Feeling my rapidly hardening cock against her leg snapped Megan back to reality. The gentle kisses that were so eagerly returned seconds ago were now ripped from her memory as she realized I would soon be using her body for my pleasure, and there was nothing she could do. She struggled against the rope holding her hands to the headboard, her eyes tearing up again.

“Please, no more! It’s too much for me, just leave, I’m begging you!”

I got up from the bed and reached into my bag pulling out a set of nipple clamps connected to each other by a small, flat link chain. Megan’s eyes went wide when she realized what was about to happen and she began to whimper softly. I placed the clamps on her flat belly and walked out of the bedroom leaving her there. I found her kitchen and saw a box of zip lock sandwich bags on the counter. Opening her freezer I took the ice cube tray and loaded 5 or so cubes into the baggie and snapped it closed. As I entered the bedroom again I saw Megan continue thrashing trying to escape from the ropes. She saw the baggie in my hand as I drew closer and looked confused. Leaning down, I put the ice cold bag on her left nipple and held it there. I felt her shudder as her nipple immediately sprang to it’s full height. I grabbed the nipple clamps and removed the bag, putting it on her right nipple. Quickly I attached the clamp to her nipple as she yelped in pain. A few seconds later the other clamp was applied to the right nipple as she yelped again. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged to have them removed. “Please! Take them off they hurt!”

I grabbed the chain linking the clamps and lightly pulled on it, pulling her already distended nipples further away from her massive tits. Placing my hands on her beautiful mounds I began to knead them softly as Megan began to moan gently. Reaching back in the bag, I pulled out an alligator clip which was attached to another, longer, flat linked chain, and attached it to the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Next I pulled out a 7″ vibrator and some duct tape, She looked on with horror as I made sure she saw each thing I removed. I pulled the chain down her stomach, making sure it pulled the nipple clamp chain enough to pull on the clamps. I ran the chain down over her clit and put a strip of duct tape just above her bush to hold it in place. Next, the end of the chain was wrapped and taped around the end of the vibrator. Reaching down I began to play with her cunt finding it was already wet. For all her protests, Megan certainly seemed to be enjoying this. I slid the vibrator about half way into her willing cunt, and slowly worked it back and forth. Her hips began to rise meeting the gentle thrusts. I sank the whole length of the vibrator into her hungry cunt as she began to shudder and moan ever so slightly while her eyes went closed. I turned the vibrator on low and Megan’s eyes snapped open as she felt the pulses deeply massage her depths and travel up the chain directly onto her clit, and up into her nipples. She groaned and her head began to roll from side to side as she felt things she never felt before. Silently I reached into the bag and withdrew a bottle of lube. Pouring some on my rock hard cock, I worked it over the entire length, then poured a thick line up the shaft, and put a large glob on the head. I reached down and put the vibrator on medium. Megan began to breathe in gasps, her stomach contracting. “Oh God, yes, yes! I’m going to cum!

I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and pushed forward raising that beautiful ass off the bed. She was starting to cum hard now, her body convulsing, and her hips thrusting out. Megan was in full blown heat. Suddenly, a drop of lube fell off my cock and landed directly on her tightly clenched asshole. My intentions became clear as she pleaded “No! Please! I never have let anyone do that! You can’t! Despite her alarm the vibrator continued to drag her to orgasm. I looked down at that ass and got ready to claim my prize. I flipped the vibrator to high and she emitted a low moan as a trail of drool slid out her mouth. It was time. I placed the head of my cock against her brown eye and gave a hard push.

“Nooooooo! God your ripping me apart!” The vibrations now ran through my cock driving me crazy. Another hard push and my cock was buried to the hilt in the hottest, tightest hole it had ever been in. I held it in place and literally rode Megan as her orgasm ripped through the very soul of her. I began to gently fuck her as her ass accepted my cock, gripping it as I pulled back and sucking it in as I slowly slid it back in. Between the vibrator working her cunt, clit, and nipples, and my cock slowing reaming her ass she began to cum again.

“Oh fuck! Your making me cum you bastard! Fuck my ass, fuck it!” I started pounding her harder, my cock reaming her virgin ass to the perfect fit. I let her legs slid off my shoulders so I could hook my arms under her thighs, spreading her legs wider. I pushed her legs up so they almost touched her chest and began pile driving my cock in her ass. The vibrations were making me crazy and I literally tried to drill through her ass. Her hungry little hole began clenching hard on my cock as she went rigid, riding the wave of an intense orgasm. I thought she would break my cock in half she clamped down so hard! One last thrust I began shooting spurts of hot cum deep in her bowels. I left my cock inside her enjoying the vibrations until I slipped out, a stream of cum following my cock out of Megan’s ass.

I lowered the vibrator to low and kissed her. She returned my kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I got off the bed and told her I’d be back in about 10 minutes. “Wait, turn it off, please.”

I smiled and walked to towards the shower, looking back to see her body stiffen again as the vibrator continued to work her.

The hot water felt great as I washed my cock clean of the lube, Megan’s juices, and the streaks of shit she deposited on my cock. I took my time showering becoming rejuvenated by the water. I got out, toweled off and went back to the bedroom where I saw her cum again as I got near the bed. I went to her, kissed her deeply again, and turned off the vibrator. Slowly I slid it out, and took the clamps off her nipples. They were swollen and a deep purple color. I kissed them lightly and gently licked them. I gently pulled off the duct tape above her bush. “Please, I need to use the bathroom.” I imagined she did at that point. I reached into the bag and took out a leather collar that I placed around her neck, to that I attached a long leash. I grabbed my knife and cut the rope from her wrists. I told her to get up and as she did her legs nearly gave out. I put her arm over my shoulder and helped to into the bathroom, placing her on the toilet. I turned and began to draw a bath. “I need privacy to go, please.”

“No, go now. It is the only chance you are getting.” She began to protest when I turned back to the bath, pouring in some bubble soap she had on the edge of the tub. I heard her relieve herself over the sound of the water. When the tub became full enough I turned off the water and looked at Megan who had just finished cleaning herself. “Come here.” She got up and slowly came towards me. “Get in the tub.” She slowly complied. “Move forward so I can get in behind you.” She slid up and I got in. Gently I soaped up her breasts, kissing her shoulders and ears. I whispered how beautiful and sexy she was and how she made my cock so hard. Megan relaxed and leaned back into me as I gently washed her. I had her get on her knees as I carefully washed her ravaged cunt and asshole. She began to make soft little noises as I took my time cleaning her.

I looked over and saw the razor and shaving cream on the side of the tub. “Sit on the edge facing in.” She did what I told her. I grabbed the cream and lathered up her cunt gently, making sure it was fully covered. I took the razor and began to slowly shave her neatly trimmed bush. I went gingerly, careful not to nick her and making sure to get off every hair. I rinsed her off and got out of the tub. I grabbed a towel, pulled her out and lightly dried her off. I finished her and quickly dried myself. I picked up the leash and led her back to the bed.

“I have enjoyed your cunt and your ass tonight, but now I want your mouth” I got on the bed on my back and Megan got on her knees beside me and began to bend down towards my cock. “No, let’s 69, I want your cunt on my face.” She moved into position and began to slowly lick the length of my cock as my tongue slowly worked it’s way across her bare cunt. Slowly she sucked me into her mouth and lightly raked her long nails across my balls. My cock began to respond as she worked her mouth up and down the shaft. My tongue found her clit as I lightly licked all around and over it, then rimmed her asshole. We were both moaning as we pleasured each other slowly. Her nails tickling my balls were having a the desired effect as I pushed my hips up putting more of my cock in her incredible mouth. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and began jerking my shaft up and down slowly as her other hand began to gently massage my balls. Her tongue ran circles around the head of my cock as her sucking increased in intensity. I was getting close and wanted her to come with me so I began licking her clit directly with more pressure. I started to suck on it as I licked and both our moaning became louder. Just when I thought my head would explode I began shooting ropes of hot cum into her mouth. When she felt it she pushed her cunt down onto my mouth and I felt her legs clamp around my head. Megan exploded into orgasm, drenching my face as she swallowed every drop of my cum. She kept sucking till every drop was pulled from my cock. We stayed that way for a minute or so, enjoying each others taste. I gave her a light slap on her ass and she got off me and turned around. I held my arms out to her and she quickly accepted my embrace, putting her head on my chest.

“By the way, what’s you name?”


“Well Megan my name is Rick. I was originally going to fuck you all weekend then leave, but I changed my mind. I am going to make you my cum slut instead and take you whenever and where ever I want.”

She slowly raised her head off my chest and looked me in the eye with a slight smile on her face. “May I call you master?”

I’ve always had a penchant wandering the streets late at night, but the parks are my favourite. Dark, desolate, time for my thoughts.

My dreams usually start in dark places, parks, beaches, and alleys sometimes.


I’m sitting in a park, it’s late, minding my own business, thinking, and smoking occasionally. Suddenly, I sense something behind me and start to turn my head, but before I can there’s a hand clasped tightly over my mouth.

“Don’t move bitch. Don’t move, don’t make a noise, don’t even breathe,” he whispers into my ear, lips so close I feel them brush against me. I can’t help but jerk my head a bit. From the tickling of his breath as much as the surprise. I drag in a breath and open my mouth to scream under his hand.

“Don’t,” is all he says, but the scream dies in my throat as I feel cold sharp steel against my skin. He tells me to put my arms behind me over the back of the bench. I comply immediately. It’s better to be raped than killed. Before I can process what’s happening he’s tied my arms to the back of the bench, wrapping my arms above and below the elbow. I’m unable to move and I find myself forced to lean forward. I can hear him coming around in front of me. Without warning he grabs the hair on the back of my head and forces my head up at an uncomfortable angle. Not enough for me to see him, but enough that he can see me.

“Nice mouth,” he chuckles as he drops my head and reaches for his belt. As he drops his pants just enough to expose his cock, I’m startled to find that he already has a hard-on. “Now open up slut, and don’t you dare bite me. Understand?”

I nod pitifully and close my eyes so I don’t have to witness my own humiliation.

