role play

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Eric and Alan finished up the dishes. They took their time at it to make the girls wait for them. They had served them a very erotic dinner snack and were now awaiting them in the bedroom. They decided to give them a bit of their own medicine, for they had inflamed their lust a while ago with a 69 show that left them weak in the knees, then gave them a blowjob that left them wasted from the effort.

Alan put the last dish away. He wiped his hands off, and put down the towel.

“OK, now what?” Alan asked.

“Now let us go see how the women are. Remember: do not show mercy. We are the ones in control. WE will direct the action this time. I found they respond to light mastery so well that they will do ANYTHING we want. You up to that?”

Alan saw an opportunity. “Oh yeah!” he said.

Eric was silently amazed at Alan. After he got over his initial reticence, he had responded with great enthusiasm, catching each nuance, and taking control of himself and his surroundings. He knew he would be something special, and knew as he grew, he would be a great man. It also worried him a bit, but not enough for any red flags,

The men headed toward the bedroom. When they got there, they stopped at the closed door.

“Now, once we go in there, we are no longer Eric and Alan,” Eric said. “We are master to them. They are slut and whore to us. Do NOT let them use our name. Make them understand that if they try. Force it if necessary. Now, neither of them likes it too rough, so stop if either of them complains IN THE SLIGHTEST. This is to be fun, not violent. Got it?”

Alan shrugged noncommittally. “Got it.”

“OK. Let’s have some fun.”

The men squared their shoulders, and Eric pushed the door open.

Angela and Jennifer were on their knees on the furry rug in the middle of the bedroom. They were sitting on their heels, and their knees were spread wide. Their hands were on their thighs. The women had wrapped a scarf around their necks, and the ends hung down between their tits. They had applied makeup to cloud a man’s mind, and their perfume was the type to invoke instant lust. Eric and Alan found their cocks stiffening at the sight and smell.

“Remember: We are the masters,” Eric whispered to Alan.

The two men walked over to the women.

“Well, what do we have here?” Eric asked.

“We wanted to be pleasing for you, Master,” Angela said.

“And you?”

“We wanted to be pleasing for you, master,” Jennifer said.

“Well, Alan,” Eric whispered to him, “I think we are going to have a good time!”

“I agree,” he whispered back. Then to Jennifer: “Get on your feet, slut!”

Jennifer immediately got to her feet, responding to his presence, and thrilling at the sound of her sex name. Alan looked around, and spied the gymnastic horse with the manacles wrapped around one of the pommels.

“Go to the horse, slut,” he said to her.

“Yes Master,” she said.

Jennifer padded lightly to the horse and stood quietly by it. Alan winked at Eric, then went to the horse.

Eric looked down at Angela. “Did you plan this?” he whispered to her.

“Actually, she did,” Angela whispered back. “She is very intuitive, and she deduced how Alan is, and decided to play to his fantasy. I think she wants to build him up so he has more confidence in himself. I believe she wants to be mastered a little. You showed her how to respond to a firm man, and I think you spoiled her on it. Now she wants it from her man as much as from you. Not all the time, mind you, but when the mood hits spontaneously, as it did tonight. That’s what makes it so erotic. I hope he will respond to it in a good way.”

“So do I, whore,” Eric whispered. Angela knew they were still in the game. In any case, that word sent shivers of excitement through her. “Let’s keep it simple. OK, over to the swing chair, whore.”

“Yes, Master,” she said smiling. She got up and went to the swing chair at the other end of the room.

Angela knew her man well, and over the past two months his emerging mastery of her has been improving, giving her greater and greater pleasure. She had Jennifer to thank for that, indirectly. If it weren’t for her sexuality, and the attraction the two of them held, making the sex between them so special, she didn’t think that Eric would have shown this side of him. Now Jennifer was working on Alan. Her subliminal skill of handling people would bring out the best in him, she was sure. She smiled to herself.

Alan reached the horse. “Now, slut, blow me,” Alan said to Jennifer, “but if I feel any teeth, I will pull you off me by your hair. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You may proceed.”

Jennifer crawled over to Alan and put his cock in her mouth, curling her lips so her teeth would not touch him. She used her tongue to lick at the head and shaft as she slid her mouth along its length. She kept her hands behind her back. She was not given permission to touch him.

Jennifer secretly admired how Alan was coming along. She knew Eric talked to him because she saw some of his flavoring in his firmness with her. She also suspected this about him by the way he handled interpersonal contact, especially problems, he being the one to take charge and direct people, and those people responding .She just hoped that this would not bring back the memories of that night when she was raped by her father after beating him senseless with a bat.

On the other end of the room, Eric lifted Angela into the swinging chair and looped her legs in the upper straps, exposing her pussy to him.

“Now I am going to eat you slow, whore,” he said to her. “I do not want to hear a sound from you or you will regret it. Do you understand? Nod if you do.”

She nodded.

Eric sat down in a chair and pulled up to Angela’s wet and waiting pussy. He smelled her scent, and it made his head spin. He tasted her juice, and it was nectar to him. He lapped her sopping cunt, reveling in her taste. She started to squirm from his lapping. Well he didn’t tell her not to move, so that was ok.

Eric found her clit and started nibbling at it. Her squirming became more pronounced, and it was getting hard for him to eat her.

“Don’t move!” he growled.

Angela quit moving, but Eric felt her constrained quivering. Oh, he was going to enjoy this!

Alan grabbed Jennifer’s hair and gently pulled her head off of his dick. Her blowjob had gotten him hard again, as he wanted. Now he was going to work her over some, as she had done to him so long ago.

“That was nice, slut,” he said to her. “Now stand up and place your hands on that horse.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. She got up and did as instructed.

Eric walked around the horse to the other side. “Place your hands on either side of this pommel,” he said. She did so. Alan then took the manacles, threaded them through the pommel, then locked them on her wrists. He checked them for security, grunting in satisfaction.

“Walk back a bit and spread your legs,” he said. She did as instructed. Alan walked back around and stopped by her beautiful ass.

“Now you are going to answer my questions,” he said to her. “If you lie to me, and I will know if you do, I am going to spank you. Do you understand?”

Jennifer considered. She can put up with a hair pull now and then, and getting locked up as she was now, but she shied away from this kind of stuff, having zero interest in it. She decided for herself that she did not want to explore that until Alan had a better mastery of his skill.

“No, you will not strike me, Alan,” she said. “I do not wish to go there yet.”

Alan furrowed his eyebrows. “What did you say, slut?” he growled menacingly.

Jennifer cringed inwardly. He sounded exactly like her father did that night. She moved to stand straight.

“I said I don’t want to go there, Alan,” she said a little louder.

Eric pulled his head out of Angela’s pussy and looked over. So did Angela.

“I love sex, and I love games that get me hot,” Jennifer said, looking directly into Alan’s eyes, not smiling, “and there are times when a hair pull or a spank occurs, but it is in the height of lust, never intentionally inflicted. I tried it once, and found it was not for me. Don’t go there.” While she was talking to him, she was easily undoing the manacles the way Eric showed her.

Alan, the rebuke stinging in his ears, found that the situation was not going the way he wanted. His lust was high, driven there by her. Something snapped inside. “You will obey me, slut, in everything I say, or you are going to get it!” he sneered. He started towards her.

“Not on your life, bastard,” she said grimly. Alan reached for her, and she swung the manacles, catching him hard in the face. Alan spun and hit the ground.

“Eric, stop him!” Angela cried.

Eric released the catch on the chair so Angela could get down, then sprang toward Alan. He heard Alan growl angrily. Alan took a swing at Eric, but missed. Eric fell on Alan, pinning him in place.

