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Enter the Scarlet Samurai:

She looked across the short distance to her opponent, a long time criminal that had managed to have his last conviction over turned and was back on the streets. He had not waited very long before his compulsion for wrong doing took over. In the dim light of the alley she could make out his tall thin frame with long greasy hair that hung in dirty ringlets passed his shoulders. The wife beater shirt was stained with whiskey, sweat and other pungent patches. His tattered jeans had long since expired for anything that should have passed for clothing and barely hid his shriveled parts for which she was greatly appreciative.

She wasn’t sure which was worse the open sewer or the perp standing in front of her. He held the knife in his right hand in a way that told her he was well versed in its use but it was the hunger to harm in his eyes that chilled her to the bone.

“Well bitch what are you going to do?” He spat out as he moved the knife in a slow circle.

“I plan on taking that knife away from you and taking you to the police in more or less one piece.” She said with a confidence that caused him to pause for just a moment.

“You are joking right?” He said sneering now at his unarmed foe. “You don’t even have a weapon… what are you going to use harsh language?”

“That is entirely up to you,” She said reading his body language and saw his muscles tightening up indicating he was ready to attack. “If you give up now you will save yourself quite a bit of pain.”

He didn’t smile at this little jibe his features screwed up in a hateful mask of rage and it was two seconds later that his knife hand slashed out with a speed that would have penetrated the defense of a lesser trained opponent. She was waiting for his strike catching his wrist with her left hand as she side stepped his thrust. Then she swapped hands gripping his wrist and yanked hard with her right hand pulling him off balance even as her left hand struck him in the throat with the ridge causing his head to snap back and the wind driven from him. Before he could recover she placed him in an arm bar and with a not so gentle twist forcing him to drop his knife and fall to his knees. Her serene features never changed as she looked down at him.

“Surrender,” She asked with just a hint of mirth in her voice.

“Fuck you!” He spat and then he howled as something in his right arm snapped.

“I will ask again, do you surrender.”

It was the lack of emotion in her voice that drove him to desperation and reach for the nine millimeter hidden in the small of his back. She saw his motion as well as movement at the front of the alley.

The stranger already had his weapon drawn and was taking aim at her when everything slowed down. She could count every heartbeat as a life of training took over. She dropped down and struck her nearest foe hard enough in the chest to crack his sternum and the bullet meant for her skull raced overhead harmlessly. She grabbed the fallen knife and with barely a glance at the man at the front of the alley she threw it with as much force and accuracy and she could manage. A second gunshot split the night but this bullet also went high and wide as the handle of the knife protruded from the shooter’s armpit. He turned and ran trying to pull the blade free from his tender flesh whimpering the entire time. She grabbed her foe by his collar and drew him to his feet as she rose and dragged him to her waiting vehicle. She opened the rear passenger door and shoved him head first into the back seat and then slammed the door behind him.

“Try not to bleed on the upholstery.” She asked nicely.

If he said anything coherent she was unable to hear it over the roar of the engine as she drove him directly to the nearest police station. Let them handle his medical needs she thought as she chauffeured him back to jail. She was long gone before one of the police officers noticed the crumpled form of Jimmy the Snake near the front door of the station.

“Damn that woman!” swore the police chief. “I hate vigilantes like the Scarlet Samurai; they make for lots of paperwork and a fierce ass chewing from the mayor.”

“But you got to admit she saved us a lot of leg work to track this piece of work down,” said Detective Sam Diamond with a shit eating grin on his face.

“Diamond if you appreciate her so much you can take him to the hospital and baby sit him until he is patched up.” The chief said in his ‘I am not amused’ tone.

“As you wish,” Detective Diamond said the smile never leaving his face. “Come on sweat heart we’ll get you all better after the mean girl kicked your ass.”

There were several laughs as the detective carefully got his charge to his feet. He directed him out and to the nondescript police cruiser and with a ruby like whistle off they went into the early morning light.

I looked down at the art table and the finished product of yet another issue of Scarlet Samurai. Granted it was only a web comic but it had its followers; one of these days one of the big studios like Marvel would come knocking to offer the team jobs that actually paid. But as far as a hobby went there were far worse things I could be doing with my free time. Since I was a kid and inherited my older brother’s comics I wanted to be an artist. Specifically I wanted to draw characters of my own imagining and see them come to life on paper and see people read them with as much enthusiasm as I had drawing them. Even doing the convention circuits and do signings for fans of all ages. Tired I rubbed my eyes and stood up then glanced at the clock and swore; it was nearly four in the morning but thankfully it was officially Saturday morning.

I staggered to the bathroom, stripped down and ran a shower to help ease my cramped muscles and let my mind go over the next issue.

I could see it like a movie in my head, the curvaceous red head with the long muscular legs like a dancers walking up to the front of Club Fathom and give the security guard at the rope ‘the look’ and without missing a stride he moved the rope for her and quickly hooked it back up before anyone else could enter. The doorman opened the door for her and the wall of sound drowned out the moans and bitching from the other girls who were on the wrong side of the rope. The music was like a stream she swam through looking around for tonight’s diversion. Life wasn’t just crime fighting she had to live and take life by the balls. She moved onto the dance floor stalking through the mob for a fresh piece of meat.

“Hey Red!” someone shouted over the music.

She turned to see a handsome young man in his mid twenties dressed in a black silk shirt that was opened so that his muscular chest was exposed. He wore tight jeans that did nothing to hide the generous erection down below.

She gave his a cursory examination and then without warning slid her fingers into the hair of a nearby busty brunette who was dancing with her posse. She drew the stunned girl into a soul wrenching kiss that left them both panting and wanting for more. Her green eyes bored into the icy blue eyes of the brunette and moaned something only she could hear. Whatever was said had the brunette telling her friends that she was leaving, NOW! She settled one of her arms around the brunette with her hand gripping her left ass cheek firmly. She led them to the bar and ordered four shots of Petron Tequila and told her new friend it was time to take turns with body shots off each other’s tits. The bartender settled four shot glasses on the bar and tipped the bottle and ran the flowing alcohol into the glasses with practiced ease.

“On the house ladies,” he smiled and nodded to her.

“You start precious,” Red said as she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her black lace bra and the ample cleavage contained therein.

There were a mixture of whoops and hollers as well as a few ‘oh god damn!’ The brunette took the first shot glass and placed it between the firm breasts of the red head. She licked her lips before lowering her mouth to the glass then to make things better still she cupped both tits and gave them a gentle squeeze as her teeth latched onto the glass and with a quick motion tipped it back and didn’t spill a drop. Red took the glass from her mouth so she didn’t have to remove her hands from her breasts.

“Your turn lover,” the brunette moaned.

The hands left her tits reluctantly and moved to her top and tugged it down so that the top half of her breasts were revealed. It also showed any who could see that she was not wearing a bra. It was Red’s turn to lick her lips and swallow hard. She set the shot glass between the most perfect pair of tits she had ever laid eyes on and like the brunette cupped them to hold the glass still. The brunette moaned loud and long and Red felt her lust become an all consuming thing. Slowly she lowered her head and took in the other girl’s scent and it was as intoxicating as the tequila. She managed to get her mouth over the entire open surface of the glass and made a tight seal before knocking it back. The audience moaned and groaned as the hunger spread like a virus among those infected by the sight of the two girl’s foreplay.

“I think I came…” moaned the brunette as she clung close to Red.

“Wait til I lick your pussy… then you’ll know for sure that you came.” She replied.

“Oh god I can’t wait!”

“We still have a shot to down first,” Red moaned in her ear, “and we don’t want to disappoint our audience.”

“No we wouldn’t want to do that.”

The next two shots took twice as long as the first. The bartender managed to slide a business card between Red’s tits and gave her a wicked wink. Without pausing she pocketed it and turned her full attention to the brunette who was tugging at her wrist and heading for the bathroom. Again there were whoops and hollers from the crowd and security did nothing to stop them. They knew better than to start a riot where they were outnumbered twenty to one.

The door to the bathroom slammed open as the girls caught in a deep soulful kiss crashed in and let the door close behind them before heading for a stall and closing that behind them as well. Red broke the kiss and lifted her partner’s skirt up and was not surprised to see she wore no panties either. Red moved her so that she was sitting on the toilet with her ass on the edge and legs spread as far as they could. Red knelt down and began to lap at the drenched pussy and clit; the brunette slid her fingers into Red’s hair and pulled her closer.

“Oh GOD yes!!! That feels so damn good!!”

Red lapped in nice long motions at the perfect pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure through the brunette. Then she would suckle the clit lightly as Red slid two fingers into the tight little pussy. As she fingered her the brunette began to rock her hips forward and back forcing the fingers deeper still.

“How does that feel you dirty ‘lil slut?” Red moaned.

“I love your fingers in my tight little pussy!”

“Are you going to cum for me?” Red asked as she began to drive her fingers harder and faster in and out of the girl.


“Soon?” Red asked as she was literally slamming her fingers home over and over again.


She felt the other’s body start to tense and knew she was very close to the edge; so she lowered her mouth again and began to suckle the delicate button of flesh and there came a howl of pleasure as the brunette rammed her hips forward and arched her back as the orgasm crashed over her. Red kept her tongue flickering over the other’s clit until she begged to stop. Panting and drenched the brunette rose to her feet and kissed Red hard on the lips before whispering in her ear.

“Your turn.”

Red nodded and moved out of the stall and sat on the sink and spread her legs offering her pussy to the brunette. Soon Red heard her voice echoing off the walls of the bathroom as the other mirrored her previous performance. Licking. Fingering. Moaning.

“How does that feel?”

“Nnnnn so fuckin’ good!”

“Good… is your clit sensitive?”

“Uh huh,” Red replied in a coy kind of voice.

“Let’s see shall we.”

Red was grinding her pussy against the other’s face. Two long delicate fingers moved in and out of her pussy as a serpentine tongue lapped at her clit. Then there came a naughty sensation as one of the brunette slick fingers eased itself into Red’s tight ass.

“Oh god!!” She shuddered with pleasure.

“How about two,” the brunette moaned.

The other slick finger eased itself next to the first and slowly they moved in and out of her very tight asshole. Then without warning the other two fingers slid into her pussy and Red was being finger fucked in both of her tight holes.

“YESSSS!!! More!!!!”

The fingers began to move deeper and harder now; with quick sharp thrusts Red was being pleasantly violated over and over again.

“Take that… and that… you dirty little slut!!!”

“Oh yes punish my pussy and ass!!”

Then slowly from somewhere deep inside of her Red felt an orgasm building, growing and it was going to be earth shattering.

“Unnn unnnn fuck my pussy!!!! Violate my ASS!!!!”

And just like she had done to her the brunette waited until the orgasm was almost upon her before lowering her lips to the sensitive button and then began to suckle it. The climax hit her like a monster wave… like a sensual tsunami! She managed to barely keep from screaming by biting her lip. Her body shook and shuddered as the pleasure washed over her and still the other kept suckling her clit and to her utter astonishment a second climax struck as strong as the first. Red felt warm blood trickle down her chin and drip between her tits from her bitten lip. Slowly regretfully the fingers were pulled free from her and with a gasp Red closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath.

“That was amazing!” Red told her when she could speak again.

“Tell me about it! I have never cum that hard before with any of my boyfriends.”

“What about girlfriend?” Red asked. The brunette smiled from ear to ear and leaned forward to share her secret.

“I’ve never been with a girl before. I just did the things that guys did to me that I liked.” She admitted.

“Well you get an A plus for your first attempt.”

“I still prefer cock but I will remember this night for a long, long time.”

“Truth be told, I do too but I just had to… you know?”

“Yeah I know.” Red cleaned the blood from her tits and face and dabbed the bite mark until it quit bleeding.

“Did I do that,” the brunette asked.

“Yes you did but what’s a little pain after two mind blowing orgasms,” Red shared with her.

Giggling the pair put their clothes into some semblance of order before leaving the bathroom. They left one after the other and separate before arriving on the dance floor to avoid any awkward attention. The bartender had two shots of tequila waiting for her and a pint of Guinness poured as well.

“Rick you are a god you always know just what I need,” Red hollered as she drew out her purse.

“You know your money’s no good here,” there was a long pause. “Okay I am dying to know, how was it?”

“For a girl who doesn’t swing that way oh god damn,” Red said with a fierce grin.

“Are you up to a good old fashion grudge-fuck tonight?” Rick asked.

