(Note to the reader: This is the third chapter of the second part of a three part erotic novella I’ve tentatively titled “Making Love to Horrible People.” The first part is titled “Fear and Lusting.” Each part consists of about 4 or 5 chapters. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is more than welcome.)


As Jim threw her head aside and stepped away to zip up and get ready to go, Jen realized she was covered in her own pussy juices and Jim’s cum and the filth seeping out of her ass. She remained there, tossed aside like some cum soaked towel, and gently probed her leaking holes. She placed her hands over them as she slowly crawled on her knees over to Dan. She was humiliated and felt exhausted, but she knew what she must look like to him. True, she had obediently done as she was told, but she had had no idea she would enjoy it this much, nor be this much of a mess. She rested her head in his lap as he stared at her.

Jim looked one last time at her sexy body curled around Dan’s leg and snorted. “Shit… one fine piece of ass.”

The front door slammed shut as Jim left and Dan was stroking Jen’s hair as she rested on his thigh. “You know now what it is to be a good slave, don’t you?” he whispered.

Jen nodded slowly, her face caressing his thigh as she did it.

“You know every time you disobey me, I’ll sell you like a common little fuck slut?”

Jen moaned and clasped Dan’s leg harder as her pussy and ass clenched in response to his words. She desperately wanted him to stop talking and just hold her, but after what he’d seen, she didn’t know what he was going to do.

Dan grabbed her head and pulled it sharply back. He leaned his face down to hers. She was moaning and trying to whisper up at him. “Please… master… let me suck your cock. I just want to get you off. I just want your warm cum to cover my face. I’ve been a good little slave, haven’t I? I just want to be covered in your cum.”

Dan looked at her wet and sticky face and body and wanted to say no and throw her to the floor, but his cock insisted otherwise. Jen’s body was so sexy and submissive and her voice so seductive. An animal impulse boiled up in him and he needed to prove that he owned her. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock and stood above her as she knelt and leaned against the couch. As he got up, she hurriedly spit in her hand and rubbed Jim’s cum off of her face as she looked up at Dan. He reached down and stopped her.

“No, whore,” he said. “You need to sit there in your filth and take more cum on you so you know what a dirty, depraved little slut you are.”

His cock approached her mouth and she took it in hungrily. Dan put his hands on Jen’s head and thrust it in to her throat until she gagged on it. He withdrew it only to force feed it to her again.

“Yeah? You gonna let another guy touch you again without my permission, whore?”

Jen tried to shake her head no to please her master. In fact, she had loved being sold to Jim for an hour. She had loved releasing her body to some stranger to use. She couldn’t possibly think how to tell Dan that, but she loved him all the more fiercely for making it happen. The whore in her was awake and alive and it was touching every part of her as she tried desperately to suck the semen out of her master.

How can I tell him, she wondered in the back of her mind as the back of her tongue tried to pull the head of his cock further into her. How can I express that what I just experienced was the most exciting thing that every happened to my body? How can I go on being his fiancée when I know what I really want is to be a whore?

She knew she needed him there, of course. She needed the safety his calm and relaxed form provided as he reclined in the corner, watching her get used, brutally. She needed to know he was going to be there… to accept her after all the filthy things had been done to her; to hold her and love her and tell her everything was all right. She didn’t know how that could work, but she knew she loved him as much as she always had and she reached her hands around to his ass and pulled him fully into her face. She swallowed his cock and gagged and didn’t care. She kept it there and sobbed and then withdrew it forcefully.

She took his throbbing cock in her hands and held it above her petty face and gazed up at him. His handsome face, with its broad cheeks and strong jaw and full lips, looked down at her with nothing but lust and contempt.

Maybe, I’ve lost him, she thought for a second. She grabbed his shaft in both hands and thrust her tits up underneath it.

“Please, master,” she said. “I just want to do whatever you tell me. I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise!”

Dan’s cock had patiently waited while its owner watched Jen get fucked in her every tight little hole, and he wanted nothing more than to use all those holes again; the head of his cock digging Jim’s seed out and replacing it with his own. He didn’t care if she was sore or tired. He was going to use her body until he was sated and she was sobbing and then he’d just leave. Leave her to be the whore he knew she was.

“Please!” she pleaded again.

