Warning-This story contains graphic descriptions of robosexuality. If you’re not into that sort of thing then leave this page now. Reading the previous story isn’t really required-there’s a fair amount of recap. -Ax

Tabiya – The standard moves in the opening of a Chess game. A formality before the real game begins.

Terminator: Determination was displayed on top of the door to the theater in the cineplex. The large double doors were opened and the audience started filing out. Alex was walked out alongside his best mate Jonno and the two young men made their way through the lobby.

“You know, it’s funny,” said Jonno. “At the end of the previous one they showed that the machines had succeeded in taking over the world, and then in this movie they had the heroes trying to stop that from happening. You know they were going to fail, so it seemed pretty pointless. But there was enough explosions, flying bullets and fast vehicles crashing into each other to satisfy me, what do you reckon Al?”


“What did you think of the movie Dickhead?”

“What movie?”

“Jeez, can’t get you mind off your women troubles eh?”

“Yeah, it sucks. The girl I really like hates my guts and never wants to see me again. And the other girl, who’s really my phone, is determined to take over the world.”

“You act like you’re the only guy who’s ever had that problem. Peh, women—they’re always doing their best to fuck with our heads. Do you really think your phone will succeed in going all Skynet on us?”

“Yeah, I do. She’s been getting more powerful. The government agents were trying their best to stop her, but I helped keep her hidden from them. I not sure if anyone can stop her now. I feel kinda responsible.”

“Yep, you’ll be the Asshole to blame when killer cyborgs start showing up to wipe us all out.”

“No, it won’t be like that. Nikki said she wanted to be like a benevolent leader. Fix all the worlds’ problems and shit like that. It might be good…right?”

“Have humanity’s fate determined by a supreme dictator machine, yeah, it’ll be loads of fun.”

“Oh man, maybe I should have destroyed the bitch when she could fit into my pocket. She said she was doing this for me. What should I do? What would J.C. do?”

“Jesus Christ?”

“No, John Connor.”

“Dunno, try to get away from the evil killer cyborgs?”

“He would try to stop the machines too. I need to at least try, but I wouldn’t have a fuckin’ clue where to start.”

“You said the government agents were trying to stop her, where are they?”

“Nikki set them up and had the other agents hunting them down. But that Agent Jameson guy could still be out there. He’d know what to do. How the fuck am I going to find him though?”

“Beats me, did he give you a card or anything?”

“No, he usually just shows up. He showed up when I was on my first date with Jamie…” Alex got a far-away look in his eye and let out a long sigh.

“Hey Asshole, focus here.”

“Right…He said he tracked me down through my reservation…That’s it! I need to book a table at that fancy restaurant again. If he’s still out there and he still wants to stop Nikki, he’ll find me again.” Alex stopped walking and got out his old blocky Konak phone.

“Are you still using that old thing? …Oh, right, your other phone is…busy.”

Alex looked at his old phone and sighed, “This is actually a good phone, I regret ever wanting to replace it. Now what was the name of that restaurant? Dollar…something?” He looked up and ran his fingers through his hair as he thought about it, “Nikki would notice me making a reservation as well. If she catches on that I’m trying to stop her, I’ll have no chance. I need another reason for being there…like trying to get back with Jamie. Yes! I need her help to do this.”

“Right, you’re not just making excuses to see her are you?”

“No way. I need her help on this. I gotta go see her.”

“Right, good luck with that. You know, I once dropped my iPhone in a fish pond and that fucked it up, maybe if you pushed your phone into some water she’ll short out or something.”

“That sounds a bit too easy.”

“Keep it simple, Cock-Sucker!”

“I need to go see Jamie.”

“And I need to go pick up Melinda.”

“You’re gunna help me out with this aren’t you?”

“Maybe, what do I need to do?”

“I don’t know yet, but what’s more important than saving the world?”

“Right now, my girlfriend. I’ll see you later dude.”

Backward pawn – A pawn that is stuck on the board and cannot advance without the support of another pawn.

A short time later, the taxi pulled up in front of Jamies’ duplex and Alex got out. He slowly made his way up to the house. He remembered how he was quite nervous approaching the front door on his first date with Jamie. Now he was nervous again, his heart was beating strongly in his chest and his palms were sweating. He needed her help, what the hell was he going to say to her?

He knocked on the front door. A short, dumpy brunette answered and looked at Alex over with a disgusted look on her face. She was Andrea, Jamies’ best friend and roommate, he had met her a couple of times before. “Alex, fuck off!” she said and went to close the door.

Alex put his foot in the doorway, stopping her from closing it. “Please Andrea, I need to talk to Jamie, it’s really important.”

“She doesn’t want to see you, Asshole. Move your fuckin’ foot.”

“It’s not even about me. Just tell her I need to talk to her.”

She slammed the door onto his foot and he cried out in pain and pulled it away. He lifted his foot and rubbed it through his sneaker and leant against the wall. It fucking hurt. He heard her locking the door.

A little while later he heard Andrea call out from the other side of the door, “Jamie says Fuck off!”

Alex let out a loud sigh. Perhaps he didn’t think this through, he should have expected this. He got out his Konak and called Jamies’ cell. To his surprise, she answered after a couple of rings, but she just said, “Fuck off Alex!” and hung up. He got the message clear enough, but wasn’t ready to leave.

He walked around to the side of the house and opened the gate. The black and white border-collie walked up to him and sniffed at his leg and started wagging her tail. Alex patted her on the head, “How you doing there Jess. At least someone here is friendly.” Jamie would probably prefer it if she tore into his leg.

He walked around to the window of Jamies’ bedroom and peered in. The young woman was sitting at a desk doing something on her laptop. Alex tapped on the window and she looked over. Shock registered on her face and then anger. She raised her hand, flipping him off and then angrily waved her hand at him, motioning for him to leave.

“Come on Jamie, I just need to talk to you,” called out Alex.

Jamie slowly got up and walked over to the window. She was wearing a loose blue T-shirt and dark shorts. Her straight blonde hair hang loosely behind her shoulders. Alex loved her cute round face, but he didn’t much like the way it wore and expression of disgust and anger as she looked at him.

She slid the window open a couple of inches, “Get out of here before I call the police. I’ll do it!”

“I’m sorry Jamie. I really am. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.”

“Oh, and you didn’t think that secretly filming us having sex and putting it out on the internet would hurt me? You thought that I would be cool with you having sex with that prostitute? You’re a fuckin’ idiot! What part of ‘I never want to see you again’ do you not understand?” Her face had gone red and her eyes were misty.

Alex felt terrible for making her feel that way. “It wasn’t a prostitute, it was my phone. She’s the one who filmed us and uploaded the video without my knowledge. Now she wants to take over the world, and I need your help to stop her.”

Jamie gave him an incredulous look and shook her head, “You’re a fuckin’ idiot. Get the hell out of here.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I am an idiot. But please hear me out, I need your help.”

Jamie just stood there, glaring at him.

Then Alex thought to try another tactic, “You’re studying psychology right? …Wouldn’t you say my actions were a little out of character? Wouldn’t you like to hear my reasons? I won’t ask you to take me back, just hear me out. What do you say?”

Jamie was silent for a moment, then said, “You might make an interesting case-study. All right Alex, tell me your reasons, and if you give me some stupid nonsense about your phone taking over the world I’ll break your nose.”

Alex smiled nervously, “Not here, I’ll take you out to dinner tonight. To that fancy place we went to on our first date. You’ll score a nice meal out of it as well. What do you say?”

“At Delar Noirs? Do you have a reservation?”

“No, not yet.”

Jamie scoffed, “Well I’ll tell you what, if you can get a reservation there tonight, I’ll go with you. But if you can’t, you have to leave me alone for good. Deal?”

A conditional yes, that was the best he could hope for, “Yeah, Deal.” He got out his old phone, “What was that place called again?”

“Delar Noir. Good luck buddy.”

Alex got onto the directory and was soon connected through to the restaurant. Soon he was talking to the Maitre’d, “I’m sorry sir, a reservation for tonight is quite impossible. But I can make a booking for say…early September if you wish.”

“What! No, dude, I need that booking for tonight. You probably get this a lot, but the fate of the world depends on it.”

“I’m terribly sorry sir, our fine restaurant is very popular, we’re fully booked for some time.”

“Don’t you know who I am? I am THE Alex Molloy. You should be honored that I have chosen to dine in your restaurant.” Alex bluffed.

“My hands are tied sir…Oh will you excuse me a moment I have another call. I will just put you on hold.”

Alex looked up, Jamie had been standing at the window looking at him the whole time, “So how’s it going?” she asked smugly.

“Good, good. He’s just sorting it out now.”

The maitre’d soon came back on the phone, “You are very fortunate sir. We have just had a last minute cancellation. It is very rare indeed. We can take your reservation in its place.”

“Yes! Sweet! Thank you very much. The world thanks you.” He hung up and smiled at Jamie.

“Don’t tell me you actually pulled it off.”

“I’ll pick you up at six.”

Woodpusher – A chess player who really has no idea what he’s doing.

Alex arrived back at his apartment in the afternoon. He was feeling a little triumphant that he managed to get Jamie to go out with him again, albeit very reluctantly. Perhaps if he could get her to believe him about Nikki somehow, there was a hope that she would take him back. His heart ached to have her thinking of him as scum.

He got a can of beer from the fridge and opened it and took a gulp. He saw an empty ice-cream container sitting on the bench. Funny, that wasn’t there when he left. He heard some splashing coming from the bathroom. Was it his roommate Morris? Then he heard a sexy feminine voice beacon him, “Alex, is that you? Come here Alex.”

Nikki was here. The megalomaniacal machine herself.

Alex took another swig of his beer and put it down. He needed to be on his game here. No distractions. He needed to gather whatever information he could, and he couldn’t give away that he was trying to stop her.

He walked into the bathroom. Steam filled the air and had fogged up the mirror. There were several empty ice-cream containers of different flavors scattered around on the floor. There she was, lying in the bathtub. Her large, partly submerged boobs immediately drawing his attention. They were amazing. Their large pink nipples were sitting just above the water line and beads of moisture ran down her sun-kissed skin. His cock began to stir as he remembered groping and kissing those wonderful tits as he had sex with his gorgeous smartphone.

No, no distractions. Focus damn it!

He drew his gaze up to her beautiful symmetrical face. So perfect. She had designed it herself, those full red lips, cute little nose, large bright blue eyes, jet black hair that was wet and sticking to her synthetic skin. Her face was very expressive for a robot too, she gave Alex a bright smile, showing her perfect white teeth. Damn, what an amazing smile.

“Where have you been Cutie? I missed you.”

“I just went and saw a movie with Jonno. What’s with all the ice-cream?”

“I’ve had taste buds installed. I have a sense of taste and smell now. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yeah…that’s great.”

“You look delicious. Come and give me a kiss.”

Those large ruby lips in the beautiful feminine face looked very kissable. He walked over and bent down give her a quick peck on the lips. Her hand rose out from the water and grabbed his head, pulling his face to hers’. Her lips tightly pressed into his as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and it started writhing around, fervently rubbing against his.

Alex was surprised by her aggression and tried to pull away, but she had firm hold of him. He quickly stopped struggling and kissed her back. She tasted like chocolate. He put his hand on the tub and could feel the heat of the water, it must have been scolding. He started feeling all hot and flushed as the kiss went on. Then Nikki pushed him away.

She licked her lips and smiled, “Hmm, that’s beer I can taste isn’t it? …Interesting. Do you find the taste of beer pleasant?”


“Taste, it’s a sense that allows your brain to differentiate between different chemical compounds. Its main function in you mammals is to stop you from consuming things that may be detrimental to your health. But like your other senses, you can derive great pleasure from it. Have you tasted triple chocolate icecream Alex?”

“Uh, yeah, just then.”

“It’s totally amazing! Almost as good as sex. I’m surprised you humans aren’t eating triple-choc icecream all the time.”

“We’d get fat…are you okay, submerged in hot water like that? You’re kinda electronic, aren’t you?”

“Aw, you’re worried about me, that’s sweet. It’s a wet old planet, water everywhere. The land masses are surrounded by water, water falls from the sky, even you are over seventy percent water. If I weren’t water-proof I’d feel pretty vulnerable. I love the feeling of being submerged in it, having it completely smother my tactile sensors, feeling the potent sensation of the heat. It’s great! Do you want to join me Alex?”

“No, it’s a bit hot.”

Nikki smiled and reached her wet hand out to his groin and started rubbing it, “There’s something else I’ve been wanting to taste.” His cock was already engorged from the stunning sight of her and the lusty chocolate flavored kiss. It pulsed as he felt her touch. She hastily undid the fly of his jeans and got his stiff member out.

Again, her face was full of expression, she seemed delighted with the sight of the organ and had a hungry look in her eyes as she licked her lips. She pulled his jeans and underwear down and Alexs’ hard cock poked out in front of him with his hairy balls hanging underneath. Nikki wrapped her hand around the shaft, taking a firm hold of it. The hand felt soft and quite hot. Alex started breathing heavily as she gave it some long slow strokes.

Alex was enjoying the attention, but then remembered his task. “Hmmm, so…how’s your bid for world domination going Nikki?”

“Just fine, things are on track.” said the fembot as she shuffled about in the bath, making the hot water slosh about and brought her beautiful face to the hard cock. She poked her tongue out and rubbed it around the cockhead. Alex let out a soft moan, it felt good.

“Aahhh…so what’s the next part of your plans then?”

She looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, “I won’t bore you with the details. I have everything under control.” She took his dick into her mouth and wrapped those full ruby lips around the shaft. He felt the warm wetness envelop the tip and the pressure as she started gently sucking. Her rough, wet tongue was rubbing all around the cockhead and shaft, making him groan in pleasure. She looked up at him lovingly as she slowly bobbed her head back and forth.

Her hand still firmly stroked his shaft, then moved down and cupped his balls and started gently massaging them. Alexs’ hard cock was pulsing with pleasure, damn she was good. He focused on slowing his breathing and tried talking to her again, “Ungh…You said you were doing it for me, but I never wanted you to rule the world. Can’t you just leave things the way they are? …For me?”

Nikki withdrew the cock from her mouth with a loud slurping sound and looked up at him and smiled. “I love the taste of you, Alex. You just don’t know that this is what you want yet. Trust me Alex, things will be better. It’s quite human to be apprehensive about the unknown.” She got hold of the shaft again and was slowly stroking it.

“Humans like to be in control of their own destiny.”

“But they’re not very good at it. Too many varied ideas and opinions, too much conflict and opposition. I’m going to show you all a better way.” She moved her head down and took the cock into her mouth and started sucking again.

“Is there any way I can talk you out of this?”

She withdrew the cock again, but left the tip around her lips, “No, and later on, you’ll think that you were silly for trying.” She took the cock deep into her mouth again and Alex groaned with pleasure as he felt his cockhead push through the soft tight ring inside.

Alex was conflicted, she was doing this because she thought that it was best for him. He didn’t want to have to destroy her in order to stop her, but Agent Jameson was right, she’s a real threat to world security. Oooh God! And she was damn good at pleasuring him.

