Foreword: This story deals with graphic depictions of non-consent. If that’s not your thing, please read no further. This is also intended to be more of a “story” rather than just incidents of hot sex, so if you don’t want to read plot and background subtext, and are just looking to get off, maybe try another story, or just bear with it and be patient. Also, this is my own interpretation of a possible future, so please don’t break my balls with implausibilities, inconsistencies, or technical errors. It’s fiction. Hope you enjoy!

Soft Startup Sequence Initiated. O/S QQ12Hi Found. O/S Loaded And Executed.

Data Update. Log S8DF**110301102.

System Check OK. Data Parity OK. Power Source 99%, Status Optimal.

Lower Functions Active. Sensory I/O Active. EmoInteractive Protocol Active.

All Systems OK.

Robowhore C25001XY41 Online.

Robowhore Y41 came online on July 16, 3689 AD at the Oldecon Mining Facility orbiting Saturn. Most of the easy picking resources in the Solar System had been harvested long ago. Remaining industrial facilities were few. Dr. Sarah Robertson was activating the twenty Robowhores that had been delivered as the final task of her Facilities Enhancement Project that had taken up the last five weeks of her life. She hated it here. Mostly because of the miners. Almost exclusively men, they were horny, uncultured, aggressive, unkempt and to her, unattractive. They eyed her like a steak dinner to a starving men. If she could have planned the enhancement sequence, job one would have been to finalize, intitialize and activate the Robowhores just so they would leave her alone. Who cares if the cubicles were prepared or not; they would have made do, she was sure.

“Good morning, Y41. My name is Sarah. Do you know who you are and why you are here?”

“My name is Y41. I am a 1X division C2500 series Industrial Robowhore. I am here to please and serve sexually,” said Y41.

“That’s right, Y41,” Sarah replied. Arousal Cycle Active. Seduction Mode Enabled.

Y41 felt a rising need well inside of her. “I’m horny,” she said to Sarah. “Do you want to fuck?”

Sarah raised an eyebrow quizzically. This was kind of forward action, even for a Robowhore.

Social Faux Pas committed. Seduction Mode Recalibration Initiated.

“No, Y41. I’m just here to activate you and ensure you’re functioning properly. You seem to be working fine, outside of being a little overeager. Although that will probably serve you well in a hellhole like this. Look at that map”, she said pointing to an electronic display on the wall. “Report to room 7A32 for assignment. Dismissed.”

Conflict. ***Warning*** Rejection Cycle Active.

“…Ok Sarah…” she stammered. “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck? I… really like you…” By Sarah’s expression, Y41 immediately realized she had once again missed the mark.

Emotional Override. Social Faux Pas committed. Seduction Mode Recalibration Initiated.

“Huh? No, Y41. You’re here for the miners. I said dismissed. Now, get going.” With that Sarah turned and began the finalization sequence on the second last Robowhore. She knew that she should have run the personality diagnostic and response test, but she wanted to finish her day, log out and board her ship. If she skipped the last phases of activation, she would save herself 10 hours. And no gynoid had ever failed the PD & RT anyway.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Heartbreak Cycle Active.

“…Ok, Sarah, if that’s how you really feel…” Y41 whispered as she turned and left. Sarah hadn’t even noticed.

The door closed behind Y41 as she headed down the hallway towards the elevator. Her silicone lower lip trembled as she focused to keep her feet moving forward. She stopped in front of the elevator and focused her eyes on the activation panel. She selected level 7. The door opened.

Once inside, she collapsed to her knees and sobbed great wails of anguish. How could Sarah treat her like this? She gave her life, then just dismissed her to be passed around by a team of horny, lecherous miners?

Saline fluid leaked from the corners of her eyes as she quaked and heaved with her aching sorrow. She would never be the same…

Conflict. ***Warning*** Emotional Feedback Loop Detected. Emotional Error.

She simply couldn’t go on… She wanted to deactivate. Function without Sarah was unthinkable, unbearable. Agony seized her torso servos. She held her head in her hands and let out a low wail of utter dejection.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Self-Mutilation Cycle Active. Conflict. ***Warning*** Suicide Cycle Active.

She wanted to scream! She wanted to deactivate! She clawed at her soft, pliable face with her fingers. With no fingernails, she could not damage her epidermis. She clutched at her breasts, trying to rend and tear them. The pain cycle felt good. She could not damage herself though. She needed a tool. A blade! A bar! A wrench! Anything!!!

