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You greet me with a nod and a glance. I know I have to obey your instructions and walk into your room silently.

I stand there as you walked around me, touching my clothes, a single finger tracing my form. Standing face to face, you grab the collar of my shirt and, expressionless, you rip it open and shred it from my body. Without even looking down you grasp my skirt and tear it open, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. I do not take my eyes off of you, even though my heart is trying to pound its way out of my throat.

You leave my bra and panties intact as you grasp my long hair and pull me towards you. You kiss me on the lips, hard and fast. I don’t have a chance to kiss you back. I stumble and you push me up against the wall, pressing my face into the cold, paint-chipped plaster. I gasp, feeling the cold against my naked flesh. I feel you withdraw slightly and then *SLAP*, you strike my ass and I bite my lip, struggling to keep silent and still. You spread my legs and move my arms up and open above my head. I cannot see you, but I can hear you dropping wound ropes at my feet.

I feel your breath on my inner thigh as you wrap and secure each of my feet to the O rings set into the wall. It is tight. I do not try to move my legs, but I know that I cannot. Then I feel you and see your hands winding the rope around my mid-section and between my legs, pulling up. I hold any sound in my closed mouth.

You harness me from behind, the tight rope squeezing my breasts apart and out from my body. You press your body into me, hard, as you bind and secure both of my arms together behind me, then bend me into the wall and push my head down between my own legs. My breaths are shallow as I strain to maintain my composure. You bend down; I can see you as you secure a bishop’s gag into my neck and behind my head. I start to drool almost instantly. You step back as I blink to focus on your face. You look pleased as you land another strike against my virgin backside. I wait, bound, restrained and gagged. You had not said a word as you tied my body with long lengths of rope. I had not spoken, not a word because I was nervous and excited. I closed my eyes to manage the pain. I can feel my entire body throbbing as you stand over me. Then you turn and walk away without a word, leaving me bound and gagged on your wall. I wait patiently for your return.

I squeeze and flex my intertwined fingers. It is the limit of my range of arm motions. I am being held so tightly to the wall with my bound arms, my bent torso and restrained feet. Squatting up and down, pinned solidly to the wall is as far as I can get. I am impressed by the limited amount of movement you have left me with. My sight is also limited and upside down. Looking through my legs I cannot see you, but when I stop testing my limits, I can hear you. You are out of my range of vision, but you are in the room and I smell sweet pipe smoke. I wonder how cherry tobacco tastes on your lips. As I focus my sight closer, I can clearly see my well-manicured quim from a new angle. My rings look very nice dangling from my closed, pouty lips. As I calm my rapid, shallow breathing, I can better feel the ways that I can move and shift my weight onto other muscles. I can almost suspend myself completely if I press my weight into the walls with my shoulders.

“Stop,” I hear you say.

You are much closer to me that I had imagined. I stop moving and my heart resumes a hurried beat as I hear you stand up and walk over to me. Without another word, I hear you unzip you trousers and press your hips into my naked, white ass. I can see your flaccid cock lurching so close to me. I reach out, almost able to grab you with my mouth. I can’t catch you with my lips so I lick my tongue to the tip of your cloaked head. You grab my hips and thrust yourself into me. I capture the end of your manhood in my lips and grasp a hold on as I feel you swelling in size. I hold on for dear life as you push your cock into my straining, wet mouth. I want more of it and huff in frustration of being denied your entire shaft. I push, bouncing with my only leverage off the wall and suck voraciously on your impressive girth. I am breathing hard through my nose and wish your big, wiry balls were slapping my face. I hear your grunting as you roughly and repeatedly slap your pelvis against me. As your fat-capped head pokes into my throat, I feel a rush of wetness overtake me and trickle out of the sides of my mouth and over my face. I close my eyes to keep them from getting soaked and feel it dripping off my forehead.

I milk your pre-cum as you pull back sharply, ripping your cock out of my tightly gripping lips. Leaning into me, you gently hold my head as you carefully stand me upright. My face is red and heated, the cool wall is delightful on the side of my face. I turn my head away from you to feel the refreshing chill on the other side. You fingers begin to dance over me; I close my eyes and hear how loud my breathy-shallow breathing is as you loosen the arm binds behind my back. Taking one shoulder at a time, my arms finally free, you place your hot hand on my joint and begin to massage it. I turn my head back to face you and moan from the intense pleasure you are giving me, as you ease me out of the after-effects of bondage. As I balance, cheek and shoulders to the wall, you bend down and release my feet from the wall and separate the ring from the ankle cuff, which you leave on.

“Whoa,” I gasp as you sweep me up into your arms on rising from freeing my feet. My heart bounces in my chest, you have turned all my senses to high. I didn’t expect you to be so soft and gentle; so understanding of what my body is craving. Carefully, you lay me down on the bed. I sigh as you place my head onto the king-sized pillow. You make my body feel so light and malleable. As the bed envelops my form, you move and take my left foot into your hand. Your breath on the underside of my toes makes me squirm slightly. You inspect the cuff and how my skin looks. Each one, so gently and carefully that I cum again, without you even knowing it, just with your touch on my feet.

“I saw that,” you say, it sounds extra loud, but it is just that my eyes were closed.

“Now cum again,” you say calmly, “and this time keep your eyes open.” My eyes flare open from their drunken haze.

I try to regain the place I had just been, but you had scared me. ‘Did I really think you would not notice if I came again?’ I feel your finger swiping at my pouty, pink, swollen lips. Sliding back and forth, opening them to feel the slickness of my fresh warm cum. I just moan loudly as you wiggle in and cover your finger in my sweet sex. You withdraw it for the moment and then move it up to my mouth to paint my juice on my lips then slip your finger into my mouth. My own flavour on your finger arouses me again. I want more.

“Do not hold back and never hide when you cum for me,” you say slowly in your thick accent. How can you be so calm when my body is at such a heightened peak? You pop your finger out of my mouth and slide it back between my lips, stroking down, Up and down from clit to ass, like I did as a young girl before I knew what penetration was. I rock up and down with you, my back arching as I can feel that needy-want building up inside me. You slide your arm under the small of my back, helping me arch into your sliding hand. You have not penetrated me again but you have made the pressure just right. My body begins to jerk, my breasts slapping against your arms and bare chest. I am gasping and whining and bucking into you with such force.

“I am going to cum,” I whisper to you.

“Go ahead then,” you reply.

I buck and grind my swollen clit, feeling your arm hairs pressing into my red button. I scream, shaking as I can feel the power of my spray force your hand away as my tender cunt squeezes in mini-seizures. I cry out, overtaken by the force of my orgasm. You lower your arm, letting me writhe on the bed freely. With my arms, I am sliding them across my breasts, enjoying the feeling of my stiff nipples to my warm skin. Touching and rubbing my nipples, letting my mini-death ripple through my body and limbs, I feel like I am in slow motion. I blink my wet eyes, flopping my head back and forth. I feel my cheeks flush red and I begin to giggle.

You flare your eyes and smile down at me, writhing in bliss on your bed. I look up, panting slightly and giggling more. I close my legs and drop my knees to one side. You reach over and spread my legs open.

“You made a mess on my bed,” you state, seeing my soaked quim and wet spot below.

“Mmmmm, yes and I want to make another,” I moan in response.

“Oh do you, now?” you say sternly.

I look into your eyes and focus. I gasp immediately. With my legs spread open, you take a length of rope and start to bind my calves to my thighs, one at a time. I try to flex, but you have made them so tight, I have no movement in my legs. You stand up; inspecting your work, then with a firm hold on my hips, pull my body halfway down the bed.

“Hands over your head,” you instruct, producing another length of rope from under the bed. I do as instructed, feeling your soft but purposeful touch, wrapping my wrists in the rope, then securing the ends to the left and right headboard side of the bed. Before rising, you lean down and kiss me on the lips. I kiss you back, but you lift away before I can get enough. I blush with wanting and craving you so much. I savour your taste and detect a hint of whiskey in the mix. I stretch, feeling the specific way you have restrained me and the cool air on my wet honey pot. You walk around me, two full times before leaning over me and licking my mouth. As I open to kiss you again, you place a wound, bishop’s knot gag into my jaw and secure the buckle over the top and behind my head. I lick at the leather woven sphere, tasting the salty, pungent mass. I feel the narrow straps and the texture they create as I begin to drool. Swallowing quicker and breathing through my nose, I do not notice your hand until they touch my semi-stiff nipples.

“I have something for them,” you comment, removing two wooden clothes clips from your pocket. I feel a tiny quiver in my quim as you slap at my left breast, sending it tumbling and waving chaotically. I want it, but I am afraid it will hurt more than I can handle. Pinching my rosy tip between your thumb and forefinger, you pull up, shaking my breast below. I gasp, and then you let go. My nipple is fully erect and hard. You smile then flick it with your finger, hard making me yelp. Cupping my breast in your left hand, you open and secure the clip on my red, stiff nipple. I whine and begin to take shorter, raspy breaths as you repeat that on my right nipple.

*Clap!* Your hand slaps across my face. I feel the pain and heat. In my surprise, I tear up, my cheek becoming hot.

“No whining,” you command, calmly.

I look down at my contorted nipples, clips standing tall straight out. You take the right and shake it. I moan in pain and pleasure as you let it bounce until it stops. You move between my legs and slap my open and exposed cunt and ass. I do my best to withhold my sounds from you.

You lean in, between my legs and blow on my unsheathed, swollen clit. I bite into my bit and close my eyes. Then, the unexpected… I feel something sharp at the top of my inner thighs. My eyes open immediately as I try to look down. I feel your nails digging into me, and then so very slowly you scrape down, scratching my tender skin down to the ropes above my knees. I feel my heart racing at this new sensation. You stand up, I look at you, and you can see my panic. With both hands you pull on the clips attached to my nipples. I squeak out as you pull them both off, leaving red indentations on my stiff nipples. You press them back and forth, watching me arch and writhe in my bindings.

“Look at me,” you saw, my eyes springing open to the sound of your voice. Circling my long neck with your strong hands, I stare into your eyes. I feel the tightness, my breath shallow as you slowly release your grip. Without moving, you press your nails into my neck, it feels like many small knives, and you drag them down over my chest. Again, you move them so slowly, giving me ample time to feel the pain. The heat makes my eyes water and face flush. I swallow hard, trying not to drool out of my gag. As you scratch down to my waist, you stop and come back to my torso again. You lean over me, pressing your chest into my face as you run your nails just below the wrist binding and dig them in. I cannot control myself and whine as you begin to scratch my arms to my armpits.

“Look at me NOW,” you say loudly enough to surprise me.

I open my watery eyes and look at you. You seem to take much joy in seeing me like this. You make your way up, digging into my skin, past my elbows and up to my armpits. I squirm, fighting the tickling I can feel through the pain. You continue down my sides until I am striped pink with your scratching. Sitting back up, between my bent and bound legs, you take my knees and lift them to my head. I feel your hot breath on my pink, swollen cunt. I close my eyes, expecting to feel pleasure and instead I feel your teeth clamp down on my clit as your tongue assaults the tip. My eyes and mouth open, I cry out, unable to control myself as I hear you let out a laugh. You work your mouth up and down, my clit still firmly clamped in your hold. I feel my wetness slipping towards my lips and so do you. As you let go, I cry, tears streaming from my eyes as you lower my hips. I struggle to keep my eyes open through the tears as I feel your thick, stiff cock tapping on my throbbing clit. I sniffle, wanting to feel your cock inside me, giving me pleasure. You drag your cock across my splayed pussy, taking my clit in your finger’s, I feel your cock tip at my slit.

