Chloe hated having to ride the trains to and from work. Her car was smashed into by some arsehole, while it was parked out the front of her friends place two weekends ago. So until she could save up some money for the repairs, trains and buses were her only option. She was reading a good book to pass the time, but it couldn’t block out her horrible surroundings. The trains were always the fucking same. Dirty and vandalised, with seedy looking passengers, some asleep on the seats. Chloe stopped reading her book and suddenly felt nauseous, sure that the overly rich pasta she’d had for lunch was rising. Even though it was nearly midnight, Chloe still couldn’t believe she was the only female in the carriage.

She looked around and counted five men. Two of the men looked like they lived on the street, the other three were a mixture; fairly old and not the sort of people she would associate with. She buried her face back into her book. At the next stop, the three homeless looking men got off, and she was relieved, the smell had been nauseating. Lost in her book, Chloe didn’t look up again until two stops later, when she noticed that the only remaining passenger was about to get off. Just as the doors were about to shut, three young men clambered aboard, They were obviously under the influence of something or other; talking loudly whilst pushing and shoving each other, laughing hysterically the whole time.

Chloe started to feel uncomfortable and thought about going into the toilet and staying there till her stop, but that was at least an hour away. Snap out of it dickhead! As if they’ll even notice you’re there. Just read your book and grow up! She said to herself. Feeling more at ease she started reading again. Now fully immersed in her book, Chloe jumped with surprise as one of the young men plonked himself down on the seat next to her, and with way too much confidence for her liking, introduced himself as Nick.

When she smiled thinly and put her head back into the book, he loudly said “Hey don’t be stuck up I just wanted to talk to you. Maybe find out your name?” Chloe looked at him for a second, concerned with his attitude, thinking how things could easily get sour real quick.

“My name is Chloe, nice to meet you Nick” and with another smile started to read again.

“What’s your problem Chloe? Not very fucking friendly are you?” Chloe started to feel really uncomfortable, especially when the other two guys sat down.

“Hi guys, Big night out huh?” she said trying to smile warmly. They all laughed and agreed.

“Yeah pretty big so far,” one replied. “And what about you, what’s your story? Bit late to be on a train by yourself.” He asked staring at her chest.

“Um, I’m just heading home from work, nothing special that’s for sure,” she said with a slight tremble in her voice.

“So where’s your boyfriend Chloe? Nick asked. She felt a twinge of panic as her stomach knotted with apprehension.

“I don’t have one at the moment actually” She replied, feeling herself blush slightly.

“What? A drop dead gorgeous girl like you should have guys lining up!”

Chloe smiled weakly. “You would think so wouldn’t you, but no not at the moment”

Nick moved as close as he could to her and with false empathy whispered softly in her ear, “I could be your boyfriend sweetheart, well at least for tonight” And he brazenly put a hand on her thigh, just above her knee.

Chloe let out a nervous little laugh and said “You seem like a nice guy, but you’re a little too young for me” Nick feigned offense, and he puffed out his chest.

“Hey I’m twenty! How is that too young? What are you forty or something?”

Chloe smiled “Do I look forty? Gee thanks a lot! Actually I’m twenty seven” Nothing was said for far too long, her discomfort growing rapidly, until Nick broke the silence.

“Are you telling me you wouldn’t like a fit and horny twenty year old catering to your every desire?” He leaned back against the seat with her and moved his hand higher on her leg coming to rest in the middle of her creamy white thigh. Chloe felt a small surge of panic as she contemplated her situation, not knowing what to do, she told herself to relax anyway, and that these guys were harmless; just young and full of cum, that’s all.

Nick gave her thigh a little pat and said “I mean what could be better? Mmmm, I reckon three horny young men would HAVE to be better! ” At this comment his two mates laughed and both moved a little closer, increasing her feeling of discomfort, now amplified with apprehension. She couldn’t think of what to say or do and felt a growing sense of unease, only able to offer a weak smile, while she crossed her legs, not thinking about what she was doing, she trapped Nick’s hand between her thighs, and he instantly grinned wolfishly.

“That’s better Chloe hmm mmm” He said as he started working his hand higher. She squeezed her thighs shut tight, stopping any more northward movement from his hand, and told him quietly that his hand shouldn’t be there.

