Chapter 1

It was winter vacation during my senior year of high school when my sister invited me to spend the holidays with her in Chicago.

I’d never been to a city that size and just the thought of it was pretty exciting. I knew she lived in the heart of the city where I could just walk around and see the sights. Also I knew that there was plenty of bus service as well.

So, I was really psyched. What eighteen-year old kid from Norman, Oklahoma wouldn’t be? The big city, the bright lights. And I knew there would be several times while I was there that my sister would be flying, she’s an airline flight attendant, and I could really explore the city on my own.

She lived with another flight attendant, Brenda, she’d said her name was, and that she’d be gone when I flew in.

So, on the nineteenth, my parents took me to Will Rogers Airport on the outskirts of Oklahoma City and I got on a flight that went to Chicago nonstop.

Now, you may have flown all over the world but, for me, it was something new and I must say, it was pretty exciting to sit at the window and watch the takeoff and, two hours later, the landing. It was a toss-up which one was more fascinating.

I really didn’t have any checked bags so I went right out and there was Debra, my sister, waiting for me. I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and she really looked terrific in her uniform which she still had on as she’d just returned from a flight that afternoon herself.

We hugged and she began gushing about how grown-up I was looking and how I was turning into a ‘hunk.’ That’s the first time I’d ever been called that and chalked it up to her not having seen me in so long.

But I did tell her how pretty she looked in her uniform and asked her if she gets guys asking her out a lot.

“Oh, yeah, some, but it’s hard to tell which ones are married. I know some are, you can see their rings and all and they just make a pass anyway. But that doesn’t get them far. Most aren’t cute, eligible hunks like my little brother,” she said as we caught a bus to where her car was parked.

We got to her place, parked in the garage and took the elevator up to her apartment.

As soon as we got inside, I went right to the long window across the main room and looked out at the city. The view was amazing to small-town kid like me.

“There it is, The Windy City, David. Welcome to Chicago, I think you’ll have fun here.”

“Yeah, this is so cool and so, not Norman, Oklahoma,” I told her as I stared at the city out there, all busy and bustling, just amazing to this eighteen-year old country bumpkin.

I was a fairly sophisticated kid, actually, really into computers and other kinds of technology, but the city below me seemed amazing, just thrilling.

She told me to put my stuff away and that I’d be sleeping on the sofa when she was home but when she was scheduled, I could use her room.

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow about noon but Brenda is due back tomorrow night late. I’ve got some stuff in the freezer, pizza and stuff, for tomorrow night but tonight I’m taking my little brother out for Italian food, Chicago’s got great food, just wait.”

So, I put my things away and went back to look out the window. Debra came out of the bedroom over to me and stood next to me looking out.

“This is so exciting, I just can’t believe I’m here,” I gushed.

“Well, there are muggings, killings every day; being up here, high above it all, it does look great. And in a lot of ways it is. But there’s a dark side to it all as well. You just need to stick to the really populated and well-lit areas at night. It’s not Norman, Oklahoma.”

We went out later to an Italian place where the people seemed to know my sister. The food was just the best, some things I already knew about but they had lots of things I’d never heard of. I’d told myself that this trip was going to be one where I was going all out to try new things and I ended having two appetizers and a pasta that were out of this world.

Deb and I walked around the fancy shopping district near the Water Tower and I saw more super-expensive stuff than I ever imagined existed. She even took me into a woman’s lingerie shop that was giving me a hard-on with all the stuff on display. Welcome to Chicago, I thought.

Then we walked some more and ended back at her building, went up and I got ready for bed. It had been a long and exciting day.

She kissed me goodnight telling me that she’d probably be gone by the time I woke up and to stick within a few blocks of her building if I went out. I did plan to check out a game shop I’d seen and made a note to remember how to get there.

So, the next morning about eight-thirty, I woke up and got some breakfast. Then I did the usual things like shower and stuff, watched some tube and went out.

I was back for lunch after spending time in the gaming shop and made some lunch.

She had told me they had a pool and workout spa that I could use so I put on my trunks and went up to the pool level and swam for about an hour.

After that, I went out again, walking around a while then back to her place where I had a pizza and watched some DVDs she had.

Then, tired again, I went to bed on the sofa, forgetting that she’d told me to use her room when she was traveling, and went soundly to sleep.

I heard something the next morning, like someone was in the kitchen and looked at the clock. Nine-twenty-seven.

I got up and was sitting there on the sofa when out of the kitchen came a beautiful woman in a nighty. It had to be Brenda, my sister’s roommate.

“You’re David,” she said as she approached me with her hand outstretched. “I’m Brenda, your sister’s roommate. Welcome to Chicago.”

I had to stand up, that was the way I was taught growing up but seeing her had already given me an erection. I hadn’t jacked-off since I’d come to Chicago so I was helpless to control my runaway horniness.

So, I was kind of stooped a bit trying to minimize my showing as we shook hands.

She was standing there in what I’ve since learned was a baby doll nighty, a white lace one which contrasted beautifully with her dark, tanned skin. Most fascinating were her dark nipples showing through making me even harder.

“I’ll bet you’re hungry, come on, I’ll make you breakfast,” she said and turned to walk to the kitchen. What a figure. She was Playboy material for sure.

I pulled on my chinos and went to take a pee and was soon in the kitchen watching her make toast and eggs. It was when she brought my plate over and put it on the table that I saw the tops of her wonderful boobs. If she knew she was giving me a show, she sure didn’t seem to care.

Right as she sat the plate down, her eyes looked up and caught me staring down into her nighty. She looked down and saw the top was gaping open, then said, “Ooops, guess I gave you a little show, sorry,” and stood back up.

Softly I said, “I’m not sorry,” and grinned.

“Well, I suppose that’s a compliment and I thank you for it. Did you like what you saw, David?”

“Oh, I liked it very much,” I managed to squeak out.

“So, what kind of girls do you like? Are you a ‘breast-man,’ is that it?”

I couldn’t believe I was sitting there with this beautiful, scantily-clad woman talking about whether or not I liked breasts.

“Um, yeah, I guess so.”

“Does your girlfriend have big breasts?”

“I…I really don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, I don’t know why you don’t, David. You’re really a cute guy.”

“Well, I don’t know, I guess…well, I don’t know why.”

“Maybe you’re too shy? Do you think that’s it?”

“Yeah, maybe, yeah, I think so.”

“You know girls are a lot like guys, they want to be complimented and they like a guy who will kind of take charge and be more sure of himself. So, what would you say to me about what you see and what you were looking at when I sat your plate down. Just go ahead and tell me, I won’t be mad. Just try telling me what you’re thinking.”

She was right, of course, I was too shy with girls and maybe I should just do what she asked.

“Well, when you bent over, it was like I could see everything and you’re really pretty there.”

“What did you see, tell me in detail?”

“Um, your breasts.”

“How about my nipples? How did they look?”

” I saw them, yes. Nice.”

“Come on, David. If you do better, really try, I might just pull the top off altogether.”

If you’re wondering if I had a stiffie, well, it was one of a lifetime.

“I saw your breasts and they’re really beautiful, so large and full and your nipples are so sexy, all hard and sticking out.”

“What would you like to do with these nipples?” she asked as she pulled her right breast up out of her nighty. I thought I’d faint right there.

“Um, touch them, feel them, suck on your nipples, lick them,” I said trying to keep myself sane as my heart raced pumping blood southward.

“Tell me more, David. Your sister won’t be back until tomorrow morning.”

“I…well, I’d love to get you out of your nighty and just kiss you all over,” I said trying to think of something, anything to keep this going.

“Where is it you most want to kiss me, David?” she asked as she leaned forward still with her right breast in full view.

Well, I’d never done anything in sex at all but at least I’d listened carefully to the guys I hung around with when they were going on and on about it.

God, what do they call it…cunneylate? I couldn’t think of the long word to use, all I could think of was “I’d love to eat you out. Give you oral sex.” I did get it out at least.

“Have you ever given a girl oral before?”

“No, but it’s something I really want to do. A lot.”

I added that last to kind of seal the deal, so to speak.

“We have the rest of the day and all night together, David. I’m guessing you haven’t had sex yet, right?”

She said ‘yet’ like it might be just around the corner, oh, my lucky day.

“No but I really want to. And I couldn’t have a more beautiful girl to do it with than you, Brenda,” I said as I slid my hand over to take hers. I really thought I needed to make some physical move.

She took my hand and moved it to the breast that was out.

My heart didn’t quite stop but I almost thought it might. She was smiling at me as my fingers flexed around her firm, full breast as her other hand reached under the table to grip the bulge in my pants.

Chapter 2

“Mmm, I’ll bet I know what’s in here making your pants swell all up,” she said jokingly. “I think you should let me see what’s in there,” she said nodding to my crotch. “Come on, let’s see,” she said as she pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned the waistband to pull my pants down and off.

“Oh, this is nice,” she purred as her hand rubbed back and forth across the bulge in my briefs. “Let’s see what you’ve got under here, David,” she said smiling up at me as I lifted my butt up as she pulled them down and off, my dick springing free.

“Oh, my. Such a nice young cock. Has it ever been sucked?”

My heart was racing as I told her it hadn’t.

Without a word, her head dipped down as her lips slid over the crown and began softly sucking while her hand caressed my balls underneath.

I’d jacked-off I don’t know how many times, lots and lots, and nothing, I mean nothing, ever felt that good before. She just sucked softly sliding her wet lips back and forth over the tip.

“Oh, that’s awesome, I’ve…I’ve never felt anything that good in my whole life,” I gasped.

She kept sucking and rubbing her soft, wet lips over me as I panted in ecstasy. Then it hit. I had almost no advance warning as I began cumming in her mouth. She was only working on the end of my cock so some of my cum had leaked out the sides of her lips.

When it happened, it happened suddenly, I began shooting my cum into her mouth and she just kept sucking and sucking. She took every drop, then lifted off and wiped her tongue around as more oozed up from me. She licked until there was no more.

She sucked a little more then raised her head and pulled me down to kiss me sliding her tongue inside my mouth as I held her boobs. I was in heaven. And I had until the next day with her, my sister wasn’t getting back until very late.

“I think you were kinda horny, David. That better?”

“Oh, lots better, that was the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” I told her and I pulled her head to mine and kissed her hard. During that kiss, her mouth opened and her warm, soft tongue came into my mouth. I’d not done a lot of kissing but now I tongued her back as my hands fondled her boobs.

“There’s more that can happen to you, David. Have you had sex before?”

Yes, I realized that maybe this was the prelude to asking me if I wanted sex with her and I knew I did, I mean, who wouldn’t? So, I answered her honestly.

“No, but I would love it to be you, Brenda.”

“Oh, our boy is coming out of his shell. Well, come follow me,” she said as she got up and walked down the hall to her room.

As we entered, she stopped and turned to me, saying, “Well, I’ll just leave everything up to you, David, you’re on you’re own, I don’t plan on stopping you from pretty much whatever you want to do with me. Have fun.”

Up to me? Well, here it was. She sure seemed willing to let me, well, I guess even have sex with her. But, truthfully, I was doing all I could to keep from shaking to death. Yes, I was scared. I was an eighteen-year old kid, never done anything in sex and here she is, a grown woman, at least my sister’s age, no doubt well-experienced in sex and brimming with self-confidence.

I knew I had to start somewhere, I had to do something, so I put my arms around her and kissed her. Her mouth opened just a bit so I went ahead and slid my tongue inside as we held each other closer.

Then I backed away a bit and looked at her, then took the hem of her nighty and pulled it up as she raised her arms helping me take it off.

Beautiful, stunning, just as pretty as any girl I’d ever seen in Playboy, that’s for sure.

My hands took her breasts, they were firm and full, so warm and soft. Then I knelt down on one knee and took her panties and pulled them to the floor as she stepped out of them.

I was face-to-pussy with her, she was all smooth and shaved clean, her plump slit dewy with moisture. I leaned and kissed her softly there, then licked in her groove as she looked down at me.

“Mmm, that’s nice, David.”

I stood up and asked her to get in bed with me which she did.

She was on her back so I knelt there next to her leaning over her kissing and licking her body from her neck down.

Her nipples were awesome, hard and erect, wonderful to lick around and suck on. As I leaned over her sucking one, I felt her hand take my cock, I almost fainted. She didn’t do anything, just held it, softly squeezing me every once in a while as I kissed down her body.

I got to her abdomen and was really getting excited. Her pussy was right there, next in line. I moved that vital few inches, then kissed softly followed by a lick along the crevice between her legs.

Her knees parted widely, I knew it was an invitation so I moved down below her, between her long, beautiful legs to begin licking up and back tasting the first pussy of my life. I knew then that I would always crave the taste of women.

Her hands came down to pull herself open as I lapped and flipped my tongue around where she opened to that lovely mysterious passage where I wanted to put my cock.

“Mmm, good, David, feels good, right in there, oh, yes,” she cooed as she moved her hips around while I tongued up into her. “Mmm, you make my pussy feel so good, I’m really glad you came to visit.”

As much as I wanted to put my dick into where I was licking, I was just loving giving oral sex. When I’d heard guys talking about it, well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. I knew I wanted to fuck, that was easy, but putting my mouth and lips and tongue down there, I wasn’t so sure.

Oh, now I was, it was such a beautiful place to kiss and the effect it had was more than I thought it would be. She really loved it and it kind of made her crazy.

“More, oh, yes, YES, um, make me cum, oh, so close,” she groaned then she began shaking and cried out in a way that almost sounded like she was in pain but it was just the opposite.

But I kept doing what I was doing, licking and driving my tongue in and around her open pussy until she screamed and locked her legs around my head pulling my face hard into her pussy.

What had happened was incredible, so strong, so intense. I’d never given a girl or a woman an orgasm before, I had no idea what it would be like. I just imagined it would be like when I cummed. Oh, this showed me how wrong I was about that.

She let my head loose and pulled me up on top of her, kissing me over and over.

“Mmm, oh you…you were good, David, you must do that to a lot of girls back home,” she said still trying to get her breath back.

“I’ve never done it before, this was the first time I’ve done that.”

“Oh, you’re already as good as most guys. Mmm, I’ll have to show you a few things so you can even be better,” she said as she held me tight.

I couldn’t really help it, I was on top of her, her legs were kind of open and my dick was right between her legs. So, I kind of pushed.

“You trying to fuck me, David?” she said.

“Oh, no, I just…I didn’t mean to…”

She interrupted me with, “You can if you want to, I think I’d rather enjoy it about now.”

“You really mean it?”

“I really mean it. Yes. Have you done it before?”

“No, this would be my first time,” I admitted.

“Oh, Jimmy McWilliams,” she sighed.


She laughed and told me then that he was the first boy she ever had sex with. It was her first time and his as well. And that the second virgin she’d ever had sex with was going to be me and she told me to go ahead and push into her.

I couldn’t believe she said that. I’d really thought she was kidding me about sex earlier, I mean, I was eighteen, a kid, even a small-town kid, and she was a mature professional woman in a good-paying job and probably had all kinds of business guys all over her all the time. And she was telling me to go ahead.

Chapter 3

I pushed my hips forward and felt myself slip between her pussy lips, all nicely moist from my licking her and I just pushed right up into her all the way.

It was that moment when I realized just how wonderfully the female body was constructed to receive the male to the absolute joy of both. Nothing equals it.

“Mmm, nice, David, you like it so far?”

“Oh, I…I…you feel incredible inside, it’s just wonderful,” I stammered as I began moving back and forth. Oh, that was simply the best feeling of my life. No wonder everyone does this, I thought. My dick was in heaven.