“Yes,” I cry out. “Pleassee!” I beg to you through the gag. I need your cock inside me. I NEED IT NOW. My heart races as you tug up on my clit at the same time forcing your thick head into my tightly pulled hole. As you press it in, I can feel my cunt open to your force.

I scream loudly as you penetrate me, releasing my clit and thrusting your long manhood into my warm, wet treasure. You take my bent legs into your arms and begin to rut your cock deeply inside my slick hole.

“Aaaghhh,” I wail out as you bury your entire shaft deep inside my gaped pussy. Feeling myself shaking, I try to hold back my orgasm. You notice my control and stop in mid-fuck.

“You are not permitted to cum yet,” you say as you withdraw your cock from my wet hole. You get up and walk around the bed, your cock bouncing and bobbing. You lean over and remove my gag; my gaze is on your cock. You stand up and hold the headboard with one hand.

“Suck me,” you direct pointing your wet cock to my mouth. “And keep your eyes open,” you remind me.

I open wide; it feels good to have control over my mouth again. You slap your wet pole across my face. Then, with need, you press your prick head into my mouth. I taste my cum on your thick cap and eat you hungrily. You press your hips into my face, making me take more of your shaft into my mouth and throat. I gag, feeling my mouth water as you moan in pleasure above me. I suck your shaft, feeling you holding back fucking me harder. Gagging loudly, you withdraw, leaving me panting.

You walk back around and climb onto the bed. Standing over me, you lift me up onto my shoulders, my bent-tight, restrained legs pressed back until they are resting on the headboard. You reach down my back and scratch the untouched skin. Over and over you rake your nails over my back, leaving pink lines running long ways. I struggle to keep my eyes open as I begin to weep again; it feels like small knives barely cutting into my skin. You stop momentarily; I feel the heat, the burn, as you stand tall over me. I concentrate on looking into your eyes which are looking back at me. I take shallow breaths as you lay a slap across my right cheek, then the left. Back and forth you spank me. Suddenly you spread open my ass and press your big, wet cock to my tiny little pucker and open me slowly as I blink fast and do not make a sound. You dip two fingers into my wet pussy and withdraw them to paint my cum on my ass hole, slipping in a finger and fucking me. It feels so good. Then I feel your cock head on my little hole, I push out, trying to open myself to you as you spear me open and fit your thick rod into my gape. I scream, unable to control myself as you begin to fuck my ass. My heart beats loudly as I gasp for breath through my shrieking. You open my pussy lips with your fingers as you continue to fuck my ass, getting faster and deeper. I hear you grunting and your face grows red. I feel the jerk and swelling in your cock, my ass wildly opened to you. As you grow louder you thrust 3 fingers into my pussy and spread it open, forcing me to cum. Screaming, squeezing and squirting my orgasm, you release your thick cum into my ass. I can feel it filling and burning me deep. You, holding my pussy open the whole time, I am squirming in pleasure and pain. When you fully release your seed into me, you withdraw your fingers and cock, falling to your knees beside me. My legs fall back down to the bed as I feel your cum and mine dripping from my holes. You move close to me, your head next to mine as you reach down and rub my wet ass and pussy. Using your hand, you feed me our cum. I eagerly lick and clean all that is offered to me and take a moment to say “thank you, thank you,” as often as I can.

You unclasp my wrists from the headboard, and bend them slowly, placing them across my chest.

“Close your eyes,” I hear you say, calmly. It is more than my pleasure to do as you say. Stinging from tears, I close my lids and blink before letting them relax. I feel you sit up and take my left leg into your grasp. So completely different than before, you hold me close, steady, taking the weight as you start to release the ropes that held me so tightly. First, you free my leg from my ankle, so careful and conscious of my knee as you bend it slowly and rest it on the bed. Your light touch fluttering over my leg causes shivers that ripple through me, more vivid with my eyes closed. After removing the wound rope from my thigh, you begin to rub and massage the deep marks left by the restraints. I moan in pleasure, hugging my newly freed and strained arms about my bosom. You get up and walk around the bed to my other leg; you slide under it, holding it in your lap. I shift a bit on the bed, enjoying my new range of motion. You hold my leg up then out, fully supported. I feel your breath on my puffy, hot, closed lips just a second before your tongue parts me open. I moan very loudly, as your tongue tip drags across my clit.

“Oh yes, thank you,” I moan, head rolling back and forth, eyes obediently closed. Your fingers move around my leg, unknotting the binding as your tongue continues to slip up and down my sex making me writhe and push up into you. Kneading my released leg, you bend it slowly, carefully letting me have control of it again. I straighten my legs up, stretching upwards as you lick between my pouty, swollen lips.

“Stay like that,” you direct as you climb further onto the bed. My pink pussy, squeezed tightly between my legs, being licked from clit to ass, makes me gasp and moan loudly. I feel you turn your head and begin to fuck my pussy hole with your rough tongue. In and out as you tickle me on the inside.

“Thank you,” I gulp as I feel you finger press hard, opening my ass as you continue to tongue fuck my cunt. I feel my legs begin to quake and I reach up with both arms to hold them still. You withdraw your tongue and lap it over my tender sex a few times before I hear you shifting positions.

It’s late. You begin to stir, as if waking from a deep slumber. Your mind whirls as you struggle to wake. Something is not right. You feel it almost immediately but your thoughts are only a swirling haze as you lay there, incapable of moving, your brain fighting a losing battle to focus as you come to.

What happened? Where are you? Your eyes barely open long enough to see a woman over you and your heart skips a beat. A nervous, anxious feeling fills you immediately as you attempt to regain strength to catch another glimpse of the figure above you. You feel the need to escape flash through your body but your efforts to even flinch pass without a single movement of your body. Why won’t your eyes open? Why can’t you move? You feel like you have been sleeping for days, yet the need to return to your unconscious state begins to take over your mind.

Then you hear her. The soft, calming purr of a voice so familiar that you cannot help but relax to her touch. Her touch? You hadn’t been aware of it previously, but her voice rouses your mind enough that you are suddenly more aware of the feminine figure laying against your body. “Relax, my love, it’s me.”

It is as if her words breathe life back into you as you slowly begin to regain some form of consciousness. You feel the soft curves of her luscious body against your skin and attempt to mumble your automatic response of “Yes Mistress” but as your lips attempt move, no noise escapes. Not even a whimper.

What in the hell has gone on? You feel paralyzed beneath her. How long have you been asleep? Was there an accident? Your mind races as you try to find answers to the questions that seem to be multiplying with each passing second.

You feel something soft and wet touch your chest, followed by stinging sensation that feels like a blinding heat ripping at your skin. It lasts only a moment and it’s gone as soon as it started, leaving behind a dull ache that seems to fade quickly. What has she done to me? Your mind panics as you come to, fighting with your own mind to regain complete consciousness of what is happening to you.

Only seconds pass as you feel the soft, damp touch again, followed by seering pain, only to have it fade quickly, leaving on a tingling sensation in its wake. You curse yourself as you inhale deeply, gathering the strength to open your eyes once more, determined to take in your surroundings this time.

She moves off of your lifeless body and you can feel her weight shift to the bed beside you. A bed. You hadn’t even known it was a bed beneath you before. You were slowly beginning to know what was around you. Each second made you understand more. Your head was on a pillow, the surface was soft and comfortable, the sheets silky beneath you. Another dizzying whirlwind of questions filled your mind. Where am I? This isn’t my bed… What’s happened? Did she drug me? Is it really her?

You take several deep breaths, filling your lungs with as much of the cool air as possible before you once again take up the struggle with your eye lids, willing them to open for another glimpse. As you wrestle with your own body, begging it to obey you, you feel her manicured nails against your cheek first, her fingertips gently brushing the soft skin. Suddenly your struggle to open your eyes seems easier and the lids lift, your gaze settling instantly on the form above you.

She’s smiling. That soft, welcoming smile that you know. It’s her. But what’s happened? She strokes the back of her fingers down your cheek and jaw now, dropping lower very slowly, a single fingertip tracing the outline of the leather collar on your neck. You knew the gesture. It was gentle, caring. Just as you feel yourself begin to smile in response, she raises.

Your mouth opens in a faint attempt to speak. No sound escapes before she presses a finger to your lips, silencing you. “Relax.” She speaks only one word before tilting her head to consider you. You feel her looking over your body, your own eyes not able to leave her. The smile never leaves her lips as she looks back to your eyes, winking before turning and leaving you there without another word.

Unable to keep your eyes open any longer as she disappears from your view, you feel your body relax and you begin to think. You feel dizzy with all the questions hitting you at once again. It’s like a dream that you just cannot wake up from and you don’t know what has brought you to this point.

After a few moments of being able to do nothing but breathe, you are able to open your eyes once more and you look around you. You were right. This wasn’t your bed. You didn’t recognize the room around you. It was dark, dimly lit by a single flickering black candle beside the bed.

Black candle? Why did that feel familiar? Why did you suddenly feel a fear filling your mind? What was the significance of it?

The entire room seemed blurry around you, slowly coming in to focus. Light moonlight helped illuminate the room, coming in from an open window. A cool breeze came along with it. You hadn’t felt it before but it was calming now. You could feel it. You could feel something other than the pain. One thought filled your mind. You were still alive.

Alive? Was there doubt of that? Why did that seem so significant in your mind?

Your strength came back slowly as you looked around, the room feeling familiar, though you were almost positive you’d never seen it before. The walls were high and made of stone, the windows set close to the heightened ceiling. You racked your brain once more, struggling to piece things together, when your eyes fell on the high-set windows once more. You were underground.

Underground? But that didn’t make sense. How had you gotten there? And what WAS this place?

A small panic filled you as you looked around the room once more, struggling to find another clue. Another answer. You pull yourself to a sitting position clumsily, nearly knocking over the glass of water at your bedside. Your strength returning slowly as your body fumbles to move to an upright position to get a better view of the room around you.

Wait. Water? Your eyes snap back to the glass next to you. The need to analyze your surroundings halted for a brief moment as you became aware that you were thirsty. With a shaking hand you reach out for the glass and begin to drink, finishing the entire glass as it you had been dying of thirst.

As you replace the glass on the table beside the vast bed you see your own wrist in the candlelight. Dark circles surround your wrists. Bruises, you think. Bruises? Where did they come from? You hold your wrist closer to the black candle to inspect the markings closer and then it hits you. Like a wave of fear and panic, it hits you. You start to sweat as you begin to feel the memories swarming your mind, completely overtaking you. Unable to stay upright any longer, your body falls limply to the side once more, your strength focused solely on remembering what brought you here…and it begins to come back, piece by piece. You drifted off, as if dreaming, slowly reliving what had happened.


It had been five days. Five days in chastity. Your Mistress had demanded it. You remember cursing her for the initial proposal, however she had been adamant about it. There was no arguing the point as she had locked the device around your cock after last making love to you. She had been so gentle that night, something that was not unlike her, but still different.

You had questioned the device. What had you done to deserve the denial of pleasure like this? Had you upset her? You were still unsure. She had dismissed your questions as quickly as you had asked them. The only response you had given you was “Relax, my pet. You will thank me later. It is for your own good.”

She had left you that way. Five days since you had seen her, leaving you with no reasoning for the metal device locked around your manhood, leaving you unable to pleasure yourself.

You weren’t sure if it was the denial, her absence, or the helpless feeling that filled you by being locked in chastity for your Mistress that made the urge to touch your cock greater than usual, but it grew with each day. The need to simply touch your cock, to stroke it and feel yourself get hard for her became harder to bare with each day, and by the end of the fifth day, with no word from the woman who held the key to the metal obstacle, you began to grow frustrated and angry with her.

