You said “Give me a taste…”

Ok, I want you to clear your mind and relax…

Imagine you just had a nice meal, in a dark cafe and you are now enjoying coffee with me. The conversation turns to dessert, I whisper ‘I have something in mind’.

You are wearing a black dress with a skirt that rides above your knees, you feel my foot gently press on your legs and you uncross them under the booth. A mischievous smile on your face.

Its dark and the tablecloth is long. I whisper ‘Try not to scream’ as I slide under the table. I gently push your legs farther apart and take in your wonderful aroma as I get ready.

At first you feel fingers, caressing and massaging your inner thighs, there is an almost electric spark as I run my fingers over your smooth skin, you shudder in anticipation as my probing fingers find the thin panties that are the only things that stand between me and your most sensitive area.

Gently I run my hands up your thighs, feeling the softness of your skin as I push your skirt up enough to get a grip on your panties. I start pulling them down your legs, paving the way for them with soft kisses to your skin. There is another spark as the fabric slides over each warm, wet spot where I kissed you.

Soon enough I have your panties to your knees and I lean back, massaging your hips as you finish kicking them off over your shoes.

There is nothing for a moment as I relish the sight of your womanhood while you tingle in anticipation.

Then you feel the brush of my lips as I kiss your ankles, trailing kisses up both of your legs and gently spreading them wider. When I get to your inner thighs you shudder as you feel a slight nip as I gently bite down on the sensitive flesh there.

You are sitting on the edge of the booth now, your legs spread wide, as I gently lean closer. You can feel my warm breath on your soaking womanhood and I pause for a moment, savoring the sense of you.

You feel my deft fingers gently massage your smooth pelvis, teasing you slightly more open, as I begin to slowly lick up and down your wet lips. I love the taste of you as I drink down your juices, finally I succeed in freeing your clitoris, and you feel a cool breeze blow across your most sensitive organ as I gently blow on it.

I press my nose against your nub and begin to eat you in earnest, thrusting my large tongue into your lips and lapping up the juices. I alternate with small, darting licks to your clit as I continue probing your quivering pussy with my tongue. Before long your hips are gyrating against my face of their own accord, grinding yourself into my eager mouth, and I begin to gently bite down, causing you to shudder and struggle to hold back a scream.

I have my hands firmly on your thighs and ass now and I pull you closer, massaging your cheeks while I bury my face deeper into your pussy, I shove my tongue into you as deep as it will go and begin thrusting in and out, nuzzling your clit with my nose and all the while sucking at your flowing juices.

You begin to feel the warmth tingling outward from your pelvis and spreading through your whole body, as I thrust faster and faster with my tongue. Before you know what’s happening the dam bursts and you feel the orgasm tearing through you, ripping screams through your clenched teeth and sealed lips!

I hold on tight and ride your bucking hips as you experience climax after climax! I ride the waves, enjoying the sweetness of your taste on my lips and tongue… When you finally calm down I lay one last kiss on your clit, which is now sliding back under its protective hood, and slowly kiss my way back down you’re inner thighs until I reach your knees.

I pull your skirt back down and wipe my face with the napkin from the table before climbing back into my seat and smiling at you…

When you are ready to walk again I help you up in gentlemanly fashion and lay a deep kiss on your lips once you are on your feet. You can still taste your own juices on my tongue. We walk slowly back to the car, past the dumbfounded waitstaff and patrons, arm in arm, and drive off into the night for more pleasure…

Well, you asked for a taste, didn’t you?

by Jacinto Volante (jvolante)


It was hot down in the level C barracks, I had to loosen the collar of my tuxedo as I ducked through low doorways and walked down the cramped corridor past intermittent red LED’s until I came to ensign Yasmin’s block. A pretty little blonde girl answered the door in a tank top and tight mini-shorts, her skin shiny from the humidity. “Officer Kingston! Whoa, nice threads,” she exclaimed, fingering my lapel.

I could see a number of fit young women in various states of undress lounging behind her. She came in close to me and whispered in my ear, “When are you going to take me on a date to the Admiral’s Club, Captain?” She paused and I felt her fingers gently caress my balls. “Afterwards you can make me your little fuck toy for a night, would you like that? I’ll do anything you want, tie me down, fuck my ass, anything.” She giggled and backed up, brushing her cheek lightly on mine and flashed a mischievous grin. “Jana will be with you in a moment,” she spoke out loud. With a wink, I said, “Thanks, Erica.” She turned to walk back into the room with a wiggle of her firm little ass.

