I’ve always been turned on by exhibitionism, and especially by so-called “forced” exhibitionism. The last few years, I’ve noticed more and more that I love the game of taking risks in public, where I could possibly get caught being submissive, or slutty, or a sissy. I’m not interested in just exposing myself, or strutting around with a slave collar on. What I love is the idea of getting away with it, almost, or most of the time…

Lately I’ve been getting braver and braver. This is directly related to my growing interest in tease and denial. The less I get to cum, but the more turned on I get through edging (especially on cam), the riskier I want to be. I love that delicious time when I’m so desperate to cum that I’ll do almost anything, especially when someone is on the other end, teasing me, tormenting me, egging me on, ordering me to show off more, take more risks.

In early September I was ordered to go to a public beach wearing women’s panties. I wasn’t all that brave when I got there, but walked a ways until I was near an area commonly known as a nude beach. Then I got brave and stripped down to the obviously women’s panties – complete with frills on the side – that barely fit me. The words CUM SLUT in matching blue marker were written on my stomach, too, for added humiliation.

Erotic humiliation combined with risky situations really turns me on, but I was so scared that I didn’t get hard… until I had walked further into the nude area, then stripped naked and went swimming. Unfortunately, I didn’t use permanent marker, and it rubbed off… but my shaved cock area was obvious, especially the slutty little landing strip that was left over… I’ve never seen another man with a landing strip, and I noticed I got a bunch of glances, which both embarrassed me and turned me on – the idea that others were seeing the sissy slut exposed.

Finally it was time to go. I walked back and at the edge of the nude area, put on the panties and nothing else. My backpack was on my back, and I had nothing to cover myself with for the 1/4 mile walk to the car, past dozens of people. My heart was pounding the whole way, especially when a fisherman stopped in his tracks to stare at me as I walked by! In total, three other people stared hard at me, and about a dozen at least looked twice. I stopped and took some photos to show that I had done as I was told, and finished walked back to the car dressed like a little sissy slut.

That had been the most erotic experience of my life, until a few weeks later when I was in a coffee shop, on cam, with an online dominant friend egging me on as I unbuttoned my conservative blue dress shirt to reveal my slave collar…. then unbutton it further to reveal my red A-cup bra just a little, then a little more, then open my shirt more to have the collar and bra revealed to the people who wandered by in the somewhat busy coffee shop. Four people noticed – including a woman who did a classic double take, her eyes growing large and checking out the slut.

In fact, that day I had an orgasm, spurting in my jeans with the excitement of it all, without even touching myself – and on demand, too, as my online friend was kind enough to “force” me to cum by ordering it and providing a countdown from 10.

Next, I’m hoping for more fun adventures. Nothing illegal – I don’t want my cock exposed or anything, but being forced to:

- paint finger nails before leaving home?

- dressed as ordered (red push up bra?) under my black leather jacket?

- loose jeans with panties/whale tail showing over the top?

- unzip the jacket in the coffee shop, on cam, while people watch in a cam room and people might catch a glimpse – or more – in person?

- pull the slave collar out of the computer bag…. and put it on?

- attach the leash?

- put on high heels?

- apply lipstick?

- get up and wait in line to order something?

- be exposed as a sissy slut

So if you see a nice, conservative, thin guy in a coffee shop, unzipping his jacket… stop by and say hi. Or better yet, sit across from me and enjoy the show!

May 2018
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