Karl didn’t think he could love his wife any more then he already did but she surprised him last night. They had always been traditional and not very kinky so when she brought a vibrating finger attachment to bed he pictured her going into the store to purchase it and he felt himself swell from the memory. She had become more adventuresome lately and he welcomed the change although he didn’t understand it.

The first time he saw Nicole, he was the attending physician at the ER the night her husband had his accident. Karl fought for hours to keep him alive knowing if he saved him his life would be a worse kind of hell then he was in now. He came in unconscious and Karl was sure that soon after impact he would have been out so he doubted he felt much pain. He felt him slipping away and prayed for his soul as it became futile to keep trying to revive him.

At first sight of Nicole’s face, her tragic look of concern heightened by a frail figure and a stomach larger than any he had seen in a woman her size, he’d fallen in love with her. Her petite frame invaded by her babies with her dark hair and creamy skin. She was stunning pregnant.

He carefully walked towards her slowly, “I’m afraid …”

Nicole started screaming, “No, please God no. He’s not dead; please tell me he’s not dead.”

Karl walked towards her gently cradling her hands in his own saying, “I’m so sorry, he’s gone.” Nicole’s legs buckled and she began to drop. He reached around her waist and held her. He was still holding her 18 years later.

Her daughters loved him and to him they were his own. He was so proud of them. He had put them in the finest schools and helped them with their college applications. Both had been accepted at all their alternates and had decided they would attend Yale that fall. He was staggered by the tuition bill for that first quarter but had a healthy trust fund building since he married their mother in case such an event might occur. He had brought her twins up right. Neither was allowed to date until they were of age. The girls were more interested in community, school, and being active in their church so they didn’t complain too much about how strict Karl & Nicole were on dating.

The girls were identical twins and had grown into beautiful women. Karl loved walking around with them, his future Yale graduates. Both had their mother’s beauty with dark hair and perfect skin. They were both fit and impossible to tell apart. Melinda was the oldest by about 10 minutes and was more adventurous. She was bold and daring. Jennifer was more cautious and serious. She was more conservative then her older sister. Both had breasts that were perfectly shaped and a little on the large size for their tiny frames. Karl was often annoyed by the gawking that happened when men noticed them. He was especially pissed when he saw men become aroused around his daughters. This sent him into a rage that almost cost him dearly but he made due with dirty looks and kept his fists at his sides.

Karl hunkered down with his NASCAR video in one hand. He flipped on his 3D flat screen TV with the surround sound turned on and popped the top off his beer ready to watch the race. He heard this was a great one with some crazy accidents. What he wasn’t expecting was that his wife had taped over his NASCAR. He was a little disoriented. He saw his wife with someone he didn’t recognize and nausea set in as he realized that he was watching the beginning of a sex tape.

The stranger touching his wife was wearing the finger attachment she had introduced him to…. he watched as his stomach turned and his head began to pound, the vein on his forehead rising as soon her hips would be rushing up to meet the stranger in his bed doing things to his wife he’d never even heard of. He listened to his wife’s voice moaning and calling out. Karl in agonizing pain watched the tape beginning to end. It felt like someone had cut his chest opened, ripped his heart out, and was stabbing it repeatedly with a blunt object.

He wanted to kill her. He wanted to destroy her. Then it came to him. What she cherished most were her twins. He had an Ivy League pile of money to spend and an excuse to rape his daughters. He was pissed, he was vengeful, and he was rock hard. Watching another man fuck his wife got him really in the mood to shop the adult toy store. If she thought her little finger attachment was hot. He was going to go on the biggest shopping spree the local sex store had ever seen. His first stop would be “Fry’s” to pick up multiple high end camcorders with enough tape for editing and mixing all the different angles he’d planned on filming with her twins. She was going to see the tip of his penis entering each virginal daughter as they screamed and kicked. He was going to capture the expressions on their faces and on the face of the twin he wasn’t fucking as she watched. He went for his wallet and the door.

He didn’t even remember the drive as he pulled into “Fry’s” knowing some happy employee would be hitting pay dirt with commission. Their top of the line camcorders filmed images in 3D no need for glasses. He loved the details and the sales pitch. He picked up 5 JVC GS-TD1B 3D camcorders with a few wall mounts and tripods for capturing 4 different angles of the twin he was fucking and 1 to film the girl who would be watching her sister get fucked. This stop cost him a little over $9,000. He wondered how much he would be spending at the next few stops getting all the sex gear.

He pulled into the parking lot of “Lover’s Package” also not remembering much of the drive. He was going to need help shopping with the amount of toys he was planning to purchase. Luckily the two employees helping him were accommodating. He let them know he was having a swinger’s party and wanted everything they had. He bought vibrating strap ons with little cocks, huge cocks, he bought nipple clamps, leashes, a ball gag, and he took his time with the restraints. He found one that was a Velcro sheet with several straps that could be released and moved so he could reposition the girls as his mood suited him. He was worried the girls could get free but the salesperson assured him that the Velcro had a good enough grip that whoever he put that on wouldn’t be able to get out.

He bought paddles, he bought lubricants, and he bought drinks to make them more sensitive. He bought a sex ramp. He’d never been in a store like this. He cherished his wife and God. This was all very new to him. Looking at some of the items he was buying he felt himself get aroused as he pictured his daughters. They loved and admired him. He was their daddy. They were his little girls. He picked up a paddle and slapped the side of his leg feeling an uncomfortable sting. He’d never spanked his daughters growing up. He’d never needed to.

He’d restrain Jennifer first while she slept and put on a blindfold (before she woke up), full restraints, ball gag, ear plugs and muffs. Jennifer wouldn’t hear him, see him, she wouldn’t be able to call out or move. He wanted to restrain her neck, both her hands, her legs with her knees loose enough he could pull them up. Jennifer wouldn’t know her father was the one fucking her or be able to scream or even move. He’d be in complete control.

Then he’d get her sister and put her into wrist restraints only so she could flail around and scream and kick and raise hell. He knew she would. Then they would have to both be patient while he set up all his camera gear and figured out where they needed to be. He wanted his wife to get the full edited view from all angles including those cherished close up shots. These girls were both virgins and they would be screaming “daddy” in many different ways. His wife wouldn’t be home from her rounds until the morning. He could take all night being as loud as he wanted. No one would hear.

His daughters would be turning 18 and at midnight daddy would be there with all their gifts. They would be of age and ready for their coming out party.

At 11:30 Karl started gathering what he needed knowing both girls were sound asleep. He opened Jennifer’s door quietly grateful she’d insisted on two beds in her room for when she had friends over. That couldn’t have been better planned. He started quietly bringing in all the camera gear and the sex toys worried he might wake her up but she really did sleep like the dead. He doubted even a fire alarm would wake her up. He gazed lovingly down at his daughter. She really was quite stunning even more beautiful than her mother. At 11:58 he had everything out and ready. The last two minutes seemed to be an entire lifetime. He was ready.

He had never been more aroused as he watched the clock roll over to 12:00. He gently placed the blindfold on his daughter careful not to wake her up. Next he slipped the ball gag into her mouth and lifted her head to cinch it down. She started to stir and woke up startled. He could see fear on her face as he quickly moved in to restrain her to the other bed as he set up the cameras and the Velcro sheet he needed for the restraint system he had bought. It took him over an hour to set up all the cameras and get them turned on and chalk out where the girls needed to be for the close up cameras. The wall mounts were difficult because he couldn’t risk Melinda running in trying to rescue her sister. He needed to get her wrists cuffed before she woke up or his revenge might be thwarted by his feisty daughter.

He gently released Jennifer’s restraints and carried her kicking and struggling against him to the Velcro sheet and laid her down. He pushed one strap through her wrist restraint and placed her arms far away from her body, (all cameras rolling), he wanted those perky breasts exposed clearly for the cameras. He pushed the other strap through the other wrist restraint and had both her arms spread widely apart. Next, he slipped the ear plugs in her ears so she couldn’t hear her sister scream out or reveal him; he then put the muffs over those. Now she was ready for the final touches. He restrained both her legs as she struggled against all her restraints. She wasn’t going anywhere. He left her sprawled out and naked with 4 cameras on her. One tightly zoomed in filming her untouched pussy while she struggled against her restraints. He went to wake her sister.

Melinda was still sleeping and oblivious to what he had done to her sister. He quietly slipped wrist restraints on his lovely daughter and roughly pulled her to him. She woke with a start staring at her dad.

She whimpered, “What the hell? What are you doing? Dad? What’s going on?”

He answered her by pulling out a pair of scissors as he cut off her pajamas leaving her sitting there restrained and naked as he roughly grabbed her face and kissed her.

