riding crop

I dreamed of having you in the pillory in our dungeon, naked and exposed for my use. Your riding crop is in my hand as I walk into view. You squirm just a little which I love to see.

“I told you that I’d punish you if I caught you watching naughty videos and masturbating without me again, didn’t?” I asks you sternly.

“Yes Sir, you did,” you say, sounding apologetic, slipping into your role as my sub. “Please, Sir, isn’t there anything I can do not to be punished?” you bat your eyelashes at me, seductively, sticking your lower lip out in a pout.

I kneel in front of the pillory, lean forward and take the pouty lip between my teeth, nibbling on it gently as I give you a long passionate kiss, reaching up to fondle your breasts, tugging downward on your nipples, making sure that I’m making your pussy extra wet.

You’re moaning into my mouth as I release a breast, retrieve the crop and flick it gently across your pussy, narrowly missing your clit. I bite down on your lower lip as I break the kiss, “You can be such a naughty sub – you’re getting turned on knowing you’re going to get punished.” I hold the crop up in front of your face, showing you how wet it is from just the one flick. “Clean it,” I say, pressing it to your mouth.

You lick your juices from the crop as I stand, stroking your face as I do. I step around behind you, gently tapping along your spine with the crop as I do. Your legs are spread as you know they should be, a small puddle has already started to form between your feet, your pussy glistening. I love how juicy your pussy can get.

I kneel behind you and run my tongue from your very hard clit to your winking asshole, “This is perhaps what you’d prefer?” As you moan your “Yes, please, Sir!”, I strike your right ass cheek with the crop. I love the way your body reacts in surprise, seeing a few more drops of your pussy juice hit the floor.

You squirm and drip more as I deliver a total of ten lashes. Not too many – just enough to excite, entice and arouse you more. When I’m done, I drag my finger across your pussy and rub some of your juices into your gorgeous asshole.

Knowing that it will drive you nuts, I start rubbing my cockhead against your labia, up to your asshole, down briefly against your clit. I do this several times, coating my cockhead with your juices, listening to your moans, admiring your reddened cheeks, loving the site of your now moistened asshole.

Without warning, I thrust fully into your pussy on one of my trips back from your sweet asshole. Pulling your hips back roughly against mine as I do, I hear you gasp and then moan, “Oh thank you, Sir!”

“This fuck is for me as part of your punishment. If you cum you WILL be punished,” and with that, I swat both your ass cheeks with my bare hands. “Do you understand, my sweet little wench?”

“Y-y-y-yes, Sir,” you stammer as I begin to slowly slide my cock in and out of you deeply. Reaching under you, I take both breasts in my hands, kneading them with your nipples being rubbed by my palms as I do. As they harden, I take them between thumbs and forefingers, tugging and twisting them. You moan again as I do this and as I press my shaven crotch against your ass, grinding my hips into your ass, my cock twitching inside of you, relishing it’s job of having you.

“You are so damn naughty. I can feel some of your pussy juice already running down my legs.” and I can. “Perhaps I’ll make your punishment last a long time…” saying that, I slide one hand down to start rubbing your clit, still playing with one breast and thrusting harder in and out of your gloriously hot wet pussy.

“No ooooh… Please, Sir! Please may I cum?!” you cry out as my playing with your tit and clit as I fuck you begins to take its toll on your senses. I know your face and body well and can tell you’re about to cum. I can see it in your eyes in the mirror.

II take your clit and nipple between my two sets of fingers, pinching them harder, rolling them, tugging on them. Your breathing tells me just a little more… Once again I push in deep and grind my hips into your ass, sliding my hand from your tit back to rub your asshole, rubbing your clit extra hard one more time…

I see the look of pleasure in your face and feel your pussy start to convulse around my cock as you cum hard, your juices flooding around my cock, coating my balls, your thighs and even mine. “I warned you!” I exclaim as I pull my cock out at the pinnacle of your orgasm, thrusting it into your ass without warning.

“ooooOOOOooooh!” you scream as I start fucking your ass even harder than I was just fucking your pussy. Your eyes pop open, looking surprised, before clenching shut in both pain and pleasure. I can feel your pussy causing your ass to convulse too as I take it hard, lubed with only my precum and your pussy juices.

I thrust hard and deep several times, your orgasm still shaking your body, exquisite feelings play across your face in the mirror, my fingers now digging into your hips as I support you and pound your ass.

Your eyes open in the mirror, gazing into mine. I can see it in your eyes as you plead softly, “Please, Sir. Please cum in my ass. Please cum in YOUR ass?” You’ve learned your lesson…

I thrust a few more times, my cock swelling, my balls tightening as they slap against you pussy. “Ngh…ngh…ngh… Oh god, yes!” I exclaim as I begin to empty my balls into your sweet ass. “oooooh…!” you moan as a second wave of your orgasm takes over, your ass now milking my cock of all it has left.

I pull out of you, my cock almost completely limp now. A small trickle of cum escapes, starting to run down over your pussy. The greedy eager-to-please sub within me takes over for a few seconds as I kneel briefly, licking that trickle from your pussy lips, flicking my tongue across and into your gaping ass as it starts to close.

I support your body as I release you from the pillory, help you to the bed with all its restraints that is also here in our play space, our dungeon. I take my place beside and behind you, wrapping my arms around you protectively and lovingly.

I kiss your neck, your cheek and your ear. “I love you.” You smile, pulling my arms about you tighter, “I love you too.”

We sleep for a bit, then awaken with a few kisses. We grab a nice hot soothing shower. I’m extra gentle as I wash your ass. We’re equal again, lovers enjoying each other as we rinse away the sweat and cum.

We towel each other dry before starting to climb the stairs. As a gentleman, I let you go first as my lady. As your lover, I hungrily watch your naked ass as you ascend ahead of me. I could easily lean forward and kiss that gorgeous ass – maybe give it a nip…

We climb into our bed for what’s left of the night…

I awaken to the sound of the garbage truck driving past our home, “Shit! I forgot to set out the trash!” I sit up in the bed.

“I know,” you say from the doorway, grinning from ear to ear. You’re wearing your corset, your strap-on, your fishnets. “What have I told you about forgetting to do that?” you ask sternly, an evil smirk barely hidden on your face. You slap the crop against your palm to keep my mind from wandering as I take in the site before me.

