Episode Three

The alarm clock blinked “12:43″. I had intended to get a good night’s rest, but had apparently slept into the afternoon. I had waited almost an entire month for this day. Paul, my roommate, was going out of town for some kind of extra curricular requirement. I had plans of my own that required he be out of the house.

Tina Murray, was scheduled to arrive in less than a half-hour to pick Paul up. She is one of Paul’s associates and is the coordinator of this entire extra curricular event. As I exited my bedroom, I noticed my buddy anxiously wandering around the apartment.

“Petey, why are you so worked up?”, I asked.

“Oh, finally decided to wake up, Tommy Boy?! And…I’m not –worked up.” He shrugged, unconvincingly, using air quotes.

“Nevermind, I forgot you’re always nervous when Tina’s is around…” I said joking, then added, “…and don’t call me Tommy Boy!…you know I hate that shit.”

Paul half-smiled at my statement and finally stopped pacing and plopped down on the couch. He looked very uneasy, but I was used to this reaction by now. Whenever Tina was involved in anything, everyone around her seemed to give off an uneasy vibe. At the moment, I wasn’t really all too interested in what was going through Paul’s mind. I walked back towards the bedroom, Paul sat there on the couch, with his head back and his eyes closed.

After I had collected all my washing materials, I entered the bathroom to take a shower. I closed the door behind me, went into the tub, I turned the knobs to start the flow of water and began to get undressed. I always shave before a shower, not sure why, but I’ve always done it. I actually read a men’s magazine not too long ago that said it was best to shave AFTER a shower. I have yet to use this advice.


After a few minutes, I was done shaving and I heard some noises outside in the living room, I assumed that Tina had arrived. I could hear a muffled conversation, but couldn’t make out what was being said. Strangely enough, what I did hear was Paul. Though it was apparent he was talking to someone, I couldn’t hear anyone else’s voice. However, there was movement of two people. Eventually, the apartment went silent. I stepped into the shower and began to wash up.

About a minute later I heard footsteps in the hall. Almost immediately after, I heard the bathroom door open. I figured Paul was still here and needed to take a piss. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence whatsoever between us, when the other was in the shower. And since the incident a month ago, we have grown much more comfortable with each other.

It was a weird situation, I don’t know exactly what lead to it, but I had upset Paul and somehow we ended up fucking each other. We have spoken about it a few time since, but we haven’t done anything similar to date. I must admit, it opened up a whole other side of me. It was the best sexual experience I’ve ever had up to now and I find myself finding other guys physically attractive from time to time. I still don’t think I would consider myself gay though, or even bisexual, for that matter…maybe I’m just curious? I wonder if Paul has the same racing thoughts that I do about it…

The thoughts I sometimes had about him when I was lying in my bed at night. The thoughts that cause my cock to get rock hard with anticipation. The thoughts I sometimes had when I touched myself alone in my room. I wonder if Paul ever had these thought. Doing all this thinking had, indeed given me an erection.

I realized that while I was lost in thought, Paul still hadn’t left the bathroom. It had been over three minutes now, he couldn’t possibly still be pissing and there was a definite unwritten rule about taking shits! Thinking I would be funny, I decided I would open the curtains quickly to catch him in the act. I pulled open the curtains and was surprised when it wasn’t Paul who was standing there staring at my naked body, but some other male stranger.

“What the…fuck?” I said, a little startled but firm, and then I pulled the shower curtains to my waist, creating an ‘X’ shape with both combined.

“Umm…Hey…uh….Tina sent me to…uh….talk to Paul about somethin’”, the kid got a little red in the face, I could tell I had either embarrassed or frightened him, possibly both. This guy looked familiar, I had probably seen him in school or around somewhere. He looked really upset or perhaps tired. He had slightly dark circles around his eyes. I figured him to be a Freshmen. He was about 5’9″ and was kind of skinny and looked like he was a swimmer or track runner. He had the stomach and the ass of both. He was wearing a big, baggy, zip-up sweat jacket, un-zipped with a small shirt underneath and some sweat pants. I realized I was still sporting a pretty big woody. He was kind of cute, but he definitely was NO Paul DeLuca. Regardless, all of that wasn’t important right now though.

