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Tensions seemed high and the mood appeared grim from Mark Bryce’s elevated perspective. His father, John Bryce, sat silently and perfectly still across from him inside the slick helicopter. John Bryce’s stern, stoic face kept the truth at bay. This was the same unreadable face that had looked on as competitor after competitor overreached and self-destructed, eventually succumbing to his machinations.

Captains of industry and giants of capitalism would grovel at his feet as their life works were aggressively acquired and melted into the Bryce Empire. Unmoved, John Bryce would simply stare dispassionately into the shuttering eyes of his former peers and sip un-weakened single malts, aged for God himself.

The helicopter buzzed as the propeller blades spun, slicing through the late morning sky. Inside the helicopter’s cabin all was quiet.

In the movies we are made to believe that it’s so loud inside a helicopter that you can’t even hear the fellow sitting next to you. That really isn’t true, at least not with helicopters built by the Bryce Corporation. This was the fact with all their choppers, defense, commercial and private, especially the series that John and Mark Bryce now flew in on as they made their way to the Bryce estate in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Just out of rigorous flight testing and fresh off the line, the tilt rotor Bryce 270 was both a helicopter and a plane in one compact unit, something John Bryce, the boys at R&D and over eight hundred pre-ordered customers were quite proud of.

The passenger cabin was like that of an airplane. To top it off, its advanced features made it virtually sound-proof whenever you wanted it to be. For Mark, this made the silence even harder to bear.

Inside the cabin of the brand-new piece of engineering excellence, Mark Bryce had just finished spilling his guts out to his father. Now it was eerily quiet, like the calm before the storm.

“I am… I’m so sorry,” Mark said pleadingly, looking as if he was seconds away from tears.

The few minutes it took to fly from the airport to the estate felt like hours. The elder Bryce’s eyes looked out the window as he said, “When this helicopter lands, get out. Don’t say another word… enjoy your birthday.” John Bryce stated this in the calmest, steadiest voice. Had you not known the events prior, you would have suspected no malice at all.

What hurt Mark more than anything was that his father was purposely avoiding looking at him. It was as if his dad was disgusted by his presence.

The helicopter began to make its descent, one that felt hellish from Mark Bryce’s point of view. He felt like he needed to vomit, but not from the flight. Mark played it over and over in his head; seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours.

He remembered how it had gone down, how he’d confessed to having had sex with his stepmother.

Mark looked out the window in distress, trying to forget the last four minutes and the guilt spurring his stomach’s discontent. As the estate came into view, Mark’s eyes mapped out the thousands of acres of the sprawling historic compound. To the west of the mansion, Mark saw a glimpse of a stage tent and a group of spectators.

As the helicopter landed, John Bryce kept his eyes firmly toward the window. Nothing was said as Mark exited the chopper.

‘What more could he say?’ Mark thought.

A black man stood outside, preparing the exit. Of the two passengers, only one emerged. Mark lowered his head, scared that his six foot three height might just get him killed.

His son now off the chopper, John Bryce lifted a single finger, directing the pilots beyond the separating glass yards away to launch back up into the uncertain sky. With that, the chopper was up and out.

Mark walked with the man that had opened the helicopter door for him and pulled out the stairs. He had seen him before but had never actually met him; he had a wire of some sort in his ear, dark sunglasses, and a Bryce Corp security lapel pin.

“Young Mr. Bryce, I’m Tyler Casper. I’m your father’s head of personal security. Oh, and before I forget, happy birthday,” stated the dark-skinned man. His hair was black except for some peppered gray spots. Mark visually placed him in his forties.

Clearly distracted, Mark shook the man’s hand, throwing out a less than joyous, “Thanks. Nice to meet you.”

“Must have been some important conversation you and your pa had, young Mr. Bryce. He left his entire detail at the airport to be alone with you, and my boys are a trustworthy bunch,” Casper said with his southern twang.

“That’s really none of your business,” Mark spat bitterly as the man walked with him toward the awe-inspiring century-old manor.

The man said nothing in return, but Mark did. “I’m sorry, that was… I’m just not feeling too well right now.”

“No need for apologies, young Mr. Bryce; good people are allowed to have bad days from time to time. Try to have some fun, though. It’s your birthday and they’re pretty rare. Plus, the staff has a great night planned for you.”

“How do you know I’m good?” Mark asked, speaking his feelings.

“You don’t know me well, but it’s been my job to know you. I’ve also known some evil sons-a-bitches in my time on God’s green earth. What I’ve learned is that we can’t fight our nature; you’re always going to be the core of what you’ve always been. I tell ya what, young Mr. Bryce, you’re a good kid, but we all make mistakes. What matters is that we rectify them and keep to the good Lord’s path.”

‘Could he know what I did?’ Mark wondered to himself as it began to rain. It was slow at first, then seconds later it began to beat down like something out of the Amazon. A young kid from the grounds crew came with a golf cart. Seconds later they were sloshing through pathways, passing great oaks and trees from all over the world, planted by Bryce’s of generations past.

Arriving at the grand stone structure, the teenage driver with his blue Bryce uniformed top pulled out a uniformed umbrella, preparing to walk Mark the few yards to one of the side entrances of the stone structure.

Mark sped on ahead, purposely leaving the umbrella standing under the beating rain. Casper, right beside him, started to say, “Getting sick today will be a waste of a birthday.”

Casper took the umbrella from the young driver, trying to cover up Mark who seemed to be stuck in a daze and begging to catch his death.

Eventually Mark was inside the Mansion, dragging mud and dripping water until he noticed what he was doing and went to wash up. About half an hour afterwards, he found the main kitchen. Upon his entry, an explosion of birthday greetings hit him all at once from at least thirty kitchen staff.

After dispensing with pleasantries, something else caught his attention. Mark noticed Casper eating what looked to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Is that peanut butter?” Mark asked with preserved urgency.

“Don’t worry, young Mr. Bryce, it’s artificial,” stated Casper, smiling.

“How’d you know I was allergic?”

“It’s my job to know.”

“Do you need to be so mysterious?” Mark asked.

“No, but I tell ya what, it sure makes life more interesting.”

One of the chefs in the kitchen laughed before she spoke. She was a short Puerto Rican woman. “Mister, I need you out of here. We will bring you food in other room, birthday meal for you and guests. Is surprise,” she said with a slight Spanish accent and broken English. She pushed Mark out of what she considered her kitchen.

Casper sat there chuckling until she rushed him out as well. Minutes after his admonishment, Mark sat waiting for his snack in the library, thumbing through dusty old books.

Instead of a butler, for some reason, a petite girl with a Monroe piercing, bleached blonde hair, and red streaks appeared. She was dressed in a kitchen uniform that Mark had just become acquainted with.

She was all smiles, her teeth perfect pearls. She brought Mark a steak sandwich and a root beer.

“Happy birthday,” she said in her soft voice.

“Thanks, and thanks for the sandwich.”

“I hope you enjoy it, I made it myself.”

“Root beer is my favorite, too, thanks.”

She began to walk out, but stopped to reply. “No problem! I’m sure I’ll see you later!” she ended knowingly.

Mark, going for a bite, stopped. “What’s your name?”

“Jade,” she said, smiling as she left.

Mark picked up his sandwich and made his way to his bedroom, eating it on the way. Finishing the sandwich en route, he noticed something written on the napkin that was previously wrapped around the sandwich.

‘Call me! 347-969-8355.’ Mark’s surprise caused him to break out in laughter.

Mark was stunned. This was every guy’s dream, a cute girl who was down to fuck. But for some reason all he could think about was Abbey. Thoughts of Abbey from early this morning ran through his mind like wildfire. He had gone from barely any experience to a foursome.

“How the fuck did that happen?” he asked himself, once again literally laughing out loud.

At the end of it all, Abbey had assured him she didn’t want anything long-term. She was just looking to have fun. But Mark couldn’t escape the fact that she had been a virgin before he’d penetrated her. He also couldn’t escape the fact they kind of clicked when they were alone.

Thoughts of the early morning ran through his young head as he entered his bedroom. His mind was far from being occupied with helicopter issues now. With his head down, he giggled and mumbled to himself as he headed toward the nearest window.

They were erecting rows of large tents outside, but he didn’t feel much like celebrating.

