“So you see,” Allison sighed as she gave a slow, shallow thrust with her hips, “if you manage to not sleep with Melissa before midnight, Melissa has to sleep with Hannah-”

“Any sex act I want for two hours,” Hannah corrected.

“And I don’t know about you, but I want to see Melissa and Hannah together,” Allison grinned.

Blake reached up and cupped Allison’s breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently as he watched her body ease up and down, back and forth on top of his.

“What makes you think I’d just jump in to bed with Melissa anyway?” he laughed, “last time I checked I had a girlfriend.”

“I know, and I trust you,” Allison replied, “but-” she winced as he arched his back and lifted her off her feet.

“But Melissa can be very persuasive,” Hannah said. She was standing under the cascading water, gently massaging her stretched and sore arsehole as she watched her friends make love on the wooden bench.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Blake laughed. “So what happens if she manages to suppress my fidelity, what does she win?”

“Hannah has to let Henry give it to her in the arse,” Allison smiled, looking across at her friend.

“And that’s bad?” Blake checked, looking from one girl across to the other.

“By all accounts Henry is fairly large,” Allison nodded, “large enough to make Hannah think twice about where she’d want to put it.”

Hannah was thinking about it, as her finger traced around her aching ring. Taking Blake in there had felt spectacular once he’d stretched her open, she’d felt so full, so animalistic, so fucking good. Now the prospect of Henry penetrating that tight little hole didn’t seem so bad, she was still unsure about it but as she dipped a finger inside herself and the other hand eased down and applied two digits to her clit, she couldn’t help but squirm at the thought of having Henry’s monster slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Besides,” she said absently, “I could have Henry any time I want, this will probably be my only shot at getting Melissa.”


Down by the river Melissa stood up and stretched, Henry and David watching her from the pool, her lithe form on display for them as she watched their reaction from behind her shades. She bent over and snatched her flimsy summer dress off the ground, dropping it on over her shoulders and sauntering away back towards the campsite.

Henry and David watched her go, both wondering why she bothered with the dress after lying around naked for so long, especially as the dress barely covered her at all.

“Would you?” David asked.

“I have,” Henry replied with a confused look, “you know that.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Why? Wouldn’t you?” Henry asked.

“I’ve got something to say about that,” David gulped, uncertain about whether or not to continue.

“Oh yeah?” Henry replied, raising an eyebrow, expecting a torrent of explicit filth to come pouring from David’s mouth.

“I have been,” he said quietly, watching Melissa disappear over the fence.

“Ha! In your dreams maybe,” Henry replied.

“I swear, I’ve been sleeping with her for weeks,” David said, turning to his friend.

“Bullshit,” Henry replied.

“She doesn’t want anyone to know, so you can’t tell anyone, she’s amazing.”

“Can’t you see it’s just pathetic that you have to lie about stuff like that,” Henry laughed.

“I’m not lying, I slept with her last night, she likes me to put it in her butt.”

Henry roared with laughter.

“Now I know you’re lying,” he said, slapping his friend on the back.

“I’ll prove it,” David said as he pushed his friend away, “I’ll prove to you that Melissa fucks me.”

David swam to the edge of the pool and pulled himself out, grabbing his towel and giving himself a quick dry before walking away and leaving Henry alone.

David looked towards the camp as he approached it, hoping to spot Melissa still loitering around. He had to get her to admit to sleeping with him, it wasn’t fair that he had to keep such a secret, he’d beg her. He couldn’t see her anywhere and wondered where she’d got to, she must have really moved fast to put so much distance between herself and the pool so quickly.

Melissa had run to the camp, her bare feet virtually silent in the grass, none of her friends were out which worried her, she’d checked the tents, listening carefully at each one before her gaze was drawn towards the shower block. She crept up on it now, glancing back at the tents and seeing David wander between them, what the hell did he want?

She stood outside the low brick building listening to the splashing water and the incoherent snatches of conversation. There was definitely at least two voices: Hannah and Allison, but was there- ah, there it was, the deeper, quieter sound of Blake’s voice. She crept in a little way, still hidden by the dogleg in the entrance, but now out of view of David should he look in her direction. She peered around the corner, looking in through the steam, making out two bodies on the bench and a third further away, just a pink figure under the shower by the far wall. She watched the two figures on the bench, clearly it was Blake lying on his back and Allison slowly riding him. So that was Hannah’s plan: keep Blake occupied.

“Mind if I join you?” she announced loudly as she marched in, pulling her dress off over her head.