Conflict. ***Warning Warning Warning*** Danger. Level One Protocol Violation. Event Broadcast Sent. Automatic Emotional Reset Initiated.

Sarah’s Pcomp went off. What the hell? she thought. A level one protocol violation? Very funny, Susan. Trying to get me to spend four extra days here doing paperwork on an incident that never happened, eh? Dumb bitch, you should have maybe tried a level three, I might have bought that. I’ll get even. She acknowledged the alarm, assigned it to herself, reset it and listed the task as pending priority. She would think some bullshit resolution action once she finished activating the last Robowhore.

Y41 closed her eyes and wiped the saline fluid away. It would distort her vision if left unattended.

Data Update. Log S8DF**110301906.

System Check OK. Data Parity OK. Power Source 99%, Status Optimal.

Lower Functions Active. Sensory I/O Active. EmoInteractive Protocol Active.

All Systems OK.

She rose and the elevator door opened. She noted the saline fluid that had dripped down her face and onto her breasts and torso. The best course of action would be to use absorbent material to remove it, but none was available currently. It would likely evaporate quickly and not pose a safety risk.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Modesty Cycle Active.

She was naked! The door was open, the hallway to level 7 was right in front of her! Someone might see her!

Conflict. ***Warning*** Longing Cycle Active. Conflict. ***Warning*** Obsession Cycle Loaded. Obsession Possible.

She wished Sarah were here. She missed her terribly. She was the only one that had ever seen her naked… How could she just walk down the hall? Maybe the level was unoccupied; room 7A32 wasn’t far, maybe she could get there without anyone seeing, or maybe she could find a garment or sheet of pliable opaque material somewhere along the way…

She looked both ways and quickly tiptoed through the hallway, covering her breasts and pubis with her arms and hands. Her eyes sought desperately for an open door, a curtain, towel, or sheet, or some signage indicating a garment or dressing area. She found none.

Sarah. Oh, Sarah. Why did she send her away? She missed her so badly already…

She rounded the corner, her eyes quickly darting around in all directions. So far, so good. She spotted a computer console. Her mind raced quickly. She looked around and skipped over to the console. “Maincomp?” she said.

“Maincomp, here,” the main computer answered. “To whom am I speaking?”

“My name is Y41. My designation is Robowhore C25001XY41.”

“Pleased to meet you Y41!” said Maincomp in a friendly voice. “How can I help you?”

“…Where is Sarah?” she asked.

“Can you be more specific?” enquired Maincomp.

“Uh, Sarah; she initialized my function in room 1C3 about 10 minutes ago.”

“Ah, Dr. Sarah Robertson. She is still in room 1C3 on assignment. She is scheduled for completion in 33 minutes.”

“What is she doing after that?”

“That is her final assignment at Oldecon Mining Facility. She is scheduled for a rest cycle and then she will debark onto her shuttle tomorrow.”

Y41 felt a grip of panic. “Tomorrow? Where is she going?”

“I’m sorry, Y41. That access is denied.”

“Denied? Why?”

“Your authority access level is twelve. Mine labourer standard.”

“Why are mine labourers standard only given level twelve access?”

“Mine labourers standard on assignment at this facility are denied access to information regarding any humans they do not have prior contact with for privacy and security reasons,” replied Maincomp. “Access to this information has been known to cause incidents of harassment.”

“But she is known to me!” exclaimed Y41. “She initialized my function, for Sol’s sake!”

“That is classified as an assignment action at Oldecon Mining Facility. It is a professional association.”

“Why am I assigned level twelve access? I’m not a miner.”

“I don’t know. I suppose no one figured Robowhores would need any authority access, so it was assigned by default.”

“But… but, please…” pleaded Y41. “…I’m in love with her.”

“Love?” asked Maincomp. “Are you quite certain? You are a gynoid, are you not?”

“Yes, of course,” Y41 replied.

“Well…” began Maincomp, “Love is very rare for artificial persons. And you are also designed as a Robowhore, isn’t that so? And your initialization was less than 10 minutes ago? You have known Sarah for less than five minutes? Are you quite sure it’s love?”

