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** Tuesday Evening **

Britt and I had just fooled around a bit upstairs in the office/studio and I was ready for round two, but we were interrupted by Gina and Kate roaring into the warehouse, ready to put the day behind them and wondering what we had planned for dinner. Up to now, meals and such were sort of hit and miss. Whoever got to it first or felt inclined to cook went ahead and just did it. Not to brag or anything, but I’m probably the best cook in the house and the girls always gush over about the meals I make. I’m pretty sure they’re sincere, but sometimes I think they just like being waited on. The one rule we do have that sort of balances this all out is that those who didn’t cook get to clean up afterwards.

Britt and I ambled downstairs and found the girls sprawled out on the couch in the living room, each sipping on a glass of wine. They both looked as though they’d put in a proper days work and I leaned in to each of them and gave them each a welcome-home kiss. “Looks like you guys got a work-out today.”

“I’ll say,” little Kate moaned as she rotated her neck, trying to work out the kinks. “Johnny screwed up a bit and we have a butt-load of inventory showing up.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Gina, the brunette Amazon; “he’s a little ahead of the game. Most of this stuff is for internet sales and I didn’t think we were going to stock most of it anyway; you know, just order it as needed, but somehow things got a little screwed up. Poor John is pulling out what hair he has left trying to get it straightened out.”

“Yeah, the poor baby,” Kate added, “he’s a sweet guy, but I think the business end of it sort of eludes him. Along with getting the website up and running, I get the feeling that more and more of the business end, you know, ordering and such, is going to land on our shoulders.”

“Well,” I said as I moved over to the fridge to get a glass of Britt’s ice tea, “I guess that’s something you guys need to think about because the next semester isn’t that far off and you’ll have less time to devote to the store.” I poured a tall glass and continued, “Didn’t you guys mention that John was thinking that the internet sales may be the way to go and that the physical store might not even make sense in the long run.”

“Yeah,” answered Kate, “I think the store is physically draining on Johnny, even with our help, so the idea of just taking orders and sending them out is a little more appealing. And the mortgage payments and insurance and all that down by the beach is insane. We have to sell a ttruck-¬load of merchandise to just break even.”

“John’s a bright guy and with you girls to help out, I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end. So, should I see what I can rustle up for dinner?” I asked.

“We thought you’d never take the hint,” Gina responded with a laugh.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “you just better hope that I’m not inclined to make a helluva mess for you to clean up.”

“Oh well, if that’s the case,” Gina said as she got up from the couch, stretching her long lean frame, “maybe I’ll just have a bowl of cereal; how ’bout you Katie?” she laughed.

“You know, I’m so beat, that may be all I have the strength to chew. Serve me up a bowl sister,” as the little one drug herself out of the confines of the couch.

I glanced over at Britt to ascertain whether or not I had dodged kitchen duties for the night or not.

“No way baby,” she said, “that was a nice appetizer you gave me upstairs, but I’m still hungry, so get your sweet ass into the kitchen and see what you can whip up. It won’t be the first mess of yours that I’ve cleaned up today,” she winked and then busted up laughing at herself. Kate and Gina just looked on and shook their heads in mild disbelief and went back to pouring out a couple bowls of corn flakes.

I managed to keep the mess under control and made a meal that satisfied my princess. Kate and Gina barely made it through their cereal without ending up face first in their bowls. A hard day’s work and a glass of wine pretty well did them in. They managed to put their dishes in the sink, gather a couple of good night kisses and they were done for the day. Britt and I finished our dinner in relative silence, washed the dishes and then settled onto the couch to watch a couple re-runs. Before long, we were both nodding and gave up and headed toward the bedroom.

I needed a shower and Britt had decided early on that I was incapable of giving myself a bath, so she joined me and we lovingly washed each other, paying particularly close attention to certain body parts. Washing and rinsing her hair has become one of my favorite things to do; running my fingers through her long slick hair; massaging her scalp is both relaxing and erotic. I turned her away from me and she put her hands against the wall as I stood behind her and rinsed her hair, massaging her back. As natural as can be, we were soon slowly making love, my cock sliding into her wet slit as I held her hair like the reins of a horse. Unhurried, we rode until we were both spent.

** Early Wednesday morning **

Neither of us remembers leaving the shower, toweling off, or crawling into bed. I awoke nestled to her backside, but my face was cushioned by a damp towel instead of her lustrous blonde hair.

“Mmm…morning lover,” she cooed as she wiggled her butt against my morning wood.

“Morning baby,” I replied, squeezing a firm breast and nuzzling under the towel until I found a neck to nibble on. She giggled and squirmed as I played. “So what’s on for today?” I asked, running my hand over her firm belly and back to her tits.

“Well,” she replied as she reached back and grabbed my hip to pull me tighter to her butt, “I assume I’ll hear from Melissa about whether or not she wants to go ahead with the shoot with Kate, and we really should try and get the Dodge shot so we can at least get that car out of here. I’m still going to leave it to you and Kate to figure out what to do with the hearse. It just gives me the willies.”

I rolled Britt over until we were face to face and gave her a soft kiss. “I’m sorry the car upsets you baby, but you know the real shame?”

Her brow furrowed as she tried to come up with the answer; “What’s that?”

I ducked down for a minute to suckle on a nipple and then replied, “Well we won’t have a complete personal calendar if we don’t have a shot of you and I making love where the casket usually rides.”

“Oh Jesus,” she groaned, taking a swat at my shoulder. “There is no way I’m getting in that thing unless I’m already dead. Maybe I’ll Photoshop us in the back, or better yet, you can fuck Kate in that thing and I’ll just Photoshop my head onto her body.” Britt laughed out loud at the notion and then added, “Oh, and Gina will have to shoot it, so that will make her happy, and I can just stay in here and get myself off on a dirty movie or something.” She laughed again; the biggest fan of her own jokes.

I laughed along with her and took her in my arms and we made out until it was time for me to get up and head off to work.

** About mid-morning **

The Bluetooth rang in my ear as I pulled away from the jobsite, “This is George,” I answered.

“Hi lover,” came Britt’s sing-songie reply. “So how’s your day looking?”

“So far, so good;” I answered, “how about yours?”

“Well, I haven’t been off the phone much so far. I got a call first thing this morning about the Dodge and it turns out they need to get it back in the next couple days, so we need to get that shot.”

“Okay,” I said, “it looks like I might even be able to sneak out a little early today, so why don’t we shoot it this evening.”

“Perfect,” Britt answered, “I’ll give Becky a call and see if she can make it. If not, then some other time. Also, Melissa, the shy red-head called and agreed to let Kate shoot her and we’ll do it in the upstairs studio. I’ll just have to work out a time with Kate, but it’ll be probably be Friday. I think Kate gets her camera gear today or tomorrow, so that works out well.”

“Well it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, so unless something else comes up, I’ll figure on seeing you about four.”

“Alright stud,” she giggled. “I’ll give Becky a call right now; I hope she can make it. Talk to you soon baby,” she signed off in a throaty voice, giggling as she hung up.

** Late Afternoon **

I was just a couple blocks from home, setting at a stoplight when a red Mustang convertible pulled up next to me and honked. I glance over and there was a familiar stunning redhead behind the wheel. Her big sunglasses disguised her for a brief moment as she smiled and waved. Becky was just as cute as I remembered her at the store and as I was about to roll down my window, the light changed so I gave her a wave to follow me and she tailed me to the warehouse. I could see the wary look on her face in my mirror as we sat and waited for the big door to roll open. I gave a little honk to let Britt know I was home and pulled up to the house within a warehouse with Becky close behind.

Whether she was on auto-pilot, didn’t see Becky’s car, or was just being Britt, my favorite blonde stood up behind the short walls that made up the second floor studio/office and lifted her shirt, flashing us with her bountiful c-cups, her trademark ‘welcome home’ gesture to me.

Wolf-whistles and cat-calls came from the car behind me, egging Britt on for another flash. Becky was beside me as I stepped out of the truck; “Hi Britt,” she waved and yelled up to our flasher. Turning to me, she batted her big green eyes; “Hi George, it’s good to see you again,” as she stood on her tip-toes and planted a kiss on my cheek.

Caught a little off guard, I put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a hug, “It’s great to see you too; glad you could make it.”

Becky gave me a tighter hug and then was gone, racing to the foot of the stairs as Britt scrambled down to greet us. “Hi Becky,” Britt smiled as she hugged the redhead like they were long lost friends. Becky’s back was to me, but a slight tilt of her head told me there might have been a little kissing going on and I felt a stirring down below.

