This is my first submission and I opted to relate a story of Karma. A tale of how things have a way of balancing themselves out over time.


My ex-wife, Dana, has made it a point to cause havoc in my post-divorce life. She sought to punish me for 1)Finally calling her bluff as far as her repeated threats of divorce and 2) To go so far as to actually go out and build another, better, life without her.

I should take a moment at this point to give a brief description of Dana. She is a slightly heavy, not necessarily fat, but plump woman of 42 years. She has auburn hair, a medium complexion, and brown eyes. Her most attractive feature has to be a set of 36D tits with half-dollar sized areola, capped by large, thumb-size, brownish nipples. These nipples will stand out an inch when she is aroused and I absolutely loved to pull and tug on (which she hated, but tolerated) when we (occasionally) had sex. Dana had a beautiful pussy which she always trimmed short and occasionally shaved for me.

Recent events have brought the war between Dana and me to a crisis point. I have recently retired from the Navy and have sought to take custody of our two sons from her. This is based upon me being able to provide a better quality of life for them. I could never pursue this before due to my desire for them to have a steady home life, which I could not provide due to my military duties. My sons, 14 and 16, had recently asked if they could move in with me following a fight with Dana and her new boyfriend.

Dana immediately started to increase her attacks on my life, and sought to tarnish my military record and future employment by seeking a fraudulent restraining order on me. This action cost her nothing, at first, and cost me numerous legal headaches. We ultimately ended up in court over the restraining order and I easily prevailed. Now I seek to recoup the money that this cost me, and punish Dana. This leads to my story.

Dana was now in jeopardy of losing her house due to being required to pay me back several thousand dollars. Her finances had always been on the ragged edge due to her spending and had recently caused her to go into bankruptcy. She could simply not afford any more financial problems and now, with the court order to pay me, she was frantic.

Dana left a voice mail for me late one night requesting a chance to negotiate the payment terms. I initially ignored her plea, figuring that she was getting precisely what she deserved, Karma right? Several days later I began to think about those juicy tits and wondered if there was a way to perhaps get my hands on them again. Maybe to screw with Dana as she had been screwing with me. Maybe get some of the sex that she had denied me throughout our 16 year marriage.

I called Dana’s cell phone from a payphone a few days later (not wanting to leave a formal record leading to me as she often tried to set up little legal traps for me…). I told her that I was prepared to discreetly meet to discuss an alternative. I told her that we could meet in the parking lot of a local restaurant on Saturday morning. She readily agreed.

Saturday morning, I arrived at the restaurant early and parked across the street. Dana arrived late, as usual. I let her sit for fifteen minutes to see if someone was with her. She sat in her car quietly. I called her (again from a pay phone) and told her to move to a nearby parking lot of a local mall. I then followed her over. When she parked, I pulled up behind her and told her to leave her cell in her car and join me in mine. She looked confused, but complied. When she got out of her car she was wearing a fashionable sweat suit.

When she got in my car, I retreated to a remote corner of the lot and parked. I told Dana that I was prepared to offer an alternative to the financial schedule. She quickly requested the details and I responded by flatly proposed that she could trade sex for the first two months of what she was to pay me. She looked shocked and started to stammer. I spoke over her and continued “There are, however, some rules. 1) No negotiation. What I said was the law. 2) She was to comply immediately without any comment. 3) No more legal games. If these rules are ever in question, if there was ever a delay, if… anything; I would, of course, press on with my legal campaign, deny this meeting ever occurred and even seek further damages.” I asked if she understood. She started to stammer, but I shut her up and reiterated that this was a yes or no question and a one-time offer. If her answer was “no”, she could get out of the car and start packing her house. Dana’s eyes were a combination of fear and anger. I could also see the gears turning trying to find a way to turn the situation. She finally nodded “yes”.

I waited for a moment and then told her it was time for a test. I ordered her to pull her sweatshirt up and show me her tits. She was shocked and started to stammer again. I said “show me the tits or get out”. She slowly pulled the shirt up to reveal a sports bar that was ready to burst, large nipples plainly visible. I told her to pull the bra up. She complied and released her large tits. They were even larger than I remembered and the nipples were jutting out to the sides with combination of the cold and excitement. I reached over with both hands and grasped the nipples and began to lift the breasts. Dana made a muted whimper, but that was the limit of her protest. I steadily increased pressure, crushing both nipples, her eyes closed and she bit her lip. Finally I released her tits and retrieved a green laundry bag from the back floorboard. I told her to place this over her head and lay the seat back. When she did this, I took several pictures with my digital camera of her laying back, tits jutting and nipples hard. I started the car and drove several laps around the parking lot and we departed for the next chapter of my plan.

I had reserved a cheap nearby motel room, and after driving around for about twenty minutes we arrived. During the drive I had amused myself by alternately slapping Dana’s tits and tugging on her large nipples. She remained quiet under the laundry sack.

I stopped the car near the exterior door to our room and after a quick look around the parking lot, pulled the sweatshirt down over her Dana’s tits and helped her out. I pushed her through the doorway and quickly closed the door. My intent with the laundry sack and other precautions was to prevent Dana from having any specific details which she could possibly use to give me grief in the future. I wanted to keep every advantage possible.

After pushing her through the door, I turned on two digital video cameras I had set up earlier that morning, both with different angles of the room… I told Dana that she could remove the bag and offered her something to drink. She was a little mussed and drank about half a bottle of water. I sat down in a chair and asked if she was ready to continue. She slowly nodded. I told her to remove all of her clothing. I pulled out my camera and started taking pics of her strip. She was disturbed by this, but I told her “my rules) and she reluctantly kept removing her clothing.

Dana slowly removed the sweatshirt revealing her tits, nipples jutting, still hanging below the sports bra. She then quickly removed the bra. I told her to stop and to face the mirror over the TV. I also adjusted one of the video cameras to capture the video from below. I stood and came up to stand behind her. I told her to place her hands on her head and to keep them there. I reached around with both hands and again started to maul her tits. I initially crushed them in my hands and then, grasping both nipples, pulled them out away from her body causing both tits to cone. I shook the tits by the nipples and really tried to hurt her. Dana always allowed me to play with her tits during our marriage, but always stopped me from doing much with her nipples. Now the tits were mine and I abused them for the next ten minutes alternately slapping them from the bottom and sides and sadistically tugging and twisting the nipples. Dana had closed her eyes and made small sounds through clinched lips.

I stopped the abuse for a moment and told her to face my chair. I sat back down and recorded my progress with the still camera. Her tits were pink and flushed. The nipples were standing out like never before, hard and pointing out to the sides.

Dana had tears in her eyes as I ordered her to remove the rest of her clothes. She rapidly lowered her pants revealing a pair of granny panties. I told her to remove them as well, put her hands back on her head and to spread her legs. She was horrified, but complied. During our marriage she had always trimmed her pussy hair and only occasionally shaved it. Now it seemed that Dana had recently waxed all the hair, leaving her cunt bald. Extremely exciting! I adjusted the video camera to capture her bald pussy and took a few more digital stills .I reached over with my right hand and ran my hand over her cunt. She started to close her legs, but I barked at her to stop. Dana hated the word “cunt” so, as I started to insert a finger, I asked her why her cunt was so wet. She could do nothing but whimper. I could see a combination of anger, fear, and arousal in her eyes.

One finger became two, which became three, and then four. She was standing still, legs spread wide, and I was trying to push more and more of my hand inside.

I finally ordered her to sit back on the bed to record my progress. She sat there with her thighs as far apart as possible while I took several pictures. I then pushed her back and told her to lift her legs for more pics. She grasps her legs behind the knees and pulled her legs back. I took few pictures, slapped her cunt, and barked at her to pull them back further. She started to cry, but complied. This exposed her gaping cunt hole and also exposed her ass underneath. I slapped her pussy, inserted fingers in her cunt (attempted my whole hand), and took a few more pictures. Some very detailed of my fisting attempt. I even forced a couple of fingers up her ass. This was always an extreme taboo during our marriage.

I then put her on all fours for yet more pics. My cock was getting extremely hard at the poses I was forcing her to assume. I decided it was time for a little relief. While she was on all fours, I pulled my nine inch cock out and aimed it at her mouth. Dana took it without any resistance and I slowly fed more and more into her mouth. She started to choke some, but I just grabbed her hair, lifted her face, and kept pushing. During our marriage Dana would seldom give me head, and when she did, it was only the first couple of inches. Now I was really pushing my cock down her throat. As she was sucking I could look behind her and see her ass in the mirror. I reached back and spread her legs to really expose her bald cunt and small asshole. More pictures.

I started to force my cock into her throat faster and faster. Dana was choking and gagging. I was also reaching underneath her to grasp her swinging tits and roughly pull and twist her nipples. Before I came, I flipped her onto her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. I reinserted my cock and continued my abuse of her tits. Dana was really gagging and her legs were flailing about. I released her sore nipples and grabbed both of her knees, pulling her legs up and apart. I ordered Dana to hold them there. While fucking her mouth, forcefully, I again began to slap her bare cunt. She was screaming around my cock, but never let her legs go. A few minutes of this and I shot one of the biggest loads of my life right down her throat.

After my climax I slowly withdrew my cock and wiped it all over her face and into her hair. Dana lay unmoving on the bed, sobbing. I retrieved my camera and took more pictures of her cum stained face, reddened tits, and obscenely spread cunt.

I offered her the remainder of her water and while she was drinking, I started preparing for the next chapter in today’s event.

I had purchased via mail order a large cone shaped dildo. It was eleven inches long and about four inches in diameter at the base. I placed it on the floor and directed Dana to climb off of the bed and sit on it. She slowly moved off of the bed and, giving me a fearful look, started to slide the dildo into her cunt. It was obviously too large and she was starting to resist. I moved my chair over and started slapping her face with my still hard cock. She took me back in her mouth and I slowly started to push her shoulders down, in turn forcing her onto the rubber cock. Dana’s resistance was rapidly crumbling. I kept pushing more cock into her mouth and more rubber cock into her cunt. As she neared total impalement, I pulled my cock from her mouth and started to slap her tits, slowly at first, but then harder and harder. She cried out as she began to fuck herself with the dildo, I just kept slapping her tits. Andria gave a final strangled cry and went limp. She fell back, legs folded behind her, with the massive dildo still buried in her cunt. I, of course, took more pictures.

My cock was so hard again that it actually hurt. I picked Dana up off of the floor; the dildo slowly came out of her pussy, and positioned her face down on the bed. I placed a couple of pillows under her belly and positioned her ass in the air. Throughout our marriage, among a lot of other things, Dana’s ass was strictly off limits. I was about to change that.

Dana was still in a stupor from her orgasm, and did not react when I stepped up behind her and roughly slammed my cock into her cunt. She grunted a little as my weight settled onto her. I slammed her pussy for a few minutes, absolutely as hard as I could. I twisted a hand in her hair and pulled her head back. Her cunt was loose after the large dildo. I told Dana through gritted teeth that I was now going to take what she always denied me.

I pulled my cock out of her loose wet cunt and positioned it at the entrance of her ass. I nudged her and I felt her body stiffen. I slapped her ass hard and told her to stay still. I ordered her to pull her cheeks apart with both hands. She reluctantly complied, and buried her face into the bed. I took a couple of pics of her ass and pussy spread open. I then nudged her asshole again with my cock and slowly started to feed it into her. As soon as the head was in, I grabbed her hair again, pulled back, and slammed my cock into her ass in one forceful lunge. Andria screamed into the bedclothes and tried to crawl forward off of my cock. I followed her, trapping her against the headboard and began to really slam her ass. She was crying and trying to pull off. I just slapped her ass hard and kept pounding. I reached under her and started mauling her large nipples again. I had never pulled or twisted them harder! Her asshole was clenching my cock harder as I, in turn tortured her tits. After a few minutes I exploded into her ass.

I pulled my cock out of Dana’s ass and walked around the bed. She was whimpering and looked at me with tear-filled eyes. I grasped her hair and lifted her head. She looked at me and slowly shook he head “no”. I paid no attention and slapped my shit covered cock against her cheek. I forced it against her pursed lips. Finally, I was fed up, and reaching underneath her, grasped a tortured nipple and started to twist. She cried and opened her mouth. I shoved my shit covered cock into her mouth and told her to clean it off.

Afterward Dana was crying on the bed. I walked around the bed taking more pictures of my aftermath, especially my come dripping from her ass and her gaping cunt. She, up to this point, had said nothing. Now she started to complain and get back to her bitchy self. I stopped her by reminding her of all the video and pictures I had taken. I also reminded her that there was nothing legal to say I had to do anything about her financial mess. After about 30 seconds of this I was simply fed up and advanced on her again. I flipped her onto her back, pulled her head over the edge and began to fuck her face some more.

Dana struggled, but I was angrier than before and, after two orgasms, my cock was more sated for the long haul. I pushed it further down her throat than before and actually was able to cut off her air. I grasp her around the neck and held it there. Dana struggled, legs flailing, but was unable to push me back. I did this several times, while thoroughly enjoying both her discomfort and the flashing of her bald cunt as her legs thrashed. My cock was ¾ hard when I started this new event. It got harder and harder. I resumed torturing Dana’s tits and nipples, actually pulling her to me and forcing my cock further down her spasming throat by those large nipples.

I was preparing to give Dana yet another load of cum down her throat, and I pulled out, adjusted the cameras, and sat back in my chair. I ordered the teared up Dana off of the bed and told her it was time for her to ride some. She slowly got off the bed and staggered over and began to climb in my lap. I told her to turn around and face the cameras. I did not want to be face to face and moreover wanted a real humiliation fuck as the final act. Dana started to back up to the chair; I stopped her briefly and placed my cock at her asshole. She started sobbing, but kept coming back, slowly forcing my cock into her ass. Soon I was buried in her ass and she was crying a little louder. I reached and grasped both of her legs, pulling them off the floor and anchoring them over the arms of my chair. This forced a scream as her full weight forced my cock deeper in her ass. I grabbed Dana’s hair and pulled her back, causing her tits to jut toward the cameras and gaped her abused cunt. Then I began to thrust up into her and reach around for her nipples… again. Dana was crazed with pain. I was guiding her up and down by tugging and pulling on those nipples. She was crying and I just became more and more brutal. She was attempting to push herself off of my cock, but was simply too weak. I finally released her nipples, pushed her over, and shot my final load of the day into her abused ass.

I pushed Dana on over and she collapsed to the floor on her side. I kneeled next to her and pushed my cock into her mouth for the second cleaning of the day. This time Dana didn’t resist and slowly licked the slime from my cock. When she was finished, I helped her to her feet, shoved her toward the bathroom to clean herself up, and went to review my recordings.

The digital record of the day’s events was better than I could have hoped. It chronicled the whole depraved scene, from the initial arrival to the final submission. The last evolution was the sweetest of all. Dana was astride my cock, legs outside the arms of my chair, and tits red with abuse. You could clearly see how my cock was making her ass stretch and pull with each thrust, and also see well into her bald gaping cunt. Dana’s cunt was so obscenely displayed. Her head was flopping loose with my thrusts and her eyes were only showing the whites. Awesome video.

After about twenty-five minutes I heard the shower stop in the bathroom and Dana emerged wearing a towel. She was very subdued and did not lift her eyes from the floor. I quietly ordered her to dress, she complied, and I replaced the laundry sack over her head. After checking the parking lot, I lead Dana back to my rental car, and placed her inside. I repeated the circuitous path back to the mall and stopped in a remote corner for the final talk.

When I removed the bag and sat her up, Dana remained subdued. I passed an envelope with the first month’s cash inside to her and reminded her of all the pics and video that I had taken. I said that no one would believe that this had occurred and if I had the slightest impression that she told anyone of the events, that I would ruin her life. I also told her that I would discretely be in touch and grabbed and squeezed the nearest tit. She grunted with pain.

(A huge thanks to all of my friends and Literotica Editors who helped me with this story! For those of you who enjoyed reading the first story, I hope you like the sequel!!)


It’d been four months. Four fucking long months since Airis had seen Aslynn. Ever since the incident in the alley, she hasn’t been back to The King’s Sword. He shouldn’t be surprised. It was foolish of him to think she’d return after he’d brutally raped her.

Technically, he hadn’t popped her cherry, but he had been the first man to fuck her little pussy and break in her tight rosebud. He’d always fantasized about taking a woman’s forbidden hole and he’d wanted to claim hers since the first time he saw her. It’d felt like heaven. Buried in her velvety depths had felt sinfully good. Even more perversely, her cries of pain only fueled his hunger. She’d fought desperately to get away, but in the end, she’d managed to help drive his steel rod deeper into her puckered hole. He’d fucked her with powerful, relentless thrusts, reveling in her warmth as he sought for release. It’d been intense. He’d never been so aggressive with a woman before and his engorged cock, unbridled rage and primal lust had been to blame.

Seeing her with Landen that night at the bar had clawed at his insides. She hadn’t glanced in his direction once, but he was positive she’d only brought the douche bag there to fuck with him. When he’d left the club, his temper was still boiling. It had been building all night. He still couldn’t believe she’d been stupid enough to leave with that guy. When he’d rounded the corner and saw Landen attacking Aslynn in his car, a wild beast that he hadn’t known existed broke free. There was no way in hell he’d stand by and watch her get raped. Ironic, considering a few moments later he’d ripped into her body, greedily taking her any way he’d desired.

Those first few nights after she’d disappeared had been nerve-wracking. At any moment, he expected men in blue uniforms to cuff him and haul his ass off to jail. He had committed a crime, but each night passed without incident. He was completely baffled. Why hadn’t she turned him in? The evidence was dripping out of her freshly-fucked asshole. She could have ruined his life. She still had the power to.

He’s surprised she’s still etched in his mind. Somehow she’s managed to creep under his skin. Not only is the sex incredible but even her personality turns him on. She harnesses the perfect blend of feistiness and innocence, and she can hold her own when she needs to. He’s never met anyone like her, and she could be lying dead in a gutter for all he knows. The thought buzzes around in his head like a fly on steroids and there’s nothing he can do to kill it.

He has no clue where she lives. Oliver has a case of amnesia whenever Airis mentions her name, and he has a better chance of winning the lottery than figuring out her damn phone number. What would he even say to her? ‘Hi, sorry I raped you, but can I see you again?’

“Airis! Quit daydreaming and finish stocking the beer! We open in five minutes!”

He snapped back to reality as his buddy, Frank, yells at him from across the bar. He glances down. He’s been so lost in thought that he’s been wiping the same spot on the countertop for at last 10 minutes. He needs to get a grip.

Since it’s Friday night, the club is quickly filling up with thirsty customers. They’re like a pack of wild dogs, barking at him to serve them alcohol. Airis sighs as he goes through the motions… Take the order, pour the drink, collect the cash. He does this over and over, but tonight is different. Those three simple tasks are more complicated to complete than solving a rubix cube.

He slams the cabinet door shut and chucks another broken shot glass into the trash. He’s spilled at least half a dozen bottles of beers and keeps mixing the wrong brands of liquor into a handful of cocktails. A Bloody Mary infused with whiskey and gin tastes about as good as spoiled milk soaking in the hot sun.

“Airis! What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your damn job!” his boss, Andrew, shouts over the blaring music and rowdy crowd.

“Sorry,” he huffs, running a hand through his hair. He can’t help it. His concentration is shot, all because of Aslynn. Every night, he keeps an eye out for her, hoping she’ll show up at the bar. It’s become a terrible habit that he can’t seem to break.

Rinsing out a dirty glass, the rhythmic sound of heels approach the bar. Shit. He tries to turn away but he’s not fast enough.

“Mmm, Airis! You look delicious!” Stacy, one of his customer’s purrs as she saunters up to the counter. A potent cloud of perfume fills the air and Airis has to hold his breath to keep from drowning in the stench. What’d she do, douse her whole body with the overpowering spray? Before he’d met Aslynn, he’d had a two week fling with Stacy. He doesn’t know what saw in the girl. The sex had been pitiful. Plus, everything about her is fake. Her voice, her tits, her blonde hair and even her knockoff Coach purse.

She eyes him up and down, studying him through narrowed eyes. “Although, you have looked a bit disheveled these past few weeks.”

Airis runs his hand down his face, feeling a scruffy bit of stubble along his jaw line. It’s been days since he’s shaved. He hadn’t even noticed until now. Glancing in the rectangle mirror that lines the bar behind the counter, he’s taken off guard by his appearance. His dark brown hair is messier than usual, he has dark circles underneath his eyes and his clothes are wrinkled and worn.

“Don’t worry, baby, I like the rugged look. Very masculine,” She comments in a sultry voice, hopping onto a bar stool. She licks her lips before innocently reaching forward, picking at the sleeve of his T-shirt. “You have such a great body, baby. It looks even better naked.”

Airis rolls his eyes.

“God! Why are you acting this way? You used to be happy to see me. You used to sweet talk any girl who walked through the door. Now it’s like you’ve switched teams or something.”

He ignores her remark and mixes her drink.

Just as he starts passing Stacy her usual ‘Sex On The Beach’ he catches a glimpse of Aslynn. His blue eyes widen in surprise. He’s so distracted that he knocks over the girl’s drink, spilling the pink-colored cocktail all over her white miniskirt.

“Shit. Here are some napkins.” He mumbles, shoving a few in her face before abandoning his place behind the counter. He can hear his boss cursing at him in the background but he disappears into the dense crowd.

Airis scans the room. Was it really her or has he officially lost his mind? Compelled to find her, he pushes past an unruly group of party-goers, coming to a halt when he sees her sitting by the dance floor. She’s all alone. Perfect.

His eyes feast on the woman before him. She even more beautiful than he remembers and his cock springs to life at the mere sight of her. She has a bright smile on her face and she looks happy. Her long, raven-colored hair is woven into a loose braid and draped over her bare shoulder.

She’s wearing a revealing black lace dress that clings to her curves like a second skin and flows freely at the hem. As she crosses her tan legs and leans forward, her tits strain against the thin material of her top. They look like they’re going to spill out over the neckline. Squinting against the flashing strobe light, he can see her little nipples poke against the sheer fabric. God. He remembers just how soft her breasts felt in his hands and how stiff he could make her nipples with just one flick his thumb. One caress always solicited a startled gasp or an involuntary moan.


She stirs her drink, blatantly ignoring him.

Huh, he thought to himself, he used to intimidate her. He thought she’d be terrified to see him. Instead, she seems completely unaffected by his presence.


“What do you want, Airis?” she asks. Her voice is cold as she snaps her head around. Her dark brown eyes burn into his like smoldering black coals. They are filled with disdain.

“The night in the alley–”

“Meant nothing. So fuck off,” she replies, dismissing him with a scowl on her face.

Before he can respond, a man with slicked back blonde hair approaches the booth and takes a seat beside Aslynn. He looks like a high-class jackass. He’d probably faint if he got a speck of dust on his pristine Armani suit. God forbid, his tie is crooked. Wait. Is he wearing a pocket protector?

“Hey, sweetie pie. Who’s your friend?” the stranger asks, flashing Airis an award-winning smile.

“He’s not a friend. He’s an arrogant, manipulative, self absorbed, asshole,” Aslynn replies, lifting one finger after another as she counts off his un-charming characteristics. “He thinks he’s god’s gift to women, but he’s really a repulsive demon in disguise,” Aslynn adds condescendingly, challenging him to contradict her. “A cold-blooded predator, masquerading as a decent human being.”

Ouch. Airis is actually offended by her little tirade. She could have at least thrown in devilishly good-looking. He wonders how long she’s been rehearsing that speech.

“I’d order a drink from you, Airis, but odds are you’ll drug me.”

It takes all his will-power to keep his expression neutral. He glances at her date who must be brain dead if he can’t detect the loathing in her voice or see the look of hatred in her eyes. Airis is getting the message loud and clear.

“By the way, this is my boyfriend, Justin,” she boasts, placing her hand on his knee. For a brief moment her smile falters but she quickly recovers.

Airis is stunned. This dickhead is actually her boyfriend? He watches as Justin kisses her luscious-looking lips. Airis has to count to 10 to keep from beating the shit out of the guy. This jerk is all wrong for her. God, he thought to himself, she has the worst taste in men.

“Excuse me. I have to use the ladies room,” she comments, grabbing her purse.

As she stands, Airis moves closer. He can feel heat radiating off of her body. It’s thick, tangible and full of tension. She tilts her head, her pretty brown eyes boring into his stunning blue irises before she starts to pass by. She’s unable to sneak between him and the table without touching some part of his incredibly muscular body. Her large breasts and slightly protruding nipples drag along his solid chest and an electrical current shoots through her body, stirring her arousal against her will.

The sensation makes her stumble, and he grabs her waist, quickly holding her upright. With her locked in his arms, he takes the opportunity to firmly squeeze her plump ass.

Aslynn jerks to a stop like she has whiplash and he smirks. Moving one hand away from her cute butt, he slides it around her hip bone, before boldly cupping her little cunt. He thrusts his fingers upwards into her sex, through the thin fabric of her dress and strokes her slit. Grinding the heel of his palm against her sensitive clit, he wonders if she’s as wet as he is hard. Unable to control himself, he tries to slip his hand under the hem of her short skirt.

Aslynn gasps, her eyes growing wide. She clutches his wrist in a death grip, digging her nails into his flesh until he finally drops his hand. “Fucking asshole,” she growls lowly before shoving him away and storming off to the bathroom.

Even though he got to touch her supple body, he’s in a terrible mood the rest of the night. His face is permanently set in a scowl as he watches Aslynn cuddle and kiss her boyfriend as if nothing happened between them.

A stabbing pain shoots through Airis’ hand and he looks down. “Ow! Fuck!” A chunk of glass is sticking out of the palm of his hand and blood is dripping from the wound. He didn’t realize he’d been gripping an empty wine glass until it shattered. Suddenly, instead of wanting her back, he wants her to get the hell out. She’s nothing but a pain in the ass.

At the end of the night while counting the till, the bouncer approaches him, handing him a note. “Hey, dude. Some fine ass girl asked me to give this to you.” He grabs his crotch giving it a squeeze.

Airis sighs, and then opens the letter. It’s from Aslynn.

“I need to talk to you, in person… But only if you can keep fucking your hands to yourself. Here’s a number that you can reach me at.”

Airis growls, and crushes the piece of paper in his fist. He hates being mocked. He tells himself that he’s not going to call her, but his fingers move of their own accord and the next thing he knows, the phone is ringing in his ear.

“Aslynn? It’s Airis.”