She was smiling at me as I rubbed and squeezed her firm boobs while my dick went back and forth. There was no way I could hold out from cumming, it just felt too good and, yes, I went off inside her after only a couple of minutes.

“Oh, uh, oh, I did it. I’m sorry I was so fast. I’ve just never…” I got out when she pulled my head down and kissed me fucking my mouth with her tongue.

“Don’t worry, David, it’s fine. I pretty much expected it, after all, you’re pretty excited, right?”

“Oh, am I. This is just the best thing in my whole life.”

“You still feel pretty hard to me, so let’s just go on,” she said softly as I moved my hips back and forth.

She was smiling up at me knowingly as I went in and out of her. Then, she said, “Hold on, I want to get on top,” and she gripped me tight and rolled us over and got up to begin fucking me up and down as I held her wonderful breasts.

“Oh, I like this, I get to play with these,” I told her.

“I like it on top, too, you’ll find that out, David, and you can pinch my nipples, that really gets me hot. Or nibble them,” she said as she leaned forward to touch a nipple to my lips which I opened to take it in and suck.

“Bite on it, do it pretty hard, David, go ahead.”

I did, hoping I wasn’t hurting her, then she said, “You can do it harder, go ahead,” and I bit down more and she whispered that it was just right.

She remained bent down over me so I could suck her boob but her hips were moving up and down on my happy cock as I blissfully laid there still in awe at my good fortune.

It was feeling like my dick was electric as she slid up and down on me, then I felt my whole body spasm as I cummed up into her, “UUH, UUH, UH, oh, omigod, I’m cumming so good,” I cried out as she raised up and pushed her pussy hard down on me, twisting her hips around and around getting herself off.

“OH, OH, OH, good, so good,” she screamed and began fucking me straight up and down as fast as she could. “Oh, that’s so good, I can’t stop, I can’t stop,” she groaned and she just kept fucking me up and down.

“Mmm, still hard, oh, feels, oh, good, good, oh, fuck, get me off again, so close, oh,” she moaned and she just fucked me silly into a second orgasm for us both. Then she lay over me, kissing me, telling me how good it was.

“Mmm, David, I’m so glad you’re visiting your sister. You’re what, a senior?”

“Yeah, I go to college in the fall.”

“LIke eighteen?”

“Yeah, I hope that’s okay?” I answered and she laughed. But she kept my cock inside her as I felt her clenching her pussy over and over keeping me hard.

“I like how you do that with your pussy. I didn’t know girls could do that.”

“Mmm, yeah, it’s just to keep some feelings going, keeping you hard. Maybe we’ll go again? You up for that?”

I couldn’t believe how sexy and hot my sister’s roommate was. I’d really never dated much but what I had done I found mostly that girls kept putting you off about sex, this one wanted it like crazy. Talk about heaven.

“Oh, I’m up for whatever you want, Brenda. I’ll do anything you want.”

“I’d love it if you gave me oral again. It was nice last time,” she purred and I told her I would.

She moved up off me, pulling her pussy up off my dick, letting it fall back on my abdomen, making a wet, slapping sound. Then she rolled over and spread open as I got down between her long, tanned legs and began licking all around.

I started down around her knees licking upward on her inner thighs, taking wet laps getting closer and closer to her pretty opening that was waiting for me, wet with my own cum glistening in her slit.

“Mmm, feels nice,” she cooed as I licked nearer and nearer. The skin near her pussy was so soft and smooth and warm, I could just stay here all day, I thought, slowly licking and lapping nearer and nearer my ultimate goal, the entrance to her love garden whose pleasures I’d already relished so wonderfully.

I was now up near where we both wanted my tongue but I didn’t give her that yet, I wanted her to really want it.

“Mmm, oh, lick me, my pussy, I’m so ready,” she groaned as she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. “In there, inside,” she implored, “inside, inside.”

I moved to press my tongue hard up inside her and wiggle it around, flicking it this way and that which was making her twitch and shudder as I kept at it.

“OMIGOD, DAVID, OH, OH, UH, UH, oh,” she cried out grabbing my head, pulling my face into her as she shook my face back and forth across her wet pussy.

“Oh, that was so good. My god, you’re eighteen, you do that better than any man I’ve ever had.”

I got up and she pulled me to her and kissed me over and over thanking me for such a wonderful orgasm.

She reached down to grip me, saying, “Oh, baby, you’re hard again. Maybe I really like eighteen-year old guys, come fuck me with that, you sure make me horny,” and I got between her legs as she guided me right up to her slit and I pushed right in and began doing what I’d come to love so much.

I might have come to Chicago to see my sister but, well, I was now kind of hoping her return flight might be delayed. I mean I love my sister but look what I was doing. I had this hot sexy woman that just couldn’t seem to get enough of me. I always knew that guys were horny but this was the first female in my experience who was just as horny as most any guy and maybe even more.

“You’re really hard, David, I love the way you feel in me, fuck me again, honey, then I’ll take you out to lunch and we can take a walk and come back and fuck some more. Would you like that?”

Right then, her cellphone rang on the bedside table. She picked it up, just as calmly as if she’d been reading the morning paper, whispering to me, “Don’t stop, David, just keep going,” looked at the display and added, “oh, this is good,” clicked it on and said, “Hi Deb, you in between flights?”

My sister, it was my sister calling her as I fucked in and out of her roommate’s pussy. She grinned at me, saying, “Oh, nothing much. Yes, he’s nice, I like your brother, thought I’d take him to Luigi’s for lunch, then walk around a bit, show him some of the big city. Then, oh, maybe figure out something to keep him occupied the rest of the day.”

Her other hand reached to my nipple and began to roll it between her fingertips, pinching it softly as she went on, “Yeah, he’s nearby, you want to talk with him?”

She grinned up at me saying, “Sure, here he is,” and handed me the phone.

“Deb keeping you out of trouble, David? She said she’s taking you to lunch in a bit.”

“Yeah, she’s nice. Showing me some of the things they do here in Chicago. We’re going out to lunch then do some more stuff,” I said, struggling to keep from laughing as my dick slid back and forth.

“Well, she knows her way around, she’s lived there three years,” my sister said as I thought that she sure knew her way around all right. “Well, you’re in good hands, little brother, she’ll show you the sights. I get back in the morning, early, and I’ll see you then,” she said and we ended our call.

“She said you’d show me the sights. I sure like everything you’ve shown me so far, Brenda,” I laughed as I moved back and forth.

“Well, I could hardly tell her that you were fucking me for the umpteenth time today, could I?” she laughed.

“No, I guess that would have been too much for her to hear. But I’ve loved every second of it. I’ll just never forget all this, Brenda, not ever.”

We did no more sightseeing, just sex the rest of the day. Then I helped her make supper and we never bothered with clothes, just having fun with each other the whole time. I never knew sex could be so intense and constant. It was heaven.

I slept with Brenda that night, we had sex a couple of times during the night, and she woke me the next morning, shaking my shoulder, telling me, “Um, your sister’s home, David, she’s got to know you’ve been in here with me all night, okay? Just be ready for her to know what we’ve been doing.”

I lay there, now wondering what I was going to face when I went back out into their apartment. Also it had occurred to me that I had no clothes in Brenda’s room, so I asked her if she had some kind of robe or something I could wear.

She went to her closet, getting out something for herself and came back with a man’s robe for me. I slipped it on and she asked me if I was ready.

“Well, no matter what she says, Brenda, it was worth it,” and I took her in my arms and kissed her. Perhaps for the last time.

We opened the door and there was Debra sitting on the sofa watching us come out of Brenda’s bedroom.

“Good morning. Looks like you two have gotten pretty well acquainted while I was gone.”

“I…what happened, Deb, was my fault, not Brenda’s,” I quickly said trying to cover for my sister’s roommate, after all, she had to get along with Deb long after I went back home.

“Fault? Oh, David, don’t get the wrong idea. I know Brenda would be pretty hard for any guy to resist and a young guy like you, at your age, full of hormones. Hey, I don’t blame either one of you. You’re getting to be a pretty sexy guy, little brother.”

“Oh, he is that, Deb. Your brother is on his way to becoming quite the lover,” Brenda told her.

“Oh, really, that’s interesting. I certainly respect your opinion, I surely do.”

“Too bad you’re brother and sister, though not every family makes that exception. After all, having some fun together isn’t the same as starting a family together, now, is it?” Brenda added.

“Well, I guess I need to rethink our sleeping arrangements now that you two have hooked-up,” my sister said.

“Hey, I’ll share him with you, Deb. He’s a nice guy to have around.”

“That might just gross him out, after all, I’m his sister, Brenda, that’s pretty extreme.”

I was listening to this and, truthfully, well, maybe it sounds awful, but my sister is very good looking. And, now I’ve had sex and knew how wonderful it really was, so I found myself saying, “It wouldn’t gross me out in the least, Deb. Maybe it would you but not me. I think you’re pretty hot.”

“I think you two should do it,” Brenda urged. “Come on, we’re talking having some fun here. We could all go naked if you decided to,” she added. “Think of the fun we’d all have.”

My sister looked at me, asking, “You don’t think it would be too weird? Sex with your own sister?”

“Come on, David, you up for doing this?” Brenda said.

“Yeah.” It was all I could get out. I really couldn’t say any more.

Brenda pulled her robe off, telling us, “Come on, guys, it’s time to have some fun.”

I started, too, quickly getting the robe off to stand there next to Brenda with my dick like a flagpole.

“See, Deb, you’re brother’s really cute and look at his equipment.”

Now my sister started taking off her clothes, it was really going to happen, I was going to have sex with my very own sister.

Chapter 4

“I can’t quite believe this is happening but, well, this girl is horny and what I see in front of me looks awfully good. My little brother has grown up quite nicely. And you say he uses that pretty good?” my sister asked Brenda as she reached over to take my dick in her hand.

“I guess we need to go to my room with this,” she said, tugging me toward her bedroom door by the cock. “Wanna watch me do my little brother?” she asked Brenda who followed us in to my sister’s room and sat on her chair.

“Let me do the honors, David, for our first time,” Deb said as she motioned for me to get down on her bed, then she got up next to me and swung up over me, reached behind her to hold my dick while she began pushing down on me. My hands were all over her beautiful breasts. As she was rocking up and down on me, she leaned forward to bring her nipple to my mouth which I immediately took in to suck.

“Wow, what would Mom and Dad think, little brother, if they knew we were fucking?” she said, laughing.

I let loose of her hard nipple for just a second and told her, “I don’t plan on telling them and I assume you won’t be telling them either.”

“Hardly. But this brother/sister stuff is kind of fun,” she panted as she kept moving up and down on me.

“You two look so sexy and hot. It’s incredible. I did have a girlfriend once that was doing her cousin and another that regularly had sex with her uncle who was only about a year older than she was. So, I guess it’s probably happens more than most people think.”

“I’m sure loving it. I can’t believe all this has happened to me. First Brenda, now you, Sis. I mean I’d never even had sex before, now, look at this. I’m doing it with my sister and I’ve got her roommate sitting here naked that I’ve been having sex with. Wow, how lucky can a guy get?”

“Lucky enough that I’m gonna want you after your sister gets you off,” Brenda said, her legs wide apart as she rubbed her wet pussy while my sister fucked me.

“I guess we’ll have to work out some way to share David while he’s here with us both. I’m scheduled out tomorrow for an overnight. Are you here?” Brenda asked my sister.

“Yeah, and I plan on keeping little brother busy. It’s nice having a good hard cock right here in our own apartment. We’ve got our own fuck-toy-boy,” my sister giggled.

“Wow, it’s nice to be in such demand,” I laughed as I laid there being so wonderfully pleasured by my sister rocking up and down on me. “I’m sure willing to let you two use me for whatever you want. How can I lose?” I gasped as my hips arched up to spurt my cum deep into my sister for the first time.

“Oooh, my little brother’s cumming. You look so sweet,” she said as she went faster over me, now sliding more easily on my still-hard dick.

I hope you’re not thinking that sex with your own sister isn’t hot and sexy for you’re surely wrong, at least in my case. Hard to believe but it was even hotter than my sex with Brenda. I was hoping that this would continue for the rest of our lives.

“Boy, you sure don’t get soft after you cum, little brother. Not like that last pilot I had. He had to keep stopping to pull it out so I could suck him back hard. This is so better,” she moaned.

“Don’t forget, I want him next, Deb. I like your little brother, too. And, remember, I had him first,” she laughed.

“Was Brenda your first to have sex with?” my sister asked me.

“Yeah, what a start, huh? And now you, too. I’m the luckiest guy on earth.”

“Maybe you are, Davie, maybe you are,” she panted as she pushed down on me to begin twisting back and forth on my cock, her head thrown back, moaning in pleasure.

“Mmm, umm, get me off, little bro, get me off, yeah, yeah, here I go, I’m cumm…oh, OH, UH, UH, oh, oh,” she cried out as she thrust up and down over me as fast as she could, then dropped down, kissing me over and over.

“Oh, David, that was good, really good. Oh, if Mom only knew how good your hard cock is, I’ll bet she’d fuck you too,” she laughed.

“Geez, there’s a thought. I think I’ll just stick to the two of you for now, I think you’re about all I can handle.”

They both laughed as Deb suggested that I let Brenda take over and she pulled up off me as I watched my wet, shiny dick disappear up into Brenda as she lowered down on me.

There it was again, that new, wonderful, exquisite feeling of a pussy tightly sliding up and down slowly over me as my hands enjoyed her generous breasts. This was heaven for sure, I thought, hoping it would never end.

“You look happy, little brother. I’ll bet you’re loving all this pussy you’re getting. I should probably call Bethanne to see if she wants some of my little brother’s cock.”

“Who’s Bethanne?”

“Oh, another flight attendant, horniest girl I’ve ever known. Would you like to meet her? She’ll fuck your dick right off,” she said laughing.

“Would I be crazy to say yes?”

“Maybe, she’s a nympho for sure, she just loves fucking. Should I call her?”

I didn’t get to answer because Brenda did first, “Oh, yeah, she’ll fuck him until he drops. Let’s see if she’ll be around when we’re both here. See how David likes three horny babes. How’s your cock, David? Up to keeping three of us happy?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it before. But, well, I’d like to try,” I panted as Brenda rocked up and down on me.

Deb picked up her phone and punched a few buttons.

“Hey, Bethanne, it’s Deb Foster. Yeah, I’m home. I’ve got something you might be interested in. I know you like guys a lot and I’ve got my little brother here visiting and Brenda and I have been fucking him non-stop but he wants more. He wants to test his limits.”

Brenda had stopped fucking me as we listened though she was certainly keeping me entertained flexing her pussy muscles on my cock while she sat on top of me.

“Yeah, he’s older than ten, my god, girl, you are kidding, right? Ten?”

She covered the phone to tell us, “She says she won’t fuck boys younger than ten. What a slut, huh?” then turned back to Bethanne.

“He’s old enough and is really cute.”

Brenda began sliding up and down again as Deb listened.

“It’s kind of long and slender. Oh, you’ll love it. Brenda’s fucking him right now. Um, sure, here he is,” she said. Then, to me, she added, “Here’s Bethanne, David, she wants to talk to you,” and handed me the phone.

“Hi, this is David, Deb’s brother.”

“Hi, David, Bethanne. Deb tells me you’re a horny boy. Is Brenda really fucking you right now?”

“Yeah, I’m laying here and she’s squatting over me, going up and down.”

“Oooh, I wish it was me. How old are you, Davey?”