Momentarily, Jana stood before me, stunningly gorgeous in a red silk dress with a plunging neckline that exposed her burnished golden skin all the way to below her belly button. The dress was tight around her hips and very short, though the top looked like it might fall of her shoulders at any moment. Her nipples were barely covered, revealing the full roundness of her perky breasts. Nestled in-between, there hung an emerald pendant on a silver chain. Her long golden legs glistened, freshly lotioned, and she stood in a pair of tall black crystal stilettos. Her dark hair seemed to float on air behind her and long silky bangs framed her delicate features. Her face was made up exquisitely, lips precisely painted with the texture of a wet strawberry and her eyelids done up with a slight hue of pink that transitioned to dark brown around long black lashes. She batted her flashing green eyes, silver and emerald pendant earrings swayed as she turned her head to the side. “How do I look?”

“Gorgeous.” I reached into my vest pocket and handed her a small box and handed it to her. “For you.” She opened it to reveal a silver bracelet on black velvet, the sim corps logo engraved on the surface. “You’re one of us now.” I said. “How does it feel?” She leaned in and gave me a light kiss on the lips. “Great,” she purred. “Thank you!”

As she walked ahead of me in the corridor I admired the sway of her hips, her skinny little waist and the way the hem of her dress rose slightly when she had to duck through the doorways. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. The back neckline of her dress was also low enough that I could see the top of her ass cleavage and I noticed that her skin sparkled all over with fine particles of golden glitter. In the pneumo lift she folded her arms around me as the acceleration pads closed in on us. When the chime for the Admiral’s Club rang, she took my arm and I escorted her to the black glass doors of the club.

The doors slid apart and we were presented with the most luxurious setting to be found in any starfleet ship. Dim lights low over tables illuminated fine crystal and black velvet booths. Elegantly dressed officers sat with women in skimpy cocktail dresses. Large reinforced glass windows loomed behind the booths to reveal the rainbow colored clouds of the Arcturus nebula outside. Soft, ethereal music drifted over a low, driving beat and mingled with clink of crystal and silverware.

Our hostess, an exotic beauty in a tight black mini-dress and tall heels, led us toward the windows and down an aisle where the window-facing booths had high backs and curved walls for privacy. As we passed one of these, a man called out my name. “Jack,” he said. I turned to look at the man. Rear Admiral Grezny was an affable man in his late 40′s with grey at his temples. A pretty blonde girl on one side seemed be tucking her breast back into her bustier and a slim brunette on his other side withdrew her hand from Grezny’s inner thigh. He rose to shake my hand. “Helluva job on those latest info stats. I saw the flight metrics today…” For a moment he seemed to forget what he was talking about as he gazed at Jana, poised elegantly with my arm around her waist. “And you must be ensign Yasmin… remarkable.” He shook her hand carefully as if she were some sort of apparition. “I’m looking forward to great things from you two.” He said with a grin. “By the way, Jack…” he continued turning to face me, “There’s a meeting tomorrow, we’ll be vidscreening with the Fleet Admiral. 0900, Conference room foxtrot. Something important. Be there.”

“Sure thing,” I said. “See you then.” We said our goodbyes and the hostess seated us at the last booth on the end. We settled into the plush black velvet and moved into the alcove behind the black glass table. She scooted in close and swung her legs together over my lap. Not satisfied to simply caress the silkiness of her inner thighs, I gripped her waist and scooted her up into my lap. Her little dress rode up to expose the smooth skin of her vulva. She closed her eyes and we kissed softly, our tongues dancing playfully. My arm encircled her waist under her dress to massage her ample breast, rubbing her stiff nipple with the palm of my hand. There was a very quiet, muffled cough. Jana slipped off my lap and we both turned sheepishly to face the server at the end of the table. A slim copper skinned girl with exotic features in the same outfit as the hostess leaned over the table, her breasts appearing as if they would spill out of her tight dress. “May I bring you drinks to get started?” She asked.

The meal was delicious, Jana made sounds that verged on orgasmic as she sucked the juice from the pork tenderloin and savored the caramelized beets. I sipped my scotch and watched her, enjoying her beauty and vivacious spirit. “So how did you decide you wanted to be a pilot mount?” I asked.