After an extended embrace, they broke and Becky took the opportunity to take in her surroundings. She did the patented 360, her mouth slightly agape and said, “I never would have suspected this was all here.” She took another turn and spotted the number 43 Dodge in the shadows and then turned back to the house. “So you live here and the studio is here…wow, this is really cool. Not much of a view though,” she kidded noticing the absence of windows in the warehouse.

Britt took her by the hand and said, “Oh we have a view, you just have to work a little to get it, but it’s worth it. C’mon, I’ll give you the nickel tour.”

Britt glanced at me for approval I guess and I said, “Go ahead and show her around, but leave the house for last; I want to take a quick shower and change.”

I caught a quick disappointed frown from them both before Britt turned them around and they headed upstairs. I stalled to watch them climb the stairs. Britt had on another pair of her favorite running shorts that billowed enough to give me a tease of butt cheek. Becky wore a very short skirt that conveniently billowed as she followed Britt, giving me a little peek at a flash of red panties and the bottoms of a nice rounded butt. She turned to glance down at me just as I turned to go inside; unaware of whether I had taken advantage of the free look or not.

I stripped off my clothes and was stepping into the shower when I heard the bed in the upstairs studio being drug across the floor; Becky was going to see the view we had from our rooftop deck. I stepped under the water and contemplated a quick wank, Becky’s perky ass embedded in my brain. “Better not,” I told myself out loud and quickly washed up and stepped out to grab a towel. Dried off with the towel around my waist and standing at the sink, dragging a razor over my 5 o’clock shadow, I caught movement in the mirror.

“Damn,” I heard Britt giggle, “We weren’t quick enough.” I caught Becky checking me out in the mirror and our eyes met in the reflection. She quickly turned as red as her hair as she tried to look away, but I kept my eyes locked on her. Britt glanced at the mirror and smiled and then continued with the tour as though I wasn’t there.

Britt’s explanation of the mega-shower finally distracted the blushing red-head. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed as she took it all in, her mind no-doubt spinning, reading into Britt’s description of the many features. “It sounds incredible; I’m not sure I’d ever leave the shower.”

Britt laughed as Becky leaned in through the door to look it over. With her hand nonchalantly placed on our new friend’s ass, she added, “We’ve had a lot of fun in there and you should see George cringe when he opens the water bill. But I think we make it up to him in the end.”

Becky peeked over her shoulder, catching me looking at Britt’s strategically placed hand and gave her ass a little accepting wiggle; Britt’s fingers tightened in reply.

“Okay, tour’s over,” I said. “Babe, why don’t you see if Becky needs something to drink, I’ll get dressed and we’ll go set up the shoot, okay?”

“Okay,” she pretend-pouted and took Becky’s hand and led her out to the kitchen. Becky gave me one more glance and followed Britt’s bouncing butt out of the room. I managed to stuff my erection into a pair of shorts, threw on a t-shirt and joined them in the kitchen.

I glanced at the clock as I poured myself some water; “Kate and Gina should be home soon, shouldn’t they?”

“Oh, Gina called just before you got here and said they were on a roll and would probably put in a couple extra hours working on another shipment that came in.”

“Okay then,” I replied, “Well, help me get the beast in place and I’ll check the lights and you can get ready.”

“Okey dokey, “Britt smiled; “C’mon Becks, you can give us a hand.”

Britt led the way and I admired the view as I followed behind. Flipping on some overhead lights; the studio set-up with the curved wall and all the lights came into view. “How cool is this?” Becky exclaimed as she checked out the red and blue Dodge. “My daddy was a big Richard Petty fan back in the day,” as she bent over to stick her head in the driver’s window. It was obvious, even to me, that she was giving us a little show and it certainly didn’t go unappreciated. Britt was transfixed on her creamy white ass with the red thong splitting her taut cheeks. Britt was licking her lips as she looked over at me. Reaching down, she checked to see if I had been paying attention, wrapping her fingers around my arousal through my shorts. She gave a little squeeze and then sauntered over to the car. Placing a hand on one of those firm cheeks, Becky jumped, nearly banging her head on the roll bar; “Nice ass babe,” Britt said as she palmed the red-head’s butt.

Backing out, she turned and blushed an even deeper red than before, but her eyes gave away her true feelings. She and Britt stared at each other till I broke the moment, “Well, did you at least take it out of gear so we can roll it onto the set?”

“I’ll get it,” said my love as she searched in vain for the door handle. “How the hell do you get in this thing?” she asked.

“Pretty much the way Becky was doing it,” I answered. “The driver climbs through the window; it’s a safety thing.”

“Well that’s inconvenient,” she muttered as she went in head first. Becky stood beside her like she was going to steady her. Britt seemed to need some extra time to find neutral as Becky’s hand had slid up under her shorts and took her turn at a little ass fondling. It took me clearing my throat to get us back in gear, as it were.

“Alright Britt, see if you can steer from out here; Becky, you want to come back here and help me push?”

It took us a couple attempts, but we finally got it into position in front of the curved background. “Okay baby,” I said, “I’ll get everything set up if you want to go get changed and whatever else it is that you do.”

Britt stuck her tongue out at me in jest as Becky leaned in and whispered into her ear. Britt’s eyes lit up and she giggled. “Okay,” she said, “Becky’s going to help me get ready,” and they turned back toward the house. I had my back to them and didn’t see Becky duck over to her car and grab a bag from the back seat of the convertible.

It seemed to take forever for Britt to get changed. Lord knows it wasn’t much of an outfit; just a pair of boots, a barely-there pair of daisy dukes we’d made the day before, a string bikini top and a replica Richard Petty signature cowboy hat. As I checked the equipment for the third time, Britt yelled from the house, “Hey baby, do you need some water?”

I turned to reply, but my brain wouldn’t engage my mouth. Only my dick seemed to respond to the sight before me. In perfect catwalk stride, not one, but two cock-straightening wonders of nature approached and I was probably drooling out of one corner of my mouth as I took them in.

Starting with boots, Britt wore the turquoise pair we bought with Becky’s help earlier, while Becky had on a pair red boots that came up past mid-calf. Continuing on, both displayed incredibly toned thighs; Becky’s, that creamy white that only a redhead possesses, and of course, Britt’s wonderfully familiar tanned head crushers.

I was intimately familiar with Britt’s altered denims which resembled bikini panties with pockets, as I had earlier had a hand in fashioning them. Seeing Becky’s pair, I wished I’d had the opportunity to fine tune the fit on that pair also, but they were almost a perfect match.

Britt’s tanned, toned belly led to a blue string top that threatened to burst under the heavy load. Her nipples were just covered as the rest of her beautiful breasts snuck out around the edges. Becky wore a reddish top that was facing the same structural challenges as was Britt’s. Without closer inspection, I’d guess that the two girls could easily share bras, but it would be a shame to cover any more of these wonders than was necessary.

A sprinkling of freckles covered the redhead’s chest, and she wore a smile that melted my heart. She also wore one of the signature Petty hats atop her flaming red hair. Britt too wore a big smile and as always, my heart fluttered as I fell in love with her again, a daily occurrence. She wore her hat proudly, cocked to one side. Her blue eyes were darkened, not by the shadow of the hat bill, but by her sexual state. Her look confirmed that I recognized the signs and she winked; it was going to be an interesting shoot.

“So what do you think lover,” Britt asked as she and Becky stopped about six feet away. They both cocked their hips and then did a slow turn, giving me and my burgeoning hard-on a chance to take it all in.

I stammered to come up with something witty to say, but that part of my brain had been pushed into a corner. The portion of the brain that evidently kicks in when prolonging the species is desired was in full control. “Uhhh…” I finally said, “I think we need to get a model release signed.”

They both kind of stared at me in disbelief and then Britt broke out laughing. Taking Becky by the hand, they walked up to me; “You’ll have to forgive him Becks; he gets a little tongue tied and his brain disengages when he’s caught off guard. I think it’s funny as hell, but I’ll hear about it later.” She cocked her head and gave me a big wet kiss, surreptitiously copping a feel.

“Becky brought her own wardrobe just in case we needed an extra model, or at least so you could see how she would do on a later shoot.” Turning the redhead by the shoulders until her back was to me, Britt asked as she grabbed a couple handfuls of cowgirl ass; “How is that for a butt? I think it’s the perfect butt,” she purred.

Becky proved she could imitate a cat too as a satisfied sound from deep within her emerged and she bent forward ever so slightly as Britt continued to grope the girl’s butt, her fingers dangerously close to the crease. Britt reluctantly released her toys and stood Becky upright, turning her to face me once more. Without hesitation, she continued to sell me on the virtues of our new model. Britt’s hand ran over Becky’s flat belly, and it’s only as I followed her hand that I noticed the small diamond that adorned her belly button. Britt played with it for a second, and I felt eyes on me. I glanced up to see Becky staring intently at me, biting her bottom lip, her green eyes aglow. Then with a start, her eyes grew big and we both looked down; “Look at these gorgeous tits,” Britt proclaimed as she had one in each hand, her fingers under the small swatch of fabric.