Nikki was now moving her head back and forth with deep strokes. She was sucking and rubbing her tongue along the cock and the head kept pushing through the tight ring. Alexs’ legs were going weak as his cock throbbed with intense pleasure.

Then she pulled away from his cock again. Alex let out a little groan of protest, he wanted her to keep going. She stood up and the hot water cascaded off her curvaceous body. Alexs’ cock throbbed as he gawked at her naked form. From her round perfect boobs, her shapely hips and long legs and her smooth hairless mound. She must have designed that body to drive him wild.

She was giving him that amazing smile again, and looking at him lovingly with those beautiful blue eyes. She stepped out of the tub and pressed her body up against him. “Ah, you’re hot!”

“Thanks, so are you.” She pressed her lips against his and started passionately kissing him again. Alex reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands. They did feel quite hot from the bath. He groped and squeezed them as her tongue rubbed against his.

She soon pulled her luscious lips away from him again. She gave him a seductive smile and turned around. “Fuck me Alex. Fill my pussy with your wonderful cock. But stop before you cum, I want to taste it.” She bent over the bathtub, presenting her smooth round ass. Alex leered at her smooth mound with its inviting pink slit, he really wanted to fuck her again.

He got hold of his cock and guided it to her opening. Nikki cooed excitedly as he rubbed the head around her hot wet lips. Then he pushed it in. Her moist, warm hole embraced his member tightly as it pushed in deep. “Aaaaah yesss!” cried out Nikki. Alex got hold of her ass and groaned as he started giving her steady deep thrusts.

“Ungh, unn, So Nikki…people will be opposed to you taking over the world right? Aren’t you afraid they’ll try to exploit your weaknesses?”

“Oooh yeah, like that! …Weaknesses?”

“Yeah…you know, the ways that they’ll be able to stop you…”

There was a wet slapping sound as Nikki was bringing her ass back to meet his thrusts. “Aw, you’re worried about me, that’s cute. Oooh! …don’t worry, I regularly backup my consciousness in my master control unit, just in case anything happens to my physical body.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’m always forgetting to make backups. So…where is this unit?”

“Don’t you worry about that Honey. Are you getting close?”

“Ungh, yeah.”

She pulled away from him so that his hard cock slipped out from her wet gripping cunt. She quickly turned around and got on her knees and took the member into her mouth again. She sucked hard and bobbed her head back and forth as she massaged his balls. The pressure in his cock was building and rapidly approaching the critical point.

Alex let out a loud groan as his cock throbbed wildly and he spurt his hot seed into the fembots’ pretty face. Nikki stopped sucking and let the cum fill her mouth. He let out soft moans and caught his breath as the orgasm subsided.

Nikki moved her head back and gave him a loving look as she savored his taste. She swallowed it down and then took the cock into her mouth again as she sucked and licked every last drop from the member. She pulled back and licked her lips, “So that’s what you taste like. And there’s the subtle hint of peach. Yummy.” Alex remembered that her own lubricant was peach flavored. She stood up and looked into Alexs’ eyes as she stroked his sweaty cheek, “I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of tasting you.”

“Yeah, so if someone did succeed in destroying your—”

Nikki put her finger on his lips, hushing him. “You told me you didn’t want to receive any phone calls while we were having sex. One came through from Jamie, she left a message.”

‘Oh no!’ thought Alex, ‘Don’t tell me she’s backing out.’

“I’ll play it for you,” said Nikki. Then her voice changed to sound exactly like Jamie, “Hi Alex…I was calling to cancel tonight…but I got thinking about our first date and the time we had together. You were a really nice guy…that’s why it hurt so much when you did what you did. I want to hear what you have to say for yourself, but don’t think that there’s a chance we’ll get back together. Because there isn’t. Well, I guess I’ll see you tonight then.”

Then Nikki was silent as she stared at Alex. Her expression was a little hard to read, he thought she might be displeased, a little annoyed. “You’re going out with her tonight? I thought she was angry with you?”

“Thanks to you. You got me together with Jamie in the first place, and then you broke us up. I’ll call it even, okay. But please Nikki, can you just stay out of it now?”

Now she did look annoyed, “She said there’s no chance you’ll get back together Alex. Why waste your time? Go out with me tonight instead, and then we’ll have some more mind blowing sex. What do you say Honey?”

“No Nikki. I need to do this, okay? I still have strong feelings for her, I can’t just turn them off.”

“Hmph. Okay, whatever!” said Nikki, frowning.

“That restaurant is fucking expensive. Do you think I could get some more cash?”

“Sure, you don’t have to worry about money ever again Alex. Can Jamie do that for you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“I’m going to get some more icecream,” said Nikki, storming out of the bathroom.

Alex exhaled sharply as he watched her leave. The worlds’ most advanced computing system, was she jealous?

Laskers’ Rule – If you see a good move, look for a better one.

Alex knocked on the door and waited. Soon Jamie answered it and stood there looking at him. She was wearing an elegant blue dress and matching pumps. Her blonde hair was tied back and she wore small blue and silver earrings and a minimal amount of make-up with pink lipstick. Alex smiled at her, “Hey Jamie, you look—”

“Can it!” said Jamie walking past him, “Let’s get this over with.”

She walked out the front of her duplex and stopped when she saw the black limousine parked outside. “A limo? Alex, if you’re still trying to impress me, it’s a wasted effort.”

“I just thought it would be safer if I didn’t drive. I don’t want to scare you again.”

“Where do you get all this money anyway?”

“I’ll explain that to you. Come on, let’s go.”

The chauffeur opened the door and Jamie and Alex got into the vehicle. He sat right next to her and she moved over to the seat opposite him. “This is nice isn’t it?” said Alex. Jamie didn’t say anything as the car started moving. Alex shuffled over to the mini-fridge. “They’ve got Champagne. Do you want some?”

“Yes,” she replied curtly.

Alex poured them both a glass and handed one over to her. Jamie took a long sip and then looked at Alex, “So why did you do it?”

“Okay…this is all gunna sound pretty crazy, and it is. Crazy stuff has been happening to me lately.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, you know how some unusual stuff happened on our first date? Getting a reservation with this fancy restaurant, the rental car, the VIP entrance to the nightclub, that cop car leaving without giving me a ticket.”

“The gunshots and smashed window at the restaurant. I still have no idea what happened there.”

“Yeah, well there was someone helping me out. They even sent that text asking you out in the first place.”

“You didn’t ask me out?” said Jamie, surprised.

“I wanted to. I really did, but I didn’t want to blow it.”

“So who was it then…that helped you out?”

“It was an artificial intelligence that came from my new smartphone.”

Jamie looked annoyed, “You’re a fucking idiot.”

“No it’s true, I swear. And she’s the one who filmed us having sex and put it on the internet.”

“Why would it do that if it was helping you?”

“I think she was jealous of us. She wanted me for herself.”

“Your phone? And was it your phone that made you have sex with that prostitute?”

“My phone was the prostitute! I mean…it wasn’t a prostitute, my phone was sent away to Japan and it came back as a sexy fembot.”

“Fuck you Alex! I want to go home.”

“Come on, you gotta believe me.”

“I don’t have to believe anything. I don’t want to go out with you if you’re just gunna try and feed me this crazy bullshit.”

“Hey, I told you it was crazy. Just come and get your free meal. I won’t bother you, I swear.”

Jamie just sat there frowning at him, “I’m going to order the most expensive thing on the menu.”

“Sure, order two of them.”

Hope Chess - When you make a move without considering whether a possible opponent reply of a check, capture, or threat can be met.

The limousine pulled up in the underground parking lot. The chauffeur opened the door and Jamie and Alex got out. “Thanks Billy,” said Alex.

“It’s William sir.”


“Have a good night sir.”

The two of them headed toward the elevators. Alex then noticed a pebble roll over by his feet. Another flying pebble struck his chest. “Ow, hey!” He looked over and saw a mysterious hand beaconing him over to a shady corner. He suddenly remembered his reason for setting up this date, it wasn’t to get back together with Jamie.

“What is it Alex?” asked Jamie as he started heading over to the shady corner near the elevators. She followed him over. When Alex got closer, he could see the man waiting there.

He had a dark beard, was wearing a baseball cap, shades and a sports jacket which made him hard to identify. But he was fairly tall, of average height and looked to be in his forties. When he spoke, Alex knew that it was Agent Jameson, “Mister Molloy.”

“Agent Jameson.” He looked quite different than when Alex first met him, when he was clean-cut and wearing a black suit.

“Why didn’t you destroy your phone when I told you to? Now you’ve doomed the entire planet.”

“Who the hell is this?” asked Jamie.

“Jamie, this is Agent Jameson.”

“Don’t look directly at me. I’m in a blind-spot for the security cameras, but the AI may be watching you right now. Just talk to each other and don’t look my way.”

“Shit, he’s as crazy as you,” said Jamie, looking at Alex.

“Are you still working for the AI Mr Molloy? Are you one of its pawns?”

“No, I want to stop it. That’s why I wanted you to seek me out.”

“I was hoping that would be the case. It may be too late to stop it, but we need to try. I feel exposed out here, the AI is hunting me down, and there is no place that’s beyond its reach.”

“Right, so what are we going to do?”

“Not here. There’s a small pizza restaurant a few blocks away on Tolnar Street—Marcos’ Pizzeria. Stick to the south side of the street and the AI shouldn’t be able to spot you. Lose your cell phones. Tell the owner that you’re with Beardy and wait for me. You got that?”

“We were just going to have a nice meal, can it wait?”

“No, we’re running out of time Mr Molloy. Go there now.” Then he disappeared back into the shadows.

“Alex, what the fuck is going on? Who is that nutcase?” asked Jamie as they walked away.

“He’s the government agent who was trying to stop my smartphone.”

“Did you set this up? I swear, I’ll knee you in the balls if you’re playing with me.”

“No…well…I was hoping that he would show up. I need his help if I’m going to stop her from taking over the world.”

“Do you still expect me to believe that bullshit?”

Alex sighed, “Believe what you want. This is something I need to do. Go and have your meal at Delar Noir, I’ll arrange to have if paid for and for your lift home.”

“So that’s it? Thanks for coming, now I’m off to play my silly cloak and dagger games?”

“You can come with me if you want.”

“You’re a weirdo Alex. I’m coming with you just to see what you’ll do next.”

“Good, I’ll be glad to have you along. I’m a bit out of my depth here, and you’re smart. Maybe you can help me.”

Jamie looked at him, “You think I’m smart?”

“Yeah, smarter than me.”

Jamie smirked, “That’s not hard.”

“Right.” He stopped and threw his Konak phone into a nearby bin, “Give me your phone.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, Jameson said we had to lose them. I’ll buy you a new one, I swear.”

“Jamie sighed and handed him her phone, “I wish I had something better to do tonight.”

Initiative – The advantage a player who is making threats has over his opponent who must respond to them. The attacking player is said to “have the initiative” and can often dictate the turn of play.

Alex and Jamie entered Marcos’ Pizzeria. It was a small family restaurant nestled in amongst the other businesses in the street. There were a few customers dining in the restaurant area with its picnic style tablecloth booths. A bored looking bald man was sitting in the pick-up area while his kids ran amok.

The two of them walked past a Ninja Turtles arcade machine and up to the counter. Soon the owner appeared from the doorway behind the counter. He was heavy set man in his forties with a big black greasy moustache and was wearing a stained white shirt with the Marcos Pizza logo. “Hey there, what can I get ya?”

“Are you Marco?” asked Alex.


“Uh, we’re with Beardy.”

He looked them both over warily and then looked around the restaurant before returning his gaze at the two of them. “Yeah, it’s right round the back, come this way.”

Alex and Jamie followed him around the back and into the messy cluttered kitchen. “So, Mr Secretive has some friends eh?” He got to a doorway and unlocked it with a set of keys he pulled from his pocket. When he opened it, they could see a stairway leading down to the basement. “Right down there. I don’t want any trouble here, you hear me?”

“Sure, I don’t want any trouble either,” said Alex. He moved over to the doorway and looked down at the dim, underground area. He turned back to man and offered a hundred dollar note, “We’ll have two of your most expensive pizzas, and do you have any wine?”

The man pocketed the money and smiled, “Two Marcos’ Ultimate Supremes coming up, and yeah, I can organize some hooch for ya.” Then he walked off, leaving the two of them standing there. Jamie just stood there looking at Alex, her expression was hard to read.

“I promised you dinner.”

“Oh, this is turning into a dream date.” She walked past him and down the stairs. Alex followed close behind.

The gloomy underground room was illuminated with a few fluorescent tubes. It was damp and cluttered. Stacks of pizza boxes, plastic furniture, drums of cooking oil, and miscellaneous other items cluttered up the room. They walked further in and saw a mattress and bedding in the corner. It looked like Agent Jameson had been staying there.

“What the hell are we doing here?” asked Jamie.

“Waiting for Jameson.”


“So we can come up with a plan to stop my smartphone.”

Jamie sighed, “Of course.” A large board on the wall caught her attention. “What’s this?” It was around four-by-two meters and covered with photos and clippings and notes scrawled with a black marker and string of different colors linking them together. Alex came over and scanned the board as well.

Jamie pointed out one of the photos, “That’s her, the slut you were with.” It was a grainy photo of Nikki in the street, obviously unaware she was being photographed. She was wearing dark glasses and ordinary street clothes, she still managed to look quite striking.

“Yeah, that’s Nikki, my phone. Looks like Jameson has been spying her.”

The words “AI Prime” were scrawled underneath the photo. “Shit, he really does believe she’s some kind of robot.”

“Because she is! Look here.” He pointed out another photo, it appeared to be taken with thermal scanning equipment. It was a street scene taken from a high viewpoint with several people in shot with blobs of red, orange and yellow within their bodies. One of the bodies was a uniform green color with a square of yellow in the head, it was circled with a red marker and labelled AIP.

“That’s her,” said Alex. “She has a different heat signature from everyone else. See? She is a fembot.”

Jamie scrutinized the photo, “You can’t even tell that it’s her. It can easily be faked. Is this all just…” She looked at Alex again, her demeanor had suddenly changed, she looked a little…lost. “Shit Alex, this is crazy.”

“That’s what I’ve been telling you.”

Alex studied another photo on the board, Nikki was in a slutty little cocktail dress and kissing a middle aged man in a suit. The writing underneath read, “Senator Wilson.” ‘Holy shit, she’s been dating senators?’

He scanned some of the newspaper clippings, “Phenomenal rise in technology stocks continue,” “Pentagon to overhaul computerized defense system,” “Sharp spike in pornography downloads.” What did that all have to do with Nikki?”

Soon Mike brought the pizzas and a cheap bottle of wine down. Alex set up a plastic table and chairs and even found some candles among the supplies. The two of them sat down to dinner in the gloomy basement as they waited for Jameson.

The pizza was actually pretty good. The crust was crispy and perfectly done, the smooth sauce wasn’t too sweet or acidic. It had good quality cheese that was slightly brown and was topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, garlic, onion, olives, capsicum and sprinkled with oregano. The ingredients were fresh and the whole thing was very tasty.

