“Baby,” I called to him, “I’m back.”

The apartment seemed to be empty, no lights on, o sound from the TV, I was starting to think he wasn’t here.

I smiled, standing in the door of our room looking at him, asleep on the bed. I dropped my bag quietly to the floor and approached him.

I kissed his cheek, “my sexy baby.”

And he was, I liked when he dressed in his sweats with his wifebeater and hat, I kind of emulated his style on this hot day in Oakland, I was wearing dark blue shorts, and a white tee, with a green hat.

To my surprise I see him open one eye, then close it. “No one told you to get on my bed.”

“Boy,” I said slapping him, “This our bed.”

“Get off for I make you get off.”

I made a face, and laid back down, making sure to rub up against him.

“Ay, motherfucka, I wasn’t playin with you.”

He sits up, and starts ticklin me, I’m in a fit of giggles.

“Hehe…stop….baby stop!”

“Didn’t I tell you to get off my bed?”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Didn’t I?”


He stops tickling me and pins me to the sheets staring down and me. He kissed my neck, then my cheek, then my lips, “Sexy trouble maker.”

“Hehe yes.”

We stare for a moment until he breaks the chance, “Guess what I brought for you?”


He gets up, and I sit up to watch him get his gift. He plants candles around the room, it was so romantic, white candles.

“Aw…how sweet Cookie.”

Taking a match he lights each one, then

He hopes back on the bed, “They’re vanilla chocolate scented.”

“Yay! Chocolate….lol I’ma fat ass.”

“Indeed,” he kisses me, “But that’s my sexy ass.”

We start to passionately kiss, but before we get too far along I stop him. “Wait, wait, I got a surprise for you.”

I hope up and go over to my bag, “Kiwi wine coolers!”

“Yes,” he says grabbing for them, “Enough to make me tipsy, but not make me drunk enough to not remember…”

He leads me over to the bed lying me down, “Every…” kiss, “little..” kiss, “thing, that I’ma do to you.”

He starts to turn, so now I’m on top.

“Hehe I like where this is going.” I take off my shorts, and sit on his crotch, and feel it through his pants, “Why so hard?”

He smiles up at me, “I don’t know you tell me.”

I feel his stiffness (for use of a better word)

“Why dont you sit on it?”

I do, but don’t let it go in.

“Poke,” he puts his hands on my hips lowers my body, and as he slides in he asks, “Why so wet?”

I completely lower myself onto it, “I don’t know you tell me.”

He leans me over, so I’m laying completely flat on him, he takes my breasts into his mouth, and while doing so, slowly begins to grind up against me. I let out a moan, and he smiles, then sucks harder, I was in a daze. He looks up to me, “And how’d that feel love?”

“Soo good.”

His hands move to my ass and he lifts it, then begins to move faster, in and out, and it feels so good…”I’m suppose to be ridin you remember?”

“Too bad.”

And he goes even harder, he bites his bottom lip whenever he does this, and I think it’s cute. The cutest love face he makes. He stops, “Now you ride.”

I adjust my position, and start grinding at a slow face, and I watch his face change.

“You feel so good….so warm…so tight…”

It’s so cute. He watches as my breasts bounce back and forth with each movement, then he gets an idea.

“Bounce on it baby.”

As I begun, I watched his eyes close and his head roll back, “Shit when did you get good at this..”

I smile, and go faster.

“You like that?”

“Yes…I love when you bounce that sexy ass on me.”

I start to feel him swell, so I go as fast as I can, he lifts me off and motions my head towards his throbbing erection. He was still cumming, “That’s it baby…suck…swallow.”

He pulls out of my mouth, with his sitffness still dripping, on my face, on my breasts, he kisses me. “I wanna fill all of you with my love and I want all your love on me.”

He motions me back onto him, and sits my ass directly on his stiffness, his hands rest on my ass and he maneuvers me onto him, then he tells me to lay on him.

His hands wrap around my back and he embraces me.

I shift myself up and down, and he stops me. He closes his eyes, and lifts my ass an inch or so off him. Then he starts to thrust at his own pace, fast, and untaming, which sends me into ecstasy.


“Yes love,” he pants.

“Mmm….I’m…cumming…it feels so good…”

He smiles, “That’s right baby…cum…”

I cum, which makes him cum, and then, worn, I just lay on him and we just breathe. We look up at each other and laugh at each other, “Lol, damn baby.”

I fall off of him then lay on my side, and laugh, “Baby, now that I think about it, we didn’t even drink the damn wine cooler.”

“Oh well,” he laughs. “Let’s drink em now.”

I open the wine cooler and we toast, to what I’m not exactly sure. But that’s how a good relationship goes, you never know what your doing or why, like why you make love with most of your clothes on.


Lol, well never know

At the Bar

Kendall slightly tugged on the front of her dark blue Henley; the cotton fabric pulled tight across her chest and her breasts were slightly uncomfortable. She slowly twirled the straw in her old fashioned and caught her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Turning to look she saw her thin, almost gaunt face framed tightly by strands of her long, wavy reddish orange hair. Her emerald eyes sparkled against her lightly freckled cheeks, slightly shaded by the navy blue ball cap that read “IPS” in white letters on her head.

“Well I hope I didn’t take too long,” Brandon said as he sat back down on the bar stool next to her. He took the last swig out of his pumpkin ale and pointed the bottle at the bartender indicating he’d like another.

“Brandon, you must be the least manly ghost hunter I’ve ever met,” Kendall laughed, shaking her head from side to side.

“C’mon,” he smirked. “It’s Halloween. I can skip my bourbon for day, get with the holiday — you’re a ghost hunter now — you should be like Santa at Christmas, or a priest at Easter … or, an Irishman on St Patrick’s Day …. Or a Canadian on Boxing Day.”

She gently slapped him on the shoulder. “I am a Canadian. You’re such an ass. Boxing Day! Really?”

Brandon turned to his canvas messenger bag on the barstool next to him. Kendall looked over his hands and muscled arms bulging through the sleeves of his plaid shirt. It had been five years since they last dated their senior year at Northwestern, and she had been by his side for the last five days since joining the Institute for Paranormal Studies. She jumped back slightly and looked down at her drink when he turned and met her eyes. He was about six feet tall and still looked like the anchor of the crew team she’d bedded so many years ago. But she was unnerved by his deep brown eyes as he asked plaintively, “Can I help you?”

“Uh, Uh, Oh. I forgot what I was going to ask you,” she stammered.

“Right. I wanted to go over our notes from the five buildings we toured today, and follow up items for our conference call with the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce next month. It’s a huge deal that we were selected to prepare the ‘Haunted Cleveland’ tour.” He turned again, pulled his notebook and phone out of his bag and dropped them on the glossy wood bar.

“Ok.” She said, swallowing gently. She pulled out her phone and opened the photo roll to review her photographs with him.

“Uh, Kendall, by that, I meant, I wanted YOU to review the buildings and agenda with ME. Our flight to Chicago is first thing in the morning, so I’d like to know if we need to go back to anywhere tonight.”

“Right,” she said, gently clearing her throat. So I thought we’d start with Schulman’s Department store. It was owned by a wealthy Jewish family, and in 1921 the matriarch was having an affair with a stock boy when her husband walked in …” Brandon continued listening but discretely checked Kendall out again. He was happy she had decided to come work with him on this project; it helped that she had been out of work for the last nine months. I guess law school wasn’t as great an idea as she thought; it was the reason they had split when she moved away to attend. She looked as good as ever — her soft skin was usually white and creamy, but today she had a faint hint of tan that brought out the freckles on her face. Her eyes were deep emeralds set in her thin face. Her tailored jacket hung just above her perfectly round ass; he was pretty sure her pants were at least one size too small. She had an all-American girl look about her, kind of like a younger version of that coach’s wife on that show about Texas High School football.

“Brandon. BRANDON. Earth to Brandon.” She was staring right at him, staring at her ass. “My eyes are HERE. She raised a clinched fist to eye level and shot out her index finger.

“Sorry, um, I was just distracted.”

“I could see that. Now what I was asking you what you thought if we went to the Atlantis Insurance building next. You know, the one that was the site of most infamous murders of the 1870s.”

“I suppose that’s fine. Any reason?’ He asked, taking a swig of his pumpkin ale.

“Well, I was thinking …” she started when they were interrupted by a dapper older man.

“Excuse me,” he said slowly, breathing heavily. “I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about Schulman’s and the Atlantis building. I know it’s rude to eavesdrop, but it’s just so rare to see young people interested in the history of our town.” The man was 85 if he was a day, stooped and carried a cane with a dragonhead handle, and his wrinkled, weathered face was covered with a dark grey mustache. “I’m sorry, my name’s Simmons, Bill Simmons. I was a stockboy at Schulman’s before the murder.”

“Mr. Simmons, no problem. I’m very glad you did come over. I’m Brandon and this is Kendall — we’re with the Institute of Paranormal Studies and we’re working with the Chamber of Commerce to plan a ‘Haunted Cleveland’ tour. Tonight’s our last night here, so we’re just going over our notes.’ Brandon stood up and shook Simmons’ hand firmly. It felt odd, like he was holding a fish; Brandon figured it was because he was old. Kendall jumped up. “Mr. Simmons, would you like to join us for a drink? If it’s OK, I wondered if I could ask you if you had any stories about your time in the department store?” She slid out a stool for him and he sat down.

He looked her over and pulled off his brown driving cap. He couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were slightly pert atop her large, firm breasts, and the small gold crucifix hanging in her cleavage. He didn’t see Kendall give Brandon a knowing look that she’d caught the dirty old man ogling her.

“Barkeep,” Mr. Simmons choked out. “Two old fashions, and get the lady here another pumpkin ale.” Kendall and Mr. Simmons laughed; Brandon and the bartender rolled their eyes.

The three of them talked for an hour and a half about the city, its history, and the tour. Brandon described their work as ghost hunters and the secondary business they’d started doing tours. As they neared the end of their third round of drinks Kendall said “candidly, Mr. Simmons, we’re hoping to find a knock out property to film a television special. Brandon’s too shy to mention it, but he thinks we could have our own cable series.” Brandon’s demeanor changed, giving her a bit of an eagle eye.

“Oh, I don’t know much about that, missy. Don’t even have a television, but that could be a big deal, I guess. Have you heard of the Penlands Hotel?”

Brandon’s grouchy visage quickly faded. “No, sir I haven’t.”

“It was the finest hotel in town during the 1920s. Its owner, Mr. Penland, shot himself after the crash in ’29. It closed shortly thereafter, but was just renovated and had a grand opening this week.”

“Really?” Brandon’s interest was piqued. “Why didn’t the chamber tell us about it?”

“Well, as I understand it, it’s, how did they describe it?” Simmons rubbed his chin. “They’re having a ‘soft grand opening?’ There are rumors that it’s haunted, and they didn’t want a big crowd on Halloween that might give that impression to the guests. That’s what my grandson said, anyway. He’s a doorman there.”

“That sounds interesting.” Kendall sat up and leaned her shoulders back slightly, causing her breasts to pop out of her jacket, her cotton shirt struggling to hold them in place.

“Interesting, yes.” The old man was ogling her again. She hunched her back down and pulled her windbreaker across her chest. “Would you like to tour it? I think my grandson could arrange it?” “Why not!” Kendall shouted. She reached across the old man and put her hand on Brandon’s arm.

“It sounds like an unusual location, Brandon?”

“I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. And I’m comfortable with where we are on the list. But all our equipment is packed up in our hotel, and that’s all the way back at the airport.”

“Well, I’ve got and EMF scanner in my purse, you’ve got a camera and video recorder on your phone. It’s not like we’re ghost busting, we’re just going to check it out.”

“It sounds like it’s settled.” Simmons made the decision for the three of them. Do you mind if we take a cab? I don’t want to walk that far.” Kendall and the old man left Brandon to pick up the tab as they walked out of the bar toward the taxi stand.

The Penland Hotel

After a five minute ride, the three of them got out of the cab. Brandon helped the old man and then paid the cabbie. This was turning out to be an expensive detour, he thought. Simmons walked up to a younger man and embraced him. Brandon looked around. He felt a little awkward, but otherwise everything seemed normal. Your typical old hotel, a short port cachere with six country flags flying over head.

“Joe” he shouted. “I’d like you to meet my good friends, Kendall and, what was it?”

“Brandon.” Brandon chimed in, stepping forward to shake Joe’s hand. Kendall nodded.

“They’re ghost hunters and I was thinking you could arrange a tour.” The old man said, his voice trailing off in a cough.

“Grandpa.” Joe shook his head. “For the last time, the Penland isn’t haunted. You’re going to cause trouble for me if you keep bringing people around with these stories. Folks, I’m very sorry. My grandfather is very … lonely and excitable. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. If you’d like, could I buy you a round of drinks, on the house?”

Brandon frowned. “I guess that’s OK. We’ll step inside.” He walked toward the door. Kendall turned around and grabbed both of Mr. Simmons’ hands.

“Thank you so much. We both had a wonderful evening.” She smiled and the old man nodded. Joe put his hand on the old man’s shoulder and turned him back toward the street. Kendall ran inside. As she stepped through the revolving door, she remembered that they had forgotten to give Simmons a business card. She went back through the brass and glass door to the street; both men were gone. “Where did they go?” She looked both directions, then went back inside.

Inside, the hotel was beautiful. The lobby was covered in a plush red and purple paisley carpet and had stained wood paneling throughout. It was mostly empty but contained the building’s most striking feature. The check in desk was brass and hardwoods, and above it was the largest mural Kendall had ever seen — it was of a striking blonde woman in a white lace dress walking along a lake shore, white parasol over her shoulder. “Brandon, look at that painting. She’s striking, but I feel like her eyes are following us.” Brandon rolled his eyes and sighed. “Yes, she is beautiful,” and turning to her he said,

“Kendall, having a sense of when things are weird can be helpful, but if you’re going to last in our business you can’t let every weird feeling creep you out. That’s going to make you miss details and close your mind to the clues you would otherwise see. Let’s head to the bar.” Inside the bar the furnishings looked like they came right out of the 1920s, but hadn’t aged a day. Only one other patron was drinking. Brandon and Kendall sat down as the bartender walked up. “Two old fashions,” Brandon said. The bartender, smartly dressed in a white dress shirt with wing collars and black bowtie nodded, as he put down the glass he was drying with a hand towel.

“I can’t get over the eerie feeling I have in here. You didn’t let me finish in the lobby — the old man just disappeared on the street.” Kendall inched closer to him.

“Kendall,” he sighed again. “I hired you because I trust you, so I guess I should start trusting you, right? Do you have that EMF meter?” She pulled it out of her purse.

“Um, it’s shooting between 0.5 and 1.0. I know it’s only been a week, but I didn’t see it this high at any of the buildings.” She gave him a worried look.

The color returned to Brandon’s face. “Usually, you have to be in the middle of a cemetery to get that kind of reading — and I mean an old cemetery, like 1980s horror-movie set, cemetery. Let’s look around.” He choked down the last of his drink and left a twenty on the bar. “Let’s go.” He grabbed her by the arm. “Keep the EMF detector out.”

They walked around the lobby. The few guests and workers there made eye contact and smiled, but no one said anything.

Kendall grabbed Brandon’s arm, she felt the flex of his powerful bicep as she pulled it up against her chest. “Do … do you think we should leave? Should I be scared?” She shot him a worried look.

“You’re scared now? This from the girl who a week ago told me ‘ghosts weren’t real?’” he smirked. “This is where it gets exciting. If you want the big bucks, your own TV show, you’ve got to find these places. Or I guess you could go back to helping deadbeat tenants sue the little old ladies who own their buildings.”

Kendall froze. She knew Brandon resented her for going to law school, but that was too far. “What the fuck was that?” Kendall crossed her arms and leaned back.

“I’m sorry.” Brandon reached out and put his arms around her. “It’s just that this may be it — what I thought you wanted — success, fame, fortune — and with me, us together.”

“Upstairs. Upstairs. Upstairs,” a haunting disembodied voice whispered quickly.

“Uh, did you hear that?” Kendall refocused on Brandon. He was practically salivating.

“Yes, I did. Let’s get to the elevator.” He practically ran there, fishing his phone out of the messenger bag dangling over his shoulder. The doors had already opened by the time Kendall walked up. “Come on, it will be OK.” She stepped in and they both looked at the buttons. There was a small stool next to the buttons where a conductor might have sat, but they were alone inside the cab.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what floor.” Brandon said as they both focused on the number 13. “Even today many buildings still don’t have a thirteenth floor. It was unheard of in the 1920s.” As quickly as he pressed the button, she pulled the brake and grabbed his hand.

“Promise me this is going to be OK.” She looked deeply into his chocolate eyes and pulled him close. Their lips came together and they kissed deeply. “I’ve missed you. It was a big mistake to leave you for law school, and I’m sorry.” Brandon kissed her again. “I’m sorry too. I hope we can start over again when we get back from this trip.” He pushed her back against the cab wall, pressing his chest against her breasts, kissed her, and pushed the brake so the elevator started up again. “But for now we’ve got to see what’s going on here — it’s hammer time!”

The doors parted slowly and they stepped out onto the 13th floor. The doors slowly closed behind them. The hallway was dim but clean. Kendall glanced at the EMF — it was reading 1.5. She elbowed Brandon in the side. He put his finger to his lips. “Shhh.”

“Is there anyone here? Is this where you wanted us to come?” Brandon shouted as the couple slowly stepped forward. The hallway was narrow and was interrupted about every 10 feet on each side by a door to a room.

“Are you here? Is this where we are supposed to be?” He took out the phone and started the video camera. “Penlands Hotel, October 31st, 10:30 PM.” He said calmly. “Let us know that you are here.” Again silence. The couple exchanged nervous glances.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been waiting for you.” The same disembodied voice whispered. At that the clear glass globes on the light fixtures lining the hallways exploded in succession, starting on either side of Brandon and Kendall and running down the hallway. They popped like chaser lights on a Christmas tree.

“Shit! I fucked up. This is dangerous. We shouldn’t be up here. Let’s go.” Brandon shouted as he turned to run toward the elevator. He reached down to grab Kendall’s hand and as he did, a force thrust against his chest, flipping him back first against the wall. He was held forcefully, spread eagle on the wall, only able to move his head. He came to long enough to see Kendall thrown against the opposite wall like a rag doll. The force of her head hitting the wall knocked her out.

“Ha ha ha ha haahah!” The voice cackled. The strap on Brandon’s bag snapped and it fell to the floor and slid down the hall, as if under its own power. He felt himself sliding across the wall, bumping over a door frame — the force held him tightly in place over the open door way.

Brandon watched Kendall transit the same path until they were facing each other, each suspended in front of opposing open door ways. As she started to come too, she tried to scream. A faint, translucent, bluish green hand wrapped around her mouth, silencing her. Several other similar hands, with red painted finger nails appeared from behind her body and ripped every piece of clothing off of her. The sensation of seeing this beautiful woman nude, suspended in midair, with ghostly hands fondling her 36D breasts and her hairless crotch so distracted him he didn’t even notice that he was now also nude, and that a similar hand was stroking up and down the length of his cock — and that he was quickly becoming aroused. He started to say, “I’m sorry” but found his mouth covered by a similar hand — unlike the one on his cock, which was warm, soft and wet — this hand was cold and bony.

In another moment, they each flew backwards into the open doors behind them. The last he saw of Kendall was her struggling against the invasions of these ethereal hands, begging and pleading for help with giant, wide eyes. The doors of the rooms slammed shut.


Brandon was now floating on his back, about a foot off the floor of the room, held up by several pairs of ethereal hands. He looked forward and saw that the fingers around his cock had transformed into the translucent red lips of a beautiful woman, floating up and down as she sucked him. Her hands were raised behind her and her torn white dress fluttered around her body as if she were standing under a fan. Her faint blonde hair floated in every direction.

It was the most incredible blowjob he’d ever gotten. Some girls were exceptional at manipulating the outside of his cock, but this ghost felt like she was sucking the outside and inside at the same time. He closed his eyes and dropped his head back. He started to thrust his hips until the ghost hands moved above his cock and held him firm. The ghost sucked even harder on his member and he came, squirting all the way through her onto the ceiling. His entire body shuddered and when he was done he looked up. “I guess you don’t spit or swallow,” he panted.

She floated above his limp, wet cock and started playing with it again, running her invisible hands up and down, in and out. He was hard again in no time. She put him inside her, floating up and down. He didn’t understand how the feeling was so intense when he could see right through her. The hands rolled him over, now floating on his stomach. The ghost passed through his body, sending tingles up and down his spine, rematerializing under him in some twisted missionary position. She grabbed the back of his head and jammed her translucent tongue down his throat. He felt he inside and outside of every part of his body, cumming again, this time leaving a puddle on the floor.

The woman disappeared; in front of him a man materialized. He was naked and looked vaguely familiar. “Joe!” he screamed.

“Joe, Bill, whatever name makes you feel better. That was for you. This next one is for me.” Joe floated around behind Brandon. The ghost hands lifted his torso until he was floating on all fours. He felt a man’s rough hands pull apart his buttocks and Joe’s ghost cock press against his asshole.

“No, No!” Brandon screamed desperately. The woman reappeared, floating in front of him and stuck her tongue back in his mouth. She filled him like a gag. His eyes bulged out but all he could say was “Urggh! Urggh!” as Joe’s giant ghost cock breached the opening of his virgin ass. As Joe pistoned in and out, Brandon felt like his ass was being ripped apart. After what seemed like an eternity, the ghost climaxed and vanished. Brandon fell to the floor, passed out, blood pooling on the floor underneath him.

He was trying to concentrate. He was finding it very hard. Her thighs were now encased in her jeans, no longer a temptation, or so you might think. They were in a restaurant, waiting for their food. She sat beside him. She was talking about a book she had been reading. And he was interested, he really was. But each time he looked down he couldn’t wrench his eyes away from her thighs, crossed under the table, the way the denim clung to their strong curves. His eyes followed the seam from the knee up and up. At the top the seams made a small triangle. He watched as she pushed her hand down between her legs. He could imagine exactly how it felt, sandwiched there, the heat of her thighs, the pressure of them crossed together at the knees. He looked away.

When his eyes met hers she was smiling. She had noticed.

“I need some water,” she announced, getting up and picking up her glass. “You want some?”

“Yes please,” he said. He watched her walk away which was, of course, the point.

The denim fit her well, it clinged to her bottom, and was looser around her calves. She was wearing a black shirt on top, it was thin and he could see the outline of her bra underneath. She bent over, there really wasn’t any need, but she made out like she was tying a lace. As she did he watched the thong string creep up her back. He smiled. He enjoyed the fact that this whole dance was for him. He liked that he knew exactly which thong she was wearing and how she felt wearing it. He loved the fact that when they returned to the apartment, (which would be soon now, he knew) he would find that the thong was wet.

She walked back towards him, her thighs crossing as she came, hips dipping. As she sat down he reached behind her and tugged her shirt down.

“Thanks,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” his smile said it all. I see you. I want you.

They finished their meal and walked back to the apartment holding hands. When they crossed the road he would put his hand in front of her until the traffic had passed. As they went through the front door she felt his hand on the middle of her back, guiding her.

“Wine?” She asked.

“No thanks, I’ll just have water.”

They could have sat on the sofa and watched TV. They have could have made coffee and sat on the veranda chatting. They could have played chess. They didn’t.

He watched her from the kitchen table. As she reached up for the bottle of wine her shirt lifted again, he enjoyed the curve of her waist, the in and out as it followed on to her hip. She bent over to retrieve the bottle opener from a lower drawer and he appreciated the strength, the bend and curve of those thighs. She lifted the bottle to pour, he delighted in her arm, and the revelation of her breast when she put the bottle down.

He met her at the counter; stood at her back, leaning into her. He felt the curves he had been adoring touch his body and he wanted skin.

Pulling back her hair he revealed her throat, he leant in. He kissed his way down from her ear, over the smooth skin of her shoulder. He lifted her head and kissed his way under her chin to her collar bone. His hand traced down from her chin between her collar bones, between her breasts, over the curve of her stomach down to the button on her jeans.

She leaned back into him, feeling his body behind her. Feeling the strength, the support, the heat of him. She felt his dexterous hands unbutton her jeans and unzip the fly. His hands were warm when they slipped past the denim and down onto her drenched thong.

Standing there in the kitchen, the sunlight coming over the roofs and lighting up the surfaces she leaned back into him, enjoying the feel of his warm hands inside her. Enjoying the sounds of his excitement behind her. Loving that she could feel how excited he was just by arching her back. Her jeans were on the floor. So was her thong. Her shirt unbuttoned. Her bra holding on only to her shoulders.

With one hand cupping her breast he separated her lips and pushed his fingers between them. She moaned as he hit the spot. He lifted his hand and turned her face so he could kiss her. The kiss was deep, long, his tongue moved expertly, his lips tasted her. As he kissed her his multi-tasking hand pushed two fingers inside her, stroking her with pressure. She moaned and arched into him.

She turned and kissed him back, his fingers slipped out of her and his hand moved to caress her waist. As her tongue moved so did her fingers. She had his jeans around his ankles in seconds. She kissed her way down his chest whilst undoing his shirt buttons. She worked her way slowly, sucking on a nipple, running her tongue over a hip bone. As she knelt down she brought her hands up the inside of his legs. He felt her warm skin against his, the slight drag of her short nails, his skin was on fire. He was already hard but as she licked carefully up his shaft the blood pulsed harder. She gripped him carefully, but without fear. He leaned back as he felt her hot mouth cover his tip. He used the counter to help him stand as she sucked. When her tongue moved slowly from the rim over his little hole he could stand no more and sank to the floor.

She bent over onto him, and he ran his hands down her back, he brought his hands round her hips and onto her thighs. He lifted her face and kissed her. Then taking himself he motioned to her to do the same. They sat there on the kitchen floor, clothes scattered around them, sunshine warming their bodies. He moved his hand expertly up and down his throbbing cock. She moved so that her thighs were over his. As his hand moved, his cock moved down and hit her right on her open and waiting cunt. She held her lips open, her finger moved slowly, deliberately around her clit. They brought themselves to the edge like this. Watching each other, loving the intimacy of seeing each other close up.

“Don’t come.” She said. Standing up she lead him from the room. Going to the bedroom she pulled a box over to the bed. Then took his hand and lead him to the bed. “You pick something for me,” she said, “and I’ll pick something for you.”

He looked into the box. He knew the contents well; it was his favourite kind of toy box. They sat together on the bed and sorted through the box, it was a pretty big box. As he sat his cock, which had gone a little limp, started to harden up again. He remembered toys they had used, games they had played. Finally he found what he was looking for. Pulling it out of the box he showed it to her.



“You sure?”

“I think you look good with a tail!”

“OK. Then I get to use the vibrator on you.”

“Vibrator and butt plug, seems like you’re getting lucky today!”

“The vibrator is for you!”

“Pretty sure you will get some of the benefits though.”

“Hope so.”

“Lay down,” he said, “Face down.”

He didn’t touch her at first. He stood back and admired this masterpiece lying on their bed. The way her hair set off her skin. The arch of her back, the round of her ass, the curve of her thigh, the dip behind her knees, the delicate tapering to her ankles. He laid his hands there first, on her ankles. She felt the heat of his fingertips as he ran light circles over her ankle bones. She felt the heat of his breath as he leaned in to lick his way up from heel up her calf into the dip behind her knee. His hand traced the journey on the other leg. He worked his way up the inside of her thighs with his tongue, his hand gently pushing her legs apart. He pushed both hands up over her butt cheeks, savouring their shape. He moved his hands over her back, feeling the muscles under his hands, relaxing the tension she held in her shoulder blades.