“Now, get your ass downstairs and assume the position!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” I hurry past you to comply to with your command. You intentionally don’t quite move completely out of the way as your cock brushes against my hip as I pass. I feel the sting of the crop just before I get out of its reach.

“And wipe that smirk off your face before I get down there!” you shout at my back. “I’ll be right down after I switch dildoes!”

The smirk on my face fades knowing you have both smaller and larger. Uh oh…. Did I make You mad? Which will it be? Some days, switching with you can be fun. Some days, they can be painful. Out of your sight briefly, I smile a knowing smile. Even on those days, it can be fun.

Back in the lineup

One-eight-six felt wild and untamed on her first day back in the lineup. She deliberately stumbled within the chain gang next to the board walk. She stopped now and then defiantly yanking the chain in front of her, forcing the slave behind her to crash into her back. When the guard lashed her she spat in her face leading to more lashes. By the time she got to the display section her ass and thighs were well striped. She resisted being dragged up the steps spitting and kicking the two guards trying to handle her. When they had her chained and locked to the ring she got five more hard lashes while she turned and backhanded one in the face and then spat on the other. More lashed followed and her tears began to flow. Looking up at the balcony, she noticed at least twenty sets of binoculars focused on her. Almost instantly someone on the balcony raised his paddle pointing at her. She was then dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs and delivered to her master for the evening.

He just sat for a while sipping wine arrogantly ogling her body while the crowd around them watched for more fireworks. He palmed her cunt and she spat in his face calling him a pig. He then threw a glass of wine in her face blinding her for a moment to the amusement of the surrounding crowd, many of them laughing out loud and even applauding. Then while getting another glass from a waiter, he ordered her to turn around and bend over. She obeyed encouraging the crowd. He watched her crotch for a while as some of the crowd challenged him to fondle her cunt again, instead he spat in her crack. She called him a pig again but didn’t move even when he jammed the top of a vine bottle into her anus He then forced her to rotate her hips by working the bottles in circles. She went along and exaggerated her movement pretending she was turned on. This guy was really looking for a bitch to punish and fuck she thought.

“Listen to the bitch,” one bystander said. “Look at her relishing that bottle in her asshole; she’s as horny as a barnyard dog.” Every one laughed and she began to moan to encourage the insults. “She claims to be a captured slave, a lady of high rank; she’s nothing but a cheap whore dragged out of a muddy ditch.” There were many other insulting remarks until her master pulled out the bottle, grasped her chain and dragged her kicking and spitting to the door. Inside he signed for her with the usual compliments and kisses from the clerk and then dragged her along to his room.

He was a good looking Caucasian about fifty with that distinguished gray at the sides. The surprise came in the room. There, waiting in a chair was a very handsome young man appearing to be about twenty.

“Well darling” he said “you got me quit a beauty there, just what the doctor ordered.”

“Alright she’s yours for the night; I hope you’re happy now.” He unlocked her chains and made her face the wall. He then picked a riding crop off the wall and prepared to lash her.

“Do you have to do that darling, you know I loathe violence and look at her she’s already been lashed hard.”

“You want a female slut you’ll get her my way pretty boy.” She arched her back obediently and got five hard lashes.

“Oh George…look at her now, you made her cry.”

“She’ll get more after you fuck her dear. I’ll be in the Casino for a while…so get on with your filthy act.” He left, slamming the door behind him.

“Oh dear he gets so emotional about women, he doesn’t like them at all. Would you like to undress me now please?” Be careful with my clothing and hang them neatly dear.”

She undressed him and hung everything neatly in a closet and folded his underwear placing them on a shelf. He was just beautiful, obviously some one who spend a lot of time working out, just what she used to look for on the bar circuit. He turned on some slow dance music and they danced while he caressed her body.

“You’re not allowed to kiss me on the lips dear, George doesn’t permit that but we can do most everything else including coitus. Do you like having cunnilingus performed on you?”

“I like anything you want to do sir.”

“Oh call me Paul sweety, I like to be informal when having sexual intercourse and how about fellatio do you like doing that?”

“I love it…Paul…very much.”

“Hm…do you swallow,” he asked almost in a whisper?”

“That’s my favorite part Paul, I love the stuff.”

“That’s wonderful, George likes that too but me not so much, and he always makes me swallow.” He sounded hurt. They danced for a while and she wondered about this obviously gay individual caressing her body passionately while his penis rose and poked in between her thighs. Everything about his personality screamed gay stereotype and in her experience that type did not like women. He obviously had a few male cells lurking somewhere in his brain.

“I think I’m ready; I would really like to have mutual oral sex now. Would you be kind enough to accommodate me?”

“Of course Paul I would love to.”

They got on the bed in the sixty-nine position locking their bodies together in a passionate embrace. She started sucking him slowly while he gently tongued and kissed her vagina. He was good at it and she came several times before he blew a large load in her mouth. She swallowed with her usual loud smacks and um sounds.

He made her turn and then embraced her. “That was very good dear; you really seem to enjoy the taste.” She kissed his neck and told him that she was like a kid in a candy store when it came to semen. “It sure sounded like it. We’ll rest for a while I would very much like to have coitus after a while.

“I can’t wait Paul, she whispered as she snuggled into his body. He was a hugger, rare with most men and she really enjoyed him. They both fell to sleep and were awakened by his lover.

“Wake up Paul; aren’t you done with the whore yet?”

“No George we were about to have coitus.”

“Well get on with it, I’m horny darling. I’ll take a shower don’t be all night fucking the bitch.”

He turned to her and asked if the missionary position would be suitable. She just rolled over on her back and spread her thighs wide, smiling at him like a teenager in love. He fingered her vagina while sucking her breasts until she was wet and then got on top of her penetrating her very gently before beginning to move. She wanted this experience to last so she did not use vaginal contraction to start but wrapped her arms and legs around him moving her pelvis in time with his thrusts. He began to breathe heavily and she started contractions until he blew his load.

He rolled off and told her that he she was extremely good at it, just as his lover came back in the room. He was naked and ordered her up against the wall and took hold of a riding crop.

“So…slut did you enjoy my lover boy?”

“Yes sir very much.” He landed three lashes as she presented her ass rotating it invitingly.

“Did you enjoy sucking him off bitch?”

“Yes sir it was delicious.” She got three more on her thighs.

“And of course he fucked your whore cunt didn’t he?”