“You’re right Chloe!” Nick removed his hand from her thighs and placed it directly on the swell of her left breast, saying; “It should be here!” Chloe pushed his hand away violently but he kept up his assault and after a brief struggle, his hand was back on her tit, squeezing it roughly.

“Yeah baby that feels so hot” And before her brain could process what was happening, his other hand was on her right breast, squeezing and kneading them both. After using all her strength trying to remove his hands, she could feel defeat looming. Her hands were now weakly holding his wrists and she knew it was impossible to stop his molestation.

Chloe felt stricken with fear now, her paralysed brain trying to work out what the fuck was happening to her; but all she could come up with was more fear and a rising panic inside of her. After a very long twenty seconds she tried again to remove Nick’s groping hands, firmly stating that she didn’t want to be touched like that.

“Don’t you like sex Chloe? Come on everyone LOVES sex! I mean what’s not to enjoy about it!?” Nick taunted her.

“My sexual behaviour is no-one’s business but my own, thank you” She knew she had failed at sounding superior and self- assured and they knew it too, all three of them laughing lightly, their stares adding to her discomfort. Chloe felt like a deer in headlights, unable to move or think properly, her brain frozen with fear, head down, hoping that it would just end. Nick stopped feeling her tits to put an arm around her other hand resting on her thigh.

“I love sex. How about you guys?” Nick spoke with a calm confidence that was quite unsettling, smiling when his mates both replied.

“We both love sex and know how great we are at it!” they spoke in unison and all three laughed loudly together, soon after Nick turned to her.

“See everyone loves sex Chloe!” And slowly stroked his hand on her thigh, “I’m willing to bet big money, that you love sex too Chloe, you probably crave it! But I will have a guess, and say that your boyfriend broke it off with you, oh… at least a year ago, and you have not been with anyone else at all, since he left, am I close?”

Chloe sat there not knowing what to say. She had caught her boyfriend fucking some young slut, roughly six months ago; leading him to tell her to fuck off, if she couldn’t put up with it. She had been devastated by his blatant lack of love, and she was still finding it hard to trust men, even now, her only sexual activity was with her dildo and vibrator. Chloe had become a pro and got right in to it, working herself to consistently good orgasms that satisfied her in more ways than one, but also leaving herself feeling lonely and hollow after she was done.

She was so pissed off that this little cunt was right, that she gave her best sexy smile and said looking straight at him.

“I actually ended our relationship, to concentrate on my studies, and last weekend i had two sexual partners, one on Friday night, the other Saturday night!” Feeling better after that, she relaxed a little feeling her body loosen a bit. Nick was staring at her with a sad look on his face

“Chloe it seems to me, that what you’re saying is that you are a right little slut! Getting cock whenever you want, with whoever you like! Is that true Chloe?” She felt her confidence leaking away under his stare, and replied weakly.

“Yeah something like that .Isn’t that what being single is all about?” Nick kept his unsettling stare up and she looked down into her lap.

“So? What the problem seems to be is that you think you are better than any of us, and none of us are worthy enough to put our cocks in your precious little pussy!” Chloe felt very frightened at this turn of events, especially when she saw the looks on the other two faces. To her, they were looking at her like she was a piece of meat, no more. “We would fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! Filling your pussy, mouth and arse with our hot creamy cum and leaving your entire body feeling like it’s under the influence of the most mind blowing ecstasy pill on the planet, and you won’t even give us a chance? Aw well” He said shaking his head, as he slid his hand up her thigh and almost grabbed at her snatch.

“FUCK OFF!” she screamed and slapped his hand away. “Just leave me alone!” Chloe grabbed her stuff, got up and sat on the seat behind.

“That’s not very nice Chloe! We were getting so cosy too!” They all faced her; acting sad, pretending to cry and shit and Chloe decided she would get off at the next station, even though it would be at least 4 stops early. She would just ring a taxi and get the fuck home. Nick and his two friends got up and once again sat beside her, one across from her, putting his feet up on her seat between her knees, using them to make her knees apart.

