My name is Oliver Brown and the following is a true story that happened during my recovery from a riding accident two weeks before.

I had been at home for a week after coming out of hospital where I had been recovering from the riding accident where I had fallen off the horse and torn my kidney. It was about half past one in the afternoon and I was just sitting around watching the television, and I heard a car pull up on the gravel drive outside. As I went to the door I saw it was Jane the cleaner and she was just climbing out of her car. As she walked to the door I could see that she had just been to the gym as she was still in some tight lycra calf length shorts and a zip up hoody. I opened the door before she could reach it and welcomed her into the house.

Hey Jane I didn’t know you were due to come this week, I thought that you only came every other Monday.

Well I don’t normally do Wednesdays but your mum rang and asked me to come round, and here I am.

As she stepped into the house I could see that her shorts were really tight around her crotch and really accentuated the lips of her vagina and the mound above. This instantly gave me an erection. Now normally I need a bit more than just the outline of a woman’s vagina to make me hard. But the medication I am on to fix my kidney makes me extremely horny and it really is making life difficult. Quickly I span around and went into the kitchen calling over my shoulder as I did. “Jane can I get you a drink?”

Yes please that would be lovely. Can I have a cup of tea?

Of course I replied, how do you take it?

Milk no sugar, but really strong please.

As I boiled the kettle, and got the milk out of the fridge Jane had gone into the utility room and got out the cleaning kit and the hoover, and started to clean the downstairs loo. Putting the now made tea onto the window ledge of the loo I started to talk with Jane. It was only small stuff like how are you and things, but as I looked at her I couldn’t help but notice how hot Jane was. Normally I wouldn’t go for a woman like Jane as she is a little fuller than my general liking but it was a fullness that is about a size 14 maybe even a 16 but her fullness is in all the right places. She is in her early forties with long black hair and has a very full arse. Not wide but big and something you can really grab hold off, her legs are shapely and she has big boobs I would say about a d cup but I couldn’t be sure because she always has them covered whenever I see her. But anyway looking at her whilst we talked really made me horny. It wasn’t making me erect but I really felt like fucking this woman especially since I haven’t had sex in the past four months.

As Jane asked me how I was I couldn’t help but eye her up and I couldn’t be sure but I think she could see me checking her out. Thinking about how hot she was I couldn’t help start to flirt with her. She flirted back a little but I didn’t think she meant it so I wrapped up the conversation and went into the lounge to watch the IPL (Indian premier league) cricket.

Totally enthralled in the cricket I didn’t notice Jane walk into the room, but as the over ended I looked up and saw her standing there just watching me. Seeing me look at her she asked if it was ok if she could hoover in here.

Yes of course go ahead; I don’t need the sound on the tele to watch the cricket I replied

So as I turned the volume down on the television Jane plugged the hoover into the plug opposite me. I couldn’t help but notice her arse as she bent over and I could even see a small outline of her vagina again. This sent me over the edge and I instantly grew yet another hard on. As Jane started to hoover I couldn’t not look at her arse she was constantly bent over with her lovely big arse right in my line of sight. So with Jane bent over I could barely concentrate on the cricket. Then all of a sudden Jane stood up and proclaimed she was hot, and before I knew it she was unzipping her hoody and taking it off. Now I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She really did have the nicest boobs I had ever seen. They were full and round but had just a slight sag because of her age. But they were still something a women should be proud of at her age. But unfortunately she still had a tight pink crop top on so I couldn’t see as much as I really wanted to. As she bent over and started to hoover again, her boobs really started to swing now that they were free of the hoody and I couldn’t help but stare at the way they swang back and forth, back and forth.

Are you looking at my boobs Ollie??

Erm, well, maybe Do you like them??Yes I do Jane I can’t take my eyes off them. I didn’t think young guys like you would like an old saggy women like me. Well Jane to be honest with you I have always fancied older women, and you are the perfect image of my fantasies. “Well I must have had some sort of effect on you” Jane commented as she gestured towards my groin. Looking down I noticed that I had an erection, but I hadn’t noticed because I had been concentrating on Jane’s boobs.

