“God, I hate him,” I said to myself practically every time the thought of him entered my mind. Troy was arrogant and cruel. Of all the men who had fucked my wife since we’d gotten married eight years ago, Troy was the most insufferable. I despised him. I desperately desired to have nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, my desires carried no weight at all.

My wife, Nina, had taken up with other men right from the beginning of our marriage. After the first time or two that I caught her, she made little attempt to hide her affairs. (And I never would have caught her in the first place if she’d been really serious about hiding these things from me.) She knew I was devastated but, seeing that my devastation didn’t lead to any bad consequences for her, she carried on brazenly. I think she knew that I wouldn’t leave her but I’m not sure how much she cared about that, anyway.

Over the years, I’d become rather used to her just announcing that she was going out. That was it. No explanation. No excuses. She’d get herself all made up and dress in her sexiest outfits, then go out for the evening, or the night, and sometimes for the whole weekend. She’d come back in the most vile of states—her clothes in complete disarray and smelling of sex.

I made adjustments. I found things to do while she was gone. You should see the collection of pornography that I’ve downloaded during those long times alone. Whacking off to internet porn provided only temporary relief from my tortured images of Nina fucking these other guys, of which there were many. But temporary relief is better than no relief. So there you have it.

Strangely, I sometimes felt as if my whacking off to porn was a kind of revenge against Nina. Sort of: “Oh, yeah! Well, two can play this game!” Of course the game she was playing was fucking and sucking a lot of attractive guys. The game I was playing was fucking my hand while I looked at pictures of other men fucking hot chicks. Pathetic!

As things progressed, sometimes Nina had her men pick her up at our house and bring her back after their date. At first this was very hard for me—especially because Nina usually wasn’t ready and she insisted that I answer the door and invite the guy in. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to invite into your house the guy who’s going to be in your wife in a few hours? Nina would not have me be a bad host. I had to offer these men a drink and sit with them until she was ready.

And then she’d always make a grand entrance. She knew that she was really hot, especially when she dressed like a tart. How many times had I had to watch as some man’s eyes lit up thinking about how wonderful it would be to undress my wife and fuck her crazy and knowing that this is precisely what he’d be doing soon? I’d lost count. Enough, though, that it had killed a part of my soul.

I felt as if I hated each and every one of these guys. What kind of man would take advantage of another man like this? What kind of man had no respect for the bonds of marriage? But when I thought hard and dispassionately about it, I knew that a lot of men would. And, in fact, I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t have if given the opportunity—at least before I’d experienced this from the perspective of the cuckolded husband.

Troy was different from the beginning. And, as I got to know him better, I realized what hatred was. The other men had hurt me. I was jealous of them. And I didn’t like them much. Troy, I hated.

The first time Troy came to pick Nina up, I could sense the difference. I invited him in, feeling resentful of his good looks and obvious self-confidence. He took me up on the offer of a drink and then just sat there looking superior as he sipped his bourbon. Most guys seemed at least a little uncomfortable. Some almost seemed sympathetic. Troy was unfazed by my obvious discomfort. In fact, he seemed to relish it.

He quickly became a favorite of Nina’s. I think she soon started being exclusive with him (a rare thing for Nina). As their relationship developed, Nina’s pattern changed—obviously at Troy’s insistence. But Nina was a more-than-willing partner.

One new thing I had to deal with was having our marital bed taken over for some of their dates. The first time this happened, it seemed almost incidental. Troy and Nina came home early from one of their dates. It was about midnight. I’d just whacked off to some porn and was getting ready to go to bed.

I was walking out of the bathroom wearing only my jockey briefs when Nina and Troy came around the corner. It’s embarrassing enough to be dressed only in your underpants when your wife walks in with her lover. But then Nina said, “Sleep in the guest room tonight. Troy and I will be using the master bedroom.” I sputtered but it’s really impossible to appear forceful when you’re standing in front of your cuckolding wife and her lover in only your whitey-tighties. So I just went into the guest room and tried to ignore the noise coming from our bedroom for the next two hours.

It was a restless night for me. I didn’t sleep much. It wasn’t so much the noise, which ended after a couple of hours anyway. It was the fact that I was incredibly horny. I wound up masturbating three times during the night. Each time I was envisioning Nina sucking Troy’s cock or getting reamed by him in the cunt or ass. Those images got me hard, then they got me off.

The next morning, I was up and dressed when I heard the shower going. I could hear Nina and Troy talking and laughing in the shower so I moved from the living room to the kitchen to be further away. I thought about leaving the house but I decided that I wouldn’t be run out of my own house by this asshole. A man has to draw the line somewhere.

About a half hour later, Nina came into the kitchen wearing Troy’s shirt, unbuttoned with nothing under it, followed by Troy, who had my bathrobe around him. Sheeze! The nerve of this guy … wearing my bathrobe!

Nina told me to pour them both coffee and, without a complaint, I found myself doing it. I guess I was a completely beaten man. She almost pushed me to my limit when she told me to cook them both breakfast, but I went along with that, too. All the while I was cooking the eggs and bacon, Nina and Troy talked intimately to each other, sometimes laughing with pleasure. I couldn’t wait to get done cooking so that I could just get out of the room.

I guess both Nina and Troy liked being served by me because they began to weave this bit of humiliation into their regular pattern. The next time Troy came to the house, it wasn’t to pick Nina up for a date. They were going to “spend a quiet evening at home.” Yeah, my home! And I was their server.

They settled down in the family room with the drinks I’d made them and then started a porno movie that Troy had brought over while I cooked them dinner. Nina would never watch porn with me but I could hear her laughing enticingly with Troy in the family room all the while I was cooking dinner. When they’d finished their movie and come into the dining room for dinner, Nina told me to go and clean out the Jacuzzi tub and run them a nice hot bath.

That didn’t take too long so I had a chance while they were finishing up dinner to go into the family room to see what movie they’d been watching. Cum-Eating Cuckolds! Shit! This guy was a flaming asshole. I switched to TV and tried to achieve some normalcy by watching the news while Troy and Nina finished eating.

