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I held Lena close, feeling her warmth against me as I kissed her cheek lightly, then I took her hand, my sister’s hand, and slipped the antique engagement ring onto her finger, pulling her close again to kiss her cheek once more and whisper that I loved her, while mum stood by and smiled sadly. Finally she dabbed at her eyes and passed me a piece of paper with a ‘University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust’ heading. I looked at her questioningly.

“What is this mum?” I asked her, and she smiled.

“It’s the number for my old head of department; he’s head of the Cardio-Vascular unit at the Royal Infirmary, and he’s looking for a Junior Surgical Consultant for a Locum to substantive post with the Cardiology team; I told him about you, and he’s waiting for you to call him. It’s initially for six months, but the post will become substantive if you decide to remain with the team; I think you should take it; you and Lena will need this, so do it soon, Darryl, please, for both of you.”

I hugged her tightly, she’d solved my first problem, and now Lena and I had something to tell everyone. I nodded to Lena and all eyes switched to her.

“Mum, daddy, Darryl and I have been talking, and we’ve come to a decision; we want to have a baby, soon, this year. Please don’t object or start giving me reasons why we can’t, this is what we want, we think it’s what this family needs, there are…other reasons why we want a baby this year, you know as well as I what they are, but this is for us, and for you. We love each other very much, and this is what we both want.”

Dad smiled, looking slightly bemused, but not surprised, mum smiled slightly, nodding as though something had become clear.

“What you kids do is not really my business anymore,” said dad, “I’m in no position to tell you what’s right or wrong, but I will say just one thing again; Darryl, Lena’s been in love with you since forever, don’t make her regret giving her heart to you, and I mean that; in a little while there’ll be only the two of you here, you’ll have to take care of each other, and any little ones who come along, so you have to be sure that this is what you want. Your Aunt Min’s right, this is an all-in deal, so now’s the time to back out if you’re going to, not two years down the line, or five or ten. I want to leave this world secure in the knowledge that my kids have done the right thing by each other, and that they’re going to keep on doing it for each other and their family.”

Lena left her seat and came and stood next to me, her fingers gently stroking the back of my neck, before sitting on my lap, my arm instinctively going around her waist to hold her to me. She used to sit like this before, when we were younger, but now there was a whole new meaning to why she chose to do that, and mum and dad both got it.

“Mum, daddy, Darryl and I will be fine; we’ve both got what we want, you really don’t need to worry about us, or what we’re doing, or where we’re going with this; we know what we feel for each other, and what we want out of life, for both of us, and it starts right here!”

After that there was a flurry of family hugs and conversation about when they were leaving, things they should take and leave behind, bright and positive, but with an undercurrent of bitter sadness.

I called the number mum gave me and made an appointment to see her old boss after she and dad had left, and he understood; he was quite despondent at her leaving, she’d been Head Nurse in the Cardiology Centre before taking up her post in the Renal Unit, and was one of his most trusted friends and colleagues in both posts. He really didn’t want to let her go, but he knew what was happening with dad, and accepted that I had more pressing things to deal with just now.

That night, Lena and I went up to bed together, mum and dad making no comment when we left together, and just a broad wink from Min. Once we got to the room, Lena wasted no time in stripping off and climbing into bed naked. I held out her sleeping shirt, but she just dimpled and declined it.

“What’s the point in putting it on Dar, you’ll just yank it off me again! I’ll just sleep raw if you don’t mind!”

I didn’t mind at all, she was a wonderful sight to behold naked, and I could feel all kinds of interest stirring, something she noted as I climbed into bed.

We held each other close, as much for comfort as for the chance to feel each other’s body pressed together so intimately, and the involuntary reflex struck; my cock was rock hard and ready for action from being pressed against Lena’s smooth hairless mound, something she noticed immediately.

“So Darryl, you feel like a little contact sport, some night games, yes?” she whispered in my ear, and try as I might to think how inappropriate this would be, all I really wanted to do was jam my cock into her as hard and as far as I could. Taking my silence as agreement, she wrapped her little hand around my hardness and squeezed gently. I reciprocated by sliding my hands down and cupping her sexy cheeks, enjoying the springy firmness of them in the palms of my hands as I squeezed and kneaded them.

“Got any new moves in your playbook, Stud?” she teased, licking my lips as she kissed me with light, feathery kisses all over my face and neck.

In reply, I rolled her onto her back and clamped my lips over her nipples, sucking at the rubbery little stalks in turn and flicking them with my tongue tip, making her giggle and sigh. I moved on down, lightly kissing and licking her tummy, licking and swirling my tongue around in her gorgeous little navel before kissing down to her beautiful bare little pussy. I slid between her thighs and pulled toward me, putting my hands behind her knees and pushing her legs up to raise her pelvis off the bed.

“Why Darryl whatever are you doing to me!?” she cooed, and in answer I dipped my head down to lick in a long slow line from the hood of her clitoris all the way to her cute, sexy, tempting little pink starfish.

“Ooohhh! That feels so good, keep doing that!” she groaned, and I obliged by pushing her legs even further over, until her knees were almost touching her shoulders, her pussy pointing straight at the ceiling.

Now I licked and sucked in earnest, pushing my tongue between the folds of flesh enfolding her vulva, probing between them, tasting and teasing her. I came at last to the hard little knob of her clitoris, fully emerged from its little hood and glowing pale pink, slick, shiny and appealing. Lena kept up a constant sighing encouragement, the words “oh yes, like that, yes, oh yes…!” tripping endlessly from her lips as I licked, sucked, teased, and tormented her delicious, sopping wet pussy, paying especially close attention to her clitoris, sucking it gently and rubbing it lightly with my tongue.

Lena was threshing about on the bed, mini-orgasms bursting through her in waves, and when I slid my hand around her hip and rubbed her clitoris as I pushed my tongue deep into her vagina, she came with a loud groan, her pussy convulsing around my tongue as she shuddered and trembled with pleasure.

I hadn’t finished with her yet, though; as she began to come down, I rubbed her clitoris lightly with my thumb, while I licked and tickled her anus with my tongue-tip, listening to the murmured “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as I darted my tongue in and out of her. I kept up the motion of my thumb on her clitoris, alternating with sliding it into her pussy in time to my tongue thrusts into her tight, slick little hole.

Lena began to twitch and push her crotch into my face, humping herself against me as I probed and jabbed inside her private places, her breathing beginning to hitch as she approached her orgasm, and as her pussy tightened about my intruding thumb, I shoved my tongue into her anus as hard as I could.

She came with a guttural scream, warm tangy-sweet liquid spraying across my face and neck as she ejaculated with the force of her orgasm, her anus contracting and forcing my tongue out as her pussy clamped down tightly around my thumb. I kept stroking her clitoris and licking her anus, keeping her orgasm rolling on.

At last she was done, her legs dropping back down to the bed and her breathing harsh as she gulped for air, and I could see a pulse beating in her neck and the base of her throat. As I watched, she calmed, her breathing slowing and her pulse no longer hammering.

“That was awesome, Dar, where did you learn that? Oh yes, Gower Street Nurses Quarters, why do I even bother asking…?” she smiled, and then took hold of me.

“You need to do something about this, Lover-Boy; any ideas?” she grinned wickedly, holding my bone-hard erection and circling her thumb in the clear lubricant oozing from the tip.

I shuffled up between her wide-spread thighs, and leaned down, Lena guiding me until I slid into her, the sudden constriction around my cock exciting and highly stimulating. Lena hissed as I slid all the way into her, until I was buried to the very root in her hot, tight pussy. I stopped to let her prepare herself, and she pulled my head down, kissing me once lightly on the lips.

“What are you waiting for, Daryl? Get a move on, make babies in me!”

I grinned, beginning to move within her, slipping in and out as I pumped her full of my cock. Lena held herself tight against me, her hips pumping against mine, and her pussy squeezing and relaxing as I jammed myself into her. She was close to orgasm again, I could see it in her flushed face and neck, her elevated heart rate and the glazed look developing on her face. I was near the point of no return when she began muttering in my ear, goading me on, heating me up even further.

“That’s it, Darryl, shove that cock into me, fill me with baby juice, you put a ring on my finger, now put a baby in my belly, c’mon stud, fuck that baby into me, don’t you want to see my belly with your baby inside it?!”

I lost it, hammering mindlessly into her, my whole world consisting of the feel of her wrapped around me, humping against me as I pumped into her, her arms around me as she talked endlessly in my ear, telling me what she wanted me to do to her, making me hot, making me want to just explode inside her.

Lena came in a series of convulsions, a volcanic eruption of pleasure inside her, her pussy rippling and sucking at my cock. All I could hear was her scream as she orgasmed, and that did it for me; I came like a thunderbolt, pouring pulse after pulse of spunk into her tight pussy, jamming my cock into her as I filled her up, wanting nothing but to make my baby inside her right now, this instant; this was going to be the one, I was sure of it! We convulsed against each other for long minutes, stream after stream of sperm pouring out of me and into her, doing what she’d asked, filling her with my baby juice, mating with her, impregnating my sister, my aunt, my girl.

I slumped down next to her, totally spent, Lena in almost the same state from the endless orgasms she’d been having all night. I was almost too tired to think, but I did remember to switch on the alarm clock, and then I pulled Lena close, and that was it until the ringing of the alarm woke us the next morning.

The drive to the airport was as grim and tense as I’d been dreading it would be; Lena went in the MPV taxi with mum, dad, and their luggage, squeezing-in a last few minutes with them, and I followed with the aunts as my passengers. Min tried talking to me as we drove to Bristol International, the old Lulsgate Airport, but I had too much on my mind right then, so after a while she gave up, Doreen just leaning over to brush my face with her fingertips without saying anything. Lena had been even more uncommunicative this morning, the reality of our parents’ leaving now striking home, but I had nothing to say to her; what could I possibly have said? Min and Doreen seemed to understand this, and even their small talk together soon petered-out.

We sat in the departure lounge, waiting for their flight to Paphos to be called, me mostly in silence, Lena looking lost and ready to cry.

I felt like I was about one step behind her; they weren’t going on holiday, they weren’t retiring abroad, they were going to Cyprus because my dad was dying, and his doctor thought he might eke out a few more weeks or months of life if he left. I understood that; I’d probably have made the same recommendation, but that didn’t make me feel any better about it.

Then the moment came I’d been dreading; I looked up at the departures board and their flight was up, time to go. Mum saw it as well and pulled Lena to her in one last, desperate bear-hug. Lena looked at her in surprise, then glanced up and saw the board, and a look of utter loss and desolation settled on her face. She tried to say something, but all that came out was a soft mewing sound of anguish and unbearable loss.

Mum and dad started pushing the trolley with their hand-luggage to the gate, Lena tagging along with them, and me trailing behind, unable to believe this moment had actually come, that they were actually leaving us. The two aunts hung back, crying as they waved goodbye, their own hugs and farewell kisses done. Lena started crying, and mum reached up to wipe her tears, tears streaming down her own face. When we got to the gate, dad turned to me and hugged me close, holding the back of my neck as I hugged him, then he pulled away and grinned his old grin.

“See you in a month or so, eh?” he smiled, and I grinned back in spite of myself.

“You bet, have the beers on ice!” I smiled, suddenly feeling just a little more upbeat; we’d see them again in a few weeks, this wasn’t goodbye, it was just ‘Au Revoir’; it helped if I thought like that; not a lot, but some.

“Love you, Son!”" he whispered, and I whispered back “Love you too, dad!”

When we’d finally hugged and kissed them goodbye a dozen times, they walked through the Departure Gate, and it was all I could do to stop myself barring their way, dragging them back home; I was a doctor, I could look after my dad, he didn’t need to die in a foreign country…thoughts like these filled my head, but I stood my ground; they needed to do this, it was for dad, and it was what he wanted, it was what he needed for mum.

Just as they disappeared through Immigration Control, Lena darted forward, obviously planning on following them, but I’d been half-expecting something like this and I caught her before she gone two steps, grabbing her round the waist and holding her as she struggled.

“Get…off…they’re leaving…No, Darryl, please, …fucking let go of me! No….Mummy…no, don’t go…wait for me…Daddy, no, wait for me, pleeaase…!”

I held her tightly, holding her against me as she struggled and tried to squirm out of my grasp.

“Lena, no, stop it, no, Lena, wait, you can’t go in there, you haven’t got a passport, they’ll arrest you, stop it!”

She suddenly went limp against me, moaning softly “…No…No…They’re going…stop them, please, Darryl, please, make them stop…mum…!”

I held her close to me as she cried against my shoulder, stroking her hair as she sobbed herself out. At last she stopped crying, taking the tissue I offered her.

“Why did you stop me Dar? I could have called them back; they don’t have to go…!”

I gently pulled her round to look at me.

“Look, baby, you can’t go in there, but this is what we’ll do; over there is the Easyjet desk, we’ll get you a ticket and you can fly out tomorrow, with a passport and a proper ticket and everything, OK? I knew you couldn’t let them go, not like this, so you go out and stay with mum and dad for as long as you want, I’ll be here, waiting for you. I won’t be lonely, Aunt Doreen lives nearby, maybe I’ll ask her to come and stay while you’re away. I really think you need to do this, so you should. I’ll hopefully have a new job to be getting to grips with, so I won’t have time to be lonely, but if I need you, I can still call you, and you just come back home when you’re ready.”

Lena looked at me wide-eyed.

“You’d do that? Really?” and I nodded.

“In a heartbeat; I can’t bear to see you crying, and I won’t have you being sad when I can do something about it. We can fix this easily enough; you were wrong when you said you could let them go, we know that now, so let’s fix this right now. Come on; let’s get your ticket for you!”

My heart was breaking as I said it; the thought of losing her, maybe for months on end, was something I didn’t even want to think about, but I couldn’t have my girl hurting and sad. She needed more time with mum and dad, and I could give it to her, it was the least I could do, and it was the right thing to do; my own needs would have to take a back-seat; my sister, my girl, the centre of my world, needed me to do this for her.

We booked her on a flight bound for Paphos the following morning, and drove home in silence, both of us too full of our thoughts to talk about anything, even the aunts sitting silently in the back seat, and spent a gloomy afternoon packing her bags and a quiet evening talking about nothing much. When we went to bed, Lena held me close all night, almost fearful of letting go of me. We didn’t make love; we had far too much to think about.