“Oh you know it,” Red leaned closer. “I want to feel your balls slap against my chin as you fuck my throat.”

Rick checked the clock and gritted his teeth.

“This is going to be the longest two hours of my life.”

“Yeah tell me about it,” Red told him. “I am so fucking wet right now just thinking about you hammering away at my tight little pussy.”

“Anyone tell you that you have a mean streak?”

“All the time,” Red said with an evil grin.

Charles Oliver the owner of the club came over and stood next to Rick as he worked his magic on the public. He filled orders with a speed and precision that bordered on the preternatural. He had a memory for drink orders that made him one of the most popular bartenders in the city and Charles knew he was lucky to have him.

“Hey Rick,” Charles spoke just loud enough for Rick to hear. “I have checked your orders for the night and damn but you bring in the money. So in appreciation if you want to take off early,” he looked over at Red with a knowing glance. “I can cover for the rest of the night; if that is okay with you of course.”

The bar towel flew up into the air and without a glance back Rick moved from behind the bar and practically scooped up the redhead into his arms as he lead her from the club. He had barely buckled up and started the car than she was leaning over his lap and freeing his hardness from his jeans. The car had cleared the parking lot as her head bobbed up and down taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could manage. She took the shaft in hand pumping it as she sucked on the tip; wrapping her lips in a tight seal around the sensitive head.

“Give me your cum you selfish bastard!” She moaned to him as she once more took half of the length into her mouth as her fist moved up and down over his hardening length. She swirled her tongue around the length as he began to moan louder and louder.

“Damn girl we aren’t even to my apartment yet!” He said as she took a fistful of her hair and began to push and pull her head up and down the length of him. “I am gonna fuck your pussy until you beg me to stop!”

He realized he was not going to be able to wait much longer. He started looking for a place to pull off and bend her over the hood for a fierce pussy pounding. The perfect place came into view; a small park in a nicer part of the city. He pulled over and slammed the car into park and shut off the engine. He unbuckled himself and grabbing her by the hair pulled her over to his side and walked her into the park. His cock was still out as the night wind blown over the saliva slick length; he found a tree that was perfectly positioned and pushed her face first into the trunk and yanked her dress up and pulled her by her ass cheeks outward until her pussy was lined up with his cock. There was no love involved as his length penetrated her to her core and she nearly fainted as the new pleasure filled her up. His fingers dug into her soft flesh as his hips rammed fast and hard into her. She was panting and grunting each time his cock bottomed out in her.

“Fuck me lover! Smack my ass!”

She moaned to him as the wet slapping sound of their bodies echoed over the woods. He looked down and saw by the filtered moonlight his cock slide in and out of her. His hand flew and the solid resounding crack of flesh on flesh he swatted her right ass cheek with quite a bit of force. She wriggled in a mix of pleasure and pain and again his hand struck over and over until the cheek was rosy red.

“What a view! Watching my dick disappear into your tight pussy over and over again,” he told her as he slammed his cock home harder and harder. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart even further.

“How’s that lover? Is that a better view?”

“Oh god yes!”

The slapping sound got louder as his balls pounded her sensitive clit mercilessly. He felt her begin to stiffen as her climax built deep inside of her.

“I am so close,” she growled at him. “If you let me cum I will let you do something that naughty girl did in the bathroom.”

“Deal!” He said through gritted teeth and thrust harder and faster still.

They were panting together now as her pussy tightened around him and threatened to push him over the edge but he refused to give way he wanted this special treat.

“Take that and that,” he moaned, “you dirty little whore!”

“Yes… I am your dirty little whore!” She moaned over her shoulder eyes glittering with uncontrolled lust.

She whimpered then bit back a scream as her body shook in a mind blowing orgasm. She whimpered all the while her pussy clenched him like a velvet fist. He thrust one last time and rode out the last of her pleasure. He once more slid his fingers into her hair and pulled her hair back so that he could kiss her lips and then moan in her mouth.

“What’s my treat lover?” He asked of her.

“Just watch,” She said moving forward and pulling her pussy off of his cock. “Lie down and I will gladly give you your reward.”

He never hesitated and was soon looking up into a shrouded night sky. Smiling with a mix of hunger and renewed lust she lowered herself down to him but at the last minute she adjusted her position and impaled her ass onto his iron hard flesh.

“Oh my god… your ass is so fucking tight! I am not going to last long lover!”

“That’s okay but let me do all the work please,” she begged of him.

“Mmm yes take charge and fuck my cock with your tight ass!”

Soon she had settled into a nice rhythm with nice lone strokes of her legs letting most of his cock move in and out of her.

“I’ve have never let a man fuck my ass before! You are the first! Tell me how tight it feels. Tell me how good it is.”

“Oh god your ass is so fucking tight!!! Nnnnn ride my cock lover!”

“Watch me fuck your cock with my tight little asshole! I want to see the hunger in your eyes!”

His gaze never left her hips moving up and down on him and he felt his climax getting close very fast. He had to grit his teeth and fight with all his might not to cum.

“Oh god I am so close,” he moaned to her. “Where do you want me to cum lover?”

“In… in my mouth, I want to taste your cum as it shoots down my throat.”

“I will tell you when I can’t take it anymore.”

She slowed down her movement wanting to feel every inch of him as it violated her like nothing ever had before.

“Your cock feels so good in my ass baby!”

“Oh god babe I can’t hold on much longer…”

With a speed that surprised him she lifted up and off of him and then dropped down mouth wrapped around him and his hips moved up and down fucking her mouth. She moaned louder and louder sending delicious vibrations through him and with maybe the fifteenth thrust of his hips he rammed them upwards as pulses of hot cum shot down her throat. He could hear her gulp down his precious fluid with an eagerness that pleasantly surprised him. Panting he lay there catching his breath as she moved up his body and lay on him purring as content as the cat that ate the bird.

Reality Check:

My eyes snapped open as I heard a knock on my front door and then the distinct sound of a key in the lock. Then the sound of the front door opening and then closing followed by the distinct voice of my best friend’s wife.

“Ray? Are you home?”

“In the shower,” I hollered looking down at the iron hard flesh that had grown from the daydream.

“Oh there you are; Dan was wondering if you were done with the latest issue.”

“Yeah, I finished about twenty minutes ago…”

There came a queer sound and if I was much mistaken it sound like her clothes hitting the floor of the bathroom.

“Um… Carol,” my voice stammered. “What are you doing?”

I could see her silhouette as it neared the frosted glass of the shower door. I saw her reach for the door and pull it open. She was smiling wickedly as she pressed herself against me and closed the door behind her.

“I saw your outline and couldn’t help but notice your problem.” She said as her small hand wrapped around me and a groan slipped out before I could stop it. “Mmm so hard and thick and long just the way I like them.”

“But what about Dan,” I managed to get out before her firm full tits pressed against my chest and her hand began pumping my length.

“He said to make sure that you were kept happy. I figured it meant whatever it takes, so…”

She dropped to her knees before I could react and took me into her mouth. Just like Red she began to take as much as she could into her throat and stroked the rest.

“Carol… oh god you are killing me! Your mouth feels so damn good!”

She closed her eyes to keep the water out of them and began to fuck my cock with her throat and fist. Her long red hair was now plastered to her scalp and back; it was no secret to anyone who knew Dan or I that we patterned the Scarlet Samurai after his gorgeous wife. Carol reached around and grabbed each of my ass cheeks for leverage and began to truly deep-throat me. She moaned louder and louder as her movements became more and more hungry.

“Oh god, if you keep that up I’m gonna cum down your throat…” I told her my voice cracking.

“Well we can’t have that now, can we,” she said after pulling me out of her mouth.

For just a moment I thought it was over but I was so wrong. Carol stood up her head coming up to my chest then she turned away and bent over grabbing her ankles.

“Come on Ray fuck me! Ram that fat cock into me and fill my pussy with your cum!”

I was shaking with need my cock painfully hard; but she was my high school buddies’ wife for crying out loud. Then she wiggled her ass at me and I decided to take the fight to her. I moved closer then crouched down and began to eat her out. My tongue lapping slowly over the length of her pussy lips and clit; I couldn’t fuck her but I could taste her pussy and make her cum. Soon she was grinding herself against my mouth and tongue; her legs were quivering as I continued to lick and tease and please her.

“OH GOD RAY… that feels so good! Please fuck my pussy… please ram you COCK deep and make us come together. I need it so bad.”

“I can’t… I just can’t…”

I stood up and fate took matters out of my hands. The head of my cock was perfectly lined up and the little minx pushed back and impaled herself on me. After that it was impossible to fight the urge, shit I was balls deep in her now.

“Oh you dirty little slut!”

“YES… I am a dirty little slut! Fuck my naughty… tight… pussy…”

I did just that my hands gripped her ass cheeks pulling them apart so I could see her puckered asshole before I began to rock forward and back ramming my cock in and out of her.

“Are you staring at my tiny little asshole?” She moaned.

“Yes, gods help me I am!”

I told her as I got a load of spit in my mouth and spat letting it fly true. It hit her asshole and I took my index finger and made slow circles pressing softly but it gave way to my teasing.

“How did you know I loved getting ass fucked?” She asked genuinely surprised.

“With this perfect bubble butt of yours it screams to be fucked.” I moaned.

“Then you should teach me a lesson shouldn’t you,” she growled. “You should take that big fat cock of yours and slide it into my ass and punish me.”

I didn’t hesitate I stopped and slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined the head up against her tight little puckered hole.

“Push back!” I demanded.

“What?” She whispered.

“I said to push back you dirty little slut,” I said louder. “I want to see the head of my cock pop inside your ass.”

“Do you?” She asked. “You want me to impale my ass on your… long… thick… fat… cock?”


“Then I have no choice now do I,” she moaned even as she did just that.

Her hips were moving and I could feel the pressure of the tip of my cock against her tight ring of flesh. My fingers dug into her flesh deeper now.

“Mmm I can feel it! I can feel…” but I was cut off as the head suddenly and without warning popped into her tight rectum.

“Oh god you are in my ASS!” She said as before a long pregnant moment the shaft followed the head and I was buried in her butt. “Please fuck my ASS… hammer it hard and fast and fill it with your cum.”

I took over then and began to move my hips slowly getting used to the new level of tightness wrapped around me.

“So fucking tight!”

“Oh god so big!”

Soon we were moving in a perfect rhythm and the pleasure tore through me and I was panting after less than five minutes.

“I want to see you play with your pussy while I abuse your ass,” I said with no hint of denial and she followed my command instantly.

“Like that? Do you like my fingers inside of me and teasing my clit?”

“Unn fuck! So damn tight I have never fucked something so tight before!”

“Take your pleasure from me lover… fuck my ass and fill it with your sperm!”

“No… I want you to pleasure me slut!”

Something had snapped in me and she took no offense when I pulled out and lay down on the floor of the shower and she obeyed and like my dream impaled herself on my cock and began to ride it.

“Oh god baby watch your cock slide in and out of me! Watch my ass as it gobbles you up!”

She rode me slow and easy giving me so much pleasure. I tried to bite back my pleasure but I was past the point of no return.

“Going to cum!”

I told her and she leaned forward using my chest for leverage and began to ride me as fast and deep as she could. We both moaned as my cock started to swell inside of her and our breathing matched up as we panted harsher and harsher and then with a blood curdling shout she dropped down and my pulse followed by pulse of hot cum shot into her rectum. Purring she stood up and began to wash up cleaning the excess fluid from her. Then she lathered up my sponge and finished her shower. I stood up and standing behind her reached around and cupped her full firm tits. She began to press her ass against me and we both jumped as my cock slid into her pussy for a second instance in a short period of time.

“Looks like someone is not done yet, good for us both I was hoping you might want another go at me.”

I never said another word as I fucked her not once or twice but four times before I ran out of steam. She was a quivering mess lying on my bed with her ass in the air and her face buried in my pillow. I lay on my back and she cuddled whispering that her orgasms numbered in two digits. I personally had lost count but hey good for me. I had been tempted to fuck her ass at least once more but she offered her tits and mouth as a nice distraction and didn’t want to hurt her after all.

“Well I will take the issue home and we can get it proofed and posted before the night is over. Why not come over for dinner and let’s celebrate properly.”

“Define properly,” I asked.

“I will cook a fine meal with Guinness on tap and perhaps a pleasant surprise if things work out right.”

