It has been a couple of years since my last submission so i was a little rusty withmy English so big thanks to Gene for helping with the grammar. And a special thank you to Jonnie who did a marvelous job editing. the story wouldn’t have been so good without you. All characters are above 18 and would love to hear some feedback as this is my first groupsex story.


Isabel looked at the flyer again to check if the address was correct, but according to Google maps, she was at the right place. She thought to herself that it was a bit strange that it was so quiet for a college party but, being new to the area, she thought that maybe they were just slow starters around here.

Isabel was a 20 year old engineering student who had just moved to the other side of the States to finish her education and get her degree. Earlier in the afternoon the 5″7 redhead had a little chat with some of the popular girls in school who had insisted that if she wanted to make friends fast, she had to come to their party, the party of the year. Now, wearing her black cocktail dress, that was constantly on the verge of spilling her perfect 34 C cups out, and showed enough of the lace of her stockings to make a WW2 veteran hard and her bubbly ass that made so many head’s turn, she knocked on the door.

The door was opened by what Isabel could only describe as your average chess player/mathlete. Worrying that she had really messed up with the flyer and directions, she quickly asked if this was where the party was at, before thinking of even setting one foot in the house. But, as the geek told her she had it right, she stepped in and fallowed him to the garden where she could see four more nerds clustered around a table. Apart from that, she could see that it was indeed decorated for a party, with balloons, chips and food but she couldn’t help feel a bit dumb as she thought those girls had purposely tricked her.

“Hi!” The nerd said somewhat nervously, his eyes automatically running up and down Isabel’s body, “I think you’re at the wrong party miss,” blushing a little and laughing, as he got up to give her his hand.

Seeing the confusion on her face, he smiled.

“The sorority party is on campus, I think you took the wrong flyer off the board, since this is the alternative party for people not wanting to be at their crazy Greek party of the year.”

Isabel was about to leave, wanting to go to the right party, but the look on the four other nerds faces touched her at that moment. For a second, they actually thought that they party with a gorgeous redhead, and then, the next moment, reality sunk in.

“You know what,” she said, suddenly changing her mind, “I was told to come to a party to make friends and that’s what I’m going to do.” she said smiling widely at the five nerds. “Nice to meet you, my name is Isabel but my friends call me Bella.”

She smiled as the five men couldn’t hide their amazement that this hottie was going to actually party with them. The first five minutes were a bit hectic as she took off her jacket and set aside her purse, as she was swarmed with questions and introductions. She quickly learned that Mark, Steve, Leno, Thomas and Abel where all in the same classes as she was, and immediately she knew she had made the right choice to stay at their party.

“So boys… any party games other then D&D on the menu?” she asked them jokingly, eyeing the board game on the table and the videogame controllers on the couch.

As the boys franticly cleared the table for her, she smiled, thinking that she might actually have some fun toying with these geeks tonight.

“We can play some card games if you want. You know drown the jock?” one of the nerds asked. “It’s just drown the clown but with another name.”

Bella nodded, it was a card game she was familiar with. Everyone would get a card and flip it. If two people had a matching pair, they had to point at each other and yell jock. The slow one would have to drink as many shots as displayed on the card. Face cards were dares decided by the group. The first few rounds where slow, so when Bella matched 3′s with Leno, she let him beat her to get some liquid fun into her.

Next, she matched Queens with Thomas and beat him to the line. Deciding it was time to tease them a little, she dared him to lay on the table and let her take a body shot off him. The poor guy turned beet red in embarrassment. But, she had to admit, he was brave as he didn’t need any prompting from his friends to get on the table. Bella pushed his shirt up revealing his white tummy. Pouring a small shot, she slowly and sensually licked it off him. Grinning, she saw the obvious tent in his pants and the looks of lust and jealousy in his friends eyes.

The game continued, and after a few more of rounds, Bella started to get unlucky and had to drink a couple of shots more then what she was comfortable with. When she flipped a joker and saw that Steve had one too, she quickly pointed and yelled.


The men laughed at the Freudian slip as Steve called her jock, and for a couple of seconds the whole table was laughing hard. Then, catching her breath, Bella smiled sweetly at Steve.

“Any dare but no more alcohol for me please.”

Steve agreed and started to think of a good dare.

” Well… since you don’t want to drink I guess we’ll have to do it for you,” he said mischievously, “so I dare you to let us have a body shot off your body!.”

Bella laughed as she agreed and the boys let out whoops of pleasure. Just the thought of taking a body shot off Bella’s sexy tummy was enough to get their pants a little tighter. It was only when she sat down on the table that she started to blush. She had forgotten that she was wearing a dress, and that in order to do a body shot she would have to reveal her lacy panties and garter belt to the boys.

After taking a deep breath, she lifted up the hem of her skirt and laid back on the table, pulling her dress up as she tucked her trimmed tummy as much as she could to form a little bowl for the men. She could hear them letting out wolf-whistles and cat-calls as they admired her sleek sexy tummy, taking turns licking the cold vodka off her.

When the last one had taken his shot, she quickly got off the table, as the geeks had taken their time to take their shots on purpose, loving the feel of their lips on Bella’s sexy stomach. But, shortly after, fate struck again, as for a second time she yelled cock instead of jock, on a match of 5′s with Mark.

“Oh no!” Bella said, “There’s no way I can do 5 more shots…” She said, looking sweetly at Mark, hoping he would let her off the hook. As Mark looked at his friends, she wondered for a second if he would force her to drink, but he just smiled at her and she felt relieved for a second.

“Okay you can skip this one but…” he said, grinning at her, “you have to sit on my lap for 5 rounds.”

Smiling at their naivety, she moved towards mark to sit on his lap, only to feel him pull up the bottom of her dress, so that it wouldn’t lay between them. She didn’t know if she should be upset or impressed by his boldness, impressed that a nerd like him would make a move on a girl like her, so she didn’t say anything and sat on his lap, even as she felt a hard bulge pushing against her ass.

Unfortunately though, she matched another pair with Abel after 3 rounds, and, as she paused, making sure not to yell out cock again, she was beaten by him.

“Well Bella, I guess you don’t want to do 9 shots, and you’re still stuck on Marks lap for two more rounds,” he said grinning at her… “so I guess you’ll have to trade me your panties for the shots.”

Bella looked at Abel, shocked that he would be so bold as to suggest this as all the other nerds cheered his suggestion. She was considering just drinking the shots but maybe it was the alcohol… or maybe just her hormones making her hot, or just peer pressure, but much to the boy’s surprise and shock, even her own, she hooked her fingers in her waistband and slithered out of her panties, throwing them to Abel, blowing him a kiss as she did.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen them before anyway,” she said boldly, teasingly grinning at the boys as she felt Mark’s bulge, even harder now, pressed up against her tight naked ass.

The game continued, and Bella forgot that she could get off Mark’s lap, enjoying the feel of him pressing against her ass. Leno won a round against Mark, the two of them matching a pair of Queens, and Bella moved over to his lap, relieved that she wouldn’t have to take any more shots. But, just like before, as she sat down on his lap, Leno pulled up her skirt so his already hard cock in his pants was pressed right up against her bare ass. When she lost again to Steve on a pair of kings she wondered what he have her do.

“Let’s do another round of body shots!” Steve said, giving Bella a big smile, “I want to taste your sexy tummy again.”

The guys cheered, all of them wanting to take shots off her sexy stomach again, but Bella wasn’t sure if she wanted to let them do that again. Now that she wasn’t wearing any panties, she was nervous about letting them take another round of body shots off her. Biting her lip, she decided to do it, just not like the boys had in mind.

Bending over the table, propping herself up on her elbows to arch her back, and sticking her sexy ass up in the air, she lifted her dress and told them to pour the shot in the bowl of her arched back. As each geek grabbed her by the hips to take his shot, she could feel herself slowly losing control over her own body. This time, when Abel pulled her on his lap, she was the one to pull up her dress, making sure there was nothing between the poor geek’s lap and her bare ass as they played.

The game kept going and the alcohol didn’t stop and Bella once again said ‘cock” instead of ‘jock.’ All the geeks were laughing as they were pretty drunk themselves.

“Dear, dear Bella,” Mark said, “one would think that you really want something else out of this game,” he said as he poured six shots out for her. Looking at the glasses, Bella knew there was no way she could drink all those shots without being sick. Holding her breath, she waited to see what Abel would offer her, since he had one the last hand. The other boys were equally quiet, the gaming taking on a much more sexually charged atmosphere.

“Well if she doesn’t want to drink, I guess I can settle with taking her bra,” he said, grinning at Bella, and then at his friends.

For a second Bella blushed and thought about saying no. The game had become pretty crazy and who knew where things might go, but when she didn’t say anything, Abel slipped one hand under her dress as his other hand unclipped her bra and pulled her strapless bra off her. Pulling it out from under her dress and throwing it on the table, the other boys let out cheers of encouragement, eyeing her bra. Bella could feel a slight sag in her dress, deepening her cleavage even more. She noticed that Abel had placed both his hands on her hips again, but this time under her dress, touching her bare skin.

The next couple of rounds flashed by quickly as Abel’s hand started to caress and stroke her stomach and thighs. Slowly but surely, the hot redhead started to feel a fire building between her legs that was close to raging out of control, she was getting wet with arousal and could feel her juices dripping down her thighs.

Sensing her eagerness and feeling her wetness, Abel called for another round of body shots and helped her up. Glad for a brief moment to try and compose herself, Bella lifted her skirt up and was getting ready to bend over onto the table so the geeks could take their shots. Instead, she was surprised when she was turned around by one of the boys and gently pushed onto the table.

Before she could say anything, her legs were pushed open on the table, spreading her thighs and revealing her to the geeks. Her dress was being pulled over her head and for a second, she tried to hold onto it, and not let the boys pull it off her, but then she felt the cold vodka hit her clit and she moaned as Abel pushed his lips against her pussy and sucked the alcohol into his mouth. Bella cried out loud, moaning in pleasure as each of the young men took his turn taking a shot from her pussy. The last to take his shot was Mark, and after he was done, he just kept eating her, licking and sucking her pussy into his mouth.

The booze, the wonderful sensations and feelings of the boys’ hands and lips on her, and now, Mark’s mouth and tongue on her pussy sent Bella to Nirvana. She could feel a powerful orgasm building in her loins as Leno straddled her chest. He had stripped naked and started to fuck her tits with enthusiastic thrust of his small cock. Smiling at him, Bella cupped her ripe full breasts to help him, but as she did, he started to buck his hips and shoot a thick rope of cum on her breast. She was about to laugh at his lack of stamina, but before she could, her orgasm from Mark’s mouth on her pussy crashed over her. The wave that racked her body was so powerful that she thrashed around from side to side on the table, moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs for the boys not to stop.

As her orgasm finally crested and subsided, she felt herself being flipped over, and a tongue probed her from behind. Mark, his face covered in her juices, climbed on the table with his own small cock. Pushing herself up on her hands, arching her back in the process, she opened her mouth for the geek cock in front of her.

“Well little lady,” Mark said as he playfully pushed his cock towards her mouth, “you wanted cock, here it is. All you have to do is ask nicely,” he said, grinning at her, pushing his cock head only a few inches from her waiting mouth.

Grinning at him, Bella felt a new mouth on her pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she licked her lips at Mark, moving them closer to his cock but not touching his cockhead, before answering him.

“The question Mark,” she said, almost touching her lips to the tip of his cock, teasing him mercilessly, “isn’t if I’m going to ask nicely, but what you’ll do if I don’t,” Bella said, grinning up at him wickedly.

Mark just smiled and smacked his cock against her face a couple of times. But, as the redhead kept on grinning at him, he lost his patience and just her grabbed her head, burying his fingers in her hair and thrust his cock into her open mouth.

Letting out a moan as the nerd surprised her by pushing his cock into her mouth without permission, Bella started to suck on it as hard as she could. She felt a tongue twist and swirl around her asshole as two fingers where pushed inside her.

“Oh shit, this hot little slut really wanted a cock in her,” Mark moaned as he started to fuck the young girl’s face, smiling at Thomas who was standing behind her.

Bella felt a pair of hands grab her by her hips. She sighed, thinking that it was about time that someone jammed a cock deep inside her dripping pussy. Letting go of Mark’s cock, she wanted to tell whoever was behind her to just pound his little cock into her and plough her over and over again. But, Mark grabbed her tighter by her hair, tangling his fingers deep in her red hair, and pushed his cock hard back into her hungry mouth. She felt fingers digging into the skin of her hips and the tip of a cock push against her wet pussy lips, shivering in anticipation, she lifted her hips up a little higher, waiting for the small nerd cock to fill her.

“Oh my fucking Godeuhmffff!!”

She tried to scream, until her mouth got filled again by a cum spewing cock. The feeling of warm cum in her mouth and the huge cock almost ripping her in half was enough to send her over the edge for a second time. She didn’t get a chance to rest as Thomas kept on jack-hammering her from behind, literally nailing her tight cunt to the table.

“Oh fuckkk,” Thomas moaned in pleasure, “that feels so good baby. Your pussy is so tight around my dick. I should let you do more of the heavy lifting baby,” he said as he lifted her up off the table and went to lay on his back on the floor, turning Bella around until she was straddling him, her pussy still on his cock.

For a second she remained still, panting for air and trying to catch her breath, but she was spurred on by a couple of hard slaps against her ass. She started to push herself up and down on Thomas’s monster cock, moaning as it filled her so deep. Seeing her tits bounce so sexily, Abel made his way in front of her and pushed his cock against her lips, wanting her to suck him as she rode Thomas for all she was worth. Moaning in pleasure, hungry for more cock, Bella opened her mouth and took Abel’s small cock deep in her mouth, sucking him hard. The other nerds laughed at her enthusiasm, calling her all kinds of dirty names. Steve and Leno moved to stand on either side of her, her putting her hands on their cocks so that she could pleasure all four of them at the same time. Mark, who was still recovering from the amazing blowjob she had given him, was walking around the action, snapping pictures and making little clips on his cellphone for later use.

As he got hard again and saw that her hands, mouth, and pussy were all being used, he saw there wasn’t really any space for him to join his friends in front of her, so he kneeled behind her and gave her ass a couple of playful spanks.

Grabbing her waist, he stopped her bobbing head for a second and pushed the tip of his cock against her tight little back door. Moaning at how tight her ass was, Mark pushed past her ass-ring. He expected her to cry out and tell him to stop, but all he heard was a soft moan. Pushing himself in deeper, he let her move her hips again, her pussy and ass both completely filled.

This time, it wasn’t the men who blew early, but the feeling of being completely filled and used sent Bella over the edge, the two cocks thrusting hard and deep into her pussy and ass drove her to a body wracking orgasm. Her pussy and ass convulsing and clamping down tightly around the geek cocks, trying to milk them dry. As she collapsed, her body not able to keep her up anymore, the nerds formed a circle around her, snapping more pics and clips.

Thomas spoke up:

“Bella… beg us for our cum, if you ever want more of this…”

Bella looked straight into the lens of his cell and licked her lips, smiling and panting.

“Please… I need your cum… I want you to spew that sweet cum all over me. Pretty please.” she said.

That was it for the boys, they couldn’t take any more and started to coat her with their cum. Thomas was the last to explode, grabbing her by the hair, and shot his load onto her face, glazing her as the amount of his cum was directly proportional to his cock. When he was done, he pushed his cock back into her mouth, telling her to clean him.

Afterwards, she was helped to the bathroom so she could clean up, and Leno drove her back home. Bella eventually started to go to the better parties on campus, but would still have her weekly workouts with the boys, even without having to be blackmailed into it. After all if one cock is good, then five is better.

Jill leaned against her car, looked at her watch, and then looked over her shoulder at the cigarette and adult novelty store’s “Closed” sign. She had driven halfway across town in an effort to not be recognized. She still couldn’t believe she’d agreed to picking up the party favors for her daughter’s best friend’s bachelorette party.

Other than the finger-sized vibrator Jill acquired in college almost 20 years ago, she had never used or seen an adult phallic toy. But that was exactly what the bride-to-be wanted to hand out as gifts to the 20 or so women invited to the party. Jill reminded her that some of the women were as young as 18, but some were as old as 60. The bride-to-be was firm on what she wanted. She even provided Jill with a list of various vibrators and dildos so there would be an assortment.

Jill looked on the Internet, but couldn’t seem to find exactly what was on the list. She looked through the phone book and only found three adult novelty stores in town. Two of the three were in bad parts of town, but one was not far from the airport, and was more of a tobacco store than a porn shop. Jill decided to start there.

She called first, and read off a few of the toys on the list. The gentleman that answered the phone thought he had a few in the stockroom, so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

From the corner of her eye, Jill could see the “Closed” sign being flipped to “Open.”

Time to get on with it.

The storefront appeared clean, bright, and smelled of tobacco. In fact, Jill was a little worried she had gone to the wrong place. The bell clanged as the door closed behind her. A short, small-framed man with horn-rimmed glasses instantly appeared from the back of the store.

He almost tripped when he looked up to see Jill. She wasn’t the usual clientele.

At 38, Jill looked good. Some would say too good. She married right after high school, and had her daughter less than a year afterward. After her pregnancy, Jill worked hard to maintain a healthy physique, and at first glance, she could easily be mistaken for a girl in her 20′s, especially at work. Her daughter became increasingly independent over the last few years, so Jill had more time to do some of the things she had always wanted.

Her husband had been promoted to a position requiring more time abroad than at home, so Jill looked into selling real estate as a way to fill her time. Selling houses was better than watching soap operas in Jill’s book, and it paid better, too. With a little help from some veteran agents, her good looks, and dressing for success, Jill made enough in a year to pay for the new Lexus parked outside.

She had left the office at 4pm, hoping the tobacco store would be open while it was still daylight. Her work clothes were tasteful, but also just a little bit sexy. Her coworkers showed her data on how sex sells, even in real estate, but none of them admitted to having done more than tease in order to make a sale. Jill had gone as far as letting an older gentleman grope her ass while she showed him a $1M home, but she never went any farther. Unlike some of her coworkers, she never had to.

The storeowner seemed to stop dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of her. Her high heels, long legs, short skirt, and open blouse were completely foreign to him outside of the magazines and videos he pandered. Her radiant red hair and deep blue eyes sparkled in the setting sun peering through the shop’s windows.

“Can I help you, missy?” the storeowner asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might be in the wrong place.” Jill answered sheepishly.

“Not if you’re the lady that called an hour ago, asking about some dildos.” He acted as if he talked about them every day.

Jill nodded, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“Follow me.” The storeowner walked toward the back of the store and through a black curtain.

Jill’s heels clicked as she stepped though the opening to the back part of the store. The floor was unfinished cement — much noisier than the carpeted floor in the tobacco part.

Jill had never been in an adult novelty store, bookstore, or video arcade. To say that she was surprised would be an understatement.

She had heard from her husband and his friends about the kind of men that would hang out in such places. For the moment, she was relieved that she was the only customer.

Jill looked at a few magazines, DVDs, and then found a wall full of various phallic shapes. She had never seen anything like them. She was particularly impressed at the size of some of the toys.

“Do women actually use these to masturbate?” Jill asked.

“Sometimes, men too.” The storeowner smirked.

He handed her three boxes. “I pulled these from the back after you called. It’s all we have on your list. You’ll probably have better luck finding the rest at the other places in town, you just have to be careful.”

“What do you mean?” Jill asked, more curious than worried.

“I mean those places are in a little rougher part of town. You might want to rethink your outfit. Tone it down a bit.” He said, looking at her hardened nipples pushing through the fabric of her blouse.

Jill could see him staring at her breasts, but wasn’t offended. She was used to it.

She was a real estate agent. She knew the town.

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” Jill politely smiled as she walked towards an opening on the far wall.

Lights flashed around the doorframe. Through the door was a hallway with several doors on either side.

“What’s in here?” Jill asked.

“Those are preview rooms.” The storeowner almost laughed as he answered. “A few years ago, that was where you could take a video tape and watch it before you bought it. The previous owner upgraded for DVDs, but nowadays, you can watch the same stuff at home, on your computer. Only people that go in there now are just interested in anonymous blowjobs through the glory holes. Cops keep cracking down on it, making me board up the holes, but the low-life’s figure out a way to make new ones. Plus, it’s a real pain in the butt to keep the floor clean.”

Jill walked down the hall and opened one of the doors. Inside the booth, there was a plastic patio furniture chair, an ashtray, and a monitor with coin slots and a channel button. She looked down and found she was standing in a slimy substance, and then carefully stepped out of the hallway and back into the store.

“Surreal” was all Jill could muster.

The storeowner looked into the booth after she stepped out. “Ahh crap. I’m really sorry about that. I thought I cleaned them all out last night.” He quickly stepped into a utility room and started running the water to fill up a mop bucket.

“I guess I can ring you up and get you on your way, missy,” the storeowner paused. “Unless there’s anything else.”

“No. I mean yes. I’ll just pay for these. Thanks for the… tour.” Jill said.

“That’ll be $157.80,” the storeowner said matter-of-factly.

Jill blinked hard.

“Seriously?” Jill asked, her face turning red again. “For three dildos?”

“Yep, you got some good ones, there, I imagine. Whoever made up your list must be pretty particular. Hope she enjoys ‘em.” The storeowner smiled, and waited.

“They’re not all for one person. They’re supposed to be party favors at a bachelorette party.” Jill handed him two hundred dollar bills.

“A party, huh? Dildos and vibrators? How times have changed.” The storeowner handed Jill her change.

Jill quickly walked out, got in her car only after fumbling with the keyless code for what seemed like an eternity, and sped home — to her side of town.

A few days went by before Jill got up the nerve to call one of the two remaining adult novelty stores. They were strictly porn shops — no tobacco sales taking place there legally. She tried calling during the day, but there was no answer, a busy signal, or a recording asking her to leave a message.

When she finally did get through, the voice on the other end of the line scared her enough to hang up.

“Bitch, I ain’t got time for yo’ shit. You wanna fuckin’ dildo, get your ass over here and find you one,” the proprietor yelled into her ear.

Jill hung up a second later. She was shocked and felt just a little humiliated.

With only two weeks before the bachelorette party, she knew she was running out of time. She quickly called the last adult book and video store in the phone book.

“Sure, we have some of those,” a man answering as Sammy said. “We might even have all of those. We don’t close until 4am.”

“I’m more interested in what time you open,” Jill explained.

“Well, we got inventory tomorrow, so I’ll be in early. Maybe around noon. That work?” Sammy asked.

“That’d be great!” Jill said, later realizing she probably sounded too excited.

Remembering what the tobacco storeowner told her, Jill decided to really dress down. She found an old pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and flip-flops. She didn’t realize she had forgotten to wear a bra or panties until she was halfway to the adult bookstore. She never wore a bra or panties when she wore those clothes – because she normally wouldn’t be caught out of the house in those clothes.

After several wrong turns, Jill finally found the seedy-looking adult book and video store. Trash was strewn across the sidewalk, and she strongly considered turning around and going home rather than leave her car parked on that street.

She bit her lip and looked around. The neighborhood looked deserted.

Jill stepped out of the car and quickly walked to the store’s front door. Locked.

She pulled on it several more times until a short, bald, and slightly overweight black man unlocked the door.

“You da’ lady on the phone?” Sammy asked.

“Yes. Sorry, I thought you said you’d be here at noon.” Jill asked, catching a chill.

“Yea, it’s noon and I’m here… and now you are, too.” Sammy smiled as he held the door open for her. “Come on in. I got to lock the door, though, ’cause I’m still doing inventory and shit.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jill said quietly. He had left the key in the door, so she felt she could leave in a hurry if she needed to.

Unlike the tobacco store, this establishment wasted no time in showing off it’s stock. As soon as the door closed behind her, Jill turned to see hundreds of dildos covering an entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Some were in boxes, some in plastic, but all hung from pegs sticking out from the wall. Jill wondered how long it would take to look through them all.

Sammy seemed to have read her mind.

“Over here are the simple ones. Smaller and cheaper. What I call the beginner’s section.

Next, we have more life-like ones. Balls, veins, texture.” Sammy spoke as a museum curator. “And over here, these are the pro models. These are some serious shit.”

Jill couldn’t believe the realism, although they seemed to be scaled much larger than life.

She reached up for one of the boxes and felt her sweatpants start to fall.