“If you want to meet, there’s a bar on the corner of Pike Ave. and Oak. Be there in an hour,” she said in a clipped tone before abruptly hanging up.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” Airis grumbles to himself, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

He drives home and takes a quick shower. He shaves his face and fixes his hair. After putting on a clean pair of jeans and a black button-up shirt, he adds a dab of cologne and puts on a black tie.

The bar is actually, a couple of blocks away from his house and when he walks in, he sees Aslynn sitting in the back of the room. She looks peaceful, but that won’t last for long.

Taking the seat across from her, he rubs his clean-shaven face and adjusts his tie. She eyes him suspiciously as he nervously tugs on the garment as if he’s never worn one in his life. Neither of them speak for several minutes and he’s relieved when the waitress shows up and breaks the awkward silence.

“Hi, folks! What can I get you to drink?”

“I’ll take a Heineken…” Airis replies.

“Water, please.” Aslynn adds before the woman walks away.

Airis’ eyes roam over Aslynn’s lithe form. He imagines her naked, moaning and writhing beneath him but then clenches his fists as a vivid image of her having sex with her boyfriend flashes across his mind. Have they fucked? The thought pisses him off.

“So, where’s your knight in shining armor?” Airis taunts, his tone loaded with sarcasm. “You realize that you’re dating another fucking loser, right?”

“Oh, right, and you’re a better choice? You’re great boyfriend material! ‘Single girl seeks handsome, charming, rapist,’” she snaps, immediately firing back. She should have known this would happen.

“Wow. You’re being overdramatic. I never said I wanted to be with you. I just wanted to fuck you. You’re just another woman, with major mental issues.”

“Me!? You’re the one who attacked me! Twice! You’re the one who needs psychiatric help! And for the record, I don’t want to be with you either! I’ve been gone for months!”

“Yes, and now you’re back to torment me. Again!” Why is she so fucking irritating? This is the first conversation they’ve had in months and in less than five minutes they’re out for blood. All they do is fight. Or fuck. Or do both, at the same time.

“Have you fucked Justin?” he growls, slamming his fist on the table.

“Are you kidding me?! You really think I’m going to answer that question? You’re such a conceited prick!” She’s screaming and glowering at him as though she’d like nothing more than to stab him in the heart with a butcher’s knife. As it is, her words are already cutting through him.

As their argument escalates, every person in the bar has turned to watch the scene. Some are snickering while others sit with their mouths’ gaping open in shock.

“Oh, and what was that shit you pulled earlier tonight? You have no right to touch me!”

“Will you fucking lower your voice!” he yells, his own voice booming over hers. He has the urge to jump over the table and clamp his hand over her mouth just to shut her up. Then again, he also has the urge to fuck her right then and there until she screams his name. The idea makes his cock twitch and he sits back in the booth, taking a deep, calming breath.

“Okay, here we go, one Heineken and one ice water,” the waitress announces as she returns, setting down their drinks. She gives Airis a flirty smile and a quick wink.

“Anything else?” she asks, her eyes still fixated on Airis.

“No!” Aslynn snaps, surprising both Airis and the waitress.

Suddenly his phone rings.

“Damn. Hold on… Oliver? Why are you calling me? Ah, fuck, really? Wait, I can’t hear you.” He places his hand over the mouthpiece and leans towards her. “I gotta take this.”

Aslynn impatiently taps her nails against the table before nodding her head.

After 10 minutes he finally returns, giving her an apologetic smile. He shouldn’t have antagonized her.

“So, uh, why did you want to meet up?” He takes a drink of his beer, his eyes roaming over her face. Now that his anger has evaporated, nervousness has filled the void.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going to press charges… I should after your little outburst, but I’m not going to.”

“Really?” He’s truly surprised. “I’ve been waiting for the cops to arrest me…” He takes another swig of his beer and meets her big brown eyes.

“Listen. I shouldn’t have raped you. Especially after you told me that you were a virgin.” Airis frowns, leaning back in his chair. “Actually, there’s a list of things I shouldn’t have done.”

“Like deserting me in an alley in the middle of the night? You left me half naked with cum leaking out of my ass!”

“Yeah, uh, sorry about that.” It wasn’t his finest moment and he feels guilty.

“You’re the biggest asshole that I’ve ever met, but you know what? It’s okay because I’m here to take my revenge.”

He takes another swig of his beer and looks at her questioningly. He rubs his forehead. He’s suddenly starting to feel dizzy and his vision is growing blurry. “What did you do?”

He watches as a mischievous grin lights up her face. “Did-did you fucking drug me!?”

Grabbing his beer bottle, she gives it a little shake. He downed the whole thing.

“You fucking lit-little…” His words trail off as he starts to pass out. He glares at her, just before losing consciousness.

Airis groans. He doesn’t know how long he’s been out but his head is pounding and he feels groggy. He’s disoriented, but as he slowly comes to his senses, he can hear people talking, but it’s as if he’s submerged underwater and the words are muffled and incoherent.

“What are you going to do to him?”

“Nothing, Oliver. I’m just going to talk to him.”

“Talk? You could have talked to him at the bar. I just don’t understand why you wanted me to help you drug him and drive him back to his house. I just work with the guy, but didn’t he attack you?”

“No. I’m fine.”

“If you say, so, Aslynn… I’m not even going to ask why you took off half his clothes, if you just going to ‘talk’ to him.”

“Good. Don’t ask. Bye, Oliver.”

Airis hears a door close and tries to open his eyes. He’s blinded by a harsh, bright light. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust and when they do, he realizes that he’s in his bedroom. He blinks a few times, realizing he’s lying on his bed. He tries to sit up but can’t move his arms or legs. What the hell? He glances down and sees his ankles are tied to the bedposts with coarse rope, and his wrists are bound to the headboard.

“Hello, Airis,” Aslynn says, speaking loudly enough to pull him out of his haze.

“What the fuck? Untie me right now!” he snarls, flexing his muscles as he tests the knots, trying to break free. As he struggles, he’s shocked to discover that he’s been stripped of all his clothing. Well, except his T-shirt and blue boxer shorts.

“You drugged me! You better pray to god I don’t get free because when I do, you’re dead. Do you understand?” He’s being held hostage in his own home!

Aslynn giggles, clearly amused by the tragic predicament he’s in. “Oh, Airis.” She looks at him, shaking her head in mock sympathy. “Make all the threats you want. It won’t change anything.”

“How the fuck did I get here? How did this happen?” He doesn’t remember anything.

“Oliver helped me. He was at the bar, too. He called you from inside the bathroom, and while you were distracted, I slipped the powder into your beer. The moment you passed out, I paid the bill and kept the waitress sidetracked while he hauled you out the back door and into his car. Oh, by the way, we had to break a window to unlock the door.”

Airis watches a sly smile cross her lips before her eyes slowly roam over every inch of his body. He isn’t sure if it’s because she finds him attractive or because she’s devising all the ways she’s going to torture him.

Humming softly, she strolls over to his nightstand and picks up a menacing-looking knife. Holding the handle securely in one hand, she touches the sharp tip with the other.

“We are going to have so much fun.”

Oh, god. She’s gone crazy. He’s really starting to regret raping her.

Aslynn sits down beside him on the bed and brushes the blade along his cheek. He flinches instinctively, sucking in a ragged breath.

“Careful, Airis. I’d hate to mark your handsome face.” She’s being cocky, toying with him.

He grits his teeth, assessing the situation. Would she really cut him? He knows she harbors an unhealthy dose of hatred towards him. Hopefully, she’s not bitter enough to slice below the belt.

Aslynn straddles his hips. She’s wearing a dark blue tank top and skin tight black jeans. She makes sure to roughly grind her crotch against the thin fabric of his shorts. The movement is like a shockwave to his dick and it instantly begins to stiffen against his will. He glares up at her with burning blue eyes, his temper flaring as she places the gleaming knife against his throat.

“I never knew how exhilarating it is to have complete control over someone. I can see why you enjoyed raping me.”

“Let. Me. Go.” His voice is firm and demanding as if he holds sway on the matter.

Aslynn slowly drags the sharp blade from his neck, down his chest, and slips it underneath the bottom edge of his shirt. As the cold steel touches his skin, he shivers, goose bumps speckling his arms. He sucks in a deep breath, feeling it expand his lungs until they burn. His stomach is tied in knots, tighter than the bindings around his wrists.

Gripping the razor-sharp blade against the soft material, she slices it in two, cutting a line straight up the center. She cuts through the sleeves and tosses the shredded shirt on the ground.

Pleased with her handy work, she sets the knife down. Her small hands roam over his bare chest. The muscles ripple under his lightly bronzed skin as she touches his warm flesh. She can’t help but admire his body.

Suddenly, without warning she pinches his nipples. Hard. She grips them between her fingertips and cruelly tugs and twists on the sensitive tips until they’re erect and turning a deep shade of red. Her dark hair brushes across his stomach as she leans over him.

“How does that feel, baby? It doesn’t hurt, does it?” she whispers, taunting him with a sly smile on her face.

Aslynn clamps her teeth around his aching nipples, sucking and licking at his flesh. Irritated that he’s not crying out, she releases his nipples and rakes her sharp nails down his chest, his firm abs tensing beneath his skin.

Holy fuck… Airis refuses to beg for mercy, and it takes all his willpower not to struggle against the ropes. Those damn teeth of hers are going to be the death of him. Just when he’s about to break, she stops. Thank god. His nipples are stinging like a motherfucker, and long, red claw marks line his flesh from his shoulders to the edge of his boxers.

“I’m going to torture you all night long. I will humiliate you and draw blood if need be.”

“Damn it, bitch! Get off of me!” The words fly out of his mouth before he can catch them and he curses as her eyes fill with anger.

Aslynn growls, whipping back her hand before solidly slapping him across the face. The sound echoes throughout the room and she watches in awe as his cheek turns crimson.

Leaning down, she bites his neck, sending a jolt of pain through his body. She moves her mouth to his shoulder, swiping her wet tongue across the skin before branding him again.

The thought of submitting to her makes his blood boil. He’s not her fucktoy. She’s his little slut, not the other way around. Any other man might cum in their pants to be a beautiful woman’s sex slave, but not him. He doesn’t find this situation appealing at all.

Without pause, she grabs his chin, firmly holding his head in place. Locking her lips onto his, she thrusts her wet tongue deep into his mouth. The kiss is savage and demanding, similar to the one in the alley. The only difference is she’s in charge.

She kisses him until he’s gasping for air around her parted lips. She rocks her hips forward, roughly pressing and dragging her crotch along the length of his hardening cock. She works her pink tongue against his, claiming his mouth before nibbling his bottom lip. She sucks it back into her mouth, running her soft tongue along his flesh before finally pulling away.

“Fuck, Aslynn. You’ve proven your point.”

His dick is rock solid and he wants to strangle her for turning him on. She stares at him with a cocky grin on her face. Shimming down his body, she settles between his legs. Brandishing the knife, she slides it underneath the elastic band of his boxer shorts. The sharp weapon is only an inch away from his most prized possession.

“Wait, Aslynn. Please, stop.” He doesn’t like the desperation in his voice or having to beg for mercy but his cock is in danger. Ever so slowly, she lifts the edge of the razor-sharp knife upward, until the material grows taut and cuts through his shorts like a thin blade of grass.

Yanking his ruined shorts out from under his ass, she throws them on the floor, next to his shirt. As the cool air brushes across his exposed cock, it pulses and bobs between his thighs. It’s standing at attention and ready to fill a tight hole.

This is the first time she’s seen him completely naked and she blushes as she drinks in the sight. He looks incredibly sexy. She’s stunned that he attacked her when any woman at the bar would die to go out with him. She can’t help but be flattered.

Her eyes drift back down to his cock, and she examines and appraises every inch of it. He’s shaved off his pubic hair and his hard dick looks bigger than she remembers. The mushroom head is silky and soft, and the shaft is nice and smooth.

It’s impressive. It’s surprisingly long and so thick that she can’t wrap her fingers around it. No wonder her little pussy and asshole ached for days after he’d viciously raped her.

Lightly touching the tip with her finger, she feels a drop of pre-cum leak from the small slit. The fluid is warm and she gently spreads it over the bulbous head, rubbing it into his skin.

“Shit. Stop already.” He’s panting heavily and his eyes are hooded with lust.

Curling her fingers around his thick shaft, she strokes its length, feeling it throb and twitch in her palm. She gives it a soft squeeze knowing that he’s turned on, even if he won’t admit it.

Leaning down, she kisses the smooth head of his cock, her soft lips pressed to the tiny slit. She feels him jerk in response. Flattening her wet tongue, she gives it a lick like a lollipop before closing her pouty lips around the fat crown and taking it into her warm mouth. She swirls and twirls her tongue around his shaft but only swallows half its length.

She refuses to choke and gag for him. Never again. He’ll just have to appreciate the small amount of pleasure that she’s giving him. It’s a gift that he doesn’t deserve. She slides her tongue along the underside of his smooth, steel pole, and then sucks on the head, milking it with her pretty, pouty lips.

Airis can’t suppress a deep groan of pleasure. He’s starting to enjoy the sensual blowjob, and he’s on the brink of cumming when she draws her mouth and hands away from his quivering member.

“Fuck… Keep sucking. I need your mouth on me. I need to cum. Suck me.”

Aslynn grins. She’s been waiting for him to beg for release and now that he’s surrendered, she reaches behind her and cruelly grabs his balls. She tightens her grip until she’s crushing them in her small hand.

“OWW!! WHAT THE FUCK?!” His whole body bolts upright, tugging against the ropes.

“You shouldn’t have raped me, Airis. You have no idea how degrading it is to lose your virginity to a stranger in a filthy alleyway.” Her voice is firm and devoid of all emotions.

She gives his sack a cruel tug and a vicious twist. She waited until his balls were nice and tight, until he was on the brink of shooting his load, before coiling her hand around his heavy sack. She deeply presses her fingertips into his flesh, listening to him curse and groan in pain.


He’s never felt such excruciating pain before in his life. His balls are so sensitive and tender that he feels like he’s going to pass out. Violently thrashing and kicking on the bed, his tendons flex and tense as he jerks against the ropes.

Using god-like strength and struggling on the bed like a wild man, he’s astonished as the ropes begin to unravel and snap. Rage fueling his plait, he continues to savagely tug against the bindings until suddenly, the headboard breaks, finally freeing his hands.

Like a striking cobra, he seizes her small wrist and bends it backwards until she yelps in pain. As she’s forced to release his aching balls, he sucks in a deep breath of relief.

Before she can escape, he curls his hand around her neck, roughly shoving her off him and flipping her onto her stomach, pressing her face into the pillow. He unfastens his ankles with his other hand, then quickly straddles the back of her thighs.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” he growls, snapping his teeth. Jolts of pain continue to coarse through his body, shocking his senses. His blue eyes are blazing with fire.

Without warning, he strikes her ass with the palm of his hand. She flinches beneath him, instantaneously crying out in shock and pain. Clenching her butt cheeks does little to take away the sting or prepare for the next cruel blow.

Her butt jiggles and she grips the bed sheets, as he delivers slap after brutal slap to her little upturned ass. Each one more powerful and painful than the last. Soon her little cheeks are glowing bright red, and stinging as if pricked with a thousand sharp needles. She struggles beneath him as he punishes her.

“I had no intention of hurting you, but you’ve dug your own grave. You need a good spanking for the shit you just pulled,” he snarls like a wild beast as another harsh smack lands on her rear-end. The sound echoes throughout the room like a crack of a whip.

“Such a naughty little slut!”


He strikes her one final time before sitting up, flipping her onto her back and reclaiming his seat.

“Who’s in charge now, bitch?”

Aslynn whimpers.

Airis cruelly grabs the neckline of her tank top and tears it downwards until the thin straps rip and the material bunches around her tummy. Curling his fingers around the clasp between her bra, he jerks it upwards until her back is painfully arched off the bed. He yanks on the garment even harder until it snaps in two. Her plump breasts bouncing and swaying as they spill out of the large cups. She thrashes beneath him, fighting to escape. He viciously backhands her across the face.

“Such a bad little girl with such a hot piece of ass.”

Airis crawls higher up the length of her petite, delicate body. He straddles her chest and pins her arms down with his knees. With one hand gripping the broken headboard, he uses the other to grab her hair, keeping her head pressed down into the pillow. Leaning forward, he taps his sore balls against her nose.

“Kiss them better.” His tone is rough and commanding, but she refuses to comply, trying to twist away. He brushes them back and forth across her plump lips before sitting back and smacking her in the face with his pulsing cock.

“Open your fucking mouth, slut.”

When she glares up at him defiantly, he pinches her nose closed. It only takes a few moments for her luscious lips to pop open, and when they do, he slams the entire length his thick meat along her tongue and down her throat. She instantly chokes and gags, withering on the bed, desperate to sit up. His vicious thrusts are relentless, punishing her for nearly making him sterile.

He rams his cock deeper into her convulsing throat, feeling her tongue ripple along the underside of his smooth dick like a rolling wave, Fuck, it feels amazing. She’s gotten better at sucking dick, way better. He continues to force his steel hard rod in and out of her wet mouth, groaning in pain and pleasure as his balls slap against her chin.

“Devour my meat, slut. Suck every inch. You’re such a good little cocksucker.”

He’s filled with lust as he rapes her sweet little mouth. He knows he’s suffocating her, but he’s aching for release. The feeling almost surpasses the physical pain. Her throat convulses around his shaft, and he knows he’s on the verge of cumming.

“You love my throbbing cock. It belongs in your mouth.”

He closes his eyes, rocking his hips forward as the bed creaks and rocks beneath them. His balls are soaked with her saliva, and he swears she’s clamped her pretty lips tighter around his solid shaft of her own accord. Moaning in pleasure, he drives his slippery member deeper into her throat.

He grabs the back of her head, lifting it up off the pillow and bending her towards him until she’s straining her neck in a painful position. Rooted in her throat, he thrusts into her mouth a few more times before shuddering in pleasure and shooting his creamy load.

The majority of his cum shoots straight down her throat. He feels her gag and choke and eases up a bit, making it easier for her to swallow the rest of his seed. Fuck, he thought to himself, that felt good… Collapsing on the bed beside her, his words are broken and his voice is hoarse.

“I hope you-you learned your les-lesson.” His cock still pulsing as he comes down from his high.

Aslynn gingerly sits up, choking and spitting a wad of his sticky seed on the bed. Her puffy lips are coated with his white cum and it looks erotic as it drips down her honey-colored chin.

“How could you do that to me!?” Her eyes are watering from having a huge cock shoved down her throat, and she’s panting heavily, trying to regain her breath. She wipes her mouth, her eyes simmering with fury.

“Hey. You started it, babe. You drugged me, teased me, and crushed my balls, which by the way still fucking hurt.”

Even though he didn’t physically hurt her, at least not as bad as in the alley, he still degraded her and used her for his own pleasure. A smirk crosses his face, and she wants to smack him.

“I gotta say, that blowjob was unbelievable. Have you been practicing?”

“Fuck you.”

“I meant that as a compliment.” He chuckles, propping his head up on one hand.

Aslynn scowls at him.

“I hate you. I hate you so much, Airis. All you do is take whatever you want. I’m not your fucktoy.”

She starts to climb off the bed when he wraps one of his long, muscular arms her around her waist, pulling her back to him. Now that he’s shot his load and his cock is no longer in control, he’s starting to regain his senses.

“Aw, you don’t mean that.” He can tell she’s just pouting.

“Yes, I do. Raping women must be the only way you get off, and I don’t want to participate.”

“Are you sure? Because you came looking for me. Twice,” he said with a sly grin.

Before she can reply, he lays her out on the bed, then leans down and kisses her. Instinctively, she flinches, waiting for the rough, demanding assault of his tongue, but it doesn’t come. She starts to shove him away, and he tightens his hold, yet keeps his kisses soft and light.

He doesn’t force his tongue down her throat. He just places his lips to hers before lightly kissing her bruised cheek, jawline, and down the length of her delicate throat. His lips brush along her bare shoulder and down her collarbone but don’t travel any farther.

Now would be the perfect time to knee him in his injured balls, she tells herself, but he’s starting to turn her on. She doesn’t know how long he’s been moving his lips against hers, but she’s beginning to enjoy it. He’s acting like a completely different person, and she has to keep reminding herself how much she despises him.

It’s a difficult task. Her thoughts and feelings are waging war, yanking her in different directions. Her feelings, however un-logical they may be, prevail. Her eyelids flutter open and she blushes as his bright blue eyes stare down at her, gauging her reaction.

Airis crawls on top of her, feeling her respond to his kiss. Her body relaxes and he can tell that she’s trying to suppress a moan. Grinning to himself, he lifts his lips from hers before the kiss deepens. He wants to tease her. His lips glide down her delicate throat, and he kisses her collarbone before working his way down to her breasts. She hasn’t kneed him in the balls yet, so he takes that as a good sign. Cupping one of her succulent tits, he brings her nipple to his mouth.

His lips brush across it, and he flicks the blossoming bud with the tip of his tongue. Closing his soft lips over each one, he softly sucks on her tasty buds until they’re swollen and erect. He scrapes his teeth against her taunt nipples, playfully nipping and licking them until they glisten from his wet lick. He hears her sigh and pulls away.

“I’m turning you on, aren’t I?”

When she turns red, he trails kisses down her ribcage and toned tummy before reaching the edge of her jeans. He kneels between her legs and bends her knee. Unzipping one of her boots, he yanks it off, and then removes the other. He runs his palms up her thighs and unbuttons her jeans. Hooking his fingers into the hem, he slowly inches them down.

“Lift your ass.”

Aslynn hesitates, biting her lower lip.

“Do it.”


“I want to taste you.”

His words are husky as he glances down. He can see the top of her cute, lace black panties. He could strip off the rest of her clothing in seconds but he doesn’t move.

“You won’t let me lick your pussy?”

He’s asking for her permission? Confused, she lays there looking up at him for several minutes.

“Okay… but don’t fucking hurt me. I’m serious. I’m still tempted to chop off your dick.”

Airis smirks as she raises her cute ass, and he pulls her pants and panties down her shapely, legs. Completely naked, he drinks in the sight, memorizing every curve and flat plain. He’s pleasantly surprised to find her little pussy bathed in a small amount of her juices.

“Did teasing me and sucking my dick make you wet? Please tell me it wasn’t from strangling my balls.”

“Shut up.” Her words are crisp, but her body is shaking, and her cheeks are flushed.

“Don’t be scared. I’m gonna make you feel good.”

Her muscles are still tense, so he wraps his one hand around each of her calves and massages them gently. Working his way up to her legs, his thumbs graze along her inner thighs and he hears her whimper as he draws closer to her sex. He can tell she’s never had a man go down on her before. It’s written all over her face. Another first, under his belt.

“Relax, baby.”

Lying down between her legs, he gently parts her thighs, until she’s spread wide open. His mouth waters as he gazes at her pussy with hungry eyes. Her mound is shaved bald and her wet lips still cling together, hiding her pink hole. Her little clit pokes out from under its hood, and he can’t wait to closes his lips around the nub and flick it with his tongue. That should earn him a moan.

Leaning down he inhales her intoxicating scent. She smells sweet yet musky as he presses his lips to her soft, bare pussy giving it a kiss. Slipping out his tongue, he delivers a long sensual lick along the length of her slit, parting her petals. He sweeps his tongue up and down her tight hole before dragging it all the way up to her clit.

She stands in the doorway and watches him sleep, his strong body curled up on its side. He had put her through hell today, with all his teasing and tormenting, and that incessant grin of his, and now was her chance for payback…

Slipping quietly into the bedroom, she stops at the end of the bed with a sly smirk on her face. As she tip-toes around to the side of the bed she stoops down to take out the cuffs from underneath, then leans over the bed and nimbly wraps the leather cuffs around his wrists, careful not to wake him. Trying ever so hard not to make any noise, she moves down to his feet and does the same to them. Nudging his feet apart with her small hands, she crawls up between his strong legs, places a hand on his broad shoulder and moves him over onto his back. She notices him stir and lean up to whisper against his ear “Just relax Daddy, I’m going to take care of you”.

Smiling as she feels the tension ease out of his body, she edges slowly back down to his knees and quickly grip his ankles, hoisting them up to meet his wrists. As she clicks the cuffs together – right ankle to right wrist, and left to left – his eyes flare open suddenly and she looks up and catches his gaze with a grin “Hai Daddy, you look a little caught up there”

She giggles and reaches into the side drawer for some of those wicked toys he has hidden there. Holding up the nipple clamps (with strings attached), a cock ring, some lube and a glass dildo, she whispers wickedly “and now it’s play time”.

He growls as he gains his bearings and grasps his predicament “Remind me to not play fair and instigate you more often”

Spreading his thighs wider for her, he watches as she eyes his turgid, throbbing, bobbing cock and draws a deeper breath as he waits for the fun to really begin. She chuckles softly and lifts her bright eyes to his “Yeah, I knew there wasn’t a lot I could do to you, that you wouldn’t like”

Quickly she leans up and pinches both of his nipples, watching the pleasure roll across his face “Are you sure you’re ready, Daddy?”

With a quick nod of his head, she takes the clamps in each hand and boldly attaches them, to the now erect buds, and smiles as she watches his body tense and his teeth grit “Hmmm, but where to attach these”

She gives a firm tug at the attached strings as she ponders to herself “the toes are too obvious, since that’s what you do to me…ohhhhh I know”

Keeping the string taut, she quickly ties them off around his heavy balls, nudging his thighs apart, as they close in instinctively. She plucks at each of the strings, just to hear him growl, “Mmmmmm, look at you all tied up, but we’re not done just yet, are we? I haven’t used one of these before, I wonder what effect it will have”

She reaches for the cock ring, and fiddles with the clasp “Oooo I can make it super tight!”

Winking up at him, she takes his cock in one hand, gives a firm squeeze, and wraps the ring around with the other, snapping it into place. “Look at that! It’s made you swell even more Daddy!”

Lowering her head and she runs her tongue across the leaking head of his cock, lapping at the precum and enjoying the way his body is already straining from the sharp pain and restriction. She cups his balls and give a firm tug, watching his eyes flare, then roll back into his head “Ooh, right, those have attachments today!”

She giggles softly and sits back on her knees, rolling the glass dildo in her hand, and applying a thick coating of lube to it “Nowww, what to do with this…..”

“Oh whoops!” she squeals and rolls her eyes “I forgotted something, didn’t I?” She places the dildo carefully on the top of the drawers and wipes the lube off her hands onto his abdomen, before slipping off the bed. “We can’t have you moving all about the place, I don’t want a black eye, or any other injuries that your wayward limbs may inflict”

Quickly, she moves up to the head of the bed and grips his right wrist, tugging his leg with it, and clips the ring into the hook he had installed in the bedhead “Who would have guessed that we’d use these on you first, hmm?”