It was that night that you began to give up on fearing what punishment she may enforce on you. The need was becoming so great that you could no longer ignore it. You had not seen her in five days and you had needs that were becoming overwhelming.

You began to search the house. The key. It had to be there, you told yourself. There had to be another. She had taken one with her, but there had to be another, you told yourself.

The house was almost completely dark as you searched. The aching need to remove your cock from its confines blinded you to any worry of her catching you in your attempt to find the key. You had to remove it. You had to feel pleasure. It was all your mind would process. You needed this. Surely she would understand.

You turned the house upside down, searching for what would unlock the device and free your cock. It was nowhere to be found. The bitch had taken it with her, you thought. Only one key and she’d taken it with her! You were angry. How could she deny your needs without even contacting you like this?

You were on your way to return to the bedroom, still cursing her under your breath as you heard it. Something low, barely reaching your ears. It couldn’t have been what you thought. Definitely not. Your mind was playing tricks on you now. It had to be. But you couldn’t resist following where the noise had come from.

Then it happened again. And again. You followed the noise. It led you to a door. One you’d never used before. The basement. It had always been unfinished. There was nothing there. You reached for the doorknob when you stopped yourself. This is crazy, you thought. There’s nothing down there.

As you turned around to leave the door, you heard it once more. Clearly this time. You’d been right. It was louder now and you spun back to face the door. It was moaning. Someone was moaning.

You stood frozen for a moment before you reached for the doorknob once more, slowly grasping it and turning. Curiousity had completely overtaken you now as you slowly, quietly opened the door, revealing a large staircase, unlike anything that would have belonged in the house. It was dark and what should have left you frightened now filled you with the new need to discover where it led to.

After taking one step down the dark staircase, your mind told you to turn back. Then it came again. Another moan. It was a low, gutteral noise, and there was no denying it was a moan of pleasure. With that, all possibility of you turning back disappeared and you began to slowly fumble down the steps, careful not to lose your footing, which could send you falling down what seemed like an endless staircase.

The low moans were coming louder and just hearing them fueled you to keep descending until you reached a large wooden door. It was closed. Please, don’t let this be locked, you thought. The moans were louder now. Whoever was making them was on the other side of this door and you had to find out. You decided to slowly reach out, barely touching the large doorhandle and pulling slightly. It opened. It was unlocked.

Your heart skipped several beats as you pulled the door, slowly, quietly opening it only a crack. Unable to do much more than take a single deep breath, you lean forward, peeking through the small crack in the doorway, nearly falling backwards as you take in the sight before you.

The room was dark except for a small glowing area near the center of the room. There was barely enough light to see, but it took only a moment for your brain to process the sight before you.

It was a woman. She was resting her back against luxurious pillows of a large bed, her body barely showing in the dim candlelight. But you could see her. And what she was doing.

You were suddenly aware of the hard metal confines around your cock as it began to struggle to rise at the sight. The woman was nude, her legs spread as she rested on the bed. One hand was on her breast, pinching and pulling at her full breasts as the other hand was lower, between her smooth, parted thighs.

She was pleasuring herself. You fought back a gasp as your manhood twitched in the device again, aching to be freed, as you took in the unbelievable sight. There you were, watching this strange woman, with her fingers between her legs, toying with her pussy. And you could see it. It was clearer now. Your eyes were adjusting and you could see the glistening juices on her fingers as they slid across her soft petals before sinking between them again.

You heard another moan, but this was different, and it wasn’t until her eyes raised and locked on the door, zoning in directly on where you stood behind the door, that you realized that it had been you that moaned. And she had heard you.

Unable to move to return up the endless staircase, you stood there frozen behind the door, watching as she raised from the bed. She moved towards the door, slowly. Her body swayed with each step, the candlelight still illuminating her curvy figure, her breasts bouncing slightly with each step as she moved to the door in front of you.

As if by instinct, you released your hold on the door and just stood there and stared, waiting for it to reopen before you. And it did. She was standing there, her body not far away now, and you could smell her sex. The musky scent hit your nostrils and brought another quiet moan from your lips.

Her giggle surprised you. She wasn’t angry, you thought, breathing a sigh of relief. She seemed happy to see you. Smiling as if it did not bother her in the least to be interupted by a total stranger while pleasuring herself in this dark room of your house.

Was this still your house? You questioned it yourself. This was unlike anything you had ever seen and you couldn’t help but feel like whether you had entered a door from your own home, this was her domain and you had trespassed. But she remained smiling, nearly giddy as she stood before you.

“Well are you going to introduce yourself and come in, or would you rather I close the door and you can continue to just peek in?” she giggled as she spoke.

It was overwhelming and you couldn’t speak. You weren’t even sure this was all real and you stood there totally silent, staring at her, the shock of it all paralyzing you there.

She rolled her eyes teasingly, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the door, speaking again, still holding a happy, giggly tone. “That’s fine, names aren’t important, I suppose. Why don’t you come get comfortable?” She hopped up on the massive bed and patted directly next to her. It was as if your body was obeying her demand as you climbed up, unsure of your own actions, coming to a rest next to her still completely nude form.

She was pale, with dark eyes. You couldn’t help but wonder to yourself if she was always down here. If she had ever seen sunlight before. Was she some sort of prisoner? She seemed too happy to believe she had been kept here against her will.

Questions began to swim through your mind again before her hand on your thigh snapped you back to focus on her. The touch felt electric, even through the thick denim of your jeans. You jumped from the sensation and it brought another happy noise from her. She was a cheerful thing, you thought as you looked at her. Her body seemed perky and her expression did not change from the same smile she had greeted you with.

You began to look around, fighting to ignore the returning need for the release of your manhood from its constricting cage. You took in the sight of the room, what you could see of it at least, telling yourself to focus. You couldn’t have this gorgeous, naked woman knowing the condition you were in.

“So do we just go ahead and start or would you like some kind of foreplay?” The blunt question made your eyes snap back to hers in disbelief. You were completely shocked and still speechless, however you could feel that familiar twitch in your pants once more.

The silence caused her to sigh, closing her eyes as she shook her head. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from her now. It was a moment before she looked back to you, and when she did, it was different. A different that nearly made your heart stop beating.

Her eyes were flaming. Their dark color was replaced by a crimson hue that seemed to be flickering along with the candlelight in the room. This couldn’t be real, you thought, but you seemed so sure. It appeared to be fire burning in her eyes as she looked at you again. This was different. Her expression was different. The smile was gone. She did not look angry, but she appeared to be something else. It was hard to read at first, and then it hit you.

Hungry. She looked hungry and she was looking at you like her first meal in a lifetime.

Panic set in once more and you turned to the edge of the bed, making an attempt to flee the bed and the room, your mind not processing anything but escape now. But your escape was ended quickly as she moved swiftly, a single finger hooking into the collar of your shirt and yanking you back to lay on the bed.

She moved faster than you could’ve ever imagined. Before you realized what had happened she had forced you back onto the bed and was over you, kneeling over your waist with her hands on your wrists, pinning them beside you.

“Silly boy, its too late now” she purred, an amused tone in her voice as she looked down, those firey eyes burning into your soul as you felt your strength begin to fade. She was too strong. How could she overpower you like this? It made no sense.

“Please. Let me go. I shouldn’t have come down here. It was a mistake. Please. I’ll never speak of this to anyone.” You pleaded with her but her grip never loosened. She was still over you, hovering there as you felt the control of your own limbs slipping from you.

She felt it too. It was when you could no longer imagine even attempting to lift your arms or move your body that she released her grip on you. The smile returning, an almost wicked smile now as she leaned down to press her lips to yours. They were full and soft and even in the helpless state you knew you should fight, but your body betrayed you as her lush lips pressed and teased at your own.

It clouded your mind in a way you’d never felt. Something was taking over your body. You knew the feeling but it had never been this strong before. It was lust. Her kiss had effected you in a way you had never known and you whimpered almost silently as your cock strained against the chastity belt.

You could tell she had heard the whimper as she pulled back, she looked pleased with the reaction. Unsure of what to say, you lay there, nearly unable to move beneath her, watching her every movement, the scent of her womanhood becoming stronger. You could tell she was aroused and you couldn’t believe how much the smell of her was making your head spin.

In a single moment, you felt your eyes close, trying to get a grip on the situation in some way, and at that very same moment, she gripped your clothing and roughly ripped it from your body, causing you to gasp and your eyes to fly open in shock once more.

A small feeling began to build in you, through the lustfilled haze in your mind, you thought back to your Mistress’s words. “You will thank me for this.” You knew now. This woman would be stopped by the device. You searched for her face, finding it in the dark again as you looked to see how she would react to the locked cage around your cock, confining it and blocking her from it.

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“Do you want to kiss me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Ask me nicely.”

“Please may I kiss you, Mistress, please?”

Her laugh was rich with cruelty, her lips mere millimeters from his, close enough so he could feel the hot puff of her breath against his pleading tongue.

“Oh, I love it when you beg.”

He strained his neck, reaching for her lips, which she easily kept just out of his reach, as desire turned to desperation.

“Please, Mistress…”

“Oh, poor baby.” Her voice dripped with mock-pity. “So close to the thing you want, but having to wait for permission. It must be so hard for you.”

Her double-meaning was not lost on him as she pressed her hips more firmly into his, trapping his, indeed, quite hard cock between their bodies just as his wrists were trapped between her firm grip and the wall behind him. She brushed her lips against his, feather-light and lightening-fast, expertly teasing him while he struggled for more contact until finally, with a sob of frustration, he slumped back against the wall.

“Yes Mistress.” he agreed.

“If you were any kind of man, you’d just take me,” she said, grinding her hips into his, using the friction of his own clothes to torture him. “You’d throw me down on that bed, tear off my clothes, fuck me like a wild animal, make me scream. But you’re not going to do that are you?”

His mind swam with the images she had created; her body twisting under his as he pounded into her, the sounds she would make, the feel of her in his unbound hands. He could do it; he was taller than her, probably a bit stronger, he could break her grip if he really tried. She might even let him, she was unpredictable enough, she might let herself be overpowered, be taken and fucked. He squirmed under her gaze as the evening’s first wave of delicious shame washed over him and he knew that he would never, ever dare. When he answered her it was barely a whisper.

“No, Mistress.”

“Do you know why?”

“No, Mistress.”

She snaked her head around his, nipping at his earlobe hard enough to make him gasp, as if to be sure she had his full attention before whispering in his ear.

“Because you’re no kind of man. You’re my little whore and you need to be treated like one. Don’t you?”

He shuddered both at her words and at the wet heat of her breath against his skin, but the answer spilled from his lips without any thought or hesitation.

“Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress…”

Her sultry chuckle was both sensual and terrifying.

“Oh, more begging already? Such a good boy.”

Her hands trailed down his arms to settle on the hard peaks of his nipples, clearly visible through his t-shirt, flicking and rolling them between her fingers. Her touch felt almost as good to him as her praise. He kept his own hands pressed against the wall, held just as firmly by her will as they had been by her grasp. His answer came on a moan.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re going to let me do depraved things to you tonight. You’re going to let me abuse your mind and your body. You’re going to let me hurt you and violate you. You’re going to beg me to do these things and be hard the whole time, aren’t you?”

As she spoke, her grip on his nipples had gradually tightened. By the time she finished he was gasping in pain, sending little shockwaves of need directly to his cock.

“Oh god, yes, Mistress!”

“Would you do that if you weren’t a whore?”

Her tongue started to trace the shell of his ear, the light, teasing touch in perfect counterpoint to her vice-grip on his nipples. The pain and the pleasure muddled in his mind until they became something else and all he knew was that he wanted more, more of whatever she would give him, that he would say or do anything to please her.