Allison turned quickly and looked as Melissa walked around the bench, dropping her dress on Blake’s feet as she went and headed for the water.

“I’ve been down by the pool for hours,” she said, turning on the shower beside Hannah and sweeping her hair back as it soaked. “David and Henry have been staring at me, I just feel so filthy, y’know?”

Hannah, Allison and Blake all stared at her as she took the soap in her hands and worked up a lather, caressing her whole body and washing it all off.

“Of course having the three of you watch me is completely different,” she laughed.

Allison leaned down, turning Blake’s face back towards her own and pressing her lips to his, smiling inside as his hands stroked up her thighs and on to her hips.

“Keep fucking me,” Allison whispered in his ear, “it gets me wet when she watches us.”

“How about when you’ve finished over there you come and satisfy me again,” Melissa said loudly, stroking her firm little breasts as she moved her eyes from the couple to Hannah. “He’s going to fuck me,” she hissed quietly through the water, “there’s no way you and Allison can keep him to yourselves until midnight.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hannah replied.

“Also, letting Allison in on our bet is low, even for you,” Melissa snarled. She turned and watched the couple again, they were staring in to each others eyes as Allison ground herself down on Blake, his hands up on her breasts.

“They look good together, don’t they?” Hannah smiled, “there’s no way you’re going to get between them.”

Melissa stepped closer to Hannah, reaching out and resting a hand on Hannah’s hip, looking up in to her eyes.

“Look at my body,” she purred, “every inch of it, glistening, wet, firm, I’ve got fingers and a mouth that can drive you wild and my cunt tastes like heaven. You want it, don’t you?” She watched as Hannah’s eyes fought her lust, desperately trying not to stare. “You’re not getting it, Blake is though, oh God he’s going to be all over me, and then-” she dropped her voice until it was almost inaudible, sliding her hand up Hannah’s flank and on to her breast, smiling as Hannah closed her eyes and gasped at the contact, “and then, Henry’s going to be all over you, that big fat shaft of meat fucking your innocent virgin arse.” Melissa thumbed Hannah’s nipple briefly, noticing her thighs squeeze together.

Hannah pictured herself in a sandwich between Henry and Melissa, her fingers drifting unbidden back to her pussy.

“At the stroke of midnight I’m going to push your pretty little face in to my pussy,” she sighed, not a scrap of malicious tone in her voice, more a promise, between lovers.

“I’ll bet Allison won’t let you fuck her arse,” Melissa called to Blake, her hand moving away as she saw the look in Hannah’s eyes.

“Oh,” Hannah whispered, “I should probably mention, he’s already done that with me, just so you know, it was good.”

Melissa turned back quickly.

“You had him-”

“In my arse? Yes,” Hannah grinned, happy to have put one over on Melissa. “God it felt good, Allison was watching us, she likes watching me and her boyfriend.”

On the bench Allison arched her back and looked over at Hannah and Melissa under the showers, wondering what they were talking about between Melissa’s calls to Blake.

“You want to fuck Melissa in the arse?” she asked Blake quietly, tensing her body and squeezing his cock.

“No,” he breathed, “I just want to fuck you.” He couldn’t keep the thought from his head though, that lithe little temptress putting her knees by her ears and smiling as he pushed himself through her impossibly tight back-door.

“You can do whatever, to whoever you like, as long as you don’t fuck Melissa,” Allison hissed, “I know you want to see her with Hannah as badly as I do.”

They both looked up as Melissa stormed away from Hannah, grabbing her dress as she went, and disappearing back out in to the blazing sunlight.

“What did you say?” Blake asked as Hannah wandered over to the bench.

“I told her I wasn’t an anal virgin any more. I told her you’d done me, and that Allison loved watching us. She didn’t appreciate that news too much, I can’t imagine why.” She laughed and returned to her shower, dipping her fingers between her lips and masturbating as she watched her friends make love.


Melissa pulled her dress on over her head, immediately making it transparent, she reached the fire circle and looked around for something to kick, cursing her bare feet as she realised she’d come off worse no matter what she aimed for. How the fuck had she been beaten by Hannah? It wasn’t fair, she always got her way, that was how it was supposed to be.

“Are you OK?”

She turned on her heel and for the first time saw David sitting on one of the logs, holding a bottle of beer.

“I’m fine,” she growled dismissively.

“Good, I wanted to talk to you about us,” David said.

Melissa looked around quickly, checking none of their friends were around.

