Anne shook, worn out from all of the sex that she had endured. Her pussy and ass hole were swollen and beat red. Natalia was in the same condition and yet Todd was not ready to release such a beautiful Russian woman.

“Get out.” Todd said, looking at Anne, who stared. Was he kidding around? She rose slowly, shaking as she grabbed her clothes and put them on.

Natalia sat up, watching Anne dress with a look of desire to do the same. She sighed as Anne left the room, running out and leaving this all behind. Lucky girl, Natalia thought.

A slap to the face turned her head around so she looked at Scott, who stood over her with his hand ready for another slap.

“What’s my name, slave?” he yelled.

“Master.” Natalia replied to the handsome Italian man.

“Good girl.” He replied with a laugh.

“Now what to do with you next? We covered anal beads, dildos, and cocks. You don’t seem tired enough to me. I have to think of something good. Oh yeah, something to make you scream.” Todd said, laughing. He sat down and looked around the room.

Suddenly, he stood and left after whispering something to Scott who beamed with joy. This terrified Natalia, who sat there and watched Todd walk out. She sighed again, breathing slowly, trying to ignore the pain in her pussy along with her back door. She was swollen and red, her pussy soaked from recently getting to cum. It didn’t look like she got a chance to rest though because Scott, with his olive skin and dark hair, got on his knees and stuck his face between her legs. She leaned back on her hands, her legs wrapping around his head as he licked her clit nice and slow. He pulled back to blow cold air onto her clit, making her moan. It felt so good, so relaxing. It was what her sore pussy needed.

This pleasure didn’t last long before Todd was returning, wheeling in a swing of some sort. Natalia’s heart sunk and Scott stood up, smiling again.

“Stand up and lets get started.” Todd smirked.

Natalia did as she was told. She walked to the swing where she was held up by her wrists, spread apart above her head. Her ass was supported by straps and her legs were connected to poles as well, stretched wide apart to reveal her bright red pussy with its swollen clit.

She closed her eyes, blocking out the two handsome men who were using her up as much as they could.

Immediately, Todd got behind Natalia, who was lifted off the floor in the swing. From behind he reached between her thighs and rubbed the outside of her pussy, stretching her lips and rubbing her clit. He got his hand wet then rubbed it between her ass crack. He slid one finger into her back door, making her yelp. She twisted a little in the swing, but had no choice but to take it.

Scott got in front, holding his thick and seven inch cock in his hand. he held his balls in his other hand, rubbing and squeezing them. As he rubbed the head of his dick over her pussy lips, Todd began to rub his on her asshole. Natalia clenched her eyes shut tight.

Scott slid only an inch in, then out, then in. He did this several times just as Todd slid the head of his cock into her asshole. Natalia’s eyes shot open and her mouth fell open, gasping as Todd’s dick intruded her tight ass hole. He slid more and more in, making her scream. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as the pain intensified. To make matters worse, Scott rammed all seven inches deep into her soaked cunt without any warning.

“Ahhh! Oh god! Oh god!” Natalia moaned and screamed at once.

The swing rocked with them, her wrists in pain in the cuffs above her. Scott and Todd rammed into her holes, making her cry and scream and moan. The pain was blurred with pleasure as the two men thrusted.

Scott began to rub her clit hard and fast, wanting her to cum all over his fat cock. Natalia screamed, twisting side to side, forcing Todd’s dick deeper inside of her ass hole. She felt their balls slapping together below her.

Her thighs tightened first. Then her eyes shut, her mouth ajar, her chest rising and falling. her nipples were hard, ready for the pleasure to erupt through her.

“Oh yess! Yes! Yes! Ah!” Natalia screamed as she moaned, an orgasm shaking her body.

This turned Todd on so much that he couldn’t resist shooting his load up into her ass hole. Disappointed that it was over so quickly, he pulled out slowly and walked away to clean off. Scott continued, thrusting into her tightened pussy. She shook in pain and pleasure. Scott felt her body tensing up and her pussy squeezing around his cock. He pulled out, shooting his load all over his stomach. He stroked his dick till every last drop was out.

I woke around 9.30, images and memories of the previous evening still racing through my mind.

I couldn’t believe that less than two weeks ago we were both still virgins and hadn’t got any more action than some light touching over the clothes. Last night blew my mind, yes I had put in a lot of effort in getting the room set up and setting the scene, but I could never have expected you to unleash the wanton sexual behaviour a teenage boy could only dream of.

Lying in bed slowly coming to full consciousness my hand strays downwards to check I still have a cock after all our activity. My hand brushes past my public hair finding it hard and matted together with a combination of our cum from our umpteenth fuck in the early hours of the morning.

Looking back, while the early part of the evening once we got in this palace of a hotel suite was planned, loving and very sensual the wakeup call at around 3 am this morning with you tugging frantically on my hard on provoked probably the best sex we have ever had.

Maybe being woken by a beautiful naked girl who’s hand was firmly jacking me off was not quite what I imagined it wasn’t something I was going to complain about.

“Fuck me hard” was your insistent demand pulling on my erect cock guiding me towards you, not that I needed too much encouragement. Rolling onto your back, your legs already spread wide for me to enter you I take no time at all and positioned directly above your lithe and sexy body push my groin firmly between your legs.

My cock slides over your slick wet lips as I grind my length onto your pussy, feeling your course pubic hair rough against the tip of my cock.

“Don’t fuck about, just fuck me now” you almost spit at me, as your hand is thrust between us diving for my cock again, your needs and urgency to be pleasured dripping from every expletive you utter.

You get what you want and you position the engorged head of my cock at your wet pussy hole, your swollen lips parted and your sex wide open to my invading cock.

One thrust and I am in you, your wetness coating my shaft as each inch of me pushes roughly inside you until our pelvic bones meet and my invasion is halted. A lift of my hips and another thrust hard into your tight little cunt takes your breath away, again I raise my hips and plunge hard into you, this time drawing a moan from your lips. More thrusts and your moaning becomes a rhythmic series of groans and pants as I continue to fuck you into a frenzy.

Shifting position I pull out of you to your great disgust and obvious frustrations before standing at the side of the huge king sized bed I spin you through ninety degrees and pull your ass up to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor looking down on you I firmly grab your legs behind the knees and push them away and apart.

Your dripping little pussy hole waiting eagerly for my cock to fill it once again.

One hand around your raised thigh for purchase, I sink my twitching cock back into your pussy and resume a slow deep pounding of your pussy. Each thrust make your breasts surge away before they quickly bounce back and settle in to a natural position. Your breasts jiggling in response to each of my thrusts. Two beautiful globes topped by a prominent hard nipple pointing towards the ceiling.

My hand strays to your tits and roughly grasps a hard nipple, squeezing and twisting it, adding pain to the pleasure of having your pussy pounded.

Juice from your sopping pussy covering your ass so with each thrust there is a wet slapping noise as my balls swing against your wet cheeks as my cock penetrates deep in your hot cunt.

Again the rhythm builds and your pants and moans fill the room in response to each deep thrust.

Taking a stronger grip on your thigh now with both hands I increase the tempo of my thrusting, pumping hard and fast into you. Your breathing no longer matched to my thrusts but coming in short shallow gasps interspersed with low moans.

Your eyes now closed and your hands gripping the sheets on the bed for some stability as your body is being jolted violently from each thrust as our groins mash together with each stroke of our fucking. Your tits bouncing wildly, a dull red blush covering your chest and neck from an excess of oxygen flooding your lungs caused by your gasping and panting from being fucked so relentlessly and so hard.

The excess oxygen and the constant abuse of your pussy combining to trigger an inevitable orgasm. A wave of pleasure spreading quickly from the depths of your loins outwards to every nerve ending you possess. Your pussy clenching and gripping my hard cock as I continue to fuck you hard.

Your body thrashing on the bed beneath me, head thrown back, tits pushed high into the air as you arch your back and a long groan rips from your throat. Still I’m not finished, my cock still thrusting, your cum covering my cock and squeezing out dribbling between your ass checks as each thrust of my cock forces its way into your tightly clenched little pussy.

Still pumping at your little hole, you begin to come down from your high and the abuse of my cock slamming hard into you begins to register on your increasingly sore and bashed pussy.

But I’m not done.

You make a feeble attempt to move away managing to turn sideways and crawl up the bed a little but my needs now are too great, you scramble onto your knees to move away but I take a firm hold of you and still between your legs force your head and torso down so you are bent at the waist with your arse high in the air. Knees still spread I stare at your reddened little pussy, cum visibly dripping.

Two fingers scoop your cum and juices and quickly massage them around your puckered ass hole.

Without hesitation a finger pushes past your ring and disappears knuckle deep into your ass, twist, withdraw, push. Your ass gets a finger fuck, the muscles slowly loosening and becoming accustomed to having a prescence.

Your reluctance at the thought of more sex apparent only seconds before seemed to be evaporating like a morning mist on a summer’s day, each twist and probe of my finger melting your resistance to my advances.

The first moan from you signals an acceptance of another first.

My cock, rock hard and slick with your cum nudges against your cute little asshole and with a firm but gentle pressure I push the swollen bulbous head of my cock past your anal ring.

My cock has stretched you wider than the finger that invaded the same area only moments before and a small squeal of pain signals the burning sensation of me stretching your ass wider that it has ever been.

I know this is a first for both of us and despite my wanton lust and desire to force myself into you and fill your ass with my cum I pause and wait for your pain and discomfort to calm a little before proceeding.

After a few seconds of my cock being at your entrance I begin to push a little holding onto your hips slowly sinking my cock deep into your ass.

I am well lubricated from our earlier fucking but taking you from behind I can’t resist slapping you arse and watching it ripple as I begin to build up a slow rhythmic fucking of you back passage.

Any pretence or resistance you had to this defiling of your last virginal orifice now completely gone as the initial pain you experienced now replaced by a deep sensual pleasure as my cock pumps in and out of your virgin asshole.

I begin to build a good rhythm, slapping hard against your ass cheeks as each stroke drives my cock deep into your bowels. The motion of our fucking making your tits swing back and forth under your body as you hold yourself steady on all fours while I pound away between your legs from behind.

Unusually you are making no noise to accompany our fucking and I realise you are almost chewing a pillow, face buried in it desperately trying to muffle you sounds – be it either pain or pleasure.

Now fully in control of this fuck and wanting to hear you moan I slide a hand up your spine past your shoulder blade and neck and onto the back of your head. Closing my hand I firmly take a handful of hair and pull your head back, not viciously, I’m not into hurting you but I want to mix a little pain under control.

You instantly respond, maybe you wanted to be controlled maybe it hurt more than I realised but your head rose from the pillow and your moans immediately filled the room.

These noises were different. Before you made little whimpers and moans rising to a long drawn out panting and gasps as you reached orgasm. Now the noises were guttural, low screams and grunts.

Pain mixed with an un-prepared for pleasure as your body betrayed your minds instincts and screamed its joy and acceptance of the abuse you are receiving.

Your upper body now raised as high as your arms could manage to relieve the pressure of my hand still pulling your hair, each thrust of my cock into your ass coupled with an involuntary pull of your hair causing both pain and pleasure to be mixed before a second or so later another thrust repeats the feeling.

There is no restraint now, I started slowly in your ass so as to get us both in to it but now the red lust had descended and all I could focus on was my own impending climax and was pumping your ass as hard and as fast as I could manage.

Spurred on by the wailing and thrashing of your body beneath me. You actually even start to push back to meet each thrust driving me deeper into you if that was possible, your second orgasm already ripping through your tight little body.

The result of the combined rough treatment of your hair and your ass surprising you, but realisation that it signalled another area of your sexual awakening before tonight not even considered.

I feel the contraction in my balls and make a final deep violent thrust into you as I feel the pumping sensation as my seed spurts deep into your ass. My final thrust pushes you forward flattening you against the bed as I collapse on top of you still buried in your ass and still pumping cum from my cock into your body.

Panting heavily, pinning your body prone on the bed you twist your head and we make eye contact for the first time since I invaded your ass. Your eyes wide still but glazed, an obvious sweat on your brow and your mouth open sucking in oxygen as we both fight for breath.

You are the first to recover the ability to talk, and there is suddenly a look of fire in your eyes.

From nowhere you flash your hand across my face, the back of your hand smacking my lower lip and I immediately taste blood.

“Don’t ever fucking ask to do that again you bastard” you seethe at me, “Just fucking do it”.

And with that you kiss me hard, your tongue tasting the blood from the cut on my lip.

I roll off you pinned body, cum covering both of us as we lay together your head in my shoulder and we drift off to a contented and exhausted sleep.

Jessie French grunted, clutched tighter to the edge of the desk and tried to relax as her high school principal slowly wedged his cock into her clenching butthole.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” He panted. “You like that cock up your ass!”

“I love that cock up my ass,” she moaned, wincing and shifting in an attempt to get a more comfortable angle.

“You’re such a dirty, dirty girl,” he said as he finally sheathed the last centimeter of his substandard manhood in her rectum.

“I am, I’m a dirty girl,” she agreed, following the script as he began to thrust. She might as well have recited nursery rhymes. He was too lost in his “naughty schoolgirl” fantasy to notice.

After that, he settled into his usual monotonous, robotic rhythm, and she was able to tune him out, respond to his steady stream of dirty nothings with the occasional moan or bit of porn-talk, and contemplate how she’d wound up here, bent over the principal’s desk with her pants around her ankles. Again.

“Oh, God. You’re too big. I can’t take it.”

It was her own fault, really. She and Ray Hawkins had been careless. There’s not many places to hide or cover up when you’re caught in the girls’ gym teacher’s office with the school Bad Boy’s cock in your mouth and his cum dripping down your chin onto your tits.

The lesson here was that just because Fran Balbricker never had returned to her office during her fifth-period lunch didn’t mean that she never would. Especially with that little weasel Henderson around.

Ray’s punishment had been left up to old Fran. Jessie didn’t like to think about it.

Dangly old man balls slapping against her pussy. Dangly old man belly slapping against her ass. So very, very boring. Except for the sweat dripping on her back. That was gross.

“Ooh, Mr. Barker, you’re ruining me! I’ll never be able to take one of those little boys in my grade again.”

He liked that one. It actually made him thrust harder until he got winded about a half-dozen thrusts later and had to slow down. He never realized she was mocking him with it.

She didn’t have to put up with this shit, of course. The first time he’d tried to “blackmail” her, back in Sophomore year when she’d been caught under the bleachers with Ronnie Jones three knuckles deep in her twat, she’d almost laughed in his face. She wasn’t afraid of anything he could do to her, but he knew full well that her mother would burn his balls off with a blowtorch if he ever actually did anything she didn’t want.

She’d thought better of it, though. Laughing, that was. In the end, Principal Barker was just a pathetic middle-aged has-been with a wife who liked to tell everyone how much of a loser he was way more than she liked to put out. Tossing him the occasional pity fuck and letting him think he was in charge didn’t hurt, and it was very useful to have this much blackmail material on her principal. She and her friends smoked their pot where they wanted to now, and she was considering whether she wanted to be valedictorian.

(Ernie Jenkins had rigged the principal’s office with webcams and microphones to collect the evidence for the price of a blowjob. He was allowed to keep a copy for his own spanking needs, but he’d been warned that if they ever appeared on the internet without her permission — which he wouldn’t get without giving her a significant share of the profits — the consequences would be dire.)

She just wished Principal Barker would learn about the existence of actual lube, rather than using hand lotion all the time. Hel-lo, idiot! Lotion rubs into the skin, at which time it stops being lube! Even as teenie as his weenie was, her asshole was going to be sore for days. Time to finish this.

“Oh, please cum, please cum! I can’t take it anymore! It hurts! You’re splitting me open!”

That set him off. He started pounding her ass with all his might, huffing and puffing and dripping sweat.

(So gross.)

His balls stopped slapping her pussy as they drew up, he let out a rusty, gibbering cry —


– and then she finally felt the rush of his cum in her ass.

It was funny. She’d heard — directly, in some cases — that most girls couldn’t feel it when some guy came inside them. She always did. Every spurt (or, in Mr. Barker’s case, dribble) of hot, thick fluid filling her up — it was her favorite part of every fuck. Usually she loved it for the physical pleasure it brought her (she always had one more orgasm when the guy came in her) and her feeling of power over the boy that she had given such pleasure. In the case of Mr. Barker, she was just glad that it was over.

With another groan, he slowwwwly pulled out of her ass. At least he knew how to do that right. He’d better, after more than two years. The whole time they’d been fucking, he’d only ever made with the butt secks. She wasn’t quite sure why, though she suspected that he had some sort of retarded idea that he wasn’t actually cheating on his wife if he didn’t stick his wee-wee into the “other woman’s” no-no. Fucking stupid.

She stood up and snatched some tissues to catch his spooge as it started to drip out.

“Are we done here?” She asked, wiping up a long streak that had escaped her first attempt and run down her leg.

“Yeah,” he said, flopping back into his chair and smirking. “I guess you’ve paid your fine. Go on, get out of here before I change my mind.”

“Thank you, sir.” She said it sarcastically, but resisted the urge to add “May I blow you in gratitude?” He never had any new ideas, and she didn’t want to give him any.

Instead, she tossed her tissues in the trash, pulled up her pants (wincing as her underwear chafed her crack — bad day to wear a thong), and, giving Mr. Barker just enough time to move his chair and hide his dick under his desk, headed out the door.

She also managed to resist the urge to smirk as she grabbed the doorknob and he frantically scooted across the floor. After all, he was in charge here and she was just the poor, dumb trailer-trash slut that he was blackmailing into the occasional buttfuck. She was just too stupid to realize how much trouble he’d be in if someone saw him with his pants down when a student came out of his office.

And she certainly wouldn’t be smiling when she “accidentally” made him sweat.



She let the door slam behind her, then spent a minute fixing her clothes: adjust the belt, straighten the t-shirt and jeans, and of course pick the goddamn thong out of the crack of her ass.

Of course, it was only while she was doing that last one that she noticed that she had company. Mary White was sitting in one of the waiting-room chairs, staring at her like she was a cockroach that had crawled out of a sandwich.

Jessie just flipped her off and kept walking, leaving little Miss Mary staring after her, shocked and scandalized. She didn’t need to deal with this shit right now.

Jessie often wondered why Mary hated her so much. Of course, as Freeburg High’s resident Pillar of Rectitude, Mary hated every girl who had any actual fun with her pussy. But she seemed to have special venom for Jessie.

Jessie had come right out and asked her once, but Mary’s answer had been too spluttered and ranty to really understand. Something about stumbling blocks and harlots and leading the boys astray.

Jessie wondered if Mary would ever realize that her own full, perky tits, sweater-wrapped as they always were, were at least as much of a “stumbling block” for the boys as the humble points on Jessie’s chest. Probably not. Little Miss Mary seemed to think that her holiness surrounded her with a protective anti-lust force field, and she wasn’t entirely wrong about that. Sometimes she thumped her Bible so hard that she scared adults away.

Maybe it was jealousy. It wouldn’t be the first time Jessie had had to deal with that. It didn’t make a lot of sense: Jessie was tall and skinny with tight jeans, a tight ass (usually), tiny tits, jet-black hair, pale make-up (lots of it), black lipstick and Doc Martens. Mary was a corn-fed beauty straight out of the Fifties with a fresh-scrubbed face, honey-blond hair with an actual blue ribbon in it, long skirt, button-down sweater (short sleeves! So daring!) and white tennis shoes. If it was a beauty contest, they were in separate divisions.

Fuck it. Didn’t matter. Barker had kept her after school way too late; she’d already missed the 3:10 bus, and if she didn’t catch Ray before he left, she’d be waiting until the buses came to pick up the teams at 5:30.


She was hurrying down the empty hall toward the gym, where Ray was serving out his “detention” with Ms. Balbricker, doing her best to not walk funny, when she heard a familiar voice:

“Hey, slut.”

Jessie stopped in place, then turned to face the speaker.

Cindy Piper.