I was confused by his statement. Why would Tina send this kid here for Paul, knowing that Paul would be with her? This had to be some sort of prank.

“Umm….” I started. I was just about to tell him he needed to tell me the truth before I kicked his fucking ass, but before I had any chance he began to speak.

“Hey, my name’s Sean…Sean Reily” He informed me then paused, thinking, “…Since I’m in here, can I use your toilet?”

I was a little confused at the sudden change of direction in the conversation. It threw me off track but I was still able to think, “Dude, you can fuckin’ blow me!…What the hell are you doing here? Don’t pretend like you don’t know!”

“Can’t I just pee first!?” He said flatly, almost yelling as he looked down at the toilet. This was the weirdest bathroom experience I had ever had in my life! However, I was beginning to grow tired and annoyed at the constant back and forth.

“Dude?!” I said, in a manner to tell him I wasn’t in the mood to play his game. I threw my arms down to emphasize this point. In doing so, without thinking, I swung the shower curtains wide open, revealing my slowly diminishing, but still present hard on.

“Okay…okay…” He said, defeated, and his eyes tearing up even more. He wasn’t crying, just teary-eyed. This kid was definitely lacking in self-esteem. “I’m sorry….okay…” he continued and began to fall to his knees, “You’re right, I know why I’m here…”

With that, he grabbed my still semi-erect cock shoved it in his mouth, sucking it all the way into his throat. And that certainly brought the blood rushing back to my dick!

“Dude!….W-wha…w-w-a-a….” Was all I could get out…maybe he did have something that Paul didn’t. He put his hands on my ass and started to pull me into his face. It was so good, even for just those 3 seconds, that I was speechless. Then kind of hastily and rough he shoved his right index finger up my ass.

“O-uh-h…a-a-A-hh…” I was finally about to speak. “Dude, what the–h-h-…ouch?” He wasn’t even slowing down. Here I am; a random stranger just sucking me off in my bathroom with his finger up my butt.

“Dude I don’t—this isn’t what I meant!” I finally got out. I almost laughed as I said it. Sean stopped and looked up at me. He stood up and looked me in the eyes, he had…beautiful eyes that I hadn’t noticed before. They were light, light, LIGHT blue. So light in some parts, that they were almost white. “I’m sorry”, He said through a depressed smile.

Then he pulled his pants and underwear down and turned around, resting his arms on the sink, his ass spread out in front of me and his balls hanging down between each cheek. “Okay…” he said, “I’m ready now…”

“Dude!…I was–” I started.

“Just go slow, I’ve only done this once before.” He interrupted and then turned back to face the sink.

I stood there, just staring at this kid’s bare ass hovering in front of me. Thinking back, I almost couldn’t remember what lead up to this. “Dude, I’m not going to fuck you!”, I said flatly and rushed.

“What do you mean!? What did I do wrong? Are you going to tell Tina?” He spurted out with an uncomfortable look on his face, “Nevermind, she’ll already know…”

“Huh?…No…It’s just that I wanted to know why you were here…I mean, I didn’t want you to try and get me off, Dude…” As the words were leaving my mouth, I realized how he could have twisted what I had said to him earlier. I guess, in a very weird way, his misunderstanding, was….well, understandable. I mean, I just practically told the guy (in his head) to blow me and the rest escalated from there. But there was something even more confusing.

“What does Tina have to do with this? Why would I tell her?” I asked as I grabbed a towel and started to get out of the shower.

“Oh…uh…nothing I was just saying…” He started stumbling over his words…”I just have to do this, okay Tom…”

He pushed at me on my stomach and I fell back, up against the wall of the shower. My towel fell to the floor. He held me there with an unusual force; I didn’t think this small kid could even muster it up. He positioned his head at my waist once again and started going to town on my cock. My first instincts were to clobber this dude in the head but I won’t lie….I let my dick do all the thinking. He started feeling around my ass again. I knew what was next.

