‘I got it,’ Laura said, running into the kitchen. ‘I got the job!’

That’s great,’ Dave said. He hugged his fiancée, full of joy at the news. Laura had been desperate to find a new job. Anything to get away from the place where she worked under her nightmare boss, Gloria. ‘When do you start?’

Laura’s smile disappeared. ‘As soon as I get my reference.’

‘From Gloria?’

Laura nodded. ‘But you know what she’ll say…’

‘That in going for this job, you’ve gone behind her back.’

‘Exactly. She’s impossible, Dave. She’ll never give me that reference.’

‘Come on, she won’t be unreasonable. If you want to leave, she’ll let you leave.’

‘She’s a manipulative bitch.’

Dave was surprised. He’d never heard Laura use that word in the seven years that they’d been going out. That was one of the things he loved about her. She was so innocent and sweet. He’d hated seeing her work at this company where Gloria made her life hell. But not to worry. Now she had a new job, they could take a break. Finally get married and get their life properly started.

‘I just need that reference,’ Laura said.

‘Then you’d better ask Gloria for it, I guess.’ But Dave could see that wasn’t the answer she’d been looking for. He jumped ahead to the conclusion. ‘You’ve got to be joking.’

‘Oh please, Dave. She won’t help me, but she’ll talk to you.’

‘And why’s that?’

‘Because you’re a man. Everything’s easier with Gloria if you’re a man. Please, Dave, will you do it?’

He looked at his fiancée. She was so cute, five foot four, short dark hair in a bob and a pretty, trusting smile. ‘Sure,’ he said. ‘I’ll do it for you.’

Dave arrived at Laura’s office half an hour later. He knew it was going to be difficult getting the reference. He’d only met Gloria a handful of times. One of those had been the office Christmas party when he’d got a bit drunk and placed an arm round her waist. And who was going to blame him for that? She was a knockout, always well-dressed in designer clothes that hugged her curvy figure, glamorous whether she was wearing high heeled stilettos or flat sandals. And she was tall. Dave guessed she was the same height as him, 5’10 or thereabouts. She towered over Laura. She had long golden hair, a sexy tan and was in incredible shape. Firm breasts that a single Dave would have loved to run his hands over, pneumatic legs that a single Dave would have licked from bottom to the wet patch at the top.

He walked into the office and tried to clear those thoughts away. But then he found himself comparing the two women. Where his fiancée Laura was anxious, always worried about her and Dave getting the most out of life, Gloria was more relaxed. More driven, too. And where Laura wore flowery dresses and blouses, Gloria wore small black skirts that showed off her arse and let everyone see her long slender, shapely legs. Laura seemed like a girl at times. Gloria was always a woman.

He found her standing by the filing cabinet in her office, wearing a thin white shirt that strained against her breasts, a tight black pencil skirt and black stilettos. She turned round when Dave walked in and gave him a wide smile. She was wearing pink lipstick with a gloss that made her lips moist and sexy. He’d never really noticed her cute button nose before, but he enjoyed seeing the long golden-coloured hair again that gave her a look of glamour, and the sharp model cheekbones.

‘Dave, what are you doing here?’

‘I came to see you.’

Her smile widened and the cute button-nose squashed up. ‘What about?’


Gloria frowned in response, then went and sat behind her desk. She picked up a folder that was in front of her and ran her fingers along the top of it. She had long manicured fingernails painted a pink which matched her lipstick. She was watching him with searching green eyes, like he was a piece of meat thrown into the cage of a lioness. ‘Have you been working out?’

He was caught out by the question. ‘What do you mean?’

‘You look bigger. Those strong arms of yours.’

He’d actually started going to the gym and had got into good shape. Laura said he was handsome enough beforehand, but he didn’t see anything wrong with adding some muscles to his good looks. Besides, he got some admiring glances from the female gym-goers. He shouldn’t encourage Gloria though. She looked like a real man-eater behind her desk. He took a seat and tried to stay focused. ‘I should talk about Laura.’

‘Have you come to apologise?’ Gloria said.

‘For what?’

She smiled at him again. Such thick wet pink lips. Dave tried to ignore them as she spoke.

‘For the Christmas Party,’ she said. ‘Flirty Dave. Naughty Dave who can’t keep his hands to himself.’

He was a bit embarrassed as he remembered running a hand round her waist. The excitement he’d felt as she’d responded to his touch. It was good it had stopped there. Especially when he’d found out what a bitch and a bully she’d been to Laura. Cheating on Laura with Gloria really would have been the icing on the cake. ‘I’m sorry if I did anything I shouldn’t have.’

Gloria didn’t let it go. ‘Where is it again that you and Laura are going for your honeymoon?

‘Malibu,’ he said. ‘All booked, all paid for. We just need to have our wedding first.’

‘And why won’t you make an honest woman of little Laura, Dave?’

‘Same thing as ever. Money.’

‘So are you hear to ask for a pay rise for her?’

‘Not quite.’ He took a deep breath, then explained the situation with Laura’s new job, and the need for the reference. He tried to sugar-coat it with some talk about how much Laura had enjoyed working for a strong boss like Gloria but it was time for a new start. It didn’t do much good. Gloria saw through it.

She drummed her long painted fingernails on her desk. Dave found himself thinking how Laura had long stopped painting her fingers. Gloria, in contrast, was incredibly feminine. ‘I don’t understand,’ she said. ‘I always thought Laura was a good little girl. Now she’s gone behind my back.’

‘It’s really not like that,’ Dave said.

‘Oh don’t try to defend that snivelling little bitch. I’m just surprised you’re with someone as pathetic and wet as her.’

‘Cut that out, ‘ Dave said. ‘That’s out of order.’

‘At least you have some backbone.’ Gloria stood up. She straightened out some imaginary folds in her skirt, and tidied her thin white shirt. It was as if she was moving her breasts for him. Such a sexy pair of tits. Dave tried to ignore them as she spoke again. ‘I’ll give your fiancée her reference.’

‘That’s great –’

Gloria held up a finger, smiling at him. ‘Ssh, Dave.’ She walked round to the desk, then leant back against the edge. She crossed one magnificent tanned leg over the other. They were such long legs that they seemed to reach up forever, until they got to Gloria’s crotch which was at Dave’s eye-level. ‘Do one thing for me, Dave, and I’ll write that reference.’

‘What’s that?’ he said.

She tilted her head to the side and ran a hand through her thick golden hair. ‘Give me a kiss.’

‘You’re joking.’

She shook her head, still smiling. Her sexy pink lips parted slightly and showed off her perfect white teeth. She held out her palm. ‘Give me your hand.’

She had a mesmeric way of speaking. Dave did as he was told. She took his hand and placed it on her naked thigh. It was warm to the touch. ‘Just one kiss, Dave. Then Laura will get her reference and she won’t ever have to come back here.’

As he felt the excitement of her skin under his touch and he looked at those attractive lips smiling at him, and the green sparkling eyes, he thought maybe one kiss wouldn’t be so bad. Then it would be over. He and Laura could get married. ‘Ok,’ he said, standing up. ‘Just one kiss.’

‘That’s good, Dave. You’re a good boy.’

She kept his hand in position on her thigh, although it had crept up slightly towards the bottom of her skirt. Her skin really did feel good. Dave would have to get this over and done with before he did anything he regretted.

He leaned forward, but Gloria placed a finger on his lips.

‘There’s something you should know beforehand.’ She leaned forward to whisper to him. He caught the exotic fragrance of her perfume, and when she spoke, the words were warm and soft against his ear. She gripped his hand against her thigh. ‘I’ve got a cock.’

Dave rocked back in surprise. ‘What?’

‘Well, Dave, don’t be rude. Don’t you want to check?’

She pulled his hand up her skirt.

‘Get off,’ he said.

But she was surprisingly strong and he found his hand going along her naked thigh and up towards her crotch. He panicked and tried to pull away, but she was too strong for him. Then, as he reached the top of her thigh, the palm of his hand pressed against something that shouldn’t have been there. A large bulge. He felt revolted.

‘What the fuck is that?’ he said.

‘You know what it is,’ Gloria said. ‘It’s my ladydong. My shemale dick. Are you enjoying holding it?’

He tried to pull away but she held him in place.

‘One kiss,’ she said. ‘One kiss and you don’t have to feel my cock anymore. Although it is getting hard for you, Dave. One kiss and you and Laura can forget about me. You can stop stroking my ladycock even though I think you’re enjoying it.’

His panic was growing. He couldn’t get out of her grip, and he was worried the movement was only making his fingers inadvertently massage her dick and balls. ‘Do you promise, one kiss and you’ll let me go?’ he said

‘Yes,’ she said, the word sultry and seductive. ‘Kiss me, Dave. And make it good.’

With her other hand she pulled him forward, and their mouths met. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth, probing and pushing its way inside and around his mouth, dominating him. She moaned as she kissed him. He tried not to kiss back, but he couldn’t stop his tongue meeting hers, the two ends touching and flicking against each other. The large bulge of her cock grew hard against his hand.

She giggled as she let him go. ‘Mmm, that was nice, Dave.’

He wiped his mouth and pulled his hand away. There was a slight tent in her tight skirt. He felt sick. ‘What about the reference?’ he said.

‘I’ll bring it round to your house tonight.’ She turned and walked back to her side of the desk, her arse wiggling as she went, then she gave him a little wave. ‘Bye for now.’

Laura met him at the door of their house. ‘How did it go?’

Dave walked past her. He was furiously chewing gum. He wanted to get the taste of Gloria the shemale out of his mouth. She’d forced her way on him and he felt dirty. He could do with cleaning himself.

‘She was a bitch, wasn’t she?’ Laura said. ‘I knew it.’

Dave ignored her and went up to their kitchen. Littered on the table were pictures of the hotel they had booked in Malibu. ‘What’s this?’

‘I’ve been looking at our honeymoon plans again,’ she said. ‘Oh, Dave, I’m getting so excited. Look at the bridal suite.’ She pointed out to him the picture of the oval bed, covered with rose petals. ‘It’s so romantic. Please tell me you got that reference?’

Dave subconsciously wiped his mouth. He went to the sink and started cleaning his hands. ‘I got it,’ he said.

Laura waited expectantly in the doorway. ‘So where is it?’ she said.

‘Gloria’s going to bring it round tonight.’

‘Oh God, that bitch is coming here?’

‘She won’t come inside,’ Dave said. ‘We’ll get the reference and then she’ll leave.’ He turned back to Laura. She did look cute there, with her happy expectant smile and that short black bob. He loved her so much. ‘Once Gloria’s gone, we can start our new life together.’

Gloria arrived at their house as dusk was falling. Dave answered the door to her. She had changed from earlier, and was now wearing knee high boots with high heels, a short black leather skirt and a tight red top that squeezed her ample breasts together. She was braless and he could see her hard nipples poking through. She now had a dark red lipstick on and her mouth looked vampish.

She was dressed to impress, and Dave worried that she had dressed to impress him. Hell, he thought, if he’d just seen her walking down the street, he would have stared. For a long time.

But there was that secret of hers, the large bulge in her panties which she’d made him feel. He reddened at the memory, and Gloria coyly bit her bottom lip.

‘Hi, Dave,’ she said, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

‘Where’s the reference?’

She pouted and raised a handbag she was holding. ‘In here. I’ll give it to Laura. Where is she?’

Dave didn’t want to let this shemale into his house. In her heels, she stood taller than him, and he was intimidated. ‘I can take it.’

She shook her head, then stroked the side of his face with her hand. ‘No, Dave, don’t be naughty. Let me give it to her.’

He led her into the kitchen. Laura was pouring out a glass of champagne. She almost dropped it when she saw her guest walk in.

‘Gloria, I…I…didn’t know you were coming here.’

Gloria swaggered over to her, her arse swaying in her tight dress, and then she hugged Laura. Gloria was so much bigger than her that she looked like a real woman embracing a girl. She had to bend over to do it, and Dave took in the curves of her long bare legs as they reached up to her tight ass. Don’t do that, he told himself. Remember that dirty secret she’s got hidden under there.

Gloria made a show of getting the reference from her handbag, a file saved on a memory stick. She took out a phone as well, which had a pink casing, and took a picture of Laura as she handed it over.

‘I always like to take a photo of someone when they’re happy,’ she said.

Laura was clearly uncomfortable about the presence of her bullying bitch of a boss. ‘Well, thanks, Gloria. I guess you’ll want to be going?’

Gloria frowned. ‘Can’t I try some of that celebratory champagne?’

Dave could see that Laura didn’t know what else to do. She nodded nervously and poured out glasses for all of them.

‘Let’s sit down whilst we drink it,’ Gloria said. She waited for Dave to sit down before she sat next to him. That put Laura on the other side of the table.

Under the table and unseen from Laura, Gloria immediately rested her hand on Dave’s thigh. As he went to protest, she squeezed hard, her sharp fingernails digging into him. ‘Dave was so kind when he came for your reference, Laura.’

Laura gave a weak smile. She self-consciously crossed her arms to cover her small breasts. In response, it seemed, Gloria pushed her breasts together. They were magnificent, Dave thought. If only she wasn’t a shemale, he would have enjoyed running his hands over them.

Gloria’s hand moved further up his leg. He tried to move back, but her grip held him in position Then she started climbing her fingers, slowly, one at a time, towards his crotch.

‘Dave told me how excited you are about your honeymoon.’ Gloria pointed with her other hand at the pictures of the oval bed in the suite at the hotel. ‘That’s so pretty, with the flowers on the bed. How romantic it will be to spend your first night together as a married couple. Are you looking forward to that?’

Laura gave a slight nod. ‘It’ll be a special time together. Just me and Dave.’

‘Yes, he told me all about it this afternoon. He was so passionate when he was talking about you, Laura. He was very forceful about getting your reference.’

Dave worried over where this was going. Gloria’s hand was getting nearer to his crotch. But what could he do? As soon as he said anything, she would mention the filthy kiss in her office. He realised now it had been a stupid mistake. There had to have been another way to get the reference and he should have taken it.

‘We talked about everything,’ Gloria said. ‘Dave admitted how much he loved you, and I told him some things about myself. A big, secret thing.’ She wiped a tear away from her eye, then she gave a sad smile. ‘I told Dave my secret, Laura, and I should tell you.’

‘What’s that?’ Laura said as if she didn’t want to hear the answer. A ball in the pit of Dave’s stomach tightened.

Gloria grinned. ‘I’m a shemale.’

Laura didn’t respond at first. She just looked confused. ‘What’s a shemale?’

Gloria’s hidden hand flattened out on Dave’s leg, then her fingers brushed against his cock. She began to massage the top of it through the material of his trousers. ‘It means I have a penis, Laura. I have breasts, and hips and curves. In nearly every way, I’m a woman. But between my legs, I have a large penis. I’m a shemale.’ She paused for a moment. Dave tried to move away, but she gripped his cock by the base and squeezed. He couldn’t move any further back, or the sight wouldn’t be covered by the table, and his fiancée would see that this shemale was jerking him off. ‘When I told Dave I was a shemale,’ she said, ‘he didn’t believe me.’ Her smile went and she wiped another tear from her eye. ‘He said he wanted me to prove it, so he made me undress in my office. He made me show him my breasts and my ladyboy penis. Only when I was standing completely naked in front of him, showing him the eight inches of my shemale cock, did he believe me.’

Laura’s face was one of complete shock. ‘I can’t understand any of this.’

‘It isn’t true,’ Dave said.

In response, Gloria grabbed his cock harder. She squeezed it playfully, forcing him into an erection. ‘When I was standing naked in my office in front of Dave with my ladydick and balls hanging out, he finally said he was happy. Then he let me write the reference for you. I just wanted to tell you this story, Laura, so you know how much Dave loves you. He made me strip so it was just me in front of him, shivering in the cold with my exposed tits and my exposed dick. He said it was so he knew I was telling the truth about giving you the reference. So there it is, and I hope you can find happiness in your new job. And I hope you can enjoy that honeymoon suite in Malibu where you can make love for hours together, as the perfect loving couple.’

With that, Gloria let go of Dave’s cock, and rose from the table. She collected her pink mobile phone.

‘Dave,’ she said, ‘will you show me out?’

He had to rise awkwardly to hide the stiffness in his pants. He followed Gloria along the corridor, her arse wiggling in front of him. As they got to the door, Gloria spoke to him.

‘Thank you for a lovely evening,’ she said.

‘You’re trying to ruin everything, you spiteful bitch. Why did you tell all those lies in there?’

She shrugged. ‘Laura knows I’m a manipulative bitch, so I wouldn’t worry too much. But I did want your little cowardly bitch of a fiancée to know I was a shemale.’ She leaned in closer to him. ‘And I wanted her to know that you already knew it too.’

‘Why?’ he said.

‘So she would understand this better.’ Gloria raised her phone. It was running a video. It was good quality. Dave was horrified when he realised it showed him kissing Gloria. What was more, it showed where he was reaching under her skirt, and he could hear the deep moans of Gloria. ‘You naughty boy, you were groping me where anyone could have seen us.’

‘You forced me to do that,’ he said, stumbling over the words.

‘Naughty Dave. Flirty Dave who can’t keep his hands to himself. If you want me to get rid of this video and save your marriage, you’d better come to the Randolph Hotel in an hour. I’ve booked a suite for us.’

‘A suite? For what?’

‘So we can talk. That’s all. We’ll just talk.’ She dropped her phone into her handbag, then quickly ran her hand down his cock. ‘Bye for now,’ she said, giving another girly wave, before turning and walking down the steps of her house.

The next half an hour was hell. Laura was furious, of course. Luckily, Gloria had been right. Laura was convinced that her story was just her being a manipulative bitch. Still, she had to ask Dave.

‘Did you really make her strip for you?’

‘Of course not,’ he said. ‘That was a pack of lies.’

‘Then why didn’t you say more just now?’

‘I was too shocked. I couldn’t believe what she was saying.’ He hugged Laura close. ‘It’s so good you’re going to get away from that bitch. I didn’t realise how evil she was.’

‘She’s awful, Dave. To think that she’s a…what was the word…shemale?’

‘That’s right,’ Dave said. He thought again of the bulge in Gloria’s crotch which his fingers had pressed and massaged. He felt sick again.

‘What’s wrong? Where are you going?’

He’d let Laura go and was taking his coat off the peg. But he had to get Gloria out of his life. The life he was building with Laura. He would tell Gloria to fuck off. If he had to, he would convince Laura that the video was a fake. A clever fake, but a fake nonetheless. Then there would be no more talk of Gloria being a shemale, no more being forced to grope her cock, or have his own dick jerked off by her in front of his fiancée. He would get Gloria out of his life.

She was waiting in the bar of the hotel. Changed again, into a slutty white dress with red stilettos. Her lipstick matched the colour of her shoes, and she had two gold hooped earrings. Her skin looked more tanned than before, and contrasted with her shining green eyes. She was talking to two businessmen who looked disappointed when Dave arrived and they were waved away.

‘I was worried you were going to be late,’ she said. ‘That would have been very naughty.’

She rose from her barstool and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth and held him there. It was difficult to push her off.

‘What are you doing?’ Dave said.

‘Being friendly,’ she said.

‘I came to tell you that it’s not going to happen. Whatever you’ve got planned for the suite. It’s disgusting. I find you disgusting.’

She didn’t respond, other than to smile more widely. It was as if she was enjoying his defiance. ‘You’re so good to Laura. You know how to treat a woman, Dave. You deserve better than that drab little tramp.’

‘Don’t speak about her in that way.’ He grabbed her wrist forcefully.’ You’re a disgusting pervert.’

‘If I’m a disgusting pervert, Dave, then what are you? Or are you forgetting about the video?’

‘I’m not worried about that.’ Dave was no good at bluffing, but he had to try.

‘Then why are you here?’ Gloria said. She moved closer to him. He could smell every inch of her perfume and found himself staring at her red lips that broke into a smile. ‘Did you come here to make love to me, Dave? Did you come to the hotel because you want to make love to me like I’m a woman, feeling my shemale cock hard in your hands as you dominate me?’

‘Shut up,’ Dave said. ‘That’s enough. I’m going to tell Laura that video of us kissing is a fake. She knows you’re a manipulative bitch who would do anything to hurt her.’

Gloria frowned. ‘I don’t think so, Dave.’ Then she gave a girlish giggle, covering her mouth with a coy hand.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘That reference I gave her, on the memory stick.’

‘What the hell about it?’

‘There are videos on there. Not just of us kissing. There’s also videos of you at the Christmas Party when you placed that naughty hand round my waist and tried to get me to go to the bathroom with you. I wish we had gone there, it would have been so much fun. You could have fucked me in the cubicle as everyone went past.’

‘I didn’t say anything about going to the bathroom.’

‘Really? Because the audio says that you did. Then there’s the video of us having sex. Well, not us, but with a nice young man who looked like you. It wasn’t so hard to change the audio so instead of screaming for Pablo, I was screaming your name. Would you like to hear that, Dave? Me screaming your name in ecstasy as you ram your hard cock up inside my ass?’ She pulled his hand round to her backside, and pressed his fingers against the crack. He tried to pull away but she held in position. ‘There’s also a private video I made, just for you. A present for you, with me doing things. Putting objects in my mouth and saying that I’m imagining that it’s you. That little video was fun to make, although I don’t think it would be as fun as really feeling that hard cock of yours slide into my mouth.’ She giggled again, and brushed a hand against his cheek.

Dave wanted to throw up. ‘Why are you doing this?’

She ignored him. ‘There’s a virus as well on the memory stick. It’ll plant shemale pornography on your computer. Proof of your perversion. I don’t think it will be too hard for Laura to find, once she starts looking.’ She smiled and ran a tongue over her lips. ‘You really are a disgusting pervert, Dave. The things you made me do. The things you would like to make me do.’ She pouted again. ‘Oh, don’t look so sad, Dave. There’s a way out of this.’

‘And what’s that?’

She held his hand tenderly. ‘Come upstairs with me. Make love to me.’

‘I won’t do that. Your lies are going to ruin my engagement. You’re going to break Laura’s heart. You’re a fucking bitch. Not to mention that I’m not going to sleep with a shemale. It’s disgusting’

‘That’s very rude, Dave. I think I might have to be a little rough with you, to teach you some manners. Only then will I let you put your stiff cock inside my wet mouth, and only then will I run my tongue over the tip of your penis and giggle as it sends a shiver through your whole hard dick and balls.’ She squeezed his hand. ‘For the moment, everything is hidden on that memory stick. There are two passwords protecting it. One will release everything I told you about. We both know it will destroy Laura. The other password will just give her the normal reference. It’s up to me which password I give to Laura. So what do you think, Dave? You leave here without me and destroy your impending marriage. Or you come upstairs and we snuggle up on the sofa together like a couple, and we make mad passionate love Wouldn’t you like to make love to a shemale?’

Dave’s throat was dry. He didn’t know what to say. He was in a complete panic. But what choice did he have? He looked at her, this shemale standing in front of him, with her tight white dress, the long slender legs and the firm breasts, her wide hips and her moist red lips that were fixed in a beguiling smile, the sparkling green eyes and the long golden hair. And the cute button-nose that wrinkled up as she enjoyed his discomfort. There was no way out. ‘Ok,’ he said.

She let out a little laugh of joy. ‘Oh, Dave, you’re so naughty.’

The suite was plush, with a bottle of champagne already open and on ice. A sofa sat in the middle of the room and next to that on the floor was a thick rug.

Gloria led him by the hand inside, and then closed the door behind them. She leaned forward and kissed him. He found himself kissing her back. It was going to be the only way of getting through it. She moaned in pleasure and ran her hands over his chest. He placed his hands on her waist but couldn’t bring himself to move them further. She leaned in even closer, and his back was pressed to the wall. She ran her hands through his hair as her tongue explored his mouth. Then she moved back, a wicked smile on her face.

‘Come on,’ she said, taking him by the hand again and leading him over to the sofa. She pushed him onto it. She lay on top of his body, writhing her hips, kissing his neck and running her hands over his body. Her breasts squashed against him, and he kissed her back again. He tried to tell himself that he was with Laura, and not a sexy shemale who was dominating him.

Gloria ran a hand down to his pants. Dave was embarrassed to find he was stiffening. Gloria let out a satisfied moan. ‘Naughty Dave, the pervert. What does he want to do with Miss Gloria?’

She placed his hand on her arse. He began to massage it. She moaned again, then she rose off him.

She undressed. She took everything off, until she was naked except for her panties. Her golden hair tumbled down and her large breasts were like orbs, the nipples pink and hard. Dave took in her flat stomach and then there were her rose-coloured, semi-transparent panties. There was a large bulge in there.

Dave felt slightly sick at the sight. He was panicking over what was to come next.

Gloria smiled at him, her green eyes lighting up. She ran a hand inside her own panties. ‘Are you worried I’ll be too big for you, Davey boy?’

She took a step towards him so she was only a foot away.

‘Give me your hand, baby.’

Dave, tentatively, raised his trembling hand. Gloria took it in hers, and led it so it was resting on the bulge. As he touched it, it twitched in response. Gloria giggled again, and let out a little sound of pleasure.

‘Don’t be shy,’ Gloria said, holding his hand harder against her shemale cock. ‘My ladydick likes you.’

Her smile had grown wider and she looked wicked. She pulled gently on Dave’s wrist, and then his hand was completely enclosed round her bulge.

He had never felt another cock before hers. He was scared. It was big. Bigger than his own cock. It grew under his touch.

‘Do you like it, Dave?’

She squeezed his hand on top of the bulge, so he was groping her large cock entirely. Gloria pushed against him, and let out a moan as Dave was forced to massage her bulge.

‘Mmm,’ she said. ‘I know you like making me feel good. Would you like to put your mouth round my cock, Dave? To feel a shemale’s cock in growing hard in your mouth?’

Dave would never have said it, but he could feel his groin tightening. He couldn’t believe it. Even though his mind was telling me that it was wrong and he was afraid of what was going to happen, his dick was betraying him.

Gloria took a step back. She hooked her thumbs into her panties, and wiggled her hips, lowering the knickers to the ground. When she stood up, Dave had a full view of her. Her pubic region was completely shaved. Her large cock hung down between her legs, eight inches and thick. He could see the shape of her balls as well. He gulped.

‘Would you like to kiss me again, Dave?’

He shook his head, but he knew that would do no good.

‘Come and be a good boy and kiss me. Kiss me here.’ She pointed to her flat stomach. She then beckoned him forward with her finger.

Dave thought of what was on the memory stick, and the blackmail he was going through. He had no choice. He went down onto his knees and he moved towards her. He reached forward and gave her a brief kiss on her stomach.

‘No,’ Gloria said, slapping him playfully. ‘You should be worshipping me as your goddess.’ She pulled his head forwards and held him against her stomach. ‘And use your tongue as well.’

He kissed her deeply. Her stomach was hard and flat, and he found his hands gripping onto the back of her firm legs to stop himself falling over. Her cock twitched underneath him and he felt it pressing against his chest.

‘Mmmm, good,’ Gloria said.

He pushed his tongue against her stomach, pressing his mouth into her.

‘Stand up.’ She tilted his head up with her soft touch. ‘Kiss my breasts with that same passion.’

He moved his mouth to her left breast and sucked on it, running his hand over the other. He licked the nipple. Then for no reason he could understand, he bit it slightly.

‘Mmm,’ Gloria said. ‘Naughty Dave.’

He sucked harder on her big breasts. He couldn’t help himself. They were magnificent tits. He told himself he was about to make love to a woman. Not a shemale who was blackmailing him because she wanted to dominate him.

‘That’s right, baby,’ she said, her voice cooing. She reached a hand down to his raging hard cock. ‘Oh that’s nasty, Dave. What would Laura say?’

At the mention of his fiancée’s name, Dave backed away.

Gloria pouted. ‘Don’t disappoint me, Dave. You were doing so well.’ She placed her manicured hand round her own thick cock. ‘And I know what you want really. Mm?’

He knew there was nothing else he could do. He leaned forward again. But this time, Gloria placed a hand under his chin and guided him to her mouth. She kissed him deeply, moaning as their tongues interlocked. She pushed her cock against his crotch, and he felt the rubbing of her shemale member on his dick. It was ridiculous, he thought, but he was beginning to get really hard now. He was so ashamed of what he was doing. But Gloria’s kiss was so warm and wet. Her tongue flicked against his, and he found himself making a slight sigh of satisfaction.

‘Good, baby,’ Gloria said, letting go. ‘I knew you’d enjoy this.’

‘I can’t go any further,’ Dave said. ‘I can’t do this to Laura.’

‘Oh, Dave, we’re going to go so much further.’ She took a another step back. ‘Really, don’t you want to?’

His body betrayed him. He moved slightly towards Gloria, and she smiled again. She licked her lips. ‘Mm-hmm, we’re going to have fun together, me and you.’

She stepped back to let him admire her body again. She played with her breasts with one hand and with the other, stroked her cock. His cock was rock hard in his pants. Then she pulled up his shirt and ran her fingers over his body. Her touch was electric, the fingernails teasing him, then scratching him. Dave found himself shivering at what she was doing to him. He undressed and stood naked before her. His cock stood to attention, and Gloria purred with satisfaction at what she saw. ‘Do you want to put that inside Miss Gloria? Do you want to feel as it goes inside my glorious anus?’

Dave mumbled in reply. He couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Gloria then pushed him back onto the sofa. Her weight was leaning on him, her naked breasts pushing against his chest. She began to gyrate slowly on top of him, rubbing her arse over his cock.

‘That’s it baby, be hard just for me.’

His stiff rod pressed into her firm buttcheeks, hinting at entering her crack. He ran a hand round to cup her cheek and she moaned in response.

‘Oh baby, you’re so hard now. Say how you want to make love to Miss Gloria.’ Her face was just above his so he could feel the warmth of her breath as she dominated him. The weight of her hips pushed him down, and as it did so, he continued to explore her arse. He ran a finger up the ridge of her crack so that it was close to her arsehole. ‘Mm,’ she said. ‘Tell me, Dave, tell me how you want to put your cock up my shemale arse. Say how you want me to ride you. Say how you want to see my giant cock all hard as I bounce around on top of you. Say how you want to feel the tightness of my anus as it massages your cock, and how you want to make me cum just as you cum.’ She ran her hand through his hair. ‘Would you like to cum inside me, Dave? Would you like to see my ladyboy cock cum as you pound my arse?’

She was moving so well on top of him. She knew exactly how to make him harder and harder. She was moaning deeply and he began to moan as well. His cock was almost painfully hard now. He had to fuck her. He didn’t care that she was a shemale. He just had to fuck her.

She kissed his chest, flicking a tongue at his nipples as she put a hand in his crotch and began to rub his cock.

‘That’s it baby, you’re so hard now. You want to fuck Miss Gloria.’

She spat in her hand and reached round to her own arsehole. Dave had kept his hand there and their fingers met. Briefly, they interlinked, a moment of romance. She covered his fingers with her saliva, and then he moved towards her arsehole.

Gloria whispered into his ear. ‘That’s it Dave, you know how to treat me right.’

He pressed the tip of his finger to the little brown hole, and began to manipulate it. Gloria moaned in delight as he moved his finger round then pressed it just inside. He played with her, moving it slightly in and out, and found he was enjoying her reaction.

‘You tease,’ she said, leaning forward and biting his ear. ‘Don’t make me wait for much longer.’

He pressed his finger right up inside her. Her anal passage felt so tight as it clamped round him that he didn’t know how he was going to get his cock in. Gloria shifted up and down, wanking herself on his finger.

‘Now, Dave, give me your cock. Please, I’m begging you.’

He pulled his finger out and it made a plopping noise. His cock was vertical. Gloria moved back, and went to lower herself onto it. She stroked his face, staring with widening eyes as she pushed down onto his rock hard cock. He forced himself inside, his dick violating her puckered anus.

‘Oh yes, Dave, that’s it. You’re being a good boy for me.’

She let out a long moan as he pushed right up inside her. Her anal passage clamped right round him, squeezing his dick with pleasure. The tight embrace of her warm wet arsehole was better than anything he had experienced with Laura.

‘Oh god,’ he said, ‘that feels amazing.’

Gloria laughed. ‘I knew it, Dave.’

She began to slowly ride him. Her cock rose in front of him. It was so big, eight inches of hard flesh. He could see the veins and the obscene purple colour. He’d never been so close to a cock before, never even seen another erect one. Gloria enjoyed him looking, and ran her slender fingers over her cock. She pushed down onto him, so his dick went deep inside her, and she squeezed her own shemale cock.

‘That’s it, Dave, now fuck me.’

He began to pant. He was becoming breathless from the excitement. Each time he went further up inside her, an intense judder of pleasure passed from the tip of his dick and right down through his balls. Gloria sensed it, and she used her anal passage to manipulate and squeeze him.

‘You’re an amazing lover,’ he said.

She leaned forward so she was horizontal. He raised his hips, and slammed his cock inside her. She laughed, her breath warm and sweet. Her breasts jiggled in front of him, and with a free hand he groped at them.

‘How do they compare to Laura’s?’ she said.

‘Better,’ he said. ‘Much better.’

He reached for her cock. He’d never felt one before, and it was so large in his hand.

‘That’s it, Dave. Jerk my ladyboy cock off.’

He played with her foreskin, then ran his hand down the body of her dick, pressing it as he went.

‘Oh, Dave, you know what you’re doing. Do you like it?’

‘I do,’ he said.

‘Say it, say what you like.’

‘I like feeling your rock hard cock in my hand. I like rubbing it and seeing the look of pleasure on your face as I stroke your ladydick.’

‘Mmmm, that’s because it feels good. How does your dick feel in my ladyboy arsehole?’

‘Amazing.’ The pressure was beginning to build. Gloria leaned back again, and quickened the pace of her thrusting. She began to bounce up and down, balancing with her hands on his chest, her painted fingernails digging into him. She looked so feminine and sexy, with her erection jiggling up and down, he couldn’t believe what was happening.

‘Yes, that’s it, that’s so fucking good. You’re so fucking hard, Dave.’ Her moans became more like grunts. ‘Unng, unnnnggg, yeaaahhh, Jesus fucking helll, yessss.’

‘You’re incredible,’ he said. Her breasts were moving up and down and he began to raise his hips to slam up and into her. She drove back down in response, and it was as if they were one. The feeling was intense. ‘I’m going to cum. I’m going to fucking cum.’

She squealed in delight. ‘Oh, cum inside me, Dave. Cum hard inside me.’

He raised himself up, still hammering away at her arsehole, and kissed her. It was a deep, pure kiss, his tongue pressing against hers, and running inside her mouth. He made frenetic thrusts, and her anus squeezed right round him, encouraging him on. Her hard cock pressed against his stomach, and the thought of that bulging member drove him over the edge.

‘Fucking yes! Fucking yes, I’m cuming!’

‘Me too!’ she screamed breathlessly, ‘I’m fucking cuming too!’

They came together. He unleashed a torrent of hot jizz inside her as she bit on his lip, flooding her tight anal passage with cum. He kept cumming and cumming and thought he would never stop, his hips juddering with the intensity of the release. Gloria came as well, sending her cum up and onto his chest. He gripped round her cock and she moaned in satisfaction as he squeezed it, rubbing her dick as she came and came and came.

We shall never see our young friends, Will and Anne, again, for they have moved to Europe. My wife, Ellen, and I had a lovely relationship with them for ten years, doing things that we had never done with another couple and, I suspect, we will never do again. We never went looking for the adventures; they just landed, so to speak, in our lap.

Before our friends went away, we had gathered together one last time, and that is the subject of this account. The women are avid phone buddies, but outside of lunches and the odd dinner together, we had met only twice before as guests in their home, and I have chronicled those encounters in these pages as best as I could recall from my point-of-view. The first time was ten years ago, and may be found as Fountains of Aphrodite, and we met again two years ago and I wrote about that encounter in Bliss, Revisited. It’s not necessary to know these accounts, but as they are true experiences they add much depth and appreciation to this final chapter of our time together, and will likewise benefit the reader.

* * *

It all started last month when Anne had called my Ellen to tell her the news of their pending relocation to Germany. By the end of her call the ladies had decided that we four needed to get together one last time. Ellen needed no convincing, and she knew I would need none, and we both suspected that Anne’s husband Will would be just as enthusiastic.

The date set, my wife’s mind began to work. I could almost hear the gears spinning away. Ellen, for some reason, always seems to be the one in control of these encounters and I knew she would have something to share with me in a day or two, but she kept it all to herself. I pressed her on it.

“No, I said.” she was trying to act sternly. “You don’t need to know right now. Just trust me.”

“Just trust you.”

“Yes. Just trust me.”

This had better be good, I thought.

And she was right.

My Ellen, as I have noted in these pages, is beautiful, and not just to me. She is not fat but she has large breasts and fine milk white thighs and a lovely bottom. No pot belly — she works hard to look that good. She likes fancy underwear; you know, garters, stockings, sexy panty and bra sets, that sort of thing.

I watched her shave her pussy after her shower that evening before our visit. She sits on a towel on our bed to do it and I watch from the door. She shaves her pussy completely smooth, though she is quite naturally furry down there. An interesting quirk of hers is that she leaves the area all down the crack of her butt and around her little rosebud all natural — a fragrant little jungle of hair. The contrast with her smooth, bald pussy is breath-taking.

I watch her dress. White silk bra and panties; nude stockings, white garters; then a dress, also of silk, in a pale yellow that came down almost to her knees; a red sash around her waist and yellow shoes. There is not a whiff of the cougar about her, only incredible elegance and grace. What a woman.

“I suppose I ought to get dressed?” I said, emerging from my trance.

She giggles. “I suppose you ought!”

Anne answered the door. Lovely little Anne. No one in the world would ever mistake these two women as sisters. Anne is small, a few inches shorter than my big-blue-eyed Ellen, and willowy thin. She and her husband are much younger than we, some 20 years younger. Anne’s breasts are handful-sized and her nipples are enchantingly too long for the breasts they adorn, and I could just see their outlines through her white blouse. No bra, natch. She was barefoot, with a long red skirt brushing the tops of her ivory feet. I remember her skin as glowing and unblemished, her perfectly-shaped butt, and though she never shaved her blond-haired pussy, the hair was so sparse down there that I remember she looked as though she shaved with regularity. Anne is a green-eyed blond. I had never known such a woman before or since.

We passed through the hallway and into the living room, which looked much the same as we remember from a couple years back. Ellen looked about and I saw her shiver with the memories. Will arrived from the kitchen with a big tray holding good champagne and four glasses. He looked fit and smiling and all welcoming. We sat and drank, catching up on the past few months, and our conversation just tinted with the doleful atmosphere of their impending departure to another land.

The time just flew by, and after an hour or so we had finished two bottles of the fine wine. We were about to discuss the merits of yet another bottle when we got all quiet, as if we all remembered at once just why we were there. As usual it was Ellen who built the bridge to the next phase of the night. We sat across from our hosts on two identical leather sofas, and Ellen reached over to take my hand in hers.

“I don’t think a week goes by when we don’t talk about you two,” Ellen said, beaming a smile to the pair. She was quick to add, “Not just for the… well, for the fun we’ve had together, but just as friends.” She smiled back at me. “And we’re glad to be here tonight.”

We four snatched up our empty wine glasses and toasted the thought anyway, with a laugh.

Ellen continued. “And John and I would love to be together with you both again, in that special way, if you’d both like that.”

Will and Anne both said “yes” in unison. They were obviously looking forward to our encounter just as we were, and this made us very happy.

“There’s one thing, though,” Ellen said, “and I’d like to talk about it.”

Here it comes, I thought. Her plan about to be unveiled. Will and Anne looked very serious all of a sudden.

“Well, sure,” Will said, scootching forward in his seat. “Let’s talk.”

My Ellen gave a little dramatic pause, as if she was wondering just how to phrase all this, as if she hadn’t actually rehearsed this moment a dozen times over the past few days, and started in.

“Well,” she took a deep breath, “We all have too many taboos in our gatherings. And we should resolve them. Tonight.”

Anne looked confused. “Taboos? Like what taboos?”

“Well, for instance, I have never been as close as I would like to your Will. And you know I would appreciate that.”

Anne looked down at the floor and squirmed nervously. “And?” she said. “And what else?”

Ellen pointed at me. “I’m sure John would love you to take him in your mouth. Any man would! Why not have some mercy on him?” she laughed.

Anne wasn’t laughing yet. “What else?”

“I think Will would like to be inside of me,” Ellen ventured.

Anne looked over at Will. He seemed non-committal, raised his eyebrows and said to his wife, “Who would not like that?”

“Anne,” Ellen said, “This fear of yours that Will will leave you once he has me, or that I would ever leave my John — that’s just completely out of the question. Plus, I would never hurt you for anything or anybody. Don’t you know that?”

Anne looked back down to the floor and after a few moments asked aloud, “What about me?”

“I think you want to feel a man in your pussy and one in your butt at the same time,” Ellen whispered. “You seem to have hinted about that the last time we were all together.”

Anne nodded, still staring at her carpet, thinking. Finally she admitted, “I didn’t even know such a thing could be done.” Anne had confided to us on occasion that she never looked at porn, or even chatted casually about sex to anyone. What we had done together in the past was completely off Anne’s map, and she had some major trouble sorting it all out sometimes.

Ellen went on. “We know that Will doesn’t like anal sex, but we know that you enjoyed John when he had his penis in you there. And we know you’d like that again. And I think you like to be watched while a man enjoys you, and you like when we make comments about you.”

Anne covered her face at this. She was blushing, and Ellen sensed discomfort. She rose from her seat and knelt directly in front of Anne and put her head in Anne’s lap, wrapping her arms around her.

“Sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with all that. With any of this,” Ellen said. “We love you for all that, not in spite of it. We find it so erotic we can hardly stand it. Even me!”

With that Anne smiled down at Ellen, and began stroking her hair affectionately. “Thank you Ellen,” she whispered. “You know I love to touch you and I love when you touch me.”

“I still think about that,” Ellen said as she straightened and sat back, still on her knees.

Anne had decided. “OK then. No more taboos. We’ll be gone soon, so I know you won’t take my Will away. And I want everyone to look back at all this as the best it could ever have been. With no regrets and nothing held back.”

We answered with tender smiles at our hostess, no words. All was silent for a while. I think we were all waiting for Ellen to once again point the way. She took a breath to speak, but the voice we heard was Anne’s.

“Does anyone mind if… if I?… start things off?”

There was surprise but no objections.

Anne rose and stood in front of me. She held out her hand. I took it, and rose up likewise. She gave me the sweetest smile, put her head against my chest and her arms around me.

“I want you to know something.” she said. “I have dreams about what we did together that time. I think you are very attractive, and the reason why I never let you have your way with me in the past, except for, you know… with my butt that one time… is because if you were allowed that means that Will would have to be allowed, too. With Ellen. I couldn’t deal with that.”

I stroked her hair. “I know, honey. That’s what we figured.”

She knelt in front of me and started to unfasten my belt, then unzipped me, tugging my pants to my ankles, then my briefs. (Brand new from Sears that very day.)

“I’ve wanted to see your cock close like this for so long. After you had it in me. I thought about it.” She looked up at me with those amazing green eyes that spoke the truth. In fact my cock was quite flaccid from the nervousness the situation inspired in me. She was undaunted. Anne opened her sweet lips and took my soft cock completely in the warm embrace of her wet mouth. I groaned, and she kept perfectly still, except for the indescribable sensation of her tongue lolling over and around my slowly swelling penis.

“I know that feeling,” my Ellen said. “She’s letting your cock grow in her mouth. Gawd! that is hot!”

Anne turned me a bit sideways, so that Will could get the best angle on this amazing sight. For the first time in her life she had a cock in her mouth that was not her husband’s. As she worked my rod she looked deeply into her husband’s eyes. That was an electric moment. Ellen sprang up and joined will on his couch, just as intent to view the sex act in front of her.

Soon my cock had become maximally engorged, so half was now visible sticking out from her lips. She slowly pulled her mouth away, revealing her handiwork with a primal proudness. She licked my shaft from bottom to top, loving the attention she was receiving from my wife, and her husband. I was panicking. The head of my cock was a rare angry purple and I was about to burst.

“Don’t make me cum now, honey, please!” I pleaded, right on the edge.

Mercifully she paused and smiled up at me, whispering, “OK. Cum inside me later.”

Ellen rose with urgency from the sofa, stepped over to Anne, pulled her to her feet and turned Anne around to face her. She cradled Anne’s face and kissed her deeply, probing in her mouth with her tongue as if she were trying to taste my cock inside Anne mouth. Anne returned her kisses with a fervor. After a minute they parted and embraced.

In the meantime I took the opportunity to shed my clothes, feeling less ridiculous nude than I did with my pants and briefs around my ankles! The rage had left my erection and I stood half-staff looking at the ladies, who were still fully dressed. I resumed my seat at the sofa when Anne did another surprising thing, fully playing the hostess here while my Ellen could only play along with her little smile.

“Turn around,” Anne instructed Ellen in a whisper. Then she unzipped Ellen’s yellow silk dress. It dropped and Ellen kicked it away. Anne then expertly unclipped Ellen’s bra and slipped it down her arms and off, then tossed it over with the dress. Ahh. The ladies had their backs to me, but I knew from long happy experience the sight that Will was enjoying. Then we all watched closely as Anne cupped Ellen’s breasts as if she were weighing them in her hands.

“God, I wish I had breasts like you, Ellen!” she whispered and my Ellen moaned softly as Anne lightly spun Ellen’s swelling nipples with her thumbs and index fingers, locking eyes intently all the while with her husband as Ellen’s nipples continued to engorge and her little moans sounded. Ellen stood in ecstasy, clad only in her stockings, garter and panties.

“Do you like this, Will?” Anne asked.

“Honey… you have no idea,” he croaked.

“I think I might,” she answered and kissed the back of Ellen’s neck, who shivered in response. Anne, for the first time in her life, was my guess, was in charge in an erotic situation. She moved her hands down Ellen’s soft belly to the band of her white panties and pulled them down her legs to her feet, and while Anne was down that way stopped to plant a sweet kiss on Ellen’s left buttock. Ellen kicked the panties aside and was led by Anne to the sofa, where Anne bade her to sit next to Will. My erection was returning, and I noted that Will was pressing strategically on the tent of his pants as he watched Ellen take her seat. Anne’s next gesture was mind-blowing. Was this really Anne?

She stepped behind the sofa and leaned over Ellen, scooped her hands under Ellen’s knees, lifted and spread her legs wide, her bare pussy exposed in the lamplight and her little butt-hole just visible in the shadows below.

“Will, take out your… your cock.” Anne always had trouble with that word.

Will complied. Unzipped now, his cock, diamond-cutter hard, sprung free (no undies) and he began to stroke it. I couldn’t see, but just knew that Ellen was licking her lips to draw maximum anticipation from Will. Anne let this continue and we watched Will work his cock staring at my wife.

“Will,” she commanded softly, “kneel in front of Ellen.”

He obeyed, and once in position had no hesitation as to what was required of him. Without so much as a glance at his wife standing behind, he leaned forward and began to lap at Ellen’s pussy like a thirsty dog at a water dish. Ellen moaned and relaxed her legs, letting Anne do all the work, pulling back on my wife’s legs while she gave an amazing show, now squirming to Will ministrations. The room began to fill with the smell of Ellen’s sex. It was inspiring.

One of the taboos that Ellen did not mention was Will’s aversion to anal sex. He did not ever like to go there, so Ellen figured it would be fruitless, even hurtful, to mention that in her taboo list. But, perhaps in the spirit of the event, Will did a wonderful thing. He withdrew his face from Ellen’s bald pussy just long enough to soak his index finger in her juices, then slowly pressed the tip of that finger into Ellen’s barely visible rosebud. It was Anne who joined Ellen in her gasping as she realized her husband was relating anally to a woman. Anne pulled up on Ellen’s legs even more to move Ellen’s anus from the shadows into the light, Will now slowly inserting his finger all the way in, slowly out, all back in, slowly out…

In surprisingly short order Ellen came loudly, thrashing so hard that Will had to lean against her to keep his finger in and his motion stable. I reflected how Ellen had never cum before with only anal stimulation, but the eroticism of the moment had swept her away, for she surely was not faking. After she settled a bit, though still shaking, Anne slowly returned control of Ellen’s legs back to her, and as she settled into the sofa, Will removed his lucky finger slowly. Ellen leaned down and kissed Will. It was the strangest kiss. It had kindness, and gratitude and sweetness more than sex in it.

From her sitting position Ellen discarded her garter and her stockings, and lay back completely nude and looked so relaxed I thought she might lapse into sleep.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she said. “I’m not going to fall asleep.” Old married people. Mind-readers.

The fully-clothed Anne stepped from behind the other couch and sat gracefully next to naked me, smiling at my half-erect cock.

“You know,” I said to her, “Your guests are completely naked and the hosts have all their clothes on!”

Anne gave a villainous look and sneered, “Ah hah! You’ve both fallen into our evil web!” She twisted her hand together wickedly.

I guess you had to have been there, but we all found that hilariously funny coming from wispy Anne, an anti-villain if ever there was.

Anne stood and directed Ellen to resume her seat next to me and asked Will to stand. Naked Ellen and I settled back, wondering what’s to come. Anne turned her back to us.

“Will honey,” she said, “reach down and pull my skirt up to my waist and hold it there. Don’t get in their way of seeing me,” she ordered.

Will reached down and, very slowly, began to unveil lovely Anne’s lower body. The soft back of her calves, the back of her knees, finally her slim and perfect thighs. Will stopped at the edge of her bottom, and Anne spread her legs a bit.

“Go ahead,” she instructed. “Do it!”

No panties. Just a bottom that was the slightest bit too big for her thin frame, like an erotic exaggeration. It was memorable. Anne leaned forward as my penis swayed and grew. Ellen’s breathing was quickening. Will had not closed his zipper and his cock was sticking out, hard as iron.

“Spread my ass cheeks open, Will,” she said, “I want them to see my holes.”

Good god, she was a lovely little exhibitionist scamp after all. What a sight this was. Will’s hands framed her perfect bottom for us, her pussy open and wet, and above, her little pink rosebud winked enticingly.

“John?” she said, opening her legs even wider as the display continued.

“Yes dear,” I could hardly get the words out.

“You want to smell me, don’t you.”

Until that moment I didn’t know I did indeed want to do just that. “Oh yes. I do, dear.”

And I rose up with my raging cock wagging in front of me and dropped to my knees behind the sweet Anne.

“Just smell,” she cautioned.

As her husband held her ass cheeks open wide I leaned in and inhaled deeply, first her asshole, then I exhaled hotly, inhaled next her wet pussy. It was like a flower. Then I took a chance. I wet my finger in my mouth and so gently laid the tip on her little butt-hole. She flinched with a little gasp.

“No! Just smell for now!” she cried softly. “Ohhhh god…”

And I pushed, and I entered her rectum, and she cried out as I speared her most private part. She could not stop me and she submitted. And slowly, in-and-out I had her this way for at least a couple of minutes although it’s hard to guess that sort of thing. She twisted and squirmed and moaned aloud most charmingly while her husband tried to hold her still so that I could best spear his wife’s ass which he stretched open as wide as he could without causing (too much) pain.

Eventually I removed my finger and presented my face in its place, and my tongue into her anus. She screamed so that I thought I had hurt her but it soon became clear I had not. After a few moments of this I withdrew, kissed both her bottom-cheeks and sat back next to my Ellen on the sofa. Ellen leaned over and gave me the same sort of ravenous tongue-kiss she had given Anne, as if she wanted to taste Anne’s ass inside my mouth.

Will had released Anne, rose up and stood in front of us in a sweet embrace with his still fully-clothed wife. Ellen was frustrated.

Today was a beautiful Monday. It was finally warm so my walk would be double as long I decided. I threw on some black shorts and a sports bra with a white tank top. Slid into my walking shoes, put my head phones in and walked out the door. It was less then a mile to the fields where I went walking every morning. I love that they had put in the trail around our baseball fields. Finally something done right in this town.

I turned the music up as loud as I could stand it and walked across the street to the fields. I never even heard the truck pull up. Never even had that feeling that I was being watched. So much for my senses working.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed and put into the truck. My headphones were still on so I could not hear anything. I could however feel two people on each side of me. My heart was racing. I had no idea of what was going to happen. Where we were going or who these people were. What I did know is that I was in trouble and right now I could do nothing about it.