When Nick grabbed her breast again, she folded her arms over her chest, slowly getting his hand off her tit, but just as she accomplished that, the guy on her other side roughly jammed his hand between her thighs and managed to cup her sex, his mate using his feet to keep her legs spread apart. Chloe was panicking and started to feel light headed, but before her anxiety stripped her mind away temporarily, the announcement of the next station snapped her out of it and she grabbed her things and pushed her way to the doors.

“Don’t go Chloe, we just wanted to have a good time with you, that’s all, come on” Chloe ignored them and ran out the doors as soon as they opened, not looking back for a second.

When she got outside onto the street, she quickly lit up a cigarette and called a taxi. They told her one would be there in 20 mins to half an hour. Chloe slowly began to relax as she took long deep drags of her smoke and soon realised she needed to pee. Within a minute or so her bladder started to hurt. There was no hope in hell she would be able to hold on till she got home. She looked around for a suitable place to squat. It was almost pitch black dark. Most of the streetlights weren’t working and it seemed only a couple flickered, either way none of them were of any use to anyone.

It sure seemed different at night. Not what Chloe would have expected by passing it during the day. ‘Yeah great place to get off a train by yourself,’ Chloe thought to herself. ‘Grow up, your twenty seven years old, now stop letting your mind wander, do a piss and before you know it the taxi will be here. It sure as hell beats still being on that train.’ Chloe saw a garden wall just a few metres away. It was the perfect place to pee, even if there was someone around they would have no chance in seeing her. As her bladder finally emptied, she started to pull up her panties when she heard the sound of voices. She couldn’t believe her luck. How embarrassing, she thought, with a slight chuckle. She sat as quiet and as still as possible and waited for them to pass.

Chloe felt a massive jolt of panic surge through her as she recognised the smug voice of Nick. Her body started shaking and she hoped that they would think she wasn’t there and move on. The voices got closer and closer again, till she realised they were just on the other side of her wall!

“We would have seen her up or down the street if she kept running, so she’s probably hiding in a bush or something. Don’t worry boys we’ll be spit roasting that bitch tonight! Fuck she was sexy. I’ve got to get into her pussy. I know she’ll be as tight as a motherfucker!”

They all laughed together before beginning their search for her. Chloe sank as low as possible, and pressed herself tight up against the wall. She knew this was as good a spot as any; with zero light and a wall big enough to hide her body, but no-where was completely safe. Minutes went by and she thought that they were further away from her now,allowing a little relief to slowly wash over her, and even some of her panic faded as well. She shifted her weight, slightly stiff now from staying so still, and then relaxed against the wall again. Chloe could not hear them at all, and she slowly started to edge along the wall towards the street, and where the taxi should arrive. When she got to the end of the wall she peeked around it and saw no-one. Just as she prepared to make a dash for the street, she was dismayed to hear their voices again and immediately squatted down, keeping as still as she could.

“She has to be around here somewhere. Did anyone look behind the back of that building and the wall?” Chloe felt her stomach tighten again. The fear was almost unbearable, and she began to feel faint.

`What am I going to do?’ she thought frantically, their voices closer again, making her heart pound inside her chest like it was trying to escape. She looked for an escape but had to snap her head back into the shadows, as one of them came around the back of the wall looking here and there. Her heart raced as she slowly edged towards the other end of the wall, away from the guy looking for her. She got to the end and once again she had a quick peek around the wall, and almost had a heart attack at the sight of Nick coming straight at her, not seeing her, as he had his head turned, telling his other friend to check the back of the building that she was heading towards.

Chloe was trapped! Her body suddenly felt numb with panic and fear. She held her breath and waited helpless, for him to come round the corner and spot her in hiding. Nick’s body appeared as he rounded the corner, and in a burst of fear fuelled adrenaline Chloe drove herself toward him, swinging her fist through with a solid hit to his groin, and she watched in satisfaction as he doubled over sputtering.

“You fucking bitch!” Nick held his crotch painfully and rolled onto his side. Chloe sprung up over him and ran, glancing back to make sure he was still incapacitated. She headed for the street, getting to the end of the old building thinking exhaltedly that her escape was certain now. Pain suddenly exploded in her head and Chloe found herself looking up at the stars in the night sky. Her left forehead throbbed horribly as she lay there semi-conscious.