As he sat over her bottom his cock grew hard again. He left her lying there as he worked his way back down her body, pulling her cheeks apart he traced down the crack with his finger tips. Leaning over he pulled the lube from the box and a small bullet vibrator. He squeezed the lube onto her cute rosebud and moved the liquid around with his finger. She pulled her legs further apart and arched back into the pressure on her asshole. He replaced his finger with the bullet, and turned it on. She gasped as the vibrations came and went; feeling his hands kneading her butt cheeks, feeling his hard-on at her hip. He pushed the vibrator into her ass several times, slowly, carefully pulling it back out by the cord. Each time she moaned louder. Her hand was under herself now; he knew if he reached between her legs he would find her fingers hard at work on her clit. He watched her asshole slowly relax as he pulled out the bullet one more time.

He squeezed a little more lube into her crack and picked up the toy he had chosen. He moved the butt plug backwards and forwards, lubing it up, circling it, and teasing her little rosebud with it. Then finally he added pressure and pushed it into her ass. He tugged on it a few times, enjoying the sound of her moans. Then he lifted her up. As he moved her he caught sight of the furry tail that now protruded from her butt, his own little bunny.

“Having fun?” she said, catching his smile as he looked in the mirror.

“You look cute with a tail! I like it.” He liked it even more when she wiggled her beautiful round ass and giggled.

“Lay down,” she said. She straddled him and leaned down to kiss him, he felt the tail tickling his stomach. She moved down his body slowly, her hands teasing, appreciating him. She nibbled on his nipple and cupped his balls. When she took out the vibrator she started at his ankles. She worked her way, alternating between light kisses, tongue and vibrator. She moved up one side, then back down the other. As the vibrator made its way up his thighs he started to moan. When she finally touched his cock he was desperate, aching for her. The vibrator was intense, but together with the lube she had lathered on his cock it felt great, especially when she ran it up the shaft and over his tip.

He loved it when she sat on top of him, facing his feet. She bent over, and took him in her mouth. He got a full clear view of her hot, dripping cunt, whilst simultaneously feeling his balls inside her hot wet mouth. He grabbed at her ass and brought her cunt down onto his face. She pushed her clit in towards his tongue and sucked his dick into her mouth. He moved his hands back and pushed a finger inside her. She ran the vibrator over his balls while licking his tip. When her movement got stronger and he could feel her moans on the taught hot skin of his dick he started to tug gently on the butt plug. She added her hands to the work she was doing at his crotch. One at the base, the other on his balls, working them in time with her mouth and tongue. The feeling was intense, and very good. He dipped his tongue in and out of her and ran it in long strokes around her cunt, sucking the little nub into his mouth.

There came a point when they just wanted to be connected, literally. She slid around and faced him. He tasted his pre-cum as she kissed him, she tasted herself. She pulled him up so his back was on the head rest. She moved so they were sitting face to face, then lifting her leg she slowly lowered herself onto his hard cock. He felt the hot wetness of her as she slipped over him. She felt him harden as he went deeper. Here he had full access. His hands went roving. He sucked her nipples, biting, pulling them as she gasped and rose. His hands circled her hips and moved back over her ass. He locked a finger round the butt plug so he could tug on it in time to her rising. She arched her back. They kissed deeply and when they came up for air he moved the vibrator between them. Lodging it there he moved his hand and rubbed a finger over her nipple. She bent over and nibbled on his. In the mirror he could see the tail dipping up and down as she moved herself on him. Looking down he laid his hands on those thighs he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off. They were at their best now, taught and strong, supporting her weight and curving down over him. As she rose he pushed his hands down between her legs feeling the heat radiating up them. He felt her squeeze them and the muscles inside her gripped him tighter as she lifted herself.

He replaced the vibrator with his finger and thumb. He ran it around from her clit down to her cunt, back and around. He used gentle pressure, but he went slowly. Even as she started moaning and moving faster, even as he felt his cum rising his finger moved with slow, deliberate purpose.

He lifted and spun her. She was sitting in his lap now. Her back against his chest, the tail at his stomach. He kept his fingers moving in her hot wet cleft. She crouched and lifted herself up and down on his hard cock. Her muscles inside grabbing at him. He grabbed her breast with his spare hand and rolled her nipple between his finger tips, she arched and moaned again. She moved faster on him and he was struggling to keep his control. He longed for the release and knew it wouldn’t be long. She wanted his fingers to move harder on her, faster, but she knew that the slow pressure would bring her to a crashing climax. She was close, she could feel the pleasure building inside her. She could feel the butt plug inside her, its fluffy tail tickling her ass. She could feel as it pushed against the thin wall inside her and his cock slid by it. She pushed him down the bed and swivelled on him. He moved quickly inside of her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. As she came back down on him he tugged on the plug and the pressure of his cock stretching her and the plug pushing up against him pushed her over the edge.

It was her orgasm that pushed him over. The thrill of her riding him, of her cunt grasping his cock firmly, of her juices spilling over his hot dick. Her breasts bouncing above him, nipples hard. Knowing that he had helped her get here, knowing that he knew how to get her here. He came inside her, filling her up.

They lay there, coupled for some time. Her nakedness warming him. Finally he held her tight around the waist and when he lifted her she wrapped her legs around him. He carried her off to the shower. Where, he hoped he would take her again.

“Mmm, Bastien…”

Sebastien Byrne looked down in dismay, watching as his new bride lovingly faked her way through another orgasm. She was very good at it—soft and sweet, and imminently realistic. No glass-shattering screeches, or siren-like banshee wails. In fact, if he hadn’t been inside of her when it happened, he would have sworn that it had been real. His pleasure greatly diminished, he rolled over onto his side, and pulled her body tightly against his. Winter wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing the length of her body to him. He could sense the tension strumming through her, so he gently stroked her smooth, curving bottom until she relaxed.

Her face was buried in his neck, his hand still tangled in her hair. He knew that Winter loved him, just as he knew that she was aroused by him. But here they were, on the last week of their three-week honeymoon and, to his knowledge, she had yet to have an orgasm. At first, he wasn’t surprised. She had been a virgin when they married, so he knew that the first few times would be an adjustment for her. However, now he was starting to worry.

Winter wasn’t frigid…he knew that as truly as he knew his own name. He knew that she loved being with him almost as much as he enjoyed her. Within three weeks, he had seen her blossom from shy, sweet, eager virgin, to generous, willing, sensual lover. Sebastien couldn’t understand why she had yet to climax. They had done a number of things…in a number of positions…in a number of places, but within several days, he started to suspect that she wasn’t reaching her peak.

Unlike Winter, Sebastien was no virgin when they wed. He had never been too wild, but he had been in a few sexual relationships—enough to know how it felt when a woman came on his cock. He remembered feeling dry-mouthed at their wedding reception just thinking about her sweet little butterfly flutters moving up and down his hard shaft while she softly breathed his name in his ear.

He sighed. He just didn’t know what was wrong. Winter had yet to say no to any of his advances—in fact, several times, she had seduced him. While they were together, her body told him that she was aroused. The flush under her tawny skin, her tight little cinnamon nipples, her dilated pupils and darkened irises, her accelerated breathing, her elevated pulse, her writhing, trembling body, not to mention the delectable wetness that literally dripped–dripped–from her swollen sex, down her soft thighs, all told him that she wanted him. Sebastien was a biology professor at Duke University, whose Ph.D from the University of Dublin had been on human sexual response. He knew what arousal looked like.

Winter had been a law student when they met. They waited until she had graduated before seriously dating, in order to quell any rumours on the surprisingly small campus. The first few times that they had been in each others company, he had thought her cold and methodical. Upon seeing her more and more however, he realized that, though she was methodical, cold couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Once Winter opened up, she was charming, loyal, conscientious, and…as he had learned in the last two weeks, exceedingly passionate. Sebastien kissed her warm shoulder, while she purred, and snuggled closer, breathing slowly regulating into that of sleep.

He didn’t know why his wife wasn’t reaching her release, but he was going to find out before the honeymoon was over, and real life came between them.


Sebastien awoke to the enchanting sight of his bride bent over, plump caramel buttocks, courtesy of a Kenyan grandmother, peeking insouciantly out of her cream-coloured lace boy-shorts as she reached between her legs to attach her garters to her silken stockings.

“Good morning to me,” he lilted in a sleep-roughened Irish baritone. Winter glanced at him from between her legs, then slid a hand under her long, thick, wavy, warm chocolate brown hair to help flip it back over her shoulders as she straightened. Smiling invitingly, wearing nothing but a matching creamy lace bra, panty, and garter belt set, and pale golden silk fishnet stockings, she slowly crawled up the bed to him. Straddling his hips she slowly stroked her hands up and down the sides of his chest.

“Good morning to you, lover,” she responded, leaning in for a kiss.

Sebastien turned his head and stilled her arms. “Ach…not before I’ve showered. You smell amazing,” here he inhaled the warm, humid air that still held notes of her blood orange whipped bath soap, “and I’m chock full of morning breath, and fresh urine.”

Winter wrinkled her nose and laughed, gracefully removing one leg and letting herself fall on her back beside him. “Oh, Dr. Byrne, you always know just what to say.”

He lasciviously grabbed a handful of smooth, soft thigh, and squeezed before rolling out of bed, and sauntering to the bathroom. “A gentleman knows never to touch a lady while he’s unshowered, unbrushed, and still covered in questionable substances from the previous night.” He turned in the bathroom doorway to face her. “I’m filthy–”

She rolled quickly and easily to her knees, hands planted on the bed, looking for all the world like something straight out of his most fevered transition year fantasies. “I like it when you make me dirty, Dr. Byrne,” she purred dulcetly, in her husky Southern drawl.

He laughed, delighted. “Behave yourself, you impertinent young chit! I’m a man, not a sex-machine!”

Winter fell back on the bed, rolling with laughter, while Sebastien affected a long-suffering expression, and went in for his shower.

When he emerged, she was fully dressed in a figure-hugging cream wool pencil skirt, five inch black leather heels, and an iridescent golden-ebony silk button-down shirt. He held the towel negligently around his narrow hips, water still dripping from his deep auburn hair, and neatly trimmed beard. “I just don’t know, darling,” he started, shaking his head sadly, while his black eyes twinkled. “Are you sure that I’m not overdressed?” he finished, indicating his lack of clothing.

She turned, her large hazel eyes widening at the sight of his bare torso, water trickling slowly and lovingly down his sleek frame. Giving a breathless little laugh, Winter rejoined, “I’m sure that no one would have the temerity to complain against such a well-tailored ensemble.”

Sebastien grinned, letting his towel slip casually from his hips as he walked over to pull clothing from his suitcase. Tossing the towel over his shoulder into the bathroom, he savoured the feeling of her eyes on him, as he took his time dressing. Oh, no…whatever the problem, a lack of desire from Winter was not the cause.

A sudden knock at the door startled Sebastien from his thoughts. He turned to Winter and raised an eyebrow.

“Room service,” she explained. “I know how much playing with me tuckers you out, old man.”

He grinned. Though he was only five years older than she, it was their running joke that he had robbed the cradle while she was busy robbing the grave. He walked over to the door, and opened it to a bright young bellhop who wheeled in the brunch cart. Sebastien tipped the bellhop, who playfully saluted him and left, whistling cheerily. Lifting the silver lid from the various dishes on the cart, he looked at her in delight.

Winter shrugged. “You worked pretty hard last night, Sebastien-mine. I thought that you deserved something more than the usual croissant and coffee this morning, so I asked them to make something a bit more substantial for you.”

Lucas happily eyed the fluffy herbed omelette, steaming croissants, rich hot chocolate, and strawberries arranged artfully over creamy yogurt. “Aye, I knew that there was a reason I married you.”

“What can I say?” she asked, sitting on his lap and putting a cool, sweet strawberry to his lips. “I give good room service…”


Stepping out onto the streets of Paris a short time later, they walked arm in arm on their way to go exploring. They had spent each week in a different French city, culminating their honeymoon in the City of Light, and though they knew that they probably should do the culturally relevant thing, and see as many museums as possible, they were really enjoying just finding whatever they could discover on their long walks.

This morning (okay, afternoon) however, they had an appointment to take a boat ride on the Seine. Sebastien watched his new wife’s swaying bottom, as she made her way up the gangplank ahead of him. He suppressed the animalistic urge to drag her under his body and thrust into her until her body had no choice but to give her an orgasm. He shook his head to clear his mind of those thoughts. If he kept thinking like that, he’d embarrass them both.

The boat ride passed happily for them, with Winter laughing in delight as the wind made short work of her previously artful coif. Shaking her head in surrender, she removed the pins holding up her hair, and let the wind tangle it around her face, making her look like a gamin little fairy. Sebastien just watched her. He loved looking at her. Her artless delight with life never failed to make him want to protect her, and join her in equal parts. It didn’t help that she was a neat foot shorter than he. Though he logically knew that she was well equipped to take care of herself, having studied krav maga at her father’s knee, there was a primitive part of him that wanted to shield her from the depredations of the world. He sighed and watched as the wind blew her hair straight back, making her look like a wild siren.

After their boat ride, they took a stroll down the Rue Montorgueil, so that Winter could explore its open-air market. Sebastien purchased a wicker basket for her, and then held it as she flitted from stall to stall, slowly filling it with various vibrant fruits, freshly baked pastries, and rich cheeses. They took a meandering walk to the Parc Monceau, found a secluded spot, and shared a leisurely picnic.

Sebastien loved to watch her eat. He felt like a secret pervert at mealtimes. Winter was just such a sensual eater. He didn’t think that such a thing existed until he met her. When she bit into something that she particularly liked, she’d purr, or sometimes give a little soft moan, and close her eyes. Also, in the absence of silverware, if something dripped onto her fingers, her quick little pink tongue would dart out and slowly lave the offending digit, looking like nothing so much as a serious little cat. The best part of it it was, she was totally unaware of this behaviour. He’d seen her do the same things when she didn’t know that she was being watched.

He cleared his throat, surreptitiously adjusted himself, and sighed, wishing that they were back at the hotel. Winter looked up quizzically at him, sensing his mild distress. Sebastien smiled reassuringly at her, and took a hearty bite from his crispy, still-warm croque monsieur.

They went wandering around the boulevards, stopping to watch interesting street performers, or to peer down dark, narrow streets like nosy children. At the entrance of the first bookstore that they found, Winter stopped and sucked in a breath like a child on Christmas. Sebastien looked around, seeing nothing but stacks upon stacks of dusty old tomes. His wife moved easily through the claustrophobic shelves, chattering gaily in French with the shopkeeper. Sebastien finally leaned against a wall and just watched her as she traced her fingertips over the spines, occasionally stopping to open a book and briefly read what was inside. She ended up buying several first editions of various children’s books for sister-in-law

He grinned as they left the store. “Winter, Fiona just had the baby. He won’t be able to read English for years, let alone French.” She peered at him haughtily over her tortoise-shell spectacles, her hair unbound and wild, several dusty smudges on her face. “I’ll have you know that my nephew is a genius. While I was playing with him at the wedding, I asked him what the cat says, and do you know what he said, Bastien? He said, ‘Miau’. Does an ordinary three month old know that? No, unless they are as perfect as Aubrey, which is highly doubtful, as he is the pinnacle of everything that a baby should be.”

Sebastien stopped her as she started to brush by him, resting his arm above her head on the building behind her, and said low, “And you don’t think that you’re just a wee bit biased?”

Winter looked up at him, smiling beatifically. “No!”

“Should I be jealous?” he smiled down at her, ebony eyes alight with good humour, his fingers gently stroking her jaw.

“Mmm…maybe,” she flirted. “You know that I’ve always had a thing for short, chubby, bald men!” Laughing, she slid past him. They spent the next few hours flitting through dusty old used book, and ephemera shops. After the last little antique shop, where he had bought her a coquettish little fan, and she had purchased a heavy set of silver and garnet cuff-links for him, he followed her from the store, catching hold of her hand. Smiling at one another, they leisurely made their way to Le Cordon Bleu for an open dinner demonstration.


Winter sighed wistfully as Sebastien knelt before her, removing her shoes, and gently stroking her calves. “Who knew a knife could move so fast! And the designs that he carved into those carrot shavings were so intricate! They looked like filigree! Oh—and that rosemary smoke that he infused into his tuna sashimi amuse-bouche was such an transcendent experience, both visually and olfactorily…” She drifted off as she realized that he wasn’t saying much, just looking up at her indulgently, one hand around her right ankle, thumb stroking it gently. She smiled ruefully. “I’m babbling, aren’t I?”

He smiled lazily up at her. “I like to listen you talk.” He traced his fingers slowly up and down the front of her left leg. “You have the cutest little accent.”

“Me?!” she gasped in mock surprise. “Your accent is cuter.”

He grinned mischievously up at her. “The Irish don’t have an accent—we’re just the only ones in the world who know how English is supposed to sound.”

She ruffled his hair playfully. He wrapped his arms around her left leg and leaned his cheek against it. He began placing slow, gentle, sweet kisses on the outside of her knee. “Winter,” he started softly.

“Hm?” she responded, savouring the feel of his soft lips and warm beard against her leg.

“I want to talk to you about something, lovely,” he said, his voice low and caressing.

“Hm?” she said dreamily.

“I love you,” he started.

“Love…” she trailed, stroking his hair.

He could feel the heat of her arousal warming his cheek as he knelt at her feet. He smiled, hiding his lips against the outside of her knee. Winter was terrifyingly articulate. She had a savage intelligence that at times awed him, and she was a mistress of debate, and rhetoric. When she was aroused, however…her level of verbal communication nosedived.

During the first week of their honeymoon, while they had been making love, he had slid his hand down to her curls, his fingertips questing for her tight little bud. She had squealed, and then sighed, “Hacienda….”

“Hacienda?” he had queried, bemused. “A Spanish estate plantation?”

“Oh, I don’t know! Don’t know!” she had moaned, arching under him and practically ripping the sheets from the bed.

Winter didn’t even speak Spanish.

He forced his mind back to the present. “I love you,” he repeated. He slid his right hand slowly up the back of her left leg, cupping the back of her knee as he continued to place soft kisses on the outside of her knee. He slid his left hand up under her skirt, slowly stroking her right hip. “I love you, and I want you, and I know that you love me…that you want me…”

“Mm-hm,” she nodded in artless agreement.

“I am yours. All I want is to spend the rest of my life making you happy, which is why…we need to discuss why you haven’t been cumming when we make love.” He kept up his caresses, watching her face.

A small frown line appeared between her eyebrows. Her head tilted, as if she were contemplating some difficult problem, and then twitched. Her head twitched again, and the she slowly shook it, as if to clear herself of a mental fog. “No…no…” she said softly, her body trying to scoot away from him. Her eyes opened, and she looked confused.

He pulled her closer, not allowing her to move away from him. She made a little sound of distress, and he slid his arms around her hips, and pulled her down into his lap. Nuzzling her ear, he whispered, “Please, darlin’…talk to me…” his lilt thickening.

She whined, and then turned to him, burying her face in his neck, arms wrapped around him. He stroked her hair and slowly rocked her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“No—don’t ever be sorry. There’s no need for sorry, you haven’t done anything wrong. But this is something that we need to talk about before it goes any further.” He rubbed his jaw against her hair. “Before we were married, you told me that you used to masturbate…did you finish then?” She nodded miserably. “Okay…okay. Have you done it since we were married?”

“Oh, no!” she protested, backing up to look into his eyes. “I haven’t needed to do that—you keep me satisfied.”

He smiled ruefully, “Thanks for that, but something is awry, and we need to figure out how to take care of it.” He placed a finger under her chin, gently stroking the soft skin. “You don’t want to go the rest of your life without having an orgasm with me, do ya?”

“Well…no…” she replied slowly.

“And isn’t it better to take care of it sooner rather than later?” he cajoled.

“Yes?” she said uncertainly.

“Alright, then,” he said comfortably. “Do you want me?”

She looked up at him, speechless, eyes wide in shock. Then she she set her jaw and said, “Sebastien Alastar Byrne, if you actually think that I don’t want you, why then you’re dumb as a post! Want you?! I can’t stop thinking about you! Your scent, your touch, the sound of your voice, the way you taste… Sometimes we’re out and it’s all I can do to not drag you into a dark alley, climb on top of you, and ride you like Seabiscuit! Would I have married you if I didn’t want you?”

He chuckled. “Fair enough”, he said, hands raised in surrender. “Just making sure that that’s out of the way.”

Winter harrumphed. Sebastien grinned. “So, we know that you’re not frigid, we know that you want me, am I…” here he paused uncertainly. “Not…good?”

Winter melted in his arms. “‘Bastien…you make me tremble.” She looked down shyly. “You make me…writhe and whimper…you make me tingle…all over…. When I’m with you…I lose language. All I can think of is you, and the feeling of your warm breath ghosting across my skin. The feeling of your hot hands stroking me…caressing me… everywhere. And your voice…it’s so deep…it makes me want to do…everything with you…” She finally halted, staring down at her hands, cheeks flaming.

He cleared his throat, momentarily nonplussed. He had been told that he was a good lover before, but never in such an open, vulnerable, honest way. He brought her wrist to his mouth, gently placing a kiss on the warm, delicate inside. Softly, so as not to make her defensive, he asked desperately, “So then…what is it, a thaisce?

She shrugged mournfully. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t. I could blame it on nervousness, but I haven’t been nervous since the first time. I thought, maybe because it was because you made me so wet…too wet. But extra friction didn’t help, either.”

He nodded, thinking. “Let’s do an experiment.” Winter perked up, pressing her breasts to his chest. “Down, lass—not that sort of experiment!” he laughed.

She pouted charmingly. “But I love playing sexy mad scientist!”

“You love to play, period.” he retorted.

Winter nodded, grinning mischievously. “You’re not wrong.”

Sebastien smiled. No, frigidity was not the problem, here. “I’m going to shower first tonight. You stay out here and…” here he slowly walked his fingers up her inner thigh, and gently tapped at the apex of her thighs. Winter raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned. Climbing to his feet, with her in his arms, he set her on the bed and began loosening his tie. Walking backwards to the bathroom, he said, “Let’s just see what happens. See you on the other side.” He closed the door, and left her to her personal playtime.

When he later exited the bathroom in a cloud of fragrant steam, he found Winter sitting on the side of the bed, looking thoughtful. “Well?” he gently queried.

She nodded, blowing out a breath. “It worked.” He sat beside her, not even bothering to put on a towel, and she leaned against his warm side, uncaring of his intermittent dripping. “So, what does this mean?” she asked.

“Well,” he sighed, “it’s not physical.”

She was silent. Then her face crumpled. “I just want to be good for you!”

“What?” he asked, bemused by her outburst.

“It’s so frustrating. All I want is to please you, and I can’t even do that!” she said bitterly.

“What do you mean, ‘Please me’?” he questioned.

“I want to keep you aroused.” she answered haltingly.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said dismissively turning away.

“Yes you do,” he coaxed, wrapping his arm around her, and laying her head against his shoulder. “Talk to me, love.”

“I don’t want to bore you. I just don’t understand why my body isn’t cooperating.” She bit her lip.

He was silent. Then, he said slowly, “I think…I think that we’ve just discovered the problem.” She lifted her head to look at him questioningly. He began to slowly rub her arm. “You don’t have to…perform for me. You are my wife, not a bloody…porn star. I think that you’re…so worried about looking, and sounding good that your mind is keeping your body from taking over.” He pulled her into his lap, and wrapped his arms around her.

“Winter…” He paused, choosing his words carefully. “Sex isn’t entertainment. It’s about loving and giving, cherishing and adoring another person, while they reciprocally love and give, cherish and adore.” She stared at him in shock as he went on. “It’s a physical representation of unconditional love that is supposed to be given exclusively between two people.” He paused to give her a chance to respond.

“I would be inclined to agree with you, but…” she sighed, blowing a stray tendril from her face. She seemed to gather her courage, then plunged on, “Studies have shown that during sex, about the only time a man experiences a surge of oxytocin is during orgasm. After orgasm, a man’s oxytocin levels return to their normally relatively low levels. Conversely, not only do women produce oxytocin during sex, orgasm, and post orgasm, but they also produce higher levels of oxytocin during each stage.” It was his turn to stare at her. “What I’m trying to say is that…sex will not necessarily make you bond with me emotionally, but I know that if I can keep you sexually interested, then you’ll be more inclined to stay because you’ll want to keep having sex with me.”

Silence reigned after her little speech. Winter’s face flushed redder and redder as Sebastien continued to stay silent. When he finally spoke, his voice was very soft. “I think that the casually graphic that way sex is portrayed in modern media, has caused you not to regard it as communication, but to instead adopt the idea that it’s primarily for recreation, or even sport. What was lost in the translation was intimacy.” She turned away in embarrassment. He took her hand, and gently stroked her ring finger. “Fifteen days ago, with this ring I thee wed.” He kissed her tawny little knuckle, then stood with her in his arms. Carrying her into the bathroom, he purred, “Tonight, with my body I thee worship…”

He stood her next to the tub, and began to gently remove her clothing. When Winter realized what he was doing, she moved to help him, but he brushed away her hands. “No, a stóirín, tonight I want to take care of you. Will you let me do that?” She nodded hesitantly while he finished pulling her shirt from her skirt and patiently undid all of the tiny pearl buttons. He lifted her left wrist and undid her cuff, kissing the round little bone at the outside of her wrist, then moving to the other. She smiled a grateful smile inside when he tossed her shirt into the hamper. Sebastien was so neat. It was one of the things that she loved about him. He leaned into her, slowly stroking his hand down her side, brushing it over her ribs and caressing her hip. Bringing his hand back up, he slowly undid the zipper at her side, and let the skirt pool to the floor.

“Step out of it, please,” he asked politely. After tossing it into the hamper, he wrapped his long arms around her, slowly sliding his hands up her spine. Sebastien deftly undid her bra, sliding her straps down her arms without moving back, so that the tips of Winter’s nipples brushed his chest as she breathed. She leaned forward, nuzzling his neck, and he tilted his head to nuzzle her cheek. Before he became lost, he took a step back, and knelt at her feet, to undo her stockings and toss them with the quickly growing pile. He slowly slid his hands up her naked, sensitive legs, cupping her bottom, and pulling her forward, so that he could bury his face in the soft warmth at the top of her thighs. He breathed deeply, scenting her arousal, and feeling her wetness against his lips. He looked up at her, wearing nothing but her garter belt and panties, her hair framing her face as she looked down at him.

He hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, and slowly uncovered her curls, placing soft, reverent kisses on them as he dragged her panties lower. After she had stepped out of them, Sebastien brought them briefly to his face, inhaling the salty, light scent of her arousal, while looking up at her. Winter’s mouth had fallen slightly open at the sight of her husband at her feet, with her panties held to his face, so he gently placed them in the hamper, resisting the urge to really scandalize her by suddenly letting his tongue slide up her slit.