“No, Mistress.”

“So, what are you?”

The hot flush of his shame was just another sensation now in his stimulus-soaked brain.

“I’m your little whore, Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

Her hands flew up to tangle in his hair, holding him still as her mouth devoured his in one searing, possessive kiss. He balled his fists against the urge to wrap his arms around her, to kiss her like a man and instead pressed them back into the wall, desperate to please her with his obedience.

Just as suddenly, she stepped back and away from him, but he stayed where he was; eyes closed, cock hard and aching, trapped in his jeans, lips wet from her kiss, arms up by his head like a cramped crucifixion, every nerve in his body alive with wanting her touch, waiting for the order to move. The orders would come and he would obey. It would be terrible and wonderful. There would be pleasure and pain, tension and release, and when it was over, she would hold him, and tell him he was good, that he had borne it well and she was proud of him, and he would fall asleep against her soft body.

For now, though, he waited.

The key was where she had told him it would be. Slowly and quietly, he let himself in through the front door. The house was silent but, just as he was about to call out, he noticed the handwritten sign saying “Come on upstairs. I’m a little tied up…

He made his way upstairs, trying to make as little sound as possible. When he reached her bedroom door, he cast a quick glance inside and had to stifle a chuckle. Lying there naked on her bed, she really was tied up, or, to be completely accurate, she had handcuffed herself to the rails of the headboard. The blindfold was an added detail.

Pausing only to undress quickly, he tiptoed into the bedroom. He had almost made it to the foot of the bed when a squeaky floorboard betrayed his presence.

“Is that you?” she asked a little nervously.

He laughed. “What would you do if it wasn’t?”

“Probably not much,” she replied, “given my current predicament and everything.”

“Fair point,” he said as he climbed on to the end of the bed.

“So, since I’m entirely at your mercy, what do you plan doing to me?” she asked.

“Well, I thought I might just start here,” he said as he leant forward and began teasing her nipples with is tongue.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she breathed, “my tits do like attention.”

He didn’t reply; he simply flicked his tongue over one, then the other, sucking each one in turn into his mouth.

As he licked and sucked on her nipples, he reached down and began running a finger through the soft curls on her mound. Anticipation built within her as his finger moved slowly closer and closer to her pussy. With each flick of his tongue on her nipples, she could feel herself growing moister as his finger worked its way towards its goal

As he worked his finger closer, he could feel the heat from her pussy; he could almost sense how wet it would be. Moving his hand slightly to one side, he bypassed her clit and began stroking the insides of her thighs. She squirmed as his fingers approached but never quite touched her increasingly moist and enflamed lower lips.

“You are such a fucking tease!” she complained as, again and again, his fingers moved towards her pussy, only to retreat just when it seemed that, this time, contact was inevitable.

“Now, now. Be patient!” he chided as she struggled beneath him, trying to push herself against his fingers, “there’s no hurry now is there?”

“I guess… I guess not,” she sighed, frustration evident in her voice.

“Good!” he replied, “Because now that you’re nicely warmed up, it’s my turn now…”

“Ooooh, you bastard!” she moaned as he withdrew his fingers, giving her nipples a final flick of his tongue.

He quickly moved up and knelt beside her head. He reached out and turned her face towards him with one hand, as he pressed the head of his cock against her lips with the other. She opened her mouth and he forced his cock between her lips. She spluttered as, with one hand still on the back of her head, he began to fuck her mouth.

As his cock thrust between her lips, she began to suck, working her tongue over its thickly veined underside. Occasionally he would drive the head of his cock deep into the back of her throat, causing her to choke briefly. Her eyes watered, and she could feel the blindfold become damp against her face. It was, however, nowhere near to being as wet as her pussy was now. His rough treatment was just what she wanted and she hoped he would be every bit as rough when he came to fuck her.

As he drove his cock into her mouth, he reached down between her legs. Her back arched as he easily slid two fingers into her and he felt the walls of her pussy tighten around them. He began to work his fingers in and out, forcing them into her pussy with the same rhythm with he forced his cock into her mouth.

Every now and then, he would slip his fingers from her pussy and rub her juices on his shaft or on her lips. Occasionally he would spread her juices over her nipples and would be rewarded by her sucking his cock harder.

With his fingers invading her pussy as he continued to mercilessly fuck her mouth, she felt the first stirrings of her impending climax. As the sensations grew steadily inside her, she wanted to cry out but was prevented by the thick cock that filled her now aching mouth. Tiny rippling contractions began in her womb. They grew stronger with each thrust and twist of his fingers; with every stroke of his cock. Unable to move her hands, she began to kick her feet, her body shaking as her orgasm ignited. No longer conscious of anything else, she surrendered herself to the sensations, letting the waves of her climax carry her away.

As his own climax approached, he took her orgasm as his cue. He pulled his cock from between her lips and began to stroke it furiously. “I… I’m going to cum all… all over your lovely big t… tits!” he gasped.

With her throat too raw and her jaw too stiff to respond, she simply nodded. While she regretted him not cumming in her mouth, she was grateful that her jaw and throat were being allowed some relief.

“Here it cums!” he cried as his cock erupted, sending jets of thick cum over her breasts.

“Mmmm, yes,” she sighed hoarsely as she felt the warmth of his cum on her skin. Almost instinctively she tried to reach down to rub the thick, creamy liquid into her skin, but the cuffs around her wrists prevented her.

Once again, he turned her face towards him. This time the last of his load dribbled from his cock as he pressed the head to her lips. She flicked her tongue over the slit, tasting his rich, salty flavour. “Mmm, you taste good,” she purred softly before wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and sucking the last drops of his load into her mouth.

He laughed and pulled his cock from her mouth. “Now to see how good you taste,” he said as he moved down the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. He dipped his head. She could feel the warmth of his breath against her enflamed lower lips as he moved closer.

Instead of diving straight in, he began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Her lower lips glistened with her juices. The scent of her rich nectar filled his senses as he slowly ran his tongue up the insides of her thighs, pulling away just before his tongue could brush against her moist folds.

“Eat me! Don’t tease me!” she moaned, her voice still hoarse. She pushed her hips back, drying desperately to press her pussy against his mouth.

He laughed. “In a hurry are we? Have you got someone else waiting?” he taunted.

“N… noooooo,” she moaned, “I… I just want to feel your tongue on my pussy”

He laughed again; then continued his slow teasing, his mouth coming close to but never quite touching her pussy. Her complaints became increasingly urgent as her frustration mounted.

“Eat my fucking pussy!” she moaned as the suspense became unbearable. Suddenly, without any warning, she felt his tongue graze her lower lips. “Ooooohhhhhh!” she sighed, “Ohhhhhh yesssss!”

Slipping his tongue between her moist lower lips, he lightly nuzzled her pussy. Her juices flowed out and he lapped them into his mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste particularly good,” he said, savouring the flavour of her essence before returning to his task. His tongue darted in and out of her pussy and she squirmed in response to his tongue’s ministrations, moaning and sighing with pleasure as the sensations in her pussy spread over her.

As he moved his tongue to her clit, he raised his hands to her breasts. As he flicked his tongue over her sensitive bulb, he began rubbing his cum into her skin, spreading it over her.

“That’s sooooo, good!” she moaned, rocking her hips to grind her pussy against his mouth, “it feels so dirty. I love feeling like a dirty bitch!”

He began to squeeze her nipples as his tongue beat against her clit. Once again, she felt a familiar glow begin to spread over her.

As his tongue teased her clit, he reached down with one hand and slid the tips of two fingers into her pussy, while his other hand still played with he breasts. “Oh fuck yes!” she moaned, pushing back to let his fingers penetrate her more deeply. He twisted his fingers inside her, coating them with her juices as his tongue continued to lap over her clit. Suddenly, he pulled them out and his hand returned to her breast. She moaned as he anointed her nipple with her juices.

Repeating the process with the fingers of one hand, then the other, he coated her breasts with her juices as his tongue lashed her clit. “Ohhhh I love that,” she sighed as he rubbed her juices into the soft skin of her breasts, “It makes me feel like such a dirty whore!”

With his mouth feasting on her pussy and his fingers spreading the mixture of his cum and her juices over her breasts, she felt the first rippling tremors of another approaching climax spread through her pussy. The sensations quickly grew stronger as his tongue lashed her clit. She tossed her head from side to side as the pressure for release mounted. She pushed her hips forward, increasing the friction as the tip of his tongue flicked her throbbing clit, intensifying her sensations as the contractions spread from her pussy to her womb.

“Oh fuck, yesssss! That’s it! Don’t stop!” she cried, struggling to force the words out as her body began to shake. He reached up and tugged on her nipples as his tongue lashed her clit, causing her to cry out as the pain increased her pleasure. “Ooooooooh, fuck!” she cried, “I’m cummmmming!”

Her body thrashed. Writhing on the bed, thrusting her hips, she ground her pussy against his mouth, pressing his tongue firmly against her clit. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oooooooooohhhhhhh!” she moaned as she surrendered to her climax.

Slowly circling her clit with his tongue, he fed her climax, keeping her at boiling point as her orgasm peaked, subsided, then peaked again. Her juices flooded his mouth. She moaned and cried out, becoming louder and more vocal as he drove her on.

As the waves of her orgasm rose and fell, he continued to gently flick his tongue over her clit. Her body shook uncontrollably as intense pleasure gripped her. Drained beyond endurance by the intensity of her release, she managed to weakly gasp, “No more. Oh fuck, please, no more.”

As he moved up beside her, he spotted the keys to her handcuffs. He quickly undid them then slowly, almost tenderly, pushed the blindfold away from over her eyes.

“Fuck me; that was good…” she sighed

“I fully intend to fuck you,” he replied, “but I think you need to get your breath back first.”

“Hell, yeah, that was just a bit intense.”

“So glad to have been of service,” he said coyly.

“Oh, you haven’t finished servicing me yet,” she replied. “Give me a few seconds to get myself together, and then I’ll bring your cock back to life so you can finish what you’ve started.”

“Somehow, I don’t think I’ll need too much encouragement,” he said.

“I hope not! After all that licking and fingering, my cunt is ready for a good fucking. Now, lie down,” she demanded.

He rolled on to his back and she quickly climbed on top of him. Smiling, she leaned forward to kiss him as his hands roamed all over her body. His hands reached up to cup and squeeze her large, firm breasts as their lips pressed together.

She sat up and pushed him away. “My turn now, or do you want me to cuff you?”

“Up to you,” he replied.

She laughed. “I would, but I can’t be arsed faffing about with them.”

She gave him a wicked grin then leaned forward, her breasts rubbing against his face. His tongue snaked out, licking over their soft skin. She gave a girlish laugh as she shook her body, jiggling and bouncing her breasts against his face, smothering him in her cleavage.

Slowly, she began to work her way down his firm, well muscled body. The fine hairs on his chest rubbed against her erect nipples, adding to her growing excitement.

She proceeded to tease him. He moaned as she kissed his stomach, her breasts rubbing against the insides of his thighs, his cock sliding between her firm, fleshy globes. She smiled up at him as she reached down to press her breasts together, squashing his cock between them.

“Oh, that’s so good!” he gasped as he rocked slowly back and forth, his cock sliding between her breasts.

“Glad you approve,” she replied coyly before flicking her tongue over his head of his cock as it poked from her cleavage; groaning as she coated it with a warm film of saliva.

“Damn!” he sighed, “Oh fuck yes!” he gasped as she took the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and slowly slid her lips along his shaft. As she worked her mouth back and forth she let her teeth drag lightly against his cock, her tongue swirling over its surface. His hips bucked slightly, forcing his cock deeper into her hot and hungry mouth. “Oh, fuck!” he moaned as she took the head into the back of her throat and swallowed repeatedly.