We drove for what seemed like 20 mins or so. The truck finally stopped and I could feel people getting out. Suddenly I felt hands on me, pulling me out of the truck. My headphones were finally taken out of my ears.

” If you speak or scream it will be a lot worse for you. Do you understand?” A guys voice asked

I shook my head. I knew the only way to stay alive was to do what I was told.

They kept me blindfolded but took the gag out of my mouth. Thankfully. I was led by someone holding onto my right arm. Under my feet it felt like a dirt road which meant I was not in the city. They had taken me out into the coutry. I felt my self being lifted up then put back down. Wood was under me. They had lifted me over some steps I guessed which means now we are headed into a house? A barn? Who knew… None of the men were talking and I figured there had to be at least three. I hoped that was it. I was led into the house and down a hall.

Suddenly I felt myself being lifted and laid down on a bed. No this was not going to happen. I did not want this. I had had enough. I tried to stand but was pushed back down. One of the men laid down on me.

” Look we have been watching you for a few weeks now. We know who you are and what trouble you like to cause. We are here to teach you a lesson about minding your own business and keeping your mouth shut. You are going to lay here and do what we tell you too and if you don’t, well lets just say you won’t be able to sit for a month.” He said.

I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t move. This was not happening. He got off of me and suddenly I felt hands on my legs. They were working themselves up toward my shorts. I couldn’t even push them away because my hands were still handcuffed together. I felt the hands reach the waist line and begin to slide my shorts down. Crap, I had no underwear on which made them laugh.

” She is ready and waiting it seems like.” I heard another man say. That was two men now where was the third. He had not talked to me yet. Right now I could only feel one pair of hands on me which meant the other two men were watching.

My shorts were all the way off and suddenly I felt hands on me turning me over.

Before I knew what was happening my hands were out of the handcuffs, my shirt was off as was my sports bra and I was handcuff to the bed post. These men knew what they were doing. I wanted to cry. I wanted to beg them to stop. But I couldn’t find the courage. I knew either way this was going to end bad for me.

So there I was naked, handcuffed and blindfolded. Not knowing what was coming next.

I felt the weight on the bed on my left side first. Then I felt fingers running down my arm, to my neck, then across and down to my breast. I started shaking. I heard a voice across the room tell me to relax and enjoy it. How the hell could I relax when I was naked in a room with three men I didn’t know, who are about to rape me.

I felt the fingers begin to play with my nipple. I kept telling myself to shut it off. I was not supposed to enjoy this at all. My nipples were my weakness. I loved when they were touched, played with, squeezed, bitten. Any of it! This was horrible. How can I be enjoying this? Suddenly I felt the right side of the bed shift and another hand was on my other breast. Squeezing my nipple. Rubbing it, then I felt both sides shift and I felt mouths on my nipples. I wanted to scream. I couldn’t. I felt myself getting wetter by each flick on their tounges. I hated myself. I felt the man on the right side stop. He got up and told me to turn my head toward him. I knew what was coming next.

” You bite and I will slap you. Got it?” He asked. I shook my head yes.

I felt the tip of his cock on my lips. I didn’t want to open my mouth. He shoved it in. The left guy was still going on my breast, both of them now. The guy on the right was fucking my face with his cock. As horrible as my situation was, I was so turned on. Suddenly I felt someone place his fingers on my pussy. Just laid his fingers right on me. I stiffened. I heard the guy on my right say

” Don’t move.”

I didn’t. The third guy was slowly moving his fingers up and down on the lips of my pussy. As much as I hated these men for doing this. I wanted him to push them in me. Suddenly his fingers were gone. I felt his breath down there. Then his mouth was on me. His tounge was in me. I was theirs. I didn’t care anymore. I began sucking back on the cock that was fucking my mouth. It was a good size and hard in my mouth. I had never felt this alive.

” I guess the little trouble maker likes it.” One guy said.

Then the mouth was gone off of my wet pussy. Suddenly I felt fingers push into me. I wanted to scream out in pleasure but I had a rock hard cock in my mouth. The fingers pushed in and out of me. Slowly then faster. I was being finger fucked by some random person and it felt great. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. The juices were flowing down me. I was so close to cumming. Then as fast as everyone was on me they were off of me. I was left wanting more. My pussy ache from wanting to be touched. My nipples wanted to be sucked and my mouth could use another cock in it. What was going on?

” I am going to take the handcuffs off since you are more than willing now. The blindfold stays on. If you give us any problems the handcuffs go back on and we will make this fuck painful for you instead of pleasure. Got it?” One of the guys asked.

I shook my head. The handcuffs came off. I didn’t move. I felt one guy lift me up and he told me to get on my hands and knees. I did what I was told. I felt someone in front of me. Then I felt another cock at my mouth. I opened this time willingly. The guy grabbed my hair and slowly began to fuck my mouth again with his cock. Then I felt the bed shift. I felt my nipples being squeezed and a hand on my ass. The other side shifted and I felt the othe nipple being squeezed along with another hand on my ass. They were squeezing my ass and teasing the hell out of my holes.

I just wanted them in my holes so bad. They felt empty and I was horney as hell now. I felt one guy shift and his fingers were on my pussy now. He ran his fingers up and down on my pussy getting his fingers all wet from my juices. He slid one finger in. Pull it out and slid two in the next time. I was sucking hard on the cock in my mouth. The fingers slid out and three pushed back in. It felt so good. The guy who was playing with my nipples stopped and moved toward my ass. I then felt six fingers on me. The guy in my mouth was rock hard and I could tell he was close. I sucked harder. I took him in my mouth farther. I moved faster. I felt the fingers playing with my pussy. My pussy was so wet. I needed to cum. I needed to be fucked and fucked hard.

I felt one set of fingers move. They were playing with my ass and rubbing their fingers across my hole. I had never had two guys in each hold at the same time. I was a little worried. I felt one guy fingering my pussy while the other guy slowly pushed one finger into my hole. It was tight. It felt good. He slid it in and back out a few time. The feeling of having two holes played with at the same time while I had my mouth full of cock was amazing. The finger came out and I felt him using two fingers. I pushed back agaisnt him. I wanted them in me. Both holes were being finger fucked. The guy in my mouth had cummed and I was still sucking on him and he was getting hard again.

Then, just like before, all my holes were empty. I was left in doggy style postion until they told me otherwise. I felt the bed shift and could tell one of the guys laid down. He told me he wanted me on top of him. I got on top of him with help from the other two guys. His cock was hard and he positioned me to slid down on it. He had the tip of it on my pussy lips. The other two guys held me up some. The guy laying down grabbed my waist and slammed into me. It felt great to be taken that way. I wanted it hard. I wanted to be fucked. The other two let go of me. I was sure they were finding their spots.

One of the guys again got in front of me. I was made to bend over the guy laying down so I could suck another cock. My ass was wide open. I felt two fingers. They were playing with my juices. Then they were on my hole. To have a cock in my pussy pushing in and out and a cock in my mouth, with fingers in my ass, was so fucking hot. I wanted the guy to pull out his fingers and fuck my ass with his hard cock. I guess he got the same idea. I felt his fingers pull out. The guy fucking my pussy stopped. The guy on my ass positioned himself at my hole. I felt him push. Oh my it was so hard and tight. I didn’t think I could take it like I thought I could. The guy in my pussy began to move and the guy in my ass pushed in farther. It hurt but it also felt so good. The guy at my ass had a hold of my waist and with one more push slid all the way into me. All three holes were filled and it felt amazing.

The pussy guy began moving faster. The ass guy found the opposite rhythm and began pushing in and out of me too. I was sucking hard on the cock in my mouth. I don’t know who the guys were but they were a great fuck. I was so wet. I needed to cum.

The guy in my mouth got tight and harder. I knew he was about to cum. I pumped my mouth faster on him. He grabbed hand fulls of my hair and slammed into my mouth. I could feel his cum hit my throat and I sucked him hard and dry. He pulled out of me. The other two were still pounding in me. I felt my orgasm building.

” She is close.” I heard one say.

Suddenly, I felt fingers on my nipples. squeezing them. I lost all self control. The orgasm was mind blowing. I was shaking.

The two guys pounding in me. The one in my pussy said he was close and the one in my ass was too.

I felt them. Cum at the same time. They slammed into me, both of them and I could feel their cum warm inside me. Their bodies began to relax. The guy in my ass slid out first. Then the one in my pussy. I laid back on the bed.

One guy said he would bring me some water. I had never been fucked this well. I was spent. I needed a good shower and a nap. Wish I knew what else these guys had planned.

I felt one the guys sit on the bed next to me.

” Here is some water.” He said handing me a cup. I took it and drank it.

I woke up. Laying in bed. Looking around. Wait! Looking around. I could see. Where was I? I sat up. My room. I was dressed. I was home. Safely. Was it all a dream? I turned my head and a paper caught my eye on my night stand.


It read:

Remember, we are always watching you. And we will be back for more.

Keep your mouth closed and maybe next time you won’t be blindfolded!

The hot tub was nice and warm as Kady laid back and enjoyed the jets of water all over her body. They had all come over from the store to relax. Sharon had helped Kady change into a very skimpy bikini . “Helped her”, bullshit, they all knew otherwise.

The cougar felt her up as she was changing, even slipping a finger in her pussy as she adjusted the suit for her! The suit barely covered Kady’s tits, and the three men had all looked at her with that hungry look when she walked into the kitchen.

Both of the women modeled for Sharon’s husband, Tony, striking sexier and sexier poses. Kady’s shyness as she got into the bubbly water to hide her near nakedness added to her sexiness. Naturally, they all exchanged racy banter while Tony stayed out, snapping pictures of the girls.

Sharon moved across the water to kiss Kady, while mauling her C-cup tits. Kady tried to pull away but was trapped against the wall of the hot tub. The water jets danced over her ass as she was forced to make out with a strange woman in front of three men.

She felt Dave’s soft hand caressing her thigh while all of this was going on as a finger was forcing its way into Kady’s pussy.

Sharon whispered to her, “Let me make you come, Baby, come in front of all these people.”

Sharon was hitting the right spot and brought her to orgasm in a few strokes. Another finger joined that one and she fingered her roughly for a few seconds before retreating across the hot tub, grinning.

Sharon played with her own double D tits, enhanced a few years earlier.

“Come and sit on ‘the lounge” here,’ Sharon said.

Kady slowly moved over and sat in what could only be described as a lounge chair built into the side of the tub. The water jets sprayed warm water directly on her clit and into her cunt.

Sharon reached down and pulled the bikini aside so that the water jets shot directly on her clitoris.

Sharon told Kady, “I have come a hundred times in that spot. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with a cock in my mouth. Suck my tits, baby.”

Overcome with lust, Kady sucked the large mammaries that were thrust into her face. Fully aware that she was causing the watching men to be aroused, she sucked the nipples and squeezed them with her fingers. The warm jet was competing with Sharon’s fingers to make her come.

Sharon pinched her nipples and fingered her engorged cunt. Kady felt the jets of water and Sharon’s fingers dancing on her clit.

Tony approached her from behind and began to rub her neck, then slowly moved to her breasts. He began to softly rub her tits and gently squeeze her nipples, eliciting a moan from Kady. Her orgasm began in her clit and spread as the water pulsated against her clit. Sharon’s not so gentle pinching of her nipples heightened her senses and she came, hard, writhing on the jets of water maneuvering them to provide maximal stimulation of her clit and anus.

She moved off the jets as they were almost painful now. She noticed all three men on the sides of the tub stroking their cocks, and found herself very aroused again by their level of interest.

After they got out of the hot tub the two girls spent some time washing each other off in the shower.

It was then that Kady was starting to regret her decision to stay and became concerned about what would happen with the 3 strangers.

Sharon continued to rub the soapy water on the younger woman’s tits, pinching her nipples and telling her what she was going to do to her. This heightening Kady’s anxiety as some of the effects of the alcohol wore off.

“I’m going to eat you till you come. I will fill your cunt and ass with my dildos and fingers. The men are going to double fuck you in the cunt and in the ass while you suck my pussy.”

Sharon moved her face closer to her as Kady tried to pull away, her head now against the wall, offering no escape. Sharon roughly kissed her while her fingers found Kady’s cunt.

Sharon’s fingers were now deep in Kady’s cunt and she had to stand on her toes as she was being finger-fucked hard. Kady grunted in pleasure as she was roughly assaulted with two fingers deep in her sopping wet pussy.

Sharon said, “I like fucking little girls like you; your pussies and asses are nice and tight; I like to see you struggle, especially when my husband’s cock is so deep in your throat the first time.”

Against her will, Kady felt the orgasm building as she spread her legs even wider as she accepted a third finger deep into her cunt. They slid in and out of her and she felt herself stretch to accommodate the intrusion. Kady moaned in Sharon’s mouth and pulled away, saying, “Fuck me Sharon! Fuck my cunt. Make me come! Shove your fingers in me! Aaaah! I’m coming! Fuck me, Fuck me!”

Sharon felt the vaginal walls spasm around her fingers as she came and continued to thrust as hard as she could into the young cunt, not ceasing until Kady collapsed in her arms, exhausted.

Sharon led her out of the shower as she was barely able to stand on her wobbly legs. Her juices had run down her legs and the shower reeked of her sex. Drying her off, Sharon felt her tits again, relishing in her softness, occasionally pinching a nipple. Kady was still in a post-orgasmic high as she was led into the playroom.

Kady’s gaze was drawn to the wall where a dizzying array of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and nipple clips were displayed. Next to them were dozens of leather items – wrist cuffs, straps, whips, and many things she could not identify.

Dave and Tony came from behind her and quickly fastened two leather cuffs around her wrists. She realized too late that she was a captive of her new friends.

They led her to a low, round padded table in the middle of the room. It had rings mounted all around it. Panicking, Kady unsuccessfully struggled to free herself from their grip and soon was tied to the bondage table – her ass up in the air and her legs spread wide.

“I should have left with Bob, “she thought to herself, “now I am going to be fucked whether I like it or not.”

The other men stroked their cocks as they admired their captive. Kady opened her mouth to plead to be let go and Dave thrust his cock in her mouth.

“Suck me, girl. No playing hard to get here. Suck my cock.”

Kady reluctantly sucked the cock, frightened, wondering what was going to happen to her. Her head was pulled deep onto the cock, gagging her for a moment. A vibrator was pressed against her engorged clit, startling her.

She heard Sharon’s voice behind her.

“This isn’t all about us, honey: we are going to make you come like you have never come before. We are going to use every hole you have in any way we want to. “No” is not an option here.”

The vibe felt great on her clit. It sent sensations all the way to her nipples. It felt so good.

Kady felt something pressing against her ass. It was a 10-inch long, tapered dildo.

An inch wide at the tip and three inches across at the base. Tony slowly pushed it in her vagina a few inches, causing her to try to move away from it.

Sharon reached around for Kady’s tits that were hanging down and twisted one of her nipples hard, causing her to cry out, “Fuck!” as she pulled off the cock in her mouth.

Tony pulled the dildo out and held it in front of Kady’s face. “This is going your ass, so just relax and enjoy it.”

She gasped when she saw the size of it. Her own dildo was half that size and this thing was huge. She had fucked her own ass with her dildo many times and came just from the sensations of that. Yes, deep inside her psyche, she knew she wanted it all the way in her ass. Tony, pushed it in her mouth and she tasted the tartness of her cunt on it. She recoiled from it, but it was pushed in far enough to gag her for a moment. Tony pulled it out.

Sharon took it and fastened it to a harness that went around her waist. The harness was black leather and the crotch strap cut deep into her cunt, splitting her large pussy lips in the middle.

“Like it? A cute young girl named Janice makes all of these for me. She was here last night with four men and me. They gang-banged and ass-fucked us raw. I took so much come in my ass she had to suck it all out twice. Now SHE is a dirty girl. She might drop by later.”

Dave spread the smooth ass cheeks of the trembling girl and placed his mouth on her cunt, causing Kady to gasp. His talented tongue laved at her cunt lips and he sucked and pulled them into his mouth. Rolling over onto his back, he slid under Kady and pulled her cunt down to his mouth. He lightly flicked his tongue across her clit and then sucked it into his mouth. He repeated the cycle over and over bringing her close to orgasm. He then stopped and started again.

As she was nearing her orgasm, Sharon began to push the head of the phallus against her anus. The impending orgasm distracted her from the pressure until five inches were already inside her.

Dave sucked her clit even harder now, biting it and licking up the juices that were pouring out of her. Sharon pushed the dildo further in causing Kady to cry out,

“Stop! I can’t take it!” An amyl nitrate capsule was popped under her nose. As the acrid chemical was absorbed, her anal sphincter relaxed and Sharon drove the dildo all the way into the captive girl’s ass.

Kady cried out as she felt her ass dilate and the phallus fill her. “Aaaah! Fuck!”

It was like nothing she had felt before.

Sharon was now wild with desire, seeing the anus of this young girl stretched to the full girth of the dildo.

She began to fuck her with full strokes, in and out of her ass, telling her, ” Your ass is taking ten inches of my cock, I love stretching your ass. When you come think about how it feels to be ass-fucked by me. Your ass looks so pretty, so smooth.”

Kady was over whelmed with the eroticism of the moment. She was tied to the table, being ass-fucked by a woman she just met, and her clit was being stimulated by an expert tongue.

“Fuck my ass, lick my clit, I’m going to come.” she screamed. “Fuck me, Fuck my ass. Shove that fucker all the way in me! Stretch me! Fuck Me! ”

Sharon pistoned in and out of her ass, her magnificent tits swaying as she sodomized her victim. She loved looking down and seeing an asshole stretched wider than her fist. Earlier, Janice had taken her fist deep in her ass last night and the thought of that spurred her on.

Kady came in a blinding orgasm as she begged Sharon to fuck her harder. The feeling of the cock and tongue continuing to assault her propelled her to an orgasm that was unlike any she had ever had.

Collapsing on the bondage table, her ass remained up as her leg restraints secured her wide open cunt and ass. Sharon pulled the massive phallus out of Kady’s ass and it gaped open. Tony took photos of the lewd display of the gaping asshole. His wife lubed her hand up and slipped it into the still dilated hole.

Kady’s eyes shot open as she exclaimed.”What the fuck! What are you doing to me?” The sensation was warm and wiggly like a…HAND! She began to struggle against her restraints but they were too secure.

“I’m fisting you dear, I am assfisting you!” Sharon worked her hand around in the well-fucked rectum and pushed it deeper into her ass. Kady tried to fight it but the erotic sensations were just too powerful. The hand felt so good in her ass, better than any cock or dildo ever had. Waves of pleasure shot from her rectum to her brain as Sharon fisted her. She loved that feeling of nastiness as Sharon drove her fist into her ass.

” Aaaah! Fuck me Sharon! Fist my ass!” Sharon drove the fist in and out of her ass, sodomizing the girl with slow strokes, going deeper with each thrust. She came hard as Sharon twisted and pumped her hand in her ass. Slowly pulling her fist out, Sharon admired the larger gape this time. Tony got some great shots of her asshole as it slowly closed .

For the next four hours, they fucked her cunt and ass with dildos and cocks, even fucking her in the cunt and ass at the same time. Kady was forced to eat cum out of Sharon’s cunt and asshole and watched videos of Janice being willingly gang banged and ass-fucked the previous night.

Kady fisted Sharon in the cunt and ass at the same time, bringing her to multiple orgasms as the men watched.

. Before she left, Sharon gave her a long goodbye kiss and slipped a hand under her dress. Kady reflexively opened her legs and felt her ass being slowly violated one last time for the night. This time it was different, she pulled the lesbians hand deep into her ass and moaned into her mouth, “OOOh Sharon, your hand feels so good in my ass, fist me one last time before I leave.

[Author's Note: Those looking for graphic sex will probably find this story pretty tame. But if you're interested in the exhibitionist fantasy of being forced to live your life in the nude I think you'll like this tale.]

Chapter 1

A cool spring breeze blew over the congregation of people surrounding the open grave. It was an elaborate funeral and the gravestone was one befitting a man of means, but the crowd was not particularly large. It was composed primarily of men in expensive suits with wives in designer dresses, perfectly styled hair, and manicured fingernails. No tears were shed and there seemed to be an air of impatience to get the whole affair over with. The mood was about obligation rather than mourning. This was the funeral of a wealthy man, not a beloved man.

Near the open grave stood a small family composed of husband, wife, and daughter. They seemed out of place here and their attire revealed to the others that they were a working class family even though they had worn their best clothes. As the gathering listened to the preacher’s fumbling oratory about someone he’d never met, furtive glances were directed toward the young woman standing with her parents. Even in this crowd of businessmen with their trophy wives she stood out. She was a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with a strangely innocent sensuality. The girl was wearing a modest black dress, sleeveless, but with the top reaching to a curve just below her neckline. Her earrings and necklace were tasteful and showed no signs of vanity or extravagance. The eyes of the men drifted toward her, darted away, then drifted back again. Her presence didn’t go unnoticed by the women either. The girl seemed oblivious to the stares and it was difficult to gauge her emotions toward the coffin now being lowered into the ground. When her turn came she dutifully scooped up a handful of loose dirt and, without tears, tossed it onto the coffin.

The Lawyer’s Office

The downtown office complex known as The Compton Building was a typical large modern office building, devoid of any particular architectural personality or charm. It was the headquarters for Compton Enterprises and was now being used as the setting for the reading of the will of its namesake, Arthur Compton. The meeting took place several days after the funeral in an expensively furnished office on the 12th floor belonging to Compton’s personal attorney, Mariana Perez, a striking 38-year old Cuban rumored to have been Compton’s long-time mistress. Compton’s immediate family were all present: a small group consisting of Arthur Compton’s son Anthony, his daughter Sarah, her husband Tom Davis and their daughter Allison…the young beauty from the funeral. Anthony, better known as Tony, was 40-years old and wore a finely tailored suit which helped hide the extra pounds that middle age and excess living were adding to his frame. He also wore the smug look of a man about to become very wealthy. Alongside him sat his attorney. The Davis’s had brought their attorney along as well, a long-time family friend named Bill Henderson, but they expected nothing from the old man.

Mariana Perez leaned back against the front edge of her mahogany desk and began to speak. Although born and raised in Havana her English was flawless and had just a trace of an accent.

“First of all, I want to say that I’m sorry for your loss. I worked for Mr. Compton for many years and respected him. He helped build this company from nothing into what it is today and I know he will be missed very much around here.”

“But let’s get to the matter at hand, shall we? Mr. Compton has left a video which he asked be used as his last will and testament in regards to immediate family members. There are also some documents providing additional information and instructions and I’ll be distributing those after the viewing of the video.” The attorney walked to a large cabinet and opened it revealing a television set as those present slid their chairs around for a better view. “Now I know there will be some things that will cause a reaction but please try to refrain from talking until it’s finished. There will be plenty of time for discussion afterwards.”

Mariana punched the Play button on the remote control and Arthur Compton appeared on-screen sitting uncomfortably in a leather chair. Allison was shocked at her grandfather’s appearance and barely recognized him. The last time she’d seen him had been over two years ago and he’d still been a healthy and vigorous man then. But that was before the cancer had been discovered that had ravaged his body. The man now appearing on the screen was a frail, sickly old man who was a shadow of his former self. The two of them had never been close and they’d had a falling out, but she still felt pangs of guilt about not visiting her grandfather during his illness.

Arthur Compton began to speak.

“Hello Tony, Sarah, Tom, and Allison. Welcome to a day that I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.” The old man coughed into a handkerchief, but as he spoke his voice was surprisingly strong. “I hope you won’t mind if I spare you the emotional expressions of regret or teary remembrances because I’m sure you’d find that as annoying as I do. So let’s dispense with the formalities and get to the business at hand and talk about my money, my company and who gets what.”

Compton began hacking again and took a small drink of water. Allison sat uneasily but was strangely fascinated by the sight of a man speaking to them from beyond the grave.

“I want to start with you, Anthony. Son, you’re a selfish, self-centered, immature, greedy, spoiled, boozing, skirt-chasing son-of-a-bitch. None of those things are showstoppers as far as I’m concerned during a man’s youth. Hell, I had most of those qualities when I was young and still have some of them. But I outgrew the habits that held me back and kept me from prospering. You haven’t.”

Tony seemed taken aback by the words and shifted nervously in his seat. Compton paused to take a drink and then continued. “Still, you’re my son and I’m going to leave you a wealthy man.”

Tony made a nearly inaudible sigh of relief as Andrew Compton started listing the inheritance being passed down to his son: real estate, stock portfolios, a beach house, and various other assets. Tony relaxed and began to smile; he would be a very wealthy man. “I’m sure that will be enough to keep you in whores and booze for awhile, son,” Compton said as he finished.

This time Tony sneered back at the screen. “You got that right, Dad.”

“What I’m not sure about, Tony, is whether you’re capable of running my company. For now I’m naming you interim chairman of the firm.”

“Interim!” Tony exploded.

“Yes, I said interim, Tony. Now shut the fuck up and let me finish what I have to say,” Arthur Compton barked from the screen. Tony sat back startled and Mariana Perez laughed quietly as she saw how Arthur had anticipated this reaction from his son. His body may have betrayed him but his mind had remained intact. Tom, Sarah, and Allison also couldn’t help but smile at the exchange. Tony glared at Perez for a moment then turned his attention back to the TV.

“I’ll get back to you later, Tony, but for now I’d like to talk to my daughter, Sarah.” Allison’s mom stared anxiously at the screen at her estranged father. “I know we’ve barely spoken since you ran off over 20 years ago against my will and married the loser you’re with and I told you I’d disown you for it, but I guess time has softened this old heart. Since your husband hasn’t provided you much I’m not going to leave you penniless. You’re going to get five million dollars in cash.” Tom, Sarah, and Allison looked at each other in surprise and then began screaming and hugging each other. A surge of joy went through Allison as the continual financial struggles her family had gone through for most of her life seemed to be over. Arthur Compton paused for a few moments, once again anticipating this reaction, then said, “Before Tom Davis runs out and buys a bowling alley I should tell you that there are conditions involved. Conditions which I will get to momentarily.”

The Davis family looked at each other and then at Mariana Perez. “Conditions?” Sarah asked suspiciously and Mariana simply put a finger to her lips motioning them to be silent. They turned their attention back to the old man on the screen.

“Now for my lovely granddaughter, Allison.” Another coughing fit overtook the old man and it was several moments before he could continue. “Yes, Allison, I remember very well our last conversation several years ago. It was the one where you called me a ‘sad and unloved old man who put money and profits over people and the environment.’ I believe those were your words.” Allison shifted uncomfortably in her chair, remembering the encounter very well herself. “Now the reason I’m not angry about that now is because you were right and I have no problem with being called anything as long as it’s the truth. You displayed backbone and an honesty that few around me have ever shown and I admire that.” Compton paused for a moment before dropping his bombshell. “For that reason I’m going to give you an opportunity to take over my company.”

“What!” Tony shouted, angrily knocking over his chair as he sprung to his feet. Mariana hit the Pause button on the remote. “That’s bullshit! I’ve been working for that senile old bastard for years getting myself ready to run his company. He can’t turn it over to some little college girl who doesn’t know about a god damn thing except spreading her legs for frat boys!”

Tom Davis exploded out of his chair going after Tony Compton with a fury. Davis’s attorney, Bill Henderson, quickly grabbed him in an effort to hold him back as Tony’s own lawyer also jumped in between them. Tony, seeing the anger in Tom’s face knew he was outmatched and quickly backed down. “I’m sorry, Tom, I didn’t mean that,” he muttered. “I was just shocked by what the old man said.” He turned to Allison. “I’m sorry, Allison, that was a nasty thing to say.” Allison just nodded at him, still angry but not wanting her father to fight the man.

“It’s okay, Dad. He’s apologized. Please sit down.”

Tom Davis, still seething, began moving back to his seat. “Don’t ever let me catch you talking to my daughter like that again, you piece of shit.”

“Dad, enough!” Allison hugged her father and his anger began melting away.

Mariana watched the whole scene unfold with amusement. This time it was she who had anticipated this moment and had been ready to pause the video. “Gentlemen, do you think we can continue now? Or should I get some boxing gloves?” Everyone settled back into their seats and Arthur Compton’s ghostly presence began speaking again.

“Is everyone settled back down again? No casualties? Tony, I imagine that you’re wondering very loudly why I would consider putting an untested college girl in charge.” Mariana smiled again at his foresight. “I’ll tell you why. I sense that there’s an inner toughness and a drive in her that I don’t sense in you. So I’m going to put her to the test to find out. Allison, if you can comply with the terms I’m about to lay out to you then I will give you my controlling stock in Compton Enterprises.”

The Davis family looked at each other again in shock. This was like a dream. Compton’s stock was worth millions. Many millions. Allison’s head was spinning at what she was hearing. The thought of Compton turning over a company that was one of the state’s worst environmental abusers to a staunch environmentalist like her was shocking. A rush of adrenaline went through her body as she thought about the power and wealth she would have. This was incredible!

“Before you all get too excited you should probably know exactly what the conditions of the inheritance will be. I imagine they will temper your enthusiasm a bit.” The old man chuckled then paused for a moment for another drink of water before continuing. “Allison, if you want to save your Mother Gaia from what you imagine my company is doing to her then you’ll be able to do so. But first you’re going to have to earn it, as well as the five million for your parents. I’m going to test you to see just what you’re willing to do for your parents and for the environment for which you’ve so passionately crusaded. We’re going to find out just how badly you want what you claim you want.” Allison felt a chill running down her spine and it seemed as if the old man on the TV was now looking into her eyes and searching her soul.

“Here are the conditions of the inheritance, Allison: You will finish college and get your degree and you must attend your graduation. You will be allowed a one week break, then you’ll go to work full-time for Compton Enterprises in this building. You’ll be given an office and will learn all there is to learn about the company. I’ve assigned someone to make sure that you’re trained properly and you will be given regular assignments by him and by Mariana Perez that you’ll be expected to complete. One year from today, if you’ve done all that has been asked of you, Ms. Perez has been instructed to sign over all of my holdings in Compton Enterprises to you and release the five million dollars for your parents. If you fail to live up to this agreement then the company stock holdings will be given to my son Anthony and the five million dollars will be donated to the Hale Foundation.” Compton paused for a moment. “If you fail, you and your parents will get nothing.”

Allison winced when she heard the name Hale Foundation. It was a well known conservative “think tank” whose main purpose was to lobby Congress in an effort to gut environmental laws which “crippled” businesses. They were the enemy to environmentalist groups and to Allison. The idea of five million dollars going to that organization rather than to her parents stung. Well, that’s just incentive to follow through with what he’s asking, she thought. It didn’t sound all that difficult.

Arthur Compton wasn’t finished. “Now, my lovely young Allison, there is just one more little condition. A ‘catch’ you might say.” He chuckled again and Allison felt a chill from the cold laugh. “One of the things you said to me was that you prefer that things remain in their ‘natural state’. Well I think now is the time to find out just how strongly you hold to your convictions, granddaughter. Thus we come to my final condition.” A thin smile came across the old man’s face. “My final condition for gaining control of my company and the money is a simple one. I expect you to spend the next year in your own natural state.”

A puzzled look came over Allison’s face and she quickly looked at her mother and father who also seemed confused by the statement.

“Allison Davis, in order to gain this inheritance you will spend the next year in the nude.”

The Discussion

Tom Davis paced the room clenching and unclenching his fists, muttering obscenities about the accursed old man who was even more wretched in death than he had been in life. The Davis’s and their attorney had been given a private office to discuss the terms of the will and Bill Henderson pored over the legal paperwork that had been given him by Mariana Perez. Allison sat numbly staring at the wall as her mother Sarah wept softly.

The meeting had erupted into chaos after Arthur Compton had mentioned the little “catch” to the inheritance he was offering to the Davis’s. Tom Davis had begun cursing and shouting, first at the TV screen, then at Tony Compton, and finally at Mariana Perez. Tony hadn’t been silent about the whole affair either and for a time it looked like the two men might come to blows again. It had taken awhile for Sarah to calm her husband down enough for the meeting to continue. Allison had simply sat through all of it in a state of shock. What the old man had asked her to do was simply unimaginable.

When order had finally been restored there were many questions from the two attorneys present and finally the Davis’s were allowed to adjourn to a private office to discuss the terms of the will. “Remember, a decision must be reached today before you leave these offices,” Mariana Perez had said as they left the room.

Bill Henderson finished reading the documents and finally spoke. “Well, I can’t see any loopholes in it offhand.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” said Tom Davis. “How in the hell can this be legal?”

“Well, technically he’s not asking Allison to do anything illegal.”

Allison broke out of her trance and spoke up. “Not illegal? I can’t just go around naked. I’ll get arrested.”

“Not in this state, Allison. Public nudity is not illegal here,” Henderson responded.

“It’s not?” Allison was surprised by this answer.

The attorney shook his head. “A few years ago a nightclub owner took a case to the state Supreme Court challenging state regulations against nude dancing. It was argued that freedom of expression provisions in our state constitution allows for nudity as a form of expression. The state Supreme Court ruled in favor of the nightclub owner and as a result public nudity is protected as a legitimate form of expression which cannot be restricted unless it’s accompanied by lewd behavior or sexual acts. That’s why you now see nude dancing bars on every other block and a couple of popular beaches have designated areas as ‘clothing optional’.”

“Yes, I know there are strip clubs and nude beaches but no one just walks around town naked, though,” Allison said.

“That’s true, but not because it’s illegal. It’s just that societal conventions against nudity in public places are so strong that even nudists normally don’t do it.”

“So you’re saying he can actually force me to do this?”

Henderson shook his head. “Force you? No, he can’t force you to do anything, Allison. But he can make it a condition of his will, yes. It would be your decision whether to comply with it or not.”

“But if I don’t then we get nothing, right?” Allison was desperately hoping the lawyer would give her something positive to hope for. The momentary joy upon originally hearing about the inheritance made the crushing blow of the “condition” even more devastating.

“Well, we can fight this in court and I’ll certainly do that. But Compton was a smart man with a whole platoon of lawyers at his disposal so I have to be honest with you and tell you that the odds are probably against us. If we lose in court then you do lose everything unless you have complied with the conditions of the will in the meantime.”

“You mean go naked until we get to court? How long will that take?”

“It could take months. Hell, it could take the full year if they stall, which they’re sure to do.” The lawyer looked at the beautiful young woman sympathetically. “Allison, I’m not going to recommend that you do this. I think it’s outrageous. But I’m not going to lie to you either. If you want to insure getting the inheritance then it’s my job to tell you that complying with the terms of the will is your best option.”

Allison’s father had heard enough. “This is bullshit. Allison isn’t going to do this for any amount of money. We’ve gotten by without that bastard’s money until now and we’ll survive without it.”

Allison looked at her father. He was still a healthy and strong man but the signs of aging and stress were beginning to show up in the lines in his face and the gray sprouting in his hair. He had aged a lot in the last year. He was a construction contractor and business had been slow lately. Their family had always gone through ups and downs financially but the past year had been especially hard and the money worries were escalating making him old before his time. It was also putting a strain on the relationship between her father and her mother. Her mother Sarah had grown up with wealth and had never complained since voluntarily leaving it behind to marry Tom, but she had also never forgotten what it had been like to be wealthy either.

Allison stood up, walked over to her father and gave him a hug. “It’s my decision, Dad,” she said quietly.

“No, it’s not, Allie. I won’t allow this. There’s no way.”

“She’s right, Tom,” her mother said sharply. “She’s 21 years old now and about to graduate from college. This is her decision. She’s a grown woman now.”

Tom was about to speak when he saw the fierce glare in his wife’s eyes and thought better of it. He stood silently and wrestled for a few moments with a decision. Then he turned to Allison.

“Alright, honey. It’s your call. I’ll support you in whatever you decide.”

Sarah walked over and hugged her daughter. “You don’t have to do this you know, dear. We’ll be fine.” She smiled weakly but Allison knew that the problems between her mother and father had been escalating as the bills piled up. She didn’t believe for a moment that everything would be fine.

“Can I have a few minutes alone to think about this, please?”

Bill Henderson stood up and took control. “Let’s head back to Mariana’s office and let Allison have some air.” He put his arm around Tom and Sarah and began herding them toward the door. “Take your time, Allison, and join us when you’re ready.”

The door closed and Allison was left alone with her thoughts. Images of being nude around strangers, friends, and family overwhelmed her. Although she was an environmentalist, she was no nature girl when it came to nudity. Her one experience with public nudity had come about a year ago at the beach. She had been sunbathing with two of her girlfriends and they had taken their tops off and teased her relentlessly until she gave in and took her top off also. But she had lasted only about ten minutes before embarrassment at having her breasts exposed to the world forced her to put it back on. And now she was expected to spend a year in the nude? How in the hell could she possibly do that? She knew she was attractive, even beautiful, but she had never been one to flaunt her body or her sexuality.

As these thoughts tumbled through her mind the tears came and she cried as she hadn’t cried for years. Her body shook with the sobs but the outpouring of emotion had the effect of clearing her mind. After a few minutes the tears subsided and as she moved past her initial shock she was able to examine the situation with a clearer mind. As she pondered everything a new understanding started growing inside her…the realization that the cruel bastard had never intended for a second to give her control of his company or her family the money! This was just a cruel game from beyond the grave meant to humiliate them; to give them a brief desperate hope only to crush them again. The old man probably had hoped that she’d strip naked for a few days but didn’t really believe that she would ever be able to carry out the conditions of the will for a full year. As Allison thought about her grandfather, her anger grew and along with it a new feeling of determination…the determination to beat the son-of-a-bitch at his own game. As the realization came to her that she was actually considering doing this a shiver of excitement pulsed through her body and the undeniable feelings of arousal began to wash over her.

The Decision

“I have just a few questions to ask before I make my decision.”

Allison had returned to Mariana Perez’s office and the group was now all gathered again. On the opposite side of the room was Tony Compton, smirking and openly moving his eyes up and down Allison’s body. His attitude betrayed his thoughts: he hoped that Allison would strip herself naked, at least for now.

“Certainly, Ms. Davis,” Mariana replied. “I’ll answer them if I can.”

Allison tried to get some hint of the lawyer’s feelings about all of this. Was she a reluctant participant or gleefully taking part in this farce? It was difficult to see through her cool professional exterior.

“First of all, I can’t imagine my college allowing me to attend school naked. What happens if they won’t let me?”

“That’s been taken care of, Ms. Davis. A generous donation has been made to your school and another will be made upon your graduation. The Board of Trustees has already approved it, as long as you’re complying with state law.” Allison was more than a little taken aback by the idea that the Board of Trustees had been voting on allowing her to attend school naked.

“Um…okay. Then maybe you can define exactly what is meant by being nude for the next year? I mean, can I wear shoes? Or a coat when it’s cold?”

“I’m sorry, Allison, but the answer is no. I’ve been given instructions by Mr. Compton on this and nude means nude. No shoes, clothes, coats, hats, jewelry, or even makeup. That also means no blankets, towels, sheets, body paint, or anything else that can be used to cover your body. You can have a pillow and a sheet on your mattress but no sheets or blankets on the bed to cover yourself with, so I suggest you make sure your bedroom heater is in good working order. You can towel yourself off briefly after a shower but cannot wrap it around your body. You’re allowed to wear sun block to protect your skin but other than that you must remain in your ‘natural state’ at all times.”

“But I’ll freeze to death in the winter, won’t I?”

Mariana Perez shook her head. “No. You’ll be given a house and a car after your graduation that will be yours to keep as long as you comply with the terms of the will for the full year. The car will have a good heater and you can use the employee parking garage next to the building here. You won’t be asked to carry out any work assignments outdoors in cold weather and your exposure to the elements will be kept brief. It’s not Mr. Compton’s desire that you develop hypothermia.”

“What kind of ‘assignments’ are you talking about anyway?”

“They’re tasks that may take you anywhere within this building or the city or the state. They will be errands or projects expected to be carried out on behalf of the company and are assignments that any normally clothed person would be able to complete, although they’ll certainly be more difficult for a nude woman. But there won’t be anything asked of you that will be illegal or outside of your abilities if you have sufficient motivation and determination. If you believe that anything you’re asked to do is illegal, improper, or dangerous then you can come to me and I’ll make the determination as to whether it needs to be completed or not. You can bring your attorney along if you like to insure that you’re being treated fairly and within the law.” Mariana paused for a moment then drove home the next point with emphasis. “Allison, you need to understand, though, that modesty won’t be considered a legitimate excuse for refusing an assignment.”

Allison gulped as she heard this description of what her life would be like and could feel her heart pounding in her chest. “Are there any more questions, Ms. Davis?” Mariana asked?

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then I think it’s time for your decision.”

The determination that Allison had felt earlier to beat her grandfather at his own sick game had melted away. Now that the time had come to decide, the idea of living life in the nude seemed totally unimaginable. This was just insane! And once she made the decision, in either direction, she couldn’t go back. Either choice she made now would have long-term consequences that she might regret forever. And once she was in, she couldn’t back down. Playing Arthur Compton’s game for awhile only to quit with nothing to show for it would be the ultimate failure.

“I-I’ll do it,” Allison heard herself say and was a little surprised by the suddenness of her response. She wasn’t really the least bit sure about it but something inside her just seemed to take over. And as the words tumbled out of her mouth she felt a rush of fear, adrenaline, and, to her dismay, arousal coursing through her body as the impact of what she’d just agreed to hit her. Allison’s face blushed brightly as she tried to get her feelings under control and from somewhere in the distance she heard Mariana speaking.

“Very well. If you’ll please remove your clothing I’ll see that they are locked up and kept safe for you.”

“R-right now? Can’t I wait until I get home?”

Mariana shook her head. “I’m afraid not, Ms. Davis. The will specifically states that the decision must be reached in these offices today and the year begins at the point you remove your clothing. If you leave this building wearing anything you’ll forfeit the inheritance.”

Allison turned and looked at her parents. Her father was about to speak when a look from his wife warned him to keep his mouth shut.

“Honey, we’ve agreed to support whatever decision you made and now that you have we’ll be there to help you in any way possible,” her mom said. Her father stared at the floor, a look of shame and defeat on his face. In the corner a smirking Tony Compton leered at her. The anger over what was being done to her and her family came back over Allison. She glared at her uncle and spoke.

“A year from now Tony you’ll be out of a job, I promise you that.” A look of anger came over Tony’s face but she ignored it and turned toward Mariana and began removing her earrings. For the first time Compton’s personal attorney momentarily let her guard down as she flashed a brief smile at Allison. It was clear that Mariana Perez didn’t like Tony Compton either.

Allison’s hands shook slightly as she fumbled with the buttons on the front of the white floral cotton dress she was wearing. She pulled the dress over her head revealing a simple white bra and panties. They weren’t her best but she hadn’t been expecting to reveal them to anyone today. She placed the dress and then her shoes on Mariana’s desk. Allison hesitated for a moment, looked around the room nervously, and wondered if she could actually continue. Her parents hadn’t seen her naked since she was a little girl and no male except her boyfriend – now ex-boyfriend actually – had ever seen her completely nude. The feelings of embarrassment and arousal came over her again and she prayed they would stop. The shaking in her hands increased as she reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Nervously she let it slip off of her shoulders and placed it on the desk. She then quickly slid her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them, not hesitating for fear she would chicken out if she did.

For a moment everyone in the room stared at Allison’s nude body. It was a work of art. Her breasts were not too large but were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body and were highlighted by light brown nipples that were even now beginning to harden. Her silky raven hair cascaded over her left shoulder onto her left breast covering it to just above the areola. Her skin was flawless with only slightly visible tan lines where the spring sun had touched her body. Her long legs rose up to a perfect bottom and a triangle of dark, neatly trimmed pubic hair left just a glimpse of the pink lips beneath. Allison could feel the eyes roving over her body as she stood shaking with her arms folded beneath her breasts.

Mariana finally broke the spell. “It’s now 2:35 p.m. At precisely this time next year we’ll meet back here and sign the final paperwork, providing Allison has complied with the terms of the will. If you don’t mind I’ll lock these clothes up here so you’ll have something to wear out of here next year.” Allison nodded numbly. Next year! It sounded like a lifetime. Mariana placed the clothing in a small satchel and locked it up in a cabinet.

“Allison, I’ll be in touch in a few weeks as you near the completion of your schooling and give you the details of your employment here,” Mariana said. “I strongly recommend that you don’t try to cheat because I’m sure there will be eyes watching to make sure you comply at all times.”

Allison glanced over at Tony who simply nodded and silently mouthed the words, “twenty-four/seven.

Escape from the Compton Building

A naked and shaken Allison sat in a bathroom stall on the 12th floor of the Compton Building. At the conclusion of the meeting Mariana Perez had hustled everyone out of her office and locked it behind her as she headed for the elevator. Her mother had whispered “be strong” in her ear and then had gone with her father to bring the car from the parking lot several blocks away to the front of the building in order to save her an embarrassing walk down the street. Allison scampered down the hall to hide out in the women’s restroom and thankfully it had been empty. As she hid in the stall the unreality of the whole absurd situation hit her with full force. She was naked in a downtown office building with no access to any clothes! The determination she had felt earlier was gone and the whole thing now seemed completely insane. Thoughts of completing an entire year in the nude gave way to prayers to make it through the present. “God, just give me the strength to make it out of here and I promise to forget this whole stupid thing.”

Allison began to wish that she had just gone down with her parents because now she didn’t know if she could summon up the courage to do it on her own. The idea of just hiding out there until her mother came looking for her crossed her mind but that still wouldn’t keep her from having to exit the building in the nude. “Just get it over with, Allie,” she told herself and pushed open the stall door. As she crossed the tiled bathroom floor a glimpse of her bare breasts in the bathroom mirror caught her eye and she stopped for a moment to look. Staring back at her was a beautiful naked girl standing in a strange bathroom in a strange building. A shiver of excitement suddenly pulsed through her and she could once again feel the stirrings of arousal. She felt her hands inching slowly up her stomach, reaching her breasts, then begin to slowly caress her hardening nipples. Allison let out a gasp as the pleasure began to intensify and she suddenly snapped back to reality. What in the hell am I doing? A blush rose to her cheeks at the thought that someone could walk in at any time and catch her.

The naked girl pulled the restroom door open and carefully looked both ways down the hall. There was no one in the hallway and she stepped out and began creeping toward the elevator. She had almost reached it when a ding rang out announcing that the elevator had just reached her floor. She panicked and began sprinting for the door marked “Stairs” at the end of the hall. Behind her the elevator doors slid open as she shoved the door open and quickly entered the stairwell. Allison didn’t hesitate and scampered quickly down the cement stairs to the next landing before stopping. She stopped there and grasped the iron rail listening for the sound of the door opening above. She could hear nothing but the sound of her own heavy breathing.

After catching her breath Allison began her journey down the stairs, moving quietly in order to listen for the presence of others and stopping briefly at each landing to peer down to the next level. As she reached the lower levels of the building she heard the door opening just below and the sound of male voices. She caught a quick glimpse of two men in business attire walking into the stairwell. Allison turned quickly and bolted back up the steps to the next level and waited for a moment to see if the men were climbing up. As the voices got closer she nervously opened the door and, not knowing what was beyond, stepped inside.

Allison found herself in a corridor with offices on each side. Down the hall was a woman walking away, not noticing there was a naked girl on the floor. Outside she could hear the voices of the men approaching and as quickly and quietly as possible she moved down the hallway desperately looking for a bathroom to hide in. Behind her the door began to open and she grabbed the door handle of one of the offices fearing it would be locked, or worse, that there would be someone inside. The knob turned and the door opened and she stepped inside closing the door behind her. She found herself in a small empty office standing next to a cluttered desk. She moved to the side of the door and listened for the men. Had they seen her? She didn’t know and her fears were compounded when the men seemed to stop right outside the door. What would they do if they came in and found a naked girl there? Had others in the building been told about Old Man Compton’s inheritance plan for her? Allison was able to catch parts of the conversation and it was obviously some type of business conversation about budgets. She decided that the conversation probably would have turned to other things if they had caught sight of a naked girl in the building. At that moment the door opened and the men walked into the office.

“I’ve got the report right here, Bob. Grab a chair,” she heard one of them say as he walked to a nearby file cabinet. She was hidden from most of the office behind the open door but the man now stood in clear sight of her only a couple of feet away as he rifled through his files looking for his report. If he looked in her direction he couldn’t miss her and she felt the terror and humiliation of the situation overcoming her. Incredibly the man turned away from her with his report in hand without noticing her. She sighed silently as she heard the man taking a seat at his desk and the conversation with the other man continued.

Minutes ticked by as Allison stood hidden behind the open office door. Please go away, she kept thinking and she knew by now her parents must be wondering where the hell she was. They won’t leave me behind will they? Of course not, she told herself. That’s silly. But her unease kept increasing as the minutes went by without any sign of the men leaving. Why in the world did I do this? I should have just told them all to go to hell!

Finally Allison knew she had to do something; she just couldn’t wait any longer. The nude girl stepped out from behind the door, paused briefly as the stunned men turned toward her, then fled out into the hallway where she nearly knocked a woman passing by to the floor. “I’m sorry,” she muttered as she turned and ran toward the stairwell. Flinging the door open she ran down the stairs without giving any more thought to stealth or caution. She quickly reached the bottom and stopped momentarily to listen for the sound of anyone following her. Hearing nothing but her heart thumping in her chest she opened the door and stepped through.

Allison had expected to see a crowded lobby but was surprised to see an empty corridor. She was confused for a moment but then realized that the ground floor must be below the lobby. Deciding that this might be a better way out than the lobby Allison decided to explore to see where the corridor led. It was narrow for the first 20 feet but then widened into a small open area. At the far end she could see a glass door exiting the building and sunlight beyond. She walked slowly down the hallway and peeked around the corner. On the left was a small deli with some chairs and tables outside of it. It was well past lunchtime and it was empty except for a customer standing at the register ordering from the clerk while another sat at the counter eating. The two customers had their back to her and the clerk was busy writing down the order. Allison dashed quickly past the door of the deli toward the exit of the building.

Reaching the exit door the nude girl paused for a moment to survey the outside. Through the glass she could see a small plaza which was shared by the Compton Building and another office building across the way. On the right side of the plaza was a large health club and Allison could see people working out on exercise machines through its windows. To her left was a set of wide stairs leading up to the main road in front of the building. That’s where her parents would be waiting with the car. In the plaza itself were a number of tables and chairs and she could see about a half dozen people sitting and smoking with a few more sitting on the steps. This was obviously where the building’s smokers came to indulge their habits. Allison was completely exposed where she was standing and with the deli behind her and the plaza before her it was only a matter of time before someone saw her standing there. Oh God, I’ve just got to make a run for it, she thought and pushed the door open stepping out into the open air beyond.

Trying not to look at any of the people in the plaza Allison began running toward the steps leading to the street, consciously aware of her bouncing breasts as she jogged past the surprised onlookers. She could feel the sun on her skin and the cool breeze felt like a thousand fingers on her body. The sensation of being naked outdoors in a public place was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Allison could feel the adrenaline surging through her as she sprinted up the steps toward the sound of the traffic above. Reaching street level she turned and began walking quickly down the sidewalk that ran past the building in full view of the cars passing by. Cars began honking at the sight of the nude woman and she tried to block it out.

Where were her parents? She began to panic as she reached the front of the building with no sign of them. She looked around desperately for the car that she had expected to see parked out front but it was nowhere to be found! Panic stricken, Allison looked for a place to hide but there was nothing. She was surrounded by office buildings and cars and pedestrians. There was nowhere to go except back inside the building. But where would she go in the building? Mariana Perez’s office was locked and she would still be in the same predicament she was in now… naked in a public place with no access to any clothing. Allison had never felt so vulnerable and alone in her life. Uncertain what to do she did nothing. She buried her head in her hands and began to sob.

It was only during a break in the traffic that she heard the voice. “Allison!” Across the street she could see her mother waving her arms. Relief swept through her body as she ran toward the crosswalk on the corner. The light was red and the cars continued to race past, many with horns blaring. It was only when she reached the corner that she noticed her scummy Uncle Tony standing there with his attorney. “Nice to see you again, Allison.” he sneered. “Lovely day for a stroll, huh?” How long had they been watching her? Allison wiped the tears from her eyes trying to put on a brave face but there was no hiding how distressed she was. As the signal finally turned green she forced herself to walk across in front of the stopped traffic, not giving her uncle the satisfaction of seeing her run.