Melinda fearfully started to scream kick and struggle against her wrist restraints as Karl lifted her throwing her like a potato sack over his shoulder and carried her into her sister’s room where he tied her to the bed. That’s when she noticed her sister and started screaming.

“You fucking monster, don’t hurt her, I’ll kill you. You son of a bitch.”

She scanned the room and noticed all the cameras pointed at her sister. Then the one aimed at her sister’s crotch as her sister continued to struggle against her restraints.

“You sick fuck what are you going to do to her?”

Karl looked at Melinda and said reassuringly, “I’m going to take her virginity, then yours, and then by the end of the night you will both be begging for me to fuck you in the ass.” He pointed to a floor full of toys all spread out for Melinda to see. She’d never even heard of half of it. She was terrified. He’d gotten butt plugs that he didn’t think would fit into the girls but the salesperson reassured him that if he started off small and stretched the girl he could make the huge ones fit no problem.

“When you let me loose I’m going to fucking kill you, you sick fuck. I hate you. How could you do this to mom?” Melinda looked like she was about to throw up.

At the mention of Nicole, Karl turned his face towards Jennifer looking for the best camera angle and started to lick, suck, nibble, and flick his tongue on Jennifer’s nipple while Melinda watched. He brought his other hand up to caress and massage the other breast. The response was almost immediate. Jennifer’s nipples got hard as he ran his hands down the length of her to see how wet she might be getting. Her body betrayed her almost immediately and he dropped down between her spread restrained legs to taste her, trying to be mindful of the 3D images his wife would be watching later. He started flicking his tongue in and out of his young daughter’s moist pussy bringing his hands around to push her ass up against his face while he caressed her ass cheeks with his mouth buried in her sucking, and flicking his tongue against her clit, brushing his face back and forth maintaining an almost constant pressure. This drove her mother wild. He felt Jennifer push her hips and her ass into his probing tongue grinding her pussy against him passionately.

He noticed Melinda had gotten really quiet. He stopped and looked up at his other daughter. She was looking lustfully at her sister. He knew he wouldn’t need the restraints if he was mindful of what the girls wanted him to do but he was going to hurt & stretch them after he took their virginity. All the toys he’d bought were going to get used.

He looked towards Melinda, “You wanting your daddy to lick your pussy too and grab your ass? You like what I’m doing to your sister?”

Melinda said softly, “Yah, can you come here dad?” She spread her legs invitingly.

He loved that he got that on a camera with HD sound. His little girl wanting him to eat her pussy knowing the floor was full of toys, some she had to fear, he didn’t even know how he was going to get them to fit into these tight unfucked girls. He would find a way though.

He looked at Melinda, “It’s not your turn you naughty whore. Daddy is going to have to spank you & put some clothes on you until it’s your turn.”

He went over to get the naughty school girl outfit he’d bought. Ironically it was in Harvard’s colors. He thought that was a nice touch and he grabbed the paddle. He turned Melinda around so she was facing the wall with her ass to the camera and started spanking her hard.

She shrieked wildly, “Please stop that hurts. Stop. Owe.”

With each hit of the paddle her body jerked forward. Then he unhooked her arm one at a time to put on her new outfit. The top was white with deep cleavage and a tie on the bottom. It barely covered her breasts and tied together at the bottom. He pushed her breasts up and used it to suspend them playfully biting each one as he leaned in to kiss her deeply his hands twisting her nipple firmly. He felt her respond and was surprised she was opening her lips and letting him bring in his tongue flicking it like he would be flicking her pussy later.

She couldn’t bring her hands around because he had them tied off. She strained against them trying to get closer to her father. He lifted her butt and put on the red plaid mini skirt. He had also bought platform stilettos with a thick glass base to add height and sluttiness to his little student. He was going to teach her how to please her father. After he dressed her, he went back to the floor to grab some underwear. The front had a butterfly. The butterfly’s body would insert into her vagina while the wings flitted against her clit. With the remote to it in his hands, he lifted her legs and slid it up to her butt. He looked in her eyes and kissed her lustfully feeling her respond as he inserted the butterfly inside her leaving the wings resting against her clit. He showed her the remote and went back to Jennifer.

He faced the camera and started to undress. His cock was engorged with lust. He looked at Jennifer, his conservative daughter. She was gagged with her arms tied apart, legs restrained with plenty of movement in her legs so he could lift and move her ass, eyes and ears covered. She was completely helpless. He went to her and roughly spread her legs open looking towards Melinda. Making eye contact with Melinda he rubbed his cock against his daughter lips and placed the head of his penis against her untouched pussy not penetrating her. He felt her react and squirm. He turned the remote to its lowest setting and looked at Melinda. The expression that washed over her face made his dick actually throb and Jennifer’s wait was over he grabbed his shaft and guided it plunging as deeply into her as he could go. He felt her cringe and moan in pain as her hymen gave way. Her back arched as she struggled against the restraints. He wanted to kiss her while he fucked her so he took the ball gag off.

“It hurts, it hurts, owe it hurts.”

She wasn’t able to say too much before he covered her mouth with his own forcing her lips open and flicking his tongue into her at the same rate he was pumping his cock into her incredibly tight cunt. He kissed her reaching around her body to massage her ass clutching the ass to bring her up to meet his thrusts. He pushed her up into his thrusts as he pummeled her. He turned up the controls for the butterfly panties. Melinda was moaning and grinding against the underwear watching her father fuck her sister. Melinda moaned moving her hips in the same motion her father was using with her sister.

“Oh God, dad, oh… oh….”

She moved against her wrist restraints writhing like a wild animal. The vibrating butterfly body and wings were at a heightened frenzy. He was pile driving his daughter and felt himself getting ready to just explode. He wanted his girls to cum too so he kissed Jennifer again drawing her out by forcing her to return his passionate kiss. He lowered his head to her breast and began suckling on her nipple while he threw his weight back and forth his ass swaying against her. He pushed into her clitoris until he got the response he was looking for….. Both daughters were going to cum for him. He backed up to drink them both in looking back and forth between both girls. He felt Jennifer shake underneath him and knew she was close so he pushed and then with all his weight against her clit rolled his ass back and forth sideways until he felt her tight pussy start contracting against his cock and he exploded inside her, collapsing.

Karl relished in how tight his young daughter’s pussy was looking over at Melinda. Melinda was his most challenging daughter. She was bold, outgoing, and self-confident. She often argued for her side and could be a little mouthy sometimes. He looked over at her and turned her butterfly panties off. He’d gotten both his girls off and he wasn’t done. He took Jennifer’s ear muff & plugs off. She still didn’t know who had made her cum. He took her blindfold off and watched her drink in her surroundings.

“Dad! What did we just do? Melinda? Oh my God!”

She looked at her sister wearing the Harvard colored naughty girl school uniform. Her gaze went towards all the adult toys resting on one of the strap ons that had the biggest girth. It had an anal attachment also. Her eyes got wider. She looked at her sister.

“Dad are you going to make me have sex with my sister?”

Karl said huskily, “While I’m fucking Melinda in the ass with a strap on, he walked over and picked up a vibrating dildo attachment that was the size of a large bottle, you’ll be fucking your sister with this. I’m going to fill all your holes girls.”

Jennifer looked scared, “Dad there is no way that is even going to fit. That will hurt. Don’t do this.”

Karl reassured them both, “Actually, I talked to the salesperson about how big the butt plug looked not thinking I could get it in you girls but he reassured me if we worked up to it and prepared and stretched you we could get these monster plugs & cocks in you. I figured he knew what he was talking about he sells these things for a living.” Karl started unclipping Jennifer’s restraints so he could move her to the other bed.

“Look at me!” he demanded.

Though my back was to him, I craned my head all the way around to meet his gaze. I slowly opened my eyes and met his bright blue ones. As I did, I felt a firm pressure against my rear. I trembled there on my hands and knees. My cuffed hands were wrapped tightly around the rung of the headboard, holding on for dear life.

“Oh God. Please John, I don’t know. I don’t know if I can do this. Please!” I was begging, and I was not ashamed. I wanted this; I wanted to be pushed past every boundary I had ever set out, but a little part of me still held back. That was the part of me that was fear and uncertainty.

“Hush now baby. You can take it. I’ll never give you anything you can’t take. Nice and slow,” he whispered. His words calmed me immediately. I loved his Dom voice, but I also loved his kind and sensitive voice too. I adored all of the facets of this man I now called my lover. “You’re going to love this. Open up for me,” he began. “Show me how much you want me. Show me you trust me. Show me you’re all mine.”

Staring deep into his eyes, I willed my body to relax. Not just my ass, but my whole body. My hips sagged a bit, and I rested my weight back on my knees.