When she felt hands pulling at her legs, she tried to make her groggy body get up, but its response weak and slow, and her attacker suddenly grabbed her arms, bringing both of them behind her back,and before she could even attempt to stop him, he tied her hands together. When she opened her mouth to scream for help, it was stuffed with a wad of cloth. Chloe felt the hands from behind, tighten some sort cord around the entirety of her head, holding the cloth firmly in place; preventing her from screaming for help, or from making any noise at all for that matter.

The hands from behind lifted Chloe up, and spun her around to face Nick, who now stood before her. Chloe could see the anger on his face and knew that she would be repaid for the pain that she had caused him.

“Did you actually think you could get away?” Nick was still nursing his crotch tenderly, as he crouched down to look into her eyes as he continued; “Now we have you, and we aren’t letting you go until we get what we want, isn’t that right boys?” He grabbed her thigh, giving it a little squeeze as he looked to his mates for a response. Chloe felt herself sag in defeat as they grunted and laughed, her mind registering with unease that the other two were rearranging themselves on and off, their excitement obviously not the only things growing.

“We’re going to fuck her so hard she won’t be able to walk for a week!” The other two agreed, with pure lust and excitement in their voices.

Chloe struggled weakly with Nick, her head was still spinning from the blow she’d been given. When they tried to get her up against the wall, her body finally responded, and she twisted and pulled herself partly free, but when she attempted to kick at Nick, he easily grabbed her foot causing her to hop around comicly, totally off balance, her arms flailing wildly. Chloe felt herself falling to the ground, but instead fell against the guy behind her his hardened crotch pressing against her tied hands. Chloe tried to stay upright, but was tripped and they let her fall, rather gently,to the ground holding her firm.

Chloe knew that she had no hope in getting free. She panicked when she realised, that she was now in the perfect position for all three of them to do whatever they wanted. The second guy grabbed her free foot and she felt her legs being pulled apart. They lifted her slightly, and the guy behind her positioned himself so that her upper back was resting in his lap. She could feel his rock hard cock jabbing into her, but Chloe knew that was the least of her problems. Nick began slipping between her thighs, his free hand cupping her mound, applying pressure and squeezing obscenely.

“This pussy is giving off some serious heat!” and he high fived the friend who held her other foot, both of them high with sexual anticipation. Chloe’s fear and panic gave her enough strength to twist her body sideways allowing her to almost close her legs completely.

“Now how is that going to work Chloe?” Nick asked in a sadistic voice. “We have to keep those gorgeous legs of yours, spread nice and wide, so we can get to your hot wet pussy!” Chloe struggled harder, but they grabbed her ankles and forcibly spread her legs apart. This time, when Nick knelt between her thighs, he grabbed her panties, and with a couple of rough tugs she felt the shock of cold air hit her now naked and exposed crotch. He continued and ripped her undies completely off, shoving them into his shirt pocket.

“Now that’s better, no need to hide something so beautiful girl.” He cupped her hot sex firmly, moaning with lust before slipping his middle finger into her slightly moistened box.

“You’re cunt is so fucking tight Chloe! God damn, that’s incredible. I can’t wait to get my dick in there, aw fuck!”

Chloe tried struggling against their assault, but the guy holding her other leg just tightened his grip, Nick adding another finger inside of her, pushing deep too qui,ckly and with such force, that she could feel his knuckles bruising her soft, delicate mound. Nick stopped finger fucking her and she watched in disgust as he removed his digits and sucked her juices off, moaning lewdly. Chloe felt her hands being untied, but then quickly retied above her head. She was rearranged gently, and was now lying flat on her back. Chloe realised all three men now had their hands free to do whatever they liked. She felt an assault begin on her breasts.

“Fuck boys, she has damn near perfect titties!” The guy from behind stated as he rolled them around in his hands, tweaking her hard nipples with just enough force, that it began to hurt.

“Well, let’s have a closer look at them beauties hey?” Nick gripped her blouse at the right shoulder, his mate grabbing it on the other side. Nick told him to rip, and seconds later they had torn her top completely off, totally exposing her upper body. Now there was only her bra between their hands and her breasts, and before she knew it, the guy behind her unclasped her bra, whipping it off and saying;

“Feast your eyes on these puppies!” Chloe felt her nipples harden painfully as the cool night air hit them, but within seconds her attacker’s hands had warmed them up with his rough grabbing and squeezing. She realised that she could not get away from them or even fight them, so for her safety and mental wellbeing she decided to just go limp, catatonic, and when it was finally over, she would get herself home and never, ever speak or think of this incident ever again.