“Easy this time, man”, I whispered. This kid was rough. I had a sports physical in a week and I didn’t want the doctor’s first words to be an inquiry as to why I was bleeding from the ass! I haven’t had sex (with another person) in a number of weeks and my subconscious urges soon gave in to the pleasure. As he deep-throated my cock effortlessly, my mind wondered to my happy place. After few moments my legs were going numb from standing; I was in a very uncomfortable position. “You know what, dude…” I continued “If we’re gonna do this, let’s do this right, dude.”

I grabbed his face under his chin and gently lifted his face to meet mine. I gave him a quick peck on his lips. In that short exchange of minimal saliva, I became even more enamored with this guy. His lips were so soft and plump and a little sticky. It was the most erotic mixture of sensations and I was enjoying every moment of it. As I pulled my head away from his, I noticed that his cheeks were flushed red. He flashed a slight smile and I climbed out of the shower, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room. He twisted around and pushed me onto the couch.

He knelt in front of me in between my legs and took all of my dick in his mouth. First, he sucked me in all the way down the shaft, and then back up. Then, he wrapped his lips around the head and just rotated his mouth at the tip of my cock. I placed my left hand on the back of his head and massaged the nape of his neck. He pulled his head off of me and quickly began licking the top of my dick, massaging all the areas around my pee hole. As his continued to do this, he held the base of my meat with his right hand and slowly ran his left hand down my shaft, tickling me with his fingers. He played with my balls for short moment and then he moved his hand lower. I opened my legs a little bit wider to allow him more access. I threw back my head and rested my right hand behind my neck.

Sean’s fingers made their way into my cheeks and he rested his hand just outside my asshole. He went back to fully deep-throating me. I applied pressure and rocked his head onto my cock in rhythm with his strokes, gently forcing him to take in more and more of me each time. His right hand took action and he began to stroke my rod in tune with everything else that was going on. My only thought was that I hoped he had locked the front door when he came in.

After he was doing a fine job on his own, I let my hand run down his back and over the top of his head and shoulders, massaging every ounce of skin I touched. I ran my hands down to the small of his back, feeling around there for a moment and then I softly squeezed the top of his butt cheeks. He had taken his hand off my cock and was now rubbing his way up and down my stomach and chest, as well. He tickled his way to my chin and then slipped a finger into my mouth, which was open in lust, and played with my tongue a little. Then he slid his hand back down my face and neck and continued to play with my abs.

“Ohh…yeah” was all I could make out as he commanded my dick to the back of his throat another time.

I stood up and grabbed the back of his head, as I fucked his mouth. Sean was breathing heavily, but I could still hear the sounds of his lips moving back and forth on my member, making a soft slurping sound with each stroke. Multi-tasking while he sucked, he started to undress himself. After he had removed his shirt, he returned to my dong. His warm tongue felt so good! I massaged my hand up and down his neck as he tongued he way from my dick head to my balls. There, he spent quite some time playing with my nuts in his mouth. It was so hott that If he kept up like this, I’d cum a little prematurely!

I leaned over and grabbed him at his torso and moved him over to the couch. While I removed the remainder of his clothing, I turned him around and bent him over. Oh my god!! His ass was amazing! He definitely had to be on a swimming or track team. You could tell this guy worked his butt out a lot. I immediately spread his cheeks and buried my face in his ass. He smelled amazing and fresh. I stuck my tongue inside his muscular mounds, massaging all around his hole. Sean just kept breathing harder and harder as he jerked himself off, his face hidden in the back of the couch.

I kept rimming his ass, licking him from his balls all the way to the top of his hole, massaging his cheeks with my lips and tongue. I nibbled a little and then I went straight for his hole again. His hole was very, very tight. Pulling it open, I licked all the way inside, letting my tongue fuck his ass. I continued this for about ten minutes. My mouth was becoming a bit numb from all the exertion. I reached around and started jacking Sean’s dick as I continued my oral assault on his ass.

