reluctant husband


The sun hung deep over the steep cliffside as we took the last bend in the winding road that led down to the tiny village, stuck on the edge of the barren, rocky coastline we wanted to travel during the next four weeks. We had been driving the whole day and were quite exhausted from the long journey, but we couldn’t ignore the spectacular view of the picturesque houses under a fierce sky which was a fiery red mixed with whites and violets, contrasting harshly with the dark grey of the massive stone walls and the rock formations surrounding the village.

This was what we had been looking forward to over the last stressful months of overtime work and exhausted weekends. We had promised ourselves lots of time far away from computer screens, cell phones, meeting rooms and endless presentations. And so here we were, not a city in sight, a hundred miles away from the nearest local capital and, yes, even my cell phone wasn’t working anymore. Just us, the rocks, the sea, and the little village in which the small hotel was hidden, about which a colleague of Susan had told us. ‘If you really want to get out of the treadmill and do something wild, go there’ were her words, together with the warning not to tell just anybody, as not to spoil it. ‘It’s really, really extraordinary.’

The village seemed to consist of only a few houses, but since the proprietor of the hotel had warned us that there was no sign on the outside, I was looking quite intently for the house he had described to me in great detail. When I stopped in the driveway, I was still not quite sure about it, since it didn’t look very much like a place where guests were welcomed, but Susan was eager to get out of the car.

“Even if it’s not the one, they will be able to tell us where the right one is, won’t they?”

Grinning, Susan swung her long legs out of the car and climbed the few steps to the door of the looming building. How I loved her round, tight ass above those lovely legs. I hadn’t been getting it for far too long, with all our long and unsynchronized work hours, and I knew that Susan was feeling the same. I was really looking forward to the upcoming night, even if the house didn’t seem too welcoming or cozy.

Although I understood that with the rough weather conditions in this area you couldn’t build something too exposed or open, the dark walls made out of uneven slabs of granite, the small shuttered windows and the massive door all radiated something a bit too sinister for my tastes. In front of this door on which she just had knocked, my wife looked even frailer than she did anyway. Her tall, slender frame seemed to bend in the wind that tousled her long dark hair, which fell way over her straight, lean shoulders. Oh my, was I horny. I couldn’t wait to step behind her, reach around and massage her firm pointy tits and play with her large nipples. Her breasts weren’t really big, just about B-cups but they were so firm and upstanding, that many younger women would envy her for them.

I was halfway out of the car, planning to do just this, in spite of the probability of scandalizing the entire rural community we had just arrived in, when the door of the house swung open. The man in the doorway was the biggest living being I have ever seen outside a zoo or a National Geographic magazine. He was huge, easily 6 Ft 10, and his massive stocky form filled the door frame like a wall. He had wavy, unkempt, and very red hair and, even from this distance, I could see that his forearms were covered in a thick coat of the same color. Susan took an instinctive step backward and looked up at his rough but friendly face, obviously even more startled than me.

He said something to her that I couldn’t hear because of the strong gusts of salty wind that were whipping through the street. A few moments later Susan turned around, smiling and shouted to me.

“We are at the right place. He said we should come in right now. Someone will take care of the luggage. Hurry up, I’m freezing.”

I locked the car and ran up the steps, my ears and nose already turning cold. It really got cold fast up here, once the summer sun had vanished behind the dark cliffs, as it had minutes before. Susan had wrapped her arms around herself while she waited for me on the doorstep, but I could see her large, hardened nipples very well through her soft, tight sweater when I reached her. Not even Frankenstein’s monster would be able to stop me tonight. I took her arm and pulled her inside with me, into the welcoming warmth that emanated from the gloomy corridor in front of us. Susan was still smiling, but I caught a spark of irritation in her dark eyes when I touched her.

I had no time to wonder about it, since my arm seemed to be pumped up and down by some kind of heavy machinery, revealing itself to be the man who had opened the door for us. My God, my hand seemed to vanish inside his, and I’m not small or anything. I’m well over 6 Ft 1 and I’m keeping fit and muscular, but next to this guy, I felt like a child again, when some uncle came visiting, shaking my hand and hugging me. The uneasy feeling of being unable to resist came back far too easily for my taste. I freed my hand as fast as I could, trying not to appear unfriendly.

“Welcome, welcome. My name is Carl Harris, the proud owner of this little guest house. Please, just call me Carl.”

His voice sounded as one would have expected and filled the corridor with deep vibrations. ‘Little guest house’ didn’t seem to be a completely accurate description, because the corridor seemed to be quite long, with several doors on each side and it opened into what seemed to be a large room at the end. Heavy and obviously expensive furniture advertised the wealth and good taste of the owner, quite to my surprise. Before I had time to reflect on that, we were ushered along to a room at the end of the corridor.

“Come along and make yourselves comfortable. You must be quite exhausted from the long journey. My wife will have some drinks and a meal ready in a minute.”

We entered a room I would expect to find in some villa or a sophisticated club, but not here. It was large, the walls paneled in dark woods, with deep oriental carpets covering the floors. An enormous dining table with a dozen chairs around it occupied one part of the room. The other part was dominated by a huge fireplace in which several thick logs were burning fiercely. The deep leather couches in front of it did look inviting in spite of my growing unease, which did not come in a small part from the huge paw Carl had placed on Susan’s shoulder while he led us in front of the fire. It was so big, his fingers nearly touched the top of her breasts and I expected Susan to shake it off any second, since she was very sensitive about the private space around her, especially with strangers. But she allowed him to steer her around the couch and be pushed into it gently. I exchanged glances with my wife, but saw nothing of the irritation or fury I had expected. Perhaps she was even more intimidated by him than I was. But she didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable, so I let the moment pass and tried to relax on the soft couch and enjoy the roar and the heat from the fire.

Perhaps I was too tense from months of high-pressure work or the long journey and simply overreacted. At least we were where we wanted to be, a long holiday in front of us and the hotel wasn’t the simple country inn I had feared it would be. It felt like an exclusive resort that you got at an unexpected cut-rate price.

While our host went to get his wife and tell his daughter to haul in our luggage, we didn’t speak a word but took in our surroundings, both still wondering how such a place could exist in this lonely part of the world. I looked around for hunting trophies on the walls, but was luckily disappointed. Only some very tasteful drawings and quite modern paintings which fit in perfectly with their otherwise old fashioned surroundings decorated the walls. This was something someone put a lot of thought, effort and money into creating. I wondered who.

Just when Susan let out a long groan while stretching her slender body into the cushions, a flashlight went off and startled us. Our host stood at the other end of the room, grinning, camera in hand.

“Sorry, didn’t want to alarm you, but I just like to take before and after photos of our guests.” His grin grew even wider, showing lots of white teeth. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t believe how tense you were when you arrived and how much more relaxed and changed you look after you spent some time in our little village.”

Everything seemed to be small to this man. He winked at us and put the camera onto a sideboard.

“Just a little spleen I think, but please allow me the pleasure. You will see what I mean when it’s time to leave. Please join me. Dinner will be ready in a minute.”

And it was. And it was plenty. I hadn’t eaten as much and as good in a long time. When we were sitting in front of the fire again, a glass of whiskey in hand, smoking and talking to our hosts, I felt stuffed and relaxed already. After I met Carl’s wife and daughter, I didn’t feel intimidated or uneasy anymore. Well, in fact I was, but in a very different way. Here were two women who fit their surroundings. And their husband and father. Both were big, too. My height and my weight, at least, I would guess. Their hourglass figures were astounding. It was hard to believe, but they carried themselves with the grace of much lighter women and as far as I could see, there was not an ounce of fat on their bodies, except for their bottoms and breasts.

I never considered myself a breast man, but here I had to work very hard to stop staring. I didn’t even try to guess their cup sizes, since those were definitely something way out of the range of my experience. The daughter’s hair was a little bit lighter than the mother’s dark brown. The older woman was wearing a long dark dress that hugged her curves, while the daughter wore faded jeans and a t-shirt under which her large breasts swayed softly. It was a sight to behold. I thought that she looked very capable of handling our luggage, perhaps she put everything under one arm. My slight fear, that our host wanted to touch more than Susan’s shoulders faded after I had met these amazing women. I was busy myself trying not to get wrong thoughts.

The mother, Claudia, introduced herself, looking at me with the smile of a woman who knew what a visitor might be thinking for sure. There was even more mischief in the eyes and the smile of Stephanie, their daughter, who began looking dangerous to me, too, especially since she had placed herself right beside me on the couch, leaving no more room for Susan. I felt her heat more than the fire, but surprisingly Susan didn’t shoot me dirty looks but looked quite comfortable herself. I had expected for Carl to seat himself beside my wife. Instead he sat in a heavy armchair, like the patriarch he obviously was and Claudia sat beside Susan.

In spite of some very unsavory fantasies that ran through my head for some time, nothing more happened other than drinking, smoking and chatting until we were nearly too tired to go up to our room. We told them a lot about our background and our hosts gave us tips about scenic routes we might take and things we might do if we felt that we wanted to do something other than live and let go. They were a little bit vague about how they got here with a house like this, though I didn’t mind anymore. Everything was so cool and relaxed as the evening progressed that Susan and I felt right at home.

We found our spacious bedroom as luxurious as the rest of the house with a bed large and deep and with heavy thick duvets. I was so tired by that time that I only made a very unconvincing try at getting between Susan’s legs and she didn’t seem to be in the mood anyway. The horniness of the early evening hadn’t really faded away, but I was dead tired and a little bit drunk, so sleep came quite easy in spite of my rock hard cock. For a moment I even worried about stained sheets in the morning. That would be a laugh, wouldn’t it?


I woke up feeling a little bit drowsy from the amount of whiskey we had consumed the night before, but already I felt much more relaxed than I had during the last few months. I stretched and rolled over to rub up against Susan’s warm, silky ass. It felt absolutely wonderful, but I wasn’t able to arouse her from sleep completely, so I got out of bed, not to spoil the sheets now, after I managed the night quite well. My cock was standing straight out, so I decided to slip into one of the provided thick robes before opening the curtains. The view nearly let me forget my erection, so spectacular were the reflections of the sun on the rough sea, the waves crashing against the rocks, sending sparks of silver high in the air. I hadn’t realized that the building was positioned that close to the sea, only a stretch of rocky surface and some meters of cliff separating it from the powers of the sea. You could probably risk building in such a way inside a relatively sheltered bay, but anyway…

Anyway, Susan was groaning under the attack of the already strong rays of the morning sun and turned away, seeking shelter under her pillow.