“I’m sorry Jane I can’t help it. It’s the pain killers that I am on they make me really horny and when I started to see your boobs swing.” I tailed off “It’s fine Ollie I really don’t mind at all. In fact I am quite happy that I can have such an effect on a young guy like you. I really didn’t think I was sexy these days, especially since I have had my two daughters.” Jane interrupted.

As she said this she bent down and turned the hoover off. This really made her boobs swing out and I could see the milk sack outlined inside her boobs. This really made my dick twitch as even more blood rushed into it.

“Do you want some help with your problem?” Jane asked with a wink as she noticed my dick twitch “What sort of help could you offer me?” I questioned as I stood up and faced her

The next thing I knew Jane was standing in front of me holding my cock through my trakies and was kissing me. So, getting what I hadn’t realised I had wanted till twenty minutes earlier I grabbed that fantastically big arse and started to squeeze it. Before I could do anything else Jane had pulled away and asked if we could go upstairs. Once we were in my bedroom we started over again but this time Jane put her hands down the inside of my trakies and started to slowly toss me off whilst I took her top off to reveal a black bra underneath . Then I was distracted by the feeling of my trousers coming down around my ankles and watched as Jane knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. As she slurped away on my six and a half inch dick I leant over and undid her bra to let her tits fall free. My god without that bra did they swing. Standing Jane up I told her that I really wanted to feel her tits has they had had such an effect on me. As I grabbed them and started to tweak her nipples I noticed how big they were. They were about three quarters of an inch long and half an inch wide. All of a sudden I had to pull away as my hands were wet and just a little sticky.

What the hell?

I’m sorry Ollie I should have told you I still breastfeed my year and a half old daughter and so if you touch my nipples I lactate.

As soon as I heard this I latched on to her nipple and had my first ever taste of breast milk since I had been a baby. And boy did I like it. I sucked and squeezed on that left breast till I could get nothing else out, but before I could start on the right boob Jane stopped me and pushed me back onto my bed. She then stepped out of her lycra shorts to reveal that she wasn’t wearing pants underneath. That was when I saw her bush. She was the hairiest lady I had ever seen. It obviously hadn’t been touched with a razor for at least 2 years. I could barely see her pussy lips through the hair and it was just so thick. I pulled her towards me and ran my hands through that lovely bush before finding her slit and running my fingers along it. This caused Jane to shiver in my hands and fall towards me.

“Jane did you just orgasm?” I asked in surprise.

“No Ollie im sorry but I haven’t had a man touch me down there for 6 months as my husband has totally gone off sex.”

Well don’t worry I will take good care of you, just lie back and close your eyes.

As Jane lay back I slipped two fingers up inside her hairy fanny and just felt the juices flood out of her. My god she really was hot and she obviously needed to be fucked. So I carried on fingering her but before I could do or say anything she begged me to just put my dick inside her and fuck her senseless. So that is exactly what I did. I lay between her legs and slipped my dick right up inside her. The next thing I knew she was writhing and moaning underneath me and I could really feel her bush brushing against my dick and legs as I slid in and out.

I wanted to take my time and really enjoy myself but I could see and feel that Jane really wanted to cum and just wanted to be fucked hard. So I pulled out and asked her to get on her hands and knees so I could really fuck her and also because I just love doing it doggy style. Jane agreed and spun around ready for it. As she bent over I could really see her hairy bush, it spread all around her pussy and even a little of it came up around her arse. As I spread her fanny lips the contrast between the pink insides and the black hair all around really turned me on, and I couldn’t help but shove my cock up inside her. As I thrust in and out all I could hear was the slushing of my dick in Jane’s juices and her moaning was louder than a drill sergeant shouting.

We had only been fucking for about five minutes before she told me she was going to cum. As she said this I grabbed hold of her hips and really began to thrust in and out as hard as I could.