Cindy Piper was the captain of the Cheer Squad, and she was everything that Jessie wasn’t: smiley, perky, popular, not too bright. Her hair was white-blond, and her tits were absolutely massive, dwarfing even Mary’s (and everybody else’s in the county, for that matter). They didn’t do her cheerleading any favors, to tell the truth, but she made captain anyway by seniority and sheer force of perky: no one liked shaking their wares at the audience more than Cindy.

“Hey, ditz,” Jessie responded.

“I hear you got caught going down on Jay Harrison in Balbricker’s office.”

“It was Ray Hawkins. What of it?”

Cindy heaved a deep sigh, stretching her cheerleading sweater to the breaking point.

“Dammit, Jess, that was one of my favorite spots, and now no one can use it anymore.”

“Hey, if it’s revenge you’re looking for, you’ve already got it,” Jessie said, holding up one hand and patting the seat of her jeans with the other.

Cindy made a moue of sympathy. “Barker up the butt again?” She asked.

Jessie grunted and nodded as they fell into step together. Both of them were heading for the gym, after all.

She and Cindy had been best friends since fifth grade. Cindy was never quite bright enough to understand why everyone thought they should be enemies, and Jessie didn’t care. Cindy was one of the few people who made this hell-pit of a high school bearable.

“So what happened?” Cindy asked as they walked. “That office is famous as the safest spot in school. Balbricker never goes back there during lunch.”

“Don’t know,” Jessie said, “But if I had to guess, well, Henderson was right nearby to stare and laugh when we got caught.”

“Little weasel,” Cindy growled.

“Yeah, well, it’s over. I hope he got his little thrills today, because now he’s not going to be able to peep at whoever goes in that room anymore.”

Cindy looked concerned, but recognized the change of subject for what it was. “So…are you still going to the costume party tonight?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I? I spent weeks making that costume.”

“Ooh! What are you going as?”

Jessie just smiled. “You’ll see,” she said.

“Is it sexy?” Cindy asked. “You know, will the boys like it?”

Jessie’s smile turned into a leer. “Boys. Any girls who like girls. I’ll be getting all the cock and/or pussy I want tonight.”

She expected Cindy to leer back, but instead, she just made her Frowny Face Of Concern.


Cindy bit her lip, but didn’t answer.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Cindy burst out. “I remember the first time I butt sexed with Arnold, and it really hurt! I spent the next day sitting on ice packs!”

Jessie raised an eyebrow at her. “Cindy, the first time you butt sexed with Arnold really hurt because you didn’t use any lube. I keep telling you, once you get used to it, anal feels great. If you use lube.” Then she scowled. “And even if it doesn’t, Barker is too much of a pin-dick to do any damage. Now come on. Party. Any idea why it’s being held out in the middle of nowhere like it is? I hope that doesn’t kill attendance.”

I sure dunno,” Cindy answered. “Why don’t you ask…whoever’s throwing the party?” She paused and chewed that over for a moment. “Who is throwing this party?”

Jessie paused. “You know, I don’t know.”

They looked at each other, shrugged, and walked on.

“Guess we’ll find out when we get there.”

Back in the Office

There he stood, my rapist…could I call him a rapist when I enjoyed it so much? When I had wanted more? Either way, he was the man who had taken my ass in the woods not too long ago. Now here he was, standing in my doorway, asking to be invited in.

I stood blinking. I hadn’t processed a response to that.

As if anticipating my thoughts and fading reluctance Daddd—the old… damn it, Daddy…that’s what he wanted me to call him and I didn’t know his real name so I might as well just call him Daddy! Daddy leaned in and kissed me. He kissed me right on the mouth. Nothing over sexual or intrusive, but enough to make me want to get him in off my porch before someone saw. I gestured for him to come in and quickly shut and locked the door. I ran to the adjacent room and closed my blinds.

Daddy chuckled, “Scared of an audience?”

“Listen old-man,” I began.

Daddy groaned and dropped his head, “Call me daddy or there will be trouble! I am not an old man and I don’t want to know your name. So call me daddy and we’ll get along just fine!”

I sighed but I felt my dick flex in my shorts. I was going to assert my dominance over the situation. I didn’t have to give in to him, certainly not in my own home where he was intruding! “Fine, daddy, listen, ” I felt myself lose my train of thought as his eyes wandered to my bulge and his smirk started across his face, “This was a one-time thing! I am not gay. We both got our rocks off but that’s it. It’s over. Do you understand? Now give me my id back!”

“Oh yes,” he said, “I found that on the trail.” he lied. He pulled an idea out of his back pocket. “Listen, son, I didn’t come here to be rough with you. I came here because I owe you.”

“You owe me?” the ground seemed to go up and down as I reached for my id.

“Yes. Sure you got off. But you never got to have your way with me. You see I like to keep things fair. So I have come here to offer you up a chance to take my ass.”

I felt my cock perk up, my flexing increased. My gut began to tremble as I spoke, “But I’m not gay. I don’t need your ass.”

“Oh no,” He said, “you do.. you need my ass. You see I am going to take your ass again. And then you’ll regret not taking mine while you had the chance.”

“We’re not doing this again. I already told you that.”

“And I already told you I will take what I want whether you give it to me or I have to make it mine. You know you’re my fuck toy. My boys are still floating around inside you. I can still smell myself on you. So…” he reached his hands into the elastic at his waist and began to pull his shorts down. “Who is going first?” he waved his hard cock around and I lunged at him. Half with rage for having been taken advantage of. Half with passion for wanting to fill his ass like he’d filled mine.

Our cocks smacked each other as I knocked him to the ground. I tried to pin his hands up behind his head but he rolled me over onto my back and reached forward with his mouth. He stuck his tongue into my mouth. It was warm and oddly sweet. Not at all what I’d expected. I felt his pre-cum dripping onto my ass and bit his tongue. It was my turn. I was going to make him feel taken advantage of. This would be more work seeing as he was offering it up so willingly. I pulled his shirt up over his head rendering him incapable of much movement and yanked his shorts down to his ankles.

I could hear Daddy chuckle as he offered little resistance. OH he wasn’t going to enjoy this that quickly. I pushed his head down just as he had done with mine. Using my foot to carefully hold him down. I reached up and with all my strength I brought my hand down HARD on that ass. “OHHHH” daddy bellowed. “Fuck kid, be kind to daddy. I just want to be nice to you.”

“Be nice to me? Yeah?” I brought another hand down hard on his ass. “Yeah, well daddy, I want you to feel pain. Pain like you made me feel.”

His shirt had fallen back a bit and I could see his face. it was a combination of pain and pleasure at first and then he smirked and with that the show began. He moved like he was trying to squirm away. I could tell he didn’t want to get away, I knew he wanted my cock in his ass. But damned if I wasn’t going to enjoy the show. “Oh please son,” he moaned, “please don’t hurt my ass. No one has ever fucked me in the ass before!” he lied through his teeth with a twinkle in his eye.

Going with it I slapped his ass again, “yeah. well you’ve been bad, daddy, and I simply must teach you a lesson. One you’ll never forget!” I spread his ass cheeks wide. I could see his old rosebud winking at me. Lube…where could I? I suddenly remembered the lube I had in the endtable. I ran off to get it. I wasn’t using spit. Not when my dick was directly involved! In my endtable I found some old neck ties. I grinned ear to ear. I brought my treasures back and with them tied up Daddy’s ankles and wrists. Now he couldn’t stroke his dick. That was torture enough for me.

I pulled out the lube and without warming it up I splashed a healthy dose on daddy’s ass. “OHHH” he shivered.

I warmed some up in my hands and stroked my hard cock. I pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and shoved them under the sofa.

I’d never fucked anyone in the ass before. I had tried to talk my ex-girlfriends into it but they never wanted to. I couldn’t help but be excited. With my head pushed up against the entrance to his ass I felt him tremble and heard him moan. I pushed in, the old man must have had many partners because he offered little resistance. The feeling was amazing. It was warm, not too wet, and the tension stayed mostly at the opening. I grabbed his hips and began to pound into him. I didn’t close my eyes this time. There was something so erotic about making this man submit to me. With each thrust he moaned. His cock was dripping all over my floor. I laughed, he wasn’t going to get his rocks off. This was all about me. He moaned, “cum for me son. Fill my ass with your spunk.”

I moaned, he was pushing me over the edge. “Take it daddy, take my cock. Who’s the bitch now.”

He growled. Sounded like I’d hit a sore spot. His ego was bruised at the idea of being my bitch. Turned me on even more. I started slapping his ass as I pounded into him. But as I got closer I couldn’t go for the theatrics. I just wanted to fill his gut with my cum. I grabbed onto his hips tight and I slammed into him so hard my room filled with the sounds of flesh smacking together, moaning and groaning of two men. And then release. I moaned out so loud I swear I could have set off car alarms. I slumped forward onto him sweaty and spent.

I didn’t notice he’d freed his hands because he hadn’t moved them to relieve himself. But I noticed now as I was flipped over and the necktie was wrapped around my wrists. I struggled. I was still basking in my orgasm though and was no match for daddy’s brute strength.

“I told you son, you were first but then it’s me.” With my ass up in the air and my hands tied together I offered little resistance. With the amount of pre-cum daddy had dripping he probably didn’t need any lube. But I was grateful when he used some anyway. He was nicer than me, I felt a twinge of guilt as he warmed the lube up before dumping it on my sore ass.

“Awww my boys ass is so sore. I should kiss it better.” My eyes went wide and before I could object I felt his tongue poking the lube into my ass hole. He moaned into my ass and I thrust it upwards into his face.

“Now boy. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time I take this ass. This is my ass now.” and with that I felt him standing behind me and pushing the head of his dick up against my ass. It was still sore so even with all the lube his entrance was painful. But I had this feeling in my gut this time. Maybe it was because I’d just cum or maybe…maybe I was starting to have feelings for Daddy. But as he slid into my ass I felt so emotional and happy. Like I hadn’t seen my lover in a long time and he’d just returned to me.

Daddy leaned forward and kissed my neck. I felt this desire to make him so happy and have him fill me over and over again. I wasn’t gay, this was just great sex. That’s all. We were both men, so of course we knew how to please each other.

How did daddy want it now?

I looked over my shoulder and with a gleam in my eye I said, “How do you want it Daddy?”

He stopped fucking me for a minute to look at me inquisitively.

I smirked, “Do I like it Daddy or do you want me to fight back?”

He chuckled, gripped onto my hips harder and thrust hard into me. “Well. I liked when you were whining earlier. Don’t fight it, do it for Daddy, but you don’t have to be a porn star pretending it’s amazing.”

Should I tell him it was amazing? Nah, he liked the idea that it hurt but I was doing it for him. He liked a loving submissive. So with that I moaned out, “oh daddy. No…my ass, it’s sore…”

“Careful boy, or I might have to give you one of your spanks like you gave me!”

“I’m sorry Daddy. I’ll be a good boy. I love you daddy, it just hurts so much.”

“Yeah? Daddy hurting your little ass?”

“Yeah, Daddy. *moan* oh Daddy it hurts. OHhhhhhhh” It was growing harder to feign pain as he found that button again. “Talk to me daddy. Tell me how I’m you’re little bitch.” I let him continue the facade so I could stop pretending to hate it and just love it. I bit into my neck tie and thrust back into him. OH I didn’t want this to end. It was amazing, his head rubbed against my insides with fury as he cussed me out and made sure I knew he was boss. Some of the things he said were getting me hotter for him and I began to pound back into him so hard I nearly knocked him on his ass.

“Yeah, you like daddy’s dick! Ride Daddy’s dick son! I’m going to fill your ass again. You ready?!”

“No Daddy. It hurts. Please.” I lied

“Yeah, why are you taking my dick.”

“Cause I want to be a man, daddy. Take my ass.”

“Yeah. I’ll make you a man. I’ll fuck some sense into you. You want mess around on Daddy. Fucking take my dick you fucking shit. Next time I tell you to clean your room you’ll fucking clean your room.”

Oh, he was really getting into his role playing now, “Yes daddy!”

“Yeah. I could shove a lot more than my dick up your ass.”

“Yes Daddy” thoughts of other objects being shoved up my ass had me getting anxious for next time. Maybe I should pick up some toys.

“Daddy’s gonna cum. Beg for it! BEG FOR IT!”

“FILL ME DADDY” I hollered “Fill me daddy, make me your bitch. I’m your little fuck toy. Fill my ass. I want to feel you for days!”

Daddy groaned and after a few last thrusts he collapsed off of me. I shivered and Daddy pulled me into his arms. We were spooning on my living room floor, surrounded by sweat and cum.

Daddy leaned in, kissed my neck and said, “Be a good boy and you can fuck daddy again soon.”

I trembled at the idea. We would take turns being the bitch. This was perfect. No pressure. Good thing too, because I felt my cock at half-mast. I couldn’t cum again today, but maybe tomorrow.

Would he show up tomorrow?

I wake up the following morning and initially I do not recognise the bedroom am in. As I lie there on my back, I sense someone under the covers with me. Then I feel a hot, wet, soft mouth engulf the head of my penis. I push the covers back I see Stella’s pretty and delicate face distort as she sucks my she-cock. I can see by her eyes that she is smiling and she gives me a little wink.

“Morning hun, what a nice way to start the day……” I say with a giggle.

Stella makes a huffing noise in reply as she face fucks my cock. After a few minutes of sucking hungrily me like this she removes her mouth from me to speak.

“Oh Kate I just can’t get enough of you….” She pants with enthusiasm as she takes a breather. I smile inwardly at her behaving as if it was perfectly normal for all pretty young women like me to have a massive penis and I feel so special having the power given to me by Dr Inglis to make people behave like this.

“I bet you say that to all the girls!” I reply as I stand up from the bed and invite Stella to kneel on all fours facing outwards from the bed towards my throbbing shaft. She complies eagerly, looks over her shoulder with a smile of anticipation and bites her lip.

I look down at her tiny waist and full womanly bottom and decide that I’m not ready to fuck her pussy again yet. So I kneel down behind her and gently run my tongue up the back of her thighs and then I gently kiss and nibble at her round and firm buttocks. She must work out a lot to have a figure like this I think to myself.

Then I hold her buttocks open and trail my tongue down her crack to her lovely little asshole and I swirl my tongue around its crinkled circumference. Stella jolts with surprise. “Oooo goodness me no-one has ever kissed me there before………”

This excites me further so I lick her ladylike butthole harder and push my tongue inside a little. “Oh Kate that feels so lovely, I feel like I could do anything with you”.

Again I’m conscious that I would never in my wildest dreams have done this before I met Dr Inglis and that I would have found this act with anyone, let alone another woman, completely revolting. This strangely makes me more aroused.

I move my tongue from her asshole and down to her wet cunt. I push my tongue into her pussy and then use it like a spoon to gather her lady juices from her cunt and deposit it onto her asshole. I repeat this process several times. “Oh Kate you are naughty!” Stella comments naively.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet Ms Marshall.” I respond. I then ease a couple of fingers into her asshole and lick her clit from behind. Stella moans and sighs in approval. I can feel her ring relax its grip on my fingers after a few minutes so then introduce a third finger into her ass.

After several minutes I sense she may start so climax so I withdraw my fingers which leaves her asshole open a little.

“Oh Kate please don’t stop!”

I stand up and then position the head of my rock hard cock so it is resting lightly on her asshole and then spit a big blob of saliva down onto the top of her crack and it slides down and disappears into the darkness of her bowels.

“Oh my that feels funny!” Stella giggles.

I then rub my cock on her slowly closing asshole to see how she will react. To my delight I can feel her push her buttocks back to apply pressure onto my cock. I place my hands behind my head so as to give her total control.

“Who’s’ the naughty one now?……” I whisper.

Stella looks over her shoulder and smiles as she pushes her bottom back a little. I look down and can see her little ring start to dilate over the big head of my fat brown penis.

She pushes back a little more and I can hear her take a sharp intake of breath as her ring stretches right over my cock head and then grips me behind the ridge where my bell end meets my thick shaft. Her ring is now stretched out so much it has protruded out slightly around my manhood as if to greet it and this looks very primal and sexy.

“Ouch…..ouch….!” Stella winces with pain.

“Shhh honey just take your time.” I reassure her.

“Sorry Kate it’s just I’ve never had anything up there before.”

Stella stays stationery for a moment and all I can hear is her panting and heavy breathing. I look down and notice that her toes are curled and she has grabbed fistfuls of the bed sheets. I can feel the tension of her ring lessen a little. I spit another big blob of saliva down onto my shaft to help her.

As her ring tension reduces a little more she very slowly pushes back onto me and a couple more inches of my rod disappear into her widower’s rectum.

“Oh my, that feels so intense!” Stella pants.

“I’m only a third of the way inside you Ms Marshall. Why don’t you try a little more?”

Stella eases her bottom back again towards me and now I am now half way inside her. She then starts to rock a little on her hands and knees and I watch in awe how her ring grips my cock as it starts to slide in and out of her beautiful round toned bottom.

“Good girl that feels nice doesn’t it?” I say in encouragement.

“Oh god yes!” Stella grunts.

She then starts pushing further back and her ass sucks more and more of my ten inch cock inside it with her thrusts. Then with one gradual movement she pushes right back onto me so my whole length is inside her and her clit is brushing on my big balls. She then pauses with me fully inside her and I lean over her back. I whisper in her ear “You’re a right little slut now aren’t you Stella Marshall?”

“Just fuck me please!” Stella growls urgently.

I then stand up and pull my cock all of the way out of her bottom to tease her. I notice how her ring is now wonderfully dilated and then closes slightly to about the size of a golf ball.

“Don’t be a tease!” Stella gasps.

Her laughter stops suddenly as I push my shaft back into her ass to the hilt and then start sliding my full length in and out of her. Stella shrieks and growls in an animal like way as I ravage her virgin rectum with my big brown rod. I feel utterly unique and powerful again debasing a beautiful sophisticated, educated woman and bringing her back to a primate state.

As I fuck her, I recall from the porn I have started to watch since my transformation, how men climb up and straddle a woman’s bottom with their legs either side so the camera can see the action from behind. So I step up and place my feet either side of Stella’s waist, bend my knees and then with one hand I grab her hair and pull her head back.

I look round into her full length dressing mirror behind me and see the glorious site of my round feminine bottom and my toned thighs spread either side of Stella’s vulnerable ass. Then I see my heavy brown balls where my pussy should be and my fat rod plundering her stretched anus. I notice how her labia and her outer vagina appear to move faintly in and out in sympathy with the distortion of her anus from my pumping cock. This pleases me greatly.

I grab one of her hands and force it onto her clit from underneath and direct her to play with it while I fuck her ass.

I can now start to feel the beginning of her climax by the tightening of her asshole and the trembling of her legs. This causes me to start approaching a climax myself. I quickly climb back off her so I am standing on the floor again and start fucking her as hard as I can.

Stella starts yelling and moaning with her orgasm and I pull my rod from her raw gaping ass and wank my cock as I start cuming too. I look down as Stella’s asshole winks open and closed involuntarily with the waves of her climax. I aim my cock at her pulsing hole and the spurts of my thick cum splash at the top of her butt crack and others shoot straight inside her pulsing ass.

Stella collapses on the bed in a panting sweaty mess but I have not finished yet and want to try out some more filth from the porn I have started watching.

I lie on the floor and command Stella to position herself in a sixty-nine position over me. She complies in her stupor.

“Now push all that lovely cum out of your ass Ms Marshall.” I command her.

“Oh heavens, you’re unbelievable Kate!”

I look up and can see her asshole pout as she pushes her rectum. Nothing comes out initially and then, with a little burbling sound, big dollops of cum spill from her rear, down over her clit and into my mouth. When my mouth is full of cum, I push Stella off me so she is lying on the floor next to me. Then I roll onto her, lean my face over hers and rub her clit with my right hand. I smile at her and she smiles back nervously, not knowing what I am going to do next. I then let a thin stream of cum dribble from my mouth onto her forehead, then down the bridge of her pretty nose. As I keep trailing the stream down her face, she unexpectedly opens her mouth and pushes out her tongue. I open my mouth and release the entire warm, salty contents into hers and, as I do so, I can feel her tremble under me in what feels like a mini climax as she swallows my seed in several gulps.