“Good girl,” he says and I feel the head of his erection pressing against my lips. My mouth opens, against my will, and my tongue reaches forward to taste him. He allows me to explore his cock for a moment before grabbing the back of my head again and forcing the entire length of it into my mouth. This time I can’t help it, my jaw practically becomes unhinged as I scream around his cock. Instead of being angry he seems to enjoy the sensation. I start to gag as the head of his cock presses against the back of my throat. I pull my head back as far as I can and shake my head against his hands. As soon as I’m able to stop gagging I focus on trying to get him off, sucking on his now rock hard shaft. Thankfully he seems content with fucking my mouth more gently and for a while. After a couple more bouts of him practically trying to rape my throat, I can feel him twitching against my tongue. I know he’s going to cum. As he does he pulls out of my mouth and pulls my head back to cover my face with his sperm.

“Lick your lips, show me how you love my cum.” He says, almost with a growl. I can feel hot tears running down my cheeks as I obey, licking my top upper lip clean before sucking the cum off the bottom one.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asks, almost conversationally.

“No.” I whisper in reply. It sounds like a lie in my ears.

He just chuckles, and seats himself beside me on the bench. As I feel his hand creeping up my leg I squeeze my knees together in a vain attempt to protect myself.

“Open your legs”

I can tell by his tone that it’s not a request, and I capitulate after a second’s hesitation. His hand finally finds the heat it was seeking, and he chuckles again.

“See? I knew you were a horny slut. Just sitting alone in the dark, just waiting for someone like me to come over and take advantage of you.”

His words burn like acid in my soul. I can’t even find the voice to deny him. Instead, I hide behind my hair as it falls, and pray he cannot see the truth written on my face. Momentarily, I feel him cutting me free of the bench. He keeps one hand tightly on the nerve above my elbow. I’m so distracted by pain he causes I don’t hear him tell me to stand up.

“I said stand up!” He yells at me while pinching my arm hard. I yelp and jump up, pressing my body against him unintentionally. Again I’m humiliated as he pulls me against his body and chuckles. After a moment he speaks, “I’m going to let go of you. You won’t run. You won’t scream. If you do, you’ll pay for it. Do you understand?”

I nod, but he makes no indication that he felt it. So I whisper, “Yes.”

He takes me to a neighbourhood I don’t recognise, and then through a gate and up the stairs of a darkened house. I hesitate on the threshold. He turns, grabs my wrist, and pulls me through the door. After securing the locks, he turns to me.

“Take off your clothes.”

His eyes seem as though he can already see through my clothes.

Taking a deep breath I remove my jacket, shoes, and socks. As I begin to pull off my shirt he stops me.

“Do it sexier.”

This time the breath is really a sigh. I nod, my face feels tight and I realise I’m still covered in his, now dried, cum. I can feel the embarrassment with every fibre of my body as I slowly start to strip for him, turning my hips and dancing like I would if no one was watching. My shirt first, the music in my head distracts me from his eyes burning their way into me. I shimmy out of my pants and step out of them.

“Stop,” his voice sounds hoarse. He takes my hand gently, as though he has some care for me, leads me to his living room, and instructs me to stand at the end of his couch.”Don’t move.”

He moves into the next room and I can hear him moving something. A moment later he emerges and instructs me to bend over the end of the couch.

I lower myself onto my stomach but he tells me to lift my hips and positions me so my ass is high in the air and my legs are spread fairly wide apart. Suddenly, I feel his knife against me again. I whimper involuntarily.

“Relax, and don’t move,” he sounds amused by my fear. He quickly reduces my underwear to tatters and tears the remaining scraps from my trembling form. My fears are almost assuaged until I feel something cold and wet being spread generously over my asshole.

“No please don’t,” I beg. Scared enough to beg, but too scared to move. He doesn’t even bother to acknowledge my plea. He simply puts down bottle of lube he’s been coating my ass with and presses something cold, hard, and insistent against the tight hole between my cheeks.

“Breathe and relax or this will hurt a lot worse than it has to,” he gives me a moment to collect myself before he slowly pushes the tip of his toy into me. I whimper and reach my hands behind me to stop the intrusion, but he bats them away and pushes hard on the toy.

“Right now it’s your choice if I hurt you, or if you only suffer mild discomfort. Now. Hold. Still.” For the first time he actually sounds angry, and I pull my hands back to my body, using them to support my weight. He slowly begins pushing the cold foreign object until I can feel the base of it between my cheeks and realise it’s a butt plug. I’m only slightly relieved that it’s not something found at random to do the job.

He helps me to stand up.

I can’t look at him.

We stand there, not touching, me not looking at him, him breathing on my skin. Finally I turn my face to him.

What a mistake. The second our eyes meet I feel the front of my bra give way. Confused, I look back down in time to see his knife come up and finish cutting my bra off.

I’m momentarily stunned. Standing naked in front of him I am almost grateful when he tells me to sit on the couch. He has me sit on the couch with my knees spread wide, my arms at my side, and my hands under my knees.

“If you can sit without moving your hands then I won’t have to tie you,” he whispers insidiously. “Now stay put.”

I turn my head to watch him. Following with my eyes him until he disappears behind the couch. He returns after a moment holding a paddle. I stare at him wide-eyed.

“Please don’t hurt me,” my voice trembles as I implore him.

“You’ll like it, you’ll see,” his voice is strong, and somehow calming. I look away, and say nothing, but I can still feel him smiling down at me.

It begins unexpectedly. He brings the paddle across my body and strikes me on my left breast. I gasp and instinctively put my hands up to protect myself.

“No. You’re not allowed to move unless I say so. Get up,” he pulls me off the couch and takes my place. “Over my knee. Now.”

I amaze myself at the speed of my compliance. Terrified that I’ve displeased him, I deposit myself across his lap, and turn my head to watch him over my shoulder.

Without sparing me a glance he presses against the plug still buried deep in my behind. Just as I’ve almost adjusted he begins to spank me. Using the slapping sounds to punctuate his sentence.

“You.*slap* Will.*slap* Not.*slap* Move.*slap* Understood? *slap*”

“Yes!” I almost scream. My lungs burn for air, I become aware that I’ve been holding my breath, and I suck in a large gulp of oxygen.

“Good,” he says coldly, “get up.”

I scramble off his lap, and stand with my eyes downcast as he slowly stands up.

“Get back into position.”

My will to fight him dies with those words. He wants to make me an active participant. I position myself as he had me, close my eyes, and wait.

“Open your eyes.”

My eyes open cautiously, but can’t bring myself to look up at him.

“Don’t close them.” He sounds excited now. He retrieves the paddle, pauses a heartbeat, and strikes my right breast. Pausing again he strokes the place he’s just struck, and to my eternal shame I moan at the tenderness of his touch.

“See? I knew you’d like it,” his voice sounds smug. I imagine he has a smug look as well, but can’t work up the courage to look up and witness it. He continues to focus his attention on my tits, striking the sensitive skin on the inside of my thighs when I flinch, look away, or move from his desired position. I lose track of the strikes. Finally he gives me reprieve, and lets me catch my breath. As I lay against the couch he reaches between my legs and presses the palm of his hand against my exposed cunt.

“My my, you’re all wet,” he says with what sounds an awful lot like delight. He starts teasing my clit with his fingers. I wiggle against him and moan softly. My response encourages him and he continues in earnest, penetrating my cunt with his fingers, teasing my clit with his thumb, and pressing on the plug still in my ass. I swear I can’t feel my brain for the sensations raging through my body. But then, just as my body is about to explode, he denies me. Denies me and leaves me humping the air in desperation.

“Stand up.”

I stagger to my feet. He takes my hand and leads me back to, and bends me over, the end of the couch. Slowly, slowly he pulls the butt plug out, and comes to stand in front of the couch where I can see him again.

“Wash this,” he says holding the butt plug out to me. I shamefully take it from him and wash it before returning and holding it out for his approval.

“Over the couch,” he commands, and I obey without hesitation. I feel him position himself behind me. I know what’s coming, and try to relax. I feel the head of his cock against my only recently vacated asshole, and I try to relax. He presses my hips into the couch as he forces the whole length of his cock into my ass. I’m grateful to him. Grateful that he let me to adjust to the plug first. He slowly begins fucking my ass. He starts almost tentatively, but before long he’s fucking me in earnest, and I cum, so hard. I never thought.. I never knew such a demeaning thing could make me feel like this. I lie quiescent over the end of the couch. Soft moans escape me but I’m lost to the sensation. Under his power, and nothing in his presence. When he cums in my ass I relish it. Like a gift for a job well done.

He pulls out of my ass and lies me on the couch. I’m still dazed and panting. He disappears, and I shut my eyes. Suddenly there’s a pain on my nipples. I open my eyes to see him applying clothes pins to various parts of my body. The pain is exquisite. I want to writhe with it but my body is exhausted for the moment. My exhaustion quickly disappears as he affixes a clothes pin to my clit. I sit up and reach desperately to remove it.

“Leave it. Lie back down,” he watches me pant as the pain turns to pressure, and the pressure to pleasure. Finally he removes the pins, one by one and again I’m left lying on the couch. Panting and spent. He stands over me and smiles as he reaches for something behind the couch. I close my eyes and try to prepare for what he might do next.

To my surprise, and relief, all he retrieves is rope. It’s all he needs though. After binding me so I can’t get up off the couch, never mind walk, he leaves me. I hear the shower run and allow myself to slip into exhausted sleep for the short time I’m alone.

When I awake I feel him carrying me. He’s unbound my legs but not my hands. He sets me down on the bed, and then climbs in and lies on his back.

“Ride me, and then you can go home.”

Hanging my head at this final humiliation, I climb unsteadily atop him. He guides my hips over his protruding erection, and I impale myself on it. I’m hornier than I’m able to admit, and before long I’m riding him in earnest, his hands on my hips to guide me. My body is on fire and I never want it to end, but I can’t work up the speed he needs to cum. He pulls me to his chest and rolls on top of me. Screwing me hard into the mattress until he cums deep inside of me. As he collapses hot and heavy on top of me, and it occurs to me that I don’t want to go home. I fall asleep content under his weight.