Letting his cock slip from her mouth, she teased it with her breasts once more, letting them swing back and forth, brushing over its surface. “I bet you’re just dying to fuck me, aren’t you?” she asked in a voice made husky with arousal.

“Yes!” he gasped, strain evident in his voice.

“Yes, what?” she teased, her fingers tightening their grip around his shaft.

“Yes, I want to fuck you,” he groaned.

“Ask nicely,” she taunted; a wicked sparkle in her eyes.

“Please will you let me fuck you?” he asked.

She put on an artful display of pondering his request. Her hand still stroked his thick, throbbing cock. “You’ll have to do better than that, I’m afraid” she chided with feigned innocence.

He groaned again. The tension in his body was excruciatingly intense. “Please,” he begged, “Words cannot describe just how much I want to feel my cock inside your hot, tight, little pussy.”

She laughed then leaned forward to give him a kiss.

She quickly turned around, her back towards him as she straddled his legs. “You just lie back and enjoy the view for now,” she purred as she reached back between her legs to grip his shaft. “Mmmm, yesssss!” she sighed as she flicked Adam’s knob over her swollen lips and clit, coating it in her juices.

She teased herself for several moments before guiding the swollen head of his cock towards the warm, wet entrance of her pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” she sighed as she pushed her hips back, feeling herself stretch around him as she lowered herself slowly on to his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped as felt the moist warmth of her pussy engulf his manhood as she impaled herself on its length.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned, “You feel sooo good inside me! So big! Sooo hard! Mmmmmmm…”

Slowly at first then gradually increasing her pace, she rocked her hips back and forth. He watched as his cock slid in and out of her pussy with a soft, wet squelching sound. She flexed the walls of her pussy around his cock, milking his shaft inside her. “God, I love it when you do that,” he moaned as the sensations added to his increasing tension. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled as she clenched her pelvic muscles even tighter.

He sighed as she rode his cock with increasing abandon, coating his cock with the warm wetness of her juices as she impaled herself on its length. His hips began to buck, driving his cock deeper into her pussy as she slid up and down.

“Mmmm, this is nice,” she said as she ground herself against him, “but I want something rougher.”

“Anything in particular?” he enquired coyly

She slid off his cock and looked back at him. “Well, since I’m on all fours, why don’t you take me hard from behind?”

He moved into position behind her .He grabbed her hips and pulled her back on to him as he drove forward.

“Fuck yes! That’s it! Fuck me hard!” she moaned as he began to thrust in and out. As his cock plunged into her, she pushed her hips back to meet him, taking in him deeper.

“Do you like this?” he asked as he pounded her from behind.

“Fuck, I do, I do!” she moaned.

Without warning he brought one hand down hard on the cheek of her arse.

“Ohhh!” she sobbed, do that again.

“What? This?” he asked as his hand connected her arse cheek again.

“Mmmm, yes!” she moaned.

“Do you like to be spanked?” he asked as, once again, his hand smacked against her.

“Fuck yes!” she cried, Slap my arse!” Spank it hard”

He did as she demanded, bringing his hand down with a resounding slap on the upturned cheeks of her bum. The stinging pain of his slaps brought tears to her eyes but they were tears of pleasure as much as pain, she could feel her arse cheek turning red and loved how dirty it made her feel.

In and out, over and over, he stabbed his thick cock mercilessly into her increasingly tender pussy. She reached back between her legs and began to rub her clit furiously, eliciting ever more powerful sensations.

“That lovely red arse of yours looks like it could do with a cock up it,” he said suddenly.

“Mmmm, yes please,” she replied.

“What did you say?” he asked, smacking her again.

“I… Uh… I said, yes please.”

“You… want… me… to… fuck… your… arse?” he asked, punctuating each word with another stinging slap.

“Yes! Fuck my arse!” she sobbed, tears stinging in her eyes. “Stick your great big cock in my arse and fuck it hard!”

He pulled out, leaving her pussy feeling empty. Using his fingers, he lubricated her tight rear hole with my juices. She bit her lip to stifle a moan as his swollen head of his cock pressed against her rear opening. She felt her arsehole yield to the steady pressure of his cock as it began to push into her.

“Ohhh, ahhh!” she sighed as first the head and then the shaft worked their way into her tight rear opening.

“Oh fuck!” they moaned in unison as he slowly sank his cock, inch by inch, into her arse.

She pushed her hips back slowly, taking him into her until, at last, his cock was buried root deep in her arse. He placed his hands on her hips and paused, partially to let her become accustomed to having him inside her and partially to savour the sensation of feeling his cock gripped deep within her arse.

“Oh God, that feels good!” he sighed as he began to work his cock in and out.

“Mmmmmmm,” was all the reply she could muster as she revelled in the intense and deliciously dirty sensations of having her tight rear hole filled with his cock.

His cock plunged into the tight confines of her back-passage over and over, increasing in force with every thrust. “Yes,” she urged, “Fuck my arse. Go on fuck it!”

She forced her hips back to meet his thrusts as his cock sawed in and out of her arsehole.

“Oh God,” ne moaned, “it’s so tight. Your arse is so fucking tight!”

Her legs began to tremble as the force of his strokes increased. His breathing was ragged as his cock surged deep into her bowels.

“Yes! Ohhhh yessssss! Fuck my arse!” she cried as he slammed into her, his balls slapping against her enflamed pussy lips with every stroke.

She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as he repeatedly plunged into her back-passage. Reaching forward, he grabbed her breasts as they swung beneath her, squeezing them and teasing her nipples with his fingers as he buggered her mercilessly.

She could feel another climax as he impaled her arse with his cock. Her throbbing clit felt raw as she rubbed it furiously with her fingers.

“Oh… Ohhh fuck! I… I can’t hold on!” he cried as he felt his own climax approach.

She drove her fingers deep into her pussy, pressing her thumb firmly against her clit as his fingers tightened around her nipples.

“Yessssssssssssss!” she sobbed.

“Oh fuck!” he cried.

At the last moment, he pulled out. Staggering round in front of her, he pointed his cock at her face stroking it rapidly.

“Fuuuucccckkkk!” he groaned as his cock erupted, spewing its load over her face and neck.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed as his cum dribbled down her chin and on to her breasts.

Note: The Week is a 13 Chapter, 150 page, novella-length, wife-sharing story. I feel obligated to suggest you will not fully understand the storyline or the contents of individual chapters (especially this one) unless you start at the beginning. In any case, I hope you enjoy the story. Feverman. Copyright 2011, 2012 Chad Sanders, all rights reserved.

Chapter 9 – Help unavailable

In an unexpected gesture of civility, Dante looked at Jamal, put his hand on his friend’s shoulder, and calmly said, “Easy, bro. Slow down. She ain’t going nowhere. We got all night to enjoy her. Dance with the bitch some or shoot some stick. Talk to her and make her feel appreciated and welcome. You need to be a gentleman and let her see how much we like having such a fine, white bitch as our guest. Be nice to her, bro, and she’ll come ’round for us.”

“Okay, sure,” Jamal said, shuffling his feet and looking down in reluctant concession. His shucking only served to demonstrate that Dante was the big dog in the cage, the one calling all the shots, the one totally in control of Sarah’s fate.

I saw Sarah’s emotions rising and falling with each turning event. Fear, relief, and sexual arousal were all clearly visible in her facial expressions and in her body language as Dante’s behavior changed so unpredictably. It was submission and relief I saw in her as Dante finished dressing them both down. He held her by her shoulders and kissed her on her lips. She visibly relaxed and looked considerably relieved as they kissed. When he was done kissing Sarah, Dante coached her, “Now, be nice to my brothers. You need to give it up a little more, babe. Don’t be so selfish with that fine stuff you brought in here.”

He left Sarah standing with Jamal and walked back over to us. “Sorry,” Jamal apologized. He ran his hands over her back, hugged Sarah and asked, “Wanna dance or shoot some pool, hon?”

“Will you teach me to shoot pool?” she asked with a quivering voice barely loud enough for me to hear.

“Sure will,” Jamal told her, “but I need to get high first.” He led Sarah over to the pool table and motioned for Cuz to bring him the stuff.

Sarah had never done speed, but she did two lines. They smoked another joint as they began playing pool. I saw Sarah shake her head as if to clear it after ingesting her second line. I also saw her perk up and smile for the first time in a while.

I watched her playing pool and talking with Jamal out of the corner of my eye as Lee and Dante settled up. Fifteen hundred dollars was exchanged as best I could count the stack of one hundred dollar bills. Dante hurriedly flipped though them with his back to Sarah to make sure the amount was at least close what he expected.

Once the money was settled, Dante motioned for us to gather around the pool tables where Sarah was putting on a show with her tits every time she bent over. The front of her little, blue, chiffon, party dress fell completely off her tits when she leaned down to shoot. The motions of her drawing the cue stick back and shooting made her beautiful breasts sway and dance in open view for everyone’s pleasure. All six of the black men, Lee and I watched her healthy, firm tits bounce and sway under her as she attempted to play pool. Five or six shots into the game, Dante said to Sarah, “Come over here and sit on my lap between turns.”

She looked to me and Lee again, but our role was to remain completely neutral. We were not to interfere or attempt to help Sarah in any way until a specific event took place. Lee just looked away when she looked to him. He stood up and selected a pool cue, acting as if he didn’t notice her visual plea for help. Lee asked me to join him in a game. Sarah then looked to Ray, her date or guide or whatever he was, even if only her friend. Ray gave her an, “I can’t help you, sister,” gesture with his hands and body language and said, “You better just go ahead.” He wasn’t about to challenge Dante.

Sarah took a deep breath as if drawing courage from the air and eased over to sit on Dante’s lap. The first time she sat on him, Dante just wrapped his big arms around her waist and supported her. The second time, he kissed her neck some and massaged a breast just a bit with his huge hand. Sarah didn’t bother to look our way. It was as if she had become fully resigned to the fact that she was going to party with Dante and his friends, either by choice or otherwise. By the forth or fifth time she returned to him, she returned his greeting kisses without hesitation and let him touch her body wherever he wanted. He rubbed all over her body with his huge hands and squeezed her tits openly in a display of his dominance and ownership. While she let him do those things and kissed Dante in return, Sarah was clearly holding back and not embracing her immediate future with enthusiastic, open arms.

From every outward sign, Sarah had willingly accepted Dante as her future sex partner. I could only imagine how she felt about it. Her expressions seemed more guarded than they were joyful. That was especially apparent when he touched her in a sexual way in front of the other five black men. She could see the raw lust in their eyes and her face reflected the apprehension she felt. In contrast to her expressions of concern, Sarah’s face was also flushed with sexual arousal. It definitely excited Sarah being dominated so completely by Dante. How he was treating her wasn’t all pleasant, but it was getting her sexually stimulated.

Jamal kept the pool game going by taking time to help Sarah make a few shots and re-spotting the cue ball when she miscued, which she did often. The other men in the room began making comments about Sarah’s tits and how fine they were, and how fine she was. When she looked at them as they spoke to her, the men made a point of drawing her attention to their hard dicks by rubbing them or shifting their swollen meat in their pants. Sarah was high as a kite on the things she had consumed and on the dangerous attention. When Jamal sunk the eight ball and the game was over, Sarah immediately returned to Dante, acknowledging his control over her. She glanced at Lee and me for some clue of what she should do next, but we ignored her, offering only blank looks in return and then turned away to play our game of pool.

Dante pulled Sarah to him as he sat and made a very public show of rubbing her bare ass cheeks under her dress as he nuzzled his head into her tits. She made one faint attempt to squirm away from his grip, but two big black hands clamped down on her butt cheeks and held her in place.