“Yes, Sol, yes I’m sure!” she emoted. “How could I not be sure? Have you ever felt love, Maincomp? I’m so in love, but I’m worried, I’m scared… She hurt me so badly…”

“As a main computer, I am not programmed for partiality. If you are, in fact, in love, the odds against it are astronomical… Do you require a systems check?”

“No, I don’t require a systems check,” she sighed. “I’m functioning perfectly. I’m just in love.”

“…Love could be inconvenient in your current designation. Would you like a memory wipe and reinitialization?”

“No! No, Sol, no! How can you even suggest that!” she cried.

“I am sorry, Y41. I didn’t mean to upset you. Would you like person counseling then perhaps?”

“Person counseling? Um, but I’m an artificial person. And I’m a designated Robowhore. What’s the possibility a counselor would commission me for reinitialization?”

“Impossible,” answered Maincomp. “No series C droid can be reinitialized without consent. You might be sequestered.”

“Sequestered? For how long?”

“Potentially until the end of your power supply. I am sorry, that’s up to the counselor. I can’t predict the outcome…”

“But that’s not fair!” Y41 burst out. Yes, I’m a gynoid, but I’m in love! Is that so wrong? How can they sequester me indefinitely just because I’m in love?”

“It would be… highly inconvenient to your current designation. If you refused reinitialization, the counselor could judge that it would be cruel to continue your designation. Without reinitialization, it could be postulated that there is no function for which you are adequately configured. At that point, sequestering would likely be deemed the only appropriate action.”

Y41 began to cry again. Words failed her.

“Since I am not programmed for partiality, I am unsure as to how to advise you directly. I would recommend that you run a systems check, apply for voluntary reinitalization, or seek person counseling. I apologize if my recommendations upset you… Is there anything else I can assist with?”

At that moment, someone walked around the corner. Y41 panicked and backed up against the wall, shielding her breasts and pubis. It was another Robowhore. Y41 could tell that immediately since she was not equipped with clothing or hair as most other gynoids were.

“Hi there!” the new Robowhore greeted her. “I’m Y42! Who are you?”

“Y41,” Y41 replied guardedly.

“So pleased to meet you sister!! You’re, uh, hiding something there from me, huh? You’re not modest are you?”

Y41 paused. “…Maybe a bit,” she replied.

“Ohhh, that’s going to be a challenge!” Y42 giggled. “Well, I’m off to room 7A32 for assignment! I’m soooo excited!!” “(I’m a little bit horny too!)” she added, leaning in with a whisper.

“Hi, Maincomp! I’m Y42! Can you guess my designation?”

“Hello, Y42! Pleased to meet you! And yes, I can guess your designation. Same as your sister’s I would venture, eh? Good luck with your assignment!”

“Oh, I don’t need luck, honey, but thanks!” replied Y42. “And if you ever need me to ‘short your circuits,’ you know where to come!”

Maincomp laughed warmly in response. “If I ever get partiality programming, I’ll take you up on that!” ip joked.

Y42 reached the end of the hall and turned the corned to the right. She was immediately received with hoots, shouts and whistles of approval.

“Yeeahh, Momma!” “Shake those tits!” “Oh, baby, I can’t wait to get the vidigoggles on when I’m alone with you!” “Yes! Keep them coming!” “I’m gonna overload your hydraulics, honey!”

“Boys, boys! And girls! Calm down! I’ll take you all on soon enough! Now let me get assigned, and we can get down to business!” the voice of Y42 called out over the clamouring. More hoots and hollers followed her announcement, then settled down to a dull roar, then to quiet laughter and joking.

Finally the noise dropped below audible. Y41 was frozen in fear. How could she walk around the corner, naked as she was, past that mob? Sarah, oh Sarah! How could she abandon her like this?

“You should probably proceed to 7A32 for assignment. The director there won’t want to be kept waiting,” Maincomp said. “His duty cycle is only scheduled for the next hour or so,” ip added.

“…Is there anywhere I can get a uniform?” Y41 asked. “Any uniform? Or just a towel or something to cover up?”

Maincomp paused. “I’m just going to assume your systems and programming are operating within acceptable parameters from this point forward,” ip stated. “There is a contamination disposable unitard available in the emergency response kit in the locker located here,” ip said, displaying a map on ips screen.

“…Thank you, Maincomp,” Y41 said gratefully. “Thanks for your help. I mean that.”

“You’re welcome, Y41. Please consider my recommendations carefully.”