“I guess I won’t be needing any breakfast then!” Stella laughs as I kiss her on the mouth. “No-one has ever made me feel like that before Kate. Having you in my other hole feels so special…… I feel so sexually liberated around you!”

“Ditto hun.” I reply coolly as my hard-on subsides.

We both shower again together and Stella lets me borrow a fresh blouse and a pair of her panties so I don’t need to go all the way back to Bondi to change before work. She takes great delight putting on my panties for me and arranging my cock so it is pushed between my legs.

Later that day in the office I look across at Stella and smile to myself at her attractive, efficient, professional manner. I feel wonderful in the knowledge that earlier I was butt fucking her like a bimbo with my huge she-cock. Stella sends me an SMS in the afternoon ‘hey sexy can’t stop thinking about last night. I’m still leaking your stuff a bit from my other hole but it feels nice S xx :-) ’ I smile at her across the desk when I receive it and she gives me a little wink.

The day passes quickly and I walk up Martin place to get the train to Bondi Junction. As I walk I get a call on my cell phone which I do not recognise.

“Hello Kate, it’s Dr Inglis here.” As soon as I hear her voice I tingle a little an can no longer hear any other noise around me.

“Hi Doctor it’s lovely to hear from you.”

“Kate, I need you to do something for me.” Her voice sounds focused and urgent.

“Of course Doctor, you know I will.”

“Good. Kate I have another donor and would like to make another special girl like you. We must not delay in order to preserve the organ.”

“Wow, that’s great news! How exciting, it would be nice to have a sister. How can I help?”

“I need you to introduce me to a fit, healthy and young woman like you in her mid twenties. She needs to have pale skin and preferably red hair like the donor. It needs to be someone without a close family and someone who could disappear for a few weeks for the procedure without raising suspicion. A young traveller like you would be ideal. You mentioned your room mate Sinead. I would like you to arrange for me to meet her quickly.”

I feel confused for a moment about what will happen to my best friend if she meets the Doctor but then think how exciting it would be if she was just like me and what fun we could have together.

“Uh OK then….I’ll give her a call and see if I can get her out for a drink tonight and maybe we can bump into you at the bar?”

“That’s perfect Kate. Call me as soon as you can. Use this number I have called on.”

I call Sinead straight away and we agree to go for a drink at the Bondi Hotel Bar at 7:30pm. I call the Doctor to confirm and then jump on the train.

I feel confused and guilty when I see Sinead on return to the Back Packers but equally excited about seeing the Doctor again. As we walk along the beachfront to the bar Sinead tells me about a cute guy she kissed at the back packers but that she wouldn’t let him go any further due to her Christian values. I laugh inwardly about how all of that will change forever once she meets the wonderful Doctor.

Sinead and I enter the bar and immediately a group of young guys turn around and make comments to one another about us. We ignore them and I buy us a couple of gin and tonics. We chat for while and then the Doctor walks in. I try not to notice but she radiates an aura of natural beauty and confidence. It is the first time I have seen her in casual clothes. She is wearing black high heels, skinny jeans which accentuate her slender figure and a fitted sleeveless black expensive looking silk shirt. Her black hair looks to glossy it has almost taken on a blue sheen. I overhear one of the group of boys make a comment about her being a ‘MILF’. The Doctor hears this too and shoots him a look which causes him to look stunned and drop his drink.

The Doctor walks up to us and I pretend that meeting her is a co-incidence.

“Oh hi Doctor nice to see you. What a surprise!”

“Hello Kate.”

“Sinead this is my friend Doctor Inglis.”

“Pleased to meet you Sinead.”

The Doctor shakes Sinead’s hand and focuses her bright green eyes into Sinead’s eyes.

Sinead looks a little dazed and lost and shakes the Doctor’s hand in return.

“Hi how to you guys know each other?” Sinead asks.

“Oh Doctor Inglis is my GP. Can I get you a drink Doctor?” I reply casually

“Yes thanks Kate I’ll have a glass of sauvignon blanc please.”

I go to the to bar to order. As I wait for my drink I glance round at our table and I notice the Doctor has leaned over and is whispering something in Sinead’s ear. Sinead’s eyes are closed and her face looks peaceful.

I pay for my drink and go back to the table. Sinead and the Doctor are chatting about how lovely Bondi is.

“Hey Kate the Doctor has asked we would like to go to her house in Paddington for a drink after this. Do you fancy it?”

“Yes that sounds fun…” I reply giving the Doctor a knowing smile.

We chat for a bit longer about Sinead’s family in Ireland and where she has travelled, finish our drinks and then jump in a taxi.

We arrive at the Doctor’s house in Sutherland Street in Paddington and it is a lovely Victorian villa.

“Wow what a gorgeous place you have here!” Sinead beams as we walk into the lounge with it’s polished wooden floors and thick rugs. The room is dimly lit and feels comfortable.

“Thanks Sinead I’m glad you like it. Please have a seat and I’ll fix us some drinks. Gin and tonics again girls?”

“Yes please. ” We both reply.

The Doctor puts on the same soft strange acoustic trance type music, that she played in her clinic upon my first visit, and we both sit on the couch and chat with one another about how lovely the interior design is. Sinead seems unusually peaceful.

The Doctor returns with the drinks and sits opposite Sinead on an expensive looking leather seat.

For several minutes there is no talking in the room as the Doctor looks into Sinead’s eyes in a focused way over the coffee table. The only sound is the gently ticking of the clock on the mantle piece and the soft music.

Eventually the Doctor says almost in a whisper “Sinead would you like to see something utterly unique?”

“Yes that’s sounds exciting!” Sinead responds in her subdued state.

“Good. Now Kate please can you come over here…”

The Doctor stands up and I walk over to her.

“Now stand in front of me Kate and turn around.”

I comply with a smile.

I am wearing a light summer dress with a red and white floral pattern and bare feet with red sandals.

“Sinead I am going to show you something that is one in a million. It will be one of the most exquisite and beautiful thing you have ever seen. Do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor. What is it?” Sinead responds eagerly.

“Just sit back and relax and you will see ….” The Doctor whispers in response.

Standing behind me, the Doctor slowly unzips my dress at the back and eases it over my body to the floor. I am standing there wearing only my red bra and panties and my red sandals.

The Doctor rests her chin on my shoulder and then unclips my bra to reveal my large D cup breasts and erect nipples and starts stroking my breasts from behind.

I can feel my cock start to stiffen between my legs and a bulge starts to form in my panties.

Sinead sits there looking amazed.

“Doesn’t Kate have a lovely body Sinead?”

“Yes I’ve been envious of it ever since I met her.” Sinead responds calmly.

The Doctor then runs her hands down my slim waist from behind, pushes the palms of her hands down inside of the sides of my panties at my hips and hooks her thumbs over the little strip of elastic.

“Would you like to see more of Kate’s body Sinead?” The Doctor asks.

“Oh yes…..yes …..please..”

The Doctor then slowly pulls my little panties over my wide hips and down my long legs.

My cock springs up and sways horizontally in front of me.

There is silence in the room as Sinead takes in the sight before her an processes it.

“Heavens above. That’s huge. It’s is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Sinead comments in her soft, calm Irish accent.

“Why don’t you come over here Sinead and take a closer look” The Doctor commands.

Sinead duly gets up from the couch and stands in front of me.

The Doctor stands behind Sinead, again placing her chin on her shoulder and whispers into her ear. “Isn’t she magnificent Sinead? Look at how soft, slender and womanly her body is, but how big and full her testicles are and how hard, thick, powerful and dominant her penis is……”

The Doctor starts nuzzling and kissing the pale skin of Sinead’s neck.

“Yes Doctor I have never seen anything like it. She really is one in a million as you say…….”

“Would you like to be like Kate too Sinead?” Says the Doctor as she pulls Sinead’s T-shirt over her head and unclips her bra.

“I……I…..I’m not sure. She is amazing but the Good Lord didn’t make me like her. He made me a….a…..a.. woman.”

The Doctor is now massaging Sinead’s left nipple between her finger and thumb and the other is unzipping her skirt from behind as she kisses Sinead’s neck. As the Doctor drops Sinead’s skirt and panties to the floor she whispers in her ear “I have special surgical skills that can make you unique and powerful just like Kate…..”

“I……I…. don’t really understand Dr Inglis. I’m not sure what’s happening. I have….have never been with a woman like this before…I don’t think God would approve of this….” Sinead stammers.

“Shhhh….Shhhhh….. there there now Sinead I appreciate it’s a lot to take in.” Says the Doctor as her right hand is massaging Sinead’s clit under her neat little ginger bush. “It’s not important what God thinks, it’s important what you want….”

The Doctor then pulls Sinead’s head back towards her and kisses her strongly, thrusting her tongue into Sinead’s mouth. Sinead’s body writhes with confusion and pleasure. Sinead looks more happy and confident now.

“Would you like to touch Kate’s body now?”

“Yes….yes very much so.”

Sinead slowly drops to her knees in front of me in her dreamy state. I smile down at her between my breasts. “It’s ok honey just relax…” I reassure her. I notice how her hands tremble as she places them both on my cock.

“Can you feel how hard and magnificent her penis is Sinead? Feel the beat of Kate’s heart through the pulsing of the veins on her shaft. Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to penetrate someone else’s body with your own….. “

“Oh yes…yes Doctor…” Sinead mumbles.

“Would you like to have Kate inside your own body Sinead?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Would you like have a body like Kate, Sinead?”

“Yes more than anything in the world….” replies Sinead in her altered state as she closes her eyes and slowly takes the head of my cock into her mouth. I run my fingernails through her long ginger hair as she slowly sucks me. I have fantasized about getting into Sinead’s knickers ever since my transformation so this is like a dream come true.

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”

- St. Augustine


Mary Ann Kamargian was a rough young woman. She had no use for nonsense or social convention and navigated the world on her own terms. Her family lived in squalor in a rundown house by the lake and she was the de facto mother to her younger brothers, carrying them around in dirty diapers when she had to.

When she did attend school she would look like she had just rolled out of bed, her thick, curly hair flying in wild directions and her clothes soiled and wrinkled. All the while she would sit in the back of the class and throw daggers at the teacher with her dark, intense eyes until she was set free again.

When she wasn’t in school she wore as little as possible and roamed the woods near her home for days at a time. But when she was called out by anyone she had no fear and would fight all challengers until they were forced into submission or retreat. During one such fight she pulled most of a young man’s hair out and sent him home crying in his underwear. So Mary Ann never had to worry about being harassed by the masculine sex, in fact, she was often the harasser.

Once when she saw a guy defecating in “her” woods, she decided to teach him a lesson. She surprised him before he could finish and pulled his underwear up his ass. Then she put him in a headlock and smeared some of his own shit on his face. After that she made him crawl through the woods with his pants around his ankles as she rode him and yanked up on his shit-packed jockey shorts.

These were the stories I had heard about her and they seemed to be consistent with the girl I had seen in school over the years, so when I happened upon her in the woods that day in late September, I was somewhat unnerved.

She was sitting by the lake dangling her feet in the water, dressed in a dirty-looking bikini. When she heard me she sprang up and stared at me like a puma stares at her prey.

“What the hell do you want?!” she hissed.

“Sorry, I was just taking the shortcut.” I replied, somewhat flustered.

“This is private property, Asshole!” she announced.

“Oh, no problem, I’ll go out the same way I came in.” I said, trying to sound contrite.

I turned and started to leave, but then she spoke again.

“What’s your name?” she asked suspiciously.

“Dane.” I replied, turning back to face her.

“Dane Schmidt?”


She looked at me with a smile and nodded.

“Aren’t you the guy who knocked up Amy Lockwood?” she continued.

I was totally unprepared for this question and I must have turned red.

“Yeah, it was you.” she said with a sly look.

“Where did you hear that?” I finally spat out.

“I didn’t hear it, I saw it! I saw you fucking her right here in these woods!” she shot back.

At that moment terror turned my body to ice.

“THESE woods?” I replied weakly.

“Yup. She kept saying, ‘We can’t do it here! Please Dane!’” she imitated mockingly, “Is it starting to come back to you now?”

“No, not really.” I said before turning away.

“But she liked it when you put your cock into her little pussy, didn’t she!” she kept on taunting, “What a stud!”

At this point I really wanted to get out of there.

“I…think you have me confused with someone else.” I stammered, as I continued to walk away.

But no sooner had I turned my back when I felt a hand grab my ass!

“Don’t run away, little boy!”

I turned around and there she was, all five foot four inches of her, tits mostly exposed, tan skin shining, hands on her waist, hips pushed forward.

I was starting to feel a little threatened at this point.

“Hey, I had no idea this was your property. I’m leaving now. It was nice to meet you.” I stated sternly before continuing.

But as I walked away she put her arms around me from behind and started undoing my jeans.

“Come on stud, don’t be shy!” she said as she undid my zipper and yanked down my pants from behind. Then she stepped on my rolled down jeans and pushed me forward to the ground.

“Hey!! What the hell are you doing?!!” I said, quite mortified.

“Awww, did the little boy fall!” she taunted before lifting my legs up and dragging me back belly down over the ground.

“You better let me go right now!” I yelled, trying to dig my fingers into the ground to keep her from dragging me back.

“Awww, is the little stud gonna crap his pants!” she continued to taunt.

She pulled me back into the woods after this quickly, back into her world where there were no rules except hers.

My struggles to slow her down came to nothing.

“You fucking better let me go!” I yelled again, and she must have heard the fear in my voice.

“Does the little stud want his momma?! Go ahead, call for your momma!” she said in bemusement.

She was playing with me now and I was starting to get desperate. I struggled to turn over and break her hold on my pants, but she kept me flat on my stomach, dirt and leaves filling my shirt. But when she brought me to a small clearing I rolled and managed to break free of her grip. But this didn’t last long as she was soon on me with one knee in my groin and two hands raking my face. With my balls now pushed up into my stomach from her blow I could only flail at her ineffectually and hope that someone would hear my shouts for help.

My nightmare was now literally upon me, I was being attacked by the wild woman of Wesley Woods!

She sat on my chest and started slapping at my head, and for the first time I could smell her musky body odor pouring out from her unshaven arm pits. She was laughing and teasing me again, her bushy, shoulder-length hair partially obscuring her strangely pretty face as she looked down on me.

“Cry for help, baby stud! Go on!” she laughed.

Then she reached back and grabbed my flaccid dick through my underwear. She began to slowly squeeze it as she smiled down on me.

“What’s wrong with the baby stud’s cock?! It doesn’t feel very big now!”

After this she slid her ass off of my chest and onto my face, pulling my head up into her groin and trapping it with her ankles. I struggled wildly against the weight and smell of her ass, but she kept me immobile there until my air was depleted and I flashed from consciousness.

When I awoke I was on my stomach again with my arms strapped behind me and my rolled down pants slung over a low, sawed off tree branch. I felt like a fish hung from a bait line as I thrashed about trying to free myself. She was nowhere to be seen but I had the feeling that wouldn’t last for long. Then I heard footsteps. I turned to see her walking up with a paper bag in her hand.

“How was my stud’s ass nap?” she queried sarcastically.

I was burning now with anger, especially since I still had the scent of her dirty ass on my face.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Bitch!” I yelled.

“Bitch?” she said, “No, no, I’m not the bitch here!”

As she said this, she pulled something out of the paper bag. She walked around and stood in front of me as she began to attach it to her body.

“Have you ever seen one of these before?” she asked, “I got it from my mother’s drawer. She uses it on dad when he’s bad!”

She stood sideways when she was done attaching the straps so I could see the full scope of it.

“What do you think?” she asked again, “Pretty damn big, huh!”

It was a strap-on dildo and it was obviously built to do damage! I began to panic.

“You better let me go right now!” I ordered, “I know a lot of cops in this town!”

“I know you don’t like to use condoms, but I think I’m going to use one this time.” she continued, oblivious to my threat.

She opened the small package and rolled the condom over the dildo.

“Don’t worry, it’s lubricated!” she added.

She straddled me with this strap-on dildo between her legs and freed my pants from the branch. Then she pulled me back to a kneeling position, face down against the ground.

“Okay the joke’s over!” I tried to bargain, “Now let me go and we’ll forget about everything!”

She yanked my underwear down and separated my ass cheeks, looking down at my panicked face.

“What a nice ass you have!” she complimented as she smacked the dildo against it.

“Don’t fucking do it!” I yelled, realizing now the full seriousness of the situation.

“Now I want you to tell me who the bitch is!” she laughed.

Then she plunged the dildo deep into my rectum.

I tried to suppress the cry of pain but it burst out of me against my will like a caterwaul. She braced her hands on my ass and squatted over me, legs out wide as she drove that awful instrument down deep into my poor ass. I was groaning uncontrollably with each smooth power stroke, gritting my teeth against the savage penetrations.

“How does the little stud feel now!” she mocked cruelly.

“Fuck you!” I managed to growl.

“I am fucking you, just like you fuck all those girls here in my woods with no condom! Now you know how it feels to get your tight little hole invaded by a big cock!” she chided.

At this point something began to breakdown inside of me and I started to cry.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ve learned… my lesson. I’ll never… come into your woods… again!” I promised her.

“Sure you will, because it’s cheaper than renting a motel room, isn’t it. Do you know how many girls I’ve watched you fuck in these woods? Always the same thing. You fuck them hard and quick and fill them up with your cum and then you walk away and ditch them when their bellies pop, right!”

“I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was just… trying to be… what everyone expects me to be… the macho jock!” I confessed.

“Yeah, but this time I’m the macho jock,” she asserted, already breathless from her labors, “and you’re the cheerleader bitch!”

She began to bounce over me more forcefully now, pounding my ass as she enjoyed the vista of the lake. The strap-on was colliding against her clit with each thrust and she was beginning to feel the tension that a man feels when he’s ready to squirt.

“Now I’m gonna come inside your tight, little hole.” she told me, as her fucking started to breakdown and lose its rhythm. Then her voice and body began to quake and she pushed the dildo all the way down into my ass and slowly ground her pubic mound into me.

Her orgasm rose slowly and then rolled out in a cry of release that echoed across the lake. In the meantime my rectum did its best to stand the strain of her woman-cock as it shook inside of me. That portable cock of hers had drilled me out like an auger and it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She still had it planted down in my ass and she didn’t seem to have much ambition to move it out as her body continued to tremble to a resolution. I began to plead.

“No more!” I whimpered weakly, “Please!”

She pulled it out partway but then paused.

“I just filled your little hole up with my cum, stud!” she announced, panting victoriously, “How does it feel to be fucked hard and rude?”

Then she pulled it out the rest of the way and I felt the cool air rush into the opening of my bored out anus as it slowly returned to its original size.

She must have been confident at that point that I was put in my place and defeated because after she removed the strap-on she unbound my arms and started to walk away.

But I still had some fight left in me and if she thought I was going to be just another one of her punk victims, I was going to show her she was dead wrong! I quickly pulled up my jeans and ran after her in a blind rage. Then I jumped onto her back, shouting like an animal. To my surprise she didn’t go down, but spun wildly beneath me supporting my weight easily with the thighs she’d built up over the years climbing trees. I hung onto this ferocious woman out of anger and also fear, because I knew if I lost my advantage she’d easily have me down for a second round of ass pounding.

I clung to her with all my strength until she began to pant from her exertions. I used my weight to wear her down and soon she had stopped spinning and bucking. Then I managed to trip her and bring her down like a cowboy brings down a steer. I put her into a full nelson and just laid there on top of her, pushing her back down flat every time she tried to rise up to her knees. Finally she became exhausted and stopped fighting. It seems fucking me the way she did had taken a toll on her, as had the orgasm that tore through her.

“You like to watch people fucking from behind trees and bushes?! I said, “Does that turn you on?! I bet you’re finger fucking yourself as you watch, aren’t you!”

“Get off me!” she screamed, breathing heavily.

“You were wishing that it was YOU getting fucked in the woods, weren’t you!” I said to her, pushing her face into the dirt as she had mine.