“Oh, I like eighteen-year old boys. I can come over now, if you want. I live in the same building and I’ll just slip on a robe. I’m usually naked when I’m home. I can be up there in just a few minutes. Just need to freshen up and put on some lipstick and dab a little fragrance between my legs, okay?”

I covered the phone and asked Deb if it was okay for her to come to our apartment, they both said it was so I told her to come right on up.

“My pussy’s already wet, be right there,” she said and I clicked the phone off and laid back as Brenda fucked me so beautifully.

Her breasts were just perfect, large and round and firm, I just loved them. She bent down to place a nipple on my lips which I greedily sucked in.

Soon, the doorbell rang and Deb jumped up and let in Bethanne. When she walked in the bedroom, she smiled, walked over to the bed where Brenda was fucking me, stood there, smiled and dropped the robe to the floor.

Bethanne was tall with long, glossy jet black hair down below her shoulders. Her breasts were huge. I now know they’re DD’s and they were full and high with the lightest pink nipples I’d ever seen.

“So, this is David. Looks like Brenda’s making you a happy boy. Try to save some for me. I was getting myself off when your sister called. So I’m more than ready.”

Brenda looked at her, then said, “Look, Bethanne, I’ve had more of David than either of you, here, you take over,” and she lifted up off me actually making a low popping sound as her pussy came off me, then got down as Bethanne got up over me lowering down as Brenda held my dick steady.

The sensation as she slid down on me was luscious, like eating the best ice cream I’ve ever had, smooth and creamy-feeling.

Then she began moving straight up and down on my cock, stopping at the top, keeping just the head inside her pussy lips so she could move her hips around in a circle giving me the best feelings I’d ever had.

“Mmm, oh, that feels so good,” I moaned as she smiled down at me knowing how good she was sexually.

“Deb, your little brother can come visit any time he wants. Even if you’re not in town. I’ll keep him at my place and I’ll keep him busy, too,” she laughed while her pussy tightened as she pulled up and relaxed on the way back down like she was sucking me with it.

Then she started that thing with the tip of my dick, rotating her pussy around it. Oh, man, that was it.

“OMIGOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING,” I cried out as she began fucking me faster and faster.

“Mmm, yeah, yeah, oh, YES, YES,” Bethanne squealed as she pushed down hard on me dropping down to kiss me over and over but her hips never stopped moving up and down over me.

“Look at your little brother now, Deb,” Brenda said, “you’re gonna send him home a well-experienced young lad.”

We all laughed as Bethanne pulled up off me and let me go take a pee which I urgently needed. It took me some time in the bathroom to let my cock lower its excitement level so my pee would flow but I was soon back with my three naked women.

“I want to see him fuck his sister. I’ve never seen that before,” Bethanne said.

“It is hot, I watched them do it the first time. Yeah, they should do it again. Loverboy is still hard,” Brenda said feeling my cock as I grinned at them. Things couldn’t get better than this, I thought as my sister moved up over me, looked down and asked, “Ready for a little more sister-pussy?”

“Oh am I ever. I’ll dream of this the rest of my life,” I eagerly told them all as their hands rubbed over me while Deb pushed down onto me.

“Are you ready, yet?” I called through to Melanie and Andrew.

“Nearly!” shouted Mel back to me. I checked my watch: fortunately, I know what Mel’s like; had planned ahead; and we had plenty of time. I watched Emma adjust her earrings, and tweak her hair into a satisfactory form.

It never ceases to amaze how much primping can be accomplished. It wasn’t surprising, though, that the girls would be trying to look their best: we were heading for their friend Marie’s wedding. It could have been worse: if Marie had made them bridesmaids, we’d have been preparing since last week.

“Right, I’m sorted,” claimed Emmy, “Have you got everything?”

She came across and planted a kiss on my cheek as I checked my pockets: phone, keys, map, wallet.

“Yup. You look good,” I smiled, as I looked her over. Playfully, she did a spin for me, swinging out her auburn hair. It complemented her green skirt and black top, and was set off by the haematite jewellery she wore. I grinned, and kissed her as she posed in front of me.

“Ready!” interrupted Andrew’s call through the door. Breaking apart, we went out into the hall, finding them waiting.

“I persuaded her to make a final decision on footwear,” explained Andrew, “and stop prevaricating.”

“It’s tricky!” grumbled Mel, “They need to be comfy for standing, dancing, and walking around the grounds. I had to try the different options.”

“Well, you have so many pairs, it must be hard to keep track of which one’s good for what,” I suggested.

“Exactly!” she agreed, smiling but otherwise ignoring my sarcasm. “Shall we go?”

Marie’s wedding was at a country house, one in fact I’d been to before, as it also runs the occasional small conference. It took about an hour to drive there in the warm summer weather, past the bright yellow rapeseed fields that cover that bit of East Anglia. The girls chattered away, and I quietly followed the instructions on the sat nav screen, listening to them and Andy’s occasional interjection.

We pulled up and found a space to park. I was pleased that we were about half an hour earlier than needed, and Mel suggested we look around the house’s grounds before making our way inside.

Taking her boyfriend by the hand, Mel practically scurried off, down a path into a garden, leaving Em and me to amuse ourselves.

“She’s always in charge,” Emmy chuckled at the sight of Andy under tow. “She’ll want to find a quiet spot to make out for a while, no doubt.”

“Poor boy,” I joked. Taking her hand, we wandered down a different path, through a walled garden.

“If it stays this warm, I won’t need the wrap,” mused Em.

“It’ll be cooler this evening, though,” I pointed out. “Keep it in your bag ’til then?”

She nodded, and we paused at a bench for her to fold it and tuck it away. We continued on, through a herb garden, and out into long herbaceous border. When about halfway along, Mel and Andrew emerged at the far end, and turned to come down towards us. Mel smiled angelically at us.

“Didn’t get lost, then? Shall we go inside?”

She linked her arm with mine, and the four of us headed as one towards the house. Finding the main entrance, we went in and sat down, about halfway back, on the left of the room. Mel chattered energetically at Andrew, and Emmy struck up conversation with a couple in the row ahead of ours, while I watched the fidgeting groom and groomsmen at the front, and familiarised myself with the ceremony.

Modern, civil, very Marie: that was my conclusion.

Mel dragged me into their conversation, as we talked about the house and grounds; they’d gone along the edge of a copse, and spotted a summerhouse, before finding us in the long borders. I recommended the walled garden to them, in turn.

Eventually, the music shifted to the inevitable march, and our attention followed; Em broke off her chat, and we turned to watch Marie enter.

Civil ceremonies always seem to fly past, I think, and so it was with this one. No sooner had she entered, it seemed, than vows were exchanged, and out they were processing.

We loitered in the courtyard, sipping and nibbling while the photos were taken, making small talk with other guests, a good number of whom we knew. That tedium over, we made our way to our table: the four of us, fortunately, on one with two other couples Em and Mel knew.

There are worse ways to spend a couple of hours, than enjoying a delicious, paid for, multi-course meal, sandwiched between two pretty girls. I’m not the best at finding conversation with strangers, so it was rather a relief to have Em to my right, and the ever talkative Mel on my left.

Dishes came and went; wine flowed; speeches were made; tears welled. Not mine, you understand.

I was enjoying a rather fine tart for my dessert, when Em’s leg nudged against mine. Glancing over, she seemed deep in conversation, but I pushed gently back. Without a break in her flow, her leg rubbed softly along mine, and a bare foot wound round the back of my trouser.

The sound of a knife against a glass rang out, and she was interrupted by a toast, though she winked at me as we stood.

Emmy went back to her conversation, and I to my tart: I put it from mind, but picked up the thread of Mel’s debate with Andy about some film they’d seen the previous week.

The meal finished, and we meandered back to the courtyard, enjoying the warm sun, while the set was changed for the early evening. Andrew collected a round of drinks from the bar, and we nursed them while lined up on a stone bench. Emmy snuggled under my arm, my hand dangling, I felt, precariously close to her breast. Sandwiched again—it’s a hard life—between her and Mel to my left, I couldn’t do much about it. And why would I?

I let it drift, slowly, to graze the side of her right breast, and she shifted infinitesimally, pressing slightly back against me, under the guise of a sip of Kir Royale. She smiled at me, but the contact was lost. A moment later, Mel asked my opinion, and I was distracted.

After an hour or so outside, we decided to go in for a bit—I think Emmy was conscious of her redhead’s pale skin under the sun. She and Mel accompanied one another to the ladies’ room, while Andy and I acquired further drinks.

The girls re-emerged, and I passed Em her recharged glass. Mel led us to a table where we had a good view of the dance floor. Barely giving Andy a chance to put his glass down, she took charge again, and pulled him off to join the dancing. I couldn’t help but smile, he looked so mournfully at his pint as he left it.

Undeterred by their substantial difference in height, Mel and Andy had been going to dancing classes for about six months, which they both seemed to be enjoying immensely: this was an ideal opportunity to put the classes to use. For someone 6’3″ tall, Andrew’s surprisingly light and quick on his feet; and Mel’s diminutive frame makes some tricks and lifts very easy for the pair.

They were good, even to an untrained eye, and ended the number with an enormous grin across Mel’s face. Andy was happy to be reunited with his pint, and Mel seemed content to take a breather. A slow track came up before long, and Emmy took her chance, in turn, to take me up on the floor.

I try to find the silver lining in things like this: it was a great opportunity to get Em into my arms and under my hand. I ran my hand down her back and over her arse; then back up to hold her waist. For her part, she pressed her breasts against me, and leant her face into my neck most cooperatively.

We got back to our table to find Mel whispering into Andy’s ear. He grinned as she finished and we arrived.

“Yeah,” he replied, enigmatically. “Another drink, Chris? Em?”

I demurred, as I still had half of my last drink; Emmy mulled it over, and agreed.

“We’ll get them, this time,” announced Mel, grabbing Em by the wrist. As they snaked through the tables to get to the bar, I turned to Andy.

“What’s she planning now?” I asked.

“Oh…she wants to go into the grounds again. You know what she’s like,” he added, bashfully, to my snicker.

“I’m sure you’ll find a nice spot to sit and talk,” I teased him. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I paid a trip to the gents’, and came back to find only Em at our table.

“They gone for their walk already?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” she affirmed, absent-mindedly. Leaning over, and looking me straight in the eye, she said “If you want to see Mel screwing Andy out there, we’d better go about now.”

I crooked an eyebrow, thinking I’d misheard.

“That’s what she’s planning, anyway, and I think I know where she’ll take him,” she clarified. Obviously, I’d not misheard. She smiled slyly at me, “I thought you might like to watch her getting nailed?”

“I thought she was planning something, but not that!” I exclaimed, “Surely they don’t want an audience, though.”

“Mel loves knowing someone’s watching, silly; you should’ve realised that by now,” Emmy explained, finishing her drink and standing up. “And you should know I like to do the watching. Now, hurry up.”

I did, in fact, realise both of these things, vaguely: certainly Emmy seemed to have enjoyed watching Mel and Andy going at it in the past, and I had no objection at all to seeing a pretty girl getting screwed; especially the little blonde that I’d helped screw on occasion. I finished my drink, and followed a determined Emmy to the courtyard.

Trying not to attract attention or be caught in conversation, we hurried out of the courtyard, and along the long border garden. Taking an exit, Emmy led me confidently down a wooded path, before diving into the cover.

“Quiet, now,” she said softly, as we made our way slowly towards a clearing, in which stood a picnic table. On it, an unconventional meal was being enjoyed, as Andy ate Mel out. Mel was perched on the table, with her butt resting at the edge as she leant back on outstretched arms. Her bright summery dress was rucked up around her waist, and Andrew’s head was buried between her thighs as he sat on the bench.

Andy’s hands were clasped on Mel’s hips as he worked on her pussy, eliciting occasional moans from her. Em and I froze, transfixed by the sight. Mel gasped, and a shudder ran through her, her eyes screwed shut. My cock twitched, and started to stiffen, as we watched Mel balance herself on one hand and pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders. One-handed, she wriggled the bodice down. Despite the warmth of the evening air, her aroused nipples stood out proud on her bare tits, small enough that she’d foregone a bra. Pinching one, she moaned as another shudder ran through her.

A muffled sigh from beside me dragged my attention back to Em, who was watching the scene intently. I knew what she needed, and positioned myself behind her. A hand dropped to cup a buttock, while the other stroked up from her waist, along her flank, to gently squeeze a breast. She sighed again, still watching Mel, as I nuzzled her neck. I slowly hitched her green skirt upwards, so my hand rested directly on the skin of her thigh. At the same time, I edged my right hand up, slowly, under the hem of her top. Across her belly, softly tracing her ribs, to hold one of her boobs.

Little rhythmic moans were escaping Mel, as she ground her twat onto Andrew’s face. He brought one of his hands round from her buttocks, and it disappeared between her legs. Melanie’s gasp suggested his fingers had pushed into her cunt, and her back arched and a long moan came from her.

Conscious of Em’s impending frustration, I raised my hand from her thigh to the juncture of her legs, and stroked along her thong-covered lips. I could feel the heat coming from her, and the slight moisture of her excitement. Emmy bit her lip, stifling any sound. I snaked my right hand round to her back, and unclasped her bra. Seizing the initiative, she tugged her top up, above her bust, and discarded the strapless bra on the ground. She pounced on her tits as they sprang free, tugging her nipples as they stiffened. My hand thus redundant, I was able to edge her thong down around her hips and butt. I returned my left hand to cupping a warm buttock, while the index finger of my right gently probed between her lips. Wettened, I brought them forward, seeking the little nub. Em trembled as I found it, and slowly circled the sensitive tip. Mel’s moaning, simultaneously, reached a subdued crescendo, as she came under Andy’s tongue, and under Em’s rapt gaze.

Taking but a moment to compose herself, the hungry girl shuffled back on the table, then spun on her buttocks, lying back on the surface. Her head at the edge, she reached to pull Andy in for a long kiss, as she reached down to quest for his cock.

Andrew’s no fool: he helped her loosen his trousers and fish out his erect shaft, and guided it into Mel’s waiting mouth as he stood by the table. His cock disappeared into Mel’s welcoming orifice, as she snaked one hand to lazily play with her pussy; the other steadying Andrew’s hip.

Emmy shuddered beside me, as I plied her clit. I guided my other hand down, between her legs from behind. My wrist nestled between her cheeks, I was able to spread the lips of her pussy with index and little finger, and rested the tip of my middle fingers at her cunt’s entrance. A deeper, longer shudder ripped through her, as I gently pushed them into the waiting channel, which tightened, spasmodically, around me. I kept circling and nudging her clitoris, as she tweaked and tugged her nipples, all the while caught up in the sight of Andy face-fucking his girlfriend in front of us.

Recovering entirely from her first orgasm, Mel was well on her way to a second, self-inflicted one, as she diddled herself while sucking Andrew’s cock deep. It came, quickly at the end, her little squeal dampened by the shaft in her mouth, but the bucking of her pelvis was unmistakeable.

The sight and sound, in turn, threw Em over her precipice, and one of her hands flew to her mouth to stifle a moan. She mashed the other onto her tit, twisting the nipple savagely, as I drove my fingers into her core, and flew over her nub. Overcome, she pressed her thighs together to hold my hands in place, her knees momentarily weakened: I was practically supporting her, impaled on my hand.

Andy struggled, himself, to not come too, and a quake went through him. Mel, no doubt aware of the catastrophe this would be for what she wanted of him, slackened her efforts, and the moment passed. Gently pushing him away, she slid off his length, and, grinning back at him, repositioned herself on the table. With a knee on the table, and one foot on a bench, she presented a pert arse to him. Curving her back, and with one hand on each cheek, she spread herself invitingly, displaying her perfect, smooth cunt.