Mark jumped suddenly as he turned around. On his bed was his ex-ex-ex-girlfriend in a red matching bra, panties, garter and stockings, lying sexily under the covers of his large bed.

He’d just gotten over her last night after nearly four years and there she was naked in his bed. “Courtney, what the hell are you doing here? Are you here to kill me after what happened with your sister, because I swear I didn’t know?”

“Oh, I know that, and I don’t care. This morning made me look at you differently.” Courtney beckoned him forward with a single finger in the most seductive way possible. Her long brown hair brought out the flawless white of the quilts and her skin.

“What do you mean differently?” Mark asked as her fingers seductively encouraged him to come closer to the bed.

“I never thought you were capable of something so dirty, so… bad. When we were going out you were the silent, shy, passive guy afraid of risks. I hated that.”

As Mark began to speak she sprung up and put a finger to his mouth. “No more talking!”

Mark stood at post as Courtney dropped to her knees. To Mark this was a distant memory, now it was a long-awaited dream coming into day.

She gripped his pants and pulled him closer by the buttocks. She assertively brought his left hand to her mouth and licked his fingers, her other hand swiftly taking out his already hardened cock.

Her eyes took in his chest. Seeing him naked early this morning she was surprised how he had changed. His wrestling and rowing endeavors at Dartmouth had crafted quite the muscular physique.

“Did you miss this, baby?” Courtney cooed as her mouth slowly engulfed his cockhead. She moaned, staring into Mark’s eyes.

For some reason all Mark could think of were blue eyes and long, blond hair. In his mind it was clearly Abbey.

Then he thought, ‘She has a twin!’

‘Not even,’ he thought to himself.

Mark had dreamed of getting Courtney back for four years now, but once more Abbey lingered on his mind. Not even her own twin could compare. He was now sure that he no longer had a desire to pursue Courtney. This gave him the willpower he needed to dislodge his cockhead from the inducing mouth of the stunned brunette. Mark dodged from his room, leaving behind loud yells and heavy baggage.

With his hardened cock back in his pants, Mark went straight to the east wing of the mansion. It took a minute to get through the sprawling 150,000 square foot building.

Striping completely bare, he jumped into the Olympic-sized pool. Its heat encouraged him to dive deeper and deeper.

The water calmed his thoughts as he swam around. His naked body eased through the warm water. He felt looser as he forgot about the plaguing paradoxes of women and helicopters. Mark thought the heated pool mimicked the feeling of a hot days jump in a neighborhood lake as he kicked his way to the bottom.

He swam for a good half an hour, at which point he disembarked the pool to find none other than napkin girl, Jade.

Jade made her way to the edge of the pool where she began to strip, walking ever closer to Mark.

“Sorry, I don’t want to shoot you down but…” Mark began to say before he was cut off.

“One of the maids said she spotted a naked girl in your bedroom. I don’t care if you have a girlfriend, we can do this any way you want,” Jade said as she striped down to her undergarments.

“I am sorry, I really am!” Mark retorted firmly as he rushed to dress his naked body, seeing that more of a priority than drying off. Mark’s apologies weren’t only meant for Jade, but also for his cock, which had been set abuzz by the tight, compact body that now revealed itself. A nice, firm ass, perky breasts and glowing skin, ready and waiting.

“Well, I’m here all summer and you have my number,” she said, before Mark disappointed her.


John Bryce’s pilots pleaded with him, “The 270′s double rotor span is too big to land on the renovated rooftop helipad.” John Bryce wasn’t in the mood to hear no’s and cant’s. He’d spent millions adding the helipad to the Upper West Side penthouse.

“Mr. Bryce, the helipad at your Bryce Towers office in Midtown is big enough; you can take a ca—” one of the pilots said as he was cut down by the thunderous John Bryce.

“Gentlemen, your careers depend on you landing right there and right now,” the crazed white-haired billionaire stated, his wrinkled finger pointing the way.

“If I was asking you to land at my condo on the Upper East, I’d understand. That building has no helipad, but there’s a helipad right in front of us on this penthouse and you’re going to land or you’re both finished here and everywhere else, and I mean globally. I am the world, gentlemen.”

Seconds later, through the most complicated maneuvering they had ever done in the fresh-off-the-line piece of aerospace technology, the pilots managed a landing. John Bryce was trying to open the chopper doors, surprised to find three of his bodyguards on the pad after they opened the door.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Our jobs, sir. We’re supposed to be with you all the time.”

John shook his head. These guys were good. He had to hand it to Casper, he ran a great team. What else would you expect from a former secret service agent, though?

“Is Tiffany here?” John asked, thrusting his finger downward.

“Yes, sir, we believe your wife is in the master.”

“Thank you, but I’m going to need you guys to wait outside now,” John Bryce said as he and his detail walked inside the penthouse, their eyes busily scanning away.

“We have people on the front door already, sir,” one of the bodyguards stated, unaware of his intent.

John Bryce didn’t say another word. He gave them a look and they moved away.

“If you need us use your panic button,” one of the guards said. John Bryce lightly nodded his head as he walked further into the penthouse.

They left, but they didn’t completely heed the instructions. It was a huge penthouse so they simply set up next to the servant’s quarters. The lead guard saw no need for them to leave.

As John Bryce arrived in the master bedroom, he loosened his double Windsor knot and took off his Patek Philippe watch, a never-ending symbol of excess and one’s longstanding arrival at the world’s highest stations.

“Oh, baby, I wasn’t expecting you back here,” John Bryce’s twenty-six year old wife Tiffany said, attempting to lock her diamond-studded necklace around her neck, its large pear-shaped, pure diamond center weighing it down.

Her strapless white dress clung to her body, amplifying her natural beauty and sizable bust.

“I wasn’t expecting to be here, but we need to talk,” John Bryce said in a calm, steady voice.

“Ok, well, we’re going to need to hurry up. I planned the party and there are some last minute touches, plus I haven’t seen Mark in so long,” she said, brushing her long, light blonde hair out of the way for her necklace.

“Do you miss him or his dick? Or is it both?” John Bryce asked, still in a steady, calm voice as he took off his blazer.

The diamond necklace dropped from Tiffany’s neck, hitting the thick white carpet.

“God… John, I—”

“Shut up!”

“Baby, please,” Tiffany pleaded, tears running down her face.

“Get on the bed now!” John Bryce yelled and she followed right away, her long legs spread. She began to take off the dress.

“Keep the dress on and get on all fours. That should be a natural pose for you.”

Tiffany brushed her tears away as she stayed there, waiting for it to begin and be over.

“Baby, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, this was my fault. I shouldn’t have married you, you were too young and I was a fool,” he said as he pulled down her panties. Tiffany braced herself, but she couldn’t have prepared herself for what was about to happen.

Her husband, more than two times her senior, grabbed her perfect bubble ass and pushed the tip of his cock toward her asshole. She wanted to beg him to stop but she didn’t, she couldn’t. He pushed his rod in with no lube and no compassion. Tiffany bit her lip as she tried to deal with the near unbearable pain of losing her anal cherry.

“What did you think? I was going to fuck you in your vagina when you had my son, a nigger, and whole world up there for all I know?” John said as he blatantly fucked her ass, slapping her ass as his cock tore through her flesh.

Tears of pain fell down her face. “All my life I’ve had to deal with everybody’s bullshit. There was my father, then father-in-law, then Benjamin Bryce the fourth, Mark’s grandfather. That asshole made sure I would never control his family’s fortune.

“Can you believe he forced me to take his daughter’s name when I married her? I felt so emasculated. So weak!” John said, berating his wife, pulling her hair as his cock ripped her flesh, causing her bottled-up pain.

Tiffany cried heavily as her husband took out his anger at the world on her. “Here is the best part. Every major decision I make now has to be approved by my son. You didn’t know that, did you? His mom left everything to him when she died. Now that he’s 22 he controls everything. The money? It’s all his! You, you were supposed to be mine! Can’t I have one thing in the world that’s just mine!?” John yelled as his cock moved bracingly once more through the tight canal.

His cock rammed in, cumming deep in her depths, and his body collapsed on top of hers. He ran his hand across her back, pulling up the dress, revealing the fiery dragon back tattoo.

Tiffany waited there for her husband to roll off. After ten minutes he never did.

After a period of thought, shock and fright, a blood-curdling scream rang out in the penthouse and a panic button was pressed. Bodyguard after bodyguard poured into the bedroom.