“Unnhhh,” Becky inhaled deeply. “She’s got really suckable nipples too,” as Britt evidently had them pinched between a couple of fingers. Becky stared hard at Britt, squirming as the blonde continued to pinch and squeeze her breasts.

Just before Becky either climaxed or cold-cocked her; Britt retracted her hold, giving me a brief glimpse of a long, stiff nipple on a small areola. Britt placed one hand on Becky’s cheek and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, followed by another and that seemed to stem a quickly rising tide.

Britt stepped to Becky’s side and put an arm around her waist; “See,” she said to me, “She’s perfect,” to which Becky managed to blush once more…”And, oh yeah, she’s a natural redhead!”

Becky’s eyes grew big once more and for the first time, found her voice, “Britt!”

“Well you are! Baby, she has the cutest little shaved arrow that points down to the prettiest pussy.”

Now it was my turn to change colors as I felt my cheeks grow warm. “Becky, I’m sorry but this isn’t the way I would generally go about recruiting a model. Evidently my PARTNER in this BUSINESS,” I emphasized, “is quite taken with you and is POSITIVE that you are what we are looking for and that you would like to work for us.”

Becky took a minute and seemed to mull around what I had just said when she turned to Britt and smiled, “You’re right, he is cute when he gets all flustered, but” and then turning to me, “I do understand that this is a business and that under ‘normal’ circumstances, this would be highly inappropriate, but since you came into my store, Britt and I have talked a lot and gotten to know each other pretty well I think. So if you’ll have me, I’d love to model for you and more importantly, hope that we can become good friends or whatever.”

I must have let out an audible sigh of relief as the girls giggled and hugged each other. “So where’s that model’s release you want me to sign?” Becky asked with a big smile.

I stumbled a bit once more and Britt stepped in, “We have them upstairs, but we can wait till after the shoot. Okay boss, let’s get this thing shot. What do you want to do first?”

Glad to be back in control, which deep down I knew was a lie, I directed Britt and started to shoot. It was a pretty set routine by now as far as the poses and the angles that we shot the car, but there were variances that dictated a little creativity. I pulled the big ladder onto the set and at one point had Britt laid out on the hood so that the number was still discernible, but she looked gorgeous in her little cut-offs, her long legs splayed out. I was serious earlier when I told her I thought they should be the new office uniform.

After a bit, we got Becky involved, and they complemented each other well. I had them pose side by side and bent over the hood, looking back over their shoulders, their butt cheeks front and center. It was a great shot, but it could be a real test for those with questionable tickers. Most of the poses were ‘standard’ kind of shots, but as always, the girls got creative and we end up with some shots that while great, just aren’t suitable for the calendar; the stray hand here and there, or an overly ambitious kiss. On one shot, Becky once again stuck her head in the driver’s window with just her lower half visible with Britt to her side. It was a good shot, but my lovely assistant thought she could improve on it. Britt grabbed Becky by the legs and lifted her up until she was teetering on the door.

“Let go Britt,” Becky hollered as Britt stood between her legs, holding her parallel to the floor, smiling back at the camera. Becky squirmed but didn’t have much say-so in the situation and I snapped off a shot or two. Then Britt caught us both by surprise. Evidently the sight of the scant bit of denim fabric nestled tightly between the two alabaster thighs was more than Britt could resist and Becky was squealing in surprise and rapture as Britt buried her face in that holy intersection.

“Oh my goodness,” she cried out as she must have had a spontaneous orgasm. Just as quickly, Britt backed out and gently put the red pair of boots back on the floor. It took a minute before Becky backed out and stood up straight, looking a now nervous Britt in the eye. After enough time to let Britt stew in her own juices for a bit, Becky stepped up and planted a kiss on my girl that took my breath away.

The sound of the door operator engaging to open the warehouse door distracted us all. Gina and Kate rolled in and parked in front of the house. Britt and Becky quickly got themselves together, straightening up their outfits and checking each other’s makeup. I made like I was telling Becky how I wanted her to pose as I turned my back to the two newcomers and repositioned my stiff cock, drawing stares and giggles from my two models.

“Hey girls, come over and meet Becky,” Britt yelled out.

Introductions were made all around and the Gina and Kate complimented them on how sexy they looked. “Well,” I interjected, “I’d like to get a few more shots of just Becky and then I think we have enough.”

“Well we’re beat,” said Kate. “We shared a sandwich at the store for dinner, so I think we’ll hit the shower and off to bed. It was good to meet you Becky; hope to see you again soon.”

“Yeah, good night,” Gina added.

“Good to finally meet you,” Becky said. “Britt has told me a lot about you guys going to school and living together. It’s good to have good friends like that; I’m envious of you all.”

“Ah, well thanks Becky,” Gina said, turning back to give the redhead a hug. “Don’t be a stranger, but also don’t believe everything that seductive blonde over there tells you either; she can be a troublemaker. Good night.”

“Thanks a lot guys,” Britt yelled after them. “Okay, back to it. Where do you want her baby?”

I had a clever comeback for that one, but I let it slide. In just a few minutes we had plenty of shots to choose from and I pronounced the shoot finished.

“Oh,” said Becky, “can I ask one small favor?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, “sure,” waiting for the hammer to fall.

“Can I change back into my other clothes and get you to take a picture of me with the car? My Dad’s birthday is coming up and he’d get a kick out of a picture of me with the King’s car.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, delighted at her request. “If you were my daughter, I don’t suppose I’d want to see my little girl in that outfit either.”

“Oh,” she said as she headed to the house, “Daddy wouldn’t mind but Momma would have a fit. I’ll just be a minute.”

I was enjoying the view of Becky’s sweet ass bouncing into the house when my girl stepped up behind me and slid her hands into my shorts and wrapped me in her hands, bringing me to my full potential. “She’s sexy as hell isn’t she?” she whispered in my ear as she ground against my ass and played with my cock. “She was kind of shy when we were getting changed, and it took all I had to not throw her on the bed and eat that sweet snatch of hers. She really does have a little shaved arrow that points down to her pussy.” Britt continued to fondle me; “I asked her if guys really needed directions to find her pussy, but she just blushed and turned around. That wasn’t much better, cuz I just stared at her ass as she bent down to put on her shorts. She has the tiniest little pink asshole that I’d love to stick my tongue in.”

If Britt kept at it much longer, there’s no telling where we’d have ended up, but the sound of the front door closing broke the moment and Britt quickly pulled her hands free of my shorts and we both turned to the table to make it look like we were hard at work; I was just hard.

“Okay, I’m ready,” she said as she stepped up beside me. Her smell and her smiling face did nothing to temper my bulge, but what’s a guy to do.

“Alright,” I said, “what do you have in mind?” of course talking about the pictures.

“Well,” she answered slowly, glancing down at the tent in my shorts, “for now, let’s just get a wide shot of the whole car with me standing by the door number and then maybe a couple closer shots of me from the front, or something like that. I’ll trust you to make me beautiful,” she smiled.

“You certainly don’t need my help for that,” as I positioned her next to the car. I’m still not sure that momma was going to be happy with her little girl posing for photos in the little dress and boots, but I’m pretty sure her daddy would be proud. “I think that will do it; here, have a look.”

Becky stood close as I scrolled through the shots on the camera. I could feel her rapid pulse against my arm as she leaned into me for a closer look. Britt crowded to my other side to take a look. I scrolled back and we glanced at some of the previous pictures and they made teasing little comments to each other as we went. We ended our review with both having wrapped an arm around my waist, as close to a three-way hug as you could get and then Becky sheepishly broke the embrace.

There was a tension in the air until I finally said, “Well I’m sure the customer will be happy with this shoot. It’s going to be tough to choose a shot though, they’re all good. If we do use one with you Becky, we will need a signed release from you and we’ll discuss compensation then.” I felt a little awkward bringing it up at all; after all, this shoot just sort of happened.

“Oh no,” Becky exclaimed, “I didn’t even know if this was going to work out tonight or not. I hoped it would obviously, or I wouldn’t have come prepared; but being paid never entered my mind. I’ll gladly sign the release and I’d be thrilled if I ended up in the calendar, but I really just did this to see how comfortable I’d be with it all.” Becky sheepishly moved up until we were toe to toe and she continued, “Thank you for making me feel sexy and look sexy. You have a real talent,” and then she leaned in and gave me a delicate kiss on the lips. I was tempted to grab on for more, but before I could think, she stepped away and over to Britt.