“How can I possibly say no?”

“Good, we will see you around seven.”

Seven O’clock at the Winter’s Residence:

I arrived promptly at seven at the home of my dearest friend and I felt my stomach do a few flip flops. I had never planned on fucking his wife but now I had to get control of my feelings and act like nothing had happened. So after a long moment I took those last few steps and knocked on the door. I heard murmuring voices until one came loud and clear enough for me to understand.

“Do you want me to get the door?”

Hardly had I taken a breath before the door opened and expecting to see Carol or Dan but instead was a lovely Japanese girl who looked as stunned as I was.

“You must be Ray please come in,” she said with just a hint of nervousness in her voice.

I stepped in and let her close the door behind me and followed her into the living room. I glanced down and watched her firm young ass sashay with a liquid movement and damned if I didn’t get caught by Carol who was pouring my drink as we entered.

“I see you’ve met Akiko our transfer student from Japan.” Carol said with a shit eating grin on her face.

“Yes indeed,” I muttered taking the beer she had poured from a keg. “How long is your pretty young thing going to be staying here?”

“I will be here for two years,” Akiko chimed in.

“Where are you going to school?” I asked turning to look into her jet black eyes.

“Miskatonic University studying computer science and art,” she offered as I sat down on the comfy couch.

“Really well you are in the perfect home then,” I told her wondering if Dan had told her about our web comic.

“I know…” she said smiling now, “I wrote a letter requesting to stay here.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“I am a huge fan of the Scarlet Samurai,” her smile widened. “I am a huge fan of yours!”

“Who knew,” Dan said surprising me. “She has been following it since issue one.”

I got up and walked over and shook Dan’s hand and shook my head at the thought of that pretty young thing being a fan of the Scarlet Samurai. I looked at her while I took a healthy gulp of Guinness, that dark Irish beer that quenched the thirst so perfectly, taking in her beauty in more detail. She stood no more than five foot even with long black hair that hit passed the middle of her back. She wore a black t-shirt with bright white letters stretched over her large breasts that spelled out ‘Make Me Purr’. I coughed and nearly gagged as the visuals went through my mind; bending her over, tugging her jeans down and ramming my cock deep into that tight young pussy of hers.

“Are you okay Ray?” Akiko asked with a knowing look in her eye.

I nodded while I got control of myself and when I looked up again she actually winked.

“I guess you were right my t-shirt is a little distracting I’ll go change.”

Without another word she left and it took every ounce of self control not to stare at her ass when she turned around and headed towards the spare bedroom.

“Breath Ray… it’s going to be okay,” Carol offered. “I guess it’s my fault really I told her to wear the shirt and see what happened.”

“You are EVIL,” I told her while Dan took a healthy swig of ‘shut the fuck up’ as we called it.

“You should have seen my reaction when she arrived at the airport and walked over to greet us.”

“Yeah tell me about it,” Carol added. “She was wearing the official Japanese Schoolgirl outfit to the nines.”

“You mean this one?” Akiko had changed ninja quick and snuck up on us while we were talking about her.

It was the white blouse with the ‘short’ skirt, white bobby socks and black Patten leather shoes; but it was the glasses and her hair in two pony tails that put it over the top. She did her version of the model down the runway imitation ending with her facing away from me slowly bending over to show the lower halves of her luscious ass cheeks. I closed my eyes and was instantly hit with the images of having my way with her in so many pleasurable ways and then opened my eyes as I felt my body start to swell.

“Were you sent here to kill me?” I asked Akiko.

“No,” there was genuine look of concern on her face.

“Oh… well… in that outfit I feel a heart attack coming on,” I moaned.

Without missing a beat she turned around walked up to me, leaned over and as close as she could get and whispered in my ear.

“You sure it’s a heart attack you are feeling and not a hard on?”

Her firm breasts pressed hard against her blouse and I could see that she was not wearing a bra and then she took my empty glass and left to refill it. Her scent lingered the smell of jasmine and vanilla. I looked over at Carol and then Dan and the last bit of self control they had failed and they started laughing loud and long. The pair turned beet red and were crying from the torture they had inflicted on me. My expression must have been one of pure torment. I took a seat in my favorite leather chair and tried to become invisible but failed miserably. Akiko returned with my drink but instead of handing it to me she plopped down in my lap and then offered me my beer. I felt my semi hard cock press against her as she subtly ground her ass down on me. I could feel her heat against me and surmised the little minx had removed her underwear if ever she had worn any at all.

“So I hear you are working on the next issue of Scarlet Samurai I was wondering if I could sit in and see the creative juices at work,” Akiko asked with another grind of her ass on me.

“Well…” I began to say but her firm young ass was doing little circles over my ever growing hardness.

“Please,” she begged, “I’ll make it worth your time and effort.”

I glanced over at my friends and they just shot me back a look that said ‘that is entirely up to you’. Her hips were causing me no end of pleasurable confusion. She was so young and so beautiful and so blatant about her desire to seduce me. I looked into Akiko’s eyes and they burned with lust and I was torn because I was in my best friend’s house for crying out loud but how could I turn down someone so willing to fuck me silly. I looked up again for some moral support and damn it all they had managed to silently stalk away.

“It looks like we are alone…” her hot breath on my neck.

“Yes we are…” I moaned into her ear, “So what are you going to do about it?”


She lifted up enough for her hand to snake between us and managed to unzip me one handed and free me and then in one smooth motion she guided my iron hard flesh deep into her warm wet depths. We moaned together as she began to ride me ever so slowly.

“I have been dreaming about this for a long time…” she groaned back at me, “…I masturbated five times today but still it didn’t help.”

“You are a dream come true you know that,” I told her. “I have never been with an Asian girl before.”

“So do I live up to the fantasy,” she asked as she began to squeeze her pussy muscles around me. “Or maybe I can exceed it hmm.”

I looked up and nearly lost control when I spied Carol and Dan in the doorway. Carol was bent over grabbing her ankles as Dan slowly fucked her from behind. Akiko caught my eyes and looked and saw the couple fucking in the doorway. This just turned her on all the more; she rose up took a few steps and then dropped to her knees and wiggled her ass at me.

“Come on and fuck me with that big fat cock of yours,” she moaned as she lowered her head to the floor and raised her ass as high as she could.

I could see how wet she was and didn’t hesitate in the least. I stood up and quickly moved to the floor behind her and eased my length into her inch by inch. I flipped up her skirt so I could be a better look at her pussy and ass they were absolutely perfect. I heard Carol moan as Dan started to pick up the pace and so I decided Akiko deserved no less. I grabbed her ass cheeks for leverage and began to slam my hips into her as fast and hard as I could. There came the dual sounds of bodies slapping against each other and it was deliciously evil. Carol and Akiko were moaning in unison as they were both violated from behind. I reached forward and cupped the girl’s firm breasts through the cotton material of her blouse and this sent the young thing into an unexpected orgasm. Carol followed suit not a minute later and the girls made eye contact and soon Carol and Akiko were both on their knees eye to eye being brutally fucked from behind.

“So big…” Akiko moaned to Carol.

“So deep…” Carol replied.

I looked over at Dan and smiled this was just like our college days bringing home two drunk sorority sisters and fucking them both until dawn swapping back and forth until we could fuck no more. I unbuttoned Akiko’s blouse so I could feel her tits properly naked in my hands. I cupped her bare breasts and began to tease her nipples as I slowed my pace just a little so I could enjoy her tight pussy for a while longer. I looked into Carol’s eyes and felt just a twinge of guilt having fucked her earlier this morning and she caught the meaning of my look and smiled brilliantly telling me all was well in the universe. I smiled back and began to pound Akiko harder now the slapping of our bodies drowning out her moans of pleasure.

“Fuck her good,” Carol moaned to me, “make her cum Ray!”

“Yeah fuck the naughty lil minx,” Dan growled. “Teach her what a real cock feels like.”

Akiko moaned something but it was in Japanese and by the way she was groaning and letting the syllables fly she was close to coming. I stopped for a moment long enough to flip her onto her back and throw her legs over my shoulders and then renewed my assault on her tight wetness. My hands settled on her gorgeous tits with their puffy nipples the color of chocolate. My fingers groped her flesh as I thrust into her as hard and fast as I could. I could feel my own pleasure pass the point of no return and knew my orgasm was just seconds away. Akiko could feel me swell inside of her and she clung to me tighter urging me on with upward thrusts of her hips. Thrusting harder now I drove my hips into her with body shaking movements until… with a howl of pleasure I rammed deep into her one last time and felt each and every pulse of hot cum that entered her. It wasn’t until after I could breathe again that I realized Akiko had come at the same time and was blissfully prone on the floor.

“Oh… my… god… I have never been fucked like that… ever!” Akiko’s words of praise struck my sex addled brain and I could not help but lean down and kiss her.

Our lips met and it was absolutely electric soon our tongues were dueling and I felt myself harden inside of her. She moaned into my mouth as I filled her once more. My attention was drawn from Akiko for a moment as I heard Dan growl and Carol moan as they too climaxed together. When Dan lifted his head from his chest a long scarlet line of blood ran from his nose down to the middle of his chest.

“DAN!” I hollered as I pulled out of Akiko and moved to catch him just before his eyes rolled up and he lost consciousness.

I head Akiko cry out and Carol spun around to help me settle Dan onto the carpeted floor of the living room. I looked over at Carol as tears flowed freely down her face.

“He didn’t want you to know,” she whispered as she slowly walked over to the phone and dialed 911. “He wanted to tell you when he was ready,” she said just before the operator came on the line. “Yes my name is Carol Winter and I need an ambulance at this address and if you could contact Doctor Marrow and inform him that Dan Winter has had a turn for the worse.”

She sounded remarkably calm as she finished the phone call and moved to the bedroom to get dressed for the trip to the hospital. Akiko rose quietly and without a word to me moved down the hall to her room and with a quiet click her door closed. I got myself together but never left Dan’s side. What the hell was going on? What had they kept secret from me and for how long? A thousand questions and ideas flooded my mind as I emotionally shut down. But the shocks were not over; Akiko’s bedroom door opened and she stepped out and another figure followed her out! When the two stepped out into the light there were two identical Japanese girls standing there dressed in matching outfits.

“I am Akiko,” said the closer of the two.

“I am Akira,” her twin said and smiled brilliantly, “you were wonderful!”

“That’s how you did the whole ninja quick change trick,” I said pointing to Akira. The two nodded and smiled briefly but the sound of the ambulance stole all the warmth from the room. “Do you two want to ride with me to the hospital,” I offered and they nodded together.

It was a long night sitting in the waiting room of the hospital but it was made tolerable by the presence of the twins one sleeping on either side of me. Each had claimed a shoulder to lay their head upon and so I found a comfortable spot and sat contemplating the fact that I may lose my closest and dearest friend. Sometime in the middle of the early morning I must have drifted off with naughty dreams of the twins and at some point Dan appearing and telling me everything was going to be okay. A gentle shake of my shoulder woke me and an elderly woman smiled and told me it was okay to see my friend. She offered me a bottle of water and I thanked her and found the twins following me in. I opened the bottle and took a few healthy swigs of water and felt my thirst and fatigue fading away. I offered the twins a drink but they held up bottles of their own.

“What a nice old lady,” I commented and took a third drink as I entered the elevator up to intensive care.

I prepared myself for the shock of seeing him in the hospital bed but it did little good seeing all the wires and IV’s plugged into him. Carol came over and threw herself into my arms. I could hear her sobbing as I held her close and had spent the time waiting to try and figure out the last couple days. Dan was sick and had been for a while now and so he hadn’t been able to be intimate with Carol. He could see that she was having problems and so he gave her the okay to go over and seduce me. If she was going to be with another man at least it would be with someone he knew and trusted with her feelings. Damn. The pieces fit too well to be more than conjecture at this point.

“What’s going on Carol,” I asked as gently as I could.

“Brain tumor, it’s inoperable… just a matter of time now.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before this,” I questioned her with a definite hurt tone in my voice.

“I wanted to but Dan… Dan wanted to wait until he was sure there was no hope. He didn’t want to say he was dying and it not be true.”

“Typical Dan,” I replied. “And the attack in the shower… he wanted you to be happy?”

“Yes…” the tone in her voice changed from a deep sorrowful one to a sultry one. “He wanted it to be you; we discussed it for a long time. His health was failing so fast and he wanted my needs met. He knew how ‘hungry’ I got and we agreed you were the perfect candidate.”

