Part 2 — The Assault on Satcom

It was nightfall over the once bustling city of Londinium as a helicopter swooped low over the silhouetted rooftops. The UN had started using London’s Roman name several years earlier because they thought it sounded grand and authoritative. Upon entering the city, this grandeur quickly evaporated; with its population cut by nearly three-quarters and an acute shortage of qualified engineers, surveyors and builders, it was a shadow of its former self. Many of the great buildings stood in ruins and, those that remained, housed the poor, needy and destitute. Its famous streets were pot-holed, litter-strewn, and virtually empty.

The City of London, the historic core of the great metropolis, seemed curiously unaffected by the devastation surrounding it. This was the power base of the administration and, from this single square mile, they ruled the entire county with an iron fist. The UN Overwatch Committee, a ruthless police force with near-universal jurisdiction, was headquartered in an imposing structure once known locally as The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, or, more commonly, as the Bank of England. It was ideal for the Overwatch’s nefarious purpose; built entirely of Portland stone and designed to be impregnable. It had no windows on the lower floors and the rooms were configured in a maze-like pattern to disorientate and trap would-be escapees.

In a small room on one of the lower floors of ‘The Old Lady’, Michael was laying, barely conscious, on a spartan bed with a wafer-thin mattress. As he stirred, trying to open his eyes, a female voice with a cut-glass British accent boomed out of a speaker above him.

“All prisoners will remain seated for inspection!”

It took a few moments for Michael to recall the events of the previous day. He cursed himself for being caught so easily and for giving up the information he should have protected with his life. He glanced around the room, relieved momentarily that he hadn’t been tied to the bed but his head was pounding from the after-effects of the heavy dose of chloroform. The room’s walls were padded and clinically white; there was a door opposite him and a flat-screen monitor positioned at the foot of his bed. Just where the hell am I, he thought.

He heard a mechanical lock rotate and slide along its barrel before the door to his chamber swung inwards, framing two women in the aperture. Both wore the familiar regalia of the Overwatch; a knee-length skirt and black halter-neck top emblazoned with a yellow serpent encircling a large, phallic-looking obelisk. The imagery wasn’t exactly subtle but it had succeeded in becoming both feared and despised in equal measure. The two women were well trained and stared straight ahead until the tapping of heels on a bare floor announced the arrival of a third. They saluted as the footsteps approached and then stepped aside to allow a rotund figure in her early fifties to cross the threshold into the prison cell.

“Mr Tyson, I trust your new quarters are to your liking?” the woman croaked in mock concern. “I am Helana Solomon, Head Watchwoman and commander of this facility; you may address me as either ‘Miss Solomon’ or simply as ‘ma’am’. I came down here to introduce myself in person before we move on to the main order of business.”

Michael briefly surveyed the woman in front of him before responding. The first striking feature was her size; the monogender plague had shrunk the labour pool to such an extent that food shortages were common and gluttony almost non-existent. Strict rationing had helped fuel the rebellion in the early days of the UN government but was now so widely accepted that the sight of a corpulent person was rare indeed. She was dressed in a black suit, which exuded authority, and spoke with a confidence that suggested she was used to getting her own way.

“I don’t care what you have to say, ‘Helana’, just get on with doing whatever it is you’re going to do.” Michael replied obstinately.

“For one so weak-willed, you have such defiance in your voice. I think I would have liked to have been there when they broke you.”

“Well now I’ve met you, I can see why you sent Gisselle instead.” Michael said with the slightest hint of a smile.

“Enough pleasantries,” Helana snapped, “All Lev-1s believe they operate above the law and can’t be touched but I’m given a great deal of flexibility in how I run the Overwatch. Simply put, I can make your stay here very easy or extremely uncomfortable. It’s your choice.”

“Go fuck yourself ‘Miss Solomon’.”

“That’s the wrong answer Michael and, in time, your rebel friends will pay for it dearly. Not to mention the lovely Miss Anderson –”

“Michelle!” The pain in his head had forced her from his mind in the short time since his reawakening. The feelings he had towards her didn’t make any sense; she had, after all, betrayed the rebels and put him in this situation. In that moment, though, all he longed for was to know that she was safe.