I took her to the airport alone; Doreen and Min had elected to let us have a little privacy and spend the day together, so it was just the two of us at the airport, fidgeting as we waited for the inevitable. When her flight was called it felt like the end of everything, and once again I had to restrain myself, this time from holding her back, from preventing her getting on that flight, but I let her go, and walked her to the gate. Once there, she turned and held me close, kissing me long and desperately, then breaking off to hold my face in her hands.

“I’ll be back soon, baby, I swear; I just want a chance to say goodbye properly; they did everything in such a rush I just got…swept along, and I never got to say goodbye properly, or get used to the idea of them leaving; that’s all this is. I love you Darryl, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I have to go and say goodbye first, can you understand that?”

Of course I understood, I always had; in truth I wanted to do the exact same thing, but now she had to go, so I kissed her and watched her walk through Immigration Control and disappear. Going home was almost unbearable, the thought of going back to that big echoing house alone was almost too much to bear, and when I got home, it was as bad as I thought it would be. I wandered around, completely lost and alone for the first time in my life, a solitary ghost haunting this enormous house where so much had happened, and now it was just me, drifting sadly from room to room, nothing here now but fading echoes of the lives that had been lived there before moving on.

Min came home about seven that evening to find me moping about the place, already more lonely than I had ever been in my entire life. I’d already called mum’s old boss and had confirmed an appointment to see him the following morning, so maybe I’d have a job to fill up my days and distract me from the aching loneliness now that Lena was gone.

Min disappeared after a while, and I came upon her crying in the upstairs sitting room, weeping for her baby brother, my dad; of course, this really was the end for her, she would never see him again; she was too old, and her heart was too frail for her to fly, so today had been the final farewell for her, something I’d forgotten or never considered, I was so wrapped up in my own loss. Now it was my turn to hold Min and to comfort her. Eventually she stopped crying, but I could see the loss in her eyes, the pain of the permanent separation she’d undergone as well, and it helped to put my own loss and loneliness in perspective.

We chatted, haltingly, at first, about their lives when dad was a small boy, how she and Doreen, teenagers themselves, had brought him up after their mother had died when dad was still just a toddler; his father had died in Korea just before dad was born, killed in the action at Imjin, Hill 235, during the valiant but doomed stand of the Gloucester Battalion, ‘The Glorious Glosters’, encircled, vastly outnumbered and eventually decimated. Dad’s father was one of the thousand men killed or missing in action in just one night of fierce hand to hand fighting against the Chinese; of such last stands legend is made. I never knew this, and I felt a burst of pride that my family had played a part in such a famous and evocative battle…

She told me how, after she’d married my late Uncle Alfie, they had become dad’s surrogate parents, and how she and Doreen had been so angry with him when he joined the Royal Air Force and had been posted to Cyprus, because they both thought he was far too young to be separated from his family like that. I was fascinated, hearing family history for the first time, about dad and Elizabeth’s mother, my grandmother, how she’d disappeared, and then turned-up one day with the baby girl and just left her with him, and disappeared again, never to be seen or heard of again; how he’d struggled to bring her up, a young man barely out of his teens, then meeting mum when Elizabeth was a teenager, and finally, how it had taken me, and then Lena, to heal the rift and bring them back together again.

At last I felt I understood the close bond between dad and his older sisters. With all the talk about family, Min had decided it was time she went home to her son and grandchildren; being surrounded by reminders of dad was too much for her, so she asked me to get hold of her son to come collect her, but I told her I’d take her back to Croydon; it wasn’t as though I was busy, or anything…

I called the number in Kolossi, mum and dad’s new home, to see if Lena had arrived yet and Lena answered, telling me about the flight and the car journey from Paphos to Kolossi, which is about 60 km. We chatted about what had happened, and once again she told me that she’d be back soon, that she just needed a little more time to get used to the idea of them not being there. She told me she loved me, and when I told her I loved and missed her, she started crying. Mum rescued the phone and promised she’d calm Lena down. I gave her my love to give to dad, and rang off.

The interview the following morning was almost a formality; the Senior Registrar, a Mr. Barclay, reviewed my credentials and my references, some of whom were old friends and former colleagues of his, told me what the pay was, outlined the extent of the surgical calendar, and basically asked when I could start, so I was in! I asked for a few days to get settled in properly, and agreed that I would start the following Monday, five days away.

I drove home, collected Min and her luggage, and headed back down the M4 to London. She asked me to stay a couple of days but I had to decline; I had to collect my clothes and personal papers, and make arrangements for my stuff to be packed and shipped from my flat, collect my security deposit, and drop off the keys, all of which took time.

Work was just about what I expected; the local National Health Service Hospitals Trust in Bristol had a lot of surgical patients backlogged, so I ended up as fill-in surgeon on the Cardio-vascular surgical team, clearing the night calendar along with the other night-owls, misfits and insomniacs, which suited me fine, and freed-up my more gregarious colleagues from having to rotate through the night surgery rota.

It meant I could work all night, and then call Lena in the late morning from home, before having dinner and going to bed. I usually worked all week, including weekends, which gave me less time to sit at home alone and mope; I didn’t need spare time alone, I wasn’t in any kind of mood to go out socialising, not without my Lena, so work gave me a good refuge, plus I did earn a lot of overtime!

I must have made a good impression, because after just a few weeks my Locum contract was cancelled and I was made a substantive member of staff, on a staff salary, which was less than Locum, but carried pension and holiday benefits.

And so my routine was established; work through the night, drive home and call Lena while dinner was being nuked in the microwave, watch some dire daytime TV, go for a run, have a short work-out and go to bed, to be back at work by 10 p.m. This worked fine for me, until at last, one day about six weeks after she’d left, I got the call I wanted so much to hear.

“Darryl? Baby, I’m coming home! My flight’s booked for tomorrow, arriving at Bristol at three o’clock, can you pick me up please baby? And baby…I had a bout of morning sickness today, my first one; Dar, we’re pregnant!”

She giggled at my suddenly incoherent babbling.

“Oh Dar, you are so sweet, listen to you, you sound like an expectant father! I have to go now, baby, I think you need to sit down, and this is daddy’s phone bill, so can’t chit-chat! Don’t forget to come and get me! Love you more than much, baby!”

She hung up and I stared at the phone. Morning Sickness! We were having a baby! I grinned at the phone, feeling foolish, happy, weird, a welter of emotions, but the overriding one was sheer gladness that my baby was coming home, and she was having my baby! I couldn’t sleep that afternoon, I kept seeing Lena, with a big belly, with a pushchair, carrying a toddler, holding hands with a small child, and all the while I was exulting that it was my baby, my child in those visions or daydreams or whatever.

I dropped off to sleep and dreamed of Lena and me, and our children, our babies growing-up here in this house where love had never been in short supply.

I was at the airport an hour early, just so I didn’t miss her through some mischance, but her flight touched down on schedule, and I paced while I waited for her to clear customs and get her luggage, and then suddenly, there she was, heartstoppingly beautiful, in a tight tank-top and a short, short skirt of the ‘you’re under arrest for being indecently dressed’ variety, what my fellow medical students used to call a “pussy pelmet”!

As she saw me she shrieked and abandoned her luggage trolley to run full-tilt at me, smothering me with kisses as she hugged me until I thought my neck would break. I held her close to me, unable to believe I had her back, the gaping wound I was carrying around closing at her touch. Then she did something that nearly collapsed me in tears; she leaned back, and then gently kissed me once on each cheek, and once on my forehead.

“That was from mum and daddy, to let you know how much they love you!”

Lena grinned and thumbed my eyes dry.

“Don’t do that, Darryl, big boys don’t cry!” which made me laugh out loud, and spin her around in sheer delight for having her back with me.

“Let me look at you!” I told her, holding her at arm’s length and whistling. “Yep, still gorgeous; oh, and pregnant as well! Wonder how that happened…?”

Lena reached down and surreptitiously tweaked my manhood.

“What have you done to me, you dirty, dirty man, my daddy warned me about people like you!” she grinned, and I was so happy to see her back to her old self; her time with mum and dad had obviously given her the closure she needed so desperately. Now she was back, and ready to go forward.

I returned the favour, squeezing her lovely firm little bum, re-acquainting myself with the curve of those ripe buttocks, and she grinned, leaning close to whisper in my ear;

“Take me home and fuck me, Darryl! Six weeks without you, I was nearly climbing the fucking walls! I have three holes, I want them all filled, you’ve got a dirty mind, let yourself go! Who knows, maybe you can put a little sister in there to keep our baby company!”

I had to grin.

“That’s not actually possible, you do know that, right?” I whispered back, and grinned even wider at her cheeky smile.

“Just try, for my sake; call it medical curiosity! I want you to do things to me, I want to soak the bed, I want to drip spunk from every hole, I want you to make me scream like a banshee in an echo canyon, I want to fuck like a baboon on Meth! I’ve had six fucking weeks with no you, I’m knocked-up and too randy for words, what the hell are you waiting for, a gilt-edged invitation?”

Like I said before, when she’s in full flow, there’s no-one quite like Lena…

She ducked into the Ladies restroom, then walked down to the car park with her arm around my waist while I pushed her luggage trolley.

We piled her luggage into the car and drove out of the car park, heading along the Bridgewater Road to pick up the A370 and the A4 back to Clifton, a 20 minute drive in the middle of the afternoon, but Lena soon discovered how to make it seem ever so much longer.

I was driving quite happily, casting the occasional glance at her lovely thighs as her short skirt rode up, when I noticed she was gradually pulling it up even higher, until I saw she had no panties on; that was why she’d ducked out back at the airport!

I nearly crashed at that point, mesmerised as I was by the sight of that bare perfect little pussy staring at me. I tore my eyes way at the last second to avoid a giant Polish rig hammering down the road in the opposite direction, horn blaring, and locked eyes with her for a second to see the devilment there as she began stroking her thigh, her hand moving closer and closer to her honey-pot with every pass.

I had to tear my eyes away and think of anything except her, or the suddenly restrictive seatbelt as my cock tried to wrestle its way out of my pants by sheer brute force. How we got home in one piece is still a mystery to me…

Lena helped me carry her luggage in, over my protests that she was in no condition to go lugging suitcases around.

“Nonsense, Dar, I’m turning into a mother, not a cream-cake, stop fussing and get your clothes off!” was all I got out of her, so I complied, inspired by the sight of her as she stripped of the minimal clothing she was wearing. When we were both naked, Lena took me by the hand and led me upstairs to my old room, then climbed onto the bed and posed for me, a sight guaranteed to further stiffen everything that needed to be stiff right now.

“Come on Darryl, show me how much you missed me!” she grinned.

I slid onto the bed next to her, kissing her to reassure myself that she really was here. I’d been dreaming about this moment for weeks, now there was no need to rush things, she was back, and she wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. Lena responded enthusiastically, kissing me with a depth and vigour I’d missed so much when she was gone.

She broke away to kiss my neck, and push me back down onto the bed as she kissed down my chest, nipping my nipples as she passed and making me gasp at the sudden sensation. She carried on south, to kiss and gently lick the tip of my solidly erect cock before kissing down the shaft to my balls. Lena fondled my scrotum, gently massaging them in their sac, licking and rubbing with her tongue before gently sucking one at a time into her mouth, ‘tea-bagging’ me properly, the way it should be done, and nearly making my hair stand on end.

After rolling my seeds around in her mouth for a little, she released them and kissed her way back up the shaft to my head, licking the tip again before throwing her leg over my midriff and pointing her pussy at me.

“Off you go, baby, you know what I want!” she grinned, and I was more than happy to lick and suck her puffy little muffy. I took a double handful of her hot, perfect little backside, pulling the cheeks apart so I could admire the scenery before plating her with a few well-placed licks and enjoy the taste of her after so long.

Lena was in a world of her own, gently sucking and licking my sensitive cock head, so I concentrated on probing between her already swollen labia, pushing my tongue between them to find the delicate space inside. Lena groaned as I did that, the vibration against my cock extremely stimulating, and I had to stop for a few seconds to regain control; I didn’t want to go off before I’d finished pleasuring my girl.

All calmed down again, I licked her from her clitoris to her pink little anus with the flat of my tongue, making her dance around on top of me with every stroke, and redouble her slurping and sucking on my own sex-toy she was so busily playing with. The more I licked her the more she wriggled and thrust back against me, and when I rubbed my tongue-tip against her clitoris in a criss-cross pattern, she began to orgasm, really going off when I jammed my tongue into her tight little anus. A spray of hot liquid gushed over my neck and chin as she orgasmed like a tidal wave, screaming around my cock. That did it for me, and I flooded her mouth as I came in long spurts of semen, six weeks’ worth of frustration, need, and longing unleashed into her hot, willing mouth, the feeling almost turning me inside out as I emptied into her, groaning out loud as I did so. Lena squeezed my balls as I came, the added stimulation wringing even more spurts of semen out of me, making me come like I’d never come before, filling her mouth almost too fast for her to swallow.

She slumped down on me, her body trembling and twitching as the aftershocks flowed and ebbed through her, never letting go of my hard, still achingly erect penis, the stimulation of her warm little hand wrapped around me all I needed to stay hard and ready for more. Lena rolled off me and clambered around to lie next to me, her elbow on the pillow next to me, her head resting on her hand, and her other hand clasped firmly about my still-hard cock.

“So Dar, looks like you have unfinished business; want to let me in on it?” she grinned, giving me a squeeze and a shake, slapping my erect penis against my belly.

I couldn’t resist her, and made a grab for her, pulling her on top of me to lie with her knees on either side of my midriff, my hands clasping her bum cheeks tightly. We kissed and played for a few minutes, reconnecting after our time apart, re-discovering the simple pleasure of holding and touching each other as we kissed.

Eventually, other needs started to make themselves felt; Lena began slowly rolling her belly against mine, the motion squeezing my erect cock deliciously, maddeningly, and making me gasp as she looked on with that sly smile on her face. I dug my fingers into her bum and pulled the cheeks apart, repaying her by making her gasp in turn. She got the message, and lifted her pelvis momentarily to allow my cock to spring upright, then took hold of it to rub the head teasingly over her sticky little juice-box.

