rest stop

This is the true story of a road trip I made to North Carolina. When I was 18 years old, I drove up to Gastonia, NC to visit a buddy. At the time, I was just under 6′ and weighed around 155. My friend had grown up in my neighborhood, and he and his family had recently moved to NC. It was the summer time before my senior year, so it seemed like a good reason for a road trip. This was before cell phones and the internet. To travel from Atlanta to North Carolina was a big trip for me. I arrived safely after a 4 1/2 hour drive. I spent several days with him, even driving over to Myrtle Beach for two days and hanging with girls on the beach, before heading back home.

On the trip up, I noticed a lot of rest areas in Georgia and South Carolina along I-85, but I drove straight thru with no stops. On my return trip to Atlanta, I stopped at the first rest stop in South Carolina. It was a older rest stop – not the new welcome center that exists now. I went into the Men’s room and took a seat in the middle stall and noticed some graffiti on the walls. I started to jack a little and before long, a man went into the stall next to me. I leaned over and watched his shoes. Almost immediately, he tapped his foot a couple of times. I tapped my foot. He slid his foot a little closer and tapped, so i slid my foot a little closer and tapped. I could hear him moving, so I peaked under the stall. The man had moved to the edge of the seat, and his dick and balls were hanging over and were visible. I slipped my hand under and grasped his balls. His balls were hairy and hung loose. I fondled them for s a minute, while his cock got harder and pre-cum was leaking down to my hand. I pulled slightly and he took the hint and squatted down and slid his cock under the stall. I remember he was cut and average size. I pumped him a few times, smearing his pre-cum over his dick, before taking him into my mouth. I started to bob my head back and forth, slowly sucking his cock. He was getting into the bj and I felt like he was going to blow, when the restroom door opened. We jumped back into out seats. I could tell it was the rest stop personnel starting to clean the men’s room. I peaked back under the stall and my neighbor was jacking off and blew his load. Realizing this was going no where, I left.

I drove about 30 miles before I came to the next rest stop. I remember it had several trucks in the parking lot but no cars. I went in and there were four stalls. I went to the next-to-last stall and closed my door.

There was a guy in the last stall. He had blue jeans with brown cowboy boots. I tapped my foot a couple of times, and he quickly responded. I tapped again – but he stood up and started pulling his pants up. The next thing I knew, he had left his stall and knocked on my stall door. I open my door only to see a very tall black man standing there. He asked, “What do you want?” I was scared to death, but I surprised my myself by saying, “I’m looking for some fun”. With that, he grabbed his crotch and squeezed it a few times. I spread my legs so he could see my hard-on. He told me to go into the last stall and sit down. I went it and he followed me and closed the door. He then pulled out a very nice, fat cock. I just stared at it. I had never seen a black cock before. He jacked it a little, and placed it up to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and he rubbed the head of his dick it. I opened my mouth and he slid his dick in. I started to suck him. His cock was fat, so at first I only had part of his cock in my mouth, but the longer I sucked, the more I was able to get it my outh. I held his balls in one hand and the base of his cock in the other. He dropped his pants to the floor and I ran my hand over the ass. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. I was so horned up sucking this black guy. He started to breath harder, and then he tensed up and started cumming in my mouth. I remember he shot a big load, and I swallowed it down. I licked his cock and cleaned him up. He said thanks, and then he left.

I moved back to the ‘next-to-last’ stall and closed the door. After a few minutes, another man came in and he went to the last stall, but not before peaking in my stall. We did the foot tapping, and then he did the same thing as the first guy. He opened his door, peaked through the door frame crack, and then knocked on my door. When I opened it, he asked me if I sucked cock. He had his hard dick out. I answered yes as I stared at his cock. He told he that this rest area was too busy, and that we should go to the next one down the road. I was so horned up, I said ok. When we walked outside, I noticed he went to a car with government license plates. I

followed him out of the rest area, but I started to get nervous. We went maybe 20 miles before we came to another rest area. He started in – but my fears got the best of me and I speed up and went by it.

Right before Georgia, I came to another rest area. I pulled in and it was almost deserted. I did notice a guy he looked to be 20 standing beside his pickup truck. He looked at me, and then went into the restroom. When I went in, he was at the urinals, with his pants pulled below his ass cheeks, peeing. He looked at me as I came in, so I also went to the urinals, but I kept one between us. I actually peed as well, while I tried to sneak a peek of his dick. It wasn’t hard to do because he turned body slightly to give me a good view. In just a few minutes we were both hard as rocks, and he had moved beside me. He grabbed my dick and I grabbed his. I suggested we got to a stall, but he said it would be better if we got in his truck and drove

to a deserted spot off the next exit. (Of course I would never do that now, nor recommend that anyone do it, but I actually agreed).

We went off in his pickup and drove to the next exit. He turned back on a road that ran parallel to I-85 and then turned onto a gravel road. In just a few momenta we were in the middle of the country. Out came our dicks and soon I was sucking his cock while he watched for any cars to come along. When I came up for air, he went down on my dick. It felt so good, and his fingers crept towards my hole, which made me moan. He asked my if he could see my ass. I dropped my pants and turned around. I had a very firm, muscular butt and as he rubbed it, he told me how much it liked it. He then asked me if he could rub his cock on it. He promised not to fuck me. I asked about watching for cars – but he assured me no one would be coming along this road. We both pulled our jeans off and with me laying across the seat, he climbed on my and started dry humping between my ass cheeks. I admit it felt good, but after a few minutes, he poked my hole a couple of times. I got up, pushed him to the side and asked what he was doing. I was pissed, because he promised not to fuck me. He said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. I said that I didn’t want to get fucked, especially without any lube. He said ok, but asked if he could dry hump me a little more – that he was close to cumming. By then I had pretty much lost my hard-on, but I told him he could. Once I was back on my stomach, I felt him spit a couple of times on my crack, while he reached under me and played with my dick. As he slid his cock along my crack in his spit, it felt nice and I was getting really hard. I told him spit in my crack again, that I was enjoying it. To help him, I slid my legs open wider. He spit again and started to rub against my ass. After another minute, he stopped and spit on his cock head. He then rubbed his head up and down my crack. He spit on my hole and rubbed his cock across it. I was really enjoying it and I started to want his cock in me. I spread my legs even more and lifted my ass upward. He got the hint and pointed the head at my hole and pushed. It took a few tries, but he entered me and it felt so good. He laid on my back and proceeded to fuck me with slow strokes. He felt really nice, as the pain subsided. I could feel his pubes on my ass.

As I got used to his cock in my ass, he sped up. I was moaning and I told him how good it felt. I didn’t care if anyone drove up, I didn’t want him to stop. He kept asking me if I liked his cock, and I told him, “Yes, I love your cock” and “Please fuck me and cum in my ass”. He started to really fuck me and then he yelled and I felt him cumming in my ass. He reached under me and grabbed my cock. That was all it took. I started cumming, as I shot cum on his truck seat and all over my stomach. He collapsed on my back with his cock still in me. I told him that he felt awesome. He said, “But I thought you didn’t want to get fucked”. We both started laughing. Once we got dressed, he drove me back to the rest stop. I continued my trip home. I didn’t stop any any other rest areas in Georgia.

This is a true story. Let me know if you liked it, or you are the guy with the pickup

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