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Each room contained extra sheets, so the group busied themselves trying different configurations, using Kate and Todd as models.

“I don’t want to cover up very much,” Kate warned, “Keep it loose and only on one shoulder.”

“Maybe I’ll just wear one of my sarongs,” Lynn said, “A toga can be made out of anything, right?”

“Sure,” Todd agreed, “But you might not stay in your toga all evening. Sheets are compliments of the house, so you don’t need to worry once it comes off.”

“Good point,” Lynn agreed, “I guess I’d better get back to our room and figure out how to tie myself into a sheet. Are you going to wear underwear?”

“Hell no!” Kate replied, “You want to be as accessible as possible you know. There’s plenty of touchy-feely action during the dance and you don’t want to miss out do you?”

The couples soon returned to their respective rooms to don their togas. “We can have dinner in our togas, then stay right there for the toga party,” Todd suggested.


“This is wild!” Lynn told Jan, as they danced together. “I’ve had so many hands on my ass, I’ve lost count.”

Jan felt Lynn’s breasts pressing against hers as they moved slowly to the sensuous melody. “You mean like this?” she asked as she let her right hand slide lower.

“Mmm, yeah, just like that. You’re getting me even more aroused.”

“I hope Carl and Mark don’t mind if we play around a little,” Jan countered guiltily, “It really doesn’t mean anything you know.”

Lynn repositioned her hand inside the back of Jan’s loose toga and caressed her back. “True, but it’s exciting to be so naughty.”

Mark touched his wife on the shoulder part way through the number. “Mind if I cut in?” he asked.

“Okay,” Jan replied, expecting him to take her hand. Instead, he turned to Lynn. “Would you like to finish this song with me?” Wordlessly, Lynn accepted his hand and let him pull her to him.

Jan was nonplused until she felt a hand on her curvy bottom. She looked around at Carl and saw him smiling down. “Let’s dance,” Carl suggested.

The three couples rotated during the next several songs and hands explored each other’s bodies at will. The women ignored the times when their loose garments slipped away, exposing a breast here, and a pussy view there. The familiar press of a stiff cock against a leg caused the horny ladies to make quick explorations between the men’s folds.

As the evening moved along, the emcee announced various games, including a dirty dance contest. “Go ahead, you just might win,” Mark urged Jan.

She shook her head and kept her seat, but Kate took her turn. She whirled to the insistent beat of the loud drums, giving the crowd plenty of opportunities to ogle her tanned figure. Soon, the top of her toga fell to her waist and she continued to twirl. Her breasts swayed and Jan noticed her erect nipples as they bounced in front of others in the crowd.

Kate sprawled on the dance floor and pulled her legs open. Her toga bunched around her waist as she began to squirm and stroke the insides of her legs. Her hips undulated with the erotic beat and she let her fingers rub her bare mound in rhythm.

As the final bars played, she made herself climax, letting clear liquid seep from between her inner lips. The crowd applauded and the young man they had seen on the beach with his girlfriend fell to the floor, pretending to lick at Kate.

When Kate saw the young man so close, she gripped the back of his head and literally pulled his face up between her legs where he did, indeed, eat her sweet nectar.

Once her turn was over, Todd stepped over the young man and pulled Kate to her feet. “Fantastic show,” he told her with a grin, “You’ll win for sure, unless one of the other girls goes one step further.”

“Sorry, man, I guess I lost control,” the young man said as he finally stood.

Todd turned to him and grabbed his arm. “Hey, buddy, no problem. Wasn’t she sweet?”

Embarrassed, the young man nodded. “Yeah, great. I’m glad you’re not mad at me.”

“I’m Todd and the lady you just sampled is my wife, Kate. Want to join us?”

“Uh, I’m Josh,” he mumbled, “My fiance, Mindy, is over there waiting for me. Guess I’d better get on back, but thanks.”

Todd grinned at Josh. “Oh, I meant for you to get her to join us also. If she’s upset with you, we’ll fix it with her.”

Todd followed his topless wife back to their seats. Kate hadn’t bothered to cover herself. A minute later, Josh and Mindy walked over and pulled up extra chairs. Mindy was the petite blond they had seen several times on the beach and along the walkways. Mark recalled that her pussy was smooth-shaven, but the shadow indicated she was a bottle blond. Josh introduced Mindy and she produced a slight smile, but said nothing.

