I shimmied into my shorts and assessed my outfit in the mirror. The striped tank top showed off my38H chest perfectly. My new bright blue shorts drew attention to my long legs, which were shapely enough to make up for my firm, but small, ass. Sweater in hand I grabbed a necklace from on top of the dresser and ran out the door. At 5’10″ this was admittedly a fairly large amount of skin to be showing on a first date, but I had spent too long nit-picking over my outfit and was running late.

The butterflies in my stomach were working overtime as I sat on the train wondering what Lee would be like. We had met online and only talked briefly; neither of us really believed in prolonging that sort of thing. ‘I just want him to be interesting!’ I thought, reminiscing on the last few dates I’d been on. Trying to force all thoughts of my continuing dry spell back into the recesses of my mind where they belonged. Failing, my best friend Angela’s heckling voice popped into my head, telling me that if it lasted much longer I might end up celibate forever. Not helpful. The conductor’s voice over the intercom interrupted my thoughts and I left the red line, butterflies still in tact.

The worst part was always trying to identify these people for the first time. Of course, I always had an idea what they looked like prior, but that never seemed to make it any easier. Walking up to the courtyard I was happy to see that most of the people already there were in groups of two or three. Bingo! Lee’s beard and short black hair gave him away..

“Hi, you must be Lee! I’m Jenna.”

“Hey Jenna, nice to meet you. I thought we could go to this outdoor bar near the water; it’s really close.”

“Ooh, that’s a great idea! The weather is amazing and I’ve been trying to soak it all in before fall comes.”

“I have a friend that works there. I think it’s supposed to sucker people into taking those whale watching tours, but it’s nice during the off-hours.”

We got a table at the small outdoor patio and ordered our drinks. Conversation was pleasant. I talked about moving into my new place and getting ready to start my final year of graduate school. He told stories about the rugby team he played with when he wasn’t busy working and ordering pitchers of mimosas at road-side diners. Finishing our cocktails we paid our tab and left for an indoor bar with delicious champagne cocktails and a delightfully large appetizer list. We continued, things felt relaxed and easy; I noticed my butterflies had long since disappeared. It was easy to feel comfortable around Lee, his short beard and dark hair contrasted with his green eyes and friendly smile. His black t-shirt hugged his fit chest in a way that made me bite my lower lip unconsciously. Deciding that rugby was a fabulous sport, I appreciated his strong, but not overly muscular 5’11″ frame.

“So, uhh, I think I’m going to head home. I’ve got work tomorrow, you know how it is. I’ve got beer at home though, if you’d like to join me for a drink. If you can’t, I understand” he offered. The sweetness and underlying awkwardness he clearly felt melted me into a puddle instantly.

“Yeah, that sounds nice” I answered dripping off my stool and pooling onto the floor.

The cab ride was short and we were soon at his apartment. As we walked up to the third floor, I quickly realized that allowing me to go first was less about being a gentleman and more about getting a good view as we climbed the stairs. Trying to make it a good show, I made sure to wiggle my ass as I went. He showed his appreciation by giving me a pat on the ass as he stepped by me to open the door. Drinks and conversation continued as we sat in his room, growing more comfortable with each other.

“I have a rooftop deck,” he mentioned as he mixed our second drinks.

“We can go up there, if you want.”

“I’m in!” I said, not a girl who can turn down something as impressive as a rooftop deck.

I felt the warm buzz of liquor run through me as I sat on his rooftop overlooking the city. Appreciating how the moon danced off the skyline. I scooted closer to him as I soaked in the amazing atmosphere and felt the tingle of sexual tension building up in the air surrounding us. Our eyes locked and he drifted off mid-sentence, leaning forward and kissing me softly on the lips. The late summer air swirled lightly around us as I felt his lips mingle with mine, causing me to lose my breath momentarily. I slid off the seat and wrapped my arms around his broad back, our kiss growing more intense. The tingle quickly spread all over my body as he sucked my bottom lip in between his. Time and morning work schedules ceased to be concerns as we continued to kiss passionately, arms wrapped around each other. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and felt his smooth tongue cover mine. Lee glided his hand down my lower back and cupped my ass causing a shiver to run through me. I love it when people get handsy.

“Step over this” he instructed me. Dazedly I climbed over the short wall we had been sitting against.

“Wait, what is that?” I asked, the dark only allowing me to make out a vague large object.

“So, there’s a bed up here. It’s been here since I moved in” he quickly added, seeing my concerned expression.

“There’s also a couch on the other side of the roof. It has no cushions and is filled with beer cans.”