“Tough decision for poor Andy,” whispered Em to me, finding her voice once more. “Where’s he going to put it?”

“Up her arse would make a mess,” I reckoned, “and they’ve got to go back to the party afterwards.”

“True,” she allowed, “But it’s got to be tempting him.”

I couldn’t dispute that, as I admired the slender girl offering herself up. A massive smile plastered across his face, Andrew sidled into place, steering his cock under Mel’s crotch, and up, into her, with a satisfied grunt. Her hands shifted, one onto the table to steady herself, while the other, predictably, slid over her hip to massage her slickened cleft. Andy wasted no time, grasping Mel’s hip, and set up a slow but steady pace, gradually driving his cock deeper into her cunt with every thrust.

Emmy, recuperated from coming, had released her vice-like grip on my hand, and I was able to gently stroke her hypersensitive clit once more. Her hand flickered over the crotch of my trousers, as she flashed me a smile before concentrating once more on the couple ahead of us.

Andrew was driving his shaft deeply into Mel’s pussy, pulling almost his entire length free from her with each swing of his hips, before ramming forward. While he buried himself inside her, Mel was furiously rubbing her clit again. So furiously, in fact, that she was losing her balance, and was in danger of falling flat on her face, supporting hand notwithstanding.

She paused, pulling forward off Andy’s cock, to a surprised grunt from him.

“Sorry, love,” she apologised, as she turned, lying once more with her bum on the edge of the table. She rucked her dress around her waist once more, engorged and bald pussy displayed to us briefly, before Andrew stepped between her legs. She brought her knees up to her chest, literally ankles behind her ears, and watched as Andy positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her twat.

With one long, deliberate thrust, he slid balls-deep into that beautiful, tight cunt.

No messing around, now: Andy started to fuck Mel in earnest. Long, hard strokes, driving his hips against her buttocks as he pounded her cunt, his balls smacking into her with every blow. A low moan started somewhere deep within Mel, and bubbled out. Her eyes rolled back, now, as her back arched and a final orgasm started to advance upon her. Andrew, having held back so long, let rip, slamming himself almost brutally into Mel with a frantic pace. Mel’s hand raced to her mouth, and she bit down on the ball of her palm to stifle what would otherwise have been an incriminating scream. Andrew came with a shuddering gasp, Mel’s pussy, stuffed full, answered, and she twitched beneath him.

Beside me, Emmy gasped, her eyes bright as we watched. As their shaky movements passed, we stood, rooted to the spot, silent.

They started to move once more; Andy zipping up his fly, and straightening his shirt; Mel shaking out her hair, retrieving her discarded panties, and recovering the small mounds of her tits beneath the bodice of her skirt.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to concentrate, as Emmy dropped to her knees in front of me and extricated my rigid cock. Glancing up, she whispered “Tell me when they’ve sorted themselves out and gone?” before enclosing the enlarged head in her mouth.

I watched as Mel grinned widely up at Andrew, as she took him by the hand, rested her head on his arm, and they crept from the clearing. I waited—probably longer than I needed to—for them to get well away, while I savoured the warm mouth and flickering tongue caressing my cockhead.

“Coast’s clear,” I murmured.

“Mm-hmm,” I felt as much as heard from Em. She stayed put for a few moments longer, sucking gently on me.

“I want that in me, now: no excuses,” she said, as she released her hold. She turned to her bag, and pulled out the wrap. “I knew we’d need this,” she explained, “even if it was warm.”

I couldn’t help but grin at her foresight, as she pulled me over to the improvised rug, tugged down my trousers and briefs, and pushed me onto my back. Dancing on one foot, then the other, she threw her thong to meet her fallen bra, and whipped off her skirt and top in a moment.

As Emmy knelt to straddle me, I admired her naked form; slender waist, small smooth tits, and auburn hair falling past her shoulders. A matching patch of chestnut hair topped her cleft mound, as she grabbed my dick and lined up the head under her pussy. She sank, with a sigh, onto the shaft, as I fought not to push back up into her, enjoying the sensation of stretching out her passage as she slowly forced herself onto me. Sunk fully onto me, her hips then began that practiced rocking gyration that varied my depth within her.

Em’s eyes were shut, now, as one hand tickled the base of that auburn triangle, teasing her clit, while the other pulled gently on one nipple then the other. I watched, though, as she gradually built her pace, assimilating the touch of her wet heat grasping my cock; the sight of her growing arousal; the sound of her occasional moan and gasp.

I love being shagged by Em like this, where I can see all of her, and the junction between us, especially if I can watch her come; but this evening called for something else. I stopped her with my hands on her thighs, and her eyes flew open as she looked quizzically down at me.

Please note that this is essentially the same story as College Days that I submitted a few weeks ago. The principal change is the end. In College Days the end was very quick and rushed. In this version I have deleted Chapter 12 and left the story open after Chapter 11 so that I can continue it in future parts. I would like to thank Samantha for providing the ideas for storyline and characters that this story was based on and for her critique.


Chapter 1

Dave was walking happily down the street. He was so happy that he felt like whistling, but he had never worked out how to do it. He had just won the science prize on the last day of his school career and was heading over to his girlfriend’s house to celebrate.

Practically everyone that Dave met seemed amazed that he even had a girlfriend. The reason for their surprise was that Dave was a short, thin, very pale nerd. He had practically no muscle definition and wore thick glasses to correct for his extreme short sightedness. If people were surprised that he had a girlfriend then they were stunned when they saw her; he had done very well for himself. However, Dave could never understand their surprise. He had been with his girl since they were both twelve. Of course it is a lot easier for a nerd to pick up a girl when he is twelve as twelve-year-olds look for different things to eighteen-year-olds. Having a girlfriend felt completely natural to Dave; they had been together through the entirety of both of their puberties.

Their courtship had been a sedate affair by almost anyone’s standards. When they first started going out it was very childish and they were really just good friends who maybe stole the odd peck on the cheek; although even these stolen kisses we completely asexual; they were fun and silly. As they grew up and made their way through high school and the dramas of puberty their interest in the opposite sex, and hence each other, grew. However, Dave was brought up in a very strict religious household in which sex before marriage was strictly frowned upon as a terrible sin. In fact sex after marriage was pretty much only tolerated for the sake of procreation. Dave was completely indoctrinated and whilst he certainly fancied his girlfriend he never tried anything on; even now when they were both almost nineteen and about to leave home for college. Their kissing had progressed to French kissing and he enjoyed touching her boobs and bum but they were rarely alone together and he never pushed it.

He had thought that it would be nice to try and make love with his girlfriend when they move to college but he would never suggest it to her. He knew it was wrong and so would only do it if she initiated it.

Dave finally arrived at his girlfriend’s house and he rang the doorbell. The door opened and Jill, his girlfriend, was standing in front of him. It is fair to say that Jill was out of Dave’s league. She was quite pretty, with a cute round face and a straight blonde bob. She had a flawless pale, although nowhere near as milky as Dave’s, complexion with full, juicy lips and massive beautiful eyes that were the richest shade of green you could imagine. Her eyes sparkled; they drew you in. Jill would say that they were her best feature and she may be right; most of the boys at school would have said that her best features were her very big boobs. Jill wore F-cup bras and was a little self conscious of their size; especially with all of the juvenile comments she got from the boys at school (and strangers in the street for that matter). The rest of Jill’s body was equally curvy. She was by no means a thin girl but she was certainly not fat. She had big hips a cute round ass and was carrying a few excess pounds on her little belly.

‘Well?’ she asked; all smiles.

Dave broke into a toothy grin, put his arms in the air and exclaimed, ‘I won!’

Jill screamed and practically threw herself at Dave. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. ‘Oh well done. I knew you would do it.’ Dave was getting distracted by the feel of Jill’s boobs pressing against his chest; he loved that feeling.

Jill lead him inside and they spent the rest of the evening with Jill’s parents talking about Dave’s success and their impending departure for college. Jill’s parents were also very religious which meant that Jill had similar views to Dave but she was slightly more open-minded; probably as a result of the almost continuous stream of vulgarity she was exposed to through puberty as a result of her big breasts. She certainly never considered going against her parents’ wishes whilst she lived at home but was beginning to think that her and Dave should use the freedom they will have at college to finally consummate their relationship. She had to admit to herself that her friends’ talk about their own sexual exploits was becoming less and less shocking to her and more and more intriguing.

A couple of weeks later Dave and Jill were walking in the park when Jill said, ‘Only a week to go now.’

‘I know. I can’t believe we are really leaving home.’

‘It is going to be so exciting. I can’t wait.’

‘Me too.’

‘I’ve been thinking,’ Jill muttered, suddenly feeling a little unsure of herself. ‘We have been dating for a long time now; over six years.’

‘I know. Time flies.’

‘Yes but….I think maybe….we…err…maybe we should think about…maybe, like….err…maybe we should, you know, have sex sometime when we are at college. Only if you want to though.’ Jill felt embarrassed and could feel her face getting red.

‘Oh, okay.’

‘Is that all you’ve got to say?’ Jill asked sternly.

‘No. I am just a bit surprised. I thought we were waiting ’till we got married. I really don’t mind you know.’ Dave’s heart was pounding so hard he thought it would explode out of his chest at any moment. He truly never thought this would happen until they got married. Now Jill had suggested it he was excited and nervous at the same time; he fancied her like crazy but he knew deep in his heart that it was a huge sin. However, as with most eighteen-year-old boys, libido won out. ‘I can’t wait.’

Jill smiled and kissed him on the cheek. They walked off hand-in-hand.


Chapter 2

When the day to leave for college arrived both Dave and Jill were extremely excited. Ever since that walk in the park both of them had been anticipating their first time. They had agreed that they should probably settle in for a couple of weeks and then chose a time that felt right.

By the time that Dave had loaded his stuff into his dad’s car, said his good-byes to his family, driven to Jill’s house, loaded her stuff into the car and waited for her to say her good-byes it was already past two in the afternoon. The drive to college was six hours; seven with stops for gas, food and toilets. They chatted happily all the way there about their future at college.

They finally pulled up outside Jill’s hall of residence at a little after nine. Dave helped her move her stuff into her room and even unpack a little. Jill was sharing a room with a nice religious girl called Rachel. He did not say anything but he was relieved; he had not wanted Jill to share with a wild child or some kind of slut who would try to lead her astray.

It was almost eleven by the time Dave got to the door of his room. He was getting nervous; the thought of sharing a room with a complete stranger for a year was very unsettling for him. He knew he would have no choice but to stick it out with whoever was on the other side of the door. Dave had got amazing grades that got him on the wanted list of many colleges but they only way he could afford to go was with a scholarship that he had been awarded; it was a generous scholarship that paid for his place in the hall and his tuition fees but he certainly could not afford to move out of the pre-paid hall.

Dave was suddenly knocked out of his thoughts by a little feminine squeal emanating from the other side of the door; he was full of curiosity. He put the key in the door and pushed it open. It took him a second to register what he saw before he dropped his bags, covered his eyes with his hands and turned around.

‘Oh I am so sorry. I…err…I…’ Dave stammered. The site before was of a huge buff naked man. His massive muscles were rippling as he supported himself over the top of a stunning blonde girl who was almost bent double with her legs over his shoulders. She was completely naked except for a tiny cheerleader’s skirt. The man was pile-driving her and she was obviously loving it.

The man stopped briefly, but did not take his cock out of the girl, who was now giggling at the sight of the coy Dave. ‘Hey dude, don’t sweat it. You must be my new roomy. I am Ged and this is…hey what is your name?’

A slight frown came over the girl’s face. ‘Hey you.’ She punched Ged in annoyance. ‘I can’t believe you don’t remember my name you bastard. Hey hon, my name is Beth.’ She held out her hand. Dave saw it out of the corner of his eye and did the best he could to shake it without looking. He was completely in shock. He was fully prepared for the fact that most people at college have a lot of sex but why weren’t these two getting up and dressed now that he had arrived?

‘Oh stop your moaning Beth, or whatever your name is. Do you want this?’ He rammed his pelvis down hard and deep. Beth’s eye’s widened and she let out a loud gasp as his large cock filled her.

‘Oh God yes.’

‘What’s your name dude?’

‘I…err…I am Dave.’ He could not stop himself stammering.

‘Well Dave. As you can see I am a little busy here so you just make yourself at home and we can meet properly when I have finished up here.’

‘Oh no. I couldn’t possibly. I’ll wait outside.’

Ged had already started to pound Beth again as Dave started to make his way out of the room. ‘Your choice dude but you could be in for a long wait.’

The last thing Dave heard as he closed the door was Ged and Beth laughing shortly followed by Beth gasping with pleasure as the monster between Ged’s legs did its work on her.

Dave was miserable. His first night at college was not at all what he had hoped for. He was stuck outside in the corridor sitting on his cases waiting for his huge jock roommate to finish having sex in his room with a girl whose name he did not even know. Dave was worried about the future; he was right to be.


Chapter 3

Dave had never been a fan of porn. He had seen a few magazines that his friends had but he had never been interested and he had never seen any porn movies. However, despite his sheltered existence he was pretty sure that Beth and Ged were both having orgasms when he heard girly screams and Ged voice saying, ‘Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah,’ on the other side of the door. He was disgusted but a little relieved; at least they had finished so he could finally move into his room and get some sleep; it was nearly midnight now.

He began to get confused when Beth did not appear ten minutes later. He knew nothing about sex but he was pretty sure that Beth was not a keeper for Ged and that she would be out of there as soon as they had finished. It wasn’t long before he knew why she had not appeared. He heard Ged again. ‘Come on girl, suck it good. Make it hard so I can fuck that sweet-ass pussy again.’

Dave could not believe it. How long would he have to stay out here? As it turned out he waited out there for another forty minutes. He had to listen to Beth cumming twice more and Ged once before she appeared out of the door. She looked at Dave, shook her head and walked away laughing. Dave picked up his things and carried them into the room. Ged was nowhere to be seen; he must have been in the bathroom.

Dave started to unpack a few things when he was suddenly caught in Ged’s vice-like grip. Ged had thrown his arm around Dave’s shoulder and pulled him close. ‘Man, that was good. That little slut was dirty. Know what I mean.’ Ged laughed heartily and slapped Dave on the back.

The pain was immediate and reverberated through Dave’s body like nothing he had ever known. His breath had been knocked out of him but Ged chose to not notice. He just stood there next to Dave, who was now bent double over his bed trying to catch his breath.

Dave eventually turned round and he saw the full naked magnificence of Ged. He was at least a foot taller than Dave and his muscles were truly enormous but the thing that caught Dave’s eye, the thing that made him horrified, was the ten inches of prime meat hanging between Ged’s legs. Dave was in pain and in shock. Did this man ever wear clothes? How can someone have a penis that was so big even when flaccid? Dave’s own was just short of five inches fully erect and it was thin. Ged’s was almost as thick as Dave’s arm (well that was probably a bit of an exaggeration but that is what it seemed like to Dave at the time).

‘You could have stayed in you know. That slut would not have minded.’

‘Oh I couldn’t impose on such a private moment.’

‘Shit man. Who talks like that?’ Dave heard that hearty laugh again. No matter where he looked it was as if he could still see that huge cock.

Ged continued. ‘Can you believe we are at college man? We are gonna get so much pussy.’

‘I…err…I have a girlfriend.’ Dave muttered quietly.