Dan saw her the plea for forgiveness in her eyes and he softened his grip on her head. “Hold your master, now,” he said. “Hold him between your tits.”

She smiled up at him and happily thrust his cock between her proud, round breasts. She squeezed them together for him and smiled sexily up at him as he began to push it between her beautiful mounds of flesh. She spit on his cock between her tits and her hard nipples poked out between her fingertips — long, red polished nails and fine, feminine fingers — and her long, delicate tongue struck out to lick the head of his cock when it approached her face. She was smiling so much, so happy to service her master at last. Her beautiful, crimson-painted lips were a welcome invitation to the head of his dick.

Dan couldn’t control the excitement that had been boiling within him since the first time he saw Jen spew phlegm and Jim’s pre-cum out of her nose as she struggled with it in her throat. He looked down and saw her beautiful body curled up at his feet. He saw her holding her breasts tight against his thrusting and engorged cock. He saw the look of love, desire and need in her eyes as she bounced gently up and down on her knees, wanting him to mark her face with his seed. He held her face in his hands and thrust his cock more forcefully into the soft skin. The cum was roiling up inside him, tingling along his shaft and his cock head was expanding in readiness to burst. He leaned a little forward to look in her eyes as he felt his climax coming. Jen arched her back up to press her tits tighter against his hot shaft.

“Yes, bitch! Take it! Take all my cum you sexy little fucking cum slut!”

Dan’s enormous cum shot exploded onto Jen’s neck and she tried to look down to catch some in her mouth, but Dan held her face steady as he looked at her and came on her. She moaned at the sincere pleasure she was giving him and held his cock tight in her breasts until he was satisfied. Dan jerked and pumped his semen onto her chest and tits and could feel his legs start to shake. He shuddered and exhaled and finally dragged her off his cock and looked at his messy fiancée.

“Yeah, clean my cock off, you messy bitch,” he said as he forced Jen’s head back to his penis and her eager tongue proceeded to clean her own saliva and Dan’s cum off his dick. Dan caressed her beautiful soft, brown hair as she licked. He admired her high cheekbones, feminine jaw and large, dark eyes. God, she was so beautiful. She was every inch his fantasy girl. His heart almost tore apart as he looked at her gently licking and cleaning him off.

What the hell are we doing, he thought? How could I sell this magnificent woman to anyone at any price? But even the thought of that made his loins stir again. He remembered looking at Jen as she was bent over the chair, taking Jim’s cock in her ass. He had felt so thrilled to see her being his little slave and accepting her punishment for her crimes.

She wasn’t really to blame, he knew. A woman this sexy gets hit on several times a day or night. If she has a drink or two and forgets her place, who could blame her for letting a stranger’s hands wander where they shouldn’t? But Dan needed to own her absolutely. He needed to know she was totally his and would submit only to his will and none other. The thought actually saddened him a bit at the selfishness of it and he pulled her face away from his waist. He looked long and seriously into her half-closed eyes as she stared up at him contentedly.

“I…” he started and choked. “I… want you to clean this place up. Clean your juices off the chair and then go to the bathroom and clean yourself off.” It wasn’t what he wanted to say, but there were no words for that. No words he could find, anyway. Jen looked over to the chair and she looked up at him with a pleading stare.

“Will you please help me, master?”

Dan felt a surge of something soft and horribly beautiful take hold of his heart. Maybe he couldn’t say it, but there was at least this. “Yes, my pet. Of course, I will.”

Together, they scrubbed the chair clean and let its damp fabric dry on its own. Jen retreated to the bathroom to take a bath. She didn’t really want to scrub all of the filthy fluids off her body, luxuriating in the humiliating feeling of being so used and dirty. But, she desperately wanted to do as she was told and clean herself for Dan. He excited and captivated her beyond her ability to reason. Outside of their relationship, she was usually so in control, so ready to manipulate the world and bend it to her will. But when she was with him she could think of nothing else but submitting to him, wanting him to take control and lead her wherever his desires demanded. Most of the time, he just held her and whispered his secrets and his passionate love for her in her ear. No one else had said such poetic and lovely things to her and it made her want to be his slave even more. That impulse scared and thrilled her, but she could never get enough of it. That’s why she wanted him to be with her forever. She soaked and scrubbed herself and thought about his love.