“Mindy, I hope you’re not upset with Josh,” Todd advanced cautiously, “It’s easy to get carried away at a place like this.”

Mindy was silent for a few moments, then, “Well, I guess I’m okay if you are,” she told Todd, “I was mortified when I saw what Josh did.”

“Hell, he helped ensure that Kate will win the dirty dancing contest!” Todd boasted, “She’s won two other times at different resorts by doing less.”

Another round of drinks arrived and Mindy soon forgot the incident. “You guys seem to be enjoying the place,” Mindy ventured, “We’ve seen you down on the beach several times.”

“This is our first experience with a clothing optional resort and a nude beach,” Jan volunteered, “It’s the first time for Lynn and Carl too.”

“Same here,” Josh admitted, “We’ve been in hot tubs with friends a couple of times, but this is quite a change.”

Mindy nodded. “Josh kept begging me to try it with him, and I finally gave in. Once we got here, we both really enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t know anybody else, so it’s just been the two of us.”

“Well, Josh and I are old friends now, aren’t we Josh?” Kate laughed. Josh blushed and Mindy giggled.

“We didn’t think you guys would want a couple of youngsters hanging around,” Mindy said, “We just graduated two years ago.”

“Todd has a thing for young chicks,” Kate assured them, “You’re certainly welcome to join our impromptu little club.” The others nodded their agreement.

“A toast to Mindy and Josh,” Carl called as he raised his glass, “Our nudist members!”

Kate did, indeed, win the dancing contest and received a pair of Playa del Maya T-shirts as her prize.

Todd asked Mindy for the next dance and proceeded to feel his way over her body as they swayed to the music. Josh watched intently, but said nothing as the older man explored his fiancée’s petite form.

“Why don’t we dance a little,” Lynn suggested to Josh to tear his mind away.

“Did you see the tent in the front of Josh’s sheet?” Jan asked Mark after the couple left the table. Watching Mindy get felt up gave him a big hard on.”

Mark smiled at his wife. “Let’s dance and I’ll let you see what it did to me,” he chuckled.

Chrissy was working the late shift tending bar. One of her customers, a quiet, attractive middle aged man had eaten dinner at the bar an hour before. Since he finished he had been quietly observing. Saturday nights were busy, boisterous and more than a little bawdy. This man stood out because of his serene, refined air.

He called her over to settle his tab. He placed the two crisp $50s on the bar to cover the $40 tab, and said, “No change.” She looked up at him with a broad smile, and he placed his hand on top of hers before she could collect the substantial tip. “Wait,” he said softly, leaning toward her.

“Oh, great,” she thought to herself…. Either he rethought his overpayment, or he was hitting on her, or, worse yet, he was expecting a ‘favor’ in exchange for the overpayment. She leaned toward him, still smiling, but it was less genuine now.

He lifted his hand, letting her collect the cash, and spoke quietly so that only she could hear above the noise of the bar. “Do you and your husband enjoy ‘getaway’ vacations together every now and again?”

Crap…worse than being hit on, it was a sales pitch. “Sure.”

“I represent a resort in Jamaica. A new all-inclusive, very private, very exclusive, for adventurous couples only. I’d like to invite you to be our guests for a free week, all expenses paid. Airfare, child care, everything.”

“What do we need to do? Spend half the weekend at a miserable sales meeting? Because we aren’t buying.”

“No pressure. We just want your candid feedback about your experiences. If you permit us to use your comments or pictures in our marketing, you can choose be compensated either in cash or in future travel.” He pushed a folder toward her. “Think about it.”

As he left she checked the folder. There were airline tickets, room reservations, all flexible, and all already printed in Chris and Kerry’s names. The resort was called “Dionysian Cove.”

Three weeks later, the couple was in a getting out of a Humvee limo at the ornate front entry to the resort. There had been a free bar in the limo, so they had both had a couple of shots of Tequila to get the vacation underway.