Dressed in his tailored tux, Mark stood at the mirror in his room, failing to tie his bowtie. Someone knocked at the door.

Opening the door, Mark was stunned to see none other than Abbey, dressed in a curve-hugging blue gown. “You look amazing,” was all Mark could muster to say.


“H…H..Hi.” Sudhir stammered, standing before Priya in front of her house. He bowed down his head slightly and joined his hands, but kept his eyes raised so he could still see her incredibly beautiful face. There was no training oneself for a moment like this. What should one say when they see the Goddess? What is the appropriate greeting? Sudhir had spent hours staring into his mirror, puffing up his chest and saying with a bold voice- “Good afternoon, your highness!” and “I am here to worship you, the Goddess of Infinite Beauty. And submit to you in every possible way. If you would only have me.” Long sentence, so he repeated it several times with his voice, then in his head as he drove to her big house.

All that preparation was the equivalent of practicing swimming instructions on a bed. Reality was cold, scary and dangerous. Sudhir needed to go for it, make the attempt. That is the only way to learn.

“Who are you?” Priya asked, spreading a conspicuous frown on her face.

“Hello, Priya. I am Sudhir.” He blurted out. His mind screamed at him. ‘Hello? HELLO? Did you just greet the Goddess of Infinite Beauty with a ‘hello’? What the hell is wrong with you?’



“How can I help you, Sudhir?” Priya asked, folding her hands.

The question threw him off-balance. How can a dominant woman ask such a question? His mind had played all possible scenarios in his head several times over and over again, every day and every night for the past five months, and not once did it play out like this. How can I help you? Madame, I am here to sacrifice my life in your service. Hmm, that was a pretty good thought. Say it. Say it, he told himself.

“S..slave.” Sudhir said. Only one word actually came out of his mouth.

“Oh!” Priya said, rolling her eyes. “I don’t care.” she said and shut the door close with a resounding slam.

Sudhir stared at the patterns in the wooden door, then closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. Then one more. He raised his hands and shook them as hard as he could. He rang the doorbell again.

Priya opened it up after about a minute. “I said I don’t care.”

“Priya.” Sudhir said. “I have come all the way here from Hyderabad just to meet with you. Please give me the courtesy of one little interview. That’s all I ask. One interview.” He was pleading before the Goddess, but he was smiling inside. He’d finally said it right.

“Oh, alright!” Priya said, opening her door. She walked inside and made for the couch, then sat herself on it. “Close my door,” she commanded. Sudhir did.

He then stepped up to the couch. Her glorious mansion was but a blur in his eyes, for all he could see was the Mistress’s legs stretch out onto her glass topped tea-table. “Sit.” she said, pointing to the floor below her legs. Sudhir knelt down on the floor.

As he looked up to the Goddess, Priya examined him thoroughly. She caught his cheeks, turned his face left and right, but didn’t say a single word for several minutes at a stretch, maintaining her frown at the candidate’s face. She finally broke the silence. “How did you find out about me?”

“I read the stories written by one of your slaves on”

“Oh no!” Priya said. “Did that idiot put out my address on that website?” Priya asked.

“No, actually.” Sudhir said. “I went through every Priya in the phone-book and finally found you.”

“Okay.” Priya nodded. “Now Sudhir, take off all your clothes and keep them in one pile under my feet.”

Sudhir felt excited. This was his very first real order. He took off his shirt, pants, his vest and under-pants and knelt back down, stuffing his clothes under Priya’s feet.

“Why do you want to be my slave?” Priya asked.

“My supreme Goddess, I love the thought of handing over my life to one dominant, sadistic girl and living a life of servitude according to her whims.”

“You think your life would become great if you find such a girl?”

“Life would be very hard. But I would love every moment of it, Goddess.” Sudhir said, joining his hands.

“My slaves don’t have the right to happiness.” Priya said. “Nor do they have the right to eat or sleep or wear clothes. Sometimes, I don’t even let them breathe. How can that possibly make you happy?”

“The thought of accepting pain for your pleasure. That is the feeling that I’m willing to live for and die for. I would do anything for you, Mistress.”

“So, what makes you think I have an opening?”

“You don’t want more slaves?”

“No I don’t.” Priya said. “Besides, even if you turn out to be a great candidate, you would only get to be a foot slave, nothing more.”

“I am willing, Priya.” Sudhir said. “Please let me be your foot slave.”

“Do you know what the job is?”

“Yes Mistress. I would be responsible for keeping your feet clean by licking them or kissing them. And I would have to accept your kicks to my face whenever you feel like it.”

“You have it all memorized.” Priya said. “But before I consider you for this job, I want some collateral.”

“Why, Priya?”

“Well, I am spending my precious time considering you for this job. So I want you to give me something of value that I can keep, irrespective of whether I accept you or reject you.”

Sudhir looked around. “My clothes, under your feet.”

“Hmm!” Priya said. “I kick you out, you would be out on the streets naked. That would be good fun, but I want something with more value.”

“Priya, my wallet and car keys are in my pants’ pocket.”

“That is good.” Priya said. “It makes sense. I should get a new car just for considering you as my foot slave. Which car are you giving me?” She smiled.

“It’s a Tata Safari, my Goddess. Quite a new one, too. You can have it just for considering me.” Sudhir gulped.

“But, how will you ever go home? No clothes, no money and no car.”

“I am determined to succeed, Priya.” Sudhir said. “I will end up as one of your foot slaves. No matter what it takes.”

“Is that so?” Priya stood up and pointed to the foot of her couch. “Submit your head there.” Sudhir placed his head where she pointed. Priya then placed her foot on his back and closed her eyes. She moved her foot around his back a bit. “I sense a lot of bottled up anger in you, Sudhir.”

“What?” Sudhir raised his voice, then calmed himself down. “I mean, how is that possible?”

“I’ve had thousands of men under these beautiful feet. I would know.” Priya said. “Plus, you are one overconfident son of a bitch.” Sudhir began to cry, the tears flew out of his eyes with no sign of ever stopping. Things weren’t looking good for him at all. His mind began running amok. What if he didn’t succeed? How could he possibly go home without his things?

“I have made my decision.” Priya said. “You are not good enough to be my foot slave,” she declared.

“Please, Priya.” Sudhir begged.

“No.” Priya said, grabbing her candidate by his ear. She dragged him to her front door and made him sit on all fours at her doorstep. “I said you are not good enough to be my slave. Now get out of my life!” Priya kicked his buttocks as hard as she could, thrusting him towards her front gate.

Sudhir looked around. A few people walked by her house, began to laugh at him. He tried to curl his body into a ball, but that didn’t help one bit. He saw his car. His beautiful black SUV now belonged to the Goddess. He contemplated catching the city bus, bus there was no wallet, and no pants to put them in, either. He quickly headed for the neighbor’s house. There was a newspaper lying in front of the house. He picked up the paper and covered up his body, at least some of it with the paper. Then, he headed for the group of people laughing at him and got down on his knees, held out his hands and cried. “Spare change, Sir?”


A few days since the interview.

Priya’s doorbell rang. “Delivery for Priya,” a young man’s voice called out.

Priya tossed aside her books and answered the door. “Yes?”

“We have a cake for you ma’am. I’m delivering on behalf of the Daily bread, the big bakery down the street.” The delivery man said.

“Oh cool,” Priya said. “But who sent me this?”

“The sender chose to remain anonymous ma’am.”

“Is that even allowed?” Priya asked. The man nodded. “As long as you get paid, you don’t care, huh?” He didn’t say a word. “Anyway, where do I sign?”

“Here, ma’am.” The guy said, showing a delivery slip on his clipboard.

Priya signed it and took the cake box onto her table. She opened up the box to take a look inside- there lie a rich, creamy chocolate mousse. It was even cut into small pieces for her convenience. She picked up a small piece from the side and put it into her mouth. The taste was just sensational. She picked up another piece and nearly put it into her mouth, when she realized that her door wasn’t closed.

Priya stepped towards the door, but suddenly felt her knees going weak. Her vision began to blur; so much that she could barely see where her door was. She wobbled, but caught the wooden door and began to move it so the bright sunlight was shut out. In the process, she saw a figure inside her house. “Hey, get out!” she said.

The figure made its way towards the door and pushed it open. Priya swooned and fell down to the floor. The figure came into her house and stood over her. It then took off the black mask.