Her legs splayed out at different angles, arms crossed and covering her ample breasts, she flexes her shoulders while slowly trying to twist her torso around, her short dark hair in mild disarray. Her movement is severely restricted; she can only just turn her head enough to see her roommate in the mirror. For some reason her body barely responds as she tries to lift her right hand.

‘What are you doing Lacy?’ she whispers as the other girl; this one also with short hair, but strawberry blond, pushes her on her side and slips a red and green scarf around her elbows behind her back. ‘Getting you ready, like I told you earlier,’ she whispered in her ear as she tightens the scarf, forcing Carries ample handful sized breasts to stand out. ‘We’re doing something different tonight Carrie. Don’t worry, it won’t take long.’

‘What?’ A panic making her voice sharp and a bit shrill. ‘Lacey, what are you doing? It’s cold; can I at least have some more cloths on?’

While the temperature in the room was actually quite comfortable, Carrie was chilled from walking home after work. She had been working as a legal assistant ever since graduating from college the year before. Now in grad school, she was glad to have the job, and a cheap place to live with her friend Lacey, even if Lacey did like to play rough games some times.

Looking at her friend’s slender body, her gaze resting on two perfect erect nipples, Lacey could see that she was indeed not comfortable, goose bumps clearly visible on her taught abdomen. Having not grown much since her sophomore year of high school, Carrie was petite; her body at just less than 100 pounds was much more affected by the slight chill. ‘How did a little girl like you get such nice tits?’ Lacey wondered out loud.

‘Your comfort isn’t really the point is it babe? I have a friend coming over to play, and guess what the toy is?’

‘What are you talking about? I have class later, I don’t like this, take that damn scarf off me Lace…. Come on!’

‘Sorry hun, not tonight. The rent is due, so just sit tight; we’ll have some fun in a minute, how you feeling?’

‘Not so good, please Lace, let me go. I’m really not in the mood for this. I can hardly move I’m so tired…’

‘All part of the game luv. You know how the GHB affects you. You won’t be able to move much for a bit. Like I said, all part of the game.’

Months ago Lacey had found that small doses of the popular date rape drug GHB had the effect of making the tiny Carrie lethargic, and unable to coordinate her limbs. Perfect for the games they sometimes played, and usually Carrie didn’t mind…………

‘ohh…. Mffffh’ was all she could get out as Lacey gently pulled the gag into Carries’ mouth. Almost immediately the bell chimed. Without waiting for a response, the oversized entry door opened. Lacey could hear it close softly, then footsteps.

‘Hi Lacey, long time!’ the stranger said his gaze travelling up and down her muscular body, covered only by a black bra and matching panties. ‘Wow, you look great. Still training I see….’ was all he got out as Lacey slipped into his arms and kissed him passionately. Nearly matching his 6 plus foot height, he barely had to bend his neck to reach her eager lips. As he slid his hands up and down her firm lower back, she could feel his erection rapidly gathering momentum.

She helped him unbutton the maroon long sleeve shirt he was wearing one button at a time, leaning forward to kiss his chest after each one. With the last on undone, she slowly licked each of his nipples as he stood there, helpless to resist her whims.

His shoes slipped off easily, followed by jeans, then socks.

‘Well, you’ve been working out!’ she purred while slowly licking her way down his stomach, still muscular and lean after 42 years.

Unable to respond, Eric gazes around the room as Lacey gently takes his engorged member in her mouth, kneeling in front of him just the way he imagined she would. Pure bliss, but not likely to last long with Lacey’s intimate skill.

As he looks around he finally noticed the nearly comatose dark haired beauty lying on the bed, legs spread, her only clothing being a black thong. With larger breasts than Lacey, the small dark haired girl makes a perfect contrast, deeply tanned and smooth; her skin seems to reflect the weak glow coming from the overhead lights.

‘Lacey, she looks amazing! All for me?’

Removing her mouth from his cock, her right hand still fondling his balls, ‘No way baby, all for us……………’

After a last slow deep suck on his cock, she walks over and lifts Carrie by her right hand to a seated position, her eyes gleaming, but her body mostly slack.

‘No, mpfff,’ she whimpered through the gag as Lacey slowly massages her right breast.

‘What do you think Eric? Just what the doctor ordered?’

‘Lacey, she doesn’t look like she wants to do this, are you sure?’ devouring the two nearly naked beauties with his gaze.

‘What choice does she have Eric? I gave her a little something to relax her, she can piss and moan all she want’s, but she’s our toy tonight……….’

Finally the girl on the bed shakes her head and finds her voice. Unintelligible through the gag, eyes streaming with tears of frustration, and perhaps a little fear. What was her friend doing to her?

Slowly pulling the gag from her small mouth,

Lacey gives Carrie a long slow kiss, slowly licking each of her lips. ‘Don’t worry sweetie, the gag is just for fun, no one can hear us out here. We have the place all to ourselves, Eric and I need a diversion, and you’re it!’ Carrie looks worried as Lacey replaces the gag.

Lacey slowly removed the bra covering her small firm breasts, ‘still ok Eric?’

Not saying anything other than ‘god……’ Eric reaches over and gently caresses the breasts he had fantasized about for over a year since seeing her last. Finally gaining courage, he pulls her to her feet and slips his hands to Lacey’ s firm muscular ass and licks his way down her neck, pausing at each nipple, holding her in a standing position as he feels her legs quiver slightly. Sliding her thong to the floor and pushing her back onto the bed, he slowly licks his way up her left thigh, eventually reaching her smoothly shaved cunt. Gently licking up and down, like an ice cream, occasionally flicking his tongue between her large cunt lips into her now sopping wet pussy. First licking up repeatedly, then down. Slowly pressing his third finger deep into her pussy earns him his first gasp of pleasure from the now entranced Lacey. ‘oh… fuck that feels good.’

Knowing her particular interests, Eric gently licks down her wet cunt, kissing the flesh between her pussy and asshole for a moment, before rimming, then firmly pressing his tongue into her now pulsating asshole.

‘GOD, you know what I like Eric. Fuck, fuck!’ she shouts, pressing his head firmly against her lower body and pivoting around so that she is now standing in front of Eric, pushing him to the ground.

‘oh no you don’t Lace…’ he says while shifting his weight, and standing. Reaching around and grabbing her by the ass, he gently lifts her as he lies back on the bed, pressing his head against Carries right leg.

Taking her cue, Lacy crawls forward, pressing her sweet wet pussy into his face, grinding down the way she knows he loves.

Nearing climax, Eric flips her over, licking first her left breast, then her right, enjoying the firm yet supple handfuls on display.

Pushing him back, Lacey stands and pulls up the now angry dark haired beauty, holding her firmly in front of her, pressing her small breasts to either side of the shorter girls raven head.

Seeing the opportunity, Eric reaches out toying with Carrie’s two firm breasts. While not large, they look huge on her small frame.

‘No, stop,’ is all that comes from her little mouth, ‘no, please no’.

Seeing that her objection is only halfhearted, Eric continues exploring her breasts, first with each hand, then his mouth, all the while encouraged by Lacey. Firm, yet supple. Oh, the perfection of youth!

Reaching down, slipping off her black thong reveals a second, perfectly shaved playground. Pressing a finger against her protruding lips unleashes a torrent of muffled demands that he stop. The little body thrashes around some, but less than you would expect thanks to the drugs coursing through her system. Only her mind is clear, and her mouth…

‘God damn it, let me go, FUCK, stop, I’ll fucking kill you! Please leave me alone!’ she begs as Eric continues massaging her cunt lips, and slips a finger into her warm pussy.

‘Please get your finger out of my pussy, stop it! I don’t want to fuck tonight, stop, STOP! Ohhhhh, Lacey why are you doing this to me? Why?’

Seeing a benefit to doing as she says, Eric removes the offending digit, but presses it briefly against Carrie’s little asshole, eliciting a new round of fury.

After enjoying himself in her ass for a few minutes, he withdraws his offending finger and slowly walks backward, now able to lean against the wall, pulling Carrie and Lacy forward, supporting their weight against his chest and now engorged penis.

Without saying anything, Eric stands, spreads the unhappy girls’ legs and slowly works his erect member into her tight cunt.

‘no…. don’t fuck my pussy, no………..’ but it’s too late.

‘Pussy?’ Eric asks? ‘Feels like a tight little cunt to me, ‘is it a cunt baby? Is it?’

‘oh… owe! That hurts, my puss… cunt. I can’t take it! ‘Indeed her love channel was tight, and not as deep as the length of the intruding member. Pressing deeply and firmly against her depths, Eric grins in satisfaction as she comes over and over again, seemingly against her will.

‘Well sweetie, maybe this will be better?’ he whispers as he slips his now well lubricated cock out of her gaping pussy and presses it against her tiny ass hole.

Finally finding the strength to move her body in spite of the drugs, Carrie twists slightly, tries to close her legs and screams a long series of ‘no’s’ as he presses himself deep into her anal passage.

Slowly at first, then gaining speed, young Carrie nearly gags as he degrades her young asshole. Gently sobbing at first, she finally breaks down into deep sobs, her entire body wracked by emotion.

‘Noooooooooooooooo….’ She cries. ‘Please stop, Please, PLEASE! Oh…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,’ she cries over and over again as Eric takes her anal virginity.

After pounding in and out of her now gaping ass and seeing that the young girl is completely spent, Eric turns his gaze on Lacy, her eyes glazed, her smile clearly inviting… Together they lay Carrie on the bed, Lacy slowly feeling each of her breasts, and running her hand between her legs.

‘She’s still wet Eric……….’

‘Are you?’ he asks in reply as he turn her around, forcing her to lay half on the bed, half off, her ass raised just at the level of his cock.

First fucking her pussy, then her ass he enjoys every sensation her tight holes can provide.

‘oh, god,’ she whispers. ‘Always so good. Oh…. Come on, ohhh…’

‘Lacy, you little fucking whore, god I love fucking you,’ he exclaims while pressing deep into her now gaping ass. ‘I’m about to cum honey….’

