I awaken with a start and realize I have fallen asleep watching a chick flick, long since over. It is after 2:00AM and I can still hear you tapping away at the keys of your computer. You have been working on your pc since 8:00PM, telling me you will be just a few more minutes. I have waited patiently as the minutes have turned into hours, but now I am fed up.

I pull my white heels on and stand smoothing my dress over my hips and lap. Then I march into the bedroom where the pc is set up in a far corner. There you are sitting in comfortable black tilting desk chair, complete with wheels that glide it easily across the floor so you can reach your reference books. I don’t care if you do have a deadline next week. I am tired of waiting and I know just how to get your attention.

I walk up behind you and massage your shoulders, leaning down to kiss the nape of your neck. I notice that you are no longer working on your book, but are surfing the net. My annoyance is fueled further and I slide between you and the computer.

“I don’t know what is so interesting on there, but it’s my turn now,” I declare as I turn the monitor off.

“You can’t just walk in here and interrupt my work like this,” you complain.

“Oh no,” I respond “I can do whatever I want.” I retort.

“I have been very patient and now I expect you to cooperate,” I assert as I kiss your lips while taking my gold silk scarf and tying your wrists together behind the chair.

You moan softly and nod your compliance, as I tie your ankles to the base of the chair with 2 more silky strips of fabric. You struggle a little and then notice that I am staring down at you sucking a cherry blow pop. I hear you groan as I wink at you.

I proceed to rub the lollipop over my lips and then kiss you, giving you a preview of what is to come.

I stand up and direct you saying “watch closely.”

Your watch wide eyed as I teasingly take the hem of my white sundress in my hands and return the lollipop to my mouth. I lift the sundress slowly, inch by tantalizing inch rubbing it up my body and revealing myself to your lust filled gaze. I finally pull the gauzy material over my head and toss it over your shoulder onto the floor. You struggle at the restraints and I shake my head telling you to stay still. I stand before you wearing only a pink lace demi bra, matching bikini panties, and stiletto heels.

I lean in to you commanding you to “hold this for me” while slipping the bulb of candy beyond your lips and into your salivating mouth.

I watch your eyes as I lean back against the desk. I unhook the front clasp of my bra letting it fall open, but still leaving the cups in place to hug each ample breast. Never taking my eyes from yours, I run my fingers down my throat deep into the newly exposed cleavage.

I reach forward and take the candy from your lips as I command you to “wet these for me” and slip two fingers into your warm, waiting mouth.

You suck on my fingers teasing them with your tongue while they are captive in your mouth. After they are nice and wet I groan and pull them back returning the lolli to your hungry mouth. I take my dripping fingers and draw a wet trail between my breasts with your moisture. Then I pull the straps of my bra down my arms and pop my left breast out of its confines. I run a wet finger in circles around the areola and over the nipple, pinching and moaning. Next, I free the right breast from its imprisonment. My breasts bounce in front of you as I shrug the bra off and drop it to the floor. I then circle my right areola with my wet fingers and tweak the nipple, lifting it to flick my tongue over it. I hear you groan and notice that you have a significant bulge growing in your lounge pants. My nipples grow pink and pebble hard, as I play taunt them just out of your reach. Our desire is evident.

My voice is husky with want as I lean forward pulling the candy from your mouth and proclaim “I need this now.”

I rub the sticky, cherry red candy down the wet trail from my throat to the base of my heaving cleavage. I swirl it over my nipples, meticulously coating each rock hard peak until it glistens with the red candy coating.

Locking in eyes with you again, I ask you if you “think you can clean me up here?”

I take the rouge blow pop from your mouth and return it to my own as I lean forward and direct you to “do exactly as I say.”

“Stick your tongue out and do not move” I command.

You swallow hard and stick your tongue way out. I lean in closer and run my cleavage down its velvet surface. You do not move, but I can feel your breathing quicken as you exhale causing the skin on my breasts to erupt in goose bumps.

“Very good” I praise and delightedly proclaim “for doing as you were told you get a reward.”