“It was a difficult decision for me to send such a young and delicate creature to a labour camp. I doubt she’ll last more than a few months.” Helana could read the pain on Michael’s face and took a great deal of satisfaction from it. Gisselle had already spoken of the concern Michael showed towards her in the hotel room. It presented a weakness that Helana delighted in exploiting.

“Why would you do that? She was working for you.” Michael stammered.

“No, she was a rebel, driven by base desires; I have no need of someone like that in my organisation.”

“If I ever get out of here I’m going to find you and –”

“Careful, Mr Tyson, making threats in here is not advisable and my patience is wearing thin. I could arrange for you to have an ‘accident’ if you push me too far.” Helana said menacingly.

“Well, perhaps there’s another way I could convince you to let Michelle go?” Michael though it was worth a shot; it was a tactic that had worked for him in the past.

“My goodness, that is priceless!” Helana laughed mirthlessly. “I’m afraid that however appealing you may believe yourself to be, my interests lie…elsewhere.” She gestured towards one of the guards standing at the door, “Besides, unlike most women you’ve met, I’m afraid you hold no mystique for me. I was thirty-five when the plague struck and I still remember a time when men had to do all the chasing. I’ll forgive your ignorance as I’m sure you’ve never known anything different.”

“Fine, can we cut the bullshit then? What, exactly, am I here for and what will it take to get Michelle and the other rebels released?” Michael asked decisively.

“Why the rush, I thought we were just getting to know each another? You’ll have your answers soon enough, but first I would like to show you something.” Helana moved towards the monitor at the foot of Michael’s bed and pressed a button. The screen blinked a few times and then displayed a grainy image of the Overwatch’s insignia. “I think you’ll enjoy this; it’s the rebel’s ill-fated attempt to seize control of Satcom yesterday. None of what your about to see would have been possible without your assistance,” her voice dripped with sarcasm. “Oh, and put these on,” Helana handed Michael a pair of rose-tinted spectacles. The irony wasn’t lost on him.

“What do they do?” he asked, eying them suspiciously.

“They’re 3-D glasses; designed to enhance your viewing pleasure and, don’t worry, I’ll be wearing them as well.” she removed a second pair from her jacket pocket and placed them carefully on the bridge of her nose. Michael reluctantly followed suit.

The screen, meanwhile, had come to life and displayed a crystal-clear image of what appeared to be a small warehouse or store room. It was so lifelike that Michael could almost reach out and touch the boxes stacked high against the grey interior wall. At one end of the room, a small lobby separated two sets of heavy-looking reinforced glass doors. Nothing happened for several minutes until the sound of hurriedly approaching footsteps punctuated the silence.

“The recording started at the point when Gisselle sent the fake ‘go’ signal; it gets interesting soon.” Helana explained, though Michael had already guessed as much.

The footsteps died away; replaced by a loud thud as the outermost door was forced from its hinges. Several figures appeared in the cramped lobby area, though the Videolink’s vantage point was such that it was impossible to discern who they were. After pausing for a short while and adjusting various dials on a handheld device, the electronically-assisted inner door yielded and slid back into recesses positioned on either side of the entrance.

“Alpha-one to nest: we’re in, over?”

Michael had recognised the voice before its owner had even stepped into view. Katie Albarn was the second-in-command of the rebel’s Midlands cell despite being only thirty years old. He could see her clearly now; her diminutive stature, strawberry-blonde hair and tiny frame masked a fierce intelligence. She, along with all other members of the resistance, wore a tight-fitting navy blue jumpsuit with a long zip on the front.

“Alpha-one…’crackle’…breaking up….’crackle’…interference on line…’crackle’…switch to alternative channel, over.”

Katie paced nervously as she switched the communicator to the agreed back-up channel. Something’s not right here; she thought Michael should be dealing with this.

The rest of the team slid into view as Katie struggled in vain to get a signal. Michael immediately recognised the other five rebels involved in the operation and a pang of guilt shot through him. He wanted to reach out and warn them but he knew it was too late and that he, alone, was responsible for what was about to happen.

“What’s wrong? We need to get moving.” said Aaron Donnelly.

Besides Michael he was one of only two other men in the Midlands cell. He was middle-aged but kept himself in good physical condition and often provided the muscle in operations such as this one. He had a swirl of cropped black hair, a neatly trimmed goatee beard, and pale skin festooned with tattoos. He was a Lev-3; one of the four designations created by the UN Administration Committee and applied to all men. It made him far less valuable than Michael because he was incapable of passing his immunity to the monogender plague to his children. Lev-3s were often kept as the playthings of those rich enough to afford them.