“Rise and shine, it’s spectacular out there and I would bet my left leg that there’s a fabulous breakfast waiting for us. Come on.”

Susan mumbled something about my dubious heritage, so I announced that I would use the shower first and if she wasn’t up once I came out, I would immediately rise to the occasion and rape her gorgeous ass that stuck out from under the covers very invitingly.

“Promise?” At least, one eye looked at me now from under the pillow, her ass putting on a little show, her legs spreading slightly, showing me her full, puffy cunt.

“Absolutely.” Grinning, I pointed my erection in the direction of the bathroom and went off.

Knowing that despite the invitation, sex with Susan before she was really awake was only half the fun, I took my sweet time showering. I brushed my teeth, shaved carefully, blow-dried my hair, and did the whole thing, unable to get my cock down most of the time. If we didn’t solve this problem soon, I would have problems going downstairs. I didn’t care much about clothing when I left the bathroom and entered our room again. What a sight I beheld!,

Susan sat on the very edge of a low stool in front of our bed, providing me with a profile of her body that took my breath away. Her feet were standing on tiptoes and her legs spread as far as they would go, creating one line and pushing out the lips of her full hairy cunt, which seemed very swollen to me. Obviously she had played with herself from the state she was in. Now her hands were on the back of her head and she pushed her elbows back, sticking out her tight, pointy tits, nipples dark and hard jutting out like rockets. Wow! She nearly never did that for me, since she wasn’t too convinced about her breasts, no matter how hot I got for them. Her face was flushed and despite her proudly raised head, she cast her eyes downwards in a fascinatingly submissive way. Wow, again. I nearly came right then and there. Day one, and already aiming for kinky games in the morning. What a holiday to look forward to!


Immediately Susan spread her legs even wider, and sat even straighter.

But it hadn’t been me giving the order.

I was rooted to the spot as I realized that Carl was crouching in front of her, taking one shot of after the other with his digital camera. I couldn’t even begin to grasp what was happening here.

“OK, that’s a good girl. Very nice. You may let go now, sweetie.”

Carl got up, looming over her, looking down with a peculiar look in his eyes. I was dumbfounded completely. I must have made some sound, because suddenly both of them looked over at me. Susan gasped and tried to cover herself, but Carl never lost his friendly, calm composure.

“Hey, good morning, are you good to go? Claudia has prepared breakfast and sent me up to get you.”

He lifted his camera again and took two or three shots of me, standing there dumbfounded, cock still hard, dripping pre cum. He gave me his best smile, which right now looked to me like he wanted to bite me.

“Oh, you didn’t mind me taking photos, did you? You told me it was all right yesterday. You will be really surprised when you see the whole series at the end, believe me.” With this said, he turned and headed for the door. “And hurry up, or Claudia will be disappointed. Trust me, you don’t want to disappoint my wife. Gets her in a mood for the whole day.”

I stood rooted to the spot, long after his heavy footsteps had faded away.

“You did… you… posed for him! Like this!” I had to force myself from shouting.

“Well, yes.” Susan looked as if she couldn’t believe it herself. She was still cowering on the stool, her legs closed, arms crossed over her breasts, looking up at me through her unruly hair. She looked unbelievably sexy. What did I think?

“But how…why?”

“I don’t know. He just came in when I got up, greeted me and told me to show him my body. And how. And I did!” Now Susan nearly screamed. “He told me to pose in different positions, and he had me touch myself, and I got so wet and horny, but he didn’t want me to come, and ordered me around and around until you came, and…” Her voice faded away. I didn’t know what to say.

She looked up at me pleadingly.

“I really don’t know what happened. And he never touched me, really, he didn’t. And I was horny because of what you said and your hard-on and… Do you think we should leave?”

“I don’t know.”

And I really didn’t. Was she attracted to him? She certainly didn’t flinch when he had touched her the other day, like she normally did with strangers. And she had behaved a bit strange for the rest of the evening. But she was still my wife, and I was here with her and nothing really bad had happened, did it? Despite my now very soft cock, the tingling feeling between my thighs still lingered.

“Let’s calm down first, and have something to eat. Let’s hear what Claudia has to say about it. It can’t be the whole family, can it? If he didn’t touch you, well, the deed is done and I don’t know what we can do about it now. If he really gives them to us, I will at least have a very hot set of pictures of my wife in her prime of beauty. I just hope he doesn’t put them on the Internet.”

The last sentence produced a gasp from Susan as she went pale as a ghost at first and then blushed a deep red. It seemed as if she wanted to vanish into the floor.

It took me a while to calm her down, while I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing myself. Shouldn’t we leave immediately? Would there be more? Could I stop it? Would I stop it? The things he could make Susan do after only a few minutes took me years to accomplish and never without extensive discussions. It had made me incredibly hot. And I definitely needed to stop thinking like this.

When we finally climbed down the stairs I still reasoned with myself about the situation. I could go and beat Carl to a pulp. OK forget that one. We could leave immediately and hope that the pictures would never appear anywhere, as any sensible person would have advised us to do. Or we could stay, and see what happened if anything. It held a certain dangerous appeal, and some little part of me felt strangely attracted to it. Susan didn’t seem too upset anymore. Obviously she craved for some adventure, too. But did I want that? What if Carl wanted to take more than photographs? What if the women of the house came into play? They certainly knew what Carl was up to.

All these thoughts were forgotten once we entered the large kitchen, where a huge table was covered completely by an equally huge breakfast, and Claudia was all over us.

“Sit down and relax. You’re on holiday, remember. No meetings waiting for you. No e-mail to answer. Just enjoy the day and eat. You need all your strength, if you want to live in such rough surroundings.”

I immediately checked for innuendo, but there didn’t seem to be any, for she looked out of the window, surveying the clouds.

“It’s a beautiful day out there. You should explore the village after breakfast, capture the mood of the place. I swear it works wonders. It did for me, for sure.”

She didn’t give us a chance to question her last remark, but I wondered what she did before they moved here. She seemed very capable of everything she did; every movement seemed determined, purposeful. Claudia was bursting full of energy this morning, and she didn’t waste any. We were served by her as if we were in a luxury hotel and the food was superb. Nothing to complain about in that department. If it weren’t for the weird host…

As for our hostess, I had nothing to complain about at all, especially since she showed a lot more skin this morning than on the night before. She wore a top that left her shoulders nearly naked and showed a lot of tightly packed cleavage. Even Susan couldn’t stop staring when Claudia leaned over the table to put just another dish in front of us or to refill our cups. It seemed to me that she was just as fascinated as I was, although probably for different reasons.

I had planned to ask Claudia about Carl’s photo obsession, but when we were done with breakfast, she she was already in her jacket and nearly out of the door.

“I have to go to the next town shopping. If you need anything, just call for Carl or Stephanie, they should be around this morning. See you at noon. Mark my words and have some outside time and develop an appetite. I tend to over cook, plenty and if you don’t get enough exercise you’ll leave here 20 pounds heavier. Each. And I know that you boardroom people don’t like that.”

She laughed as she left, and we laughed, too, relaxed again. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary here.

“Well, should we?” I pointed outside.

“Definitely. I long to see the seaside up close. It looked gorgeous yesterday evening.”

“Then let’s grab our coats and go.”

“As long as there are not too many paparazzi out there.” Susan winked.

We went out joking about it already, as if it was something that had happened to someone else. Denying the possibilities for the moment and enjoying it instead. Fun at last.


It was all rugged, rocky cliffs, rough sea, some sand and lots of salty wind, just as we had imagined it. Simply heaven. I once again checked my cell phone. No luck. Or just the opposite. I put it away, determined to forget about work and about my laptop that I had put in the trunk out of habit, for the next four weeks. We walked hand in hand most of the time and felt mesmerized by the landscape and the bewitching little village. Imagine our surprise when we saw Carl waving for us from some way down the beach, pointing at his wrist in between the wide motions of his enormous arms. It was already noon. Susan nudged my side.

“No camera.”

Already we had our little running gag. Or so we thought.

“So you feel it’s safe to approach?”


Her grin lifted my soul like it hadn’t for quite too long. We needed this time out desperately.

“Brilliant.” And so we went in.

We wolfed down our lunch, famished by the activities of the morning. The fresh air worked wonders on our bodies and the magic of the place already began to work on our minds. I only had very brief flashbacks of work and was able to push them aside in seconds. Something that I hadn’t been able to do in ages. Perhaps the cleavage and hips of our hostess helped, too. Stephanie was around only for a minute. I would have liked to see more of her proud ass in the tight, bleached jeans, but that was it.

After lunch we decided to take a nap and went up to our room. After we were already in bed I got thirsty and got up again to get a drink.

“I’ll get us something to drink from downstairs. You want something?”

“Room service. I don’t want you to get up. It was so cuddly,” Susan yawned and stretched underneath the covers. “You’re lucky if I’m not asleep when you return.”

“Yeah, room service would be something here.” I grinned.

“But you would call all the time to look at her tits, when she bends over the bed.”

“Hey, you stared, too.” She didn’t take it too seriously. Lucky me.

“Yes I did. They are something.”

“And who says that it wouldn’t be Carl, bringing the drinks?”

“Yeah, wouldn’t it be a surprise?”

The look on her face when she said it made me shiver a little bit. Not to say anything wrong now, I just smiled and went out.

Downstairs there was not a sound. I went in the direction of the kitchen, ready to help myself. Walking through the hall I sensed a movement in the living room and took a peek around the corner. Carl was sitting in his armchair, relaxed, his eyes closed, trousers around his ankles, enjoying Claudia’s mouth, which was wrapped around his cock, her head moving up and down, fucking him slowly. And deeply.

She was fully dressed, but what a sight her ass gave me, sticking up in the air. My fingers itched to grab it or even give it a little slap just to see how tight it was. But what distracted me from her gorgeous body was the size of Carl’s cock. It was like all the rest of him, a little bit off-worldly, a bit too big to be true. He had a cock like a horse, thick and veiny; and when Claudia’s mouth let go of him from time to time with a loud slurping noise, I was able to see his large bulbous head. She was a big woman with a generous mouth, but even she had to stretch her jaws wide to take him in. And take him in she did. I was amazed by how far she sucked him into her mouth, her throat. At some point she started to make little retching sounds and spit was running down her chin freely, but they both didn’t seem to mind. He looked like he was in heaven. I would’ve been, if I would have received such a blow job. They looked so hot. I was rock hard and sure that I was leaking.