“The car’s just down the block, honey,” her mom said as they walked quickly down the sidewalk. “I’m sorry but we parked as long as we could in the no parking zone in front of the building but a security guard chased us off. We’ve been circling the block until this parking space over here opened up.” Allison just nodded her head and muttered “okay” knowing that nothing was okay. They reached the car and Allison crawled into the back seat and curled up into a ball. Her father turned from the driver’s seat. “Are you alright, Allie?”

“Just get me out of here please, Dad” and the sobs began again. As the car pulled out into the street Allison had only one thought in mind: getting home and putting on some clothes.

Chapter 2

Bad Dreams

Allison could feel the rough grain of the sidewalk scraping against her bare feet and, looking down, was startled to see that she had forgotten to wear shoes. How in the world did that happen? Oh well, she thought, I’m late for class and don’t have time to go back and get them. No one will notice. She entered the Environmental Science building and the hallways were oddly empty. Walking into her classroom she saw that it was also empty. That’s strange, she could have sworn she was late. As Allison sat down in her seat in the middle of the classroom the feel of cold wood against her bare rear sent a shock wave through her. Looking down she suddenly realized she was naked! Oh my god, I forgot to get dressed, she thought and stood up to run back to her dorm but the classroom was now full! She quickly sat back down hoping no one would notice. Somewhere in the distance she could hear the voice of the professor and Allison was mortified when her name was called out. “Miss Davis! Please come down to the front and explain why you’ve come to my class naked!” By now everyone in the room was looking at her and laughing and pointing. A humiliated Allison wanted to rush out of the room but forced herself to obey the professor. As she stood up, though, she felt herself rise up in the air and begin floating, floating above the class. Down below her classmates were staring up at the view between her legs…

Allison opened her eyes and blinked several times trying to adjust her sight to the darkness. She reached for the blankets that seemed to have fallen off of the bed but could feel only the sheet on the mattress below her. Disoriented, she sat up in bed and looked around. This wasn’t her dorm room. Allison rubbed her eyes and the familiar surroundings of her bedroom in her parent’s house slowly began coming into focus. She once again reached for the missing blankets when a glance at her nude body caused her to gasp as she suddenly realized why there were no blankets to be found! Shame and embarrassment pulsed through her once again as the events of the previous day flooded into her head. The glowing numbers on the clock beside her bed read 2:10 a.m. but Allison knew there would be no more sleep for quite awhile tonight.

Allison padded quietly out into the living room and then the kitchen, trying not to disturb her parents’ sleep. She brewed herself a cup of herbal tea and sat down on the living room couch, lighting a candle for light. The flickering light illuminated her nude body as she stared hypnotically into the flame. She tried to empty her mind of thoughts but the bizarre events of the day continually kept forcing themselves in like unwanted visitors. With a sigh Allison gave up the fight and began re-living the strange events of the previous day. It all came rushing back now: the reading of the will, the momentary exhilaration of hearing about the great wealth offered only to be devastated by the perverse “condition” imposed on her by her dead grandfather, Arthur Compton. A year in the nude! What an impossible, ridiculous, obscene, and horrifying prospect…one that she couldn’t possibly have imagined only 24 hours ago. Worst of all were the memories of the terrifying nude exit from the busy downtown office building. Allison shuddered and stared into the flame again, attempting to quiet her emotions.

A nearby bedroom door opened and Allison’s mother Sarah stepped out and walked quietly into the living room. “Hello, honey. I see you couldn’t sleep either. Mind if a get a cup of tea and join you?”

“Sure, Mom.” She had instinctively tried to cover herself when she first heard her mother enter the room but then realized how silly it was. She had spent a good part of yesterday nude in front of her. Sarah joined her daughter on the opposite end of the living room sofa, lighting a second candle for light.

“That was quite a day yesterday wasn’t it, Allie?”

Allison nodded. “The worst day of my life I think.”

Sarah looked sympathetically at her daughter. “I can imagine, dear. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I guess I should have seen something like this coming from your grandfather.”

“How could you possibly see something like this coming, Mom?”

Sarah shifted uncomfortably and nervously sipped her tea before continuing. “Your grandfather had some… fetishes.” She wasn’t quite sure how to put this. “He… well, he enjoyed humiliating women by forcing them to exhibit themselves nude in public.”

Allison’s eyes opened wide and she stared at her mother. “You mean he forced you… “

Sarah shook her head. “No, not me. My mother – your grandmother. She told me stories before she died. I think she was afraid that he would try to force me into some of his perverse games.”

Allison was shocked by this revelation. “You mean incest?”

“No, I don’t think he would have ever touched me. This wasn’t really about sex; at least I don’t think it was anyway. It was about demonstrating his power over the women in his life by humiliating them. Forcing them to strip in public. That’s how he got his kicks.”

“Women?” Allison asked. “You mean more than my grandmother?”

“Your grandfather had mistresses. I know that he forced several of them into this type of thing.”

“How do you know?”

“My mother knew about them. She had him followed when she was preparing to divorce him. That’s when she started warning me about him.”

Allison tried to recall memories of her grandmother Rebecca but she had died in a boating accident when Allison was very young and she had no recollection of her. “You don’t remember your grandmother do you, hon?” Sarah asked. Allison shook her head. “You remind me a lot of her, Allie. She was a beautiful woman.” Allison took a sip of tea trying to visualize her from photographs she had seen. “She encouraged me to run off with your father in order to get away from Arthur.”

Allison was a little surprised by this. “I didn’t know that. I always thought they both hated Dad.”

Sarah shook her head. “No, not your grandmother.” Sarah thought back to her early days with Tom. He had been so handsome and she had been so in love. “You know Allie, I’ve never told you this but I was pregnant with you when your father and I got married.”

“I know Mom,” Allison giggled. “I can do math.”

Sarah blushed slightly. “I suppose you can.” Both mother and daughter felt a warm glow as they talked. It had been a long time since they had talked together like this. Too long, Sarah thought to herself. They continued to talk, no longer mother and daughter but two women sharing secrets from a hidden past and concerns about an uncertain future.

“Your grandmother Rebecca was a good woman,” Sarah continued.

“Why in the world did she marry such a pervert then?”

“Allie, you have to understand that Rebecca had nothing when she met Arthur. Nothing but her beauty anyway. She was an orphan who’d been shuffled from foster home to foster home. He offered her a life of wealth and in return he asked that she participate in his ‘games.’”


“Yes. Games involving exhibitionism and nudity in public places.”

“And she was willing to do this for the money?”

Sarah thought for a moment before answering. “Your grandmother was a very ambitious person in her own right. She was willing to do whatever it took to achieve her goals.” Sarah took a sip from the tea. “In many ways she was as strong-willed as Arthur Compton. I think that’s one of the things that attracted him to her.”

Allison thought for a moment about what her mother was telling her. “Tell me a little about these ‘games’.”

Sarah sat silently for a few minutes, thinking about her mother. “It began on their wedding night… “

[Author's note: Those of you who've read my short story Rebecca will recognize this part of the chapter. This is the original version of this story and I later re-wrote it into a standalone short story when I thought I'd never get around to completing Allison's Inheritance.]


The young bride stood naked, handcuffed, and trembling in the bridal suite of the large hotel. She was about to play a game: Arthur Compton’s game. Compton sat watching her closely, a thin smile on his face, a cigarette smoldering between his fingertips. He could sense her fear and fed on it like a predator gaining strength from the scent of fear in his prey. At thirty-two, Compton was already a millionaire many times over and a man who knew how to get what he wanted. And at the moment what he wanted was his beautiful wife to display her naked flesh to others. He gazed with pleasure at her milky white skin and silky raven hair and began explaining the rules of the game.

“As soon as you exit the room, Becky, the clock will start. I’ll give you a series of tasks you’ll have to complete in order to find the key to the handcuffs and then find the room key in order to get back in. I won’t allow you in if you don’t find it.” He paused for a moment to let this sink in. “If you aren’t back within an hour the door will be bolted shut and won’t be opened until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. I’ll give you your initial instructions to get you started once you’re in the hallway.”

A nervous chill swept through Rebecca’s body. “Aren’t you afraid we’ll get kicked out of the hotel?” she asked.

Arthur chuckled and took a drag off of his cigarette. “I’d probably be worried if I wasn’t part owner of the hotel.”

Rebecca stood silently allowing Arthur’s eyes to roam across her body. She knew she couldn’t hide her nervousness but wasn’t going to allow him the satisfaction of hearing her plead or beg. Compton sat quietly for a few minutes allowing the fear and anticipation to build in the young woman. Finally he spoke. “It’s time to get started, dear.”

Rebecca took a deep breath as the door opened to the hallway beyond. She hesitated for a moment then stepped outside. Arthur entered the hallway with her and she heard the door lock behind her with a sickening click. Her eyes darted quickly back and forth, scanning both ends of the corridor, but it was empty. It was just after 11 p.m. and many of the guests were already settled into their rooms for the night. Still, the possibility of being seen was very real. “Follow me,” Arthur commanded and she walked behind him down the hall, her hands handcuffed behind her back. They reached the elevator and Compton pushed the down button. Rebecca shuddered nervously at the thought of entering the hotel elevator in the nude.

“Take the elevator down to the 2nd floor, Becky. There are some public restrooms there. In the men’s room taped behind a large waste receptacle is a plastic bag holding the key to the cuffs along with further instructions.” The “ding” announcing the arrival of the elevator startled Rebecca and she watched nervously as the doors slid opened. To her relief the elevator was empty. Compton stepped inside and motioned her into it. After she entered he pushed the button for the 2nd floor and stepped out again, holding the door open. He allowed himself a moment to drink in the delicious sight of his beautiful wife standing naked, handcuffed, and helpless in the elevator. “Good luck. I’ll be expecting you in less than an hour,” he said with a smile and then let the doors slide shut.

Alone in the elevator now, Rebecca watched nervously as the floors ticked off on her journey to the 2nd floor. As each floor number appeared above the door she expected the elevator to come to a halt to pick up new passengers, but it continued uninterrupted to her destination.

The doors slid open and the nude woman peered cautiously out of the elevator before stepping out into the corridor. About twenty feet away Rebecca saw a large potted floor plant and she scampered quickly to it, kneeling down behind it. She took a minute to calm her nerves before peering out from behind the plant to survey the area. On each side of the corridor she saw hotel shops and boutiques, all of them darkened and shuttered. This would normally be a busy floor during business hours but at this time of night the area was deserted. There was no sign of the men’s restroom, though, and the clock was ticking so the young bride had no choice but to get moving and look for it. She reluctantly left her hiding spot and began exploring.

As she started down the hallway she saw with a shock that there was a lounge at the end that was still open and serving customers. She pressed herself flat against the wall and surveyed the area. She saw the men’s restroom now down the hallway near the open door of the bar and had no choice but to head toward it. Rebecca began creeping along the wall past the closed doors of the shops, trying to remain invisible to the people drinking within the lounge. She could hear music tinkling from inside as a pianist played quiet tunes for the bored late night drinkers.

The men’s room was now only a few feet away on the opposite side of the corridor and Rebecca decided to make a dash for it. This was obviously the restroom used by the bar so the chances of someone being inside were good, but what choice did she have? She quickly dashed across the hallway, breasts bouncing as she ran, and pushed her way through the door into the bathroom.

The bathroom was empty and Rebecca could see the white trash receptacle near the sink. Sliding it away from the wall with her foot she breathed a sigh of relief as a plastic bag taped to the rear of it containing a key and a note came into sight. Awkwardly she removed the bag with her hands cuffed behind her back and began tearing it open. The key clattered to the floor and Rebecca sat down on the cold tile floor attempting to pick it up with her arms behind her back. Thank god they keep this place clean, she thought as she finally managed to retrieve it and began fumbling around trying to put the key in the lock. The key dropped again to the floor. This is no good, she thought, aware that a bar bathroom probably wouldn’t remain vacant for long. With an effort she struggled to her feet and, bending over at the waist, attempted to slide her handcuffed wrists past her butt. The cuffs bit into her wrists as she strained but finally felt them slip past to her thighs. Then sitting down again she brought her legs through freeing her arms. With her arms now in front of her the process of retrieving the key and unlocking the cuffs was much easier and soon they snapped open. Rebecca tossed them into the wastebasket and, grabbing the note, fled into one of the stalls to read it.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the first part of the game. I figured that someone as limber as you should have no problem finding a way to escape from the handcuffs. Or did you require assistance?

Now on to your next task, Becky. This will be relatively straightforward since I don’t want to challenge you too much on your first time out. I’m sure you noticed that small bar nearby. The bartender will be expecting you and is saving you a seat at the bar. All you have to do is go in and order a drink and he will hand you a note with further instructions. I’ll be in the corner of the bar watching. Please don’t acknowledge me in any way.

Oh, by the way, the bartender will not allow you to charge the drink to the room. I’m afraid you’ll have to find someone in the bar to buy it for you.

Rebecca sighed as she read the instructions. All the stealth and caution she’d used to avoid being seen by the customers in the bar had been for nothing. She was going to have to walk right in and belly up to the bar for a drink! Then god only knows what the next set of instructions would bring.

Aware that the clock was ticking Rebecca had no choice but to make her way out of the stall and prepare to walk into the bar. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she stepped through the door and began walking toward the open door of the bar. She heard a gasp as she stepped in and a quick survey showed her the bar was only about half full. The customers were mainly bored businessmen although there were several couples sitting at tables talking quietly. In the corner she could see Arthur sitting, his eyes focused intently on her. Rebecca turned her eyes from him and walked to the bar.

The bartender smiled and tossed a napkin onto the bar in front of her like it was the most natural thing in the world for a nude woman to walk into his bar. Rebecca sat down on the stool next to a businessman in a rumpled white shirt and tacky tie. “Whoa,” the man exclaimed as the naked woman sat down beside him. Rebecca could smell the beer on his breath from where she sat. “Hello there, darlin’.”

Rebecca forced a smile onto her face. “Hi. Would you mind buying me a drink?”

“Sure thing,” the man replied and he managed to tear his eyes off of her breasts long enough to shove a crumpled wad of bills toward the bartender. “Get her whatever she wants, barkeep.”

The bartender smiled. “My name’s Jimmy. What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have a glass of Chardonnay please, Jimmy.”

“My name’s Ed,” her companion in the next seat said. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Suzy,” she replied, not wanting to give the man her real name.

“Pleased to meet ya, Suzy. Damn you got the nicest tits I ever seen.”

Rebecca tried to ignore the man as Jimmy brought her glass of wine along with a note. She felt a tingle of anticipation as she opened it, not knowing what to expect next.

Only one task remains, Becky, and then you can return to the room. After you finish your drink you will request a song from the piano player, and I want you to sing it for the bar. You know what song I want to hear. Once you’ve finished that the bartender will give you your room key and you may leave at any time.

She knew what song Arthur wanted. “Danny Boy.” His mother had come from Ireland and often sang it to him as a young boy. Hearing it was one of the few things in the world that could move him to tears.

Rebecca’s new friend Ed was engaging in a drunken one-sided conversation with her that she’d been tuning out. He apparently thought that her “outfit” was the latest fashion for hookers in the area and he couldn’t have been more pleased about it. Rebecca felt Ed’s hand on her back and she quickly gulped down her glass of wine. “Excuse me Ed, but I want to request a song from the piano man.” She rose from her stool and all eyes were on her as she approached the piano player. She waited self-consciously until he finished his song and then spoke briefly into his ear. He nodded and began to play. Rebecca looked around the bar nervously and began to sing:

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
’tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.

But come you back when summer’s in the meadow
Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
’tis I’ll be there in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

Rebecca sang with a strong clear voice. She loved to sing and, for a moment anyway, forgot about her nudity. She was lost in the moment and the crowd listened with rapt attention to the beautiful song.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You’ll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.

And I shall hear, tho’ soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you’ll not fail to tell me that you love me
I simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

There was silence for a moment, then the crowd erupted in applause. Rebecca blushed then took a small bow. In the corner she could see Arthur clapping as well, a tear running down his cheek. A rush of adrenaline ran through Rebecca’s body and she couldn’t help but smile as she returned to the bar.

“That was damn good,” she heard Ed slur and felt his hand on her ass. She turned to him and smiled. “Ed, would you mind buying me another drink?”

“Sure thing, darlin’,” he replied and removed his hand to reach for his wallet.

Jimmy placed another glass of wine in front of her along with the room key. “That was wonderful singing,” he said. Rebecca blushed again at the compliment. “Thanks Jimmy.” As she sat down on the stool she could once again feel Ed’s hand, this time moving up her thigh. She took a quick sip then turned to her companion and threw the remainder of the wine into his face.

A shocked and surprised Ed recoiled from her with wine dripping off of his face onto his white shirt. “You fucking bitch!”

Rebecca grabbed the room key and turned to Jimmy as she walked toward the exit, “I’m sorry I can’t leave you a tip.”

“That’s okay,” the bartender called after her. “Your presence here was tip enough.” With that Rebecca strode quickly through the open door of the bar into the hallway beyond leaving one last glimpse of her naked backside for the bar’s patrons.

As she walked down the corridor Rebecca’s confidence began to fade as she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. Nervously she picked up the pace, afraid to look back. Reaching the elevator she pushed the button just as a hand grabbed her and spun her around. In her face was a drunk and angry Ed.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going you little prick tease. The party’s not over yet.” He leaned over and attempted to plant a kiss on her lips as Rebecca struggled to push him away, his foul-smelling breath nauseating her. Suddenly a hand seized Ed by the throat and he gasped for breath as Arthur Compton slammed him against the opposite wall. Ed took a wild swing but Arthur blocked it easily and slammed his knee into Ed’s groin. The color went out of Ed’s face as he slumped to his knees in pain. Arthur grabbed the man by his hair to hold him up and then buried a fist into his gut. What little air was left exploded out of Ed’s lungs and he crumpled into a heap on the floor, gasping and retching. Compton looked on for a moment with a cruel grin at the sight of the beaten man, then turned and led his wife into the open elevator.

As the elevator climbed upward the man and wife found themselves in an embrace of hungry passion. The embarrassment, humiliation, and fear that Rebecca had experienced were now fueling a fire inside her that she’d never felt before. She greedily tore at Andrew’s clothes wanting to feel him inside of her. As the elevator doors slid open, Andrew swept her off of her feet and carried her in his arms down the hallway to their room, pausing only briefly to unlock the door. Then Andrew Compton carried his young bride across the threshold into their bridal suite, kicking the door shut behind him.

Moments later the Comptons consummated their wedding vows.

Mother and Daughter

Allison stared into the flickering candle flame thinking about the story her mother had just told her. The shocking conditions of the will were beginning to make some sense now. This wasn’t just some crazy scheme cooked up on Arthur Compton’s deathbed but an ongoing pattern of behavior for him; a bizarre attempt to continue with his fetish even after death.

Allison thought about her grandmother Rebecca and what her mother had said about her, that she was willing to pay the price to get what she wanted. Allison wondered if she herself possessed the same determination and strength to pay whatever price was necessary to gain the wealth and power being dangled in front of her. She didn’t know.

Sarah returned from the kitchen with fresh cups of tea for the two of them. Settling back onto the sofa she watched the flickering light from the candles dance across Allison’s face and breasts. My God she’s beautiful, she thought as a twinge of jealousy shot through her. Sarah immediately felt ashamed by these feelings. At forty she knew she could pass for thirty and heads still turned when she walked down the street. Still, she knew that she had never possessed the extraordinary beauty of her daughter even in her prime. What struck her was the natural way that Allison carried her looks, accepting them but without the vanity or self-centeredness that so many other beautiful women possessed. She neither wanted nor needed to be the center of attention, which would make the coming ordeal all the more difficult for her. Arthur Compton must have been struck by Allison’s beauty as well, she thought. So much so that the temptation to get her involved in his fetish must have been too great to pass up, even after death. A temptation so great that he was willing to put his company up as the prize to entice her.

The two women sat quietly for several minutes, each lost in their own thoughts. Sarah finally broke the silence. “Have you decided what you’re going to do yet, Allie?”

Allison didn’t answer at first, pondering for the thousandth time the unthinkable choice she’d been given. After her humiliating exit from the Compton Building, Allison had been convinced on the ride home that she was going to quit this ridiculous farce as soon as she got home, but in the relative protection of her parents’ house she’d calmed down a bit and decided there was no harm in staying nude for the weekend anyway. She didn’t have to be back to school until Monday morning and this would give her time to think things through.

“Yes, Mom.” she finally replied. “I have to do it. It’s not just the money, it’s the opportunity to make positive changes in this world. I have to try.”

Sarah nodded her head. “I know, honey. I was hoping you would. Does that sound awful? To hope my own daughter would go through with something like this?”

“No, Mom. I understand.”

“It’s just that…” Tears started flowing down Sarah’s cheeks. “I… I thought I was satisfied with my life but I guess when I heard about the money that we would be inheriting… I wanted it. I wanted it for us and for you.”

Allison put her arms around her mother and the two of them shared tears for a few minutes.

“Allie, I want you to be careful. Your grandfather was a ruthless man and I don’t think he would give up his company to you so easily.”

“Easily?” Allison exclaimed.

“Yes, honey I know this seems terribly difficult for you and it will be. But I don’t think we’ve heard everything yet. I think there may be some traps and roadblocks in this whole thing that we don’t know about. I don’t think Mariana Perez has told us everything.”

“Well, I got the feeling she was on our side. I don’t think she likes Tony Compton.”

“Honey, no one likes Tony Compton. That doesn’t necessarily make her your friend, though. I don’t know if she will be an ally or a foe in this but you should be very wary of her.”

Allison sipped her tea and thought about the challenge ahead of her.

“And you may not be able to trust anyone at school either. I’m sure that Tony will spread his money around to your friends to spy on you and tempt you into cheating.”

“Oh, great,” Allison said. “I come home on a Friday as a normal happy college girl and I go back on Monday as a paranoid nudist.” Mother and daughter looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing and began another round of hugs.

“I love you, Mom.”

“Love you too, Allie. Let’s get some sleep. I’ll drive you back to college early Monday morning.”

“I think Monday will be the hardest day of my life, Mom.”

Chapter 3

Monday Morning

The moment that Allison had been dreading had arrived. She sat nude and shaking in her mother’s car as the dormitory, looking both familiar and terrifying, filled the window in front of her. It was 7 a.m. on Monday morning and the campus was beginning to stir. Several students exited the dorm making their way toward the cafeteria and Allison hunched down further in her seat. Her mother Sarah sat quietly, understanding what was going on inside her daughter, not knowing what she could possibly say to comfort her.

Finally Allison heard a shaky voice that sounded like hers but seemed to come from a million miles away. “Let’s get it over with, Mom.” She grasped the door handle, released it, and then pulled again, hearing the door mechanism click open. The door opened wide and Allison looked out at the world beyond with a mixture of terror and curiosity. It was like emerging for the second time from the womb into a strange and frightening new world, as naked and unprepared as the first time.

The next few minutes were a blur – a series of sensations. Allison felt the softness of the grass moistened with dew beneath her feet which soon gave way to the rough scrape of the cold cement of the sidewalk. She could feel the sun touching her bare flesh and the cool breeze caressing her skin, the movement of her breasts, the roar of blood in her ears, the hot flush of her face. The early morning sun gleamed off of the glass front door of the dorm as Allison pulled it open and stepped inside. “Oh my God,” she heard a female voice say and she could hear giggling from off to her side as she walked across the lobby toward the staircase. Allison climbed quickly to the third floor and down the hallway toward her room passing several girls with astonished looks on their faces.

It was only as she entered her dorm room that she even noticed that her mother had been with her. She quickly stepped in as her roommate Katie looked on combing her wet, freshly shampooed hair, dressed in blue jeans and a white blouse. Katie was a slightly overweight girl with a pretty face, blonde hair and a mischievous smile. It was the sound of Katie’s smartass voice that finally brought Allison back to the real world. “Uh, hi there Allie. Laundry day? Nothing to wear?” Allison let out a sound that was a half laugh and half sob and flung herself onto her bed. “Just a minute Allie,” her mother cried in alarm and quickly pulled the blankets from the bed as Allison was forced to stand again.

“Hi, Mrs. Davis,” Katie said. “Pardon me for butting in but what in the hell is going on? Why is she naked?”

“Hi Katie,” Sarah sighed. “It’s a long story and I’m sure Allison will fill you in on all the details. They both looked at Allison who had her face buried in her pillow. “All I can say is that she will need your friendship and support more than ever in the coming weeks.”

“Um, okay. Sure.” A look of alarm came over her. “Did someone do something to her? Was it one of those creeps from Kappa Alpha?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s voluntary. She’s going to have to stay naked for awhile.”

Katie stared at Sarah uncomprehendingly. “Those might possibly be the strangest words I’ve ever heard come out of a college mom’s mouth.”

Sarah smiled. “I guess you do deserve an explanation.” Sarah quickly told the story of the circumstances leading up to this: the death of Allison’s wealthy grandfather and the inheritance giving Allison control of the company stock, but only if she remained nude for the next year.

Katie listened in amazement to the story then threw her head back in laughter. “That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! Is it really true?”

“Yes,” Sarah nodded.

Katie let out a squeal and then jumped onto Allison’s bed where she was still laying face down. “You’re going to be rich, girlfriend!” Katie gave Allison’s bare butt a smack with her hand and Allison sat up in the bed like she’d been zapped by an electric current. Katie laughed again and then began relentlessly tickling Allison. “Stop it!” Allison shouted, but couldn’t help but giggle as the tickling increased.

“You’re going to need a number one assistant when you become a rich bitch and I won’t stop until you give me the job,” Katie teased.

“Okay, okay. Just stop!” They were both laughing by now and Sarah joined in as well. Allison’s roommate was a high-spirited, fun-loving girl and Sarah liked her. She believed being around someone like Katie was good for her sometimes too-serious daughter.

Katie began peppering Allison with questions. “Are you going to go to class like this?”

Allison nodded. “I have to.”

“Really? Won’t that be so bizarre to be sitting naked in class? Just like those naked-in-school dreams everyone has.”

Allison shivered at the thought. “More like a nightmare to me.”

“How in the heck did you convince the constipated geriatrics who run this place to let you do it?”

“My grandfather’s will gives a large donation to the college if they let me.”

“Ah, that figures,” Katie replied. “They’d bend over and spread their cheeks for Lucifer himself if he gave them enough money.” Katie glanced at Allison’s mom. “Sorry Mrs. Davis.”

“That’s okay, Katie,” Sarah laughed. “You’re probably right.”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Katie said as she jumped off of the bed to retrieve a letter from her desk. “The R.A. dropped this off for you yesterday. I didn’t even open it and peak even though I wanted to,” she giggled.

Allison looked at the envelope. It was from the Dean’s office. She ripped it open and began to read.

Dear Ms. Davis:

This is to confirm your status as a “clothing optional” student for the remainder of the semester as arranged by the Arthur Compton estate. This was allowed after long consideration only because the laws in this state protect nudity as a legitimate form of freedom of expression. It is to be understood that it is solely your decision to wear or not wear clothing while on campus and nudity is not required or encouraged by the college in any way.

A memo has been distributed to the faculty informing them of the situation and they are to remind students about the college’s sexual harassment policies and that sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated. It is our hope that your clothing optional status will provide a minimum of distraction for you or other students during your remaining weeks before graduation. The college retains the right to revoke this status at any time if it deems it necessary to maintain a proper learning environment.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by my office.


Thomas Sanders
Dean, Wildwood College

Allison had almost been hoping that the letter would say that they had changed their mind and she wouldn’t be allowed to go through with it. No such luck. She handed the letter to her mom who read it and then handed it on to an impatient Katie who was practically squirming in her chair waiting to find out what it said.

“Well, honey, I guess that’s it,” Sarah said. “You’ve got the go-ahead from the college. Last chance to back out.”

Allison sat numbly on the edge of the bed, resigned to her fate, the morale boost she’d gotten from Katie fading. “No, I’ve got to do it.”

Sarah sat down and gave her daughter a hug and then walked to the closet. Opening it she began to remove Allison’s clothes.

“What are you doing, Mom?”

“I’m going to take your clothes home with me, hon. You won’t need them and there’s no sense in leaving them here as a constant temptation.”

The idea of being separated from all of her clothing by more than an hour’s drive sent a chill through Allison. What her mom said made perfect sense but it still took away yet another layer of comfort in at least knowing that her clothes were nearby.

“Okay. I guess you’re right.”

“Let me help,” Katie said brightly and jumped up to help in the packing as though her roommate were off on an exciting new adventure. Allison sat on the bed and watched in miserable silence as her clothes disappeared into suitcases and boxes.

Wildwood College

The news spread like wildfire across the campus of Wildwood College. Allison Davis had been seen walking around campus in the nude. Naked. Au naturel. In the buff. The amazing news was treated with skepticism even though those spreading the story had sworn they had seen it with their own eyes or had heard it from reliable witnesses. Wildwood was a small private university of about 2500 students, small enough that most students knew each other by sight if not always by name. Allison Davis was very well known around campus, though; she’d been an object of desire by most of the male population (and some of the females) for the past four years.

A very naked Allison sat in her Advanced Ecosystems class waiting for it to begin, her cheeks aflame. The walk to class had been a humiliating nightmare. The sight of a girl wearing nothing but a look of embarrassment had led to stares, whistles, hoots, leers, shock, laughter, and every other type of reaction imaginable. It’d been all Allison could do to keep from running back to the dorm, but somehow she’d managed to keep placing one foot ahead of the other, eyes glued to the ground in front of her.

The classroom provided no refuge for Allison either. It was a relatively small class, only about 20 students. Environmental Science wasn’t one of the more popular majors. There wasn’t a lot of money in a career spent trying to protect the environment, but those who did choose the major were generally a close-knit group. Being surrounded by friends and acquaintances was even worse for Allison than being ogled by strangers. She opened up the class textbook and stared at the words in front of her, hoping to disappear into her studies and wishing desperately that she could go back to being the same normal college girl she’d been just a few days ago. She could feel the stares of the other students burning into her.

“Nice outfit, Allie,” she heard a girl named Dawn sitting next to her say. “It must not have taken you long to get ready for class,” she giggled.

Allison opened her mouth to respond but nothing came out and she quickly turned back to her book. She heard another voice, this time from the other direction.

“What in the hell are you doing Allison?” she heard her friend Melissa whisper. “Are you insane?”

Allison tried once again to speak but her voice had deserted her. She stared down at the book desperately trying to hold back the sobs. She took a deep breath and quickly wiped her eyes. If it had been Arthur Compton’s desire to humiliate his granddaughter his plan was already working beautifully. Allison was an emotional wreck.

At that moment the professor, Wilma Jackson, a 45-year old African-American woman, walked into the room. She stared at Allison for a moment then began to speak.

“I’ve been given a memo by the faculty concerning the ‘clothing optional’ status of our very own Ms. Allison Davis. I have absolutely no idea why this is being allowed but it’s my job to remind you of the university’s sexual harassment policies. I’ll keep it simple: you can look but don’t touch and watch what you say. Is this understood?” The class nodded their heads in unison with the exception of Allison who was still staring down blankly at her textbook. “Now I just want to say, Allison, that I don’t like this at all and I hope there’s a damn good reason for this.” Allison nodded numbly unable to meet her teacher’s eyes. Professor Jackson was one of her favorite teachers and the tone of disapproval in her voice stung. At that moment the naked co-ed just wanted to find some hole to crawl into and hide. “Very well then, we’ll continue but I will not allow this to be a distraction, is that understood? That means everyone.” The class once again nodded and Professor Jackson began her lecture.

The words were a meaningless jumble to Allison. This was a subject she loved and was passionate about but her mind couldn’t get around anything but her own nudity. From the furtive glances directed her way it was obvious that others were having the same problem. Ms. Jackson’s lecture came to an abrupt halt.

“Allison, please come up here.”

Allison was mortified. “C-come up to the front?”

“Yes, please. We’re going to have a little session of Show and Tell. We’re going to give you a good chance to show the class that body of yours that you are so determined to put on display and we’ll let you tell us exactly why you’re doing this and why I should put up with this bullshit.”

Allison slowly got up and timidly walked to the front of the small classroom. Her head was spinning and for a moment she was afraid she was going to faint. She walked up to Ms. Jackson and stood in front of her.

“Turn around Allison and start talking. I have no doubt you’ll have the class’s undivided attention.”

Allison was trembling and could feel the eyes of the class boring into her, roaming up and down her body. She opened her mouth several times to speak but the words wouldn’t come. Finally the sobs came and she broke down into the tears she had been so desperately trying to hold back. The anger that Wilma Jackson had been feeling about the situation evaporated at the sight of the distressed girl and she put her arms around Allison in an effort to console her. She let Allison cry herself out and didn’t speak again until the tears had finally subsided.

“Are you alright, Allison,” she said softly.

Allison nodded. The cry was exactly what she needed and was starting to regain her composure.

“I’m sorry I was so hard on you but I’m not happy about this whole thing and I would like some kind of explanation. It’s obvious that you don’t want to be doing this.”

Allison shook her head. She took a deep breath, wiped her eyes, and began telling the story of all that had happened to her over the previous weekend. Her voice was soft and slow at first but the words began tumbling out faster and faster as she described the details of the bizarre inheritance requirements of Arthur Compton’s will. The class listened in rapt attention as she described how five million dollars would go to the hated anti-environmentalist Hale Foundation if she faltered and her plans for reigning in the destructive environmental practices of the notorious Compton Enterprises if she could gain control of it. The students in her class were all Environmental Science majors like her so she was preaching to the choir when it came to the subject of saving the environment. When she finally finished the class erupted in applause and she could hear Melissa shout “You go, girl!” from the back of the class. Allison flashed a brief smile for the first time since entering the classroom. The questions now came fast and furious from her classmates and she answered them as best she could. Wilma Jackson remained silent through all of this but finally spoke.

“Thank you Allison. You may sit down now.”

Allison glanced over at her teacher and saw that the anger and disapproval were gone from her eyes. She walked quickly back to her desk and sat down.

Professor Jackson walked over to her desk and leaned back against it. “That was an amazing story, Allison. I think it’s disgusting that an old man would try to force his granddaughter into this but I admire your courage.”

Wilma Jackson continued talking as she walked to the center of the room and faced the class. “You know my mother marched in Selma, Alabama during the civil rights movement in 1965. The first march was on a Sunday and they were attacked by state troopers with tear gas and clubs. Six days later she marched again. I asked her years later why she did it. She told me, ‘I didn’t want to do it. I was deathly afraid, but I had no choice, it was something I had to do.’ “

Ms. Jackson stopped for a moment and looked at Allison. “Now Allison I’m not going to compare what you’re doing with what my mother had to face but I will say that it takes courage to do this. I just hope that your motives are pure and you follow through with your plans once you gain control of Compton’s company. If you can do that you will emerge from this with your pride intact.”

Allison nodded, grateful for the support that her teacher was showing her.

“Now class, it’s time to get back to work. Eyes front!”

The Cafeteria

The clouds that had threatened rain all morning were dissipating and blue sky could now be seen above the small campus as the sun broke free. The goosebumps that covered Allison’s bare skin earlier had disappeared and the sun caressed her body as she walked across campus to meet her friends Katie and Melissa at the cafeteria. Allison had begged Katie to bring her lunch to the dorm room but Katie had insisted that she needed to get used to being naked in public if she was going to make it through the year. Allison knew she was right, of course, but that didn’t make it any easier. She was wondering if it was possible to ever get used to people staring at her nude body.

“Hey, you naked rich bitch!” she heard Katie yell and could see her waving from outside the front of the cafeteria. Melissa was standing next to Katie looking almost as embarrassed as Allison about the whole situation.

Melissa was a small, petite girl with short dark hair, a strikingly pretty oval face, and dark brown eyes. She’d shown up at Wildwood several years earlier as a shy, awkward, nerdish girl with absolutely no fashion or makeup sense. As a fellow Environmental Science major, Allison had taken her under her wing and taught her how to dress, how to put on makeup, helped her with her hair, and convinced her to lose the glasses in favor of contact lenses. And just like all those corny movies where a plain Jane is transformed into a campus queen, Melissa had gone from being a mousy little girl that no one noticed to a sweet, pretty little thing who turned heads. She was starting to come out of her shell socially as well, but a trace of shyness still remained.

As Allison approached she could see Katie, who had never had a shyness problem, staring straight at her breasts.

“Those are quite the high beams you got going there, girlfriend,” Katie said. Allison looked down in embarrassment at her hard nipples. “I guess this public nudity thing is a turn-on for you, huh?”

No,” Allison said, but she knew it wasn’t the truth. She had been in a heightened state of arousal for most of the day and was afraid, as she felt the hungry eyes feasting on her body, that she might even come at some point. She’d been trying to fight off the feelings of arousal all day with only limited success.

“That’s not what it looks like to me,” Katie laughed and reached out and gave each of Allison’s nipples a quick tug.

“Katie!” Allison exclaimed and recoiled in horror. She looked around praying that no one had been watching. “Dammit Katie, if you’re going to keep trying to embarrass me even more than I already am I’m going to go back to the dorm!”

“God, you’re such a pervert, Katie,” Melissa said..

Katie laughed again. “Okay, okay, I’ll be nice. Let’s go get some grub.”

Allison took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go.”

The three co-eds walked into the cafeteria and the whistles and catcalls began the moment they came into sight of the crowded tables. The girls got their food and sat down at a small table. Allison’s face was beet red and she muttered under her breath, “God, I hate this shit.”

“Screw ‘em,” Katie said. “They all just want your killer bod, girl. If I looked like you I’d never wear clothes anyway. They wouldn’t have to bribe me to go naked.”

Melissa giggled. “Your body’s fine. You’re all talk Katie. You’d never go naked.”

Katie shot a quick angry look at Melissa. “You don’t think I’d do it? I’ll go to class naked. Just watch. I just need to lose 10 pounds first.”

“Melissa’s right, Katie,” Allison said. “Your body’s fine. And trust me, you don’t want to go to class naked. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

“No, I’ll do it. I just need to lose a little weight first. I’ll start on my diet today so I can do it before the end of the year.”

“Yeah, right.” Melissa rolled her eyes.

“You want to make a little bet, Melissa?” Katie’s eyes flashed as she spoke.

“Maybe. Let’s hear it.

“If I lose 10 pounds before the end of the year then I’ll go to class naked. If I do then you have to get naked, too.

“I’m not going to class naked,” Melissa said. “No freaking way. Anyway there’s only a month left in the semester so you’ll never lose 10 pounds.”

“I’ve done it before in a month.”

“Okay, if you do then I definitely want to see you go to class naked. That’d be a riot. But there’s no way I’ll go to class naked.”

“Okay, then I’ll think up something else for you to do, but you’ll definitely have to get naked in public.”

“I’m not going to agree to a bet until I know what I’ll have to do. You’re too nutty to trust,” Melissa said.

“Oh, I’ll think of something for you to do… “

Katie was interrupted by a shadow crossing the table and the three girls looked up to see Tom Anderson, Allison’s ex-boyfriend. Tom was a tall, lanky jock who was the top pitcher on the school’s baseball team.

“Real nice, Allison,” Tom said. “I didn’t realize you were the exhibitionist type. If I’d known that I’d have had some nice games for you to play.”

Allison started to open her mouth to speak but Katie, as usual, beat her to the punch. “She’s just showing everyone what you’re not getting any more, Tommy Boy.”

Tom turned his attention to Katie. “No, Katie, I think she’s just showing everyone that she’s almost as big a ‘ho’ as you are.”

“A ho! You’re the one who cheated on her, you freak!” Katie responded. “And I noticed you’re the only guy in the place without a bulge in his pants. Or are you such a pencil dick that no one would notice if you did get it up?”

“Katie!” Allison spoke up. “Let me talk to him for a minute please.”

“Katie letting someone else talk? That would be a fucking day to remember,” Tom sneered.

“What do you want, Tom?” Allison asked. “If you’ve come over here to harass me I’m not in the mood for it.”

“I just want to find out what the hell you’re doing by strutting around naked. Do you realize how embarrassing this is for me?”

“Embarrassing for you!” Allison exclaimed. “How could this possibly be more embarrassing for you than it is for me?”

“You ought to hear what people are saying about you, Allison. They’re talking about your tits and your ass and your pussy and asking me what it was like to fuck you.”

“Oh, and you think that’s embarrassing for you, Tom? How in the hell do you think I feel about that? I’m the one that everyone’s talking about.” Allison could see the people at the tables surrounding them were all staring intently at the conversation but she was too wound up to stop.

“You know Tom, the reason I broke up with you wasn’t just because I found out you had been cheating on me. That just finally opened my eyes to the fact that you’re a selfish, self-centered jerk.”

“At least I’m not a naked slut who’ll flaunt her body for anyone to see.”

Katie couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Yeah, and that naked slut will be able to buy and sell you by this time next year. So I hope you remember that when you’re playing for some crappy minor league team for poverty wages and trying to hump pool hall skanks.”

“You two bitches deserve each other,” Tom said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been munching on Allison’s carpet, Katie. The only one here who has anything going on at all is Melissa.”

Melissa had been quietly taking in the whole exchange but she now picked up the plastic ketchup container sitting on the table, pointed it at Tom, and squirted the red sauce all over the front of his shirt and pants.

Tom stepped back in surprise and looked down at the mess. He could hear laughter coming from the adjoining tables around him. “God damn you bitches are all crazy!” he shouted and turned and walked away from the table in a fury. Allison and Katie both looked at each other and then at the quiet Melissa and burst out laughing. The three friends exchanged high fives.

Katie grabbed her glass of diet cola and held it up for a toast. “May we all live in interesting times.” The three girls clinked their glasses together in toast.

“Interesting isn’t the word for it,” Allison said and laughed in spite of herself.

The End of a Long Day

The dorms at Wildwood College were typical college housing facilities for the most part but one feature that the students loved was that each room had a small balcony with iron railings (except for the ground floor of course). These balconies were often the site of late night drinking, barbecues, and even the occasional bout of lovemaking under the early morning moon.

Allison poured herself a glass of wine and stepped onto the deck just outside her third floor room. Katie was out with her boyfriend and Allison had the place to herself. Sitting down on one of the folding deck chairs that the two of them had bought together she surveyed the sky above her. The horizon was painted with a brilliant orange glow as the sun sank beyond the edges of the world. The spring air was comfortable with just a hint of crispness to it – enough to bring up slight goosebumps on Allison’s bare skin. The campus spread itself out below her. It was a beautiful wooded oasis on the edge of the noise and concrete of the city. In the distance a jet was rising into the sky racing toward an unknown destination. Allison took a sip of the wine and closed her eyes, trying to force her mind into a quietness she had not known all day. The sunset, the wine, and the quiet meditation finally had their effect and she opened her eyes to a measure of calmness.

Allison laughed quietly. A few days ago she never would have dreamed of sitting out here in the nude. Now this little area above the campus felt like a sanctuary even though prying eyes would still be able to see her. Allison was a little surprised by the depth of her calmness after being in such a heightened state of anxiety, embarrassment, and arousal during the day. Perhaps this experience is taking my emotions to a deeper level than I’ve ever experienced, she thought to herself. The experiences of the day spooled through her mind and she knew she would never forget them. This was a day that would be permanently branded into her brain. The crazy thing was that there were more like this to come. Many more. Another sip of wine sent a feeling of warmth and relaxation through her body.

Allison felt a strange sort of pride. This had been the hardest day of her life and she’d survived it. She thought about her grandmother Rebecca and how she had gone through the “games” that Arthur Compton had forced on her and still managed to keep her pride intact. Allison promised herself that she would find out more about Rebecca from her mother. Allison poured herself another glass of wine and put on a Mindy Smith CD. As the music wafted out onto the balcony she watched the orange glow slowly turn to black and the dancing stars came out to play in the night sky. After the last drops of wine were drained and the chill of the spring air became a bit too much for her, Allison finally stood and walked back into her dorm room. On the calendar over her desk she put an X through the date, the fourth day to be crossed out. 361 days to go. Allison turned off the light and let sleep take her away from this strange day and forward into an even stranger future.

Chapter 4

The Offer

“I’ve got a package,” the nude co-ed said quietly, handing a yellow slip to the woman in the campus post office window. The dour woman flashed a disapproving look before disappearing to retrieve the package. “Take your time,” a male voice called out from behind her. “This is one line I don’t mind waiting in.” Allison Davis reddened slightly but kept her back to the laughter. A manila envelope slid across the counter and she saw her mom’s name and return address on it. Allison placed the package on top of the schoolbooks tucked under her arm and avoided eye contact with the others in line as she padded past them and out the door. There was a slight chill in the morning air as the sun wrestled with the clouds for control of the sky. Tiny goosebumps appeared on her skin and her nipples hardened slightly. The fluctuations in temperatures of late spring weather was one of the things Allison had been learning to deal with in the two weeks since her life had been turned upside down by the reading of her grandfather’s will.

Allison avoided the rough, scraping surface of the sidewalk staying on the softer grass instead as she made her way across campus towards her dorm. As she passed the unoccupied school baseball diamond the sun broke free, its warming rays feeling wonderful on her bare skin. Allison decided to take a seat in the empty wooden bleachers to read her mail in the open air – something she probably couldn’t have done even a few days ago when she spent every minute not in class or at meals hiding in her room. Carefully ripping open the edge of the manila envelope she peered inside seeing a book and a folded letter. She extracted the letter and began to read:

Dear Allie,

You said you wanted to find out more about your grandmother Rebecca so I’m enclosing her private diary that was given to me after her death. I’ve never shown it to anyone so please keep it private, hon.

Every day is one day closer to your goal, sweetheart. Be strong, Allie.



Allison removed the hard cover book and began thumbing through its handwritten pages. She was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“When does the game start?”

Allison turned to the sound of the voice and saw her sleazy Uncle Tony standing nearby, a smug grin on his face.

“Tony! What the hell are you doing here?”

Tony Compton slid next to Allison and placed an arm around her shoulders giving them a squeeze. “I’m just here to visit my favorite niece,” he said.

Allison recoiled at his touch and slid away. “I’m your only niece, Tony.”

“All the more reason to stop by for a visit,” he grinned, unfazed by her rejection.

“If you’re here to see if I’ve broken the terms of the will…I haven’t.”

Tony shrugged. “Not yet anyway.” He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. “Mind if I smoke?”

“Yes, I do mind.”

He stood up and walked a few steps away from the stands and leaned against the chain-link fence that bordered the field. “Okay, I’ll smoke over here then,” he said as he removed a cigarette from the pack and fired it up. Tony’s eyes remained hidden behind his designer sunglasses but Allison had no doubts about where those eyes were roaming. Despite wearing expensively tailored clothes Tony always looked slightly disheveled to her, as if the clothes were rejecting the wearer. Like his expensive suits, Tony tried to wear an aura of power that never quite fit him. Tony’s father, Arthur Compton, had been very different. The sense of wealth and power, with a hint of danger just beneath the surface, had been an innate part of the man that came as naturally to him as breathing. Tony’s attempts to emulate his father came off as a slightly pathetic affectation. The son was not the father.

Tony spoke again. “I’ve got to hand it to you, Allison, I sure as hell didn’t think you’d make it this far. You’ve got balls.”

“I take it you mean that in the figurative sense?”

“I mean it in the sense that you’ve got balls.”

Allison was becoming impatient. “Is there some point to this visit, Tony?”

Tony looked at his beautiful, young niece. “Yeah, there’s a point. I’ve decided to save you from further embarrassment.”

“Who says I’m embarrassed?”

Tony laughed. “I’ve had you watched since you got back here. You’re not exactly the exhibitionist type are you?”

Allison sat silently for a moment wondering who’d been spying on her. Had Tony bought off some of her fellow students? Her professors? Her friends? It doesn’t matter, she thought, I haven’t cheated. “Whether I like it or not is irrelevant, Tony. It only matters if I comply with the terms of the will, and I have.”

Tony shrugged. “You’re right, it doesn’t matter. You’re not going to make the full year whether you get a kick out of showing off or not.”

“You don’t think so?” Allison’s anger began to flare. “Don’t underestimate me, Tony.”

“And don’t you fucking underestimate me either, Allison,” Tony snapped back. “You’ll be off this little wooded oasis soon and in my world.” Tony took another drag off his cigarette, expelling the smoke into the crisp morning air. “You remember when Mariana Perez said that you’d get assignments from someone in the company once you joined the firm?” Allison nodded. “Well, niece, that person will be me.”

Allison was a little stunned by this revelation. She knew that the terms of the will required her to work for Compton Enterprises after her graduation – in the nude, of course – and that she would be given assignments by someone in the company, but the idea that her Uncle Tony would be the one with direct control over those assignments was unsettling. It only makes too much sense though, she thought, scolding herself for not having seen it earlier. Of course Arthur Compton would leave this for his son Tony. This was a battle between the two of them for control of his company after all. She also had no doubt that her late grandfather would have gotten a perverse pleasure out of this scenario.

Allison tried to pretend that this revelation made no difference to her. “So what?”

“That’s what I like about you, Allison. You’ve got that never-say-die, can-do spirit!” he said.

“Cut out the sarcasm, Tony. Are you here for anything other than trying to intimidate me?”

“I’m not here to intimidate you, Allie. Hell, you’re family, even though I try to forget that when I look at your world class tits.”

“Fuck off, Tony.” Allison stood up to leave.

“Whoa, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say the F-word before,” he said. Allison began to retrieve her schoolbooks and her mother’s package. “I guess you don’t want to hear my offer then.”

Allison stopped and looked at him. “Offer?”

Tony grinned. “I thought you might want to hear it.” He tossed his cigarette on the ground, grinding it out with his heel.

“I’ll listen but it had better be good,” Allison said, sitting back down on the bench.

“I think it is but you decide.” Tony fixed his icy blue eyes on her and began. “First thing I’m gonna do is make sure your parents are taken care of. Your mom is my sister so it’s only right. I’ll pay off all of their debts, including their mortgage. Hell, I’ll even toss your deadbeat Dad some construction jobs to get him back on his feet.”

“I can do all that and a whole lot more in less than a year, Tony. And my Dad is no deadbeat – he’s worked harder in his life than you ever will.”

Tony shrugged and continued. “Second, I’ll offer you a job. You want Compton Enterprises to do more to protect the environment? Done deal. I’ll make you our Director of Environmental Protection. You’ll get paid the same wages as our other directors, which is damn good for a girl just out of college. You can even wear clothes to work if you want,” he smirked, “although I won’t object if you don’t.”

“And then you’ll fire me the first chance you get. Sorry, but I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.”

“No? That hurts, Allison, it really does,” Tony said with a mock hurt in his voice. “I’m trying to help you out here. But just to reassure you that my intentions are pure I’ve put all of this into a contract. It even includes some job protection guarantees. You can have your lawyer look at it if you want.”

Allison thought about this for a moment and had to admit that the offer was tempting. But then any offer that allowed her to put her clothes on, to be a normal human being again, would sound tempting. “Is that it?” she asked.

“That’s it, that’s the offer. Take it or leave it.”

“And if I leave it?”

“Then, Allie, you’ll have a very interesting year, I can promise you that.”

“You must be getting nervous if you’re offering to buy me off already,” she said.

“Nervous?” he laughed. “Trust me, with what I have planned for you I’m not nervous at all. I think it would be fun.”

“Then why the offer?”

“Because I want to get rid of my title as Interim CEO and start moving ahead with my plans. Having to deal with this bullshit is just a distraction for both me and the company. Dad wanted to get his kicks and have you parade around naked for awhile. He got his last wish so now it’s time to put this crap behind us and move on. It’s time for me to start doing the job I was trained for.”

“I suppose this Environmental Protection job is just a sham, huh? I won’t have any real power.”

“Not necessarily. I’m not going to dismantle the company to save a few goddamn spotted owls or anything but Compton Enterprises does have a bad rep. It won’t hurt to have someone like you who knows how to deal with environmental groups.”

