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Ella had been cooped up for months in the mansion with her five coworkers, Ross, Diana, Heather, Andrew and Doug. Ella was a 23 year old archeologist, with dark red hair and brown eyes. She was 5’4″ and busty.

Ella and her crew were working on how to approach the archeological site next to the house, in the middle of the desert town of Tumbleweed. The mansion had huge windows, and the view was beautiful, but Tumbleweed had no amusements. The people had been unfriendly as long as they had occupied the house, even though it had been Ella’s grandfather’s before he passed away. Ella hadn’t been alone in weeks, because she and her coworkers had been working so closely. The windows in every room, even a small one in the bathroom, meant that she hadn’t had privacy in even longer. She hadn’t masturbated as long as they’d been in the house, for 7 months.

Today she was finally on her own. Ross had gone with Diana and Heather to get food from the neighboring town that wasn’t available in Tumbleweed. Andrew and Doug were the team currently working at the archeological site itself. Ella had stayed in order to work on their plan for excavation, but found her hand searching out her pussy. She was already soaking wet just knowing she was alone. Ella chastised herself, and looked out of the near floor-length window that went across the whole wall. There was no place in the house people couldn’t see in, including the bathroom. The window in the bathroom was smaller, but could definitely be used to look in.

Since the house was in the center of town, there was always someone close by who could see in. Even if they didn’t see her at first, Ella knew she was loud when aroused. She always yelled bloody murder when she came, she couldn’t help it.

Ella tried to put her needs from her mind and got back to work. She hadn’t been sleeping well, and she ended up nodding off at her desk. She woke up on the floor, on her back, with her knees up. In her half-awake daze, she called to check that she was still alone in the house. No one answered.

Forgetting the huge windows in her desperate need, Ella hiked up her shirt and tore off her thong. She spread her legs and began to rub the outside of her pussy, and used her finger to act as the cock she so desperately wished it was. She immediately began moaning, loudly and urgently.

Ella stopped when she heard the door open. Three dusty men, who must have seen her from outside, walked in. One was tall, and heavyset, who looked to be about 35. She remembered hearing his name was Ed out in the town. Another was lanky and looked 30. This was Ed’s coworker, Dave. The last was young and mid-sized, and looked 19 or 20. She remembered that this was Ed’s son who was intended to take over the business, Joe. Ella’s finger was still inside her, and her skirt was up to her waist. Before she could try to cover up, the heavyset man dropped his pants. Ella’s need for a hard cock inside her grew as she gazed at his fat five inch member. She drew her finger out of the depths of her pussy and spread her legs wider. He took her finger in his mouth and groaned at the taste of her. She beckoned him, and he pushed his way inside her in one fast motion.

Ed was so large that it took her a minute to adjust. He paused to let her, and she opened her eyes to see the other two, cocks in hand, watching. Ella begged Ed to start moving inside of her, and he quickly began pumping. Ella’s young pussy held him tight, and she began loudly to encourage him. Ed told her he was coming and as much as Ella wanted to beg him not to, she wanted to feel him explode inside her. She felt him let go, and fill her with his seed.

Ella was desperate for more. She looked at Joe. “Want to feel your father’s cum inside me, big boy?” Joe was so hard he almost ran over to her. He slid himself between her legs, and thrust his 6″ cock inside Ella. He slid in with her wetness and his father’s cum. Joe took Ella hard, sliding in and out of her at a rapid pace. Ed came over and put his limp member in Ella’s mouth, so she could clean the cum and herself off him. She sucked his cock harder as Joe hit her sweet spot again and again. He had begun awkwardly, but Joe had lifted Ella partially so that he controlled her weight while still letting her suck on his father. He was able to move her up and down his hard length, so she was bouncing on his shaft. Ella was so close to coming she was screaming, desperately. Her nails dug into Joe’s shoulder, which put him over the edge. Just as he filled her, Ella opened her eyes and saw Dave standing over her, masturbating to the sight of Ella being used at both ends. Dave came on her tits, and all three stepped back. They pulled up their pants and left her with cum on her chest and dripping from her pussy down her leg.