“Take some deep breaths baby. In and out.” I did as asked, filling my lungs with the cool air from the wall air conditioning unit. He never broke eye contact with me, and looking into his eyes while he plundered my ass made it just so much more erotic.

After about 5 deep inhalations, I felt his fingers prodding me as I exhaled. During my next deep breath, his fingers breached my ass. All three of them. The feeling was just exquisite, unlike anything I’ve felt before. I tried to remember his words to me. Don’t think about what you’ve heard or what you think you should feel. Just feel. I concentrated on that, on the feeling of absolute fullness. I tried to connect with every single nerve ending in my body. My ass felt hot, on fire, tingly, and full to bursting. Yet truly, there was no pain.

“Ahhhhhh,” I cried out as his fingers plunged ever so deep. I felt my muscles contract involuntarily, and again I willed them into submission. As I relaxed, I felt his fingers spread, scissoring inside me, making room for his wide cock. It was probably wider than four of his fingers, and I wondered how I would ever take it inside me this way. He had promised me though. Earlier that day he had promised me that it would fit…

“Prepare yourself for tonight. You will be fucked like never before, and you will be crying out for more. I promise you this.”

I read that text over and over as I sat in my office, pushing papers around on my desk but not getting much done. How could I? He had been sending me teasing texts like this all day. The fact that it was Tuesday and I knew we would be meeting at our usual motel that night was enough to keep me distracted. His texts just took it all to the next level. I couldn’t wait for five o’clock to roll around.

A knock at my door pulled me from my reverie. I resented the intrusion, though Jody was usually someone I looked forward to talking with.

“Hey Beth. What’s up? You still take that aerobics class on Tuesday nights?”

Aerobics class was my cover. I had a husband and kids at home, and a job where being wholesome was an absolute requirement. I smiled inwardly at my little secret. If the world only knew the type of cardio I was doing in lieu of aerobics every Tuesday night…

“Take off all your clothes. Slowly”

I stared blankly at him, a bit shocked by the order he had just given. My heart beat a rapid tattoo in my chest and butterflies did a dance in my tummy. This was not how our nights together usually played out. We would drink some wine, snuggle, kiss, drink some more wine, and then slowly get down to business. We had only been in our motel room 15 minutes, hadn’t even wrapped up our pleasantries, and I had only downed one glass of wine at this point. While I was feeling somewhat loosened up, my nerves were still on edge.

I had never had a lover like John before. He was so dominant, confident, and demanding. He MADE me want to submit, while my whole life I had been independent and self-sufficient. I took care of other people, not the other way around. The oldest of three siblings, there were more than six years between me and the other two. I had been born into this leadership role. During the day, I was the head of a large corporation and had become accustomed to others carrying out my wishes. In my home, my husband easily conceded the “wearing the pants in the family” role to me years ago.

Yet with John, I longed to submit to his every whim. I wanted that absolute loss of control. He never failed to keep me off-balance with the multiple facets of his personality, and tonight he was playing the hard ass Dom. He was everything I wanted, perhaps because I had handpicked him. Unlike my husband, who I had married young and settled for out of convenience, I had searched long and hard for someone like John. Someone who was not afraid to get down and dirty, to get mean and rough, and to take the upper hand with me.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me. I said take your clothes off. Now.” His voice was unyielding, little more than a whisper. Many times when we played, I would resist and play coy, attempting to make him angry enough to punish me for my stubbornness. Tonight, however, I knew we weren’t playing. He had told me in our texts that day that he would not be gentle and would not back down. Allowing me no choice to the matter, he had informed me that he was not taking no for an answer.

Of course I had a safe word. It had never been uttered during any of our former meetings. I had never wanted to use it, too proud to ever show him that weakness. I always knew that were I to use that word, John’s opinion of me would plummet. He wanted my trust, wanted my surrender and I know he considered it a gift. It was a gift I was willing and happy to give.

I’d like to say I was blindsided, but truthfully, I knew what we would be doing this evening. It was something dirty, something I had vowed to never do. It was something only sluts and porn stars did. Even my own mother, on my wedding night, had warned me never to allow anyone to fuck me in that manner.

Still, somewhere deep inside of me, I was intrigued with the thought of being taken that way. It WAS wrong, and forbidden. And yet, I had known a few women and men who testified that it felt incredible, and gave them the orgasm of a lifetime. Others though, said it was a horrible experience that included a great deal of pain and agony.

After tonight, I knew I would be able to form my own opinion.

I pulled down the straps of my dress, inching it down over my breasts. My nipples popped happily onto the scene, their tips standing out like pencil erasers. The skin around my areolas was flushed and puckered, and I noticed John was gazing at me intently.

I continued to ease my dress down passed my hips, revealing my black panties. The dress dropped onto the floor. I looked up at John, then quickly grasped the sides of my panties and eased them down. As the cool air met my skin, I felt the moisture that had developed between my thighs. I pressed them together a bit tighter, and fought the urge to cover myself with my hands. I knew that to do so would only make him angry.

Rather, I stood proudly in front of him, my back straight, my gaze meeting his, my clothes in a puddle at my feet.

“Fold them and place them on the dresser,” he commanded, motioning to my discarded clothing. I bent to do as he asked, when he interrupted, “Turn around and do it.”

He wanted me to bend over while placing my ass in his face? God, he knew how anxious that made me. I wasn’t comfortable with being naked in front of him, or anyone for that matter. I would probably opt to have sex with all my clothes on if it were an option.

Still, I wanted to please him, so I turned and faced away from him. Swallowing my pride, I stepped aside just a bit and bent down, knees straight. I quickly picked up my clothing, my face red, and began folding.

“Good girl,” he said as I placed my small pile on the dresser and returned to stand in front of him. His praise made my insides feel all gooey and warm. I wanted more of it, and I gave him a small, thankful smile.

“Now. Turn around and face the bed again.” I did as he asked, showing him my bare backside once more.

“Very nice.” He trailed a gentle fingertip down the curve of my spine, over my buttocks and down to lightly tickle my thighs.

“Spread your legs for me sweetheart.” His voice had become more gentle, and without hesitation I spread my legs shoulder length apart. “Wider.” he commanded. I complied. My legs were spread just a bit painfully apart.

“Good. Now, bend down and wrap your hands around your ankles.”

He wanted me to do what? Oh goodness. That would completely expose all of my hot spots, and his face was mere inches from my ass. He wanted me to bend over while sticking my ass in his face? I hesitated; craning my head around to look at him with eyes that I knew must have displayed sheer terror.

“Here’s the thing,” he began softly. “I don’t like when you hesitate. I thought I taught you this already. Either you do as I say, without reservation, or we walk out that door right now and bid each other goodnight. Either do as you are told or use your safe word and leave. There is no in between.”

I turned back, facing front, and stared at the wall for the briefest moment. I felt like crying, I felt like this act went against everything I was comfortable with. Attempting to clear my mind of all thought, I wrapped my hands around my knees and slid them down to my ankles. Bent over double, I felt the blood rush to my already flushed face.

In this compromised position, I waited. I rested my head on my knee and felt all of my muscles strain to hold my body still. It seemed as if an eternity passed without even the smallest peep from John to clue me in on what was next. Silent bastard, I thought. He knew exactly what he was doing.


Out of the clear blue, I felt the first blow to my pussy. John’s hand had connected hard with my spread lips, and the sensation almost bowled me over. I screamed out in pain, in pleasure, I wasn’t sure.


His hand connected with first my left, then my right ass cheek. I cried out again, tears now falling freely from my eyes. I felt overwhelmed with a combination of sheer joy and humiliation. How could I be feeling both of those simultaneously? I wasn’t quite sure which emotion was more dominant.


He continued to rain blows over my ass, my thighs and pussy. I loved when he spanked me with his bare hand. Of course I loved when he used a whip or paddle too, but something about his bare hand connecting with my flesh made it personal. I felt my pussy begin to cream as I rubbed my wet eyes on my knees. There was no end in sight, I felt my emotions straining and threatening to turn me into a blubbery mess as I continued to moan and whine with the sensation.

“Yesss. Your ass is so red. Your pussy is pink and glistening.” With no warning, he shoved two fingers into my pussy, filling me and again forcing me to jolt forward and compromise my precarious balance. Regaining my stance, I held steady as he worked his fingers in and out, in and out. I fought back the urge to move my hips along with his fingers as I knew he wanted me still.

He paused, and did the still and silent thing again. Mindfucking me, as I liked to refer to it. My breathing was harsh and my heart seemed to beat like a drum in my chest. I could feel sweat begin to form on my skin and the urge to shout out at him was strong. I was realizing the limits of my self control during this little scene.