“You may clean my nipple off” I state as I bring the left candy coated goodness to your ravenous mouth. You lap and suck greedily as I rub my clit through my lace panties. My nipple grows harder in your mouth and my breathing becomes labored. I am moaning and rubbing faster. I pull that nipple from you sending a loud “pop” through the room and hold the other out to you as I straddle your lap and grind my clit against your hard cock. You groan and I feel your cock grow even harder beneath me. I lean my head back pressing my whole areola into your mouth and telling you to suck harder.

I reach between us and pull your pants down over your hips delighted to find that you are indeed commando. You stop and just hold my tit in your warm clenches. I begin to squeeze my other nipple and rub my lace covered pussy over your shaft. You begin to lick and lap at me roughly, tugging at the hard knob. I can feel the warmth rush over me as you worship my nipple. I shake and pulse against your taunt body. I scream “don’t you dare stop” as my whole body becomes rigid and the waves over take me. I cum hard and feel my wetness pulse out soaking my panties. I rub the moist lace on your solid, twitching rod, as I pull my nipple from your mouth and back away, climbing down from your lap.

I tell you to open your mouth and replace the lollipop in its depths. You take it, but I notice that you are straining against the ties.

“You really don’t want to get free yet,” I promise.

As I tighten the knots, I see that your sex is standing at attention, jumping now and then. I gaze down and note a bead of pre-cum gathering. A smile crosses my lips as I pull the lollipop out and run it over the gathering moisture. Then I lift the candy so you can see the bead of your nectar on it. I lick you off of the lollipop and then return it to your gaping mouth.

I stand up with my back facing you, my legs spread wide as I hook my thumbs in the sides of my panties. I wiggle a little teasing you then slowly slip my bikinis down over my hips. As I lean over towards the table I feel the rush of warmth air from your heavy exhalation tickling my quivering lower lips. I continue to bend as I pull the pink scrap of lace to my knees. I notice how wet the material is and shiver a little, as my juice drips down my right inner thigh. By the time the lingerie is on the ground, so are the palms of my hands. You have full view of my glistening pink kitty and tight rosebud. I dance my hips and legs a bit, squirming the kitty and flower in front of you. I hear a pleading moan escape from you as I reach between my legs and ask for the lollipop back. You lean your head forward so that I can reach the stick without standing and flick your tongue at my waiting fingers.

I run the candy over my swollen lips and up my left cheek. Then I kick my panties to the side as I slowly stand up, turning to lean against the table once again. I push the pc back and pull your chair closer with my heels. When I have you as close as you can get to the table I place a foot on each side of your thighs and lean way back.

“Have a good view there?” I ask with a wink.

“Glorious” you respond.

I take the shimmering candy, running it down my pubic bone and over my wet outer lips. I graze my inner thighs teasingly leaving behind a couple sweet red kisses on each, before reaching down with my other hand and opening my engorged outer lips. I glide the lolli over my aching sex as yours twitches in front of it. I then coat my inner lips and cover my clit in yummy goodness. Shuddering, I pull the sticky hood back and twirl the sweetness over the throbbing knot until it resembles a cherry jelly bean. I hear your groans mingling with my moaning and shake at the intensity of my attentions.

I slip the pop down further rubbing it around the inner lips and entrance to my pulsating tunnel


“I think I need to be a bit more thorough down here” I say as I slip the lollipop into the opening and twirl it.

I start fucking myself with the edible dildo, lifting and lowering my hips in union with the thrusting stick. You groan again and I notice that your hand has slipped free, but you are keeping it there.

“I see that” I warn “do not make me stop.

You confirm that you are not about to end this show and allow me to continue working myself as you enjoy the sight.

I continue moving the bullet shaped lollipop in and out going deeper and deeper each time. I begin to moan and shake again. We both see the cherry colored juice sliding down my leg. I start to quake and stop myself.

Pulling the sweetness out I ask you if you want a taste as I lean in to lick your lips. Then I slide the lollipop across them coating your mouth with my juices and the sticky candy. Then I lick your lips and exclaim “delicious” as I lean back again pulling you even closer. I push the computer further back and kneel on the table.