Although Susan and I both had stared at Claudia’s tits, I didn’t want Susan to see that cock. I didn’t want to be compared to that thing. My cock was all right, more than enough, but now I began to understand how Susan felt about her breasts. She probably wouldn’t be able to get that image out of her head. I sure wouldn’t.

I realized that I had stood there for quite a while. Not wanting to get caught snooping, I tiptoed off, since even the most relaxed Carl seemed to be unable to withstand the determination of his wife. Just as I was rounding the corner, I heard them talking.

“They are both kind of cute. I like her tight, little titties. Guess she’s got a tight cunt, too.”

“Mmmmhyeahmmmmhcchchcggghchchhh.” How could one retch and giggle at the same time? Were they talking about us?

“Oh my god, YES!”

I hurried upstairs, in a sweat.


Susan was indeed asleep when I returned and I didn’t want to wake her up, but I sure couldn’t sleep now. I sat on the couch in front of the window and tried to calm down. A minute later I had my cock in my hand and was whacking off, remembering the show downstairs. What would I give for such a blow job. My God, I wanted to fuck Susan, but I couldn’t wait any longer. And I wasn’t even able to think about Susan. I imagined Claudia’s tits, ass, legs, mouth, cock, Carl’s cock, ohmygod, Stephanie’s ass, Claudia’s tits, her ass, cunt. I came like a fountain, days worth of come, spurted on the floor. I shuddered and nearly cried out.

After I had cleaned up the mess I slid under the covers and snuggled up to Susan. Despite the turmoil in my head I was fast asleep only minutes later. The exercise indoors and outdoors must have really gotten to me. We awoke just before seven, the announced dinner time. Susan had to shake me awake.

“Get up, lazy. It’s dinner time.”

I looked up at her disbelievingly.

“You can’t be serious. I’m not hungry. We’ve just eaten.”

“Then we should at least go down and tell them. Perhaps we can postpone it.”

“Well, okay, but I have something to tell you first.” Grudgingly I freed myself from the sheets that somehow seemed to be totally entangled with my legs.

“It can wait. Considering the amount of work she is putting into our meals, Claudia will be cross if we let her down, and I think we really don’t want that.”

She winked at me and vanished into our bathroom.


We asked Claudia if there was any possibility that we might go out in the village and have a drink before dinner.

“Well, you could get one here, of course.” Her voice sounded stern. At once, she realized that she was pressuring us just a little too much, and immediately laughed it off. “But even the tiniest village has got a pub, if you want to see something else. Lots of atmosphere there. But don’t be put off by the villagers. They don’t take to strangers very quickly.”

She gave us directions and we slipped into our coats. Outside the sun was sinking and it got displeasingly cold. We hurried along the narrow roads and found the pub easy enough. Inside we were greeted by something of an ancient past. This pub certainly hadn’t been refurbished for a century at least. Old oak furniture and panels darkened by time and lots of smoke sucked up the light from the few dim lamps and gave the place a comfortable, but eerie atmosphere. Nevertheless the warmth that engulfed us was very welcome, even after the short walk. There were not too many customers around, only a few small groups and everyone seemed to stay to themselves. We looked for a quiet corner table, and then I went to the bar. A grunt was all I got from the haggard looking ancient behind the counter. I ordered, and he took his time hand-drafting our pints. While he labored he let his eyes wander over me, and then Susan.

“Guests of Carl, eh?”

“Yes, indeed. We arrived yesterday.”

That earned me a look I couldn’t quite place, but he looked towards Susan a lot more interested.

“Feel at home already, eh? They sure know how to treat guests right.” A totally harmless remark, but the look in his eyes was still suspicious. I got the distinct feeling that he was inwardly laughing at me.

“They do.”

I grabbed my pints and fled to our table. This place was getting stranger by the minute. Susan smiled and ripped the beer from my hand.

“What took you so long?” She drained half her pint in one big gulp. “Aaahh, as nice and warm as I would’ve expected. This place is really something.”

“You’re on the money with that.” I offered her a smoke and she lit up, relaxed. “But there are other things that are quite different.”

Against my better judgement, I told her about my experience downstairs, everything that I saw. And heard.

Susan’s eyes grew wider than ever. I thought I would have to slap her, to get her out of her stupor. Then she started giggling.

“He likes my tits? He’s got a goddess like Claudia for a wife and he tells her that he likes my tits while she’s giving him head?” She slapped her hand to her mouth and looked around. “Oops.” But she didn’t stop giggling. She wasn’t shocked. My wife was genuinely flattered.

“Everyone likes a little diversity, I suppose.” Her face turned mockingly serious at that.

“Do you?”

“Well, no. You know what I mean.” I cringed a little bit under her stare.

“Stop kidding me. We already have established that you love to stare at her tits, and her ass, and all the rest, I guess.”

I tried to sidestep the issue.

“He wondered about your pussy, too.”

“Mmmhhh, yeah. And what did you think about when you wanked yourself off?” I knew that I shouldn’t have told her that. “My pussy?” Now she had me. We were always quite open, about our fantasies at least, and I didn’t think this would be the right time to break with the habit. I knew Susan well enough to know that I had nothing to fear. The look on her face told me that this was getting her hot, quite a bit.

“Among other things.”

“I think you imagined her big mouth around your cock.” Her voice was very low now, whispering, aroused. “I bet you thought about rubbing it between her monster tits. And you thought about giving it to her from behind.” She didn’t need an answer. She knew me well enough.

“And after that, after you preferred to rub yourself off, thinking about another woman’s tits and cunt, you want to tell me off for getting wet because this hunk is wondering about my pussy? And because he wants to take my small, tight titties in his big, rough hands?”

While she was a little bit uptight when it got to kinky sex, my wife could talk dirty like any slut when she got hot, and I loved it. But this conversation was heading in the wrong direction too fast.

“OK, white flag waving over here. But let’s not read too much into this. I’m not eager to see you throwing yourself into his big hairy arms when we return.”

“Don’t you? Not even a little bit?” I froze and something in my eyes must have signaled her to retreat. “What I definitely want after we’ve returned is to be fucked and sucked by my husband so hard and long and loud that everyone in the house will start wondering about your cock and my cunt and how raw we must feel. And if you’re decent enough, in another minute or so, you can get us another drink before we go.”

I raised a questioning eyebrow. Normally we took turns at doing that. Hey, we’re a modern couple.

“Look around, man, I don’t think they serve women here. Anyway,” she leaned forward and whispered again, “you’ll be able to get your cock down faster than I’ll get my pussy to stop dripping.” She relaxed and gave me a wide grin. “And although they still use sawdust on the floors here, I don’t think they would approve.”

Half an hour later we were walking back, a little bit drunk and very horny. I thought about skipping dinner. On the other hand, another hour of expectation in the company of our seductive hosts couldn’t hurt. The afternoon wanking seemed to be quite a good idea, in retrospect, because I wouldn’t last five minutes without it. And I wanted to give it to Susan good and long and hard.


“Oh my god, I thought they’d never let us go.” Susan dragged me into the room, already fumbling at my zipper.

“Probably they really prey on us. Trying to get us too tired in the evening to properly fuck. Getting us so horny, they can pick us like ripe fruit in a few days time uuuuh.”

Her sharp nails scraped over my cock as she slipped her hand into my shorts. My trousers were already around my ankles.

“Sounds good. But it won’t work.” Her face was glowing. She even smelled horny as she went down to her knees in front of me, sliding my shorts down in the process. Her tongue flicked out, teasing my cock with its tip while she undid my shoelaces. I didn’t have such a full service for a loooong time. Her eyes burned into mine. “I’m planning to get off big time tonight. I want to hear you beg. For mercy.”

I shook the clothes off my legs. It was a fantastic sight to behold as my wife slowly moved her tongue in little circles around my swollen cockhead, while she peeled herself out of her blouse. Her slowly emerging tits and her crinkled, very erect dark nipples made my cock grow the last few inches in seconds until it stood out straight and thick, the veins swollen around its length. Oh my god, it felt so good. I got rid of my shirt, too and stood above her completely naked and ready.

Susan took a short look along my body until she gazed at my cock again.


Her slender hand grabbed my balls nails first, lifting them, rising my cock in the process. She took it between her lips. Deep. Fucked it with her mouth in long hard strokes until she came away gagging.

I nearly orgasmed on the spot . She had never done that before. One short cough and she was at it again. My balls got so damn tight.


I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her gagging mouth from my cock. She was retching and laughing at the same time.

“My, I didn’t try this before and I may not be as good at it as the bitch downstairs, but it sure gets results. That’s fun.”

She wanted to continue, but I still had a grip on her hair and pulled her back.

“Spare that for the second round. It’s fantastic and I expect you to do this on a daily basis at least, but now I want your dripping cunt.”

I dragged her to the bed by her hair, forcing her to crawl on all fours. I pulled her up and sent her flying with a shove and a hard slap to her pert butt. She never had a chance to resist as I grabbed her skirt, panties and all and pulled them off her. I had her on her stomach, naked and helpless. She tried to turn around, but I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart, making her stick her ass out for me. Her cunt bulged below her cheeks, already wet and open, cuntlips swollen and thick, protruded out of her thick black bush. I knelt between her thighs and grabbed a handful. My thumb rested in her crack just above her sensitive asshole, the other fingers got busy around her clit. After only seconds my palm was soaked in her juices.

Susan panted heavily under my attack, swinging her ass and cunt in my direction.

“Yeah, I want to see this ass beg for it. Come on spread wider, show me your pussy. Tell me what you want, slut.”

“Want cock. Fuck me, bastard.”

She was so wet, I could easily slip two fingers where normally only one fit snugly. My, my, I wasn’t in any mood to play, either, so I pulled my hand back and enjoyed the spectacular sight of her wet, open, hungry cunt dancing before me for a few seconds. It welcomed the tip of my cock with an otherworldly grip, seemingly sucking it in.