Giggling softly, she climbs over the bed to the other side and attaches his left arm and leg “There we go, nice and secure! And look at that view!”

She casts her eyes over his lifted butt, his exposed asshole, his turgid shaft and engorged nipples, her tongue running quickly over her lips “Mmmm mmm yummy. Oh, you need another pillow under your head, so you can see what’s happening!”

Purposely she moves up between his strong legs, her thigh pressing in against his groin and her breasts banging against the nipple clamps as she tucks another pillow in behind his head “There, much better” she states as she gives the taut strings another tug, then sits back again to admire her handy work “Perfect.”

She reaches over to the side, puts some more lube in her hand and pick up the cool glass dildo, rolling it in the slippery fluid “Nowwww, where was I? Oh, that’s right.”

Holding the glass in her right hand, she runs a coated finger, from her left, down from his balls to his puckered arsehole, circling it slowly “Is this what you’d like Daddy? Hmmm?” She watches in delight as he squirms and nods his head, every little movement causing the strings to tighten and his cock to strain more.

“Well, I’m not going to give it to you” She grins up at him, her eyes sparkling bright, before turning around on the bed, inching her arse back towards him and uses another finger to trace her arsehole instead. Coating it in the lube, she slowly pushes the digit in deep, a low growl spilling from her lips. Moving the finger in and out with practiced speed, she turns her head to look at him “How are you doing there, Daddy?”

She eases the finger from her tight hole and grips her arse cheek firmly, pulling it aside, as she moves her right hand back and places the thick piece of slick glass at her hole, and begins to push “I’m going to make you watch me instead, and you can’t do a thing” With that, she drops her left forearm to the mattress in front of her, tilts her arse higher and drives the thick rod inside her with a loud groan, every nodule of it causing a gasp and whimper from her lips. “Oh Daddy, it feels so good…”

Dazedly he lifts his gaze to her and licks at his lips “Now… now you’ve got a proper grasp of how to not play fair.” He strains and rolls and growls as the clamps tighten and his cock throbs excitedly as he watches her claim her arse in such a delicious way.

She purrs and rolls her hips slowly, her arse moving in circles within his field of view as she draws the, now warmed, glass in and out of that forbidden treasure “Didn’t think I was going to leave it at just tying you up, did you?”

Shaking his head, he holds his mouth closed with a bite at his lip. Flexing his toes and stretching his legs as far as the bindings will allow to give her the full effect of his predicament. The head of his cock glistening as it drools with precum, the color darkening within its confines. Balls cold and aching and his arse jealous of his view. Wedging the dildo deep in her arse she turns slowly to face him, a whimper spilling from her lips as it shifts inside her. She leans in and flicks her tongue at the base of his cock, her eyes locked on his “Must be so frustrating not getting what you want, hmm?”

Reaching back to grab the end of the rod, she begins to pump it in and out of that hole he loves to fuck, her breasts swaying against his arse cheeks, and her eyes glazing over with lust. “Frustrating, and satisfying all the same. Delicious torture.” He draws a sharp breath and arches toward her, fighting the tight clamps as he tries to touch her mouth with his turgid member. Pulling back and she shakes her head, with a smirk “You know that’s not how you ask for something.” She lifts her free hand and flicks a finger against the messy head of his cock.

He chuckles out a mischievous growl “You’re not the only one capable of being a difficult brat, ya know.” He flares his eyes wickedly “Oops. I mean, yes Mine”

Biting back a giggle, she withdraws the slicked up dildo from her arse, with a plop and a groan, brandishes it in front of him for a moment, then places it back on the drawers, before sitting back on the tender spot and casting her eyes over his displayed form with her arms crossed in front of her. “So?”

“So. Do with me what you will, Mine. Your boy wishes to please you.” He relaxes his posture a bit and gazes upon the beauty of her naked form. “I am but a tool to your whims in this position.”

She taps her lips and thinks for a bit “I think I might just sit here and watch you squirm for a bit.” She reaches forward and grips his balls in her palm, digging her nails into the back as she tugs them away from his body. He tips his head back and draws a deep breath of painful pleasure and gasps “As you wish, Mine. As it pleases you.” He mutters off to the side as the tug and pinch pulls at his nipples.

Pinching at the flesh underneath his heavy sac, she leans in and whispers, “What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you.”

He replies, “I said, Christ fuck these things are vicious” then licks his lips through a drunken gaze

“More please?”

“More, hmmm? Certainly mine, we can do more.” She leans over to the side of the bed, her hand still wrapped around his nuts, and hunts around in the drawer for what she needs

“Ahhh here we go!” She wriggles back up onto her knees again, releases him, as she notices the grimace on his face and sets about preparing “more”.

Chapter 2

Note: This is a work of FICTION. Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


The author retains all rights to this story.

6. Computers

“It is you again. I guess your father’s yelling did not hurt your hearing as much as I thought it would. I still cannot use the word starting with the letter “N” and that the fourth vowel, as we learned as children, so the answer is still an elongated maybe. You know my terms, and I know you cannot live with them. You are not the only one that can check a person out. I broke into the Homeland Security Computers, and found my name all over the place. That was not a nice thing for you to do. That was an invasion of my privacy. I am going to publish the names of every girl you fucked, while you were in college and in graduate school. Their current husbands and boyfriends will be very angry with you. I am sure more than one of them will find a way to get to you. Do not do it again, or I will be very angry. You may leave your apology after the beep.”

“Patricia, I did not spy on you, it was my father. Well, he did it, because I asked him to. I have a computer job for you that will pay you a minimum of fifty thousand dollars. If you succeed, it will pay you two hundred thousand dollars. It has nothing to do with my wanting to date you, although I would like to desperately. If you are interested, the next time I call, pick up the phone.”

Her phone rang five minutes later, and Patricia picked it up and said, “I will not hack in to the Cray 4 computer again. I almost got caught the last time.”

Stephano said, “You hacked into what?”

“If you do not know what a Cray 4 computer is, then forget I mentioned anything.”

“We need to talk, face to face. I cannot talk to you about what I need over the phone. You can pick a time and a place, as long as it is public, and I will meet you there.”

“The upper-level of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, halfway across, facing north, at 2 PM; if you are late, I am gone.”

“You are kidding me right?”

“You are not as dumb as you look. How does Central Park, where we took our walk, at noon tomorrow.”

“That sounds much more rational to me.”

“This is not a date, this is business.”

“Yes, my dear, this is business.”

“I am not your dear. I am Patricia, or Miss Gallina, but I am definitely not your dear.”

“Yes, my love,” and before she could say anything, he hung up.

She threw her phone down on the, because she was pissed. He was an infuriating man. Handsome, educated, well spoken, and infuriating. If he were not a member of the family who had killed her mother, she would go out with him. If he knew what she intended to do to his father, he would probably kill her. The problem was she did not care. As long as Bruno Valentino was dead before she was, her mission in life was complete.

She was sitting on the grass munching on her sandwich, when he arrived.

“Is that all you are having for lunch,” he asked.

“Not all of us can afford to dine with the rich and famous every day.”

“If you can do to computers, what you brag you can do with them, your money worries are over.”

“What type of computer am I dealing with?”

“A new IBM Z Enterprise Analytics System 9700. It has the high-speed cryptography and tamper-resistant hardware installed.”

“What do you want me to do with it?”

“We want you to break into it and steal the files.”

“You mean to tell me just for trying I get fifty grand, and when I get the files out, I get 200 thousand dollars more. Is that the whole deal?”

“I can bring it up to a million, if you can do one more thing.”

“Who do I have to kill? If it is you, I will not charge anything extra.”

“You do not have to kill anyone. All you have to do is destroy all the files, without destroying the computers.”

“Shit, is that all?”

“What do you mean is that all?”

“I can do those three things in less than half a day.”

“It is a brand-new computer with the best anti-theft commercial software in the world. Yet you are saying you can break into it, in under half a day?”

“I will not even break a sweat.”

“I have got to see this. So does my father.”

“The more the merrier, as long as they stay out of my way.”

“I will set in it up. This will only be a test. There is no classified work in there yet. That will be downloaded later. We have to make sure the machines are secure first.

“Let me know where and when, and I will make sure I am available. It will be the first time my checkbook will actually be in the black.”

Four days later, Patricia found herself on the eighteenth floor of a multiuse building in Queens. When she walked, in with her briefcase, the room was filled with men. They looked at her with disdain in their eyes. The only person she knew in that room was Stephano.

She said to him, “What the fuck is their problem?”

“These are the men that worked with our other computers. They said what you boast cannot be done. They have a lot of money riding on the outcome of this test.

“Can I get in on that?”

“You can ask them, if you want.”

“Guys, what is the current line on me failing?”

“It is 20 to 1 you can’t do it. And it is 9 to 1 you cannot do all three in four hours.”

“Does anyone have more money they want to lose?”

The men started yelling numbers at her, and she asked them to stop. She looked at Stephano, and asked him to take bets up to two hundred thousand dollars for her.

He said he would take care of it.

Patricia walked over to the new computers and looked at their configuration, serial numbers, and their design specs from the back. She took out the IBM Redbook and went over the notes she underlined over the last few days.

Stephano came over to her and said, “All the bets are in; you stand to make a fortune and a half if you do all three.”

“Stephano let me tell you something right now. The third one is the easiest one, because you forgot to do something. I will explain that later. Number one is the hardest ‘getting in.’ Once I am in, getting the files out is child’s play. Let me know when you want me to start.”

“We cannot start until my father’s here. He is on his way.”

As if on cue, Bruno Valentino walked through the door. Stephano went to greet his father, and every other man in the room stood up.

Patricia stayed where she was, and waited. When he approached her, she said, “Good morning, Don Valentino.”

“Good morning, Patricia; my son speaks quite highly of you. I hope that you can do everything he says you can.”

“Don Valentino, it is 10 AM, by 1:30 PM, you will be on your way to lunch. I will have accomplished all three tasks, without any problem.”

“Very good, Patricia, please begin and make a mockery of all my former computer people.”

“It will be my pleasure, sir. Would you care to sit by me, and watch what I do?”

“No, Patricia, but thank you for the offer. I am not one of those people who are computer literate.”

Patricia approached the keyboard, and inserted a flash drive into a computer port. It immediately began uploading a program she made, and the IBM quickly started to work. Alarms immediately went off in the big machines, and the men behind her started to laugh. Their laughter was short-lived as the alarms died seconds later, as the program shut them off, and continued to upload. It took eighteen minutes for the program to upload completely, and during that time Patricia, did not take her eyes off the screen. It was like she was memorizing the code as it was passing by. When she saw what she needed on the screen, she immediately jotted it down on a notepad. It repeated itself seven times, skipped the sequence three times, and repeated it five more times. She smiled. She said to herself, “Those dummies at IBM never change their thinking. They change the code, but they leave the sequences.” She was in. What was she going to do with the rest of the morning? Should she make it look hard, and earn her money? No, she thought, show off, and get everything done.”

She turned around, faced Don Valentino, and said, “Don Valentino, are you comfortable?”

“Yes Patricia, I am quite comfortable.”

“That is too bad, because I am done.”

It was like the breath was taken out of the room. Seconds later, the men who had bet money against her yelled, “You cannot be finished, you have barely touched the keyboard.”

“Idiots; when you know what you are looking for, you do not have to touch the keyboard, until you are ready to break in.”

Don Valentino looked at Patricia and said, “Please continue with the test.”

“As you wish, Don Valentino.”

She looked at her notepad, typed in the code, followed by the appropriate sequencing. The lights on the computers all turned green.

She looked at Stephano, and asked if there was enough paper in the printer. He assured her there was.

She looked at the book; hit the sequence for the printing option, and the printer sprang into action. Stephano looked at the accountant who put the test into the computer. He nodded his head to confirm the numbers coming out were correct.

Stephano smiled at his father and said, “So far we owe Patricia 200 thousand dollars. I have a feeling, in a few moments; we will owe her one million dollars.”

“Son, she may be worth her weight in gold.”

Patricia stood up from the computer, took out her flash drive, put it back in her briefcase, and locked it. She looked at Don Valentino and asked his permission to call his son a dummy.

Bruno laughed. “Patricia, I think you just did.”

“No Sir, I asked for your permission to call him a dummy. When I call him a dummy, you will really hear me call him a dummy. He spent a ton of money buying all this equipment, and he forgot the most basic item needed to protect the computer and its contents.”

Bruno laughed again, looked at his son, and said, “Son, if I were you I would cover my ears.”

Bruno nodded his head Patricia, giving her the go-ahead to admonish his son for his mistake.

Patricia moved to within 3 feet of Stephano, looked him straight in the eye and screamed, “You fucking dummy, you forgot to put in battery backups to protect this investment from losing all its data. If this room loses power, and the computer goes into free-fall, the way you have them set up, you will lose every ‘byte’ of information in there. A third grader would know better than to do that.”

Stephano realized his mistake, and grabbed his head as it sunk into his lap. The room around him broke into laughter, because all the IT people realized it at the same time.

Patricia looked at them and said, “What the fuck are you laughing at. None of you thought about it, either. You should have warned him, while you were setting up these computers. Each of you should be taken outside and horsewhipped.”

Don Valentino stood up, turned around, and looked at each of them. This was not a good sign. They had laughed at his son, and they were just as at fault as he was, maybe more so. Now they were in deep shit, and they knew it. He turned to Patricia and asked about the third part of the test.

Patricia said, “Don Valentino that was it. Follow me, sir.” She walked over to the main circuit breaker in the room. She took the handle in her hand and said, “Let’s say that you have an argument with another family, and they want to withdraw from this service. You download all of their information onto discs or flash drives and give to them. Now they have everything that they need. They also know where all your backups are, because you told them. They set up a strategy to make one organized hit. They take their squads, go to wherever you have your backups and at the appointed time, and place, they make their moves. At the same time they have to get rid of your main computer, which is right here. All I have to do is walk into this room, and pull this lever down. All your data is lost forever. You have it set up this way to protect the information from a raid by the FBI. If this building loses power, you lose all your information unintentionally. That is why you need a battery backup. Actually, you need two of them, and let me explain why. You also need at least two emergency shutdown switches. The Feds are going to know that you have a battery backup. Every good computer facility has one. It is normally not in the room with the computer. It is in the basement, just in case the batteries leak. That is where the Feds will look. You have to let them find that one. On another floor in this building, you have to have another battery backup. You put in a steel floor, covered by a rubber top, almost like a bathtub. If the batteries leak the acid goes nowhere. All the cables are run under the floor, and they will never look there to see if there are more electrical cables, than there should be. We have to disable all the green lights on these computers. They have to look like they are dead, at all times. These are just tricks of the trade that those idiots standing back there should have known. Your son is not a computer person. He is an administrator, who knows how to bring everything together. He needs good people around him to do the jobs that need to be done. I am not lobbying for a job. I like what I do. I like putting together a program for a print shop. I like putting together a program for the city. I like doing different things for different people. It keeps my brain sharp. I meet nice people, and I go all over the city. If you need me, every once in a while, I will be glad to help, but I like my freedom.

Don Valentino said “No wonder my son likes you Patricia. Everyone he meets wants to tie him down. He meets you, and he has to chase you all over town. You drive him crazy, and he likes it.”

Patricia whispered in the Don’s ear, “So do I Don Valentino.”

Don Valentino broke into laughter, when she said it to him.

Stephano came running over to his father to find out what he was laughing about.

“What is going on father?”

Bruno said to his son, “She has another name for you, and it is worse than dummy.”

“What is it; I have a right to know.”

“When you are ready to hear it son, I will tell you. However, you are not ready, yet.”

“Father, you are being totally unfair.”

“No one said I had to be fair to my son.”

Don Valentino said, “Patricia, may I take you to lunch?”

“I would be honored, sir.”

Stephano asked, “May I come also?”

Patricia said, “No, you may not. You have work to do. You have to find a vacancy on this side of the building to run electrical cables from the battery backups to this floor, and from the basement. You have to have one of these computer fuck-ups, that is smart enough, figure out how many batteries are needed to give you two hours of computing time for your backups. Then they have to double that amount for the two systems. You have to find emergency cutoff switches that can handle the load from the alternate battery backups. Then find electricians, who can keep their mouths shut to install this stuff correctly, so this investment does not explode, when you test it. When you finish all of that and get your head out of your ass, maybe one day I will think about going out with you.” She took Don Valentino’s arm, and walked out the door with him.

Stephano’s pale skin turned fire engine red. He was not happy. He had to figure out a way to get even with her that did not include sex. He would not do that to her. That would be rape and he was not a rapist. She was the most infuriating woman he had ever met. He believed it was time to talk to his grandmother.

He turned around and saw the IT men standing around doing nothing. He said, “Cover your bets, and get to work, before you become grass food.”

He had never used the threat of physical violence before, however, watching the reaction of the men in front of him, he had no doubt he would use it again; when necessary.

He did the calculations for each man, and took their checks, warning them, they had better be good. Stephano was pissed at her, but he smiled at the realization that Patricia would never have money problems again. For the few moments, she was here today; she had taken $4.2 Million from the IT people, who bet against her, plus $1 Million from the five families. If she let him, he would help her keep it out of the governments’ hands, and safely in hers. He laughed when a thought popped into his head: “That is if I do not kill her, or marry her first.”

13. Run for Your Life

William Zabo packed his Land Rover and was ready to leave, when he peered outside his windows, and saw an unfamiliar car parked halfway down the curved street where he lived. He checked his sidearm, which he was not good at using, but was hopeful it could scare someone off. He went back into the garage, removed all the quick set pins that held the support posts for the one eighth inch plywood garage door together. He removed the beams and set them aside. He unbolted the locking mechanism from the door, and removed it. He removed the cotter pins that held the cold rolled steel posts to the wheels, removed those, allowing the wheels to gently fall down to the floor. The only wheels he did not remove were those at the very top that held the door flush to the curvature of the steel garage door supports; so it would continue to hold the door in place. The Range Rover could now drive through the flimsy plywood door, without getting a scratch on it. He started the car and connected it to the exhaust hose that would vent the fumes outside his house. When he was finished, he walked back inside, and took a quick shower. He dressed in a heavy turtleneck, cable knit sweater that would keep him warm if he had to open the windows of the car, while he was driving. He turned off all the lights in the house, one by one; that last being the light to his bedroom, to make everyone think he had gone to sleep. He switched on his night vision goggles, and watched for any movement from the car. Forty-five minutes later, three men, dressed all in black, got out of the car and walked up the hill towards his home. His bedrooms were on the far side of the house from the garage, and two of the men branched off to go in that direction. The other man headed straight for the front door.

William backed up to the door to the garage, and waited for the man to enter the front door.

The man picked the door lock quickly, and walked into the entryway. He scanned for anything unusual, but saw nothing. He heard a rumbling sound, but could not make out what it was. He turned left and went towards the bedrooms.

As soon as he did this, William closed the door to the garage, and sealed it with a 2 x 4. He got in to the Range Rover, slid it into gear, and slammed his foot onto the gas pedal. The car roared through the shabby garage door, as if it was not there. He made a hard right turn at the end of his driveway and went down the street towards the car the men had exited.

The drivers’ side door opened, but the driver was too late getting out. The front end of the Land Rover hit the door and crushed him, before he was able to draw his weapon.

The three men came running from the house, knowing they had been tricked. They ran down to the car, hoping to get in and follow William, and quickly dispatch him to the next world. When they got to the car, what they found made them ill. The driver’s head sat on the roof of the car, while his body was inside spurting blood everywhere. Their leader was gone, and they were irate. They had to find this man and deal with him appropriately. However, they needed a car first. Two men walked up to the nearest house and knocked on the door. When no one answered, they knocked again, and again, until a light came on. An elderly man opened the door, and he asked them what they wanted at this hour of the morning.

One of the men said, “The car by the curved has had an accident, is it yours?”

The elderly man knew it could not possibly be his, because it was in the garage. However, he stepped outside and looked anyway. He said, “No, that is not my car, should I call the police for you, and tell them the car has been in an accident?”

As a gun was pointed at his head, the gunmen said, “I do not think that will be necessary. Give me the keys to your car, and we will call it even.”

The elderly man was very smart. He offered no resistance at all, he told the gunmen where the keys were, and where the money he had was also.

The gunmen put the pistol to his man’s ear and said, “We know where you live. If you call the police before 8 o’clock in the morning, we will come back here, and take your part piece by piece, before we kill you.”

“Sir, I will do better than that. I will not be the one that calls the police. If someone sees the accident and calls it in, they will probably give their name. It will not be mine.”

“Have a good evening, sir. Sleep well.”

They took his car keys, and left his money. They did not need it. They were well funded, for this operation. They also had men backing them up in different positions around the area. They had to call them and tell them what happened. They had to get out of this area, because there was no cell phone coverage, due to the mountains. Zabo had a head start, but he could not out run a radio.

The elderly man was as good as his word. He lived alone, so he called his daughter, Bernadette, and asked her to come over to his house, because some men had stolen his car.

She asked if they had hurt him.

He said, “No, they said they knew where I lived, and if I called the police, they would come back, and take me apart, before they killed me. So I called you instead.”

“Papa, you are too funny. I will be right there. Make some coffee please. I will bring some pastries.”

“Okay, I will put the coffee on.”

Bernadette yelled, “Franco, wake up, someone just threatened my father, and stole his car.”

Her husband walked down the stairs, putting his robe on, and said, “What idiots would threaten the father-in-law of a judge and steal his car.”

Bernadette said, “The idiots that warned him if he called the police, they would take him apart, before they killed him.”

“Oh, those idiots; I will call the chief and let him know. I will tell him to come in an unmarked car.”

William knew there would be more people after him, than just the four he had seen near his house. He got on the motorway that led to the Gotthard tunnel, and accelerated to a comfortable 120 km/h. He was neither the fastest nor the slowest car on the roadway, so he felt comfortable that the police would not interfere with his travels. His car was equipped with a police scanner, but doubted that the Valentino’s would be able to co-opt any of the local or highway police to join in this family matter. This was a matter of honor, and no outside the family was involved in those. He had to slow down when the light rain started to fall. It made the mountain roads treacherous. He was not worried about his vehicle, but you could not worry enough about the vehicles surrounding you. One out-of-control driver could cause a thirty-car accident in a matter of seconds; and this was not uncommon in this area. He had a 2 ½-hour drive to the tunnel, and Switzerland beyond it, but even with all his precautions, he was worried. He was approaching fifty-five years old, and his reaction time was not the same as it was twenty years ago. However, his brain was sharper than it ever was. Given time and access to the right type of equipment, he could cause havoc to the people that were trying to kill him. All he needed to do was live; and protect his little girl from harm. He was right, telling her not to come here. Should he go back to the U.S. and help her. Would that be a good idea; or would that put her in greater danger? They had killed his Laura. He had left her alone, and they had killed her. She was an innocent; she hurt no one, and they killed her. They are not going to do that to my baby girl. I am going to send Bruno a very detailed message that he will remember with no difficulty. I am going home; I am going to New York. I am going to protect my baby girl.

He had been staring straight ahead, while thinking, and not paying attention to the roadway behind him. A black SUV slammed into the rear of his Range Rover, causing it to slide close to the guardrail on the right side of the road. Before he could recover, it hit him again pressing his vehicle hard against it, trying to get it to roll over the rail and down the embankment.

William downshifted and pounced on the gas and the Rover leapt straight ahead, leaving the SUV behind him. He needed distance between him and that car; at least 200 meters before he could release what was in the rear of the car. Now, they were right on his tail, and it would have no effect. The two-lane road was blocked up ahead by two tractor-trailers and traffic coming in the opposite direction was heavy. He had to make a choice, and he had to make it soon. If he slowed down, they could pull up alongside him and shoot him. He made his decision. He darted across both lanes of oncoming traffic, and onto and up a small median and 20° wall of the mountain, still at relatively high speed. Oncoming traffic swerved to keep out of this maniac’s way. The black SUV was stuck behind the two trucks, and had to slow down to a crawl.

William saw a chance to cross back over, and did it, but he bumped into the side rail before he regained complete control of his car. He increased his speed and distance from his pursuers. The next time he saw them, he was ready. He pushed the button on the armrest that caused the hatchback to open just enough to allow the 4 gallons of thin oil to flow onto the highway, behind his car. He would know if it worked, shortly, as they entered an S turn in the road. He picked up speed going into it and so did the SUV following him. It was a deadly mistake. As William started the hard left of the S turn, the driver of the black SUV realized he had no traction and hit his brakes, which added insult to injury. The car spun around like a top, hit the guardrail, flipped over it, and went down the 1000-meter embankment and landed on its roof. Unlike the Hollywood movies, there was no explosion. Fortunately for the cars following William, the two slow moving trucks kept everyone moving at a safe speed. Although some lost traction, none lost control of their vehicles. The rainwater washed the light motor oil away quickly.

Surprisingly, when Bruno Valentino received word that Michael Zabo had survived the first attempt to kill him, he was not upset. He became very upset when he received a letter from Iceland, with Michael Zabo’s return address on it. He opened it, and a picture of Stephano fell onto his lap. He read the letter first: Dear Bruno, Congratulations on the graduation of your son. I have done extensive research on his background, and have found that he has graduated summa cum laude from every educational facility, he has ever attended.

I have one more facility he is going to attend and I hope he graduates with high honors again. I have hired a group of men that have served in the military. They promised me after they have finished with him; he would have learned things that many people, from many cultures, have died trying to learning.

You killed my darling Laura, for no other reason than I loved her. Then you killed my child; because she was mine. Now it is my turn to return the favor. I am not going to kill you; that would be far too easy. I want to see you in pain. I want you to suffer the way I have been suffering, since I learned that you killed two innocent people. You cannot hide him anywhere I cannot find him. One of your most trusted people is watching him for me.

If you had left me alone, in my solitude, this might not be happening. However, you could not let it end. Your father was a thief. He stole from his partners. It was business; it was not personal. You have made this personal. Now you must suffer a personal loss. Tuck your son into bed tonight. It may be the last night you see him. You will never sleep peacefully again. William

Bruno Valentino’s chest felt like it was going to explode as he looked at the picture of Stephano. His arms hurt, his chest hurt, his head hurt and his back hurt. He called for his wife and told her to call 911. He thought he was having a heart attack.