“So you want me to be an environmental P.R. spin artist? No thanks.”

“You’ll have the chance to make it more than that if you think you’re capable,” Tony said.

“But you’ll have the final say on any policy changes, right?”

“Yep, it’s going to be my company.”

“And if I can stay nude for the entire year it will be my company and I’ll be the one making those decisions, Tony.”

“That’s right, but if you don’t make it – and you won’t – you and your parents will get nothing. That’s the gamble, babe. The offer comes off the table in 48 hours.”

“I’ll need to see the contract before I can even begin to think about it,” Allison said.

Tony opened up a leather case he’d brought with him and pulled out a neatly typed and stapled document, handing it to Allison. “I can have a copy delivered to your lawyer and another to your parents within the hour if you want.” Allison thumbed through the legalese briefly and nodded her head. “Okay,” Tony said. “It’ll be done.”

“Why only 48 hours?”

“Because I want to light a fire under your pretty little ass and get this thing done so we can both get on with our lives. This isn’t a negotiation either, college girl, in case you or your lawyer comes up with the bright idea of a counter-offer. This is the only deal you’re ever going to be offered. If you turn it down you won’t get another.”

The Storm

Allison stood on her 3rd floor dorm balcony watching the lightning in the distance rip through the evening sky. The early morning coolness had given way to rising temperatures in the afternoon as a warm front passed through the area dragging the first thunderstorm of the season behind it. The warm night breeze caressed her bare skin as she drank in the beauty and power of nature. For the first time since shedding her clothing her condition felt natural; it felt right. It’s good to be naked on a night like this, she thought to herself as flashes of light danced across the sky, delighting her.

The breeze began to freshen and the rolls of thunder grew louder, the flashes of lightning more frequent. The trees below began to bend as the edge of the storm reached the small college campus. When the rain began Allison let it pour over her body, cleansing her of the psychological filth she’d been wading through for the past two weeks. It was only when the violence of the center of the storm reached the campus that Allison reluctantly retreated into the room, dripping from the warm rain that had cascaded over her body.

Allison toweled herself off as a thunderous boom rattled the windows and the room turned to blackness. She blindly made her way to her desk and fumbled through a drawer until her hand found the matches. Another crash filled the night as she lit a candle near her bed. The flickering flame provided the only light as she lay on her bed.

The feelings of shame possessing her for the past two weeks were washed away now, at least temporarily, and replaced by a powerful feeling of sensuality. Her hands moved over her breasts, still beaded with moisture from the rain, and began teasing her nipples until they stood erect. Those hands began their journey south over her rising and falling stomach, caressing it in circular motions, then continued down her body.

Allison gasped as her fingers reached their final destination. Her back arched and she began moving to the rhythm of the storm, the violent rain beating against the windows, her wet hair spilling across her face. She moved faster now as the room was illuminated by flashes of light streaming in through the windows. Allison and the storm reached their climax together in this strange dance and she let out a scream as the thunder boomed overhead one last time. With a final moan, Allison sank into her bed and listened quietly as the storm gradually faded away to the east.

After the storm had finally disappeared like a lover into the night Allison sat up and saw the towel lying beside the bed in the flickering candlelight. She began slowly toweling her hair as memories of the day began flooding back.

After her little meeting with Uncle Tony, Allison had only had time to drop off the contract and her grandmother’s diary in the room before going off to classes for the day. The feeling of being nude in a college classroom was something she was never going to get used to and the past two weeks had been emotionally exhausting. After her classes had ended Allison started making phone calls.

The first call she’d made was to her attorney and family friend, Bill Henderson. She wanted to make sure the contract was legit before wasting any time deciding whether to accept it or not.

“Allison, the contract looks pretty solid from my first reading of it,” Bill had said. “There’s some language I’d like to see tightened up and Tony Compton’s lawyer would probably agree to that if you want to go ahead with it. But I think it legally backs up the promises he made to you.”

“So what should I do, Bill? Is it a good deal?”

“It depends on what you consider good. Compared to what you’d get in the inheritance, it’s damn poor. But compared to the prospect of having to spend a year in the nude it might be a good deal from your perspective. It’s really a judgment call on your part.”

“God, Bill, I’d do just about anything right now to end this if I can. This whole thing has been so humiliating and I really don’t know if I can make it, especially if that jerk has control over me while I’m working for Compton Enterprises.”

“That’s perfectly understandable, Allison.”

“So you think I should accept it?”

“Speaking as a lawyer, I’d say no. The claim that this is the best offer you’re ever going to get is bullshit, in my opinion. The longer you last the better the offers will be. But as a friend I wouldn’t blame you at all for taking it and ending this farce.”

“How is the legal challenge to the will going?” she asked.

“I’m moving ahead with it as best I can but Arthur Compton’s lawyers are stalling every step of the way. It’ll be six months at minimum before we can get it to court.”

“Six months!”

“I’m afraid so, Allison. And, frankly, I’m not completely confident about our chances when we do get there. I’ve come up with some things I think might be effective in challenging the language in the will but it’s not a slam dunk by any means.”

Allison’s next call had been to her mother, Sarah. Allison could hear the disappointment in her mother’s voice when she told her she was considering accepting the settlement. “But you’ve come this far already, are you willing to throw all that away?” her mom had asked.

“It’s only been two weeks and I’m already a nervous wreck!” Allison tried to choke back the tears. “God, Mom, it’s been horrible, the eyes staring at me everywhere I go. It never stops. I hate it!”

Sarah was silent on the line for a moment before speaking. “I thought you were stronger than that, Allie.”

Allison was a little stunned by this. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I thought you were strong enough to beat your grandfather at his own game.”

“It’s not a game, Mom, it’s my life!”

“Of course it’s your life and your choice, but if you take this offer you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, hon. Do you really want to be Tony’s little flunky? I’d give you six months before you quit in frustration.”

“Oh, and you think it would be easier to go to work naked every day for almost a year?”

“No, sweetheart, it would be a lot more difficult, but you’d at least have a finite time frame to deal with and a huge reward at the end. If you take the deal you’ll be stuck working for Tony indefinitely with not much to show for it.”

Allison thought about this for a moment. “I don’t know, Mom, I might really have a chance to do some good there in that environmental job he’s offering.”

Sarah laughed derisively. “Do some good? What good do you think you’ll be able to do in that job? Once Tony’s in full control and you’re under his thumb he’ll crush you and strip you of any power you may have. Take the offer if you want, Allie, but don’t be naive, please. You’re smarter than that.”

“Naive?” Allison shrieked. “You try doing this! You try being naked in front of all your friends and teachers and strangers! You try living with everyone staring and leering at you all the time and making jokes behind your back! You come here and take my place for awhile, Mom, and then talk to me again about being naive and weak!”

There was a brief silence over the phone before Sarah responded quietly, “I would if I could, Allison.”

“Fuck you!” Allison shouted and then slammed down the phone, angry and frustrated over the lack of support from her mother. That greedy bitch doesn’t give a damn what I’m going through, she thought to herself and then immediately felt guilty for the thought. She couldn’t remember ever cursing at her mother before. Allison had paced the room like a caged animal waiting for the return call from her Mom apologizing and telling her it was okay to take the deal. The call had never come.

Allison stared into the candlelight now trying to clear her mind and remove the stress that seemed to be a constant companion these days. Had it really been only been two weeks since she’d been a normal, happy college girl? It already seemed like it had been in another lifetime.

In the corner of her eye she saw her grandmother’s diary lying on the end table. She picked it up and began turning the pages. It was filled with clean, elegant handwriting and as she thumbed through it a photograph fell out onto the bed. Allison looked at it closely and saw a beautiful raven-haired woman of about nineteen with a melancholy smile on her face. Allison was stunned. She had no real memories of her grandmother and what few photos she’d seen of her had been taken later in her life. The young woman staring at her now could be her sister. The resemblance between Allison and her grandmother Rebecca was unmistakable.

Rebecca’s Diary

Allison began to read Rebecca’s diary in the flickering candlelight. It told the story of a young girl who had lost her parents in a car wreck early in her life; of bouncing from foster home to foster home, from school to school, always the new kid in class, always the one wearing the plain, unstylish clothes, never the one invited to the parties. It revealed a quiet, introspective girl who dreamed of being a princess someday – someone who desperately wanted to be loved and adored by all those around her. It also revealed a girl who only slowly became aware of her growing beauty as her teenage years passed.

Allison continued to read, fascinated by the life and thoughts of a woman she’d never really known. Rebecca had graduated from high school and then gone out into the world struggling to get by as best she could. She had been working as a waitress in a restaurant when she met a man named Arthur and the words she wrote sent a chill up Allison’s spine:

There’s a guy named Arthur who comes into the restaurant two or three times a week. I’m not sure what his last name is but he’s a very good tipper and really good-looking. I think he’s rich, not that that matters. Ha, ha, right. I’ve been teasing him that the name Arthur is too formal and stuffy for such a young man and I’ve been calling him Art or Artie. I don’t think he likes those names, though, so I went back to calling him Arthur. Anyway, he asked me out today! Did I mention he was really good-looking? And rich? Ha, ha I guess I did.

The almost giddy tone made Allison want to jump into the diary and warn Rebecca that there was a dark, manipulative side to this rich, good-looking young man. But she couldn’t, of course, and she knew she never would have come into being without the union of these two people. Both her fate and Rebecca’s were inevitably linked to Arthur Compton.

Allison continued reading about Arthur’s courtship of Rebecca. At first he’d been a perfect gentleman, lavishing gifts on the girl and taking her out to exclusive clubs and parties. It was a heady time for a young girl who’d grown up poor and had been shuffled around all her life. Allison read about the first time they had made love, how nervous Rebecca had been and how gentle Arthur had been with her. Rebecca fell in love. But even during those early days she’d been intuitive enough to sense there was more to him than he was revealing to her. She wrote: Arthur has never been anything but kind and charming around me but I get the feeling that he’s not someone you’d want to cross. There’s nothing I can really put my finger on, it’s just the way that I see some people act around him, like they’re a little bit intimidated by him. There’s just this undercurrent in him – I guess that’s what you’d call it – that makes you feel like he’s in control of every situation.

One day Arthur had taken Rebecca on a trip out of town and they were staying together in a hotel suite. After making love Arthur asked her if she would go down the hall for some ice.

I got out of bed and started to put my robe on. You don’t need the robe, Becky, he told me. I just laughed and put it on anyway and went out for the ice. I have to admit I was a little shocked by the suggestion. There’s no way I’d ever walk out naked into a hotel hallway.

When Rebecca returned to the room Arthur was unusually quiet. He didn’t say anything about what had occurred but Rebecca could sense something had changed in their relationship somehow. After they’d gotten back home she didn’t hear from him for a week. Then two weeks. Rebecca desperately tried to reach him but he didn’t return her calls. She’d almost given up hope of seeing him again when the phone had rung a month later.

“Meet me at The Arlington restaurant at eight tonight, Becky,” Arthur Compton had said. “We have something very important to talk about.”

Arthur and Rebecca

Rebecca followed the maitre ‘d nervously through the upscale restaurant unsure of what kind of reception she’d be getting from Arthur. He hadn’t told her over the phone what he wanted to talk about and their long separation had Rebecca expecting the worse. Her heart almost leapt out of her chest when she saw him sitting alone at the table. He smiled as he stood to greet her. “Hello, darling,” he said and lightly kissed her cheek. Rebecca could smell his familiar musky, masculine scent and she knew that his absence had made her want him more than ever.

Rebecca settled down in the chair that had been pulled back for her by the maitre ‘d. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked.

“No thanks, I think we’re fine for now,” Arthur said and the man returned to his podium leaving the two of them alone. Arthur pulled an uncorked bottle of wine from the wine bucket adjacent to the table and filled Rebecca’s glass. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve ordered the wine and food in advance.”

“That’s fine,” Rebecca said as a million questions ran through her mind. Was this a final farewell dinner before he dumped her? Were they getting back together? Why hadn’t he returned her calls in over a month? Was there someone else? She resisted the urge to blurt out these questions and waited for him to initiate the conversation.

Arthur held up his wine glass. “You look lovelier than ever, Rebecca.” She clinked her glass against his and felt the calming influence of the wine as it drained down her throat. They sat in silence for several minutes as Rebecca picked at the dinner salad that had been placed in front of her.

“It’s good to see you again, Arthur,” she said finally. “I didn’t know if I ever would again.”

“Yes,” he replied. “I’m sorry about that, Rebecca. I had to do some thinking about our relationship and where I wanted to go with it.”

Rebecca felt a nervous chill crawl up her back. She noticed that he was calling her by her full name instead of shortening it to Becky like he normally did and wasn’t really sure what that meant. “And what did you decide?” she asked, not at all sure she wanted to know the answer.

A waiter appeared at the table before Arthur could answer and the half-eaten salad was removed and replaced by a covered entree. The waiter lifted the cover revealing the spaghetti alle vongole smothered with a sauce of baby clams, white wine, garlic and olive oil…her favorite. Arthur had ordered the roasted pheasant for himself. The two of them ate in silence at first and when they spoke again it was mostly small talk. What had she been doing since he’d last seen her? Not much, was her reply and that had been the truth. Without Arthur her life had returned to the dreary routine she’d known prior to meeting him. Had Arthur done anything special? Just taking care of business matters mainly, he told her.

Rebecca knew better than to ask him about his business affairs; it was a subject he rarely talked about with her. She’d gotten the feeling early on that it might be best if she didn’t know everything there was to know about how he made his money. It’s not that she thought he was a gangster or a drug smuggler or anything, but she wasn’t sure that all of his wealth had been acquired completely honestly either. He’d started from scratch and had become quite wealthy at a relatively young age. He was only ten years older but sometimes the gap between them seemed like decades to her.

The two finished eating and the empty plates were removed. Arthur re-filled both of their wine glasses as Rebecca’s unasked questions hung over the table. Arthur finally began to speak. “Rebecca, do you remember the last time we were together in that hotel?” Rebecca nodded. Of course she did. “What were your feelings when I asked you not to put on your robe when you were preparing to go down the hall to the ice machine?”

“I guess I thought you were joking,” Rebecca replied.

“Would you have done it if you’d known that I wasn’t joking?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Someone might have seen me.”

“Would that have been so terrible?” he asked.

Rebecca shifted nervously in her seat. “It would have been embarrassing.”

“Do you think it would have been exciting for you as well?” Arthur smiled at the wide-eyed look on her face. “Yes, I mean exciting in a sexual way. Do you think you might have become aroused by being naked in a public setting?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. It would have made me very nervous.”

Arthur smiled again at her. “That’s good, Rebecca. Being nervous and excited is very good. It makes you feel alive doesn’t it?”

“Why are you asking me these things, Arthur?”

Arthur leaned in toward her as if letting her in on a secret. “Rebecca there are two things in my life that go beyond normal passions and hungers into the area of obsession. The first of those things is making money and gaining the power that having wealth brings.” Rebecca took a nervous sip of wine as she listened to him speak. “Do you know what my second obsession is, Rebecca?”


“That’s very important, yes, but I think my appetites fall within the norm in that regard.”

Rebecca didn’t offer up any more guesses and waited for Arthur to continue. He fixed his gaze on her and spoke again.

“Rebecca, I’ve had strong fantasies ever since I was a child…fantasies about public exhibitionism, about naked flesh in a public setting. No, not my own naked flesh. I don’t find the male body particularly attractive, not even my own. But a beautiful nude female body revealed in a public setting…my god, there’s an awesome power and excitement in that, especially if the woman is not entirely willing.”

Rebecca could feel her heart pounding in her chest and a nervous energy filled her body as the direction this conversation was heading became all too obvious to her.

“You have to understand, Rebecca, that this is not a normal fantasy…it’s something that permeates my dreams. The nervous excitement, energy, arousal, and humiliation of the exhibitionist is something I feed off of and derive power from. It’s not something I want, Rebecca., it’s something I need.”

Rebecca stared down into her wine glass, avoiding Arthur’s powerful gaze. “I..I don’t think I could ever do anything like that,” she stuttered.

“Do you love me, Rebecca?” he asked..


Arthur smiled. “That’s good because I’ve come to realize that I’m in love with you as well. I realized it over the past month when I didn’t see you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Rebecca was thrilled by these words.

Arthur continued. “One of the things I find most intoxicating about you is your innocence and lack of vanity. Those are rare qualities in a beautiful woman.”

Rebecca listened silently staring down into the wine glass, not sure what to say.

“Rebecca, I’ve decided that I want to marry you.”

Rebecca looked up at Arthur stunned. She hadn’t been expecting this at all.

“You do?”

“Yes, I want that very much, Rebecca. There’s only one thing standing in our way.” He leaned in very close to her now. “I need to exhibit your nude body to the world. I need to feel what you’re feeling when you experience that, Rebecca. It’s something I have to know that you’ll do for me whenever I ask.”

Rebecca’s head was spinning now. “Couldn’t you just hire someone to do that for you?” she asked, a little shocked by her own suggestion.

“You mean hookers or strippers? I’d get no satisfaction from women like that. I need someone who would find what I ask daring and exciting and frightening and even humiliating. I need someone like you, Rebecca.”

“I’m not sure exactly what you would want me to do, Arthur. Are you talking about going down the hall naked for ice or being naked in front of a lot of people?”

“Both. Sometimes I’ll ask you to do things where you might not be seen at all and the thrill will come from the possibility of being seen. Other times there will be no question that people will see your nude body.”

“How often would you ask me to do these kinds of things?”

“Not often. It might be weeks or months at a time between experiences. It’s important to me that you never become accustomed to doing it. You’ll never know ahead of time when I’ll ask and that will be part of the excitement of it. It could happen at any time and anywhere.”

“And what if I refused to do it?”

“I’d consider it a breach of our wedding vows and grounds for divorce. You wouldn’t get much in the settlement either. I have very good lawyers.”

Rebecca sat stunned by all she was hearing, unable to speak.

“Rebecca, I want to take care of you. I’ll treat you like a princess. You’ll have wealth and anything you want in this world. I’ll deny you nothing. We’ll raise a family together. I just need you to do this one thing for me. I can’t marry you without the promise that you will.”

“I..I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I’m capable of doing the things you’re asking.”

“There’s one way to find out, Rebecca,” he said.

“How?” She looked into his face but he didn’t answer. He just leaned back in his chair and stared at her intensely. With a growing realization she began to understand what he was suggesting. Her eyes grew wide as she looked around the crowded restaurant. Every table was filled and there were more diners standing near the front waiting for a table. “Here?” she whispered in shock.

Arthur Compton pulled a small box out of his pocket, opened it, and set it on the table in front of her. It was a diamond engagement ring and to Rebecca it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

“Rebecca, there’s a women’s restroom at the back of the restaurant. I’d like you to go in there, freshen up, and think about everything I’ve said here. If you decide you can’t go through with it then just return to the table and we’ll leave. We’ll both know at that point that it’s not going to work out between us.”

Rebecca closed her eyes and could feel her head spinning knowing what he was going to say next.

“But if you decide you do want to marry me, to live the life that I’m offering, then I want you to remove all of your clothes and put them in the trash can. Everything. Even your shoes. Leave your purse here at the table. If you return to the table in the nude then I’ll know that you’ve accepted my conditions as part of our marriage contract.”

Rebecca’s Decision

Rebecca shoved open the door to the women’s restroom walking quickly to a sink. A woman applying make-up was the only other occupant. Rebecca turned on the cold water tap and began rubbing water over her face. “Are you alright, dear,” she heard the woman say. “You look ill.”

“I’m fine thanks,” Rebecca answered as she made her way into one of the stalls, latching it behind her. She stood leaning against the side of the stall, tears welling up in her eyes, a torrent of different emotions rushing through her. She heard footsteps, then the door opening and closing as the restroom turned silent. Rebecca began sobbing quietly, unsure what to do.

The marriage proposal was a dream-come-true for her but the conditions attached to it were almost unthinkable. Could she possibly walk out nude into a crowded restaurant? And even if she did it could she possibly do that kind of thing over and over again? That might be the worst thing of all…not knowing when or where Arthur might ask her to take her clothes off. She’d be in a constant state of uneasiness! Rebecca wiped her eyes and tried to think it through logically. I’m only considering this because I love him, she thought to herself but knew immediately that wasn’t completely true. She did love him but would she have ever considered doing this if Arthur had been some working class stiff struggling from paycheck to paycheck? She didn’t think so. She’d never thought of herself as being particularly materialistic before but when you grow up poor and then get a taste of the other side of life it’s hard to go back. Money matters, she thought, not wanting to lie to herself. Money always matters when you don’t have any.

Rebecca wiped her eyes and could feel her fingers trembling as they fumbled with the zipper behind her back. She slid her hands beneath the straps of her dress and pulled it down her body to the floor. She stepped out of it and looked down on it lying in a crumpled heap at her feet. That’s my favorite dress and I’m going to throw it in the trash, she thought numbly, barely believing that she was actually going through with this. But he’ll buy me another. Oh, he’s going to buy me whole closets full of beautiful dresses for doing this, I’ll make sure of that.

Rebecca continued undressing until she held all of her clothes and shoes in a ball against her bare stomach. She unlatched the stall door and walked to the large white trash can in the corner. There was one last moment of doubt and hesitation before she shoved the lid open and jammed her clothes into it.

As she turned toward the door she got a glimpse of herself in the mirror and the full shock of what she was doing hit her. She could feel a wave of panic and despair as she stared at her naked body in the mirror. Her face had turned a beet red and the unmistakable feelings of arousal were washing over her. Arthur was right about what I’d experience, she thought to herself. This is exactly what he wants.

Rebecca stood at the restroom door for what seemed like an eternity, terrified of what she knew was in store for her beyond it. She breathed deeply trying to calm herself, half-expecting the door to open at any moment. “Oh, god,” she said quietly as she pulled the door open and stepped out into her new life.

Rebecca heard a woman gasp as she walked past the tables of diners. The restaurant went eerily quiet and she could almost hear the sound of her own heart pounding. The room began to swim and for a moment she was afraid she might faint. Up ahead Arthur was staring at her, a greedy, hungry look in his eyes. She could feel him willing her onward toward the table and she obeyed putting one step in front of the other until she reached him. He grasped her in his arms and took her hand, sliding the diamond ring onto her finger. “You have no idea how happy you’ve made me here today, Rebecca.” Arthur said to her. “I’m so proud of you.” Rebecca could only nod her head weakly as her knees began to collapse. She felt Arthur lift her into his arms and carry her towards the door.

Allison’s Decision

The window drapes slid open sending the morning light beaming into Allison’s face and she blinked awake to see her roommate Katie standing above her.

“Wakey-wakey, nakie Allie,” she heard Katie say in a sing-song voice. “Time for another glorious day of indoctrination and brainwashing.”

Allison glanced over at the alarm clock next her bed and saw the red blinking 12:00. “Shit, what time is it?”

“About eight,” Katie responded.

Allison sat up groggily. “I see the power’s back on.”

“Nothing escapes your uncanny powers of observation, girlfriend.”

“Shut up,” Allison giggled.

“You going to breakfast this morning?” Katie asked.

“Naw, I don’t think I have time. My first class is at nine. I’m just going to hit the showers and maybe grab a cup of coffee.”

“Yeah, I can see how you wouldn’t have time for breakfast what with having to decide which clothes you’re not going to wear and all.”

Allison laughed. “Yep, that’s a real time consumer.”

The two girls shuffled down the hallway toward the women’s showers, Katie in her bathrobe and Allison in her birthday suit. Allison saw a couple of guys down the hallway gawking at her. She felt a little annoyed but let it pass. Why wouldn’t they gawk?

The shower room was empty and the two girls selected showers next to each other and began adjusting the water temperature to their individual suiting. Allison stepped under the hot water and recalled the sensuous feeling of standing nude in the storm the previous night.

“Nasty storm last night, huh?” she heard Katie say.

“Wonderful storm,” she replied with a smile as she rubbed the soap across her breasts. Her thoughts continued on to Rebecca’s diary and that suddenly reminded her of her uncle’s visit. The warm feelings quickly faded away.

“Katie, my Uncle Tony showed up yesterday.”

“Yeah? What’d that sleazeball want?”

“He offered me a deal.”

Katie stopped soaping herself and looked over at Allison suspiciously. “What kind of deal?”

Allison explained the terms of the offer. “That deal sucks! You didn’t take it did you?”

Allison shook her head. “I was considering it, though.”

“Well don’t. You’ve gotta become a rich bitch and make me your number one assistant. We have a deal.”

“I said I was considering it. Past tense. I’m not anymore,” she said realizing for the first time that she’d made up her mind.

“Whew, that’s good,” Katie said. “Just curious why not, though.”

“I was reading my grandmother Rebecca’s diary last night. I guess it just reinforced how cruel my grandfather was.” She told Katie the story about the night Arthur proposed to her.

Katie shook her head. “God, your grandfather was a major perv, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, that’s why I have to keep going with this. I’m going to make him pay for how he treated Rebecca even if it’s posthumously.”

“Jeez, I thought my family was screwed up. Your family makes the one on Dynasty look like the Cleavers.”

Allison laughed. “Well at least I turned out pure of heart and mind.”

“And naked of body,” Katie added.

The two girls finished their showers and returned to the room. As Allison toweled her hair she decided to get the unpleasant task of calling Tony over with. Picking up the phone she dialed his number.


“Tony, it’s Allison. I’m calling you with my decision on your offer.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“The answer is no, Tony. No deal.”

There was silence on the other end for a few moments before the response came. “Then let the games begin,” Tony said, and the line clicked dead. Allison breathed deeply as she hung up the phone, both relieved that she’d made the decision and terrified about the future. The nightmare was going to continue. She sat down on the bed and ran the brush nervously through her hair as she watched Katie getting dressed and applying makeup. Not having to worry about clothes or makeup really does save time, she thought as she waited for her roomie to finish up. She saw the photograph of Rebecca lying on her bedstand.

“Do you want to see a picture of my grandmother, Katie?”


Allison handed the photograph to Katie.

“God, you look a lot like her,” Katie said as she examined it. “No wonder the old creep wanted to get you naked. You reminded him of her. You don’t have to be Psych major to figure that shit out.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Katie handed the picture back to Allison. “It’s kinda strange, though, that he waited until after he died to do it, huh? It seems to me like the old nut would’ve wanted a ringside seat for this.”

“I guess he didn’t want to give up control of his company until he knew he was going to die and by then it was too late,” Allison replied. She had thought about what Katie had said herself and that was the answer she’d come up with. The question did bother her, though. Why would Arthur Compton come up with such an elaborate scheme for her if he wouldn’t be around to get his kicks from it? She never would understand what had gone on inside that man’s mind, she decided.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Katie said finally and Allison grabbed her books and headed for the door as the phone began ringing. Allison hesitated for a moment trying to decide whether or not to let it go to voice mail. She put her books down and picked it up.

“Hello, is this Allison Davis?” she heard an unfamiliar woman’s voice say.


“Hello, Allison this is Tamara Brand from Channel Five Live Action News. We’ve gotten an interesting report about you and your clothing-optional situation at Wildwood College and were wondering if I could bring a camera crew by this afternoon for an interview.”

Allison gasped. “ interview? For TV? No, I couldn’t,” she stammered.

“Ms. Davis, we’re planning on doing a story about you with or without your cooperation. It really would be to your benefit to talk to us.”

Allison began to shake. Tony’s last words echoed through her mind.

Let the games begin.

Rebecca’s Diary

Allison sat in her dorm room trying to focus on the textbook in front of her, but it was a futile effort as thoughts of her upcoming interview with the TV news reporter kept intruding. She finally gave up trying to study and looked at the clock. Still another hour before she was scheduled to meet with Tamara Brand and the thought of being in the news filled her with both dread and a tingling sense of anticipation. With a restless sense of energy she began pacing the room, feeling trapped in it but unwilling to leave the room just yet to expose her naked flesh once again to the world. Her eyes rested on her grandmother’s diary and she picked it up and turned to the page where she had left off.

Allison had begun to feel a close sense of connection to the grandmother she had never known and her words helped comfort her in a way. She felt a kinship now with Rebecca that went beyond just the family ties – they both shared the same decision to submit to forced exhibitionism at the hands of Arthur Compton and all the humiliations, experiences, and emotions that decision would bring.

Her grandmother had written in great detail about her experiences and emotions and as Allison read the diary she was once again transported from her dorm room back in time to Rebecca’s world.

The Auction

“I’ve laid out what I’d like you to wear to the auction tonight, Becky. I hope you like it.”

Rebecca looked nervously at her husband and then at the garment box lying on the bed. On the box was the name of a prominent French designer. Rebecca opened the box and saw the black evening dress. Pulling it out she held it in front of her and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s beautiful, Arthur.” Compton smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” He handed her a pair of black heels. “These will go well with that dress, I think. Oh, and I don’t think we need any undergarments to interfere with the lines of this lovely dress.” He smiled as he saw the look on her face. “It’ll be our little secret.” Compton walked toward the door. “Go ahead and get changed, Becky, we’ll be leaving shortly. There are some more accessories on your dressing table I think would go well with that outfit. Don’t be long, dear.”

Rebecca stripped off her clothes and pulled the dress on. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror and smiled; she could scarcely believe this was the same girl who had spent most of her life wearing clothing from Goodwill. The gown fit perfectly. It had a single strap on her left shoulder with the right shoulder remaining strapless. The front of the dress angled down over her right breast leaving it tantalizingly revealed to just above the areola and then curving around to bare the right side of her back. The full-length dress also had a single slit up the right side reaching her upper thigh. The dress was sexy and elegant, not overly revealing and trashy as Rebecca had feared it would be.

Rebecca pulled the heels on and walked over to the dressing table where she found a leather case. Opening it she gasped as she saw the diamond earrings and diamond necklace encased within. Oh my god, these must be worth a fortune, she thought as she put them on. Walking over to the mirror once again she stared at the beautiful woman in the mirror. She’d been at the hairdresser this afternoon and her silky raven hair was pinned up with just a single layer allowed to fall down the left side of her face. She turned and examined herself from every possible angle and then began laughing giddily. I really do look like a princess!

Arthur Compton pretended to swoon as he saw his bride coming down the staircase and Rebecca couldn’t help but smile at her handsome husband. She reached up and softly kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for this darling. I feel like a princess.”

“You’re more beautiful than any princess, my dear,” Compton replied, meaning it. He offered her his arm and they walked arm-in-arm out the door to the waiting limo.

The auction was a private affair being held at an exclusive club. Members of the club offered up donations to be bid on and the proceeds were donated to various charities. The auction served primarily as a tax break for these wealthy men, but it still served a good purpose. The club was normally a men’s only domain but for certain events like this women were allowed. There were about one hundred men and women in the room all dressed in their elegant finest as Arthur and Rebecca made their way to their seat. “Every eye is on you, Becky,” Arthur whispered and she blushed slightly as she took her seat.

Rebecca was fascinated by the whole affair. She’d never been to an auction before much less one where the bids sometimes ranged up into the tens of thousands. The man serving as auctioneer looked familiar but she wasn’t sure where she’d seen him before. “Do you have anything up for bid,” she asked Arthur. “Yes, several items. They’ll be bid on last,” he replied as she wondered what it was he’d put up for bid and why they were being bid on last. The bidding continued for over an hour on various pieces of art, sculpture, and jewelry and after awhile Rebecca turned her attention to the people in the room. Some of the older women were obviously wives of the men here but some of the women were much younger than the men they were accompanying. She decided that these were either mistresses or trophy wives who’d been picked up after the first wife had been dumped. Rebecca was contemplating her own future with her rich, handsome husband when she heard her name being called by the auctioneer at the front of the room. She looked around a little bewildered.

“Mrs. Compton would you care to come to the front of the room please to assist with the final auction,” the auctioneer repeated. Rebecca looked at Arthur but he just smiled and motioned with his head indicating that she should comply. She stood up and walked nervously down the center aisle toward the platform at the front of the room. When she reached the auctioneer he leaned down and whispered to her, “Hello, Rebecca my name is Daniel Thompson. I’m a business partner of your husband. He’s asked me if you wouldn’t mind assisting us in auctioning your accessories.” Rebecca fingered her beautiful diamond necklace. It didn’t look like she was going to be allowed to keep the beautiful jewelry after all.

Slightly disappointed she answered, “Of course. What do I need to do?”

“Just stand here and look lovely,” he replied. “The highest bidder will come up and retrieve the item at the end of each bid.”

Rebecca looked out over the room full of people and put a smile on her face although she felt a little uncomfortable with all of the eyes staring at her. The auctioning began on the diamond earrings and it soon climbed into thousands of dollars – a sum that would’ve been unfathomable to her in her previous life. The bidding ended and she heard the auctioneer say, “Mr. Anderson would you like to come up and retrieve your new earrings?” A gray-haired older man stood and began walking forward as Rebecca began to unlatch the earring from her left ear. “Ah, Mrs. Compton let the bidder do that please,” Thompson said. “Your husband’s wishes.” Rebecca let her arms drop to her sides as the man approached.

“Lovely, just lovely,” the man said looking everywhere but the earrings. Rebecca just smiled as the man leaned near her and began unfastening them. She could detect the smell of bourbon on his breath. “Thank you Mrs. Compton, I’m sure my wife will love these.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied as she watched the man retreat to his seat next to a woman who looked like anything but his wife.

Next came the bidding for the necklace and, being the more valuable piece, the bidding went much higher. This time the high bidder was a much younger man and as he approached the platform she wondered if he was a child of privilege or had started from scratch like her husband had. “Hello Mrs. Compton, my name is James Harrington,” the man said. Rebecca recognized the last name – they were one of the most prominent families in the area. Old wealth. “Thank you for allowing your beautiful jewelry to be auctioned in the name of charity. That’s very generous of you.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she replied not wanting to tell him that it hadn’t been her idea. Harrington leaned in close as he reached behind her to unfasten her necklace and Rebecca could detect a musky, masculine scent. He smelled good to her. Harrington placed a light kiss on her cheek that sent a little tingle up her. I’m a married woman now, she scolded herself as she watched him retreat to his seat, but she took a little delight in the air of sensuality she knew she was exuding.

With the auctioning of the jewelry now completed, Rebecca began to step off the platform. “One moment please, Mrs. Compton, we aren’t quite finished yet.” Puzzled, Rebecca returned to Daniel Thompson’s side. “Just a couple of more minutes of your time please. Thank you for your patience.” Rebecca nodded unsure of what would be required of her.

“Now for our final bid of the evening, ladies and gentlemen,” she heard him say. He stretched out one hand toward Rebecca and lightly grasped the side of her dress. “We now have one black evening gown by Parisian designer Claude Chernier available for your bid.” Rebecca gasped as she heard the words. “B-but I’m wearing nothing underneath and have nothing else to change into,” she stuttered.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Compton, but your husband should have warned you,” Thompson replied quietly. The room filled with a buzz at the announcement of the item up for bid and Rebecca was afraid for a moment she might faint as the full realization of what was happening hit her. She saw the thin smile and intense glare of anticipation in Arthur’s eyes as he watched her reaction. For a moment she considered bolting off of the stage but steadied herself as she remembered the agreement she had made prior to the marriage. Her humiliation was the price she had agreed to pay and would continue to pay as long as she could bear it.

Rebecca took a deep breath and nodded toward Daniel Thompson indicating he could go ahead with the auction. She tried to block out the eyes staring at her but the anticipation of the event she knew was coming – her “unveiling” – was almost too much for her. Along with the feelings of nervous anticipation came feelings of arousal. She tried to fight back these feelings but she could feel her hardening nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress.

The bidding accelerated rapidly and it soon went well beyond what the dress could have possibly been worth; beyond what even the diamond necklace had gone for. Bidders slowly dropped out until it was between just two – Anderson and Harrington – the two men who had placed the highest bids on her jewelry. Rebecca prayed that if someone was going to strip the dress off of her it would be James Harrington and not the whiskey-breathed older man. The bidding continued to spiral upwards until finally the older man reluctantly shook his head when the auctioneer asked for a further bid. “Mr. Harrington would you like to come up and claim your item?” Thompson said and Rebecca shivered in nervous anticipation.

“If you don’t mind I think I’ll allow my wife to do that,” he replied and the beautiful woman sitting next to him stood and made her way towards the platform and Rebecca. “Hello, Rebecca. My name is Julia.”

“H-hello, Julia,” she replied not knowing what else to say. The scent of Julia’s perfume and her close proximity heightened Rebecca’s arousal to her shame and embarrassment. She could feel herself becoming moist.

“That’s a beautiful dress, Rebecca. I hope I can wear it as well as you do.”

“I’m sure you will,” Rebecca replied, not lying. Julia was lovely and about the same size she was. Julia smiled and placed her hand on Rebecca’s shoulder slipping the hand below the single strap. Her other hand touched the side of Rebecca’s breast on the strapless slide and then slid beneath the fabric. Rebecca shuddered at the touch and as the dress was peeled downward revealing her breasts. Julia bent down and continued to pull the dress past her hips and then to the floor. Rebecca stepped out of the dress as Julia stood up and kissed her lightly on the cheek before returning to her seat with dress in hand. Rebecca stood now revealed to the audience in all her glory wearing only the heels. She half expected the bidding to begin again for those. Rebecca stood for what seemed like an eternity in front of the sea of eyes pouring over her nude body, her hardened nipples betraying her arousal.

“Thank you ladies and gentleman for your generosity this evening,” she heard Thompson say from what seemed like a million miles away. “This has been a very successful evening and the charities will all benefit greatly. And now, I hope you will all join us for the reception in the cocktail lounge.” He offered his arm to Rebecca. “I hope you’ll allow me to escort you to the reception, Mrs. Compton. I’m sure your presence will be the highlight of the affair.”

Chapter 5

One Year Later

Allison Davis stared through the dim early morning light at the ceiling and the whirling blades of the fan above her bed. She was nude, as always, and there were no blankets or sheets on the bed to cover her, as always. She glanced over at the digital clock next her bed. It was 4:05 am. She knew she wouldn’t be getting any more sleep that night. Today was a big day; the biggest of her life.

Allison sat up on the side of the bed and stretched her arms into the air and rolled her neck to help loosen stiff muscles. In the corner of the room she saw the small glowing red light of the camera on the wall and knew she was being watched. As always. How many were watching right now? She was always amazed at how many people would be watching her even at this time of the morning. And today was a special day so she guessed her audience would probably be larger than normal, maybe even much larger.

Allison got up and padded across the room to her desk. She yawned and stretched some more while she waited as the computer booted up, then sat down and clicked open her web browser and navigated to her website: Naked Allison. That was the very uninventive name that her Uncle Tony had given it, not that it required a terribly clever name to market it once her story had gone public.

She opened up the live webcam and saw herself sitting in all her glory at her desk. Tony had spared no expense in buying top-of-the line digital equipment so the infrared camera provided a high quality view of her even in the dark. She glanced down at the counter and saw that there were nearly 5000 people logged on to her site right now watching the live feed; ten times the normal number for this time of night. Enjoy the show boys and girls, she thought to herself. This is the last day.

The website was Tony’s idea, of course. He’d started it as soon as she’d graduated from college and had begun working under his control at Compton Enterprises. His plan was to give the world a naked Allison 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There were cameras in her house, cameras in her car, cameras in her office, all constantly streaming high quality video to her growing base of fans. And whenever she went to meetings or into the city on assignments or to meet clients or shopping or to the beach or even to her family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner there was always someone tagging along with a video camera to record the fun. This was his idea of breaking her, of making her quit and give up her inheritance. But it hadn’t worked; she hadn’t broken. And today the year was up and she’d beaten him, and she’d beaten her dear, departed grandfather at his own perverted game. She watched as a smile broke out on the face of the naked girl on her monitor.

It hadn’t been easy, though. God, no. The worst part had been at the beginning when she’d suddenly been thrust into living a fully nude and very public lifestyle…something she’d never have dreamed of doing before. She almost hadn’t made it past the first 24 hours. And then there was that almost unbearable first day back at college; and the day that Tony had broken her story to the media; and her graduation day; and the first day of work at Compton Enterprises; and her first nude trip nude into the city to meet with clients. There were many times in the first few weeks where she’d almost quit and there were many, many times that she’d broken into tears. But she hadn’t given up, and now there was a sense of pride in having achieved her goal when she couldn’t have imagined how she would accomplish it that first day.

Things had become easier for her over time, but never easy. There was never a moment when she wasn’t aware of her nudity or the looks and stares and eyes roaming over her body. Being constantly nude in front of friends, family, co-workers, and strangers when everyone else was fully clothed was something she’d never gotten used to and probably never would. But she’d learned to handle it.

And the feelings of arousal that public nudity stirred in her had never gone away either, although the intensity waxed and waned depending on the situation. Usually it was kind of a low-level buzz that she had to admit she’d miss when this was all over. Sometimes, though, it went beyond that and she knew that the unmistakable signs of arousal had to be apparent to onlookers. And several times it had spilled over the edge into a public orgasm, much to her humiliation. Allison had learned a lot about herself over the past year and one of the things she’d learned was that there was something buried in her subconscious that got off on public nudity no matter what her conscious mind thought of it. They were the same feelings that Rebecca had described in her diary so Allison knew that she’d inherited more than just her grandmother’s looks.

Allison scrolled through the links to the many videos posted on her website and selected the graduation video: a favorite among her fans. She watched again as rows of graduating students sat listening to the commencement speech; all of them robed in caps and gowns with one very obvious exception. She was struck again by the high quality of the video as she watched herself squirm in her seat, her very naked nipples standing erect. She remembered that night very, very well and how she’d fought against the intense feelings of arousal building inside her as she sat nude among her fellow graduating classmates. It was a battle that she’d finally lost, which had been all-too apparent to those around her…and anyone watching this video. And lots and lots of people had watched this video.

Allison clicked on the link to that first interview with the local news after Tony had leaked the story to them about the terms of the inheritance. Her naughty bits had been pixilated in that original broadcast, of course. No, you couldn’t show naked tits-and-ass on the local news although they had no qualms about titillating viewers with the story of a young co-ed living in the nude for a full year in order gain a large inheritance. Tony had gotten his hands on the uncensored version of the interview which was what was now posted on the website. They’d called the story “Naked Ambition.” Clever.

It was only a matter of hours after that story appeared on the local news that it was all over the internet and within days Allison Davis became the most requested name on search engines. By that time there were already plenty of nude photos of her posted on various sites by her fellow students at Wildwood College who had been secretly, and not-so-secretly, taking pictures of her around campus. The shock of Tony’s announcement that she’d be videoed 24/7 for Naked Allison had been lessened somewhat because there were already tons of nude photos of her floating around the internet by then anyway. Her uncle had probably out-smarted himself when he’d leaked her story to the media.

Of course, the national and international media hadn’t been far behind the internet in picking up the story. And why wouldn’t they? It was a story about greed, money, power, and perversion involving a beautiful, naked young woman. What wasn’t to like? It didn’t take long for the media hordes to descend upon Allison, and Tony had ordered her to make herself fully available for interviews. American newspapers and television broadcasts were usually careful about editing her image but the European media hadn’t been shy about showing skin. And then there’d been the interview with the Naked News where the reporter hadn’t been wearing a stitch of clothing either. For awhile there, even David Letterman and Jay Leno were cracking jokes about her on a regular basis. God, was there anyone left who hadn’t seen her naked by now? Maybe some tribesmen in Borneo. Maybe.

The media circus had subsided somewhat over time but it had picked up again recently as the end of her naked year approached. And since that was today she expected to see more than a few TV cameras and microphones around.

Allison clicked the web browser closed and sat back in her chair with her eyes closed.

What a long, strange trip it’s been, she thought. Thank God it’s almost over.

Allison crawled back onto the bed, spread her legs, and let her fingers walk down her stomach to her clit, fully aware that she had an audience. She’d made a conscious decision not to take a lover during this year because of the constant invasion to her privacy by cameras and had even tried for awhile to resist pleasuring herself but had finally lost that battle many months ago. This is it guys, she said silently to her unseen audience as a moan escaped from her lips. The cameras are coming down tonight.

The Final Day Begins

Allison locked the front door and began the walk to her car in the driveway. As expected, there was a crowd of reporters and cameras outside.

“Allison, how does it feel knowing you’re going a rich woman soon.” a male reporter called out.

“Great,” she replied as she kept walking toward the car.

“Are you going to put on some clothes today.”

“God, yes!” Allison replied.

“Dammit, that’s a shame,” another man said to scattered laughter. Allison unlocked the car door and began to climb in when the less friendly voice of a female reporter shouted out to her.

“Do you feel like you’ve prostituted yourself by doing this for money?”

A flash of anger came over Allison and she stood back up to address the reporter. “Hell, no, I haven’t prostituted myself. I haven’t slept with anyone for this money.”

“No, you’ve just had thousands of guys whacking off over you on the internet. And now you think you’re qualified to run a multi-million dollar company?”

“I haven’t done anything wrong…anything illegal,” Allison sputtered. She was going to say more but thought better of it and crawled into the car and started the engine. “Bitch,” she muttered under her breath and then tried to calm herself. This wasn’t like her, but this past year had taken its toll. Her situation had been the topic of national conversation and, when asked if they would go naked for a year to gain a large inheritance, a surprisingly large number of people had said “Hell yes!” But she had her fair share of criticism, too, mostly from feminists who thought what she was doing was demeaning or evangelical Christians who thought it was immoral. When she was out in public she got various reactions from people when they encountered her, but they were mostly positive. She did get angry or negative reactions at times, though, and it always bothered her when it happened. It was going to feel good to get back to being a normal person after today. A very wealthy and fully clothed normal person!

Allison glanced at the outside temperature on her dashboard and saw that it was 75 degrees. She sighed and pushed the button to open the convertible roof. She had standing orders from Tony to drive with the top down whenever weather permitted and today was a beautiful sunny spring day. She wasn’t going to risk disobeying an order on her last day under his thumb. By this afternoon she’d be his boss, if she decided to keep him on. Maybe I’ll make him work naked, she thought to herself with a wicked grin until the mental image came into her mind. “Ugh, I wouldn’t wish that on the world. Most of my employees would quit.”

Allison wasn’t worried about being stopped by the police for driving nude through town. She’d been doing it for a year now and because of the state Supreme Court’s very liberal ruling about freedom of expression rights it was technically legal to be nude in public. But that didn’t mean there were lots of people out running around town naked, at least not to the extent she was. Yeah, there were the occasional public flashes and streaks and dares, but she didn’t know of anyone else living a totally nude lifestyle out in public. Even nudists kept primarily to designated clothing optional areas. Being the only naked person in a clothed world was nerve wracking and Tony had made sure to get her out of the office and around town, and even other parts of the state, as much as possible.

And even though it was legal for her to be nude in public places, private business establishments could set their own standards and prevent Allison from entering. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Or, in her case, no pants, bra or panties either. After awhile she’d learned which bars, restaurants, and grocery stores would allow her in and which wouldn’t so she was able to establish some semblance of a life outside of work or under the constant eye of the cameras at home, although Tony frequently had someone around with a camera in those places, too.

She’d even found a bowling alley that would not only let her bowl naked but waived the requirement to wear shoes. The last time she went bowling it had been with her friends Katie and Melissa and it had been the shy Melissa who’d flashed to her boobs to the camera after rolling a strike. Katie, despite her usual smart ass braggadocio, had kept her clothes on.

The sun and the warm breeze felt good on her bare skin as she drove and Allison wondered whether this would be her last naked car ride. Tony had control over her until 2:35 pm today so he might have her go out for one last bit of public humiliation but she couldn’t imagine that he had a last minute Hail Mary plan up his sleeve that she couldn’t handle. He’d been looking like a beaten man for some time now.

Allison pulled into the employee parking lot of Compton Enterprises and shut off the engine. She stared out the car window at the 16-story building and remembered her first day of work here. She’d sat here crying and shaking for some time before finally working up the courage to walk into the building in the nude. She’d done it many times since and it had never stopped feeling totally bizarre to her, but she was no longer reduced to a puddle of tears by the prospect of it. “One last time, Allie,” she said to herself as she grabbed her briefcase and headed for the entrance. A few TV cameras and reporters were stationed outside the door but she just smiled and politely declined to answer questions as she entered the lobby.

“Hello, Ms. Davis.” It was the security guard at the security station.

“Hi, Tom.”

“Big day. You made it. Congratulations.”


Allison saw Tina, Mariana Perez’s secretary scuttling across the lobby towards her. “Ms. Davis, Mariana would like you to meet with her in her office today at 2 o’clock this afternoon,” she said. “She’d like to talk to you before she gives you your clothes.”

“Okay. Did she say why?” Under the terms of the inheritance Allison would be allowed to get dressed today after 2:35 p.m. but Mariana had suggested last week that the meeting to sign all the paperwork be held tomorrow morning. After Allison’s lawyer assured her that it was safe to wait to sign the paperwork she leaped at the offer since it would allow her to be dressed in front of all the friends, family, and co-workers who’d be attending.

“No,” Tina replied. “But she wanted me to tell you as soon as you arrived.”

“Okay, thanks Tina. Tell her I’ll be there.”

“Oh, and congratulations,” she said with a smile. “I was pulling for you. We all were.”

“Thanks. You’re not just saying that to suck up to the new boss are you?”

“No,” Tina laughed. “Well, maybe a little. Nobody wanted Tony to be boss, though.”

“Speak of the devil, there he is,” Allison said as she spotted her uncle Tony across the lobby.

Allison walked across the lobby to where Tony was standing. “Heya, uncle. Nice day, huh? Got any plans or assignments for me?”

Tony was looking haggard and beaten, but even in that state he couldn’t help but run his eyes up and down Allison’s nude body in a way that made her skin crawl. “Fuck you, bitch,” he mumbled and walked away. Allison couldn’t help but laugh as she watched him walk away. It was over. She’d won.

Allison spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in her office trying to keep busy, but mostly staring at the clock waiting for the magic moment to arrive. Various managers and employees stopped by throughout the day to congratulate her. She also suspected that some of the men wanted one last look at their naked boss-to-be before she disappeared forever back into clothing. She had lunch delivered to her office but could barely eat it at as she excitedly waited for her meeting with Mariana Perez to finalize the inheritance. At one point she even smiled and waved giddily to her unseen audience watching her through the cameras mounted in the office.

At ten minutes to two she strode out of her office toward the elevator…her last nude walk through the Compton Building. When she arrived at the office, Tina smiled and waved her in. Allison strode into the office and closed the door behind her. The office was empty but she guessed that Mariana was in an adjoining office.

Allison paced nervously around the office remembering the first time she’d been here, exactly one year ago today. It was here that Allison and her family had first heard, with great excitement, the wealth that was being offered to them in Arthur Compton’s will only to have it dashed minutes later by the almost unthinkable conditions attached to it. It felt like a lifetime ago now. Allison looked up at the clock. Only thirty minutes to go now. It seemed almost unbelievable that this day had finally come. Her heart thumped in her chest like it was going to explode!

She walked over to the window and stared down at the cars and people in the street below. Behind her a door opened and she heard the sound of footsteps. Before she could turn around an oddly familiar male voice spoke her name.

“Hello Allison.”

Allison turned and stared dumbfounded at the figure at the other end of the office. Standing before her, very much alive and breathing, was her grandfather Arthur Compton.

Back From the Grave

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, granddaughter,” Arthur Compton chuckled.

Allison stared wordlessly at the man whose funeral she’d attended a year ago. The man she saw now looked much different than the thin, weak, sickly old man she’d seen in the video at the reading of the will. The Arthur Compton before her now had regained the healthy vigor that she’d remembered from the past. The hair had grown back, although it was greyer, and he’d grown a full beard that made him look something like the pictures she’d seen of Ernest Hemingway. He’d also regained the weight he’d lost and his skin had a healthy tan. He looked almost nothing like the tired old man she’d seen near death in the video, but there was no question in her mind that this was her grandfather standing before her.

“Try and contain the unbridled joy at seeing your dear old granddad still among the living, dear,” Compton laughed. He pointed to a pair of leather chairs in a corner of the office. “Have a seat, Allie. I think we need to talk.”

Allison finally regained her composure enough to walk over and sit down in one of the chairs. She self-consciously covered her breasts with her arm as Arthur sat in the other chair just a few feet away. “No need for that, dear,” he said. “I’ve been a faithful subscriber to the Naked Allison website since the beginning. I’ve seen it all.”