“Shit Ollie im cumming. Oh oh oh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss” Jane screamed as she came all over my cock. By now Jane’s juices were flowing all down her legs and had really matted her pubic hair to make it into all one thick clump around her pussy. As Jane came down from her climax she pulled away from my cock and turned towards me.

“Ollie, I love it when I am on top so if you lie back I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before” she said seductively to me whilst rubbing her matted pubic hair. So I instantly lay back and watched as Jane climbed on top of me and slid my cock up inside her. Before she could start to fuck me I grabbed her boobs which were right in my face and started to knead them like there was no tomorrow. Totally forgetting that kneading Jane’s boobs would cause them lactate. Milk sprayed everywhere and totally soaked me and the bed. As I did this Jane started to really ride on my cock. Bouncing and humping away trying to get me to cum. As she did this I leant forward to take her right nipple into my mouth and began to suck hard trying to drink as much of that fantastically sweet milk as I could. It wasn’t long before I had totally emptied her milk sack and switched over to the left nipple that I had emptied only ten minutes before. Unfortunately I could only get a few mouthfuls out of her left boob.

Im sorry Ollie but you will need to wait a little longer before you can have any more milk, as it takes my boobs about an hour and a half before they refill again. So with no milk left I really focused on humping away feeling my balls tighten and the cum start to move.

Shit Jane im going to cum; is it safe to cum inside you??

Yes its fine, im on the pill as I get really heavy periods and it stops them from being to obtrusive. So with the knowledge that it was safe to cum inside that hairy fanny I really let loose and pounded away as if my life depended on it. As I did so I felt Jane’s vagina contract round my cock and heard her start to moan.

“O god Ollie your making me cum again, don’t stop, don’t stop.” Hearing this and nearing orgasm myself I fucked her as hard as I could whilst pulling her down onto my cock with as much speed as I could. Finally unable to hold it any longer I held her down fully impaled onto the base of my cock and came up inside her. Feeling my cum spray her insides Jane’s fanny contracted round my dick as she came, milking my cock for all the cum she could get. Finally finishing she extracted herself from my now wilting dick and lay down beside me.

“O my gosh Ollie thank you that was fantastic, I didn’t realise just how much I missed being fucked, I just love having sex and those six months had been killing me”

As she said this I couldn’t help but reach around and start to knead that huge arse of hers.

“you like my arse don’t you Ollie?

Yes Jane I do and I have a bit of a weird request, I quite like to watch mature anal porn and I was wondering if you would be up for having anal?? As I have never had it before and I would like to try it with a mature women like you.

“Well Ollie I have always wanted to try it as well but my husband never would as he thought that it was really dirty and that people shouldn’t do it as it’s not natural according to him. I have watched anal porn as well and I really wanted to try it. So I have tried fingering my arse. I only put two fingers in and it was fantastic so I am fine with you fucking my arse, if you really want to do it.

As soon as I heard this I had jumped out of bed and run to the en suite to grab some Vaseline. As she saw me come out with the Vaseline. She got on her hands and knees and spread that fantastically big arse and showed me her puckered arse hole. I stuck my finger in to the Vaseline and started to spread it in and around that lovely arse.

Ollie before you put it in can you just finger it a little, just so I can get used to something in there.

As I fingered her arsehole I started to stroke my dick back to full hardness ready to take Jane’s anal virginity.

“Ok Ollie I think im ready for you now.”

So getting behind that beautiful arse I put the head of my dick right up against that puckered little hole.

“Jane are you sure you really want to do this? I am told it can be quite sore on your first time”

Put it in, im ready for it.

So slowly, I started to push into that beautifully large arse. As I did so I heard a sharpe intake of breath.

Are you ok do you want me to stop?

“No its fine im just getting used to it”

As I carried on sliding up I managed to get 3 inches in until Jane stopped me.