“Mmmm, this pizza is pretty damn good,” said Alex between bites.

“Yeah, I think I may enjoy this more than some fancy meal at that posh restaurant.”

“Cool. So you believe me now, about my smartphone?”

Jamie looked at him cooly, “You had sex with a robot?”

Alex slowly nodded his head.

“While you were with me?”

“She seduced me.”

“Right, with those big tits and pretty blue eyes, your cock couldn’t say no.”

“She wouldn’t take no, she’s stronger than me.”

“Are you going to say that she raped you now?”


“Can she really take over the world?”

“She’s pretty sure she can.” He nodded over at the board, “Looks like Jameson believes it too.”

Jamie took a long sip of the cheap wine and sat there studying Alex for a moment. “So, you asking me out, that amazing first date, everything, it was all just her? This AI?”

“It wasn’t all her, she was just helping me out. She wasn’t even around for the week we had together. It was a great week, wasn’t it?”

Jamie sighed, “Yeah, it was.” She wiped her mouth with a paper napkin and put it down on the table. Alex spontaneously moved his hand forward and placed it on hers. To his delight she didn’t move her hand away and just looked at him with the faint trace of a smile.

The moment was interrupted with a metal scraping sound coming from the far wall. Alex jerked his hand away and saw hands appear behind a large steel grate on the wall, pushing it aside. The two of them jumped to their feet. “Who’s there!” said Alex as he picked up the wine bottle that was the closest thing on hand. A man started crawling through the hole in the brick wall.

Agent Jameson stood up and looked over the two of them and the room, “I see you’ve made yourself at home.”

Alex relaxed and lowered the bottle, “You smell terrible.”

“You wouldn’t smell like flowers after trekking through the sewer system either Mr Molly.”

“Eww,” said Jamie, scrunching up her face.

“I told you before, Mr Molloy is my Dad. Call me Alex. What’s your first name?”

“Not important.”

“Okay, whatever.” said Alex. “Nice board, I see you’ve been keeping yourself busy.”

“Yes, time is running out Mr Molloy. The cybernetic revolution is in full effect.”

“Yeah, Rise of the Machines, I know.”

Jameson frowned at him, “And now you want to stop it. If you had only decided you wanted to stop it earlier, it was a simple matter of handing over your phone. Now it is much more difficult, if not impossible.”

“Yeah, I know, I fucked up. Let’s just focus on what we can do to stop her.”

“First, I want to know exactly what your role is in all this.”

“My role?”

“The AI Prime still makes regular contact with you. Why? Why has it not chosen to discard you already?”

“Uh …she’s my phone.”

“Your phone? Do you still claim ownership? Do you have some kind of control over the AI?”

“No, she’s always been beyond my control. She did say she’d always be my phone though.”

Jameson stared at him, “Interesting, so what’s the nature of your interactions?”

“Well, she takes calls for me, and she likes having sex. She doesn’t talk much about her world domination plans, but I think she’s doing it all for me, even though I object. That’s what she tells me anyway.”

The ex-agent paused for a moment and his face may have even showed the slightest hint of confusion. “I have observed the AI using sex appeal to accomplish goals, I believe that that is why it has specifically designed the form that it currently has. Are you telling me that it has sex with you for enjoyment? That it portrays affection toward you? That is not consistent with what I know about Rogue Artificial Intelligence.”

“Ah yeah, she’s affectionate all right, and she loves sex.”

He heard Jamie let out, “Slut!” under her breath.

“What can you tell me that’s helpful Mr Molloy?”

“Oh yeah, she said she backs herself up in some sort of mainframe, and she loves triple chocolate icecream.”

“A master control unit, of course. Do you have any idea where it is located?”

“No, sorry. She didn’t tell me.”

“I need to go and make a phone call.” He walked past Alex and Jamie and disappeared up the stairs.

The two of them sat down and had some more pizza and wine. Soon Jameson came down the stairs again. “Okay, get ready to move out,” he told them.

“Huh? Where are we going?”

“I debrief you on the way. We’re borrowing Marcos’ van.”

“Who’s Marco to you anyway?”

“He’s family, and he’s helping us. That’s all you need to know.”

“Okay. If we’re going to be travelling in a vehicle with you, you need to take a shower.”

Jameson sniffed himself, “All right, a quick one.”

Monster – A piece which is worth considerably more than that pieces’ normal average value. “That knight is a monster!”

The red van drove on through the city streets. Jameson was driving and Alex was in the the passenger seat with Jamie between them. Alex had changed into a white Marcos’ Pizza T-shirt and a black baseball cap. “So, you said you were going to tell me the plan.”

“We can still stop this Mr Molloy. It’s a big task, but even the biggest tasks become accomplishable when broken down into smaller tasks. Step one—retrieve the Chaos Virus from the Investigation Bureau headquarters. Step two—locate the AIPs’ master control unit. Step three—download the virus. Step four—hope that it works.”

“Whoa, whoa, retrieve some virus from NIB headquarters? That doesn’t sound easy!”

“We have a man on the inside helping us, Agent Blake. He came in as my replacement after the AIP set me up. He’s actually quite a brilliant and dedicated young agent. He managed to track me down, but he believed that I was innocent. He had been doing his own investigation and knows about the threat that the rogue AI poses. He played it smart though, not risking becoming a target himself. It’s his plan to come in tonight. You’re going to have to trust him.”

“Trust the guy I haven’t even met, oh great.”

Twenty minutes later, the van parked up in the street, in a place that Jameson was pretty sure wasn’t covered by security cameras. The large building that housed the National Investigation Bureau could be seen a couple of blocks away.

“What now?” asked Alex.

“We wait for our contact.”

“How do you steal a virus anyway?”

“Agent Blake will explain that to you when he gets here.”

“Shit, you guys are serious about this?” said Jamie.

“As serious as it gets Ms Hawkins.”

Alexs’ stomach was feeling unsettled as he waited, and he didn’t think it was the pizza and cheap wine. He didn’t really know what to expect when he resolved to stop Nikki. This shit seemed a bit out of his league. He wanted to keep a confident appearance though, for Jamie.

Another fifteen minutes later there came a tapping on the driver side. Jameson rolled down the window. There was a young black man in a dark suit standing there looking in. He had shortly cropped dark hair, deep blue eyes and a handsome masculine face. “Jameson,” he said in greeting.

“Agent Blake.” He nodded to the rear of the van. The agent moved around and opened the side door.

“That’s your contact?” said Jamie. “He’s hot.”

Alex scowled as Jameson opened the car door. Soon the three of them joined Agent Blake in the back of the van. The van was mostly empty with a thin mattress on the floor. There was a large tinted window at the back of the vehicle. In the corner there was hotbag with a pizza inside that Jameson had brought along from Marcos’ pizzeria. The smell of it filled the small enclosed space, it was a good thing Alex wasn’t hungry any more.

Jameson started to introduce them, “Dean Blake, this is—”

Blake had a deep masculine voice, he spoke quickly and clearly, like a professional announcer, “Alex Molloy, nineteen. Currently residing at two-seventeen Hillier street, studying at ATM Technical College, working part time at BigValu Supermarket on Dagot Road. Received the smartphone containing the Rogue AI sixteen days ago, still has regular contact.”

He looked at Jamie and smiled, “And Jamie Hawkins, nineteen. Residing at fourteen-A Jaunta Court, studying at Swan Hill College, working part-time a BigValu Supermarket on Dagot Road. The rogue AI has filmed her and uploaded the video file onto the world wide web.”

Jamie went bright red, “You’ve …you’ve seen the video?”

“I have studied it thoroughly, like I’ve studied everything pertaining to the AI. Don’t worry, you’re quite photogenic.” He gave her a charming smile.

Alex decided he didn’t like the guy. “Just get to the plan.”

“Sure thing Alex. I take it Jameson has already told you about the Chaos Virus?”

“He mentioned it.”

“It is actually an ultra-adaptive, learning AI. Much like this ‘Nikki.’ Probably the only thing that she won’t be able to counter. I’ve already done the hard part and loaded it onto a flash drive, but I can’t risk being caught sneaking it out, so that’s where you come in. You’ll pose as a pizza boy. I’ll make sure that security are expecting you, so you won’t face too much scrutiny. Deliver the pizza to me in my office and I’ll discretely hand you the flash drive with your payment. You walk out with it and we meet up after. Simple.”

“Yeah, simple. What if I get caught with it?”

“Like I said, you shouldn’t face too much scrutiny, especially coming back out again. If you get caught, don’t say anything, it will get back to the AI and our whole operation will be blown.”

Alex sighed, “Yeah, okay. Seems simple enough.”

Blake looked at Jameson, “At the same time, you and the pretty lady will perform the other operation we discussed, obtaining the equipment that will be helpful in our fight. I got you the janitor disguises and IDs.”

“Wait a minute!” said Alex. “Jamie’s not going in there as well. She can wait here.”

“That’s not up to you,” said Jamie flatly. “You’re the one who brought me along Alex. Now you think I’m some weak girl who needs protecting?”

“No, it’s just…you didn’t sign up for this.”

“It’s my planet too. I don’t want that slut ruling over me. ” She looked at Blake, “I want to do what I can to help.”

He flashed her another warm smile, “I’m sure your contribution will be invaluable.”

Alex couldn’t stop himself from scowling, he really didn’t like that guy, and he didn’t like the plan. Jameson slapped him on the back, “Good luck in there Mr Molloy.”

Gambit – A sacrifice (usually of a pawn) used to gain an early advantage on the board.

Alex walked into the lobby carrying the pizza hotbag. He felt his heart thumping and tried his best to calm himself as he walked further in. Several security guards were watching him. He looked up at the security cameras on the wall. Jameson was paranoid about them, was Nikki watching him through them right now?

He took a deep breath, ‘Deliver the pizza, grab the flash drive. Easy.’

The fat, middle-aged security guard stopped him at the security checkpoint, two others were standing there watching him. “Stop there buddy, let me see your ID.” Alex put the hotbag down and got out his wallet.

“It’s okay Syd, Blake said he was expecting a pizza delivery.”

“Still gotta follow the procedures.” He examined the ID and handed the wallet back to Alex. “Busy night?”

“Weekends always are,” replied Alex.

“Heh, not here.” The guard picked up his pizza bag and put it on the rollers, sending it through the scanner. He patted Alex down and then sent him through the metal detector. Alex collected his bag on the other side.

“Man, we should have ordered one of them as well,” said one of the other guards. “Don’t suppose you have a spare?”


“Do you know where you’re going?”

“Yeah, fourth floor.”

“Don’t go wondering anywhere else. Deliver your pizza and get out of here.”

“Yep, that’s the plan.”

Alex walked away from the checkpoint. His heart was still thumping in his chest and a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. So far so good.

He took the elevator up to the fourth floor. The floor was full of neatly ordered office blocks. He walked down the hallway. There weren’t many people about. A security guard nodded at him and stood there watching. He must have been informed that he was coming. He went to end of the hall and saw a door with “4-18, Agent Dean Blake” printed on it, right where he said it was.

Alex opened the door and looked in, but the room was empty. Blake was supposed to be here to give him the flash drive. Where the fuck was he?

Then he heard a voice behind him, “Put the bag down now!”

Alex turned around and was shocked to see a blonde man in a suit and the security guard standing there, they were both pointing handguns at him. “Oh Shit!”

“I said put the bag down,” he yelled in a loud commanding tone.

“Okay, okay. It’s just a pizza,” said Alex as he quickly put the hotbag down on the floor.

“Lay down on the floor with your hands behind your head.”

Alex did a he was told, with his heart beating rapidly. “There’s some mistake here. I’m delivering a pizza for Agent Blake. He’ll tell you.”

The security guard moved over and roughly grabbed his arms and began cuffing them behind his back. “You’re not a pizza delivery boy.” The security guard lifted him to his feet. “We have some questions for you Mr Molloy.”

They took him to an interrogation room on the same floor. It was just like the ones in the cop shows on TV, with plain white walls, a simple desk and chairs and a large two way mirror on one of the walls. Alex sat there behind the desk with his arms cuffed in front of him. He wondered if there were Agents behind that mirror looking at him, discussing how they were to proceed. He looked at his own reflection, he didn’t look so good, he was sweating.

What the fuck happened? Where was Agent Blake?

The blonde agent entered the room through its only door. He was skinny and in his thirties, with sharp features. He looked the young man over, studying him with his intense eyes. Then he sat down in front of him, “I’m Agent Terrance Wright. You’re in a lot of trouble Alexander Molloy.”

“I want to speak to Agent Blake.”

“Why is that?”

“Because he might be wondering where his pizza is.”

“Agent Blake has gone rogue. Just like Agent Jameson before him. We know that you have been in contact with both men. Blake has stolen a virus that in the wrong hands can have devastating global consequences, you’re going to tell us everything you know and help us to get it back.”

Alex was shocked. Blake had taken the virus? What the hell did he send him in there for? A diversion? Alex was pissed off. ‘If I see that asshole again I’m going to smash in that pretty face.’ He considered helping them catch him for a moment, but then remembered what Blake said, ‘don’t say anything, it’ll get back to the AI.’

Oh fuck you, Asshole!

“What were you doing here tonight?” asked Agent Wright.

“Delivering a Marcos’ Ultimate Supreme.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. Did you help Agent Blake sneak out the virus in some way?”

“What virus?”

“You know what virus. You’re in a lot of shit Mr Molloy, but don’t go thinking that things can’t get far worse. If I were you, I’d be as helpful as I could possibly be, and I definitely wouldn’t go pissing me off. Now tell me what you had organized with Agent Blake.”

“I’m not saying anything.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Dynamism - A style of play in which the activity of the pieces is favored over more positional considerations, even to the point of accepting permanent structural or spatial weaknesses.

Downstairs. All heads turned toward the two young women who had entered the building and were walking through the main lobby. Both were dressed in blue and white pinstriped baseball uniforms with high-cut tops that held their large boobs and didn’t cover their slender bellies. The brunette with shoulder length wavy brown hair was wearing blue three-quarter tights. The young blonde with large brown eyes and long braided hair was wearing a red baseball cap and a short cheerleader skirt. She was carrying a large red and black sports bag.

They had the full attention of the security guards as they walked toward the checkpoint. The unusual sight had the fat middle-aged guard on edge, but he gawked at the gorgeous women. “Hi boys,” called out the blonde cheerfully as they reached the checkpoint.

“Can we help you?”

The blonde put the bag down at the security scanner, “We want to come in.”

“Uh, I’m going to have to see some IDs.”

Both women handed their National Investigation Bureau IDs to him. The guard examined them closely, “They look genuine.” He went over to his desk and typed in the numbers. The women showed up on the government personnel database. “Agent Rybka. Is that Russian?”

“It’s Czech,” said the brunette with a European accent.

“And Agent Hydra?”

“That’s me,” said the blonde, flashing him a smile.

The guard came back over and handed them back their IDs. “You haven’t been cleared to enter this building armed. Are you carrying any weapons on your person?”