“Hungry eh,” I asked her and the lustful look in her eye spoke volumes.

“Yes, since I lost my virginity my body has been wired for instant satisfaction.”

“What do you mean,” I asked and to answer my question she grabbed my hand and lifting her skirt placed my fingers between her legs. “You are soaked.” I looked passed her to the twins who blushed and leaned close and talked quietly amongst themselves.

“Yes… I just can’t help it. I need sex all the time and Dan understood that. He actually loved that about me; we could and did have sex anywhere the urge took him. I was always ready for him and I will tell you we have done it in some really morally questionable places and times.”

“Really,” I asked as she ground her pussy against my fingers. “I guess this would be one of those morally wrong places and times.”

“Yes…” she moaned, “but if you want to we can slip into a closet nearby and take the edge off…”

“Damn girl,” I exclaimed shocked but she just smiled.

“You don’t have to fuck me… just let me suck you off…”

I licked my lips and she purred as I tried to drive the image of her on her knees sucking me off in a small closet with a bucket and mop in the corner. But damn it was proving almost impossible to resist her. She leaned closer still her breasts pressing against me and she moaned in my ear…

“You can fuck my ass,” she moaned her hot breath against my skin as she let the last word hang in the air.

I felt myself hardening quickly and I had to find a way to clear my head or I would, god help me, I would bend her over in this rooms bathroom and ass fuck her until I came deep in her tight rear. I looked past her to Dan and found the strength to break her hold on me and walk over and see my dear old friend. I sat down next to him and took his hand in mine Carol stood directly behind me her breasts pressed against my head.

“You are a good friend and a strong man I respect that,” her voice was flat and emotionless.

What the hell was going on? Her husband was here in the hospital and was likely never to leave it alive and here she was moping over the fact that I wouldn’t fuck her.

“Ray…” the voice was barely a whisper.


“Hey you didn’t think I was going to die on you did you,” he managed to get out before moaning in pain.

“Dan what is going on I mean all of it! You’ve been keeping secrets and I suspect for a long time now.”

He nodded his head with his eyes still closed. He licked his lips and without thinking I took my bottle of water and put it to his mouth and poured a little but when he nodded I poured enough for a full mouthful. It was at least two minutes before he spoke again but when he did there was more strength and conviction in his voice.

“Do you remember in high school when my Uncle Thomas died?”

“Yeah, you were out of school for like two weeks.”

“Yep, I went to Ipswich for his funeral and meet a ton of family I never knew existed.”

“That’s where you met Carol isn’t it?”

“Yes… that’s where I met Carol…”

Ten Years Earlier:

Death in the Old City:

The snow fell heavy over the Old City; great white flakes falling in the millions as I walked from the car to my uncle’s estate. I couldn’t help but stop and tip my head towards heaven and catch a few on my tongue. When I looked down there she stood smiling at me from the open door of the Old House. I found myself smiling back as I closed the distance between us.

“You must be Dan, Thomas’ nephew.”

“And who do I owe the pleasure?”

“Carol, Carol D’Amber, please come in and warm up the others have already arrived.”

“Late as always,” I told her as I moved past her and heading for the sound of murmuring voices.

“Here let me go with you,” Carol said sliding her arm in mine and snuggling close.

So arm in arm I walked in to meet a side of the Family I never even knew existed. I wasn’t sure how they would react to Carol on my arm but they actually seemed pleased. They were a diverse lot as far as appearance I was sort of expecting a family resemblance but was disappointed. If there was a common trait among my relatives it was good looks and good health. They all appeared to be so ‘alive’ and filled with an almost intoxicating energy. I made my rounds and went from group to group introducing myself and learning more and more about the Family with each member I met. We were literally scattered across the globe and were very well connected both financially and politically as well. I was told that all my school needs after high school would be taken care of after all it was the least they could do. I collected an alarming number of business cards and phone numbers and promised to stay in touch. Carol disappeared at some point but was replaced by the Teviot twins Hope and Dawn one on either arm. They decided it was time for a tour of Thomas’ home and get to know each other better. They were also overwhelmed at the number of the Family they had never heard of. It became apparent to me that Thomas was the single connective element in the tapestry that was the Family. Hope and Dawn were identical twins with long black hair and brilliant blue eyes and gorgeous. I suspected they knew how beautiful they were but unlike the girls at school, seemed down to earth and genuinely nice maybe that’s because we were related. Room after room blurred by as the sightseeing took on a frantic pace as if there was a destination they were more intent upon than an actual tour.

“So where are we headed,” I asked Hope.

“It’s a surprise,” answered Dawn.

“A pleasant surprise I hope,” I told them.

“Oh yes a very pleasant surprise.” They said together.

Our shoes echoed off the tile in the room that housed the indoor pool. It was huge and warmed and very inviting after all the snow outside. I looked up and saw the ceiling was set with hexagonal glass creating a kind of dome set onto the back of the house. I heard the sound of two distinct splashes as Hope and Dawn entered the water. When I looked down and into the water I could see their nude forms refracted in the crystal clear water. Like twin mermaids they beckoned me into the pool.

“Come on in the water’s great,” chimed Hope.

“Yes come on in we told you there would be a pleasant surprise,” echoed Dawn.

I believed I broke a personal best getting out of my clothes and into the pool. I dove in cutting the water with little splash; I had grown up in an apartment complex that had an Olympic sized outdoor pool. I had spent many summers in or around that pool. The water did feel great and when I surfaced the twins had closed in on my position and were pressing close.

“Mmm how does this feel,” asked Dawn as her breasts pushed against my back.

“Or this,” asked Hope as she molded herself against my front.

“I think I just died and went to heaven,” I moaned into Hope’s mouth as she leaned forward to kiss me.

Our tongues were dueling even as Dawn reached around and gently gripped my hardness and began to stroke the length. I groaned into Hope’s mouth and she pressed herself closer still. Then she broke the kiss and I was spun around in the water and Dawn’s mouth was on mine and Hope took over where Dawn had begun stroking and squeezing my cock with a gentle need.

“I want to taste him in my mouth Sister,” Hope moaned in my ear before she began to plant butterfly kisses on my neck.

“I need to feel him deep inside of me Sister,” Dawn groaned with a short break from kissing.

“Yes! Deep inside of us Sister,” Hope agreed.



“So very hard…”

“So very fast…”

We drifted to the shallow where I was told to sit on the edge and Hope lowered her mouth to my cock and began to suck me off with a hunger that both surprised and frightened me just a little. I had never had girls throw themselves at me before, I could get used to this. Dawn got out of the pool and stood in front of me offering me her pussy to make love to and I attacked it with the same enthusiasm Hope inspired. I lapped at Dawn’s pussy with long tongue strokes teasing both her clit and pussy lips. She ground her pussy against my face all the while moaning all manner of dirty words.

“Yes your tongue feels so good on my pussy,” she told me.

Hope’s head was bobbing up and down now her tongue snaking around the shaft as she sucked applying delicious pressure on the head. I started to suckle on Dawn’s clit so she reached down and pulled her pussy lips and hood back for easier access to her sensitive flesh.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “I need a pussy wrapped around me soon or I am going to die.”

Hope’s head snapped up and off of me before leaving the pool and motioning for us to follow her. Dawn stepped to the side and then once I was on my feet we walked over and found Hope on her knees with her ass high in the air.

“That looks like an invitation to me,” Dawn growled in my ear. “But don’t come inside of her you have to fuck me too.”

Dawn took her place next to her sister on the floor mirroring her position exactly with her soaked pussy greeting my gaze. I sunk to my knees behind Hope and eased my cock into her without any hesitation and slide two fingers into Dawn’s pussy so she wouldn’t feel left out. God damn this girl was tight! Soon we had a nice rhythm going as I pushed forward and she shoved backward. My fingers moved in and out of an equally tight pussy that belonged to Dawn and she was moaning and begging for my cock but Hope told her she would have her chance.

“Have you ever fucked two girls at once Dan?” Hope asked as she began to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles.

“No and I am enjoying every moment of this.” I managed to say through gritted teeth.

“Wait til you slide into me Dan… I will make you feel so good,” Offered Dawn.

“I have no doubt,” I told her as Hope began to thrust backwards harder and faster now.

“I am going to cum Dan!” Hope squealed.

“Let me feel you squeeze me as you come,” I told her and she didn’t disappoint her pussy clenched and unclenched wildly as her climax hit her full on. “Damn girl that was intense!”

I eased out of her and pulled my fingers out of Dawn but instead of fucking her from behind I lay down and motioned for her to mount my cock and ride me. She eagerly moved to comply and soon she was straddling me slowly lowering her pussy down onto me. We moaned together when my cock parted her pussy lips and I slid into her as deep as I could. She leaned forward placing her hands on my chest for leverage and began to ride me slowly at first. Hope now recovered decided to move over and straddle my face with her dripping pussy.

“Eat me Dan lick my dirty little pussy clean,” Hope growled.

“Oh god Dan your cock feels so good inside of me it’s so thick and long,” Dawn told me as her hips moved up and down so damn slow, “just the way I like it.”

“How does she feel wrapped around you,” Hope asked me as she ground her pussy against my face. “Is she nice and tight… do you want her to come for you… tell me Dan did you imagine when you got here that you would end up like this?”

“No, this is something out of a wet dream come true,” I told her.

“Hope… I am so close shall I come or shall I let you ride him for a while,” Dawn groaned.

“Let him feel that tight little pussy of yours spasm like crazy Sister,” Hope told her.

“Mmm okay… here goes,” Dawn replied.

She began to lift her hips, pause, and then she slammed her hips down as hard as she could. Each delicious shockwave sent pleasure flowing through me and I loved it. I started to thrust upwards meeting her half way with as much force as I could muster and all of us were moaning together as I kept Hope in the loop by attacking her pussy with renewed hunger. I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer and knew it was going to be mind blowing.

“I am getting close… where do you want me to come,” I asked them.

“…down my throat…” moaned Hope.

“…all over my tits…” groaned Dawn.

“Well,” I asked thrusting harder and faster upwards, “…you better decide quickly.”

“Yes… quickly… I can feel him start to swell in me Sister,” Dawn growled.

“Very well…” Hope said disappointed, “spray her lovely tits but next time I drink you dry sweet Dan.”

“Come on Dawn… come for me so I can cover your tits with cum…” I demanded.

“YESSSS…” Dawn howled and thrust down once… twice… and with a third body shaking drop she felt her body lose control and her climax slam into her with brutal force.

Dawn ground her body against mine in slow circles as the pleasure filled her up and then slowly left her panting and covered in sweat. When she was able she rose off of me and wrapped her lovely breasts around my cock and began to titty-fuck me. Hope spun around and leaned over my body and when the head of my cock popped out from between Dawn’s tits she would flicker her tongue over the sensitive flesh. I arched my back forcing the tip between Hope’s lips and she wasted not a moment to begin to lick and suckle it.

“Sister your pussy and his cock taste so good,” Hope moaned.

“Does it,” Dawn asked. “Perhaps we can share his cum Sister?”

“You would do that for me,” Hope asked.

“Of course I would… mmm why don’t you suck him off until he comes and swallow some then you can pinch off the flow and you can then spray my tits with the rest.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” Hope beamed.

I felt Dawn lean back and away and then Hope’s mouth enveloped my length and soon her head was bobbing up and down while her fist wrapped around the shaft. She stroked me slowly while her tongue flickered and teased me and she applied mouth-watering suction. My body began to shake as the last of my resistance quickly failed and I managed to croak out a weak warning.


Hope’s fist began to squeeze and twist as the first spurts of my come hit the back of her throat. True to her word she squeezed and using her thumb pinched off the flow of sperm. Then she lifted her head and took careful aim and released her grip. An amazing arc of cum flew out and splashed between Dawn’s tits followed by a second and then a third pulse of my sperm. I lay there panting for a long time before speaking.

“That was fucking amazing,” I told the girls who by now were laying next to me one on either side snuggling close.

“Yes… that… was…” said a new voice.

I had to struggle a bit to turn my head and see who had spoken and damned if it wasn’t Carol. She was sitting on the ground, underwear gone and two fingers sliding in and out of her shaved sex.

“Did you enjoy the show,” I asked.

“Oh yes I did…” Carol moaned still finger fucking her sex. ‘Squish… squish… squish…’ went her fingers.