“Ollie just push it right in I can’t take waiting anymore. I am ready for it, just give it to me”

Upon hearing this I grabbed hold of her arse and forced my dick up inside that fantastic arsehole.

“ohhh fuck, yes force it in, rape my arse, give it to me like the slut I am” Jane screamed

With her permission to really fuck her arse I went all out and really rammed my cock right up that tight arse hole. “Fuck Jane your virgin arse hole is so tight; it feels like it’s going to cut my dick off.”

“I don’t care how tight my arse feels on your dick, I just want you to fuck me ragged till I can’t walk”

After just a few minutes Jane’s tell tell moans started to escape her lips signalling she was close to cumming. Just as she was on the verge of cumming I could feel my balls beginning to tighten and the cum start to move.

“Shit Jane im going to cum”

“So am I, don’t stop, cum deep in my arse. I want to feel your cum fill me up so when I next sit on the loo it all dribbles down my legs and reminds me of this” She gasped in between moans

Whilst she was moaning I carried on pounding into that arse that made me so hard. Shit Jane im about to cum. Here it comes. As I started to spray my cum up into her bowel Jane came. As Jane screamed in pleasure she squeezed her arse tight around my dick, forcing as much cum out of me as she could.

When she had finally emptied me of everything I had Jane wiggled her arse and extracted herself from my now soft dick. As the head came out I could see the small amount of gape I had created as I had fucked that arse. Lying back side by side I saw Jane look at the clock, and then look again,

“Shit look at the time, I need to get Wendy from school” Jane said as she jumped out of bed and started to root around for her clothes. As she got dressed I pulled on some boxers and passed her the top she had been looking for. As Jane ran down the stairs I followed telling her as I did that she should go I would tidy up the hoover and stuff. Before she left she came over and grabbed my hand placing it on her crotch as she said “that was fantastic, I am coming next Monday will you be home?”

“Yes I replied I don’t go back to school till mid-june so you have me for at least a month and a half”

“good she said before kissing me and walking out the door. As I watched that fantastic arse I had just fucked, I noticed a white patch forming through the black lycra shorts. Smiling to myself I wondered back into the lounge and know that I wouldn’t be getting to horny now that I had Jane for a month or so

As always:

Thanks to Boheminxen for editing. Without your correcting of my awful grammar, this would be mindless drivel.

The Mediator:

I have two jobs in life. Seeing that I’m a senior in High School, people may think I’m pushing myself too hard, but both are absolute necessities. My first employment is working an oversized dishwashing machine part-time at Shenanigan’s, a restaurant known for its overpriced, crappy steaks. It sucks, but at least that job pays me. My other job is more along the lines of daily maintenance. I never get a day off, and I am not paid. Friends have told me they are jealous of my situation, not comprehending what all it entails. I understand why they tell me that – not every eighteen-year-old guy gets to live with a pair of young women. At twenty-three and eighteen years of age, both are young stunners. One likes me, and the other loves me. The problem lies when they are together.

I am a buffer between my girlfriend, Amy, and her sister, Lauren. Though Amy’s hair is longer and a shade darker, both slender brunettes are rather similar in appearance. They always seem to be at each other’s throats ever since their parents passed away in a car accident six years ago. Seventeen at the time, Lauren got emancipation by the state, found a job and took care of her younger, then thirteen-year-old sister. Amy despised that her elder sister was telling her what to do.

When I was present, I saw both sides, and they both valued my opinion, trying to get me to convince the other they were wrong. I was great at getting them to compromise. I always felt bad for Lauren – giving up your life at a young age to take care of her sister had to be tough. Her dreams remained only that – dreams. As for Amy, she resented that Lauren was trying to replace her mother, especially when she knew what Lauren did when she was her age. She wanted the freedom her sister had. Both were mature and very capable women outside the house, never getting into serious trouble, but for some reason, the two would complain and bicker constantly about the inconsequential to each other. Maybe it was their way of showing how much they cared for each other. If they didn’t yell, they would go back to the way things were – peaceful, quiet, blissful –, and the two of them going their own ways in life, not sharing or caring that the other existed.