I also got the message, pressing forward to slide into her, hissing with the pleasure of feeling her tightness around me again; if I hadn’t already come once, I’d probably have come there and then. Lena sighed as I slid into her, pushing herself upright to sit astride me, my cock buried all the way inside her. She began rolling her hips, for all the world like a slow-motion bull-rider in a Texas bar, her fingertips tweaking and squeezing her nipples as she grinned challengingly at me. I slid my hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts, flicking her nipples with my thumbs as I squeezed them, keeping her on a slow simmer as she rode me so well, feeling the grip and squeeze of her pussy as she clenched and relaxed her pelvic floor muscles.

She began to speed up, her thrusts against me becoming more of a grind as she rubbed herself against me as she rocked back and forth. She leaned down to lie on my chest, kissing me as she continued to rub herself against me, her breathing becoming irregular and shallow, and I was able to thrust back into her further now that she wasn’t doing all the work. We humped and pumped against each other, reaching for that moment, our heart-rates rising in tune with our arousal, Lena’s eyes beginning to glaze as she ground and pumped harder and harder against me.

She came in a series of waves, her pussy pulsating around me as she orgasmed, a flood of warmth pouring out of her to soak my balls and the bed underneath me. That was enough to drive me over the edge and join her, pumping long streams of spunk deep into the depths of her, spunk I didn’t know I still had in me after the thundering orgasm she’d driven me to earlier, both of us groaning out loud in our extremity.

Lena lay back down on me, her body quivering with the intensity of her release, her breathing loud in the silence of the bedroom. Eventually her heartbeat slowed and her breathing became more regular, normalising as she calmed down. She raised her head to grin sleepily at me.

“That’s more like it! Thank you baby, that’ll do for now, but you owe me for later; we haven’t finished yet! I meant what I said at the airport, you’ve got a way to go yet!”

I grinned to myself; I knew exactly what she meant! I nudged her to stop her dropping off to sleep just yet.

“Baby, shall we go to bed? If you want to sleep, this bed’s sort of cramped; there’s a double-bed in the bedroom below, why don’t we move there?”

Lena turned and cuddled up against me, yawning.

“I want this as our room, Dar; this is where we made our baby, in this little bed. I want to sleep in it with you again, I want to hold you close all night, and wake up in the morning with the early morning sun in my face, in here, please?”

How could I refuse her?

“Okay, sweetheart, this is our room from now on. Have a couple of hours rest, and I’ll wake you up at six. I’ve got the night off, so I’m taking you out to dinner.”

Lena mumbled something, slid her arm around me, and fell asleep almost immediately. I wasn’t sleepy, so I lay there next to her, enjoying the feel of her, her warmth, the warm scent of her hair, her own delicate scent, that special, almost subliminal odour that told me ‘This is Lena, she’s right here!’

On the dot of six I licked the tip of her nose and kissed her eyelids, waking her as gently as I could

“Wakey-wakey little snorer, aren’t you hungry?” I whispered in her ear.

Lena punched me in the ribs.

“I do not snore! And why did you have to wake me up? I was having the loveliest dream; it was about…about mum and daddy…and something, and now I’ll never know how it turned out, thanks, Darryl!”

I grinned and licked her nipples, making her sigh and wriggle, those delectable nipples dancing in the warm summer evening air.

“Ohhh, that’s nice!” she smiled, “what else have you got for me?” she asked, her fingers lightly grazing my crotch.

“Princess, right now, what I’m thinking of doing to you would get me locked up in 49 countries, excommunicated in 27 of them, and burned at the stake in The Vatican, but it would be so worth it! The only down-side is that it would mean you’d have to eat dinner standing up, and that would just look strange!” I grinned back as her eyebrows went up, followed by the world’s dirtiest grin.

“OK, take me to dinner, wine me, dine me, seduce me with good food and fine wine, young sir, do your worst, I’m ready for you! You still owe me, and I’m going to make you my man-slut, by hook or by crook!” she giggled, slipping out of bed to rummage in the closet for a towel. As she turned to leave the room, she paused in the doorway to run her hands over her perfect, sculpted buttocks, squeezing and pulling them open for a second for me to glimpse the pink treasure nestling deep between them, a naughty, pixie grin on her face, before blowing me a kiss and slipping away down the corridor to the main bathroom.

Dinner was good, steaks and lobster at a nice little restaurant at the bottom of Park Street, just off College Green, and afterwards we took a walk across the Green to stroll outside the floodlit cathedral, looking, as we had done since we were kids, for the bullet scars and sword cuts in the statues of saints and royalist effigies from when Cromwell’s men had defaced the ‘blasphemous’ effigies carved on the outer precincts of the medieval cathedral walls and porches during the English Civil War in the 17th Century.

I’d forgotten how much there was to see in my home town, or how much history had originated there; just around the corner from the cathedral was the quay where John Cabot set sail to discover Newfoundland, the first European to set foot on mainland North America, outside the church built by The Merchant Venturer’s, and a few hundred yards away was the Red Maid’s School, the oldest girl’s school in England, dating back to the early 17th century; when I was younger, they still wore the red dresses and Red-Riding Hood capes that gave them their name.

Back up at the top of Park Street was the 16th century Queen Elizabeth Hospital School, a Tudor mansion housing the Bluecoat school, the choristers and senior boys still dressed in 17th century navy-blue frock coats, snowy-white neck stocks and Navy-blue knee britches with silver buttons at the knee, with mustard stockings and silver-buckle shoes, looking as though they’d just stepped out of a Van Dyck painting.

Just along from the Green was Welsh Back, an 18th century cobbled quay on the River Avon, with the Llandoger Trow, an almost untouched 18th century inn, where Robert Louis Stevenson used to drink, on the wall a portrait of the original landlord, ‘Long’ John Silver, or another old inn, ‘The Hole in the Wall,’ so called because it was used for smuggling brandy and lace past the Customs men waiting on the quay above…

All this came back to me in a rush, the medieval history and Regency elegance of my home town washing over me, the princes, pirates, dandies, hero’s and highwaymen who’d all made Bristol what it was in the days of Empire, and I was suddenly immensely glad I’d come home, even if it had to be like this.

Lena understood why I had to reconnect with my home, and it was she who led me from place to place around the city centre and Clifton, our conversation peppered with ‘do you remember…do you remember…’ as I grounded again, connecting and remembering how good life had been here, how much my family loved living here, and our roots and deep connections with this city; I had focused so intently on London in my job-hunting before, thinking it offered all the answers, I had forgotten that my home town had just as much, and maybe more, to offer; it would be a good place for our child to grow up, this child and all the others I hoped would follow.

When we got back indoors, I was in the frame of mind Lena had been hoping for; she was back, and mum and dad were fine, in the place they needed to be, we were having a baby, we had our own home that no-one could take from us, and I had a good job. Everything was finally falling into place; even though the one thing I wanted most in the world was not going to happen, weighed against all the good things we had, it was not such a bad trade. Dad was doing it his way, and while I wasn’t exactly doing cartwheels with joy over it, I knew and understood that this was how it had to be, this was how he wanted it to be, and we had no say in it. I was feeling distinctly mellow by the time we reached home, especially as we had a rather special dessert planned…

Lena bustled about in the kitchen, making coffee while I drew all the curtains and checked all the doors and windows were locked, a ritual I replayed from childhood days. We retired to the big couch in the living room, me with my feet up on the coffee table, Lena sitting curled-up next to me, her head on my shoulder as she told me about mum and dad, their home, how dad was. Lena was encouraged; he seemed to be a lot better, adapting well to the dry summer heat, his respiratory distress seemed to have backed down quite significantly, and he was a lot more mobile these days. I was glad, but wistful; I wanted my dad, and mum, it didn’t feel right to be lording it around in their house while they lived in a pokey little place in a small village and waited for dad to die, but this was what they wanted; they were making sure their kids always had a roof over their heads, how could I fault them for that?

We talked about various things, my job, the rest of the family, eventually coming to us and what we were going to do next. I knew what I wanted; Lena, pure and simple. The six weeks she was gone were the longest, loneliest days of my life, far worse than the days immediately after the family had dropped me off at Student Halls and driven away, and I knew I would never let that happen again; she belonged with me, and I belonged with her, to the bitter end. Wherever she went from now on, I was going too, she was part of me now, and I needed to have her with me, and the empathy we shared told me she felt exactly the same way about me. Our conversation soon shifted to the non-verbal. Her lips had never tasted sweeter or more desirable that when I held her close and kissed her like there was no ending possible in this world or the next. She had taken over my heart, my life, and my world, imprisoning me in turn in her heart, and I was never so glad to be in such total captivity.

Gradually we worked our way from kissing to more serious touching and caressing, our kisses punctuated by the occasional giggle, gasp, or soft moan. We surfaced long enough to decide that we needed a bed for what we wanted to do, so we made our way up to the master bedroom on the first floor, losing our clothes along the way.

Once in the bedroom, I was able to admire my girl again, to drink in the sight of her naked body, tall, lithe, perfectly formed, her breasts crowned with tempting pink nipples, already beginning to darken as her body changed to nurture the life growing inside her. Her long glossy black hair was even longer now, brushing the small of her back as it tumbled down to contrast perfectly against her fair skin and vivid, cornflower-blue eyes.

My reaction to her was, as always, immediate and obvious, and her eyes twinkled as she took me in hand, her grip warm and achingly sensual against my throbbing cock.

“I told you earlier, you owe me, Darryl Morgan, and I always collect! You know what I want, I’ve been waiting weeks for this, do it to me, make me scream!”

I held her to me as we kissed, my painfully hard erection pressed up against her soft white belly, pressing against that place our baby was beginning its life, and the thought of that made me want her even more, arousal blazing through me as I stiffened even more. As I backed her toward the bed, she squeezed and rubbed me, thrills running up and down my spine at the exquisite torture of her hands on me. I backed her up to the bed and turned, meaning to pull her down on top of me, but she got there first, grinning impishly as she pushed me over, to land on top of me, her legs straddling me as her wetness rubbed along the length of my aching cock.

She grinned again, biting her lip as she began to rub herself more deliberately along me, her hot pussy dragging up and down the length of my cock, driving me crazy as she coated me with her juices, her breathing becoming ragged and uneven as she worked herself up. At last, she raised up and took hold of me, aiming me as she slowly lowered herself down onto me, impaling herself on me. My cock felt bigger that it had ever felt in my life, and I could have sworn it was longer than the seven or so inches I knew it was, I was so worked-up by the thought of what we were doing here.

As she lowered herself onto me, Lena hissed in satisfaction, gasping as I slid deeply into her. When I was all the way in, she began to rock and gyrate her hips, rolling herself up and down on me, pleasuring herself while her pussy squeezed and released me in time to her movements, alternately sucking and relaxing its hold on me.

She gasped as she climaxed, her pussy squeezing me rapidly as she convulsed, her hands resting on my chest as the waves of orgasm rushed and surged through her, until she slumped down on me, her heart beating rapidly and her pulse fluttering in the hollow of her throat. I thought she’d passed out, she lay so still on me, then she pushed herself upright and grinned down at me.

“You’re not finished yet, Darryl, we have unfinished business!” she smiled, squeezing my cock again as she slowly rocked on top of me. Without warning, she sat upright and raised up, letting my cock pull out with an almost audible pop, and taking hold of it, began to rub her vulva, her perineum, and the tight pucker of her back hole, slowly working my head into her anus, using her own vaginal juices and the clear liquid running out of my cock to lubricate and ease my penetration. She worked the head in until the ring snapped around the shaft, giving a loud, gasping “Oh!” as it popped in past her barrier, then gasping softly as she slowly slid down me, burying me to the hilt in her hot, tight, sinewy rectum.

The pressure on my cock was unbelievable, part of me wanting it to go on forever, another part wanting to just come and keep coming endlessly, flooding her with my spunk. As she rode me, I began to push back against her, fucking her tightest hole as she ground away on me, her rectum squeezing and massaging my cock delightfully.

The end was quick in coming; I’d been too long without her, and the sheer sexual charge of what we were doing here, the smell and closeness of her, all of it was too much to contain, and I came in what felt like endless jets of spunk bulleting out of me and deep into her, bathing her insides with my essence, and triggering her own massive, shuddering orgasm.

We shook and quivered together, gasping and sobbing in the intensity of our release, gradually descending from that peak into the calm on the other side, to lie in each other’s arms, bathed in sweat, but sated, fulfilled, completed. As my erection abated, I slowly slid from her, Lena pulling herself against me to once again nip me lightly, teasingly on the chin, her own signature gesture, thanking me and letting me know she was back at last, this time forever.

We woke early, the late summer sunshine flooding golden and bright into the airy room through the tall, elegant Georgian window, reminding me of my childhood, of the last days of the summer holiday before school resumed. I had the day off, in fact I had several days off, and I planned to spend them all drinking in the delight that was Lena, revelling in having her back with me again, and sorting out our plans for this house now that a new life was starting here, both for us and for our baby. Lena was the first to move, breaking the chain of reverie I was indulging in, stroking my face as she kissed me ‘good morning’.

I started to get up, prompting her to ask where I was going.

“To make breakfast, baby girl; I don’t know about you, but I need a shower, then a meal; we used up a lot of energy last night, I’m feeling the need to feed!” I grinned, admiring her nakedness in the bright golden sunshine; she really was spectacular, and I asked myself how I could have missed seeing her all the days of our lives together. I smiled as I thought what she’d resorted to in order to open my eyes to what had been under my nose the whole time. As I contemplated how beautiful she was, her eyes widened and her mouth watered, making her clamp her mouth shut as she scrambled out of bed and dashed into the family bathroom along the corridor, from where I heard the sounds of someone being noisily sick. I decided to use the smaller en-suite shower in the bedroom rather than disturb Lena in her morning prayers to the porcelain God.

I resisted the urge to offer her something to counter the morning-sickness; the horror and heartache of the Thalidomide catastrophe was forever imprinted in my brain, and that of every other doctor in the UK; she’d just have to live with it until it ran its course.

The shower was invigorating, hot and sharp, almost stinging me with the force of the spray, the way I’d always liked it. I was deep in contemplation of what I was going to do now that fatherhood was looming when the bathroom door edged open and Lena slid in, opening the shower cubicle door and stepping in without comment, turning down the pressure on the shower unit and grinning at me as she handed me the gel.