Stephano came running into the room and laid his father on the floor. He placed a pillow under his feet and another under his head. He saw the crumpled piece of paper on the floor, picked it up and read it. He saw the smaller piece of paper on the floor, and picked that up. It was a full-length picture of him, with no arms and no legs. He said, “Holy Shit!” He could not let anyone else see these. He folded them up, and put them both in his pocket.

Stephano looked at his father, and asked him, “Did you do this?”

“It was a matter of honor.”

“His daughter was not even alive, when your father was killed.”

“It did not matter, we could not kill him, and we had to kill what he loved.”

“It was business, dad. You have always told me you keep business and personal apart. You made this personal. Look what you have made him do to you now. He has not started, and you are on the floor, thinking you are having a heart attack. You are having a panic attack worrying about me. William Zabo does not want you to die, trust me. He wants you to live forever. He wants you to suffer forever, because of what you did to him. Personally, I think he’s right. You killed two innocent people, because you lost your temper. Now you are going to lose me. Congratulations dad.”

After they took his father to the hospital, Stephano did not know what to do. He went up to his room and lay down on the bed. He had a death sentence hanging over his head, and there was no way for him to control what happened. He did not even know who William Zabo was. Someone else controlled his life. He picked up his cell phone, and then threw it back down. She would not talk to him. He had nothing to lose, he thought, I should call her and say goodbye.

The voice mail said, “Oh, it’s you again. The answer still starts with an N. However, I love that my checkbook is in the black. I went to see my Foster Parents and gave them a big check and a bigger hug. They were flabbergasted. I have you to thank for that. Leave your message at the beep. Beep.”

“Hi, it’s me. I am calling to say goodbye. My father got a letter in the mail today from some person that he wronged a long time ago. He killed two innocent people recently, and now this person wants revenge. I am it. So this will be my last phone call. I am sorry we did not have a chance to get to know one another. Goodbye.”

“Stephano where the fuck are you going?”

“I was hanging up.”

“Do you always hang up when you have something interesting to say?”

“Dying is something interesting?”

“Can you think of anything more important than dying?”

“Falling in love, getting married, having children, living a long and happy life together; should I keep going?”

“That all depends if you are serious or not?”

“I will never have an opportunity to find out. When my father read that letter, he thought he was having a heart attack. If he thought that, he knows this person is as serious as a heart attack. In other words, Patricia, I am a dead man.”

“Bring the letter to the FBI, and asked them to put you in witness protection.”

“Who am I going to be a witness against?”

“Good question, how about your father; would he go to jail to save your life?”

“I would not send him to jail to save my life.”

“That is not what I asked you, dummy. I asked you, “Would your father go to jail to save your life?”

“I cannot answer that question, because I do not honestly know.”

“You are full of shit. Your father thought you were going to get killed, and he nearly had a heart attack. If he thought for a second he could save your life, he would dance naked on the top of the World Trade Center to do it.”

“I will not ask him to do that for me.”

“What is your address; I will come over and ask him for you?”

“He is not here, he is at the hospital.”

“What is your address I will come over anyhow?”

“You do not know where I live?”

“No, I do not. That would have been an invasion of your privacy. I do not do that to people. Only people, with no conscience, do that to other people. Do I make myself clear Stephano?”

“Yes dear.”

“I am not your dear. I am Patricia, or I am Miss Gallina, I am not your dear.”

He gave her his address and said, “I will see you soon, my love.”

“I am not your (click)” That son of a bitch hung up on me.

“People are you listening?”

“Click, Click.”

“This may work out better than I had originally thought. I know who is after Valentino’s son. I can make that work to our advantage. I have to meet my ‘Foster Parents’ face-to-face tomorrow. I think the print shop should call me, and tell me their computer went down.”

“Click, Click.”

When she walked in his front door, Stephano smiled at her.

“Don’t you dare smile at me, you obnoxious sonofabitch. You hung up on me. You call me, my dear, and you have no right to say that to me. You are the most spoiled child I have ever met. You rich kids think you own everyone, but mister, you do not own me.”

“You look so pretty when you are angry.”

“Do not give me that shit, Stephano, it will be the last time you see me.”

“You mean I will get to see you more than I have seen you already.”

“Do not press your luck; I will hit you with my computer. It is more lethal than my third degree black belt.”

“I am bigger than you are Patricia. I could hold you down and have my way with you.”

“Go ahead, big man; I would love to put you away for twenty years. You know how they treat rapists in prison. A pretty boy like you might last two or three years as someone’s pet. It will also keep you away from this man, who was the death sentence hanging over your head.”

“You sure do have a way to make a man feel better, Patricia.”

“Who said I came here to make you feel better? Let me see the letter and the picture.”

She read the letter and looked at the picture, and handed them back to him.

“Why did you come here, Patricia?”

“Stephano, you have the attention span of a goldfish. I asked you if your father would go to jail to save your life. You said you did not know. Do you recall that conversation?”

“Now that you mention it, yes, I do. I will not ask my father to go to jail to save me.”

“I swear, Stephano for a college educated man, the English language escapes you. Listen closely, because I asked you, ‘Would your father go to jail to save your life.’ You said you did not know. I said bullshit. Does any of this ring a bell now?”

“You are so cute when you get angry. Yes, I remember it all; I just wanted to see if you did.”

“Stephano, I have photographic memory. I can tell you the amount of peas that were on my plate six months ago. Do not play games with me. You are going to have to ask your father that question, before this man gets to you. Otherwise, he will send you back to him in little pieces, to torment him for the rest of his life.”

“I know, however, the thought of my father, spending the rest of his life in prison does not sit well with me.”

“Your father has acknowledged the murder of at least two people, and more than likely many more. He is involved in drugs; prostitution, and who knows what else. He is not the nicest man on this planet. He may be one of the worst. If you had a choice, you would not be involved with him, and his businesses. You know that as well, as I do. You would rather be any place else than where you are now. You have to give him this option; or you are as good as dead.”

“Have you always been this smart; or did it come to you as you became a pain in the ass?”

“No, I became a pain in the ass first, and then I became smart. I am going home now. I have said what I needed to say, the rest is up to you.”

Stephano asked, “Can a dead man get a kiss goodbye?”

“So, you are playing the sympathy card.”

“I will play any card I can get to get a kiss from you.”

“Okay, a quick one; and no tongue.”

Stephano moved in, took her into his arms, and kissed her. Wide eyed, he said, “You kissed me back.”

“I most certainly did not.”

“Oh yes, you did. You could not fake that, and I bet your pussy is wet.”

“I did not kiss you back, and my vagina, most certainly, is not wet.”

“Can I touch it, to be sure of that?”

“It will be a snowing in hell, before you get to touch that area of my body.”

“You still kissed me back, and there is no denying it. You felt it, and it meant something to you. Did I break the ice with you, ‘Ice Queen’?”

“You just started another Ice Age, with your mouth, Stephano.”

“You admitted it! You did feel something.”

“So what, that is the last kiss you are getting from me, until the continents return to Pangaea.”

“So there is hope for me yet, Patricia. All I need is a little time.”

“If you consider eons a little time, you go for it.”

“So all it will take is a little time; and a lot of patience.”

“Stephano, would you please call a taxi for me; before I am the one that kills you.”

“It will cost you one more kiss, for me to call a taxi for you.”

“Go fuck yourself; I will use my cell phone.”

“You are a spoiled sport. I will call a taxi for you.”

Twenty minutes later a taxi pulled up in front of the house and beeped its horn.

Patricia said, “Remember what I said, goldfish, otherwise you can kiss your ass goodbye.”

“I will speak to my father, when he gets home from the hospital. I will walk you to the taxi, and get you safely on your way.”

“I have 2 feet; I think I can walk there by myself.”

“What kind of gentlemen would I be if I allowed a lady to go out in the dark of night, unescorted?”

“Stephano, you would be a desperate man, trying valiantly, but in vain, to get another kiss, from an unwilling maiden.”

“She is a mind reader, and a pain in the ass, with a photographic memory. What a combination.”

He opened the door to the back of the taxi, and allowed her to get in. He was in the process of saying goodbye, when three men grabbed him, and covered his head, with a bag. As he struggled to free himself, the last thing he heard, before a needle was stuck into his neck, was an anguished cry from Patricia yelling, “Stephano, no, please, no.”

The following morning, in the business section of the New York Times, there was a personal advertisement that read, “Papa, please contact me at Instructions are included on the site. Love your estranged daughter.”

Patricia knew her father always read the financial news. When her mother talked about him, she always spoke in glowing terms about his love for numbers and studying what was going on in the financial sections of every newspaper. The Times was the first newspaper she could get an advertisement in, and she hoped to get a response from her father, quickly. She knew her message was cryptic, but she also knew that it would peak his interest. She was right.

William was not staying in a suite of rooms as he normally did. He was staying at a moderately priced hotel near the Newark airport. He was reading the Sunday Times, when he saw the message, and the thing that got to him was the term, “buffalo turnaround.” Why would anyone use that term with Laura P in front of it. He opened his computer, and put in the web address and was shocked to see that the home page was a picture of the Glenn Falls house. He continued to read. “Now you know who I am; now you must prove who you are. Your user ID is what you always told my mother you were when she asked you this question, ‘What do you do for a living?’ If you do not know that answer, you can leave the page now, because you are not who you say you are. My mother also told me something very funny, about a recipe that she came up with. I never laughed louder, or longer than that in my entire life. She said, ‘It is tangy, a little salty, but with a little oregano, olive oil, butter, and garlic, you could…’ You should know the last word to this sentence. That is your password. Your instructions are inside.”

William laughed when he read that portion of the instructions. Mother and daughter must have had a very close relationship to be able to discuss something that intimate. He could not have been happier for them. He typed in ‘mathematician’ as his user id. Then he typed in ‘linguine’ as his password. He could not believe he did that.

The page opened, and he saw his daughter for the first time. She said, “Hello Papa, I wish this could be in person, but for right now, this is safer for both of us. I could not allow you to commit a crime. I do not want you to be in jail, before we have a chance to get to know one another. My mother told me what a wonderful person you were, and are. I will not let that change. Please hide yourself the best you can. Believe me when I say everything is under control. I am working with the authorities, and soon, possibly very soon, many of the heads five families will be in jail, or running for cover. I cannot tell you how I know, because that would put you in greater danger, because of the letter you sent to Don Bruno. This site will go down, until 6 PM next Sunday. Look for it then, and I will have further instructions for you. Please stay safe. I love you, and so did my mother. Patricia.

He could not close the page. He kept looking at the picture of his daughter. He was looking at a compilation of Laura and himself. Laura’s beautiful face stared back at him, while Patricia had his skin coloring and hair. My God, she was beautiful. He would do as she asked, he would hide. Where could he go; where could you hide in this country, where no one would recognize you, and be safe. The FBI always had people in the witness protection program hide plan in Arizona or New Mexico. He would go to Arizona, because it had more mountains to hide in. However, where in Arizona was the question. He Goggled up a map of the state, and realized there was only one major airport to fly into, and out of, “Phoenix.” Where would you go from there? There were only three major roadways into and out of that area; and all three-escape routes could be easily covered, because the escape routes to the south, east, and west were through flat desert country. Interstate 17 to the North took you into the rugged mountain country towards Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area. The smaller state roads took you through mountainous areas, much like those by his home in Italy. They had steep fall-offs and low speed limits.

As he read a larger scaled portion of the map, he decided it would not be prudent to try to hide in the city of Phoenix. He decided to try to disappear in a tourist destination. Would it be Scottsdale, Sedona, or the Grand Canyon area? Scottsdale was very close to the Phoenix airport and he could hide in the suburbs, if he had to. It was a good option, but not optimal.

Sedona was better, but the ingress and egress were still a problem. The tourist mecca was in the middle of nowhere. It had plenty of mountainous terrain, and state parks to get lost in. It was a mecca for Buddhist on religious retreats. Large sanctuaries and statues to the God were abundant in the area, and many times during the year, hotel rooms were impossible to get.

People from many faiths, or none at all, went to the “Enchanted Areas of the Navajo Indians,” where they believed Vortexes could cleanse their bodies, minds, and souls of the physical pollution, and mental excesses of the outside world. The town, itself, was filled with these excesses, but no one seemed to mind them. It was, also, a mecca for the rich and famous, whose homes were built on a grand scale. The very rich, and powerful, also built a private airport, so they could fly into town, on their private jets. Regular folks were not allowed to land their aircraft there.

Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon area were great options, but the problem was egress. There were only two ways in, and two ways out. One way was to Las Vegas and that was not an option. The other way was back towards Flagstaff; and US 17, using the fabled old Route 66. From there Interstate 17 only went south; a four-lane state road continued north through the mountains. Interstate 40 went East past Winslow, and the meteor crater, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 324 miles away. You had to be careful not to run out of fuel, or get a flat tire, because help was a long distance away in either direction. Going West on Interstate 40 you had the same problem. You could go all the way to San Diego, but your first major stop on the way, was in Barstow, California, 355 miles away, across mountains and deserts. If fate was not on your side going west, you were in big trouble, again.

William Zabo was not looking for trouble; he was looking for anonymity. He decided to become a Buddhist. He made a reservation at the Enchanted Resort and Spa, in Sedona. He asked for his bungalow to be at the very top of the resort, which was built into the side of a mountain. If he saw trouble coming, he could get lost in the mountains, directly behind his rooms. His only limitations were the amount of water, and food he would be able to carry, while he was in the backcountry. He would need camping equipment, hiking boots and warm weather gear; just like at home, in Italy.

He also needed a car, and he was partial to his Range Rover. He called ahead to a dealership, and asked them what they had in a used two, or three-year-old Rover. They told him what they had and gave him a price on each. He did not haggle with them. He told him he wanted it completely tuned and checked out, from insignia to tailpipe, before he got there. He wired them a deposit, and told manager, if there were anything wrong with the car, when he picked it up, he would own the dealership by the end of the month. He had no idea that Sedona was only 19 miles from Cottonwood. He had no idea that Cottonwood had any significance in his plans. He did not even make note of it, on the Google map. He did not realize how wrong he was.

8. The Package

Alan Robbins was in the middle of getting laid, again, when his cell- phone rang. It was the sergeant. “Where are you Alan?”

“I am at Susan Knight’s place, taking a riding lesson.”

“Well, get out of the saddle, and get over here. I have a package for you from FBI headquarters, and it is marked urgent. Tell Susan I am sorry.”

Allen said, “Fuck!”

Susan laughed and said, “That is what we were doing.”

“Not anymore, babe, I have a package, from the Bureau, waiting for me at the Public Safety Building, and it is marked urgent. The Bureau wants me to do something, and if they want me to do it; it is either illegal, immoral, or they could not get anyone else to do it. I am low man on the totem pole, and shit rolls downhill.”

“Will you be coming back?”

“Wild horses could not keep me away.”

“I do not have any wild horses.”

“Okay, tame horses could not keep me away.”

“That is much better, Alan, I like that much better.”

“Keep my side of the bed warm for me, please.”

“I will try, but it will not be the same, without you here.”

“I swear, Susan, I will be back.” He kissed her, took a quick shower, and dressed as he ran to his Dodge.

When he arrived at the Public Safety building, the sergeant came out and threw the package at him. He said, “How was today’s riding lesson?”

Alan laughed and replied, “Very bumpy, but my mount was extremely excitable.”

The sergeant laughed at the delicate way Alan circumvented answer him. “I would not open that package here, if I were you. There are too many eyes that would die to have a peek at what is inside it; including mine.”

He walked around the block to his home away from home, and opened the file. His first reaction was, “Holy Shit, what could they be asking me to do now?” Emblazoned on the interior envelope was,

“For Your Eyes Only; Burn after Reading.”

He opened the second envelope:


To: Special Agent Alan Robbins

File: Top Secret

Expect a package to be delivered at the Prescott Airport, no later than 0100 hours, Thursday next. All items necessary, will be delivered. Follow GPS coordinates exactly, we need package intact. The Bureau will not acknowledge any involvement with your actions. If you are caught with this package, you will be charged with involvement in a criminal activity. The Bureau will deny any knowledge of your activities.

We will help in your defense, due to mental defect caused by your last assignment and divorce. Do not get caught; this is of the highest priority. Defend package at the cost of your life, if necessary. Leave package, only to obtain food, water and other supplies.

Michael Free – Director

Alan reread the letter and thought, “Do I keep this letter as a get out of jail free card, or do I follow orders, and burn it? What kind of question is that Alan? You fucked up big time, and they kept you on, because you were good at your job. They want you back. If you fuck up this time, you are out of the Bureau for life?”

He picked up the large envelope and put everything else inside it. He brought it over to the gas stove, and lit the envelope, until it was an inferno. He dropped it in to a trashcan and watched, until everything had turned into cinders. He brought it into the bathroom and flushed the remnants down the toilet, until all of the evidence was gone. He cleaned out the basket, leaving no trace evidence at all.

He cleaned out the Dodge, not knowing how much room the package would take up, and what ancillary items might go with it. He had the oil changed, transmission checked, and the four-wheel-drive looked over. Everything was in working order. All he had to do now was worry. He had 3 days to do that. He went back to Susan, and loved her as best he could.

Susan knew something was different, but she did not pry. They rode their horses, during the morning hours; and each other for the rest of the day.

At lunch, on Wednesday, Alan told her he might not see her for some time, but he could not explain to her the reason why. It was business, and not another woman. He would contact her, when he was able, and he would see her as soon as humanly possible. He did one more thing before he left. He said, “Susan, some people may try to coerce you into telling them where I am, because they will know of our relationship. I need to give you a code word to alert me to the fact that you are in trouble. If I call you, and you are fine say, “Hello Alan.” If you are in trouble, or people are listening in to the phone call say, “Hello, my love.” I will know the difference, and I will try to get help to you as soon as possible. Do you understand what I am asking you to do?”

“Yes, Alan, I understand completely.”

“You can tell them, when I left here, I went to Prescott to pick up a package, and that is the only thing that you know. I did not say anything else, except goodbye.”

“Thank you, Alan; I know you cannot say that you love me, because of what has happened to you in the past. However, in the short time I have known you; I know in my heart that I love you more than any other man I have ever met.”

“Susan, I will talk to you about that, when this thing is over. Goodbye, babe; I will see you, when I see you”

Alan called Jeff’s cell phone to see if his new computers were in.

Jeff asked, “Where the hell have you been? No one has seen hide or hair of you for 10 days.”

“Very funny Jeff; you set me up, and you know it. Riding lessons hell, you did not tell me what I would be riding.”

“Hell of a ride isn’t she Alan?”

“Yes, she is Jeff, and before I left today, she said those 3 little words.”

“Oh shit, I did not see that coming. You must have made quite an impression on her. She hasn’t been with many men, since her husband went to jail, and she is very picky.”

“Should I shoot you now, or wait until after I pick up my computers.”

“Either way, I will be dead. Come and get them, they are ready for you. Since I did not hear from you, I put antivirus software in them, and I think you will like the price.”

“Okay, Jeff, I will let you live another day. I will be there in 20 minutes.”

As promised his laptop, with the extra batteries, were ready to go. Alan told Jeff, to keep the tower in the store, because he would not be in his house for some time. He wrote out a check, got in the Dodge, and filled it up with fuel. When night fell, he headed for Prescott.

At 0110 a.m., a twin-engine Boeing 717 landed Prescott airport, with its lights out. It taxied to the furthest edge of the runway and waited for the Dodge Ram to join it. When Alan backed the car up to the stairs, six men carried the package down, put it in the back seat, and strapped it in. One of the men handed Alan a GPS device, and told him not to lose it. He told him they had one more package, and they were going to put in the back.

Alan thought, “What the fuck is this?”

It took all six men to wrestle the trunk into the back of the Ram, and when it was in, the back of the truck lowered by 4 inches.

“What the hell is in that thing?”

One of the man yelled, “Go!”

Alan left the airport property, and the GPS told him to turn north on Alternate 89A. As he hit a dark stretch of road, two miles from the airport, he stopped, went around to the back of the truck, and uncovered his license plate. He got back in, and continued his journey.

No sooner had the Dodge pulled away from the jet; the pilot called the control tower, and said, “Special flight 1 ready for takeoff.”

“Special flight 1, winds calm, altimeter 3001, cleared for takeoff.”

“Roger, rolling.” The unlit Boeing 717 lifted off and disappeared into the night sky.

The supervisor took the control strip into his hand, and destroyed it. He looked at the controller and said, “Isn’t it a shame we do not have any air traffic at night?

He went down to the maintenance room, and wrote down the exact number on the tape recorder. He erased everything going back two hours. He looked at his watch to see the elapsed time, and added it to number that he had taken from the tape recorder. He hit the record button, wiped down everything he had touched, and went home. He had not been on duty that night. There was no air traffic; and the tapes would prove it.

Alan kept looking at the GPS waiting for it to say something. It glowed: North S.R Alternate 89A. He passed Jerome and Cottonwood, and continued on, until he started to see signs for Sedona. There were signs that reduced his speed to 25 and 30 miles an hour, because of steep road gradients, switchbacks, lack of guard rails and cliffs off to his right, which meant sudden-death if you did not pay attention to the road. About nine miles south of Sedona, the GPS came alive and said, “Slow, hard right turn 1000 feet ahead.”

Alan could not see a thing, except black pavement ahead. He reduced his speed to 10 mph and put his bright lights on. He looked at his odometer and tried to gauge how far he had traveled. The GPS came on and said, “Slow, hard right turn, 200 feet ahead.”

Alan still could not see a thing. He slowed to a crawl. He kept looking to his right. It was a relatively steep shoulder. He stopped the truck on the roadway and put it into four-wheel-drive. He crawled further ahead, until the GPS said, repeatedly, “Right turn, now. Right turn, now. Right turn, now.”

Alan held his breath and made the hard right turn onto the shoulder, and down the steep decline. As his lights steadied on the ground ahead, he saw a trail down through the rocky terrain. He wondered if it was wide enough for the Dodge to fit through, without scratching both sides. It was, but it banged the right side mirror.

The GPS came on again and said, “Slow, follow trail 3 miles, expect left turn, into canyon road.”

Alan thought, “This sounds like a lot of fun.”

He was driving very slowly, watching his odometer click by, when he heard a moan in the back seat.

“I do not need you to wake up right now, Mister Package. Do not make me hit you over the head, please.”

The GPS came alive. “Slow, left turn, 200 feet. Steep gradient ahead.”

“Oh shit, I forgot to have the brakes checked.”

He downshifted into second gear, and as he crested the hill, the GPS did not lie. The gradient was steeper than any Hill in San Francisco. He downshifted into first gear, and let the transmission bear the brunt of the descent. As he tried to gauge the depth of the descent into the canyon, he thought it was at least 800 yards, but at night, your depth perception could be way off. All he wanted to do was stay on course and not fall off either side. As he reached the bottom, the GPS said, “Right turn, follow trail, 6 miles southwest.”

He continued, following directions for the next hour, realizing that if the battery in the GPS died, he would have no idea how to get out of wherever he was. As far as he knew, he was in a big hole in the ground, and he hoped it did not rain.

The GPS came alive again. “Stop, dead end ahead. Natural cave left side, 300 feet deep. Back truck in as far as it will go. Follow directions taped to package. Turn GPS off, now.”

Alan spoke to GPS as if it was human. “That is the best piece of advice you have given me all night.”

Alan put the truck into reverse, and backed it in to the cave, as slowly as he could. It was not straight, by any means. It meandered left and right; high and low. At one point, it made a 60° turn to the left. As the nose of the truck, cleared the point where it could be seen from the outside, he decided it was time to stop. He walked to the front of the cave to verify no one could see the truck. It was a perfect hiding place. Someone had done a lot of research to find this ‘hole in the wall.’ He reached into the back seat, pulled the envelope off the package, and opened his instructions. It was another “Holy Shit” moment. Was this going to be medieval torture? Chains, a neck collar, hobbling chains, and makeup. Who the fuck was he dealing with: Hannibal Lecter?”

He followed the protocol as listed in his instructions. He took out ‘The Package’, and laid him on the floor. He took off the man’s shoes, put on the hobbling chains, and bolted them around his ankles. He unpacked him, and found the young man handcuffed around his back, tape across his mouth; and a blindfold over his eyes. Alan had no idea who this sucker was, and at this moment, he did not care. He had a job to do, and he was going to see it through. He pulled the enormous chest out of the back of the truck; being careful it did not hit any of his extremities. When it landed on the ground, it felt like a small earthquake had occurred in the cave. He opened the two clasps and found an assortment of torture devices and weapons. The protocol called for him to start assembling the chains. He took the small sledgehammer, the 6-inch U-shaped spikes, and the chain and began hammering the assembly into the wall of the cave.

He attached the metal collar around the man’s neck and bolted it. He slid the chain through the double links and ran the chain 20 feet from the other position, and pounded it into the wall of the cave. This man was going nowhere fast. He assembled the chemical toilet and placed it inside the perimeter of the chains.

He removed all the tools, and put them back into the truck. Then he started doing the craziest part of his instructions. Inside the chained area, he put an M-16 rifle with 10 extra magazines of ammunition; a bushmaster knife, a bulletproof vest, and a helmet. The director had to be losing his mind; he was sure of it.

He walked into the deepest recesses of the cave and found the supplies he was told would be there. He took a 5-gallon jug of water and put it within the circle. Then they were in MRE’s, fresh fruit, and an assortment of reading material. Club Med, without girls and swimming pools, he thought. The large cooler with chemical ice was a nice touch, also.

He took the rest of the armaments, and put them on the rear deck of the truck. Then he moved the heavy trunk into position on the inside of the circle. The last thing he did was inflate the mattress, inflatable pillow, linens, and a blanket on top of it, inside the circle. If this was a prison, Alan wanted in. Of course, it would be nice if Susan with him.

It was now time to wake sleeping beauty up. Alan took the handcuffs off the man, and removed his blindfold. The next part would hurt, but he had to pull the Duct Tape off his mouth. He did it swiftly to get the agony over with, quickly

Stephano’s eyes opened wide as the pain, jolted his brain awake.

Alan said, “Do not try to move. Let me help you sit up and I will give you some Gatorade to help balance your electrolytes. After that you can assess your situation, and then we will talk about it. Do you understand?”

Stephano nodded his head and said, “Yes, I do.”

Alan handed him a large, unopened bottle of Gatorade, and Stephano drank it. As he did, he looked at his feet, felt around his neck and pulled on the chains. He asked, “Are you, William Zabo?”