They cum together with Lacy furiously masturbating as Eric pumps his load into her ass.

Minutes later, as Eric dresses, Lacy steps up, gives him a big kiss. ‘I know we can’t do this often Eric, but I love it when you are in town…….. You fuck me better than anyone. Please come back soon.’

Looking over at Carries tear stained face; they see her slowly mouthing ‘Thank you’ over and over again………

Driving down the hill in his rented car, Eric is glad business brings him to Victoria every few months. Lacey is always waiting; it’s amazing what she will cook up for a couple of hundred dollars!

I find myself staring at this blank screen. Blank and white. I have stared for so long that I am beginning to see pixels in the monitor, and each little fleck of white is edged by a rainbow. Rainbows are happy things, but this does not take me to happy places. The mind wanders as it will.


Hand slides slowly upwards, creeping over my flesh to the juncture of my thighs. I feel his fingertips moving clumsily over the crotch of my panties, and I hear him saying something to me, but I’ve checked out already. I simply nod. His fingers stroke, and tease until he can feel my wetness through the thin cloth of my underwear. I know he’s getting hard, if he isn’t already, thinking it has something to do with his skill. He’s not terrible, mind you, but there is something about him I find so revolting I can’t bring myself to fuck him while sober. I can’t bring myself to submit.

His hands slide under my hips, lifting them from the bed as thumbs hook in the straps of my underwear and slide them down over my legs. The bedroom air is cool, and it sends a shiver up my spine. He shifts so he is leaning over me, parting my legs and pressing between them. Naked again, and I’d missed him pulling his shorts off. I can feel his hard cock rubbing against my folds, his hips moving with slow, patient thrusts. Despite how much I dislike him, I have to admit he’s rather well endowed. Thick, long, painfully so at times when he’s not done his job properly, or bothered to even try. Despite myself.. I moan, and my heart skips a few beats as its pace increases.

His breath is hot on my neck, teeth sharp as they dig in, sending a little tremble through my body. I could hate him until the end of time, but he knows that biting will get me going, no matter what else might fail. He doesn’t let up, stroking himself against my wet pussy until his entire cock is slick with my juices. My throat will be bruised tomorrow from his teeth, but even as he digs a little harder into flesh, I don’t really feel the pain.

He nudges my thighs a little wider, looking down between us as he pants for breath, watching the way his cock moves against my body even as his hands move to my wrists, dragging them overhead. He only needs one hand to pin them into the pillows, holding me firmly in place as he grasps his cock at the base and begins to press the tip against my opening. He’s almost timid with his thrusts, but it isn’t really that. I’m far too tight for him. And it takes him several hard thrusts to get the head to pop inside of me. My back arches as my cunt is stretched open for him, my eyes remaining firmly closed as I gasp softly, holding my breath as he slowly feeds his length into my body.

It hurts. Even through the drugs and my own significant lubricant it hurts to have him taking me again. That initial thrust, I know, will be slow, almost gentle, but only because I am so tight around him he finds his way difficult. Once he’s hilted himself within he, he waits a moment, leaning over my breasts and biting into them, leaving his marks all down my body as he keeps me pinned there. As he pulls out, he groans, a long, low, primal sound of lust and I shiver.

His next thrust is not so kind. Free hand circles around my waist, dragging my hips up off the bed and into his hips as he thrusts deeply into my body once more. I squeeze my eyes shut at the jolt of pain as the head of his cock is buried within the depths of my belly once again, soft cry parting my lips, followed by a soft whimpering moan. He takes me then, claims me as his little slut, fucking me with an erratic, almost desperate pace.

My body betrays me and my feelings, each thrust of his narrow hips sending me closer and closer to the plateau of orgasm. I reach mine well before his, as his thrusts take an almost violent turn. Each downward stroke drives my round ass into the mattress, again and again, my tits bouncing painfully on my chest while his mouth assaults my nipples with lips, tongue, and teeth all at once. Sucking, biting, tugging, he makes them ache. Soon my moans have turned to cries between frantic breaths, my nails digging into the palms of my hands until I feel blood spilling over the nails. He doesn’t notice, or seem to care.

I can feel him throbbing inside my spasming cunt, his balls slapping against my ass as he fucks me harder, trying to drive himself to my very core, his grunts and groans of pleasure in harmony with my own voice. I yelp softly as the first shot of cum splashes against my inner walls. Hot, burning in that tight channel he’s made raw with his presence, and I feel each subsequent one after the first, his cock thrust deep into my belly, hips grinding against my groin.

He stays there until he is nearly finished, pulling out to splash his last little shot of cum against the outside of my cunt, his cock going soft as he flops onto the bed beside me. My legs are shaking too hard for me to get up, so I lay there a while, panting, eyes closed as I feel the shame burning as hot as his seed does.

Its only minutes later before we speak again, and only because I have moved from my place in the bed.

“What now?” He grumbles quietly, half dazed, half high, the way I prefer him.

“Just sleep..” I say softly as I pick up a pack of cigarettes and light one with shaky hands. In my head I count the minutes, it keeps me distracted from the feel of his cum leaking out of me, smearing over my inner thighs as I move to sit by the window, opening it a crack to get some fresh air from the night. When the cigarette has burned down to the butt I sigh, flicking it out and moving to join him in bed. My eyes fall closed with a heavy weight, and I relax into a half-sleep.

He wakes me out of my haze by nudging me over onto my stomach, his hands gripping my hips once I am there, tugging them up off the bed until I am on my hands and knees, giving him a little protesting groan. I can feel his hard cock against the cheeks of my ass as he leans down and kisses along my spine, but all I want to do is lay down again, to sprawl in that bed and forget that he exists for a while.

His hand slides up to my hair, giving it a sharp pull as he teases his cock against me again, his other hand moving beneath me, between my thighs to run around my clit in tiny circles. I feel the wetness gathering in my cunt, arousal burning in my loins as he teases me.

“Again?” I moan out softly as he presses the head of his cock against my swollen, wet lips. He’s taunting me with it. His grip tightens in my hair and I lean down, hips rising a little higher into the air almost like an invitation.

“That’s a good girl.. get wet for me..” He growls softly, grinding his cock against my silken folds, once more lubing himself up for the struggle to get his cock into my pussy. Too high to mind much I simply lay my face down into the pillows, moans muffled by them as he pinches my clit. My legs begin to tremble and it doesn’t take too long before I am nigh dripping wet with need. A simple, carnal need to be fucked. Not by anyone in particular, especially not by him, but god did I need something hard inside me.

He draws back, sliding two fingers up the length of my cunt, gathering wetness onto them, I presume to taste.

The hand in my hair keeps its grip, using it as leverage to pull me into him, pull me against his cock as he impales me on it once more. No gentle foreplay, he simply thrusts himself into my already sore hole as though he can stand it no longer. I bury my face into the pillows with a soft cry, nails digging into the sheets, holding tightly to them as he draws back slowly. I feel his other hand grasp my ass, kneading the flesh there as he takes me again and again.. thrusting roughly into my body and the sounds it makes are so lewd as to make me blush even in the dark. Wet, slapping sounds as flesh met flesh.

A finger teases around the puckered star of my ass and I squeak softly, lifting up and panting out a soft, “No!” to him. Or I had planned to. As I pushed myself up his hand left my hair and fell between my shoulder blades, fingers splayed across the back of my neck and forcing me down against the pillows as his finger works it way into that virgin hole, all the while he continues to abuse my cunt.

I bite into the pillow, squeezing eyes tightly closed, nails bunching the bed sheets and blankets into the palms of my hands as he works that finger in to the first knuckle, my hips bucking against the unwanted penetration. I can almost feel his grin as he holds me more firmly down against the bed. A second finger joins the first, forced into my ass, stretching open that tiny little hole as I cried out into the pillows.

“No! No! Please no!” I whimper, turning my head, tears lining my eyes as I pant for breath. His fingers withdraw themselves, and I think I have won for the barest of moments. Silly girl.

His hand comes down hard on the side of my ass, startling me more than hurting and I give another sharp cry.

“Shhh, baby..” He coos down to me, rubbing the handprint on my ass as though that will soothe away the ache. I know what’s coming when he pulls his cock from my tight pussy completely, sliding the throbbing head between my ass cheeks to that new hole just above. I whimper again, turning my head as much as he allows.

“Please.. please no.. it’ll hurt. I-I-I’ve never..” I can barely get breath to get words out, and he’s pushing insistently. He’s not listening. One hand around the base of his cock, the other holding me down on the bed, I can do little but accept it. Legs trembling, belly twisting into knots as I hold my breath, feeling him forcing that thick head of his cock into my ass.. using the wetness of my cunt as lubricant. I begin to scream, but he grabs my hair and forces my face down into the pillows again to muffle me as the head pops inside completely with a hard push of his hips.

He groans loudly, and begins to force the rest of his hardened length inside of me, all while I scream and writhe beneath him, incapable of moving, too stunned, and in far too much pain to resist too strongly. By now he is too riled up to be incredibly patient, and once he’s buried his cock into my ass he groans again, delivering another painful slap to my ass as he draws out once more and then begins to fuck me roughly.

I hated him more in that instant, I wanted to claw at him, to beat at him and fight; and yet my cunt was still wet, and he seemed to recognize that fact.. his hand sliding once more around my waist to rub against my clit until I all but collapsed into another orgasm. He doesn’t last much longer than I do, and again I feel his cum filling my body, oozing out of my stretched ass as he pulls out.

“Go clean yourself up.” He says after a long minute, finally releasing my hair and moving away from me. I let a soft little whimper out, and he slaps me on the ass again. “Much as I enjoy the sight of you sitting like that, slut, I said.. go clean up.”

I didn’t want to move, I was certain I wouldn’t be able to walk, and sure enough my legs were wobbly as I carefully rolled off the bed, and inched my way slowly to the bathroom to shower. By the time I returned to bed he was already asleep, with the most smug look on his face. I curled up next to him, not touching him, letting my eyes close once more, and allowing my mind to wander.. it does that sometimes.