I arrived home from my job that pays with the clock telling me it was nearing midnight. Walking up the short path to the front door, I heard the two at it again. However, this wasn’t a normal altercation. I dreaded opening the door as they were fighting about me. I caused this quarrel, and I am unsure I’ll be able to play peacemaker this time. It started, as with most arguments do, with something simple and innocent – something all three of us happily agreed to five months prior: I moved in.

My father married his seventh wife in nineteen years and with her, moving two states away. I didn’t want to go, and I made no effort to hide my displeasure. My life was here. I only had four months until graduation, and regardless of where I live, I’m just going to be back here in the fall for college anyway. I’m captain of the debate team, and I didn’t want to leave all my friends behind.

Of course, there is also Amy. In all honesty, she is the only reason I objected to the move. I’ve been with her since seventh grade, first as friends, then as a couple, then later as lovers. I was determined to stay. I didn’t want her to feel abandoned by someone else she cared about. I shouldn’t leave her. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I just didn’t know how.

A week before the move, Amy and I were sitting on her couch, holding hands, weighing my options. I had a headache from all the stress, and she was on the verge of tears as her worries were beginning to get the best of her.

“With the money from my part-time job, I could stay at the Aphid Motel. It’d be tight, but I could make it. I’m just not sure what to do about food,” I stated, more as a question than an answer.

“I’m afraid staying one night in there, you’d end up with every disease known to man. I swear that place is the center for disease control’s wet dream. You’d need a hazmat suit to sleep in there.” We both laughed at the joke, a much-needed release of tension. “Seriously though, did you ask Jared?” Amy bit her lower lip, indicating it was her last plausible idea.

“I did, but his parents said no.” I lowered my head, disheartened.

“Why didn’t you ask to stay here?”

Both our heads shot up to find Lauren had entered the living room.

“Lauren, are you serious? He can stay here?” Amy asked cautiously, not wanting to give her hopes up.

“Of course,” Lauren said with a slightly amused look. “We’d have to set some ground rules, and if you don’t mind Matt… Um, money is kind of tight around here, so if you could help out a little, it would be appreciated.” She said that last part as if she were embarrassed.

“I’ll give you my whole paycheck if I have to.” My excitement was through the roof. “Thank you, Lauren.”

“You’re the best, Lauren,” Amy added.

That may have been the first time I ever heard Amy compliment her sister to her face. I was moved in within two days.

Lauren was really cool about everything. Since we were both eighteen, she let us sleep in the same bed. How awesome was that. I’m certain she heard us as Amy and I were at it nearly every night. I kept up my end of the bargain as every two weeks I handed Lauren $200 out of my paycheck. I only kept enough for gas and taking Amy out on occasion. Lauren almost cried when I gave it to her. She tried being chivalrous, saying it was too much, but I was adamant. I was eternally grateful not having to leave Amy; I only wish I could do more.

Suddenly, I was the man of the house. Kill spiders, check. Open an unyielding jar of spaghetti sauce, check. Mow the lawn, check. Catch a mouse, check. They were in another one of their squabbles when that furry little thing came along, and next thing I knew, they were hugging each other while standing on the couch. After seeing that, I truly felt bad for having to dispose of it.

It became an interesting family dynamic. I was Amy’s boyfriend and gladly did everything that entails. We hung out socially, did high school events, helped her navigate the drama that is being a senior, and of course, sex. To Lauren, I became a virtual husband and did everything that description dictates. I helped pay the bills, did some household chores and did general home maintenance. From changing light bulbs to fixing a plumbing problem, thank you YouTube, I was the go to guy.

After four months, Lauren began acting a little unusual. She would say things that would leave my head spinning. One Saturday morning, I had just gotten up and was heading to the bathroom when our paths crossed.

“Good morning, Lauren,” I yawned and then wiped the sleep from my eyes.