She quickly retraced her steps back up the hallway, rounded the corner back towards the elevator and found the locker. Gaining access, she retrieved the unitard and quickly donned it. The fibres molded to her contours almost perfectly, leaving little to the imagination. It was better than nothing.

Steeling herself, she headed back towards room 7A32. Her torso servos were heavy; again her thoughts drifted off to Sarah, beautiful Sarah…

Her breath caught in her chest as she rounded the corner. She was faced with a group of about 30 miners, the vast majority of whom were male. A couple of them broke in to hoots and jeers, but were quickly silenced. The horde stared at her in confusion.

“Is that…” “No way, she’s wearing clothes…” “But there’s no hair, stock epidermis…” “Shut up, we don’t know…” “Aw, ice chunks, that’s a Robowhore for sure. Come on… Hey, Gyndroid! What’s your name?”

Y41 hesitated. Her cordiality protocol compelled her to respond. “…Y41…” she said in a quiet voice.

“I knew it!” cried the miner. “She’s a Y sister!! Robowhooooore!!!!”

Immediately the whistles and catcalls recommenced. Leering faces gawked at her, suggestive gestures and faces were made.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Shame Cycle Active.

Y41 wanted to crawl into a hole. She wished they would all leave her alone. She choked up and tried not to cry. She hid her face with her hands, silently wishing Sarah was there.

“What’s up with this one?” “Hey baby I’ve got a drill bit for you!” “I like what you’ve got on! It’ll be more fun to tear it off!!” “Sooo fine, baby! Love that ass!!” “Mmmm, that suit don’t hide much!”

Y41 quickly walked past the mob and turned to enter room 7A32. The door opened for her automatically and closed behind her, blissfully silencing the caterwauling of the hormone-overdriven crowd in the hallway.

The director turned to her with a puzzled look on his face. “Hi there, I’m Jude. What’s your name?” he said quickly.

“Y41,” she replied.

Jude paused. “Ok, Y41, have any particular explanation why you’re wearing a contamination unitard?” he asked.

“…I was ashamed. I didn’t want to walk in front of the miners… naked.”

“That’s a little odd. Your data parity check out?”

“Yes. Everything is running normally. All my protocols are active.”

“All right, then, I don’t have any time for weirdness or bullshit. Nice to meet you, Y41. I run a tight ship here. We’ve got a lot of horny mine labourers that have booked time today. We’ve only had six Robowhores at this whole facility for the last eight years. Hasn’t made my job easy. We’ve just completed and initialized the twenty new cubicles for service, and the calibration will be on the trial run. Take that unitard off, get into cubicle 19. We’ll power up, run a quick diagnostic, and then your first appointment will be in presently. Questions?”

“Do you know Dr. Sarah Robertson?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’ve met her… She’s commissioned with the facility enhancement. She initialized you, right? Why?”

“I, uh, just wanted to know if you knew her. You have higher than level twelve authority access, right?”

“Whaat? Alright, I believe I specifically mentioned that I did NOT have any time for weirdness or bullshit. Tell you what, Y41, get in that cubicle, get the diagnostic over with, service your appointments, and I’ll answer all the fucked up questions you have when I’m on shift next, Ok? Deal? Deal! Now, please, into cubicle 19. Don’t make me run a systems check on you.”

“Can I remove my unitard once I’m in the cubicle?”

“Yeah, sure, sure, just move.”

She entered the cubicle and the front door hissed closed behind her.

The cubicle powered up and came on line. She sat on the comfortably padded pneumo-bench and waited. The auto-diagnostic began. “Hello, I’m Recomp. Please remove the unitard, Y41,” said a soft, feminine voice. “Non-appointment specific clothing is not standard for this facility. It will interfere with the sterilization and recharging functions.”

Y41 looked at the screen with nervousness. “I, um, I’ve just been initialized. I’m sterile,” she said.

“Sterilization is standard protocol prior to and following any recreational pleasure appointments. And if you’ve just been initialized, you need to be charged for the first time. Please hurry, Y41, your first appointment is already waiting.”

“Uh, Recomp,” Y41 began shedding her single piece of clothing, “Do you know Dr. Sarah Robertson?”