“No I am not. You can call me Alpha. I am the first one, you will meet. We will all go by letters. Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and so forth. What happens to you in the next few weeks depends totally on your father. We have a lot of experience convincing people to do what we want them to do. We are not sadists, but things that need to be done, get done. If we have to remove an arm, we’ve remove an arm. It is not done, while you are awake. I am an anesthesiologist that is why I am Alpha. Delta is a doctor, a surgeon who will treat you properly. If we have to operate on you, it will be done in a sterile atmosphere. It will not be done here. Your father will receive that limb to show him that we are not fooling around. There is only one thing he can do to keep you from being mutilated. He must turn state’s evidence against the heads of the five families. He must also acknowledge his culpability in the murder of her Laura Garrett. He killed someone that did not deserve to be killed. Why would he kill a woman that did him no harm? It would be like me walking up to your mother, and shooting her in cold blood. I do not know the woman, I have never met her. However, because of a man who did the honorable thing, and informed the other members of a conglomerate that someone was stealing from them; your father ordered the murder of innocent people. If you were in Mister Zabo’s shoes, what would you do?”

“I have already told my father that he was wrong. I have told him that it was business, and you never mix business with personal matters. I told him, Mister Zabo is correct.”

“You, Stephano, are an honorable man. It is a shame that your father is not, and you must suffer because of it. This is the way things are going to work. You will notice against the wall. There is in M-16 rifle with 10 extra magazines. There is also a knife. If I have to leave you for a protracted period of time to get supplies, those are for your self-protection. Before you think of pointing the weapon at me and saying that you were going to kill me, unless I help you get out of the chains, look at how the chains are assembled. They are bolted together. I would need a ratchet and vise grips to get them off. You will notice that neither of those tools is near-by. If you kill me, you will die of starvation and/or dehydration. In the back of the cave, there are enough foodstuffs, and water for one week. After 5 days, I will leave to get more. I will put the remaining 2 days inside the circle, for you to eat. I must leave after dark, and return after dark. It is a terrifying trip. We are in the middle of nowhere, for a reason. If your father decides to cooperate, many of his former allies will turn against him, and against you. If they find out that I have you here, they will try to find you, and kill you. If they succeed, your father will have two options: testify, or not to testify. We do not want him to have that option. We want him to testify.

There is only one way in to this cave, and only one way out. The truck will offer us some protection; the trunk will offer you more. My life is expendable, yours is not. Wear your vest at all times, while I am not here. Make as little noise as possible. At night keep the lights low, or off, because creatures will wonder what is glowing? Night vision goggles will also pick it up. Sleep during the day, and stay awake during the night. I will be gone for one-night, and for one day. I will not walk in; if you hear steps coming into the cave, prepare to defend yourself. Do not call out, just wait until someone turns that corner, and squeeze the trigger and take him down. Now that I think of it, have you ever used a rifle?”

“No, but I have used the handgun.”

“Good, just remember to take the safety off, and there are 30 rounds, and each clip. Are you hungry?”

“I feel like I have not eaten in a week.”

“Start with the fresh fruit, because it will decay first. Then there are the MRE’s. They will give you the necessary calories, if you do not lose your appetite first. Water and Gatorade is plentiful. The chemical toilet works well, and I will service it every few days.”

“There is one more thing, and you may not like it, but it may have to be done. If your father vacillates about helping us put the other members of the five families in jail, we may have to convince him by showing him pictures of you severely beaten, and in the process of being tortured. You have two choices: you can help us by acting the part, or we will do it for real. If you would take my advice, I would go with choice number one. I can show you a clip of choice number 2, if you wish, but it is not pretty, and it is another way of losing your appetite. We also have another way of making you cooperate with us. We understand that you are infatuated with a young woman named Patricia. We can bring her here; and slowly but surely change what she looks like, until no man will ever want to look at her, again. We are sure you do not want this to happen to her.”

“It would make you just like my father; you would harm an innocent person, just to make him do what you want.”

“No, you are wrong, Stephano. We would be convincing you to take part in making your father do what is needed to bring murderers, drug dealers, racketeers, and slave traders to justice. It will be you that forces us to bring Miss Gallina into this sordid affair. Mister Zabo believes taking her virginity in front of you is all that will be required to bring you to your senses. However, if more is required, a gang rape should surely bring you to your senses. If that doesn’t do it, she will know that all the talks you had with her; about love, marriage, and children was just talk. It was a way for you to get into her pants nothing more. She will not care what happens to her, after that. She will not look at another man again for the rest of her life. That will be on your head, and no one else’s, Stephano. You think about that, while all the pieces are being put into place.”

“Oh, one more thing, your father is home from the hospital. It was not a heart attack. He is fine. All his tests came back within normal range. You Italians have a saying, ‘You should live 100 years.’ It looks like he is going to; however, are you?”

She sat in his living room, very quietly, waiting for him to appear. She kept her head down, and her hands folded in her lap. To anyone looking at her, she looked upset and frightened. When Don Valentino walked into the room, her eyes were glassy. She stood and walked over to him, and grasped his hands, “Don Valentino, I did not know what to do. There was no one here to help me, so I waited until someone came home. Stephano told me about the man who threatened his life. I am just praying that this is a kidnapping for ransom. I hope I did not do the wrong thing.”

“Patricia, you did exactly the right thing. Calling the police would have been a mistake. It would have involved all the wrong people and given this man all the publicity he wanted. The longer I can keep this quiet, the more I can negotiate with Mister Zabo, and get my son home.”

“If he was not so hardheaded, he would be safe here at home now. I told him I could walk to the taxi by myself, but he wanted to try for another kiss, and insisted on walking me out to the car. They took him while he was distracted, talking to me. The next time I see him, I am going to hit him so hard, I am going to make sure his brain works properly.”

“Patricia, did I hear you say that my son was trying for ‘another kiss?’”

She blushed. “Yes, Don Valentino, he used the sympathy card to get the first one from me, and don’t tell him, but it was very nice. However, he was trying for another kiss, and I was not prepared to go that far so soon. When I got into the cab, one man put a bag over his head, while two men grabbed his arms. Then they injected him with something, and he stopped fighting instantly.”

He asked, “So when they took him away, they had not harmed him, at all.”

“No Sir; they did not hurt him, they dragged him to a car about 50 feet in front of your house, pulled him inside, and left.”

“What about the taxi driver?”

“When I got out of the taxi, I gave him $50. I told him if he said anything about what he had seen; he would be unemployed, for the rest of his life. He thanked me for the tip, and left.”

“Patricia, you have a hidden strength in you many of my men cannot match.”

“Thank you, sir, but would you tell my feet to stop shaking.”

Don Valentino took her by the shoulder, and said, “Come, let’s have some coffee, and see if we can find a way to contact Michael Zabo.”

9. Phoenix (Or the only way to fly!)

Michael Zabo could not believe the difference in himself. While he was in Chicago, waiting for his connecting flight to Phoenix, he decided to have his haircut. However, the men’s facility was filled to overflowing with executives, both senior and junior, waiting to have their haircut. He walked around, and found a woman’s salon that was practically empty. He walked in and asked if they cut men’s hair also. The woman said, “Absolutely sir, come right in.”

While they were talking, and getting him prepared for his haircut, she said to him, “You have such a wonderful head of hair, sir. It is a shame you went prematurely gray.”

He was about to tell her that he was born with white hair, when he thought of another option. He said, “I have been gray for so long, I wonder if a color would take?”

She asked him how much time he had before his next flight.

He said, “Two and one half hours.”

She told him that she could put a double process in and guaranteed him that he would be very satisfied with his new color.

He told her to begin, and she began showing him all the colors he had a choice of.

He finally told her to stop. He asked her to have the staff look at the hair colors, and decide how they would blend, with his pale coloring.

They took this task very seriously and after 5 minutes, they decided on a sable brown with dark lowlights running through it. He had never heard of such a thing, but he went with their decision, and the process was started.

90 minutes later, he was staring at himself in the mirror. He did not recognize himself, and if he did not, no one else would either. He turned, and thanked the staff profusely. He paid the bill and gave the woman a two hundred dollar tip. He went around the shop, and handed everyone, who had made the decision on the color of his hair, $50 each. No one who came through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport had ever been more generous than William Zabo.

As he left the shop, his flight was called and he walked hurriedly towards the gate area. When he arrived, he saw that the coach section of the airplane was again going to be filled. He walked up to the counter, and asked the attendant if there were any seats available in first class. She said there were only two people in first class, and all the other seats were open. However, the additional cost was $1300. William reached into his pocket, pulled out thirteen $100 bills, and handed them to her.

She did not expect this to happen. She said, sir, I have to call a supervisor; I am not allowed to accept cash.

Michael asked her if a credit card would make it easier on her.

She smiled at him and said, “Yes, sir, it would.”

He handed her his Black American Express Card. She had heard of these, but had never seen one before. She smiled at him again, and ran it through the credit card machine. She had never seen the machine turn green so fast in her entire career. She handed him his new ticket and his card and escorted him down the Jetway, to the aircraft.

As they were approaching the aircraft, the agent said, “Mister Neeson, may I ask you a question?”

“Of course, ask me anything you want.”

“Is it true you can buy a car using one of those cards?”

“Yes, it is true. My new Range Rover is waiting for me in Phoenix. Would you like to come along?”

She blushed from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. “Mister Neeson, if I wasn’t engaged, I would be on that airplane with you, in one minute. You are gorgeous, and I love your hair.”

“I can give you my cell phone, and you can call off your engagement. I am the very wealthy man, and for as long as you wish to stay with me, I can keep you in a style to which you will love to become wonderfully accustomed.”

“Mister Neeson, my parents would kill me, and your offer is so enticing. Please get on the aircraft, before I change my mind.”

“Melissa, I will be coming back through Chicago in a month or so; I will see you again, and my offer will still be open.”

“Mister Neeson, you are so bad.”

“Melissa, if you think I am bad here, you should see me in bed.”

Melissa Bainbridge turned and ran up the Jetway, with her panties soaked. She had been seduced by an expert, at the art of seduction.

Now, William Zabo had a problem. He had not done that to a woman in so long, he was in desperate need of relief. He would have to visit a bathroom, and alleviate it himself of this torment, prior to takeoff. When he reached his seat, his flight attendant did not make his problem any easier to deal with. She was stunning. She was nearly 6 feet tall, with shoulder length, Raven colored hair, and olive tinted skin. William knew she was either Italian or Greek, and he wanted her, now. Under any other circumstance he would have her, without any regrets. He had 3 hours flying time to make it happen, and he would have her, one way or another. He started to plan; with his big head, and his little head went down.

Jemma was just that, a gem. She walked elegantly; she served elegantly, and spoke with a New England accent that you could cut with a knife. He cringed, because it ruined everything. The only way he could see getting around it, was to keep his dick buried down her throat, 24 hours a day; and he was not that young anymore. The other option he came up with was to send her to a diction school, like Eliza Doolittle. Maybe Professor Henry Higgins could do something with her. Otherwise, she was doomed to roam the aisles of an aircraft, unless they brought back silent movies.

After the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign, the flight attendants were allowed to start doing their rounds of the cabin. There were only three people in first class. An elderly married couple; and William Zabo. Jemma was the only flight attendant in first class. After she served an unpalatable lunch, the elderly couple fell asleep, and William put his plan into action.

He said, “Jemma, do you have any champagne on board?”

“Yes, Mister Neeson, however, I would not recommend it. Most passengers, who have tasted it, have not been satisfied. We have reported it to the company, and they do not seem to care enough to change it.”

“Sit down with me, and give me one minute, Jemma.”

She sat down, while he picked up the air-phone and slid his American Express card through the slot. He dialed the number he read on the back of the airline magazine. The phone rang, and when it was answered the woman said, “United Airlines Corporate Offices, how may I direct your call?”

“Hello, this is Edward Neeson; I’m the vice president of Condé Nast Traveler. I want to speak to Joseph Jackson. I want to speak to him now, unless he wants to read about my experiences on your airline, on the editorial pages of my magazine, next month.”

The operator said, “One moment, Mister Neeson.”

“Mister Neeson, this is Joseph Jackson, I do not see you listed on Condé Nast’s banner; what are you trying to pull?”

“Is this the Joe Jackson, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 with a 2.45 GPA and nearly failed Psychology and English literature? Is it true, if your father had not been a large contributor to the school, they would have thrown you out on your ass? It appears that you are as dumb as your grades would indicate. Call the Condé Nast home offices, and asked them about me. There was a shakeup last month, and four members of the board of directors were dismissed. I was moved from the head of the finance division, to the Board of Directors and to the vice presidency. Is there anything else you would like to know?”

“How do you know all this stuff about me, Mister Neeson?”

“Mister Jackson if I wanted to blackmail you, I would go after someone with money. You do not have enough for me to worry about. What I do want you to do is fire the catering company you have for this airline. Lunch was not palatable. The champagne you have on board, tastes like piss water. If this does not change within 60 days, look in my magazine for an editorial article about your airline. It will not have one complementary word in it. Do we understand each other, Mister Jackson?”

“Yes, Mister Neeson, I understand completely. I will have our lawyers start work on it immediately.”

He hung up the phone without another word.

“Do you remember everything I said, Jemma? If you do, your job is secure for as long as you wish to keep it. Or, you could move up the ladder of success as high as your education will take you. He was shaking in his boots with what little I told him. If I mentioned, the attempted rape charge of a college co-ed at Penn, he would have had a heart attack, while we were on the phone. It is in his school records, at Penn, but it was never reported to the police, because the girl was given a $12 million settlement, and graduated one year early, Summa cum Laude. She is a very public figure, now. If she found out that her name was going to be dragged through the mud, because of him, she would have his balls cut off.”

“Mister Neeson, how do you know all of these things about other people?”

“Computers, Jemma, learn how to use computers, and the world is an open book. At Condé Nast we use them every moment of every day. When we spy on the industry to get stories, sometimes we find out more than we want to, and Mister Jackson is one of those unfortunate people that came under our microscope. Until you mentioned the champagne being a problem on this airline, I had no need to interact with him. When I did, and he became obnoxious, I smacked him down hard, because of his attitude. I have given you the ammunition to do the same thing, at a time of your own choosing. You should be able to use that wonderful body of yours to convince me that you are worthy of this information. Give me your panties.”

“Mister Neeson, I am working.”

“Jemma, give me your panties, now.”

She looked around to make sure the curtain was closed, and that the elderly couple was still asleep. She lifted her bottom off the seat, raised her skirt to her waist, and lowered her panties, until they were around her ankles. She was about to lower her skirt when he said, “Leave your skirt where it is, Jemma; I have plans for that area of your body.”

Jemma blushed but did not make a move to lower her skirt.

He bent down and retrieved her panties, brought them to his nose and sniffed them. “Jemma, you smell divine. I bet you scream while you make love. Am I right, Jemma? When a man is deep inside you, you scream to let your passions flow?”

She blushed, talking to a stranger about her sex life, but nodded, “Yes, sir, I am very vocal.”

He balled the panties up, and forced them into her mouth. He put a finger in front of her mouth, and told her to be quiet. He pulled her legs on to the seat, and brought her shaved pussy into view.

“Beautiful Jemma, it is just beautiful. I think I will use it now.” He undid his belt and zipper and lowered his trousers. He took out his distended prick, pulled her legs over his shoulders, and plunged into her.”

She was so wet; he had no problem bottoming out. She yelled, but thanks to her panties, it was muted. She grabbed onto his forearms for balance as he pummeled her into the bottom of the seats. He was turning her into liquid fire. She came once, and almost immediately, it was followed by another stronger orgasm. After her third orgasm, she realized it was due to his long, rapid strokes. Unlike many of her younger boyfriends, he did not come quickly. With them, it was a sprint to the finish. With this man, it was a marathon.

He looked her in the eyes and asked, “Are you protected?”

Jemma’s eyes opened with fright when she realized he was not wearing a condom. She shook her head ‘No.’

He smiled at her, and said, “I will give you the opportunity to finish me in your ass, or with your lovely mouth, instead of getting you pregnant.”

She shook her head no again.

He pulled the panties from her mouth and asked her what she meant, “Where do you want me to finish Jemma?”

“You have to pull out and come on my stomach, please. I do not do oral sex.”

“It seems you have a problem, Jemma. I either come in a woman’s pussy, ass, or mouth. I do not waste my semen on a females’ stomach. Where do you prefer it, and make your decision soon, because I do not know how much time I have left. How far into your cycle are you?”

“It has been two weeks since my last period.”

“In that case, Jemma, I think you should start giving careful consideration to your other two choices. You should be ovulating around now, and if I cum in your pussy, you could be pregnant by the time we land. Hurry, make your decision, because I am getting ready to burst.”

“Pullout Mister Neeson, please pullout. I do not want to get pregnant. I will take you in my mouth.”

“Okay, Jemma, but do not leave a mess.”

He pulled out of her and helped her into a sitting position. He pulled her down to his engorged dick, and then let her go at her own pace. She opened her mouth, and her tongue snaked out, while her eyes grimaced.

“Be a good girl, Jemma, and do not make me force your head down on my prick. It could wind up in your throat and you would not be happy about that.”

She moved her head down and put the head of his dick into her mouth, and closed her lips around it. She started sucking it, and moving her head down further, until she had three or 4 inches of his turgid cock in her mouth.

“Deeper Jemma, do not play with me.”

Jemma was unhappy with her situation, but she went deeper, until she felt him hit the back of her throat, and she choked. She pulled out a little, and started moving up and down a little faster and tightened the muscles of her mouth around him.

“Use your tongue, Jemma; lick my dick, and keep it wet.”

She did as he asked, and continued working on him for five or six minutes, until he said, “Jemma, I am getting ready to cum. Do not back away; be ready to swallow it all.”

She was sickened by this thought, and wanted to cry. However, she was more frightened by the thought of what he could do to her, if he told her superiors what she was doing on the airplane. She closed her eyes, and hoped that she could get through this debasement. Then, she felt the hot liquid spurt, and hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, and then felt another larger load of semen hit the same spot. It seemed to her that he would never stop shooting that stuff into her mouth. She kept swallowing and swallowing.

When he finished ejaculating, he said to Jemma, “Keep sucking on it like a pacifier, and get it totally clean. I will tell you, when you can stop.”

Jemma followed his instructions and continued playing with his dick in her mouth. Though it had deflated, after he had ejaculated, she felt it starting to grow, again. She began to take pleasure in the powerful feeling she had making this area of a man’s body react so forcefully to her attentions. She did not understand this newfound feeling. She never liked kissing a boy’s dick, no less thought about putting one of these things into her mouth. However, this powerful man made her do things that were changing her attitudes towards sex. He had her perform sex in a public place, and she found it thrilling. He made her have oral sex, for the first time in her life, and she liked it, which confused her. Now she was doing it of her own accord, and she did not care who saw her, or what happened to her afterwards.

“Jemma, do you know what you’re doing to me?”

She did not release him from her mouth. She nodded her head, and kept suctioning him. She pumped her head up and down on him as he continued to grow and harden in her mouth. It took a lot longer this time, but she did not care. She was on a mission and would not be deprived.

“Jemma, I am going to cum, be ready.”

She increased her speed, and waited for the moment that he would explode in her mouth. When it happened, she was ready. There was not as much semen as the last time, but she savored every drop of it. When he was finished, she continued sucking on it, until he was totally clean.

She looked up at him and said, “Mister Neeson, thank you for making me do this. I never knew what I was missing. If you had not made me do it the first time, I would have been oblivious to its pleasures. I will give you my phone numbers, and any time you are in Chicago, call me, and I will be at your service, forever.”

He stuck his tongue into her mouth, kissed her forcefully on her lips. He said, “Jemma, you must get yourself protected immediately. I will be coming back through Chicago within the next two or three months. I will be cuming in your pussy, mouth, and ass many times. I will teach you more about sex then you ever dreamed existed. You are to start having voice lessons, to get rid of your accent. I will pay for your lessons. When your accent is gone, you will go to Mister Jackson and start your life as a junior executive at the airline. You cannot do that now, with your heavy accent. I am a very wealthy man, and I will take you under my wing, if you let me. There is one provision, however, and I will be checking up on you, even though I am not here. You will not have sex with anyone, but me, from now on. If you agree to my terms, your life will be greatly enhanced. “

“No sex at all for three months, Mister Neeson? I have not gone without sex for a month, since I lost my virginity.”

“If your answer is no, I will understand, Jemma. We will part friends, and you will keep the knowledge that I have given you, and use it to the best of your ability. However, you will never know what you have given up.”

He handed her a pen, and her panties. Then, to her surprise, he asked her to sign them.

“Mister Neeson, do you do this to all the girls you fuck on airplanes?”

“No, Jemma, you are the only woman I have ever had sex with on an airplane. That is why I want you to sign your panties, so I will remember you always.”

She was completely flustered by his reply. She signed her panties, and handed back, both items back to him. She thought for a moment, and said, “Mister Neeson, I would like to accept your terms.”

“Wonderful, Jemma, do you have a layover in Phoenix?”

“Yes, we depart at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Good; you will come with me, and I will make all the arrangements for you to begin your new life. I think you will be very pleased.”

“A three-month virgin, Mister Neeson; I certainly hope so.”

“That does not start until tomorrow, Jemma. I will try to give you as much love and sex as you can handle between the times we land, and when we leave tomorrow morning. I think it is time you call me Edward.”

Jemma kissed him and said, “Here is to a loving relationship, Edward.”

“My last relationship began 21 years ago, and I loved that woman until the day she died. I hope the same thing happens, between you and me. I think you should go to the bathroom now, and straighten up. You look like you have just been fucked, and very well fucked, indeed.”

“Edward, it is because I was fucked very well, and I was also taught that oral sex is very exciting.”

“I take it my dear that you are in anal virgin, also. I will take care of it this evening, when we are in my hotel room.”

“I am not going to look forward to that at all, Edward. It was not on my list of things to do before I died.”

“Funny you should say that Jemma. The woman I mentioned before said the very same thing. She found that she loved it, as much as vaginal and oral sex. She became insatiable, and when she became pregnant, with our daughter, it was her preferred method of intercourse.”

“Looking at your face, Edward, I can tell you are not lying. You must have loved each other very deeply.”

“For me, it was love at first sight. It took her a little while to realize that her feelings for me were not just friendship, but love. We were true to each other, and forsook all others for 20 years. You are my first, since she passed away. That is why I need you to stay true to me only. I need that kind of commitment. It is the only kind I have ever known, and it is the only kind I can deal with.”

“I will be true to you, Edward. I give you my word; I will forsake all others, and have only you in my life, from this day forward.”

“Go to the bathroom, Jemma, before your other guests awaken.”

As soon as Jemma closed the bathroom door, the elderly woman, who was supposedly sleeping, stuck her head over the top of her seat, and said, “You nasty man; my husband and I have not been able to do that for a great many years. Isn’t it fun to be a member of the mile high club?”

“Madam, if that is the name of the club I have joined, today was my initiation. It was a wonderful experience, and my partner is very beautiful.”

“Yes, she is very beautiful, but I believe from what I heard, she is going to require extensive training. Apparently, her oral skills have just begun to form, and she has no anal experience at all. She should give you many years of pleasure, while you train her. My husband took great pains in training me. He used all types of training aids to convince me how I was to act in public, and to please him in all manners of sex.”

“Madam, I do not believe in the use of coercion to make a woman adhere to a particular set of norms. She has free will, and it makes life much more pleasurable to argue every so often, and make love as a way of seeing ‘eye to eye’ afterwards. Having someone that says yes, all the time becomes boring.”

“My husband does not seem to be bored.”

“It is because he is the one taking his frustrations out on you. You are as whipping post. You are the one that never has the option of saying ‘No.’ What would have happened if you turned around one day and said to him, ‘Stop, give me that instrument, I am going to beat the crap out of you with it.”

“I do not know. I never did that in all our married life.”

“If you had done it 30 years ago, when you were still in your prime, your life would have been much better, and much happier.”

The elderly man raised his head and said, “Mind your own business,” and he raised his hand to hit her.”

His wife said to him, “Shut the fuck up. If you hit me, I will charge you with assault, and I have a witness.”

Jemma had exited the bathroom and was listening to the entire conversation. She said, “No madam, he did hit you repeatedly, before I could stop him. Both Mister Neeson and I saw him. I will have to restrain him, in another seat. I will have the pilot forward a message to the federal authorities, and have them pick him up at the airport. Federal charges will be filed, because it happened while we were in the air.”

The man yelled, “I never touched her.”

“You have two witnesses that say you did, and a victim that will swear to it.”

Jemma put the plastic cuffs around the man’s wrists, put him in the seat across from Edward, and buckled him in. She picked up the phone, advised the pilots of the disturbance in the first-class cabin. The man had been subdued and everything was under control.

The pilots called the air traffic control center, and advise them of the disturbance on the aircraft. After that it was all procedure.

Federal and local authorities met the aircraft at the gate and escorted the elderly man, off the aircraft, while he pleaded his innocence.

The woman was placed on a stretcher, and helped off the aircraft.

She asked to speak to the flight attendant, who helped her, before they took her away in the ambulance.

Jemma went out, onto the Jetway, and took the elderly woman’s hand. She asked, “How are you feeling, dear?”

The woman winked at her and said, “I feel battered. He never hits my face, where it would show. He has hit me all my married life, and I could never prove it. I do not know what made him lose his temper this time, especially with witnesses around. Thank you for helping me.”

“It is my job to keep my passenger safe. The airline has my name and my routing, day by day. If you need me to testify, I will be there.”

“Thank you, child, I appreciate everything you did for me, today.”

The police and federal agents listened, and wrote down everything the woman said. When they got her to the hospital, they informed the doctors of the abuse she said she had suffered, over a long term. They wanted to know if it was true.

The doctors took x-rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs of her entire body. What they found amazed even them. There were healed hairline fractures everywhere. Her arches had been broken, as well as all-10 fingers. The only place on her body that did not seem to be touched was her head. This coincided with what the woman said to the flight attendant.

When the doctor’s reported their findings to the authorities, the man was put in jail. When his bond hearing was held and the judge heard the evidence against him, he was held without bail, even though he was old, and exceedingly wealthy. The length and brutality of his crimes were enough to make anyone’s stomach turn.

Jemma and Edward were escorted by the authorities to separate rooms, and their statements taken. They were asked what had happened on the aircraft. Although the wording was different, the outcome was the same. The assault was unprovoked, and the man repeatedly hit his wife for no apparent reason, until Jemma reached him and pulled him of her.

When he was asked why he didn’t get to the man first, Edward explained that he was in the back of first-class by the window, reading. By the time he realized something was amiss, unbuckled his seatbelt, and was halfway there; Jemma was already at the man’s side, and pulling him away from his wife. The man almost struck Jemma, when he was able to grab his hand, and stop him. He had never seen a woman act more heroic in his life.