“Sudhir?” Priya asked, barely able to keep her eyes open.

“Yes.” The man said, gathering Priya’s body off the floor.

“You drugged me. Those cakes were drugged!” Priya said.

“I’m sorry. But it needed to be done.” Sudhir said, picking up his car keys from the top of her refrigerator, then heading for his black SUV.

Priya tried to scream, but only a quiet “uhhh” came out. Her head got dizzier, as she found herself in the man’s arms, unable to resist in any way. She felt her body thrown into the backseat of the car, then the doors shut down on her. Then there was complete darkness.


Several hours passed before Priya was able to wake up. She tried to open her eyes, but it was much too hard. She wanted to bring her hands to her eyes and rub them. How hard could that be? She tried to move her right hand. There was some rough surface against it, blocking all movement. She opened her eyes to see what it was- it was a thick, tight rope strung across a black wooden surface. She looked to her other hand. It was similarly bound to the table. She tried to move her legs, but they were bound too.

Priya opened her eyes and saw straight before her. It was Sudhir, standing before her with a gun in his hand. “Try to move, and I’ll shoot,” he said.

“Where am I?” Priya asked, looking around. She was in a tiny room with white walls, and some of the paint was worn off. Large cobwebs infested the ceiling and the room had just one light, an extremely dim one at that.

“In my friend’s warehouse.” Sudhir said, placing the gun on a table. “I’m sorry that it had to play out this way.”

“What do you mean?” Priya asked.

“I came to your house that day, remember? I asked to be your lowly foot slave.”

“I remember.” Priya said. “And I said no.”

“Yes.” Sudhir said, banging his hand against the table. “How could you say no? What pleasure do you get from denying me the job?”

“I don’t get any kind of pleasure.” Priya said, trying again to free her hands. “I could sense that you were a bad person from the moment I saw you.”

“Is that so?” Sudhir asked.

“Yes. And look at you. Drugging me and bringing me to a warehouse. Tying me up with ropes. You basically kidnapped me. You are a horrible human being.” Priya said. “Evil.”

“I know, damn it!” Sudhir said, banging the table again. “I know that I am bad. But what did I ask for, from you? I wanted to kiss your feet. I wanted you to kick me in the face. Because I am bad. You wouldn’t even let me have that in my life.” Priya glared into his eyes. “What? Do I need to be a saint in my life to be accepted as your slave?”

“No.” Priya said. “But you are plain dangerous. That is why I rejected you.”

Sudhir bowed down. He then looked straight into Priya’s eyes and stepped forward. “I can kiss your lips if I want,” he said. She cringed and turned to her left, then her right. “I can kiss your breasts,” he said, bringing his lips before her chest. Priya dropped back her head, completely helpless.

“But I won’t do any of that.” Sudhir said, stepping away. Priya relaxed a bit, her heart pumping harder than ever. “I am going to kiss your feet. That’s all I ever wanted to do in my life.”

“Go ahead.” Priya said. “It’s not like I have a choice here.”

“Not so fast.” Sudhir said, getting down on one knee. “I want you to give me your permission.”

“I just did.” Priya said. “You forced it out of me.”

“I don’t want you to feel that way.” Sudhir said. “I want you to tell me that I have earned it.”

“You haven’t.” Priya said. Sudhir moved his hands towards the gun on his table. “Oh, alright!” she said. “You have earned the right to kiss my foot.”

“That doesn’t sound convincing enough.” Sudhir said, shrugging.

“Sudhir. You are good enough to kiss the bottom of my left foot. I give you the permission.”

“That’s better.” Sudhir said, grabbing her left foot. He closed his eyes, prayed and kissed the dust in her feet. He then fell down and began to weep tears of joy. “That… that was it. That was everything. Thank you, Priya.”

“You can thank me by untying me.” Priya said.

“Oh, yes!” Sudhir said, jumping up with a new sense of purpose in his life. He slowly took off the ropes that bound Priya to the wooden stand. Priya shook her hands free while Sudhir bowed down before her, on his knees. “Thank you so much, Goddess.”

“You filthy swine.” Priya said.

“I am sorry about everything, Priya.” Sudhir said. “But like I’ve always said, I’m willing to do anything for you.”

Priya leaned back against the stand. “You’re willing to do anything?”


“Pick up the gun.” Priya ordered. Sudhir obeyed instantly. “I think you are an evil man. The world is unsafe because of people like you.”

“But I just wanted to kiss your feet, Priya.” Sudhir said.

“You were willing to kidnap me just to have your way.” Priya said. “I don’t think I want the likes of you to be alive.”

“Tell me what to do, Priya.” Sudhir said, falling down like a sack.

“Hold the gun to your head.” Priya said. Sudhir cocked his gun and held it above his ear. “Now pull the trigger.”

Kavya sat down on a small bench placed on top of the college building’s terrace. “This is a wonderful, warm place to sit and think. Come, join me,” she tapped the seat next to hers.

“Wow, I’ve been in this college two years, never seen this spot before.” Priya said. “So quiet and secluded.”

“And warm,” Kavya said. “Check out the view from here. You can see the college grounds fully.”

Priya sat down on the bench and looked out to see the college’s football field. “Nice! This is a good spot, indeed.”

“Told you so,” Kavya said, staring out into the football field. “And those are our classmates playing out there!”

“Yeah.” Priya smiled. “And there’s Rahul.”

“What about him?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. He’s just, you know, a very close friend…”

“Like a boyfriend?” Kavya asked.

“How could you know? I never told anybody about us.”

“I would know such things. I see the way he looks at you, and the way you look back at him.” Kavya said. “Your eyes get all big, and your breath slows down and your head turns sideways like this,” she said, leaning her head towards the left.

“You know body language or what?” Priya laughed.

“It’s just called good observation.” Kavya said.

“What about you? Don’t tell me there isn’t any mushy stuff going on with you…”

“Yeah there is someone,” she blushed. “Rohan,” she pointed to one of the players on the football field.

“Wow.” Priya said. “He’s a very nice guy.”

“Yeah he is.” Kavya said. “It was almost like love at first sight. You remember the debates we had during the first year?” Priya nodded. “I saw this guy with his beautiful chest, his strong manly voice and his charisma.”

“I understand. I like him, too.” Priya said. “Look at you, you’re almost drooling right now.”

“Yeah I know.” Kavya said. “Love him, love him, love him.”

“You both look like a wonderful couple, too.” Priya said. Just then, there was a noise behind them. A classmate named Manoj had tripped on the terrace’s door, and tumbled to the floor with his heavy bag. The girls watched him in complete silence as he recovered from the fall, smiled at Kavya, giggled and walked out of the terrace. “What just happened?”

“Oh, he’s a bit of a stalker.” Kavya said.

“He was your boyfriend or something?” Priya asked.

“No. No way. Yuck, how’s that even possible? You’ve seen how he walks? It’s like he’s walking on the moon or something.” Kavya said.

“So why’s he stalking you?”

“For two years he just kept staring at me and said nothing. Then last week he tried to ask me out and I said ‘no’. We’ve been bumping into each other since. It’s been so awkward.”

“You just said ‘no’?”

“I said that I’m not interested in him.”

“Oh dearie.” Priya shook her head. “That’s never enough with these losers.”

“What should I do, Priya?”

“Just wait right here,” Priya said, jumping off the bench and sprinting out of the terrace behind Manoj. “Hey, Manoj! Wait for me.”

Manoj was one flight of stairs below. “Yes?”

“Kavya wants you to come upstairs.” Priya stated.

“She does?” Manoj asked, turning around and climbing up and giggling like an enthused monkey.

“Of course she does.” Priya said, guiding him to go towards the girl.

Manoj got onto the terrace and cautiously walked towards Kavya. He pointed to her and then to himself. “She said you wanted to see me?”

“I guess so,” Kavya shrugged.

Manoj made his way towards the bench she was sitting on. “Hey, that seat is mine. Just stand in front of her,” Priya said, showing him a spot before the pretty girl.

“What’s happening?” Manoj asked, darting glances between the two pretty women.

“Well,” Priya said, standing next to Manoj. “Why don’t you start by asking Kavya exactly what you asked her a week back?”

Ask her out again!