After another ten minutes she was completely spent and I realized that lying on top of her firm rear end had made my cock good and hard.

“I should fuck your ass, but it’s too damn smelly. Besides, your pussy is probably very wet and ready for me.” I said to her.

I reached down and tore her bikini bottoms off, exposing her wet cunt. Then I pulled my jeans down just enough to free my aching erection and had no trouble ramming it into her. She let out a pained cry as all of my nine inches moved deep into her fuck hole. I moved it in and out slowly as I lay on her, enjoying all the slippery firmness of my well-earned prize. Then I managed to pull her up onto her knees and my fucking grew more forceful. I grabbed a handful of her hair and started pulling her back over my shining fuck rod. My cock was stretching her tight and soon that under-used pussy of hers was pumping back into me with equal force. Feeling my cock buried so deep inside her body made my mind spin as I came to the realization I was fucking the very same wild woman who was famous in our town for humiliating men in battle!

We were like two rabbits now going at it in the wild. It seems I had been right about her being jealous, watching me with all my girlfriends fucking there. But now she was realizing one of her fantasies: To be fucked by Dane’s big dick in her woods!

As she pushed her dirty ass down over my prick like a piston in overdrive, I noticed we were in sight of her house. I even thought I saw her mother in the kitchen window washing dishes and I could hear the sound of her baby brother crying too. Sorry baby boy, I mused, but your big sister is busy right now.

I kept hold of her bushy mane as I sensed my sore balls beginning to contract from the action of her wildly thrusting cunt. She was making animal noises now as she was completely consumed with cock lust. I breathed her stink deep into my nostrils as my cock began to reach its breaking point. There would be no delaying or holding back now as I surrendered to the feeling her strong cunt was bringing me to. I looked down and watched my cock pulse and pump its load into her glistening meat at that moment. A rushing, warm flood wracked my body and I howled uncontrollably.

As I set my hand atop her sweaty ass and watched her beautiful hole continue to draw out my semen, I wondered if her mother had possibly heard the culmination of our torrid, little wrestling match. Perhaps she had heard us but accepted it as something that happens in the woods when opposing forces of nature struggle and consummate. She had perhaps conceived her own feral children in the same way, wrestling in the dirt and leaves, naked and mindless to anything around her. I imagined her there with us, saying encouraging words to me and massaging my scrotum as it pumped its semen into her daughter.

My well-worked member sprang out of Mary Ann Karmagian’s twat after a few more minutes and she immediately stuck her fingers into her cum-filled hole to replace it. I beat the rest of my load onto her ass and than rose to my feet. I felt like an alpha male lion standing over her, her cunt and mind now in complete submission to me.

As I buttoned my jeans, she stayed there on her knees rubbing her runny twat like the woods creature she was. She had gotten what she wanted and it was obviously all she had expected it to be. I ambled away sorely with one seemingly ruptured testicle and a clawed up face; back to civilization without another word.

But over the weeks that followed I had a chance to reflect and the hard feelings faded. There wasn’t a day or an hour that I didn’t think of her, not just about the wildness of our encounter that day, but about the things she had said. She had been right about me. I was a big phony, strutting around playing the role of the over-sexed jock, and it had taken that ass fucking she gave me for me to see it.

Then three or four months later she stopped coming to school altogether and everyone began to speculate about her killing herself or becoming a complete recluse. It took a while for me to get up the courage to return to those woods and find her, but one day in early Spring I did.

I searched for hours until I found her making a shelter out of pine branches in a glade. When she saw me she pointed the knife she was using to cut the branches at me.

“You stay away from me!” she cautioned.

“I’m sorry about what happened last fall,” I said, “I was just pissed off.”

I walked up to her slowly with my hands held out.

“I just want to talk.” I insisted.

But as I got within range of her she caught me with a surprise left hook and dropped me.

As I sat there on the ground trying to clear my head she moved away from me and put her arms across her stomach. My vision took some time to correct itself after the blow, but when her body came back into complete focus I saw that her belly looked like it had swallowed a basketball.

“Yeah, look at it good!” she said, throwing her arms out, “Just another bitch knocked up in the woods by Dane Schmidt! Are you happy now!”

I got up slowly.

“My god, why didn’t you tell me before!” I asked.

“Because I don’t fucking need you or anybody else, stud man!” she yelled back defiantly.

I started toward her again.

“If you come any closer I’m gonna knock you out again!” she threatened.

I continued to step forward and had to block her fist as it flew towards my face a second time. Then I grabbed her by both arms.

“I don’t want to fight.” I pleaded, “I think I love you!”

“I was a fucking virgin, Asshole!”

“Look, I’m sorry!” I said.

She continued to struggle against me half-heartedly as I tried to embrace her. I kissed her cheek and forehead and then tried to kiss her lips but she bit me in return. I kissed her again with my lip bleeding until she finally understood that the concept was to press and suck, not bite. Then our kisses turned deep and passionate and she dropped the knife.

We fell to the ground and tore at each others clothes and I mounted her missionary style. This time her eyes were desperate but softer as we each tried to sense the others body. Her pussy was amazing and my cock felt like it had found its long lost home. I wanted to stay there in those woods with her for the rest of my life, slow fucking like we were.

I think she saw the orgasm in my eyes before I felt it because she reached down and pulled my cock from her pussy just as the first line of semen shot from it. It landed atop her perfectly round belly and continued to issue forth from me until her baby bump had been properly anointed with my fertile cum. She was the mother of my child and I was going to find a way to be with her I determined at that moment!

Afterwards we laid there in a weak and dreamy state and confessed our feelings.

“You know I had a crush on you in fifth grade!” she told me giddily.


“Yeah, but you never noticed me.” she added accusingly.

“What a dumbass I was!” I said in agreement.

Then I let my impulses get the better of me.

“Let’s get married!” I blurted out.

“Married!” she laughed, “Sure! And we’ll live happily ever after in our tree house here like Tarzan, Jane and Boy!”

“Exactly! We don’t need anything or anybody to give us permission! Fuck ‘em!”

Then she stood up abruptly and looked down at me.

“You’ve got a lot of fancy ideas, Mr. Macho, but this is MY baby!” she stated firmly, her belly looming over me, “And I’m going to make the decisions for it!”

Then she put her clothes back on.

“Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about it some more.” she said before she walked away, her ass cheeks bouncing out from under her cut-off jeans.

I sat there stunned and dazed by this whole turn of events and my mind began to leap wildly from thought to thought. Could she really have been a virgin, I wondered? Perhaps some people are just born to fuck like experts! And yes, I had knocked her up, but hadn’t I been rightfully provoked? And why had I asked her to marry me?!! Was I really in love with her? And why couldn’t I stop thinking about her? Was it just fascination? It went on and on…

That evening I couldn’t get her scent out of my head as I tossed around in bed. I saw flashes of her body; her overgrown pit hair, her perfectly shaped tits, her dark butt crack. She had knocked me out twice, once with her fist and once with her smothering ass cheeks and now I felt like I was being knocked out again by these lingering images. My mind became hazy and I drifted off, only to find she had followed me into my dreams…

I was waiting for her at the same spot in the woods. When I saw her approaching in the distance I wasn’t sure if it was her. She was wearing a short summer dress and walking in a self-consciously erect and delicate way. As she got closer I saw that she had washed herself well and put her hair in braids. She walked right up to where I was sitting on a stump and put her hands on my shoulders. I looked up at her as if she were a vision. My hands moved to the backs of her legs and then traveled up slowly under the loose cotton of the dress. She was naked beneath it. I let my hands continue over the coolness of her hips before I entered into the dress itself. Then her body became the earth and the dress a shelter rippling overhead. I crawled toward the swelled mound of her stomach but then realized I was too small and weak to reach the top.

When I returned the next day a woman I assumed was Mary Ann’s mother approached me as I waited in the woods. She was rough-hewn with wild hair like her daughter, but she possessed none of her daughter’s prettiness. The look in her eye said trouble.

“You that Dane guy?” she asked with a twang of belligerence in her voice.

“Yes.” I replied, knowing that that was a confession in and of itself.

“So you’re the bastard who raped my little girl and knocked her up?” she accused.

This was the last person I wanted to see and the last question I wanted to answer. I wanted to tell her I’d beaten her daughter in a fair fight and had taken as good as I had given, but that wouldn’t have won me much sympathy. So I lied.

“It was just a friendly wrestling match that turned sexual.” I countered.

“So you sayin’ my little girl’s a slut?!”

“No… I…”

“I oughta cut your fuckin’ nuts off, you little rapin’ fuck!” she continued, her anger seemingly coming to a head.

“It was an accident that just happened. I’m sorry.” I tried to explain to her rather lamely.

“An accident!” she yelled, before delivering a straight kick to my stomach and knocking me down.

As I sat there struggling to get my breath back I knew there was nothing I could say or do to defend myself so I just stayed down. But she had other plans. She grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and I let her pull me up.

“We’re goin’ back to the house to straighten this whole thing out.” she announced.

As she pushed me along by the collar toward the house, I tried to imagine what was possibly waiting for me there. Perhaps Mary Ann would be there and we would be able to explain the whole thing to her or perhaps the men folk would all be there to pummel me into compost?

When we got to the backdoor of the house she shoved me inside and told me to take a seat at the kitchen table. Then she stood over me menacingly and laid down the law.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she began, “it’s called the law of the woods. You rape one of mine, I rape one of yours. You understand?”

“No, what are you talking about?” I said, hoping she wasn’t talking about what I thought.

“Eye for an eye. You know about that? You read the bible?” she asked.

Now I understood where Mary Ann had gotten all her man hate.

“And if that’s not okay with you we can always call the police.” she continued.

Now my stomach was feeling queasy, partly from her threat and partly from the mixture of baby shit and hickory smoke in the air.

“Well?” she pressed, “What’s it gonna be?”

I’m not sure how I ended up in her bedroom. I just seemed to come to in her bed on all fours. It might have been the ass slaps that brought me back to consciousness…

“How’s it feel to have a dick in your ass, Raper?” she mused as she pushed the huge dildo deep into me.

If my ass hadn’t already been broken in by Mary Ann, I might have passed out from the pain. It turned out the old bitch was a real sadist. Sex had nothing to do with physical pleasure for her. It was the psychological pleasure she derived from another person’s suffering.

She fucked me from her knees, surging up with that strap-on that I knew all too well with surprisingly strong thrusts, watching for my winces each time. Then she came down with a roundhouse ass slap that cracked so loud it sounded like a whip. I jumped from the blow and then groaned as I struggled to weather another full out anal assault.

“Oh yeah! You’re gettin’ it good now!” she exclaimed joyfully.

Knowing she was really enjoying my pain I tried to give her what she wanted.

“Please! No more! I can’t take it anymore!” I cried to goad her.

“Oh you’re sorry now, ain’t you! You ain’t such a big man no more!” she called out excitedly.

Her fucking was killing me, but I had somehow managed to remove myself from my body to a large degree. Either that or my ass had just gone numb.

“Look at that sweet little ass getting fucked!” she shouted as she was starting to climb to a new plateau.

Her thrusts were getting shorter and more fitful now.

“I wanna hear you whine like a girl! she commanded as she leaned over me, her sweat dripping onto my back and ass.

Then she surprised me with another roundhouse ass slap and I cried like the baby she wanted me to be.

“OOOH yeah, that ass is sorry now!” she shouted as she strained to read the pain on my face.

I was moaning now for real as she became wilder. I had to get her off soon or she was going to poke a hole through my rectum.

“Please I’ll never do it again! I was so wrong to fuck your daughter’s little cunt! I’ll never go near another cunt as long as I live! Please, believe me!” I yelled.

“Never, ever, fuck another pussy again?!” she said shakily.

“No, my ass will be too sore to fuck ever again!” I insisted.

“Oh Yeah! Too sore to fuck ever again!” she shouted as she went over the edge.

“Ahhhh yes! Ohhh Jesus!” she cried as her thrusting slowed to weak pushes.

I still don’t understand how a sadist actually gets off, but somehow she had climaxed from the sight and sound of all my suffering. She unstrapped herself from her “man wrecker” and then stood beside the bed looking down at my prone body, the dildo still buried inside of me. Her eyes had a weird gleam of satisfaction. As I tried to reach back and remove the foul fuck tool, she baulked.

“Don’t touch that, Raper!” she commanded, “I wanna keep this picture in my memory.”

Then I heard the back screen door slam.

“Momma?” came Mary Ann’s voice.

“In here, Darlin’.” the mother called out.

Mary Ann appeared at the bedroom door a moment later as I laid there on my stomach looking pale and dazed. She saw immediately the destruction Momma’s trusty strap-on had wrought.

“Momma! You promised!” she protested.

“I promised I wouldn’t kill ‘em!” her mother corrected.

Mary Ann walked to the side of the bed and stood next to her mother.

“I wish you had told me. I wanted to take him to the island in the lake today.” Mary Ann commented casually, her five month belly popping cutely from beneath her tube top.

Then she reached down humanely and pulled the family’s instrument of sodomy carefully from my ass.

“Sorry Dane,” Mary Ann apologized, “momma gets in these moods and then someone always ends up getting their butt worked.”

“Well he had it comin’ after what he done!” her mother retorted.

I continued to lay there motionless, my mind reeling from the weirdness of the circumstances. My body was limp and I had no will to rise.

“Honey, get me one of them diapers.” her mother suddenly commanded.

“What are you gonna do, momma?” Mary Ann asked wearily.

“Can’t you see it, Honey. He wants to be our baby boy!” she said.

“Momma, no!” Mary Ann pleaded.

“I know what I’m doin’, Child. Get movin’”

Mary Ann left and returned with a large diaper and helped her mother prepare me. I laid there looking up at them passively as they put lotion on my ass and then wrapped the diaper up and around me.

“You see, Honey. This is what he wants. He probably didn’t even know it himself!” she observed, “Go fetch me one of your brother’s milk bottles.”

Mary Ann did as she was told and soon her mother was pushing the nipple of a baby bottle full of sour milk into my mouth. I sucked on it indifferently, unable to raise the slightest protest.

“Look! He’s one of them sissy boys, Honey. Can’t you see?” her mother continued, amused, “All he wants is a momma and a babysitter!”

I laid there eagerly sucking down that sour milk being feed to me, watching and listening to them as they talked about me. I was oddly disconnected from it all and strangely more content than I had ever been, feeling all the surrender and dependency of a infant child. Her mother put her hand on my forehead and began to use baby talk on me.

“Look how cute my little diaper boy is!” she said patronizingly.

“But momma, we had started a relationship! He even told me he loved me!” Mary Ann insisted.

“Honey, you have to trust your momma! This guy ain’t good for nothing but diapers!”

“So we’re gonna have nothing but a bunch of babies around here!” Mary Ann replied angrily, “Why does this always happen to me!”

Then she stormed out and I heard her bedroom door slam. But weirdly all I wanted to concentrate on was the taste of my sour milk and the feel of her mother’s hand on my padded rear end!

I must have drifted off to sleep for a few hours after that because when I awoke the house was still. I got up and looked around for my clothes unsuccessfully before quietly exiting into the backyard. Wearing only the diaper they had put me in, I walked down to the lake to look for Mary Ann. By chance I found her sitting on the dock, meditating on the rippling, blue water. When she noticed me she turned away again and put her head down.

“She’s ruined it.” she said, “She always finds a way. She has this power to see people as they really are.”

“Bullshit!” I said, “I just wanted to make her happy so she wouldn’t call the cops.”

“Really? So why are you standing here wearing a diaper?” she shot back.

“Because she took my fucking clothes!”

“Admit it, you liked it when she turned you into her little baby. I saw your face as you sucked on that bottle!”

“I let her diaper me and fuck me with that evil thing she has because I want to be with you, damn it! Don’t you get it, she was going to have me arrested just to break us up!”

I tried to touch her but she pulled away.

“I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about you.” I confessed to her, “You’re the only woman I’ve ever felt this way about. “Please, don’t lose faith in me.”

I reached out again and this time she turned around and looked at me sternly.

“You were the first one I let in.” she said, “I hope you realize that. You don’t know how hard I had to fight to keep my virginity…against my older brothers…against their friends.

“Oh Mary Ann, I’ll never let you down!” I promised her, as I took her in my arms.

I went to kiss her and she bit my lip purposely.

“But I want you to stay away from my mother! Do you hear?!” she warned, pointing her finger at me, “She’s a witch!”

“Yeah, I found out.” I replied with a wince.

Then she reached down and felt the underside of my diaper.

“Are you wet?” she asked.

The moment she said it I realized I was.

“It’s okay,” she comforted as she lead me by the hand, “just come down here to the water and I’ll wash you.”

In the shallows she took my diaper off and had me squat down. Then she used sand to scrub my ass, working her hand under and forward to my hanging parts. With her in this position I was close to her hanging parts as well and I soon had them freed from the tube top so I could watch them turning circles in their unrestrained and newly swollen state. Her aroma was there as well, calling to me.

When I arose from the water my cock was as stiff as an I-beam. She pushed me back to the shore when she saw it. Then she had me lay down on the wet sand as she sat on my thighs and squeezed my sizable member with a fascinated expression. Her scent was all I could process at that point and I needed to get more of it, so I had her shift around and put her ass down on my face again in order to live in the concentrated heaven of her butt musk.

She stayed there squatting over me as I furrowed around her cut-off jeans straight into her naked sex. I licked it with zeal and sucked it with diligence, all the while taking in the rich aroma of her ass which was pressed firmly over my nose. But this time I would not lose consciousness. I would be fully aware this time as she was now stroking my shaft and lubing it with her spit. How a virgin could have been turned into a sexual expert so quickly is beyond me, because she was jacking me off with the mastery of a hot house masseuse. The only question now was: Who was going to hold out longer?

I’ve always prided myself in my discipline but I only narrowly won the war this time as I made her lose concentration first and give herself over to her cunt’s quivering need. She hit several high vocal notes as four or five waves of pent up ecstasy coursed through her.

In spite of the fact that some people across the lake had heard her and where calling to us, I mounted her immediately and humped her smelly fuck hole right there in front of them. We were both oblivious to everything else as my cock released into her after only a half dozen frantic thrusts. What did we care if we were watched by the PTA! I was the father of her child and our blood and destinies were intertwined. Afterwards we walked through the woods naked together holding hands like Adam and Eve.

In the weeks to come we met and stayed in the woods as Mary Ann’s belly grew bigger. We ran about naked like forest nymphs, climbing trees and jumping logs. These romps were strenuous and we would ultimately fall to the ground panting and sweating together before fucking in the open. I loved the sight and feel of her erupting body, especially while I was inside her. I clung to her newly engorged tits greedily as I took her, knowing I was the one who had set the process in motion. She even started breast feeding her baby brother to keep him quiet when we took him to the lake. Little did he know he had my fertile balls to thank for his supplemental milk.

Then one day she wasn’t there to meet me and didn’t show up even after I waited. The next day was the same. Soon I began to suspect that this was a plot by her mother, an evil plan to put an end to us. Unable to stand it anymore I went to her house after a week and knocked forcefully on the door. Her mother answered.

“Well, well, if it ain’t diaper boy himself!” she cracked disdainfully.

“I’m here to see Mary Ann.” I asserted, “Is she here?”

“No sir, she went to stay with her cousin for a while. Can I give her a message for you?” she offered.

“She didn’t say anything to me about going to see a cousin.” I challenged.

Her mother took a deep drag from her cigarette and blew it into my face.

“Now why would I lie to a nice fella like you?” she replied.

“Mary Ann?! Are you here?!” I called into the house. No reply came.

“You see, she ain’t here. She won’t be back till next week.” the mother continued.

The thought of her being away for another week made my guts sick. Her mother must have seen it in my face.

“Hey, you don’t look too good. Why don’t you come in and have some tea.” she offered, seemingly concerned.

I was ready to leave but the gut punch of that news had weakened me.

“Sure, I can stay for a cup, I suppose.” I replied.

I took a seat as she boiled the water. Then I tried to make responsible sounding small talk.

