rim job

I understood when I wrote the first chapter of this story that it wouldn’t be for everyone. I write for me. The characters and scenarios which turn me on. There’s no other way to do it. But it’s worth noting I never intended to leave Luke in the precarious position depicted at the end of the first chapter forever. Already five pages long, it made sense to post what I’d finished. And I think all the passionate feedback I’ve received so far on this story has accelerated my writing of the next chapter. I’m quite happy with how both chapters turned out.


Luke glanced side to side and then knocked softly on Alina’s hotel room door.

“Come in,” her voice called to him from inside the room.

Luke pushed the door open and slipped inside. He spotted Alina sitting with her legs stretched out on the bed. “My mom said we could see each other this once with no strings attached.” He came in and sat near her outstretched legs.

“She did, huh?” Alina laid her legs across Luke’s lap.

“We have to work for her now,” Luke frowned. “She said you agreed.”

“My mom and her work together. She told me that she could get my mom fired if I didn’t bring you back home that morning. She’s close with their boss.” Alina scooted over to him and gently ran her fingernails over his thigh. Luke looked down, noticing her nails were painted a different color now.

“I get it,” he said sadly.

Alina nibbled on Luke’s earlobe and then told him, whispering warmly into his ear, “Suck my cock.”

Luke reached for her pajama bottoms at the waist and with a little help from his new t-girl lover was able to pull them off without trouble. He found she was wearing no panties; his eyes promptly gluing themselves to her growing member. “This is the only one we’ll get for free,” he sighed, “If we want to keep seeing each other, we’ll have to make sure my mom gets what she wants.”

Alina clicked her tongue. “Do you really think I’d be her bitch and let her decide if you and I can see each other?”

Luke looked up at the beautiful t-girl with a questioning expression. “You said she can get your mom fired. She’ll do it, Alina. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her way. What choice do we have?”

“Suck my cock and I’ll tell you,” Alina told him, seemingly content to keep it a secret until she saw some action.

Luke’s attention returned to her now fully-grown womanhood. Heat seemed to radiate from it. Luke breathed in the smell of her powerful organ. He touched his mouth to the head, then parted his lips and flicked his tongue over the crown. He quickly sucked up a bead of pre-cum which had formed, the flavor enticing him.

Luke opened his mouth wide and plunged his face into Alina’s lap, enveloping her pulsing tip into the wet warmth of his mouth. He swirled his hot tongue round and round, stimulating the most sensitive part of Alina’s womanhood whilst bathing it in saliva. She let out a moan and jabbed her hips forward.

Alina let her eyes close momentarily as she enjoyed the treatment her womanhood was receiving. “We do have a choice,” she told him. “You and I are going to stop your mom.”

“Ho-wow?” Luke asked with great curiosity, but couldn’t really get the word out with the mushroom tip of Alina’s prick in his mouth.

Alina raked her hands through Luke’s hair and then pushed his head down, forcing more of her cock into his eager mouth. “She’s only untouchable because of the games she plays. Well, we’re going to beat her at her own game…” Alina drove her womanhood deeper into the slippery warmth of Luke’s mouth. The muscular t-girl looked down at his sweet face and got herself even more excited. Her cock twitched and her toes crunched.

Luke had figured out that he’d find out quicker what Alina had in store for his mom by concentrating on sucking cock, rather than asking questions. He was more than fine with this arrangement, content to use his mouth to bring them both pleasure. Luke created a tight seal around her thick shaft and then doubled the efforts of his tongue.

“I don’t know your mom very well,” Alina sent more of her length between his lips, “but from what you tell me, she’s into pussy. A lot.” The young t-girl watched Luke accept as many inches as he could into his mouth as she spoke. “That’s her weakness. She even fucked a girlfriend of yours.” Alina couldn’t tell if his face got red because of the intense blow job he was giving or the comment she’d made about his past girlfriend.

“Your mom’s and my mom’s boss has a daughter around our age. If what you tell me is true, she won’t be able to resist that young pussy. And it so happens the girl is a friend of a friend.” The very tip of Alina’s womanhood pressed against the entrance to Luke’s throat. To her surprise, Luke sucked deep, relaxing his throat and slowly drew her over-sized cock head into the small opening.

“Ohhh… fuck that feels good. We can discuss the rest later,” she told him. Alina stopped thinking about their plan for the moment, putting all of her focus on the pleasure at hand. Luke had accepted a couple inches of t-girl meat into the impossibly tight confines of his throat. He sucked hard from there, rolling his tongue along the sensitive underside of her shaft.

“You’re good at this. I knew I penciled in a blow job instead of a fuck for a reason.” Alina cooed as she felt the pressure from his mouth ramp up. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as it lavished over her organ, bringing the muscular t-girl immense pleasure.

Luke got so used to the warmth and texture of her cock. He didn’t want to free even an inch from the grasp of his lips, even though doing so would make it easier to suck. Luke gently bobbed his head, careful not to let the tip of her prick escape his tight throat muscles. He knew based on the way Alina’s cock twitched and the way her legs tensed that she was likely close to orgasm. Luke took her slick shaft in his hand and started to stroke the last few inches that wouldn’t fit.

“Mmm…. I haven’t told you yet you could use your hands. I suppose it can’t do any harm… I’m almost there.” Alina squirmed. She tried to keep her orgasm at bay, preferring to experience this pleasure just a little longer.

With a determination to take Alina’s womanhood deeper before she came, Luke relaxed his throat. He looked at the last inches of her cock and saw them slowly disappear as her cock slid deeper into the stretched opening of his throat. Luke had somehow managed to swallow almost all of her long shaft. He could feel the thick monster throbbing nearly halfway down his throat.

“Oh sweet, oh fuck! I thought you’d never done this before? How… the? Damn, that feels sooo good.” Alina’s incredibly strong legs felt weak to her. She held Luke’s face down and cried out, “I’m cumming. Oh hell. I’m CUMMING!” as the first giant spurt exploded from her tip and went straight down Luke’s willing throat.

Thick gushes of hot ejaculate spit from her tip one on top of the other down Luke’s throat. Soon his throat and mouth were flooded with semen. Luke just tried to keep up, his throat constricting around her womanhood as he swallowed. Alina’s cock continued to spew. Luke realized he hadn’t realized how hard she came, the only other load she’d given him having gone up his ass. It got everywhere. His face, neck and chest were covered in spunk before her balls had emptied fully.

Luke, with Alina’s permission, continued to nurse on the upper portion of her womanhood long after her orgasm had subsided. Alina’s cock was so sensitive that hitting the roof of his mouth sent a shiver through her powerful body. Her long pipe had shrunken and then gotten half-hard again before she beckoned him up to lay beside her. She kissed him, receiving a hint of her own flavor from his mouth.

“If my mom and her boss are friends, wouldn’t my mom know what her daughter looked like?” Luke thought back to what he knew of Alina’s plan.

“I’m sure she would. That’s not a deal-breaker for a woman like your mother,” Alina told him.

Luke rolled onto his side so that he could look at Alina, but soon found himself being distracted by the beauty of the young t-girl. “You’re probably right. But how would we even put my mom and her together?”

“My friend will give us a foot in the door. Then you’re going to use your charm to get Madison to come over to your house. I think your mom will do the rest. She has a history of that.”

Luke tried to convince Alina that he couldn’t just get a girl he’d never met before to go to his house with him. He tried to tell her it wouldn’t work, that he’d be embarrassed to try. Alina wouldn’t hear it. She shot down all his objections with a single stare. A stern look made more effective by her physical advantage over him. The only sticking point in their plan arrived later.

“You tell your mom she’s a friend. Just hang out on the couch with her. That’s when I’ll call you. I order you to come over, and you leave Madison behind to do as I say,” she seemed quite pleased with that part of the plan.

“But,” Luke sucked on his lip, “my mom could tell you and I like each other.”

“What? She could… what did she say?”

“She thinks you like me. Then she figured out I feel the same way,” he replied, worrying this might throw a wrench into their plans and also his best chance of getting free of his mother.

“You do, feel the same way?” Alina asked casually. She didn’t want her tangent to become too apparent.

Luke looked up at the muscular t-girl whose cock he’d just sucked. All of the sudden she didn’t look so intimidating. He smiled and answered, “Well, yeah. I definitely do.”

She smiled back at him, then pressed her lips to his. Alina’s tongue snaked into his mouth and wrestled with his. He noticed her glistening prick was back in full force when their kiss broke. “Our plan won’t work if your mom thinks we’re on good terms. Alina paused to kiss Luke again and suck his tongue into her mouth. “When I make you leave abruptly, your mom will agree to it because she’ll want to be alone with Madison. You’ll be suspicious of your mom, but you know the trouble you’ll be in if you don’t listen to me. We’ve got to get over to your house now to make this work. Follow my lead from there.”


Luke tried to get as many answers as he could out of Alina while she drove them back to his house. He worried his mom would see right through him. Alina told him they’d be fine. Luke reasoned to himself that this overpowering t-girl must see something in him. She was helping him, after all. But he knew no one had ever taken on his mom before. Not before he tried last night. And how did that work for him? She won. Luke glanced over at Alina. The expression on her pretty face was of confidence and calm. It started to make Luke feel better. If he hadn’t stood up to his mom, she never would have set him up with Alina. It had worked out pretty damn good, actually.