“Yes sir he’s very good at it, I came three times,”

“Good, now reach your ass for the crop whore.” She arched her back to the maximum presenting her gyrating multicolored globes to the riding crop and got four more stripes.

“Alright slut, get in the bathroom and shower that filthy body; stay there until I call you.” She did as ordered while he got in bed with his young lover. It must have been an hour and then he didn’t call her but entered the bathroom ordering her to wash and dry him. He then told her to wait until Paul called for her. She heard him ordering Paul to dress him and then say that he was going back to the casino.

Paul entered the bathroom and asked her if she’d be kind enough to bathe him. After she was done he wanted a straight massage on the bed. She took her time without making it erotic and when done they crawled under the covers. He wanted to sleep for a while.

He woke her later in the night and wanted to fuck her doggie style asking her to finish by blowing him at the proper moment. She worked her pelvis, hips and vaginal orifice until he began to grunt. She then turned quickly and caught his load, eagerly gulping it down.

He rolled over crashing on the bed groaning with pleasure closing his eyes while she went to the bathroom and returned with a damp towel. She wiped his sweaty body and covered him up just as George returned.

“Ah…he looks very satisfied bitch, take up the position; I think you have earned another ten.” She rose and got up facing the wall arching her back for maximum ass protrusion with her hands on top of her head. “Well you certainly know how to present your ass for a well deserved lashing. Do you know how to count to ten…bitch!”

She counted slowly and received a hard lash for each number. At ten he told her that she’d been a good whore and deserved another three. He then ordered her to turn around and said “well…bitch!”

She fell to her knees and kissed his feet thanking him profusely for the lashing. He then ordered her to undress him after which he pointed at the floor near the door. He crawled into bed with his lover while she curled up on the carpet waiting for the guard to arrive to reconnect her chains and lead her to the reporting office.

Her lashes were counted there and since they had a report from the lineup guards, accounting for about twenty five, the client was charged with twenty. The clerk told her that the guards were impressed with her performance during the lineup and on the balcony with the client; they would both verify her performance in the lineup, on the balcony and the number of lashes by signing her report.

While being led back to her cell she reflected on her first time with a young and hot looking client. Somehow it no longer mattered; she had satisfied him with her sexual skills and in a way his lover by receiving about twenty lashes. Even though he was extremely polite and a great lover, she missed the passionate adulation she always received from older men.

Her cot in the cell block did not have her number on it which was not unusual. She found her cot in the rear which were occupied mostly by older full-bosomed slaves. Her neighbor smiled at her, “Have a good night One-eight-six?”

“Well you could say that; I rarely get a client under fifty and this one was hot, you know with a six pack, maybe twenty-two. He had a partner about fifty who decorated my ass as a reward for doing his boy toy.”

“Wow that rarely happens in this cell block.” One-eight-six asked her neighbor about her night. She had been the mother to a white spoiled brat midget. “You know the usual, dressing-undressing, changing her diapers, washing and breast feeding with the client watching and participating.”

“Breast feeding her…how!?” Her neighbor’s huge breasts reminded her off large perfectly round salami’s

“Five of us in this cell block lactate, sometimes mothering a spoiled brat midget but mostly with men who are turned on by suckling. There are more in other cell blocks, blacks, Orientals, midgets lady-boys etc.”

“But you are not pregnant so…how is that possible?”

“Most women can suckle with a little training but men prefer sucking heavy hangers.”

“How do you train for that?”

“It’s simple, once you are selected for lactation, someone…in my case the motivation super or his assistant, sucks your nipples about eight or ten times a day. In my case and yours,” she nodded at one-eight-six’s large breasts; “we could do it ourselves but they don’t allow that.

In order to maintain milk production we are suckled four to six times a day before our evening appointment. This is done by various supervisors, assistants or guards. After my initial training and my milk production was found to be adequate, I was photographed being suckled and using my hands to squirt it into a man’s mouth, the syndicate then updated my photo spread. We seldom appear in the lineup since the clients select us from the library; they must have us in a separate suckling section there”

“Is that why I’m back here now”

“I doubt it, men prefer suckling more mature females, not teenagers; to some of them even though they’re older than us; it’s probably a mother fetish. I’ve been a sex slave for about six years, so have most of the other lactation slaves. Since I began being suckled, I’ve never been lashed by a client. I even experience orgasms sometimes when being suckled it’s a great feeling.”

“Really…do they fuck you too?”

“Most of the time they want to be sucked off after they’re satiated and some ejaculate quickly. Some of them suck a little and then want to be blown before suckling you again. It’s a great turn on for most of them, some cum four or five times during the night. With my hangers it’s actually possible for me to blow them while being suckled at the same time.”

“I’m trying to picture that.”

“The client has to sit on a couch while I lie on my side across that couch while blowing him, usually with one hand under his thigh so I can fondle his balls. He can then with a little effort grasp my boob and suckle it. Some also suckle while fucking me in the regular missionary style or with me on top. That usually takes a long time…I think because the warm milk soothes them, sometimes so much that, they go soft or even fall to sleep.

“So now I know what to look forward too.”

“Yes with your knockers in about five years they’ll slowly over a year or so supplement your diet, adding twenty or twenty five pounds to your frame getting you in suckling shape. My breasts almost doubled in size while my ass and thighs got bigger as well. My exercise routine increased though, to maintain my rubenesque appearance without increasing my waistline. Love-handles as you know are not allowed here, so it’s a tricky business for them to strike a fine balance between diet and exercises.

The guards began calling out numbers. Two were called first to be punished, she was called for the third bunch to go. Since they had started wearing bra’s they also had their breasts treated with various oils and creams which was supposed to improve firmness. They wore the bras about half the day now but always during long walks in the hall ways, gym exercises and wrestling training. They were also encouraged to sleep on their backs; that was thought to be better to avoid that inevitable sagging.

They entered a room where a supervisor handed each of them the cream to be used. They were paired off and creamed each others breasts under the watchful eyes and guidance of the super and her assistants.


She arrived in the lineup, grudgingly turning as required to display every side of her statuesque flesh, her bowed head and face reflecting deliberate resentment for being on display. The guard lashes her ass six times over about ten minutes, pacing behind her and about twelve other sex slaves. She promptly lashed any slave failing to display even the faintest lack of enthusiasm for the clients viewing them. With each lash like her sister slaves, she gradually put on a better, eager to be chosen expression.