Lost in Eros

Book II: The Forest

Tascha Saved & Caught

Like Don had done a week earlier, while he was with the Crone, Tascha found herself reliving the erotic adventures she had had since waking up in the Manor. The sounds of the warrior women feasting and carousing nearby only taunted her with the thought that someone might remember her and bring her some food and water. Her deliberate mental game of remembering her time in Eros while she hung tied to the big, wooden X-cross served to distract her from not only her hunger and thirst but also from her frustration and dejection at being in this predicament. These depressing thoughts reminded her of the day … Was it three days ago already?

She must have been very close to drowning, her vision darkening and her temples pounding, when the strong slender arms had slipped around her from behind and she was hoisted up to the surface of the river. She had gulped air into her lungs desperately, and allowed herself to be drawn to shore. Too weak from struggling against the current, Tascha was limp and useless as she was hauled up onto the sandy bank. She lay there gasping, until she felt soft feminine hands brushing the wet hair out of her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful young woman with big eyes of blue-green and long straight hair of emerald green looking down at her with concern.

“Thank you for saving me,” Tascha finally managed.

The green-haired girl smiled at her with full inviting lips. She touched Tascha’s lips with light fingertips. She licked her own as she traced the outline of Tascha’s lips. She looked over Tascha’s naked, wet body, and Tascha raised her head enough to see that the girl was also naked and, obviously, wet. She seemed to be very thin, but strong, and quite pale.

The girl looked back at Tascha’s face and smiled again, and Tascha thought this smile was a bit friendlier now. Well, this is Eros, after all, Tascha thought to herself. It’s probably customary to sleep with anyone who saves your life.

As if she could read Tascha’s mind, the girl leaned in closer, brushing Tascha’s skin with her wet hair, and kissed her mouth tentatively. The girl’s lips and tongue were cool and moist, and Tascha found herself returning the gentle kiss happily. After only minutes earlier thinking that she was about to drown, this interlude was a most welcome turn of events. Tascha slipped her arms around her rescuer and held her body against her own. For some time, they lay there on the wet ground, kissing each other languorously. Then, with a smile, the green-haired girl pulled away a little and then moved a bit lower, so she could kiss her way down the curve of Tascha’s breast. Tascha shuddered as the girl took her nipple and sucked on it. Tascha parted her legs in anticipation as she felt the girl’s hand moving up along the inside of her thigh.

Suddenly, though, the girl raised her head and looking into the nearby tree line with obvious alarm. In another second, Tascha heard the sound of someone coming toward them through the undergrowth.

“It’s OK, that’s just my friends looking for me,” Tascha smiled at the girl, who immediately shook her head and pulled away from Tascha’s embrace. Tascha took the moment to look around a bit more carefully and realized that she was quite a bit downriver from where she had fallen in and, moreover, on the wrong side. It couldn’t possibly be Don and the others making all that noise in the woods.

Tascha looked warily at the woods, and then back to the girl who had saved her life. She was alarmed to see the green-haired waif diving back into the water.

“Wait!” Tascha called as she scrambled to her feet.

“Oh, damn!” said a masculine voice behind her. “She got away!”

“Of course she did,” said another. “The way you two go crashing about, it’s impossible to sneak up on anything!”

“At least we’ve got a consolation prize this time,” said a third.

Being called a consolation prize almost wiped the shocked expression off Tascha’s face. Out of the forest had emerged three figures, about five and a half feet tall, with long, dark, curly hair and beards, and bare, muscular torsos and arms. They also had short, curled horns growing out of their foreheads and the hindquarters of goats. Naturally, they also had very prominent and generous male genitalia. Of course, after meeting Ralph the centaur she should not have been so surprised to be confronted by bona fide satyrs. In fact, Ralph hadn’t even been the strangest thing she’d encountered since leaving the Manor; there was the demonic guardian of the portal to name just one thing. One thing that had fucked my brains out! she thought to herself. Still, in spite of herself, Tascha was shocked by the sight of these half-man, half-goats.

“She does look like she’ll give us some sport,” said one of the satyrs with an obvious leer.

“How about it, toots,” grinned the third one who’d spoken, “you up for some fun and games?”

“Um, actually, I was just going to find my friends,” Tascha said taking a step toward the forest away from the three satyrs.

“We can be your friends,” suggested the satyr who had spoken first. He took a step closer to her on his hoofed feet and gave his already hard and thick cock a squeeze. “We’re very friendly.”

“Oh, well, I’m sure, but I should really be going.”

“What’s the hurry?” said satyr number two, without taking his eyes off her naked body.

“Come on, honey,” said number three, “we’ll show you a real good time.”

Tascha was simultaneously revolted by the smarmy attitudes, alarmed that it seemed clear they had no intention of taking “no” for an answer, and annoyed with herself for being a bit aroused by the thought of having a “real good time” with three goat-men. Goddamn that fucking XYZ!

“Tell you what,” said number two, doing his apparent best to sound good-natured, “we’ll give you a head start, and if we catch you we’ll have some fun.”

Thinking it was a good idea to take advantage of a chance to put some distance between herself and them, Tascha nodded and said, “Fine.” Without waiting for them to say anything else, she sprang for the trees and made for the nearest hillside up away from the river.

Tree branches lashed at her bare skin, and she wished she had fallen into the river with her sandals on, but she didn’t slow down. She clambered up a hill, vaulted over a large rock and then half-ran, half-fell down the other side, only to start up the next one. Ducking under a thick branch, she turned to the left and started running along the ridge of a line of hills that seemed to parallel the course of the river. She was trying to close some of the distance between the satyrs and where she had fallen into the river. She was vaguely aware that there were now sounds of pursuit echoing in the forest. Tascha slowed just a little to catch her breath, but that only allowed her to realize that the satyrs were getting alarmingly close. She even caught sight of one moving through the trees off to her left, cutting her off from the river.

Plunging ahead again with renewed determination, Tascha clambered up the side of the next hill almost on all fours. At the top of the steep slope, she saw a sunlit clearing in the distance. With the vague hope that she might be able to get someone’s attention on the other side of the river, Tascha set her sights on reaching that clearing. She might have made it too, if she hadn’t tripped on an ill-placed root. Tascha went sprawling in the thick forest carpet of leaves right in front of an enormous tree trunk that had fallen years ago and was now covered with a deep layer of green moss. She heard someone coming up the hill close behind her, and frantically scrambled to her feet. Tascha hurried to get hold of the mossy tree trunk and raised her foot to get purchase on it so she could vault over, but then felt a strong, hairy arm slipping around her waist to pull her back down.

“Gotcha!” the satyr laughed, as he pulled her behind against his front, at the same time pushing her chest and face forward against the soft moss in front of her. Tascha struggled, trying to twist out of his grasp, but he was too strong and she was too winded. She felt the head of his cock between her legs and rubbing up against her outer lips. He pushed her against the moss with one hand, holding her in place, while using the other to get his sex organ in the right position. Tascha gritted her teeth as he pushed himself into her. It wasn’t an enormous cock, but it was hard and thick, and she had to admit at that moment, with the XYZ and the adrenaline of the chase coursing through her veins, it felt good to be filled.

Tascha clutched the mossy trunk, and closed her eyes, as the satyr held on to her hips roughly and began to fuck in and out of her from behind, shoving violently. In addition to the sensation of the penis sliding in and out of her all too eager pussy, Tascha was keenly aware of the thick mat of fur brushing against her legs and butt as he took her and the fact that her tits were being pressed into the yielding moss with the solid resistance of the tree behind it.

She knew that she was, basically, being raped by a half-man, half-goat creature, but she also knew she was enjoying it. The question of whether she should actually consider this rape would occupy her mind quite a bit in the days afterward, and particularly while she was strapped to the X-cross. On the one hand, she had actually said “Fine” to the satyr’s proposal that “if we catch you we’ll have some fun”, but, on the other, at the time of that agreement she had been convinced they were going to have their way with her in any case. However, she knew that rape in the normal world she called home was not really a crime of sex but of violence. Someone who raped another wasn’t really trying to have sex with them, but to hurt them. Somehow, Tascha did not get the sense that these satyrs wanted to hurt her in the least; they seemed to just want to fuck, and given the nature of this world, it might be reasonable for them to presume that she would enjoy a good tumble in the woods. Still, the girl who had pulled her from the river had obviously wanted to avoid getting caught by the randy goat-men. Later she would ponder these issues, but for that moment against the moss-covered tree trunk she just let herself enjoy the rough fucking.

It wasn’t too long before the goat-man began to shove into her with even more force, and then his cock swelled and shot his hot satyr cum into her. It felt like there was quite a bit, and it took him some time before he pulled out of her and slapped her butt happily. Tascha slumped against the fallen tree trunk, both relieved and frustrated. She started to push away from the tree, to make an attempt at gaining that clearing ahead somewhere, but another pair of rough hands took hold of her and pushed her back against the moss.

“Not so fast, toots,” said satyr number three. Without any other preamble, he shoved his cock into her pussy, squishing his partner’s cum out to run down the insides of her thighs. Tascha surprised herself by letting out a happy moan as she was filled again. While the satyr proceeded to fuck her with great enthusiasm, Tascha let go of the moss with her left hand and managed to get it down between the trunk and her body, so she could get her fingers on her clit. She began to stroke herself frantically as the cock pistoned in and out of her almost savagely. In only moments, Tascha found herself gasping and moaning as her orgasm tore through her violated body. She shook and whimpered while the satyr had his way with her until he filled her up with his own flood of cum. He pulled out of her, and she felt more cum running down her legs. Laughing, he said, “Told you we’d have fun.”

Tascha wasn’t surprised to hear satyr number one say, “My turn!”

This time, though, she managed to roll around and get her back against the mossy tree trunk. She actually found herself smiling at the hairy goat-man as he stepped up in front of her. Tascha put her hands on his broad shoulders and let him lift her up a bit. Soon, she had her thighs supported on his furry haunches as he pushed his eager cock up inside her. She looked at his grinning, bearded face with its little horns, and even laughed a little as he lowered his mouth to her tits to suck and bite on her nipples. She rocked against him as he fucked in and out of her, letting his hairy torso rub against her clit. Leaning back against the curve of the trunk behind her, Tascha let herself enjoy getting fucked there in the woods by an actual satyr. She smiled when she felt his cock swell inside her to spew a third torrent of cum into her pussy, only to spill in a slow river out of her as soon as he withdrew.