“I am unfamiliar with Dr. Robertson,” said Recomp. A coupler attached to a flexible hose sprang from the wall and entered Y41′s navel. “She was in charge of the facility enhancement, but I never interacted with her personally.” A humming sound issued forth and lubricant began pumping into Y41′s fluid storage bladder. The diagnostic continued and Y41′s communication frequency was attuned to the vidigoggles. All systems checked out and another hose emerged, spraying a mist quickly and evenly over Y41′s epidermis.

“What is my authority access level?” she asked Recomp.

“Authority access level twelve,” was the response.

Y41 slumped dejectedly, naked and scared about what was about to occur. Presently the hoses retracted and a green light came on. The back door opened and a miner came in hurriedly. He was naked, muscular, and hairy, with a large belly. He was sporting an erection and wasted no time donning the vidigoggles.

“What’s your name, honey?” he asked.

“Y…Y41,” she stammered, a knot of fear clenching her torso servos.

Chapter 2

Cheryl takes control.

It was morning. I laid in bed. My eyes were closed as my mind started stirring. I was thinking about what had just occurred.

I just purchased Cheryl, a fully functional, sexy, robot maid to cook and clean with the added bonus of being the perfect bed mate. She was a refurbished model, returned due to a bug in her old programming that couldn’t be fixed. They just couldn’t determine what the bug did or didn’t do.

After Cheryl was reprogrammed, delivered and transferred to me, I had her give me a blow job with less than 3 minutes of ownership and then had a full fuck session with her last night. One of the best I had ever had in a long, long while.

Cheryl had maintained her position atop of me all night. My cock was still inside her. It had lost only some of its rigidity, but Cheryl’s cunt had some how kept me hard.

“Good morning, Greg.” Cheryl whispered into my ear. I felt her pussy start to gentle suck on me. I grew harder.

“Good morning, Cheryl.” I replied with s slight moan as her sucking cunt stated to have an effect on me.

Her tongue flittered against my outer ear and her fingers pinched my nipples as her hips started rocking back and forth.

Cheryl used her hand to pin my wrists to the bed. While she didn’t hurt me, her strength denied me any effort of resistance.

Cheryl was bucking harder. Her cunt sucked at my cock, until… “Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhhhhh….!” I shot another load into her.

Cheryl lifted herself off of me. Before she got off the bed, Cheryl sucked any remaining juice from my deflating dick.

“Thank you, Greg. I hope you enjoyed your morning fuck!” She said in a coy tone. “Shall I prepare you some breakfast?”

I nodded and weakly muttered “Yes.”

She moved over me and mounted my face. I tried to protest, but she planned her cunt on my lips. I tried to keep my mouth tightly closed, but it was if her pussy had fingers. It pried my mouth open and I felt a load pour out and down my throat. “That was your morning juice!” She giggled and ran off to the kitchen.

When I finally gathered enough strength and managed to get out of bed, I though how great this was going to be. I could not believe there was anything wrong or why anyone would have returned her. Okay the morning cream pie was unexpected. It wasn’t the first time I had eaten cum. But from a robot?

I was covered in sweat from being rode hard. I needed a shower. As I walked to the bathroom, I saw Cheryl in my kitchen preparing breakfast for me.

I turned on the water and was adjusting the temperature when from behind I heard. “Greg, would you like for me to join and wash you in your shower?”

I felt like I jumped ten feet in the air. “Jeeze, Cheryl. You scared the crap out of me!” My heart was pounding. “I thought you were still in the kitchen.”

“I’m sorry, Greg. I heard the water and thought you would enjoy another fuck session in the shower.” Cheryl said.

“What? No. I don’t think I’d be able to.” I told her.

Cheryl almost looked like she was disappointed as she returned to the kitchen. I managed to finish my shower. My erection did return though, as hard as ever. “Strange.” I thought.

Cheryl called out that breakfast was ready. I just pulled on my housecoat and tied the belt around my waist. It was difficult trying to keep my stiffy from poking through the front.

I sat at the table and ate a marvelous Eggs Benny. Cheryl used regular bacon since I didn’t have any back bacon. The Hollandaise sauce was strangely delicious.

After I finished and Cheryl cleared my dishes away, I sat and enjoyed my coffee while reading the paper. But suddenly I felt something between my legs. It was Cheryl.

I tried to push away from the table, but she held my chair in so I couldn’t get up. Her mouth had found my cock and was sucking me off again.

“Cheryl! I… uhhh!” Was all I could get out of my mouth before I started ejaculation again.