Jill quickly reached back down to hold up her pants, and then tied the waist string a little tighter. She could tell that Sammy could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Mmm, hmmm.” Sammy smiled as he tilted his head. “Well, let me know if you need any help with anything. Just give me a holler when you’re ready to check out.”

“Thanks,” Jill said as she caught her breath.

The selection was daunting. She looked at the list, and then looked up at the wall and felt overwhelmed. After twenty minutes, she only found four of the remaining seventeen toys. After an hour, she found three more.

Sammy came back to the front of the store.

“You still here?” Sammy smiled.

“I’m really having a tough time finding any more on the list.” Jill explained.

“Well, give me the list and I’ll go back in the storeroom and see what I can find.” Sammy offered.

Jill wondered why she hadn’t just asked him to do that in the first place.

“You gotta wait up here, though.” Sammy warned. “Look around. See if there’s anything else you need. Read some magazines. Watch a movie — ladies watch for free.”

“Really?” Jill asked, curious.

Sammy walked behind the register counter and unwrapped a role of tokens.

“Here, knock yourself out. You’ve got about $600 worth of latex on that list of yours. If we find everything you need, I might just close up early tonight.” Sammy handed her the tokens and pointed to the back of the store.

Jill walked around the store, up one isle, and down another. It reminded her of vinyl record stores when she was a little girl. Instead of records, though, these were magazines covering every fetish ever imagined.

Jill was no prude, and had allowed her husband to do everything he ever wanted with her — not that any of it was much of a departure from what she wanted. But the magazines portrayed everything at a much higher level of intensity. The women were younger and more beautiful. The men were athletic and unusually well endowed. She had thought her husband was bigger than average, and it still felt that way whenever they had time for sex, but average for the men in the magazines made her husband’s manhood seem almost small in comparison.

She found the video arcade. It looked like a room within a room, and in the center were all the booths. The corridor ran around the outside of the booths, ending in a glass enclosure showcasing the current library of movies the patrons could sample.

Jill was surprised at the number of gay films. The majority of the other movies seemed centered on blacks on blondes. She figured blacks on redheads didn’t sound as catchy. Their loss.

She walked down the corridor, stopping a few doors down. She stepped into the booth to find an old steel folding chair, opaque glass windows on each side, and a video screen opposite the door. Under each window was a hole barely big enough to fit a soda can through.

“Those must be the glory holes.” Jill whispered.

Jill turned to close the door behind her and could barely make out the sign on the back of the door. “No sexual activity of any kind permitted on premises by order of city ordnance.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jill asked, not knowing anyone else was listening.

She slid a hook on the door into an eye-ring. That was about as close to a lock as she would get.

Jill dropped a token into the coin slot next to the video screen. Nothing happened.

She dropped another token into the slot and almost jumped a foot high as the screen came to life and the sounds of a woman moaning filled the booth. Jill felt around the video screen for any kind of knob that would turn down the volume, and instead found an overheard light rheostat. She turned the light all the way up and was finally able to see the volume knob.

Once she had the sound turned down to a reasonable level, she turned the overhead light back down and pressed the button on the monitor. The scene changed from retro porn from the ’70′s to gay porn from the ’90′s. Two men in a sixty-nine, sucking each other to orgasm. Jill was beside herself. She had never seen anything like it. Not knowing how long two tokens would last, she quickly pressed the button again and again, sampling each of the dozen or so movies. Eventually, the screen went blank. She dropped two more tokens into the slot, and was introduced to another video. This one seemed more current, as the hairstyles appeared more modern, and there seemed to be no pubic hair on any of the actors.

Two skinny black men were holding a young white girl, barely eighteen years old. She looked scared at first, but as one of the men dropped to his knees and began licking and fingering her bald pussy, she quickly spread her legs and began to moan.

They pulled her onto a bed where they took turns pushing each of their long members down her throat. She gagged several times, but didn’t resist, even when it looked like one of the men was choking her with his hand around her throat.

They tugged at her nipples which were perched high on small tits. The girl seemed almost relieved when they started fucking her.

The screen went black, again.

“Damn it.” Jill whispered as she pulled her had from her sweatpants. She froze for a moment. “Holy shit. I was getting myself off on that.”

Jill smiled to herself and decided to drop all of the remaining tokens into the coin slot.

The screen went bright, then dim, then bright again, this time showing yet another movie.

“No, no, no.” Jill whined as she pressed the button several times in attempt to find the movie she had just been watching.

When she finally found it, she looked around the booth. It was surprisingly cleaner than the booth at the tobacco store. She couldn’t seem to sit on the chair and pull her sweatpants down enough to rub her clit adequately. She decided to take off her sweatpants and fold them up, making a little cushion for the folding chair. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but that movie had made her so hot, and seeing those long black dicks in that girl’s mouth, hands, and pussy made her wetter than she had been in a long time.

Jill leaned back on the chair and raised her legs. Her perfectly painted toenails glistened as she placed her feet on each of the side window ledges. She rubbed her clit with one hand while squeezing her nipples with the other.

As the black men changed positions, Jill began fingering her pussy in time with their thrusts. When they turned the girl over, exposing her small, firm ass, Jill panted harder.

One of the men started licking the girl’s small, puckered asshole, while the skinny black man underneath her continued to slide his long pole in and out of her pussy.

Jill could barely contain herself.

Jill spit on her hand and rubbed her asshole. She knew what was coming next in the video, and the anticipation was causing her pussy to gush. She continued to rub her clit with one hand while pushing on the bud of her asshole with the other.

As if staying in time with the action on the screen, Jill slid her index finger into her asshole as one of the black men slid his long, slick dick into the young girls ass.

The girl seemed to squirm at first, arching her back, and pushing against his thigh with her hand. But then, the two black men stopped moving altogether.

Jill froze, too. The two black men remained motionless, but the young white girl began to move forward, and then back. Forward, and back. She was fucking herself on their shiny, wet dicks.

Jill had tried anal twice with her husband, and while he came quickly, she didn’t come at all. This was completely different. She fingered her asshole faster while pressing harder on her clit. The wetness from her pussy dripped onto her asshole, prompting Jill to add a second, and eventually a third finger.

Jill watched as the young, white girl continued to impale herself on those two black dicks until the sounds of Jill finger fucking her asshole echoed throughout the booth.

Jill surprised herself when she came. She knew she was on the brink for at least three minutes, and she rode that feeling as long as she could. She wanted to scream at the onset, but held it in, instead making a choking noise as she soaked her sweatpants.

The hidden cameras captured every detail.

Jill looked up to see the two black men depositing their semen onto the girls face, as if on cue. Jill felt a secondary orgasm overcome her and she let out a deep sigh. The girl seemed to suck what was left in each of the black stud’s balls, then scooped some of their come from her face into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth for the camera and smiled.

Seconds later, the screen went blank and the booth was completely dark.

Jill lowered her legs from the window ledges and felt around the floor with her bare feet. She kicked one flip-flop, but found the other and stood up. She reached around until she found the overhead light rheostat. She turned it slightly, but the booth instantly filled with bright light. She could see her reflection in the glass panes on either side.

I watched jealously as Amber deftly reached into her shirt, and pulled one swollen breast out, bringing Anna’s face to the already hard nipple. My hungry daughter latched on, sucking the milk from it.

“Good news,” the doctor said, coming back into the waiting room, “Looks like everything with mom has healed properly, and your daughter also seems to be quite healthy.” Amber gripped my hand at this news, and I couldn’t help but smile as well. If Amber were fully healed, then I could put my plan into action soon… I was just glad no one had found the stuff Joe had gotten for me.

The doctor shook both our hands, as I escorted Amber and our feeding daughter out.

“I hope you don’t have plans tonight, John,” Amber told me as I pulled onto the freeway.

“Plans?” I asked, thinking she had somehow read my mind. If she knew what I was planning, everything could be ruined… Or maybe not. I wasn’t sure if she would help or hinder, but I thought it best to play dumb at the moment.

“As soon as Anna goes to sleep, I am ravishing that body of yours!” It took a second for my mind to switch gears, but as soon as it did, I felt a grin nearly split my face. “You have no idea how horny I’ve been these last weeks, hearing you and Dixie go at it and knowing I couldn’t join. Well, tonight you are mine!”

“And what if I have to work?” I teased. I had made sure to have tonight off, just in case the doctor gave the ‘okay’.

“Oh, well if you really don’t want to…”

I smiled, as I let my hand fall upon her knee, and start working slowly up her stockinged legs. She didn’t try to stop me, as my fingers trailed to her inner thighs, pushing back her skirt, revealing her G-string and stocking covered crotch. I felt almost giddy as she sucked in her bottom lip, and closed her eyes, anticipating me touching her most private of spots.

My fingers lightly grazed the inadequate cloth protecting her pussy, and she sighed audibly. If I hadn’t already been hard from just the thought of having this wild redhead in my bed again after so long, that sigh would have made me hard.

The only problem was it also woke Anna up, and she started crying in the back seat.

Amber grabbed my hand and pulled it away, making me sigh for a different reason. She reached back, and started rubbing Anna’s cheek, cooing to her to calm her down. She was still keeping her calm as we pulled into the driveway.

Once inside, Amber took her back to their room, and I saw Dixie lounging on the couch.

“What’d the doc say?” She asked, looking up from the book she was reading.

“She’s all healed up, and Anna’s doing great too.” I said, as I picked up her feet, plopped myself down, and dropped her bare feet back into my lap. I decided to be a nice guy, and started rubbing them for her.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she heaved a large sigh, “I guess I won’t be getting any tonight then? No, no. It’s alright. You need to spend some alone time with Amber anyway. I really think she deserves it!” She went back to reading her book and I thanked my lucky stars that I was living with such understanding women.

That is, until Geo walked into the room, glared at me and Dixie, and then stormed off down the hallway, probably headed towards her own room. I tenderly kissed Dixie’s toes, and then stood up, heading after my sister. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her, but knew that if my plan was going to work, I had to get her to forgive us.

“Geo, can I come in?” I asked, knocking lightly on her door.

The door flew open, and I suddenly found myself facing her fierce green-eyed stare. “That depends,” she said, her tone at odds with the look in her eyes.

“I just want to talk,” I quickly informed her.

“Talking isn’t what I want from you.”

We stared at one another for a moment, and I scrambled to think of what to say next, when something occurred to me.

“Do you love me?”

The shock that registered in her eyes was worth the question, if nothing else, but was quickly followed by anger.

“How can you ask me that? Haven’t I told you I love you? Don’t I WANT to carry your baby? Sometimes I think it is YOU that doesn’t love ME!” Geo’s voice was loud now, and I could hear Anna crying in Amber’s room. Her words hurt, as they sank in, but I stuck to my plan.

“I do love you, but I am curious about something…” I paused to see what she would say, but she only raised an eyebrow, so I hurried on. “How am I supposed to change my mind, and give in, when you practically ignore me, and when you do give me any attention, it is only to glare at me?” I saw the confusion in her eyes as I spoke, and knew she was starting to war with herself. “It is kind of hard for me to get in the mood, when you treat me like that.” I turned and walked away, not giving her the opportunity to respond.

I headed into Amber’s room, to see if she needed any help with Anna, but found them both resting on the bed, and silently tip-toed back out. I was halfway down the hall, when my phone rang. The cops were at my club, and they needed me down there right away.

I nearly flew down the streets to the club, wondering what on Earth the cops were doing there. I followed all the laws, and had all the proper permits.

When I pulled up, there was one police car parked out front, as well as a really nice looking red Ferrari, and Larry’s large pickup. I began wondering if some drunk had started to cause some sort of problem, and that was the reason for my coming down here.

Larry, the club’s other owner, met me just inside the door. He seemed nervous, but didn’t say much as we went back to the office. I was shocked to see someone sitting behind my desk.

She had to be in her late thirties by the wrinkles that were just visible around her eyes, but her body spoke of a woman in her twenties, as did the shine in her eyes. Her chestnut brown hair was loose, and flowed easily down her back. She was stunning to look at for her age, but she only looked back at me with little or no interest.

“John, I presume?” She said as she stood, and offered me her hand. As I took it, I noticed the two police officers flanking her, and wondered once again what was going on. “My name is Carol. Now I hate to ask this, but can I please see some ID?”

“Am I in some kind of trouble?” I asked, as I reached for my wallet. Larry’s nervousness was palpable, but the two police officers seemed to be completely at ease, if not bored.

Carol’s eyes smiled as she took my driver’s license. “Not at all. My, so young to own a strip club, aren’t you?”

“We’ve already discussed that, Carol,” Larry said next to me, a bit angrily, and I turned to look at him. His eyes were darting from Carol, to the police, and back again.

“Ahem, yes. Well, you do appear to be who you say you are, John,” Carol handed me back my license. “Please have a seat.”

I sat in the indicated chair, only slightly disgruntled that I was at the wrong end of MY desk.

“Larry here has made an amazing offer, and I think it best if you take it, John,” Carol continued when all but the police were seated. “Why don’t I let him tell you?”

If looks could kill, Carol would be dead where she sat. Larry again looked to the two cops, before turning to me, and sighing. “John, since I sold you half of this club, the revenues have more than doubled, and I even heard that The Big Apple across town is having to close their doors, because we’ve taken away too much of their business.” This was big news to me, as The Big Apple was our biggest competitors, and up until I had done some remodeling, they had even been a bigger club than us.

Larry’s eyes once again went to Carol and the cops, before he swallowed and continued. “I thought it only fair to reward you, by offering to sell–” Carol cleared her throat, and Larry dropped his gaze to his lap. “–To give you the club completely.”

My heart was thundering in my chest as he said this. I knew I could have had him paid off in a few years, at the rate the club had been performing at, but for him to offer to GIVE it to me, was just too much. Then I truly noticed all of Larry’s behavior, and looked back to the bored cops.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked, concerned.

Carol cleared her throat again, bringing my attention to her. “I have the contract here. There are a few stipulations in it, of course. You are not allowed to hire Larry as an employee, and he is not allowed to have any contact with you in the future. All deeds, rights, and income will become yours, as soon as you sign a few dotted lines.”

The deal was good, no… It was more than I could have hoped for, but seeing the anguish on Larry’s face gave me pause. He had always done right by me in the past, and had even made me a partner in this club. I didn’t know if I felt right taking this away from him.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Carol cut me off. “Look, John,” I was starting to get annoyed at the way she kept saying my name, “look at it this way: Larry has to enter into protective custody. He can’t keep his portion of the club, and do this, so he is giving it to you. He can’t sell it to you, because from today on, he can have no further contact with you, this club, or even any of his family. If you don’t take it, the club will have to be closed down.”

I thought of Suzy, his niece, and wondered if she knew.

“Take the deal,” Larry hissed at me, and I looked at the form Carol had slid in front of me.

In the end, I signed the papers, with only one change. What else could I do? It was either sign, or lose it all.

The sun was setting as I drove home, and thoughts of Amber helped lift my spirits. I was starting to imagine walking into the house, stripping off my clothes as I walked back to her room, and ravishing her right there, or maybe wherever I found her.

Where I found her was on the couch, Anna busily sucking away on a plump tit. Unfortunately I already had my shirt off.

I called everyone into the family room, and told them the ‘good’ news, about me now being the full owner of the club. Everyone congratulated me, even Geo, giving me a big hug, and a warm smile. Apparently my talk with her had done some good after all.

“I thought we could celebrate tomorrow night,” I told them.

“Why tomorrow and not tonight?” Amber asked, and I gave her a significant look. “Oh! Right.” She actually blushed. It is a rare thing when Amber blushes, and we all laughed.

“Here, let me take Anna,” Geo offered, much to all of our shock. It wasn’t that her taking care of the little girl was surprising, but that she had to know what Amber and I were going to do, if she were freed up. She confirmed that with her next words, “Don’t look so surprised! I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want, and it was wrong of me to even try. Now are you two going to go back there and screw, or do I need to show you how?” I knew it was the closest to an apology I would ever get out of her.

I almost invited her back, but then I remembered my plan, and also considered that Amber really deserved some alone time with me, and started to tickle Amber, chasing her back to her room.

As soon as the door was closed, Amber flung her arms around my neck, and mashed her lips to mine. I held her tight to me, as our lips and tongues told each other what words were inadequate for. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her kisses were making me light headed, till she pulled away, and her clear blue eyes pierced me.

“Thank you for talking with your sister. I don’t understand how you have us all wrapped around your finger, but you’d better never let us go.”

I reached down, and grabbed her small rear, lifting her up into my arms. “Who has who wrapped around their fingers?” I asked, but silenced any comment she might have made, by kissing her again.

I walked us over to the bed, and sat her on the edge, pulling off her shirt. I went back to kissing this beautiful redhead, as I crawled onto the bed, forcing her back to lie down, as she hurriedly undid her pants. As soon as she had them unbuttoned, I nearly tore them off of her. My hand went for her baby blue panty covered crotch, as I kissed along her cheek, sucking for just a second on her earlobe, then nibbling down her jaw, the gentle slope of her neck, across her chest, and then undid the left flap to her maternity bra. Her breast was large and swollen from the milk within, and I looked to her for permission before tasting her.

Her hands on the back of my head, mashing me down gave me my answer, and for the first time, I tasted her nipple, without the nipple rings. At first I only licked around the hard knob of her teat, tasting a small amount of milk that had leaked out. It tasted sweet, and a little weird, but not bad. Nothing like what a cow’s milk tasted like either, the odd thought crossed my mind. Suddenly very thirsty, I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth at once, then slowly squeezing it out with my lips, till I was sucking hard on her nipple. Amber moaned loudly, as her fingers dug into my scalp, and my mouth was filled with her milk.

My hand on her pussy hadn’t been idle while I imbibed on her mother’s nectar. I quickly found her clit through the material, and lightly stroked it, teasing her. Her hips tried to rise against my hand, demanding more pressure, but I only pulled back, trying to keep the feathery touch. When she moaned from what my mouth was doing, I pressed my hand down, and started rubbing furiously back and forth.

Her moaning grew louder, and I picked up the pace, knowing that she was getting close to her first orgasm. Sure enough, a couple seconds later, her body went rigid, and then started to shake, and I felt her panties get wetter.

Reluctantly I released her feeding nipple, and pulled her panties down, and off of her. I leaned over, and planted soft kisses along her belly, kissing from side to side, slowly working my way down. I skipped kissing her shaved mound, and instead kissed her inner left thigh, heading up to the juncture of her legs. When I was right next to her pussy, I sucked hard on the tender skin between where her pussy and leg met. She squealed as I did this, making me smile.

“Gawd, it has been so long! I want you in me John!” Amber demanded, but I wasn’t done down here yet.

I licked her outer labia, and once again felt her hands on the back of my head, trying to get me to the good parts. Figuring I had teased her enough, I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go, relishing the satisfied sigh that escaped her pleased body. Her pussy was soaked, and it was all I could do to lap up her juices, occasionally sucking on her clit, renewing the flood. She went through two orgasms like this, before she painfully grabbed my ears, and hauled me up to her face.

“I think play time is over!” She informed me, and the lust and desire I saw burning in her eyes told me to listen well. “Get those pants off now!”

I did as commanded, while she removed her bra.

I looked at her as she lay back down, and I could still see a little where the baby fat still clung to her, but if anything, it only fanned my desire for her. My heart beat almost painfully in my chest, as I admired my daughter’s mother.

“I love you, Amber,” I whispered, knowing she could hear me. “I truly and honestly do.”

The smile that split her face could have thawed Mount Everest; it was so full of love and warmth. “Oh, get down here, you big romantic! I love you too.”

Our lips met again, and I knew she could taste herself on me, as I positioned my hard rod for her soft hole. As soon as we were aligned, I started to press in, surprised at the resistance. It wasn’t that it was hard to get in, she was absolutely wet enough, but I had thought that after giving birth, she would have been a little looser.

“The doctor told me he gave me an extra stitch, when he stitched me back up.” Amber whispered in my ear, as though she had read my mind. I didn’t even know that such a thing was possible, but the way her inner folds were massaging and squeezing me, I had to admit, it felt good.

Amber began to nibble on my earlobe as I worked my fat member into her, finally joining our hips to the sounds of two very satisfied “ahh”s.

I lifted my head up, to look Amber in the eyes, as I slowly began to move my hips, pulling out till just the head was still inside her, then slowly sliding my length back in, relishing every inch of her.

I felt her hands on my buttock, squeezing, and pulling me back to her, with every stroke. I let her hands set our pace, and soon we were both grunting, as I pounded into this sexy mother.

“Oh, Fuck! Yes, right there! Keep… Going… Right… THERE!” Amber screamed, and her cunt gripped my tool as she came once again. Amber shuddered under me, as I kept sawing into her, making her orgasm last longer and longer.

As she relaxed, I pulled out of her, listening to her disappointed moan, until I rolled her onto her right side, and lifted her left leg. Straddling the leg still on her bed, I positioned myself at her sideways hole, and slid back into her.

“Shit, that’s deep,” she cried as her head flopped onto her arm, and her left hand started to play with her leaking nipples. I reached down to where we were joined, and started vigorously rubbing her clit as I moved my hips along her thigh. I knew I was getting close, but so was she.

“Ho…ly… FUUUUCK!” Amber came again, and this time her convulsions forced me out of her, as her left leg pushed me away with her convulsions.

I lay down to watch her, as her body was wracked with paroxysms of pleasure. It took a couple minutes for her to stop shaking. Her eyes met mine, and I couldn’t hide the smile I felt inside, as she got an evil look in her eyes. She jumped on top of me, her hands holding my shoulders down, and grinding her twat along the length of my shaft. “No one has EVER made me cum like that before!” She told me, as she gazed into my eyes, and I knew it for truth. I had never seen her cum for so long, or as powerfully before.

I shifted my hips as she continued to move hers, and soon felt myself slide back inside her, only to have her pull back off of me. “Uh-uh… that hole needs a little rest. I think you are slippery enough,” she said with a wink. Amber reached down, and grasped me at my base, aiming it for her ass. She gently pressed down, and I squinched my eyes shut in pleasure as her sphincter gently slid down my soaked pole, till she was full seated in my lap. “Oh, it has been awhile back there too!” She exclaimed once she was completely impaled.

I leaned up, and pulled her down to me, latching my mouth onto the nipple I had neglected earlier. Sweet mother’s milk once again filled my mouth, as her colon sucked hungrily on my cock. Her hips moved at a furious frenzy, and despite the break I had received from watching her last orgasm, I knew that there was no chance of lasting much longer.

I felt the first churnings, and released the tasty teat long enough to moan, “Oh, Gawd!” and then let loose with a powerful orgasm of my own, that left me weak and shuddering under a moaning and cumming redhead. Her colon massaged my cock, lengthening my own climax, and continuously making me shudder, which in turn lengthening Amber’s climax as well.

Exhausted, but completely satisfied, we both fell asleep knowing that Anna was in good hands.

* * *

The next day dawned bright and wonderful, as thoughts of what I planned ran through my mind. That is, until doubts started to creep in. Would they figure it out? Would any of it work? The more I thought about it, the more transparent the whole idea seemed, until finally in frustration I had to leave the house. Ostensibly I was headed out to do some shopping, and I realized that that was a better excuse than I realized, as I really did need to get food for our party tonight.

My phone rang as I was pulling into the parking lot, and I answered, seeing that it was Geo calling. “I was just wondering if you were planning on inviting anyone over for tonight, or not.”

It was a pretty normal wedding. My older cousin Jack finally married his girlfriend Venus after about 5 years together, and most of our family showed up. Venus looked nice in her dress that showed off her hips and cleavage. I kept thinking to myself that Jack was a lucky guy to end up with a woman like that.

The reception was really nice. It was in the dining hall of the hotel most of us were staying at. Of course, because I was single and didn’t bring a date, a bunch of my cousins and aunts wanted to dance with me. It wasn’t too bad, but I wished that their would have been some friends of theirs I could have danced with too.

Towards the end of the night, I was sitting at the table sipping on some wine when my aunt Caitlin came and sat next to me. She was wearing a yellow and white flowery tank dress that came down to her knees, and white open-toed heels. Her light-red hair fell down to her shoulders. Her hazel eyes were barely open, so I knew she was either tired, or had a little too much to drink.