‘Shit man. Who comes to college with a girlfriend? I mean, what’s the point? Everyone knows there is pussy on tap at college. Oh well more for the rest of us.’ Ged suddenly looked thoughtful. ‘Well I suppose for a dude like you having your own personal pussy on tap is good.’

‘I would prefer it if you did not speak about my girlfriend like that.’ Dave tried to feel strong but he failed.

‘Oh come on dude. We’re both young and horny. You can tell me. I bet you hit that girl of yours every chance you get. Am I right or am I right?’

Dave was almost unbearably uncomfortable. He had already formed a significant dislike of his new roommate. ‘We…err…we are, you know, sort of…well waiting.’

‘Holy shit dude. Are you like from the Middle Ages? Fuck, I thought everyone was doing it. What you waiting for dude? Do it while you’re young dude.’

‘I’d rather not talk about it. It’s personal.’

‘Fuck you dude. You saw me fucking that cheap slut and you won’t even tell me about your sex life or lack of it? Go on, tell me. When you gonna do it?’

‘Soon. All right? Will you drop it now? Please.’ Ged laughed and got into bed.

Dave had difficulty getting any sleep that night. He did not know how he was going to manage to live with this brute for an entire semester. How was he going to bring Jill over here? When would they get chance to make love? They certainly could not do it in religious Rachel’s room; that would be too disrespectful.


Chapter 4

Dave felt physically sick the next morning; he had a long day yesterday and almost no sleep. He also could not get the horrendous sight of Ged’s massive member out of his head. To make things worse Ged was doing an impressively long set of morning exercises, mainly push ups and sit ups, whilst wearing nothing but a tiny pair of white undies. They were obviously having difficulty containing Ged’s massive bulge.

Dave turned away and pondered his forthcoming first day at college. He had three hours of class before he was going to meet Jill for lunch. He could not wait to see her; to get some normality back into his life after last night’s horror show.

‘Hey. You awake dude?’ Dave was rudely shaken out of his reverie.

‘Err, yes. Good morning Ged.’

‘Shit. I still can’t get over the way you speak man. Anyway, I was thinking. We should celebrate getting to college. You know, as roomies. So, you are coming out with me tonight. We are gonna get so wasted dude.’

‘I…errr…don’t drink.’

‘Shit dude. What’s wrong with you man? You don’t fuck your girl and now you don’t even drink? Are you some kind of monk or something?’

‘I just don’t. I am seeing Jill tonight anyway.’

‘Oh now I get it. You’re finally gonna fuck her aren’t you? Man, a virgin at nineteen. I bet she is gagging for it. Have fun dude.’

Dave felt his face burn with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. How could he talk about his Jill in such a manner? ‘Look. I told you I don’t want you to talk about her like that. Okay?’

‘Shit dude. Calm down. Take a chill pill. I’m only fucking with you. Okay, so tell me. What are you going to do with sweet innocent Jill tonight?’

‘I don’t know. Just meet up and chat I guess.’

‘You not even gonna kiss her?’ Ged was taunting him and had a big smile on his face. Dave was really beginning to hate Ged.

‘Of course I’m going to kiss her.’

‘You gonna use tongues?’ Ged laughed. ‘You gonna touch her boobies? Nah, I reckon you’re an ass man. Am I right?’

Dave felt ready to explode with rage but he controlled himself. He ignored Ged and ran to the bathroom to wash up. He heard Ged laughing as the morning exercise session continued.

Half an hour later Dave was full of relief to be leaving his room and heading for class. He wouldn’t have to see that oaf again until this evening. Hopefully he could be tucked up and asleep in bed by the time Ged got home from what was undoubtedly going to be a night of heavy drinking.


Chapter 5

Dave was for the first time since arriving at college actually enjoying himself. He had just finished his first set of physics classes and he loved them. They were challenging, interesting and they really appealed to his inherent geekiness. In fact he enjoyed them so much that he had almost forgotten about his nightmare roommate as he made his way to meet Jill.

He approached the little grassy area where they had agreed to meet. As he got close he saw Jill chatting to a couple of girls he did not recognise. He hoped they would go away when he reached them so that he and Jill could have some alone time. She saw him approaching and gave a little wave and a big smile.

‘Hi Dave.’ She said as he reached them. She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a little hug. She introduced her new friends; they were both on her art course. After a few awkward moments of conversation Jill led Dave away to the cafeteria. He was relieved to be spending some time with Jill alone; well as alone as you can be in a massive student cafeteria. They selected a table with no-one else at it and began to chat and eat.

‘Soooo. What’s your room mate like?’ Jill asked happily.

‘Oh he is absolutely awful.’ Dave sounded and looked dejected.

‘Oh now come on. Don’t be like that. You only met him last night. He can’t be that bad.’

‘You have no idea. He is a big jock and he was having sex with a cheerleader when I walked in last night.’

Jill laughed. ‘Oh my. That must have been a bit embarrassing.’

‘It was for me but it was not for them. They didn’t even stop when I walked it. I couldn’t stay in there so I waited outside for over an hour for them to finish.’

‘Oh no. That sounds awful. He told you to get out?’

‘No. I just could not stay in there with that going on.’

‘Look. I know that sounds bad but he maybe thought that you weren’t going to arrive last night. It was very late by the time you got there. You know I hear that it is hard to stop once you have started and well, you know, I think we are going to have to get used to the fact that most people have a lot of sex at college.’ Jill was trying to sympathise but she did find the whole scenario funny. They ate in silence for a few minutes before they heard a large group of rowdy football players enter the cafeteria. Dave’s heart dropped.

‘Oh no.’

‘What’s the matter?’ Jill’s face was full of concern.

‘My roommate just walked in.’

‘Oh yes? Which one is he?’ Jill seemed very interested; almost excited. She always liked meeting new people and she wanted to meet this terrible jock so that she could put Dave’s mind at rest.

‘He’s the one with the brown hair in the middle.’

‘Really? Oh my. He is big isn’t he? And he is so pretty.’ Hearing Jill say that sent a dagger through Dave’s heart. He hated hearing her say something nice about the awful Ged but he knew she was right. It was obvious to everyone that he was astonishingly good-looking. Suddenly he heard Ged’s booming voice. ‘Hey, there’s my little dude.’ This made Dave almost shake with nervous anticipation of what was going to happen next; it turned out to be worse than he had feared.

Ged lead his team mates over to the table. ‘Hey Dave. How’s it hanging?’

‘Hello Ged.’

‘Hold on a minute. Don’t tell me this is Jill.’

Jill stood up and extended her hand. ‘Hi. Pleased to meet you.’ She was all smiles. Her initial impression of Ged was good. Unlike almost every other man she met Ged did not once look at her boobs; he maintained eye contact. Surely this was not the same oaf that Dave had been talking about. For her part she had noticed a very obvious and very large bulge in Ged’s shorts as he had approach. She found it a little hard to stop her eyes being drawn back to it.

Ged maintained his eye contact with Jill and kept on holding her hand as he spoke to Dave. ‘Dave man. You said you had a girlfriend but you never said how beautiful she is.’ Dave remained silent and so Ged continued, this time to Jill. ‘Well it is a pleasure to meet you Jill. And I must say that Dave here has done very well for himself indeed. You are truly gorgeous; those eyes of yours are simply stunning.’

Jill felt her face get red but she loved the compliment. Ged was the first man other than Dave to comment other eyes before her breasts. ‘Thanks,’ was all she could manage to say.

Ged finally dropped Jill’s hand and slapped Dave on the back. Dave had not seen it coming and so his glasses fell off and he began to cough and splutter as he tried to catch his breath. The group of footballers all laughed at him. Dave felt utterly humiliated. However, it was Ged, the only one who was not laughing, who told his team mates off for mocking Dave. He then laid a hand on Dave’s shoulder. ‘Sorry man. Sometimes I forget my own strength.’

Jill thought that Ged was nice. He was showing a lot of grace; he seemed thoughtful. Of course it helped that he had been so nice to her.

‘I must say Jill that I admire Dave’s restraint. I am telling you the absolute truth here. I honestly know that if I had a girlfriend who was as drop dead gorgeous as you then I would not have been able to wait so long. I would not have been able to control myself. You would have driven me wild with desire. I hope that doesn’t shock you?’

Jill’s face was bright red. She was completely flattered by this beautiful hulk of a man but she was also suddenly very angry with Dave. ‘What?…err…no that does not shock me. What does shock me is that you…’ she was talking to Dave now, ‘…spoke to Ged about our sex life.’

‘Or lack of it,’ one of Ged team mates said and the rest of them laughed loudly. Dave was out of his depth. What could he do? Ged was acting like a completely reformed character; he was acting, and Dave knew it was an act, like a nice guy; not the boorish oaf he actually was. He had also managed to drop Dave right in it.

Dave could not say anything and Jill stormed off in anger. Dave did not know what had just happened. After all he had said about Ged to Jill her first impression of him would turn out to be really positive with Dave being trashed in the process. Dave was unhappy.

‘Shit dude. I dropped you in it good there, man.’ Ged and his friends laughed at Dave. Dave remained silent. ‘Did you see her tits? Man they were awesome. You could suckle on those bad boys all night long.’

One of Ged’s friends then chipped in with, ‘And those lips. Man, that mouth is just made for sucking cock.’ Dave felt sick as the football team talked dirty about his Jill.

‘And that ass man. I wanna see that jelly wobble as I fuck that fine ass.’ For the next ten minutes Dave had to sit in silence unable to eat whilst each member of the team talked about what they would like to do to Jill. The bell that indicated the start of afternoon classes came as sweet relief for Dave and he practically ran to his first class.


Chapter 6

When Dave got back to his room after class he was happy to find that he was alone; no Ged. He started to do some studying but found it hard to concentrate. He was not used to Jill being mad with him; especially about something so personal. He tried to call her but there was no answer so he sent her a text.

He persisted with his studies for another hour or so but finally gave up trying to make himself concentrate. He sent another text to Jill; still no answer. He felt completely deflated. His girlfriend was mad at him and he could not even talk to her. He could not cope with his emotions any longer and he started to gently weep. He was mad at himself for being so week but he just could not help it.

About half an hour later he heard a knock at the door. He got up, dried his eyes and opened the door. To his massive relief Jill was standing there. She walked into the room without as much as a peck on the cheek; she was obviously still mad at him. Jill sat on the edge of Ged’s bed. Dave made them some drinks, gave one to Jill and then sat on the edge of his own bed. They were silent for what seemed like an age.

‘Well?’ Jill finally said.

‘Well what?’ Dave did not like this. He did not know what she was expecting from him.

‘Well, why would you tell someone you hardly know; someone that you say you hate; something so personal to you and me?’

‘I…err…I don’t know what happened. He forced it out of me.’

‘What do you mean he forced it out of you? Did he hurt you?’ Even in her anger Jill still showed her concern for her Dave.

‘No. He just sort of tricked me into it.’ Dave knew that he sounded pathetic.

‘So basically you just told him?’

‘Yes but…’

‘No Dave. You just told him. No tricks. You are the cleverest person I know; I do not see how someone like Ged could trick you into saying something so personal.’

Dave knew he could not win here so he just said, ‘I am truly sorry Jill. It won’t happen again.’

‘Okay I suppose.’ They sat in silence and drank their drinks for a few minutes. Dave was about to say something when the door burst open. Dave’s heart sank.

‘Hey dude, how’s it hanging?’ Ged was back. ‘Hello, hello if it isn’t the delightful Jill.’ Jill stood up to give Ged access to his bed but instead he grabbed her, kissed her cheek and gave her a friendly hug. ‘Hi Jill. Don’t get up. I just need to get cleaned up then I am out of here. A big night out with the lads.’

‘Hi Ged.’ Jill noticed that Ged was very sweaty but his odour was somehow intoxicating, just like the feel of his impressive muscles as he hugged her. She really did not see why Dave hated him so much. Yes he was an outgoing, confident jock but he seemed lovely.

‘You don’t mind if I take a quick shower do you Jill? I can try and find somewhere else if you want me too.’ Dave felt sick at the sound of what he was convinced was fake concern. He was certain that Ged was just trying to make Dave look bad.

‘Hey, it’s your room.’

‘Okay cool.’ What Jill had not expected was that Ged would strip off down to his jockstrap right there in front of her. She knew it was naughty but she could not draw her eyes away from Ged’s body. She had never seen anything so perfect and the sight of his huge bulge in his jockstrap made her feel a little bit giddy. Dave noticed that Jill was looking at Ged’s body but knew he could say nothing.

Ged made his way to the bathroom. Jill’s eyes were fixed to his rock hard flawless buttocks. She was amazed that any man could be so beautiful. Just before he entered the bathroom Ged look back over his shoulder at Jill, noticing that she was checking out his ass. He gave her a cheeky wink and a smile. Jill was mortified that she had been caught out; she quickly averted her gaze and was all flustered.

Once she had composed herself she had decided to forgive Dave; her guilt at ogling Ged helped a lot with this. They began chatting about each other’s courses. Things seemed almost normal again until Ged emerged from the bathroom. Dave was horrified to see that he was dressed only in a tiny hand towel that was wrapped around his waist. It just about covered everything but it was a close thing.

Ged moaned about there being no proper towels in the bathroom. He went over to one of his suitcases, opened it and bent over to search through his things for a larger towel. Ged kept his legs straight but slightly apart as he bent over and so Dave and Jill had a perfect view of his ass cheeks and, more notably, the end of his huge cock as it swung freely between his legs. Dave saw Jill’s eyes almost popping out of her head. She had never even seen Dave’s cock but she was aware of its small size. As far as Dave knew this was the first cock that she had ever seen up close; he was right. Dave feared that Jill fancied Ged a little bit; he was right about that too.

The sight of part of Ged’s cock made Jill feel giddy again. She could not believe how much bigger it was than Dave’s. She had no idea that they got that big. She began to feel some stirrings deep inside her.

Eventually Ged departed for his big night out. Jill chatted for a while longer to Dave and then left to go and do some of her own studies in her room. Dave spent the rest of the night filled with worry about how Jill reacted to seeing Ged almost naked. He finally dropped off into sleep at around ten.


Chapter 7

Dave was woken at about midnight by the sound of the door opening and Ged coming in. He pretended to be asleep to try and avoid any kind of interaction with Ged. His heart sank when he heard a female voice say, ‘Hey, there’s someone in here.’

‘Don’t worry about that pussy. He won’t bother us. If he does I will just kick his ass. He is asleep anyway.’

The girl laughed and said, ‘He won’t be asleep for long. I am a screamer.’

‘Well what you waiting for you dirty little slut?’

For the next three hours Dave had to listen to Ged fucking his girl four times. He was convinced that one of the times was even anal. The girl was right; she was a screamer. Ged must have made her cum at least six times. Dave was thoroughly miserable.

Over the next three weeks the same thing happened every night. Ged would have a different girl every night and his sessions would last for at least two and half hours each. For a lot of young guys having this going on in the same room as you would have been an enjoyable free sex show but not for Dave. He never once sneaked a look. He always pretended to be asleep.

His relationship with Jill was back to normal but he remained concerned that she seemed to really like Ged, who continued to compliment her and flirt with her at every opportunity.

Dave had built up the courage to ask her if she was ready to make love. She had said that she was not. She could not do it in her room because of Rachel and she would not do it in Dave’s because they never knew when Ged would turn up. Dave could not afford a hotel but even if he could Jill said she did not want that as it would be too contrived; too much pressure. She suggested that they wait a while longer. Generally Dave was comfortable with this; albeit a little disappointed. The persistent thing that lessened his comfort was the effect that Ged had on Jill. She was somehow more girly when she was with him. It made him a little jealous.