Very softly, I felt his fingertips trail down the crack of my ass and back up again.

“Beth, what am I going to do to you tonight?” he asked softly.

I sucked in a sharp breath and quickly released it. My mind struggled to find the correct response, my synapses not firing properly due to overload.

“Whatever you wish, sir.” I whispered. I knew how he liked me to respond.

“Very good, my sweet,” he petted my bottom gently. “But this time I want you to tell me. What am I planning, Beth?”

I squeezed my eyes shut. “My ass,” I whispered.

“Yes, baby,” he replied. “But what exactly am I going to do with your ass?”

God, he wanted me to say it. He wanted to hear me say it, needed my acknowledgement in some way.

“Fuck it,” I murmured in a barely intelligible whisper. “You’re going to fuck my ass.”

“Yes, my dear. Your VIRGIN ass, Beth. Where no man has gone before.” Using the smallest amount of pressure, he circled my rear hole with a finger. “This is going to be all mine. Your pussy, your ass, your mouth … all mine before the night is through. Every part of you will belong to me. Do you understand what I am saying to you?”

“Yes, sir,” I responded on auto-pilot. More tears threatened to spill. I wanted this badly, wanted to experience this for the first time with him. On the other hand, I was filled with the fear of the unknown. Would I let that fear win out before the night was through?

“Now,” he began as he resumed fucking my pussy with his fingers. “I want you to relax. You can move with my fingers baby. That’s a good girl.” I began rocking back and forth as his fingers filled my sopping wet pussy. My juices ran down my inner thighs and the squishy sounds of my wetness filled the room.

He added a third finger and I felt the tightness of the impact. My muscles struggled to allow him inside, but his fingers’ journey was eased by my lubrication. I bounced more heatedly on those fingers and felt my muscles tighten and bear down on him.

“Oh yes, baby. You’re close, I can feel you tightening around me. Do you want to cum now sweetheart?” he asked me.

“Please. Please!” I begged him.

Still fucking my pussy with those three thick fingers, he began rubbing my clit in a circular motion with his other hand. That was all I needed to push me over the edge into oblivion. I came with a thundering crash, my whole body ignited with sparks of pleasure. My legs trembled furiously and I felt about to tumble over until John grasped my hips hard, settling me.

I took a few giant gulps of air to calm my breathing as John stood up beside me. Taking hold of me, he raised me to a standing position. I felt my age as my muscles groaned and my bones creaked from being in the same position for long. I looked up into his eyes.

He leaned down to kiss me on the lips. Gentle at first, he opened my lips with his own and thrust his tongue inside, dueling with my own. Grasping my chin, he deepened our kiss even more and I moaned softly into his mouth.

Releasing my lips, he took hold of my shoulders and held me at arm’s length. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees. Wrap your hands around the rungs in the headboard.” I did as I was told, my ass in the air once more, but in a much more comfortable position this time. My knees and elbows were cushioned by the soft mattress. I felt John come up beside me, and heard the clink of handcuffs. I wondered if the restraints were truly necessary. Did he think I would run? But no, it was probably to keep my mind in the right space.

After he secured my hands to the headboard, I turned my head and watched him undress. He was magnificent. I loved running my hands through the hair on his chest, stroking his hard cock. I also loved just watching him move.

“Like what you see?” he asked, catching me ogling him.

“Oh yeah,” I smiled.

“Good, because you’re gonna see it up close soon darling.” With this he moved onto the bed next to me. Shifting my arms and legs a bit, he moved into position under me, his cock directly under my nose, my pussy right over his face. He had effectively maneuvered us into a 69 position with me on top. I never got on top in this position!! I hated that kind of exposure!

“Suck My Cock!” he ordered as he thrust his cock in my face, the weeping tip brushing my lips.

I opened wide and engulfed the head as he thrust his hips upward. Using my elbows for leverage, I sucked him all the way into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his shaft. I worked my head up, with just the very tip lingering against my lips, then quickly thrust my head back down again. I repeated this motion, taking him so deep that his pubic hair tickled my nose.

“Yes, baby. So fucking good,” he moaned. Again his praise made me glow. I sucked harder and strived to please him even more.

As I was concentrating on my task, I had lost sight of the fact that my pussy was looming directly over his face. This fact was brought to my attention when I felt the warmth of his breath against my delicate tissues. With thumbs, he opened my lips and began lapping at my pussy. Circling my clit, he swirled his tongue up and down, round and round. Losing all sense of time and place, I distantly realized that his cock had fallen from my slack mouth. My only thought was the feeling of his tongue on my clit.

Abruptly, without warning, I felt the soft bite of his teeth on my clit, and jumped up and away from his mouth, as far as my restraints allowed. “Oouuuuuuuuuch!!” I shouted.


He smacked my ass hard. “That’s what happens when you don’t concentrate on the task at hand.” He smacked my ass once, twice more, until I finally got the hint and began sucking his cock again in earnest.

As I worked, I felt his tongue again plundering my pussy. It pulsed rapidly against my clit while his thumbs entered and opened my vagina. Amazingly, I felt the climb to orgasm begin to build in me again. It was unusual for me to cum two times in rapid succession. Nevertheless, John always managed to shock and amaze me.

“Let go baby. Let go.” he whispered, and I let the inferno consume me. Halfheartedly, I continued working his giant cock in and out of my mouth.

The aftershocks faded and I came down. After the two orgasms, I felt boneless, completely relaxed. I devoted my attention to my cock sucking duties with vigor though.

I felt his fingers begin to gently prod my asshole. Instinctively, I clenched my muscles. Still he continued to just touch that puckered hole, making me familiar with the feel of his flesh against that most forbidden area. His fingers passed gently over and over again, and soon my muscles were straining and it became easier to just relax them.

This was apparently the opening he was waiting for, no pun intended. I heard a loud squirting noise, and then felt a heavily lubricated finger return to my asshole. With the slightest pressure, he began gently poking at that hole. I concentrated on not clenching my muscles again. His cock had fallen from my mouth once more, but he did not punish me this time.

“Do you know how erotic this is, Beth? Looking at your ass this way, knowing that I will be the one to invade in just a few minutes? Do you know how much I want to fuck you here? To hear you scream out? To see you in your purest form, not able to hide from me or hold back a single thing?”

“Oooooooo,” I moaned as I felt his finger gain entry. It felt like four fingers even though, realistically, I knew it could only be just one. There was no pain, just a strange feeling of discomfort. My unused rear end had never faced a visitor this way, and I did not know how to process the intrusion. My only experience with this area was not pleasure related and never spoken of!

“Relax, baby. Just relax. Let it take you. Forget about taboos and rumors and misguided advice. Just FEEL.” His finger was now thrusting deep in my ass, all the way. Of their own accord, my hips began moving to meet his thrusts.

“Are you ready for another finger now?” he asked me.


“Answer me.” he commanded in his dominant voice.

I hear the metal click shut around my wrists, the steel feeling cold as ice. I feel his eyes upon me, making me feel exposed. I wanted to see him, but I was denied my vision; he put the blindfold on me tonight. He was driving me crazy, barely touching me, giving me feather light kisses. I had to wonder if he was going to use the feather tonight. He had me open and vulnerable to him. I couldn’t remember a time when he had ever done this to me before. I would have remembered this; I’m liking him like this. His lips are close to my ear, and I can’t help but wonder if those ice blue eyes are open. I feel his breath against me, and it makes me shiver. I’m already aching for him, and I know he can tell from my breathing along. His lips being so close to my ear aren’t helping matters either.

“Are you enjoying yourself, hon?” Another shiver goes through my body as I moan and nod my head. It was then I felt his hands slide down the sides of my body, down to my hips. I arch off the bed, begging silently to be touched. His hands leave me, and moments later, I feel the soft caress of the feather upon me. Again, my body arches as I want more. He has never teased me like this, but I know both of us are enjoying it. The feather disappears, only for me to feel the light caress starting from my forehead, moving down. He lingers at my lips for a few moments, going down to my neck and then my breasts. I’m arching toward him, wanting so much more than I’m getting. The steel would be cutting into my wrists soon with the way I’m tugging on the restraints. The feather toys with each breast, avoiding my nipples, and he pulls it away once it reaches my stomach. I’m moaning almost constantly now, needing his touch, his kisses, just him.

I feel him move closer; he’s right about me now. His breath is on my neck, making me tingle, making me want even more. His lips find mind, and again, I’m tugging on the restraints. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair; I wanted to pull him closer. This is torture to me, and he knows it. His kiss was helping ease some of it though. I moan into his kiss as I feel his hand rest on my waist. Was he going to make me beg?