“Good morning, Matt,” Lauren replied with a smile. “I hope we didn’t wake you.”

“No, what was it this time?” I asked curiously, hoping I could diffuse the situation before it escalated again.

“I told her she needs to keep it down at night – people are trying to sleep.”

I blushed as this is the first time Lauren has mentioned the sex life of her sister and I. “Sorry about that, I’ll make sure we keep it down from now on.”

“Thanks, but it’s not you, it’s her.” Lauren rolled her eyes. “She’s so damn loud. I didn’t get to bed until two in the morning last night.”

That’s odd. I know Amy and I were done by 12:30, 1:00 at the latest. “Why so late? I didn’t think we were having, um… at it that long.”

“It’s called sex, Matt, and you weren’t.” Lauren shook her head. “But after hearing you two, I couldn’t just go to sleep. I had to frig myself for a half hour before I could finally fall asleep myself. And after how often the two of you fucked the last sixteen weeks, I’m tired, horny, and too busy to find a man.” She then glanced downward and gave me an expression I’ve only seen on her sister, one she gives me when she acts like she’s in heat. “Now you better go take care of that before someone here takes care of it for you.” She offered a seductive smile as she walked away.

I stood there trying to digest what I was certain I heard. After a moment, my urges came back to me, and I went into the bathroom to take care of my morning erection.

But that wasn’t all. Lauren seemed to dress in revealing clothes around me. During our conversations, she spoke with innuendos and gave me that look again. Within the week, I accidentally stumbled in on her while she was naked, twice. I knocked, and no one answered. I thought the bathroom was empty. I immediately apologized and closed the door. Were they really accidents? I decided to talk to Amy. I believe in 100% honesty. I’ve seen my Dad go through enough marriages because of the pitfalls of his lying. I swore to myself that will not be me.

“You’re out of your mind,” Amy said with a chuckle. “My sister is not trying to seduce you.”

“I’m glad you’re so positive,” I stated, a little distressed. “But I’m not so sure.”

“I’ll tell you what – if she lets you, I give you permission.” Amy laughed, hard.

“I’m glad I’m here for your amusement,” I sarcastically countered.

“Oh, come on. You’re a smart guy, but do you know how ridiculous you sound?” Amy’s eyes went wide, and her arms flailed out trying to emphasize her point.

“Perhaps, but what if… I love you, but what should I do if I’m not wrong?”

“You’re mistaken Matt, but on the .01% chance you are right, you have my blessing to screw my sister.” Amy let out a sigh. “Now can we please get back to studying for finals?”

A week later, Amy and I finally graduated, and our work schedules began to vary. Actually, all three of us seemed to be in and out. Rarely were all three of us at home at the same time. When it was Amy and I, we were all over the place, not used to having the house to ourselves. When it was Lauren and I, she revved her now familiar actions up a notch. Her, what I perceived as flirting, went to a completely new level. Her attire became flimsy and sheer. I could accurately describe her body. It was engraved in my memory, and when Amy came home, I took it out on her.

Then came Amy’s period. That week was hell. A whole week of Lauren in practically nothing and only my hand to relieve the tension. Everything came to a head on Friday, with Amy working the morning shift at the clothing store, Lauren off, and I had the night shift.

After Amy left, I did my bathroom duties and went back to bed. I was tired, having to do a late night tampon run and then the ensuing comforting as Amy complained of cramps. I stirred to the sensation of someone rubbing their hands through my hair. Maybe Amy came home early, and this was her way to make me scoot over as I was sprawled all over the bed. I shifted my body to where I was laying on my back and gave her enough room to lie next to me. My eyes never opened. She obliged and slid next to me. I could feel her staring at me as her hand started lightly grazing my chest, gradually going lower, and lower, and by the time it got to its destination, I was erect.

“Has it been a week already baby?” I smiled. “I thought we had a day or two left.”