“There is no fucking us David,” she hissed, “you know the deal, we never mention this.”

“But I wanted to-”

There was the sound of a car horn honking and both looked up. A beat-up old car was bumping across the field, a girl leaning out of the window waving and shouting.

“Not fucking now,” Melissa growled between gritted teeth, “just not now.”

Melissa turned and ran to her tent, throwing herself face-down on to her makeshift bed and screaming silently in to her pillow. The guys from the village arriving was the last straw, she really didn’t need visitors now.

David ducked down and slunk to his tent too, he wasn’t in the mood for being friendly, he just wanted Melissa to acknowledge him, to talk to him. He’d let Henry and the others deal with their guests, he just wanted to be by himself and think for a while.


Henry had been laying on the boulder drying out when he heard the car approaching, remembering at once that the girls from the village were coming over. He jumped up and jogged back to the camp site, eager to greet them. They were standing in a group looking around when he reached them, five of them, holding a couple of crates of beer between them.

“Hi,” he said happily, holding out his hand to the one girl he recognised, “Amy, it’s good to see you again.”

“Henry, right?” Amy replied, beaming as she reached up to give him a big hug.

“I don’t know where the others have got to, there were at least two more here a minute ago,” he laughed, “I’m sure they’ll be back soon, come on, let’s get comfortable. Let me help you with those.”

He stepped past Amy and took one of the crates in his arms, leading the way down to the ashes of the fire.

They all sat down and Amy went around the circle introducing everyone:

“This is Emily, Dan, Steph and Laura,” she said, pointing at each of them in turn.

“Emily, Dan, Steph and Laura,” Henry repeated. “got it, ask me again when I’ve had a few,” he laughed. “I don’t know where everyone else is.”

“I have something for David,” Amy said, “my mother wanted me to give it to him.”

Inside his tent David listened to the voices, remembering what Amy looked like, his mind told him to get up, go be sociable, but his body refused, he wasn’t in the mood for that right now, he wanted to sort things out with Melissa.

“Here they come,” Henry said, nodding past the visitors as Blake and the girls made their way over from the shower block.

Noticing the car they looked up and hurried over.

“Sorry,” Allison said as they neared, “sorry, we were just taking a quick shower, it’s so good to see you all.”

They exchanged hugs and introductions, Allison noticing a few of the girls looking Blake up and down.

“Henry where’s Melissa, and David for that matter?” Allison asked.

“I don’t know,” Henry replied, “I kind of thought they might be with you.” He immediately remembered the claim David had made and wondered if it might be true.

“Shall we get a fire going?” Hannah said, clapping her hands, “Er, Blake, can you come and help me collect some more wood?”

She pulled the reluctant Blake off his seat and walked with him up across the field.

Melissa lay on her back listening to the group, she’d been coming to terms with having to sleep with Hannah, it wasn’t even so much that she objected, at least Hannah seemed to be an enthusiastic and generous lover, it was more the idea that she’d lost the bet, she never lost. She heard Hannah ask for Blake’s help, they were going to get firewood, where was it they went for firewood? She hadn’t gone to get any since they’d arrived, someone else always did it, but they’d all been talking about where to find a lot, where had it been? The small copse behind the shower block, that was it, out of sight of the camp and perfect for an ambush. She crawled from her tent and darted around behind it, her heart beating hard in her chest as she wondered if anyone had seen her.

She watched Hannah and Blake walk up towards the shower block and vanish from view behind it. This was her chance, a reprieve, a shot at proving Hannah wrong. She quickly ran up to where Blake had gone, waiting to hear the shouts from her friends sitting at the camp but none came. She stopped, leaning against the brickwork of the shower block, catching her breath and grinning as she planned her next move.

“We need a lot,” she heard Hannah say, “I don’t want to have to come back up here when it’s dark.”

Melissa looked around the corner and saw the pair slowly moving further apart. The copse was thick and twisted, it wouldn’t be hard to confront Blake without Hannah seeing, she’d just have to be quiet. She crouched down and moved stealthily between the trees, trying to get ahead of where Blake appeared to be walking. She found a tight knot of trunks and leaned against them, waiting for Blake to pass, lifting one foot and pressing it back against the rough bark, sliding her short dress up her thigh and bunching it around her waist.

“Blake,” she hissed as he moved a few meters in front of her.

Blake turned quickly, dropping most of the dead branches he’d picked up.

“Melissa what the hell?” he said.