Chapter 8

One evening Dave and Jill were sitting on Dave’s bed chatting when Ged walked in with another guy from the football team and three cheerleaders. Dave was sure he recognised one of them as Beth from his first meeting with Ged.

‘Hi Jill. You are looking particularly stunning this evening.’

‘Hi Ged. Thanks.’

‘Hey, we are heading off to a party. Everyone is invited. It is going to be wild. You two should come.’

‘Oh no I don’t think so.’ Dave did not want this to happen.

‘Oh come on dude. You never go to parties. Let you hair down a bit man. Jill wants to go don’t you Jill?’

Jill turned to Dave and said exactly what he did not want to hear. ‘Well I would like to go to a party Dave. Can we please? I mean, we have been at college for almost a month and I haven’t been to a party yet. I feel like I am missing out.’ Dave could not resist Jill’s pleading, especially with an audience.

‘Okay, I guess.’ Dave hated parties and he dreaded going to one with Ged.

They all piled into a cab and headed off to the party. Someone got out a bottle of champagne, popped it and took a swig straight out of the bottle. The cheerleaders squealed and took turns drinking the golden liquor. Dave refused when it was his turn; he did not drink. So the bottle was thrust into Jill’s hands and much to Dave’s amazement she drank deeply from it. He had never seen her drink before. She saw his look and laughed, ‘Well we are at college now. Let’s have some fun.’ Everyone in the cab apart from Dave and the driver cheered agreement and carried on drinking.

The party was hell for Dave. Loud music, lots of people and none of them paying him any attention. To make it worse Ged had monopolised Jill’s time. He had her engrossed in conversation. She found him charming, interesting and witty. He also had the knack of keeping their conversation going naturally for a long time. The loud music meant that Dave could not hear what was being said and so could not join in. He hated Ged more every time he leaned into Jill to whisper the next snippet of conversation into her ear. Jill on the other hand was enjoying the attention. Every time Ged whispered something she felt his breath in her ear and it sent shivers through her entire body.

After a couple of hours Dave was feeling weird. He could not see straight and standing up was getting very difficult. He found a seat and sat down. He did not know what was going on. If he did not know better he would have said that he was drunk but he did not drink. He had stuck to fruit juice all night. He fell asleep.

Ged laughed and pointed and said to Jill, ‘Wow, Dave looks wasted.’

‘Oh no. He does not drink.’

‘Well he has tonight. He has been knocking back that punch. He must have finally let his hair down.’ They both laughed.

‘Well that would be a first.’ They laughed again. Jill felt a little bit mean but it was true.

Suddenly a slow track was playing on the sound system. Ged immediately made his move. ‘Hey, do you want to dance with me?’

‘I don’t know if I should. Do you think he will be all right?’

‘He is just a little drunk and tired. I will make sure he gets home safe and sound. You have to have at least one dance at your first college party.’ She was convinced.

Ged led Jill to the dance floor and pulled her close. Their bodies touched and he wrapped his arms around her waist; she followed suit. They danced for three songs whilst chatting happily. Ged never broke eye contact with Jill throughout. It made her feel special; like he was looking into her very sole. The feel of his muscles through his clothes made her feel unusually excited. She felt guilty about it but she could not deny that she was very attracted to this man. She still loved her Dave but this man was new, exciting, beautiful and sexy as hell.


Chapter 9

When they arrived back at campus it was just past two in the morning. Dave was still passed out and so Ged was carrying him fireman style over his left shoulder. He had his right arm around Jill’s shoulder to provide her with a bit of warmth against the chilly night air. Ged led them to his and Dave’s room. He unlocked the door, took Dave inside and threw him on the bed. He then turned to Jill. ‘Well I guess I better get you home young lady.’ Jill giggled.

On the way across campus Ged gently grabbed Jill’s hand. She did not resist; it felt nice; it felt right.

When they reached the door to Jill’s hall they turned to look at each other. ‘Well goodnight sweet Jill.’

‘Goodnight Ged. I had fun tonight.’

Before she could turn away Ged put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her close. He looked down into her eyes and kissed her ever so gently on her luscious lips. Jill melted in his arms; desire was suddenly coursing through her body. He kissed her again; this time she responded. It was long and gentle. Jill marvelled at how such a big man could be so tender. He started to plant a million sweet little pecks all over her lips and even on the end of her nose. Jill felt like she never had before; she felt as horny as hell.

Ged moved in for a deeper, more passionate kiss. Jill responded by sticking her tongue into Ged mouth. When their tongues met and played with each other the sensation sent shivers right through Jill’s body directly to her most personal areas. She tried to pull him even closer to her; it was impossible but she squeezed herself against him as hard as she could.

When the kiss finally finished Ged started to gently nibble her lips; another sensation she had never experienced before. He kissed her again, very gently this time before turning her around and showering her neck with tiny little kisses. She was so sensitive; her entire body was covered with goose bumps. His every touch sent electric shocks through her body; waking her dormant sexuality. He started to tenderly nibble on one of her ear lobes, whispering sweet nothings as he did all about how beautiful she was. Jill was beginning to seriously fall for this man.

After twenty minutes of bliss Ged finally gave her one last kiss and said, ‘Well I guess you should get some sleep. I will see you soon beautiful.’

Jill let herself into her room quietly so as not to wake Rachel. When she got into bed she could not sleep. She just kept on thinking of the gorgeous Ged and his electrifying touch. She started to do something she had never done before; she started to play with her surprisingly wet pussy. She gently rubbed her fingers over her inflamed labia as she imagined Ged doing all kinds of naughty things to her. She imagined that her fingers were his and it felt wonderful.

She allowed her fingers to penetrate a little deeper and she felt something a little harder that sent shock waves through her body when touched. She guessed that it must be her clitoris. She rubbed it whilst dreaming of Ged’s muscles; Ged’s cock. She felt herself getting breathless and then suddenly an explosion happened in her body. This was something she had never felt before. Her whole body shuddered as an intense feeling of pleasure filled every fibre of her being. She had to bite hard on her lip to stop herself moaning and waking the very prudish Rachel.

Jill had just had her first orgasm and she wanted more. She knew then that she had to have Ged and soon.


Chapter 10

After Jill had calmed down from her orgasm she tried to get some sleep but she failed. She just could not stop obsessing about Ged. She turned round and looked at the clock. It read 03:15. She made her mind up that she could not wait. She picked up her phone and sent a text to Ged. ‘I am coming over.’

Suddenly Jill was very nervous. Was she really going to do this? Was she really going to destroy her Dave? She hated those questions but they were all insignificant compared to her overriding thought. ‘I have to have Ged.’ She was horny and filled with lust for that beautiful man.

She was also nervous about losing her virginity, especially to such a huge cock, but she was sure that Ged would treat her tenderly; be gentle with her.

She did not know what to wear. She wanted to be sexy but did not really know how. She decided on an old cliché and set out for Ged and Dave’s hall.

On the other side of campus Dave was still dead to the world. Oblivious to the fact that for the first night since he got to college Ged did not have a girl in their room. That was about to change.


Spencer was the first to get back to the room from orientation and had apparently brought a friend.

Chapter 3:

Devante walked in and found Spencer playing Madden 2k13 with some other guy.

“Devante, what took you so long” Spencer asked.

“I was in orientation” Devante said matter-of-factly.

“Duh, I mean I know that but our group has been done for like half an hour. Anyway, this is Jeff. We went to high school together and he lives down the hall. He’s the one I was telling you about earlier that know about the party later.”

“Aw, farreal? Well nice to meet you Jeff” said Devante.

“Nice to meet you to cuz” replied Jeff.

“Cuz? Who? I’m not yo damn cousin” Devante said getting a little upset.

Quickly Spencer intervened and said, “Sorry about that Devante, he hasn’t met many black people before. He didn’t mean anything” pausing the game.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought that a regular expression” Jeff apologized.

“Man it’s cool” Devante uttered as he began to undress. “I’m bout to go see what this Rec Center is all about. Maybe hoop it up or something.”

“Mind if we tag along” asked Jeff as he and Spencer eagerly awaited an answer.

“Shit, that’s cool. It’ll probably be easier to start a game 3 on 3 anyway” Devante responded.

Before the words were even out of his mouth Spencer had already torn off his shirt and dropped is jeans to start changing.

“Damn dude, you’re still free ballin huh?” commented Jeff.

“And… Is there a problem” Spencer questioned.

“Nope! Not at all, as long as you’re not modest it doesn’t matter to me. Mind if I borrow a pair of your shorts so I don’t have to go back to the room” asked Jeff.

Out of nowhere Spencer threw Jeff a pair of shorts as he continued to rummage through his closet. All suited up and ready to go they headed out to the Rec Center.

Since the upperclassmen had not yet returned to campus, the Rec Center was pretty empty. There was no line no wait at any of the machines or for any of the courts. They quickly found a couple of freshmen to play again, but they were no real match and the scrimmage was over in about twenty minutes. After that, the guys hit the weight room.

While lifting, one of the black student workers came over to Devante and Spencer’s machine.

“How you guys doing” he asked.

“We good!”

“I just thought I would stop by and introduce myself. My name is Theo, and I am the student manager here at the Rec Center. Let me know if you guys have any questions.” Theo was a little bit taller than Devante standing at about 6’2 and appeared that he spent all of his time in the gym by his muscular body. Hi biceps looked humongous and from the print in the front of his sweats, he was really packing.

“Aight, will do.”

“Actually, before you go are there any zoomba classes or something” Jeff blurted out. “We are trying to pick up a couple chicks if you know what I mean.” Jeff really had a way with words Devante thought.

“Word? Yall looking for some ladies?” commented Theo

“Hell Yeah!” Spencer interjected.

“What’s yall names?”

“I’m Spencer, this is my guy Jeff, and my roommate Devante.”

“Well I hate to burst yall bubble, but you not finna find the kinda girls you looking for up in one of these rec center yoga classes, but I’ll tell yall what, I’ll give yall my number and yall hit me up sometime and I’ll personally show yall where yall can find some ladies.”

Spencer and Jeff quickly pull out their phones to get ready to take down his number.

“Hold up yall, something don’t sound right about this. Why I feel like you finna send us off and give us a fake number or something?” asked Devante

“Naw my dude, it ain’t even like that. I remember when I was a freshman and I wish a cool ass senior would have took me under they wing. Stop jumping to conclusions before you fuck up a good thing” Theo stated. “Yall ready?”

“Yeah” said Jeff and Spencer simultaneously

“Aight, it’s 602-593-6842. Text me so I’ll know who it is.”

“Man you betta not be sending us off cuz we freshmen!” shot back Devante

“Playa, can I holla at you for a second” asked Theo to Devante

Devante nodded and walked over to the other part of the weight room with Theo.

“You said yo name was Devante right?”


“Well Devante, I’m gonna be honest with you. I only came over to yall because I noticed you over there. Be real with yourself for a second. How many black students do you see on this campus?”

Devante thought to himself for a moment.

“Not many right? So when I see one I try to help them out. Yo friends seem like cool people so I figured that I would be a nice guy and help another brotha out, now if you don’t want my friendship that’s perfectly fine, but step to me like that.”

“Shit, man I’m sorry. I ain’t mean to come at you like that I just ain’t used to people being nice for no reason. But I mean if you legit then I’ll hit you up sometime.”

“Aight, cool!” Theo said putting his muscular hand on Devante’s shoulder. This sent chill down Devante’s spine, but why?

They both parted ways and Devante and the rest of the group headed back to the dorm to get ready for the party later that night.

Back at the dorm Jeff had gone back to his room leaving Spencer and Devante alone to get ready.

“Damn, that Theo dude seems super cool.” Spencer chuckled

“I mean yeah, I guess so. Something about him just doesn’t rub me right, but hit up Jeff cuz I’m ready to roll.”

No sooner said, the three were out the door to the party that Jeff knew of. As promised there were women everywhere and Spencer and Jeff quickly broke off to talk to some ladies leaving Devante alone to drink and mingle.

Shortly before 2, as Devante was about to leave Spencer came over. “Hey dude, you think I can have the room tonight?”

“Spencer, you got to be fucking kidding me. It’s only the second night and I’m already getting sexiled?”

“Dude I’ll make it up to you I promise!”

“Oh, I’ll make sure of that!” Devante rebutted.

“Man, you’re the best!”

“Fuck you!”

With nowhere else to turn, Devante dialed the only other person’s number he knew of this campus… Theo.

“Hello” said Theo a bit groggy

“Wassup dude, this is Devante. We met at the Rec Center.”

“Oh yeah! Hey dude wassup?”

“Nothing much, I just got sexiled and I was hoping I could crash at your place…”


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16 years ago

Samantha Raney took a deep breath and followed her DSS caseworker into the group home. She shoved her fear deep down and told herself over and over again that this would be a better life, even if she was passed around the system. Her mother died from a drug overdose a year ago and left her in the hands of her junkie boyfriend, Earl. Her mother was never going to win mother of the year, but at least she made sure that Sam had something to eat and clean clothes to wear. Earl was always gone and Sam had to fend for herself, which was difficult since no one was going to give an eight year old a job. She ate as well as she could on the free lunches at school and did her best to make it through the weekends without shoplifting a piece of fruit here and there. She finally reached her wits end and turned herself into the Department of Social Services.

As she stepped through the doors, the noise assaulted her first. She took in the drab but fairly clean living area and scrunched up her face at the smell of feet. A pair of little boys who looked to be about five were fighting over which cartoon to watch and a pair of pre-teen girls were chasing each other around the room squealing and laughing.

Sam sighed and stood quietly while her caseworker introduced her to Ms. Smith, the home director. She was shown her bed, which was in a large room with about 8 other girls. She immediately curled up with a book and tried to block out some of the noise.

About a month later, she walked into the living area and found that the incessant noise was louder than usual.

The majority of it was coming from a boy of about 10 who was yelling at a harried, defeated looking Ms. Smith about it not being his turn to wash dishes.

“This is bullshit! I shouldn’t have to wash fucking dishes or sweep floors or any other chores you want to throw at me. You people get paid to work in this hell-hole.”

“Derrick Watts, you watch your language, young man! You know that the chores are rotated. That’s just how things work. If you don’t watch it, you’re going to get moved again, and there aren’t many places left. Do you want to end up some place where they keep you sedated and make you live in isolation?”

“It would damn well be better than this shit!”

Sam had heard enough. She marched over to Derrick and yanked him away from Ms. Smith.

“Let’s go,” she said fiercely.


Derrick was flabbergasted and didn’t resist when she dragged him in the direction of the kitchen.

“I’ll wash, you dry,” the little girl said.

He stood frozen for a moment before his speech came back to him.

“Who are you?”

“Samantha Raney,” she said, holding out a now-soapy hand, “but you can call me Sam. I’m 8.”

Derrick looked down into bright green eyes and wondered why such a fierce little thing was in a place like this. At her look at the dishes and then back at him, he automatically started drying the dishes as she passed them over. He didn’t know why he was following her lead…he didn’t follow anyone’s lead, but there was just something about her.

“I’m Derrick.”

“Yes, I gathered that from your lovely conversation with poor Ms. Smith, as well as every other yelling match you’ve had with just about all of the adults here.”

Derrick actually felt a pang of guilt and looked over his shoulder to find Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith was watching and actually smiling. A warm feeling started filling him up. He was always the bully. That was his insurance that someone actually saw him. Maybe that was the wrong tact.

He looked down into Sam’s green eyes and gave her a slight smile. She grinned back and bumped his hip with hers.