My eyes were only beginning to flutter open when she kissed me passionately. It was different from Amy’s normal kisses, much more aggressive, and her hand was going ballistic on my crotch. I reached my hand up to the back of her head so I can reciprocate her act. Either Amy cut her hair or… My eyes flew open. I tried to pull back as much as I could, but with Lauren on top of me and the bed underneath me, I had no chance to get away, her lips still pressed against mine, and her tongue buried down my throat. But at least I stopped.

Lauren finally pulled back, and I became aware of her nudity. “What’s wrong, Matt?” Her eyes had a look “I know you need this. It’s been awfully quiet in here this past week.” Her hand wrapped around the elastic of my boxers and pulled down. “Besides, you are the man of the house – why should my sister be the only one getting any?”

“Lauren, we shouldn’t,” I pleaded. “I love Amy.” I made a halfhearted attempt to push her away.

Lauren gave that same seductive smile her sister does and straddled me. “Don’t worry about Amy.” She impaled herself on me. “Oh God, you’ve no idea how long it’s been.” Her eyes flickered at the insertion. “She gave you permission, remember?”

“How do you know that?” I asked, only half focused on the answer as Lauren began to move slowly up and down. “Oh shit.” It really has been a while since Lauren’s been laid. She is incredibly tight.

“I overheard. Now shut up and fuck me,” Lauren demanded.

On Lauren’s next downward thrust, I speared upward. We developed a rhythm together. Every couple of movements, she would throw in a circular grinding motion that she used in conjunction with her flexing pussy muscles. I lost all conceivable thought and motor skills when she did that. I felt up her body. I caressed and played with each of her breasts. Her nipples were like diamonds, they were so hard.

“Get on your hands and knees, and I’ll show you why Amy screams.” With a look of lust, Lauren quickly complied. I stood on the side of the bed and slid easily inside her. A few small jabs at first and then every subsequent push went deeper and harder. Soon I was at full force, slamming with all my strength into this woman before me.

Lauren’s arms went to the bedframe to brace herself as each impact was like an avalanche of force. I wrapped one arm around her body, and my fingers began toying with her clit. She went from moaning to yelling for the Almighty himself. As she got acclimated to the new stimulus, I took my other hand and stuck a finger in her ass up to the first knuckle and wiggled it. Her yelling turned into a constant stream of incoherent muttering as she began convulsing on my cock. A flood engulfed my manhood, and I pierced her body one last time and held her, releasing my seed into her hot channel. We both panted and collapsed onto the bed, spooning each other.

Right then, as we lay in the afterglow of our unlikely union, my alarm sounded. “Damn, I got to go to work.” I turned off the annoyance and went to roll out of bed when Lauren’s hand stopped me and rolled my body back towards hers.

Lauren’s hand cupped my face. “I need you to understand that this isn’t a one night stand or a one and done scenario.” She kissed me deeply.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Guilt was already washing over me. “I already don’t know how I’m going to explain this to Amy.”

“First, you shouldn’t apologize to a woman after sex, especially after a fuck like that. There aren’t enough words to describe what you did to me. As for my sister, she’ll just have to learn to share. Now get going.” Lauren playfully pushed me away. “You don’t want to be late for work.”

A myriad of unknown variables soared through my mind as I pressed the send button for the text message “we need to talk when I get home” I was sending to Amy. 100% honesty. I have to tell her what happened and hope for forgiveness. If I don’t tell her, I know guilt will kill me, particularly since Lauren seems determined to reenact the event.

I arrived home from work with the clock telling me it was nearing midnight. Walking up the short path to the front door, I heard the two at it again. However, this wasn’t a normal altercation. I dreaded opening the door as they were fighting about me. I caused this quarrel, and I am unsure I’ll be able to play peacemaker this time. I took a deep breath and tentatively entered the house, expecting fire and brimstone. As soon as the door clicked, Amy turned toward me.

“So what the fuck do you want to talk about?” Amy eyes were full of rage with her hands on her hips. “Leaving me for my sister!” Everything about her screamed danger. Her voice, her body language, and I swear I could smell smoke.