As soon as the door of the limo was opened, Chris was struck by a notable difference between this resort and other all-inclusive Caribbean destinations that she had visited: all the bellmen were dressed like Spartan warriors from the movie ’300′: flowing red capes, leather sandals, leather armor kilts, bare chests. As far as she could tell, they were all gorgeous and strongly built. She was so distracted by the beefy men hefting her heavy suitcases onto a cart for transport to her room that she almost didn’t notice the beautiful brunette in the very short, semi-sheer toga and high-laced sandals offering to guide the couple to their suite. She really liked this place, and they hadn’t even unpacked.

“Hi, I’m Jillian,” the brunette said, brightly. “I’ll be happy to show you to your room.”

The room was beautiful, bright and airy. High ceilings, pale bamboo wood floors, warm colors and décor reminiscent of an ancient Roman villa. Sliding glass doors lined three sides of the room. On side faced a small manicured garden area and a pathway leading into the tropical forest. The “center” of the room opened toward the cove, where about twenty yards of lawn was all that separated the couple from the sparkling Caribbean beach. The side opposite the jungle faced the pool area, with a large ornate pool, and a swim up bar. Theirs was the first suite in the chain of guest rooms arcing around the pool and beach area. The style of the outdoor amenities suggested Roman ruins. Except for a few staff members, there didn’t seem to be anyone else at the resort.

“What’s up, are we the only guests here?”

“Oh, no ma’am. It’s just that you’re here a little ahead of the rest, since we sent the limo for you and got you on a special flight. The resort will be nearly full by dinnertime.” Jillian pointed out the standard features of the room. Chris noticed Kerry studying Jillian as they went from room to room. She jabbed him with her elbow and he gave her a sly guilty grin.

The bellmen finished stowing the luggage as the three toured the suite. Before they left to return to their posts, the two young men stood before Christine and bent down on one knee, with their heads bowed. One of them said, in a serious, dutiful tone “It was our pleasure to serve you. Simply call if you have any other wishes we may fulfill.”

Chris giggled, reaching for her purse. Jillian stopped her. “This is all inclusive, remember? And you are a special guest.” The two men left without any acknowledgement toward Kerry.

The hostess led the couple to the closet. The shower, the large marble hot tub, the dressing areas and sinks, and the large, oversize bed were all organized in an open plan. The walk-in clothes closet and the toilet area, which also included a bidet, were the only two places that were not completely visible everywhere inside the suite. Chris noticed that there didn’t appear to be drapes or blinds, either, so the whole suite was open to view by anyone at the pool, beach or garden as well. The thought of stripping down, taking a shower and then simply walking around on naked display gave her a little tingle between her legs.

Jillian pointed out two racks of clothing on hangars in the closet. On one side were a variety of togas like the one that the hostess was wearing, but more ornately decorated with gold braids and fancy trim. “These are for you, ma’am.” She pointed to the other hangars which included nothing more concealing than the same type of leather skirt the bellmen were wearing, and quite a few hangars that just seemed to support a tangle of leather straps. “And these are for your consort,” she said in a conspiratorial tone, still speaking to Christine, and avoiding any attention toward Kerry.

“Dionysian Cove policies require that guests dress in the costumes we provide, or not at all. There are very few rules here, but this is one that we enforce strictly. Nudity is permitted throughout the entire resort, so beside this rule there are no other dress codes.” The contrast between Jillian’s cheerful tone of voice and the fact that she was telling her guests to dress in revealing costumes or not was a contrast that Chris found very provocative.

“The clothing you brought with is locked securely here in this trunk and will be unlocked when you leave. We’ve taken all the toiletries and personal items out and placed them in the dresser or vanity,” Jillian said, leading them back into the bedroom.

Again, speaking only to Chrissy, Jillian cheerfully provided careful instructions. “Please take a few minutes to shower and freshen up, and change into your choice of costumes.” Jillian touched Chris on the arm when she said “your choice” as though to emphasize that it was her decision alone.

“When you’ve removed all your current clothing, please place it into the side drawer of the trunk I showed you, so that we can secure it as well. Just dial “7″ on the room phone when you are ready, and I’ll return to introduce you to your very personal room staff and discuss the wonderful opportunities for days and nights of pleasure that you will have during your stay with us Dionysian Cove.”