“Ooooh yeeeeessssss.” We hissed together, savoring the moment, the feeling of my cock slowly slipping in, stretching her until my balls rested against her wet flesh. I slipped a hand around her to play with her clit and grabbed her hair again with the other, turning her head for a wet, hungry kiss. Then I let my weight smother her, pushed her flat onto the mattress and started fucking her hard and fast. She needed it as much as I did and my finger playing her clitoris pushed her to the limit fast. Her juice ran down my hand. I felt her cunt contract hard around my throbbing cock. Her whole body shivering, twitching under my weight. I bit her ear.

“Come for me bitch. I love it when I can feel your juice squirting out. My balls are soaked, give me more, make a mess on the sheets. Come for me, come, come, come…

Susan sounded like a savage, angry animal, her noises culminating in a gargled scream, as her body went rigid as steel as she came, while I still pounded my cock into her cunt hard and fast, never letting go of her clit, never giving her room to evade me, bending her head back hard by her hair. I wanted her screams clear and loud. Pure ecstasy. The whole time my cock wanted to explode, was as big and as hard as it ever got and I only managed it just so to just stay on the edge. This was too good. I wanted this to go on for a while.

Very slowly Susan came down again. I released her hair and took my weight off her body while I enjoyed the feeling of my cock slowly sliding in and out of her relaxing, sopping cunt.

“Ooooh my god, that was something.” She shifted her ass against my stomach in a circling movement that made my balls boil. I withdrew my cock a good bit, to be safe from her massaging cunt. She turned her head. “Didn’t you come, bastard? You sure didn’t go soft on me.” She doubled her efforts with a wicked smile on her face, trying to make me give in.

“Oh no, you don’t.” I pulled completely out and let myself fall on the mattress besides her. In seconds she had rolled on top of me, flattening my cock with her smooth stomach. “Stop it, bitch. I don’t want to come on your belly.” She hooked her arms and legs around me and continued her lazy rocking motions.

“But I could make you, couldn’t I?”

“Yes, dammit.”


“Yes. Stop please.” I was quite desperately holding back now, trying to free myself from her hot body. “I want to fuck you again. I want your cunt.”

“Why don’t you just say so? I fail to see the problem.” With this she pushed herself upright and lifted her hips over the tip of my towering cock. Her dripping, thick lips stroked the tip of it, wetting it again. “Say please.”


Her grin was wider than ever as she slowly lowered herself, letting my cock slide into her steaming pussy. Then she sat there, not moving, her face a picture of pure ecstasy.

“I love that cock. Think you can go through with this?” I felt her flexing her muscles, gripping my cock even harder with the walls of her cunt, relaxing, gripping, again and again.

“Do it slow.” I circled her rock hard nipples with my fingertips, and felt her cunt twitch under my touch. Her nipples jutted out long, and hard, and dark, even the skin of her aureoles crinkled tight. I took a tip between thumb and finger, began massaging and turning it, pulled it out slowly. This was only allowed when she was really, really horny and right now I could pull all I wanted. Her hand fell to her clit and she started rubbing herself lightly. Her whole body shuddered slightly while she slowly rocked up and down with gentle moves.

I don’t know what came over me, when I spoke the next words.

“Come on, stick your tits out for me. Just like you did for Carl.” She didn’t stop, but the look she gave me frightened me a bit.

“I’ll do more for you than I’d ever do for him. You know that.”

“So why didn’t you pose for me in the past, the way you did for him. That was really heavy. And hot.” I jerked my hips a bit to emphasize the point.

“You don’t want to make a scene now, in the middle of a great fuck, do you?”

“No, but I’m still curious. Can’t get it out of my head, especially when I’m horny.” Why did I proceed with this? Some sick fascination had its grip on me. “I still don’t get it, really.”

“Neither do I. But he has got something… uuuh.” She pulled her fingers away from her cunt to keep herself from coming, obviously. “Tell me. When you met Claudia, shook her hand, looked into her cleavage, did you have a hard-on? Honestly!”

“Well, now that you ask…” I cringed a bit. This was sick, discussing these things while we were supposed to be having fun with ourselves. But I had started it. “Yes.”

Her eyes got a mellow look, just the opposite of what I had expected.

“Me, I… when he opened the door and looked at me? And as he took my hand…? I was instantly wet.” She had her hand on her clit again, rubbing harder. “And it clung to me. I didn’t even want you to touch me, as not… to kill the feeling. It was so hard and unexpected… and damn good.”

Now her eyes were begging me for understanding, but that didn’t stop her from rocking and rubbing.

“Uum.” I was shocked. And still hard.

“And when he entered our room the next morning and asked me to pose, he just touched my shoulder and the feeling was back, and I was hot for his big hands and everything, and I wanted to get off. He has a way with words when he wants to and… may I come please?”

Every muscle of her body was as tight as a string and my cock felt like it was caught in a vice. She really was close. I could only nod, rock hard, but far from achieving an orgasm myself.

She lifted up, her fingers a blur, and let herself slam back down, impaling herself hard, uttering a low, gurgling sound, becoming stiff as a rod as she came… and came… and came. I found my fingers embedded in her nipples but she was oblivious to the pain. And came again.

It took her a long time to stop groaning. Slowly she lowered herself until she lay stretched out on top of me.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be. It’s okay.” I stroked her back languidly. “You got horny, I can understand that. Now you’ve got it out of your system…”

“I honestly don’t know about that. I could just start over again. You really don’t mind?” She looked up at me questioningly.

“At least not as much as I would have thought. That was something else watching you orgasm .”

“But you still didn’t come, poor baby, hmm?”


“Well, we’ll definitely can’t have that or else you’ll be crawling after that big-titted broad’s ass before the day is over.” She started moving again. I couldn’t keep my now half-soft cock from rising again. She definitely knew what she was doing. “I want your cum. I want to milk you dry, hear me, not a drop left. I want it all in my wet cunt and in my mouth and even in my ass, if you’re up to it.”

“Well, in that case, fantasize all you want.” She had me, tight, close, and this time I didn’t hold back. When she scratched my nipples and did that thing with her hips, red hot lava seemed to shoot through my balls and cock. I felt like I would lift up from the mattress, hovering in heaven as her lithe body milked my cum out of me. My screams came from very far away.

We both lay still after that for quite a while, but sleep didn’t come. My hand slipped into her smooth crack, crawling down to her tight, and often out of bounds, asshole. I dipped a fingertip in just a little bit, rotating it.

“Mmhhh, still horny?” Susan murmured.


“Then let’s do this right. I sucked you before, now you can use your tongue to get me going again.”

In one smooth motion she lifted herself up and turned around. Her swollen, slippery cunt appeared before my eyes. Wow, it looked hot, so big, open and near. It smelled great, too. I had always liked to suck her, but never after we had sex.

“Come on, stud, what’s keeping you?”

Her hands gripped my balls and cock and started massaging them to size. It felt so damn good. Her pussy looked so meaty and tasty. I didn’t mind anything when her mouth went to work on me and her hips lowered themselves, bringing her cunt to my waiting tongue. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue right up her hole as far as I could reach. She squealed when my nose touched her other hole right on target. The feeling of her thighs on my cheeks, her ass on my nose, her, my, taste on my tongue, was too much. I rubbed my face into her with all I had, getting real hard again in her hot mouth.

This was the best sex we had ever had, not only for months but for years. I munched on her thick lips, lapped up my own juices mixed with hers, freely running again. I started to work on her clit with my tongue, lips and teeth. Susan had stopped doing anything conscious. She simply lay on top of me, groaning around my glands, grabbing my balls harder, every time I hit a new sensitive spot.

I was intoxicated, and on a cunt lapping high. Susan’s hands suddenly clutching too hard, reminded me of my own needs. I didn’t want to let her come too easy this time. Gently I rolled over and moved between her widely spread thighs.

“Lift them.” I helped, my hands under her hams, spread her even wider, while pushing her knees to her shoulders. She didn’t mind the abuse and just groaned and spread her pussy lips for me. “No, hands off. Just hold your knees up, no matter what.”

She was so sopping wet with my spit and her own juices. I could easily gather a handful and spread it around her asshole. She twitched but didn’t say a word. Her dark eyes stared at me from somewhere far away in another world. She didn’t even object when I slowly repeated the motion of getting my finger wet in her cunt and working it deeper and deeper into her ass, until she was just as wet and slippery there.

“Want my cock in your ass, slut?”

She only nodded, her mouth open, drooling. I slid my cock into her pussy for a short wetting visit.

“Tell me how much you want it.” Teasing her tight hole with the tip, making her gasp. My free hand lay on her stomach, my thumb teasing her just above her clit.

“I need it. Fuck my asshole with your big cock. Please.” I let the tip build up pressure. Then it slipped in the first inches in one long stroke. “Please, careful. Do me slow.”

I let my hand slip down and stuck my thumb into her cunt, feeling my cock on the other side of the wall, as I attacked her clit with my fingers hard and fast.


She let out a shriek, loud and high, as I simply rammed my cock in to the hilt and started to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could, massaging her cunt, letting my cock nearly slip out at every stroke to relish the grip of her tight entrance all over, up to the tip. I wouldn’t be able to take this for long, but it felt so heavenly, her tight ass, her screaming mouth, my power, her juices splashing around my thumb, squirting out against my stomach, while she came and came again until I pumped my seed into her, roaring.


The next morning we awoke with a start as thunder rolled through our room. Another flash illuminated the room, since we had left the curtains and the door to our balcony slightly open to get some fresh air. Judging by the small pool of water that had already assembled on the floor, it appeared that the rain had been coming down for some time. I jumped out of bed and nearly fell over the blanket that was completely entangled with my legs. I trudged over to the door and closed it. One look was enough to ensure that it was a very rough day outside. I returned to the bed and let myself fall down heavily.

“Oh my, I feel like I ran a marathon.”

Susan snuggled up to me, throwing a leg over mine, rubbing her full bush on my leg, still spreading dampness on my skin.

“You did, in a way. You never fucked me that hard and long ever before.” She rubbed even more. “I’m still itching, and I may be more than a little raw.”

“Must be the clean air.”

“And the good food.”

“Lots of exercise.”

“And sexy hosts.”

I started to protest, but stopped myself short. What was the point? She had started it this time.

“Maybe all of it?”