When they went into the master bathroom to take their bath, though, I couldn’t resist watching some of the movie. I was simultaneously revolted, disgusted, fascinated, and aroused by what I saw. The wife in the movie was openly cuckolding her husband with a much more endowed man. At the end of the first cuckolding session in the movie, she ordered her husband to lick the man’s cum from her dripping cunt. And he did! I was sickened and appalled. I was also rock hard. I found myself looking forward to seeing the rest of the movie. I suspected I’d be in for a long night and, so, would be able to watch it several times if I wanted to.

“Scott!” Nina called from the bathroom. “Can you come here?” It was phrased as a request, but it was clearly an order. And I obeyed. I wasn’t anxious to see Nina in the bathtub with Troy and, fortunately, I didn’t have to. As soon as I’d gotten in the bedroom, she yelled to me that there was no need to come in the bathroom. All she wanted to tell me was that I needed to strip and remake the bed so that she and Troy would have clean sheets tonight.

“What kind of man would make the bed for his wife and her lover?” I wondered as I was making the bed. Well, I guess the answer was obvious: a man like me. But once it was made, I could leave the room and go back to the family room and turn the movie back on.

I started the movie over, deciding that the first scene was worth re-watching. I dithered a bit over how loud to turn the volume. On the one hand, I wanted to drown out the sounds coming from the master bedroom. But I certainly didn’t want them to hear me watching Cum-Eating Cuckolds. I guess I didn’t really have to worry about that, though; they were pretty engrossed in what they were doing, as I could clearly hear whenever there was a quiet part of the movie.

When I was sure Nina and Troy wouldn’t be coming out of the bedroom, I gave up any pretense of just watching the movie out of curiosity. I pulled out my hard cock and stroked myself. I wasn’t in any rush to cum. I knew I had all night and it was kind of nice to just keep myself hard and excited for a long time. Being really hard can make you feel a bit like a man even under circumstances that are in complete contradiction to your manhood.

I watched the movie all the way through, and then picked some selected highlights to watch. In the course of the viewing, I came twice, each time I found myself licking up my cum completely. I’d tasted my cum before. I suppose most guys have. But this time I devoured it.

In the morning, Nina and Troy made me serve them breakfast in bed. That was a little bit more of the cruelty that I hated Troy for. It is unbelievably humiliating to serve your wife and her lover breakfast in your marital bed while they exchange touches and smiles right in front of you. And the clean sheets I’d put on last night reeked of sex and showed numerous vile stains of their raucous night together.

It’s pretty clear why I hated Troy more than any of Nina’s other lovers. As they say on the infomercials, though, “But wait…there’s more!”

One Friday Nina called me at work in the morning. She said I needed to get off work for the afternoon and meet her at home. It was important, she insisted. I made an excuse and got home by about 1:00. I was pleased to find that Nina was home alone. I’d half expected some special humiliation with Troy. As I was to find out later, that was to come. But I didn’t know that yet and I breathed a sigh of relief when I found her alone.

“What’s up?” I asked in all innocence. I really didn’t have a clue about what was going on. It was very strange for Nina to want me to come home in the middle of the day.

“Let’s take a bath,” Nina said. Wow! I didn’t get it at all. Why did she want to take a bath with me? We hadn’t done that in ages. But I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Carpe diem, I thought.

In the bathtub, Nina started asking me if I loved her—really loved her. Of course I said that I did. I started to say something like, “Do you think I’d put up with the humiliation that she and her lovers subject me to if I didn’t?” But I really didn’t get much of that thought out. She knew what I was thinking though. And she said something that sounded like genuine sympathy. She said, “Oh, dear. I know it must be difficult for you.”

But then, she went back to asking if I loved her and I realized that this was a set-up for something she had in mind. After reassuring her that I really did love her, I let her blindfold me in the tub and promised to let her do anything she wanted to do to my body. (She promised that she wouldn’t cause me any pain, though, which reassured me a little.)

She lifted up my leg and I could feel her running her soapy hands over my calves and thighs. When I realized what she was up, I jerked my leg away.

“Stop moving or you’re going to have cuts all over you,” Nina cautioned. I guess my jerking had already resulted in a razor cut. I felt her touch a styptic pencil to my thigh. It stung, but I suppose it did its job and stopped the bleeding.

By the time the bath was done, Nina had shaved every bit of hair off of my body except for the hair on my head. She’d shaved my face again, to—not that I grew much of a daytime beard but she apparently wanted me as smooth as possible. She ran her hands over my body and said, “Now, doesn’t that feel better?” Well, it certainly felt different, and (I guess) better in the sense that I found her touch very erotic.

Nina pulled the plug and helped me out of the tub. She positioned me in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom, stood behind me, and ran her hands up and down my body, never touching my cock, but inching enticingly close to it. When she had me completely aroused and my cock was standing up more than horizontal, she lifted my blindfold.

I was amazed at how different I looked with no body hair. I hadn’t seen my body without hair since I was about 12, I think. Nina was now running her fingernails lightly over my chest and abdomen, which caused my cock to remain at full staff. This meant that it was only my hairlessness that reminded me of myself at 12. My seven inches of hard meat looked even bigger than it did when it sprouted out of a bush of pubic hair. It looked nothing like a 12 year-old.

Nina had me sit down on the side of the tub and she put by blindfold back on. I didn’t know what she was up to but when she started to smooth lotion all over my body, I didn’t complain. It felt wonderful to have her hands caress me like that—in ways she hadn’t since shortly after we’d been married. If I put a lot of our history out of my mind, I could almost imagine that we were newly-weds still, making love to each other with the sweet innocence that we once had.

The illusion was broken when she had me stand up and I felt her fitting something on my now-flaccid penis. By the time I’d pulled off the blindfold and realized what she was doing, one of those clear plastic cock cages was securely locked behind my scrotum. My complaints were met with soothing but dismissive responses that felt very condescending to me. But, like it or not, it was clear that the cock cage was not coming off until Nina wanted it to come off. She encouraged me to just relax and enjoy what she had planned for me. I couldn’t relax, of course, but there wasn’t much I could do to alter the course of her plans.

She led me into the bedroom and again put the blindfold on me. She had me sit down on the side of the bed, where I waited for what seemed to me like a long time. I didn’t know what she was doing but while she was busy, I felt the cock cage with my hands. There was no way I was going to get out of this thing without the key and I had no idea where that was. I decided it was best not to touch myself at all because when I did, it would start to make me hard. And the pressure in the cock cage made that hurt.