“Hey Nicky, how you doin’ tonight?” she asked me. I smiled at her, knowing that she was the only one that called me Nicky instead of Nick, and only when she was drunk.

“I’m fine, Aunt C. Just enjoying the night.”

“Yeah, I saw you dancing out there. You’re such a nice boy for dancing with your aunts like that, especially me. You know I have two left feet.”

I laughed, thinking to myself that I haven’t been a boy in a long time. “It’s no problem, Aunt C. You weren’t too bad out there yourself.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m your aunt.” Her head swayed a little as she said this.

“Aunt C, I’m a little tired, and you look like you are too. Can you walk me upstairs to my room?” I knew that if I just said she was tipsy, that would most likely cause an argument.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve had enough dancing for one night.”

I stood up and held out my hand. She took it used my arm for support as we began walking. The only person who even noticed us was my mom, and I just told her I was helping Aunt C upstairs. She just nodded in understanding and went back to dancing with my father.

As we took the elevator up to her floor, Caitlin leaned into me more. I could still smell her perfume, with it’s floral scent. She just kept rambling on about how I was such a good nephew, unlike some of my cousins who didn’t bother with her. I just kept silent and made sure she didn’t fall. The elevator arrived and we stepped out and walked down the hall to her room. She reached into her purse, pulled out the card key, and opened the door. We stepped in and I gently kicked the door closed behind us.

I walked Caitlin over to the bed and sat her down. She leaned back against the pillows and kicked her shoes off, causing them to fall to the carpet. I turned to get her a bottle of water from the mini fridge across the room. When I turned back around, Caitlin’s dress was down to her waist, showing her strapless white lace bra which was holding up her still-ample cleavage. As I watched in stunned silence, she stood up and slid the dress off to the floor. I was shocked to see my aunt wearing a matching white lace thong. I felt a twitch in my pants at the sight before I came to my senses and walked over to her to give her the bottle of water.

She sat on the bed and took a sip of the water. “”Thanks, Nicky. You’ve always been such a good nephew.”

“No problem, Aunt C.” I replied. As she looked up at me, I couldn’t help but notice the faint outline of her nipples through her bra. I felt another twitch in my pants.

“You wanna stay for a minute and keep your auntie company?” she asked me. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw her glance directly at my crotch after she said this.

“Um, sure, I can stay for a little, make sure you’re okay.” I sat down on the bed next to her. She took another long sip of the water and then placed her head on my shoulder. My heart started beating a little faster.

“Wasn’t that such a beautiful wedding?”

“Yeah, Aunt Caitlin, it was real nice.”

“I remember how it was to be so young and in love,” she said, her hand falling onto my leg. “Now I feel good if I see a guy even looking at me and my old self.”

“You aren’t that old, Aunt C, and you still look good,” I heard myself say.

“There you go trying to cheer an old woman up again,” she said. Her hand slid a little higher up my leg.

“Um, I’m not trying to cheer you up. Just trying to be honest.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said before kissing me on my cheek. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feeling action happening in my pants. I wanted to jump up and leave the room, but my legs just wouldn’t work. I silently prayed that my aunt wouldn’t notice the bulge forming close to her hand.

We sat there in silence for a few moments. “Help me up, Nicky,” Caitlin said. She began to stand up and I held her arm. As she stood, her hand slid up the rest of my thigh and rubbed against my crotch. I watched in shock as Caitlin just stood there for a moment. I hoped she didn’t notice anything.

“And what was that?” she asked, her eyes moving down to my bulge. I sat on the bed, trying to stammer out a reply. “Was that for me?” There was so much I wanted to say at that moment, but no words escaped my mouth. Before I realized what was happening, Aunt Caitlin was on her knees in front of me, her hands on my zipper.

“I guess this old woman can still attract someone,” she said, her hazel eyes meeting mine. She began to unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock.

“Um, Aunt C-c-c-caitlin, I don’t think we should be doing this.”

“It’s okay, babe, I’ve seen enough cocks in my day.”

“B-b-b-but,” I started, but her lips wrapped around my shaft, stopping my argument right there on my tongue. My head started spinning. This is my AUNT! I’ve known her since I was a baby! Hell, she changed my diapers! None of that mattered, however, when I felt how good her warm mouth felt on my dick, Caitlin’s tongue flicking around my head. I moaned and instinctively reached out to stroke her hair. Caitlin’s head bobbed up and down, her lips working my shaft. She reached up with a hand and started stroking it, her soft hands feeling good on my dick. As I leaned back, enjoying the feeling, Caitlin slowed down her movements. Caitlin slid my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat. This sent me over the edge. I let out a loud moan as I felt the pressure build up in my cock and then release. My hot semen shot out of my cock, aided by Caitlin’s stroking hand. Caitlin kept her lips firmly on my dick, swallowing my entire load.

I was breathing deeply and my head was spinning. Caitlin looked up at me and smiled. She casually wiped the corner of her mouth with a finger and moaned in pleasure. “That was good. I haven’t done that in a while,” she said, a grin on her face. I was still trying to catch my breath and couldn’t respond. Caitlin then stood up in front of me. Looking directly into my eyes, she reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. Her full, round breasts spilled out as the bra fell to the floor. Caitlin took a step towards me and, putting my hands on her waist, I pulled her closer. I could smell her sweat and perfume on her as I buried my face in her tits. I began licking and kissing on them, filling my mouth with her nipples. I let my tongue move around them in circles, her hard nipples firm against my tongue. Caitlin pulled my face in closer to her chest. I could feel her heart racing.

I slid my hands down Caitlin’s waist and grabbed onto her full hips. I slowly pulled down her thong, the scent of her wet pussy filling my nose. I stared for a moment at the trim red-haired bush that was right in front of me. I stood up and pushed Caitlin onto the bed, telling her to get on her hands and knees. She did and I knelt behind her. I leaned down and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips from behind. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussy, moving from her inner walls to her clit. Caitlin began moaning loudly and wiggling her hips. Her pubic hair provided an contrasting texture to her smooth pussy walls. Caitlin’s cunt was hot and wet, tasting slightly tangy. Her juices started coating my lips and tongue. Caitlin started moaning my name and grinding her pussy into my face. I gripped her hips and moved my tongue faster, furiously attacking her pussy. I sucked on her clit and pussy, making my aunt squeal in pleasure. I could feel her pussy clenching and getting tighter. I roughly shoved two fingers in her cunt and started fucking her hole. They slid in and out easily, her juices lubricating my fingers. Caitlin’s pussy tightened around my fingers and she let out a long moan. I pulled my face back and watched her cum ooze around my fingers and drip onto her thighs and my wrist.

I sat up and pulled off my shirt and then took my pants and underwear off. Caitlin looked back at me with a smile, seeing my cock hard and ready for more. I started placing the head of my rod at the opening to her pussy when she told me to stop.

“I want that cock in my ass,” she said, smiling. She told me to go into her bag and get the lube. I walked over and started searching in her bag. I found a plastic bag with a big pink dildo and a bottle of KY. I grabbed the bottle and went back over to the bed. I rubbed some of the lube on my hard cock, and put some on her ass hole. I grabbed my aunts hips as she spread her cheeks open. I placed the head to the hole and slowly pushed. I watched her hole expand as I slid my cock in little by little. Caitlin kept moaning and I bit my lower lip at the tightness of her ass.

I slowly started fucking my aunt’s ass, my hands holding on tight to her slightly pale ass cheeks. Caitlin kept talking to me, telling me hoe good my dick felt in her ass and how she liked it fucked slowly. As I fucked her, my cock slid in more and more until most of it was fitting in her ass. Caitlin clenched her ass, making it tighter. I reached up with my left hand and wrapped some of her hair around it. I gave her hair a tug, making my aunt yell. My thrusts started getting harder and more forceful. Caitlin and I started breathing in rhythm, her squeals coming every time I pushed in.

“Nicky, Nicky,” she moaned.

“Oh, Aunt Caitlin,” I responded, my pressure rising. I felt my cock getting extra hard. “I’m about to cum, Caitlin,” I managed to grunt. She reached down and started stroking my balls. The feel of her fingers softly playing with my sac was the last straw. I let out a loud groan as my cum exploded out into her ass. I started trembling all over as my dick pulsed, hot loads shooting out in a rhythm. I kept my cock in her ass until it was empty.

I slowly pulled my dick out of Caitlin’s ass. A couple of seconds later, my cum slowly dripped out of her gaping hole. Caitlin collapsed onto the bed, sweating and panting from the exertion. I lay down next to her and she wrapped an arm around my chest.

“Thanks, Nick, I needed that a lot,” she said, placing a kiss on my cheek. I turned my head and kissed Caitlin’s lips, the taste of alcohol and cum lingering in her mouth. We then both laid back and I dozed off, my aunt’s body pressed against mine.

Part One:

My name is Vincent and you may have heard some nasty rumors floating around about me. They are all a lie, okay most of them are lies… alright, truth be told most of them are spot on… okay, okay they are all true! There, feel better… screw you!

I blame my cock… it’s all its fault… that and the drugs… and all those damn slutty women! I can’t help it if they were my friend’s sisters, moms and cousins… my penis is possessed! It’s pure evil I tell you! Don’t believe me I’ll prove it!

Possession is 9/10th the law:

It was the summer of ’82 and I had just graduated from high school and it was deemed fit and proper that we do something really fucking stupid. Thus and therefore we sat in council, all proper gentlemen were we, and discussed the weighty matter of what we should all do for our last summer together before we were scattered to the four winds.

My mom’s basement was large and mainly unfinished and we were sitting on the concrete floor passing the sacred weed from man to man. An acrid smell filled the air and we were in the proper frame of mind to determine our fates.

“Dude, we should like totally road trip to Vegas,” offered one William of Patterson street.

“No man I say Miami, all the bitches are fine down there,” spoke the wise and honorable ‘Duke of Lafayette’ or known in other circles as John Rankin.

“I think we should head down to Jamaica,” I offered and continued to explain my thought, “you can get the best shit down there and we can bring some back and grow our own!”

There were murmurs of approval and other voices began to chime in when ‘she’ slunk down the stairs all ninja-like and we were in a word busted.

“You guys are so in trouble,” Heather hissed when she smelled the herb and saw us passing it around. “I am gonna tell mom and…”

“…want some?” I said offering her the joint.

“Dude that’s my sister,” William protested.

“Dude if she blabs we won’t have a summer vacation,” and my logic won out.

Heather walked upstairs and disappeared and we all moaned thinking we were busted but she returned a minute later with air freshener, candles and sat down next to me. Lo did she greedily toke the sacred weed and did in time get sagaciously stoned. So with air freshened and candles lit we did continue our discussion.

“I would so go to Jamaica,” Heather offered in her sweet voice, “Carol my next door neighbor got some shit from there and we got so fucked up…”

William looked at his sister twin and shook his head.

“You never told me you smoked,” William did grill her.

“I never told you a lot of things,” she countered.

The sibling rivalry was getting heated and was diminishing my buzz so I performed the time honored intervention.

“Dude… she’s YOUR sister… does anything she has done, spoken or otherwise, really surprise you?”

“Hmm… no I guess not…”

“Okay now before you slay my buzz completely let us take a vote,” I said raising my hand, “okay all in favor of Jamaica raise your hand.”

I looked around the circle and all hands were raised including Heather’s.

“Heather sweetie you can’t vote…” I whispered.

“Oh sorry,” she lowered her hand before leaning into me, “if you need help with the growing part when you guys get back I know a guy…”

“Heather!” William cried out and at that it was time for our group to disband the buzz was officially killed.

Everyone save Heather and me got up and left. William stood at the middle of the stairs waiting looking at Heather.

“Well,” he asked.

“Vincent and I are going to talk agriculture I’ll be home soon,” she said smiling.

“Okay…” and with a reluctant look back he climbed the stairs and we heard the door close behind him.

“So I was thinking some glow lights on timers…” I began but Heather put her finger on my lips.

“You know what happens to me when I get stoned?”

I shook my head and she smiled and continued.

“I get all wet and horny,” she purred and saying that she straddled me. “I hear it from the most reliable sources, namely one Sue Grant, that you are hung like a beast… is that true?”

“Um…” was all I could get out before she leaned down and kissed me.

I will tell you now this was no sisterly kiss of friendship but a gut wrenching, tongue dueling, cock hardening embrace of epic proportions! Heather’s long black hair tumbled down and like the curtain of night fell over my face and I saw nothing but I did feel her hands rubbing between my legs.

“Jackpot,” I heard her exclaim as she deftly unbuttoned my jeans and then unzipped them freeing my aching shlong. “Damn, she was right, you have a monster cock down there lover.”

At hearing ‘cock’ and ‘lover’ I knew my wet dreams had come true! I was going to fuck the very cute and very busty Lady Heather! I felt her dainty hands wrap around the shaft of my dick and moaned as she double stroked me.

“How does that feel baby,” Heather moaned in my ear, “I can’t wait to suck you off. Ever since I heard about you… this…,” she gave it a gentle squeeze, “I have masturbated dreaming of tasting it and feeling it inside of me.”

“Taste away…” I moaned as I reached up and cupped her firm tits through her shirt.

“Mmm you like my tits,” she said and leaned back and yanked the shirt off of her and her bra went flying moments later.

She took my hands and placed them on her naked flesh before returning to stroking my cock. I leaned up and kissed and suckled her tits and nipples. She growled in my ear how good that felt and I let my tongue flicker over her puffy nipples and I felt her grind her denim clad pussy against my thigh.

“Want to sneak up to your bedroom and fuck me up there,” sweet Heather asked.

“Yeah, got to be tons more comfortable than concrete, but you have to be quiet or we will get busted.”

“I promise…” she lied.

She stood up and grabbed her fallen shirt and bra and then she grabbed ‘me’ and led me upstairs. We didn’t need to worry about sneaking through the house it was empty, except us of course. But my mom would be home in an hour or so. As Heather with me in hand, literally, made our way to the second floor and my bedroom my mind momentarily slipped from the green fog and drug induced erection to ponder the morality of what I was about to do.

One… you are about to violate your best friend’s trust and sister.

Two… you are risking getting busted for smoking and fucking in the house, again.

Three… Heather is going to suck you then fuck you.

I actually hesitated for a single, long moment and Heather noticed. She turned and kissed me again with all the hunger and lust she could summon and it was a lot!

“I understand you are feeling weird about what is about to happen. I get that. But, I will share with you a secret no girl or woman would normally ever expose. So here it is in a nutshell. Nice guys do not repeat do not get laid. We like the bad boys and do all sorts of naughty things with those kinds of guys. Need I say more?”

I scooped her up into my arms and carried her, the rest of the way down the hallway to my bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I closed the door and walked over to the bed where she stopped me with a grin.

“Don’t move, stand right there,” she said as she got onto her knees and slowly peeled off her shirt revealing those gorgeous C Cup tits of hers.

The shirt dropped to the bed and she grabbed her tits and began to massage and tease them. I reached down and began to stroke myself and her eyes lit up and as she moaned then growled as she unbuttoned her jean shorts. She got onto her hands and knees and facing away from me began to slowly pull them down over her bubble butt. I saw her crack appear and then her puckered asshole and then at long last her wet slit.

“I need help getting them off,” she moaned/purred.

I walked over and tugged them the rest of the way off as she turned around and took me into her mouth while I stood at the edge of the bed.

“Oh god damn girl,” I moaned as I tore my own shirt off and reached down and played with her hair.

She moaned when I stroked her hair and that sent shockwaves through me. I grunted when she moaned and Heather took this as a good thing and kept on moaning as inch by inch my cock slid between her lips. Heather stopped at about half way and I couldn’t blame her. When my cock is soft it’s close to seven inches long. Fully erect as it was now it was a very prodigious thing indeed. I rocked my hips just a little and started fucking her mouth and she seemed to like this a lot as I saw her hand move up and between her legs getting her pussy ready for me.

“Are you ready to feel this inside of you,” I asked and she broke her ‘kiss’ and for answer spun around and scooted until her upraised ass was mere inches from me.

“Slide it in, slowly…” she begged.

“I know the drill,” I told her as the head parted her tight pussy lips.

“Unnn… that’s it nice and…” Heather moaned.

“…slow,” I finished for her as she buried her face in my covers.

I was about half way inside when I stopped and began to move my hips in and out of her. She was panting and moaning louder and louder.

“Oh god… deeper lover… deeper…” she begged.

I inched my way forward letting her take one, two and finally three more inches before her hand went up signaling me I had hit bottom. Again I began rocking gently and her incredibly tight pussy gripped me like a fist. I was moaning softly as we fucked, I say fucked because there was absolutely no love involved in this union. Okay maybe the love of an eager slutty girl, or the love of her talented lips licking and sucking me or even the deep love a man feels for a woman with a real tight pussy. But not the icky squishy love they show in the movies. I felt that wonderful tingling sensation start in my toes and began to thrust faster into her and she was pushing back now meeting me stroke for stroke.

“OH GOD…” she screamed, “FUCK ME LOVER! Drive that long… fat… cock into my tight little pussy!”

So much for being quiet; I told you she lied to me. I thrust harder and a bit deeper into her and felt her pussy clench around me tighter still and knew that she had just climaxed. That’s always good for a second date or in our case a second grudge fuck. My cock swelled up inside of her and she knew I was going to cum.

“SPRAY MY TITS AND FACE LOVER…” Heather begged/howled.

When I couldn’t fight it off any longer I yanked my dick from her pussy and she flipped over onto her back and I let go and I painted her body with pulses of hot cum.

“Oh shit…” Heather said looking passed me and there in all her terrible glory was my mom.

She was staring open mouthed at the scene before her and I shriveled to nothing in seconds flat.

“Ummm… hi mom this is…”

“Heather… get dressed and out of this house and never set foot here ever again or I swear your mother will hear all about this. I won’t tell her today because I know she has a weak heart and this would kill her dead.”

Ninja-quick Heather was dressed and leaving. She turned around and mouthed those immortal words, ‘call me.’ I hid the smile and did the walk of shame after I had put on my own clothes.

The kitchen table, it was the place where we gathered for meals, played board games and asses were severely chewed. My mom was sitting there pale and shaking in her rage. I sat without a word knowing she would launch into her tirade soon enough.

“How could you,” she snapped at me.

Three seconds I had counted from the time I sat to the first word. I could tell by that short wait that she was way beyond upset.

“She is William’s sister for Christ’s sake.”

Eep! She invoked her lord, god and savior; I was in serious shit now!

“I know you were gifted with a fine specimen of manhood, but that doesn’t give you the right young man to share it with the entire world.”

Blink… blink… was that a fucked up twisted sort of compliment? This was getting creepy weird like when my step sister got drunk and sleep fucked me before going off to college last month. Or the time the young nun came a calling to bake bread with my mom and caught me in the shower when she came upstairs to use the bathroom.

“I…” mom was having none of that.

“You… young man need to learn some self control and discipline.”

“Not the military…” I begged.

“No, heavens no… you need religion. I have been far too lax on that front since I married your father and didn’t feel it was my place to take a stand. But sweetie it’s been five years now and I feel I am ready to support you in this case, for your immortal soul.”

“The seminary,” I asked.

“No, that would be a decision between you and god. No I was thinking of Sister Mary Margaret having a nice long talk with you.”

“Not placing the name…” I said my face screwed up in puzzlement.

“You know that sweet pious thing that came over and helped me bake bread just before Easter.”

Ding! That cock hungry redhead who nearly deep throated me in the shower? Oh hell yes!

“I seem to remember her a little,” I said softly.

“I bet if I asked her she would meet with and discuss the bible in length. Show you the errors of you ways,” Mom beamed at me.

“Not a priest,” I asked full well knowing her thoughts on that subject.

“I will not let a child raping pedophile anywhere near you Vincent! I mean you are a ‘fully grown’ young man but still.”

“I appreciate your concern… if you think it’ll help I will give it my all!”

“That’s the spirit! There’s hope for your immortal soul yet.”

A week later, there was Sister Mary Margaret in all her nakedness bent over the altar of her dead and risen god begging for my cock.

“Please Vincent don’t make me beg for it,” She said smiling. “Is that is you want me to beg? Okay. Please lover… darling fuck my tight little pussy! Please ram that fat cock of yours into me!”

The acoustics in this place were phenomenal and I am sure if there was anyone else in the church they could have heard her from the very back row. I walked up and aimed the head of my cock between her glistening pussy lips and pushed.

“YES… oh Lord Vincent your cock feels so good!”

“Push back you dirty slut,” I told her fully embracing my soul burning bad boy persona.

“Yes baby… watch me fuck you with my pussy!”

Sister Mary Margaret thrust her tight wet pussy backwards and nearly impaled herself again and again. The few women I had been with had never been able to take as much of my dick into either mouth or pussy as this talented young woman.

“It’s going in so deep,” I moaned.

“My pussy adores your cock lover!”

“So does your mouth and throat…”

“…Mmm yes they do. You know what else adores your hard flesh?”

“I have no idea but I bet you are going to tell me.”

“NO…” she purred loudly, “…I am going to show you!”

“Lucky me… mom said you were going to take my education in hand…”

“…hand and mouth and pussy and…”


“Pull out and go over and sit on those stairs right there,” she said pointing to the pulpit, the place where the priest preaches from.

I did as I was told and slowly pulled out of her pussy and went and sat down.

“I was so thrilled to hear you were going to visit me I prepared a little something special.”

“Special…” I asked.

“Not a lot of women would suggest this and many don’t enjoy it as much as I do so…”

She walked over to me with her long legs, shaved pussy and evil smile. Sister Mary Margaret turned around and grabbed my cock and bent over and eased backwards guiding the head of my dick to her tight puckered ass. With practiced ease and I suspect some prior fingering I slipped in with little pain to her and a lot of pleasure for me.

“Oh my god that’s fucking tight,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes it is,” she growled. “I am going to start but when you are ready stand up and finish me off… its okay to cum in my ass they all do.”

She let half my length into her butt before she started rocking her hips and letting me feel how deliciously naughty it felt.

“Oh I don’t know how long I can last…” I warned her.

“Don’t fret I already cum twice already…” she moaned as another two inches slid into her, “…this is for you lover so enjoy it.”

I felt like I was going to blow my load any minute so I stood up slowly and grabbed her hips. I tested the waters and pushed my hips forward to see how much of me should could accommodate and when her hand finally came up all but a few inches were inside of her.

“Damn Sister, your tight little ass just swallowed up most of my cock!”

Then I began to move slowly not wanting to hurt her and not wanting this to end too soon. I savored every moment of this and let her know.

“Nnnn so fucking tight,” I moaned.

“You feel so good in my ass lover…” she purred, “…I can’t wait to feel you cum deep inside of me.”

“Not long now…” I growled as she felt me swell inside of her.

“Oh god you are stretching me… so fucking big…” Sister Mary Margaret said as she began squeezing me with her ass. “…fill me up I need it so bad!”

It didn’t take much of that to push me over the edge and thrusting harder now I pulled back and with one last shove of my hips I painted her insides. My knees almost buckled I came so hard. My cock twitched inside of her as the last of my orgasm shook me.

“Mmm I want to do that again sometime,” I said out loud thinking how wonderful it felt.

“Sure lover, how about next week,” she offered. “I told your mother that if things worked out I would tutor you at least once a week.”

“I don’t know what to say?”

“Say that you’ll change into this… for little ‘ol me,” she said holding up the garb of a local priest.

“Isn’t someone going to miss that?”

“Nah… he thinks it’s still at the dry cleaners.”

“You are…”

“You’re not jealous are you?”

“Not at all just a little amazed,” I said.

“Oh its okay he hasn’t taken his final vows yet…”

“You are so going to hell…”

“Eh… I only joined the convent to get cock…”


“That and travel,” she said as she began to dress me in the black attire of a priest, “Since I was young I always thought priests were sexy. Come on admit it, defiling a nun is like number two on a guy’s wish list.”

“What’s number one,” I asked as she began to dress herself leaving panties and bra on the floor, “everyone knows that busty Asian twins are number one.”

“Hmm… never having fucked Japanese twins before… I don’t know; defiling a gorgeous nun like you is my number one.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said picking up the clothing that was left on or around the altar. “Now follow me to the confessional… I have some things to be forgiven for.”

“I’m not really a priest… I can’t forgive your sins…”

“…who said anything about forgiving them I have some more to commit.”

