around me, and the burning of my loins was unbearable. Charlotte did not let me pull away.

Every nerve ending in my body felt as if it were exploding, sending quake after quake through me. Charlotte’s tongue continued to caress my sensitive nub, over stimulated and painful now. The vibrator inside me continued its relentless rhythm against the walls of my pussy, which had widened to accommodate it. The finger in my ass continued to twist, Charlotte’s fingernail scraping slightly.

While I voiced my pleasure loudly and clearly, I writhed again as another climax rippled through my senses. Something down below released, and I was aware of a hot gush of liquid escaping from my pussy. Charlotte pulled her head from between my legs, licking her lips and panting as much as I was. I felt the vibrator slide out from my dripping privates, and the finger from my ass. Still riding my orgasm, I groaned with every exhale, and fell back onto the carpet, weak and sated.

As Charlotte brought her face back up to mine, I saw my own cum sparkling on her face. I felt a little embarrassed that my juices had squirted onto her face, but the satisfaction I experienced from licking it off cancelled any embarrassment. Charlotte held me in her arms, cushioning my young, girlish frame against her womanly figure. I wrapped my leg around her hip, and we lay in the afterglow of our sex for some time. My wetness was pressed against her stomach, and I knew she could feel the pulsing of the last of my cum pumping out from my slit onto her body.

I reached up to play with her hair, as she whispered soft compliments to me, her long fingers gently stroking my back.

“You can’t keep anything from me,” Charlotte murmured, and her arms curled possessively around my body. “You’re mine, now.”

I kissed her deeply, the tastes of our juices mingling in our mouths. Really, I thought as I prepared for another erotic coupling, that wouldn’t be so bad at all.

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