Angela went over to Jennifer and took the manacles from her hand. Since they were fur and soft leather, they didn’t leave a mark. Jennifer looked at Angela. Tears were welling in her eyes. Angela hugged her.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Eric yelled angrily at Alan. “Didn’t she tell you NO?”

“I am master here!” Alan roared back. “I will control this slut, not you! I will tell her what to do, not you!” For a brief moment, he saw Eric as a hated rival.

“The hell you will!” Eric snarled. “No one tells her what to do! She follows masters if SHE wants to. You fucked up, you little shit!”

Alan struggled a bit, thrashing to get free. Eric was stronger than him however, so he settled down. As the passion ebbed in him, he started to softly cry. Eric got off of him.

Jennifer disengaged from Angela, wiped her eyes, and went over to him.

“What happened?” She asked Alan.

He had to think quick. “I-I don’t know,” he stammered sounding as sincere as he could. “All of a sudden I felt so totally in control that I did not want to hear any backtalk, that I wanted you fully in my control, not to share you with anyone…”

“Oh, Alan,” Jennifer said sadly, “I am so sorry. I didn’t know! I thought you were playing our game!”

“I was at the beginning. I don’t know where I crossed the line and thought it was reality.” Alan hoped that this one placated her. For now.

“You realize you will have to leave tonight.”

Good, he thought. It worked. “I know.”

“Go see the doctor,” Jennifer said, kindly. “Let him know you are still having trouble with that night.”

Alan looked at her, and nodded. He knew where he went wrong with her, and regretted it. He nodded at her assessment of him just to please her. Yes, he knew where he went wrong. He would have to work on it to get it right the next time.

“Just wait, you little slut,” Alan said to himself. “You will be my slave someday. I guarantee it!”

Eric came back in with Alan’s clothes. “Get dressed,” he said curtly.

Alan dressed quietly. Once finished, he looked at Jennifer once more, and then kissed her perfunctorily. She accepted it.

“I’m sorry, Jen,” he whispered to her, “I hope we can still be friends.”

“We’ll see,” she said.

Alan left. Eric followed him to the door, and watched him until he got into his car and drove off.

Jennifer and Angela came out into the den as Eric closed the door.

“Asshole!” he swore.

“Eric, don’t be so harsh,” Jennifer said, “he got really warped by the attack, and it got the better of him. He didn’t hurt me…”

“That’s not the point, love,” he said. “I should have seen the signs, and I didn’t. I should’ve seen that this would knock him over the edge, and I helped that along! I did you wrong Jennifer. I’m sorry.” He looked down, chagrined.

Jennifer’s heart opened. “Forgiven,” she said. “Look, we were both bamboozled tonight. He needs help, and I think he will get it.”

Eric looked up, a serious look on his face. “Don’t bet on it, kiddo. Be careful with him. I can’t tell you what to do, but please be careful.”

“I will.” Jennifer kissed him, got up and walked over to Angela, who had stayed a distance away.

“He feels bad that he helped make Alan what he had become. I don’t blame him. How was he to know he’d wig out?”

Angela looked at Eric. He had sat down on the step, and had put his head into his hands. She saw the small shaking of his shoulders, and her heart went out to him. Angela made a decision.

“Stay with him tonight, Jennifer,” Angela said to her. “His confidence is shaken, and he feels he betrayed you, and thinks he lost you as well.”

Jennifer was amazed. “How do you know all that?”

She smiled. “Because I know my man,” she said. “I love him. Go to him. He needs you now. He’s already pleased me tonight!” she smiled lasciviously.

Jennifer laughed quietly, “You whore!” she quipped.

“You bet your ass, slut!” Angela quipped back. “Now go on. Reassure him. I trust you. I love you!”

“I love you too, Angela.”

The women hugged, and Angela went into the spare bedroom and shut the door. Jennifer went back over to Eric, who still had his head in his hands.

“Eric,” she said, “nothing good will come of you dwelling on the problem. So it happened. Big deal. It got stopped before someone got hurt.”

“It should never have gotten as far as it did,” he said.

“Look, are you gonna smack yourself over it all night? Why don’t you look around, and see what you still have.”

“I lost a friend tonight.”

“No you didn’t.”

“I threw out your boyfriend!”

Yes you did. For reason. He acted like an asshole. You threw him out. I am sorry I ever introduced you to him. I should have seen he couldn’t handle-”

“Don’t say that. You made no mistake. You didn’t know-”

“HAH! Gotcha!” Jennifer was smiling.

Eric looked hard at her. Understanding hit him all at once, and he smiled.

“You little vixen!” he laughed.

Jennifer dropped her naked frame onto his lap, hugged him, and kissed him.

“Took you long enough,” she said between kisses. “OK, looks like you got me for the night. Where do you want me? On the floor? On the couch?”

Eric looked lovingly on Jennifer, amazed at how such a woman could change his life.

“On the bed,” he said.

Eric scooped Jennifer up and headed for the bedroom. He made a mental note to thank his girlfriend for being so generous and thoughtful. She knew him so well.

Eric placed Jennifer gently on the bed, then climbed in next to her. “I want to make love to you.”

“So do I,” Jennifer said softly.

Eric kissed her gently, stroking her beautiful tit and playing with the nipple. Jennifer snaked her hand down and wrapped it around his cock, gently stroking it. Jennifer pushed her tongue into Eric’s mouth, exploring his teeth. Eric moved his hand down towards her pussy, finding the clit and massaging it until it made Jennifer squirm.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” she purred.

Eric smiled and kissed her again, this time pushing his tongue into her mouth and exploring her perfect teeth. Then he kissed her nose, and started kissing her neck. He stopped at the base of her neck and started to suck there. Jennifer was amazed at him. He was giving her a hickey! She laughed at the feel of it.

After he finished at her neck (he did leave a GOOD sized hickey!), he started to kiss down her chest towards her right tit. Jennifer’s breathing became labored as he approached her nipple. Her hand kept stroking his cock. Eric found the nipple and nibbled it, sending shivers of delight through her. He worked on one tit and nipple, then switched to the other, giving it the same attention. Jennifer’s lust level grew. Eric started down again. He kissed and licked his way down to her pussy where his hand was still massaging the clit. Jennifer shivered at each little nip.

When he reached Jennifer’s wet and pulsing cunt, he replaced his hand with his mouth and he started sucking her clit and pussy lips gently. Jennifer Arched her back in lustful excitement.

“Ooh, Ooh, that feels so fucking good!” she said through gritted teeth.

Eric lapped at her pussy, then placed his tongue inside her. He was entranced by the taste of her sweet juices. She bucked a little as he started to tongue-fuck her, keeping her clit responding by massaging it with his fingers.

Jennifer signaled her need by pulling on Eric’s hips, and then Eric swung around and brought his cock towards Jennifer’s waiting mouth. Jennifer had been fondling it, and now guided it to her mouth. She took in 4 of his 8 inches and proceeded to suck him with as much love as she could muster. Her ministrations had the desired effect, for Eric started to jerk a little at each contact with her tongue on his cockhead.

After a time, Eric stopped his pussy eating and disengaged Jennifer from his cock. He swung around and placed his meat at her pussy hole.

“You know Jennifer, I have not had you alone since you came into our lives,” he said to her. “I consider this a very special gift, and I thank you and Angela for this. You didn’t have to. I would have been fine in the morning.”