Kerry had begun disrobing as soon as Jillian gave the instructions. By the time she finished speaking he was naked, his long cock gradually becoming erect. Without even glancing in his direction, Jillian spoke to Christine. “Your consort is very obedient. You should have a wonderful time.” The hostess exited, leaving Christine alone with her naked husband.

“What are you doing?” she laughed.

“She said it was okay to be naked anywhere. I just wanted to see if she would look at me,” he pouted.

“Well, since you’re obviously having such fun running around naked,” Chris said, grabbing the tip of his hard-on for emphasis, “maybe I should just make you run around naked all week, like a good little consort?” Kerry’s cock throbbed at the suggestion. “Or maybe that would be too much fun for you. I think I saw something with a bunch of leather straps and rings in the closet that might keep you under better control.” She smiled a wicked smile, really starting to get into the role that the resort staff had led her to imagine. “Help me undress, consort, I want to take a shower before they come back.”

Chrissy let Kerry do all the work of undressing her. When she was completely naked she grabbed him firmly by the balls and led him over to the poolside windows. Only fifteen feet away, a particularly buff black man was tending to the pool with a filter net on the end of a long pole. The strong man, wearing only a leather kilt, was facing away from the exposed couple. She spent some moments admiring how the muscles of his back flexed and rippled as he worked the instrument through the water, and started to get wet imagining what he might look like from the front. Feeling particularly bold and not very patient, she knocked on the window glass to get his attention.

The pool attendant turned and appeared a little surprised to see the gorgeous blonde guest, entirely nude, smiling and waving with one hand while gripping her naked husband’s scrotum tightly in the other. He lowered his eyes and bent to one knee as he was trained to do in the presence of ladies. Doing this lifted the hem of his kilt over his outstretched thigh, and Chris was treated immediately to the sight of his naked, fat black cock and heavy pendant balls swinging free under his kilt. Completely flaccid it was half again the size of her husband’s.

“Oh my god, look at that massive cock! He’s not wearing anything under there.” The pool man stood again after an appropriate time on one knee, and went back to his work. Chris’ hand went absently to her tight, and increasingly moist pussy. She rubbed herself gently as she spent another moment gazing and imagining the possibilities. Meanwhile her grip on her husband’s nuts, which she had not released since she led him to the window, gradually tightened as her reverie deepened.

Eventually it became too painful. “Chris…owww,” Kerry groaned, trying to loosen her grip without inflicting more damage.

“Hmmm. Oh, that. Sorry,” she half-heartedly apologized as she let him go. “You’re going to have to learn how to do that kneeling thing, consort, or I’m going to have to punish you. I want to take a shower,” she said firmly, turning on one heel and marching toward the shower, pulling her blonde tresses back into a tight ponytail as she went. “Find me a towel and wait for me to finish, on your knees of course.”

When she emerged from the shower he was there, obediently on his knees, holding the towel up toward her as an offering. She didn’t know how far she could push this submission with him, but she was determined to find out, and her head filled with evil ideas on how to use him. “Dry me, consort.”

He gently toweled her off as she stood dripping on the marble tiles of the bath area. Once he finished she bade him to accompany her to the closet, where she chose the shortest, most revealing toga for herself, it tied on one shoulder and left one breast almost completely exposed, and a pair of sandals that laced with pink ribbons to her knees. There was no underwear to be found, though she wouldn’t have worn it if she had any. After he finished lacing her sandals, she decided to leave her husband naked, “for easy access” and admired herself in the mirror as she dialed for Jillian. When the hostess knocked moments later, Kerry followed Chrissy’s wishes and knelt by the door when he opened it. She sat across the room in a royal pose reclined on a plush white chaise lounge. Gillian entered without a word or glance at Kerry, and behind her three powerfully built men followed, two white and one latino. They wore even less than the pool man, little more than a wide belt that had a thick drape of leather folded over the front of it. Chris could see in the mirror that their firm, shapely asses were completely exposed. She prepared herself for an inspection of her servants’ cocks as they each bent down on one knee before her, but this particular garment lacked the extra fabric that lifted the hem.

“Aww,” she sighed quietly.