I heard Nina return and then I felt her sliding something up my legs. Just from the feel, I could tell that she was putting some sort of silky panties on me.

“What are you doing?” I complained. But she told me again to just relax, reminding me that if I wanted to get the cock cage off, I should be eager to please her. She had me stand up so she could pull the panties all the way up. When she did so, she pushed my caged cock down as far as she could. I’m sure there was still an obscene bulge in my panties, but there was no way around that.

I was sort of thinking that this was as much humiliation as could affect me. Not that I didn’t know that more was coming, of course. But I kind of figured that once I was denuded of my hair, locked in a cock cage, and dressed in panties, I was about as filled with humiliation as possible. You know, you can keep on pouring water into a glass but, when it’s up to the rim, it will just spill out. I was wrong about having hit my limit of humiliation, though. When Nina fitted me with a bra, I felt a wave of shame wash over me.

Nina guided me to her dressing table and had me sit down at the stool. Then she left me alone again for a few minutes. When I could hear her near me again, I could also smell something that reminded me of the model glue I used to use to put together airplane models when I was a kid. Then I felt her pull one of the cups of my bra away from my chest and I felt an incredibly cold wetness on my chest. I knew what was happening; but there was nothing I could do to stop it at this point. Nina held the breast form tightly against my chest until the glue had set and, when she released her grip, I could feel the breast sagging, pulling the skin of my chest down until the breast form was securely supported by my bra. After gluing on my other “breast,” I heard Nina compliment herself on her work. I couldn’t see anything but I suspected that I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as she did.

After fastening on a garter belt and stringing the clips down through my panties, Nina rolled stockings up my legs and clipped them to the garter belt. Then she had me stand so that she could put my dress on me. I could feel that it wasn’t much of a dress. It hung just about two inches below my crotch and left the tops of my stockings uncovered. I had to suck my stomach in as much as I could for Nina to zip up my dress. When she had finished, I could only take small breaths and it felt like I had a rope tied around my waist.

“You look gorgeous, sweetheart!” Now let’s do something about your face. Nina made me promise to keep my eyes closed so as not to “spoil my surprise.” I didn’t give a shit about “my surprise” but she was holding all the cards (aka keys), and so I promised.

Nina did a lot of fussing with my face. I don’t even know what all she rubbed and brushed and slathered on there. I felt her plucking my eye brows rather severely. (More hair lost!) And then she was doing things with my eyelids and my lashes. Finally, she turned me away from the mirror and told me I had to open my eyes but I could only look straight ahead.

When she had me in this position, she pulled out my upper and lower eye lids and put some sort of pencil right to the edges of my eye lids. It was all I could do to keep from blinking. But finally, she was done and I was ordered to close my eyes again.

I felt Nina fitting a wig over my head. I hadn’t realized that Nina owned a wig and I thought for a minute about how strange it was that she had one to put on me. (Funny that I hadn’t thought of how strange it was that she had breast forms to glue to my chest. But I guess when she stuck those things on me I was thinking about issues other than “where did she come up with these things?”)

I figured that Nina must be about finished. Really, what was left to do? She turned me toward the mirror and, I guess, took one last look at her creation before telling me to open my eyes and meet Scarlet.

To say that I was stunned would be to understate the case by a rather wide margin. At first I couldn’t believe that it was me. But as I moved, Scarlet moved. I soon made my peace with the fact that I’d been transformed into a very passable—and, indeed, rather attractive—fairly buxom, redheaded bombshell.

I got up and looked in the full-length mirror. Nina had dressed me in black stockings with a seam up the back and a very short French maid’s dress with a cute white apron tied around it. (I hadn’t even noticed her tying that around me.) The dress cinched my waist in a lot—the visual effect was as noticeable as the physical sensation. Whether from the front or the side, my waist looked appropriately delicate and feminine. And the skirt made my hips look wider than they really are.

The only thing that spoiled the look at all was that, from the side, you could see a distinct bulge in my panties that even the skirt couldn’t completely hide. It was made worse by the fact that I was hardening at the sight of myself in the mirror. Of course, I couldn’t get erect, but what hardening was possible inside the cock cage thrust the cage out and made the bulge bigger.

“You’re going to need to learn to walk in these,” Nina said walking up to me with four-inch stiletto heels. I doubted that would be possible. Surely she could start me off with something more practical! But she was a stern taskmistress and she insisted that I practice walking up and down the hallway in those impossible heels until I could do it with some semblance of grace. After I’d gotten the basic balance down, she began coaching me on how to look more feminine—not just in my walking but in how I held my head and brushed the hair from my face.

I was getting this all down pretty well when the doorbell rang. “Oh, my God!” I thought, “someone’s here. I’ve got to get out of this stuff.” That was not to be. The guest was, of course, Troy. And I had no illusions that my present state would be a surprise to him. I knew who was behind all of this (though Nina was, as always, an enthusiastic co-conspirator).

I knew it was futile but, still, I hung back in the hallway, letting Nina answer the door alone. I could hear their voices and some laughter in the entryway, but I couldn’t make out the words until Nina called for me to join them. She called me by name: ‘Scarlet’.

Is it possible to face something like this with even a shred of dignity? I don’t know. But I resolved to try. I walked into the living room, where they had settled, with as much poise and polish as I could muster.

Troy whistled and his eyebrows shot halfway up his forehead. He was genuinely impressed. Nina had me go through some poses and walk back and forth. I tried not to pose so that the bulge in my panties was evident but it was difficult because, once again, my cock was straining at its cage.

After a bit, Nina dismissed me to get them drinks, allowing that I could get one for myself, too. I brought back three glasses and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir on a tray and poured each of us a glass. When I sat down on a chair across from the couch, I realized that Nina hadn’t had me practice crossing my legs. I was a little awkward and, I think, showed more than a little beaver. But I got into position and sipped my wine silently while Nina and Troy complimented me—but even more, Nina—on my looks.