“I know that,” she said to him, “and I think Angela knew it too. This time with you goes deeper than that. She knows that I care for you as deeply as she does, and that I do love you after a fashion. She will always be your woman, as much as I am. But where I could go, and you would feel the loss for a time and then move on, you would never recover if she left you. That shows the depth of your love for her. That you let me share in that with you is a gift no other had given me. I appreciate that, and I love you both the more for it!”

Jennifer lightly kissed him, then said the words he wanted to hear.

“Make love to me, Eric. Fuck me.”

There were tears of joy in both their eyes, as Eric nodded and inserted his cock into Jennifer’s pussy. Her smile turned into a grimace as her pussy acclimated itself to the huge piece of manhood in it. Boy, he was thick!

Eric started an easy in-and-out motion, moving his cock rhythmically. He took long strokes, then buried the full length once again. Jennifer gave a little “Oh” with each thrust. She closed her eyes and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. She started to grind her hips into Eric as fast as he was fucking her.

“I love you Eric,” she said.

I love you too, Jennifer,” he said. “And I love Angela. Both of you are a part of me.”

Eric’s thrusts and Jennifer’s gyrations were more than either could stand in this emotionally charged tryst, and it sent them over the edge quickly.



Jennifer’s pussy shot out its juice as her orgasm rocked her body. Eric’s sperm shot into Jennifer with such force that Eric could not stop thrusting, and he kept pushing harder and harder. Her pussy juice made her so slick that his cock kept spasming, and the bed under them slowly became wet.

It was three minutes before their orgasms subsided. Eric rolled off her, kissed her gently, and soon fell asleep.

Jennifer savored the feel of an incredible orgasm. She allowed the sensations to carry her to that special place in her dreams as she thought on the evening. The turn of events showing Alan’s true nature was a little disturbing, but seeing Eric distraught over his fantasy that he had lost her over it was even worse. She started out to console Eric with a little sex, but found herself sharing with him and making love.

She looked with loving eyes on a gently sleeping man, and started to cry. Angela was a lucky, lucky woman to have such a wonderful man. Jennifer wished with all her heart that she could find, for herself, a man as wonderful as Eric was. She really hoped so.

Leo collapsed out on the tiles, gasping for breath as he heard Caitlyn pulling off the rest of her clothes and slipping quietly into the pool.

It was her uncontrolled, rapturous laughter that brought him back into full consciousness, his eyes opening again to be filled only with stars before he rolled over and sat up.

“That was the most incredible time ever!” she called from the middle of the pool, her voice so unrestrained he suddenly feared the neighbors might hear, though the villas this far out were quite far apart.

Caitlyn took a few strokes toward him. She looked stunning against the blue background of the water – those slender curves, all that bare skin, her little pink nipples so stiff out in front. Breathtaking.

“You must have been warmed up already from watching Marco and Sofia,” Leo said, dipping his toes back into the cool water.

The bronze-haired girl beamed back at him, with a slight but still oh-so-sexy blush giving her cheeks a gentle glow. She floated to within a few yards of his feet, then dropped down to get her hair wet again, before bobbing back up, so that her pert breasts were freed from the water, crystal droplets running down her smooth skin.

“You were so hard,” she said in a conspiratorial tone as she reached back to squeeze the water from her hair. “More than normal. What was it? The way I was talking?”

“I’m not sure,” he said, not quite knowing how to express his tangle of feelings. “It probably helped.”

“I would have thought you’d be mad at me after watching them like that.”

“I couldn’t be mad. It wasn’t really your fault they did what they did.”

She swam up to the edge of the pool, between his dangling legs, those emerald eyes so bright looking up at him as she said: “You seem really calm, sweetie.”

He smiled. “I tend to be, after I’ve… you know… come.”

“You seem really calm about the whole thing, though. Aren’t you even a little jealous I was sitting next to Marco and Sofia when they…”

“I trust you.”

“Not to cheat?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“While I was telling my story, did you even think it might end up with me… you know, sleeping with Marco or something like that?”

“Well I didn’t think you’d be sleeping.”

“You know what I mean!” Caitlyn splashed him, the cool water startling him, her reaction amusing him. Then she was serious: “So you did think I might have done more than just watch?”

Her blush was a little fiercer now. Awkward, a little embarrassed that he might think that of her. The sight of her like that made his cock tingle, even now it was spent.

He said: “I thought it was a possibility, sure.”

“And that didn’t make you angry?”

Leo thought for a moment or two. At no point had he been angry. It had felt strange, there had been fear, but he hadn’t been actively angry at the potential for his fiancée to transgress the monogamy of their relationship.

“No,” he said. “Not angry.”

She saw his cock twitch then, and gave a little gasp.

“It turned you on?” she asked in clear disbelief. “Thinking of me like that?”

How could he explain that it was her blush that turned him on? The idea of her being presented with such a shocking sight that she flushed scarlet all over. It seemed so ridiculous. How could he tell her that the mixture of awkwardness and embarrassment and unrestrained arousal in her was the most thrilling thing he’d ever seen? That it transcended any feelings of fear or jealousy.

She’d think him a pervert.

And anyway, he hardly understood it all himself. What if he was wrong about his feelings, and yet he gave her this idea he was so into it? She’d think him a creep, and it was not a label you could get rid of easily.

“It was kind of hot,” he said, more than a little guarded.

“Hmm,” she said, then she teased: “Maybe a girl should feel offended if her man wasn’t feeling any jealousy at all at her being with someone else.”

Leo sighed, seeing the potential for this whole conversation to turn into the kind of trap that Caitlyn sometimes liked to set for him.

“It’s not that I didn’t feel anything at all,” he said, trying desperately to find the right words. “It’s just… ” he swallowed, blushing himself now, and said: “I don’t know… it was different this time.”


She was right, he wasn’t making a lot of sense. He said: “I guess when we were first together, I didn’t like to think of you with past boyfriends and I hated it when you flirted with other guys because… well, I guess I worried you’d want to be with someone else.”

Caitlyn wrinkled her nose. “And now apparently, you’re not so bothered?”

“It’s not that I’m not bothered… I just feel confident you’re not going to run off with someone else. We’re getting married.”

“You know, I wouldn’t have run off ever,” she said, her hands now sliding up his thighs.

“I know that now,” he smiled. “I’m not so insecure any more.”

She put her head beside one of his knees now, looking directly up at his cock as though she’d never really got the chance to just look at it before.

“I didn’t flirt with other guys,” she said.

“Yeah you did – you’ve always been a flirt,” he smiled. “Even with guys who have a confirmed deficiency in the throbbing organ stakes.”

She looked up at him with an apologetic expression, taking his remarks a little more seriously than he’d meant. She said: “You should have told me to stop if it hurt you. Back then, I mean.”

Leo laughed, “That would hardly have been good for our relationship – you would have bolted at any attempt to control you!”

“Maybe so,” she said, “but I probably would have come back. For this, if anything!”

She held up his cock, and her touch actually provoked a small but noticeable stirring in Leo that he suspected might even mean it had life in it yet this evening. He never normally had the oomph to go again immediately after sex.

“Did it hurt a lot when I flirted with other men?” she asked, fumbling his soft penis quite casually, though having no idea that she was beginning to coax the blood flow back there.

“Oh, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle,” Leo said, though it wasn’t enough to dislodge the look of pity from her face, so he added: “I guess part of me was kind of excited that you were getting a response from other guys, but that I was the one that was going home with you.”

“A response from other guys?” she raised her eyebrows.

“You could see they wanted you,” he laughed.

“Not necessarily,” she protested, as though even the mere desire of other men to sleep with her somehow made her a slut. “Just because they talked to me, doesn’t mean – “

“Those guys? Sure, it did. They’d have taken you in the alleyway round the back if they had half a chance – you could see it in their eyes.”