Still apprehensive, Luke fumbled with his keys to get the front door open. Alina tapped her foot impatiently and glared at him. “Can’t you open the door? Make me wait any longer and we’ll go straight up to your room. I guarantee you won’t like that,” she said loudly.

Luke was about to ask her why she was getting so angry. His clenching asshole relaxed when he realized she was acting. He wondered what else she might have in store as he opened the door. Luke took a quick look around and didn’t immediately see his mom. They knew her car was in the garage.

“The least you can do after you fucked up today is make me some food,” she told him.

“Luke?” Christine’s voice called from upstairs. “Are you home?”

“Yeah,” Luke’s voice traveled up the stairs to her.

“Get in the kitchen like I told you,” Alina crossed her arms and glared at Luke.

Christine got to the bottom of the stairs. She noticed the way Alina was looking at Luke, and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing that can’t be handled,” she glared at Luke menacingly. He reminded himself this was acting. Just acting. “My little pup doesn’t follow orders very well. I suppose I shouldn’t expect him to be a lapdog yet. That will take time and training.”

Christine looked in on her son in the kitchen. Trying to play the part given to him, Luke hurried around the kitchen fixing a quick lunch. “I’ve been having this problem with him all his life. He doesn’t follow direction very well. More power to you if you think you can fix him,” she laughed. “But I’m surprised things went sour so fast. You seemed pleased with him last night when you brought him home.”

Alina stepped into the kitchen as well. She closely monitored Luke’s progress on her lunch. “I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he took dick good last night. I didn’t even have to make him do it. He must have thought I’d gone soft after blowing a load inside his tight ass.” Genuine embarrassment manifested on Luke’s face. Did his mom have to know the specifics of last night? “With what he pulled today, it’s clear I’ll have to use a harsher hand from now on.”

Luke brought a sandwich and chips over to Alina on a plate. He jumped about two feet when he got close enough and Alina smacked him on the backside. It sounded worse than it was. He rubbed his bottom, still sore from her reaming and gave the muscular t-girl a dirty look. Alina winked at Luke when Christine lowered her eyes to take a chip off the plate.

“What did he pull? I’d love to know,” Christine asked while crunching the chip into her mouth.

Alina’s expression revealed she was none too pleased with the sandwich he’d made for her. Luke couldn’t believe how convincing she was when she dumped it in the trash and banged the plate down again in front of him, scowling as she did. “I told him to lick my ass while I had another guy suck my cock. He refused me. Even after I’d gone to the trouble of gathering up another guy for it,” she shot daggers at Luke.

“Rim you while you’re getting blown? Kinky. That sounds like fun!” Christine responded. “Did you let him get away with saying no? Luke hasn’t been conforming to authority lately,” Christine said, thinking of how he had vowed to stop her from bedding Mrs. Lewis.

Luke set about making Alina something else. He listened to everything they said. It seemed to him that Alina had come up with the fib about him rimming her with another guy sucking her cock pretty fast. The thought crossed his mind that she might actually be into it. His heart beat faster as he reminded himself once again this was all an act. Still, he could see in his mind’s eye the image of his face between her sculpted ass cheeks while he listened to her moaning and the sound of another man slurping on her hard rod. He couldn’t decide if it was humiliating him or making him jealous.

Alina supervised his new attempt to prepare her lunch with a cold stare. She oversaw his every movement with a threatening glint in her eye that made the hair on the back of Luke’s neck stand up. The memory from earlier in the day of him and Alina kissing on her bed back at the hotel; him deciding she didn’t look so intimidating after all, felt like it was a lifetime ago.

“I wouldn’t be the woman I am if I let him get away with anything. I didn’t make your son rim me with the other guy. I took him hard up the ass then made him clean my cock after. He asked for it the hard way by not listening.” Alina’s biceps flexed sinisterly.

“That’s pure evil! I love it! And it sounds like Lucy deserved it,” Christine followed her words with an elongated guffaw.

“Lucy?” Alina asked. Just then, Luke set another plate of food down in front of Alina. With his back turned to the intimidating t-girl, he silently begged his mom not to say anything more.

Christine nodded her head smugly. “I came up with that for him yesterday. Really, it’s for you to use if you want to. I know I’m biased being his mother, but I think he’d look gorgeous in a dress.”

“All right. That’s it! I’m not doing this anymore,” Luke broke. “You’re both psycho!”

“Now, is that any way to talk to your mother?” Christine asked with a familiar condescension in her voice.

“You’re not my mother!” he howled. “You’re an evil witch and I’m not helping you ever. Get your own pussy from now on, you bitch!”

“I’m sorry for my son’s outburst,” Christine said to Alina calmly. Alina nodded. “I know I said only one freebie for you two,” Christine looked at her son to say this, “but I wouldn’t object to you taking him upstairs for another ‘training’ lesson. His room is the first door on the right.”

“With pleasure,” Alina said. Displaying a merciless expression on her face, Alina grabbed Luke by the arm. “I’m not liking your behavior at all. You’re going to regret you ever called me psycho, pup.”

Luke tried to pull away, but her grip was too strong. “Wait!” he said, appealing to his mother. “I’m sorry. Don’t give me to her again!” he begged. “I’ll work for you, mom. I promise I’ll bring anyone you want home. Please, I don’t want to go upstairs with her! Not again!” Luke started to sob.

“You sealed your own fate, honey.” Christine slid the plate of food Luke had made for Alina over to her placemat. She blew a kiss to her son as the powerful young t-girl dragged him up the stairs. “Have fun, kids.”

Luke fought so hard on the stairs that Alina had to carry him. She kicked the first door on the right open and threw him inside, slamming the door behind her and locking it ominously. Luke closed his eyes. The first thing he felt was her strong arms as they wrapped around him. Then her soft lips when they crushed against his in a fiery kiss.

“You were so good!” she told him, to his relief, with excitement in her voice. “The psycho line. The begging your mom,” she kissed him harder. “Fighting me on the stairs. You almost convinced me!” she gushed in what had been an exceptionally rare show of emotion.

“Uh-huh. We were, uh, both very convincing.”

“I thought you were going to blow it! Quite the contrary. She bought it, Luke. She bought it!” Alina must have kissed him a dozen more times, frantically coaxing his tongue awake. It only took a second for her to become more serious. A cerebral edge in her voice, she told him, “Don’t ever think you can lie to me like that.”

“I won’t. I wouldn’t. Never would,” he responded, wanting to go back to the part where they were kissing.

Alina’s hand crept into his lap. She squeezed the bulge there. “You’re hard as hell, too. You did so good today. I’m going to try something…” she said with a smile. Alina reached for his belt and undid it. Her fingers opened his pants as the two kissed. Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when Alina, the intimidating t-girl who’d taken his anal virginity last night, sunk to her knees in front of the bed.

Alina fished his average-sized erection from his boxer shorts and held it in her warm hand. “I’ve never done this before. Keep it to yourself if I fuck up or I’ll never do it again.” With that, she wet her full lips and dropped her head. Alina sucked Luke’s dick into her mouth, using her tongue to tickle and toy with the tip.

Luke never saw this coming. He sat back in disbelief, his eyes wide open, experiencing the joy of having his cock sucked by this exotic beauty. Alina closed her lips down tight around his shaft and kept lowering her head until most of his cock disappeared into the warm sanctuary of her mouth. The muscular t-girl let his penis sit there. She got used to the feel of it throb in her mouth. Then she spun her tongue around his girth and looked up at Luke. Watching the sheer ecstasy her sucking provided, Alina started to bob her head.

“I can’t believe… this feels toooo spectacular,” he babbled. Luke wasn’t a stranger to blow jobs, but never like this. This felt indescribably better. Her mouth hummed around his cock and it was like he could feel her everywhere around him. This felt like more than a blow job to him, or maybe it just meant more because of how he felt about her.

Alina’s sucking mouth worked harder. She sucked deeper and made sure her tongue caressed his shaft all over. Full lips gliding up and down his length in unison with the swirling of her tongue, she took his balls into her hand and rubbed them. Luke couldn’t help it when he bucked, his butt lifting off the bed. His bucking hips were there to meet Alina everytime her lips slid to the bottom of his shaft, urging her to swallow him even deeper.

He still couldn’t believe what she was doing. That this intimidating young t-girl, with all her beauty and all her strength, was sucking his cock. Their eyes locked, her head bobbing in his lap so fast that it was almost a blur. Luke knew he was close. Impossibly, his pleasure intensified. His impending orgasm hit him so hard that it nearly hurt.

“I need to cum,” he moaned. “You’re amazing,” he could have sworn he saw Alina smile around his dick at that. “Fuck! I can’t stop it. I need to cum!” his moans became rapturous cries as his orgasm took hold. Alina caved her cheeks in around his prick.