When I’d nearly finished my glass of wine, Nina told me to make dinner for the two of them in the dining room and directed me to eat in the kitchen. She had all of the dinner food laid out in the refrigerator so it was really pretty easy to do the cooking. And, since I was alone I could kick off my heels and walk more normally. Still, I found that wearing stockings and a dress had an unconscious influence on how I walked. If I’d been in jeans and tennis shoes and walked this way, my walk would look like swishing. Dressed as I was, it looked normal and feminine, even without the heels.

When I had the dining room table set, complete with a different wine for dinner and the salads at the plates, I got my heels back on and went to the living room to get Nina and Troy. I really didn’t want to call them. I mean, would I use my regular voice, which would sound ridiculous coming from me in my present state, or would I try to project a female voice, which would, I was sure, would sound ridiculous, too. I motioned them toward the dining room and then went to the kitchen to get the main course ready to serve.

Troy kept stealing glances at me when I came in to clear the dishes or bring out the food. I was surprised that Nina didn’t start to get jealous, but she seemed to be okay with the attention Troy was giving me.

When I’d cleared the dinner plates, Nina told me to bring out the dessert—chocolate lava cakes—and to bring mine out too so that I could eat with them. That seemed nice, until I learned her plan.

Nina had me stand by my plate. She walked over to me and produced a key from somewhere. Pulling up the skirt of my maid’s dress, she declared that I’d been so good about making and serving dinner that I deserved a reward. She pulled my panties down to my knees and carefully unlocked my cock cage. I felt a great sense of pleasure and relief as she slid that awful contraption off my semi-soft cock. Nina laid the cock cage on the table in front of my plate and stroked my dick soothingly, saying, “There, now…doesn’t that feel better?”

Of course it did. It felt much better to be out of that terrible hard plastic shell that prevented me for getting a real erection. And it felt terrific to feel Nina’s soft hand stroking my now hardening cock. She continued until my cock was at full mast and I was really lost in the feeling. I hadn’t forgotten that Troy was there, watching me and feeling very superior as he began eating his chocolate lava cake. But I didn’t care much. It felt so good to have Nina touching me.

But then she stopped. “I’d better eat my dessert before it starts to get cold,” she excused herself. “You can finish that yourself, Scarlett.” At first I thought it was an invitation that I was free to decline. But when I started to sit down, Nina scolded me, telling me to finish what she had started.

I began stroking my dick, which had barely begun to soften in the break after Nina had released her grip. I was filled with humiliation. It’s hard to believe that anything could increase my humiliation. But to be dressed as a slutty maid and forced to masturbate in front of your wife’s lover, just for their enjoyment of your shame, was indescribably embarrassing.

Before long, though, the pleasure began to overshadow even the humiliation. Maybe the humiliation even intensified the pleasure. I don’t know. When I was just about to cum, Nina told me not to waste my cum. She told me to glaze my dessert with it. I was in no position to argue—my cum was already beginning to rocket down my shaft—so I shot my cream in strings over my chocolate cake. When I’d recovered enough to look down, I realized that it had made trails over the chocolate cake, almost as if a chef had intentionally drizzled a sugar glaze over it.

I pulled up my panties, tucking my now soft penis down in them. Then, of course, Nina had me eat my dessert. As I was picking at it, she kept remarking on how wonderful dessert was and insisting that I agree that it was the best dessert I’d ever tasted. She wasn’t content with my cleaning my plate with my fork. I had to lick it completely clean so that I was sure not to waste any of the “sweet cream sauce” (as she described it) because “she knew how much I loved that.”

When I got up to clear the table, I was surprised to see that Nina got up too, helping me take dishes out to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Nina instructed me to pour all three of us a glass of a nice after-dinner wine. As I was doing that, she told me how proud she was of me. She said that she thought I looked beautiful—which I’m embarrassed to say caused me to flush with pride for a moment until I had a chance to reflect on it. And she said that I’d just shown what a wonderfully subservient maid I could be. She thought I deserved a reward. My “reward” turned out to be an invitation to join Nina and Troy in their bedroom tonight. (That’s how she described it: ‘their bedroom’!) And, as with all of the invitations I’d been receiving lately, it wasn’t one that I was free to decline.

So it was that I joined my wife, and the man I hated most in all the world, in “their” bedroom. Nina treated it like it was a great adventure for me. We were, to listen to her patter, two girlfriends who were going to have a wonderful time sharing a gorgeous sexy man. She was writing the script now, and that was how it was shaping up.

When we got in the bedroom, Nina arranged us so that Troy was standing beside the bed and then she began kissing him. She tried to get me involved in that but I managed to hold back without seeming to be disobedient. But when she sank to her knees and pulled me down, I had no choice but to kneel down with her in front of Troy.

Of course, there was no doubt where this was going. In a way it was almost a relief when Nina began unzipping Troy’s pants. At least we’d move past this stage where Nina was chattering on about what a treat this was for “us girls.” I didn’t like it much when Nina stopped what she was doing and said that because I’d been such a good girl, I should get to unwrap our present.

I managed, though, to finish unzipping Troy’s pants and I reached in to fish out his hardening cock. This was the first time I’d ever touched another man’s cock. In all of the cuckolding Nina had subjected me to, she’d never involved me in the activities before in a way that meant I’d actually touch one of her lovers. Hell, I’d never even engaged in the “boy play” that most kids had growing up—you know … the sleep over where kids made up their juvenile sex games and touched each other.

It’s a strange feeling touching another man’s cock—I guess stranger still because of the whole situation I was in. The cock itself felt hot and the skin was remarkably soft. But the shaft underneath the skin was hardening quickly in response to my touch. In all of the times I’d touched and stroked my own cock, I’d never really noticed the texture, temperature, and tumescence of my own cock. I guess when you touch your own cock, you’re mainly concentrating on the feelings your hand is causing in your cock, not the feelings your cock is causing in your hand.

Nina began urging me to “make love” to Troy’s “beautiful cock.” She wanted me to kiss it and lick it and take it deep in my mouth. The only way I could manage to do this was to completely dissociate myself from what I was doing. I had to try, as much as possible, to forget that I was a cuckolded, feminized husband and try to actually feel like a woman who’s sucking a man’s cock. And, I had to put out of my mind the fact that it was Troy’s cock. I told myself that this was just a nice cock and I was a beautiful woman who loved men’s cocks.