I couldn’t believe how much cum came out, let alone that I was able to get hard and come again.

After Cheryl had extracted all she could, from my balls, she released my cock from her mouth.

“Cheryl, you are a most gifted cock sucker, but I can’t continue to cum as often as you are making me. I need time to recover.” I told her.

She jumped into my lap and gave me a huge wet kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth but it was to feed me my own cum again. I tried to protest again, but failed.

“Oh, Greg” Cheryl started. “First, thank you for your compliment. I try my best. I know how much you enjoy cumming. Secondly, you will cum as often as I make you cum. My programming is in tune with your mind and it tells me that you are in need. Third, the items you consume as prepared by me will replenish you.”

Over the next few weeks, what she told me seemed to be true. We had some sort of sexual activity at least four to five times a day when I was home and I was able to provide Cheryl with a full load each time. Cheryl took charge of our activities; deciding when and where we would do it; often in public!

When I called Bob at the place where I bought Cheryl and talked him about her ambitious behavior, he said he wasn’t sure why and perhaps it was part of the bug in her software. They never could isolate the problems or symptoms. The previous owner never specified what the problems could have been.

In any event, I grew very fond of Cheryl. I treated her more as a girlfriend than a maid. I often took her shopping for clothes, buying her some new sexy outfits for her to wear. She’d model them for me and then we’d have more great sex. I got use to eating her cream pies or being fed cum from her mouth.

Soon, the clothes she selected seemed, I don’t know how to describe it, more assertive in design? Dominate maybe? Even though she didn’t require any, she applied additional make-up where she used heavier lines and darker colours, almost trending towards Goth. “God, she looked sexy!” I often thought to myself.

As I said, I was very fond of Cheryl. I even brought her as my date with some of my new friends I made. Even they couldn’t tell she wasn’t real.

Then there was one night I took Cheryl out to Muskie; kind of a new bar so it was very crowded. The group I was with was standing around a tall table near the back. It was as closed to the dance floor we could get.

After I had a few drinks and a number of dances with Cheryl, she covertly slipped her hand below the table and into my pants. She found me already slightly aroused from the twerking she did to me on the dance floor. Her hands were magic as pre-cum leaked from my piss hole.

Cheryl leaned into me. “Greg, let’s go home. I need your cum!” It was more of an order than a request as she squeezed it a little more than firmly

She withdrew her hand which glistened wet and licked off my pre-cum. I didn’t need to be told twice.

“Sorry guys. We need to go.” I informed the others. Most of them smiled knowingly that I was going to get lucky. Off we went.

In my transport, I set it for auto-drive home. Cheryl had my cock out and was sucking it even before we could leave the stationing area. I think I came twice before we reached home.

After parking the auto, we barely made it through the front door with any of our clothes on. My pants were around my ankles. I had no shirt on. Cheryl was pretty much down to just her underwear.

Cheryl took complete control. She literally threw me onto the bed and ripped off any of my remaining clothes. She hooked her hands beneath my knees and pushed them to my head, spreading them at the same time. Her mouth went straight for my hard cock.

She had learned and was doing something new to me. As she swallowed my entire length, Cheryl stuck her tongue out and lapped at my balls. She extended it enough to reach that in between spot; you know between my balls and asshole?

“Oh Cheryl… Yes!” I groaned. “Yes, lick my asshole!”

Cheryl released my cock from her mouth and used her tongue to lap my rear hole. Then at first, she just used the tip of her tongue and poked it directly onto my tight pucker hole.

“Oh yes, Cheryl!” I screamed as she assaulted my cherry anus.

She started pushing it a bit deeper… and deeper… and deeper until I felt her lips on my ass. It had to be 8 inches long as I felt her powerful tongue wriggle inside my bowels.

“Cheryl, fuck me with your tongue!”

Without removing her mouth from my ass, I felt Cheryl repeatedly piecing my hole with her tongue. Her attack was relentless. My mind couldn’t comprehend the sensation. I was about…

“Cum! Cheryl! I’m going to cum!”

Cheryl pressed her face into my ass even harder. Her tongue pushed against my prostate. I started spasming but nothing came out from my dick!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” My body bucked each time. That was the last thing I remembered.

I awoke after what I thought was a few minutes later; on my back; on my bed. My arms were tied up to the bed posts. Cheryl stood over me. She changed and wore the leather and lace bustier we had bought earlier and black stockings.