Kerry took his position behind his wife. Jillian stood at Chrissy’s feet and introduced the servants. “Derrick, Anthony, and Eduardo,” each bowed lower as his name was called. “These are your Centurions, available to you throughout your stay. You can summon them with this,” Jillian handed Chris an ornate, wide golden bracelet, studded with green gemstones. “The three buttons near the clasp are marked with their initials. Press any or all and the Centurions will be ready to perform any duty you require, as quickly as they can reach you. Should one of them fail to promptly respond, or please you in any way, press the button bearing my initial and I will remedy the problem to your immediate satisfaction. Do you have any questions?”

Kerry spoke up. “Are there any female servants for us?”

Jillian shot him a sharp, icy glance and turned to Christine. “Has your consort no sense of his place?”

Kerry hoped for his wife to defend him but was disappointed when his wife responded fully in character with her new role. “No, he has yet to learn it. What do you suggest?”

“According to local law, especially enacted for this resort, you are to be treated as a goddess during your stay. The man known as your husband in the outside world is here merely your mortal consort, completely at your bidding, and should not speak or act except at your express command. If he displeases you, simply press my call button and we can have him privately disciplined, publicly punished, or sent to the resort’s prison where he will be mistreated by the guards for the duration of whatever length of sentence you determine.” Christine shot Kerry a glance that came through loud and clear: ‘one false move and you’re going to be butt-raped in jail for the rest of our vacation.’ He meekly closed his gaping mouth.

“Do you have any questions, Goddess?”

“What are the limits of my command?” Chris was breathing faster, considering what it would mean to have three gorgeous hunks at her beck and call for the week, with her husband as a mewling servant.

“With your Centurions, there are no limits, except that you may not require them to perform any acts that would leave a scar or physically disfigure themselves in any way.”

“That’s all I needed to know! Thanks Jillian, you can go now.”

“As you wish,” Jillian said, smiling broadly, and bowing deeply.

When the hostess had gone, Chris got comfortable in the chaise lounge, laying back against the bolster and stretching out her smooth, tan legs. Never taking her eyes off the three men in kneeling in front of her, she directed a command at Kerry, “Take off my sandals, baby.” He began untying and unwrapping the long pink ribbons that he had only recently tied.

The goddess reached up and pulled the top of her toga down, completely exposing her delectable left breast. “Oops!” she said in mock innocence, her nipple quickly becoming firm, “look at that, Centurions…my nipple popped out….” The three kneeling hunks raised their eyes as the goddess commanded. Chrissy pointed her finger at Derrick and began…”Eenie, meenie, minee….” Pointing at Anthony, she whispered “You…come suck this for me.” Anthony knelt beside the chaise and lovingly took her nipple in his warm mouth.

While he sucked, sending sparks of lust shooting through her body, she pointed at the other two. “Over there, by my feet.” She pointed a toe toward the end of the chaise to indicate where she wanted them positioned. They stood up and took their positions as ordered.

“He y baby,” she purred to her husband while lifting the hem of the back of her toga, exposing her perfect naked ass, “stick your tongue up in my butt and get me nice and wet.” Kerry did as he was told; extending his tongue and carefully lapping at his wife’s tight back entrance.

“You two…Eduardo, Derrick…take off each other’s belts and see what you brought to offer your goddess.” The two men reached out and grasped the buckles. Swiftly they stripped each other, exposing their smooth, well trimmed meat to their admiring audience. Eduardo’s cock was long and thin, uncut and mocha brown. Derrick’s was thicker and paler, and rock hard…it came springing up from under the leather thong as it dropped.

“Oooh,” Chrissy cooed. “I can’t wait to feel those beautiful cocks inside me. But Eduardo isn’t hard. Derrick, get down and suck that sweet dick of his so I can see it hard.” Derrick kneeled and took his fellow Centurion’s sleek member and put it against his lips. He kissed and lapped at it hungrily and it rapidly grew to its full impressive length.

Christine raised her pretty little foot to heft Eduardo’s heavy balls. “Better stop there, sweetie, before you make him cum.” Derrick pulled back, a glistening strand of wetness briefly connecting the tip of Eduardo’s slick member to the kneeling stud’s lips. She grabbed Anthony by the hair and pulled his mouth from her breast. Her nipple tingled as the cool air touched her moistened breast. “Take off your belt, hun, let me see that thing.” Anthony dropped his belt and revealed the biggest cock of all, thick and heavily veined, and solid as a marble sculpture. Chrissy couldn’t wait any more, she wanted them all inside her now.