“You mean?” Manoj swallowed. Priya nodded. “Kavya,” Manoj said, getting down on his knees. “I’m in love with you, since the day I laid my eyes on you. Please go to dinner with me, so I can show you how much we both suit each other.”

“Is that exactly what you said?” Priya asked.

Manoj shook his head. “Isn’t she the one who’s supposed to answer my question?”

“She will give you your answer, alright.” Priya said. “But I want to make sure that you’ve got the words right.”

“This was exactly what I said, Priya.” Manoj said. “I wrote it down and practiced it before the mirror many times, so I could get it right when I ask her for real.”

“Of course you wrote it down.” Priya laughed. “Now, do you know that Kavya is in love with Rohan?”

“She is?” Manoj asked, his eyes turning left, then right.

“You knew it, didn’t you?” Priya asked.

Manoj shook his head. “No way. I wouldn’t ask her out if she wasn’t single.”

“Hey, you need to stop lying to us. Everyone knows about the two of them.” Priya said. “And Kavya cannot stand dishonest men. Your only shot here is to be honest.”

“Alright,” Manoj said. “I knew about them and I was hoping I could still win her over.”

“That’s better.” Priya said.

“What about your answer, Kavya? Please go out with me?” Manoj pleaded.

“Tell him exactly what you had told last week.” Priya said.

“I’m not interested.” Kavya said, pursing her lips.

“Hey, don’t do that.” Priya said. “You’re looking embarrassed. Come on, you’ve got an awesome boyfriend who’s keeping you happy. Say it with more force.”

“I’m not interested in you.” Kavya said, frowning at him and shaking her hands towards his face as if she were brushing him out of her life.

“Awesome.” Priya said. “Now,” she caught Manoj’s hand and locked them behind his back using her tight grip. “He starts crying.”

Manoj looked up to Kavya with tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry.” Kavya said.

“Hey, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about.” Priya said. “He wants to break you up with your perfect boyfriend and you are stopping him. Be firm with him.”

“That’s true,” Kavya said, raising her head. “Manoj, I want you to get out of my life. I would never go out with you.”

“Because you have a boyfriend, I understand.” Manoj said.

“Yes.” Kavya said.

“NO!” Priya screamed. “I’ve faced obsessive men like him before. It’s very dangerous to say that you can’t be with him solely because you aren’t single.”

“How is it dangerous?” Kavya asked.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.” Priya said, keeping Manoj trapped under her grip. “Once, a guy had asked me out in school and I said I’m with another guy. So the guy went and beat up my boyfriend.”

“Seriously?” Kavya asked.

“Yes.” Priya said. “You’ve communicated that the only reason he can’t be with you is one boyfriend. So in his head, he only has to eliminate the boyfriend from the equation to be with you.”

“You reckon Manoj is like that?” Kavya asked.

Manoj shook his head but Priya began before he could speak. “Kavya, I know these guys. Tell me, how long has he been staring at you?”

“Two years plus.” Kavya said.

“That’s just what he does when he sees you. Imagine what’s going in his head the whole day. What would he dream about at night? Obsession builds up like that, you know.” Priya said.

“That’s true.” Kavya said. She turned to him. “Hey, Manoj,” Kavya said. Manoj looked up to her. “I will never ever go out with a loser like you. You suck!” she said. Tears flew out of Manoj’s eyes as he twisted under Priya’s shoulder lock. “Look at you crying away like a pathetic loser,” Kavya said. “What makes you think a girl like me would ever be with a guy like you?”

Priya nodded and smiled. “That’s sensational performance! Keep going, don’t stop.”

“In what universe do guys like you get girls like me?” Kavya asked, pointing to herself.

“Beautiful!” Priya laughed, gripping Manoj tighter and making him squirm at her feet. “That’s right, loser. Kiss her sandals.” Manoj opened his mouth and went for a kiss to Kavya’s sandals. “That’s what I thought. He’s a perverted slave.”

That’s where you should be! Kiss her sandals

“You mean, the way he’s enjoying my sandals?” Kavya laughed.

“Exactly.” Priya said.

“Well if he’s enjoying my sandals,” Kavya raised her leg and kicked away Manoj’s face. “I will never let him kiss them again in his life.” She let her sandals drop to the floor and displayed her dirty feet to him. “You want to take a kick from these feet, loser?”

Manoj shook his head.

“Then that’s exactly what you’ll get.” Kavya said, delivering a hard kick to the reject’s face. “Take that, loser. And that,” she said, winding back her leg and pushing it forth for a hard kick that almost broke the bridge of his nose. “LO-SER. LO-SER.” Kavya said, kicking him once on the face as she spoke each syllable.

Take my kicks to your face!

Soon, Manoj’s face was combination of red from bleeding, blue from the impact of her kicks and black from the sticky dust she’d transferred to his face. Priya let go of him, and he dropped to the floor, defeated and soul deprived. “How do you feel?” Priya asked.

“Awesome.” Kavya said. “He deserved every bit of that.”

“Yes he did,” Priya said, smiling at the girl as she breathed heavily. “You feel like a big weight is off your shoulders?”

“I do, Priya. Thank you so much.” Kavya said.

“Let me test you, then.” Priya said, sitting next to Kavya. “What do you feel like doing to him now?”

“Grrrrrrr,” Kavya gritted her teeth. “I want to pound his head to the floor and watch him bleed. I want to spit on him. Then I want to pee on his ugly face and make him drink it. Grrrrr…. his mere presence pisses me off.”

“That’s perfect.” Priya said. “You have learned well, my child!” “How long do you think it’ll take for this guy to get up?” Kavya said. “I can’t wait to pound the life out of him.”

“You will do that and much more, just wait.” Priya said, waiting with folded hands for the reject to get up from Kavya’s ruthless kicks to his face. Manoj began to stir, his head reeled from the sudden paucity of strength in his body. He slowly got up and looked at the two women sitting over him on the bench. “Are you awake, loser?” Priya asked.

“Yes,” Manoj said, holding his head in his hands to see if the world could stop spinning that way.

“How do Kavya’s sandals taste? You want some more?”

“Shut up.” Manoj said. “You girls had no right putting me through that kind of violence. It’s not a crime to fall in love with someone.”

“It isn’t a crime, that’s for sure. But you kept staring at her and stalking her. You basically creeped her out of any possibility of ever liking you .” Priya said.

“That’s crazy talk.” Manoj said.

“Hey, who said you can talk now?” Priya asked. “Shut up and take off Kavya’s sandals.”

Manoj looked at the girl’s black sandals and then to her frowning face. He hesitated for a few moments. Then he crawled forward and took off the sandals one by one.

Kavya smiled with Priya. “How come he is obeying you so easily?”

“I control people like him all day with my voice and my words. It’s not hard to make him do anything you want.” Priya said.

“Let me try that, then.” Kavya sad. She rested the left leg on the right and showed the bottom of her dirty foot to the reject. “Hey, loser!”

Look how dirty!

Manoj kept his head down.

“Hey, you fuckin’ bastard! Why didn’t you respond to me just now?” Kavya asked.

“I didn’t hear my name.” Manoj said, looking up to her.

Kavya kicked his face hard with her dirty heels. “You are a loser. From now on, you’re going to respond to the call of ‘loser’. Is that understood?”

“Yes Kavya,” Manoj said, wiping tears off his face.

“That’s right. Now stop crying, you pathetic loser!” Kavya ordered. Manoj sniffled and rubbed off the tears in response. “That’s better. You are nothing but an ugly, creepy reject. You’re going to obey my every command. Starting with,” she stretched her left foot forward, “taking my dirty feet in your hands.”

Ask my feet out on a date!

“I will, Kavya.” Manoj caught Kavya’s dirty foot in his hands.

“Now ask me out again. But this time, you’re talking to my feet.” Kavya said.

“Kavya,” Manoj began.

“Talk to my feet, loser!” Kavya reminded.

“Kavya’s feet,” Manoj said, looking up to the bottom of her foot. “I have been in love with you since the day I laid my eyes on you.” Kavya laughed and Priya joined her with a high-five. “Please let me spend some time so you can see how much we suit each other,” he said, looking straight to the dusty feet.

“He wants a date with my beautiful feet!” Kavya said, sharing a hearty laugh with Priya. She then wiggled her toes. “My gorgeous feet on a date with a loser like you? I just don’t think it’s ever going to work out. I mean, look at my beautiful, flexible toes. You will never be good enough to go on a date with these toes.”