“Shh, I just wanted to talk,” she giggled.

“Which is why you’re naked from the waist down?” Blake replied, lowering his voice without even realising.

“Well it’s just that I’m so wet, I don’t know why, since you fucked me I haven’t been able to get you off my mind, nothing seems to satisfy me, I just need you back in me again.”

“Nice try,” Blake replied, cursing his traitorous cock as it swelled in his shorts, “but Allison and Hannah told me about the bet.”

“Did they really, what did they tell you? Did they tell you that if I manage to sleep with you then all three of us have to be your naughty little fuck toys for the rest of the week? Did they tell you that we all have to do whatever perverted thing you want us to? I bet they didn’t, did they? See, I want that Blake, I want to be yours, I’ll do anything for you, I’ll let you abuse me with your big cock in any way you want, all you have to do is fuck me before midnight and then you’ll get all three of us.”

She moved away from the trunk, her dress dropping back down to cover her soft mound, she stood, a hand on Blake’s shoulder as she whispered to him.

“If you want to you can fuck my arsehole and then fuck Allison’s while she licks your cum from mine. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Watching your sweet girlfriend get down and dirty. All you have to do-” she dropped to her knees, her palm rubbing Blake’s cock through his shorts, “is stick it in me.” She lowered her open mouth to the bulge and bit it lightly.

“Oh god,” Blake moaned, feeling the warmth and pressure on his swollen head.

“Blake!” Hannah shouted from a few feet away.

Blake and Melissa both turned.

“Don’t even think about it,” Hannah said, stepping forward and pulling Melissa to her feet with one hand. “I swear to god Blake that if you fuck her you’ll be playing solo for the next month.”

Hannah’s sudden appearance shook Blake out of his lust-driven submission, he stepped back away from Melissa and adjusted his shorts.

“I wasn’t going to,” he said defensively.

“Melissa get the fuck out away from him,” Hannah said, pushing past her and gripping Blake’s shoulder to lead him away.

Melissa watched Hannah take Blake back down to the camp then followed, heading straight back to her tent. She’d get another chance, she was sure of that. There was no way this was over yet. She’d wait until later, she’d make sure they needed more firewood, Blake would go, Blake always went, it was a guy thing, she’d follow him, next time Hannah wouldn’t get in the way.


The group sat around the fire talking, they were well on to the second crate of beer. Henry had offered to drive back to the pub with Amy to fetch more but Hannah had refused to let anyone go anywhere near a car in their drunken state.

“When the beer’s done I’ve got something a little more special,” Amy had winked, “if Hannah is OK with coming with me to my car to fetch it?” She joked.

Hannah had agreed and accompanied Amy to collect a few bottles of spirits.

Amy had watched the group open the bottles and pass them around, smiling as they did.

“I’m going to find David and drag him out here,” she announced quietly, hoping no one would notice her leave, then stopped and leaned across to Blake sitting beside her. “Blake? Blake, which tent is David’s?” she asked, her hand on his knee.

“It’s the second from the end,” Blake replied, “what did you have in mind?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Amy giggled, turning on her seat and quickly creeping away in to the darkness.


David lay on his back staring up in the darkness, the happy sounds filtering through to him. He’d heard Melissa join the party, she’d walked from her tent straight past his, she must’ve noticed he wasn’t at the fire.

There was a sound outside his tent and he sat up, leaning back on his elbows, wondering if it was Melissa come to make amends. The zip slowly ascended, the shadowy figure outside remaining hidden until the last moment when she ducked her head in.

“Hi David,” Amy smiled, “mind if I come in?”

David looked at the huge grin and the big pair of tits in the uniform white tee shirt that Amy wore.

“Sure,” he said, moving to sit up and make room for his guest.

Amy moved in to the tent and sat cross-legged opposite David.

“Why aren’t you out with the rest of us?” she asked.

“I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” he replied, “I’m not really in the mood for drinking and laughing.”

“That’s a shame,” Amy sighed, “I’ve been missing you.”


“Of course, also, I have something I’m meant to give you.”

“What is it?” David asked, his mind suddenly racing.

“This,” Amy smiled, leaning across a kissing him softly.

“Oh, OK,”David said.

“That was from my mother, you made quite an impression on her, she wanted me to tell you that any time you’re back in the village you should call in on her.”

“Oh, OK I will,” David replied, not sure how to respond.

“There was something else too,” Amy said slowly, her eyes begging David’s to look up at her.

“What?” David asked.