“I can’t seem to get anything other than static on this damn thing. Overwatch must be running interference, which means they’re on to us and we need to get out of here now!” Katie responded in with growing concern.

“There, uh, might be a problem with that Kay; look!” An attractive woman in her late twenties that Michael identified as Hannah McFarlane stood at Katie’s side and pointed back towards the lobby. The inner doors were closed and a metallic roller-shutter immediately slammed down in front of them, barring their only means of escape. At the same time, artificial light flooded the room from several high-powered halogen bulbs set into the ceiling. This served to further enhance the high resolution images from the Videolink.

“Find us another way out Hannah; I don’t think we have much time.” Katie ordered, though she couldn’t see a viable alternative.

“I think I’ve got something over here guys.” As she spoke, the youngest member of the team, Lisa, was looking down at an air duct positioned a few inches from the floor. “If we can just get it open we might have enough room to squeeze through.”

No sooner had she spoken than the duct began spewing a think reddish-pink vapour into the room; it took Lisa completely by surprise and engulfed her before she had time to react. Now freed from its enclosure, the gas spread out in all directions and began filling the confined space at a rapid rate.

“Is that what I think it is?” Michael interjected whilst watching intently.

“I see you remember HAL-247 from your time with Gisselle. I thought we’d have a bit of a show before taking them in for questioning; you’ll find it affects women more severely than men.” Helana responded without looking away from the monitor.

Back on screen, the warehouse was draped in a sweet-smelling fog. “Just what exactly is this stuff anyway; I thought they were trying to knock us out?” Hannah asked the room in general, reasoning that any anaesthetic gas should have rendered them unconscious almost immediately.

“Whatever the Eunuchs are doing can’t be good for us.” Katie replied. The UN Overwatch Committee got its derogatory nickname, Eunuchs, from a poorly judged decision to carry its initials U.N.O.C. on all uniforms. The regime corrected the mistake quickly but, despite their best efforts, the epithet stuck.

“I feel very strange and my heart’s pounding like I’ve just finished a bloody marathon!” said Sophie Smith, who usually stayed at the rebel base to provide technical support. Her cheeks were flushed red and framed by wavy blonde hair. The dark coloured jumpsuit accentuated her curvaceous body but did little to prevent her from perspiring as the effects of the gas overwhelmed her.

“So do I and, I don’t really know how to say this, but I’m getting kinda horny.” Lisa responded whilst slightly loosening the zip retaining her ample bosom.

“Hey I’m getting turned on as well; something’s not right here,” Hannah added.

“Everyone hit the floor! I’ve heard of this sort of gas, it’s supposed make it impossible to control yourself.” Although she didn’t realise it, Katie’s revelation was too late to save them. Nonetheless, all six rebels dutifully lay down on the floor and tried to cover their months.

“I don’t think this is helping, Kay, my body seems to have a mind of its own,” said Lisa as she casually slipped a hand inside her loosened clothing and started to rub her heaving breasts.

“Same here, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate; I just keep thinking about sex. What the hell are we supposed to do Kay?” asked Emma in a frightened voice. The slim brunette had hypnotic hazel eyes, a curvaceous mouth and high cheekbones. Despite being in her early thirties, she was the newest member of the team.

“Wish I knew, Ems, but I’m starting to think there’s no way out,” Katie replied.

On the other side of the room, Sophie had removed her jumpsuit altogether and was lying down on the cold stone floor, wearing nothing more than her drab cotton underwear. She was softly groping herself with one hand whilst thrusting the other inside the lining of her briefs. She immediately found her moistened pussy and carefully inserted her forefinger; whimper escaped her lips and her pale, freckled skin felt warm to the touch.

Noiselessly Lisa had moved over to join her, “I can’t believe I’m doing this Soph; we’ve been friends for years but –” she trailed off as Sophie grabbed the back of her head and pulled her close for a passionate embrace. Their tongues danced around in one another’s mouths as the two friends fed off of the sexual tension in the room. Lisa’s contrasting dark skin tone served as a counterpoint to Sophie’s lighter hue as their bodies interlocked on the unyielding stone floor.