“Please, Kavya’s feet.” Manoj said.

“I will consider it if you kiss them.” Kavya said.

“Oh, come on. They’re so dirty,” Manoj cried.

“Do you want a date with them or not?”

Manoj closed his eyes and moved his head close to the feet, smelling their rotten flavor into his nose. He opened his mouth, converged his lips and pecked one of the toes.

“Oh my God! He actually kissed my feet.” Kavya said.

“Of course he did.” Priya said. “Don’t be fooled by the appearance. He’s loving every moment of it.”

“I’m done.” Manoj said. “I kissed your feet.”

Kavya caught her foot in her hand to check their bottoms. “There’s still so much dust on this foot. What sort of a loser are you, anyway? Can’t even clean my feet properly.”

“You told me to just kiss them,” Manoj said.

“Kiss them with your tongue. You know what a French kiss looks like, loser?” Kavya asked.

“Yes.” Manoj swallowed.

“Yeah. That’s exactly what I want you to do with my feet.” Kavya said, wiggling her toes.

Manoj caught the foot in his hand and opened his mouth wide. He went forward and mouthed much of her dirty heel, and kissed it with some intensity, cleaning up the sticky dirt surface with his agile tongue. “Oh my God. It tickles,” Kavya said.

“But it feels good?” Priya asked.

“Wonderful. We are putting this loser in his rightful place.” Kavya said.

Manoj’s tongue went up the arches of her feet, then to the two cheeks. He then sucked each of her toes. “That’s right. Put it into your mouth like a lollipop.” Kavya instructed. Manoj obeyed without question, and without the slightest hesitation. He was done in a few minutes; he stared at the foot as he sat back in place. Kavya checked her foot. “Hmmm, not such a bad job.” She then stretched her right foot forward. “But now my other foot is all dirty. Do them now, loser.”

Manoj obeyed swiftly, grabbing the feet and French kissing them with his tongue, cleaning up every speck of dust on them before placing them back on the ground. “Now, Kavya?”

Kavya checked the surface of both her feet. “You’ve genuinely cleaned them up with your disgusting tongue,” she nodded. “Keep both my feet on your face and ask them out again.”

Manoj picked up both her feet and placed them on his face, worshiping them like they were his Gods. “Please give me a chance with your feet.”

“You want to be a boyfriend of my feet?” Kavya asked.

“Yes. Please, yes.” Manoj cried.

“What do you say, Priya?” Kavya asked. “Is this loser good enough to be with my feet?”

“No way in hell.” Priya shook her head.

Kavya kicked off Manoj’s face. “You are rejected from that too. Not good enough for me, not good enough for my feet, either. That’s how much of a loser you are!”

You’ll never be good enough for these feet!

Manoj fell to the floor and began to cry uncontrollably. “What do you want me to do, Kavya? Say it and I’ll do it.”

“I will tell you what to do.” Priya said. “Sit down on your hands and knees.” Manoj sat as he was told. “Now turn around,” Priya giggled.

“You’re going to kick my ass, aren’t you?” Manoj asked, turning around.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind, but if you want it so badly.” Priya placed her feet in position and gestured for Kavya to do the same. The girls kicked each of his butt cheeks as hard as they could, sending him crashing head first into the floor. “You can have it!” The girls clapped their hands and laughed.

If you want your ass kicked so badly!

Manoj rubbed his buttocks as he tried to recover from the hit. “Hey, loser. Get in position again.” Kavya said. “Priya has something she wants you to do.”

Manoj sat on his hands and knees again, and turned around. Priya stood up and walked over to his front. “Have you ever been to the ladies restroom, you disgusting pervert?”

“Never, Priya.”

“Even while stalking this girl?”

“Not the ladies room, Priya. No.” Manoj said.

“In that case,” Priya pointed to his back, “Kavya will sit on your back. You are going to ride her to the ladies room”

“Wow,” Kavya got up to sit on Manoj’s back. “You’re my four legged horsie. Take me to the ladies room, loser. Giddiyap!” She slapped the back of Manoj’s head. “Move! Now!”

Manoj began to walk on his fours, guided by Priya. He made his way out of the terrace with Kavya sitting comfortably on his back. “What are you girls going to do to me in the ladies room?” he asked.

“A bunch of stuff,” Priya said. “You need to be shown how inferior you are to a girl like Kavya. It’s a crime for a loser like you to even ask out a girl like her. Heck, it’s a crime for people like you to even imagine asking her out. We’re going to make you sorry that you ever dared to do it.”

Ride me to the restroom! Giddiyap!

“I’m sorry,” Manoj said as he reached the stairs.

“You’re just saying that because you have to ride me down these stairs.” Kavya said. “Nothing doing, loser. Start going down, now!”

Manoj landed one hand on a step, the other hand on the next step and began to step down the stairs on all fours. “See how naturally you adapt to this job?” Kavya asked. “This is where you belong, this is what God sent you for. Now go down faster.”

Ride me to the restroom! Giddiyap!

Manoj struggled with her weight on his back as he crawled down four flights of stairs on his tired hands and knees. They finally reached the ladies room. Priya went in first and came out a few seconds later. “The coast is clear. Bring him in.” Kavya slapped Manoj’s head, just outside the ladies’ room. “Get inside, loser!” Manoj moved forward, pushed the door using his head and crawled inside with Kavya riding on his back. He rode the girl of his dreams into the restroom and stopped right in front of Priya. “Stop,” she said, planted her feet on the ground and slowly raised herself off his back.

“Kneel down,” Priya said, “and look at yourself in these mirrors.”

Manoj knelt on the cold floor and looked at his bruised face in the mirrors and started to cry.

“How do you feel?” Priya asked.

“Ugly,” Manoj said. “I took such a nasty beating from you, Kavya.”

“Hey,” Kavya shook her head, “you’re making it sound like you did me a favor. You didn’t.”

“I most certainly didn’t do it for myself.” Manoj said.

“It nothing but just punishment for your crimes.” Priya said, strangling the man’s neck. “Look at yourself in the mirror. And look at Kavya. How can it even be possible for a creep like you to get a girl like that?”

“I’m not…”

Kavya slapped his cheek, shutting him up for good. “You’re a creep. A loser. I’m going to punish you in any way I want, you just have to shut up and take it from me.” She adjusted her hair behind her head. “Speaking of which, that slap felt really good. Show me your face again.”

Manoj showed his cringed face to the girl. She took her hand back and brought it to his cheeks swiftly, delivering a nasty slap.

“That was beautiful!” Priya said. “Let me show you how to make it hurt even harder.” She took Kavya’s place and shouted down to the reject. “Hey, loser! Get up and take a slap from me!”

Manoj slowly sat himself up, his head shaking around with no idea of how he could possibly defend himself from the slaps. Priya brought all her fingers together tightly and showed her hand to Kavya. “Make your hand like a bat. Solid. No space between the fingers.” She then took her hand behind her head and brought it over to his cheek, nearly blowing it apart on impact.

“Wow.” Kavya said, clapping. “I will try to do that now.” She stood over Manoj, waited for him to get up and applied her newly learned slap technique, cutting into his skin with loud, devastating effect.

“Perfect!” Priya said. “The apprentice has beaten the master.”

“Thank you,” Kavya blushed. She then shook her hands. “My fingers almost hurt a bit from that slap.”

“It’s time to make him really sorry.” Priya said, grabbing Manoj’s neck and bringing him up to seat. “Hey, loser. Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” Manoj said, joining his hands together.

“You’re finally saying it,” Kavya said.

“I mean it, Kavya. I’m so sorry I ever asked you out.”

Priya shook him under her grip. “How far are you willing to go to win her forgiveness?”

“I’ll do anything, Priya.”

“Good. Kavya, show him your ass.” Priya said.

“What? Why should this loser get to see my beautiful butt?” Kavya asked.

“He should get a real sense of how superior you are.” Priya said.

“Hmm. Didn’t think of that.” Kavya said. She raised her skirt and stood before Manoj, displaying her butt. “Look at that, you ugly loser. The ugliest part of my body is prettier than your stupid face!”

How pretty is my ass? How ugly is your face?