Amy knelt up, leaning towards David and kissing him again, her hand on his shoulder pushing him on to his back until he was forced to straighten his legs out either side of her knees.

“My mother told me to suck your cock,” she giggled, reaching forward and tugging down his shorts. “And I always do what my mother tells me.”

David stared as Amy stripped him below the waist and took his rapidly swelling member between her rosy cheeks.

“Oh god,” he sighed as he watched the blonde curls bob up and down.

“Put your hand on the back of my head,” Amy smiled, looking up and slowly pumping David’s cock with her fist.

David pushed her head back down, guiding her movement with his fingers in her hair. He’d gone from lovelorn to getting sucked off in the space of five minutes, god it felt like getting blown by an angel.

Amy locked her lips tight around his shaft, feeling every vein throb as she dragged her mouth up until just his purple head remained inside her. She swirled her tongue around it and probed his slit, smiling to herself as he gasped, his hand suddenly disappearing from the back of her head as he stretched his arms up and arched his back.

“Did you enjoy fucking my mother?” she asked, suddenly withdrawing her mouth and grinning up in to David’s staring eyes as she pumped him slowly. “Guys usually do, she’s obviously pretty good at it, you’ll have to let me know which of us is better though.”

“Fuck,” David gasped as Amy lowered her mouth back on to him.

She sucked hard, suppressing her gag reflex as her lips reached the base of his cock and his head bumped against the back of her throat. Slowly pulling back she followed her lips with her thumb and forefinger wrapped partially around his shaft.

“I bet all your friends have enjoyed this cock,” she grinned, lapping at his head.

David shook his head.

“No? Why not?”

“I, uh, I don’t know,” David replied, wishing Amy would stop teasing.

“You haven’t slept with any of those girls out there?”

“No, well one,” David winced as Amy’s tongue flicked against the underside of his aching head.

“I’ve messed around with most my friends, in one way or another,” she replied with a frown. “In the winter when there’s no tourists around there’s fuck-all else to do ’round here.”

“You mean you’ve fucked-” David groaned, suddenly cut-off as his mouth hung open.

“The girls and Dan? Of course, well mostly it’s just been us fingering each other with the girls. Why? D’you want to watch me and one of them sometime?”

David nodded silently as Amy’s mouth spread in to another devilish grin and she sucked him back between her lips again.

“I’m going to cum,” he groaned, feeling the pressure rise as Amy snaked her tongue out and trailed it up the underside of his shaft.

“You want to cum in my mouth?” Amy asked, withdrawing all contact with his rigid pole as it twitched skyward, glistening on the cusp of eruption.

David nodded almost imperceptibly as Amy teased a single finger across his head.

“Maybe later,” she said, nodding, her face suddenly solemn.

“What th-” David gasped, his eyes wide as Amy held her sweet lips and tongue just inches from his impatient manhood.

“I don’t want you to cum just yet,” Amy replied, her breath tormenting his cock. “I want you to fuck me first,” she nodded thoughtfully, a playful look passing across her face.

David sat up and watched, fighting the urge to finish himself off with his hand as Amy knelt up and slowly stripped. Finally she crawled her naked figure back towards him, pushing him back down from his raised position. The immediacy of his need had faded a little but it was obvious that it wouldn’t take much to have his orgasm galloping back.

“Now, all you have to do,” she began, “is close your eyes,” she whispered, her voice drifting up as she moved down his body, “and,” her breath flowed around his swollen and oozing head, “catch me!”

Amy was already crouched outside the entrance to his tent by the time David’s eyes had shot open and he’d sat up. She flashed a huge grin at him and disappeared. David flung himself out of his tent and scrambled to his feet as he watched Amy’s naked figure race along the row of tents and past their friends at the fire. He was after her in a shot, the open-mouthed faces a blur as he focused on the naked figure, pale in the moonlight, tearing across the campsite towards the river.

At the fire the friends turned to one another with a mixture of confusion and drunken giggles. Allison had moved on to Blake’s lap after watching a couple of the visiting girls eyeing him up and turned to him now, knocking back the last couple of inches in her bottle.

“Skinny-dipping?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with desire.

By the time Allison and Blake had made their way from the fire to the pool, accompanied by their friends and guests, David had dived in after Amy. The group assembled on the boulder and watched as David caught her and she pulled him in to a tight embrace, their bodies shimmering, pale in the moonlit water.

“Last one in’s a chicken,” Allison laughed, quickly pulling her top off over her head and turning to Blake as she pulled at her jeans. “I want you in this river, right now,” she hissed.