“Are you going to come for me Carol?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she moaned thrusting her fingers faster and harder; the new sound echoed over the near perfect silence as the three of us watched intently.

I wanted to get up and ram my cock into her but the twins had other ideas. Dawn positioned her mouth between my legs and began to gobble up my now very hard cock in her mouth. Hope pressed her firm tits and hard nipples against my back.

“She wants you to watch…” Hope whispered in my ear. “She wants you to want her so that the next time you two are alone you are going to practically rape her.”

“How do you…” I gasped as Dawn’s head was moving faster and deeper now taking my breath away. “…know that’s what she wants.”

“You aren’t the first we have lured here Dan but you are the most fun we have ever had,” she explained.

“Oh god Dawn…” I moaned as the girl wrapped her fist around me and began to stroke me hard and fast squeezing me on the up stroke. “…if you keep that up I am going to cum again.”

“She does love the taste of cum almost as much as I do,” Hope said as she detached herself and moved to join her sister.

Now they were taking turns sucking me off as all the while Carol her eyes burning with lust was driving her fingers in and out of her pussy with complete and utter abandon.

“Just imagine it’s my lips wrapped around you baby… that’s it me sucking your fat cock,” Carol said as her eyes closed, hips left the concrete and she squealed in the throes of a powerful orgasm. “Just like I imagine it’s your dick ramming itself into me over and over again; feeling it buried so deep it spreads me wide like no man before.”

I was forced onto my back so the sisters could attack my cock with greater ease and so Carol rose to her feet walked over and stood above me one foot on either side of my head. She spread her feet apart so I could see up into her pussy and watch her finger it with renewed hunger. Carol licked her lips as she looked down at me and drove her fingers in and out with greater speed and depth.

“Like the view,” Carol asked.

“Unn… yes indeed,” I managed to grunt out as the sisters had once again took turns and a new mouth was working on my hardness with great zeal.

“I am so close,” Carol moaned.

“So am I,” I told her as one sister used her mouth while the other used her hand.

“Come with me,” Carol crooned.

“Yes,” I growled as one sister suckled the tip of my cock and the other stroked the shaft as fast as she could. “But quickly now finger that pussy of yours I don’t have long at all.”

“Watch me,” she purred and I heard the sloppy sounds of her fingers violating her slit with deep hard thrusts.

I tried to keep my eyes riveted on her but at the last moment my eyes snapped shut as I came and the sisters drank greedily. I could feel them take turns licking and sucking the last drops of cum from me; literally milking me dry. As I lay there panting and trying to catch my breath I heard soft footfalls moving away from me and I managed to open my eyes and see Carol wrap a towel around her and without a backward glance leave me to the mercy of the twins.

“She is pissed at me,” I moaned out.

“You didn’t see her come,” Hope explained.

“She is disappointed not angry,” Dawn said.

“I guess I will have to make it up to her,” I thought out loud.

“If you want,” Dawn moaned.

“Or you could stay with us,” Hope offered.

“Yes,” they said in unison, “stay with us.”

I looked down at the pair and was sorely tempted but something desired to experience a depth I had not yet penetrated.

“She is a mistress of seduction she is,” pouted Hope.

“She always gets what she wants,” pouted Dawn.

“Just like Master Thomas,” moaned Hope.

“She was intimate with Uncle Thomas,” I blurted out.

“Oh yes for many years,” Dawn said and was rewarded with a punch from Hope.

“Many years,” I said incredulously, “she can’t be much older than I am.”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Hope admitted.

“What are you two not telling me,” I asked but they looked at each other and with some sort of twin telepathy they dove into the pool without another word.

“You can ‘swim’ with us if you like,” Hope offered.

“Yes ‘swim’ with us and cool off and clean up all at the same time,” Dawn whispered.

“Hell why not,” I said and dove into the pool between them.

We ‘swam’ and played for another hour or so before one of the servants an attractive blond informed us dinner would be ready in another hour if we chose to dress for the occasion. I left the twins a few pints lower on sperm and somewhat reluctantly to shower and dress for dinner. This was the best day of my life and was looking forward to dinner as I had built up quite the appetite. My clothes were laid out when I finished my shower and dried off and the blond who had announced dinner was waiting for me.

“Does Sir need help dressing,” she asked quite seriously.

“Can I ask you a personal question,” I asked.

“Of course Sir, Master Thomas was quite informal with Family and staff alike,” she replied smiling.

“Are there any unattractive people in this place, any at all,” I asked her and she actually laughed.

“No sir the Master was quite specific when it came to the hiring of the staff,” she informed me. “For my interview I had to raise my arms next to my head and walk slowly towards a wall to see which touched first my elbows or my nipples,” she said nonchalantly.

“I take it you were topless at the time,” I tried to say casually but failed miserably.

“I had to strip down completely good sir,” she said smiling even brighter now. “I had to shave in order to get the position here of course.”

“Of course,” I repeated thinking, what was the big deal in a girl shaving her legs and then I realized suddenly it wasn’t her legs that she had shaved but her…

“Yes, would you like to see,” she offered, “smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

“Um…” I swallowed hard and then realized that the only thing hiding my hard on was the towel around my waist, “Maybe later after dinner.”

“My pleasure,” she crooned, “shall I help you into your clothes young Master?”

“I am afraid that if I drop this towel and you are still in the room I will end up missing dinner,” I told her frankly.

“I wouldn’t want that on my conscience,” she said walking over to me, “I will bring you up a cock-tail after dinner if you want?”

“Boy would I, I mean yes that would be very nice indeed,” I tried to recuperate my eagerness and sound more worldly but again failed.

“If I may offer Master some advice,” she said reaching under the towel and slowly wrapping her hand around me, “be yourself… oh my so hard…”

“Oh god…” I moaned and thank heavens the clock struck the half hour, “I need to get dressed, that feels so damn good you have a very gentle touch.”

“Thank you Master,” she said letting go of me slowly, “I will return later.”

“I look forward to it,” I moaned my heart pounding in my ears and just then I noticed the change of her verbiage as she spoke to me; long gone was the term ‘young Sir’ and now only Master did she address me as.

I watched as she turned and slinked from the room her hips sashaying as she left. What was going on in this place? Did Uncle Thomas put some sort of aphrodisiac in the water or the air? Were these women so cock hungry for another reason? Maybe I was going to inherit a lot of money and they already knew about it? Well I would talk to the lawyer and discover the truth before too long; not that I disliked the attention but hell this was simply unreal.

Being Served:

Ting… ting… ting!!! The knife resonated off the fine crystal glass and a single pure note hung in the air. The small talk before dinner came to an end as my cousin and elder by two score years rose and proposed a toast before the food was to be served.

“Loved ones and Family we are all gathered in this fine estate to pay honor and homage to a great man’s life. Though he is no longer with us his legacy lives on in each and every one of us. I welcome back all those who have visited Thomas in the past and offer my dearest salutation to those whose first stay this happens to be. This time is for all of us to acquaint and reacquaint ourselves with each and every person here whether they are Family, friends or staff; it is what Thomas would have wanted. So please raise your glass in loving memory to Thomas he was the best of us all!”

Glasses clinked and murmurs of ‘here here’ were exchanged across the table; and speaking of across the table the twins were looking over at me and giving me that knowing smile that we had already gotten to know each other intimately so. I looked over the others seated at the table and saw that Carol D’amber was seated near the head of the table to my left chatting animatedly at another of my cousins who was much closer to my age. I felt a twinge of jealousy but quickly quelled it; I mean who was I to lay claim to a girl I barely knew and instead looked forward to my cocktail after dinner. Even though I had been quite satiated by the twins earlier this day I believe I had been infected with the energy that seemed to hang in the air and create the, for lack of a better word, festive atmosphere. The servers passed among the diners refilling glasses as well as bringing the first course meal for us to partake of.

“Master,” came a breathy whisper on my right ear as my food was set before me.

“I don’t even know your name,” I whispered back.

“Pick one,” she said as softly as she could even as something was discreetly placed in my lap and then she was moving on down the table performing her duties.

As carefully as I could I lowered my right hand to my lap to see what lie there; my fingers settled over it hard plastic surface and in moments I realized it was some sort of remote control but to what? I glanced down and pressed the power on button and glanced at the other switches and dials. There were labels such as ‘strength’, ‘pulse’, ‘heat’ and ‘vibration’ and suddenly I suspected something very naughty indeed; ah but to put my theory to the test. I hit the on switch to the pulse feature and slowly turned the dial to the right I was rewarded with a low moan from my server who had returned to stand behind my chair awaiting orders. Oh but this was wonderful! I depressed the on button for ‘strength’ and slowly turned the dial about a quarter of the way and heard her bite back a surprised squeal. I left it for a time so I could eat and not draw attention to myself. Then the grand dame next to me gently touched my shoulder and I leaned over a bit.

“Don’t leave the poor thing like that,” she said with a wicked smile, “try the pulse option it’ll do her a world of good.”

“A very good suggestion, thank you…” I replied. “I am horrible with everyone I have met today I have misplaced your name do forgive me.”

“Don’t be so formal dear boy I am your Great Aunt Carmella, from Paris though originally from Chicago,” she said with a deep laugh. “Now be a good lad and crank that bad boy up!”

I blinked at her last statement but did as I was told and turned on the pulse feature and slowly but inexorably turned the dial half way up; the effect was immediate and satisfying. My nameless server let out a soft but undeniable moan that drug out as the orgasm crashed over her. When she was somewhat recovered she thanked me for the pleasure I had given her.

“Nicely done,” Aunt Carmella said raising her glass and toasting to orgasms aplenty and many chimed in with her.

“I am just getting started,” I blurted out and was expecting a look of shock but instead my dear old aunt just smile and gave me a wink. “So how well did you know Uncle Thomas?”

“Oh he and I go way back,” my aunt shared a spark kindled in her eye. “I met him in Paris, where I went to school, back before the Great War.”

I looked at her as she told me her story and remarked at her venerable beauty. Though she was obviously in her sixties with long silvery white hair that was ‘down’ and woven in intricate braids her features were amazingly well preserved and still attractive. Her face was a gentle oval with high cheekbones and a delicate nose set over full kissable lips and her eyes were an amazing green that reminded me of grass in the high summer.

“Thomas was a military man back then having, before his retirement, gained the rank of a full bird colonel. He was tireless and energetic up until the day he passed.”

“So he retired here then,” I asked her.

“Well he never really retired he was always working on something but he had this place built as a sort of summer home; the land itself has been in the Family for a very long time since before the Revolution.”

“Well that is a long time, but why did he wait until just recently to build a home here?”

“It’s the water that’s the real reason my boy you’ve been to the pool haven’t you, you’ve swam in it how did it make you feel?”

“Well I have never felt better to be honest.”

“I will leave it at that then judge for yourself now I am ready for my next course,” the last she said loud enough so that the nameless could come forward and take her plate and go retrieve her next dish.

I began to reach for a carafe of water when another young beautiful girl beat me to it and gathered up the crystal vessel and poured a nice full glass of the clear contents. I turned to thank her and again my breath was taken away by her loveliness. Her hair was a deep red like burning coals and eyes like chips of emerald and under the uniform a muscular body that any dancer would envy.

“Sorry for staring,” I muttered embarrassed.

“It is a compliment Master,” she said as she returned the carafe to its resting place her right breast brushing up against my arm ‘accidentally’.

“Do you have a name,” I asked sipping the water and finding my thirst quenched by the finest water I have ever drunk before.

“Yes,” the red head responded but left it at that.

“Let me put it another way, what should I call you if I need your services,” I asked choosing my words carefully purposefully meaning the double intender.

“Red, Scarlet, Rose… anything you think is appropriate it’s tradition,” she explained.

“Scarlet I kind of like the sound of that,” I told her, “what kind of tradition?”

“Then Scarlet it is Master,” she responded with a heart melting and dick hardening smile. “Master Thomas decided it would be more fun for Family and guests to make up names for us, a kind of game really, and who were we to argue after all?”

When I turned forward again my second dish was there waiting for me and seeing the huge thick steak I gathered up knife and fork and attacked it with great relish. I love steak and this was the finest cut and best grilled I had ever tasted. After a few bites of my dish I decided to play with the remote and thank the nameless with a little more pleasure. I adjusted the pulse to half way up the dial to see how she liked that and when I heard her series of soft moans from behind me I smiled with wicked delight and returned to my meal. I tasted and consumed quite a few different wines over the course of the meal but it was the water that I kept going back to. Maybe Aunt Carmella was correct and there really was something in the water? When the last plate was removed and the meal at last ended I rose from my chair and followed my relatives to a chamber that put the dining hall to shame in dimension as well as elegance.