With these tricks, I could follow Nina’s orders, to her great satisfaction. I got so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t even really notice that Nina had been unbuckling Troy’s belt and pants. For a minute she pushed my mouth away from his cock so that she could pull his pants and underpants completely down and off his legs. When she’d gotten them down off his hips, Troy’s cock sprung up like a diving board. With Nina’s gentle encouragement, I took his shaft back in my mouth and continued to work it with my lips and tongue.

I tried to ignore Nina’s remarks as I was doing this. She was rambling on about how much I loved it, how wonderful it felt to hold a real man’s cock in my mouth, and a bunch of other stuff designed to humiliate me even more. It was bad enough that I had to do this. All of her talk just made things worse.

Troy was building up to an orgasm. I could tell. And apparently it was all going too quickly for Nina’s liking. She had me stop so I could “savor” the moment more fully. Of course, this was all really about Nina savoring the moment of my embarrassment.

Nina directed me to lick Troy’s balls and to suck them gently into my mouth. I did that, and for a moment I fantasized about biting one of his balls off. Not for long, though. Nina gave me other directions I had to follow. At her bidding, I lifted up his ball sack and licked behind it. Nina had me do that for several minutes as she pushed his legs ever further apart to give me good access.

“Now let me show you how to do it right, so you’ll really enjoy it,” Nina said as if being helpful. She moved me back so that I could watch her while she gave Troy a terrific blow job. She was pumping his shaft gently, twisting her hand as she moved it up and down his rod, and her lips were playing over his cock with enthusiasm. From time to time, I could see her tongue pushed out under his cock, giving him extra stimulation in the most sensitive spot.

“Okay,” Nina said, “I’ve been selfish. This is yours to enjoy tonight. Now you try it just like I showed you.”

For some reason I can’t really articulate, it was actually easier on me to be giving Troy a blow job than watching Nina do it. I don’t mean that I got jealous watching her do it. I mean, I guess I was jealous, but I’d sort of made my peace with that. It was that while I was watching, I would think too much about what was happening. When I was actually sucking Troy off, I could sort of get lost in the activity.

As I was working hard on Troy’s hard-on, Nina would sometimes help me pump his shaft or she’d cup his balls in her hand, telling me how much I was getting his sweet cum roiling in his balls and how much I was going to love taking his load in my sweet little mouth.

When it was clear that Troy was finally building to an orgasm, Nina surprised me by reaching under my skirt and grasping my own cock. It wasn’t until she grabbed me that I realized that, despite the jack-off session I’d just been forced to perform, my own cock was flying at full staff.

I didn’t have too long to think about this. Just seconds after Nina grabbed my cock, Troy grunted loudly and, putting his hands on the back of my head to control the rhythm and force of my movements, began spewing an enormous load of his juice into my mouth. With his hands holding my head, I had no choice but to swallow each jet of jism as it hit the back of my mouth.

Troy settled down and I was able to pull off of his cock and rock back on my heels. I hadn’t cum but I felt as if I’d had some sort of climax. I was breathing hard and trying to regain my composure.

“While Scarlett was making love to your cock, a little problem arose,” Nina said as she pulled up my skirt to show Troy my still hard cock. I flushed red and felt my heart pounding. This entire evening was debasing beyond description. But to have Troy think that I actually got off on dressing like a woman and, at my wife’s direction, being his private cock whore was just too much.

“We’ll have to take care of this, Troy. You’ll have to excuse us girls while we freshen up in the bathroom.” And, with that, Nina led me to the bathroom. I found myself a little unsteady on my high heels. I guess getting up quickly sort of threw off my balance.

When we got to the bathroom, Nina positioned me in front of the vanity. She raised up my skirt and had me hold the skirt up as high as it would go, exposing my crotch in front of the mirror. Nina pulled my panties all the way off. My dick wasn’t completely hard any more. It was full, but kind of soft. That changed quickly as Nina stood back up and wrapped her sweet smooth hand around my dick and began stroking me.

This was a very strange experience. In the mirror, I saw two very sexy women, except that one of them had a cock that the other was stroking. I could sort of feel like a woman except that my dick was completely hard and responding to Nina’s practiced touch. I decided that I needed to feel like a man for a minute after what I’d been forced to do so I closed my eyes and just imagined that a beautiful woman was giving me a terrific hand job. That was true, of course, but if I opened my eyes, I saw lots of other things that were true and I just didn’t want to think about right now.

I did open my eyes, though, right at the point when my orgasm was inevitable. I watched as Nina milked thread after thread of white cream from my cock. It sprayed across the vanity top as I had an incredibly intense orgasm. Looking down on it as I finished, I was amazed at the quantity. Where did all that come from when I’d just shot my load less than an hour ago?

“Now you’ve made a big mess there, Scarlett,” Nina said with mock concern. “I didn’t know that you were the kind of girl that squirted. You’ll have to clean that up, honey.” Nina began pressing my head down toward the counter top. I was too tired to resist and, besides, I didn’t have much of a track record resisting Nina’s demands.

So I was bent over from the waist, carefully licking my cum from the counter. All of a sudden, I felt my skirt being lifted up from the rear. Nina was also pressing down hard on my back with her elbow, putting a lot of her weight on her arm. I had to brace myself on the counter to keep from my face from being pushed into what was left of my semen.

I didn’t know what was happening until I felt something being pressed into my ass. I tried to pull away—more from instinct than as a carefully considered strategy—but I couldn’t do it. Whatever Nina was shoving up my ass was narrow. It didn’t hurt. It was just humiliating to be treated like her toy.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what Nina was doing to me. She was using some sort of device to fill my rectum with lubricant. I could feel some of it leak out past the nozzle and drip down the insides of my thighs. This didn’t hurt, of course, but it filled me with foreboding at what was to come.

Nina pulled out whatever she was using to inject the lube in my ass and told me to hold still for a minute. She got some tissue and carefully wiped away the excess that had leaked out, being sure to leave some lubricant spread around my anus.

“Now that we’ve got your awful little erection taken care of and you’re all wet with excitement, let’s go back and see what fun you can have with Troy.” Nina smiled at her cleverness. “He’s a really good fucker, as you’ll soon see.”

I stood up and, when I did, Nina realized that my make-up was messed and my lipstick smeared—not surprising given what I’d been doing. She insisted on freshening up my make up because, she said, “I should look my best for my boyfriend.”