When he finally pulls away, I can’t help but whimper. I gasp as I feel his lips on my neck. The soft kisses soon turn to long, light licks. I shiver as they turn from nibbles to bites. “I need you,” I finally cry out, but he doesn’t say a word. He lingers on my neck a few moments longer before he moves again. His lips go from my collar bone to my breasts, giving each the same treatment as my neck. He’s avoiding my nipples again, driving me insane. I’m squirming underneath him, fighting to get free, my breathing heavy. The steel bites into my skin, but I don’t notice. When his lips move to my nipple, I cry out, wanting to hold him there. He nibbles and sucks on both nipples, taking his time before moving again. I feel his tongue tracing his name over me. I’m his in every way, but I always love when he does that. His warm tongue feels like it’s branding me.

He nips at my stomach, moving lower still, drawing even more moans from me. He’s dragging it out, knowing I’ll scream for him when he finally reaches the ache between my legs. He rakes his nails down my thighs, making me tremble before he spreads them even more. I feel his warm breath before he begins placing light kisses on my inner thighs. My eyes close as I scream out his name from the first lick, and it’s then I feel him pull the blindfold off. I don’t care. I want my hands free to run through his hair. His licks start off nice and slow, making me arch my hips to him, wanting more. It feels as if he’s trying to savor the moment, but I just want release. As his mouth finds my clit, he moves slightly, easily sliding two fingers into me. I scream his name again, already so close to the edge, and that’s where he keeps me. I keep fighting to get free of the cuffs, lost in sensations, lost in him, too lost to notice just how much the steel is cutting into me. His pace increases and my hips are rocking, matching his pace. I need release; I need him. Harder and faster he goes until I scream out again, my body trembling; I’m clenching around him. He removes his fingers, giving me long licks again. “Please, I need you now, baby,” I cry out.

He looks up at me, and our eyes lock. Mine widen as he gets off the bed. Where is he going?! He returns with a key, and my eyes never leave his face as he releases me. Once I’m free, I pull him to me for a long, passionate kiss, and he moves over me. As he enters me, I exploded again, digging my nails into his back, drawing blood. I bite into his shoulder as I continue to scream. This man of mine is amazing. His pace increases, and I’m meeting him thrust for thrust. I can’t even tell one orgasm from the other anymore. He’s whispering into my ear, encouraging me, pushing me ever farther. Finally, we both reach our peak together, and we lie in each other’s arms, kissing softly.

Ned was lounging at the pool deck of the Master Facility. He had finished a three day coaching tune-up marathon with four different senior students at their facility and left that place before anymore last minute requests could be made. He was scanning the pool deck full of exposed flesh when a woman dressed in a well-fit business suit was escorted from the adjacent house by Mrs. Smith. Ned was surprised to see Mrs Smith here at the Masters facility away from her senior students. Spying Ned, she conducted the business woman towards him. “Ned, this is Zena. She is a TWA alumnus and is in discussions to become the Master facility housemother. Zena, this is Ned, our top evaluation assessment staff member.”

Ned extended a handshake to Zena who said “We haven’t met but my daughters are both TWA graduates and speak highly of you.” Ned remained amused by the lackadaisical manner in which parents thanked him for teaching their daughters how to fuck better. Ned tried to determine which students this woman had borne. Though clothed, he could see that huge flesh mounds pressed against constraining jacket buttons. At middle-age, the face still had a youthful look and beneath the skirt was a shapely ass held up by toned legs in heels. She could be the mother of any one of half the student population.

Mrs Smith invited Ned to join them for dinner that evening. Ned wore a sport coat and slacks and the women wore cocktail dresses. The limousine took them to a fashionable roof top restaurant in a nearby city. After light dinner banter, Zena related her story.

After graduation, Zena found a suitable career and mate and had been lucky with stock investments. She bore two daughters with the rising star of a major corporation but was left widowed by an industrial accident. After some time, she enrolled both daughters at TWA and they pursued their lives with successes outshining even their mother’s career.

Zena became involved with several local charities and met an older media tycoon. Marriage was not in the cards as his fortune and life were tied to the extended family and an alienated wife. Zena accepted the situation as she liked the charisma of the mature man. They were not flouting their relationship but neither were they secretive. It was an open arrangement and Zena travelled with him or attended charity functions as often as either of them desired. He was generous with his time and companionship. Zena was not looking for other companions and, with her bedroom skills, the man had neither the will nor the energy to stray.

One night, he was particularly amorous and they ran a marathon session of sex play and intercourse. On his final act ever, the man came and collapsed his weight onto Zena. She thought he was exhausted but when she tried to stir him, she found, quite literally, that he had died in her arms.

The funeral was tense with her presence and the reading of the will later saw her receive a large percentage of the man’s media assets. Zena had no desire to own or operate a piece of a media empire and certainly not together with the consternated family. She negotiated a fair settlement with the family and combined it with her existing portfolio into a tidy, secure income. With her daughters gone and being rather unwelcome in the social circles she had once travelled, Zena looked for something to engage her energies. The position of Housemother at the Master Facility intrigued her.

Mrs. Smith gave Zena a tour of the facility that day. The only remaining area was the Fantasy Suites. “Ned, I believe you should show that area to Zena. It is your area of experience more than mine.” Ned agreed to perform the responsibility.

Zena met Ned outside the three suites. Ned showed her the colored annunciators over each door and described the meanings: Red Light, Do Not Enter; Yellow Light, Knock Before Entering; Green Light, Enter At Will.

They started with the Costume Suite. The main room had a large bed, additional sitting areas, mirrors and wall-to-wall carpeting. The attached bath had glass enclosed shower stall and separate garden tub. Several large walk-in closets contained a wide variety of heels, dresses, costumes, lingerie and uniforms in many sizes. Patrons could specify ahead of time their particular wish of clothing or browse the inventory for on the spot ideas. The air whispered floral and fruity scents.

The Victorian Suite had a similar bath and set of closets but with fewer costumes and clothes. The main room decor was dark paneling and lacy furnishings on a four poster canopy bed. Carpets covered the sitting areas of the hardwood floors. Stuffed chairs, couches and side tables with lamps completed the feel of old money and leisure. The atmosphere held deep odors of wood polish and leather. The suites were inter-connected by double doors.

Ned and Zena moved through a set of those doors into the Bondage Suite. The walls and ceiling were decorated with faux stone blocks with attached chains and cuffs invoking a dungeon effect. The floor was bare concrete with a center drain. There were various styled wood and metal stocks along the walls with eyelets, hooks, chains and cuffs. The center of the room contained a polished wood mechanical table with leg and arm extensions fitted with restraints. An industrial stainless steel sink was mounted in a corner. Some cabinets and drawers contained cuffs, collars, chains, free restraints, scissors, knives and other implements. The room smelled wet and musty. There was a simple bath and shower room behind a hidden doorway.

Zena strolled around the central table dragging her hand over the wood table top with its inlaid brass hinges connecting the moveable panels. She fingered the cold steel clamps and chains. She worked the handles and wheels that adjusted the shape and angles of panels.

Zena asked Ned “Do you know how all these things work?”

Ned replied “Yes, do you want a thorough demonstration?”

“If I am to be the Housemother here, I need to be intimate with all the facility’s details.”

“Then let’s start over here at the tool kit.”

Ned opened the cabinets and drawers and showed Zena the tools available. Some chains had padlock hasps while others were easily unsnapped, even by the person being bonded. Most of the knives and scissors had blunt ends to avoid accidental pricking of flesh. Ned opened the drawer filled with neck collars made of leather, satin, rope and chain-mail. He selected a leather one with padlock claps and four embedded stainless steel rings spaced apart arounf the circumference of the collar. Looking at Zena expectantly, he raised the collar to her neck level. She reached back and lifted her hair out of the way. He placed the collar around her neck and moved to buckle the clasps, bumping her chest with his in the process. She didn’t flinch as he snapped the closure. Backing up to arm’s length, he checked the fit and she lowered her hair and arms.

Ned selected some wrist cuffs of similar leather, the matching set. Zena gracefully lifted one arm to him and then the other; Ned encircled them with the cuffs. Zena turned and strolled to the square frame against one wall. She faced out and attached one wrist cuff to the handing chain at the corner and raised her other wrist to the opposite corner and looked at Ned expectantly. Ned obliged and connected the other wrist. He reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her strapless cocktail dress and let it fall to her feet. She lifted one heel at a time as he helped her remove the garment.

Zena was attached by her wrists and wearing a demi-bra, panties, hose and heels in addition to the restraining leather at neck and wrists. Ned retrieved a knife from the tool tray. He placed it beneath the center connector of the demi-bra and sliced the fabric. It popped completely aside and Ned feasted on the sight of Zena’s full breasts. As she had learned in the Academy and practiced lifelong, makeup enhanced the nipples and nubs. Ned approved with a nod and smirk. Zena tested the strength and length of the restraining chains, then Ned unfastened both to release her from the frame.