“Thanks Britt, for everything. I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” Becky hesitated and Britt shot me a worried glance, like she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. Instantly, Becky made the decision and put my girl in a lip lock that again left me breathless. Their hands groped one another as they tongue wrestled. Britt’s right leg parted Becky’s and they ground one against the other until Becky once again broke the embrace as though embarrassed by her actions.

In a blur, a flustered and red-faced Becky gave us a both a quick parting kiss and was in her car and headed toward the exit. She had to stop for a minute while a perplexed Britt found a remote and opened the big door. We both watched as the red convertible laid an impressive scratch, squealing away from warehouse. Punching the button once more, Britt turned to me and said, “What the fuck?”

I just shook my head and started shutting down, “I think she’s just a little out of her element. She doesn’t really know me and although you’ve talked some and obviously flirted with each other, I think she just a little confused…conflicted. Give her time; it’s pretty obvious that she likes you; that was one hell of a kiss she laid on you.”

“Yeah,” said my blonde hillbilly, “She had my pussy wet before I knew what hit me. I haven’t had that kind of kiss from a girl in a long time. I mean Kate and Gina are great kissers, but that one had a lot of passion connected to it; that’s what confused me.”

“Well,” I said as I gathered up my camera and put my arm around her waist; “I’ll bet you that you’ll hear from her tomorrow. Just let her work at her own pace. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the shoot went. I think we got some great shots.”

“Yeah” she agreed as we opened the front door, “but it’s too bad Kate is already in bed; we could have finished the shoot tonight,” referring to our private x-rated calendar we were composing.

I stopped her inside the door; “I’ve got the remote trigger we’ve used before if you want,” I said, hinting hopefully.

“Naw,” she said as she led me to the bedroom; “I’m not in the mood after she left that way; besides, you haven’t made me dinner yet. We’ll get it shot, maybe tomorrow evening; right now, I just want to grab a little something to eat and crawl under the covers.” We each grabbed a handful of mixed nuts and some fruit and headed to the bedroom.

Meanwhile in the other bedroom, Kate, the little one, lay in bed, her long black hair fanned out on her pillow; she listened to us walk past the door and into our room. Sleep eluded her and as much as she tried, even snuggling with her naked bedmate, rolling from one side to the other, she couldn’t nod off.

‘Maybe if I masturbate,’ she told herself, ‘I always fall right asleep after I cum.’ Putting her little fingers to work, she tried to find the right fantasy to get her worked up and over the edge. Still, try as she might, she just couldn’t get it done by herself. Frustrated she lay there and it came to her; “Gina…Gina…are you awake?” she whispered in her roommates ear.

The brunette groaned and tried to roll away from the annoyance. Kate wasn’t that easily ignored. Snuggling up to her backside, Kate nearly crawled up on Gina’s side and whispered again, only this time she inched a hand down and found a firm breast and rolled a nipple between her fingers; “Gina baby, are you awake?”

Between her nipple, now erect, and aroused and the annoying, mosquito-like whispering in her ear, Gina finally responded groggily. “Whadayawant?”

“I can’t sleep,” Kate answered as she let her little tongue play with Gina’s ear, knowing it always got the Amazon’s attention.

“Well go get some warm milk or something,” as he rolled back toward Kate, trying to get away from her pesky tongue.

Kate smiled inwardly as Gina’s move made it just that much easier for Kate to continue on her quest. Slipping downward, she took the previously annoyed nipple between her lips and began to suckle. Rewarded with a satisfied moan from her bedmate, Kate let her hand drift down Gina’s firm belly and felt her legs spread automatically. Her fingers danced over Gina’s familiar pussy; “I’m horny,” she whispered as her fingers felt Gina’s pussy slicken.

“Well shit, now I am too,” Gina replied as she bodily drug the little one up and kissed her forcefully. Gina found the little one’s soaked snatch and slid a long finger along her wet lips.

Kate fought back, breaking the kiss; “Not here,” she told a confused and perturbed lover. “I want to make love in the hearse;” and before Gina could possibly nix the idea, Kate resumed the voracious kiss, her leg now working her statuesque lover’s pussy.

Gina moaned, her fingers trying to reacquire her target, only to be alluded by Kate’s squirming, which only drove Gina closer to the brink. Kate sprang to her feet and dragged a protesting Gina from the comfort of their bed. It was amazing how strong the little one was when she was good and horny. “Shh…” she whispered as she led them naked to the front door and out into the warehouse.

A full moon glowing through the skylights above was all the light they needed to find the back end of the Cadillac hearse and quietly open the big back door. The brisk air and the covert actions now had Gina as stirred up as Kate and she literally threw the little one inside the cavernous car and buried her face in Kate’s sweet pussy.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Kate moaned as Gina’s practiced tongue worked its way into Kate’s dewy depths, gathering her sweet nectar. Little Kate squirmed on the plush carpet as Gina lapped at her dripping pussy, teasing her stiff clit on each pass. Kate arched her back as Gina grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, her tongue darting down to the little one’s virgin ass.

It was virgin in that she had never allowed the real thing to take her final cherry. The occasional dildo or finger had worked its way past the tight entrance and she was trying to convince herself that the real thing would feel incredible; particularly after seeing the way both of her roommates responded to George’s hefty tool and expert touch. Just the thought of George bending her over and fucking her tight ass made it just that much easier for Gina to slip a middle finger inside, triggering her first climax.

“Oh fuck,” the little one squealed as she arched her back, her toes and shoulders digging into the carpet as she quaked. Gina followed her upward arch, her unrelenting tongue stabbing at her wet cunt, never letting Kate relax. Another orgasm ripped through her as Gina’s index finger slipped into her pussy and Gina fingered her petite roommate, one in each pulsating hole as she continued to nurse on Kate’s tender clit.

“Holy shit,” she cried as she rocked, trying to get away from her relentless lover. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Kate mumbled as finally she lost any control she thought she may have had over her own body. Gina had reduced her to a writhing puddle, her body shaking uncontrollably as the orgasms crashed inside her.

Gina smiled a wet smile, proud that she had laid her insatiable lover to waste, spent and depleted. She snuggled up beside her and ran her fingers through the long black hair, watching her pert little tits rise and fall as she caught her breath. One last shiver ran through Kate as Gina’s slender fingers followed imaginary paths up and down the little one’s body. Kate turned and reached for Gina, pulling her mouth to hers and shared a slippery kiss. “Thank you baby,” Kate whispered as Gina’s tongue played over her lips. “I suppose you expect repayment now?”

Gina smiled as she kissed her once more while guiding Kate’s small hand downward. Gina moaned into the kiss as Kate’s nimble digits found the Amazon’s pussy literally flooded with desire.

Kate straddled Gina’s stomach, never breaking their lip-lock. Reaching back, she stretched until her fingers found the top of her tall friend’s snatch. She managed to scissor Gina’s pussy between her index and middle fingers, squeezing her outer lips against her burgeoning clit. Gina inhaled deep as Kate tormented her trigger; she couldn’t breathe through the kiss and gently pushed her petite lover’s head downward.

Kate loved the feel of a lovers fingers working through her exotic tresses. Gina hummed lightly as Kate traveled south, her lips exploring as her fingers continued to play with her lover’s pussy lips. Kate saw no need to hurry as she lingered at each breast, sampling her roommate’s essence.

*** Meanwhile, Britt thrashed about in bed, her mind replaying Becky’s visit; trying to read signs that weren’t there. I couldn’t sleep either, and it’s not because my mind wouldn’t let me. It was because my bedmate wouldn’t let me. “Can’t sleep babe?” I asked, the ‘stupid question’ winner of the day.

“I’m sorry babe,” she said, “I just can’t figure Becky out. First she kisses me till I can’t breathe and then before I can catch my breath, she’s out the door.” She pounded the pillow and rolled to her side away from me, trying to get comfortable.

I ran my hand up and down her back, squeezing my favorite butt cheeks with each pass; “Some people just aren’t as free and easy with their feelings as other people,” I said as an errant finger slipped into her lovely crack. She squirmed, not trying to get me to leave her alone, just wanting to let me know that she knew, or something along those lines. “Like I said before,” my hand now slipping between her thighs, “Give her time. In fact, I’ll bet you that she calls tomorrow, like nothing happened.”

Britt lifted her leg slightly, inviting my hand to continue. Her pussy was hot and wet; begging for attention and my cock was now completely awake. I allowed one finger to part the way and Britt shivered at the touch. “You know,” I said as I intruded deeper, “the only way either of us is going to get to sleep is if I take this hard cock,” which I rocked into her leg, leaving a little snail trail of pre-cum on her skin, “and fuck your sweet pussy until you cum all over it,” my finger sliding further inward.