The debriefings and statements took nearly 2 hours and when they were done, the airline officials offered Edward a suite at the hotel, where the airline employees stayed. He accepted.

While they were in the airline van, Mister Neeson asked the airline executive if he would be permitted to take Jemma to dinner, after what she had been through during the flight, today.

He said, “She must be exhausted, and with all the adrenaline that coursed through her body, today, she deserves a good meal.”

The executive replied, “It is against company policy for airline employees to fraternize with the passengers. However, I think we can overlook it, this one time, if you approve, Jemma?”

“Mister Neeson, I appreciate your offer, however, I am extremely tired. As long as it does not take too long, I will accompany you.”

“I promise not to keep you out more than 1 or 1 ½ hours at the most, Jemma.”

“In that case, Mister Neeson, I agree.”

“Jemma,” the executive said, “You have been on duty too long for your flight tomorrow morning. You have been rescheduled for a flight to San Francisco, at 1 PM, tomorrow afternoon. Be at operations at 12 o’clock. We have given you a single room, so you will not be disturbed by the 5 AM wake-up call.”

“Thank you, sir; I appreciate it. I will be on time for the San Francisco flight.”

“You always are Jemma; you have never been late.”

“Mister Neeson, thank you for your cooperation, I have to head back to the airport. If there is anything else you need, here is my card. You may contact me on my cell phone.”

“Thank you, I do not think that will be necessary. I will be picking up my car early tomorrow morning, and heading north. I am going to explore a new ancient finding. If it is as big a story as it seems, I will have a writer and photographers there dissecting it.”

Jemma checked into her room, as did Edward. Edward told the desk clerk to forward, her calls to his room, because they would be eating in. He asked for the room service menu and ordered for both of them. He took her hand, escorted her to her room. She messed up the room to make it appear she had slept in it, and went up to his suite. He took her into the bedroom, and undressed her in front of a full-length mirror. He said, “Jemma, you are breathtaking.”

He undressed, and took her into the shower. He washed her from head to foot, paying particular attention to her breasts, pussy, and anus. He bent her over, so she could hold onto the wall. He inserted one, then two, and then three fingers into her pussy and massaged her G spot, and clit, until she came with a mighty scream. As she was coming down from her orgasm, he held her tightly by her waist, and inserted one finger up her rectum.

She grunted, but did not resist him.

He pulled his finger out, washed his digit, and put two fingers into her pussy and lubricated them. He returned his is left hand to her pussy and started manipulating her clit and tunnel again. With her mind totally absorbed elsewhere, he slipped two fingers into her rectum, with hardly any trouble at all.

He put more pressure onto her clit with his thumb, and worried it, unmercifully, until her hips started to move against it. When her mind was totally absorbed with the feelings of pleasure being sent to her brain, he pushed three fingers into her ass hole. Her head reared back in pain.

He continued pushing his thumb against her clit and forcing his fingers in and out of her ass, simultaneously.

She kept saying, “No, no, no, but her mind was beginning to feel something else. She was unsure if it was the message her clit was sending or if it was the fingers in her ass, which were telling her brain a different story.”

Edward removed his fingers from her ass and washed them, and stuck them into her cunt to lubricate them and to excite her even more. He said, “Jemma, spread your legs wide.” He continued to pummel her cunt, and play with her clit.

Her head was the only thing balancing her against the wall. Her hands were busy at her breasts, pulling at nipple and fondling the meaty orb. She was on the verge of cuming again, when he removed his hand from her cunt, took his three fingers, and shoved them up her ass, again. She screamed at the intrusion of the fingers, and came at the same time. She could not shit, because his fingers were there, so she went blind instead. She had never cum so hard in her life.

I sat in my room gripping my erect cock as the pictures were displayed on my computer screen. It had taken me ages to get all the pictures but now I had I was intending to enjoy them whenever I could.

The first few were all my female friends smiling and posing, the next few were from the beach, all of them in swimsuits and then came the ones I’d had to work for. Upskirts, downblouses, and the ones I’d gotten from hiding my webcam in the hall’s shower room.

Vicky, Laura, Jane and Angie all there for me. All different but all objects of desire. Living with them had been sweet torment, catching glimpses of them in nighties and in skimpy clothes, even once watching Laura change without her knowing. I’d memorise it all and then wank over it when I got to my room.

But term was coming to an end, how was I to manage over the holidays? The idea hit me while I jerked off over Jane’s facebook pictures. I should get some pictures.

I’d collected my pictures from nights out, when the girls were all tarted up- schoolgirls, superheroines, cheerleaders. Then there was the beach trip from the previous summer, and now the webcam.

I had more than enough for a good few wanks and that was thanks to the webcam. I’d caught them all:

Vicky with her small pert tits and cute little ass, all in in one small package. She’d looked the best as a schoolgirl, her body suited the look, she was like the white shirted girls you see at bus stops every day. Not to mention that she was open about sex, a flirt and a filthy bitch by all acounts.

Jane’s brown skin with her boobs, which always seemed to big for her slender frame, with big thick nipples on the end, almost black. She was the only one who didn’t shave, a small dark bush above her sex showed in the pictures. Her exotic skintone made me want her even more, a contrast to the white girls I’d had before.

Curvaceous Laura, big, juicy breasts that caught your attention even when she wore baggy t-shirts, wide hips and a nice big arse. The one most like my “type”- busty and voluptuous, my longest crush of the four.

Angie, the biggest of the group, a massive arse, pale skinned like a doll and small, firm breasts. I knew what they said about fat birds being dirty and in my mind’s eye, Angie was as dirty as they come.

A week of photos of them undressing, showering and drying off. Tits, ass, bush I had it all on my laptop.

There was a knock on my door and I closed the window and slipped my cock inside my shorts.


I turned to see Vicky coming through the door, dressed in knee-high boots, a short PVC mini skirt and a boob tube.

God bless tarts and vicars night!

I smiled and ogled her, Vicky let me, of all the girls Vicky was the biggest pricktease.

“Father, you better get dressed, we’ll be going out soon.”

I laughed “Okay.”

“You think this is tarty enough?” Vicky said looking over her shoulder at me.

“Oh, yeah”

“I’m guessing someone will spend the evening in his seat ogling the ladies.” She laughed and left.

I quickly stripped, pulled on my bathrobe and walked to the shower room.

I resisted the temptation to jerk off right there, knowing I’d have plenty by the night’s end.

I rinsed myself off, stepped out and dried myself, before pulling on the robe and heading back to my room.

I opened the door and closed it behind me, locking it. I turned back and saw them-

Vicky in my swivel chair, sitting to one side of my laptop, the other three all sitting in a row on my bed. Dressed like cheap tarts but with a look of contempt in their eyes.

“What’s going on?” I asked nervously.

Vicky smiled, an evil, knowing smile that turned me on a little but worried me at the same time.

“I came in here to borrow that book, and when I saw this folder called ‘spank bank’ I was curious. I didn’t realise I’d be one of the stars!”

I froze, they’d found me out.

“Oh, god- I-”

Vicky raised a hand imperiously to silence me.

“And then we decided to take some pictures for ourselves.”

She clicked something and on screen was a full frontal shot of me having just stepped out of the shower.

They’d been watching me. I blushed bright red.

“Awww, he’s embarassed!” Jane giggled

“So would I be, with a dick that small.” Laura said cruelly, smiling as a shark does to a sardine.

“Oh, like I said, Gem, you can’t tell when they’re soft, he could have a whopper.” Vicky said, laughing, clearly doubting this.

I wondered if this was some awful dream, as my face burned redder.

“Only one way to find out.” Angie said, she turned to me “Take off the robe.”

I stammered something but they laughed.

“Come on, Chris. We’ve already e-mailed ourselves these pictures, so do as we say or everyone will see that little bitty willy” Angie said.

“And those big, saggy tits.” Vicky added which set them all off again.

I blushed, I was a big guy, with a large gut and man-boobs which embarassed me deeply. Tears stung my eyes-

“Please, no.”

“Then take off the robe.” Vicky said, she was clearly in charge and she leant back in my chair, crossing her legs.

Slowly, I eased off the robe and let it fall to the floor, instantly trying to cover myself with cupped hands.

“No-no, move the hands, Chris” Vicky said sternly.

“I don’t think you really need two anyway” Laura said, smiling that evil taunting smile again.

I moved my hands. There was a mocking cheer as my limp manhood was revealed.

“Aww, its like a penis, only smaller.”

“How cute!!”

Oddly under their mocking gaze my cock twitched and lengthened slightly.

“Oh, look the monster’s waking up!” Vicky said slyly.

“I think he likes our costumes.” Jane said.

“Show us how big that thing can get.” Vicky said before adding- “But don’t you dare cum!”

“Come on, Chris, show us just how much you like our costumes.” Angie cooed.

I gripped my semi erect cock and started slowly rubbing it, in seconds I was rock hard. Who could blame me? Despite the embarassment, I was faced with four women in short skirts, fishnets and tight, low cut and skimpy tops. I looked at each one in turn, Laura’s massive mammaries straining against her corset, Angie’s cleavage in her top and Jane’s slender legs that went all the way up to the extremely small hotpants. And then Vicky, who sat there, in the boots and boob tube, that awfully sexy smile still on her lips.

I released my cock and it stood there, pointing right at them, throbbing with desire.

“Is that it?” Laura said incredulously.

Jane giggled “Its nothing to write home about, is it.”

“Its hardly suprising, it would explain why he’s in here playing with himself all the time. No woman would lower herself to fuck that!” Vicky said harshly. “Hell, they wouldn’t even touch it!”

I was embarassed but even more turned on.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Angie said softly. “Its been a while, I might touch it.”

I looked up, Angie was smiling at me.

“Would you like that, Chris?”

I nodded and Angie rose to her feet, the others watched, giggling. She walked to me, those wide hips swinging.

“I knew you’d been checking me out.” Angie purred. “Was it these?”

She smiled running her hands over her tits.

My cock twitched.

“No, I think it was this.” She turned, revealing that big, fat ass that had hypnotised me for weeks. She bent forward, the skirt riding up to show the pink thong stretched across her flesh. She glanced over her shoulder at me- “Yes, thats it isn’t it?”

She walked behind me, reaching around to slowly cup and fondle my balls.

“You like my ass don’t you?”


“Remember what you called the picture of it?”

“No.” I moaned, her hands doing their work on my swollen, cum filled balls.

She leant in and whispered in my ear “You called it, ‘fatass’”

Suddenly she gripped my testicles tightly and twisted them. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out. “Me fat? Have you looked in a mirror recently, boob-boy?”

She released my balls and pushed me onto the bed. The others dived out of the way and surrounded me. I lay there, my balls aching, but my cock still ramrod straight, as the four objects of my desire surrounded me.

“Oh, Chris, we’re going to have lots of fun with you” Vicky whispered, and again flashed the smile.


The phone rang a little before 2. I looked at the caller ID. It was M. I was both relieved and angry like the time Emily didn’t come home until 4am. I let it ring a couple of times while I decided how to answer. I decided to hear her story and let her apologize first before getting angry.

“Hello,” I said in a slightly annoyed voice.

“R, I will be home in ten minutes. Get your clothes off, find a way to gag yourself, and be waiting for me on your knees by the door to the garage.”

I was momentarily speechless. If she hadn’t used my name and I hadn’t recognized her voice I would have thought it was a wrong number.


The line went dead.

I stood there for a minute. I was asking myself what just happened. I was excited and scared. This was what I always fantasized about. Now that it was happening so suddenly I was caught off guard. I realized that if I were to forgo this opportunity I might never get another chance. I stripped off my clothes. My cock was in its pre-hardness stage.

I started towards my study to get one of my ball gags but then realized the questions that might raise. I turned around and went to the coat closet. It was surprisingly disheveled. I reached up to the shelf and found a thin scarf. I took it with me near the entrance door leading to the garage. I opened my mouth and secured the scarf in my mouth as I heard the main garage door opening, and then knelt on the floor facing the door and bowed my head, waiting for M.

She took her time coming inside. I looked up at her when she came through the door and wasn’t sure it was her. Her hair was totally different. She was dressed in a red skin-tight latex outfit that almost made me come just looking at it. She yelled at me for looking at her.

The next hour and a half was the most exciting sex I had had in the last twenty years. She paddled me hard, she ordered me to eat her pussy, and she tied me to the bed and pleasured herself on my cock. When she finally let me come I had the hugest orgasm I ever remember having. Then as I was still recovering she dropped the bombshell as she was untying my hands.

“In case you were wondering, I was with T last night. I had too much to drink but by the time I realized it was too late to call. Instead of apologizing, I thought what I just gave you would mean more to you. T was throwing out some old sex stuff she hadn’t used in several years so I asked if I could have it to use once. I hope you enjoyed it, because I am throwing all this stuff out now. This was a onetime thing.”

She had just poured cement into my aorta. It was like thinking you had won the lottery and then discovering an hour later you were looking at last week’s ticket. I was blindfolded most of the time so I couldn’t see, but it seemed like she was enjoying it, especially if her orgasms were any indication.

She went out to the kitchen while I was freeing my ankles with a large garbage bag. She threw all the bondage equipment, the paddles and flogger, and her red suit into it and took it out to the trash.

I cleaned myself up and went to my study and sulked for a while. I thought of sneaking out to the trash and rescuing all the equipment. I played around on my computer. As I thought about it more I realized if M had done all that just for me I should appreciate it and try to be nicer to her. She might even change her mind.

I made her dinner that night and watched a chick flick with her. Monday after work she told me she had a business trip this weekend. I was delighted by the prospect of having two days of playtime. We decided to workout and then go out for dinner. T came over while we were on side-by-side cross-trainers. I knew she didn’t like me but I decided to be nice to her. I started up a conversation.

I hear you and M had a good time Saturday night.”

T looked confused. After a couple of seconds M spoke up.

“You know — Saturday night when you had me over for dinner and I stayed over.”

“Oh yeah,” T said and turned to me, “M and I had a nice evening together. She’s a lot of fun.”

My head snapped over to look at M’s reaction but she was looking straight ahead. Jealousy bounced around inside me like a Superball. What just happened? Is M cheating on me? The idea cut through me like a sword while strumming something erotic in my brain. Flashes of M sucking another guy’s cock, of riding him, of spreading her legs while he eats her and then fucks her assaulted my brain.

My speed had increased by 50%. I went another half mile, easily outlasting M, and then hit the showers. When I came out M was already finished. She and T were chatting almost conspiratorially. We went to dinner.

<> <> <> <>

Hi everyone, i hope you like my story. All comments, good or bad, are welcome. The story is about a boy who gets abused, but the gets the power to fight back at his bullies.

Chapter 1:

It was an average day at school, nothing exciting happened. The whole day just seemed to drag on and on and on, never seeming to end. Finally the clock ticked the final seconds until end of day and the bell went. There was now a floury of activity as everyone raced to get out of school for summer holidays, eight weeks of no school, no homework and just time to kick back and relax.

Among the last to leave was one of the school nerds, Mark Huntingdale. This is his story.

* * * *

I slowly walked out of the school, trudging my feet along the ground and looking down at my feet. The end of school for eight weeks wasn’t good news for me. I had almost no friends to hang out with and I knew that my mum would get annoyed with me the whole holidays for sitting in my room using my computer.

But what does she want from me? At 18 and only 5″3′ I’m not the tallest, and being completely out of shape, but thankfully not fat, made me not the most athletic. I was in the ‘nerd’ classification if I was to be put somewhere. Being very smart with computers and having a good practical brain didn’t help me in social situations. No one saw my deep blue eyes, or my catching smile, or personality. All people saw me for was my slightly ruffled brown hair, my pimples that never seemed to go away, and my square glasses. As such, I was a social outcast.

I walked for about 5 minutes before rounding the corner to my street. As I walked towards the end of my street where I lived, I heard a rustling noise to the left of me. I didn’t pay it much attention, as I was lost in my own thoughts.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Yelled three different voices. I was startled and trying to turn quickly to see the source of the noise, I tripped and landed flat on my ass. When I heard the unmistakable sound of laughter my heart sank, I knew these people. When I had a look and confirmed who they were I knew I was in for a rough time. They were the school’s “cool” girls and enjoyed being mean to me. Their names are Lucy, Dianna and Madeline.

Lucy and Dianna are identical twins, both in body and personality. So when I describe one I’m describing the other one as well. They had flowing long blonde hair that went to their hips, with a 5″6′ build. They had what looked like C cup tits and had a flat stomach. Their bodies looked toned and they had strawberry lips. They were boy’s wet dreams, and no one could really tell them apart, not even their mother.

But Madeline put them both to shame. As the leader of the group she had to be confident, power, lustful to the eyes and cruel as a bitch. She had all these in truckloads. She had doll eyes with pouting lips, with a slim but muscled body. Here breast size was at least a DD, if not bigger with no sag, and had a flat stomach that made her breasts look even bigger. She had a huge ass that made her have an hourglass figure. She could put any girl to shame in sluty clothing.

Lucy and Dianna usually are the most mean to me verbally as Madeline has a ‘holier and better then you’ attitude and doesn’t think I’m even worth the time to annoy verbally. When it comes to physically hurting me, which they do on occasions, she seemed to relish in it. And today they looked like they needed to let off some steam. Also did I mention that they live three streets away from me?

“So, what are you going to do these holidays?” Lucy (or Dianna) sneered at me. Before I could answer Dianna (or Lucy) cut in.

“He isn’t doing anything at all as he is a total loner and wanker!” they both had a quick laugh as my face turned red from embarrassment. As I tried to say a word they held up their hands and pointed to the bushes. I knew what that meant and not wanting to annoy them remembering last time what had happened, I quickly walked to the bush that they had hid behind to scare me.

As I pushed my way through the bushes I felt the twins hold my arms incase I decided to run. Fat chance I would, they knew where I lived. As I pushed my way out of the big bush I walked into a small clearing I had made in a school holiday one time when I was 10. No one could see in and it was hard to get into because of the big bush so it was good privacy.

As I stood there a moment, I felt a slight push to my back and quickly moved out of the way so the twins could get through. I suddenly realized that besides seeing Madeline in the beginning, I hadn’t seen her since. I was about to turn and look for her when I felt a strong hit to my spine, making me crumble on the spot. I turned my head slightly to the side to see Madeline standing right behind me.

The twins quickly picked up my arms and moved me to the centre of the clearing, lying me down on my back as they got a pair of handcuffs hidden under a stone and cuffed my hands together and my feet together. I wasn’t trying to struggle because I remembered the first time this happened to me and how bad it was when I tried to fight back.


It was a year ago. I had been walking down the street on my way back from an after school tutoring session. I was walking slowly, not really in any hurry, as I had not homework that evening. Suddenly my back had exploded in pain and I remember when falling, but I blacked out when my head banged against the ground.

I woke up groggy and light headed, and as I tried to move my arms I felt that I couldn’t move them past a certain point. As my eyes started to clear up I blinked rapidly and they cleared up immediately. I quickly surveyed my surroundings and looked at my hands. I was shocked to see that they were handcuffed together and a quick look at my legs confirmed that they were bound in a similar fashion.

I heard a rustling sound behind me and I turned my head around and did a little shuffle with my legs to turn myself around. The people who I saw shocked me.

“LUCY?!?! DIANNA?!?! MADELINE?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!” My voiced rebounded off the small area, making it sound louder then it was.

“Well, it would be stupid for us to capture you and then just leave” Madeline said innocently. The way she said it was as if she was talking about the weather.

“AND WHY DID YOU CAPTURE ME!!!” My voiced hadn’t lowered at all and I saw a scowl cross the face of Lucy and Dianna. Madeline kept her face neutral not letting me see her feelings.

We stared at each other, Madeline and I, when suddenly she slapped me across the face. I fell back from the force and stared up at the sky. I blinked the stars away from my eyes and I struggled to sit up again. I wasn’t given a chance, as a boot was set across my ribs and a slight pressure asserted.

“I don’t want you to raise your voice any more or the next hit shall be to your nuts. Now, the reason we have decided to kidnap you is because you’re a weakling and no one cares about you. Making you a perfect target.” Her voice was calm and controlled.

“So now then, since we have you at our mercy we are going to let you out of your cuffs but don’t even think of running away or you shall regret it very much so.” Lucy and Dianna walked to my legs and arms respectively and took a key out from the front of their panties. They quickly inserted the keys and unlocked my body parts. I rubbed my wrists as a reflex.

“So, now you’re going to do what we say, right?” Madeline asked. I nodded as I pushed myself up. Once I was standing I quickly made a run for it. I ran towards the bushes as fast as I could, which I now have worked out was actually very slow, and made it about half way there before I felt a huge crashing weight on my back, pushing me into the ground.

I moved my arms under me and tried to do a push up to get the person off me, but as it felt like I might push her off (for me to achieve this shows how light these girls are) another of the girls sat on me, driving me to the ground again. A pair of feet stood in front of my view.

“Did I not tell you to run away?” Madeline asked, deathly calm in her voice, scaring me more then outright anger, “for that you shall have to be punished.”

The twins got off me and held my arms, forcing me to stand straight up. They then got the handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back. They then attached those handcuffs to the neck of my school shirt, making a rip in it and slamming it locked. I now had my hands cuffed to my neck.

They then pushed me forward onto my knees and one of the girls sat on my head, keeping me on the ground. I didn’t know what they were going to do to me but suddenly I felt a blinding pain in my nuts. I howled my heart out and tried to cower in a ball as much as I could. The girls simply picked me up and held me in the same position, spreading my thighs apart. I got 5 more shots to the nuts before the let me go. I collapsed on the ground, tears streaking down my face and pain pounding in my nuts.

“You think were done? Why, we haven’t even started!” Madeline called to me, with the twins snickering in response.

They quickly grabbed my trousers and pulled them down, revealing my boxers. I was in so much pain I didn’t even realize until they pulled down my boxers and felt the cold air on my dick. My face turned a bright red with the knowledge that three girls were now staring at my dick.

“My my, don’t you have an average dick. Not to good for screwing a girl, just average. To bad that you’re still a virgin and haven’t felt the pleasure yet,” Lucy (or Dianna) told me in a snide remark. She then got her hand and ran it along the length of my cock, causing my 7-inch cock to spring to life.

Some one flipped me onto my back and pressed their tits into my face for a few moments. The person then got off me and took their top off, revealing lushes orbs of meat encased in a bra just covering the nipples. I was pulled to my feet and saw that the person was Madeline, and that she was taking off her bra showing off one-inch nipples that I would have loved to just rush to and suck.

Madeline then grabbed the insides of her DD size tits and pulled the outwards, showing me the gap in the middle of her tits. The twins then pushed my head suddenly into the gap between Madeline’s tits, causing me to almost fall. When my head made contact with her skin, they moved my head a bit so that my mouth and nose were pushed into her ribs.

Madeline then closed her tits around my head, incasing me fully. She put some pressure on her tits, squeezing my head. Slowly the pressure increased until I guessed that both the twins were helping push as well. They kept this up for a minute until I started to run out of air when Madeline pulled her tits apart and I was rudely pulled out. I took a few deep breaths to get my heart rate down.

Everybody was smiling down at with shit-eating grins on their faces. I was wondering why when I saw a camera being held lazily in one of the twin’s hand. My heart dropped to the ocean floor as I guessed what was on that camera.

“You are now going to do what we want, when we want, got it?” Madeline asked me. I knew that if I said no, my whole upcoming high school year would be horrible and I would be a social outcast. Everybody would avoid me and be meaner to me, and most likely I would get beaten up. There was no choice.

“Yes Madeline…I shall do as you say.” My voice was defeated, and I held back sobs.

Later on in the year they had released one of the photos, where my face was in Madeline’s tits, but they made sure you couldn’t see whom it was. There was lots of speculation in the school but I knew it was a warning to me to be good or else.


They had a look at me as I was lying there with my hands and feet bound together and seemed to be deciding if this was enough bondage. They decided that I needed a bit more bondage so they locked my cuffed hands and my cuffed feet together in front of me. They then pushed me up so that I was standing on all fours with my ass raised higher then my head.

It was very humiliating this position but I kept my mouth shut. They then pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and hit my ass a few times. Who ever it was that was kitting me wasn’t hitting me to hard as I only felt a light sting.

“You ready my little virgin? I hope you like what I’m about to give you.” Madeline stated, as I felt a slight pressure against my anal sphincter. Madeline then pushed one of her fingers into my ass, slowly moving it in and out, faster and faster. She then added a second and third finger. When her three fingers were in, she put three fingers from the other hand inside and slowly stretched my ass apart.

I didn’t feel too much discomfort, as they had done this already to me a few times before. But I was surprised when I felt more fingers being entered into the top part of my ass, and then more at the bottom of my sphincter. This was really starting to hurt, and I squirmed around, trying to dislodge their fingers.

It didn’t work, and I heard them laughing behind me at my futile attempt. They then proceeded to pull with all their strength in each direction, stretching my ass greatly. I was starting to scream at this point, wiggling around so much that the remaining girl decided to sit on me to stop my moving.

After stretching me for a good five minutes and enjoying my screams, they pulled their fingers out of my ass and took a step away from me. I lay on the floor, catching my breath and trying to deal with the pain when they walked around in front of me, sticking the fingers that were in my ass at me. The picked me up and stared down at me.

“Suck it,” I was told, with fingers quickly shoved into my mouth. I sucked on the fingers, and tried to keep my lunch down. I did this to all of the fingers before throwing me to the ground again.

“Well that was fun,” Madeline said, whipping her fingers on her clothing.

“Yeh it was, but I still haven’t gotten off,” One of the twins complained.

“Really, well then ill take care of you later,” The other twin said lustfully, and all of them laughed. They then started walking away, as I heard their footsteps get softer and softer. I finally looked up to see them exiting the clearing.

I was happy they had left, but was still handcuffed with my legs cuffed to my hands. I slowly got myself up, walking in a hobbled motion towards the stone where the cuffs were usually kept, and my heart leapt when I saw the keys had been left there.

After 15 minutes of careful navigating, swearing and determination, I finally managed to get the cuffs off. I put the back underneath the stone, and started to tidy myself up. When I thought I look presentable, I started to walk home.

When I got home, I found that no one was there. My dad had left when I was 11, and mum had taken care of me ever since. Mum had left a note on the desk saying to make myself leftover dinner, and that she would be home really late. I sighed, grabbed myself a can of coke and went upstairs to go on my computer.

My computer is something that I will take pride in, and it covers the whole side of one wall. It has a huge screen, and is super fast and has great storage space.