Susan stroked my chin. “Probably. I have to pee.” She got up fast, but groaned after the first steps. “Oh god, I can’t even walk properly. My ass is hurting, bastard.”

“You seemed to like it quite well, judging by the height of the fountain.” I winked at her with a grin.

“I’ll get you for that.” She vanished into the bathroom.

I stretched myself out and wondered about the effect the assfuck had had on her. I had never seen her like that before, so out of it, coming all along, squirting and screaming. I was very full of myself to have achieved that. Something for Carl to top.

I shook my head at the thought. Was I going crazy? But Susan had gotten off hard by thinking about him last night. Where were we heading? The sex was heavenly, but the fantasies got weirder, too.

Susan’s reappearance shook me out of my stupor. When she slipped under the covers and snuggled up to me I simply enjoyed the feeling of my beautiful, naked wife beside me.

I was just starting to ask Susan about getting up for breakfast, when someone knocked on our door. We looked at each other questioningly.

“Well, if it’s Carl for another photo session, bad luck for him,” Susan whispered and pulled the sheets higher.

“Yes, come in, please.”

The door opened and the first thing we saw was a trolley aching under the weight of everything you could imaging to have for breakfast. Following it was Claudia, pushing the trolley, greeting us with her widest grin.

“Good morning. Since the weather is horrible and isn’t about to get any better until noon at the earliest, I thought you would enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed.” She stopped after having maneuvred the trolley to the side of our bed. “We will relax ourselves a bit, too, if that’s okay with you two?”

“By the amount of food here, you are planning to put us out of commission for the rest of the day. This could feed us for a week.”

“Not if you continue to be as active as last night. Oops.” Her grin grew even wider. “Excuse me, but the house is not that soundproof. But we don’t mind.”

“We didn’t want to…”

“I told you that we don’t mind. Sorry I mentioned it. And now it’s time to eat.”

She produced two large trays and folded their expandable legs down. My eyes grew wide when she bent over to place them on our laps. I realized that she was wearing a rather thin dress, but I wasn’t ready for how wide it opened when she leaned forward. Her heavy breasts began to swing and push the fabric outwards, letting them practically fall out. Not completely, but Susan and I gaped at her colossal tits swaying before our eyes, while she put china, cutlery, and food on our trays. Again and again we marveled at her very large and very dark nipples, crowning expansive and equally dark aureoles. They looked as if they were sucked on constantly. I had always thought Susan’s nipples were large, but Claudia’s outclassed their size in length and thickness easily. Those were not the tiny nipples you often see in photos of busty women. These were full-size pacifiers in the flesh.

She talked to us about weather changes and possible activities during bad weather, but we didn’t really listen. This show was so unexpected, we were both in shock and horny, me at least. I was very glad that the tray covered my raging, if slightly sore, hard-on.

When she was done she stood up straight with proud and upward pointing nipples on her braless tits, which didn’t sag as much as I would have expected with such huge breasts. They were massive, tight, and bobbing enticingly when she moved. She looked around the room in search of whatever and saw the wet pool in front of the balcony doors, about which we had completely forgotten.

“Oh, did you leave the door open last night?”

“Yes, sorry…”

“Never mind, better than if it was leaking. I’ll just soak up the water.” She vanished into the bathroom and emerged seconds later with our used towels. When she knelt to put them onto the puddle, we could see that she wasn’t wearing panties either, her ample, well-muscled asscheeks presented smooth under the thin cloth.

I didn’t realize that Susan was moving, until I felt her hand grabbing my severe hardon. Her hand vanished after a quick hard squeeze and a rub as fast as it had attacked. The truth was out.

Claudia got up and moved to the door.

“Dig in. Feel free to get up whenever you like. If you decide to stay in bed and need anything, there is a button hidden just above the headboard to call me. I’ll arrange everything you might want.” With that and a wink she was out of the door.

Seconds went by without a word. Finally I couldn’t contain myself.

“Did I just catch the meaning of ‘everything’ right.”

“Sounded like it. That would be really full-service, now. Interested?”

“No use in denying it, would it?” I said, indicating my cock. “Be honest, could you resist, if you were a man?”

Susan squirmed only briefly. “No. I I could barely resist her, and I’m a woman. Her jugs are enormous… and tight… and her nipples! My god, I was starting to fantasize about sucking them. They looked so…”

“Tasty? Meaty? “

“Suckable. Listen to me. I…”

“Stop.” I held up my hand.” Either we throw all this stuff off the bed and start fucking immediately or we restrain ourselves until we’re done with this. And to be honest I’m almost as hungry as I am horny.”

“Only under protest and if you promise me your sperm for dessert. And I want you to tell me what you would do with her, while I suck you off. Honestly and in detail.”

I looked my wife in the eyes, slightly shaken. This was definitely a Susan I didn’t know, but who was I to throw away such an opportunity? The way this went, there could probably come more out of it than just talking. But how much more? Where was the hook?

“Promised?” Her eyes glowed with lust and a kind of hunger I hadn’t seen before. I gulped.


“Enjoy your meal then.”


“I would love to let her crawl around a bit, on all fours and watch her big tits sway and her cunt peep out between those gorgeous cheeks.”

I had started in much more general terms, but Susan had insisted that I had to be more graphic. Her hand had squeezed my balls, when she demanded I tell the truth with explicit descriptions. Now she was happily smiling up at me, kneeling between my thighs, her tongue teasing my balls and shaft. She took it slow, obviously expecting a long story, urging me on with little bites. “And I would just love to pinch her fat nipples while she is kneeling in front of me, stroking my cock, pulling her down by them, forcing her to to take my cock between her lips. She would have to stick her ass out while I grabbbed her hair and slowly started fucking her mouth by pulling her up and down.”

With these words, Susan started slowly to suck my cock. It was heaven. I continued to explore my fantasies aloud, telling her about how I would fuck her cunt, cum on her tits. Then I talked about how I would take her asshole from behind while slapping her big fat ass. Susan had me in a frenzy with her mouth and hands, teasing and sucking, always keeping me on the edge. There was something beautiful in having sex with someone who knew you so well. I was on the verge of coming, but wanted it to last forever at the same time.

Finally, Susan spoke up.

“That’s all?” Her chin was smeared with spit and pre cum, her lips swollen and sexy from the prolonged sucking. She was so beautiful. “That’s what you do with me. Not that I want to complain, but that’s nothing different from what you always want to do with me. And she IS so very different. There is something different you would want to do with her, isn’t there?”

She didn’t stop looking at me and it was almost as if she could read my mind. There was something that I had admitted to only through hints and jokes until now, and that Susan had always laughed off. She knew it was there though, at the back of my consciousness. I felt ashamed about it and was extremely horny at the same time, the way forbidden fruit tend to do to you. There was something horrible about sex with someone who knew you so well.

She let her sharp nails travel down the underside of my cock, scratching just short of hurting too much.

“Come on, admit it, let it out.” Her eyes taunted me as much as the tone of her voice. There was an amused lustful twinkle in her eye. “She…” suck “…has something…” scratch “…authoritarian about her, doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” I had to admit.

“And you like that. You’re attracted to it, like it or not. Something different than me. Something … seductive and dangerous.”


“Well…” Her tongue circled my glands, sending shock waves through my whole body.


Susan lifted her head off my cock. Her hands grabbed my cock and balls tightly. It didn’t hurt, but by the look in her eyes, it wouldn’t take much.

“I ca…”

“Yes you can. Need a little guidance?” Her smile was very wide and crooked now. “How would my little darling like to see her towering above him? Would you love to crawl for her, instead? You would love it. You would love to see her strong thighs and her big cunt and her huge tits from down below, hmmm?”

There was no way denying it. My twitching, very nearly spurting cock, the tightening of my balls told her all she needed to know.

“And what would you do to get her attention, little slave?” Her hand tightened around my balls, pulling them away from my body simultaneously. I hissed through clenched teeth under the throbbing pain.

“Lick her feet.”

“Yessssss.” She let go of my balls with a triumphant grin. Her other hand stroked my rock-hard cock very lightly, teasingly. “I know that you have your fetish with power plays, not only in bed, but I wasn’t quite so sure whether you really minded who was on top.”

“But I do.”

“Oooooh, still afraid to admit it? Look at your cock. Look at you lying there, spreading your thighs for me, while I squeeze your balls.”

“I like it very much when you are submissive.”

“Indeed, but you don’t mind if I’m the dominant one, do you?” Still loosely gripping my cock, she slapped my dangling balls hard from above with her other hand.

“Aoooohh.” I could only moan under the pain that shot way up into my stomach, making me want to curl up and hide. When I came to, my cock was still up. My legs still spread, my hands still gripping the edges of the headboard. Ooops.

“No. I don’t mind that,.”

“Since this is now an established fact, there’s no need to stall any longer. Come on, crawling, toe sucking little slave, what would you like your mistress to do with you?” Some short, hard strokes to bring me to the edge, then she continued her teasing, with the tips of her sharp nails now. This was one of the top five hand jobs she had ever given me.

“I would like her to play with my upturned ass.” This was still difficult. I urged myself on. The images came fast and hard and I fought to put them into words. There was no rejection or anger in Susan’s eyes, only lust and playful mockery. “I would like her to slap it hard. Grab it and scratch it.”

“But you wouldn’t dare to stop licking her toes, would you? She has got beautiful hands. Very large hands, but still very womanly and very long, slender fingers.” With her last words, she tickled my asshole with the tip of one finger. “Well?”

“I would spread my ass for her. I would go insane if she would fuck my ass with her finger.”

“You mean hot as hell? Bone-hard? Panting? Slobbering?” She removed her finger and started slapping the tip of my cock, holding it up tightly in her other hand. “That’s cute. It’s so hard and springy. Stand-up cock. Wow, I can slap it pretty hard without it going soft on me.”

I gasped as her flat hand hit my cock again and again, left and right. She let go with her other hand and watched wide-eyed and giggling as my cock was spun hard to the side, slapping my belly, only to swing back up again as if it was eager to receive her next slap. And it was. It was painful and erotic at the same time, and I was amazed by Susan’s face while she did it. She was like a horny, cruel child playing with her new pet. She looked amazingly animated, feral.

“You would like to be her boy-whore, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, very much.”

“You would just loooove to spread your legs when she don’s a huge strap-on cock, hmmmm? One that fits to the rest of her, really thick and veeery long?”