Allison dropped her arms to her side and finally found her voice. “So this has all been just a scam all along? Your illness and death?”

“No, the illness was very real. I did have cancer and I wasn’t expecting to survive it when I made that videotape you watched here last year. But the chemotherapy worked, although it was pure hell going through it, and the cancer went into remission.”

“So why fake your death?”

“Well, to be honest, I liked the idea of you spending a year in the nude in order to gain the inheritance when I first thought of it and I liked it even better when I knew I’d have the opportunity to be around to see it,” Arthur replied. “I didn’t see any reason to let a minor technicality like not being dead stand in the way of the reading of the will.” Allison thought back to her conversation with Katie about why Compton would have waited until his death to do this. Katie had said she thought “the old nut would’ve wanted a ringside seat for this.” It turns out the old nut DID have a ringside seat for this.

“I needed time off anyway,” Compton continued, “to rest and regain my health without being hassled by shareholders, or the Board of Directors, or management, or Tony. I just knew that if they thought I was still alive and kicking they’d never let me be.”

“So Tony didn’t know you were still alive?”

“Oh hell no. He’d be the last person I’d let in on the secret. Mariana Perez knew about it and so did a couple of my most trusted senior executives, but that’s it. Oh, and my doctor was well paid to keep his mouth shut.”

“So where’ve you been for the past year anyway?” Allison asked.

“I’ve got a lovely little villa on the coast of Costa Rica, right on the ocean. No one knows me there so it was an ideal spot for recovering my strength without being bothered. The recuperative powers of the sun and a daily swim are truly amazing.”

“So you’re healthy now?” Allison asked. “The cancer’s gone?”

“It’s in remission and hopefully will stay that way. And I feel as strong and energetic now as I did twenty years ago. Maybe even stronger.”

Allison’s head was spinning. This turn of events was so shocking and unexpected that she hadn’t yet been able to think things through clearly. She was terribly confused about what she was feeling right now. In a way she was happy to see her grandfather again and realized now that she didn’t really hate him. Over the past eleven months of working for Compton Enterprises she’d even gained a kind of grudging admiration and respect for what Arthur had been able to build here, almost from scratch, in the course of his lifetime.

“So what now?” she asked.” “Are you coming back to this country permanently? Are you coming back to work?”

“I don’t know yet,” he replied. “That’s what you and I need to discuss.”

Suddenly an alarming thought entered Allison’s mind. “You are going to comply with the terms of the will aren’t you? I am going to get the inheritance, aren’t I?”

“Of course,” Arthur Compton replied. “It’s a legally binding document. If you ever do comply with the terms of the will you’ll receive the inheritance.”

Allison looked up at the clock. “I’ll have complied with the terms of the will in fifteen minutes.”

“I’m afraid not,” Arthur said. “You missed one important step.”


“You didn’t wait until I was dead.”

A Shocking Development

The blood drained from Allison’s face. “You mean I don’t get it? I don’t get the inheritance?”

“You mean five million dollars for your parents and the controlling stock in my company? Good Lord, no. At least not while I’m still above ground, anyway. Once I’m gone you’ll have the opportunity to earn the inheritance. It’ll mean spending another year in the nude, though,” he chuckled.

Panic surged through Allison at the thought that everything she’d worked toward for the past year was suddenly being snatched away from her at the last moment! “You mean after everything I’ve done, all the humiliations I’ve suffered, I get nothing? Nothing?” Allison could hardly breathe. “You bastard!”

Arthur’s lips curled into a thin smile. “I’ve been called worse,” he said. “I didn’t say you’d get nothing. The house and the car are yours. You’ve more than earned them.”

“A house and a car?” Allison shrieked. “I wouldn’t have spent a year naked for a house and a car!”

“I see,” Arthur said. “So then it’s just a matter of negotiating a sufficient compensation package for you to live your life in the nude?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about discussing your future here at Compton Enterprises.”

“There is no future for me here,” she said. “I’m done with you and your goddamn company and your sick, perverted games. And when I walk out that front door today, with my clothes on, I’m going to tell those reporters camped outside that you’re alive and faked your death.”

Arthur shrugged. “Go ahead. The news will have to be made public sooner or later anyway, and sooner is just as good as later. Mariana is pretty sure that when the news breaks that the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated it will cause the stock price to rise significantly. The stockholders have been very nervous about the prospect of having either my son Tony or a naked granddaughter run this company.”

“You broke the law. You committed fraud by faking your death.”

“I did no such thing,” he responded. “There were no false documents filed. There was never a death certificate, which your incompetent attorney would’ve discovered if he’d ever thought of checking. Mariana made sure that all of my taxes were paid over the past year so the government has no legal interest in me. The only thing we did was put an empty coffin into the ground and show you and your family a videotaped reading of the will. Neither of those things is illegal.”

“You forced me to comply with the terms of the will under false pretenses. I can sue you to live up to your promises.”

“I never forced you to do anything. Everything you did was of your own free will. And Mariana has never provided any documentation to you claiming I was dead.”

“She showed us the videotape of the will along with some legal papers supporting it,” Allison replied.

“All I can say is that it really changed our marriage,” Will enthused. “Give it a try!”

Stan looked dubiously at the little crystal trinket dangling from his hand. His marriage was on the rocks, but he’d been hoping for something a little more useful than half-baked folk remedies.

Both men took a moment to appreciate the curves of Tracey’s ass under her short tennis skirt as she collected their empty beer bottles. Will’s wife ignored their gazes and exited the room as silently as she’d entered.

“Seriously? I remember you worrying about Tracey playing the field. And weren’t you telling me last year that sex addict rehab program you checked her into was just a big waste of money?”

“That? What a joke.” Will chuckled. “This is totally different. She hasn’t looked at another man since our ‘intervention’. It’s like magic, man! Yeah, I know it looks stupid — but you go with what works, right?” He took a moment to shift the respectable bulge in the front of his shorts.

Stan moved his hand slightly, watching the mobile sway. It didn’t seem appropriate to mention that he’d been one of the men Will’s wife had fucked — more than a few times. Neither did he want to admit his own marital crisis stemmed from his wife walking in on a rebuffed attempt to restart that affair. It was true enough Tracey had practically ignored him, but that didn’t matter to Gretta — and it probably wouldn’t matter to her lawyer, either. “Well, it can’t make things any worse, can it?”

Gretta thought it was the stupidest thing she’d ever heard. It took her a long moment to calm down enough to listen to Stan’s words again.

“…if you’d see things from my viewpoint,” he concluded.

“Oh, yeah? You should try mine!” she huffed, staring angrily at her husband.

Stan nearly lost his temper. “Nothing happened! I can’t help it if Tracey is always advertising.” His withering look of contempt raked her comfortable slacks and shapeless top. “You certainly don’t dress up anymore, and sharing a bed is supposed to mean more than just taking the covers. A man has needs!”

“I have needs, too!” Gretta, stung by his criticism, snarled. “I am not just a waitress and maid service, and I’m certainly not going to stand by and watch you screw the neighbors.”

“Okay, look,” Stan said after a deep breath, “let’s just say we both have valid viewpoints, okay? Will says we both just need to concentrate on the other’s viewpoint. We hang up this” — he lifted the mobile again — “where we can see it; it’s a reminder, see?”

Gretta rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine.” The irony of getting marital advice from Will was enough to make her smile; he was a stud, and he’d boned her enough times to know he was better in the sack than her husband, even if he’d gotten a little kinky lately.

Unfortunately, a divorce would cost Will nearly everything — Tracey apparently had laid some high-powered lawyers — and Gretta wouldn’t get a penny from a separation that wasn’t Stan’s fault. It was exasperating, but the best her attorney could recommend was trying to make things work and waiting for Stan to make a mistake.

Rising from her seat, Gretta managed to take the mobile from Stan without touching him, and carried it over to the doorway into the master bathroom. She suspended it from the small nail that, in better days, had held a sprig of mistletoe during the holidays. Who knew? Maybe this stupid visualization thing would even do some good.

Gretta walked past the mobile, not really paying attention to the way it twisted, alternatively showing slivers of herself or the empty bedroom. She looked critically at her body in the mirror. “I’m still good-looking,” Gretta told herself. “Hell, I’m at least as sexy as that slut Tracey — even her husband thinks so.”

It pained her to admit it, but Stan might have had a point about her wardrobe. Gretta considered the contents of her walk-in closet, and selected a flouncy skirt suit she hadn’t worn in a while. It was still business-appropriate, but looked good; it looked even better after she slipped into a pair of heels instead of her usual flats. She left for work in a good mood for the first time in days.

Stan made it home before Gretta. He walked through the empty house, enjoying the quiet and lack of recriminations. The sparkle of the mobile caught his eye, and he reflected on her complaints. When Gretta arrived home, she found the dinner table set with dinner already prepared and a bouquet of fresh flowers at her place.

“For me?” she asked, recognizing blossoms from the landscaping behind the house.

“The most beautiful things in the house, except you,” Stan told her. “The meal, alas, is Lean Cuisine.”

Gretta laughed. “A man should know his limitations! Thank you; I’m sure it will be delicious.”

Their mood lasted through dinner, and the conversation gradually became less stilted. When they finally retired to the bedroom, Stan was a little surprised to find himself aroused by watching Gretta as she undressed, and she realized his interest was making her wet.

The subsequent sex was good, if not great, but Stan came quickly and fell asleep, leaving Gretta wide awake and unsatisfied. She masturbated herself to orgasm and then lay beside him, watching stray beams of moonlight reflect off the crystalline pieces dangling in the doorway. It would be nice, she mused, if he was a little more interested in pleasing her — but, really, it was an improvement on the last several months.

Gretta caught her breath and enjoyed the warmth of the sun after swimming her usual 100 laps of the pool. The exercise was relaxing, and it did good things for her figure, too. She frowned, looking across the hedge to where her neighbor also was basking in the sun.

“What a slut,” Gretta thought, looking at Tracey’s skimpy string bikini without trying to be obvious about it. “She must shave herself to wear that.” Grudgingly she conceded to herself that with that figure, Tracey was worth looking at. Academically, Gretta could understand why Stan would be attracted to the other woman, but that didn’t mean she was planning to forgive him for straying. Her body was better than Tracey’s, anyway — well, equally as good if she was scrupulously honest.

Stan accepted a fresh beer from Will and leaned back in his chair. A game was playing on the widescreen television, but neither of the men paid it much attention.

“It’s hard, bro’,” Stan admitted after a quick swallow. “Things aren’t so good at the office, and Gretta’s busting my balls at home.”

“I know what you’re going through,” Will sympathized. “How’s the visualization thing going?”

“Well, better, I have to admit. I thought Gretta was going to blow a gasket when I explained it, but she played along. It still seems pretty stupid to me, but I can’t knock it if it works.”

“Tell me about it. Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Stan sighed. “Yeah, I know. I just wish Gretta would be a little more supportive and understanding. It’s sort of like she’s just humoring me.”

“Well, that’s better than phoning her lawyer, isn’t it?”

After the double-header ended, Stan walked back to his house, wondering if they should just order out for dinner. Gretta was playing some truly tasteless music in the bedroom, so he walked in to see what she was doing.

The music turned out to be the soundtrack for some adult movie. Stan’s attention was completely engaged by Gretta, who lay sprawled on the bed naked. He watched her dip a finger into her bare cunt and stroke herself, intent on the television. The actress was rather unattractive, with absurdly large tits and a body showing minor signs of flab. The guy pounding her was much fitter, with buns that clenched above sinewy thighs with every hard thrust.

Stan quickly shed his clothes and joined her. Soon they were fucking furiously, and Gretta’s foul mouth urged him to greater efforts. She was dripping wet when they started, and climaxed before Stan did. “Is this what you want? Some fucking slut?” He jetted his scum into her.

Gretta didn’t bother covering up before walking to the kitchen to find something to eat. Stan, feeling drained, lay on the bed and watched the couple fucking on television. Sure, it was a porno movie, but the actors were still going at each other hot and heavy, while his real-life tryst with Gretta had lasted a fraction of the time. The way the blonde’s tongue caressed the stud’s gleaming tool distracted Stan before he got to thinking about his own behavior after their previous encounter.

“Nice,” Will commented, after watching Stan’s tee shot drop to the middle of the fairway just to the side of a pair of bunkers. His own shot had gone a little farther, but ended up in the rough. “Doing as well at home?”

“I don’t know,” admitted Stan, dropping his driver back in the bag. “I’m trying, and I think Gretta is too, but…” He shrugged. “I mean, she’s dressing more like she did when we got married, and I’ve gotten laid more this week than the past six months, but it’s not the same.”

Will raised an eyebrow.

“It’s like Gretta is more detached, emotionally distant. You know, I got home after the game last night, and found her getting herself off watching some adult movie.”

“That must have been hot,” Will chuckled. “You tapped her, right?”

“Hell, yes! She came like a crazy woman, too; it reminded me of our partying days. But afterwards, she just got up and walked out of the room. No cuddling, nothing.” Stan collected his thoughts for a moment before giving voice to his fears. “I’m worried I’m going to lose her, man.”

Will surprised Stan by hugging him. “It’ll get better — just stick with it.” Stan just stood there, embarrassed.

It was over so quickly that Will was climbing into the cart before Stan’s brain could start thinking about what had happened. There wasn’t anything exactly improper about a hug, but it wasn’t really a guy kind of thing, was it? Stan darted sideways glances at his friend on the drive down the fairway; he was almost sure he’d felt Will’s cock against his thigh during their brief embrace.

Gretta walked out to the pool for her morning swim and looked across the hedge. As she’d expected, Tracey was already out sunning. Her neighbor’s bikini top was sitting on the deck beside the chaise, and it appeared Tracey might be watching her, although the dark sunglasses made it hard for Gretta to know for sure.

“If that slut thinks she’s going to tease me, she’s got another thing coming,” Gretta told herself. Resolutely not looking in Tracey’s direction, she pulled off her suit and dove into the pool naked.

After Gretta finished her laps, she was breathing a little more heavily than usual, even though would-be voyeurs would have had to be standing on the patio or overhead in low-flying helicopters to see anything. She didn’t think Tracey had been standing up. Determined to make her point, Gretta hoisted herself out of the water and picked up her towel. She patted herself dry, staring defiantly at her neighbor.

Sure enough, she could see Tracey’s hand moving between her legs. “No wonder Stan was chasing her,” Gretta mused, “the tramp is just asking for it.” A trickle of moisture that didn’t come from the pool punctuated the thought.

Gretta still hadn’t gotten around to dressing by the time Stan returned home; he found her in the bathroom applying lipstick.

“Going somewhere?” he asked, brushing by the mobile in the doorway so he could toss his shirt in the hamper.

“I hadn’t planned on it, but you could give me a ride,” she replied, noticing the bulge in his slacks.

Stan didn’t pretend to misunderstand her. He quickly removed his slacks and underwear, then roughly pinned Gretta to the counter from behind, finding her as wet as he was hard. She braced herself as he started pumping into her energetically, but Stan’s attention was focused on their images in the mirror. He clenched his buttocks with every thrust, like the man in the video, and watched the contrast between his muscular body and his wife’s softer figure. What did it feel like for Gretta? Did Will look the same way when he was fucking Tracey?

Curiously, Gretta was wondering much the same thing. She panted as she watched her tits sway in the mirror. Would Tracey’s look the same, up close? Would they feel the same? Would her neighbor’s eyes have the same heavy-lidded look when she shuddered and came? Gretta remembered the rumors about Tracey’s orientation, but forced the scandalous thought aside and concentrated on the feel of her husband’s tool buried inside her. It wasn’t as satisfying as she’d hoped, and a finger drifted down to her clit to help out.

Stan had a difficult time holding up his end of the conversation during his morning run with Will. His eyes drifted repeatedly to the outlines of Will’s tight ass beneath his shorts, and the fullness of the erection in his jockeys was beyond distracting.

They were cutting through the undeveloped wooded lot at the end of the subdivision when Will called for a brief halt. “Too much coffee this morning, man,” his friend explained, nonchalantly fishing the head of his semi-erect organ out the leg of his shorts.

Embarrassed but unable to look away, Stan stared at the meaty head of Will’s cock and the heavy stream of urine gushing from it. Without touching himself, he exploded in his shorts, filling the front of his briefs with hot scum.

The rest of the run was an exercise in torment. The sticky residue of his climax coated Stan’s cock and balls, reminding him of its presence with every stride, and making him feel dirty and unclean like some whore. He ran behind Will the entire way, petrified something would leak past his shorts and reveal itself to his friend. Despite it all, Stan found himself harder than he’d been his entire life.

When he finally made it to the safety of his unoccupied house, Stan loped into the bathroom and quickly removed his shorts. His underwear was dark with moisture and he pulled it tight, massaging his spunk into his balls while admiring the look of the fabric pulling between his cheeks and tenting over his throbbing tool.

Finally the lure of the musky fabric was too great to ignore and Stan pulled off his abused underwear. He inhaled deeply, savoring the male musk of his secretions, and then excited himself to another searing climax while sucking at the semen-permeated fabric. A little masturbation while his wife was unavailable didn’t make him gay, did it?

Gretta couldn’t concentrate, either. For the second time that morning, she closed the door of a bathroom stall behind her and hiked up her inappropriately short skirt so she could reach her dripping slit. Her thong was as wet as if she’d peed herself, but Gretta knew the moisture was much sweeter. She bit her lip to stifle a gasp while she rubbed her clit with a lubricated finger; somebody had entered the adjoining stall.

She imagined what might happen if the unknown woman was Tracey, but shook her head with an amused smile — that slut had never worked a day in her life and was probably jilling off on Will’s expensive wrought-iron chaise lounge right now.

Gretta’s finger increased its pace and her entire body tensed as she tried to hold off her climax a little longer. “I bet Tracey would already be screaming her lungs out if I did this to her,” she thought, and lost her battle for self-control.

“Are you okay?” came a concerned voice from the next stall.

“Yes,” Gretta half-whispered, half-moaned. She fought the urge to say more — she’d be a fool to cheat on Stan this way, and she wasn’t a lesbian anyway.

Her traitor mind formed a vision of Tracey touching her, and she just had to start stroking herself again. The tramp would probably even eat her out. Gretta’s legs started trembling and her feet arched inside her high-heeled pumps.

Both Stan and Gretta were on edge that evening. It had taken her forever to get the damned draft proposal reviewed, and the deadline meant she hadn’t been able to leave until it was finished. By the time she finally pulled into the driveway, it was after dark, the dinner on the table was cold, and Stan’s cock was practically raw.

Only the last object was of any practical concern to her, and the couple left a trail of discarded clothing behind them as Gretta dragged Stan into the bedroom. Frustratingly for both of them, he was limp.

Gretta was desperate enough to kneel and take him in her mouth, although Stan smelled like he hadn’t showered in days and his scent was so strong it was repellent. Sucking and licking didn’t seem to be having any positive effect, and when one of his wiry pubic hairs caught in her teeth, it was the last straw.

“What?!” she screamed at him, crying and caught between frustration and anger. “Aren’t I good enough for you anymore? Damnit, I have needs! Fuck your new age therapy!” Gretta jumped to her feet and started to run from the room. She stopped briefly to tear the mobile from its hook and hurl it into the bathroom wastebasket. Then, at her wits’ end, she stomped out of the room and headed for the kitchen; maybe chocolate would take her mind off her arousal.

Stan silently watched her go, confounded by his totally unexpected lack of performance. Readiness was something he’d taken for granted his entire life; true, he’d jacked off four or five times already that day, but he’d never failed to please a beautiful woman before. He touched himself, wondering what the problem was, and felt a faint stirring in his organ.

Gretta broke off another square of dark chocolate and popped it into her mouth. She chewed it more slowly than the piece before it and stared sightlessly out the window, trying to understand what had gone wrong. Eventually she realized she was watching the play of the underwater pool lights next door against the landscaping.

Curious, she let herself out the back door and, still naked, crossed through the hedge between the yards until she stood beside the pool. Tracey, wearing her micro bikini, was swimming a lazy backstroke. The tightness inside Gretta increased. “Slut!” she accused.

Tracey finally noticed her and coasted to the shallow end of the pool before standing up. “What?” she asked.

“Whore! Did you ever earn anything except on your back or your knees? That suit isn’t a cover-up; it’s a come-on — no wonder Stan ignores me! Can’t you just leave him alone?”

“Oh?” Tracey cocked her head. “I’m sorry you’ve felt so threatened. Frankly, I don’t see you have much to worry about.” A long look reminded Gretta she was naked and heated her body. “If you’re worried about the dress code…” A moment later, she was as bare as Gretta.

“God, you are such a slut!” exclaimed Gretta, watching the other woman swim to the edge of the pool and deposit the scraps of spandex on the patio.

Tracey retaliated by grabbing an ankle and toppling Gretta into the warm water with her. “Haven’t you noticed that I haven’t been showing off for Stan?” Tracey asked after Gretta surfaced. “Do you know how hot you are?”

“Stay away from me,” stammered Gretta. She backed away from Tracey until she was leaning against the side of the pool, but kept staring at the other woman as she bobbed closer.

“Stop kidding yourself, Gretta,” Tracey laughed. It was a low, sultry sound that resonated inside Gretta. “I know you want to fuck me as badly as I want to fuck you.” Tracey licked her lips, and Gretta realized her mouth was dry.

She also realized her neighbor was right; if Tracey was a slut, Gretta wanted Tracey to be her slut.

Stan stood on the porch, gaping at sight of his wife and neighbor writhing together in the pool beyond the hedge. Rather than arousal, he felt a vast emptiness inside. Had his marriage come to this?

“Pretty hot, eh?” Will asked, startling Stan. His friend returned his attention to the camcorder in his hand, keeping it focused on the women in the water.

Chapter 4, In which I get the girl — and the guy

If I got a signature to match the verbal commitment I’d just obtained, the commission alone would more than double my total compensation for the past two years combined — and it would do great things for my standing in the bonus pool.

It didn’t, however, change the fact I was totally wasted, mostly naked, and leaking semen from every part of my body. That didn’t bother me, although part of me wondered if it should. The problem was that it was late at night, I was sitting in the nearly empty parking lot behind the Bad Hoss, and I couldn’t remember what my rental car looked like or where I’d put my keys.

After a few minutes of thought, I remembered I’d left the car at the hotel precisely to avoid having to drive drunk. I tried a few times to button my skimpy vest, and gave up on it. I switched tracks and struggled to my feet so I could tug my denim miniskirt down over my ass.

My original plan had been to use a little of my girlfriend Stacey’s magic to coerce my prospects into giving me their business, but I hadn’t factored in fucking them all silly. I giggled drunkly, thinking it was pretty weird for a self-professed maybe-lesbian to have done all that. The thought I was a flip-flopper made me laugh harder, endangering my balance.

I looked up, wondering where I would find a cab, when I realized somebody was watching me.

It was Jenny, our waitress. She reminded me superficially of Stacey, although the all-black outfit seemed more a work uniform thing rather than personal choice. My impression was that she didn’t have a very high opinion of me, and I was surprised to see her. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

Jenny hugged herself, reminding me it how late it was. “I don’t know. Y’all got me fired tonight,” she bitterly added. “But I guess I’ve got a soft spot in my heart. Besides, you never took back your credit card, and I’m no thief.” She held it out to me.

I accepted it, sliding it into the vest next to my license, and thought a car would be more useful.

“Can I drop you off somewhere?” she asked, sounding a little reluctant.

Belatedly, I remembered swallowing one of her hairs in the bathroom about a million years ago. Stacey claimed doing that, with some special lip gloss, let her influence people. I’d been able to make Jenny show me her panties, but it hadn’t worked so well with my “business associates.”

“I’m at the Holiday Inn off the business loop,” I told her. “I’d appreciate the ride. But can we visit the restroom first?”

Jenny shook her head, making the ponytail dance beneath her western hat. “I think we’re persona non gratis,” she replied, mangling the Latin. I thought her accent sounded cute. “Can you wait? The hotel’s only about 10 minutes up the road.”

We trudged across the parking lot to a Chevy parked near the back corner. By the time we reached it, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the hotel. “Hold on, Jenny. This’ll just take a minute.”

I hiked up my skirt and spread my feet a bit, and unleashed a torrent of piss onto the asphalt. I didn’t feel bad about peeing in front of Jenny, since I’d already done far worse than night, and she watched me calmly as if drunken sluts relieved themselves in front of her all the time — for all I knew, they did.

Actually, it was a little exciting exposing myself to her. Yeah, I’d probably done every man in the county, but I wanted a woman’s body, too. I’d been eating Stacey every day since we’d met, and I was missing the taste of her sweet nectar. Semen was good, but it wasn’t the same.

I smoothed down my skirt and we climbed into the car. A graduation tassel hung from the rear view mirror, and a faint feminine scent reached my twitching nose. Jenny removed her hat and tossed it into the back seat, then looked over at me. “Do you mind taking off your hat? I don’t like to advertise, you know. Men think they can take advantage.”

“I totally understand,” I said, removing my hat too. I didn’t even remember getting it, so she could keep it for all I cared.

We both noticed about the same time that my breasts were completely exposed. “I think I’m too drunk to fasten the buttons,” I apologetically explained when she looked at me.

Jenny sighed and then leaned over and pulled on the vest until it was straight enough that she had a prayer of buttoning it. The most obvious result of this was that my nipples hardened, eager for her attention.

“You can touch them, if you like,” I offered.

“I do not,” she snapped shortly, roughly tugging on the vest so she could fasten just enough buttons to be decent. She managed to do it without any physical contact with me, unfortunately.

The drive passed in uncomfortable silence, but it was as short as she’d promised. “Here you are, Ms. Richwell,” Stacey said, after pulling into a loading space near the door. I wondered how she knew my name, and then guessed she’d remembered it from the credit card.

“Oh, call me Linnea, please,” I said. “Ms. Richwell sounds so formal.”

She shrugged. “Linnea. You’ve got your room key, right?”

I did, happily. “Will you come up with me?” I asked, very much wanting her to, as I climbed out of the car.

“No, I should be getting home,” Jenny replied, but she got out too and locked the doors.

The lobby was locked for the evening, and I dropped the keycard trying to run it through the reader. Jenny fetched it and opened the door for me. The night clerk looked at us closely, but went back to his reading after Jenny waved the card at him.

I stared at her in the elevator, remembering the glimpse of her thighs I’d gotten earlier, and wanting more. I edged closer to her, inviting a touch or a kiss, but got nothing. We walked down the hall to the room and I stepped aside so Jenny could open the door.

“Okay, you’re all set, Linnea,” she told me, holding out the keycard.

“Just come in!” I snapped, feeling frustrated, and tried to kiss her when she did.

She stiff-armed me away, looking surprised, and shrieked, “What are you doing?” but fled into the room instead of back to the hallway.

I locked the door and followed her into the suite, feeling hot and bothered. I’d thought I wanted to sleep, but now I realized I wanted Jenny. Sexual tension was building inside my body, and for some reason I was unable to just touch myself. I needed to have my tongue inside her. She’d be my first woman except for Stacey.

Jenny was standing in the room hugging herself and looking disoriented. I couldn’t understand what was happening, but I knew I wanted her. I wanted to see every inch of her body.

I watched incredulously as Jenny kicked off her shoes and untied the short apron. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a basic black bra, and unzipped her skirt before stepping out of it. I remained frozen in place, unwilling to disturb anything, while she removed her underwear and bra and then sat down to skim the elastic top thigh highs down her legs.

“Ca-Can you help with my buttons, again?” I asked, feeling new moisture between my legs.

She looked like she wanted to roll her eyes, but politely rose and walked to where I stood. Jenny was so lithe and scrumptious, and the dark delta above her mound drew my eyes to it. My nipples felt almost hard enough to burst open the vest on their own, and I fought to keep my hands by my sides as she unbuttoned the vest. I shucked it onto the floor as soon as she was finished.

“What are you doing?” she asked, voice rising in dismay, and backed away from me as I fought with my skirt.

The little tease was driving me crazy. I stopped messing with my skirt and looked at her, wishing I were sober. “It’s been a long day. We need a shower,” I improvised.

“Not together!” she protested, looking horrified at the idea.

“Of course not,” I sighed. “You go first.” I needed time to think.

She edged around me and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open when I thought hard that there was no reason to close it. I heard the shower start and carefully did not think too much about when, or if, Jenny would notice she was already naked.

For myself, I tore open a foil packet of coffee and dumped it in the coffeemaker. I needed something to keep me going and hopefully clear my thoughts. How could Big Bill have been so aroused, and Jenny so unaffected?

I walked over to her clothes and looked at her panties, searching for signs of arousal. There was nothing. I picked up the rest of her things, and looked in her purse. There was the usual junk, including a wallet and cell phone, but also my lip gloss!

Had she gone to look for it, driven by my thoughts? But why hadn’t she warmed up to me? What was I overlooking? I turned and looked at the bathroom, watching tendrils of steam wafting along the ceiling, and made a connection. I’d burned Big Bill’s hair! Something made my mind switch into overdrive.

There wasn’t a candle to be seen, but I refused to let that deter me. Hurriedly I returned to the pile of clothes and selected a few strands from Jenny’s shirt as well as a pube from her panties for good luck. The water in the shower shut off as I twisted her hairs together.

I dropped the lip gloss several times trying to extend it with one hand, but finally managed to smear some of it on the hairs. I was dripping with anticipation, so adding some of my dew to the mixture was child’s play. There was a travel pack of tissue in my suitcase; I tore off a piece of one sheet and wrapped it around the hairs.

No sign of Jenny yet, but I didn’t think I had much more time. Ignoring the fresh coffee in the mug, I snatched the foil packet and bent it into a crude bowl, setting the tissue bundle inside. The whole assembly went into the compact microwave next to the coffee maker and I punched the “30 seconds” button and stood back.

The oven began making frightfully loud zapping sounds almost immediately, and I could see flashes of arcing electricity through the shaded window.

“What’s it doing?!” gasped Jenny from the doorway of the bathroom as ribbons of smoke began filtering into the room from the top of the door. “Lord, it’s on fire!”

I darted close enough to hit the “stop” button before retreating. “It’s okay, I think,” I reassured her — and myself — before turning to look at Jenny. She was wrapped in a towel that covered everything important, but in a way that was more titillating than when she’d been completely nude.

The smoke was slowly dissipating, but I’d already lost interest in it. For the first time, Jenny was looking at me the same way I’d been looking at her. I approached her slowly, wary that I was imagining things, but she held her ground, mouth parted and pupils dilated like she was seeing me for the first time.

She trembled slightly when my hands touched hers. I gently tugged the towel free of her grasp and let it fall, revealing her beautiful body. I breathed softly on her tits and watched her soft pink nipples erect themselves into crinkled points.

They looked tasty, begging to be sucked and fondled, but I had a more primal need. I squatted before her and looked at her flowering labia, already glistening with aromatic droplets. I pressed my face against her and my tongue found heaven in those soft folds. Moisture gushed from her and Jenny moaned incoherently, obviously as aroused as I.

I felt bad for cheating on Stacey, but this girl tasted so good I just couldn’t help myself. Her body was shuddering, clearly on the edge of orgasm, and I wanted to bring her there. I dipped a finger inside her, coating it well, and then worked it into her tight rosebud while I lashed her clit with my tongue.

“Oh My God!” she screamed, thrashing in a monstrous orgasm and buckling at the knees. I lapped eagerly at her sudden gush of nectar and came too without even touching myself — she was that erotic.

“Oh my God,” Jenny repeated, staring into my eyes as we knelt facing each other on the floor. “I never realized!” She pulled me into an enthusiastic kiss I was only too happy to return. Our tongues fought with each other while our hands roamed each others’ bodies. “I want to taste you too, Linnea!” she exclaimed when we broke apart.

I grinned, feeling my second wind, and pulled her towards the bed. This time, she showed no hesitation in pulling off my boots and socks, and helping me unfasten my skirt.

Jenny crouched between my legs, almost drooling into my well-used slit, but I couldn’t forego the pleasures of tasting her. “Turn around,” I panted, and she understood immediately.

What followed was probably the best sex I’d ever had, Stacey included. It pained me to admit it because she was the love of my life, but that 69 with Jenny punched every one of my buttons, repeatedly. I fed on her mound, savoring every bit of her nectar, and teased her delightfully sensitive and accommodating asshole with a few fingers. Unlike Stacey, who was all about receiving, my Texas belle was all too willing to reciprocate fully and lavish her creative attentions on my own cunt and ass.

We passed orgasms back and forth like hot potatoes, alternately shaking in erotic ecstasy and inciting the other to scream and clutch tight. I wanted it to go on forever, but my body finally pooped out about 6 AM and we just lay in the bed, holding each other.

That lassitude was what made the buzzing coming from Jenny’s purse audible. I just lay there, but Jenny sat up bolt upright. “Shit! Daniel!” She looked at me and amplified, “My boyfriend. I was supposed to be home hours ago.”

“You live together?” I asked.

She nodded. “But… I love you, Linnea.”

I felt a matching warmth inside me, nearly matching what I felt for Stacey. I understood how it felt to be torn. “Do you love him?”

Jenny hesitated. “I did. I wouldn’t have hesitated to say ‘yes’ yesterday.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “He’s a good man; he doesn’t deserve this.”

Sitting up, I gave her a quick kiss. “You don’t have to choose, Jenny. I won’t be here forever, anyway.” After another moment of thought, I added, “What do you think he would do if he knew about us?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “He’s joked about inviting one of my friends into bed, but I don’t think he ever thought I’d agree.”

“Invite him here,” I impulsively urged her. “If he doesn’t understand, he’s not the man for you.”

She flashed me a grateful smile and scampered off the bed to collect the phone from her purse. Her fingers started flying across the slide-out keyboard. Jenny’s expression morphed into a silly grin as she continued texting, and I knew she wasn’t ready to leave him.

I watched her lovely body on display as she stood there, unconsciously shifting her weight and twisting a foot back and forth. The sight of her was too delicious to resist, so I slid off the bed and helped myself to another taste of her.

“He doesn’t believe me,” Jenny announced with mingled humor and exasperation. “Men!”

Without interrupting my slow licking, I looked up at her and the phone. As if she had read my mind, Jenny angled the phone and snapped a picture. She showed it to me; the upper part of my face was framed nicely by her breasts and it was clear where my mouth was located. Smiling triumphantly, she sent it.

Her smile disappeared a moment later. “Porn? I did not find that picture on the Internet,” snarled Jenny as she typed furiously. “I can’t believe he doesn’t recognize me!”

I had to stop teasing her and laugh. “Let’s try again.” I stood up and moved around behind Jenny, wrapping one hand around her waist to keep her close, and the other around a tanned breast and stroke her nipple. “Take a shot now,” I whispered in her ear.

Jenny sighed, “You are so bad, Linnea,” and held out the phone with one trembling hand while she ground her butt into me. The resulting picture was a little crooked, but I wasn’t going to complain.

There was a brief, if enjoyable, pause before the response arrived. I watched over Jenny’s shoulder as she opened the picture. It was a close-up of an erect penis, presumably Dan’s from the way she was giggling, and a brief note appeared on its heels: “20 MIN!!!”

“Just enough time for a shower,” I decided. After an all-nighter of no-holds-barred sex, I was a little ripe and I wanted to make a good impression on Jenny’s significant other. “Will you join me?”

This time, she agreed.

They looked so beautiful together I couldn’t help but touch myself watching them. Daniel was tall and lean and had come off as a bit shy and uncertain initially, but possibly that was because we’d both been naked when Jenny’d answered the door.

He’d warmed up quickly enough under the stimulation of our tongues and his first load of the morning had emptied across both our faces. Jenny and I had turned our attentions to each other, licking each other clean, and Daniel had ended up as hard as he’d been before he’d cum.

I watched Jenny’s face in the soft glow of the rising sun and started stroking myself more urgently. Her lips parted, eyes closed, she was one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen. Kneeling behind her, Dan was easing his lotion-slicked erection gingerly into her virginal back door.

“Oooooh my Gaaaaaawwwwd,” Jenny moaned throatily. “Don’t stop, Baby!”

The excitement on Dan’s face suggested he wasn’t planning on stopping any time soon. “You are so tight, Jenny! You’re gonna make me pop in no time.”

“Not yet,” she pleaded, sighing again as he worked a little deeper inside her.

I knew how she was feeling. Something about being dominated by a real man, feeling his cock spreading me and spearing deep in my gut, made me light up inside like nothing except the feel of a woman’s pussy beneath my tongue. I wanted Dan’s slippery meat up my ass, but it was only fair to let Jenny have him first.

That didn’t mean I had to sit out all the fun, I realized. I crawled closer and rolled onto my back before eeling underneath Jenny. My breath caught in my throat as I watched, up close, as Daniel bottomed out inside her stretched pink rosebud. Jenny’s fragrant juices trickled down the insides of her thighs, calling me. I craned my head upwards, tasting her and watching Daniel’s flesh slide in and out.

Jenny’s breath gusted against my bare mound, making my clit stand up like the goose bumps on my arms. “I think I’m in heaven,” she gasped between slurps at my dripping pussy. “I — oh fuck!

My teeth released her clit from their gentle grip as she flooded my face with her sweet juices. Watching Jenny cum filled me with a breathless delight that only increased when she began reciprocating more actively. I guessed she’d cum again, even harder, when she felt Daniel shooting his warm spunk into her ass. Impatiently, I reached between his legs so I could tickle his sphincter with a fingernail.

I wanted my turn on his rod, too. It never crossed my mind that Jenny wouldn’t share him; somehow I just knew we’d be the kind of friends who’d share everything with each other. I was less certain how Stacey would react, but surely she couldn’t expect me to go for days and days on trips and not have any relief, could she?

Daniel grunted and I half-imagined I could see his balls contracting as they pumped his sticky load into Jenny. The thought of it — okay, and Jenny’s devilishly active tongue — left me feeling like I might explode, and my toes curled just before I cried out and clutched her to me.

A girl could have worse ways to start the day.

It was ten minutes later that Richard was standing in the open space of the mobile clinic, facing towards the two captain’s chairs. He had been made to stand naked with his legs widely spaced apart and with his hands placed flat upon the top of his head.

The guards stood to the rear of him, each girl positioning herself slightly to the side of his naked body. They glanced at each other in amusement as they watched the boy. It was no surprise to them when he suddenly shivered in embarrassment as Jocelyn walked over from the examination table and seated herself on one of the white, luxurious leather chairs facing him.

They has seen it many times before – a boy made to stand naked, awaiting the leisurely appraisal of his nudity by a young girl. No matter how much initial bravado a boy might have, it was not long before the strict and humiliating regime of the PDPS had them blushing and trembling in acute embarrassment.

The guards and the young nurses watched in satisfaction as Jocelyn looked up at the trembling naked body of her young date. Her eyes traveled over his physique in a casual and unhurried examination, her inspection carefully assessing every inch of his flesh.

They were all well aware of the boy’s acute humiliation. Jocelyn looked so aloof and clinical as she examined Richard. Her refined features giving no indication of her prurient interest in the naked figure standing helplessly before her. Her long, beautifully contoured legs were set primly to the side and her knees were pressed together, allowing her slender torso to lean forward as she scrutinized him intently.

Her smooth white cotton tunic was so finely tailored, that it clung sexily to her tiny waist, before under-cupping her full and exquisitely shaped breasts. The graceful line of her neck was angled to perfection, allowing her head to incline gracefully as she completed her visual appraisal. Her expression was thoughtful and serious, giving the boy not one ounce of comfort.

Seemingly ignoring his wretched and woeful expression, Jocelyn turned her attention toward Nurse Practitioner Beauvoir, who quickly handed her one of the two leaflets she held in her hand.

Nurse Beauvoir’s voice was clear and businesslike as she began to speak.

“You don’t have to read it all Jocelyn – as I will go through it with you now.”

She looked across at Jocelyn’s mother, who had discarded her apron and was once more displaying her immaculately styled skirt and blouse. Samantha gestured towards the empty chair next to Jocelyn and watched as Victoria sat down stylishly. The two nurses followed Victoria to the open space and took their positions at either side of the security guards.

Richard felt his cheeks burn with a sudden blush as both Jocelyn and her mother causally observed his naked body. He was well aware that his penis and testicles were fully exposed between his widely parted thighs, but he was far too embarrassed to look down at himself. He could feel the cool air circulating around his freshly bared pubis and between the cheeks of his bottom. The hot wax had left his skin silkily smooth and humiliatingly for Richard, looking like he was very much younger. He tried to avoid eye contact by tilting his head further back, as the young nurse practitioner began to speak.

“Now Jocelyn, it is your duty to follow the rules and guidelines of the pre-dating procedure. These rules have been carefully prepared – and all the procedures have been successfully trialed.

I would like you to understand that it is your duty as a responsible young person to adhere to them. It doesn’t matter how distasteful you may find the procedures, you must administer them as prescribed in this leaflet. By doing so, you will be helping Richard to abide by the law and behave properly and responsibly. Will you agree to that, Jocelyn?”

Jocelyn would have liked to be able to give Samantha a quick grin, but instead she managed to maintain her serious expression as she looked at the beautiful young nurse, although the huskiness that was apparent in her voice did surprise her as she answered the nurse.

“Of course nurse. I don’t want Richard to be in trouble with the authorities… and I am sure that he will understand, that whatever I have to do to him, will be for his own benefit.”

It was Samantha’s turn to stifle a grin as she began to read from the leaflet.

“Right I will go through the rules and then I will instruct you in the best way to accomplish each procedure.

You will inspect the suitor (in this case, Richard) for sexual arousal during your time with him. This must be carried out at frequent intervals. The exact timing of the interval will be determined by you – and can be honed as you become more knowledgeable about his sexual nature.

Each procedure that you must follow for these inspections is clearly laid out — and I will go through them with you now.

A young suitor is required to be naked for all inspections.

You may, at any time, designate an experienced female person to help or carry out the inspection on your behalf.

The suitor must always be compliant to your instructions.

The prescribed initial position for inspection is as follows. The suitor must be standing upright. His hands must be clasped upon his head and his feet must be at least a shoulder-width apart.”

Samantha indicated towards Richard’s naked body. He was blushing profusely as he listened to the nurse. Jocelyn was thrilled to see a shiver run through his body as the nurse continued.

“You will see that Richard has already been placed in the required position.”

Samantha looked down at the leaflet once more.

“There are other positions, which you may want him to adopt. These are arbitrary and entirely within your jurisdiction. He must obey all of your instructions without delay or recalcitrance.”

Samantha raised her voice slightly as she came to the next paragraph.

“Now Jocelyn, listen to this next part carefully. You are required to adhere to it precisely and completely.

Any hesitation or protestation to your instructions…” she paused for a moment, “must be dealt with immediately. You are required to administer ten strokes of the paddle upon a first infraction… and a further fifteen should the boy show further signs of disobedience. The punishment for a disobedient boy, is not arbitrary, it is compulsory! It must be carried out effectively and immediately.

It is for the boy’s own good that he becomes obedient and compliant as quickly as possible.

You will be supplied with a leather paddle, which has been sanctioned for use upon bared buttocks. The boy must either be bent over, or if you prefer, laid across your knees for the comprehensive administration of his chastisement.”

Jocelyn could not help looking at Richard’s face. She was delighted to see that his face was bright red and that his bottom lip was trembling with embarrassment.

Samantha could see the excitement in Jocelyn’s eyes as she carried on.

“You should have no trouble in carrying out inspections or punishments. Most venues where young people gather have a suitable room set aside for the PDPS. The more popular venues often have a room that is also staffed by suitably trained volunteers.

You will see, when you read the pamphlet, that there are illustrations and descriptions of our recommended extraction procedures.”

Jocelyn was well aware of Richard’s increased agitation, observing him out of the corner of her eye as she looked down and turned the pages of the leaflet.

“As well as the method we have just used, you will find examples where a boy is required to kneel with his bottom raised high – and his knees spread widely apart to allow the easy penetration of his sphincter and of course, unhindered access to his genitalia so that he can be effectively milked.”

Jocelyn saw that the boy was fidgeting with embarrassment. His face had blushed to a deep crimson and his bottom lip was trembling visibly.

“There are examples where a boy can be instructed to stand upright with his hands upon his head. With this method, his penis can be manipulated from the side, or from the rear. Of course from the rear, he can be anally penetrated to a far greater extent.”

Richard could not believe his ears. He shivered with utter humiliation as the Nurse continued to talk to Jocelyn. He could feel tears of shame well up in his eyes as Jocelyn and her mother observed him with clinical detachment.

“Now, I had better instruct you on how to carry out an inspection upon this young man.” Samantha gestured towards Richard, who was now shivering constantly in his absolute shame.

“If you would like to stand up and approach the boy please.” She watched as Jocelyn got up gracefully and stood in front of Richard.

“Now the best way to begin an inspection is to stand in front of him and cup his scrotum in the palm of your hand.” Jocelyn did not look down, but instead looked deeply into his eyes. She was delighted to see him wince in embarrassment as the coolness of her hand encased the sensitive flesh of his scrotum.

She held his gaze; delighted at his anguish as she hefted his testicles, feeling the deliciously plump orbs move within their scrotal sac.

It seemed to Jocelyn, that she held the very essence of the young boy in the palm of her hand. Nonchalantly she manipulated his plump testes, knowing that this action exacerbated the boy’s embarrassment and humiliation.

She looked him at him, quizzically, arching her eyebrow as she fondled his testicles, noting his face flushing to a deeper crimson.

“My you are a sensitive young boy, aren’t you Richard!”

She chided him, watching him blush in apprehension, before allowing her fingers to explore beyond the scrotal sac to his perineum. She scored her fingernails along the ridge of engorged flesh, watching him wince with the acute sensation.

She let her fingers play around the sensitive wrinkled flesh before encasing his testes fully in her hand. Deliberately she gave them a firm squeeze, before letting him go. She could see that he was having a battle with himself, a mammoth task for a young boy like Richard, she thought. To have to keep your hands upon the top of the head while your sensitive little balls are being squeezed.

Samantha spoke once more. “Of course you will soon get used to the fluctuations in the size of his testes, especially when you have carried out a few inspections. Now if you move to the side of him, close to his hip.”

She watched as Jocelyn obeyed her. The beautiful young girl seemed quite at ease and immediately pressed her body against Richard’s thigh.

Jocelyn was absolutely thrilled as she felt his body shiver with trepidation. In response to the delicious feel of his beautiful physique, she pressed her pubis even closer to his hipbone. She was aware that her nipples were hard and aroused as she moved her breasts tantalizingly against his bare skin.

“That’s the way… now slip your right hand down between the cheeks of his bottom until your fingers are pressed against his sphincter. At the same time I would like you to completely expose the head of his penis. You will need to pull the skin back tightly for this procedure to be effective.

You will be looking for a bodily response. This will be, either a contraction of the sphincter, or a pulsation within the flesh of the penis. It is quite usual for young men of Richard’s age to produce both.”

Jocelyn felt the boy shiver uncontrollably as she placed the flattened palm of her left hand against his abdomen. Simultaneously she placed her right hand against the small of his back and slowly let both hands slide down to their intimate destination. Jocelyn thought that the feel of his skin against the palms of her hands was absolutely delicious.

Richard was in turmoil. He had listened with increasing embarrassment to the nurse’s humiliating instructions. Then he had obediently stood helpless and ashamed as Jocelyn had held his testicles in the palm of her hand and weighed them as if he was a prized bull.

But now he faced an even further disgrace. As Jocelyn stood close to him, her perfume assailing his nostrils and her young pliant body pressing close to him, he felt a stirring in his loins that he could not control.

Jocelyn felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter.

She felt Richard shudder in trepidation; the proximity of her body and her delicate ministrations, had made goose bumps appear upon his skin. Jocelyn was aware of his growing arousal and deliberately made the movement of her hands sensual and provocative.

She could feel the delicate tissue of his sphincter contracting violently against her fingertips as she delved between his buttocks. With a wicked thrill of audacity, she pushed hard against the tender opening to his bottom.

Her forehead was pressing intimately against his burning cheek as she looked down at his body. In absolute delight, she curled the slender fingers of her left hand around the plump flesh of his penis. She spared him no feeling as she slid his foreskin back until it was stretched tightly against the base of the shaft.

She felt his penis pulse violently and his buttocks tighten against her hand. She knew that the young boy was in turmoil as she stretched the skin of his penis back as tightly as she could, at the same time probing his sensitive sphincter with her fingertips.

It all became too much for Richard. Suddenly he squirmed, thrusting his hips backwards in desperation. His torso bending forward as he tried to escape the acute sensation of her hands upon his body. He took his hands from his head and tried to cover his genitals.

“Oh please noooo miss.”

He cried in utter torment, as he tried to cover himself. Tears of shame were in his eyes as he crouched forward in embarrassment and anguish.

Jocelyn let go of him and stood back as he clasped both hands over his penis and testicles. His body was bent forward and his knees had closed together as he crouched in utter humiliation.

Jocelyn was overjoyed with her performance. Whether, instinctively or deliberately, she had known that the total baring of his penis coupled with the pressure she had exerted against his sphincter, would produce a reaction. She was delighted that, even though he had tried to alleviate his distress and embarrassment, he had been careful to avoid touching her. Still humble and acquiescent, she thought, as she looked at him in his shameful crouch.

She was aware that the guards had moved forward ready to deal with the boy, but she graciously held up her hand in a gesture to stop them.

She moved to stand in front of Richard and gently placed her hands upon his head, which was bent low almost to his groin. Her voice was gentle and caring as she spoke to him as one would to a timid animal.

“Listen to me Richard. I have to examine you – and I know you find it embarrassing, but it is something that I must do. So stand up straight and look at me.”

She watched him and waited as he struggled with his feelings. Perhaps it was her unerring instincts that had again told her subconsciously, that the boy would obey. She watched as he straightened his body — and then to her delight, took his hands away from his groin and placed them on his head. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked at her and then obediently shuffled his feet apart until they were widely spread.

His lips were trembling with anguish as she looked intently at his face. His voice was trembling as he struggled with his words.

“Oh miss, I am so sorry, please miss I didn’t mean to… to…” He could not complete his sentence as Jocelyn continued looking into his anguished face. She placed her fingers against his cheek, her expression showing a loving concern as she looked into his eyes.

“I know Richard. Don’t cry, sweetie.”

Jocelyn had to stifle the thrill she felt as the boy gave her a look of pure love and adoration. Even through his reddened face and tears, she could see that the boy was entirely within her thrall.

Deliberately she looked down at his groin, noting that in spite of his anguish, his penis had swelled and had begun to erect.

She looked up and held his gaze, pondering how to handle him. She could see something in his face as well as his shame and despair at his involuntary arousal. Was it a desire to please her… or was it his determination to acquiesce?

Jocelyn was not sure, but she was almost certain that he was hers. Of course she would test him, but she felt a growing confidence that he would obey her.

She moved to his side once more and placed her hands upon him. Again, her fingers slipped between the cheeks of his bottom as she curled the fingers of her left hand around the shaft of his penis and withdrew the skin until it was held tight, once more, against the base of the shaft.

She could feel his penis throb violently as her hand applied a firm pressure around the rigid flesh. Simultaneously, she pressed the fingers of her right hand against the sensitive membranes of his sphincter, feeling his young body shudder with the sensation of her probing.

“Oh… arggh,” he cried as she increased the pressure. His voice was shaky and hoarse.

Although his body was quivering and shaking with emotion, he did not try to evade her as she felt his buttocks contracting against her hand. She deliberately squeezed his penis with an even greater pressure, watching him wince, but knowing that he would not try to evade her.

Jocelyn pressed her face close to his burning cheek as she spoke to Nurse Beauvoir.

“I can feel pulsations in his penis and his sphincter is contracting. So I am assuming that this is an indication that he is sexually aroused.”

Samantha had to stifle a giggle as Jocelyn spoke to her so innocently. She had watched with admiration as Jocelyn had taken charge of the boy. Samantha had become aware that Jocelyn seemed to have an innate knowledge of how to handle the boy and was quite sure that, although Richard would be utterly embarrassed and humiliated by her, he would obey her completely.