“Ah fuck,” she groaned at my words, along with a thick index finger. “Better yet,” she moaned as she grabbed my wrist, “How ’bout I slip into my little outfit real quick and we finish this month’s photo. I feel like getting fucked over the hood of a car. We don’t have to take a lot of shots; I just want to imagine what it would be like if Becky was there watching us.”

“Well fuck,” I groaned, my cock pulsating. I was going to just roll my girl on her back and take her downtown, but now her fantasy was planted in both my heads and I had no choice in the matter, I was out-voted. I rolled out of the bed and grabbed my shorts that were conveniently left on the floor. “Well c’mon, let’s go.”

Britt damn near killed herself pulling on her little cut-offs and boots as we headed to the front door. I noticed, but didn’t think much about the girl’s bedroom door being open. Britt was close behind and almost dressed when I threw on the lights in the warehouse.

*** “Ouch,” Kate said in a pussy muffled moan as Gina pulled on the handful of hair.

“Shush,” whispered a frustrated Gina, “the lights just came on.” Still in the shadows, enough light leaked through the windshield of the old Caddy to break Gina’s fantasy. Gina nearly laughed out as Kate’s little face poked up from between her legs, shiny with pussy juice.

“Quiet,” Gina whispered a she swung her leg over Kate’s head and crawled on her belly to the back of the front seat and looked out into the warehouse. Kate followed blindly, close behind, burying her face in Gina’s ass. Gina yelped, and then covered her mouth, swatting at Kate behind her.

*** I thought I heard something and turned toward where I thought the noise came from; from the shadows of the darkened warehouse and the Cadillac hearse. Probably just some of the old roof framing complaining about old age; I turned back to setting up the remote trigger on the camera and put it on the tripod.

*** “What are they doing?” Kate whispered, her chin resting on Gina’s butt as she looked out through the windshield at the racing Dodge, now all lit up. Gina’s arms rested on the seat back of the front seat of the car, pretty sure that she couldn’t be seen.

“I think they’re going to do their private calendar shoot. Since you’re supposed to be in bed, they’re going to use that remote thingy that lover boy has for the camera.

“Shit,” Kate whispered in frustration.

“What?” Gina asked, still looking out the window.

“The remote shutter release; I forgot to order one of those,” whined the budding photographer.

*** “Okay babe, I’m ready,” I said as I looked once more into the shadows. “Hmm,” I pondered, as I saw a glint that could only be the back window of the hearse and the door would have to be open to see that. Slow as I am sometimes, particularly when most of my blood has drained down to my cock, I connected the open bedroom door of the girls and the open rear door of the hearse.

*** “Shit,” Kate whispered, “did he see us?”

“Quiet,” Gina hissed as she took another swat at her co-spy. “I don’t think so; it’s too dark back here. Just be quiet and let’s see what happens.”

*** I stepped up to Britt, wearing just my shorts and shoes and took her in my arms and kissed her hard, my hands on her ass cheeks, holding the remote trigger. I squeezed both the cheeks and the trigger and the strobes obeyed, flooding the area with light. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a shadow in the shape of a head in the Caddy as the flash arced light off the reflector and bounced it off the back wall of the warehouse; just enough to barely backlight the hearse.

“Be quiet, but we have an audience,” I whispered as I turned Britt toward the other car and leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth, firing the camera.

Britt inhaled in shock; not sure whether it was from the titty suck or spotting the same silhouette I saw. “Well the little shits,” she moaned as I suckled on her breast and she reached down to slip her hand into my shorts. I fired off another shot.

*** “Fuck, this is hot,” Kate whispered from behind Gina.

“Un-huh,” was Gina’s response followed by a slippery slurping sound. Gina had a couple fingers buried in her cunt as she played peeping-tom; after all, she had been interrupted earlier.

Kate smiled to herself when she heard the unmistakable sound of fingers on pussy. She backed up a little and grabbed her best girl’s butt cheeks and picked up where she left off. Gina quickly bit down on her other hand to keep from crying out at the sudden rear assault.

*** I picked Britt up by the waist and set her on the edge of the hood and pulled the little string top up and out of the way. Britt whispered as she held my face between her breasts and tried to suffocate me; “I suppose we may as well give them a show.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I answered as I laid her up on her back. She squealed as I pulled the little denims up her legs and buried my face in her delectable puss; her legs, boots and shorts pointing to the sky. I fired the camera once more as Britt pulled my head into her pussy, once again trying to suffocate me.

“Suck my pussy,” she said out loud, certainly loud enough to be heard across the warehouse. “Fuck me with your tongue baby,” she cried.

Britt has about the sweetest pussy on the planet and I really didn’t need the encouragement. I slid my tongue all around, inside and out until her juices began to flow. I slid my flat tongue over her pussy and blazed a trail to her belly button and played there for a minute. Growing impatient, Britt pushed herself up on her elbows and glared at me with a subliminal, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’

I stood up straight and pulled the little shorts the rest of the way off, over her boots, and threw them aside, toward the girl’s hiding spot. Grabbing her at the back of the knees, I looked down at her, her bikini top no longer hiding anything, her hat up on the windshield and her eyes as black as coal. “I think I might like a little ass tonight, whadaya think?”

Before she had a chance to think even once, I forced her legs as wide as they’d go and pushed them back until she was obscenely exposed. I looked down, taking in the sights as she growled, “Eat me you motherfucker!” and she slapped the hood, hard, the sound echoing through the building.

*** The explosive sound startled Kate with her face buried in Gina’s backside, tongue fucking her best friend. Gina too was taken by surprise and thrust back on her lover’s face. “What the fuck?” Kate asked as she snuck a peek over Gina’s magnificent butt.

“Hush,” was the reply as Gina pushed back again, hinting none too subtly.

“Ah fuck,” Kate moaned low, “That’s so fucking hot. Fuck, he can eat a pussy.”

Growing frustrated, Gina whispered back, “Well so can you baby, so how ’bout it?” gesturing back at her own anxious pussy.

“But I want to watch too,” she whined and then slid three of her slim fingers into her friend’s snatch. All she heard was a contented grown as she slowly finger-fucked Gina while she laid her head on her soft butt and watched the show.

*** “Fuck yeah,” Britt moaned as she rocked her head back and forth on the number 43; “Lick it, yeah, lick my ass…ah fuck…stick that tongue up my butt baby…oh you nasty fucker you…”

Her talking had my cock throbbing and I released a leg long enough to push my shorts to the floor. My cock sprung up, slapping the fender and I grabbed her legs once more and pulled her closer and returned to my feast.

*** “Jesus,” Kate moaned as she absentmindedly drove her fingers deeper, “His cock looks huge!” as she continued to work Gina’s pussy. Gina was speechless, reveling in the erotic sight unfolding before her and the sensation of the multiple fingers inside her.

“More,” she finally uttered. No change; “More fingers,” she groaned louder, bucking to get Kate’s attention.

“Oh,” Kate finally catching on. Aware of her duties, the little one sat back up and concentrated on working the fourth finger in, rewarded by the ‘Mmmmm’ from up front.

*** “I’m cumming…cuuummmiiinnggg!…” Britt cried out as I wallowed in her sex, awash in her juices as she rocked in climax.

I stood up straight, pulling her legs upright and rested them on my shoulders, running my hands up and down her thighs. She managed to open her eyes and let out a deep, contented sigh. “I am thrashed after that. You just keep getting better and better baby.” She reached her hands up and I helped her sit up on the edge of the hood and we kissed, but my cock, still hard in anticipation, kept fighting with the fender.

Britt caught on to my dilemma and giggled as she pushed me back and slid off the car. “Poor baby,” she said as she took me in her hand. She leaned up and kissed me again as she used my cock like the rudder on a boat and turned me until my butt was against the fender. Even with my cock pulsing in her grasp, I remembered the camera and found the remote and fired off another shot. Britt smiled at the flash and turned to get her bearings on the camera.

“Hand me my hat,” she said as she took the string top off the rest of the way, leaving her clad in nothing but a pair of boots and the wide brimmed hat. In perfect profile, she squatted down in front of me, the brim of her hat touching my belly and her tongued extended, licking the tip of my cock. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and took the shot. I could only imagine what it looked like and I was even more turned on by my lover’s brilliance.

I felt her try to take more of me in her warm mouth, but even I couldn’t compare with the size of the brim of the hat. I reached down and lifted the hat, exposing her dark eyes staring up at me, the crown of my cock nestled between her smiling lips. I sat the hat on the hood and ran my fingers through her hair as she held me in position. I caught on and took another shot as she slowly consumed me, taking me into her throat, her nose on my lower belly, by balls against her chin. “Ah fuck,” I groaned as I took another shot. “Fuck, I love you,” I said, as she slowly backed off my dick.