“No,” I said flatly. “Amy, I love you. Lauren surprised me today, and I only texted you so you could prepare for a serious talk as I came clean. I believe in honesty, and I’m sorry it happened.”

“I’m not,” Lauren interrupted.

“Please, it’ll never happen again,” I begged.

“Yes, it will,” Lauren added again.

“Shut up Lauren!” Amy yelled. “Matt, I love you too, but I don’t know.”

“Remember, you gave him permission.” Lauren smiled.

“I’m not going to hide behind that,” I sighed. “I’ll leave, or if you don’t mind, I’ll stay and sleep on the couch and leave in the morning. I really am sorry.”

“He can sleep in my bed,” Lauren intervened.

“Lauren, please.” Amy let out a huff and then pointed at me. “As for you, enjoy the couch.” She turned on her heels and stormed towards her bedroom.

Lauren then grabbed my hand. “Come on, I was serious, you can sleep in my bed.” She took two steps, but I didn’t move.

“Lauren, I can’t. I need Amy. She’s been in my life for six years. I might have thrown it all away, but I have to know for sure. I mean, I do love you Lauren, I do, but I love Amy more – I need Amy. If she’ll still have me, there is no choice. I’m sorry.” With my head held down, I stripped down to my boxers and lay on the couch.

Lauren had an unusual expression. One that showed she was proud that I cared for her sister that much, but it was combined with her own frustration. She solemnly went to her room. With nothing but the ticking of the clock to keep me company, I uncomfortably went to sleep, doing so alone for the first time in months, and it sucked.

“Matt. Matt.” Amy was shaking my shoulder. “Wake up.”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I was awake immediately and noted it was after 3:00 am. My emotions were running wild, internally praying the relationship isn’t over. “Hey Amy.” I couldn’t help but sound downtrodden and anxious at the same time. “Listen, before you tell me your decision, I want to say I really am sorry. I thought it was you at first, and by the time I realized – no. No excuses. I should’ve done more or should I say less. I’m sorry, really I’m…”

“Shut up, you’re rambling.” Amy let out a chuckle. “You should let me speak.”

I gulped.

“After I cooled down, Lauren came in to talk to me, and everything’s cool. C’mon, let’s go to bed.” Amy took my hand and pulled me up.

“Just like that?” I was confused. “Are you sure?”

“Why, do you prefer the couch?” Amy gave me a quizzical look.

I embraced Amy with a heartfelt hug. “Thank you.” I then kissed her passionately.

“We need to get to bed now.” Amy was practically dragging me down the hall to the point I was struggling to remain upright. She pushed me on the bed, laid next to me with that lustful look, and we began kissing. Our hands were actively groping each other. Experience told me we were on the verge of ripping each other’s clothes off our bodies. All of a sudden, something felt odd. One hand was on my chest, one hand on my shoulder, one hand on my stomach, and one hand was pulling down my shorts. One plus one plus one plus one equals… My eyes went as wide as saucers.

Amy gave me a huge smile. “I told you my sister and I worked things out.”

I couldn’t answer as the feeling of Lauren’s mouth on my shaft was exquisite.

“Since that’s a little preoccupied, I’ll just have to settle for this.” Amy removed her nightgown, positioned herself over my mouth and lowered.

I dove in. With my tongue swirling, I penetrated deep down her tunnel. Lauren couldn’t wait any longer and jumped on my shaft. Always active with my hands, I moved one to Laurens breasts and the other to Amy’s clit. I kneaded and massaged each tit freely. I started with little circles on her clit. I lightly pinched and pulled each nipple. I rolled the clit between my finger and thumb. I could tell both girls were close. I started doing crunches. I thrust my hips up into Lauren while raising my head deeper into Amy’s cavity. Amy came first, and I drank as if I was lost in a desert for a week. Lauren’s orgasm followed suit, and she was writhing on top of me. I could feel both their weights gravitating towards each other. They held each until they each calmed down.

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