Meanwhile, Dan exited the house and stood on the porch, smoking a cigarette. He had mastered the impulse to go and cradle his love in his arms while she bathed. There would be time for that. She needed to get clean and at least partially erase this night’s evil activities. He hoped she had learned her lesson and would be more diligent about saving her body for only him, but he knew it was a lie. When every man in his right mind wants to seduce your sexy fiancée, some lucky shit’s going to approach her at the right time and place. You don’t hold that much gold in your hand without someone eventually taking a piece of it. It scorched his heart, but he loved her wildly and there was nothing else for it but to submit. Yes, even a dominating master has to submit to the unrelenting sexiness of his submissive mate and accept that there are consequences for being with her. If he could only lead her around in public on a leash, it would be so much easier, but society was still a little apprehensive about that idea.

While Dan smoked and thought, he saw Jim’s powerful frame marching up the lawn and onto the porch. He was smiling sheepishly and Dan wanted to hit him in his face, except he didn’t because he might not reach and most certainly wouldn’t survive the repercussions. Jim’s body language was very humble and relaxed, so Dan’s testosterone relented and he waited for Jim to speak.

“Look, uh, I don’t know what you guys have planned for the rest of the evening,” he said as he gestured inside. His hand held a cell phone or I-crap or Black-bubble or some shit like that. He breathed in deeply. “But, I just got off the phone with some dude I owe a lot of money to and he’s going to forgive my debt if… uh…” Jim’s eyes glanced inside several times. “If… you let him use your woman for the night,” he finished with his eyes staring deadly serious at Dan.

Dan dragged on his cigarette and exhaled slowly before saying “For the night? ‘Fuck does that mean? ‘Till the sun comes up or some vampire crap like that? Who the fuck is this guy?”

Jim laughed a little and tried to be disarming, which was adorable coming from a man his size. “Naw, man, nothing like that. He just… shit, man, I don’t think the motherfucker ever sleeps,” he said with a snort.

Even though Dan had just watched Jim fuck his fiancée in front of him, he had to admit he kind of liked him. He seemed sweet and genuine and utterly at the mercy of his desires — which probably included high-stakes gambling, judging by his current offer.

“He just,” Jim continued. “Uh… you know. He likes ladies who will let him do shit to them.”

Dan’s eyes shot fire and he actually stepped aggressively toward him, completely unsure how he could possibly menace him, but completely pissed off. “Look, Jim, we had a deal and it’s done and now you’re gone. You think I’m going to give Jen away to some sick lunatic? You’re insane. And furthermore — “

Jim actually retreated. Dan’s not small. He stands a few inches taller than the average and he’s got broad shoulders, but no way was he intimidating this guy. Jim held up his hands and said, “No, man, just listen. I met the chicks he does stuff to and they’re fine, just fine. Maybe bruised a little for a few days, but nothing permanent. He’d keep inviting them back, but he’s kinda crazy like that — he just needs a different girl every time. I owe him big and he’s willing to forgive it all if you let him have Jen for a while. Listen, I’ll give you two grand-”

“TWO GRAND?” Dan exclaimed too loudly. He remembered they were outside in the late evening and lowered his voice to a furious whisper. “Are you kidding me? I just fucking rented her to you for an hour for a thousand!”

“All right, three,” he said as his posture changed from disarming to negotiating. “All you gotta do is drop your lady off at his place and pick her up in the morning. Simple as that.”

Dan squinted at him. Jim had a boy’s face, after all. “You got a lot to learn about women, Jim. Nothing is ever as simple as that.” Dan dragged the last smoke out of his cigarette and dropped it and crushed it under his toe, then looked up at him. “For five grand, your friend can come here and use Jen however he likes as long as I get to watch and be sure she is safely returned to me. Non-negotiable.”

Jim hesitated and said, “Uh… look he ain’t my friend-”

“Look here, Jim. Look at me. You honestly think you see someone who gives a shit?”

Jim fumbled with his phone and started to dial a number. He mumbled something about checking with the guy to see if it was all right and walked to the end of the porch. Dan felt bad about that last bit. Jim didn’t deserve that, but he was busy wrestling with his own demons and sometimes that’s just what you get. He was excited by the prospect of renting Jen’s hot body out for the night and being able to watch her being abused and used. At the same time, that money would clear up all of his remaining debt and he could be free and clear to live life responsibly and work hard and not spend too much on liquor, strippers, porn and smokes.