“What do you two think you’re doing?! This is exactly what they want; I bet there’s some eunuch bitch watching us right now!” Katie shouted, though she was having difficulty maintaining composure.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help myself, Soph’s just so…sexy,” Lisa replied before turning her attention back to the blonde lying prostrate in front of her. “Now take off those knickers and open your legs.”

Sophie eagerly complied and presented her aching, neatly-trimmed pussy for closer inspection. Lisa started slowly; lightly kissing her inner thighs with soft lips before turning her attention to the engorged clitoris in front of her. She skilfully flicked it with the tip of her tongue until Sophie was gasping for air and arching her back; hands clenched into fists at her side.

“Oh — my — god, that feels incredible!” She screamed as Lisa quickened the pace.

She immediately placed a hand on the back of Lisa’s head and held it in a vice-like grip. Lisa responded by sliding two fingers inside Sophie’s sopping wet snatch, whilst continuing to lick her clit with long, lingering strokes. The moans grew louder as Sophie wrapped her legs around Lisa’s back; I can’t remember ever being as desperate as this, she thought. At that moment, however, Lisa stopped her oral gymnastics and looked up to meet a quizzical gaze from Sophie.

“Don’t stop for fuck’s sake, I need you to finish me off!”

“My pussy’s throbbing, it needs some attention too,” with that Sophie loosened her grip on Lisa’s head. As she stood up, her legs nearly gave way, “Hurry up Lisa I wanna taste you.”

With that, Lisa collapsed on to Sophie’s face and bent over to resume her frantic licking. Sophie inclined her head slightly and began to return the favour, noting with a degree of self-satisfaction that Lisa was gushing.

A voice called to them from a short distance away, it sounded like Katie but they didn’t care. Both were completely lost to carnal abandon.

The next minute or two passed in a haze as the two rebels enthusiastically sucked, stroked, groped and caressed each other to the point of orgasm. They screamed obscenities as their pleasure built to a crescendo; Sophie bucked her hips as they both started to shake.

“I’m gonna cum Lisa, you’re gonna make me cum!”

“Me too, Soph, me too!”

With one final scream they were both consumed by climactic disorientation and, for the briefest of moments, they didn’t know where, or who, they were. Then a new feeling overtook them.

“Lisa, I’m still gagging for it.”

“How can we still be horny, that’s the best bloody orgasm I’ve ever had!”

Presently they heard voices nearby and remembered they weren’t alone. Emma and Hannah had turned their attention towards Aaron, with lustful glints in their eyes. Both had demonstrated a degree of control up to this point but their desires couldn’t go unsatisfied forever.

“Come on Aaron, you must be feeling horny too. Just let me play with it and we’ll both be happy,” Hannah said, having loosened her jumpsuit enough to show off her pert breasts. There was no question that Aaron found her attractive; her flawless olive skin accentuated her pecan shaped blue eyes. Locks of long blonde hair fell down her back and her supple body moved with the poise of and grace of a professional dancer.

“Yeah, I know you want it; I’ve caught you looking at my arse whenever you think you can get away with it.” Emma continued, standing a couple of feet from Aaron in just a thin, black g-string.

“Girls, please, we shouldn’t be doing this – it’s a bloody eunuch trick!”

“Sorry I can’t help it, I need you dick.” Emma moved closer to Aaron and started to grind her shapely rear into his groin. The effects of the gas had already made him hard and he wanted nothing more than to rip Emma’s underwear off and penetrate her right there. A voice in the back of his mind, however, was telling him it was wrong.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Lisa, still exhausted from their earlier sapphic excursion, had joined the group and the four women were determined to have their way with Aaron.

“Get him girls!” Said Sophie and immediately tried to push Aaron to the floor. He maintained his balance but knew he couldn’t resist four horny girls for long.

“Stop it; you know they’ll be recording every second of this. They’ll accuse you of rape for god’s sake!”

It was a peculiarity of the British legal system that, in the past, all crimes were considered ‘gender blind’ except for rape, which could only be committed by a man. This position was reversed after the events of the monogender plague and, with men being such a rarity, a conviction for rape carried one of the strongest penalties the Administration could bestow. When combined with a charge of treasonous activity, it would be enough to justify the death sentence for all the rebels involved. At that moment, however, it didn’t seem to matter much to any of them.