Naked she jumped in, David turned at the sound, apparently seeing the others for the first time but quickly turned back by Amy’s hand on his cheek.

Blake stripped down and followed his girlfriend in to the water.

“Come on,” Allison called up to Hannah, “join us.”

Hannah shuffled her feet, she’d just about plucked up the courage to swim naked with Melissa and she was just about ready to shed her clothes in front of the rest of her friends, but doing so in front of a group of relative strangers was awkward.

“Let me help you,” Dan said as he took her hand.

Hannah turned and looked at him his eyes staring back and telling her exactly what it was he wanted.

“OK,” she mumbled quickly, letting him reach down to grasp her tee shirt and lift it up off her body.

She stood still, watching as he pulled his own off, then his head moved, his eyes following Melissa as she sauntered past dropping her clothes, swaying her slender hips and diving off the rock. For a moment Hannah gritted her teeth, furious that another boy found Melissa so much more appealing, then her cunning kicked in.

“How’d you like to watch her and me together?” she whispered, leaning close to Dan and dragging his eyes back to her body.

“You and, er…?”

“Melissa. Yes, the two of us, fucking,” Hannah replied, her voice all but breaking as the thought of it ignited her lust again.

“I didn’t know you were both in to girls,” he replied, turning again as Henry was led to the edge of the rock by Steph and Laura, the three of them naked.

“She’s not,” Hannah grinned, but she will be, trust me.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, shrugging its straps down her arms and dropping it to the rock.

“I don’t understand,” Dan said, his attention now fully on Hannah.

“We had this little bet,” she explained, pulling at his belt, “if I can stop her from fucking Blake there, she has to sleep with me.”

“It looks like Blake’s got enough to be getting on with already,” Dan laughed.

“Mm-hmm, Allison knows about the bet, she wants to see me and Melissa together too,” Hannah nodded slowly.

“So, what do I have to do to get a seat at this performance?” Dan asked.

“Keep Melissa occupied until midnight,” Hannah replied, “tell her you’d rather be with her than me, she’ll love that.”

Dan turned and looked for Melissa in the pool, she’d made her way over to Blake and Allison and was talking to them, evidently much to Allison’s annoyance.

“OK,” Dan nodded, “I’ll do it,” he grinned.

“I bet you will,” Hannah laughed, she watched as Dan shed the rest of his clothes and jumped in to the water.

Watching the group of bodies spread out across the dark water Hannah smiled and pushed her jeans down her legs, leaving them in a crumpled heap as she stepped out of them, turning to push them away from the edge. A little way back one of the visitors was sitting on the rock, her chin on one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

“Not swimming?” Hannah asked, suddenly feeling very undressed in front of the girl in her jeans and hoodie.

“Not in the mood,” she replied.

“It’s Emily, isn’t it?” Hannah said crouching by the girl’s feet.

“Yeah,” Emily sighed, her eyes flicking up and down as she took in Hannah’s curvy figure.

“What’s wrong Emily,” Hannah asked.

“Nothing, well, no nothing.”

“Tell me,” Hannah said softly, “everyone else is having fun, what’s got you down?”

Hannah turned and followed Emily’s gaze across the pool.

“You wanted David?” she asked as she turned back quickly.

On the opposite side of the pool, away from everyone else David had Amy up against the rocks, her legs were evidently wrapped around his hips as they kissed.

“Not quite,” Emily replied.

“What then? Oh,” Hannah said, realisation hitting her, “Amy.”

Emily nodded and looked down at the ground.

“You don’t think it’s, I dunno, wrong?” she said quietly.

Hannah moved to sit next to her and leaned down.

“I’m uh, well let me put it this way, between Amy and David I’d have Amy any day,” Hannah said happily.

“You mean?” Emily asked.

“I like girls, yeah,” Hannah smiled.

“But you and Dan were just-”

“I like boys too,” Hannah giggled. “So you’ve got yourself lusting after your friend and let me guess, while she’s happy to entertain you from time to time, she’s also always away with someone else, a boy.”

“She does seem to get around,” Emily sighed.

“How about I fill in, for now?” Hannah asked.

“How’d you mean?”

Hannah was already kneeling up and stretching her leg over Emily’s seated figure, bringing herself down to straddle her.

“Oh,” Emily gasped, dropping her bottle as Hannah took her hands.

Emily allowed her hands to be placed on Hannah’s breasts and she instinctively began squeezing them.