Zena walked to the table and standing at the foot end, let Ned help her, with a boost on her butt, to sit on the end of the table. She spread her thighs to set her feet in the stirrups. Ned showed her the way it gripped the heels to restrain the feet. Zena lay back and Need adjusted the headrest to her height. He extended the armatures outward, and spreading her arms, fastened her wrists to the ends. He returned to her feet and adjusted the stirrups to spread her ankles, calves and thighs wide open.

Zena was now fastened spread-eagle on the bondage table. Ned let her feel the position for a while, and then moved to release her wrists. Zena said, “Do you usually release the captive at this point?”

Ned answered “No, of course not, the fantasy or training would continue to more robust activities.”

“I will be the housemother here and must be intimately aware of the capabilities of my facilities. Please proceed with those more robust activities and give me the full experience.”

Ned gave a ‘You’re the boss’ shrug and retrieved a ball gag from the toolkit. He placed it in Zena’s mouth and pulled the elastic band behind her head. Using the knife, he cut the sides of her panties and pulled them off. Ned picked up a bullet vibrator and began humming it around her colored areoles. The nubs grew and stuck upwards like buttons. Ned moved to her groin and moved the mechanical prick around her clitoris. This elicited a response from Zena who began a silenced whimper and orbited her hips in small circles to try and keep the vibrator on her clit. Ned worked in counter-moves to frustrate her efforts.

Ned used two vibrators, one on the clitoris and the other on the vaginal lips. Zena more than orbited now and gave full hip thrusts, trying to embed the vaginal vibrator. Ned switched to a penetration motion to let her have what she sought. The whimpering got louder.

Ned stopped and moved to the head of the table and removed the ball gag. Dropping his pants and briefs, he also dropped the headrest to align Zena’s mouth and throat horizontally. Placing his cock close to her lips, he let Zena lick his shaft, knob and balls. As Zena got Ned ready, he continued to arouse her body, using the vibrators on both nipples at the same time. When he was hard enough, he pushed the knob tip down to horizontal and slid it past her lips.

Zena used all her suction power to pull him in deep. Fully seated, Ned leaned over and used his tongue to stimulate one nipple while the vibrator worked the other. He gave Zena mild hip thrusts. Zena began to moan louder as Ned nipped her nipples with his teeth. He then leaned over further and dragged his tongue along her clitoris. Zena moaned, then whimpered when Ned paused. Ned resumed the licking and vibrations. Then he paused again when her breathing deepened.

Cycling the sensations several times, with Zena getting progressively louder and more vigorous in her movements. She was on a knife’s edge of tension. Suddenly, Zena’s whole body went rigid and Ned joined her in orgasm, pumping his seed into her mouth.

Ned unraveled from his reversed position atop Zena. Standing, he thought about whether to end the experience here or continue. He decided to continue in the shower as they cleaned up. He unfastened Zena and helped her alight from the bondage table. He took off her bondage leathers. Ned took her hand and led her to the bathroom. Helping her to remove her heels and stockings, he started the shower and got them both into the stall. After thoroughly scrubbing the sex scent off each other, Ned flipped down a hinged seat and sat under the water spray.

Zena sat astride facing him, placed his cock and sat down. She employed all the strokes, slides, twists and cunt clamping she had learned as a student and employed as a graduate. Ned liked the fact that the TWA curriculum had done so well for her over the years and was still going strong. They did not kiss, but twisted their heads to nip each other’s ears and stroked each other’s backs and necks. The moment arrived and they pulled each other tight for a rousing mutual spasm that left each calm and tender afterwards.

Later, Ned was standing in a residence guest suite bedroom window, surveying the grounds of the Total Woman Academy Master facility in the moonlight. Zena looked over his shoulder as she pressed her boobs into his back and reached around to stroke his semi-hard cock.

Ned thought about Zena and the many alumni like her who wanted to give back to the place that had changed their lives for the better. Some remembered their Academy years fondly and wanted to return for occasional adventures. Ned could contemplate scenarios where the education of sensual anatomy could be used for healing therapies. And there seemed to be a market niche for a leisure center where alumni and favored guests could interact in a resort type facility. Ned would discuss it with the housemothers and prepare a proposal for the board of directors. But mostly, Ned was contemplating how his life and career had come to this. And the future looked bright.

Zena stirred and drew Ned back towards the bed. She also wanted Ned’s long term future to be bright but right now she had plans for Ned’s immediate future. Those plans involved Ned’s rigid cock buried deep in her cunt while his face was held to her soft cleavage.

I stand in the darkness with my wrists bound behind me. The blindfold you placed on me intensifies the sensations around me, the cool air over my bare skin, and the sound of you walking behind me. Without warning you force me over the padded brace and secure my ankles to the posts. Bent over I am completely exposed to you. The first sting of your hand causes me to jump. You quickly follow it with another before the redness appears on my round ass. A dozen blows and you are satisfied that I have been corrected for my earlier mistake. Your fingers slide between my cheeks and you feel the wetness that the spanking has caused. Pleased at what you find you slide two fingers into me, teasing me with what is to come.

I hear you walk to the wall and pause before returning your attention to all I have exposed to you. When the latex dildo presses against my opening I arch my hips to give you the best access. I feel the head push into me and realize that you have chosen the largest toy. No building up from something easier to take, you want to see me stretched as far as I can. After a few teasing in and out strokes you force all of it into me. I cry out at the sudden impalement. A pleased sound escapes underneath your breath. This is the only sound I have heard from you. I struggle not to let the toy be forced out by my muscles as I feel you take your hand away. Soon I feel first one and then two fingers making their way into my tight ass. You spend some time finger fucking me before you slide another toy you have chosen into my prepared ass. For a few minutes you rock both toys in and out of me, when satisfied that I am frustrated from your attention you move around in front of me. Grabbing my hair you force your cock into my mouth. By instinct I try sucking you but you make it clear that your intentions are to simply fuck my mouth; your cock going deep into the back of my throat until you spasm your load deep inside me. You withdraw you cock and replace it with a bit. After making sure the toys are still in their place, you walk away and close the door leaving me.

Unsure of how long I have been waiting I finally hear you open the door. You remove the toys but keep the ankle and wrist cuffs, bit, and blindfold in place. You attach the chain lead to my collar and lead me into the great room. Guiding me to the padded table you place me on all fours and attach my cuffs to the edges. It isn’t long before I hear the doorbell and the sound of you greeting someone. No, it’s more than one. I hear several voices, all male.

Within moments I feel hands running over my wide hips, weighing my hanging breasts. Ice clinks in glasses as your friends stand around me. The occasional hand kneads my breasts or explores between my parted thighs. An ice cube is run between my legs making me shiver. As the conversation lags more attention is given to me. Two hands are rubbing my ass and in unison two fingers enter my wetness. A third adds his fingers but then moves up to my ass. I am terrified and thrilled because you have never shared me before. Even without seeing you I feel your presence and am comforted that everything will be okay. I squirm against the fullness of the fingers inside me. The fingers in my ass continue to pump me as I feel the first cock enter from behind. There is no pretense of gentleness. Intense thrusts push the hard cock further into me without any concern of what I am feeling. I am surprised that he takes as long as he does to empty into me, but he is replaced as soon as he slides out. As the cock inside me continues its thrusts, the fingers in my ass are replaced with one of the toys you have brought out. In turn all of them use my body until one decides to take my ass. After the toy you kept in me for so long, the pain is minimal. I grip the cock invading me as you have taught me. While this does increase the pain, it also keeps the cock hard longer. It isn’t long before I have a man under me and a man over me. I moan around the bit as the double penetrations continue non stop. As one man moves away another quickly replaces it. I am never empty for long. Finally I am allowed a few moments rest. Although I am not sure I think I hear five different voices along with yours in general conversation. For the moment it is like I am not even there.

I feel you stand next to me. You run your hand all over my body. I cry out as I feel you pinch my nipples; moan as I feel your fingers run up my thigh and into my wetness. You slide one finger into me, then two exploring, causing more wetness. As you add a third and fourth finger I push my hips to present myself to your ministrations. I feel your hand moving as you add your thumb and attempt to push in past your knuckles. I move forward away from the pain but am unable to go far because of the restraints. You twist your hand back and forth until with a loud cry from me your hand disappears completely. This is the first time you have fisted me and I am unsure of how to react. I want to pull away but I am afraid of how it will feel when your hand comes out. Your friends encourage you as your fist forces its way deeper into me. I can feel myself closed tight around your wrist. Your hand curls into a fist. Collapsing your hand again, you start to pull out. As soon as your knuckles are exposed you reverse direction and start pushing your hand back in. As much as it hurts, I try to remain as quiet as possible but I can’t help but cry out. It isn’t long before my body is being rocked by your hand, my breasts swaying with every pump. Finally you are satisfied that I have taken as much of you as I can and you slowly slide your hand out. Even with all of the oversized toys I have never felt so filled.