“Yeah, you’re nothing more than a butt-ugly dog. Except you’re uglier than a butt.” Priya said, catching the back of Manoj’s neck. She pushed him into the panty-clad buttocks of Kavya. “Smell that. Taste that beautiful pair of balls.” She pushed Manoj’s face so that his nose piloted into the core of her butt crack and the sweaty surface of her buttocks spread all over his face, smothering him completely. Manoj went in and shook his face around for a few seconds, then caught the girl’s thighs and tried to get out of it. “Nothing doing,” Priya said, pushing him inside even harder.

Manoj spent the next moments in the breathless vacuüm, breathing nothing but the air between her ass cheeks. He moved his face around, feeling the gorgeous shape with his face, but he needed some air to enjoy the privilege that few men could ever get. Priya pulled back his face just in time to prevent him from passing out. “I would normally let losers like you die behind her ass. But you are such a loser, even that would be too good a death for you.”

You don’t even deserve to die here!

“Yeah,” Kavya said. She stepped back and caught the sides of her panties’ cloth in her hands, then brought them down to her feet and took them off from under her shoes. She dangled the divine panties in her fingers and taunted Manoj with them. “You want to eat this, loser?”

Manoj joined his hands and shook his head.

“Then that’s exactly what you’ll eat.” Kavya said, stuffing the panties into Manoj’s mouth. “There’s some dirt between the threads, suck them into your soul because that’s the only meal you’re going to get.” Manoj choked on the panties as she stuffed them into his mouth. She was stretching the limits of his cheeks’ flexibility and that of his throat with the forceful feed. “Good!” she said, once the panties were fully in his mouth.

Eat my panties for dinner!

“Now,” Kavya said, turning her back on him again. “I want you to ask out my ass.”

Manoj mumbled, and pointed to the panties stuffed in his mouth.

“Well, guess what?” Kavya said, bending forward. “There’s no point asking because you know the answer. You’re not good enough for my butt.”

“And you’ll never be,” Priya said, pushing Manoj’s face into Kavya’s ass, except this time, the buttocks were naked. He enjoyed the delightful scent and swam in the perfection of the girl’s butt crack for a few religious moments.

Kavya shook her butt left. “No.” She shook her butt right. “No way. A loser like you? Never!” She then twisted her butt round and round, smothering him in her crack.

Priya pulled him back after a few dozen smothering rounds. “Look at this guy. He looks like he’s just seen God.”

“That’s because he has!” Kavya said, flicking her butt with her forefingers. “To people like him, this is God!”

Delicious, ain’t it?

“Yeah.” Priya said. “Take those panties off your mouth, loser.”

Manoj pulled out the panties from his throat, fully wet with his saliva.

“Ugh!! Throw it into the dustbin and buy me new ones.” Kavya said. “Hand me your wallet now.” Manoj frantically pulled out a brown leather wallet from his pants and handed them to her. “Good,” she said, checking the contents, “there is enough money for new panties.”

“Now what, Kavya?” Manoj asked.

“I want you out of my life. So far out, I shouldn’t even be able to see you.” Kavya said.

“Or, you have one more option.” Priya said, winking at Kavya. “You can live the rest of your life as Kavya’s dog.”

“Him? My dog?” Kavya asked, clenching her face’s muscles. “I would have to take him home and give him food and everything.”

“No,” Priya said. “Don’t give him anything. He gets no food, no clothes, no nothing! He’ll be your dog for the rest of HIS life, as long as HE’s alive. Trust me, I know which life he’ll choose.”

Manoj had a guilty look on his face as he glanced at the two beautiful women standing over him. “I can go out and live my life normally, as long as I forget about you completely?” Kavya nodded. “Or I can live my life as your dog, with no food or water or money?”

“Exactly. Which one is it?” Kavya smiled.

“Make me your dog Kavya,” Manoj said, leaping to Kavya’s sandals and giving them a kiss.

“See? I told you.” Priya laughed. “I know his type.”

“Alright, dog.” Kavya said. “I’m going to take you home.”

“Hey, you have a car, don’t you?” Priya asked, slapping Manoj’s head.

“Yes, I do.”

“Give her the keys!” Priya demanded. “What would a dog like you need a car for?”

“Here!” Manoj pulled out his car key and placed it in Kavya’s hand. “It’s yours for life.”

“No hesitation at all! That’s a good dog.” Kavya said, fiddling with the keys. “Let’s go to my place, then. You can massage my legs as I drive your car.” Priya stepped into the dungeon with a clear sense of urgency. She left the door unclosed as she looked at me and two other slaves waiting in there for her orders. She caught one of their faces, turned him left and right, went “Hmmm,” and threw him back. With the other slave she did the same. She finally caught my face and nodded. “You! Come with me.”

My heart leaped with joy – she had finally selected me for something in my life! She walked out of the toilet and bolted the door close. I crawled aside to prevent from being trampled under her quick feet- not that that wouldn’t be enjoyable but she had some agenda that was causing the hurry and the last thing I’d want was to get in her way.

She darted across her living room and stepped out of her house. I followed her on all fours as quickly as I could, constantly keeping my head below the level of her knees. The bright world outside poked into my eyes, almost causing me to swoon right before the girl. She had thrown me into the dungeon four months back. I had never seen the light of day since that time, and as of the moment, I didn’t want to, either. Darkness was good, darkness was my life.

Priya walked over to her red sports car and unlocked the trunk. “Get in there, quick! And don’t ask me any questions.” I climbed into the little area and brought down my knees on the black, dusty mats. An overwhelming surge of dust particles went into my nose so I locked them with my fingers to prevent from sneezing in front of my Mistress. I closed my eyes, bent over and squeezed my head between my knees so she could close the boot of her car shut. She did, and there was darkness all over again. A dustier version of the darkness than I was used to, but good nevertheless.

Priya started her car and began to drive someplace. I kept myself alive with little breaths in the dusty void of her car. About ten minutes later, the car stopped and the trunk popped open. “Get out,” she ordered, “and come to my feet. You’re going to meet another Goddess like me today.” I crawled out quickly and knelt behind her as she closed the trunk We were in front of a big house, almost the size of Priya’s mansion. It felt like I was in front of a gigantic monument. She made her way to the gate and walked inside to ring the bell before the front door.

Kavya opened the door and greeted her with a hearty “Hello! So good to see you.” It was the very first time I laid my eyes on the beautiful friend of Priya’s and she was nearly as spectacular herself. The bright eyes, the perfect tall body, slender legs, always dressed in elegant clothes just like the Goddess. Even their names sounded similar; it was like they were both spawned from the same branch of heaven!

“Hi,” Priya said, hugging the female friend of hers. “I brought over one of my slaves,” she said, pointing to me. I gave her a short smile for a moment before bowing down and looking at her legs.

“Aww, that was so sweet of you.” Kavya said, approaching me. “What is this loser’s name?”

“Slave 31.” Priya said proudly.

“Oh my God. You don’t even remember their names, do you?” Kavya laughed.

“Who cares about a slave’s name?” Priya said. “I rename then once I take them into my custody.”

“With numbers no less.” Kavya said. “So, this is the thirty-first guy to ask you out?”

“No. Not at all.” Priya said. “He never ever asked me out. For years, he was my neighbor. Never spoke much, but kept staring at my legs. So one day we played a cards game,” the girls began to walk into the living room and I followed them. “The loser would have to become the winner’s slave.”

“And he lost of course?”

“No. He gave up.” Priya said. “I’ve had him for four months since. Think there’s around two or three more months left in him before I would have to replace him.”

“Cool! A born loser.” Kavya said. “My slave, in contrast, looks like he’s going to die today,” she pointed to Manoj who was kneeling down and waiting for her before the couch.

Two pathetic losers. Your loser and my loser.

The girls sat down on the couch, while I knelt next to Manoj. “Look at these two pathetic losers. Just kneeling down instead of worshiping our beautiful feet.” Kavya said.

I hastily went forward and picked up Priya’s bare feet, caught them in my hand and began to lick them and massage them. Manoj attempted to do the same for Kavya’s feet, only to get his face kicked off by her strong legs. “Haha!” she laughed. “That is your salary! Worship my feet the whole day and your payment is in kicks.”

“That was,” Priya began rubbing her chin, “not right.”

“What? Why?” Kavya asked, as Manoj recovered from the kick and came back to serve at her feet.

Start licking, losers!