Sebastien stood, leaned into the stall, and turned on the shower. He helped Winter into the shower, positioning her to stand with the steaming spray running over her front, while he stood behind her, warming her back, one arm around her waist, his erection nestled between her soft cheeks. Taking a sponge and dipping it into the pot of whipped soap, he began to slowly lather her body from head to toe. When he reached her intimate areas, she made as if to take over, but he stopped her, whispering seductively in her ear, “No, a ghrá mo chroí. I take care of what is mine…” She gasped as she slid a warm, soapy cloth between her legs, leisurely cleaning her there, then slipped the cloth between her cheeks. She blushed as the roving cloth slid over her tightly furled rosebud, but she didn’t stop him.

By the time they left the shower, Winter had been thoroughly bathed, with great attention having been paid to her more sensitive areas. Sebastien wrapped her in a warm, fluffy towel, brushing it over her skin to absorb the shower water. When he was satisfied that she had been thoroughly dried, he gave himself a quick once over with the towel, to rid himself of any extraneous water. Tossing the towel into the hamper, he started for her, his engorged cock insouciantly bouncing from thigh to thigh. She giggled at the sight, and he grinned, briefly making it dance for her.

He stalked toward her again, and she backed toward the bed, sitting with a sudden plop. He grinned again as he moved forward, forcing her to climb backward on the bed, until her back hit the headboard. Sebastien wrapped an arm around Winter’s waist, and pulled her down onto her back, climbing on top of her. She started to wrap her arms around his neck, but he took her hands from around his shoulders and kissed her wrists, then drew them over her head. “Lie here, just like that,” he said. He left to procure one of his ties, then returning, used it to deftly bind her wrists to he headboard. She looked up at him, hurt, and he said, “This is to make sure that you don’t drive me mad with those questing little hands of yours. As soon as you put your hands on me…I lose control,” here, he brushed his mouth over hers, continuing, “You make me crazy.”

Mollified, Winter lay back and let him finish tying her securely. Sebastien gazed down at his sweet little wife looking up at him so trustingly. He gave her a slow, crooked grin, as he whispered, “I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.” Her eyes widened as she recognized the opening line to one of her favourite Neruda love poems. His mouth descended on hers, and she shivered as he gave her a thorough, probing kiss. His firm lips slid against her soft ones, his tongue rhythmically plunging into her mouth, brushing her tongue, sliding across her teeth, tickling along the seam of her mouth. Winter groaned low, and Sebastien felt a jolt shoot down to his cock as she involuntarily arched, and nipped him, sinking her sharp little teeth into his sensitive bottom lip. He smiled against her mouth as he felt her squirming slowly beneath him.

He dragged his lips down to her throat, placing tender kisses against the delicate caramel skin. Her head fell back as his soft beard and warm mouth teased the sensitive skin of her throat, making her squirm even more. His hand was buried in her hair, fingertips stroking her sensitive scalp.

He moved his mouth lower, rubbing his beard along the curve of her right breast. He murmured, “Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.” Looking up to watch her face, Sebastien opened his mouth over her breast, and gently bit. His flickering tongue laved her sensitive nipple as his teeth sank into the soft flesh of her full, warm breast. Winter released a high pitched whine, as her face contorted in pleasure. Sucking hard, his tongue lapping around her puckered areola, he brought his strong left hand to her other breast, palming it a little roughly as his tongue gently stroked. He caressed her breast, brushing over her insistent little nipple with his thumb, even as his hot, wet mouth was busy with its twin. Winter jerked as jolts of pleasure shot from her breasts down to her swollen clitoris, which was peeking out of its wet little red hood, begging for a soft kiss.

Sebastien switched his mouth to the other breast, latching on and sucking powerfully, as he brought his right hand to her left breast, to gently pinch and twist her now-wet nipple. Winter’s mouth worked silently, as he lavished attention on her breasts, his loving ministrations leaving them flushed, nipples hard and sensitive. He moved his head between her breasts, cupping them, so that they brushed against his face as he leisurely kissed, licked, nibbled, and suckled his way back up to her neck.

Against her throat, he hoarsely whispered, “Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.” Winter sighed as he opened his mouth over her throat, letting his teeth graze her soft skin. He reverently placed small, sucking kisses against her throat, moving to the exquisitely sensitive place along the side of her neck. Growling roughly, Sebastien let go and sank his teeth into the softness beneath him. A tortured whimper filtered past his inflamed senses, as his little wife’s body softened beneath his, and he smiled inwardly.

His mind idly drifted back to the immense sense of satisfaction he had felt when he learned that Winter loved being bitten. And Winter loved to bite… She was the one woman that he had ever met that didn’t care if he left marks on her skin. When had once repeated the question that previous girlfriends had asked him, namely, “What will people think?” to gauge her reaction, she had responded with a neat, dry, “They’ll get over it.”

Sebastien opened his mouth, and slowly ran his tongue over the small indentations his teeth had left, while Winter slowly melted, boneless, into the bed. He began placing slow, suckling kisses down to her collarbone, then dragged his warm mouth over her sternum to her belly, nipping and suckling at her soft, fragrant skin. He rubbed his jaw over the smooth skin of her tummy, like a cat marking his territory, covering her with his scent.

He briefly thought about shaving his beard, so that he could better feel her skin against his, before being distracted by the slow rolling of her hips underneath his chest. Softly, reverently kissing his way to her right hipbone, he slowly dragged his tongue along the sensitive hollow between her hipbone and the side of her curls. Winter purred, then arched sharply, as he sank his teeth into the soft flesh. He lazily traced his lapping tongue down, where her thigh met her sex, using his long, veiny, gentle hands to slowly open her legs.

He could feel the anticipation thrumming through her as his warm breath ruffled her curls. He chuckled to himself, deep and low, before moving his face to nuzzle the curving hollow of her left inner thigh. She relaxed under him, her left calf resting against his back as he nuzzled, kissed, and stroked his way over the soft skin. He slid his warm palms slowly up her thighs, up her hips, as he switched his attentions her right thigh. Just as he sensed Winter’s complete relaxation, he struck, closing his mouth over her skin, his sharp white teeth sinking deeply into the flushed, tawny flesh of the inside of her thigh. Her reaction was immediate and satisfying as she threw back her head, arching and panting. Sebastien loved teasing her like this. Building her up, and letting her relax…and then building her up again. It made her wild, transforming her from a cool little logician into a panting, writhing, arching slave of his ardent love.

He transferred his mouth to her other thigh, nipping and suckling the soft skin, rubbing his tickling beard over her. He could smell the scent of her arousal, salty and clean, and he had to shut his eyes tightly against the insistent pulse in his groin. He looked up at the shining wetness, coating her swollen lips, and dug his fingers roughly into the side of her thigh. He let go when she moaned, realizing that in his distraction, he was gripping her too tightly. Though Winter liked it when he lost control, when he gripped her too tightly, and kissed her too roughly, tonight he would control himself. At least…for now… He made his way down her body with soft kisses along the insides of her thighs, her knees, her calves. He lifted each delicate foot, and pressed soft, loving kisses against her ankles, adoring every part of her exquisite little body.

He crawled slowly back up her body, briefly sparing a longing look at her inviting sex then, removing himself from temptation, draped himself over her. Running his hands over her waist and hips, he moved lower, to slide his fingers behind her knees. He gently massaged the back of her knees in slow circles while she opened her legs and artlessly moved her hips against him, panting lightly. Sebastien had discovered this little erogenous zone of hers on their third night together. He pressed his chest tightly to hers, as he ran warm his palms over her rounded calves, cupping them as he gently massaged. Winter relaxed, as he glided his hands back up her thighs, up her hips, up her tiny waist, up her delicate ribs, and up the soft, sensitive insides of her arms.

He took his time, gently tracing his fingertips along her soft, pale skin of her inner arms, as he kissed and suckled her shoulder. “I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the colour of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,” he whispered against the side of her throat. He climbed to his knees, and let his mouth follow the path that his left hand had taken, suckling the sensitive skin of her inner arm. He ran his tongue in slow circles against the crook of her elbow as she softly sighed and squirmed at his thorough attention. Sebastien nipped and suckled his way up her arm until he could lavish her delicate wrist with the wet, suckling heat of his open mouth and tracing tongue.

He transferred his mouth to her other wrist, nipping down and licking against the almost translucent skin. He slowly made his way down the inside of her arm, pausing to treat the inside of this elbow to the same slow, wet, warm affection as the other. As he continued his way down, his mouth open and suckling against her underarm, he slid his hand up her arm and used his fingertips to gently stroke the soft, private skin between her fingers.

He nuzzled close to her, deepening his voice as he purred in her ear, “…I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.” Winter moaned at this pronouncement, writhing under his hand as he slowly ran it between her breasts, down her warm belly, over her soft curls, only to let his fingertips lazily explore her wet little slit. He rested on his side, pressed tightly to hers, as he leisurely stroked up and down her slit, his fingers spreading her slipperiness over her full, pink and golden lips. He slid his fingertips to her opening, circling it slowly, agonizingly as he placed gentle kisses along the shell of her ear. Winter shuddered as she felt him stroke his fingertips shallowly into her wet heat, teasing the slick flesh of her opening. He rested his palm against her curls, her swollen bud rubbing against his hand as he petted her, teased her, stroked her. He slid his tongue into her ear, making her tremble uncontrollably as he licked. He moved his mouth to her earlobe, dragging the tip of his tongue around the edge, and then sucking it into his mouth, as he clever little fingers slid inside and firmly caressed her G-spot. He had discovered that little sensual surprise on their tenth night together.

As her hips rolled and writhed under his hand, he whispered in her ear, low and hot, “I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,” Winter could feel the tingles in her body, slowly coalescing into an insistent throb. She was so close, but not there, not yet… Sebastien removed his hand from her wet, hot, soft sex. Winter’s eyes widened behind the blindfold, and she sucked in a small breath, as she heard the slow, wet noise of him sucking clean every single one of the fingers that had just touched her so sweetly.

He lay against her for a while, panting into the crook of her neck, his arm wrapped heavily around her waist, as he willed his clamouring body to calm. He softly stroked her waist and hip, gently lulling her. His hand drifted to her face, tracing the bone of her nose, stroking her cheek, gliding along her jawline as he hoarsely whispered, “I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,” his hand cupping her jaw as his thumb caressed her moist, plump lips.

Gathering his willpower, he climbed back over her, opening her legs gently, but firmly, as he kissed his way slowly back down her body. Sebastien brought his face in line with her sex, swollen and open to his gaze, the glistening hood thrown back from the plump pearl, the inner lips rosy and inviting. He swallowed hard, looking up at her, at her face framed (given his position) by her plump, almond-tipped breasts, and breathed, “…and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.”

Winter relaxed at these last words, a satisfied smile lighting up her face. He smiled at her, though she couldn’t see it, then slowly lowered his open mouth to her waiting lips. At the first burning kiss, her hips rose sharply, and her thighs clasped his head. “No, no, baby,” he instructed, pulling her legs over his broad shoulders, and caressing her thighs, “Keep your legs open…”

Jon felt the hand on his shoulder and tried to wriggle deeper under the blankets for a moment, but it was too late. His brain had already started waking up, and he couldn’t stop it now. Instead, he rolled over lazily and looked up at Ruth with a sleepy smile. “Morning,” he said, with the tones of someone who didn’t really know if it still was and didn’t much care. The glories of being on vacation, he thought happily to himself.

“Morning, love,” Ruth said, returning his smile with one of her own. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a rock,” Jon replied, stretching out languorously on the bed. He wasn’t exaggerating–Ruth was already dressed, which meant that he must have slept through her getting up, showering, and putting her bathing suit on. “I don’t even remember falling asleep.”

“Of course you don’t,” Ruth said matter-of-factly, reaching down to caress his cheek in that intimate, possessive way that Jon loved so much. “You’re a good boy.”

Just hearing her say the words as he looked up into her warm, loving eyes made Jon go just a little bit docile. “I’m a good boy,” he whispered, hearing the tones of blank acceptance in his voice. He realized what was happening, and pulled himself back out of trance. Not that he wouldn’t love spending big chunks of their vacation under hypnosis, but he also wanted to spend some waking time with Ruth, too. “So when did I finally fall asleep, then?” he asked, his smile turning mischievous.

For her part, Ruth’s grin was already heading well into the ‘devilish’ range. “Oh, I kept you up for quite a while,” she said. “I had a few things I wanted to program into your mind. But you don’t remember them, do you, love?”

For a moment, Jon struggled to recall the events of the previous evening. Even as he tried to trace things back in his mind, Jon knew he was going to fail…and he knew that the only reason he tried at all was that it felt so good to fail. It felt so wonderful to forget to remember what Ruth told him to remember to forget, and the more Jon tried to piece together what happened after Ruth had whispered his trance trigger into his ear, the more the memories slipped away like sand through his fingers. Until in the end, all he could do was smile helplessly and whisper, “No, Goddess.”

Ruth wiggled happily on the bed. “Good boy,” she replied brightly. She leaned down and kissed him. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Jon agreed. “And I am so happy for it.”

“Yay!” Ruth said with a giggle, sitting back up. “Now, are you ready to hit the beach? I packed us some snacks if you’re hungry, but I want to get down there before the prime lounging spaces are already taken.”

Jon nodded and sat up, ignoring the last remaining protests of a body that still enjoyed being supine. “Yeah,” he said. “Just let me get my trunks on, and we can get going.” He swung his legs off of the bed as Ruth got up.

“Oh, there are a couple of ground rules for this morning,” Ruth said. Jon smiled. Some guys might get upset on hearing a sentence like that, but Jon had let Ruth take charge of his life years ago, and he’d never been happier. Besides, Ruth’s ‘ground rules’ for a beach trip were probably a lot different than most women’s.

Sure enough, she continued by holding up a finger and saying, “Rule Number One: You have to look at the people around us. No napping, no staring at your feet, no hiding your face in your hands.”

“Okay,” Jon said, pulling his swim trunks on. It was a little perplexing, but he was always willing to follow orders where Ruth was concerned. (Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that she’d hypnotized him to enjoy doing exactly that…)

“Rule Number Two,” Ruth said, holding up a second finger. “You’re on restriction until we get back to the hotel room. No coming, no stroking, no touching.” She grinned. “Naturally, that applies only to you. I can touch you anywhere I feel like.”

Jon grinned back. “Okay,” he agreed. He was beginning to suspect that Ruth had a surprise of some sort. Was she taking them to a nude beach? It wouldn’t be the first time that she’d decided to do something a little risqué; ever since she’d quit her insurance job to become a full-time hypnotist, Ruth had made full use of the extra free time and money that her new career offered. (And the opportunities for kinky sex.)

“And Rule Number Three,” Ruth said, holding up a pair of cheap mirrored sunglasses, “you have to wear these at all times.”

“…um?” Jon looked at the sunglasses in confusion. “I mean, okay, again, but…um?”

Ruth handed them over, while giving him her best innocent look. Her innocent looks always made Jon suspicious. “Just go ahead and put them on, love,” she said.

Jon hesitantly examined the sunglasses for a moment–Ruth had a machine with glasses like this attached to it, ones that had little LEDs inside them that displayed hypnotic patterns to whoever wore them–but this just looked like an ordinary pair of Ray-Bans. With a tiny shrug, he slid them over his eyes…and gasped.

Ruth’s bathing suit had vanished, leaving her completely nude. He slid the glasses down the bridge of his nose, and watched in astonishment as her clothing reappeared over the edge of the frames. He slid them back up, and watched her clothing disappear again. “This isn’t real, is it?” he asked, his tone making it clear that he already knew the answer.

“Nope.” Ruth wiggled a little. Jon’s cock twitched slightly as he watched her naked breasts sway back and forth. Not that he didn’t see them a lot like this, but he never got tired of them, either. Ruth had amazing breasts.

“You hypnotized me to see this, didn’t you?” he asked again, matter-of-factly.

“Yep!” Ruth stretched, giving him a full view of her magnificent body.

“It’s not going to matter that I know that, is it?” he said, his voice deadpan.

“Nope,” Ruth sighed out happily. “Now come on, it’s time to hit the beach.”

She took his hand and led him out of the hotel room and over to the elevators. They didn’t meet anyone on the way down, but seeing Ruth like this was arousing enough by itself to make Jon’s penis half-erect by the time they got to the lobby. The illusion was perfectly seamless; even though he knew he was imagining it all, he couldn’t shake the pervasive image of Ruth parading down the hall completely nude. And of course, he knew just what kind of effect it was having on him, because he could see it when he looked down.

Going through the lobby was even more of a struggle. It was late enough in the morning that the hotel had plenty of people wandering back and forth from the beach, and Jon struggled like mad to keep his eyes level with the heads of the attractive young women he saw. He’d have done better if he’d just looked down at his feet, but Ruth’s rules felt like compulsions to him already, and he had no choice but to stare at the firm young bodies of the college students in Daytona for Spring Break. But even though they didn’t know he was seeing him naked, they’d still think it was creepy if he leered openly at their chests–

“Your sunglasses are mirrored, you know,” Ruth whispered in his ear, almost as though she was reading his mind. “As long as you keep your head still, nobody can see where your eyes are looking.” Jon shot her a startled look, and she returned it with an innocent smile.

After that, it got a lot harder for Jon to keep his erection under control. He’d never realized just how good he could be at undressing women with his eyes until someone else told him to. Somehow, his brain took in all the tiny, insignificant details of people’s bodies under their outfits and turned them into vivid pictures of nudity. Either that, or he was just making it all up in his head…but if he was, he had an even more vivid imagination than he’d given himself credit for. He passed women with shaved pussies and women with luxurious thatches of pubic hair; he noticed men whose cocks were even harder than his. Every body had its own variations, and Jon could see them all.

“Enjoying yourself?” Ruth asked as they passed through the hotel’s revolving doors and headed down towards the sandy beach.

“It’s, um…” Jon realized he was blushing, and only the woman next to him knew why. “I never knew I was this good of a hypnotic subject before now.”

Ruth leaned up against him, and Jon felt momentarily disoriented as he felt fabric, but saw only skin against skin. “I did,” she replied. “And I also knew how cute you’d be when you were squirming, too. You have no idea how much fun it is to watch you trying not to watch.” She led them over to a vacant patch of sand and spread out their blanket. The beach was already beginning to fill up with people, and Jon thanked whatever deities were listening that they were mostly college kids and not a retirement community or something.

“You sit and have a little breakfast,” Ruth said, leaning over and giving him a peck on the cheek. Jon marveled at the way the unseen swimsuit gathered her breasts together into a gravity-defying cleavage. “I’m going to take a dip.” She walked off, giving Jon a view of her ass that was pretty mesmerizing all by itself.

Jon hugged his knees to his chest while he had a granola bar; it was the only possible way to hide his erection by this point. The beach had become a non-stop open-air burlesque show; wherever he looked, he saw beautiful women with taut, firm bodies and no idea at all how openly they were displaying themselves to him. He was beginning to understand the need for a “no touching” rule; it was so tempting just to slip off to the bathroom and relieve a little of his tension. As it was, though, he had to watch girls splashing through the surf, glistening and dripping with moisture that clung to their breasts so that they gleamed under the morning sun. Jon let out a tiny whimper and almost looked away, until he remembered he wasn’t allowed to do that either.

After about ten minutes, Ruth returned, but her arrival did nothing to ease his erotic torture; just the opposite, really. She came back dripping wet, and Jon’s imagination knew her body intimately enough to fill in every single inch of her skin beneath the bathing suit he knew must be there. “Mmm, the water’s lovely,” she sighed out, flopping down next to him. “You should go in for a bit.”

“Um, maybe later,” Jon said. Right now, he didn’t even dare to shift for fear of revealing the bulge in his swim trunks to anyone who happened to be looking. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel the small, sticky patch where his cock was leaking pre-come through the fabric. “Right now, I’ll just sit here a while and, um, enjoy the view.”

“And what a view it is,” Ruth said, resting back on her elbows. Her legs parted just enough to give Jon a view of her bush, and Jon’s fingers trembled with the desire to brush against it. It was so hard to remember that they were in a public place when his senses told him that she was openly naked like this. “And to think, you wanted to take a cruise.”

“You are having way too much fun with this, you know,” Jon grumbled good-naturedly to her as a stacked redhead walked by.

Ruth shrugged. “What can I say? I’m bi, I’m poly, and I like to watch you get turned on.” She reached over and gently petted the small of his back. “And you’re definitely getting turned on. Aren’t you, pet?”

Jon shivered under her touch. “Yes, Goddess,” he whimpered.

“Good boy,” Ruth husked out, a blissful smile on her face. “Oh, look! Beach volleyball!” She pointed to a group of young women who were carrying a net over to the patch of sand just in front of them.

“I think I’ll just go take that swim,” Jon squeaked out.

“You’re going to go swimming while wearing sunglasses?” Ruth asked, her voice filled with mischief.

“Well, maybe just wading,” Jon said quickly. He adjusted his trunks as best he could and made a run for the shoreline.

It helped, but not much. The sun was already high in the sky, and the shallow water had warmed up enough to feel a little too nice against his skin. Add to that the number of beautiful women playing in the ocean, and Jon came back out of the ocean only a little bit less stiff than when he’d entered it. At least he’d been able to surreptitiously adjust his trunks a little better; it meant that when he walked back past the leaping, diving volleyball players, his reaction to them didn’t show quite so much.

“Welcome back!” Ruth said. “How was the water?”

“A little too warm,” Jon replied sheepishly.

Ruth grinned a hungry grin at him, her stare very obviously aimed at his crotch. “I can see,” she replied. “Here, lie back and let me get some sunscreen on you.”

Jon bit his lip lightly, his mind and body both awash in a tantalizing bliss of arousal. “Okay,” he husked out, his voice almost a full octave higher than usual. Ruth giggled as she got out the lotion and gestured for him to lie down on his chest.

Within moments, Jon could feel the sensations of trance stealing over him. It wasn’t that Ruth was hypnotizing him, at least not deliberately; but her hands were so soothing as they rubbed the sunscreen into his back that Jon sank into a sort of reverie of peace and pleasure. The sun was warm on his body, and he felt like he didn’t need to do anything except lie there and relax and watch the pretty girls jump up and down as they played their game. He could feel his cock pressed up into his belly, but his arousal had taken on a dream-like quality. He felt deliciously passive now, lost in a haze of ecstasy.

“Turn over,” Ruth said softly, and he complied without even thinking. Now instead of looking over at the girls, he found himself looking up at her, and she looked better to him than anyone else possibly could. Her body was lush and inviting, but he had already become too tranquil to think about moving. All he wanted to do was to lie back and accept Ruth’s touch.

She could see it, too. He could tell from the way her smile became gentle and sensual. Her fingers massaged the lotion into his chest and belly, eliciting soft sighs of need from him as she found all the places he loved to be touched. He could see the way his cock stood up, straining against the invisible fabric, but he no longer cared if anyone else was looking. Let them see, he decided. He wasn’t ashamed of his desire, not when the reasons for it would be obvious to any observer. His Goddess was with him. Nothing more needed to be said.

Jon drifted in his trance for what seemed like forever before Ruth leaned down and whispered, “Time to go back to the hotel, pet.” He nodded, quivering with arousal at the implications of the words. He helped her to collect their things with shaking, fumbling fingers, and followed behind her in a fog of lust.

Jon’s eyes were only half-open as Ruth led him back through the lobby, but it was easy to walk behind her. Her swaying buttocks hypnotized him as surely as any metronome, drawing him along until they reached the elevator and he could let himself come to a stop. She drew him close and embraced him as the doors closed. “Good boy,” she whispered to him, again and again. “Good boy.” The words stroked his mind into a deeper trance. She wanted him to be deep and blank and docile for her. Knowing that relaxed him even more.

The elevator doors opened, and he followed her back to the hotel room like a sleepwalker. She led him inside and said, “Sit down on the bed, love. I’ll be there in a moment.” Then she slipped into the bathroom while he obeyed. It felt so good to obey, even in such a small way, that his cock twitched with pleasure as he sat down. He noticed idly that his swimsuit was dry, and realized that he must have been lying there on the beach for some time while she petted him and lulled him into trance with her fingers, but the knowledge only made him even happier. He smiled dreamily as he waited for Ruth in an ecstasy of anticipation.

She joined him on the bed after a few minutes, her eyes almost glowing with desire. “Did you enjoy that, pet?” she asked.

“Yes, Goddess,” he said softly. His voice reminded him just how deeply hypnotized he was already, and remembering that sent him even deeper.

“Good boy,” she replied. He sighed gently in pleasure at the words. “I enjoyed it too.” Her face betrayed the way that her enjoyment had built into need, and Jon ached to touch her. He waited, though, because he knew it would feel so much better when she commanded him to do it. “Now, pet, it’s time to take the glasses off.”

Jon let out a soft sigh of disappointment at the thought of losing the sight of her naked body, but he was too well trained not to obey. His fingers slowly drifted up to his face, and grasped the frames even as he continued to stare at her soft, luscious body. Reluctantly, he slid the glasses off.

Ruth smiled wickedly at the expression of shock and delight on Jon’s face when he saw that she’d taken off her bathing suit in the bathroom. “Good boy,” she said one last time, before leaning in to kiss him. Then speech went away from them both, for a while.


The day had started rather poorly. I was out running, doing some fast interval training at the track; well, I was attempting to. It was only ten in the morning and the temperature was already topping 80 degrees. My heart was racing from the laps and my head was pounding from the tequila fueled foolishness the night before. My workout was rapidly becoming a torture session. I was on a slow recovery lap and so engrossed in trying to shake off my aches and pains that I didn’t hear the runner coming up behind me on the track. She was good; it seemed as if she barely touched the ground as she ran by. Her stride had that quick powerful snap to it; she held her hands low and they swung gently with no wasted movement. Technically her running form was excellent; her progress forward was fluid and beautiful to observe. The day was taking a decidedly better turn.

Her body was also very beautiful. She had long raven-black hair in a pony tail, a graceful neck and shoulders which led to arms with just enough definition to show she worked them out as well as she did her legs. Also hard to miss was a long, lean torso that transitioned to a lower body defined by wonderful lines and curves. Her legs and rear showed musculature that hinted at the explosive power they held. She had run by me too quickly for me to see her face and eyes; I was hoping I would get the chance to see them also. Would they be as striking as her athletic beauty and running form were? As she pulled away from me on the track, her obvious running talent (and my masculine vanity) inspired me to get my butt back into gear and push my run harder. And as to her physical attributes? Well that inspired thoughts of a more primal nature. She was very quick and it wasn’t long before she came around and lapped me. As she passed in the lane next to me, she waved.

“You’re leaning forward too much, straighten up,” she called out.

And then she was off again. Her eyes were very attractive and shaded a deep mahogany brown. She had a pretty face, not the drawn look that some runners have but one with high rounded cheek bones tapering down to a somewhat angular jaw. I wanted to catch up and run with her, learn more about her, but her apparently disciplined mind, strong legs, and amazing ass conspired against that. This woman’s running was much smoother and faster than mine and I remained impressed with her as she steadily opened distance between us. You see, although I was having a bad day, I do keep myself in shape and put up better than average times in the running and obstacle races that I enter. I’m no slouch, but she was making me look the part.

A short while later, I finished my workout and collapsed on the trackside grass. I drank some water and watched her run. She was sweating freely and this caused her lithe frame to glisten in the sun. But despite the heat and her energetic pace, she was still in control of her form as she circled the track, it stayed tight and efficient. I lay back and began to doze, until a shadow crossed my eyes.

“I hope you didn’t mind the advice before. My name is Cathy by the way.”