Chloe heard a zipper and looked down in horror as Nick pulled his jeans completely off, and stood there in his undies, his obvious erection making a tent, and it was pointing straight at her naked pussy. She instinctively tried to break free, but his mates held her firm, the guy behind constantly mauling her breasts, tugging strongly on her nipples.

“Finally I get to feel this pussy of yours around my cock!” Nick said lustily his glazed eyes boring into her sex, making her panic hysterically. Chloe yelled and screamed, but the scrunched up cloth in her mouth muffled her cries almost completely. She tried to turn her body away, and close her legs, or even free one leg to kick at them… something!… anything, to avoid what was obviously coming next. When she looked down again, Nick had removed his undies, and was holding his straining cock in his right hand. She felt him manouvre close enough to penetrate her, and automatically began thrashing herself around. But they were far too strong and after the initial surprise of her struggle, she was kept relatively still.

`Just hurry up you asshole’ She thought, feeling nauseous as Nick’s cock touched her opening once, then twice! before he just held it there, the large flared head of his cock, was nestled in the folds of her relatively dry labia. It lay poised and ready to invade her tightness as soon as it’s master chose.

“Still a bit dry down there hey?” Chloe watched in total disbelief as he changed position, his head now between her thighs. With a loud moan, he started kissing the insides of her spread thighs slowly, from top to bottom, in a kind of circular pattern, slowly getting closer to her bare sex, almost touching it with his mouth, before starting the pattern again.

`What the fuck is this guy doing?! Chloe thought, totally unable to process what was happening. In her mind rapes were extremely violent, rough and rapists certainly held no concerns for their victims. Chloe imagined that a person who had been raped would look like she had been bashed, but so far she really hadn’t been hurt at all, just a bit of rough handling. Here she was being held down with only enough force necessary by two guys, the third ready to shove his cock in her and he was worried about lubrication. Totally unbelievable! she thought ‘This can’t be for real’.

“Fuck your pussy looks hot…. and the smell!? Amazing!” Nick declared his nose brushing her pubic hair devillishly, when he inhaled her scent again deeply.

Not only was Chloe in shock from being raped, but she also couldn’t believe the way that it was happening. He’s being so gentle, she thought, just like any other lover she’d had. It was as if he wanted her to enjoy what was happening!

‘Snap out of it, you are being raped here’ she thought to herself derisively `They are fucking pigs, rapists, total scumbag motherfu…… ‘. Her thought patterns were suddenly sent all over the place, when her brain actually recieved, and processed the pleasure signals sent from her body, and to her shock; she actually FELT what he was doing to her; the warmth of his mouth, as he kissed tenderly all over her thighs and crotch, and she squeezed her eyes shut tight, in an attempt to deny her desire for this sexual contact.

Nick still hadn’t kissed her opening, or clitoris directly yet, he’d let his wet lips touch her outer folds briefly here and there teasing her sex cruelly, but even though he was dying to eat her out he held off, knowing soon, after all his skilful ministrations and sexual taunting,that no matter how hard she tried to deny it; she would soon crave the sexual contact too.

Chloe was compelled to look at Nick’s mouth as it hovered tantalisingly over her aching vagina. Suddenly it dawned on her, just how fucking sly he actually was! Deliberately enflaming her sexual organs on an unconscious level! He was going to make it impossible for her to be totally unresponsive, how could she act like a corpse when her body and pussy felt so on fire and alive! Nick’s controlled kissing and touching was intended to arouse her, even if her mind tried to deny it he knew the bastard, that her body would be helpless to resist it’s primal desires, and he was awakening them in just the right way too! “I love these tits! Ten out of fucking ten!” The male behind her remarked, as both of his hands remained in constant contact with her breasts. He too, seemed to have no desire to hurt Chloe with what he was doing; his hands were no different to any lover she thought, and she conceded that it would feel fucking hot if it wasn’t for the fact that she was being raped!