“Wow this is something,” I exclaimed much to the amusement of the others but they were good natured about it and smiled at me with no hint of malice or mockery.

“Yes my boy that was my reaction the first time I saw it as well,” Aunt Carmella voiced for everyone to hear; I was really beginning like the old bird.

We mingled again but now pipes, cigars and by the gods it was dear old Aunt Carmella who drew out a rolled cigarette and lit it and the familiar scent of pot filled the air. Go Carmella! She offered me a hit and who was I to turn down such a wonderful and unforeseen offer. I held the smoke in my lungs enjoying the delightful flavor and heady rush it gave me. I blew out a smoke ring and sent it sailing across the room. I got a ‘that a boy’ and a pat on the back for that one. After the third or so pass of the weed I was definitely feeling the effect and in that delightful haze of bliss took out the remote and began to play with it once more. I locked eyes on the nameless and smiled as I turned the power up to 75 percent and followed suit with the pulse and watched her eyes roll up in her head and another orgasm take hold of her. Carmella, not Great Aunt or even Aunt any longer just plain old Carmella blew out a long thin stream of smoke and nodded her approval.

“You are going to take that lovely creature up to your room and fuck her silly aren’t you,” she said not a few of her words slurred and a powerful emphasis on the word fuck.

“Yes Carmella I am and you know what I think this is as good a time as any,” I told her as I slowly got to my feet.

I looked at the nameless, still trying to think up a suitable name and turned off the remote killing all the pleasure flooding from between her legs by the vibrator she had placed there. If she wanted anymore she was going to have to earn it. I slowly made my way back to my room and there I would await her eventual arrival. After arriving in my room I decided another shower was in order it had invigorated me so much the first time around another could only make this nearly perfect day just a little better. I spent nearly an hour in the shower and when I stepped out I felt like a new man my buzz was gone but this new feeling of energy was far better! It felt like every cell was brand new and so very alive it was better than any drug or alcohol! I decided to lie down on the bed and relax and wait for my cocktail to arrive and I was feeling so good I slipped into a dreamless sleep. I felt the first stirs of consciousness at the wonderful sensations coming from my groin specifically my cock; someone was giving me head and they knew what they were doing. I let out a deep moan and I heard a voice say…

“Mmm good you are awake now I can really begin to pleasure you as much as you did for me,” it was the voice of the nameless.

I opened my eyes and there she was head down over my hardness her fist slowly moving along the shaft as she gazed up at me making eye contact before she lowered her mouth to me again. She was stripped down to a long black cotton shirt that hit just above her ass cheeks which were clearly visible and bore no panty lines nor panties; her long legs were slung out below her and seemed to go on forever.

“Your eyes on me make me wetter than I already am,” she crooned as she slowly lowered her mouth to my cock.

“Good the easier to fuck you,” I told her and with that she swallowed me till I felt her lips around the base of the shaft.

Then without use of her hands she began to deep-throat me with an ease I have never experienced before; hell even the twins who loved to suck cock couldn’t do this! I watched intently as my cock disappeared down her throat over and over; never did she show the slightest hint of gagging. After a bit of this she grew eager to move towards the fucking so she sat up and slowly peeled off the black shirt to reveal the firmest and largest breasts I have ever laid eyes on in person. They had to be DD’s and they were gorgeous and her rosy nipples were as erect as I was.

“You like,” she cooed, “just wait until they are wrapped around you.”

She produced a bottle of lube that had been lying on the bed and applied it to her tits generously and began to rub it in. Soon her breasts had a silky sheen and she repositioned herself so that she could wrap her tits around my cock. I have never had a girl do this before and was eager to know what it felt like. I felt her soft pillowy flesh wrap around me and I let a soft ‘ooh’ of surprised delight; the she began to move and it really was unlike any sensation I have ever felt before and it was great!

“More,” I begged and she didn’t hesitate and with a brilliant smile continued to tit fuck me all the while my toes curled up as I felt an orgasm sneaking up on me. “Oh god I am going to cum!”

She quickly moved and trapped the head of my cock between her lips and as I thrust my hips up, pulses of hot cum hit the back of her throat and she gulped down every last drop. She even squeezed and stroked the shaft while licking the tip to make sure none was wasted.

“Delicious,” she moaned, “Shall I let you rest or… well now I guess that answers that question.”

So excited by being woken up with someone giving me head and those amazing tits wrapped around me I was hungry for more. Nameless got on her hands and knees and crawled towards me and lay on top of me pressing her breasts to my chest and her lips to mine. Soon our tongues were dueling and I felt this gorgeous woman begin to grind her sex against mine. I could feel her heat and wetness and soon I would feel much more. I started moaning into her mouth as I felt her slit move up and down the length of me and it was driving me crazy; I wanted to be inside of her so bad but I would let her tease me as long as she wanted. She broke our kiss and looked deeply into my eyes her hunger as great as mine; she bit her lip giving me a sexy look as she did something with her hips and then oh god I was sliding into her in one long languorous motion. We moaned together as she slid down my cock impaling herself and then slowly she began to lift and drop her hips.

“Oh god you are inside of me Master,” she growled.

“Mmm so fucking tight,” I told her as she started slamming her hips down driving me deeper into her.

“I have been wanting this since I first saw you walk in here,” she moaned in my ear, “to feel you fill me up like this.”

“Was it worth the wait,” I asked her.

“Oh god yes,” she sat up and began to bounce up and down now and taking my hands and placing them on her tits, “play with my nipples please Master.”

I caught her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinched and pulled them and the blonde arched her back and came right then and there. As she came she ground her hips down hard against me driving me deeper still into her fiery depths.

“They must be awful sensitive,” I said.

“Almost as much as my clit,” she murmured.

“You mean like this,” I said dropping one hand from her tits and found her clit and began to tease it as she rode me.

“Master,” she howled and shivered as a second climax went through her.

“Is it really that easy for you to cum,” I asked and she nodded her head weakly. “Awesome!”

“Would Master like to have me on my hands and knees now,” she asked coyly and I was already sitting up and she assuming the position.

I took in the sight for a long moment her head down and ass high in the air when she wiggled her butt at me and true to form I was kneeling behind her and easing my cock into her ever so slowly to enjoy every moment of this. When I got back home the chances of this were well slimmer than here. I grabbed her by her hips and began moving and she with me to maximize our pleasure; so as I thrust forward she pushed back against me and the smack of our bodies was wonderful!

“You still haven’t told me your name,” I grunted as I continued to fuck her nice and slow.

“Master… oh god you feel so damn good in me… my name is meaningless call me what you will,” she panted as her body prepared for yet another orgasm.

“So I can call you literally anything,” I asked.

“Yes anything… Blondie, Slut, Whore… anything that brings you pleasure,” she was grunting now with me and ramming her hips backward now as hard as she could.

“Well then Blondie let’s see about fucking this pussy of yours shall we,” I said as I felt her grip me vice-like, her head came up and she arched her back as the most powerful orgasm so far hit her.

“MASTER,” she screamed and flailed around impaled on my cock.

“I hope this doesn’t disturb the neighbors,” I said to no one in particular and just then I heard a steady banging sound coming from the wall behind me and the muffled cries of a woman in the throes of her own pleasure. “Guess we don’t have to worry about the neighbors.”

When my lover had recovered she smiled and moved off of me, got off the bed and yanked open the curtains to reveal a set of French doors that opened onto a balcony; she opened the doors and walked to the stone railing and bent over it and positioned herself so that her back was horizontal to the ground I needed no other encouragement. The cool night wind felt so good and the view was spectacular and from this vantage point I could see movement in the garden below. Three nude figures were dashing in and out of the hedge maze until they reached the exit very near my balcony. I recognized two of the figures as the twins and the man with them I only knew his face as one of the Family. He was positioned into a prone position on a concrete bench near the entrance to the maze and one twin straddled his face while the other impaled herself on his rigid manhood.

“Mmm Master what a view can you reward your lover with a hard cock for this naughty bit of entertainment,” she asked.

For her answer I stepped behind her and rammed my cock deep into her and began to hammer away as hard and fast as I could. She began to moan down as the impaled twin began to moan upwards and the sensual melody was music to my ears.

“It appears all the action is out here slut,” said the voice of my next door neighbor as he drug Scarlet onto his balcony by her hair and then positioned himself so he could watch me and the twins fuck while she dropped to her knees and began to suck him off with great delight.

“Nice view,” I said my eyes riveted on Scarlet as her head moved forward and back hungrily on his cock that was at least as fine a specimen as mine.

“Yes it is,” he said watching me fuck the blond in long powerful strokes. “I have always wondered about the lack of family resemblance and now I see where it lies.”

“You took the words out of my mouth,” I told him and thrust all the harder into my partner who moaned for me a bit louder now. “Do you like being watched, do you?”

“Oh yes Master I love being watched,” she growled.

“Well then turn to face your watcher so he can see your fuck faces,” I told her and she followed my command instantly.

“Like this Master,” she asked coyly.

“Oh she does have some nice ‘fuck faces’ as you put it so well,” he commented.

“So does Scarlet from my vantage point,” I said.

“Scarlet,” he mused as his fingers gripped either side of her head and he began to fuck her throat the way I was fucking the blonde’s pussy, “is that your name slut?”

I could hear Scarlet moan louder now and it was a wonderful sound and so I decided to make Blondie moan as loud if not louder. So it was a duel now to see who could make the girl louder and so my neighbor pulled his cock out of her mouth, got her onto her feet and bent her backwards over the railing so I could see her face as he rammed his thick cock into her soaked depths. I heard the wet smacking sound as he drilled deep into her and now that her mouth was unobstructed she let out a series of cries heedless of who might hear.

“Fuck me Master,” she practically screamed, “make me yours!”

“Oh I will slut,” he said his face a mask of lust and something else I couldn’t quite identify.

I repositioned my partner so that now the girls were ‘face-to-face’ now even though Scarlet was on her back and Blondie was bent over the railing head down and panting like she was ready to cum again. The blonde’s cry of passion mingled with that of Scarlet and a sort of dueling orgasms had begun. I could see that Scarlet was getting close her face was beet red and waiting for something permission perhaps so that she could cum on command.

“May I Master,” Scarlet begged.

“Soon slut I am getting close and I want us to come together,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Oh thank you Master,” she shouted as he continued to assault her pussy like a fucking machine.

“Master will you fill me with your cum,” my lover asked, “or can I suck you dry like before?”

“You have earned the right to suck me off,” I told her as I rammed into her slower but as hard as I could using my body weight behind each thrust.

“Oh god,” the girls said together.

“You may cum….” He said with a final thrust, “NOW!”

“YES,” the girls cried out in unison and climaxed all at the same stellar moment.

I continued to hammer away all through her orgasm and when she was recuperated she looked back at me and winked. I stopped and stepped back and she spun and literally engulfed my entire cock in one perfect motion. Then her tongue was swirling and her head moving as her mouth began to pleasure me. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on her head to keep my balance as I focused on the sensations that were passing through me. I felt my toes start to curl and my cock to swell and she knew I was close and like before her mouth focused on the tip and first few inches while her hand stroked the shaft. I began to grunt louder and louder and with a strangled cry I felt the orgasm hit me with a force I had never experienced before. Hot pulses of cum shot down my lover’s throat and I could feel her swallow and she stroked and licked me until I was bone dry. Panting and trying to catch my breath I opened my eyes to see my neighbor, Scarlet, the twins and dear old Carmella watching intently. There were looks of lust and amazement and suddenly I felt naked and oddly out of place. Then without a word they went inside and left the two of us alone.

“That was well strange,” I said as Blondie got to her feet.

“They only wanted to share in your pleasure is all they meant no harm,” she cooed as she pressed herself against me, “Would you prefer to go inside now?”

“Yes I think I would,” I replied wrapping my arm around her and leading her into the bedroom.

The lights were off and I felt her move away and close the curtains but leave the brisk breeze to blow into the room. She returned and led me to the bed and I could see her silhouette as on hands and knees she moved to the head of the bed. She pulled down the covers and who should already be under the blankets but Scarlet who looked almost vampiric in the moonlight; her lovely features a carnal mask of hunger and desire.