For some reason the cell block Super’s hypnotic session before the lineup; had a powerful effect on her consciousness. Despite her initial defiant stance act in the lineup she was more than eager, almost desperate to serve someone; anyone at all regardless of age or gender, she even imagined serving someone homely and cruel.

Then her mind floated into a strange illusion of having been a sex slave from birth, raised to never question the right of any owner to use and abuse her at will. Slavery in this fantasy was a natural law; it was her inescapable responsibility to obey her owner.

She never before had masochistic tendencies but after months of being lashed by clients, the guards and especially the madam, she was beginning in the last while, to yearn for more of the same.

She shook her head trying to push those conflicting cobwebs out of her mind but to no avail. Her head began to hum a verse with only two words: pain pleasure, pain pleasure, pain pleasure,’ over and over again, followed by a chorus: fucking homely old men along with pain equals pure pleasure, She thought she was going insane but it didn’t matter. The song continued to play over and over again.

Despite the weird notions in her brain and after six lashes she was now obediently displaying her body, making eye contact with the crowd, hoping now to be picked by a homely old client. She desperately needed to submit her beautiful young body totally to her antithesis, someone on the lower end on the scale of beauty. She craved the utter adoration and excitement of an old man panting with lust while she obediently presented her nubile full figured flesh for his pleasure. She would match his panting with passionate moans as her flesh was groped, squeal now and then as her breasts were clutched and sucked while she in turn hugged and massaged her aged lover’s body. At some point lips would meet and her moans would grow desperate as one tongue vigorously probed another. Then she would present her ass while eyeing the riding crop on the wall using body language to plead for a lashing. After being lashed she would, while trembling and sobbing with pain reach for his cock jerking it erect and then obediently plead to have it inserted anywhere in her body.

A sharp lash across booth ass cheeks suddenly snapped her back to reality, but not quite. In her trancelike state and with the song still humming in her brain, the sting of each lash somehow transformed the throbbing pain into a deep erotic sensation centered in her crotch. Her pussy was soaking wet, primed for penetration; even her anus and nipples tingled. The pain of the riding crop kissing her ass flesh to that strange tune was now incredibly more like passionate foreplay.

Her number was called early over the PA system and she was led to a lower door. At the desk she found a handsome white male with that distinguished graying hair in his late fifties signing for her. She was extremely disappointed, not finding the old man of her reverie but she was a sex slave with no choice in the matter and had to serve the handsome whether she wanted too or not.

Once in the room he removed her chains and sat down, sighing deeply almost groaning while looking her over with a weary “who cares” expression. Obviously he was someone in the position to get or buy all the sex he wanted.

“Alright slut…what can you do for me?”

“Whatever my master wishes; I’m your sex slave just name it and I’ll obey.”

“Yea, yea any kind of sex I want; you whores are all the same; spreading your legs and pretending to enjoy it. And oh yes, I know… you really and truly love me Blah, blah, blah.” He rolled his eyes sighing again.

Please master I’m your obedient sex slave to be used and abused, a whore is a free woman.” He closed his eyes, staring at her with an intrigued expression and then raised his eyebrows nodding to himself.

“That’s true, I bought your body for the night but you don’t get a red cent.”

“No master I get nothing. I’m a chattel belonging to the syndicate, a pleasure provider, not a real person.”

This man was totally bored by sex but then… why was he here? Suddenly a peculiar notion flashed through her mind. “I could be your blowup doll master; you know like this.” She posed stiffly spreading her legs and curving her arms forward, forming a large cock sucking O with her lips while staring blankly.

His expression brightened somewhat as he held his chin nodding thoughtfully, and then cracked a wistful smile. She thought better of that idea, sex dolls were mostly for unattractive nerds with little chance of ever getting laid.

“Or master, I could be a futuristic robot, programmed to perform every imaginable sex act on command.” She jerked her arms while twisting her body sporadically, imitating what she’s seen in TV cartoons.

I went home after my evening on the cross with my balls feeling sore and my mind in turmoil. I sat in the lounge and tried to come to terms with what had happened and the way I had been treated, my balls were aching following the abuse they had received from Andrea’s riding crop, I tried to find some way of easing my discomfort but it was impossible due the the cage she had fitted around my cock and balls.

Bearing in mind that before this evening my only sexual experience had been straight sex, my wife thought anything other than the missionary position was kinky. I could not believe I had been forced to eat my own spunk from Andrea’s pussy, that my wife had swapped my spunk with Andrea as they kissed each other deeply and had cum on my fingers whilst kissing Andrea. In short everything I had believed about our sex life had been blown apart in one evening and I had been instructed to return the next morning.

I poured myself a large scotch and considered my position, I did not like the idea of being a slave but had to admit to myself that I had been very turned on by what the ladies had done to me. I hated the pain when my balls were squeezed and whipped but the soreness was forcing me to remember and I was beginning the get an erection, just thinking about what had happened to me, which was painful in the cage, I needed to stop it before it got too painful. I quickly removed my robe and got in a cold shower which worked wonders for my cock but it was impossible to dry myself effectively with my cock and balls in the cage, I looked to see if I could remove it but the only possibility appeared to be using a hacksaw and I didn’t fancy an accident with that.

What was I going to do? I didn’t want to go through any more torment but I had to get this cage off and how would I do that without Andrea’s key? I couldn’t go to anyone for help, I would feel stupid and what was that tablet she told me to take? I decided to go to bed and sleep on it and hope I would see things more clearly in the morning.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard moaning from next door, then a scream followed by more moaning and another scream. I was now wide awake again and my mind was working overtime. What were they doing to each other? The noises were getting louder and it sounded as though someone was enjoying a massive orgasm, what had Andrea done to my normally frigid wife? I was developing another erection just listening to them and had to get in the shower again. I decided to go in the back bedroom where I couldn’t hear them and managed to sleep fitfully.

I kept waking thinking over and over again about what had happened to me, I tried to think about how I could get this cage off my cock and balls and not go to Andrea’s in the morning but it appeared I was trapped, I had little choice in reality, I either went there and tried to negotiate my way out or I suffered the embarrassment of finding someone to remove the cage for me.