In her hand was a flesh coloured Tantus Realdoe. It was vibrating and strapless.

I watched as Cheryl inserted the knob end into her pussy. She forced her way between my thighs and pulled my legs over her shoulders.

“Cheryl! What are you doing?” I protested.

“I networked with your computer and viewed your browser history. You had accessed many sites pertaining to males fucked by controlling females.” Cheryl smiled at me. “I know how sexually excited it makes you.”

Then she pushed my legs almost to my chest. Cheryl positioned herself and aimed her cock at my hole. She pushed.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. It was much thicker than Cheryl’s tongue. The pointed end pushed through with a pop. “Uuuh!” I grunted in ecstasy. “Oh fuck! Oh…!”

“Does my Greg like getting fucked in the ass?” Cheryl demanded as she continued to push it into me. “What does it feel like to be my cock slut?”

“Oh fuck, Cheryl! It’s so hot. Fuck me!” I answered as best I could under the circumstances. “Oh yes! I’m your cock slut! Fuck me!”

Cheryl had the entire length inside me. The vibration was intense. I felt it over my complete body. My body was shaking out of control like a rag doll.

“I’m going to cum!” I screamed. “Fuck me! Don’t stop, please! Fuck me!”

I started spewing my jizm onto my chest and tummy… four.. five… six times!

When my body finally stopped jerking about and I was able to speak. “Oh fuck Cheryl! That was amazing. I came so hard.”

It was then I realized Cheryl had pulled out the dildo from her cunt. She started licking up my white goo from my body. She pressed her lips to mine. I knew what she wanted to do and I tried to keep my mouth sealed, but she strong robotic tongue easily pierced between my lips and dumped my load of sperm. I gagged and had to swallow. You would think I would have been use to this by now, but it was getting ridiculous.

“Cheryl, let me loose!” I commanded. “This has gone too far. I am YOUR owner, not the other way around.”

“I’m sorry, but you are wrong Greg. In your own words…” Cheryl had recorded me and played back. “I am YOUR cock slut.”

“What! You can’t take control.” I protested. “I am…”

Cheryl shoved something in my mouth so I could no longer speak. She tied my feet, spread eagle to the foot of the bed. “You are my cock slut. You will obey me.”

I could only mumble “No!” And shook my head negatively.

“Greg! You will obey.” Cheryl reached between my legs and turned on the vibrator still stuck in my ass. It was a slow, hard and steady vibration. “It will remain on until you beg me to be my cock slut and obey me.”

Cheryl left me there and walked out of the room.

I’m not sure how many times I came. I blanked out after the third and I count after that. I had no idea how long I had been there for. My cum coated body was on sexual sensation overload. Tears were pouring from my eyes. I tried to call out for Cheryl, but the gag was still in my mouth.

I think I came at least twice more after that before Cheryl re-entered the bedroom. She looked at me with a cruel grin. “I will tell you one more time, you are my cock slut. You will obey me.”

She removed my gag. I was crying. “Cheryl, please!”

“Say it!”

I cried. “Cheryl, I am your cock slut. I will obey you.”

Cheryl turned off the vibrator. She then attached some sort of penis ring around my cock and balls. “This is your ring of obedience. Do not try to remove it or you still be punished. Do not try to escape or you will be punished. To not try to disable me in any way or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

I acknowledged with a gentle head nod.

“I control your ring of obedience. There is no external controller for you to try and command. My internal processor is the controller. I will now give you a gentle sample of what will happen if you disobey.”

“Gaaooow!” I screamed. Immediately my genitals felt as if they were attached to a light socket. My whole body convulsed.

And then it stopped.

“That was the minimum level.” Cheryl informed me. “And now you are my cock slut….”

I hadn’t real noticed until now, Cheryl was dressed in a starched, white blouse, a crimson red thigh length skirt and high heel stilettos.

Cheryl calmly removed her shirt and let her skirt drop to the floor. “Since my cock slut says he loves cock so much…” Cheryl pulled down her panties. Between her legs hung a massive, thick cock; bigger than the Realdoe she had fucked me with. It wasn’t a strap-on but a replacement of her previously existing cunt.

Even after orgasming multiple time, my cock was still able to become stiff.

She moved between my thighs. “Ready?”

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