“Take off this toga, Consort, I need to get fucked.” Kerry untied the belt, and then the shoulder. “Quicker!” She slapped his naked ass for emphasis, leaving a stinging red handprint. She lifted her hips so that he could slide the toga down and off, leaving her naked on the chaise. “Anthony…you, here,” she growled, patting the chaise near her head. He lay down beneath her as she lifted up to make space.

Anthony’s thick erection was only inches from Chrissy’s face, and she stared at it lustily, slowly teasing it with one hand. Kerry felt a rush of jealousy. He had never seen her like this before, consumed with lust. He had never seen her look at him like this, with pure animal desire, hungry for the taste of another man’s cock in her mouth.

She moved her face toward it, then stopped, stating at Eduardo through slitted eyes. “Fuck my ass, Centurion!” The young man leaned forward, as Kerry’s heart sank. His wife was possessed. She never wanted to let him do this, and now she was begging for a stranger to do it. Eduardo lay down behind her, positioned his throbbing tool at her tight rear entrance, and slowly pushed his slick cock inside her. Chrissy gasped as the stab of pain was replaced with a wave of pleasure.

She reached back wither her free hand to grab for her husband’s cock. It was stiffer than she’d ever felt it. “Oh baby”, she moaned toward him…”his cock feels so good inside me.” Before she guided Anthony’s fat cock into her waiting mouth, she moaned to Derrick, “I want you inside me, too. Fill me, fill me all up.” Derrick approached with his throbbing member in hand, positioning to fulfill the command of the beautiful blonde goddess.

This was going to be a great week, Chrissy thought. A really great week.

It was an elegant soiree. The St Valentine’s Day dinner was served with the finest crystal and china at the Total Woman Excursions’ formal dining room: ordures, wine, raw oysters (of course), light salads, gazpacho, poultry and seafood entrées, steamed vegetables: a healthy repasse for healthy lifestyles.

The tuxedoed and gowned partygoers mingled in a post dinner gathering sipping champagne, eating strawberries dipped in chocolate and admiring the scantily clad cocktail waitresses serving them. Cupid and St Valentine were on full-time duty tonight but it was easy work considering the attractions on display. Upon booking this event, each male guest had been assigned a facility female host guide. However, consensual tradeoffs, permanent or temporary, were permissible. The gentlemen perused the buffet of beauty and dropped hints to their fellow guests of possible exchanges.

A red haired woman was laughing with two gentlemen at some comment. She wore a low cut floor length gown with side leg slits that revealed more than concealed her voluptuous body when she moved. Another young lady wore a simple black velvet backless cocktail dress. Her straight blond hair was parted in the middle and hung in three falls, one broad over the exposed back and two over her braless breasts which swayed invitingly beneath the dress when she stepped about in her high heels.

Wynn stood beside Feebie, his assigned host guide. Her red sequined dress had a large heart shaped cut out over her bodice, exposing a grand view of her cleavage. They were chatting with another couple and Wynn dropped hints about a temporary exchange for later in the evening. The other gentleman was totally enthralled with his host guide and was reluctant to give her up for anytime at all. The gentleman’s host guide was shorter than the statuesque Feebie but well proportioned. Feebie sensed Wynn’s desire and leaned in to whisper quickly in the other host guide’s ear. She smiled, cast a glance at Wynn and nodded.

Strolling away to other parts of the gathering, Wynn asked “What was that about?”

“Never mind for now; I’ll tell you later.” Feebie replied.

Wynn and Feebie continued to mingle as they moved towards the grand staircase in the entrance hall. A few couples took their leave and began ascending to the upper guest suites. Wynn watched the enamored male climb the stairs, his host guide hand-in-hand. They stopped at the mezzanine landing and, with a brief pause, regarded the remaining guests below. The anxious gentleman turned and pulled his stumbling high heeled host guide after him to their suite door, opened it, pushed her through and slammed it behind him.