She smiled but shook her head. Her blush was back, which amused Leo, though it also aroused him. Hardening noticeably now, his cock twitched, and Caitlyn caught her breath as she detected it.

“Already?” she said, with one eyebrow hoisted.

“You know,” he said, “You’re so sexy when you’re blushing like that.”

For Leo, it was a complete understatement. Caitlyn seemed to take in the earnest way in which he complemented her, and her flush only strengthened.

“I must look like a freak with my complexion,” she said, then she immediately tried to change the subject. “So when I was with other guys back then… I was just like some kind of trophy to you, right?”

Leo rolled his eyes. “How come I feel I’m walking into a trap right now?”

“It’s not a trap! I just want to understand you,” she insisted. “Like why you don’t seem even a little bit jealous at the thought of me being with another guy, the thought he might have fucked me as well.”

He was up to semi-hardness as she toyed with his cock now, something in itself that was almost as much a surprise as the growing revelation that he wasn’t really jealous at the thought of Caitlyn being with other people.

It had been years since he’d had the energy to go again so soon after sex. It was almost worth continuing the conversation merely to see if his erection would come to full fruition.

“I guess I’m different now,” he said. “Thinking of you watching that couple on the beach tonight, I was afraid you were going to say you’d ended up taking over from the girl – Sofia – but then it was pretty exciting, too. And you looked so hot telling the story – you were so turned on.”

She smiled at his complement, but said: “You were excited by the possibility of me switching with Sofia?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know… I guess part of me was thrilled another guy was interested in you…”

“Because I’m your trophy?” she joked.

“Maybe. It proves I’m with a gorgeous girl, and I’ve made the right choice to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said. She was silent at that, but he could see it touched her.

He said: “You know, when you used to flirt with other guys, I dealt with the fear by assuring myself you were never going to go off with them. And you never did. I guess over the years I’ve just come to see – “

“That you’re stuck with me?” she grinned.

“That I mean more to you than sex with other guys, so – “

“I did not want to have sex with those other guys!” she blurted.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said, adding: “And of course you wanted to have sex with those other guys. If you weren’t with me, you would have gladly – “

“Hey, I liked the before part of this conversation,” Caitlyn pouted, “when you were telling me you think I’m gorgeous.”

Leo smiled, “Can’t you tell I think that?”

Sure enough, he was hard enough for Caitlyn to start pumping his cock now, and that brought a huge smile to her face.

As she kissed the head of his cock, he said: “I think I dealt with the fear back then by convincing myself you weren’t going to run off – and you proved me right. So with Marco…”

She stopped, said: “You’re just scared I’ll run off? That’s the fear?”

Leo shrugged. “What other fear is there? That you’ll prefer sex with Marco? I’ve never thought I was the world’s greatest lover…”

“You’re pretty good,” Caitlyn grinned, rubbing his cock around her soft cheeks and over her lips in the filthiest way.

He smiled, then shrugged. “I don’t know. I can’t explain how I feel. Perhaps it’s some kind of primordial thing – the idea that other men desire you makes me feel better than them, because I’m the one marrying you.”

Leo let out a deep moan as she slipped him inside her mouth. It was hard to keep up conversation when your conversation partner had your cock between her lips.

She took it out for a moment to say, “So what, you’re saying now that you’re not afraid at the thought of me being with another man?”

It was difficult to even think of an answer when she was bobbing her head down on his shaft like that, even just the sound of her wet mouth gliding up and down his hardness was distracting enough to block his mental faculties, let alone the wonderful warmth surrounding him, caressing his sensitive flesh.

“It’s not that I’m not afraid,” he said. “It’s just that I understand where the fear’s ultimately coming from, and I know it’s baseless.”

She stopped. Looked up at him like he was crazy. “If it’s baseless, how come you’re afraid?”

“You’re afraid of spiders, right?” he said. “You know they’re not going to climb out of that bath and kill you, but that doesn’t stop you shrieking for me to come deal with it.”

“I do not ‘shriek’,” she said with a brief eye-roll.

Caitlyn side-stepped and launched herself up out of the pool, splashing cool water all over him in the process – which made him flinch, and her laugh at his reaction.

“Come on,” she said, hopping up to her feet and holding out a hand to help him up as well. “I’m getting cold…”

Both on their feet, Leo’s fiancée kept hold of his hand and now pulled him inside, saying as they went: “We have a warm bed where you can just as easily tell me your sordid little fantasies about letting other men have their way with me.”

“Sordid little fantasies? I didn’t say anything about – “


She scampered off through the expansive open-plan kitchen-living room, and along the small corridor leading past the bathroom to the bedroom, with Leo in close pursuit.

Then as she leapt onto the bed, giggling away, he pounced on her.

For a while, they were just wrestling and laughing, with his hard cock between them, as Leo tried to repay her impudence with tickling, and she tried to dish it back to some degree of success, until he had her pinned, face down.

Now straddling her, he was pressing his swollen staff between her cheeks, and she was submitting to him, letting out an aroused groan as he slipped his cock between her thighs, and eased inside her wet pussy.

“I bet you’re thinking about me being with another guy still,” Caitlyn joked as he filled her, then withdrew.

“Speak for yourself,” he said, slowly starting up a rhythm inside her as he leaned over her shoulder, whispering to her: “Look at you closing your eyes, imagining I’m someone else. Marco, probably, huh?”

He smiled as the friction of his cock sliding inside her pussy, so tight with her legs closed like that, caused her to open her mouth wide and cry out while she held firmly onto the cast iron bars of the bedstead in front of her.

“Oh Marco, fuck me!” she cried, looking back over her shoulder with a big wry grin plastered over her face as he sat up, clasping her waist with both hands to support a more forceful pounding into her pussy.

“You are a bad girl,” he said, loving the scarlet tinge all over her face, wondering how far her joke was taking her, whether she was actually imagining him to be the Spaniard she’d met earlier that evening.

“Oh Marco…” she sighed, “Marco, Marco, Marco…”

She was so wet, was it from thinking about the other man? The thought produced a sharp pang in the middle of his chest, and yet it also thrilled him in equal measure. Was he really all right with the thought of his fiancée fucking someone else?

Well, it was just role play. Nothing wrong with role play.

“You are so beautiful, Señorita,” he said, getting into it now himself, his voice turning into a cod-Spanish accent.

Caitlyn beamed at what he was doing, keeping her eyes firmly shut as he continued to pump into her behind, saying: “Oh Marco, I love your cock, it’s so big and hard…”

“Bella Señorita,” he said, slow and husky, trying to become some imagined Casanova without the benefit of any kind of education in Spanish. It appeared to have good effect on Caitlyn nevertheless.

She writhed under him as he leaned forward again, supporting his weight on his hands spread beside her elbows on the mattress as he continued plunging into her. He lightly kissed her shoulder, her cheek, her ear, before whispering in a movie-Spanish accent: “Your fiancé is a berry lucky man, Bella Señorita.”

He could see her hands clenching and unclenching on the iron bars in time to his pounding and her breathy moans. She was too far gone for witty come-backs now, moaning only: “Oh Marco…”

Dominating her in a manner he usually did not when they were making love, he pressed down on her back now, his hand holding her in between her shoulder blades as he pounded into her, shoving her into the bedclothes as his own thighs made slapping noises against her beautifully round buttocks as he collided with her again and again.

“Fuck me, Marco, fuck me!” she was yelling, half into the sheets, and then he was coming inside her again, and she was coming underneath him, forcefully as a powerful wave of energy washed over her.