She giggled. “Well, I was searching for something different, something to get me off of Celadon Six. Star fleet seemed like a pretty good way to go about it. Once they told me about subpiloting, that’s all I wanted to do.” she fingered the pendant dangling between her breasts. “I’ve always been a little kinky and I love… love… going fast. My ex-boyfriend used to pull gees in his jetcraft and it would make me so wet… ” she confided, “though I was too shy and proper to ever do anything about it, I dreamt all the time about being fucked while zooming through the air.” She laughed.

“Sounds like you were born for this, ” I remarked.

“I guess so,” she giggled. “It still feels kind of naughty, but that makes it even more exciting. On C6 I was such a good girl… harvest princess, 2 percentile in studies, dance team. My parents think that I’m signed aboard on a medical assistant track.”

“Well, there’s plenty of time for that later. Right now, you are an incredible asset to our team.” We raised a toast, she drank deep of the red wine in her crystal goblet. She looked at me inquisitively.

“I’m curious, though… how did such a strange manner of steering a craft develop? I know that the best fighter squadrons use subpilots, but how did it begin? It’s only been in use for the past few decades, right?”

I answered, “Well, it’s only been publicly acknowledged that star fleet employs the method for about 25 years. Before that there was a lot of top-secret experimentation. Basically, we had to adapt it or risk being destroyed by the Lyzani Hegemon.”

“What are you talking about? I mean, I heard about the Lyzani offensive, but weren’t they just a planet of savages that surprised us a few times? How could they defeat a star destroyer?”

“No one had seeing flying and shooting like them ever before. The Lyzani would be suicide bombing the shield generators of our toughest ships before we could even get a target lock on them. Their maneuverability was legendary and lethal. It seemed as if their gunners and pilots shared the same thoughts in the same instants, yet they were twice as quick and accurate as our solo fighters… ours might as well have been defenseless.”

“They were using subpilots?”

“Yes. And no one had ever seen it before. Turns out that their species evolved as savage hunters on their home planet. Most of it is a humid, tropical jungle and they would travel the terrain naked on amphibious salamander-type creatures the size of a horse. The men would ride upright with bow and arrow scanning for prey, while their females would lay in front of them across the spine of the creature, their bodies adhered to it with a sticky gel excreted from its skin. Their hands had some kind of evolved neural connection with their animals, and they would steer with movement and transmitted thought. The warrior would mount the woman from behind and provide direction and other signals with his cock inside her and he could also use his body to guide the animal as well.”

Jana was thoroughly absorbed in my explanation. She took another swig of her wine and rested her head her hand which was propped up on the table by her elbow. Her movements were a little sloppy, the wine was obviously going to her head. I noticed that her dress was slipping from her shoulders and on one side her nipple was fully exposed. “But how did they then become space warriors?” she asked with a slight drawl.

“Well, a couple of centuries ago, some missionaries came with overland speeders to bring the word of Zesu to the Lyzani. The visitors were promptly disposed of. However, the Lyzani quickly adopted their industrial technology but preserved the dual-control system. Fast forward a few hundred years and you have them running circles around our elite fighters in outer space. A few were captured and some of them were bribed to join star fleet where they worked with our scientists to start the subpilot program. After we tailored our infostat metrics to select recruits for the program and implemented our latest technology, we soon had the hegemon on the run.”

“Wow,” Jana said, enraptured. “What a fascinating culture, I would love to seem them riding their mounts through the jungle,” she said as if picturing it in her mind. “I wonder what their cocks are like,” she added with a smirk.

“Well, the culture is not extinguished, ” I assured her. “Just under close supervision to ensure they don’t raise a space force again. I’ve actually seen vids of them, it’s really pretty incredible. The cocks on the males are enormous, erect they are about the length of my forearm. The women are amazing too; dark rust-colored skin and eyeballs orange like fire.

Jana seemed to get a little turned on by my description of the Lyzani cock, she shifted her ass a little and her thighs rubbed over one another. Her face was also a little flushed. Our dessert had arrived and she was languidly licking the cream from a coil of dark chocolate. She gave me a penetrating look.

“And what about the way you jizz in me… was that something learned from the Lyzani as well? What do you do to make so much cum?” She paused and licked some of the cream from her lips. “It’s like a drug to me, you know. Last night I dreamed I was bathing it in, you were standing above me, drenching me with a white stream of your semen and I rolled around in a big puddle of it, rubbing into my skin, licking it off my fingers…”

A small shiver seemed to run down her spine and her face turned bright red. She seemed a bit disoriented and slid closer to me on the cushions. Her dress had fallen open about her shoulders and fully exposed her breasts. Noticing my gaze, she glanced down at herself, and then raised her face to meet mine with a heavy lidded eyes. She began to twist one of her nipples between her finger and thumb. “Well?” she prompted, and proceeded to bat her eyelashes and chew her lower lip.