“I should be done with my BA in a few years.” I told her proudly, “Then I plan to use my scholarship to go to grad school.”

“Oh really.” she replied, “Well schoolin’ is always good!”

She poured the tea and sat down next to me.

“You know I have to tell you,” she began, “I love bein’ a mother!”


“Yes, and I love babies! The whole thing! You know what I mean?” she gushed.

“Well, no, not really.” I said, smiling at the irony since Mary Ann seemed to do all her childrearing.

“You know, the feedin’ and the changin’, wipin’ them little butts!” she continued.

She was going somewhere with this I realized at that moment.

“Like the time you was here last and we put you in a diaper and I fed you from the bottle… I just love that!”

“Oh well, it’s good to be nurturing!” I replied in complete discomfort.

When she saw me start to squirm she seemed to get excited.

“I’ll be right back.” she said before getting up and leaving the kitchen.

She returned seconds later with a baby bottle filled with an amber-colored liquid and pulled my head into her body, cupping my jaw in her hand.

“I know what you need. Don’t be shy, Darlin’.” she said.

I tried to repel her attempts to put the nipple in my mouth but she pinched my nose until I was forced to open up. Once the nipple was in, the salty, apple juice tasting fluid dribbled into my mouth freely.

“Shhh,” she commanded as she looked down into my eyes, “Just take your bottle, baby boy.”

My mind told me to resist but my body wanted her to hold and feed me forever.

“Come with me, baby.” she said as she guided me to my feet.

She pressed her hand up into the crack of my ass as she walked me into the living room.

“My baby needs his diaper changed, don’t he.” she said with her countrified English.

Each thing she said made me weak and excited. It was like she was reading this part of me that had long been hidden. All I wanted was to be under her care and command, reduced to my elemental self.

She had me lay down on the stained coil rug and then pulled my pants and underwear off and saw that my cock was already hard. She went and got her baby stuff and started rubbing my ass with a baby wipe as she held my legs up and back.

“This butt of yours is a little bit sweaty and smelly!” she announced.

When she applied the baby lotion she straddled me and worked it into my ass crack well, then up onto my balls and cock, rubbing it from the base to the head in slow strokes. Suddenly I was thinking about fucking her, as nasty as she was. I was breathing hard and shaking as she kept rolling that lotion over my spring board dick. Finally she slipped a one piece, underwear-like diaper on me and I looked down and noticed my cock was still peeking out from the top.

Once again Mary Ann’s mother had managed to get me into a diaper and this time in the middle of the living room floor! The thought of Mary Ann walking in on this scene entered my mind, but I quickly pushed it out of my head. Yes, I was breaking my promise to her to stay away from her mother, but my intentions going there had been good. It was really her mother’s fault.

As the light rail car came to a halt and the doors opened, Alvin Kotzwinkle turned up the collar on his top coat and pulled it tighter around him. The blast of winter air was bitter, almost as bitter as his resentment. He’d been at work the day before, slaving away over the charts and tables at his uncle’s accounting firm when the phone rang.


“Yes, Mr. Kotzwinkle. My name is Alondra Beard and I’m from the Agency for Domestic Tranquility. We’ve scheduled an appointment for you at nine thirty Wednesday morning.”

“What? What do I need an appointment with the ADT for? I’m happy enough.”

“Mr. Kotzwinkle, everything is not about your happiness. As I’m sure you are aware the Supreme Court has upheld the agency’s enabling legislation and compliance is your civic duty. Please be prompt.”

Ms. Beard had peremptorily hung up leaving Alvin offended. He’d called the office assistant and told her to deal with the problem only to have Sooki look him in the eye and state coolly, “Mr. Kotzwinkle, one does not ‘deal with’ the Agency for Domestic Tranquility. They want you to go to an appointment? You go. End of discussion.” And she’d turned on her heel and walked away.

Muttering under his breath on the appointed day, Alvin trudged down the snowy sidewalk. Working for his uncle wasn’t particularly exciting but it paid well and kept his mind busy. Most important, it was indoors and warm. In time Alvin would inherit the company and when he did, the young man was determined to move the headquarters to Miami or San Diego. Any place where snow was nothing but an ugly rumor or decoration on a wall calendar would do but he did dream of sandy beaches and girls in bikinis. He was unsure why but attracting female attention from anyone younger than his silver-haired aunts was proving difficult. Maybe it’s my name, he thought. I’ll bet even an accountant wouldn’t be lonely if his name were Sean McCloud.

Arriving at the Agency for Domestic Tranquility at the stroke of half past nine, he glowered at the unoffending receptionist and muttered gruffly, “Alvin Kotzwinkle. I’ve been told I have an appointment?”

The dark-skinned girl smiled in response and looked at her monitor. “Ah, yes, Mr. Kotzwinkle. You are to see Ms. Beard in room 301. Just take the elevator up to the third floor and turn right. It will be right there. And Mr. Kotzwinkle—smile. It’s good for you.”

Opening the door in Room 301 Alvin received another smile from a young man in a white coat over a shirt and tie. “Ah, Mr. Kotzwinkle, Ms. Beard is expecting you. Come this way, please, and let me take your topcoat.”

Ushered through the next door Alvin found himself facing an imposingly tall woman wearing her auburn hair in a tight bun and garbed in a severe blouse and pencil skirt. She stood and gestured to one of the club chairs in front of her desk, smiled faintly, sat back down and keyed up a file on her computer monitor. The corners of her mouth again twitched upwards.

“Mr. Kotzwinkle, I am pleased to reveal that you have an exceptionally clean genetic record and . . .”

“What? What are you doing looking at my genetic record? That’s my private information.”

Ms. Beard sighed in resignation, as though she had heard this only too often. “Mr. Kotzwinkle, as required by law all good citizens donate blood quarterly, just as they are all obligated for jury duty and organ donation in the event of untimely death. When you donate blood, that pint becomes the property of the Agency to do with as we see fit. Naturally one of the things we do with it is run a complete DNA screen. Please be assured the records are secure within the Agency. We’ve become very good at detecting any attempts to hack into them and at transporting the offenders to maximum security confinement on Luna base.

Now as I was saying, nearly everyone has some defect hidden in their chromosomes just waiting to jump out and disable a poor fetus. You, remarkably, have none and that makes you a prime candidate for sperm donation to those couples who need one. Straight couples where the man has a low count, couples with incompatible charts or lesbian couples. Therefore . . .”

Kotzwinkle leapt to his feet in a fit in indignation. “What? You want me to—absolutely not! This is ridiculous. I’m leaving! The government has no right . . .”

“Sit down, Mr. Kotzwinkle!” Alondra’s voice cut like a knife. “If you attempt to leave I will alert Security and you won’t get to the front door. By the time they drag you back here I will have a faxed court order sitting on my desk ordering you to comply and authorizing me to take whatever steps are necessary to see that you do.”

Stunned, Alvin lowered himself back into the chair. “You—you can?”

Ms. Beard leaned back in her chair and sighed. Her face relaxed from its previous stern, prim expression as she replied, “Oh yes. I can and I will if I must. But really, I’d rather not.”

The tall woman rose from her chair and came around to the front of her desk. She seated herself in the chair next to Alvin, an almost winsome smile on her face. “Mr. Kotz—may I call you Alvin? Oh, thank-you. Alvin, when you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a small business man struggling to make his way in a complex and overbearing world? I’ll tell you what I see. I see a handsome young man in a very dapper three-piece suit who looks like someone well on the way to being a captain of industry or merchant prince. I see the kind of man that if I met him in a bar and he offered to buy me a drink, I’d certainly accept and spend some time finding out if he was a nice as he was attractive. But what the Agency sees is a renewable natural resource, a very important resource and one that it would be—sinful to let go to waste.”

Alvin found himself staring at wide-mesh stockings that extended out the tops of a pair of burgundy riding boots and then disappeared into the darkness beneath the grey flannel skirt—a skirt that clung tantalizingly to the woman’s thighs giving lie to its formality. He blinked a few times in confusion and before he could come up with a response she bent forward and gently laid her hand on his knee.

“Alvin, three percent of all live births in the U.S. have birth defects, that’s almost one hundred twenty thousand children every year. The medical cost to deal with them is astronomical and the emotional burden is horrific. The guilt, the blame, the stress of caring for a disabled child—these are all a huge strain. Naturally most couples have their own children but for those who can’t or hope for the very best offspring, the handful of men (and egg donor women) like you are incalculably valuable. And because we value you so highly, we don’t want to abuse you. We’d much rather you cooperate gladly and the best way I know to do that is make it lots of fun for you. What do you say?”

“Make it fun?”

“Oh my, yes!” She grinned broadly and rose from her chair. “Stand up, Alvin. And let me hang up your coat. You know, there is something terribly masculine and imposing about a man in a three-piece suit and when he takes off his coat and stands in his vest and trousers? It’s just—well, delicious is the best word I can come up with.”

Alondra tucked her hand into the crook of Alvin’s elbow and guided him out the office door and farther down the hall he’d come in from. Several doors down she opened one and then closed it behind them and pushed a button that locked them in.

The room was oddly decorated to be both romantic and clinical. The walls were paneled and plants in jardinières were stationed around. Sandalwood scented the air and soft, seductive music played. On the other hand, the central piece of furniture was a narrow examination couch. There was a microscope and some medical looking equipment on a counter on one wall but there was an ornate coat rack on the other. What kind of place is this?

Alondra smiled at him, reached up and undid the hair bun letting an auburn wave fall down to below her shoulder blades. Then she unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor while unbuttoning the white, high-necked blouse. She hung it on the rack and retrieved her skirt. Alvin beheld an astonishing vision. Still wearing her knee high riding boots, Ms. Beard was now clad in an wide-mesh catsuit that was open at the crotch and revealed her entire, alabaster, curvaceous body. She cocked her head to one side, and prowled up to Alvin and started unbuttoning his vest. “You do have to be naked, you know,” she purred.

Soon nude and semi-erect, Kotzwinkle was gently pressed onto the exam bench and made to lay back. Alondra ran her tongue around her lips and began to stroke the underside of his cock, stiffening him up. “Now this isn’t like regular sex, Alvin dear. Whatever else goes on, the important part is that your ejaculate ends up in that little refrigerator on the counter. But I do intend to make this as much fun as possible. So, spread your legs and bend your knees. A little wider. Good!”

Dumbfounded, Alvin nodded. He’d been hoping for some attention from an attractive woman and how he seemed to be getting it in spades. She kissed him on the cheek and fastened his wrists to the side of the table before taking his hard cock in her mouth and starting to suck and stroke. Alvin moaned. Alondra obviously had a lot of skill as she tickled his frenulum with her tongue tip, rubbed her face along the length of his shaft and breathed warm air on the helmet before returning to licking and sucking.

When she decided he’d had enough, Alondra opened a drawer on the counter and took out a purple Nitrile glove and snapped it over her right hand. Covering two fingers with slippery lubricant she winked at him. “Most men have all sorts of anxieties over a prostate exam. That’s because most doctors are male and aren’t trying to get the patient off. But I think you’ll find it’s different my way.”

With her free hand still stroking and stimulating his manhood, Ms. Beard gently spread Alvin’s buttocks and after a few moments of massage, inserted them up his anus. Reaching in with practiced ease, she began to stroke the walnut sized gland. His eyes popped open. “Oh, that—that feels good!”

The woman chuckled. “Like that, do you? It takes a man very confident in his masculinity to let a woman play with that part of him. Shall I expand your horizons?”

Moaning with pleasure, Alvin nodded. He could no more refuse her now than fly but did get a bit anxious when she reached into a drawer on the table and pulled out a large, blue silicone ShareTM dildo. She licked the bulbous end and then hummed in delight as she pushed into her sex. Now equipped with an aggressively erect phallus of her own she straddled the bench, placed its tip at the man’s brown star and took him in a swift thrust.

Alvin gasped. Alondra leaned forward and murmured; “Now we’re going to have lots of fun, honey. While I fuck your ass, I get off. After that, I make you cum.”

The hand gripping his cock slowed its stroke but the shaft sliding in and out his ass sent electric discharges of delight through his body. It would never have occurred to him that reversing roles with a woman could feel so good, so erotically exciting. However, he now knew that should any date suggest pegging to him in the future she would find him an eager recipient.

Alondra let go of Alvin, put her hands on his thighs for support and really put her back into it, panting as she did. Alvin’s moans turned to cries, Alondra’s panting to whimpers and finally a scream. When she had recovered, she looked down, pleased to see her ‘patient’ still stiff and crying for release. With a grin she retrieved a cupped vaccu-tainer and slipped it over the head of his cock and then bent down and sucked hard on the underside of his phallus. With a yell the man erupted to be sucked dry by the device and collapsed in exhaustion.

Ms. Beard took the vaccu-tainer over to the microscope, squirted a droplet onto a slide and peered into the eyepiece. “Ah,” she exclaimed, “normal motility. Perfect” and dropped the cylinder into the cooler. Setting aside the ShareTM , she released Alvin then, to his considerable surprise, climbed up and sat on his lap.

She lay down on his chest and stroked his face with soft hands. “Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? In fact, I’ll bet you thought it was lots of fun.”

“Mm-hmm” came the drowsy answer.

“So, that means we can expect you back here at nine sharp on Friday, doesn’t it?”


“Good. There are lots of couples who need your help, Alvin. You and those few men like you are going to sire lots and lots of children. Of course, you won’t know any of them but the country will be a happier, more tranquil place for it. You can be proud, Mr. Kotzwinkle, very proud, indeed.”



“About Friday. Would you like to have dinner with me? And maybe go to a movie?”

“Why Alvin, I’m so flattered. Of course I’ll have dinner with you—but not a movie afterwards. It’s too cold outside. You come over to my place and spend the night where it’s warm. And don’t bring any condoms. Married or not, with DNA like yours if I get pregnant I’m having that kid!”

Rose hated being back in her childhood home, but she hadn’t counted on the fire that had swept through her apartment and vaporized most of her belongings. She hadn’t really had much of a choice; it was either return home or sleep on the streets. She had come to live in the house with her Grandmother when she was ten years old, after her family had been killed in a car accident. She had only stayed four years before moving in with an aunt. She had found the place too creepy, too depressing. She had spent the loneliest years of her childhood here. And now here she was, and of all the days she could have arrived, of course it had to be Halloween. The spookiest day of the year. Maybe that was why she was having so much trouble getting to sleep.

Grandma hadn’t altered Rose’s bedroom in the slightest since she had moved out. It was still pink, still full of dolls and stuffed animals. Her bed was the same narrow one with the white lace canopy. She stared up at the frilliness above her and remembered what the nights had been like here. As a kid she had always believed that a boogeyman lived under her bed. He lurked beneath it waiting for the moment when she would be foolish enough to poke her head out from beneath the covers. Then he would seize her and drag her down with him to the shadowy kingdom underneath the bed. She had named the creature Mr. Maleus, and it was in large part due to him that she had been so eager to move in with her aunt. Mr. Maleus had given her sleepless nights until she was fourteen years old. Her old boogeyman’s face followed her down into darkness.


She was the captain of a big, old-fashioned ship that bobbed and skimmed over the waves. She was searching for buried treasure on a faraway isle. She had thought she was the only one aboard but then she heard footsteps behind her. She turned and saw a thin, pale man approaching. His features were sharp and angular, his hair shaggy and dark brown. His eyes were golden and had slited pupils. “I never thought I’d see you again, Rosie,” he said.

“Who are you?” she asked. For some reason this man was frightening her very badly.

“I’m Mr. Maleus,” he said, getting closer. “Don’t you remember?”

“You’re not real. I made you up when I was a kid.”

Mr. Maleus shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not.” He stopped when he was about a foot away from her and regarded her. “You certainly have grown up,” he said, his eyes traveling up and down her body, or at least what was visible of it through her bulky captain’s coat. “Why don’t we have a change of scene?” He snapped his fingers and suddenly they were no longer on a boat. They were standing on a sandy beach and Rose was naked. She shrieked and tried to cover herself with her hands. Mr. Maleus laughed. “Quite lovely,” he said.

“Give me back my clothes!”

“If you insist.” He snapped his fingers again and Rose found that she was now wearing a tiny purple sundress, barely long enough to cover her ass and semi-transparent. He hadn’t bothered to provide any underwear. “That’s much better than what you were wearing before.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Do you really want to know?” He reached out to encircle her waist with one arm, his golden eyes glinting in the sun off of the water. She shied away from him, pushing away so hard that she almost fell on her ass. He disappeared from in front of her and before she had time to wonder where he could have gone she felt him pressing himself against her back. She cried out and tried to struggle away from him but he wrapped his arms around her. His cock was pressing against her backside, hard and incredibly big. “I’m doing this to you,” he whispered in her ear, his hands beginning to stroke her belly, “because I need you to help me.”

“How?” she let out a high-pitched squeak when his hands found her breasts and gave them a hard squeeze. Again she tried to get away, but he held her close.

“You have to fuck me. You’re the first woman who’s slept in this bed in eighty years and you came on just the right night. Halloween is when the physical world and the spirit world come together.”

“No!” Rose gasped. “You’re my fucking childhood boogeyman!”

He wriggled his hips slightly so that his cock ground against her ass. “Do you think I want to be a boogeyman? It’s not a very satisfying line of work. I used to be an incubus.”

He gave her nipples a deep pinch and then his hands began to glide lower. He lifted the hem of her sundress. “No,” she moaned, trying to pull it back down. Why was she so helpless? This was like those dreams where you try desperately to run but can’t go above a crawl.

“Yes,” he hissed, and then his fingers were spreading the lips of her pussy. Rose groaned and squirmed but when he pinched her clit between two fingers and began to work it back and forth she went limp, pleasure jolting through her.

“You’re going to give me that burst of power I need to become an incubus once more. Just say yes. I promise that it will be a night you’ll never forget.”

Rose felt herself tensing all over. His fingers were maddening her. She wanted so badly to come but she couldn’t bring herself to just give into him like that. “No,” she said, but her voice was unsure now, drugged by pleasure. He released her clit and then dipped two fingers inside of her, curving them upwards so that she could toy with her g-spot. She cried out softly.

“Yield to me, and I’ll give you pleasure like you’ve never even dreamed of,” Mr. Maleus whispered, his breath hot in her ear.

Rose couldn’t take it anymore. She was shaking all over and every nerve felt as if it were on the verge of exploding. “Ok,” she said, “Ok! This is only a dream. Yes, I’ll fuck you!”


When Rose woke up she was covered in sweat and trembling uncontrollably. Her pussy was soaking wet and she realized a split second later that there was someone in bed with her. Someone was laying beside her, naked, his hard cock pressing against her thigh. She turned her head and bit back a scream. Mr. Maleus regarded her with his golden eyes and smiled.

“Thank you for agreeing to help me,” he said, and before she even knew he was going to move he had rolled on top of her beneath the covers. He positioned his knees between her legs so that she couldn’t close them his cock pressed against her belly.

“Wait,” she said, trying to sit up. “That was a dream.”

“Of course it was,” he said, and he lowered his head to kiss her. His tongue flicked into her mouth, tasted her and then retreated. “And you said yes.”

“But I–”

“Hush,” he said, and he kissed her again, more deeply this time. Then he began to kiss his way from the corner of her mouth, down her neck and onto her breasts. He took first one nipple into his mouth and then another, sucking them greedily and then going even lower. He kissed her belly, her thighs, and then his tongue broached the lips of her pussy. He found her clit at once and began to lick at it with quick, rough strokes.

Rose cried out helplessly. “But I’m a virgin!” It was true. There had been a couple near misses, but she was technically still a virgin.

Mr. Maleus stopped licking her for a moment so that he could look up at her and smile. “Even better,” he said. “I promise I’ll be gentle.” Then he started back up again, attacking her clit with renewed vigor and Rose gave up. This felt too incredible. She relaxed into him and he gripped her hips, bringing her more fully into his mouth. She felt the tension coiling in her abdomen, braced herself for the explosion and then gave a little scream of release as she came hard against his mouth. He pulled away from her and crawled back up her body, kissing her lips so that she could taste her own juices. “I’m feeling stronger already,” he said. He began rocking his hips so that the tip of his cock brushed against the slick lips of her vulva. “Are you ready to go further?”