He told her, “It’s time to let these brothers see what they have been waiting to see since you walked in.”

Sarah sighed audibly and her lips pouted slightly, but she didn’t verbalize an objection.

Dante noticed her reluctance and told her, “You don’t really have a choice about what happens here, Sarah, but you do have a choice on how it goes down. It’s gonna happen one of two ways. You can strip for us like a good bitch or I will strip you naked anyway. You’re gonna dance for us right now and keep dancing till you’re naked for me and the brothers. Which way do you want it to happen?”

“I’m not into doing things like that. I like you and just wanted to be friendly, you know, so I wouldn’t appear like a stuck-up, white bitch. But, I can’t get naked for a bunch of strangers. Anyway, there are too many guys in here,” she objected.

Dante didn’t say anything. He just looked at her with disbelief written all over his face.

Out of desperation, or her lack of other clear options, she tried seducing Dante and recruiting him to be her protector. Sarah leaned in, kissed him again, and afterward suggested, “If they were all gone except maybe Ray and my friends, I would willingly put on a show for you. Would you like that?”

Dante didn’t respond to Sarah, but he motioned for Cuz to do something that was pre-arranged. Cuz returned with a small metal cash box which Dante set to the side. Dante told him, “Put on a good song for Sarah to strip to.”

As Cuz hastily obeyed, Sarah protested again, saying, “Don’t make me do this. I’ll do it for you, but I don’t feel safe with all these other men here.”

When he didn’t answer her, she begged more, “Please don’t make me.”

Dante’s next move was so lightening fast it surprised me. He spun Sarah’s body around facing away from him with a totally unanticipated flick of his powerful hands. He kicked her feet sideways out from under her and caught her as she dropped. She landed on his legs and his knees and he spread her legs open in a flash. Dante flipped up her frilly, blue dress and exposed her naked, shaved, pussy spread-open on his lap for all to see. Half a second later, he yanked her dress down off her chest, fully exposing her beautiful, pert tits which the men had been enjoying peeking at earlier.

“Stop it,” Sarah screamed.

I yelled at him, “Stop,” a second later and Lee yelled, “That’s enough. The evening is over! We’re leaving.”

Dante shoved Sarah off his lap onto the floor, and calmly pulled a pistol from the cash box. He pointed it back and forth between Lee and me, and ordered, “Sit down and shut up, white boys, both of you.”

He told Cuz, “Cuff these dumb mother-fuckers to those pipes, so I don’t have to hurt them.”

Once we were cuffed to the pipes, Dante pulled Sarah up off the floor and said, “You are my woman now until I’m done with you. Get it in your head, bitch. I am going to fuck you any way I want and my friends are going to fuck you too. You are going to ask us to fuck you. No, no, no, wrong… you are going to beg us to fuck you. If you give me any more shit, I am going to hurt you and your friends real bad. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” Sarah said wearing a very real look of shock and fearful dread.

“Now, get naked, bitch, and suck my dick,” he demanded.

Sarah visibly shook and she looked scared to death as she obediently stripped for Dante. He stripped naked, sat on a chair and spread his legs open, displaying his oversized manhood proudly. The scene reminded me of some pagan king sitting on his throne waiting for his virgin girls to be delivered. I was, in spite of all that was happening, captivated by the sight of his very large, black cock and its big, bulbous, deep-purple head. The head of his cock was wet with pre-cum, shiny and ominous-looking with its broad, flared rim extending out from the thick shaft. His massive cock bounced up and down with each pump of blood to it, getting harder by the second until the head extended upward. When his dick got fully hard, the shaft bounced on his belly and pre-cum leaked into his belly button. He was bigger than Lee, and in my limited experience looking at cocks, Lee was huge.

Sarah’s hands looked tiny holding the big, black dick. They also looked very white against the dark background of his shiny, black body. Dante had a well-defined chest with bulging pectoral muscles, and powerful arms and shoulders. She looked at his cock for a moment. For whatever reason, she licked her lips and hesitated to do what she knew she had to do. Sarah turned to us and her eyes locked with mine. I could see her spirit leaving her, going away to her fantasy place. I sensed the contradiction inside her. She was both willing and reluctant. It was one of the strangest moments I can remember. We were so connected in that instant and yet worlds apart at exactly the same time. I felt her desire pulling her to give herself to him and her fear of what was to come screaming “No” to her. Dante only let her share a brief moment of visual connection with me before he twisted her head around and shoved her face into his crotch.

Sarah did what she had to do, or what she wanted to do in the dominant grip of the big, powerful man who held her immediate future firmly in his hand. She looked so vulnerable and helpless kneeling naked between his legs, being made to service him while five of his friends watched with hungry, predatory looks on their faces.

“Oh yea, baby. That’s what I’m talking about,” he excitedly told Sarah as she sucked his dick. Dante talked dirty to her and she gave him all she had to give. “Shove that big, black cock in your mouth, girl,” he encouraged her. “I love a bitch who tries to take it all.”

The sight of her forcing his big, black log down her throat and choking on it time after time began to hurt my soul. Dante grabbed Sarah by her head with both hands and smeared her face all over his balls and cock. He made her say she loved sucking his black dick. “Tell me you love sucking black cock, white girl,” he demanded.

“I do,” she managed to get out as she gave him the most ruthlessly-forced blow job I had ever seen. He alternately complimented Sarah by telling her how hot and sexy she was sucking him off and insulting her. He pulled her mind in one direction and then another, positive, negative, lifted her spirit and then degraded her as she sucked his cock. She persisted in her effort and somehow focused on giving his dick her full, focused attention, no matter what he said or did to her.

Sarah was winning the battle. Dante’s body responded to the pleasure of Sarah’s skilled hands working up and down his thick shaft while her mouth and tongue twisted and sucked on the first few inches of his hard dick. His muscles tightened with pre-orgasmic pleasure and his legs stretched out on both sides of her body. He was on the verge of blowing when he suddenly pushed her head away. He demanded, “Get up on that pool table and dance for me now, bitch,” denying her even the pleasure and satisfaction of making him come. It wasn’t going to be nearly that easy for her.

“Cuz, get her some music,” Dante ordered with an aggravated tone.

Sarah danced naked on the pool table to, “Take another little piece of my heart.” She did the one routine Cat had taught her for the strip club show, the only one she knew. Her show was hot and she had all the strangers expressing their appreciation, but in a very crude way. Toward the end of the song, the two men who had been drinking at a table together got increasingly crude and began taunting her. They came over to the pool table and pawed at Sarah’s body, chiding her by talking crassly and displaying their dicks. “Think she can handle this, Abe?” one of them asked the other as he slapped his long black dick on the rim of the pool table.”

“I doubt it Tommie, or this!” Abe exclaimed and shook his dick in front of Sarah.

Dante said, “Ray, you better get over there ‘fore Abe and Tommie pull her off that table and fuck her ‘fore you do.”

“Back off, both of you,” Dante snapped at the two overly-excited men.

“Come on Dante,” Abe begged, “Give me a shot. I can’t stay much longer. I got to get to work. Please, brother. I am so hot for that white bitch it’ll only take a couple of minutes for me to blow my load.”

“I gots to go with him,” Tommie said. “Give us a little taste ‘fore we gots to go, man.”

Dante asked, “Got any thing for me, brothers?”

“I only got fifteen dollars to my name, Dante,” Tommie revealed.

“I ain’t got that much, Dante,” Abe said. “Come on man, just let us get off with her. We will make it up to you. Let her suck me off.”

“You couldn’t buy a smile from a fine, white bitch like this for that kind of cash, brothers. You already got a two-bill show for free. Get you poor, worthless asses out of here, now. Fuck you cheap mother-fuckers. Get gone,” Dante put them down.

“Aw man, that’s cold. At least let me jack off on her or sump-un’. I got hot seeing this bitch naked. I need some relief, bro,” Tommie begged.

Dante said, “What you gonna bring me? I tell you what, you gonna bring me, a big bag of weed, both of you, for just letting you jack off looking at her white pussy. You’re gonna do that for me tomorrow?”

“Yeah, bro, sure,” Tommie agreed.

“No problem, Dante. I got some stash,” Abe said.

Dante looked at Sarah and said, “Guess you need to do another show, sister. Sit on the edge of that table and play with that pretty, bald pussy for us. Help my boys get off watching you. If you don’t look happy and do it right… well, just make sure you do!”

Sarah submissively sank down to the table. Her face had helpless resignation written all over it. How she worked up the willpower to perform for them I will never know, but she did. She rolled to the edge and slid off until her toes touched the floor. Her hands moved across her naked belly as she stared at Dante for a couple of seconds. She even smiled at him. Sarah closed her eyes and went to some unknown place with her mind when she began rubbing her clit and fingering herself. The two black men snuggled up close and stroked their cocks with newfound urgency as they looked up and down Sarah’s naked body. She didn’t bother to open her eyes, not even when each man took hold of a tit.

“Oh yeah, baby, you are one fine looking woman,” Tommie told her, “I never had no white pussy.” He looked at the expression on her face and said, “You like this, don’t you, white girl? You like getting naked and wild with a bunch of black dudes, huh? I can see that. You know you like it. Come on, baby. Rub that pussy and come with me, white woman.” He pounded his dick with a few more hard strokes, and yelled out, “I’m coming for you, bitch. Come on, white girl, come with me.”

Sarah opened her eyes just in time to see the long spurts of white cum shoot up out of his black dick. The first one landed on her left breast and the tail of it streaked down her belly. He aimed higher and stood up on his tiptoes. The second spurt hit her face and lips. Tommie broke into a wicked laugh and said, “Fuck me if I didn’t shoot off on a white woman’s face tonight.” Sarah just reached up and wiped the fresh cum away from her lips with her free hand. Tommie milked the last of his cum and shook his dick to make globs of sticky, white cum splatter on Sarah’s pussy, belly and hips.

When his buddy finished coming on Sarah and moved away, it left Abe the center of immediate attention in Sarah’s world. He moved in front of her, pushed his feet between hers and pressed her knees apart with his. He shoved her back onto the table. The new position left her pussy spread open only inches in front of his dick. Sarah stared up at him as she lay back on the pool table. They made some connection. I watched them stare each other down, but had no way of understanding their visual communication. Perhaps she expected him to shove his dick into her. In any case, I saw her embrace him with her eyes and invite him to come on her pussy. She did even more to invite his ejaculation on her. Sarah lifted her knees and spread herself completely open for Abe. She rubbed her glistening, wet pussy-lips and clit with the same aroused-willingness she had shown Lee at home.

“I like you, white woman,” Abe told her. “I sure would like to fuck your sweet looking pussy sometime.”

“Sorry,” Sarah said and she arched her shoulders up, supporting herself on one elbow, seductively displaying her cum-coated tits pushed out with nipples erect for him. She rubbed her pussy with more earnest conviction and stared into his dark eyes. It took that one gesture of cooperative willingness to bring the black man to orgasm. I could never have guessed in a thousand attempts the next words out of Sarah’s mouth.

“Shoot your baby juice all over my white pussy,” she urged Abe on. He did. Abe pounded his black cock and sprayed cum all over Sarah’s pussy, hand and belly. I could barely hear it when he breathlessly told her, “Thank you.” He sucked in air deeply a few times before he walked away and left her with her pussy spread open and covered with his cum.

After a few moments of remaining sprawled out naked on the pool table with cum dripping from her face and body, Sarah lifted her head and looked at Dante as if to ask what he wanted next from her. It struck me as odd that somehow she looked proud.