I told her I didn’t mind at all, introduced myself and handed her a bottle of water. I asked her to take a seat but she replied, “We should really stretch instead.”

“You’re right,” I stated as I got to my feet.

I had never seen sweat look so good on anyone as it did on her. We chatted about the heat wave, running, and other small talk. Cathy seemed to be very comfortable in her skin and talking to her came easy to me. Then she said the words that made my heart skip a beat.

“Would you like to come to my place for brunch?”

Now I think I’m a decent looking guy, but to have this truly beautiful woman ask me over after having just met was almost too good to be true. It is rare that I meet someone and we start “clicking” together in such short order. It’s more often the case that when I’m with someone new, I hold back and leave the armor on; that often leads to them erecting similar barriers. So before I over-analyzed and ruined the moment, I cheerfully accepted her invitation.

It was a short cool-down run to her condo; a studio type with an open cheery feel due to its skylight, light-colored hardwood flooring, and spacious balcony. I tried not to stare too much at the comfy looking futon in one of its corners; I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high or look over-eager. We sat on the balcony sharing orange, mango, and melon slices. We spoke of our backgrounds, schooling and our careers. Cathy was a nurse and office manager for a dentist and was attending classes towards her MD. As I’ve already mentioned, I am usually not very open with people until I get to know them, but Cathy was easy-going and fun to talk to. She even laughed at my joke about mangoes coming from Mangolia (Yeah, sometimes when I’m a little nervous I tell corny jokes).

We carried our dishes inside to the sink. Cathy told me to sit and relax for a few minutes whilst she took a shower, and that I could shower up after she had. With that she walked off towards the bathroom, skimming off her sweat stained top as she did. She coyly spun around once as she reached the doorway; her breasts were small, pert and dome-shaped with dark, compact nipples. She cracked a smile that was both sweet and as hot as the temperature outside. She let her look linger on me for a few seconds, no doubt enjoying the surprised, goofy look on my face. Then she was behind the door. I recovered from the happy shock of her flash and began to enjoy the anticipatory warm tingling rush that began to flow through my mind (and elsewhere).

Cathy came back through the door a few minutes later, wrapped in one towel and drying her hair with another. The fresh flowery scent of her just cleansed body filled the room.

“Your turn, there are towels in there for you,” she said with a smile. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she lightly palmed my jockstrap restrained bulge. “Don’t take too long,” and with a wink she stepped away to finish drying her hair. Only my self-consciousness regarding the track grit and stink still on me from the run made me resist the impulse to pull the towel from her body and carry her to the futon at that moment. I gave Cathy a big grin and headed for the shower.

I took a hasty shower (though I made sure to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies), but as fast as my shower was, my mind was racing still faster; I was doing it again, over-analyzing the moment and getting anxious for no good reason. But Cathy was so attractive and very comfortable to be with. I was worrying that she wouldn’t feel the same of me, or that I would somehow screw it up some other way. True also was that some of the dreaded performance anxiety had wheedled its way into my thoughts (despite the fact that my cock had sprung tall and remained so as soon as I had stripped off my jock). I just didn’t want to mess up right out of the gate; I was feeling something very good here. Yes, I’ll admit that her excellent body was a significant part of it; but it was more than just that, something further below the surface.

As I was toweling off she pushed the bathroom door open. Through the dissipating steam I could see that her long dark hair was loose and hanging about her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a shorty robe, loosely tied at the waist which left tawny skin exposed from her neck down to nearly her navel. Her ultra-toned legs seemed so very long from where they jutted below the high-riding hem of her robe down to her toes. Her cute toes were painted a sunny orange to compliment her tanned skin. I tossed my towel onto the counter and stood bare before her, taking in her sexy but so sweet image. For a few long seconds we both stood silent, not moving but just drinking each others image in. I moved to her and took her in my arms to begin our journey with passionate kisses; her lips were exquisitely warm and soft against my exploring lips and tongue. Her tongue was just as adventurous as mine and they danced together excitedly. That tingly head rush escalated in intensity, her kisses were phenomenally good.

As we kissed I caressed her face with one hand while my right hand moved from the small of her back to her rear. It was muscular but also smooth, soft and exquisite. I softly caressed and squeezed it. Cathy moaned into my mouth as we were lip-locked together; her moan was echoed by my own. I pulled open her robe and kissed down her neck to her breasts. Her small and now taut nipples were apparently quite sensitive as Cathy’s sighs and moans became more emphatic as I began to circle and tease them with my tongue. That verbal cue of her pleasure was followed by a physical cue, her hand dropping to my cock; her slender fingers wrapping around my erection, slicking it with its pre-cum and tugging at it with an arousing rhythm. This initial contact, her skin to mine, brought on a wave of sublime feeling and made me stone hard. I was alternating from kissing, sucking and nipping at her tits, to throwing my head back and howling at an attempt to keep from ejaculating right then. It had been a long while since I had been with a lover; that coupled with her soft, stroking hand had me already feeling that primal pressure to cum hard.

No way was I going to explode that soon, I wanted to keep the energy and anticipation high for the moment. I gave her another deep kiss and looked into her eyes. I think I saw much about her nature there, and by her studied gaze, I believe she may have learned something from mine. Passion, affection, heat and respect all seemed to be swirling about in her look, and between us. I fell to my knees and began to caress the backs of her legs and her butt with my hands. I planted soft kisses along her belly and then started to move them, very slowly, lower. Her hair had been groomed Mohawk style, the skin of her mound was very soft, and her labia were protruding pink and proud. I kissed well to the side of them, to tease her by kissing down her thigh instead. This elicited a low frustrated growl from Cathy followed by a soft: “Please?”

Her legs began to noticeably quiver as I began my ascent up her opposite thigh. I lifted her shapely left leg and slid my right shoulder beneath it, allowing the back of her thigh to rest on it. She held the doorframe for balance and gasped as it opened her pink folds to my meandering mouth. I held her hips with both hands as she was pushing her hips towards me.

“No Cathy”, I thought to myself “nice and slow for now”. I gently tugged at tufts of her pubic hair with my lips and alternated that with gently blowing my warm breath across her wanting pussy. Cathy’s first “please?” had been in a soft voice; she began to repeat the plea more loudly now. Slowly, slowly I laid random kisses and teasing tongue flicks across her lower belly, pubic mound and her silky inner thighs, drawing each kiss and lick out, inducing more anxious pleas from Cathy. Seeing that her pussy lips now glistened with her dew brought my hunger for her to a peak. Cathy produced a short high-pitched yelp as my tongue slid between those succulent lips to slowly circle her hot juicy opening.

Her fragrance and flavor were spicy-sweet, I savored the taste as I happily tongued her. After being deprived of this pleasure for so long, I was now overloaded with arousal for this woman, I could barely keep from abandoning my slow, deliberate pace; but I still wanted to hold back a bit, to keep the pressure building to make this an experience we both would remember. I slowly worked my kisses along her puffy lips. When not tracing soft little circles and figure eights about her juicy labia, I would catch them between my nipping lips and gently suck at the sweet silky skin. At first I had avoided her clit, but as Cathy’s moaning became more pronounced, I began stroking my tongue gently upwards towards it; her moans grew closer together to become one long aroused purr as I did. With my hands I could detect the muscles of her legs and butt tensing as my tongue moved deeper into her delicious folds, to where her hyper-sensitive bud was peeking out from between them. As my tongue discovered and began to flick about that magic button, Cathy reached down with one hand and used her fingers to further spread herself open to me; that, her taste, and her obvious arousal excited me further, but I noted a slight issue; because of her increased involuntary body movements and the precarious one-legged standing position Cathy was in, she was having a rough time balancing. I scooped her up and carried her to her futon. We shared a deep kiss on the trip across the room.

I laid her down on her back; her lower legs hanging over the edge of the futon. She was not quite satisfied with that and scooted her ass to the edge of it. Then pulling her knees back toward her chest she spread herself open completely for me.

“You are so beautiful,” I told her as I kneeled before the treasure she readily offered.

She smiled broadly at me and said “Just get your mouth back on me now… Please?!”

“Your wish is my command,” and I lowered my face between her sweet thighs again.

For a time I ran slow flicking strokes of my tongue from her clit down to just above her now exposed anus and then back. As she got juicer, I began to separate her lips and penetrate her with my tongue; her pelvis moving rhythmically and quite enthusiastically as a result. Her sweet breathy sounds climbed several more decibels as I suckled and tongue stroked her clit and slowly slid one and then two fingers into her hot core. As she pushed her pussy against my face and fingers she was using one of her hands to play with her nipples. Her other hand came down and rested on the back of my head, sometimes stroking my hair, at other moments pushing my mouth onto her more fully, urging me on.

And then, as a sudden breeze can fan embers into a flame, our smoldering excitement burst into a full blaze as Cathy began to cum; her legs crashed down on my shoulders as her hips bucked in violent little hops. Her hand on my head pulled my hair and mushed my face to the vortex between her thighs. I could feel the pulsing of the hot wet walls of her pussy around my fingers as at the same time she began to cry out, “oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Lover! Oh Yeah! oooOOOOHHH Mmmmm.” I pressed my tongue flat against her inflamed clit and moved with her hips, letting my face move with the frenetic dance of her hips. Her whole body was repeatedly tensing and relaxing in quick cycles; it was all very arousing and my cock was achingly erect as a result. Then I felt Cathy’s legs relax against my back as her arms fell to her sides on the futon; her body went limp as her breathing slowed to a less forceful rhythm. I disengaged myself from twixt her lengthy limbs and crawled up alongside her onto the futon. We both were smiling broadly at each other. I gathered her closely to me and we began to smooch again. Breaking off from our kissing, she said, “For that, I am going to be very very good to you.”

For some time we lay there being happy and just living in the moment. Cathy ran a hand from my chest down to my belly and then proceeded lower. She palmed my hardness bringing forth a groan of pleasure and frustration from me; she giggled. Her touch was soft, but caused wonderful sensations to my already hyper-charged system. Like water flowing over your body as you swim, it was an engulfing silky sensuousness; I lay back and let the feelings she was rendering flow over and around me.

As her strokes picked up speed, my pulse began to do likewise. I began to take my breath in gasps and groans. My pelvis began to move with her, bucking as I tried to stay in constant contact with her hand; I had been enslaved by her touch. All during this, her eyes were locked to mine; she was experiencing the intensity of the moment as much as I. I loved the way she was looking at me, the emotion I saw in her eyes. I realized also that she was paying close attention, and learning something about me at the same time. Yes her delightfully expressive eyes were disclosing a view to her true nature even as she sought out mine. They flashed with the fire of lust, but a kindness was also detected, a deep caring spirit separate from the primal heat we were generating. It seemed genuine and triggered something quite good, a very comfortable feeling within my psyche; even more of the internal armor I usually wear fell away. These “warm fuzzies” along with her smoldering gaze and the intense physical feelings of her talented cock massage brought me to the precipice of sweet orgasm. I was writhing on the futon, her hand quickly twisting and jacking my pre-cum slick rod. I felt my sack tighten and the “pins and needles” sensation of imminent orgasm flow over me.

My head lolled back, eyes closing as I heard my voice, low and guttural vocalize, “Caaathyyy”. Then the sudden feeling of… Nothing?! Cathy had let go of me. My head snapped back up to see a view of my curled toes and forsaken erection straining towards the ceiling.

I looked at Cathy, she was smiling mischievously and said, “I’m just going to calm you down a little lover, and then get you back there again; make it something very special.” She jumped up and walked over to her discarded robe and removed the tie from it. She came back and knelt alongside the futon, kissing me deeply and taking hold of my wrists. As she bound them together she saw the apprehension in my eyes (I mean even though we had connected so well, the fact remained that we had just met.). “Relax, I promise you will like this,” she advised as she pulled my now secured wrists over my head. After tying my hands to the futon’s frame, she then produced a scarf and blindfolded me with it. Placing a hand on my chest and holding it there, she waited until she detected my heart rate and respiration slowing from there previously aroused levels. My cock remained as hard as ever in anticipation of the coming pleasures.

Her hand left my chest and I heard her moving about the room. Next I felt a soft tickling moving down my bound wrists, along my arms and to my armpits, each in its turn. A feather! She began to tease my arm pits with a vengeance. I am quite ticklish as she quickly deduced by my thrashing about. As she continued her assault with a friendly weapon, she straddled my thighs to keep me in place. Now on top of the tickling, I was being aroused and tormented by the feel of my cock occasionally brushing against her wonderfully soft pussy as I writhed. She knew how this was driving me crazy and exploited that by occasionally reaching down and pushing my shaft against her, not allowing it to enter her, but to just ride between her hot and slick lips. I begged for more and she answered by moving the feather down my body, to my belly, my hardness and my balls, this to torture me further.

Then in a leap she was off of me and moving to a position by my side. One of her hands began to drag down my chest; nails raking along my skin with some force but not quite hard enough to draw blood. Then she worked my body with the nails of both of her hands, running them from my chest to my belly and then back up again. This was a quite different sensation from the tickling. Tickling is a pleasurable sensation that can become overwhelmingly so. Cathy’s nails dragging across my skin was a pleasurably painful sensation that somehow she had sensed I would enjoy; her intuitiveness and the sharp drag of her nails drove me to another level of arousal and caused me to wonder and anticipate about what else she may have planned for me. Her nails traveled along my torso in an unpredictable pattern, sometimes pausing at a nipple to pinch, twist or tug at it. As with the action of her nails, her pleasing punishment of my nipples was painful enough to elicit physical reactions from me, but not so painful as to make me not want more. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes this delicious agony went on with Cathy never touching my rigid erection. Finally, mercifully, she closed in on my cock and balls; she began to pull at the hairs above my cock, gently and slowly, just so I could feel my skin stretch with each tug. At the same time I began to feel her warm breath being blown across my pubic area. She was playing with me as I had with her. In conjunction, the two sensations had an electrical quality to them. With one hand, Cathy began toying with my balls, tickling, scratching and squeezing them. She also concentrated her breath on my shaft and its pre-cum weeping head.

At meeting Larry and I looked around for Ella to show up, but she never did. The Freedom Tour was that weekend and there was still some planning to be done. My parents banned me from seeing Larry and Ella, but they could not stop me. I was fueled to go on this trip. I had to do it for my friends and I had to do it for Ella and I. After the meeting Larry and I walked past Ella’s house. I had not seen her since that night we were caught. I went by her house after the incident but she would not respond to me throwing rocks at her window. I was about to knock on her door but it wasn’t such a great idea. I missed her and wondered about her.

I went home and got started on a paper that I had to write for my history class but I was distracted by the sudden shift of the weather. I opened the binds of my windows and turned out all of the lights in my room. Rain, thunder, lightning, and a strong wind came through the city. It was a nice change from the lazy sunny days and mild nights. I haven’t heard or seen heavy rain in a long time. It was very relaxing and soothing to have my thoughts on nothing but the weather. I decided to call it a night and get in bed, falling asleep to the calming storm. I took off my clothes everything but my boxers. Before I crawled into bed I took a good look at myself in the mirror, my body lit up every once in a while by the light of the flashing lightning.

I wondered how Ella would see me when we finally got to make love. My auburn hair looked redder than usual tonight which really made my green eyes stand out. I always thought that I was an attractive guy, despite my terribly pale skin. Just like my father I was naturally muscular all over but not too slim. I pulled the elastic of my boxers away from my waist and looked down. There was my thick flaccid cock. I couldn’t wait for Ella to see it, especially when it was erect and at its 7 inch length. I pictured her small hand wrapping around the sensitive skin while I touched her as well. We were so close the other night…

Laying on my bed, I had my cock out stroking it with my eyes closed with the sound of the rain in the background. The pre-cum had already started to flow from my head when I heard a sound at my window, like a little rock. Reluctantly I put my hard cock back into my boxers and got up to see what it was. Through the thick rain I could make out a jacketed figure below my window. My heart was made glad at the sight of her. I opened my window and waved to Ella. She looked around for a way to get up there but there was no ladder or anything of that sort around. I looked around my room for anything we could use but I couldn’t find anything. I looked down at her and she was patiently waiting for me to figure something out. I was at least glad for the time so my cock could settle down a bit. With a sudden stroke of genius I stripped the sheets off of my bed and tied them together making big knots for her to climb up.

I dropped the white ladder down to her and she proceeded with little trouble up to my window. I helped her in and saw that she was soaked through and through. She wore a yellow jacket, tight black cigarette pants, and a red shirt that showed her wet cleavage very nicely. I helped her out of her jacket and kissed her before we exchanged any words. “I cant stay long” she said.

“Its alright,” I started before I kissed her again pulling her soaking wet body toward mine. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” I looked into her eyes but she looked away.

“He didn’t touch you did he?” She avoided my eyes again.

“Shhhh, your parents will hear us.” She placed her finger over my lips and took my hand and placed it on the hem of her shirt. “I’m really cold and wet…”


“Please just help me get these wet clothes off.” I couldn’t argue with that. She lifted up her arms as I lifted up her shirt over her healthy full bust. Underneath she wore white lacy bra that seemed to be a bit too small to hold her lovely full tits. I could see the brown of her nipples through the wet fabric and I could not wait to see those brown globes again in my big hands. I then unbuttoned her black pants and peeled them from her slender long legs all the way down to the floor and off from around her ankles. She stood there shivering in her wet underwear looking like a dark goddess. I bought her close to me again feeling the wet fabric against my bare chest. I kissed her gently moving my hand to the back of her bra, my fingers clumsily looking for the snap but I couldn’t find it.

“It’s in the front,” she whispered. My hands moved around to the place between her breasts and I undid the clasp revealing her bare chest. The bra fell to the ground right before we embraced again. She wanted my body heat and I wanted to feel her cool wet breasts against my bare pale chest. So much for letting my cock calm down…

On my bed we were back to where we were that night in the woods, my hands on her breasts licking her sucking at her dark nipples. I felt my cock against her thigh as I gently grinded against her. Be both only had our underwear on and were quickly warming up despite the weather and the chill. I laid down on top of her getting my cock closer to the place it wanted to be. She reached her hand down in between us and began to stoke me through my boxers. I was getting rock hard from her touch. I looked into her eyes as she wrapped her hand tighter around my hardness. My mouth was open and she reached up to kiss me sticking her touch deep into my mouth. I held onto it and sucked her tongue then giving her mine in return.

When we rose up to take a breath I could feel the precum in my boxers making everything wet and sticky. It was time to get those things off and Ella seemed to read my mind. She pulled down my boxers and smiled at the appearance of my long, hard, and thick cock. I then took off her panties so that we could be naked together. I laid her down next to me just so that I could look at her and kiss her. I wanted her to stay forever in my bed, forever naked and mine. Her hand lightly brushed against my stomach all the way down to my wanting cock. Her small hand took my cock once more feeling the precum dribble. While on our sides I lifted her thigh so I could feel her as well. I dreamed about touching her sweet wet valley, tasting it, and being deep inside of it. My fingers passed over her small bush and touched her soft pussy lips for the first time. My middle finger grazed on top of her slit, each time getting deeper and deeper. Once my finger parted her lips I could feel the wetness that she had for me. My finger ran into her clit on one end and her pussy hole at the other end. I wanted to explore both with my finger, mouth, and cock. As I touched her she started to grind her hips against my fingers and I pushed my cock deeper into the grip of her hand.

“I love you.” I told her. She smiled and let out a little chuckle. She had the loveliest and biggest smile in the world. I didn’t care if she said it back to me or not, I just wanted to say it. I wasn’t too sure what love was, but it had to feel something like what I was feeling for her. I noticed every time my finger got close to her clit, she would let out a little whimper and when my finger edged close to her hole her thighs would tighten up a bit. She was in fact a virgin and I knew I would have to stretch her hole a bit to get my cock into her.

“Can I…can I taste you?” she asked me. I nearly came right there. The way she said it was so sweet yet so sexy. I nodded and let her head go to the place she wanted to be. I loved watching her look at my cock with wonderment. Her eyes widened as she explored first with her hand then with her lips and tongue. She started my licking my cock upward from my balls all the way up to my cum hole. Her stokes got wetter and bigger with each pass. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment of pure pleasure. I could feel my cock venturing deeper and deeper into her open warm mouth. Her mouth made a perfect wet tunnel for my cock. She took as much as she could into my mouth without choking. My cock was a little big for her narrow mouth but she sucked my cock like she had been dreaming about it as well. With my hand on her head I pushed her mouth down onto my cock, bobbing her head, and worked up to a steady rhythm. With her other hand she took care of the base of my cock and my balls. I couldn’t help but cry out in small moans of pleasure with every sensation. I loved watching my white cock disappearing into her mouth.

As she took my dick I still had access to her velvety pussy. I pushed my finger into her pussy a little at a time amazed at just how tight she was. I twisted my finger inside of her feeling the fleshy inner walls of her. When I pulled my finger out it was covered in her fragrant wetness. With that same finger I massaged her swollen clit, which caused her suck me more vigorously. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and I began to convulse. My breathing sped up in almost an instant and I exploded in her mouth before I could warn her. I could feel myself sweating from every pore of my body and I could not catch my breath. My chest was puffed and wasn’t coming down so easily. I was indeed on the verge of an asthma attack. Ella covered in my cum and slightly confused tried to ask me if I was okay. I pointed to my bedside table where my inhaler was. She got what I was trying to tell her and got my inhaler for me. I took a couple of puffs and regained my composure. After a minute or so I could breathe again. I looked at Ella and we both began to laugh. I have never had such an intense orgasm in all my life. She had cum in her hair and on her eyelashes. We had fun getting her all cleaned up, my cum was everywhere! I wanted to continue on, but she told me she had to go. I wanted to take her into my bed and finish what we had started and then just hold her. Her clothes were a bit dryer now as she put them back on.

“Do you have to go?” I asked watching her zip her pants back up. It was a shame she was leaving so wet, gosh I wanted to be her panties…

“Yes, my parents are going to kill me.”

“Don’t stay away Ella.”

“I wont,” she told me.

As she edged nearer to the window to climb out, I noticed a small bruise on her neck highlighted by the strong moonlight. “How did you get that bruise?”

She froze for a second and said, “I fell.” I reached out to touch her there but she pulled away. A frown formed on my face. I didn’t want to push it, but I wanted to know what happened. “Later Daniel, I have to go.” Before she went out of my window I grabbed her hand and pulled her in for one last kiss that stirred my cock once more.


She didn’t show up to meeting and it was now the day of the Freedom tour. I snuck out of the house against my parents’ wishes and left them a note on my bed explaining my actions. I would be gone for only two weeks and although Larry and all of my other friends were right beside me on the bus, I really wanted to see Ella. I worried about her, like I had worried about no one before. Larry noticed my slumping mood, but no matter what he did to try to cheer me up nothing worked. I felt so pathetic, like a love-sick puppy but I couldn’t help myself, she was always on my mind.


“What?” I asked Larry as I glared out of the bus window.

“Look who showed up.” I looked up to see who Larry was talking about and there she was. Everyone erupted into a cheer as she boarded the bus and my face lit up. I wasn’t the only one who missed her, her best friend Paula got up out of her seat to embrace her. I called out her name but she couldn’t hear me over the voices talking to her, asking her questions. She smiled broadly like she always did and tried to answer each of the questions. She came right on time because the bus took off just as she sat down next to Paula. Maybe she didn’t see me. Maybe her parents told her not to talk to me anymore. Maybe she decided that I wasn’t worth the trouble. All of these thoughts raced through my head faster than the grass and scenery raced by through the window. I looked at the back of her head waiting for her to turn around and flash that smile to me and show me that she was really okay, but I got nothing.

“Its gonna be a long drive.” Larry said taking out his book, a giant work written by some guy long dead and gone. It would be three hours before we made a first stop, three hours until I got to talk to her. I asked Larry if I could borrow one of his books to make the time go by faster. Three hours later, I was counting down the seconds to be released from the bus. Before we could get off of the bus we were given a little briefing about what we would be doing. There was a non violent protest going on in the town square’s library protesting a recent incident involving the beating of a small black school child in front of the library. We had signs made and we would be meeting up with other students from all over the area. As we were released from the bus we were also warned that this was not a very friendly town, but no matter what would happen we would not resort to violence. We crowed off of the bus and I pushed my way forward to get to Ella. Just as I reached forward to touch her back, she sped up getting further and further away from me.

The library was a surreal scene, like those one that I saw on my television set. On the outside there was a sea of angry white faces holding signs and shouting hateful words into the air. You could just feel the tension, so thick it strangled my throat and I could feel my own anger boiling. Men were spitting, women were cursing, and young kids were learning to hate from their racist parents. There were cops lining the crowds but even more of them were staring at the group of students on the wide stairs of the library who were singing and chanting peacefully, waiting to arrest them. It was comforting knowing that there were others out there who saw the insanity in our current hypocritical society. There was so much noise and so many people, it was a bit overwhelming. But Larry and I were ready, ready to stand up for what we believe in. We took our place on the stairs and raised up our signs. It was all very inspiring and I remembered why I was there. I was not only doing this for Ella and I but for the good of this country.

After the protest, we were invited to a local black church for dinner and rest. This was my chance to finally talk to Ella. As everyone else socialized and talked about the day, I followed Ella as she existed to the hallway. I found her sitting on a bench with fidgeting her hands in her lap with her head down. “Ella?” She looked up but then quickly looked back down. I sat down next to her and took her hand. He slide closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder gripping my hand tighter. Gosh I missed her.

“I really, really, and I mean really missed you.”

“It didn’t seem like it,” I started. “Why have you been avoiding me?”

“I’ve been avoiding you because I didn’t to talk about depressing things.”

“Tell me, you’ve got me worried sick doll.”

She took a deep breath and told me what’s been on her mind. “That night when Officer Judd took me home, he threatened my family and me. He told me if he ever caught us together again he would hurt my family. On top of that when I got home my parents grounded me and told me that I couldn’t leave the house unless I was going to school. That night I snuck out and we…well you know, they caught me coming home and told me if I do it again they are going to send me to stay with my aunt in the north for a while. I really like you Daniel, I really, really do..but—”

“But what?”

“I don’t want to sneak around my parent’s backs but even more so I don’t want to put them in harm’s way.”

“And what happened here?” I asked grazing over the fading bruise on her neck.

“Officer Judd.” Those same feeling that boiled inside of me at that protest were coming back tenfold. My fist curled up and my knuckles were white.

“Don’t worry about it Daniel.”

“Too late for that,” I said underneath my breath.

“You know why I am here?”


“I am here for us, for my family, this is more than personal, this is my life Daniel. And right now it’s complicated.”

“What are you saying Ella?”

“Daniel,” she said. “Right now I can’t be with you. It’s easier not to.”

My heart tore in half right there on that bench holding her hand. She withdrew from me and walked down the hallway further to the bathroom and let the door slam behind her heavily. The sad thing was I needed no further explanation. If me being with her would cause her any harm, I couldn’t do it—easier said than done.

We had just flown back into town and were quickly reminded why we escaped to California for a long weekend. The temperature may have read twenty-one, but the wind ripped right through us, sucking the heat from our very bodies. Damn it was cold waiting for that shuttle bus to get us back to our vehicle.

The driver loaded our bags into the van once he finally arrived. My lovely wife and I curled up on the bench seat behind the driver. We really didn’t feel like crawling over the other seats to get further back for more privacy. Truth be told, we would have much rather had a lot of space.