“I hope you don’t mind I thought you could use some extra body heat to keep you warm,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Let me see two gorgeous women in my bed to keep me ‘warm’ do you think I mind,” I said climbing in after Blondie had moved to the opposite side of the bed leaving the middle to me.

“Master we are getting cold,” they cooed together and I could see their nipples were hard little pebbles of flesh.

“We can’t have that now, can we,” I said settling in between them.

Each took a side and molded their body to mine and after a very long day I drifted off to sleep. I had the strangest dreams though, good but strange, I would roll over onto my left side where Scarlet was and spoon with her and find my cock buried deep in her and she would do all the work and fuck me until I came hard inside of her and then later I would be on my right side and the same happened with Blondie. It seemed an endless cycle of tossing and turning and fucking until I woke in the morning to open my eyes and see Scarlet lying on top of me my cock sunk to the hilt inside of her.

“Mmm morning Master,” she said as she slowly rode me.

“Mmm morning yourself,” I replied looking around for Blondie but she was gone.

“She is working this morning and breakfast will be in bed today,” she said tossing her auburn locks over her shoulder and grinding her pussy against me.

“I had the strangest dreams last night,” I told her.

“Mmm do tell,” she moaned.

“Well I would roll onto my side and spoon behind you and suddenly I was inside of you and you were grinding against me making us both come and then it would happen with Blondie and over and over all night long,” I said.

“That was no dream Master you have fucked me raw that is why I am moving so gingerly at the moment,” she said with that brilliant smile of hers.

“I don’t want to hurt you…” I began but she cut me off.

“Does Master want to cum and not hurt me,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said thinking that another mind blowing blowjob was on its way but that is not what was to be.

“I have been getting ready for this while you slept,” Scarlet said lifting up and turning around then slowly lowering herself down on me but it was not her pussy or mouth she offered but her ass. “I hope you enjoy this as much as I am going to.”

“Oh my god,” I moaned as I felt her tight ring of flesh slowly opened to admit me in, “so fucking tight!”

“Almost there,” she said through gritted teeth and then with a ‘pop’ I was inside her ass, “Master is in my butt now I am going to make you feel real good.”

She began to push down again letting the shaft fill her up and I almost came right then and there but the sensation died away. When I was as deep as she could handle she began to rock and I could see my cock disappear and reappear as she rode me. Once she was accustomed to being violated she was lifting and dropping with the same speed and force as if I were in her other hole.

“How does that feel Master,” she crooned as she rammed her hips down onto my iron hard cock.

“Unbelievable,” I told her fighting the urge to cum again, “you are so fucking tight I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Fill my Ass Master let me feel your cum paint my insides,” she begged.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart for a better view and reveled in the moment before she lifted up so only the tip remained in her and then dropped down and sent me over the edge pulsing hot cum in her nether region so that it overflowed and dribbled onto me and the covers. I flopped down on the bed shivering with the sensation of so strong an orgasm.

“That was fucking amazing,” I moaned weakly, “I have never had anyone let me or even offer…”

“Anytime… anyplace…” Scarlet said snuggling me, “you can do anything to me and I will adore you for it.”

“Come home with me,” I asked her, “when my business is done here come with me.”

“Master,” she moaned, “you want me… but what about the twins or Blondie or the others you haven’t even met yet.”

“Scarlet you have shown me unconditional lust and I would repay that with a place in my life,” I told her.

She cried then and we held each other until we fell asleep and it was a deep and dreamless sleep. I was brought back to consciousness with the scent of eggs and bacon and orange juice and there was Carol sitting on the side of my bed and when I turned over Scarlet was gone.

“She is on duty so I thought you might be hungry,” she said grinning, “I mean after spending the night with two girls can build up quite the appetite.”

“You don’t seem upset,” I said sitting up and taking the tray from her.

“Why would I be upset you are one of the Masters of this place and we are here to serve,” she said dropping that bombshell.

“So you are one of the staff then,” I asked trying to read her expression.

“I was the head of the female staff but that position is now open again since Thomas has passed,” she mused.

“You call him Thomas and not Master, why is that?” I asked taking a forkful of eggs.

“He wanted me to call him by his proper name there were already too many pretty things fawning over him and calling him Master,” she replied coolly.

“You are not like the rest that much is obvious,” I said, “a bit more head strong by my observations.”

“Do you want me to call you Master,” her tone was pure hunger, “would that make you want to fuck me more?”

“You were pissed when I spent more time with the twins and didn’t follow you,” I accused her and she nodded. “You wanted me to follow you, let you be in control.”

“Yes,” she admitted the jealousy in her eyes smoldering.

“I’m not sure I can do that,” I told her honestly, “I may be a nice guy and all but I have never been a follower.”

“Then command me if that makes you happy tell me what to do and I will do it for you,” and the way she said you left chills.

‘She is a mistress of seduction… she always gets what she wants…’ the twins had said.

I ate in silence contemplating this situation and left her to sit and watch and I could see her fuming but wisely she remained quiet.

“Be a good girl and go to the kitchen and bring me a carafe of water I am dehydrated after spending the night with two girls oh and when you return be wearing only a robe and a smile now get going,” I instructed her.

She rose and without a word left to fulfill my commands and I sat and finished my breakfast deep in thought. I wanted to fuck her in the worst way but I did not want to be manipulated in the long run. I had hardly put the tray on the night stand when Carol returned with the water and properly attired.

“Pour me a glass of water and loose the robe slave,” I said.

She walked to the side of the bed and retrieved an unused glass and filled it then handed it to me before untying the terry cloth belt at her waist. Carol slowly opened the robe revealing her amazing body and I complimented Thomas on his choice of women. Her breasts were large but not overly so topped with puffy nipples the color or snow and below was a smooth flat stomach the product of regular exercise. Further down was a clean shaved mound above a delicate slit that glistened with need. Her long muscular legs ran down to the cutest feet I have ever seen. She dropped the robe and without my command turned around so I could see her ass. Her back was an elegant thing with a gentle sloping of ribs before the flare of well rounded hips and that bubble butt that screamed to be spanked. Carol bent over and grabbed her ankles revealing her pussy and ass to me like a merchant selling wares and oh I was buying but not right now.

“Nice,” I told her.

“I am glad you like what you see would you like to…” but I cut her off.

“Stand up and open the curtains to the balcony,” I told her.

“Yes Master,” she replied coolly obviously not used to being interrupted.

She stood and walked over to the curtains and flung them wide open letting in the sunlight that framed her body in its golden glory. I stood and took her robe and put it on and grabbing the carafe refilled my glass and walked towards her.

“Have a seat on the railing,” I told her and she complied again without a word. “How far can you spread your legs slave?”

“I am quite limber Master would you like to see,” she replied.

“Yes… do the splits on the railing so I can see your naughty little pussy better,” I said pulling up a chair and sitting down.

She rocked back carefully and placed one heel on the railing and then the other revealing her sex to my gaze. I licked my lips in appreciation before taking out my cock and started to stroke it.

“Play with your pussy,” I said softly.

“Yes Master,” she moaned.

She slides her fingers between her pussy lips and begins to tease herself; I could hear the gentle squishing sound as the digits moved from between the lips to into her pussy itself. Now she was driving two fingers in and out of her pussy slowly and deeply.

“Like this,” she asked her gazed fixed on my cock.

“Just like that,” I moaned as I began to squeeze and stroke myself. “You want this cock inside of you don’t you?”

“Yes…” she moaned.

“You want to be filled up and fucked hard don’t you,” I said smiling.

“Yes…” she groaned.

“You want to ride this until you feel cum paint your insides don’t you,” I said growling.

“YES,” she growled. I stood up and walked towards her seeing her eyes light up at my approach.

“Move your hand,’ I said and she slowly eased her fingers from her soaked pussy.

I slide two fingers in to see how tight her pussy was and damn it was a very snug fit. Then I began to finger fuck her and her eyes closed and she began to moan and beg for my cock. When the two fingers were slick enough I removed them and slowly eased them into her ass while I fingered her pussy with two fingers from my other hand. Her eyes snapped open at the violation and I saw real outrage but she bit it back as I began to ram both sets of fingers quickly and strongly in and out of her holes. Her moans got louder and louder as her orgasm unwanted maybe at this point or in this fashion crept closer and closer. Then there came a knock at the door and I told them to enter and it was Blondie.

“Am I interrupting Master,” she asked.

“No, as a matter of fact your timing is perfect shut the door,” I told her and she stepped in and closed the door behind her. “Now be a dear and come over here and suck me off.”

“Yes Master,” she said and gingerly walked over as her pussy still was a little sore.

I turned and saw the raw rage in Carol’s eyes as Blondie approached, dropped down and took me in her mouth. I groaned and muttered how good her mouth felt on me all the while I continued to finger Carol’s holes with complete abandon and she just closed her eyes then and let it all happen. Before long she was panting and moaning and I could feel her pussy and ass quiver as her orgasm got close.

“She is ready to come Blondie,” I said aloud, “should I let her or make her wait for me.”

“Do you believe it would be rude of her to come before you Master,” Blondie asked me.

“I do believe it would be, now be so good as to stand up and take over for me and make sure she doesn’t come before I do,” I said standing back and taking off the robe my cock standing straight out away from my body.

Blondie stood up and bent over lowering her mouth to Carol’s pussy and easing two fingers into her ass while I flipped up Blondie’s uniform bottom and spat on her puckered asshole. Then I slowly teased it with my index finger making slow circles teasing it open. I inserted my finger and heard Blondie moan deeply and Carol followed suit as the vibrations passed directly through her clit to her sensation filled brain. Slowly I fingered Blondie’s ass with the single finger and when I felt she was ready inserted a second to stretch her out properly. Soon Blondie was moaning non-stop and Carol was crying out how close she was. I assumed Blondie would stop but she didn’t and Carol’s eyes rolled up and she let out a single shrill cry as she came.

“Naughty girl,” I said slapping Blondie’s ass, “for that you must be punished now keep eating her out.”

“Sorry Master I got carried away,” she moaned softly as she once more lowered her mouth to Carol’s pussy and I stood up and pressed the tip of my cock to her asshole. “Master… that’s… my… ASS!!”

I pressed until like earlier this morning the head popped into her ass and was soon to the hilt. Blondie’s face was buried between Carol’s legs and Carol was moaning in short quick bursts. I began moving my hips and felt Blondie climax as she was so deeply violated.

“Yes Master fuck my ass,” she let out a quivering scream.

“That should be me,” Carol moaned.

“It is who I say it is,” I told them both.

My hips picked up the pace very slowly as not to hurt Blondie but she didn’t seem to mind at all. After about a minute or so Blondie was moving her hips backward causing me to slip deeper and deeper into her nether region until I was at last buried completely and we both let out a low moan.

“You are all the way in my ass Master,” she groaned with great pleasure.

“Mmm yes I am,” I said looking at Carol who pouted at not received more of my attention but this was a lesson she had to learn or else she would have none at all.

“How does it feel,” Carol asked trying another angle.

“Wonderful… his cock is so thick and so long it fills me up completely,” Blondie shared.

“Lucky girl,” Carol said softly her eyes downcast.

“Yes I am,” Blondie moaned as I thrust into her harder now feeling my orgasm getting close now.

“I am getting close, where do you suppose I should come,” I asked them.

“In my ass,” said one.

“On my face and tits,” said the other.

“Decisions… decisions…” I moaned as my cock began to swell.

“Paint her face and tits Master she deserves that at least,” Blondie said humbly.

“You are very generous but I think I want to spray your ass with my cum,” I groaned softly and began to thrust faster and harder until with a body jarring jab of my hips that nearly took her off her feet I came deep inside Blondie’s ass.

“Master,” Blondie screamed and came with me all the while Carol watched and sullen got off the stone railing and moved to leave but I snatched her by her hair and drew her down to her knees.

“Where do you think you are going someone has to clean my cock for me,” I told her.

I eased it slowly from Blondie’s ass and offered it to Carol’s mouth and she amazed me by opening her mouth and deep-throating me there and then. She attacked my cock with a zeal that pleasantly surprised me both by her willingness to put it in her mouth considering where it had just been but also her skill at sucking dick. She closed her eyes and focused on pleasuring me and the rest of her world went away. She could bury her nose to my pubes and show no signs of choking as if she had no gag reflex at all. Her tongue swirled and licked over the head and shaft cleaning it with great efficiency and despite my best efforts my hands went to either side of her head and I began fucking her throat eager for another orgasm before lunch. She became still and let me take charge but continued to lick and suck as she could to add to my pleasure.