“Back please, Dar, then I’ll do yours!”

I was more than happy to oblige, Lena has lovely skin, and any excuse to touch, rub or fondle it was a treat for me. She sighed as I soaped her back, not forgetting her marvellous little bottom, my hands lingering over the elegant globes, squeezing and kneading them for the delight in holding and running my hands over those firm fleshy orbs, before moving round to the front, slowly soaping her stomach, then moving up to catch and squeeze her breasts, listening to her gasp as I flicked her nipples, then lower, until my fingers slipped and slid over the lips of her pussy.

“No Dar, not unless you mean it…ooohhh!” she groaned as I slowly rubbed her hooded clitoris, one hand playing with and gently rubbing her vulva while the other wandered up to squeeze and pull her nipples. My cock was getting hard against her, already pressing into the valley between her glorious cheeks. I rubbed more insistently, feeling her labia swell as she began to get aroused again, her own hand joining mine in touching pressing, slipping in and out, teasing her as she stood against me.

By now my cock was at full stretch, something she appreciated as she wriggled her backside against me, checking the feel of me slotted between her cheeks. I could feel her grinning even though she had her back to me, years of knowing each other’s moods from tiny little clues came into play; the tilt of the head, the set of the shoulders, a multitude of subliminal clues, and right now she was grinning as she waited for Act Two. I obliged, slipping another finger into her, rubbing the two of them in and out of her as I squeezed and tugged at her nipples, drawing little gasps and sighs from her. I could feel the juices gathering at her entrance, and smell the excitement as her arousal rose higher, the scent enticing and stimulating, making me want to do more than just touch this beautiful girl who was having my baby.

Lena sensed where I was going, and slowly turned to face the wall of the cubicle, leaning against it as she pushed out her rump invitingly at me.

“There you are, Dar, do it like this, I want you to do it like this!” she murmured.

I was only too happy to oblige! I positioned her carefully, holding her by her hips as I slowly slid into her, her breath hissing as I filled her. She put her hands flat against the tiled wall and braced herself as I began to thrust into her, pushing back against me with every thrust into her, to take as much of me into her as she could.

The feel of her clasping me gently as I thrust into her was a powerful inducement to just letting go and flooding her with my spunk, but I held on, waiting for her to climax; I wanted her to get as much out of this as I did, plus being naughty in the shower was huge fun! As I slid in and out of her, I felt her hand as she reached down to rub herself in time to my pumping, and the pumping and rubbing, the sound of our breathing magnified in the confines of the cubicle, and the feel of her beautiful firm breasts and bullet-hard nipples against the palms of my hands as I squeezed and kneaded them, all combined to pull me remorselessly to the point of no return.

Just as I thought I couldn’t hold out any longer, Lena began to shake against me, her breathing ragged and harsh as she moaned out loud, and then her pussy clamped down around me as she orgasmed with a loud, hissing moan and a series of shudders that pushed me over the edge. I pulled her tight to me by her breasts as I pumped and sprayed what felt like gallons of semen deep into her fluttering pussy, each pulsing squeeze of her tight pussy drawing another powerful spurt of sperm from my rigid cock. My eyesight dimmed as my eyes slitted, and my ears popped as the huge climax emptied me out, my body clenching inside with the need to pour more of myself into her, the force and intensity of it nearly turning me inside out. I had never come so hard before; only Lena was capable of drawing such pleasure from my body and returning it to me like this.

I slumped to my knees, utterly drained, my head roaring with the intensity of my orgasm and its aftermath, and Lena slid down to kneel and lean against me, her chest heaving as we waited under the spraying shower jets for strength and coordination to return, and for the clamour in my head to subside.

Lena was the first to recover.

“Holy Fuck, Batman, what was that!?” she grinned, and I could only grin and shake my head in reply, still too winded for speech. “I’m going to ambush you more often, if this is what I get!”

I had recovered enough to pull her against me, the feel of her warm, wet, slick body against mine and her full, soft lips brushing mine an affirmation of her reality, that she really was here with me, that she really was home again, this time for good, and we were together, the two of us and that tiny spark of life even now taking shape deep inside her.

I don’t know how long we sat there, exploring each other, not arousing, just feeling and re-acquainting ourselves with the shape and feel and texture of each other’s bodies. I was enthralled with her body and the way she moved, the way her breasts jiggled slightly, breathtakingly, whenever she moved, the spare elegance of her flanks, the muscles flexing and stretching like a dancer’s. I was suddenly aware, too, of the texture of her hair, apparently so thick and coarse, in reality fine, soft and glossy, the threads like strands of spider-silk, of her limbs, slim and coltish, but still rounded, feminine, desirable.

My eyes drank in the rounded allure of her perfect backside, the way the twin globes twitched and switched as she walked, the shadowed cleft between them, and the sheer innocent allure of her shaven sex, the labia womanly and tempting. I could have contemplated her nakedness all day, but other appetites were calling, and so, reluctantly, we exited the shower cubicle, wrapping bath towels around ourselves and towelling off each other’s hair.

I had just finished dressing in cargo pants, Reeboks and an army surplus UBACS shirt with the sleeves cut off when the doorbell rang. I looked out of the window in the upstairs hallway to see if I could identify the caller, but all I could tell was that it was a woman, one I didn’t know. Lena hadn’t made an appearance yet, nor was she likely to, so I tramped downstairs to answer the door.

When I opened the door, the woman, who was probably in her early forties, smiled and looked me up and down.

“Hello,” she smiled, “is this the Morgan residence?”

I looked at her curiously.

“Can I help you?” I asked her, and her smile faltered, her eyes widening.

“Oh my God, you…you’re Darryl!”

I nodded, wondering how she could know that. I had to find out.

“How did you know my name? I asked her, surprised to see her eyes shining with unshed tears.

“My name is Emma North, but when I lived in Clifton, a few doors away, my name was Fraser…”

That name sounded familiar; where had I heard that before? I was racking my brain, when suddenly the answer hit me. The night I’d found out dad was actually my grandfather, that his daughter, Elizabeth, was my birth mother, he’d told me my actual father was…Robert Fraser. All this passed through my mind in a split second, in the meantime this…Emma person was watching me closely.

“I know that name,” I began, “I was told my father was a Robert Fraser, a young soldier, a Royal Marine, he was killed, in The Falklands…”

She nodded.

“Robert was my older brother, by a year; he was a lovely boy. I’m your aunt, Darryl, your father’s younger sister…!”

I was taken aback; for no good reason, I had assumed that, with his death, there was no more connection with Robert Fraser; he was only my biological father; my dad was my dad, end of story. Now this woman was here, claiming to be my aunt. I was curious as to why now.

“This is all very interesting, but it’s all kind of ancient history, no offence. My dad, as far as I’m concerned is David Morgan, my mum is Maureen, and they don’t live here anymore, they moved to Cyprus, so I’m afraid I can’t help you, I’m sorry.”

She reached out and touched my cheek, gently turning my face to the right to look at my profile.

“So much like him, and so much like Lizzie, too! Robbie’s gone, but he still lives on in you, even if you didn’t know him. I always hoped to meet you one day, Darryl, perhaps tell you about him, I think he’d have been proud of you. You’re taller than he was, but you have his eyes, his hair, even his way of standing. It does my heart good to see there’s so much of him still here! He was just a boy, not even out of his ‘teens when he died in that stupid little war. My father got a pennon and a medal in exchange for giving up his only son, not much of a trade, I’m sure you’ll agree, but he would have been proud to see his grandson grown so tall, so handsome, so much like Robbie might have been if only…”

She dabbed her eyes with a tissue and smiled.

“I was hoping to see Mr. Morgan. I came here not really expecting to find him, but hoping I’d strike it lucky; I last saw him here over 25 years ago-when you were born, actually. Do you by any chance have a forwarding address or contact telephone number for him? It’s really quite important…”

I wasn’t about to give out mum and dad’s details to some stranger, no matter what the claimed relationship was, so I asked her why she needed to speak to dad. Her answer caught me completely by surprise.

“I came because Lizzie asked me to…”

I sat back in shock. Elizabeth, my birth-mother? After 25 years? Why? I had to know.

“Why now, after all these years? Dad said there were no words, no falling-out, Elizabeth left because she was too young to bring-up a child alone; okay, I accept that, but why keep dad in the dark for 25 years? What did he do that was so bad that she had to shun him my whole life?”

Emma looked sad.

“Your dad did nothing; Lizzie kept away first because she didn’t want to be reminded about the child she’d left behind, but she soon grew out of that, and then she didn’t want to confuse and maybe alienate you by suddenly appearing and trying to be your mother again, and finally because her…lifestyle wasn’t something she was too proud of.”

I was fascinated, and asked her to go on.

“Lifestyle? Please, do tell, I’m all ears!” I grinned.

Emma looked thoughtful, obviously picking her words carefully.

“Remember, this was the 80′s, the age of excess, and try and not judge a young girl too harshly, okay?”

I nodded, so she continued.

“Lizzie fell into the club scene, the whole ‘New Romantic’ thing, new bands, this month’s flavour of the month, getting passed around from music producer to producer, it was kind of like that line in the Lou Reed song ‘Take a walk on the wild side’, about being everybody’s darling in the back-room, the music scene and the life that went with that; money, fashion, wild behaviour, sex, drugs…”

Emma looked at me to gauge my reaction, but all I said was “Go on,” so she did.

“She was there from the beginning, she knew everyone, and everyone knew her; no party was complete without Lizzie Morgan, or Lolly Moore, as she called herself. Every wild party, every new club, every new band, she was there, part of the glitterati, usually coked-up and off her face on some latest sensation’s arm, partying in Acapulco, and Monte Carlo, Mustique, rumours of affairs with pop royalty, real royalty, trying to find the millionaire, jet-set lifestyle she talked about and wanted when we were in school. She changed her appearance so much I never even recognised her when saw her in the papers, and I grew up with her. It’s amazing what big blonde hair, collagen, and a new chest can do for you!”

I was impressed in spite of myself; my mother was an ‘It’ Girl? Far out, as mum used to say…

I listened as Emma continued.

“Of course it all had to end; when it did, I was there to pick her up; Lizzie and I went through school together, we were friends from when we were five years old, she was my best friend, and Robbie was always crazy about her, from the first day he ever set eyes on her. When they got together, he was over the moon; he couldn’t believe his luck. When he shipped-out, she said she’d wait for him, and when he was killed, something inside her just…died as well, or gave up, I don’t know which, but she changed, it was like she decided that there was no point in being there for anyone, because no-one would be there for her; her mother had abandoned her when she was small, now Robbie was gone. When she had you, I think that was the last straw; you were her reminder of Robbie, and he was gone, so she left, and left you.”

Shepaused and looked into my eyes.

“I’m sorry none of us ever came for you, Darryl; she made us promise we’d leave you with her dad and leave you alone; he’d look after you properly, much better than any of us could. She was right; I was just a teenager myself, my dad was a zombie after losing Robbie, I was trying to take care of my two younger sisters, we were definitely not the place for a baby to be. She made your dad promise not to tell you about her until you were ready to hear it all.”

I was intrigued in spite of myself; this was my mother we were talking about, but try as I might, I couldn’t dredge-up a single emotion for her; love, hate, disdain, bitterness, none of those were in me when I thought of her. Mum and dad had given me all I ever needed, I had no missing love to yearn for, no part of my life that she had denied me, no unfinished business, and so I could be completely detached when it came to thinking about Elizabeth, my birth-mother.

“So…Emma, what did happen to Elizabeth…Lizzie?” I asked, and a movement caught my eye. I looked up to see Lena watching from the doorway, her expression interested and curious. I wondered how much she’d heard. She came and sat by me, and took my hand, and smiled at Emma.

“Please, go on, we’d both like to know; what did happen to Elizabeth?”

Emma looked startled, then smiled back at Lena.

“You’ve got be her sister; God, you look just like her!”

Lena leaned forward, her eyes fixed on Emma.

“You were about to tell Darryl what happened to Elizabeth, so please, go on, what happened to make her turn her back on all that?”

Emma looked at me as she started to explain.

“What happens to all of us, eventually; she grew up; the life she was living only had a few ways to end, none of them good, and she came to realise that eventually. One day there was a knock on my door, and there she was, Lolly Moore was gone, and Lizzie Morgan was back, older, maybe wiser, but ready to be a grown-up at last; it took its time, but I suppose that realisation came to her in time, which was a good thing; all her so-called friends from those days were using, in rehab, in jail, or dead, and I suppose she realised one day that those were her choices. Whatever the reason, and she’s never told me fully, she was back, and back inside herself again.”

Lena leaned forward, her eyes wide.

“Where is she now? Why did she never come back? Her father wanted to know what he’d done to keep her away so long, why didn’t she ever come back, even if it was just to say ‘hello, I’m not dead!?”

I realised Lena was angry, and Emma reared back slightly.

“Oh my God, you looked just like her then! Lizzie has that exact expression when she’s mad!”

Lena said nothing, her eyes flashing, and Emma smiled slightly, covering her mouth with her hand.

“For a second there you looked so much like her it was scary! To answer your question, she kept away because she didn’t know how to come back. I suppose staying away had become a habit that was just too hard to break; she thought she had no reason to come back, then she was too guilty to come back, and finally she just couldn’t work out how to come back, perhaps she thought too much time had passed to ever make it right again, so she left well enough alone.”

“But now she wants to see her father just this one last time. When she was in her mid-twenties she met a man, a good man, the usual happened, and they had a home, not too far from Bristol, as it happens, he had a good job, they were happy. They had two children, a boy and a girl, then things started to go wrong between them, and eventually they broke up, he left, and she’s there today. The little boy, Marcus, looks an awful lot like her, like you actually, and very much like your dad!” she grinned, looking at Lena.

“The little girl, well, not so little, she’s almost a teenager now, her name’s Allie, she’s the very image of Lizzie, just like how I remember her looking when we were young. They’re a good family, a happy family, they don’t have much, but they all love and support each other. Lizzie wants to come home, to say the things she should have said all those years ago, but you say her dad’s gone, he lives in Cyprus now. Would you give me his address, or maybe a telephone number? I know Lizzie needs this; perhaps her dad needs this as well. Please give her a chance; she’s not the Lizzie who left, that girl is long gone, I should know.”