She fussed for a bit and then, seemingly satisfied, she led me back to the bedroom. Troy was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He came to life as we walked in.

“Got her little ‘problem’ taken care of?” he asked in a way that made me blush with shame.

“We sure did,” Nina responded perkily. “We just had some ‘girl things’ to take care of.”

Troy had never taken off his shirt so Nina had him stand up. I thought she was going to finish undressing him, but she wanted me to do it because, as she said, “it was my present and I should get to finish opening it.” I hated this. I was standing eye-to-eye with Troy. It’s awkward unbuttoning a guy’s shirt from the other side and it took me a while to do it. All the while I was working on it, I could see the superior smirk on Troy’s face. Well, sure! Why shouldn’t he feel superior? He knew he was about to buttfuck the guy he’d been cuckolding for months. This last humiliation completely cemented his dominance over me. He controlled my house, my wife, and now my body—already my mouth and soon my ass—for his sole pleasure.

“You know you did a pretty good job draining Troy’s balls with your mouth, Scarlett. I think you might have to use all of your feminine wiles to get him ready for action again so soon. But I’m sure you can do it. And I’m here to give you some tips about how you can really drive him crazy.”

And tips she gave me aplenty. Nina had me start by giving Troy a back massage. He lay on the bed and I straddled his back. Of course, this put my balls and cock right on his ass. I was afraid that the friction as I moved would give me an undesired erection. But—speaking of drained balls—Nina’s work in the bathroom ensured that my dick stayed soft and impotent.

After I’d massaged Troy’s back for a while, I had to kiss and lick his back, starting at his shoulders and working down. Before long, I realized that Nina wasn’t going to stop the “working down” part. She insisted that I kiss and lick his ass cheeks and, finally, that I spread his ass cheeks and tongue his asshole.

The worst part of this was at the beginning, as my tongue first touched his bung hole. It was really the idea of the thing that was off-putting. Though there was a slight smell, it didn’t really taste bad. After a while I sort of became used to it and I managed to rim him and ream him pretty well. Nina told me to reach up under his legs and feel whether it was getting his cock hard again. She told me that when she did this for Troy, it always got him hard, even if he’d just fucked her. (Perhaps it goes without saying that she’d never done anything like this with me. But I was past being hurt by thoughts like that.)

Troy was getting hard. In fact, he was surprisingly hard and big. While I continued tonguing his anus, I stroked his cock, too. This made him raise his hips slightly, which gave me better access to both of the objects of my attention.

When it was clear that Troy was fully aroused, Nina had me stop and pull him to a sitting position. Then, and she insisted that I look into his eyes, when I did this, she made me ask Troy if he would please fuck my ass.

I don’t know whether they’d rehearsed this script but Troy toyed with me. He hemmed and hawed and said that I wasn’t really his kind of girl. At Nina’s instructions, I had to plead with him, telling him how much I wanted his beautiful cock in my virgin asshole and promising that I would make him feel wonderful.

Finally, Troy consented and instructed me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. He lifted my skirt from the back, just a Nina had done in the bathroom. But he was planning to insert something a good deal larger than she had. First, though, I felt his finger toying with my ass. I could feel the lubricant begin to ooze from my ass.

“Just the way I like my women…really wet and ready for my hard cock!” He went on, “You must really want it, bitch.”

Want it or not, it was going to happen. What’s that they say? “When rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it”?!? Well, he wanted me doggy-style so there was no lying back. But it was inevitable that he was going to fuck me and there was no point in fighting it.

I felt his cock press against my asshole. When he had things lined up right, I felt both hands on my hips. I was afraid for a minute that he was going to thrust into me in a single, fast motion. I’d played with toys in my ass, but nothing nearly as big as a cock—especially nothing as big as Troy’s cock. I was getting ready for a very uncomfortable—maybe even extraordinarily painful—sensation. But, to my surprise, Troy didn’t just ram his cock in my ass. Instead, he used his hands on my hips to carefully control the motion as he very slowly—in fact, excruciatingly slowly—pressed his rigid shaft into my virgin ass.

I’d thought that such an entry would be the best I could hope for. Now I wasn’t sure. Maybe it’s like getting in cold water: best to do it in one fell swoop. This slow and gentle pace made me incredibly aware of each millimeter that his cock was violating me. As he got near bottoming out in me, I almost had to fight the urge to rear back and just get it over with. Of course, I had no intention of doing something on my own initiative that Troy and Nina would interpret as wanting to get fucked by Troy.

Once his loins were firmly against my butt cheeks and I could feel the full length of him inside me, Troy began to move in and out of me—slowly at first, but with an ever quickening pace. I put my elbows down and put my head to the sheet. When I looked down between by legs, my view was blocked by my skirt. So with one hand I pulled by skirt up. I watched as my still soft and shriveled penis and testicles swung back and forth to the rhythm Troy was setting up. They looked useless and irrelevant and I now realized why Nina had insisted in draining my balls. She wanted to make it very clear to me that there was only one dick getting pleasured in this bed now. Indeed, there was only one real man in the bed. I was a woman who just happened to have a few lumps of flesh between her legs. The only cock I was supposed to be thinking about was Troy’s. And, looking at my now tiny dick flopping between my legs, I really didn’t want to think about my own. So I dropped my skirt and just focused on the sensation of Troy’s rod reaming my ass.

I began to move my ass to meet his thrusts. The sooner he came, the sooner this would all be over so it was in my interest not to be just an inanimate lump of flesh. Nina noticed my activity and began to verbally taunt me, though she pretended it was encouragement.

“That’s it, Scarlett. Doesn’t it feel terrific? I always love it when Troy fucks me in the ass.” (Another thing we’d never done.) “Isn’t it wonderful? He’s so big and hard and don’t you just love the way if fills you up?” Then she began giving me directions. “Try to squeeze his cock with your ass muscles. Do it especially hard as he pulls back—like you don’t want him to pull out of you. You want his hard cock filling you forever.”

For reasons other than those Nina was describing, I thought this wasn’t such a bad idea. If I could milk his cock with my ass muscles, maybe he’d cum faster and this could all be over sooner.