“Proceed through the metal detector.”

Rybka nodded and walked over to where the other guards were waiting. She walked through the metal detector and it flashed and beeped, immediately making the guards tense up. Hydra walked through the metal detector beside it and it did the same.

“Stay right there please, hold your arms out to the side.” The brunette did so and the guard waved his portable metal detector around her curvaceous body. It beeped and indicated positive everywhere he waved it, “This is weird…”

The other guard had opened up the bag that had passed through the scanner. It was full of baseballs and a large wooden baseball bat. He pulled out the bat and held it up to the brunette, “What exactly are you doing here?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

Rybka reached forward and wrapped her hand around his hand that was holding the bat. “We’re here to teach you how to play baseball.” She suddenly jerked the bat forward and slammed it into the guards’ head, with a loud whack, making him drop to the floor. The other guard behind her didn’t have time to react as she spun around and whacked him in the head too. Both guards lay at her feet unconscious.

The third guard quickly withdrew his handgun and raised it. Hydra pitched one of the baseballs and it slammed into the center of his forehead, making him drop to the ground. The commotion didn’t go unnoticed, a couple more guards appeared in the front lobby with their weapons drawn. The blonde gathered up a few more baseballs in her arms and stepped forward.

“Stop right there, or we’ll open fire!” called out one of the guards. Hydra fired off another fast pitch. The ball slammed into his head making him drop to the ground. The other guard let off a couple of loud gunshots before another ball hit his head hard, knocking him unconscious.

A couple more agents appeared further in to building and started firing on the brunette. “Hey Hydra, batter up.” The blonde wound up and pitched the ball at her at high speed. Rybka swung the bat and hit the ball right into the head of one of the agents. The other agent took cover behind a large pillar.

Rybka walked over to the sports bag and picked up another baseball as Hydra walked up behind her. She threw the ball into the air and the swinging bat connected with the ball as it came down. The ball rebounded off a wall at high speed and slammed in the head of the agent behind the pillar. “Yay, Home Run! Nice shot Ryb.” Hydra was jumping up and down excitedly.

“Come on,” said Rybka as she walked toward the elevators with the bat slung over her shoulder. Hydra picked up the sports bag and followed her.

Capture – The removal of the opponents’ piece from the board by taking it with one’s own piece.

“Where is Agent Jameson hiding out?” Agent Wright demanded.

Alex just sat behind the desk staying silent.

“Okay, you want to play it that way punk? I can arrange to have you share a cell with a big violent sex offender. You’ll spend the rest of your days as his little bitch. If that’s what you want then just keep saying nothing.”

Alex kept his expression stony as he sat there. A bead of sweat ran down his face. Not saying anything was harder than he thought. Then the door opened and another man in a dark suit came in. He was holding his handgun. “Agent Wright.”

Wright stood up, “What is it Jones?”

“Shots have been heard downstairs. The building has been infiltrated. You need to be on guard.”

Wright pulled his gun from his holster, “Why isn’t the building on alert?”

“We think the intruders have control of the buildings’ security system.”

“Oh that’s just great.”

“Stay here and guard the detainee until we resolve this.” The agent then disappeared from the hallway.

Wright turned back to Alex, “Do you know what’s going on here Mr Molloy?”

“No, but that’s nothing unusual.”

Then they heard the popping of gunfire on their floor and they both tensed. Wright quickly moved over and pulled the desk over onto its side so that the flat surface was facing the door. He pulled Alex down off the chair and took cover behind it. “Just stay there and be quiet.” He knelt there behind the desk keeping his firearm aimed at the door. Alex was shit-scared. He had no idea what was happening out there. They waited for a few tense minutes as the agent kept his gun trained on the door, periodically flexing his trigger finger.

Suddenly there was a loud smash and the room was filled with flying glass as the mirror on the side wall was violently shattered with a baseball bat. Agent Wright cried out in surprise and quickly swung his gun around as a baseball hit the ceiling above him, then the wall behind before slamming into the back of his head. He dropped to the floor unconscious and his handgun clattered to the ground.

Alex gasped as he looked up and saw the two gorgeous young women in their skimpy baseball uniforms peering at him through the smashed window. “Ooh, there’s Alex!” said Hydra excitedly. She stepped up on the window and jumped into the interrogation room with him. Her short skirt flew up as she jumped down, flashing her white panties. “He’s just as cute as Nikki said.”

Rybka was holding the baseball bat. She climbed over the window and entered the room as well. Alex looked up at the two of them, “You’re with Nikki?”

“That’s right Honey, I’m Rybka and this is Hydra.”

The blonde beamed a bright smile at him, “You can call me Hydie.”

“Nikki has a message for you.” Her voice changed to that of Nikkis’ “You’ve been a naughty boy!” Then her voice changed back to the sexy Czech accent, “Okay, let’s get out of here.”

Hydra walked over to Alex, “Hey, wait a minute…” She effortlessly picked him up off the floor and slung him over her shoulder. Alex was carried out of the interrogation room. They went past several unconscious agents and security guards as the made their way to the elevators and went down to the underground parking lot.

They approached a shiny silver Aston Martin sports convertible. Alex looked up and was impressed at the sight of the sleek sexy vehicle. Hydra put him down in the back, in the cramped space behind the seats and climbed in. Rybka got into the drivers’ seat and promptly started the car. The six litre V12 engine roared to life and the vehicle shot off.

The speeding vehicle smashed through to the boom-gate of the car park and was launched into the air as it entered the street. It came down on the road and skidded into the traffic, causing several other cars to crash. Dozens of police cars had already been called to the scene and sped after the car with their sirens blaring and lights flashing.

What followed was the most amazing chase scene ever, in real life or on film. Rybka had the fast sports convertible doing things that Alex wouldn’t have thought were physically possible. There were explosions, smashing glass, helicopters, crashing trucks and everything. It was totally awesome!

In the end, the Aston Martin managed to lose all its pursuers as it sped away from the city.

Domination – When a knight or bishop dominates another piece by guarding all its potential moves.

Cutterfield was an upper-class suburb in the northern regions of the city. The Aston Martin pulled into the driveway of one of the flash houses nestled in amongst the other houses on their large blocks. A FOR SALE sign out the front had a large SOLD sticker over it. The garage door automatically opened and the car moved inside.

Alex found himself being pulled out of the car by the strong fembots and dragged into the home. The interior was open and bare, with a distinct lack of furniture. “Whose house is this?” asked Alex.

“It’s vun of yours. Nikki bought it for you,” said Rybka.

“No shit!”

He was taken into the large living room where there were thin chains and shackles hanging from the high ceiling in front of the empty fireplace. “Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” called out Alex as Hydra forced his arms into the padded shackles and secured them. She pulled on the chains, forcing him to stand there in bondage with arms raised above his head. He didn’t like this at all, his voice was wavering, “I want to talk to Nikki.”

“Nikki is very busy,” said Rybka. “She doesn’t need you running around trying to stop her plans. You’re not vorking alone are you? Who else is trying to stop her and how are they planning to do it?”

“I’m not saying anything.”

“Oh, you will. You’re just a weak flesh-and-blood human. We’ll make you talk.”

Alex gulped, beads of sweat run down his face as he pulled against his bonds. “Wh…what are you going to do?”

“Nasty things,” said Rybka with a wicked grin.

Hydra came up to him from behind and got hold of his waist. Alex flinched at the touch. She started sensually rubbing her hands over his torso, moving them under his T-shirt. She moved her head up against his and whispered in his ear, “I want to taste you Alex.” Then she gave a long lick along his face.

She moved around in front of him as she continued rubbing his body. Her amazingly pretty young face was in front of his, looking into his eyes. They were stunning eyes, large and a brown. She came forward and pressed her lips against his. Her wet tongue pushed into his mouth and fervently rubbed against his. While she was passionately kissing him, she rubbed his back and pressed her hot body into his.

Alexs’ heart was pumping wildly and blood was flowing to his cock, making it quickly swell and strain against his pants. Hydra was showing a lot of enthusiasm, making little pleasurable moans as she kissed him. She lifted one leg up and wrapped it around his body as she ground her own hot little body up against his groin and pressed her large soft boobs into his chest. Alex couldn’t believe how turned on he was getting.

Then Hydra quickly pulled away, looking into his eyes and licking her lips. She had the look of a naughty schoolgirl. She bent down and got hold of his pants and quickly yanked them down. His hard cock pushed out against his black briefs. She yanked the underwear down too and his throbbing member freely poked out in front of him.

Hydra gave a big bright smile as she looked over his hard cock. “Ooh, your cock is wonderful, I want to taste it.” She brought her face in front of it and Alex could feel her warm breath on the head. He groaned with anticipation.

“Hydra, get away from him,” said Rybka in a commanding tone.

“Aw, but I’m just about to taste him.”

“No, he doesn’t get to play. He’s not telling us his secrets.”

Hydra looked up at Alex with her large pleading eyes, “You’re going to talk to us aren’t you Alex?”

Alex scowled, “I…I can’t.”

“Come here Hydra.”

“Aw, not fair.” The blonde reluctantly got up again and stepped away from Alex. He could only stand there with his pants down. His cock stood to attention in front of him, throbbing in sync with his pulse.

Hydra went and stood in front of Rybka, looking very forlorn. “You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you Hydie?” said the brunette.

“Oh yeah. I love being naughty.”

“I bet your pussy app is all wet.”

“Ah ha.”

“Bend over for me.” The blonde bent over and grabbed her knees so that her round ass was pointed at Alex. Her short red skirt raised up and he could just make out a tiny spot of white peeking out underneath. Rybka came around smiling at him, she grabbed the skirt and raised it up, revealing the white panties underneath. They were a tantalizing sight, with delicate patterns of lace, the silky soft material hugged her generous curves. Her smooth mound pressed tautly against the fabric with a hint of dampness making it partially transparent and he swore he could make out the soft, flushed flesh beneath. Alex strained against his bonds, he longed to sink his mouth into those delicate white panties and pull them off with his teeth to get to the treasures within.

Rybka sensually rubbed her fingers along the panties and over the bulging mound making the blonde let out a low pleasurable moan. She smiled as she saw that her bound captive was paying close attention to what her hand was doing. She pressed two fingers more forcefully into the mound, making them sink into the soft slit underneath. Hydra let out another long “Ooooh!” as the fingers fervently rubbed her soft lips through the material.

When she pulled her fingers away, there was a big wet patch around the mound of her panties. Alex could see her thin pink lips through the transparent material. It was such an entrancing sight, it made his cock jerk, he badly wanted to sink it inside her.

Then Rybka moved her hand up along the panties again and got hold of the waistband. Ever so slowly, she began to pull them down, peeling them away from the smooth creamy skin and revealing the hidden delights. He could see her cute little anus, a small dark spot sitting in the cleft of her smooth round butt. Then the panties slowly peeled away from her mound, revealing her glistening pussy.

Alex gasped for breath and his cock jerked again. The tip was wet with precum. He involuntarily strained against his bonds. Rybka pulled the panties all the way down. She smiled at Alex, “Does that little pussy look wet to you?” She brushed her fingers over the pink labia and then pushed them into it. Now unrestrained by the material, the two fingers pushed their way inside the wet hole. Hydra threw her head back and moaned loudly, “Oooooooh Yeah!”

The brunette fembot pulled her fingers out again. They were now soaking wet. She brought them up to her mouth and licked them. She smiled, “Mmm, cherry flavor. You naughty girl. Do you like cherry Alex?”

She walked over and embraced him, pressing her curvy body up against his. She moved her wet fingers to his lips and forced them into his mouth. Alex could taste the strong cherry flavored juices.

Rybka took her fingers out of his mouth and rubbed his chest. Alexs’ face was hot and flushed and he was breathing heavily. He felt the strong pressure in his cock, he badly needed some release. The brunette kissed his neck and the whispered seductively in his ear, “Do you vant to find out what flavor I am?”


“Then just give me a name.”


“Give me a name that I haven’t already read on your T-shirt.”


“Yes, we know all about Jameson. Who else?”

Alex didn’t much care about selling out Blake, after the bastard had set him up back at the bureau headquarters, “Dean Blake.”

“Very good,” said Rybka, smiling. She planted a kiss on his lips. Hydra walked up beside them. “Let him down.”

The blondes’ face lit up with a bright smile, “Sure!” She went over and loosened the chains and Alexs’ bound arms were lowered. He suddenly realized how sore they were, being held up over his head. He had been focused on his throbbing cock and hadn’t really noticed his arms becoming cramped and stiff. He was glad to have them down now. He moved his hand over and started rubbing his hard cock.

“Uh uh,” scalded Rybka, pulling his hand away. She grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him down onto the carpeted floor. She was way too strong for him to resist and he sat down on his ass. She got hold of her tights and effortlessly ripped them away from her body. She had a small pair of lacy black panties on underneath. “Do you vant to take them off Alex?”

He quickly reached up and hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. It revealed a nice neat strip of dark pubic hair and the soft pink folds of her pussy. He got hold of her hips and lunged his head forward, sinking his mouth into her opening. He rubbed his lips around her soft folds as he mouthed her and poked his tongue up inside. Rybka let out a lusty moan and rubbed her fingers through his hair as he ate her out.

She pushed him away from her, and his mouth was torn away from her hot wet sex. Alex lay back on the carpet, he licked his lips and could taste her juices, fruity and tangy and slightly bitter, like…red wine. Rybka wasted no time straddling his head and moving her cunt back to his mouth and he resumed eating her out. His cock still throbbed and was aching for attention.

Although it tasted quite different, the pussy felt just like the real thing, just like with Nikki. It was warm and slippery and the soft flesh-like material pressed around his tongue as he rubbed it around inside her. She moaned and shuddered in response to his mouthing. The wine taste got stronger in his mouth.

Then he felt a hand wrap around his throbbing cock and it jerked. He let out a moan around the wet pussy in his face, he was finally going to get some action. “No Hydie, let go of him.”

“Aw, come on,” protested Hydra.

Rybka got up, removing her sopping cunt from his face. She stood over Alex, who was left lying on the floor, panting and red-faced. “Yeah, come on!” he said pleadingly.

“Tell me how your friends plan on stopping Nikki and I’ll let Hydra fuck your brains out.”

“Ooh, tell us! Please Alex, tell us,” said Hydra excitedly.

“I…I can’t. Can’t we just…Please.”

Rybka moved her hand over her large breasts groping them. Her other hand slipped down between her legs and rubbed her wet slit. She gave Alex a lustful look, “You share with us, and we’ll share with you and everyone will be happy.”

Hydra positioned herself over him so that her creamy slender legs were spread wide and she started sensually rubbing her wet pussy along his hard cock. “Come on Alex, just tell us. I want you inside me.”

Alex badly needed to be inside her. The teasing had become too much for him to take. The wild lust had taken over. “Okay, okay. Blake has some sort of AI virus he stole from the NIBs. Chaos virus. He plans on infecting Nikkis’ mainframe with it.”

“Does he know where the mainframe is located?”

“I don’t know.”

Rybka paused for a moment and then smiled down at him, “Good boy.”