“I don’t care, I want your cock,” said Hannah, “now be a good boy and get on the floor.”

The four women pushed together and Aaron lost his balance. Lisa immediately sat on his midriff to prevent him from getting back up. Emma trapped his right hand, Sophie his left and Hannah held his legs.

“Don’t struggle, I know you want this; your cock’s so hard. Let’s get it out,” said Lisa, unzipping his jumpsuit.

“No — no, I won’t let you do this; I won’t give them the evidence to condemn you!” Despite being extremely aroused, Aaron was struggling desperately to break free. He knew his friends and colleagues would be made an example of and he didn’t want to be the reason for it.

“Hold still, I’ve almost got it!” said Hannah.

At that moment Aaron’s cock sprung free from its confines and stood firmly to attention, the tip smeared in pre-cum. Hannah casually slipped his thick, veiny member into her mouth and stroked the base of it with her right hand. Although normally quite reserved, her mind was racing with deviant thoughts. She started to lick the tip of Aaron’s cock, whilst letting her long blonde hair trail over his thighs; eliciting a squirm of delight from her captive.

Not wishing to be outdone and determined to taste his cock herself, Emma joined-in. The two women dutifully worked his prick with their mouths until it was glistening with their saliva. One after the other, they then took it fully into their months until their cheeks bulged. For his part, Aaron had ceased protesting and lost himself to the pleasure he was feeling. Detecting this slackening resistance, Lisa moved from his torso and repositioned her legs on either side of Aaron’s head.

“Lick my pussy, I wanna feel your tongue on my clit,” she commanded.

“Lisa…I –” but Aaron’s last vestige of dissent was cut short as Lisa completely smothered him with her dripping wet young cunt.

All Aaron could think about was how wonderful her pussy tasted as his tongue lapped hungrily at her love bud. He then moved down towards her soft pink hole and pushed his tongue in as far as it would go. The response was almost instantaneous as Lisa’s legs turned to jelly and she cried out in orgasmic bliss.

On hearing their friend’s cries of delight, Hannah and Emma thought it was about time to satisfy their own needs and stopped their frantic cock-slurping.

“I wanna go first!” shouted Hannah; her deep blue eyes filled with desire.

“So do I — I need that cock inside me!” replied Emma.

The matter was settled by Lisa, who had regained enough composure to crawl over to Emma, whereupon she gave her fellow rebel the sort of full-fat kiss normally reserved for newlyweds.

Hannah spotted her opportunity and climbed on top of Aaron so that her intimate lips were caressing the very tip of his cock. She was extremely horny but she seemed to be savouring this moment of pre-coital excitement as she rubbed her pussy along his shaft. Aaron tried, and failed, to push himself inside her. A combination of the drugged gas and being surrounded by several horny women had driven him to new heights of sexual desire.

“I can’t take this anymore, please, please fuck me!” he demanded.

“I’m gonna take you deep inside me and ride you like a fucking jockey,” said Hannah as she abruptly, almost forcefully, took his full length inside her. There was almost no friction at all as her sopping wet pussy glided up and down on his fully erect cock. She gasped as every vein of his thick six-inch member caressed her intimate region, sending rippling waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Aaron, for his part, was trying to hold-off a building orgasm. His face was contorted, with an expression mixing equal parts pleasure and concentration. He looked into Hannah’s bright, lust-filled eyes and then down to her small but pert breasts; the nipples were like delicate pink buds as they stood proudly to attention. Next to him, Lisa and Emma were still kissing and quietly fondling each other. The latter still had her black g-string on, which did little to cover her excitement as a dark, sticky stain had spread out across the material.

Indeed, Aaron found himself entirely surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights of carnal abandon. To his immediate left, Sophie was happily strumming away at her quim, with two fingers deep inside her pussy and another stimulating her clit. She had changed position now so that her legs were wide open and facing him, affording Aaron an uninterrupted view of her self-pleasuring. Her head was thrown back and her arched spine and loud moaning suggested she was nearing climax.

Amidst all of this, Aaron knew he wouldn’t last much longer as Hannah quickened the pace and changed the angle of penetration enough for him to cry out in delight. However, at that very moment she started to scream as her eyes closed, her toes curled and her throbbing pussy convulsed around his prick.