Alina didn’t so much as flinch when hot cum exploded from his tip and shot down her throat. She swallowed it all, continuing to suck the whole time. Luke couldn’t contain himself. Nearly sitting off the bed, he drove his cock into her heavenly mouth and unloaded every ounce of cum from his body. His cock sputtered out a couple more shots and then cooled down. Alina softened her suction, knowing how sensitive his penis was, but didn’t stop. Her tongue stroked his shaft inside her mouth.

His cock shrinking, Luke’s upper body dropped back on the bed. Alina soon joined him. She circled her lips with her tongue and then planted them on his. By the time their passionate kiss broke, Alina had a now more characteristic smile on her pretty face.

“It’s time we get back downstairs,” Alina told him.

Downstairs, Christine took her son’s cries very differently than what had occurred. She had no idea they were triggered by the intimidating t-girl she’d sent him up there with sucking his cock. Alina and Luke resumed their act once they got to the top of the stairs. Christine grinned as she watched her son, his head hung low, despairingly walk behind Alina like he was being led by an invisible leash.

Christine welcomed Alina and her son back downstairs, “I do hope this ‘training’ session was, shall we say… fruitful?”

Alina licked her lips, still tasting a hint of the flavor of Luke’s cum. She grabbed Luke by the hair and made him look at her, “It better have been. I won’t be disrespected. It gets worse from here. Call me psycho again and I’m going to show you psycho.”

“I won’t be disrespectful. I won’t disobey you,” he whimpered.

“I’m going to be a good mom and change my mind. You two can see each other whenever you want,” Christine said with a pleased smile. “As long as you make sure he does what I want, too.”

“He will.” Alina let Luke go, her expression hard and emotionless toward him. She walked out snapping her hips. Both Christine and Luke watched her leave with their eyes glued. “What a woman,” Christine remarked. “I told you not to get on her bad side.”

Luke wanted to tell her she should have taken her own advice. He bit down on his tongue instead.


That weekend Luke found himself sitting at a table in the food court at the mall. Madison and Alina’s friend, Samantha, were eating salads, taking a break from shopping. It was just like Alina had planned. The last couple days went by fast as they prepared. Luke’s webcam, set to stream and record straight to his laptop, sat in his mom’s closet with a perfect angle of her king size bed. He knew she always liked to fuck in her bed. That’s where she’d take Madison.

He stole glances at the girls, careful not to get caught doing so. Madison was your typical pretty, skinny blonde eighteen-year-old. Popular and girlish, and probably about as dumb as a doornail in Luke’s estimation. On the other side of the food court was Alina. She oversaw both tables. Luke’s eyes couldn’t help but linger. He felt a jolt in his nether regions when he recalled the exotic beauty sucking his cock. He started to wonder why Samantha was doing this. What did she have to gain from it?

Luke still wasn’t sure he could go through with this. Sure, he’d picked up girls before. But never with this much at stake. He was taking so long that Alina sent him a text. She demanded he march over there before her friend and Madison finished their lunches. Luke took another look at Alina from across the spacious eating area. None too pleased, she motioned with her hands for him to get his ass over there.

Luke took a deep breath and then headed casually in the girls’ direction with his tray. He looked right at them, immediately catching the attention of Samantha, who knew he was coming. “Hey,” he said to Madison, “your mom and my mom work together, don’t they?”

Madison cocked her head and paused for a moment. She seemed to be searching her brain. “Do they?”

Samantha cut in, “You’re Luke Dawson, right? You play for the Bulldogs?” right on cue.

Madison smirked, “Dawson. Yeah, I know that name from my mom’s work!”

Samantha finished up her part, “Well, I told you I can’t stay, Madison. My dad’s gonna kill me if I’m not home to clean out the garage. See you later.”

“Mind if I sit down then?” Luke asked Madison, using his most charming smile.

“Sure,” the young blonde girl crinkled her nose.

He noticed Madison’s salad container was nearly empty. Even worse, he couldn’t think of a thing to say to this girl once he sat down. His mind had been consumed by thoughts of Alina. Every beautiful inch of her chiseled body right down to her wonderful cock. Madison couldn’t compete with any of that. Luke knew he had to dig deep. He had to remember this was his way out from under his mom’s thumb.

Alina unknowingly made his job a lot easier when she went back up to the food counter. The distractingly tall t-girl caught Madison’s eye. “Oh my god,” she whispered to Luke. “Look but don’t look at that girl at the counter.” Luke knew before he looked that she was talking about Alina. She had that effect on people. Things took a turn when Madison said, “I don’t even see dudes that tall. And she’s got crazy muscle. It’s so wrong when a girl bulks up like that,” she giggled a nasty, gossipy giggle.

“Oh, uhh, yeah… I guess.” Luke had been caught off-guard, not knowing what to say and not wanting to break character. He didn’t hit girls, but what he wanted to do was punch her in the face.

“What?” Madison gave him a dubious look. “You find that attractive?”

Luke quickly denied her implication, “No, no.” He didn’t want to go on, but Alina had told him to play this part. He couldn’t lose sight of why he was doing this and what it meant. “What guy could?” he whispered. “Even her biceps have biceps. I bet she hits the gym every night she doesn’t have a date.”

Madison giggled, just quietly enough that they couldn’t be heard. Luke saw his opportunity. “There are some unsavory people at this mall as you can see. Want to go back to my house?” Madison checked the time on her phone. She hesitated long enough for Luke to add, “It’s totally cool. I mean my mom’s home and everything.” She agreed.


Luke had butterflies in his stomach the entire car ride. He made nervous conversation with the young girl. She asked him about football and about his mom. He was allowed to breathe finally when she put the radio on.

Then panic hit him, when he got back to his house and saw Mrs. Lewis’ car in the driveway. He wished he could confer with Alina. She’d know what to do. Instead, he had to wing it. Inside the house, his mom wasn’t downstairs. They were flipping through television channels when Christine rounded the stairs.

“Luke, I didn’t even hear you get home.” Christine peered around the couch and spotted the pretty young girl. “And who’s your friend?” she grinned.

“I’m Madison, Miss Dawson,” the girl replied.

“Oh! Madison. Mrs. Reed’s daughter! You’ve grown up quite a bit since the photo on your mom’s desk was taken,” Christine smiled. “What are you two doing?”

“We’re just hanging out,” Luke replied, waiting for Alina’s call. He could tell by the glint in his mom’s eyes that Madison was having the desired effect on her. Christine was obviously enamored with the young girl. “Is Mrs. Lewis here?” Luke questioned.

“Oh, right,” Christine replied as if she’d forgotten. “She’s upstairs. We were just, uh, going through clothes.” Christine looked back to Madison, “Where did you get your outfit?” she asked. “It’s so cute.”

Luke’s cell rung. “Get over here now,” Alina told him sternly, staying in character in case anyone else was listening. She hung up after that.

“Mom, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, honey.”

They left Madison by the television. In the kitchen, Luke told his mom, “That was Alina. I’ve got to get over there now.”

“Go ahead,” Christine told her son with a smug smile.

“I can just go? I really do have to leave now. Alina will kill me,” he told his mom.

“Don’t disappoint her. I’ll look after Madison,” Christine licked her lips.

“You’ll take her home?” he asked.

“Of course. Don’t worry about her. You have to worry about Alina and what she’ll do if you aren’t on your way right now,” she laughed.

“All right.” He stood there a few seconds longer, trying to convey his suspicion. All part of the act. “I’ll be back, I don’t when.” He told her and then ran out. “Something’s come up,” he told Madison. “My mom will drive you home.”

Christine left the kitchen and eyed the present her son had inadvertently left her. She wondered if the girl’s pussy would be as sweet as Vicky’s.


Luke got in his car and drove, but he didn’t go to Alina’s hotel room. Because Alina wasn’t there. He ditched the car and then ran back home. Alina was parked in the alley behind his house just as they’d discussed. She pushed the passenger side door open for him and passed him his laptop.

“How did it go?” Alina asked.

“She took the bait,” he answered.

Alina drummed her fingernails on the steering wheel impatiently as Luke fumbled around on his laptop. A couple minutes passed before she asked him, “What’s taking so long?”

Furiously tapping the touchpad, he told her, “It’s not finding my wireless network. I think I need to restart then do a search.”

“I thought you said this would work,” she told him unhappily.

“It will. It will.” Luke knew that each second he wasted was another second his mom got closer to spreading Madison’s legs. However nasty the girl might have been, he still had to stop his mom.

Alina tied her long blonde locks up and then leaned back in her seat. “Get it to work.”

Luke let his laptop reboot. He thought back to what had happened at the food court. His questions about how Alina got Samantha to cooperate came back to him. “It needs another minute.” Luke took the opportunity to glance over at Alina. He asked her carefully, “How did you convince your friend to help us?”

Alina gave Luke a reserved look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” he stopped picking his words carefully, “what did you have on her? She did kind of sell out her friend.”

Luke didn’t know how to process what his words seemed to do to Alina. She looked genuinely hurt. “I didn’t have anything on her. I’m not like your mom,” she spit out the last sentence.

“I didn’t meant it like that,” he tried to acquit himself. “I just thought… oh, forget it.” Luke chastised himself for bringing any of this up.

“If you must know,” she took a deep breath, “Samantha had an abusive boyfriend. After they broke up, the bastard stalked her everywhere. I got him off her back. That’s why she did me this favor no questions asked. It turns out my biceps’ biceps do have a few good uses,” she said with a grimace.