Samantha spoke clearly as she watched Jocelyn’s hands play upon the penis of the young boy. Jocelyn was deftly pulling the foreskin up along the shaft and then back down, causing the boy to suddenly gasp and with emotion as she purposefully aroused him.

Samantha could not deny the thrill she felt as she answered Jocelyn’s question.

“Yes Jocelyn, those are the symptoms exactly, though of course they will not be manifested so clearly after he has been milked at regular intervals.”

Jocelyn could not help smiling to herself as she carefully took her hands from the trembling youth and moved to stand in front of him again. She looked down at his penis, noting that he was now fully erect and that the tip of his penis was pointing upwards towards her. How embarrassing for him, she thought. It must be so humiliating for a young boy, having such a physical manifestation of one’s sexual feelings.

She placed her fingers under his chin and looked him in the eye.

“Now Richard, I know that you are not generally a disobedient boy, but you know what I must do to you now, don’t you?” Her voice was soft and gentle, but yet still carried a tone of authority as she looked deeply into his eyes.

Richard’s face immediately blushed to a deep hue of red. He looked anxiously at Jocelyn as he spoke.

“Oh please miss… noooo. I promise that I will do everything that you say. Please miss… not that, oh please, I couldn’t bear it!”

Jocelyn took her hand away as she looked into his face. She could not help the sudden thrill that ran through her slender body as she spoke sternly to him.

“I am sorry Richard, there is no escaping it. You know that I must punish your bottom. It is for your own good that you learn quickly and thoroughly. It is essential that I instill into you the simple fact… that you must obey the rules.”

As she was watching Richard’s wretched look of torment, Jocelyn noticed out of the corner of her eye, that one of the young nurses was placing a hard-backed chair behind the young boy.

She spoke again. “Place your arms by your sides Richard and look at me.”

She watched his body shiver from head to foot as he slowly took his hands from his head.

She moved forward and placed her fingers gently on each cheek of his reddened face.

“Be a brave boy Richard… and take your punishment. It is truly for your own good. Now promise me!”

Jocelyn did not wait for a reply but moved to stand behind him. She could hardly contain her excitement or the tingling feeling between her legs as she sat down upon the hard-backed chair. She smiled at Patricia before leaning forward and taking hold of the boy’s hips from behind.

“Turn around Richard and come and stand at my side.” She could feel his naked body shiver violently as he turned towards her. His face was a mask of anguish as she made him stand to her right-hand side. He looked totally bereft of any self-esteem, as he stood upright beside her chair. His hands were at his sides and his erect penis was jutting outwards and upwards as was if it was a visible testament to his utter humiliation.

Jocelyn was absolutely in her element. She intended to savor and cherish every minute of the young boy’s complete humiliation. Her white tunic dress had already risen up above mid thigh as she had seated herself. Deliberately she took the hem and pulled it towards her, baring the lightly tanned skin to a point, which only just hid the smooth and plump mound of her pubis. Her knees were pressed together as she looked up at Richard’s anguished face.

“I am sorry that I have to do this Richard. You have been a naughty little boy and I am going to spank your bottom. I know that you are embarrassed but it is my duty to chastise you.”

Richard hung his head in shame and yet he could not help looking at her beautiful bared legs. He shivered in his humiliation. The thought that this beautiful young girl was going to take him over her knees and spank him like a child was so humiliating to him that he could hardly draw breath. He flinched in utter trepidation as she placed her hand around him. He felt the cool palm of her hand upon his bottom as she drew him to her.

“Over you go Richard.”

He gasped as her delicate fingers cupped his bulging scrotum and gently pulled on his testes.

“I want you right over my knees until you can rest your hands on the floor. Come along now. If I have any more disobedience I shall be required to increase the severity of your punishment.”

Richard was shivering with the utter indignity of his position. He gasped and then shivered in shame, letting his body bend to face his ultimate degradation. With a sigh of absolute resignation, he allowed himself to fall forward, reaching out with his hands until they were placed flat on the floor.

He shivered as he felt Jocelyn encircle the base of his penis and the neck of his scrotum with her finger and thumb. He felt a sensation of helplessness as she nonchalantly adjusted his genitals so that they became firmly entrapped between her bared thighs.

He could feel her legs moving sensuously against his penis as she maneuvered him across her knees until his head was hanging down against the smooth flesh of her shapely calf. He felt a shiver run through his body as she extricated her hand from beneath him. He could not help his eyes filling with tears of shame as he lay helplessly over her pretty knees.

Now that her face could not be observed, Jocelyn looked up at her mother and smiled wickedly. As if demonstrating her success, Jocelyn gently smoothed her hand across the naked cheeks of the young boy’ bottom.

Victoria smiled at her daughter, knowing that for Jocelyn this was a culmination of one of her strongest sexual desires. She looked at the tableau before her. A beautiful young man, draped gracefully over the bared thighs of her young daughter, awaiting his humiliating chastisement.

Jocelyn squeezed her thighs together in a frisson of sexual delight. She could feel Richard’s penis throb with an answering pressure, despite his ignominious predicament.

She did not have to ask for the paddle, as Gillian stepped forward and held out the black leather instrument of pain.

This moment for Jocelyn was so poignant and delicious that she did not wish to abandon it so readily. She sat silently for a moment. Her thoughts concluded that… a prelude to his first punishment must be made memorable for him. It must be made an exquisite embarrassment that he would always associate with her. A delicious and binding submission to her will.

“Now Richard, I am going to commence your punishment. I am duty bound to make it as effective as I am able, so that you do not repeat your recalcitrant behavior. Therefore I want you to relax your bottom cheeks so that they are openly disposed to embrace the paddle.”

Deliciously, Jocelyn smoothed her left hand over the small of his back to join her other hand upon his upturned buttocks. She inserted the fingertips of both hands, dipping into the crevice of his bottom and pulled the twin hillocks of flesh apart.

“Now relax the flesh Richard, come along now… you must embrace the paddle as I administer it to your little bottom.”

Richard gasped with shame as he felt his bottom cheeks being spread apart. Her words and actions shamed him to the core.

“Come along, let the flesh relax so that I can spank your bare bottom to good effect.”

Jocelyn could not have accredited her words or actions to any forethought or planning. But the thrill she felt was so intense that she knew that she would not be able to accomplish his punishment without reaching a climax.

She squeezed her legs together, feeling his erect penis pulse against the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, as stretched his buttocks apart. She could not resist the sudden impulse to raise her right hand and smack the cheeks of his bottom with a sharp resounding slap.

“Come along Richard, let your buttocks relax and try and raise your bottom a little for me, there’s a good boy.”

Richard was almost blinded by embarrassment as he tried to concentrate upon the task of relaxing his buttocks. Timidly he pressed his bottom upwards, feeling utterly foolish as he felt the cool air play around the sensitive flesh between the cheeks of his bottom.

“That’s much better. Now try and keep still while I administer the paddle to your naughty little bottom.”

Jocelyn smiled an apology to Gillian as she took the paddle from her. The handle felt comfortable in her hand as she experimented with her grip.

“Just keep those cheeks relaxed now Richard.”

With these words she placed her left hand around his hips and pulled him towards her. She could feel the shaft of his penis barely touching the well-fleshed peachy slices that were the lips of her labia. In a delicious moment of heightened arousal and expectation, she held him tightly against her. Raising the paddle, she brought it down with a sharp smack upon the firm glistening cheeks of the young boy’s bottom.


Richard gasped. The smarting of the paddle was not unbearable, but the shame of it was… an exquisite and enduring agony for the young boy.


As the second stroke fell over his upturned buttocks, tears of shame fell down his cheeks. He gasped and groaned as Jocelyn applied the paddle to his young flesh.

Richard was almost delirious with the shame of his punishment. He gasped as each stroke fell. “Smack… smack… smack.” Involuntarily, he heard himself cry out as the fifth stroke was applied to his bared buttocks.

“Oh please miss, I am so sorry, please miss.”

Although his bottom was smarting with the sting of the paddle, he knew that it was the shame and humiliation of his punishment that had made him cry out and plead with her.

Jocelyn felt the inevitability of her orgasm as she squeezed her thighs even more tightly together. Richard’s distress only served to heighten her pleasure as he pleaded with her. She was sure that he was quite unaware that the side of the shaft of his penis was rubbing against the outer lips of her labia. She was delighted with sight of his body, as he wriggled and squirmed in his private and mortifying torment.


The sixth stroke heralded the onset of her orgasm. It was an inevitable tide of exquisite emotion that seemed to rush through her body like a maelstrom. She bit her bottom lip as she raised the paddle for the seventh stroke. Her hips moved forward, almost grinding into the shaft of his penis as she brought the paddle down against the quivering flesh of his bottom.


She climaxed at the very moment that the paddle flattened the flesh of his buttocks. Shards of exquisite pleasure pierced and accented the deluge of sexual sensation that permeated every nerve of her young body.

Jocelyn hesitated before delivering the eighth stroke, allowing herself the delicious and sensual pleasure of extending her climax. Her movements were almost feline as she allowed her body to move sinuously, pulling his writhing hips closer to her as she brought the paddle down hard against his quivering buttocks.


Surprisingly, her voice was clear and precise as she addressed him. “Relax your bottom Richard, I will not allow you to evade your punishment. Come along, push your bottom up and relax your cheeks.”

Richard was in an unremitting emotional turmoil. He had not been allowed to hide himself away in his cocoon of shame. Rather, he had been made to participate and provide access to his flesh. The humiliating command to raise his bottom and relax his buttocks, only for her to beat them with the leather paddle, shamed him to the core.

He still could not countenance the utter degradation of being soundly spanked by the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He would never had believed, as she had greeted him across from the college playing fields, that he would now be lying naked over her knees while she spanked his bottom.

“Smack.” The ninth stroke fell as Jocelyn felt another wave of exquisite and unbridled pleasure infuse and invade her young body.

Deliciously, she squeezed her legs together, feeling the hardened shaft of his penis against the proud mount of her pubis. She let the wave of pleasure envelop her as she held the paddle high in the air.

She did not trust herself to speak again as she brought the paddle down across the very centre of the young boy’s buttocks.


She felt another delectable shiver of excitement as the boy writhed across her knees.

She laid the leather paddle upon the floor and placed her right hand, flattened, against the quivering cheeks of Richard’s reddened bottom.

“There, it’s all over for the time being.” She stroked her palm over the smooth upturned flesh and looked down at his face. She could not see his expression, but could clearly see that he had been crying.

“Poor Richard, having to have his bottom spanked in front of all these pretty nurses, whatever must they think of you! Come along then let’s get you up.”

Jocelyn was quite thankful for presence of the young nurses as they helped the boy to his feet. She noticed that his penis was still hard and completely erect as the nurses turned him and positioned him facing away from her. They had made sure that he was standing with his legs spread wide and with his hands, once more, placed upon the top of his head.

Jocelyn sat for a moment admiring his firm reddened buttocks. His slim body looked so delectable to her, as she stood up behind him and placed her hand upon his bottom. She leaned her head forward and spoke to him, her chin resting against the nape of his neck.

“Right Sweetie, absolute obedience now. You must obey my instructions exactly. Do you understand?”

She could see the boy blush as he stammered an answer.

“Oh yes Miss… erm I will do as you say.”

“Good boy Richard.”

She held her breath for a moment, before savoring her words.

“I want you to bend right over and grasp your ankles.” She could see his body shiver as he heard her instruction.

“Quickly now!”

She could see the boy struggling with himself. Obviously he wanted to know whether she was going to spank him again, or at least to ask why he was being instructed to bend over.

Jocelyn did not bother to wait for him to obey; instead she spoke quietly to Patricia and Gillian.

“Would you fetch me the lubricant and the glass beaker please? I am going to extract his semen while he is standing.” Gillian smiled at her as she nodded and then gestured towards the young boy. Jocelyn was delighted to hear him sigh with embarrassment as he bent over, keeping his knees straight as he grasped his ankles. She was well aware how embarrassing it was for him. His legs were spread wide apart, revealing his plump testicles as she looked between his legs.

Deftly, she slipped her hand between his widely parted thighs and cupped his testicles in her hand. She heard him gasp with the indignity of being handled so familiarly — and yet he did not protest.

“Good boy Richard, you seem to be learning your place.” She held his scrotum firmly, gently kneading the swollen testes within her fingers. She could hear his labored breathing and his gasps of embarrassment as held him captive in his embarrassing posture.

She became aware that the young nurse had returned. She looked at her mischievously and gave her a knowing smile. The nurse took Jocelyn’s left hand and held it outwards. She was delighted as Gillian squeezed a generous line of lubricant from the tube and smeared it over her first two fingers.

Jocelyn felt a frisson of delight as she let go of the boy’s testicles and slipped her lubricated left hand between the widely spread cheeks of his bottom.

“Keep still Richard, you are in a very good position for a smack-bottom.” She knew that he would not be able to withstand the desire to clench his buttocks as she pressed her fingers against the opening to his bottom. She could feel his sphincter contracting wildly as she pressed more firmly. He shuddered, his buttocks quaking as she smeared the lubricant over the membranes of his sphincter.

She probed harder, forcing the soft fingertips against the neat little rosebud covering his anus.

His wide stance and bent over position, afforded the young boy very little protection. Suddenly, Jocelyn felt the tightly clenched stricture give way to her relentless and insistent probing.

Richard was shamed to the core. His position was particularly humiliating… and somehow it seemed utterly shameful that he was holding such a vulnerable position, offering complete access to her while she impaled his bottom.

“There we are Richard, now just relax while I penetrate you fully. Keep your hands around your ankles and try and keep still.”

She could feel his body shiver with dread as she slipped her right hand around his waist until it lay flat against his pubic bone. She let it slip downwards until she could feel the erect shaft of his penis against the heel of her hand. She pulled against him firmly, allowing some purchase for the fingers that were to completely invade his bottom.

“Oooohhh… missss, please nooo. Argggh.”

His protest ended in a loud gasp as Jocelyn slipped both fingers up through his sphincter and into his anus. As she turned her hand she immediately found the plump swelling of his prostate gland. She pressed against the pliant mound with the soft pads of her fingertips.

Jocelyn knew, that the violent shudder that ran through his body was ultimately confirming the correct positioning of her fingers. She was delighted with her performance of handling of him so deftly. She pushed her hand firmly up between the cheeks of his bottom, hearing his loud gasp as she applied a firm pressure to his prostate gland.

He was shivering profusely as she deftly encircled the erect shaft of his penis with the fingers and thumb of her right hand.

Her voice was clear and authoritative as she instructed him.

“Right young man. Let’s have you standing upright now – with your hands back upon the top of your head. No nonsense… I don’t want to have to spank your naughty little bottom again.”

Richard could barely focus his mind enough to obey her instruction. His embarrassment was so acute that he shivered in anguish.

He let go of his ankles and began to straighten up slowly, testing the sensation within his bottom as his buttocks tightened against her hand.

“Ooohh miss.” He cried involuntarily as Jocelyn slipped her fingers along the shaft of his penis and grasped the foreskin. She pulled it back baring the head of his penis in one deft movement.

Richard was gasping and groaning as he reluctantly placed his hands upon his head. He felt utterly foolish as he shivered and shook. He was aware that his penis was throbbing with sensation. He could not help looking down at himself, to see Jocelyn’s delicate fingers curled firmly around the shaft of his penis.

His shame was greatly manifested by his own arousal. The feeling that Jocelyn was producing within his bottom and over the shaft of his penis was excruciatingly intense and profound.

Jocelyn moved her head around the beautiful contour of his body. Her cheek pressed against his slender torso as she peered down at his erect penis. His breath was rasping within his throat as his mouth opened wide in an anguished but silent cry.

Jocelyn knew that the boy would not last long. Although it had not been long since he had ejaculated, his body was quivering like a tightly harnessed bowstring. Her right hand moved deftly and expertly over his penis. The soft skin was being retracted tightly against the base of the shaft, before being pulled forward, diligently and skillfully.

She increased the tempo of her strokes, her forefinger deliberately scraping the little indent of the head where the frenulum joined the glans. She could feel a tremor run through his body as she cruelly stimulated the sensitive tissue.

His naïve and anguished response to her ministrations upon his throbbing penis, was an involuntary shudder. His flesh seemed to quake each time she deliberately scored her fingernail against the soft skin of the prepuce.

Jocelyn was delighted with the boy. She was aware that her stimulation of his naïve young flesh was agonizingly intense — and yet she could not help but humiliate him further. Even though her hand was busily extracting every vestige of sensation from the young boy, her voice remained cool and clinical.

“My, oh my, Richard, what a sensitive little boy you are. Now try and keep still so that I am not obliged to spank you again.”

She looked at her mother, who was watching the boy intently. Jocelyn spoke to her, deliberately choosing words that she knew would belittle him even more.

“Oh dear mother, little boys seem to wriggle and squirm so much when they are being milked. Perhaps I should have spanked his bottom more thoroughly.”

Victoria looked at her young daughter, admiring her handling of the boy’s physical, as well as psychological subjugation. She spoke in a matter of fact tone as she answered her.

“Perhaps Jocelyn… Richard would find it more salutary, if you were to administer a thorough bedtime spanking when you go up to kiss him goodnight. Little boys are so much more manageable after they have been soundly spanked at bedtime. There is nothing more effective than a boy feeling the sting of his soundly spanked bottom as he cries himself to sleep.”

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Alli wasn’t sure if it was her nerves getting the best of her or actually something strange going on. Ever since her parents told her that they were going on that cruise, she’d been paranoid about being left home alone in that big empty house out in the middle of nowhere. They kept telling her not to worry. Only a few people knew that they were leaving and they were only a phone call away.

But Alli felt like someone was watching her those last few days before they left. For instance, at the shopping mall, there was a man sitting in the food court that she swore was staring at her. For an older man he was attractive with his long dark hair and stylish clothes but it was really strange the way he sat there a few tables away with his shades on. He didn’t even have any food; just a magazine and a cocky smirk. It was really weird. The man even seemed familiar but she couldn’t place the face. Later that day, she thought she saw him again in an SUV a few rows back.

As soon as her parents left that Saturday afternoon, Alli decided to sunbathe nude in the back yard but cut it short when she felt the eerie sensation that someone was watching her again. There seemed to be noises coming from behind the fence that she couldn’t explain. Sure, it may have been an animal but she wasn’t keen on the idea of finding out one way or another. She scurried inside clinging the over-sized towel to her body and locked the door from the inside.

That night Alli ordered pizza and tried to convince herself that it was only her imagination. No one was stalking her. No one was coming to kill her. No one wanted to harm her. The man in the mall was probably just some old pervert scouting out young girls. No one even knew her in this new little town her parents had dragged her to.

Alli sat alone in the dark watching television and eating pizza when the phone rang. She jumped and nearly dumped her plate on the floor. Shaming herself for reacting so silly, she reached for the phone.


“Hey, honey. It’s Dad. How’s it goin’?”

A sigh of relief escaped her. “Oh, fine. I was just watching some TV. I ordered some pizza but I’m about to go to bed.”

“You doing okay without us there?” he teased.

“Dad, I’m 19, I think I’ll be alright.”

“Alright. I just know you were concerned. That’s why I called.”

“I was over reacting. I’m fine. It’s just this new town and being in this new house. I wish we didn’t have to move.”

“You know why we had to move, Al. This move has done wonders for me and your mom.”

“I know, Dad. It’s all worth it,” she admitted.

“That’s my girl. You sleep tight tonight. And remember: we’re only…”

“…a phone call away, I know, Dad. Thanks.”

“Alright. Good night, angel.”

“Night, Daddy.”

Alli sat the phone down and her mind wandered. They moved to this rinky dink town to get away from all the stress that was tearing her parents’ marriage apart. Before the move, they’d found a marriage counselor here and began seeing him regularly. After only a few visits, they fell in love with that little town and packed their bags. They put a whole lot of trust in this guy in these short months that they’d seen him but they swear he’s changed their lives. Well, he’d changed hers for sure. She wanted to stay behind but didn’t want her only family to be 3 hours away. Her father found a job where he worked less but still got paid well. And her mother got a job that she actually enjoyed. They put some of their savings into opening a flower shop. It’s the only one in town so it was doing very well. Needless to say, they were one big happy family again.

Alli sighed and took the pizza box and dishes to the kitchen. She headed upstairs to shower before bed. She started to close the bathroom door and lock it but then felt silly. I’m the only one here. No need to close the door. Besides, it will let some of the steam out of the room so it’s not so foggy when I get out, she thought.

Alli was rinsing out her hair when she thought she heard the door creak. Her eyes darted to the door. She couldn’t see clearly so she rubbed her hand across the translucent glass of the shower door.

“Chester?” she called out on the verge of a panic attack and slid the shower door open enough to poke her head out. “Chester?!”

A shadow crossed the door. “Chester!” she screamed. The door creaked open a little more and she saw her mother’s cat stroll into the bathroom. “Fuck! Chester, you fucking asshole cat! You scared the shit out of me!” The cat scratched at the shower door. She calmed herself down and turned off the shower water. “I forgot to feed you. Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

After feeding Chester downstairs in the kitchen, Alli checked every door and window before heading to bed. She usually slept with her bedroom door closed, but since her parents were gone she felt the need to leave a light on down the hall and leave the door open to let in just a little light. Perhaps she was letting her nerves get the best of her. She didn’t care. She knew that was the only way she was going to get any sleep.


Alli lay sleeping on her left side when the intruder entered her room. A middle-aged man crept toward her sleeping body. He held a 4 inch piece of duct tape in one hand and held tightly so as not to make any noise, a pair of open hand cuffs in the other. Standing beside the bed, he looked upon her. Her long brown hair was almost completely dry now. She was beautiful laying there with her covers dragged down around her hip. Her little cotton nightdress was rumpled and twisted from tossing and turning. Her eyes, which he knew to be the most beautiful shade of green were closed tightly as she breathed deeply and slowly. She was in a deep sleep, he realized, and he knew he’d come at the perfect time.

The strange man positioned his cuffs around her wrists and in one fluid motion, he locked the cuffs, slapped the tape over her mouth and pushed her onto her stomach. Alli woke with a start and tried to scream but couldn’t. She could tell that someone was straddling her back but she couldn’t tell what was going on because she couldn’t see behind her. All she could do was thrash around and cry. She was only able to breath through her nose so her breaths became very labored and soon made her head dizzy from lack of oxygen.

“Sssshhhh…” the man coaxed. “Alli, you’re alright, my dear. You’re alright.”

Alli stopped thrashing suddenly. Her eyes wide with terror and her body stiff, she listened to the invader. She didn’t recognize the voice. How did he know her name?

“Alli, don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.” Her breath was still quite labored and he could tell she was having trouble breathing. “If you agree to be quiet, I will take off the tape. But if you disappoint me, it will go back on. There is actually no sense in screaming anyway. There isn’t anyone around to hear you. But you know that.” Alli began to sob again. “Do you promise?”

Alli nodded her head as she cried. “Do not cry, little Alli. I won’t hurt you as long as you do as you’re told.” His voice was sounded eerily calm and soothing. But soothe Alli he did not. The man reached down and gently pulled the tape from her mouth. Allie wailed with the removal of the tape and gasped for air, coughing and crying.

“What do you want?!” she cried out.

“Now, now, little Alli. You must lower your voice. You need to play by the rules or you won’t be very happy by the time I leave.”

Alli sobbed loudly into her pillow, unable to believe this was all happening.

“I will only tell you what I want when you calm yourself down,” he added.

Alli sucked it up and tried her best not to cry anymore. He was still straddling her and it was beginning to hurt so she knew she’d better cooperate.

“Now then. That’s a good girl.” The man began to brush her hair away from her face and comb it with his fingers down her back. “Just relax. Keep being a good girl like you are right now.”

“I’m going to ask you some questions, Alli, and I want you to be honest. I can tell when you’re lying. You don’t want to lie to me.”

Again Alli nodded her head.

“Are you a virgin?”

Alli let out a little sob as the reality of the situation set in. He was going to rape her. But first, he was going to humiliate her.

“I will get what I want one way or another, it is up to you how convincing I have to be,” he warned. “Are you a virgin?”

“No,” she whimpered.

“How many partners have you had?”

“Two,” she said.

“This isn’t so hard, is it?” He pushed her hair over her shoulder and began to lightly rub her back through the thin cotton fabric of her nightie. “Do you shave your pussy?”

She blushed from embarrassment. “Sometimes.”

“How about right now? Are you shaven?”


“Very nice. Did you give your partners head?”

“Yes,” she choked out softly.

“And did they eat you out in return?”

She took a moment to answer. “Sometimes.”

“Only sometimes? So you sucked dick more times that they ate your pussy?” His voice was only above a whisper now. “You believe that it should be reciprocated fairly, don’t you?”


“Your boyfriends didn’t think so. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know,” she said, barely audible.

“It’s because they were selfish lovers, Alli. And you are not a selfish lover. You also deserve an unselfish lover. She felt him squirm above her and then saw a black shirt land on the floor beside her.

“You’re going to be caught,” Alli said sternly.

“I won’t. By the end of the night, you won’t want to turn me in.”

His cocky behavior disgusted her. “Who the hell are you?!” she screamed.

“Ah ah ah… voices, Alli. I still have the tape. I’ll tell you what, if you behave, I’ll tell you who I am. Lie still.” He shifted above her and was now sitting beside her on the bed taking off his sweat pants. It was the first time she could see his face in the dimly lit room. It was the man from the mall, she was almost certain.

“You’ve been following me!” she exclaimed.

“Not as much as you might think. Only a few times.” The thought of making a run for it crossed her mind but she knew he’d catch her and her punishment wouldn’t be worth the risk.

He stood up and climbed back on the bed behind her, this time straddling her legs. “Pull your knees beneath you. Push your ass up into the air.”

“Please!” she cried. “You don’t have to do this, mister. Please, just leave me alone and I won’t call the police, I swear!”

“Ssshhh, little one. Do as you’re told. Do you want me to be a selfish lover or an unselfish lover?”

Alli cried softly into her pillow praying that he would stop tormenting her.

“Answer me, Alli. I will get what I came for and I will take it being rough or being gentle. You decide how. I’d rather be gentle so I can teach you what it’s like to be with a kind and caring mate.”

Alli couldn’t answer. Her mind was swimming and all she could think of was how much she wanted this to be a dream.

“If you don’t answer me,” he started. He pushed her legs underneath her and positioned her the way he willed. “…then I will assume…” He pushed her nightgown down to her shoulders and ran his nails sharply down her back, “…that you want it rough!”

“No! Please!” Allie wailed. “Please, don’t hurt me, I’ll do what you say!”

The intruder ran his hands over the scratches to soothe them. He hadn’t intended on causing her pain but he could see red marks on her back. “Good girl,” he said. “For that, you get a treat. He ran his fingers beneath the hem of her pink cotton panties. He slowly pulled them down her hips to her knees. “Lift up,” he whispered and urged her knees off the mattress one at a time and threw her panties to the ground with his clothes.

Her limbs trembled beneath his touch. The man urged her knees apart. “Relax,” he whispered. “Keep your head down.”

“These cuffs are hurting me!”

“I’ll take them off when I know I can trust you.” He ran his hands across her ass and she shivered. His index finger traveled down her crack and over her little pucker before finally arriving at her pussy. To his discouragement, she wasn’t as wet as he’d thought she’d be by now. He wanted her to enjoy what he was doing to her. He knew he needed to get her aroused, at least a little.

“Did you like it when those boys went down on you, Alli?”

“Yes,” she said under her breath, defeated. There was no use in lying about it. He’d know.

“I want you to think about how it made you feel when they slid their tongues up and down your pussy. Remember how it felt when they made you cum and clench your thighs around their heads as you orgasmed.” He cupped her mound in his hand and she jerked. “Could they make you cum multiple times?”

“I never came,” she admitted ashamedly.

“You never came? Were they stupid or just didn’t give you enough time?”

“They both stopped too soon.”

“I won’t stop too soon, Alli.” He heard her sobbing softly again. “Don’t you want to cum for me?”

“No,” she cried softly.

“Sweet Alli, don’t you want to know what it feels like to have a real man give you pleasure?”

“Please, don’t.”

“Yes or no, Alli.”

“I can’t,” she blurted.

“You want to. You’re just scared. Is that it?”

Through her crying he heard a faint reply, “I’m scared.”

A smile curled at the corner of his mouth. “But you can’t tell me ‘no’.” His middle finger on the hand that was cupping her crotch slipped between her folds and slid down the length of her slit. Again he could feel her tremble beneath her.

She bit her lip to keep her silence.

He checked her again for wetness and he concluded that what he did worked. She was getting turned on whether she liked it or not and whether she wanted to admit it or not.

“I can’t!”

The man slowly slid his finger into her tight hole and a moan escaped her. Ashamed and embarrassed, she pushed her face into the pillow and cried again. He began to finger her skillfully moving in and out of her, pulling out to lubricate her folds and tease her clit.

Her body defied her. She was sopping wet and whimpering into her pillow as his fingers worked. He pulled his fingers out and the next thing she felt was his hot mouth on her behind. He kissed and licked a trail that let to her little shaved pussy and he wasted no time getting down to business. He licked her gently at first, trying to get her to enjoy it. And finally she seemed to, despite herself. He could tell that she was slowly, and perhaps unconsciously, pushing her hips out and her ass up so he could better access her.

Once he could hear her muzzled moans more frequently he sped up his pace and began to concentrate on her little nub. Eventually, her head came up and was panting and moaning freely without reservation.

He pulled away briefly. “Now do you want me to stop?”

“Please don’t stop,” she said with alarm. She was too close to cumming for him to stop now.

“Ask me to make you cum.”

“Make me cum.” She was barely audible and her face was burning with humiliation.

“I said to ask. And ask nicely.”

“Please. Will you please make me cum?” she exclaimed with frustration in her tone.

The strange man quickly resumed his minstrations and soon after, Alli was grinding herself into his face as she rode through her orgasm.

“You taste so good. I was glad to see you just got out of the shower. It was like you were getting ready for me.”

“Stop it!” she screamed.

“I was paying you a compliment, Alli. Don’t be shy. I knew you’d taste sweet when I first saw you.”

“Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?” Alli cried.

“Now a moment ago you were loving what I was doing to you. And I’ll tell you who I am soon enough. We’re not finished yet. We’ve really only just begun.

“Allison Ashcroft,” he said as he moved off the bed and removed his boxers. His semi-hard cock bounced into view. It was bigger than the other two she’d seen, Alli realized. “Do you remember agreeing that oral gratification should me reciprocated?”

“Please don’t make me do that,” she begged. Fear coursed through her.

“Oh, Alli. You’re not being a selfish lover are you?”

A tear fell from her eye and down her cheek. “No,” she sighed.

“Sit up,” he said. She pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her nightie back down to her hips. “If you do well I’ll have another treat for you. But you have to make me cum.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered.

“What do you mean you can’t? You said you’ve given head before.”

“I never made them…” Alli swallowed. “…finish.”

“I see. But that’s not your fault, Alli. Listen, I’ll help you. And I won’t hold out on you and make it longer than it has to be. Just do what feels natural and I’ll do what I need to do, too.”

As strange as it sounded, she agreed with the man’s bargaining. It had been months since she’d given head and was already very nervous considering the circumstances. Even though she wasn’t sure why, Alli wanted to do a good job for him. She tried to convince herself that the only reason she would give it her all is to get it over with as soon as possible. She couldn’t bare the thought of enjoying herself.

The man stepped directly in front of her and put his legs on either side of hers. Alli reached out with her cuffed hands and wrapped her shaking fingers his cock. She began by timidly stroking him while he played with her hair. When she slipped the head past her lips and touched it with her hot tongue the man let out a deep groan and held onto her head to help guide her. He urged her into shallow strokes before speeding up into deeper, longer thrusts. “You’re doing very well, Alli,” said the stranger. His eyes closed as he mildly fucked her face.

Alli became more enthusiastic with her task once she realized how much he was enjoying it. She flicked her tongue against his cock as it pumped in and out and he began to moan.

“Keep doing that, baby. That’s really good,” he encouraged.

He began thrusting deeper into her mouth and hit the back of her throat a few times. Her gag reflex kicked in and she started to choke a little and panicked.

“You’re fine. Just relax. I won’t be long. Just keep doing what you’re doing, baby girl,” he panted.

Alli’s eyes were watering and she kept gagging now and again but she did her best to keep up. Then, she got an idea. She wasn’t sure how he’d react but she thought it was worth a shot. Her hands gently grabbed his balls and began massaging them.

“Fuck, baby. Yeah, that’s a good little girl,” he cried out. Suddenly he was pumping into her face almost mercilessly, holding her head in place as he entered the home stretch. She gasped for breath and struggled to maintain her concentration.

Without warning, he pulled back on her head and pulled out of her mouth. As he came, ropes of semen hit her cotton nightgown. Still holding her head back by her hair, he pumped himself dry, groaning and panting.

Finally, he let go of her head leaving her scalp was a little sore from his aggressive actions. “You get extra points. And extra pleasure for the good job you just did.”

Alli blushed.

He pulled the handcuff key from his pant pocket on the floor and removed the cuffs. “You’re a mess, let’s get this off of you. Stand up.”

Alli stood before him and he rolled the night dress up to her chest. “You’re going to have to lift your arms so I can take it off,” he teased.

But she wasn’t smiling. “I’ll be naked,” she said.

“No different than laying naked out by the pool, right?”

“You were watching me?!” she yelled and slapped him across the face.

His expression became stern and Alli was now very frightened of what he might do to her. Without a second thought she darted for the door. But she didn’t get but a few steps away. The man grabbed the nightdress that was still tucked under her arms around her chest and pulled her back causing her to fall to the ground. He sat on her legs to keep her from kicking and pinned her arms to the ground.

This story deals with mind control, femdom and bdsm themes in a lesbian setting. If you think you will be upset by this please find yourself another story.

Chapter 1

I signed the partnership document where required and than passed the pen over to Gemma. It was a big step to take and I expected to see some of my own nervousness reflected in her expression but the look on her face was difficult to fathom. She was smiling but it was the passive smile of a chess player who had just seen her opponent unwittingly make a telling error.

Jenny, in her capacity as our solicitor, witnessed our signatures and then agreed to join us for a celebratory drink. I assumed that we would go to the local wine bar, as was our usual habit when the three of us got together, but Gemma suggested a pub that she knew. She drove and kept up a light hearted conversation with Jenny whilst I sat alone in the back seat trying to spot a landmark I could recognize. We had come south of the river and I was in totally unfamiliar territory.

The pub turned out to be not as bad as I feared. It was almost new, brightly lit with modern beech and chrome fittings. To start with we almost had it to ourselves but later a hen party arrived and things grew a little more lively. There was a small podium at one end of the bar and at some point a microphone materialized heralding the arrival of a comedian. Playing to his audience he started to tell a series of male deprecating jokes which I found mildly embarrassing but Gemma laughed along whole heartedly. She had always been far more liberal minded than me and often poked fun at my somewhat prudish outlook on life.

I hoped that we could call it a night but Jenny insisted on getting in another round of drinks and a second act took to the stage. This time it was a woman but she looked more like a doctor than a comedienne. She was dressed in a business suit and wore minimal makeup but she had the sort of natural beauty that needed little enhancement. It turned out that she was a hypnotist and after a brief, almost peremptory, introduction she called for a volunteer from the audience. One of the women from the hen party was pushed forward by her friends and that was my first surprise. I had often seen stage hypnotism on television but I was convinced that it was based on plants in the audience. In this instance I had seen the woman arrive with her friends and I was sure that she was genuine. The second surprise was the ease with which she was put under. There was no preamble, no hocus pocus, the hypnotist simply asked her to take a seat and close her eyes. She then touched the tip of her finger to the woman’s forehead and spoke just loud enough for the audience to hear.

“When you hear the music you will be a pole dancer.”

With those few simple words she stepped off the podium and switched on her CD player. The music was a nondescript dance track but as soon as it started the woman got up from her seat and began to gyrate. She gave it everything she had and would probably have made a genuine performer but the joke was that, whilst for her it was real, for the rest of us the pole was completely imaginary. I laughed despite myself and continued to laugh as she called more people to the stage.

The next woman was encouraged to flirt with a broom and the one after was convinced that she was a man who was jealous of the broom. When the next volunteer was called it took me a second or two to realize that Gemma and Jenny were pointing me out. Whilst my business dealings call on me to be gregarious I am, by nature, shy and the last thing I wanted to do was to go up on stage but I was curious. I would have said that I made a poor hypnotic subject and I wondered if she would pick up on it and look for someone else. Gemma had me pulled to my feet and the woman beckoned me forward. I felt slightly uneasy but it was too late to back down; the crowd was shouting encouragement and I did not want to seem a spoilsport.

The woman had me sit on the chair and then I found myself looking into her eyes. For a second or two I had the strangest feeling that I knew her and I was still racking my brains when she moved her fingertips towards my eyelids causing me to close them reflexively.

“When you hear me say the words “Good dog” you will yap like a puppy”

The words hovered in my subconscious and, for an instant, my mind conjured a bizarre visualization. Did I know her because she was my mistress and me her pet?

“Good dog.”

I heard myself starting to yap and some distant part of my mind knew I had to stop but my mistress looked so pleased that I grew even more excited. I began to wag an imaginary tail causing the cautionary voice to grow louder and for a moment I seemed to have control of myself but then I became aware of the audience’s laughter. I did not see what right they had to laugh at my mistress and so I turned to them and yapped indignantly. They, of course, laughed all the harder and I was almost overcome by the urge to bite someone.

The woman must have sensed my growing distress. She touched my forehead and said “Stop”.

Notwithstanding what had taken place I was surprised to find myself on all fours and I quickly got to my feet. The audience applauded as I returned to the table to find Gemma wiping tears of laughter from her cheeks. We left soon afterwards and Gemma dropped me at my flat before going on with Jenny. Once inside I made myself some coffee, drew myself a bath, and mulled over what had happened. On the plus side I had established myself as a good sport who could enjoy a laugh at my own expense but, when I came to examine it, I was upset at how easily I had been manipulated.

As I toweled myself dry I looked in the mirror. I prided myself on my self confidence, and there was no doubt that some of that was based on my perception of my body image, but the reflection that I saw just then seemed different somehow. That person that I thought I knew so well now seemed flawed.

I laughed out loud and tried to put it out of my mind. Gemma’s nickname for me was “Stoney” which was a little double edged. She said that I looked like the Basic Instinct actress and whilst I denied it I was secretly flattered. I thought I looked good for my twenty eight years and I took particular pride in my breasts which I’m sure would have had Sharon jealous. The thought was master of the deed and almost without thinking I brought my hands up and gently began to pinch my nipples. They quickly became engorged turning from a coral pink to a more angry red in the process. At that moment I wanted Sebastian to be with me but, since our engagement, he had had to take more foreign business trips than ever. He was an ardent lover and, with a little bit of fine tuning, I was turning him into considerate one. He loved my nipples and I had taught him how to suckle them in just the right way to the point that I could orgasm from that alone.

The thought of it sent up the temperature between my legs and I contemplated the vibrator that I kept by my bedside but on this occasion the full length mirror held me. I felt almost disembodied as I watched my hand move downwards until my carmine varnished fingernail grazed the frizz of blonde curls that covered my pubis. I pressed gently against my labia and was surprised at how wet I already was. I pouted playfully at my reflection and in my mind I told myself that I was a slut. As if to acknowledge the fact I moved closer to the mirror and stood with my feet a little further apart. I had intended to allow myself a leisurely orgasm but I was overcome by my own wantonness. I used my free hand to hold myself open and I sought out my clitoris. I rubbed at myself with unaccustomed vigour and started to groan as my orgasm quickly grew. I was staring directly into my own eyes as I collapsed to my knees and allowed it to finally overwhelm me. It was the most intense climax that I had reached in a long time and there was no obvious reason for it. I was still puzzling it over as I slipped into bed ready to start all over again.

The following morning I arrived at the office to find my new partner already at work. It still seemed odd to think of her in those terms. When we both left Stowe and Lawless it had been with the intention of setting up as sole practitioners but it had seemed logical to share office space until we found our feet. I had never doubted that I would fair better than Gemma in the long run not least because I was already armed with a reputation for having a sharp intellect. Not that Gemma was an intellectual slouch it was just that if she could win people over with her feminine charms she was always prepared to take the easy option. She was two years younger than me and if Liv Tyler was ever in need of a stunt double Gemma would fit the bill. She had dark, almost gypsy, good looks that could flash from total innocence to downright sexy in the blink of an eye. There was no doubting that those looks had hooked some male clients who might otherwise have gone elsewhere.

As the months passed we had developed a curious but successful symbiosis and when, finally, Gemma had suggested a formal partnership, I could find no good reason not to aside from an instinctive unease that would not come into focus.

As I walked into my own office Gemma followed me in.

“Diane Logan isn’t going to bite.”

I must say that I was not altogether surprised and perhaps even a little relieved. There was something about Logan that did not quite ring true and I was not altogether convinced that she would make a good client. Gemma took a seat on the leather sofa that I used for meetings before speaking again.

“You know, if she was a man I could have her in the palm of my hand.”

It seemed an odd thing to say and so I joked with her.

“Are you thinking of becoming a lesbian?”

“Don’t be silly…but I thought you might…”

I looked at her expecting her to laugh but she looked to be in earnest.

“…You’ve seen how easily men can be hooked, and you know what it’s done for our revenues, imagine if we could hook women in the same way.”

“Gemma, are you on medication? Just listen to yourself. I’ll admit that you’ve had one or two successes but that doesn’t mean that I condone your methods.”

“Your problem is that you take it all too seriously. Why knock yourself out when you can make life so much easier for yourself.”

Now I was beginning to get angry.

“I’m proud of what I do, it’s called professionalism.”

I saw a flicker of anger in her face but it was gone almost as soon as it was formed.

“You go through life thinking you’re so much better than anyone else. It’s not healthy to spend all your time looking down on other people.”

The bitterness in her tone came as a complete surprise to me. I had no idea she conceived of me in that way and, worse still, she seemed upset by it. I was still trying to think it through when she spoke again.

“You know what? I’ve never seen you naked. I guess I ought to inspect the goods before I put you on offer.”

If she was hoping to shock me she succeeded. It seemed such a bizarre thing to say and I was stunned by it. Looking back, I suppose that she was trying to get me off balance because as soon as she saw the distress in my eyes she spoke the fateful words.

“Good dog.”

It was as though a shutter came down. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind I heard an echo of myself barking like a dog and with it came a sudden, overwhelming, desire to please.

“Undress yourself.”

I registered that I was still in my own office and that to undress there was entirely inappropriate behaviour. For the next few seconds I fought to get a grip but for reasons I could not explain to myself I could not tear my eyes away from Gemma’s steady gaze and the more I looked the more I knew that I wanted to please her. Almost before I knew it I began to slip my jacket off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. As my fingers moved to the buttons on my blouse there was a lonely voice in my head begging me to stop but I could see that Gemma was surprised at what I was doing but, more importantly, she was clearly pleased.

My blouse soon joined my jacket in a heap on the floor and then I worked the fastenings on my skirt so that I was left standing in just my underwear and stockings.

“Let’s see the whole package.”

At that point I hesitated and Gemma must have realized that she had given an ambiguous command.

“I want to see you strip completely.”

The brief pause allowed the voice to scream at me more shrilly but I could not stop. I removed the remainder of my clothes until I stood there totally naked but as Gemma looked me over some vestige of decency caused me to blush and forced me to cover myself as best I could.

“Well I don’t think there is any doubt that it works. Now here’s the deal. Every time you hear me say the words “Good dog” you will revert to, or come out of, this suggestive state; other than that you can go about your life perfectly normally. However, I don’t want you to trying to run out on me. You will continue to live at your flat and you will continue to come into work as usual.”

I heard and understood every word and my instinctive reaction was to swear at her but some traitorous part of my mind would not allow me to displease her in that way.

“Tell me, have you ever been with a woman before?”

I did not want to answer, I willed my mouth to stay shut, but the word was out before I could stop myself.


“I didn’t think so, neither have I, but seeing you like this…come here.”

I could feel perspiration prickling my back as I fought to stay where I was but the internal battle of wills was soon lost and I took a couple of steps forward.


As I went to my knees she stood up in front of me.

“Regrettably, for you, the prospect of going down on another woman holds no appeal but I have dreamt of having it done to me as I’m sure you have.”

The voice of dissent was now clearer than ever in my mind, and I recognized it as my true self, but I was trapped in a body which would no longer do as it was told. As I watched Gemma slowly lifted her skirt to reveal an expensive pair of pale blue silk panties and I could not help but notice a small dark wet spot which seemed to be growing even as I watched.

“Take them down for me.”

My hands were shaking as they reached forward and my head jerked almost imperceptibly as I tried to resist but my thumbs slid into the delicate waistband and I started to ease them down her legs. I was immediately assailed by a scent that was familiar from my own fingers but, where in the past I had found it arousing, it now made me feel afraid.

Gemma stepped out of her panties as I pulled them down to her feet and then she brushed her hand across the Mohican of dark hair that delineated her sex.

“Beautiful, don’t you think?”

It was not the word I would have used. I had seen the odd porn film but I had never been that close to another woman before and nothing could have prepared me for the sheer carnality of it. I could feel the heat emanating from her and the very air around me felt moist.

Gemma sat back down parting her legs lewdly as she did so.

“Come here and lick me…”

Her voice had trembled slightly, a mix of nervousness and growing excitement, and the hint of hesitancy was enough to rekindle my resistance. I had started to lean in towards her but now I stopped short as I tried to pull back from the brink. Above me Gemma gave a gentle laugh.

“Don’t try and fight it. I know that right now you hate me beyond measure but, in spite of yourself, you will please me.”

I do not know if the choice of words was deliberate but it tipped the balance. My face was drawn forward again and I hesitantly poked out my tongue. I withdrew reflexively as I encountered the coarse curls of her pubis which already bore her taste but the voice in my head told me that, if I had to go through it, it was best to try and get it done with as soon as possible. I closed my eyes and thrust forward pushing my tongue into her wet gash.

I knew my own sex so well and could have described it in its every detail; I also knew that every woman was essentially the same but right then I felt lost in the hot wet pit that Gemma had become for me. For a few moments she tolerated it, reveling in the novelty of it, but then she wanted more.

“Lick me like you like to be licked yourself.”

Had she but known. Sebastian had always been a little reluctant when it came to pleasing me orally but I soon made him understand that if he expected it of me then he was damn well going to do it in return and he was going to do it just as I liked it. Now those lessons came back to haunt me. I could hear myself as I gently took her labia between my lips and ran my tongue gently along the silken folds. Gemma found this more to her liking and she settled more comfortably into the sofa.

“That’s nice … just like that…”

I alternated between the two sides of her sex and every now and then I allowed my tongue to dip inside. She was getting much wetter and I hoped that she was ready to finish but as I moved my tongue higher to seek out her clitoris she placed an admonishing hand on the top of my head.

“There’s no hurry…carry on just as you are.”

Long minutes passed during which time I had to fight to keep my stomach in check. At one point I dared a look only to find her smiling down at me with a look of total condescension but I could also see that she was losing her self restraint.

“That’s so nice baby…a little harder now…make me come.”

Using the tip of my tongue I worked towards the top of her labia only to hear her laugh at my clumsy efforts to find the spot but her own need was growing more urgent and she used her finger s to part herself. Her clitoris was surprising small but as she pressed with her fingers it came free of its fleshy cloak and I was able to flick my tongue over it.

Almost immediately her body began to shudder and I darted my tongue as quickly as I could.

“Oh shit!…YES!…Don’t stop!”

She started to buck her hips making it hard to keep with her but by then she was too far gone. She gave one final drawn out groan and then she slumped onto the sofa completely drained. I moved back from her, seemingly forgotten for a moment or two, and tried to come to terms with what I had just done. Finally, Gemma recovered herself and got back to her feet.

“You’re a mess. Go and get yourself cleaned up.”

I dashed to the bathroom and leaned over the sink. I wanted to be ill but all that would come was a series of dry, painful, heaves. With tears in my eyes I filled the bowl with water and then viciously scrubbed at my face with paper napkins until my skin was red. Now I was ready for a fight but first I needed my clothes.

I came back into the office to find it empty but there was a note from Gemma on the PC. It simply told me that she would be out for the rest of the day. I was seething with anger as I got myself dressed and more so when I tried to telephone Jenny only to find that, she too, was unavailable. I attempted to do some work but I found it impossible to concentrate and so at lunchtime I locked up and went home. The first thing I did was to re-read the partnership deed. It was simple enough and, on the face of it, easy enough to get out of. In so doing I would still have to bear my share of the existing liabilities but these amounted to next to nothing. I thought about trying to catch Gemma at home but thought better of it. I would confront her with the dissolution of the partnership in the office and threaten her with assault charges.

The following morning, as I got myself ready, I felt strangely calm; I knew what Gemma intended to try and I was fully prepared. The day before I had been caught off guard but that was not going to happen again.

I arrived early and composed myself for Gemma’s arrival but she breezed through the door with a cheery “Good morning!” as though nothing untoward had happened.

“Gemma, I want to talk about what happened yesterday.”

“Perhaps later. Diane Logan will be here shortly. She’s married but if I’ve read her correctly I think she is bi-curious. “

“Gemma! Take a seat and listen to me.”

“Do I sense a little rebellion? You wouldn’t be trying to defy me would you? Not when I need you to be a good dog.”

It was as if a cell door had closed with a slam and I was locked behind it with my futile anger. I tried to protest but I could not form the words and when that failed I tried to shut out what Gemma was saying but her words were soaking into me like water into a sponge.

“Logan wants the best service but she only wants to pay a bargain basement price. You are going to get her to sign up at the top rate. You will do whatever it takes.”

I wanted to get up and run, to find somewhere to clear my head, but I could not sign up Logan if I was not in the office and, at that moment, signing her up seemed to be the most compelling issue in my life.

It was a moment before I took it in that Gemma had left and then there seemed to be a blank in time before I was drawn back to reality by a tap at the door.

Diane Logan came into the room preceded by a waft of heavy floral perfume. She was a tall woman, broad hipped, with a large bosom which, in years to come, was clearly going to lose its fight with gravity. Her legs were her best feature and on this occasion she had brought out the best in them with high heels and a skirt that was an inch shy of her knees. I was shocked to realize I had not yet looked at her face. Normally, I would try and make eye contact immediately to try and make a client feel at ease.

Logan put out her hand and I shook it before unthinkingly ushering her towards the sofa. Her file said that she was forty-four but her make up was skillfully applied and she could have easily passed for years younger. Her mistake was her hair. She wore her blonde hair styled in a tight perm that immediately added back the years she had gained with cosmetics.

After some initial small talk we got down to business and I found myself enjoying the challenge. She had a shrewd business brain but I felt I was right in my assessment. She was prepared to sail closer to the wind than I would have felt comfortable with and I set about outlining a strategy which would give her what she wanted whilst still staying well within fiscal regulations.

We had talked for ninety minutes, but it had seemed far fewer, before we arrived at the thorny issue of fees.

“Let us be frank. I like what I’ve heard but we are talking a lot of money here and your fees are somewhat higher than I’ve been used to.”

I tried to interrupt but she leaned forward slightly putting a hand on my knee in the process.

“Hear me out. You strike me as a young woman deserving of my trust and I think that I will probably be able to sell the deal to my husband…”

I felt elated. Throughout the interview Gemma’s instructions had hovered threateningly in the background of my mind but now I had sealed the deal on the basis of my business acumen.

“… however, if I’m going to pay premium rates, I’ll be looking for a little value added.”

“Value added?”

I said it sotto voce whilst the adrenaline of fear made my heart race.

“Your partner said you were the best, but what made you special was the nature of the personal service you provide for your clients.”

As she said it she took her hand from my leg and, with hers eyes locked with mine, she pressed it

against my blouse and rubbed the edge of her thumb across my breast. My breath caught in my throat and I remained frozen as, with deft fingers, she slowly unfastened a couple of buttons and slipped her hand inside.

“You’re a very beautiful young woman, but I guess a lot of people have told you that.”

She spooned her hand into the cup of my bra and eased it aside. I could immediately tell by the clumsy attention that she paid to my nipple that this was something new for her and I prayed that she would go no further. Unfortunately, in my attempts to overcome the suggestion that Gemma had placed in my mind my body shivered with effort and Logan must have misread this as a good sign.