Chloe’s mind reeled, when her passionate gaze was drawn inoxerably to the guy holding her left leg apart. His jeans were unbuttoned and pulled apart at the crotch, and he now knelt there slowly rubbing his very hard penis, staring lust drunk, at the sex show before him. Chloe was on fire with intense sexual sensation, watching with an aching pussy, as Nick got closer and closer to kissing her sex. Her head rolled from side to side, eyes closed with pleasure, snapping open at the feel of hot flesh on her left cheek, and she watched with great excitement, as the man next to her, pulled his throbbing member away from where it had touched her, leaving a thick rope of seminal fluid connecting his burning crown, to her sexually flushed cheek.

Chloe’s mind raced and her heart hammered away madly inside her heaving chest, and she was surprised at just how turned on she got looking at it. She could almost see it completely through his thin white underwear, especially since he had sneakily crept alot closer to her head from his original position. It was dangerously close to her face now, and she couldnt handle watching him slowly rub his manhood, and her head rolled back languidly, a slight, muffled noise of pleasure escaping her lips.

When Chloe looked back moments later, she caught him shuffling torward her, breath quickening, as she now had a rock hard cock no more than ten inches away from her face. The engorged head pulling the material of his undies so tight, she could clearly make out every detail of his crown, feeling a slight twinge in her groin, as the pre-cum leaking from it, wetted a circle in the material, that snugly wrapped around it. As she reluctantly let herself experience the sensations coming from her breasts, her will crumbled a little more, and she just had to stare transfixed, at the powerful looking cock in her face, it was pulled to the side, its owner stretching his underpants around it, revealing its glorious details to her hungry stare.

Chloe definately felt her burning snatch moisten, as she used her eyes to trace the thick throbbing vein, that run up the length of his cock, and she felt most of her control slip away, as he pointed it back toward her mouth, grabbing the waistband, and slowly letting the head slip free, when it fully emerged, the fluid on its tip glistened so sexily, she had an almost uncontrollable urge to lean forward and lick it off, lucky she was gagged really, or she would have went the wet shiny potent looking hardness, the image made her shiver with lust.

Her pussy gave an intense pulse, and began to throb maddeningly, when Nick placed a warm, wet, lingering kiss, about half an inch above her throbbing clitoris. Because he had teased that area for so long, it was almost felt, as if he had kissed her clitoris directly! She was horrified with herself, when it occurred to her that; judging by how amazing that had just felt, his mouth actually kissing her sensitive little bud, would definitely blow her mind and resistance away! Hang on a minute there! What the fuck was she thinking?! Had she lost it!? Chloe snapped herself out of her dangerous thoughts, and squeezed her eyes shut, as tight as she could, trying desperately to block it all out.

There is no way she could enjoy this, she thinks. This is not what she wants. She wants to be let go, she wants this to end. All these thoughts kept going round and round in her head, but it became impossible for her to ignore, especially when, after licking her outer lips, Nick devoured the entire top half of her snatch, sucking gently and flicking her nub with his tongue. Chloe moaned denial, her head shaking from side to side, whispering hollow protests. But her body had already surrended to sexual desire, the need for climax was now paramount. Nick knew exactly what he was doing to her, obviously a seasoned professional. The bastard!

Chloe had never felt anything like it though, ever. It was simply amazing. Igniting her sexual desire like never before, and she found herself licking her lips, as she stared trance-like at the engorged cock, being rubbed, practically in her face. So stricken with sexual desire she hardly noticed the cord being untied from her head. She was ashamed deeply and confused that, although she now could, she didnt spit out the cloth gag and scream for help.

Chloe felt disgusted in herself, as instead of crying for help, she felt an awfully strong desire, to move towards the pulsatinng meat, and take it into her mouth. Just when she was sure she would give in to her lust, he pulled his jeans down to his knees, and thrust forward; his fluid soaked head, mashing into her semi closed lips, pushing the wad of cloth gagging her to the side, some of it falling from her lips. Chloe responded by spitting the rest out, letting him push his entire, throbbing head, past her dry lips. Chloe overtaken with lust could not stop her tongue from enveloping, the hot, velvety flesh, as it forced its way into her quietly panting mouth. Her lips greedily sealed around the hot, spongey tip, and before she even knew what she was doing, had begun sucking frantically on the throbbing head, her mind lost in sexual ecstacy. Moments later though, she spat out his erection, and turned her head away with shame, as she felt the need to have it back in her mouth, almost overwhelming.