“Mm,” Hannah sighed, “why don’t we have our own little party up here?” She lowered her head as Emily tipped hers back to look up, their lips met and within seconds their tongues were thrashing against one another.

“You’re too dressed,” Hannah moaned in Emily’s ear.

“So are you,” Emily replied, her hands slipping down Hannah’s back and under the waistband of her underwear.


Allison rolled her eyes as Melissa told Blake again how good fucking him had felt and how she needed it so badly. She looked up and saw Hannah, pretty much naked, standing and talking to someone then moving down and out of sight. She looked around the pool and counted the bodies in the water, nine including herself, so aside from Hannah there was one other person absent. She tried to recall the names and faces from around the fire but couldn’t, Melissa’s stupid voice was distracting her.

“Maybe I can help?” that voice was new, Allison looked across.

The new boy Dan was treading water behind Melissa. She turned to face him.

“You said you needed it so badly,” Dan said flatly, “maybe I can help with that?”

“Uh, no I’ll be fine, thanks,” Melissa said incredulously.

“Oh, well she said you’d probably say that,” Dan sighed.

“Wait, who said what?” Melissa snapped.

“Your friend, er, Hannah, she wanted me to mess around with her but as soon as I saw you I knew what I wanted. She said I had no chance, I guess she was right.” Dan shrugged his shoulders and turned.

“No! Wait,” Melissa said quickly, “where is Hannah now?”

“I don’t know, still up on that rock I guess,” Dan replied.

Melissa turned in the water, looking Blake up and down before turning back to the new boy.

“I guess I can spend fifteen minutes proving a point,” she grinned, “come on. Dan, isn’t it?”

Melissa gave Dan a peck on the cheek and led him away.

Blake and Allison watched them go, both about to speak when Dan turned quickly as Melissa disappeared. He smiled and gave them a wink before turning and hurrying after Melissa.

“What the fuck was that about?” Allison laughed.

“No idea,” Blake shrugged, “still, at least that leaves us in peace.”

“Looks like David’s enjoying himself,” Allison said, looking across the pool.

David was against the rocks, Amy hidden from view in front of him, just her legs visible as to distorted pale lines as they wrapped around his waist beneath the surface, slowly rising and falling as he thrust his hips. The sound of Amy’s low moans echoed across the pool.

“How about it?” Allison asked, looking up in to Blake’s eyes as she moved against his body, her firm nipples pressing in to his chest.

“How about what?” Blake teased.

Beneath the surface Allison’s fingers wrapped round his cock, pulling it gently.

“Well if you don’t know I’m sure I can find someone who does,” she teased, releasing him briefly.

“Actually, I’m not sure you can,” Blake said looking around.

David and Amy were screwing on the far side, Melissa and Dan had disappeared back on to the boulder where apparently Hannah and one of Amy’s friends were and Henry, Blake scanned the pool.

“Where’s Henry?” he asked.

“I saw him jump in with those two girls, er, Laura and Steph,” Allison replied, looking around.

A murmur caused them both to turn and look up on to the bank behind them. A few meters away Henry lay flat on his back, his long, hard cock pointing straight up at the stars as Steph lay one side and Laura the other, one slowly stroking his shaft, the other other fondling his balls and taking turns to suck on his swollen head. All three bodies wet and inviting.

“So,” Blake said, eyes wide as he turned back to Allison, “Henry’s otherwise occupied too.”

“Looks like he’s enjoying himself,” Allison grinned. “Well seeing as there’s no one else available I suppose you’ll just have to do then.”

She grinned as Blake wrapped his arms around her back and lowered his head to kiss her shoulder. His cock was hard in her hand now and she slowly pumped it between their bodies, it’s heat radiating in the cool water. Reaching one arm back she found the rocky edge of the pool and lifted herself slightly, feeling Blake’s strong arms take some of her weight and guide her back down holding her still as the hot tip of his cock slipped between her lips.

“Don’t tease me,” she pouted.

“Wait,” Blake groaned, torn between the sensation of Allison’s lips teasing the tip of his cock and what he had in mind.

“What is it” Allison asked.

“Want to watch them while we do it?” Blake whispered, nodding at the three figures lying on the bank.

“Mm, I’ve had my eye on the blonde since they got here actually,” Allison hissed, her eyes innocent as they looked up in to Blake’s.

“Laura?” Blake replied.

“Mm-hmm,”Allison nodded.