“Watch how I do it.” Priya said. She stretched out her left leg and pushed my head into her left ankle using her right leg. “Observe carefully how I kick my slave,” she said, taking back her right leg and serving it hard to my face in the next microsecond. My nose took a hard pounding, but her merciless leg went back and came for a second landing, even harder and swifter than last. “You see?” she explained. “I trap him with my other leg when I kick him. That way, I don’t have to wait for him to get back from the floor.”

“Wow. That’s so clever.” Kavya sad. “Let me try that,” she said, trapping Manoj in her right leg and pounding his face with her left foot. “One.” The deadly legs went back and came forth. “Two.” She kept on going. “Three, Four…” until she reached “twelve,” by which time Manoj was bleeding uncontrollably through his nose.

“Yuck, what a hopeless slave.” Priya said. “Started to bleed at twelve. Worthless piece of dump is what he is.”

“Yeah,” Kavya said. “Let me try kicking your slave,” she said, gesturing towards me.

Which one of you is more resilient?

Priya let her feet down, freeing me for the task. “Sure, you can try him out.”

I crawled towards the other Goddess and picked up her feet to place them on my face. Kavya trapped me in her left ankle and began to pound my face hard with the bottom of her right foot. “One. Two.” Each time her heel landed on my face, it crushed into my skull and blew bits of my brain away from their place. “Twelve. Thirteen…” She was relentless and persistent, and her kicks were nearly as hard and ruthless as Priya’s. “Thirty Eight. Thirty Nine. Forty.” She said, dropping her feet to the ground. “Wow. You’ve got quite a resilient slave here.”

“I know.” Priya said, signaling for me to get back under her feet. “I think what your slave needs is a good blessing from you.”

“A blessing?”

“Yeah.” Priya said. “Sit on his back for a while. Let him get the energy from your bum into his worthless life.”

“Didn’t think of that.” Kavya said, stepping towards Manoj. “Get up, you dog! Let me sit on your back. Or are you too useless for that, too?”

“I’ll get up, Kavya.” Manoj said, getting on his hands and knees.

“Why can’t you be more like Priya’s slave there?” Kavya asked, kicking me with her knee. I couldn’t believe for the life of me that I was a role model to someone.

“I’ll try, Kavya.” Manoj said.

“You better.” Kavya said, letting her weight crush into the slave’s back.

“He’s taking your blessing alright.” Priya laughed. “Look at that bloody erection he’s getting now!” Kavya laughed with her, while I turned away, avoiding a peek at Manoj’s thing.

I’m going to bless only my slave.

“You know what we can do to test whether he’s getting blessed properly?” Priya asked, her eyes lit up with dazzling brilliance.

“What?” Kavya asked.

“We can put these slaves in a contest. My slave rides me around this room, your slave rides you. We’ll see which slave does more rounds before passing out.” Priya said.

“Like a horse race.” Kavya laughed. “Except it’s a slave race. Your slave versus my slave? Not much of a contest, but you’re on!” “On your marks!” Kavya said, sitting on Manoj’s back. I was next to him, with my body parallel to his and my hands and knees approximately at the same straight line on the floor. Priya was seated on my back. “Get set!” My heart began to pound nervously, even though my competition was weak as a dog trying to carry a human on its back. “Go!” Kavya screamed.

I crawled forth, rapidly moving my hands and knees on the floor to transport Priya all around the beautiful living room. I turned back to see how Manoj was doing; he seemed to be stuck at the starting line himself. Priya flicked my head hard. “Hey idiot! Don’t look at him. Just concentrate and ride me as quickly as you can.” I shook myself and turned around at the corner of the glorious living room, then the other corner and one more. Soon, I could see Manoj right in front of me struggling to carry Kavya even a quarter of a round, whereas I had done one complete round. This was the easiest contest, ever.

As I tried to pass Kavya and her slave, a deadly kick came over me from nowhere and brought me down by surprise. I fell down and hit the floor, crash landing my owner Priya into an unexpected fall. “Hey!” Priya cried. “That was cheating. Kavya, how could you kick my slave?” There was a hint of a smile in her voice, she wasn’t serious about me being kicked at all.

“I know it’s cheating,” Kavya said. “But look at my pathetic slave. I had to do something to level the playing field.” She pointed to Manoj, who was trying to trudge forward on his hands and knees, carrying her on his back.

“Oh yeah.” Priya said. “You should probably give him some time to get used to it. He’ll improve.”

“I don’t know.” Kavya said, sounding concerned. “He wasn’t good enough to be my boyfriend, he wasn’t good enough to kiss my feet. It turns out, he isn’t even good enough to be my slave.”

Manoj gathered up some strength from nowhere and covered one round before I could recover from Kavya’s blow. I sat up and stayed on the spot, to give Manoj some sort of advantage which Priya presumably wanted. “You know what?” Priya said, getting off my back. “You can take this slave. He’s all yours.”

What? I couldn’t believe Priya was just giving me away so easily. What about me? Would I have to spend the rest of her life waiting at her friend’s feet? It wasn’t that the feet were any less prettier, but I felt a sense of belonging to my Goddess. Changing Goddesses wasn’t so easy, but I began to contemplate the inevitable as the beautiful Kavya approached me. She stood over me and knocked my head with her toes. “Hmm. Sturdy build.” She kicked my stomach hard. “Ooh. He needs to work on that area, get a harder stomach for me. But better than my stupid slave any day.”

Kavya then caught my neck and sat on my back. “Giddiyap!” she shouted. I began to ride Kavya on bruised hands and knees all around the living room and quickly brought her back to the starting point. “He’s faster, too. Why can’t you be like this slave?” she asked, spitting on Manoj as we rode past. We went for one more round, this time her elbows jabbed into my back. I struggled to move forth, but her elbows jabbed down on me again. Soon, I had almost no strength left. I barely reached Priya and the other slave before I fell down, completely tired.

“Nobody is that resilient, I guess.” Kavya laughed even as I dropped right next to Manoj. She shifted one knee onto the other slave and kept one on me. “Now that both of you are down, I’m going to ride both of you together. Come on, slaves.”

Manoj and I rose to our hands and knees together, elevating the divine Goddess off the floor. We began to move in sync, slowly riding her across the living room. There was no point hurrying at all, there was no race left to win. It was purely for the pleasure of the Goddess that we traversed the perimeter of the room.

“You still haven’t given me an answer.” Priya said.

“Which question?” Kavya asked.

“Do you want to keep my slave for yourself?” Priya asked.

“Oh,” Kavya said. My heart began to overdo the pumping. “I don’t think so,” she stated to my relief. “Because then I would have two slaves. What the hell am I going to do with two of them?”

“Exactly.” Priya said. “I have to keep killing them off when they get so numerous, you know? Like right now, two slaves are waiting for me back at home. So I need to kill off two among these three. You’re better off with just one slave.” Despite the talk of death, I felt a peace come over me. Living and dying for Priya was the only true purpose of my life.

“Yeah.” Kavya said, catching our heads in her hand as she rode us along. Soon, we both dropped from extreme exhausion.

“So,” Priya said. “Who won the slave ride race?”

“We won!” Kavya said, standing on my half-dead body. “We girls are the winners, these boys are the losers! Yay!” she began dancing on my body.

“Of course we did,” Priya jumped onto Manoj’s exhausted body. “Girls are the best!” she held Kavya’s hands in hers and the girls began to dance on our bodies, and all we could do was lick the floor as our bodies took a pounding from their feet.

The divine women giggled and rejoiced their strange victory. “You think it’s something people are born with?” Kavya asked.

“You mean winners and losers?” Priya asked. “Of course. It’s not so much about whether you go out and achieve something, it’s always within you. It’s an attitude of unconditional love for oneself.”

“That sounds like one of those self-help books,” Kavya laughed.

“Who cares? We’re winners!” Priya gazed into Kavya’s eyes as they danced on me and the other slave. She bent towards the girl and kissed her lips. “Hmmm!” she said.

Kavya blushed and laughed a bit. “You just kissed me right now.”

“I know.” Priya said. “I just felt like doing it.”

“Me too, actually.” Kavya confessed. “How is that okay? You have an awesome boyfriend and so do I.”

“Hey, we’re two beautiful, straight women. Let’s not make a big deal about it. We shared a victory kiss and that’s all it was.” Priya said. I tried to turn back and look up, to see if they’d kiss again but Kavya’s feet stepped onto my head and covered my eyes.

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