“Jesus Christ girl!, your pussy tastes so fucking sweet!” And with that remark, Nick continued to slowly drag his warm tongue, through her heavily moistened slit. He began his oral pleasuring just above her asshole, and finished at her clit, letting the tip of his tongue circle her swollen bud several times, before he gently sucked it into his warm mouth, tongue still gently flicking her button. After a few exquisite seconds he stopped to say;

“You have the hottest, tastiest tightest pussy, I have ever had! I could eat you for hours.” He returned his mouth to her aching sex, flicking her clit slowly for a while, before shoving his tongue, as far as possible into her dripping hole, teasing her little arsehole with the tip of his middle finger as he did so.

Chloe felt her control slip, with what his mouth, tongue and finger were doing to her. It was well over a year since her last sexual experience, and her body had been aching for touch. She knew it was wrong, but no matter how hard she tried to stop herself, she could feel her mind fully connecting to her sexual sensations. Her whole body felt like it was being touched by the hands of lovers, skilled lovers, that only wanted to caress and pleasure her. Chloe was falling deeper and deeper, into erotic thoughts that were becoming too intense to handle. Chloe knew that she would not be able to resist them for much longer, and then she would lose all of her remaining self control, and then, she would have no choice, but to surrender her body to the sexual needs of three rapists.

The feeling of strange hands massaging her breasts, Nick’s hot mouth and smooth tongue, smothering her pussy, while a third stranger’s hands roamed all over, touching whatever he wanted, was driving her crazy. The aching need throbbing from her sex was making her feel light headed as she tried to focus on the cock head, that was poking out from its underwear confines. It bobbed up and down hypnotically, from it’s owners movements, mere inches from her craving mouth.

Chloe was feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation, all the things her body was experiencing combined with the sound of their fast and excited breathing, was creating a powerful feeling in her groin and tummy, it all began to build up in such a way, that she knew it would completely consume her. Her pussy was throbbing deeply, in time with her heart beat now, the licking and sucking that it got driving her wild with passion. It felt so good, Chloe had to open her eyes, and watch Nick devour her snatch noisily, her ears practically ringing with the wet slurping sounds that he made, and she realised that she was beginning to enjoy this on every level.

Her sexual excitement was so great, that instead of alarm she felt lust and desire, as she watched the third guy pull his underpants all the way off, sliding them down to join his jeans around his knees. His straining, totally engorged cock free, pointing at her, like an accusing finger. Her mouth suddenly dry, as she watched him wrap his hand around it, starting to stroke himself slowly, squeezing more fluid out of the tip, mesmerising Chloe. As it started to hang from the swollen tip, in several thick, obsene looking strands, she had an urge to clean it all up with her mouth, and suck his powerful looking meat, until the rest of his sex juice was hers to taste and swallow.

She could now feel the erection from behind, rhythmically pressing into her back, harder than before, and couldn’t stop herself from feeling overtaken with lust at what was transpiring, her body actually arching in pleasure as her pussy was tongue fucked, Nick rubbing her aching clit in a circular motion. The guy behind her stopped playing with her tits and she felt him too, release his cramped hardness; now all three of them with aching, swollen members that wouldn’t go away until they all got full relief.

Chloe felt the guy behind her rearrange himself, and couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan, when she felt his hot hardness, press against her neck. He grabbed hold of his cock, beginning to rub the burning, velvety head, back and forth, across her cheek and neck, pressing the crown gently into her left eye as he moaned; Chloe found its heat and texture incredibly sexy, and she closed her eyes with mounting pleasure, and lust, opening them seconds later with erotic shock, as the hot flared head of Nick’s penis touched her thigh, before nudging the wet pulsating opening of her sex, sending a powerful jolt through her pulsating vagina, her own lust and need so great now, that she actually ached for penetration.