“I’m going to cum, you’re gonna make me cum!” she yelled, breathlessly before collapsing on top of him.

Immediately and without warning, Aaron felt a hand grasp the base of his hopelessly hard cock and pull it out of Hannah’s still-pulsating cunt.

“Hey, what gives?” she asked turning in the direction of the unwanted interruption.

“It’s definitely my turn now,” said Emma, who had clearly been watching the unfolding scene carefully and waiting for an opportune moment to strike. “And, unlike you, I’m going to make Aaron cum so hard he won’t be able to stand up afterwards,” she added, somewhat mockingly.

Hannah noted the dramatic change in Emma’s personality and wondered if the drugged horniness had made her similarly unpleasant. Instead of arguing, she clambered onto her knees and shuffled away. Emma, meanwhile, had climbed on top of Aaron with her back to him and allowed his rampant cock to slide between her arse cheeks. He could feel the cotton of her g-string against his hard member and it was immediately coated with a combination of his pre-cum and Hannah’s glistening pussy juice.

Emma turned her head so that she was looking at Aaron over her shoulder. She had suggestively inserted a finger into her delicate mouth, whilst smiling at him coyly. Her expression was difficult to read but contained a certain possessiveness that made him feel uneasy.

“I know you want my ass and today you’re going to get it,” she said simply.

“I — uh — I don’t know what to say.” It was true that Emma had a spectacular arse; it wasn’t large but it was perfectly rounded and beautifully pert. Aaron liked the way it swayed when she moved and he would always try to sneak a glace as she walked past.

“You don’t need to say anything, just lay there and enjoy it.”

She slid the thong to one side with her left hand and removed the spittle-covered finger from her mouth before slowly inserting into her dark hole. It glistened slightly as Emma proceeded to grab both her cheeks and pull them apart. She then guided herself down onto the purple tip of Aaron’s throbbing organ. The first half-inch entered her easily, thanks to the layer of love juice coating his cock, but they both gasped involuntarily as Emma’s arsehole stretched to accommodate him.

“Oh god that’s tight, I’m not sure you can take it!” shouted Aaron as a wave of pleasure engulfed him. It felt better than he could ever have imagined as Emma lowered herself further so that the entire head of his penis had disappeared inside her.

“Shut the fuck up, I’m in charge here,” came the terse response as Emma continued her slow descent.

Moments later she had Aaron’s entire length inside her, her lubricated passage gripping his cock so securely that it would have taken a crowbar to prise them apart. Emma shifted her position slightly so that she was leaning away from Aaron. Once the angle of penetration was just right she started slowly riding him; grinding her shapely arse down on his engorged member as far as it would go before rhythmically pulling away. She could feel his throbbing cock’s every vein inside her and it was clear that she had made him very horny indeed. This only served to further increase her own arousal to the point that the stain on the front of her g-string had expanded and covered most of the material.

“Oh, fuck me like a dirty little whore,” said Aaron without really knowing why he was talking like that.

“Give it to me, I just wanna ride your cock!”

“Your ass feels so good. I bet you just love getting me off like this.”

“Yeah, I want to feel you cum inside me,” Emma said and then sped up, whilst simultaneously thrusting a hand inside her sodden panties and massaging her hyper-sensitive clit.

“I’m nearly there, are you ready for it?”

“Oh god, I’m coming too. Give it to me!”

Aaron felt Emma’s legs buckle as she screamed in ecstasy but the momentary lapse in concentration had caused his rock hard prick to slip out of her arse before he’d been finished off. His frustration was short-lived, however, because Sophie had wriggled up beside him and immediately slipped her soft, pouting lips over his cock.

“I bet this feels good,” she said in between slurps.

Aaron couldn’t respond; he was muted by the wave of euphoria cascading up from his groin and deluging all his senses at once. Considering he had been accosted by several horny women and given a drug specifically designed to stimulate arousal, he was amazed he’d been able to last for so long. However, Sophie’s oral technique felt amazing and he knew her deep, sloppy blowjob would coax every last drop of out of him.

Emma, Hannah and Lisa gathered around to watch as Aaron’s legs stared to shake. He let out a tremendous gasp and pumped several jets of hot, sticky spunk into Sophie’s mouth. It was more cum than she was able to take and so she moved her face away slightly. This resulted in another blast hitting her squarely on the chin before she was able to retreat completely. The remaining spurts flew into the air like a fountain and landed on Aaron’s stomach, whereupon Hannah started to lick it up.