A long string of mucus bridged the gap between my cock and her smile as she ran her hand over my slick boner. “I love you too,” and she took me deep once more.

*** “Fuck she’s good,” Kate moaned as she continued to run her fingers up inside Gina’s hot pussy, her thumb teasing her clit. Kate’s other hand was occupied, playing with her own pussy as Gina was now moaning non-stop, rotating her hips in rhythm to Kate’s ministrations.

They were both riveted on the scene through the windshield, watching their best friend suck a cock that they had all enjoyed. “Taste,” Gina whispered, reaching back for Kate. Kate’s pussy gushed as she interpreted her friend’s request. She slowly drew her fingers from Gina’s cunt, twisting her hand to gather as much of the sweet nectar as she could. Kate crawled the couple of feet and fed the Amazon her own essence, shivering as she felt Gina’s tongue sucking on her fingers as she stared out at Britt sucking that magnificent cock.

*** I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate and I had two more stops to make. “Come here baby,” I said as I reached for her arms and pulled her to her feet, my wet cock leaving a trail up her torso. We wrapped each other in our arms and made out like high-schoolers. My hands on her ass pulled her tight as she ground her pussy on the top of my cock.

The time had come and I took her by the hips and spun her around, facing the car once more. I spread her boots apart with my foot and pushed her shoulders forward. She stalled for a minute as she gathered the hat and handed it back to me; “Ride me cowboy,” she smiled as she assumed the position, hands on the hood, her magnificent body ready to ride. I sat the too-small hat on my head and leaned down and raked my nails up her sides, spurring my ride. Standing tall, I was about to take another shot with the tip of my cock ready to settle in and saddle up when I noticed my sneakers. ‘Shit, that won’t look right’ I told myself. With practiced ease I kicked one well off to the right and then the other off to the left, well out of the shot, but amazingly, perfectly placed as it landed square in the middle of the hood of the black Caddy.

*** “Holy Shit!” Kate squeaked as she saw the shoe flying their way just as she had worked her four clean fingers back inside Gina’s impatient pussy. Gina too cringed and she closed her eyes and instinctively backed up and her body exploded. Biting the top of the leather seat back was the only thing that kept her from screaming out in ecstasy as she unintentionally took Kate’s entire hand inside her. Kate looked down in wonder as Gina’s cunt swallowed her hand whole, to the wrist. This was enough to send her own body into an un-assisted orgasmic convulsion. They both remained dead still; quietly waiting for their bodies to settle down and for Gina’s stretched pussy to get used to Kate’s small, but fulfilling hand. They both closed their eyes, afraid that watching the carnal play under studio lights might be more than they could stand.

*** “Nice shot,” Britt whispered as she looked over to see what all the racket was about. “Ahhh Fuuuccckkk…” she moaned, “Better shot,” she cried as I took her pussy in one thrust that planted that baby to the hilt. Forgoing the camera, I grabbed her by the hips and rode her hard. “Fuck me, fuck me!” she yelled out loud.

If we hadn’t already known that our roommates were hiding out in the hearse watching the show, we’d have expected them to come running out of the house to see what was going on; Britt wasn’t holding back. I threw the hat on the hood beside her and took her for a ride. “Fuck me, fuck my pussy goddamn it,” she bellowed as her tits tried to rub the painted numbers off the hood of the classic car.

*** Both girls were now wide-eyed as they watched the near violent lovemaking before them. Gina’s initial climax had passed, but her pussy craved more. “Fuck me,” she commanded, “fist my fuckin’ pussy baby. Fuck me hard!”

Kate was tentative at first, not wanting to hurt her lover. Slowly she worked her hand nearly out, just the finger tips still spreading her lips and then she slowly twisted her way back in, marveling at the sight. “Oh god,” Gina moaned as she Kate worked up to a rhythm, keeping one eye on Britt and her bronc rider. “Faster…Deeper,” Gina moaned as she too watch the x-rated exhibition through the tinted glass. “Fuck me…fuck me baby,” she begged.

*** Sweat dripped off my nose as I watched my cock pound my lover’s pussy. I reached down and spread her cheeks and her ass winked at me as a drop of sweat made a perfect entry, swallowed up. I ran my thumb over the top of my cock and gathered her juices, painting her puckered star. “Oh yes,” she cried as she felt the pad of my thumb pressing on her back door.

Britt twisted her head, trying to make eye contact. Her eyes were now as black as night and her nostrils flared with each breath. “Are you gonna fuck me in the ass cowboy?” she said through gritted teeth as we continued to ravage each other. “Do you think I can’t buck you off if you stick your big fucking cock in my tight ass? Huh? Think you can hang on fucker?” she yelled out as she drove her cunt onto my cock, trying to break me.

I surprised us both when I reared back and slapped her ass. “Oh fuck,” she screamed as that slap triggered something inside her. I slapped the other side and she screamed out again and I could feel her pussy convulsing, trying to expel the intruder. In rapid succession, I slapped one side, then the other, my handprint clearly visible in a red that matched the color on the car. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” she cried as her orgasm seemed to carry on with each swat.

*** Kate and Gina stalled slightly as they watched Britt being fucked into submission on the hood of the car. They flinched each time the hand made contact with the butt. Gina so wanted Kate to spank her, but she knew that would surely give them away. Kate continued to fuck her friend, playing with spreading her fingers slightly, or trying to make a fist inside her. Muted muttering told her how well the experiments were received.

*** I felt a bit of guilt as I held my cock in her, but attempted to massage my handprints off the ass I love. A purring sound was a reassuring give-away that I hadn’t inflicted any real pain. I spread her cheeks and her pucker winked at me once more. I gathered a bit of saliva and watched as it descended, landing perfectly, only to be swallowed up by the pulsing aperture. I watched in amazement as her sweet asshole opened and closed, breathing, beckoning me.

‘Really?’ I asked myself, ‘after the pounding she just took, she’s inviting me in for more?’

Britt was reading my mind, turning her head, saying, “Cum in my ass baby. I want to feel you shoot your load in my ass.” Her expression was almost one of begging. It was then that it dawned on this hard-headed cowboy that I indeed had yet to cum. I’m certainly not a selfish lover; I always want my partner to be satisfied before I am, but still, I would normally have cum long before now. And now, the one I love was begging me to plant my seed deep inside her ass.

*** Gina was breathing hard, waiting for that moment, that touch, which would catapult her over the top. She knew that the impending orgasm would be sensational and keeping quiet was almost certainly out of the question. Her heart would probably explode if she wasn’t allowed to cry out her release, and at this point, she didn’t care. Being voyeurs is what brought them to this point, but being discovered might be just as sweet. Again, she didn’t really care, and didn’t have much choice; when she reached the top, she was going over with a bang.

“Jesus…” Kate muttered as she slowed her pace. Gina looked up into the warehouse as Kate narrated. “Holy shit,” watching the large, angry cock backing out of Britt’s brutalized pussy. He leaned back and eased forward. “Fuck,” Kate moaned as her fist seemed to bottom out in Gina’s clinching cunt; “He’s gonna fuck her ass now.”

Gina’s mind triggered another quake as she thought about how that cock felt in her ass, a sensation that would have to be repeated sooner than later. “C’mon baby, keep fucking me; I’m gonna fuckin’ cum when he does…feel his cum splashing inside my pussy…oh fuck me, fuck me,” as she watched his cock disappear between her red cheeks.

*** I slowly backed out of her incredible pussy, still unbelievably snug. My cock visibly throbbed and I’d swear was bigger than ever. I pulled her cheeks a bit further apart and her rear portal awaited my arrival. Slick with my saliva and her juices, my tip popped in effortlessly. Britt’s body shook and she muttered, “Fuck that feels good…I love your cock in my ass…fuck my ass baby.”

Once more, I grabbed her hips and was ready to ride. We worked in unison, pushing to close the gap and Britt’s body responded again, rocked as my balls slapped her tired pussy. “Oh my god!” she screamed. Her arms flailed as she tried to find something to grab onto. She pushed me back until her hands were on the edge of the fender, her breasts no longer mashed against sheet metal. “Fuck my ass,” she cried out as her body continued to vibrate and she rocked her hips, coaxing me to deliver my load.

I reasserted my grip, tempted to spank her some more, but thought better of it. I was getting light-headed, a sign that I’d better get with the program. “Your…ass…is…so…fuckin’…tight…” I growled, one word per thrust. Good thing I’m a man of few words as Britt’s body seized, and sucked my cock deep in her ass. “Ahhh..” I cried out as my own ass puckered and I came as hard as I ever have before. My cock pulsed, firing load after load deep inside her.