“You heard that?” he asked softly.

Alina didn’t answer him. He didn’t know how to make her feel better. Luke actually wished she was mad at him. He wanted her to tell him if he ever made a joke at her expense again, she’d clobber him. This was much worse. He knew he didn’t want to make her feel this way ever again.

Luke didn’t get a chance to apologize. His laptop connected and the stream started. They could see Luke’s mom on her bed. Madison was there, and Mrs. Lewis too. Luke quickly diverted his eyes. His mother sat naked from the waist down in the video. Vicky’s mom had her head between the cheeks of Christine’s thick ass.

The audio Luke’s webcam picked up was grainy, but just good enough to tell who was talking and roughly what they were saying. “She’ll do anything as long as she gets fucked,” Christine said to a very engaged Madison.

“That’s so cool,” Madison giggled.

Back in the car, Alina asked Luke, “Are you watching this?”

“No way. That’s my mom’s butt!” Luke was relieved to see Alina’s face break into a smile. He’d cursed himself out so badly for making her feel bad.

“I’ll get her to lick your ass too if you do something for me,” Christine offered.

“What?” Madison asked, her eyes on Christine’s throbbing womanhood.

Christine scooted across the bed, Mrs. Lewis’ tongue following her ass. She reached for the girl and stroked her full lips. “Use these pretty lips on my cock.”

Luke wasn’t watching, but he could still hear. “That’s it,” he said. “We’ve got enough. Let’s stop them.” He started to get out of the car when Alina pulled him back.

She held him against the car seat with her elbow against his chest. “No. Let’s keep it going a while longer.”

Luke knew she had him locked in place pretty good. “What? What do you mean ‘keep it going?’ It shouldn’t go any further.”

“Let your mom screw her. Madison’s asking for it. That little ditz deserves it,” Alina told him in a chilly tone. “After that I’m going to put your mom through one of those training sessions she keeps talking about,” she gritted her teeth. “Then we’ll send this footage to her boss. Your mom’s finished.”

“We, we can’t do that,” Luke stammered. “She’s still my mom,” he said weakly.

“Your mom sent you up a river without a paddle just so she could get some pussy. Great parenting there,” Alina sarcastically added.

“Well,” he picked at his fingers, “I know she couldn’t have known what it would mean, but in doing that, she led me straight to you.”

“Bastard,” Alina grunted. “Fine. Do it your way,” she relented, then she kissed him. Luke figured another minute wouldn’t hurt. He kissed her back, opening his mouth to her tongue.

Luke ran back to his house and opened the door. He flew up the stairs and pushed the door to his mother’s bedroom open. He intended to catch her in the act, hoping doing so would allow them to avoid a messy confrontation. Sure enough, there was his mom in the center of the bed with both women attending to her body. Mrs. Lewis was so deep into the crevice of his mom’s ass that all he could see of her head was the hair on it. And Madison had her lips wrapped around his mother’s prick.

“Mom!” he cried.

Both Mrs. Lewis and Madison stopped what they were doing, but stayed where they were. “What are you doing home?!” Christine shouted at him.

“Uh, Alina sent me back for some things. Wait, what are you doing with Madison!” he tried to sound convincing.

Madison looked like a deer caught in the headlights, but she hadn’t dropped Christine’s throbbing dick from her lips. Mrs. Lewis, on the other hand, had already gone back to licking the t-milf’s ass. “What are you just standing there for?” Christine asked. “Leave and close the door behind you.”

Luke knew he’d have to go through with this. He recalled the lofty language his mom had used when she’d successfully schemed to get him out of the house. Steering clear of that, he told her point blank, “I’m not going anywhere because we have this on video. We’ll send it to Mrs. Reed if we have to. You don’t want her to found out one of her employees seduced her daughter.”

Christine’s cock fell from Madison’s lips. “Please don’t tell my mom!” she begged.

“You set me up?” Christine snarled. Mrs. Lewis even withdrew her face from Christine’s ass.

“I saved you. Alina wanted to send this video to your boss no matter what. Then, umm… dish out her own brand of justice… on you.”

“You think I’m afraid of her. Tell that bitch to bring it on,” his mom told him angrily, like a threatened school girl.

Luke wanted to be the more mature one. “I don’t care who’s afraid of who anymore! We won’t show the video to your boss as long as you don’t try to get Alina’s mom fired. That’s the deal.”

“You mean, you won’t tell my mom?” Madison asked.

“It’s up to my mom, but I think not,” he answered.

“Cool,” Madison giggled. She sucked Christine’s cock back into her mouth.

“I hope you don’t think you’re staying here tonight, or any other night for that matter,” Christine told her son.

“No,” Luke shuffled his feet, “I guess not.” Next he told Vicky’s mom, “Mrs. Lewis? You can go home if that’s what you want.”

She didn’t answer, her tongue jammed up his mom’s asshole Luke left the room and the sounds of lewd slurping and his mother’s moaning behind. He looked in on his room. His eyes wandered around and lingered over the house which had been his childhood home. He was starting to feel a little low, then he got outside and spotted Alina’s car. She’d parked out front while he was inside. The passenger door open for him and the engine still running, Luke sat next to the muscular t-girl. He could cheer himself up just looking at her.

She closed his laptop and started to drive. “We’re going back to my hotel,” she told him.


Alina and Luke knew just how to celebrate his newfound freedom from him mom. They kissed, mouths on the attack, on her bed. Alina’s stiff cock pressed between his thighs. Clothes came off. Luke felt her hard nipples poke into his chest as she aligned the tip of her enormous prick with the tiny opening of his asshole.

“You’re so hard,” he murmured.

“And you’re so tight,” she cooed, her womanhood entering him.

Luke groaned as he felt the full size of her organ. It would have seemed absolutely insane a week ago, but he could think of no better way to celebrate their victory than this. Having her pulsing cock fucking a place so deep inside him, with her beautiful body pressed into him; her soft lips kissing his burning hot skin. A thrust of Alina’s hips brought Luke back from his reverie. His back arched and his face twisted as her rod pulsed within him.

Their bodies moved together. Luke’s legs wrapped around Alina’s shapely ass. His insides clung to her thick shaft like they’d never let her go. Alina used long thrusts, pushing her entire length into him each time. As the muscular t-girl fucked him deep, he found himself at the perfect angle to take her breasts into his hands and her nipples into his mouth. She pounded him harder as he squeezed and sucked on her tits. Her cock massaged his prostate.

“I’m going to fuck this ass all night!” she told him.

“Please… you’ve earned it,” Luke whimpered, beginning to feel a greater stirring inside him. He thrust his little ass back at her. The strength she put behind each thrust increased. Luke bit down on her swollen nipple so that it wouldn’t whip out of his mouth. Her soft breasts battered his face. “Mmmmhhmm, ohh fuck!” he cried.

“Harder?” she huffed. Her womanhood pummeled his tender asshole. She worked herself into a heavy perspiration. Alina managed to find his lips without stalling her rhythmic motion into his hole. They kissed, the muscular t-girl’s massive meat filling his little hole.

Their fucking became more savage. He clawed at her back. She crushed her mouth onto his. Nothing put the muscles on Alina’s powerful body to work as thoroughly and completely as fucking. Luke grasped every inch of her cock with his muscles. His eyes closed. Moans escaped his lips in immediate succession. “Yes, harder!” he dared her. “Fuck me. Fill me!”

This story is 100% true and did happen. I am open to new experiences, and as they happen, I will write about them.


I am a 21 year old straight male, and love sexual activities. I masturbate often thinking about both men and women. Whenever I fantasize about being with another man, I usually fuck myself with some sort of “dick-like” object. Whether it be my electric toothbrush, a cucumber, a toothbrush holder, etc, I love the feeling of something deep in my ass. So one day when I was super horny, jacking off, I switched from a gay porn website of 2 blacks guys fucking the shit out of a white guy, over to craigslist, where I went to look for something that I could fuck.

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“hi there.

i would love to give u an amazing head and massage therapy. still would prefer to host, so if u can travel this way, that would be cool. email me back and let me know if ur still interested.”

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The room was pretty plain. He had a big bed, a desk, and a tv with a few posters of bands on the walls. I was not sure how to start and the situation was starting to get awkward. Was I just supposed to pull out my dick and tell him to start sucking on it? So I said to him, “How do you want to do this?” He told me he had done this before and that we could start off with an erotic massage. Before the massage though, he wanted me to go shower and clean my whole body off (im guessing he especially meant my cock, balls, and asshole). So I stripped down to my thong right in front of him. He started rubbing my cock through the thin fabric and then pulled the thong all the way down. He started to stroke me faster and faster, but I pulled away, grabbed my towel, and headed over to where he said the shower was. He followed me into the bathroom and watched as I showered. I lathered myself up with soap and stroked my hard dick right in front of him. He wasn’t jacking off, but I could tell he wanted to because he mouth hung wide open. I even bent over in front of him and fingered myself and rubbed around my asshole. As I began to finish washing up, he left the bathroom and back to his room. What I had just done made me so horny, and I wanted to feel more of that sensation.