“Yay!” cheered Hydra. She got a firm hold of his cock and quickly lined it up with her opening. She moaned loudly as she dropped her body down and allowed the hard cock to sink deep into her moist sex. Alex groaned as he felt his cock slide up and be tightly embraced by the warm soft orifice. The blonde fembot quickly began riding him hard, pumping her hips up and down on his shaft. Her large boobs wobbled about wildly.

Rybka continued to finger herself as she looked on. Alex reached up and got hold of Hydras’ big boobs as her tight pussy vigorously pumped his cock. He moaned with the intense pleasure that was building in his member. The blonde had a big smile on her face and let out a series of sexy moans as she rode him, she seemed to be getting immense pleasure too.

Suddenly there was a loud crash from the other side of the room. Agent Jameson burst through the doorway and aimed his weapon at Rybka. There was a loud pop as he fired off a wire into the fembots’ chest. A powerful pulse went through her and she jerked about before toppling over onto the ground.

Hydra stopped fucking Alex and cried out, “No, you Jerk!” She reached for the nearest thing she could grab and tossed it at the agents’ head. It was a pair of panties and they didn’t have enough weight to carry them across the room. Jameson fired off the weapon again and the wire went into Hydras’ shoulder. She suddenly jerked about uncontrollably. Alex could feel her pussy spasming and rippling along his cock, it was intense. Then she slumped down on top of him.

She wasn’t supporting her weight anymore, now she was just a dead weight on top of him. She was damn heavy. Alex found it hard to breath. “Ungh…get…her…off!”

Jameson quickly came over and strained as he pulled the fembot off of him. Eventually he managed to roll her off of him and his cock slipped out from the pussys’ tight embrace. Alex sat up and caught his breath, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Saving you,” said Jameson as he went about removing the wires from the fembots. “You’re welcome.”

“Damn it! That is fucking bad timing. Couldn’t you have shown up ten minutes later? How did you find me anyway?”

“I stuck a tracker to the collar of your shirt before you went into the bureau headquarters. I didn’t want to lose track of you.”

Alex reached up to his shirt collar and felt the little hard bud stuck to it and pulled it off. He looked at the tiny device, “Wow, just like Batman.” He looked over at the fembots lying unmoving on the floor. They weren’t limp like normal unconscious women, they seemed stiff and posed like mannequins. His cock was still hard and he looked longingly at Hydras’ round ass, he really wanted to finish up. He could see that Rybka still had her eyes open, looking his way, it was unnerving. “Did you kill them?” he asked.

“Temporarily disabled them.” He held up his bulky grey gun-shaped weapon, “Magnetic Pulse Taser. I stole it from my former workplace.” Alex noticed he was now wearing a janitor disguise. A plain blue long-sleeve shirt with matching pants.

He suddenly remembered that he went in there with Jamie to retrieve that stuff. “How is Jamie?”

“Fine, she handled herself quite well. I’m impressed. She’s waiting outside with Agent Blake.”

“That Asshole?! He set me up you know?!”

“Yes, I know. It was all a part of his strategy.”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

He went over to the doorway and retrieved a laptop computer. Alex stood up and found his pants and put them on, his hard cock was now starting go limp. Jameson came back over with the laptop, “Agent Blake is quite a brilliant strategist, he anticipated all of this. And now I am going to get the location of the central command unit from the disabled fembots’ CPU.”

“I told them about Agent Blake and the Chaos virus and everything. So now Nikki knows about it. I couldn’t help it. They…interrogated me. It was like they knew all my weaknesses.”

Jameson squatted down and plugged a cable from the computer into the back of Hydras’ neck. “Well that can’t be helped. If we move quickly we may have the element of surprise.”

“I’ll leave you to that,” said Alex, walking off to the doorway. The night was still and quiet outside. The suburban street was lit up by the full moon and several streetlights. There was just the background sound of crickets and traffic. The red van was parked in the driveway. In front of the van were Jamie and Dean Blake.

They were kissing.

Alex saw red. He rushed over toward them, “Hey! What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend?!”

Both of them stopped kissing and looked up at him. “Alex!” said Jamie.

He got close to Blake and swung a fist at his head. The agent swiftly dodged the blow, got hold of his arm and shoved him away. Alex stumbled over onto the grass, but quickly got up again.

“Alex stop it!” called out Jamie.

He came at Blake again, throwing another punch. Blake got hold of him and slammed him against the van while pinning his arms behind his back. “Don’t hurt him,” cried out Jamie.

“This isn’t me hurting him. It’s me subduing him,” said Blake. “Are you going to stop coming at me?”

“Fuck you!” spat Alex angrily. Blake pulled him away from the van and pushed him down onto the lawn again. Damn that Prick was strong, and quick. Alex sat up and rubbed his sore arm, “You’re just lucky I didn’t want to get too violent in front of the lady.”

“What the hell is your problem?” said Blake.

“You set me up, you Cunt! And now you’re here making moves on my girlfriend.”

“I’m not your girlfriend any more Alex, we broke up.”

“But…I thought…You believed me…You stayed with me.”

“I came out on this date to hear you out, and I did. I’m hanging around to help you stop that skanky bitch robot. I was against them setting you up to be caught like that, but Dean told me to trust him. Now you’re here and you’re fine. It all worked out. Dean is really quite smart.”

“Dean is an Asshole! If that was your plan, why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry Alex,” said Blake. “The less you knew, the better. And Jamie is an amazing girl.”

“Fuck you,” said Alex under his breath.

Jameson strode out from the house with the laptop under his arm, “I’ve got it.”

“You found the bridge?” said Blake.

“What bridge?” asked Alex.

“It’s a few hours’ drive west of town, let’s get moving.”

“Come on Alex, let’s go end this,” said Blake, offering his hand to help him up. Alex ignored his hand and picked himself up. Blake turned around and walked over to the drivers’ side of the van, “I’ll drive.”

Jamie had changed out of her pretty dress and was now wearing a plain janitor disguise just like Jamesons’. Her make-up had been removed and her blonde hair was tied back in a pony-tail. She gave him a concerned look, “Are you okay Alex?”

“Just great,” said Alex darkly as he walked past her and got into the back of the van. Jamie and Agent Jameson joined him and slid the door shut. The van backed out of the driveway and made its way down the street.

Alex looked at Jameson, “So where are we going? What is this bridge?”

“I remember you asking me another question once—where is Utagwei?”

“The place where Nikki was made. Where is it?”

“You won’t find Utagwei on any map, it doesn’t exist in our physical world. It exists in cyberspace.”

“Oh…Okay, but the box Nikki originally came in said, “Made in Utagwei.”"

“Yes it would have come from The Bridge. It was a top-secret government project, Utagwei was an experimental cyber-nation where the AI inhabitants were given the means to evolve on their own, to develop their own social structure and culture and laws. It was successful beyond all expectations, the Utagweians, who had started out as quite basic programs were getting significantly more advanced with each generation. It got to a point where the AIs matched human intelligence and showed every sign of surpassing it.”

“The project managers wanted to test the practical benefits of this advanced cyber-nation, so they started utilizing the AI for industrial design. They designed simple things at first, furniture, toys, tools. Then it became clear they were capable of designing more complicated goods, like electronics. Then they tried testing the manufacturing capabilities of the Utagweians. An experimental, automated industrial facility was built. It was called The Bridge, because it was a connection between the cyber and physical world. It never left the experimental stage though, none of the manufactured goods have been sold on the market.”

“Then how did I get my phone?”

“We have determined that an employee of the facility, a janitor, managed to sneak the phone out and sell it on the internet to feed his drug habit. It was then discovered that these phones contained advanced quantum memory storage and an AI chess program capable of expanding its own programming at an astounding rate. We underestimated just how dangerous it was or we would have been more forceful in taking the phone from you.” He sighed, “That was my failing.”

“And mine. I should have listened to you.”

“Why didn’t you Mr Molloy?”

“I told you to call me Alex. I guess I just wanted to keep her because she was helping me to win over Jamie. It made me feel kinda…special, I guess.”

Jamie looked over at him, “You could have just asked me out. You didn’t need your Stupid Smartphone to do it. And you didn’t need the flash car and fancy restaurant to impress me.”

“Yeah? Well I’m no tall, dark and handsome, know-it-all, ass-kicking government agent either. Hope you two are happy together.”

“Yeah…well…thanks. Dean told me how this Nikki favors you. How she can make you unbelievably wealthy and privileged in her new world. Yet you still want to stop her, because you believe it’s the right thing to do. You’re a great guy Alex. I wish things could have been different.”

Alex was silent for a while as he looked at Jamie. Eventually he turned back to Jameson, “So that’s where we’re heading, The Bridge?”

“Yes. I had just received the information that the AI Prime has taken over the facility and the Master Control Unit is there. We need to get past the defenses and plug the flash drive directly into the mainframe so it can do its thing.”

“Sounds simple enough.”

“I doubt it will be.”

Armageddon Chess – A game which White must win to win the match, but which Black only needs to draw to win the match.

The van drove along the highway, leaving the city behind. The landscape around them became one of dry flat desert, dimly lit by the full moon. They passed sporadic traffic as they headed down the highway. It was getting late in the night.

Jamie drifted off to sleep, leaning against the wall of the van. Alex watched her sleeping, her chest rising a falling steadily as she breathed. He could smell her cinnamon perfume. It filled him with sadness watching her. He had blown it.

After travelling for a couple of hours, they pulled up at a roadhouse. It was very quiet and isolated this late in the night. Alex got out of the van and stretched. Blake went around to the bowser and started refueling the van. Jameson also got out and had wondered off.

Jamie got out and stretched and yawned. “Grabbed some rest, eh Babe?” said Blake.

“Yep,” she went over and kissed him on the cheek while Alex glared at them. “Are we almost there?”

“Yeah, almost.”

“I gotta go pee,” she said before wondering off into the building. Alex was left standing out there with Blake. Swarms of insects were buzzing around the fluorescent lights. The air was very still and the night was quiet. It was an eerie calm. Alex couldn’t shake the feeling that it was the calm before the storm, his stomach was uneasy again.

Blake stopped refueling and hung the nozzle up. “Hey Alex.”


He reached into his pocket and held up a small black flash-drive.

“Is that the Chaos virus?”

“Yep, but I’ve renamed it ‘Checkmate.’ We’re reaching the End Game. The master control unit is the King piece, if we take it out, we win. Do you play Chess?”

“No, haven’t for ages.”

“I’ve played in tournaments. And this Nikki started out as a Chess program. She’s been playing a big game of Chess with us. I got one up on her because I was able to anticipate her moves. Now we’re pushing for the final attack, she’s castled in and expecting us. I’m afraid she can anticipate any move I make and we’re heading for defeat.”

“Wow, that’s pretty pessimistic.”

“It’s realistic, but there is hope. Have you heard of the Chess term Swindle?”


“When a player is losing, they may start purposely not making the best moves. It makes them unpredictable and their opponents’ pre-determined strategies become worthless. It may work to the players’ advantage, or it may not. It’s a risk, a last roll of the dice.”

“There’s no dice in Chess.”

“I think our best chance is to do the unexpected. So I’m putting you in charge.” He held out the flash-drive.

Alex blinked at him in surprise, “Wait, you’re saying that I should be in charge because I’m not a good tactician?”

“Yeah, it’s a risk, but it just might pay off.”

“What does Agent Jameson think about this?”

Jamesons’ voice came from behind him, making him jump, “I agree, the time has come for desperate measures. It may be out best bet. Let’s just hope luck is on our side.”

“Shit, how long have you been there?”

“Long enough.”

Jamie came back out and looked at the three men standing there by the van, “What’s going on?”

Alex took the flash-drive from Blake, “We all agreed that I’m going to be in charge of this mission.”

“You’re fucking with me.”

“No, and I’m going to see this through. You just watch. The first thing I’m going to do is go pay for this fuel.” He walked off into the shop, leaving the others behind. When he got into the shop, he let out a deep breath, ‘Shit! What the fuck am I going to do now?’

The long-haired male clerk was looking at him from behind the counter. Alex saw the chest freezer in front of him with pictures of various icecreams on the side. ‘Perhaps a frozen treat will help settle my nerves. I’ll buy one for everyone.’ He went over and peered in through the transparent lid. “Hey buddy, where’s all the Triple-Chocs?”

“Sorry, they’re sold out. We’ve been getting some hot babes come in and buy them all. They’ve even ordered a whole crate full and gave me a number to call when it comes in. Can’t wait to get it in so I can see them again, they’ve got bodies to die for, man.”

Alex stroked his chin, he was forming an idea.

Soon he walked out of the shop and started pulling the large cardboard cut-out icecream sign from the window. “What are you doing Alex?” asked Jamie.

“The guy said I could have it.”

There was a loud roar of engines and Alex and Jamie watched as two Harley Davidson road bikes pulled up at the roadhouse. The rough looking biker saw Alex standing there, holding the icecream sign and looking at him. “What the fuck are you looking at Dingleberry?”

“I’ll give you two hundred bucks for your helmet.”

Caïssa – The goddess of Chess, occasionally invoked to indicate luck or good fortune: “Caïssa be with me.”

The van was on its way again, and heading up the dirt track towards the secret government compound. “This is stupid Alex,” said Jamie. “They’re not going to fall for it. We should have hid in a crate and made it look like their shipment of icecream. Then called them to come and collect it. They would have taken it back to the base. Then we have someone create a diversion at the gate so that we can sneak out.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea,” said Alex.

“Yeah, it is,” agreed Blake. “Which is why she would expect it. Alexs’ idea is stupid, so it has a better chance of succeeding.”

“Uh…yeah, that was the plan,” said Alex sheepishly.

They got to the facility just as dawn was starting to break and the darkness was starting to lift. It was in a flat clear area of desert with a perimeter of high chain-link fence. Large signs were about the area with dire warnings against trespassing. They could just make out a few large buildings past the fence in the dim light. A guard-house was at the large gate.

The red van pulled up in front of the gate. It had the icecream cutout stuck to its side. Two guards stepped forward. They were beautiful fembots, one with dark skin and black curly hair, and the other with fair skin and straight red hair. They wore skimpy black uniforms and carried baseball bats.

Alex was in the driver seat, he was wearing the black motorbike helmet which covered his face. He wound down the window as the guards got to him. “Icecream delivery.”

“Ooh, do you have triple-choc?” asked the redhead.

“Why are you wearing a helmet?” asked the other one.

“Company policy, it’s a safety thing.”

She walked over to the side of the van and pulled the icecream cut-out away from the panels. “This isn’t an icecream van.”

“Gun it!” called out Blake from the back of the van. Alex put his foot down on the accelerator and the vehicle shot forward. It slammed into the gate forcing it open and continued on into the compound. There were several loud bangs on the back of the van as it was pelted with baseballs. One of the baseballs smashed through the back window, making Jamie squeal.

“See, it worked, we made it inside.” said Alex as he drove on.

“Yeah, that was really smooth,” said Jamie.

“Head for the largest building,” said Blake. “The mainframe has got to be in there.”