Lena stood up.

“I want to meet her, I want to look the woman in the face who walked away from Darryl, from my dad, and let him suffer all that guilt for all those years for nothing. He did nothing, and yet she punished him; I want to meet her so I can say what needs to be said to her, things I know my dad would never say; then it will be square. I get to meet her, she gets to talk to dad; hell, I’ll even take her there, but she looks me in the face first, got it?”

Emma nodded, a small smile on her face.

“It’s amazing how like Lizzie you are when you’re angry, God, you’re just like her!”

Lena stuck out her chin pugnaciously.

“I am nothing like her!” she enunciated carefully, and even I had to grin behind her back; I was just glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of that particular broadside!

“So, do we have a deal?” asked Lena, her eyes still slitted and angry, and Emma nodded.

“Today, four o’clock, she’s coming into town with me to go shopping in Broadmead, we’ll be here at four, I promise you. Maybe she needs this as well, and I think maybe she needs to explain herself to you, Darryl. We’ll see you then!”

We showed her to the door, where she surprised me with a quick, heartfelt hug, before wiping her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I had to do that,” she apologised, “please forgive me for taking such a liberty, you’re so much like Robbie, it’s almost like having him back again!”

We watched her get into her car and drive away, then Lena turned to me.

“Okay, I’m not in the mood to cook breakfast, take me out to breakfast, baby-daddy, baby needs expensive food, so does mummy, so come on, Moneybags, unchain your wallet and buy me breakfast!”

I slid my hand down and squeezed her lovely firm, juicy little bum, feeling her sundress slide easily over the satiny flesh of her taut cheek, unhindered by panties. I cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You want me to parade you around with no knickers on under that ridiculously short dress, you scandalously under-dressed little doxy?” I grinned at her, Lena grinning back at me.

“When we get back from wherever you take me, and it better be mind-numbingly, eye-wateringly expensive, I plan on getting topped-up from this morning; being pregnant has made me very horny and almost completely uninhibited, so I want you to sit there and eat your breakfast while you concentrate on how naked I am under this silly dress, what I’m prepared to let you do to me, and most of all, how quickly I can be naked if the price is right; right now the price is a really, really good breakfast, so come on Seymour, feed me!”

As she finished, she squeezed me through my trousers, compounding the agony by kissing me hotly as she squirmed against me. As I went to get the car keys, she stopped me.

“Dar, this is Clifton; if you wander into any Cafe, Bistro, or restaurant around here looking like that, they’ll tell you to wander back out again; trousers, shirt, and shoes, please, real ones, not army surplus, chop-chop!”

I asked what was wrong with the way I was dressed.

“Dar, you look like Bob the Builder, and most places in Clifton won’t do a bacon and ketchup sandwich and a mug of tea stewed ’til it’s red, so at least try and look like a young professional, please!”

Ten minutes later we were in a painfully trendy place, all Barista’s, brass lamps and Tuscan ceramic tabletops, eating tiny swordfish steaks smothered in garlic butter and cayenne pepper that hardly seemed adequate, given the King’s ransom we were paying for it. Lena noticed my expression and grinned

“Eat up, Darryl, you need to build-up your strength!”

Not if I had to depend on those flaky little bite-size morsels of fish…

The next course appeared, Eggs Benedict on toasted sourdough muffins, and a basket of Angels on Horseback, with toasted Granary bread, farmhouse butter, and a lemony sour cream and chives dip; now that was more like it! I have to admit, I stuffed those wonderful things into my mouth as fast as I could chew, Lena watching in frank admiration as I piled in the food. I was taking her seriously; if she meant what she said, I was in for a strenuous morning!

We finished with a sigh, just in time for a crisp crème brouleé, ‘to cleanse the palate’ according to the phony-sounding French(-ish) waiter, anyway. We relaxed over coffees, discussing Emma’s visit that morning. Lena was still angry, but it was backed-down to a low simmer now, more to do with the fact that her sister had kept away for what seemed to her to be some very thin reasons.

I was curious to meet her, however; I had no connection to this mother of mine; as far as I was concerned, my mum lived in Cyprus, and just as soon as I could get some extended leave, I was taking Lena out to see her again, and spend some time with her and my dad. Lizzie Morgan and Robert Fraser were just names to me, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t about to fall into any tearful reunions with her over what had happened 25 years before, when I was still just a new-born.

After a while I noticed Lena giving me some very meaningfully coy looks, and suddenly the reason for the high-protein breakfast raced back into mind. Ah-ha, she was primed and ready for some mid-morning fun and games; good, the inner-man was satisfied, so I was ready too!

We paid the bill, an action that seemed like robbery without violence, and strolled back home in the late morning summer sunshine, the sun still potent even though Autumn would be here in a few weeks. It was a strange feeling, walking hand in hand with her like this, but strange in a good way; previously, I’d always accompanied her as her big brother, now I was her partner, her lover, and the father of her baby.

I’d never really strolled with her like this before; I’d only ever let her hold my hand when she was small, and as we grew older, if she managed to persuade or browbeat me into accompanying her, I’d slouch along a step or so behind her, hands thrust in pockets, trying to give anyone who might have bothered to notice us, the impression that we were not together, I was just along to keep an eye on her.

Now I wanted to hold her hand like this, it felt like the most normal and natural thing in the world; she was tall, eye-catchingly beautiful, and she was mine. I noticed the looks passers-by gave her, and the envious looks I was getting from men as we strolled past them, hands clasped together, Lena oblivious to the looks and glances, talking instead about how life was going to be for us now, her eyes and flashing smile a beacon of beauty on the sunlit street. She fitted in perfectly here, I thought; amidst all the trendy wine bars, designer coffee houses, chi-chi little bistro’s and exclusive boutiques, she looked like one of the beautiful people for whom a place like this was their natural habitat, she wore it like a second skin, and it suited her so well.

As I fumbled with the key in the front door, she pinched my backside, making me jump.

“That’s to remind you, Dar, it’s playtime!”

I grinned, loving her refreshingly direct approach, and definitely feeling in a playful mood myself, standing aside to usher her in and pinch her backside in revenge, making her shriek and giggle. I slammed the door and chased her upstairs, finally catching her lying provocatively on the bed, her long, long legs stretched out and crossed demurely at the ankles, her eyes hooded and mysterious. She was fully dressed and not giving me the ‘come-on’, but, somehow, just the sight of her lying there like that was an incitement to riot. I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her tummy, holding the place our baby slept, watching her grin as I worked my way up until I was kneading her breast, feeling the nipple stiffen under the thin fabric of her sundress.

“Get naked Dar, your famous Disappearing Mother will be here in a couple of hours, and I need to be in a good mood so I don’t bite her head off!”

I grinned and took the hint, pulling off my Hackett polo shirt and Farah slacks, and kicking my shoes and socks across the room. Lena knelt up on the bed and began shrugging off her simple halter dress, but I stopped her; this was my job! She grinned as I slid the halter over her neck and allowed the dress to fall to her waist, cupping her hands over her delicious breasts.

I pulled her closer to me, kissing her as I ran my hands lightly over her sleek back, feeling the silky texture of her skin. Lena slid upright and stood away from the bed, wriggling her hips to let the dress fall to the floor, to stand completely naked, gorgeous, and feminine, and all mine. I know gloating is an unseemly activity, but you know, once in his life every man is allowed a moment of unseemly gloating; this was mine.

Lena stepped close again, her hands going about my neck as my hands found her delectable bottom again, sliding around her hips to hold and squeeze those delightful globes, pulling her closer against me. She leaned down to nibble my ear, and grabbed hold of my straining cock.

“Whatever you’re going to do, do it soon, hotshot!”

I obliged, pulling her down to me so I could nibble her outthrust nipples. Lena giggled and pushed me over, landing on top of me. I scrambled back up the bed and pulled her up along me, to straddle me while I licked and chewed her nipples. Lena pulled away from me and sat up, then raised up and took hold of me, aiming me just right before sliding down, impaling herself on my rigid cock in one long slow glide, hissing with satisfaction as she slid down on me.

She rolled and gyrated her hips, her tight pussy squeezing and releasing me as she squirmed atop me, closing her eyes when I reached up to squeeze and rub her engorged nipples, her breathing quickening as her pace increased. Lena rubbed and ground herself against me as I pushed back against her, forcing my cock all the way into her as she pumped her tight, squeezing pussy around me, the sensation like another mouth working on me, edging me toward climax, while her hands clamped tightly against mine, holding my hands tightly against her swollen nipples.

AS I squeezed and rolled her nipples under mypalms, her efforts redoubled, her breath hitching and panting now as she pounded against me, while I grimly held on to my last shreds of self-control, willing myself not to come until she’d climaxed. Suddenly she was there, her head lolling forward as she groaned and shuddered, her pussy convulsing around me.

That was it; I couldn’t take any more, and I came like a runaway freight train, the spunk shooting out of me in an endless spray with such force I nearly passed-out from the shock of it, crying out in my extremity. I could feel my toes curling with the intensity of my orgasm, every muscle in my body strained and tensed as my body drained itself into her.

Lena slumped down on my chest, gasping and shivering, our bodies glued to each other by the heat and sweat of our encounter. Lena lay motionless as the aftershocks and tremors had died away, and then kissed me once, just above my heart.

“Well Dar, that filled me up, no mistake! If I wasn’t pregnant before, I bloody well am now!”

She giggled and lay back down, and I grinned, my hands sliding down her sleek back to hold and cup her shapely rump, absently squeezing and kneading the pneumatic cheeks while I enjoyed the moment of post-coital happiness and relaxation, the ‘after-glow’. My thoughts turned to what Elizabeth would say, and developing a game plan to head Lena off just in case she decided to launch a banzai attack on “Lizzie”, but I also wanted to just lie there for a while and savour the feeling of Lena lying prone on me, her scent, the feel of her skin against mine, and the tempting, delicious ripeness of the lovely apple bottom I was clutching so lovingly.

I was just starting to mellow out, and probably doze-off when I turned my head and saw the clock on the nightstand.

“Lena, up, come on, it’s gone three o’clock; your sister will be here soon!”

Lena jerked awake, her gunslinger reflexes when abruptly woken coming to the fore.

“Wha’? Where? Wassamatter? Oh Darryl, I’m tired go ‘way!” she muttered, planting her head back on my chest and sighing as her arms tightened around me.

I smacked her rump.

“Up! We need showers, the Famous Disappearing Mother’s going to be here soon, get a move on! Don’t you want to see your sister?”

Lena stirred again, and opened one eye.

“She’s not my sister, and she’s not your mother either; tell her to fuck off, ‘m not interested! Now go ‘way, ‘m tired!”

I grinned again.

“I thought you wanted to give her a piece of your mind! Sure you can you spare any?”

Her eyes snapped open.

“What did you just say?”

I rolled her off me and kissed her.

“There, I thought that would wake you up! Now, come and have a shower, she’s going to be here in less that forty-five minutes and we haven’t got time for one of your four-hour showers, so get weaving! You do my back; I’ll do yours! And no funny business, OK?”

Lena grabbed hold of my flaccid cock and rubbed the end lightly but meaningfully with her manicured thumbnail.

“After she’s gone, I want a word with you about that crack just now, got it, mister?”

I kissed the end of her nose.

“Yours to command, Angel-May, yours to command! Now move it!”

With me chivvying her along, Lena managed to take a shower and dry-off in less than 30 minutes, which had to have been some kind of record given the production number she normally makes of it, and was sitting downstairs with me well before 4 o’clock rolled around; or, to be more accurate, I was sitting; Lena was pacing around like a caged tiger, tense and anxious, back and forth across the room, driving me crazy, but I knew better than to say anything.

4 o’clock came and went, and still no sign of them. Lena had put a sign on the front door ‘Door is open, come in’, not wanting ‘Lizzie’ to ambush me in the hallway without her firmly by her side.

Lena began to get impatient.

“Look, Dar, it’s already ten past four, I don’t think she’s coming, she could at least have…!”

At that very second, the front door opened.

“Hello?” we heard Emma call out, “Anyone here?”

“In the sitting room, we’re both here, come on in!” called back Lena, standing close to me, her hand in mine.

Emma came in the room, taking in the two of us standing there, Lena tense and nervous, with me much more relaxed, nodded, and stepped aside to usher the other woman with her into the room.

I gasped in shock; it was Lena, or at least Lena in 20 years! Dark auburn, to be sure, but the same porcelain skin, the same dazzling blue eyes, the same jaw-line; there was no mistaking the fact that they were sisters, even if separated by almost a generation.

Emma spoke first.

“Darryl, Lena, this is Lizzie Daniels. Lizzie, meet Darryl, and…your sister, Lena.”

Lena nodded, hostility beginning to flare in her eyes, and I had to squeeze her hand warningly, reminding her to wait until you have an idea how well-armed the other side is before touching off a fire-fight…

Lizzie smiled at us, looking even more like Lena.

“Hello Darryl!” she said, and I started; she sounded so much like Lena it was weird…

She came forward and held her hand out, and I automatically, instinctively, took it, shaking it twice, formally and letting go. She turned to Lena and held out her hand.

“Lena, hello, my name’s Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie. You have a lovely name!”

Lena ignored her hand.

“It’s not my name, that’s just what my family calls me. You can call me Marlene!”


Lizzie smiled again, only this time there was a brittle quality to it.

“Well, that’s a lovely name too! Are you Maureen’s daughter?”

Lena nodded and turned away to sit down. I indicated a seat, and the two women seated themselves.

Lizzie went first.

“Darryl, Emma told me how much you look like your…like Robbie, and it’s true; you’re almost the image of him! I was quite startled when I saw you, it was almost like he was in the room!”

Her eyes were glittering with unshed tears, something Lena saw too.

“Why are you here?” she asked in the sudden silence, “Daddy’s not here anymore, and I’ve got nothing for you, Darryl’s not your son, you threw that away, what did you come back here for? Why now?”

Lizzie grinned.