“That — was — incredible!” said Aaron after regaining the power of speech, “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Um, I have a problem,” replied Sophie after swallowing the huge load in her mouth, “I’m still fucking horny and your dick is still hard!”

“So am I”, agreed Lisa and Hannah in unison.

“Look, ladies, I don’t know why I’ve still got a hard-on but I need some time to recover, OK?” said Aaron. Though, in truth, he couldn’t understand it. Mentally he felt that warm, post-coital glow rather than the animalistic lust he experienced earlier but his cock seemed to have other ideas. Instead of returning to its flaccid state, it stood to rapt attention.

“So after giving you the ride of your fucking life, we’re supposed to just sit here and cuddle!?” said Emma angrily, “I don’t think so, you’re gonna pleasure us for as long as we want! Girls…hold him down.”

In a similar fashion to their earlier exploits, Hannah and Sophie grabbed an arm each as Aaron struggled. From his position on the ground he had no leverage to hoist himself up so he settled for writhing around and trying to make things difficult. He didn’t put as much effort into it as he could have done because, even though he didn’t want to admit it to himself, he was a little excited at being at the mercy of these increasingly domineering women. If he had known what was coming next he may have struggled a little more persistently.

There was no foreplay this time; no cock sucking or words of encouragement. As Lisa held his legs firmly in place, Emma finally removed her stained g-string and squatted over his hardened dick. She had something approaching malice in her pretty hazel eyes as she took his length inside her moistened pussy.

Aaron knew immediately that his lack of meaningful resistance was a very bad decision. Whereas mere minutes ago Emma’s divine body had been a source of endless pleasure, now he felt nothing but agonising pain stretching from his thighs to his midriff. She was riding him like her life depended on it but every thrust caused Aaron to release guttural scream. His cock was raw and his balls, so completely emptied just moments ago, felt like they’d been kicked by a steel tow-capped boot.

“I think he’s enjoying it really,” said Hannah, laughing callously.

“Yeah, how long do you think it’ll take to make him cum this time?” replied Sophie.

Emma continued to pump Aaron’s cock, completely oblivious to the older man’s pleas. She was frenetically rubbing her protruding clit as another climax approached fast.

“Come on you dirty fucker, I know you like this pussy; tell me you’re enjoying it.”

“Fuck — you!” replied Aaron through gritted teeth. Despite the pain from his loins, however, he could feel an orgasm building. Emma’s pussy was nearly as tight as her arsehole and the constant stimulation was causing a purely physical reaction in his body; one that completely betrayed the mental anguish he was experiencing.

“Don’t say that, I know I’m gonna make you cum — let’s do it together.”

Aaron let out another cry of discomfort as Emma quickened the pace again. She was now nothing more than a blur on top of him, gliding up and down on his stiff rod with such ferocity that he could barely make out her features, contorted as they were into an expression somewhere between pleasure and determination.

Then, quite unexpectedly, his cock twitched and shuddered at the same moment as the muscles in Emma’s snatch rhythmically contracted. They were going to climax together after all.

Aaron squealed in agony as the tiny amount of sperm left in his balls was forcibly ejected. It pulsed along his aching shaft, sending judders of pain through his abdomen, before filling Emma’s pussy with its warmth.

“That’s it, I knew you were getting off on this,” said Emma in a breathless whisper as she dismounted.

“It’s definitely my turn now,” said Sophie without pausing a beat, “Emma, pin his arm down for me.”

Aaron looked down towards his penis, hoping he had lost his erection. When he saw it was still as stiff as a board he decided he needed to make a move. He knew he couldn’t take any more of this; these girls were going to fuck him to death!

As Sophie slackened her grip on his arm to allow Emma to take her place, he rolled over onto his side and tried to push himself into a sitting position.

“Oh no you don’t.” squealed Emma, who then elbowed him in the stomach. This caused Aaron to roll back in her direction, at which point she grabbed his arm and pinned it under her knees. Despite her diminutive size and Aaron’s constant thrashing around, he was no match for the four horny women and he found himself completely trapped again.

“Go on Sophie, fuck the ungrateful bastard!” said Emma after steadying herself.