I wrapped my towel around me walked back into his room. He had dimmed the lights and had brought out a camera and lotion. He told me to lay on the bed with my head facing toward the tv on my stomach. I could hear him squeeze lotion out of the bottle and start to rub it in his hands. He then put his hands on me and started rubbing my shoulders. It was a great massage, first my shoulders, then my neck and back. As he got down to my lower back, he asked if I could remove my towel. I was nervous, but said sure anyway. He started to grab and caress my ass cheeks. After a few minutes of rubbing my ass and legs, I felt him move his hands into the middle of my crack and stroke over my hole. It was weird but felt great as well. After a few more strokes, I felt him part my ass with his hands, giving him a clear view of my cleanly shaven asshole. He started to blow and the cold wind hitting my hole gave me the chills. He kept blowing and I felt the air getting closer and closer. Then all of a sudden I felt something start to flick and push against my hole. It was his tongue. He licked around my hole and then started to fuck me with his tongue. Deeper and deeper. As he was inside me, he swirled his tongue around in a circle and it drove me crazy. I told him I was going to cum and he told me to hold it in. My lack of experience with guys and the ecstasy I was feeling from this foreign object penetrating me and making me submit to its will was too much to overcome. I blasted a load on his covers, which he didn’t find out til later. After I busted, he continued to rim me, swirling his tongue around going deeper, harder, and faster.

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After all the commotion, I quickly got dressed, shook his hand and thanked him for a great time.


When I got home, I freaked out thinking about what I had done. I hopped in the shower and washed my whole body over and over. As I did it though, I was super hard because all I could think about was what had happened. I haven’t done anything like that again but would sure be down to, as well as get fucked in the ass or even try a 3way or gang bang.

If you liked what you read and want me to write more, write to me. Or if you live in CA and would maybe like to meet up, also shoot me an email. ☺ Thanks for reading.

Isabel readjusted her animal skins to better shield herself from the wind. She usually only trekked through the snow within a small radius of her hut when it got this cold. She’d been collecting around the area when the glint of something shiny caught her eye. Isabel clomped through the snow to it cautiously. She got close enough to make out the figure of a man lying face down in the snow.

Isabel reached the man and rolled him over on his back. He was still breathing, but very, very cold. His wounds suggested to her that he’d been bucked from his horse. Rotten luck for him, she thought. But actually it was a stroke of good luck. If any other nomad had found him, they would have left him to die or done something worse instead of doing what Isabel was about to. She threw his relatively small, frozen body over her shoulder and headed back home with him.

Relations between villagers and the nomads outside the village walls had been tense for as long as anyone could remember. The villagers looked down on the nomadic tribes. Considered them savages. It didn’t help that most of the nomads were transsexuals. Big, strong, beautiful creatures with thick cocks hanging between their legs. Even though there weren’t open hostilities between her people and the villagers anymore, Isabel knew she’d be killed if they found her with him. They shared a common language and that’s it.

Isabel returned to her hut and laid him down on her bed. She quickly brushed the snow off his body and covered him up as best she could. She knew how difficult it would be to start a big enough fire to get him warm again. Isabel worked for over an hour, using every trick she knew to get the fire roaring in the damp, cold environment. With the fire cracking in the background, she turned her attention back to the man she’d rescued from the snow.

His head still felt icy against her hand. Isabel brushed the hair from his face and looked at him. He was young like her. Boyish and attractive, too, she noticed. “You’ll be fine,” she whispered to the unconscious man she’d brought home. Isabel cleaned the wounds he’d received and slipped under the fur blanket next to him, covering him with her warm, over-sized body.

A few hours passed before Isabel was awoken. The young man was conscious enough to shake from the cold. She could nearly hear his teeth chattering. Isabel pulled him deeper under the blanket, holding him tighter and pressed the back of his head into her naked cleavage. She lowered her chin down on the top of his head and gently rubbed his cold chest. “I’ve got you,” she said, knowing he couldn’t hear her.


Simon woke up groggily the next morning. The first thing he saw was the healthy fire contained a few feet from him. Simon reached out and held his numb hands to it. He tried to shake his exact whereabouts and how he’d gotten there from his memory, but he was coming up empty. Then he felt something stirring next to him. Simon’s heart beat a little faster. He wanted to flip the cover off of himself and investigate but he was too weak to try. “Who’s there?” he asked meekly.

“You’re awake,” a female voice answered back softly. “You’re okay.” She helped him turn over so they could see each other.

Simon took note of her nakedness, her large size and the even larger cock laying against her thigh right next to him. “You’re naked.” He felt fear well up inside him. Simon tried to get up, tried to move. He pulled the blanket halfway down his body and tried to sit up.

Isabel grabbed him. She easily pulled his struggling body back to her. “You caught me. I am. Every scrap I could find went to you or in the fire to keep you warm.” She locked her arms in place around him once she’d wrapped him up in the blanket to her satisfaction again.

Simon felt her hunk of meat press into him. He’d heard stories of the nomads and what they might do. Simon instinctively curled up with fear. “Your penis, it’s…”

“It’s not going to hurt you,” she told him. “My name’s Isabel. I live here and I won’t hurt you. Now you need to stay warm and you need sleep.” She nestled his body close, squeezing his head into her warm breasts. Simon took in a deep breath. He did need sleep whether he liked it or not. The rest would have to wait. His eyes drooped and his body began to relax.


Simon felt a nudge on his shoulder and then something touch his lips. His eyes opened. They adjusted to the dull light of the hut and registered a large figure sitting over him. He remembered it was Isabel and calmed down, but not all the way. Isabel held a bowl to his lips. His lips, chapped from the cold, spread for the edge of the bowl. A warm, thick substance rolled down his throat. His eyes darted down to the bowl and bugged out at the unmistakeable liquid.

The bowl had semen in it! Isabel was feeding him her cum! Simon stopped swallowed. He tried to close his lips, causing her sticky ejaculate to run down his cheeks and over his neck. He was still too tired to fight. Isabel told him calmly, “Drink.” She kept pouring until it felt like Simon was drowning in it. With no choice, his lips opened and accepted the bowl again. He struggled to swallow down the rest.

So the old stories he’d heard about nomads were true. And he’d never seen so much cum before. Her massive balls weren’t just for show. Isabel used the blanket to wipe his face. Simon suppressed coughing up what she’d fed him. “Why did you do that to me?” he choked out.

Isabel’s voice was soft and soothing as she spoke. She told him, “I haven’t had the opportunity to gather or make anything with you here. You needed something warm. I did it to take care of you.” Isabel very tenderly caressed his face. “I’ve told you my name,” she stated. “Will you tell me yours?”

“It’s Simon,” he answered gruffly. “and you didn’t need to make me swallow your cum to take care of me.” He was starting to feel a little stronger and so he tried to sit up on his elbows. “So what is this?” he asked. “Am I your captive?”

“No,” she responded.

Simon sat up further. “Because you’re not going to get anything in return for me.”

“Stop trying to exert yourself, Simon,” she warned. The concern for him showing on her face, she tried to lay him back down. Her tits bounced on her chest as she did and Simon’s eyes were transfixed. He began to think that if she weren’t so large, and didn’t have a cock of course, that he would find her pretty, beautiful even. Isabel had long black hair that ended around mid-back and smooth olive skin. She had curves and then some. Full breasts bigger each than his head and the swell past her hips led to what must have been a massive ass. But then there was the matter of that cock. Simon shuddered as he felt it press into him when Isabel held him close.

“If I’m not your captive, what is this then?” he asked with a little less apprehension than before.

One of Isabel’s powerful legs curled over both of his. She told him, “Isn’t that obvious? I’m gonna make you my fuck slave,” and then she laughed. He was pretty sure she was joking. Her unclothed womanhood got thicker and throbbed against the small of his back. Pretty sure.


Simon’s eyes fluttered open. He’d fallen asleep again. But he was getting stronger bit by bit. He started to take stock of his surroundings. Simon turned his head and right next to him saw the two monster globes of Isabel’s bare ass. With a sudden interest, he studied her impressive backside. Her big cheeks dug deep into the mattress. Simon blinked a few times and tried to focus his eyes. He struggled to see past her deep dark crack to her asshole.

His cock hardened. Simon fought off the urge he had to scoot his head over just a few inches and start kissing the soft dough of her cheeks. He chastised himself. Remember her cock, his head told him. Look at that ass, his other head told him. A sudden jolt by Isabel ended his internal struggle. His eyes left her delectable bottom for the first time and he noticed the jerking motion of her arm. It hit Simon that she was masturbating.

“Awake?” she whispered breathlessly, her hand gliding up and down her shaft.

“Barely,” Simon lied. He yawned and with his neck stretched up took a quick look at the action being blocked by her colossal cheeks. Isabel had a stranglehold on her cock. She gave herself generous strokes and based upon the rapidity of her breathing, Simon deduced she was closing in on her orgasm. “The result of this isn’t going to turn into my next meal, right?” he asked her half-joking.

“Purely recreational this time,” she chuckled. “I really need it.”