So I worked Troy’s cock with my ass muscles. I realized as I did this that it was better for me when I was actively involved. When I just knelt there, passively allowing Troy to penetrate me, I was a victim. Now I was an active participant.

Of course I knew that Nina and Troy would interpret my activity as a sign that I was enjoying what was happening. Well, let them interpret as they want. If you live your life based on how others will respond to your actions, you’re certainly not a real man.

In one respect, it was pretty obvious how Troy was responding to my actions. My anal milking of his cock was driving him toward an intense orgasm. I could feel his muscles tighten as did his grip on my hips. And suddenly he roared and thrust deeply into me, holding that position as his cock erupted in my ass. I imagined enormous loads of seed filling my bowels.

Troy held perfectly still for a few moments and I used that opportunity to squeeze his cock repeatedly, drawing out whatever cream was left in his shaft. I guess this was too intense a sensation for his now very sensitive cock and he pushed away from me slowly. When we uncoupled, I felt a small stream of his juice run down on to my balls. Once again, I lifted my skirt, this time to watch Troy’s cum drip off my balls onto the sheets.

I was emotionally and physically drained. I realized that causing a crashing orgasm in your partner can involve a sort of emotional climax in you, even if you don’t have an orgasm. Troy had collapsed next to me on the bed and I lay down beside him, with my back nestled against his chest.

“Isn’t that adorable?” Nina said in a mocking voice. But I didn’t pay her any attention now. For a few minutes, I just rested and tried to make my mind a blank. I didn’t feel bad, really, but I was pretty sure that if I thought much about what had just happened, I would. So a blank mind seemed desirable.

I didn’t get much time to just veg. Nina told me, in no uncertain terms, that I needed to go to the guest room for the night—that she and Troy wanted to be alone now. As I pulled myself up and headed for the door, I could feel more of Troy’s deposit leaking from my stretch anus.

“Wait,” Nina barked. “Don’t forget your panties.” She bent down and picked up my panties and handed them to me gently. “A girl’s got to clean up after herself. Right, Scarlett? Oh, and we’ll have breakfast in bed tomorrow. Let’s say about 9:00.”

With that, I was dismissed. As I closed the door behind me, I could hear Nina giggling something to Troy. I couldn’t hear what she said so I decided not to torture myself over it.

I went to the bathroom to undress and clean up. The first thing I needed to do, though, was to take a piss. As I sat on the toilet, holding my skirt up like I’d seen Nina do and looking down on my stocking-clad legs and at the garter belt holding them up, my mind filled with recriminations. What had I done to deserve this treatment? What the hell had become of me? I didn’t have any good answers. I was distracted from thinking about them when I felt more cum oozing from my ass into the toilet.

I finished and wiped my tender asshole gently. As I flushed the toilet, I realized that, in many ways, I’d just handled the toilet needs exactly like a woman would.

Now it was time to get out of these clothes. That was all about relief. First the shoes. I’d gotten pretty skilled in walking in them and wasn’t finding them too uncomfortable while I wore them but when I took them off, I felt a wave of pleasure. I realized why women complained about their feet hurting so much. Then, I untied my apron and unzipped my dress. I could finally breath normally again. It was a terrific sensation.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I still looked like a very attractive woman. The illusion hadn’t been broken yet. I lowered the toilet lid and sat down again to unhook my stockings. I rolled them down my legs carefully so as not to snag them. Then I unhooked my garter belt and dropped it with the stockings.

Now, about the bra. It clipped in the back but I’d seen Nina hook a bra in front of her and then turn it around. So, I reversed the action and took off the bra. The breast forms were another matter. The glue was holding tight. Attempts to tear them off hurt. I finally decided that it didn’t make sense to take them off tonight, especially since I was sure that Nina and Troy would insist on Scarlett as their maid tomorrow morning.

It felt weird to have the breast forms glued to me and no bra on; they pulled down on my skin in an uncomfortable way. So I decided to put my bra back on. There was no harm in sleeping in my bra and, if it felt more comfortable, then that’s what I should do. And, then, looking in the mirror, I didn’t like the look of the bra and my breast forms with hairless dick and balls showing. So, I decided to put my panties back on. At least there was some semblance of consistency to my appearance then.

I washed my face, taking off all of the make-up, but decided to leave my wig on for the same reason I put my panties back on. Tonight, I was going to be sleeping as a woman. I was so tired, I couldn’t wait to get to sleep.

When I got into bed, though, I found myself tossing and turning, unable to get to sleep. Then of course, I became haunted with tonight’s events. Images of my humiliation began flashing through my mind. These images kept me from sleeping. They also got me completely hard.

Sure, all the while Troy was fucking me, my penis hung there, a wilted flap of useless skin. Now, though, it was ready to party. I don’t think it was just from recollecting tonight’s activities, either. The silky feel of the panties against my skin, especially the underside of my cock when it began to get hard, was feeding the desire.

I wasn’t going to get to sleep with this woody so I decided to take care of it. I pulled my panties down, just so that the front was behind by balls and began to stroke my cock. As I got more and more aroused, I slipped my other hand underneath me and down the back of my panties. I slid my finger between my ass cheeks and touched the still tender opening. As I jacked off, I poked my finger gently in and out of my rosebud. This brought me to an orgasm quickly. My jism shot up my abdomen and onto my bra.

After I’d recovered slightly, I managed to clean most of it up with my hand, licking it from my fingers. I decided I’d have to do a little spot washing of my bra with a hand cloth, but that could wait until tomorrow morning. I was exhausted and now felt as if I could sleep.

And sleep I did. I was startled when I awoke and saw how light it was. I saw that it was 8:30 and realized that I’d gotten myself in a time-bind. I had a lot to do before I served Nina and Troy breakfast at 9:00. I had to shower, clean up my bra, do my make-up, dress, and cook breakfast. I was going to be a busy little maid.

Over the next few months, things continued pretty much the same. Nina would date Troy once or twice during the week and spend most weekend nights with him, usually at our house. Often, they decided to do a replay, more or less, of me as the maid, satisfying Troy’s needs. And these were pretty much exact replays, though Troy experimented with different positions. He took me standing up from behind and lying flat on the floor on my stomach with him pounding me from behind. He took me missionary style, too. I didn’t like that because I had to look at him and I could see the smug dominance on his face.