“I have to admit I am enjoying fucking your throat,” I told her, “and I believe I will let you swallow my cum since I have been so mean to you.”

I pulled my cock out so that only the tip remained and she dutifully licked and sucked on it pushing me towards my climax quickly. I wasn’t fighting it and wanted nothing better than to shoot down her throat and then I could shower, dress and wander the grounds and explore on my own.

“You can use your hands if you want… I just want to cum…” I said and barely had the words left my mouth than she shifted her position and wrapped her tits around me and began to use them to drive me over the edge.

I thrust between those lovely tits of hers and she squeezed them together for a nice snug fit. When the head of my cock appeared she would flicker her tongue over it sending wonderful shivers straight to my toes. Soon I could feel I had passed the point of no return and began to pant and moan and she returned to sucking me off but she used her fist wrapped around the shaft and clamped her lips around the head and stroked me for all she was worth. It didn’t take much of that to send me over the edge and soon I was screaming as the greedy slut drank me dry and pumped the shaft for every last drop. She was as bad as the twins when it came to swallowing sperm but I wasn’t going to complain.

“Thank you Master you could have sent me on my way but didn’t,” Carol said.

“Well it is time for both of you to go so I can take a shower and be about my business,” I told them both.

Blondie rose and as she passed me planted a friendly kiss on my cheek but Carol simply left without even retrieving her robe from me. Maybe she was hungry for some more attention and was going to advertise it by walking around the place naked. I had mixed emotions about that woman; she was incredible attractive and skilled in giving pleasure but I couldn’t help thinking she had her own agenda and it somehow included me. I was going to have to hunt down the lawyer and discover what if anything I gained from Uncle Thomas’ will but first a shower.

The Great Black Stone:

My second day at my uncle’s estate and it had started with a bang, literally. But after breakfast and a nice long shower I was ready to explore on my own and see what this place had to offer the adventurer. It seemed my relatives kept to the manor house during the day and that left the acreage for my private perusal. It was laid out like a great wheel with the house at the hub and eight arrow straight lanes radiating from the center. I decided to start with the north path and see where it led. Though the path led straight and level it appeared that it was cut out of the living rock and walls of native stone rose on either side until I walked in shadow. There appeared every twenty feet or so niches carved out of the rock and set therein shrines of various and dazzling beauty and terrible hideousness. Statues and bas reliefs depicting gods and goddesses dancing and making merry in cave and grotto; besides these gorgeously carved beings were such things of nightmares with many eyes and tentacles and horrible gnashing teeth and they too danced in darkened places beneath the earth.

After two hundred feet or more the walls fell away and revealed a bowl shaped depression with a single stair that led down into its bottom where lay a pool and in the pool a great black rock with fountains playing over its pitted surface. I covered the distance to the pool quickly eager to examine the ebony stone that called to me; the stone drew me to it like a magnet does iron. Scarcely did I notice the odd geometry of the thing or the scale of the steps that led to it; so very large it took two strides to cover a step and I had to hop down to reach the one below and so seven hops placed me level with the pool and my desire.

Now did I slow and observe the scene in greater detail than upon my approach. The pool was about twenty feet in diameter and at least ten feet deep and I realized that the stone was not placed here but unearthed at this very spot. The four fountains that sprayed down over its surface were set at the cardinal points and each marked with a design of some sort. The southern fountain was marked by what had to be a flame and as I walked east to north and then back around saw a cloud, a pyramid and a wave for east, north and west. I took mental note of these markings thinking they may have further importance later on in my surveying of the property. Then I took a better look at the stone and seeing how different it was from the surrounding earth it must be a meteor!

I leaned over the wall of the pool to see the surface better and noticed regular imperfections on the surface and decided this deserved a closer look. So stripping down to nothing I stepped over and into the pool and swam over to the stone to see what the fountains falling water was obscuring. At first glance it appeared the water was etching designs onto the surface of the stone but when I actually touched the thing and peered harder I saw that the water was actually revealing alien looking hieroglyphs. At my touch part of the rough surface fell away to reveal some of the hidden characters and they left me feeling deeply disturbed in a way that words would always fail to express.

Again I felt the draw of the stone and I took my index finger and traced one of the characters and felt a surge of an indescribable energy course through me and into the water and there came an eruption of violet lightning all about me and I think I screamed before the blessed blackness took me.

“The stone has chosen now leave it be,” were the first words I heard upon my waking from an abyss so deep and dark that the infinity of the night sky paled by comparison.

I tread through gulfs no human was meant to experience and yet somehow I returned whole of mind and spirit.

“He’s awake,” I heard Scarlet’s voice.

“Bring him some food he is going to be ravenous,” it was Carmella’s voice this time.

“Yes Mistress,” Scarlet spoke before I heard her soft footsteps leave the room.

“Dan my dear boy, are you still with us,” Carmella asked.

“I think so,” my voice was dry and cracked and it hurt like hell just to think.

“Open your eyes,” she asked and I did so reluctantly afraid of what I might see; a charred remnant of my former self.

I did as I was asked and slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was in my bed and covered up halfway but what was exposed was not charred beyond recognition but was in fact perfectly fine and appeared quite healthy at first glance.

“I’m not burned,” I exclaimed hoarsely, “the lightning from the stone I thought it had scorched me for sure but there’s not a mark on me.”

“You are marked Dan but not the way you think,” Carmella said as she sat on the side of the bed.

“You said the stone chose me, chose me for what,” I asked.

“Well to put it in the simplest terms you are Thomas’ sole and single heir,” she said smiling.

“I don’t understand,” I told her as the pain in my head manifested as double vision and a sensitivity to light.

I snapped my eyes shut and let the pain die away as Carmella explained what she could to me.

“We don’t know much as Thomas was very secretive on the succession of the Masters of the Stone. For uncounted generations the Family has existed and there has always been a stone master and the power was passed on by a ritual involving men and women entering the pool and trying to touch the stone but always in the presence of the Family. For some reason this time the stone called out and you answered unconsciously and were drawn to its location. Out of the eight paths you chose that one to investigate first that shows a strong connection that I am sure Thomas would have detected had he not passed before your arrival. It was sheer luck that Scarlet noticed your leaving the house and informed me and I was able to gather a few of the Family in time to keep you from drowning but we all saw the choosing and told the others while you have slept these many days.”

“Many days,” I croaked, “how long have I been asleep?”

“A week,” she said softly.

“I am late for school,” I said my eyes snapping open and trying to sit up.

“The school has been told of your illness and all has been taken care of,” she said.

“Is my mom here,” I asked.

“No,” Carmella whispered.

“No,” I said my voice breaking and tears filling my eyes, “why not?”

“I told her not to come,” she said again in a whisper.

“Why,” I muttered, “why would you do that?”

“This is Family business and to be honest it is what Thomas would have done,” she explained.

“I am thirsty,” I said and turned to see the carafe of water and reached out and poured a glass for myself and as I lifted it to my lips there was a queer violet radiance gleaming from the glass. I glanced up at Carmella and she smiled weakly; was this, the mark she spoke of? I sipped the water and found that in one long draft drank it down. Glass followed glass until the entire carafe was soon drained dry and finally my thirst was quenched.

“I am curious Carmella when is Thomas’ funeral or have I missed it,” I asked.

“No you have not missed it,” she said with a soft smile, “but it is more of a wake than a funeral after all Thomas isn’t really gone.”

“I suppose he has left his mark with the building of this place so his immortality is assured,” I said.

At the mention of the word ‘immortality’ Carmella visibly flinched and I could only wonder at her reaction but left it unsaid.

“Mr. Carrols the lawyer wishes to speak with you when you are up to it,” Carmella said, “and your accommodations will be changed as befits your new status in the Family.”

“Well I guess the sooner we get this over with the sooner I can get back to school and…”

“Dan you have certain duties to perform and then you can go back to your boring mundane life,” she said with a look that was a mix of sorrow and relief.

“Were you worried you were going to be chosen?”

“Yes… yes I was. But you are a strong young man and you will make a formidable Master of the Stone.”

“I feel like I just joined the Free Masons.”

“Oh the Family is much older than that Dan, much older by far.”

“I really need to brush up on Family history then.”

“All will be revealed.”

“That’s what worries me,” I said.

Later that day the lawyer visited me after I had been moved from one bedroom to what could only be described as the penthouse suite. The rooms were huge and contained a bedroom, billiard room, a small pool and a solarium. I was sitting munching on some freshly baked bread when Mr. Carrols arrived.

“Dan my boy how are you feeling,” the lawyer asked and appeared genuinely pleased to see me up and about.

“Better after a week in a coma and happy not to be burned over most of my body,” I told him.

“That has happened in the past for those unwise enough to seek the stone unbidden.”

“So I guess I was lucky then.”

“No… you were drawn to the stone and it had already made its choice.”

“Ah… I see… no actually I don’t see… how the hell can a stone choose anything?”

“No need to get upset…” he said in a soothing tone, “…let me explain. The Stone and the Family are tied one to the other since the beginning. The Stone fell to earth a long time ago and it was found by the First Stone Master. She was the mother of us all. It is she who is the connecting factor that we all share. It is through her blood that the long line of her children reproduced and scattered over the earth. She who was the first wife… who walked in the garden… bore the eldest children of the namer of beasts and plants…”

“Do you know her name,” I asked interrupting.

“Of course I do…” he said smiling, “her name was Lilith.”

“Lilith? She was the first wife… who’s first wife?”

“Why Adam of course,” Mr. Carrols said smiling brilliantly.

“You mean like Adam and…”

“Yes… but her strong willful nature and her mastery of the Stone drove a wedge between her and Adam so she left him and took her children by him with her. You see Lilith was created just as Adam was… singular and unique not like the other who was crafted from a rib.”

“So they were equals then.”

“Yes but that isn’t what Adam wanted he desired a submissive partner and so he got what he wanted and our Mother got so much more.”

“Was she cast out like…”

“Oh no Lilith never broke that law. She and her children dwelt in the garden long after Adam and his wife were cast out.”

“When did she leave the garden then?”

“What makes you think she ever left?”

“Then how did her children enter the place outside the garden?”

“They left of their own free will. You see when it was time and the Stone was ready for a new Master it told Lilith and she chose among her children the strongest and wisest and they took the stone and placed it in a sacred space for all time. There the mastery of the stone passed for uncounted generations until a scant few days ago you became the latest in a long line, Son of Lilith.”

“So I take it she is dust and buried in the garden?”

“No silly boy she is quite alive and lives with her children and the previous masters of the stone.”

“Wait! Are you telling me that Uncle Thomas isn’t dead but…”

“Yes after his many years of service he has passed from the mortal realm into the garden as his reward as you will one day.”

I stared at him dumbfounded as the magnitude of the words sunk in. I knew he was telling the truth as he spoke I felt the growing presence of the stone in my mind and it was a comforting thing surprisingly.

“You will have long life…” Mr. Carrols continued, “…and great strength… and your wisdom will be like that of Great Solomon.”

The words seemed to echo in my thoughts as if they had always been there and I was just remembering them as opposed to hearing them for the first time. I could feel the heat of the sun upon my skin and feel the energy of the black stone coursing through me like a never ending source of vitality. Was that why Carmella had flinched when I mentioned immortality?

“So what do I do with my life now,” I asked him.

“Do… whatever pleases you. Live your life to the fullest and every ten years return to this place and renew yourself and the Family. This is your only duty.”

“Oh… that doesn’t seem too bad.”

“Your uncle’s wealth, property and all his worldly things are yours now he would want you to enjoy them to the fullest.”

“You mean the redhead…” I said smiling.

“Her too if that is what you want,” he said smiling.

“I have quite a bit to think about and absorb.”

“Of course you do; I have all the paperwork ready for your signature whenever you are ready there is no rush.”

I watched as he rose and left and noticed Carmella had left at some point during our conversation and I was now alone with my thoughts and the full magnitude hit me and I sat and let it all sink in. I spent the remainder of the week reading my Uncle’s journals about the history of the Family and the Stone and decided I needed space away from all the weirdness and true to my word I asked Scarlet to come home with me…

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