“Does this do it for you angel?”

She carried on with her awkward mauling but then, with no subtlety at all, she pushed her hand up under my skirt and began to rub at my sex through my panties.

“No! No! No!”

The words were clear and loud but my lips never moved and they echoed around hollowly in my mind. My whole body had tensed, to the extent that her attack on my sex had become physically painful, and I gave silent thanks when she stopped as suddenly as she had started. I sat still hoping that she could see in my eyes that I was an unwilling participant but I knew that the expression on my face was being governed by a part of my brain over which I no longer had control.

“Let me take a look at you sweetie.”

I watched in dismay as she dropped to the floor in front of me. She began to ease my legs apart and then reached up to take hold of my panties. I willed myself to stay still but my traitorous limbs lifted me enough for her to divest me of my underwear.

“You have lovely skin.”

She was brushing the inside of my leg with the back of her finger and my body began a new betrayal. I felt total revulsion but my unconscious was telling me that she would be pleased if she thought that she was arousing me. Almost immediately I felt my labia begin to swell and the unmistakable scent of my arousal began to permeate the room.

“My, my, you’re a hot little thing aren’t you?”

She had her head between my legs but she seemed to be battling with herself. After a momentary hesitation she turned aside and pecked an almost chaste kiss on my inner thigh.

“Don’t take this wrong honey, but I don’t think this is what I really want.”

I almost fainted with relief and, as she got back to her feet, I quickly closed my legs, retrieved my panties and adjusted my skirt. My mind refocused itself on the business at hand and I began to speak as though the last few moments had never happened.

“I can let you have a summary by tomorrow and we should be able to get a draft contract ready for your consideration by the end of the week.”

She flashed me an indulgent smile.

“We can finish discussing the arrangements afterwards.”

I was just wondering what “afterwards” meant when, with a sickening lurch, I saw that she was removing her skirt. She had pale, solid, thighs given emphasis by the dark blue garter straps that held up her stockings and she stood for a moment, as though to be admired.

“Kneel down here and I’ll make myself comfortable.”

Once again my zombie limbs followed their own course and I found myself kneeling by the sofa as she removed her panties and sat back down. She registered my shock as she slowly parted her legs.

“I prefer to keep things au naturelle.”

The first surprise was that she was not a natural blonde. The second was the unruly growth of thick dark hair that covered her pubis and spread to her inner thighs. It seemed so incongruous. She was clearly a woman who took a lot of pride in her appearance and spent money on expensive designer clothes to bring out the best in herself. It all seemed so at odds with the savage sight that now presented itself.

“Come on baby, I know you like it … eat me.”

As she said it she opened her legs even further to reveal her thick, dusky pink, labia which were already glistening with moisture. The battle being fought in my head manifested itself as a throbbing pain but, yet again, I was on the losing side. My body leant forward even as I tried to draw it back and, as I got closer, I could smell where she had dabbed perfume on the inside of her legs, the floral scent contrasting markedly with her own natural, earthy, essence.

“Such a pretty mouth …”

I already had my tongue out and I proceeded to lick her labia which seemed so rough when compared to Gemma’s almost coy offering. Her taste, too, was stronger and I guessed that she had been aroused for quite some time.

“Put your tongue inside baby, I like it nice and deep.”

I moved down slightly to do as she asked and she was so wet with arousal and lost in her own pleasure that she did not notice the tears of distress that flowed down my cheeks. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could and then licked upwards. Only then did I realize how difficult it must have been for Sebastian when I insisted that he pay attention to my g spot but it had the same effect on Logan as it had on me.

“Oh YESSssss! Just there…”

My mouth was full of her matted hair and I was almost choking but I struggled on. My tongue was at full stretch and the effort was causing tiny muscular spasms which Logan seemed to find to her liking.

“SOOooo nice…don’t stop”

Just to make sure she put her hand to the back of my head to keep me in place and then, without warning, she started to come. To my disgust I found my mouth filled with sprays of moisture which I had little option but to swallow and this too seemed to please her.

“There’s a good girl…”

She held me to her until she had wrung out the last drops of pleasure and then let me go. I knelt there with my face hot, red and wet with a mixture of my own perspiration and her moisture and tried to work some life back into my sore tongue. When I eventually looked up it was to find that she had freed her breasts and was gently caressing her nipples.

“Come up here honey and lick them for me.”

I told myself that I had already done enough to please her but the dissenting phantom in my mind told it that it was not my choice to make. She leant forwards to present herself and I knelt up to meet her. Her breasts sat heavily in her hands; the nipples were dark brown with no distinct shape and the teats themselves seemed impossibly erect. As I took it into my mouth I was surprised by the slightly salty taste and the rubbery texture of the dimpled flesh. Once again I was guided my own preferences. I worked my tongue in a tight circle around the teat which, amazingly, seemed to become more engorged.

Logan petted my head and encouraged my efforts making me alternate between them every minute or two.

“Suck them…”

I did as she asked and compounded my own misery. The more I pleased her the more she wanted.

I began to draw her nipple between my teeth and nipped gently. This always stirred me up when it was done to me and so it proved for Logan.

“You little tease…I think I’m ready again now.”

She was pressing me down until I was, once again, faced with the matted mess that her sex had become.

Chapter 2

Logan was insatiable. By the time she had finished with me my knees were numb and my whole face ached but her parting words echoed chillingly in my memory.

“Send me the contract and I’ll sign it. I’m really looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship…sweetlips.”

The office was empty and I assumed that Gemma had gone out to lunch. I noticed this with an enormous sense of relief and knew then that I was afraid of her. With a renewed sense of determination

I set off across town to make the short trip to Jenny’s office only to find that she too was out at lunch and it was not known what time she would be back. The helpful receptionist offered me the assistance of another partner but I politely declined.

I went back to my flat and began to unload my car. I had crammed into it as many files as I could so that, for the time being at least, I could keep the business running from home. The first thing I did was to make a list to see which clients were likely to stay with me after the split. It was tempting to make a few phone calls to sound people out but I decided that it was better not to open myself up to a charge of poaching before the dissolution of the partnership.

The finished list looked quite healthy and I felt quite excited at the prospect of being a sole practitioner; the whole partnership arrangement had been a wrong move from the outset. Before going to sleep that night I decided that I need never see Gemma again. I felt an almost overwhelming urge to do her harm but common sense prevailed. Jenny could handle the paperwork and we could go our separate ways.

The next morning I rose as usual and thought about the day ahead. I was still ordering events in my mind when I realized that I was standing at the door of Gemma’s office. It was a terrifying moment. I had gone through my usual routine, shower, dress, breakfast but then I intended to work from my living room. Somehow, whilst pre-occupied, I had followed my routine through to its usual conclusion and driven into work.

“Come on in.”

With an ominous prescience Gemma had opened the door to usher me inside.

“I’m leaving.”

I said it with as much conviction as I could muster but Gemma merely smiled. She stepped back into the room and I followed her without thinking.

“I spoke to Logan. You really made an impression. Do you know that when she signs she’ll be our third largest client? I’ve drawn up a list of other prospective female clients. You might want to cast your eye over it. I’ve ticked those where I think your particular talents can be brought to bear.”

I was dumbfounded. The list had a dozen names on it, at least half of which were ticked, including that of one of my oldest friends.

“Gemma, this has to stop and it stops right now!”

“Do you think so? If that’s the case what are you still doing here?”

She was right. For a vain moment I entertained the hope that I was free of her influence but, try as I might, I could not leave her office knowing that to do so would incur her displeasure. I tried another tack.

“You can’t believe that all these women are lesbians.”

“I don’t, but they are all successful, broad-minded women and I ask myself, if I were to offer them the services of a pretty girl, willing to do literally anything they asked, would they turn it down?”

It was hard to argue. There were at least two women on the list that I thought of as unscrupulous bitches who would probably jump at the opportunity and, in an odd moment of self-doubt, I wondered what my own reaction would be if the offer were made to me. For an instant I felt faint and I wondered if I was losing my grip on sanity but just as I tried to drag myself back to reality Gemma pushed me to the edge once more.

“I’m going to spend the morning catching up on paperwork and I want you to help.”

I answered almost defiantly.

“I have two clients coming in.”

“I took the liberty of cancelling them. I have need of your expertise.”

My professional ego was flattered for barely a second before I saw her starting to unzip her skirt.

“Gemma, please, if our relationship means anything to you, don’t do this.”

She did not reply. She simply smiled as she took off her panties.

“Come here and kneel under the desk.”

“Gemma, for pities sake!”

“It looks a little like a kennel don’t you think? Just the place for a good dog.”

Any final vestiges of defiance melted like ice and I crawled into the restricted space beneath her desk almost like the dog she had made me become. She sat down on her leather office chair and rolled it forward until she could splay her legs on either side of my cramped body.

“Just keep me on the boil for a couple of hours and then you can show me some of those wicked tricks that Logan told me about.”

I suppose it should not have come as such a shock to find out that they had discussed the merits of my performance but it did nevertheless. I knelt there, unmoving, trying to take it in until I felt her knee pressing against the side of my head.

“Don’t keep me waiting.”

I edged forward in the darkness, between the canyon walls of her thighs, and I applied my tongue to her sex. She was almost fully aroused from the start and she allowed herself an orgasm within the first few minutes but she took no pity. For the next two hours, as she rustled through paperwork above me, I was called back to service time and time again. She did not even miss a beat as she took the occasional phone call. My muscles were screaming in protest, not least my neck, but Gemma just laughed as I banged my head on the underside of the desk from time to time.

“Okay, you can take me the whole way this time.”

The atmosphere beneath the desk was hot and fetid. The smell was a heady mix of ancient wood, sex and, to my embarrassment, nervous perspiration but, once again, I put myself to the hated task.

“OOOhhh, that is so good…I think we’re going to have to reschedule your mornings for the foreseeable future.”

By lunchtime even Gemma had had enough. She dismissed me as though I was a servant of old and I went back to my own office where I could do nothing but sit and cry. She did not speak to me again until mid afternoon when she popped her head around the door.

“I’m off for the day. See you tomorrow, bright and early…keep your strength up.”

Once she was gone I felt something of my old resilience creeping back and I was inspired by a new idea. I found a phone number for the pub we had used for our celebration drink and spoke with the manager. He told me that the stage hypnotist was a late replacement sent by the agency that dealt with all his bookings. He was happy to give me a contact name and I made a second call. At first the agency was not forthcoming but when I suggested that I was a booker for the lucrative University circuit there was a sudden change of attitude. I was told that the hypnotist’s name was Helen Heller and she was new to their books. They would not give me a number nor would they pass on mine to her, presumably fearing a direct booking which would cut out their fee, but I had enough to be going on with.

I checked with Equity, the actors union, and, sure enough, she was a member. I left my contact number and, less than an hour later, I received a call. When I heard her voice on the phone it felt oddly comforting, like talking to someone I had known all my life. I explained that I had a personal matter that I wished to discuss and she sounded slightly intrigued when I refused to elaborate over the phone. She told me that she would see me that evening and gave me address which was only ten minutes away from my own by car.

I bathed and changed, all the while considering the wisdom of my proposed course of action, and then I summoned up my courage and left the house. The address she had given me belonged to a detached house the upkeep of which must have been beyond the means of a mere pub entertainer. I rang the bell and looked up to the security camera mounted in the corner of the entranceway. A few seconds later the front door opened and I had to do a double take to convince myself that it was the same women. At the pub I thought that she was a lot older than me but seeing her again, with her chestnut hair hanging loose about her shoulders I could see that there was probably only a couple of years between us at most. The business suit, too, had done her no favours. Dressed as she now was in an expensive silk kimono I could see that she had a body that any man would find desirable.

“Take a seat.”

She led me into a tastefully furnished living room which was dominated by a matching pair of leather Chesterfield sofas.

“Would you like a drink? I was having some wine.”

I accepted the offer and the first sip was enough to tell me that this was a woman who appreciated the good things in life.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I saw the show at the pub the other night. You put me under.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well since then I have remained susceptible to suggestion.”

“What makes you think so?”

“A friend, who was with me, tried the “good dog” command and it still worked.”

“In what way?”

I tried to choose my words carefully.

“She made me do things against my will.”

Heller raised an amused eyebrow.

“What sort of things?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“If you’re asking for my help, you’re going to have to be open with me.”

“Look, I thought that you couldn’t make a person do anything under hypnosis that was against their will.”

“That’s the commonly held belief. So would I be right in guessing that these things she made you do were of a sexual nature?”

I hesitated before replying.


“This intrigues me. You strike me as a woman of the world; what could it be in the sexual arena that you wouldn’t enjoy?”

The conversation was not going at all as I had planned it in my mind.

“What if she had made me submit to a man against my will?”

“Some women secretly fantasize about non-consensual sex. Is that what she made you do?”

“No. I was just trying to make a point.”

“Well, if you force me to guess, you are a very beautiful woman, would this be something of a Sapphic nature?”

I felt my cheeks flush but it was as much with anger as with embarrassment. She was being altogether too presumptuous.

“I see from your face that it was. I take it then that sex with other women is not to your taste?

I find that a great pity.”

As she said it she crossed her legs allowing the kimono to slide open with an almost imperceptible hiss. My anger threatened to get the better of me.

“She forced me to go down her against my will.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course I’m bloody sure! I want you to put things right.”

“And what would be in it for me?”

She parted her legs slightly and I could not stop myself from glancing downwards; by the time I brought my eyes back to hers I knew that, beneath the kimono, she was naked.

“I’m not here to bargain. If you’re not prepared to help me I’ll find someone who will and then I’m going to report this whole incident to the police.”

She seemed totally unfazed by my tirade.

“There are two commonly held misconceptions about hypnotism. The first is that hypnotists are bound by a strict code of ethics, as though they inhabit a higher moral plane than the population at large, I’m here to tell you that this is not true. The second is this nonsense about not doing things against your will; if a hypnotist is given long enough a subject can be made to do almost anything. It can even be done subliminally. I could, for example, send you a series of e-mails with a suggestion buried in the text. I would then only have to meet you face to face in order to flick the switch.”

As she spoke a hideous realization dawned. Some weeks previously Gemma told me that she was reading a report from America concerning customer service. From time to time she had e-mailed to me parts of the text which she thought might be of interest. At the time I had scanned it and dismissed it as complete nonsense but now some of the phrases used come back to me. I remembered “Degrees of Humility”, “The Bended Knee Principal” and “The Customer Comes First.”

“You’ve done this to me deliberately!”

“Clever girl.”

“Did she pay you?”

In answer to my question she cast her eyes around the room.

“My services are both unique and expensive.”

“I’m going to the police.”

“No. I want you to go upstairs, you’ll find the bedroom to the right, get yourself completely undressed and wait for me.”

Her voice had a calm authority and assurance, like someone in the medical profession, and I got up and left the room. Once in the hall my anger rose again and I went straight out through the front door and headed for my car contemplating legal action as I went. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that it came as a shock when I found myself in a luxuriously appointed bedroom with my car key in my hand. I was appalled by my tenuous grasp on reality and I desperately searched my fevered mind for an anchor point. I then realized that everything would be alright if I got undressed.

I was lying naked on the bed when she walked in the room. She smiled when she saw me and pulled up a chair.

“I want to watch you masturbate.”

Somehow, I knew her request was offensive but I became aware of a tingling between my legs and it suddenly seemed perfectly natural to rub at the irritation. As soon as I moved my hand between my legs I felt more relaxed and, seconds later, my fingers began to flex and stroke in an all too familiar fashion.

“Open your legs and raise your knees.”

I did as she asked but it was almost like an out of body experience. On one level I found the lasciviousness of the situation ever more arousing but at a higher, imprisoned, level I was appalled. I continued to finger myself lazily and was surprised by just how quickly my fingers had become slicked with my own juices. I followed my own natural inclination and groaned softly as I slowly pushed them inside.

She sat quietly and watched as, over the next few minutes, I brought myself ever closer.

“I don’t want you to come yet.”

As soon as she said it I felt the wave of pleasure immediately begin to recede and no amount of effort on my part could get me back to the peak. I worked my fingers ever faster but only grew more frustrated. I was so lost in my own quest for satisfaction that I did not notice her leaving the chair. I only became aware of her again when the mattress yielded to her added weight. I opened my eyes to find her kneeling up over me. She was wearing an elaborate harness around her hips and thighs from which protruded a horribly realistic rubber phallus. It was cast in black and of a size that most men would have been proud of. As she held it just above my face I could see every tiny detail from the retracted foreskin to the gnarled vein running along the underside.

“Get it wet for me.”

She slowly pushed it between my lips and some deep-seated instinct balked at the violation and, for a moment, I flexed my jaw ready to bite down with all my strength but as quickly as the thought was formed it disappeared. I accepted the shaft which was more flexible than it at first appeared and I began to lick as though it was the real thing.

“You’ve done this before. A regular ten dollar whore.”

I knew that it had a strong rubbery tang but in my fevered mind I could only taste the tart, salty, taste of a man. As I lay there she used her hand to work the shaft around inside my mouth and I realized that it was, in fact, double ended; as she played with me she was stimulating herself.

She grew tired of the game after a minute or two and moved to straddle my hips. My heart was pounding both with anticipation and with fear at what I now knew was to come.

“Kiss me.”

She leant down and turned her head slightly so that our lips met and, at the same time, she eased her legs between mine so that I could feel the shaft pressing insistently at my groin. My eyes darted across hers as I tried to convey my distaste but I sensed that it was my stymied unwillingness that really excited her. Her lips were softer than any mans and her gentle breath was wine sweet but it made it no easier to accept. She sealed our mouths and I felt her tongue begin to probe gently and my own quickly joined it in play.


She allowed me to become the aggressor and seemed pleased as I thrust my tongue between her lips and took the lead. I did not want this, and perhaps I was only trying to delay the inevitable, but, if so, it was in vain. Without breaking the kiss she brought her hand down between our legs and lifted her hips slightly. There was a brief moment of pain as she initially got it wrong but then I felt the pressure of the smooth head at my opening.

“Take it for me …”

She relaxed and let her weight bear down so that, inch by inch, she pushed the shaft home. I had an irrational fear that it was not going to stop, that I was going to be totally impaled, but, finally, our bodies joined and I felt it filling me.

For the next few minutes she seemed content just to kiss but then she began to fidget and soon she was moving hers hips gently and I could feel the shaft moving millimeters at a time. She was in no great hurry. For the next half an hour she carried on kissing whilst exploring my nipples with her knowledgeable fingers and the whole time she kept up a regular and ever deeper rhythm. A part of me was amazed at her stamina. I had known men who could stay hard for that long but I did not know of one who bear his own weight and keep up this sort of tempo but, in the final analysis, the longer it went on the greater my revulsion grew.

What made it worse was the way my body continued to react beyond my will. My nipples remained stiffly engorged encouraging her ministrations and my sex was a warm pool yearning to come to the boil. I had a vain hope that, if only I could come, I might regain control but it was only to be with her permission and her cruel smile told me that she could read my every thought.

“I need to come… but not like this.”

So saying, she slowly withdrew, and I could not help mewing in frustration. I feared that she had another use for my mouth but her next words made my blood run cold.

“Turn over.”

Blind panic almost broke me free.


For a second she seemed shocked by my rebellion but it was all too easy.

“Good dog.”

Those simple words shackled me as sure as iron and she watched with growing amusement as my body shook with effort as I tried not to do as she asked. I could not help myself but once I was lying face down I clamped my whole body as tightly as I could. She got up off the bed and moved around so that I could see her and then, with frightening casualness, she began to apply lubricant to the already glistening shaft.

“You’re a virgin?”

The question was rhetorical.

“How very sweet.”

Sebastian had pestered me for anal sex in the past but I had steadfastly refused. At the finish I presented him with crudely formed dildo. I told him that on the day he presented himself to me with it fully embedded in his arse would be the day I said yes. He never mentioned it again.

Now, I wish I had let him. At least then I would have had some degree of control for my first time.

“Relax, and lift yourself.”

My muscles were so tight it was hard to obey but, finally, the tension eased and she was able to slip a pillow under my hips. I lay there, my body arched, awaiting my fate.

“Don’t worry. It’s not so bad. You might come to like it.”

With that, she moved out of sight and then I felt her on the bed behind me.

“Tears? Surely not.”

I felt her hands on my backside. She still had some lubricant left on her fingers and she began to work it deep into the cleft. In my mind my buttocks were so tightly clenched that it was painful. In reality she was peeling me apart. I winced as I felt the shaft bump up against me but my fate was assuredly sealed.

Even under her influence, the natural reaction of my body was to resist but she applied the head of the shaft to my puckered rosette and gently turned it back and forth. The feeling of disgust is impossible to describe and I felt, somehow, unclean. She continued in the same unhurried fashion until I had to relax for a second in order to retrench. She read the moment to perfection, she had probably been waiting for it, because as soon as my guard was down she applied just a little more pressure. She pushed the head of the shaft barely into the opening and held it there. It was enough. With her weight behind it there was no way that I could expel the intruder and she knew it.

“Okay baby, here it comes.”

In those next few seconds I felt as though I was being cleaved in two. She slowly leant her weight into me and the shaft slipped in until I could take no more. Behind me she gave a heartfelt moan and then she spooned herself into me and began to nuzzle my neck. I tried to summon the will to resist, to throw her off, and was filled with self loathing when I failed. Surely this act, of all the things she could have chosen to do, should have galvanized me. Later, when the nightmares came, I understood that she could have programmed me to enjoy it but she chose not to. This was simply about her pleasure, and my discomfort, both mental and physical, was an essential element.

She lifted herself from me and purposefully took hold of my hips. I braced myself but it was not as bad as I feared. She began to work the shaft in and out of me but she did it with a practiced assurance and seemed to understand my limits. How anyone could find it pleasurable was beyond me unless pleasure was to be found in submission or the vicarious gratification of a partner. Fortunately, it was very much to her liking, and she drove the shaft in to the hilt once last time as she welcomed her climax with an uncharacteristically piercing shriek.

It almost felt worse when she withdrew altogether. I could still feel the phantom of the shaft inside me and my muscles seemed reluctant to work normally again. As soon as she got up from the bed I sat up with my knees drawn up under my chin. She looked at me as she slowly slipped out of the harness and then held up the shaft for her own inspection. It glistened with moisture and I would not have been surprised to see it giving off steam such had been the power of her climax.

“Clean it for me.”

Once again, she fed the shaft into my mouth but this time there was no mistaking the taste. It was a taste with which I had become unpleasantly familiar of late.

“Can you deep throat?”

She could see the uncertainty in my eyes. I had tried it once but vowed never again. I had not found the experience pleasant and, to my mind, it had undertones of servility. Now she was pushing gently but insistently at the shaft.

“Do it for me… or I’ll have you clean the whole thing.”

The threat was enough. I relaxed my throat muscles and started to breathe through my nose. The hardest part is to overcome the bodies natural gag reflex but she had obviously had some experience. She paused at the right moment and then continued until I had taken it all.

“Clever girl.”

She let me suffer for a few seconds and then eased if free but she still insisted that I continue to suckle it whilst she spoke quietly.

“Do you read Asimov? His first law of robotics?… “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.” When you leave here you will do nothing that might harm either Gemma or me. This obviously includes going to the police.”

Even as she said it I determined to defy her but I was confounded as soon as I left her house. Once I had served to amuse her she allowed me to leave and I stood on the pavement knowing there was something I desperately needed to do but, try as I might, I could not bring it to mind. In the end I got into my car and drove back to my flat.

At home I could not get my thoughts in order. I was now not only being compelled to please Gemma but I was looking out for her wellbeing too even though it adversely affected my own. Whichever way I twisted it in my head I was always drawn to the same conclusion, I had to go to the police, but as soon as the thought was formed I found myself starting to daydream and then I was back to square one.

The worst of it was knowing that, the following morning, I was going to be drawn back to the office.

It was in the middle of the night that I had an inspiration. Gemma had implanted the idea that I had to go to work as usual but “work as usual” would include client visits. The first thing the next morning I rang Gemma’s office phone knowing that I would get the answering machine. I left a message saying that I had to see Jenny and that I would be in later.When I got into my car I was elated to find that I knew exactly what I was doing. I drove over to Jenny’s office which involved going in the opposite direction to my normal route and I felt no compulsion to turn around. Arriving without an appointment I was told that Jenny was working from home but even that seemed a good omen. I was not exactly sure what I would, or could, say to her but I was sure to feel more at ease outside of the office.

I felt a little guilty when she opened the door to me still in her in her nightgown and I realized it

was still before nine o’clock. The smell of freshly brewed coffee permeated the air and she invited me through to the living room where she had to clear piles of legal files from the sofa before we could be seated. I was not sure, in my own mind, if I wanted to speak to her as a friend or as a lawyer but as she sat there with her legs curled under her, wrapped in her toweling robe, the atmosphere was anything but formal.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”

The small talk was over and there seemed little point in prevaricating.

“I want to dissolve the partnership.”

“So soon?”

The smile on her face told me that she thought it was a joke.

“I’m serious. It was a mistake from the beginning.”

She paused for thought before speaking.

“You know I can’t act for you both. One of you will have to appoint another solicitor.”

The thought had not crossed my mind and it raised a quandary. Jenny and I had attended the same University where she had graduated one year later than me. I never made her acquaintance there but I was aware of her as almost everyone was. The vivacious red-headed Irish girl with the startling green eyes was a man magnet and she evoked no small measure of jealousy, and it was not just her face. She had a curvy, thirties film starlet, figure which she showed off to maximum effect.

I had been totally surprised to meet up with her again later. I was in need of legal counsel on a particularly thorny contract issue and Gemma had made the recommendation on the strength of some work that Jenny had already done for her. I now thought of her as a friend but it never occurred to me that Gemma might have a greater claim on her loyalty. She could see my dilemma and then she dropped her bombshell.

“It might be for the best if I act for Gemma given that you were going to dump me anyway.”

I did not know what to say. I had spoken to Gemma just a few days previously. I had huge ambitions for the partnership and I was not sure, in the long term, whether or not Jenny and her firm were going to be right for us. I had suggested that we retain her for personal matters but put out some feelers to see who else might be available. Gemma had not seemed averse to the idea but now it seemed she had spoken to Jenny unbeknownst to me.

I was still struggling for a reply when the doorbell rang.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

There was a sound business argument, all I had to do was lay my cards on the table and let Jenny see the logic. I composed myself but was immediately disconcerted when Jenny walked back into the room accompanied by Gemma.

“Well, well, who have we here?”

“You were right she wants to dissolve the partnership.”

“Gemma, it’s for the best, for both of us.”

“How could you think so? Did you not think that it would displease me? Besides, I’ve already made two appointments for you and both ladies have agreed that it might be for the best if you conducted the meetings at their homes.”

The inference was not lost on me but Jenny’s next remark startled me.

“Is it true then? Does she really do it?”

“Oh yes, she’s developing quite a talent. Would you like to see?”

I felt my world caving in. Not only had she made Jenny privy to my degradation she was prepared to demonstrate it.

“Please, Gemma, not now. Let’s go back to the office and discuss this.”

“Don’t be silly, we don’t have any secrets from Jenny, do we?”

I looked imploringly in Jenny’s direction but I saw a look of excited curiosity in her eyes that told me that there would be no help from that quarter.

“Kneel down.”

“Oh my God!”

The exclamation came from Jenny as I fell to my knees and Gemma stepped forward. She flipped her skirt over my head and stood with her legs slightly apart.

“Lick me.”

She was wearing tight sheer panties that were already moist with anticipation and, as I licked, it was as though the essence of her was being distilled. Her dark curls gave the panties a spongy softness but, after a moment of two, the material began to make my tongue sore.

“How long will she keep it up?”

“For as long as I wish. After all, what choice does she have?”

They were discussing me as though I were not in the room and all the time the increasing sense of claustrophobia grew as I laboured in the darkness.

“Have you ridden her face?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I do it to all my boyfriends. It let’s them know their place.”

“Show me.”

“Are you serious?”

“Never more so.”

Gemma stepped back exposing my perspiring red face to the light.

“Make her lie on her back.”

“She’ll do whatever you tell her to do. She’s such a good dog she’ll do anything to please you.”

Jenny looked dubious, and the more so when she saw the panic in my eyes, but any reservations she may have had were short-lived.

“Lie there, on the floor.”

“Jenny, please, this isn’t right.”

The faintest hint of a scowl crossed her face and that was enough. The switch closed in my mind and I immediately lay down on the floor.

“Do you mind if I make myself comfortable?”

She did not wait for Gemma’s reply and casually removed her robe beneath which she was totally naked. My eyes were drawn up along the length of her long legs to her freckle dusted upper body where her breasts were heavy globes surmounted with cherry red nipples which were already distended. She was aware of my gaze and, with a movement of her hand she dragged my eyes towards her pubis, where she brushed her fingers casually across the immaculately trimmed red thatch which covered her sex. She let her fingers linger for a moment and I sensed that the show was as much for Gemma’s benefit as for mine and I wondered if there was more to Jenny than met the eye.

“Lift your head.”

She broke my train of thought as she took a cushion from the sofa and slipped it under my head and I felt a knot of fear tightening in my stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gemma take a seat, the better to enjoy the show, and then my whole attention was focused on the junction between Jenny’s legs as she stepped over me so that she was straddling my shoulders and facing down my body. She had a sense of the theatrical and she remained still for a few seconds allowing the tension in the room to increase and with it my heart rate. I gritted my teeth but my treacherous tongue was already readying itself.

Finally, she joined her hands at the back of her head and lifted the hair from the nape of her neck. At the same time she unlocked her knees and she began to slowly descend with a gracefulness that would have been the envy of an Olympic gymnast. I made a superhuman effort to turn my head aside but her calves were already pressed against the sides of my head, holding me in place, as her rounded buttocks came down to form the lid of my living coffin.

To start with she stayed poised, scant millimeters above my face, so that I could feel the heat radiating from her but then she began to move ever so slightly, in a tight circle, wafting her scent over me. I had never noticed before but she exuded a natural imperiousness and I imagined the men she had used this way in the past; she knew exactly how to play it, how to draw out the anguish of her prey. I could feel perspiration beading my brow but then there was a new wetness. Her fingers were at her sex, rubbing gently but insistently, and every few seconds another drop of sticky moisture dripped onto my face. I felt disgusted and degraded but this was only the prelude. After a couple of minutes of preparation she spread her knees a little more so that she was actually touching my face. She was like an artist carefully preparing a canvas. She brushed lightly using her buttocks to spread moisture evenly over my face. Nothing was missed. She brushed over my nose and my mouth and I was forced to close my eyes as she worked up and across my forehead.

I wanted to lick her, to spare myself anything worse, but now my mind had registered exactly what was to come, what she intended to do to please herself, I had no choice but to acquiesce. She gave one last wriggle and then with a load groan she opened her legs and her weight bore down. My head was pressed deep into the cushion and the next desperate breath that I took filled my lungs with her essence. She paused for a moment to let me get used to the burden but I could not overcome the panic. She was no lightweight and her buttocks were spread across my face plunging me into a stifling darkness.

It was obvious that she had been telling the truth when she said she had played the game before. She waited until my body began to twitch, until I reached the point of involuntary rebellion, and then she began to move. As she cleared my mouth I drew another gasping breath but I was inhaling moisture and I had to fight to keep from choking. After that her movements were both assured and measured. She worked her way back and forth across my face from my forehead to my chin. She kept her legs still and shifted her weight through her pelvis in a powerful pistoning action. As I struggled to hang on I could hear her urging herself on and she began to move faster rasping my face painfully with her pubis. By the finish there was no pretence at self control. She was grinding herself down taking her pleasure in any way she could until finally she came to a complete stop. She cried out as her climax ripped through her and I could feel her sex pulsating as she savoured ever last tremor. Even when it was over she was content to rest on my face until she had recovered sufficient control of her legs to enable her to dismount.

“That was awesome. Do men find that arousing?”

“Some do, most don’t, but frankly, who cares?”

I listened to their exchange as I tried to reanimate my face muscles and noticed that Jenny had seated her self next to Gemma with her legs brazenly spread.

“Come here.”

The tone of command seemed to come naturally to Jenny and I found myself doing as she asked without thinking. I stayed on my knees and shuffled between her legs to the spot that she was indicating.

“Clean me up.”

Her pubis was a damp nest and her inner thighs were smeared with moisture but I did as I was told. I put out my tongue and over the next few minutes I worked my way over every messy inch cleaning her as best I could. Just when I thought I had finished she brought her fingers down to her sex and held herself open.

“Do it.”

We both knew what she meant and I pushed my tongue between her swollen labia and toiled to bring her to another climax. At some point she leaned a little closer to Gemma and I was shocked to see a tentative kiss exchanged. Jenny was clearly taking the lead and she drew Gemma’s hand across to her exposed breast. I was so shocked that I almost forgot what I was doing but Jenny squeezed my head with her thighs.

“Don’t stop.”

There was no doubt that Gemma was uneasy but it was this very unease that excited Jenny and tripped her over the edge for a second time. Gemma moved away from her as Jenny pulled me more tightly to her sex and let herself go.

When it was over she reached her hand towards Gemma’s but Gemma’s mind was made up.

“I want to ride her face…”

Chapter 3

The following morning I woke in a cold sweat. I could not order my thoughts properly but I knew that I must not go into the office. I sat at the breakfast table drinking strong coffee hoping that my heightened alertness would help with my self control but, as it approached the time that I would normally leave for the office, I found myself starting to cry. It was not self-pity but instead a realization that the longer I sat there the more upset Gemma would be. It suddenly seemed so unreasonable for me to hurt her in that way and I felt so much happier with myself as soon as I took the decision to leave. Whilst driving in vague memories of the previous day’s events took shape in my mind and with them came an almost overwhelming sense of shame but it was all overshadowed by a recollection that somehow I had angered Gemma. When I got to the office she was already there and as soon as I saw her I became aware of a dull ache about my face and head.

“How are you feeling?”

“A little confused.”

“You’ll be fine now that you’ve got rid of any foolish notions about breaking up the partnership…”

She was right. Just those few simple words somehow made me feel altogether better.

“However, I have to say that I was angry with you, that you of all people would want to betray me…”

I went from calm to despair in the blink of an eye. I could not think why I should ever want to be disloyal to her.

“I have to go away overnight and so you’ll be alone here. I’ve decided that you need someone to keep an eye on you. She’s waiting in your office and you will endeavour to please her as you would me.”

She was treating me like an errant schoolgirl but a part of my mind told me that I was deserving of it. She looked back down at the paperwork on her desk and I was dismissed without a word. I walked through to my office assuming that I would find Jenny there, after all, who else could it be, but as I walked through the door my heart went cold.

Sitting in my chair, with her bare feet up on the desk, was Chloe, Gemma’s niece. In the next few seconds I recalled all the horrendous details of my previous encounter with her. She had been thrown out of school and Gemma had suggested that we help her out by giving her some temporary work. She turned out to be arrogant and conceited but worst of all she had not shown a spark of intelligence. Even the simplest of tasks seemed too taxing for her limited abilities. The one skill she did possess was an innate ability to get under peoples skin. In my case she picked up on my slightly prudish outlook on life and she would regale me details of her own sexual exploits which I dismissed as total fiction. In the sprit of friendship I put up with it for a week but then I had to draw the line. Gemma had fought Chloe’s corner but when I told her it was Chloe or me she knew she had no choice.

I was still staring at her with a startled expression when she answered the unasked question.

“Good morning, and yes, I do know all about you.”

If Gemma’s aim in seeking to teach me a lesson was to humiliate me then she could not have found a better method.

“First things first. Take off all your clothes and let me have them. I’ll keep them safely locked away.”

“Chloe, be serious. We may have got off on the wrong foot the first time round but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get along for the next two days.”

“Oh we’ll get along just fine…as long as you do exactly as you’re told. Now, strip!”

I willed my hands to stay at my sides but I was a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. Less than sixty seconds later I handed my clothes to her and watched as she locked them in desk drawer.

“Nice body. Now why don’t you pop out and fetch me a coffee, white, two sugars.”

“I can’t!”

“Of course you can. I know you’ll do anything to please me. Now run along.”

I turned from her and wondered how the hell I could do as she asked. The vending machine was across the hall in a kitchenette that we shared with two other offices. As I padded past Gemma’s office she looked up at me with a cruel smile but that was the least of my worries. I opened the front door and held it ajar as I checked out the corridor. There did not appear to be anyone around and I strained to hear if there was any activity in the kitchenette. Everything seemed quiet and so I loped across the five yard

gap and there then followed the longest minute of my life as I waited for the coffee to vend. The return trip was necessarily slower carrying the hot drink but I made it back and closed the door behind me with a huge sigh of relief. I handed it to Chloe who made a pretense of spilling it before starting to laugh.

“Well done, but I will be getting through a lot of coffee in the course of the day.”

I groaned inwardly. I had been lucky the first time but it was certain that my luck would not hold indefinitely. She sipped her drink and made no move to vacate my seat leaving me to stand self consciously in front of the desk. Her very presence jarred my sensibilities. My office was a reflection of my personality, neat, well ordered and quietly comfortable and Chloe’s goth persona seemed so at odds with it. She was a beautiful girl but she tried to make a statement with her spiked black hair and heavy makeup. Even her clothes seemed designed to negate her enviable figure. She wore a short leather jacket over a white unironed blouse and an obscenely short kilted skirt.

“I want to see you put on a show.”

She opened the desk drawer and took out a brutally large vibrator. It was much bigger than the one I kept at home and it was so heavy that I almost dropped it as she passed it across. I stared at it mutely wondering what the hell she expected me to do with it.

“Put it on the high setting and then I want to see you get it all the way in.”

As I switched it on the thing vibrated in my hands like a road drill. I wanted to throw it across the room but I drew it towards myself as though it were magnetized. I held it as steady as I could in both hands and then tentatively touched it between my legs. It beat against my sensitive skin like a tiny, manic, hammer and the sensation was painful but, at the same time, it had an immediate effect on my clitoris. There was no way that I could take the whole thing but I had to appear to try. I opened my legs a little wider and pressed the rounded head gently against my labia. For a second or two the pain increased but it was suddenly transmuted into a wave of pleasure which flashed across my whole body. Almost before I knew it I was pressing harder and the first two inches was inside me. I had never been so stretched and the vibrations literally shook me from head to toe. I heard Chloe laugh but I was lost in my own world of awareness. I worked the monster in and out by degrees to get myself wetter and then I took another couple of inches. At that point I think I had an orgasm but my body was not sated. I wanted it deeper still and in a state verging on delirium I stepped forward to the sofa. My legs were unsteady but I managed to straddle the arm of the sofa and I set the flat base of the vibrator down on it. After that, it was simply a matter of surrender. I let my leg muscles relax and slowly allowed the shaft to impale me. By the time it was buried to the hilt I was sweating freely and then I was hit by an orgasm the like of which I had never known. It took hold of me and refused to let go as I clenched my muscles so tightly around the shaft that it hurt.

I do not remember much after that. When I finally got a grip on myself I found that I had collapsed onto the sofa and the vibrator was buzzing loudly on the floor.

“I think you ought to turn it off or we’ll have complaints for the tenants downstairs.”

I reached down and did as she asked still not quite able to believe what I had just done.

“I’ll get you the name of the supplier.”

Her remark was intended to be flippant but as I stared at the monstrosity I wondered if I could ever be satisfied with anything of normal proportions ever again.

“Right, now you’ve had your fun it’s time for mine. Watching you play the slut has got me all hot and bothered.”

As I watched she stood up and slipped her panties down her otherwise bare legs. She stepped out of them and then sat down again with her legs widely spread.

“Come here. You can start by licking my feet and working your way up.

I must have made quite a sight. I could only get to my feet unsteadily. My hair felt lank, my make-up was beyond repair and I supposed that this was all part of her plan to totally degrade me. I knelt at her feet which smelt of trainers and stale talc but, perversely, I noted that her toenails were immaculately pedicured and varnished.

Yet again, I felt as though I was outside of my own body watching someone else but now I was looking down on them in every sense. I felt repulsed that this person was prepared to demean themselves in this totally humiliating way and I wanted to tell them to stop but, somehow, I knew that it would be to no avail. I licked lightly across the top of her foot but she wanted more.

“Lick my toes. I want to feel your tongue in between them.”

The voice of authority came naturally to her. She had obviously been a spoilt child, used to getting her own way, and the hint of petulance in everything she said worked deep on my subconscious. She was hard to please but I was compelled to try as hard as I could. The skin on her feet was mercifully soft but that made the task no less unedifying and she did not let me off lightly. Every few minutes she would take one foot away and present me with the other.

After about a quarter of an hour she picked up the phone.

Hi, Claudia, it’s me, I’m back.”

I felt my stomach lurch. Claudia was a young coloured woman who worked in the post room for the tenants on the first floor. She and Chloe had struck up a relationship whilst taking cigarette breaks outside of our no smoking building. I had had cause to complain not only because the breaks were getting progressively longer but because, once back in the office, they would immediately be on the phone to one another. At the finish I had lodged a complaint with Claudia’s supervisor.

“No, just for a couple of days….the bitch?…yeah, she’s still here…she’s licking my feet even as we speak…Don’t laugh, its true. No really. I’m sitting in her office with no panties and when I count to three she is going to start eating me out. One, two…three.

Oh my God! She’s good. She really knows how to use her tongue. Shit, you can’t believe how horny I am, I’m dripping!…No, you don’t have to tell her, she just knows what to do.

Oh yes! She’s working on my clit…Fuck, this is better than any guy! You still don’t believe me?

…Suck me out, I want my friend to hear …Of course it’s her…Oh Wo Wo!…She’s got her tongue right up inside….Yes! That’s it! Right there!…Oh fuck!…I’m going to come!…

Shit, that was a real gusher…No. Don’t stop…keep licking. Claudia? Can you sneak out for a couple of minutes?… No, not downstairs, come up here to the office.”

Chloe had lit up a cigarette, despite the prohibitions, and I was still licking slavishly at her sex when I heard the high pitched squeal behind me.

“Yo bitch! You weren’t lying. Is she kinky or what!”

Chloe reveled in her mastery for a few more seconds and then replied.

“If you’ve got the time I’ll make her do you.”

“No shit!…but your aunt?…”

“She’s cool. Come over here and take off your jeans.”

“Chloe, please, enough’s enough.”

My voice sounded pathetic even to my own ears.

“Ignore her. She’ll do just as she’s told.”

As she said it she got up from the chair and straightened her skirt and I tried to rise with her.

“Stay right where you are. If you want to please me you’ll eat out my friend and make a fucking good job of it.”

“Oh. I have got to get me some of this.”

Claudia had already kicked off her trainers and had wrenched her tight jeans and panties down her legs in one piece. She almost tripped over herself in her haste and then fell into the seat so recently vacated by Chloe.

“Ever tasted black pussy bitch?”

Claudia had the body of a female sprinter. As I knelt between her ebony thighs I could see her well developed leg muscles rippling in anticipation and then my eyes were inevitably drawn to her sex.

Her pubic hair was immaculately razor cut into the shape of a heart and the tight black curls glistened with a scented oil. As she made herself more comfortable it became a broken heart with her pink inner lips forming a starkly contrasting slash and I found myself perversely wondering whether or not the taste would be any different from my experiences up to that point.

“You not started yet?”

I struggled desperately and in my imagination I saw myself getting to my feet and slapping her across her face for her temerity. In reality I was leaning inwards with the tip of my tongue already between my lips.

“Shit, she’s really doing it, she’s licking my pussy.”

Having established my submissiveness she elected for an altogether more direct approach. She twisted a hank of my hair painfully in her hand and pulled me more tightly against her sex.

“Get your tongue right in there.”

My mouth was already sore from my previous exertions but I did as I was told snaking my tongue deep inside her. Her muscles clutched at me, putting a painful strain on the root of my tongue, but I held my place.

“This is fucking freaky. Give me a cigarette Chlo I think this is going to take a while.”

She lit up and then tapped me on the head.

“Show me what you can do…”

For the next few minutes I brought all my new found skills to bear as I tried to get it over with as soon as possible but, having got over her initial excitement, Claudia was in no hurry. She smoked a second cigarette and discussed her plans for the weekend shifting herself slightly every now and then to direct my attention to a particular spot.

“Do my clit.”

She stubbed out her cigarette and used both hands to open herself. The smell of nicotine from her fingers almost made me vomit but then came the next shock. Her clitoris was enormous. It lolled from its fleshy hood like a miniature penis and, even as I looked, it seemed to swell. Were all coloured woman endowed in this way? I was given no time for contemplation.

“Suck it.”

I pursed my lips and sucked it gently into my mouth.


Claudia lifted her hips slightly, pushing herself at me, and I started to use my tongue. It was like licking the head of a tiny mushroom and it had an almost immediate effect. She started to swear under her breath and undulated her hips seeking more friction. Her sex was leaking and I was enveloped in her bitter sweet stench but I could not stop. As she started to come she bucked herself uncaringly against my face content to rub her clitoris wherever she could. By the time she finished my face was coated and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

They gave me ten minutes respite and then they swapped places again. Over the course of that day and the next I lost count of the times that I was made to serve. The painful swelling in my knees was second only to the numbed and abused lump that my tongue had become. My sanity was seriously at risk but there was a single hopeful beacon on the horizon. When I got home on the second night there was message on my answering machine from Sebastian. He had wrapped up his latest business deal and was flying back the following afternoon. He did not like me to phone whilst he was away, he said it made him homesick, but on this occasion I broke the rule. I could not reach him direct but I left a message at his hotel asking him to meet me at my flat as soon as possible.

The next morning I tried harder than ever not to go to the office but each time I contemplated an alternative course of action I found myself descending into a trough of despond. Life only seemed to have any meaning once I made the decision to go in. When I arrived it was to find Gemma sitting at my desk perusing my office diary.

“Have you missed me? Still, I’m sure you’ve had fun with Chloe.”

My heart fell. The way she said it, and the cruel smile that now dressed her face, made me certain that she would be wanting some fun of her own now that she was back.

“You were going to take this afternoon off if Seb got back on time. Have you heard from him?”

I did not want to tell her. I had pinned all my hopes on confiding in Seb, if my conditioning would allow, and praying that he would come up with a solution. I tried to stay silent but she raised a questioning eyebrow and some inherent sense of good manners made me answer.


“Is he going to your flat?”

After an anguished hesitation I answered.

“I hope so.”

“Good, then I want you to invite me round.”

I felt my body start to shake and she must have read the terror in my expression. For a second or two she looked uneasy but then she said just two words.

“Good dog.”

I have no memory of the next quarter of an hour. When I next became aware Gemma was gone and I was sitting at my desk reviewing a client portfolio. I desperately racked my brains but nothing would come. For the next few hours I worked feverishly but with the constant fear that she would call me into her office. I was amazed that I could concentrate at all and I began to wonder if she had conditioned me to labour for the benefit of her prosperity in ways other than those which were totally loathsome.

In mid-afternoon the phone rang and I almost wept when I heard Sebastian’s voice. His flight was in and he was taking a taxi straight to the flat. I packed up quickly and walked briskly past Gemma’s office without looking in.

Once back at the flat I had an anguished hour’s wait until his taxi finally arrived and the sense of relief when I saw him in the doorway made me smile like a schoolgirl meeting her latest film idol in the flesh. I ushered him in and his lips were on mine almost before the door was closed. On one memorable occasion, following a particularly lengthy business trip, we had not even made it out of the hall before shedding our clothes and getting down to it on the floor. As we stood there I could feel his burgeoning erection and feared that we might be overtaken by our passions once again.

“Seb, no …not here. Come through to the living room, we need to talk.”

He had that petulant look that Hugh Grant does so well but Sebastian was more George Clooney. He looked older than his years but with him it was very becoming. He took pride in his well muscled physique and seemed happy to live with the premature lines that gave his face so much of its character but I suspected that his vanity would lead him to the surgeon’s blade before too many more years passed.

Another thing he had in common with Hugh Grant was his thick, dark, hair, now shot through with the odd strand of silver, which he wore slightly too long and brushed away from his face in much the same manner.

He held down a high-powered job, and projected a macho image to the world, but neither of us was in any doubt who was the dominant partner in our relationship. He was, therefore, surprised to find me so seemingly vulnerable.

I sat him down on the sofa but, as I took his hands in mine, the doorbell rang. I knew who it was and I did not want to answer it but Sebastian looked at me curiously as it rang a second time and I continued to wrestle with myself.

Finally, I gave in and went to the door and it was clear from the look on Gemma’s face that she was not happy to be kept waiting.

“Hi Seb. Not seen you in a while.”

“Hi Gemma. No, I’ve been away.”

As ever, they were cordial with one another but there was always a slight awkwardness. Sebastian was a client at our previous firm and Gemma had had eyes for him from the first but, as time went by, it became obvious that it was me that he was attracted to. At first I dismissed him as being too handsome for his own good, a man who could have any woman he wanted, but as I got to know him and began to appreciate his touching vulnerability, I changed my views.

Gemma sat down next to him on the sofa leaving me standing awkwardly.

“Is it too early for a drink?”

“No…of course…what will you have?”

I left them together whilst I went to open a bottle of wine. Gemma’s intrusion was both annoying and worrying. I knew there was more to it but the harder I tried to dredge it up from my subconscious the deeper it seemed to be buried.

I set the glasses on the coffee table and took a seat opposite them in an armchair.

“Was there something in particular that you wanted?”

Gemma looked at me in mock surprise.

“I was hoping you would tell me as I’m here at you invitation.”

For a second or two I was flustered and could not think what to say and my predicament was not helped by the look that Sebastian gave me. It spoke a thousand words and told me to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Gemma let the awkward pause hang for a couple of seconds.

“Well, if it’s a private matter, perhaps we can discuss it at the office tomorrow. I guess you two love birds have far more pressing business…”

As she said it she casually patted Sebastian’s lap.

“…Well, well who’s a naughty boy?”

He looked at me uncertainly with a flush of embarrassment on his cheeks. Gemma had left her hand resting on the crotch of his linen trousers and it was obvious that his erection had lost none of its vigour. Gemma could be outrageous on occasions but this was taking things too far. I wanted to tell her to behave herself but, instead, I found myself laughing it off.

Gemma moved her hand in a gentle circular motion.

“You know, that’s what I miss about being in a regular relationship the sex is so much better…”

Sebastian shifted enough to move her hand from the now prominent bulge so that it rested on his thigh.

“…Perhaps I could share you…”

Now it was Sebastian’s turn to laugh awkwardly.

“…Oh, come on Seb, don’t tell me that you’ve never fantasized about having a threesome…”

She gave a broad smile as her hand moved back to his bulge and he looked at me despairingly for a lead.

“You’d lend him to me wouldn’t you?”

Her coy question filled me with bile but I could not help myself as I gave a sly smile and made my reply.

“Of course I would.”

In the space of seconds Sebastian’s expression went from shock to bewilderment and then tentative expectation. After all, what was he to think? I had invited Gemma round and I was making light of her outlandish behaviour.

“There you are Seb, the seal of approval, reckon you could take us both on?”

At that point in time it could still have been construed as a joke; all it needed was Sebastian to get up from the sofa and make it clear that enough was enough. I sat there willing him to do just that but I could see that there was a new excitement in his eyes. Gemma shifted slightly allowing her already short skirt to ride a little further up her legs and then the heavy silence was broken by the slow harsh rasp of a zip as she deftly unfastened his flies.

Sebastian remained frozen his eyes darting to mine but all I could do was to grin stupidly.

“Now I know what you see in him…”

Gemma had freed his erection from the confines of his trousers and had it in her hand. Sebastian was proud of his manhood and justifiably so. Fully erect, it was nearly nine inches and Gemma could barely close her hand around its impressive girth. She toyed with him for a moment or two and then looked at me.

“Why don’t you come and unwrap this delicious package?”

I strained every sinew to stay where I was but the nature of Gemma’s pre-conditioning was just too powerful to overcome. I walked across to him and even smiled seductively as I pulled him to his feet. The fool looked as though he had died and gone to heaven as I slowly undressed him. When he was totally naked Gemma gently pulled him back down on to the sofa.