She noticed that the other two satyrs were still standing there, watching, with still very hard cocks standing in front of them. Perhaps they would have let her go in that moment, but Tascha had her mind on other things. She laughed and said, “Well, hello boys; are you just going to stand there? I thought you promised me a good time.”

This prompted laughter from all three of them, and they hastened forward. In the next moment, Tascha was surrounded by all three of the satyrs as they pawed her with their eager hands and kissed and nibbled at her wherever they could reach. Fingers pinched her nipples and pushed up inside her soggy cunt. One enterprising individual got his finger nice and slippery and pushed it up inside her ass. This reminded Tascha of that wonderful time she’d had in the steam room with Don and Peter, only a few days earlier, and gave her an idea.

“OK, well, before we go any further, don’t you think you should introduce yourselves?” Tascha laughed. Any further? They’ve each fucked me and they’ve got their fingers in my pussy and ass!

“Oh, I’m Scratch,” said satyr number two.

“I’m Roscoe,” said number one.

“And, I’m Bob,” said three.

“I’m Tascha,” she said. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Why don’t you lie down on your back here, Bob?”

Bob was only too happy to comply, and Tascha promptly straddled him, and took his stiff cock in her hand, pushing the head of it into her pussy, which was quite ready for more action. She sank down on Bob’s shaft, leaning forward by placing both hands on his broad hairy chest. Tascha slid up and down on him a couple of times, just because it felt good. Then, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Scratch, can you get back there and fuck me in the ass?”

“I sure can!” Scratch said with a grin. There was some scrambling around, and an interesting moment when Scratch pushed his finger up inside her wet pussy with Bob’s cock (Oh my! That’s interesting! I’ll have to try to remember that.). After her own juices and a liberal amount of satyr cum was worked into her butt and smeared over his organ, Scratch slowly pushed himself into her butt.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” she exclaimed. “Yes, push it in me!” An unexpected orgasm hit her then, and she held still there as her pussy and ass clenched on the two cocks inside her. Moaning and trembling, Tascha rode it out with a smile on her face.

When she had started to come down, she looked down at Bob and over her shoulder at Scratch and said, “Well, what are you waiting for boys, fuck me!”

The two satyrs began to do as they were told, working their thick, hard cocks in and out of her. Whether they had practiced this trick before or it was an innate satyr skill, they quickly got into a perfect rhythm, pumping and grinding against her body as if the three of them were one ideal sex machine. Tascha made sure she was giving as good as she was getting, working her pelvis in time with the way the satyrs were pushing and pulling inside her. When she felt comfortable and knew she could keep up, she looked around and beckoned Roscoe over.

The third satyr moved over on his cloven hooves to stand in front of Tascha. She reached up with her left hand and took his cock in her hand and pulled it to her mouth, tasting his cum and her own juices on him. Once she had the fat head in her mouth, she stroked the shaft in her fist. Bob reached up to cup her breasts in his hands and to help hold her up. Letting Bob and Scratch do most of the fucking work, Tascha relaxed to enjoy those sensations and concentrated her active attention on Roscoe’s cock. She pulled him closer so that she could get her mouth working up and down on him, pushing the head deeper in her mouth so she could feel his thick shaft moving over her lips and her tongue.

I wish Don could see me! she thought as she relaxed her throat and sank deeper on to Roscoe’s cock. She let go of the base of his shaft and held onto his hips with both hands, both for support and to shove him back if it became necessary, but she was now letting him fuck her mouth and throat. Roscoe was surprisingly careful, holding her head gently in his hands and moving slowly and steadily.

Meanwhile, Bob lay under her flexing his hairy abdomen to push himself up inside her pussy, and Scratch held on to her hips and fucked in and out of her ass vigorously. Tascha was intent on making the satyrs come before she came again, but her body had other ideas, and soon she was moaning and trembling while an intense orgasm shook her from head to toe. The frantic clenching of her pussy and ass pulled Bob and Scratch past the point of no return, and they filled her up with more of their cum. Roscoe, who had come most recently anyway, held out a bit longer, but the other two were still inside her when Tascha felt him swelling in her mouth and throat and then pumping gout after gout of sweet, hot cum into her stomach, and then filling her mouth. Pulling away from her, he splashed on final stream of pearly jizz across the bridge of her nose and down her cheek.

Still hard, Bob and Scratch continued to fuck her squishy pussy and ass until she came again and again. Only when she had collapsed between them, did they extract themselves and carry her off to their camp in the forest, where they bathed and fed her. That night, the next day, and the night after were spent in a marathon of satyr fucking that left Tascha exhausted.

Tascha now, bound to the X-cross, strained again at her restraints, wishing she could get at her pussy and clit now. She needed to make herself come.

She remembered how she had awoken the third day, well into afternoon. The satyrs were gone, and she was surrounded by the gathering party from the warrior woman camp. Angry at being abandoned, worn out from the incessant demands of three hard pricks, frustrated at being lost, Tascha had been a bit happy to learn that she was going to be taken to a bunch of women, but that hadn’t lasted long. She remembered how they had tied her up underneath a pole carried on the shoulders of two brawny men. The next two days were spent hanging there as she was carried further down river, to the castle where she now stood on frustrating display.

Can men and women be ‘just friends’? I’ve argued yes they can, a million times, but I do wonder. It probably isn’t a black and white statement that has a definitive answer. I’m sure there are men and women that are friends and nothing more; maybe Jane and I crossed a line by living together. I would like to think that timing just never worked for Jane and I but for whatever reason she has never considered me more than a friend, even going so far as to say I’m like the brother she never had. If that’s not the kiss of death for a potential sexual relationship, I don’t know what is.

Jane and I had been friends for years. We were both we dating other people when we met which might have solidified my ‘friend’ standing for life. We’ve always got along so well; she’s the only girl I have ever met with the same bizarre sense of humor as me. As if being attracted to her personality isn’t hard enough, she’s gorgeous too. She has an amazingly sexy, fit body, with long tanned legs and perfect tits that I have imagined would fit perfectly in my hands. The real torture is she is always walking around the apartment in short shorts and tank tops. Every time I look at her all I can think of is how desperately I want to fuck her.

My plan started about a month ago when we were hanging around the apartment watching episode after episode of our new favorite show and drinking wine, and then beer, and then shots of coconut rum. Jane ended up passing out on the couch. I tried to wake her up to go to bed but she was completely out. I could have left her there but I wanted to pick her up and carry her off to bed. As I picked her up she didn’t even make a noise; she just lay in my arms like a rag doll. I was nearly a perfect gentleman as I brought her to her room. Admittedly my hand was just under her breasts and I may have let my hand enjoy the feel of her silky soft legs as I let her slowly spill from my arms on to her bed., but that was it.

I went to my room and thought about her lying there all alone; how her tit felt in my hand as I carried her; how inviting her pouty pink lips looked as she let out her inebriated sounds of deep sleep; how her legs splayed open when I put her in her bed. Even though I was drunk, my cock was rock hard. It certainly wasn’t the first time I had jerked off thinking about fucking her, but for some reason my fantasy started to become a scheme to replay the events of tonight but where I would remain sober and where I would actually get my chance to make my fantasy come true. I came harder than I had in years. I actually made a loud groan as I climaxed, which I had never really done while on my own. That was the last thing I remembered about that night. I was either too drunk or too satisfied to clean up my mess; I just passed out with my cock hanging out and slept in that pose until morning.

Ever since that night, I found myself plotting our next drunken night. I knew I was in trouble when I found myself buying a the tequila Jane didn’t like with the sole purpose of dumping it down the drain and filling it with weak tea so I could appear to match her drink for drink the next time we brought out the liquor; I even found myself practicing my drunk slur. I rehearsed excuses I would say in case she woke up in the middle of my violation. I was horrified that I was actually planning this, but yet every night I would jerk myself off to the thought of it.

There were a few nights where we drank a bottle of wine, but Jane wasn’t interested in any more than that. I was slightly relieved, but mostly sexually frustrated. I wanted her so badly that I could seem to think of nothing else. I argued to myself that what I was planning was actually a good thing, I would get fucking her out of my system and we could go on being friends. It was an absurd lie, but it is amazing how I easily I was justifying my scheme.

The night finally came where the bottle of wine ended and Jane wanted more. She was actually upset about breaking up with her recent boyfriend. The relationship was nothing too serious, but perhaps out of habit, Jane wanted to purge the relationship with getting shit-faced. I did drink the wine, but when she wasn’t looking I would pour mine into her glass. I had maybe had one glass to her four. She brought out the rum and I made up a lie about not being able to handle the taste of rum after last time as I brought out the fake tequila for myself. It felt like an eternity before she finally ended up passing out on the couch. My cock instantly got rock hard. I poked her …nothing. I caressed her thigh a little and held my breath…nothing.

I scooped her up in my arms like I had done month before, but this time with a clear head and a less than admirable goal. I let my hand fully cup her tit as I brought her to her bed. I laid her down and lay on the bed next to her. I brushed her long hair to the side and for a moment just watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed heavily. I moved closer to her, letting my clothed erection rub against her leg. My balls ached. I wanted to cum so badly but since I knew this was my one chance, and in my justification I promised myself it would just be once, I wanted to make the moment last.

I turned her face towards me and lightly kissed her lips. It felt strange kissing someone and not feel her lips kiss back but it excited me. My cock grew harder as I penetrated her mouth with my tongue. In the back of my mind I rehearsed what I would do if she woke up. The biggest obstacle would be to not look guilty. My hand groped her tits as I kissed her. As I felt them I decided I had to see how perfect they were. I slowly lifted her white tank top to expose her bright pink bra. I should have been staring at her eyes to make sure she wasn’t waking up but I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of her breasts. I managed to slide off her tank top. I reached around her and unclasped her bra and slid it off to reveal her perfect tits. My cock grew uncomfortably in my pants. I quickly reach down and undo the button and zipper of my jeans and pull the waist of my underwear under my cock. I gave my cock a few quick strokes for a little relief, and then I rubbed the head on the smoothness of her creamy thigh.