Simon’s eyes drifted back to her bottom. How could he drown the urge to run his tongue over her crack and then enter the deep space within? He caught himself before he did something stupid like touch or stroke his own aching erection. “Don’t nomads take care of that problem with each other? I’ve heard all your kind do is fuck and sleep.”

“You must think I’m some kind of sexual deviant,” the tone of her voice expressed her present arousal. Her big meat dripped pre-cum down her cock all the way to the floor. A moan left her lips and her thighs tensed.

“You are naked next to me jerking that horse schlong you call a cock,” he lobbed back at her playfully.

Isabel glanced at her new companion and smiled. She took note of how much he’d improved since she first found him out cold in the snow. He seemed in good spirits and with a new ruddiness to his face. “Doesn’t sound like deviance to me. It does sound a little selfish.”

Isabel’s fingers crawled under the blanket behind her. Her warm hand found Simon’s cock and closed around it. Simon jumped. He hurriedly pushed her hand away and cried out, “What the hell. Don’t do that!” Isabel, in an effort to rekindle some of his earlier playfulness, giggled girlishly and tried again. Her hand darted under the blanket with Simon trying to slap it away. He flailed his legs and pushed more of the blanket between them. Simon turned away from her and loudly beat the lumpy pillow under his head. He bit his raw lips self-consciously, let a few seconds pass and then huffed, “You should really put some fucking clothes on.”

Still sitting on the bed next to him, Isabel stopped stroking her cock. She pulled her animal skins from under him without uttering a world. Isabel clothed herself for the cold and left him there.


Simon woke up sometime later. He shivered under the blanket, his teeth chattering. What had been a roaring fire when he fell asleep was now cinders. He peered around the dull hut and found he was alone. Simon tried to cover himself as best he could and eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.

About an hour passed before Isabel returned to her hut with a few new items she’d scavenged in the dark. The hut had become nearly the same temperature as outside. Isabel knew Simon must be freezing. She felt how cold he was and then stripped off her skins and wrapped them around him. Isabel looked at her all but dead fire and debated whether to wait for morning to start it again or not. If it were just her, she would have waited, but she knew he needed a fire. Isabel took many of the things she’d brought and used them to light it. It took a solid hour of work before the fire was revived.

With the fire warming his face, Simon stirred. He looked up at Isabel who was hard at work mixing something in a bowl. He was just relieved to see her back and the fire alive again. Simon watched her naked form as she mixed. He admired how her curvy frame stayed so feminine while carrying all the strength it did on it. With just the fire crackling and the sound of wood against wood as she mixed, he asked, “That isn’t cum, is it?”

“No,” her answer came off coldly, “and I never said it was for you.”

Simon understood he needed her, but also something deeper inside him was upset at himself for pissing her off. “I overreacted,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

“Close your mouth.”

Simon frowned. He had hoped his apology would go over better. Then all of the sudden Isabel hovered the implement from her bowl over his face and let it drip on his lips. She gave him a mercurial look, rubbing it in from there. “Your lips haven’t healed yet. This will help.”

“Thank you,” he told her once she’d finished, rubbing his lips together. He noticed how intently his eyes had been focused on her breasts and suddenly diverted them to the fire. “I realize how good you’ve been to me.”

“Only saved your life. No big deal in the scheme of things,” she told him sarcastically, but with a real hurt behind it.

“I get it, “Isabel,” he used her name for the first time. “Never thought I’d end up being the bigger dick after getting a look at yours.”

“Eat this.” She brought a handful of seeds and nuts to him. “I haven’t had time to collect food yet, you need to eat something to start feeling a lot better.” Isabel slipped under the blanket as he devoured what she’d given him. It was Simon who initiated the contact between them. He cuddled his body up to hers. Isabel responded by quickly sweeping him up into her arms. Simon had no problem with his face being jammed between her soft tits, nor with her cock digging into his midsection. His was hard too.


Isabel didn’t know how much had time had passed before her eyes opened next. A soft suction coaxed her awake. She reveled in it for a moment, a tiny moan escaping her lips. Her eyes drifted down to Simon, his face pressed into her naked cleavage and his lips wrapped around one of her puffy nipples. His suction was so steady and gentle that she wanted to be sure he was awake. Isabel slowly withdrew her pebbly, brown nipple from his lips. She watched his eyes open a fraction and smirked as his lips sought her nipple again.

“You know you won’t get any milk from there,” she told him chuckling. “I store that lower. Below the waist to be more exact.” Simon stopped nursing and looked a bit like a cornered criminal at being caught in the act. Isabel nuzzled his head to tell him it was okay.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he told her honestly. “Your boobs are unbelievable. Just big and soft everywhere.” His mouth resumed its suction around her nipple.

“You look cute there,” she remarked. His lips wrapped tighter and his mouth sucked harder. Isabel rubbed her thighs together and felt her cock harden. It bumped into his already fully stiff erection.

Her nipple fell from his lips. “Is it too much to think you might do that thing with my cock you were gonna do earlier before I stopped you?” He looked up, his eyes searching hers.

“Yes, but I’m doing it anyway.” Her hand slipped between them and clasped both of their cocks. She slowly stroked up both shafts. Hers grew to its full size and overpowered his. She focused on her dick, giving it fast strokes. Soon pre-cum was leaking from her tip and covering his dick. Simon kissed the soft flesh of her tits. He felt the weight of them on his face and then found her nipple again. Isabel’s hand switched to his cock, now slick with her pre-cum, and gave him generous strokes as he sucked deep on her nipple, pulling as much of her areola into his mouth as he could.

Isabel’s hand on his cock felt so good. She knew just how to angle his cock, just how to massage his sensitive nerves. She knew he wouldn’t last long after all the time since he must have last relieved himself. Simon licked up her chest and nibbled at her neck. His breathing loud, he slid his hands up her voluptuous body and squeezed her soft tits. He shivered with pleasure as her hand relentlessly worked to make him cum.

“You really don’t deserve this,” Isabel’s hand squeezed his shaft hard from the base all the way to the tip, “so you better cum good for me.” She wedged his body between hers and the wall. With his face now squashed unremittingly into her cleavage, he could barely breath, but he didn’t give a damn. “Come on,” she cooed. “Cum for me. Blow your load. I wanna see it. Do it!”

Simon’s eyes shut tight. He moaned, squeezing Isabel’s breasts firmly and feeling the cum rise through his shaft. Isabel’s head ducked under the blanket and watched his cock jerk, then shoot. The first strand landed across her thighs. Isabel slipped lower on the bed. She opened her full lips wide and spit out her tongue. The rest of his load splattered over her tongue and into her mouth, with a few strands flinging across her face. She stroked him as he finished cumming with two big fists and let the last drops ooze between her fingers.

A smiling Isabel emerged from under the blanket. She licked her fingers clean and gave Simon a big hug. “Now do me,” she whispered with her lips catching his ear.

“You?” he answered defensively, then berated himself in his head for it. Of course she meant her. The pulsing monster of nomadic shemale meat pressing into his thigh like a third leg. He took a peek under her blanket at the pre-cum dripping behemoth and audibly gulped.

“Yes, me.” Isabel’s hot breath bathed over his neck as she spoke, “It’s my turn.”

Simon’s discomfort was palpable. “I, uh, I can’t. No, I couldn’t do that. I, I just can’t.” His face was apologetic as he looked at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah. I get it,” she said tonelessly in an attempt to mask her disappointment.

“I don’t mind if you do it yourself.”

“Good to know.” Isabel rolled over and went to sleep without another word.


The next morning Simon got up and the bed was empty. He yawned and looked aroud, then shut his eyes again. “Wake up,” Isabel’s voice echoed through his ears no more than a few minutes later. “The snow melted overnight. It’s a lot warmer. The water’s thawed. It’s time you stretch your legs. Let’s go wash up.” She seemed content to make no mention of last night. Simon got up on his feet with a little assistance from her and they stepped outside together. He closed his eyes and breathed in deep at first contact with the fresh air. It was the first time he’d been out in days with the exception of using the bathroom.

Isabel walked him to a nearby stream and cleaned his body thoroughly at the water’s edge. When she’d finished, Simon sat with his feet in the water and watched Isabel bathe herself in a deeper pool of water. She whipped her hair away from her face and washed it, her tits bouncing up and down as she did. Simon’s cock was stiff. He resisted the urge to stroke it. Isabel noticed how closely he was watching and splashed at him. He kicked back with his feet. It felt good to move. He would have stayed out there longer but Isabel was mindful of him not doing too much.

She walked him back to her hut. They were both surprised to see a horse outside. Isabel kept them both hidden behind the brush and stubborn bits of snow which hadn’t melted yet. “Do you think they’re here for you?” she asked Simon.

“I don’t think so,” he answered kind of unconvincingly.

“I thought no one was looking for you!”

“I don’t think they are,” Simon wavered.

“I’m dead if they find you and me together.” Isabel looked around nervously, chewing on her lip and wishing she’d taken a weapon with her. “If there are more of them, they’re spread out.” She weighed her options, “Stay here.”