The screen froze.

Back in the basement room of UN Overwatch Committee’s headquarters, both Helana and Michael had been watching the footage with intense interest. Every part of the failed operation had been captured in graphic detail by the omnipresent Videolink. Michael was ashamed to admit that the 3-D glasses had made the experience so real it had given him an erection. Now, though, he was genuinely concerned for the fate of his friends; especially Aaron. Helana had read as much in his expression and paused the recording.

“Don’t worry, it’s nearly over. We took pity on them at this point and brought them all in; I just wanted to demonstrate our power. Like I said, I can make your stay here extremely uncomfortable.”

“What power? All you’ve done is made a few people have sex by drugging them!” replied Aaron.

“Have you been watching the same film as me Mr Tyson? I told you the gas effects women far more than men. What happened in there wasn’t just a physical transformation, it was a mental one as well. With their inhibitions removed, your rebel friends raped one of their own. A crime, incidentally, for which they will be punished. I’d also imagine they’ll never be able to trust each other again. If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.”

“You’re sick, you know that? A twisted, fat bit –”

“Careful Mr Tyson, I’ve warned you once already. I shall not do so again. Let’s watch the rest of the recording,” said Helana.

The screen unfroze.

“No, please, I can…can’t take any more,” Aaron begged with a look of horror on his face, “please, we were friends.”

Sophie paused, hovering over him with her pussy inches from the tip of his cock. Despite the desperate need clawing at her insides, something about the way Aaron spoke stopped her going any further. There was a moment’s silence, broken only by an impatient Emma.

“Yes we are friends, and friends are supposed to do things for each other,” she said coldly, “like right now we need your hard cock.”

Sophie was still wavering but starting to feel more like herself. What none of them had noticed but was easily discernible from the Videolink was that the HAL-247 gas had stopped venting into the sealed room.

“I don’t know Emma, it kinda feels wrong. I mean I am horny but it’s Aaron for god’s sake, we shouldn’t be doing this,” said Sophie with a look of remorse.

“I agree, I just don’t know what came over me,” said Lisa, who then stood up and released Aaron’s legs.

“Oh my god, what have we done? I bet the eunuchs have all this on camera! They’ll put us on trial and send us all to labour camps, or worse. We’ll have no help from the resistance because they’ll disown us when they see the tapes,” said Hannah in a panic.

“Yeah, I’m fine by the way,” said Aaron, more relieved than annoyed.

Emma, meanwhile, was gradually coming to her senses and stood up slowly. She was acutely aware and increasingly embarrassed about the effect the gas had had on her. She had become a wild animal, incapable of rational thought and it terrified her.

“I — err — don’t know what to say, that stuff, it just gets inside your head. I’m so sor…”

“Can you lot shut up for a minute; look over there,” said Sophie, pointing towards the same small duct that had previously released the HAL-247.

At first glance it looked like she was pointing at thin air but, on closer inspection, the vent seemed to be emitting a clear vapour. It was so subtle that it was only detectible by the slight distortion caused to the surrounding area; like looking at something through a glass of water.

“What the hell are they doing now?” asked Aaron to the room at large.

His question was answered soon enough as Sophie started to feel light-headed and woozy. She swayed a little on her feet before steadying herself by placing a hand on a nearby wall.

“I’m no expert but I’d say that’s sleeping gas. I guess the eunuchs want to, want to take us in for question…questioning,” said Sophie’s, her voice trailing off as the effects of the gas slurred her speech. She knew it wouldn’t take long for the drug to knock her out completely so she sat down to prevent injury. This stuff acts fast, she thought, before her pretty blue eyes closed and she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Aaron looked over at Sophie and saw her chest move, confirming that at least it was only sleeping gas and not something more permanent. He also noticed that her nipples were hardened like little bullets; perhaps an after-effect of the HAL-247.

Next to him, Emma’s eyes were glassy and a far-away expression played upon her features. This lasted only a few seconds before her small frame fell awkwardly to the floor. She looked so delicate against the harsh light that it served only to illustrate just how out-of character her behaviour of a few minutes ago had been.

Both Lisa and Hannah were struggling to stay awake but they both knew it was a lost cause. Then, from her drug-induced stupor, a question that had been nagging Hannah for some time found its voice: “Where the hell is Katie?”

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