“Oh, well that explains a lot…”

One month later thanks to my stellar review from Sister Mary Fucksalot my friends and I were landing in the island nation of Jamaica. William was blissfully unaware of my devirginizing of his sweet twin sister. She didn’t tell me until a few weeks later when she showed up at church for confession and told me all while on her hands and knees before me. The priest’s outfit still hangs in my closet to this day. The plane jerked a bit as the landing gear touched down and that shook me out of my pleasant reverie. We had two weeks in paradise and little did I know that my doom would be sealed on board a luxury yacht.

We decided to get a better look at the beach and on our way we met a charming man with dreadlocks named Paul. His devilish good looks and outstanding fashion sense were nothing compared to the wickedly good shit he was smoking. Being a good and decent fellow he shared some, for a price. The beach was populated by beautiful people and off in the ocean was anchored two large yachts that gleamed in the noon day sun. We were walking passed a line of reclined sun bathers when a voice called out to us.

“Excuse me young man, can you help me?” Her voice was cultured and oozed sensuality.

I turned and saw an olive skinned beauty looking up at me. I pointed to myself and she nodded so I walked over and squatted next to her.

“How can I be of assistance?”

“How polite and cute,” she said biting her lower lip. “Would you consider it bold of me to ask you to rub some sun tan lotion on me?”

“Would it be bold to tell you how beautiful you are and how lucky I would be to roam my hands over your body?”

“No,” she purred, “Here’s the lotion.” She said lifting up revealing her bare breasts with their hard pointy nipples.

I took the lotion and drizzled some on hands and applied some to her upper back. Immediately she let out a low moan/growl. I rubbed it in and slowly made my way downward towards her ass. When I reached her lower back I muttered low enough for her to hear.

“Mmm pity you have those bottoms on I would love feel your ass in my strong young hands.”

“You are a very naughty boy,” she purred, “take them off… slowly.”

I gripped the first side of her bikini bottom and as she asked so nicely I pulled the string slowly watching as the bow got smaller and smaller and then… poof it was now two pieces of string. I leaned over her my hand resting on her thigh and felt her leg quiver as I untied the other side.

“I think I came…” I heard her whisper.

“…and you called me naughty.” I said.

I gently pulled the material away from her ass and smiled.

“Damn, you have the finest ass I have ever laid eyes on,” I told her.

“Prove it, apply some of that lotion,” she purred/moaned.

I drizzled some lotion onto my hands and began to knead her cheeks and she was squirming beneath me. I could see that her pussy was absolutely soaked.

“You my dear are practically dripping with need,” I said as I continued to rub the suntan lotion in.

“I blame you,” she moaned.

“I could help you with that but…” I said softly, “I don’t believe they allow love play…”

“You mean fucking… they don’t allow fucking on the beach! That’s true maybe we should adjourn to more private quarters.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Just this, I am going to stand up and you follow me to my boat and you can bend me over and fuck me rotten. Afterwards I will let you shoot your cum down my throat… so what do you say?”

“I say… lead the way.”

So there I was walking down the beach following this hot older gal and my friends were looking at me with a mixture of confusion and envy. I shrugged and walked along the beach to a pier and there a motorboat took her and I to one of the yachts anchored in the bay. Her ‘boat’ was the second largest of the luxury ships in port and as I tossed the mooring line an attractive young girl caught the line and tied us off.

“Welcome back Madame,” she girl said smiling and offering her a terry cloth robe.

“Thank you Celine fetch us some wine, glasses and a snack,” my hostess said walking towards the front of the boat.

The woman sat in a comfy looking deck chair and pointed to the one next to her.

“We have not been properly introduced, I am Madelyn Anetakis and you are,” she asked.

“Vincent, Vincent Majors.”

“May I call you Vin?”

“Sure,” I said taking out the plastic bag with my herbal distraction in it, “you mind?”

“Only if you don’t share…” Madelyn said with a smile.

In no time at all the cigarette was measured, rolled, lighted and shared. The cute brunette had returned with wine and food but this was ignored as the three of us partook of the smoke. I learned that Celine was born here in Jamaica but her mother was from a commune near Paris France called Saint Maur des Fosses. After we were nice and toasty Madelyn nodded to Celine who pulled me to my feet and began to undress me while the older gal watched. Celine tugged my shirt off and kissed and suckled my nipples. I quivered a bit because no one had ever done that to me before. Then with a dramatic tug my swim trunks hit the deck and both women gasped.

“Mon Dieu what a monster,” Celine whispered, “This will prove a challenge even for my unusual talent.”

“What is that,” I asked as she dropped to her knees to get to know my cock better.

“Up until recently I was a very accomplished,” Celine moaned as her tiny hand wrapped around my quickly hardening dick, “…sword swallower.”

“Damn, this I gotta see,” I moaned as her lips and tongue began to pleasure me.

“Me too,” moaned Madelyn who had two fingers stuck in her pussy.

“Are you getting that tight pussy of yours ready for a pounding,” I asked watching Madelyn masturbate.

“Oh baby you know I am… that beast of yours is going to touch me places I have never felt before.”

“Mmm I love anal…” I began to say and Madelyn smiled wickedly.

“Well, well I suppose you can fuck me there too…”

“She meant her pussy monsieur…” Celine explained with her sexy Jamaican accent.

Celine shakily got to her feet and undid her top revealing her small but cute tits and then untied her bikini bottom and let them drop to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. She slid a few fingers into her sex as she got into the proper position to deep throat my cock which was at full staff. With a few cautious moves she found the correct attack angle and inch by inch my cock slid into her mouth and then her throat until her lips brushed against the base.

“Oh god damn girl… no one has ever done that!”

“I believe you Vin… I believe you…” Madelyn moaned.

Celine began moving up and down on my cock and I stood there in lust and if I were rich as hell would have proposed on the spot.

“Mmm that feels fucking amazing…” I growled.

“Wait until I wrap my pussy around you lover…” Madelyn purred in my ear as she moved to stand behind me; her tits pressed against my back and her lips on my neck. “…I will milk your cock with my pussy muscles.”

“I can hardly wait…” I groaned, “…Mmm Celine if you keep that up, I am going to blow down your throat.”

“Go ahead Celine darling you have earned it I am sure we can get him hard again in no time he is so young and virile.”

Celine’s head moved up and down my length licking and sucking and driving me headlong into a mind blowing orgasm and I just let it happen. Madelyn’s hands roamed over my body as her lips teased my neck and ears and she whispered all the dirty things she wanted to do to me.

“Move so I can taste those fine tits of yours,” I said to Madelyn and she eagerly stepped around to my front and cupped her breasts offering them to me.

I leaned down and licked and suckled her large breasts loving the sounds she was making as I did so. I let my tongue flicker over her dark sensitive areoles and watched Madelyn’s eyes roll up in her head. All the while I felt my toes start to curl and warned Celine I was getting real close to shooting down her throat she never slowed down.

“Eager cocksucker you have there,” I told Madelyn as she knelt to watch Celine up close as she gobbled up cum.

“Can you blame her,” Madelyn moaned.

“I am so fucking close,” I hissed and Celine pulled her head back and made a tight seal with her lips around the head of my cock and she and Madelyn stroked the shaft furiously.

The feel of both their hands on me was too much and with a roar I sent a torrent of cum down the sword swallower’s throat. I was panting and a little weak in the knees but eager to feel Madelyn’s tight pussy wrapped around me.

“Still want me to bend you over Madelyn,” I asked.

“Most definitely I trust you will not pierce me too deep lover,” she moaned and stood up and walked over the side of the ship and assumed the position.

I followed her and pondered licking her pussy first but figured there was time enough for that later. I placed the head of my cock between her pussy lips and pushed slowly Madelyn began to moan as I filled her up little by little. I stopped when half of my dick was in her but she wiggled her ass begging for more so I pushed my hips forward until with a squeak of surprise she waved for me to stop. When I looked down most of my cock was buried in her pussy.

“Wow… you have most of me in you… how does it feel,” I asked her.

“Mmm no one has ever made me feel so complete before… fuck me lover nice and slow for now.”

I pulled back a bit and then started driving my dick in and out of her setting up a nice leisurely rhythm.

“How’s that,” I asked and felt her pussy muscles give me a healthy squeeze, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

After a few minutes I pulled back a bit further and began thrusting into her harder and faster now and her panting told me that she liked how my dick felt inside of her. Her pussy gripped and massaged me like no woman I had ever been with before. This was a day of firsts. Celine watched intent and was using lube she had gotten from below and was working two fingers in and out of her tight ass. Five minutes later Madelyn was crying out and I felt her sex grip me like a velvet fist and held me where I was. Her body shuddered and she had dropped her head and was moaning and growling as the last tingles of her orgasm passed. I pulled out and Madelyn literally threw her arms around me and molded her body to mine kissing me like she would die otherwise.

“Lover,” she said breaking our embrace, “we are sailing to Crete tomorrow I want you to come with us!”

“Umm… I never dreamed of sailing to Crete… don’t take this wrong but I need to tell my friends and contact my mom. She’s a worrier you understand.”

“Mmm,” she kissed me again, “I would be disappointed if you didn’t tell your mother. She would worry sick otherwise. You are a good son I appreciate that in you. Family is very important!”

“Okay… then sure I’d love to go with you two,” I said.

“Oh Vin it will be nine of us in all, most of the crew are ashore right now…”

“Makes sense you’d need more people to pilot something this big,” I told her.

“Vin…” Celine called out to me, “before you leave the boat… can you treat me to that cock of yours?”

She was bent over with her hands gripping her ass cheeks and even as she spoke she pulled her cheeks apart showing me her glistening asshole so very eager to be fucked.

“I’d be a fool to turn down such an invitation…” I said looking at Madelyn who smiled and nodded.

“Don’t leave the poor thing begging Vin, that would be cruel,” Madelyn whispered in my ear.

I walked over and moved behind Celine and pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and gently and very slowly pushed. Her preparations made it easier for me to get the mushroom shaped head of my cock in passed that tight ring of muscle. Before long I was as deep as she could handle and I let her get used to me before I started moving my hips.

“You said you enjoyed anal NNNNN how does that feel lover,” Celine asked.

“Fucking amazing,” I moaned in her ear.

“Good, now start fucking my ass… yeah… like that…” she growled.

I fucked her nice and slow and she let out a little grunt each time my cock moved into her and sooner than I thought possible she was gently pushing backwards when I thrust foreword. We were both grunting now and I was fighting my orgasm with everything I had. Her ass was so fucking tight! After ten minutes or so I felt my self control slipping and knew I would be coming very soon.

“Can’t fight it any longer…” I moaned.

“Cum in my ass, I want to feel it spray my insides!”

I thrust hard and fast now knowing I had less than a minute left before my orgasm hit me. Celine was screaming to me and with a single final thrust my cock pulsed hot cum into her tighter hole.

“Damn but that’s one hell of a sight,” came a new voice, a male voice.

I looked over my shoulder and there stood a man of average height with an olive complexion and bright blue eyes.

“Honey this is Vin, Vin this is my husband Cronus Anetakis.”

I eased my cock out of Celine and shook his hand and he looked down and went pale.

“Damn Vin how do you keep from passing out when you get hard?”

“I really don’t know,” I said shrugging. “Mind if I get dressed?”

“Didn’t mean to stare but… god damn you put us to shame…”

“Vin is travelling with us back to Crete,” Madelyn said.

I noticed she didn’t ask she just said it like ‘oh by the way…’ and her husband just nodded then went to grab something from the fridge. I turned to Celine and asked her if everything was okay.

“Am I fifth wheel around here,” I asked.

“Oh not at all don’t worry about a thing.”

“I need to take a shower before I head back to shore…”

She smiled and dove off the boat into the ocean I leaned over and she was waving me in. I dove in after her and the cool water felt amazing after all that had happened on the boat. Celine and I swam in slow circles kissing and holding each other tight.

“…does he know…” Cronus’ voice filtered down.

“…I don’t know… she told him… yet…” replied Madelyn.

“What are they talking about,” I asked Celine breaking our kiss.

“My dad, it’s about my dad…”

“What about your dad… is he going to be upset you are leaving Jamaica?”

“Oh he knows and is disappointed but not mad… he’s just a little over protective is all.”

“Great… is he going to shoot me if he sees us holding hands or something?”

“No… he is the local Vaudoux… a sorcerer of great power…”

“So no gun, but curse… yes?”

“I am sorry…” but I cut her off with a kiss.

“Do you regret what you did,” I asked. “Do you feel bad about the pleasure you gave me?”


“Then I will face your father’s anger knowing neither of us has any hard feelings over this.”

While I floated in the water I didn’t fear a curse or evil spirits… I was a fool and would learn the wrath of the old gods and would suffer til the day I died.

The stars were blazing in the night sky, Celine and I had hooked up with my friends and I told them I was leaving for Crete the next day. It was a mixed reaction but William gave me the thumbs up after meeting Celine.

“You’d be a fool not to dude,” William said as we pounded a few shots of local rot gut in the neighborhood bar.

“I am going to help Celine get her stuff on the boat later tonight, can you mail this letter I wrote my mom so she doesn’t lose her mind,” I asked William.

“Sure dude no problem, consider it done.”

We drank for another hour before it was time to get Celine’s things and meet her father. I was a little nervous but chalked it up to meeting some scary Jamaican dude with a machete. But to my surprise he was a laid back looking man in his early fifties with salt and pepper dreadlocks and skin the color of ebony. His bright green eyes were a shock though and Celine said that is why he was chosen by the previous magician as his successor. Celine did a very brief introduction and left me there to face her father alone as she grabbed her meager belongings.

“So your daughter is a sword swallower,” poor choice of ice breaking topic?

“She was before the Greek lured her away… you don’t look Greek you are very white!”

“I am American…”

“…that is worse than Greek… she is better than you but you will never see it…”

“Listen I am not here to disrespect you or your daughter…”

“Your very presence here is an affront to the spirits and my family…”

“I came here to help Celine to carry her things to the boat…”

“You are not worthy to say her name…” he spat on me… I think that’s when I snapped.

I looked down at the loogie on my nice new shirt and I felt the blood rush to my face.

“Motherfucker! That was the last fucking straw… I am not going to beat the piss out of you for her sake but the next time I have her bent over, moaning and calling out my name I’ll be thinking of you!”

It was his turn to lose his temper and it was a terrible thing. He never said a word, he walked over to the altar at the back of the room and picked up a wooden bowl and hurled its contents at my crotch and cried out in a wordless howl and pointed at me.

“Now my fucking shorts! Have you lost your fucking mind?”

“You are cursed…” he said in a low cold tone, “that thing between your legs you are so proud of will bring you nothing but misery from this moment on. You shall never sire children and you will die alone and unloved.”

“FATHER!” Celine was standing in the doorway her dusky complexion pale and she was shaking in fear… for me. “What have you done?”

“He has defiled you and he will pay the price!”

“Daddy… he didn’t do anything to me that I didn’t want to happen…”

I could see the regret in the old man’s eyes but he shook his head and walked passed her never saying goodbye.

“I am sorry Vin,” Celine said approaching me slowly staring at my stained shorts as if it were blood that had marked me.

“Me too, I just bought these clothes…”

“But the curse,” She said softly.

“No disrespect but nothing bad is going to happen…”

The words were barely out of my mouth when three girls walked by and saw us and the one in the middle stopped and whispered in the ear of the girl to her left and then the one on the right. There was some discussion and muttering before the one in the middle broke from the group and walked up to me.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I couldn’t help but notice your stain…” her English accent giving her an almost sexy air.

Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smiled brilliantly before saying…

“…outlining that HUGE cock of yours that we can see from the street…” she said and looked back at her friends before saying, “…we want to buy you a drink or two… before we all take a ride on that beastie of yours!”

I blinked a few times and looked at Celine who shook her head.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” I said softly so only the girl who had approached could hear, “my girlfriend here is a sword swallower I doubt you or your friends have much to offer me…”

“Sword Swallower… damn… so is that a no? I mean three girls at one time…”

“Yes that’s a no,” Celine added.

“Bitch! I wasn’t talking to you!” The girl turned on Celine and her friends approached to back her up.

“Then talk to me,” I said and the three strange girls looked at me and were all smiles, “I am not interested even if there were ten of you.”

“Oh you don’t mean that,” said the tall busty blonde as she lifted up her skirt revealing a bald pussy dripping with need. “…my pussy really needs a cock right now… you can take me in the alley and fuck me there if you want?”

“You have a lovely pussy,” I said trying to be nice, “but…”

“You like butts… check out mine…” the short brunette said as she turned and tugged down her denim shorts. “Look at that… see how nice and round it is… and I am at least as wet as Sheila is…”

“Yes very nice…” I said trying to keep things civilized.

“Nice… NICE…” the brunette’s voice gaining in volume, “…nice is how tight my pussy is and how good it will feel wrapped around that fine cock of yours!”

“Mmm all three of us could take turns sucking you off and swallow every fucking drop, isn’t that right girls?” the first girl added before I could respond and her friends nodded.

“What are you going to do suck me off right here in public,” I asked knowing they wouldn’t.

“If that’s what it takes to get your attention…” and the deed was done.

The first girl dropped/fell to her knees in front of me and yanked my shorts off of me and began giving me head right there in front of Celine’s home. I tried to force her off but when I grabbed her head she just moaned and bobbed her head further down the shaft. I tried to bite back the moan of pleasure but it snuck out of me and Celine turned to face me and to my horror she smiled.

“Serves you right for pissing off my dad…” Celine said turning to face the other two, “he’s all yours girls… Vin… I’ll see you on the boat later.”

Part 1

It happened because she was so flustered. She had spent the weekend with her family, and they had driven her nuts.

Her father was always giving her a hard time about money and boys. Her younger sisters were always pestering her for advice and money and tips on how to look more like her. Her younger brother seemed to just stare at her all the time, an Internet fantasy come to life in his house.

Her mother was the most aggravating, always pestering her about finding a husband, even though she was only 20. Her mother was worried that men were only interested in her for her looks, which were, to be fair, stunning. She got lots of attention for her long, flame-red hair. She got even more for her 36D breasts, which looked spectacular and would have under any circumstances. They looked even better in the low-cut T shirts and tank tops she preferred on warm days like today.

But she got the most attention for her ass, which was curvy and shapely and firm and seemed to dominate a room. Even men who weren’t especially into asses found themselves watching her. She favored jeans and shorts that showed off her heart-shaped assets, but she was never trashy about it. It wasn’t her fault that she had a body that stopped traffic.

In truth, her mother was worried about the wrong thing. While men paid attention to her for her body, once she spoke they became enamored of her other charms. She had a sultry voice that invoked whiskey and cigarettes that she had neither drunk nor smoked. She was witty and unflappable and could handle everything from the most sophisticated to the clumsiest come on with grace and humor. So men weren’t just interested in her body; they were fascinated with her.

And, despite the statistics and her parents’ deepest fears, she was no easy mark. She had slept with exactly three men, starting on her 16th birthday and always with a steady boyfriend. She had been single for six months and was really getting to regret her attitude toward sex outside a relationship. Her favorite toys were starting to feel like boyfriends and she found herself fighting with them and then withholding sex. It was turning into a real relationship.

So as she left to head back to school, she had all these things on her mind. Her parents. Her siblings. School. And, more than she cared to admit it, sex.

Which is why she forgot her wallet.

She was rushing to get packed and make the last train of the night, an overnight from Seattle back to Chicago. She had made a reservation online but had arranged to pay cash at the station (she already had too much on her credit card), and she would have had time if there hadn’t been traffic from a Mariners game. As it was, she made the train with seconds to spare and ran right to the first empty compartment she saw. She settled in, her bags on the floor next to her, and let out a long sigh of relief.

About an hour later, as her sleep had just turned to a recurring sex dream involving Justin Timberlake and a large bathtub, she heard someone talking to her.

“Miss? Miss?”

She opened her eyes and tried to focus. She wasn’t sure where she was, because her mind (and her pussy) were in the tub with JT.

“I’m sorry to wake you. Do you have a ticket?”

She was finally able to focus. The conductor was standing in front of her. When did their uniforms get so form-fitting? He was probably in his early 40s, but he looked good. Solid, muscular build. Salt-and-pepper hair cut short and stylish. A stubble beard that actually reminded her of Justin in one of her favorite videos. Kind brown eyes and a very sexy smile that seemed to wake her up gently, like a lover’s hug.

“I didn’t want to wake you, but there was no ticket on the door or the seat. I need to see your ticket, please.”

She nodded, thinking about his smile and his arms and the vague outline of a bulge in his pants. She didn’t want to speak, for fear she would tell him about her dream. She fumbled in her bag and pulled out the printed reservation. She handed it to him with a smile. He looked at it, puzzled.

“I’m sorry, miss, but this is just a reservation. Did you actually purchase the ticket at the station?”

Her mistake was instantly apparent to her. Her face fell.

“I was in such a rush, I would have missed the train. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s no problem. I can process it here.”

She went through her bag again, once, then a second time, then more urgently a third time.

“I can’t seem to find my wallet.”

He looked a little amused and a little put out. She wasn’t sure which was more prominent. He looked at his watch.

“I have to finish my rounds. I’ll be back in about half an hour. Perhaps you will have found it by then.”

Then he smiled that killer smile and let himself out.

She spent the first 15 minutes confirming that her wallet was nowhere to be found. She remembered having it on the kitchen counter at home, which is probably where it still was. She spent the last 15 minutes practicing apologies and promises to send the money right away when she got to Chicago.

When the conductor returned, she was sitting in the compartment looking sad and contrite. She explained the problem in a rush of anxious sentences and finished with a promise to pay the fare and any penalties. He listened with a look on his face that she couldn’t read. When she was done, he was silent for a few moments.

“Miss, Amtrak policy says that I am supposed to report you to the authorities when I put you off the train at the first available stop, which would be,” he consulted his watch, “Minneapolis in 8 hours.”

“Oh no, please don’t do that. I can’t be in trouble. And I have to be in class tomorrow in Chicago.”

“You really should have thought of that back in Seattle.”

“Please, isn’t there anything I can do?”

He looked her up and down. He had spent a few minutes watching her when he first woke her up, and thought she was the most attractive woman on the train, maybe the most attractive he had seen in a long while. He was wrestling with his ethics and morals. And losing.

“I don’t think you can. Or, I should say, I don’t think you would.”

“No, really. I would do anything. I just need to get to Chicago.”

She had seen him look her up and down. While his eyes were on her, hers were on him. She was powerfully attracted to him, and the power relationship between them at the moment did, if she was being really honest, turn her on even more. She knew precisely what she was saying, even if she couldn’t bring herself to give him one of those porn actress, fake come-hither looks.

“If you mean that…”

“I do.” Her eyes were mostly cast down, but they snuck up now and again to read the look, now open, on his face.

He looked at her hard, for an uncomfortably long time. Then, slowly, he reached his hand out toward the door and locked it. He pulled the screen on the door closed.

Part 2

When he locked the door, her heart nearly stopped. She was turned on, not just by the man in front of her but by the situation she was in. He had control over her and they both knew it. She felt her chest heaving a little, and the warmth in her panties was getting intense.

“Stand up.” His voice had lost its gentle quality and was husky and a bit demanding.

She stood and he looked her up and down. He made no move to touch her. He just watched her, clearly appreciating both the swell of her breasts and the raggedness of her breathing.

“Touch yourself.”

She looked at him, confused. He spoke a little more gently.

“You are turned on. I want you to touch yourself for me.”

She understood now, but was reluctant. She touched herself often in private, but had never been watched. She tentatively reached up and stroked the outside of her left breast. It was a feeble effort and she knew it.

“The police in Minneapolis will probably only keep you for a few days,” he said, with a devilish look.

She got the point. She started to massage her breast. Instantly, the nipple got hard and was visible through the white tank top. She ran her hand over it and was surprised at how much it turned her on. She tried to make it look casual, but she wanted to do it again. Realizing that was the point, she tweaked and slightly twisted her nipple. He smiled approvingly.

“The other one,” he said.

She repeated the gestures with the other nipple, then started playing with both. She was getting the hang of it. And he was clearly enjoying, as the bulge in his fitted, flat-front pants showed.

“Now…” He pointed at her denim shorts.