Isabel got to the entrance of her hut without making a sound. Simon’s stomach was churning with anxiety as he watched her. What was she going to do? Maybe if he was there too he could explain. He decided he had to try. Isabel tried to wave him back when she saw him coming. He made enough noise to alert the deaf before making it all the way to her. Isabel steeled herself for the worst after knowing Simon had lost them the drop on whoever it was.

A large shemale patiently awaited them inside. Isabel dropped her fists when the two spotted each other. “Izzy!” the woman squealed.

“Maddie,” Isabel exhaled. “What are you doing here?”

“The snow cleared enough for me to bring you some supplies,” she smiled. Maddie just then noticed a smaller figure behind Isabel. She cocked her head and furrowed her brow. “Is that…”

“His name is Simon. He’s from the village. I found him half-frozen and had to take him here,” Isabel answered the question Maddie hadn’t had the time to ask yet. Upon that revelation, Simon watched the two woman share a secret argument via facial expressions with which neither seemed to win. Isabel broke their fight up with a question that Simon could actually understand, “You brought food?”

“Here.” Maddie tossed her a sack and then settled her attention on Simon while Isabel rifled through it. Simon took the opportunity to do the same. Maddie was a little shorter than Isabel and a little thicker. Her skin color was lighter and her hair red. Maddie’s face was plump with delightfully full lips and a naughty glint in her eyes. She stepped closer and bounced her finger off of his nose. “Aren’t you cute?”

Isabel looked up momentarily at her friend and said sternly, “Don’t even think about it.”

Maddie smacked her lips and circled. “Assuming the worst of me again. I was just making conversation. I can do that, you know.”

“Yeah, but I can’t recall the last time it was just ‘conversation.’” Simon’s interest was piqued, unfortunately, Isabel returned her attention to the bag of supplies rather than elaborating. The moment Isabel’s head was turned, Maddie blew Simon a flirty kiss which left him confused, but also a little hard.

Isabel looked up and found that Simon had inched himself behind her now. “You need to eat,” she stuffed his hands with food. “And you,” she pointed her finger at Maddie, “you need to behave.” Maddie scoffed at first, but then fessed up with a mischievous grin.

“You get to have all the fun,” she said.

Isabel shook her head. “It’s not fun taking care of him. He just takes, takes, takes–no reciprocation,” she responded somewhat jokingly, but with an obvious nod to the events of last night.

The two shemales watched Simon eat. He chewed a piece of dried meat silently as he heard Maddie say, “Please tell me you’ve done some taking of your own. Like his cherry.” He paused for a second at that comment.

“Stop it,” Isabel elbowed her friend, “I’m not you.”

Maddie leaned closer to her friend and whispered, “Then let me have him. I’ll be quick and leave enough for you. I promise.”

Simon left a portion of what Isabel had given him for her. His ears strained to listen to their whispers. Isabel spoke at a higher volume, “Go on. Get out of here, Maddie. I’ll come and see you soon.”

“Fine,” Maddie relented. “I think I’ll stick around the area, though.” Maddie gave a wicked wink to Simon and then strutted out.

Isabel sat down next to Simon. Food quickly changed hands. Simon leaned his head back and sighed. His eyes fell to her backside. He studied its beauty again. He wondered how it could be so large and still maintain its perfect shape. “I’m sorry again for last night,” he told her.

She exhaled sharply and responded, “Forget it.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

Isabel looked back at him. Simon found it impossible to read what she was thinking. “No, I want you to stay. That’s what I’m most afraid of.”

Simon’s hand reached out to her. He sat up more and rubbed his cheek against her shoulder. Unsure of how to respond, he knew he wanted to make good. He gave it a moment, smiled all of the sudden and then asked her, “Will you let me make it up to you?”

“How are you going to do that?”

“That thing you wanted me to do last night. The thing with your cock,” he told her, “Let me do it now.”

Isabel chuckled. Her womanhood started to fill out, but she told him playfully, “I think you need to suffer more than that. Jerking me off is like a reward. Maybe I should get Maddie back here to give you a real punishment.” She smiled at him.

“Hey, wait a minute. That’s overkill. She’s crazy.”

“You don’t even know the half of it,” Isabel laughed.

Simon looked over his companion and her large, divine body. His eyes scanned her back and looked again at her big butt. Recalling his fantasy from the first conscious night he spent there, “What if… how about I lick your ass?”

Isabel displayed a seeming warmth to the proposition. But she asked him, “And that’s supposed to be a punishment?”

“Oh yeah,” he told her jokingly. “I want to keep my tongue as far away from that great big beautiful ass as I can. Yuck. Just yuck,” he told her unconvincingly and then laughed.

Isabel whipped her skins off. Simon, ready to get licking, wet his lips. Isabel caught him before he could get started and crushed her lips onto his. They kissed passionately with her tongue invading his mouth. She broke the kiss with a loud smacking of lips. Simon’s arms broke his fall on the bed when she let go of him. The pleasant haziness her unexpected kiss had left him in evaporated when his focus returned to the large expanse of smooth flesh which constituted her incredible bottom.

Simon’s lips attached to her left cheek. The dozens of kisses he dished out in a frenzy of butt love got him acquainted with the bubbly cheeks. Isabel giggled as the short stubble he’d grown since she found him brushed her cheeks. Her cock grew and grew until it stood straight out. Simon’s kissing lips went back and forth between both cheeks. Then his tongue found her crack. He lavished the sensitive skin with long licks and wet kisses. Simon’s face pushed into her deep crack.

His tongue rolled over every beautiful inch within reach. It was heaven on Earth as he explored her backside with his face buried between her massive cheeks. His face burrowed deeper. Simon’s tongue reached her pucker. He beat his tongue gently against the opening before gliding in circles around her dot.

“Mmmhmm, yeah lick my hole. Kiss it. My dirty little ass-kisser,” she told him with a moan.

Simon pursed his lips and planted them on her hole. He kissed it loudly, in a way that sent a tickling shiver through Isabel’s body. Her tiny pucker shrunk and her cheeks clamped down around his face. Simon continued to lick and kiss, his erection rubbing against her mattress. He hardened his tongue and jabbed her hole with it. Isabel’s asshole unclenched enough for his tongue to begin entry. It stretched open for his tongue, which pushed in and out like he was fucking her.

Practically his entire head fit between her cheeks. He couldn’t get enough, as he tried to get deeper. He attached his lips to her pucker and then shoved his tongue into it as though he were french-kissing. The rough texture of her opening combined with her smooth insides gave his tongue a unique experience it had never had before. He loved it. Loved it enough to almost cum without touching his dick.

“Holy fuck! That feels good…”

Simon’s hands grabbed the globes of Isabel’s ass. He kneaded the dough of her cheeks between his fingers while knifing her hole with his tongue. He pushed her cheeks in harder around his face. But then Simon’s tongue slipped lower. It happened slowly. His tongue jumped down and kept going. He kissed the soft skin there, his chin pressed into the bed.

Isabel stood up. Simon chased her ass, afraid she was taking it away. Then she squatted her butt back and he saw her big swinging ball. He felt he probably shouldn’t, but Simon couldn’t stop himself when he caught one of her testicles between his lips and sucked it back to him.

“Oh, I like that. More please.” Isabel’s hand reached for her womanhood. She took her shaft in her hand and started stroking.

Simon’s mouth pulled one of her over-sized balls into it, filling his oral cavity. The movement of his tongue around her big nut was limited due to the lack of space. He sucked on it with a loud slurp then spit it out. Simon gave her scrotum gentle kisses and then sucked deep around the other ball. He rolled his entire face around the soft skin of her sack.

Simon was content with this new development when he heard Isabel’s voice, “Lie down on the bed–on your back,” she told him. He did as she said and then watched Isabel climb on top of him. She sat down on his chest and smiled at him. “The paste I put on your lips a few nights ago really worked. Now your lips are soft. Good for sucking on my nuts and it’ll be good for sucking cock, too.” Simon didn’t have long to think over her statement before having her balls hefted onto his face.

Isabel let out a giggle at the sudden tickle she felt from covering his face with her scrotum. After that it was all moans as Simon kissed and rubbed his lips around her big balls. He was in another world; one where hairless balls the size of ostrich eggs rolled around his face in a massive sack. Simon lifted his head for air, panting and red-faced.

Her womanhood obstructed most of the view when he tried to look up at Isabel. His eyes started to focus on the object he had been trying to look past, in more ways than one. Thick and throbbing, he’d been afraid of it when they first met. But now with his mind caught up and his hard-on taking control, he could see its size and its power as merits. Her cock wasn’t the blemish on a beautiful woman, but one of the things which made her beautiful.

Simon reached out. He took her shaft in his hand and felt the warmth emanating from it. He wanted to see Isabel’s reaction, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from her cock. Simon’s lips brushed along her long length until reaching the tip. He touched the head to his lips and it left him a gift in the form of a dollop of pre-cum. Simon pulled the small glob into his mouth and swallowed.

“Suck it.” Isabel grabbed her thick tube and pressed it to his lips. “Make me feel good.” Simon needed no further encouragement as his mouth opened wide to accept her girth. She thrust her hips forward and sent her womanhood into the soft warmth of his mouth. The intense pleasure of entering his mouth hit her all at once. “Ummmm oooooh,” she moaned.