At the end, he had barely enough energy left to avoid falling on her as his limbs gave way, collapsing beside her.

She was kissing him, saying softly, “Oh, that was insane.”

But he felt so drained, he could only purr contentedly, kissing her lightly in return.

Sleep was not far away.


Leo was surprised to wake and find the clock on his iPhone reading 11am – he didn’t remember sleeping in so late since college days.

The room was bright, the sun streaming in through the large windows across the wall to the left, making him wonder how he’d remained dead to the world so late with such a wash of light all over him.

He let out a deep lungful of air and rolled over onto his back, gazing down the corridor to take in the rest of the villa and the view out over the pool to the city and the sea.

This place was magnificent.

He could see movement in the pool, and the only sound in this peaceful morning was Caitlyn apparently doing laps. Thinking about her swimming, perhaps wearing a bathing suit, perhaps not, stirred his loins into a late morning erection.

Had he really made love to her twice last night? God, he’d been like a teenager again.

Had they really been imagining that it was some Spaniard called Marco fucking her at the time?

Leo chuckled to himself. It had been pretty wild. They’d never really role-played before. He thought about fucking Caitlyn as Marco, and his mind started wandering a little, imagining what it might be like to see the real Marco fucking her.

Caitlyn had always seemed so conservative when it came to affairs of the heart. Even kissing in public had made her uncomfortable. Yet here, by the shore of the Mediterranean, she had sat and watched as a couple of strangers had screwed on a beach right in front of her.

And later, she’d cheerfully imagined her boyfriend to be another man – the man she’d witnessed making love – screwing her himself.

Maybe it was being on vacation – just the feeling that they were here only to relax, have a good time, escaping the pressures of normal life. Their normal standards of living did not apply.

What if it had really been Marco fucking Caitlyn? What if they went down to that hotel wherever he and his French girlfriend were staying, and she went upstairs with the guy and really fucked him?

How would he feel at the knowledge that this other guy was putting his own hard cock inside Leo’s fiancée? She’d suck him, then let him penetrate her pussy with his obscene foreign organ.

The thought of it made Leo feel a little breathless. What was it that made him feel this fear? He knew Caitlyn was never going to leave him. It was pure instinct. That innate sense of dread instilled into him by society that if she got even a glimmer of a taste of another man, she’d reject him, never want him again, she’d no longer love him. It was ridiculous.

And yet somehow, like riding on an extreme rollercoaster, the thought of busting through that natural inclination toward fear and paranoia was also somehow thrilling.

Lying spread-eagled on the bed, the thin sheet falling away, his manhood was rock-hard, a rigid staff proudly aloft, declaring his filthy thoughts to the world.

What if they did manage to find Marco again, and Leo actually consented for his fiancée to spend time with him?

It was only sex. It wasn’t as though he’d lose her. It wasn’t as though she’d no longer want to make love to him. If she had a wonderful steak, it would never take away her constant cravings for a good hamburger, or vice versa.

He laughed as he pulled himself up from the bed, amusing himself with the question of whether he was the steak or the burger in his own analogy, and padded out into the kitchen without bothering to put on clothes.

“Hey, what about the neighbors?” Caitlyn called from the pool as he poured himself a glass of ice-cold orange juice from the fridge, giving his erection a moment to subside a little before he faced his fiancée.

She looked highly amused at his lazy nudity, and then let out a surprised yelp as he casually strolled out into the warm sunshine, completely unconcerned.

“Nobody can see,” he said, only half-believing himself. There were bushes and cypress trees to give them privacy, and these villas were all spaced relatively far apart – but who could really tell how secluded the pool was? Anyhow, the feeling of the sun splashing all over him, and the gentle breeze against his bare body was glorious.

This story has a precursor, Love sweet T.


Tracy, my new found and rather older lover was, I discovered rapidly, not simply a tease but one who enjoyed it. Each morning as Tracy said, “good morning” she slipped me a sealed envelope before walking down the platform to chat with her friend. I tore the first on open immediately. It read,

Dearest Sweetest David.

I am so looking forwards to you driving your hot rod in and out of my garage once more. You’ve missed a treat today, silly me I forgot to put any panties on. I remembered to roll my sheer black stockings up my legs and I did not forget my red suspenders, they have eight straps altogether and look just a little bit kinky. Then I got so distracted thinking of you whilst I fingered my hot wet slit that I had to rush and I simply forgot to put my little black lacy pants on. Now my bare botty will be wobbling about under my skirt all day long and I picked a shorter skirt than usual, to please you. I pray no one in the office notices.

Hope you are looking forwards to Sunday afternoon too.

Love Sweet T.

P.S. I hope no one is reading this over you shoulder.

I spun around in a panic but no one was there. I did, however, resolve to read any more notes from Tracy somewhere a little less public.

Wednesday’s note was similar to Tuesdays, except that she told me how she had enjoyed a very long and satisfying session lying on the bed with one hand between her legs the other at her nipples pretending it was me; she describe the whole affair in the most minute of detail too.

Thursday’s note was totally different. It was simply a Polaroid photo of her in an arm chair with her legs spread wide apart sitting there stark naked. I opened it at work and almost choked on my coffee. I spluttered so much that people came running and I had to hide the damn thing in a file rather rapidly.

Friday’s note was curious, it read,

Dear little funny honey bunny-wunny David.

I hope you don’t want to spend too much time rabbiting on Sunday, I want you exploring my burrow just as soon as you can. Despite the seasonal chill it’s been very hot down there this week and it needs a good hosing out.

With that in mind you are forbidden to play with you little squirty toy because I want all your juices well and truly primed to pump on Sunday afternoon. In plain English no more wanking until I have had the pleasure of fondling your stiff shaft whilst I work my full red lips over that swollen purple helmet atop, making you wheeze with anticipation.

I cannot give you a note on Saturday so tomorrow you are to read all three of my little missives in sequence whilst you study my photograph, at least four times over. Each time you must think about what we are going to do to one another on Sunday afternoon, and every time you must come up with a different idea. Counting the seconds until I see you at two o’clock on Sunday. Be prompt.

Love Sweet T.

P.S. make plans for Sunday night too.

P.P.S. and think of something quick for Monday morning.

That week had crawled along, Saturday had been a torture but at last it was noon on Sunday and time to get ready. That day I took far more care over my appearance, which was ironic because we were going to undress one another just as soon as was polite and possibly sooner than that. With this in mind I: had a bath, washed my hair, had a shave and brushed my teeth, the latter twice over, all immediately before I dressed. The trouble came in the bath, with all that soap and a really stiff penis that was both positively screaming for attention and which had to be scrupulously clean; well I had to be very careful how I washed it amplifying my desires still further. I selected: freshly laundered blue Aertex cotton briefs which at least kept my erection pressed against my belly, plain black worsted wool trousers that sadly did little to hide my stiffened state, a pale blue pure cotton shirt and a black Barathea jacket; the reality was that it was my old school blazer but it still looked exceptionally smart and definitely not unfashionable, another miracle performed by our local dry cleaners. I stuck with the black leather brogue shoes, shined once more to perfection as my father had taught me to – I had resented his patient care and persistence bitterly at the time but I was truly grateful now – naturally I polished them before I took my bath.

I topped the whole assembly off with that Liberty print tie tied in a Double Windsor, it matched and indicated a certain je ne sais quoi; in fact, to this day, I don’t know what message I was trying to send out with that particular choice of costume, it was indisputably very mixed up but absolutely screamed ‘I’m really trying very hard indeed’. With hindsight, whatever it were, the message was an accurate one. Above all else I was desperate to impress Tracy.