She hesitated, then realized her hesitation was for show. She wanted to touch herself. She ran her left hand slowly down her front to the V between her legs. She could feel the heat through the shorts, and she rubbed herself. She quickly made contact with her clit, and could feel how wet she was. Involuntarily, she closed her eyes briefly.

“Look at me,” he said. Her eyes snapped open and she stopped touching herself. “No, keep going. Just keep your eyes open.”

She did as ordered. Her left hand rubbed her pussy and her right hand was on her nipples. She was on fire, and so was he. He started rubbing the outline of his hard cock through his pants. He looked large, and she couldn’t decide if she should look in his eyes or at his dick. She found herself doing both.

“Take off your shorts.” She didn’t have to be told twice. She unsnapped the buckle and wriggled out of them.

“Turn around.” She adjusted her panties and turned around. She lingered with her back to him for a moment, knowing that the view of her ass was magnificent. He exhaled sharply. “Amazing.”

She turned back around to face him and started rubbing again. There was a clear wet spot in the front of her panties, and she worked it. She was getting slightly weak in the knees, and he knew it.

“Take off your clothes and lay back on the seat.” She removed the panties, tank top and bra in about three seconds. While she was doing it, she could see him struggling out of his uniform. His boxers were tented over a large, hard cock, which sprang out in all its glory when he pulled the shorts down. He sat on the seat opposite her.

When he started rubbing his cock up and down, she settled in to get herself off. She was fascinated as she watched him rub his hands over the length of his manhood. She had a finger rubbing her clit and one in her pussy while she watched him jerk off. She could see a small amount of pre-cum on the end of his thick, hard cock. It turned her on even more. She was playing with herself in front of this stranger and she was so close to coming.

When he started talking dirty, that put her over the edge.

“You look so fucking hot, rubbing your clit for me. You’re fingering yourself to a total stranger and you’re going to cum for me. I want to see you get yourself off. I want to watch you cum, staring at me jerking off and frigging your clit.”

The orgasm was shattering. She almost screamed but remembered where she was only at the last moment. Still, it was so intense, she almost passed out. But she never lost contact with her pussy, and kept rubbing it. She knew there were more orgasms in her.

When she settled down slightly, she saw that he was still stroking his cock, but more slowly. He was staring at her.

“Come over here. Now.”

Part 3

She got off the seat and got on her knees. She wasn’t told to, but knew that would be his wish. She moved over to him and settled back on her heels. She reached out and her hand replaced his on his cock.

It felt so hot and hard. She thought how long it had been since she had felt a cock this big. She also thought how much she had missed it.

She ran her hand up and down several times, looking up at him the whole time. He nudged his hips forward, not trusting his voice, sending her the signal she needed. She leaned forward, her tongue outstretched, and licked his cock from balls to the tip. She tasted the pre-cum and felt his sharp intake of breath. His passion was stirring hers even more.

She plunged his cock into her mouth and began to give her best blowjob. She got it very wet and sloppy and was using her hands and her mouth to try to bring him off. This wasn’t a warm-up blowjob, this was an I-want-to-taste-your-juices blowjob. She was in heaven (not as much as he was) at the exhilaration of it all. The randomness, the anonymity, the passion.

After a few minutes, when he seemed he might cum, he gently pulled her mouth off his cock.

“Not yet.”

He pulled her on top of him, her knees on either side of him, straddling his cock. He pulled her mouth to his and they kissed roughly, passionately. They kissed for a few minutes, with his hands on her nipples and her hips rocking back and forth, rubbing his cock on her wet pussy lips. Finally, when neither could stand any more, she reached down, grabbed his cock, and aimed it in her wet, tight, pussy. She sank down with all her weight on him, impaling herself on his cock. She held it there, eyes closed, while his mouth ravaged her nipples. Then she began to rock back and forth. She didn’t go up and down…not yet…but just back and forth. He was rock hard inside her and she was close to coming again.

When he slipped his hand around her and stuck a wet finger in her ass, she came. Harder than the first time. Harder than anytime ever before. She buried her face in his shoulder and bit him, trying not to scream. His cock was moving faster now, and his finger in her ass was in unison. He was close to coming and she could feel him swell even more inside her. Suddenly he stopped and pulled her off.

He picked her up and almost threw her down on his seat. She landed on her back with her legs in the air, and he grabbed her ankles and held her there. He got on his knees and started running his tongue over her wet pussy lips. He licked at her clit for a few moments, then down into her pussy. He could taste a foreign taste, a masculine taste, and knew it was his own. He ran his tongue down past the bottom of her pussy to her ass. She had never been tongued in her ass before and she instantly tensed up. Then, as his tongue circled the rim of her asshole, she relaxed a little, then a lot. She was enjoying it more than she expected to. He teased her asshole and then tongued it, getting it wet with saliva.

Finally, he stood up, keeping her legs in the air. She knew what was coming and was powerless to stop it, even if she had wanted to. He aimed his hard cock at her asshole and started to push. She bit her lip initially, and closed her eyes against the strange and somewhat painful sensation.

“Relax, babe. Just relax.” His voice was again gentle, and reassured her. She made a conscious effort to open up and relax, and within seconds the head of his cock was inside her. She felt full and complete and very, very turned on. Without meaning to, she reached her hand down and started rubbing her pussy.

His strokes were slow, then forceful and fast. He was sweating a little and looking deeply in her eyes. When she tried to close them, he put his hand gently on her face and she looked back into his eyes. They stayed like this as their pace quickened and they both approached orgasm. Just as she came, he pulled out of her ass and came all over her stomach and breasts. She kept rubbing her pussy until she was spent.

He sat down beside her and they rested for a moment. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat and sex. He looked at his watch.

“Seven hours to Minneapolis. I think we can find a way to keep you on the train to Chicago. If we use our time wisely.”

My Mom is divorced and had invited a girl friend of hers over to her house. So my Mom calls me up and asks me if I can pick Ashley up from the airport at 2 pm so I told her I could and she said she could not get off work until 5:30 so it got to be around 1:30 so I had to run a quick errand and pick up some cleaning so after picking up my cleaning. I arrive at her terminal and it was a few minutes past 2 when I hear over the intercom that the flight she was on had just landed and a few minutes later my Mom’s friend shows…

“Well hello Jason!! You are looking good! You’ve lost weight and working out haven’t you?” as she is hugging me.

“Hey Ashley!! Thank you! You are looking well too! What are you about 44 now?”

“You know us ladies, we don’t discuss are ages sweetie!!”

I am always had a crush on Ashley. I ail describe her to you all.

5’9/135 lbs/Red Hair/slight olive skin/Green eyes/ C cup. When she was in her 20′s she modeled some.

“Jason, how is your Mom doing?”

“Oh she is fine! She would of loved to have been here to pick you up but her boss needed her to put together some papers at the bank. Are you hungry or thirsty?”

“I am a little hungry. I only ate breakfast this morning and its already burned up. I just grabbed a quick bagel and coffee.”

“Ashley, how is your son doing? Is he still in High School?

“Yes, he is. He is a Junior. He is with his Dad this week?

“Oh, so you are divorced too?”

“Yep!! Seems guys today just want to screw around with others. No loyalty! Enough of that!! Lets get my bags and hit the road!”


So after picking up her 3 bags and loading them into my car. We decided to stop and eat mexican food.

“Do you like mexican food Ash?”

“Yes I do! Its my favorite! How did you know?

“I remembered!!” as I was grinning.

So we pull into the restaurant and both ordered margarita’s and I ate the #4 special and she had the #2 special. After 2 margaritas each and a late lunch we decided it was time to leave.

“I got this Ashley! Don’t even think about paying!”

“Oh thank you!! You are such a sweetie!! Are you seeing anyone special?”

“Oh I had a girlfriend for awhile and we lived together but her job had her move to another State. We are still friends though.”

“That’s good!! Glad it was not a nasty break up!”

Pulling into the house and bringing her bags in. I showed her the guest room which was next to my bedroom :) After dropping off her bags into her room. She says…

“I need to freshen up a bit and I will meet you shortly in the living room.”


So I move into the living room and set down in the recliner at my Mom’s place and received a phone call from my Mom…

“Did Ashley’s plan come on time?

“Yes! I took her out to eat too! We went to that mexican restaurant near the airport. That we like to eat at. She is in the bathroom freshening up as we speak.”

“Okay! I won’t be home until 7 tonight. We had a customer come into the bank wanting to buy that old Miller Place on 2nd and Ashford Street today!”

“That’s good! I will let her know you will be late!”

As I hung up with my Mom Ashley comes into the living room wearing some workout pants and a tank top with a sports bra underneath!! VERY NICE I must add.

“Oh man it feels good to change clothes and put on these old things. I love lounging around in these clothes. They are like those good old faded jeans you just hate to get rid of. Was that your Mother who called?”

“Yes Mom said she would be late. The bank was in charge of this old guys estate and it sold today. She said that she will be home around 7 ish.”

“I see!”

“Is there something you would like to do?”

“Not right now. If you don’t mind. I might go into the basement and workout a little bit. You are welcome to join me, if you would like? I need to get some of this fat off my big ol butt!”

“Ashley!! You look great I am telling you! Oh and your butt its perfect!! I will change clothes and join you though”

“Oh are you the flirty one!! Thank you for the compliment!!

So she left to go down stairs as I went into my old room where I kept some clothes. As I got into my room all I could think about was Ashley’s round perfected ass!! What a huge turn on it was!

So I decided to leave my bed room door open to undress hoping she might pass my forgetting a towel in the bathroom. The bathroom was right across from my room. So as I was naked looking through my chest of drawers I hear foot prints coming this way…

“Oh I am sorry!!” As Ashley took her right hand covering up her eyes so she could get a towel out of the bathroom. As she got her towel she turned around and I noticed out of her eye she was staring at my cock! She left and I got dressed and made my way down to the basement.

“Ashley, I apologize for what just happened. I sometimes forget to clothes my door while I change. I also apologize for you seeing my erection. I just got a little hot seeing you in those workout clothes. “

“Oh Jason i should be the one to apologize I should of called out your name before walking down the hall. In regards to your erection. I am absolutely flattered that you got excited! Its nice to know that this “39 year old still turns guys on!!” ( winking and smiling).

So I decided to test the waters some more and took my shirt off before heading over the weights. As I was taking it off she says…

“Oh you are gonna really make it harder for me to work out now!”

I said…”Well if you got it, flaunt it!! You are welcome to join me and take yours off as well!”

Smiling she says,…”Yeah you would like that one, wouldn’t you? Besides, I am your Mom’s best friend and what would she say and think?”

“I said well I am 26 years old and my Mom would say “You are your own man!! You can do what you please! You have a very nice body Ashley!!”

“Yes I can tell you are into me!”

“Well aren’t you into me too?”

A pause under heavy breath as she has been working out…

“Yes I think your cute but still your my friends son and I do not think it would be right if we started dating or what if your Mom came home early and found you and I having sex?”

So at this point I could tell the tension was rising and I made the decision to walk over towards her and grabbing her hands and planting a kiss on her soft lips. I whispered to her…”We still have close to 2 hours!”

So I grabbed her by the hand and took up her upstairs and into my Mom’s room.

“We are gonna have sex in here? No If we are lets go into your room or the guest room. I would not feel comfortable doing it here.

So I took her hands again walking her over to the bed pushing her softly on the mattress removing my pants and taking off hers.

She says, “I really don’t feel comfortable here. I want to have sex with you but lets go somewhere else please!”

“Oh we are having sex here!! I said

Putting her legs over my shoulders and placing my hard cock into her pussy.

Pumping her hard and harder…

“I am gonna fuck you so good! I have wanted to fuck you since I was 15″ I said to her.

A couple minutes later I drop a load of semen into her sweet honey whole. I guess I got a little to excited.

“I guess I am a little nervous. I do not normally cum so quickly!”

“Well maybe we are not suppose to do it.” Ashley says.

So we both put our clothes back on and both made my Mom’s bed up and left her room.

“Jason, if you would like maybe we could try again late tonight or tomorrow if you would like?”

Ashley and I both took showers not together in case my Mom did come home quickly. So after taking showers My Mom comes home and asks me to poor her some wine.

“Oh what a long day it was! Glad its over!! Where’s Ashley? “

“Oh she and I were down in the basement working out and she is in her room changing clothes.”

“HEY girlfriend!! How are you? “

“Mona, I am well!” How about you?”

“Ash! I am well just too long of a day!. I am hoping in another 6 months I will be able to retire from the bank.”

“Oh that would be good. What would you do then? Ashley asks

“Well lets see! I have always wanted to go to Europe and then maybe start up a little online store selling high dollar perfumes and lingerie.”

So the chatting went on for a couple of hours before my Mom called it a night.

“Well good night son! Love you!! Love you too Ash!!”

“Love ya too Mom!”

“Ditto Mona!!” Ashley says..

So Ashley and I chatted for another hour. I wanted to make sure my Mom was a sleep before asking her if we can continue.

“Ashley, would you like to continue from earlier?”

“Yes!! Are you sure your Mom is asleep? I would hate for her to see me on top of you riding you! As she says it giggling.

“Yes, my Mom is out!!”

So she gets up from the couch and takes me by the hand and walks us into my room and shuts the door behind us. She removes her clothes and says “I even trimmed down there earlier. You like it?”

“Ash! You could have a full bush and I would still love it.”

Lying on the bed and with her index finger points to me to cover over to the bed. So I get undress and make my way over to her. French kissing her on the lips making my way down to her flat stomach and kissing her belly button making my way to heaven I spread her legs and ran my tongue across her pussy then started licking it vertically before sticking my tongue up in her getting her all hot and wet. She begins to let out these soft moans…

“oh, oh ohhh!”

A couple minutes later she whispers too me as I am still eating her out…”I take it in the ass also! I bet you jump on that one quickly. Won’t you?”

I raised my head up and said “I’m still working!!”

Her moans get louder…


So I get up and she turns on her stomach with her legs hanging over my bed and she spreads her legs so that her whole is seen. So I bend over to give it a quick kiss on the cheek and a slap on the other cheek. I reached in my night stand drawer grabbing some jelly to lube up my cock and to put some around her hole before entering. As my head enters she lets out a soft moan and says…

“Take charge sailor!!”

Humping away I feel I am fixing to let out another load of semen into her ass…

“Oh this feels so good!!” I shouted softly. I drop a load of semen into her ass and followed up with…


So I remove my hands from her hips and turn her back over and begin to suck on her breast. She says “Having my tits sucked is my biggest turn on! It drives me wild!!” Cupping her breast with one hand and sucking away and licking her nipples and pinching them with my lips. She lets out…

“Oh GOD!! OOHHH GODDDD!! Grabbing my hair shoving my head into her chest!! She lets out a huge orgrasm…


She says, “Momma is worn out now!! Thank you” and kisses me on the lips. She grabbed her clothes and left and I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face telling myself “I just fucked my Mom’s best friend!!”

The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs. and biscuits!!

“Wow Mom!! Something smells good! Where’s Ashley?” As I give her a hug.

“Oh she is in the guest bedroom talking to her son. She has been a really good friend to me.” As though my Mom already knew what happened.

“Yes, she has been! I am glad you have such a good friendship with her.”

“She thinks a lot of you son!! She told me this, this morning. She said you all had a good time talking last night? That’s good!!”

“Yes we did have a good time last night! I think a lot of her too.”

“Hi Jason! Did you sleep well?” With a shit eating grin on her face.

“Hey Ashley!! I did sleep well! One of the best nights of sleep Ive had in awhile! How about you?

“Oh Man I went right to sleep!!”

“Breakfast is served!!”

As we are eating breakfast Ashley says, “Mona whats your plans today?”

“Oh Ashley, my boss called me earlier and said I did not have to come in today after working hard yesterday. So I thought you and I would go shopping and do some girl talk! Is this okay with you?”

“Sure! Maybe Jason could run me into town real quick. I need to run by the bank and wire money to Josh his truck broke down and its gonna cost him $300.00 to get it repaired. Do you mind Jason running me to the bank after breakfast?”

“No, I don’t mind!”

So after breakfast we left to run the errand and as we got into my car Ashley reaches over with her hand and starts rubbing my leg working my way towards my cock!

“You know I haven’t given you a blow job yet?” so I told her I know a good location behind this motel thats secluded. So we reach the destination and we undue our seat belts and I lift my butt in the air to undue my jeans and pull them down and she leans over to put her lips around my semi hard cock and going up and down with with her mouth. She even playfully bites the head a little. After a few minutes I cum in her mouth and she leans back up and wipes off her mouth and says…”I do not need to go to the bank.I just wanted a chance to suck your cock.” So I lift my ass up and pull my pants back up and turn the car back on to head home.

When we arrive home my Mom says to Ashley “You have something on your blouse”

“Oh its probably some butter that got on there!”

“No it was not on there earlier. Reason I know is I love that blouse. Where did you get it?”

“Okay, Mona I am gonna level with you. Jason and I had sex a couple times yesterday and I gave him a blow job a few minutes ago.”

“You did what with Jason??”

“Mom, Ashley and I are in love!”

“Yes Mona we are!”

“Well Im glad for you 2 but also disappointed at you both that you would have sex in my house.”

“Mom, I am an adult and so is Ashley! Its not like you haven’t had sex at your parents house. I specifically remember you telling me that Grandpa caught you sucking a guys cock behind his shop, right??

“I am speechless and this argument you win!!”

Ashley and I dated for awhile before splitting. My Mom and her are still friends. The way we ended our relationship was good! She will always be my favorite!


I know it’s been a bit of a wait for this chapter. Again, broken computer. I have the worst luck. Anywho, this chapter has been my favorite to write so far and I hope you all enjoy it!

I realized recently that my stories, so far, have been filled with the type of characters I dislike. You know, emotionally immature, brash etc but they’re young and sheltered, it’s fitting. I hope that as the story unfolds, you’ll see each of them grow and change.

Thanks again to Archangel for editing!



The past two and a half weeks had felt like an eternity. Zach had called Ash, pleading with him to write a physician’s note with a made up reason as to why he wasn’t able to attend classes without revealing the true cause. Ash had been furious but had conceded, muttering about how the family hadn’t paid to get Zach into the school for him to decide on a whim that he needed a break mid-semester.

This was another point of guilt. The Carlisle family had done so much for him and his siblings, and how had he repaid them? He had let this own selfish needs keep away the one person needed to mend their family.

“You’re such a piece of shit,” he whispered to himself with disgust evident in his tone. He was lying in bed alone; it was the middle of the day. Anna had gone to work, leaving him alone with his thoughts. She sensed the change in him, and had asked on several occasions if he was alright. He’d just lied. Lied to her like he had been doing for so long.

He had avoided leaving his apartment. He wasn’t ready to risk the chance of running into HER. At night, those whiskey colored eyes invaded his dreams, calling him to her. And during the day, each blink, each moment of rest his eyes sought revealed HERS.

It wasn’t facing or meeting HER that frightened him. No, that part excited him a little. It was everything that came with it. It was the confessions and the consequences.


Aara wasn’t sure if she wanted to smile or to scream. She had just finished Skyping with a very excited and happy looking Carmendi. Her little sister’s eighteenth birthday was in two days, and Carmendi had enthusiastically shared her plans of how she was going to seduce her mate the moment she was of age.

Aara had asked her if she was sure she was ready, and when her baby sister eagerly replied in the affirmative, Aara couldn’t help but ask how. She listened intently as her sister explained how much she loved Epic, how her body yearned for his, how she just knew that the moment she joined her body to his there’d be peace in her soul.

Sighing, Aara turned and looked towards the door that she knew concealed her mate, her ever so patient mate. He hadn’t pressured her, hadn’t crossed any lines. He gave her space when she needed it, and affection when her soul begged for it. So attuned he was to her needs, so attentive.

Before, she had been the doctor’s perfect soldier. Cold, calculating, aware. A mission well done had always been what motivated her, and her hatred for the doctor soared as she suddenly feared that she was incapable of giving her mate what he needed.

Tears prickled the back of her eyes, a sensation that was new to her. She suddenly stood and began pacing her bedroom, the heels of her hands pressed hard to her eyes in an attempt to force the tears back. She imagined a future where her mate was unhappy, unfulfilled yet obligated to stay by her side because fate demanded it. She pictured herself never being able to break free of her training, never being able to love the way that was required of her—or worse, loving him with all of her heart and him never knowing, because showing emotions was something she wasn’t sure how to do.

She was nearly shocked as she felt a tear slide along her cheek and under her chin. Her pacing ceased. She was crying. This was crying. She moved to the bed and sat as the tears continued running down her face. A salty drop slipped over her upper lip and she stuck her tongue out the taste it. Bringing her hands to her face, she wiped away the moisture and looked at the proof of her feelings on her hands.

Standing up quickly, she crossed the room to the standing mirror and smiled at her reflection. She laughed a little as she took in her appearance. She hadn’t cried since she was a young girl, hadn’t allowed herself to feel much of anything. This was feeling! She was feeling and knew in that moment that she would be alright, eventually. More than alright.

A successful mission, that was what drove her, and she knew now that fate had given her a new mission. Aaron was her mission; his happiness was her mission. Opening up, freeing herself was her mission—better yet, allowing him to free her was her mission.

Never one to do tomorrow what she could do today, Aara wiped her face, left her room, and crossed the living area to her mate’s room. She would tell him how she was going to be everything he needed one day, that she appreciated his patience, and that she loved him, because she was pretty sure that she did.

Before entering, she realized that he was in the shower and turned to go back to her own room, resigning herself to talking to him when he got out. She took two steps before she stopped in her tracks and turned back around, marching determinedly into his room and towards the bathroom door.

She peeked into the steamy room, steeling her nerves and forcing her feet forward. She watched him silently, appraising his form through the frosted glass. His large hands moved over his body, leaving a trail of white suds behind, and she gritted her teeth with envy. She wanted to touch him him; she always wanted to touch him, and was sick of fighting her desires.

Her steps toward the shower door halted as she watched his hands move. Over his chest, down his perfectly sculpted torso, and even lower. Her breath caught in her throat as he palmed himself, beginning a slow stroke. His image was skewed by the effects of the glass, but what he was doing was obvious. It suddenly felt as if there wasn’t enough air in the room.

A moan escaped his lips, and her legs nearly buckled from the intense want coursing through her veins. She watched as his length thickened and grew. His head fell back as he touched himself, his breathing becoming harsher.

Aara was suddenly embarrassed, unsure of what to do and turned once more to leave him to this very private moment.

“Yes, Aara…” Aaron sighed breathily, and she froze. He was thinking about her. She was on his mind as he… as he brought himself pleasure.

She mentally chided herself for her silliness. Of course she was on his mind. He was hers.

No longer wanting to leave the room, she turned and focused all of her attention on her sexy mate, curious to what he was thinking of, eager to hear what he’d say next.

“Just like that, baby. Do you like my dick in your mouth?”

She slammed her hand to her mouth, quieting the gasp on her lips. Without conscious thought, she moved forward, nearly touching the glass of the shower door. Her pulse quickened, her body heated and she used the hand at her mouth to muffle a moan.

Placing her ear against the glass, she listened intently to every moan, groan, and gasp that escaped her mate’s lips.

“Oh yeah, take it all. Yesss,” he bit out with a growl that caused her nether muscles to clench and pulse.

She could see it vividly in her head now, her on her knees as he fed her what looked to be a long, thick cock. This new train of thought scared her, but she found that her excitement won out. She could do that for her mate, allow him to take pleasure from her.

For a while, he didn’t say much, simply enjoyed his mental images that she wasn’t privy to. She now had both hands resting against the glass, needing to be in physical contact with something as she continued eavesdropping on her mate.

His breathing became faster and harsher, and she couldn’t help but look once more. His pace had quickened, his head rolled to the front and shudders began to wrack his body.

“Yes, let me fuck your mouth, Aara Belle… Good fucking girl… Yes, yes, yes… OHHHHHHHHHH!”

She gasped loudly as rope after rope of cum shot from the tip of his cock, and couldn’t tear her eyes away. Though his image was blurred, it had been the most intense, most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed. Watching her mate as he reached his peak, the noises, the shudders, the near buckling of his knees… all of it had appealed to her like nothing had before, but still, she wanted to be the one bringing him pleasure.