My ass clenched with the thought but I couldn’t stop the rich flow of precum it produced. My balls started to ache harder than my tortured cock.

A new idea lightened up Susan’s face even more.

“Freeze!” With that she left me there and was off the bed in one fluid motion. “Don’t move a muscle!”

She went to her bag sitting on a chair nearby and opened it. Before I could react she turned around, camera in hand and started snapping pictures of me. Me lying on the bed, legs spread, raging hard-on leaking precum. As I started to take my hands off the headboard and to close my legs, she shot me a look that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Will I really have to punish you, slut?”

“No.” My mind was in a turmoil. I really loved the role playing and the fantasy involved, but it creeped me out not a little at the same time.

“I think it is only fair since there are so many pictures of me posing like a whore around this house I am of the opinion that there should be equally embarrassing images of the other slut, too. Grab your ankles and pull them up. Open wide, show me your hungry little asshole, fucktoy! Yes, how very eager you are.” She giggled and clicked away as I obeyed her every command.

“Susan, please…”

“No, excuses.” She stopped shooting, cocking an eyebrow at me. “You would love to see all the pictures he took of me, wouldn’t you?”

I could do nothing but nod, still holding the pose she had ordered me in.

“Well, how about I show you what he made me do? Take an identical set of you? Than you would know.” Her beautiful eyes glowed with lust. The suspicion crept up on me that it was not only about taking pictures of me, but also of reliving the experience she had with Carl, but who was I to complain. Obviously, she took the moments it took my spinning brain to formulate an answer as hesitation. “Or would you like me to push the button on the headboard to call Claudia and let her guide you through it? I mean fair is fair, hmmm?”

I could only gasp and push my ass out even further. Could she really mean it? The thought was so humiliating and embarrassing, but also so very, very exciting. Would my loving wife really do that?

She giggled at my reaction. “Naaaah, better not. You would only come all over yourself the moment she enters the room, and your poor hard cock really suits you so well.” Another giggle, then her face grew profoundly stern. I never saw her like this before. “Anyway, let’s get you going. Off the bed and stand up straight … legs spread, yes, further, nice, let those balls swing free … hands behind your back, push those titties out. Good boy. Make your nipples hard, …come on, …pinch them, …harder … yessss!”

And my fall into the abyss began. Or was it bliss? I really didn’t know. And I cared less.


Once she got going, Susan really took off. She took photo after photo, ordering me around all the time, teasing, intimidating, keeping me on the edge the whole time without even touching me once. On my feet…on my back …on my knees, my spread open ass in the air, …head on the floor, …my burning nipples scratching the thick oriental carpet, …hands at my ankles, spread wide.

And finally in the position I found her in when Carl took his shots.

“Come on slutboy, sit really straight. I want to see those swollen nipples, and don’t tell me you can’t spread your thighs further. Show your dripping hard-on to the world. Yesssss, that’s it.”

Well, my nipples were swollen, and my cock was dripping precum. My balls ached as if she had kicked them, and my asshole itched and burned from me spreading it, and fucking it with my finger, following her orders. If she had felt only a bit like that when Carl had her posing, I was lucky that I didn’t find her crawling after him, begging to suck his cock.

Did he really have her in each and every one of all those poses in such a short time? Susan seemed to read the question in my eyes. Her smile got really wicked.

“Maybe, maybe not. Maybe your cute little wifey took some advantage of you, seizing the opportunity.” She slowly walked towards me, her body radiating waves of heat. When she stood right before me, she bent down, touched her index finger to the tip of my cock. Gathering juice, she slurped it wetly into her mouth. “But I wouldn’t count on it, if I were you. He is quiet an efficient one.”

She turned and walked to the bathroom.

“All right, get up and get dressed. I had my share of slut juice for this morning.” She cut my protest short, turning a bit towards me, her eyes like liquid steel. “I want you to feel like I felt, hot and bothered and wet. And then cut off by your appearance.” Her voice grew a little softer. “Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not angry, but I felt like such a whore and was so embarrassed. And still my cunt was dripping for the rest of the day. And I thought about it all the time. You were wondering why I behaved so strangely, after that, why I got off so hard? Well, you’ll know after this and a day around Claudia and me, and perhaps that cutie daughter of theirs. DON’T touch that cock!”

With these words she entered the bathroom and left me sitting there, still erect and in heaven.


It was nearly noon when I was able to fit my cock into my jeans again and to go downstairs. The whole family sat around the kitchen table, eating some snacks, deep in discussion as we entered the kitchen. My balls hadn’t stopped emitting a slight throbbing pain, but I got my first real impression of what Susan had hinted at when I was presented with Stephanie’s big round ass, sticking out from the kitchen chair. She had turned the chair around and was straddling it. Her profile presented perfectly to everybody who entered the room. Plus her large young breasts pressed against the back of the chair. I very nearly forgot to greet everyone while staring at the texture of her bra shining through her thin blouse.

Claudia jumped up as we entered the kitchen and when my eyes fell upon her, another, even fiercer stab of pain shot through my groin. Hell, what was happening to me?

“So you’re on your feet, …great. You need something to eat?”

“Not really, we just finished the rest of our breakfast. Since the weather has cleared, we thought we might explore the area a bit,” I jumped in. Susan saw right through my plan to avoid being around the women of the house all day and gave me a dirty look, but it wasn’t her who shot it all to pieces.

“That’s a great idea. Since you’re new around here, why don’t you take Stephanie along with you, to show you some of the beautiful spots that your navigation system will never find?” Carl beamed at us. “She’s a good guide, believe me, and she won’t mind, do you dear?”

“Not at all.” Stephanie turned to us, obviously delighted with the idea. “If I don’t invade your privacy too much, I would love to. I always like to take the opportunity to get to know new people.”

Susan’s grin grew very, very wide.

“Fabulous. Then that’s settled. Let’s get going.”


We were standing at the door, ready to leave, when Susan suddenly slapped her head.

“Oh, I almost forgot” She began rummaging in her handbag. “I filled up one of my memory cards for the camera last night. Claudia, would you mind transferring the pictures onto this USB drive for me, while we are away? I seem to be just clicking away, without thinking about memory space.”

With that said she handed Claudia the card. Last night? She didn’t take any… OH SHIT! Her sly smile and the sparkle in her eyes told me all I needed to know. She had just handed our photo session to Claudia and made sure that she couldn’t help herself but take a look herself. A cold sweat broke out on my back, shivers running down my spine.

“Of course I will. That’s no trouble at all.” Claudia looked up, right into my eyes, and I could swear that she knew what to expect.


I wasn’t really fit to drive. Not with that vixen in the backseat, giving directions, leaning forward between the seats, her jutting tits stroking my shoulder. I wasn’t even able to take in the sights that she pointed out, and fantastic sights they were indeed. I had never experienced a landscape so rough and rugged and being so beautiful at the same time.

Stephanie was open and easygoing, telling us about her life, her hobbies, her studies. Chemistry at a very upscale university! Who would have thought? Not me, especially in the state I was in. Thinking itself was difficult enough, while she lead us down rocky paths into reclusive bays. Walking in front of us, her proud ass swayed, while she balanced on the uneven ground. I realized that I never before had any idea what the term “blue balls” really meant. It would have been a perfect day, if I wasn’t preoccupied with thoughts about fucking …and tits …and asses …and sucking …and fucking. I may sound like a moron, but after the photo session this morning I wasn’t really able to concentrate on anything else.

In the evening Stephanie took us to a little restaurant down the coast, assuring us that her mother knew that this was part of her tour for newcomers. As everything else, it was perfect. And it was about the only thing that could take my mind off of sex for a short time, since after driving and walking around the coast for hours I was mad with hunger.

If it wasn’t for my evil wife, whose fingers immediately trailed up my thigh when Stephanie went to the ladies room.

“You can’t see enough of that ass, can you?” Her fingertip poked my groin. “You’re not even discreet about it anymore, ogling her all the time.”

Poke, poke, poke …making my cock grow again. Bitch!

“Well, she doesn’t seem to mind, really.”

“That could be true. I think she even enjoys it, getting an old fart like you hot. If that wasn’t already my plan, I would have to be furious,” she whispered, stroking lightly along the length of my erect cock, which was jutting uncomfortably hard into my trousers “But as it is, it’s fun seeing you suffer. What do you think will happen, if I rub this a bit longer?”

“There could be an accident.”

“Nothing accidental here, my little slut boy. If I want it to happen, you will shoot that huge hot load of come right into your pants here and now. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes!” How true that was. I really couldn’t catch on with my feelings and didn’t know what was happening to me, but it felt too good to stop now.

“Say it!” Her fingernail biting into the tip of my cock.

“I would shoot my load into my pants …here …and now …for you.”

Susan leaned back laughing.

“What a whore you are,” she whispered. The tips of her breasts pressed hard into her clothes. “And what a pity that I can’t let you. She’s coming back.”

Suddenly she leaned forward again, eyes burning, and pressed her lips to my ear. “I can’t imagine how your cock would react, if you could see Claudia and Carl looking at your dirty slave boy photos right now.” With a lick to my ear she left me sitting there, paralyzed and very nearly ready to shooting my load.


We returned quite late, and, with the state I was in, we could count ourselves lucky that I got us home safe on those narrow, winding roads in the dark. I could think about absolutely nothing else but getting back to our room and fucking my wife senseless. Teasing times were definitely over now; slut boy retired for the night.

We went directly upstairs, since Stephanie’s parents had already retired to their bedroom. I was quite happy about this, because I didn’t know what would happen to me, if Claudia gave me a knowing smile and a wink to let me know that she had seen the photos. And I was sure that she had. What were we doing?

My hand was already on the handle of our door when Stephanie, whose room was right down the hallway, stopped and cleared her throat. We both turned to her, and I took the opportunity to scan her hot body head to toe once again. By the amused look on her face, she sure appreciated it. Damn, but I still couldn’t resist letting my eyes drop again a bit.

“Well, since you both seem to like my body sooo much that you weren’t able to stop staring at it the whole day, would one of you mind undressing me and licking me to a nice bedtime orgasm?” She winked at us, turned and went into her room, leaving the door open behind her. “But only one of you. I like undivided attention.


We looked at each other, dumbfounded, or at least I was. By the look on Susan’s face, I could tell that she was thinking furiously, and obviously not about whether one of us should go or not. I know how my wife looks when her pussy is getting wet, and believe me, that’s what I saw.