That second Sunday Tracy trumped me, utterly blew may pathetic attempts at mature sophistication clear away. I was to discover that she was very good at that. ‘Ding-dong ding-dong,’ chimed her most classic of suburban bells, two o’clock on the dot. She opened the door on a security chain and peered through the gap cautiously. “Thank God. It is you, David! I’ll just be a tick.” Through the frosted glass I could see some kind of frenetic activity occurring and, as it dampened, she unclipped the chain and held the door open for me to squeeze through whilst she hid behind it.

It was not surprising that Tracy was behaving so oddly because, as she closed the door behind me she revealed that she was already stark naked. Oh! such well rounded breasts proudly holding their dark pink areolae and distended red teats aloft as if on parade. Such luscious buttocks, well rounded soft and sensual, little dimples just above the thighs and I noticed a small round brown mole half way down the left cheek almost hidden in the cleft of her bottom. Her faint blond down so obviously failing in its duty to conceal the pouting lips of her sex. And of course, best of all, that radiant smile that had first melted my heart and stiffened other places, directed at me like the beam of a spotlight. Tracy certainly knew how to grab the undivided attention of a man’s penis; the only reason that mine was not fully erect was because in its haste to inflate it had not only managed to tangle itself up in my underpants but to achieve this in a manner that was actually painful.

“Gosh,” I exhaled, practically speechless with shock and also trying desperately not to wince as I wriggled and writhed in an attempt to untangle myself. Tracy’s smile turned into a quickly suppressed giggle. At that instant she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, even though she was at least forty and I just twenty five; she was a true mature beauty with a curvaceous, rather than fat, and very sexy body.

I had imagined all manner of polite dissemination with this voluptuous creature, rehearsed a couple of all too cheesy openings and rejected them as too gauche. Then decided that I would just have to look cool, in truth I knew that before anything actually happened older, wiser and far far naughtier Tracy would take control but I had never even considered anything quite so bold and direct as this. To hide my confusion I removed my shoes; I remembered that Tracy had a thing about that.

“I thought I’d save us some time but then I realised we had loads. of it. So, I decided that for the first two hours I would only permit you to look. As a consequence you are absolutely banned from touching me before four o’clock,” her grin was one of the most evil things I had seen in a long time, Carroll’s Cheshire cat would have been consumed with jealousy.

“OK, I agree to your terms but under a single proviso, when you sit you have to keep your knees and thighs well apart.”

“Naughty,” Tracy replied, nodding her affirmation enthusiastically with obvious approval, and she headed for the kitchen to make some tea, her naked buttocks wobbling sexily, the two orbs rubbed gently against one another as she walked. “Go on through to the lounge,” she called over her shoulder, “you look like someone who needs a moment to themselves to sort out their wedding tackle. I blushed – I really hated how simple she found it to extract a blush from me – had I really made it that obvious that she had entangled my manhood with my briefs so very uncomfortably?

Once were settled in the front room she began to tease. “I’ve been experimenting, watch! When I hook a leg over one arm of the chair, if I really stretch,” and she gave a little grunt of effort, “I can just hook my other leg over the other arm.” Of course this left her sex totally exposed presenting a perfect view of the full length of her crinkly lips, some of the crack of her bottom and, rudest of all, offering a glimpse of her tight little bum hole. What’s more her fine blond down did nothing to occlude this lascivious display. “Now I thought you could get your own biscuit today,” and instead of biting into her ginger snap she delicately parted the lips of her sex, displaying briefly the deep pink within, and allowed them to close upon it and as consequence hold it suspended along her crack. “Come and get it and remember no touching! In fact, to make it even more interesting for you, when you take your ginger snap you’re only allowed to use your teeth.” She really knew how to pile the pressure on.

In order to demonstrate that I had understood my place I crawled across to her upon all fours, trying to exhibit the spirit of a playful puppy rather than that of an obedient dog. I knelt before her and carefully shuffled forwards on my knees, twisting my head so I could bite down gently on the edge of the round biscuit. Of course I had a splendid close up view of her pussy which was already quite moist and issuing that distinctive odour of sensuous feminine carnality. Tracy certainly knew how to tease an already desperate man. Whilst we drank our tea she adopted a range of extravagant poses every one of which, true to her pledge, left her sitting with her legs spread akimbo.

She poured second cups. This involved an inordinate amount of standing up and keeping her legs straight, forcing her to bend forwards to reach the low coffee table. In its turn this meant that she had to lean forwards causing her ample breasts to dangle down and sway hypnotically. Tracy is the most dreadful tease, at one point she ‘carelessly’ allowed the tight red teat of one of her nipples to dip itself in the milk jug. When she stood up a large drop of milk dangled from its tip. “Don’t you just wish you were allowed to come over and suckle on that, babykins?”

Her poses became ever more wanton, when she placed her hands on her knees and then kept opening and closing her legs my poor tool throbbed so much that I was seriously worried that I might actually come. But Tracey was no where near done with me yet. She still had a whole routine to go through. A performance that commenced with her kneeling on the seat with her back to me. Now she really was showing off her delightful bum; I remembered the end of our first night together, how intensely arousing I had discovered watching myself shafting her doggy style to be. At that point I really had trouble in controlling myself, I felt my balls lift and my seed gather. How I wanted to spear her from the rear, to slip my aching cock between her lips and thrust it down her silky smooth purse. I could already hear it slurp and gurgle as I slid in and out.

Tracy rounded off her little display by sitting facing me once more and then rolling back in the seat, raising her legs until she could grab her own ankles and then spreading her legs as far apart as she could manage. Posed like she offered me the perfect view of the full length of her intimate gash, from her clitoral hood already only half covering her little bud, all the way down her long slit to the top of her bottom. Even then she was not quite finished with me, she released her ankles reached round her thighs and pulled her sex and buttocks apart, just as wide as she could. True, this left nothing to the imagination but to a man already tortured with lust it was an unbelievably sexy and very desirable sight. Tracy’s clitoris was reddened and prominent, her lips swollen and slick with juices, you could even see the little mound that I knew she must pee from. Her private tunnel, a darker pink than the surrounding flesh, a pink which descended to an welcoming darkness was open and inviting.

“Crawl across little puppy,” she cooed, “take a closer look, perhaps have a sniff, tell me if everything is sweet.”

“You’re killing me,” I protested as I scurried across her pale Berber carpet. “Don’t you want me to lick that sexy slit?”

“Oh yes, I most certainly do but not yet. I want to see you suffer, I want to revel in your agony; I’m surprised that your tongue isn’t lolling between you jaws, your expression says it ought to be. Now how much would you like to ream that deep dark shaft of mine with that engorged bore of yours?” Her crude allusion set my penis all atwitch again.

As I came closer I could see just how moist Tracy was already. Glistening white cream was pooling between the smooth and unexpectedly shiny walls of that most intimate of tunnels, skeins of mucus criss-crossing its entrance. When she sat up I knew that puddle of moisture would ooze out, dribbling languorously down her perineum and clinging to the crinkles of her anus. That too was on full display, puckered and crimpled; again a darker pink than its surrounds, a pink that in places almost tended to purple. The mole I had noticed earlier was revealed to be one of a pair, its partner lying right in the centre of her buttocks. Her pussy reeked of impending sex and her anus had no odour at all.

“Shall I tell you a naughty little secret?” she whispered, “but you have to promise not to be too mean with it.”

“You can tell me your secret but I will promise you no such thing. It sounds to me as if it were a delicious secret that should be exploited to its maximum potential.”