Forcing herself to leave the steamy room quickly, she made her way to his bedroom and sat on the bed, willing her breathing to return to normal. She didn’t have to wait long, as he emerged minutes later with a fluffy blue towel wrapped low on his hips and water still dripping down his chest. The imagery was almost too much for her frayed senses to bear. Their eyes met as he dried his hair, and he smiled at her, causing her heart to beat faster.

“Good morning, darling,” Aaron said, approaching her and bending to place a light kiss on the top of her head.

“Hi,” was her weak reply.

His brows furrowed as he looked from his closet to her. “Is something wrong?”

She looked up and managed a small smile and patted the bed beside her. He sighed and joined her. She could tell by his expression that he was preparing himself for something unpleasant, and she cringed inwardly. Apparently, he expected nothing good from her.

“We should talk,” she managed to get out, despite the tightening in her chest. What she was about to do terrified her. She was going to open up, let him in.

“I’m difficult,” she began.

“I know,” was his quick response.

“You’ve been so patient.”

“You’re worth it.”

“Are you going to let me talk?” She couldn’t help but smile at his antics, still unable to look into his eyes after what she’d witnessed moments ago in the bathroom.

“Not if it’s something I don’t want to hear.”

“No, it’s good things.”

“I like good things,” he said, pulling his stiff mate into his arms, hoping his warmth would relieve the rigidness of her posture.

“I’ve been thinking…”

“You think too much.” She peeked up at his face then. Deep green eyes met icy blue ones, and she immediately relaxed. How could she have ever thought that she couldn’t love this man?

“Emotions scare me.” She paused and looked at him, expecting him to interrupt, but he simply smiled, a twinkle in his nearly-white eyes. His arrogance annoyed her. “I hate you,” she huffed and went to pull away, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

“You love me,” he said jokingly, poking her side causing her to squeal a little

Her mouth moved as if she wanted to say something. He now watched her curiously. Taking a deep breath, she calmed her nerves, prepared to resume her turn in their banter. “Maybe I do.”

Pushing back the hair falling into her face, he bent down and kissed her forehead. The sweetness of the gesture was enough to bring tears to her eyes once more. “I could be your everything. I know I can. I can do this,” she whispered.

“You already are, Aara Belle.” Grabbing her ponytail, he used it to pull her head back, forcing her to make eye contact with him. He stared at her face for a long moment, his brows furrowed and his mouth pinched. “You’ve been crying. Why have you been crying?” Anger and concern swirled in the icy depths of his eyes, and he looked as if he’d rip apart the world to prevent her from shedding a tear.

“Me.” Sighing, she looked down again. “I worked myself up, imagining making you unhappy, imagining you not being satisfied with me as a mate. It was all very childish, and won’t happen again.”

Wrapping both arms around her, he pulled her tighter to his body, willing himself not to respond to her nearness as he was still only wearing a towel. “Don’t hide your feelings. I want you to feel everything. I need you to, in fact. Just never feel those particular feelings again. They’re stupid. Feeling that way is stupid because I am so freaking happy with you. God doesn’t make mistakes, Aara Belle.” He looked at her pointedly then smiled. “He may have a sense of humor, though.”

“Jerk,” she replied with a smile as she kissed his chin, taking note that this was one of the first times she had initiated physical contact with him.

“Whatever; you love me. Said it yourself,” he said with a sure nod, the smile never leaving his face.

“I believe that I said, ‘maybe.’”

“Semantics, Mate. And I maybe love you too.” He removed his arms from around her and stood, turning his back to her. He began undoing his towel and paused, looking over his shoulder. “Even if you are a dirty, spying pervert.” Laughing hysterically at the crimson blush that spread across her face and up her throat, he dropped his towel and disappeared into his closet.


Epic watched Carmendi rolling around on the ground with a wolf pup. The courtyard was bathed in moonlight as members of his pack milled around after the barbeque they had just had. He observed her as she held still, letting the pup get closer and closer to her. When the pup was almost touching her, she’d suddenly move, causing the pup to jump and scurry back. He couldn’t help but laugh at her antics.

She was just what his pack needed after such a dark period. New blood. She was the sunshine that graced the earth as the clouds parted. She was his.

He couldn’t wait until he could have her. Really have her. When he asked her about her birthday, she had said that it was a surprise. Her answer had baffled him. All of the files from the lab had been taken, and he had contemplated asking his cousin Ryan about the date. However, he didn’t encounter many surprises in his line of work, so why ruin this one?

With her, it was one surprise after another. She had been there for three weeks, and he had woken up each day not knowing what to expect. There was the morning that he had woken up to the smoke detectors blaring. He had rushed throughout the house, looking for a fire, panic beginning to set in until he made it to the kitchen. There he found his mate, standing on a chair, waving a towel at the device making the offensive racket.

Flour was caked onto her olive skin and in her flaming red hair. She pouted in his direction when she noticed his entry, refusing to meet his eyes.

“I tried to make pancakes,” she frowned, climbing down from the chair. He looked around his once pristine kitchen. His mate wasn’t the only thing covered in flour. He laughed then, loud and from the stomach. He hadn’t remembered ever laughing so hard.

Just yesterday afternoon, she and some of the younger pack members had bombarded him and his betas with water guns and water balloons. He wasn’t sure what he was more impressed with: that she and a group of kids were able to catch the a group of well-trained soldiers off guard, or that the kids had listened to her. She was his equal in every way, his perfect match.

He watched as she stood up from her crouching position. Just looking at her was enough to get him going sometimes. Her tight, black jeans clung to her muscular thighs in a way that caused him to envy the lack of space between her jeans and her soft skin. Her hair was pulled to the side in a loose braid, exposing her bronzed neck and shoulder to his gaze. He couldn’t wait to put his mark there.

She turned towards him then, grey eyes meeting green. She smiled for a moment, right before taking off towards him at full speed. Despite being thrown off guard, he caught her as she leapt, losing his footing in the process. He hit the ground hard, his silly, giggling mate landing on top of him.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, Alpha Otto,” she whispered with a smile, staring down at him.

He lifted himself slightly, reaching beneath his body to remove a rock, a grimace on his face. Carmendi made no move to lift herself from on top of him. “I don’t know if I can handle more of your surprises, you weirdo,” he responded with a smile as he lifted his hand to brush a stray strand of red hair from her flawless face.

“Nah, you’ll love this one. I promise. Now let’s go to bed,” she said as she stood and began walking in the direction of his home. He couldn’t help but groan as he watched her shapely body sway.

After saying their goodnights and a chaste kiss, Carmendi now stood, back against her bedroom door, attempting to calm her nerves. It had been decided by pack elders that she and Epic sleep in separate rooms and considering how amped up her libido had been lately, she knew that was for the best. She turned her head to look at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 11:09pm. In 51 minutes, she would be 18 years old, and she planned to bring in this new year of her life in the most delicious way possible.

She had considered seeking advice from her sisters, but had decided against it. Aara had yet to let Aaron close enough to kiss her, refusing to give up her frigid sensibilities, and Audrienne had only found her mate a couple of weeks ago. And then there was Santana, who had apparently moved out of the complex earlier in the month. Santana was the last person she’d ask. She didn’t want to burden her sister with her excitement while it seemed that everything fell apart between her and her own mate.

Seeking the answers to her questions over the Internet had led her on a strange, tantalizing and at times frightening journey, and had caused her to reach one decision… do what feels right. Her plan for the next 51 minutes was simple: shower, shave, and climb into her mate’s bed wearing nothing but a robe.

She had always found being in the shower calming, but tonight it had the opposite effect. The pressure of the liquid aroused every inch of her skin and, by the time she emerged, she was nothing more than a ball of nerves. She had spent more time in the shower than she’d intended, letting the sensations prep her body for the night.

Before clicking off the blow dryer, she turned to look at the clock. 11:56. She unplugged the appliance before taking a deep breath. Making her way to the bed, she picked up the teal silk robe she had purchased weeks ago and slipped it on, letting the fabric entice her skin to further arousal. Inhaling and exhaling deeply once more, she exited her room and made her way towards Epic’s.

It took only a second for her eyes to adjust to the darkness of his room. Using her skills of stealth, she was sliding onto his bed before he had even noticed there was another person in the room… or so she thought.

“What are you doing, Carmendi?” he asked, rolling to his side to face his mate. Smiling at her baffled expression, he explained: “I smelled you the moment you opened the door. Now, why are you in my bed?”

Lifting the comforter, she slid in next to him. Propping herself up on her elbow, she looked down at him and replied, “Little red wanted to tempt the big bad wolf.” Her witty reply did not have the desired effect, as Epic leapt from the bed and stood ramrod straight in the far corner, eyeing her warily.

“Carmen, I’m not above rules, sweetheart. This isn’t going to happen.” She sat up suddenly, the movement causing the top of her silk robe to slide down, revealing her right shoulder and the top of her breast. He groaned and looked away, unable to stand the enticing picture his beautiful mate made.

She smiled and moved to her hands and knees, crawling towards the end of the bed. He snuck a peek in her direction and gritted his teeth. She was going to be the death of him.

Pouting prettily, she spoke. “Epic, I’m very disappointed in you,”

A loud, pained growl filled the room and she gasped at his reaction. “Why, because I refuse to break the rules?” he bit out almost angrily.

“No,” she responded, looking intently into his grey eyes, still perched in her seductive position. Seeing her on her hands and knees made his wolf restless, clawing to break free, and she watched with a smirk on her face as his eyes bled from grey to gold and back to grey again as he fought for control of his beast.

Kimi Matsuura, the beautiful feline with the slightly off-white fur, awoke the next morning to find that she was in bed alone. A puzzled expression crossed her face for the brief moment it took her to realize that the sounds of water running and of someone happily humming was coming from her bathroom. She arose from the bed and crossed the room with a gentle sway to her slender hips. Her long, thin tail shifted back and forth behind her as she walked and her right ear twitched occasionally with amusement.

She stepped into the steam-filled room and closed the door quietly behind her. She saw the bewitching outline of her beloved friend, Talin, through the foggy glass door of her shower as she washed away the results of the previous day’s fun. Kimi moved up to the door with a confident air and gently opened it before joining her friend under the spray of water.

“Good morning, sexy one.” She said softly. She gently lifted the shower sponge from Talin’s paw and took over washing the body of the voluptuous goddess before her. “How did you sleep last night?”

“Good morning, adorable one.” Talin replied. She moaned softly as the shower sponge glided over her cantaloupe-sized breasts and a shiver raced down her spine. “I slept wonderfully because I slept in the arms of my sweet Kimi.”

“I feel the same way. It was the most wonderful rest I’ve had in a long time.”

Kimi’s orchid-hued eyes were sparkling with happiness and she leaned in to give Talin a tender, good morning kiss. Their tongues touched for the briefest of moments, and then she resumed her loving task. She swirled the shower sponge over her friend’s soft fur, always making sure to never rub it the wrong way for fear of hurting her. Her eyes followed the movements of her paw and she marveled at how the body wash was almost immediately rinsed away the moment she proceeded to the next spot.

Talin moved at her slightest direction and soon her entire body was perfectly cleansed. When Kimi moved to wash her hair, the sexy redhead laughed gently and gave her a soft kiss. She told her that, although she’d very much enjoyed being bathed, she could handle washing her hair by herself. The exotic-eyed beauty nodded with a warm smile and watched as her short, red hair was quickly and efficiently cleaned. When it was, the shower sponge was taken from her paw and it was now she who was being bathed.

Despite the fact that the touches weren’t the least bit sexual, she couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure from spilling from her mouth. It just felt so very good and so very right to have Talin touching her in this way. As the beautiful woman knelt at her feet to wash the lower half of her body, Kimi ran her fingers through those stunning, crimson locks. She felt her friend shiver again at her touch, but she continued bathing Kimi without even the briefest of hesitations.

Talin washed her feet and legs first, and then focused her attention on the delectable treasure hiding between her shapely thighs. With a brief glance upward, she instructed Kimi to widen her stance just a bit more. The gorgeous young woman complied immediately and shifted her legs another few inches apart. Talin smiled at this and gently drug the rough sponge over her most intimate parts. When she was satisfied that they were sufficiently clean, she dropped the sponge to the shower floor and moved aside so that the spray would rinse away the body wash.

She rose to her feet gracefully and rubbed her small paws all over her younger friend’s body. The combination of the water and her paws were enough to completely free her fur of the cleansing product. When she was finished, she carefully washed and rinsed her long, black hair. Only then did Talin return to her knees before her.

With another brief glance upward, she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Kimi’s stomach. She felt a quiver run through her and Talin sensed that she knew what was coming. As if to prove this belief, she heard a soft moan float down to her ears when she trailed the very tip of her tongue down her friend’s athletic form. It dipped between her thighs and slid along the valley that led to her most intimate of openings.

She withdrew her tongue just before reaching that sensual portal and sat back upon her heels. This time, it was she who quivered with delight. Kimi’s pussy was as delectable as a fine wine and was equally as intoxicating. Its taste exploded on her tongue and sent her mind reeling for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally regained her senses, she immediately leaned back in and swiped the flat of her tongue from bottom to top in one long, leisurely stroke.

Kimi moaned softly at the gentle caress of her beloved friend’s slender pink tongue. Her entire body shuddered with desire and her pleasure seemed to steal the strength from her legs. She stepped back mere moments before Talin leaned in for another lick and perched herself on the edge of the shower stall’s lone seat. She supposed that it’d been built into the wall of the shower for those who loved to take their time while bathing. However, she could see no better use for it at the moment than to give her friend what she so desperately wanted.

Talin licked her lips slowly and moved toward her like a jungle cat stalking its next meal. The hungry-eyed snow leopard mewed softly upon reaching her feet and immediately dove back into the feast she offered. The first swipe of her tongue sent a delightful tremor through Kimi’s body and sent her heart soaring for the heavens. Those that followed caused her eyelids to flutter and her fingers to tighten sensually in Talin’s beautiful red hair.

“Oh, my gawd, your tongue feels so good, baby.” She whimpered. “Mmmm. Yes, lick my pussy. Make love to me with your wonderful tongue.”

She felt Talin’s tongue slip into her velvety tunnel as her small paws slid beneath her heart-shaped ass. She brought her legs up and wrapped them comfortably around her friend’s neck while feeling herself being lifted to the hungry mouth that was so determinedly suckling upon her quivering pussy. Kimi gasped and groaned at every deep thrust of her talented tongue and completely gave herself over to the pleasures that she knew that tongue could bring.

Talin mewled softly with delight from the delectable juices assaulting her tongue and she pressed it deep time and again to gather all that she could. She felt Kimi’s pussy contracting around her and she knew that her beautiful friend was enjoying this moment just as much as she was. While her tongue caressed her velvety walls relentlessly, her small paws lovingly kneaded the firm globes of Kimi’s luscious ass.

After several minutes of working her tongue back and forth in the heavenly tunnel before her, she pulled away to savor the taste and to catch her breath. She glanced up at Kimi with that hungry look still burning within her eyes to find Kimi pawing at her furry breasts. Her orchid-hued eyes were closed and there was a look of utter rapture upon her face.

Talin sighed happily as she gazed at her friend and she just couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. Although most of her fur was a lovely off-white color, there were numerous spots of gray scattered around her lithe body. They were of varying sizes and shapes and they only seemed to enhance Kimi’s overall allure. She sighed once more, and then returned her attention to the task at hand. She’d been asked to make love to the pussy before her and she fully intended to do just that.

She wrapped her lips around Kimi’s clit and suckled upon it with loving tenderness. While her lips and tongue were busy with that, Talin’s fingers slipped inside the velvety tunnel to further stoke the flames of desire. Kimi moaned even louder at this and rocked into the thrusts as best she could. Although she would’ve liked to have taken her time, the seductive redhead knew that the hot water wouldn’t last much longer. With this in mind, she pumped her fingers in and out at an ever-increasing rate of speed. While she fingered Kimi’s pussy rapidly, she flicked the tip of her tongue at her throbbing clit.

The ebon-haired beauty pinched and pulled at her nipples as she felt Talin’s fingers speed up. Her mind was reeling from the rush of pleasure assaulting her athletic form. She loved what was being done to her because of who was doing it and because she loved having her friend’s fingers inside her. Her velvety walls rippled around Talin’s fingers and her clit throbbed excitedly under her insistently flicking tongue.

Her body writhed as much as it could on the supporting paw of the ravishing redhead. The tingling sensation in her furry pussy spread outward until it enveloped her entire glistening form. She felt her orgasm drawing closer and she knew that she was powerless to stop it. Kimi gasped softly in surprise when she felt her body being lowered and her friend withdrawing from the embrace of her legs. She looked down only to find Talin rising slowly and moving in towards her breasts.

She understood what was coming, so she released her nipples and offered them willingly. Her moans of delight grew louder and throatier the moment she felt those soft lips wrap around her left nipple. Talin suckled hungrily upon that dark, little nub. While her fingers continued to lovingly stroke the walls of Kimi’s trembling pussy, her rough tongue caressed every inch of her hard nipple. It felt so good to be spending such an intimate moment with her baby girl and the steamy heat surrounding them made it all the better. Kimi seemed beside herself with pleasure, but her next words hinted that she needed just a bit more to come.

“Oh, gawd, this feels so good.” She said, through a moan of delight. “I can’t believe we’re doing this in the shower. I’m so close, baby. Please, bite my nipple. I’d love to feel your teeth sinking into my little nub.”

Talin grinned wickedly around her nipple and did just as she was asked. She sank her sharp, little fangs into Kimi’s tender flesh, which sent her spiraling over the edge into the dark chasm of sexual completion. She shuddered wildly as her orgasm washed over her and her paws returned to the crimson locks of her longtime friend. She held her against her breast and cried out her pleasure to the heavens. Talin’s eyes sparkled with happiness at seeing just how much she was enjoying herself.

When her pleasure finally seemed to ebb, she drew Kimi to her feet and kissed her tenderly. The exotic-eyed beauty returned the kiss with equal passion and snuggled happily against her. They continued to kiss for several minutes until they both felt the water turn slightly cold. Realizing that their time was up, Talin turned off the water and led Kimi out of the shower stall. They dried each other off, and then chatted about what they were going to do that day.

“Well, I think we’ve spent enough time here. Don’t you think?” Talin said. “We should make sure the place is clean, and then load up the car. It’s going to be a long trip, so the sooner we leave the better.”

“You’re right, my love.” Kimi said. “I think the house is pretty much clean. We just need to change the sheets on the bed and straighten up a bit in there. Oh, and you need to call your parents.”

They returned to the bedroom and stripped the sheets from the bed. They started to get dressed, but Kimi suddenly remembered that she hadn’t tried on her new lingerie. She quickly modeled them for Talin and both women were delighted to find that every one fit perfectly.

Kimi carefully folded her new clothes and placed them back in the shopping bag. Before she could even stand up again, she felt Talin behind her. She moaned softly as she felt two small paws slide over her furry, heart-shaped ass. She looked over her shoulder to find her friend gazing at her hungrily. Talin stepped closer and pressed against her ass with loving firmness.

“You have such a beautiful ass, baby girl.” Talin said. “But your pussy is far lovelier. It looks so delectable when it peeks out at me from between your thighs.”

“That’s because it’s always hungry for your touch.” Kimi said, with a whimper. She squirmed against Talin’s pussy and continued. “My pussy always wants more of the pleasures you offer.”

Talin mewled happily at her words as her paw slipped into Kimi’s hair. She pulled the younger girl up gently and momentarily tongued her ear. She avoided the small grouping of hairs near the ear canal and focused her attention on the outer edges. Kimi moaned a little louder and quivered with building desire. She wasn’t sure why the simple sight of her pussy had so inflamed her lover, but she wasn’t going to complain about the loving attention.

Talin released her hair and her arm slipped around her waist. Her slender, pink tongue continued to caress her ear while her left paw toyed with the soft fur between her shapely thighs. The ebon-haired beauty’s heart beat hard against her chest due to her ever-growing excitement. She parted her legs just a bit more to give her friend easier access to her more intimate parts.

She felt the soft lips of the sexy goddess drift onto her neck and she tilted her head to the side in open invitation. Talin mewed softly with approval, which sent another shiver coursing throughout the younger woman’s body. Her eyes slowly closed when those lips softly kissed their way down to her shoulder and back up again. Wanting to show her appreciation for the tenderness, she reached behind her and lovingly caressed Talin’s round, little ass.

“Oh, baby, I love you so much.” Talin said, squirming against her paws. “This trip is going to seem even longer if I can’t enjoy the pleasures you offer.”

“Who said you couldn’t?” Kimi whispered. She turned about in her lover’s arms and looked into her eyes. “Do you really think I’d say no if you tried to have your way with me during our trip? I want you just as badly, baby.”

“Do you want me bad enough to do whatever I say during our trip?” Talin asked, cupping her cheek tenderly. “It’ll be the perfect chance to show you what it’s like to be my one and only girl.”

Kimi bit her bottom lip uncertainly, which Talin thought made her look so very cute. She watched her friend closely as she considered her words and her heart beat rapidly in her chest due to her nervousness. After a few minutes, the beautiful feline nodded her head and whispered softly.

“I’ll do whatever you ask of me, ma’am.” She said. “I trust you with my life, so I know you’d never make me do anything I felt was wrong.”

Talin nodded and kissed her softly. Her paw drifted down to Kimi’s chin and she said, “I might ask you to do things that you’ve never done before, but you can be sure that I’ll never make you do anything that you just can’t bring yourself to do. I just ask that you give me a good reason for not doing something I’ve asked you to do.”

Kimi visibly relaxed at her words and a loving smile found its way to her lips. She leaned in for another kiss, but Talin stopped her with a gentle pressure on her chin. She smiled at her friend’s confusion and firmly told her to kneel at her feet. Kimi nodded and immediately dropped to her knees before her. She ran her fingers through her ebony locks for a moment as she enjoyed the sight of her younger friend quivering with excitement. She saw an abundance of love shining within those orchid-hued eyes while Kimi awaited her next command.

“Show your love for me, baby girl.” Talin said. “Prove to me that you want my control by kissing my pussy and nuzzling it with your lips.”

Kimi whimpered softly and leaned forward slowly. Talin watched her tongue dart out to moisten her lips, and then she gasped as her lover pressed a tender kiss to her pussy. The ebon-haired beauty lifted her paws and cupped her furry, round ass, which caused her to shudder with desire. A sudden image of Kimi’s finger buried in her ass flashed across her eyes, but it was quickly washed away when she felt her friend’s soft lips sliding over her quivering mound.

She blinked a few times to force her eyes to refocus, and then looked down at her submissive baby girl again. Although Kimi’s eyes were gazing upward at her, she never stopped giving her the attention she’d demanded. She sensed that her younger friend wanted desperately to taste her, but she obediently kept her tongue inside her mouth. When Talin felt assured of Kimi’s devotion, she cupped her chin and tilted her head up.

“That’ll do for now, my love. We need to finish our work here and load the car.” She said. “There’ll be plenty of time for this sort of thing later.”

“Yes, ma’am. I look forward to serving your every desire.” Kimi replied.

Talin smiled at her words and kissed her softly as she rose to her feet. She allowed their kiss to linger for a few moments, and then she gently told Kimi to get dressed. She left Kimi to decide on her outfit and moved over to her suitcase. She lifted it onto the bed and searched through it for a few moments as she tried to decide what to wear. It wasn’t that hard to decide because she’d only brought a few outfits on this trip.

Unlike Kimi, who loved to wear dresses and skirts, Talin preferred to wear blue jeans and shorts. She didn’t own a single dress and she didn’t believe she ever would. Dresses just didn’t fit in with her tomboy lifestyle. She glanced over her shoulder at her baby girl for a few moments and a wicked grin spread over her face. She’d hinted to Kimi that there’d be more fun on their trip, so she figured this was the perfect opportunity to tease her.

She selected one of her older pair of blue jeans because she knew them to be extremely comfortable. The rips in the legs would also show off her legs a little, which she knew Kimi would enjoy. She generally didn’t care what others thought of her looks, but she felt no shame in dressing to tease occasionally. She slipped into a pair of cotton panties and a matching bra. Then she tugged the jeans up her legs and shifted about until they sat comfortably on her hips.