I kissed my way back down his balls again. This time I spent more of my efforts on his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the back of his dick. He moaned as I rubbed my lips over the head of his tool. I returned to his asshole, scooping his pucker with my tongue like a spoon. I was lapping him up as if I were a thirsty dog.

“Ahh…that’s so hott” Sean whispered through the pillows of the couch. He began to rock his ass into my mouth.

I ate him out for a short while longer. His asshole was so pink, puffy and stimulated, that it had opened up to the size of a nickel. Sean wanted more. I put my index finger in my mouth and then slowly pushed it into his ass.

“How’s that feel” I slurred, out of breath. “Hott!” Sean responded, almost yelling. I continued to slowly move my finger in and out of him. We were both sweating and out of breath; I was so horny. This was so hot!

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so goddamn hot, I had to fuck him. I grabbed him at his waist again and turned him around to face me. I pulled him close to me and our dicks touched. We started to make out as we rubbed our cocks together. I pulled away and as I reached in the coffee table for Paul’s strategically placed condom stash, I asked Sean, “Are you ready?”

He just nodded ‘yes’. He sat down on the couch as I rolled the condom on. I lifted his legs up in the air and fingered for his hole. I found it quickly and positioned the tip of my cock at his opening. I pivoted my hips slightly and slowly entered him. He let out a low muffled gasp. I placed my hands on the inside of his knees, causing his legs to bend and dangle just above my shoulders. I started to pounded him, gradually getting faster and more forceful. I would fuck him really rough and then I’d slow it down and move really softly. I’d ram him hard and deep and then I’d let my dick play just inside his tight ring. I could tell he was enjoying my spontaneity, as he repeatedly said, in short breaths “Oh god!…Oh god…”

I grabbed his legs and pulled them together and up against my chest and began to fuck him hard, in long, deep strokes.

“Arrhhh—your dick’s so big…” he said as I banged him like a drummed.

I fucked Sean for about twenty minutes. I pulled his right leg down and pushed it to the floor, keeping his left leg in the air, where I moved it to my shoulder. Then I pounded him some more. He started to jerk his cock again, in a frenzy.

I turn him over on his side and fucked him while he was in a fetal position. I rocked my hips back and forth while I held his legs down. At one point he looked at me; such a lustful look in this dude’s eyes. It made me even more fucking hott! Sean closed his eyes, breathless and enjoying all the dick I was giving him. He gently nibbled on his bottom lip. After a few more minutes of this, I pulled him up and I laid on my back.

He straddled my torso and with one leg dangling off the couch and the other knee bent, he sat down slowly on my rod. As gravity pulled him down, his ass swallowed my dick completely making a “swop” sound. I let him bounce up and down on top of me for a while. Then I slipped my hands under each of his butt cheeks and held him as I robotically undulated my hips, pushing my cock into him over and over again.

Sean reached back and pushed my hands down, holding me at the wrists and started to bounce up and down on me some more. He put both his feet on the couch on either side of me and bunny-hopped on my throbbing dick. I was gonna cum at any minute. His dick was hard and flopping up and down. It slapped my abs repeatedly as his rode me. He sat all the way down on my cock; it was as far up his ass as it could go. He rocked back and forth, grinding his butt into me and then went back to bouncing.

He reached down and started to jerk his cock again. He was breathing so heavily and his balls were getting tighter; I knew he was close to cumming too. I placed my hands on his sides and went to banging him again. He frantically pounded his cock, spitting on his shaft for added lube.

A few more minutes went by and Sean was bent over, resting on the arm of the chair as I fucked him doggy style. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled his body into mine., then I reached down and played with his dick. I rubbed his back with my other hand. I pushed him onto his stomach and fucked him in that position. Another three or four minutes went by, and I was at my breaking point. I needed to cum!! I could feel it surfacing in my balls. I leaned back, resting my ass on his legs and pulled out of him, making a “pop” sound. I ripped the condom off and threw it to the floor. I leaned into his ass and started to fist my meat.