Eventually I drifted into a deep sleep and when I awoke and looked at the clock, it was 8:55. I leapt out of bed jumped in the shower, shaved and cleaned my teeth, all thoughts of not going to Andrea’s had disappeared, I had to get there on time. I could not face eating breakfast, I was too nervous about the day ahead and settled for a glass of orange juice. I looked at the clock, it was 9:20 so I sat down to settle myself, my stomach was churning and the feeling reminded me of the way I felt when I was 15 and going out on my first date.

I sat watching the clock, 9:30 prompt she had said, I was about to leave when I remembered the tablet, I quickly swallowed it and knocked on Andreas door at 9:28. I stood there waiting, silence, should I knock again? Just as I was about to knock again the door opened, “enter slave” said Andrea, though I couldn’t see either her or Rosa. As I walked in she said “walk forward and do not look around” I did as told and heard the door close behind me.

“Stop in front of the table at the end of the hall” said Andrea ” you were 2 minutes were early, I told you 9:30.”

I stopped in front of the table which contained a number of leather objects, “I thought it was better to be early than late” I said

“Mistress” said Andrea as she hit my ass hard with her crop “and you do not think anything you do exactly as you are told. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress”

“Good, now remove your robe and put it on the table.”

I did as instructed and Andrea told me to pick up the four leather cuffs off the table and fit them one to each wrist and each ankle. I started to turn to speak to her but she immediately hit my now naked ass with a stinging blow and said “I told you not to turn around, Mistress Rosa is right, you are a slow learner.”

I started to fit the cuffs which as always fastened with Velcro and had easy lock clips attached, when I had them in place I was told “now put your hands behind your back.” I did so and felt the cuffs being clipped together. “Now go to the basement and wait in the playroom where you were last night. When you get there kneel on the floor facing the back wall with your head bowed.” I wondered why she called it a playroom but thought it inadvisable to ask and went downstairs.

I walked downstairs and entered the room, the cross on which I had been tortured the previous evening was still there but now there were more of the pieces Andrea had tested on me in the room, I wondered what she had in mind for today. I walked past the cross, knelt down facing the back wall and bowed my head as instructed. The floor was very hard and as Andrea kept me waiting for what seamed like ages I became very uncomfortable. In my mind I was going through the torment I suffered last night but was conscious that I was again developing an erection and had no way to prevent it.

By the time Andrea entered the room I was extremely uncomfortable but her only words were, “what a good slave you are, do not move until I tell you to” she then slipped a blindfold over my head. That’s better she said, “don’t you think it’s better Mistress Rosa?”

“Definitely Mistress Andrea”

“Time to stand up slave” said Andrea, “come on, up you get.”

It was very difficult to stand with my hands fastened behind my back but I managed it. I still felt the sting of Andrea’s riding crop on my ass as I heard my wife say “that was too slow, you must do better”

“Good shot Mistress Rosa” said Andrea “I think you will get quite a bit of practice with that crop today.”

“Turn around” said Rosa “oh look, he’s getting an erection. Will that be very painful Mistress Andrea.”

“Yes it will, but it does show he took the Viagra as instructed, I wonder how long we should let him suffer before we remove the cage. What do you think slave, should we remove it now or leave it?”

“Please take it off now mistress.”

“Do you promise to be a good slave if we do?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Very good, Mistress Rosa, you have the key, please unlock this slaves cock cage and remove it.”

“Yes Mistress” said Rosa and I immediately felt her taking firm hold of the cage and it was quickly coming loose but my cock was growing rapidly and she had to carefully ease it away. “I’ve never seen his cock so big Mistress” said Rosa.

“A little more proof of what a submissive he is, I told you he was a natural slave.”

“Yes mistress” said Rosa.

“Now take him to the St Andrews cross and secure him well” said Andrea.

I felt Rosa take my arm and followed meekly as she led me across the room. She manoeuvred me into position until I could feel the padded cross against my back. Spread your legs she instructed whilst hitting the insides of my thighs with the crop. “Now bend forward so I can release your hands” she said. She quickly released my hands and told me to stand up straight and lift my hands. I did as told and she fastened the cuffs to something, I guessed it was the same ropes Andrea had used on that first day. She then hit the insides of my thighs harder than before and demanded that I “spread them”. She fastened the ankle cuffs as well and I felt myself being stretched in a spread-eagle position.

Rosa appeared to stretch me much more than Andrea had the first time she secured me on this cross. “Well done” said Andrea “now put the parachute on him” I felt Rosa take hold of my balls, stretch them downwards and start to wrap something around them. She appeared to be fumbling around and Andrea stepped in saying “watch carefully, I will show you how to do this.” She quickly grabbed my balls and fastened something around them, I could feel and hear as she fastened press studs. Suddenly I felt my balls being stretched quite painfully, “you see Mistress Rosa, when fitted you have full control, you could fit a dogs lead to the chains and lead him anywhere, you could secure him in position or you could hang weights, I think we will start with the weights. Would you care to oblige?”

“My pleasure Mistress Andrea, how much weight can I put on?”

“Not too much to start with, we can gradually increase it.”

I felt my balls being stretched as she obviously hung weights from the parachute and then started them swinging “Oh this is lovely, being in control of him, can I pierce his nipples please Mistress.”

“In a while” I heard Andrea say, first we need to gag him.

“Yes, I forgot” said Rosa “open your mouth slave” and she tried to push what felt like a ball into my mouth. I resisted and felt a vicious blow on the tip of my cock, I yelled out in pain and felt the gag being pushed in and fastened at the back. As Rosa reached around to fasten the gag I felt her naked breasts against me, this got me more excited, my cock was throbbing, “look he’s dribbling” said Rosa.

“I told you, he’s a natural slave, he loves being dominated. Don’t you slave?”

I shook my head but quickly regretted it when I felt the crop on the tip of my cock again “don’t lie to your mistress” said Andrea.

All went quiet, I could hear Andrea and Rosa moving around but not a word was spoken, then I felt something being rubbed onto my chest, it felt like a large sticking plaster then it was suddenly ripped off, I cried out, as much in shock as in pain as the hairs on my chest were ripped out. I heard Rosa say “such a shame, he can’t even scream properly with that gag in his mouth, shall I do the rest Mistress.”

“Yes, don’t stop until his chest is hairless” said Andrea, “these waxing strips are so effective she whispered in my ear.