“It’s time to shove my cock in you now princes.” He slowly started to push his large, swollen cock head into her body, stopping as he met resistance from her unbelievably tight snatch. Chloe could feel her pussy stretching around the invading erection, the crown of his hardness was on the verge of entering her completely, and the feeling was so extremely intense, that before she could think about it, her entrance parted for him and with his next thrust, he slowly but surely buried his entire manhood in her. The feeling of his hot and heavy balls pressed against her asshole was incredibly sexual, and Chloe couldn’t stop herself from gently grinding at the meat buried in her soaking sex.

Chloe’s body was quivering, as he began to slowly pull his thickness from her tight, wet grip, feeling a little empty, as it exited her pussy with a wet slurp, the enflamed crown once again nudging at her entrance. Her hips were pushing towards him, her aching need and lust removing any last remaining sense of self- control, feeling ecstatic as he once again buried himself inside her, and was only mildly shocked to realise that she wanted to feel his hot hard, thickness pumping in and out of her wet pussy. While Nick moaned with the intense pleasure of being sunk completely in her wet tightness, the other guy was slapping his steel hard manhood sexily against her face and neck, and when he slowly circled her lips, with the heavily leaking crown, she found herself wanting it in her mouth.

Chloe’s uncontrollable lust was scary, stopping her from resisting, or struggling at all when they re-arranged themselves, the few seconds where she wasnt touched sexually, only heightening her arousal instead of abating it, her pussy wanted to scream it ached so bad. They positioned her in Nick’s lap and her wasted no time in penetrating her deeply, his hands groping her butt cheeks with great strength. The third guy was now standing up with his rock hard dick inches from her mouth, and she watched him with a paralysing, and intense sexual excitement, as he jerked, his cock in her face. Transfixed with the pre cum leaking from the tip, she glanced up at his face and he looked down at her dirtily, his lust making him seem very animalistic. She moaned loudly now, eyes shut in ecstasy as Nick pumped his cock slowly in and out of her, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks together before pulling them apart, groaning sexily with the pleasure her pussy was giving him. Chloe’s mind focused on the pumping of her pussy and instantly felt herself losing any and all reservations about the ordeal, she was going to enjoy it now, totally getting off on being a fuck toy for these three strangers.

Her eyes snapped open with lust, instead of panic, when the cock near her open mouth, was once again rubbed deliciously all over her face, the dribbling head nudging at her parted lips, every few seconds, and instinctively her tongue darting out to lick at the engorged crown and taste the pre-cum that was practically flowing from the tip. Chloe opened her mouth hungrily and moaned with unbridled desire as the large, swollen head pushed past her lips and rested heavily just inside her mouth. Her senses resurfaced unexpectedly and she spat out the hot and heavy cock crown, shaking her head and mumbling unconvincedly for them to stop what they were doing.

“Come on now Chloe, open that sexy mouth for me” the other man said, while pushing his glistening head at her, prodding her quivering lips with its hot firmness, spreading them apart obscenely, as it pressed against her teeth. Chloe was quickly lost again when she felt Nick increase the tempo, pumping his raging boner, in and out of her snatch with long, fast strokes, from balls deep to all out with just the head kissing her wet, aching entrance, before completely penetrating her again. She looked hungrily up at the guy jerking off in her face, then focused on his manhood, its smell along with the way it glistened; looking so potent and strong, making her open her lips to the dripping crown, with a sexual desire she had never felt before.

He pushed against her open lips eagerly, and Chloe found his moans of pleasure intoxicating, and in a flash of desire,she opened her lips completely and moving her head, filled her mouth with hot hard cock meat, making her pussy throb and pulsate so incredibly, that she found her hands moving on auto pilot, gripping the thick shaft and cupping his heavy balls, loving every second that she was in possession of it. With a grunt her head was gripped firmly, her assailant pushing more than half his cock in to her mouth as he tried to fuck her face, her hand the only thing stopping his dick from reaching the back of her throat and choking her.

“Oh fuck yeah! Suck it bitch, come on, you know you want to suck it,” he said, violently thrusting at her face, squashing her hand against her lips with the force, and although she tried desperately to stop it, the dribbling crown nudged into her throat, forcing her to swallow as a reaction; allowing all the fluid that had leaked from his engorged erection, to trickle down the back of her throat. Just as she started to gag, he ripped his length out of her mouth, her saliva coated his meat obscenely, and he slapped it against her cheeks lewdly, moaning with excitement. They moved around and re-positined her and continued there fun.

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