Simon found himself caught off-guard at first by what the sheer size of her cock would feel like. His lips stretched wide around her pulsing shaft. His tongue flattened hard against the floor of his mouth like a carpet for her cock to slide deeper on. Simon’s throat made noises muffled by her penis as it threatened his gag reflex. He felt a tear running down his cheek. His eyes opened up to Isabel’s looking down at him. Her dick stopped moving in his mouth and she said told, “You’re doing good. Your mouth is fucking great. Move your tongue around my cock for me.”

The tip of her dick bumped the opening of his throat. Simon kept a gag in check while she sawed her womanhood in and out of his mouth, ending up pressed to his throat harder each time. Her mushroom pushed into his throat slowly. “Don’t choke,” she told him. “Relax for me. You don’t know how good this feels…” her voice trailed off. Isabel looked down at him with support in her eyes, and then her eyes closed in reaction to the new bliss of his throat. “So tight,” she said. “Swallow my cock.”

More of her cock slipped between his lips. Centimeter by centimeter, it advanced down his throat. Isabel’s strong hands wrapped around the sides of his head as only the last few inches of her big prick weren’t buried in his mouth. She started to grind her cock in his throat, moaning as she did. Simon blinked away a few more tears. A new comfort set in, he concentrated himself on bringing her the pleasure she deserved. His tongue lapped at the underside of her cock.

Isabel humped his face for some time, bringing her close to orgasm. The sensitive nerves tracing her shaft and large mushroom head were inundated with the pleasure of his mouth and throat. Simon looked up and saw her head rolled back. With one final thrust, deeper down his throat than ever before, she gave in to the need.

Simon could feel her legs shake around him. The powerful woman sitting on his chest was so enraptured by his sucking mouth and her impending orgasm that she looked like she might explode. In that split second, Simon became more afraid that he’d ever been. The second when he realized she was going to explode… in his mouth. “Simon! Oh fuck your little mouth. Fuck it. Making me CUM! Swallow it. Swallow it!” her urgent cries came attached to moans.

Isabel screamed out at the same moment his mouth filled with hot, sticky liquid. Nothing had prepared him for burning hot shots of ejaculate shooting down his throat faster than he could swallow. He tried to keep up as her balls emptied down his throat. Isabel fucked his face with quick, short strokes. Her body suddenly sweaty, she pushed out every drop.

Her load was enormous. The product of going so long without ejaculating and perhaps the quality of pleasure she had just received. Semen continued to scale her shaft and pump from her tip straight to his stomach. She continued to shoot for what felt like ages. By the time it was over, Simon’s throat was so sore he could barely swallow anymore. Isabel retrieved her messy rod from his mouth and let him catch his breath.

She could only wait so long before collapsing down on top of him. Her limp cock laid between his thighs, her tits spilled down around his neck. Isabel covered his face in kisses and then planted her lips on his. She sucked his tongue into her mouth. Then their kiss broke, Simon still breathing heavily. Commenting on the quality of her own cum from his mouth, she spoke, “Tastes delicious.” The two of them broke into laughter. “You’re a natural at that! Fuck it felt good. I’m so proud of you,” she kissed him again.

“I liked it too.” He closed his eyes as Isabel nibbled on his neck.

“I like that you liked it.” She licked the length of his jawline. “You make me happy.”

“Blow jobs make you happy,” he chuckled.

Isabel gave his nipple a teasing pinch and said, “I’ve had blow jobs before. You make me happy.” She ran her nails across his chest affectionately. “I’m glad you’re here. You’re a nomad now. No going back.”

Simon’s eyes opened a little wider. He thought about what she’d said. Meanwhile, Isabel’s hand clutched his dick and stroked it. “What do we have here?” she giggled. “Maybe he should be sucked? Or stuck between my titties. What do you think?”

His head was reeling from what she’d said about him being a nomad. He swallowed hard. “I think we should sleep,” he said.

Isabel’s smiling face turned into one of concern. She felt his head and then said, “Maybe you do need more rest. Yeah,” she convinced herself. Isabel kissed him again. She pulled his head into her cleavage and let it rest there.

Simon’s eyes stayed open. He studied the dirty ceiling as her words cycled through his brain.


A softness enveloped Simon’s cock. It was the next morning when his eyes next opened. He looked down at Isabel’s breasts smothering his erection. “Good morning,” she told him.

Without giving it a thought, his cock started to fuck her boobs with short thrusts. “Your tits… gorgeous and soft.”

“Mmmhmm. Good for fucking,” she said proudly. “I owe it to you after last night. My cock has stayed hard since.”

His hips stopped humping. Simon reached out and plucked one of her nipples. He didn’t look her in the eyes, “You don’t owe me anything. You saved my me. But…,” he paused, “I’m not a nomad, Isabel. I’m not.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, with worry about what he was getting at.

He didn’t know how to word it, especially not after what they’d shared the night before. He tried to stave off his anxiety by biting his lip til it hurt, “I don’t know the first thing about living out here. I don’t belong here. That didn’t change last night. I have to go back.”

“You have to go back,” she repeated his words as though to the side of her brain which didn’t believe it.. Isabel pulled her body off his and reached for the blanket. “You can’t. You don’t have to know how to live out here. I do and I’ll take care of you.”

Simon avoided all eye contact. He played with his fingers anxiously. “You think I can just stay here with you forever? There are people back home that care about me. They, they don’t even know I’m alive.”

The hair on the back of Isabel’s neck stood up. Her voice got more heated, “You said no one was looking for you. They would have looked if they’d cared! I’m the one who found you. You’d be dead if I hadn’t!”

“I know. I know,” his voice came out soft and conciliatory. “I’m sorry.”

“How are you even going to get back? It’s not walking distance and you don’t have a horse!” She seemed to get angrier, “Bringing this up now. You couldn’t care for me at all.” Isabel pushed her fists into the bed. “I could make you stay!” she howled.

“But you won’t,” he was able to look up at her for the first time, his eyes red. He told her, “The first thing you told me was I’m not your captive.”

Isabel huffed and growled. She felt used. She wanted to unleash on him, but she stopped herself. Isabel got dressed and told him, “I’m going for a walk.” She stormed out, leaving Simon alone on the bed with his excuses and his doubts.


It was over an hour before Isabel returned. Simon had barely moved in that time. She walked through the entrance with Maddie in tow. His heart beat faster when Maddie glanced toward him. She looked at him like a piece of meat she was weighing and prodding in her mind. Isabel, meanwhile, wouldn’t look at him.

“Can we talk?” he turned toward the large woman who’d saved his life.

Isabel kicked the cool bricks from her fire and told him with a new detachment, “Maddie has the only horse for miles. Since you want to get back to your village so badly, she’s willing to make a trade.”

Simon didn’t quite know what to say. He looked up at Maddie and pushed his wariness of her to the back burner so that he could tell her, “Thank you so much. This means a lot.”

“You don’t have to thank me. You’re going to earn it, baby.” She gave him a big horny grin.

Isabel cut in, “I told Maddie how badly you wanted to go home. I made the deal with her for you.”

“Yeah,” Maddie started to inch closer to where Simon sat, clothed in only the blanket on the bed. To his horror, Maddie’s cock started to stretch out her skirt. “Your ass for my horse, baby.”

“Wait, wait!” he wailed. “I didn’t agree to that.” Simon scooted back until he smacked up against the wall of the hut. Maddie continued to move closer. She had the look of an animal as it licks its chops watching its prey. “Wait. Come on,” he pleaded.

Maddie’s knee dropped on the bed, first one then the other. Her big, plump body cast a shadow over his cowering one. “You’ll get the horse, but I don’t think you’ll want to ride it for a few weeks–or months after this. You’re gonna be in worse shape than when Izzy found you, and with a hole that won’t stop gaping.”

“Is…Isabel. Please!” he cried for her desperately as the massive bulge in Maddie’s skirt hovered over his shrunken, terrified frame.

Isabel sighed. She’d resigned herself to leaving him to this fate. He wanted out and here was a way. But looking at his pitiful face, she couldn’t go through with it. “Stop,” she told her friend. Maddie gave Isabel a curious gaze. “I know the deal we made, but forget about him.” Isabel walked over and put her arm around her friend. “He’ll just cry and ruin the mood. Let’s you and me have fun.” She kissed Maddie deep with the slack-jawed Simon looking on.

“Well, okay.” The two kissed again, their tongues twisting around.

Simon was a little afraid to interject. He asked, “What, what should I do?”

Isabel broke her kiss with Maddie calmly. “You get the hell out of here. Take Maddie’s horse and go.”

Simon pulled himself off the bed. He quietly gathered his original clothing and then glanced at Isabel, who went back to mauling her friend’s mouth. He slipped outside and breathed in the cold air. Simon gave Maddie’s horse a little pat and then hopped up on it. His eyes turned back and fixed on the hut, then he rode off.

Meanwhile, Maddie started to kiss Isabel’s neck. She rubbed her big tits into her friend’s shoulder. “What were you saying about the fun we’re gonna have?” Isabel responded by unceremoniously pushing her friend off. Maddie frowned, realizing she’d just given up her horse and Simon’s ass for nothing.

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