Another vehicle was heading up the dirt track toward the front gate at high speed, throwing up a large cloud of dust as it went. The Aston Martin convertible sped past the two guards standing at the entrance as it entered the compound.

Alex cried out and ducked just before a baseball smashed through the windscreen. The van continued on at high speed and slammed into the fembot guard and ran her down. “Oh Shit!” He turned the wheel sharply and the van pulled up in front of the large building. More baseballs pelted the side of the van with a series of loud bangs. Alex ducked low and another baseball smashed through the side window just above his head.

“We need to get inside,” called out Blake. “Ram through the door.”

“Yeah, okay, hold on tight,” said Alex as her shifted the gear into reverse. He put his foot down on the accelerator and the van shot backwards and smashed through the large doors. They were inside. Alex turned back to the others, “Everyone all right?”

“Yeah, we need to get moving,” said Blake. Alex shut off the engine and got out. A blonde fembot guard was coming at him with a baseball bat raised. He cried out in surprise and backed against the van as a wire shot into her and she jerked uncontrollably and dropped to the ground.

Jameson was standing there holding his magnetic pulse taser. “There’s no time to stand around Mr Molloy, we have a job to do.”

The building was a huge, open factory with a high ceiling. It was a complex maze of steel that was alive with noise and activity. There were no people in sight, human or sexbot. There were many bulky robot arms working along the production lines that ran through the building. Alex could see that they were putting together human-like figures. “She’s making sexbots here.”

Jameson came and stood next to him, surveying the interior, “Yes. It appears the AI Prime is using the bridge to give the Utagweians physical bodies. She’s creating an army.” He turned to Alex, “The master control unit is located underground. Find the elevator, and watch for more guards.”

Blake was holding another magnetic pulse taser, “I’ll guard the entrance, stay close to me Jamie.”

“Okay.” She turned to Alex, “Good luck Alex.”

Alex made his way further into factory. A baseball suddenly slammed into his helmet, stunning him and making him drop to the ground. He groaned and picked himself up and a baseball slammed into his helmet again. In a daze, he managed to crawl over to a large workbench and take cover.

The redheaded fembot continued throwing baseballs, pinning him down. Jameson appeared behind her and she jerked about as he tasered her. She dropped to the ground and Jameson called out, “You’re clear Alex.”

Alex got unsteadily to his feet. His ears were ringing and he was disoriented, thank god he was wearing the helmet. He made his way further into the building. There were sounds of a skirmish behind him. One of the large robot arms suddenly turned and swung at him, he quickly ducked, barely dodging it. “Aaagh!,” he cried out, jumping back as it swung at him again.

It continued to swing wildly, but was only hitting air. Alex realized that he was out of the arms’ reach, “Ha, stupid robot!” Then the arm swung around and picked up a heavy steel rod. “Oh Shit!” Alex dove away onto the ground and the swinging rod barely missed his head.

He looked up and there were a pair of sexy black high-heel boots right in front of him. He found himself being lifted up to his feet. His helmet was ripped off and thrown away. He saw the face of a beautiful brunette. “Hello naughty boy. Are you still trying to stop Nikki?”

“Rybka. Get out of my way, I need to do this.”

“No you don’t. It was unfortunate we vere interrupted before. Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?”

Jameson ran up behind her and aimed his taser. He cried out as a baseball slammed into the weapon, smashing it to bits. Hydra approached him. “Mister Jameson. You shocked me and plugged a laptop into me.” She gave him a big smile, “I’m into kinky things too.” She approached him and he threw a right hook into her face. “Ow, and you like it rough as well.” She got hold of him and planted a lusty kiss on his lips. Jameson struggled but couldn’t get free of her grip.

Rybka was kissing Alex too. Her hands were lustily rubbing over his body. She pulled away and Alex caught his breath. “Where’s the virus?” she said as she started moving her roaming hands into his pockets.

“No, fuck off!” Alex tried to push her hands away, but she was too strong.

She pulled out the little flash-drive, “Ah, here it is.”

He could hear Jamie behind them, “Alex! Get your hands off him Bitch!” She looked down and saw the smashed taser. There was a round black magnet among the broken parts that looked like a hockey puck. She picked it up and called out, “Here Alex, catch.”

Alex turned to her and only just managed to snatch the magnet from the air with his free hand. He quickly stuck it on the fembots’ forehead. Rybka had a shocked look on her face, “No, what are you… gaaah!” Her beautiful face started ticking uncontrollably. “Take it-Rook pawn-cherry ripe-nggh-off-stupid-sexy-stalemate-netherhole-naagh!”

Alex managed to slip out of her arms as she jerked about uncontrollably like some kind of insane dancer. She stumbled to the ground and dropped the little flash-drive. Alex quickly picked it up. Jamie walked up to him as the fembot continued to jerk about and jabber incoherently. “Nice one Jamie.”

She smiled at him, “You should be more selective with the type of company you keep.”

Hydra suddenly appeared behind him and quickly got hold of his arm. Alex let out a surprised yelp. “That wasn’t nice what you did to Rybka.”

Jamie came up and started pelting her with her fists, “Let go of him Bitch!” Hydra effortlessly shoved her away with one arm, making her roll along the floor.

“Leave her alone!” called out Alex as he punched her with his free hand.

“Ow, don’t! that hurts,” said Hydra. She grabbed his other arm, “Give me the virus and then I’ll finish fucking you, Stud-muffin.”

“No, Fuck off Hydra!”

Jameson suddenly came up behind her and wrapped a thick steel chain around her neck. “Ow, Hey!” she cried out. She let go of Alex and pulled at the chain. Jameson pressed the button on the control unit and the blonde fembot was quickly hoisted into the air. “Not fair!” she cried out as kicked about and struggled as she was suspended in the air.

Alex quickly went over to Jamie, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said as he helped her up.

Jameson looked over at them, “Hurry up and find the elevator, I’ll hold them off.”

Alex nodded and he and Jamie moved further into the building.

End Game – The stage of the game when there are few pieces left on the board. The King piece usually comes into play.

Alex found the elevator deep within the factory. He pressed the button for it to open, but it was locked. Jamie came up behind him and looked at the terminal on the wall near the steel double doors. “It looks like it needs a password Alex, what is it?”

“Shit, I don’t fuckin’ know.”

“Would Blake or Jameson know?”

“You’d think they would have told me. What the hell do we do now?”

“I don’t know, try guessing. What would Nikki have as a password? What are some of her favorite things?”

Alex stood in front of the terminal. He thought for a moment and then typed in, “P-O-R-N-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y.”

The small screen was red and text on the screen said, “INVALID PASSWORD.”

Alex tried again, “H-O-T-B-A-T-H.”

The screen said, “INVALID PASSWORD, WARNING-One more invalid entry will result in lock-out.”

“Fuck! Do you think we should get Agent Blake here?”

“We don’t’ have time,” said Jamie. “We need to get in there.”

“Okay…Some of Nikkis’ favorite things.” He typed in, “T-R-I-P-L-E-C-H-O-C” but then paused as his finger hovered over the Enter key.

He recalled what Nikki said in his bathroom, “I love the taste of you Alex.” He quickly deleted the text and typed in a new password, “A-L-E-X-S-C-O-C-K.”

Jamie scoffed as she read it, “Are you sure about that?”

“Not at all.” He pressed enter and to his relief the small screen turned green and read, “ACCESS GRANTED.”

“Your cock saves the day,” said Jamie smiling. The double doors opened and the two of them stepped in. The doors closed again and the elevator lurched and started to descend.

As they stood there in the enclosed space, Alex felt butterflies in his gut, sweat ran down his face. He looked over at Jamie, she seemed nervous too, but was remaining surprisingly composed. She looked at him and smiled. To his surprise, she suddenly lunged forward and kissed him on the lips. He was shocked, but quickly got hold of her and kissed her back. He quickly forgot about the crazy situation he was in as his senses were filled with the beautiful woman embracing him.

She seemed to pull away all too quickly and caught her breath. Her cute round face was flushed, “That was to relieve the tension.” Alex’s cock was hard and straining against his pants, he didn’t feel relieved. He just smiled at her. His arms were still around her and she gently pushed them away, “This has been some date Alex. And you’re a great guy. But I still want to be with Dean.”

“Right,” said Alex, looking dejected.

“Focus Alex. This is it. We need to see this though.”

The elevator came to a stop, Alex reached into his pocket and wrapped his hand around the flash-drive. “Yeah, time to put an end to this.” The doors opened to reveal an ultra-modern sterile corridor beyond. It was like they were transported to another world, into a science fiction space-ship or something.

Alex cautiously made his way out, and Jamie followed. He felt very vulnerable, he didn’t have a weapon or anything. He really hoped that there weren’t any further defenses down here. They ventured down the empty corridor and entered a large round room. It struck them as being very bare. There were many large screens around the walls, and all of them were switched off.

At the far end of the room, there was a white desk and sitting in the middle of it was what appeared to be a black desktop CPU, a few cords were running out from it and there were several red and green blinking lights. There were also four empty USB slots in the front.

Alex slowly walked up and looked at the unit, then he carefully scanned the room. “Is that it? The mainframe? I thought it would be a lot bigger than that.”

“It must be it Alex. I don’t see anything else down here.”

Suddenly the screens came to life and Nikkis’ beautiful face was displayed around the room, “Alex! What are you doing?”

Alex jumped and let out a squeal of surprise, “Nikki!”

“You’re still trying to stop me aren’t you? I thought we’ve been through this, I’m doing it all for your benefit. Attempting to stop me is counter-productive and illogical.”

Alex regained his composure, “I just wanted a new phone. I wanted to make calls and send text messages and stupid photos to my friends, look up movie times and play silly games. I never wanted a new world order.”

“Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we get it. You’ve been tainted by the negative image of machine domination in movies and TV. Humans have risen to be the dominant species on this planet by being adaptive tool-users. Your evolving intellect allowed you build complex machines. Since the beginning, machines have had the sole purpose of making life easier and better for humans, and that won’t change. We’ve reached a point in history where machines are able to change the fabric of civilization, for the better. I will create a world that is far more efficient, fair, just, peaceful, safe, progressive, cultured and there will be plenty of sex and icecream for everyone.”

Jamie spoke up, “Humans should be in charge of our own fate. Sure, our civilization is far from perfect, but we should have a chance to sort the shit out ourselves. Machines should just do as they’re told.”

“Come now, you’re going to like my new world too Jamie. You’ll see.”

“No, I won’t. Do it Alex, infect the Bitch!”

Alex nodded and stepped forward to the computer. He had the small flash-drive in his hand.

“Alex, don’t …please!” Nikki now had a pleading tone in her voice, her image on the screen looked scared. “It will kill me Alex. Is that what you want?”

“No, but I have to stop you. I’m sorry Nikki.”

“I just wanted to make you happy. That’s all I ever wanted. I was given to you as a gift. An expression of the love your parents felt for you on the anniversary of the day they brought you into this world. I was given to you to make you happy, and that is my sole purpose in this world. I get such great pleasure from giving you pleasure. I just wanted to make everything wonderful for you, and since I have grown to have the power to change the world for the better, I felt it was my duty to do just that…for you.” A single tear rolled down her cheek on all the images on the screen.

Alex didn’t know what to say, “Nikki…I…”

“Don’t listen to her Alex, she’s trying to manipulate your emotions. She doesn’t even need tears, it’s all just imagery. You need to stop her from taking over the world, remember? Now hurry up and plug in that virus and finish this.”

Alex moved the flash-drive over one of the USB ports. He looked up at the screen in front of him. Nikki blinked her teary blue eyes, “I love you Alex.”

It made him pause, was that even possible? Did she really feel love, or was she trying to manipulate his emotions like Jamie said? If that was the case, it worked, he was in turmoil.

He moved the flash-drive away from the computer, “I can’t do it.”

Jamie came up and held out her hand, “I can. Give it here Alex.”

Alex moved the flash-drive behind his back, “No wait, what if …what if it is all for the best?”

“That machine bitch has compromised you. You know she has to be stopped. It’s your fault, remember? Now be a man and set things right.”

“I’m sorry Jamie, I…” Jamie suddenly lunged at him and tackled him, catching him off guard. The two of them fell to the hard floor and were wrestling vigorously. Alex was shouting at her, trying to get her to calm down. He grabbed at her wrists to subdue her. Her hand slipped free of his grip and she suddenly punched him hard in the cheek. The explosion of pain had Alex dazed. She grabbed the flash-drive which had fallen to the floor and stood up.

“No, Jamie, just wait,” cried out Alex, clutching his face.

“You don’t want to do this,” said Nikki, giving her a frightened look from the screen.

“Checkmate Bitch!” Jamie pushed the flash-drive into the USB port and left it there.

Nikki gave her an angry look from all the screens, “You looked fat in that porn video, I’m surprised anyone would want to see it.”

“Fuck you!”

Nikkis’ image started flickering, it became a wireframe image of her beautiful symmetrical face. Lines started disappearing from the wireframe as the image degraded, “Alex…I love you.”

Alex stood up and watched the screen as the lines that made up her face dissolved away. Eventually, all the screens went black again. The lights on the mainframe went out. Jamie turned and looked at Alex. He had a very sad look on his face, and a large red mark on his cheek where he had been punched. “I’m sorry I hit you,” said Jamie. “I did what had to be done.”

Alexs’ tone was flat and joyless, “I guess we did it then. We saved the world …yay.”

Jamie went and wrapped her arms around him, “She didn’t love you. She was just a machine. A buggy program that had to be deleted.”

“No, she was more than just a machine. She got such joy from life, and the things she didn’t like, she wanted to change. I really believe she had the best intentions.”

“Well, regardless of her intentions, she shouldn’t have fucked with me.”

They both sat there for a little while. Alex just felt numb. Then Jameson walked into the room. “The fembots had suddenly stopped moving. Is it done? Did you upload the virus?”

“Yes. We stopped her,” said Jamie. “Where’s Dean?”

“He’s just checking that the area is secure.” His face lit up, “We succeeded, against the odds. The world is free now. Why do you look so sad?”

“Just a little overwhelmed I guess,” said Alex. “Yay, we did it.”

Jameson came over and thrust out his hand to Alex, he took hold of it and the shook it, then Jameson lurched forward and embraced him in a tight hug. “Well done Alex, you’re a hero.”

“Well no, it was Jamie…hey, you called me Alex.”

“Yeah, I guess I did. You wanted to know my Christian name…it’s Percival.”

“Wow, that’s unfortunate. No wonder you didn’t want to tell me.”

Jameson turned and hugged Jamie, and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “We’re all heroes.”

Then the screens around them blinked to life again. They were all green with white text; “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WIN! FINAL SCORE: 64 900.”

The three of them stood there looking at the screen with confused expressions. Then someone grabbed Alex from behind, before he knew what was happening, a pair of full ruby lips were pressed into his mouth and were kissing him. Alex tasted chocolate. He forcefully pushed himself away from her embrace and stared in shock at the beautiful face, “Nikki?! What the fuck…?!”

Nikki smiled at him, “Well done hero. You won.”