We had only been gone for a total of five days, but those five days were constant contrasts of claustrophobia and wide open spaces. We had some time to walk around outside and enjoy some wonderful views, but most of the days were spent being squished with either family or complete strangers. Sometimes the strangers were more friendly.

So here we were back in our home city and freezing. We got to our vehicle, the van driver helped us load up the bags and we set to removing the snow and ice that accumulated over the long weekend. Yeah, five days, but it felt more like a long weekend with all the travel time. We finally cleared enough to get in the vehicle and shiver, waiting for it to get warm.

My sweetie was really tired so I offered to drive us home. She sat in the passenger seat as we watched the windshield defrost. Once we had enough windows clear to drive by, I moved the heat to our feet to thaw our toes and melt the snow off our pajamas and sneakers.

I cannot stress enough how comfortable it is to travel in my PJs. No metal to go off in the security lines, very comfortable material to sleep in, and an easy access front for when I get to the restroom.

We were also wearing sneakers that could slip on and off easily too for those moments of stress going through security. So, our outfits were not geared toward being in the cold long.

I started us moving and she leaned over to place her coppery mane on my shoulder. Her hands she placed inside my open coat to warm them up as we drove. The interstate came up quickly, and at some point of swerving through the on-ramps, she had placed her hands on my lap.

“I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but you are very close.”

“My hands are so cold. Help me warm them.”

Any man will tell you that the last thing he wants to feel in his crotch is a pair of ice cold hands. But, being the good husband I am, I opened my legs just a little for her to slip her hands between my thighs. She surprised me and guided her freezing hands into the one-button fly of my pants. Her freezing fingers deftly undid the button and slithered right into my boxers.

“Agh! Careful, I’m driving here. Geez those hands are cold.”

“Mmm… You feel so warm though.”

She moved her fingers around by my cock and balls. The flesh was uncertain to shrivel up from the cold, or become aroused from the manual stimulation. The shock and pleasure of it started my heart thumping. Adrenaline rushed in to save the day, and kicked those endorphins into even higher gear.

By the time we made the first highway transfer, she had both hands working my hard shaft out of my fly and into the chilly air in our vehicle’s cab. Warming fingers danced over the skin of my sac, and breezed along my rigid pole. She leaned further over and blew along the tip of me. As if I didn’t feel cold enough.

Then her tongue flicked out to casually glaze the bulbous helmet, and taste the saltiness of my skin. My member was free of the confines that had tortured it for several hours. My left hand stayed on the wheel while my right hand turned upward to caress her bountiful breasts through her sweater. Her fleshy buds were already prominent from the cold, and very sensitive. My fingers caused sigh after moan to emanate from her.

I did my best to keep my eyes open as I drove down the highway. It was not easy as I was getting an amazing blowjob. My wife can suck cock really well, and I love it when she does it. Unfortunately, it is not often. She says that she likes to keep it “special.” Oh, it is special all right. I would not have married her if it was average.

She let out a low moan and a hum just before using her tongue to purr on my hard cock. Then a little negative pressure alternated with some positive pressure brought me close to the brink. I couldn’t help but rock my hips in and out of her amazing mouth as she worked me higher and higher.

My attention was so lost in her ministrations, that I nearly missed our exit. I swerved over to the right lane just to make it. My sudden movements sent her throat all the way down me, and the action made her gag just a bit. I could feel her saliva dripping down my rod and coating my balls.

We pulled into the driveway and I was nearly cosmic. I hit the button for the garage to open and was heartbroken when she pulled away from me. My manhood was left soaking wet in the brisk air.

“Let’s get in, I need that for something else. But, we need to get our bags in.”

She was, regrettably, right. We had some jeans that were still a bit damp from our hikes that were wetter than we had planned on. And dirtier on the knees than we had planned as well, but that is a tale for another time. Also, we had both of our laptops in the back, and those could not stay out in the cold while we continued indoors.

“Can you just finish me? I’m really close.”

“Nope. In fact, I don’t even want you to put it away. I want to see you flop around as we bring in our bags.”

We live in a typical suburban development where the houses are nearly on top of each other. I wasn’t about to give the neighbors that much of a show, but when she winked at me and scooted out her door, I figured, what the fuck?

It was still COLD outside. Despite how close I had been to blowing my hot wad, my thick eight shriveled back into my pants before we had the few bags into the garage. We hit the button to close the door and shuddered our way into the kitchen. There, our bags, coats, and some of our clothes, dropped.

She raised the temperature on the thermostat while I grabbed a blanket and covered the couch with it. I rapidly shed my remaining clothes and wrapped myself in the blanket. It was very soft and started to warm me immediately.

“Come join me. But, no clothes allowed.”

She smiled a mischievous grin and gripped the bottom of her sweater. It was a careful tease she gave as she worked that hemline up over her belly, exposing her milky white, silky soft skin. Her hips swayed side to side before working front to back like she was riding an unseen horse. Her bra came into view, holding back her beautiful buxom bust. The garment in exodus then revealed the fleshy mounds that overflowed her cups while I held myself, warming back up to my previous state.

I loved watching the collar flip past her chin, nose and finally over those copper locks. Her hazel eyes locked with mine while her hands released the fluffy blue shirt and slithered down her sides to her hips. Gooseflesh was obvious along her skin as she cooled in the house that had been, until four minutes ago, vacant.

Right hand gliding through her button and zipper, left tantalizingly running along her waistline, her jeans fell open, then down. Both of her hands hooked the top of her panties as she stepped on her cuffs to clear her feet of them. The socks got caught in the jeans and left her feet as she slowly pranced toward me.

She came to me and lifted the edge of the blanket, but I held it down. She still had on her bra and panties.

“Uh-uh, none means none. Take them off.”

“Why don’t you take them off?”

“With pleasure.”

I reached to her, grasping her hips and drawing her close. She tasted so good as my tongue ran over her belly and up to the bottom edge of her bra. My hands climbed up her back, rubbing her gently. One hand unclasped the bra, while my other continued to massage and stimulate her. I pulled it away from her and let it fall to the floor. Her blue satin panties then fell to gravity’s embrace and joined their undergarment partner at my love’s feet.

My lips traced fine trails along her skin for a few scant moments before I opened the blanket and welcomed her skin next to mine. The snuggling went on as we enjoyed the feel of each other between the folds of soft fleece. Our bodies entwined as we lay across the couch.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me closer than I already was. Her moist seclusion welcomed me and our bodies were united. Our kiss was fanned from mild glowing embers into a blazing wildfire that consumed us in passion. Squeaks and creaks called out from the couch as we ground together.

My heart thumped as my hips echoed the movement of hers. We broke our kiss just long enough to breathe and cry out to each other. I slowed my pace, trying to cool the blaze back down to a nice roar. My lips found the summit of her breast, and teased it with quick suckling and flicks of my tongue.

Her soft moans passed my ear. My hair was in her grip, her strength matched my efforts. I was surprised how much it turned me on so I started working harder. My free hand filled itself with hers, and her pleasure doubled. A change in the motion of my hips thrilled her further and I could feel her ecstasy climbing.

Inside, she was milking me with muscles contracting in sync with my withdrawing strokes. Her hips were moving to match my rhythms. Breathing hard, her moans became cries and grunting and mewling. She hit the top and flexed as she climaxed.

I wasn’t stopping. My ministrations had less pressure, but were faster to keep her flying high. She protested the excessive stimulation, but I kept on. Once she started coming down I slowed and felt her go limp beneath me. Her breath came back in a sharp inhale and she began following my lead once more.

The pace remained slow and measured between us. The smooth, soft flesh inside her came alive again, now more determined to draw me to the same pleasure I had given her. She cooed as her hands now explored my chest, teasing me.

I kissed her and thanked her for being so good to me. Her smile looked so bright as her eyes were lit by sexual energy. The corners of her mouth curled back and her eyes closed. She was enjoying this more now, I could see it, and feel it.

With renewed effort, I increased speed, shifting gears and steadily accelerating, my climax neared and drove me harder, faster. We were speaking in short terms to each other, with gasps and garbled speech. My eyes closed. Stars shot through my sight and my head swam. I felt my muscles flexing beyond my conscious control and I swelled within her, increasing our pleasure.

Then I felt the burst. My body wracked with spasm after spasm as I poured my life into her. It was welcome to her. So much of me was within her, around her, and I collapsed on her. We breathed heavily, holding each other. It was the best I could do to prop myself on one elbow so as not to crush her.

She held me the most intimate way she could, not letting me slip away. After a moment, she started to rub me all over. Her hands gliding over my back, feet along the backs of my legs, and her magical muscles inside caressed life back into the flagging flesh within her.

Carefully, we shimmied around to lie next to each other. We never broke the hold. Then she was on top of me, still working me into her. I could feel the heat growing. Those embers were fanning back to flames. She placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned back, changing the angle.

I was very deep in her while she rocked back and forth. I loved the look of hunger in her eyes. She was being driven by her own instincts to take me with her. Our physical union was sticky and slippery with the juices of our passion. The sensation was driving me mad. We had never before continued on after a finish like the one we just had. This new experience seemed to excite us both.

My hands and lips worked with deft care on her heaving bosom. Her breathing quickened and her motion followed suit. I was thrusting up to meet her, trying to match her rhythm as she had done for me earlier. The stimulation was hypnotizing.

She leaned forward and placed her feet beneath her knees. Her hips lifted just a few inches off me before plunging back down over and over. My pelvis complemented hers, and our eyes locked. It was like she was willing me to climax with her.

Not a word was spoken between us. There was a flow of energy that was building within our bodies, and driving the other along. What each of us felt was transferred to the partner and amplified before resending. A concerto of sensuality grew, closing to a magnificent crescendo.

I watched her, pleasuring herself on my body. She was nearing another soaring orgasm by just riding me. I did what I could to help her climb. My hands massaged her back and sides, only occasionally heightening her pleasure with frontal teasing.

Leaning back again, the angle increased sensations in just the right places for both of us. My peak was nearing once more, much to my surprise. She was getting closer too, begging me to come with her on this explosive take-off. I thrust harder, faster, to be there with her. We built, and built, lifting together into the skies.

Her cries and convulsions sent me reeling over the edge as I matched her climax with my own. It was beautiful how we flew together, and the world began to swirl around us. I had not realized that my eyes closed, or that she fell on me in a heap of exhausted, sweaty flesh.

I awoke and held her to me. I managed to pull the blanket back over us so she would stay nice and warm. As she napped, my hands explored her. Despite how familiar she is to me, I love to feel her skin under my fingers. It is never enough. What else is never enough? My manhood was waking too.

Our magnificent lovemaking provided me with the lubrication I needed to slip back into her. She woke with a pleasurable gasp feeling me within her once more. I rocked her back to clarity with my intruding probe. Her smile was intoxicating, and I drank in every bit of her that I could.

We had planned to unpack and wash laundry once we were home, but I think we found a much better way to spend our day.

Thanks to my editors cannd and HellsBells1890. The story is THAT much awesomer.


It took Ryder a while to explain to Angel that they couldn’t “fly” to heaven. There were protocols and parameters that needed to be followed to a tee. He sent Tenner off to get subway tickets for them while he got Angel dressed.

Despite her attempts to appear ok, Ryder noticed the dark circles beginning to form under her eyes. She’d been through a hell of a lot in the past… he looked at the sky — twelve hours. He stopped in the middle of brushing Angel’s hair out with his fingers. Twelve hours. He’d saved her life twice and fucked her once in twelve hours.

Angel turned, fixing her deep purple eyes on him. “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head. “Nothing, love. Just thinking about how busy you keep me.”

She grinned, rolling her eyes. He watched as she picked up his coat, and, wrapping it around her shoulders, walked around the perimeter of the roof, gazing at the New York skyline. He kept one eye on her, attentive to how close she was to the edge, while he folded the blankets and fit them into a green messenger bag he then slung over his shoulder.

He felt Tenner approaching, but he heard Angel before he could call out a warning. “Oh my God!” she cried, half-falling, half-stepping away from the edge of the roof. “Watch where you’re flying!” Tenner landed in a rush of wings inches from her face, stumbling back when he saw her. His legs hit the edge and he staggered for a minute before catching his balance. Planting his feet firmly on the roof, he turned to Ryder.

“That girl,” he said, pointing at Angel, “is going to be trouble. I can already tell. She’s that type. Your type. I.E. fucking dangerous.”

Before Ryder could answer, Angel said dryly, “And you’re the epitome of grace and vigilance, right?”

Tenner spun, looking the girl up and down. He glanced back at Ryder. “She’s sarcastic too. Perfect. You planning to oust me from that position, too?”

“Afraid of a little competition, bird-boy?”

Ryder looked from Tenner to Angel and burst out laughing. Tenner’s feathers were ruffled, his eyes wide open, his whole attitude screaming that he was ready for a fight. Angel, on the other hand, was watching him from under lidded eyes, wrapped in Ryder’s coat, which was at least four sizes too big for her. She had to be three inches shorter than Tenner, and at least fifty pounds lighter. He shook his head.

“Bird-boy?” Tenner sputtered. “I’m not a bird!”

“All right, all right, you two,” Ryder said, stepping in between them. “We’re on the same side.”

Tenner pointed at Angel again. “Tell her to stop insulting me!”

Angel rose to the bait. “Tell him to stop talking about me like I’m not here!”

Ryder sighed. Moving quickly, he got Tenner in a headlock and Angel over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. She pounded on his back, but he barely felt it. “Now,” he said. “Listen. We’re going to get along, right? We’re all mature enough for that. Right?”

Neither Tenner nor Angel spoke. Ryder settled in, planning to hold them there for a while.

“Fine,” Angel finally said. “I’m sorry. I’ll behave.”

Ryder let her down, but she stayed by his side, wrapping and arm around his waist. “So, what’s bird-boy called, anyway?”

Tenner sputtered, and Ryder shot her a look. She threw her hands up. “Sorry, sorry, couldn’t help it.” She smiled.

Ryder turned to Tenner. “How about you?”

“What she said,” he said into Ryder’s arm. Ryder let him go. “Ok, Tenner, do you have the…” he stopped when Angel slid the tickets into his hand.

“Let’s get going, huh?”

Tenner opened his mouth, feeling around inside his coat. “How did you… Ryder,” he said, “you got yourself a pickpocket? Really?”

Ryder smiled uneasily. Angel shouldn’t have been able to do that to an angel, even a novice like Tenner. Their nervous systems were always on hyper-alert. For not the first time, he wondered exactly how he had affected Angel.

“Earth to Blondie. We gonna get going, or just stand here and gawk at the big ball of gases called the sun?”

Tenner’s voice was playful, as always, but he could feel that something was wrong. Ryder nodded. “Right, we should.” He glanced at Tenner’s wingspan. “You should put those away. We’ll be walking.”

“But we flew here,” Angel protested. “Why can’t we fly back?”

Ryder started walking toward the door that was in the middle of the roof. “We can walk and talk.” He held the door open for Angel and Tenner, and they started walking single-file down the spiral staircase.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Ryder said through clenched teeth. “We’d rather fly, trust me.” He forced himself to breathe shallowly and evenly. Without looking, he knew that Tenner, less experienced with the mortal world than him, was having more trouble with the enclosed space. The younger man kept his hand pressed against the wall, as if to assure himself that it wasn’t going to move in on him.

Angel opened her mouth, but Ryder wasn’t finished. “When we’re alone, we’re cloaked, in a way. People don’t want to see a bunch of angels flying around, so they don’t. With passengers, though, it’s different. It’s too hard not to see three people zipping around in the sky.”

Ryder looked down, relieved to see that the bottom of the staircase was nearing. “So we walk. Public transportation isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be. Except you humans have a damn annoying affinity for tight, closed spaces.”

The staircase opened up into a hallway. Angel looked around, recognizing the familiarity of brass numbers on doors. They had landed on the roof of an apartment building, which by the looks of it, wasn’t exactly the Hilton.

Ryder eyed the number above the elevator. “Nine floors,” he said. “We can manage nine floors.”

Tenner turned the color of snow and swallowed. Ryder put a comforting hand on his shoulder and said, “It’ll be better. There’s more space.”

Nine sets of stairs later, Tenner let out a whoop and rushed out the double-doors. He jumped about three feet in the air, sucking in the smog-filled air. Ryder controlled himself a bit more, but even he couldn’t resist breathing deeply once he was outside the four walls.

People streamed past the trio, barely seeing them or ignoring them completely. For once, Angel felt back in her element. The streets were her home, and the crowds were comforting in a strange way.

“This way,” Tenner said, glancing to the left and the right before stepping into the street. Ryder and Angel followed him, Ryder’s arm around her shoulders to make sure she didn’t fall behind. She found his concern almost amusing. She’d grown up on these streets. Of all of them, she was probably the safest.

Tenner wove through the pedestrians with an uncanny ease that Ryder matched. No one paid any attention to the two tall men, one of whom’s hair was the color of fire. Angel was finally able to get a good look at Tenner, and although he wasn’t bad to look at, he didn’t have Ryder’s presence. Tenner flitted; Ryder just was.

They reached the steps that led underground to the subway. Very few words were exchanged between Tenner and the ticket master, but when Ryder and Angel walked by, his eyes had a glazed look.

Ryder squeezed Angel’s shoulder. “Tenner’s covering our trail. That man won’t remember us, if anyone asks.” At her expression, he added, “He wasn’t hurt.”

They’d cut it very close. The bus pulled in almost as soon as Ryder had closed his mouth. Angel hung onto him as they boarded the bus, not very eager to be separated for her protector for any amount of time. The way she attached herself to him almost made him smile, but he was worried. Other than Jordan, a daemon had yet to show its face. Despite this, Ryder refused to be lulled into a sense of false security.

The doors slid shut behind them, and the bus lurched into motion. Angel took a seat and Ryder and Tenner stood on either side of her, eyeing the passengers of their car with evident distrust. Angel watched the people around her, too, but with more curiosity than anything else.

Her eyes roamed and eventually came to rest on a man across and a little to the left of them. He was handsome, but in a disturbing way. In many ways, he was the opposite of Ryder. His eyes and hair were dark brown, his face drawn around the eyes and mouth in tight lines. As she studied him, his eyes flickered over to her. A disgusted shiver went up her spine as his gaze started at her feet and traveled up her body slowly, clearly taking his time and not worried about being caught. When he got to her face, the corner of his mouth twisted into a sick smile. She recoiled involuntarily.

Ryder felt Angel move. He looked down at her, and then followed her gaze. When he laid eyes on the dark stranger, he hissed, moving in front of Angel. The man’s smirk became wider. “The warmth in your greeting overwhelms me.” He paused, letting his eyes dance back to Angel. “You haven’t introduced me to your pretty friend here, Ryder.”

Ryder hissed again, and Tenner looked at him worriedly. “You’re not going to get her,” he growled. “You won’t win this one.”

The man laughed quietly. “You can stand down, boy. I’m not going to attempt anything in front of all these people.”

Tenner glanced at Ryder again, and then back to the man. “You might not, Harlem, but I wouldn’t put it past Blondie here. I wouldn’t instigate him if I were you, unless you wanted to go back to Hell in a body-bag.”

Something flashed in Harlem’s eyes, and his lip curled into a snarl. “You presumptuous brat,” he hissed. “If you think that…”

Ryder took a step forward and Harlem stopped. “For all our sakes,” he said, “I will not cause a scene.” A slow smile spread across his face as the subway came to a screeching halt. Ryder pulled Angel to her feet, putting her between himself and Tenner as they escorted her off the car and out of the terminal. A quick glance behind them told her that Harlem was following them.

“Ryder,” she began quietly.

He threw her a glance that made a cold spot materialize in her chest. His eyes, normally soft, were hard and furious, showing a steeliness she hadn’t seen before. She shrank away from him reflexively, even though she knew the look wasn’t aimed at her. “I know,” he said gruffly. His grip on her arm softened slightly, but he was still firm as he and Tenner led her down one street after another. She quickly gave up trying to keep track of where they were, or where they had been.

Tenner stopped suddenly in front of a weathered looking home, looking at it curiously. Some of the tension on his face eased. “Here we are, kids. In you go, hop to it.” He opened the door and ushered Ryder and Angel inside, but instead of stepping into an entryway, Angel found herself looking at the inside of the biggest elevator she’d ever seen. The ceiling rose at least ten feet above her. The walls, painted white, were at least seven feet wide on each side. A silver railing ran around three of the walls at waist level. One wall also had a panel of buttons that flashed intermittently, as well as the door.

As Tenner closed the door, Angel caught a glimpse of the black-clad man standing in the street, just watching them. When the door clicked into place, Tenner went over to the control panel and pressed a few of the flashing buttons, swearing when his fingers fumbled. Finally, he stepped back, and the elevator jerked into motion.

Tenner looked at Angel and then at Ryder. He sighed. “That was Harlem, Angel. You didn’t hear it from me, but he’s Michael’s little brother. He’s caused more than his fair share of conflict, up and downstairs.” His eyes flickered to Ryder again. “Don’t ask me how it all works out. Apparently Harlem’s been put in charge of, erm, locating you.”

Angel felt Ryder’s arm hold her tightly to him. “He’s a bit of a badass, if you’ll pardon my French,” Tenner continued. He smirked indelicately. “Then again, so is Blondie here.” Angel met his eyes, the humor there making her relax a little bit. “Don’t worry, doll. You’re safe with us.”

With that, Tenner stretched out on the floor of the elevator, interlacing his fingers behind his head. Beside her, Ryder moved to do the same. At her questioning glance, he managed a small smile. It was barely a tweak of his mouth and a light in his eyes, but she felt relieved anyway. An angry Ryder was a frightening thing.

“It’s going to take a while,” he said, then pulled her down next to him. Offering no other explanation, he lay on his back and moved Angel’s head onto his chest. His hand rested lightly on her stomach. “It’s as good a time as any to catch up on rest,” he said.

Like the last time he’d mentioned sleep, Angel felt her eyes closing.


She awoke more suddenly this time, when the elevator came to a halt. With a twinge of self-consciousness, she realized that both Ryder and Tenner were awake and standing. Ryder reached out a hand and helped her to her feet. He pushed a stray lock of hair from her face. “We’re here.”


Ryder’s grin was more prominent this time. “The one and only.”

The elevator door opened then. Ryder took her by the hand. “Come on, Jenna.”

He led her outside, and she gasped.

It was so… so big. Everything. The buildings on either side of the street rose two or three times as high as the skyscrapers in New York that she was used to. They were made of some sort of reddish granite, sparkling in the sun. She shielded her eyes. The sun was brighter here.

She continued looking, though. A single building stretched the length of a few city blocks, with doors at least ten feet tall and half that wide. She felt her mouth hanging open a little. “It’s all so… big?” she said is an awed voice.

Ryder chuckled. “I told you. We don’t like confined spaces.”

Tenner stepped out next to them. His smile was friendly. “Come on, you two. Stop gawking. You look like bloody tourists.”

Angel smiled. “Well, I am,” she said sweetly, directing her smile at Tenner.

He just shook his head, although he couldn’t hide the grin that popped onto his face. He pointed down the main street, which was the only normal-sized thing Angel could see. “We go thatta-way.”


After what seemed like hours of walking, but couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes, Tenner stopped in front of a building. Angel looked it over, noticing the little things that made it different. IT had to cover two or three acres in its entirety, and it was separated slightly from the rest of the buildings. Tenner pushed open the front door, and they stepped inside.

The ceiling rose fifteen feet or so, implying there was more than just that one level. Angel realized they’d walked into a giant foyer, or entryway. Passages led off in all directions, winding around until they disappeared into their own pale red curves.

Without hesitation, Tenner chose a passage and strode off confidently. Ryder and Angel followed him, the former slightly amused by the sheer look of amazement on Angel’s face.

Then again, he thought wryly, t’s Heaven.

Angel chuckled. “It’s Heaven,” she said. “I’m in Heaven.”

After the fifth or sixth turn, Angel quit trying to keep track of the path they were following. Not long after that, Tenner stopped in front of a door made of the same pale red granite. He made a mock bow, gesturing at the door. “Your quarters, milord, milady.”

He laughed, pushing open the door. Angel walked through the doorway, but turned when she heard Ryder’s voice. “When do you think?”

Tenner shrugged. “No more than a few days. The summons was urgent.”

Ryder caught Angel’s eye and winked. “When Michael wants to see us,” he explained. His eyes flickered over her clothing. “And under what conditions.”

Angel tapped her foot impatiently. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

Ryder and Tenner looked at each other, and then back at Angel. “You don’t go see Michael dressed like, um, that,” Ryder said delicately.

She just looked at him. “And besides,” Ryder continued, “we can’t just walk in. We wait for a summons. When he’s ready to see us, he’ll let us know.”

“So we sit around and wait for him?”

Ryder’s lips curved into a grin. Well, we don’t have to sit, he thought. His eyes traveled Angel’s figure, feeling himself grow aroused simply by looking at her.

“What do you mean, ‘we don’t have to sit’?” Angel demanded. Her violet eyes blazed. Tenner took an involuntary step back, then paused.

“You didn’t say…”

“I know.” Ryder felt a shiver go through his body. “Jenna, I didn’t say anything about sitting,” he said carefully.

She tossed her head. “Yeah, you did. I heard you.”

Ryder put a hand on her arm. “I didn’t say it. I thought it.”

Angel’s eyes went wide. “I… but… I… you…”

“I told you the more time you spent with me, the faster your abilities would develop.”

Tenner coughed. “I have a feeling this, uh, development will get us in to see Michael faster.”

Ryder nodded, and Tenner left. As soon as he was gone, he felt Angel start to shake. “I heard your thought,” she whispered. “That’s not normal, Ryder.”

With a sigh, he swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bathroom. She let out a small squeak, but she didn’t protest. She was too confused about what was going on.

Like the rest of the structures in Heaven, the bathroom was spacious, almost to the point of being cavernous. The ceiling rose twenty or thirty feet above them, it and the walls were painted a soft white that she almost didn’t notice. The sinks, shower, toilet, and a bathtub that looked like it could hold fifteen people were all against a wall, leaving a rectangle of space in the middle of the room the size of four or five wrestling mats. Angel looked around in wonder. She’d seen libraries you could get lost in, but never a bathroom.

Ryder set her on the edge of the tub and started the water. It instantly formed bubbles. She opened her mouth to say that she didn’t need a bath, but Ryder anticipated that. “Jenna, you’re going to meet Michael. You know. Michael the Archangel. The one I told you about with the white wings that your kind bases their idea of us on. You’re not going to go see him with blood matted in your hair.”

He stripped her down with quick efficiency, folding her clothes into a pile beside the tub. He tested the water with a finger, and then he helped her into it. With a groan of contentment, she slipped in up to her chin, closing her eyes. It wasn’t until she felt Ryder’s arm around her waist, pulling her toward him, that she realized he’d joined her in the water. She stiffened. Their rendezvous on the rooftop was one thing. She hadn’t planned on being naked with him again… period. End of story. She’d hoped to get some normalcy back in her life, and that didn’t involve Mr. Ryder, Guardian Angel.

Ryder felt her tense, and reluctantly, he withdrew his arm. “I’m not going to hurt you, Jenna.”

His kind voice finished her. With a strangled sob, she started crying, crossing her arms on her knees and hiding her face. Her sobs racked her whole body, causing the water around her to ripple. In a moment, Ryder was at her side. He gently turned her so that she was crying into his shoulder. With every sound, his eyes hardened. More than anything, he wanted this girl to be comfortable with him, to feel for him what he was feeling for her.