She bent over her suitcase again, but she couldn’t find a tight t-shirt among her clothes. Although she wanted to wear one that’d show of her cantaloupe-sized breasts, all she had were the loose-fitting kind. She shrugged and picked out her favorite among the lot. Just like she’d done with Kimi, she felt two paws slide over her ass before she could stand up again. She looked over her shoulder to find Kimi grinning wickedly and wearing one of her cuter sundresses.

She wiggled her ass in the younger girl’s paws and she moved her tail out of the way in case she wanted to continue the fun. However, Kimi simply bent over and placed a tender kiss upon both sides of her round, little ass. Talin moaned softly and quivered in pleasure from the soft caress of her lover’s lips. Kimi’s apparent approval of her outfit had a strange effect on the sexy snow leopard. It made her heart beat faster in her chest and her eyes to shine with happiness.

She’d never experienced this before because she generally only sought her own approval with things. She very rarely looked for praise from her friends or family. Struggling to reassert her control over her friend, she stood up and turned about slowly. She slipped her arms around Kimi’s waist and lifted onto her toes slightly to give her baby girl a deep kiss.

Kimi moaned into the kiss, which sent delightful vibrations through her body. She felt her lover’s arms slide around her neck and she tilted her head a bit further to the side to deepen the kiss even more. Their tongues danced wildly for several minutes, and then she stepped back from her friend. Kimi panted softly and there was a smoldering look in her beautiful, orchid-hued eyes. It was apparent that the demanding kiss had excited her and that she wanted it to continue. However, Talin shook her head and spoke firmly to her.

“I’m glad you approve of my outfit, but we can’t continue our fun right now. There’s too much to do.” She said. “Take the sheets downstairs and put them in the washer. While you’re doing that, I’ll put fresh ones on the bed and start packing your clothes.”

Kimi nodded and moved past her to scoop up the sheets and comforter. Talin followed her as far as the linen closet and selected a clean set of bedclothes. Although it only took her ten minutes to completely make the bed, she had to sit down on its edge for a few moments to catch her breath. Making a bed wasn’t really that strenuous, but trying to fit the sheet on such a heavy mattress took a bit of work. When she finally caught her breath, she walked over to the closet and pulled out Kimi’s luggage.

She set them all on the bed and made sure they were empty before returning to the closet. She knew that Kimi loved to wear dresses, so she picked those first. She folded each one and placed them carefully inside the largest suitcase. Although they might get wrinkled this way, she figured that they could always be ironed later. With the exception of a few, they were all made of cotton and were generally the same kind of dress that Kimi was wearing at this moment. Thankfully, she found a few garment bags in the closet for the more delicate of her friend’s dresses.

She heard the washer start downstairs and Kimi reappeared a few minutes later to help her pack. They were mostly silent while they attempted to pack as many of the young woman’s clothes as they could. When the suitcases were full, they put the rest of the clothes in boxes and carried everything out to Talin’s car. They managed to fit Kimi’s larger luggage in the trunk, which left a lot of room in the back seat for the rest of her possessions.

There were only two small boxes of clothes, so they set those on the seats and went back inside to gather the rest of her personal items. Talin put her music compact discs, her small collection of books, and her various adult toys in bags while Kimi put her makeup and other bathroom items in a small carry-on bag. When they were finished, the only things left that she could take with her were her scented candles. Kimi decided to leave them because her mother could put them to good use. Besides, she figured she could always buy more later.

They put the last of her things in the car, and then returned to the house to make sure they’d taken care of everything. As Kimi had said, the house was pretty much clean. While they waited for the laundry to finish, they dusted the furniture, straightened the living room up a bit, and Talin called her parents. They were just as accepting of her relationship with the ebon-haired beauty as Kimi’s mother had been. They wished them both well on their journey through life together and asked them to be safe while driving to their apartment. Talin promised that they would be and hung up the phone with a happy smile on her face.

Once the bedclothes were dry, they folded them and Talin put them in the upstairs linen closet. They made sure all of the doors were locked and walked out to the car. They didn’t bother hiding a key anywhere because Kimi’s parents had their own set of keys. Within minutes, they were on the road and were headed out of town. They chatted about whatever crossed their minds as the miles slipped by and they ventured further away from Kimi’s childhood home.

Even though their talk was highly enjoyable, the ebon-haired beauty couldn’t forget what she’d promised to do. She glanced over at Talin numerous times and silently wondered what it would be like to be under her control for the six hour trip to their apartment. Although she still didn’t understand everything about being a submissive, she found herself eagerly anticipating this life with the woman who’d stolen her heart.

As Talin had implied, she’d always been submissive. The only difference was that she knew what it was called now. However, there was something different about submitting to the desires of her sexy goddess. She felt a greater sense of pride and a very distinct feeling of pleasure in giving in to Talin’s wishes. This feeling of pleasure was completely unlike what she experienced with her family or with her other friends. It was as if she’d finally found the one person she was meant to serve for the rest of her life.

She glanced over at the beautiful redhead again and she felt her heart swell with love. She knew that Talin loved her and that she wanted her submission. She only hoped that she’d be able to meet all of her lover’s expectations in the days to come. It was as this thought bounced around inside her head that she felt her lover’s control slide over her once again. Talin moved her right paw between her thighs and under her loose-fitting dress.

Kimi moaned softly and spread her thighs willingly to accept whatever her goddess wanted of her. However, Talin’s paw retreated upon finding that she was wearing panties. She bit her bottom lip because she hadn’t been told not to wear them. She looked over at Talin as she nervously awaited her response. Once they reached the interstate, the sexy snow leopard glanced over at her and grinned.

“Take them off, baby girl.” She said. “You won’t need them for the foreseeable future.”

Kimi blushed at her words and glanced around to see if anyone could see her. Although they were virtually alone on the highway, they were still passed by the occasional trucker. She didn’t want to upset Talin by denying her wish, but she also didn’t want some strange man to catch her removing her panties. Considering that they were the only ones in the car, those men would know immediately why she was taking them off.

“Take them off, Kimi.” Talin repeated firmly. “I love you, but I don’t think this is asking too much. Who cares if anyone sees you? You’re not afraid to let others know that you’re my girl. Are you?”

“No, of course I’m not afraid!” Kimi said, blinking in surprise. “I want everyone to know that I’m your girl. It’s just a bit embarrassing to let some strange man see my pussy.”

“Do you really think so? The thought of some strange man getting turned on by staring at your naked pussy doesn’t excite you? I mean, if it were me, I’d be more than a little aroused at that thought. Think about it. Some big, tough truck driver happens to look down into the car and he catches a glimpse of your beautiful pussy. His dirty, old cock gets hard because of that and because he imagines bending you over the hood of my car so he can fuck you hard and deep.”

Kimi bit her bottom lip as she considered her lover’s words. Now that she thought about it, it was kind of exciting to think about some strange man getting turned on by her body. She didn’t believe that she’d ever let a stranger fuck her, but it couldn’t hurt to fantasize about it. However, she still felt uneasy because she’d always been taught that this sort of thing was improper.

“If you’re not afraid, then do this for me. Besides…” Talin said, sliding her paw between her thighs again. She caressed Kimi’s pussy through her panties for a moment and chuckled. “It seems that you really want to do this. Your pussy is already damp with your excitement.”

Kimi whimpered at the caress of her fingers and arched into them eagerly as she said, “Please…”

“If I have to repeat myself, I’m going to punish you. Would you rather I pull off to the side of the road and let everyone watch while I spank your naked, little ass?”

“Oh, gawd, would you…would you really do that?”

She felt Kimi squirm harder against her paw, which told her that the idea excited her even more. She filed that away for a later date and squeezed her pussy through her clothes. Without taking her other paw off of the wheel, she flicked on the turn signal to indicate that she was about to pull over. She also slowed the car to further give the idea that she was going to stop.

Kimi whimpered loudly at this and her paws slowly disappeared beneath her dress. Within minutes, her panties were off and her pussy was open to whatever Talin wished to do with it. She nodded in approval and gently pulled her younger friend’s damp panties from her shaking paw. She sniffed deeply at them, and then tossed them over her shoulder.

When she’d resumed her normal driving speed, she noticed that Kimi was breathing heavily and she was gazing at her expectantly. The ebon-haired beauty gripped the hem of her dress tightly and parted her thighs a little more. She whimpered softly and uttered another breathy ‘Please’.

Talin’s paw slid beneath her dress again and she caressed her pussy with a lover’s touch. Kimi moaned in pleasure the moment her fingers slid over her furry mound. She leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes as her legs parted widely. She didn’t even notice that her dress was still in her paws. Although this put her pussy on full display for anyone who might be looking into their car, Talin didn’t say anything about it. She had a feeling that her younger friend secretly wanted strangers to watch as her pussy was played with and that the only reason she hesitated was because of her upbringing.

Just like she’d been taught, Kimi’s parents had warned her against acting in such a slutty manner. They’d told her that she’d get a bad reputation and that people would think she was easy. Although Kimi loved sex, she was by no means easy. She simply enjoyed the pleasures that that sort of thing brought her. Talin felt the same way, but she didn’t worry about what others thought of her. She figured that the only thing that mattered was if she was happy with her life. She’d simply have to teach her baby girl to look at life in the same way.

She pressed a finger slowly inside Kimi’s pussy and insistently worked it back and forth. The ebon-haired beauty moaned even louder and rocked her hips into every delving stroke of Talin’s finger. It was a bit difficult keeping the car on the road while fingering her girl’s pussy, but the sounds of her pleasure made it all worth it. She felt Kimi’s pussy pulling hungrily at her finger and she glanced over to find the younger woman pawing at her breasts. It was apparent that she no longer cared if someone saw her. All that she seemed to care about was giving in to Talin’s desires and proving that she was a good girl.

Although she didn’t care if other people saw her baby girl’s pussy, she was still smart enough to pull her dress down before anyone else passed them. There might be a few who’d keep their mouths shut about seeing her exposed like that, but there were some people who weren’t as open-minded as that. Besides, she’d never intended to finger Kimi’s pussy for the rest of the trip. This was simply the beginning of their fun.

She pushed her friend to the very edge of orgasm, and then slowly withdrew her finger. She waited for Kimi to look over at her before sliding that finger into her mouth. A soft whimper of need floated towards her as she leisurely licked Kimi’s juices from her finger. When she was done, she pushed her paw between her baby girl’s thighs once again.

“I don’t want anyone else using this pussy from now on.” Talin said. “It’s for my use only until I say differently.”

“Oh…Mmmm…That’s fine with me. I don’t want anyone else using it, either.” Kimi said. “I’ve already told you that it’s yours.”

“Yes, but that also includes you. You’re not to play without my permission and the only times you’re allowed to touch it are when you’re going to the bathroom or when you’re taking a shower.”

“I understand, ma’am.” Kimi whispered. She leaned closer and nuzzled Talin’s ear for a moment. “May I come, please? I’m so close.”

“No, you may not, baby. You’re going to have to wait. This is part of what being my girl means. Your orgasms are completely under my control. If I think you deserve one, I’ll give you one.” Talin replied.

Kimi considered her words for a long moment, and then purred softly in Talin’s ear. She didn’t care how long she had to wait, as long as she was pleasing her beautiful goddess. She pressed closer and nibbled lightly upon her earlobe. Her paw ventured beneath Talin’s loose-fitting top and she hesitated before actually touching her breasts. She had a feeling that this was another thing she needed permission to do. At Talin’s nod, she cupped her nearest breast and rubbed her thumb over the nipple.

She felt it rise under her insistent caresses, which caused a moan to slip past her friend’s soft, black lips. The sound of that moan sent a thrill of pleasure coursing throughout her body. She moved her mouth a little further south and sucked upon Talin’s neck where it met her shoulder. Her paw continued to manipulate her friend’s supple breast until her nipple stood proudly atop it.

When it was fully hard, she lowered her head and tried to tuck it inside her lover’s shirt. She wanted to suckle at Talin’s breast, but her shirt wasn’t large enough to accommodate her head. Besides, she didn’t think it was a good idea to expose her breasts just to satisfy her hunger. So she contented herself with laying her head in Talin’s lap and nuzzling her pussy through her jeans. She felt the beautiful redhead’s paw caress her cheek and her husky voice drifted down to her ears.

“Are you really that hungry, baby girl?” Talin said. “We’ve still got a long trip ahead of us. Do you think you can hold out until we at least find a rest stop?”

“I’m sorry, baby.” Kimi whispered, looking up at her. “I’m not usually this hungry for attention. There’s just something about being alone with you that’s driving me crazy with desire. Even though you’ve stopped teasing me, I’m still highly aroused.”

“That’s good. I want you to be highly aroused. Even so, you should learn how to control it. I mean, look at me. I want to fuck your brains out right now, but I’m saving that for when we can find a bit more privacy.”

“I understand, ma’am. It’s just that I’m not used to having to wait. Whenever you’ve excited me in the past, we made love or had sex right away because we didn’t have a lot of time to waste. If I’m by myself, I usually just tend to my needs and return to whatever I was doing.”

“I know that this is all new to you. That’s why I’m not holding it against you.” Talin said. “But don’t you think it’s worth it to do as I say? You like pleasing me and serving me. Don’t you?”

“I love pleasing you.” Kimi replied immediately. “As for serving you, I still don’t understand everything about that. All I know for certain is that being under your control makes me happy. I feel like I’ve finally found where I belong.”

Talin nodded, but didn’t say anything for a while. She seemed to be focusing on her driving, so Kimi fell silent and returned to nuzzling her pussy through her clothes. She heard her friend moan softly at the feel of her lips, which encouraged her to keep doing what she was doing. Although the scent of her excited pussy made her mouth water, she knew better than to try to get at it right now.

She felt the car turn and she tried to sit up to see where they were. However, Talin held her down and told her to lie still. She did as she was told and watched as her friend rolled down her window. The beautiful redhead fished a few coins out of the cubby hole under the radio and tossed them into something outside the car.

Apparently, they were going through a toll booth and Talin was trying to save her some embarrassment. Kimi smiled at this and pressed a soft kiss to her zipper in thanks. She would’ve been highly embarrassed if anyone had seen her head rising from Talin’s lap. Her sexy goddess stroked her hair lovingly as they continued on their long journey.

“Have you ever thought of trying to date guys again?” Talin said, after a while. “I mean, you know we can’t be together in the way you want. Wouldn’t you like a chance at a real relationship? I’m happy either way, but I have a feeling your dad is going to ask you about this at some point.”

“No, I really haven’t thought about it.” Kimi replied. “Guys just don’t interest me. You’re pretty much the only one I think about as far as relationships go. I know we can’t be together like I want, but I really don’t mind sharing you. I mean, at least this way I get to be with you.”

“I’ll always be a part of your life, baby girl. That will never change. But I think you should give guys another chance, if only so you can tell your dad that you really did try to like boys.”

“Does this mean that you don’t want me?”

Talin jerked in surprise at that question and glanced down at her beautiful girl. She saw tears forming in Kimi’s eyes and she hurried to reassure her. She stroked her cheek tenderly as she looked around for a place to pull off. Luckily, she saw a small dirt road that led into a rather large grouping of trees. She knew that it would give them plenty of privacy for the next several minutes.

She turned off of the highway and followed the dirt road until she felt that they had some privacy. She continued to stroke Kimi’s cheek as she drove and told her that she’d explain soon. As soon as she felt like they were alone, she pulled to a stop and moved her seat back. Then she helped Kimi to sit up and guided her onto her lap. She wrapped her arms around the taller girl’s body and held her tightly as she whispered in her ear.

“I’ll never stop wanting you, Kimi.” She said. “You are my one and only baby girl. I’d be lost without you. That’s why I asked you to move in with me. I couldn’t bear the thought of you building a life somewhere without me.”

“Then, w-why did you…?” Kimi asked, stuttering over her words a little.

“All I’m trying to do is to make sure that you’re happy. I know you love me and I know that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. But I don’t want you to completely forsake men if there’s a chance that one of them could make you truly happy.”

“I am truly happy. I don’t feel like there’s anything missing in my life. You are like a goddess to me. All I want out of life is to learn how to please you and to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Oh, baby, I’d love for that to happen. No one is as devoted or as loyal as you are.” She said. She thought for a moment and then said, “How about this? Once you’ve gotten used to your new home, you give guys one more try. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll take you as my own and I’ll never ask you to bother with them ever again. If it does work out, it’ll be your decision as to whether you remain my baby girl.”

“Okay, I’ll try once more just to ease your mind.” Kimi told her. “But it doesn’t matter what happens. I’ll always be your baby girl. If some guy can’t accept that, then he’s not the guy for me. He should accept our love like Mihaly does.”

Talin smiled brightly at her words and kissed her deeply. Kimi moaned softly and returned the kiss eagerly. Their rough tongues slid sensually against one another as their paws roamed each other’s bodies. With every passing moment, their kiss grew more passionate and their excitement grew steadily stronger. The beautiful redhead felt her younger friend squirming uncontrollably atop her lap. She soon discovered that it was not just her womanly scent that filled the cramped quarters of her sports car.

A delightful fragrance that hinted of springtime flowers with a touch of sweetness slowly filled her senses. It caused her heart to beat faster than it already was and inflamed her soul with a powerful hunger. Her fingers danced over the silken fur of her feline lover and wrapped around her wrists as their kiss lingered on. She seemed to be running on pure adrenalin because she gently guided Kimi’s paws behind her and held them securely.

Kimi moaned into the warm, wet mouth of her beautiful goddess as she felt herself being restrained. She didn’t understand what was going on, but it felt nice to be held down like that. Her papaya-sized breasts brushed delightfully against Talin’s somewhat larger ones, which encouraged her already sensitive nipples to stand at full attention. A pleasant tingling sensation had so enveloped her womanly center that she could no longer sit still upon her lover’s lap. She squirmed in every direction possible and panted heavily with need.

The next morning, Jonah awoke to the sound of a knocking on the door, and the cry of “housekeeping!”

Shaking off the last remnants of sleep, he called out to prevent the maid from coming in, and turned over to find that Emma had gone.

The realisation that she’d left gave him a little stabbing jolt to his heart. It hurt a little that she could flee like that without even saying farewell. Then he remembered that the whole concept of the particular internet dating website they were using was exactly that: it should be a one night stand.

Lying there on the bed, his cock rose to half mast, still tingling a little at the memory of the previous night’s activities. It hardly seemed real. Maybe he’d imagined it all. But he could still detect her sweet scent in the air, along with the lingering traces of their sex. It had definitely happened.

Emma had been quite something, that was for sure – he’d definitely lucked out on his first attempt at a one night stand, though now it was over, it was a shame he wouldn’t get to see her again.

Heaving a sigh, he accepted why she’d slipped out while he’d been asleep. It would be easier not having to go through awkward goodbyes. Still.

A quick glance at his watch explained the intrusion from the maid – it was already noon. It was no wonder he’d slept late, considering the lateness of the hour when he and the pretty little blonde had collapsed into a heavy slumber. But, it was time to get going.

He peeled back the sheets and hoisted himself to his feet.

There was to be a viewing at Nate’s apartment at noon, which gave him only a short window to get showered and cleaned up before the estate agent brought in the potential buyers.

Nate’s apartment. His stomach sank at his recollection that his twin was gone. It seemed to do this every day, sometimes quite a few times a day.

He grabbed the remote, flipping on the first 24-hour news channel he could find on the big TV, hoping to drown out the encroaching sorrow.

Then he scanned the room for his clothes, and as he did so he noticed a scrap of paper in the middle of the writing desk, which had not been there before.

His heart leaped, and surely enough it was from Emma.

“Dear Jonah,” the note said, and he could hear her rapid-fire voice within her closely-scrawled words: “I’m sorry I had to leave – you were sleeping, and unfortunately I have a wedding to attend today, otherwise I would have woken you up for another go. Last night was incredible – I think I came more in one night than I have for a year. You’re a really special guy, and I would love nothing more than another night with you some day. Take care, love Emma xx”

Jonah smiled as he read it, and his heart warmed enough to melt much of the pain of losing her. There was hope in that letter, hope that he could see her again. Certainly enough to be going on with.

He really did hope to see Emma again – he had never felt anything like the sensations of being with her. Attractive, smart, funny – it was a real shame she was just a one night stand to him, and he to her. He was going to have to get used to this side of the one night stand – tough for a natural monogamist.

“…another murder, which police have confirmed is being linked in the investigation of the deaths of three young men earlier this summer…”

The voice of the news presenter cut through his heart like a dagger.

“…the body was found at the Hilton Hotel on London’s Park Lane this morning. We don’t have many details at this point, but it appears he was a guest at the hotel. The Hotel confirmed that a member of its staff discovered the body, just two hours ago. Our sources suggest the man was a member of the investment banking community, but police are not releasing a name until the next of kin…”

Jonah felt his insides swamped by an ugly heat. The murderer had struck again.

He sat there on the bed, suddenly feeling very small and pathetic. Had he really thought he might locate and identify the killer by pursuing a ridiculous game of chance through his hunch that Nate had met his end via an internet dating website?

God. The latest one was killed in a hotel. That could have been him.

He had been foolish, very foolish. While he had been fairly certain from early on that Emma could not have been a killer, there had still been that chance she was. And he had just fallen asleep with her, without a care in the world for his own vulnerability.

She could have stabbed him while he slept. She’d certainly been able to gather her things together, write him a note and then slip out of the hotel room without waking him.

Next time, if there was a next time, there was no way he could afford to fall asleep with a girl from the dating site. Not if his hunch was correct and that was how the killer found her victims.

As he finished dressing himself, Jonah wondered if he would have the courage to continue the quest to find his brother’s murderer.

Then a picture of his brother flicked up on the television screen for a moment, along with the faces of the other murder victims linked to his death. Nate wasn’t an identical twin, but that face was as familiar to him as his own was in the mirror.

Pain squeezed his heart like a vice.

There was no question at all – he would have to do everything he possibly could to ensure Nate’s killer faced justice.


On the way back to the apartment, riding in a Tube train crowded with commuters, Jonah realised that Emma had used his real name on her note, rather than the fake name, “Robert”, he had been using with her and on the dating website.

How had she discovered?

Perhaps he’d said something later, the Champagne loosening his tongue as much as his inhibitions. Perhaps he’d just left his wallet lying around.

He’d have to be so much more careful next time.

Nate’s apartment was in a smart tower overlooking the water over on West India Quay, just across the shaky steel walkway from the cluster of commercial and financial office buildings that was London’s Canary Wharf area.

It was an amazing place, with a Marriott hotel taking the lower floors of the building, and Nate’s apartment was pretty amazing too. Even though it was apparently one of the smaller ones in the building, it was extravagantly spacious, with extraordinary views of the revitalised London Docklands.

It had always impressed Jonah to visit his brother, though these days when he arrived here, he felt mainly despair. Though Nate had always been quick to praise his own achievements in the academic world, there was no mistaking that his twin had been the achiever in life. It was part of the tremendous sense of injustice that pulsed inside of him – Nate was so full of life, only to be snuffed out like that.

Right now, there was a police car parked outside the building. It was unmarked, but had a police warning light attached to the roof, on the driver’s side, so it was clear what it was.

Jonah’s heart hopped a little inside him, with the feeling that someone must be here to see him. Had they come to their senses about his theory? There wasn’t much else he could do for them at the moment – he’d been questioned to ludicrous lengths already, in the days following the discovery of Nate’s body.

As he approached the entrance lobby, the driver’s door of the police car opened, and a smart young brunette stepped out. A detective, Jonah guessed, judging from her tidy but inexpensive suit that was doing its best to play down her femininity.

“Jonah Fielding?” she asked. He hadn’t seen her before, in all his dealings with the investigation.

“Yes, that’s me,” he said.

She was pretty, in a slightly unconventional way with long dark hair tied in a ponytail and little black-rimmed spectacles perched on her nose, shielding hazel eyes that were just a touch too large for her face.

Jonah thought she was a bit younger than him, though it was difficult to tell. Young for a detective, at any rate. Perhaps she was a fast-track straight from university.

“DI Mulray,” she said, flashing an ID in front of her. “I’m following up leads in the murder investigation, sir. Have you got a few minutes – “

Jonah thought it slightly strange she didn’t have a partner with her. Detectives usually came in pairs, didn’t they? It seemed like having a partner might be safer on a murder investigation.

“Uh… I have to hop in the shower quickly – I’ve got a few people coming round to look round my apartment,” he said. “Can it wait until later this afternoon?”