Your friends leave thanking you for the evening. Closing the door you return to me and release me from the restraints. Removing the blindfold and the bit from my tired jaws you tell me how pleased you are with me. Petting my head you guide me to your flaccid cock. I feel it grow as a wrap my lips around you. Pleased that I am being allowed something I love doing. Turning me around you enter me reclaiming my pussy as yours. As I am in the throes of spasms you remin me how well I performed.

Later that night you finally crawl into the bed next to me. You turn on the TV and push yourself into me as we watch the performance from earlier. I am amazed at everything I was experiencing and feel it all over again as I watch cock after cock use me. I present my neck to you when I feel your orgasm building, aching for the bite on the muscle at the base of my throat. The pain from your teeth causes me to let out a small sound. A sigh of contentment escapes my body as I fall asleep.

“The Life and Times of Lady Vargos” is the second book of the Martin Hastings adventures into a life of forced feminization. This story follows the feminization and marriage of a reluctant young man as he is forced to accept his fate as a male/bride, in a same sex marriage, arranged by his family. This story may have elements of explicit gay sex scenes (xxx), s/m, bondage, and public humiliation. If you don’t like these type of stories, proceed no further, you’ll be very disappointed.

Chapter One

“A Crossdresser in the Public Domain”

Martin awoke to find himself alone in the bed for the first time since he arrived at the estate. His new husband was now off on a business trip with a pretty young concubine named Tiffany to take care of all his intimate needs, as well as to escort him to events and dinners that were to be a daily part of his trip. No blowjobs or morning quickies Martin this morning.

Martin was in a poor state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion from the events of the entire weekend. Part of his problem is he had not been allowed to eat during this time. It was the customary tradition for the bride to fast during the entire consummation of the marriage. All her energy and desires were to be focused on her husband. After such a highly emotionally charged evening, he had passed out and slept the entire night with no problem, despite having his head full of brush curlers tightly wound in his hair just before he went to bed, by Leanne. She had told him he had a full agenda the next day and she wanted to set his hair before he went to bed to save on time in the morning. After his emotional breakdown in the restroom caused by Dorothy and the new found knowledge as to why he was now here, and the degrading sexual activity he was forced to endure afterwards from his husband, Martin felt tired and physically weak. He opened his eyes and stared at the wall, his head on the pillow, his body curled up in a fetal position hugging another pillow trying not to become overly emotional as the events of the last evening began to trickle into his thoughts again. No matter how hard he tried, a tear ran out the side of his eye and down the side of his face as he couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself once again. Those feelings that he had tried so hard to suppress had crept there way into his very being now. His helplessness, and the hopelessness of fighting all this, now seemed a reality to him.

“Good morning Lady Vargos,” Lisa said as she entered the room and opened the curtains allowing the sunlight to stream across the bed and into Martin’s face. Martin covered his eyes.

“Leave me alone. I just need to be left alone,” Martin rolled over away from Lisa.

“Oh, don’t be a silly girl Lady Vargos. It’s time for you to get up. Big day today. You are going out in public today. We want to introduce our newly consummated bride to the social circles she’ll be involved with don’t we? Have much to do.” Lisa pulled back the comforter and then the red satin sheets with black lace trim that covered Martin. Martin had been so distraught the night before that he could remember only bits and pieces of what happened. He remembered being bathed and Leanne putting his hair in curlers, twisting them very tight knowing it would cause him some discomfort as he tried to sleep. He had mumbled through tears while she did it about how his enslavement here was so unfair. He shouldn’t have to be the object of other people’s frustrations that had nothing to do with him personally.

He was very surprised to see he now was wearing a lavender, black lace trimmed, ruffled nightie. He could not recall putting the nightie on or having it put on him. He fingered the hem of the sexy garment as he lay on the bed trying to recall how he ended up wearing it.

“Let’s go. Leanne is waiting to get you dressed,” she said lifting him to a sitting position and placing a pair of white 4″ furry mules on the floor in front of him. “Put your shoes on now and let’s get going.”

Martin picked up one of the mules and slid it onto his foot watching as his red toenails emerged in the front opening of the slipper. Then placing his foot back on the floor he felt the strain on his arch as his heel was forced to be elevated from the floor by the shoe. He slipped on the other mule and stood slowly as Lisa pulled him to his feet. These shoes were not what he desired to wear obviously, but were much more comfortable than the ridiculous 6″ heels he’d been forced to wear since he arrived.

“C’mon now,” she said pushing him toward the door holding his arm. “So how was your night? Sleep well?” Lisa asked opening the door.

“Yeah. Fine,” Martin said in a flat emotionless tone.

“That’s so good to hear ma’am. Sleeping in curlers like that is usually very uncomfortable. I’m glad to hear you have know problems with it. I know first hand, my mother made me wear curlers to bed once when I was a little girl. I hated it. I think Leanne intends for you to wear curlers to bed a lot to save her time in the mornings.” Lisa grinned as she urged him along.

As they entered Leanne was standing next to the styling chair, that had seemed to have survived the trip back from the banquet hall just fine. All the straps were still intact and just waiting for Martin to have a seat. Martin walked quietly over to Leanne where she turned him around and directed him to sit in the chair. Martin knew the routine and he stepped up and sat quietly staring off while Leanne strapped him tightly to the chair. Martin’s mind was now once again fixated on the events from the night before, and the revelations that now caused him such deep suffering inside and conflict in his mind over his ordeal.

“I’ll be back to get her in 45 minutes,” Lisa said to Leanne as she closed the door. “I want to be on time.”

“Whatever,” Leanne said in indifference at Lisa as she was removing the pins that held the curlers firmly in Martin’s hair. Leanne teased his hair until it was a wild frizzed mess. Then she gave it a generous application of hairspray, and then began tucking and patting his curls into place.

“What is going to happen to me Leanne?” Martin asked softly staring off into nothing as Leanne worked.

“Nothing ma’am. You are just going into town to take care of some errands this morning. Should be no big deal. Just show you around and get you acquainted with the locals that you will be dealing with the most. Lisa will be with you.”

“Not that, I mean, what are you people going to do to me. How long will this go on? Will all this stop once Dorothy is satisfied?” he said with no emotion and with a sound of dreadful reality.

“This is your life now Mrs. Vargos. You are married to the Baron. You will continue to dress as a woman, by your husbands request, from now on or until he changes his mind. Dorothy has nothing to do with it. It can be a pleasant experience for you if you just let it, I’m sure of it.” Leanne began teasing Martin’s hair as she talked now. “From time to time I’m sure you will have emotional lapses and difficulties will arise with accepting things as they progress, but we will help you through those times and make sure you are the best wife to your husband that you can be.”

“Force me through those times you mean,” Martin said not looking at her.

“You’ll get through the tough times. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.”

Leanne finished Martin’s preparation. His red hair neatly coiffed, and each curl perfectly sprayed into place. His makeup was elegant, but not as bold as he was made up the banquet with false eyelashes and all. She still applied red lipstick to his lips though. Martin had always preferred red lipstick on women and even insisted his last wife wear red lipstick when they went out and even when she came to bed, just in case he was feeling a little horny that evening. His wife didn’t care for red lipstick at all. She thought it was a gaudy look on her, and it was in reality. She always felt she had to wear it just so he wouldn’t get all upset, though it made her feel cheap and very self conscious.

Martin’s D-cup padded bra once again pushed impressively against the dress he was forced to wear for this public excursion. A pretty sleeveless white dress with bold black designs. It was an eye catcher for sure. He also wore 4″ black high heel sandals. The crush on his toes was not bad compared to the peep toe pumps he had been wearing. His red toenails standing out in sharp contrast to his heels. The Baron would have like the look for sure.

Martin closed his eyes as Leanne put his jewelry on. His ears received 2″ hoops, and two studs were place in the other lobe piercings. Large diamond studs were placed in the top piercings of his ears.

“We will be putting more piercings in your ears soon. Can’t have too many earrings in your ears I always say,” she said as put the last stud in his ear. She stood back and looked at him. “Well at least in your case, that’s what your husband would say.” She caressed his cheek. “Your husband loves earrings on his wife you know,” she said as Martin’s eyes just stared, but he heard her perfectly. He knew what this meant, and he couldn’t imagine what they had in store for him.