Angel’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. “Why weren’t you there?” she asked her voice soft, vulnerable. “When Whit…” she choked back another sob. “When Whit was doing those things to me. Why weren’t you there?”

Her voice tore into his heart. He felt tears coming to his own eyes, and he angrily blinked them away. He breathed out, still holding Angel close to his chest. When he spoke, she felt the vibrations all through her body.

“Your life wasn’t in danger, so Michael wouldn’t let me leave. I tried, you have to believe that. I tried to convince him that someone was hurting you. I could feel it, but he wouldn’t let me leave, because he wasn’t going to kill you.”

This is a true story as related to me by one of my readers. He commissioned me to do the story and agreed that I could post it (with his wife’s permission). It is the story of how he encouraged his wife of ten years to take lovers. He felt that he was incapable of satisfying her completely and worried that she would find other lovers. I have changed the names and situation to protect their identities, but much of it is true, according to him, and I have no reason to doubt his story. He wanted me to do the story in first person as if he were telling it.

Some may not agree with what he and his wife have done, or not like the story, but it is your choice to read it or not. This is a multi part story because of the length. I will post the next parts as I get them done … if I get positive responses.

Chapter 1

My name is James Trainer. My wife, Amy, and I have been married for almost eleven years, tying the knot after we graduated college. She is thirty-four, gorgeous with nice large breasts and a great rear end. She has beautiful, mesmerizing green eyes, red hair, and the face of a model. Besides being gorgeous she is very intelligent and graduated law school, magna cum laude. I feel very lucky to have her.

I, on the other hand, am an okay looking guy, but I was never a ladies man. I am not ugly, I just do not have movie star looks, and I have always been somewhat shy. As a result I did not date a lot in college. When I met Amy I fell in love immediately, but I was too scared to ask her out at first. We became good friends, but I didn’t think she was interested in me as a boyfriend. When I finally found the nerve to ask her out, I was quite surprised when she agreed to go out on a date with me. Later when I questioned her about why she had agreed to go out with me she explained that most of the guys she dated were so good looking that they were stuck on themselves and were very arrogant, at best. She told me that she just wanted to go out with a normal guy; someone that didn’t stop to gaze at their reflection in every mirror they passed. She told me that she thought my shyness was cute.

So I guess you could say I am a normal guy … maybe a little (or a lot) bookish and very shy. I am 5′ 11″ with brown hair and blue eyes, and still weight about 175, as I did in college. I own a small accounting firm. Amy works from her office at home as an attorney doing wills and trusts. She is an independent partner in her firm and has a great deal of freedom in regards to the hours that she works and the business that she books.

We have been very happy for our eleven years of marriage. In fact I would say that the last year has been the best for us in many ways as you will see. We don’t have children, and didn’t think we wanted any, preferring our careers over children. I had a vasectomy when I was thirty because Amy is allergic to birth control pills and even latex condoms cause rashes (she also hates them with a passion); we felt that a vasectomy was the safest thing for us.

As I said, my wife is intelligent and gorgeous, but she is also highly sexed. Since the day we started dating (yes we did have sex on the first date), she has been a sexual dynamo. I think she could have sex seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year (and once more on leap-year). Now that she is approaching her mid-thirties, her libido seems to have gone into overdrive, which I didn’t think was possible. I am the kind of guy that likes sex maybe twice a week and sometimes when work is a bitch, only once. Therein lies our biggest problem; she wanted more sex than I was capable of giving. We have compromised and generally have sex three or sometimes four times a week, but it has been difficult for me to keep up that pace. In her case she is ready for sex at the drop of a hat, but I, on the other hand, need more stimulation. I know some of this sounds crazy, but I am sure there are plenty of other couples out there like us. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, and I have maybe one of the sexiest and accommodating lovers in the world. I am grateful for that, believe me.

Over the years, there have been times when I worried that Amy would find a lover who would accommodate her … although she swears that would never happen.

To help me more than her, I began to make up fantasies when we have sex. While she enjoys the fantasies, it is not absolutely necessary for her. However, to me it is essential for my libido. Therefore she indulges me. Over the past several years she has developed a thing for younger men. When she sees a young, handsome movie star, baseball or football player, she gets all mushy. Maybe it is her motherly instinct coming out. We often joke that eventually when I am too old to keep her satisfied (maybe a year or two from now:-) she will find a young gigolo to take care of her. We have a 23 year old neighbor who we have watched grow up. He is a handsome boy and a little shy around Amy. I made up a story about him. The fantasy involves Amy teasing the young man but not going all the way; we started out with her just teasing him and maybe touching his cock, but as time went on it became a full blown affair with her sneaking off to have sex, or even him coming over to our place for daily sex. We have added other men and sexual aspects to the fantasy to spice things up. She has warmed to the fantasy, I think. I love to hear her relate how she has him over to our house and fucks and sucks the young man until they are both exhausted. She can be very descriptive and it always does the trick for me. Of course I trust Amy and I do believe her when she says she would never have an affair behind my back … but then again, affairs happen all the time and many times lead to divorce. Although I would never divorce her for having an affair. It seemed in the beginning to be harmless fun, but over time it took on a more realistic flavor, much to my delight.

Having said all that, I have no interest in another woman and as I said Amy is more than I can handle already. As often happens, as time passed, the fantasies were not enough for me. Amy was shocked when I suggested that she actually tease the young man … not actually have sex with him, mind you, but harmless teasing. At first she wouldn’t hear of it, saying I was the one she loved and she didn’t want anyone else. It brought our fantasy discussions to an abrupt halt for a while at least. However, I persisted until I found out why she was resisting; she felt it would only be a matter of time before I would want to have another woman. I promised that I was more than happy with her and had no interest in another woman … ever. With much cajoling, begging, and pleading by me, she warmed to the idea. She said as long as it was harmless fun it was okay with her but that she never wanted me to have another woman. I reaffirmed my commitment to only her. I had to convince her that she was not being unfair to me in all that, and that I would get as much pleasure out of it as she did … which she doubted. She warned me of potential unwanted consequences i.e., it could end up with her wanting more than teasing and maybe taking lovers. I jokingly said that might not be so bad. She gave me a strange look and shook her head as if she was saying; you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I am not sure that I did at the time, but I do now, and I love how our relationship has developed.

I was anxious to get started, so several days after our conversation we decided to put our plan into action at a party, which I had put together for our tenth wedding anniversary. We both make good money and our house is quite large so we have the perfect facility for parties. The house sits on the water with an Olympic sized swimming pool overlooking the ocean.

The day of the party Amy, of course, was very nervous and, although she wouldn’t admit it, she was very, very excited. I was also nervous, maybe more than her. The young man, David Talbot, is handsome, and although not very tall, is personable once he gets beyond what seemed to be his own shyness. I believe he was working on his masters from a college in the mid-west, but was home on summer break.

The party was attended by about a hundred friends, neighbors, work mates, and a few relatives who had flown in for the party. It was an afternoon party and some of the guests brought their bathing suits and used our pool. As we do for all large parties, we hired wait staff to serve and keep the drinks flowing.

Amy was gorgeous as usual and was dressed in a sexy black dress which had an opening in the front exposing a tantalizing expanse of her sexy breasts. Her red hair, green eyes, along with the tight dress made her the center of attention of all the men, as well as the envy, if not jealously, of many of the women.

Amy is a wonderful hostess. As anyone knows in the business world people are often very shallow. We have all seen it; the person will be speaking to us but looking over our shoulder to see who is more important to be chatting with. When Amy is talking to someone she focuses exclusively on them. Her green eyes and sincere stare mesmerizes men and women.

As the party progressed I watched Amy move through the crowd with ease, appearing to be almost gliding on air. In the beginning she made no overt moves toward David. I saw her talking to him several times and they were smiling and laughing. Later in the evening as the crowd began to thin I noticed that Amy was spending more and more time with him. She was doing it discreetly and I don’t think anyone noticed. I saw her glancing at me on a number of occasions as if to ask if I was sure about what she was doing. I would nod and smile.

After almost everyone had left, except for the drunks, I checked around for Amy and spied her in the living room, apparently in an intimate conversation with David. The living room was deserted as most of those still at the party stayed in the great room, dinning room, or kitchen. I watched as David leaned closer to her and whispered something. They both laughed. It appeared that he was nervous and seemed to keep his eye out for me; he of course knew she was married. He would look around guiltily before returning to the conversation. I became a traffic director for Amy, making sure no one disturbed them.

I was distracted for a while with a few lingering guests. When I searched for Amy I couldn’t find her until checked in the study, peeking through the slightly opened door. I had to suppress a gasp. Somehow, probably at her urging, David had slipped his hand into the top of her gown and he had her breast almost in the open. Amy gave no indication that she minded and smiled at him, saying something that I couldn’t hear.

I remained in the shadows and watched. The young man fondled her for some time and I could actually see Amy breathing harder. Then I watched as she leaned closer to him. He took the hint and their lips met. At that moment I felt a plethora of emotions; jealousy, regret, maybe a little anger, but by far the most prominent was excitement.

The kiss was long and passionate. When they pulled apart I saw Amy say something to him and he smiled. Then she took his hand and headed for the rear exit of the study. I tried to see where they were going but I was side tracked by a drunken friend. He was quite obnoxious but I didn’t want him driving home and risk killing someone. I drove him. I didn’t learn what had happened until I got home forty-five minutes later. The help had finished cleaning up and were gone. I found Amy in the bedroom, naked, waiting for me on the bed.

I am not sure who was hotter at that point, her or I. I stripped out of my clothes and joined her on the bed. “So what happened to you? You disappeared,” I said.

“I might ask you the same question,” she said.

“I had to take Dan Nugent home … you know the drunk. But the two of you had disappeared before I left.”

Amy smiled and blushed. “Sorry. We were kind of getting hot and heavy so I thought we might want a little more privacy.”

“So where did you go?” I said as I snuggled up close to her and reached for her breast.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?” she asked.

“Absolutely. You didn’t fuck him, did you?” I asked only half hoping she hadn’t.

“No, of course not,” she said, and then looked down at my still throbbing cock. Then she added, “My, my, look at how hard you are. I’m not sure you would have minded if I had fucked him.”

I wasn’t ready to deal with that at that moment and said, “Come on, don’t tease me.”

Amy smiled and said, “Well we slipped into the downstairs powder room and resumed kisses which had started in the living room. For all his bravado, he is just a kid. But that doesn’t mean his cock is that of a kid. It was big, especially for a small guy.”

“Bigger than mine?” I asked in a joking manner, not sure I wanted to hear the answer, however.


I nodded.

“Yes, by about two inches.”

“Wow,” I said. I am in the neighborhood of five to six inches, if you give me the benefit of the doubt. My size, while making me self conscious, has never been a problem for Amy, or at least that is what she has always told me.

She continued. “He is very naive, I think,” she said. “As soon as we were in the powder room we were kissing like teenagers. He pulled the top of my dress down and freed my breasts. Does it excite you to know that he had my tits out of my dress and was kissing and playing with them?”

I moaned without answering and reached over and pulled Amy’s hand to my cock. “Does that answer your question?” I asked. Then I added, “Don’t stroke me too fast or I won’t last.”

Amy giggled. “Both you and David, quick on the trigger,” she said.

“What does that mean?” I asked curiously, not wanting to sound defensive.

“Well, let me go on and I will tell you. Anyway, he had my tits out and I reached for his pants and opened them, letting them drop to his ankles. A moment later I pulled his cock from his underwear. I gasped and pulled away to look down. I swear I almost climaxed right there. But I held back as we began to kiss again. I slowly stroked him, like I am doing to you right now.”

I moaned.

“But suddenly his cock throbbed and he erupted. He began to squirt his cum all over my hand and arm. It got all over my pretty dress too.”

“Oh God,” I responded with excitement.

She continued. “It shot out all over the front of the dress. I am going to have to get the dress cleaned. But maybe I will just keep it hanging in the closet as a reminder of my first strange cock,” she added with a smile.

“You are such a sweet slut. But I suppose it was frustrating that he climaxed so quickly.”

“Yes it was frustrating, but kind of cute too. I had to make sure I didn’t laugh out loud. He was mortified as you might have guessed. I mean his face was red and he was apologizing all over himself. I calmed him down and said it was okay. That was about it.”

“Wow, that’s too bad,” I said as I slipped my hand down to her pussy. It was like a swamp. “I can tell that you were very worked up.”

“I still am.”

“Well, let me get down there and eat you to take the edge off,” I said and began to kiss down her chest to her gorgeous tits. I paused there, licking and sucking her hard nipples. “Is this the way he did it?”

“No, you are better,” she said and moaned.

Then I moved slowly down her stomach and across her pubic mound. Before I dove in I said, “Tell me what you were going to do if he had not climaxed prematurely.”

Amy hesitated. “I’m not sure … I mean I know we agreed that it was only teasing, but … you know … when I’m worked up … well it is hard for me to control myself. I suppose it is the risk you are going to take if we go any further with this. I mean I could have fucked him right there.”

“Like in our fantasy. Tell me what you would have done,” I said.

“Okay, like in our fantasy?”

“Yes,” I hissed impatiently.

She began again and I started to lick her pussy. As I listened, I was lost in my own battle of what I really wanted to see her do. I had to push the thought of her fucking him out of my mind or risk climaxing on the bed. One thing I dearly love is to eat her pussy. Amy has the sweetest and juiciest pussy in the world. Her lips get really large when she is excited and her clit sticks out like a pencil eraser, almost as large as her nipples. I gently tickled it with my tongue, not too hard, just little flicks. Then I moved down to her bubbling opening and stuck my tongue inside.

“Mmmm, you know what I like,” she said. Then she continued, combining fantasy and reality.

“In our fantasy, or maybe for real, if he hadn’t climaxed I was going to drop to my knees, right there in our bathroom and lick his cock. I really wanted it in my mouth. It was dripping juice like a river and I was certain he had a lot of cream built up,” Amy said, beginning to squirm under my teasing tongue.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned at her description. A little chill ran down my spine at her comment of “or maybe for real”.

“I would have sucked the big head into my mouth and then lashed it with my tongue, all the while gathering his sweet and clear pre-cum juice in my mouth. You know I looooovvveeee to suck cock. I was going to make a real meal out of his cock. I was even going to suck his balls. You know how I like to do that to you when I am on my knees and stroking your cock.”

I moaned in answer and continued licking.

She said, “I would have slowly stroked his cock with just the head in my mouth for about ten minutes. When I felt he was ready to climax I was going to slow down and drive him mad. I know how much you love that … you know, to be teased and denied. Then I would stroke him faster and faster. I was going to lock my lips around his cock head and wait for his cum. When it blasted out I would have swallowed every drop.”

I moaned loudly as I began to suck Amy’s clit; the way I know she likes it.

She grabbed my head and held it to her pussy as she began to tremble.

“Oh … yes … I would have swallowed everything and … oh God, then sucked … for more … ohhhhhhhh,” Amy stuttered as she began to climax.

Unfortunately, the rubbing of my cock on the bed brought me to a pre-mature climax as well. Like David, I climaxed way too soon, shooting my cum onto the bed.

Amy was too far gone to notice at that point. Her climaxes are very intense and sometimes she even squirts. I love that and try to drink it all. I wasn’t entirely surprised when she squirted this time. There was so much that it ran down my chin and dripped onto the sheet. When she finally came down I looked up at her sheepishly and said, “Sorry, I think I messed up the sheets.”

“I did too,” she said, and burst out laughing.

I joined her. Later we made love the old fashion way.

Chapter 2

The following morning I found Amy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I came up behind her and kissed her on the nape of her neck. “Good morning my sweet and sexy wife.”

She turned around and smiled. “Well, what has made you so amorous this early in the morning?” she said as if she didn’t already know.

“Oh nothing, I am just a very lucky man to have such a sexy wife,” I said as I began to fondle her gorgeous breasts.

“Thank you,” she said. “But you had better stop that or you will not get your breakfast.”

“I think the alternative to breakfast would be far better,” I answered, but reluctantly let her finish. I had to leave for work soon.

As we were eating I said, “How did you like your tenth anniversary party?”

“It was wonderful,” she answered, biting into a piece of toast.

When she didn’t fall for my bait I said, “How about your little escapade with the kid, as you called him? Any regrets this morning?”

“That was very nice too,” she answered again without revealing anything.

I saw a smile playing at her lips, however. She was going to force me to be direct.

“Okay, do you still feel all right with what happened now that you have had a chance to think about it?”

She nodded and took a sip of coffee and said, “But the real question is how do you feel about it?”

“Well, I have to admit that I was a little jealous.”

“You were the one that wanted me to do it, remember,” she said, a little defensively.

“I know, but you didn’t let me finish what I was about to say. I was about to say that I was a little jealous, but the excitement far over-shadowed that.”

Her eyebrows rose a bit. “Really?” she said.

I sighed, almost in exasperation. “Amy, I love you more than anything in the world, and if you have any reservations about what we are doing, please tell me and we will not go any further. I think you know I like it.”

She put down her coffee and said, “My only reservations have to do with how you will handle it. There is no real downside for me, unless it is with you. I don’t want anything to come between us. We are too good together.”

“We are,” I said.

She said, “So you are saying that you are okay with it?”

“Yes,” I answered quickly.

“Even with your jealously?”

I hesitated a moment before I answered. “Yes. In a strange way that is what makes it fun.”

Amy looked at me curiously. “The jealously makes it fun?”

I could tell that there was no way she could understand that. “Yes. I know you can’t understand it but the butterflies in my stomach make it more exciting somehow. I suppose if I didn’t love you so much it would not cause those butterflies.”

Amy said, “You are right, I don’t understand it. I would never want to feel like that … the jealously thing.”

“I know,” I said and paused again. Then I said, “The only thing that I ask is that you be completely honest with your feelings and never, ever hide anything from me, and I promise to do the same. If you ever feel uncomfortable with something you can tell me, and I will do the same thing.”

She reached over, grasped my hand, and looked me in the eyes. “Okay. That is a bargain. I hope you know that I would never hide anything from you. You are my soul mate and nothing will ever change that.”

I smiled. “I feel the same way. I will stop it immediately if it ever causes a real problem between us.” She squeezed my hand. There was a pause in our conversation as we ate, both deep in thought. Then I said, “Have you thought about whether or not you want to go any further with David?”

She nodded, swallowed a bite of food, and then took a quick sip of coffee before she continued. “He is just a kid and very naive, if not innocent. You know I like younger men and the naivety and innocence is a bonus. When you add to the fact that he has a big cock, not that being big is really important to me, but … well, I am willing if you are.”

I broke into a broad smile. “I don’t know how I ended up with such a wonderful wife,” I said.

“Just luck on your part,” she teased.

I stood up and came around the table and kissed her passionately, reaching into her robe to grab her breasts. “I have to get to work. I’ll think about the next step and we can talk tonight when I get home.”

“Okay. I love you,” she said, pressing my hands to her chest.

I reluctantly pulled away. “I love you too, bye.”


On the way home that evening I made a couple of quick stops to pick up several things. After dinner we went into the family room and sat down to talk.

“So, here is what I was thinking,” I said. “Do you think David would be willing to come over to the pool on Saturday?”

“I think so. Of course he might still be embarrassed by what happened.”

“I think I know horny young men and I am pretty sure you can convince him,” I said with a smile. “I bought you a swim suit to wear.” With that I pulled out a tiny two piece bikini … if you can even call it a bikini … it was a top that would barely cover her nipples and a bottom that might not cover her pussy lips.

Amy’s eyes grew wide. “You want me to wear that outside?”

“That was the intent.”

“I remember when you used to be concerned when I wore a regular bikini on a public beach,” she said with eyes wide, but there was a grin on her face.

“That was the old me,” I answered, handing her the bikini.

She held the top up to her chest and said, “This definitely will not entirely cover my nipples and the bottom may not cover my pussy.”

“That is the plan,” I laughed.

“David might climax before I have a chance to touch him.”

“I hope not. There is something else I got for me. Let me get it.” I went into the garage and came back with a brochure and sat down next to her. “This is a whole house security camera system.”

She looked at me curiously. “We already have a security system.”

“I know, but this is not for security. It is a set of remote controlled wireless cameras.”

She still looked confused.

“They are cameras I can set up secretly, anywhere in or outside the house.”

Amy’s eyebrows raised, but I couldn’t read her expression.

I said, “I will not do this if you object, but let me tell you what I have planned. One of the issues the other night was that I couldn’t see you or hear you, without giving myself away. I kept wondering how I was going to participate, beyond you telling me the story afterward. The solution is to set up a remote camera system. I can put them anywhere I want and feed them into the television in our media room.”

“Oh,” Amy said, but still didn’t reveal what she thought.

“As I said I will not do this if it is a problem for you. In fact, I feel a little strange even suggesting it, but I don’t know any other solution. I mean I guess we could get into the ‘lifestyle’ as they say and go to swap orgies, but that is not what I want and I don’t think you would be interested either.”

“Absolutely not. I would have to scratch the eyes out of any slut coming on to you,” she said with a meaningful smile.

“You know I am not interested in another woman.”

“I do. So you want to film what I do with David?” she asked.

“No, not necessarily, although we might want to do that so we could watch it together sometime. This is simply so I can see what is going on and feel like I am somehow participating.” I saw a strange look and made an assumption that she didn’t like it. “Okay, it appears that you don’t like it. I can take the equipment back. It was just an idea.”

“No, don’t jump to any conclusions, I’m just thinking about it.” She pursed her lips and was silent for a few long moments. Then she said, “You know what; I like it. I have always wanted to be a movie star,” she added with a laugh. “And I do want you to participate.”

“Really? You’re sure you are okay with it?”

“Yeah, I think so. It will be exciting to know you are watching, and I think you are correct; it will make both of us feel like you are participating in whatever I am doing. There won’t be any surprises.”

I smiled broadly. “Exactly.” This is all going to work out, I thought. “So, anyway I am going to set up the cameras around the pool, and maybe even under the water.”

“Aren’t you afraid David will see them?”

“No, you can disguise them as anything you like. I can put them in a clock, an electrical outlet, behind a picture, almost anywhere. It would be impossible for anyone to know what they are without tearing apart the equipment.”

Amy looked thoughtful for a minute. “Wow. I was just thinking about all the public bathrooms and hotel rooms I’ve been in. If the equipment is so easy to hide, one would never know it is there.”

“Yeah, that is a big problem. It happens all the time.”

“Hmmm,” Amy said.

“Anyway if you are okay with it I will install the system this week.”

“I am,” she said.

I kissed Amy and grabbed her hand to lead her upstairs.

“Not so fast, buster, I’ve been thinking too and I have a few new rules for us,” she said patting the sofa next her.

I stopped and sat back down. “What?” I asked with a concerned look.

“Don’t worry, it is nothing you can’t handle,” she said and then continued, “Since we started all this because you have a hard time keeping up with me, I want to insure that you do not grow tired of it. You have to realize that you may be letting the genie out of the bottle, so to speak, and it might mean, or most likely will mean, that it can’t go back in. What I am saying is that both of us have to agree to this, but if you decide that you don’t like what is going on and tell me to stop, then it is over, permanently. We are not going to start, stop, and start again. Agreed?”

I nodded and said, “Yes.” I waited for the next shoe to drop.

“Okay. Second, we will pick the guys together, but I have the final say.”

“Of course.” I liked the words “the guys” because it meant she was already thinking of others.

“We will also have to agree on how far I go, but I can tell you that if we put limits on this, it might not work. So, even if we agreed that I would not fuck the guy, it could happen. I am only human.”

I felt my cock begin to throb. I summonsed enough moisture in my mouth to say, “It is your decision as of this moment. If you want to fuck, then you fuck.”

Amy smiled. “What about the part that we both have to agree?”

“I agreed that you will have the final say.”

Amy nodded thoughtfully and then said, “You have given me a lot of rope here, buster … it might be enough to hang you.”

“It is your decision,” I said. “It is up to you what, when, and where you do it, as long as you are honest with me, and tell me the details … if I am not there to witness it.”

“So I could fuck someone with you not around,” she said, and quickly added, “Not that I am suggesting that now.”

“Yes, it might come to that and that is okay.”

“All right. Now, as far as you and I having sex, since you like it on average about twice a week and I want it more, I want you to pleasure me with your mouth or finger, anytime I want, probably daily, but you will climax only twice a week, and I will decide when and how. NO masturbation behind my back either. I don’t want you sitting in your room and jerking off watching me. All of this is to make sure you have some skin in this game, no pun intended, and that you stay interested.”

I was stunned by this comment. I opened my mouth but then paused. I wasn’t sure what to say.

When I didn’t respond right away Amy said, “Those are the rules, take them or leave them. I will let you think about that for a while. I am going to take a nice bath and then you can come up and tell me your answer. Better yet, you can just eat my pussy if your answer is yes. No discussion is necessary.” Amy had a big smile on her face.

My mouth was still hanging open as Amy got up and left the room. She turned and smiled lustfully at me again as she exited the doorway.

I stood up quickly as a sudden feeling of anger washed over me. Who was she to tell me when and how many times I can climax, I thought? I masturbate on occasion, like most men, but that is my personal business. Fuming I went over to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a stiff drink and drank it down, and then I poured another. Maybe I was letting the genie out of the bottle, I thought, and maybe I wouldn’t like the genie. What would I do then?

As the second and then third drink hit me I began to mellow. This had been my idea and it was for my benefit as much as hers. Amy was right, I am good for about twice a week and even then I can get bored; ergo why we started the fantasies in the first place. She was right about another thing; I do love the teasing and denial stuff. A couple years ago we experimented with her teasing me by sucking my cock or jerking me, but would not let me climax until she thought the time was right. Sometimes it lasted several days. It was fun, and I don’t really remember why we stopped. I felt my cock swelling in my pants at the remembrance.

As I continued to mull it over in my head I began to warm to the idea. Amy was not going to do anything that was not for my own good. She was really, in truth, looking out for my pleasure … and therefore her pleasure. I still get what I want, which is to see her seducing guys … and I could end it any time I wanted. She was just hedging her bet to insure that it wasn’t a fad I was going through and that I would suddenly change my mind after she was involved. She made a good case. Her attorney debating skills had come in handy, I thought.

I headed upstairs about an hour later to find Amy lying on the bed naked, reading. I walked in, stripped, and wordlessly crawled onto the bed, settling between her legs with my mouth hovering over her pussy. Silent, I looked up at her as I lowered my mouth and began to eat her.

“Mmmmm, this is a nice way to give me your answer. I am going to get really used to having my pussy eaten every day,” she whispered.

Thirty minutes later Amy lay exhausted. I crawled up, snuggled next to her and whispered, “I love you.” She was already asleep. I considered masturbating but stopped … that was against the new rules. I felt a chill of excitement rush through me and my cock throbbed.

Chapter 3

“What time did you say David is coming over?” I yelled to Amy who was in the bathroom.

“About noon,” she said as she walked out of the room in the tiny bikini I bought her.

“Wow,” I said, staring at her nearly naked form. Then I said, “Wow,” again.

“I hope that is a WOW of approval; remember you purchased it,” she said and turned around so I could see her nearly bare ass. Amy has very large areoles and the top did not cover them.

I reached for her and pulled her into my arms. I kissed her until we were both breathless.