“It’ll only take a few minutes, sir,” she said.

“Do you mind coming up?” he asked.

“Of course.”

Jonah held the door for her, catching a waft of what he thought might be cinnamon as she thanked him before stepping inside the building.

In the close confines of the elevator, her cinnamon accent was a little more obvious. It made Jonah suddenly concerned that his own pre-shower scent might be too apparent to the attractive police detective. Outwardly, though, she didn’t appear to have noticed.

“I would have thought they’d have kept you focused on this latest victim,” he said as the elevator made its overly slow way towards the 22nd floor.

She said: “I’ve only recently been promoted – they keep us newbies away from all the important stuff.”

He thought he detected a faint sigh, but her expression remained fairly impassive.

“So I’m not important?” he joked.

She cracked a smile briefly, but then quickly reigned it in, as though such a thing was not deemed to be professional. “I meant to say ‘urgent’,” she corrected herself. “Of course all possible leads are important, sir.”

He let it go, and as the elevator finally arrived on Nate’s floor, 22, he said: “So you’re here about my internet dating suggestion?”

The doors opened, and DI Mulray stepped out into the small hallway, off which four apartments adjoined.

She said: “It’s more the ‘dating’ part of the suggestion, sir, rather than the internet part. We still have no evidence for the other three murders that they used online dating services – only your brother.”

“Hmm,” standing in front of Nate’s door, Jonah paused, then tapped in the code on the electronic key pad to open the door.

Stepping inside Nate’s apartment, he saw a flicker in the detective’s eyes that betrayed the fact that she was impressed at the place. It was hard not to be, although it wasn’t as though it was a penthouse. The open plan layout and smart, minimalist interior design made it seem a lot larger than it really was.

“Take a seat if you like,” he said. “You don’t mind if I grab a very quick shower first? I’ve got people coming round very soon. Trying to sell this place…”

“Sure, no problem,” she said, but rather that accepting the offer of a sofa, preferred to stand and admire the view through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Jonah dashed through to the bedroom, which was little more than an area of the apartment penned off from the main living space by bookshelves, a tall plant and other trimmings.

He wasn’t really used to having guests at Nate’s apartment.

Grabbing his towel from its apparent home on the bedroom floor, he ducked into the en suite bathroom and switched on the shower to allow it time to warm up while he stripped down.

“Do you work in the City like your brother did?” Jonah heard DI Mulray’s raised voice over the flow of the water.

“No,” he said in a similarly raised voice while stepping under the gloriously warm flow of the water. “No, I’m just a poor academic down from Oxford. I’m afraid I didn’t mix in Nate’s circles.”

“But you were close enough to know about his dating habits?”

He could tell she had wandered closer, so that she didn’t have to raise her voice as much – she seemed to be standing by the island that bounded the kitchen area of the apartment. It made sense, if he didn’t have too much time for questions.

The shower felt oh-so good after his long night of abandon.

“Help yourself to coffee, if you like,” he suggested, spluttering a little as he carelessly applied the shampoo, and it ran into his eyes and mouth. Then, answering her question, he said: “Well, Nate and I were twins, albeit fraternal – we didn’t look alike, but we told each other most things, things we didn’t tell anyone else.”

“Did he date a lot of women?” He could hear her opening cupboards to look for a mug.

“The occasional girl from work. Maybe the odd one he met on a night out – no one particularly long-term. He wasn’t really ready for all that – still too focused on work.”

“He seemed to do pretty well for himself at work,” the detective said, and Jonah could hear her pressing buttons on the coffee machine. She said: “So tell me about the website he used.”

Jonah stood there, enjoying the warmth of the water, his eyes closed as it splashed down over him to patter over the expensively tiled floor.

He said, “It’s called ‘No Strings’. It’s not quite a, it’s more specializing in almost instant sex – one night stands. Nate said it was quite a popular site in City circles – if you want to, you can proposition people and even within a few hours or so, you might find someone that wants to just get laid.”

“Charming,” said Mulray. It seemed a little amusing to him that he was standing here completely naked, so close to her now – just a thin wall between them.

“That’s the way the world is moving, Detective,” he said. “Instant gratification on tap.”

“How does the site work?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve only looked briefly around it, but basically you create a profile for yourself, upload a photo and details of what you’re looking for and where you’re located.”

“Sounds fairly standard.”

“Then you can search for potential matches in the database, and if you’re interested in someone, you add them to your list. They might then contact you asking for a date, or might just add you to their list, in which case you can contact them,” Jonah explained as he applied the shampoo.

“And you contact them what, by email?”

“Through the website – they have a simplified email system that you can send and receive messages to other members.”

“I see. So when you sign up to this website, you don’t need to use your own personal email account?”

“No. Even when you sign up, there’s no need to use an email address. It’s all set up so married men – and women, I supposed – can’t be accidentally discovered by their spouses.”

“Which might explain why we couldn’t find a trace of the site on anyone’s computers,” she said.

Jonah ducked his head under the main flow of the water to rinse off the shampoo, and came out only to hear the tail-end of her next question. “I’m sorry?” he said. “I didn’t catch that.”

“I asked how long you think Nate might have been arranging dates through a website,” she repeated.

His eyes closed as he allowed the steaming water to flow all over him, Jonah turned round to face the direction of her voice.

“I think it was a fairly new thing,” Jonah said, running his hands all over the tired muscles in his body to rinse off the soap. “It wasn’t long ago since he told me he was trying it out, anyway. How long he’d been trying it before he told me, I don’t really know.”

“We didn’t find any details on his computer,” the detective said, “the one from this apartment or the one at his office. Not from the website details you provided us, anyway.”

“No,” said Jonah, turning to face the wall again to shut off the water. “I think that was the way it was with that site – you didn’t access it through your email, and it didn’t leave a trace on your computer. I guess a lot of its users are married, so it reduces the chances of discovery.”

“Convenient,” said the detective, her voice suddenly very clear now that the shower was no longer running. “Did Nate go for married women?”

Jonah grabbed his towel and draped it over his head to dry his hair. “No I don’t think so – always seemed to go for younger women from what he told me.”

He was careful to position his towel around his nether regions as he exited the warm confines of the en-suite for the open expanse of the “bedroom”, before hiding in front of the wardrobe to locate and then pull on some clean clothes.

As he dressed, she asked: “Your brother never said he’d received any abusive emails or messages from people on this website he used?”

“No,” Jonah said.

“And he never seemed… afraid at all, or threatened, after one of his dates?”

“Not at all. He said it was a bit of a hoot, actually. All the fun of a normal date, without any of the awkwardness of finding out whether they’re up for it or not.”

“I see.”

“I don’t think I was ever quite as… forward as my brother,” Jonah added.

DI Mulray was seated on one of the couches as he made his way out of the bedroom fully dressed in a fairly simple jeans and T-shirt combination. He veered into the kitchen to grab a diet coke from the refrigerator before finding a place on the couch opposite her.

He asked, “So you guys are saying you think the killer is a woman now.”

DI Mulray shrugged, “We’ve suspected for a while, of course. We keep certain details back from public knowledge to help rule out some of the nutters that call in to confess. It was beginning to leak out to the press though, so I think the decision was made to put it out there.”

“What made you think it was a woman?”

The detective finished up her coffee, then said: “The wounds were most likely inflicted by a female hand.”

Jonah nodded gently, wondering if that gave her the confidence to question a male witness on her own. “Not something that can be faked?” He asked.

“The forensics don’t seem to think so. There were also various clues strongly suggestive of a female presence with all the victims immediately prior to death.”

“Like clues from a date?”

“Something like that.”

“But you don’t think the killer could be prowling the internet dating site my brother tried?”

“My superiors aren’t confident the evidence backs up that idea.”

“And you?” he asked. “You agree with them?”

She paused, and he thought that was more telling than anything. “It’s not my place to disagree with the evidence,” she said. Then: “Did your brother say anything to you about that final date he went on? Anything at all?”

“Not much,” he sighed. Jonah had gone over in minute detail in his head everything he could remember, countless times, but came up with nothing. “I can tell you he’d been out with her before, but he didn’t really talk about individual dates.”

For a few minutes, they discussed various details of his whereabouts during the fateful hours leading up to and immediately following Nate’s death – he’d been in Oxford, with plenty of witnesses to confirm – and other information he’d already repeatedly provided to the investigation.

Thankfully, Mulray decided she had enough to be going on with before they were interrupted by prospective property buyers. Police presence did tend to rub prospective buyers up the wrong way.

In fact, his mobile phone rang with an expected alert from the estate agent as he was showing the detective back to the elevators, and he flashed her an apologetic look as he pulled it out of his pocket to answer. The attractive redhead silently indicated to him that it was okay, that she could see herself back down.

The elevator was still there on floor 22, so the doors opened as soon as she touched the button.

“Hello? … Great, I’ll see you in a little bit, then.”

As the elevator doors closed between them, Mulray flashed him a smile that he thought might have been the prettiest he’d seen in a long while. It seemed to cut through her otherwise professional demeanour, to really stir something within him.


What was that for? The lovely DI Mulray could come round to question him as often as she liked, he thought, as he wandered back into Nate’s apartment.

It was only when he picked up her coffee mug and took it into the kitchen to place it in the dishwasher that he realised the wall between the kitchen area and the bathroom was almost entirely transparent.

She’d had a prime view of everything while he’d been taking a shower.


Having vacated the apartment for the various estate agent showings, Jonah spent the day trying to catch up on his thesis work in the British Library, up near King’s Cross.

He didn’t get a lot done – it was very difficult to concentrate on the subject matter with both the memory of his night with Emma and the thought that Detective Inspector Mulray had undoubtedly had a very good view of him naked in the shower racing constantly around his head.

A few hours of crawling through academic papers and adding little more than doodles to his thesis notes, and he decided to call it a day. His stomach was grumbling by the time he pushed through the doors back onto Euston Road.

With a fast food burger filling the need, he headed for the Tube to take the Northern Line down to Tottenham Court Road, where there was a large internet cafe. It was time to check in on the website again.

Heading back into Kings Cross station, it was hard to avoid the various newspaper boards out for the Evening Standard sellers to peddle their latest edition on the street, which had the headline “Black Widow strikes again” sprawled all over the place.

Jonah picked up a copy, and could see that the tabloid press were having a field day with the police announcement that there was a “sexy female killer” prowling London for well-to-do City bankers to despatch.

It pained him more than a little to think that Nate’s terrifying and painful death was now merely little more than a sales aid for the newspapers. He appreciated it was their job, however. And of course like many people around him, he bought a copy himself.

Reading the paper on the Tube brought back the anger.

The way the latest victim was described, not yet confirmed by the police though with sketchy details supplied by a ‘source close to the investigation’, was clearly along the same lines as the previous victims, including Nate.

The as-yet unnamed man met the murderer in a bar, police believed, before going back to a hotel for sex. According to the paper’s police ‘source’, the victim must have been tied up at some point because of the marks around his wrists. The newspaper was having a field day about that particular detail – attempting to portray the whole thing like some kind of Basic Instinct-style thriller.

Jonah’s exhaustion from the previous night’s pursuits with Emma seemed to drain away as he read on, replaced by a simmering rage.

Rather than head back to the apartment for much-needed sleep, he stepped off the Tube at Tottenham Court Road, where there just happened to be a large Internet cafe.

He had to keep looking for her, whether it was a ridiculous needle-in-haystack search. He could not let it go. The death of his brother had been so shocking to him, such a random, senseless and unnatural thing, Jonah could not settle without feeling he was doing something to make sense of it all. Life simply could not be this way, when a young person could have their existence extinguished for no reason at all, with the perpetrator going unpunished.

Chances might have been astronomical that he would happen upon the one who had so brutally ended his brother’s life, but he had to keep doing something.

Someone had to do something.


He walked up the stairs to the place he’d often come to access the website. A internet cafes went, it was huge. Not so much a “cafe”, with its row upon row of computers, like some kind of battery farm for web surfers. But it did supposedly serve food and beverages.

This time, it wasn’t very full, giving Jonah plenty of space and relatively good privacy to access the site.

Sitting down in that place always made him feel a little shady, somehow, a little sad. The people around him appeared to be youngish immigrants and students, but even many of them were talking between themselves. He had no real friends in London.

His short time with Emma had been the first time for a while that he’d been able to let things go and even enjoy himself. Perhaps it was selfish of him, but it made him feel the need for human interaction he hadn’t ever felt in the cosy halls of his Oxford college, shut in with his books and papers. Nate had often inquired about his social life while all he really wanted to do was study and achieve. Now, he was beginning to see his brother’s point.

It was this sprawling metropolis: it brought out the loneliness in you.

There had been the occasional offers of drinks with some of Nate’s friends over the past couple of weeks, of course, but the few evenings he had braved such offers, hanging out with Nate’s circle had ended up being quite upsetting. He was constantly viewed by the others with an expression of pity and regret. He couldn’t relax, felt that even a smile seemed somehow inappropriate.

With Emma, he had been able to pretend to be someone else for a few hours – even though his pretending was more than a little incompetent.

Perhaps his experiment to draw out Nate’s killer was really just a manifestation of his genuine need to reach out to people.

He checked his email briefly, and there was nothing much apart from a message from Nate’s email provider stating what Jonah had expected, that the company could not provide Nate’s email password because of its privacy rules. It seemed ridiculous, Nate being dead, but Jonah could understand it. Perhaps the police had had better luck tapping into his brother’s email, but Jonah himself had no official status.

Then, he was logging into the No Strings website, or at least trying to. He quickly realised he had left his mobile phone – containing his password list – in the pocket of the previous night’s trousers, now stowed away in the laundry bin back at the apartment. Should have chosen a more memorable password.

He felt that if he was to return to West India Quay to get the password, he’d end up just crashing out to sleep, he was so tired. He wanted to at least make some progress before that happened.

He clicked on the “forgot password” link under the log-in boxes on the website. It offered him a couple of easy security questions, and forced him to then change his password into something more memorable. Then he was in.

He was surprised to find a few flirty messages waiting for him in his in-box once he was logged in.

From what he read about online dating, usually the male users vastly outnumbered the female, and therefore a male user would seldom attract much interest without having first sent out a raft of messages seeking it. Jonah’s profile on this website, however, under the name “Robert”, seemed to be picking up some interest. It appeared that modeling his profile on his brother was doing the trick – young women liked to date affluent City boys, it seemed.

Looking at the photographs and a few of the details of those who had messaged him, Jonah had to remind himself that this wasn’t about his own personal choice. He had very little to go on for the moment in terms of who the killer might be, but he had to at least start looking among the types of girls Nate would go for on a website like this.

So, while 26-year-old Beth might have been more of Jonah’s type, and was certainly attractive according to her picture, he thought she might be a little too bookish for Nate. Regretfully, she was not going on Jonah’s list.

Maybe one day, when all of this was over, if he was still looking for more of a long-term relationship, he could start looking for the right kind of person through this website. But not yet.

Among the possibilities, two girls appeared much more of Nate’s caliber. Both were certainly attractive, and the prospect of meeting girls like these explained why someone as socially confident as Nate might bother with such a thing as an online adult matchmaking service.

Sadie appeared to be a leggy brunette who also worked in the City, seeming from her picture, profile and message to be quite sophisticated and Jonah suspected probably quite posh.

She made Jonah wonder if her working in the City might mean she would see through his “Robert” disguise. But then, the guidance on the website forum did state that he ought to avoid talking about his real life, so that could be an easy defence. He couldn’t afford to discount women who worked in Nate’s own sphere if he was going to track the killer, though.

Becky was a redhead who said she was a nurse. Nate had always had a thing for nurses – so this freckly 23-year-old was definitely worth checking out. He thought she’d hardly invent such a profession for her profile, despite the advice to keep real details like that a secret.

Perhaps being a nurse meant she was unlikely to be a killer. Perhaps not. You couldn’t tell these days, the number of medical professionals who had turned psycho in recent years. Jonah thought perhaps having medical knowledge would give a killer some advantage in actually carrying out the deed.

So, he replied to those two messages to let them know he was available any evening they cared to name. The others he would leave for a day or so, before deciding whether it was a good idea to rule them out of his investigation.

He spent a while tinkering with his profile, attempting to find if there was any way to improve his introductory blurb to make himself seem more like Nate, thereby bettering his chances of attracting the attentions of the killer.

Just as he was finishing up, ready to log-out and slip out to find some supper somewhere, he saw another message drop into his in-box. It was from Becky, asking if it was too cheeky of her to ask if he was free that very evening.

Jonah sighed, and a few heads around him turned to see what his sudden reaction was about. He was tired, and it was tempting to decline the girl’s request, or suggest another evening. He figured she wouldn’t mind – and if she didn’t, who cared?

However, he was quite keen to make progress, and got the feeling that if he turned down a date now, it might be a while until another one came along. Plus, Becky was quite tempting herself if her picture was accurate.

He could sleep on Sunday, he decided, and replied to her that he was available that evening.

This time, he was pleased to see a sudden reply from the girl. She suggested they meet at Tufnell Park Underground Station, which Jonah had to look up – it was in North London, up the Northern Line.

She said she had an aqua-aerobics class after work, but could then meet him afterwards, perhaps at 8pm.

Jonah approved. It would give him just enough time to get home, and change into fresh clothes.

Then, just as he was logging off the website, he realized something: if he could find out Nate’s username, he might be able to work out his brother’s security questions and gain access to his account!

That could be a major step forward in his investigation, he thought.

But he didn’t have time to think about it much, if he was going to get home and prepared for the next date.


He took the Tube up to Tufnell Park, and got there a few minutes early, since he had factored in a little more waiting time than he’d needed for his connections.

He’d never really been to that part of North London before – it seemed pretty residential, but there appeared to be some kind of pub or nightclub up the road. Perhaps that was where Becky would want to go.

What kind of hotel there might be around here, he had no idea. There was no point in worrying that he hadn’t booked anything – she’d given him such short notice.

The time ticked by, and Jonah felt the nerves fluttering around inside his stomach. Those standard paranoid little thoughts were starting to tip-toe around his head – would she take one look at him and go home? Would he take one look at her and want to go home?

Of course, there was the possibility that she was the killer. It had to be a possibility – otherwise, he would not be there. Yet once again he did not feel ready to confront a killer right now. It was only his second date, he did not feel quite prepared. Would he ever, though? Was he putting himself unnecessarily at risk?


She was behind him, coming out of the tube station a few minutes late, taking him by surprise.

“Uh… Becky?” He turned, and there she was.

She smiled, and reached up to kiss his cheek, and Jonah felt relief wash over him – she was very pretty, certainly her picture had not lied. She seemed fairly dressed down, however, which Jonah had not been quite expecting – wearing a simple Addidas tracksuit ensemble and tennis shoes, her red hair tied back. It made sense, though, having come straight from her aqua aerobics class.

He concealed a smile – what had he been expecting? A nurse’s uniform on a night out?

As she kissed his cheek, he caught the slight tang of chlorine along with her delicately fruity perfume.

“I’m really sorry I’m running so late,” she apologised, and led them away in the opposite direction to the pub to which Jonah had assumed they would be going.

“No worries,” Jonah said, wondering where they were headed.

“Our instructor kept us late,” she explained.

“You work on a Saturday?” he asked, and realised they weren’t supposed to be talking about their personal details.

Becky didn’t seem to mind, she said: “We work shifts – doesn’t really matter whether it’s a weekend or not. We’re supposed to get two days off a week, but it could be any time. I often lose track.”

“So where are we headed?” he asked.

She smiled again, looking apologetic. “Would you mind awfully if we just stuck our noses in a party?”

He shrugged, a little surprised by going with it. “Sure, whatever.”

“It’s at one of my friend’s flat – I haven’t seen her for ages, didn’t realise I’d promised to drop by tonight until she just texted. I really have to go, even if it’s just a few minutes.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Jonah said.

Becky grabbed his hand, said: “We can pretend you’re my new boyfriend – noone needs to know.”

“Sure,” he nodded, and she squeezed his hand gratefully.

She laughed, “I’m in a real state – didn’t even get the chance to shower after my aerobics, you must be horrified!”

“No,” he smiled, “it was in water, wasn’t it?”

He was a little surprised at her apparent casual treatment of this online dating business. She must have done it quite a bit more than he had, if she could just turn up like this all dressed down and unprepared.

They walked through a series of residential streets comprising rows of terraced housing, and Jonah again had that surreal feeling he’d had when he was with Emma, a mixture of disbelief that he was with someone so attractive and that the two of them were planning on sex despite never having met before. There was also that strange feeling that came with two complete strangers meeting like this, two entirely unconnected worlds converging in the most random way.

He felt things tingling a little below the belt – Becky was very attractive, despite her dressed-down appearance.

As they walked, she asked him a little about his work – in a polite way, more than merely inquisitive. He managed to practise some of his invented persona, “Robert”. She appeared to believe him, but her focus was definitely distracted.

In a few minutes weaving through a maze of row houses, they arrived outside a fairly non-descript little terraced house that had loud music pumping inside, and was clearly hosting a party.

Just before ringing the bell, Becky asked him to wait.

“How do I look?” she asked once finished, looking up at him.

“Great,” he said.

“Good enough for a one night stand?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“Absolutely,” he smiled, and they went in.


The little house was packed with people – and more than a little hot and sweaty. They did a tour of the place, Becky showing her face around to the various people she knew, Jonah politely saying hello, though the music was too loud for any conversation to be heard.

Along the way came plenty of alcohol, which settled Jonah at first, but as they found a position to lurk in the tiny kitchen, Becky nattering to a dark-haired girl, shot glasses were handed round and out came the tequila.

Jonah felt safe enough with Becky already – watching her at this party seemed to rule her out according to the various movie-inspired preconceptions of the anti-social serial killer.

But, as he did his best to keep conversation going with a couple of guys who were more keen to get as much tequila down him as possible, Jonah felt concerned about what might happen if he ran into the real killer incapacitated by alcohol.

Refusing the booze was out of the question – the guys were having none of it, and he could hardly walk out of there to avoid them.

And you couldn’t just sip shots of tequila.

So, he tried to act more drunk than he was, and this seemed to placate them. Well, if Becky did want to go through with the one night stand after all this, he might have to wait a while before he could fully perform at this rate.

At last, Becky pulled him away from the tequila boys. She led him on a quick tour of the rest of the house, including the tiny upstairs, then back down to the front room.

With the music now a little slower, Becky nodded towards the other couples slow dancing, and Jonah followed her into the middle, where the pretty redhead pulled him close.

“You wanna get out of here?” she asked after the music faded into the next track, although he could only really read her lips.

He nodded, and she led him through the throng to the narrow hallway and then out into the cool night air.


“Oh, I’m supposed to give you this,” she said, pulling a folded piece of paper from her handbag as they walked along the dark streets, Jonah without a clue as to where they were headed.

He took it, and in the streetlight made out the standardised form of a health certificate, dated a few days before. Something stirred between his legs at the apparent confirmation she still wanted to go through with all this. After all the distraction at the party, he’d almost forgotten his primary reason for being here.

“Of course,” he said, and reached for his own to give her, which she inspected as quickly as he had glimpsed at hers.

“I only live a few streets away,” she said as she handed it back to him.

There was a pause in conversation as they pressed onwards. Jonah didn’t really know what to say, it was an odd situation. What was she expecting from him – would they have a drink or two before taking care of business, or get straight down to it? It seemed a little early in the night for this stage of a date.

“I’m sorry this has all been a bit unplanned,” Becky said, breaking the silence between them.

“It’s no problem,” Jonah said.

“I was having a really crappy day at work and felt like some company, if you know what I mean. Don’t have a boyfriend, so…”

“Do you do this a lot?” he asked, and as soon as the question passed his lips, he thought perhaps it was inappropriate.

“Every now and then, between boyfriends,” she smiled. “Better than meeting someone in a pub or club usually, so.”

Again, Jonah felt his persona as “Robert” had long since slipped – maybe he needed acting lessons or something. The party and the alcohol had rendered his City Boy act a little useless. The real Jonah kept showing through.

“How about you? Seems like you just started,” she said.

Jonah shrugged, and made the decision to assume this girl was probably not a killer. “You’re my second,” he admitted.

She grinned again, full of mischief. “Well we’d better make it memorable, then.”


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