“Okay, that was to the point! It turns out a friend of a friend worked with dad and mentioned in passing that he’d retired, and I decided that enough was enough, I’d avoided coming back for long enough, it was now or never. I wanted to apologise, and before you say anything, I know, it was a long time coming, long overdue in fact, but the truth is, I was too ashamed to come back here, then I was too afraid he’d turn me away for staying away so long, and finally I just didn’t know how. I want to make my peace with my dad, tell him I’m sorry, and ask him to try and forgive me for being so weak. My kids are asking about the rest of their family, I would like to be able to tell them about dad, Darryl, you, if you’ll let me, but I’ll understand if you tell me to get lost.”

Lena looked as though she was going to take her at her word, then subsided and glanced at me, silently asking me to tell Lizzie about dad, her father. I put my arm around Lena and looked over at Elizabeth, my birth-mother, feeling no connection, no abandonment or sense of loss, just sympathy for this woman who was finally trying to clean up her past mistakes.

“I don’t know what to call you, so I’ll call you Lizzie. Dad and mum have gone to Cyprus, the hot dry climate will help him, and his doctor recommended that he go.”

Lizzie looked puzzled.

“What’s wrong, why did he have to go to Cyprus?”

I looked at Lena, who nodded, obviously not trusting herself to speak.

“Dad’s dying. He has a form of pneumoconiosis, his lungs are losing function, and his heart is damaged. The prognosis is good in the short term, but medium to long term…it’s not good, not good at all; he’s deteriorating, and it’s not going to be easy.”

Lizzie looked stricken.

“He’s…dying? How…how long?”

I looked at the floor, at Lena, anywhere except her face, so much like my own darling Lena.

“He’s been sick for a long time now, but he only told me just before they left. He hasn’t got too much time left, a year, maybe a little longer, eighteen months at the outside. He left six weeks ago, he and mum bought a place out there, and mum has a job at the hospital there, they provide all his specialist care. They’re doing it their way, the way they want to do it, he’s happy, they’re both happy.”

Lizzie looked like she was about to cry, and I felt myself empathising with her; much as I wanted to dislike and disown this woman, I couldn’t do it; she was just too much like Lena; just without the depth and breadth of character my Lena displayed, I told myself; she’d been weak and easily led, she allowed herself to be a party animal because she couldn’t be a parent, but I couldn’t hate her for that; I didn’t know that I would have reacted any differently if I’d been in her shoes, and I’d done enough judging in recent times to last me a lifetime. Emma was right; it had been a different time, another world a long way away and a long time ago from the one we lived in now, and I had no right, or inclination, to judge her. I had never had her to miss her, mum had been there, and she was my mum, not this person sitting here with us.

Now the tears rolled slowly down her cheeks, and Lena stirred, her eyes flashing as her face paled.

“Don’t you dare do that, you don’t get to do that! You’ve had twenty-five years to let daddy know he did nothing wrong, that it wasn’t his fault, that you just wanted to screw around, and yet it was just too much trouble. You could have picked up a phone, you could have written a letter, but no, you just let him stew, wondering what he did that was so wrong it drove his daughter away, letting him blame himself for nothing, dumping your baby with him and boogieing out the door without a backwards glance, just so you could go off and be freak of the week!”

Lena paused to draw breath, her eyes spitting sparks and her nostrils flared as she stared at her sister,and when she spoke again, her voice was low and throbbing with anger.

“You never once came back to ask him how your baby was, if he was alive or dead, happy, anything at all, not a fucking dickey-bird! Well Daddy and mum brought up your son like their own, they did everything for him that you couldn’t be bothered with, and my Darryl’s the man he is because of them and not because of you; six weeks ago we’d never fucking heard of you, right now I wish to Christ I’d never heard of you at all, ever! There’s nothing of you in him, nothing at all, he doesn’t even look like you, and I’m glad of that; it means he doesn’t have to see your face every time he looks in the mirror!”

I was shocked, deeply, at her outburst; Lena never loses her temper, she’s the most temperate and well-adjusted person I know, and now she was ramping-mad, her eyes blazing behind slitted lids, and her face livid, her chest heaving as she vented her fury on her absentee older sister.

She drew breath for another broadside, and I squeezed her hand.

“No, Princess, don’t, it’s bad for the baby!”

Lizzie had shrunk back in her seat in the face of Lena’s verbal onslaught, while Emma watched in shocked silence. At the mention of the baby, she cocked her head at me.

“She’s pregnant?”

I nodded.

“About six weeks along, just at the morning-sickness stage. I think it’s time you left, please, I don’t want her being agitated any more than she already is. I’ll give you dad’s number in Cyprus, you can call him, I suggest you do, almost the last thing he said before he left was that he never knew what he did to make you leave, perhaps you should let him know what the truth was, he deserves that, at least.”

As I said that, Lena buried her face in my shoulder, and I could feel her angry tears soaking though my shirt.

Lizzie nodded, fishing out a pen and address book from her purse. As she opened it, something fluttered out onto the ground. I bent and picked it up; a photograph of a boy and girl, about 8 and 12 respectively.

I looked at it, strange emotions roiling in me; this was my brother and sister, Marcus and Allie, Emma had said; she’d also said they looked like Lena, and she was right; obviously dad had some pretty strong genetic dominants to keep that hair, those eyes, and those features repeating through the generations like that. Lena got her hair from mum, but everything else was pure dad.

I went to hand it back to Lizzie, but Lena silently held out her hand for it, and Lizzie nodded at me, so I handed it to her. She looked for a long moment, then wordlessly handed it back to me and buried her face in my shoulder again. I held her close as I wrote the number and the address, her arm around my waist as I cradled her against me.

Lizzie watched me closely, one eyebrow slightly raised as she put her address book back in her purse, noting my hand stroking Lena’s hair and my lips almost kissing her as I whispered in her ear, soothing her after her angry outburst.

“Before I go, Darryl, can I ask you one thing?”

I nodded, more concerned with how Lena was taking all this, and her state after being so angry. “Sure, go ahead, ask away!”

“What did you do with your life, Darryl, did you go to university, did you make some good choices? I know it’s impertinent, and I have no right to ask, but I would like to know, please!”

Lena looked at her, her gaze level even though her eyes were puffy from crying.

“My Darryl is a doctor, he’s a Cardio-Vascular surgeon, at a good hospital; he made some good choices, and we helped and supported him; us, no-one else, just his family. Does that answer your question?”

Lizzie looked gratified.

“A surgeon! Robert would have been so proud of you, your grandfather would have been too, you’ve done so well, I know dad is proud of you and your…your mum, too, congratulations, I am so, so happy for you!”

She seemed genuinely pleased, and was just standing up when Lena spoke up.

“What are they like?”

Lizzie looked puzzled. “What are who like, Lena?”

“Marcus and Allie; what are they like, are they anything like you, worse, better, what are they like?”

Lizzie got a faraway expression on her face.

“Marcus is like his father; serious, quiet, studious, easygoing. Allie is the complete opposite; she’s loud, noisy, opinionated, single-minded, and loads of fun! Why did you want to know?”

Lena looked away.

“Much as I hate to admit any connection to you, you are my sister, and they are my nephew and niece, I suppose, and I just wanted to know what the missing part of my family is like; not you though, I think I know exactly what you’re like!”

Lizzie looked at her admiringly.

“You really take no prisoners, do you? Listen, I am going to try and apologise to my father, and maybe, in some small way, I can make it right with him again, before it’s too late. That’s all I can do, Lena, I have no sword to fall on, no hair shirt in my closet, no bed of nails to lie on for a penance, only my admission that I messed up badly; but not all of my life was screwed-up; he has two beautiful grandchildren, I got that part right! He should know about them, so he can see that for all my faults, at least I got at two things dead right! And now let me ask you a question; what did you mean when you said ‘my Darryl?”

Lena looked at me; I nodded, so she answered her.

“You already know, otherwise why ask; you just want to make me say it. OK, here it is. Darryl and I are together, why or how is none of your business, but we love each other, and this is our life, here, together, in this house that daddy gave us, a home for our child. Darryl is going to be a father, and we couldn’t be happier. Now go on, say something, I dare you!”

Lizzie grinned at her.

“You are so much like Allie! You’ll like her, and she’ll love you, you’ll get on like a house on fire! I won’t say anything to you about what you’re doing; there’s 25 years of ‘not my business’ wrapped around this, but I will wish you both all the best, and I would like to congratulate my sister on her upcoming happy event; being a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me, I just didn’t know it when Darryl was born; it was Allie’s birth that showed me that. It will be wonderful for you, too, I promise!”

She looked directly at Lena, a small smile on her face.

“I would like to see you again, both of you, as your older sister only; I don’t want to come between Darryl and his mum, that’s not my place, it never was. Maureen was a great mum, the best thing that ever happened to him, I can see that, a much better mother than I could ever have been. May I come and see you again, sometime soon? I know the kids would love to meet both of you.”

I looked at Lena, who was looking away, chewing her lip, always a sign she was undecided about something. I gently pulled her aside to murmur in her ear.

“Lena, how bad could it be? Let her do this, she didn’t do anything to you, if dad’s not mad at her, maybe you shouldn’t be either; and what have those two kids done to you? You saw them, they’re gorgeous!”

“I don’t know, Dar, it seems so…disloyal…”she muttered, and I grinned, understanding a little of what she was feeling. I had an idea.

“Baby, do you think that now, of all times, dad needs to know that his children are at loggerheads, over what? Something that happened so long ago that it doesn’t matter anymore? Think, Baby, dad needs all of us to be at peace, that’s all he wants, and this isn’t how to do it!”

She looked daggers at me.

“That was low and underhanded, how dare you even go there…!”

I stopped her.

“But true, nevertheless. Let it go, baby, it doesn’t matter to me, it shouldn’t matter to you, and truthfully, it doesn’t matter at all. Go on, make an effort, let her in; who knows, you might even like her!”

I could see her wavering, so slid in the trump card.

“Don’t you want to meet your nephew and niece? You saw that picture, didn’t you? He’s the image of dad, how could you walk away from that? Let them all in baby, you know you want to!”

She glared at me, then looked away, resting her head on my shoulder for a second or two.

“That obvious, huh? You’re right, she’s done nothing to me, and I don’t think dad would like it if I got into a slanging-match with her over ancient history! Okay, you win!”

I smiled to myself and patted her on her rump, making her grin at me, and wink. She kissed me lightly on the cheek, and whispered “And you’re right, they are gorgeous!” in my ear, before turning back to Lizzie.

“I would love to meet the children, please bring them; or Darryl and I could come and visit you. What are you going to tell them about him? Won’t they need to know he’s their big brother?”

Lizzie grinned.

“It’s going to be hard enough to explain who you are, let alone Darryl! For now, he’s your boyfriend; maybe he can be their Auntie Emma’s long lost nephew, seeing as he looks so much like her, and later, when they’re older, if you think they’re ready, we can tell them the full story in any way that seems best to you. How does that sound?”

Lena grinned, nodding.

“Okay, works for me; bring on the family!”

Lizzie grinned, and for just a second she looked like Lena when she was about twelve, that little girl smile that got lost as she matured. She seemed unsure how to leave, still not sure if she should, or could hug Lena, and as for me…

I resolved that for her by hugging her. There was nothing weird about it for me; she wasn’t my mother, that was mum, and she was thousands of miles away. No, this was just my girl’s big sister as far as I was concerned. Lizzie looked startled for a second, then smiled and hugged me back, patting me gently on the back, and whispering “Thank you, it’s more than I deserve!” in my ear. Lena followed suit, clinching for a mere second or so; she was still not quite ready to let Lizzie all the way in, and Lizzie got that, if her smile was anything to go by.

A/N: This is Allison’s story 6 months after the events of Finding Normal and 6 months before Green Groweth the Holly. You don’t necessarily have to read those two stories to understand this but you might want to.

Also Snapshots is connected, telling the story of what happens to Allison’s ex-husband Kyle after Finding Normal (if you’re interested).



The shouted command startled me so much I tripped and dropped a textbook. A few kids walking by snickered. My cheeks burned as I knelt down, cursing my clumsiness. Being a senior in high school and having just turned 18 hadn’t made me more mature or graceful in my movements.

I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even notice the expensive shoes stepping into my vision.

“Wow, you really are a mess. I just thought that was your reputation.”

My head slowly looked up and- though the sun was directly behind him, making his face appear as a dark spot against the sky- I knew it was him. I had memorized his voice, his height, his hair, his stance. I would know him if he hadn’t spoken.

Embarrassment was forgotten. My book with all of its loose papers strewn all over the cement was forgotten. I even- for a few tiny seconds- forgot who I was.

“Are you going to get up or…?”

I stood too quickly, wondering if it was his presence or the sudden rush of blood to the head making me so woozy. His messy hair fluttered in the wind and those silver eyes were greener in the harsh sunshine. The sleeves of his dress shirt were rolled up, revealing his delicious forearms. Something about the image was so provocative. I wanted to lick his collarbone, have the muscles in those bare forearms clench as they pushed my body every which way until it pleased him.

“You dropped this.” He handed me a piece of wrinkled paper.

After straightening it out, I recognized it as the story I had due in my Creative Writing class next period. Amazed, confused, fucking astonished, I stared at him. He could have easily tossed in the trash. That would have been expected. If I found out after the fact, I’m not sure I would have even been hurt. Years of teasing leaves one immune.

Rather than all that, he chased me down. He gave it to me. My mind worked furiously, trying to figure out his angle. His agenda. He always had one, from what I noticed.

“Thanks,” I said. To say I was unsettled would have been a huge fucking understatement.

Standing this close to him, I could see the stubble from his morning shave. He was delectable as always, and of course pompous. It exuded from him, far more overpowering than his pricey cologne.

“I figured it was sort of important.” His trademark smirk finally came out. “I remembered you liked to write.”

For a minute, my meekness took a back seat. “How the hell do you know that?”

The smirk morphed into a more benign smile. “We used to sit next to each other in the eighth grade. You forgot that?”

No, I hadn’t forgotten.

“You were constantly writing shit. Mrs. Reeves hated you for it. I think she thought you were writing porn. She got so mad at you.”

He likely brought up porn to shock me; he needn’t have bothered since I was already trying to talk my pulse down to a reasonable beat.

A timid smile tugged at my lips. “Yeah. Yeah, she did.”

He moved back against the brick wall of our school and scanned the field where our classmates enjoyed lunch. Enjoying their lunch in the distance, of course- he would never be talking to me if they were closer.