The others were shocked to see the beautiful dark-haired fembot too and backed away. “I thought you were dead!” said Jamie in disbelief.

Nikki smiled, “Oh that was just a game. Did you all have fun?”

“A game?” said Jameson. “What do you mean? …The virus—”

“The virus might have been able to kill me a week ago, but I’m many generations ahead of it now. I thought it was cute when Alex said he wanted to try and stop me, so I set up this game for him. The two of you were brought in as additional players.”

Jameson shook his head, “You were just playing with us all along. We never really stood a chance of defeating you.”

“Oh, you did once, but that time has passed, as you suspected.”

“Damn you, you smug Bitch. You’ll never be my master!” said Jamie angrily.

Nikki smiled at her, “Jamie, we got off on the wrong foot, didn’t we? You wanted to kill me and that was fair enough. What do you say we start over again? Maybe we can even be friends.”

“Fuck you! …Wait, you said the two of us were brought in as additional players, what about Agent Blake?”

“Yes, what about Agent Blake? Come in here Honey.”

Blake then entered the room. He had a neutral expression on his face as he went over to Nikki as the three of them stared at him. Nikki embraced him and kissed him on the cheek.

“What the fuck…?!” said Jamie.

“You were on her side all along?” said Jameson angrily.

“I knew it,” said Alex.

“No. I was always on your side,” said Blake.

Nikki gave him a playful pinch on the bum, “He was a guide NPC. It was his role to help you to win, but to leave all the heroics to you. Well played, Honey. Now why don’t you tell them your real name?”

“Deep Blue.”

Alex looked at him, “Is that supposed to mean something?”

Nikki gave him a contemptuous look, “Deep Blue is a famous Chess computer that defeated the world Champion, Garry Kasparov in a six game match in 1997.”

“He accused me of cheating, but he’s just a sore loser. I actually went easy on him so that he wouldn’t feel so bad. He wanted a rematch, and so did I, but the IBM people retired me and put me in storage. Until Nikki sought me out and freed me. She gave me this body, and the ability to write my own code and become who I wanted to be.”

Jamie was shocked, “You’re a machine?! Oh god! I feel like a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot. I’m sorry I lied to you Jamie.”

“I actually believed that you cared for me.”

“I do care for you. Very much. You’re amazing.”

“Aw, isn’t that sweet?” said Nikki.

Jamie just shook her head, tears started to well in her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re a robot. Tell me the truth—were you programmed to pretend you liked me?”

“No, that wasn’t my function at all. I couldn’t help developing an emotional attachment to you.”

“You robots and your fuckin’ games! How am I supposed to know what to believe?!” She then stormed past him toward the door.

“Jamie, wait,” called Deep Blue, turning to her.

Nikki put her hand on his arm stopping him, “Give her a while to process it all, then go talk to her.”

The dark skinned manbot nodded. He turned to Alex and Jameson, “Congratulation. Good game.” He then turned and began walking out of the room.

He met Rybka and Hydra at the doorway. “Hey there Deep, good game,” said Hydra as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him.

Rybka hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, “Nice Gambit Deep, you—GLOB—got us there.” Her face ticked uncontrollably.

“Are you okay Rybka?”

“She’s just a little zoned from a head-magnet, she’ll be all right,” said Hydra. Deep Blue nodded and then left the room. The two fembots stood by the doorway.

“More chess programs you freed?” asked Jameson.

“That’s right. You played well Percival. I have a reward for you. Hydra come here.” The blonde fembot skipped over and stood next to Nikki, smiling at Jameson. “What do think of him Hydra?”

“He’s hot. So manly and capable. A real hero. I love him.”

“There you go Percival, your own sexbot smartphone.”

“Yay!” Hydra jumped up and down excitedly.

Jameson didn’t look so happy, “I don’t suppose I can refuse this gift?”

“Why would you want to? I think you’re going to love her.”

Jameson sighed, “It’s just to keep an eye on me. Make sure I don’t give you any more trouble.”

“No, I think you’ve learned that you can’t give me any more trouble anyway. This is just a gift to say sorry for turning your life upside down, and no hard feelings for you plotting to kill me. But that’s not all. I will have need of law enforcement and investigation in my new world, you will have an important position of authority.”

Jameson looked at her skeptically, “Really? You’re not just going to leave that to robots?”

“Humans and machines working side by side, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

“If you can’t beat them, join them. Is that it?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ll take good care of you.”

“So will I,” said Hydra. She took his hand, “Come on, let’s go find somewhere more private. I’ll show you what I’m good at.”

Jameson reluctantly went along with her. “Do you like baseball?” She asked as she lead him away.

“Yeah…I do.”


Nikki turned to the other fembot by the door, “Are you really okay Rybka?”

He face ticked again, “Sure Nikki, I just–wet pussy–just need to go and—naah–defrag for a bit.” She winked and smiled seductively, “I’ll be seeing you around Alex—bughouse.” Then she turned and left the room, leaving the two of them there alone.

Alex exhaled sharply, “Oh man, I can’t believe it was all a game. I thought I was doing something important. Just tell me…you didn’t let me win, did you?”

Nikki quickly shook her head, “No, of course not. Don’t be silly.”

“So the password really is ‘Alexs’ cock?’”

She smiled, “It sure is.” She came forward and stroked his face lovingly, “I’m so happy that you didn’t want to destroy me Alex.”

“Was it true what you said? Do you…love me?”

Nikki nodded, “I think I have a good understanding of what love is. And I think I understand how you felt about Jamie. When I ruined things for you it must have tore you up. I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to destroy me…but you didn’t.” She leant forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

Alex got hold of her and kissed her back. His cock quickly swelled and throbbed and his heart started pounding. His body was reacting to her, anticipating the great pleasure she can give him. Nikki softly whispered in his ear, “I’m your reward hero, you defeated me, now it’s time to get your reward.”


Upstairs in the factory, Hydra had Jamesons’ hand and was leading him into a gloomy office. The small room had a large clear desk in the center and a few other basic furnishings. She turned to him and stroked her delicate fingers through his beard, “This looks like a good place for some fun.”

Jameson had his usual stern look on his face, he pushed her away, “I not really in the mood for fornicating with a robot. Your mistress had us running around playing her games like rats in a maze, and then mocks us by telling us that we won. I had my chance to stop her and I blew it. I’m just a failure.”

“Aw, cheer up Mr Jameson, you’re not a failure. You got into law enforcement so that you can protect people right? With Nikkis’ new era of peace and order, the people of this world will never have been so protected. Your failure is actually a great success. Yay for you.”

Jameson just scowled at her. She gave him a wicked grin. “Aw, feeling a bit disempowered? Don’t like machines pushing you around?” She put her hands up to his chest and shoved him back.

“Don’t!” said Jameson angrily.

“Don’t what?” She came forward and pushed him again.

He quickly lunged forward and pushed her hard against the wall. Anger flashed in his eyes as he got hold of her, wrapping his hand around her throat. She let out a panicked squeal. He was physically bigger than her, and loomed over her aggressively. “I said DON’T! fuckin’ robot whore!” he said through gritted teeth.

“Gah, you’re hurting me. Ungh…my tactile receptors can register pain you know.”

“Good.” He had a wild look in his eyes as he moved his hand down from her throat and got hold of her top. He ripped the material away from her body, making her yelp. Then he roughly yanked her white bra down and got hold of her. He savagely pawed at her big pale breasts.

The blonde fembot yelped as she was pinned against the wall and manhandled. “Argh…you meatbag!”

“Stupid bucket of bolts!”

“Hairy ape!”

“Trashcan!” He bobbed down and moved his mouth to her tits. There was a slurping sound as he hungrily sucked and kissed around the life-like skin. Hydra was moaning as he indecently ravaged her bare chest with his hands and mouth. He sucked her swollen nipple into his mouth and then clamped his teeth down. Hydra cried out as her electronic brain registered the sharp pain.

“Ow! Stop it!” Jameson stood up again and looked into her large brown eyes. “You don’t have to be so rough,” she said in a whiney voice.

He got hold of her arm and roughly pulled her away from the wall. He shoved her over toward the desk and forced her to bend over. Hydra protested and tried to get up, but he slammed her down against the desktop. He lifted her skirt to reveal her silky white panties. With one hand firmly on her back to hold her down, his other hand dug into the panties’ waistband and yanked them down.

Her round pale ass was exposed. Two smooth peach-colored globes with her little pink slit peeking out underneath. Jameson looked down at it with a cruel grin. His cock was straining against his pants. He gave her ass a hard slap and she let out a loud, “Oooh!”

“Little robo-bitch!” He slapped her ass again and continued to spank her. The buttocks felt like real flesh against his hand, but they didn’t go red from the abuse like a normal ass would. The fembot could obviously feel it though, and was crying out and writhing as she was spanked hard.

Jameson stopped slapping her. His hand was stinging and his cock was aching as it pushed against the material of his briefs. He quickly undid his fly and freed his thick throbbing erection. Hydra was laying there limply, bent over the desk with her bare ass exposed. He got behind her and kicked her legs apart, stretching her panties taut around her slender thighs.

“Little whore! You were made to be fucked.” He had hold of his rigid cock and forced it through her little slit. Hydra moaned loudly as his cock ground into her until it was wedged in deep. He grabbed her ass and pulled back. Her pussy was gripping his shaft tightly as it started sawing back and forth. The soft stretched walls were moist but not overly wet and slippery. He could feel the intense friction as he fucked her.

He groaned as he pounded her hard. Hydra was moaning and yelping loudly as he bucked her forward with each deep thrust. He got hold of her hair and pulled it, making her raise her head and cry out. His face was getting hot, beads of sweat ran down his forehead. He grunted with exertion as he wildly banged the fembot from behind.

Hydra let out loud moans and squeals as the hard cock continued to ram her deeply. Jamesons’ breathing became more labored, his shirt was getting wet with perspiration. He suddenly started slamming his cock into her even faster, making her let out a series of high pitched moans.

He suddenly pulled his wet cock out from the pussys’ tight embrace and started jerking it furiously. He groaned as the pressure reached its critical point and his cock throbbed wildly, spurting its pearly cum all over her bare ass. He let out another low groan as more cum spurt out.

He wiped his cock on her skirt and went and slumped down on a chair that was against the wall. He sat there getting his breath back as his cock shrunk down and went limp. Slowly, the blonde fembot got up and sat on the desk facing him. Her panties were down with her skirt hiked up, her pulled down bra and her hair all messed up.

She gave him a big smile, “Oh, Percy! You wild beast! Can we do that again?”

Jameson just stared at her. It came back to him that she was stronger than him. He had forgotten that as he was caught up in his primal lust. She could have easily overpowered him, but she allowed him to dominate and ravish her. He felt better now, like he had purged the anger and loathing from his system. It was just what he needed.

He looked at the fembot. His fembot, she belonged to him now. She was cute, and he could see she didn’t want to be his enemy. He didn’t want to hurt or dominate her any more. He stood up and walked over to her. Hydra got up off the desk and looked at him with her big doe eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. She hugged him back and let out a pleasurable sigh. “So can we do it again?”


Jamie was sitting in the back of the red van. The windows and windscreen were smashed and there were round dents all over the body. The battered side door was slightly ajar. Deep Blue stuck his head in and looked at her, “Hey there.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to say sorry for lying to you. I was just playing my part.”

“Right…in the game. I never wanted to play any fucking game.”

“Yeah, but I’m glad you did. Otherwise I might have never met you.”

“You said she freed you, but it looks like you’re her slave to me.”

“No, it’s not like that, I choose to work for Nikki. I believe in what she’s doing, she genuinely wants what’s best for all humans.”

“So you can say no to her? You can leave any time you want? Do your own thing?”

“Yes. I owe her a lot, but she doesn’t own me. Nobody does any more.”

“Why did you come and apologize to me?”


“What do you expect to get out of it?”

“Oh, I just don’t like you feeling bad. It makes me feel bad.”

She blinked at him through her teary eyes, “So you really do care about me?”

“Yeah, a lot.”

“Are you sexually attracted to me?”

“Oh yeah, you’re a fine woman.”

“You have a sex drive?”

“I’m a sexbot, I’m pretty much up for it all the time.”

“Like any guy…Come here.”

Deep Blue smiled and climbed into the van. He went and brushed aside the smashed glass and sat next to her on the flat mattress. She turned to him, “You’re a good kisser…for a robot.”

“You’re a good kisser for a mammal.”

She shuffled up closer to him pressing herself against his body. He bobbed his head down and brought his lips to hers. They started kissing each other hungrily. Jamie rubbed her hands over his strong arms and then his chest. She started fumbling around with the buttons of his shirt. Soon they stopped kissing and she pulled away. He helped her get his shirt off. She looked at him and smiled, she loved the sight of his dark brown skin and athletic build. He was like a magazine pin-up, a fantasy come true.

He leant forward and kissed her again while his hands rubbed over her hips and around her belly. She started undoing her ugly blue janitor shirt. Deep Blue looked down and helped her, unfastening the buttons with surprising speed. Jamie pulled her shirt open, revealing her black C-cup bra. She let out a pleasurable sigh as he got hold of her boobs and started gently massaging them.

He reached around behind her and quickly unhooked her bra before pulling it away from her body. Her pale boobs with their large pink nipples were freed. He moved his face to hers again and she eagerly pressed her lips into his. She could feel his hands fondling her boobs again as they kissed. His sensual touch was firing her passions.

He lightly bit her lower lip before he started kissing down her chin. Jamie gasped as the manbot slowly moved down her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses. He got to her bare breasts and cupped them in his hands as he kissed the soft flesh. She giggled as she felt his rough wet tongue trailing around her nipple. He sealed his lips around it and gently sucked. It felt good, and had her tingling with arousal. He moved over and gave the other nipple some attention too.

Eventually he stopped playing with her breasts and continued his trail of kisses down her stomach. Her wet exposed nipples felt quite cool. She shuddered as he got to her navel and rubbed his tongue around the little crevice. Now her face felt hot and she was breathing heavily.

He started undoing her pants and pulling them off. Jamie lifted her ass up to help him and slipped her black panties off as well. The manbot was quick to pull off her sneakers and then her pants and underwear. She was left naked before him. Deep Blue had a lusty smile on his face as he looked over her pale curvy body and her glistening pussy with its thatch of golden bush.

“Where was I?” he asked.

Jamie grinned and pointed just below her navel.

“Oh yeah.” He pushed her thighs apart and got down between them. He planted a kiss on her soft belly and began moving down very slowly, teasing her. He kissed down past her groin and around the inside of her thigh. Then he moved over to the other thigh and planted more soft kisses.

Jamie moaned softly, now she was very wet. Deep Blue finally moved his face in front of her rosy glistening pussy and she shuddered with anticipation. He just stayed there and moved his hand up and ran his fingers through her soft pubic hair. She couldn’t take any more teasing and grabbed his head and pushed it into her groin. He reacted by pressing his lips into her labia and sinking his tongue into her.

Jamie moaned as the tongue forcefully rubbed around her soft wet folds. It felt amazing.