“Warm him up while I get undressed…”

Her words could have meant almost anything but, for me, they were just another pre-determined trigger. I knelt down in front of him and slowly eased his legs apart and he could hardly believe his luck. Whenever I had done it in the past it had always been in bed so that it was an act carried out on equal terms. Going down on my knees had all sorts of submissive connotations and I would not do it for any man, including Sebastian. Now, I played the whore that Gemma had made of me. I took his manhood in both hands and began to lick and suck at it with the relish of a porn actress but he did not have eyes for me. Behind me Gemma was slowly undressing and he was almost salivating as he watched.

“Don’t let him come.”

I came almost to a stop and held him still as he throbbed between my lips. Every now and again my mouth was invaded by a salty tang and I knew he would like nothing more than to come deep into the back of my throat and in some way I had rather he had done that than to hold himself back for his chance with Gemma. At that moment I hated him. I had no choice in what I did but he had so easily made light of our relationship. Far from being my saviour he was now revealed as a complete liability and it was fear and foreboding that I realized I was going to have to find another solution.

“Why don’t you sit and watch?”

I turned to face Gemma in her now horribly familiar nakedness and then, robotically, I took a seat in the armchair. Sebastian’s eyes were devouring her and she played up to it with devastating effect. She moved towards him with feline sexiness and he brought his legs together in anticipation. As she drew nearer she turned around so that she had her back to him and allowed him to take her by the hips. She eased backwards and reached beneath her to take hold of his erection. She paused for a moment, holding him ready, and than she slowly dropped onto his lap impaling herself in the process.

She sat astride him, such that I could no longer see his face, and she guided his hands upwards to cup her breasts. I wanted to close my eyes, to look away, but I felt compelled to watch. She caught my eye and then eased herself upwards, just once, so that I could see the glistening evidence of her arousal on his manhood. Then, she slowly sank down once more allowing him to fill her in a way that was so deliciously familiar to me. She was totally in control and behind her Sebastian grunted as he tried to hold back in a futile attempt to prove himself. I knew then that she had no interest in him other than as a means to humiliate me.

“Come for me baby…”

He needed no second bidding. He gave a single, animal, groan and his legs stiffened as he found his release in an act that had lasted barely a minute. When it was over Gemma rose from him and it was hard to say whether the redness in his face came from exertion or embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“No need to apologize…”

She pecked him on the cheek and then, sitting back down next to him, she looked at me.

“…I’ve saved some for you.”

It was another trigger and it was only as my body began to obey that I realized what she had in store. I got up and approached him in a theatrically seductive manner and went back down on my knees. He held his breath, hardly daring to believe, and I could see his heart hammering in his chest. I parted his legs, shook my hair from my face, and took his turgid truncheon of flesh into my mouth.

I had never before gone down on him after lovemaking and he remained frozen as though any movement might shatter the fantasy. I sucked at him, drawing out, the remainder of his ejaculate and then I took him deeper as I licked and cleaned the whole shaft. He was so lost in his own pleasure that it was only after a few seconds that it must have occurred to him that I was tasting not just him but Gemma as well. As soon as that thought registered, with all its connotations, I felt him beginning to swell in my mouth.

In an odd way I felt cheated. In all the time I had known him he had never come back to the boil again so quickly but now he was at full mast and he had the temerity to take hold of my head as he started to thrust at me. I sensed Gemma’s amusement but she had no intention of allowing him to come again quite so quickly.

“Hey, I’m getting jealous.”

Sebastian looked at her and I could see that he was puffed with pride because he was more than ready to attend to her once again. He withdrew from my mouth and held his erection in readiness but he was not to know that her remark was intended not for him but for me.

I got up and moved across as she opened her legs in welcome. I went down on my knees, taking up the penitential position that now came so naturally to me, and I heard Sebastian swear under his breath in amazement.

“Clean me up…then make me come.”

The dark fur was matted and wet as a result of their brief session but I dared not demur. I moved closer and began to preen her with my tongue. As I laboured she grew more aroused and her labia began to swell and to part. A runnel of mixed juices leaked from her sex and I went low with my tongue to lap it up.

“Get your tongue inside…”

With a growing sense of revulsion I did as she asked and was greeted by a co-mingled creamy mess. Both tastes were familiar to me but now they formed a bitter-sweet cocktail.

“Come on…I can’t hear you swallowing…”

I pushed my tongue deeper still and lapped up gobbets of the buttery mixture swallowing with a feigned relish which was obviously the result of another subliminal command. I could not believe how full she was; Sebastian had surpassed himself and I cursed him beyond measure.

“Make sure you get it all…”

After a few more minutes all traces of Sebastian had disappeared and now I was swallowing on account of her ever growing arousal.

“Do it…”

It was almost with a sense of relief that I switched my attentions to her clitoris which felt stone hard under my tongue. By then I knew her so well; she was more sensitive to the right than the left but she did not like to come too soon, she liked to be teased. I used the well-trained tip of my tongue to stimulate the left hand side of her clitoris and made random, fleeting, darts to the right. She had become a mistress of self control and it seemed an age before she finally relented.

“Suck it …”

I fixed my mouth to the apex of her sex and, as I gently sucked, I flicked my tongue, with newly learned rapidity, over the bulge of nerve endings. Her first orgasm came quickly, almost violently, but, these days, she was never content with just one. She had turned multi-orgasms into an art form and, as I continued to suck, swallowing her offering, the aftershocks were suddenly borne up to be transmuted into a second, distinct, climax. This one she controlled, riding it out, safe in the knowledge that I would continue to provide all the stimulation she needed for as long as she needed it.

I dared a glance at my watch when she finally released me and saw that she had had me on my knees for more than half an hour but when I could bring myself to look at Sebastian it was to find that his erection was undiminished, in fact, it looked stiffer than I ever remembered having seen it. He must have known, at that juncture, that there was something amiss: the tone that Gemma adopted was not what you would expect from two good friends enjoying a little Sapphic fun. As if to test a theory he posed a question.

“Are you going to trade places?”

Gemma’s reply was almost disdainful.

“I don’t do girls.”

“But you’re happy to be the recipient?”

“How could I refuse her? She just loves to worship at the shrine and, after all, she has such a talented little tongue. Now, you look more than ready, which one of us is it going to be?”

The casual use of the impersonal pronoun must have confirmed for him the skewed nature of the relationship between Gemma and I but, if anything, it only seemed to excite him more. Now, offered a choice, I was completely ignored as he gently pushed her back and eased himself between her legs.

Chapter 4

Gemma made me lick her clean afterwards. She did not want another orgasm, it was just one final display of her authority. Once she had left Sebastian made the mistake of trying to build on what he perceived to be a previously untapped submissive streak. Notwithstanding two powerful climaxes his manhood was still showing signs of life and in an echo of Gemma’s commanding tone he splayed himself on the sofa.

“Come and get me ready…”

I walked towards him with a fixed smile and then with all the strength I could muster I kicked him in the balls.

He was still doubled up as I half dragged, half rolled, him into the hall before pushing him through the front door and throwing his clothes out after him. When he had recovered sufficiently he went into a rage and pounded at the door but the threat of a phone call to the police was enough to make him go away. In the resulting silence I sat and wept.

By the following morning the prospect of not having Sebastian in my life no longer seemed quite so bad and I was left to wonder if I had ever really been in love with him. His absence meant that I was thrown back on my own resources but self-reliance had always been one of my great strengths. I sat at the dining table and started to make some notes.

Sebastian was out.

Both my parents were dead and I had no siblings.

I could not make a report to the police; I tried to call them but I always found myself cutting the line before I could say too much.

I looked up other hypnotherapists in the yellow pages but as I cast my eyes down the list of names I started to feel nauseous and I suspected that I had been primed with some form of unconscious aversion.

There was one option left to me but, to start with, it involved throwing myself on Gemma’s mercy.“Gemma, it’s me. Look. I’m not feeling too bright this morning. The truth is, I could do with a break.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve scheduled an appointment for you on Friday with Melanie Marchant. We’re talking big bucks on this one so it’s probably no bad thing for you to get your strength back…from what I hear you’re going to need it.”

I heard her laugh as she put down the phone but I was amazed that she had conceded to it. I immediately made two more phone calls and less than half an hour later I was on my way to the airport. I was booked on the Edinburgh flight and could not totally believe it until I took my seat and the plane took off. I felt no guilt and certainly no compunction to return to the office.

Katrina was at the airport to meet me and I picked her out immediately. She got her exotic looks from a Scottish father and a Spanish mother and she seemed to grow more beautiful with each year that went by. She hugged and kissed me in a show of genuinely effusive affection and I felt guilty. We had been best friends through school but saw less of each other when we went to different universities. When I finally started work friendships took a second place and we had pretty much lost touch altogether but that was definitely down to me. Katrina continued to make arrangements to meet up but there always seemed to be something more pressing.

We had lunch and, over a couple of bottles of wine, we brought each other up to date. By the time coffee was served it was though we had never been apart. We took a taxi back to her flat on the University campus and she showed me the spare bedroom before serving up more coffee in the living room.

“You said, on the phone, that you had something important to tell me about. Well I’m all ears.”

Over the course of the next hour I unburdened myself. I told her everything and, at the end of it, she sat in stunned silence before finally speaking.

“If I understand you correctly, you can’t, or won’t, go the the police.”

“Even if I could, what would I say? I can’t substantiate any of it and duress is even harder to prove.”

“So how can I help?”

“You did your masters thesis on subliminal persuasion techniques as I recall.”

“I lecture on psychology, not hypnotism, and my thesis was based on Nazi propaganda techniques.”

“Surely it’s close to being the same thing?”

“Perhaps if I show you.”

She left the room for a moment and returned carrying a folder from which she extracted a single sheet. It was a photocopy of a document written in German and my rusty language skills were not up to translating it.

“It’s a propaganda leaflet extolling the virtues of the Nazi party. Now look what happens if you highlight all of the positive adjectives like “good” and “superior” for example.”

She showed me a second sheet on which she had done just that and the highlighted words formed a swastika design on the paper.

“They used a similar negative reinforcement technique on this anti-Semitic tract. You can see that the negative adjectives form a Star of David. Now, neither of these designs is obvious unless you know what to do but if you use hypnotism to put somebody under they will recall the documents and, in their mind, they will see the design as though it were a watermark on the paper.”

I grew quite excited.

“But that’s exactly what they’ve done to me.”

“No it’s not. These leaflets were produced in the millions and fewer than ten percent of those reading it would absorb the image but, having done so, the conditioning sits deep in the subconscious. If your German were good I’m sure you would be in that ten percent but what you’ve been subjected to is something very specific, something very targeted.”

“Are you saying you can’t help?”

“No, not necessarily. I probably know enough to put you under but I wouldn’t want to. It might be that, in ridding you of one form of suggestive behaviour, I might trigger another. From what you’ve told me your conditioning is very elaborate and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been under more often than you can recall.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“You might not like the answer.”

“Please, I’m desperate.”

“Do you remember those newsreels of the Korean war? Those American pow’s put in front of a TV camera and seen to denounce their country, their president even the flag? That was very difficult to pull off. Flag, country, president those are patriotic themes that Americans have inculcated from birth. The Koreans used aversion therapy. Those prisoners were not just threatened with pain they were subjected to it and they were made to associate that pain with those particular images and ideas.”

“You think that something like that would work for me?”

“There are no guarantees, but if it did work it should do so without triggering an alternative pattern of behaviour.”

“So how do we begin?”

“Not so hasty. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? You would have to find someone prepared to let you perform cunnilingus on them and you would have to associate that experience with a degree of pain.”

The next few seconds of silence seemed to stretch on forever and my mind was a whirl of conflicting possibilities and emotions. I tried to speak but my voice quavered and I had to swallow hard.

“You’re the only person I can trust. Will you help me?”

She looked at me with an oddly neutral expression and there was a further lengthy pause before she replied.

“If I agree to help it will be subject to certain conditions…”


“Once you start you have to see it through. I will want to make notes and possibly make some recordings but I’ll guarantee your anonymity. You must understand that, for the next couple of days, our friendship will, in effect, be set aside.”

Katrina normally spoke with a soft, almost seductive, Scottish accent but her clipped, professional, tone had a hard edge that, for reasons I could not explain, made me feel slightly uneasy. I told myself not to be silly and then bit the bullet.

“Okay, I agree, when do we begin?”

“There’s no time like the present. I’ll go into the bedroom. Give me ten minutes and then come in.

Make sure you are undressed.”


“Are you questioning me already?”

“No…no of course not.”

Katrina left the room and I stood there, alone, wondering just what the hell I had agreed to. In the next few minutes I had serious doubts. Katrina had been my best friend and I was readying myself to enter her bedroom and go down on her. This time there was to be no compunction I was going to do it of my own accord albeit with the greatest reluctance.

I undressed myself and then knocked on the door tentatively before entering. I guess I knew what to expect but the shock of seeing Katrina naked was still great. She was sitting propped up on a pile of pillows with her legs stretched before her. I had seen her naked in the past when we were both schoolgirls but she was now a grown woman with a body to be envious of and the confidence to show it off. Having guiltily surveyed her I raised my eyes to hers. I suppose I hoped to find her as apprehensive as I was but she looked calmly aloof.

“How do we go about this?”

Her reply was sterile.

“Essentially we are talking about a denial of need. You have to ask for what you want but in the knowledge that it comes at a price.”

As she spoke she opened her legs and raised her knee. Her sex was shaved except for a neatly trimmed tuft of red black hair at the apex which contrasted with her semi Mediterranean complexion.

“So, tell me, what do you want?”

“I want…I want to go down on you.”

“Be more specific.”

I was embarrassed beyond measure.

“I want to lick you.”


I gave her a look that asked if this was absolutely necessary but I was met by the same cold expression.

“I want to lick..your sex.”

“A little Victorian don’t you think? Try again.”

I felt like a schoolgirl and the more so as I struggled for another word. Vagina seemed too clinical but the obvious alternative was not an expression that I had ever been comfortable with. I blushed as I formed the words.

“I want to lick your cunt.”

“That’s better. Now ask nicely.”

Another meeting of the eyes and another neutral response. I wanted to speak her name, to feel less dehumanized, but she was fully into her role and now it was up to me to play my part.

“Please…may I lick your cunt?”

“You may.”

My body was shaking as I knelt up onto the bed and then lowered my face between her legs. For a second or two I hesitated, reluctant to go through with it, but I reasoned with myself that this was now something I was more than familiar with and this time I was doing it for my own benefit. I closed my eyes and gave a single broad lick up along the length of her sex and was immediately greeted by a flood of moisture. I was so surprised I stopped and looked up at her but she simply raised an eyebrow as if to say “What did you expect?”

The truth was I did not expect her to be aroused and certainly not to that degree. I reapplied my tongue and wondered just how far I was supposed to take it, surely she did not expect an orgasm?, but, then again, was it fair of me to stop short? She remained almost perfectly still offering no clues. I licked gently for a couple of minutes and at some point she picked up a notepad from the bedside table and scribbled something before relaxing once more.

Her continued silence served only to increase my sense of awkwardness and the one clue that I had was the slowly increasing heat and wetness of her sex. I knew that I was licking more mechanically than I would have dared with Gemma and I was studiously avoiding her clitoris but, a few minutes later, she gave a barely perceptible sigh and her body shivered gently. Almost immediately she unwound herself from beneath me and stood up.

“Lie across the bed. Face down.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Just do as I ask.”

I took up my position, with my head on one side, and watched as she reached across to where her clothes were neatly folded onto the back of a chair. She picked up her skirt and unthreaded the thin leather belt.

“You’re not serious?”

“I’ve told you once. I’ll give you one final chance. We can stop this right now, and you can seek someone else’s help, or you do what I say without question.”

I had already come too far. If I saw it through to the end, and achieved a successful outcome, I could rationalize the whole experience as a psychiatric procedure but if I fell at the first hurdle not only would I still have a problem I would have changed the nature of my friendship with Katrina beyond retrieval.

So, I relaxed my body as best I could. I remained still and watched as Katrina wrapped the buckle end of the belt around her hand leaving twelve inches of it hanging free. She moved around out of my sight and I held my breath. The first strike came with a sharp snap and I yelped more in surprise than pain. She had not struck me very hard but it was hard enough. The second strike came quickly, a little lower on my buttocks, and no less painful than the first.

“This is the price you pay. If I allow you go down on me you must accept the consequences.”

Her delivery was flat, almost toneless, and it reminded me of something. Only later did I make the connection with Helen Heller who issued instructions a similar neutral manner.

In all she struck me six times and, as far as I could judge, none of the strokes had overlapped. Once she stopped the burning pain grew and I could distinguish each distinct welt.

“I need to make some notes. Go into the other room and come back in one hour’s time.

As soon as I was alone again I checked in the mirror. The welts stood out vividly red against my pale flesh but it was hard to believe that those six simple lines could cause so much anguish. I went into the bathroom and found some after sun cream which brought some relief but as I caught my reflection I could not help but despair at my insane predicament. Exactly an hour later I went back into the bedroom.

“Just one moment.”

I stood whilst she finished writing and then she settled back into the pillows. This time she opened her legs with her knees raised putting her sex blatantly on display. For a second or two I was at a loss but then remembered what was required.

“Please may I lick your cunt?”

The words tasted bitter in my mouth. I did not want to do it and I certainly did not want to pay the price but I somehow knew that the “therapy” had not yet worked. The one positive thing was the sense of other-worldliness that I felt at that moment. It was just like the state that I arrived at when commanded by Gemma and I could only conclude that Katrina’s treatment was acting on the appropriate area of my subconscious.

“Are you prepared to take the consequences?”

“…I think so.”

“Then you may begin.”

Once again I went down on my belly to my best friend. I hooked my arms under her legs and applied my mouth. This time there was no doubt. She was aroused and, judging by the heavy scent, she had been for some time. I felt aggrieved by this but had to remind myself that I had asked for her help. Only then did it occur to me that perhaps I should have asked her if she had had any previous experience with women. I had always assumed she was hetro but, on reflection, whilst she had many male friends there were none that I had ever been introduced to as a partner. These thoughts were still going through my mind as she seemed to reach another passive orgasm.

“Lie on the bed as before.”

“Is the belt strictly necessary?”

“I could spank you but that’s a little too intimate don’t you think? We need to keep this as impersonal as possible.”

I wanted to scream at her. How much more intimate could it get? I had just brought her to an orgasm using my mouth! I tried to reassure myself that she knew best and lay down on the counterpane.

I felt an odd shiver of revulsion as her fingers lightly traced out the tracks of pain that she had already laid down.

“Have you used a balm?”


“Don’t. You need to experience the pain otherwise it’s counterproductive.”

With that she took up the belt again and I tensed myself in anticipation. The first stroke was a long time in coming, and I almost told her to get on with it, but when it fell I wished that I had not been so impatient. It might have been that it fell across an already tortured area of flesh but in my bones I knew that she had hit me a whole lot harder and the pain was both instant and dreadful.

“Take your hands away.”

“Not so hard!”

“Do you want my help or not?”

It took a supreme effort of will to put my hands back down by my sides leaving my buttocks feeling horribly vulnerable. When the second strike came it was worse still and I could not help crying out.

“Scream all you like. The walls are made of granite, you could set off an explosion in here and no one would know.”

I do not know how she intended it but it sounded almost like a taunt and the stubborn streak in my nature took over. She laid on four more strokes, each no less painful than the first two, but I bit my lip and took them with barely a whimper.

“I need a rest. Let me get a couple of hours sleep and then come in and wake me.”

I got up from the bed and the pain immediately doubled as blood rushed back to my buttocks. I could feel a tear pricking my eye but I held it back until I was out of the room but then the floodgates opened. I cried for the next half hour both because of the pain but more so because of my predicament. However I looked at it my life seemed to be coming off the rails.

I tried to pull myself together and felt a little better after a long shower but two hours passed quickly and it was time to present myself again. As I entered the bedroom I was surprised to find that Katrina was dressed. She was sitting at the mirror putting the final touches to her mascara.

“Are we going out?”

“I am. It would probably be better for you to stay in and take an early night. Now, is there something you wanted to ask me?”

I was completely thrown. First by the news that she was going out without me and then by the fact of her second question. Did she really expect me to ask again? Her face offered no clues and I began to wonder if it was some form of test. If I asked, would she undress again and stay? There was only one way to find out.

“Please…may I lick you?”

I could not bring myself to say the hated word again but she ignored my lapse.

“Kneel down.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Kneel down. We’ve got to make this more realistic. I want you to do for me what you do for her.”

I reluctantly did as she asked. Somehow, with us both on the bed, I could pretend that there was some degree of parity but now there was to be no pretence about the relative nature of our roles. As I knelt she opened her legs. Within the confines of her short skirt she was wearing open crotch tights without panties and the stretched nylon framed her sex in an almost obscene manner.

As I drew nearer I could see that her labia were already wet and, as I applied my tongue, her taste was strong. In deference to her request I did all the things that Gemma liked me to do and she grew more animated than she had been up to then. As I worked towards her G spot she even began to issue instructions.

“Yes…there…just there…oh that’s good!”

I strongly suspected that she came at that point but she gave no indication that I was to stop. As I sucked on her clitoris she put both hands to the back of my head and held me in place and then her thighs closed about my head. Her second orgasm arrived and she literally wrung it out. She crossed her ankles and squeezed her thighs so that her scream of ecstasy was lost to me as a muffled cry. I thought that it would never end, and feared that my eyes would be squeezed from my head, but she finally relented and allowed herself to relax.

She stood up and straightened her skirt and, apart from a high colour in her cheeks, she looked immaculate. For my part I felt bedraggled. My face was red and clammy and my hair was an unruly mess.

“Bend over the stool. I’ll attend to you before I leave.”

I found her tone, indeed her whole attitude, hurtful but this was what I had asked for. By remaining aloof she was playing a role and it would make it easier to draw a distinction between this persona and the real Katrina when it was all over.

I bent myself over the stool and found that it was more comforting than the bed. I hugged myself to it and awaited my fate.

“I’ve put my skirt away so I’ll have to use this.”

She picked up an old fashioned, ivory backed, hair brush from the dressing table. It had a long handle with a round head and she slapped it experimentally into the palm of her hand. Inwardly, I gave thanks. I was not sure if I could take another half dozen with the belt but just a few seconds later I changed my mind. The back of the brush came down on my buttocks with a dull splat but the first strike immediately reignited all the pain I had suffered up to that point. She did not spare me. In fact, she grunted with effort as she delivered six solid strokes covering the whole of my arse. I could not have been in more pain had scalding water been poured over me and I cried freely.

“Good, I think we’re getting somewhere. Don’t wait up for me I may be late. Wake me at nine tomorrow.”

She left without another word and my immediate instinct was to pack up my bag and leave but I had to admit to myself that something was working. The very last thing in the world that I wanted to do right then was to submit to another session of punishment; whether or not the right associations had been made in my subconscious I could not say.

I went to bed and found that lying on my stomach offered minimal relief. The bed itself did not help. It was an old fashioned, canopied, four poster which fitted in well with the undressed granite walls of the guestroom but the mattress felt as though it might have been the original. Katrina had forewarned me but I had insisted that I would make do with it. Finally, I was overtaken by mental exhaustion and I feel into a deep but fitful sleep.

I did not wake until eight thirty the following morning. I took a quick shower and threw my nightdress back on before knocking at Katrina’s bedroom door. As I entered she was still only half awake but she quickly sat up in bed.

“You’re just in time. Come here.”

I went and stood beside her.

“I was just thinking about you.”

As she said it she threw the quilt to one side. She was wearing a silk teddy which was rucked up around her breasts and I could see that she had at least two fingers buried deep inside herself.

“Do it for me.”

She slowly slid her fingers free and opened her legs a little wider. I dropped my head almost without thinking and it was only as I began to lap at her already copious outpouring that I realized that she hadn’t made me ask. I feared then that she perhaps saw this as something set aside from my course of treatment and I wondered if I ought to say something. I did not want her suffering from the misapprehension that our relationship could continue in that way once I had regained control of my life.

As it turned out it was me who was being deluded. She quickly came to a noisy, messy, orgasm but she had me lick her until she came down from the plateau. Once she had calmed down she languidly rose from the bed.

“Stay just as you are …”

She did not stint. She had another belt ready at the bedside. It was heavier and wider than the one from the previous day and as she applied it the agonizing slaps echoed form the walls. By the fifth stroke I was broken. I rolled off the bed and turned to her with tears in my eyes.

“No more!”

For a second I saw something of the old Katrina in her eyes.

“You were doing so well. Look, take one of these; it’s a strong sedative. I’ve got to see some students this morning but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Go back to bed and I’ll wake you when I get back.”

I looked at the pill that she was proffering and my immediate reaction was to reject it. Drugs of any description had always been an anathema to me, I preferred homeopathic remedies wherever possible, but the prospect of two hours solid sleep free from pain was too much of a lure. I swallowed the pill with some water and returned to bed drawing comfort from the fact that, for better or worse, my experiment with Katrina was over.

The pill worked blissfully well but when I awoke something was wrong. At first, I thought I was still caught up in a dream but as I slowly regained my senses the sinister nature of my predicament became clear. My naked body was elaborately, almost elegantly, bound with a number of pristine white ropes. My arms were spread and tied off to the bedposts and other ropes crisscrossed my breasts and stomach lashing me firmly to the mattress. This was bad enough but it was the position of my legs that gave me most cause for concern. They had been bound together and then tied off to the decorative curlicues on the canopy of the bed. In this way my feet were almost over my shoulders and my buttocks were raised an inch or two above the beds surface.

For the next two or three minutes I struggled in vain to loosen the ropes but they had been tied by someone who knew exactly what they were doing. Eventually, I gave up and shouted out in anger.

“Kat!..Kat, get in here!”

When she did not put in an immediate appearance I felt panic welling up inside but, at last, the door opened.

“Kat! What’s going on?!”

She walked into the room dressed in nothing more than a very brief satin nightdress..

“You’re back with us.”

“Get over here and undo these bloody ropes!”

“Sorry, no can do. I told you that once you started you had to see it through. After your behaviour this morning I’ve decided that we need to refine your treatment.”

“Don’t bullshit me! Undo me now, I want to leave.”

She came closer and gently rubbed the back of her hand across my perspiring forehead.

“Your problem is that you just don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Kat, am I getting through to you? It’s over!”

“I think you’ll find that it’s only over when I say so. I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve determined that the problem is that you are not making a direct enough connection between the two elements…so I’ve decided to enlist some help.”

The import of her words had barely sunk in before two girls came into the room.

“Kat, get them out of here!”

She ignored my entreaty and beckoned them closer.

“Let me introduce two of my students. Verona, here, is on a scholarship from Venezuela, Janet comes from right here in Edinburgh.”

Verona gave a dazzling smile and looked to all the world as though nothing untoward was going on but Janet appeared a little more reticent.

“Kat, I don’t know what you think you’re playing at…!”

She carried on as though I had not interrupted.

“Janet, put the camera on the dressing table.”

“Katrina! This stops right now!”

My obvious anger brought Janet up short for a second or two but than she set up the small digital video camera as she had been asked. Katrina’s face then loomed over mine.

“Here’s what is going to happen. I am going to sit on your face and you are going to make me come because, until you do, Verona is going to whip you.”

I desperately looked for any hint of amusement in her eyes, any clue that it was all a joke, but she was in deadly earnest.

“You can’t make me do this!”

“You think not?”

She slowly unfastened her nightdress and allowed the satin to slide off of her skin. I frantically shook my head from side to side but I could only keep it up for a few seconds. She waited patiently until I gave up and then she slinked up onto the bed. She straddled my head, facing down the bed so that she could see exactly what Verona was doing. I clamped my mouth closed defiantly but she stayed poised over me with her sex just a couple of inches away.

“Verona is going to make a start, gently to start with but with increasing severity. You know how to make it stop.”

I was grimly determined. She was not going to make me do it. I tensed my whole body and waited. The first strokes, when they fell, were little more than flicks and whilst I could not see I guessed that she was using the same belt that Katrina had employed the first time. The strokes came at regular intervals with only three or four seconds between them but by the time she reached a dozen they were really stinging. My pride would allow me neither to beg nor to do as she asked but each stroke was heavier than the last and my buttocks had been sore from the outset. Katrina remained perfectly still but a single, telling, drop of moisture reluctantly gave in to gravity and fell from the base of her sex to hit me squarely between the eyes.

I lost count but I must have taken two dozen strokes before I broke.

“Slow down. She’s got the message.”

I strained my neck, lifted my head, and started to lick. She was already in full flow and my tongue slid inside her with ease. Verona slowed down but she did not stop. The strokes still came at regular intervals but they were delivered with less venom. Even so, the pain was getting worse and I knew I had to satisfy Katrina as soon as possible but her elevated position made it a real effort to get to her clitoris. I finally managed it with my tongue at full stretch and I used the very tip to try and get her there. She managed to keep her poise for another minute or so but then it got to her and she eased down to grant me full access. When she finally came it was with most of her weight bearing down on my face but I was simply glad to survive the ordeal.

Verona had stopped at last but she may as well have been holding a clothes iron to my skin for all the relief that it brought. I wanted to give Katrina hell but I had to wait, with barely disguised impatience, to be untied. She got off of the bed onto unsteady legs and then stretched herself. I envied her that stretch; only at moment did I realize just how cramped my own body had become.

She went to Verona and took the belt from her hand.

“You did well. You’ve earned your reward.”

Verona gave a girlish squeal and she rushed to take off her clothes.


She turned back to me and smiled.

“I don’t have to tell you what to do, do I?”

Verona slipped off her high cut panties and then hopped onto the bed to straddle my face. She faced up the bed so that she could look down into my eyes and her expression was one of almost childish excitement but there was no doubting that she was a woman. She was a little slimmer than Katrina but her breasts were impressively larger. She had a much darker complexion and she had a fuller growth of pubic hair. Katrina had said she was a student but I was guessing that she was already in her mid-twenties.

“Janet, come and take the belt.”

Once again I tried to hold out and once again I failed. Janet must have struck me fewer than half a dozen times before I buried my tongue deep into Verona’s sex. She was so excited that she used her fingers to make herself more accessible to me and it was probably just as well. Janet was either reluctant, amateur or both. She struck me without rhythm and there was no telling haw hard she would strike. At one point she hit me so hard that I screamed into Verona’s sex and I was aware that Katrina had cautioned her to be more careful.

She came at least once but she did not let on. The flood had no sooner subsided than she was working herself on my face again and I had to endure at least another dozen strokes before she got there for a second time. When she dismounted I could no longer take stock of all the aches and pains that were assailing me.

It is a constant amazement how quickly you can become resigned to fate. It was almost inevitable that Janet would want her turn and I was already thinking in terms of getting it over with so that I could have my confrontation with Katrina.

“Your turn Janet, if you wish.”

Katrina’s words confirmed my fears and Janet started to undress but where Verona had no qualms about her nakedness Janet seemed more self conscious. She had a good figure but looked heavily built when compared to Verona. She was blonde haired and pale skinned leaving her red nipples to form the starkest contrast. As she drew nearer I caught her eye and I saw something there. It was neither the aloofness of Katrina nor the excitement of Verona it was something else and only later did I think that it might have been pity.

She took her place on the bed less gracefully than the others and seemed in two minds about how to position herself. In the end she opted to face down the bed as Katrina had done and it was at that moment that it fell into place. For the first time in my life I went into hysterics. I was dimly aware of a commotion around me and then I fell into a welcoming darkness.

Chapter 5

When I came to I was alone. The ropes were gone and I was lying in bed with the quilt over me.

I lay still for a moment or two listening for noises elsewhere in the flat but heard none. I got up and winced with pain as I got myself dressed. Someone had already cleaned my face and so I threw my things into my bag and less than ten minutes later I was standing in the street hailing a taxi. At the airport I managed to get my ticket changed to the early evening flight and then I killed a fearful couple of hours praying that Katrina would not come after me. Once I was safely on the plane I tried to get my thoughts in order.

It was seeing Janet’s body that had taken me over the edge. Her buttocks were a mess of recently inflicted stripes but there was evidence of much older punishments. I knew then that Katrina was not new to this. I had no doubt that both girls were indeed students but I surmised that Katrina was tutoring them not just in Psychology. I guessed that Verona was naturally dominant and was following in Katrina’s footsteps and it followed that Janet was probably submissive to both of them. That look that she gave me told me that that she had been there too, on her back, helpless, whilst they rode themselves to ecstasy.

Some weeks later Katrina phoned me. She confirmed that she was bisexual, mainly men, but occasionally women, but only on her terms. She told me that she had been attracted to me ever since school but she knew that I would not go for her particular brand of deviancy. At the outset she genuinely believed that she could help me but she was overcome by her own desires. She said that she wanted a reconciliation but I put the phone down without another word and never spoke to her again.

The day following my return from Edinburgh I found that I was not drawn back to the office. I speculated that this was because Gemma had tacitly agreed that I need not return before Friday which now meant that I had two days in which to try and find a solution. On the flight home it had occurred to me that, whilst I could not enlist the help of another hypnotherapist, I could, perhaps, explore the possibilities of self hypnosis. Now that I had a new goal I was galvanized. It took a couple of phone calls to seek out a medical library that allowed general public access and then, less than an hour later, I was seated at a study table. It seemed that the medical community was still pretty evenly split on the efficacy of hypnotic treatments with a large proportion of the anti lobby being vehemently opposed. I took a light lunch and then immersed myself once more, this time concentrating on techniques.

By the time I returned home I had a thick sheath of notes and a renewed spirit of optimism. It seemed that the key to self-hypnosis was the ability to relax and years of yoga classes gave me a head start in this regard. It was necessary to reach a state of hypnotic susceptibility that demanded a deep state of relaxation. Some people did this whilst standing up to avoid actually falling asleep but others failed because they remained too alert in an effort to recognize the onset of the hypnotic state. It seemed that the second important element was to have, simple, clear cut goals. Some of the literature recommended writing them down and committing them to memory so that they could be accessed by the subconscious. An alternative was to try and visualize them before going under.

In my case it was very simple. I wrote down the phrase “I will no longer submit to Gemma’s will.” half a dozen times and recited it as a mantra. By repeating the words I used it as a countdown and each time I said them I allowed myself to relax a little more. After an hour I felt as invigorated as I normally did after a yoga session but I had no idea if it had worked. The following day I repeated the process twice more having bathed and pampered myself beforehand to help things along.

On Friday morning I deliberately slept late to see if I felt any guilt about not going into the office on time and was elated to find that my conscience seemed clear. I got up, had a leisurely breakfast and everything still seemed well. I got into my car feeling happier than I had in days and realized that I was actually looking forward to my confrontation with Gemma. As usual, I allowed the traffic flow to dictate the route that I took but I found that I had turned into an unfamiliar street. I came to a stop at the kerb to give myself a chance to check my mental map but, no sooner had I done so, than there was a sharp rapping on the top of the car.

“You’re late!”

I looked up into the heavily made up face of a pneumatically breasted blonde and it took me a second or two to recognize the woman who had provided so much tabloid fodder over the preceding twelve months. Melanie Marchant, real name unknown, was a former lap dancer who had achieved notoriety after marrying a fifty year old postman. He also happened to be one of the countries biggest ever lottery winners. She divorced him within a year, citing his adultery, and took him for half of everything he had. The sap had bedded an equally well endowed “model” who, the tabloids later discovered, had once worked at the same club as Marchant. Much was made of it but nothing was ever proved.

More thoughts were cascading into my mind than I could immediately handle and I felt slightly faint. I got out of the car, leant against it, and took some deep breaths.

“Follow me.”

She walked back up the path towards a large faux Tudor house that was one of six in the street and, almost without thinking, I followed. My professional instincts were kicking in but it was all wrong somehow. She was a prospective client, I was late. I racked my brains. What time should I have been there?

The interior of the house turned out to be a nightmare of mismatched modern themes that screamed bad taste and only served to unsettle me further. She had me sit down on a particularly garish sofa and I realized that I had brought a set of proposal forms with me from the car. I tried to find something to say, to stall for time, whilst I tried to regain control.

“How…How did you hear about us?”

“I know Gemma from the club. You’d be surprised how many business women used to come in.”

She saw the shocked look on my face.

“When they ask for dances they pay better than the men: and then of course there are the little extras…I must admit I never thought that I would end up as the client. Why don’t you put those papers down and undress for me.”

I felt a wave of revulsion but it was quickly replaced by a dangerously familiar sense of guilt. It seemed that all my attempts at self-healing had been in vain.

“Nice body, you sure you don’t want a job at the club? You’d make good money.”

I stood before her naked and defeated.

“Dancing can be a turn on but we had a strictly “no touch” policy with the men; so, at the end of the evening we girls would sometimes help one another out…I’ve missed that this last year or so.”

As she said it she stood up and slipped her panties down her long dancer’s legs. Any lingering doubts disappeared like pollen in the wind. She came towards me and ran her hands down off of my shoulders and onto my breasts before moving lower still. I winced as her hands playfully squeezed my buttocks and she half turned me to see.

“You’re into that sort of thing? Oh baby, you and I are going to have so much fun..!”

Hours later I got back into my car and then I fell apart. I sat and cried, great wrenching sobs that left me fighting for breath. It took a long while for me to regain sufficient composure to drive myself back home. I had signed up another client but at what cost.

Once I had showered I tried to think it through. Presumably Gemma, had planted the meeting details for Marchant somewhere that had impinged on my subconscious, possibly in one of the many e-mails she was so fond of sending me, and after that she had only to trigger the impulse for me to see it through. My new hope was that I had obeyed because the suggestion had been implanted before I started my course of self hypnosis and that I might still be able to resist new instructions.

With a renewed determination I spent the whole weekend putting myself under but this time I focused on specifics including “I will go to the police.”

On Monday morning I put my theory to the test. Instead of driving directly to the office I took a minor diversion to the police station. I parked up and got as far as the front desk without any ill feeling. I was sorely tempted to swear a complaint there and then but just getting there boosted my confidence immeasurably and I felt ready to go on the attack.

When I got to the office the door was locked and I assumed, not without disappointment, that Gemma had yet to arrive. I was surprised, therefore, to find her seated at her desk. At first glance I thought she had a cold. Her face was glowing and she looked slightly spaced out. For a split second I almost felt concerned but this was no cold. As I stood in the doorway she began to breathe harder.


As she said it I became aware of the noise coming from beneath her desk and then she started to groan in a manner that was all too familiar.

“Oh fuck! Yes!..Don’t stop!”

She was in the throes of a more intense than usual orgasm and, whilst I felt that I should have looked away, I found myself rooted to the spot. Her body began to shake like a badly operated puppet as it ripped through her and then she sat limp in her seat as it left her drained. Finally she turned her attention to me.

“There’s someone here you should see.”

She eased her chair back heedless of the fact that she was completely naked from the waist down. As she did so a naked figure emerged from beneath her desk. The sweaty body was definitely male but his identity was masked by a leather hood which was tightly laced at the back of his head. The hood had no eyeholes and from the mouth there emerged a six inch leather dildo which, at that moment, gleamed with moisture. Breathing was only possible through two small openings in the area of his nostrils and, right then, he was breathing hard.

His hands were bound behind his back with pantyhose but it was his penis which got my attention. It was girded by a series of thin leather straps each of which had been tightly cinched. Even as I looked he was valiantly trying to come to erection but the straps made it painfully impossible. There was another, thicker, strap tightened around his scrotum which was horribly constricting his balls. Had it been anyone else he would have had my sympathy but Sebastian’s body was all too familiar to me and, as far as I was concerned he was getting everything he deserved.

“Is it hypnotized?”

“He was to start with…”

It was not the answer I was expecting but his present state explained why she had been happy for me to take a few days off. She obviously wanted time to break in her latest acquisition.

“Get dressed. I want to talk to you.”

My assured tone of voice surprised her but she quickly regained her composure and, when she replied, it was with a hint of mischievousness.

“I can’t spare you the time right now but if you think its something important come round to the house this evening.”

I had the distinct feeling that she was toying with me and I wondered if there was something I may have overlooked. She took advantage of my momentary hesitation to pick up her clothes and head towards the washroom.


I shouted after her but it was too late as she locked the door behind her. I stood outside and waited with growing impatience. Finally, she reappeared with her hair and make-up redone,


Once again she ignored me as she collected her coat and case.

“I’ve told you. We’ll talk this evening.”

With that, she was gone. I should have gone after her, grabbed her if needs be, but I was stymied by my natural sense of social etiquette even whilst Gemma was blatantly rude. I felt frustrated but, in a way, relieved that I now had even more time to prepare.

Only once she had gone did I turn my attention to Sebastian. He was still standing exactly as she had left him but the way he was casting his head about suggested that he was not only blind but deafened too. I walked towards him and his head turned in my direction but I could hear that he was sniffing at the air. He tried to say something but the phallus must have extended into his mouth because all that emerged was an incoherent mumble.

If he could smell my perfume he must have known that there was someone other than Gemma in the room but he was very unlikely to know it was me. Whilst killing time at Edinburgh airport, and in order to return some semblance of normality to my life, I had tried out a number of scents. The one I was wearing was totally new.

I wrestled with my conscience for less than half a minute before I made up my mind. I crossed the room and locked the door before kicking off my shoes and removing my tights and panties. Since my induction Gemma had had a leather sofa moved into her office and I took his compliant hand and pulled him towards it. He was still trying to ask questions and it was difficult to keep a straight face whilst listening to his gibberish. I pushed down on his shoulders to bring him to his knees but he seemed reluctant to co-operate and I wondered if I had overplayed my hand. I decided to try a different tack. I reached down and, cupping his distended balls, I gave an admonitory squeeze. He gave an anguished howl and fell to his knees in an instant.

I hated to admit it to myself but watching Gemma had been a turn on and even more so when I realized who was involved. I sat down in front of him, with my legs apart, and used my fingers to stimulate myself. It did not take much. Within seconds they were coated with moisture and. on a whim, I wafted them under the hoods breathing holes. He drew back slightly and shook his head in denial but I brought my foot up and pressed against his already tortured balls. It was enough. He remained still and awaited my pleasure.

I put one hand behind his head and pulled him between my legs and with the other I guided the dildo to its target. I then had to pull his head back and forth to work it gently inside. Once I was comfortable I pulled him all the way in and held him there whilst I savoured the delicious sensations but, in so doing I was making it difficult for him to breathe. His distress was obvious from the noises he was making and then he tried to pull away. I gave him a couple on inches, just enough to take a few laboured breaths, and then I pulled him back onto me. At that point I laughed. He began to nod his head to push the dildo in and out and he looked totally absurd. He had been taught well and, to his credit, he kept a up regular, gentle, rhythm but I knew it would not be enough by itself. I was surprised by his stamina and it looked as though he could keep going for as long as necessary but the time had come to assert myself.

I took hold of the laces at the back of the hood and pulled him free and, seeing him there with the wet dildo still sticking out from his face, it occurred to me that he probably had no idea whether or not I had reached an orgasm. I did not leave him in doubt for long. I tugged harder on the hood to get him to lie on his back. He was not happy with this turn of events and, with his hands still secured behind his back, he

put up a brief but uneven struggle. I used my weight to push him off balance and, unfortunately for him he finished up on his back with his legs folded under him.

The position he was in looked positively uncomfortable but, as I quickly moved forwards to straddle his shoulders with my knees, he was securely pinned. He tried to yell more loudly than ever but that only added to my pleasure as I lifted myself over his face. He knew what was coming and he struggled like fury, trying to shake his head from side to side, but it was all too simple for me to take hold of the shaft and keep him still. I took a deep breath and then I lowered myself onto it. When it was all the way home I rested for a moment but a renewed, muted, bellow told me that he was having trouble breathing again. With a sigh I took mercy on him and I began a slow rise and fall. At first I was gentle but, after a few moments, I needed more friction and I set up a harder, driving rhythm. I was dimly aware that the shaft was getting exceedingly wet and his continued cries suggested that some of the moisture was finding its way into his breathing holes but I was, by then, too far gone. By the finish I was almost pounding myself into his face but, as far as I was concerned, it was no less than he deserved for his disloyalty.

When my orgasm came it was with a violence befitting the effort I was putting in and I screamed with the joy of it. It seemed unwilling to give up, each time I thought it was over, I was lifted again until, finally, I was left completely rung out and slumped on his face.

It took a huge effort to regather my strength and to stand up again but the pleasant aches I was experiencing were going to be in direct contrast to the cramps that Sebastian would suffer. He was going berserk and any thoughts I had about releasing him were quickly dissipated. I hurriedly got myself dressed and left him in his own devices. After all, he had no idea who his tormentress had been and, as far as I was concerned, he was Gemma’s problem.

The whole episode left me feeling empowered and invigorated. I headed back to the flat and spent the remainder of the day getting myself prepared. In the end I grew impatient but I knew that there was no point in putting in too early an appearance. I made myself wait until seven thirty and then I set off.

Gemma lived outside the city centre in a large rented house overlooking a newly refurbished canal. The drive took a little over half an hour through the early evening traffic and, as I parked up, I was pleased to see that the lights were on. I repeated my mantras to myself one last time and then walked up to the front door.

Gemma opened the door to me with a smile that was hard to read. She ushered me through to the kitchen dining area and, once again, I could not help but be impressed with her good taste. The house had retained many of its original late Victorian features but Gemma had installed furniture which was both sympathetic to the original décor but at the same time made a modern statement. In the kitchen the table was set for four and, whilst it was not such a surprise to find Jenny there, the presence of Helen Heller was altogether unsettling.

“Take a seat, I was about to serve the hors d’oeuvre.”

I looked at each woman in turn. They had all taken advantage of me in the most intimate manner but each looked completely guileless. I simply wanted to get Gemma on her own and have it out with her but, yet again, I became a victim of my own social graces. I took the empty seat and the next hour unfolded as though it were happening to somebody else. Gemma served a light but perfectly prepared meal and the conversation centred on Helen. She was in the process of writing a book and she wanted Gemma’s assistance on the financial issues and Jenny’s on the contract and intellectual property matters. I took no part in the conversation but, instead, sat and slowly seethed. How dare they discuss such trivia after all the damage they had inflicted on me?!

I had just reached the point where I was going to stand up and demand a few minutes alone with Gemma when Helen turned to me.

“So tell me, have you tried self-hypnosis yet?”

The question, coming out of nowhere, caught me unawares.


“You’re an intelligent young woman. You must have thought of it. My guess is that you are here to see if you can break free.”

Her degree of perception shook me badly but I tried hard not to show it. I started to rise from the table.

“I’ve nothing to say to you… Gemma, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Please, sit down, there’s a good dog.”

With those few words the foundations crumbled. I had made the mistake of focusing all my efforts on overcoming Gemma’s authority at the expense of leaving myself open to the more malign influence of Helen Heller.

For a second or two I wavered as I tried to force myself towards the door but somehow the effort required seemed far too great and I slumped back into my seat. Gemma looked on with genuine fascination but Jenny seemed to be trying not to smirk. My breathing was shallow and I felt myself beginning to get light-headed. I had to make a conscious effort to breathe more deeply and to get my mind refocused. It was clear that both Gemma and Jenny were deferring to Heller and she now had me pinned with her steady gaze.

“I think it’s about time that we moved on to dessert…You’ll find yours under the table.”

There was nothing remarkable about her voice per se but the timbre was a distillation of all of the authority figures throughout my life, my mother, my priest, teachers. It burrowed into my brain throwing switches as it went.

I found myself beneath the table. I was looking for something, but not sure what, and then I saw that Jenny had opened her legs. She had dispensed with underwear and I was confronted by her vulgarly exposed sex with its neat covering of flame red hair.

“You know what you have to do…”

Heller’s voice drifted to me from on high but it was no less commanding. I shuffled forward on my knees and put my head between Jenny’s legs.

“Oh God…”

The exclamation was torn from her as I put my tongue to her sex. The taste was tart and she had obviously been turned on for quite some time. The rational part of my brain, imprisoned elsewhere, knew then that my every move had been anticipated and that they had come together to use me again and to reinforce their dominion.

I hated them, I hated myself, but still I applied myself with all the fervour and skills at my disposal.

“I’ve waited too long for this …”

She put her hand behind my head and pulled me closer as she relaxed more fully in her seat. To my left Gemma got to her feet and, consumed as I was with what I was doing, I could still hear that she was putting fresh dishes onto the table. For the next twenty minutes they talked and laughed as they enjoyed their desserts; it was as if I were of no consequence. In a strange way this enflamed me and I licked and sucked at Jenny’s sex with renewed determination. She played the game, and tried to remain outwardly impassive, but she was having to squeeze her legs tightly and painfully against my head in order to keep up the pretence. Finally, she could hold back no longer.

“Now! Do it now!”

I heard the other two laugh at her loss of control but they were hushed as she gritted her teeth and wrestled with the pleasurable sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. Her vice like grip on my head tightened even more and I was shaken with her as she juddered to a finish. When it was over she seemed reluctant to let me go but she loosened her hold and than discretely wiped herself with a paper serviette. No such courtesy was extended to me. I knelt there with my face hot, wet and sore.


Gemma got up from the table once again and my mouth watered as she returned with a pot of freshly ground Blue Mountain. For a few minutes it seemed I was forgotten but then Heller shifted in her seat.

“My turn, I believe.”

She raised herself slightly and quickly eased her panties down her legs. She let them drop to her ankles and then kicked them away heedlessly. I wanted to look away but I could not. She was wearing a mid length skirt, buttoned down the front, and, as I watched, she began to unfasten it. There was no doubt that it was a skirt chosen with exactly this eventuality in mind. As each button came undone she spread her legs wider until there was sufficient space for me to perform as she knew I would.

She sported a lusher growth of hair than Jenny and her sex seemed bigger. Her labia were very prominent, like orchids rising above a jungle canopy, and her scent was also, somehow, more primal. It had a rich, earthy, quality and it was evident that she too had been aroused for some time; I suspected that Jenny’s performance had affected her more than she cared to let on

Once again I found myself drawn forward and she gave an almost indiscernible shiver as I brought my lips to her shrine. She played the same game as Jenny, holding up her end of a normal conversation as I worked in the darkness, but she was appreciably slower to come to the boil. After fifteen minutes my tongue and jaw ached but there was no obvious sign of progress. Her sex exuded moisture as though it were a precious unguent to be dispensed with munificence. I plunged my tongue deep inside, seeking the font, but she would not be hurried. Any time that I made a premature move towards her clitoris she gave me a controlling squeeze with her thighs. It was more than half an hour before she allowed me to increase the pace. By that time I could no longer find any saliva and my mouth was filled with her taste. I was almost on autopilot as I lashed her excited clitoris and it was hard to measure my success. When she came in was in a series of crescendos which would build up and then recede before climbing higher still. The fact that I was now having to swallow hard to keep up with her flow was testimony to the power of her climax but she managed to retain some measure of decorum and I am sure that the other two remained unaware.

When she was finished I knelt sullenly using my fingers to try and knead some feeling back into my abused face muscles. Now there was only Gemma left and I simply wanted to get it over with but, above me, they were discussing the merits of a Sauternes that Gemma had served as a dessert wine.

“Let’s go through to the living room.”

The three of them rose from the table and then Gemma lifted the heavy damask cloth.

“… that includes you.”

They carried their glasses of wine into the large, airy, living space and I followed behind like some lowly domestic.

“If you ladies don’t mind…”

To my astonishment Gemma started to undress. I could still not believe how open they were with one another, how easy in one another’s company. I had always thought that my tendency towards prudery lined me up with the majority of reasonable thinking people but now I began to have my doubts. When she was completely naked Jenny piped up.

“I envy you your bum. I wish was trimmer in that department.”

Gemma ran her hands over her buttocks as though discovering them for the first time but I knew her well enough to know that she was flattered by the compliment. She looked at Jenny over her shoulder.

“I thought men went for the Latino look nowadays.”

“Men might, but clothes designers don’t.”

Heller laughed at Jenny’s answer and then added her own contribution.

“But isn’t it fun? Nowadays, you get a man down on his knees and he’ll worship your arse for hours.”

“Does that do it for you?”

Gemma asked the question unabashed.

“If you’re asking if I can come that way the answer is yes. As long as it’s done right …and for long enough.”

“Perhaps I ought to give it a try…”