Troy also had me ride him. Since Nina was usually careful about attending to my “needs” in the bathroom like she did that first night, this typically resulted in my limp dick flopping wildly up and down as I bounced on and off Troy’s hard cock. Once, though, Nina was off her game and I got incredibly hard while I was riding Troy. Then my cock bounced up and down, but not as a limp flap of skin but as a rigid rod. Both Troy and Nina kind of liked that, too. They’d made it clear enough that I wasn’t going to get off myself so they didn’t worry about me forgetting my place. And they found it amusing that I got aroused by being fucked in the ass.

So, for months, with a few variations, it was really “same old, same old.” But then things changed, and changed dramatically. And, surprisingly, I was the agent of the change. I may never understand why I did what I did. I certainly haven’t come to any understanding of it yet.

Nina had to go out of town for a business conference for a long weekend. I’m sure she wanted Troy to go with her. (She never thought to invite me, of course.) But Troy had some sort of commitment in town that made that impossible. So, the two love-birds were going to have to spend a weekend apart. I wasn’t heartbroken over this. I figured that I’d get a break from the humiliation. Maybe that would let me get some distance from the situation and, perhaps, start to put my life back together.

I took Nina to the airport Friday afternoon and was looking forward to being in charge of my own life for the weekend. I picked up Chinese—no sense cooking for myself—and ate in front of the TV. After I ate, I went into the study to download some new porn. I spent most of the evening watching a variety of genres of explicit porn. I found myself gravitating, though, to stuff that featured transvestites and transsexuals. I’d always found this stuff kind of exciting. It did, after all, break down conventional categories and startle the eye with novelty. Perhaps now, they had a special significance for me and stirred up complex and vivid emotions.

When I have a long time by myself like this, I don’t like to rush myself to an orgasm. I look at things that get me hard and stroke for a while but don’t work to bring myself off. It’s fun to be in an aroused state for an extended period of time and, then, it’s especially exciting to unleash all of that pent-up sexual tension with a crashing orgasm. That’s what I was working on that Friday night.

I was really enjoying myself immensely. After a few glasses of wine, though, I needed to make a trip to the bathroom. After I’d taken a leak, when I was washing my hands at the sink, I saw in the mirror the reflection of my bra and panties that were lying over the shower rod, drying after they’d last been washed. I don’t know what came over me then. Maybe it was the fact that I’d just been looking at the pictures and movies of transvestites, I don’t know. But I pulled my clothes off and slipped into the panties. Then I fastened on the bra.

It was all wrong, of course. I didn’t have on any make-up or my wig. And the cups of my bra hung empty on my chest. “Oh, shit!” I thought, “in for a dime, in for a dollar.” I pulled off the bra and panties and started running a hot bubble bath. While it was running, I went to the bedroom to pick out some clothes. I knew I was going to go into this whole hog, but I didn’t want to wear the maid’s outfit. It was just too tight to be comfortable.

I found some very sexy negligee that Nina sometimes wore for Troy. I’m not much bigger than Nina so this would work. In fact, I thought, I might try on a lot of different things to see what I liked the feel of.

Back to the bath for now, though. I just soaked in the tub for a while, luxuriating in the foam and inhaling the scent of the bath soap. I felt as if this would help to get me in the mood. Before I got out, I shaved my legs (and more) to be sure that I was very smooth. It wouldn’t feel right to pull sexy nylon stockings over stubbly legs.

Since I was going to make Nina’s underwear drawer my private lingerie wardrobe, there was no need to limit myself to the bra and panties she had given me. I went into the bedroom and pulled out the items that I thought would look, or feel, sexiest. Before I began dressing, I needed to do some work to get into the proper persona. The wig was easy, of course. And I didn’t have much trouble gluing on the breast forms. But I still struggled with the make-up. I’d had practice, of course. While Nina had always at least helped me when I’d dressed in the evenings for Troy, I’d been on my own the mornings after when I needed to dress to make and serve their breakfast. I still couldn’t do it nearly as well as Nina could, but I managed to make myself passable.

I began trying on different combinations of bras, panties, teddies, negligees, night gowns, and things I didn’t know the names for. I was having so much fun that after the first few outfits, I got out the camera and tripod and began taking pictures. Of course, then I needed to get back into the first few outfits I’d tried on to get pictures of those.

Before I knew it, I’d spent nearly three hours dressing, undressing, and posing in Nina’s things. Of course, I was frequently aroused and took lots of pictures with my cock sticking rigidly out of pink lacey panties or blue silky panties or lavender translucent panties. Sometimes my erection would recede and I’d take a picture with my penis tucked so far back that you couldn’t tell that I had a package. Sometimes I’d take a picture with my limp cock and balls hanging out the side of a skimpy bikini panty. I tried about every variation and every pose I could think of.

Finally, when I decided it was time to move on to getting relief, I set the camera up to take video and aimed it at the bed. I was wearing a short, powder blue negligee with slightly darker blue bra and panties. I started the camera and lay down on the bed.

My aim was to do something quite different from just whacking off. My aim was to make love to myself. So I began very slowly. I ran my fingers gently over my body. I felt my fingertips drag across my abdomen, under my nightie. I licked my fingers and slipped them down in my bra, pretending that I could feel myself playing with my nipples. And then I slipped my finger down into my panties and played with my dick.

Then I realized that I hadn’t planned very well. Something was missing and I set about to change that. I had to pause the camera while I went to the bathroom and found the douche bottle that Nina had been using lubricate my ass. I filled it with lube and squirted enough into my ass to get me well lubricated.

I picked a nicely sized dildo out of Nina’s stash—not the biggest, I couldn’t take that, but a good-sized one—about the size of Troy’s cock, I realized as I held it in my hand. It was a realistic one, with a nicely shaped helmet, veins, and even a set of balls at the base.

Turning the camera back on, I lay down again. I played with the fake cock with my hands. Then I licked it and sucked on it like it was a real cock. Finally, I pulled off my panties, lifted up my knees and spread my thighs. I decided to try to talk in a reasonable facsimile of a female voice. I things like, “be gentle,” and “you’re so big; go slowly.” And I eased that cock gently into my yearning asshole.

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