It wasn’t an instant transformation, of course. Derrick’s bullying tendencies still came out and Sam would have to reign him back in, except when he was protecting Sam herself, which he did need to do occasionally.

The years passed and Derrick was never moved again and Sam requested not to be moved into a foster home. It worked for both of them. At 18, he went to a local community college and got his own apartment. Sam spent almost all of her time there. They loved each other like brother and sister and supported each other in all things. When she turned 18, she moved in with him and started college herself. If their feelings for each other started to change, neither mentioned it.

Chapter 1

Present Day

“Ugh,” Sam groaned as she walked in the door at 3am on Saturday morning from Friday night’s shift. Her feet were killing her after bar-tending for eight hours at club Jade, a local GLBT friendly hang out. She collapsed on the couch and reached for the TV remote.

She heard the telltale creak of Derrick’s door before he appeared, yawning and scratching his stomach. Derrick’s appearance had changed drastically since they were kids. He had funneled his bad-boy tendencies into his appearance and was now covered in tats and piercings. Body art was as far as it went though, and was quite at odds with his job as an English professor at a local university.

“Long night, Sammy?” he asked before making her scoot over so he could stretch out next to her on the couch. She immediately cuddled into his embrace and sighed.

“Yep. It was packed in there tonight and the new guy quit, so I was by myself.”

“Asshole. Meet any hot bi-guys or girls?”

She elbowed him and giggled. “Meet them? Yes. Was I interested in any of them? No.”

“Where’s Annie tonight?” she asked. Annie was Derrick’s girlfriend of about six months. Unfortunately, Sam’s tactile relationship with Derrick scared off potential partners for the both of them. Annie seemed to be the exception though.

“I’m right here,” Annie replied as she padded into the living room and launched herself right on top of Derrick and Sam. At no more than five feet tall and 100 pounds, Annie was a pixie personified. She accepted Derrick’s relationship with Sam for what it was…two best friends that grew up together who were like brother and sister. She occasionally detected undercurrents of something more serious, but didn’t feel threatened. She loved Sam and enjoyed spending time with her and Derrick together. In fact, she seemed to be developing feelings for Sam on her own.

She nuzzled into Sam’s neck and playfully licked her. “Mmm, beer.”

“Ugh, that reminds me. A very drunk twink tried to come behind the bar and walked smack into me with a full glass. I need a shower.” She wriggled out from beneath the warm bodies. “Be good, you two!”

Derrick snuggled with Annie and threw a throw pillow at Sam. “Go away,” he said teasingly.

Annie started nibbling on Derrick’s ear and slipped her fingers into his boxers, lightly teasing his balls.

“Mmm, it’s like that, is it?” Derrick ran his hand up her tiny body and tweaked a nipple before sneaking into her panties and rubbing lightly over her clit. “Damn, baby, you’re wet already. Did laying on top of Sammy turn you on?”

She wriggled and thrust her hips into his hand and took his lips to avoid answering. Their tongues twined together and Derrick entered her with two fingers, pegging her g-spot immediately. She whimpered and rubbed against his erection with her hip, making him groan.

“You want some of that, baby?” He continued to torment her with his fingers as her hips bucked into his hand.

“Please,” she said with a groan, feeling her orgasm approaching.

Derrick quickly removed her panties and his boxers and moved so that he was over Annie, looking into her eyes. He teased her clit with the head of his cock and grinned when she wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed with a surprising amount of strength, forcing him into her channel.

He groaned and dropped his head to her neck, licking and biting the soft skin he found there. He started thrusting slowly, being sure to grind into Annie’s clit every time he bottomed out.

Annie’s whimpers turned into grunts and she feverishly moved with him, fucking herself onto his cock. “Come on, baby. Give it to me. You’re gonna’ make me come and you’ve gotta’ go first.” He reached back and teased a finger into her anus while biting her just below her left ear. Annie’s entire body stiffened and she screamed silently as spasms wracked her body.

Derrick slammed into her twice more and came with a long, deep groan.

Neither realized that the shower hadn’t started yet.


Sam’s room was adjacent to the living room and she could hear everything through the paper-thin walls. She panted from her own orgasm as she heard Derrick come, wishing she could find someone to connect with. Her BOB wasn’t the best companion. At least she always had plenty of sound-track to get off to.

Chapter 2

The following weekend, Annie used her key to enter Derrick and Sam’s apartment. “Hello?” she called.

“In here,” Sam’s voice called from the kitchen.

Annie wandered in to find Sam cutting veggies for a salad, wearing nothing but panties and a bra.

“Mmm,” she said, slapping her hand over hear mouth when she realized what had escaped.

“I’ve got enough for two; want some?”

Annie sighed with relief internally, realizing that Sam thought she was talking about the salad.

“Ooh, yes please.”

“You’re so lucky to be so tiny. No matter what I do, I can’t get rid of these damn hips.”

Annie ran her gaze along Sam’s body. “Sam, you’re gorgeous. Your hair is long and shiny, you have incredible curves that I would kill for, a flat stomach and eyes that anyone would love to get lost in.”

Sam sighed, holding out a piece of yellow pepper. “You’re a sweetheart. You’re the gorgeous one, though.”

Annie snorted. “Please, I’m flat as a board in the front and back. I have to look up to everyone and will be carded until the end of time.”

Annie took the offered pepper and popped it into her mouth before dragging over a chair and climbing up onto it and then the counter to reach the bag of Oreo’s that Sam had put out of her own reach on top of the cupboards.

“Dammit, Annie, I could have gotten those for you.”

“Eh, such is my life. I’m part spider monkey.”

She climbed back down, sat on the counter and took a bite out of the heavenly chocolate and cream cookie. “Want some?”

“No, that’s why I put them where I couldn’t reach them. And damn you for asking,” she replied with a smile.

“Here, just a little taste.”

She surprised Sam by pulling her forward and pressing her lips to Sam’s. Sam gasped and stiffened.

“Annie,” she whispered, “what are you doing?”

Annie looked into Sam’s eyes and then focused back on her lips. She slowly leaned in again, giving Sam a chance to pull away.


Sam’s head was full of contradiction. On one hand, Annie was so delicious and sweet that she would do anything for another taste. On the other hand, this was Derrick’s girlfriend and most likely his ONE.

She must have taken too long to try to decide because Annie’s lips were again on hers and this time, her lips were being laved by a soft tongue.

Sam groaned and opened her mouth, losing herself in Annie’s sweet flavor. She ran her hands up Annie’s back and into her chin-length, dark hair, tugging gently. She nipped at Annie’s lips and ran her thumbs along soft cheeks. Annie was making the sweetest whimpering sounds and Sam was about to lose her mind. She felt her clit throbbing in her panties and she pulled Annie off of the counter, her hands supporting the pert little ass as Annie’s legs wrapped around her waist.

“Honey, I’m ho..whoa!”

Sam tore her mouth away from Annie’s and almost dropped her but lowered her gently at the last second. She covered her face with shaking hands and felt the tears start to pour out. “Derrick, I’m so, so sorry. It will never happen again. Oh my god.” She ran frantically to her room, threw on clothes that she could wear to work that night and ran out the door. A part of her knew that she was being irrational, but the bigger part was terrified that she had just fucked up the best thing in her life.

She drove recklessly to her friend Ben’s house and pounded on the door.

Chapter 3

Derrick stood speechless in the kitchen, his mind running rampant. He walked over to the kitchen table and sat down heavily.

“Derrick?” Annie asked hesitantly.

He looked into Annie’s tear-filled eyes and tried to work out what he was feeling. He didn’t think it was jealousy. He was aroused, sure, but what male wouldn’t be?

“Why, Annie?”

Annie slid into his lap and he didn’t resist.

“Derrick, what do you feel for Sam?”

“How can you even ask me that, after everything?”

Annie rolled her eyes. “This is not jealous Annie asking. I guess I’ll start by telling you how I feel about Sam. Do you remember last night when you asked me if my laying on top of Sam made me wet?”

Derrick nodded. “I wasn’t being seri…”

Annie stopped him with a hand over his mouth. “The answer is yes. But it wasn’t just Sam. It was you and Sam. I know what your relationship is with her and I respect and admire it. This isn’t just sexual. I’ve started to feel about Sam the way I feel about you.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

“We, and by we, I mean you, Sam and I, are already best friends. We’re already affectionate. I want to be with both of you. Unless I’m wrong and you aren’t in love with Sam as well. You think you hide it, but I see the way you look at her. I see how you smell her hair and bury your face into her neck.”

Derrick started to shake and put his head on her shoulder. “How long have you known?”

She grinned at him. “Since the beginning.”

“But why…”

Annie cut him off. “Because you’re worth it. You’re both worth it.”

“What if it doesn’t work out? I’ll lose both of you.”

“It will work out. Think about how we are when we’re all together. We have more fun and never run out of things to talk about. She makes us complete.”

Derrick felt the hope start to well up in his chest. He’d been hiding his feelings for Sam since he was about 16. She meant more to him than anything else in the world and thought that being her friend was the safest way to keep her in his life forever.

“How do we convince Sam?”

“We show her,” Annie replied with an impish grin.


Ben Bradley opened the door to a nearly hysterical Sam. “Oh my god, Sugar, what happened?”

Ben’s partner, Alex, walked up behind him and gasped. Neither had ever seen Sam cry. Sam was everyone’s rock. Alex, being the big muscle-man that he was, scooped Sam into his arms and walked her to the couch, where he sat her between them.

“Sam, talk to me.”

“It’s over. I can’t believe after everything, it’s over.” Tears and snot were running down her face and Ben motioned Alex to get her some water and tissues.

“I know it’s hard right now, but I need you to try to take a deep breath and tell me everything.”

Alex returned and wiped Sam’s face before giving her a hand-full of tissues. Sam took a deep, sobbing breath and a sip of water.

“You guys have met Annie, right?”

“Yes, she’s a sweetheart.”

“I kissed her tonight, and Derrick walked in. Well, she kissed me, but that’s beside the point because I didn’t stop her.”

Ben looked knowingly at Alex. “How was the kiss?”

“It was mind-blowing. Her lips were so soft and she was so responsive…wait, what does that have to do with anything?”

“How did Derrick react?” Alex asked.

Sam paused. “I don’t know. I ran out.”

“Sweetie, how long have you been in love with Derrick?”

“Why are you guys asking these questions? I kissed his girlfriend, hell, his almost-fiance!”

“Bear with us, sweetie. How long have you been in love with Derrick?”

Sam let out a frustrating sigh. “I don’t know, since I was a teenager.”

“And why didn’t you ever tell him?” Alex asked.

“What are the chances that we would have lasted? We’ve been best friends for more than two thirds of my life. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worth taking a chance on destroying that.”

“And how do you feel about Annie?” Ben asked.

Sam hiccuped. “No one has ever made me more serious about exploring my bi-sexuality. She’s everything I look for in a woman. She’s so special and she and Derrick deserve each other.”

“Honey, have you ever seen how Derrick looks at you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I think Derrick feels the same way about you.” Alex said gently.

Sam growled. “But where does that leave Annie?”

Ben sighed and pushed the hair out of her face. “You’ll just have to talk to them about that.”

“So, you don’t think it’s over?”

“No, sweetie, I think you completely overreacted and you need to talk to them. And by overreacted, I mean jumped off the deep end.”

She sniffled and laughed. “I guess that was pretty out of character and hormonal, wasn’t it?”

Alex laughed his deep laugh. “Oh yeah, you rivaled one of Ben’s tantrums with that one.”

“Oh shut up, you!” Ben said, endearingly.

“Now, you get all dolled up for work and we’ll go in with you. We were planning on heading to Jade tonight anyway. We’ll dance with you on your break. And Sam, you deserve them, too.”

“Thanks, guys, I love you.”

“We love you too, sugar.” Ben and Alex both kissed her on the cheek and swatted her butt as she left the couch.

Chapter 4

“Are you sure about this?” Derrick asked Annie as she put the finishing touches on her sparkly makeup.

“Yep, we both love her and we’re going to get her.”

Derrick took a deep breath and refused to hope too much. “Okay, let’s go.”

Annie ran her hand over Derrick’s ass. “All of the boys are going to want to eat you up in your leather pants.”

Derrick snorted out a laugh. “They’ll have to get in line, then.”

The drive to club Jade was filled with tension and anticipation.

The bouncer waived them to the front of the line and through the doors with a wink. Sam was loved by everyone and they received special treatment by extension.

The music was throbbing through the club and it was packed. Derrick looked for Sam behind the bar, but found Ben instead. Ben caught his eye, winked and tilted his head, looking in Sam’s direction.

Sam’s eyes were closed and Alex gyrated behind her with his hands on her hips. A bolt of jealousy shot through Derricks gut. For one thing, Alex was one hundred percent gay and for another, Derrick had never allowed the jealousy to come to the surface before. He felt shaken up and out of his comfort zone.

Alex made eye contact with him and smiled. He waved Derrick over with his head and smoothly transferred Sam’s arms from around his own neck to Derrick’s.

For the first time, Derrick truly reveled in the press of his body to Sam’s. He tipped his head down and spoke directly into her ear.”

“Hey, Sammy.” He punctuated this by running his hands over her perfect hips and grinding his erection into her ass.

He felt Sam stiffen. “Just dance,” he whispered. He pushed her hair aside and nuzzled her neck. He felt her hands begin to massage his scalp and couldn’t help but groan.

The song changed to something more slow and sultry and he gently turned her around and put her arms back around his neck. He noticed her red eyes and kissed each one. He gently slipped his hands under the back of her shirt to feel her warm skin and nuzzled her temple.

“Why?” he heard her ask.

“Why what?”

“Why are you here? Why are you doing this? Where’s Annie?”

He looked directly into her big, green eyes. “I’m here because you ran out of the house. I’m doing this because Annie finally brought to my attention that I’ve had deep feelings, more than brotherly feelings, for you, for years. And Annie is over there waiting for us to make up before she comes over.”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if what doesn’t work?” He knew exactly what she was asking, but wanted to hear her take on things.

“Whatever we’re doing. What if it doesn’t work?”

“If, and that’s a huge if, whatever we decide to do doesn’t work, we were friends first and will be always.”

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Jake honked the horn as he pulled to the curb in front of Diane’s house. He and Diane had been dating since ninth grade, and were off to see a new movie. They had to hurry if they were going to pick up Brian and Ellie and get to the theater on time. Diane’s best friend Ellie had been dating Brian since their junior year, and the four of them were best friends and partners-in-crime. Graduation day was fast approaching, and college was just around the corner.


Jake had just finished unloading the last of his things from his car, and into his new apartment. He was just about to start his second year at the state university. After a year in a dorm room, he was really looking forward to having his own place. Sure, it was only a small efficiency apartment, but it would be all his. He hadn’t liked living in the dorms, especially when Diane visited. Now, they’d have a place to be alone.

He was also looking forward to the private gym in the building’s basement. Jake was a big guy, six foot two, two hundred pounds of muscle. He’d started working out when he was on the football team in high school. Now it was one of his favorite things to do. It made him feel good to be in top shape.

Diane was in her second year at a small, exclusive all-girl arts college. Jake couldn’t really visit her because men were not allowed in the girls’ housing. So, she visited him about once a month. With his private apartment, he suspected that they’d spend those entire weekends in bed together. Well, not the whole weekend. They’d make time for Diane to see her best friend, Ellie, who attended the same university as Jake did.


Jake returned from classes to see fire and emergency vehicles clogging the street in front of his apartment building. He hurried up until he was stopped by a police woman.

“What happened?” he asked. “I live in that building!”