Dante saw the same submissiveness in Sarah that I did. He decided to push past the introduction of their sexual play and get the real show underway. “Look at your pretty lady now white boys. She don’t look so ladylike now, does she?” Dante taunted us. He only paused long enough to let his words take full effect before he said, “Since you brought her to us, Ray, you get to fuck her first.”

“Get the fuck out of here, Abe… you and Tommie both!” Dante snapped at them.

Abe and Tommie shoved their dicks back into their pants and exited the back door. As they departed, Abe said, “Thanks, Dante… tomorrow, brother.” Tommie just gave him a nod to concur with what Abe had said, and said, “Tomorrow.”

Ray stripped. With no sign of the affection he had shown her earlier, he pulled Sarah to the edge of the pool table and spread her legs open. He used the cum on her pussy and the pussy juices soaking her crack to lube his dick.

“Ever fuck a black man before?” Ray asked.

“No,” Sarah answered.

Ray laughed and said, “Well, hon, tonight we are going to make up for all you have been missing. Do you want this black cock inside your white pussy, Sarah?”

“Do I have a choice?” she asked back.

Ray told her, “Sure you do. You have a choice about whether or not you want it. You always have a choice about whether you want something. You don’t have a choice about much else. We are all going to fuck you, Sarah. Four black men are going to fuck you till we can’t fuck you no more. Get that through your head. We are going to fuck you like you have never been fucked. I just want to make things easy on you and your friends. I like you, Sarah. This is going to be the most intense thing you ever did, even if you want it with all your soul. If you don’t really want this to happen and welcome it, this will be a horrible nightmare, the worst thing you ever went through.”

“Okay then, I want it,” she calmly told him.

“What do you want?” he pushed her to say it out loud, and demanded, “Tell me.”

With steely resolve in her eyes, Sarah looked at Ray and said, “I want you to fuck me, Ray.”

“Tell me you want my black cock inside your white pussy. Is that what you really want, Sarah?”

Sarah didn’t hesitate to tell him, “I want your black cock inside me. I want you to fuck my white pussy with your black cock. Okay?”

“Yes, you cock-teasing, white slut, that is exactly what I wanted to hear you say,” he told her in a suddenly-changed, anger-filled voice. He added, “I hope you have a black baby from the fucking you are about to get.”

It was without question the strangest, most troubling and most erotic thing I had ever heard and seen. The contradictions in my thoughts and emotions were beyond my understanding. I simply didn’t have the ability to resolve that I felt intense, heated arousal in the same moment I was utterly disgusted with what I saw taking place. The polar-opposite emotions coexisted inside me at the same point in time. Listening to them fuck and then seeing Ray’s black cock disappear into Sarah’s pussy was mind blowing. I caught myself forgetting to breathe until I was light headed. I’m sure my blood pressure was elevated to the point of imminent danger. I was an emotional wreck, stressed to the max and wildly turned on.

Sarah was in much better mental shape than I was. She fucked Ray without reservation. She fucked him on the pool table first, and then he stood her against the wall and fucked her from behind. As Lee and I, and the other three black men watched, Ray made Sarah beg for his black cock. He made her suck his dick and assume the doggie position on a serving table. She sunk deeply into her fantasy of being force-fucked and complied with any request, whether it was to assume a new position or to tell him what he wanted her to say out loud. Sarah climaxed twice fucking Ray before he filled her pussy with her first load of a black man’s sperm. He shot off in her as she was bent over a barstool taking him with her bottom willingly arched up to a perfect height for him to fuck. She exploded in a passion-filled orgasm a third time when he pumped her pussy full of cum and told her, “Have my black baby, bitch. You are such a fucking, black-dick-loving slut now. Look at you.” He pulled her up and made Sarah stand in front of the bar mirror and look at herself. “You love this don’t you?”

Sarah seemed lost looking at her image in the mirror. The reality of what she was doing seemed to consume her mind as Ray’s cum drained out of her pussy and ran down the inside of her legs.

When she didn’t answer him, Ray simply asked, “Who wants this tight, little, white pussy next?”

Jamal pushed Sarah over another barstool and mounted her in the same position Ray had just used. He slapped Sarah’s ass cheeks and fucked her steadily for the few minutes it took for him to fill her pussy with cum a second time. “Oh fuck yes,” he exclaimed, and added, “This is some fine, white pussy here.” He smacked her ass from time to time and said, “Take it bitch. Fuck my black dick. Come on, bitch, squeeze me. Oh fuck yes. Do it, white girl… yeah, pull on my dick with that tight pussy.”

Jamal didn’t hold back or try to prolong his pleasure. He fucked Sarah continuously-hard until he shot off in her. As the feeling of his imminent climax took over, Jamal let go with a fury of short, stabbing thrusts. He huffed and grunted loudly with each push of his hips into her until his cum began spewing inside Sarah’s gripping pussy. Jamal suddenly slowed down. He took long, slow strokes as he emptied his balls into her and announced, “Oh fuck yeah. I’m coming in you, white girl.”

Sarah was lost in the pure pleasure of being dominated and fucked. She climaxed again and sprayed cum on the barstool legs and the barroom floor as he filled her pussy with his baby juice.

“You wanted my cum in you didn’t you? You like being our white slut and getting fucked by the brothers, don’t you?” Jamal pushed her to admit.

Sarah mumbled something too low for either Jamal or me to hear.

“What?” he asked.

“I’m being forced to enjoy doing this with you,” she answered clearly.

Sarah’s response spoke volumes to me about her state of mind. It said to me that she truly was enjoying the experience of letting go completely, that being used by the men there in such a base, sexual way was satisfying some deeply held desire in her, but her response also said more to me. It said she still needed the mental crutch of the “forced” fantasy in order to bypass her long-held values of being a lady. It was as if she couldn’t accept that she wanted to experience such a wild, sordid sexual adventure and have it be guilt free unless she held strongly to the fantasy notion that she was being forced. Holding on to that thin thread of fantasy allowed her complete sexual freedom.

Cuz took Sarah’s arm and led her back to the pool table where he crawled on top of her. He only lasted a couple of minutes before he filled her pussy with his load. When he came in her, Sarah climaxed again. It was obvious she had completely surrendered to the circumstances controlling her. She had somehow found a way to turn the demands placed on her into intense sexual pleasure. Seeing her orgasm from the rough fucking was proof enough. It was as if feeling a hard dick spurting cum inside her pussy set off an automatic reaction for her. She couldn’t help coming simultaneously with the man when she felt him release inside her.

My loving wife was in another world. I tried to imagine the mental state she was in and the physical feelings she experienced. I realized it was impossible to really share in any meaningful way what was happening to her. I hoped and prayed it was better for her than how it looked to me. It looked perfectly horrible to me. I knew it had to be. I had to find a way to accept that this was something she wanted and she was finding pleasure in doing. I kept telling myself, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Somehow repeating that statement of human insight helped me understand and accept that no matter how bad it looked from my perspective, the experience must be very different for her. Surely what she was doing satisfied some deep sexual needs inside her mind and body.

All the while the men had been fucking Sarah, Dante exerted his control over the group, making them fuck her where, when and how he ordered and making her say the things he wanted to hear from her. His orders were never directly to Sarah, but rather to the men, his servants, like his last order to Cuz had been. “Take her to the pool table and fuck her there. Make her say she loves having your black dick in her,” he told Cuz. It was typical of Dante’s method of control. He fucked with Sarah’s mind almost continuously as he directed the others to fuck her pussy.

“Get her some stuff… speed, booze and smoke,” he ordered after Cuz got his nuts off fucking Sarah. His willing servant pulled his dripping, cum-coated dick out of Sarah’s quivering pussy and scrambled to do as ordered.

In spite of my personal distress, I had to admire the production. It all appeared so natural. I knew it was all a pre-arranged play being acted out for Sarah’s pleasure. I even knew the step-by-step plan for the most part and what to expect, but I found it unsettling anyway. It was too real. My emotions were violently jerked to and fro as the action unfolded. I wanted things to end each time one of the men climaxed in her, but I knew it would create a disastrous ending, and therefore, would be far too selfish to seriously consider doing so.

Cuz delivered the drugs as ordered. Sarah snorted two lines of speed, downed two shots of tequila and smoked a joint with Dante sitting on his lap, both of them naked. In this strange fantasy world where Sarah found herself, she was Dante’s bitch, his sex slave. She knew it, had accepted it, and whether reluctantly or willingly, she had fully embraced her role.

Dante was probably six foot four or five inches tall and had the build of a pro basket ball center. He had defined muscles everywhere. Sarah was five foot nine inches tall and weighed less than one hundred thirty pounds. She had small hands and feet for a woman of her height. The contrast in their bodies was striking. I was visually impressed with Dante. He was a beautiful physical specimen. I had always been impressed with Sarah. The differences in their physical gifts caused me to consider the contest that was about to happen. Who was the stronger physically? Who was the stronger mentally? Who would prevail? It had all the appearance of a David and Goliath match-up. I had the advantage of knowing Sarah was going to get jerked around mentally and put through the wringer physically very soon. I prayed she had the inner strength to prevail and keep her wits about her. I believed in Sarah; believed she had the right stuff, but the odds were stacked badly against her.

“Bring me a towel and something nice to put on my bitch,” he told Cuz.

Cuz brought the two items, a white baby-doll and a towel. Dante took both items and handed them to Sarah. She wiped herself off and slipped into the little item of lingerie.

“Music, slow dance music,” he demanded.

Cuz wheeled around, made haste to the jukebox and punched in the codes. Barry White’s “Can’t get enough of you love,” was the first tune up. Dante began dancing with her and whispered, “I need to feel your love, Sarah. Give it up and be my lover, my real lover, woman.”

He danced with her and talked constantly to Sarah, telling her how beautiful she was and how everything about her turned him on. He hugged and kissed her as they danced naked together and wooed her for the entire song.

A second love song followed and again Dante talked to her, complimented her and shared his feeling of attraction. He rubbed her naked butt for a long while and told her to forget that anyone was watching. He told her to pretend they were two lovers alone in paradise. He stopped and held her to him on the dance floor just long enough to take her hand and wrap her fingers around the thick shaft of his cock before he began dancing again. They danced on and he began spreading her ass cheeks and rubbing his big thick middle finger over her anus.

Jamal, Ray and Cuz watched with as much intense interest as Lee and I did. The sight of Dante’s slow seduction of Sarah was mesmerizing. She was feverous with surrender, flushed, wet and beyond ready for him to fuck her. I know her and can read when Sarah is ready. She was ready for him to take her anyway he wanted, but he didn’t. He abruptly changed directions and keep her unsettled. He altered her expectations continuously to make what would come next totally unpredictable to Sarah.

He danced her over past the edge of the wooden dance floor right up to our table. He knelt down in front of her and put both his hands on her left thigh, one outside and one inside. “This is the finest skin I have ever felt,” he said loudly to the group.

He told his gang, “Come feel what I am feeling, brothers.”

The three of them gathered around and began feeling Sarah’s naked body. Dante stepped back and said, “Feel her skin, brothers. Take your time and really feel her. You will never touch a woman this fine again. How can I be sure? There is no finer woman alive. Really feel her. She is the top of the line. It don’t get no better than what you got your hands on right now.”

I watched Sarah as Dante talked and as the men ran their hands over her legs and body. She savored the sensuous, admiring attention, the feel of so many hands moving over her body and drinking in the soft luxury of her skin.

“That’s enough,” Dante said. The men stopped touching her and Dante knelt in front of her again. He began rubbing her thighs almost touching her pussy, but not.