“Yes,” Rose breathed. She readied herself for pain, but all she felt when Mr. Maleus slid inside of her was a throb of intense pleasure. She shuddered and cried out, locking her legs around his waist as he began to slide in and out of her. His cock pressed against her g-spot with every stroke and soon she was coming again, the spasms deeper and even stronger than before.

“Mmm,” Maleus groaned, “Keep going on like that Rosie and I’ll be stronger than ever. Come again for me.” He rolled them, pulled Rose to her hands and knees and began to slam into her from behind. This provided an entirely new angle of stimulation and when he reached down and started playing with her clit she was helpless to deny him what he asked for. She came again, even harder than before, cry after cry tearing from her throat.

“Again,” Maleus said. His voice was deeper, hungrier. The ferocity of his thrusts increased. He slammed into her and stroked her, coaxed her until she came again. Then he flipped her over and took her in another position. She came twice more that she could remember and then everything went fuzzy. She couldn’t keep track the number of times she climaxed, the number of positions he contorted her into. All she knew was that when reality finally reasserted itself, Rose felt more drained than she ever had in her life.

Mr. Maleus was standing at the foot of her bed, looking down on her. He was fully dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a black t-shirt. His face looked fuller now and ruddy with good health. He almost glowed. “Thanks Rosie,” he said, striding forward to kiss her forehead lightly. She shivered. “You really gave me the boost I needed.”

“Glad I could help,” she mumbled. Despite her exhaustion she felt oddly content.

“I’m off to bigger and better things now. No more boogeyman for me. I may come visit your dreams again some time. Perhaps next Halloween.”

“I think I’d like that,” Rose said, her eyes beginning to drift closed. She was so tired.

“Sweet dreams Rosie,” he whispered. There was a shiver in the air and he was gone.

She fell into sleep then, a smile playing over her lips. At last she had found a way to come to terms with her childhood demons.

The End

Cruise Ship Regeneration Part 04.

The cruise ship and a fraternity initiation gone wrong.

04.01 Ethan and Shawn:

04.02 Ethan and Shawn board the Cruise Ship:

04.03 Ethan, Body Preparation and Semen Extraction:

04.04 Ethan, Plant, Preparation:

04.05 Ethan, Plant, Rectal Vagina and Labia:

04.06 Ethan, Plant, Breast Growth:

04.07 Ethan, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:

04.08 Ethan, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

04.09 Ethan, Plant, Shemale Testing:

04.10 Ethan, Plant, Feminization:

04.11 Shawn, Plant, Shemale Transformation:

04.12 Shawn and Ethan, Performance Suite:

04.13 Shawn, Ethan, Deepthroat:

04.14 Ethan, Shawn, Impalement:

04.15 Shawn, Ethan, The Mating:

04.01 Ethan and Shawn:

Ethan and Shawn were friends in high school and applied for admission to the same college. Their troubles began when they decided to join a fraternity which unknown to them, was noted for its unusual hazing of pledges. Both Ethan and Shawn were ‘straight’ but Ethan gave the impression of being a little on the sissy side.

When asked what sports they were interested in, they told the fraternity that they were going to try out for the swimming team. Two Senior students of the fraternity, both hard line anti-gay activists, decided they would have some fun with the two freshman students and asked if they would be interested in a pill that would enhance they stamina and give them an edge up on their competition. Each were given a plastic bag full of pills and told take them three times a day for two months. What they were actually getting were male breast enhancing pills. The pills would also make their skin softer, lose some of their bodily hair and give them rounder hips.

Within four weeks both noticed the start of the feminizing effects on their bodies. Three weeks later they knew they had to quit the swimming team and both went to the college Doctor. He had seen this happen before and asked them what Fraternity they were pledging themselves to.

The emotional Ethan broke down and Shawn was filled with anger. The doctor has a colleague that he works with, who is a referrer to GenTech. Both were told that there was no way to reverse the effects and it would be in their best interests to complete the transformation, but under supervision. He filled them in on GenTech and their capabilities. The Doctor had the Fraternity pay for the Cruise Ship and at the same time had the two Frat members expelled from the college. The Doctor also arranged with the Dean for a leave of absence for the remaining of the semester.

04.02 Ethan and Shawn board the Cruise Ship:

When they presented their tickets to the check in receptionist, they were told that GenTech’s Certified Physician Assistant, Ruth would visit them within the hour. Each was handed a bottle of pills with instructions to take a pill every half hour, starting now. The receptionist pointed to a drinking fountain beside the desk. The pills would restore their testosterone to near normal levels.

They were then told of the ‘no clothes’ policy when the ship reached the open sea. Despite the effects of the feminizing pills, they were not exempt from this rule. The final rule that was that they had to remove the hair from the bodies below the shoulders and their bathrooms contained the bottles of liquid depilatory for this purpose.

Ethan and Shawn were given a state room with two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen. This was so much better than the college dorms. After selecting their bedrooms they unpacked, undressed and took a shower. While Ethan enjoyed the sight of his hairless body, Shawn wasn’t so enthusiastic. Finally they finished and met in the living room. Both saw each other’s nakedness for the first time and the progressing feminization their bodies, including their small, but budding breasts. They needed to get their thoughts diverted so they sat down and turned ‘on’ the HDTV.

In a few minutes, a knock was heard on the door and it was Ruth. She smiled at both of them and for the next thirty minutes reviewed their transformation with them. She switched the HDTV to the transformation channel and started a video showing a male being transformed into a Shemale by a Plant. Ruth explained that the Plant would transform their bodies within an hour as compared to the normal two to three years.

This wasn’t what either of them expected and their apprehensions grew as they watched the video. Soft gasps escaped their lips when they saw the subjects rectal area form into a labia similar to that of female, but only smaller. After the plant had finished and stimulation was removed, the rectal area returned to its normal state.

Ruth finished by saying,

“My lead nurse will be at your suite at 9:00am and escort both of you to the Theater. Ethan, you will be first and Shawn you can watch it in the viewing room. Be sure not to miss your half hourly pills during waking the hours, today and tonight.”

Ruth left and they just stood there looking at each other. Ethan was close to tears and Shawn was trying to make sense of it all.

Shawn said,

“Let’s go for a walk around the deck.”

As they left the stateroom, each picked up a bottle of water and their pills. Walking around naked wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. No one really took notice of them. However, they did take notice of three Shemales that they walked passed. They were beautiful and their mindset began to change. A preliminary conditioning effect of the pills that they were taking.

04.03 Ethan, Body Preparation and Semen Extraction:

Both were ready the following morning at 9:00am and followed the nurse to the Theater. Shawn was escorted to the viewing room and found out why it was called a theater. Both he and Ethan were going have an audience watching their transformation. He sat down and his nervous mind was wondering what was going to happen next.

Ruth led Ethan into a small adjoining room in her office. The room was totally mirrored and Ethan saw what appeared to be a toilet with no lid with a ‘U’ shaped seat facing the mirrored wall. Within the bowl, was a vertical probe that could extend from 1″ to 4″. Internal lasers could position the probe anywhere within a ten inch radius and the internal mechanisms could move the probe upwards and downwards. The tank has two compartments. One for water and the other for an enema solution. Attached to the side of the Bidet is a condom catheter and clear glass container.

Ethan was getting a little nervous as Ruth led him toward the strange ‘toilet’.

She sensed his nervousness and handed him a cup filled with a light green liquid,

“Here Ethan, drink this down, it will help relax you.”

He drank down the liquid and Ruth began explaining what was going to happen.

“This is a customized Bidet that will give you an enema which is required before you begin your transformation. All you have to do is sit on it, everything is automatic.”

As Ruth was talking, The drink began to take effect. A pleasurable warmth began flowing into his penis and testicles, and tingling sensations seeped into his anal lips, rectal sheath and male nipples. He hadn’t felt these sensations for over a month.

Ruth guided Ethan so he sat down on the Bidet’s seat, facing the mirrored wall. The Bidet sensed a his male body and soft straps curled around his thighs and waist holding him firmly so he could not move. A muffled whirring sound was heard as the head of the probe aligned itself with his exposed anal opening. A startled Ethan suddenly felt a soft thickness pressing against his anal opening and he tried to shift away from it but couldn’t.

He flinched when he felt the tip of the probe trace around the tight opening to his rectum, occasionally, nudging into the center of his anus. A slick liquid oozed from the tip of the probe causing a tingling warmth to seep past his anal lips and spread inward. The tight sphincter loosened and the head of the four inch probe pushed past the stretching entrance and slipped fully into his rectal sheath.

The cleansing solution was released and Ethan moaned as he tried to wiggle his hips and stand up as his lower bowel were filled. For the next minute, he was forced to endure the discomfort and embarrassment of his enema. Just when he thought he could take no more, the probe withdrew from his rectum and loud sigh of relief was heard as the liquid bowel waste was expelled out of his body. A warm flow of water bathed his anus and buttocks, followed by warm puffs of warm air.

Ethan wanted to get off the Bidet but couldn’t due to the restraining straps.

Ruth smiled at him and said,

“One more thing to do Ethan, we need a sample of your semen and sperm.”

A distraught Ethan shook his head and struggled to get up.

He flinched when he felt the probe snuggling back into his anal lips and closed his eyes, wanting this to come to an end. The probe slowly, almost teasingly, slipped back into Ethan’s rectal sheath, pressing toward the front near his testicles.

1″ .. 1.5″ .. 2″ .. 2.5″ .. 2.75″

With a sudden gasp, Ethan eye’s shot open and his hips squirmed as the head of the probe settled onto the sensitive tissues of his prostate with an exquisite caressing action. A flood of warmth flooded his testicles and his tingling penis stirred and grew harder as his prostate was massaged.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The probe was relentless on its assault and Ethan’s preseminal fluids drooled from the excited gland as it soared to full erection. Ruth smiled into Ethan’s stunned face and said,

“Now that has to feel good … Your prostate is going to be the center of your new sexuality.”

Ethan’s mind was reeling from sensations that he didn’t know existed. He shifted his hips trying to get more of them and squealed when the probe’s head burrowed deeper onto the pulsating mound.

“Ohhhhhh .. Godddddddd ..”

Ruth reached to the side of the Bidet and pulled up the condom catheter with its long tube attached to it. A squirming and gasping Ethan watched as Ruth positioned the short condom over his twitching gland and wailed as it was slipped downward over the excited crown and into the circumcision ring.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Ethan looked at the mirror and saw his straining hardness jerking between his thighs and the catheter tube as it was flailing in the air. The flexing head of the probe began an ecstatic shifting action, on to and off of his spasming prostate and Ethan’s squeals became louder as his rectal muscles closed around the probe not wanting the ecstatic connection to be broken. His balls churned and his engorged erection felt as though it was going to explode.

Ethan felt an ecstatic clenching within his prostate which spread into his bloated balls and then into the base of his raging erection. His eyes opened wide and his hands fisted as the liquid pressure surged up his erection toward his hyper-excited gland. The thick liquid of joy swirled around the straining crown and jettisoned into the condom’s sheath and its delivery tube.


Ruth saw Ethan’s thick stream of semen spew into the tube as it was sucked into the glass container. The probe continued its ecstatic strokes on Ethan’s prostate forcing his body to unleash another strong ejaculation. The catheter’s tube flexed wildly as the second stream flooded into it.


Ethan slumped back onto the seat gasping and panting. He closed his eyes, savoring the delicious aftershocks that were rippling throughout his body. The probe withdrew with a soft slurping sound and Ruth removed the condom from his softening penis. She picked up the container and showed it to him. Ethan couldn’t believe that he had released so much semen. Ruth handed it to an attendant who delivered it to the control room for analysis.

The thigh and waist restraints were removed. The next thing he felt was the wonderful flow of warm water cascading onto his flaccid penis, abdomen, thighs and balls. A long sigh was heard as the flow of warm air bathed his genitals and rectal area.

04.04 Ethan, Plant, Preparation:

Ruth took Evan’s hand and led him through a door marked ‘THEATER’.

They entered the theater and Ethan froze when he saw the large audience in front him. Suddenly his nakedness embarrassed him. Ruth saw Evan’s reaction and quickly said,

“The efforts and expertise of these people make your transformation possible.”

Ruth led him to the front of stage and then turned him so he was facing the center of it. Ruth nodded at the control booth and A soft humming sound was heard. Ethan watched spellbound as four, two foot square tiles were lowered into the stage and a large, four foot round container rose up, level with the floor. Within it, was a thick bed of grass. In a few seconds, several green shoots began sprouting up from the center of the container. Ethan watched nervously as the shoots grew taller and thicker. As they grew, he saw branches forming with leaf-like buds, small tulip-like flowers and long stamens. The higher it grew, the thicker the plant and its appendages became. When it reached a height of four feet, its leaves and branches extended beyond the rim of the container. At six feet, some of the leaves, stems and stamens had turned from green to a clear, transparent color. The stamens varied from five inches to eight inches and seemed to pulse as they oozed a clear liquid causing them to glisten in the light. The massive plant soon reached its height of eight feet and Ethan’s nervousness had turned to a sense of foreboding.

He tried to back away from the ‘thing’ that was weaving and swaying in front of him but Ruth had her hands on his shoulders.

“Its Ok Ethan, I promise you that the Plant will not harm you in any way.”

She took his hand and led a visibly, shaking Ethan toward the Plant. He saw the Plant’s thick foliage began to weave and sway in the air as if beckoning him to come closer to it. Ruth led him so he was within two feet of the swaying foliage and then backed away. A few leafy stems reached out and began caressing his neck and shoulders. Another set of stems reached out and crept onto his hips and the back of his thighs. The tips of the stems released a chemical that that was quickly absorbed into his skin. Within seconds a feeling of euphoria spread across his mind and Ethan’s nervous whimpers quickly faded.

The theater’s HD monitors showed a relaxed Ethan standing in front of the Plant with his wide open eyes following the hypnotic dancing of the Plant’s leaves and stamens. More of the stems slithered onto his body and Ethan was slowly pulled toward its withering mass. A soft sigh was heard and Ethan’s heart beat a little faster as he was drawn into the Plant’s foliage.

More stems circled around arms, chest, thighs and legs and Ethan felt himself being turned toward the front of the stage and his audience. His eyes and face showed a mix of emotions, ranging from apprehension to sense of well-being. He felt himself being pulled back into the dense thickness and the light touches spread onto his face and neck. He closed his eyes and sighed when the stem’s soft tips crept onto his small budding breasts with a gentle caressing action and his nipples began to tingle as the tips pressed and swirled around his stiffening nipples.

Pressure was applied to his lower legs and Ethan felt them being bent at the knees and lifted upward so he was in a sitting position. At the same time his arms were lifted outward from body until they were level with his shoulders. He looked nervously at his audience and then up at his monitor. A small gasp escaped his open mouth when he saw and felt his legs being spread apart and watched his penis and testicles slip between his spreading thighs.

It had taken the plant less than minute to secure Ethan’s body.

As Ethan looked at his body in the monitor, he saw a large leaf unfolding under his spread thighs below his testicles. The leaf’s color changed to a clear transparency and gently pushed upward lifting his balls and forming a silky pouch around them. Ethan moaned as his balls were deliciously massaged and his penis began to tingle and stir. The silky pouch secreted an arousal inducer and another moan escaped Ethan’s mouth as his stirring penis soared to full erection, throbbing in the near vertical position between his spread thighs.

Through dazed eyes, Ethan saw a clear leaf extend upward from the same stem that had formed the testicle pouch. The leaf was a cylindrical in shape, flexible and lined with ribs. It extended itself along the underside of his erection and then pressed against it. A long slit opened up along its length and Ethan gasped as stems manipulated his erection into a warm, moist, satiny sheath. As it closed around it, the encasing sheath began to caress and massage his engorged member.

Two clear, transparent, tulip-like flowers blossomed from buds on the stems that were encircling his chest. As the satiny petals expanded, each slipped over the small mounds with an exquisite massaging action. Within each flower, small depressions formed into suckling ‘mouth’s which descended onto each of his stiffening nipples. Ethan moaned again as exquisite sensations flooded his chest.

Suddenly, Ethan eyes opened wide and he franticly tried to shift his hips away from a thick stem that he saw rising up under his body and moving toward his buttocks. As the stem rose, the end formed into an 8″ x 2″ thick stamen with a thick oval shaped tip which drooled with a thick clear liquid. Ethan felt the oval’s ‘lips’ touch the cheeks of his buttocks and then push between them. He tried to shift his body away from the advancing stamen but it followed his frantic movements.

He knew where it was headed and whimpering and pleading,

“No .. no .. not there! Please, not there ..”

The stamen’s ‘lips’ pushed between the spread cheeks and his squirming abruptly halted when the oval shaped mass snuggled against his anal opening. He felt a warm, thick liquid oozing into anal lips and a wonderful warmth seeped into his rectum. His tight sphincter muscle loosened as the warmth became waves of pleasure.

Ethan’s nipples, erection, testicles and rectal area were now under control of the Plant. Ethan was now ready for his Shemale transformation. His mind and body were trying to cope with the new and intense sensations that his captive body was giving him. His nipples felt like hard bullets and his hardness throbbed within the Plant’s vagina-like sheath.

04.05 Ethan, Plant, Rectal Vagina and Labia:

Ethan felt the stamen increase its pressure against his loosened and tingling rectal opening. The head of the stamen released more of its warm lubricant and Ethan sighed as the stamen slithered past the relaxed sphincter muscle into his rectal passage. A wave of warmth accompanied the thickening stamen as it nudged inward and his erection jumped and throbbed. His entire rectal area began to tingle with pleasure and Ethan unconsciously started to push and grind his hips onto the Plant’s stamen as it moved inward, twisting and turning.

He shut his eyes and savored the new feelings that were spreading across his body. Suddenly, his eyes flew wide open, his hips thrust into the air and a loud gasp escaped his lips. The Plant’s stamen had made contact with his prostate and an incredible jolt of pleasure exploded throughout his body.

The head of the stamen flattened over the sensitive mound and began to massage the excited tissues. It deliberately and teasingly, spaced its ecstatic caresses of Ethan’s throbbing prostate. Each time it restarted, Ethan’s body was racked with a series of internal spasms much like those that a female would feel.

Within a minute or two, his body shook and thrashed in ecstasy as the orgasmic freight trains rumbled throughout his rectal area, onto his erection and into his disbelieving mind. In another minute, The clear sheath that encased his engorged erection, begin to swell with his drooling preseminal fluids.

The stamen now slowed to delicious low level purrs as it nestled over his prostate. Ethan slumped onto the Plant’s soft supports gasping and panting. His mind had never felt such exquisite sensations. Again the stamen began to lengthen and thicken and he savored the sensations from the pulsing thickness as it slipped further into his body.

Just as Ethan was coming down from his euphoric high, a whole new set of sensations gripped his rectal sheath. The Plant’s secretions were now adding the properties of a female ‘vagina’ to the lower eight inches of his rectal sheath. As the complex network of sexual nerve endings were created, Ethan moaned as his new ‘vagina’ began to deliciously clenched around the flexing phallic. The secreted chemicals were also absorbed by his prostate, these would be activated by the Plant’s urethra probe.

At the same time, the thick oval shaped head of the stamen released its growth chemicals and Ethan’s loosened anal opening began to expand and form around the thick stamen. Ethan’s ‘labia’ was forming into two thick and sexually sensitive lips. Like his rectal ‘vagina’, sensitive nerve endings were created and connected to the sexual sensory system. When finished, the stamens oval shaped lips began a sensuous massaging action of the new folds of Ethan’s ‘labia’ and he gasped loudly as his newly formed ‘labia’ and ‘vagina’ exploded with ecstatic sensations. His engorged manhood began wild jerks as his preseminal fluids spurted into the Plant’s thirsty ‘vaginal mouth’. Ethan’s ‘womanhood’ was fully formed and he ground his sex onto the Plant’s stroking phallic.