I didn’t know what to think. Every nerve in my body was telling me to run into Stephanie’s room, slam the door behind me and worship that young goddesse’s cunt. But the still working part of my brain, incremental as it was, told me that I couldn’t just leave the woman I loved standing in the hall to feast on another woman’s cunt. Crazy as it was, I still had a conscience which made me loose the race.

Susan gave me a stare that could’ve melted polar caps while grabbing my hand.

“I’ll make it up to you tenfold, honey.” With that she turned and strode to the open door. Before closing it she said, “And don’t touch yourself.”


I stared at the ceiling, lying on the bed fully clothed, trying to imagine what had driven Susan to follow that girl into her room. She had never had sex with a woman before. We had shared a fantasy about that, and it had gotten her hot at the time, but as far as I knew my wife had never touched another woman sexually. Now she was 30 feet and ten worlds away from me, being the servant of a busty teenager. Undressing her like a personal maid and even licking her cunt. I couldn’t or more accurately wouldn’t allow myself to imagine that or my cock would have exploded in my pants.

Susan hadn’t hesitated for more than a few seconds. Had she been afraid that I wouldn’t be able to resist? Had she just wanted to prevent me from following Stephanie? The look she had given me had told me another story. I wasn’t even sure if I would’ve done it. Not if Susan had told me not to, I’m sure. Or was I? We were both so sexually wired, so unearthed from our normal habits and fantasies…

But would she be able to go through with it or would she be back in a few minutes, horribly embarrassed and ashamed? Well, I would find out soon enough. So I hoped.


The door opened an eternity later an Susan slinked into the room, leaning against the closed door and turning the key with one hand.

And my had she gone through with it! Her lips were puffy and swollen. The front part of her hair was sticky and plastered to her head. Her nose and cheeks seemed to be still glistening with juice. And then the smell assaulted my senses and there was no doubt left at all.

Her eyes remained glued to the floor, her voice hoarse and strained. “Get up and stand before the bed. Now.”

When I started to speak, she just cut me off with a hiss. I followed her instructions. As I stood, she came up to me, still not lifting her eyes.

Dropping to her knees, she started to speak and at the same time opened my trousers.

“It’s a game and I have accepted the rules, and I really, really want to go through with it, and we don’t want to discuss it now. Enjoy and I will explain at least a bit later.”

Then she stuffed my cock into her mouth and continued to undress me, never letting it slip out. I was so erect and sensitive, and my balls hurt, and she rammed her throat on my cock, and she was still fully dressed, and she sucked like a maniac, fucking her face with my cock, folding her hands behind her back, and as she gagged and drooled out of the corners of her swollen mouth she moaned and shivered, and I just couldn’t resist to putting my hands on the back of her head, so that I could push it deeper into her mouth, and she never moved her hands while I fucked her face, fucked her mouth like the cunt she had just licked, smelling Stephanie’s juice on her, and I pushed ruthlessly, and her body jerked from the hard gagging, and I just kept going, pushing, and I came so hard, my god, so unbelievably hard and long, while I had her nose pressed to my stomach. I couldn’t have stopped if her life depended on it and I shot my load…

I fell back onto the bed, my balls aching as if someone had kicked them hard, listening to the noises my retching, cowering wife made on the floor. It felt so good that I couldn’t find a word to describe it.


What were we doing?

What had I just done? It sounded like I nearly killed her. Just when I started to get up to look after her, Susan coughed some words.

“I’m fine.” Cough. “That’s…what it was…supposed to…” More coughing. “I’m fine.”

She slowly got to her feet, went to her side of the bed, and slipped under the covers, fully dressed.

“Come into bed and kill the lights.”

After that, she snuggled up to me and whispered into my ear. “I have seen her marvelous tits, and her arse, and my mouth knows everything about her fat nipples, and her cunt, and her arse hole. Even though I was nervous, and a bit afraid, it was fantastic. I will tell you everything but not now. Tomorrow. She guessed our game today, and since I came to her as her servant, she decided to turn the tables and let me be the teased and denied one tonight,. She ordered me to get you off with my mouth, just how you like it and then go to sleep dressed as I am, and unsatisfied.” She swallowed hard. “And tomorrow morning I can go over and ask her for my orgasm. May I tell her that I sucked you good?”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Of course you can. That was out of this world completely.”

I could feel her smile happily.

“Thank you, honey, because I’m her little cunt bitch, as long as she wants me to, or until you forbid it. But please, please, please, don’t do that, because it makes me so hot, and I still love you, but I just need that right now. If I talk about this any longer, I will come just by rubbing my legs together and that would completely spoil the game.”

“What is happening here? It’s absurd and strange, and I’m not sure whether it is safe,” I said.

“I’m quite sure that nothing bad will happen to us. At least nothing we really don’t want. And I don’t know what it is, but it is making me fly better than any drugs we ever had. Can we please go through with it? I don’t mind what they will do to me.”


Susan continued to whisper in my ear. “And I don’t mind what you will do. Just play the game. I think we’ve met top level game masters. Let’s enjoy it.”

Oh! Where was this leading? Inevitably I could see my wife being fucked senseless by Carl’s monster cock, and loving it…

“Oh, did I make you hard again? Stephanie expressly forbid me to let you go to sleep with a hard-on, and I really want my orgasm tomorrow. May cunt bitch please suck your cock and swallow another load of your tasty sperm?”

Shit, right at that moment I couldn’t imagine any price being too high for the treatment I was getting from my wife. She didn’t wait for an answer and already had her lips slobbering on my cock.

So along I sailed, into completely uncharted waters, my cock happily setting the course.


“Wake up, honey, please.” A wet mouth nudging my ear woke me up from a deep and surprisingly dreamless sleep. When I opened my eyes I saw sunlight filtering through the curtains, but it felt like in the middle of the night. “Come on, it’s nearly nine o’clock. I’m allowed to go over now. Please be awake, in case there are any questions.”

“What?” I shook my head to clear it a bit. “What questions? About what?”

“I don’t know, but just in case…” Slowly it dawned on me that my little Susan kneeled at the edge of the bed, only to wake me up, but she was ready to jump up once she had accomplished that. Ready to go… anxious and eager to play the game… to get her reward. She obviously was awake longer than me and had the time to work herself into a fit of need. I was quite sure the cunt juice I smelled right now was not left over on her face. That was her own fresh juices, fuming out of her, still in the same clothes as last night. And my, were her nipples poking through her shirt.

She saw the look on my face and retreated a bit.

“No, don’t touch me. Not now.” She staggered to her feet and I had the slight impression that she even drooled a bit. ” I can go over now and I will. Please don’t be angry. I just can’t help it. You will get yours, however you want it. She promised. If I behave…”

She was slowly walking backwards, fixing me with a smoldering gaze. She reached for the key, turned it without looking and opened the door.

“See you soon.”

And with that she was gone, the door slamming behind her, and I was left, still confused and damn horny again.


“Hellooo, breakfast is coming!” I snapped out of my reverie when the door opened and Claudia just barged in, never waiting for an answer. She pushed the breakfast cart into the room, radiating her usual air of sexiness. I pulled the cover a bit higher, which produced a little laugh from her.

“Oh come on, nothing there I haven’t seen already, is there? At least on some very nice pictures.” Her wide grin seemed threatening all of a sudden. “I’ve fried you some eggs and sausages. You will definitely want to eat them while they’re fresh and warm. For your wife I’ve prepared some things that will keep, until she’s done down the hall.”

She knew, and she handled it as if it was completely natural. Well nearly. Once I was able to tear my eyes from her smiling face, I noticed some differences. It seemed that her nipples were poking harder than ever through the material of her dress, and her body language signaled sexual tension, despite the casualness of her words. Wasn’t that dress even tighter than her normal ones?

Shit! It definitely didn’t show as much skin as the other ones. Dark. Closed around her neck, long sleeves, long skirt nearly to the ankles of her boots, but extremely tight. Showing off every single curve to perfection. Her tits pushed into pointy cones, jutting aggressively out, presenting a rocket like profile. It looked strict. That was it exactly. Schoolteacher on speed, aggressive nanny with a hidden whip, atomic headmistress. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. She had me there, and if she just pulled away my blanket I wouldn’t be able to hide it. She wouldn’t need to do even that. Right now, right here, a single command and I would do it by myself.

I caught myself staring, dumbfounded, obvious. She even had made me forget about Susan for a second, but I couldn’t let her remark go without comment, could I? I decided to play it casual.

“By the state she was in, it won’t take her long, I assume.”

“Oh, don’t underestimate my darling daughter. From what I hear, she likes to play it long and dirty, just like her parents.” Her smile was predatory now, and she had left me speechless. Instead of serving breakfast on the bed, like she had before, she pushed the cart to a table in the corner of the room and began laying it out, which gave me quite a view of her gorgeous backside every time she leaned forward. Not something to soften my raging hard-on. I thought about jumping out of bed and fleeing to the bathroom to get a robe, but was unable to pry my eyes off her long legs in the tight skirt. And then the moment was gone.

She turned around and fixed me with a luscious stare.

“So come on, aren’t you hungry. I told you to enjoy your breakfast while it’s fresh and warm.”

“Ahm…” I squirmed. She became irritated.

“You know very well, why your wife gave us the memory card with those images of you, don’t you? She wanted us to have them alongside hers, and I must admit I liked what I saw very much. So don’t pretend to be shy and present the goods. Pull that blanket off NOW!”

And I did, unable to resist this order from the dominant goddess standing tall and erect only a few steps away. My solid erection told all about how her act was getting to me. Her grin widened accordingly.

“Now, that’s what I want to see. Get up, and come here and…” The ringing of the telephone interrupted her. It was the house phone, standing on a small table near the window. “I would get that if I were you. Must be your pretty little wifey, since no one else can get through right now.”

Confused, I jumped off the bed and hurried to the phone.


“Good morning.” Not my wife. Stephanie. “I don’t want to interrupt you or anything, but I have a few questions. Ready?”

“Of course.”

“Are you naked right now?”

“Well…yes.” No use in lying to her.

“Do you have a boner?”

“Yes, I have.” I blushed, even though she couldn’t see me.