It took another 7 or 8 strips before they were satisfied that my chest was bald. Rosa was obviously thoroughly enjoying herself, I could hear her quietly chuckling all the time. “That will do nicely” I heard Andrea say. Now to mark his nipples for piercing.”

I started to struggle and shake my head and was rewarded with a vicious crack on the tip of my cock, “stand still” Andrea said. I had no choice I couldn’t move and decided that it may be more dangerous to struggle than to stand still.

I felt something very cold being smeared around my nipples then my left nipple was puled forward and I felt something touch both sides. Next I heard Andrea’s voice, let me see you have marked him accurately, I felt another hand on my chest the Andrea say “you have learnt well, those marks are perfect, now mark the other one.”

The procedure was the same on my right nipple then I felt my left nipple being gently pulled forward and being trapped in what felt like forceps. Rosa said “Is that right?” after a few seconds Andrea answered “Yes, now push the needle through, making sure you enter and leave on the marks” I felt a burning pain as the needle was pushed slowly through. “Excellent” said Andrea, “now do the other on and again the same procedure was followed.

“You are learning well” said Andrea now get the sterile rings and pull them through as I showed you.”

“Yes Mistress”

I heard objects being moved around on a metal tray and then someone had hold of the needle piercing my left nipple, I felt something else touching my chest and then it felt as though the needle was being turned and then pulled out but something else was being pulled through. Again I tried to cry out in pain but my cries were muffled by the gag.

“An excellent effort” I heard Andrea say “now seal the ring. I felt more movement and a little pulling then heard Rosa say “got it.”

“So you have” said Andrea “now do the other one and we can have a rest. I think I’ll put another weight on his balls while you do that.”

I felt a weight being “dropped” jerking my balls as Rosa started work on my right nipple. Then I felt both the rings being touched and the blindfold was removed. I looked down at my newly pierced nipples, they both had a silver ring through and were joined together by a silver chain. I looked up and saw both ladies wearing white PVC nurses outfits which were short and showed their stocking tops and suspenders, the “uniforms” were cut so they lifted and displayed their breasts being similar to a quarter cup bra and both had nipple rings connected with gold chains.

My face must have shown surprise because Rosa said “Yes mine were done last night, you probably heard me scream, it hurt like hell for a moment but now it feels very sensual. You will also note that we have gold chains and you have silver. That is because you are inferior to us. Do you acknowledge that we are superior to you?”

I nodded, she smiled and said it was time to give me a rest. She put the blindfold back on me and I could feel more weight being added to my balls. I heard them walking about and then Andrea said “I do hope you can get comfortable, so you can have a rest, you will need all your strength later.” With that the door closed and I was left in total darkness to contemplate my predicament.

I have no idea how long they left me there, it seamed like hours but it probably wasn’t. I heard the door open and heard footsteps on the hard floor then my blindfold was removed again, this time I had the glorious view of them dressed identically again but this time they were all in black, black quarter cup basques tightly laced at the back, their tits standing proud and sporting the chains, Black g-strings black stockings and black patent leather high heels, about 5 inches. My cock immediately sprang to life, Andrea stroked it gently and said “Don’t worry, we’ll have some fun with him later” as she removed the weights from the parachute.

I was quickly released and almost crumpled to the floor after my extended session on the cross, Andrea and Rosa took an arm each and led me over to the bondage stool and told me to kneel which I did. I was secured to the stool with my legs apart and my head hanging over the end of the part designed to support my torso, my arms were secured to the side, my newly pierced nipples were painfully pressed into the padded top and the parachute was fixed to something which pulled my balls down tightly. I felt very vulnerable but didn’t have to wait long to discover what they had in store for me. Waxing strips were now used on my back, my back felt like it was on fire but then came an even worse degradation waxing strips were used to remove all traces of hair from my ass, including the crack but a soothing lotion was applied there. Just when I thought Andrea was being gentle she came and stood in front of me pulling a surgical glove on her right hand, and then, looking me square in the eye she started to apply a lubricant to the middle finger and walked behind me. Guessing what was coming I tensed up, she said “I think you will find this less painful if you relax, it’s going in there whatever happens so you may as well make it easier on yourself.”

I tried to relax by deep breathing and felt Andrea’s finger gently running around my ring, occasionally pushing gently at the opening. This went on for a couple of minutes before she suddenly pushed hard and her finger went in, she held still for a moment and then started a rhythmic in out motion, she turned her finger over and began to rub on one spot. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. “Is he oozing pre-cum yet?” she asked.

Rosa answered “ooh yes, it’s pouring out.”

“Good, fetch the machine Mistress Rosa”

“What machine” I thought and then I saw Rosa pushing a thing that looked like a long bar attached to a piston with a small thin cock shaped attachment on the end about 4 inches long and about as thick as a man’s finger. “Meet my fucking machine said Andrea”

“It’s great” said Rosa, “it never gets tired, it can keep going all day. Can’t we use a bigger dildo on him Mistress Andrea.”

“Not yet my dear, it’s much better to break him in slowly, now bring it round here so it can replace my finger.”

“Yes Mistress Andrea” and Rosa took the machine out of my site but it was soon pushing at my ring and I just knew it was too powerful to resist. The machine was soon sliding in and out of me and I felt something wet being poured onto my ass and assumed it must be oil. Once I got used to the feeling I found it quite stimulating.

“Enjoying that are you?” asked Andrea

“Not really Mistress” I lied

“Well you are about to work for your pleasure” she said and motioned to Rosa who wheeled a padded table towards my head. “Remove you panties Mistress Rosa” she said “and get on the table as I showed you.”

Rosa climbed on the table and Andrea helped her get her ass to the edge of the table, she the pushed the able towards my head. “Lift your head slave and get ready to pleasure your mistress.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I had tried to initiate oral sex when we first married but Rosa said it was dirty and perverted, so that was the end of that, now she was going to make me do it in front of someone else.

“Are you listening to me slave” said Andrea

“Yes mistress” I said

“Good, now you are going to learn to eat pussy the right way, not many men do it right but you are about to learn. The first lesson is do not go straight for the pussy, gently kiss and lick around it but do not touch it. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

She slowly pushed the table forward until Rosa was able to lift her legs over my shoulders and put her feet either side of my back and her pussy was just within reach of my tongue. I started to lick gently up each side and heard Rosa moan quietly, “very good” said Andrea as she pushed the table near enough for me to use my lips as well as my tongue. “Keep working slave” said Andrea as she walked out of sight, I then felt the fucking machine speed up a little and some more lube being poured on. “You see, you get rewarded for good work.”