“Down boy. You have to wait until later for yours,” she said with a giggle.

“I’ve been waiting all week,” I said, reminding her of what she already knew. I had eaten her pussy every night, and several times in the morning, but had not had intercourse or masturbated. I was ready to go. I had to admit, though, I liked the feeling of the building passion. I almost felt twenty again. I sometimes wonder if Amy knows more about me than I know about myself.

“Are you all ready with the cameras?” she asked.

“Just about. I only have to check the connections in the media room. I assume that you are ready.”

“If I was more ready I might have to rape you.”

“Promises, promises,” I answered. Then I summonsed the courage to ask, “Are you … you know … going to fuck him today?” Those words sounded strange coming from my lips. Here I was asking my wife if she was going to fuck another man.

“No, I think not this time, but probably soon.”

I felt a rush of emotions shoot through me. I was a tad disappointed that she was not going to fuck him, but consoled myself that she was going to do something sexual and I was going to watch. My heart was suddenly pounding and it increased a few beats when I heard the doorbell ring.

“Oh my, he’s early. How do I look?” Amy asked nervously.

“Gorgeous,” I said, trying to pull her to me for another kiss.

“Later,” she said. She slipped away and grabbed a robe from the sofa. “Gotta answer the door and I don’t want to make him climax before he gets inside.”

I watched as she headed down the hall and toward the steps. Then I slipped into my media room to make a final check of the camera connections. It took about fifteen minutes to finish the connection check and when I turned the TV on and look at the camera that I had set up at the pool, I saw Amy walking out onto the pool deck pulling David behind her. Somewhere she had taken off the robe. I zoomed the camera in on her gorgeous ass and watched her swaying ass as she walked to the lounge chairs. She had drinks sitting out already. They sat down and I focused in on David’s face. I could see that he was totally taken by Amy and more than a little surprised by her tiny bikini.

As I watched them talk I switched the cameras randomly back and forth. There were four cameras and they all worked perfectly. Amy lay down on a lounger and David sat on brick works surrounding a palm tree. She and David talked for some time before I heard Amy ask David if he was okay with what had happened at the party. He said he was sorry again and I could see his face turn crimson.

Amy smiled. Then she asked him about his experience with women. We were both surprised when he admitted that his experience was limited to a steady girlfriend that he had in high school. He said he was shy and that he had been too busy with his education to spend a lot of time dating. I could identify with that myself.

I could see that Amy was more than a little happy with his inexperience. I chuckled and said out loud, the “spider and the fly”.

As the conversation continued and grew more intimate David said that he was getting hot (probably not only from the sun) and asked if he could take a dip. When he got up, it was obvious that he was not just hot from the sun; his swim trunks had a major tent in them. He ran jumped into the water quickly. Amy got another drink, glancing at a camera I had on the table and winking at me as she went by. Then she sat down on the lounge chair again. When David swam back he pulled himself out of the water and grabbed a towel. He stopped in his tracks. I switched the camera to the view he had and almost gasped. Amy was sitting with her legs spread. The small patch of cloth over her left breast had shifted and was exposing a nipple. She had also pulled the crotch of her bottom between her pussy lips.

I zoomed in and could see the fleshy part of her pussy lips. She was quite brazen, I thought.

Then I heard Amy announced that she wanted to get an overall tan and asked David if he minded if she took off her top. He, of course, said sure, his eyes as big as saucers.

I was trembling a little as I zoomed the camera in on her chest. She took off her top and sat back down. David jumped into the water again. When he returned he stared at Amy’s breasts and no longer tried to hide his erection. In fact his cock was actually sticking out from the top of his swim trunks.

Amy stared at his exposed cock head. Then she reached for David’s hand and pulled him closer. I turned up the sound so I could hear their conversation clearly.

David look apprehensively at the house before he said, “Where is your husband today?”

“At work. He works all the time. I hardly ever see him anymore,” she lied.

“If I had you at home I would never go to work,” David said and then his face turned red.

“Thank you, that is so nice of you to say. I can see that I excite you, she said nodding toward his now throbbing erection. Then she said, “You don’t mind that an older woman is coming on to you?”

“No, but you are not that old. You are what, maybe twenty-nine?”

“Thank you again,” she answered, “But I’m thirty-four.”

“I never would have guessed,” David said sincerely.

“Come closer … that deserves a kiss,” she said. David took a step closer and leaned over so they could kiss. A moment later the kiss turned passionate.

When they parted Amy said, “Now I want to kiss something else.” She brazenly pulled his cock from the top of his shorts.

I was almost shaking as I watched my wife take another man’s cock into her mouth. I zoomed closer. As she sucked him, he reached for her breast and began to knead it.

I could even hear her sucking him. I had had my cock in my hand, but I forced myself not to stroke it. That would have been a big mistake as I knew I would climax almost immediately.

I saw Amy close her eyes in pure enjoyment. I knew she loved to suck my cock but I had never seen her enjoy it this much. My view was a unique perspective since I had never seen Amy involved sexually from a third party point of view … other than at the anniversary party, which wasn’t much. There was a look of incredible pleasure on her face. She began to move her head back and forth. It appeared that she wanted him to climax in her mouth.

“Oh, Mrs. Trainor … uh I’m going to … cum if you keep that up.”

I heard a low guttural moan of acceptance escape Amy’s sucking lips. Then David moaned loudly and I saw my wife’s cheeks balloon and knew that her mouth was filling with his cream. I watched as she swallowed, once, twice, and then three times. A string of cream escaped from the corner of her mouth. I had to look away and shut off the sound for a moment or risk climaxing.

When David’s cock was drained he staggered backward and sat heavily. Amy looked directly at the camera and smiled, then she licked her lips like she sexy slut she was becoming.

When David had recovered I saw Amy say something to him. I turned on the sound quickly but by that time David had stood up. I watched as Amy laid back and spread her legs. David went to his knees and suddenly his head dropped between her legs. I heard Amy’s gasps of excitement as she held David’s mouth to her pussy. She worked her hips up and down making sure his tongue found all the right places. I knew she was really turned on and wouldn’t last long. I could see the familiar signs of her approaching climax. A moment later she was squirming on the lounge chair and bucking her hips.

“That’s it, that’s it, lick my clit. I’m cummmmiiiinnnnngggg!!!” she cried as her body convulsed with pleasure.

Again I had to close my eyes or risk climaxing. When I opened them I saw Amy lying relaxed on the lounger. David was not in the picture so I zoomed out and saw him lying on the other lounger, his face still sticky from her juices and he had a “cat that ate the canary” grin on his face. I left the room and snuck into the kitchen for a drink. When I came back I saw the two of them chatting comfortably as if they relaxed by the pool … except that they were both naked now.

Nothing much happened for a while. David went for a swim and then Amy joined him. I switched to the underwater camera as they came together and kissed.

As the kiss continued my cock grew erect again. I saw Amy’s hand search under the water to find David’s cock, which grew immediately erect. A moment later I saw his hand search for her pussy. Then they were pleasuring each other with their hands. I am not sure if Amy climaxed but she stopped short of jerking him off.

They climbed out of the pool and Amy led him over to the lounger again. There she sat down, and took his cock into her mouth again. I watched as she sucked his long cock, her eyes staring at one of the cameras as she did. I think she winked at me. Then she leaned back and said, “Fuck my tits.”

“Really?” David said in surprise.

“Sure. You are been staring at them for a couple of hours. Have fun,” she said playfully.

I watched as David straddled Amy’s waist. He placed his cock between her tits. She poured some baby oil on his cock and then began to rub her tits up and down on his throbbing cock. It didn’t take him long before he was moaning and ready to shoot. A moment later, when he did, it blasted upward, covering Amy’s face with splatter after splatter of sticky cum. She seemed to love it. Again I had to shut off the camera or risk shooting my load. I couldn’t take much more. My cock felt so huge and my balls were actually aching.

A short while later I turned the camera back on and found that the pool area was empty. I heard Amy moving around downstairs and then I heard the front door close. Shortly afterward the door to the media room opened and Amy walked in. She was still naked. She walked over and sat on my lap, careful not to sit on my still throbbing cock.

“So am I to assume that you liked what you saw outside?”

“What do you think,” I answered, nodding at my throbbing erection.

Amy leaned down and kissed me passionately. “I need that cock,” she said and quickly straddled my lap. My cock slipped easily into her very wet pussy. We both moaned.

“So how do you feel about what happened?” she asked, beginning to slowly move up and down on me. “Were you jealous?”

“Yes,” I answered. “But I was very excited too.”

“He has an incredible cock.”

“I saw that. I was surprised you didn’t fuck him,” I said.

“I didn’t want to rush it. Besides, there is a slight problem.” Amy stopped moving.

Her words brought me to immediate alert. “Problem?” I asked.

“Yes. Since I am not on the pill and can’t use rubbers …”

“Oh,” I said. I wondered why she had not thought of that before. I know it my case I was too excited about the prospect of Amy with other men to be thinking about practical things. Maybe she was too … but then again she is always so practical, so she probably did think of it.

“Yes, ‘Oh’,” she repeated my words. “I am not sure what to do.”

“That is a problem. Maybe we can ask all the men to have a vasectomy,” I said jokingly.

“That’s probably not going to work.”

“Yeah.” We were silent as Amy began to move on my cock ever so slowly again.

“I suppose you could make sure it was not your fertile period,” I said. A little tremor went through me at that idea. It was not fool proof and she could get pregnant. My cock throbbed inside her and I had to force myself not to climax. I didn’t want her to get pregnant, but the thought was somehow exciting.

“That is an idea, but you know it is very risky. My cycle is pretty dependable, but trying to time it is far from safe.”

“It would be exciting,” I said before I considered what I was saying.

“That would excite you?” Amy asked, pausing her moving hips.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment. “Uh … it was just an idea.”

“So it would excite you for me to let men climax in my unprotected pussy?” Amy said and squeezed her pussy on my cock.

I moaned and fought to control my excitement.

“You would, I can feel your cock throbbing. I suppose I should not be surprised,” she said with a smile and began to move on me more rapidly.

“Okay, it excites me and I think it excites you too, if you were being honest,” I said between gasps of breath.

Amy sighed and smiled down at me. “I take the fifth on that.” Suddenly she began to move rapidly and her breathing increased. “I’m getting close,” she whispered.

I looked up and for the first time I saw that she had some of David’s cum in her hair. That was all it took. “I’m going to cum,” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, cum in me,” she gasped as she began to climax.

My cock exploded. I don’t know how much cum I shot, but it felt like one of the biggest climax I had ever had.

Chapter 4

The following morning I rolled over and saw Amy lying on her side looking at me. “Good morning,” I said.

“Good morning, Sweetheart,” she responded. “I love you,” she said and reached over and placed her hand on my face.

It was a very loving gesture and not meant to be sexual, but it made my cock tingle. I loved this woman more than life itself. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Then I asked Amy if she was going to see David again and she said yes.


“Well he goes back to college soon so I thought maybe Wednesday,” she said, turning onto her back and staring up at the ceiling.

I felt the familiar thrill rush through me. “Are you going to fuck him?”

She nodded and then smiled. “Yes. I want to feel that big cock inside me.”

I felt a tremor of excitement rush through me and my cock started to harden. I had just heard my wife say she was going to fuck another man and my only reaction was getting an erection … well, with the exception of those butterflies of jealously. “And you are going to let him cum in you?” I asked.

“It is my safe period, so I think so.”

I closed my eyes and suppressed a moan. My cock was now fully erect. My mouth felt suddenly very dry. “Are you going to fuck him in our bed?” I asked hesitantly.

“No, I think not … at least this time. I think I should use one of the guest bedrooms,” she said, and then said again, “This time.”

I nodded, not sure if I was happy or sad. But my cock was throbbing and my mouth was too dry to speak.

“What do you think about me fucking strange men right here in our bed?”

I shrugged, trying to act nonchalant, but my heart was pounding. “Uh that is your decision,” I said, my raspy voice sounding strange in my ears.

Amy smiled knowingly. “If we continue this, it is going to happen. I just want it to be special.”

“Okay,” I said and swallowed hard.

“So are you going into the office today?” she asked. It was Sunday.

“Yes, I have a few things to do. Although some of the crew, who are sometimes there on weekends, would rather I stay away, even on week days. I get in their way.”

“It’s nice not to be needed, huh?” she said and laughed.

“Yeah, I have a great group of people. I don’t need to go in on the weekends that often anymore.” We fell silent for a few minutes.

“I have a young intern coming over Monday. I asked one of the partners if I could borrow one because I am so far behind.”

“Oh really? Is he young and good looking?”

“Sorry; it is a she and I am not sure what she looks like because I have never met her.”

“Oh,” I said with disappointment in my voice. I drew her hand down to my hard cock.

“You will just have to wait until Wednesday to see, or do, anything sexual.”

“All right,” I said, only a little disappointed. “I have to get to work.” I leaned over and kissed her. I whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said and kissed me again, more passionately.

She reached over and grabbed my hard cock sticking through my underwear. “I expect to have my pussy eaten tonight, however.”

“I can do that,” I said and got up and got dressed then left for work.

Monday when I got home from work I found Amy in the kitchen fixing dinner. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her around the waist. She screamed and spun around in my arms.

“You scared me,” she said, with mock admonishment.

“Sorry,” I answered. “How was your day?” I asked as I reached around her and picked up a raw carrot.

“It was very interesting.”

“How so?”

“The intern. She was very pretty and sexy.”


“Yes, and I think she was actually hitting on to me by the end of the day.”

“Very interesting. Another woman,” I said absently, thinking about my wife with another woman. It was an exciting thought which hadn’t really occurred to me. “How did that happen?”

“Well, she didn’t make any overt moves. I could just tell, because she was touching me a lot and asked some personal questions.”

“Maybe she was just trying to get ahead in the company,” I said.

“I don’t think so. She is not going to be a lawyer. She working her way through college and is majoring in journalism.”

“I see. What do you think about making love to another woman?” I asked munching on the carrot and trying to act casual. My heart was pounding in my chest.

“I’m not sure.”

I felt that familiar chill. She hadn’t said no. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I never had a thing for women. I mean, once in college my roommate and I had a little too much to drink and we did some things.”

“Really. You never told me that. What kind of things?” I was getting very interested.

Amy smiled. “You are such a pig,” she said.

“I’m hurt,” I said mockingly.

“Pig,” she said again and laughed.

“Okay, so I am a pig, but what happened between you and your roommate?”

“It wasn’t anything. We had been drinking and were very horny. We started kissing and then playing with each other’s breasts. But we kind of got scared and stopped.”

“Too bad.”

“Yeah. It could have been fun now that I think back about it. Anyway the intern is coming back tomorrow and I invited her to bring her bathing suit.”

“Really?” I said excitedly. “Maybe I will stay home and watch.”

Amy paused. “I don’t know about that.”

“Why, I thought we agreed?” I returned.

“Agreed about men.”

“Well … yes … but it was …”

Amy interrupted me, “Listen, you can watch while we are out at the pool, but if anything else happens I want it to be alone.”

I was suddenly angry and hurt. “That’s not fair,” I said like a juvenile.

“It’s not, but I set the rules on this.”

“But when we agreed, I assumed I could observe all sexual encounters.”

“We never said that,” Amy said, and then her voice softened. “I will tell you about everything that happens. It’s just that it is different with a girl. I feel like it would be a violation of trust to have you watching and her not know.”

“That is a double standard. I don’t understand,” I returned, truly not understanding.

“You are a guy and you wouldn’t understand. Maybe if things develop then you can watch us, but she would have to agree.”

I opened my mouth and was going to say, “But the guys don’t agree and you are going to let me watch.” But I thought better of it and shut up. She had her reasons and I didn’t want to make her angry. I would take what I could get. “All right, you win.”

Amy pushed me onto a chair and sat on my lap. “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about relationships. I promise to tell you everything.” She squirmed on my lap causing my cock to start to harden. “I will let you get off one more time this week.”

She had me. She knew the way to my heart, or was it my “hardon”. I could never refuse her anything. “Okay,” I said. After dinner we went upstairs. We got naked and she reclined on the bed and spread her legs.

“Eat me first, before your blowjob.”

“No problem,” I said and went to my stomach. I pushed her legs apart and saw that her pussy was soaked. “You have been thinking about tomorrow,” I said.

“Shut up and eat me,” she said and laughed.

I did, enjoying her sweet juices as always.

She held my head and directed my efforts until she was screaming with pleasure and shooting her sweet juices into my mouth. Then she pushed me over and took my throbbing cock into her loving mouth. She licked the head and then sucked it, teasing the opening with her tongue. She knew what I liked and was driving me mad with desire. She took my entire cock into her throat … which wasn’t that hard considering my size. I wondered if she could take David’s all the way into her throat. I felt her throat squeezing my cock head and it was bringing me rapidly to a peak.

When I moaned Amy pulled away. She looked up at me and smiled.

“You know what? I think I am going to make you wait until later tomorrow morning.”

I moaned in protest. “Come on sweetie, you promised.”

“And I will honor my promise, only in the morning.” She got up and went in to take a shower, leaving me high and dry.”

I knew there was no use arguing. While it was cruel in one way, in another it was wonderful. I was beginning to like the denial part … as long as it didn’t go too far. It seemed to keep me in a high state of arousal, unlike anything I had felt since I was a teenager. I think Amy knew what she was doing. I was very agreeable when I was in need. God I loved this woman more every day.

Later Amy honored her promise and gave me an outstanding blowjob the following morning, drinking all my cum without missing a drop.

Chapter 5

Amy called me when she and Lisa, the “intern”, were finished work and ready to go outside to the pool. I work a few miles from my house so I was home quickly, parking the car in the garage and closing the door. I hurried up to my media room and got comfortable. I turned on the video and saw Amy and Lisa at the pool. I was astounded at how gorgeous the young girl was. She had short blonde hair, cut in a pixie style, and she had a great figure and a beautiful tan. She was wearing a white, two piece bikini which showed more than it hid. Amy, on the other hand, had chosen a rather modest one piece that still revealed quite a bit of her sweet tits. Lisa looked young but was wearing a good bit of makeup.

The two of them talked for a while as they drank a fruity drink with little umbrellas. Then Lisa asked Amy if she minded if she took off her top as she liked to get an all-over tan. That was normally Amy’s line. I was happy to hear Amy tell her to feel free and that the pool was very private. When she took off her top I gasped; both nipples were pierced as well as her belly button, which I hadn’t noticed.

“Oh, did it hurt to have your nipples pierced?” Amy asked.

“A little and it took a while to heal, but I love them now. The one below,” she said, indicating her crotch, “was more painful. Look.” Then she brazenly pulled the crotch of her suit aside and showed Amy a matching ring at the top of her pussy lips.

“Oh my,” Amy gasped. “I don’t think I could ever do that.”

Then she stuck out her tongue and showed Amy her tongue stud.

“Wow, you have them all over the place,” Amy laughed.

“Well it shows well for my part-time job.”

“At the firm?” Amy asked with a startled look.

Lisa laughed sweetly and said, “No. I actually have several part time jobs. I need the money to pay for college.”

“What else do you do?” Amy asked.

Lisa looked pensive for a moment. “Uh … I am not sure I should tell you.”

“Why not, we are just girls here, so you can share with me.”

“I wouldn’t want to lose my job at the firm,” she said.

“Don’t worry about that … they are never going to know,” Amy promised.

“Well, at one job I dance at a nude dancing club.”

“Ohhh,” Amy said excitedly. “Tell me more.”

“It’s across town at The Raven’s Men’s Club.”

“Never heard of it.”

“It is an upscale dance club.”

“Do you make good money there?”

“Yeah, it’s great … all tips.”

“So you dance totally nude?”


“That’s exciting,” Amy said.

“You think so?” Lisa said with a smile.

“I don’t think I could ever do it, but I think it would be exciting having all those men watching.”

“Oh, it is.”

“What else do you do?”

“I work at a massage place.”

“Oh. Are you a trained masseuse?”

Lisa giggled. “No. I don’t give official massages.”

“Oh,” Amy said and laughed as she understood what Lisa was saying. “Do you do happy endings?”

Amy nodded. “I suppose I have jerked off three or four hundred men,” she admitted.

I saw Amy’s jaw drop and saw her begin squirming on the lounge chair. I knew that she was getting excited. I already was.

“Really?” Amy said. “Do you do anything else … I mean beside the hand jobs?”

“Blowjobs, if the price is right,” Lisa said with a bit of shyness.

“Wow. I have to admit that sounds exciting too.”

“Maybe sometime you would like to join me … either on stage or at the massage studio. You have the body for it.”

“I’m too old for that, I think.”

“Not at all, you are gorgeous,” Lisa said and reached for Amy’s hand and brought it to her own thigh.

I could almost see a tremor go through Amy.

“It would be a lot of fun,” Lisa said.

“I’ll think about it,” Amy answered with a big smile.

“Would you like me to put some baby oil on you … I know how to use my hands,” Lisa said.

Amy stared at the young woman and I wondered what she was thinking. I had thought the young girl would be the one to fall into Amy’s web, but the exact opposite was happening. This girl might have been even more sexual than Amy. It was going to be interesting to watch their interactions.

When Amy did not respond Lisa suddenly leaned over and placed her lips on Amy’s. At the same time she cupped Amy’s breast. Amy didn’t resist. My heart was pounding in my chest.

Amy moaned. I saw her tongue go into Lisa’s mouth. They kissed for some time before Amy pulled away.

“Wow,” she gasped, clearly excited. Then she stood up and held out her hand. “Let’s go inside.”

Lisa smiled and then stood up and took Amy’s hand.

I was excited and disappointed at the same time. The show was over. I thought for a minute about turning on the cameras in our bedroom but then decided that it would be dishonest. Besides if Amy asked me if I spied on them I know I couldn’t hide it from her. Instead I waited and listened until I heard them passing my door. It sounded like they had stopped right outside and were kissing. I heard them giggle and then they moved down the hall to our bedroom. When the door closed I decided I needed to make a quick exit. I would come back when Lisa was gone.

I was worthless at work. People were asking what was wrong with me … if I were sick. Several said I should go home. However, I gutted it out until around five before deciding it was safe to go home. In retrospect I suppose I should have called. When I entered the house it was quiet. I was surprised when I didn’t find Amy in the kitchen. She is normally fixing dinner at that time. Then I figured she was upstairs taking a shower. I headed upstairs. When I walked into the room I stopped in my tracks. On the bed was my wife and Lisa … Amy was sitting on Lisa’s face.

Her head was thrown back in sexual abandon. I stood dumbfounded as Amy climaxed on the younger girl’s face. As her climax waned she suddenly realized I was standing in the doorway.

I said, “I … I thought … you … it’s 5:30. I thought you would be done.”

“Oh crap, I didn’t know it was so late. We fell asleep for a while,” Amy said as she climbed from her new lover’s face.

“I’ll just go … uh downstairs,” I said, staring at the gorgeous girl who was now staring back at me.

Lisa didn’t look embarrassed. She turned to Amy with a curious look.

“It’s okay,” Amy said to Lisa, “my husband and I don’t keep secrets.”

Lisa smiled. “That’s so cool,” she said and turned to me, “Don’t leave on account of me.” She got off the bed, not the least shy about being naked in front of me. I suppose that was to be expected considering her part time jobs. “Mind if I take a shower?” she asked.

“Sure, there are towels in the linen closet in the bathroom,” Amy said and Lisa hurried out of the room.

I stood in the doorway with my mouth open. Amy laughed. “She is something, isn’t she?”

I just nodded.

“Sorry about all this. I really just lost track of time,” Amy said.

I smiled, “No problem for me. I was just surprised.”

“Well, wait for us downstairs. I will tell you all about it after dinner.”

I hurried over, after a quick look at the bathroom door, and kissed Amy quickly … and said, “Mmmm, tastes like pussy.”

Amy smacked me playfully and I made a hasty exit.

Chapter 6

“So Lisa is quite a little slut,” I said to Amy as we were finishing dinner.

“She is a free spirit … and she eats pussy really well.”

“Better than me?” I asked with a smile.

“Hmmm,” Amy said. “Different.”

“Very diplomatic. How did you like eating her pussy … I assume you ate her from the taste on your lips?”

“I did, and it was very enjoyable. I think I could get to like it a lot. I will tell you all about it when we go to bed.”

“I have to wait?” I whined.


I could hardly wait until we went to bed. Later, after I showered, I hurried into the bedroom to find Amy lying the bed naked. I smiled and crawled onto the bed.

“Now, before you get yours, eat my pussy as I tell you what happened,” Amy said.

“You don’t have to ask me twice. So you must not have gotten enough today.” I crawled between my gorgeous wife’s legs. She reached for my head and pulled me to her pussy.

“I can never get too much of my pussy being eaten. So anyway, you saw us at the pool. Lisa knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. I was so hot after she showed me her piercings and kissed me … I was ready for anything. We went directly upstairs to our bed. Lisa stopped me and we kissed passionately, as you probably heard, outside the media room. It was exciting knowing you were inside. It took us about ten seconds to get our suits off and into bed. Lisa let me explore her nipple piercings. I sucked them and used my tongue and she squirmed all over the place. Then I kissed down her stomach and paused at her navel ring. I felt her pushing me lower. I had never touched a pussy with my lips before, but I was so hot I couldn’t wait.”

Amy paused and whispered, “Mmmmm, lick my clit like that.”

I did, moving my tongue up and down gently on her swollen clit. She liked it when I took it in my teeth and pulled it very gently. When she gets close to climaxing she likes me to lick it much harder.

Amy continued with her story. “Anyway, I started sucking her and she began to scream.”

“It was strange to feel the little ring just above her clit. I flicked my tongue across it. It only took her a minute to climax. I didn’t stop eating her, however. I moved lower and began to plunge my tongue into her bubbling pussy. It tasted surprisingly good. She must have climaxed ten times. When she was through we switched places. God, was it amazing feeling her tongue stud on my nipples. Then when she got to my clit, I went off like a fire cracker.”

Amy paused as I continued to suck her. “Oh fuck, lick it,” she said. She began to shake all over. “Ahhhh,” she gasped as she climaxed under my rapidly moving tongue.

It took Amy a few minutes before she could speak again. Then she continued, “I suppose I climaxed five or six times. We snuggled up and fell asleep. When I awoke, Lisa was sucking my tits again. Then she said she wanted me to sit on her face. I could never turn down an invitation like that. It was so good. I think I almost smothered/drown the poor girl, but she didn’t complain. Then when I climaxed, I squirted. She didn’t miss a beat and drank it all. That was about the time you came home.”

“Wow, you had quite a day.”

“I did. But I need a cock now.”

“I just happen to have a hard one right here,” I said as I climbed between her legs. She was soaked and my cock slipped inside her easily.

“Ahhh, yes baby fuck me!”

I did. I pushed her legs up to her breasts and pounded into her. I don’t know how I lasted so long, maybe because I had climaxed the night before, but I fucked her to three climaxes before I moaned that I was going to cum.

“Yes, yes, cum in me. Fill me with you sweet juice.”

I pumped her hard and shot my juice deep into her pussy.

When we had caught our breath we lay in bed together talking quietly.

“Quite a day for you … or should I say a quite a week. You have sucked off a young man, let him tit fuck you, and then had sex with a woman.”

“Hey, that makes me sound like a slut,” Amy pouted.

“You are a slut, but in a good way.”