“Oh really?” Blake grinned, “she’s got a a good pair of tits on her, hasn’t she,” he whispered. “Like Hannah’s.”

“What can I say, I have a type,” Allison’s eyes glinted in the moonlight, her pussy twitching as she talked to her boyfriend about the stranger they both wanted to fuck.

“What about Steph?” Blake asked, helping Allison to turn around, holding her hips as she rested her elbows on the smooth rocks of the bank.

“I wouldn’t say no,” Allison giggled, feeling Blake’s hard cock edging up the inside of her thigh as he moved behind her and pulled himself closer.

“They certainly don’t have a problem making hot girls out here, do they,” Blake sighed.

Laura had half of Henry’s monster cock in her mouth, her hand on his balls as Steph licked and kissed the base of his shaft. Both girls were lying on their sides, one leg up, bent at the knee as their fingers mashed between their wet lips.

“I wonder if they’ve ever fucked each other,” Allison groaned, closing her eyes as Blake nuzzled his way across her shoulder and on to her neck.

“I can imagine they have,” Blake whispered.

“I bet you can,” Allison replied, “I expect you can imagine them doing all kinds of things.”

“Oh yeah,” Blake laughed quietly.

“Tell me,” Allison sighed, squirming back against Blake’s cock as he pressed it up against her pussy.

“I bet they have a strap-on,” Blake whispered in Allison’s ear.

“Mm, that’s good,” Allison smiled, resting her chin on her folded arms as she watched the two girls play with her friend.

Blake gave a push up with his hips and entered his girlfriend, her tight pussy opening up for him and accepting him with a brief squeeze.

“I think Laura there likes to bend Steph over and give it to her hard,” he said picturing it as he watched the girls masturbating as they sucked his friend.

“You think?” Allison asked, “I see one of them on her back while the other rides on top,” she grinned, “hands up cupping the others tits, slowly fucking.”

“No way,” Blake replied, holding Allison’s hips as he found a nice steady rhythm to his thrusts. “Look at the way Laura’s sucking Henry’s cock, she’s holding back, she likes it hard.”

The pair watched, silent except for Blake’s light grunts and Allison’s soft moans. Laura had pulled back from Henry’s cock and now Steph was sucking on his head. Laura dipped her head down and began sucking Henry’s balls, one hand immediately diving back between her own legs.

Blake slipped his hands down and cupped Allison’s buttocks, groping them briefly and wondering if she was as willing to try a little anal as Hannah was.

“Maybe someday, but not now and definitely not here,” Allison said, lifting her head to turn and look over her shoulder at her boyfriend.

“What?” Blake asked innocently.

“You were thinking about my arse,” Allison replied.

“How d’you know that?” Blake laughed.

“Trust me, I know,” she said.

Blake pulled back and gave a deep thrust, penetrating his girlfriend fully, biting below her ear as she straightened up and tipped her head back.

“Fuck that’s good Blake,” Allison groaned.

“You’re so tight,” Blake gasped, “I love it.”

He kept sliding in and out, his pace slowly increasing. On the bank Steph had got up and was straddling Henry’s cock, Laura holding it upright as they pushed it’s bulbous head between her labia. She lowered herself down slowly, Henry’s big hands on her hips to steady her. Laura leaned closer, obscuring Blake and Allison’s view. Steph’s hand dropped on to Laura’s head, guiding it as it became apparent that Laura was licking at Steph’s lips as they stretched around Henry’s shaft. Steph closed her eyes and moaned, Laura looking up and laughing as she spoke, then Steph’s body slipping right down on to Henry. The cry of discomfort was audible.

“Mmm, I’d love to suck on Laura’s clit while she sits on your cock,” Allison moaned quietly, “I bet she’s delicious, when you’ve fucked her I want to clean you with my tongue.”

“You want me to fuck her?” Blake grunted, his eyes fixed on Laura’s wet pussy, glistening in the moonlight.

“God yes, I want to watch you make her scream then drink your cum from her,” Allison hissed, meeting each of Blake’s thrusts, pressing her hips back and loving how he felt entering her with hard, sudden, stabs.

“I love it when you’re filthy,” Blake gasped in her ear, leaving himself buried in her as she writhed on him.

“Well I like being filthy for you. Next time you fuck Hannah in the arse I’m going to blow you as soon as you pull out of her, I want the taste of her arsehole filling my mouth.” Allison lifted her legs underwater and pushed her feet against the bank, swinging her body down to meet each of Blake’s ascensions.

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