The Plant suddenly stopped and Ethan moaned in frustration as the phallic’s Length and girth shrunk and slowly withdrew into the stamen’s oval lips and in a few seconds Ethan’s ‘vagina’ and ‘labia’ returned to their normal rectal state. The oval shaped stamen remained attached to Ethan swollen anal opening with a delicious purring sensations.

04.06 Ethan, Plant, Breast Growth:

The Plant let Ethan rest for a minute or two, while he savored the glow that still radiated from his rectal area along with the sensations that gripped his twitching member. The satiny pouches that were massaging and suckling on his budding breasts and nipples now released their a chemical secretions which were quickly absorbed. He felt a firmness develop within each breast and delicious tingling sensations gripped both nipples. His excited nipples felt like bullets on his small mounds..

Ethan felt the sensations building in both of his breast areas. The firmness began to expand within the massaging pouches as his breasts slowly formed on his chest. Ethan looked at the mirror and his eyes opened wide when he saw the clear pouches expanding and a sense of excitement gripped his mind and his breath quickened as waves of pleasure radiated across his chest.

As the suckling and kneading continued, Ethan began pushing and grinding his forming breasts and excited nipples into the Plant’s kneading and suckling pouches.


NIPPLES: 5/16″

As his breasts grew, his nipples became more sensitive to the suckling ‘mouths’ and Ethan was now thrusting his firm breasts and erect tingly nipples into the Plant’s kneading and massaging pouches, moaning as the ripples of pleasure flowed across his chest.



Ethan’s breasts ached and his new excited nipples felt as though they were going to explode.


NIPPLES: 7/16″

Ethan’s breasts had now reached their targeted size and he thrust his breasts excitedly into the Plant’s kneading pouches and their suckling ‘mouths’.

The Plant’s pouches slowed their assault to a low level ‘purring’ and Ethan lay panting within the Plant’s soft restraints, savoring the wonderful feelings.

04.07 Ethan, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:

A dazed and happy Ethan savored the ‘purring’ sensations that radiated across his new breasts and nipples. The gland at the head of his erection now began to tingle in sync with those emanating from the suckling ‘mouths’ on his breasts and the purring tip of the stamen that was nestled within in the lips of his swollen anus.

Suddenly he felt a tightness grip his erection. He looked up at the monitor and saw the top of the Plant’s clear sheath curl down over his thick gland to the circumcision ring. He looked in astonishment as his preseminal fluids continued to ooze outward and drool over the gland’s sensitive surface.

A thin, clear stem-like tube rose up from the mass of stems that covered his abdomen. It arched upward and then dipped downward so it was centered above the oozing opening to his urethra. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and hollow. A warm lubricant dripped onto the tingling head of his member and mixed with his slick precum. The lubricant contained the necessary chemicals for penis growth. A thick, yellow bud on the stem marked the 8.00 inch point.

Ethan’s eyes opened wide with apprehension and he tried to move his member away from the dripping end of the stem’s tube but his erection was held firmly by the Plant’s vaginal sheath. He looked up at the monitor and his heart pounded when he saw two dark stems, within the clear tube, begin to twitch and wiggle.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick urethra opening.

Ethan watched with terrified eyes as the tube sank slowly into his erection. His fears were quickly erased as the Plant slithered deeper into his manhood. As the tube slipped downward, ecstatic ripples of joy spread into his straining hardness and Ethan threw his back and gasped as the slick tube reached the base of his erection. His throbbing member never felt harder as it pulsed and jerked with delicious sensations.

The tube continued its journey deeper into Ethan’s urethra. Soon it reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his semen and sperm into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves. Two, dark, tube-like stems slithered outward, one slipped into the fleshy tissues of his prostate and the other made its way downward toward his testicles. Waves of euphoric sensations now bathed the entire center of Ethan’s sexual being.

The stem that had entered the tissues of his prostate released its catalytic chemicals that reacted with those that were released by the Plant’s rectal stamen. The completion of Ethan’s prostate was taking place. His semen production would be six times that of a normal male and his sexual recovery would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present.

The other stem entered his testicles and split into two tubes. Both injected their growth drugs and again Ethan groaned as a wonderful warmth filled his balls. They expanded quickly and Ethan felt a new delicious heaviness encased within the silky, massaging pouch.

As the stems withdrew, they oozed a chemical, causing the sexual ducts and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen and sperm to be discharged into the urethra.

04.08 Ethan, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

The two valves were now closed and the urethra tube slowly slipped back down until it reached the base of his erection. The yellow bud was now 3.00 inches above the tingling thick gland.

Again, Ethan felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout his groin. The tube now started to secrete a chemical that would enhance his erection. He gasped and threw back his head as jolts of joy radiated outward from inside his jerking hard member. He felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the length of his erection. His spurting precum gushed up the sides of the tube and spilled out onto his thickening gland. Ethan moaned excitedly and his hips thrashed wildly in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

His hard erection grew in spurts and his hips jerked ecstatically as the Plant’s clenching ‘vagina’ had more and more to squeeze and massage.


ERECTION: 5.00″ x 1.50″, 5.75″ x 1.75″, 6.00″ x 2.00″, 6.50″ x 2.25″

As his erection expanded, his bucking hips slowly changed to rhythmic thrusts.

ERECTION: 6.75″ x 2.50″, 7.00″ x 2.75″, 7.25″ x 2.75″, 7.50″ x 2.75″

Ethan screeched as his hard member neared its target size. The rippling began matching Ethan’s urgent thrusts with its own counter thrusts. His breath came in deep pants as his excited manhood lengthened and thickened. The bared gland was coming nearer and nearer to the yellow band.

ERECTION: 7.75″ x 3.00″, 8.00″ x 3.00″

The yellow bud was now at the slick entrance to his urethra.

Ethan’s eyes were riveted to the monitor and saw his ‘new’ manhood. It felt like a granite bat as it stood tall and hard between his spread thighs. His heavy and bloated testicles churned within the massaging, satiny pouches.

The tube slowly and teasingly withdrew from his hardness. As the end slurped its way out, the confined preseminal fluids gushed outward with the force of an ejaculation.

04.09 Ethan, Plant, Shemale Testing:

Shawn was escorted by the nurse back to Ruth’s office. His arousal was evident by his semi-erect penis but his eyes showed nervousness and apprehension. Upon his arrival, the nurse led him into the room with the Bidet.

The Plant was now ready to test its new creation. The velvety sheath began gentle squeezes of his softened tube of flesh and the pouch began to lift and massage his heavy balls. At the same time, the silky pouches and ‘mouths’ renewed their exquisite attention to his breasts and nipples. Ethan groaned as his softening penis reversed itself and rose to full hardness within the Plant’s clenching sheath. The still bared gland turned a deep purple as blood rushed into the thick, excited head.

The Plants oval mass intensified its massaging his anal area and the head of the stamen awoke from its dormancy and nestled further into Ethan’s clasping anal lips. Ethan gasped as his ‘womanhood’ reformed and an incredible need for penetration filled his rectal sheath. The stamen’s oval lips renewed its exquisite massaging of his swelling folds and the head of the thick stamen nudged deliciously against the clasping anal lips. With an ecstatic ‘pop’, the Plant’s phallic slowly slipped into his excited ‘vaginal’ passage with a wonderful twisting and turning action. The stamen slithered full length into Ethan’s ‘vaginal’ sheath, expanding as it went. His mind was filled with waves of pleasure and he squealed in joy as his hips ground his enflamed sex onto his Plant Lover.

The phallic began deep thrusting into Ethan’s ‘vagina’, the loving ‘lips’ and ‘mouths’ of the ‘labia’ tipped stamen was devouring his swollen and stretched folds. His chest arched up pushing his breasts and excited nipples into the suckling ‘mouths’ and kneading pouches. The Plant’s vagina-like sheath clenched around his engorged erection sending Ethan into a sexual frenzy. His body thrust his hardness into the Plant’s loving sheath and then plunged his seething ‘vagina’ downward onto the Plant’s massive twisting stamen. Ethan gasped and moaned, his mind was filled with ecstatic sensations that he had never experienced before.

His convulsing body heaved and bucked within the Plant’s soft restraints and head thrashed from side to side. He gasped and wailed. His huge, thick erection was jerking wildly within the clenching and squeezing sheath. The flexing phallic lunged into the depth of Ethan’s spasming ‘vagina’ and unleashed torrents of its chemical laden ejaculant.

Ethan’s mind exploded as the delicious pressure ballooned deep within his convulsing ‘womanhood’, sending waves of orgasmic sensations bolting across his genitals. The thick mix of the Plant’s ejaculant spewed outward past his clasping folds drenching the flared cheeks of his buttocks and flowing into the dense foliage. Suddenly his enhanced prostate exploded. Ethan’s hips bucked and jerked as long thick streams of semen pulsed up his spasming erection. The spewing streams arched high in the air and splattered back down, drenching the thick nest of stems on his abdomen and thighs, which feasted on the pooling nectar. His ‘vagina’ unleashed it own orgasmic explosions and he wailed in ecstasy as his dual orgasms saturated his mind and body.

All the sensations were too much for Ethan’s mind to cope with and he slumped onto the Plant’s soft supports gasping as his body rippled with aftershocks.

04.10 Ethan, Plant, Feminization:

The Plant now released its final set of transformation chemicals. Ethan’s body suddenly stiffened as set of cramps gripped his body. His ‘male’ muscle tone began to soften and his chest, hips and thighs became more curvaceous. His facial and bodily hair disappeared and his features became distinctly feminine, along with his voice.

One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of his partner. These would include another Shemale or a male. If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, he would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or he removed his erection from his partner. When touched or kissed by a Shemale or male his ‘womanhood’ would form.

A strong sexual hormone was released that would bond him to Shawn and he would be the feminine ‘submissive’ in their relationship. ‘Thoughts’, ‘images’ and ‘suggestions’ filled his subconscious mind that would enhance his sexual performance and abilities.

Ethan is now a virgin Shemale.

The Plant started to withdraw from his body. The rippling vaginal sheath slipped away from his deflating penis and it slipped down onto his thigh and laid over his swaying testicles, still drooling with spurts of semen.

The silky pouch holding his testicles opened up and his heavy balls now swayed between his spread thighs. The flexing stamen withdrew from his stretched ‘vagina’ with a loud slurping sound and his rectal area returned to its normal state. Ethan moaned at the loss of the wonderful fullness.

Ruth came forward and the control booth had the Plant put Ethan into a standing position. She held him as his weak knees recovered. As they walked back to her office, the audience clapped and the Plant was lowered into the stage floor.

04.11 Ethan witnesses Shawn’s Shemale Transformation:

Ethan entered Ruth’s office just as the nurse was leading Shawn out of the room with the Bidet. The flushed look on his face said it all. They stood there looking at each other and Ruth quickly whispered something into the nurse’s ear and she escorted Ethan to the viewing room.

Ruth came closer to Shawn and said,

“What do you think of Ethan’s curvaceous Shemale body?”

She saw the smile on his face and his penis began to stir.

“Ethan is made for you .. and you will become a match for him.”

Ruth led Shawn into the theater.

Ethan watched with excitement and mounting arousal as he witnessed Shawn being transformed into a Shemale. He Shawn’s ‘male’ muscle tone disappear and his body became softer and more curvaceous. He saw Shawn’s facial and bodily hair disappear and his features became distinctly feminine, along with his voice.

Shawn would be the ‘aggressive’ partner in their relationship. Also ‘thoughts’, ‘images’ and ‘suggestions’ filled his subconscious mind that would enhance his sexual performance and abilities.

When the plant began withdrawing from Shawn’s body, the nurse told Ethan that she was going to take him to a suite and Shawn would join him there shortly.

Ruth helped a dazed and happy Shawn walk back to office. She told him that both he and Ethan would be sized and fitted for new clothes which they would receive at the end of the cruise. She also told him that all the required legal documents would be drawn up for them. They would have to decide what their new names would be and whether they wanted to return to the same college or a different one.

The nurse returned and told Shawn that Ethan was waiting for him in one of the Theater’s suites. While Shawn was led down the hallway to the suite, Ruth went to the control room. A subdued hush filled the Theater when the screens showed the nurse and Shawn stop in front of the suite’s door. The nurse left and Shawn opened the door and walked into the suite.

04.12 Shawn and Ethan, Performance Suite:

Shawn and Ethan stood in front of each other, it was as if time had stopped. As their eyes roamed up and down each other’s nakedness, a deep need to hold each other filled their minds. Shawn made the first move and nestled in close to Ethan’s trembling body. His kisses were soft and gentle as they drifted across Ethan’s face and neck. Ethan sighed and closed his eyes.

Shawn’s lips touched Ethan’s lips and he felt Ethan lips begin to part. His tongue slipped into Ethan’s mouth and their tongues found each other. Ethan moaned softly as he experienced his first kiss.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Suddenly, the kiss was broken and both gasped as the sensations from their forming ‘womanhoods’ rippled across their loins. Both knew what had happened and their breaths came in soft pants as the two virgin Shemales looked at each other with need and desire. The ‘submissive’ Ethan, blushed when he saw Shawn’s eyes roaming up and down his curvaceous nakedness. The blush got deeper as his stirring penis rose up in sync with Shawn’s stirring penis.

Shawn smiled and whispered,

“Ethan .. Your body is absolutely beautiful.”

Ethan’s sighed and whispered,

“Do you really like my body?”

Shawn smiled and said,

“You are like a Goddess.”

Ethan’s erection and ‘labia’ twitched at the words.

Shawn took Ethan’s hand and led him into the bedroom. When they reached the bed, Shawn’s hands reached down between their bodies, one hand grasped Ethan’s throbbing hardness and the other slipped under Ethan’s balls and palmed his small ‘folds’. Ethan gasped and instinctively spread his legs and hunched downward, giving Shawn easier access to his sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Ethan reached down with his hands. One wrapped itself around Shawn’s rigid penis and the other lifted the heavy testicles. Shawn’s hips jerked forward as his erection throbbed within Ethan’s manipulating hands.

Shawn drew close to Ethan and their naked bodies pressed against each other and both erections throbbed against each other’s abdomens. Their breasts pressed deliciously against each other and Ethan moaned as the erect nipples teased and tantalized each other. Shawn saw Ethan close his eyes and part his lips as he leaned inward toward Ethan’s face. Ethan, again, felt the soft touch of Shawn’s lips and then felt the warm moist tongue slip into his mouth. Their tongues touched and began dancing and playing with each other. Ethan moaned as they kissed deeply and passionately.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Ethan felt Shawn shift his hips and then gasped into his mouth when the two erections pressed and throbbed against each other.

“MMM! MMM! MMM ..”

Shawn broke the kiss and looked into Ethan’s aroused eyes. His hands reached out and lifted Ethan’s firm breasts with an exquisite kneading action. Ethan moaned as the fingers pressed and swirled around his excited nipples. Shawn slowly lowered himself in front of Ethan’s body. His hands followed his body and started a slow fondling and caressing motion on Ethan’s ‘labia’, balls, and throbbing organ. He smiled when he saw Ethan’s preseminal fluids oozing from the puckering slit and watched it drool onto the sensitive head of his erection.

Shawn’s left hand molded itself over Ethan’s swollen folds causing waves of pleasure to ripple and seep into his ‘vagina’. The fingers slipped between the folds, teasing and caressing the wet, pink crease and his right hand wrapped around Ethan’s throbbing erection with an ecstatic squeezing and massaging action. He ran the palm of his hand up and down the engorged flesh of Ethan’s straining hardness, causing a loud gasp to escape his open mouth.

Shawn saw the drooling precum and leaned inward. His tongue shot out and swirled around the oozing slit, sucking the delicious nectar into his eager mouth as though it was a straw. Ethan squirmed and squealed in joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

‘Suggestions’ rose to the surface of Shawn’s conscious mind.

Shawn stood up and snuggled in close to Ethan. His hips shifted inward and the sensitive underside of their slick erections came in ecstatic contact with each other and their enhanced breasts and nipples pressed and caressed each other.

Shawn slowly lowered his hips and his pulsing hardness slipped downward along the length of Ethan’s erection. When he felt his excited head reach the base of Ethan’s erection he slowly raised back upward. The length of his hardness glided upward past Ethan’s twitching gland and didn’t stop until Shawn felt Ethan’s gland nudge against the base of his erection.

Shawn now began his rhythmic lovemaking, erection on erection.

Ethan’s mind went into ecstatic shock as the two organs ground over each other. Their preseminal fluids were intensifying the sensations as the two manhoods ground over each other’s sensitive surfaces.

A loud guttural gasp escaped Ethan’s lips.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”

Ethan rested his head on Shawn’s shoulder and bathed his neck with deep pants and gasps. Shawn varied his up and down strokes but never fast enough to break the ecstatic contact. Every time the two excited glands brushed over each other, Ethan’s gasps would become louder and his breathing deepened. On one pass, Shawn stopped his movement and allowed the two crowns to nestle into each other. On the next upward sweep, Shawn stopped when their sensitive glands met. He stepped back about 6 inches to give his erection a slight angle and then swirled his thick crown in ecstatic circles onto Ethan’s hyper-excited gland.

Ethan’s arms tightened around Shawn and he squealed in joy as the two glands pressed and swirled against each other.

“Oh God .. Shawnnnnnnn ..”

Shawn slowly rocked his hips causing the head of his hardness to push Ethan’s frenzied gland back and forth, again and again. Ethan’s panting breath took on a sense of urgency.

Suddenly Shawn stopped and backed away. Ethan cried out in orgasmic agony as the two erections broke contact.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo ..”

04.13 Shawn, Ethan, Deepthroat:

Shawn said,

“Ethan honey, sit done on the bed and lay back on it. Keep your feet on the floor. Now shuffle forward a bit .. spread your thighs apart .. good ..”

Shawn moved between Ethan’s spread thighs and leaned inward over his body. He started planting soft butterfly kisses on Ethan’s neck and shoulders. His hands reached out and his palms slowly massaged Ethan’s firm breasts and erect nipples. A soft sigh escaped Ethan’s lips. It changed to a moan when the fingers moved onto the excited, erect nipples with an exquisite massaging and caressing actions.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ..”

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Ethan’s breathing quickened. Shawn’s mouth and lips now trekked downward. Ethan held his breath as lips neared his right breast. He felt a warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then he felt it being sucked into Shawn’s warm mouth.

Ethan gasped as Shawn’s lips and tongue kissed and swirled around the excited, erect nipple. In a few seconds the suckling mouth kissed its way over to Ethan’s left breast and again, his lips and tongue devoured Ethan’s left nipple. All the while Shawn’s hands continued to massage and knead both of his aching breasts. Shawn divided his attention to both nipples and Ethan’s breathing now came in quick pants and gasps and he started to push his breasts into Shawn’s wonderful hands and nursing mouth.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

While the loving mouth continued to suck and suckle on Ethan’s excited nipples, Shawn’s hands massaged their way down his abdomen. Ethan’s pants deepened as the exploring hands grazed his throbbing erection. The hands moved to his inner thighs and began massaging the soft skin. Ethan shifted his hips trying to get Shawn to move his hands inward to his straining manhood and aroused ‘womanhood’. He didn’t disappoint Ethan and lifted Ethan’s heavy testicles with a slow and wonderful massaging motion. Ethan’s hips jerked upward and his head lay back gasping as his jerking erection began oozing more of its slick precum. The hands slipped further downward and formed themselves around Ethan’s swollen, wet ‘labia’ folds. Ethan screeched and his hips bucked wildly as Shawn caressed and massaged the portal to his ‘womanhood’.

Shawn slipped a finger between the folds and traced around Ethan’s eager inner lips. Ethan was twisting his hips in ecstasy. Slowly, Shawn nudged the finger inward, twisting and turning and wailed as jolts of joy shot throughout his spasming ‘vagina’ and his erection jumped wildly. A second and then third finger wiggled their way inward and Ethan gurgled with joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Shawn lifted his head and looked down into Ethan’s dazed and aroused eyes. His fingers continued to twist and turn within Ethan’s virginal ‘vagina’. He flexed his fingers and saw Ethan’s face light up and his erection jerk and throb as another moan escaped open mouth. Ethan’s wrapped his arms around Shawn’s upper back and his hips thrust his enflamed sex onto Shawn’s exploring fingers, burying all three deeply into his spasming sheath.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..”