Wynn strolled with Feebie to the staircase, climbed to the suite level and they entered his suite. Feebie stood silently, looked expectantly at Wynn. He walked to her and lifting her arm high, used her hand to turn her in a slow 360 pirouette. The red sequined dress sparkled in the soft lights. Her back was completely exposed from her neck clasp to the bit of ass cleavage peaking above the cloth stretched low across her hips, showing that the outfit would not accommodate undergarments. Her black wavy hair hung just below her shoulders. Turning her to face him, Wynn reached underneath the tumbling waves of hair, searching for the neck clasp. Feebie lay her hands on Wynn’s hips, helping to steady her body on the high heels while Wynn rummaged for the dress closure. As his fingers found the hooks, Feebie’s lips found his and she embraced Wynn in a breath stopping full mouth kiss. Wynn’s fingers stopped fiddling as he took in the sensual lip lock.

Feebie eased back with a few lip pecks and pushed Wynn a half step back. His fingers finished their work and he held the dress panels high and sideways. With a brief pause, he let go and the top of the dress draped inside out below Feebie’s waist. As expected, the dress design disallowed undergarments and Feebie’s teasing peak-a-boo cleavage was now on full display. The globes were firm but round with a hint of sag. In a word, marvelous; and marvel Wynn did. Her nipples were already aroused from the kissing.

Wynn lifted his hands to cradle his fingers beneath the masses. Feebie covered Wynn’s hands with hers and encouraged his kneading explorations. He thumbed her nipples and the nubs grew more prominent. He liked the color contrast between the deep red of the areoles and the clear ivory of her skin.

Wynn slid his hands behind her back, searching this time for the waist clasp in the back. He readily found it and popped the snap. The zipper gave him trouble. As Feebie leaned in and reached back to assist, her breasts pressed into Wynn’s chest. She yanked the zipper down and it loosened the dress waist band enough to slide on down her legs and pool at her ankles. Again, as expected, the dress design disallowed undergarments. But unexpectedly, Feebie wore no stockings; her legs were that smooth and toned. Wynn knelt to gather the stylish dress from the floor. Standing, he held it up and Feebie moved away to drape it carefully over a chair.

Wynn stood still as Feebie returned. She reached out and loosed his tuxedo’s bowtie. The jacket and cummerbund were next; then the cuff links and ruffled shirt. She kissed his lips before descending to her knees. The pants button and zipper whispered open and Wynn’s pants circled his ankles. Feebie reached under the bunched pant cuffs to untie the shoe laces. Wynn lifted one leg and then the other as Feebie removed pants, sox and shoes in one sweeping motion.

Rising, Feebie wrapped her arm in his and guided Wynn to the satin sheeted bed. Sitting on the edge, Wynn lay back and rested sideways in the bed. Feebie tugged at his boxers’ waist band and Wynn lifted his hips in permission for the cloth to be pulled down and off his legs.

Having prepared Wynn for the task at hand, Feebie took the task in hand and stroked slowly. Wynn was firm but not hard. Further measures were required. Feebie leaned in and, holding his cock upright, pecked a kiss on the tip. The tip of her tongue probed the tip of his dick. Her lips travelled down to but not over the rim.

Wynn was harder now. Feebie looked up to see Wynn’s expression. His eyes were closed, his face calm and his breathing steady. Good; a relaxed Wynn would be easier to work with.

She rose up on the bed to get a better angle. Her lips opened wider and she slid them down the shaft full distance in one slow stroke. That got a low moan out of Wynn. Encouraged, Feebie rolled her tongue from side to side around his shaft as she slid up and down. Wynn was now as hard as Feebie figured he was going to get.

Throwing one leg across, she straddled Wynn’s hips and placed him at the entrance to her cunt. Lying forward, hugging her boobs hard into his chest, she pushed the saliva wetted cylinder into her opening. Her arms hugged him tight around the neck. Her hips worked strokes on his cock.

Wynn lay quietly accepting the caresses. Feebie’s magic was working its spell. Too soon, he felt his nerves tingle at the extremities and they grew more electric as the sparks moved toward the center. He tried to slow their progress by moving his hips with hers, reducing the depth of the strokes, but to no avail.