He wasn’t kidding anyone but himself. It was a fantasy he had quite often.

Jim snapped his phone shut and walked all too quickly over to Dan. “It’s all set. He’s on his way. Be here in an hour.”

Dan almost shivered, but from what stimulation he couldn’t tell. “Then I guess it’s time you handed the cash over, isn’t it?”

Jim had already taken out a large money clip Dan hadn’t seen before. He stripped out one hundred dollar bill after one hundred dollar bill, handing them to Dan ten at a time. When he was done, he sighed and looked at Dan’s eyes. “Look, man, I really appreciate this.”

Dan’s hands closed on the bills. He didn’t look at Jim. “Go away,” he whispered. Jim immediately turned and walked rapidly down off the porch and across the lawn and into memory.

Dan walked back into the house. Jen was back in the living room and wore nothing but one towel wrapped above her breasts and one around her head, like women do. She was busy picking up her clothes and trying to straighten the place. She looked so incredibly beautiful he had to fight the urge to grab her and run. But he knew this stranger, whoever he was, now knew Jen’s grandmother’s address and could be capable of anything. Probably was. He swallowed hard and approached her.

She looked up and smiled at him. “Hey,” she said simply, as if nothing had happened. He loved her strength of character so much it hurt in places he didn’t know he had. Dan looked at her for a moment more before responding.

“Come here and stand in front of me.”

Jen immediately stopped arranging the pillows on the couch and dropped her clothes neatly in a pile on the coffee table and quickly stepped to stand before him. Her shining face beamed up at him, so happy to have her master all to herself at last. Dan couldn’t resist his darker impulses and reached out and grabbed her face in both hands. Jen’s jaw immediately went slack and she stared up at him, wanting everything he was going to give her.

“I sold you again, little slut,” Dan said as he tried to maintain his composure. Jen’s eyes widened and she didn’t know what to think. “There’s a man coming over in an hour who wants to use you for the rest of the night.”

Jen’s knees weakened and her eyelids partially closed. She thought this was just some crazy role-playing Dan was trying out and she loved it. She loved that she excited him to such creative heights. She couldn’t wait to see what kind of bizarre character he would play as he ordered her around and fucked her like a slut. “Yes?” she breathed. “Does he want me to open my cunt for him and let him fuck me like a whore?”

Dan couldn’t decide if Jen was just playing or understood what he meant and was turned on by it. He decided to play along, because one way or another she was going to find out. Best to get her worked up and hopefully she’ll be more curious than scared when he arrives.

“He wants you to dress like a little girl and get on your hands and knees on the coffee table.” Dan knew she still had clothes from when she was a kid upstairs and he didn’t want her in the soiled little dress she had worn before. He felt a little ashamed, but Jen’s eyes widened and she looked up at him and gave a breathless yes before moving past him and up the stairs to change.

Dan finished straightening the place up and put Jen’s clothes in a plastic bag and then sat on the couch and waited. There really wasn’t much else to do. He knew where the weapons of the house were and he planned on being close to them when this guy showed up, but he didn’t really foresee anything violent happening. This guy seemed like an eccentric pervert and probably abhorred violence (non-submissive violence, that is). Still, worry crept in.

After a while, Dan heard Jen blow-drying her hair. After that, there was silence above and he knew she was applying make-up and lipstick to make herself look as much like a slutty teen as possible. Dan’s cock thickened, but the miserable prospect of the stranger loomed. He stood up and poured himself some scotch from the liquor cabinet. Not bad, he thought, after he took a sip. Grams didn’t drink anymore, but she still had that old world class that insisted you keep a fully stocked liquor cabinet for guests. What a great dame.

As he was sitting and drinking and trying to be brave, Jen descended the stairs and walked over to him. She was wearing a tight pink cotton t-shirt that just barely fit her. Obviously, her breasts had grown some since high school, so they were bursting out and pressing her pretty nipples out of the fabric. She had no bra or panties on and the effect made him instantly hard. Her midriff was exposed and her taught stomach and waist looked like they were aching to be grabbed and held and squeezed. She had recently turned 30 and still looked 19. Dan was almost at 40, but when he looked at her, he certainly felt like he was 19.

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