She rolled over into my arms and we kissed. “As long as you like me being a slut, I guess I accept it.

I hugged her and said, “So, are you going to see Lisa again?”

“Yes, if it is okay with you,” she answered.

“Absolutely. You can be with her whenever you like.”

Amy smiled. “Good because I am going to try and get her a couple days a week as my intern for the rest of the summer.”

I laughed. “So I assume you are still going to fuck David the next time,” I said.

“Of course. I have to have cock,” she said. Then she was quiet for a few minutes. “Are you still okay with that?”

“Fucking David?” I asked.


“Of course. I’m looking forward to it.” I returned and then added, “But I am going to have a really hard time watching.”

“Jealously?” she asked.

“Not entirely. It’s more about excitement. It is very hard for me not to jerk off.”

“You didn’t while you watched Lisa and me did you?” Amy reached down and squeezed my cock rather harshly.

“I wouldn’t do that, but it was very tempting.”

“Are you sure you didn’t?”

“I would tell you if I had,” I said.

She looked me in the eyes. “I believe you would. But here is a new rule: if you jerk off without permission while watching me, you cannot get off for two weeks … that is for the first offense … four weeks for the second time and so on.”

“That is pretty severe for a first offense,” I said, more in curiosity then with concern.

“Yes, but it is necessary. I like you better when you are left wanting … you are more attentive, more loving.”

I thought about that for a moment and knew that she was correct. I said, “I agree.”

“You do?” she said in surprise.

“Yes. About me being more attentive. Since I have been limited in my sexual satisfaction I feel rejuvenated in many ways. From a sexual perspective I almost feel like a teenager again. I doubt I can perform like one, but my mind thinks I can.”

Amy laughed and we hugged and kissed until we fell asleep.

Chapter 7

The big day had finally arrived; David was due over in a few minutes. Amy seemed nervous, but I was a basket case. I knew I wanted her to do it, but I also knew this would change everything. Those butterflies of jealously were awake and very active in my stomach. I had already finished my first drink and was ready for a second. I actually felt my hand trembling as I poured the second one. Amy had been in the bedroom getting ready so I was left alone with my fears and doubts. As always occurs when I am nervous about something I think of all the bad things that could happen. It wasn’t likely that Amy would fall in love with David, but what if she met a guy that really turned her on? David had an eight inch cock so I wondered if she would ever be satisfied with my 5-6 inches again. Was I crazy for letting her do this? I had a gorgeous wife who was as sexy as any woman I had ever known. Why was I letting her fuck another man?

I sat on the sofa, drink in hand and watched ESPN, but I paid no attention to what was on the screen. I had checked the video system fifty times. The guest room was all set up. I had even put in a bunch of mirrors in the bedroom so I could catch what was going on from various angles. There were four hidden cameras in the room so I had a pretty good chance of getting the best angles. I had decided to use the recorder in case Amy or I wanted to see what happened at a later date. It was, after all, her first fuck with a stranger. Now, there was nothing else to do but wait.

As I finished my second drink Amy came downstairs. My eyes opened wide when I saw that she was wearing a gorgeous blue shirt that was see-thru, a pair of matching panties, and four inch high heels. “Wow,” I said.

“You like it?”


“It is simple and it won’t take long to get out of,” she said with an excited smile.

“Very practical,” I said without smiling.

“Are you still okay with this?” Amy asked coming over to sit next to me on the sofa.


“You don’t seem certain,” she said.

“I am. I just have a little stage fright.”

Amy laughed. “I’m the one on stage.”

“Aren’t you nervous?”

“Yes, of course. You know it is not too late to call if off,” she said.

“Do you still want to do it?” I asked.

She nodded.

I said, “You know I love you more than anything else in the world and I want you to be happy.”

“I am happy, ever since the day we met. We don’t have to do this to make me happy.”

“I know. And we have been over all this. It is as much for me as it is for you. You are my wife, lover, soul mate, and … soon to be my wonderful slut.”

Amy smiled. “I like the word slut coming from you.”

I smiled and took her hand and said, “Then we are in agreement. So the only thing left to do is to do it.”

She touched my face and turned it toward her. She kissed me, slipping her tongue into my willing mouth. She pulled away fairly quickly. “Don’t want to mess up my lipstick.”


“I love you, James,” she said sincerely.

“I love you too … more and more every day,” I answered.

“Me too.”

The doorbell made me jump. “There he is.” I kissed her on the cheek and hurried upstairs.

I stripped to my under shorts and sat in my media room, flipping through the cameras. They were all working perfectly. Then I concentrated on the living room cameras. I saw Amy leading David into the room. He was dressed like a surfer boy. He had a puka-shell necklace around his neck, a T-shirt with some kind of design on it, a pair of cargo shorts, which came below his knees, and flip-flops on his feet. With his blonde hair he looked like he was right off the beach.

Amy stood at the sofa and kissed him passionately. He said something about her outfit and she smiled and thanked him. Then she asked him if he wanted a drink and he said yes. She went into the kitchen and left him sitting on the sofa. He gazed around the room looking as nervous as I was. A moment later Amy came back and handed him a drink. She had one in her hand as well. They sat on the sofa and talked for a moment or two. Then Amy sat her glass down.

She knelt on the sofa, pulling David’s hand. He moved to join her. Now they were facing each other. He made the first move, taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately. His hand slipped into her open shirt and grasped her breast. I heard her moan.

They kissed for a long time before Amy pulled away. She said, “I want to suck your cock again.”

David’s face broke into a huge smile. He lay back on the sofa and Amy knelt. She slowly pulled his zipper down and took out his large cock.

“You have a beautiful cock,” she said.

“Thanks,” he answered self-consciously.

I watched as she leaned over and began to lick it. As she did she turned so she was facing one of the cameras. I had a perfect view of her licking his cock. A huge bubble of clear juice formed at the tip and began a slow journey down the side and across her fingers.

She seemed to be staring directly at me. I took my cock out of my shorts and slowly stroked it. Amy worked on his cock for a long time. I wasn’t sure if she was going to suck him off or not. But I knew that if she kept sucking him he would not be able to last. I learned later that she did want to make him climax in order to insure that he would not go off prematurely later. She was sure that at his age he would have no problem fucking her several more times.

I saw David’s hips began to move up and down as his excitement grew. I could hear Amy moaning in excitement now.

“If you keep that up I am going to cum,” David warned.

“Yes, I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said, and went back to licking his cock.

David moaned louder and lifted his hips. Amy had his cock in her mouth and was stroking it with both hands. David froze and let out a long groan of pleasure. I saw Amy’s eyes open wide and her cheeks balloon. I knew he was shooting his cum into her mouth. The quantity apparently surprised her. I could see her swallowing but still a long string of juice squeezed from the corner of her lips.

She was drinking David’s cum again … she was swallowing all of it. This was the only man, other than me, that she had sucked off in at least twelve years or more. I was pretty sure it would not be the last. I had to take my hand from my cock as I watched her finish drinking his cum and then lick her fingers. She made a show of it … for my benefit I was certain. In fact she even angled her diamond ring toward the camera so that I could see David’s sticky cum smeared across the sparkling gem. I moaned loudly. She is such an incredible tease, I thought.

Amy lay with her head on David’s thigh for some time. She toyed with his cock, gently stroking it slowly. Each time a dribble of what remained of his cum slipped out she would lick it up, always looking at the main camera as she did.

When she finally stood up and reached for David’s hand I felt a tremor go through me. A moment later they were out of camera range and headed for the bedroom. I waited a few moments before I turned on the cameras in the guest bedroom. Amy and David came in. Somewhere they had both lost their clothes. Amy led David over to the bed and had him lay down. She got on her knees and began to suck his rapidly growing cock again. It only took a few moments before he was rock hard. Ah the beauty of youth, I thought.

When he was throbbing Amy straddled him. She reached between her legs and placed the head of his cock at her dripping hole. She paused there … whether it was indecision or just teasing me I am not sure. I zoomed in on the point where his cock met her pussy. Her juices were literally dripping onto the head. I could see the veins in his cock pulsing in anticipation of what was to come. The head looked huge … almost too big to fit into her little hole.

I was trembling again. This is it, I said to myself. There is no turning back. I watched Amy began to lower herself. She moved very slowly, taking him in inch by inch. She later told me that she had to go slow because he was so big. I believed that.

My heart was pounding as I saw his long and fat cock disappear into my wife’s pussy … the pussy that had been only mine for the last ten plus years. I had a feeling it would never be mine alone again and that saddened and excited me.

“Take it all,” I heard myself say in the otherwise silent room. Another inch and then another disappeared. I could now hear both of them moaning. When there was only two inches left she paused. I figured that was all she could take. A second later I saw her push down hard and heard her scream in pleasure as she took his entire length of his cock into her pussy.

There it was, the deed had been done, my wife had another man’s cock in her pussy. I was surprised that she had been able to take it all. He was at least three inches deeper in her than I had ever been and she had taken it with little effort. Another man was touching places in my wife that I had never been. A wave of jealously swept over me, but I forced it out of my mind … I wanted this. My head was spinning with conflicting thoughts. Yet excitement was rapidly winning out.

After a few long moments Amy lifted up slowly … as slowly as she had gone down. The movement was accompanied by a low moan from her lips. I watched as inch after inch now exited her pussy. I could see how excited Amy was as his cock was covered in her juices. She paused I saw her shutter and wondered if a small climax had rippled through her. Then she moved back down, and took it all again, this time twice as fast as the first time. Then up and down again.

Now she was fucking him, bouncing on his cock, her thighs slapping on his and the sound echoing throughout the room.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she moaned with each up and down movement. She was really going at it. The room was filled with their moans and the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh. I flipped the camera to the one I had placed behind the mirror over the bed so I could see her face. It was a mask of unbridled lust. I had never seen such a lustful look on her face. I had also never seen her look more beautiful … pure woman, pure animal lust.

I saw the signs of climax … the way she moves her head, the position of her mouth, the hooding of her eyes, the flush on her chest, her rock hard nipples … I knew it all well. Then she was shaking all over and screaming in pleasure. Her body moved up and down rapidly, her breasts flopping with her frantic action. She was climaxing very hard. I wondered if I had ever seen her climax that hard or for that long … I didn’t think so. It was exciting and heart wrenching at the same time.

I could not tell when Amy’s first climax ended or the next began. It seemed she was climaxing continuously. David was moaning in pleasure at the same time. I knew from experience that Amy’s tight pussy was clinching on his cock. It must have felt like a velvet vise because of his size. When Amy’s first series of climax ended she fell forward pressing her chest to David’s. When she caught her breath she said, “God that was amazing.”

David didn’t answer. A moment later Amy dismounted his throbbing cock. She turned until she was facing away and climbed on again. I watched as she fitted his cock to her very wet pussy and slid down, taking him in much more quickly than the first time. It hadn’t taken her pussy long to adjust to his large cock.

Amy stared at the camera and smiled at me. She mouthed the words “I love you”. I swear I almost climaxed.

I slowly stroked my cock as I watched Amy begin to move up and down on David’s cock again. She continued to stare directly at the camera as she moved on his cock. I watched the long shaft come almost all the way out of her pussy and then go back it. It amazed me that she could take the entire thing. But she seemed to have no trouble with it. She climaxed several more times before David warned that he was going to cum. She moved faster.

I watched his balls tighten and then his cock began to throb. I could see the contractions and pulsing of his cock and knew that he was shooting cum into my wife. Each expansion of his cock meant another gush of cum was shooting into her. Now it was complete … my wife had fucked another man and had taken a load of cum into her pussy; an unprotected pussy. I zoomed in and saw his juices seeping out of her opening, trailing down the shaft and across his balls. I closed my eyes, trying to think of something else … baseball, football, whatever … so that I wouldn’t lose my load at that very moment.

After Amy and David had rested, Amy began to play with his cock again. She leaned over and took it into her mouth, sucking him until he was hard again. She rolled over and allowed David to get on top between her legs. I watched as he fucked her in the missionary position for a long time. She climaxed multiple times before he pushed in deep and bellowed that he was climaxing again. Afterward the two lay silently on the bed, David on top of Amy, his cock slowly shrinking until is slipped out of her pussy.

It was an hour later when I saw movement on the bed.

“You know the way out. I’m too exhausted to get up,” Amy said. He leaned over and kissed her goodbye.

“Give me a call when you are coming back home for break,” she said before he left the room.

“I will,” he said with a big smile.

He put on his clothes and I followed him via the camera until he left the house. On weak knees I walked down the hall and toward the guest bedroom. I hesitated at the door. I didn’t really know what I was going to find. Was Amy asleep, was she laying awake waiting for me, had she gotten up and gone into the bathroom? My heart was pounding as I opened the door.

I stopped in my tracks. What greeted me was a picture of a well fucked wife. She was lying on the bed with her legs spread a sly smile on her face, but there was also what I would describe as lustful look of love and it was directed at me. The results of their love making was still running from well fucked hole.

She smiled at me and opened her arms. I climbed between her legs and she took my cock in her hand. I twisted to the side so I was lying on my hip. I lifted her leg so I had a clear path to her pussy.

“Did you like watching me being fucked?”

“Yes,” I said, almost trembling in anticipation.

“Do you want to use one of your climaxes now?”

“Yes,” I answered almost breathless.

“Maybe we should wait until tomorrow … I’m kind of tired,” she teased.

“Oh God, I need to fuck you now.”

“Okay, since you have been a good boy.” With that she pulled my cock to her pussy, rubbing it up and down between the juicy lips. The she placed the head at her opening.

“Fuck me,” she said.

I moaned loudly as I slid my cock into her juicy pussy. It slipped in quickly and easily. David had stretched her opening, but it still felt tight. I went in as deeply as possible before pulling back out. I stared at her gorgeous eyes as I began to move.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you,” I returned as my movements became faster. Soon I was pumping in and out of her rapidly. I could feel her squeezing her sphincter muscles around my moving cock. She was warm, tight, and wet. I watched her close her eyes and begin to tremble. She was climaxing again. It was a little one but I felt the contractions on my over stimulated cock.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasped. I pushed all the way inside and began to squirt my juice into her well used pussy. It seemed to go on for a long time before my balls were empty. I fell back, my rapidly shrinking cock slipping from her opening with an audible sound. As I snuggled up behind her naked body she murmured and pushed her ass against me. I wrapped my arm across her and grasped her breast as we fell asleep.

Chapter 8

I awoke the following morning to a kiss. When I opened my eyes I saw Amy leaning over the bed. She had a tray in her hands with breakfast on it.

“Good morning, lover,” she said.

“Good morning,” I said, rubbing my eyes and sitting up. “To what do I owe breakfast in bed?”

“No reason … just that I love you,” she answered.

“Okay, what do you want me to do,” I said with a smile.

“No, really, I should be able to fix my wonderful hubby breakfast in bed if I want without him being suspicious of my motives,” she said with a smile. She placed the tray on me and then sat on the bed.

“Yeah and this is the first time in ten years.”

“Never too late to do something nice for the one you love,” Amy said and stuffed a piece of toast into my mouth to shut me up.

I took it out and said, “If I remember correctly you were loving someone else yesterday.” I picked up a cup of steaming coffee from the tray and took a sip.

“No, I was ‘fucking’ someone else, not loving, and that is very different.”

I smiled. “It is,” I agreed.

“I did enjoy it, however, maybe a little too much,” she said.

“How so?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I am feeling a little guilty.”

“I suppose I can understand that. But there is no need to. I got as much pleasure out of it as you … maybe more.”

“It could not have been more,” she said, picking up a piece of toast and taking a bite. She looked at me. “You are a wonderful husband.”

“Ah shucks, ma’am,” I said in my best John Wayne drawl.

“Seriously. How many guys would let their wives do what you have let me do?”

“A few I suppose.”

“Very few,” she said and paused. There was something on her mind. Then she said, “I feel like I have been mean to you.”

“Mean? You could never be mean to me. How have you been mean?” I said truly confused.

“Well, with the restricting your climaxes and such.”

“Oh, that. I don’t think that is mean. I like the new, more assertive you.”

“Really?” she said, with a look of disbelief.

“Yes,” I said, putting the tray aside and taking her into my arms. “You are not doing anything I don’t want you to do. One of the reasons … other than for my own pleasure … that I want you to be with other guys is because I think you, actually we, need it. Things were getting stale, as happens in so many marriages, and I don’t want that to happen again. I also don’t want you to stray. I know you said you never would, and I believe you, but that might make you very unhappy eventually. I know how sexual you are and I know I could never keep up with you.”

“But I don’t have to restrict your pleasure,” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

“True, but that was probably the best thing you did for our marriage.”

Amy sniffled and looked up at me, “How can that be?”

“As I said to you the other day, it has made me more attentive and really boosted my desire. I told you I feel like a teenager again, and I think that is the reason. I read once that masturbation is the great destroyer of intimacy and I think it could be true … not that I was masturbating a lot, but even occasionally it can hurt I think. Now all my sexual desires are focused on you. So, yes I like it. Now, I wouldn’t want to go for months without sexual release … but I know how to prevent that. So, I am okay with you making the sexual rules and keeping me in line. It is very sexually stimulating to me.”

Amy stared at me. Then she smiled and wiped her eyes. “I just don’t want to be mean to you, ever.”

“Sometimes I think a little meanness is exciting. I will let you know if I think you are being too mean to me, okay?”

She nodded.

I said, “We have always been pretty equal in most aspects of our marriage, and that should continue. Sexually, I like the idea of you taking the lead. On the other hand, I don’t want you to take over accounting and budgeting.”

“Really, and I wanted to do that so bad,” she joked as she wiped her eyes again

“Too bad. That stuff is mine and it really turns me on,” I said and laughed.

Amy laughed and hugged me and we were quiet for a while. “So what do we do now? With David gone back to college, and all.”

“Ah, there is the sweet slut I know and love,” I laughed. “Actually I was thinking about that. There is a guy, a client from New York, who is coming into town. He is a nice guy, good looking, about thirty, and an important client to the firm. I was supposed to take him to the ball game and then out to dinner when he arrives in town this Friday. If you agree I will make up some excuse at the last minute … like having to go out of town and tell him I am really sorry. I know he is really looking forward to the game. I will suggest that you could go to the game with him and then to dinner. He is recently divorced and still licking his wounds, I think.”

“Hmmm, sounds interesting. I suppose I like baseball enough to do that. Then I would bring him back here for some fun,” she said thoughtfully.

“Well, only if you two hit it off. It might turn out to be a dud. But it might be the safest way to find another lover for you. He leaves to go back to New York Saturday, so it would have to happen Friday night. If it works out he could be a good out-of-town lover for you.”

“How do you know he will like me?” she said.

I looked at her like she had two heads. “Trust me, he will like you. And I think you will like him. He is a very good dresser, sophisticated, and is what you would call a ladies man, and maybe a little stuck on himself.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Good,” I said and pulled her to me for a long kiss. When I reached for her breast she pushed my hand away.

“You have gotten off twice this week already. You are going to have to wait until Sunday.”

“Sunday? You are being mean,” I whined.

“Those are the rules buster,” she returned.

I smiled.

Ryan Chambers walked into my office Friday morning after arriving at the airport earlier, with his “Hollywood” smile.

“Jim, great to see you,” he said, holding out his hand to me.

“Ryan, glad you could make it,” I said shaking his hand.

“It is a quick trip. I’ve got to be back home Saturday afternoon. But I wanted to sign the deal with GX Manufacturing as soon as possible.”

“I don’t suppose it had anything to do with the Yankees being in town?” I teased.

“Of course not,” he said with a big smile.

“Well, I have the papers right here,” I said bringing out a stack of papers. “Your attorneys have blessed it so all you have to do is sign.”

“Then we can watch my Yankees beat the pants off your guys,” he said.

“About that,” I said. “I am afraid I have to fly to Huston this afternoon.”

He looked sad. “Oh, really? I was looking forward to taking your money.”

“Don’t worry; I have a better offer for you. I asked my wife if she minded escorting you to the game and then dinner and she said she would love to,” I said.

“Is that the gorgeous doll in the photo right there?” he said pointing to a picture of Amy and me on a beach in Hawaii.

“That is she,” I said.

“And you are going to allow her to go out on a date me,” he said, showing his best movie star smile. His teeth almost sparkled.

“It is not a date. But she can handle herself … has a black belt in karate, so I would be careful if I were you.”

“Hey, I don’t need violence to get the panties off of ladies,” he returned.

I thought, but did not say, she might not have panties on. “I am sure of that,” I said. “You can pick her up at my place at two, she will be waiting. Here are the directions.” I stood up and said, “You can look over the papers at my desk and leave them with my secretary after you put your John Hancock at the places designated. I have to run or I’m going to miss my plane.”

Ryan shook my hand and I hurried out of the office.

I was sitting on the sofa when Amy came down wearing a pair of nice slacks and a relatively modest top. She looked great as always.

“Do I look okay?” she asked.

“Perfect for the ballgame, but I would think something a little sexier for dinner. I have reservations at Giovanni’s at eight.”

“Don’t worry, I have an outfit all planned for tonight. He will be drooling.”

“Based on what I know of Ryan, you will be drooling when you see him.” Ryan had always made jokes about the size of his equipment. A lot of guys do that so I wasn’t sure if he was just bragging. We would both find out soon.

“Promises, promises,” she said.

“I’ll make myself scarce until he picks you up. Give me a call when you are coming home to change and I will make sure I stay upstairs. I kissed her and held her tight for a moment. “I love you. Have fun.”

“I will, thanks. I love you too,” she said.

I busied myself around the house after Ryan picked her up. I waited for her phone call to let me know she was on her way home. She called about six thirty and said she would be home soon. I waited about a half hour and turned on the living room cameras. A few minutes later Amy arrived home with Ryan. She led him into the living room and made him a drink. They sat and chatted a while before she said she had to get dressed. She left him and came upstairs.

I met her in the bedroom. “So, how did the ballgame go?”

“Great. He is everything you said he was. Handsome, a little arrogant, but so far, quite a gentleman.”

“So you think he is a good candidate?”

“Absolutely. He hasn’t made any advances … yet, but I know he likes me.” Amy looked a little flush.

I smiled. “Good. Again, give me a call when you are on your way home.”

“I will. You want to help me get ready?”

“Sure,” I said with a big smile.

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. I stripped off her clothes, slowly revealing her gorgeous body. Then I ran her a hot bath and poured in bubble bath. She moaned when she slid into the warm water. She leaned back and I knelt next to the tub. I picked up a large sponge and began washing her breasts.

“Mmmm, that feels nice.”

I lifted each leg and washed it and then had her lean forward so I could do her back. When I was done I had her stand. I patted her smooth shaven pubic mound and then leaned forward and gently kissed it. As I watched she shaved her legs. I dried her with a large fluffy towel and then wrapped her in it. I pulled her warm body to me and kissed her lovingly.

“I have a yellow dress hanging in the closet for tonight; get it out for me please. There should be some black shoes lying there too. I’ll do my makeup.”

“What about underwear?”

“None needed,” she said and smiled.

“Sweet,” I said as I left the bathroom.

When Amy had finished her makeup she came out. She put on her earrings, necklace, and then her dress. I tied the top of the dress around her neck. Then she stood back and twirled around. The dress looked gorgeous on her. It was shear yellow and if the light was just right you could see through it. The top barely covered her large areoles and I could see the darkness through the material. The yellow dress went really well with her red hair and green eyes. She was gorgeous as always.

“Like it?”

“Love it and so will Ryan. Only you might not get out of the living room before he attacks you.”

“Well I had better because I am starved,” she said.

I kissed her passionately, messing up her lipstick. She didn’t mind and repaired it before blowing me a kiss and heading downstairs. I slipped to the window to see Ryan leading Amy to his car. I was not entirely surprised that he had apparently rented some kind of antique luxury car. It even had the steering wheel on the right side, which I wasn’t entire sure was legal. He was so full of himself, I thought. He hurried around to the passenger door and opened it for Amy. I could not see exactly what he was seeing, but I was imagining that when she slipped into the car she opened her legs allowing him to see that she did not have panties on.

Chapter 9

It was after ten when I received a call from Amy telling me that she would be home soon. About a half hour later I heard her coming into the house. I heard her giggling and Ryan’s voice. I flipped on the cameras in time to see her enter the living room. As she walked in Ryan grabbed her and pulled her to him. He kissed her neck his hand came up and slipped under the top of her dress to grasp her breast. She moaned and held his head to the nape of her neck.

Then I watched as his hand moved down and to the hem of her dress. He slowly pulled it up revealing her already dripping pussy. Amy spun in his arms and they kissed passionately. As they did Ryan pulled the back of her dress up and began to fondle her ass cheeks. Things were moving very quickly and had obviously started earlier in the car. Amy pulled away breathlessly. She reached up and began to unbutton his shirt. Then she stripped his shirt off. It was obvious that he was in great shape. I watched slowly slip to her knees. She reached for the tent in his pants and I heard her gasp. She looked up at him in surprise as she squeezed the huge tent in his slacks. A moment later she was anxiously fumbling with his belt and zipper. She pulled his pants and underwear down.

We both gasped at the same time. Ryan’s cock was absolutely huge. I had never seen one so large, even in porn movies. He quickly kicked off his shoes and pants as Amy focused on his huge cock. She grasped it with both hands and there was still plenty left over. Her eyes were wide with amazement as she stared at the huge head.

She looked at the camera and raised her eyebrows as she stroked him. As I watched she tried to take it into her mouth. She could only get the head in. His cock was not only long, it was amazingly thick.

I watched her suck and lick the swollen head for quite some time. He seemed to have the ability to hold off climaxing indefinitely. I was guessing that he wanted to put it in Amy, and I was correct.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

“There aren’t any rubbers big enough for my cock,” he said, more as a question than a statement.

“That’s okay,” Amy answered “I want to feel that big cock in me without anything between us.” She stood and slowly stripped off her dress, dropping it to the floor. Then she had Ryan lay on the sofa and she crawled between his legs and took his cock in her hand. Her fingers could not touch around his cock.

“It’s going to take a while to get this in me,” she said, stroking his cock and looking at him. She caressed his balls, lifting them gently in her hand as if trying to determine how much cum he had.

“Take your time,” he said with a smile, “I have all night.”

Amy bent and took the head into her mouth again. She sucked it for a long time. She licked the head, leaving her glistening saliva behind. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, making it very wet. I was sure she was a little worried about taking such a huge cock in her pussy. I could tell that she was trying to get it as wet as possible.

“I want this cock,” she whispered, almost as if were trying to convince herself that she could take him. She moved up and straddled him. Then she let Ryan rub huge head of his cock back and forth between her wet lips. When the head was covered with her juices she placed her pussy at the head and pressed downward slightly. She said later that it felt a lot like a doorknob. She pushed downward harder and I could see her lips stretching. “Ohhhh,” she gasped as the head began to slip inside. It took a full minute before the muscles of her sphincter let the plumb sized head breach her opening. “Oh my God,” she gasped. “It’s so huge.”

She remained still, allowing her pussy to get used to the massive head. Once the head was inside, which was the widest part, the rest would not be as hard. Gradually she allowed her weight to force her downward, taking an inch more. She paused again and waited, then she moved again, taking another inch, and then another. She was breathing heavily now and little beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. In spite of the stretching of her pussy it was obvious that she was still very excited. I knew she was taking it as a challenge to get it all inside now. She was going to have it all I was certain.

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