I thought that Britt may have passed out, and I managed to push her back against the fender so that when I did pass out, I could just collapse on her back. I didn’t lose consciousness, but I did end up face down on her back, my cock still being strangled. I managed to kiss her sweaty skin and whisper repeated “I love you’s”. Britt responded in affirming little grunts; too spent to form words.

*** As though it was choreographed, Kate’s unrelenting fisting delivered Gina’s body wrenching climax and she and George vocalized their release in harmony, neither hearing nor paying attention to the other. “Ahhh…” Gina screamed into the front seat as Kate felt Gina’s cunt squeezing her hand hard. Kate tightened and loosened her fist, simulating a pulsing cock and Gina’s pussy responded in kind. “Fuuucckkk… Katie…” she moaned as her legs began to give and she slid forward, slumped over the front seat, ass up with Kate’s talented hand still buried deep inside her.

*** The blood slowly made its way back to my brain as Britt’s continual contractions worked to force me out of her ass. I relented, backing off just enough to feel my cock pop out past the compressive ring that did little to protect her earlier. “Mmmm…” she moaned as she caught her breath and her heart reached a normal rhythm. “Babe,” she whispered, hoarse from the screaming; “You’re running down my leg.”

I managed to stand up straight and watched my gift being summarily rejected, expelled and running over her perfect pussy and down the inside of her thigh. I spread her cheeks to get a better peek, “Too bad Kate’s not here,” I said loud enough to be heard; “She’d love a picture of this.” Britt reacted to the thought and with a moan, the last of my deposit percolated through the puckered portal.

I looked around until I found my shorts and did a cursory cleaning, wiping up my remains. I massaged her back and poor little butt, “I think we’re done babe; shall we go back to bed?” “I can’t move,” she replied sleepily; “I’ll just stay here, okay?”

“No,” I laughed as I gave her butt one more loving caress. I moved the camera on the tripod out of harm’s way, flipped off the lights and picked up my love and carried her back to the house.

*** Kate giggled out loud as the lights went out and she slowly pulled her hand out of Gina’s clinched cunt, making a great slurping sound. “Huh…” was the only sound Gina grunted as one last ripple of pleasure overtook her. Kate gently lapped around her sex, careful not to excite her lover anymore. “C’mon babe, they went back inside; we can go back to bed now.” She waited a sec for a response; nothing. “Gina, it’s safe to go now…Gina?” There was no reply, only the gentle snoring of a completely satiated woman; bent double over the leather seat back of a Cadillac hearse.

“Well shit,” Kate grumbled, “now what?” The little one struggled mightily until she finally had her Amazon lover back in the rear of the hearse. Unbelievably, even having been dragged bodily, her d-cups hanging up on the seat back at one point; even with all that, Gina never even stirred, she was totally fucked-out. “Fuck it,” Kate finally said as she got Gina into a fairly comfortable looking position, stretched out on the lush carpet floor. Kate rested her own head on her lover’s breasts and hugged her tight and quickly drifted off to sleep.

** Thursday Morning, around 5 a.m.**

The alarm was grating as I tried to roll onto my back and mashed the snooze button. “Ohhh…” came the pained moan from my blonde bombshell. “What did you do to me?” she groused a she tried to move her legs; “I don’t think I can walk!”

I tried to make light of it; “Well I may have to wear a condom for a while, I think you wore a couple layers off my dick last night.”

“Yeah, right,” she retorted, managing to roll over onto her side so that we were nose to nose. “You had me so juiced up; I’m surprised you were able to keep it in me at all.”

There was no winning this one, so I kissed her lightly and said, “Regardless, that was some of the wildest sex I have ever had. When that month rolls around on the calendar; well I’ll probably be horny the entire month just reliving last night.” Kissing her once more, we looked into each others eyes and automatically whispered, “I love you.”

“Fuckin’ A!” she moaned as the alarm went off again just as she’d drifted back to sleep. I silenced it once more and continued to roll until I found the edge of the bed. I stood and stretched, working out the kinks. I looked to my bedmate and found her staring up at me, her hand reached out for assistance. I gently helped her up as she whined about how sore her pussy and poor little ass were. I tried to be sympathetic, but I remembered how demanding she had been last night.

“Here, let’s get in the shower; the warm water will help.” Shuffling along like an old man, she finally made it into the shower where I carefully attended to her, cleaning, massaging and anointing with small kisses, all the affected areas. I carefully examined her taut butt cheeks, looking for handprints and was happy that the redness had faded, but I gave them extra kisses just the same. Britt was purring by the time I was done and I shut down the shower and gently dried her with the softest towel I could find.

She was feeling much better, but still walking gingerly as I dried off and we went into the bedroom to get dress. I dressed for work and she invaded my t-shirt drawer once more and pulled on an old baseball jersey that made it about halfway down her butt. She caught me smiling at the view in the mirror and shook her butt at me a little, wincing as she did it. She opened her panty drawer, thought twice, and then closed it, “Nope, no panties today,” she told me in the mirror. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my shirt over my head as she headed out the door. “I’ll go make you some breakfast, you big stud you,” and with a smile, she slipped around the corner.

I was close behind her, and heard the coffee maker heating, “So what can I make you,” she asked, “You must be starving after that workout last night which…” as she strolled over to me, her sexy legs tight as she walked on the balls of her feet; “which by the way was some of the nastiest, bestest sex ‘I’ have ever had. Oh, and did you notice that the girl’s bedroom door is still open. I looked in; they aren’t there,” as she gave me a cock-straightening kiss.

I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed; “You don’t suppose they spent the night in the…” and then the front door creaked open slowly. Britt and I stood there behind the island in the kitchen, watching, as the two disheveled, naked voyeurs walked quietly with their heads down to their room and gently shut the door behind them. It was like watching a couple little kids who knew they’d been caught in the act. ‘Maybe if we’re quiet and don’t make eye contact, they won’t really see us.’

We laughed and played and kissed all through breakfast until I finally had to get to work. “I have a meeting that will probably last until early this afternoon, so I’ll call you then, okay?”

“All right lover;” as she gave me a hug and a kiss. “Gentle,” she squeaked as I naturally grabbed onto a butt cheek. “I’ll probably have to do all my work standing up today,” she kidded; “but it was worth it,” and gave me another deep kiss.

** Late morning**

I sat in the large conference room, bored out of my head as an architect and a designer battled over the aesthetics of the large remodel. I was glad that I only had to get it built; I didn’t really care what it looked like, so long as the owner was happy with the results. It was about then that the text messages started.

‘Didn’t want to call. Txt ok?’

‘Yeah boring mtg.’

‘ass feeling btr’

‘good’ was my short, somewhat stunned reply.

‘pussy btr 2′

‘good 2 know’ as I re-arranged my waking member. The architect glanced over and gave me an annoyed look and then went back to battle the designer.

‘looked @ pix…pussy wet:)’

Before I could answer, she texted once more, ‘gotta go — delivery’

Well, if nothing else, daydreaming about Britt scrolling through last night’s shots and probably, no, definitely playing with herself as she did, helped me get through the meeting. They were too cheap to even bring in a pizza as we ‘worked’ over lunch, so I gave in to a drive-thru and headed to a jobsite where some kind of emergency had cropped up.

** Meanwhile, at the office**

The delivery turned out to be the four lounge chairs that Britt had ordered and unless she was going to start offering blow-jobs, she knew the large boxes were going no further than the warehouse floor. She signed for them and started ripping at cardboard, delighted to find that all the bulk was just packing. She had made it up the stairs with the first lounge when the phone rang.

“Red Brick Photography,” she answered as she leaped for the phone.

“Uh…Britt?” came the sheepish female voice.

“This is Britt.”

“Uh hi…it’s Becky.”

“Oh Becky, Hi,” Britt responded happily. “How are you?”

“Uh…I’m fine…uh… and you?”

“Okay,” Britt said and then to herself, ‘this girl is terminally shy.’ “I’m great,” she said, “but I’m getting my ass handed to me.”

“What?” the redhead asked in a stern, almost defensive tone.

“Oh,” Britt giggled, “Not literally; we just got the lounge chairs delivered for the roof deck and I was going to try to get them up there myself, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen; I’m pretty sore from last night,” she said without thinking.

“Sore from last night?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later,” not wanting to spook the cowgirl away; “So what’s up?”

“Well,” Becky paused, “I don’t have to work today…actually, I called in sick. Anyway, I wondered, if you weren’t too busy, I’d love to see how the photo shoot turned out.”

Britt’s pussy fluttered as she thought about the chance to get to know the shy redhead a little better. “That’d be great, I don’t have anything else scheduled and while you’re here, maybe I can get you to give me hand with the lounges. I’d love to surprise George by having them up there when he came home.”