My mouth begins to yearn to taste her again. I slowly brought my tongue down to her breast and licked her nipple. I watched it become erect at my touch. I continued to tease her nipples carefully with my tongue and fingers. My licks progressively became stronger and more aggressive until I found myself hungrily sucking at them. I felt pre cum seep from my cock. I carefully slid my hand under her shorts, and then under her panties. I worked my fingers into her moist pussy. I watched her face to make sure my movements were not causing her to stir. I felt her slippery warmth as I fondled her clit. I hoped she was somehow dreaming that I was fucking her. Again I found myself rationalizing that what I was doing was okay as long as she just ended up thinking it was a vivid sexy dream. I once had a girlfriend who woke me up with a blow job. That state of half dreaming as I woke up to find out it was real was amazing. I justified that I was bringing her the same excitement.

After a few moments of rubbing her clit she let out a snort and slightly repositioned herself. My heart stopped. I was sure I had woken her. I remained motionless as I waited for her breathing to return the comforting sound of deep drunken sleep. I slowly removed my hands from her pussy and smelled my fingers. Fuck…her pussy smelled so good. My cock ached again. I rubbed my slippery fingers over the head of my cock; I wish this was enough to satisfy me, but I knew I needed more.

I slowly slipped off her shorts to reveal a pair of wispy white panties. I stared for a moment so I could burn the image in my mind. She had a tiny strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair. I let my fingers trace around her panties. I brought my face down between her legs and took in the scent of her. I felt at war with my cock; I wanted to take my time and savor every minute but my cock ached to feel her pussy. I slipped her panties down over her shapely ass and then down those long sexy legs. I let her legs splay open for me. I had to taste her. I teased her pussy lightly with my tongue. I work my way to her clit and sucked it gently. I could feel it swell in my mouth. I rubbed my cock as I continued to tease and suck her clit. She shifted again, but this time I was too worked up to stop, if anything my tongue became more aggressive. I reached up and teased her nipple with my fingers. My cock couldn’t take it anymore. I positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed my cock against her slippery slit and slowly thrust my cock into her. I had the urge to cum right then. I gained control and began slowly fucking her.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Thoughts of disgust with myself were in the background but they were drowned out by the feelings of pleasure and fear. My thrusts became deeper as I gave her all of my cock. I watched her face for any sign of waking and noticed nothing. I began fucking her hard. I sucked on her tits as I fucked her deeply. I felt like I was in a dream. This moment was too close to perfection to be real. I kissed her soft lips and decided I needed to feel them on my cock. I pulled out of her pussy and brought my cock to her lips. I wiped her pussy juices all over her lips with my cock. Her lips looked so inviting coated in her own wetness, I reached in her mouth and opened her mouth a little more with my thumb. I slid my cock past her soft wet lips and slowly fucked her mouth. My cock had only been sucked by willing participants before, so it was odd to not feel her lips wrap around it. I was disturbed by how aroused I was to fuck her disconnected face.

I felt close to coming and removed my cock. I bent down and kissed her pussy cum off her lips. My cock needed to be inside her warm slippery pussy once more before allowing myself to cum. I buried my face between her legs again and licked her hungrily. I wanted to remember the taste of her every time I jerked off to the thought of this night. I allowed myself to slip my cock into her pussy one last time. I fucked her gently and then quickly and then gently again. I wanted to fuck her forever but I was ready to explode. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and stood on the floor with my cock aimed above her chest. I rubbed myself a few times and carefully aimed the deluge of cum all over her tits and stomach. Splashes of my white hot mess landed artfully on her nipples and were beginning to trickle down to her chest. I rubbed my cum all over her tits; they looked amazing covered in my mess. I stared at her for a long while to savor the moment. I slid her bra back on her and reached around to do up the clasp. I carefully lifted her head up to replace her tank top. I went to her underwear drawer and looked for a similar pair of panties. I found a reasonable stand in pair and slid them up her long silky legs. I lifted her ass a little as I slid them all the way up.

I stood back to survey the scene. I had the mind of a criminal. I made sure everything looked like she had fallen into bed drunk. I momentary thought about getting a damp cloth to clean my cum off her tits, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to leave that with her. I was sure she wouldn’t notice but it added to my excitement that she might. I took the pair of panties she had been wearing and put them in my pocket. I couldn’t bear the thought of not taking some part of her with me.

No one has to tell me what a disgusting human being I am. Who does something like that to their best friend? Not surprisingly my plan didn’t work. I wasn’t able to just fuck her the once and get over it as I had tried convincing myself of. Every day since has been an even greater torture than before. Now I know how she feels, how she smells, how she tastes and I can’t have it. The worst part is not being able to get over what I did and I constantly fight the urge to do it again.

We knew each other for a long while and she liked me but for some reason always turned down my advances. I have no idea why but I felt like fucking her and I knew I would sooner or later, whether she likes it or not. One night we had dinner at my house with a few friends and around midnight she was the last one there. We talked, had a glass of wine and she started getting ready to leave. I took her to the door and helped her put on her coat and accidently rubbed her chest.

Then I thought to myself: ‘Fuck it. It’s going down tonight.’

That being said I grabbed her and slid my tongue inside her mouth, at first she returned the kiss but then she pulled back and said: ‘No, we shouldn’t. We are friends and have been for a long time; let’s not let this come in between.’

I grabbed her closer and kissed again. This time she was pissed off and pushed me back. I grabbed her by the hair, twisted her arm behind her and hissed: ‘Look. I wanted to fuck you for years and I know you wanted that as well. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.’

She was furious but I pushed her back towards the living room and my bedroom, all the while she was struggling and pushing against me and blurting out obscenities, pleading to stop, calling for help and threatening with the cops.

‘Look, no one is going to believe you’, I said ‘we’ve been hanging out for years and many people actually thought we were an item. No one will believe you didn’t want this.’

I knew she realized then that I was absolutely right and her struggling stopped a little. I took the chance and ripped the clothes of her back, pushed her down on the bed and forcibly fondled her still dry pussy. She gasped with pain and begged for me not to hurt her. I could feel her tensing up and saw a visible shudder while her eyes swelled up.

‘You’re my slut for tonight and I will do as I please.’

She pleaded for me not to touch her and started struggling, while I pinned her down on the bed, face down and barked out: ‘If you will oppose and struggle it will be even less pleasant than you can imagine. For now I will let your reluctance slide but if you struggle again I will discipline you.’ All I could hear were muffled sobs and she started kicking with her legs again.

‘All right, you asked for it.’ I said. I took hold of a length of rope, which I always had lying by the bed and tied it tightly around her wrists, still pinning her down. The sobs increased in intensity and she begged not to hurt her, that she would do anything I want as long as I don’t hurt her. Too little to late. I tied the loose end of the rope to the radiator by the bed stretching her arms tautly above her head and let her go.

She tried to wriggle on her back so I pinned her down again, grabbed hold of her hair and hissed in her ear: ‘Do not resist, the more you resist, the more you will be humiliated.’ and then pushed her head into the pillow. I forcibly struck her butt with the palm of my hand, she didn’t expect it and jumped up startled and let out a short yelp of pain. I could see the imprint of my hand on her ass turning red slowly. I took off my belt, folded it in two and laid it down on her ass. I kept striking, not to hard, yet hard enough to feel. Her cheeks were slowly becoming covered in an intricate pattern of red stripes and covered up the print of my hand. I sensed that after the third or fourth strike she stopped resisting and eased up. Was her resistance broken?

I asked her again: ‘Are you going to resist?’

The answer was ‘No.’ But it didn’t sound like an answer of resignation…..I reached over and felt her pussy. It was soaking wet.

‘So, you’re such a horny whore that you get wet even when raped? Even before I touched you? Huh?’

I slid my hand inside her to savor her wetness and make my hand covered in as much of her juice as possible. Then I put my hand inside her mouth and commanded her to drink herself from my hand.

‘What do you taste like?’ No answer. ‘What do you taste like?!?!’ I repeated.

‘I…I don’t know.’ came her hesitant answer.

‘You taste like a slut. Repeat.’

She complied and dutifully repeated ‘I taste like a slut.’ I could still see fear and pleading in her eyes but I knew it wasn’t going to be long before she would actually want to be fucked like never before. But it wasn’t time for her pleasure yet.

I turned her over on her back; her arms still stretched high above her head. ‘Now, you will service and pleasure me, I will use all of your holes in any which way I like and you will do as you’re told.’

I saw the fear in her eyes increase. ‘No! Just fuck me and get it over with! I…I never felt anything before in my ass…I’m afraid.’

‘Do you seriously think I’m going to listen to you? Your virgin ass is mine. I will stretch it for you and you will still feel it tomorrow. You will ooze my semen from your ass, because it’s mine now!’

I undressed and straddled her chest; my dick was impossibly hard and pointing towards her face. I actually saw her look quite eagerly at it as she thought I was going to put it in her mouth. Instead I leaned over her ear and whispered ‘Now you will lick and suck my entire body’.

I moved over and pushed her face in my chest. I tugged her hair and kept moving her head around my chest.

‘Lick slut’

At first she didn’t do anything but then she started licking, biting and nibbling more and more eagerly. She was almost breathless from being pushed hard into my chest but still tried to please. She bit down on my nipple and flicked it passionately with her tongue. I could hear her snorting and slopping because of the eagerness with which she sucked. I knew she was mine now. I kept on moving her head lower and lower while elevating myself above her. She was now wetting and biting my belly with her mouth and I saw her big eyes look up at me. There was no fear in them anymore, just pure lust. I lowered her head down even further towards my crotch. She tried to take my cock in her mouth but I didn’t want that yet. I reached back and crushed her breast with my hand, I knew it hurt because she let out a gasp; at the same moment I made use of her open mouth and slid my balls in it. Pulled her head on my sack and told her to eat my nuts. She licked and sucked and I felt the smooth texture of her tongue pleasure my balls. I felt more and more moisture collect in her mouth and looked at my glistening crotch and the saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth over her cheek. Her eyes were even more lustful now. I pushed her head down on the bed and this time straddled her head. She was struggling again….she knew exactly what my intent was and didn’t like it.