“We learned from them, yes. They fortify themselves with a blend of herbs and minerals which we have replicated.” I could feel the heat rising in my body and my cock begin to stiffen as I watched her toy with her nipples. “…and we have built upon it, I have even developed my own variant which I believe helps my body chemistry be even more potent. But to create the semen and control it, I have to cum often to gain capacity in my balls and control in my kegel muscles. I have a maidservant who attends to me in my quarters and ensures that I bust a nut every couple of hours. When I have time, she and I will practice tantric sex which is great for controlling release.”

She raised her eyebrows at the mention of the maidservant. “A sex servant? How is it that she gets all of your cum instead of me?” she asked, looking hurt.

“Well,” I said, “some pilots have their mounts share their quarters. I would be thrilled if you would share mine. We are a pretty new pair, but my feeling is the more we experience each other’s bodies, the better.”

“What about what’s-her-name, where will she go?” Jana asked.

“Jessica. She will remain with me. And you. Her job description is to satisfy my physical needs and maintain my quarters, feed me, massage me, etc. She would do the same for you. I think you two might really get along.”

Jana arched her back to press her erect nipples into my chest, and moved her lips close to mine as if to kiss me… “And could you put all of your semen into me?” She whispered breathlessly.

I chuckled, “You could have most of it, but you’ll have to share sometimes. Jessica is a good girl and it wouldn’t be fair to make her beg.” I began to grin. “I just realized that you’ve never tasted my cum.” I placed my hand on her thigh and began to stroke it gently. “Jessica says that it is delicious.”

Without another word she was on her knees before me, desperately fumbling to undo the zipper of my tuxedo pants. I bent over her and pressed a lit rectangle on the table to make it glide back and give her room.

She worked my cock free and it popped up, stiff and throbbing with the tip swollen like a giant red mushroom. Jana began to lick up and down the shaft like it was an ice cream cone, kissing the tip with her full lips and sucking gently at the hole. A couple times she would bend my cock forward, impaling her mouth so deeply that her nose touched my stomach and I felt her tongue between my balls. Her slight gagging on my glans caused an upwelling of saliva that dribbled down her chin and onto her heaving tits.

I reached down and quickly pulled her dress the rest of the way down to her waist. I pulled her up by her nipples so that her saliva-drenched boobs rested on either side my shaft. Gripping her head from behind by the hair, I tilted her head up to look her in the eyes. Her face was flushed, a thick stream of saliva dripped from her lips. Threads of her drool draped from her tongue to my cock-head where it slowly settled in loops over my shaft, nestled between her tits. Her eyes were half closed, her lipstick and makeup were smeared. “Are you ready for desert?” I asked sternly. She nodded vigorously.

With both hands now I firmly gripped her head and tilted it down to accept my thrust. I went in hard, crashing into the back of her throat. She maneuvered to take it even deeper and I shot a massive load straight down her throat, determined to pump her full. Her throat flexed around the tip of my cock as she swallowed… again and again she gulped my stream of jizz. As the elixir hit her system, she pulled her head up, “Oh… my…g-g…” she stammered and began to go limp.

I reached down to grab her by the shoulders and lift her, fucking her tits as her head rolled back and side to side, my cum dripping down both sides of her mouth. I let loose another blast which splashed off her chin and dribbled in rivulets between her tits, providing even more lubrication for my pumping shaft. Her head rolled loosely forward and I slowed my thrusts and positioned the tip of my cock gently between her lips and let loose another spurt. She sucked it like a straw, even though I had to support her to keep her from falling.

I pulled her body up onto the couch next to me so that she was laying curled up in fetal position with her head across my abdomen, sucking slow methodical pulses of jizz with each convulsion of my prong. Her dress hung wetly in a band around her waist.

With one hand I reached over her hips and fingered the moistness of her pussy. With the other hand I stroked her forehead and neck as I leaned back in the seat. I lifted my glass of scotch from the table, took a sip and gazed out at the glittering colors of the Arcturus nebula. Time went by as she sucked lazily, not spilling a drop. “Do you want more? Are you still hungry?” I would ask her from time to time, and she would nod and mumble “mmm-hmm” without releasing the suction on my cock. I didn’t stop jizzing into Jana until she was completely full.

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