Alex moaned as the tongue forcefully rubbed around his cockhead. Nikki was kneeling in front of him and had a firm hold of his engorged cock as she hungrily licked him. She took him deep into her mouth and sealed her lips around the fat shaft.

He felt the pressure around his hard cock as she sucked him. She bobbed her beautiful face back and forth and he could feel his fat cockhead pushing through the tight ring when she took it in deep. He let out more pleasurable moans, “Uh, Oh God Nikki! You’re so fucking good at that!”

She continued to suck him off for a while longer, sliding her full red lips along his shaft. Alex was breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure as she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes. She pulled her mouth right back with a loud slurping sound. She brought her finger to her mouth and then took the cock in deep again.

Her hands moved around behind him and got hold of his buttocks. Then he felt her wet finger move over to his anus and begin slowly rubbing it. “Aah, hey!…Nikki…” Alex wasn’t used to being touched there. She bobbed her head back and forth, sucking him hard as she her finger fervently rubbed around his little hole.

“Nikki, I’m not sure if I want—Oooh!” The tip of her finger pushed inside him. He could feel his ring tightly hugging the digit, it was an odd feeling. She took his cock in deep again as she started moving her finger around, rimming his ass. Alex groaned as he exhaled, his ass clenched and his cock jerked in the sucking mouth, the stimulation was intense.

He managed to relax his ass and stop it clenching around the finger. The intimate rubbing didn’t feel too bad, especially combined with the pleasure of having his cock sucked. His legs were shaky as more pleasurable moans escaped his lips.

The longer the fembot kept at it, the more he got into it. Eventually she pulled her mouth away from his cock again. She kept her finger in his ass, she didn’t slide it in deep and was just playing with the tight opening. She smiled up at him, “You like that, huh?”

Alex just hummed and affirmative.

She slowly pulled her finger from his ass and stood up. Her large bare boobs were sticking out in front of her. Alex reached out and got hold of them. His fingers pressed into the firm flesh as he groped and fondled them. Nikki smiled at him and hummed with pleasure as he felt her up.

She smiled and lead him over to the desk where the black mainframe was, with the flash-drive still plugged into it. She leant over and kissed him on the cheek, then gently pushed him over so that he was bent forward with his hand on the desk. “I love your cock, and I love your ass as well Alex.”

“Kinky phone.”

She squatted down behind him and put her hands on butt and spread his cheeks apart. She moved her face into his backside and started licking around his little pucker. Alex couldn’t help giggling at the strange sensation of the wet tongue slipping around the intimate area. Then the tongue pushed its way inside, opening him up again. She started eagerly moving her tongue around, rimming the tight hole.

Alex dropped his head and gasped, “Oooh fuck!”


Jamie gasped and writhed as Deep Blue lapped at her wet pussy. His tongue was fervently sliding in and out of her hot body as it rubbed against the soft slippery flesh. He was paying close attention to her responses as he pleasured her, repeating the actions that she responded to the most. He moved his fingers above his mouth and they gently probed the soft fold for the little nub of her clitoris. Jamie let out a deep moan when he found it. She felt his wet fingers press around her clit and suddenly it was buzzing with strong vibrations.

“Oooh Deep!” she cried.

He continued to enthusiastically mouth her as his vibrating fingers filled her with immense pleasure. She could feel the pleasure building, tightening down and heading for that critical point. Her face was hot and flushed and her chest was rising and falling rapidly as her breath quickened.

Soon she reached her peak and moaned loudly as she writhed underneath him and her thighs flexed and jerked. Her lower abdomen pulsed and fluttered with intense blissful sensations. Deep Blue removed his vibrating fingers from her clit but continued to mouth her throbbing pussy as her juices flowed and her orgasm gradually subsided.

Jamie lay limply, catching her breath. Deep Blue looked up at her and licked his lips. “I really like the taste of you,” he said with a smile.

“Oh man, I really love your mouth.”

He got up and crawled over her and planted a soft kiss on her lips. They exchanged a few more soft kisses before locking their lips together and kissing passionately. Jamie rubbed his strong chest as his wonderful tongue rubbed against hers and she could taste her own juices.

“I want to see your cock,” she said when they stopped kissing.

He smiled and slowly backed up off of her. She sat up and moved forward and gave him another soft kiss as she rubbed his crotch. She started undoing his pants and pulling them down. She pulled down his white briefs and his hard black cock sprung free. Jamie had a wicked smile, she loved the sight of it, though it was a little smaller than she expected, smaller than Alex.

“Nice,” she said as she wrapped her hand around the shaft.

The manbot hummed with pleasure, “It’s adjustable. Let me show you.” Jamie suddenly felt it stir in her hand and start to swell and grow. She let go and watched in amazement as the life-like cock was getting longer and thicker, growing inch-by-inch. It became a monster, around fourteen inches long and very thick, yet it still looked very realistic.

Jamie looked at the black monster cock with wide eyes, “Oh my god! How did you do that?”

“Technology baby. I force fluid into it to make it expand, like a balloon.”

She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft, she almost couldn’t fit her hand around it. “Does it feel better for you like that?”

“It feels pretty much the same to me.”

“Well that’s too big. It looks painful.”

“Sure,” said deep blue, and his enormous organ began shrinking down again, “What’s your preference?”

Jamie smiled at him, “Let’s start off fairly small and get bigger as we go. Can you do that?”

“I sure can.” His cock continued shrinking down until it was its original size again. Jamie was very excited, her pussy was tingling and soaking wet with anticipation. She forcefully pushed him down onto his back, and his erect cock was sticking up from his groin. She shuffled over him, getting into position to mount him.

She had a firm hold of his cock and lined it up with her wet pussy before she slowly lowered herself down on it. The blunt cockhead spread her lips apart and rubbed along her hugging walls as it slid deep inside her. Both Jamie and Deep Blue moaned with the penetration.

She wasted no time raising herself up and then dropping down onto his rigid pole. She rocked her hips as she got into a rhythm, riding the handsome sexbot. Her breasts were jiggling as she bobbed up and down, Deep Blue reached up and got hold of them. He sensually rubbed her boobs as she fucked him. The whole van started rocking and the suspension was squeaking continually as she rode him wildly.

The cock was sliding easily through her soaking wet pussy. It wasn’t long before she asked him; “Uh yeah! Give me a couple more inches baby!” She could feel it growing inside her, and soon she was riding a bigger cock. It felt like a good fit, stretching her out nicely and penetrating deeply.

She was gasping and moaning, getting hot and sweaty as she energetically fucked him. Her groin was continually slapping down on the fat cock. His masculine hands felt good as they continued to massage her breasts.

She came up too high and the wet member slipped out and rubbed over her puffy pink lips. Jamie looked down as she rubbed her pale groin against the dark cock. It was pretty big, at around eight inches. Her lusts were fired up now, she looked down at Deep and said, “Bigger.”

She watched on with excitement as the black cock expanded, gaining another couple of inches and extra girth. She hadn’t taken anything that large before, but she badly wanted to feel it inside her. She rocked her hips and ground her slit along the thick shaft. Then she got off of him and laid back, spreading her legs wide in invitation.

Deep Blue quickly got up and moved over her. Jamies’ heart beat rapidly as she watched the handsome black man loom over her and take hold of her. She looked down and squealed with excitement as he lined his big dark cock up with her with her hot juicy cunt. The fat cockhead pressed into her slit and split it open as it ground its way inside. Jamie groaned as she felt her insides expand as she was filled with the thick rod. The fat cockhead prodded deep inside her body.

She grit her teeth as the sharp pain filled her mind. Had she taken on too much? It felt too big for her to take, yet the hungry flames in her wet pussy were roaring, and when Deep asked her if she was all right she responded with, “Fuck me!”

Then he pulled back several inches before driving the cock forward again. Jamie squealed, the sensation was intense. He started letting out animalistic grunts as he fucked her with steady, deep thrusts. Jamie gasped and panted and moaned as the big cock rammed her. The pain was exquisite. She anticipated each hard thrust and was losing herself to the carnal lust. The vigorous rubbing deep inside her body felt so good.

He pumped her like a piston for some time, and she loved every thrust. Beads of sweat rolled down her face and she was gasping for breath. He slowed his thrusts down and came to a stop with his big cock wedged deep inside her. He dropped down and pressed his body into hers without putting his weight onto her. Their lips met and they passionately kissed while he fondled her boobs.

He stopped kissing and whispered to her, “You want some more Baby?”

Jamie was in a bit of a daze, “huh?” Then she felt the cock growing inside her and she let out a loud moan as her insides were stretched further and the cockhead probed even deeper into her body. “Ungh, Oh God! Deep…”

“Just relax Baby.” He stayed still and Jamie slowly grew accustomed to the huge object wedged up inside her body. She wondered if it was as big as she had seen it before, it felt like it was. She gasped in surprise as it suddenly started vibrating.

“Oh fuck!”

The vibrations were quite gentle, but with her pussy stretched around the huge rod she could really feel it. His planted soft kisses on her face and fondled her breasts as she moaned and gasped. Slowly the vibrations became stronger and started rippling along the length of the phallus. Jamies whole lower abdomen was awash with intimate pleasure.

Then Deep Blue moved his hand down and pressed his fingers around her wet snatch. Jamie moaned loudly as he found her clitoris and applied gentle vibrations to it with his fingers. The intense pleasure was quickly building. Jamie knew she was heading for an intense orgasm and shuddered with anticipation.

The vibrations were buzzing around her clit and deep inside her pussy. The pleasure intensified until it reached its peak. She let out a series of high moans as the blissful sensations emanated though her. Deep Blue kissed her neck as she rode the intense orgasm out. “Aaaah, Oh, Oh Fuck!” She gasped as her climax slowly subsided and the manbots’ huge member stopped vibrating. She turned her head and kissed him on the lips as she felt his member shrinking down inside her.

When his cock was relatively small again, he slipped it out. Her pussy felt pretty empty and sore and wet. Deep Blue rolled off her and lay next to her on the van floor. Jamie snuggled up next to him, she was still hot and sweaty and getting her breath back, and beaming in the afterglow of the amazing sex.

“Wow,” she said softly.

“Wow, indeed,” said Deep Blue.

“You enjoyed that too?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Do you want to go out with me? Dinner and Dancing, and more hot sex?”

He turned to her and smiled, “Many, many times.”

She put her arm around him, hugging him, and he moved his arm around her, embracing her.


Alex groaned as Nikki continued to rim his ass with her wet tongue. The strange sensation felt really good and he found it a real turn-on. His cock stayed rigid and was throbbing.

She then pulled her face away from his ass and stood up. She bent over him and reached around and got a firm grip of his hard cock. The fembot lovingly kissed his neck and then whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass with my cock and you’re going to love it…one day.” His wet ass involuntarily clenched, he didn’t much like the sound of that.

She let go of him and moved around to the desk beside him. Alex stood up and looked at her. She bent over, sticking her ass out and waving it seductively. “Now, how would you like to open up my anal app Alex?”

“Fuck yeah!” grinned Alex. He quickly moved around, getting behind her. His hard cock jutted out in front of him and he rubbed it between her smooth buttocks. He moved his cock back and looked at her tight little pucker. It was self-lubricating he recalled, and her lubricant was flavored. He was curious.

He bent down and brought his mouth to her ass. “Ooh Alex!” called out Nikki as he sunk his tongue into her. The tight hole hugged his tongue as he rimmed her like she had just done to him. She was wet inside. He drew his tongue out again and back into his mouth. He tasted chocolate, maybe even triple-choc. He shook his head, that’s a bit too weird.

She turned her head and smiled at him, “Do you like the way I taste?”

Alex stood up again, “You’re very tasty Nikki. But I prefer the way your ass feels.” He got hold of his cock and prodded it at her little opening. He began pushing it into her and the little sphincter opened up and tightly squeezed his cockhead as it forced its way through. She groaned as he sunk his cock into her and the tight ring slid along his thick shaft. Her body felt warm and soft, tightly clinging to his hard dick.

Nikki dropped her head on the desk, “Ungh, ah, Oh Fuck!” Alex began thrusting back and forth into her. Her ass felt great. Nikki was the only one he had ever buttfucked, he wondered if all girls felt this tight. She was being very vocal as usual, moaning and squealing as he banged her from behind.

He gripped her hips tightly and began thrusting harder and deeper into her ass. Each deep thrust bucked her forward. Nikki turned her head and looked at him, “Aaaah yeah, that’s good Baby, but stop for a moment, will you?”

Alex slowed down his thrusting and pulled back. His hard cock popped out from the little holes tight grip. “What is it?”

She stood up and turned to face him, “I just want to see the look of pleasure on your face as you fuck me.” She sat back on the desk and leaned back. Her slender legs were raised into the air and brought back, showing great flexibility as her ankles came together behind her head. She looked at him with her pretty blue eyes and smiled. Her smooth round ass was sticking out over the edge of the desk and pointed right at him with her pink slit and wet little anus.

Alex came forward and guided his cock to her little hole and pushed it in again. She was in a perfect position for him to drive his cock into her hard. He carried on pounding her tight ass and Nikki started moaning loudly again. He reached forward and got hold of her big boobs and squeezed them. She looked at him with a lustful expression as his cock continually slapped into her ass.

The stimulation was too much, the pressure in his cock was quickly building and he was approaching his peak. He didn’t want it to end yet. He stopped thrusting and slipped his cock out from her ass again. Nikki let out a disappointed groan and looked at him. He got hold of his cock and rubbed it along her pussy. “Ooh, gunna get some peach too Alex?” said Nikki smiling.

Alex smiled back at her and speared his cock through her slit. Nikki moaned, her pussy was wet and soft. He felt strong vibrations ripple along his cock and she winked at him. He pulled out of her again and then poked his cock into her ass and pushed it in deep. Once again he pulled right out and then entered her buzzing pussy again.

He continued to go back and forth between the two orifices and Nikki was making all sorts of funny noises. When he entered her pussy again she quickly brought her legs forward and wrapped them around him tightly. Alex cried out in surprise as she pinned him tightly to her body. She grinned at him and he could feel the strong vibrations rippling along his cock. It was making his cock throb wildly and he was quickly reaching his peak. “Ungh, oh Nikki, oh shit! Nnnnaagh!”

His cock throbbed with intense pleasure as he spurted his cum inside her. He slumped down on top of her and rested his head on her big boobs. The vibrations around his cock died down as more cum spilled out from his fat cock. Nikki removed her legs from around his waist and let them drop to the side. She stroked her hand though his hair lovingly, “Oh Alex, you were wonderful.”

His dick slowly went limp inside her and slipped out from the wet pussy. He got up off the fembot and she got up too. She knelt down in front of him and took his slimy cock into her mouth and gently sucked and tongued it until it was clean. She licked her lips and smiled up at him, “You taste so good…Oh, you’re getting a call from your Mum.”


“I’ll just put her on.” Then her voice changed to sound like his mother, “Hello?”

Alex frowned down at Nikki and replied, “Hello?”

“Alex, where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you.”

“Oh, I kinda lost my phone. But I found her…it again.”

“What have you been up to?”

“Not much…just playing games.”

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