Ethan felt Shawn’s mouth leave his body and then a wonderful, warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive and tingling gland. He screeched and arched upward as the open mouth descended onto the head of his straining manhood. Shawn’s lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and his tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly excited gland.

Shawn’s suckling mouth now started a slow descent onto Ethan’s throbbing erection. He raised up a bit and tilted his head and Ethan’s thick gland glided into Shawn’s clenching throat. Ethan gurgled with joy as Shawn’s warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of Shawn’s throat. Shawn’s throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection and, at the same time, a fourth finger twisted its way in to Ethan’s clasping ‘vaginal’ sheath causing Ethan to squeal loudly from the dual sensations.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

With a torturous twisting motion, Shawn lifted his head and Ethan’s throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach Shawn’s mouth, he closed his cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. His tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening and then skewered his clenching throat back onto Ethan’s enraged organ. Ethan’s hips began bucking and thrashing and his hands gripped Shawn’s head tightly. Again, Ethan felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his straining hardness descended into the depths of Shawn’s incredible mouth and throat. All the while, Shawn’s stroking fingers were pushing Ethan into a sexual frenzy.

Shawn pulled up on Ethan’s erection so the aching head rested inside his mouth and clamped his cheeks snuggly around the head with a forceful suctioning action. Ethan felt Shawn’s finger tips began circling the walls of his ‘vagina’ as if they were searching for something …

and then they found it .. his prostate.

Ethan arched up and wailed at the incredible contact. His erection jerked within Shawn’s sucking throat as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to his enraged sensitive gland.

“Oh God .. Shawn ..”

Shawn’s, fingers began a slow, soft massaging action motion over the sensitive tissues of the excited organ. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout his body. Preseminal fluids gushed out of the open slit on head of his erection and Shawn greedily swallowed Ethan’s flowing nectar. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Ethan was moaning and gasping. The flow of fluids from his excited gland were now one continuous string. As his body quaked with minor orgasms, he desperately flexed his engorged erection in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Shawn’s fingers now picked up momentum. Ethan’s internal ecstatic explosions were causing his body to jerk and spasm and his flexing gland felt as though it were going to explode. Ethan’s prostate now began to spasm and pulse uncontrollably. His mind was becoming saturated with sexual sensations that he had never felt before. His erection throbbed and jumped within Shawn’s mouth and throat and his internal ecstatic explosions were rolling throughout his body like a series of freight trains.

Ethan gasped and wailed, his hips thrust desperately, plunging his enraged manhood deep into Shawn’s milking mouth and throat and lunged down onto the twisting fingers. Shawn moved his head and throat in a quick twisting motion which catapulted Ethan toward his orgasmic edge. Ethan’s first stream of thick semen entered the base of erection and shot up his inflamed erection. The churning liquid of joy reached the straining head of his erection and seemed to stall as it swirled around engorged gland. It then exploded into Shawn’s eager and receptive mouth.

Ethan arched up wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.


Shawn feasted on Ethan’s gushing nectar and he intensified his exquisite milking actions. Ethan’s hips bucked upward and Shawn almost gagged as every inch of Ethan’s enhanced erection thrust into his throat. Ethan’s hands grasped Shawn’s head tightly, his legs shot outward in a wide ‘V’ and kicked wildly in the air. His toes curled and his hands fisted. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across his mind and eyes.

Ethan wailed as the second thick string jettisoned from his spasming member.


Ethan was pushed into orgasmic overload and he lost consciousness. His body slumped back onto the bed. His still spewing hardness slipped out of Shawn’s throat and mouth. Shawn looked down at Ethan and smiled. Long strings of semen hung from his lips.

Ethan’s glistening, twitching, erection jerked and jumped repeatedly above his abdomen.

With a deep moan Ethan regained consciousness. He felt Shawn’s still buried fingers, flexing gently within his frothy ‘vagina’. Shawn’s left hand was massaging his semen drenched hardness and Ethan moaned again as it spurted deliciously with his aftershocks.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Shawn slowly and teasingly withdrew his fingers from Ethan’s ‘vagina’ with an audible slurping sound and he moaned as the fingers slipped out of his body.

Ethan pulled Shawn’s face down to his face and kissed him deeply. His tongue tasted his semen and his taste buds were thrown into a frenzy. The kiss became more passionate as Ethan’s sexual rejuvenation soared. His erection never lost its hardness and his ‘vagina’ spasmed with need.

When they broke the kiss, Shawn looked at the pillar of manhood that twitched over Ethan’s abdomen and then looked at the padded bench that was in front of a mirrored wall. Left and right support rails were on either side of the bench.

“I want to feel that as it slips into my body.”

Ethan smiled and nodded his head.

04.14 Ethan, Shawn, Impalement:

Shawn stood up from the bed and helped Ethan stand up. The two enhanced and aroused Shemales stood facing each other. This time it was Ethan that planted kisses all over Shawn’s face and neck. Shawn’s body squirmed as Ethan’s hands explored his aroused sex. The HD camera’s picked up both their oozing preseminal fluids that drooled from their thick glands and made their erections glisten in the light.

Ethan’s left hand left Shawn’s heavy balls reached down and palmed his swollen ‘labia’. Shawn gasped and, like Ethan did, hunched down and spread his legs to give his Lover easier and open access to his sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Ethan slipped two fingers into the wet crease pushing the folds apart. The exploring tips quickly found the fluttering inner lips and nudged inward with a twisting and turning action. Shawn squealed in delight and his arms tightened around Ethan as his ‘vagina’ and erection spasmed and jerked with joy.

Ethan withdrew his hands and Shawn’s panting breath bathed Ethan’s neck.

Ethan looked down at the padded bench, smiled at Shawn and lay down on it with his bent legs on either side of the bench. His erection bobbed at a slight upward angle over his abdomen. Shawn straddled Ethan’s prone body facing the mirrored wall and Ethan grasped his erection and held it in the vertical position. Shawn looked into the mirror and shifted his body back a few inches until the opening to his swollen ‘labia’ and excited inner lips were centered over the thick head of Ethan’s erection.

Shawn moaned softly and his ‘womanhood’ twitched with eager anticipation and he ground his hips in slow sensuous circle causing the excited head of Ethan’s hardness to tease and caress the folds of his spread ‘labia’.

Ruth and the audience waited for Shawn to lower himself. Their screens showed Shawn’s spread legs on either side of Ethan’s thighs and his hands holding his granite-like erection so it was nestled within Shawn’s clasping folds.

Shawn slowly lowered his enflamed sex onto Ethan’s magnificent manhood. The thick gland nudged upward into Shawn’s elastic opening, stretching the excited folds apart. Shawn lowered himself a little further and gasped loudly when his stretched ‘vaginal’ opening slipped ecstatically over the thick head Ethan’s magnificent manhood.

Shawn’s hands quickly grasped the rails for support as his aroused sex slowly sunk downward as two inches of Ethan’s thickness slipped into his excited sheath.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. Ethan ..”

Ruth and the audience smiled as they saw Shawn’s slow impalement. They saw his straining hardness throb and drool as Ethan’s erection slowly disappeared into his excited ‘vaginal’ sheath. Shawn gasped out loud as ecstatic sensations rippled across his body. He twisted his hips as his clenching ‘vagina’ encased more and more Ethan’s erection.

“Ohhh .. That feels soooo good ..”

Slowly and teasingly, Shawn continued lowering himself. His erection danced wildly as the impalement continued as drools and spurts of precum oozed from the tingling gland. He swung his hips around in tight circles as the ecstatic sensations became almost unbearable. Ethan had to fight the desperate urge to plunge his erection upward, deep up into Shawn’s body.

Shawn’s mind and body couldn’t wait any longer. He kicked his legs out to sides and he plunged downward, impaling himself completely on Ethan’s granite- like erection.

Shawn’s virginity had been taken.

Shawn’s ecstatic ‘vaginal’ muscles gripped Ethan’s hardness with an incredible spasmodic milking action and both wailed in ecstasy. Ethan’s hands grasped Shawn’s waist and Shawn’s fists tightened on the rails. His erection jumped, jerked and spewed thick spurts of precum as it bounced against his abdomen and his enflamed passage now started to massage and milk the incredible penetrator. Shawn pulled up and then sank back down, slow, then fast, all the way up and all the way down. Shawn twisted and turned and Ethan threw his head back as waves of joy that he had never felt before flooded his mind and body.

Ethan held Shawn’s hips above his thighs and whispered,

“Keep hanging on to the rails Shawn .. Let me do the work for you.”

Ethan started long deep upward thrusts. He would stop and flex his massive erection and Shawn would gasp and squeal with joy.

Ethan’s right hand reached around and grasped Shawn’s precum drenched member. Shawn wailed at the wonderful contact and his ‘vaginal’ muscles spasmed and clenched tightly around Ethan’s throbbing organ. Ethan’s powerful penetrating thrusts now took on a sense of desperate urgency. Both gasped and moaned as they were catapulted toward their orgasmic trip points.

Suddenly Ethan thrust up and froze. His thick exploding stream of semen spewed into Shawn’s raging ‘womanhood. Shawn’s mind went blank as the wonderful hot liquid gushed into him. His excited passage spasmed and clenched. He felt an unbearable and exquisite pressure build up between his balls and the base of his erection as his thick load of semen pulsed up his convulsing erection. The liquid joy swirled around his hyper-sensitive gland and then spewed out of the puckering slit. His legs shot outward in a wide ‘V’ and cycled franticly in the air.


Ethan knew he could coax another ejaculation from Shawn’s excited body and reached around slipping the palm of his right hand over Shawn’s highly excited and semen drenched gland with an ecstatic swirling action. At the same time, his excited erection ejaculated again, unleashing another torrent of thick semen into Shawn’s clenching, frothy passage.

Shawn thrust his exploding erection into the air as Ethan’s hand squeezed and massaged his jerking manhood causing it to jettison its final long, thick stream of semen.


Shawn’s body could not absorb any more sensations from his dual orgasms and he lost consciousness. He slumped down onto Ethan’s thighs, his hands still grasp the supporting rails. Ethan’s softening erection stayed buried deeply in Shawn’s ‘vagina’ as his aftershocks teased and tantalized it.

Slowly Shawn recovered and both stayed as they were as their bodies came down from their orgasmic highs. Shawn slowly lifted himself upward. He moaned as the soft slickness slipped out of his ‘womanhood’ with an audible slurping sound.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Torrents of semen and ‘vaginal’ juices gushed out of the gaping hole and drenched Ethan’s thighs, penis and balls.

Shawn stood up on wobbly feet and then helped Ethan stand up from the padded bench. They looked at each other with sexually satisfied eyes. They embraced and kissed as their slick abdomens and genitals slipped deliciously against each other.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

They broke the kiss and Ethan whispered,

“I think it is time for a shower.”

Shawn smiled and nodded.

Ruth and the audience smiled. Everything was going according to plan. They knew the next ‘suggestion’ would have Shawn taking Ethan’s virginity.

04.15 Shawn, Ethan, The Mating:

When the aroused Shemales returned from the shower, they saw that the padded bench had been replaced by a gym-like mattress facing the mirrored wall with a support rail at the head of it. Neither questioned the ‘how’ or ‘why’.

Shawn smiled at Ethan walked him toward the mattress. Ethan didn’t have to be told what to do. He knelt down on the mattress and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw his swaying breasts, his heavy testicles and his erection that bobbed in the air below his abdomen. Shawn quickly followed Ethan and knelt down behind him.

Ethan began to pant with anticipation as Shawn rubbed his hands up and down his inner thighs from bent knees to the cheeks of his buttocks. Shawn smiled at the exposed sight of Ethan’s sex and his right hand slipped inward and palmed the soft folds of Ethan’s ‘labia’. Ethan moaned softly at the wonderful touch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh .. Shawnnnnnnnnnnn ..”

Shawn slipped two fingers between Ethan’s swelling folds and deliciously traced the wet sensitive opening to his ‘vagina’.

Ethan gasped at the delicious contact and instinctively spread his knees and his thighs further apart. He gasped again when Shawn wrapped his hand around his throbbing erection with ecstatic squeezes and massages. Shawn leaned up and over Ethan’s kneeling body. His hands left Ethan’s sex and reached under Ethan’s kneeling body and lifted his firm breasts with a delicious kneading action, his fingers pressed and swirled around the erect bullet-like nipples. Ethan’s mind and body floated in a cloud of swirling pleasures.

“We’re going to try something new today,” he says. I blink at him. We had just been sitting on his bed, cuddling and watching some TV.

“What do you mean?” I ask. I really don’t know what he’s talking about.

“Do you trust me?” he asks. There’s this intense seriousness in his eyes that’s giving me butterflies.

“Of course.” I nod emphatically, biting my lip out of nervousness.

“And you want to please me?” He’s almost smirking now.

I wasn’t expecting this today. He seemed content just hanging out.

“Yes, Sir, of course I do,” I carefully reply. He smiles and climbs off the bed, clicking the TV off in the middle of an episode. I don’t really know what’s coming. We have a fun, dirty sex life but I’m not sure when we last tried something “new.”

“Last night, I was thinking that it’s time you prove your worth to me,” he says, matter-of-factly. I don’t say anything. I’m not sure what he’s getting at. He fucks me all the time, I suck him several times a day, he ties me up, degrades me with his words. I obey without question, I come on command — what does he want from me today that’s so different from every other day we spend together? I’m getting more nervous.

He lays me down on my back, unbuttoning my pants and slipping them off. He stares into my eyes as his fingers move under my panties and enter me without hesitation, stroking my G-spot in that perfect, practiced rhythm he has that drives me insane. I am soaked so quickly.

He’s rubbing me out with one hand, his other grabbing a nipple and twisting it painfully between two fingers. I’m quietly gasping in pain and pleasure, my eyes closed, floating away in my mind to that perfect place of my total submission to this perfect man. So quickly, I’m ready to come. I ask if I may; he allows it. I burst in his hands but he doesn’t stop rubbing my clit. He holds me down as I squirm, as I moan for him to stop.

“Too sensitive, baby?” he mocks, rubbing harder, smirking at my pain.

“Sir, please…” I beg.

“Hmm? What is it, slut?” His fingers are circling my over-sensitive clit, round and round and round.

“I can’t…” I whimper.

“Oh, I think you can.” He rubs harder. I moan uncontrollably, writhing, my body unable to handle the sensations. I feel his cock getting hard through his pants. “Are you going to come for me again, slut?”

“Oh, yes please, Sir,” I am barely able to sigh out. I’m losing my grip on reality.

“Then come for me,” he growls, expectantly.

I’m trying but it’s too much, I can’t. He’s getting impatient; he’s used to my absolute obedience.

“Come for me, you worthless bitch,” he snaps, wrapping his free hand tightly around my neck. It puts me over the edge and I come, crying out. He stops immediately, a calm grin spreading across his lips as he smacks my face a few times gently, his way of showing affection, gratitude. He wraps me in his arms.

“Thank you, Sir,” I sputter out, melting, fuzzy-headed.

“You are welcome, slut,” he replies, light-heartedly. I lay my head on his chest. He sits up and pulls me next to him. “Are you going to be obedient today?” he asks. I look up at him, still unsure of where all this is going.

“Of course, Sir.” I can’t imagine what he wants from me. It’s usually sucking and fucking and I love it so much, rough as it is. I await his orders.

“Face down, ass up,” he commands. Okay, fucking it is! What’s so “new” about any of this? I’m not even tied up today. No collar, no blindfold, no gag.

I get into position. He starts rubbing me again. I’m still soaked from a few minutes before and his fingers slide inside of me easily. I am ecstatic that he is devoting such energy to pleasuring me so much today. He is always so good to me and I feel like I rarely deserve it.

Suddenly, he pulls his fingers out of my cunt and slides them up to meet my asshole.

Oh fuck, no! In fear, I instinctively grab his hand and push it away before realizing what I’ve done. Shit.

Without missing a beat, he’s grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm painfully behind my back. His body is over mine, crushing me with his weight as he whispers in my ear, “You’d better fucking obey me. You are way past due for this.” I am breathing heavily, scared but all subbed out under his control, wanting to obey. “Don’t you agree?” he asks.

“Yes, Sir,” is all I can breathe out under his weight.

“Yes, Sir, what?”

“Yes, Sir, I agree,” I struggle to say.

“I am going to take your ass today, do you understand?”

My mind screams “NO” while I hear myself saying, “I understand, Sir,” my voice quivering.

“Good girl,” he whispers. He releases me from his weight and I inhale deeply, able to breathe again. He lets my arm go. His fingers are back to the wetness in my cunt, then back to my ass. I tense up but remain still. I am not happy about this. I don’t want this. I’m freaking out a little. I feel a tear roll down my cheek.

“Baby,” he starts, wiping away the tear. “I cannot fully own you until I own every piece of you. We’ve been at this nearly a year now. It’s time.”

I nod. I knew it was coming but I kept forgetting about it. I’ve done this before, just not with him, not in a long time, and certainly not this way. I’m worried he’s going to be rough and it’s going to hurt too much. I’m worried he’s going to be callous and cruel. Most of all, I’m worried I’m going to disappoint him, but I want to be his, fully his. I’ve wanted it for a long time. If this is what it means to truly be his property, I must obey!

He repositions me, face down, ass up. He stands next to the bed and I feel the tip of his cock circling my ass. “Are you ready for me?” he whispers. I can hear the excitement in his voice.

“You don’t have to ask my permission, Sir,” I say, calmer now.

“Right answer!” he laughs and pushes the head of his dick into my ass. It doesn’t really feel like anything, just a little odd. “You okay, slut?” he asks.

“I’m fine…” I say cautiously, casually, forgetting my place. I’m so nervous. He forgives me in times like this.

In one thrust, he’s pushed the length of his cock inside of me. I shout out in surprise and pain. This is beyond unpleasant; it feels all wrong, I hate it!

He wastes no time. He’s moving in and out of my ass, gasping and moaning quietly to himself, holding me firmly in place as I try to wriggle free. I’m tense, counting the thrusts as I do when it hurts, trying to focus on something other than the pain. I start crying again despite myself, quietly, praying he won’t notice. 48…49…50… the thrusts are coming faster now. When I get to 100, I start counting over again.

He climbs on the bed and positions himself over me, grabbing my neck in both hands and squeezing tightly, fucking me harder. He’s choking me; I can barely breathe and it helps. I’m floating away, the pain lessens. I am only aware of thrusting, our bodies coming together and apart again and again as my brain struggles for oxygen, trying to make sense of the sensations. 79, 80, 81…

I realize I’m getting wet again. I feel so close to him and I’m so thankful he’s using me to pleasure himself. He seems happy and I relax content that I am pleasing him. It starts to feel nice; I stop counting. My cunt is soaked and my ass feels sore but… good! With my juices now lubricating his thrusts, this is actually pretty amazing. I can’t believe I was so scared of this. I moan softly as he pumps away.

“Bitch, I’m going to come,” he grunts. I don’t even know how long it has been but I brace myself and nod as he thrusts deeply and spills his load inside of me. I cry out from the force but thankfully, he is spent and quickly exits my body. I stay perfectly still, whimpering softly, feeling violated and dirty but somehow, satisfied.

He lies down on the bed and pulls me close, spooning me from behind, stroking my hair, resting his hand on my neck. “Now you’re really mine,” he says with obvious satisfaction, “my property, my perfect three-hole slut.” I snuggle close to him. He whispers, “We’ll be practicing this more often. Now, I own your ass and will use it whenever I wish, just like your other holes.”

“I understand, Sir,” I say, snuggling closer. Tears escape down my cheeks. He wipes them away and offers words of comfort, not realizing they are simply tears of release, of joy. I am really his now, completely, and nothing could make me happier.

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