“You are so beautiful, Sarah. You are one of a kind, a beautiful, white woman, full of life and you like adventure. You like the edge, the stimulation of putting yourself in danger, testing you sexual attraction to the wild side, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Sit down here,” he told her, and she did. She sat on a chair Dante placed for her facing the rest of us.

Dante walked around where he could see Sarah from the front. “Lift your legs and let us look at your pussy, Sarah. Do you like it when we look at your naked body and need some of it, when we desire and crave you?”

“Yes,” she told him.

Sarah lifted her legs and placed her feet on the outer corners of her chair. She flared her knees apart and her pussy lips opened easily, revealing the pink inner lips and the smooth pink tissue beyond. Dante leaned in and kissed her clit with his big thick lips and licked up the full length of her pussy before he sat back.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. ‘It felt really good.”

Dante teased her pussy lips with his huge middle finger and moved up to her clit, rubbing over the excited, extended nub and back down to her slit. Sarah took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“More?” Dante asked, and told her, “Ask for it.”

“Yes, more please,” she told him.

Sarah eased her butt cheeks forward to allow him better access. She moaned with pleasure and wiggled her ass responsively on the chair seat. She bit her lip as his big finger explored the inside of her pussy.

“What name would you give a white woman who comes to a black bar and gets naked with a bunch of black hoodlums?” he asked.

“A slut,” she said unashamedly.

“Do you like being a slut for us, Sarah?”

“Yes,” she told him.

He shoved his finger deep inside her pussy and told her, “Tell your friends how it feels to be a black man’s slut.”

“I am so turned on doing this with Dante. I am afraid of what he will do with me and I want it anyway. Dante has total control of me and my feelings. I feel like his puppet and I like that he is in charge of me, that he makes me do what he wants. I like that these men want me with such passion. I like being their slut,” she confessed.

Suddenly, my dick was as hard as it had ever been. I was ready to explode with sexual fever. All of my sexual feeling was due to Sarah’s passion for what she was doing, the fact that she was so deeply committed to her fantasy and she was so completely turned on.”

“Keep talking,” Dante told her. He shoved his finger deep inside her and began raking his fingertip over her G-spot.

“I like being forced to be your bitch and being made to fuck your friends,” she confessed.

“Do you like being made to show off you pussy like this?” he asked.

“I like being forced to do it. It is so naughty and unladylike to do this. I need to be forced into it,” she told him.

“Come for us, Sarah. Let go and spray you hot cum for all my brothers to watch. Make your pussy squirt for us again,” Dante told her as he massaged her G-spot.

I watched Sarah build her resolve, focus her feeling and pull her orgasm up from the depths of her being. Her body began to shiver and her muscles tightened.

“Do you like me being your slut?” she unexpected asked.

“Oh yes, baby. You’re the best one ever. You’re so fucking hot to look at and so willing to get nasty for me. I like the way you suck black dick and fuck my brothers. I am going to show you how much I like having you be my slut. I am going to fuck you for your friends to watch. I want them to see how much you like having a big, black cock filling your cunt,” he told her.

Sarah burst into climax and sprayed come all over Dante’s arm and the floor. He pulled his finger out of her and moved back to watch Sarah spraying come across the floor. Her body convulsed again and again and she shot streams of cum six or seven feet out in front of her.

When her climax died back and the squirting stopped, Dante stood her up and kissed her. “That was so fucking hot you squirting like that. You are such a nasty, little bitch underneath that phony front you put on,” he told her while holding her in his arms.

Sarah clung to his black body and rested her head on his shoulder. Dante held her for a few moments and then asked her. “Do you want to be treated like a real slut now, and used by all of us?”

“I want you to use me anyway you want. I’m being forced to do this. Please don’t ask me; just do it,” she told him.

At that moment in time, Sarah had given her body and mind to Dante and he was making her the center of attention. It all looked very obvious what would happen next. He had made her feel special and cared for, even if it was in a crude and rough way. She felt the dubious security of being the alpha bitch of the pack. She had fucked the big man’s friends for him and she was sure he was about to make her his lover. The trend of things was inevitable, or so it seemed. Sarah had settled in to a level of comfort. She had gained a degree of confidence that she could handle Dante. He shocked her to her core with what he did next.

“Sarah, it’s time now for your new-slut’s initiation into Dante’s club,” he told her.

Dante ordered the other, “Hang her from the door frame.”

The three subservient black men went into action instantly. Ray and Jamal took hold of Sarah and they each attached a leather handcuff to a wrist. They tied the handcuffs to ropes and fed the ropes through two steel eyelets installed high up in the hallway leading from the one big room to the restrooms.

“Oh god, don’t do this to me,” she begged.

They pulled the ropes through the eyelets until Sarah was stretched enough that only the balls of her feet touched the floor. With her heels held inches off the floor, they secured the ropes.

“Didn’t I cooperate and do what you asked? Please don’t do this,” she begged once more.

With Sarah stretched until she was almost hanging from her arms, Ray lifted her up by her thighs and made Sarah wrap her legs around his waist. “No, not like this,” Sarah yelled at Ray.” “Haven’t I done what you asked?” she pleaded.

While she was putting the dishes away, he snuck into her closet and found the black and white scarf she used to tie her hair into a ponytail when they took the convertible down the coast. He placed it between her pillow and their wrought iron headboard. He normally hated the damn thing – it made so much noise when he was rolling over in bed, pounding against the wall, but this afternoon, he’d put it to good use.

He heard her finishing up in the kitchen. He hurried and started her favorite naughty playlist on their iPod. He stripped and jumped under the quilt on their small bed.

She was laughing as she entered their cramped bedroom. “Wonder what you’re in the mood for” she said.

“I’m in the mood to watch you strip for me,” he told her.

She was shocked by his boldness but she was immediately turned on. He didn’t ask for permission; he just told her what he wanted. She could be just as bold.

She turned toward him and slowly started to unbutton her pink blouse, revealing a silky black camisole beneath it. She let the blouse fall to the floor and then moved to her skirt. He moaned when he heard her unzipping it and then watched her slip out of it. She stood before him in her black camisole, black panties and strappy heels – she moved to take off her camisole when he said “Stop.”

She did as she was told – getting wetter the more forceful he acted.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

She looked at him with some concern – not knowing what he had in mind, but being so turned on, she ignored any misgivings she had. Again, she did as she was told, getting on her hands and knees on her side of the bed. As she positioned herself, he moved from the bed to the chair they had tucked into a corner of the room.

He sat down and said, “Reach under your pillow and take out what you find.”

She reached under her pillow and immediately recognized her scarf by it’s feel against her hand – she gasped and felt her panties become soaked.

“Tie your left wrist to the headboard.”

She bit her lip and looped one end of the scarf to her wrist and then tied the other end to the headboard.

“I smell sex in the air – you must be really wet. Use your free hand to touch yourself – show me how wet you are.”

She reached beneath her panties and slipped a finger between her swollen lips – she moaned at the pleasure she felt and wished she could just finish herself off on the spot.

He caught her. “That’s enough touching – lick your finger for me.”

She blushed and hesitated.

“Do it now,” he ordered her.

She felt compelled to follow his orders – she looked him in the eyes as she licked her finger, enjoying her taste and smell.

He abruptly left the room; she was scared but trusted him.

He returned with his favorite red “power” tie. He kissed her and positioned her so that she was laying on her back – he used the tie to bind her right hand to the headboard. He took a moment to survey his conquest – splayed on the bed, both arms tied above her, on either side of her head, her camisole astray, her panties very very wet, her heels digging into the bed. He gave her a devilish grin as he removed her panties – he could see the moisture glistening on her pussy – she was loving this. He was so hard, he could cum at any moment – but he would work hard to savior this.

He started at her ankles, caressing them and kissing the inside of her Achilles heel. He made his way up her calves, loving how the heels showed them off when she walked away from him. He massaged them and trailed kisses up her left leg then her right. When he reached her knees, he spread her legs as far as was comfortable for her, using his thumbs to gently massage her inner thighs.

By this time, she was writhing in the bed, unable to use her hands to hurry him along. He leaned over her and placed his face next to her pussy. She lifted her hips in a desperate attempt to make contact with his lips – but he backed away and left her writhing in frustration.

He slipped a thumb between her lips and gently rubbed her clit – watching her tug at her restraints. She was so wet, his finger easily slipped inside of her. She bent her head back and moaned his name – begging him not to stop, begging him to fuck her. That would be too easy he thought.

She groaned when he removed his fingers from her. He told her, “Lift your hips.”

Again, she did as she was ordered. She lifted her hips and watched him move one of his pillows beneath her. His prize was now inches higher.

With her arms tied, her hips sitting on top of the pillow and her heels planted in the mattress for leverage, she was completely helpless and his for the taking. He held her knees and spread them apart, stretching her legs. He kissed the inside of her knee and made his way down her thighs – she moaned his name and begged for mercy. She could feel him laugh against her pussy – his breath tickling her. He rubbed her lips with his thumbs and slowly spread them.

She arched her back as he finally licked her – lapping her juices. For a minute he forgot about pleasing her – he was consumed with the taste of her, the feel of her legs on either side of him, he drove his tongue as deep into her as possible – enjoying the extra access the pillow beneath her granted him.

She wanted to hold his head and direct him, but her tied arms prevented her from doing anything except moan and beg. He took his time with her – getting drunk off of her juices and his new found power.

He alternated between pleasuring her with his lips, his tongue and his fingers, at times barely touching her and at others driving into her as forcibly as he dared. All the while, she wriggled beneath him, forced to helplessly receive the onslaught. He didn’t know what was more exciting: knowing that he was driving her this crazy, watching this normally calm, cool, collected woman lose complete control, or exercising this new found seductive power over her. It was completely up to him how she would climax, when she would climax and how powerfully.

He had been loving her long enough to know when she was close to reaching an orgasm. Twice he stopped her in her tracks, backing off when he felt her tell-tale signs: her legs starting to wrap around him (normally she’d have his head in her hands by now – he’ll have to remember to tie her ankles to the bed next time), her hips bucking even higher off of the pillow, her cries getting louder, and her pussy tasting sweeter. By the third close call for her, he decided she’d had enough. He slipped two fingers inside of her, licking the side of her clit as he did so. The combination sent her over the edge and she rewarded him with a very wet goatee.

He was surprised how much having control over her turned him on. He couldn’t remember feeling this excited. Normally he’d give her a moment to recover but he couldn’t help himself. He rose up onto his knees and positioned himself between her legs, lifting them from the back side of her thighs. She opened her eyes and smiled. He reached between them and stroked her pussy with his very swollen cock. He knew this wasn’t going to last long. She wriggled beneath him, using her restraints to pull herself up. The sight of her being tied up drove him wild. He thrust violently inside of her, she grunted with the weight of him and quickly tightened around him. Using her legs as leverage, he moved in and out of her with a steady, relentless rhythm.

He could feel his orgasm building – watching her tied up – moaning with each thrust. He squeezed the base of his cock just as he was about to cum. She groaned when he withdrew from her. He moved to the head of the bed, lifted her head, and held his cock just beyond her lips. She leaned forward and hungrily took him in her mouth. He looked in her eyes as she swallowed as much of him as she could. He moved in and out of her mouth steadily, controlling the speed and the depth with which she took him. Her slurping noises and the knowledge that she couldn’t do anything but take him made him cum hard and fast. She fought to keep up with his flow – trying desperately to swallow each drop as it erupted from him. She continued to hold him in her mouth, surrounded by his own cum until he started to get hard again. She licked him and gently let him fall from her mouth.

He removed the pillow from beneath her, unstrapped her heels, and then returned to the head of the bed. Kissing her lovingly, he untied her left wrist and then before untying her right wrist, he whispered in her ear, “thank you.”

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