A fireman stepped forward and answered. “There was a fire on the second floor. Apparently, someone left a candle burning and it lit the curtains on fire. The damage is pretty extensive.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” grumbled Jake. “I live on the sixth floor. Did the fire get up that high?”

“Most of the fire damage is on the second and third floors. Water damage goes up to about the fifth floor. You might have nothing but smoke damage up on six. It’s still too early to really say. But the structure has extensive damage. I doubt that they’ll repair the building. Probably just knock it down and rebuild.”

“Oh, man,” sighed Jake. “Can I get up there and get my stuff?”

“Not until the building is inspected. That’ll probably take a day or two. I’d suggest that you find a place to stay if you can. If not, the Red Cross will find a temporary place for you. Officer, can you get this boy’s information and put him in contact with the Red Cross?”

“No problem, chief. Come with me, young man.”

Jake spent the next hour talking with the police and some of the other people who lived in his building. It was agreed that they’d all be escorted to their rooms at 10AM the day after tomorrow to salvage whatever they could. A few people went with the Red Cross to their shelter, the rest felt that they could find a friend to crash with for a few days. Jake knew that he could find somebody who’d let him sleep on their couch.

He called Diane and told her the bad news.

“Wow, Jake, I’m sorry. But this cloud has a silver lining. I talked to Ellie this morning. Her roommate Abigail had to drop out of school because her mom is sick. Ellie’s worried that she’ll lose her apartment unless she finds a new roommate. I’m sure that you can stay with her until things get settled. In fact, I’m sure that she’d love for you to move in permanently. Give her a call.”

So, Jake called Ellie and told her his story. “Jake, you come over here right now! I insist that you stay here until you figure out what you wanna do. My roommate took her bed and furniture, but I’ve got a big couch that’s yours as long as you want it.”


Two days later, Jake had collected his belonging from his old apartment. The apartment had been furnished, so all he really had was his clothes, books and papers, computer, and big screen TV. Everything smelled like smoke. He washed all of his clothes twice at a laundromat until they smelled clean. His computer and TV smelled so bad that he just threw them in the dumpster.

They had discussed it over dinner last night, and Jake had decided to move into Ellie’s apartment with her. He’d have a big bedroom, and the rent was cheaper than at his old place. His dad had agreed to use the money saved on rent to buy Jake a new computer and TV, as well as a new bed and a used desk.

That evening, Wednesday, found Jake settling into his new apartment, with his new roommate Ellie. It turned out that Brian would be visiting that Friday, and Diane was also planning on visiting, so the old gang would all be together for the weekend.


At the library the next day Jake finally had some time alone to consider things. There was a reason that he didn’t really hang around with Ellie at school, and why he had been skeptical about moving in with her. But, it had all happened so fast, and he hadn’t had much choice.

The reason? Ellie was fucking gorgeous! Jake had had a secret crush on her for years. He had seen her grow up from a skinny, cute girl into a shapely young woman. The summer after high school found the foursome at the beach almost every day. They had a blast together, laughing, joking and teasing each other. But, seeing Ellie in her bikinis had almost been too much for Jake. The skinny girl had blossomed. She was now about five foot eight, still thin but with what had to be C-cup breasts, her thin waist flaring to shapely hips and a tight, sexy ass. When she came out of the water and her long, reddish-blond hair was plastered to her chest, he’d had to force himself not to look for too long.

Diane was also a beauty, and Jake loved her deeply. He knew that he’d marry her some day. He’d have to be very careful around Ellie. If Diane ever suspected anything about his feelings there’d be hell to pay.


The first knock on the door came at 5:15. Ellie was in her room, so Jake went toward the door. “I’ll get it, Ellie.” He opened the door and greeted his friend Brian.

As they shook hands Brian yelled out. “Hey Ellie, what are you doing with this strange man in your apartment?” Ellie ran from her room and wrapped Brian in a hug.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just one of my many boyfriends that you don’t know about. Jerk.” She gave her boyfriend a passionate kiss.

Brian grabbed his bag and followed Ellie into her room and closed the door. Jake could hear them talking and kissing. “Don’t get carried away in there you two, Diane should be here any minute.”

About twenty minutes later another knock sounded. Jake hurried to the door. “Diane, honey, I’ve missed you.” They were wrapped around each other when Ellie and Brian came back into the living room.

“I’d tell you to get a room, but I guess you already have one. Diane!” Ellie pushed Jake aside and hugged her best friend. “So, how do you like my roommate upgrade?”

Diane smiled. “I like this one much better than the old one. He’s got a bigger chest and a better ass.”

They all laughed. This was the way that they’d been joking around for years, a part of the glue that held their friendships together.

Over dinner, Jake told the whole story about the fire and the days since. He praised Ellie for taking him in. She told them all about her roommate’s sudden departure due to her mom’s failing health.

They drank, talked and laughed until around ten o’clock, when Diane spoke up. “Well, guys, I need to get a little better acquainted with with Ellie’s new roommate. Come on, Jake, show me your bedroom.”

“I’ve got to warn you, Diane, our bedrooms share a common wall and it’s a thin one. If you’re as loud as usual, we’ll hear everything.”

“Me, loud? Remember the time at that hotel in the Black Hills? We could hear you guys from two doors down! You’ll just have to turn your music up.”

The two couples retired to their respective rooms. Ellie cranked her music up loud, and both couples started out trying to be quiet. That didn’t last long. In the end, they all heard everything. Jake was on top of Diane when they heard Ellie cumming loudly with Brian grunting along. Jake stared into Diane’s eyes as she started to quiver and shake. A moment later they both exploded, Diane nearly screaming her joy.

Jake and Diane were up early, so Jake knocked on Ellie’s door. “Diane and I are going out for breakfast, we’ll be back around noon. Have fun.” Jake and Diane went out for a long, relaxed breakfast at his favorite greasy spoon, then took a long walk around the campus. When they returned, Ellie and Brian were just leaving for lunch and to run some errands. Jake and Diane used the time alone for some slow, loving sex.

That night the foursome went to the student center to hear a DJ, dance, and have a few drinks. They had their usual good time and got home late. Without a word they retired to their rooms, and soon the apartment was filled with the sounds of banging headboards, loud dirty talk, and strong orgasms.

Everyone was hung-over the next morning. They took turns in the shower, then the girls made breakfast. They were all sad to see the weekend almost over. As Diane and Brian finished packing their things, Brian called them all to the living room.

“Guys, I know I don’t have to say this but I think it’d be a good thing to discuss. Shit, I’ll just say it. Jake, bro, you’d better keep your hands off of my girlfriend! I know that she’s hot as hell, but she’s mine. I love her, so stay away.”

Jake started to answer but Diane cut him off. “And you, Ellie, you horny slut, stay out of Jake’s pants! He’s mine forever. Don’t even think about trying him on.”

Jake sat down and patted his lap. Diane came and sat on him and put her arms around his neck. Ellie pushed Brian into a chair and did the same. They looked at each other in silence.

Jake spoke softly. “Diane, I know that this is a little weird. Christ, we just spent the weekend listening to each other fucking! It’s definitely weird! But don’t forget this. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much it hurts. There’s only one girl in the world for me, and that’s you.”

Ellie was next. She placed her hands on Brian’s cheeks and looked him in the eyes. “Brian, I trust you completely, and you can trust me completely. I love you, and respect you. You’re the only guy for me.” She gave him a slow, tender kiss. She could hear Jake and Diane kissing, too.

After a moment Diane stood up. “Shit, that was hot! I wish we had another hour to turn this place into a fuck palace again!”

They all laughed and hugged, then the visitors gathered their things. With more hugs and kisses they said their goodbyes.


Since they both had full class loads, Jake and Ellie didn’t see much of each other. They both spent lots of time at the library or studying with friends, and both tried to get to the student health club a few times a week. They had breakfast together a couple of times each week, and saw each other some nights before bed.

One night, Jake got home late to find the apartment dark. He assumed that Ellie was already asleep, so he was quiet as he slid into his room, stripped, and crawled into bed. After a minute he realized that he could hear a faint buzzing through the wall to Ellie’s room. Was it her phone? As he listened, the buzz got slightly muffled, then louder again. Then the noise went from loud to muffled, loud to muffled, in a steady rhythm. Was she covering her phone with the blanket? Was it her phone? What else could it be?

It was then that he heard a soft moan and the answer hit him. “Shit, that’s the sound of her sliding a vibrator into and out of her pussy!” he thought. His cock came to life as he pictured the scene. Without even thinking he started to slowly stroke himself as he listened. He realized that she was only eight feet away from him when he heard her moan again.

Ellie picked up her pumping speed and let out a little squeak. He had heard that squeak before from her, as she got close to orgasm with her boyfriend. Jake pumped his cock faster, matching her speed. His hard pumping caused his bed to shift and make a sliding sound on the floor. “Shit, did she hear that?” he thought.

If she did, it only made her pump faster as she began to pound the vibrator into her pussy. Her moaning became louder. Jake kept pumping, knowing that he was almost there.

Suddenly Ellie spoke. “Shit Jake, I’m cumming!” Jake heard her thrash on her bed as she cried out in orgasm. That did it for him.

“Oh, Ellie, I’m cumming, too!” His hips shot up off of the bed. He grunted loudly as his cum shot over his stomach and chest.

He slowly settled down and the apartment was quiet. After a few minutes he heard Ellie again through the wall. “Goodnight, Jake.”

“Goodnight, Ellie.”


Ellie was up and gone by the time Jake got out of bed. They saw each other a several times in the next few days but didn’t talk about what had happened.

Jake got home late on Friday night. He’d been at the library working on a paper. He had just pulled a beer out of the refrigerator when Ellie came in with a girlfriend. It was obvious that the girls had been enjoying some drinks.

“Jake, meet Stacy. Stacy, Jake.” Jake nodded a hello. “Stacy’s in my European Studies class. We had a big test today and we both nailed it! So, we’ve been celebrating. Is there any more beer?”

Jake joined the girls for a drink in the living room. It was quite entertaining, as the girls were more than a little drunk. They spent almost an hour laughing and talking before Stacy decided to call it a night. Jake insisted upon walking her home. It wasn’t far, but he felt that someone should keep an eye on her. When he got back to the apartment Ellie was sitting on the couch in her robe.

“It’s about time. My friend and I have been waiting for you.” She saw Jake’s confused look and smiled. Holding up a long, purple jelly vibrator, she rose from the couch and walked toward her room. “It turns me on to know that you’re listening. I’ve been dying to fuck myself all day.” Ellie air-kissed him, went into her room, and closed the door.

Jake felt like he should resist. He wanted to be faithful to Diane, and he knew that Ellie was a little drunk. But what could he do? Wait out here until she was finished?

He went to his room, stripped and fell on the bed.

“Hey, Jake. Are you naked?” Ellie asked through the wall.

“Yes. Are you?”

“Yes. I’m naked and playing with my tits.” He heard her groan. “Now I’m pulling my nipples. God, it feels good.” She let out a long, slow moan. “Are you getting hard yet?”


“Wrap your hand around it.” Jake heard the vibrator start to hum. “Hmmm, I’m rubbing my clit with the vibrator. It feels so good.”

Jake started pumping his cock. “Is there hair on your pussy?”

“Oh, dirty boy, you want a picture of my pussy in your mind.” She groaned again. “No hair, I have it waxed. My pussy is bald. I have my knees spread and my feet together. My pussy is wide open.”


“Now I need a picture. Tell me about your cock.”

“It’s all the way hard now. Little Jake is about seven inches long, circumcised, and sort of thick, I guess.”

“I like that you call him little Jake. Is he hairy?”

“I trim him, but don’t shave him. I trim my balls, too.” Jake heard the muffled sound of the vibrator slipping into Ellie’s pussy. “I can hear when you push the vibrator into your pussy. The sound changes.”

“Can you tell when I’m pumping in and out?” Ellie moaned and pumped faster.

“Yes. I can picture it in my mind, too.”

They were both quiet again. The only sound was the vibrator going in and out. The minutes ticked by as the both pleasured themselves.

“I’m getting close, Jake.”

“Me, too.” Jake could hear that she was pumping fast and hard. He caressed his balls with his left hand and pumped his cock with his right.

“I’m gonna cum, Jake. Cum with me!” Ellie growled. “Here it is, Jake. Oh, God, I’m cummming.” Ellie screamed and Jake could hear her thrashing on the bed.

“Here it is, Ellie. Here I cum, here I cum.” Jake howled and started shooting. He could hear that the vibrator was buried deep in Ellie’s pussy as his cock pulsed.

They were both quiet as they recovered. Jake heard the vibrator buzz as Ellie pulled it from her pussy, then heard it turned off.

“That was great,” Ellie spoke slowly and dreamily. “Goodnight, Jake.”

“Goodnight, Ellie.”


On Friday, Brian came to visit Ellie. Diane had two big tests coming next week, so she put off her visit until the following weekend. The threesome had dinner, drinks and a lively conversation until Ellie pulled Brian into her room. Jake watched TV for a while, feeling a little awkward about being a third wheel to the two lovers, Eventually, he thought that he had given his friends enough time to do their thing so he went to his room and got into bed.

It was obvious right away that he hadn’t waited long enough. He could hear the vigorous fucking taking place next door as Ellie spoke to her boyfriend. “I’m gonna cum, Brian. Shoot your hot stuff inside my pussy when I cum.” The fucking got louder and faster, and Ellie started to make her squeaking sound. This turned into a long groan that turned into a loud wail as Ellie came, Brian grunting and cumming with her.

Jake spent all of the next day at the library. He wanted to give his friends some privacy. Besides, it just made him horny and frustrated to listen to them having sex. His turn would come next weekend when Diane visited him.

On his way home Jake stopped at a local bar for a few beers. He wanted to get home late. When he finally got home the apartment was quiet and he went right to sleep.

He awoke to the sound of Brian’s voice. “God, I love watching your tits bounce when you ride me.” Jake got up and went to the kitchen and made coffee. He couldn’t stop thinking about Ellie’s tits bouncing. Soon, Brian and Ellie emerged from the bedroom and joined Jake for breakfast.

“I’ve got to hit the road early Jake, I’ve got to be back by two for a study group.” Brian told his friend. “Sorry if we kept you awake.”

“No problem, friend. We live in a…what did Diane call it, a fuck palace? You’d better buy Ellie some cotton for her ears because next week I’ll be taking out my frustration on Diane.” They all laughed.

After Brian left, Jake was lying on his bed reading when Ellie knocked on his door. “Jake, can I come in?” He invited her in and she sat on the edge of his bed.

“Jake, I know it had to be tough listening to us fucking all weekend. Is everything OK between us?”

“Ellie, we’re fine. Well, you are. I’m just horny.”

“Poor Jake.”

“I woke up to Brian telling you that he liked the way your tits bounced when you rode him. Now, I can’t get your damn bouncing tits off of my mind.”

They were silent as they looked into each other’s eyes. Then Ellie spoke softly. “OK, horny Jake, we can’t touch each other. Now strip, I want to watch you masturbate this time.” Jake stared at Ellie, trying to see if she was serious. “Here, let me help by showing you my bouncing tits.” Ellie crossed her arms across her tummy and pulled her shirt up to just beneath her tits. “Come on, Jake, it’s not a free show. Get naked. I want to see little Jake.”

Jake sat up and pulled off his t-shirt. Ellie blatantly admired his buff chest, then pulled her shirt higher until the bottom halves of her tits were showing. She stopped again and smiled at Jake. He took the hint and unsnapped his jeans, then quickly pulled them and his shorts off. He laid back naked in front of Ellie.

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