I continued to lick and kiss all around Rosa’s pussy being careful not to touch it for quite some time. When Rosa was moaning quite loudly and her juices were flowing freely Andrea said “you see how easy it is to arouse her if you do the right things?”

“Yes mistress” I said and immediately went back to my ministrations.

“Now for part two of your lesson, kiss her pussy lips gently, moving slowly up and down, then start to gently slide your tongue up and down her slit, slowly increasing the depth. Do everything slowly and gently, never rush. You’re doing very well, maybe if you had done it right when you first tried all those years ago you would have got a different response.”

“Listen to Mistress Rosa enjoying herself now, taste her juices, I bet her juices are flood your mouth now. You see, Mistress Rosa is not frigid as you have insisted on telling other people, it’s you that’s a useless lover, but not for much longer with my training you will be very popular with the ladies in the club.”

“Now, listen, Mistress Rosa is very close to cumming. Move to the top of her slit and gently feel for her clit with your lips and tongue. You will know when you’ve found it, it is like a small button and she will react to it’s being touched. Once you find it, gently suck it and lick it until Mistress Rosa tells you to stop.”

Oh, you have done it again and you know it. You have been making mistakes all week and you know that from my previous statements, they will not be tolerated. Your mind is racing with thoughts of anxiety. If you could reverse your actions, you would. You know I have some form of punishment in store for you as you stand before my desk. But, you’re not sure what. You sense that your reprimand is serious due to fact that it is being done while everyone else is at lunch and that you were ordered to lock the door.

The silence is torturous for you and a clear indication that I have something planned for you. I see you squirm nervously in your crisp blouse, short skirt and high heels. You steal glances from the floor to my eyes, hoping that I will reveal my true intentions.

But I reveal nothing. I am focused and hard. You have pissed me off for the last time and it is time for you to learn your place in my world. And what I have planned for you is not for public consumption. Strictly behind closed doors kind off stuff.

“Strip,” I say calmly to you.

You hesitate for the briefest of moments. “If you are not out of those clothes by the time I count to ten. You will be very sorry, young lady. One, two…”

Now, I know that it takes some women forever to get dressed, but it is a well known fact that a highly motivated woman can remove her clothes in a flash because by the time I reached ten, you are completed naked and standing before me.

I command you to kneel and you quickly drop to your knees. I smile to myself. You are learning so fast. I move from behind my desk and cross to the comfortable sofa that adorns my luxurious office.

“On all fours, bitch and crawl over to me, ” I order as I sit down. Your movements are quick and moments later you are before me. I tell you to remain on all fours but to spread your knees as far apart as you can. You do as you are told and then I instruct you to place your forehead on the carpet and place your arms behind your back.

I know you feel so unbelievably vulnerable in this position. I know that you can’t believe that you are doing this. Exposing yourself to me so wantonly. I know that yesterday, you would have never admitted that you were capable of such behavior. You always prided yourself on your propriety. You always felt so superior to those slutty friends of yours. Oh, if only they could see you now. In this position, waiting only to be commanded.

But, I have known, I have always known this about you. And I have been only waiting for the appropriate time to bring it out of you.

I know you feel my eyes upon you. You feel your pulse begin to race and that ever familiar feeling in deep down in the pit of your stomach. You feel the frenetic sensation your blood racing to your sex. No, it is not possible, this could not be turning you on. But yes, oh yes, you can feel the wetness starting to form between your legs.

“The position you are now in is called “Worship, ” I say to you. “Do you understand?”

I get no response from you and so I sit down on the sofa and in one swift motion bring my bare hand down hard on your exposed ass cheek. I strike you with such force that a red hand print forms on your smooth skin. You let out a scream from the blow.

“Do you understand?” I repeat.

“Yes, Mr. Williams, I understand,” you cry out, as your wetness increases.

I strike you again with the same force on the other cheek and say, “Yes, Master. You will address me as Master until I say otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master, I understand,” you blurt out so quickly that I think you even surprise yourself.

“When I give you the command, “Worship,” you will, without hesitation, drop to and assume this position. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes Master, I understand,” you reply succinctly.

“Very good, slut. Now stay in that position until I return.”

“Yes, Master.”

I get up and move across the room. You hear me open up the small wooden cabinet that sits in the corner of my office. I know you are dying to know what I am up to and what I have in store for you. You are tempted to raise your head up and sneak a peak, but you know that if you are caught your punishment will be even more severe than what you are already going to receive. The though of being punished causes an increase in the tantalizing wetness between your legs. You are also soooooo very tempted to slip a finger or two into your cunt and pleasure yourself.

But, you do not. Your hands remain where they are. I ordered you to maintain this position and you are determined not to disobey me, Your desire to please me overtakes your desire to pleasure yourself.

But this isn’t like you, you keep telling yourself. You do not act this way. But, you can’t help it.

God, you can’t believe how turned on you are right now… it’s as if you are incapable of turning off a faucet… and the more you think about it, the wetter you become. You can feel your juices running out of your pussy and down your thighs. You know that your lips are glistening and you can feel your clit becoming more and more swollen.

“Oh, my God, ” you say to yourself. “I want to cum so badly…”

You hear me return and sit back down on the sofa. You feel your heart begins to beat faster. I can almost hear it. Your heart feels as though it is going to explode out out your chest. I come over to you and tell you to rise up but remain on your knees. You do as you are told and position yourself on your knees, your arms still folded behind your back.

I instruct you to keep your eyes down unless ordered not to. You respond with your now familiar, “Yes, Master.” I marvel how easy the words seems to flow off your lips.

Due to the fact that your eyes are looking at the floor, you cannot see what I have brought for you… but I know that you are so very anxious to discover what I have in store for you. I place the tray on the sofa and order you to raise your eyes.

You do so immediately, and although you do look into my eyes first, you cannot resist the temptation on sneaking a glance at the items on the tray. I see your eyes grow wide and your mouth open slightly when you see the following… a riding crop, a wooden paddle, a ball gag, a bottle of lube and a butt plug. You behold the “toys” with wonderment as if it was Christmas morning. But it is the last item that holds your most profound and sublime attention. Lying next to everything else on the tray is a collar and leash. You focus on it with a marked reverence when I pick and hold it up. I then order you to lower your eyes once again.