He turned over and accompanied me. Stroking our poles together was hott. It was so hot that after less than a minute, I was cumming all over his stomach and chest. A few spurts even made it up to his neck and cheek–there was soo much cum. It was nice to finally release some of my tension and anxiety. I kept stroking my dick. It was really red and numb and it stung as I caressed it. I gently shivered every time my fingers grazed the tip of my head, tickling my nerves.

Sean stroked his cock even more rapidly and it was causing a slapping sound to echo throughout the room. His breathing increased to a soft roar. He chewed his lips making a sucking sound with each passing second, as his rubbed up and down his chest with his hand. The symphony of sweaty lust bouncing off the walls of the apartment.

I pulled him up and after I sat down, I positioned him on my lap. My legs were open, so he rested his butt on just my right leg. His legs were spread apart. I reached around and started to jerk him off at mach speed.

The Domme had been planning her new sub’s Christmas present for some time. Even so, it was still just a practice run leading up to the main event.

He showed up a couple of months ago, upon the recommendation of a friend. He confessed a deep desire to cede control, and let a woman take him, use him as she saw fit. The Domme snickered and explained that he had much to learn, much to do if he was to become the sub that he desired. After a simple nod of assent, she gave him his safe word and stripped off his clothes.

He had a very ordinary body, but a nice cock. So much work to do, she thought. She put together her plan, and started implementing it that very night. Get dressed, she commanded. Then a trip to the piercing parlor, where they gave him a frenum (a bar below his cock head) and a guiche (a bar through the bottom of his nut sack).

During the next two months, she patiently waited for the piercings to heal and taught her new sub the basics. She put him on a diet and sent him to the gym to get rid of his gut make him nicer to look at. She taught him to deep throat her strap on, and he learned to enjoy their pegging sessions. The laser treatment center got rid of the body hair. After many, many coaching sessions, he finally could eat her out properly. She had been patient, and patience has its rewards.

So on Christmas Eve, she led him down to the basement again, lashed him to the iron cross, and stripped him with a pair of scissors. When finished, his clothes had been reduced to irregular strips of cloth. Though naked and vulnerable, his erection throbbed with visible excitement. She replaced his frenum bar with a large segment ring, and flipped the ring over his engorged cock head so that it circled his shaft and lubed it up with his precum.

Hauling him down from the cross, she bent him over her padded bench and clipped the bracelets around his wrists and ankles to the bench. But she exercised some care, elevating his ass so that his erect cock couldn’t touch the bench or anything else for that matter. Then she plugged in the Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) and the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units, but did not turn them on.

She slipped in a small anal plug to loosen him up, attached a pair of electrodes to each ass cheek, and selected a cable with two alligator clips. One clip went on his frenum ring, the other fastened on to the bar in his nut sack, and then she plugged it into the EMS unit. Next, she connected the ass electrodes to the EMS unit as well. But she didn’t turn it on. Yet.

Upon command, her sub pushed the plug out of his ass, leaving a gaping hole that was ready for something bigger. This time she took out her biggest electrified anal plug, lubed it up with electrode gel, and worked it into his gaping ass. Once it was snugly in place, she wired it to the fourth EMS channel.

Almost done. Two more pairs of electrodes were attached to his tits, with each pair mounted on either side of a nipple. They went to the TENS unit, along with violet wand that she grasped with her long black latex gloves.

She first turned on the TENS unit, used a low intensity setting, and selected a program that made his tits tingle and throb. Gradually, she raised the intensity setting until his pecs started to twitch — pleasurable, not painful. She adjusted the setting on the violet wand channel as well, so a light tap on his skin made him jump a little, and felt more like a zing than a zap.

Next, she turned her attention to the EMS machine. Starting with the Ass Plug Channel, she used a slow pulse that forced his sphincter to contract around the intruder, and a high intensity that made him clamp down hard every 3 seconds, rubbing his prostate each time. The tingling tits and clenching ass were starting to turn him on, and a soft whimper let the Domme know she was on the right track.