“Not a problem,” Becky answered with enthusiasm. “If you think we can do it, then I’m willing to help. How about if I see you in about a half hour; is that too soon?”

“The sooner the better,” Britt answered in a sultry tone. “Just honk and I’ll open the door for you.”

“Can’t wait to see you,” Becky replied in a sweet whisper, and then the connection broke.

Britt paused, looking at the phone and replaying snippets of yesterday’s encounter when she jumped from the chair; “Shit, I can’t let her see me like this,” as she looked down at the faded baseball jersey. She vaulted down the stairs, stripping the shirt over her head as she entered the bedroom. Naked in front of the bathroom mirror, she ran a brush through her thick blonde mane. She brushed her teeth once more, applied just a touch of make-up and just a splash of fragrance that Gina had told her made her pussy run when she smelled it.

Back in the bedroom, she found a baby blue pair of her favorite satin running shorts that were nice and loose in the legs, perfect for climbing ladders. She also had a cropped tee that left her belly exposed and hung loosely over her proud titties. A pair of running shoes and she was dressed in impress…or seduce, as the case may be.

Thirty minutes had flown by as she heard the faint honking from outside. She skipped to the kitchen counter and pushed the button on the remote; stepping out the front door she realized that her heart was racing in anticipation and she willed herself to calm down.

Becky’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the voluptuous vixen waving at her as she pulled into the cavernous building. Last night had been a long one as sleep couldn’t compete with the erotic notions that kept her fingers busy most of the night. Her stolen glimpses of Britt’s incredible naked form as they got dressed for the photo shoot yesterday were burned permanently in her brain. Becky had never been with another woman, and before she and George had been to her store, it wasn’t even a consideration. She felt her juices trickle down to her ass as she pulled up to the front door of the house.

Britt had to work at composing herself as Becky stepped out of her car. The foxy redhead stepped out of the car and Britt nearly came just at the sight. Becky had on a pair of high heel sandals that had to be 6″ tall. Her shapely legs disappeared into a little red miniskirt that that didn’t cover much more than yesterday’s daisy dukes. Her top was actually a man’s black vest, buttoned, but just barely, with arm holes that allowed a generous view of the side of her beautiful boobs and her bejeweled belly button shone brightly. Her long red hair hung loose and shined even inside the warehouse.

There was no disguising Britt’s reaction as her eyes grew large and her mouth fell open. Becky didn’t yet know the signs, but Britt’s blue eyes were now black as night. “Oh my god,” she said under her breathe as she walked up to Becky and took her all in. Becky obeyed as the blonde took her hand and spun her, taking in the complete package. Britt couldn’t resist flipping the tiny skirt up when her back was to her. She could just make out a thread of red splitting those perfect alabaster cheeks. Becky completed her turn and they hugged, Britt on tip-toe to counter Becky’s stilettos. The long hug turned to a longer kiss that left them both gasping for air.

They stood for a moment, just staring into each others eyes when Becky finally shook her head, breaking the spell; “So,” she said, looking over at the large cardboard boxes; “can I help you get these upstairs?”

Britt’s fog finally lifted and she stuttered, “Yeah, well…okay…but first, come upstairs and let me get a couple shots of you in this outfit. George would kill me if I didn’t at least get a couple pictures of you; you are unbelievably hot baby!”

Becky laughed as she blushed and carefully followed Britt up the stairs, sneaking looks up the legs of the flouncy shorts. Britt rolled a neutral colored backdrop down and led Becky through a dozen sexy poses. Becky exuded sex as she twirled on the set, while Britt also exuded, but hers threatened to run down the inside of her leg. The photographer began to sweat and it wasn’t all that warm today. The model also seemed a little flushed as Britt finally said, “Okay girl, I think that’ll be enough to get the boy’s motor running.” Becky giggled and her high-heels clicked as she moved over to Britt’s side; “Let’s see!”

Britt took in a deep breath as she previewed the pics on the back of the camera. “Oh my,” Becky gasped as she saw her backside nearly completely exposed as Britt caught her twirling on the hardwood floor.

“Oh my, is right,” Britt answered hoarsely; “if I could sprout a dick, I’d be trying to talk you over to that bed over there.” She immediately wanted to retract the statement, afraid that she may have crossed a line. With no immediate response, she looked up to find Becky looking down at her, her green eyes sparkling and a little misty.

The pause seem interminable before Becky finally said, “Well, those lounges aren’t going to sprout legs,” and she giggled and continued, “and walk up to the roof, so let me get some less dangerous shoes out of my car and we’ll get to it.”

Britt finally took another breath, confused and horny once again. Remembering her lover’s sage advice to just let Becky lead the way, she sat the camera down and followed the redhead downstairs.

It didn’t take them long to un-box and shuttle the frames and cushions up to the studio. Pausing with a couple bottles of water, Britt said, “Well now is the fun part. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think if we tie a rope on one end, I can stand on the roof and pull and you sort of push and guide; we can get them up that way.”

“Sounds like a plan,” the redhead replied as she tipped her head back and finished the bottle. Britt stared, wanting to nibble and kiss that long, vulnerable neck; “I saw a rope downstairs. I’ll go get it if you want to open the hatch.”

“Aye, aye,” Britt giggled as she threw a little salute and headed for the ladder. Becky laughed at her new friend’s antics all the way down the stairs. Skipping over to her car, she grabbed a canvas bag and then picked up the rope and headed back up the stairs. “These stairs and the ladder are going to be great for our legs and butts today,” she huffed at the top of the stairs. Britt turned as she made her way to the bottom of the ladder and turned to see Becky flash her ass at her, laughing as she turned back to the flustered blonde.

“You better watch yourself girl, or I’ll find a way to grow that dick real quick-like,” Britt replied, kidding…sorta.

“Promises, promises,” Becky returned fire as she tossed the rope to Britt.

Britt wore a big smile as she tried to recall her knots from Girl Scouts. Satisfied, she took the other end and started back up the ladder. About halfway, a loud and raucous wolf-whistle echoed through the warehouse. Turning to look down, there was Becky staring straight up the ladder, straight up Britt’s loose shorts. Her pussy pulsed, knowing she was putting on a good show for the redhead below.

“Perv,” Britt laughed at her as she continued her ascent, smiling all the way.

“Takes one to know one,” came the return volley.

Loading the frames and cushions was a breeze with Britt’s rope idea. After the last cushion was safely on the roof, Becky finished the climb and joined Britt on the roof. Hip to hip, they stood at the rail and took in the view. “It is beautiful today,” Becky commented; “You can see forever and you get a nice breeze up here too.”

“Yeah,” Britt agreed; “I can see spending a lot of time up here working on my tan. The cordless phone works great up here and so does the laptop, so I could actually do a lot of my work up here.”

Britt shivered as she felt a fingernail running up her ribcage; “Yeah, well you’re lucky you can tan,” Becky said as she watched her finger approaching the bottom of the little cropped shirt. “I’m either this pasty white or burned. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground”; she complained.

“Well, from what I’ve seen,” said Britt as she turned to face the stunning redhead, “your skin is flawless, like a marble statue, except for these little freckles,” she kidded as she connected them with her finger tip, ending between Becky’s perfect breasts. Her stiff nipples showed even through the stiff material of the vest and Britt looked into her eyes as she deftly unbuttoned the apparel.

Becky tilted her head slightly and kissed Britt, moaning into the kiss as Britt now had control of two excited buds, twisting and pulling. Then it was Britt moaning as the redhead slid her hands under the waistband of the satin shorts and took hold of Britt’s bountiful butt and they ground against one another.

Breathless once more, they continued to hug and caress each other. “You know,” Britt whispered in her ear, “If you don’t have to be anywhere soon, we could initiate the deck and be the first to sunbathe up here.” She tilted her head back to see how Becky felt about the idea.

“I’d love to, but I didn’t bring a suit; I’d have to borrow one from you,” she answered demurely.

Britt stepped back, holding her by the shoulders and with a stern expression she mocked, “I’m sorry young lady, but didn’t I tell you that this is a clothing optional deck…that is, the only option is No clothing.”

The seemingly demure redhead gasped, placing her hand over her mouth in mock despair and said, “Surely you can’t mean we’re going to be naked, here out in the open. Well…well… well…what if someone sees us?”

Britt almost bought it until Becky broke out in uncontrollable giggles, snorting as she tried to contain herself. “You little…” and started after Becky who squealed like a little girl as she played keep-away. Britt eventually caught her in a corner and the tickling turned to kissing which turned to fondling. Britt quickly latched onto a creamy breast and sucked on her rosy nipple. Becky swooned as she ran her fingers through Britt’s hair. Britt searched for whatever held the little mini-skirt on as she moved to the other tit; Becky’s moaning had her own nipples aching for attention.

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