I jumped onto the computer and quickly went through my e-mails. I had a few from friends who needed summer help, a few from my porn accounts and one that seemed to be spam.

I looked through the one that look like spam and was surprised to see that when I opened it, it took control of my computer. It made closing it impossible, and had filled my whole screen. Suddenly text appeared.



By now I was starting to get scared. I couldn’t really say no, as if I did my computer would be rendered useless. And truth be told, I was greatly curious as to what this ‘Universal Code’ was. So I typed yes. New text flashed up onto my screen.


Suddenly items started downloading onto my screen. Seeing that it would take the better part of an hour, I walked downstairs to get and get the mail. When I brought it inside and sorted through it, I had a bulky package waiting for me. I opened it up, and inside was a new phone.

I was in shock, because it read on the front ‘UNIVERSAL CODE PHONE’, it was impossible as I had only just downloaded it and been told I was getting this phone. As I had a look over it, it looked very much like the new generation iPhone.

I turned it on, seeing it open up. Finally I was presented with the home screen, which asked for new pass code to be entered. I made one up on the spot and jotted it down. The phone was now connecting to the Internet and updating itself.

I went upstairs and found that the program had finished downloading and had restarted my computer, leaving a window open on my desktop. I opened it up, and was asked to enter a pass code. I entered the same one as I did for my phone and then I was in.

It asked me if I wanted to know information on the Universal Code, which I accepted. Text started flashing on the screen.

The Universal Code is a program that has been able to alter the time space continuum. With this program, you can alter anything you want in the world, from people to great monuments. All you need to do is enter the name of what you are searching for and alter using our user-friendly interface. All changes can be chosen to be noticeable by everyone, or for everyone to just accept it. You may use your new phone to scan random things for their name and information on it, and then alter the thing.

I was shocked. How could ANY program do that, it was impossible. I decided to test it out, so I wrote my name in the search menu and selected myself. A 3D picture of me came up, with information next to every part of my body. It also had options to remove clothing, look inside the body and change personality traits, along with being able to edit anything I wanted.

I decided to start with something fun to see if it worked, so I changed my penis size for 7 inches to 25 inches for a laugh, and made it erect. I clicked the save button and waited to see if anything would happen. Suddenly my crotch was on fire as my pants got super tight. I fell to the floor, clutching my penis and quickly took my pants and boxers off.

I felt a cool rush of air as I sighed in relief and looked down at my cock. It had crown to 25 inches, and it was hard as a rock. It was massive. I looked at the program in shock and in newfound hope for my lot in life.

I changed my cock back to normal size, and then I started to adjust myself. I first change my penis size to however big I want, setting it change in accordance with how large I want it. Then I start tinkering with my body, changing my muscles to be stronger but not too large all over my body. Then I change my stomach so I had a six-pack, no excess fat, and made my face look quite handsome.

I change my hair so it was semi wild, and made my mouth look more attractive. I kept my eyes and made my ears smaller, getting rid of my freckles. All in all I would say I had become a sex bomb. I made it so that everyone except Madeline, Dianna and Lucy would find my new form completely normal.

I then changed my personality a little bit, as I didn’t want to loss myself, so I made my social skills higher and my confidence up. I saw all this power I had gotten, saw all the many different possibilities, and the only thing that kept on coming back to me was those three evil bitches and what they had done to me. An evil smile spread across my face as I turned back to my computer and started typing. Boy, were those bitches in for a surprise.

Maggie and I stopped having sex a few months before our divorce, and two years later I was still in a dry spell. Yeah, two years and counting. I was told guitars are chick magnets, so I dusted off my old acoustic and sharpened my pencil. I ain’t no Bob Dylan, but I was happy to be playing and writing again and I frequented coffeehouses with live entertainment. You readers know the type of entertainment; men and women, mostly bleeding heart liberals, singing their life stories. Once you own the guitar, it’s a cheap hobby.

I can’t say women flocked to me, but I’m attracted to just about every woman with a guitar, and so it was with pretty Nissa. As far as I could ever find out, “Nissa” isn’t short for anything; it is her given name. I guessed her to be about my age, at the time in our early forties, maybe not as hot as she used to be, but she retained some of her younger glory. The reddish blonde hair was not as long as I imagined she wore it in her twenties, but it was still thick and wavy down to her shoulders.

I bought a CD Nissa recorded. The CD was her vanity project, and I’m sure she still has a couple cases of the CDs in a back closet somewhere that will never be sold. So, she appreciated the occasional fan. The singer-songwriter scene in our town was intimate enough that she and I were on a first name basis and would see each other at open mic nights or other shows a couple times per month. She signed the jacket thanking me for my support, but wrote nothing to suggest she thought about me when I wasn’t around.

I thought about Nissa, though, and she met me for lunch once. We worked our day jobs within a mile of each other, so neither of us took it as a big deal, but I was attracted to her and we were both unattached. Nissa was a manager at an accounting firm by day. In my office, I’m one of the peons people like Nissa don’t want to be any more. I didn’t work for Nissa, though; to me, she was just part of our group of local songwriters.

Nissa was a bit softer around the edges than my ex-wife. Maggie was a manager of managers, a boss of someone like Nissa, and someone who stomps on worker-bees like me just before Christmas when corporate budgets are reviewed. Maggie shortened her hair and heels, maybe to become more like the male managers she admired. Nissa combined a softer, artistic side, with her managerial, type-A personality and I liked her.

I wasn’t looking to marry Nissa, but I found myself comparing her to Maggie, so it was a shock to find out during our lunch conversation that my ex-wife and my coffeehouse crush were sorority sisters in college. If Nissa ever thought about me romantically, she seemed to lose interest after that revelation.

One acoustic show took place around the corner from her little Cape Cod. She had walked over before sundown, but later after the show, she asked for the quick ride home in my car. I was happy to oblige, and figured I’d still be home in time for the Friday night rerun of the old Battlestar Galactica TV series. In the driveway, though, Nissa mentioned she had been taking an art class and hoped I’d give her a really, truly honest opinion of her drawings. It occurred to me that an honest opinion wouldn’t get me anywhere with her, but we had known each other a year without getting anywhere, so I figured I’d play it by ear.

“Etchings?” I asked. “Really?”

She laughed lightly at the age-old “etchings” joke, and I was sure she was thinking, “No, this guy’s not getting laid tonight.” On the other hand, she invited me in.

Sure enough, her living room was crowded with charcoal drawings on an easel and an angled drafting table. The drafting table was a solid hunk of professional furniture, with unusual brackets at the corners. I was considering my art review when Nissa appeared with a glass of red wine. She apologized for not opening a fresh bottle, but she thought it was pretty good Australian wine, and then she excused herself to “powder her nose”. Several minutes went by and I realized I had just about emptied the glass of wine, and I stopped drinking so I wouldn’t look like too much of a lush. In our time together, we had never drunk alcohol.

She returned and stood next to me. I glanced at her and she nodded back toward her drawings. I think I asked her about her sources of inspiration or something similarly corny, but she launched into a serious answer about some Ecuadorian impressionist I had never heard of. I couldn’t respond intelligently, and there was a moment of silence.

I turned to say something, anything just as Nissa sidestepped behind me. She pulled my elbows back. She said, “We’ve known each other for some time. Aside from some songs which are mostly fictional anyway, neither of us divulges much personal stuff.”

She pulled my arms back more tightly, but not roughly. Nissa continued, “There’s something I want you to try. I hope you’ll play along, and it will be our little secret.”

OK, so Nissa was shy and didn’t want anyone to know how inexperienced she was. Or, maybe she was embarrassed to be attracted to me. Whatever! I promised I could keep a secret, even though I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She told me to put my eyeglasses on a small table. I leaned over to put the glasses down and she leaned into my butt. I stepped forward a bit for balance because she actually shoved me. She didn’t hurt me, but I felt the push. I chuckled and straightened up as she flicked off the lights.

She slid a blindfold over my eyes. It was not just a piece of cloth; it was some sort of commercial product, with padded eye patches and a thin strap. I moved to straighten the strap on the side of my face, but Nissa grabbed my arms again and pulled them back.

In the dark, blindfolded, I felt a soft, fuzzy material against my wrists. Quickly, I felt the soft fuzz tighten around each wrist separately, like a Velcro bracelet. Or, maybe it wasn’t so quick. My senses were confused, and I was wondering more about what would happen than what was happening.

I was gladly playing along. However experienced Nissa was or was not, she apparently wanted to try something new and unusual, in the dark, and she couldn’t even bring herself to ask me.

I felt Nissa’s hands slide down the sides of my legs. She untied my shoes and I slipped them off. She removed my socks, and I felt her slip fuzzy Velcro anklets around my ankles. She stood, still behind me.

She held me by my left elbow with her left hand, and ran the fingers of her right hand into my hair. I wondered if a man’s head of hair was important to her, in our forties. I was graying, but not balding. Her fingers tightened and she pulled my hair enough to jerk my head. She pulled me quickly and rather roughly a few feet to the drafting table. I began to turn, maybe to face her, but she twisted my arm and pulled my butt into her abdomen.

“Don’t move too much. I’ll lead you where you need to go.” She let go of my hair.

She pushed her abdomen into my butt again. She reached past my right shoulder, pushing me to lean over the angled drafting table, and she grabbed my right hand and pulled it toward the top right corner of the table. Still blindfolded, I heard a click, and my right wrist was stuck, bound to a bracket I couldn’t see, attached to the fuzzy bracelet. I brought my left hand over to feel it. Nissa moved to the left side of the table and told me to feel her breasts. I heard her remove her shirt.

To you, reader, this all sounds so strange, and it really was strange. I reached toward her on my left, to feel her breast. She took my hand and put it against her chest. I curled my finger into her bra cup. She leaned with her breasts over the edge of the table and I slid my fingers into the bra fabric, but it was all a trick. With a slight push, she attached the bracelet on my left wrist to the unseen bracket on the left top corner of the drafting table. I could stand almost straight, but my hands were cuffed to the table. Apart from my footwear, I was still dressed.

I tested the wrist bindings. Maybe I could have ripped them apart or damaged the table, but I was tightly restrained. Nissa moved behind me and crouched, sliding her hands down my left leg. Another click, and my left anklet was attached to something. It felt like a wire attached to the left front leg of the table. I could move my leg and keep my balance, but I couldn’t drag my left leg to the right.

“Well, you are a pushy woman!” I joked, but Nissa kept working. Still crouching, she reached up and fumbled nervously at my jeans button and zipper. She pulled my pants and underwear down and off my right foot. She twisted the pants off to the left side. She couldn’t remove the pants without unhooking my anklet.

I said, “Sorry about the tighty whities. If I had known there would be an audience, I would’a worn my G. I. Joes.”

“Quiet,” she insisted. Her face rubbed the side of my left butt cheek and down my leg. Her right hand shot up the inside of my left leg, into my testicles. In retrospect, I should have known she would try to trick me into spreading my legs. A half hour earlier I was wondering about Battlestar Galactica, not about some chick’s bondage fantasy. Pretty Nissa was fondling me, and I gladly shifted my right leg over to give her space. She moved and I heard the click. All my wrists and ankles were bound.

Nissa stood. “Listen,” she said, “this is your last chance. You’re probably not thinking what I’m thinking. Ask your questions now, and if you want to stop, I’ll let you go. After this last chance, it’s all a game, and we play it to the end.”

Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. I said, “No photos or video. No choking. No marks on my skin.”

She assured me nothing dangerous was planned, and, “What happens at Nissa’s stays at Nissa’s.” I considered the possibility she was a hooker and I was about to get hustled, but I only had twelve bucks in my wallet, so the joke would be on her.

I wisecracked, “You said you wanted me to see your artwork.”

Nissa laughed nervously. “You saw it. I won’t tell you everything else, but I’ll let you go if you wish.”

“Fine, let me go,” I demanded.

I felt Nissa begin to unravel the Velcro on my right wrist.

“WAIT!” I yelled.

“What?” Nissa paused.

“I just wanted to see what you’d do. I’m guessing things are about to get pretty intense, and I’m nervous, but if you say it’s not dangerous, I’m willing to continue.”

“Final answer?”

“Final answer.”

Nissa adjusted the wrist strap a little tighter than before. I was sure she had decided to use me in some sort of art project. I wondered what I looked like, restrained, blindfolded with fuzzy accessories, bare-assed, but I hoped I would not find out on YouTube.

Nissa was still mostly dressed, as far as I could tell. I was facing the drafting table and couldn’t move more than a few inches in any direction. I wondered what her next step would be. I heard some faint clicks and beeps.

“Are you taking pictures with your phone?” I asked.

“No, no pictures,” she promised. “Relax for a sec,” she said with a mysterious laugh, “while you still can.” She caressed my butt, reaching around toward my front, not quite reaching my pubic hairs. There was a noise at the front of the house.

I jerked my restraints. “Did I just hear the front door?” I was scared. “You never said we’d have company.”

Nissa agreed, “You’re right, I never said and you never asked. You’re as safe as you were a minute ago.”

I heard footsteps and a familiar voice. “Hello, darlin’.”

It was Maggie, my ex-wife, using the pet name she called me while we were married. I pulled at the restraints again. I wasn’t so sure I could break away even if I got violent.

Maggie and I divorced without serious trouble. There wasn’t much money and no kids. Still, no divorce is fun and we both resented something about the other.

Maggie said, without emotion, “Darlin’, you won’t be harmed, and no one will find out about all this, I’ll promise you that much. But you know me, I can hold a grudge, and three years ago, you forgot our anniversary.”

“That’s it? You were on a business trip to Vegas!” I complained. “You were pulling all nighters at some convention center. I was home feeding the fish.”

“Yeah, well, tonight we settle the score,” Maggie added with mysterious excitement. “Nissa asked if she could watch.”

“Watch what?” I asked. I could hear Maggie undressing and tossing her clothes to the side. I never knew Maggie to be kinky, but she was seeing me from a new angle. She stepped toward me from behind as Nissa moved around the room.

Nissa narrated, “Maggie brought a toy with her.”

Maggie stepped closer. I was blindfolded, but I could feel her naked skin next to me. She rubbed something rubbery and hard against my leg.

“Are you going to sodomize me with a stick?” I asked, about ninety percent seriously.

Maggie kept silent as Nissa answered. “Maggie is wearing a strap-on, silicone dildo. We found it on the web. The harness holds a bullet vibrator in Maggie’s vagina. I’ll be working those controls, ha.”

“How big?” I asked.

“The kit arrived with a couple of sizes,” said Nissa. “Maggie is wearing the smaller dildo, 4 ½ inches according to the box.”

“What color?” I asked.

They both laughed at my question. “It’s purple. Maggie told me you’d be cracking other sorts of jokes. There are about a million double-entendre metaphors you could be shooting off right now, what with your ex about to screw you in ways her divorce lawyer never dreamed of.”

“Is it new?” I was thinking of STDs.

“Yup,” Nissa said. “Never used.”

“How about the bigger one, did you two, ya know, break it in?” I’m sure I leered.

They both hesitated. “We’re sorority sisters, not lesbians.”

“Riiiiight,” I cracked, sarcastically. I jerked at the restraints and the women purred contentedly. I could have imagined more questions, but once I learned I was about to be on the receiving end of strap-on sex with my grudge-holding ex-wife, there wasn’t much more to say. I had never done that with anyone, male or female or myself. I never wondered if it would be enjoyable, and doubted it would be. On the other hand, when they were finished, these two women would surely owe me some serious compensation.

I felt the fake but lifelike and erect penis being rubbed against my leg, and Maggie spanked my left butt cheek.

I told her with a high, girly voice, “No, don’t do that.” I was playing this to the hilt.

Maggie didn’t pause. She moved directly behind me. I heard her fumbling with something new, and I made out a squirting noise. I guessed she was lubricating her dildo. I heard a clunk, probably the tube being thrown down. I felt the cool, greased dildo erect between my butt cheeks.

Nissa started a CD, “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways. “How droll,” I quipped, thinking of my metaphorical cherry. Maggie and I once spent a long weekend in Montreal drunk on wine and repeating the French word “drôle” and that line from John Knowles’ “A Separate Peace”, “Je ne give a damn pas about le français.”

I continued, “Sentimental fool, c’est moi.” I struggled against the restraints some more, and I breathlessly pleaded, “Please don’t enter me. I’m just a virgin, you know.”

Maggie gasped, I suppose with power. She was about to rape an anal virgin, even if only as a game. When I got up that morning, I had no thoughts of taking in a dildo, but I was caught up in the moment. Nissa’s trickery in binding me to the table worked as masterful foreplay. I was primed and willing to play. These women manipulated me into their game, and I actually found myself wondering what anal sex would be like.

“Hey, darlin’, remember cherry lip gloss?” Maggie pulled my head around and leaned forward for a wet, tongued kiss.

“Ah,” I recalled, “just like high school.” Indeed, I remembered the taste, another cherry reference and another unusually sentimental journey considering the dildo rubbing against my butt.

Maggie rubbed the dildo up and down between my butt cheeks. I felt the tension of the bonds against my wrists and tried to keep my chin up, facing forward into my darkness. My legs were spread as Maggie aimed the end of the dildo. She was intent on penetration, but not roughly.

What was Maggie’s state of mind? With “normal”, vaginal sex in the missionary position, the penis starts at the edge of the vagina and won’t immediately slide in. The man pushes harder and the woman tells him to be gentle, but being gentle makes no sense to the man because he wants to penetrate, and if he’s not penetrating, he pushes harder. Each push gains a fraction of an inch, and then there is that magical moment when the man feels the heat of the vaginal juices, and with one more thrust, his penis slides in to its base. That moment of the first deep penetration is a man’s primal need. Most men are good people, and they don’t want to hurt women, but in those seconds before penetration, no rational thinking in possible. The man just wants to get inside, all the way inside, right fucking now! Whatever those chemicals are inside his little brain, they overpower all other thoughts, and he just wants to, well, be the man and be in charge.

It’s hard to say how Maggie understood this. We never reversed roles when we were married. I think she wanted to understand it, and that was why we were in that position, with me spread across a table and her zeroing in on my entry point. I was telling myself I wanted it, but my muscles reflexively closed up.

“You’re fighting it, aren’t you?” Maggie asked. I thought it was a rhetorical question, and I only managed a grunt, but she demanded an answer. I told her I was fighting it. I think that’s what she wanted to hear. The dildo felt huge and my body felt small. She thrust gently a couple more times and I think she laughed. I imagined an evil sneer on her face. She wanted me to fight her. I was trapped, and Maggie was going to win the fight, but she didn’t want it to be easy.

“You Drive Me Wild” began to play. “Turn up the music,” I called, trying to keep my mind on Lita Ford.

We had hardly begun when I felt like Maggie had already won. I felt like her dildo was ten inches long and inside me, but I was wrong. What seemed like the whole dildo was really only the head. Maggie was gradually pushing the head in, a tiny bit with each thrust of her hips. I felt like she had been pounding me for an hour, but it had been only a couple minutes. Maggie moved slowly, but Nissa decided we were “ready”. Nissa clicked her controller and the vibrator in Maggie’s vagina kicked on. Maggie grunted, her body jerked forward and the lubrication conquered my resistance. The dildo slipped in. The dildo didn’t scratch or injure me, but it was rigid and thicker than my virgin body expected. My insides were stretched in a new way. My cherry wasn’t popped; it was bombed.

I was tense on the table at first, head in the air, feeling the tight squeeze. When the dildo slid in to its full depth, my arms weakened and my chest collapsed onto the table. I felt Maggie’s hips against my butt cheeks. She couldn’t push it in any farther. I grunted loudly with each swivel of her hips.

There was the strong smell of heavy lubrication, and of the insides of my anus being pulled out along the dildo. At first, none of us liked the smell, but after a while, it drove us on. It was a sex smell none of us knew.

The edges of her harness and the vibrator rubbed against Maggie’s vagina. Each move stimulated her, causing her to jerk back and forth more roughly with each gyration. She began slapping my butt cheeks rhythmically with her hips.

“Oh, I get it!” Maggie cried. “I get why guys want to rush everything all the time. It’s not the orgasm you want. It’s this feeling of power. I own you! I bone you!”

I didn’t know where Maggie learned that phrase. Back in the day, I never told her I wanted to “bone” her. On this night, every time I thought I could muster the strength to move my arms, Maggie would drive herself to the next level. She dug her fingers into my hips and pulled herself toward me, jamming the dildo into my body, and once again my arms gave out and I collapsed onto the table.

A tale of blackmail and how the female storyteller spent her summer getting even with her jock of a brother.

It was the second week of summer break when it happened. Mom and Dad were at work so it was just me and my little brother, Travis, at home. He was eighteen, had just graduated high school, and had told my parents that since he had a full sports scholarship, he should have to work during the summers since I didn’t have to work with my full academic scholarship and grants out the ass to pay for my school. So, I stuck at home with my horn-dog brother for the entire summer and it pissed me off. Worse, because I was a year older (and smarter, and more responsible), Mom and Dad left all their instructions with me for what chores needed to be done while they were at work.

It was just after nine in the morning and I saw Travis was supposed to mow the grass and then run the sprinklers that afternoon. Dad is such a hard-ass about his lawn. I knew, if Travis didn’t get his lazy ass out of bed, it wouldn’t get done. I knocked on his bedroom door, but the lazy prick wouldn’t wake up. I got some ice cubes out of the freezer. I could make him wake-up one way or another. When I opened up his bedroom door to toss ice at him, I saw him sleeping naked with a massive hard-on. I’ll be honest, I sort of freaked out. I mean, he’s my brother, you know? It didn’t help that he was shaved down there, too. And by the way, fuck you, okay? It’s not as if I stood there staring, but when you see a guy laying in bed, naked and hard, you kind of notice everything at once, okay? So, fuck you, I noticed whether I wanted to or not. My brother was hard as a rock, his cock and balls were shaved clean, and even though I didn’t want to notice it, I noticed he had a big one, too, okay?

I threw the ice cubes I had in my hand on top of his chest and ran out of his room, slamming the door behind me. “Wake the fuck up!” I yelled.

“You bitch!” he yelled back and I laughed as I ran downstairs. I was sitting at the table in the kitchen when he came downstairs in shorts and nothing else.

“Put some damn clothes on,” I told him.

“Why? You’ve already seen everything I got,” he said, grabbing the front of his shorts in an obscene manner. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“I didn’t even look,” I lied. “I just threw ice on you and shut the door.”

“Bullshit,” he said, still grabbing the front of his pants. “Want to see it again?”

“Ew!” I cried out, covering my face when he pushed down his shorts. I did not look a second time. “You’re a fucking pervert!”

“Runs in the family,” he said and I peeked before I pulled my hands away to make sure he was in his shorts again. He was. I gave him the list of chores. It was just the two things, mow the grass and water. “What do you have to do?”

“Cook tonight,” I said.

“That’s so much bullshit,” he groaned, pouring a cup of coffee and sitting down at the table.

“Can you please put a shirt on?”

“Hell, be glad I put shorts on. When you’re at school, I don’t even get dressed if Mom and Dad are gone.”


“Fucking pervert, remember?”

“I’m going to jerk off later. Did you want to watch me do that, too?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why would I want to do that?”

“Because you liked what you saw and I bet you’d like to see it in action.”

“You’re a freak,” I told him. I took my cup of coffee into the family room and turned on the TV. It was time to get caught up on all the TV shows I missed during my first year at college. Seeing your brother naked, hard, and shaved was a weird way to start the day. I needed a distraction to get the image of his big prick out of my head. I sat in front of the TV, listening to the mower running outside, and spent the next hour being pissed off how sports star Travis always got his way. Worse, all my girlfriends had a crush on him and he loved to flirt with them just to piss me off. This summer was going to miserable if something didn’t change. What I didn’t know yet was how well things were about to change.

After Travis came in from mowing the grass, he went upstairs to take a shower. I finished watching my program and remembered to check if he had started the sprinkler. Dad was anal about his lawn. The sprinkler had to run for one hour on each side of the house, not counting how it had to be moved twice in the backyard. If Travis didn’t start the sprinkler, the lawn wouldn’t be done before Mom and Dad got home and then we would both catch shit. Travis for not doing it and me for not making sure he did it. Worse, I knew I would catch more shit than he would, because that’s just the way our family works. So poked my head outside, saw the lazy bastard hadn’t started the sprinkler, and I went upstairs to bitch at him.

Travis was in his room with the door shut, but I didn’t care. He never respected my door being closed, so I didn’t see any reason to respect his privacy. It would serve him right if I saw him naked for a second time that day. What I didn’t expect was catching him naked and hard again. With his hair still wet from the shower, I found Travis standing the middle of his room, facing his TV. His hand was covered in lotion as he stroked his hard cock, but that’s not even the best part. His other hand was behind his back, guiding a dildo in and out of his ass and on his TV screen was gay porn. Better yet? I had my cell phone in my hand and I before he could even react, I snapped a picture. Sometimes, it pays to be fast with your camera.

“What the fuck!” Travis screamed, picking up his towel with his lotion covered hand and turning his back away from me. I snapped two more pictures and while the last two didn’t show as much as the first one did, you could still tell it was Travis and you could see what was on his TV: two guys fucking.

“You forgot to start the sprinkler,” I said, laughing as he dropped the toy on the floor behind him, tried kicking it beneath his bed, all the while scrambling for the remote control to turn off his TV and hold the towel over his hard-on.

“Could you shut the door, please?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said, leaning against it. “Nice pics, by the way.” I held my phone up so he could see the screen. He made a stab at grabbing it, but was too slow and too busy with everything else he was trying to do. “So how long have you known?”

“Known what?”

“That you were gay?”

“Fuck you,” he said, finally able to get the TV turned off and his towel tied around his waist. His hard-on made a tent in the front of it. He moved towards me, I guess hoping to grab my cell phone.

“Touch me and I’ll tell Mom and Dad you tried to rape me.”

“They won’t believe you,” he said, closing in on me.

“They will after they see those pictures.”

“I’m going to delete them,” he said, trying to grab my phone with one hand while he held his towel around his waist with the other. Despite my best effort to keep it away from him, he managed to grab it just the same. Once he did, he smashed it against the door jam. “There. Deleted.”

“You fucking bastard,” I said, resisting the urge to knee him in the balls as he handed back the broken phone. “Keep it. You know you have to buy a new one, right?”

He shrugged, giving me a triumphant smirk that didn’t last.

“And you know all my pictures get uploaded to the cloud, right?”

“What cloud?” he asked, looking the worried.

“The internet, asshole.”