For some idiotic reason, I rested my bones against him. The brick was cool and rough against my skin, and every couple of seconds I could feel the tickle of the arm of his shirt against my own arm. We stood there for I don’t know how long, not looking at each other, embracing the early spring afternoon. The most popular boy in school with the messiest hair I’d ever seen, who oozed sex and money and promises of wickedly enjoyable things in the dark (things I only read about in books) was standing with me, sharing with me. Even if all we were sharing was recess.

“I’m sorry about your mom,” I whispered.

His head snapped to me. He was silent and I was terrified I said the wrong thing.

His mother had just died of Leukemia. My mother said when she found out, “I never liked that bitch.”

That probably meant she was a really nice person.

“No one ever brings that up to me.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. I just-”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” His grey eyes seemed to water but then again, it was a sunny day.

“She seemed like a really nice woman.”

“She was the best,” he said softly. “I could do no wrong in her eyes. Nice to have that, you know?”

“No. I don’t. But it sounds great.”

He knew about me. I could tell, just by the way his expression tightened. Everyone knew about me, really. I shouldn’t have been surprised. People often gossiped about my mother and I.

“It was,” he said, not taunting me about my mom or commenting at all about my home life.

We went back to quietly sharing each other’s presence. It was Heaven.

Of course it ended. Moments of euphoria always do.

Claudia McCallister appeared out of nowhere, wearing too much makeup and an expression of total annoyance. “You were supposed to meet me at the Science Lab ten minutes ago.”

Her obnoxious voice zapped us- well, me- out of the dream.

He pushed off the wall and ran his hands through his hair, destroying it even more. The wind picked up and I shivered.

“I don’t fucking wear a watch. Give me a break.”

“Let’s go, Dylan,” she ordered, not even looking at me. Why would she ever pretend I existed?

She walked away, her heels slapping with each angry step.

He picked up his messenger bag slowly, as he did all things, but he grinned at me while doing it. “See ya later.”

Then he vanished into the mass of popularity, leaving me against the stone cold brick. It wasn’t long after that Kyle found me. His hand touched my shoulder, bringing me back to life.

“Where have you been? You missed Creative Writing.”

“I did?”

Kyle put his hand on my forehead. “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I just… got lost in my thoughts.”

“Your mom?” he asked.

“Nah. She’s been good lately.”

His eyes appraised me, probably seeing I was lying. Mom hadn’t been that great lately. When she wasn’t in an alcoholic coma on our sofa, she was starting fights with me and ushering in this week’s boyfriend.

“Wanna skip last period, too? I’ll take you to McDonald’s. We’ll eat greasy fries and you can tell me all about Diane and what fun shit she said this week.”

I laughed but it didn’t seem real. He took my arm and we snuck over to his car, hoping the teachers wouldn’t catch us.

Then I caught a glimpse of Dylan Bullock making out with Claudia in his car a few rows down. His eyes were shut, his forehead crinkled, and his hands were grasping either side of her face.

Longing crashed into my body, heavy and foreign. It was enough to send a tremor through my body. I wanted to be her, to feel his fingers press against the delicate skin of my cheeks, to feel those thick, wet lips work against my own. The thought of tongue alone made me quake.

“You okay, baby?” Kyle asked. I couldn’t answer; I was too fixated on Dylan doing what he did best.

He looked over to where I was staring and snorted. “He’s such a dick.”

“Totally.” I hoped the lust wasn’t at all detectable in my voice.

As we drove over to McDonald’s, I tried not to fantasize that it was ME with Dylan Bullock.


[Seven years later]

Six months after my divorce, I was living in a nice new apartment and still trying to adapt to the changes in my life. My ex-husband Kyle moved an hour and half away, further into the suburbs, while I moved further into the city. Kyle and I hadn’t spoken since our divorce was finalized. He didn’t necessarily forgive me, but he said he was beginning to understand. I missed him.

Trisha married her new beau and moved to the suburbs. We spoke now and then but with her new pregnancy and fabulous marriage, we didn’t get a chance to talk as much as we wanted to.

I made a new friend- Holly- through my yoga class. She was witty and fucked up and just a lot of fun to be around. She had a dark past, one she wouldn’t totally share with me, but now and then she’d receive a phone call from presumably the same number and freeze.

Eventually she told me it was an ex-boyfriend of hers.

“I moved to get away from him. He didn’t understand the concept of breaking up.”

I shook my head over my cup of tea. “Can’t you block his number? Or change your number?”

Holly gave me a strange smile. “I like it. It helps me to remember.”

“Why would you want to remember that?”

“I don’t want to fall into old patterns,” she told me. “And it’s a form of emotional cutting. I’m sure it isn’t healthy. I just can’t help it.”

So yes, she was fucked up, but I loved her company. We trolled around shops together, we shared our pasts, we became best friends.

Still, I never fully disclosed Dylan Bullock to her.

I told her an affair ruined my marriage. I just didn’t specify who it was with.

I continued going to therapy, hoping some light could be shed on why I did what I did. Well, I knew why- Kyle just wasn’t the man for me, and I wasn’t the woman for him- but I wanted to know why I chose such a cruel way to end our marriage. Sleeping with Dylan, our high school bully, was probably the most vicious means to our splintering end. I wanted to know why I was such a broken person. And I especially yearned to find out if I could be fixed.

I found out I wasn’t normal, and there were very little people who were, so now it was time to find out my own reality.


My therapist sucked on a cigarette.

“Aren’t you supposed to be all therapist-y and vow that smoking is bad?”

Nadine grinned as she blew out a mouthful of smoke away from me. “This isn’t about my vices, and you said you didn’t mind. Shall I put it out?”

“Sorry. Go ahead.”

She flicked some ash off the tip. “You didn’t come to see me this past month.”

“I’ve been busy setting up the new apartment, getting settled at my new job. I’m sorry.”

“Why do you keep apologizing to me? It’s you who suffers by not making it to sessions. Especially in this vulnerable state.”

“I’m not vulnerable.” So many times I’ve had the urge to call Nadine a bitch. This time was the closest.

She laughed and fingered the beaded necklace she wore around her throat. The one I kind of wanted to knot up and strangle her with.

“You’re divorced, you’re 29, you’re in the city, and you’re lonely. You have no one for company except this Holly person you mentioned, who is lost herself. You spent your entire life relying on Kyle and his family to maintain some balance. You’ve lost him, cut him off like a limb. You’re telling me you’re not feeling the phantom pain?”

My face twitched. “Of course I miss him. His mom and his father. Carol especially. And I’m sorry for what I’ve done but-”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” Nadine shouted, squishing her cigarette. “Stop being sorry. You were sorry before you even slept with Dylan. What are you doing to DO about it?”

My anger burned out as quickly as Nadine’s cigarette. All that was left was a hollow little girl, cold and alone. “I don’t know.”

“See,” she answered, lighting up another cigarette. “You’re vulnerable. Good. Now it’s time to become strong again. Get a little fire back. Up to you how you choose to do it.”


“This is the wrong whiskey.”

I sighed in my mother’s face. She looked so ancient, all wrinkles and flabby folds. Her cheeks were pock-marked. They always were, but she used to take the time to cover it up with makeup. Now she didn’t bother.

Her latest boyfriend was smeared across the couch. At least this one was fully clothed.

“I couldn’t afford the Jameson, Mom.”

She clicked her tongue and poured herself a nice big glass. She swallowed it down straight and eyed me over the rim. When she satisfied herself, she shrugged. “Whiskey is whiskey.”

“Here’s some money.” I gave her all that was left from my paycheck after rent and groceries. It was a decent amount.

Of course she wrinkled her nose at it.

“That’s all you got?”

Why, oh why, did I still bother?

Because she’d rot away if I left her on her own and then I’d truly have nobody left in the world.

“Yes. Sorry.”

I heard myself apologizing and imagined Nadine’s frowning face in my mind.

“Hardly will pay the bills.”

“Maybe you should get a job, Mom,” I said without thinking.

Her boyfriend whistled in the background. My mother’s eyes flashed and she put her hands on her hips.

“You know I can’t work right now. I haven’t been well.”

“Maybe you should get help. Go to AA.” The words flew out of my mouth and there was no catching them. I never, ever suggested my mother get help before. It was simultaneously empowering and terrifying.

There was a long silence. Even her boyfriend paused with flipping through the channels of her ancient TV to see what would happen.

I expected a slap. A scream. Something physical. But no, my mother was never predictable when she was set loose.

“You come into my house and suggest I got problems?” She blew her lips. “Nervy bitch. You always were. You fuck up your own marriage, spread your legs for a guy who wants nothing to do with you, and you think you are some sort of guru now? Give me a fucking break. You’re a mess, Allison, and you always have been a selfish little twat. Now God is giving you back what you deserve. You look like shit- so thin, all those circles around your eyes- and I’m glad. Know why? Because you act like the world owes you something and you get what you want. You had a nice husband, everything you could possibly want- money, a house, a good-looking guy devoted to you- and you threw it away. Now you come here, with the wrong whiskey, with two pennies to give me, and you tell me I got a problem?” Her voice finally lifted. “You have a problem!”

I took a deep breath. I wanted to cry but thankfully my eyes were dry. I’d cried enough over my mother. “I’m never coming back here. I don’t want to ever see you again.”

My mother cackled. I probably said that before in a screaming match between us, but I meant it this time.

“Yeah, okay, Allison. You’ll last two weeks. You don’t have anyone else in the world.”

My mother voicing my own fear shook me a bit, but the thought of Nadine saying I needed to get some fire back kept me strong. “Yeah? Well, neither do you.”

I walked out of her shack knowing it would be the last time I ever did so.

It felt amazing at first. I felt free and giddy and maybe even a bit high. When I made it back to the city and my shadowed apartment, full of echoes and ghosts, fear and insecurities came back to visit.


I saw Dylan two weeks later. Afterwards I finally understood what Nadine was saying.

Even though I had officially signed my name to a piece of paper ending everything I was and did before, it still was like a betrayal. I didn’t bother telling Holly. She had enough shit to deal with and I was more than a little ashamed. And I couldn’t tell Nadine.

It was innocent at first. After work I needed a drink and stopped into a nearby bar.

I spotted him sitting next to a girl, looking entirely uninterested. He was swirling his straw around, gazing at the other patrons. My heart began its own funky, heavy beat and I wasn’t sure I’d have the courage to walk up to him. I only wanted to stop in and have a drink to relieve the tension of dealing with children all day. I didn’t want to see a ghost.

Then his head turned and he saw me. It was all over for me. Per usual.

A small, pleased smile spread across his face. I took shaking steps and sat on the other side of him. The girl was still chatting away but I got the impression they weren’t there together. He turned his head toward her and whispered something. Her eyes widened, she looked at me, and then she grabbed her purse and drink and scurried to the other side of the bar.

“What did you say to her?” I asked. “And do I even want to know?”

His laugh was like an old song I forgot I loved. “I told her that my wife finally arrived and that you weren’t into threesomes.”

His eyes met mine and I turned into a puddle on the barstool.

The bartender walked over at that point, which I was thankful for. I needed a buffer, a reminder of the real world. I couldn’t let myself sink into lust again. Lust for the man who had been the catalyst for my divorce, who I had shamefully had an affair with, who I let myself think about only when I turned out the lights and got into bed alone.

“I’ll have vodka with a twist.” The bartender nodded and quickly fixed it up, bless him. I watched only his movements. I didn’t dare look to my right, where Dylan was definitely staring at me.

When the bartender handed me my drink, I took that glass and gulped it like a hungry baby with a bottle.

“Slow down, Al,” Dylan whispered. “Wouldn’t want you to free up those delicious inhibitions of yours.”

After taking one last generous gulp, I put the glass down back on the bar and rolled my eyes. “I don’t need inhibitions to stay away from you.”

Dylan just smiled and sipped his whiskey.

We sat quietly for a while, watching the mating dance of the other patrons. I waited for him to ask me what I’d been up to, to rehash old memories, to seduce me. To do something. Instead, he only sipped on his drink and kept scanning the bar with those grey eyes of his.

“What the hell are you doing?” The question was blurted out of my mouth before I could think it over.

Dylan swiveled his head to me. “Nothing.”

“Exactly. We haven’t seen each other in forever, we run into each other by surprise, and you have nothing to say? Nothing to ask me? To tell me?”

He looked amused and signaled to the bartender for another round. “Of course I do. I’m just trying to enjoy being in your presence in peace for a bit.”

“Ugh, don’t get sappy on me, Dylan. Please. I can’t handle it.”

“So would you rather me say that I want to drag you into the filthy bathroom and fuck you against the wall?” He snorted at my alarmed expression. “You’re so predictable.”

“Eat shit.”

He barked out a laugh. Then he thanked the bartender and handed me another glass of vodka. I wasn’t sure if I should take it; I might not be able to walk home. “You’re divorced, Allison,” he said in a quiet voice. “Sharing a drink with me isn’t the end of the world. Isn’t this supposed to be the time you learn to have fun again?”

I reluctantly accepted the glass. “I’m not sure your brand of fun and mine are simpatico.”

“Let’s find out.” Dylan’s eyes were sparkling and an enchanting song I didn’t recognize came on.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, or Dylan’s presence, or just the magic of the night, but I stayed.


I couldn’t stop laughing. Dylan watched me patiently with a straight face, but I could tell he was fighting a laugh, too.

“I’m sorry. It’s not funny,” I choked, trying to stop the laughter and tears. But just the thought would spiral me into another fit.

“Go ahead. Laugh. I’m not ashamed.”

“I just can’t picture you… picture you on some spiritual tour in fucking India!”

Dylan’s finger ran around the rim of his glass. “Oh, well I have plenty of pictures. I could show you.”

My laughter quieted down and I ignored his comment. “Oh, man. Thanks for that. I needed a laugh.” I wiped away a tear. “So, how was it?”


“You know what I mean,” I sighed, rolling my eyes for the millionth time that night. Something about Dylan always made me regress into an immature brat.

He exhaled deeply. “It was eye-opening. I met a lot of interesting people, did a lot of crazy things. I came back rejuvenated. Not different.” He licked some of his drink off his fingers and I tried to tell myself it didn’t turn me on. “Improved.”