I moved my ass over her mouth, my cock resting on her face and I could feel the warmth of her cheek on my cock. I loved it….and then lowered my ass over her mouth and told her to lick, eat and suck my asshole. She still refused. I moved off of her, grabbed her hair and tilted her hair back while opening her mouth with my hand, my fingers deep inside her face.

‘Look, slut. You’re going to eat my ass whether you like it or not. You better like it. If you do your best, I might even eat yours later before I deflower that virgin hole of yours.’

The fear returned, I knew that I was pushing her personal boundaries and she knew that I wouldn’t only push. I would break them. I grabbed hold of her breasts and asked again:

‘Are you going to lick it?’.

She didn’t blink or reply. I crushed both her tits with my hands and saw tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

‘ARE YOU GOING TO LICK IT?!?!’ I repeated. She nodded.

Soon I was straddling her face again and lowered my ass on her face again. I could now feel her tongue cautiously explore my asshole. Very cautiously at first……as she was licking, she was getting more and more into it and was almost as eager as when she was kissing my body. I started stroking myself over her face. My glistening head was dripping on her forehead as she was getting more and more into eating my asshole.

‘Slide your tongue inside!’

She momentarily hesitated but soon I felt the tip of her tongue open up my ass and slide in a little. Damn that felt good. I let her eat my ass for a while longer and then suddenly moved over and slid my dick all the way deep in her mouth, I felt my head push against her throat and saw her face turn red and eyes almost pop out of her sockets. My thrust came as a bit of a surprise to her. I held on to her head with my dick firmly inside her mouth until I saw she was gasping for air. I retracted all the way and watched the juice from her mouth drip on her face while I told her that I would now fuck her face.

‘Your face, your mouth is mine and its only purpose now will be to pleasure me’.

Just to make sure I reached back and felt her cunt. It was wet, even more wet than before. I played with it, stroked her lips, pinched her clit and listened to the moans of ecstasy coming from her mouth. She was wriggling in her restraints but it wasn’t wriggling to break free, she was wriggling with pleasure. I stopped fondling and suspended myself over her face.

‘Please, fuck my mouth. Put your cock in my throat. Please. I want to feel it push against my throat.’ she implored me while I waited with my throbbing head poised right over her mouth.

‘I beg you. Fuck my mouth. I am a whore for you. Do it! Please!’.

I still refrained but moved ever so closer and asked her: ‘Can you smell it? What do you smell?’

‘I smell you, the scent of ecstasy. The scent of my owner.’

‘That’s right, and now you will taste me. I will rape your face until you gag on your own spit.’ and I slid in her mouth. I told her to lick and suck my shaft and savor my flavor. She expertly flicked her tongue around all of the sensitive parts and I could sense my glistening juice oozing inside her mouth.

‘Keep sucking slut.’

I grabbed hold of her head and commanded to open her mouth wide and hold still while I began fucking her face. Slowly at first and not to deep, as I kept sliding in and out of her lips I sped up and increased the depth of my thrusts until I felt I was moving in and out of her throat with each stroke. She was gasping, gagging and there was spit dripping out of her mouth around my cock. I didn’t relent and kept fucking that face. Then I stopped, it wasn’t time to finish yet. She gasped for air and leaked even more thick saliva on her chin while my throbbing wet shaft was rested on her cheek.

‘Did you like that slut?’

‘Yes! Yes! I want more!’ She didn’t have to repeat this twice. I fucked her face for a while longer.

‘You did well. I see that you are a hungry and horny cocksucker.’ You will get another chance to feel my dick in your face but this time I will reward you and eat your pussy at the same time’.

I turned around, lowered my face towards her cunt and slid my dick back in her mouth. I wrapped my legs around her head so that I would still be in control of fucking her face. I licked and sucked on her wet pussy, I buried my entire mouth inside of her and savored her juice. She smelled good. Musky, fresh and horny. All the while I was thrusting my hips in her face and enjoyed the dismal sounds of gasping and leaking spit from her mouth. She must have enjoyed it too, the nasty little whore, because almost impossibly …she kept getting wetter and wetter and started thrusting her hips in my face. I felt her body slide around under mine and kept eating that juicy pussy I longed to fuck for a long time already. When I sensed she was about to come I stopped and removed myself from her mouth.

‘Please make me come! Why did you stop?’, she yelled.

‘Because I decide when you come. You don’t run the show here tonight.’

I turned her face down and moved her hips up so that her ass was high up in the air. Took my belt and wrapped it around her neck and held on to the loose end.

‘Now I will fuck you. Fuck you until you’re sore. I will ride you like my little slut and you will love it. When I’m finished with your pussy I will get inside your ass.’

No reaction.

She must have resigned herself to having her ass deflowered or she was so horny she didn’t care anymore. I put my cock right against her pink hole and pulled her onto myself with the belt. She shrieked with pleasure. I knew she was waiting for my dick to fill, stretch and widen that pussy of hers ever since I spanked her. I thrust my hips inside of her and felt that wonderful softness around me. I kept thrusting and helping myself with the belt, tilting her head back with every thrust. She was uncomfortable and it probably hurt a little but she loved it. I reached under her body and brutally started fondling her belly and her breasts. I felt she was sweating profusely. It was the fear, excitement, pleasure, pain and uncertainty that caused. I squeezed hard enough for it to hurt and kept on moving in and out of her cunt.

‘You like being fucked like that?’

‘Yes, yes, fuck my pussy. Fuck it. Deep, hard. It’s all yours, I am all yours! Fuck it! Fuck me! I am slut and deserve it!’

‘Yes. You’re mine and you will always be mine and I will rape you whenever I feel like it and you will beg me to do it even though deep inside you’re afraid.’

‘Yes! Rape me! Keep on fucking that pussy! I want you in my a…’

She stopped.

She realized that now there was no turning back and I would stretch her shitter. Good. She knows what’s good for her. I stopped fucking her and moved towards her face. I held her by the chin and asked:

‘Do you want to taste your slut juice now?’


And I slipped the entire length of my cock covered in her slimy juice inside her mouth. I could smell myself and her juice mingled together on it.

‘Suck it all off. Lick it clean. Savor it!’

She sucked, licked and lapped her tongue greedily. I fucked her face violently for a while because I felt like it and it was her place to receive.

I longed to feel her ass. The feeling of being the first one inside of it felt amazing and I didn’t want to break her in easily. I was going to go straight for gold and ram my dick inside her bowel. I laid her on her back lifted her legs up high so as to elevate her ass and started eating her pussy. I covered it all with my mouth and made sure that she was dripping wet again…though it wasn’t really necessary. I moved my tongue lower and licked her asshole, she was surprised. Surprised at why I’m doing it and surprised at the fact that it felt so intensely good. No one has done it to her before. I licked the puckered tightness of her ass so as it was all nice and wet. I moved up and eased the head of my rock-hard dick against her opening. I looked down at her and said:

‘Now I’m going to fuck your ass. No lube, no preparation, you’re going to get is straight.’

The fear in her eyes returned. ‘Please, no it’s going to hurt. You’re so wide and I never had anything up there. Please!’

‘No. I’m going to fuck it. And you will like it.’ I said and in one sudden motion I thrust against her ass.

I could feel it give in as I pushed in against the tightness and suddenly it opened and took in my head.

She screamed ‘No! It hurts! Please!’

I thrust deeper, al the way until the entire length of my cock disappeared inside her. She gasped, squirmed and let out a cry of pain. I didn’t need anything else to prompt me to start grinding in that ass. I felt that it must have been uncomfortable because I could feel massive friction on my cock. She bit down her lip and I saw little tears flow from her eyes as I fucked that ass. In time she relaxed and I could physically feel her ass get looser. She wasn’t biting down anymore. She was actually getting into it. I speeded up the motion and thrust deeper and harder a few times. She squirmed but took it in with pleasure and yelped:

‘Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. Oh God!’

‘Whose ass it?’

‘It’s yours! And I am your slut!’

‘Yes. You’re my anal slut and you will love being raped by me inside that tight shitter every time I will please to do so.’

‘Yes, god, I love it. Fuck my ass. Come inside my ass!’ she kept on blurting out encouragement until I felt her entire body erupt into a massive orgasm.

She shook, her legs trembled and she let out a long and rising wail, almost wolf like and she cried. She trembled and shook while I kept pumping my rod inside that ass of hers until I finally felt that I was near exploding inside her. I slowed down and thrust deep and felt a warmth engulf my entire body as I shot a massive load in her gut. It felt like I kept on coming and coming and her face brimmed with joy at having my juice inside of her like that. I stayed inside of her for a while, plugging up the exit until I slowly but surely started to feel that I’m going limp inside. I pulled out, and slid a couple of fingers inside of her. It was warm, smooth and pulsating. It must have been sore but felt good at the same time. I used my fingers to stretch her a little more and to retrieve some semen from her ass and gave these fingers to her to lick off.

‘Here, eat my cum from your ass. Do you like it?’

‘Yes’ she replied as I pushed my entire hand inside her mouth and pushed a finger beyond her throat. She licked and lapped at it with her tongue like she has never had anything in her mouth before.

She loved it, so I straddled her neck and ordered to lick my cock clean.

‘Taste your ass on my dick, bitch. Lick it clean, suck it off.’

She didn’t hesitate and took it in and licked and sucked and loved it. Her body felt so good after that massive orgasm that she probably didn’t even realize what she was doing. She probably didn’t even realize that her arms must have been numb for a good while from being stretched over her head.

Satisfied I lay down beside her, her arms still in restraints and went to sleep. She also fell asleep despite the uncomfortable position. I woke her up a few times during the night to use her for my pleasure and each time she loved it more than the previous. I wonder if she knew how sore her ass will feel the next day after the post-orgasmic chill will leave her body. Oh well….

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