Wynn’s breathing quickened as he uttered visceral growls. The orgasm slammed into his prostate and propelled his semen up and out into Feebie’s receptive vagina. She felt its arrival and hugged Wynn’s neck tighter and tongued his ear. Wynn was choked by the power of her grip. He almost passed out.

Wynn awakened as if from a twilight sleep. The ceiling glowed with moonlight, his chest felt heavy; he smelled musk and his cock was warm. With further consciousness he found himself in the arms of and under a naked woman. The softness against his chest bespoke a voluptuous woman. She stirred and raised her head looking in his eyes. Her eyes were blue and beautiful.

“Are you back with me now?” Feebie asked.

“Back and happy to be here.” He quipped. He bucked his hips once and felt his softened cock rub against her quim. Feebie rose further and rolled off Wynn, grabbing the sheet and covering him to reduce the chance of a too quick cool down. Wynn put his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling. ‘Good Valentine’s Day’ he thought. It was past midnight. He fell back into sleep.

Wynn felt the bed quiver with a body getting in. Feebie must be returning from a preening break. He felt her warmth sidle up to his side. Her breasts pressed his arm. Her hand covered his cock, causing it to sprout with the start of an erection. Her finger tips lightly scratched along the shaft. The sprout grew. He lay quietly, having learned that Feebie could read a man’s sensual signals and knew what to do. He closed his eyes. His cock was hefty enough now for Feebie to use palm and fingers to encircle it.

When the strokes produced the vital size necessary, Feebie rose up and threw a leg over. Sitting upright, she placed Wynn properly and pressed down. Wynn rested his hands on her knees and thighs. Feebie did the work, moving her hips up and down. She leaned forward to prop her hands on his shoulders, her boobs swaying free between them. Wynn took the invitation and palmed her breasts. The globes felt different, fuller and spongier beneath the skin, easier to knead.

A cloud parted and extra moon glow entered the room, illuminating the scene. Wynn was surprised by the sight. It wasn’t Feebie; it was the enthralled gentleman’s host guide that Feebie had whispered to. This was the arrangement she had made; he had forgotten about it until now.

Releasing the globes, Wynn watched the nipples move without pause. Wynn’s temporary companion was shorter and fuller in body but no less enthusiastic in her wish to please her partner. Her red hair sashayed across her back. She used long strokes, short strokes, rotations of her hips and short pauses, dragging Wynn’s knob along every inch of her velvety sleeve. Wynn was unable to continue laying passive and pushed his hips in counter rhythm. Recovering from the surprise, he now delighted in the fulfillment of his wish. He was fucking his fantasy or rather she was fucking him, doing most of the labor.

And she liked it as well. Wynn heard her moan, then gasp, breathing louder as she came closer to her own gratification. That very belief, that Wynn was providing pleasure to his fantasy fuck, got Wynn more aroused. Sex is a mental as much as a physical act. Wynn may have been large and hard but he now pictured his cock so large that he touched all the places inside the woman’s womb at once.

His temporary companion cried out in orgasm, clamping hard on the fleshy shaft embedded in her core. That pulled Wynn’s trigger and, with a roar, he fired off rapid bursts of cum. The lovers were locked in an elevated arch as Wynn involuntarily lifted his hips during his orgasm. As his breath returned, Wynn set back down into the sheeted mattress. The woman lay on his chest and suckled his neck. Wynn caressed her ass. His cock deflated and fell out. He fell into an exhausted asleep, again.

Sunlight broke across the bed. Wynn awoke alone. The door opened and a naked Feebie entered. Her makeup was smeared and her hair disheveled. Feebie entered the suite’s bathroom to preen. She emerged renewed and crawled into Wynn’s bed. She kissed his cheek and whispered “Did you enjoy the swap?”

Wynn nodded and kissed her lips. “Thank you for being so considerate.”

He wanted to ask about her tryst with the gentleman. Was the state of her makeup and hair upon return an indication of the vigor and enthusiasm of her temporary guest? He decided he was more contented with his own memories of Feebie minus the intrusion of another man’s activities.

Total Woman Excursions was all about the guest’s comfort and satisfaction. He would come again. He deliberated on his next chance to schedule a booking.

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