Two gold bangle bracelets were placed on one wrist and a very feminine gold watch on the other. Martin tilted his head slightly forward as Leanne wrapped a gold necklace around his neck. The necklace madeup of three strands of large gold beads that decreased in size as they went around his neck. Martin wore two dainty ankle bracelets on both ankles, and his toes had been adorned with numerous toe rings before he had stepped into his sandals.

Leanne turned Martin to face the full length mirror. “There you go Lady Vargos. What do you think?” she said smiling.

Martin stared into the mirror. This is how he was to look when going out in public. He was obviously not being presented as the man he truly was and he felt he was little more than a mockery of a woman’s image. The reality of things set in as Lisa entered the room. Martin was to be presented to the general public as a crossdresser. Not trying to fool anyone with a masquerade of being a real woman, hoping most people wouldn’t notice. It was obvious he was to be known as Lady Vargos, the crossdressing male spouse of Baron Vargos.

“Oh my, look at you Lady Vargos. You are so pretty today,” Lisa said in an excited voice. “I love this dress on you. It is so darling.”

Leanne walked over with a red shoulder bag. She slipped it on Martin’s shoulder and positioned it to fit his hip. Lisa laughed at the image of Martin as his eyes lowered in shame as he held his purse.

“Oh come now Lady Vargos, it’s just a purse,” Lisa said as she looked him over once more slipping a matching red belt about his waist. “Haven’t you ever carried a purse before?” Lisa asked as she giggled at the uncomfortable image he now portrayed.

Lisa saw Martin’s compliance and lack of resistance as him beginning to accept his new life of a feminized male bride of the Baron. Lisa was young though, and had not done this type transition on a man before. Leanne knew Martin was just trying to keep a grasp on any reality he could right now, and his resolve was not gone, but had just been overwhelmed by the physical, mental and emotional realities that had been heaped on him so suddenly and in such a short time.

Martin turned and followed Lisa to the door. Two assistants were outside to take them into town where the general public would now be able to gaze upon his new feminized image and form their own opinions about what they were seeing without any explanation of his desperate desires to be free of it all.

Martin walked quietly down the hall, passing the domestic help without saying a word. The domestic girls in there maid uniforms smiled and nodded their heads slightly as Martin walked by, only to hear them giggle behind his back after the had passed.

The limo was waiting for him and Lisa. Lisa got in the back seat on one side and Martin was helped in the other side. Lisa relaxed, putting her arm on the back of the seat crossing her legs, turning to face Martin. Martin was being strapped in the seat. A seat belt around his waist, and then one around his chest above his bra line, and then his ankles. The car began to pull away. Martin looked over to Lisa who was smiling and looking at him.

“You look very nice today,” she said in a reassuring way, “Very pretty.” S he turned her attention to a phone call. As the car pulled into the parking lot of the courthouse Lisa said to Martin as she was looking through some things.

“We shouldn’t be here to long ma’am. Please try to be as ladylike as possible at all times, and don’t pay any attention to anybody who has any misguided, or insensitive things to say on your lifestyle. You have your rights too you know.”

Martin stood beside the car and resisted taking a step when Lisa took his hand. He didn’t want to be paraded around in the public eye like this. His knees were weak at the thought of it.

“It would be very unladylike and unfortunate to have these two men drag you into the courthouse ma’am. Not to mention very embarrassing for you and drawing the attention of everybody around you. So, if you don’t mind,” she said taking Martin’s elbow once again, and this time he walked with her. Martin noticed the looks of people as they walked by. There were some who didn’t even notice him or seem to care, and then there were those who realized instantly that he was a crossdressed man. His knees felt even weaker, as he forced himself to keep up with Lisa overwhelmed with embarrassment.

Martin was taken to the licensing and zoning department. He was the first to be served as he had an appointment, and wealth does have it’s privileges. The girl behind the counter smiled at Martin as she inquired how she could help them, even though she already was expecting him.

“Hi,” Lisa said cheerfully. “We have an appointment to get Lady Vargos her public crossdressing permit.”

The girl opened the file and asked them to follow her over to the end of the counter. The application process had been already filled out for the most part from before, only a few questions remained. There was a screen for photos at the end of the counter. Martin held tightly to his purse with both hands. He knew people were staring at him, and he was extremely nervous.

“Ok now. Just a couple of more questions we need answered here,” the girl said. Martin wished she would talk quieter as others in the room could clearly hear the conversation. “Are you transgendered or just a crossdresser?” the girl asked.

“What?” Martin said softly.

“Are you applying for a permit to just crossdress in public, or because you plan to have a sex change? There are different restrictions on the permits,” the woman said in a business like tone.

“He has just married another man and wishes to dress as a woman when he is out in public,” Lisa interjected in a not so subtle way.

“Ok, then you will need to be registered as a crossdresser then.” The woman typed in the information then looked at Lisa and Martin, “The difference basically is that a TG is entitled to all the rights that women have in the public domain. Crossdressers however have certain restrictions such as, you will not be allowed to use public areas designated for women such as restrooms, fitting rooms etc. where TG’s are free to use those facilities.”

“What if if I need to….” Martin said as he was cut off by the girl.

“You will have to use the men’s restroom sir. You are a crossdressed man after all and not a woman. TG’s are considered women by law in all respects,” she said firmly.

“You could always wear diapers if you feel too embarrassed to enter the men’s restroom crossdressed,” Lisa said jokingly in Martin’s ear causing him to flinch. The girl behind the counter grinned having overheard the statement.

“How frequently do you usually crossdress?” the girl asked.

“24/7,” Lisa said before Martin could open his mouth.

“OK, a full time crossdresser,” she said as she looked at the computer screen, ” Alright, sexual orientation……….homosexual,” the girl said as she input the information.

“Wait!” Martin spat out, “I’m not a homosexual.”

“You are married to another man aren’t you?” she said looking a little confused at him.

“Yes, but I’m not….”

“Sir, if two men are legally married to each other, I can’t put you are heterosexual on your permit as your sexual orientation. I can only classify you as homosexual,” she said as she moved on. “Now if you would please stand in front of the screen so we can take your picture, we can get your permit finished.”

The girl backed Martin up to the screen and turned him to face the camera.

“We will be taking two photos. One will be a facial shot for the ID on the front of the card, and the second will be a full profile shot from the side that goes on the back of the card where your crossdressing restrictions will be listed.”

Lisa took Martin’s purse as he was asked to stand with his toes on the line.

“Look right here please. Smile.” Martin didn’t smile. It was so humiliating doing this. People were watching and hearing the entire thing as it was unfolding. It seemed everyone was enjoying the show accept him.

“Please sir, you have to smile for your picture. It is required, and I have other things to do today, so if you wouldn’t mind,” she said as she readied the camera once again. “Smile,” she said again and this time Martin forced a soft Mona Lisa type smile. “Bigger. Show me your teeth when you smile,” she said waiting to snap the shot. Martin reluctantly allowed his red lipsticked lips to part and giving a big artificial smile, showing his teeth as best he could for the camera. The flash indicated the picture had been taken and the smile immediately left Martin’s face.

“Now sir, if you would just turn sideways. That’s it, and look over here at the camera. Good. Smile.” Martin once again gave a big smile and the photo for the back of his card was taken.

“That should do it. Now you will need one of these for today,” she said holding up a narrow piece of plastic a foot long. She approached Martin and walked behind him. He was surprised when she placed the strip around his neck and fastened the clasp. It was snug around his neck but not tight enough to cause discomfort. Like a little plastic choker. She had Martin come to the counter where she used a scanner to scan the bar code on the choker. After a second Martin’s information came up on the screen. Name, address, all the information that had been taken on him and his crossdressing privileges and restrictions.

“Crossdressers registered to dress in public must wear a band. It let’s people in business and other places know that you are not up to something mischievious when you are in public dressed as a woman. TG’s are not required to wear one of course. It also gives authorities instant access to your records if needed by scanning the bar code. Wearing the band makes it simple for you as you wont have to constantly be showing your permit card, but you do have to have your card on you at all times when in public and you have to present it when asked, if you are not wearing a band.”

“Can she get the band off?” Lisa asked looking at the clasp.

“No. You have to cut them off, but they can be worn for days and are easily cleaned when you shower. You will be able to have new one’s shipped to your house as long as your permit is current. It’s like a prescription for crossdressing.” The woman then went about her business. “Please have a seat over there and I will let you know when the permit is done.”

“I can’t believe I have to wear this band around my neck. It’s like broadcasting to the world that I’m some kind of pervert.” Martin said softly hanging his head. He had his legs crossed and hands in his lap per Lisa’s instruction.

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