Focusing now on the ass cheek electrodes, she used the same program she chose for the ass plug, a strong pulse every 3 seconds, and synchronized the program with his clenching sphincter. She raised the intensity, and he began humping the bench. But his erect cock couldn’t touch anything as he involuntarily pistoned his hips and the seven inch cock swung back and forth.

Finally, she flipped on the Cock Stim Channel and gradually increased the volume. With the positive electrode on his nut sack and the negative one on the ring encircling his shaft, the electricity coursed from his balls to the tip of his cock every few seconds, making it twitch. As the power increased, the twitch became a clench, then a spasm.

Forces of nature took over. His spasming cock pushed more blood into the cock head, squeezing out more precum, lubricating the ring and making the head swell. The swelling head made the ring fit tighter, creating a better connection between the EMS unit and his dick, forcing more electricity through his dick. And the tight ring started to restrict the cock shaft’s veins, making it harder for the blood to leave his turgid member. His swollen dick, throbbing and slick with his precum, gradually turned from pink to dark red to purple. Despite the onslaught on his tits, his ass, his cock, he still did not cum.

The Domme was very good. Yes, she had taught him to control his orgasms. But much more important, she controlled where the electrodes went and what settings to use. She had him involuntarily bucking and thrashing, desperate to fuck something, to fuck anything, hanging on the very edge. But he could not cum. Lord, he was desperate. But he was also unable, incapable of consummating his own orgasm.

The poor sub started to become frantic. His need was intense, his senses overloaded. He had no control of his own body – the electrical pulses coursing through him held him securely in their grasp. The tingling in his nipples could no longer be ignored, as the sweat from his chest made the electrodes conduct more and more current. As his ass flexed and clenched around its intruder, his mind lost its focus, and he became more and more convinced that he was being fucked by the biggest cock in the world. Barely hanging on the edge of his orgasm, he slowly smiled and simply enjoyed the ride.

She moved in front of him, and pushed her strapon under his nose. With a command, he started sucking on her dick, slurping and licking noisily between the grunts that were driven from his lungs by the electrodes. His spasming ass pushed his face down on her cock, forcing more and more of the phallus down his throat, only allowing him to come up for air briefly before pushing his face into the rubber dick once more.

Finally, the Domme decided to have mercy on her new sub. She took the violet wand, and grazed his back, causing him to arch his back and gasp. Then she reached underneath, and touched the wand to his engorged cock head.

He came off the plastic dick and instantly screamed with release. The cock that had been clenching with dry heaves, erupted with huge spurts of goo, making a mess of the padded bench. The ass plug that had been tickling is prostate, now forced his muscles to clamp down, squeezing more and more cum from his balls.

The Domme grazed his cock head with the wand again, renewing the intensity of his orgasm and forcing it to continue. The abused sub screamed once more as his cock spasmed and ejected more goo. On and on the orgasm continued, with waves of contractions coursing through his pulsing cock. As each new peak began to subside, the Domme flicked his dick again, evoking more screams and more cum. But each new peak milked a bit less from his balls. The squirts became dribbles, the dribbles became drops, but the screams, the frantic humping, the tingling tits, and the orgasm kept rolling over him again and again. She emptied his balls, milking every drop from him. He could do nothing to stop her.

After twenty minutes of continuous orgasm, the Domme gradually cranked down the intensity of the two machines and then turned them off. Her new sub was a wreck, quivering and twitching in a large pool of his own cum while the enormous plug remained in his ass. Gradually, she eased the plug out and detached the electrodes.

She spoke for the first time. “Merry Christmas, slave. You performed well. Next week, on New Year’s Eve, I shall take you to my favorite gay bondage club in the city. I shall treat you to another session like tonight in front of the crowd. But it will be a new treat for you, since you will have real cocks to suck instead of my plastic toy. Perhaps I shall invite your friends from work…”

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