“I’ll regret this later, you’re going to make me wish that I had never told you, I just know that you will, but alright. First you must lick and suck my pussy until the juices dribble copiously down the crack of my sex and I am all but coming. Then if you lick that little strip of flesh between the two holes it drives me crazy. It’s unbearably pleasurable but does not quite bring me to a climax.”

“I’ll try it today,” I chuckled, “it can be my revenge for all your wicked teasing and taunting and I’ll be just as mean as I possibly can be. “Imagine pretty sweet T, pretend that right at this moment I am licking it: up and down, up and down, over and over again,” she closed her eyes and a strange smile played over her lips. “Now, imagine I break off and swirl my tongue around that pretty little clit of yours, just once, and then resume licking that strip.”

She shuddered and her sex pulsed making bubbles of its own outpourings. “You wouldn’t!”

“I would. Not once but over and over again.”

For a second time she shuddered, “Oh my God David, you’re such a nice young man you really would not be so mean to an old woman.”

“Oh but I would to one who’s so worldly wise she deserves it and I am going to, later you will beg me to shaft you, plead with me to saddle you up and ride you long and hard and you’d better invent some new swear words too. Because, once I do break off from tormenting your sweet sex and pound you mercilessly you’ll realise that ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ are no longer sufficient for your needs.”

“You’re a mean pig,” she sighed quietly, her breathing ragged with anticipation. Her upper chest and neck flushed, her pussy emitted a series of tiny but distinct ‘phupts’ and ‘parps’, her little puckered anus began to twitch gently. “Oh my God,” she cried. “Oh,” she wailed out in frustration, possibly even anger. To my immense glee I realised that she had just failed to achieve an orgasm. She was just as randy as I and perhaps, at that instant, the more desperate of us two.

She rolled forwards, sat up and waved a figure in admonishment, “oh no buster. You have to wait and,” spoken mournfully, “sadly, so must I. To pass the time we had better do something a bit less stimulating but just as exciting. We’ll write a naughty story together:” Well wherever do you imagine that this script came from? We migrated to her dining room and she unearthed pen and foolscap paper from the bottom drawer of her huge dark walnut sideboard.

I sat and commenced to relate the days activities thus far, writing them laboriously in long hand and, at Tracy’s insistence, double spaced; she peered over my shoulder, her pendulous bosoms not quite brushing against it. At this juncture I discovered a whole new side to Tracy. When we talked, or even simply sat in silence, we were completely relaxed and wholly at ease with one another, cosy and warm. I think that, that sense of mutual empathy was what had attracted us to one another initially. When we made love she was pure carnivore: sometimes the ravenous aggressor dragging down prey, otherwise, the tender mother nurturing her dependants. She was certainly intent on educating, or more likely perverting, this particular cub into her own devious pursuits and practices. When I wrote she transformed into a pedantic, nitpicking tyrant.

“It’s an ‘s’ not a ‘z’, dolt; we are writing in English. We are not writing in North American, nor Australian, nor the dialect of some other former colony; we are employing our own Queen’s English! Don’t you understand the most simple of things. For God’s sakes where’s your grammar? Phut!” spat out contemptuously, making her nipples jiggle deliciously. “You claim to have attended a Grammar school, did they actually teach you any grammar? A full list is preceded by a full colon and every item in the list made distinct by a comma, you are quite hopeless.” She stalked around the table her buttocks swaying provocatively and then stabbed a finger at the script, “what ever are these dash thingies all about?” said very accusingly

“Please miss…”

“It’s not miss. It’s misses; misses Stern.”

‘A likely story,’ thought I, but I did get the point; I had seen her post and there she was Tracy Billington, Ms. Tracy N. Billington. Yet sensitive to the context I responded with an obedient, “yes Mrs. Stern. Please Mrs. Stern, dashes are used extensively by many of our literary giants: Hardy, Austin and Charlotte Bronte all used them. In ‘a dance to the music of time,’ mister Powell uses them like parenthesis and they look so much more elegant. Mr Huxley uses them throughout ‘Grey Eminence’ to similar effect, Mr. Priestley employs them extensively. In ‘the turn of the screw’ Mr. James appears to have been addicted to them.”

“And you aspire to such literary brilliance?”

“Yes Mrs. Stern, I won’t achieve it but even you cannot prevent me aspiring!”

She smirked, openly, “true and yes,” she shook a shoulder making her breasts wobble and bobble one another, resonantly.

Then I remembered that she was a legal secretary and realised that she might be slightly obsessive about conveying meaning precisely. But over and above these corrections she occasionally removed, but in the main added, commas and semi-colons. This I found odd at first because, full stops aside, I knew that punctuation is normally eschewed in legal documents. “Please Mrs. Stern, why all these commas?”

“Because, you raving ignoramus, whilst some may find they disrupt the flow a little, for the more discerning they permit the addition of a subtlety of meaning that would, otherwise, prove impossible. Nuance you numbskull, nuance.”

I acted crushed, “sorry Mrs. Stern.”

“You ought to be and you will be.” English had never been such fun but then my English masters, Messrs Green and Ellis, would not have looked so tempting if they had pranced about in the nude; repugnant in fact. Mrs. Stern chided me for every little mistake and every time found some new insult to hurl at me, dumb clod, incredible imbecile, birdbrained twit, nitwit. But at the end of each outburst she marched around the table, head held high causing her fleshy parts to dance dimple and quiver in ways that kept my manhood as stiff as a poker. This did not help my concentration at all.

It had been a horrible day, the stressful job, the over crowded commute home, she tripped upward and snapped a heel as she maneuvered up the hall stairs where her absentee landlord still had not fixed the rug. Sitting down in frustration she pulled off the broken shoe and threw it in aggravated pitch at the front door. Let someone else trip over it. She took off her other shoe and dropped it. Barefoot on the cold wood she ran the rest of the way up.

Once in her apartment she was glad of the welcoming warm rug. She shed her coat and briefcase inside the door, dropping them to the floor, as she leaned against the wall. She didn’t care about dinner, she just wanted to relax.

In the living room her partner sat in front of the tv on their large sofa, he had already undressed and was settled in with the news blasting.

She tumbled down beside him, right now she didn’t care about the news, she only cared that she was overworked, tired and finally home, as she leaned up against him, he reached behind her and began to massage her stiff neck, as his fingers hit all her sore spots she bent her head down sliding into his lap. With her head gently on his knee, he unzipped her pale blue dress, under neath her cream-coloured bra was the next thing he opened, he worked his fingers down her side as the bra loosened her big round globes, he loved this part, her breasts were sore and tired from being cooped up in her formal office clothes, slipping the restricting clothing from her was like opening up a bottle of good wine.

She rolled onto her back his hand teasing one sensitive nipple. It hardened under his touch. She pulled her arm back thru the clothes letting him pull them off her. Topless she lay, he cupped her mounds in his and in turn pulled and pinched her nipples making her gasp her head on his lap, so close to where his cock lay in wait under his pjs. But he could wait.

He trailed a hand down to her waist still bound in her dress and hose. She slid her hands down her sides hooking them and skinning them from her, kicking them away. Her well-defined legs stretched over the end of the sofa, lovely curving lines that met at the lush y of her bush. The up swell of her hips and belly turned him on like plugging into a power outlet.

He let his fingers trail over her furry bush. It was hotter then her skin, softer. He reached just slightly and found that soft hidden slip, and put just one finger down.

She moaned then, her knees rose up and opened like a gate.