It was mid-afternoon when he checked into the hotel. He sent a quick text message as he walked down the hallway, then unlocked and entered the room that was soon to be nothing more than a den of sin. Only weeks before his wedding, he knew that he needed just one last hurrah – to experience the thrill of another woman’s body before he gave himself completely to one woman for the rest of his life (or so he was convinced at the time).

He had everything set up perfectly – the chilled bottle of wine opened, two glasses poured, the candles lit, lights dimmed. He was filled with anxious anticipation, about to see a woman he hadn’t seen in the flesh in 10 years. A woman that he had fantasized about since they last met, one who had in the intervening years gotten married, had two kids, but never forgot about the one who got away. That was something they shared, a bond that time wouldn’t rend – they were the same to each other – the “one that got away”.

There was a tentative knock on the door, and he heistantly paced over to peer through the peephole. It was her, gorgeous brown hair falling down over her shoulders, the emerald dress that she told him she made expressly for this day draped over her, hugging all of her curves perfectly. He stood there momentarily, mouth dry and breath heavy against the door, aware of the stirring feeling between his legs. She’d sent him pictures over email a few times, but nothing in those pictures quite captured the allure that she held for him here, in the flesh.

He pulled the door open, forgetting to undo the latch such that the door locked open only inches. “Hi…” he stammered, as she smiled at him. Was that a giggle that she let loose? He could recall the way she giggled in high school, that high, girlish giggle that hinted at darker thoughts, deep desires that she kept hidden away just enough to pique his interest. He fumbled with the door latch and finally opened it, inviting her in.

She stepped across the threshold, looking so much as she did ten years ago, yet decidedly different as well. She had grown in all the right places, and her dress fit her perfectly — accentuating the curve of her large breasts, her hips, and her ass. He stood in front of her, drinking in every inch of her. She stood and smiled at him as she set her purse on the dresser, as he thought momentarily of the wine that was sitting just a few feet away.

Looking closely into her eyes, however, he forgot all about the wine…the room…everything. He could see in those beautiful green eyes a reflection of the pure lust and desire that he felt for her at this very moment, as he reached out and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply and passionately as he had imagined he would so many times before this day. She returned the kiss, tongues intertwining as they breathed in each others’ scents. His hands ran up and down her back, cupping her ass and pulling her tightly to him. She moaned softly as he brought his hand around front, feeling her trembling, creamy-white thighs and slowly working his way up.

She pulled her lips from his and gave him a devilish smile as his hand reached its goal, finding no fabric between his roaming fingers and her hot, wet pussy. “Do you like?” was her question, whispered into his ear. His answer was clear as he reached up and pulled the dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a pool at her feet.

There she stood, large breasts bound tightly in a corset (probably also of her making), thigh-high stockings tight against her legs, arms at her sides, beatiful alabaster skin contrasting with the dark fabric. You’d never have known by looking at her that she had had two kids in the intervening years – she looked just as gorgeous as she ever did in high school, but now he was finally seeing what she looked like naked.

Smiling, she walked over to him and put one hand on his shoulder…the other dropped slowly down his chest and came to rest at the buckle of his belt. Without a word, she slipped the belt off of him, unzipped his pants, and smiled as his hard cock was exposed – just as she had worn no panties, he was going commando for her. She squeezed it in her hand and smiled at him, then pulled his pants down to the floor, dropping to her knees.

He knew what would come next – they’d talked about it online, even on the phone. She wanted to taste him, to suck him until he exploded in her mouth. And from the look in her eyes as she knelt before him, there was no plan in her mind to disappoint. She kissed his thighs as he stepped out of his pants, moving so he could lean against the bed.

Slowly, she ran her tongue up from his balls to the tip of his now-throbbing cock, eyes locked on his the entire time. She reached around and grabbed his ass tightly as she plunged his cock into her mouth, past her lips, all the way to the base…he could feel the tip of his cock hit the very back of her throat. She pulled back off and smiled at him, “Delicious…” was all that she said. Her other hand reached down and fondled his balls, squeezing and pulling on them as they rolled in her hand, as her mouth teased and sucked him.

She moaned as his hands fell to her hair, grabbing it tightly and helping to guide her head up and down the length of him. Her hand left his balls and slipped back further, as he laid spread his legs further for her, using the bed as support. He moaned loudly as her finger came to rest against his ass, rubbing the tight hole, relaxing it. He tightened up as she deep-throated him once again, at the same time slipping her fingertip into him, fucking his ass as she sucked him off.

He could feel his orgasm building, and was sure she could as well…with his ass puckering around her finger and his head throbbing between her lips. She looked up at him and smiled, taking him in and out of her mouth, tip to base, again and again. He grabbed her hair and pushed her down onto him as he exploded, both ass and cock letting loose in an orgasm more powerful than he had felt in awhile. His cum shot into her mouth, and she swallowed as much as she could, but some still dripped out from between her lips, running down her chin, down his cock. Her finger left his ass as she her mouth from him, stroking his hard, throbbing cock as drops of cum continued to pour out, onto her hands, his thighs, the floor.

He looked down at her, flushed with ecstacy, cock still throbbing and dripping cum, and told her that it was her turn…that she should climb onto the bed and spread her legs…it was her turn to cum hard all over him.

he climbed up onto the bed, spreading her legs wide for him and sitting so that her feet dangled from the side. She sat there and motioned for him to step closer, as if he needed encouragement. He knelt in front of her, kissing her deeply and trailing his lips and tongue slowly down the nape of her neck, taking each breast firmly in hand and tracing his tongue around her nipples, sucking on them as they grew hard at his touch.

His hand reached between her thighs and he slowly slipped first one, then two fingers into her. She sighed heavily as he penetrated her, and her hands roamed through his hair as he lowered his face to the level of the bed. He watched as his fingers parted her lips, sliding in and out as she became more and more wet. She pulled on his head, guiding him down closer to her hot wetness. And he, of course, willingly obliged.

Her thighs were creamy white, in contrast to the nice pink of her pussy as he spread her lips wide and slowly traced his tongue from her clit, down past her wet hole, to her ass and back up again. She was moaning with every new sensation. He settled on flicking and rubbing her clit with his tongue, while his fingers slipped in and out of her wet pussy…sliding in, twisting gently as he reached for her g-spot, then pulling back out.

He waited until his fingers were nice and wet, rubbing her lips and hole, spreading her juices all over his hand, and then slowly pressed one of his fingers up against her tight asshole…building pressure as his tongue teased her clit until it slipped in, just the tip of his finger, pressing in and out. She nearly came just then, clamping her thighs around his head and pulling on his hair just enough that he could feel it.

He knew what would put her over the edge, and smiled as he gave it to her – slipping three fingers into her now-dripping pussy and one into her ass, his tongue lapping her clit quickly and with just enough pressure…fucking her with his hand and mouth, hearing her breathing increase, feeling her thighs trembling around his head, feeling her hands squeezing and releasing in his hair, until he feels her hips shift, and her pussy is grinding in his face, her hands pulling his face tight against her throbbing, wet pussy…moaning and screaming out his name as she grinds against him, covering his face with her cum, writhing in ecstacy as he continues to lick her clit and fuck her with his hand…

Finally, he stops, pulling his fingers from her and licking the cum off of them. He stands at the edge of the bed, looking down at her. She sits up, takes his hard, throbbing cock in her hand, and smiles, “Now let’s make some good use of this.”

I have had a relatively tame sex life only having bedded three women during my first 58 years of life while my latest wife has had sex with 65 men she will admit to and I suspect the real number is much higher.

A big part of our love making is her relating how all those sexual encounters occurred or her reading Literotica or Penthouse letters especially those stories about gangbangs, group sex or swinging.

We both get very sexually aroused by both her real life encounters or those of others usually ending in her giving me a blowjob while simulating a man in her vagina and or asshole with her favorite vibrators. She really goes wild during the aforementioned sex often stating “I would not mind doing this for real with real people fucking me while I suck you off” That statement alone almost immediately makes me cum in her mouth which she really seems to enjoy as she simultaneously has an orgasm.

After the sex or the next day I talk about setting up a threesome or foursome either by finding partners on Craigslist or Back Page or joining a Swinger Club of which there are three in our city.

I have also suggested going on a swinger cruise or going to Amsterdam. Her answer is usually maybe then she later backs out.

I finally reasoned that she was not opposed to a big group orgy but scared of having sex with strangers or folks that might recognize her and not the act itself as she had often had two or more partners at once.

After some thought I formulated a plan that would overcome her fears.

We were currently living in Boston and the vast majority of her past sexual adventures occurred in Los Angeles, California. I proposed that she pick the best of her past lovers and I would try to locate them and arrange a sex reunion in Los Angeles. To my surprise she agreed.

She decided to limit the group to me and six of her past lovers. Here are her choices:

Her first husband who always loved group sex and loved kinky stuff but she had divorced due to his drinking problem. She had often related stories about her adventures with Paul her ex-husband where they would engage in same room sex with friends and he would yell out switch and they changed partners or how he would encourage her to seduce friends or business friends the join in a threesome where the friend would fuck her and he would simultaneously butt fuck the friend or she would blow the friend while her husband fucked her doggy style.

Great choice I said and I was able to track this guy down tell him about our re-union plan to which he readily agreed.

Her second, third and fourth choices were 3 guys she had had a foursome with when she was on vacation in Hawaii at 18. She said she had met one of the guys on the beach and went to his condo to smoke a joint which led to sex and the other two guys came in and fucked her leading to an afternoon where they took turns fucking her as she alternated giving each of the two guys a blowjob then switching off. These guys would be hard to find except for the fact she recalled one of their names and where he had attended high school. I spent a few hundred dollars on a detective agency and they found him

I contacted John and explained our plan. He was extremely excited and told me he would talk to Jim one of the other guys but Brad the third guy had been killed in Viet Nam.

John called back the next day and said her and Jim were more than willing and that both of them often jerked off mentally reliving their encounter with Linda.

Linda next two choices were brothers of a friend who had stripped at her Bachelorette party the night before one of her weddings. One thing had led to another at the party and she ended up fucking them both.

I found these two brothers easily and they agreed to join our re-union gangbang.

It had taken me over a month to find these five guys and decided to go with five guys and me. As I was having no luck finding any of the other 20 guys Linda had suggested as many had died, were in prison or had simply vanished.

When I told Linda that the re-union gangbang was on for August first at a rented home in Santa Monica, California she obviously extremely aroused. She immediately kissed me and was rubbing my dick thru my pants causing an immediate erection. We tugged at each other’s clothing until we were both naked and she immediately almost swallowed my now very stiff cock giving the best head I had ever received as she would suck very deeply while massaging my balls with one hand as she finger fuck my asshole. I was holding back as long as I could then shot 6 or seven ropes of cum into her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. She was not done yet as she took out her seven vibrators and had me fuck her with them simulating the guys I had set up for the gangbang often having a vibrator in each hole while she gave me a second blowjob

As previously requested we received an HIV test results from all the men involved which was mandatory to cum inside Linda. Birth control was not a factor as Linda was well beyond child bearing age. Everyone was clean so we were good to go.

We flew to Los Angeles so excited and horny we ended up fucking in the airplane restroom which I guess made us official members of the mile high club.

We landed at LAX around 10am, rented a car and drove to the house I had rented which had a pool, hot tub and a great view of the ocean. We decided to go to sleep to be well rested for the evening’s festivities.

All the men arrived by 7:30PM and after a few glasses of wine and some great pot we all stripped naked and jumped into the large hot tub. Jim and John were both seated next to Linda and wasted no time almost immediately playing with nipples which were the crown jewels of her 38 D cup breasts. Her ex Paul sat on the edge of the hot tub with a leg on either side of Linda. She turned around to suck his average size cock while Jim & John continued to play with her breasts.

The two brothers Ron & Ray got behind Linda and we finger fucking her until she begged to be fucked at which time they took turns fucking Linda was coming almost continuously , Paul was the first guy to cum and shot what seemed like gallons into Linda’s mouth. As soon as he was finished I replaced him in her mouth. Soon Ray & Ron filled her pussy and Jim & John replaced them soon adding even more cum inside her pussy.

We all got out of the hot tub for a break and a few beers all still naked. Someone noted that Linda was out of style as her pussy was not shaved. First thing you know the guys were using warm oils to lubricate her pussy hairs and the shaved her bald. I have to admit there is nothing sexier on earth than a completely shaved pussy. This was only the second shaved pussy I had seen in person and I was really turned on.

At this point Ray always the competitive on suggested a sex contest where Linda would be blindfolded while each of us took turns eating her pussy, getting a blowjob and fucking her. She would score us 1 to 6 for the best pussy licking, best tasting cum and nest fuck from 1 to 6. The lowest total score of the three categories would have her for the night. Linda was excited about the contest and agreed.

As soon as she was blindfolded we drew numbers and the games had begun. Linda was spread eagle on a chair and I had the honor of being the first to eat her out. Linda never a fan of pussy eating was in for a big surprise as the now shaved and dripping cum filled pussy was far easier to navigate. I started licking from the base of her cunt to her clitoris as cum poured into my mouth which was surprisingly very tasty. It only took 10 minutes before she was rubbing her cunt on my mouth and had a huge orgasm a first for her while being eaten. The other guys soon followed and at the end of our first round I had the lead with a score of 1.

Round two was the blowjob cum tasting contest. The contest lasted an hour and all six of came in her mouth enabling her to pick the best tasting cum. The winner was Paul her ex-husband and I came in a respectful third. Linda said they were all delicious each having distinct flavors from sweet to tart.

At this point with Linda still blindfolded we took a thirty minute break to get our mojo back. While having a beer we all noticed that Linda was masturbating herself many out on anticipation. She was fingering herself as her thump massaged her obviously swollen clit. We all instantly regained our erections as guys love to see a gal with another gal or masturbating.

The fucking contest then began she had orgasms with all six of us and seemed to enjoy us all. The winner of this segment was John who had the biggest penis of all of us.

The overall winner was Ron who although never finishing first in any one segment came of #2 in all three segments with a total score of 6 edging both Paul and me out by only one point.

Paul had Linda for the night and based on the noises we heard coming from the bedroom they both had one hell of a night.

The next day the guys left and we all agreed to make this an annual affair.

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