“I’ll prove it to you,” I said, pushing past him towards his computer. I wasn’t sure if they had enough time to upload, but in the past, it felt pretty instantaneous. I logged into my photo storage and opened the first one I took. On the bigger screen of his computer, it looked even better. Though he wasn’t centered in the show, you could tell it was him, he was jerking off, he was holding something against his ass, and there was clearly gay porn on the TV.

“Delete that,” he said, moving closer. I quickly signed out.

“Fuck you.”

“Delete it,” he said again.

“Fuck you,” I repeated. “And before you get any bright ideas, it’s a password protected account. So, unless you can hack my password, and I doubt it, those pictures are there for me anytime I want them.”

“What do you want?” he asked and for the first time I realized I had him right where I wanted him.

I don’t really know why I said what I said next, except I was stuck in the moment and it seemed like a good idea. There were lots of things for me to ask for, things I would ask for when I was thinking more clearly, but in the moment? All I cared about was revenge on him. Revenge for him breaking my phone, for a lifetime of living in his jock shadow, and for him being a dick to me. I wanted to laugh at him and humiliate him and I told him, “Take off your towel.”


“So I can see what a gay guy’s dick looks like.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I don’t care. Drop the towel,” I insisted. His refusal made it even more important to me.


“Then I start sending out that picture from my laptop.”

“Cunt,” he said, letting go of the towel and I saw his cock was still hard. I don’t know how close he had been to getting off. I guess it doesn’t matter, but I think he had been really close, and that’s why he was still hard. Hell, I don’t know and I guess it doesn’t matter. What I remember is that I felt drunk with power. It felt good to see my brother standing in front of me with his hard-on waving as if nothing was wrong with this picture. “Happy?” he asked, still being all snotty.

“It’s really too bad,” I said, staring at his hard cock. It was shiny with lotion and globs of lotion were still thick around the base of his shaft and on his balls where the towel could touch because of his hard-on.

“What’s too bad?”

“That a cock this pretty has to belong to a gay guy,” I said and I felt once removed from my body as I watched my hand reach up and caress his shaft. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think I was thinking anything, other than being in control. I ran my hand up and down his shaft a couple of times, enjoying the way his meaty prick felt in my hand. His cock was hot and throbbing from the attention he had been giving it and I caught myself liking how it felt before I realized what I was doing. I pulled my hand away, wiping off the extra lotion on his washboard stomach as if nothing was wrong.

“I’m not gay,” he repeated.

“You just like shoving toys up your ass?” I bent over and picked up the toy he had tried to kick beneath his bed. I held it up to him.

“It just feels good,” he said, blushing.

“And this?” I asked, spying the remote control for the TV on his bed. I pressed the power button and the movie came back to life in time to show one guy spraying his orgasm on the other guy.

“Stop it,” he whined.

“No, little brother, I’m just getting started.” I handed the toy to him. “Go ahead and finish.”


I laughed. “Did you think it was optional?”

“A couple hours ago, you were tripping out about seeing me without a shirt.”

“A couple hours ago, I still owned a cell phone that works and I didn’t know my jock of a little brother was gay.”

“I’m not gay,” he whimpered again.

“Tell me that after you get off.”

He stared down at me, I guess trying to read my face, but if that’s what he was doing, I knew what he saw. A very pissed off, in control, big sister. “Pervert.”

“Fucking pervert,” I corrected and I remember smiling at him as he started to rub his prick.

I sat at his desk and watched him do his thing. I won’t admit it anywhere else, but I’ll admit here: yes, I got wet watching him. I don’t know if it was because of the power trip I felt or because he really is attractive or what. I’m guessing it was the power trip, I really am. Maybe that doesn’t explain everything else I did, but it works for that moment in time. I did make him fuck the toy again as he did it and I didn’t stop watching until after he came. As soon as he came, I realized I should have told him to eat it, too, but somehow I guess I knew that wasn’t going to be my last show. “Faggot,” I called him when he was done. I know that’s a bad word, as bad as using the “n” word, but I liked the way it made him flinch. “I want a new cell phone before Mom and Dad get home or I show them the pictures I took.”

“What are you going to say to them? That you snuck into my room to catch me jerking off?”

“I don’t think that will matter once they see the pictures, do you?”

“You’ll still get in trouble, too.”

“Maybe, but I wonder what you’re coach will think of those pictures when I email him? Or the other players on your team? Hell, I bet there are even a few neighbors who would find them interesting.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“A new cell phone, by four, or you’ll get to find out.”

“I hate you,” he said and that made me smile bigger than ever.

As soon as Travis left the house, I threw myself on my bed, pulled off my shorts and panties, and I played with myself. I was so wet and my fingers felt good as I rubbed the swollen nub of my clitoris in frustrated little circles until my orgasm overtook me. It felt good, but it didn’t satisfy. I needed more. Everything thinks I’m a good girl because I get good grades and I don’t get in trouble, but they don’t know me very well. They don’t know all the crazy thoughts that run through my head all the time. They don’t know how often I have to play with myself. I went back into my brother’s room, turned on his TV, and did it again. I stood right where Travis had been standing, staring at the guys on screen fucking and sucking. My mind circled between seeing Travis naked and hard and imagining one of the well built guys in the video were Travis. I came again and it felt good, really good.

Feeling more in control of myself, I turned back to his computer. I changed the background of his computer to a collage of the pictures I took of him. I added those pictures to his screensaver and then I went snooping. That’s when I found his self-shot pictures. I made copies for me before added those pictures to his screensaver, too.

Travis is a football player. He’s big, muscular, and as well formed as any marble statue, so different from the guys I dated. I date eggheads, brainiacs, guys who can keep up with me intellectually. The guys I dated were wimps, the sort of guys people like Travis liked to pick on, but I couldn’t bring myself to date a dumb jock. How could I? Not after the ways Travis had treated me, like the time he made me eat dog food from the dog food bowl. Travis was a bully and I had lived in fear of him for too long. It was time for that change once and for all and if I could have some fun while doing it, why not?

I’ll give my brother credit for being consistent. But he’s not very bright. He did replace my phone and he seemed to think that was going to end things. Silly man. I might had taken it easier on him, too, if he hadn’t given me such an attitude. I guess it’s not all his fault. As the golden boy, he was used to pushing me around and getting his way. He didn’t seem to understand that ship had left the port as soon as I had taken that first picture. I was sitting in the family room when he came home with my phone.

“Here’s your fucking phone,” he said, throwing the box at me as soon as he came in the door. “It probably needs to be charged or something. And the dude at the store said something about a Simpson card.”

“A SIM card,” I corrected.

“Whatever. But now we’re square, right bitch?”

I laughed. “Not even close, cocksucker.” It sure was fun seeing him flinch. “I thought you said you like to be naked when you’re home alone.”

“I’m not alone right now, am I?”

“Let me rephrase that: get naked.”

“Why? You sweet on my hot bod?”

“No, I just want to keep you in your place,” I said. “I want to see you naked and hard anytime we’re home alone.”

“Fuck you, cunt.” Like I said, he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he did recognize his own profile name when I said it out loud. While on his computer, I had found a gay dating site where he had posted his self-shot pictures. “You fucking snooped on my computer!”

“Oh hell yeah and you should see all the new pictures I have on my account.”

“You bitch!”

“I guess so,” I said. “Now about you being naked and hard?” He stared at me for a long while as his slower brain churned to analyze his options. Finally, he realized I had him. He got naked. “And hard,” I reminded him. He rubbed his prick a few times, making it hard.

“You want to rub it again for me?” he asked, which was a decent stab at making me feel uncomfortable.

“Do you even want a girl to do that for you?”

“I happen to go both ways.”

“That’s not what your profile says.”

He looked angry, but kept stroking his prick, making himself hard.

“I still can’t believe you snooped on my computer.”

“I still can’t believe you haven’t figured out that I own your ass.”

“So what now?” he asked, petting his long, hard cock.

“Whatever I want,” I said, reaching out and touching his wonderfully long, hard cock.

“Hey, what the fuck!” he said, jerking away from me.

“Take it, bitch,” I said, laughing, grabbing him by the hips, and pulling him closer. Opening my mouth, I wrapped it around the head of his prick and sucked on him. A lot of girls don’t know this, I guess because a lot of girls won’t do geeky guys, but a lot of geeky guys happen to have big pricks. I had no problem deep throating Travis’s big dick until my nose pressed against the smooth, exposed skin around his cock where most men sported pubic hair. He might be my brother, but he was hot, too, and I didn’t care.

Okay, I’m lying a bit. I did care, but not about how hot his body was. What I cared about was using him as I had seen him use all the women he ever dated. He was a piece of meat to me, a very hot, sexy piece of meat. When I licked and sucked his smooth balls, I looked up at him, enjoying the look of panic in his eyes as he watched his sister servicing him. Did he understand how this wasn’t about me sucking him, it was about me owning him? I didn’t stop until I made him orgasm inside my mouth.

“You’re a freak,” he said, his chest still heaving from the thrill of his orgasm.

“Me? You’re the one who just came in your sister’s mouth.”

He gave me a confused look, asked if he could leave, and nodded. I didn’t want him around while I took care of myself again and I needed to. I was wet as hell again. As soon as he left the family room, I shoved my hand inside my shorts and came again. Fuck, that felt good.

One of the things that bothered me about the way Travis has terrorized me was how my parents had let him get away with it. When he made me eat dog food, I had told my mom. She yelled at him, but that was it. If he would dunk me at the pool or steal my homework or make fun of me because I was smart instead of fast and strong, our parents would always take his side. I was expected to “know better.” Well fuck that. I was tired of knowing better. When it came time to make dinner that night, I called Travis downstairs.

“You fucked up my computer,” he said when he showed up.

“No, I changed the background and added some pictures to your screensaver.”

“Change it back, please?”

I smiled. Was that the first time he ever asked me to do something? I think it was and he even used the magic word: please. I could get to like this. “After I make dinner,” I told him, slipping off my shorts and panties. He stared at me with wide eyes.

“What are you going to do?”

“Like I said, make supper. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be naked for me?”

He scrambled out of his shorts. He wasn’t hard, but he still looked good. I made sure to poke my skinny butt at him as I pulled out two cucumbers and a onion. I peeled both as he sat at the kitchen table and stared at my naked ass. I could feel his eyes on my butt. Before cutting up the cucumbers, I faced him. Holding the first one, I pushed it inside my pussy. It was cold from being inside the refrigerator and it felt good filling me. I fucked the vegetable a couple of times, making sure it got wet from my pussy, and then I began slicing it into skinny slices for the salad I was making. When I started fucking the second one, I saw Travis was hard again as he watched without talking. Finally, I rubbed the onion between my pussy lips before slicing it. He was hard, really hard as I picked up the bowl and told him to stand up. “Jerk off,” I told him, holding the bowl in front of him.

I went out with this red head chick named Dana a friend hooked me up with for about month or so but it I ended it because she started to become weird around me. Oh she was hot enough with a curvy figure and 38DD breast and long red hair. I especially like her freckly body and the fact she was a squirter when you made her cum which was hard work.

Sounds good right? Makes you think why the fuck did you break it off with such a hotty?

Well she had this dark side as well!

She was a needy bitch constantly texting me all the time when we were apart wanting to know where I was. She was suffocating me with her need for attention and to make it worse after only two dates she declared loudly she was planning to marry me! Sure I got to fuck her more than a few times but she was fucking god awful in the sack to be honest. She’d just lay there like a corpse while I did my thing and that bored the fuck out of me!

So I got the fuck out of there!

The problem was it didn’t stop with the calls and the texting and then leaving dead animals in my car. I am not joking she really left dead animals in my car. I called the cops and they had a word with her that made all this unwanted attention stop. Life was good again or so I thought.

But a few weeks after Dana finally stopped her bullshit I developed this very irritating burning rash in my groin. I only mention my ex here because our break up was the start of what became months of hell!

I didn’t think it was an STI and the Doctor assured me it looked more like an allergic response to something, so he prescribed me some cream for it. Initially it worked great but the rash kept coming back and after a while the cream didn’t seem to work anymore either.

Fuck it was so annoying as one moment it would burn and itch like hell and then I’d scratch it like all fuck and then after a time my cock became red raw and painful as well. Not just my cock but my balls too and groin and taint. I’d end up having long baths just for relief but even this seemed to stop working after a while.

The doctor swabbed it and took blood tests but nothing ever came up as to what was causing it and why it was only affecting my nuts. After a month of suffering my 16yo sister Lydia said she seen some cream in the local herbal shop and she brought some home for me. I was sceptical at first but I decided I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go.

The tube read ‘Herbies R-Cream’ which meant nothing to me so I dabbed some on my fingers and rubbed it all over my cock and balls. Oh my fucking god the relief was almost instant and the rash died down overnight to my great relief. I thanked my sister Lydia profusely who oddly didn’t seem to care that much. She just nodded and went about her business.

Over the next two months I used that cream constantly as every time I thought I could stop the rash came back with a vengeance. The other nice thing about this cream was it kinda made my dick tingle in a real pleasant manner and so I liked putting it on. But the first time I learnt something was awry was after I played the first game of football for the year.

I stripped out of gear at the end of the game and I needed to as I had mud all over me, and walked into the shower cubicle with my other mates on the team. I started washing myself under the warm water when I noticed the guys were kind of staring at me. Well not at me but more like at my cock. This was weird in itself as there was no gay guys on our team and no one ever openly gawked at the other guys like this.

I looked down and everything seemed fine as far as I was concerned. I was a fit 18yo guy in the prime of my life and although I wasn’t the best hung guy ever I had a good 6 inches when I was hard. Just enough to satisfy the chicks and have a good life free from that homo bullshit I have read small guys go through.

My best mate Tony idled over to me and whispered in my ear, “Dude, what the fuck has happened to you?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked surprised.

He blushed red and started to say something but then seemed to think better of it, “Ahhhh….. Never mind!”

Tony walked away leaving me feeling a bit confused. Obviously he thought something was wrong otherwise why would he act like that. But the fact that he seemed too embarrassed to even speak to me about it made me shit myself. So I finished up, dried off, and walked out of the showers with the towel wrapped around me.

To my surprise Lydia was standing near my gear looking a bit embarrassed by being there herself. “Hey Lyd, what you doing?”

“You forgot your cream so I thought I’d bring it for you!” she said smiling.

I shrugged, “You didn’t have to do that!”

“That’s what sisters are for!” she said handing me the tube and then walking off.

I walked into one of the toilets and rubbed some on my cock feeling its coolness like a balm. My cock started tingling again and I just stood and enjoyed it for a moment. Then walking out into the change rooms I noticed a couple of guys whispering to each other and laughing while looking at me. I felt on the outer immediately and I didn’t even know what I done wrong?


Later that day when I was home I decided to call Tony on the phone and see if I could find out what the fuck was up with the guys. “Hey Tone! It’s Mike here. Can we talk?”

“Sure Mate! Wassup?” he replied.

“What was all that bullshit after the game today? I mean I got the distinct impression I was being shit-canned for some reason? Did I do something wrong?” I asked hoping it was just some misunderstanding between me and the guys.

“Ahhh…. Look this is hard to say Mate cos well it’s not something mates like us would generally talk about!” he told me.

“I don’t understand?”

“Well it looks like since I seen you nude at the end of last season to the start of this season your cock and balls have shrunk!”

There was an awkward pause.

Finally I said somewhat incredulously, “What the fuck? Have you lost your fucking marbles or something?”

“I kid you not Mike. Your dick is smaller I suggest you give it a good measure and find out for yourself. I am not lying to you I swear on my life!” he said.

“This is bullshit Tone and I expected better from you!” I said hanging up.

The phone rang back but I ignored it because I wasn’t having that conversation again. But he had me thinking and as I hadn’t really measured my cock since I was about 16 I thought maybe I better check it out. So I got the ruler out of my desk drawer and dropped the strides. My cock didn’t look that different to me but maybe that was because I seen it all the time. My flaccid cock was usually about 4 inches which grew to a nice thick 6.2 inch cock. I was what you may say average and I didn’t have a problem with that.

I laid the ruler against my soft cock and looked at the numbers. I looked again! I swear to all mighty god above it read 3 inches! Three fucking inches! The room spun for a moment and I sat on the bed feeling shocked. I found it hard to breath suddenly and I passed out and fell on the floor.

I awoke with my vision blurred and my head spinning a little but eventually I seen my younger 16yo sister Lydia standing over me. She had a big grin on her face and was looking at…….. Oh crap my pants were still down around my ankles! I quickly grabbed them and pulled them up saying, “Hey what do you think you are doing?”

She looked over to me, “What happened to your cock? I mean it looks smaller!”

“It’s just a bit cold that’s all!” I said blushing.

“It’s not that cold! You sure you’re alright?” she asked.

“Yeah I will be fine, now leave me alone you little perv! Looking at my cock while I am sleeping! Jesus what’s wrong with you!” I screamed at her and she left the room which was what I wanted.


Several days later I was back at the doctors and he was checking it out for me. He was sceptical that my penis was shrinking and to be honest I think he thought I was a bit of a crackpot for bringing it to him.

“Your genitals look normal, Mike. I really don’t know what to say!” he told me in a fatherly tone.

“But they’re smaller Doc! I’ve lost an inch! That can’t be normal!” I argued.

“Son, your penis is still average for your age so I am not sure what the problem is. Look I have the measurements so if you think it has shrunk anymore then come back and I will check it out again. OK?”

I stood feeling angry, “Come back when it gets smaller? That’s the best you can do? Thanks for nothing!”

I stormed out of the office and even refused to pay I went straight home. After this visit to the Doctor I had stopped using that cream because I was trying to figure out what was happening to me and how, and that cream seemed like the most likely candidate as the cause of this. The only problem was the rash came back worse than ever and it was driving me crazy.

I was determined not to use it anymore but one night it was too much for me and I lathered it on. The redness and irritation went immediately and my cock began to tingle in that warm pleasing manner. I lay there feeling so relieved wondering about this cream. I mean I started using it on Lydia’s say so and I didn’t even check into it. So I looked at the tube and seen the name of the store ‘Herbies’ and decided to check them out.

The next day I went into the shop with the tube I was using and walked up to the counter. There was this hippy looking woman in her fifties standing there looking stoned and stupid so I took a deep breath and said, “Oh hey, you sell this cream?”

She took it from my hand and looked at it and then passed it back. She said, “Yeah, it’s a reduction cream we sell for skin blemishes, scars, varicose veins, and cellulite. It’s quite popular with our female customers. Where did you get it?”

“Ahhh…it belongs to my sister and I was worried about her so I thought I’d find out about it just in case she had a err a problem!” I was unconvincing.

“Well we only sell complimentary medicine here so if she has a real problem then she should see her GP!” she looked at me like I was stupid.

“Ahhh what would happen if you used it err on the wrong place?”

“What do you mean?” she suddenly looked a bit creeped out.

“I don’t know say on another part of the body apart from those things you mentioned?”

She screwed her nose and said in a snippy manner like I was stupid, “It’s a reduction cream silly, it would cause the part to reduce!”

My stunned silence only served to further her dislike of me, “If that is all you want to know will you please step aside I have customers here!”

Meekly I stepped aside as two women stepped to the counter both with tubes of “Herbies Reduction Cream” in their hot little hands. One of them shot me a glance and then looked down in my groin and back in my eyes with a wry smile. Oh fuck! I panicked and ran out of there in a hurry! Questions exploding in my mind as to why Lydia would give such a reduction cream to rub on my cock?


Over the next week I was determined to not use that fucking cream and of course the rash came back as bad as ever. I tried to fight it though and got every cream under the sun from vitamin E, sorbolene, Prednisone, Calamine lotion, voltaren gel, anti-fungal cream, and I even tried taking oral antihistamines as well. Nothing worked, oh some would work for about 10 minutes but then the burning itch and pain would came back worse than ever. I would lay awake in bed tossing, turning, scratching and bleeding all night long.

I was losing weight as I couldn’t eat feeling like I was, and finally after a week I relented just for some sleep I decided to use the reduction cream once again. I went into my bathroom to find it and it was gone! I pulled that fucking place apart looking for it as the relentless burning itch was driving me mad, when I looked up from scrambling on the floor through every thing I had in the bathroom to see my sister standing there smiling at me.

“Looking for something?” she asked.

“Give the cream you bitch!” I was angry.

“What cream?

“You know what I am talking about! Hand it over!” I scratched madly at my groin.

“Oh the reduction cream? Is that what you are talking about!” she leered at me.

I stood and rushed her in a fit of rage grabbing her around the neck and raising my fist ready to smash her face, “GIVE ME THE FUCKING CREAM YOU CUNT!”

She looked up at my fist and then into my eyes, “You still haven’t learnt your lesson big brother, have you!”

I composed myself and stepped back feeling confused and scratching again, “What lesson? What are you talking about?”

She shook her head in disgust, “I am so disappointed in you! I was hoping it wouldn’t have to go this far!”

“What are you talking about….”

“If you want the cream then I have a deal for you, if you are interested?”

My groin was driving me nuts and was scratching all the time but I tried as best as I could to concentrate on what she was saying, “You will continue to use the cream everyday but the only catch is you have to get it off me when you want it.”

God my nuts I need that cream!

“Who died and made you Queen of the Universe!”

Help my fucking nuts pleeeeaaasssse!

“You will apply the cream of course as I don’t want to touch it, but you can only measure your cock in my presence. Is it a deal?”


“Alright I agree just give me the fucking cream!” I shouted.

I dropped my pants and boxers on the spot and she walked over to me slowly prolonging it looking at my red scaly angry looking groin. “Hold out your hand!” she said and then as I did she produced the cream and squirted some in my hand.

I rubbed it over my cock and balls and the relief was instantaneous so sighed deeply. “OK hold it out for me so I can measure it!” Lydia ordered.

She produced a small tape measure, a pen and a notebook. She pulled out some of the tape and held it against my soft cock, “OK 2.5 inches! Now get it hard for me so I can measure it erect!”

“But you’re my sister Lydia don’t you think this is fucked up?” I pleaded.

“If you want the cream then you do as I say,” she replied coldly.

So I tugged on my soft cock and in a few minutes it was hard and she was measuring me, “Right nearly 5 inches! Looks like the cream is working nicely!”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked standing there with my boner pointing at my sister.

“I am not doing anything to you Mike. You are the one putting the cream on, not me. If you want the shrinking to stop then don’t use the cream. If you want the itching to stop then use the cream knowing the consequences. Knowing the consequences of your actions is an important lesson for you Mike. If you can learn that lesson then all this might stop. The choices are all yours now!” and she turned and walked out leaving me stunned.


That night I fell into a deep sleep as I hadn’t slept for days becuase of the itching and had the best night sleep ever I ever had. I woke late and a familiar burning itch was growing in my groin and I jumped up and dressed and went into my sisters room. She was gone. Checking my watch I realised she was at school now so I looked for the cream. It wasn’t anywhere to be seen.


I had an idea and thought why be her bitch when I can buy it from the shop myself. So I drove over to Herbies and it was fucking closed blah blah blah! Fuck you fucking hippies! My nuts were now reaching major melt down point so I jumped into the car and headed for Lydia’s school.

When I got there it was lunch period and teens were running about anywhere. I spotted one of Lyd’s friends and asked her where she was. Thankfully she took me straight to her.

“Lyd! Lyd! We need to talk!” I said jogging to her.

“Oh why?” she asked looking bored.

“Lyd! Come on you know why! I need the cream!” I was panting wanting to so much scratch my nuts but mindful I was standing in front of teenage girls.

Lydia pulled the cream from her pocket, “Oh you mean this?”

The bitch was teasing me and I felt very angry and lunged for it but she ducked. “Just for that if you want the cream then you drop your pants here.”

“Lydia don’t be foolish I will get in trouble!” I pleaded.

“Cream now, here! Or later at home, your choice! Consequences, remember?” she dangled the tube at me while the other five girls all giggled.

I sighed deeply and undid my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers standing their naked in front of Lydia and her five teen friends. “OK happy now?” I asked holding and hand out for her to put the cream on.

Lydia pulled out the cream from her bag and then squirted it on my hand. I began rubbing it all over my cock and balls sighing deeply as the relief washed over me. The girls though were laughing at me and my patheticness.

“Hey I always thought your brother was kinda cute, but looking at his pinky winky I have to reconsider!” a brunette flat-chested teen said.

“Yeah he is disappointing isn’t he! But I fear it is only going to get smaller unless he comes to his senses,” Lydia agreed smiling at her friends.

“You’re a badass biatch, Lyd!” another girl said then laughing at me.

“It’s already about the smallest dick I have seen for real. I have seen smaller ones on the net but I always thought those were doctored but now I am not so sure. You must be embarrassed Mike with that small thing between your legs?” Kate said.

But I was in the a haze of relief and a tingling cock so what she was saying didn’t really sink in. “A cock’s a cock so what’s the big deal?, I said as I reached down and pulled up my pants.

But Lydia said, “Pretty soon you wont be able to call that a cock at all if you’re not careful!”


Later that night I had a shower and then presented to Lydia’s room for my cream when I noticed a package wrapped like a gift sitting on her bed. She seen me look at it and said, “It’s for you, from a mutual friend!”

I hesitated.

“Go on open it!” she chided.

I picked it up and it felt soft so I tore open the paper and to my surprise about twenty pair of women’s panties fell out all over the place. I looked at my sister like she was crazy, “Lydia? What the fuck?”

She smiled at me like a shark and then said, “New rule, if you want your cream you have to wear panties from now on. No more boxers, tighty-whiteys, jock straps, or men’s briefs for you. From this time forward you wear only panties! Do you understand?”

“Lyd what are you doing to me? I mean this is fucked up. My cock is has shrunken because of that cream and now this?” tears ran from eyes as the whole thing came down on me.

But my pain only made my sister smile again, “I am not doing anything to you big bro, you are the one applying the cream. The choices are all yours to make! It is a female law that a man who has a small dick cannot wear men’s underwear because he is not a man. If you want the cream then you have to wear the panties. If you want to continue to show your contempt for females then go without. The choice is completely yours! “

After I applied the cream I was measured again, and then she ordered me to put on some panties which I did and so I carried the rest back to my room. I opened my underwear drawer and all my male underwear were gone. The panties weren’t all that uncomfortable they just looked like girls panties. I had never been into gay shit like this and here I was wearing my own panties.


The next four months went by in a blur as my life was consumed around the cream and what my sister was ordering me to do. I dropped out of football all together and I had to admit I lost interest in physical sports for some reason anyway. My sister loved taunting me making me come to all kinds of public places where she’d order me to drop my pants and make me apply the cream.

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