“Ssshhhhh,” he whispered, “Not yet Kitty.” his other hand in her hair, untangling her clips that pulled it up. When he had freed her from her work trappings, he drew out a glittering circle, a rhinestone collar. Leaving her sex open, he slid it around her neck, buckling it. It was wide, with three layers of glittering jewels. It held her neck like a gentle support. Slipping a finger under it to make sure she had breathing room, he let the chain leash drop. It wasn’t long about 5 feet on a matching leather leash.

Now undressed, she curled up beside him, as they watched tv he let his hand massage and touch her naked skin. She arched as he rand his fingers down her spine, purring as he squeezes and manipulated her firm ass. He could smell her now, she was turned on by the attention he was giving her. Under her cheek he knew she could feel his excitement, she would turn her head and breath on his hidden and rising cock. But he was going to make this last. She had been in such a bad state when she walked in. From his pocket he pulled another toy, a long fluffy tail, matching her own long brown hair. At its end was his surprise for her. A small butt plug, he had gotten it some time ago but waited to surprise her.

As she was curled up on the couch, the gentle rising thrusts of her hips had let him know she was getting wet with his caring for her, he trailed the furry thing down her back. She arched in pleasure mewling. He found her pussy, full and wet, just as he knew it would be. He slowly inserted the plug into her pussy, watching her wiggle at the invasion, in and out, just a little bit, he felt the plug covered in her sweet honey.

Licking his lips he pulled it out and with it primed he lined it up at the little pink hole that he knew would drive her mad. One tickle, she squeezed and then he shoved. He felt the plug well-lubed length sinks into her rectum with no resistance, when it stopped it was only became it had reached its end and was firmly anchored in her ass, she panted she began to thrust wildly. It was a low whine that grew. He slapped her ass, she groaned, he slapped her harder,

“Bad Kitty, you will wait till I give you your treats.” Her panting was quieter but her hips quivered with the pleasure.

He got up, it was time for a beer for him, just half of one would slow him down to keep playing with her for as long as he could, she deserved the treat he had been plotting for her and he wanted to take his time.

He got a saucer out, filled it with her favorite wine. Then carried it to the mat on the floor by the closet, here was a floor to ceiling-mirrored doors, he wanted her to see herself, his collared kitty.

“Come on Kitty, I have a nice saucer for you”. She slid off the couch, almost falling, then on all fours she approached, she was beautiful, her long hair fluffed out around her, the glittering collars showing thru it, and highlighting her pretty face, below the collar her big round tits hung down like lovely lush melons jiggling as she crept to the saucer, the chain collar hung between them dragging between her knees, as her ass held high in the air, showed its matching tail.

She bent her head over the bowl as he sat down to watch, she lowered her chest down, finishing as the cold tiles hit her erect and hard little nipples, she splayed her knees out and lowered her belly to the floor. Her ass spread wide showed how the tail was firmly anchored in her tight little asshole, and below it, her wet and open pussy was exposed, between her wide spread thighs. the chain had followed her across the floor and it lay just below her pink and wet slit like a silver arrow pointing to it. He watched her open ass quiver as she greedily lapped up her wine, from his perch on the chair. Then bending took up the leash, it pulled up between her lips and she cried out.

“Just taking you for a walk, Kitty” she began to pull against it but he pulled it up. She cried out again. The cold chain had disappeared in her slit rubbing against her hot sex, he knew she was near cumming soon just from the way her voice sounded, She fell over and opened her legs, letting him pull the chain up. Now leashed beside him, she walked back to the couch. He watched her tailed ass sway in the mirror, he loved seeing his woman naked on all fours. it was like an electric prod in his groin watching her. He wanted her so badly it hurt, but the best things were waited for.

He sat down, “Come on Kitty, get your treat.” Pulling her up, this time he unfastened his pjs, his cock sprang up, and with the hand with the leash guided her with her collar to his throbbing cock. She pounced like it was her greatest target, taking it down her throat with one gulp he pulled her off it, holding her hair and collar he began to control her head as she went down on him, her tongue was on fire, licking and licking till he pushed her down, down her throat, he felt her sucking on him, but when he was close he pulled her back, she yowled as he held her up. He breasts were heaving her body covered in sweat, one leg had slid off the couch and she was pumping against the corner of the cushion.

‘Poor Kitty’s in heat.” he whispered and let her go, she swallowed him whole and he felt himself coming like a waterfall into her mouth, and she sucked and swallowed licking his belly and his balls to catch every drop.

Spent, he lay back watching her clean him off, her hips still humping on that plug, his little cat in heat. Now he had some measure of control again. It was time to play with her. He wrapped the chain around his hand, choking her up.

“Kitty’s still in heat?” She mewled at him her tongue reaching for him. “Maybe I need to take you or a walk?” He said softly, shaking her on her collar, as she growled at him. “Take you out and tie you to a tree and all the cats in the neighborhood would take you, and you would take them all on, all collard and pretty.” he stood up, pulling his pjs up, he let the chain down. She was on crouched all fours again, her big breast tight against the floor the tail waving out her behind, then she rolled over and begged and to wiggle on her back, her legs spread to show her self to him, as she reached her hands to her pussy, he yanked her collar, he wasn’t going to let her get a chance.

“Come on, Kitty, you’ll get yours when I say.” he tugged her, now she fought him rolling, squirming, on the floor he saw that there were little wet spots where she was rolling, she was so hot now she was dripping. She was close to exploding, he hauled her rolling and mewling body down the hall to the bedroom, under the window sill was an eyebolt he had just put in. he slid the leash thru it, then hauling her up tied it off.

Now she was caught, a poor kitty, her body was strung out over the edge the bed, her big tits were pressed into the bed, her neck was collard and her hands held onto the confining chain leading across the bed to the window sill and over the edge of the bed was her beautiful and plugged bottom, her legs were just long enough to reach the floor at an angle leaving her dripping wet slit exposed. She pulled on the chain and yowled, she pushed her arms down on the bed and reared up her breast shaking and bouncing. Trying to get off her leash and get fucked.

Now he was up again, cock iron hard watching this cat in heat, he tugged at her tail, sending another spasm of lust thru her. She scrabbled her feet on the floor to raise her arching ass to him, he ran his fingers down her thighs covered in her come, she had never been this wet before, he wanted to savor it. He explored her pink velvet lips, pulling them open rubbing them listening to her squeals. He examined her shell like inner lips, as they flexed and pushed droplets of her come in response to his curiosity. He would soon be inside that lovely tunnel. He unhooded her clit as she screamed, jerking the hood back and forth like a little cock

Now he was ready, he stood over her bouncing ass and with one thrust filled her. The pure animal growls that came from her with every hammering thrust made him clench his teeth to pouch her harder, he could feel the nub of the tail plug against his pelvis bone every time he drove into her knowing he was filling both of her holes turned him on even more. He could feel the pressure of the plug in her ass tightened her pussy making this an even better ride. Now she was keening, he lay down on her bound thrashing body and setting his teeth into the skin of her neck bit down,

The reaction was immediate, he felt her tight pussy clamp down like a vice, she bucked, she thrashed, she flowed. He rapped his arms under her, crushing her full hot breasts into his arm as he circled her. He could taste blood but couldn’t stop. The crushing of her hot box was too much, he shot his second load deep into her cervix, answered by her own flood of come. Shuddering, they rode together the wave after wave of orgasm.

When they swarm to consciousness, he had scratches on his shoulders, his neck, she had them on her breast and a bite on her shoulder. He was still inside her, shrinking down in her wet sex, his legs were covered with both of their cum. He reached for the heavy blanket and pulled it up, no use getting up, it was still early, and with how they had already played, there was time.

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