“There’s a BED on your ROOF?!”

“Yeah. When I’m up here smoking, I think about how gross it is that it’s up here. But sometimes I also think that about how hot it would be.”

“This is where they’re going to find my body.”

“I don’t think anyone’s ever used it.”

Somewhere during this conversation, his arm had snaked its way over my shoulder and his hand was now on my breast. My attempts to weigh this all out logically and calmly went nowhere. My body was only concerned with the throbbing in by clit caused by this man’s exploratory grip on my tits. I moaned softly and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him into me.

“Oh, fuck it.”

Lust coursed through my veins as we tumbled onto the mattress, a tangle of limbs, panting, and groping. Lee lowered his body on top of me, returning his hand to my breast while pinning my arms above me.

“Mmmm” I moaned, grinding my hips against him relishing in the filth of being a cumslut.

Lost in the passion of the moment, I felt my shirt being pulled off of me. Breathing into my ear, Lee wasted no time removing my bra as well. Exposed to the cool air, my nipples immediately stiffened and presented themselves, ready for action. Taking the cue, Lee’s attention shifted further south his warm tongue slid past my neck and collarbone and made contact with my tit. I tried to stay quiet as he lapped at my breast but failed miserably when he sucked my nipple into his wet mouth. A yelp escaped my lips as his tongue swirled around my nipple which responded by getting even harder. His hands grabbed at my waist as he switched between my two aching tits. Alternating between sucking as much of one into his mouth as possible and nibbling on my nipple, I was in heaven.

Quickly abandoning my pretense of being quiet, I relented to the pleasure I was feeling and voiced my approval through a steady stream of cooing. Moving himself away only when I tried to pull his shirt off, he ate me up like a free buffet. Now shirtless, I had unfettered access to Lee’s luscious, curly-haired chest. Burying my hands in his thick chest hair, I explored his mouth with hungry kisses. Suddenly I felt a release of pressure as Lee lifted his body from mine. Alarmed, I quickly sat up and gathered my surroundings, pleased to learn he was simple getting himself to a better angle so he could remove my shorts. Belt buckles, buttons, and zippers stumbled open; I lifted my ass into the air as he slid my shorts around my ankles. Immediately I turned my attention to his pants. Pushing him onto the mattress I quickly overpowered him and unbuttoned his pants. Drawing my head in close, breathing on his newly exposed skin, I slowly pulled his pants off and threw them into the abandoned clothes pile. Straddling his hips I leaned down, feeling relief as the weight of my tits rested on his chest. Running my hands through his hair, I pushed his face closer to mine, feeling his plump lips as we kissed. Our bodies rhythmically rubbed together.; the warmth emanating from my pussy transferring to the head of his cock as it slid along crease, separated only by our thin underwear. Our simulated sex escalated until he rose, throwing me onto the bed.

“My, my. Someone’s soaking wet! What a naughty girl.” Lee scolded as he slid my panties off and fingered the wet spot on my panties. Holding them to my face to show me what he meant.

“I couldn’t help it,” I pleaded “you make me so wet.” I wiggled beneath him seductively.

“We’ll just have to so something about that, won’t we?” He questioned as parted my thighs with his large hands, bringing his face down between my legs.

“Wait, do you hear…” I trailed off as his tongue made contact with my slit.. Starting from the bottom, he slowly snaked his tongue between my lips and licked up the juices that were now dripping from between my legs. For a second I wondered about the sounds that I had heard, but as he circled my clit none of it mattered. Unconcerned with anything that were not coming from either of us, Lee continued to lap up my juices. I felt my climax rising. Too busy trying to remind myself to breathe steadily and not to buck so much that I dislodge his miracle-working mouth, I forgot to mention the noises I was hearing. Lee moved a hand from my thigh and started circling my clit with his thumb as he fucked me with his tongue.

“Oh yeah, right there! Ohh, that feels so fucking good.” My orgasm loomed over me like an approaching tidal wave.

Muffled sounds came from the head between my legs and Lee continued to tongue-fuck me.

“ah ah ahh AHH” I wailed as I came hard; squirting into his mouth. As my climax started to wane the sounds I had heard earlier became more clear.

“Is that people cheering?” I asked

“Yeah, I think so.” He replied calmly.

“Do you think they can see us?”

“I hope so,” he said, glancing around to find the source.

“Me too,” I agreed, feeling we were giving an excellent show.

“We probably should go inside now though.”

“And you probably should put your clothes back on before you stand up,” he added as an afterthought.

“Plus, then I’ll get to take them off again.” He smirked as he gathered our clothes from the rooftop.

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