“This collar is a symbol of ownership,” I inform you as I snap it in place around your pretty neck. “As long as you wear it you are my property. In fact, from this moment on, whenever you hear the word “collar,” you will stop what you are doing, fetch it and bring it to me immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

I nod my approve as I attach the leash to the collar’s ring.

“Worship,” I say. And you drop your forehead to the floor.

“Very good slut. You are showing remarkable promise.”

“Thank you, Master.”

I bring my right hand down on your body and begin to caress you. I massage your ass with my hand and then bring my hand around and between your legs and finger your wet pussy. A low, almost guttural moan escapes through your lips.

“My, my, my… what a wet little pussy my slut has. Are you enjoying this, slut? Does my little slut whore like being a slave?”

You do not want to admit this out loud, but you cannot help yourself. “Yes, Master. Please use my slut whore body as you wish. I’m sorry for all the mistakes I have made and ask only that you punish me as you see fit. I exist only for you. To serve you.”

I smile a wicked smile. You have excepted your fate. I remove my hand and pick up the bottle of lube. I apply some to my fingers and bring my now slick fingers to your ass. I slowly tease your opening. I gently massage your ass, occasionally slipping one and then two fingers inside you. You moan softly at their penetration. Soon, I have three fingers inside your ass and I am finger fucking your back door. You are moaning louder and groaning and begging me for release. I reach underneath you and begin to play with your extremely swollen clit. I take you to the edge of climax several times, but I always stop short of letting you achieve an orgasm. I bring you to such a frenzied state that soon you are screaming and pleading to cum.

I tell you that if you don’t learn to control yourself, I will be forced to slap the ball gag on you, You promise that you will be good, but say that it is so difficult and that you want to cum so very badly. You confess that you will do anything if I will just let you cum.

I grin and say that I know you will, you little slut. And with that I lube up your ass some more and then reach for the butt plug. I apply some lube to the plug and place it at the opening of your anus. I slowly start to push the nasty toy inside you. It slides in remarkably easy. All the preparation payed off as the widest part of the plug pops over your sphincter and locks into place. It looks so fucking good stuck in your ass.

I reach down and pick up the riding crop. I trace the tip of the crop over your body. Over your arms and your back. Over the backs of your thighs and finally your ass.

“I am going to whip you now slut,” I announce to you. “You need to understand that I will not tolerate mistakes. You will count the blows and thank me for each one. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will not let the butt plug slip out of your ass. It is there to remind you of your place. To remind you of my control over you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

I tell you then, if the plug so much as slips one inch out of your ass, I will add ten lashes for every inch. And with that I bring the riding crop down on your ass checks.

“One, thank you Master.”

I raise the crop high in the air and bring it down on the opposite cheek.

“Two,” you cry out. “Thank you, Master.”

I continue to rain blows down on the ass. I go back and forth, striking you on your right cheek and then your left. I then switch to the wooden paddle and give you several more smacks on your very red behind.

Finally, when I feel you have served your punishment and I need some release of my own, I stop. I stand and tell you to rise and kneel before me. You comply and I can see that your eyes are wet and tears are running down your cheeks. I tell you to remove my pants. First you remove my shoes and then you reach up and unbutton my pants and slide the zipper down. You slide my pants down and reveal my stiff, throbbing cock. As I strip off my shirt, you take my pants completely off. I stand before you, my cock hard and sticking straight out from my body.

“Suck my cock,” I tell you. And in a flash your warm mouth and tongue is surrounding my dick. You attack my cock like it is the last meal you will ever have. You swirl your tongue around the head and run your lips up and down the shaft. You then take my entire length all the way down your throat. You are fucking amazing.

You remove your mouth from my cock and when you do I tell you to look up at me. You obey and gaze up at me with your big, beautiful eyes. I then tell you to look at me while you slowly take the entire length of my cock down your throat. You bring your lips up to my cock and surround the head with them. You slowly and seductively swallow my ever so hard cock all the way down until the whole thing is all the way inside your mouth. I then order you to keep looking at me as you keep it in your mouth and buried to the root.

“That is where you belong now,” I say looking deep into your eyes. “On your knees before me and your mouth stuff full of my cock.”

I then tell you to return to sucking my cock. And when I can’t take any more I push you off me. I reach down and pull you to your feet. I kiss you deeply and ask you if you would now like to cum.

“Oh yes, Master, let me cum. Please, please Master let me cum,” you cry.

I kiss you deeply again and then lead you over to my large oak desk. With the butt plug still stuck deep in your ass, I bend you over it. I push your legs apart with my feet. I tell you that you have permission to cum once I am all the way inside you. But, I repeat again, not to let the butt plug slip out. With my hard cock in hand, I enter your dripping wet cunt with one swift thrust.

Once inside you, I grab onto your hips and start fucking you long and hard. I pound your pussy relentlessly as I slap your ass. You scream and moan with pleasure and ecstasy. No one has ever fuck you like this. Almost primeval, like an animal. No one has ever used you like this. You are simply a device, a toy for my pleasure. You love it, you know it is wrong, you shouldn’t be enjoying this act. But you can’t help it. You have found your place. You are a slut and a whore. But you take pride in the realization that you are my slut and my whore. You know now that you belong to me.

And so, when you can no longer hold back any longer, you throw your head back and scream out as you cum harder than you ever have in your life. I continue to thrust inside you and then I pull out of your pussy and flip you around. I push you back onto the desk and put your legs over my shoulders. I slam my cock back inside you and continue to fuck you forcefully. I continue my assault on your sex until you have cum again.

I pound and pound into you until I reach the point of no return. I pull out of you and order you to get on your knees and open your mouth. You follow my orders immediately and present yourself before me. I stroke my cock and explode into mouth and on your face. I shower you with a copious amount of my cum. When I am finished I tell you to clean off my cock and so still with my cum on your face you take my cock back in your mouth and clean me off. When I am satisfied with your work, I pull my cock out of your mouth and look down at you.

“Get dress and go clean yourself up, you fucking slut,” I say and start to walk off. Then I turn back and say, “You may remove your collar for now, but leave the butt plug in.”

I walk toward my private bathroom. As I reach the door, I hear you say, “Yes, Master.”

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