“Mhhh, that’s nice to think of, but it gives me the impression that your wife didn’t take care of you last night quite well enough, as I told her to.” I could practically hear her smirk. Claudia was right, Susan had to work for her release a lot longer than I would have thought.

“But she did, very, very well, indeed. Two times even.”

Claudia sauntered over, leaned against the wall, facing me. Stephanie giggled at the other end of the line.

“Oh my, you should see her face. I doubt your wife ever looked at you so desperately. Well, I think I can actually see little tears forming in her eyes, just because she is so desperate for permission to stuff her dirty, floor crawling fingers into her drooling cunt.”

A gasp escaped my lips. With perfect timing to this, Claudia’s sharp fingernails lightly scraped across my balls.

“Oh, do you like that. You want to hear more? Let me tell you. This little bitch is right now kneeling in front of me, presenting here cute little titties, pinching those nipples like it’s the most important job in the world. Which it is right now for her, I assume, since I won’t allow her to move her hands before she has done it properly. And with properly, I mean harder than what she is doing right now.” I heard Susan moan in the background. “NOW she is doing it right, finally and keeping her mouth open, always showing me that nice, long tongue of hers. She can become a quite accomplished cunt licker, given proper training.” Claudia’s hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it lightly from the base to the head. I could only moan.

“Well, enough talk, this seems to excite you way too much. So in your opinion, the bitch has earned her orgasm?”

“Yes, very much.” I said as firm as I could with a hand on my cock and the tip of a fingernail now scraping my nipple.

“All right, I’ll keep that in mind while I make my decision. And one very last question, is my Mom with you?”

“Yes, she is.”

Her voice became teasing. “Then be a good boy. Bye”

I put the phone down and looked at Claudia. She didn’t stop working my cock and nipple. Her look was scrutinizing.

“Your cock is hard, your eyes are feasting on me and my daughter whenever you can, but from what I hear you still have your doubts about what is happening here. Is that so?”

“Well..uuh..” I really didn’t know what to say.

“Your wife did a lot of talking last night, even though she was extremely eager to occupy her mouth otherwise, and I mean a lot! So tell me, what restrains you from fully enjoying what your wife describes as the best sex you two had in years?” Her hand didn’t stop teasing me, never letting me come too close to the edge, without ever letting her eyes wander from mine, fixing me to the spot with her stern gaze. “And no small part of this fabulous sex did happen while you fantasized about me and my husband, didn’t it? So what still prevents you from enjoying even more excellent sex with two big-titted first class women? Your wife has no objections whatsoever. She is even urging you on now and beat you to the prize next door. You can’t seriously be afraid that she’s having fun, too, I don’t think that you’re such a moron.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there, swaying slightly, following the movement of her hand on my cock.

“And she sure is having a lot of ‘fun’ right now, without you.” She paused for a moment. “Or are you afraid? Afraid that she will love Carl’s cock too much? His really, really huge, fat dick that you’ve watched me sucking? Well, then you’ve made an equally huge mistake by telling her about it. What did you expect from her? She was as attracted to him from the beginning, as you were attracted to me. And then you tell her how well hung he is. Do you really think a woman doesn’t get curious under such circumstances? Gets tickled by it? Wants to see him as much as you wanted to see my tits, until I displayed them to you that morning, serving breakfast? Wants to touch him as much as you want to touch my tits right now?”

My hand lifted as if on its own, moving to her jutting breasts. She just slapped it away lightly.

“No touching yet. No touching, until you decide what you really want. What we are doing here is a service provided to guests who we like and are attracted to, but it’s only fun if everyone involved is doing it without objections, without limiting themselves from really fulfilling the fantasies they never imagined could be reality. Your wife is well on her way, and it would be a pity if you would put a stop to that, for her and for you, too, believe me. But you must decide, not now with your helpless cock in my hand and your brain in your balls, but until tonight. Do you understand this? Or else, enjoy your holiday and take care of yourselves.”

“Yes, ok, I…” What kind of slobbering idiot was I?

“Let me tell you how we will play it. If you want all this to stop, stay in your room tonight. If you want to commence, get naked and go to my daughter’s room. She will be your touchstone. Since there are other things you seem to be uncertain about, you will show us your decision in that regard, by either grabbing the bitch and just fucking the hell out of her in every way possible… or by dropping to your knees and worshipping your rightful goddess’s daughter to show us what you are. Understood?”

What the hell did Susan tell them? Obviously she was so enthralled that…

“If he hasn’t, I will explain it to him later,” Susan said. My head jerked around to her. I just had time to register my wife standing naked in the doorframe, her eyes on Claudia’s cock working hand. She was wearing a leather choker with a leash dangling to her thighs, thighs that were glistening wet with her juices… and that was the moment I came all over Claudia’s hand, which had picked up speed and motion once Susan started talking.

My whole body jerked upright. I didn’t just moan, I shouted out my lust while her long fingers were working me, milking me with expert motion. Every muscle in my body was tensed up and rigid, I couldn’t have moved an inch. Fantastic, hot, unbelievable…

“That’s very nice of you dear, I seem to have talked way too much already, anyway. Or should I call you cunt bitch now? You’ve obviously earned it.”

Still working me, still pulling the last drops of come out of my aching cock.

“That would be nice, thank you.” Susan lowered her gaze to the floor while sticking her tits out at the same time. She even spread her legs a little wider. Finally, Claudia let go of me and held out her hand to Susan.

“He’s a juicy one. What a lot of sperm. Would you care, cute little cunt bitch?”

“Not at all.” My naked wife just walked over, dropped to her knees in front of Claudia and began licking and sucking my sperm off her graciously offered hand. Swallowing.

“That is good enough dear, but don’t forget his spill on the floor.” At her words my wife immediately dropped down on all fours and started lapping the puddles of cum off the floorboards.

“I will leave you two alone now. Remember, tonight is the night.” And with those words, she was gone.

Susan was entirely into her role and didn’t stop until she had sucked up every drop of come. Then she collapsed onto her butt, sitting on the floor, her legs spread, her wet and swollen cunt on display, so beautiful and hot, her tits presented. She shook back her mangled hair, blew me a kiss and gave me the sluttiest come-on look I EVER had from her.

“Will I get a real breakfast now? That much fabulous sex is giving me an appetite.”



I still couldn’t believe that it was my wife sitting across the table from me, devouring her breakfast, being completely at ease with the situation after her games with Stephanie. And after licking the hand of a woman we barely knew clean of my cum.

“It is a bit much for me, I have to admit. I really can’t believe all this is ok with you?” I looked at her questioningly.

“I know, honey. If you had told me, that I would behave this way ever in my life, I would have ridiculed you for years to come about it. But it is what it is. I love it. Right now I don’t want anything else, than to go on with it, be a slut to strangers, let them use me, whatever…” Her voice trailed off, before she caught herself again. “You know… it’s an opportunity that never presents itself in most people’s lives, and we will definitely never get it again, once we’re back home, working our asses off. To be able to let go completely, to let someone else take charge, and feel safe while doing it. I believe them, when they say that it’s discreet, that nothing will ever leave this house or at least this remote village. And I am perfectly sure that they know every trick in the book to make it worth our while. Do you disagree?” Her eyes searched my face.

“No, I don’t. They obviously are very sensuous and quite adept.” I shivered at the memory of Claudia’s hand on my cock, milking me so effortlessly, never giving me the slightest opportunity to get out of it or to get off early.

“I love you, and I will go on loving you after this. What we have is far more than sex. And I DO like our sex.” She giggled. “But you’ll have to admit that the best sex we had happened during our first years together and only again after we entered this haunted manor and don’t tell me it wasn’t the same for you.”

“I wouldn’t even try to,” I admitted. The hungry look that started to appear on Susan’s face was already coaxing my cock back to life again. She was still naked, still wearing the collar and leash.

“And you like it when I behave like a slave, a slut, letting you fuck my mouth, never even trying to pull away while I shake and retch on your cock down my throat.” Her voice got huskier and huskier.

“Mhhhhmm…” My cock was hard again.

“And I love it. Love to be taken, to be used, to be humiliated. Don’t be cross now, but they can teach you a lot about that. It took Stephanie five minutes, ten sentences, and a bit of tit flashing, to have me in a state of mind I never thought I could enter. I begged like a dog, literally, and I felt like it.” She dropped her head under the table, peeked, giggled, and came up again, a huge smile plastered on her face. “Perhaps it has to do with being so straightforward, so determined to reach goals, my whole life. Now here is the opportunity to do just the opposite, eighteen short more days to relish being without any responsibility, and I intend to use this time. Don’t waste that. Enjoy.”

She slid her body down to the floor and had her hands on my hard-on before I could react. She pushed against me, until I had slid my chair back enough for her to slip her head between me and the table. Her eyes caught mine while she just held my cock in her hands.

“I’m swept away by this, so whatever dirty fantasy you choose to act out, no matter what, I’m in no position to judge you. Nothing that could spoil our relationship. Just think about it! Whatever you want. Just this one time in your life.” She put the lightest of sweet kisses on the crown of my head.

I was sold.


We took a drive with our car and went on a long walk on some beach. Afterwards we had lunch in a pub some miles down the coast because we were afraid that we would fuck ourselves senseless, if we stayed in our room. And miss the evening fun. We talked a lot about other things, but my mind kept going back to the one big question on my mind, since I had decided to just let go. What the hell did I want to do once I entered Stephanie’s room tonight?

Susan had decided about her role already. Even on the walk, underneath her clothes she still wore the collar and leash. The handle that Stephanie’s hand had held was firmly stuffed inside her panties, flat against her cunt.


Back in our room, Susan started preparing herself.

“What’s to prepare, I thought it would be my show tonight.” I joked.

“Yeah?” she called from the bathroom. “And what happened while I was out of the room this morning? We will never know who will be doing what and when with us, from now on. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it?”

Shit. I really didn’t want to think about that right now. What would happen once I had closed the door behind me? Regardless of what I was about to do with that young wench. I still hadn’t decided about that and the thought of Susan being used while I was away didn’t help me doing so.

I entered the bathroom, surprised to see her sitting on the edge of the tub, slicing away at her rich pubic hair with my shaver.

“What the hell are you doing? I love that big bush! And I thought you did, too.”

“I still do, but this is not for me to decide any longer.” She was nearly done, searching for the last stray hairs, going for the stubble with a vengeance.

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