Ella was desperately frustrated, but when she watched the three leave she realized Andrew and Doug had come in while she was being taken by strangers. She looked at them with pleading eyes, and they barely glanced at each other before dropping their pants and hurrying over. Andrew flipped her so that Ella was on her hands and knees, so Ella was right in front of the window. She looked out and saw a small crowd of people had gathered, who had been minding their business around the town. No one looked as though they were prepared to try and stop what was going on, and many of the people were touching themselves through their clothes. Andrew entered Ella suddenly, and she forgot everything. Andrew was behind her, filling her, while she was being stared at from a town full of people, and that turned her on more than anything ever had. Andrew started slowly but she begged him to ride her hard and fast, and he obliged. Ella felt Doug slide under her, and he began sucking and gently biting her nipples while Andrew continued to ravish her.

Doug leaned up, so her nipples slid across his chest every time Andrew pumped into her. He used his hand to rub her clit while Andrew rode his shaft inside her. Doug whispered, “I never knew I was working with a complete slut! Do you like being used by two guys at once? Do you like showing how much of a whore you are to the world?” Ella exploded. Her pussy grabbed Andrew tight and he could feel her cascading orgasm through her pussy as it clenched around him. Her screamed release brought him to a climax, and he filled her deep inside, joining the other two men’s cum that was already filling her.

Ella collapsed, exhausted, to her side. Doug shoved his cock into her mouth, and grabbed her head. He forced his cock into her throat, moving her head along him. Since Doug was blocking her view, she never saw Ross, Diana, and Heather get home. They had been watching for a long while from the window. Diana watched Ella’s prone form and Doug’s relentless rape of her mouth, and leaned over to clean Ella’s pussy. Ella moaned around Doug’s cock as she felt Diana’s tongue probe her, and felt Diana’s fingertips slowly caress her body and tweak her nipples. Doug made Ella feel used as she never had before, and his hard use of her throat had tears coming from her eyes. Ella’s embarrassment and Doug’s urgent need, coupled with the feel of Diana’s tongue inside her brought Ella close to the edge once more. When she moaned, loud and long, against Doug’s cock, he emptied himself into her throat. Ella began spasming as Diana sucked her clit, and came hard.

Diana drew away, and Heather gently pushed her so she was lying on the floor. As Ella watched, Heather straddled Diana’s face and began enthusiastically to lick her clit and probe her pussy with one finger. Diana groaned and licked Heather. Ross was so turned on he didn’t pause before pulling himself between Ella’s legs, even as Ella felt drained of all power and control. Ella watched Diana and Heather lick each other and explore each other’s bodies with their fingers, as Ross slowly entered her. Ross had the longest cock Ella had ever known, and found herself becoming aroused despite her taxed body. He slowly entered her warm, wet pussy up to the hilt, filling her with his 8″ cock. Ella had never felt so completely filled. Ross slowly drew himself back out of her, and began to move more quickly between her legs. The feeling was so intense that Ella’s hands reached out for something to grab onto, and found Diana’s and Heather’s bodies. She groped both of them while they continued to suck each other, and Ross began to ride her in earnest. Ross gained speed, and Ella grabbed at different areas of Diana and Heather with the hand she could barely think to control. Ross lifted Ella by her ass to get a closer fit, and was able to probe even deeper inside her. He drew her up, so she was sitting on top of him, bobbing up and down his length. The cum on her tits made his chest slick, and her body slid easily along him.

Both of them were watching Diana and Heather as the licked each other more and more urgently. Ross used her faster and faster, and Ella could feel herself losing everything around her expect the feeling of him and the sight before her eyes. Diana began to sigh, and Heather to beg. They grew louder and louder, and hearing them drove Ross over the edge. He emptied himself into Ella, and she went past the point of no return with the feeling of him shooting so deep into her body. Diana and Heather shouted their ecstasy just as Ella was transported to heaven.

As the archeological team came back to Earth, splayed on the floor of the house, they saw the group of townspeople still outside their window. The townsfolk were pairing off to enjoy their own acts of depravity, and the team realized the rest of their time in this little town was going to be a lot more interesting.

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