“Do you think you can clean this mess up?” I ask.

I tell you again to stick out your tongue and lift my hips to rub my clit across it. You flick your tongue at my sweet bean. It feels so good that I don’t reprimand or stop you, but lean closer giving you greater access. You suck and I groan as I hold my lips open for you, allowing you to lap away at the candy coating I have made for you. I tell you not to forget inside. You tease my slit licking up, then tracing your way back down, before taking a long, deep lick from my clit to the end of my quivering juiciness. At last I feel your warm, wet tongue enter me. My pussy throbs and clenches around you as more of my sweet nectar floods over your ministering lips. I watch you, entranced by the sight of your face buried between my legs and the pleasures you are bringing me.

I feel myself start to cum as I grab your hair and push my hips closer. I moan and shake hard nearly falling off of the table. I push you away and stop to regain composure. As my breathing settles, I push your chair back and bend over with my elbows on the table and my legs again spread wide. I take the lollipop from my mouth and glide it over the skin between my pussy and tightest hole. I reach back and hold my right cheek aside, opening myself further as I slide the lollipop up the crevice leaving a red trail to my naughtiest entrance. I tremble as the bulb slips over my back door and I twirl it around the opening. I press a little but realize that my arms are too short to complete the task.

I look between my legs and tell you “I need a little help here.”

“Do you think you can follow my directions and fuck my ass with this if I untie you?” I inquire.

“Absolutely,” you reply without hesitation.

I believe I see a hint of mischief in your eyes, as I untie first your ankles and then wrists. Ignoring this, I climb up on the bed kneeling over a pile of pillows with my buttocks high in the air. I tell you to use the lollipop in my tight back door as you clean me up. I feel the bed shift as you climb behind me. I jump in surprise when you grab my left wrist and tie it to my left ankle. I growl at you telling you this wasn’t the agreement and try to pull my right wrist away when you reach for it. You just laugh and quickly capture my wrist binding it to my free ankle.

“What a sweet mess we have here,” you mock as you spread my globes and blow down my center.

A violent shudder takes hold of me and you laugh saying “it’s my turn now.”

You spit on my back door causing me to jump again and then I feel the bulb gliding over it.

“I believe you asked me to fuck you here with this,” you state as the bulb hits the opening head on and I jump higher.

You lean down over me holding me in place and say “Now, now none of that. Stay still, I don’t want to hurt you.”

You hold me down as you press the slick bulb into my resisting hole.

“Relax,” you say and I try hard to ease up but this is more than I thought it would be.

You press again, but cannot get around the tight band pressing back against the invader.


I hear the loud sound before I register the painful sting in my left cheek. I clench hard at the candy, but then instinctively releasing and feel it slip into me my hole sucking it in. You leave it there a moment blowing on the sting you have made. I feel my hole quiver and stretch to accommodate the visitor. Then you begin pushing the candy deeper and I lift my hips to accept it. The fullness engulfs me and I scream out as you pull back begging for more. You groan and then your tongue is slipping between my lips and sliding inside my pussy as you push the lolli deep into me. My hips begin bucking uncontrollably as you tongue my dripping tunnel in time with the fucking of my ass. I am going crazy pulling at the restraints.

My legs begin shaking uncontrollably and I can feel the warmth move out through my body. My orgasm is coming and it is going to be earth shattering.

“Fuck me” I scream over and over as I push up to meet the candy.

“Please put your cock in me now” I beg “I want to cum around it.”

I feel you pull away and rub the head of your cock on my wildly clenching pussy.

“NOW” I scream and in one rapid movement you bury yourself to the hilt inside me, so deep that it is impossible to tell where one of us begins and the other stops.

You leave the candy buried in my ass. The stick hanging out of my naughty hole waving like a white surrender flag, as you grab my hips and pound into me over and over. My head and shoulders are flat on the bed, my ass lifted to take you all as my orgasm slams through me. The intensity of my spasms strangling your battering ram, I hear you scream out and feel the liquid explosion splash inside me, just before my world goes black.

La petite morte! You have finally brought me the little death, so many speak of but few experience.

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